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Trafalgar Castle School Whitby, Ontario 1874-1983 Have You Seen Our: Faculty and Staff 9 Classes 13 Organizations 35 Teams 41 Activities 57 3 Ethnic Toronto Trafalgar on the Move Educational Experience Week A new, and very successful, program for Trafalgar was initiated in March 1983. Sixteen groups set out from our school, some to visit other cities, some to study life closer to home. The ' experiences ' offered were - ARTS WORLD, WASHINGTON, ETHNIC TORONTO, HARBOURFRONT, MEDICAL EXPERIENCE, MEDIA EXPERIENCE, OTTAWA, QUEBEC CITY, RIDING CAMP, RURAL LIFE, SCIENCE EXPERIENCE, SKIING FOR BEGINNERS, THEATRE EXPERIENCE, UNITED NATIONS, NEW YORK AND UNDERSIDE OF TORONTO. We all hope that this will be an annual event. Arts world 3 PRINCIPAL ' S MESSAGE One of the natural instincts of man is to leave something of himself behind, some signal to those that follow that he has been here. This can take many forms. The paintings on the cave walls of the ancients was an early illustration of this phenomenon. The pyramids, the Acropolis, the Cathedral at Chartes are further examples. When a writer such as Shakespeare or Milton dies he leaves behind his wisdom for the ages. The Group of Seven have bequeathed their vision of Canada to later generations. Early inhabitants of this continent built simple mounds which served as burial places but also as symbols of their existence. Likewise, in a school such as ours we strive to leave something of ourselves behind for future Trafalgarites to notice. Some have their names printed on the various honour boards about the school; others win trophies and awards suitably inscribed. The pictures of our graduating classes adorn the hallways. This book records the achievements, or at least the presence, of each girl in the school. All these are, of course, individual signatures. Sometimes we like to act as a group in this matter. For the past year we have been actively soHciting the various factions of the Trafalgar community for funds to build a new academic wing. Each student has made a contribution, some small, some larger. When the new wing becomes a reality every girl who was part of the campaign will be able to look back with pride at this achievement. In a sense the wing will be a mound left for future students to use and to admire. Just as past generations helped to build the Frances Wing and the Grace Chapel, so your generation is leaving behind a legacy for those who come later. You should not feel shame at this pride of achievement. Whereas it is wrong to blow one ' s horn too loudly, it is quite natural to want to make a connection with the future. Some of us have a more developed sense of history than others. Yet each of us wants in some way to connect with the ongoing course of events, to be part of the spirit which built our school. Your achievements this year, whether in the classroom or on the playing field, whether in Chapel or as part of the fund raising campaign, are essential ingredients of that process. Each of you has left her mark. Cra ig Kamcke DEAN ' S MESSAGE . The story is told of Robert Frost who once stopped at a filling station deep in the Green Mountains of Vermont. He enquired of the lank, seedy attendant who grudgingly appeared, " What community is this? " The ' local ' looked puzzled and replied, " What do you mean com- munity? " " Oh, " said the poet, " a community is a place where people live together, work and play together and do things for the common good. " " Umph! " grunted the man. " This ain ' t no community. This here is a place. " Trafalgar Castle is a small community where people show involvement notably in the annual bazaar and in many other school activities. As a result the friendships you form at this school will be a part of you for many years to come. The sense of ' community ' which I hope you have experienced here will be one of the strengths you have gained towards making where you are more than a ' place ' . Good luck and God bless. Anne Wiggins Student Council Prefects Laura Bateman Amanda Heath Helen Johannes Kathy Marshall Heather Maxwell Sheila Mc Crea Yioula Psimoulis Leslie Ann Russell Linda Spence Mr. Kamcke Grade 12 hall Grades hall Day Girl prefect Head Girl Grade 11 hall Day Girl prefect Grade 9 hall Principal 7 Recalling my years here at Trafalgar, I realize that these years are invaluable to any girl ' s education. Girls from all over the world come together, and friendships are made which will last a lifetime. Girls of different lifestyles are taken in by their fellow Trafalgarites, and it is a learning experience for all. We have received an education which will hopefully provide the knowledge we need to continue on other paths, whether it be a career or family. The sports scene helps us to become more outgoing and teaches us to work with one another. For the girls who will return next year, I say to you, " get involved in school life! " You will grow both mentally and physically. For the graduates, I wish you luck in the future. Always remember the life you had here. Finally, a special thanks to my fellow Prefects, who helped make the year run as smoothly as it did. You ' re all fantastic! Good-bye, good luck. love, Heather Maxwell " Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth . . . Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. " (Max Ehrmann) 8 Faculty 82-83 Miss Judith Anderson, B.Ed., B. P. H.Ed., Mrs. Alecia Bagnall, E.A., Mrs. Carol Clarke, B.A., Miss Briar Collins, B.A., B.Ed., Mrs. Eleanor Davis, B.A., Mrs. Margaret Holley, B.A., Mrs. Barbara Kwietniowski, B.A., B.Ed., Mr. J. Brian McClure, M.Sc, B.Sc, B.Ed., Miss Margaret Mclnnis, B.Math., B.Ed., Mrs. Shelley McKay, B.A., Mrs. Sandra Metselaar Mr. Robert Palmer, B.A., B.Ed., Mr. James Shelson, B.A., Mrs. Olwen Sigsworth, M.A., Mrs. Margaret Swann, B.A., B.Sc, M.Ed., Geog., Phys. Ed. French English English Library Jr. subjects. Can. Fam. French, Latin Mathematics Science, Music Math. Computer Sc. Art Typing Fam. Studies History Economics English Geography Science CounseHing 1 Staff We dedicate these pages to our office staff, our housemothers, and our house keeping staff. We want them to know how much we appreciate all they do for us. Clock-wise from Top: our assistant dean, Mrs. Jardine; Mrs. Sadoway, Mrs. Crawford, and Mrs. Greenslade; housemother for gr. 9, Mrs. Shaver; Mrs. McKittrick from the study hall and Mrs. Knowles who lets us sign our life away; Mrs. Luchka building fund secretary. Clock-wise from Top: Mrs. Black from gr. 7 8 and Mrs. Heinl, from gr. 10 11; our fix-it men. Ron. Dennis, Wayne and Gord; the Kitchen staff; Mrs. Orth. our nurse, and Mrs. Allchurch. the