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Within the bounds of Whitby, Trafalgar Castle stands; A building stately and secure, raised up by skilful hands. A sheriff had his home here, his family graced the halls. And within this lovely setting he gave Receptions, Dinners, Balls. But hard times fell upon him, and he was forced to sell This Castle which he ' d come to love, and where he ' d hoped to dwell. Some business men with vision procured this one-time home. And changed it to a College to which young girls might come. At first their education could best be called " genteel " . And comprised the social graces which held a great appeal. But as this new school prospered under worthy Dr. Hare Its scope was greatly broadened, and academics flourished there. The standards of the school were high - as were its morals too! And many young girls entered their studies to pursue. In days when entertainment was simple and " home-made " These girls still found enjoyment, in spite of seeming staid. Their resources were quite limited - we ' d call them deprivations! But with the means at .their command they invented our traditions. The formality of May Queens; the maypole on the lawn; An early picnic breakfast, now unfortunately gone. Biographies and Daisy Chain, prophecies grim or gay. Speeches at Senior Dinner, wet eyes at each Class Day. Elation at Commencement, for school days now were done; They were emancipated and womanhood was won! The years rolled by - how quickly! - Centennial now is past. And this school has amply justified the hopes within her placed. Great y increased facilities, freedoms unknown before Are no- lot of students entering O. L. C. ' s door. Although externals alter, fundamentals are the same; And Virtue, Truth, and Loveliness are still our major aim. Our social customs differ, uniforms change in style. The " ladies " now are called the girls, but strive for what ' s worthwhile. Dear Old Trafalgar! During the years now past. Many, many students graduated from this place. Our hope is, that, in years to come, as other girls enrol Within these hallowed precincts, they will seek, and find, their goal. Travel is an education in itself. During the last few years many of our students have travelled thousands of miles under the supervision of members of our Faculty. One of this year ' s graudating students has visited Rome, London, Paris, Amsterdam and Spain during her stay at the College. What a wonderful extra education this has been. Everyone needs to pass from the immediate scene of a school environment to something wider so as to enjoy a largeness of view and a breadth of mental vision. By changing our point of view we learn that we are all members of a world society of human beings. Travel has its place in building an effective life. It makes us capable of thinking more thoughts. It is knowledge - of- acquaintance that provides the surest intelligence. An ideal travel vacation will store your mind with thoughts to be imaginative about in future months and years. Perhaps it was your trip to the Appian Way out of Rome, the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, the Tower of London, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the windmills on the Dutch coast. In anyone of these, the stimulating aura of the environment would make history come alive, and forever enable you to recapture the past with the vividness of the present. The visitor would have seen not only the stones and bricks of the physical setting, but the hopes, aspirations, doubts, loves and hates that moved those who walked there. Many of our students have come back from trips abroad which have been educationally profitable. Never have I found a satisfied appetite, but rather an enthusiastic " where next? " Every road is lined with adventure for the traveller who walks it wide awake. You do not need to indulge in an Odyssey, which Ulysses did for ten years, dallying here and there, nor do you need to follow the century-old trail of Marco Polo, as a young couple did a few years ago. Rather, all you need is to get aboard a train, or ship, or a car or airplane and head for any part of Canada. The trans-Canada Highway may provide you with a starting place, for in this country we have the longest paved highway in the world, with final stop signs 5,000 miles apart at Victoria, British Columbia and St. John ' s, Newfoundland. Travel is for young people, and the Canadian Youth Hostel Association, with over 13, 000 members and over 35 hostels to help you explore Canada with holiday making suited to the nature of the environment and at a very nominal cost. To learn or to feel something we have never known before can be a profoundly stirring experience. To record it in a vacation diary or in photographs or movies makes it forever ours. Travel is an education in itself. Reginald C. Davis 4 Dear Students, This is my eighth - and last - message, and as I write it I share the feelings of those of you who will be graduating this year: regret at leaving O.L.C, and anticipation of the future. The past seven years have supplied many memories which I will carry with me when I go to Israel later in the summer. There are many things 1 should like to say, but space is limited, so here are some thoughts suggested by a magazine article on President Ford ' s daughter. Her boyfriend said: " I have never known her to take a positive stand on anything " . This seemed a very sad commentary on the young lady. To have no positive views and to take no positive stand on any issue, demonstrates an unwillingness to become in- volved in life: or, in modern terms, become committed. Dr. W. G, Saltonstall wrote: The uncommitted life is not worth living .... Commitment is willingness to stand up and be counted. It is a human MUST Commitment will bring sadness as well as joy, loneliness as well as friendship, but it brings excitement and demands the use of all a person ' s resources WITH commitment we can move mountains: WITHOUT it we cannot move a molehill. We are living at a time when there are many " mountains " facing us: world hunger, overpopulation, economic depression, stock-piling of atomic weapons, and many more. Christopher Fry could have had this in mind when he The time for adventure is not over; adventure has merely changed its form. There are challenges and opportunities waiting for those who are willing to face up to them. Don ' t stand aside from life; become involved, or committed, and make a positive contribution to the world you live in. You ask Why? 1 say, Why not? wrote: Thank