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Text from Pages 1 - 84 of the 1950 volume:

912 v-limi 'Y WEP Qol O QE Cf! 51 OCEN 92992 W .gaax H f 4 Asif .:- '52 75' Q' 'v" 'Vu H ' ' "1 ' .5 -' fill" V1""E'-8 1 ' " ' -e2,g.'Af4,' 15. in A wiv,-.,wa-, ' 5 , ' V ' . , fly, Q , -9 ,fL.f.-"sq,-. '. "x .y.L4..-14 AL' F-H ' '1- '-,-Jg,,x5?- f , 4' Y , ,,"fvUF,, " f. ,, if A 1. js- - 3 .Mgt ,,.-11 41. fifg 3Pb'Of2'5 f56R ASKING Q INAME I ll 5' DAT E I . I flce. A5 ,' , gr o'nu-urs.:--.'--11- 2 A . - -l,Q3'- pfyaq .7 -gut . -.-A f' ' .fig f 1 V' 7 H If tin' ' 'G "1" vl 3:4 12357 as K. -ti x My 'alfllg U 4 'wil' 5? .I 'I 4 if KX u mv 'H ,N W, ,I, , 471 - . ,7'ifpff01 ., ki ,,2,,,, ,I ,' 635345,- iq- ' C ky '5271 'Aj K g 'X ,. K., 3 FIG ky ! under ! AT AT HE LETTERS T0 THE 9 ' smrr , Q Dear hir. Luce: ln our capacity as the co editors of the lil l'ortal, the yearbook of Tracy Union lligh School, we wish to ask your permission to use the format of your magazine. We have en- closed an approximate copy of our cover. We do not plan to use the name, Life, nor the names of anyone connected with it. We intend only to use Life as a general basis for the organization of our yearbook. Tracy is located 65 miles east of San Fran- cisco in the San Joaquin Valley. We would greatly appreciate it if you would allow us to use your format. Margery Monnich l'at Campbell Co-Editors of lil Portal Tracy Union lligll School Tracy. California llear Miss Monnich and Mr. Campbell: Thank you for your letter of September 22nd and enclosed layout, which Mr. Lucc's office has referred to my attention. We are glad to give you permission to pat- tern the l950 El Portal alter LIFE, and your cover design looks line-except for just one part: the band at the bottom will have to be a straight line all the way across, instead of having a jag. For your guidance in planning the rest of the yearbook, following are the modifications to be observed, in line with U. S. trademark and copyright regulations: l. The word LIFE must not appear in a box, regardless of color, either on the cover or elsewhere in the book. Z. lt must he stated nn the cover that the yearbook is published by Tracy Union High School. as you indicated. 3. Our copyrighted subtitles, such as "Speak- ing of Pictures," "LIFE Goes to . . . ," or "Visits . . . ," etc., should be changed enough so there is no chance of identifying them too closely as coming from LIFE Magazine. Many thanks for your kind compliment to lgFE, and all best wishes for a successful e ition. Dorothy l.. Smith Editorial Services Time 8: Life lluilding Rockefeller Center New York, 20, New York Sirs: Your Mid-Century Issue of "lil Portal" is tremendous. We are pleased with the selection ol LIFE Magazine as a theme. The quality and breadth of coverage is interesting, accur- ate, and. from all reports, complete. As a vet' eran school executive one can easily realize that our student body, teaching staff. and ad- ministrative organization are essentially ade- quate fnr a school which is "Second to None." W. W. Crow Prin. and Dist. Supt. Tracy Union High School Tracy, California a s BUY G it Student Body Cardfche leey o all e. ae activities ." Q SG satisfied fi" x,'f,'? TRACY UNION HIGH 5CHO0L sruoeur aoov CARD . Nr OJQTNI' nm sa. U" 5:2 '33Vl'67lf1l11rz13 nr 4-14 it C9 '45 A nn.. r -7 9 C .JA 51. 1 -, , 1 fi , 4 6. Ns , K 1 - C., F. .' X I , lr X dia s s fi KQW KEN N E TH THOMAE LEA MOORE GEORGE KER ' 'QFCDT Q33 MAXHQE lyfmcz-m.o LEILA Rises MARGARET DANNER 1 -.Jn RENA CROSS LETTERS T0 THE STAFF Editorial Staff: There have heen many splendid issues of the lil Portal in the past, hut you are to be com- mended for the unique manner which you have employed in presenting the 1950 issue. You have done an excellent job and your efforts will be greatly appreciated. Irvin Petz President of School Board Sirs: Like everyone I was a little doubtful on entering a new high school, and was sure this school could never compare with the one l formerly attended. I have gone to many schools, from Indiana to California, and I can truthfully say that l have made more friends more quickly here than in any school l've attended. l just hope that Tracy High School students will continue to be friendly to newcomers like myself. Sharon Kingery Tracy, California Sirs: I am very happy to live in the United States. The American people are just wonderful. I shall never forget how kind the American peo- ple were in Germany, on the hoat, and right here in Tracy. ln America a man is free. This is different from Europe. In Germany if you wanted to move to another place, you had to register with the police and get allowances. That's how it was during the war. Also the people in European countries had to suffer from different wars and foreign governments. Housing in Germany was very bad: lots of people lived under the blue heaven, and it was much harder with the food which was almost nothing. The difference between American food and German food during and after the war was that a millionaire could not eat as well as an American Workman eats. Everybody had a ration card, but the rations were so little that a man could eat his food for one month in one week. I like Tracy High School very much. I am iust surprised that a town ot this size has such a nice big school. The teachers are very good and kindly. The subjects are very prac- tical and good. In our school we didn't have such subjects as shop, auto, radio, and photo- graphy. We could take them outside school. We had school about half a day, and couldn't study in school: we had to study at home. I think that we had more work in our schools. We learned more languages and about foreign countries and their histories. It's strange that American schools don't teach these things. The American students are very friendly. They almost all like football. In Europe we played a difTerent kind of football. The Amer- ican students don't have the rigid discipline in the school. After I have finished high school, I want, if it is possible, to get more education in an American college. Guido Zvigzne Recent immigrant from Latvia Tracy, California EL PORTAL 7 - ws, if V .162 lf- 41 '. ' ff'if ff f Y xf ,., PRESENTS QQQW r z.. vfyf L 0, ' ' 6 Q il. , L ,' :zu XY 177 ' , s 3 ,X . -I' , . X A -uv. 35" I'he sounds of hammering and san- H j Q - ing. and the noises of great tractors .. -. were heard Over the eampus ol' Traey t -5 ' 'MK fee A hlnion Hligh St-hool this year. Front ' ,V -' , ttese int it-ations one was aware that ii A r it ' so .Eiga there was much buildint-'Z at hand. The 6 1" 4 'ARR - yr! tedious labors over blueprints and ron- ' L' IV' tra:-ts were finally showing some profit. 