House Manager; Mrs. Huppeler. the float housemother, and Miss Wiggins, our Dean. 13 Ladies Guild Essay Contest Senior Winner Hester Fuchs My educational experience taught me more about myself and my future direction than I had ever expected. For Educational Experience Week I went on the Theatre Experience. I must admit that at first I thought it would be quite dull because I had put Media Experience down as my first choice and really wanted to go on that instead of the Theatre Experience. Therefore, my attitude towards the Theatre Experience was not very good but after the first day, my attitude totally changed. Theatre Experience. What do you think of when you hear or see that - Theatre Experience? My thoughts? Wow! We get to see a lot of plays. Whoppee! Wrong. The Theatre Experience covered a majority of topics dealing with the whole subject of entertainment, not just theatre. We saw dance classes, acting classes, we were briefed on set design, costumes, make-up, theatre upkeep, lighting and the electrical engineering involved in putting on a production BUT the best thing we learned - in every single class and talk - was about the reality of the entertainment world. It ' s easy for a person to say " I ' m going to be an actress " or " I ' m going to be an actor. " But nobody thinks about all the work and effort you have to put into something like being an actress or anything for that matter. I didn ' t - at least, not until the Theatre Experience. I remember the acting classes the best out of the whole three days. In fact, I remember the first acting class the best. The teacher was excellent. When we arrived in his three hour class he spent fifteen minutes talking to us about why we chose the Theatre Experience and about the romanticism and ideals about acting. Then, he took another fifteen minutes and tore down and shattered every single idea and dream about acting. He told us about the REAL acting world. Did you know that there are 5,000 actors and actresses in the Acting Association in Canada (I think it is ACTRA) and that only approximately 900 were working as actors or actresses in January 1983? Only 900! I was shocked. Then he said " Notice how there are more boys than girls in this class " . And there were - approximately 8 boys and about 4 or 5 girls. Why? The schools pick more boys than girls because the majority of acting jobs around are for men. All I could think of when he said this was " Oh, what an encouraging thing to say to a group of 20-odd girls. " Your marks have to be high and you really have to work or you aren ' t even going to get on a little T. V. commercial on which you smile for approximately 59.9 seconds. I liked being discouraged about the acting field because it put a lot of ideas I had straight in my head. For example, I ' m not going to do a measly late night commercial, and the day after it is aired get millions of ' phone calls from agents claiming I am the next Ingrid Bergman - because I ' m not and nobody is going to come to me and beg me to be their client - 1 have to do it all myself. The acting teacher destroyed the whole glamourous picture that, I think, the majority of us had in our heads and that was the best thing I learned altogether. As I said earlier, we learned about a lot of areas of entertainment and we saw how some of these areas interconnected with each other. At the Tarragon Theatre, Mr. Marshall (sort of the " top dog " in stage design) talked with us and showed us a rehearsal room, costume room, lighting room, set design room and then told us of different acting classes such as voice and stage combat. He fully explained all these topics. Then, during the three days we saw how all of the things he told us about came together when we saw productions such as Cabaret and Sugar Babies and how important they were in the production. After learning about theatre - in front and behind the scenes - it ' s made me realize that to be involved in theatre, you aren ' t just limited to being (i) an actor or actress or (ii) acting teacher. You can go into almost any field - costuming, design, make-up - and still be involved. Maybe you won ' t be a leading man or woman and maybe you think that the standing ovation isn ' t for you because you ' re behind the scenes, but it is, because without the set designer or the costume maker or the make-up person, the show could not have gone on - and you know what they say " The show must go on. " So I feel that you can still get satisfaction out of knowing that the standing ovation is for everyone behind the scenes too, who make a whole production possible. I ' m not sure if I ' m going to become the actress I ' ve always wanted to be. In fact, I ' m not even sure if an actress is what I ' ll end up trying to be, but at least I ' ve learned some background and know the real story about the entertainment world and I ' m going to try anyway. Graduates Venkat Aysola " Oh to live on Sugar Mountain. " The strains of Neil Young will lead you to Venkat ' s room. With her sense of humour and the help of Anne, her room-mate, Upper Main life has been lively. Venkat was Carter ' s Snow White in the house play and Titanic ' s Captain in " End of a Dream. " She will miss her friends Anne, Kathy, Alison, Linda and Benny. Laura Bateman Laura has been with us for four years and has certainly made her mark on the school. Last year Laura was Gr. 12 class president, and participated in ' OLIVER ' . This year, she was in ' TITANIC, END OF A DREAM ' . Her primary function this year is being social convenor, a task she has enjoyed greatly. Laura is a Prefect this year, and can be found in her ' closet ' on Gr. 13 hall, cranking her Genesis all the way up to 10. During her stay at Trafalgar, Laura has commuted to Saudi Arabia for her sunburns, and hopes to settle down in Ottawa at Carleton University to study business. " You have your own special way. " Jennie Berkeley Benny has been at Trafalgar for three years. Bean was on T. Extension duty. Often, her spare time has been spent exploring the depths of imagery and substituting Fresca for Tab. She likes Rock and Roll, exotic nailpolish, and President Wilson. Her life philosophy is " Work hard and play hard " . Jennie was Co-Editor of Vox Collegii ' 82, and will finish her years at Trafalgar as our May Queen. Alison Cameron This is Alison ' s third year at T.C.S., her first with a notorious sleep-talker, Helen. She is known for her deep love of the tackiest of tacky plastic pink creatures, and of preppy crocs. She has been on the Senior soccer, basketball and baseball teams for three years now, and enjoys her runs with Linda, and tennis with Qui Hibberd. No one will forget the Dress-up