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WE DEDICATE OUR 1979 YEARBOOK TO OUR PRINCIPAL DR. R.C. DAVIS For the past eleven years Dr. Davis has been principal of our school. He has given us understanding, advice and respect and in turn has earned our respect. He has always been concerned about the welfare of each girl in the school and has based his decisions on what is best for us, socially, morally and academically. We shall remember his kindness, concern and warm personality. Dr. Davis takes with him our wishes for health, joy and peace. ONTARIO LADIES COLLEGE 1979 Within the walls of Trafalgar Castle, Words in many languages echo. Content or Discontent, the joys and laughter will never be forgotten. Canadians or not, we all love Canada. Night till dawn, some people sleep. Dawn till dark, some people work. Our mental malnutrition in treated by the teachers. Our hunger for friendship is fed by the girls. We know we will miss waterfights. We know we will miss pizza nights. Deep in our hearts, we will miss everybody. Knowledge and experience we gain. Energy and friendship we give. Success is in our hands. In the end, laughter subsides, tears are shed. We walk through the Castle door to the world. We have confidence and courage. We also have regrets. Who can deny that we have already conquered another world? O.L.C. is a microcosm. Margaret Lau Grade 13 Dear Old Trafalgar Hear thou our hymn of praise. Hearts full of love we raise Proudly to thee. Thy splendour never falls. Truth dwells within thy walls, Thy beauty still enthralls, DearO.L.C. Through thee we honour Truth, virtue, loveliness. Thy friendships e ' er possess Our constancy. Thy spirit fills us through. So we ' ll be ever true To our dear blue and blue OfO.L.C. O! Alma Mater How can we from thee part? Thou only has our heart. Dearest of schools. Thy glory we shall see Wherever we may be, Still love of O.L.C. Our future rules. PRINCIPAL ' S MESSAGE PREPARING FOR SUCCESS IN THE EIGHTIES At a conference of Principals of Independent Schools for Girls in Boston, I was pleased to be able to hear some ideas about Preparing for Success in the Eighties which should be shared with you. An intellectual bias is a " must " . A lady must comprehend multidimensional relationships and " feminine intuition " is to be replaced with intellectual and analytical skills. In order for a woman to work smoothly within a complex organization, a soft voice, a sense of humour, and a low-key personal style are most acceptable. Success in your environment will help others to be motivated to do their part in carrying out group decisions. To be able to have a high tolerance of possible conflicts which are bound to arise, will require you to sort out disagreements without being personal. Debating skills will be an asset. Communicating effectively, both verbally and in writing, becomes essential to avoid any misunderstanding which could spread confusion. It is unlikely that praise will abound for the talented work you will do, but learning to compensate by recognizing your own worth will help you over many hurdles. " Well done " is something you are more likely to hear from yourself than from anybody else. Regular exposure to pressure situations makes for cool heads and steady hands. A girl must learn to be comfortable even in the middle of unexpected disruption and extensive commotions. The successful girl of the eighties will make the best of her abilities in the middle of the technological world of tomorrow. She will desperately need a code of values which will exhibit a highly developed moral sense of right and wrong. Many of the alternative decisions under consideration by management have strong moral and socological content. Fortunate is the girl whose spiritual values help her make the important decisions of life, so that she may have harmony in her inner being. It has always been my great ambition to enhance the development of the above at- tributes by providing an environment in the school which would provide for academic growth, tolerance of others, and moral maturity and personal responsibility. Now, as 1 write this final message, it is my hope that you have developed some of these characteristics and will continue to develop them for the rest of your life. To one and all I wish you success in your future, great happiness and excellent health. I hope that you will never forget your life here at the College, nor those who have made it possible. DEAN ' S MESSAGE At first, the town, the long road, the house -- its history, its mystery, its beauty: All this, planted in us all, issued in brightness and lightness, fear and despair, and the more moderate tones that helped us to get ready, to hope, to plan, to brace, to be open. And then, the others -- the glistening, glimmering, diamond-cut peoples, girls, women, and men: Sometimes we falteringly wrapped ourselves in ourselves; Sometimes we took a confident step towards another; Sometimes we laughed together. Sometimes we cried and reached out to lighten the heaviness. Finally, time, which only measures, and es as soon as it is born, yet mysteriously weaves together the fabric of the place, the people: Time took care of the town (not-home) and us there; the road and us on it; the house and us in it; Time took care of the hills and valleys of our lives - the work and play, the friends and lack of friends, the roommates, the classrooms, the squirrels we fed, the fence, the sometimes lonely rooms. But time is now measured and dead. And we leave the town, the road, the house, the people — Some of us for a season, some forever. Do we have only memories, words-in-our-minds? Do we have only poems? People, things, events that happen to us, or we to them, are not neat-tied cameos; Rather, they are a continuum of eyes, ears, mouth, fingertips, blood, heart. Which we cannot write, draw, play on a violin - They are not translatable, these pieces of flesh and blood and soul of us-and-the- others: They are alive and well and living in us and in our breath. Vaya con Dios, This page is sponsored by MR. MRS. BURNS HEAD GIRLS MESSAGE Veni, Vidi, Vici As my seventh and final year rushes to a close, I can honestly say that this has been my best year. There were the good times and the bad times but the good times certainly outnumbered the bad, and we have all managed to survive. I ' d like to thank everyone in O.L.C. for making this such a great year and to wish you all the luck and happiness in the future. As the year draws towards the close it seems so much harder to say good-bye, but remember, " Good-bye doesn ' t mean forever. " Love, Chris From the beach in 1965, school picture in 1975 to Head Girl, CONGRATULATIONS Chris. 