'Q ag X X X ,ff The foundation of the gym had been sq' a, V E laid. as were the foundations of the K new garages and classrooms. Soon the ' '- skeletons of these buildings were seen. , n' ,L and finally the finished bttildings them- ' 5 selves. 1 ROLAND OBERI :ef it E-If 75 . . I FL I E-.1 1 5 1 I A 1 , 'sl-L' , If '.-21,4 592251 'VL '4 - vgfih 4' I-Istapg tv 5 7 --11481 Y 5 1 1 p ,I . .ff X " '9 S L' N . I 4 49' ."-fe 71,1 3 Q2 .Q X o ifunuu ul Tiiin ARATA -cs' EDWARD LYON These additions were made to at'- eommodate the ever increasing elasses that are entering Traey High. The old loeker rooms have bet-ome erowded. and the gym, built to seat 500, strains at the seams. The new loeker rooms will provide ample spaee for every- one. There are enough showers now, so that students will never again have to wait their turn. The great strueture of the new gym was built to seat 1600 to 2000 people. There will be a dividing vurtain to aero m mo date two mueh needed gym elassrooms during the day. The strong steel beams and the won- derful lighting system is certainly no eomparison for the old gym. Four of the elassrooms that were built will be used to house the English department. These four rooms are iden- tieal. The remaining three classrooms will be a modern and well-equipped Home Economies department. Six new gas stoves and five new eleetrie stoves will be installed in the vooking room. There are enough sinks and working tables to aeeommodate twenty-two girls. In the sewing roont will be many elosets and separate drawers lor eaeh girl. Thirteen mueh lleeded Singer sew- ing marhines have been purehased. A spaeious fitting room with full length mirrors aml a display ease has been eonstrueted eloseby. The interior of all classrooms is light green and the ex- terior is a darker eolor with an ofl' white trim. A new bus garage was built in order that the old building eould be used for shop elassroom expansion. These modern buildings, that were eompleted during the latter part of April, were eonstruvted for the safety and health of the students aeeording to state and lot-al requirements. ELM NE LAWRENCE I t , 4 U 1 l "5 Q sv . 1 Q f, 3 I MA RJORIE DUN TON xx ' J ' J 1 tl. A V I l if , . L l 1 ', E- A lT,1,, . . NN ' Q if I . vt fir l Y ' l l, i E""R,.r tt ll Luft. i ' I l il 5 K ,fi 'tc . K" 'V lj, 4. L V ' , Y 4, Huphnmwres Dian thvir Tnrkf, Um gsrugrum. Girls' Block "TM inrvriiewx S and A editair. 'UR' The "Harris Morris" prmfrnm Q-ws on vhs nir 3 This clown plans with ixcrjurse while listening to the rndm. TAGKY DAY ilu- trmiitimxul xun'k-frm-ei fun :lazy at 'li'r:u'y High this yvur fm:- iurvll pzlrtivipzxliun ily vznfh vlusa :uni m'g:miz:xliun in Ihr form of rxuiiu prugrznru- ami f-Ingo rkits. 'liixv ifm-In wun thi' zuvurci fur thc- higziu-wi ll!'ll'f'lllll:,Il'Uiil'0FUllllf'lI stu- ale-nt-. but tha' utiwr uwauwis for tim iwst gmup, in-QI vnuplv, and lu-A indiviriual imp' and girl wf-nt In lnvxniwrs ri-pire-sa-nting vw-ry riufsi El Pnrtulis phutngmpiwr. War:-vlln Nizxrtixwz. illilliiblnli wvefrzxi of threw groups. Mr. Westlake swapped this picture of his Chem class un Tucky Day. 1 5 Summa students await the class skits in the auditurium. :sus In In xl ilmn ml 'M 1 I I 0 G G in 11501551 NNW 1 xi. X1 , S , .b NI X , SPEAKING UF SNAPS 8 r...,.A ai 2, i. Q f - x f Mg S hx, K Qs . sgv ik. 9 My 33-f 1. saw-5 Q K -ue' ll 1 ' U D. 5.0.6 O g..l.C o'."u' Q' O I fu ,tl up-?W:5's, MF fe, ,Kg Q . BE Bills? X lf R161-I T ,IO X 'nsu.,,,,. -Qi I ,f.l f,,1f ENGLISH I fl! , .al f 9 gff ,,v,.,,,.ao-of"-4' .-,-ev" W ,n-4" ,r',,.f" gi ,Ebuzcfb G Ac, UYLQQ, E' C0772 :DY':XE I R00 F "- ' -Stafem M? Qeasaffs 1- Emmy at-m4.Q jzfgsgg 3.41: xx ' 3,a,gL,ul?M, ASW H ffADBr:QExc q,Q,5,a,d,,,af ,, 51 DY:'xE KNOW THE LAST OF Youll C5 W5 "RlTHMETlC" MARY HAwLEv , CORRINNE Tu EL PURTAL EDITOR-IN-CHIEF .,,. Margery Monnich ASSOCIATE EDITOR ...,..,.............,.,,....Patr1ck Campbell EDITORIAL ADVISOR Parish STAFF ARTISTS Emi Kato ,,,.,,,,.,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,A.,. Elsie Castro BUSINESS MANAGERS Cloyce Brooksher ,,.....w,. Smiley Gonzalez STAFF PHOTOGRAPHERS Kenneth Westlake ........ Ellsworth Hagen Marcello Martinez ,.,.,,.,,..t,. Loretta Pedro PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER Emory Boughton ......,..,.. EmOry'S Sllldi0S STAFF WRITERS Alfred Talley ......,.....,,........ Sam MHITINPJWS Myrcille Cox ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,r,,, Carole Morris ENGRAVING California Art and Engraving .... Berkeley PRINTING Lederer, Street, and Zeus .......... Berkeley COVERS S. K. Smith Company .,.......... Los Angeles The following list page by page, shows the source f or each picture : Bnughton .,,,.,,,..,,......,.,..,,,,,.,................, v,,,,,. ....,... .... - . W I est ake, Hagen, Martinez Westlake, Boughton ..,,,,.. Boughton ,, ,,.,.,,., Westlake, Hagen . ..., . Westlake .....t.,................ Westlake, Boughton .... Boughto Westlak n , ,,,,................ . e, Boughton . ughton . Hagen, Bo Westlake, Hagen ,.,,..... Westlak H g est a st' SSSTSESZQWEWIUIETITISI mmmgnmommgmgggnggggmg 3?:E."EEEE.E'eE'M"E""f"'E" mwnammwawi-mE??mP:?:w: rr:-:rarrenaroro rr' ,r. mrvp:fvpwNp:9:,qwpg:2:':p:5l , :: :: :o-1 gg : E IIIlIE5:15Igg:--41-.ffilii 'nzzmzzm E:':W2.::':W: ,A ,n. , mmm. u-'mag .. ve- W :rnEEQE10Z'.1E'I1"gnfO:g3rn EPE1-EiP5'5'5"'-P25111 , EE ff 001: 'fifz ,g:vT1,wNN5::Zwl-111 g,:'n.::9,,:-f"c,-- Q 53:15-s5u'iE1Eg:,,'g12ssa. :5-E5,s2:-::2:f5:r2z'2 , .,,., ,.,.. 1 ..,. , -: ogpggez 5 :ug 1: :5 'B-'E-552322:-5-5315.-Ewiiiii QI Q: 1 : : : If-19: Tlf?j qi: : 3 : : :ri-iosvumifuir-knuumaa-n-s-wwbawuwm A -ocxno-mam--ecconaxios-nw-oc E22 mm 6 Pa' FX' Wm 2- mlm rm!! 'NR am- 'P D- W 'I '4 I as e, n, r Hagen ,,, , ,, Hagen, Martinez , W l k H g est B e, a en , Hagen ,,,, .,.,.... . W tl k P d es a e, e ro ,. Westlake, Hagen .,.., , gen ,, ,.,...,,.,.,,.... ,..,,. . .. u Ba l mew ,...Cover .....,,..4-5 .....l0-13 .....19-21 .. ,22-25 M26 ...,27-28 ,,,,65 ,. 66-67 ..,..,..68 69 70 ,,, ,,,, ..... ......, . , ,,...71 72-73-74 , ,,,,...,..,..... 75 .....,.. ,. 76 TABLE 0F CDNTENTS lil, l'0R'l'Al, Trary llnion lligh School Juno 'L l05Il QIKINTENTS Yl'1AR'H EVENTS Pivlura- of the ya-ar Page 33 lil Portal l'reu-nts Page Il l.4-Ito-rs lo tht' Natl Pages l- 2 lil Portal Alllblillltlh Page Ill t1l.A55l':5 S4-niora Climax lloltlo-n '50 Vl'itl1 Urarluation .. Papu-s 9-ll 'l'otlay':- juniors Will Ill- Tomor- rovfh la-a4le-ra , l'agvs ll!