Day when she dressed as our favorite History teacher, or those wacky Wednesday night parties held in room 129. Anne Carroll Anne Carrol, the ' Pele ' of Trafalgar, is an active member of our Sr. soccer team. When not encouraging her other team-mates to pursue the soccer ball, Anne can be seen jogging in her blue, red, and white headband. The Walkman is the only one who can keep up with her pace. This year marks three and a half years of Anne ' s attending Trafalgar. In the fall, she plans to attend university. We all wish her the best of luck in the coming years. Melanie Carter Melanie, our little ' Stretch ' , is a native of Barbados. ' Stretch ' is a Trini-Baig, the only one in existence, and has attended Trafalgar for the past two years. She is a member of the First Triumvirate of Trafalgar Castle which is made up of all the Trinis in room 119. Melanie will be reunited with her young Bajan fella ' in June. We all look forward to seeing ' Stretch ' in September at Com- mencement. " Forward ever, backward never! " Glenna Cronkwright My five years of laughing, crying, learning and loving have come to an end. I now start a new phase of learning and life, ready to grow to the heights of my ability. I plan to attend Centennial College for Publishing and begin my new Hfe with strength and happiness. Froggy Sunita Doobay Sunita, only here one year, from Surinam, is well known for worrying about others, and praying that people didn ' t miss their bus stop. She loves bunnies, and her favorite motto is " keep doing it! " If you need Sunita, you can find her, wide-eyed, watching Richard Gere in " Officer and a Gentleman " , wishing that, one day, he would be hers! We shall always remember her inspirational pep- talks, her smile, and her laughter. May all your dreams come true! 16 Karen Dougall Karen, a Trini native, is best known for listening to Calypso, ' an ' iimin ' down in her room. Her room-mate Anne has been of- ficially converted into a Trini, in Karen ' s one year at Trafalgar. Karen ' s good humour and smile were shared with us when Karen played the Delegate from Africa in the Annual House Plays and clowned around at the bazaar. Our Trini plans to continue her education at the University of Waterloo. We all wish her the best in the future. Lisa Gomez Lisa, an inhabitant of Little Trinidad, has spent her first year in the Great White North with us. Lisa is a member of the Trinidian Council in Canada. She is partly responsible for Anne ' s conversion to being a full-fledged Trini. Lisa is going to leave us in June, and join Chris in Trinidad. When she returns in September, she will attend the University of Western Ontario, the West Indies of Canada. Jacqueline Dunn Jackie dumm-dumm carries her whoopie cushion wherever she goes. " Thorough - " that is an understatement to describe Jacqui ' s work habits - people borrow her notes to research essays! Jacqui can be proud of being the high F note, WHAT A VOICE! in the choir. She has achieved much in her one year, and has made many good friends. We wish her well. Keep on smiling. Good luck next year! Sheri Haidarali Sheri has really missed her native Trinidad this year. She plans to go to York University for a Graphic Arts Course and then to her island. There is no place like home! Gina Fabres This crazy little ' chick ' , a Trini to the bone, can always be seen on the phone with friends and family, (not to mention a certain pal at Trinity College). Gina ' s known for her ar- tistic abilities, and active social life - especially du ring study hall - when she can be found performing her antics on Main Hall. She will be remembered and missed. Good luck next year at Western! Beth Hann What can we say about Beth?! Well, she ' s managed to last through the rigors of seven full years here at T.C.S. (that is a feat in itself!!). This year, she was the class President of Gr. 13. Beth will never quite get over living with Shiela, or the days she gets letters from that far away city. This year, Beth was the producer of " Vanities. " Next year, Beth hopes to go to Trent University. Rainbow Fong It ' s lime to say good-bye. I will no! forget Trafalgar, because I spent two birthdays here. The school was my home; I studied here and lived here. I cannot forget those Christmases and IVlarch Breaks when we had to leave our friends. 1 am looking forward to university life. Good-bye J rafalgar. Amanda Heath Amanda has been here for an incredible seven years. She ' s been I-arewell House Captain, and the Grade 12 prefect. She participated in school sports, and acted in ' Ol l tR ' last year. One of her many accomplishments has been as captain of the S.W.A.l " . team. . ' manda can often be seen listening to C ' .l.N.N ' . with the ' Greek Goddess ' or patrolling ' Ol lOG ' . Next year .-Xmanda ' s off to Guelph foi Arts and a man. Our mod Prefect will miss the Gr. I2 ' s, and svc m11 I r ul iniss her. Carolyn Howells This is Carolyn ' s second year at T.C.S. Last year, she won the drama award for best actress in the house plays. This year, she was one of the stars of the award winning " End of a Dream " . When Carolyn is not busy as head of drama, she can be found at Mc- Donald ' s, picking up ' Treats-of-the-week ' as an honorary member of the Calculus Mc- Donald ' s Club. She has been a member of our choir, and her vicious tactics in volleyball were appreciated by the team. We wish Dr. Howells great success next year as she goes off to the University of Toronto to study medicine. Special thanks to Bradford for helping Carolyn get through the year. Ivy Leung Even though life as a boarder has had no real appeal for Ivy, she has remained friendly and helpful during her two years at Trafalgar. Ivy is planning on a business career, studying at the University of Toronto. Helen Johannes With three years at T.C.S., Helen has displayed her knowledge of the finer points of domestic science by pushing in chairs on her way out of the dining hall after each meal. She has made many contributions to life at Trafalgar as Carter House Captain, Prefect of Upper Ryerson, and a member of many school plays, including " Oliver " and " Vanities " . We were proud to have Helen as one of our May Court, 1983. Helen plans to study Pharmacy. Andrea Leung Andrea has been at T.C.S. for two years. Much of this time was spent sleeping and ' peeling ' her food. However everyone knows that she is an excellent mathematician and her knowledge of Bernoulli ' s Law has no doubt contributed to her skill in flying paper air- planes. Her sights are set on McGill for engineering or architecture. Sylvia Lutzeier Sylvia has been very involved in drama this year, having been in the Christmas play, " End