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1 ,ICJ G'- '21 :S 3-,Q--4-x,, vin l I l w ff E,pw""""'W "7l'7fnwr7xii2:,fq-314g E STUDENTS TRACY UNION HIGH SCHOOL TRACY CAIIFORNIA ,. -4, . , , .5142 T'- ffff16?4Xr' ' - ' K.. ,TL-'.,PQ".':j',f 6 ' -. .Tw fn-'1 fy., . ' -T . feiaf5f'1 Tg',:T,f,-ff - - f .5"i?1fZ.'Ti11-af. ,533 . A 1 I., -.'-':i1,:,f,.f ffhfjlvf. , , 4 -, .-'vc.L,,:.f,1-'.'E '- ,1 . '5:i':T'-?'5f2I'.'1' ' I ' V ',:Ql:5.::.,,jVf,'v--- 'Ll 71.7. .K 5 2:2 ' 5 -, :-52:35 If T ' ' 5" 2TfL1ff?5A' ' Q' 2 " 2 -'l . 5 , A 5, , gas,-4-... Tl- an r.. -f - -ff:-Ani 5 V-3-,.3-.f,gZ,, , A . . .,.-kfQ:.g-,gg ??fQ'El'1' O , ' -31 L 1 T 5 if vQ32:?'-' 1' A:-J - ,, ' -1:v.,- T:-'ima -' , i,i?:5"3':".,-'.,g ga.14k'z"fg5,f Q gag.-,.-re.-x-flf. E Q .f ? 5,-.. A I. ,Q ., ,y,'fgf, ,j.,,'Y'Q.,, ylg., , gi- 'T ,,,., ,. ' A" 'Aff-' .' .' 1.11, ? a5'f.5gQg14f,1'L .4 j:: ' .- 5 H f '-I'-'f'-ff.-3' T XfTT'f'E7T,1Y':: 5- ' P T,.5'u.T,-Q . . ,.h.,4x, , 255-35 ly. 1, "M EP ' In P U B L T S H E D B Y ' ' T H X O F SENIOR IVXOTTO A New Day ls Dawning and We Shall Be In H M .49 -A Y' , lg f , l': 5 ' .9-1:1 gr I l R ' f, - ' a ' vi 159 : Mr' -,.gg':-?:' 1.7 ' 1 .,1,zi,Li4:- , i - .i . iw! 'L - gg i.. M, ., .H I, ,, .' .. ' -P" .53 5. 211, -1 I Q AI? ,gf ff . 1552, -1 ' iz -.' - .2 ' is . gg-8, 'P A., ,' ,fi 4 -- vi 2' Nagy. 13. ff, ' gl' 1, .1 J- W X 425.-, , .. -- is 9 , -' 1,1 E " '2 '5 '1'?f'6"1i"' ' ' '55 - JJ' '11 ' " 3:1 ,sr ' 111 "Ja fi-rf W .v 73 A ff- .- A ' 76.51. il' r DEDICA TI' N To Mr. Crow, our principal, we +he members of Tracy Union High School, dedicale lhis book. l-lis adminislrafion has been capable and loresighfedi his inferesf in sfudenls affairs, sincere and honesl. ll has been our lor +o have our high school years shadowed by war, buf +he sure+y with which Mr. Crow has led us lhrough lhese lurbulenr years has given us an opporfunily lo carry on our srudies more easily and eFlicien+ly rhan we could have ofherwise. l-lis has been a quier, unoblrusive bul none fhe less firm hand, and we have depended upon if for guidance more 'rhan we now realize. We have admired him because he has in- sisled lhal' The main emphasis be placed upon sfudies, ye+ has provided many and varied acfivilies. l-le has desired rhe besr for every srudenlz rhe besl 'reachers and 'rhe bes+ pos' sible equipmenf. And now as we sfep forward info 'rhe new day, we are lhankful for lhe lraining in slraighl Thinking lhal he has made possible for us, lor The skills acquired here, lor 'rhe desire for grealer knowledge +ha+ has been insfilled wi+hin us, and for enough pleasanf and happy memories of our school days +o lasf us a lilelime. 'V 4 i I. ngulm i WAYNE W. CROW, A.B., MA. Val forever 'Fe reecreeflcns of Mrs. Riggs reding rnree years, announces we aoconrrner' ef Mrs. Leil Ne!!-krcwn +eacner and V'ce-Drreea 'Q '7cn of Dean ef Glrls for Trac, Her. ln 'ne Das' year sne has es'ao 'sned 'n DEA N VF JIRLS A+ 'ne cpenkrq assernbiy 5' sence' Prinerza. Crew a Rgqs ew 'HQ ' rq' Dec . rv . V., SCC5'OV' :Ei 'avTng olgnly ana useUness. Her ca"ence ner 'rrn ou' cleaslng rnanner and ner sense C5 rwrner born 'n Uass and m1's7oe are enxfabe cnarae'er4s+7Cs. We fne Cass of '45 WYE! keen Tn fone rernernbrance as Dean of Grs 'n our as+ year and as cur guardian anqeW fer fne rife' Rue I - L fx-O ,Z 1 - KLX E k. , -X. 9' 1 2 RAL 'Batik ' 11 L L 1 on if 1 .A ,. - O0 ' . wie 'A . N YXXGXA bbkgrenfs 51916 X 9,7 , Q30 Ago , A 1 s k F. -X Us 1 C fm ' TW 'B Wye r rs e a .1--H-'V' 'xiii' ' lx-A-"U . ' v xvrxvux 4 A' . fx , . ? 7,6 pw' lnkpvfgve. 7 F Vx xx 1 I ' X y 41-xvXcxx'r Svnux -V, ,Al KNO ' ,dA ' Vx--.sf x1,'1VygXlas:filW1'Y New X f t 1x ' A ,rs ' N .v" Y X U A - .x Xu CNS? xv-ein-X5 A :J T M ' ff, . ,mfr M we- f. 4 :fa fm-1 ... we v- ., s, ,mc eg' mf. v,e'... esren fe Pai seen -"C1ers'arc ng ana usi Hs n of "cars fer sA3-a"', ' -'n'na'es ef feafaeer Nn ff . F-. K. -sfinfr A HC 4- 1, 4 -f 1:53- J: J Ce.: 5 CJ 1: ,G -' 33V:-' f " free '1"'aen's "ave rise' rnan, , , F . . . , Nrecasse' 4:fv:L.: 13'Ciiv 'ear' 'cj fw'eL,g' e- saw' eq J 're 'ew aa, ma, 'ra 're sraece ,X ' 1 Q1 Thi- CHA X '50 r I' i r I' I N ff Jar I r ri fo Mr. Lea Moore aceepflng aM obsracles ano dlfflcar es as a cnanenqe became 'ne flrs' Dean of Boys 'n racyH'qn Senee1a++V'e oegrnrng oi fnls year. He na: se+ a 'Agn vanoaro er acrfevernenf. ln 'rs 'vfuis' Qu -4 ,. . 4, I ,v,.,,g.,..-.'.,.,........:,:f..:An-u..v-+1ef-.---- - -- .1 J - - - - - - .Y v-IH.. 1- w-I..-. gi : : '51-2.0 V, g-"vp , ,Ray f. . . 'y A .1 I 4 A-A ' J',.'511v ' ' .'-"'77i7.5 ' f Zigi."-.' 1 . ,-4-- I -, .. NG, A 12 . J,-I A E- ng. -,- . :I-:fr -. 1- A . 4315 ,--3, ,vnu '-f . ' 1-611 ,Ig A 4.:. 1 5.5 lc V, ,' Qf.'f,j.' 5 Y . H pf.. Q Av' X. :Q . :ff 1 TI I I I 1. IN SERVICE FOR I OUR COUNTRY f FacuI+y GEORGE DICKERSON ROBERT SCHULENBURG Sfudenfs EDWARD AUGUST CHESTER AZEVEDO WALLACE BARRETT HAROLD BARENCHI MERTON BELL DON BERNAL WILLIS COOK EDWARD CRESCENZI NORRIS EDMONSON RUSSELL M HAYDEN RICHARD KING JOHN LOWES JAMES McFARLAND CHESTER NIVENS JOHN ORMSBY JOHN PROCK DALE QUIGLEY ROBERT SLETTE ROBERT SMITH TONY SOUZA LE ROY SPANGLER ERNEST STERN HOWARD TAYLOR HENRY VARELA GEORGE VEGAS 1 .1 IQ III" 9 'g I ' I BQLQI SWS N' M..-a' "3 """59'S-f-,-,-rn--.+-- wa'-arrf' M qs QXZW' gigs? 59.444,-s'3W"5 T 117' 44.--"fi.w'3"" ,f . K 'jg ' I I I . A I I , . :- g ,T ,Z A . 3 I Y ' . ,, I ' 5 1 TQ 1 R' .1 .Q V '. 'I 1, Q 5 fi i H . . . 1 -, T? I I .R ., :J -5 , 5' 'VIII 5' V 1- '-v' . 1, It . 5, :I V -- 'f bf-ii '. A -Lf: f'.' I r-"M ' ' If' , , 1 . ,E -1:1-" , I ' A ,R H V 517: .1 1 ' 4 . .133 1 J ' 1 1 gm' .I ... .. in I' -: - , Img i , fl . V 2?'Ar:ig A I V W 'JEL' . ...f- nv . . .','e1:1?i'-If Q ,- 7 R ,-f"f.:,1' ,iv , 4 , V,-iff-E1"l. ' - 2' ' 1 z'f.v:-'mil . , , .3fI?r-f.' 14 1 Q, 2 , , V ' ,glwifu Jr 1' fr,-rf.-55 . I -1-W I I r , I ' 1 ' - A 1-' ,' E " . ' ' -Irwzvffz 4 .' :gx.':-3gfs-5- I 'A fS.Lf.f1f:'f4:.:-Az . . -V. .:.f,y.3.- I' V7 .- . .I.'5::g':95?J' 4 ' ' ' .' : g A '.-.-jgiu' ' ' - F Rf'-ze,--. 4 5- 5 . 2 v A .Af,ffI:'-55333 'L . 4 ' ' " . ' . f'1i'2flA3' ' K 1' - : -. - - f. APA? F., -. Ld 1 ' . . -R1 w-4253. .,.- .' -'11 ,,z -an Q ' . ri f-'Q , fe V" ,"f' V f g',-.iudjgj .3 .-if-.-gffl. N 1 - Q, . , .5 fn. ,,,,-i.g,f',5-x. J .5.,1'. "i,..l ' V. ' W ,L ' I ' ' A , ,. ,- ,'f551Z9If5.'Q'ii' 'ff' I. R. .. . - --'Sf' -. ' I f 4. 1 fx' . I, Q- 1 ' - I . , - " . ,. ' 'Z - ' ' ,, :maze -Tyr. . Q1 ., -,' ' . . ' . .1. - D. -' mlqvfv- . 1 3:5-,p:i1fgq,. QS?Qgg9:1:'I.:gf.5,,fign... ,, 1- , ..,1.C.,,RI ,...'..M.-1 -M-'A-. A y , SQ2:j,:f:jki:.L:u1 , V 2-i.:,i:ig15.: -,TWQ-r.'.r:73.33-,Q-...R .3 , ' ' , ff A U x R K H In 4 A R AL 'A' ,xr 1 42ZB5H??5E1s. '2 - fs?" " A - .. .. . ' ':-s....' ' " 5' 1.21 3 'K " "P 1.3, ., , 22' fm' "YH ' 'U .J .3 ..