-2l "llluo- Lagoon" llop lli-lights Sophomore Year I'agt-F 22-23 l'll'I'hllllt2lII Clash Page- 21--25 SPORTS llrhliron Capvrr- Pager 30--12 lloop Rating l'ag,:t-5 -H-I-0 llnlhlog- llave- Clase- Page- 50-Sl Thin lllarla Fare- Good Season . Page-H 52-S3 lloxing llas- l.ar41,e' Turnout Page Sl l'lXlll'l'l4'lIl'f'tl Squad ls Rvamly l"or New Se-as-on Page JS Girly- Al:-o Play .. ,, ,l'ago's 57-58 A'l'tII.USlCRANlLl'1 Al 'l'allf-y and Slllllvlll llove-rnmenl l'agv-- 28-Illl AlPMlNlS'l'ltA'l'l0N l'lXl'4'llllYt'h l'agw 20-27 FARM NEWS l,o1-al l".l",A. Mvtn- lwrr- Arliw- ln Many lfivlals Pagvf 06-OT l"ASlllUN Travy lligh lfaslliolls Page 65 'l'lll'IA'l'ltl-1 Tha- Play Coq-a Un Pages 62-lil Ml SHI Muair llc-parlma-nl lt Hrowinp: aml Alive Page-5 00-61 0'l'lll'lll lll'fl'AR'l'Ml'lN'I'S Spe-alainp: ol Snapw Tarky llay Pagva -1- 5 Junior He-al Cro-5 Pago 00 Girl-.' la-aguv . ,, Page 69 Scholar an4l Athlete ls Pulnlialn-cl Page lull California Se-holarhhip l"m-rlvration Page T0 Safe-ly Conn:-il Pago '10 National lforvnpir llfiltlllf' , , ,Pago Tl People ll:-hinul lllt' 541-Iles, Page Tl El Portal Sta-ps Ont Page-5 T2-7-1 Pirtnre- to the- Stall' , Pagm-5 T5-To Aronnel tht- Camps .. Pages I5-IT lloya' lllovls "'l"' Pam. 51, l':1litoria's , Pngq- 152 Tllli COVER Four years ago lid- win Serpa, Linnea No- ack, Charlotte Parker. Karla Richards, Ted Byrnes. W'alter Peter non, and Ken llcwhirst entered Tracy lligh School as hashful fresh- men. Like other sur- ccssful icniors that have made names for themselves in school, and now clothed in graduation rohes they are prepared lor com- mencement. W ,.,,Q FONNIE BARTHOLOMEW WALLACE ENGLUN D f I: .,... - ' :E XII -.2 J A N X 1 l , we , V A N t t x HN CFIARLES P la M15 Hgqfll yl"ll,l.l.fjil MARY LOU BENNET BETTY ADAMS DICK HART ANDREW KORBA :wmv 1-uw Ezmfwtridwf max Hu In be Vvfmp manne- hrrnaff SMG SCHCGL iv straw mr, Mfr rrffiw bei. lore mm!! Izavcx szhmxl -ynuucsg, 'n i as A if rs U iv , fm QI M f n .- N vi v-ns I ,' . , Mraz -af J. 1 . his ' , " f 59919K sal'-we? ga-mend: x A ax M, Q fe BA' x L .Q ivan' x w :F 32 :n'!E'wx'xi in :hm Gl!Alll'A'110N Khin in In Grrtifg that 0. ' MSS, ,Anus , mg Mmimifiig wnxpksid :iw rc-qxurai awk in , Trmzy Forum lhqh Sdwol .md ss mrciv, pv.::m.d this . - ,f C E R T I F I C A 'I' E Kmm :Sm Ju HF 19 ' m....?,x Tmhcif ,PA -ex xxx " x xx f Y ,f gms: 'TRACY UNEON HIGH 9CHQ'OL smomr Esmw frwza , was sz: nw M, .fin "4,:N.:'vM f fw ww' MARKS Lflw-in Ni ' ,YY ' ,A 4,,, ,, H, X2 ii It Si ll S? III, V3 I It .nr RE ,fl af 1 .. 5.35 I I Thu senior officers, Kun Ilewhirst. Gail Huumgartncr. Sam Matthews, Pat Patterson, Ted Byrnes, Loretta Pedro, stop to watch in game of tennis. SEIIIUIIS CLIMAX GIILDEN '50 WITH GRADUATIUN Looking Ina:-k on the fun and trmmphs of the-ir ye-ars in 'I'ra1'y Ifnion Iligln Svhool. tho memlrvrs of tht' svnior vlass of I050 fountl that the yvars hail Imvn vvry happy onvs. 'I'h4-y had llonu all thvir hom:-work and passvfl all thi- IlurmII1-s rvquire-4I of them. I'i1'tur1-tl allow- are- thc rlass oflirvrs is ho IMI thr- snniors through the-ir most important and mu-iling ye-ar. Juni- 7. I050 1-Iimaxe-aI the-ir high school 4-rluvation. IIIIlIs rlass was avliw- in Inoth work and play. It main- tains-cl a high s1'Il0ItlsIIt' an-rage throughout tht- four years. Sa-vu-n sluelonls rt-vu-ivs-rl goI1I st-als on the-Ir tIipI0mas fd -up .- AZ' XNIIIS IIACIIIi'I"I'I IIUIJIJY IEATIES tl.-XII. BAUMGARTNER designating lift- lll4'lllIlt?l'SIIIll in tht- California Scholarship I"v1Ieralion. Mt-mlntrs of tht- vlass won thi- Outstanding .-Kllllc-lv, Slate I'Iill'lll4'I'. anfl ,Iourna'isli1' assarwls. aml svniors hail It-ailing parts in "lint Ifair 'I'omorroxs" antl "Mrs. Moon- Iiglltf' Tho Sn-nior T1-a in May xx as a major spring activity. and thi- Cap and flown Ilauw- on graelualion night vlinlaxvd thc- yt-ar's avtivitics. Tlmso st-niors will Iw tha- public ollirials. svis-ntists. and writvrs of tomorrow. HILL BLAIR ALIIERT IIOGETTI 9 152, Marie Borbn Duane Bourque Arlc Bridges Cloycc Brnukshirc Teddy' BYFYWS Margaret Calder-nn Sue Campbell Patricia Curcler Alfred Curdoza John Casey Elsie Cawtrn Donn Cathay Alfred Clover Dulu Cnlu Betty Cooke Nlyrnn Crow Blclhu Croxton Bobbie Davis Nlnry Davis Bvlly Dempsey Kenneth Dewlxirst Billy Dickerson Patricia Drake Jack Dynes Patrick Ellis f?9"'y , 'fs gl-5 4711- 1 - ff K Yr .X f,,E aw' 'E n-13,4 , Nr LW A X rw SEX k ,y 13 .M Q wp-Yfwvv P 51231, if ' L 11 we ,441 .f fm., . .1 1- N? .lorry Mcflce Carmen Nlcllo June! Avlllkllll Janice Xlilzxni Nlurgcry N-lunnich Lupe Nlorclos Ignacio Murano Rose Ncves Evelyn Newbury Linnea Noack Vincent Osorno Charlotte Parker Patricia Patterson Loretta Pedro Stephen Pellegri Mary Peoples lidwurd Perez Alvin Perry Tony Perry Eleanor Peterman Walter Petbrson Rogan- Rehn Carla Richards Dean Rickets Dell!! Riedel' 1 'I 'e , S' A in-J Q pumcl i ' L :mud lu- Q Nlilw Hmlriguus lllmdn Rudgcrs Ruhcrl Rowe 1 nr 4 """,.q,, f X 'T Xlnuuul hulums lirclzl Sgindcrs I hil Scott lidwin Scrpu Mary SCFPKI Ilnlu Shupc lhn-olhy Shupu Lump Simunich Patricia Smith Perry Smith is -H' A i fi f"N 1 41+ fig Shirluc Suuszi lirucc Slncklnn iizirnl SIHFIIICN Xlfrcd 'liullcy Ruy 'liindcr ... Oiflii? A- , up .1 Nl! X uv ., V"Y ' -: V if 7 ' 21 fxijif ff WHS? .V wh ywmidv. - Ilnrlliy 'Hmnlcx fiilhcrl Yiurrn Yirginiu Yillulmnm Billy YYim:inp1n:r iilnisc Yalcs 5 ,M- a x wi .gg J' . an ' :E 5 fi if 6 in KS' lhffff . 'VE' 4 F' 3 Q ? W. ww' ,iw ,pi f , k an """f 4 'H Nd . is v ff' f"2.':- yn 'M is M -K 0 QW- L, S . Nga, ' 'AQ ""hnr up x ,"Q"'n-W... ai wb 1 ' . z Zigi K . ,4 . g wyh . , .11 yy - W ""+.. 9, Ali 2 5 5 gi , x I M. + - 'flffw ' ,Q . i , "fm J ' 2? -: .::g:, "gp M"H"i? . V. ., .. - , 2 W A . - ,F k . ,K I , by A lf , .:.lg.31Jf 95l f ' afaiiwhgzggznewif-112bA2fQQ3ffi?i? A , , ' 5- ' ' V 4"i'iie?.m4viY iW?'QZikw:+'wl5Z"-fume:',+wf:wf?L21'vffY?m 654' " -5 fx X, Q, .55 :K w WM-1-,-'ff' 11 ff 7"Xf'i'f. -2 X' N ' f2f0fiiSfl Wi-f'W 4 ' L , Q1 . , , s. Q, V ,Mg ymu . V ., KJ . , ., I 494, ...W . ,X -V .N .QQ .P , X - ., ,4swf'ww?-f, f:fX .ni,wfsvfyf1Ji Q.: 1 mf, A :-HMQH, M-vw ww. '. -. M My ', f f , gigggyi' ,9m,2f-pw, , ,, , QAM A V, V , ,W H :,,y, wigg,y2:35:g V . I:QE,N 0 ?kw?gV5,iqm ,A , Q 4 . V fp, . A: f gg Qwfsu- 411 fy -. ww Q-T, 'L S f ,gf , :s wfwwswff-i f -f -1 TM 1 1, 54. ' ' ' . ',gi:R??I5Z" ,flXf:"m,,l.,,g:ffgi. f! hffg-Zdifl' , , 'fill "XfjSsf??M' . K 1 , " f 4 H525 Q 4 3 'X ' x X L .iW12fm"iT'?mi,. 'mf QW '- MA X - AIX? iff Q- -J Iv' qw"Fiif5h'g4 wZ1.':55v:' :TVN ' 'LL umiiffl-'Pf M" - ' 1 ' ?,gq5fg5iigzf1f.M RAQQWQLYSW """'MS,,.w?. ' X A '51 S 235:33 1. :..- w A3 k -'-a - ,,..W,u,. wks, .Wim A . ,M .. ,X ,. wi.: ,- 1... . mmmggbg. Wax ,,,w. W., ,M ., f M. q.,fWWQ - yqsqgwy f , , Q . af. Hz ,, . 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New lmiltlingrs urs- In-ing aulala-tl anal il1lpi'm't'lm'llts lIllltit'.. but thv ivy 4-m'4'rml front l'llll'llllt'l' with its figurvs signifying tha- spirit nfs1'h0lal':4hip is tin' svvtion that will iw lmst l'4'Illt'llliN'I'1'1I luv ull stlulvnts, The last member of the class finishes dressing in the uld locker room. These new gym lockers will he used next year A student reads from the front of his hinlogy classroom. I6 xgvgfijx. .Q 'Q K i xxx K 'is'X ' ' A 5.1 sv., x A A hnmv ecmmniicw pimup prepares to bake u cake. . Wisxxf -1 Q v RW . xx Ns, U is. 