of a Dream " , and helped as crew for " Vanities " . Her room-mates, Anne and Venkat, have made her life on Main Hall very exciting. She deserves a medal for s urvival! Sylvia plans one day to have a business of her own. Kathy Marshall The debating club has flourished under Kathy ' s guidance. She made her mark in the National Independant School Debates in Winnipeg. We will never forget her portrayal of Bill Sykes in " Oliver " . She was director of Hare ' s house play this year, and a day-girl Prefect. Why do we think of root beer, caviar, and T.E. when we think of Kathy? Brondy Leung Brondy has enjoyed her two years at Trafalgar, especially the winters. She has become the favorite coach of our " Chinese Ski Team. " Her patience and encouragement have been greatly appreciated. Brondy hopes to go to the University of Toronto. Our best wishes go with her. Heather Maxwell During Heather ' s three years here at T.C.S., she has transformed from a day-girl to a boarder. Our friendly Head Girl, or Head Croc, was the president of the Athletic Association last year, and has contributed a great deal to school athletics by playing on all of our school teams. " Kareem " suffers from Doug-dom on weekdays, but still manages to keep her wit as Leslie Ann ' s favorite comedian. Next year, this Peppy Prefect hopes to attend Laurentian University for Sports Administration. Everyone wishes her the best of luck! " You are the sun ... " 18 Sheila McCrea Sheila, our outdoors girl, has been at Trafalgar for two years. This year, she has been a prefect and president of S.C.F. She ' s our English-Spanish ambassador who is always heard saying ' hola ' to her Spanish friends, or seen stocking up her own " refrigerator " in her room. T.C.S. will be losing a good soccer player when she heads to Brock next year to study Child Care. Anne Richardson " The most wasted day of all is that on which we have not laughed " (Sebastion Chamfort). These are the words Anne wants to leave to her Or. 13 friends, especially Venkat, Alison, Kathy, Linda and Jenny. We ' re sure Anne enjoyed her two Initiation Days at Trafalgar (her Gr. 13 friends insisted that she deserved a second initiation due to her one year leave of absence). She hopes to study Pharmacy at the University of Toronto. Suzanne Morrison Trafalgar ' s own Valley Girl has been with us for two years. When she ' s not drag-racing her Camaro against Leslie ' s Trans Am, she can be heard scheming with Carolyn and Leslie, or singing in the Choir. Suzanne ' s weekend hobbies include shopping, shopping, and more shopping, or going to wild Frat parties at U. of T., where she plans to study Business next year. She helped produce the Hare House-play, and another accomplishment of this year was to be the founder of the Calculus McDonald ' s Club. Have fun next year with all those awesome university men; maybe you ' ll even do some work! ! Nancy Roberts This is Nancy ' s third year at T.C.S., and throughout her three years, she ' s been part of our gymnastics team. She has also con- tributed greatly to Carter ' s successes in the Swim Meet. She became a day girl in the middle of this year, and ever since then, she has always managed to be the first one out at 3:30, except, of course, for those odd days when she could be found swinging off the uneven bars. Her wish now is to revisit Saudi someday, and next year, she ' ll be attending college. All wish her the best of luck. Cindy Ng Three years at T.C.S. have passed quickly for Cindy and we ' re sure she will treasure her memories of Trafalgar. She is looking for- ward to university life, and will be attending McCiill for Engineering. Good luck, and work hard. Leslie Ann Russell Last year ' s Hare House Captain has been here for five years. Her accomplishments include a 1982 black Trans Am, a new beau (Blue Eyes), and honourary president of the Calculus McDonald ' s Club (right Mrs. K?!). Leslie can be found cither terrorizing the Gr. 13 hall, or " prefeciing " the Senior Day Girl locker room, yelling at ihe girls to turn ihe radio down, or sweating it out on the volleyball court. Next year she hopes to aticnd I aurier for Business. Good luck! ink Yioula Psimoulis l or Iwo years, " IJ " has been wiili us licie at Iralalgar. She is obsessed with her native country, Greece, and is always wailing for lellers. Yioula enjoys sports and " PAR- I ' YING " . She has been llic prefect on ihe Gi. lOiVt II hall, the co-ordinalor of siudctii fund raising for our new wing (81-82) and was id • i.isi ol " Ol IVI R " last year. She hopes u •. lo Waicrloo Universily lo study ar- I inda Spence Our Gr. 9 prcleci will he well remembered for her discreel laughiei. and her sudden swnch from Mounlam Climber lo 1 aw cr. Ounnt: her l vo years a( T.C.S. she has been aciivc in drama with Carter House play and " V ' anilics " . . n cxccllcni siuJrni, her fuiutc success IS assured. Grade Twelve Elevens Jennifer Bateman Kelly-ann Black Allison Christ Jenny Courlas i ' d Annie Jear Anne Kandiah Kelly Bourne Annie Charm ■ nm or Cindy Croft Hester Fuchs Lisa Lafontaine Maggie Lam Andrea Lutzeier Deanna MacDonald Kim Marshall Heather McKonald Tens Andrea Bagnellx Sedly Biggs Sheila Birchard Jane Chin Yvonne Dixon Karen Fudge Alison Gilmour Sandra Guevara Afshan Javed Marni Kennedy Jennifer McRae Leslie Pocklington Susan Rowntree Karen Scott Petra Scott Suzanne Smith Kirsten Snowdon Paulene Tiemens Nines Dora Arulanandam Wendy Bruce Medina Carter Kelly Corbett DianneCox Debra Eckensweiler KathyFur MerillGiffen Ramona Grainge Pamela Horne • Catherine Howie Nellie Jear Alison Kent Michele Lang Laura Marshall Ann Steel Sheri West Tera Wright Jennifer Allen Sevens Sarah Arulanandam Jennifer Fentie Katherine Hamilton Pamela McGibney Carol Moore Marcia Myers Catharine Soukoreff Pamela Swartz Lisa Waisiin llcic llicy arc, all logollK ' i, I ' aliiKT ' s Pels, waiting I ' lir gyiuii class. There ' s Kariiia Sccricy on Ihc Ict ' t waving al you. Wc arc soi ry liial wc ilkln ' i ha c a pholo of her but we ihnik she will appear in many pictures. Happiness is. . . The Smiles of Seven ' s and Eights Economics Team Under the guidance of Mr. Palmer and their captain Cathy Hargrave, the economics team, Paula Wyman, Aurora Lobo, Pat Sibley and Magdalena Tamez, were the winners of the Wilfred Laurier University ' Stock Market Award ' for our region. This was presented at the awards ' banquet at the Sheraton Center in Toronto. Student Christian Fellowship Sheila McCrea, this year ' s president, is well satisfied with the accomplishments of her group. A very successful bazaar has not only assured the continuing support of our two foster children but has enabled us to adopt two more. Thank