-V 5 V ini . xl-Egyirgf . if 4 ' gfiwy r A ,..,,fA,'-'n5'f.f:Q3,QLf 'RR '.'q??r.4 :nf U f -M .gl an 'gg' :Q , I2 E, . ' ,f:.:.y:S,1v",.,"f4- ' ff' K. 'waE,,4,RE fc I LJ! , . .,-,.--J-my-ffggf' '. -"""' -'fx' .Jeb .f ,-gs: 3.-'-'fm'-ral, J ' ""' ' f v.'.r-:L1..,Lgl.:f'Z'T ' ' - I, - I ,-z,,g.2:y,v..f. "' -' Ill . ..x' 1 ,S MESSAGE OUR PRINCIPAL W. W. CROW, M.A. The Iwenliefh cenlury moves Toward Ihe half-way rnarlc, The war in Europe is over and in rhe Pacific lhe war assumes The final slages for decision, common people everywhere gradually synlhesize new concepls of human relalions. A New Day ls Dawning and We Shall Be In I+. The I944-l945 "El Por+al" was supervised by Mrs. Renlz and Mr. Wesllalce llacully advisorsl and prepared by The Sludenf Sfahf, special honor going 'ro Darlene Canale, Edilor' Jerry Simas, Assis+an+ Edilor' Marilyn Noaclc, and Rosalie Phelps, Co-Edi+ors' Lucie Campo and Bobby Du Ree, Business Managers. To each ol These and To all ol fheir associales we exlend hear+y congralularions and sincere apprecialion. "El Por'ral" is unique, in+eres+ing, and wholesome. lr shows sludenr lile a+ Tracy Union I-ligh School. New ideas. new experiences, new enlhusiasm may be galhered as one Turns and sfudies ils pages. The lolal impression is elfecfive and pleasant A New Day Is Dawning and We Shall Be In II. Sludenls in Tracy l-Iigh have wholesome personal living habi+s wilh fresh and aclive rninos. Worlhy goals are consciously lormed Tor and by each individual. A feeling ol cooperation belween sluoenls and feachers aids in lormulafing a respecllul and worlhy afmosphere. Knowledge and organized +h?nl4'ng are essenlial lor happiness. Good solid characler coupled wilh correc' hapi+s gage yudenls in doing The righl Thing and in wanling I0 QQ +he righ+ 'hing a' a-l limes. PI INCIPP L'S S+uderi+s develop personalifies which are pleasarif +o lheir associa+es. Pleasanf 4i++Ie mannerisms. consideralion lor olhers, gracefulness. and a s+rong desire for a pla group ac+ivi+ies rnarlc our s+uden+s for cihzenship. A New Day ls Dawning and We Shall Be In lf. TODAY ay womws CARLYLE So here ha+h been dawning Anofher New day: Thinlcl wil+ fhou lel I+ Slip useless away? Ouf of E+erni+y This new day is born? Info Elernily Af nighf will relurn FUI E-IVAN V F TRUSTEES BERT B. BANTA Clerk JOHN L. MULLALLY Presidenf WILLIAM F. COSTELLO WILLIAM KOSTER IRVIN M. PETZ Behold il alorelime No eye ever did: So soon if forever From all eyes is hid. Here hafh been dawning Ano+her new day? Thinlcl will' lhou lel if Slip useless away. EMMA M. BAUMGARDNER AB., M.A. E'1qlisl'i,Drarv'a ELNA CALLOW AB. Commercial Jcurnelierr CHARLES CHAPMAN Sncp RENA CROSS BS. Hire Eccnornics Caleleria CHARLOTTE DOWN AB., M.A. Spanish MARJORIE M. DUNTON A.B. Latin, General Business Library WALLACE L. ENGLUND BS. Aqriculfure, Farm Mechanics GRACE FINE A.B., M.A. Englislw MARY E. HAWLEY AB. Maflwernalics EDWARD LYON AB. Glee. English, World Hislc-ry Debafe, Social Science JEAN Y. MADISON A.B. Girls' P. E. HARVEY E. MILLER Mechanical Drawing, Sn Baslelball " -T Y HAZEL O'REILLY AB. MS. Fccce, Hcfewaf ': JOHN MORGAN e'a'ed Ma"erfa'7cs MacF?'e Smcc L. B. MOORE PMB., MJA. H Jw ECCV'C,"li Geiqraf' ,' ESTHER REINMUTH AB. Em: wgh MADALEN RENTZ BS. Ar? BERNICE PARISH AB. EnqN+5H HAZEL ZIEGLER A.B. Music, Biology CARL K. ROGERS BS., M.A. Boys' P. E. Coach LEILA RIGGS A.B. Dean of GEMS Commercial LT. HENRY GREGSON Cadef Corps THELMA DOUGLAS Secrefary KENNETH WESTLAKE AB., MJA. Science JOE ROBINSON Fall President BUSTER COLLINS Fall Vice-President NORMA DOOLITTLE Fall Secreiary MARIE SANGUINETTI Treasurer BOB HEDRICK Spring President GEORGE ALBANO Spring Vice-President HONG LEE Spring 'Secrevary BOARD OF Cf NTRVL The Board oT Connor 's 'he 653-'Q inoen' o'gan7za'ior oT This school. I+ is The Corqress of Tracy Ufor T-Tor Scncci. I' has an execurive deoarrr 'nenT which cons7sTs :T 'he Dresden' V'ce'Bfesi::enT SecreTary and Trease urer, ali oT which are e ec'eo oy 'ne popular voTe oT The sTudenT body, wiTh The excebhon of 'raasuref wr c is acc-" 'ea uv 're aovisors. There is also a IeqisIaTive body composed cT reofeser'aT'ves a boy and girl Trom each class and reoresemafv-as from CTDE' s'udenT orqanizahons such as The Girls' League, CSF. FFA. and 'ne Bloc-r Finally 3+ has a iudicial de- oarTmenT-The Supreme Cour'-f-w"'cr: cchsfsTs .T 'hree advisors. This year as in many previous years "ey are Mrs. Rqqs and Mrs. Down wiTh Mrs. Callow as a newcomer. The purpose oT This gov,-rnmenf is To adminisTer The aTTairs oT The school' To give selT-qovernmem To sTuden's in The exTra-curr7cuIar acTiviTies. FurThermore, The Beard oT Convoi nas been esTabIished as a means oT Teaching The sTudenTs The responsibiIiT'es oT a ciTizen' To give Them experi- ence in voTinq and oTher such civil duTies, so ThaT when They qraduaTe Trom our high school, They will know whaT To do as ciTizens in a democracy. A Tew oT The duTies oT The Board oT ConTrol are as Tollowsz IT supervises mosT oT The schooI's social ahairs. IT hand'es The Tacky Day and many OT The STudenT Body Assemblies. IT passes bills which are needed To buy equip- menT, such as aThIeTic equipment The science award which is given annually and various oThers. Irs members have The responsibiliTy and privilege OT nominaTinq The sTudenTs whO are To occupy The sTudenT body oTTices. The Board oT ConTroI leads The sTudenT body in new acTiviTies, As an example, This year Tive unscheduled assemblies were held and iT was decided To use These assemblies Tor The producrion oT a play or program by each class Tor The enTerTainmenT oT The sTudenT body. The Board oT ConTroI was The TirsT To puT on a play and ThereTore seT an example Tor The remaining classes. The orqarrIzaTi.,.ri The B-,ani .aT Ceririisl has a viral parT in Tracy Union High School, BOARD OF CONTROL TOP ROW: Roberfson, Hoyv, Campbell, Erceq, Frerichs, Lindeman. SECOND ROW: Cosla, Ensley, Millinger, Woodward, Gentry, Rhodes, Sisson, Crcxfon, Hollingshead, Sfuif. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Riggs, Callow, Mrs. Down, Corbeft, Campo, Isabel, Chrisfensen, Claire, Lopel. FOURTH ROW: Robinson, Collins, Dooliifle, Sanquinehi, Lee, Albano, Hedrick. NOT PRESENT: Thomas Williams. r H My ,ff E2 " 'if' ,J- Fllii 41? 