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- - - I ; i Digitized by tine Internet Arch ive in 2015 https : arc h i ve . o rg detai Is voxco 1 1 eg i i 1 977 The Principal ' s Message The private school of today must do more than teach knowledge, skills and attitude. It must inculcate qualities of living which exemplify the best in fields of human endeavour. Our graduates must be taught that the motto of the Ontario Ladies ' College - " Truth, Virtue and Loveliness " is a code for living, not only confined within the enormous walls of this ivy-covered institution, but a code which will give depth and perspective to every- day living in the world of today. What are your ultimate goals? Are freedom, self respect, a sense of meaning in life, respect from others, wisdom, survival, fellowship, among them? Have you determined what your values should be, and more significantly, have you learned to live with these values? We all need time to reflect on value judgments, particularlv before we come up with the answers. It is sometimes regrettable the way in which students make judgments about certain values that have no basis in fact, but which should be rejected, modified, or just- ified in the light of other values they are sure about. Taking sufficient time for reflection should sensitize the students ' sensibilities and help them build up a sound set of values that they may bring to their reflections on problems outside the school. There is also an important place for the influence of intuition, feelings, and conscience in guiding people towards sound values. Students have a great deal to learn from their teach- ers. A considerable task in value education is one which helps them overcom.e prejudice against teacher advice and example, prejudice that is largely due to adverse viewpoints of their peers with regard to any show of authority. At the Ontario Ladies ' College, a sense of meaning in life is a fundamental human value, and as it is bound up with a Christian perspective, it is an ultimate life goal. We hope that the principles of Christian ethics will be followed by the students as their guide to develop- ing sound moral and value judgments. The Dean ' s Message My first year at O.L.C. is nearly over! How quickly time flies and how much truth there is in the popular sayin g: ' ' It ' s later than you think, " It seems like yesterday that I was looking forward with anticipation to a new position with all its unknowns to conquer. The year has been one of challenges, satisfactions, failures, successes and new friends. Your year has probably been much the same; anger and frustration at a detention for misbehaving (served grudgingly but knowing deep-down it was deserved), a phone call from a new boyfriend asking for a date- or a call from home when you thought no one cared, high marks achieved in an examination, bells, push, beds, permission slips, house points, Study Hall, and endless round of rules all planned to help you develop and mature to accept new freedoms and responsibilities. What have you gained during your years at O.L.C? I hope you have taken advantage of your many opportunities. The chance to mingle and develop friendships with students from beyond our shores is to be envied. Nearby Toronto offers music, art, theatre, museums and shopping, yet we are situated in an area of clean fresh air. How can we be so fortunate? You didn ' t enjoy your year? What did you contribute ? Get involved! Do something constructive! Participate! Have a goal for each day, each week, to form good personal work habits, to read something worthwhile, to exercise body and mind, to help someone in need. You decide, then do it. You have a life to live; live it to the full. Each decision, each action you make, makes or unmakes you. Think on these words of Charles Reade: We sow our thoughts and we reap our actions; We sow our actions, and we reap our habits; We sow our habits, and we reap our characters; We sow our characters, and reap our destiny. Your future is what you make it today. Best wishes for success Jfacultp 1976-77 Dr. Reginald C. Davis. M.A., M.Ed.. M.Mus., Ph.D.. Miss Valerie Constantine Mrs. Eleanor Davis, B.A.. Mrs. Nanette Hallpike. B.A., Mrs. Margaret HoUey. B.A., Miss Linda Kreklewetz, B.Sc. Miss Marylynn Mentis. B.F.A.. Mr. Stanley G. Ireland. B.A.Sc. Mr. Stephen Powell. Mus.Bac.M. A., Mr. John R. Robertson. A.R.C.T., Mr. James R. Shelson. B.A., Mr. Wayne Stubbs. B.A.. Mrs. Margaret Swann. B.A.. B.Sc, M.Ed.. Miss Elizabeth Szkokan, B.A., Mrs. Diane Townson Mrs. Lois Klcmpa Principal Geography, Phys, Ed, English. Mathematics English Library French Latin Math. Science Speech Arts Drama Physics History. Inst. Mus. Inst. Music Theory English, French, Science Geography Science Guidance Art Geography Home Economics Religious Knowledge Our Office Staff Mrs. Lamb Mrs. Sadoway Bursar Book-Keeper Mrs. Greenslade Mrs. Knovvlcs Secretary Receptionist Mrs. Halliday Mrs. Moore Mrs. McKittrick House Manager Nurse Study Hall Supervisor From dawn Mrs. Bryan Lower Ryerson Mrs. Kwok " Float " Mrs. Coucli Upper Ryerson Mrs. Simpson Assistant Dean Lower Frances Housemothers Mrs. Jardine Upper Frances ■till dark TO 66 OR MOTTO BE From the wilds of Northern Ontario to O.L.C. and now Grace belongs to North- ern Saskatchewan. Is Saskatchean ready for her? The walls of O.L.C. have rocked to Grace ' s songs for three long years and we ' re sure she ' ll continue in her " exuber- ant " ways. What can I say about a marathon woman and a queen of chocolates? Diana has been in O.L.C. only one year but has add- ed greatly with her chocolate promotions, powder and toothpaste decorating, her slave trade, popsicle and movie evening, and walk-a-thon. She was the grade 13 class president and managed to lose 3 4 of the attendance sheets for Mrs. Swann. She also represented O.L.C. in the Whitby Carnival Queen contest. Her enthusiasm was present in all she took on! We will miss her greatly and we will never forget the freckle-faced phantom . . . Good Luck at Waterloo, Boothie! Anne alias " Board " is always in another world and the only sane thing she ever says is, " Oh, I hate afternoon physics! " After