'rs liln' vliissrnnllls nun undvr iwvlslrllvliuli will uulnmdu thc prrwu! uncs, Uv' ' ." no- ' , v.,qp":A'- I 1g,- P " V. , , ' N, " mf 1' 1413 Tho in-n Immu ccumunics building will hnxu mudurn fixtures I7 Mildred Birkhnhn James Blackard Dena Kouretus, Bill . Sutton, Glen Shipley, Jay Phillips, Anna Pul- legri, Frank Lima, Dor- ,W othea Mcilrory, and Nick Alexiou crowd f into n cnr for a noon iwutxwms drive. TODAY'S JUNIDRS WILL BE TOMORROW'S LEADERS The coming senior vlass prolnisa-s even great:-r avcolll- plislnnt-nts than their predecessors. Headed hy the ahh- olhcors pirtured above the junior 1-lass this year presvnted xarious activities of whit-h tho Junior Prom was the hig- gest and best. The Junior Prom vonnnittee aided hy their advisor, Miss Adams, transformed the gym into a wonderland of ive and snow with skis. sleighs, SIIOVNIIICII., ire covered lakes and rivers. snowhalls, and small vhildren playing. The junior 1-lass has had many me-mlners who have- lu-on outstanding in sports. Nine juniors played varsity foot- Inall and six more were nn-nihers of tht- "B" loam. The- rlass had prae-tic-ally a monopoly on basketball with four first string:-rs andthe winner of the Martine! Trophy ln-ing juniors. Their first SCIIIPSLBI' president also 4-aplaine-ml tht- "B" team. Yes. the juniors have had a hig year. hut nvxt yt-ar should luring even greater things. Dolores Abelar Bernice Alegre Nick Aiexiou 'Frank Amescua Jackie Anastasia Troy Anderson ,EM it st ..,.. 1 . it 1. ' ..,,, - Z. 3... ,,,-:, ,,:,: Vx K George Anthony Clara Bastian Catherine Belcher Louise Bellport Wayne Beyett Donald Bianchi 'fm I, , A kg i i'L t ,L J esslyn Brass James Runner Joseph Burch Teresa Caldera D lntrick Campbell Lupe Cnrrnnza Q? " ix Steve Iloddimtton llcsnrinn lfolli Kar, . .iv xf' A, , 'W-f 5 Q X i Cenex iese l7eCosta Richard llengate iw, i UW Mn Q -,,.t, 5 '1 lg ,LJ c x '. ll-.1-' Q its Y by W, A. Duckworth Betty Elms I -'xx 5 x- . -J Q H '--v , ...., A , ,xx K .Z x llill Fisk Arlen Foster ,- -, . Wa" 4' gy 5 1-.- ' i ll l 112 lohert Uoodell lint lloodson ' ,J-. 1' in sn' X "" jg- ,, Gloria Hackney Patricia Henley , 4 'Vi ., -. N. lillhsr A733 C W 4? Kenneth Carter Q sm, " Flora Copper EN Dwight Devlin M Q :Ev , . H '-QXA 1 F .. ' ,Rv 4 X ,ff ' Y .lill Elissngarny 'Q' vi. as S A 7 if u,g1nr',A X. ' liumid Freeman A SQA 'Q A V f if J QQ I Billie llranndos effih K i., Betty Helm Theresa Castro x-if-. , v r Joey Correia C it .EIN S li I ' Robert Doughty sua. , afsggii 3 Y Nl, if Bill Engstrand fswwqf K if tk r t 'If-7.1. t .-.... ....., Marlene Clifford 'QS' llnrlu Croxton -45- Roberta Doughty .f"w an su .4 N v X Mike Erceg - , . Q Q 1-wi . ' .wt Q? Eg: . . V-T2 rxiralxly . a A ' ' ,fe Q i t f .-' -' x' .a. . . Joann Furrer Robert Gillette ix-as ' , V73 ' X H 11 .loc Grundinetti Louise Helm , . 533 ' 2 . ' Q . ' xox .. .Xlice Greene JN We , 'git Darrell Henderson Bi 'Ze' Donna Cocanour fz, .- in mx ,ix . . N te W gg tri '?'!'A"X Stanley Darr -A . 4 Q .. K y t N 4-'F' Y X l 1- 'N , tx X ' QW XX WS' TA. . r5f3'i5'-ef X, if . iv e Q X L L ' ' ' J X KEYS N if 1 V 1 : ' -. Donna Dowcll NX? Donald Fautt Q- fum- V gf wi - .gk we 'lsr - r 12 fi.. A-5 Smiley Gonzalez . ,Q , lx .fx 2, ,rw ' x . Frances Gruenwald Paul Hickam Q , A ."f ' N X S we S Curtis Hutton Corinne James Li' Frances Kelly John Kemp do J Leroy Lindsay Bc-tty' Long Bonna McNair Donnix McNair fr- Q? k W Qt 'P st if 'i QQ of Joie Johns J -"SQ f' fl W.. ,a r K Lois Kenner or ,n ' mf June Main Robert Metcalf John Johnson A f, I x, . ' 3 3 em' D if pews- Q2 , -qw I' J -ir n Ir Dena Kourctus Patricia Marks X N' , '51 if T 6 'div Y f 'EMU liois Miller Gynelle Mobley Patricia Moon Charles Morris Ralph Munoz mit' -22 - 1 Moi J . EF 'Gnu Elaine Nigg Florence Obad Dorothy Paine Alton Patterson lin .1V,' 1 '-" "' ' V ' gf' : .'......-- V A 'itil l A ii .g I 2 Anna Pellegri Alice Petrig Jay Phillips ' Ramona Popejoy K - , K :" I gwf: . Q Bobbie Jones Nlnrlune Lemos As, J , ,owl gf Jay Mattson 'fx 15 f W -W 4 I Rolwert Milligan T X A X :K 1. Thomas Murty Kathryn Patterson Patsy Portolese T4 " ' ga Y, V we VQLVSV Frank Jurado Frank Lima Dorthea McCror3 R- V l , George Mizuno ,vt- 'nf' A-3 Barbara Neves ,"',', . f -J Al 1 .fr As' X , .,,. .oh Q- Q, n 1' army? 5 llcrith Pearce 7 +1 1- at M, .Q A Robert Potts , CT' g 1 J ' ,,.--f-'A ff nurwn Quigley I -via. vvsfwi v 41' if L... .Q wg- Yi. l hnrlcs Richnrds ,. ,..- .. x 5- fs lllmrlcs Sclnn ..,, . , J' , . in ' 'iiffrff' fl ir Q . , X iEf1Q'F'jf.' . "' , 4' L i 1 5.1 Rublc Sutton . - E' llene Toon flu A ' - '.-1 . "f . . ,. if "M 'lim' 31 5 ' .-:Q . I 2, H laxine Villnlovoz. well Uuiglcy ,fir fi If Ilelun Richardson Q n vi A 1' I, 2 i Jimmy Shaw R v- 'S' 4 Donna Taylor Joene Toon Barbara Walsh .loan Wiley 2 ff' 1 of Billy Williams nd' i Q X 'il 5 W 'Q 1 'J . 4 P 'Q fr aa! ly lnngel 5 L. 4' um pw. ,L R34 Ja, f ' hay Robinson ll. 4 I 'Qi as Glen Shipley 'S ' 'me-S' J"'ff3g , mi, A11 Maurice Taylor 'Xu -.....-I Donald Tucker ,Q .Q .. Y: New f K v f l 4 f S? Mari Wasmer HJ ,l 543 - J, lreva Willilord 'I Janet Ratto 5 Marilyn Snniuelsnn ,,-. gi A - - 4, ,Ji it Wes John Simas V!-W' A an .Ji Morene Taylor Frank Read Darlene Rego .1 ,Q Q 'af '3 pn., -3' Q 'x -3 fb wx 3 ' Q txhg . - .. l R i, 5 Y A .,:.,i ., , , , X Huh Sandidgc , fi? we ? ii , if infix ' 'L' 'Ewa' in ., KLK Jeanne Sattler ,qs Donna Simpson Billy Sultan up RTT' Gail Tinder N V V-A ig S Q A Q A -V :Q -QQ 4,4 . -41' f if f" -if I X L -- ' K 51 2 .M t K. 1- . , 5 .., -Q - . , "jig iw ' En " , his crhfisune van Winiklc Dwayne Weir i r . i - ' ' ' fl gg' 5 -ui Harriet Wilson ' Joh n Varela 'v-'ff' Robert White fi 5 ' aur- Hazel Titsworth 'Q 'A as lx M ll-K in ,. fx Wilbur Vierra ' i vi -if W ,i J Edward Whitworth g in ' is Z , wif - ' - l '-- X W 1' T ,Q ' f ' : ' ,J F X ' C l i 4. N 1 Pete W'right Ray Young ' .l F l if,.w,,, ,Y , inf 1 .3 w 'f ,f WEN kv? RS I . 1 Thu supl1unmrvniiiccrs .lcvwll Quiglux, Kicruld Rmhicrs. .luamilu Cfuupcr. Tum Stoll. Nancy Rnlchfnrd, lnmis knimnn, :md Nlnric llcl Umm pow har thc cnnwrnnmu. Sli-mimi is l,orcrt.x Ycnzllwlc. 22 W wtrv wwf Q-nf -vf i SDPIIS IIILIGHT YEAR WITH "BLUE LAGO0N" HUP X35 '- 1'- ,D -1 .4 gn A . 'J 'iz' ff lillll' IAILEUUII. llu- ale-1'm'uliw' llwnu- ol' 4-mining siflf- as it fwulml ilu' first wvvlx of Ilu- Sllllll0Ill0I'l' Ilup. lligllliglrlvfl ilu- an lll'1'il4lC'4l initiation N'lll1'll 4Ii4l not vmnv. uvlivilivr- fm' M'lll1'll l.m'e-lla X,4'Ililllll'. 