6 FACULTY 1978-1979 Miss Valerie Constantine Mrs. Eleanor Davis, B.A., Mrs. Nannette Hallpike, B.A., Mrs. Margaret Holley, B.A., Mrs. Margaret Hainer, B.A., Miss Elizabeth Kellogg Miss Linda Kreklewetz, B.Sc, Miss Marylynn Mentis, B.F.A., Mrs. Sandra Metselaar Mr. Brian McClure, B.Sc, B.Ed., Mr. Robert Palmer, B.A., B.Ed., Mr. James Shelson, B.A., Mr. Wayne Stubbs, B.A., Mrs. Margaret Swann, B.A., B.Sc, M.Ed., Miss Elizabeth Szkokan, B.A., Miss Cindy Young, A.R.C.T., Geography, Phys. Ed. Eng. Math. Can. Earn. Vocal Mus. English and Library French and Latin French Voice Mathematics Speech Arts and Drama Typing, Earn. Studies Eng. Inst. Mus. Physics History, Library English Geography Science Subjects Counselling Art and Geography Piano This page sponsored by MR. AND MRS. TROTTER Is it a Varley? Stacy Ridgely was the first to suspect that a painting, which had hung at the Ladies ' College for many years, had been painted by a member of the Group of Seven. The painting has been submitted to Peter Varley, son of the famous painter, for authentication. We are all hoping it is a genuine " Varley " and we will hang it with pride in our College. 12 Pam Black Pam arrived at O.L.C. in a state of shock, but she soon warmed up and within a month she was dancing up a storm. Pam is known in social circles as Gene Gene, the dancing machine, Miss Piggy and Peter Pan. Pam ' s hopes for the future involve becoming a ballerina, a chemist, a hairdresser, a world traveller, and above all SKINNY! Good luck in whatever you do. Can I have some of that too? Where ' s the rice? Well, poop de doo and ladeda! Stacy Ridgely An unwilling entrant into the class of ' 79 Stacy has certainly made her contribution to the life of Main Hall. (The volume wars with Pam, the Yan Can lessons on T.V.) Every weekend Stacy bombed the slopes, our champion downhill racer, returning Sunday but longing for Friday. Spacebog has the meals and the wheels and can usually be found among the relics which she and her roommate have collected over the year. Stacy is often mistaken for Chinese but we all know why her eyes are squinty! Her future plans? Very mysterious! Best wishes from everyone Space. 14 Ann Goverde A great day girl, Ann has acquired the reputation of the " Wild Partier " . This has been her first year at O.L.C. and we must admit that she has lasted well. Known as the less 1-o-n-g legged one she travels everywhere in her little toy car. She has a passion for skiing (and eating afterwards), disco dancing, punk rock and the endless search for a man of the right size! We hope she will get lots of reading done at University. Perhaps by the time she is twenty-one she will have read every Canadian novel! Happiness and sunshine always. It ' s all good stuff! Those aren ' t mme! Niloofer Surti Nil Surti, our resident mouse, came to O.L.C. looking for some action. As it turned out she became the undercover terror of grade 13, disguising herself as a quilt, an unobstrusive scholar, sometimes choking herself while studying biology. These strange phenomena occur when the moon is high and full! Nil ' s ambition is to become a schizophrenic but we all know that she will make it as Dr. Surti! Who them? I ' ve never seen them before in my life. They ' re wonderful life-long friends. Angela Roth, the arrowroot and I nr! Mortm cracker queen! Angela left school Lull iVIdriifl early in the year ... to stand in line for Stones ' tickets? Happiness always. Lori has served O.L.C. for six long years, showing special dedication to IVIonday morning classes. In her spare time Lori can be found trying desperately to serve a volleyball or writing articles for that popular magazine. Scuzzie, with her school spirit and her loud earphones will be remembered for her efforts to satisfy her craving for Chinese food and working on keeping things ' All in the Family ' . Lori plans to go to Ryerson to study hotel management. Don ' t forget to keep those reservations open for O.L.C. when you have your own hotel! Good luck Lori and have fun in all you do. Chris Burns Chris Burns, our head girl and the most avid hockey fan in O.L.C. She never failed to report to the Leafs ' score, the news and the blues, on Monday and Thursday mornings. Chris was voted our Carnival Queen and she represented our school in the Whitby Winter Carnival. The school will not be the same next year without Christine Burnstine ' s gambolling in the gym. Next year Chris hopes to attend Western where her friendly personality will make many friends for her as it has during her seven years at O.L.C. What are you looking at??? Look at me, I ' m Sandra Dee! Kathy Davis For five Heeling years O.L.C. ' s walls have rung with Dave ' s sudden warming laughter. She has cheerfully taken part in almost every activity in the school ... and a few others ' Through it all she has harboured secret dreams of launching into space with Richard Hatch. When Dave leaves, a lot of spirit energy and laughter will leave with her. We ' ll miss you and love you wherever you are. Found it. Kathy. I can ' t hold this smile much longer. Why me??? Joanne Elias Joanne hails form Barbados, island in the sun. She is easy to get along with except in the morning when she greets each day with a hearty !?! But breakfast soothes the savage beast and she is soon her usual bouncy self. Second on Joanne ' s hate list is TOES • • . weird but true! Her ambition is to become a jour- nalist so we will look forward to some exciting articles. Whatever she does, we hope she will continue to bring joy and sunshine to others. 