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VOX COLLEGIi 1984 TRAFALGAR CASTLE SCHOOL 1874-1984 Whitby, Ontario, Canada. Dedicated to Mrs. Marg Holley Educational Experience Week Skiing For beginners only! This was a wonderful opportunity for our girls, particularly those from other countries, to learn how to ski and to enjoy Ontario ' s Northland. Medical Experience In the Ajax hospital, a group of girls from grades 12 and 13 were able to observe every level of medical life from feeding patients to observing an operation. A Media Medley This group had an opportunity to visit television studios, watch a live and a taped radio show, tour T.D.F. Enterprises studios and even man the cameras to make their own video tape. Art Experience An opportunity to visit New York ' s fine art galleries and to see the sights of one of the world ' s most exciting cities. Cultural New York This group joined the ' Art Experience ' to see the sights of New York and to see some broadway plays. On the list were ' Cats ' , ' A Chorus Line ' and ' My One and Only ' . The Metropolitan Opera too! Computer World Instruction, combined with visits to computer centres, were the nature of this project. Radio Shack personnel was involved and the students were awarded certificates to prove what they had accomplished. The Law and You This group divided its time observing the law at work through various levels of police, courts and detention centres. Speakers representing the lawyers, police, the John Howard Society, visited the school and their talks were reinforced by films. Cycling Trip Saint Marie Among the Hurons By van and truck to Virginia and then ap- proximately 150 kilometres on bike, through rain and SNOW, camping in the state parks. This dauntless group was led by our indefatigable Mrs. Katsuno! Horseback Riding Living with a family in the Meaford area the girls learned to ride and to care for horses. A total pioneer experience at this seventeenth century Jesuit mission. We ate, slept and survived as our ancestors did. Science Experience These students were involved in an exciting program at the Science Centre and at the Planetarium. 4 Primary Education Study Rencontre Quebec This experience provided the girls with an op- portunity to observe, and work with, students in regular, handicapped, and special education classes for the retarded and the gifted. Washington Students studying American history visited Washington with Mr. Kamcke. A visit to Quebec city offered the group an op- portunity to study the culture, language and history of La Belle Province. Rural Life The girls were able to get the full flavour of farm life by staying on a farin and participating in the daily farm chores. May We Present Our Principal . It has been the custom for countless years for the principal to write a message to the student body. This year we have broken with tradition. We would like you to see Mr. Kamcke as we see him. He ' s the ' Major ' who directs us with military precision for our Carol service, and who looks with critical eye upon our May Day ranks. When it ' s time for sports, he ' s the number one fan for all our games at home and away as well as the force behind the senior baseball team. When it ' s time for relaxing Mr. K. can be found jogging around the heart, not only for fitness reasons, but also to keep in shape for running after Tess or chasing Hardy from the library. Mr. Kamcke ' s talents also extend to the field of drama. He is an excellent director, a demanding critic, and an appreciative audience. For all of this, and more, we will occasionally excuse him from chapel on N.H.L. nights and we wish him well with his new wing. and Our Dean To be a Pean a sense of humour is essential. Miss Wiggins has the sense of humour, the smile, and a laugh to end all laughs, a laugh that even, sometimes, drowns out the West Indian Music (which she adores!) on the Main Hall. Our ' down-to-earth ' Dean provides us with a shoulder for crying on, a " taxi " for riding in, a T.V. for watching hockey games and even " treats " on nights out. She puts up with water fights, temper tantrums and turns a blind eye to curfew when we need study time. We think she is behind the movement to have all students wear name tags. Our ubiquitous Dean is always on the move, difficult to find when you need the pool key and, if there is a north wind blowing, the sign goes up . . . " Gone Sailing! " Head Girl One of the greatest benefits of Trafalgar is the op- portunity to make new friends. As the time has passed we have made friendships that will last a lifetime. From a group of strangers, from all over the world, thrown together for an education, we have become a family. As the year ' s end approaches, we realize how much we will lose when we leave Trafalgar, the special friends always beside us, but we will always have the memories. All the advice I can give you is to make the most of your years here. When you graduate it ' s over, but you will remember. The best way to get something out of Trafalgar is to put even more into it. If you are returning next year, get involved. Your year will be better, and you ' ll enjoy it much more. For those who aren ' t returning, I wish you good luck in the future. To the class of ' 84, thanks again! And finally to my fellow prefects, a special thank you for all your time, help and support. I couldn ' t have made it without you. Angel Athletic Association Back Row Heather McDonald, President Second Row, Left to Right A. Young, A. Christ, M. OuWai, K. Paton Third Row, Left to Right P. Tiemans, S. Smith, A. Gilmour, P. Scott 8 Prefects Principal, Mr. Kamcke Bobbie Jo Reid, Leslie Dickson, Jacqueline Hibberd, Patricia Carroll Deborah Cann, Lyndsay Barrett Mimi Smith, Irene Tsang Head Girl, Angel Adam Back Row, Lett to Right, L. Dickson, J. Hibberd, K. Hanson, S. Aruianandain, A. Evans, Y. Dixon, K. Paton, H. McDonald Middle Row, Lett to Right A. Young, P. Carroll, H. Slaby, D. Cann, B.J. Reid, A. Adam, M. Smith, L. Barrett, M. OuWai, K.A. Black, M. Smith Front Row C. Stuart, H. Phillips, A. Lut eier, L Tsang, k. Bourne, A. Christ, S. Kirkham, J. Asling. Student Council The Faculty Game Mrs. Alicia Bagnall, B.A. Mrs. Carol Clarke, B.A. Miss Briar Collins, B.A., B.Ed. Mrs. Eleanor Davis, B.A. Mrs. Margaret Holley, B.A. Mrs. Judith Katsuno, B.Ed., B.P.: .Ed. Mrs. Barbara Kwietniowski, B.A., B.Ed. Mr. J. Brian McClure, M.Sc, B.Sc, B.Ed. Mrs. Shelley McKay, B.A. Mrs. Sandra Metselaar Mr. Robert Palmer, B.A., B.Ed. Mr. James