God our time is now, when wrong Comes up to face us everywhere. Affectionately, Dorothy Perry 5 Throughout this past year, each individual has no doubt met and made many new friends. Some friendships have been established for the lengthy period of five years, and others have only developed this past year. We have all lived within the walls of this castle for a comparatively short time. Yet THIS year was special, for it saw the dawn of a new century. This year was but a passing moment, compared to the many years which are yet to come. 1 am reminded of two ships passing in the night. Those on board one ship catch only a fleeting glimpse of the crew members of the other ship. You can imagine yourself a ship, sailing past the O, L. C. and its crew. But we do not just sail past, we actually embark on this good ship, for varying periods of time. Some of us disembark this year, others remain to help the crew raise the anchor, and set sail next year. I should like to thank Dr. Davis and Mrs. Perry for their confidence and support throughout the year. I should also like to extend my thanks to the Prefects for their help with OLIYG, and to everyone who bought and bought and bought at OLIYG. Living together in this historic building is a very rewarding experience. We learn toleration, sympathy and under- standing, and experience pain and joy. Remember that the more you give, the more you shall receive. I would like to close with this quotation: " Man your ship O. L.C. And guard her well. " Love, Roxie. 6 The yearbook is no longer a voice but an echo, for it will remind us of this past year in which v e have lived within the walls of an historical castle. This book is something that we will keep forever; to be able to look back on these days full of laughter and sadness, rules and regulations, chaos and order, love and hatred, and memorable friendships. I would now like to thank those who gave their time to help me produce this book. Special thanks to Sue. Shirleyanne 7 Teachers Mr. Palmer, Mr, Shelson, Dr. Davis, Mr. Robertson, Miss Szkokan, Mrs. Holley, Mrs, Swann, Mrs. Metselaar, Mrs. Perry, Miss Webster, Miss Kreklewetz, ABSENT: Mrs, Davis, Mrs, Hallpike, Mr. Bedford, Mr. Sutherland. Miss Mentis. 9 House Mothers FRONT ROW: Mrs. Simpson, Mrs. Kwok. BACK ROW: Mrs. James, Miss Reese. This Page Sponsored by THE CLAY PIT Catherine Moore (Cath) has been a " lady " for two years now. She has added greatly to the spirit of the school. This year she was head of the S. C. M. and a member of the Social Committee (without them, where would we be?) Cathy finds showers very difficult and dangerous, because of the tremendous water pressure and frequent temperature changes experienced (with a little help from her friends). She would like to attend York University next year for Sociology and Psychology, Best of luck to you, Cath! We know you ' ll make it. Satu Ramcharan came to us from Trinidad in September. She is following the footsteps of her sister Indra. This is Satu ' s first year at O, L.C. and after she receives her Grade 13 diploma, she plans to enter Guelph University. Good luck ! Kim Young is from Nassau, and has managed to survive her first Canadian winter. She has been active in school in many ways -- using her voice in the choir -- and on the telephone! She will never forget our fruit salads, popcorn feasts, school dances, and room parties on weekends. Good luck in the future, Kim. Shui Ying is helpful and cheerful. She gets along with other people easily. Furthermore, she is very ambitious and hopes to become a chemical engineer. We often hear her say that " if I were a boy, I would do this , . . and do that . . . But in this year of Women ' s Lib, who needs to be a boy ! Karen Dorey, O.L.C. ' s Upper Frances ' prefect, has been romping through the corridors for one and a half years. " Kawin " is very active in extracurricular activities such as sports, yearbook, debating, and one other in particular that needs no mention. Karen is usually quiet except at mail-time when she receives letters from Markham, and also when she ' s trying to get the girls on her hall to be quiet after lights out. Karen plans to go to the University of Toronto next year to study law. We wish her every success. Joan Brokmeier has attended O.L.C. for the lengthy period of six years now and has contributed greatly to the life of the school. She has held such posi- tions as Grade 9 Class President and last but not least, Grade 9 prefect. Joan also possesses many great quali- ties: for instance, her singing voice is equivalent to that of Barbara Streisand. We all were very entertained by those lovely broken vocal chords or should I say notes during the House Plays, when Joan portrayed the adorable Lucy. Joan doesn ' t have much to say in the morning because she doesn ' t like those early hours, but by the time break rolls around, the whole school can hear I got a letter from Jerry! He ' s so sweet! " Joan plans to attend the University of Toronto next year to launch her teaching career. We wish you the best of every- thing, Joan, and as much happiness as you have given others -- Sunshine! Jan Byrnes is a first year O. L. C, ' er. Thanks to Jan there are no ju-jubes in O. L, C. , or Whitby for that matter. Beware of Jan and her camera she is noted for her very revealing candid shots. But we still love her innocent and naive ways! " l don ' t want to be cute, I want to be appreciated. " We appreciate you Jan despite the fact that you spend 75% of your time away from school skating. Tuesday and Thursday nights will not be the same without Jan, Right? Jan plans to skate all next year. Possibly, she will attend university after that. We wish you the best of luck ! Jane Sham has now been at O. L. C. for two years. She enjoys art and school in general. She plans to attend the University of Western for Home Econ- omics and we ' re sure she ' ll do exception- ally well. We wish you the best of luck in the future. Cathy Crouch from good ole Toronto has haunted the halls of O. L. C. for three years. She started out as one of the common choir girls and graduated to Hare ' s faithful captain, and finally to grade 12 ' s precious prefect. Our orange juice freak displayed her wide range of talents in voice, drama, and drawing, or rather scribbling. Her quacks, hisses, and neighings are as unforget- table as her Sunday solos; and who doesn ' t have a " Nick-the-JNit " scribbled in her hymn book, pencil case or English notes by our red-nose reindeer. Yet to be discovered, are her superb balance techniques and her skill