16 Megan Strobel Megan, alias Megs, Scapino, Strobel, has dwelt within the walls of O.L.C. for three years. She has been an avid partier and an excellent actress (she won the drama award in 1978) as well as being the head of the Athletic Association, Social Convenor and head of Drama for 1979. She has added vitality to the school with her laughter and participation and to anyone who knows her personally, she is a great friend. She has strong muscles for flipping people in Judo, strong hands for massages, and hay-wire hair for the look of craziness. When we are gone from the walls of O.L.C, we will truly miss the echo of her laughter in the halls, her companionship, her supportiveness and her understanding. We love ya, Megs! Jenny Lee Lightfoot This has been Jenny ' s first and last year at O.L.C. (thank Heavens!). I ' m sure the school could not take one more year of her amateur opera singing in the shower. Jenny is not what you ' d call a night owl; in fact, she starts getting ready for bed right after school! Jenny ' s main ambition in life is to become a master chef. She practices frequently by preparing poisonous cup-a- soup which she serves to her teachers and classmates. We will always remember Jenny and we wish her the best of luck for the future. Pampers, they really stay dry! Good to the last drop! Hello Gorgeous! Bermuda Baby came back for an encore performance. It ' s been great for Whitby business, especially King Pizza, for which the town has great reason to be thankful. Norma has made her mark by contributing herself and her Bermuda gold to our evening get-togethers. Where there ' s an island tune you ' ll find Norma, eyes closed and body swaying. Good luck from us all. Gail Corn Gail has been with us for two years, and in that time we ' ve grown to appreciate her warm personality and friendship. Gail ' s smile and laughter will remain with us forever. Our dear day girl prefect will surely be missed next year. Lots of luck, Gail. Boring! Cute, ain ' t we!! Janet Henstock Janet is always laughing, giggling, — a joyous addition to the day girl contingent and to our choir. Glamorous " Dammit " took Italy by storm but failed in her search for a six foot Italian. We ' re happy she decided to spend her graudation years here at O.L.C. with us and we wish her well in fashion designing. Beverly Bronte-Tinken Bevo came to O.L.C. from Trinidad and within two weeks was known as Dr. Bronte. From a land of sun to a land of snow Beverly has adjusted very well. With her beautiful voice she has brought joy to her friends, and honour to her school. With her Chemistry prize under her arm Bev is off to IVlc- Master in September. Dr. Bronte, mastermind. Margaret-Rose Mentis Rose has danced the halls of O.L.C. for five years. " Chinese Eyes " has made a major contribution to the sports life of th school, to dramatic activities and above all this year to the yearbook. She can be seen trying to jump out of her skin to the beat of disco music — to lose a pound, and to please THAT BOY. She hopes to be a designer or a math teacher, but above all RICH. Good luck and happiness, Marg. This page sponsored by MR. MRS. T.R. HENSTOCK Diana Kellington Diana has devoted this, her first year at O.L.C. to playing tricks on Miss Kreklewetz, taking Friday afternoon dips in the pool and giving vent to her feelings on chemistry in the study hall. But we all know how much she has enjoyed herself. Diana plans on moving south to study drama and she takes with her our best wishes. Washroom Wonderland. Margaret Lau Margaret has spent three happy years at O.L.C. As a cook of many specialties she has filled many stomachs and delighted many taste buds. Margaleet always astounds us with her amazing dog stories. We will miss her quaint little laugh which will be ringing through the halls at Brescia in September. Good luck. All these stupid poses. I ' m bored and still 39 minutes to go. Maria Chan Her comes Chan Chan Chan! What do we say about the girl who falls asleep in class but is a wizard when she is awake? The envy of the school, who never gains an ounce and never has to fight for one mark. Good luck Maria in U. of T. This page sponsored by MARGARET LAU. 19 HOMEWORK ASSICiNMtiN T SHtili I NAME OF STUDENT Jane Goombah SUBJECT ENGLISH: LITERATURE: Write 3 book reports and a novel. Then do 5 character sketches for each character in every book you ' ve ever read. SPELLING: Look in the dictionary and hst every word you ' ve never heard of, with definition. MATH: P. 125 1 to 60. Calculate how many hairs are in your head, and then check by counting them. Make 8 math proj volving geometric molecular structuring. HISTORY: Study and memorize the entire history of the world. Make a project about the unknown natives of HatutU. Make a ten year, day-by-day report of what you think will happen to Canada ' s Govn ' t. GEOGRAHY: Draw up your own galaxy, with an index of 50 pages, along with diagrams, cross-sections, and geographical land structures, for every planet in it. Take a journey to the centre of the earth. SCIENCE: Disect 6 members of your entire family. Pickle one of your fingers. Count and record every piece of grass in Ontario. Make a survey about how many people eat elephant feet, cat ears, and upholstered chesterfields. MUSIC: Write 6 symphonies, 8 concertos, and music for an opera. Design two new instruments. Sing 8 octaves while under water. ART: Paint your house with red and yellow paint. FRENCH: Travel to France and start up your own travel bureau. GYM: Run across Canada on your hands. OTHER: Hold your breath for ain hour. If you really have to go to the washroom badly, make it more fun by counting to 1,000,000 before you go. SIGNATURE OF PARENT: Mrs. Zoe Goombah TERRIFIC TWELVE ' S We all had a good time in Grade 12 last year. We ' ll never forget Mrs. Jardine or Mrs. Kendrick as they babied us, bossed us and took care of us. Who will ever forget the day we put the poster on Mrs. Jardine ' s door or the time we piled a bunch of lockers together in the hall. Not every day was this exciting but never were they dull. 4 Fran Perini: " But that ' s Melanie Vaucrosson: " I Ricky Edness: " I want to Sylvia Cantu: " I only got okay for me cause, I ' m a want Zane, but I ' ll settle go home, wild and crazy girl. " for pizza. " six letters today. " Karolina Kargacin: " You Canadians are so fast. " Anastacia Johnson: Kathy Chester: True love Becky Cheung: " Who ' s Maria pia Bevilacqua: Erika Sands: " Red Embarrassed! Me and my Honda! got my pink elephant? " " Let ' s go to Bermuda — heads have more fun! " SCAGGS! I Claudia Dabdoub: " Help! I can ' t reach the showertap. " Magdalena Terrones: " I do say