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' i ' - ' ; ri ' At. ' .: ri .».: ' » ' «•,—, ' I •»-, ' •,•• ' ' " I ' V • • ■ •,••%• •• • » ' " . ' V I ' X • • " , ' »»i W . ' k ' l -. ' « ' ». •.. ' . •.» s ' . l vrl - vr ' . •. vr •i " 7l: J. " n l " rAt vrl ' •. v. ' J. " : l " f .l Yrl z. ■ ,v«-..z, , ,-. , i.v z , i.v« • « ..-»» . t. y, I , I A- ' . . 1 A- ' . . « ' .. ' . 1 A- ' - . 1 . 1 A.- ' .j . i A. ' . . ' , i i t •z- ' s ' " • . » t « z ' ». « e ' s .- ' ' » •z ' v ' » « « g , ».,.. z, » . » , » . »» , » » I » .N. ' .; . . T ' I■: •.c. l " -c rI " At vrl• - ' l • " I " A •.v:l A:.c rl » ' rAt l ' t «••. ' . . ■ 1 z-. ! ■ »A ». • •.•. ' »» . ' .V. ' . . 1 t .V . I . I.. ' . . I . „ ' . I . I n. ' . . I A. ' . . I .S_ ' .» . 1 . ' ._ ' .). [A. ' .. ' , i - ' .v:l- l • v. T ; ' - n : ' . ■ t vr!■A-Lvrl ' •J. " tvvri: i vrr. - " y,|c -.yA-Ajj-Av: we treasure: justice, loyalty, truth and duty. Knowledge, particularly that which is learned while you are here, is the very bulwark of your inner defences. It is the sure base for speculation, and the very component which will give your life greater dimensions as you grow older. With con- tinuing education you may develop ideals, build a strong set of values, acquire more knowledge of what is beautiful, and enhance your life with experiences of adventure. Your goal for the future should be the greatest develop- ment of your highest powers in education and the arts. Increased perspectiveness will precipitate growth in intellect- ual, moral and religious awareness. It was Seneca, the tutor of Nero, who wrote " As long as you live, keep learning how to live. " The best wishes of our Faculty and Staff go to those of you who are graduating from Ontario Ladies ' College. We all hope that you will never forget your Alma IVlater. Reginald C. Davis The Principal ' s Message CONTINUING EDUCATION Ontario Ladies ' College is an excellent environment for learning. It is the hope of the Faculty that none of our grad- uates will consider that at this point in their educational careers they can say " That ' s it; I am educated. " A Graduation Diploma is not a fait accompli, but may be looked upon as the opening of a door to the future. Education is a lifelong process. Each day, with its new requirements, demands an adequate preparation to meet the growing needs of this changing world. Continuing education is the only answer which will keep your perceptions sharp and enable you to re -evaluate your concepts and ideals in terms of constantly modified surroundings. Many problems in the world today are due to confusion and ignorance. Many people have become literate, but they have ceased learning too early in life, and their funds of know- ledge have become bankrupt. Dogmatism, intolerance and smugness have replaced a creative perspective with the things 4 The Dean ' s Message Graduation is a time for looking ahead to new places, new faces, to a whole new life. It is also a time for looking back; back to the time this school meant new places and new faces. Remember the loneliness of those first few days? Sharing a room with a stranger, the confusion of time tables and room location - getting lost on the way to Chapel - the dining room, so very different from home - ' Push ' - a strange word for a bedtime snack - uniforms in place of jeans. Why did I ever come here? Now you are leaving what has become so familiar for a new life, different yet similar. Life repeats itself. It, too, will have its share of disappointments, frustrations, failures and successes. The years here have helped you to grow and mature in judgments. Each new situation will be met and overcome with past experience to guide your speech and behaviour. Perhaps failure in tests has shown the need for sacrificing an evening of fun to study - not easy but the price of success. Try always to remember the importance of first impres- sions. Your manners, dress and speech will open doors pro- viding the opportunity to prove your worth. Most important of all, be honest, reliable and dependable. As I write this I have mixed feelings. I, too, am leaving O.L.C. for a new life. I take with me many happy memories, as I am sure you will, and some new friends. There is a time for everything and the time is now for us to leave. Never lower your standards. Aim high in the words of Robert Browning: " Ah, but a man ' s reach should exceed his grasp, Or what ' s a heaven for. " Sarah Murdoch Mr. Robertson, Miss Constantine, Miss Szkokan, Mrs. Swan, Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Holley, Mr. Shelson. Miss Kreklewetz, Mrs. Metselaar, Mrs. Hallpike. Mrs. Greenslade Mrs. Knowles Mrs. Sadoway Mrs. Simpson, Ass ' t. Dean Miss Leslie, Nurse The Head Girl ' s Message As the year draws to a close and I look back on my two short years at O.L.C. I have to smile. Never could I have dreamt what this school had in store for me. Friendship abounds within the walls of Trafalgar Castle and gives a vital life to each girl. This year we had a new system of student govern- ment. Each girl in Grade 13 accepted a different area of responsibility in the life of the school. To each of these girls I would like to give my thanks for all the support I felt that you gave me through- out the year. I am very grateful to each girl in the school as