1 44:4 -L, WM CL X33 'Q' FALL OFFICERS RAYMOND COYKENDALL PRESIDENT NORMA DOOLITTLE VICE-PRESIDENT DOROTHY THOMPSON SECRETARY VIRGINIA BOWMAN TREASURER SPRING OFFICERS EARL WOODWARD PRESIDENT ELSWORTH ENSLEY VICE-PRESIDENT VIRGINIA SUTTON SECRETARY GEORGE ALBANO TREASURER CLASS i-IISTOR' Shy and humble mighT besT describe The members oT The class oT '45 as we awkwardly waiTed in The corridor Tor someone To Tell us where The audiTorium was. One OT The "been-around" Sophs informed The meek ones ThaT "you guys haT Ta siT upsTairs." SeaTed uncomTorTably in The bal- cony, we TasTed a semesTer oT peace-Time high school, and Then The spoTlighT was Thrown on Pearl Harbor. AcTiviTies slowed down, buT we sponsored our dance, The Freshman ReTurn, and became a parT oT Tracy Union High School under The leadership of our Tvvb presidenTs, Rosalie Phelps and Carolyn Copeland. The Thunder oT many TeeT and The cries oT emancipaTed Frosh characTerized one oT our mosT Thrilling momenTs of our second year-liberaTion from The balcony! PaTrioTism was The Theme Tor The Sophomore Hop. and while The busT of George WashingTon looked down, The sTudenT body danced To The musical accompanimenT of Mr. Schuien- burg's High School Dance Band. Again our choice in presi- denTs ran To The fairer sex, Befhel Laurison and JaneT Hilken. As Sophomores, we considered iT an honor To assisT wiTh The decoraTions and do The ushering Tor The BaccalaureaTe Service Tor The ouTgoing Seniors. A year passed--The sounds oT music and gaieTy TloaTed ouT of The gym of Tracy High. The class of '45 was giving iTs Prom. The Theme was "Dreamship," and as '45-ers glided and Twirled over The Treshly-polished Tloor, iT was noTiced ThaT undue aTTenTion was being given To hands. Yes! The class rings had arrived, and everyone was ad- miring Them. ln This year, Tor The TirsT Time, The boys as- serTed Their leadership. Bill Fox and Bob Hedrick wielded The class gavel. AT lasT we siT in Those coveTed TronT seaTs! The same Tel- lows and girls who were meekly occupying The balcony Three years before-buT. Oh! The difference-poised and conTidenT where once we had been bashful and awkward. We had reached The pinnacle of regular school acTiviTies. The Seniors sTaged a class play, "Ever Since Eve," under The direcTion of Mrs. Baumqardnerf our presidenTs, Earl Woodward and Ramon Coykendall, wiTh The help of Mrs. RenTz, Mrs. Fine, Mr. Moore, and Mr. Miller, senior ad- visors, successfully direcTed our Senior Ball and oTher acTivi- Ties. And so ended four happy, crowded years. -By Madge WalTher. FI'-EN! RS I2 AND FEEL DOPE DO YOU REMEMBER WHEN . .. l We sat ir- 'he calccr, cr Curt'5iC1'JyoVL2'Zt and 'ne .e s f- Cocf E'esh"'en. Bob McMahon who used to be shy and bashlu' won tne Vfeefs and Bob Hedrick was honored with the Peter B. Kyrie trophy. Katnwf l-lansen sang Waiting a' 'he Church' in 'he Gay N're'es S"'Cw. Joyce Newbury was appoived Editor ol the S. and A. Tony Sousa. George Vegias. Howard Taylor. John Orrnsby and Me-'tor Bell quit school to ioin the Navy. Richie Brownell quit school to ioin the ranks of the benedicts. Mela Erceg. Angie Dutra. and Helen Stuit, the rnost athletig Sonia girls played in the Patterson basketball garne. Edyrhe Crirn and Eleanor Boltzen dressed as little girls ir: red and white for Tacky Day. Virginia Sutton and Frances Rehn had a hard time finding excuses lor being late or absent, They were led astray by upper classrrien. Genevieve Chambers llaunted her engagement ring in U. S. nistory class. and Rosalie Phelps accepted hers in the dear old halls ot T.lJ.l-LS. Larry Bardacos, outstanding yell leader. wore a green sweater with a gold "T" knitted in. Shirley Azevedo. Beverly Gregson, Margaret Knutzen. Virginia Bowrnan and Ida Belle Corbett took sailors to the Prom in order to beat rhe rnar shortage. Josephine Bettencourt and Lucie Campo received "A's" in book- keeping, Lucille Cole and Anna Mae Terrill wore rustic clothes as a part ol the Block "T" initiation. Norrna Doolittle would present her C.S.F. card lo get into class. It seen-s she was always late, no matter where she went. Ramon Coykendall gov up enough courage to take a girl out in his Senior year. Mariorie Davis carne back to graduate with us. George Albano, Don Bernal, Joe Robinson. Buster Collins. and Bob Du Ree, members of the "D" basketball team ol I94l, messed up the shower rooms at Brentwood and had to mop up before they could leave. Earl Woodward was president ol the Senior Class and charmed the girls with his curly hair, not to be outdone by John Rickman, who also had beautiful hair and was known as the "wolf" of the Campus. Marie Sanguinetti and Darlene Canale iust entered high school and told everyone they were cousins. Norris Edmondson left for the Arrny, and Bill Fox got his classilication. Jolyne Ensign played the piano and Bethel Laurison sang tor assem- blies. Arrnand Medieros and Hong Lee were an undeteatable debate tearn. Marilyn Noack, new secretary of the Girls' League, couldnt read Phyllis Watson's minutes and had to have Pat l-lollingshead, new presi- dent, interpret lor her. Rosellen Frerichs was chosen "most beautiful girl" of the Senior Class. Lucille Furtado was with the group of girls that ditched the tomato picking field and had to be picked up by Mr. Englund. Dorothy Johnson continually played "Moonlight Sonata" for entere lainrnent. Juanita Hulbert and Priscilla Smith lived together and lought on the school bus with the lowerclassmen. Leon Eldridge bought his yellow convertible and then didnt have enough gas to drive it. Eva Mello and Dorothy Pasqual were inseparables. Dorothy Mize revealed the fact that her real narne was Betty Lou, Dorothy Thompson would argue with anyone who would listen to her. Madge Walther had a super intelligence and knew how to use it. Billie Percival played the violin in the orchestra and then switched to the piccolo in the band. Don Woolter got his "greetings" from the president to report in a week. Naorri Reed. the quiet shy Senior. surprised everyone by going cu' with a sailor. Juanita Shaw lelt the room at quarter to lor work in the cafeteria, Doris Trew from Tennessee and Ruby Ratiety of Modesto icined our Vdfihs. Earl Rhodes had those sharp pipes on his car. Gertrude Silva surprised her friends with ner sudden enqggewent to Ray Dana. -By Frances Rehn, V -nl ,E ul Aj K, ,qv YW f-is 'Y' L GEORGE ALBANO Shop SHIRLEY AZEVEDO Commercial LARRY BARDACOS Mechanical Drawing MERTON BELL Maihemaiics I4 -I f? 6 for -J' V if K Q 5 4 JOSEPHINE BETTENCOURT Commercial Home Economics ELEANOR BOLTZEN Commercial VIRGINIA BOWMAN Commercial LUCY CAMPO Commercial Spanish AM DARLENE CANALE Arl Science GENEVIEVE CHAMBERS Commercial LUCILLE COLE Commercial CLARENCE COLLINS Maihemaiics Science if W, ,Mg pta 5 f 4 -v' Ii' fl i .Qc ?'b' CAROLYN COPELAND Maihemafics Science IDA BELLE CORBETT Commercial RAMON COYKENDALL Malhemaiics Science EDYTHE CRIM Commercial M3322 9f.NIOKf 4' ,. E' if ' Q 'ff 1 -' i.,,1:f3525512Efj.:zfZii2E9'f:si: 'S . ' . ,..:,. , 1 A 1 I' ALMA DAL PORTO Commercial Science MARJORIE LEE DAVIS Commercial Home Economics NORMA DOOLITTLE Science Engineering ROBERT DU REE Malhemalics Science P' fp Q s. A A X Kg 3 ' ' 1 .5 an I f if ANGIE DUTRA Commercial Social Science NORRIS EDMONSON Shop JOLYNE ENSIGN