you, shut up!! " Belle Au: " Shake it BABY. " Lisa Hodkinson: " Let ' s play backgammon! " Chris Hnatiuk: " What ' s a boongie??? " Cathy Barron: Quiet as a mouse. Carrie Pape: " I ' m going for a Coke. " Jane Lloyd: " 2 + 2 is 5, right Miss Krecklewetz? " ever! " Chris Kirby: " Where ' s Chester? " Susanna Shek: " I ' m finished and it ' s only 3 a.m. " Mary Ellen Davies: " I just love school! " Stepheny Chan: " Thank God it ' s Friday! " Susan Schuurman: " Leave it to Sigmund Freud. " Eva Li: " What day is today??? " r Mm j0ftmm Tina Brillinger: POWER. TWINK Sarah Read: Have you seen that new VAN? Valerie Maggs: That ' s not right. Vv ' hat did you say? Diane Opzoomer: " Mellow Di. " Gardenia Russell: Audrey, where are you??? I ' m tired Fans. S-T-R-E-T-C-H ATTACK . . . Mahnaz Katiraei: 1 took the Crest test today. Amy Lui: Ahhh-soooh. Linda McBain: You Lie. Cathy McGiil: For no apparent reason. Sandra Lee: CHINESE ME, be friend with you. Muffy Bovell: For true? Lisa Holmes: Anthony and Spanish wells . . . Nora Fung: Who is my best friend in this world? You. Sixteen grade ten ' s sitting in a row. One was named Curly another named Moe. While all the others sat there, staring into space. McBrain finally cracked the candy bar case. Karyn McKnight: I ' d rather be in Peterborough. Suzie Lafontaine: Allan ' s coming to pick me up. Kim Berglund: Burgy King and L Debbie Cave: Boy, I wish someone would call me. TWISTY TEN ' S Anu Mehta: Badminton Queen. Jackie Kirby: The day when I have the looks . . . SNEAKY SEVEN ' S Mashsheed Katireai: " Mind our own business. " Melissa Gogek: " I give up. " Isabel Gonzalez: " I ' m still waiting for a letter from Leslie Dickson: " Teddy Bear Piojo. " Sharon Coath: " Won- Junie Bhar: " I ' m a Gemini, Nicole Cooper: " Super derful. " what are you " ? Pig. " Margaret Elliott: " Spanish radar. " OF COURSE I LOVE YOU This page sponsored by DR. MRS. A. HALAM-ANDRES 32 CRAZY EIGHTS NEW RECRUITS AND ABSENTEES Back Row Leighann Del Medico Grade 9, Jackie Stroud Grade 12, Wendy Halfyard Grade 12, Bernadette Schmidt Grade 12, Amanda Heath Grade 9, Celeste Williams Grade 12. Front Row Zhila Kashaninia Grade 12, Anne Brillinger Grade 9, Eugenia Hasbun Grade 1 1 , Susan Kleben Grade 7. 34 35 CARTER HOUSE Dear Carter, Carter House you are the best. We lost a few, but won the rest. I ' d like to thank you for what you ' ve done All through the year it ' s been great fun. Carter House you tried to win, Both outside and in the gym. The spirit I ' ve seen was really great, You ' ll always be my best team mates. Love, Fran. House Captain BASKETBALL From the Top, Left to Right, these smiling faces belong to ... J. Lightfoot, M. Halam-Andres, T. Brillinger, P. Perini, G. Cornwall, A. Goverde, L. Martin, C. Kirby, G. Russell, M. Bovell, A. Adam, J. Kirby, F. Perini. HARE HOUSE Feeling happy. That ' s no lie. Yet so sad. I don ' t know why. I ' LL MISS YOU Feel free to walk by but please remember why - I ' LL REMEMBER YOU As you look back memories will caress your minds REMEMBER ME Hare House, I want to thank you all for being what you are — beautiful. We ' ve worked together well as a team. Best wishes to you all. I LOVE YOU. House Captain Anastacia Johnson Hare Junior Basketball Team The Winners from Left: S. Manning, D. Molyneaux, C. McGill, L. McBain, L. Lafontaine, J. Brown. Hare Senior Basketball Team from Left: B. Schmidt, J. Lloyd, J. Elias, A. Johnson, M. Davies. FAREWELL HOUSE Top to Bottom, Left to Right D. Glynne, S. Schuurman, K. Speirs, A. Heath, L. Holmes, E. Sands, M. Strobel, K. McKnight. The position of house captain has not been an easy one. At times the struggle for participation and cooperation has been arduous. However, despite the difficulties, I feel that being House Captain has been a rewarding job and a memorable one. I would like to give thanks to the juniors who were so punctual at practises and games, and who sometimes substituted for the lack of senior players. I give my thanks to Ricky Edness for her help. I wish everyone happiness. Sue Schuurman, House Captain. MAXWELL HOUSE Maxwell House is more than coffee, To us it means a team Of happy people who work together And sometimes it ' s a scream, To perform our annual houseplay, With everyone involved And when we came up with a problem It was quickly solved. We are always together, like the Lion and the Mouse, But that ' s because we ' re all together in the Maxwell House! Melanie Vaucrossan House Captain " There ' s a breathless hush in the close tonight Ten to make and the match to win- A bumping pitch and a blinding light. An hour to play and the match to win. And it ' s not for the sake of a ribboned coat, Or the selfish hope of a season ' s frame. But her captain ' s hand on her shoulder spoke - Play up! Play up! and play the game! " Sir Henry Newbolt 1 WINNERS SR. BASKETBALL From the Top, Left to Right, the victors are . . . M. Vaucrosson, N. Vaucrossan, W. Halfyard, S. Farran, A. Hestler, K. Chester, C. Burns, M. Mentis, K. Berglund, L. Dixon, L Gonzales. 39 CROSS 0 U First Place N T R Y C. Kirby Sr. J. Kirby Jr. 9 m STUDENT COUNCIL Dr. Davis - principal Miss Cleiland - dean Mrs. Swann - staff advisor Lisa Lafontaine - grade 7 class president Mary Ellen Davies - grade 12 class president Susan Schuurman - Farewell house captain Carolynn Archer - grade 10 class president Gail Cornwall - prefect Chris Burns - head girl Leslie Dickson - grade 8 president Margaret Rose Mentis - yearbook editor Beverly BronteTinkew - grade 13 class president Anastacia Johnson - Hare house captain Francine Perini - Carter house captain Melanie Vaucrosson - Maxwell house captain Kathy Davis - Student Christian Fellowship, prefect Margaret Lau - prefect Christine Kirby - debating society Marie Taylor - grade 9 class president Megan Strobel - athletic society president Sarah Reid - grade 1 1 class president. SCF Student Christian Fellowship This year has been a very successful one for the Student Christian Fellowship. Our fall bazaar was very profitable, enabling us to raise enough money to support our two foster children for another year. We held a volleyball game, a few sing songs, a toboganning evening and an S.C.F. church service. I would like to thank Miss Kreklewetz, without whom we would not have had such a wonderful year. Peace, and God be with you. Kathy Davis Head of S.C.F. L. Martin, N. Vaucrosson, M. Strobel. M. Smith, K. Fleming, K. Davis, C. Kirby, Miss Kreklewitz. A. Adam, T. Brillinger, B. Bronte-Tinkew, C. Burns, G. Russell. ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION K. Chester, S. Schuurman, S. Johnson, M. Davies, M. Vaucrosson, C. Kirby, F. Perini, R. Edness, Megan Strobel, president Miss Constantine. 43 Under the direction of Miss Kellogg, the voice students had a fruitful year, especially at the Kiwanis Festival. Top award, solo singers under 18 — the Junior Rose Bowl — B. Bronte-Tinkew. Nil Surti and B. Bronte-Tinkew won the Junior Lieder class. S. Ridgely and S. Schuurman placed fourth in their duet. K. Chester and B. Bronte-Tinkew third in this class. Sue, Stacey, Kathy second in trio. The younger singers placed second in their duet ' Sweet and Low ' . Congratulations to all our stars. The choir has hummed along in a most harmonius fashion this year. We sang at school functions, such as the Christmas Carol service, Christmas dinner and Open House. We would like to give a special thanks to Mr. McClure who devoted much time and effort . . . not always without some dif- ficulty ... to leading our choir. We hope you will enjoy yourselves as much next year as we have. Just remember, Never ' b ' flat. Sometimes ' b ' . Always ' b " ' . Niloofer Surti Our Pianists are from Left Back to Front C. Hnatiuk, B. Cheung, I. Gonzalez, Miss Young, J. Lloyd, J. Petroff, F. Wilkinson, D. Cave, A. Heath, J. Bhar, S. Schuurman, L. Hodkinson, B. Bronte-Tinkew, C. Ar- cher, M. Casanova, L. Del Medico. Our Debators are. Back Row J. Kirby, C. Kirby, N. Vaucrosson, Mr. Palmer, B. Schmidt. Front Row: K. Fleming, T. Brillinger, J. Elias, B. Bronte-Tinkew, C. McGill, M. Mentis. JUDO This is the first year that there has been a Judo Club at O.L.C. and we are happy to say that it has been a real success. We have participated successfully in tournaments at Peterborough, Toronto and Oshawa. We would like to give our thanks to Mrs. Swann, Susan and Robert. Without them there would have been no Judo at our school. Bernie Schmidt Back to Front. Left to Right . . . Mrs. Swann, J. Lloyd, M. Strobe!, K. Davis, W. Halfyard, M. Vaucrosson, S. Lafontaine, A. Heath, D.M. Molyneaux, L. Martin, K. Chester, A. Mehta, L. Lafontaine, C. Kirby, N. Leduc, J. Kirby. Absent: B. Schmidt, C. Hnatiuk. GYM CLUB C. Burns, M. Vaucrosson, Miss Constantine, J. Kirby, C. Kirby, L. Dixon, P. Black, M. Mentis, G. Russell. DRAMA AND SPEECH ARTS To be, or not to be, an actress, that is the question! BALLET Ballet has had its debut in O.L.C. this year and it appears that we have a few new sugar plum fairies for our own version of the Nutcracker Suite. We are certain that Rudolph Nureyev will be happy to participate in the debut of BIG AND LITTLE SISTERS Well, what can one say about our dear, sweet grade seven and eights? LOTS — The year has been a challenging one for the little gaphers and as we grade thirteens have been their BIG sisters we ' ve tried to help them along in their puppy love sicknesses, their urges for pizza and the general need for a big hug. We ' ve seen them at their best and of course at their worst. We will miss our darling, courageous and generally loveable sisters, and wish them the best of luck in their futures. Love from the grade thirteens. 48 COMMENCEMENT . . . Our future is what we are thinking about most of all. Several things we should remember — be exuberant, enthusiastic, full of joy, jump into life with both feet. Don ' t conform to all the standards of the world but bend the world to your personal higher standards. Tonight is not the end of our education, but just the beginning. We will be learning for the rest of our lives. Where will each of us be in fifteen years? Probably spread all over the world. We will be doing something different but whatever it may be, we must give it everything we have. Success is up to ourselves. Put your heart into your work and do your best. Tracie Grieve Valedictorian Ontario Secondary School Honour Graduation Diplomas Grace Atkinson Melvoyn Cargill Irene Chung Shirley Ghany Tracie Grieve Moira Harvey Diana Ing Emily Lee Laurel Mackenzie Fiona Morton Linda Robertson Cynthia Sabiston ♦Fanny Siu Heather Tail Norma Vaucrosson ♦Carolina Wan Marguerite Wood Karen Yip Ontario Secondary School Graduation Diplomas. Louise Allgood Susan Holman Christine Burns Mary Kenny Sharon Cargill Barbara Lane Lucy Chan Alice Lau Maria Chan Margaret Lau Patricia Chavez Lori Martin Gabriela Chavez Lorie McClymont Teresa Chin Margaret Rose Mentis Fiona Chow Patricia Minialoff Gail Cornwall Jill Moore Kathryn Davis Maria Perez Martha Digby Enriqueta Rambal Margaret Entwistle Megan Strobel Nadine Francis Katherine Whittamore Meek Fummey The visit from Albert College was a great success. It was a day crammed with activities . . tennis, swimming, volleyball, basketball, card games, chess, math problems, a make-up demonstration and last, but not least, the great challenge ' Reach for the Top ' when the keen minds of O.L.C. challenged the brains of Albert . . . and lost! We hope to visit Albert College next year with the same festive spirit. ALBERT DAY 1 Steffanie, Lisa, Sandi and Cathy. HOUSE PLAYS Valerie, Chris, Margaret-Rose, and Norma. Hare house on strike again. True Love. Yes Dahlink? Once again Hallowe ' en struck the halls of O.L.C., and the castle came back to life. Not only the girls, but the staff members were transformed into terrors. Whitby seemed to be haunted by our little ladies, who all went out " trick or treating " . In the midst of the activities we were visited by an unexpected GORILLA, who became the center of attraction at the party. The fortune-telling, the dance contest, the pumpkin-cutting contest and those tasteful refresh- ments all served to make our Hallowe ' en party a memorable one. THE S.C.F BAZAAR This year, O.L.C. held one of its best bazaars ever. We made over one thousand dollars. This means that we not only could afford two foster children, but also donate money to other charitable organizations, such as the Leprosy Fund, and the Christopher Robin Home for children, plus many more. The Bazaar consisted of a bake table, a white elephant table, plants and books tables, a handicrafts table, plus a tea room, a pizza room, and a play. Everyone worked really hard on this affair and it sure was worth it. Thanks everybody, Kathy Davis Head of S.C.F. 56 We came, we saw, we conquered! ROBERT REDFORD!!! GRADE 13 CHRISTMAS PARTY Twas the nighi before leaving When all through Main Hal! Not a creature was stirring. Not even a centipede. The pantyhose were hung by the rads with care In hopes that Mrs. Halliday would not be aware. The housemothers, all, were nestled in bed And the maids dreamt of sugar plums While dancing on their heads. The Dean in her kerchief and Lee in his cap Had just settled in for a long winter ' s nap. Is she alive? Look, Teddy, look. CHRISTMAS DINNER ■I i - i i ■ ' Llil.i U I ' ve got to go to the bathroom! 