Shelson, B.A. Mrs. Olwen Sigsworth, MjA. Miss Tina Springer, B.A., B.Ed. Miss Joan Smith, B.Sc, B.Ed. Miss Roxanne Schumacher Mrs. Margaret Swann, B.A., B.Sc, M.Ed. 10 Mix and Match _ Is she old enough to teach? She ' s not big enough! _ The sound of wedding bells. _ The pitter patter of little Adidas. _ Sartorial splendour, especially in ties. _ Geographers never get lost! _ Does anyone have any pictures? Good colour shots? _ What did Jennifer do today? _ No, I don ' t play basketball! ! ! . I got my monthly issue of Science magazine and do I have a joke for you! . A flower can symbolize a thousand words. . Anyone for baked Alaska? _ The smiling homemaker. . Trafalgar ' s own beauty consultant. . T.C.S. ' s own foreign ambassador. . T.G.I.F.? No way! I ' ve got double grade 10! . The preppy one. _ It ' s ' IVIadame ' not ' Mrs. ' 11 Our Office Staff HOUSEHOLD MANAGER We will miss Mrs. AUchurch. She has not only organized our household staff but in her ' spare ' time she often drove us to dances, chaperoned for us and was Mrs. Katsuno ' s ' good right hand ' on the experience trip to Virginia. We appreciate all s he has done for us and wish her good luck in the future. SCHOOL NURSE Mrs. Orth OUR HOUSEHOLD STAFF THE MUSCLE ON THE HOUSEHOLD STAFF Every year we have to force this group to pose for a picture. No matter how hard we try, some of them elude us and of course our cook, Rose, always manages to hide behind someone. (This time it ' s behind Elizabeth) We want to say thanks to all of them for feeding us, for keeping our rooms clean, for picking up after us in the classrooms and for a thousand other little things they do for us. Here are the men who do all the lifting, painting, moving, mowing, planting, repairing, as well as all the set making for our plays . . . and always seem to be in good humour. Mr. Bowman, our plant Superintendant, his assistant Mr. Branton, Wayne and Cord. 14 The Class of 84 Angel Adam Yes her name really is Angel, our Head Girl, a six year veteran from booming Port Perry. We ' ll never forget her bunny nose, outgoing personality, colour-coded clothes, ' Mandi did ' stories, her meticulously organized room, her ' formal ' hostessing. She found time for sports, drama and many other ac- tivities. Next year she will be ' tripping ' off to Western to major in ' Mikanics. ' Lyndsay Barrett Our grade 8 Prefect, Lyn had the stamina to go the distance with track, was flexible in her gymnastic endeavours, yet determined and argumentative as a debator. She became a true actress with her ' Harvard wants me ' routine and a director of a much acclaimed Ottawa-bound play. She has been an ' honourable ' student maintaining her above 80% average. Someday she hopes to wake up as a lawyer. Ava Cargill This ' health food fanatic ' from the Bahamas has been with us for two years. For her, Trafalgar was an eye opening experience! She hopes to study Commerce at Queen ' s and then she will probably head back to beautiful Nassau. Wailyn Chung Who but Wailyn would be disappointed with a 95%? This exceptional math and science student has been the envy of many of her classmates. She will be studying engineering next year. Leslie Dickson a k a Ducky A six year survivor, Dick has been our trusty Gr. 9 prefect and displayed impressive breakdancing ability in the play. Les, did your uncle ever find that third hole in your ear?! She still hopes that someday she can bring her ' grounding ' powers to the surface. Leslie is looking forward to a career in nursing. Hopefully by then sickness will be a thing of the past! Pat Gruter This ' quiet, shy, obedient girl ' just could not keep up the false front for her one year at Trafalgar, She spent her time doodling on everything, skipping breakfast (some way to diet) and trying to meet every guy in Oshawa on weekends. Pat is a competitive swimmer, with a dream of Olympics, though she has enough medals now. Next year her doodling fetish will flourish in Graphic Arts at Ryerson. Good luck in your endeavours. Jann Asling Her third year at T.C.S. has found Jann tf president of the grade 13 class, a player o both the volleyball and baseball teams. Th girl who put Hanover on the map, coul always be seen with her man Mark. Jann i hoping to study dentistry at U. of T an- maybe one day I ' ll sit in her chair and she ca autograph my molars. Debbie Cann This bubbly, vivacious, day girl Prefect ha been at Trafalgar for five years. Her laughte can be heard all through the school as sht makes excuses for her tardiness. She made quite an impression in Washington D.C Those mysterious flowers! We ' ll remember her for her skating, sports, drama and her firm hand in the junior locker room. Next year it ' s Laurier for Business and Law. Patricia Carroll In her fourth year at T.C.S. Pat has been prefect on the grade 10 11 hall, a powerful ' short ' short stopper on Mr. K ' s baseball team and the lighting expert for ' The Final Dress Rehearsal. ' Tricia barely gets here Sunday nights with Rick and ' Betsy. ' Next year she will be at Ryerson to study lab sciences. Chris Clark In her first year at Trafalgar Chris has added spice to the life of the school. In between appearances at the Royal Winter Fair and other horse shows she could be found liming in Mimi ' s room. Next year she hopes to attend York and take business. Lisa Edworthy Lisa has served her time well . . . five years! Our ' 83 Posture Queen will be remembered for her classic dressing (even trying to be a slob she looked fantastic!). With her perfect figure she was a hit in the fashion show. She is known for her tall boyfriends and believes she has found her knight in shining armour. Next year it will be journalism at Carleton. Jacqueline Hibberd After four years at Trafalgar, Jack the Yak has acquired many honours. She won the Rose Bowl for athletics, a record in track, head of A. A. and an honoured spot on all teams. We will never forget her musical taste, abundant wardrobe, contagious laughter, her cutsaucheveuxmania or her study habits. Next year look for Jacqui on the beach or backpacking across Europe looking for a rich Amazon. 16 Nancy Jack In Dr. Ditz ' first year at Trafalgar, she has " made her mark . . 