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" ° K " " " urs ' i« oy ia ' puiv I ' remier n„..i • » mimif V tT V Rakowsk,; gave S a d m , 3 J f rc ' ,he Sovernrnent •V jfA more th a " the union - including adrn ' ,led he police attack ' Mas T T fW to farmers at enVpt mf r nnlVf J " " ' " rule of » lvi ng all % V " " " ma - to achieve the £ M f C0 £ ' lhrou «h Political meari " %.-nt and avert the strike hat .h?h dar " ! ' alM Part of V gf ' k « Soviet intervention ™ " u ™ have been avoided if there we come eafs ' futur s bleak ft ivel in heroes ' welcome ' ■T " S Fl° w i n g ribbons say ft - c we didn ' t forget ' CREDIT: " TORONTO STAR " Trafalgar Castle School 1874-1981 Whitby, Ontario, Canada Dedicated to the Memory of Mrs. Nannette Hallpike Address by Dr. S.L. Osborne at the Memorial Service for Mrs. Hallpike, 9 September 1980. We give thanks this night for the life and work of Mrs. Hallpike. From the very day she entered this School to offer herself as a teacher, it was evident to me that for her the person was more im- portant than the thing, the life than the letter. Every student of hers knew the cost of discipline, the virtue of hard work, the necessity of undivided attention, and the reward of a task well done. She placed a high price upon honesty, in thought and in intent, in speech and in act, in particular that depth of honesty that probed our minds and startled us with the poignancy of its thrust. She was always searching for the truth; for her the half-truth was never more than an escape from responsibility. She was quick to perceive honour and integrity: when she found them her eyes lighted up in delight. To her, beauty could be found in the ex- pression of one ' s thought both in writing and in speech. More than once have I seen students come out of Mrs. Hallpike ' s class with tears in their eyes, having just seen a wondrous vision of the excellent unveiled in a manner they had never experienced before. How many of them lost all sense of time when she discoursed on the wonder of poetry, or the power of drama, or the grandeur of the novel, I shall never know: but they will be measured by the hundreds. She infused them with the love of language, until it became the very food of the soul. Mrs. Nanette Smith Hallpike O.L.C. 1955-1980 Now she is gone from our midst - and yet sh still lives in the memory of all who knew her a perceptive communicator of the world ' treasury. Principal ' s Message It is accepted wisdom that if you have an important job to get done in a hurry ask a busy person. Glancing through the pages of this book one cannot but be impressed with the wealth of activity that takes place in our school. Given that our enrolment is small, it can be assumed that an awful lot of girls must be very busy. This is a good thing. Each girl who arrives at Trafalgar Castle comes seeking her special dream, she brings with her her special gifts. Most girls are successful at molding their dream from the material they find at hand after they get here; they are equally successful at melding their gifts with those of their schoolmates. However, each year a few fail to find what they came seeking. My advice to this latter group is to get involved. It is an old cliche but still vafid - a busy person is a happy person. It is sometimes argued that if a girl gets committed to extracurricular activities her marks will drop. I cannot accept this proposition. Proof that the opposite is often the case lies with the two editors of this excellent publication. Between them they have put in hundreds of hours making this book a reality. Still they are both in the Honour Society and vieing for top spot in their class. As always it is just a matter of organization and priorities. If further proof was needed that involvement is a positive factor than a look at the faces that populate these pages will demonstrate that time and again the girls that participate and lead are the same girls who achieve academic success. I conclude, therefore, with the admonition that every girl get as involved in school activities as time will permit. You will never regret it and you will look back through these pages in years to come with a sense of achievement and a feeling of pride that you were a vital part of this school. Craig Kamcke, Principal 4 Dean ' s Message Dear Students, During the past few years several girls from this school have gone on to school in Switzerland. One of these girls - Ruth - wrote to tell me about her life there, and concluded her letter by saying, that, when things were difficult, she was helped by remembering a story that had been told in Chapel here. Once upon a time there was a Queen who wanted her kingdom to be as beautiful as possible, so she sent for two of her servants. " I wish to find out if my kingdom is the way I would like it to be. You, " she said to the first man, " take this sack, and bring me back one of every kind of flower you can find. And you, " she told the second, " see if there are weeds left anywhere. " The two men left, and some time later they reported to the Queen. As the first man entered the room it was filled with the scent of flowers from his bulging sack. " Your kingdom is beautiful, Your Majesty " he told her. " Did you see any weeds? " he was asked. " No, " he replied, " not one; but I wasn ' t looking for weeds. " The second servant appeared with a sack filled with weeds, and a dismal tale to tell of the ugliness all around. He hadn ' t seen a single flower! Both men had travelled the same land, had the same experiences, but each found only what he wanted to find. So, in school, in University, in any job, if you look for injustice, prejudice, unfair treatment you will find them all. If you go expecting to meet friendliness, consideration and understanding, your expectations will be fulfilled. What you are going to experience will depend largely on yourself, and your attitude to life. Someone has expressed the same thought very briefly - Two men looked out through prison bars - The one saw MUD - the other stars! so LOOKUP! Good wishes for the future to all who leave us, and a Happy Holiday to all who will return in September. Affectionately, Dorothy Perry 5 Balgopal, Collins and Swann: " They told us to smile. " Just you and me, BABE. Mrs. Sadoway, Greenslade, Knowles and Lamb, our office ladies. Miss Anderson and Mrs. Davis: Side by side. What do you mean three ' s a crowd? 