I realize that all of you have affected me very deeply and I will always appreciate the friends I have made here. Finally, I wish, for each of you, success and happiness. I want you to know that you will all be part of my fondest memories of my best year of schooling yet. With all my love, Marguerite Dear Old Trafalgar Dear old Trafalgar, Hear thou our hymn of praise. Hearts full of love we raise Proudly to thee. Thy spleridour never falls, Truth dwells within thy walls, Thy beauty still enthralls, Dear O.L.C. Through thee we honour Truth, virtue, loveliness. Thy friendships e ' er possess Our constancy. Thy spirit fills us through, So we ' ll be ever true To our dear blue and blue Of O.L.C. O! Alma Mater: How can we from thee part? Thou only hast our heart, Dearest of schools. Thy glory we shall see Wherever we may be, Still love of O.L.C. Our future rules. Melvoyn Cargill . . . Melvoyn, better known as " Melly " , comes from Nassau, Bahamas, an island of warmth and beauty. She has spent three years at O.L.C. and has made the best of her stay. She has been the captain of Maxwell House for two years, and has been a constant source of inspiration for her house members. MeUy ' s favorite slang is " Boy you kill me! " , and her laughter, which is a part of her presence, brings life to all those around her. In spite of her usual cheerfulness, when her Bahamian temper rises we ' d be better a mile away. Melly, your determination, cleverness, and self-confidence will surely help you to achieve your desired goals in life. Hope your wishes and dreams come true. Ruth Chow . . . Ruth is our Hong Kong, sexy lady with enough clothes to open a boutique. This is her second year and she is the Library Assistant, and always works in the library every day, after getting her boyfriend ' s letters. At night, you can hear the music of the piano coming from the common room, and the singing, which is the nightly entertainment for all of us on the hall. Also, you can hear some new music she wrote for her boyfriend. After Grade 13, she might be going back to Hong Kong, and getting married or she will continue her studies with Jimmy. Anyway, we wish you the best of luck, and don ' t forget to send us an in- vitation to your wedding. Irene Chung . . . Irene is from Hong Kong and this is her third year at O.L.C. She is the president of the Grade 13 class and she is the Head of Displays too. Next year, she would like to study Hotel Management in Hawaii. We viash the best of luck to this little person who has added so much to our class and to life on the hall. We hope that she succeeds in whatever she does. Diana Ing . . . What can I say about this girl who comes from Taiwan? She is a brain who always gets good marks without studying hard. She is really a sleeping angel because you can find her sleeping during study-hall. She is such a genius in music, 1 can ' t remember how many awards she has won in the music con- tests. She is the girl who can spend five or six hours in the prac- tise room. She is really shy when we talk about guys. I hope she ' ll have many choices in university. She is going to Queen ' s Univer- sity next year to study engineering. We ' ll miss you a lot Diana. Good luck in your future. Emily Lee . . . Emily has been in O.L.C. for only one year. Be- fore she came here, she had already spent two years in Ireland. She loves water fights, and the reasons for that, I better leave for Shirley. She is so good at analysing, that she can spend a whole hour explaining to you why one plus one is not equal to two, but three. She loves to spend her life on the phone with her SWEETY. And whenever the bills come, you better keep away from her words! Next year she will not have this problem anymore be- cause she is going to live with her SWEETY . . .! Good luck to you in Western! Laurel IVlackenzie . . . Laurel has been inside the walls of O.L.C. for one year. Often throughout the year she could be seen run- ning through the halls chased by Ricky or visa versa. Laurel could often be seen venturing up Lower Francis to get Ricky or going down for a pop at two in the morning and ending up making a phone call to Calgary and having a cigarette. How about our fa- vorite " Royals " and " serious " studying that we never really did and then going to Toronto and sitting in the Eaton Center for two hours doing nothing. How we ever managed to do such crazy things I don ' t know. But remember that we ' ll all meet again in Melvoyn and Irene ' s hotel, you as the lawyer and me as " only the future can tell. " Fiona Morton . . . Phona alias " FiFi " . " Oh Boy! " It isn ' t going to be hard to write about the yearbook editor who has spent her last three years of school at O.L.C., cleaning common rooms and smoking areas, forgetting to get on bicycles, skiing at 5:30, chew- ing a silver heart, keeping people up all hours of the night, camp- ing in the woods and going to the D.Q. and ending up in Toronto. Perhaps Fiona ' s greatest assets are her perceptiveness, dedication, enthusiasm, and valued criticism, which seem to flavour not only the students, but the whole atmosphere of the school. Maxwell House will definitely miss their head cheerleader. If she is unable to join us next year for Grade 14, Alumnae Bridge will be satis- factory. Take care and good