lights out she can be found either in room 113 hiding in the closet from the night watchman or in her own room under her bed studying. This year she is representing O.L.C. ' s West Indian society in the May Queen Court, good for Trinidad. " Board " is the leading letter receiver in Grade 13, and is totally flabbergasted when the postman dares to foget her. Anne is a developed leftist who has joined our chocolate donut society. Carleton Beware! Anne - good neighbour, take care. Leeeeeenda . . . Through the past three years Linda and the ' captain ' have seen a lot of each other. Was he the cause of the broken shoe at the " theatre with no stairs " , Linda? Through circumstances be- yond her control, Linda was unable to ful- fill her head girl duties, the students were close to tears when Linda announced her resignation. Linda has been accepted into nursing school and many of us know she will make a good nurse if not stationed in the men ' s ward! Well Linda, 1977 has finally arrived and the time to say good- bye has come. We wish you luck in the future. P.S. remember that pencils can be found in mysterious places. IP The art room will never be the same with- out Cloretta, our resident potter. Nassau has always provided O.L.C. with charm- ing young ladies and the Cargill family has certainly been unfailing. Clo ' s sunny smile and uncomplaining presence will be sorely missed. Best to you in all, Clo. Susan Fairhall; We will always remember Susan for the many things that she has done for us, especially all those times we had " Big Mac Attacks ' ! Who came to our rescue but " Susan " and her " Little Blue Bomber. " Remember when Susan took us out for supper at Ponderosa in Oshawa. I ' m sure you ' ll never forget it, Susan. It was quite some night! Also when your Blue Bomber died remember the tow-truck driver and the guys at the garage? You ' ve been great to know. Good luck! Although Meredith has been here for five years, she really showed her true self this year. With the help of her friends she blossomed into a real woman. Meredith has had several enlightening experiences this year, but is saving up her talents for her future ? ? ? We know that wherever you go, Meredith, you will spread your good cheer and we hope that the pros- perity and the love that we have in our hearts will go with you. We know that the day girls have appreciated your effort as their prefect, and they wish you all the best as we do. Good Luck at Trent Uni- versity. Oh, by the way, Meredith, does Ban really help? Fenny, alias " Fennigan " , roams the halls with changing expressions on her face as the flies follow her ringing screams. Fenny ' s enduring music on Saturday and Sunday mornings (before the cock crows) brmgs out the best of us all! But all of us wish Fenny the best of luck as she practices her career in The University Of Toronto as a musician. (P.S. ever thought of trying to get a little bit more sleep? ) " There are thousands of islands in the sea but only Jamaica smiles at me " . Susan Dujon has been at O.L.C. for only one year but already she fits into its life and she has made herself at home espe- cially in the OLIYG crowd. Her ambi- tion is to disrupt the rural town society with reggae rythms. Her height and the rumored length of her big toe should be definite assets in whatever she chooses to go into (it could be basketball or toco- logy! ). Seriously she hopes to go to Grinell University in Iowa and major in English. Well, good luck, " stepladder " , and take care. Juliana Chow: What can I say about Chow, Chow, Chow! JuUana has been here two years and has added something to Upper Frances. She was the grade ten prefect this year and managed to do her fair share of room hopping and stuffed animal stealing. Juliana hopes to go to McGill University next year. We will miss you, but we won ' t forget you - Chow, Chow, Chow. Winnie Chak has been here for one year at O.L.C., and this has also been her first experience in a boarding school. Winnie came from Hong Kong last year and she is going to University of Western Ontario. She is a lucky one among us I guess; she has a lot of relatives here, gets mail every day, and is the one who supplies the new- est information about Hong Kong. Good academic achievement and Bronze Med- allion belong to her. On the 20th of June she will be on her way back home! How will she ever forget this year? She is even living in residence next year. Mariela Gomez, our 1977 May Queen comes from the north of Mexico. When she first came to Canada she could hard- ly speak a word of English but now it is possible to consider her " almost fluent " . Her favorite pastimes are falling down steps, eating ice cream sandwiches and pizzas, falling asleep in physics class, and tap dancing through the halls. Mariela is the greatest Mexican that I know (not that I know very many) and a good friend. Next year she returns to Mexico to study architecture. Watchout people in Mexico, you ' ll never be the same after being friends with her! Good Luck Mariela! Michelle Halfyard is a small town fanatic. She certainly had plenty of news to report after a whole weekend with nothing but Pontipudlians. She was a great girl to have as a room-mate and I ' ll remember our mid- night talks for a long time to come. Michelle will make a terrific mountie and I hope she rides on over to visit us all. Take care and good luck! Debra Kangaloo: " Kangaroo " or " Skippy " is a sunny Trinidadian noted for her con- suming passion for Welch ' s grape juice, motorcycles, and diamonds. Another " let- ter-getter " of grade 13, " Kangie " can rare- ly be seen in school on weekends. Instead she can be found living it up in Toronto with her U of T friends. Lots of luck, Kangie! Nicky is a good old Jamaican butu. The two man loves of her life are " Captain Kirk " and " The Fonz " (can NOT go down- town till five because Star Trek is on! ) Going to quit eating chips, huh Nicks? Well, that will be the day! Good luck next year and try to control yourself with all those guys. Cathy Lunn: O.K. Cathy, we all know that under that tough, argumentative ex- terior lies a warm, soft-hearted person who ' s always ready to