4 2 I. rs. Halliday says good-bye and thanks to I as we welcome Mrs. Allchurch. ur mothers away from home . . . Mrs. irdine, Kwok, Heinl and Shaver. ' eryone ' s helpers . . . Gord, Dennis and n. Our fab four . . . Metselaar, Bagnall, McKittrick and Wilson. Our friendly household staff. Each ye ar at Trafalgar, new girls come and old girls go. They become part of this overgrown " family " of ours for a while and then continue on into life cherishing the friends and the memories that they have made here. You have all been a part of this family, just as I was. You have participated in the traditions that make Trafalgar so different from many of the other schools and most of you lived under the looming roof of the Castle, with all its beautiful decor. If you gave something to Trafalgar then you most likely got something back. There is the ever present opportunity to particiapte, whether it be in sports, theatre, music, a dance, the options are open to everyone. Frances Bacon once said that real desolation in life was to be without a sincere friend. Trafalgar will always be your sincere friend no matter where you are, or what you are doing. The friends that you make here, you will have for life, for you have shared sisterhood. Dances, concerts, school outings, roommates, look back on these memories and cherish them. I will miss all of you and wish you luck in everything you do. Strive to be happy and make it contagious. Love always, 1 L Adria Paxton, Head Girl Head Girl and Prefects Amy Leung, Adria Paxton, Shirlyn Hunt, Laurie McQuarrie, Erin Smith, Sarah Read, Tina Brillinger. Student Council President: Adria Paxton Athletic Association President: Helen Lai 10 CLASSES The Graduating Class of 1981 Catherine Berridge is one- third of our Trinidadian trio. " Freckles " can always be found conspiring with Gita and Shirlyn. She hopes to give Medicine or Science a try. Best of luck. Carolyn Baboolal has graced Upper Main Hall with her presence for a year. Always seen with Catherine discussing social events in T ' dad she found time for " Hiroshima. " We wish her luck in the future. Sue Umphrey quickly became known as Nancy ' s sister and she was one of Santa ' s elves at the Christmas party. Sue hopes to study Business down in Michigan and we ' ll miss her. Lesley Crolla has been here two years. Twink thinks she ' ll have lots of bambinos but Lesley insists she ' ll become a lab. -tech. Won ' t it be good to not have to give in your car keys to Mrs. Perry next year? Our French resident, Dominique McCaughey is enjoying her first year in Ontario at T.C.S. She plans to become a lawyer and can often be found with a pizza sub watching Magnum. A bientot. This year ' s Social Convenor and Prefect, Erin Smith has lasted two years. She co- starred in " Memories, " the privileged one wearing jeans. Erin hopes to go into Phys. Ed. at Brock next year. The fiery-haired Laurie McQuarrie is the Grade 10 11 Prefect who after two years at Trafalgar runs tuck-shop. She ' s famous for her Florida orange juice and is one of the May Day counselors. Shirlyn Hunt came to T.C.S. in ' 79. A Prefect, she can always be forced to open OLIOG with the right words. She has run up quite a taxi fare bill over the winter. Have a good flight back to Nassau! Inez Balderas has been here for 2 years. The only Mexican Gr. 13, Mrs. Perry always finds her watching " Trapper " or late movies. Adios amiga. In Gita Seetaram ' s first year at Trafalgar, she was producer of " Hiroshima. " She ' s famous for being late for breakfast and complaining about the bad Canadian weather. She also hopes to study law. Our day girl Prefect, Sarah Read is here even before we eat breakfast. Last year she was head of A. A. Amy ' s semi- roommate, she ' ll attend University in the fall. Valerie Munn arrived just after Xmas. She likes reading best sellers, making coffee and watching T.V. but she doesn ' t like studying for Bio. tests. She and Bernie keep gerbils in their room to keep Mrs. Halliday away. Christina Siu ' s first and last year here was quiet. She is a member of the Honour Society and we hope she ' ll be an Ontario Scholar. Living with Dawn and Gita was really educational. Bernadette Chan is not to be confused with Bernie. This is her first year at T.C.S. and she often boils noodles with Jessica in the Grade 12 bathroom. She took part in many sports. Dawn Hanna came in 1980 from Nassau. Her words as a reverend in " Hiroshima " were " Lord, I believe. " She ' ll always be remembered for her single braid and dazzling smile. We know she ' ll be P.M. of the Bahamas one day. Amy Leung is the Grade 12 Prefect and this is her 2nd year. She is great friends with Sarah and loves to play basketball. She hopes to take Business at U. of T. next year. Bernie Schmidt is an old girl recently returned from Belgium. She looks forward to getting the Chapleau Sentinel in the mail. Next year - look out Suagen Maitland Hall. Helen Lai is in her 2nd year and she ' s A. A. president. She helped set up a good sports program and for that we are all grateful. She also par- ticipated in " Trafalgar Memories. " 13 Our Head Girl has been very active and can always be found rushing about the school with Mrs. Perry trying to keep it running smoothly. " Ruby " haunts the piano rooms, participates in house sports and her philosophy is " Strive to be happy! " In Tina Brillinger ' s 5 years at T.C.S. she has been Carter House Captain, SCF President and Prefect. " Twink " was once rolled up in the main hall carpet for all of Grade 13 night. She is active in sports and drama and wants to study Television Arts. Valerie Maggs is a veteran of 7 years and has participated in many sports. She was a smash hit in Maxwell ' s house play. Her sweet voice in