90%! Most lake Nancy for ' a boarder, with her wardrobe in various rooms. Her accomphshments include moonwalking to Ottawa, and an ' honourable ' mention " , learning to be a jock, victories in debating, map reading and May Princess. In the future we hope to read of Nancy in medical journals or in the list of Oscar nominees. Angela Kett This British Canadian lass has resided at the ' ' castle ' for two years. As a member of the ■ American history class she learned a lot on ' the Washington Experience! Known for her blonde hair, black clothes, and her beau Chris, her ' taxi service ' will be sorely missed by her friends. Her future plans include York, Business and Law. Juliette Marcano a k a Ras This was Jules ' first year at Trafalgar. This hyperactive little Antiguan could be found bobbing around the main hall and sliding down the railings of the main staircase. Juliette was a ' hard ' tennis player and a ' crucial ' soccer player. She hopes to be a nurse but refuses to wear a little cap. ' Ras ' and ' Worm ' could ALWAYS be heard having their friendly arguments during study hall. We will miss her and we wish her success in the future. Collin Mui A four year veteran at Trafalgar Collin is a fashion setter and is really into tanning! She has been thoroughly Canadianized by Megan and Romanized by Mrs. Holley. Canada is the loser as Collin heads across the border to study business at the University of Illinois. Bobbie Jo Reid ' Hi Bob. " Bobbie Jo has been here for three years and maybe even enjoyed herself. Where ' s she from? One of three places! Where is she going next year? Anywhere she gets accepted!. This athletic prefect was a dedicated debater, choir member and Oliyog customer. She was a great help to the drama club and her breakdancing abilities will always be remembered! Good luck Bob. You ' ll be missed by everyone. Michelle Schneider This was ' Worm ' s ' first and last year here and we know she will never forget it. Michelle is a native Trinidadian and like all islanders she can ' t wait to get home and stay there! It was a slow start but, once she got used to T.C.S. life, she made a ' lot ' of friends and will be missed by them all, especially by her side-kick ' Ras ' . Best wishes ' Worm ' . Elspeth Joss Elspeih is from Nassau, Bahamas and has been at Trafalgar for two years. She can always be found sewing and she loves all water sports. After finishing university she plans to return to the Bahamas to live and to bask in the sun. Her motto is ' It ' s one thing to be rich and strong, but an even better thing to be loved. " Stephanie Kirkham The only seven year veteran, Steph laments the fact that in this time she only grew two inches! On of the last O.L.C. girls she will be missed for her great acting ability. Head of Drama, she won the ' Best Actress ' award last year. Those tears aren ' t always for real! Her experience in the Palmer daycare centre will assist her in Concurrent Education studies at Queen ' s. Helen McKnight Her first and last year at Trafalgar has been ' eye opening " says this Trinidadian. She is looking forward to university life, hopefully at Waterloo. Her favourite saying: ' Persevere with hardship and a reward is sure to follow. ' Shall Pooransingh This is Shail ' s first year at Trafalgar. She hails from the shores of Trinidad and has a charming personality. Shall has indeed helped to make the year memorable for many of us with her elfin smiles and wordly advice. Many a day we see her in Lee-Ann ' s room, liming with the Trini natives. She hopes to go to York and take economics, finishing later with law. Quite ambitious isn ' t she! We will never forget her. Andrea Robson In her first year at Trafalgar Andrea has kept up tradition by meeting a man from T.C.S. She also learned the meaning of patience between dates and phone calls. Andy was involved in volleyball and other sports. Special memories include hosting the breakfast after the formal, snuggling with her bear, and being chosen a May Princess. In the fall, nursing at McMaster. Friends all wish her the best. Catherine Shank Her year at T.C.S. has been an experience she wouldn " t have wanted to miss. She has learned to sleep in short-sheeted beds, untie herself from the main staircase, and get involved in sports and drama. Next year she plans to give up boys for Lent, (men too?) grow her hair and not laugh like a gerbil. As for the future she will probably choose Business at Western. Patricia Sibley This is Pat ' s second year at Trafalgar. She is from Kanata, a fact the whole school is aware now! With her relaxed, easy-going per- sonality, Pat is liked by all. Pat has been actively involved in sports, a valuable member of Mr. Palmer ' s track team. She intends to go to Wilfred Laurier next year and we wish her the best of luck. But Pat . . leave the oxfords at home! Madeline Smith During her four years at Trafalgar she has been known as Meem, Screamer, Mouse, Elf, Bubbles (she can explain that one!) and of course Mimi. She has enjoyed being on school teams, debating, plays, even at- tempting study sessions for Calculus and R F. Her dramatic efforts have won her House Play awards and trips to Ottawa. Her future? . . shares in Grizzly Bear Bubble Bath stocks or Ryerson. Lee-Ann Steele This friendly Trini has added a new dimension to the lives of her schoolmates. ' Time after time ' her laughter could be heard through the halls, and it seemed she always had a pleasant " Hello " for everyone. The year has gone by quickly and ' Against all odds ' she has made it through. Best of luck in the future and may your dreams come true. Heather Thompson From Nassau, Bahamas, Heather has been with us for two years. Her hobbies are talking about happenings in Nassau and listening intently to the words of Michael Jackson. She hopes to study at the University of Windsor and the University of the West Indies in Barbados to become a family lawyer. Her motto: ' Strive for excellence, you deserve it! ' Angela Tsoi A year in Trafalgar. A year full of memories. A year with nice teachers, making new friends. A year of ' Canadianization ' as Megan says. (How much I do not know!) A year reading, writing and expecting letters. A year turning new roommates (Anita and I) into best friends. A year missing home. Hong Kong, but years are coming when I will miss Trafalgar. Anita Van Trafalgar Castle, a small community which 1 have joined for a year, leaves me lots of memories. After a year here I feel that friendship is the main element of boarding school. 