help. An authority on Disco Dancing, she ' s often called to teach the latest one. Look out Bahamas, Cathy ' s coming back! Lots of luck Cathy and keep up your basketball. IINI Dora is O.L.S. ' s Midnight Lady. All those late nights of studying have taken their toll; Dora has turned into a book. Due to lack of sleep and closed eyes, Dora has on many occasions shoved her innocent room-mate into the closet or into the wall with the door. At one time I thought I was going to be saved from this fate; as the result of her title of Miss Dairy Queen, Dora ' s figure was increasing to the point of being to big to fit through the doorway. Good luck Dora with your future. May it be as a book, a driver, a student, a diner, or a career person. Anna Li is from Hong Kong and has been in O.L.C. for one year. She has a good voice and has been an active member of the choir. Anna is planning to study Occu- pational Therapy in university next year. Good luck Anna! what can I say about a perfect prefect? Gail McKeown ' s bubbly personality and overabundance of power made this year in O.L.C. a memorable one. She can be seen on Main Hall selling size 92 brown pants or throwing water on an innocent passerby from her window. We will really miss Gail; keep in close touch from Trent next year and good luck. Moira Mastenbrook comes from Wood- bridge; and every weekend she bombs back and forth in her bright yellow pa- cer, if you want to know anything about the number of calories in anything, she is the one to go to. Moira is a perfectly sincere and responsible person - great to have around at all times. Next year she will be studying in Switzerland in order to become bilingual: Keep your head on your shoulders, Moira . . . and good luck in the future. Liza can always be heard all the way down the hall " Nobody ever visits me! " Even though her room is often the place for midnight gatherings. A pessimist to end all pessimists, she ' s also thoughtful, sympathetic and quite crazy, being the only girl in school to keep a cat in her room even though it was only for one night. " Poggy " is from Jamaica " where de pret- ty women come from " . Her favourite question is, " does he look like Peter Frampton? " and her ambition is to scout the Halls of McGill University for a guy to fit this description. Dianne ' s en- thusiasm for diets and early morning jog- ging is dampened by a great affinity for " mars bars " . Dianne is a hard working student who is able to explain the causes of McDonald ' s election failure while sing- ing along with her constantly blairing radio. Well Pogs, good luck in whatever you DO decide to do, and keep in touch with us O.L.C. ' ans . . . Nancy Seguin: " Elle est une grenouille verte. " Nancy has added many laughs to O.L.C. and we will certainly miss her. Her second home is Photo King and the photo king himself is Steve. Smile Nancy you ' re on candid camera! Nancy ' s aver- sion was any form of Mathematics; how- ever. Miss Kreklewetz is praying for her faithfully. It ' s been nice having you here Nancy, come down and visit us sometime. Buckingham Palace is only a hop, skip, and a jump away. m Helenita Saunders, half-Mexican and half Bahamian has been at O.L.C. for two years. Her plans for the future are to at- tend university in Mexico and to become a whole Mexican. In the last year she has been head of the not too active Debat- ing Society. I wonder why? Boys and dancing (in that order) are her favourite pastimes. Wherever she goes, everybody hears her before they see her and we hope to see her soon rushing down Bay street. VIVA JUNKANOO! Anita has been at O.L.C. for one year but she has picked up quite a few inter- esting habits by waking before the pi- geons or by partying with help of her modern window fridge. Anita is planning to attend the University Of Toronto for engineering; we all wish you the best of luck in the future! Debbie, we ' ll always remember you as the early bird. You remember the old say- ing, " the early bird catches the worm " , well I ' ve rewritten it for you. " The early bird, that ' s me, catches the Weany, that ' s you, with the stereo on at 6:30 A.M. " I ' m sure you ' ll never forget the good old days in Oshawa and especially Vladimir, you remember him, the one with the radar. We ' ve had many a great train ride to Ottawa from Oshawa and back again. And what about all those wild Quebec weekends we ' ve had? I ' m sure Debbie that your written English will improve with time and especially in reading in- structions. It was fun being your room- mate and I ' ll always remember you as the early bird. Good Luck and take care in the coming years. Jan Wilson alias " Von Vilson " has been at O.L.C. for five years and has been in- clined towards trouble. She spends time on railroad tracks with RON; or else she is seen teaching the art of obedience. Living with Jan is an experience, but an even greater experience is to see Jan fall- ing on her knees and blaming her dress for it. Jan ' s talents are hidden but every once in a while they come out. We wish you the best in the future, Jan. Marilyn Walters was a prefect and a chief supplier of O.L.I. Y.G. this year; many of us really appreciated this. We really en- joyed her stay on main hall and she con- stantly kept us tuned on T.V. for " An- other World " after school. Please keep in touch and drop in on your way to Trent. Good luck, and just remember you helped to make this year a truly memorable one for us all! Carla Witschey is crazy! She is Helen ' s roommate and makes Helen live and die every day. She hardly talks because she is sleeping all the time, and on other oc- casions she is deaf in both ears. Carla is from Mexico City, and she does not know what is in store for her next year. She has been at O.L.C. for two years, and is hoping to return as Dean some day. Good luck and success always. Erica Witschey has attended Ontario Ladies College for two years now, and she has made the best of her stay in Canada. Next year she will be going to the Technological Institute of Superior Studies in Monterrey, where she will be studying Biochemistry and where, she emphasizes, the population of the stu- dent body is 75 