in flying off window sills. Cathy plans to major in English at the University of Toronto next year. We will surely miss you, Crunchie, and your everlasting smile. We sincerely wish you success in the future. Diana Chan from Hong Kong has been attending O. L.C. for two years. During her two years she has been a faithful member of O. L. C. ' s choir and music classes every Tuesday. Diana plans to go to University to study Music or Accounting. Good luck Diana from all of Grade 13 ' s in your future plans. This is Candy Weir ' s first year at O. L.C. She came to us in September, 1974, almost at the end of our Centen- nial year. She is a tall, rosy-cheeked girl. Candy is planning to enter uni- versity for nursing next year, and she should be a very good nurse after her training. We wish her good luck in her future career. Anita Poon was born in Hong Kong and is spending her first school year in Canada. Anita wishes to attend York University on completion of grade 13. Her ambition is to become a teacher. As well as being studious, Anita is very pleasant and possesses a good sense of humour. Her hobbies include painting and knitting, and art is one of her favourite subjects. Anita would make a great pen pal as she is an inveterate letter writer. Her pet peeve is to quote " nothing " . Carol Yang our elected May Queen, has been an inhabitant of O. L. C, for three years. She certainly made her mark, having been grade 12 class president and grade 7 8 ' s perfect prefect. Yanger Banger has brightened up our lives with her numerous musical talents, her sudden outbursts of nee-nirs and her crazy laugh. She also skillfully posed as Schroeder, Santa Claus (ho-ho-ho) and as the back half of our Christmas elephant. Not to mention her funny habit of pulling down everybody ' s socks. Next year, Yang is off to the Universit of Toronto for Sciences. " Dr. Yang at your service! " We will always remem- ber Yanger for her patience ( " Leave me alone ! ! ' ) and she will surely be missed by all. Kathy Culbert received her nickname " Cubby " very early in her first year at O. L. C. The name stuck and it is hard to remember sometimes what her real name is. Cubby has been at O.L.C. for two years now. Her unique humour and comic nature have made her an asset to her class and friends. Cub wishes to continue her education next year at a University, with languages as her main interest. Keep your smile and stay happy ! Great luck. Cub! Mary Jane Barber found out what it meant to be a lady last September. This is her first year at O.L.C. She heard that a part in the House Plays was an experience that must be had. Mary Jane aired her talents and made her debut on the twenty-fourth of October! Both of her lines were done well! She plans to attend a University next year to study psychology. Hope I never have to be on your couch. Best of luck in the future, Mary Jane. Nancy Ma c ame from S.H.C.C. in Hong Kong. She looks like a quiet girl but actually she talks a lot. Her favourite pop singer is Cliff Richard and she has his poster up on the wall right in front of her desk. She collects baby pictures from newspapers and magazines. She still finds Canada un- familiar to her although she has been here since last September. Peggy Sazio, our Burlington Babe, has graced the halls of O. L. C. for two years now. Acquiring the name Piggies she has lived up to every meaning be- hind it. When the 7:30 bell rings for breakfast our Hare House Captain can be seen slumbering down the stairs, groaning to her house members to straighten up. She has hopes of be- coming a registered nurse after her training at University. We wish you the best ' o luck Piggies -- ace high! Jenny Crouch has only been here since January but it seems as if she has been a member of the clan for a much longer time. Jennifer was named Puff for her enthusiasm in securing happiness for a friend on a memorable occasion. Puff is planning a career in nursing at the college level. Her bedside manner will be perfect. She has such a winning personality that lady luck will be on the side of the patients who are in her care. You ' ll go far. Puff! Katherine Wong comes from S.P.E.C. in Hong Kong. She got her drivers ' license a month ago. However, she dare not drive on the 401 unless there are no other cars on it. She is an ex- pert in Cha-Cha. When she was small, she hoped to become a journalist but now she would like to be a business admini- strator. Even though she eats a lot , she looks slim. Best wishes for the future Katherine ! Little Nancy Moffatt woman from Lucerne, Quebec has been loose in the halls of O. L. C. for two years now. She ' s always up to something! Nancy has been an asset to the student life of O. L.C. This year she is the Grade Thirteen class president. She ' s always running around after delinquent 13 ' s who seem to forget about cleaning up the common room; chairing class meet- ings; and collecting class fees, choco- late money and yearbook pictures. All this chasing will be good practice when you get out into the world of men next year! Nancy is planning on going into nursing. Good luck Moffatt woman. Martha Kwok is an aesthetic person. She is taking music and art in school. She is a person who enjoys classical music and plays the piano. She is reserved yet s incere by nature; she is also good-tempered and patient with people, and appreciates a joke. Good luck Martha ! Like many of us, Paula Richards has found her past two years at O. L. C. enjoyable and fulfilling. Something Paula will never forget this year, is receiving the award for best actress as Charlie Brown in Carter ' s house play, and also her drama performance as Standfast. She has met many girls here and made many friends who will be her friends for a lifetime. Good luck Paula, we know some day all of your dreams will come true. Roxanne McDonald has spent five years at O. L. C. and in her last year she makes an almost perfect head girl. Roxie has numerous ambitions for the years ahead of her: hopefully she will be attending University of Toronto next year and one of these fine da ys will return to her home, Kirkland Lake and become a teacher at KLCVI. However, she also intends to work for the airlines for a year to gain four free passes to travel and meet the man of her dreams ! He will either be a guitarist or a drummer. Whatever your future holds, Roxanne, you are wished the best of luck and an enormous amount of happi- ness. Here comes Blonde Afro! She didn ' t fight very hard in Math class but she never lost the spirit Maxwell House needed for a House Captain and