1 can ' t bear to look at the hill! One damp, gray, cold February morning the ' ladies ' came to breakfast in their ' jammies ' . This was ski day for all at Dagmar Ski Club. Everyone dressed for arctic conditions, grabbed a bagged lunch (courtesy of Mrs. H.) and clamboured aboard the waiting buses. Dagmar and its instructors, greeted us with open arms. Some chose the thrill of downhill, some headed for the cross-country trails and some favoured the club house. Hot chocolate flowed and chocolate bars were traded. Everyone had a good time. On the way home the buses were more quiet than usual and that night everyone was in bed on time. 60 61 Veuillez accueillir, Please welcome, Nos Canadiens! So, this is it! The place you can ' t stay away from! Ontario Ladies College Presents LES CANADIENS By Salutin and K. Dryden Stick this garbage! Play hockey! 1 tell you, this is pretty embarrassing! B. Bronte- Tinkew K. Chester K. Davis C. Kirby S. Lafontaine E. Sands B. Schmidt M. Strobe! N. Vaucrosson J. Kirby M.R. Mentis Crowd Student Director Stage Manager Crew Cast - Farmer, English Fan, Business Man, Anglophone Student (3) - Wolfe, Macdonald, - J. Ambrose O ' Brien, Rocket Richard - Mother Farmer ' s Wife, French Teacher -Aide, Kirk - Soldier, Watkins, Anglophone (2), Leaf Player, Bow- man, French Fan - Rink Owner, French Sport scaster. Announcer - Farmer ' s Son, Campbell, Anglophone (1) - Soldier, English Sportscaster, Referee - Rink Owner (subs.) - Announcer, French Sportscaster - L. Hodkinson, C. Hnatiuk, C. Archer, W. Halfyard, C. Burns - B. Bronte-Tinkew - W. Halfyard - M.R. Mentis, M. Vaucrosson, P. Bevilacqua, K. Willey -N. Surti Pianist Students under the direction of Miss M. V. Mentis. Face Off! Practically overnight, nine drama students (female) turned into big, brawny, expert hockey players ... on roller skates! Quite a challenge, I tell you! Besides being a wonderful learning experience the play, Les Canadiens, was lots of fun . . bruises included. Everyone worked hard, both memorising the numerous lines and practising roller- skating. But it was not all in vain. At the Durham Region Collegiate Festival, the play captured the Adjudicator ' s Award as well as the audience. A memorable experience indeed. LES CANADIENS begins on the Plains of Abraham in 1759 when a French-Canadian soldier throws his rifle to his son and it becomes a hockey stick. It ends in the Montreal forum on the night of Nov. 15, 1976, when the Montreal Canadian fans turn a hockey game into an election victory rally for the independantiste Parti Quebecois. In between, it is a play about Quebec and Canada using hockey as a metaphor and a play about hockey using Quebec and Canada as its setting. 63 The Cast Chris Hnatiuk the queen Sandy Farron Prince Charming Dawn Marie Molyneaux .... Snow White Missy Gogek Gay 8 Lisa Lafontaine Sneezy Lesley Dixon Dopey Polly Perini Sleepy Stephnie Kirkham Bashful Mary Halam-Andres Happy Angel Adam Doc Susan Manning Grumpy Nina Leduc Woodsman An Improvisational play is a play in which each character makes up her own lines. You can imagine the surprises in this presentation by the Juniors . . . Prince Charming on his imaginary horse, the wicked queen with a Hungarian accent, and a ' gay ' eighth dwarf! It was a hilarious experience for all. Thanks to Miss Mentis and to Chris Hnatiuk (our glamorous queen) for all their help in making this play possible. We hope that you enjoyed watching the play as much as we enjoyed presenting it to you. Missy Gogek Grade 7 School Trip Italy Our trip to Italy really began at the Davis ' , first with a ' punch and cheese ' party and then an Italian dinner. So you see, the smiling faces on the left, not only express excitement but also contentment. This was a thrilling holiday, filled with experiences we will never forget . . . and some we will never repeat! What an itinerary . . . Milan, Venice (the flood!), Florence (the disco!) Sorrento, Pompei, Capri, Rome and Tivoli. Under the watchful eye of Mrs. Davis and Giovanni (!!!) we had a memorable holiday. 65 1924 1925 1926 1927 1928 192 JESSIE BELl MARION NOH ANNA SPEER ELVA tYNCH HELEN SILVE jIANET MOFP ANCES GR Y MC Ml ' FENCER N M • T r T ' S , " - FORMAL Beauty at its peak. Prospects for our annual formal looked rather dim for a while but with the collaboration of Pickering College the event was a smash. Through the hard work of the dance committee a first was established. Twenty singles from Pickering were invited to our formal and single girls from O.L.C. were able to attend. With good food, good music and good company, what could go wrong? The Formal was definitely a success! Now isn ' t that interesting. He ' s beautiful! We crown thee Queen of Queens. Fill up that plate Martin! United we stand. Formal Queen, Margaret Rose Mentis. 67 NIAGARA FALLS A Trip to Remember We just threw Mr. Shelson over! ! ! Give us a smile Bergy. Hi Mom! It ' s me, Angel! Yours till Niagara Falls falls! 