per cent male and 25 per cent female. Enjoy the ' males ' and watch the MEALS - for both are danger- ous - and good luck with " J " and food technology! Goodbye It seems so difficult, I cannot think of the right words I feel so guilty, but I don ' t know why I want to say it so desperately And everytime I put it off It hurts a little bit more than before How do you say goodbye? I ' ve suddenly become mute. The words are locked in my head Fighting to come out. I sit and stare at you With my mouth agape. My eyes are wide and pleading But you cannot comprehend their message I ' m trying to say goodbye. My mind is screaming the words out but my lips are sealed I take a long breath and looking you straight in the face I say goodbye. It ' s all over now and I feel relieved. You look so shocked and unhappy. I turn away from you crying. I did what I had to do even though to took me so long, I said goodbye. Helen D. Saunders ..Mnh nolo for t )t soob looking onesi! Grade Seven ' s Dawn Morrison Martha Casanova Heather Tomkins Anne Brillinger Kim Stockton Dawn-Marie Molyneaux Paula Perini Beth Hann Karamet Khan Amanda Heath Susan Mann ing Grade Eight ' s Erin O ' Flynn Class President Maureen Tutty Colette Stephens Debra DeVita Lisa Holmes Suzie Lafontaine Kim Berglund Lynn Westmoreland Catherine McEwan Fran Perini Holly Austin Lucy Chan Pam Boyer Catherine Davis Nadine Francis Lori Bateman Megan Strobel Susan Dunn Margaret Lau Lori Martin Laura Cantu Meek Fummey Mary Ellen Davies Kathy Davis Nadine Schuurman Grade Twelve Carolina Wan Karen Yip Jane Scarth Jo Brydon Class President Melvoyn Cargill Norma Vaucrosson Irene Chung Karen Chadwick Marguerite Wood Charlene Gilbert Tracie Grieve Susan Waddell Moira Harvey Pilar Moncholi Heather Tait Fiona Morton Susan Cronk and Laura Waddell Grade 10 Grade 7 J Dear Carter, " It doesn ' t matter if you win or lose it ' s how you play the game. " Perhaps this was a quote which many of you thought of after a game was completed. Carter, you certainly showed spirit, although we never made it to the finals. You showed enthusiasm, togetherness, and confidence to help make it a great year. I would like to say thank-you for your participation and your eagerness to help out. A special thanks to my sub captain Lisa George who helped me make decisions. My wish for you is that you continue being a successful house in the qual- ities mentioned and to attain high goals next year to reach the finals. Lots of luck next year. Love, Jane Jfaretoell House if at first you don ' t succeed Try, Try again! 1 believe that the members of Farewell house truly played according to this rule throughout this year and have enjoyed doing it. Together we learned and grew. Thank you Farewell Nadine Schuurman FAREWELL CHAMPIONS JUNIOR BASKETBALL AND JUNIOR VOLLEYBALL This year has been great! We won a few things and lost a few but one thing that was never lost was our spirit. When things got me down there was always someone to help me. Without all your help and enthusiasm I never could have made it. I ' m sure next year will be just as good and I wish you the best of luck. A special thanks to Sharon Cargill and also Jan Wilson for help- ing to ref and keep everything organized. Thank-you to all of you. I will miss being your house-captain in ' 77 - ' 78. Lots o ' love Tracie The members of our house are hardworking and their efforts show in the games they ' ve played. The girls of Maxwell form a united group as they move forward, upward, onward and together. We all know that one team has to win and another has to lose, and if we lose, it does not discourage us from trying harder the next time. I would like to thank all of the members of Maxwell House for their co- operation and spirit which places our house where it is now. A special thanks to Chris Burns. Love Melvoyn MAXWELL CHAMPIONS SENIOR VOLLEYBALL The A. A. has gone through a lot this year; badminton, swim- ming, house plays, volleyball, basketball, jewellery, the carnival, cross-country, the formal, sweat shirts, tennis and class day. There were times when I know all the house captains wondered how they could survive the whole year. But we made it through successfully. The life of the school owes a lot to the house captains and subs. Their loyalty, hard work and dedication made the life and the spir- it of the school. I am sure we will never forget those wild volley- ball and basketball games with the happy faces, mad screams, snide remarks and house cheering. I would like to thank Miss Constantino for all her help, hours of " reffing " , organizing and listening to my many and varied prob- lems. Once again I would like to thank all the A. A. and I wish the best of luck to the house captains of next year. Love Pin tubcnt Council The Student Council acts as a link between the administration and the student body. Although we are only a minority, we have tried to ex- press the voice of all throughout the year and hope we have been success- ful. Well, the year has ' hummed ' by quickly. We managed to sing at a Pub- lic school, at all special O.L.C. events, and even at the Kiwanis Festival, where we were so good that we received a trophy, 86 marks, and second prize! Mr. Powell ' s ear to ear grin kept us in good spirits, and we will miss him next year. Good luck Sir! Thanks very much to all who parti- cipated, and made this year such a success! Kathy D. tubent CljrisJtian jfellotDsiljip We had a busy year with the Fall ba- zaar, Thursday night bible studies, gym nights and preparing skits for the S.C. M. (F.) service. We also had a speaker on the topic of " Love and Sex " from the I.S.C.F. worker in Oshawa. Before school ended we had a pic- nic in Darlington Park. We all enjoyed ourselves and we will do it again next year. Take care. God Bless, Sue Waddell I earbook Being chosen as head of the debating society made me feel a responsible person; even more so seeing that I had no teacher over me. It frightened me for a while, because I did not have the slightest idea what was expected of me, and as time passed, everything seemed to work out fine. The Debating Society this year is not as large as it was last year, but that