the choir entertained us. V Our day-girl-turned-boarder, Mahnaz Katiraei has been at Trafalgar for 3 years. This Iranian loves pizza subs and her favourite show is " Mash. " We wish her luck as she leaves us. Throughout the torment of endless jokes and pranks Sue Wegenast aka Weggy has thoroughly enjoyed her year here. A great sportsman especially in baseball, Sue was Grade 13 class president. She would like to thank her two durable roommates. The Class of 1982 Margaret Chan comes from Hong Kong and this is her first year at Trafalgar. Usually seen brightly smiling she has added her voice to the choir and to the Winter Concert as one of the ' Three Little Maids from School. ' Beth Trotter, a veteran o three years at T.C.S. ha: participated in the cross country run and in the housr plays. Our Liberal Clas:;| President debates with Mrl ; Palmer on the advantages ol socialism and hopes to becomd the first woman Prime! Minister. Muffie Bovell from Trinidad has endured the Canadian cold for four years. Although she watches the soaps she manages to find time to be Carter house captain. A horse-lover, she plans to be a veterinarian. " I GOT MY DRIVER ' S LICENSE! " Laughing and smiling, Laurie! Mitchell has, for the past two] years, given a little bit of i herself to everyone. An active! House Captain, she was also, in the Christmas play and the Winter Concert. The sounds of her flute will echo through! these halls. In her fifth year, Cathy McGill, Hare House Captain, has added spirit to the school. Her roles in the house plays and the Winter Concert will not be forgotten. A canoeing expert and debater, she claims she lives for rock and roll . . . etc. Maxwell House Captain, Anna Hestler has been here 6 years. She is also known as " Moron " or " Roscoe. " Her partners in crime are McGill and Windeler. This dangerous driver lives in Pickering and hopes to meet her " man " Burt Reynolds one day. Head of Yearbook Ad- vertising, Melanie Silvera, alias " Mohawk " has been here 2 years. She is interested in field hockey and fencing. She wants to study or- thodentistry but we predict she ' ll wind up on Broadway. At the piano, Theresa Rienstra showed off her talents at both Christmas Dinner and the Winter Concert. She and Laurie can be seen on Monday mornings exchanging weekend gossip. She has a really lethal serve in volleyball no-one will touch. 16 The " Expert Chemist, " Tracy Windeler enjoys w ' ends, holidays and towndays. " Melissa, do you wanna . . . help with the LAUNDRY? " She ' ll do anything to be a member of a tickle train and was the inventor of Larry Logarithim. In Sharon Eckert ' s first year, she was involved in the Winter Concert, choir and all house games. From her room you can always hear the sounds of Bob Marley. A travel buff, her dream is to climb the Mat- terhorn. Melissa Smith wants to attend the University of Victoria to study Visual Fine Arts and Dance. " Wanda " enjoys R and R bands and Blair. She and Windy would never think of raiding the kitchen but go to the smoking area instead. " Can we take the tramp out today? " Unlike most Chinese girls Jessica Woo does not study too hard or stay up too late. She played on the house teams and was in the House Plays. " Woo are you " is her claim to fame. We tried to get an in- terview with her but she was too busy making noodles. This is Debbie Pilon ' s first year at Trafalgar. She is a day girl but spends more time here after school than during school time. Deb intends to become a nurse. Late arrival, Suzanne Irwin likes to wake us up in chapel with her soprano voice. A choir member she also par- ticipated in the Winter Concert. Her contagious laughter fills the Grade 12 hall as she parties with her Mexican amigas. In her first year at Trafalgar, Jackie Millar made the Honour Roll. She played a rebellious teenager in the Farewell House Play and participated in track and field as well as other house sports. New girl, Grace Giacoman comes from Torreon, Mexico. She was in the choir and learned to ski at Lake Rosseau. Next year she wants to go to U. of Mexico and study accounting. Mercedes Milbourne is well- known for raising goats. She was in house plays and helped produce ' ' Trafalgar Memories " and " Hiro- shima. " The soccer and basketball teams were managed by her. Our cross-country runner, Jenny Wang also participated in shot-put and discus at the Track and Field Meet. Not only is she trying to learn English but she also is an aspiring French student. 17 In her first year at T.C.S. Arlene Roy has shown us what a good sport and dancer she is. " Lady " puffs away contently in the smoking area when she is not taking pictures for the yearbook. Suzanne Foley, an aspiring actress called " Ashley Evans " wants to be directed by Robert Redford. The Weiner was on the soccer team and debated too. " Excuse me, I want an autograph. " For 5 years Suzie Lafontaine has been involved in Drama and she took part in " Hiroshima. " She likes volleyball and cats and hopes to go into computer technology. After 3 years here, Anu Mehta will spend the summer in India. She enjoys tennis (Borg) and will be remembered for speaking Spanish in French class. One day Anu ' ll be a micro-biologist. The girl from Kapuskasing, Laurie Jokinen was in " Trafalgar Memories. " She spends a lot of time reading . . . mail from Pete. Some day after business school she ' ll be an executive. Kim Berglund has been here 5 years and is co-editor of the yearbook. When Mr. Kamcke tells her to pull up her socks he means it literally. Her great wish is to see Bjorn Borg win the U.S. Open. Veronica Echevarrieta likes to play tennis and was on the senior volleyball team. One of the Mexican " hombres " on May Day " Vero " is going to study architecture. Monica Idunate in her first year here has seen more of Canada than most Canadians. She danced at May Day and we wish her luck in her business management career. In her 4th year, Carolyn Archer is co-editor of the yearbook. She was in house plays and the Winter Concert. Our Bahamian friend likes Bob Marley and is going to Harvard next year. Frances Bayley, our Bajan beauty has shared her first year in Canada with us and her friends from Pickering. One day we will all be using recipes by Chef Bayley. 