Malhernafics Music ELSWORTH EN SLEY Maihemafics LEON ELDRIDGE NIaIhemaIics Shop MELA ERCEG Commercial Home Economic: PSI' WILLIAM F01 MaIhemaIics ROSELLEN FRERICHS Mavhemafics Social Science LUCILLE BETTY FURTADO Ar? Commercial BEVERLY GREGSON Music I' Q L' Nl Ii? ROBRRT HLDRICK DOROTHY MARIE JOHNSON Commercial Hisfory Hismry Music PATRICIA HOLLINGSHEAD MARGARET KNUTZEN Commercial Commercial KATHRYN HANSEN BETHEL LAURISON Ar? Commercial JUANITA HULBERT f Ar? Social Science HONG LEE Science Speech ROSE LEE Commercial ROBERT MCMAHON HisIory Science ARMAND MEDEIROS Science Speech EVA MARIE MELLO Home Economics 1 DOROTHY MIZEV Commercial JOYCE NEWBURY Commercial Science MARILYN NOACK Commercial Science JOHN ORMSBY Science 6 .iv 2 six! DOROTHY PASQUAL Music BILLIE PERCIVAL Commercial ROSALIE PHELPS Ar? Science NAOMI REED Commercial I6 -s I -2 6 "Y 1, an 4 63' , J -f ,I 5' Ev .ff X f fi , A , 1 X X '44 Tw Ji I' I ar", Swv-Cf ...Q FRANCES REHN Commercial JOHN RICKMAN Music Commercial EARL RHODES Marhemafics Aqricullure JOSEPH ROBINSON Mathematics Science MARIE SANGUINETTI Commercial GERTRUDE SILVA Commercial Home Economics JUAN ITA SHAW Commercial Home Economics ROBERT SLETTE Mafhemafics Science 1, - .ff 1' NJ' 'U wi ,, MARY ELLEN SMITH Home Economics PRISCILLA SMITH Commercial Home Economics HELEN STU IT Mafhemaiics VIRGINIA SUTTON Commercial ANNA MAY TERRILL Commercial DOROTHY THOMPSON Commercial Home Economics MADGE WALTHER Maihemalics Speech Si-'NI JK? Q PHYLLIS WATSON Commercial Science EARL WOODWARD Mafhemalics Shop DONALD WOOFTER Science Shop The class of '46, oTherwise known as The Juniors, sTarTed The year by choosing Their class ring which was gold wiTh a bulldog's head raised in The cenTer. Tom Albano, Jean Gar- rison, Joyce I-lorsTkorTa, Mike Monnich, and RuTh Venable were on The ring commiTTee. Junior TalenT was broughT To lighT December I, aT a meeT- ing oT The STudenT Body. Tommy Williams served as M.C.: RoberT Seagrave played several piano solos, and I-lugh Larkin accompanied by Dolores Rico, sang some old Irish ballads. Emma Lou Rickman played "Mardi Gras" and "Deep Purple." AT The ChrisTmas Play, The enTire Junior Class sTaged a dramaTic reading oT "The ChrisTmas STory" as Told by Luke. Dressed in gray robes, They marched inTo The audiTorium in Tour lines, one down each aisle wiTh The leaders carrying The candles. Keeping in sTep wiTh The TradiTion ThaT The Junior boys should advance The colors, every Junior boy has been given The opporTuniTy To carry The UniTed STaTes Flag, or The STaTe Flag aT leasT once This year. AnoTher TradiTion observed by The Juniors was The deco- raTing of The audiTorium for The CommencemenT exercises. Mrs. Baumgardner was in charge oT The arrangemenTs. As was cusTomary The whiTe Tence was across The sTage wiTh green Toliage in TronT and large baskeTs oT gladioli aT boTh sides oT The sTage. Minor officers Tor The Tall and spring Terms were: Board oT ConTrol: BeTTy CroxTon, Imogene Lindeman, Tommy Williams and Don Campbell: Junior Red Cross: Dewey Quigley, Bar- bara Baldwin, Lee Phillips, and Bobby Brooks: SaTeTy Coun- cil: Rose Terrill, RuTh Venable, Ord Sisson and MarTin Fulcherg Girls' League RepresenTaTives: lone Bakke and RuTh Edmond- son. This year wiTh so many oT The Senior boys in The service, The Juniors had six boys in The sTarTing TooTball lineup againsT The Seniors' Three, besides many Junior reserves. The boys ouT Tor TooTbalI were: Tommy Albano, Morgan Kenner, Billy Levin, Mike Monnich, Manuel Neves, Lawrence Pereira, Lee Phillips, ArT Reed, RoberT Salice, ArT Sasser, Warren Shaw, and Charles STevenson. Albano and Monnich represenTed The Juniors on The TirsT sTring "A" baskeTbaIl Team while PeTe Abelar, Dale EllioT, Billy Levin, and Gregory Perez were in The regular lineup of The Bee Team. Boxers oT The Junior Class were PeTe Abelar, Manuel Ayala, MilTon Birkhahn and Manuel Neves. When Track reTurned To Tracy High aTTer an absence oT several years, Albano, Kenner, Levin, Perez, and Phillips immediaTely Turned ouT. Baseball had The Tollowing Juniors in The lineup: Lawrence GenTry, Gregory Perez, l-loward Alcock, Billy Levin, Bobby Brooks, Dale EllioT, and Mike Monnich. This year The Juniors have said goodby To ArT Reed, Bill PaTTerson, Charles STevenson, Jerry Neves, and RoberT Salice who have gone inTo The Service, and said hello To newcomers KeiTh Armour, George DuTro, Claudia Dunn, Aileen KnuTzen, and Marjorie Price. gkn FALL OFFICERS SPRING OFFICERS JOYCE HORSTKORTA BILL LEVIN President Presidenf JEAN GARRISON EMMA LOU RICKMAN Vice-Presidenf Vice-President MIKE MONNICH WINNIE MAE JACOBSON Secrerary SecreTary RUTH VENABLE CARLOTTA HAUSCHILDT Treasurer Treasurer JUNIV RS I7 JUNIOR ACTIVITY-MISS MADISON TOP ROW, Ieff fo riqhf: AIbano, Ar- mour, Alcock Coyie, CarnobeII, Miss Madison. SECOND ROW: AbeIar, Brooks, Brooks, Birkhahn, Ayaia. THIRD ROW: CaiIi1a, Bakke, Anasvasio Crox, Von, BaIdwin, Barnes. NOT SHOWN: Blyfhe, CampbeII. JUNIOR ACTIVITY-MRS DOWN TOP ROW, Ieff fo riqhff Lopez, Fulcher, Kenner, Kibbe. SECOND ROW: Fernan- dez, Haynie, Larkin, Genvry, Elliof, Du- rra. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Down, Linde- man, Edmonson, Greblo, Dana, Kurih, Garrison. FOURTH ROW: HauschiIdI, Jacobson, Fernandez, Funkhouser, Fur- fado, Gallick, Dmro, NOT SHOWN: Er- Ienbusch, Levin, Hcrsfkorfa Medeiros, OuigIey, Prosser, Rod- JUNIOR ACTIVITY-MR. WESTLAKE TOP ROW, IeH Io right Mr. Westlake, Perez, Pereira, Phillips, Monnich, Neves, Nunn SECOND ROW: Pope, Powers, Mize, Rickman, Proui, Muller. THIRD ROW: Price, Marks, McNair. NOT SHOWN: Panagos. gers, JUNIOR ACTIVITY TOP ROW, Igff 99 riqnf Wiiliaws, Sas Ser, Shaw. SECOND ROW, Sin-as Sis son Thea. Seaqrave, Te'riI, Siheria Mrs, Baixriqardrfer, THIRD ROW' Sa?1I rnan, Venab e, Varies Serpa, Knnzer' Tai ,QL ,, sv inf I ,. - 3 j g' X air I 'FP fZ?3i?Q' pf I sv fl? 'ggi 513,541 We Jl NIOR PROM The Tradi'icnaI .lurfer Prom was held 'nf year on Decernper I5 a' nine o'cIocl, Tne 'heme Tor The evening was Candy Land. The gym was avracrively CSCOVGICG w"h gum drops, coolrie iar: ginger bread Tigures and Iollypops. There were canov cane Tences and in The cenTer oT The room There were Three immerse candy cahef which reached Trom The Tloor To The ceiI'ng. MeeTing The couples aT The door were Mr, WesTIalce, Mrs. Baum- gardner and Mrs. Down our advisors Tor The dance. Wallcing inTo The gymnasium one beheld a 'lpop Inn" which TIT6 reTreshmenT commiTTee consisTing oT CharIoTTa T-lauschiIdT, Mariorie Price, DoroThy Grebe and Audrey Dana, had seT up wiTh The help oT Miss Madison. The music was Then heard driTTing Through The doors' and The music commiTTee, Anne Serpa and Johnny Silveria proudly proclaimed ThaT They had secured Bob Grays orchesTra Tor The even'ng. The Tloor was doTTed wiTh uniTorms Trom every branch oT The service and The hundred couples were soon dancing. The Tavors, provided by The bid commiTTee: Tommy Williams, I2uTh Marks, I-Iilda KurTh, and STandTord Kibbe, were dance orograms wiTh slceTched candy canes on The cover in red and whiTe. ATTached Te The Tavors wiTh red and whiTe sTring were Two candy lcisses. The dance was proclaimed one oT The besT ever given. Under The supervfsion oT Mr. WesTlake The cean-up comm'TTee soon had The gym ir order and anoTher'or Prom had danced in'o The pasT. DECORATION COMMITTEE, CANDY LAND JUNIOR PROM fs: TOP ROW, leH To righi: CroxTon, Mrs. Down, Lindeman Horsfkorla SECOND --.Q I, ' , 4 ROW: Jacobson, Funkhouser, Garrison, Venable, Rickman THIRD ROW Alcock T ' -', 4 -A-' , Monnich, Seaqrave, Simas A ,T 1 . 