does not stop our small group from sticking together. We have not done any serious debating as of yet this year, but we hope to do so in the near future. We have had informal debates among ourselves for practice, and the girls were really interested in what they were doing. Whatever happens, I hope the De- bating society never dissolves in this school. The society is both education- al as well as exciting. Helen D. Saunders Bcbatmg ■f BIG AND LITTLE SISTERS This year our Library grew by some hundreds of books, a new set of stacks and a number of new readers. The science and geography sections have been greatly strengthened and we acquired a large amount of new fiction. By September we should have a new magazine stand and there are plans for a separate subject catalogue. The Library constantly fights mental malnutrition by feed- ing bookworms each day. VALEDICTORY ADDRESS 1976 By: MARTHA HOLLINGSWORTH It is an honour, for me. to represent the graduating class, and indeed, we may be pardoned, if we feel a bit nostalgic, on this great occasion, for this is the culmination of the many yesterdays, spent within the walls of O.L.C. Those yesterdays held moments of laughter, joy and excitement, along with apprehension, sorrow and tears. We were appre- hensive about wearing jeans downtown, and sorrowful, when we were caught. Those yesterdays hold countless memories as well. Who could forget Tuesday evening ' s claim to fame: peanut butter, toast, and Marcus Welby, or the stimulating, but often confusing, Chemistry classes, or the ALWAYS confusing Math classes for those in the periphery, and the back row of the room, or in French class, where spectators, participants, and judges, all assembled for the exciting car races, and keen competitions of skill, or in History class, where Mr. Palmer displayed his diplomacy in refereeing numerous boxing matches. During those yesterdays we also acquired many lasting friendships, which are the source, and the secret, of happiness. Friend- ship is one of the greatest enrichments of life, for there is nothing that can measure with the laughter, and the love, of a friend. Fm sure that you ' ll all recognize this Shakespearian note: " The friends thou hast and their adoption tried. Grapple them to thy soul with hoops of steel. " The friendships formed at O.L.C. extend beyond our own borders, and within these walls, each girl played an integral part in the make-up of a meaningful international community. In learning more about others, we enlarged our understanding of ourselves. It has been said that one of the very pleasant things about friendship is the, " do-you-remember, " moments, and Fm sure that each girl holds many of these moments in her heart. That Was Yesterday! What ' s ahead for tomorrow? Here are the words of Lord Tennyson: " I dipped into the future far as human eye could see, Saw the vision of the world and all the wonders that would be. " Many of these wonders have now become reality, and very commonplace, in our time, for example: rapid travel and commu- nication, space exploration, and indeed our whole life style in 1976 is beyond the wildest dreams of our grandparents. How far can this progress carry us? If we believe in ourselves, and have faith in the future, we can go as far as we dream. A challenge presents itself to us: In order to cope with this ever expanding progress, an improvement must be made in human nature. In taking time out to read, we can discover a fountain of knowledge. In taking time to help, and enjoy friends, we can unearth a vast treasure of happiness. In taking time to laugh, we can find that singing that lightens life ' s load. In taking time to work, we can discover a new brand of joy: the joy of achievement, as well as the joy of success, and in taking time to dream, we hitch our soul to the stars. In the midst of this, we must take seriously the words of our Savior Jesus Christ when He Said, " A New commandment I give unto you that ye love one another as I have loved you. " When we have that same concern for our neighbours across the world as we have for ourselves, this will indeed give us true and enduring progress, which will ensure a great tomorrow and the fulfillment of our highest dreams and aspirations. A PRESENTATION BY DRAMA STUDENTS NO ROOM AT THE INN by E.L. Patterson Cast: Innkeeper - Lisa Jensen 1st Traveller - Cynthia Sabiston 2nd Traveller - Karen Chadwick Joseph - Nadine Schuurman Mary - Jo Brydon Boy - Margaret Rose Mentis 1st and 3rd Shepherd - Polly Perini 2nd Shepherd - Tina Brillinger 4th Shepherd - Darlene Fraleigh Servant - Virginia O ' Brien Balthazar - Lori Bateman Melchoir - Lisa George Caspar - Dwan Vanderpool Director: - Tracie Grieve Co-Director: - Helen Saunders Stage Manager: - Helen Saunders Sets: - Molvoyn Cargill Costumes: - Barbara Lane Lighting: - Christine Burns Under the direction of Miss Marylynn Mentis, B.F.A., CHOIR PROGRAMME ON THE MAIN STAIRCASE at 6:30 p.m. under the direction of Mr. Stephen Powell, Mus.Bac.M. A., who will also accompany the carol singing Piano solo by Diana Ing - Sonata Op. 10 No. 1 First movement (Beethoven) OPEN HOUSE Ontario Ladies ' College, presents its Open House for 1977 and opens its doors to all those who wish to enter its special atmosphere. This is no ordinary school; the students do not study in square cement blocks, but in an ancient castle. This castle was originally built for Sheriff Reynolds in 1859 to out- do his rival, John Ham Perry, the Registrar of Ontario County. In 1874, Lord Dufferin, the Governor-General of Canada, opened Trafalgar Castle for the express purpose of creating a school to train young ladies in the arts of being intelligent, gracious, polite and responsible. One hundred and three years later, the tradition is being carried on, although not in quite such a formal way. At Open House, there will be many activities including a school tour, science display, piano recitals, various gymnastics routines, a play, a home economics display, and a concluding chapel service. Goodbye Mrs. Moore! Minnie Moore, alias Snowflake, our favorite pill-pusher, is leaving O.L.C. after twelve years. We will miss you Mrs. Moore and we