1 am going to miss my new friends, teachers, housemothers and ' pushes ' . I plan to go to the University of Guelph for Hotel Administration. I wish all my friends the best of luck. Heather Slaby a k a Slabs Three years at Trafalgar and Heather has certainly left her mark! She was our social convenor this year and definitely a good one. Heather packs her many friends in her ' dinky ' closet room. Her shining Canadian Trinidadian smile will be missed, even by Mr. McClure ' s fishes. We wish her the best of luck in her endeavours towards a career as a dental assistant. Megan Smith Hailing from Ailsa Craig, a small town somewhere in the wilds of southwestern Ontario, McKenzie has survived through a sometimes gruelling, soemtimes boring often enjoyable six years at Trafalgar. Editor of the 82 and 83 Vox Collegii, she has also been a member of the debating society, on and off, for four years. She hopes to continue her education indefinitely if finances permit, in the field of zoology with research as her aim. Kiyomi Sumida From Japan, Kiyomi has adjusted to our Canadian lifestyle during her four years at Trafalgar. She will be remembered for her warm smile, her powerful serve and for her participation in ' Hiroshima ' . (With the help of Kiyomi and her aunt the girls were able to ' master ' the Japanese tea ceremony). Kiyomi hopes to return to Japan with a degree in Forestry from U. of T. Irene Tsang For three years our little pink China doll has contributed to the life of our school. She has been head of S.C.F, an active choir member, one of the famous ' Titanic ' cast. Her main mission has been to cheer up untold numbers of unhappy people with her many pink- wrapped surprises. Anyone who can survive ' Outward Bound ' unscathed will do well at McGill in nursing! Jill Tucker This blonde haired, blue eyed beauty has been at T.C.S. for five years. A U.S. citizen, she has had to take American history to learn about her past. She is going to Findlay College, in Ohio, to major in Business Admin, and Equine Science. Accompanying her will be old faithful ' Sugar ' and she hopes to find Mr. America or at least a rich cowboy. She will be missed for sports, drama and her distinguished profile! Joyce Wai Joyce has attended T.C.S. for two years and is amazed that she has survived the life of a boarder. Our mathematician intends to study engineering at U. of T. and with her brains we know that she will succeed. She has en- joyed her years here and looks forward to University life. 18 Lorelei Walker A native of Toronto, Lorelei has been at Trafalgar for one yeaf and has been involved in voice, drama, and choir. She intends taking a much needed break from school for a year to work and then hopes to pursue a career in the medical field ... an to travel and work abroad. Paula Wyman A two year Trafalgar veteran, Paula spent 1 I 2 of those years as a day girl before making the painful transition to boarder. She is known to complain about the 47! steps up to her room and avoids making unnecessary trips! Envied by many for her height, Paula is a warm, caring person. She hopes to join Katimavik before attending university for Public Administration. 19 Thank Goodness It ' s Over! I ' m sure that the grade 13 ' s will be the first to rejoice at the end of the 1983-84 school year, but also the first to cry because we have been a very close class with great spirit. There must be something good about us because some of our class have been here for five, six and even seven years! Everyone has contributed to the school in one way or another (good or bad) and our success is measured as individuals as well as a whole. As we embark on an uncertain future, the years at Trafalgar actually seem very short. But these years are the basis of our future, and, later, as we are sitting in our executive suite, or at the supper table with seven hungry, crying children, perhaps we will open this yearbook, look at the pictures, and cry again for a friend, a favourite teacher and the years at Trafalgar. Jann Asling Grade 12 Kelly-Ann Black Kelly Bourne Mary Lou Boisjoli Laura Callaway Annie Charm Joycelyn Cheng Allison Christ Jenny Courlas Niema Edoo Sandra Echavarria Anthea Fok Mary Grist Gwen Gruter Kyra Hanson Anne Kandiah Natalie Lai 22 Eva Lai Hilary Lees Jeannine Leja Andrea Lutzeier Deanna MacDonald Heaiher McCrea Heather McDonald Toni-Anne Nunez Michelle Ou Wai Kaihy Paton Zina Strachan Laetitia Streetly Jane Taylor Anita Young Karen Young 23 Grade I I 24 Patricia Munro Leslie Pocklington Susan Rowntree Karen Scott Petra Scott Naomi Shum Suzanne Smith Nicole Taylor Paulene Tiemans Joelle Wichman Grade 10 Marni Jones Ayesha Khan Michele Lang Patricia Ellis Lydia Mason Karen McCartney Danuta Robaszewski Denise Sklar Alison Slaby Cheryl Stuart Ruby Tonno 27 Grade 9 Jennifer Arthurs Susan Bruce Rebecca Bays Carrie Cruiclcshank Natascha Gaul Tonya Hamilton Nicole Hohenkirk Susan Howells Jennifer Jones Ausma Khan Karina Koza Seema Nundy Stacee Ou Wai 28 Grade 8 Sarah Arulanandam Jo-Ann Blackledge Jennifer Fentie Samantha Glasford Katherine Hamilton Starr Jackson Rachel Kaufman Pamela McGibney Carol Moore Laura Murray Marcia Myers Karina Seeney Benna Segal Jennifer Snelgrove Catharine Soukoreff Pamela Swartz Kristina Szabo Lisa Watson Grade 7 Leah Balderson Selena Carter Anna E ans Katharine Kim Martha Shunio ich Melissa Peacock Erin Riley Alex Soukoretf Rhonda Sytnyk HARE HOUSE Captain, Michelle Ou Wai Sub-captain, Alison Gilmour houses FAREWELL HOUSE Captain, Kathy Paton Sub-captain, Petra Scott MAXWELL HOUSE Captain, Allison Christ Sub-captain, Susie Smith CARTER HOUSE Captain, Anita Young Sub-captain, Pauline Tiemans 35 Carter House Back Row, Left to Right D. MacDonald, N.Lai, P. McGibney, S. Glasford, A. Tsoi, A. Charm, A. Javed, M. Carter, J. Burness Second Row, Left to Right, L. Walker, K. Corbett, A. Kett, J. Asling, E. Joss, M. Smith, G. Gruter, A. Robson, R. Grainge, A. Bagnell, W. Bruce Third Row, Left to Right, H. Thompson, D. Aruianandam, J. Lega, N. Taylor, J. Wichman, J. A. Blackledge, C. Shank, A. Adam, L. Murray, K. Phillips Front Row, Left to Right P. Saunders, N. Shum, P. Tiemans, A. Young, S. Bruce, C. Stuart, K.Koza, S. Carter Junior Volleyball 36 Junior Soccer Senior Basketball Senior Soccer and Volleyball Junior Basketball Farewell House Back Row, Left to Right N. Hohenkirk, K. Szabo, J. Tucker, L. Barrett, K. Young, T. Streetly, T. Nunez, A. Slaby, H. Slaby, B.J. Reid, C. Taylor, M. Myers Second Row, Left to Right T. Wright, T. Powell, T. Hamilton, T. Rognvaldson, H. Mc- Donald, P. Gruter, K. Sumida, G. Ho, D. Ho, M. Peacock, M. Gaul Third Row, Left to Right H. Phillips, M. Giffen, A. Khan, A. Khan, S. Pooransingh, P. Sibley, K. Hanson, A, Pernetz, C. Mui, J. Wai, D. Eckensweiler Front Row, Left