you Mrs. Davis for your help. Trafalgar Castle Choir Director -Mr, Mc Clure I I I Debating Club Pres.: Kathy Marshall Advisor: Mr. Palmer 1 Sister s We ' re proud of all our girls at T.C.S., but it ' s more fun when they come in pairs and trios. Our photographer missed two other ' sister acts ' - Ausma and Ayesha Khan, and Dora and Sarah Arulanandum. Watch these pages for more double trouble next year. Suzie and Wendy Bruce Whitby Michelle and Stacee Ou Wai Trinidad Anne and Tricia Carroll Saudi Arabia Jennifer and Laura Bateman Saudi Arabia Cathy, Kim, and Laura Marshall Uxbridge Andrea and Sylvia Lutzeier Woodbridge Alison and Heather Slaby Trinidad Lyn Barrett and Bobbie Jo Reid Oakville Piano and Voice Students Voice: Mrs. Elaine Broughton Piano: Mrs. Anne May In addition to their studies in music, our piano and voice students entertained each other in order to gain experience before competing in the local Kiwanis festival where they won in- dividual honours. Throughout the year ' Youth and Music Canada ' brought us many delightful musical groups. Irene and Jennifer were very interested in learning more about the harp, and our Mexican and Venezuelan girls felt right at home with the music of the marimba. They were obviously first on stage to greet the musicians and welcome them to Trafalgar Castle. Yearbook Staff Thanks to the Yearbook Club our staff had helpers from each grade this year. The production of a book like ours is a monumental task and the more helpers the better. We are sorry that Petra, Pauline and Karen were absent when the photo was taken. They worked very hard on ad- vertising. The staff of 82-83 hopes that your book holds many happy memories. Drama Students The drama students, under the direction of Mrs. Takach, has had a very successful year, especially with their presentation of ' Titanic ' The End of A Dream ' . Most of the students are pictured here in their Titanic costumes. We are sorry that some of the junior drama students are missing. Soccer 45 Maxewell House House Captain Mimi Smith Sub-captain Allison Christ Soccer The soccer season went well for both the junior and the senior teams. The senior soccer team was undefeated all season. They were also victorious over Hillfield Strathallen, their arch rival. Cathy Kuindersma was awarded the most valuable player for the season because of her continuous effort and work on the field. (We will all miss her next year!) Trafalgar hosted a soccer tournament in the fall and both the senior soccer team and the junior soccer team came out on top. Good work everyone! Senior Soccer Team: J. Bateman, A. Christ, D. MacDonald, H. McDonald, J. Taylor, J. Williamson, T. Barnard, D. Cann, T. Carroll, L. Paxton, J. Hibberd, C. Kuindersma, M. Smith, J. Tucker, A. Cameron, A. Carroll, H. Johannes, H. Maxwell, S. Mc Crea, Y. Psimoulis, L. Spence. Junior Soccer Team: D. Rose, K. Koza, S. Smith, A. Kent, D. Cox, K. Fur, R. Grainge, C. Howie, M. Lang, L. Marshall, K. Corbett, D. Sklar, C. Stuart, R. Tonno, A. Bagnell, S. Birchard, A. Gilmour, J. McRae, L. Pocklington. Coach: Miss Anderson. 50 Basketball Teams J unior Basketball This year ' s junior team had a lot of spirit, energy, dedication, and even some basketball skills. The greatest success of the season was decisively beating their greatest rival . . . Havergal! Team members included two very determined grade 7 students, Jennifer Fentie and Carol Moore. Grade 8 was represented by the skills of Ann Steel. This year ' s captain was Cathie Howie who dazzled opponents and spectators with her perfect lay-ups. Other grade 9 students were Wendy Bruce, Ramona Grainge, Dora Arulanandam, and Cheryl Stuart. The veterans of the team from grade 10 were Alison Gilmour, Suzie Smith and Sheila Birchard. All the team members worked hard and had an enjoyable season. Next year promises to be a successful one. Thanks to all team members for their cooperation. M.M. Senior Basketball The line-up for this year ' s team consisted of the following players: Heather Maxwell, Allison Christ, Jackie Williamson, Heather McDonald, Jacqui Hibberd, Cathy Kuindersma, Alison Cameron, Aurora Lobo, Bobbie Jo Reid and Alma Maciel. The team ' s exhibition games were good preparation for the annual T.C.S. Invitational Tour- nament. The other teams in this competition were Havergal, St. Clements and Hillfield Strathallen. Our team ' s performance in this tournament was the highlight of its season! The T.C.S. team fought its way to a second place tie with St. Clements in the preliminary round-robin play. This necessitated a sudden-death play-off. T.C.S. won this playoff in hair-raising ' edge of your seat ' fashion! Our girls then met Hillfield in the final and played well but were edged out by the Hillfield squad. The officials at the tournament chose a guard from our T.C.S. team, Cathy Kuindersma, as the M.V.P. of the tournament. Cathy was also chosen our school ' s class day ceremonies in June. All members of the team are to be congratulated for their efforts and successes during the past year. We look forward to bigger and better things next year. B.Mc. The Volleyball Season Junior Volleyball The junior volleyball team worked hard during their volleyball season. They also had great spirit. The girls were successful in their games against St. Clement ' s, Havergal and Anderson. The team also played more difficult opposition and were still able to maintain their enthusiasm and good sports- manship. Special recognition goes to Suzy Smith and to Cheryl Stuart, two outstanding players. Junior Volleyball Team: S. Smith, W. Bruce, C. Stuart, S. Guevara, N. Jear, R. Tonno, R. Grainge, A. Bagnell, K. Corbett, D. Rose, L. Mason. Senior Volleyball Trafalgar ' s Senior Volleyball teams, both A and B, had lineups of consistent excellence. A Team B. Team Angel Adam Jennifer Bateman Laura Cardenas Jacqui Hibberd Carolyn Howells Cathy Kuindersma Aurora Lobo Angela Perez Lesley Ann Russell Pat Sibley Jacqui Williamson Jann Asling Lyn Barret Debbie Cann Tricia Carroll Amanda Heath Bobbie Jo Reid Heather McDonald Michele Ou Wai Mimi Smith The above host of players for the 1982-83 season were the serious minded players whose positive attitude added to an increased skill level throughout the season. The team lost some challenges from both the public and private sectors but managed to win friends and respect from their opponents. Probably the best achievement this year was the A team ' s participation in a tournament for In- dependent Schools in Toronto. Trafalgar ' s team was undefeated and brought honour to our school. Both teams worked and shared together this year. Congratulations on their success! B.C. Track and Field Team The 1983 