'l'ln- HUIIIIOIIIUY1'VIEIHS.. ilu' se-voml larg- Nznwy lizu'l1lur4l. :mul Louis Kibilllilll. vs! in sr-lmnl. lwlil llusy nwvtings zmfl sl'I'!l'll zu- hll'4'I'lllg 4-mllnlillvv. look an ill'llYf' part in Sllllll'Ill govvrn- 'l'llv I"I'0Sll we-I1-mnv was on lllv wvl- mvnl. Snfvty llllllllfll :mil H1-al Cross. 'TP X. it E E Q it. R 3-as PP LEFT T0 Rlfilffz Dick Garcia, Joe flerharl, Bill Gilien, Uehlis Costa, Gilbert Bullard, Gene Moore, i ,Q 'W sn- ugh al fs: 24 CLASS 0F '53 IS THE LARGEST The many iil'f'SlllII0ll will l'f'lIlf'lllll0lf lli'l'fl1lllCS floating at-ross the elumw' floor tlwir first humiliating flays at Tracy at the Frosll Welconw. Union High School. They vividly 'recall Afton' thc flograxling first wvok. ilu' the smcll of garlic' anfl tht' specially maclo initiates lmcvamc full-floflgml 'llravy High .1 1 'in B fi rf f n I Norman Mitchell. nnd Huh lhugvtti, who in not shown, directed their clans during their first year in high nlnml, , it -Q Q Y'-D" af .4 .av T nv 3 au.. and S S . N THE scnoufg' HIIIIIVIIIS ztltvmlillg ussvllllnlivs :tml t'lN'1'l'- privvel of tllitl-wvvk stwiul att'liYiii4's .tt ing Ihr tvzuns nl footlmll :tml lmskvllutll llmllv. ganna-F. All l.I'l'ShllN'Il art' iUNililillf,I tht- na-xl For smnv rvport vatrals llI'0llQllll nu-xx yvau' whvn tllvy can M'f'll'0IlN' tht- incum- lmnur mul l'1'1'llgIlili0ll1 mln-rs we-rv tlv- ing class. 25 EXEGUTIVES Q E R x -5 :' o 1 5' -1 Q- 3 ro 3 W, 3- fu -x 1: n cn .Q :' vb -1 :I 3 a -1 :Z E 3 ra Q ff W1-"""'NMw Superintendent VV. W. Crow discusses plans with Frank Lamh, Tracy High School huilding inspector. ADMINISTRATURS WURK AND PLAN I t'ny2 thc sccnnd Tuesday nf cxcry month. 5 s 1 if X.. 1 Fm, '1 '. 1 4 fl Q. X65 ,f', fflwff yfaJ,rfff4z, f j'7fMld1?f -Z. gf, 'lgQf1'D1ff,,y, fi, 5, xfpi!fA v - ff fry, -1. in .4 , Qs, .-Q 'W' am- A "9" , F 17.143, 'JE' .CZ .nUAZ.E452'f'1', ll t L lose Range PRESIDENT AL TALLEY First Two-Semester Presidency Held by All-Around Student Al Talley is the Hrst student to be elected to serve as president of the Stu- dent Body under the revised constitution of Tracy High School. Al was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, in the depression year of 1932. He came to Stockton, California, at the age of three, and later moved to Tracy entering the sixth grade at West Park Grammar School. In high school he has participated in track and football, winning the Week's Cup Trophy this past football season. He has been active in class affairs as well as being a student government leader. This promising student who is well liked by classmates and teachers plans to get a job in the mountains to earn money to attend the University of California next year. The memhers of the president s cabinet were appointed at the beginning of the year M 'Y . a h A . . . A A, 1 V1 , . AA ,, ......-4w--'- " x Q2 W gf., 3 H WSK -Wi +1 ww J, ' Hg , ' l . 5 . ,. Q Q xff x A , ' 5 ...f ' il " ' ' QS! 4- -: Lg I f ,',- ,iuif I "' -!."? ls W 1 rw, 9 3 l 5 S 17 " X fl- 2 3 If .Mali -l fhe Student Congress laughs at u memher's humorous proposal. Student judges hold court sessions in the cafeteria. ami wiv 2? E x ' ff' xiii? 5 i 3 MESH'-4 if X-.35 'ff at fi , fa ,A its EL PURTAL APPLAUDS ,4- IIII I I-In II-,KN .mv-r, .XI,l5IIliIl 'l'xl.l.liY l',tTRlt2l,x DRAKBA l Inns Iw--nnnurIn.IIngI11 tIl.m1.unntl :Int-nwfInflutvnt-s is snlntntnrimv, XM-vltk Ilup Trnplxy winm-r, und ns wnledictorian. nlld hui 5220 B'-'KNO ll dfblfi- stuth-nr Imdy prm-idx-nl. tl R A I , 3 . .Mig H , , :E I :-21. ' Q1- A, Q I I I 2' K I 'Q 3 N ::' :L Qi X I 3 .,,, 2 I 3, if J xx 2 S XII "III N I'I I I IIIIII ,In-I I'I ICIH NXII III , IJ,XI,Ii SIIVPI5 JOHN YARELA .In II-I IR:-I I- Iunt In-plux. ,anti Ihw-LN fjnp I-ulstnvudxlnl utlllulv, uns 1-Iuctud nn thu hnsis uf in the Winncr nl the Martine! Trophy. l,.,IIIIt Itwpt--luulx xp-frlusunmllw. ztttxtudc, and Icttt-rw v.-nrncd. --. dk -Q , I. X 1-, ,X A wi? 'NYS' Q wx, wx 35324, , N XXI NI YI IIIIWKN NIfXIiIQI'Ii Y XIUNNICH DONALD IIUCK I-. vln- -f-In-Iv I-I III. MII--Iyar ,md Xlhlt-tr as tht' uintnr of :Inu I'I I'urInlrtl1L'I!hfII..'X.R.lirI ns the winner nf the: Ilnll Uma. tnnl chest and is the outstanding music student. EIIITURIALS LOOKING AHEAD A great dream will finally be realized for 112 seniors on .lune 7, 1950. That is the evening of their graduation ceremonies, and will be accom- panied with all the enthusiasm that usually goes with such an event. A great new future wi'll be opened to these graduates, and they are now pre- pared to meet it. Many students have become disillusioned throughout the years, and have not done as well as they could have, but there are some who have done extremely well. These students have come one step closer to an important place in the fu- ture. There are those who will attend college. They will gain further knowledge and skill, and some- day they will become very important members of society. Doctors, lawyers, actors, and engineers may very well come from the class of 1950. Some will begin to work immediately, while for others wedding bells will be ringing. These graduates who will soon become useful members of an adult society know that their class has been a good one and that their future will bring both happiness and sorrow. STUDENT GOVERNMENT Student government is a major step in the pre- paration of young people to become good citi- zens who will be worthy of their heritage of freedom. You may not realize that your ideas about stu- dent government reflect your opinion of the na- tional government. lf you feel that the laws are not strong enough or are unjust, you may say sog but you wi'll do nothing about it. lf you feel that the office holders are not honest or are incapable of carrying on their duties, it is still too much trouble for you to fully support a recall move- ment. The youth of our land is following the pattern of lackadaisical interest in government and in voting set forth by parents. Our predecessors have written and spoken many words about democratic self-government and the part the ordinary citi- zen plays in it. Yet as so many of us do, previous generations have been so busy handing out free advice that they have forgotten to practice what they preach. Basically all Americans believe wholeheart- edly in their government and in the ideals of the American way of life. They lack faith mostly in the men who hold public office and direct the af- fairs of the nation. On the school, city, state, or nati'onal level good government depends on the strong leadership of men who have the interest of the masses at heart. Faith in the wrong kind of leaders can head a nation and its people into chaos. This has been shown so clearly by the recent followers of Ben- ito Mussolini and Adolph Hitler. They were liv- ing proof that strong leadership must also be good leadership. Woodrow Wilson once said that a president can