to Right, K. Kim, L. Edworthy, Y. Dixon, K. Paton, P. Scott, P. Wyman, I. Tsang, A. Cargill, C. Howie Junior Basketball Maxwell House Back Row, Left to Right, D. Cann, S. Howells, C. Cruickshank, M. Lang, A. Lutzeier, S. Nundy, A. El-Samna, L. Pocklington, J. Fentie, Second Row, Left to Right, K. Montero, J. Siu, D. Sklar, K. McCartney, A. Christ, K.A. Black, R. Sytnyk, J. Marcano, J. Arthurs, N. Gaul, Third Row, Left to Right, H. McKnight, L. Maxwell, J. McRae, S. Smith, M. Kennedy, S. Rowntree, K. Scott, E. Lai, A. Fok, Front Row, Left to Right, N. Jack, S. Kirkham, M. Smith, M. Grist, P. Carroll, J. Snelgrove, L. Mason, E. Riley Junior Basketball Senior Volleyball 41 Back Row, Left to Right A. Soukoreff, J. Cheng, J. Chin, A. Van, P. Munro, L. Balderson, B. Bays, M. Schneider Second Row, Left to Right L.A. Steele, M. Ou Wai, L. Dickson, J. Hibberd, S. Birchard, R. Tonno, K. Fur, M. Jones, D. Robaszewski Third Row, Left to Right, H. McCrea, L. Callaway, H. Lees, N. Edoo, K. Bourne, S. Ou Wai, M.A. Gagne, J. Jones, J. Courlas, A. Kandiah Front Row, Left to Right, C. Clark, A. Gilmour, A. Steel, S. Echevarria, C. Soukoreff, P. Ellis, D. Cox, L. Khan Front Row, L to R, C. Moore, D. Cox, M. Peacock, J. Fentie, A. Evans, E. Riley, K. Koza Middle Row. L to R, H. Phillips, N. Hohenkirk, K. Corbett, D. Robaszewski, S. Bruce, J. Burness Back Row L to R, C. Stuart, K. Fur, R. Tonno, R. Grange. D. Arulanandam Front Row, L to R, A. Gilmour, C. Shank, J. Taylor, H. .McD onald, A. Christ, P. Sibley, D. MacDonald, J. McRae Middle Row, L to R P. Carroll, N. Taylor, J. Wichmah, S. Smith, L. Maxwell, A. Adam, M. Smith Back Row, L to R Mr. Palmer, A. Lutzeier, D. Cann, G. Gruter, J. Hibberd, M. OuWai. A. Robson i Front Row, L to R, C. Moore, D. Cox, N. Hohenkirk, A. Evans, J. Fentie Back Row, L to R, Miss Smith, S. Bruce, J. Burness, R. Grainge, C. Howie, S. OuWai Front Row, L to R, H. Mc- Donald, N. Lai. J. Marcano, C. Shank, A. Giimour Back Row, L to R, Mr. McClure, A. Christ. J. Hibberd, B.J. Reid, A. Robson. S. Smith. N. Taylor 45 Front Row, L to R A. Slaby, W. Bruce, C. Stuart S. Bruce, T. Powell Back Row, L to R N. Hohenkirk, S. Howells, R. Tonno, M. Jones, J. Burness Front Row, L to R H. Mc- Donald, C. Shank, P. Sibley, K. Young, S. Echavarria, Back Row, L to R J. Hibberd, S. Birchard, S. Smith, A. Rob- son, A. Adam, Coach: Miss Collins I 46 47 Gymnastics Club Coach, Mrs. Katsuno Back Row, Left to Right S. Carter, M. Peacock, A. Evans; C. Hamilton Front Row, Left to Right A. Lutzeier, S. Bruce, H. McDonald, M. Carter Tennis Team Coach, Mr. McClure Back Row, Left to Right J. Marcano, Y. Dixon, W. Chung Front Row, P. EOis, C. Stuart Back Row, Left to Right A. Evans, T. Wright, S. Spencer, S. Howells, N. Hohenkirk Middle Row, D. Cox, J. Burness, P. Sibley, Z. Tucker, S. Bruce Front Row, D. Cann, N. Taylor, L. Maxwell Track and Field Team This year was a very successful one for the twelve girls on the T.C.S. team. We par- ticipated in the LOSSA, COSSA, OFSSA and Independent Schools Track and Field Meets. At LOSSA Jayne Burness and Pat Sibley placed in the finals of the 100 metre and 200 metre sprints. The Senior Relay Team of Nicole Taylor, Heather McDonald, Debbie Cann, Pat Sibley and Jayne Burness finished third and eventually went on to COSSA and the On- tario Championships in Ottawa. At the Independant Schools Meet in Toronto Jayne Burness, Heather McDonald and the Senior Relay Team won gold medals in their events, Pat Sibley third in the 200 metre, Nicole Taylor second in the 100 metre, Nicole Hohenkirk third in long jump and Susan Howells fourth in high jump. Honourable mention must also be given to the Junior Relay Team of Nicole Hohenkirk, Anna Evans, Zolita Tucker and Jayne Burness, and our long distance runners Susie Bruce, Susan Howells and Stephanie Spencer. Special thanks to Mrs. Jean Cann for the time and effort spent with the team. R. Palmer, coach Medal Winners N. Taylor, H. McDonald, D. Cann, J. Burness, P. Sibley 49 Senior Baseball Back Row, Left to Right, Coach: Mr. Kamcke, A. Adam, J. Asling Second Row, C. Moore, C.Howie, G. Gruter Third Row, S. Birchard, P. Munro, S. Smith, P. Carroll Front Row, D. MacDonald, A. Robson, C. Shank Team captain: J.Hibberd (Absent) Junior Baseball Back Row, Left to Right, Coach: Miss Smith, D. Robaszewski, S.Howells, captain, T. Wright, Second Row, J. Arthurs, C. Moore, M. Shumovich Third, L. Watson, A. Evans, J. Fentie, J. A. Blackledge Front Row, M. Peacock This year our baseball program has expanded with the formation of the junior team. We have benefited from having an in-school opponent. We have had encounters with Havergal, Bethany, Holy Trinity and the invincible staff team. The senior team delighted in their victory over their arch-rival Havergal, and although the juniors lost by one run to Holy Trinity, they were looking for revenge. Next year we will be participating in the Raggedy Ann Tournament at Havergal. 2 Student Christian Fellowship Front Row, L to R B. Bays, M. Peacock, A. Pernetz, J. Snelgrove, C. Soukoreff Back Row, L to R S. Carter, K. Kim, S. Echavarria, Mrs. Davis, I. Tsang, D. MacDonald, P. Sibley, A. Lutzeier, L. Mason Choir Front Row L to R M. OuWai, B.J. Reid, T.A. Nunez, L. Mason, D. Robaszewski, Second Row M. Grist, A. Lutzeier, I. Tsang, S. Pooransingh, M. Smith, P. Carroll, N, Jack, A. Pernetz, M. Shumovich Third Row K. Bourne, N. Edoo, L. Walker, Y. Dixon, A. Adam, C. Shank, R, Kaufman, S, Smith, J. Tucker, Back Row J. Asling, A. Kett, S. OuWai, A. El- Samna, S. Echavarria, L. Edworthy, S. Kirkham, M. Kennedy, S. Birchard, G. Gruter. 52 Debating Front Row, L to R T.A. Nunez, K. Fur, W. Bruce, K. Bourne, L. Maxwell, A. Gilmour Second Row T. Powell, S. Echavarria, L. Barrett, S. Lutzeier, N. Jack, S. Smith, K. Kim, M. Peacock Third Row Mr. Palmer, Y. Dixon, L. Pocklington, B. Bays, D. Cann, D. Sklar, A. Slaby, M. Gagne, B.J. Reid, M. Smith Drama Front Row, L to R S. Glasford, S. Nundy, A. Khan, S. Kirkham, J. McRae, P. Munro, K. Koza, S. Carter Second Row A. Christ, B.J. Reid, N. Hohenkirk, M. OuWai, J. Blackledge, K. Montero, C. Taylor, B. Bays, Mrs. Takach Third Row L. Barrett, K.A. Black, L. Pocklington, S. Smith, Y. Dixon, M. Myers, S. Howells, K. Bourne Fourth Row A. Steel, J. Jones, A. Gilmour, N. Jack, H. Phillips, K. Hanson, K. Phillips, J. Snelgrove, D. Cox Computer Stock Market Teams Left to Right S. Echavarria, M.L. Boisjoli, M. Edoo, K. Bourne, Z. Strachan, K. Young, L. Callaway, N. Lai, E. Lai, J. Cheng 54 55 CLUBS - broadening our horizons Deep in thought Kim Montero, a ' Silent Reader ' Masterpieces in the making ... by Susie and Sue. Ceramics Club. It ' s your move! Games of skill and chance under the guidance of Mr. Palmer. Spinning a yarn with Mrs. McKittrick in the knitting club. Jane Fonda eat your heart out! Weight loss guaranteed by Mr. Shelson. 