luck. Linda Robertson . . . Pin is a charter member of long standing in the woodwork club. She has been at O.L.C. for 7 years. One of those 7 years was spent as a boarder having fantastic tea parties, A. A. meetings and trying to sleep with a pillow on her head. A true blue Secret Friend and sometimes even the Christmas elf, the Easter bunny and the Great Pumpkin. Pin, although on a con- stant diet, hopes and searches for jujubes. Her career changes daily so whether she ' ll be a potter or a mad scientist who watches T.V. in the Lab, is anyone ' s guess. The " snort ' s " cheerful readiness and laughter will be greatly missed. Take care Pin. Cynthia Sabiston . . . Cynchy Inchy has devoted three of the best years of her life to O.L.C. In her final year, with her duties as head of dramatic events, and the demands for her skill as a typist for the yearbook, Cynth is ready for those glorious days in the sun in the Bahamas. Next year she hopes to take a secretarial course in Toronto. Who knows what the future will hold for her, because with her it is a different thing every week. Well Cynchy good luck and see you in a few years for Alumnae bridge. Fanny Siu . . . Fanny is a girl who loves talking about guys. You can hardly believe it, but it ' s true! She always looks at her photo album and starts dreaming. Once in a while you hear her say " How sophisticated he looks! " or " Oh! How handsome and smart he is! " She just can ' t take her eyes from the album. Well, she is going to University of Toronto to study commerce next year. Good Luck Fanny and when you and your husband are washing dishes, think of me and my best wishes! Joanne Fitzpatrick ... Jo was one of our faithful day girls and almost survived 7 years. Unfortunately she decided in December that she couldn ' t hack it anymore. You could always tell when she was in one of her moods, because she was the only " poin " walking around with her blazer on her head. Jo gave our class a very different character from any other class. One of the smoking area ' s favourite pastimes was watching Jo driving her racey auto and she was also an authority on Nancy Naive. In her early years here she was known as the S.D. of the class and has carried on the position. In her last year she made an excellent Day Girl Pre- fect and fellow classmate. On behalf of the Grade 13 class we would like to wish you the best of luck and keep on partying. Norma Vaucrosson . . . Norma left the fun and sun of Bermuda behind four years ago when she decided to enter the gates of O.L.C. and try her luck at surviving the trials put forth by the establishment. Remember the garbage can that you burnt to the floor and the door that you and Ricky knocked down? She ' s come a long way since Grade 10 and now she ' s finished Grade 13, although she ' s carried along with her those annoying traits such as constantly being late for breakfast and eating as slowly as possible. Well, we ' ve seen the last of Norma at O.L.C., for next year she intends to work and then further her studies at College. Even though she ' s gone we ' ll never forget her passionate hatred for the snow and the unforgettable " Royals " . Do you know what Norma would like for her B ' day? A Lion - wouldn ' t that be a roar? Carolina Wan . . . Carolina flew in from Hong Kong and took her lodgings here at O.L.C. in the spring of ' 75. She brought with her a unique Chinese style and her beauty and charm certainly make her a " foxy lady " . As a former room-mate, I can truly say that beneath her easy going disposition, Carolina possesses a variety of talents; she can almost be a Theresa Carpio II! , and surely she is a great volleyball player. In her last year at O.L.C, she could very rarely be seen on weekends because she would be living it up and having enough fun for everyone in Toronto. Certainly she has made made the best of this year. Carolina, your sweet personality and you, as a true friend, will forever be remembered. Good luck and success always. Marquerite Wood . . . Madge has been enlivening the halls of O.L.C. for two years and has certainly earned herself a name. Not only did she earn the position of Head Girl but has become well known as a true connosieur of buns, the latest fashions in hats (lampshades? ), fignewtons, and her unique style of dancing. She is also known for spending many of her weekends working on the railroad. Knock knock, who ' s there? Yes, we know Madge, Jack Benny ' s underwear. Ne.xt year she hopes to attend a University for the parties only. Well Madge Good Luck and keep on Jam- ming. And don ' t forget Alumnae Bridge, you little red devU you! Karen Yip . . . Karen is from Hong Kong, and she has been with us for two years. As the Head of Tuck shop, and with her charm- ing personality, Karen is always a favorite with us. Besides choco- late bars and chips, Karen is also fond of music and finds com- fort in playing piano. (Mr. Robertson and Mrs. Summers can prove that.) Next year, Karen is going to study business at University. We wish you best of luck and success in the future. Keep on smil- ing, Karen. 