all wish you health and happiness in the coming years. tars! on 3(ce As captain and subcaptain of the broomball team this year, we would like to thank everyone who participated. We all tried hard and even though we didn ' t make the finals we had fun. The teams we played were good and did get rough sometimes, but we all still enjoyed play- ing. We would like to say a special thanks on be- half of the team to Miss Constantine, Dennis Branton and Ron Bowman for helping. Thank You! Glenna Goodwin Sue Holman ONTARIO LADIES ' COLLEGE DRAMA NIGHT - Friday, May 6th 1977 SHADY SHADOWS by H. Miller Cast in order of appearance: Nip Darlene Fraleigh Tuck Susan Manning Nip ' s Shadow Anne Brillinger Tuck ' s Shadow Dawn Morrison Molly and voice of a radio singer Dawn-Marie Molyneaux Director Paula Perini Intermission MIDNIGHT BURIAL bv Kav Hill Cynthia Sabiston Jane Scarth Jo Brydon Fiona Morton Norma Vaucrosson Nadine Schuurman Mrs. Halliday Mrs. Moore Intermission PINOCCHIO Cast in order of appearance Jepetto Kathryn Davis Master Cherry Fiona Morton Pinocchio Lori Bateman Cricket Sharon Cargill Fireater Cathy Lunn Clown Meek Fummey Fox Helen Saunders Cat Virginia O ' Brien Innkeeper Fiona Morton Fairy Cynthia Sabiston Candlewick Margaret-Rose Mentis Boys Tina Brillinger Marianne Davie Deirdre Morrison Pianists Fenny Cheng Elizabeth Hung Diana Ing Students under the direc tion of Miss M.V. Mentis B.F.A. 77 MAY COURT The May Queen The Counsellors Trainbearers Flower Girl Cushion Bearer Maria Gomez Anne Borde Carolina Wan Deborah Cave Amanda Heath Susan Thompson Karamet Khan Martha Casanova Paula Perini • Milanovo Kolo (Serbian Dance) Indian Clubs Mountain March (Norwegian Dance) Hoops Korobushka (Russian Dance) Balances Chinese Folk Dance Mexican Dance - El Jarabe Tapatio El Son de la Negra Gymnastics Scottish Dancing - Salute to O.L.C. Robertson ' s Rant Prince of Orange Awards on class day Badminton champions Chris Burns Sue Schuurman Drama Award Lori Bateman Principal ' s Award Erica Witschey Most Valuable Player Sharon Cargill Centennial Shield Linda Robertson Posture Queen Jane Scarth House Plays Maxwell Swimming Hare Junior Basketball Maxwell Junior Volleyball Farewell Senior Basketball Maxwell Senior Volleyball Maxwell tubcnt Cljrisftian jfellotusiljip picnic Remember . . . - making marshmellow gum - Miss Kreklewetz playing frozen tag - Nadine conquering Lake Ontario - Kathy ' s first venture on the 401 - Jellied Salad with a difference - Someone cooking their hot dog in a pot of water? - Dead fish decorating the beach . . . LET ' S DO IT AGAIN! [I The art class this year really owes a lot to the honourary art teach- ers " Louie and Becky " . They volunteered their time, talent and mat- erials to try to teach us how easy it is to carve. I ' m sure even Miss Szkokan appreciated the help since sometimes things get very hectic down in the art room. We will never forget their Wednesday afternoon visits, and we would like to dedicate this page to them, and say Thank-you! Development Of A Snowy Expanse The muffled crunc h of the powdery whiteness Shatters the dew-filled air. Deep, cold, whiteness. The vanishing point, and only whiteness Hibernating trees, their spidery limbs stark Against the whiteness An isolated, hospital kind of clean whiteness. The crunch becomes a slush. But this slush is not heard over the banging Of the incessant hammers resounding and echoing Drowning the infant morning. Matchbox houses frail as cardboard. Obscure the vanishing point. Houses a whisper ' s distance away from each other Brawny workmen; but nature stills their tongues. They seem to sense the disruption they are causing They are silent; their hammers shout their protests. Susan Dujon UNINHIBITED THOUGHTS I ' m waiting. ■ for your call. There is none. Are you so busy that you cannot take five minutes of your precious time to call me? No don ' t! I don ' t need you! You ' re just a shadow on my wall filled with cobwebs. You deserve to rest among the dead flies that will soon be churning in a spider ' s gullet! Please call me! Diane Booth Wisdom of Teeth This was the first time stepping into a dentist ' s chair without my Mom. She would hold me tight and tell me everything, would be alright. I was alone in that big, new, scientific world, of braces without traces of teeth beneath. I bit the dentist, I ran from the nurse. My hand was a fist. My mouth was a curse. Oh, where was my mother who would hold me tight and tell me everything, would be alright? Meredith Hagerman Upper Francis Our hall is watched by Mrs. Jardine, She sits in her room and waits for a scream. We play and we run, we run and we play, We never miss a single day. The T.V. is on from 3:30 till 10, She cannot wait until it comes to an end. When Star Trek comes on we jump for the seats. Nothing is heard, not even a peep. Lights out time has come And it is time to sleep. All that is heard Is the pitter patter of feet. Fran Perini EXAMINATIONS Bent heads; Busy hands Writing frantically on foolscap paper. Abandon to thought Displayed in abandoned pose; Legs crossed Exposing bare thighs; Legs twisted around the desk; Unpolished shoes; A variety of socks. In the stillness The noises are accentuated; The rustle of paper, The scratch of the pen. And always the sigh Indicative of so much - Relief, dismay, frustration, despair. At last - what joy! - the bell. Mrs. Perry One Happy Hour One happy hour, makes a whole life happy too. For that, and for what you left in my heart, I won ' t forget you, be quite sure. But if you do, only remember that once you broke a sincere friends ' heart. Chinos a tribute to t )t niors; To Grade 1 3 on behalf of the Grade lO ' s. The time has come to say goodbye, You ' ve reached the end of senior high. Your guidance and the way you showed, to frien Who shared the year ' s long road, For goals achieved, through toil and tears, Thanks we give to all you dears. To not forget your kindly deeds, the things You did fulfilled our needs. Someone to turn when things went wrong, You listened to us all day long, So when you ' re old and sit there rockin ' , A friendly Grade 10 is sure to stop in. To cheer you up and make you