Track and Field team distinguished itself this year at the LOSSA Championships in Oshawa. Leslie Dickson won a silver medal in the Senior Girls ' High Jump and Pat Sibley, Heather McDonald, and Yioula Psimoulis made it to the finals in their events. The senior relay team also finished a respectable fifth in the finals. Leslie Dickson went on to compete in the COSSA championships at Trent University in Peter- borough. Congratulations to all the team members for an outstanding effort. Thanks also to Mrs. Cann for her contribution to the success of the team. R.E.P. TEAM MEMBERS Susan Bruce Susan Howells Dianne Cox Allison Christ Heather McDonald Jackie Williamson Debbie Cann Laurie Paxton Nicole Hohenkirk Wendy Bruce Nellie Jear Jenny Courlas Laetitia Streetly Lyn Barrett Leslie Dickson Pat Sibley This year ' s tennis team consisted of Cheryl Stuart, Lisa Gomez. Wailyn Chung and Heather Maxwell with Amanda Heath and Jane Taylor as alternates. The Invitational Baseball-Tennis Tournament in May was our team ' s only competitive outing. Our two doubles teams met competitors from Branksome and Havergal. The team of Heather Maxwell and Cheryl Stuart swept through the preliminary round- robin play and met a team from Havergal in the finals. Heather and Cheryl took the first set 6-4. In the second set the Havergal team stormed to an early 4-0 lead but the T.C.S. pair battled back to a 6-6 draw. This necessitated a tie-breaker which Heather and Cheryl won handily, 7-2. Cheryl Stuart was chosen the M. V.P. in the tournament. We hope that next year we will have a few more good junior players moving up to fill the ranks. B.Mc. Baseball Team It started in the cold, catching snowflakes with the fly balls ... It continued in the rain, sliding more than into second base . . . Then the sun came out and with it a great triumph in our tournament against arch rivals from Branksome and Havergal . . . This was followed by a surprisingly sweet victory over the nifty nine from Dennis O ' Connor. It all happened because of: Cathy Howie ' s strong arm ... Suzie Smith ' s great glove . . . Jan Asling ' s timely hitting . . . Jackie Hibberd ' s strong leadership . . . Cathy Kuindersma ' s brave bat . . . Trish Carrol ' s speedy base-running . . . Deanna MacDonald ' s versatility . . . Alison Cameron ' s cool . . . Jennifer Bateman ' s positive thinking . . . And the spirit of Aurora and Bobbi Jo, of Angel and Jennifer McRae and of young Carol Moore. It wouldn ' t have happened without Mr. Howie. It ended in the bright sun . . . the teachers had come to play . . . they brought a loaded team . . . they called the game too soon ... we were getting to them. Oh well, next year . . . thank goodness. C.T.K. 55 The Great Basketball Challenge They ' re All Winners. DAY CAMP DAY CAMP DAY CAMP CAMP TRAFALGAR A summer day camp experience for boys and girls of grade school age. The camp will be held at: TRAFALGAR CASTLE SCHOOL 401 Reynolds St., Whitby, Ont. L1N3W9 The Camp will operate for the month of JULY only, Mondays to Fridays, from 8:30 to 3:30. Our camp will make use of the excellent facilities and spacious grounds of Trafalgar Castle School. An exciting fun-filled programme has been planned to keep every child in- terested, active, and happy. There is a variety of ac- tivities in which your child will be involved. All activities are fully supervised by qualified and competent staff. Camper Staff ratio — 10-1. PROGRAMME • Swimming in an Indoor Pool • Tennis (Recreational Instruction) • Gymnasium • Trampoline • Floor Hockey • Badminton • Library Programme with Public Library • Arts Crafts • Nature Activities • Cook-Outs • Organized Outdoor Sports • Individual Interest Centres • Movies • Theme Days Commencement Friday, September Tenth Nineteen hundred and Eighty-two at eight o ' clock PRESENTATION OF PRIZES AND MEDALS The Governor-General ' s Medal for the highest standing in Grade XIII The Lieutenant-Governor ' s Medal for the highest standing in Grade XII The Mayor ' s Medal for leadership and academic achievement The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce Medals for the second highest standing in Grade XIII for the second highest standing in Grade XII Prize for the highest standing in Grade XI Prize, by Mrs. R. Leo Gray, for the highest standing in Grade X The F.H. Barlow prizes for the highest standing in Grade IX Grade VIII Grade VII Prize, by Dr. James S. Hall, in memory of Mr. W.S. Hall, for the highest standing in Grade XIII Chemistry Prize for the highest standing in Grade XIII History Prize, by Whitby Arts Incorporated, for achievement in Senior Art Prize, by Mrs. W.R. Hull and Miss M. Webster, in memory of Mrs. J.C. Webster, for Penmanship The Shapiro-Cohen prize, in memory of Miss A. A. Maxwell, for greatest improvement in achievement Helen Parsons Britton Progress Prizes Helen Parsons Britton English Prizes - Grade XIII Grade XII Ryerson Chapter Award for the President of the Student Council Pin, by Trafalgar Chapter, in memory of Mrs. E. Gallanough, for the winner of the Strathcona Shield Valedictorian Award, given by Dr. Reginald C. Davis The Silver Spoon Award, given by members of Faculty to graduating students in recognition of four or more years of continuous education at Trafalgar Castle School Ladies ' Guild Essay Prize - Junior Senior Anu Mehta Helen Johannes Laurie Mitchell Hilda Luke Carolyn Howells Kathryn Dyba Irene Tsang Anne Davis Lydia Mason Susan Bruce Anu Mehta Linda McBain Amanda Heath Wendy Bruce Kiyomi Sumida Tracy Barnard Anne Carroll Heather McDonald Denise Sklar Anu Mehta Carolyn Howells Laurie Mitchell Anne Brillinger Kim Berglund Anne Brillinger (6) Kin Berglund (6) Margaret Bovell (5) Anna Hestler (7) Linda McBain (5) Cathy McGill (6) Anu Mehta (4) Sedly Biggs Leslie Dickson 58 Dr. Osborne, former principal of our school, and Mrs. Holley with the painting presented to Trafalgar Castle School in memory of Mrs. S.L. Osborne by her family and friends. On the left, our valedictorian, Kim Berglund. SCHOLARSHIPS AND BURSARIES Ethel Treble Barber Scholarship Arthur H. Allin Scholarship T. Kelso Creighton Scholarship Thomas G. Rogers Memorial Scholarship Jessie Lord Ayres Scholarship in Music Alumnae Dr. S.L. Osborne Scholarship Alumnae Scholarship in memory of Dr. C.R. Carscallen Alumnae Scholarship in mem ory of Miss A. A. Maxwell Ryerson Chapter Scholarship in memory of Mr. CD. Atkinson Ottawa Chapter Scholarship in memory of Dr. J.J. Hare Helen Parsons Britton Memorial Scholarship Anna B. Parsons Memorial Music Scholarship Olive Holliday Denyes Scholarship Marie Honsberger Scholarship for achievement in Grade XII Family Studies Morley S. Bedford Scholarship Entrance Scholarship, in memory of Dr. and Mrs. C.R. Carscallen, for first class honours Caroline McGillivray Scholarship Russell Wharton Memorial Scholarship, given by Mrs. Wharton, for achievement in Grade Xll Mathematics Scholarship in honour of Dr. Reginald C. Davis Gertrude I ' Anson Bursary Eileen Gash Bursary R. Gordon Grobb Bursary DcWill-Rowbolham Bursary lia .ci Allen Award Nanncllc Hallpike Memorial Award Linda Spence Leslie Ann Russell Paulene Tiemens Allison Christ Catherine Howie Katherine Marshall Cindy Ng Yioula Psimoulis Irene Tsang Ivy Leung Aline Szeto Annie Charm Anne Kandiah Susan Rowntree Cathy Kuindersma Heather Maxwell Carolyn Howells Rainbow Fong Leslie Dickson Alison Gilmour Jacqueline Williamson Andrea Leung Lydia Mason Angel . dam Jennie Berkeley Jennifer Bateman Susan Bruce Dawn-Marie Molyneaux Suzanne Morrison Ann Steel Lyndsay Barrett Deborah Cann Helen Johannes Madeline Smith Jannctie .