1 ' HI lo the. radS. jou 0 • • • Vlhcxf e ty vjou do ' ' Please. Keep ih jOur school Corgrot+ula+ions Prom Drama Night Scapino By: Moliere CAST Ottavio Sylvesttro Scapino Giacinta Argante Waitress Geronte Leandro Zerbinetta Nurse Director Stage Manager Lights Sets Martha Digby Margret-Rose Mentis Megan Strobel Cynthia Sabiston Dwan Vanderpool Patricia Chavez Kathy Haggis Norma Vaucrosson Marilyn Mentis Kathy Whittamore Kathy Davis Fiona Morton Chris Burns Kathy Whittamore Kathy Whittamore OK! Who takes Home Ec? Grade 12 Nadine Francis HEY! You lot! Marg;aret Lau Lay Ho Ma Mary Kenny Frogs are beautiful! Maria Perez Ya son las 3:30 Margaret Rose Mentis You know what I mean? Sharon Cargill Handle it. Nothing slick Teresa Chin PERFECT! Margaret Entwistle You Devil Patricia Chavez Why nobody write me? Gabriela Chavez De Seguro Manana Me Corren Jill Moore Sprechen sie Deutsche? Piona Chow Pardon Meek Fummy I can ' t do it Lucy Chan Ca ne m ' etonne pas! Alice Lau Snoopy Susan Holman Fast Woman! Patricia Minialoff Pootsie Gail Cornwall AAAOOWWHH! Maria Chan HI! Maria Schmilinsky AY! Yo Quiero Kathy Davis DAFFY DUCK Laurel Greene Class President OOOH BABY . . . Hurray For Weekends Catherine Brown SAVAGE! ! Grade 11 Holly Austinn HOO! HA! IT ' S FRIDAY! Fran Perini Ace! Do I Have A Deten- tion? Wendy Halfyard Can I Bum A Smoke Lisa Dorey Whew I ' m So Excited Susan Schuurman Smile! It ' s Friday! Belle Au What time is it now? Mary Ellen Davies Pizza and Horses. The only combo. Jan Bennett What they don ' t know won ' t hurt them. Cecilia Chow OH! Exam Is Coming! Bernie Schmidt ALRIGHT! HEY GREASE! Chris Kirby That ' s my Telephon e call! Melanie Vaucrosson Hey! Sticks! Kathryn Haggis Class President Hubba Heba Haba Teddy Deirdre Morrison Gums! Arezu Hariri Come come teddy. Grade 10 Dale Vickery Vicks Ann Luyken Worlds finest tobacco picker. Michelle Devere How can you live here. Gardenia Russell What ' s Bridget Krause Oh, I only got 94. Sarah Read Reidy! Valerie Maggs Tee Hee Hee. Well, Freddy does it! Amy Lui Hello! Dorothy Kennedy Maureen Tutty Susan Stock Lisa Holmes fihary. I have to catch a bus. Bill ' s Going to call. Frog or Nah! In Frobisher Bay . . . Grade 8 J Sandy Farran Class President Let ' s go to Whitby! Catherine Hardman Any mail? Pat Kelly Yes Dear. Laura Waddell Wake up! Polly Perini CRAZYHORSE! Anne Brillinger If anyone wants me, I ' ll be in the gym. Jamie Krause Amanda Heather Anti Mandy. Marie Taylor Here comes the FUZZ! Heather Tomkins TOMMY! Julie Sukornyk Where ' s my big sister? Jane Ross Telephone? Martha Cassanova Are you coming to my room tonite? Dawn Morrison Gums Junior! Mary Halam-Andres Class President Short Stuff Stephanie Kirkham Panda Grade 7 Tony Davis Fancy Dancer Catherine Lee I ' m Tired Lisa Lafontaine Munchkin Karamet Khan Missing from class pictures - but not forgotten! Uebbie Cathy Enriqueta Lori Beth Newton Barron Rambal Martin Hann Grades Grade 11 Grade 12 Grade 12 Grade 8 Each year a trip is organized for the winter break. This year thanks to Miss Szkokan, sunny Greece wel- comed five students who were well looked after by eight " capable chaperones " ! In spite of harrowing experiences in Yugoslavia, everyone is looking forward to a return trip in the near future. Commencement Excercises 1977 The graduates Friends, may I just close with this thought. We leave tonight but our places will shortly be filled by others, just as eager, just as determined to suc- ceed. It is our sincere wish that all the valuable ex- periences which have been ours will, in due course, be theirs. When their turn comes, may they be as sorry to leave as we are this evening. And now the time has come when we must take our leave. To you who continue to study and teach within these walls, to O.L.C., our Alma Mater, we the graduates of 1977 bid farewell. Gail McKeown Valedictorian The address to the graduates was given by The Honourable Margaret Scrivener, Minister of Revenue Ontario. Bazaar Thanks to the success of the bazaar, our foster children will be cared for during the next year. This year we tried to initiate some new ideas such as the cafe , (with its famous pizzas) and the all-too- popular games room. These innovations and the traditional events were successful and the S.C.F. would like to thank everyone for their support and enthusiasm. Linda O. L. C. Among the Hurons! Big and Little Sisters O. L. C. Riders I and Jumpers ! Cross-Country Runners Graduation Dinner Friday, May 15, 1978 Graduation Tears Graduation tears. Congratulation cheers It ' s the day of my emotion, can ' t you see? You showed me the way to joy and happiness, my friend. As [ step out of the schoolyard I have known. Now 1 don ' t know how I would go on without you, In a wicked world, I ' ll be all alone. I have been blessed by school life. Don ' t care about a thing. Gonna thank our teachers and our friends Sung by : The Grade 1 3 Graduating Class TOASTS TOASTMASTER Dr. R.C. Davis THE QUEEN CANADA Tracie Grieve Laurel Mackenzie ALMA MATER Cynthia Sabiston Melvoyn Cargill FACULTY AND STAFF Marguerite Wood Mrs. N. Hallpike GRADUATING CLASSES Dwan Vanderpool Christine Burns Katherine Whittamore Emily Lee STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS Heather Tait Moira Harvey Linda Robertson Susan Holman Fiona Morton Norma Vaucrosson OTHER CLASSES Irene Chung Mary Halam-Andres Sandra Farran Cathy McGill Kathryn Haggis Laurel Greene GREETINGS FROM THE ALUMNAE Mrs. Shirley Brown Alumnae Council President May Court Festival THE MAY COURT The May