smile, To sit and talk with you awhile. And when you just can barely stand. While reminiscing all you can. Of O.L.C. that you once knew, Where happy friends and memories grew. Escapes all, we hid out in your rooms. But housemothers tracked us down too soon. When bedtime came we would appear At you front door still full of cheer. The times you tried to sleep a wink, Someone arrived who do you think? And when we came with smiles and tears, of things we did our hopes our fears. You understood, got up and said, " It ' s alright girl, now go to bed. How much more thankful can we be, To have a group like Grade one-three. In this we ' re trying just to say. Good Luck, Success, every fun-filled day. Love Grade 10. Dwan Vanderpool. The 11 ' s Party Off to see the merchant! Congratulations to ttie Graduates. We at Andrew Antenna urge you to bear in mind that the search for knowledge is never-ending. Continue along this path and you will find greater self fulfilment in all you do. ANDREW BROCK PHARMACV LTD. 619 BROCK 5T ., WHITBY 0 OMT (obS- 3) 3 STAFFORDF00D5 i-ra HEAD OFF(CC T0tt£ NTO CANMCO FRUITS TOPPlN€»S COWOirYvCNTS i »NS-rv-roTvoi»is Hf s I i i TWC NArWC OVCTITIANS! 1 " Tomwro pe o- tuRw to »=or. j I Fashion Footwear Handbags COLLIN ' S SHOES 119 Brock Street S. Whitby, Ontario hi Factoru lOZ 0««ola$ St. W. from JURY AND LOVELL LTD. Your Rexall Drug Store 317 Brock St. S. WHITBY PLAZA 668-3394 ConipUmeatS oj ' W litbj F?re pusy Reaver §a s TlffEHlifS " TJO, Box loou " Port Perru , Ontario LOB IMO Sears Believes Responsible Young Adults deserve credit Sears SIMPSONS-SEARS LIMITED 1234 5b18R MODERN SHOPPER 100 MAIN ST YOUR TOWN Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money Refunded visit our customer accounts dept. for complete credit details 1 G VHITBY DOMINION HARDWARE AT THE PLAZA COMPLIMENTS OF THE COKVOKK ' XlOn OF THE TOWN OF WHITBT Whitby On TARIO MUNICIPAL BUILDING 405 Dundas St. West TELEPHONE 416-668-5803 108 BROCK (sj. V HIT8Y Compliments of IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC YARNS 118 Brock St. N. Whitby Whitbv CLEANERS 0 HR. SERVICE Special »s+s REFRIGERATED STOftAG£ FREE PICK-UP i OELiNfERY Whitby Fabr ics Phone 668-2492 Art Supplies MIDDLETON ' S BOOK STORE STATIONERS 1 1 3 Dundas St. W. Whitby, Ontario BURTINSKY FLORIST 214 Dundas Street WHITBY, Ontario 4 J K KING ' S PIZZERIA 114 Brock St. S. Whitby, Ont. Tel. m-wn - 2 104 Dundas Street WHITBY 668-5691 Hair Styles to please YOU We specialize in perms, tints and bleaches During the next few years, youllopenalotof important books. CANADIAN IMPERIAL BANK OF COMMERCE Hiis should be one of them. Tell you a secret . . . Eaton ' s learns where lt s going by keeping up with you. Drop in— meet your friends in our Young Oshawa and Young Men ' s Shops— and stay a while. With your clothes, your sounds. Sales people who look and think your way. Try on what you like. If you buy something . . . fine. We ' re happy to have you anyway— for what you teach us about the way fashions and attitudes are going. Because of you, we ' re young. (Thanks.) EATON ' S Ld? IIMO Shop m SteicwscA S. muiA lions (rom.- Sn DDTTS ' COUNCIL Tffj r iM CAxi ' LAKE VXSTA SQUARE OshawcCa ne-west SHOPPIN CENTRE Servina SOUTH osrt w Ci m AND WE f wo«TH street OSHKWA i-.T.D. 1 5lS- i 9SO Qpl cleaning CLEANERS 545 Dundas Street East Whitby, Ont. Best Wishes INTERNATIONAL OFFICES 50 Don Park Rd. Unit 1 Marl ham, Ontario transmission PHONE 668-1621 ELDORADO CHEESE DAIRY BAR CANADIAN CHEDDAR CHEESE wrapped and mailed on request 102 COLBORNE ST. E. WHITBY. ONTARIO LIN 1V8 Ontario Ladies ' College wishes to thanl the following for their support of our 1976 77 Yearbook. Courtice-Allin ' s Pharmacy 130 Brock St. Whitby Perini and Company 95 Silversted Dr. Aglncourt J.R Shelson H. Schuurman Mr. and Mrs. S.L. Powell Mr. and Mrs. H. Robertson Mr. and Mrs. G.V. Harvey D.M. Lintjens H.J. Fitzpatrick Mr. and Mrs. John Seguin Mr. and Mrs. M. O ' Brien Butt Radio and Appliance 118 Brock St. S. Whitby McCullough Jewellers 217 Dundas St. E. Whitby a fecJerailv chartered non-pfofit organizatson • COURSE FEES INCOME TAX OeOUCTIBLE • ATKINSON, Grace AUSTIN, Holly BATEMAN, Lori BERGLUND, Kim BERNHARDT, Daryl BOOTH. Diana BORDE, Anne BOYER, Pamela BRILLINGER, Anne BRILLINGER, Tina BROOKS, Linda BROWN, Catherine BRYDEN, JoEllen BURNS. Christine CANTU. Laura CARGILL, Clorctta CARGILL, Mclvoyn .CARGILL, Sharon CASANOVA, Martha CAVE, Deborah CHAK, Winnie (Wing Ying) CHAN, Lucy CHAN. Mabel CHENG, Fenny ( Feng Yuan CHOW, Juliana (Hoi Ling) CHOW. Ruth CHUNG, Ting Lap (Irene) CONN, Cairinc CRONK. Susan DAVIE. Marianne DAVIS, Kathryn DAVIS, Catherine DELAIN, Moncca DeVITA, Dcbra DOONE, Edith DUJON, Susan DUNN, Susan EDNESS, Ricky FAIRHALL, Susan FERNANDEZ, Peria FITZPATRICK, Joanne FRALEIGH, Darlene FRANCIS, Nadine FUMMEY, Meek GEORGE, Lisa GILBERT. Charlene GLASS, Lynn-Marie GOMEZ, Maria GOODWIN, Glenna GOODWIN, Alice GRIEVE, Tracie HAGERMAN, Meredith HALFYARD, Michelle HANN, Beth HARVEY, Moira HEATH, Amanda HESTLER, Anna HOLMES. Lisa HOLMAN, Susan HUNG, Elizabeth ING, Diana JOHNSON, Stacia KANGALOO, Debra KHAN, Karamet KIRBY, Christine Box 238, Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan. SOE OYO 435 Rouge Hills Dr., West Hill, Ontario. MIC 2Z6 Apt. 820, 49 Thorncliffe Park Dr., Toronto.. Ontario. M4H 1J6 Box 1178, R,R. 4, Campbellford, Ontario. KOL ILO Box 805, U.xbridge, Ontario, LOC IKO 18 Sanderson Road, Rexdale, Ontario M9V 1C7 50 Persevereance Rd.. Haleland Park, Maraval, Trinidad, West Indies. 97 Penstock Court, Richmond Hill. Ontario, L4C 4P3 39 Bedford Park Avenue, Richmond Hill, Ontario L4C 4P3 39 Bedford Park Avenue, Richmond Hill, Ontiu-io L4C 4P3 2 Nina Ave., St. Catharines, Ontario. L2M 5X5 60 Admiral Road, Ajax, Ontario. LIS 2N9 R,R. No. 1 , Bailieboro, Ontario 24 McArthur Street. Weston, Ontario. M9P 3M7 Buenos Aires y Queretaro, Colonia Guadalupe. Monclova, Coahuila, Mexico, Box N8043, Nassau, Bahamas Box N5569, Nassau, Bahamas, Carrera 4 No, 3-53, Colon, Edo. Tachira, Venezuela. Box 286, Newcastle, Out. LOA IHO 67 Granville Road, 2nd fir., Kowloon, Hong Kong, 35D Broadway St.. 18th flr.,Mei Foo Sun Chuen, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Room 302, Yam Tze Commercial Bldg,, 17-23 Thomson Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong. 41 Cloud View Road, Flat A2, North Point, Hong Kong. 24B Broadway Road, 16th fir,, Mei Foo Sun Chuen, Kowloon, Hong Kong. 59 Nga T sin Wai Road, 2nd fir,, Kowloon, Hong Kong. 2 Fessenden Road, 1st fir.. Flat H. Avon Court Kowloon Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong. R. R, No. 1. Foxboro, Ontario. Church St.. Port Rowan, Ont. P.O. Box 74. NOE IMO 182 Victoria Dr., Uxbridge, Ont. LOC IKO 401 Reynolds St., Whitby Ont. LIN 3W9 Box N4038, Nassau, Bahamas. 