a whole lot of fun. Active in every type of sport, basketball, volleyball and especially badminton; always there to give the girls that extra little push to win. Go Max- well Go! ! From the time Marybeth Hunter came to O.L.C. three years ago she encouraged all of us with her warmth. Her handicap has never kept her from doing anything she really wanted to do, and that ' s what makes you special Blondie, She is planning on entering a college in Washington and taking a course which will enable her eventually to be a gym teacher for the deaf. Good luck in the future Marybeth ! Here ' s hoping that all your days are filled with joy and happiness. Lily Ho came all the way from Hong Kong to study in Canada and has spent the last three and a half years here at O. L.C. She is very gifted in Mathe- matics and plans to major in it at the University of Waterloo. Lily ' s interest also lies in music, and she has obtained great success in it. Among her contri- butions to the school this year, she has played the piano for chapel every day, and impersonated one of Santa ' s tiny reindeer. Wishing you the best of luck! Tina Barnett from Nassau has been at O. L.C. for two and a half years. She is a member of the choir. Gym club, S. C. M. , volleyball and basketball teams. She also participated in the house plays and she acts vividly. Tina plans to study Natural Science at University next year, and we wish her lots of luck. Right on, Tina. Cissy Tai is a friendly girl, who comes from Hong Kong. She likes travelling very much and wants to travel all over the world. She is fond of music, both pop and classical. In her spare time, she likes to write letters to her friends. She also enjoys drawing, especially cartoon pictures. We wish her happiness and success in the future. Betsy Barnes arrived in 1969 and has been here ever since. After seven years in O. L.C. she has become some- thing of a legend. For five years she was a boarder, to the distress of the house -mothers, but for the last two years she has been a day girl. She hopes to enter the University of Toronto to major in linguistic studies. We wish her the best of luck in the future. This is Sue Davies ' first year at O. L.C. and this year will go down in her books a as an unforgettable one. Coming from the great metropolis of Whitby she has certainly added a great deal to the social life of the grade 13 ' s. This " Beaver " never seemed to make it on time in the mornings, and whenever she did she always seemed to forget her precious tie! Beave hopes to attend Western Uni- versity next year; not just to find the guy in her dreams but also for speech the therapy! ! We wish you the best of luck in the future, Beave. Linda McQuade has been a student at O.L.C. for two years now. She has been a member of the Debating Society and has also participated in sports. Of all her subjects she likes English best, but her ambition is to go into social work or ecology. Wishing you a bright and successful future. Bette Maynard has been here for one year. She is a steady worker who concentrates her energies on science subjects. On the other hand, she enjoys outdoor winter sports. She also likes music and playing the trum- pet. She will be leaving us to continue studying science in university. Good luck in whatever you do Bette ! Gladys comes from the beautiful sunny Bahamas and has spent one and a half years at O. L. C , During this time she has lived solely for one pur- pose: to go home as often as possible ! Gladys is going to university next year, but it is not yet definite to which one. As long as the one you decide on isn ' t too far away that ' s fine, we don ' t want you being torn be- tween two worlds anymore, especially with the better one so far away. Good luck in everything you decide to do. Michelle Humphries has been at O.L.C, for the past five years now. She is a day-girl through and through. Mich has decorated the castle walls for dances, dinners and other festivities. If designs were needed, she was our artist on call. Her efforts were rewarded this year as she was named Day-Girl prefect. She intends to continue her art interests next year at university. Best of luck to you Mich, we know you ' ll go far. Demet Conger, Gillian Hercules, Carolina Morales, Janet Roddy, Alice Roddy. This Page Sponsored by MRS. SHEPPARD Eva Young-Any ledders today? Colleen Weaver- Well chalk up another game of caps! Shirleyanne Paton- One bag of barbecue chips sends a letter to England or to the cowboys . Pauline Mastenbroek- Je suis sourde ! Comment est-ce que la voice? 24 This Page Sponsored by MR. PATON Sue Robertson-Mata Hari rides as;ain-- Dear Jimmie! This Page Sponsored by P. EDWARD 25 Carol Moore-Oh excuse me - is this your lap? ! Linda Kellington- But that ' s not right - Sodium Chloride has nothing to do with Magnesium! Eleanor Hai-I will try to teach you to swear in Chinese ! Jennifer Brice-Come on Eddie! answer the telephone! Pat Kenny-My NAME is Patricia, not Patsy. Carrie Kennedy- Who sleeps in crackers and complains about cherries . 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Kathy Davies-The Day Girl who lives here . Lori Batemen-I want to go home! Kathy Parkinson- The Lone Dimple Sharon Cargill-I feel terrifly fat ! Barb Sherk-Just call me jerk ! Elinor Morley-Our computer from Orono Susan Holman-Is there any mail? From Mexico or Camp? Jennifer Kift- O.L.C. ' s the Greatest This Page Sponsored by KOKE ' S SHELL Susan Dunn- Happiness is no test Mary Ellen Davies- One of our faithful day girls. Lucy Chan-Miss Model This Page Sponsored by MR. J.E. ARMSTRONG Jennifer Mackie- Grade Seven ' s Half-pint. Virginia O ' Brien- Hello Stacia baby! - CHOICE. Alison Bethel-I didn ' t do it - Sylvia did! Lynda Larsen-Who always forgets her glasses Dale Kelly-No, I ' m getting fat. Fiona Elias- Grade Seven ' s Munchkin. Ingrid Rennhofer- Let ' s room hop ! -- Get into bed Ingrid! This Page Sponsored by MR. and MRS. O ' BRIEN 35 Ross Fairty An effect. A contrast from before. A distinction. Has the one hundredth graduating class left a distinguishing feature in your minds, or on the life of this school, Ontario Ladies ' College? Let us take a glimpse backwards in time to last year. Many people who were affiliated in any way with our Alma Mater will have different memories of us, than the lovely ladies they see before them this afternoon. They will remember our appearances or the little misdoings we engaged in. We were always known as the class with the spare tires because of our lack of exercise; the domineering types who locked our Common Room