Queen The Counsellors Melvoyn Cargill Susan Holman Karen Yip Antonia Davis Shanna Scarlett Stephanie Kirkham Lisa-Marie Lafontaine Mary Halam-Andres The Maypole - Grade XII Scottish Dancers La Bamba Maria Perez, Chinos Rambal, Patricia and Gabriela Chavez. Open House PROGRAM IN THE AUDITORIUM Selections by Grade VII Vlll Instrumental Band Selections by Grade VII c VIII Vocal Class Selections by Grade VII VIII Instrumental Band Piano Solos: Jami Krause -Mist (Clifford Pool) Bridget Krause -Rondo (Diabelli) Diana Ing -Etude in E major. Op. 10 No. 3 (Chopin) Chinese Dance: Irene Chung and Fanny Siu ' I I Class Day AWARDS Centennial Shield Kathy Whittamore Sally MacGre or Shield Meek Fummey Contribution to sports Dwan Vanderpool Drama Award Megan Strobel Posture Queen Maureen Tutty Debating Award Laurel Green Kiwanis Music Festival Award Diana Ing Miss Carter Chris Kirby Miss Maxwell Wendy Halfyard Miss Hare Kathy Haggis Miss Farewell Kathy Whittamore All Hail Macbeth. Run Chris! Run!! Swoosh!! Dear Carter: Time goes by very fast and I have to say goodbye. I ' d like to thank all of you for your support throughout the year. Though we did not have many victories, I know that we have surely tried. So, let me say " Thank You " to you all. Luv Carolina Our always alert and on the job House Captain! Hare I have really enjoyed being your house captain this year. We did well in all activities. I would like to thank all of you for your spirit and partici- pation. I ' m going to miss you next year. Memories don ' t leave like people do, They always stay with you Whether they ' ve been good or bad At least it ' s something you have had. Special thanks to Sharon and Dwan. Lots of Love Tracie Throughout the year the " Maxwellities " have displayed enthu- siasm and support for their house. Together we have continually tried to make Maxwell House. The best and, whether or not we have accomplished our desires, there still remains devo- tion and determination. Special thanks to Chris Burns. Love Melvoyn Centre Island Picnic You say this doesn ' c look like Centre Island? You don ' t see any signs of a picnic? Well remember it rained that day and there weren ' t many opportunities to take pictures. But here is a potpourri of pretty faces plus Mr. Shelson and you wOl just have to imagine the day the pouring rain, the wet feet, the shivering girls who didn ' t bother to take jackets, the terrific lunches with ham and cheese sandwiches and Mars bars, ' pigging out ' in Centreville and our ' barbecue ' in the gym. Mrs. Halliday promised to build a fire on the gym floor but she backed out at the last minute. And of course there was the great awards ceremony when, at long last, those deserving people were remem- bered the champi on fingernail biter, the blondest girl in the school, the best supporting actresses and others too numerous to mention. Let ' s do it again! li Although the S.C.F. doesn ' t meet regularly; when we are together we have a lot of fun. This year we were very success- ful in our S.C.F. Bazaar in the fall; we had a great time tobog- ganing over at the Oshawa Golf Course one evening this winter and the S.C.F. Sunday evening Chapel Service was very success ful as well. Hopefully, before the school year finishes, in the Spring, we will hold the traditional S.C.F. and Kathy M picnic at the Scarborough Bluffs. Linda m ' VI ' 0. This year the choir ' s main in- volvement has been focused around t he school. In December, we had our annual Christmas Carol Service. There was a great turn out. Our second event was the Christmas Dinner, where the choir sang Ring Christmas Bells, Little Drummer Boy, and O Holy Night. We enjoyed singing for friends and family at the May Day cele- bration. Under the direction of Dr. Davis, our principal, the choir has been able to continue the musical traditions of the school. The students who have partici- pated, have enjoyed the learning experience. Good luck in the future, O.L.C. choir! Sue Holman Choir President I ii m M m i«.VT - i ' Mi This year the debating society has met with great success. We have about ten active members who have participated in humor- ous debates, both at our own school and outside it. It seems that when we wer e not hosting a debate, an invitation from an- other school had us preparing for competition. We had our ups and downs, the same as any " volunteer " club experiences, but I think I can speak on behalf of all members in the debating society, in saying that we had a terrific time this year and hope that next year will be as great a success. Special thanks to our organizer and friend, Mr. Palmer. 