be as big as he makes himself. ln a student government this idea is the same. Student government is as good as the student body president and the student body president is no better than the students who vote for and support him. Each individual student holds in his grasp the means of providing good govern- ment. That means it is the well-thought-out vote. BOARD OF TRUSTEES The Board of Trustees of Tracy Union High School is a body of hard working men who serve the community without pay and seldom receive the recognition they deserve. The rural district is represented by three farm- ers: William Koster, lrvin Petz, and Lester Krohn. The remaining two members who repre- sent the city are Truman Blair, a businessman, and Dr. Marion Weitz. These men meet the second Tuesday of every month with Wayne Crow in the principal's office to discuss and plan the operation of the school plant and improvement of the educational facili- ties for the young people of our growing commu- nity. Students of Tracy High School come from a wide area as does the financial support. The rural area represents 75? of the wealth of the school district and 2596 of the population. As the attendance increases and expansion of the school becomes necessary, many new prob- lems arise. We are fortunate in having these civi'c minded men who devote their time to our school. Pictured at the right is Suzie, the staffs idea of the mascot of Tracy High School. The bulldog was adopted as mascot in 19245 the school colors, green and orange, were chosen at that time but were later changed to green and gold. 1 i I Q PIGIURE 0F THE YEAR .W 'GQXQ' x . Q PA 'fr Q '9 Q- I f' I 5' x 1 4 S sae, ,V M1 ? -S. 5 , ,,,, A as I i f X X X N, Q 'RQ' -,. , ,gm , 'E I Qin- ,.. aa ' 'J M- n Q rx 1 , jmf fy .fl ,ff Eval' I ' A v..m.,m,,.,A, ' -.,.. . EFF There is lmthimi like al coke und n hutdogl during u fuuthall game 'mln thc huuth nl thc south und of lllu field. rw? A Girls' Hluck nflicvrs. lileulmr Pcternmll, .-Xnmllia Laguna, Junica: Miluni, Ida Greene, Bernice ilurrinl. Loretta Pedro, and Shirlec Snusu plan the sales uf routers' cups und pnlnpzms. t-Z' ' 'gmfgAf5 1 SPORTS 1 .Q P A Yw rn' 3 ,MM .W I lima? I . E MK i,2t42?,i T CY "1 1 ' ' ,Zigi 'IW Qui rfgE in ,xx , , A . 'K 1-MH , if.. 'Q Pei i4 a x. M . , -xx 535,-33332, Q. f. 1 Ig P 2 sf f Q 4' ? I 5349 WQ 94 3e slfvs1 5 ' ' A' .P 'Z K 5 'Nw if 5 QA 5,2 I Kg J Q f ' ff: , X V feed? Q? Ly 2 Q , 'Q' L ., A . iifiif-: ' ' ia .9 A LIGHT scum: mates SECOND IN! v. o. LEAGUE This year's edition of the Trary Bulldogs fought their way to second place in the Valley Oak League. Coaches Andrew Korba and Richard Hart piloted an injury-riddled squad through the season with remarkable skill and were rewarded for their efforts by surprising team play. It was this team play and teatn spirit that decided the Bulldog games. The Bulldogs went to work in the first game of the season against Martinez and surprised everyone in winning. 19-l2. One week later saw the "Korba Kids" in Acalanes facing the highly-regarded Dons. Their size and power was too tnurh for the Bulldogs. and Tracy fell before them. 27-0. For the first league encounter Tracy bounced back at Ceres and downed the boys in red. lil-7. With the first league game under their belts the Bulldogs met Sonora in the l'etcr ll. Kyne Stadium and sent the Wildcats home smarting under a 25-l2 defeat. Al Oakdale the footballers of the Green and Gold found tough sledding and were subdued by an air attack. 127-T. Again the hometown boys came back from defeat. and in one of the toughest games of the year the Bulldogs boomed on to win hy a 12-7 count over Livingston. The last contest of the season at Manteca saw an battling Bulldog go down before the strong Buffalos. Sl-l2. 6, QI...-g. 'Q f - . 5 i f.' Qs',' , '. Q, As. ,, .Q M, . v, Q.. .4 .MA 1 -ffiif-3 ---H5 fi . .w xv """"--:zz I Q 0 I 'va il , 4, A Q? 'III' Q ' fri: 1 5 , Y ., Q A xx ff xsei 5- ,- Qian' . EA' K K ' ' ff, ' Nw , 8 ' Dm' yi A 4' Wig .x I ,ny Y x 6 K Q , -X' M. L 4 QV ll bl KKK Q x W' -Q ,E 'W , V V ,rib li 5 IU U' SW za Wm if ft . wa S X f gffv ' ' ' fl xi he ,E vt f 5 x A izfwjx is S M Y 15.3 Q lvl 'sv ,M 34' 511. hw vw? 5' a Lis Wi- X se in.-ms?. 5 3,5 5. 7 wi Q NE .Vg . 'awww 'Q -...N . gl: 44, was -, nga-fn df- f., Q1 Q . Q . 1 ' fgfwjy' K A Jef. '15 '25ff,Lw 2 5, I ,f'f,jfLf 1152: - , fw . X 9 L, A515 ' ' Nt zjz, "2 X ' 4, . se' A ,. , f xg x , 4- 'qt I J Qwfx Kimi K 7 ilfql eiflfk uk ff X S.. Q 2.-- -. 'A -' ' Q '12 Wil 1 x? - ' f'3WT9 ,5- V -'v 1, .,,. 22 A v .. ' ,5i,.:' X. fix i'?'yf"f -".., . 'fi M 2' A, 'VO' . ' I 4, ' 'Niffkg , , Y M- I ,sv Par' . :ffl mm' L X 'VQ ,,. ..u,f A , x.: ' ' ' --0... ' Q-Q . U3-,g!gn.w, mug, 4swU ,. A WW, Q N.. M, N +4 fr Hn- WMI XMIM UJL 4 humps 'Imax up IH: Ylxv ml1wr1mmrx, ici! tu right urn finaxlcy llvuwzxiu, Frank Lima, .lnhn Silflifff. llharlvs Richards, Ed Wlxitwnnh, 'lk-nn Mzxrmrm. and fhxlriu influx. Hur fwzwl-.fiuld ax Nhsslzcl Xtxdrmiv, Huh l'mf!crs-nn, Jes!-c lhntrrrus-, and Huh llmmdrll. V 4- 2 lfcmu PM PENN Ivmi- ii-wb fmwdvll C22 xhmuih 4: hifi huh' ,wgnxmltx g1rx'p.l1x'sf by Nimmvl ,Xndxudc fffb. Find Srnilcx Uuzwalus Lfv3v is stun nmviml up .414 - l Am E 4 IIRNI RHXX, Init ln umm- Jn-sw lluircrms. Charles Pscims. Ahmv are "HU lflR?4'lx RUXK, lui! hm right: lmnif. Perry. lflmrlus Richard-i, J H111 fx:-gx!xxn. SVFUXIJ RUVIQ Kfanucl ixiiuus, Hill nisxrxmslcrw 'Yum ltumid ffrcvnmu. Put Fllis, .md John Surgu. SECOND i Hin. ,Xiiurr Nlzxrlmv, .-Xucimm Yicrrsx, I,c-lie Surpzx, and Vuarcu and Lloyd RUXV: Ifrxmk Lium. Wax Mciflullun, Julhn Hclflvnry, and Bob Petxfrsnnk Ish:-H. Ph-un lhn-numpr Z' J? A I 4 J . , 1 ' ff f X 4'g.N3R H 1 If ,, ' ! A 4-4-LC! C4 i QULLQQGTFXJW sit M944 JH J X ' l J . NAALIEW economy Slzg ' Q04 4 ft604 K BASKETBALL . l Y? .? t S il A M Z 'S' 'si 3 , - PM f ' , 154 if s A , Q wk gk, xg? sf , f Ek A , fjjsm LW ' gym! All' X 91 ly 3161 -if sf' 4'-'f Q f if gm,3'g 'aagx Q N df' ,X 4'Q LQQCQI M' , s, . A if Syn ai -' b A if He I EQ? wk 5 N if , , ' H W My QF I ,M wif., 11 Qf 1 35.1, w K M . .mmig-lux - ,J N4 'www 1-'Mg ,X , , N, Hg gf ' ,Q 1, ' V: f'5M X , , , ' .NW A H fp. 9' f ', V ei f .jx LH A xl . MAME 4 X .W gmxkflj.. , 3,5 .A V, , ,V R 2? Q v 9 si 4 ,,,. Qgy I. ,Mg NN , A, '.,,, I r 1 36 4 my 42 A IFN 1' mx ig K VARCRO THE. THA f N TO HOURX ASK FOR IULLTDGS THE ARISTOC IN GYM W V RATS AR STYLE THAT STANDS STRESS AND STR NN m- 5,96 1 xv '. Q H .X ,S y I N Xa -f T" Q" ,,. A A 1 3 I A rg-1... 1.- .,-x -NA 7" Il lf' llzwy w Lu- lm-nm wan cmulmwd nl Nhrvm In.