4 7, I . an g '-- ? L - A .7 ,, I , 1, A 'imflg is --'gh' s- , U ' 4 . ' ,1f,'?fT'bi' 'S 3 - 'GH -J 'f 4"":-' pf - ' 'U I r , . ., 1 I Y 1 x -'SDL-' Il? L t .,, . .v 1- , . gs I 'I Er, ly , ,gh n gi -1 is s Tl 2 'i 'f ,. f , . 221 - I T 1 f- 1 "' . 4 . X - 5 1. ij , i - . 'I s . A 'I X' i' 4'::.,'s5, ",,fQTQ: ' T' ' I 1-2, 5 Q. f , I rg K -if ' . T' , 1, Til 1 ' 12 ' JUNIV R SNA 'S want 'T' Where IS she now Spoffed some men Hospital Canyon Minus a hand ls at good? 20 Loohng af somefhung7 Mus? be 'cies' Don? lei fhns happen Yo you' , -J- IX. Cheese cake I love fha? man Heavy dufy Wush we had a car Look e9 fha? pose Where are you gonnq a e De Feef7 The look' Sweenne Can .1 be? The move Trom The balcony To The main Tloor marked The debuT oT Those ersTwhiIe Freshmen and TuTure Juniors. our Sophomore class. The TradiTionaI "move-up" assembly opened The door To Their second year. In SepTember The class wenT "over The Top" in The bond drive wiTh an average oT 9370. Several of The separaTe ad- visory secTions wenT "all The way" and achieved IOOOXO. March came in like a Iion, and broughT wiTh iT The Tradi- Tional Sophomore Hop-The TirsT ever held on a SaTurday nighT. IT was a TribuTe To good old Irelancl, indeed, Tor sure and begorra The Theme was ThaT oT SainT PaTrick's Day, wiTh paddies and colleens wearing a biT o' green in honor oT The occasion. Shamrocks, pipes, and pigs adorned The gym and green and whiTe sTreamers compleTed The decoraTions. Presi- denT Lloyd AITamarino appoinTed Lavonne Anderson as chairman of The decoraTion commiTTee wiTh Norman RiTTer. David Millinger, Dolores Rico, Beverly Wilcox, Agnes Vierra. Marice Delgado, and Norma Crouch as commiTTee members. Miss Hawley was advisor. Music was provided by The IaTesT recordings. A class voTe had been Taken on These from selec- Tions made by Dulla Bardacos and Barbara Parker under The supervision oT Mrs. Callow. The commiTTee's and class' eTTorTs were well regarded. The hop was a sensaTionaI success. Under a new assembly plan, The Sophomores were scheduled To presenT a program in The IaTTer parT oT March. By coincidence This STudenT Body Assembly Tell on March 23. which was Tacky Day, so a cafe scene complefe wiTh a masTer oT ceremonies and Tloor show added To The day's TesTiviTies. During The year, TaIenT was discovered which hereToTore had been raTher overlooked. Few knew ThaT Bob ScoTT Tap danced. Mary Lopez enTerTained TrequenTIy aT various meeT- ings wiTh solos on her saxophone, and Dolores Rico was raTher unoTTiciaIIy eIecTed Sophomore accompanisT. When The Drama Class was searching Tor dramaTic maTerial Tor several sTudenT direcTed plays, many characTers were chosen from This class. NoT only did They conTribuTe To drama, buT also To The field oT sporTs. In baskeTbaII There were Don Newbury, STanIey RoberTson, Jimmy Fisher, Bob Fredrich, and William Venable. Some oT Those who wenT ouT Tor TooTbaII were Lloyd AITa- marino, Bob WrighT, Charles Brasher, Bill Cole, Jim Fisher, MarTin Grier, Richard I-IasTie, Tony Lopez, I-Iarold Lowery and Clarence Myers. Class pugilisTs were Richard I-IasTie, Paige McFadden, and I-Iarold Lowery, who Took To The arT of boxing. -In May The class did The honors oT decoraTing Tor Bac- caIaureaTe, and in so doing, broughT The year's acTiviTies To an end. Sophomore advisors Tor The year were Mrs. Callow, Miss I-Iawley, Mrs. Ziegler ,and Mr. Morgan. SOPHOMORE OFFICERS N ORMAN RITTER Fall Prosideni LLOYD ALTAMARINO Fall Vice-Presidem ANNA MARTI Fall Secrefary S JPi-IOMORE9 LLOYD ALTAMARINO Spring Presideni RALPH RUDKIN Spring Vice-Presidenf NORMA CROUCH Spring Secreiary ELIZABETH McCRORY Spring and Fall Treasurer 2I we TOP ROW, lei? lo riqhf: Fisher, Bell, Brooks, Fredriclrs, Cole, Mr. Morgan, SECOND ROW: Espinosa, Brasher, Alla- marino, Creasy, Brown, Fagundes. THIRD ROW: Burnan, Farmer, Dooliffle, Firlh, Faggi, Bassell, Cardoza, Corso, Anderson. FOURTH ROW: Davis, AI- vord, Clausing, Beyeffe, Bardacos, Crouch, Delgado, Brannon. NOT SHOWN: Arnaudc, Crandall, Fowler. TOP ROW: Long, Gallagher, Lowery, Haslie, Grier, Heard, Hill. SECOND ROW: T. Lopez, McFadden, McLeod, Gukan, Herndon, Lee. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Ziegler, McElroy, Halford, J. Isa- bel, Lacondeguy, McCrory, Huck. FOURTH ROW: Hoar, Jones, Hanson, M. Lopez, B. Isabel, Hoff, Granados. TOP ROW: Pugliese, Pires, Mello, O'Bad, Ohm, Riffer, Newbury. SECOND ROW: Miss Hawley, Rallo, Pereira, My- ers, Millingar, Nelson, THIRD ROW: Pacheco, Norlhinglon, Rios, Pefrig, Noack, Pell, Maddock, Marvin. FOURTH ROW: Riclrels, Moore, Marli, Parker, Rico, Ormsby, Philpoll, Price. NOT SHOWN: Maclrin, Rucker. TOP ROW: Venable, Schaeffer, Wriqhl, Robertson, Scolf, Thompson, Varela. SECOND ROW: Rudkin, Sullivan, Wil- liams, Thomas, Rosales, Wade, Walther. THIRD ROW: Seaqrave, Sleinbrinq, Rodgers, Townley, Schwarvz, Sleel, Young, Underwood, FOURTH ROW: Mrs. Callow, Rocha, Tholke, Thornison, Western, Wilcox, Vierra, Walling, Shupe. NOT SHOWN: Samuelson, Sousa. SO?i-IOMV I E SNA ' S Veromca7 Spagefl and Mabel Whaf no Modesfo boys Solid sender Bag lolre Clarence and fhe o ady Shlrlee Temple ll B TO The mormng afier Mllkmdh lreep fhose baffles quleil Muscles Gukan Whal' s ihe mailer Crandell fell a lol:e7 We can? all have red hair Splf fhe puclrle our Llzzy Maxle and Jeanne Gullue Who are you loolung af Louise? We canl all be Freshmen Harold mnnus hrs harem Hesforuans ' . 6. Id l . l2. . IB. " ' ' ." H H N .H 7. ' . I3. ' , l9. I r . . 8. . . . ' . ' K. A.? 9. Plans for lhe Junior boys. I4. Sweafer boy! 20. Isl' Sgf. Venable. ' . IO. ' . 15, ' ' . 2l. ' ' ' . ll. ' , lb. . ' , ' . 22. ' ' . ' . I7. ' . 