0 Well, after many busy Sundays and studyhalls spent trying to meet deadlines, this yearbook has finally made it to you. I hope our efforts have not been in vain and that in years to come you can look back at this yearbook and remember many happy moments spent at O.L.C. I hope you enjoy your book; we certainly had a lot of fun making it. Love Fiona and Dwan pjiillllllli Mr. Robertson ' s Piano Pupils Lights, Camera, Action! The Dramatic Society of 77 78 has discovered many potential actresses this year with the performance of the ' " Christmas Boy and with our production, " Scapino " on Drama Night. We have trained many capable people to work with costumes, sets and make up, " to get the show on the road " . See you on Broadway! Love Cynthia. ■••••■•■• ' Miiiiiii ' The main events on the athletic side of the school year were cross-country, volleyball, the winter carnival, basketball and swimming. Each of these events was well supported, especially by Kim Bergland who caused everyone to buy earmuffs to protect her ears. A special thanks to all of you who supported your house. GOOD LUCK next year! Norma Vaucrosson MISS CONSTANTINE NORMA VAUCROSSON AND THE HOUSE CAPTAINS Big Sisters- -Little Sisters Big sisters disgrace you about your looks, Little sisters deface you with fingernail hooks. Laughing, giggling, and carrying on. Always fighting about what ' s right and what ' s wrong. Never satisfied with what you do. Saying that you belong in a zoo. But, when you ' re down and feeling blue, It ' s sisters who help to get you through. Deirdre Morrison thinking of Dawn They bug you and pull you and push you around; They borrow your pencils and pens, the clowns! They get into your closets and try on your clothes; They get into your letters and read them aloud; They try on your necklaces and bracelets and rings; They ask you about adding, subtracting, and things: There ' s never an end to the things that they do. To the tricks that they play on me and on you. But, what a dull place this world sure would be, If there wasn ' t a little sister just for me. Bridget Krause thinking of Jamie My sister will be my closest friend. We will stick together until the end. We may fight with each other and act real rough. But I really love her, I hope that ' s enough. I tell her the things that I sometimes don ' t dare. There ' s so much that we can always share. We make trouble together and do things wrong. But we ' ll be sisters and friends all along. Jill Forrest thinking of Bev Big sisters help you to fix your hair, Little ones run loose with bottoms bare, They listen while you talk on the phone, And giggle at him when he walks you home, Pig tails and freckles and a runny nose, Saturday you take them shopping for clothes. Bonnets and bows and knee sox, Reading to her when she ' s got chicken pox. Then every once in a while, A kiss on the cheek and a sunny smile. Then big sis comes running with wonderful news: " He ' s got a little brother with big baby blues! Dale Vickery Colour My World. Beautiful May leaves A roll in the grass The reaping of sheaves The tarnish of brass Polluted water The colour of beans The eyes of a daughter IVIy colour is green. Michelle deVere My favorite colour is yellow you see: The lines on a road, the stripes on a bee. The bright shining sun beaming at me, The glow of a daffodil fresh and new, The smell of Spring and light wet dew. The cover of a book, a kleenex or two, A pencil, a crayon just waitin g for you. Tina Brillinger So many things make me feel pink. Cold little cheeks after skating on rinks, or little girls " ruffles on picture day. Fluffy candy floss, a balloon in May, A long silk ribbon that makes you feel young, A new born baby that has just life begun. Beth Rumball My favorite colour is dark and bold, It comes mysterious, it comes old. The colour of a dog, a cat; even a little baby bat! It ' s plain, it ' s cold and seen on a sack. My colour you see is just plain black! Tina Brillinger O.L.C. Do you remember through the year All the sadness and all the cheer? The housemothers thought that they were boss, But all they got was complete chaos. The classes go throughout the day, The girls are anxious for the end of May. The girls who thought they were deprived Always managed to survive. Some of the faces we will never see In the halls of O.L.C. Another year will start again But, it will never be the same. So when the day comes to depart Don ' t let the memories leave your heart. So good-bye to you my faithful friends Let ' s not make this the very end. FRAN PERINI THANKS ALMA MATER Thanks Alma Mater, For the times of work and fun. Thanks for endless hours. Which got the whole job done. For times of excitement And times when alone. For times when you marched me To bed with a groan. For friends with kind words; The hopes and the fears, The lessons learned daily. The laughter, the tears. You ' ve taught me endurance. Patience and truth. For many a time I ' d have Gone through the roof. With you I ' ve shared many secrets and dreams, I ' ve strived for my goals. How enormous they seemed. Tears come to my eyes When I think about leaving; Even though I hide it My heart is sure grieving. You ' ll not be forgotten. For with gratitude I say. Thanks Alma Mater, Thanks for every single day. DWAN VANDERPOOL JEWELLERS C-, 217 DUNDAS ST. E. r WHITBY, ONTARIO LIN 2H9 PHONE 668-5051 DIAMOND APPRAISING FOR DESIGNING SPECIALTIES SEE frank McCullough or Barry Davis WATCH REPAIR SALES Gordon Jones Phone 668-2492 Art Supplies MIDDLETON ' S BOOK STORE STATIONERS 113 Dundas St. W. Whitby, Ontario CUT N ' DRY llODUNLOP ST. EAST WHITBY 668-0891 WHITBV FABRICS CUSTOM Dl XSkPCS DRCSS =}OOOS 6 Ou s oAS STXCCT £ qST TD BANK W hert Mc ' ij]trcnc nANAGEK- nUp.J. JARV15 PHOTOGRAPH ICS fcn BROCK ST. S WHITBY, OMTARIO BROCK PHARMACY DELIVERy SERVICE OSHflWA -WHITB1 CREATIVE PHOTOGRAPHY WEDDING PORTRAITS PASSPORTS 115 BROCK ST. S., WHITBY ONTARIO LIN 4J9 PICTURE FRAMING PRINTS REPRODUCTIONS NEEDLEPOINT STRETCHING DRY