doors and let nobody in. We were noted for our escapades to the Dairy Queen, or the silent water, baby powder and vaseline fights on our Hall. Yes, these are securely fixed in the memories of many people, but these were only the exterior features of our class, and of ourselves. My class had two qualities about them which may have been overlooked by many. They had the ability to make friends and be friends; and the ability to co-operate with their classmates. In September of 1973, the grade thirteen class began with thirty-eight students, and numbers slowly declined to our remaining thirty. This might seem like a small class, but in fact it was very large for our classrooms. Through co-operation with each other we overcame this difficulty. We didn ' t mind doubling up two to a desk, (very common in our Geography class) or being squeezed into Mrs. Perry ' s office for Religious Knowledge, for this was always rewarding. We could chat, have tea and nibble on doughnuts. We became rearrangers when the fire damaged part of our Hall. Although it looked like a Monday morning ' s wash strewn in a back alley, we never complained about the confusion. The girls who were directly involved moved to other destinations, and their classmates were happy to have them as room-mates. The grade thirteens always have certain tasks which they must fulfill throughout their year. Here, by co-operating with each other, our class was truly successful. By working together, doing our own little duties, and being able to meet together in our Common Room, we blossomed in our two endeavours, the Christmas Party and our play on the history of " Trafalgar Castle " . The second trait I mentioned was the ability to make friends and to be friends. Not only was my class friendly with everyone outside their own class, but there was a very strong bond of fellowship within our class. I believe this was mainly brought about by our Class President ' s idea of Secret Friends. Each term we picked from a hat the name of a girl, and gave her little treats, without her knowing the donor. It was always nice to wake up in the morning with a little note beside your bed saying, " Have a Happy Day " , or receiving a gift. At the end of the term we would have a party and reveal our Secret Friends. Each time this was carried out I could see a tie between the girls uniting more and more. The idea of Secret Friends was very fruitful, for it spread to other classes, and friendship became a very strong force throughout the school last year. By being friendly, smiling, giving and co-operating our Class President won the Centennial Award for the girl who shows friendly co-operation. These are two vital traits which the whole world needs for a promising future. Bringing our attention right here, we should be able to see that O.L.C. has depended, and needs to depend, on friendship and co operation. Since we are a small private school we must be friendly, extending our hands to others whether they be from far or near. It is a necessity that we co-operate with the people of Whitby and those associated with the school. The students should act together and make every function the school undertakes a worthwhile accomplishment. We must strive for a common effort and be friends with one another to make Alma Mater the best it can possibly be. Through my five years at O.L.C, I can truly say that the staff and students have managed to have these two qualities. I ask that everyone continue to attain them and our school will survivie for the next one hundred years. My class has been preparing itself to step off this stage and enter into a whole new world, for they have found two characteristics most essential for their future. May they keep them and they too will be successful, whether they go on to university where it is a vital necessity to have friends and co-operate with the establishment, or into a career where they must work together, be friendly, do the best job they can and promote themselves. Since the Centennial Class has been widely emphasized during 1974, we hope we have left an effect, been different, and have become a distinctive part of our dear Alma Maters life by the qualities we possess. May everyone take full recognition of these and may they spread to have a world filled with everlasting peace and harmony. It is essential that not only you, and I, but everyone be friendly and co-operate with their fellowman. The hundredth graduating class wishes O.L.C. the best for the remaining part of their Centennial year and for future years. And since I ' m the only Latin student in grade thirteeen, I will end by saying, " In perpetuum, frater, ave atque vale. " 38 This Page Sponsored by the ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION oomtcDiEMr Our Graduatinj Class of 1974 Previous Head Girls Mrs. R. Leo Gray As usual, Commencement was a moving event, especially for the old girls, who had a second chance to weep over their friends who had graduated. This was our Centennial Commencement, and the Valedictorian did it full honor in her parting speech. We were especially honored by the presence of our guest speaker, Mrs. Margaret Scrivener, the Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Housing in the Ontario Government. To conclude the afternoon, a historical plaque was unveiled, commemorating the Centennial (and heroic survival) of our Alma Mater. Dr. and Mrs. S. L. Osborne 39 ItiitiAlioti This is the morning which every old girl longs for. The new recruits are dragged out of bed at 6:00 a.m. by the loud hangings of drums of the prefects, and then pushed out onto the front lawn to perform skilful exercises . During the day, their uniforms are turned inside out, their faces are painted, and the worst fate of all is having to kiss the male teachers--but we think Mr. Shelson enjoyed it this year! This Page Sponsored by MR. and MRS. A. HUNTER 40 The annual challenge could not be ignored, so once again, the new Grade 13 class took on the legendary " Powderpuff " title, and challenged the new Terrific 12 ' s to a game of tag-football. Both sides armed with warpaint, bright colors, and a lot of exceedingly loud spirit, met on the front lawn, and screamed at each other over the innocent head of the referee, Mr. Shelson. It so happens the 13 ' s won, but the enthusiasm was equal on both sides of THIS game! winning House: FAREWELL Best Set: MAXWELL This should have been called the Night of Cinderella- when girls walked sedately downstairs in their pretty dresses, and their boys strode up to meet them in suit and tie. Mouths