56 Ave Atque Vale G)mmencement 1983 The return of the graduates for the commencement exercises is always a happy occasion at Trafalgar. On the right, the Dean pins a corsage on the former head girl, Heather Maxwell, who is attending Laurentian University. Mr. Kamcke, chats with Beth Hann on his right, and Cathy Marshall, the class Valedictorian, Helen Johannes, and Sylvia Lutzeier on his left. Prizes, medals, scholarships and bursaries were presented. Among the most prestigious awards were: The Governor- General ' s award for the highest standing in Grade XIII . . . Carolyn Howells The Lieutenant-Governor ' s Medal for the highest standing in Grade XII . . . Kathleen Mellow The Mayor ' s Medal for leadership and academic achievement . . . Heather Maxwell Grade XIII Graduates Nannette Hallpike Memorial . . . Jennie Berkeley 58 59 Shaw Festival A visit to the Shaw Festival at Niagara-on-the Lake to see a wonderful performance of Cyrano de Bergerac. The day was cool and windy but deterred no one from enjoying the sights, and of course sampling that fantastic fudge! (Mrs. K ' s raison d ' etre!) This performance was sold out so that is why Marni and Mr. Sheison are holding those tickets so tightly. Danuta, Irene and Mrs. Davis must have pocketed theirs. And why was our bus late leaving? Heather and her friends Mr. Palmer and Mr. McClure were in good company . . . prefects Jacqui, captured Cyrano (Heath Lamberts) at the stage door and Mimi and Pat. brought him over for a visit. He obligingly signed autographs and posed for pictures. 60 Cross Country Run JUNIOR WINNERS Jayne Burness (5.05 new record) Susan Bruce Laura Murray SENIOR WINNERS Nicole Taylor (4.57 new record) Pat Sibley Lynn Maxwell Mr. Kamcke (still sporting that S.A.C. track suit!) congratulates Laura, Jayne and Susie. 61 BAZAAR AND FASHION SHOW It ' s no wonder Mrs. Davis and Irene are smiling! Once again the S.C.F. bazaar attracted a large crowd and helped us to raise enough money to continue supporting our foster children and to donate to local charities as well. There really was something for everyone . . . our tea room, fashion show, craft tables, a pizza parlour, computer games, and, for many interested visitors, tea cup reading and psychic consultation. The Christmas theme was highlighted by Santa and his own little Angel and by the elves with their balloons. And on the opposite page you will also find Mrs. Clarke and Leslie admiring Mr. Shelson ' s map, Mrs. Sigsworth with some of the day girls who worked on the bake table, as well as Naomi and Collin who delighted all with their Chinese writing. The fashion show, organized by Mrs. Clarke, was a popular feature this year. A professional touch was added thanks to Mr. Lang who provided us with a runway for the models. Mrs. Metselaar ' s smile, and those of her happy helpers indicate a very successful tea room. . . . something for everyone 63 Hare House THE THREE MILLION DOLLAR LUNCH - Fred Charmichael Peggy Rebecca Bays Unice Mary Lou Boisjoli Ledra Kelly Bourne Connie Leslie Dickson Bettina Melissa Green Director Michelle Ou Wai Faculty Advisor Mrs. Katsuno Stage Manager Alison Gilmour Lighting Laura Marshall Sound effects Laura Callaway Prompter Kim Marshall Crew; Lee-Ann Steel, Rachel Kaufman, Sandra Echavarria, Christina Clark, Anne Kandiah, Jenny Courlas ... and the winner was HARE HOUSE!!! An unusual look into the future when we will be dining on pills, drinking coloured water, and dreaming of pies . . . especially chocolate cream, the mere sound of which drove Ledra into a frenzy. These dramatics won for Kelly the award for best actress. A very talented Becky won the adjudicator ' s award. Mary Lou, Leslie and Melissa rounded out an excellent cast. What do we remember about Farewell ' s play? Kyra playing a ' gay ' , sporting black leather pants, Bobbie-Jo a marvelous ranting, raving old biddie, Courtney a nattily-attired gentleman, Heather and her shapely legs . . . and of course Slaby ' s wonderful ' electrical apparatus ' !! Mawell presented us with a mad, mixed-up weekend and brought to the stage a fine, new talent in Seema Nundy. Will anyone forget madcap Leslie burping in the closet! Maxwell House so NICE TO SEE YOU Fred Charmichael Kit Baxter Mimi Smith Jane Addy Nancy Jack Carla Johnson Lynn Maxwell Laura Shane Andrea Lutzeier Florence Wilenson Seema Nundy Jeniela Leslie Pocklington Gena Collingsworth Debbie Cann Directors Kelly- Ann Black Alison Christ Faculty Advisor Mrs. McKay Lighting Kelly- Ann Black Props Helen McKnight 66 Carter House SPY ME THIS ONE John Kirkpatrick Evalina Bracket Angel Adam Hannah Cathy Shank Susan Price Samantha Glasford Agent X Jann Asling Katinka Ramona Grainge Op 13 1 2 Karina Koza Blank Dora Arulanandam Director: Anita Young Assistant: Pauline Tiemens Faculty Advisor: Mrs. Holley Props: Cheryl Stuart, Andrea Bagneli, Starr Jackson, Gwen Gruter, Tricia Saunders. Nothing phased the spies of SPY ME THIS ONE! Windows collapsed, books shot off the coffee table, but the play went on. Jann developed a fine Accent for Agent X. Op 13 I II looked very seductive in slinky, red satin. As for Blank, Dora ' s biggest problem was trying not to laugh. She enjoyed the play more than the audience did! As for Angel, she can spy on me any day! Farewell House THE PATIENT Agatha Christie Brenda Heather Phillips Mr. Wingfield Courtney Taylor Nurse Yvonne Dixon Doctor Heather McDonald Emmeline Bobbie jo Reid William Kyra Hanson Inspector Toni-Anne Nunez Lansen Irene Tsang Patient Alison Slaby Director Lyndsay Barrett Faculty Advisor Miss Collins Prompter Petra Scott Lights Shall Pooransingh Pat Sibley Props Adriana Pernetz Heather Slaby Stage Director Kathy Paton Make-up Karen Young A Trafalgar A wide-eyed Heather leads the Boar ' s Head carol, and then, bottom right, plays the adorable dog for our Grinch, Sheila. The ' teachers ' choir ' , under the leadership of Mr. Kamcke, presented a unique version of ' The Twelve Days of Christmas. ' Time Out for Fun Who says it ' s all work at Trafalgar? At Devil ' s Elbow many of our girls were initiated into the thrills of Alpine skiing, inspired by Palmer, the Podborski of the