13 Alejandra Paz from Venezuela has danced up quite a storm this year. " La Gorda " is a woman of many disguises. Our " amiga " will return next year to keep Mrs. Jardine company. Martha Lopez is in the run- ning for receiving the most mail from Torreon this year. " La nina " is always on a diet and keeps her roommate Sue out of trouble. This late arrival, Adriane Forster from Caracas, Venezuela loves to dance to the song " Celebration. " She always argues with Mrs. Jardine over the length of her phone calls. Maria Luisa Cacep better known as " Maya " enjoyed her March in Egypt soaking up the sun. She played the guitar in the Winter Concert and was also a member of the basketball team. " Magdi " of Magdalena Ruenes, a constant companion of Alejandra, really enjoyed basking in the Egyptian sunshine. Although she won ' t be returning in the fall, her warm Venezuelan smile will be with us forever. Laura Fernandez is our cereal monster. " Lalin " played on the senior volleyball team and next year wants to study to become a dentist. The Class of 1983 4 Marcia Atkinson I aura Rateman Alison Cameron Anne Carroll Amanda Heath Helen Johannes Jennie Berkeley Jill Forsythe Natalie MacKay Si Anne Brillinger Beth Hann Nancy MacKay Heather Maxwell Dawn-Marie Molyneaux 21 Next Year ' s Seniors Laurie Paxton Hey de Rasta. How it goin? Yvette A. Pinero Innocent . . . but subject to change! Traci Ryan I like my mind. It ' s the little things that count. Lyn Barrett Anne of Green Gables. Green M M ' s!! Tricia Carroll " Coach " Cathy Hargrave For sure! Rush, all the way! Stewie! Heather Fowler (Wonder Zoom) Karalene Helmer (Super Zoom) If we can get through this, we can get through anything! Jacqui Hibberd Peanut butter? . . . UGHH!!! Mimi Smith Prime!! Man!! Nuthin Matters But The Weekend! Angel Adam Oops ' ! Not Good! That ' s ' orrible!! Joy Webster Igpay Atinlay. Who ' s cowing? 24 Leslie Dickson Hullo there Scottie! Nice!! Ooh No! Kathy Dyba " Purple " You ' re so silly! Collin Mui Summer Holidays Megan Smith " McKenzie " I ' m so . . . . . . tired!! Debbie Cann I can ' t stay. I have to skate tonight! Pam Diggins No way! Do you believe it? Gimme a break! Lisa Edworthy No Guff! I don ' t get it. Stephanie Kirkham Whatever turns ya ' on! Jill Tucker It ' s not me! Kiyomi Sumida Remember Cissie Chang Summer Ahoy! Simona Mirpourian Good-bye 25 The Class of 1985 i Jennifer Bateman Kelly-Ann Black Patricia Burnett Marina Cacep Portia Frattini Isabel Gonzalez AnneKandiah Lisa Lafontaine Aline Szeto Jennifer Vanderland Brenda Wallace Jackie Williamson 26 Victoria Cacep Jenny Courlas Liz Crane Tania Ferjo The Class of 1986 Elaine Argyropoulos Sedly Biggs Karen Bruder Marjorie Burnett Jo-Anne Craine Mandy deVere Yvonne Dixon Isabel Hidalgo Tina Kirck Rebecca Lager Jennifer McRae Kim Parker Petra Scott Carol Theil Paulene Tiemens The Class of 1987 SPORTS Carter House I have much appreciated your total support throughout the year and as time passes your valiant efforts will remain as clearly imprinted upon my mind as they are now. You have tried hard this year and I hope that in the years to come, those who remain will try that much harder. Jr. Basketball My thanks to you all. You are truly a house of champions. Your cap tain Muffie Bovell Jr. Volleyball Last night I was asked to write about Farewell House - but I chose to write about the best house. The year 1980 81 was a year of triumphs, laughter and sore throats (from cheering). This year we caught something we ' ll never lose - spirit! Our Seniors were always willing to give another house a fight while our Juniors fought and landed on top. I couldn ' t have asked for a better group!! At the bazaar we drove a hard bargain and in basketball we found we needed another 6 inches. Because of our smiles and we ' ll-try- to-beat ' em anyway attitude, each game was fun! It was a pleasure to be a part of you, Farewell House. I think a round of applause must go to Amanda Heath. It wouldn ' t have been possible without our faithful sub-captain. Farewell and good luck to all! Laurie Mitchell House Captain 35 very high-spirited house. We were well represented in Sr. Basketball a " house competitions. I would like to thank all of you who participated in anyway. It ' s been a great year. Keep it up, guys. Cathy McGill House Captain Jr. Volleyball Jr. Soccer Maxwell House We commenced the year with good spirit and cheer Naive as we were the top seemed quite neat Navie as we were the top seemed quite near Together we strove to surpass all the rest, For deep down we knew Maxwell was best. Our hopes and our dreams were soon to fade fast For as points tallied up we found we were last. Carter and Farewell were too far ahead, So we fought ferociously with Hare instead. With Anne and I at the head of the pack, We decided to make a terrific comeback. The war still goes on and our army gets stronger, We won ' t be in last for very much longer. To Anne and the others I graciously thank For holding the ship up while it slowly sank. But Hare, Carter and Farewell keep this in mind For next year we ' ll leave you far behind. Love, Anna House Captain Jr. Basketball Jr. Soccer ORGANIZATIONS Choir Debating I } j Big and Little Sisters Day Girls 43 Student Christian Fellowship Yearbook Battle of the Sexes The Junior and Senior Soccer Teams were coached by Mr. Palmer and Miss Anderson. Of course, they were all cheered on by Mr. Kamcke. The Seniors " battled " the St. Andrews Seniors and there was all kinds of action on the field. There were no hard feelings as they posed together for our photographer. The junior " battled " the S.A.C. Juniors and had more fun than they had goals. The day was a success. We appreciate the enthusiasm and spirit shown by the St. Andrews players. Battle of the " Net " Works School Teams Our Senior volleyball team excelled in several tour- naments this season. In The Independant League Volleyball Tournament we placed second. Others were at Ridley (2nd), Havergal (4th) and Dennis O ' Connor. Our Junior and Midget teams also tried their best playing in one large school Tournament as well as with public schools here in Whitby. Badminton Gymnastics Tennis 51 Piano Teacher: Miss Young Voice Teacher: Mrs. Broughton SPECIAL EVENTS The graduating Grade 12 (now 13 ' s) listened carefully as Kathy Chester, the Valedictorian of 1980, recounted the strategy used for ' The Last Great Grade 13 Night. ' She highlighted some interesting escapades that made her classmates laugh and gave the parents and new girls an insight into T.C.S. life. More than fifty girls received scholarships and prizes for academic excellence. 