69 SENIOR DINNER The Grade lO ' s were going to honour the Grade Xlll ' s by serving champagne after the dinner but since the ginger-ale had already been ordered, and not wanting to upset things, they decided to read a poem instead. The grade XIII ' s stand united Against the cruel world. Think of all the wrongs they ' ve righted And the insults they have hurled. They ' ll never forget the tears and the fun. Together they lost, tried again and they won. So with heavy hearts and tears in our eyes. To the senior class, we say our good-byes. SPECIAL EVENTS On Monday, June 4, 1979, the O.L.C. family ... the Board of Directors, alumnae, students, staff and faculty . . . gathered together to say farewell to Dr. and Mrs. Davis, to thank them for their contribution to the life of the school and at the same time to reminisce a little with them. We hope that their future years will be as happy as was this last dinner shared together. And as we said our farewells to the Davises we said hello to Shannon Palmer . . . our May Queen 1995. This has been an eventful year in the life of our school. ADVERTISING A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO OUR DAY GIRLS BEST WISHES TO ALL STUDENTS BELL BOWMAN TAXI 102A BYRON ST. S., WHITBY CALL US ANY TIME - ANYWHERE 668-8888 668-3333 TEL. 668-2492 Art Supplies i cStation ZLj td. OFFICE SUPPLIES. PRINTING, BOOKS n3A DUNDAS ST. W. WHITBY. ONT. LIN 2M1 Compliments of IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC YARNS 118 Brock St. N. Whitby PETER JOSEPH Hair Stylists 104 DundasW Whitby Ontario 668 5691 1501 Hopkins street whitby, Ontario, Canada. For your complete printing service offset or letterpress TELEPHONE We are here to help you. Complim«nt8 of . . . D. W. McQUAY, Realtor 103 DUNDAS ST. W. WHITBY, ONTARIO Phone 668 5868 Whitby FARMS — ACREAGES — LOTS — RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL — INDUSTRIAL CORTINA PIZZERIA 1100 Dundas St. E. Whitby 668-1200 RESTAURANT CARRY OUT DELIVERIES 76 COMPLIMENTS OF THE CORPORATIOH OF THE TOWN OF WHITBY A lot of students like the Royal Bank for a lot of reasons Royal bank serving Ontario WHITBY FABRICS CUSTOM DRAPes DRCSS =|OOOS 5 DuKfOAS ST(L C-r £ » Compliments of KOKE ' S SHELL SERVICE 403 Brock St. S. Whitby Jit iDM piAAl (%XAAA Tlioiigli 5))ia l was your allowance You saved a lihlc store And tliose wlio save a little Shall get a pleiity Jiiore. Thackeray CANADIAN IMPERIAL BANK OF COMMERCE HOLIDAY HAVEN Tent Trailer Park R.R. 1. CloyneOnt. Safe Sandy Beach. Good Fishing and Boating. Reservations: (613) 336-8849 The Yearbook staff would like to thank the following people for their support. Muffy Bovell and Linda McBain Mrs. Molly Bronte-Tinkew Mr. Durward C. Archer Freeport, Bahamas Fredda and Branko Kargacin Mr. and Mrs. Fanzi Elias Mr. and Mrs. Mason Martha Elena Casanova Mr. and Mrs. James B. Russell The Prefects of our school Dr. R. Davis Mr. McClure Mrs. Holley Mr. Shelson Miss Kreklewitz Mrs. Swann Miss Szkokan Mrs. Metselaar Alunmnae News Regarding information about Alumnae in your area: Toronto: Trafalgar Chapter, President Mrs. Nancy Goss 45 Wynford Hts. Cresc. Apt. 2002 447-1489 or Mrs. Ruth Rankin 72 Tidefall Drive Agincourt 293-9531 Whitby: Castle Chapter, President Mrs. Doris Collins 320 Bryon St. N. 668-3714 Oshawa: Centennial Chapter, President Mrs. Joan Claus 219-300 Grenfell St. 728-9687 For information regarding starting your own chapter contact Gladys Rossiter, President Alumnae Council 75 Lawrence Cresc, Toronto 12, 488-1032 Baskin Robbins We love all 31! Compliments of M M E FOOTWEAR LTD. Whitby Mall, Whitby, Ont. LIN 2L1 728-4197 Sheridan Mall, Pickering, Ont. LIV 1B8 683-4871 Congratulations to the Graduates. We at Andrew Antenna urge you to bear in mind that the search for knowledge is never-ending. Continue along this path and you will find greater fulfillment in all you do. ANDREW FINE. FAt lLY CLOTHieiP S mere an i i le Compliments of WHITBY FIRE DEPARTMENT Busy Beaver Says FIRE HURTS KING ' S PIZZERIA 114 Brock St. S. Whitby, Ontario Tel. 688-8891-2 81 315 ef QC STREET. J.B 5,cyf sftfooY eei cH , BRlLpy PHnR AftCY LTD. 5.6 CoU q e ■ M iff OiUHS nyo SilISS £xr£hloEO Hours - CAN M e LOT OF 5et semVoo VOO CR J 6f r3t OfO US 5. H. KiRKHRM COHPLlHBNTS OF : TELEPHONE 668-3540 WHITBY DOMINION HARDWARE HARDWARE - PAINT - GLASS SUPPLIES TONY WANDA MARTIN 319 BROCK ST. SOUTH WHITBY PLAZA WHITBY, ONTARIO The IQtchen Cupboard PHONE (416) 666-1600 368 BROCK STREET SOUTH WHITBY, ONTARIO LIN 4K4 fi) ppsRini RERLTVLTD. REALTOR Suite 300 121 Willowdale Ave, Willowdale, Ontario M2N 6A3 PAT PERINI Telephone 226-6091 Res, 294-0985 668-2081 728-5377 CANADIAN GENERAL ELECTRIC PRODUCTS SKLAR FURNITURE Independent Sales § Service Whitby Ltd. 309 BROCK STREET SOUTH WHITBY SHOPPING PLAZA WHITBY ESTABLISHED 1952 ONTARIO ROY MACCAULEY PROP, Elsa ' s Children ' s Things Clothing for Infants, Girls Boys Plush and Wooden Toys Baby Shower Gifts Safeway Plaza 366 Brock St. S. Whitby Clothes Now Available in Whitby. Tel: 668-4133 COMPLETE REAL ESTATE AND MORTGAGE SERVICES HARVEY MINTZ LIMITED member broker HARVEY MINTZ broker 122 brock st. south Whitby, ont. LIN 4J8 bus. 668-8897 res. 576-3265 Compliments of BANK OF MONTREAL J. H. Sharp Manager Mby. Onl. LIN 5R7 668-5825 Congratulations and good luck to the class of 78 79 BURTINSKY FLORIST 214 Dundas Street WHITBY, Ontario Phone 668-2492 Art Supplies MIDDLETON ' S BOOK STORE STATIONERS 113 Dundas St. W. Whitby, Ontario V SPORTS TROPHIES 1 10 ATHOL ST. WHITBY, ONTARIO 666-1114 Qp fcleaning ' CARDINAL CLEANERS LTD. v5 J545 Dundas Street East Whitby, Ont. IF IT WASN ' T FOR US I give my thanks to Mrs. Holley my staff advisor, Stacy my avid photographer, Joanne my advertisement-organiser, Tina my typist, and last but not least Gardinia my enthusiastic overall helper and Norma. Thanks to all my other helpers for every minute spent working was worth it. I hope that when you read your yearbook you will consider all your ef- forts worthwhile. Editor of the year, Margaret Rose Mentis. ONTARIO LADIES ' COLLEGE ADAM. Angel R.R. 3, Port Perry, LOB I NO AKLHhK, Larolynn Box F3073, Freeport, Grand Bahamas AU, belle AU, Louise Mr. Raymond Wong, 2 Boem Ave. . Scarborough, Oni. M 1 R 3S3 BERGLUND, Kim Box 1 178. R.R. 4. Campbellford, Onl. KOL ILO BHAR, Junie 22 Arkendo Dr., Oakville. Ont. L7J 5T9 BLACK. Pamela 10 Kingsord Cr., Kanata. Ont. BOVELL, Margaret Malabar Farm. Box 1310. Port-of-Spain. Trinidad. West Indie s BRILLINGER, Tina and Ann R.R. 3, Newmarket, Ont. L4Y 4W1 BRONTE-TINKEW. Beverley Santa Margarita Circular Road, St. Augustine. Trinidad. W.I. BROWN. D. Jennifer 559 Rougemount Dr.. Pickering, Oni. Ll W 2C1 BURNS. Christine 24 McArthur St.. Weston, Onl. M9P 3M7 CANTU, Sylvia Buenos Aires y Queretaro, Col. Guadalupe, Monclova. Coahuiia, Mexico CASANOVA. Martha 101 Whitcoaks Court, Whitby. Ont. LIP 1 Al Apt. 603 CA Vb. Deborah Box 286, Newcastle. Ont. LOA I HO CHAN, Maria and Stepheny c o Mrs. Wendy Wong. 1 18 Glencairn St., Toronto. Ont. M4R IMO (. Hhb 1 hK, Kathleen R.R. 3, Stouffville, Onl. LHbUNO. Hecky 3 Hoskin Ave.. Toronto. Ont. M5S 1 H7 L UA 1 M . onaron iov rairview ur., wnitby, Dnt. L 1 N 3A ( UvJrtK. iNlCOie ov 1 rront Koad, rickering. Unt. L I w i r i L. (JKiN W A LL, Liall 23 Brant Court, Oshawa. Ont. LIG 4NI LUUKiNui CA, Maureen r. J. dOX 1 1 0 4. inUVIK.rNWl NUbUlU lj dl j j D. wiauuia Rio Volga 226 Ote.. Col. del Valle, Monterrey, N.L. Mexico n A VIP ; Vlnr pn n UAvico. iviaryciien 1 n D nccl-inH D P Aril " IT Ochnii ' i CXnl I H " . jiu Kossiana ko., ti., Api. zj , wsnawa, jni, l lo ot, L AVio, Ndinryn CIO Mrs, D, ohearer, 37 Stubbswood oqu. , Agincourt, Ont. M 1 S 2K9 L tiL ivinL ' n u, Leignann AO Clan Pi r cr DA i r- nnii ; p " in 1 1 QU 1 A ' o oien rorest ku., ' jrangeviiie, uni. l w i aj I A ' i t 1 D .