-.lg-r, Ii--:xl Vout, .In-ru Willmllls. Uaxlv Hrinknnm, Stanley Iiurr, Dwuynu Wm-ir, and Jnc1Ll.nulun-lla. .md uns Ihr lllcnllwrs uf thu Un-4: lcum includvd lnllix Yilluluuu. lim Ynumu, lluvid ffnykundull. .luhll lfursnn. Hur--Id liurchutl, llnckic Ciurrin, 'fum Mzrvhcll, J 4 I :rd ubfr v A ,xx 10 - .u rl I, vmxrlu-41 In l'd lhnnmc with llnnuld Punt mx lxmlmdcr. TRACY C AND D TEAMS ARE BOTH RUNNERS-UP FURTITLES uck Iillv:m'. .lun Uuvns, Pat Vorlclvse, .Albert Clrrrcixl, und fhlhvrt Hulx . , 5' a s 4 I , 1 .3 5 8 Q K". ' A f - ' T ' X n an 4. Je Q In -I xl K r - Q. , .,, N- ,dmv 1 - 'T A 'A' " ,L-A 5.21 N 'N-lf" lf. ' , QQ! ' X if K M, X er. A 4. ..g... an -,Ji 1, V-cl ,C-,Fla-Q ' ' ,ff - BASEBALL ,jv,,A , Vex. gr zfigfyb fm W YS ,.,.-rf av E2 .:,- WX? nail RIF' Q Q we QW-E F... ES sg M W I4 " , gf! V - K -. yi 1 .-, 'wr -.rwwf :gy-'gi-,.'g - A- ,rbwf ' ,f. ' M. 3. 4. Sb'-Q Y ,. , L :., -, . . . ,. ,L L - , .-.H M. . ' me ' .1425 we- .... tai. , -r"E'1 , t l, W 3. i I 3 . , M .. , , ,, 243:32 VM if"f'3. -i Xmturnn cnlcllur Al ffurdnnl Jn-sw liuiturrus anxiously prcl'-arcs lor its his. turn nt the plutc. the first pitch, Managers James Blacknrd and Robert Rowe confer with the coach. BULLDOGS HAVE CLASS Veteran Squad Returns For Hopeful Season Coach Dick Hart has many returning let- termen back from lust ycar's team, and a few likely newcomers who will bolster his squad. lf these boys can put their talents together as a tcznn, there is no iloulnt that they will have a good season. Alu-mly they have won seven of their first eight ganna-s. an suitable reward for harml work on the part of the team and coach. The louguo promiros to ln- rugged with plenty of cmnpvtition. zuul an home-ami-home series with ouch lvuguv ti-ann will provialo more excit- ing gxaum-s. 'l'ln- vopy lll'illllllll'1l0PS not permit un al'lvi'-season awe-uunl of tho team, hut the outlook for ilu' l.llllll'l' is lrrigllt. Uullivldcr Yincu thnrnu quicklx changes lu u hunting stance Manuel Andrade is a "B" shot-putter and an outstanding half-miler. TRACK THINCLADS FACE 600D SEASUN Track will really get into full swing just about the time of this printing. so it would lie inipossilile to give a resume of the season. The expectations which Coaeh Ker has of his squad are good. Already the "B" mile relay team has lieaten niost of the liest relay teams in the dis- triet. The varsity squad. although small in numlier, will have a fairly strong team. 'llhe Bees seein to he the division with the liest pos- sibilities, having lioth quantity and quality. In the Cee classification 'llraey will lie the - , N weakest, since nlost of last years Lees have moved up, and many plaees are to lie filled lay new lioys. Members ol the "C" team are Marvin Foster, Albert Marlow, Lionel Parreira, Tom Scott, Harold Burchett, Stanley Simpson, Jim Owens, John Mitchell, Albert Correia, Joe Grandinetti, and Anthony Vierra. 6 xi! -to s . it uf- I -.'-Q-,fy N W. ? Xi' 'H '-ig, .'a,: Ml 1 1 ,S-r . , , . . . tpq X.: X fy ' Q3 + J . , .-J., -1 - -1 -QQ 'H . .. - .Q-nge ' Nmf" ::i!..4?,i 5 -v. .4- 'M In fb! rw 'H . Nerixx i N. Joe Grnndinetti and Jay Gaylnr get into fighting stance for the cameraman. Coach Korha tapes the hands of a contender. ff S - ,..- -1. Y 955 4 -, if f? . ' ii?-A-" 52 al "R: x .gg Shag:-frgtfi 1. 'J it gf 'gsisaizs-vw l re . , .. -...,,,.'w ., . I Q, .N '51 Sian Q " fh- f.,,""-K ss. 1592- 'Y , 1 i25:"-!1lelZ'Qr":'Q:Q?-,- ,K :..,f.-ef-A...,.4,,-.. K W1 f ' qg,.....,.LL .Q -ft'-L rui 1' Q v au. to A Tony Perry was awarded the Outstanding Boxer Trophy. BOXING HAS LARGE TURNUUT Thin year's Block "T" Boxing: Tournament was pre- vented with much Sl.ll'005S. There were fourteen bouts in the preliminaries and eleven in the tinals. Hard hitting Tony Perry won the voveterl Outstanding Boxer award, and many potential trophy winners were :list-overed in thc lllklll'llI'!h. Cllanlpinnsllip hoxing: auarfls went to Frank Espinoza, 54 Alluert Correia, Dale Brinkman, Frank Lima. Tony Pm-rry, L. U. Mitchell. Mike Errcg. ,lov Granmlim-lti. Paul Him-kann. .lay Gaylor. john Simas. Smiley Gonzalef. Edwin S4-rpa. and Joey Correia. Sevonfl place uwartlf went to Ralph Metcalf. Tom ljearrv, Tom Svolt. Alu-I Avillar. .lov Gwvr- fler. Cll1ll'll'r Garner. Stew linflclington, and Manuel Sa- linas. TENNIS This u ark lumix xqund iucludua llun Iluvk, Vat Fllis, Porn Smith, Kun Crnw, Charles Crnttnn, Runnin: l'upv, und Alun Vihlu. EXPERIENCED SQUAD IS READY N FDR NEW SEASDN qcniur Perry hmxth is n Ihr:-v-wnr lrllcv winner in tenms. -gp sluul1J'l-4 .- A-'K 'lr' 1 Alnn Wihlv and Dun Huck 11-nm up during n gnmc nf doubles. Among the outstanding sophomores on the tennis tum is Ken Crow. E an 1 -A ' ' U iw The liluck nlficcrs thix y-nr new Slcphvn Pclloqri. Dale Sixupe, lid S:-rpn, -'Khin l'z'rrv, and Srl!!! Hattlwxxx. 'a 1 Mm. " Twp! STEVE PELLEGRI LEADS BOYS' BLOCK "T" THROUGH 1949-50 YEAR fimwh kmhqe T-um1mux!.x!cs Tony Furry for rsvvivirlgl the Uutsundxugi Ihwixlxq Trophy. hv. 1 " . A x i5F'?m, , - , Girls' lilnck prcsidv-nts, ,Lmct Milam ln lmrcttn Pudrn talk uxrr .xitvx wluml sports st llomthx Shure. GIRLS ALSO PLAY 'Liu' Girls. iiiuvk Huvivty wm- lilllif dll anilvr-sm-inml NIHDYIS prugruilt whivinvomiftfni'int:-l'1-lass lt-uni tour- ll4llIll'IlIr in Xilfitlllh hpurlw. iiziskvtlnull. sulllnull. hlH'l'4HlilLI. mul wilt-vlmll uri' lin- nmst lllnpnrtullt. This organization Hmlrislmrfs under lin- ivunin-whip of H.-my Jxiillllli and xiiil'ii0llH1'Illlt'L.iLLt'llQ1il'.LSiH'l'lllIlt'lNfN' lllt'lIliIt'l'S this yvau' aiflcr 1'au'ning.: tht- l'e-qtliri-zl 300 points. 'Lim sail' nf roul- vrf Uillm ami pompous to siuiivnt-1 pru- xitivw funds for social functions. The girlf ale-rorutc goal posts at lrmnr gznnv- :mtl present skits at rallivs. Sm-ing initiation is'f0llow0d by an pivniv. . 1 t Six llluck girls attended the Cnl Plan day. G s : ' 5' T by 'L is Hn- 5 , X K if- ii 8 V . , 5 'fl 1 ' ws- All ' Q. 1' 5 1 B' r 14: -' W W' 5 ,. . F -bf zw 'J V wg Q 1 Rf W K 4 " 2 Q t ff 8 ,Y 4 sk as t 1 J v ,W L + r ,,,. -4 5 i 1 sm f 5 5 F 1 a -.. K 731:-.. ' "-'auf' VOLI.!iYHKl.I, M L- fir-I mum mwnt uf the war, xullm hzxli, wsu mm hx the junior team whm-e captains were Hnrufhx Vain, Qcrund irum the lull. und 'uma Pcllegri, iiith fmm the left. SPEHIJIKALL The seniuf team cspmined by Dorothy Shupe, third from the right, wan the Furs! specdhuil tournament held at Tracy High, ,..-v 5 3 dm H I-div ffwwmx ' HASKETIGALL The junior girls indicated ahuve won the basketball tnurmxment. Anna Pellegri. third from the left, was the captain. FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH .900 gg., X work oh my hair? aiiioh Ccfn I do if myself? V .',,jQ2i:fm X Noll TONI Save me +5010-??'f Q DU?-I-wn'l1S an DQYIC-no and Dclcvggl Dole!-as on 1' he righi' hosfhc . Tom. IDI LH' TH I3 I-IAPPEII 10 YOU! VU i 1 U U fU i U A U X mauro omve ,, SAFILYQ Lffid f 47 TRACY I-IIGI-I uso MICHAEL. ,,,,,,, wg-14: w .