54 PRESENTATION OF DIPLOMAS Ontario secondary School Honour Graduation Diplomas and Statements of Standing Kelly Bahl Lip Meng Ben Marcia Bethell Kathleen Chester Mary Ellen Davies Sheri-Lee Duguay Christine Hnatiuk Lisa Hodkinson Anastacia Johnson Christine Kirby May Law Lorella Lee Cathy Lewis Christine Linton Jane Lloyd Karen Lo Kimberly Mahabir Elizabeth Morrison Margot Robinson Erika sands Susan Schuurman Naacy Umphrey Xaxilyn Webb Celeste Williams Janet Wyo.ach Ontario Secondary School Graduation Diplomas and Statements of Standing Tracey Archer Ines Balderas Tina Brillinger Ileana Cervantes Lesley crolla May Ho Shirlyn Hunt Mahnaz Katiraei Amy Leung Amy Lui Valerie Maggs Laurel Ann McQuarrie Adria Paxton Margaret Price Sarah Read Gardenia Russell Ines Saenz Erin Smith Laura zepeda Valedictory Kathleen Chester Trafalgar Run Many girls participated in this marathon around the heart. They went to students for pledges and made over 237 dollars before they finally collapsed. Heather McDonald ran the most laps. This hard earned money went into the Hallpike Library Fund. It was a memorable event for all who were involved. Initiation Day Gloria Vanderbilt Look Out Initiation day started off with the banging of pots and pans around six o ' clock in the morning. The new girls spent the day wearing strange garments and being laughed at by the older girls. Mercedes, Sharon, and Sue tried their best to show off their legs. It was fun for everyone and it was the only way to start off the year. r A Bizarre Night The batty Grade 1 2 ' s gave a witchy party featuring music by the Beatles, the Stones, Led Zeppelin and Bob Marley. The Grade 7 ' s and 8 ' s, chaperoned by patient Grade 13 ' s, trick or treated Whitby and came home for a spooky film. Cathy McGill led us in a rousing chorus of Hallowe ' en carols. Cookies and candies were eaten by angels, devils, doctors and a gypsy. The Spanish girls made a pinata that didn ' t stand a ghost of a chance and balloons and confetti kept dropping in. The prizes for best costumes were won by Alex Paz, Anne Kandiah and Laurie Jokinen. They were very pleased to accept Mrs. Holley ' s famous fudge. Everyone left in " high spirits. " A Bazaar Day This year ' s Bazaar raised $1,474 for our foster children, John and Sumaryati. Each house participated and Farewell House made the most money. Everything from books to baked goods was bought by enthusiastic parents. Every girl contributed three handicraft items and the faculty and staff got involved as well. Miss Collins organized the Fashion Show that featured such world renowned beauties as Laurie Mitchell, Melanie Silvera, and Heather Maxwell. Dawn-Marie ' s uncle read tea leaves for visitors who were interested in the future and Mrs. Holley took care of the present with The Pizza Parlour that was a touch of Italy. Mrs. Perry was in charge of a special table where parents could buy a book for the library in memory of Mrs. Hallpike. Inside the book there was a sticker with Mrs. Hallpike ' s name and the name of the donator. House Plays The Search for An Oscar MAXWELL HOUSE: " A Case For Two Spies. " This house was the winner of the " best play. " Miss Collins and the director, Mercedes Milbourne, helped to inspire the actresses to give a truly comic performance. Anne Brillinger won an award for her " cool " portrayal of Agent 145 1 2. The comedy and the laughter were non- stop. Valerie Maggs added visual humour in her shades and flowered hat. Anne Richardson in her slinky black wisp of a dress was the femme fatale. Mercedes was the bumbling spy of the old school who tried to locate the missing scientist and his secret plans. HARE HOUSE: " The Lottery. " Mrs. Davi s and the director Dawn-Marie Molyneaux had their hands full with a twenty-six member cast. Leslie Dickson won an award for her supporting role as the old man Mr. Warner. This serious play was well handled and praised by the adjudicator for the good charac- terization. The reason for the lottery was never stated and this kept the audience interested right up to the ending. The play ended on a high note of surprise with Cathy McGilPs hysterical scream. CARTER HOUSE: This play was directed by Heather Tomkins and Frances Bayley. Miss Szkokan added her help and Angel Adam played the drunken man with great enthusiasm. Beth Trotter was convincing as the wrinkled old woman. FAREWELL HOUSE: " Parents are People. " Laurie Mitchell and Amanda Heath received an award for " best director " of this play " a slice of life. " Caro Archer and Laura Bateman were the parents of the three younger Donlevys. Lesley Perry won an award for her role of Les. She and Heather MacDonald threw the house into an uproar with their guns, knives and fire. Anu Mehta and Jackie Miller played the typical fighting brother and sister. Anu tried to put on a convincing act for the ad- judicator, Mr. B.H. Kirkham. We thank him for his support, professional advice and enthusiasm. 