history department. On opposite page clockwise, left to right, we hear Mrs. Huppeler saying, ' We ' ll never make this one look respectable! ' Says Selena to Alex ' Only six more years and we ' ll be there! ' Deanna says to Zina, ' Hurry up, I don ' t have all day! ' Shadow Lake says, ' NOT TRAFALGAR GIRLS AGAIN!!! ' They all say, ' We ' re not going into the dining room in THESE STUPID OUTFITS!! ' Mrs. Davis says, ' Well it ' s New York. We have to look our best! ! ' The Playground We are all different yet we all want, and need, to belong!. This year Mrs. Takach brought us a hard-hitting, beautifully acted play which won acclaim at the Independant Schools ' drama competition in Ottawa. The play had its lighter side too in the great Michael Jackson imitation by Kelly B. and Leslie ' s breakdancing. Of course Angel won our hearts. T.C.S. is proud of its drama students! The Last Dress Rehearsal Now this was Cinderella with a difference! Our costume room rose to the challenge of outfitting the step mother and her horrendous offspring. It provided an exquisite gown for the most domineering fairy godmother ever to hit the stage. Those completely incompetent stage hands sit comfortable with the only skateboard messenger in captivity. Thank you Mrs. Clarke for showing us Cinderella in a dif- ferent light. We hope this cast never reaches broadway! 73 Senior Dinner Friday Evening April 27, 1984 Our First Goodbye To Our Seniors The Senior Dinner is always an emotional event, ' the beginning of the end ' for the gradu ating students. It is a time for thinking back over the ac- tivities of the year and reflecting on what we have given to the school as well as what we have received from it. It is a time when teachers, house- mothers and office staff join the students in a delicious dinner and an evening of interesting toasts. Toasts Toastmaster Canada Alma Mater Faculty and Staff Graduating Classes Other Classes Mr. C.T. Craig Kamcke Lyndsay Barrett Leslie Dickson Debbie Cann Mimi Smith Angel Adam Mrs. HoUey Andrea Lutzeier Jann Asling Yvonne Dixon Michelle Ou Wai Bobbie jo Reid Anna Evans Sarah Arulanandam Heather Phillips Cheryl Stuart Pauline Tiemens School Organizations Jackie Hibberd Kelly-Ann Black Heather McDonald Kelly Bourne Irene Tsang Stephanie Kirkham Heather McCrea Greetings from the Alumnae Mrs. Davis 75 (Trafalgar Gastle School Whilhy. Ontario cJke [Principal, the Staff and Students extend to you and your friends a cordial invitation to be present on the occasion of their TTiaiji Gourt cfestivities Saturdaij, Tfia the clwelftk nineteen hundred and eighty lour at one o ' clock Guest of Honour: THE LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR OF ONTARIO THE HON. JOHN B. AIRD, O.C., Q.C., B.A., Ll.B. The wind played havoc with the ribbons, we shivered when the sun disappeared but once more May Day brought the school together. No, May Day is not a waste of time! Angela Tsoi our Queen, accompanied by her court, Nancy Jack, Andrea Robson, Melissa Peacock and Kathy Kim and Leah Balderson, presided over the dances, pyramids and May Pole. Our honoured guest, John B. Aird, the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, along with the members of our Board of Directors, and our principal Mr. Kamcke, presided over the ground- breaking ceremonies for the addition to our school. There is much to be said for tradition! Trafalgar Castle Spring Formal All the headaches, tears, phone calls, shopping, sleepless nights really paid off in the best formal in years. Yards of blue and white taffeta draped the main hall, providing a beautiful background for dancing. Thanks to Mimi ' s and Kyra ' s connections the music was great and the dinner delicious. And from what we have seen the parties after at Angel ' s and Andrea ' s were something to remember! To Heather Slaby, sincere thanks from everyone, not only for all the work in organizing our formal but also for providing us with these great pictures! Glitter, Glamour and Guys Record Breakers In spite of almost sub-zero temperatures enthusiasm was high and lots of records were broken. Among the outstanding athletes were Nicole Taylor, Pat Gruter, Jayne Burness and of course the amazing staff relay team. Carter House was the overall winner ... by many points. This year activity day was combined with the track events. We were treated to a fabulous buffet lunch, followed by the final house debate between Hare and Farewell . . . May is not a waste of time! . . . and then off to the movies to ' The Temple of Doom ' . Activities, Activities Never a Dull Moment at Trafalgar Do you wonder why these pictures appear opposite the track and field pictures? Well, you can ' t take pictures in a theatre so you ' ll just have to remember Indianna Jones and we ' ll remind you of a few highlights of Trafalgar life. First, upper left, we present the Jam Sisters and their two most ardent fans. Beside them quelques jeunes demoiselles, trouvees dans les couloirs d ' un hotel a Quebec et puis a gauche Debbie ' s dad (that ' s Mr. Cann) lending his skills to the staff soccer team. (Who ' s that guy with the SAC shirt? Get the proper uniform Sir!.) Watch out for Collins and Huppeler! They ' re rough! 81 Trafalgar Sunday A Time for Goodbyes This was grade 13 ' s day, beginning with the Daisy Chain and ending in a chapel service and a tearful walk through Main Hall and up the main stair case ... for the last time. It was a day for awards and trophies, for honouring achievements and recognizing school spirit. We leave you with some memories of this day - the girls who were chosen Miss House, our new head girl with two of her prefects, Mimi and her O.L.C. mom, a few trophy winners, and finally Megan and Stephanie leaving the concert hall. Farewell class of ' 84. 