fell open on both sides in surprise at the transformation into young ladies and gentlemen. The elegant company enjoyed itself immensely before racing off to still more festivities. Despite its wintry title, this dance was destined to be an indoor affair as the snow never showed up, but it was fun nevertheless. People danced enthusiastically, as if to warm themselves up from an imaginary cold, and it looked as though a good time was had by all. This Page Sponsored by MR. and MRS. PARKINSON 45 Ditiner The evening began with a few songs by the choir, standing on the main stairs. This was followed by a stirring rendition of the " Boar ' s Head Carol " by the valiant Grade 12 class. Dinner itself was enjoyed, for Christmas comes but once a year! For digestive purposes, the Drama Club presented the play, " How the Grinch Stole Christmas " . Singing " Silent Night " , we filed out, wished each other a Merry Christmas, and happily hurried home . This Page Sponsored by the TORONTO DOMINION The whole school gathered ex- citedly in the Grade 13 hall for this party. We saw the " Night Before Christmas " , heard the O .L .C . version of " The Twelve Days Of Christmas " , and had a special talent show hosted by a very lovely Dracula . Of course, the highlight of the evening was sitting on Santa ' s knee, and having that special Christmas " wish " come true. This Page Sponsored by MR. and MRS. F. KELLY 48 Ill m As this was the Centennial Bazaar, not only the Student Christian Movement and the Alumnae, but the whole school set to work to make it a success. We had an old-fashioned Fashion Show, in which Modern Misses modelled some very old dresses with much grace and secret approval. Not to be outdone, a modern Fashion Show by Simplicity was also most impressive. With a very popular Tea Room and an equally busy sale of articles, the whole affair was a huge success. This is the night we all both dread and look forward to, for it is the time when everyone must make an exhibition of herself for the amusement of her fellow students, whether she appreciates their hilarious laughter or not. The talent ranged from serious songs to the most ridiculous of skits and ditties. Honourable Mention went to the Teachers for their Skit. We admire them for so cleverly imitating our school tricks. Formal ' V This year we had a magical evening; the girls looked like true young ladies on the arms of their handsome escorts, and the atmosphere was full of soft laughter, talking and music. The delicate decorations matched the night, and the band adapted itself to a rather more old-fashioned type of dancing, which suited the occasion very well. Our Formal Queen, Carol Moore, was lovely, but this was an evening when everyone there was transformed into beautiful people. This Page Sponsored by MR. WEIR Senior For many girls, this is the most special event of the year. It is the night when the entire school pays homage to its graduating class and proudly so. All the girls look beautiful, as a tribute to each other, while eyes shine not only with pride but with tears at the thought of missing some of their best friends the following year. This year, the speeches were clever, funny and touching and most of us were left with a mingled feeling of happiness, sadness and expectation. This Page Sponsored by MR. and MRS. HOGG 53 May Day After three years of depressing rain, we finally achieved a beautiful, sunny day. Despite minor musical set-backs, the activities were sprightly and talented. We hope that our May 54 This Page Sponsored by MR. and MRS. SHERMAN Student Christian iWlovement " Don ' t copy the behaviour and customs of this world, but be a new and different person with a fresh newness in all you do and think. Then you will learn from your own experience how His ways will really satisfy you. " Romans 12:2 This has been a most delightful year for me, but is could not have been so successful without each one of you. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs. Perry, Miss Kreklewetz, Jocelyn Luck and everyone who helped in every way. The Bazaar was a great success and we were able to raise even more money for our foster children. Think often of our foster children and hope that their way of life will be improved so that their lives will be happier and more fulfilling. Luv always, Cathy Music Debating In our school, arguing seems to be a necessary evil, so we of the Debating Society feel that if you are going to argue at all, you might as well do it with style. Although we have not been publicly renowned this year, we have been practising diligently in private, and are happy to see some concrete results; these very results will be the- pride of the school next year, so beware of our oncoming eloquence! Inga (Honourable Opponent) 59 Patricia Kenny, Head of A. A. ; Shirleyanne Paton, Head of Yearbook; Michelle Humphries, Day Girl Prefect; Cathy Crouch, Prefect; Roxanne McDonald, Head Girl; Dr. Davis, Mrs. Perry, Carol Yang, Prefect; Joan Brokmeier, Prefect; Karen Dorey, Prefect; Inga Lubbock, Head of Debating; Cathy Moore, Head of S. C.M. ; Anita Smith, House Captain; Peggy Sazio, House Captain; Marybeth Hunter, House Captain; Jennifer Brice, Sub House Captain; Vivian Elliott, Class President; Ginny Boyd, Class President; Sue Robertson, Class President; Anastacia Johnson, Class President; Margaret-Rose Mentis, Class President; Nancy Moffatt, Class President; Meredith Hagerman, Head of Choir. Yearbook Staff Kim Young Kathy Parkinson Nancy Moffatt Lori Martin Joan Brokmeier Magdalen Ho Jan Byrnes Karen Dorey Inga Lubbock Cathy Moore Roxanne McDonald Mrs. HoUey Shirleyanne Paton Sue Robertson Carol Yang Pat Kenny Marybeth Hunter Jennifer Brice Peggy Sazio Candy Weir Sarah Farquhar Carol Moore Derryanne Hubbard Chris Burns Paula Richards 61 Athletic Association In O. L. C, the intramural sports play a very important part in the school ' s life. There is always something going on. We started this year off with volleyball, followed by badminton and then basketball. Also this year we had a swimming meet which was a great success. There was great enthusiasm in all the activities and it was good to see the students become one, a team. The ultimate goal in sports is to be able to play with one another and against one another without any hard feelings. I would like to thank Mrs. Hallpike, the enthusiastic captains, the spirited subs and all the students who participated during the year. Luv Patricia 62 Prefects Junior Reps Michelle Humphries, Cathy Crouch, Karen Dorey, Joan Brokmeier, Roxanne McDonald, Carol