350 Lonsdale Road, Suite 104, Toronto Ont. M5P 1R6 (Puddlestone Place) R.R. No. 1. King. Ont. LOG IKO 73 Blue Pool Road, Hong Kong, " Findon " Knockpatrick,, P,0., Jamaica, W.I. 166 Hartley St., Brockville, Ont. K7V 5N6 Rick-a-Tan Associates, Warwickshire Estates. Bermuda 169 Simcoe St. Sudbury. Ont. P3C 3L4 Paris yLisbon, No. 599 Col. San Isidro, Torreon, Coah, Mexico. Apt. 48, 520 Rossland Rd. E.. Oshawa, Ont. LIG 2X5 Box 189 Uxbridge, Ont, LOC IKO Box 191 , Hamilton , Bermuda. 559 West 190th St., Apt, 4A, New York, N.Y. 10040 181 Victoria Dr.. Uxbridge, Ont. LOC IKO Beacon Hill Road, Somerset, Bermuda 191 Simcoe St., Prince Albert, Ont. LOB IPO Ave. Carlos Cantu, 310 Montemorelos, N.L. Mexico. Maneveien 8, 1300 Sandvika, Norway Box 1137, Campbellford, Ont. KOL ILO 1047 Hortop St., Oshawa, Ont. LIG 4P4 473 Smith St., Iroquois Falls, Ont. POK lEO 833 Glenmanor Road, Oshawa, Ont 686 Westdale Court, Oshawa, Ont. LIJ 5B5 80 Forest Manor Rd., Suite 1804, Willowdalc, Ont, M2J 1M6 R.R. No. 1 , Mulberry Lane, Locust Hill, Ontario LOH 110 415 Sheppard Ave,, Pickering, Ont. Box 242 Mitchell Ave., Brooklin, Ont. LOB ICO 30 Junewood Cres., Willowdale, Ont. M2L 2C4 9-7, 35 Lane, 33 Alley Jen Ai Road, Section 4, Taipei, Taiwan, Rep. of China Box 5145ES (Soldier Rd.) Nassau, Bahamas. 22 Lyra Ave., Mootoo Lands, Marabella, Trinidad, W.l. 322 St. Lawrence St., Whitby, Ont. LIN 1H3 71 de la Riviere, Port Cartier Quest, Quebec GOG 2J0 KLEINER, Michelle KLEYN van de Poll, Nicola KWAN, Kin Yee (Irene) LAFONTAINE, Suzic LANE. Barbara LAU. Ka-Mun (Margaret) LAWSON. Victoria LEE, Shiaw-Raan (Dora) LI, Chung Hing (Anna) LINTJENS, Susan LUNN, Cathy LUYKEN, Ann LYSAK. Michelle MARTIN, Lori MADY, Nannette MAGGS, Valeric MANNING, Susan MASTENBROEK, Moira MEHARG, Lorrie MENTIS, Margaret Rose MOLYNEAUX, Dawn-Marie MONCHOLl, Pikir MORRISON, Deirdre MORRISON, Dawn MORTON. Fiona MUSCHETT, Elizabeth McEWAN, Catherine McKEOWN,Gail O ' BRIEN, Virginia O ' FLYNN, Erin PERINI, Paula PERINI, Francine PIDDINGTON, Laurie PINK, Diana RAMBAL, Enriqueta REID, Theresa RISTOW, Tammy ROBERTSON, Linda ROWAN, Susan SABISTON, Cynthia SANDS, Donna SAUNDERS, Helen SCARTH, Jane SCHUURMAN, Nadinc SCHUURMAN, Susan SEQUIN. Nancy SIU. Fai Yuen (Anita) SIU, Yee Ling (Fanny) STEPHENS, Colette STOCKTON. Kim STROBEL, Megan TAIT, Heather TOMKINS, Heather TUTTY, Maureen VANDERPOOL, Dwan VAUCROSSON, Norma VICKERY, Dale WADDELL, Laura WADDELL, Susan WAN, Carolina WALTERS. Marilyn WIGNEY, Debra iVILSON, Jan WITSCHEY.CarIa WITSCHEY, Erica WOOD, Marguerite YIP, Kam Yam (Karen) 525 Bella Vista Dr., Pickering, Ont. LIW 2A7 29 Algie Ave., Toronto, Ontario. 25 Fontan Gardens, 20th fir., Ka Ning Path, Hong Ko 148 Kingston Road. E., Pickering, Ont. LIV 2A1 827 Hillsdale Cres., Sudbury , Ont. P3E 3T1 1 Ede Terrace, 2nd fir., 15 Ede Road, Kowloon Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong. 240 Scarlett Rd., Suite 2013, Toronto, Ont, M6N 4X ' Flat C, 11th fir., 117-121 Argyle St., Kowloon, Hong Kong. 20-22c, Tung Choi St., 9th fir,, Kowloon, Hong Kong R.R, No. 1, Brooklin, Ont. LOB ICO Box N3467. Nassau. Bahamas. Plattsville, Ont. NOJ ISO 63 Fairway Cres., Brockville, Ont, K6V 3V1 56 Jarwick Dr., Scarboro, Ont, MIH 1H3 510 Rossland Rd, E., Suite 240, Oshawa, Ont. LIG 6Z7. 463 Juliana Dr., Oshawa, Ont. LIG 2E9 2657 Midland Ave., Agincourt, Ont. MIS 1R6 R.R. No. 3, Woodbridgc, Ont, L4L 1A7 233 Main st. W., Stouffville, Ont. LOH ILO 45 Metcalfe Ave., Garson, Ont. POM 1 VO 4001 Bayview Ave., Patio 1, Willowdale, Ont. Nardos 264, Col. Torreon Jardin , Torreon , Coah , Mexico, " Tara " R.R. No. 2, Bradford, Ont, LOG ICO World Bank Resident Mission G.P.O. Box 97 Dacca, Bangladesh. 6 Benson Terrace, Kingston 8, Jamaica, West Indies. 90 Willingdon Blvd, Toronto, Ont. M8X 2H7 5 Boothia Place, Peterborough, Ont. K9H 6Y3 Sharon, Ont, LOG IVO 108 Laracor Ave,, Oshawa, Ont. LIG 3A7 95 Silversted Dr., Agincourt, Ont. MIS 3G4 1 564 Sunnycove Dr., Mississauga. Ont. (Box 208) 31 de Carteret Road, Mandeville, Jamaica, Rio Magdalena 120-51, San Angel, Mexico 20, D.F. Mexico. 73 Jessie St., Brampton Ont. L6Y 1 L8 Columbus, Ont, LOB IGO 864 Kingston Rd., Pickering, Ont. LIV 1 A8 36 Keefer., Brockville, Ont. K6V 1R7 Apt. 3A, Conchrest, Box ES6343, Nassau, Bahamas. Box N8032, Nassau, Bahamas. Box N7648, Nassau, Bahamas, 8 Qualicum St., Ottawa, Ont. K2H 7G8 R.R. No. 2, Westport, Ont. KOG 1X0 2110 Islington Ave., Toronto, Ont. 180 Maclaren St. W., Buckingham. Que. J8L 1J2 5 Hing Hon Road, 1st fir.. Hong Kong. 218-220 Argyle St., Hoover Court, 3rd ilr.. Flat C Kowloon, Hong Kong Box 73, R.R. No. 2, Claremont, Ont, LOH lEO 11965 St. Evariste St., Montreal, Que H4J 2B4 Greywood Farm, R.R. 1, Goodwood, Ont. LOC lAO 128 Alexandra Blvd., Toronto, Ont. M4R 1M2 57 Craik St., Chateauquay, P.Q. J6J 3K7 77 Darlingside Dr., West Hill, Ont. MIE 3P2 4940 East End Ave., Apt 4F, Chicago, 111. 60615 Box 774, Hamilton 5, Bermuda 604 Brock St. S., Whitby Ont. 21 Dale Ave., Apt. 812, Toronto, Ont, M4W 1K3 146 Simpson Rd., Ajax, Ont. LIS 2V6 56A Broadway St., 14th fir., Mei Foo Sun Chuen, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Castara Gov ' t School, Castara, Tobago, W.l. 419 Caron St., Gatineau, Que. JSP 4Z6 Delaval Sales Service, Snelgrove, Ont. LOP IMO Agua 546, Jardines del Pedregal de San Angel, Mexico 20, D.F. Mexico. Canadian High Commission , Culloden Road, Bridgetown, Barbados, West Indies ] 17-121 Argyle St., Glen Haven, Uth fir., Block D Kowloon, Hong Kong. »iriHTtoe« inter -oolleglole proas I I I

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