MOUNT WALL DECOR PHOTO ART VISIT OUR GALLERY 668-1941 w.c. Town pnjNEiRAU CHAPEL LTD. no DutjftAs STfteeT cast V HITBM ONTARIO JAMES TO Wisi ] lftfiCT0K5 COMPLIMENTS OF THE CORPORATION OF THE TOWN OF WHITBT Whitby Ontario MUNICIPAL BUILDING TELEPHONE 405 Dundas St. West 416-668-5803 f- eter n d o 5 e p li J4 a i r ijiiAli 1 04 Dundas Street WHITBY 668-5691 Hair Styles to please YOU We specialize in perms, tints and bleaches eaning CARDINAL CLEANERS LTD. 7545 Dundas Street East Whitby, Ont. BURTINSKY FLORIST 214 Dundas Street WHITBY, Ontario a DO IT YOURSELF SAVE Doors - Windows - Glass - Tub Enclosures QUALITY ALUMINUM MART Patio Doors-Siding-Awnings-Thermo Glass Mirrors 1333 HARWOOD AVE. NORTH AJAX, ONTARIO LIS 2B8 T8l. Off. 683-2363! Compliments of PEERLESS ENTERPRISES 1520 The Queensway Toronto, Ontario MANUFACTURERS OF ROOFING METAL DECKING METAL SIDING SONS-S ANNIVE 1953—1978 We have enjoyed serving young adults like you for 25 years. You keep us young! We hope to con- -e7 tinue serving you in future years. comPuim£NT5 OF At Vendinq - K COFFEE OSHAWR TORONTO - 57fc-aiS| U9IC actory 102 Dundas St. W., Whitby MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS ■ SUPPLIES MUSIC TEACHERS ■ RECORDS INSTRUMENT REPAIRS ■ DONE ON THE PREMISES 668-9201 Fashions 126 ) To To- Tr or )rouj s Fa skiohs To-dtoty lolb Brock Sfreei Soufh LjKilby On+ano lin js 360 Brock Street South, Whitby LIN 4K3 Phone: 666-1231 Complimenl of ioG8-58(o8 103 DundasSi-. tKhitbu, ©rf. NEW AND USED CARS T 0 Whitliy 1025 Dundas St. W., Whitby, Ont. LIN 5R4 (416) 668-4792 (416) 668-4799 0 t a PHONE ( l6)66 )-1bOO 368 BROCK ST. 3. WHITBV. ONT. UN ROYAL BANK . . . for a lot of reas or s Tell you a secret . . . EJaton ' s learns where it ' s going by keeping up with you. Drop in— meet your friends in our Young Oshawa and Young Men ' s Shops— and stay a while. With your clothes, your sounds. Sales people who look and think your way. Try on what you like. If you buy something . . . fine. We ' re happy to have you anyway— for what you teach us about the way fashions and attitudes are going. Because of you, we ' re young. (Thanks.) EATON ' S MERCURY FURNITURE APPLIANCES LTD. All at Prices you have to see to believe! Best Wishes from ERNIE ROWLAND PRESIDENT JURY AND LOVELL LTD. YOUR REXALL DRUG STORE Business: 683-3711 Residence: 668-7915 1305 Harwood Avenue North, Ajax 317 Brock St. S. Whitby Plaza 668-3394 PICOV ' S HORSEMEN ' S CENTRE R.R. 1, Whitby, Ont. " We Sell Horses and Everything That Goes With Them " (416) 668-7922 (416) 668-2601 cent re RE5TAUBANT TAVERN OSHAWA CENTRE (Mcxt to the Cinemas] Tel: 5TG-4543 Mil mere an i i le DE PAR T r-l E NT STORE BV Smith i r ARsHALi- LTO. LEADERS MPDIENT EESlllDENfiim ©Iff PMUPEIRTY mMWEreiMT IMicit Prc[)edy riwiacemeiil ni Nonauon Roadl, ip+h floor. Osnaua , Onto-cio Tel: 519-1626 Congratulations to the Graduates We at Andrew Antenna urge you to bear In mind that the search for knowledge Is never-ending. Continue along this path and you will find greater self fulfilment in all you do. ANDREW Mister Transmission Monsieur Transmission Speedy Transmission U.S.A. Smitty Brake Stop Centres FOR FRANCHISE INFORMATION CALL B. BRILLINGER (416) 495-1511 Serving the Public in Whitby for the last 5 Years. OTTO PROVENZANO 668-3600 BLAIR PARK PLAZA Corner of Highway 2 and Lupin Drive We Deliver W ii by fire Oepor}m f QuLsa Beaver Sdus The Ontario Ladies ' College Yearbook staff would like to thank the following for their support: Mrs. Jeanne Hughes Mrs. Valerie Vickery Mr. Mrs. H.J. Fitzpatrick Mr. Mrs. G.F. Elwood J. Shelson Mr. Mrs. J. Dion Courtice-Allin ' s Pharmacy Butt Radio and Appliance Mrs. Pat Perini Mr. Mrs. H. Robertson 118 Brock St. N. Whitby STUDENTS ' LIST 1978 Allgood, Louise 955 Timmins, Gardens. Pickering, Ont. LIW 2L3 Khan. Karamet Archer, Carolynn P.O. Box F3073. Freeport. Grand Bahamas Kirby, Christine Au. Belle Venice Court. 2 A. 41 Conduit Road, Hong Kong Kirkham, Stephanie Austin, Holly 435 Rouge Hills, Dr.. West Hill Ont. MIC 2Z6 Krause, Bridget and Jami Barron. Cathie Box 664. R.R. No. 3. Manotick. Ont. KOA 2N0 Lafontaine, Lisa and Suzie Berglund, Kim Box 1 178. R.R. No. 4, Campbellford, Ont. KOL 1 LO Lau. Alice Bovell, Margaret Malabar Farm. Box 1310, Port-of-Spain. Trinidad. W.L Brillinger, Anne and Tina R.R. No. 3. Newmarket. Ont.. L3Y 4W1 Lau, Margaret Brown. Catherine 60 Admiral Rd.. Ajax. LIS 2N9 Burns. Christine 24 McArthur St.. Weston. Ont. M9P 3M7 Lee. Emily Cargill, Mel. and Sharon Box N5569. Nassau. Bahamas Casonova, Martha 101 Whiteoaks Court. Whitby, Ont. LIN lAl Lui, Amy Cave, Deborah Box 286. Newcastle, Ont. LOA IHO Luyken, Anne Chan, Lucy 35D Broadway St., 1 8th fir., Mei Foo Sun Chuen. Lane, Barbara Kowloon. Hong Kong Mackenzie, Laurel Chan. Maria and Stephany Swiss Towers. Flat A. 1 1 th fir.. Tai Hang Road. Hong Maggs, Valeric Kong Manning, Susan Chavez, Ga. and Pat. Priv. Laurel No. 101. Col. Sta. Engracia, Nuevo Leon, Martin, Lori Mexico Mentis, Marg. Rose Chin. Teresa 218-220 Argyle St.. Hoover Crt, Flat 9C. Kowloon, Minialoff, Patricia Hong Kong Molyneaux, Dawn-Marie Chow. Piona 43 Block C.. 5 Warwick Rd.. Kowloon Tong, Moore, Jill Kowloon, Hong Kong Morrison, Dawn and Deirdre Chow. Ruth 59 Nga Tsin Wai Rd. 2nd fir. Kowloon, Hong Kong Morton, Fiona Chui, Cecilia 126 Argyle St., 8th