-Vsling Megan Smith Robin Atkinson They ' re off The Annual Cross-Country Run JUNIORS winner Jennifer Allen second Leslie Pocklington third Susan Howells SENIORS winner Jackie Williamson second Cathy Kuindersma third Heather Mc Donald The Tempest " NOW I WILL BELIEVE THAT THERE ARE UNICORNS. " The annual blue on blue invasion of Stratford. We couldn ' t photograph the Shakespearian actors, so we present, herewith, few characters of our own! Hi Ho! Come to the Fair THE ANNUAL S.C.F. BAZAAR Mrs. Davis, Sheila Mc Rea and the other S.C.F. members, managed to in- volve most of the student body in the various activities at our annual bazaar. There was something for everyone ... a fashion show with our own T.C.S. models, home-made ice cream, hot, fresh pizza, delicious baked goods provided by our day girls ... for those who have no fear of calories. The children were not forgotten with our clowns, nor the parents with our baby sitting service. An international flavour was added with a dance by our Mexican students, our Venezuelan bombshell and the fascinating articles for sale on the in- ternational table. Thanks to the efforts of the staff and student body our foster children will receive our continuing aid. A 63 Annual House Play Carter House NOT SO GRIM FAIRY TALES CAST: Narrator - Susie Bruce Mirror - Jann Asling Snowhite - Venkat Aysola Stepmother - Deanna Rose Mother - Linda Spence Cinderella - Jennifer Bateman Molly - Cathy Kuindersma Minnie - Cathi Hargrave Godmother - Cindy Croft Director - Cathy Kuindersma Producer - Angel Adam Stage Manager - Anita Young Special thanks to Mrs. Kwietniowski 64 Presents The Interviewers MAXWELL HOUSE CAST: 1st Interviewer 1st Applicant 2nd Applicant 2nd Interviewer 3rd Applicant 3rd Interviewer 4th Interviewer 4th Applicant Director - Mimi Smith Prompter - Tricia Carroll Costumes - Marni Kennedy Lights - Sylvia Lutzeier Kelly Anne Black Make up - Tracey Barnard Andrea Lutzeier Props - Anne Carroll Special thanks to Mrs. McKay Sedley Biggs Allison Christ Debbie Cann Hester Fuchs Anne Richardson Leslie Pocklington Suzie Smith Stephanie Kirkham Farewell House SEVEN TO ONE Joan Ainslee (Jo) Madge Allen Gloria Rutherford Barbara Kingston (Bob) Dulcincd Dalc(Dukic) Vivicnne Carey Virginia Howe Eili abcth Crcy Messenger Delivery Boy Directors - l yn Barrett, Amanda Heath I ' rops - Jackie Dunn l ights - Laura Baienian C ostumes - Irene Tsang Sound - Alison Slaby Make up - Alma Maciei ♦ Special thanks to Mrs. Hollev •• Cathy Howie Ticia Streetly Cecilia Maciei Patricia Sibley Jill Tucker Bobbie Jo Reid Heather McDonald Debra I kens veiller Heather Slabv Hare House TABLE TOP CAST: USSR ' s delegate USA ' s delegate UK ' s delegate India ' s delegate Africa ' s delegate China ' s delegate Canada ' s delegate First Cleaner Second Cleaner First Photographer Second Photographer Reporter Officials - Lisa Lafontaine - Kim Marshall - Sue Solomon - Kristen Snowden - Karen Dougall - Kelly Bourne - ' dummy ' - Michelle OuWai - LesHe Dickson - Kathy Fur - Laura Marshall - Kathy Hamilton - Catherine Soukeroff Lisa Watson 66 Christmas Festival On the main staircase at 6.00 p.m. Carols by the Grades 7 and 8 choir, (under the direction of Mrs. Davis and Mr. McClure) Boar ' s Head Procession and Candle Lighting A legend, well over 500 years old, tells us that a student at Queen ' s College, Oxford, was taking a lonely walk one Christmas morning on a hill near the town of Oxford, when he was attacked by a hungry boar. Otherwise weaponless, the student thrust his copy of a book of Aristotle down the beast ' s throat, choking him to death. That night the dons and students of the College ate the boar. Every Christmas since then, continues the legend, a boar ' s head is carried into the hall while the carol is sung. The hill where the scholar put Aristotle to valiant use is still called Boar ' s Hill. Grade XII students invite you to join in the singing of the Boar ' s Head Carol. ' Caput apri defero, Reddens laudes Domino. ' Trafalgar Celebrates Winter 71 End of a Dream and ' Vanities The Annual Drama Night ' Vanities ' , a light-hearted comedy, was directed by Mr. Kamcke. It played to an appreciative audience of students, parents, and the Ladies ' Guild. 72 Trafalgar was very proud of the production ' End of a Dream ' . It was written by the cast and ably directed by Mrs. Takach. Entered in the private school drama competition in Ottawa, it won first prize for technical merit. 73 Senior Dinner Friday, April 29th 1983 GRADUATING CLASSES Angel Adam Beth Hann Jennifer Bateman Cathy Kuindersma OTHER CLASSES Amanda Heath Sarah Arulanandam Ann Steel Dianne Cox Paulene Tiemens Kelly-Ann Black SCHOOL ORGANIZATIONS Laura Bateman Deborah Cann Jacqueline Hibberd Kathy Marshall Sheila McCrea Carolyn Howells Megan Smith GREETINGS FROM THE ALUMNAE Mrs. M. Broughton Alumnae Council President Trafalgar Castk School TEquEsts i it honour of gour prESEncE at thE iflnnual Spring formal lo hE hEld f ridag IhE sixth of Mag ninEtEEn hiimidrEd and Eightg-thrEE IBancE from 9:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. TRAFALGAR CASTLE SCHOOL Presents the Seventy-Seventh Annual MAY COURT FESTIVAL and SPRING FETE Saturday, May 14 1983 at One O ' clock The May Court May Queen Jennie Berkeley Counsellors Helen Johannes Cathy Kuindersma Train Bearer Marcia Meyers Crown Bearer Kath. Hamilton Scroll Bearer Cath. Soukoreff Track and Field Winners Short Sprint: Jr. - Nicole Hohenkirk Sr. - Pat Sibley High Jump: Jr. - Susan Howells Sr. - Leslie Dickson Standing Broad Jump: Jr. - Susan Howells Sr. - Alison Christ Shot Put: Jr. - Sheila Birchard Sr. - Jill Tucker Medium Distance: Heather McDonald Discus: Jr. - Suzy Smith Sr. - Pat Sibley Running Broad: Jr. - Susan Howells Sr. - Jackie Williamson Long Distance: Lyn Barrett Relay: Jr. - Maxwell Sr. - Farewell House Standings: 1 - Maxwell 2 - Farewell 3 - Hare 4 - Carter Activity Day at Centre Island Class Day and Trafalgar Sunday Principal ' s Award Heather Maxwell Centennial Award Karen Dougall Valedictorian Kathy Marshall Strathcona Shield Cathy Kuindersma Dean ' s Award Sheila McCrea Drama Award Karen Dougall Reid Bowl Kathy Marshall Rose Bowl Aurora Lobo Miss Farewell Cathy Howie Miss Hare Alison Cameron Miss Carter Ramona Grainge Miss Maxwell Andrea Lutzeier Debating Award Kathy Marshall Clock-wise from Top: The graduates; our two seven-year veterans, Beth and Amanda; This is it! Heather ' s last hurrah. Clock-wise from Top: Miss Maxwell; some trophy winners; Miss Hare; our future prefects; Miss Farewell; Miss Carter Editor ' ' s Page AVE ATQUE VALE: Hale and farewell! In spite of all the problems, it ' s been a good year for yearbook. We had more helpers than we knew what to do with this year, with the formation of a yearbook club. I would like to thank Mrs. McKay and Sandy Smirle for their help where taking and developing pictures were concerned; Jenny Berkeley for all the advice she gave; Lisa Gomez and Karen Dougall for their help setting up pages, and Pauline Tiemens, Petra Scott, and Karen Scott for their excellent advertising job. Our big patron-getter this year was Heather McDonald, and I ' d Hke to make a special thanks to the grade 12 Latin class who did some work when it got to be too much. as well as all my friends who gave me moral support - you know who you are. Finally, I ' d Hke to thank Mrs. Holley, who was indispensible, coming in weekends and evenings, and working part-way through the summer last year to get the book out. If you ' ve never considered it, it takes about an hour ' s work to do 2 pages in our 96 page book. Next year, I turn the responsibilities, the deadlines, the camera, and Mrs. Holley over to Jane Taylor. Good luck to everyone, and especially to the Graduates, good life. McKenzie Smith (Editor 1982 83) EA TONE A Y FINANCIAL SER VICES LIMITED 595 Bay Street Toronto M5G 2C6 Extends congratulations to the graduates along with our best wishes for every success in their chosen fields. Debbie Cann Patrons of Vox Collegii The staff of the 1982-1983 yearbook would like to thank the following people for their support. Mrs. Irene Sadoway Mr. Mrs. W.G. Mason Joyce Cox Mary Kamcke Mr. Mrs. D.B. Marshall Katherine Ann Marshall Dr. Reginald Davis G. Cruickshank MacKay Animal Clinic Mrs. Mary Jardine Courtice-Allin ' s Pharmacy Bruce Nancy Howie The Paxton Sisters Mrs. D. Kerr Mr. Mrs. D.W. Scott Bryan T. Davies Dr. John Tomas Mrs. Gwendolyn Allchurch Mr. Mrs. George Bateman Mrs. Rose Orth WIIM ii(VLLEY CCDIMSTRUCTICHM LIMITED COMMERCIAL, INDUSTRIAL, RESIDENTIAL BOX 335 • 14 VALLEY COURT, WHITBY, ONTARIO, LIN 5S4 0(416) 668-3805 Our Trafalgar Family Grows Top: Heather and Christine McClure Bottom: Shaney Lynne Crawford, Kaelen and Shannon Palmer 86 %3loyal Qsorf FENELON FALLS, ONTARIO, CANADA, KOM 1 NO On Beautiful Balsam Lake-Highway 35 A PLACE FOR ALL SEASONS AND FOR ALL REASONS No matter what time of year, you will enjoy your visit at the Royal Resort. You will enjoy our indoor pool, sauna, whirlpool, games room and the Regal lounge. In autumn, enjoy the fall splendour with its beautiful spectrum of colours. In winter enjoy crystal clean snow, cross country skiing, snowshoeing and skating. In spring and summer this is the place for great fishing, muskie, pickerel or bass ... all are plentiful! Our accomodation is casual elegance. Many units have wood burning fireplaces. The friendly and courteous dining room staff will add to your dining pleasure. When planning your family vacation or contemplating your next conference, seminar or group meeting, consider the ROYAL RESORT. Congratulations to the grads from THE MACDONALDS FaskioRS 126 " To-morrow ' s Fashions To-day " 416-668-1266 Sharon Hewson Bev Watts 1 16 Brock Street South, Whitby, Ontario LIN 4J8 Compliments of BAILEY I.D. A. PHARMACY 362 Brock St., S. 668-2100 Safeway Plaza JAMES BISHOP, President 115 BROCK ST. S. WHITBY, ONTARIO (416)666-1330 CANADA UN 4J9 TOR. LINE (416) 686-1774 Bring a Copy of This Ad to Our Store Receive $5 Off Your School Portrait Frame Order TEL. 668-2492 Art Supplies OFFICE SUPPLIES. PRINTING. BOOKS 11 3 A DUNDAS ST. W. WHITBY. ONT. 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CARROLL, Anne CARTER, Medina c o 723 Green Street, Whitby, Ont. L1N4G1 CARTER, Melanie Hill View, St. Philip, Barbados. W.I. CHARM, Annie 2 Shun Yung Street, Marigold Mansion, Block B, D12. Hung Horn, Kowloon, Hong Kong. CHIN, Jane 49 Jalan Merdeka, P.O. Box 115, Labuan, Sabah, E. Malaysia. CHRIST, Allison R.R. 2, Claremont, Ont. LOH lEO CHUNG, Wailyn 39 Braemar Hill Road, 19A. North Point, Hong Kong. CORBETT, Kelly 8 Trinity Crescent, Whitby, Ont. LI N 6L2 COUGHLIN, Denise 10 McClintock Crt., Whitby, Ont. LIN 1E9 COURLAS, Jenny 7 Chopin Crt., Whitby, Ont. LI N 6C5 COX, Dianne301 Central Park Blvd. N., Oshawa, Ont. L1G5Z5 CROFT, Cindy P.O. Box 947, Stouffville, Ont. LOH ILO CRONKWRIGHT, Glenna 1234 Lansdowne Ave. S.W., Calgary, Alberta. T2S 1A6 CRUICKSHANK, Carrie 2806 Dundas Street W., Toronto, Ont. M6P 1 Y5 DICKSON, Leslie 144 Main Street, Unionville, Ont. L3R 2G5 DIXON, Yvonne R. R. 22, Cambridge, Ont. N3C 2 V4 DOOBAY, Sunita Anton Dragtenweg 83, Paramaribo, Surinam. DOUGALL, Karen 1 St. Michael Road, Blue Range, Diego Martin, Trinidad. W.I. DUNN, Jacqueline R.R. 2, 44 Pinecrest Road, Oshawa, Ont. LIH 7K5 ECKENSWEILER, Debra 1986 Bowler Drive, Pickering, Ont. LI V 3K7 EDWORTHY, Lisa 1770 Spruce Hill Road, Pickering, Ont. LIS 1S4 FABRES, Gina 1 LaSeiva Road, Maraval, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, W.I. FENTIE, Jennifer 18 Buta Road, Valsayn, Trinidad, W.I. FERNANDEZ, Lila A.P. 1 18, Comalcalco, Tabasco, Mexico. FONG, Rainbow 31 Sai Wan Ho Street, 3rd Hr., Shaukiwan, Hong Kong. FUCHS, Hester R.R. 1 , Claremont, Ont. LOH lEO FUDGE, Karen 188 Simonston Blvd., Thornhill, Ont. L3T4M2 FUR, Kathy 121 Neighbourly Lane, Richmond Hill, Ont. L4C5L6 GAUL, Natascha 1238 Avenue Road, Toronto, Ont. MSN 2G6 GIFFEN, Merrill 82 Heathcote Avenue, Willowdale, Ont. M2L 1Z2 GIL, Georgina Abasolo 205 Altos, Comalcalco, Tabasco, Mexico. GIL, MARIA Lerdo 204, Comalcalco, Tabasco, Mexico. GILMOUR, Alison R.R. 2, Claremont, Ont. 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LOB 1 AO WYMAN, Paula 2-350 Camelot Court, Oshawa, LI G 6P7 YOUNG, Anita 54 Rendezvous Ridge, Christ Church, Barbados, W.I. Published by Josten ' s Nafional School Services Ltd. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

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