83 A Word from Your Editor When I volunteered to take over the job of Yearbook editor in January I didn ' t realize how much work was involved, or on the other hand, how interesting it was going to be. I soon found out that my office was to be the cupboard in the corner of room ten. This job has been a heavy responsibility which has taken up much more time than I expected. (This message is being written on June 17 when most of you are lounging around at home!) Next year I will be looking for ideas for our ' 85 yearbook and I hope you will come to me with your suggestions. This is your book. You can make it a better book if you take an interest in it. To Mrs. McKay my thanks for all the lonely hours you spent in the dark room. Next year I hope to be able to do some of the work myself. Heather and Work! and the Advisor This is the first time that I have written a message for the ' editor ' s page ' . . . and it is also the last. I have enjoyed working with the yearbook staff through the years and I have learned a great deal, not only about how to produce a 96 page book in off hours but also how to work with a variety of per- sonalities. This year ' s editor. Heather McCrea, has always been calm, cool and collected . . . life-saving qualities in this case. I worked with Medina Carter and Karen Scott during the winter break, when they gave up many hours of their holidays to help me make a deadline. Karen also spent many hours selling advertising to help pay for the production of our book. Next year Mrs. Metselaar will take on the advisor ' s job so I leave Heather in her hands and I wish them well. I expect Vox Collegii ' 85 to be spectacular. Holley 84 for helping our ideas become reality. These advertisers are an important part of our yearbook. They share our interest in the school and community, as well as the success of our yearbook. Patrons of Vox Collegii Mr. Mrs. J.E. Paton Nancy Pamela Swartz The Ladies ' Guild Mr. Mrs. R. Myers Mr. Mrs. J.D. Takach Tina Mason Mr. Mrs. J. A. Carter Mrs. Joyce Cox Nancy and Jack Squires Ruth and Geoff Taylor Megan Smith Class of ' 84 Humpty Dumpty foods wishes the graduating class of ' 84, success and happiness in the future. sNl DON I CUI CORNERS SQUARE BOY PIZZA SUBS The best pizza money can buy 1 16 Athol Street Whitby We Deliver 666-3366 Compliments of VAN BELLE FLORISTS 100 Dundas West Whitby at the Four Corners 85 fsfT EATON BAY FINANCIAL mV services limited FINANCIAL PLANNING SECURITY FOR TODAY Auto Insurance Home Tenant Insurance Life Insurance Mortgages RHOSPs ' PROVISION FOR TOMORROW Guaranteed Savings Investment Funds RRSPs Annui ties RRIFs Eaton Bay Financial Services extends best wishes to all graduates today and looks forward to being part of your tomorrows . PERSON TO PERSON FINANCIAL SERVICES Compliments of HALPERN ' S 3376 Yonge Street Toronto, Ontario M4N 2M7 WINVSaLLEY CC3IMSTRUCTIC3IM COMMERCIAL, INDUSTRIAL, RESIDENTIAL LIMITED BOX 335 • 14 VALLEY COURT, WHITBY, ONTARIO, LIN 5S4 •(416) 668-3805 87 FENELON FALLS, ONTARIO, CANADA, KOM 1N0 On Beautiful Balsum Lake -High ' ay 35 A PLACE FOR ALL SEASONS AND FOR ALL REASONS No matter what time of year, you will enjoy your visit at the Royal Resort. You will enjoy our indoor pool, sauna, whirlpool, games room and the Regal lounge. In autumn, enjoy the fall splendour with its beautiful spectrum of colours. In winter enjoy crystal clean snow , cross country skiing, snowshoeing and skating. In spring and summer this is the place for great fishing, muskie, pickerel or bass ... all are plentiful! Our accomodation is casual elegance. Many units have wood burning fireplaces. The friendly and courteous dining room staff will add to your dining pleasure. When planning your family vacation or contemplating your next conference, seminar or group meeting, consider the ROYAL RESORT. Congratulations to the grads from THE MACDONALDS BEST WISHES THE MAYOR, MEMBERS OF COUNCIL AND STAFF OF THE TOWN OF WHITBY 89 THE AGONY AND THE ECSTASY A message to the graduating students There is going to be a lot of tears when some of you say good-bye to Trafalgar Castle for the last time. But remember this, the sooner you are gone, the sooner you can start enjoying your happy memories. Have a good life. Reid Management Ltd ♦ Public Relations Counsel Suite 614, 390 Bay Street, Toronto, Canada M5H 2Y2 • Telephone (416) 863-1280 AUSTIN P. RILEY, B x im MERCANTILE Barrister ; Solicitor DEPARTMENT STORE LAW CHAMBERS MMB ' )9 Bav Struct. Suite 1211. ' 5 l oronto. 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N4N 3C3 BAGNELL, Andrea 303 St. Lawrence St. Whitby. LIN 1H2 BALDERSON, Leah 12 Harley Ave., Toronto. M5M 2T6 BAYS, Rebecca 1015 - 13th St. E., Saskatoon, Sask. S7H 0B8 BARRETT, Lyndsay 317 Gloucester Ave. Oakville. L6J 3W8 BIRCHARD, Sheila 15 Canadiana Dr. Thornhill. L3T 2Y7 BLACK, Kelly-Ann c o V. Abrahams, Embassy Apts. 2C W., 17 Kingsway, Kingston, Jamaica. W.L BLACKLEDGE, Jo-Ann 2551 SW. 28th Terrace, Fort Lauderdale. Florida. 33312 •BOISJOLL Mary Lou 130 Ling Road, TH 74 West Hill. MIE 4R5 BOURNE, Kelly 48 - 99 Midpark Gardens, Calgary, Alta. T2X 1 L5 BRUCE, Susan) 866 Hyiand Street, Whitby. LIN 6S1 BRUCE, Wendy) BURNESS, Jayne 741 Manor Park Crescent, Sarnia. N7S 4W7 CALLAWAY, Laura 3 Dormie Lane, Guelph. NIG 1G7 ♦CANN, Deborah R.R. 2 Whitby. LIN 5R5 CARGILL, Ava P.O. Box N1938, Nassau. Bahamas. CARROLL, Patricia 1054 Welwyn Dr. Mississauga. L5J 3J3 ♦CARTER, Medina) 219 Keith Street, Whitby. LIN 1H8 ♦CARTER, Selina) CHARM, Annie 2 Shun Yung Street, Marigold Mansion, Block B, D12. Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong. CHENG, Joycelyn 24 Old Beacon Hill Road, 1st fir., Kowloon, Hong Kong. CHIN, Jane 49 Jalan Merdeka, P.O. Box 115, Labuan, Sabah, East Malaysia. ♦CHRIST, Allison R.R. 2 Claremont. LOH lEO CHUNG, Wailyn 39 Braemar Hill Road, 19A. North Point, Hong Kong. CLARK, Christina 436 Gordon Ave. Peterborough. K9J 6G5 ♦CORBETT, Kelly 8 Trinity Cres, Whitby. LIN 6L2 ♦COURLAS, Jenny 7 Chopin Court, Whitby. LIN 6C5 COX, Dianne 301 Central Park Blvd. N., Oshawa. LIG 5Z5 CRUICKSHANK, Carrie 2806 Dundas Street W. Toronto. M6P 1Y5 DICKSON, Leslie 144 Main Street, Unionville. L3R 2G5 DIXON, Yvonne R.R. 22, Cambridge. N3C 2V4 ECHAVARRIA, Sandra Rio Missouri 466 Ote. Col. del Valle, Garza Garcia, N.L. Monterrey, Mexico. 66220 ECKENSWEILER, Debra 1986 Bowler Dr. Pickering. LIV 3K7 EDOO, Niema 50B Vistabella Road, San Fernando, Trinidad, W.I. ♦EDWORTHY, Lisa 1770 Spruce Hill Rd. Pickering. 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WAI, Joyce 4B. 8th fir., Humbert Street, Mei Foo Sun Chuen, Kowloon, Hong Kong. WALKER, Lorelei Tawam Hospital Whittaker Corp., Box 15258, Al Ain Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. WATSON, Lisa R.R. I Buckhorn. KOL I JO WICHMAN, Joelle 757 Ferndale Street, Oshawa. LIJ 5L8 ♦WRIGHT, Tera 120 Elgin St. W., Apt. J103, Oshawa. LIG IS7 ♦WYMAN, Paula 1330 Trowbridge 76, Oshawa. LIG 7LI YOUNG, Anita 54 Rendez-vous Ridge, Christ Church, Barbados, W.I. YOUNG, Karen 173 Ellis Ave. Box 548, Nobleton. LOG INO AUTOGRAPHS Pubiished by Josten ' s National School Services Ltd. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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