23. ' ' . . I 1' FALL OFFICERS LEONE MCBRIDE Presidan? TERESA DAL PO RTO Vice-Presidem RICHARD McFADDEN Secrofary IRENE TASSANO Treasurer 24 -at SPRING OFFICERS KAREN JOHNSON President HAYNES McCLELLAN Vice-Presideni CARLA MAE ERLENBUSCH Secrefary JOY ANN CLAIRE Treasurer I' I' On Augusl 28, lhe Sludenl Body welcomed lhe Freshman Class ol '46. The class conlained I56 members which was lhe largesl class of many years. Augusl 3l. I944, 'rhe lirsl meeling ol The Freshman Class came 'ro order. Nominalions were lhen declared open lor lhe lall class officers. Fall and spring ollicers were: PRESIDENTS: LEONE McBRlDE KAREN JOHNSON. VICE-PRESIDENTS: TERESA DAL PORTO, HAYNES, MCLELLAN. SECRETARIES: RICHARD McFADDEN, CARLA MAE ERLENBUSCH. TREASURERS: IRENE TASSANO, JOY ANN CLAIRE. BOARD OF CONTROL: JOY ANN CLAIRE, MARLYCE CHRISTEN. SON, BOB HOYT, MANUEL COSTA. JUNIOR RED CROSS: EARLDEEN HIGHFIELD, PAT HOLLINGS- I-IEAD, BILLY HOPPING, ROBERT BOWEN. SAFETY COUNCIL: MARLYCE CHRISTENSON, TERESA DAL PORTO, RUSSEL HOLCOMB, FRANK SILVA. GIRLS' LEAGUE REPRESENTATIVES: KAREN JOHNSON, MAR- GARET MARKS. The Freshmen were aclive in Ihe selling ol War Slamps during December and January. Freshmen from lhe Junior Business classes were al lhe Slamp Window every day in lhe lirsl semesler lor Iwo monlhs and again in April and May. Freshman classes loolc charge ol an assembly program lhe lwenly-lirsl ol February. Those parlicipaling in lhe ensemble program were Helen Hollingshead, Mary Pelerson, Alberl Nigg, Ted Waller. Charlolle Simpson, Pally McNair, I-Ienry Sluil, Jay Rickman, Carol Rickman, Franlc Marlin, Sheila Wil- liams: chorus members were Verna Gwerder, Dorolhy Perci- val, Anna Mae Silva, Laura Silva, Belly Lou Sloclclon, Joy Ann Claire, Alvira Fogli, Pal Garrison, Earldine I-liqhlield, Karen Johnson, Leona McBride wilh Marlyce Chrislenson acling as Mislress ol Ceremonies. Dorolhy I-lamillon presenled a piano solo and Helen Hollingshead gave a reading. Joy Ann Claire sang Iwo solos. The Freshman dance was held on May 4, wilh May Day decoralions. This was lhe lirsl' dance given by Ihe Frosh and il was a success. Haynes McClellan and Roberl Moniz held up lhe Frosh name on 'rhe loolball field by winning Iheir varsily lellers. Everesl Sousa, Laurence Oller, Orville Van Brundl, Richard McFadden, John Marlow and Ralph Plasencia loughl' in 'rhe boxing marches. Richard McFadden was also manager of lhe baskelball Ieam. Baseball recruils included Roy Allamarino, Alberl Nigg, and Don l-laugh. I ' .':F'i-INIEN TOP ROW, 'efv lo riqh': De Cos'a, Delh- e'sen, Cosla, Chad-vick Furtado, Bc-ven, A'?a'rwarino. SECOND ROW- Dodg'on, Trew, Davis, Dickerson, Lyon THIRD ROW: Boo"' Erceq, Arrnour. Connell, Farmer Eliason, Boahnan, B.r':h. FOURTH ROW: Dal Porvo, Chad- wick, Caire, Foqi, Cosra, Curran Abram, Chrisrensen, Erlenbusch, NOT SHOWN' Barindei'i, Bibbs, Carson Balqie' TOP ROW: Garris, Garnino, Holcomb, Hahn, N. Gray, Hoyl, S. Gray, Hayes, Miss Reinrnulh. SECOND ROW: Grier, Kourelas, Kesferson, Johnson, Garrison Highfill, Gwerder, THIRD ROW: Gris- sona, Hovaler, Hulrirnan, Green, Hol- lingshead, Haqmeyer, Harnmil, Hamil- von. NOT SHOWN: Hahn, Donald, TOP ROW: Neilson, Neves, Marlow, Marlin, Mize, McClellan, Davis. SEC- OND ROW: Mayfield, Nigq, Mellon, Lockwood, Machado, Moon. THIRD ROW: Marlin, Moflo, McFadden, Lopez, Lowery, Miss Dunlon, FOURTH ROW: Levin, McBride, Marks, McNair, Lesch, Mayfield, Larkin, Lee. NOT SHOWN: Lynn, Moniz. TOP ROW: Polansky, Rufh, Ofler, Sil- veria, Trew. Sanlos, SECOND ROW: Plasencia, Shawan, Woodward, Rick- man, Shipley, Ruiz, Sisson, J. Silva, Rub- berf, Miss Parish. THIRD ROW: Raf- lerly, M. Silva, A. Silva, Vierra, L. Silva, Rose, Thomas, Underwood. FOURTH ROW: Ranqel, Ruiz, Peferrnan, Rick- rnan, Raffo, Percival, Quigley, Plummer. NOT SHOWN: Rosales. ,fx 7 TOP ROW, left fo right: Simonic, Sas- ser, Sprinkle, Walter, Sousa, SECOND ROW: Woodard, Sanders. Wise, THIRD ROW: Mrs. O'Reilly, Truiillo, Wilson, Tassano, Simpson, Wesv, Smith, Williams, Woodward, Walther, Sullivan Wriqhf, Mello, Q4 s in ka'- 'Jil 4 . Second Ll. . Two of a llind. . Hi Ho Silver. . Looking for Buster. . Where is Tommy? fi 4 Don'l 'fence u The old gang Farmers . .. Sarg. Big FOUR. X so s n ll. Holrodlll I2. Some place! I3. Frosh lelferman. I4. Handsome! Smifh, Siockionl Van Brundf. Sciaqua. Williams NOTSHOWN:DeIIosso,John- sion, Sfuil, Thomas, Vierra, Walters, AFIIVIIIFJ .' S I M x X 7 1", . 1 1 F 5 Nd Q is TOP ROW, left to right: Monnich, Ritter, Frerichs, SECOND ROW: Rickman, Newbury, Smith, Marks, Medeiros. THIRD ROW: Phelps, Noack, Simas, Ensign, Campo. FRONT ROW: DuRee, Canale, Mrs. Rentl, Doolittle, Albano. 'I PV wrfi st' rr 5 - h r .. Q r I' I' Early this year, while everyone was in the haze ot new activities and while classes were still in the process ot tormation, plans and ideas tor the tuture El Portal were already taking shape. As time wore on, many ot these "tirst" ideas were discarded-others were added. When the problems ot publication arose. a specfal trip was made to Berkeley by Mr. Crow, Mr. Westlake, Mrs. Rentz, Jerry Simas, and Lucie Campo. The mounting ot this obstacle lett another in its wake. Due to fhe wartime conditions, costs had risen, increas- ing the price ot our book accordingly. ln an ettort to raise the additional sum ot money, :wo plays, namely, "Oh Johnny," and "Everything's Gttf' were successtully sponsored by the statt through the cooperation ot the Drama class. These were tollowed later by the tirst Saturday Night Dance ever given 'n our gym, the theme ot which was Valen- "ne's Day. We are indebted to Mr. Westlake tor his splendid cooperation. his never ending patience and his invaluable assistance which made possible so great a part ot this book. Many students, not on the statt, and several members ot the taculty have been very helptul, We are especially gratetul to Mrs. Fne and Mrs. Cahow, And to Mela Erceg our thanks tor her typing. It is our sincere wish tnat the publication expresses to your satstaction those memories pa impressions that w' A give you many moments et eieasare throughout the years. ' The Start, Advisor Madalen Rentz. EL PORTAL STAFF F9 'Mimi Swiss? -'-SS ETA'-' E2 'CL ERRY SWAC fDi'f SCCVZ ,:Qf'3E ALEANL .155 g'A',' 'g1f'fA'J WTTED 3 is SSCVS l,3E--EN WER'CliS :gg gffm' ixfixa LLL 9 CKMAN Aj' ti' EE Ex A.Rfffv.D MEDEROS 3.SwESS'.fAwL3 -.CECAf.'2G SCE DJREE ASS Sfaffi if 'JAWS nf ii MCNWCH ART, 'lik ' LMELPS r.'AQlcYN NOACK FHCTCGZLLH' V A SCC, "LE DAMD LEE 5-mcg PPifClQLASMlTr1 PEFCJQEQ QVC? NFWSJQZ DEBATE-MR. LYON TOP ROW, leff fo righf: Larkin, Nelson Medeiros, Mr. Lyon. SECOND ROW: Grier, D. Lee, B. Mile, Shipley, Bowen, H. Lee. THIRD ROW: Jacobson, D. Mize, Schwarn, Walling, Walfher. NOT SHOWN: J. Underwood, Hahn. . f: , F 5 f V - T. .5 if Wi e-Ai F " 5 I- P r , ' r , I 7 , 227 L' A I' I' ll I' 4-', I General school speech aclivilies +his year have included lhe exlemporaneous ' speaking conlesl held in lhe fall, lhe Lion's Club Oralorical in March and lhe American Legion conlesl in April. Tournamenls were held al Sacred