Yang, Ing a Lubbock, Shirleyanne Paton, Patricia Kenny, Cathy Moore. Thank You from A VERY APPRECIATIVE DEAN 63 Drama Maxwell House M axwell A Iways trying X citement in winning W orking together E nergetically playing L aughing L ively and likeable H ouse O f lines and games and housepoints U nity of purpose S pirit of friendliness E verlasting memories This Page Sponsored by MR. and MRS. LUCK Farewell Action Running the cross-country Excitement Winning the play Exasperation Learning to be patient Losing with good spirits Happy to be here Overwhelming Under the first runner up Swimming to win Everlasting devotion This Page Sponsored by MR. and MRS. JOHNSON 69 Hare House Thirty three girls in maroon coloured ties. Some dark and some light, all different in size: You may see us in swimming, our favourite sport. Or competing for titles, out on the court. On Mondays our captain is given the " snake " ' Cause house points to us are a great big mistake. We try not to lose them, but each week you see Maroon coloured ties ' round the Heart Dear Me! At mealtimes we line up at the foot of the stairs. If Hare is called first the occasion is rare. We try to be quiet, and stand straight in line But somehow we ' re always the last to dine. This year we ' ve had failures, and lots of success. I ' d like to wish each of you all of the best, I think we owe Hare a really big cheer For support and good spirit all through the year! Love to all, Peggy This Page Sponsored by THE CHARLES VAUCROSSON FAMILY Carter House Carter is about friendship And so it is a House about love. Further, it is a group of girls. Understanding and misunderstanding each other. Nothing is more precious than a friend. And yet we take our friends for granted. Nothing ' s more helpful than a friend ' s help. So what would we do without each other, huh? Love Colleen and Jennifer This Page Sponsored by MR. and MRS. ELLIS 73 DURHAM REGION TUBERCULOSIS AND RESPIRATORY DISEASE ASSOCIATION AN ASSOCIATE OF THE CANADIAN AND ONTARIO TB AND RD ASSOCIATION Executive Director: Mrs. E.A. Collins Telephone 723-3151 757 Grierson Street, Oshawa, Ontario L1G 5J8 A MESSAGE FROM THE DURHAM REGION TUBERCULOSIS AND RESPIRATORY DISEASE ASSOCIATION (The Christmas Seal Organization Assisting in the Control of Tuberculosis and Other Respiratory Diseases) STUDENTS CONSIDER A CAREER IN RESPIRATORY TECHNOLOGY Work Description - Assisting the physician in diagnosis, treatment, management and care of patients with respiratory and associated disorders. Prerequisites for the Course - Secondary School Graduation Diploma, including credits in English, Mathematics, Chemistry, and either Physics or Biology. Training available at - Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology, Ottawa. - 3 years. Fanshawe College of Applied Arts and Technology, London. - 2 years. Toronto Institute of Medical Technology, Toronto. - 2 years. More Information from the Guidance Department of Your School Films and Health Literature on Respiratory Diseases are Available Free of Charge - Telephone 723-3151 80 Best Wishes to: ARNOLD CARGILL BUILDING ENTERPRISES LIMITED SPECIALISTS IN RESIDENTIAL AND HIGHRISE COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS President and Proprietor: Mr. Arnold Cargill HEAVY EQUIPMENT CONSTRUCTION COMPANY LIMITED Prince Charles Drive Tel: 42371 HEAVY CONSTRUCTION INCLUDING DOCKS, ROADS, AIRPORTS, HYDRAULIC DREDGING - ALL TYPES OF MARINE WORKS, ETC. President: Arnold Cargill EL TORO RESTAURANT LIMITED Bay St., Nassau Tel: 28167-24729 VARIETY OF FOODS INCLUDING BAHAMIAN, EUROPEAN AND AMERICAN DISHES President and Proprietor: Mr. Arnold Cargill 0 IW 0 tot m ji3r Ikr 82 n-3 TO BE SELECTED AS YOUR OFFICIAL GRADUATION PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHERS photoqrdphiG 214 brock street south, whitby, Ontario 416 6681212 A FULLY EQUIPPED AND DIVERSIFIED PHOTOGRAPHIC STUDIO R JUNIOR BflZflFIR- It takes tiard work, drive and perseverance, to push forward, to create new ideas and to make dreams into reality. We can do it . . . the proof is in you, capable young adults like yourself have been the source of each new accomplishment . . . We look to the future with great optimism, Simpsons-Sears Ltd. The friendly store tn the Oahawa Centre where the new ideas are 86 nfkfc Cleaucp OailMffian SdvQplof oM: Though small ions your allowance You saved a little store And those who save a little Shall get a plenty more. Thackeray i CANADIAN IMPERIAL BANK OF COMMERCE 84 Keys are for castle At Paul Ristow Ltd. ws don ' t sell too many castles. But vae ' re firm believers that a man ' s home is his castle, and that the homeowner is King of his castie. And as a king we treat him. Personally. • , We ' ve grown to meet bvjrKQK ' K i. ioAS growth. But we ' ve not forsaken the personal touch. and Paul Ristow Ltd. will meet the challenges of the future - confidently and personalty. Paul Ristow Ltd. Realtor 203 Bond Street East Oshawa 576-2548 Residential ■ Commercial - Industrial • Lease-backs • Rentals ■ Retreats 89 JEWELLERS LTD. 217 Dundas St.E Tel. 666-3031 Pine Qualitj Diamoi s, Jewellery Sc Watches Pine Quality Diamonds, Jewellery Watches. Por your second 100 years May your school ' s shadow Never grow shorter Nor its chimney cease to smoke. 90 t)uj [m ' jc Tell you a secret . . . Eaton ' s learns where it ' s going by keeping up with you. Drop in— meet your friends in our Young Oshawa and Young Men ' s Shops— and stay a while. With your clothes, your sounds. Sales people who look and think your way. Try on what you like. If you buy something . . . fine. We ' re happy to have you anyway— for what you teach us about the way fashions and attitudes are going. Because of you, we ' re young. (Thanks.) EATON ' S Best Wishes from JURY AND LOVELL LTD. Your Rexall Drug Store 317 Brock St. S. WHITBY PLAZA 668-3394 MERCANTILE DEPARTMENT STORE 321 Brock Street WHITBY 91 UiforcTs ourf jj4 t)rc) ' or dl ttisxwienti itrect §. ll lutbv 92 setv w DEAR OLD TRAFALGAR Dear old Trafalgar, Hear thou our hymn of praise. Hearts full of love we raise Proudly to thee. Thy splendour never falls, Truth dwells within thy walls. Thy beauty still enthralls, Dear O. L. C. Through thee we honour Truth, virtue, loveliness. Thy friendships e ' er possess Our constancy. Thy spirit fills us through, So we ' ll be ever true To our dear blue and blue Of O. I.e. 01 Alma Mater: How can we from thee part? Thou only hast our heart. Dearest of schools. Thy glory we shall see Wherever we may be, Still love of O.L.C. Our future rules. ADDERLEY, Nicole, BoxN4303. Nassau, Bahamas. ARMSTRONG, Mary Jane, 16 Ruby Street, Cobalt, Ontario. ATKINSON, Grace, Box 599, Nipigon, Ontario. ATKINSON, Irene, Box 599, Nipigon. Ontario. BAILEY, Laurie, 474 Pike Road, Amherstburg, Ontario. BAKER, Lynne, 3344 Enniskillen Circle, Mississauga, Ontario. BARBER, Mary Jane, 4832 Maisonneuve Blvd. Westmount, P.O. ' BARNES, Betsy, Apt. 403, 745 Stevenson Rd. , Oshawa, Ontario. BARNETT, Santina, Box 5288, Nassau, Bahamas. BATEMAN, Lori, Apt. 820, 49 Thorncliffe Park Dr. , Toronto, Ontario. BENOIT, Laureen, Box N7684, Nassau, Bahamas. BETHEL, Alison, 5147 Banting Court, Burlington, Ontario. BOYD, Virginia, R.R. 2, Campbellcroft, Ontario. BOYER, Pamela, 97 Penstock Ct. , Richmond Hill, Ontario. 