- . L ' 111 1 • QliFi-l Cmifk t -tj na Dirt NJ V 1 1 J 1 .1 1 4 - 1 J KOCKaway divo. , oout n vjzone rarK.iN.i, h h ELIAS, Joanne 19 Highgate Gardens. St. Michael, Barbados ELLIOTT, Margaret Apariado 62-302, Caracas 106, Venezuela FARRAN, Sandra 4427 Baih Road, Apt. 28, Kingston Ont. K7N 1 A2 FLEMING. Karen 48 Jessie St.. Brampton, Ont. L7Y 1 L6 FUNG, Nora 275 Chatham Road, Wai King Bldg.. 9th fir., Flat D. Hung Horn, Kowloon. Hong Kong GLYNNE, Deborah 168-1250 Mississauga Valley Blvd.. Mississauga, Ont. L5A 3R6 GOGEK. Melissa 284 Mill Road. Suite F6. Etobicoke. Ont. M9C 4X7 GONZALEZ. Isabel Urb. Cumbres de Curumo, Ave. Cordillera de la Costa Quinta Mami. Codigo 108. Caracas. Venezuela GOV ' ERDE, Ann R.R. 1. Ashburn. Ont. LOB lAO HASBUN. Eugenia Final Calle de la Loma, Pje. Privado Col. Escalon. San Salvador. El Salvador. Central America HALFYARD, Wendy 473 Smith St., Iroquois Falls, Ont. POK 1 EO HANN. Beth 833 Glenmanor Road, Oshawa, Ont. Ll J 5A6 HbA 1 H, Amanda 80 Forest Manor Rd., Suite 1804, Willowdale, Ont. M2J 1M6 H b Nb 1 UC K , J anet 856 Hortop St., Oshawa, Ont. LIG 4P1 H bb 1 LbK, Anna K. K. I , Mulberry Lane, Locust Hill, Unt. LOH 1 JO HNATIUK. Christine Box 205, Schomberg, Onl. LOG ITO rHJUM rN UfN , Llsa 538 Gorhan St. Newmarket. Ont. HULMbb, bisa 415 Sheppard Ave., Pickering, Onl. L 1 V 1 E6 jijMiNjwfN, Anastacia Box 5I45ES (Soldier Rd.) Nassau. Bahamas kajHAIninia, z.hna c o Mr. A. Adhami. 383 Pinetree Way. Mississauga, Onl. L5G 2R4 KAKOALIN. Karolina Avnida la Trinidad, Residencias Cerrito, Piso 10. Ap. 103 Urb Cerro Verde, El Cafetal, Caracas. Venezuela KA 1 iKAbl. Mahsneea c o Mr. A. Adhami, 383 Pinetree Way, Mississauga, Ont. L5G 2R4 , Mahnaz KbLblNOIUN. Diana 804 Westdale St., Oshawa, Ont. LI J 5B9 M kd I , K„nristine 1 03 de la Riviere, Port Cartier, P.Q. G5B 1 P9 , Jacqueline 1 1 Pv ri A [V I , j [epnanie oil Jasmine C res. , Oshawa, Ont . LIG 3C4 I P ni If A nit n Lnuu ., Anna IIT Tl t,A I ' ri-. i a1 a D anon t i n ■ ■ if D t A 1 I 1 ' Diva. Larocneiie. Kepeniiguy. r. . jda ili I A FOMT A IMP ii7i »3nHlieo LArui ' 1 Aii ' it, ouzie ano Lisa l lfiWinnctnnDH P Di -IrArino Onl IIV ' TAI iHo Mngsion Ku. c, ricKenng, unt. li v z j LAU, Margaret fin Vllcc lill Di-il»,- n DnrL rec Dtz-l- e r i n o On t I 1 X " JCSl CIO ivjiss Jill DOiton, jZj rarK _res., ricKermg, (jni. li w z _o LEE, Sandra 101 B Broadway, 1 1 th Floor, Mei Foo Sun Chuen, Kowloon, Hong Kong L 1 Eva 4C Seymour Rd. , 11th Floor, Hong Kong I ir ' .UTPOnX Ion n M 1 oo Lion 1 1 I , jenny Lee D O Dnv 1 A V nmi l li-in D O lAP 1 Vfl r.yj. BOX 1 JO, iN.nowuon, r.KJ. JUt 1 vu I I rw r lino LLU I L . jane 4 one It ley cres, weston, unt. ivivk zwj I III A mi ' LUl, Am) 185 Bestview Dr., Willowdale, Ont. M2M 4B5 MAfNiNifNo, ousan 2657 Midland Ave., Agincourt, Ont. M IS 1 R6 iViAOvjo, vaierie oi junana ur., usnawa. unt, Liu Zbv M A DTIM I nri IVIA1 1 11 , Lori JD jarwicK j ocaroorougn , vjni , ivi i m zrij mnMJTA A—.. MbH 1 A, Anu 309 Garden Si., 31. Whiiby, Ont. LIN 3 W3 MENTIS. Marg. Rose 45 Metcalfe Ave., Garson, Ont. POM 1 VO MELO. Xiomara 2125 St. Mark St., Apt. 1404, Montreal. Que. H3H 2G8 MOLYNEAUX, Dawn 4001 Bayview Ave., Patio 1, Willowdale, Oni. M2M 3Z7 McBAIN, Linda 25 Kesiell Lane, Don Mills, Unt. M3A ill McEW ' AN, Catherine 90 Wiihngaon Blvo, i oronto, Unt. Moa It i McGlLL, Catherme c o Mrs. Sandra Parish. Llewellyn Park. West Orange, N.J. 07052 McKNIGHT, Karyn 1316 Bathurst St.. Peterborough, Ont. K9H X9 PERINI, Paula and 20 Hepworlh Way, Marknam, Uni. LJr 3o9 , Francine r b I KUrr. Jane loKobertbi., I oronto, Unt. Mjci zKJ PAPE. Carrie c o Mrs. Martha F. de Zabaleia, Rancho El Socorro, Monclova Coah. Mexico KbiD, barah 4uz Lakesnore Ur., uooourg, unt. kva loi KbiD, lommieJo jz uariuke t_res. , 3 1 j, w uiowaaie, unt, ivi l zj3 KlDObLY, btacy 85! Ulencairn jt., ushawa, unt. li J jdj ROSS, Jane 579 Sugarbush Dr., Waterloo, Ont. N2K 1Z9 RUSSELL. Gardenia c o Mrs. N.S. Russell, Box F268 1 , Freeport, Grano Bahamas Diiccci I I n i: A__ KUjobLb. Leslie Ann I4Z0 Military 1 rail, west HHi, unt. iViiL. i av SANDS, Erika P.O. Box 5857, Nassau, Bahamas bCHMlD 1 , oernadelte Box 40, Lhapleau, Unt. rUM i KO iLHUUKiviAN. ousan 2110 Islington Ave. , Toronto. Ont . oribK. ousanna 315 J. Hotung House. Hankow Rd.. Tsimshatsui. Kowloon. Hong Kong brblKD, Kelly 3 1 V Durrey ur . . usnawa, unt. l j o omz o 1 KUbtL, Megan urey wooo r arm, k. k . i , oooa wooa, (jni. lu i au J 1 Ktjuu, jacqueime National Electric Power Authority. 24-25 Marina. P.M.B. 12030, Lagos. Nigeria CI [DTI Mil foi- 7711 r onir ' l Qi 1 t; ll » P O PlfiP 1M7 3i L eniraioi.. Laoaiie, r rior i iviz C KA ITU KAartiT oivii 1 M, iviegan I 1 1 fi 1 imhorli-icl DA 1 i-inHrtn Ont M . 7Vfi 1410 Limoeriost ko.. Lonaon, wni. ino j zvd TAYLOR. Marie 44 Falby Court, Apt. 1605, Ajax, Ont. LIS 3L1 TERRONES. Magdalena Pedro dc Alvarado 147, Veracruz. Ver. TROTTER. Eliz. 7 Grenadier Heights, Toronto, Ont. M6S 2W5 TREVINO. Pilar RioTiver 100, Colonia de Belle, N.L. Mexico VAUCROSSON, Norma " . Melanie Box 774, Hamilton 5, Bermuda VIDRl. Lidia Ave. Las Magnolias 175, Zone 12 San Salvador, Central America WILKINSON. France 18 Wild Cherry Lane. Thornhill. Ont. L3T 3T4 WILLEY. Karen 100 Island Park Dr., Manotick, Onl. KOA 2N0 WILLIAMS, Celeste P.O. Box 2203GT. Nassau. Bahamas Published by Josten ' s National School Services Lfd. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

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