l-learl, San Francisco Slale, lvlodeslo and ,A College ol lhe Pacilic. In lhe ivlodeslo lournamenl l-long Lee, Armand ivladeiros and Hugh Larkin were awarded excellenl ralings, while David Lee and Gene Ne-lr son reached lhe semi-finals in lower class debale al San Francisco Slale. CONTES' WINNERS . The annual Lions' Club oralorical conlesl was won lhis year by l-long Lee's pre- N senlalion of his original composilion, "l-low Green Is My Valley." Placing second and lhird were Lucie Campo and Rosellen Frerichs, respeclively. ln lhe Exiem-'N poraneous conlesl which was held earlier in lhe year. Norma Doolillle won lirsl place wilh her "Modern Medicine." Marie Sanguinelli won second place. Lasl' year's winner ol lhe poelry conlesl was Dorolhy Johnsons poem gression." lillelro- TOP ROW: Lee, Campo, Frerichs. SEC- OND ROW: Dooliffle, Johnson, San- gq guineffi. A 6 CADET Cf RPS The sludenl loday is lhe cilizen fomorrow. Many have gone lo figh+ lor a free 'fo- TTJOTTOW. The boys ol Tracy Union l-ligh School are +ar+una+e lo have lhe opporlunily 'ro lrain for rhe lirsl lime lor lhe job which mosl of lhem will soon fill, under +he leadership of +he Cadel Corps lnsrruclor, Ll. l-lenry Gregson, The cadels have received excellenr basic lraining. Wealher permilling, Field Days were given on Sundays, under 'rhe supervision and guidance of L+. Gregson. Rille praclice, scou+ing and mess were included. To produce Funds needed for expenses The Cadel Corps gave dances bolh al school and a+ lhe Legion l-lall. The American Legion donaled 525.00 lor lhe Cadel fund and 'rhe use ol 'rheir hall lor 'rhe dance. Ofiicers and cadels in order of ranlc: Commissioned Officers: Ex-Caplains-Norris Edmondson. Charles Sfevensont Pres- en+ Capiain-Don Campbell' Firsl Lieulenanl-Jerry Simas' Second Lieu+enan+s-John Ormsby, Boy l-loyf. Non-Commissioned Officers: Firs+ Sergeanls-Bob Sle++e. James Makin, and William Venable: Slall Sergean+-Roy Lockwood' Sergeanls-Leon Eldridge, Harold Mize, and Jchr' Silveria' Tech. lV Grade-Keilh Armour' Corporals-Alvin Koehnen, Don New- lfcrry Don l-lahn, Niel Shawan, David Woodard and Gene Nelson- Tech. V Grade- Wiliiam Pauerscn Slanloro Kibbe William Vinson, Junior Cole. Richard Simonic, Paul Snicley Selveria Samoa Gerald Polanslcy Kenne+h l-leard. Marlin Grier. and Bruce Diclcersor' Caoe' Driva'es'-el-lenry Sluil John Lalcey, Roberl Burne++ Bill Callias, Ralph Gonzales Frarl Mar"n David Carler, Archie Cobari, Paul Gulfan, l-larold Gallagher Jack Garfis Russel l-lclcomb Davo Lee Edward Nielsen, Leon Moss Charlie Rosales Jfcn Qamuelscn Lec' Thomcson Roper' Varela. James Williams Bill Bly+he Glenn if '-'rec' Do' Wcc:'er Rocem Moda and Genn W7Se. GIRLS' BL' Ci "' The Girls' Bloclr "T" Sociefy of l944-l945 was composed of a very indusfrious group of girls. The firsf meefing on Sepfember I4, I944, sfarfed off wifh a bang as fhe girls were very enfhusiasfic and wanfed +o falce parf in as many acfivifies as possible. Af fhe nexf meefing six girls were inifiafed, which broughf fhe fofal number of acfive mem- bers fo fourfeen. November l2, I944, Miss Madison, Lucille Furfado, Mela Erceg and Lucie Campo affended fhe Play Day af San Francisco Sfafe College from which Miss Madison received her +eacher's credenfials. Several schools were represenfed and Tracy had fhe honor of being menfioned as The mosf easfern visifor of fhe day af fhe luncheon which was given. Because if rained, fhe program for fhe day was held indoors in fhe large gymnasium. The girls had a very enioyable weelc-end and broughf home wifh fhem somefhing fo remember for a long fime fo come. During fhe foofball season, fhe girls made yarn dolls and pom-poms which made rhe grandsfands very colorful during fhe games. Many poi- luclc luncheons were enjoyed and special meefings were held. Officers during fhe fall ferrn were as follows: PRESIDENT IUCILLE FURTADO SECRETARY LUCIE CAMPO VICE-PRESIDENT ANGIE DUTRA TREASURER MELA ERCEG Spring insfallafion-inifiafion was held on January 24 in fhe form of a luncheon wifh a sporfs mofif for decorafions. Six girls were inifiafed and Mr. Crow was made an honorary member. On March 3, fhe girls affended a slcafing parfy in Sfoclcfon, and lafer had a weiner-roasf af fhe home of Priscilla Smiih. Taclcy Day broughf abouf fhe annual Girls' Treaf Dance which was sponsored by fhe Girls' Bloclc "T" on March 23. Officers for 'rhe spring ferm were: PRESIDENT., , PRISCILLA SMITH SECRETARY ROSELLEN FRERICI-IS VICE-PRESIDENT , , HELEN STUIT TREASURER MELA ERCEG Bofh ferms saw splendid supporf and cooperafion from fhe girls and fhe year rapidly came fo a successful conclusion under fhe capable supervision of fheir advisor, Miss Madison. GIRLS' BLOCK "T"-MISS MADISON TOP ROW, lefi fo right: Beffencouri, Rehn, Miss Madison. SECOND ROW: Mr. Crow, Cole, Terrill, Prouf, Hollinqshaad, Rogers. THIRD ROW: Sahlrnan, Greblo, Mile, Corbefi, Marks. FOURTH ROW: Erceg, Campo, Dufra, Furiado, Smiih, Sfuif, Frerichs. PRISCILLA SMITH Spring Presidoni HELEN STUIT Spring Vice-Presidenf ROSELLEN FRERICHS Spring Secrefary MELA ERCEG Treamrsr LUCILLE FURTADO Fall President ANGIE DUTRA Fall Vice-Presideni LUCIE CAMPO Fall Secreiary JEAN MADISON Advisor f Q' V- 1213 BOYS' BLOCK " ' This Year. under fhe supervson and leadership of Ceacres l2:ee': a e Miller, fhe Boys' Block "T" Sociefy hao a very successful season A An increase in ranln by fif+ee' new members occurreo 'r 'he ini"af'on 'ee shorfl affer Award Assembl f. lvli sferious and awful rumors of in"'a"er haze Y 7 I' l'l9S Spread fhroUQh fhe corrioors. Affer fhe everf, however mar. 'au hs are . Q accounfs of incidenfs, gaining in novelfy and infensify wifh each refeing se fhaf fhey were scarcely recognizable fo fhe boys concerned cfrcuia'eo iusf as freely. Seriously, fhe inifiafion held fhrflls for new members ard ff for old ones. An oufsfanding accomplishmenf of fhe Bloclc HT" was fhe elevenfr annual Boxing Show held March fiffeenfh and sixfeenfh. Commiwees previously ac' poinfed in meefings performed fhe various iobs necessary fo make fnis a suc- cess. Despife some lasf minufe changes, fhe mafches proceeeed smoorhly. Winners in fhe preliminaries were eligible for parficioarion in fhe finals. Finals winners received a gold medal, losers a silver medal. Pefe Abelar won fhe frophy as besf all-around boxer. Denny Delnero was referee. Judges were Capfain Smallwood, l-larvey lvlafhews and Glen Powell. An acfivify fhaf promises fo be successful in fhe fufure years, sponsored fhis year by fhe sociefy, was fhe paper cleaneup. lfs purpose was fo lceep our cam- pus, which is one of fhe besf and mosf affracfive in fhe valley, free of paper and rubbish. Sfudenf body cooperafion and pride were aslced on +h7s proiecf. Culprifs offending received punishmenf as