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' DAVIES, Susan, 806 Henry Street, Whitby, Ontario. ' DAVIS, Kathy, 401 Reynolds Street, Whitby, Ontario. DEVINE, Jennifer, 65 Babcombe Drive, Thornhill, Ontario. DOREY, Karen, 47 Joseph St. , Markham, Ontario. DUNN, Susan, 166 Hartley Street, Brockville, Ontario. EDNESS, Ricky, Rick- a-T an Associates, Warwickshire Estates, Bermuda. EDWARD, Jane, 230 MacKenzie Street, Sudbury, Ontario. ELIAS, Fiona, 1288 Old Orchard Ave. , Pickering, Ontario. ELLIOTT, Princie, 9 Ladyslipper Court, Thornhill, Ontario. ELLIOTT, Vivian, R.R. 5, Wiarton, Ontario. ELLIS. Leslie, Box N1129, (BOAC), Nassau, Bahamas. FARRAN, Margaret, Westport, Ontario. KOG 1X0. FAROUHAR, Sarah, 403 Wood Ave. , Rockcliffe Park, Ottawa, Ontario. FERGUSON, Nancy, R.R. 1, Oshawa, Ontario. FITZPATRICK. Joanne, Apt. 48, 520 Rossland Rd. , E. Oshawa, Ontario. FUMMEY, Meek. 559 West 190th St. , Apt. 4A, New York, N.Y. 10040. GOOD, Sherry, 79 Chelmsford Ave. , Willowdale, Ontario. GRIEVE, Tracie, Box 1330, Campbellford, Ontario. HAGERMAN, Meredith, 1047 Hortop Street, Oshawa, Ontario. HAI, Eleanor, 14 Humphreys Ave. , 7th Fir. , Kowloon, Hong Kong. HARVEY, Moira, 686 Westdale Court, Oshawa, Ontario. HEREDIA, Maritza, Calle Carabobo 24, Puerto La Cruz-Anzoategui, Venezuela. HILL, Jane, 164 Banbury Road, Don Mills, Ontario. HO, Lily, Block D-2, 17th Fli. , Villa Monte Rosa, 41A Stubbs Road, Hong Kong. HO, Magdalen, 33 Woo Tak Street, 1st Fir. , Tsuen Wan, New Territories, Hong Kong. HOGG. Betsy, 61 Tremoy Road, Noranda. Quebec. J9X IWl HOLLINSED, Karen, Eastern Potosi Estate, Box 14, Bath. Jamaica. W. I. HOLMAN, Susan, Box 242, 36 Mitchell Ave. , Brooklin, Ontario. HUBBARD, Derryanne, 132 Wellington St. , Bowmanville Ontario. Lie IWl HUMPHRIES. Michelle, 180 Severn St. , R.R. 1. Oshawa, Ontario. LIH 7K4 HUNTER, Marybeth, R.R. 4, Smiths Falls, Ontario. HERCULES, Gillian, Elizabeth Garden - Police Compound, P.O. Box N7788, Nassau, Bahamas. ING, Diana, 9-7, 35 Lane, 33 Alley Jen Ai Road, Section 4, Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China. JOHNSON, Anastacia, Box 5145 E. A. (Soldier Road) Nassau, Bahamas. JOHNSON, Gladys, BoxN1505, Nassau, Bahamas. • KELLINGTON, Linda, 804 Westdale St. , Oshawa, Ontario. KELLY, Dale, Sr. , 292 Shakespeare Dr. , Waterloo, Ontario. KENNEDY, Caroline, 790 Bloem St. , North Bay, Ontario. KENNY, Patricia, 614 George St. , Buckingham, P.Q. •KIFT, Jennifer, 2031 Rossland Road, E. , Whitby, Ontario. KO, Shui-Ying, 24B Nassau St. 8th Fir. , M.F.S.C. Kowloon, Hong Kong. KWOK, Man Yee (Martha), 1 Babington Path, 8th Fir. . Flat M4, Hong Kong. LARSEN, Lynda, 566 Edison Ave. , Ottawa, Ontario. • LOGAN, Lori, 825 Elvira Court, Pickering, Ontario. LUBBOCK, Inga, 21 Dale Ave. , Apt. 606, Toronto, Ontario. • LUCK, Jocelyn, 335 Elmgrove Ave. , Oshawa, Ontario. MA, Nancy, 12 Queen St. 3rd Fir. , Hong Kong. • MACKIE, Jennifer, 9 Reygate Court, Ajax, Ontario. MARTIN, Lori, 56 Jarwick Dr. , Scarborough, Ontario. •MASON, Michelle, 35 Skyridge Rd. , West Hill, Ontario. MASTENBROEK, Pauline, R.R. 3, Woodbridge, Ontario. MAYNARD, Bette, 36 Eureka Street, Unionville, Ontario. MENTIS, Margaret-Rose, 45 Metcalfe Ave. , Garson, Ontario. MOFFATT, Nancy, 6 D ' Amour Dr. , Lucerne, P.Q. MOORE, Cathy, 3222 Cedartree Cres. , Mississauga, Ontario. MOORE, Carol, 3222 Cedartree Cres. , Mississauga, Ontario. MORALES, Carolina, Apt, 1009, 720 Kennedy Rd, , Scarborough, Ontario. •MORLEY, Elinor, Box 235, Orono, Ontario. McDonald, Roxanne, 869 Condor Dr. , Burlington, Ontario. McDonnell, Kelly, R. R. 2, Rldgevlew Ranch, Port Perry, Ontario. McQUADE, Linda, 183 Island Park Dr. Ottawa, Ontario. NEUFELD, Cathy, 9000 Kipling Ave. , Woodbridge, Ontario. O ' BRIEN, Virginia, Sharon, Ontario. PARKINSON, Kathryn, 236 St. Leonards Ave. , Toronto, Ontario. PATON, Shirleyanne, 86 West Deane Park Dr. , Islington, Ontario. POON, Anita, 2B, Crystal Court, 2nd Fir. , 6 Man Wan Rd. , Homantin, Kowloon, Hong Kong. PETKOVIC, Brenda, 587 Digby Ave. , Apt. 3, Oshawa, Ontario. RAMCHARAN, Satu, Unit 91, Suite 42, Burns Dr. , Guelph, Ontario. RENNHOFER, Ingrid, R.R. 1, Josephy Road, Quesnel, B.C. RICHARDS, Paula, 26 Holsworthy Cres. , Thornhill, Ontario. RISTOW, Tammy, Columbus, Ontario. ROBERTSON, Susan, 864 Kingston Rd. , Pickering, Ontario. • ROBERTSON, Linda, 864 Kingston Rd. , Pickering, Ontario. SAZIO, Peggy, 876 Glenwood Ave. , Burlington, Ontario. SCARTH, Jane, 8 Qualicum St. , Ottawa, Ontario. SCHMELTZER, Gabrielle, 86 Glenrush Blvd. , Toronto, Ontario. SCHUURMAN, Susan, 3000 Dufferin St. , Apt. 1903, Toronto 19, Ontario. SHAM, Jane, (H-733526) Mr. Sum Yiu Fat, 285 Lockhart Rd. , 6th Fir. , Front Block, Wanchai, Hong Kong. SHERK, Barbara, Apt. 314, 10 Edgecliffe Golfway, Don Mills, Ontario. SHERMAN, Lilian, 528 Birchmount Road, Scarborough, Ontario. SMALL, Jan, 23 Earl St. , Kingston, Ontario. SMITH, Anita, North Devon Aprs. 5, Devonslure North, Bermuda. TAI, Ching Si, 6 Castle Steps, 1st Fir. Seymour Rd. , Hong Kong. TISDALL, Anne, 10 Nelles Road N. , Grimsby, Ontario. VAUCROSSON. Norma, Box 774, Hamilton 5, Bermuda. WAN, Annie, 56A Broadway St. , 14th Fir. , Mei Foo Sun Chuen, Kowloon, Hong Kong. WEAVER, Colleen, 163 Maki Ave. , Sudbury, Ontario. WEIR, Candice, 17 Brightbay Cres. , Thornhill, Ontario. WEPF, Karen, 36 Golfview Dr. , Brampton, Ontario. WILSON, Jan, Delaval Sales Service, Snelgrove, Ontario. WINSOR, Taryn, 5 Somerset Place, St. John ' s New ' oundland. AlB 2G4 WONG, Katherine, 131 Silas Hill Drive, Willowdale, Ontario. WONG, Vickie, 131 Silas Hill Drive, Willowdale, Ontario. YANG, Carol, Box 80, Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China. YEUNG, Eva, 5 Babington Path, 3rd Fir. , Flat B. , Babington House, Hong Kong. YOUNG, Kim, BoxN7041, Nassau, Bahamas. MiHTfo BY inlor ' col pres« 4 ni ' .

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