-f- KSN QTNX' SEV? , Asswfggwefwwssrwfswwvvvwefwmwwwwwwvw MM1MV,wwwwwMffWW1vMfW-wwf: V mf f -W X wsh. ., , ,.W,,.k..M,, .,.F,X V K,A.,.,,-fW..W.,A v,.A U WMM, , , . V Q , , Q ,.,.,W, . ,A . , IWW- 'Nw hand prepares tn Icuxv for an uutyni.mwn night iemlbzxil llxum The orchestra pruvides nmncal b:xukQirm11ul fm ffm wmnr plum, MUSIC DEPARTMENT IS ALIVE AND GROWING A 'I'In- IWW-51l'I'z'zu-y IIigIn II.mcI. I'r.u-5 " IIigII III'I'Ill'HIl'II. zuul 'Iirawy IIigI1 I.Im- I.IllIlMl'l'1'ilIIINIIIIIbllL1"4'I'1lIl1IIH'IIl'l'IIl.llI m IPIWWIIIIIS ye-.xr-. Il luIw- -HMI:-nl wu- IIIIIHIQIHII In IIILIISQ' IIIILIIIIN' and ,ima au14I In PIIIIIIIHIAIPIII IIII' musiv Im, In-vu we-ulllly. 'I'lu- music c'nwnlI1Ivf Imvv In-vu pm'- furming an 1IuuI1Ic july. Ifir-t as fm-Iuml I-lllrjvvls, llwy tcucll IIN- imIiviaIlmIs Imw I0 IISIPII to muau' to gvt IIN' must from it un4I to vnjuy an ui4Ivr vurivty uf Upv- zmmI stylvs. II is4'vi1ICllI that r1mr1y"IIml'y A High rlmlvnlf uri' II-arming In vnjuy IIN' Irvs! tlwre is. SCVOIIIIIN. as am uvlivily. IIN: mu-iv vn- svll1IrI1-f- Ilan- Iam-n I-ur.-nm-ly actin' in A I 1 NH supporting lIu- r4'ImuI uctixitin-A. playa. gznncs. x'uIIi0s, axsscmlalivi. opvn IIUUFAN. and cmlovrts. TIN' llliIjUl'I'IIOri this yI'ilI' In-rv FIlirI4-v Sollvm. In-4-nv II1'au'1I. ,Ioan Ilrvg:-un. :maI Linnvu Namvk. 'I'Iu- 2Ic1- UIUI1 urxulifcz, ruruls Inr the :mnuuI Ifllrislmas proplrum, THE PLAY GOES 0N, At hmm: students acted before mirrors, sturiliwl on their parts instead of their ' lcssom, murmurml lines as they went to slcvp. and rqlnvursc-xl zrvurywlwre they xuict-M-M-at various hmm-s. school corridors, :xml llllllllillfgllfl' stumla. Un stage sonic uf tlwm furgul their limfs l'Il0Ill6'Illil!'lly. laul rvvm'c:rvrl quickly anal gfravvflxlly. Un tlw following IliIgf'S is an rvvural of thu- twu uulfslznuling plays Ill'01lll1'Q'd ut 'lirzu'y lligzlx Ilris yvur. 'lilivy wvrv "lim -lfuir 'l'mnnrrnw." flu- as-nim' plan. :mil "l,il'e' YY itll l'1z1tllf'1'." he mifncxxx ruuns m ultfvpicilncr different sims lrmn lwackuzigv Klum dm-Q ln the mlfmsirig worn ln-lluv tlw vuzlmvx aww up umwillwra uf the Cm! put un the flie audience. , - ihikbllif- h 5 ez 2' 5 During the Curtain call tln: l'1lNlnll'llllt Fair Turimrruwn rec-Luis an mnlmn Hum .ni Apgxruciiitixu .mallunrv .ul pdiusxlx .md lriundy. if ...ei 23.3 in l X Ev. S X 11 we Af? X 3 f ff X, Wfmwwif A Tl-IRES ACT PLAY mm, 50 zywv iT WILL BE PRESENTED ' BY THE 79467 HMV! DRAMA DA-70AA97'!l4'EA!7' -M 113. I I -' W Rx '-QQMXQ "'-C'AS7'f-- ROY 7'!A!.DE1Q...-'- GAIL. 7"flVDE1Q,- B5'7"7'V COOKE FRANCES KELLV AVXS CHHPEL AIIXKCEI EECEG- Gw4R,Y IDAIQJICJ' FASIIIDNS fl- ,.i. Nlmy hnys wqnr lmld patterned, bright colored shirts. Neck scarves were n must this sensnn. X lnvnrile among the girls ure these suede pixies. Suede lmilv.-rs ure popular with the hnys. Sweaters with rolled cnllnrs nhurd an neckline for jewelry, Typical hair styles ure short and easily cured fur. livery hop' has a pair nl pegged pants in his wardrnbe. F.F. . Dwight Sharpe is a Future Farmer member. The F.F.A. holds their annual picnic at Marsh Creek. Field work i LOCAL F. F. A. MEMBERS ACTIVE IN MANY FIELDS H1 believe in the future of farming, with a faith born not of words, but of deeds." The cighty youths who make up the Tracy Unit of Fu- ture Farmers of America have made that motto mean something during the past year with a record number of hours of agricultural endeavor. and a large income from projects, including truck and field crops, livestock and poultry production. The present officers of the Tracy group are as follows: Steve Pellegri, Presidentg Alvin Perry, Vice-President: Phil Scott, reporterg Albert Bogctti. secrctaryg Mike Er- ceg, treasurcrg George Mizuno, sentinel: Wallace I.. Englund. Advisorg and Fonnic Bartholomew. Assistant Advisor. Bill Vvineinger was the winner of the local chapter public speaking contestg the lucky individuals who will win the Holt Brothers tool chest and the Bankers Cer- tificate will be announced on the night of comlncnce- ment. Nineteen boys exhibited sixty-one head of livestock at the ,Iunior Grand National Livestock Show in San Fran- cisco. At the county fair the Tracy F.F.A. won a total of fifteen sweepstakes ribbons and seventy-five blue ribbons. s a part of the activities of the local F.I'.A. chapter luv-gl l'lul Nfnll ,lull Ilnll Xhmxmiu .nu 1-nlsrqmlmg Xh-:mln-vs 1-I the local rlmplcr untcln nl well Georgie MiLuno leeds sumc ol his nwml-.fu ul nhl' Inu I ,l .X. drilling npcrutiun, profitable plgs. , I l,lu-sl:-vk plan .nn uvulmrlnnl mart in lllc work of lllc 'fruity F.F.A. llmc lmu la-urn lu hutclwv nnimnls for thenlsvlnn. 4 OFHIISP XXREFHRMERS OF I 1 X 4390 'NN QE FHRMERS OF HH EYE' 69, xg? 0,9 QQ fnus mncv, LHLIF. mncv, :nun mn 'llnw l'u!ur1- lunlmu null uxlxlhil lin-stork nn lllc .luniur Grand 'Yntl mul l ncquclx lwg-M11 1 Mgwwuwmf af, mmm' W UTHER SEGTIUNS 1-M rm Stzll'f1idvisurUrdcnl1Hanlon discusses assignnlents for the following week. Editor Sam Matthews scans an S K .-X :is!lu:ycnn1cuHtll1: presses SGHULAR AND ATHLETE Students gather at the library windnw tn receive their S 8: .-Vs every second Wednesday. 6 . G'F'r5' LEAGUE at fri ig Jr l 'I hc amnuul Iunrhcnn and fnshinn :how is the outstanding activity nf Girls' l.eny1ue. Second Semester prcsidr.-nt Fmi hum presided. Uthur ufficvrs ucru .Knnu Pellcpiri, .lunicc Miluni, Murgerx Nlmutich, lrrm: llcurd. Nlnric Ibrhn .lzlncl Nilluni and Tcrcszl linnnnvl. RED CRUSS Nlclnlwrx nl thc lh-sl lfmss lnuk on us Nhrlvnu l.1:nmn und Christine Yun Wfllklc put thc Iinnl items in the ffllrislnmx lmckalgc for n nuudy faunily. I Q 1 f v ,umm Q f lg ml W xf K Qi ,,, ' x 'K ' I cf, gf 4 1 i gf- 2 N. F. L. M Unq- .. Q I k , '.3Qfffj.w- . ., 's"""?ff N.l',l,. lm-mln-rs :must lrnnsgmrtuliun lu n spun-ull tuurnnmvut. 'Ihr ulficcrs :arc liillcc .lcnn Jmwa, Prcsidunl: llclcn llxnnlu. Xiu' l'vcszdclll.:ll1d Pnl Smith, Sccrclzlrx-'l'rL'usurcr, l.lmu .luhnwn is unc ut Ihr ncu cllsludinns. UIl1lW:ll!0I'H ku-ups Hmm-rs blooming all scusnu. NX illi: , lu - x 54 lg l.:ulrulQ,ullsvvn l1.lknsn'nl.rsfnl Iuun 'l, gK?XiY35'i nn l'ntr'clcul1sthvlmllsalt lhccloscnl Illc dm 'W.LJ,gA ..1W.-.,L.. X. n .Q J 'f fi ' j is fs, SB WSYW4 ,,.......--H .,W..,.f wi' NWS . - I 1 747' -W "" 'L ,.... CSN? A Ql -an 9 il 'Q' my h fa ,,,, ui- rk .X ' -0 ww A-'T' i... ? 2 , .1 f rn Wd- iw P ' . ' . . "'. 3sug,,,j, 0 0 - 0 5' - ! M 4 9 -S' ,Q 'Q qx 'if' is mu W Mm. . QA 'Nr I X N, .X X, if Pfyv Www A, A MQ A' """""'f'N 7 vw .W 5 - X 1 M ! A ffm: . mt Q? .., E325 wwf' .,,. gig..-Q Q 'Q ' 'gf gm 'ff -is lr- S: K 9 . Q' A-s. . , 1.41,-W -'j,fg.'N A' A W fr -4' ,rv Qf '?'?m,.::' :fs ,,nnn!'l .Vlf fl' :ff X, Q .vm W ,M K 1- ww , aa. 'is KW 1 Wi ,Q ru. ,4 iq IM-:nun lxcn llvulursl, l':ul llurmlcr. IK-ny Smith, Nlxre-mx ffrvm. 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