fir., Kowloon. Hong Kong McBain. Linda Chung, Irene 2 Fessenden Rd. 1st fir. Flat H. Avon Court, McClymont, Lorie Kowloon Tong, Kowloon. Hong Kong McGill, Catherine Cohen. Tracy 21 Rose Park Dr., Toronto. Ont. M4f 1R2 Cornwall. Gail 23 Brant Court. Oshawa, Ont. LIG 4N1 Newton, Deborah Davies. Mary Ellen 244 Lupin Dr., Whitby. Ont. LIN lYl Perez, Maria Davis, Kathryn 401 Reynolds St.. Whitby Davis, Antonia Box F1248, Freeport. Grand Bahama Perini. Paula and Francine DeVere. Michelle 19 Aberdeen St.. Oshawa. Ont. LIG 2E5 Read, Sarah DeVita. Debra R.R. El. Puddlestone Place, R.R. No. 1. King, Ont. Robertson, Linda LOGIKO Ross, Jane Digby, Martha 44 Douglas Dr., Toronto, Ont. M4W 2B3 Rumball. Beth Dorey. Lisa 47 Joseph St.. Markham. Ont. L3P 2N4 Russell. Gardenia Edness, Ricky 142-13 Rockaway Blvd.. South Ozone Park, N.Y. Rudner, Maria 11434 Sabiston. Cynthia Entwistle, Margaret 401 Reynolds St.. Whitby. Ont. Schmidt. Bernadette Farran. Sandra 4427 Bath Road. Apt. 28, Kingston. Ont. K7N 1 A2 Schuurman. Susan Forrest, Jill 15433 Oakwood St., Pierrefonds. P.Q. H9H 1Y4 Shek, Susanna Francis, Nadine Box 191. Hamilton. Bermuda Fummey, Meek 85 Holland Ave.. Apt. 113, Staten Island. N.Y. 10303 Siu. Fanny Ghany, Shirley 43-45 Alexander Rd., Vistabella, San Fernando, Trinidad. W.I. Stephens, Colette Glass, Lynn-Marie 191 Simcoe St. . Prince Albert. Ont. LOB IPO Stock, Susan Greene. Laurel 293 King St. E., Brockville, Ont. K6V 1 E5 Strobel, Megan Grieve. Tracie 580 Mary St. E., Apt. 113, Whitby, Ont. LIN 2R3 Stroud, Jacqueline Haggis, Kathryn 275 Dufferin Ave., Belleville, Ont. K8N 3X6 Sukornyk, JuHe Halam-Andres. Mary 163 Marica Ave., Oshawa. Ont. LIG 3G9 Tait, Heather Halfyard. Wendy 473 Smith St., Iroquois Falls. Ont. POK 1 EG Taylor, Marie Hann. Beth 833 Glenmanor Rd., Oshawa LIJ 5A6 Tomkins, Heather Hardman. Catherine 686 Wonderland Rd., London, Ont. N6K 1L8 Tutty, Maureen Hariri, Arezu c o Unolit Insulation Mfg. Co., 127 Kouroush Kabir. Vanderpool, Dwan Tehran. Iran Vaucrosson, Norma and Melanie Harvey, Moira 686 Westdale Court, Oshawa LIJ 5B5 Vickery, Dale Heath, Amanda 80 Forest Manor Rd., Suite 1804, Willowdale M2J 1M6 Waddell. Laura Hestler, Anna R.R. No. 1, Mulberry Lane, Locust Hill LOH IJO Wan, Carolina Holmes. Lisa 415 Sheppard Ave., Pickering LI V 1E6 Holman, Susan Box 242, 36 Mitchell Ave., Brooklin LOB ICO Whittamore, Katherine Ing, Diana 9-7, 35 Lane, 33 Alley Jen Ai Road, Section 4, Wilkinson, Frances Taipei, Taiwan. Rep. of China Wong, Anna Johnson. Stacia Box 5145ES {Soldier Rd.) Nassau, Bahamas Wood, Marguerite Kelly, Patricia c o Mr. James H. Francis. Box 208. Tavistock NOB 2R0 Yip, Karen Kenny, Mary 585 Main St., Buckingham. P.Q. J8L 2H2 322 St. Lawrence St., Whitby LIN 1H3 91 de la Riviere, Port Cartier Quest, P. Que. GOG 210 677 Jasmine Cres., Oshawa LIG 3C4 618 Athol St., Whitby LIN 3Z8 148 Kingston Rd. W., Pickering LIV 2A1 20 Yuet Wah St., Block B. 4th fir., Kowloon Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong 1 Ede Terrace, 2nd fir., 15 Ede Road, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong FlatC. 11th tlr. 117-121 Argyle St., Kowloon, Hong Kong 40 Godstone Road, Apt. 910, Willowdale, N2J 3C7 Plattsville, Ont. NOJ ISO 827 Hillsdale Cres., Sudbury, Ont. P3E 3T1 Bo. 99, Shawville, P.Q. JOX 2Y0 463 Juliana Dr., Oshawa LIG 2E9 2657 Midland Ave., Agincourt MIS 1R6 56 Jarwick Dr., Scarborough MIH 2H3 45 Metcalfe Ave., Garson POM IVO 5 Winterbourne Crt, Islington M9A 2E1 Patio 1, 4001 Bayview Ave., Willowdale M2M 3Z7 Box 79, Bond Head LOG IBO " Tara " R.R. No. 2, Bradford, LOG ICO World Bank, 1818 H. St., Washington, D.C. 9 Sir Ector Court, Markham L3P 2W6 29 Abinger Cres, Islington M9B 2Y4 c o Mrs. Sandra Parish, Llewellyn Park, West Orange, N.J. 07052 45 South Marine Dr., Scarborough MIE lAl Calle Sexta No. 192 Col. Nueva Los Angeles, Torrcon Coah. Mexico 8111 Yonge St., Suite 612, Thornhlll L3T 4V9 402 Lakeshore Dr., Cobourg K9A ISl 864 Kingston Rd., Pickering LI V 1A8 579 Sugarbush Dr., Waterloo N2K 1Z9 316 Cottonwood Dr., Peterboro, K9J 6N4 Box F2681, Freeport, Grand Bahama 5668 Edgemore Ave., Montreal, Que. Apt. 3A. Conchrest, Box ES6343, Nassau, Bahamas Box 40, Chapleau, Ont, POM IKO 2110 Islington Ave., Toronto 3 1 5 J. Hotung House, Hankow Road, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong 218-220 Argyle St,, Hoover Court, 3rd fir. Flat C. Kowloon, Hong Kong Box 73, R.R. No. 2, Claremont LOH lEO Box 250, R.R. No. 2, Orillia L3V 6J6 Grey wood Farm, R.R. No. 1, Goodwood LOG 1 AO c o Mrs. K.L. Gallinger, Box 927, Shelburne LON ISO 41 Whitney Ave., Toronto M4W 2A7 128 Alexandra Blvd., Toronto M4R 1 M2 44 Falby Court, Ajax LIS 3L1 No. 1605 57 Craik St., Chateuquay, P.Q. J6J 3K7 77 Darlingside Dr., West Hill MIE 3P2 4940 East End Ave., Apt. 4F, Chicago, 111. 60615 Box 774, Hamilton 5, Bermuda 604 Brock St. S., Whitby LIN 4K9 21 Dale Ave., Apt. 812, Toronto M4W 1 K3 56A Broadway St., 14th fir., Mei Foo Sun Chuen, Kowloon, Hong Kong R.R. No. 1, Markham, L3P 3J2 18 Wild Cherry Lane, Thornhlll L3T 3T4 c o Dr. R. Lai, 707 Glencairn St., Oshawa LIJ 5A8 Can. High Commission, Culloden Road, Bridgetown, Barbados, West Indies 117-121 Argyle St., Glen Haven, 1 1 th fir.. Block D. Kowloon, Hong Kong V «r. iHi i " i i " i I ' M r 1 ■ _ J,

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