1 The Grade 13 ' s gave a " merry " Christmas party and Sue Wegenast was a jolly Santa who gave Beth The Carol Service was a great success this year. Trotter an alarm clock so she ' d no longer miss " Maestro " McClure led the choir and the school in breakfast. Some received presents but all received several carols. There were a few duets and Erin Smith candy canes. Mercedes and Melissa were forced to sang while Laurie Mitchell played the flute. sing a solo. Everyone had fun especially eating doughnuts later. Christmas Dinner " Help Me Ruby! Help, Help Me Ruby! " Eight Grade 12 ' s led by Beth and Melissa started off the evening with the Boar ' s Head Carol. Before a great turkey dinner was eaten Theresa Rienstra played a solo at the piano. Carols were sung by everyone and then Mr. Kamcke read his latest Christmas Carol. The Christmas play was directed by Suzie Lafontaine and Mrs. Takach. Adria Paxton was the French maid, Ruby and Tina Brillinger, Suzanne Foley, Laurie Mitchell and Theresa were a happy family looking for a Christmas angel. Rosseau Ski Trip One February morning our Social Convener, Erin and Miss Murphy took charge of 45 girls in ski-suits. They all set out for Rosseau Lake. Everyone stayed at Good Fellowship Lodge including such famous skiers as Adria, Lisa Windeler, Weggy, Ashley and Gita. After skiing at Hidden Valley the girls " pogoed " at a dance. At midnight they had a short visit from some over-eager guys who " hijacked " a teacher ' s car. A snowball fight ended a great weekend. Sand Between My Toes Eight airports in two days! By the time we reached Luxor we were almost too exhausted to see anything. In Luxor we had a view of green, lush gardens at our hotel, the Winter Palace. Beth, Portia and Sharon regretted their day in the sun and even Mr. Shelson and Mrs. Holley were flushed. All were affected by the Pharaoh ' s curse! In Cairo, Mr. Shelson lost his travellers ' cheques and Jessmin was almost taken off into the desert by an irate camel driver. Poorer in wealth but richer in experience we returned home. Senior Dinner Once a year, the whole school and faculty gather for a great meal and lots of witty speeches. With Mr. Kamcke as toastmaster we honoured the Grade 13 seniors. Beth Trotter brought us up to date on our graduates ' latest exploits and Miss Szkokan returned to provide some words of wisdom. We all rose to thank Mrs. Halliday for her last Senior Dinner dinner. The President of the Alumnae, Mrs. Broughton, made a short speech to the school about the past and present of the Alumnae chapters. Drama Students Annual Drama Night This year a Junior play was presented under the direction of Miss Collins. Lesley, Pat Burnett and Carol Theil had parts in " The Genie of Sutton Place. " Great talent was needed to play Sam the dog and Abdullah the Genie. Sam ' s owner, Heather McDonald was also in the musical ensemble with Isabel, Jennifer and Brenda. The major play was " The Original Child Bomb " which went on the next day to win second place in the Independent School ' s Drama Festival under Mr. Kamcke ' s and Mrs. Takach ' s direction. Rev. Dawn Hanna preached the sins of Hiroshima to us while the producers Gita and Mercedes bit their nails. Our victory at Trinity School was notable because we were the only girls ' school ever to get into the finals. Chorus: And I have to say it now It ' s been a good year on and on. It ' s really fine to have so many friends around. Lie there by the fire, Watch the evening tire, With all my friends and all my buddies Sitting waiting to go home. The Memories We Share I ' ve been lately thinkin ' ' bout this year. All the things I ' ve done and how it ' s been. I can ' t help believin ' through these tears I know I ' m gonna hate to see it end. I ' ve seen a lot of sunshine, seen a lot of rain. I spent my first nights on my own. But I know my latest pleasure is having Myself some friends. It ' s gonna seem so funny to be alone. 76 And they talk of home, school and boy friends, Something we believe in. How sweet it is to love someone How right it is to care. And how long has it been since y esterday? And what about tomorrow? And what about our dreams and all the Memories we share? (Take care) Days they pass so quickly now Nights are seldom long. The time around will whisper when to go. There ' s only a week left now, then we ' ll all be gone And we ' re gonna miss each other. Yes, Lord, we know. And though this year ' s been good to me There ' s still so much I ' d like to do. So many things my mind has never known. Maybe we ' ll go to college, maybe we ' ll stay right here. Or maybe we ' ll take it easy and just stay home. Chorus Tracey Ryan, Grade 10 Track and Field Hare House Wins! 180 Points! Carter 2nd! 120 Points! Yesterday, Melissa Smith equalled her high jump record of last year. On the other side of the school, Hare house won the senior discus as well as the shot put. Tracy Windeler broke . . . one of her fingernails and Heather McDonald broke the short sprint record. Mr. Kamcke was handing out the death penalty to anyone who came near the am- plifier cord but enough competitors survived to run the relay. Maxwell was the surprise winner of the junior and Hare won the senior race. ■ Another one bites the dust. Trafalgar Sunday Centennial Award Valedictorian ' 81 Principal ' s Award Sally McGregor Dean ' s Award Rose Bowl Debating Trafalgar Cup Dawn Hanna Dominique McCaughey Helen Lai Award for Basketball Amy Leung Suzanne Foley Carol Theil Carter House During 1980-81 the world experienced a transition from Disco to New Wave. Sure people are still dancing but in a different way. The " in " thing is to have wheels on your dancing shoes while you move to beats such as Pink Floyd ' s " The Wall " and " Whip It " by Devo. Look around you. Hair is shorter, pants tighter and punk is passe (thank goodness). The Actors ' Strike in 1980 put a little dent in the movie industry but it didn ' t stop a new surge of movies to the screen. Horror, comedy, drama and biographies were some of the many themes. " Friday the 13th, Parts I and II, " " The Shining " and " Happy Birthday to Me " shocked moviegoers but they were still box-office hits. I hear Mr. Kamcke is planning a visual autobiography titled " The Life and Times of General . . . , " hmmm. Life stories were exposed on screen but more exposure took place in " The Blue Lagoon " with newcomer Christopher Atkins. Who can forget the double dose of Blues Brothers both on screen and record? The Empire " struck back " and so did Travolta in " The Urban Cowboy. " While " The Jazz Singer " sky-rocketed " Airplane " took off. My favourite of all time, not only because Bob directed it, was " Ordinary People. " The Academy Awards summed up the movie industry ' s taste best by the fact that " Ordinary Ashley ' s Corner People " took Best Movie, Best Director and Best Supporting Actor. Sissy Spacek was Best Actress for her part in " Coal Miner ' s Daughter " and Robert De Niro Best Actor for " Raging Bull. " Designer jeans and tops are in, anything without a label is out (underwear and diapers too?). I wonder when designer kilts are going to be introduced. Hear that Halperns? People too were very big especially Larry Hagman otherwise known as J.R. Ewing. T-shirts with the slogan " J.R. for President " haunted us all summer plus the fact that we had to wait three long months to find out who shot him. Bo Derek may be getting older but she is still a " 10 " with audiences although maybe not with wives and girl friends. Everyone ' s " Little Darling, " Matt Dillon was a new face to the screen. With that and " My Bodyguard " to his credit he is sure to go far as an actor of the 80 ' s. It would take a book to write about everything new in 1980-81. I have presented just a sample of the changes which have taken place during this time. The year has been good for everyone and the future looks better. I ' d love to sit and chat but I have a date with Paul (Newman, you know) and I ' m late. See you in Hollywood. Ashley Evans (Star??!!) 82 Activity Day At 9 a.m., 150 girls invaded Saint ' s roller rink. It was like a family outing with the McClure and Palmer families. Mr. Shelson found a partner in Mrs. Metselaar while Tracy and Melissa got it on. We also had a great tour of the McLaughlins ' mansion and gardens in Oshawa. After one of Kamcke ' s Burgers we all settled back to watch " The Goodbye Girl. " Are you sure we have to wear these? Skatetown T.C.S. - Are we going the wrong way? Editor ' s Page |1 : 1 1 i Carpe diem is a Latin phrase which means literally " pick the day " or make the most of each day. This is the theme of the 80-81 yearbook. We ' ve managed to take pictures of everyone making the most of every day. We ' re glad to be the first yearbook editors to have a double spread of colour. We hope that next year it will be possible to have more colour pages but the yearbook staff will need a head of Advertising as good as Melanie Silvera. Entering the " world of yearbook " we discovered that there was more to editing than just cutting pictures. There was even an entirely different language. We learned the meanings of such words as: pica, copy key, ladder, 3-R planner, 30 point headline and reverse print. With such decisions as choosing the perfect cover and the size of headlines and print we might have had a nervous breakdown. But we were saved by the support of our publishing representative, Mr. Joe Sweet and our staff advisor, Mrs. Holley. Using Room 10 as our " office " we left behind layers of glue on Beth Trotter ' s table. How many times did Beth have to literally pull herself away from Miss Collins ' English class? All year we have been asked " When do we get the yearbook?? " You don ' t need to ask anymore. This book is filled with achievements and memories; a collection of photographs and copy that will remain permanent and ageless. Carpe diem. Carolyn Archer, Kim Berglund, Co-Editors 84 AND Joan arrived at our school in September 1969, the winner of the Hazel Bone Mc- Dowell entrance scholarship, a diminutive ray of sunshine from Nassau. By September 1970 she had proved her academic ability when she was accelerated to grade 9 where she was chosen by her classmates as their representative on the student council. In June 1975 Joan, now the Grade 9 Prefect, graduated in the top third of her class and went on to the University of Toronto. For six years Joan gave of herself as she participated in many of our school activities - Speech Arts and Drama, choir, the Athletic Association, the Student Christian Movement and the Yearbook. She was also chosen by her fellow students to be one of the May Queen ' s counsellors. She was aptly nicknamed ' Sunshine ' by her fellow seniors in her graduating year. Joan was killed in a car accident in the Bahamas in August, 1980. She is remem- bered with love by all who knew her, a fine example of our motto ' Veritas, Virtus, Venustas. ' The Faculty and Staff of Trafalgar Castle School The Hallpike Alumnae Chapter JOAN BROCKMEIER B.A. ONTARIO LADIES ' COLLEGE 1969- 1975 85 am RESTAURANT TAVERN CHINESE Canadian Food CaM- 668-8321 WHITBY 107 BROCK STREET WE DELIVER BAILEY I.D.A. PHARMACY BAILEY PHARMACY LTD. 362 Brock St. S. 668-2100 Whitby, Ontario ras FLORIST and GIFTS LTD. 100 Dundas Street West Whitby, Ontario L1N-2L9 668-1650 668-1651 BEST WISHES WHITBY MUNICIPAL BUILDING. WHITBY. ONTARIO THE MAYOR, MEMBERS OF COUNCIL AND STAFF OF THE TOWN OF WHITBY A job, college, business . . . your future. Whether it ' s savings, a loan or an investment, Victoria and Grey can help you realize your potential and dreams. Drop in and see us. We are always available to give you personal financial advice and assistance. VG VICTORIA AND GREY TRUST Since 1844 PEACOCK SPORTS TROPHIES 1 10 ATHOL ST. WHITBY, ONTARIO 666-1114 87 JAMES BISHOP, President 115 BROCK ST. S. WHITBY, ONTARIO CANADA L1N 4J9 (416) 666-1330 TOR. 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Whitby 92 THE BAHAMAS MINISTRY OF TOURISM It ' s Better In The Bahama ALUMNAE NEWS Don ' t lose touch with your school and your friends. For information about the Alumnae in your area please contact the following: CENTENNIAL CHAPTER Mrs. Fallaise (Betsy) 435 Lakeshore Dr. Port Perry, Ont. 985-8145 CASTLE CHAPTER Mrs. Collins (Doris) 320 Byron St. N. Whitby, Ont. 668-3714 RYERSON CHAPTER Miss Margaret Pringle 62 Wembley Rd. Toronto, Ont. 782-0972 Alumnae Council Executive Past Pres. Mrs. Gladys Rossiter 488-7787 Pres. Mrs. Marilyn Broughton 655-4081 Vice-Pres. and Corres. Sec. Miss June McDonald 725-4327 Treasurer Mrs. Joan Claus 728-9687 Asst. Treasurer Mrs. Ira Gray 723-4895 Secretary Miss Margaret Pringle 782-0972 TRAFALGAR CHAPTER Mrs. Nancy Goss Apt. 2002, Wynford Hgts. Cres. Don Mills, Ont. OTTAWA CHAPTER Mrs. Margaret Goodwin 32 Grundel Ave. Ottawa, Ont. 746-6938 HALLPIKE CHAPTER Mrs. Wendi (Buckley) James 1344 Indian Rd. Mississauga, Ont. L5H 1S1 274-0542 94 YOU ' VE GOT A FRIEND. Acker, Kathryn Adam, Angel Archer, Carolyn njv i opoulos, I Li i ml ' Atkinson, Mama Baboolal. ( arolvnn Balderas, Ines Bateman. I aura ami Ji Bay lev. Francos Barren. I iklsav Bell. Natasha Bcrglund, Kmi Berkeley . Jennie Berridcc. ( alherinc Biegs. Sedl Black, Kcllv- nn Bovcll, Margaret Brillingcr, Anne and rina H ruder . Karen Burnett . Marjoric .mcl Pan Carter, Medina Caccp, Victoria and 1 uisa Cacep, Marina C ameron, lison C aim. Deborah Chan, Bernadctte Chan, Margaret Chang. C ' issie Cordoba, Maria Courlas, Jcnnv Cos. Diannc Craine. lo-Anne c ranc, I li abeth Crolla, I cslcv Carroll. Patricia and Anne ( errada. Maria dcVcrc, Mandv Dickson, I eslie Diggtns, Pamela Dixon, Yvonne Dorman, Ciail Dvha. Kathryn I ehe arricta. eronica I eken, Sharon 1 dwonhv. 1 is.i Ferjo. Tania Fernandez, 1 aura I ole , Su anne 1 ors ' vthe, Jill I owler. Heather Frattini, Portia I orsier. Adriannc Ciiacoman, Grace C ion ale , Isabel Mann. Michelle and Beth Manna. Daw n Haruravc. C alh Heath. Amanda Melniei . Karalene Hesllcr, Anna Hibberd. Jacqueline Hidalgo, Isabel Hogel, faniim Hool ' lman, Michelle Hunt, Shirlyn Iduantc, Monica I rw in. Su anne Johannes, Helen Jokincn, I auric Kandiah. Anne Karikas, Jeanette Katiraci, Mahna kiKk. I ina Kirkhani, Stephanie I al ' ontaine, Su ic and I csa 1 aeer, Rebecca I .ii. Helen I cung. Amy I ope . Manila Man in. PcggN MacKay, Nanc and Natali Valeric Maxwell, Heather Mehta, Ann Milbourne, Mercedes Millar. Jacqueline Mitchell, I auric Mol Means. Daw n-Marie Mui, c ollin Munn. Valerie MeC aughev , Dominique McDonald! Heathci McGill, ath McBain, I inda NIC alais St.. Ililhv 1 1 5M3 R.R 3, Port Pem I (III INd Box 1 3073. 1 reeport, Bahamas 4(14 I awrence Ave. ., roronto MSN K 2 19(13 Silvcrbern C rev. Mississauga 1 5.1 IC S 19 c romwell Rd.. Chelsea, Cascade, Port of Spain; [ " rinidad, I Correjidora 123. Xilitla, San I uis Potosi, Mexico s o Saudi rabia I elephonc I o. Systems, Box 6530, Riyadh, S ■ ' Sunset 1 odee " Upper C ollvmore Rock. Si. Michael. Barbados, V I 1 127 I avender I n.,Oakville I 61 IV4 315 Frank Si.. Apt. 3. Ottawa K2P o 7 Box 1 1 7s . ( ampbcllford KOI II (1 1244 Devonshire Rd.. Windsor NKY 2M7 9 Bales Terrace. Santa Margarita, Si Augustine. I rinidad, . I 14 I astview C rev. roronto M5M 2V 4 38 Rest Haven Dr.. Hull Bav P.O. Jamaica w I Malabar I arm. Bos 131(1. Porl-of-Spain, rrinidad, I 86Crosb ve.. Richmond Hill L4C 2N8 39 Pepperwood C res.. Kitchener N2 A 2R4 Cllcnlaura ( res.. General Delivers, shhnni 1 (IB I Mi 219 Keiih St., W hiihs I I N 1 H8 Palmas 16 Col. I ramboj anes, illaherosa, fabasco. Mexico c omalcalco, Fabasco, Mexico 663 PineGrove Dr.. Port Elgin NOH 2C (I R.R H 2. W Inihv I IN 5R5 Dragon Garden A-6, 1 Chun Fai rerrace, Hone Kone ■ 7. p.irk Villa, 2 Park Rd.. Hone Konc 27 C hurchill Ave.. hitbv Ave. Central 6(10. C ol forrcon .lardin. rorreon ( oahuila, Mexico 7 C hopin C ouri. till hx I I N 6C5 301 t entral Park Blvd N . Oshawa I Id 5 5 660 Antigua C res . Oshawa I 1 I 6B4 e o I oreign Assignments Officer, AFC I Power Projects, Shei idan Park Research C I90knkc ... rhornhill I 3T3L8 c oSauJi felephone Box 6350. Riyadh, Saudi rabia Apt. I D. Santa Rosa de I Apt. 226. (.rosvenor Hou 37 Stubbswood Square. A] 3GlcnlauraC res., Ashbur R.R 22. ( ambridgc, ( )nt, NK 2 4 R.R 4. Bownianville I K 3K5 1 1 1 Banstock Dr., V illowdale I2K 2H7 ma. Caracas. cne uela ;W. .351 London Rd.. Sarnia N7 I 7S4 incouri MIS 2k9 i I 0B I Ml lia 70(1. C ol. Nneva I liotwood C rl . W illo ' Spruce Hill Road. Pi icendi Dr., Pclerboro sv Li is Angeles, I orreon, daleM21 2P9 kerme I I S 1 S4 iah K9.I 6 I Urn 22 fc 1771 42 I Parriss I isboa H 599, Col. San Isidro. I orreon. ( oah Mexico 145 Ronan Ave.. Toronto NUN 2 , 2 90 I9ih Ave . Richmond Hill 1 4C 4X7 22 Edenbridge Dr.. Islington M9A 31 9 104 Adelaide Si. I .Oshawa I l(, l l Av. Ppal. UrbSan I uis. Res. Torreana, I ' ll I Pasco del I ago, 261 ol c ampeatrc 1 a Rosita. C aracas I oi i eon. ( 360 Ridellc Ave. Apl. 710, roronto M6B I Is I 833 Glcnmanor Rd.. Oshawa 1.1 J 5 A6 Bos N4877. Nassau. Bahamas R.R. 3, Sioullville I OH II (I 80 Forest Manor Rd Stc 1804. Willow dale M2.I IM6 129 Glenvale Blvd.. roronto M4G 2 I K R. I. Mulherrv I n . I ocusl Hill I (III I 10 55 I ivingstonc Rd. Ph I . Scarborough Mil I K9 45 Ponicme H 710, Puebla, Pue. Mexico 43 Tnnilv (. res.. Whiibv 1 IN 61 I R.R. 1 Wingham NOG 2W0 Bos 2294 O I. Nassau. N.P. Bahamas Ave. San Isidor 725. C ol. San Isidro. rorreon, ( oahuila. Mexico R.R. f 2. Gormlev. Oni I (HI l(,o c olnco Metals ( o . 1 I usi c anadian Place, roronto. M5X l( 4 30 Murdoek St.. Kapuskasint! P5N HIS 161 Michael Blvd Vx hitb I is 5W 4 453 Allien St.. Bos 1770, Kincardine NO(. 2(,0 349 Si. C lair Ave. Vx Apl 415 Toronto M5T IN3 R.R. I rhornton Rd N.. Oshawa I III 7 K4 iva I IC, 3 4 kering I IV2AI » I Dunsford ROM 1 1 o v. Mei I oo Sun ( huen., Ioom I lone K( Jro, " fori eon 677 Jasmine ( res.. Osh. 148 Kingston Rd. F., Pi Woodscnd House, R.R S9B. 6th I loor, Broadw 3 Cumberland Rd.. Kowloon Tone, ko- Ave. Mexico 1021, C ol. " Ciranjo San Is 531 Bradlcj l)r . Inibv I 1 N 6BH 968 Vistula Dr., Pickering I l 21 5 463 Juliana Dr.. Oshawa I l(. 21 9 802 I erndaleSt., Oshawa I 1.1 51 7 Bos 381 . Brooklin I OB K 0 R.R. I . ilsonville Mil l u ' 25 1 airview Dr., W Imhv I IN 3A7 87 Gcrmorda Dr.. Oakvi ' llc 1 6H 2P9 P. uio 1 , 4001 B.iwiew Ave., Willow dale M2M 3 7 Everwell Garden, I Sheung Hone St., I8A Homanti 587 inston Si. F . I istowcl N4 2X4 7 I ake Si . Av Inter. Quebec S9H 4B2 Bos 1019, hilecourt, Albena 101 21 0 37 Maple Dr.. N. Caldwell, N.J. 07006 21 Averv Road, Holden, Mass 01520 Si ace 4. I el C hi kok . kow loon. Hone KoilU kow loon. 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