decided by Coach Rogers. Meefings were held Twice a monfh. Those who had mef fhe following require' menfs could affend: fhree-fourfhs of all games musf be played in any one sporf. Earned lefferrnen were eligible. of course. lvleefings were conducfed fhroughouf The year by Presidenf Bob l-ledriclc. Ramon Coylcendall was Vice-Presidenf and Bob lvlclvlahon, Secrefary. Affer Bob leff for fhe Army, Milne lvlonnich filled fhis office. Reviewing fhe year again, if is obvious fhaf despife fhe war leffermen had a successful year. xi l LETTERM EN OFFICERS BOB HEDRICK Presidenf RAMON COYKENDALL Vice-President BOB MCMAHON Treasurer LETTERM EN SOCIETY TOP ROW, left fo right: Robinsor1,Coy- kendall, Shaw, McMahon, G. Albano, Monnich, Sasser. SECOND ROW: Fur- Vado, Riffer, Ellie? Wrighl, Rhodes, Hedrick, Mr. Miller THIRD ROW: Mr Rogers, Silvera, Collins, Abelar, Espi- noza, O'Bad, Holcomb, Perez, Meyer! Phillips, McCIeod, Genlry, Rickman. FOURTH ROW Du Ree, Brooks Brooks Schaeffer, Kenner, Lowery, Haynes, Ens- Iey, Rickman NOT SHOWN: D Hauqh. GIR-S' LEAGUE The Girls' League presidenT has called a meeTing aT The beginning oi every school year To welcome all new members. The acTiviTies of The Girls' League are Then explained. Every year The Girls' League spon' sors a drive Tor ChrisTmas giTTs Tor servicemen overseas. They also give a luncheon and a dance in order To help The Tinancial siTuaTion. TwenTy-Tour packages were senT overseas in Time Tor ChrisTmas de- livery. The packages conTained useTul arTicles such as soap, TooTh brushes, games, combs, and oTher such personal equipment All oT These giTTs were donaTed by members oT The Girls' League. There were oTher packages ThaT were senT To nearby hospiTals. Since There has been such an urgenT need Tor bedside bags To be used in miliTary hospiTals, The Girls' League was asked by The Junior Red Cross To help make some. The Girls' League has helped To make abouT TiTTy oT These bedside bags. The Girls' League Luncheon was held on April 4. The Theme Tor The luncheon was a VicTory Garden. The decoraTions helped To carry ouT This Theme. Place cards were cuT in The shapes oT vegeTables. The Tables were laden wiTh carTs oT real vegeTables. The walls were adorned wiTh picTures oT gardeners and vicTory gardens. The program also helped To carry ouT The VicTory Garden idea. Mr. Crow and Mrs. Riggs were The principal speakers. Genevieve Chambers gave a group oT shorT readings and BeThel Laurison sang a vocal solo. As The caTe- Teria can seaT only one hundred and Ten people aT one Time, only ThaT number oT members could parTicipaTe. Each semesTer, a girl is voTed To be a class represenTaTive. There- Tore, each class has a represenTaTive in The Girls' League. The Fall SemesTer was as Tollows: Senior, Genevieve Chambers: Junior, lone Bakker Sophomore, Joan Noack: Freshman, Karen Johnson. For The Spring SemesTer The represenTaTives were as Tollows: Senior, Rosalie Phelps: Junior, RuTh Venableg Sophomore, Dulla Bardacos: Freshman, MargareT Marks. Special menTion should be given To Miss l-lawley Tor The help and encouragemenT ThaT she has given The oTTicers. GIRLS' LEAGUE TOP ROW, Iefl To righrz Miss Hawley, Mrs. Cross, Miss Dunlon. SECOND ROW: Marks, John- son, Bardacos, Noack, Edmonson, Bakke. THIRD ROW: Azevedo, Walson, Chambers, Hollings- head, Frerichs, Noaclr, Campo. NOT SHOWN: Rosalie Phelps. ROSELLEN FRERICHS 'all Presideni ROSALIE PHELPS Fall Vice-President PHYLLIS WATSON Fall Secrefary LUCIE CAM PO Alhleric Manager PAT HOLLINGSH EAD Spring Presidenf GENEVIEVE CHAMBERS Spring Vice-Presidenl MARYLAND NOACK Spring Secrefary SHIRLEY AZEVEDO Treasurer 'Q HONG LEE Fall Presideni JERRY SIMAS X F ' KN Fall Vice-Presidenl lf- I RBETT IDA BELLE CO Fall Secrelary-Treasurer T NORMA oooLlrrLE Spring Presideni JOYCE HORSTKORTA ' V' -P 'd I Spring ice resu en IRMA FUNKHOUSER Spring Secrefary-Treasurer C.S.F TOP ROW, lei? fo right Newbury Iey, Bowen, Erlenbusch, Frerichs ROW: Mrs. Riggs, Rudkin, Ou h D I P I E ' B Id win, oung, eye e. an, Campo, Levin, Williams, , Rifver, Nelson, Sisson, Ship' , Sfuii, Newbury. SECOND iqley, Sanquinelii, Claire, Jo nson, a or o, nsign, a ' Y B H THIRD ROW: Marks, Ruiz, Marfi, Peferm Rico, Garrison. FOURTH ROW: Vierra, Crouch, McCrory, Cor- befl, Funkhouser, Dooliffle, Lee, Simas, Croxfon, Walling. NOT SHOWN: Armour. CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION 1 , E Gao!-AFSF :rf V- 4' Y: -.., h .- - 'U an 'X 4i'Q '- if f I '11 ' T' 55,515 ij Q" 1, i3f .,.,f s 4, -,-K ,I .1 Y K- ,I X T' E ' Each member of fhe California Scholarship Eederafion is enlifled fo a membership card wifh cerfain privileges alfached. The seal Thai is placed on fhis card has a Iorch, a lamp, and a seal on if. The 'lorch is Ihe emblem of membership in fhe California Scholar- ship Eederafion. If symbolizes lhe lighf of frulh illuminafing fhe darin- ness of ignorance. The lamp is fhe emblem of life membership in fhe California Scholar- ship Federafion. lls gold symbolizes worfh of characier, and ifs lighf symbolizes learning. Those who refain membership for six semesfers will become seal bearers in fhis Eederafion and wearers of fhis lamp. The seal is fhe official emblem of fhe California Scholarship Fed' erafion, ll is placed on fhe diploma of lhe life member af graduafion on his permanenf records in high school, and on his franscripfs of record when he goes io college. The open bool: signifies life: fhe lamp of learning fhrows lighf upon ifs pages: ihe laurel wreaih sym- bolizes fhe award of achievemenf. The Scholarship Federafion of Tracy l-Iigh School is going fo presenf a play called "Nobody l-lome." They are also giving a dance. FALL OFFICERS PRESIDENT . . . HONG LEE VICEAPRESIDENT . , .. JERRY SIMA5 SECRETARY IDA BELLE CORBETT SPRING OFFICERS PRESIDENT . . NORMA DOOLITTLE VICE-PRESIDENT JOYCE I-IORSTKORTA SECRETARY IRMA FUNKHOUSER GLEF CLI B TOP ROW, leff fo righf: Pope, Knulzen, Trew, Mr. Lyon, Gweder, Fagqi, Under wood. SECOND ROW: Rico, Pacheco, Norfhinglon, Pelriq, L. Silva, A. Silva Slocklon, Berch. THIRD ROW: Hamil lon, Huck, Hamrnill, Tholke, Boafma Dufra, Percival, Quigley. NOT SHOWN Barindelli, Bibbs, De Cosla, Derby, Fowler, public appearances ol lhe G ee Club lhis year included various lodges, lhe Women Club, Assemblies, and Open l-louse A nolabie preserlalion lor lhe Womenis Club during lhe Chrislmas season included lour beaalilul Chrislmas carols: "Lo How a Rose," "Silenl Night" "Joy lo lhe World and "Oh Come All Ye Eailhlulf' Members who have conlribuled lo public perlormances are: Dolores Rico, l-luqlr Larlrin llhe lenor who sings such lovely Irish balladsl. Belhel Laurison, Joy Ann Clair Belly Ann Maddox, and Belly l-lammill. Dorolhy l-lamillon, Jolyne Ensign, Carolyn l-loaf and Jean Garrison were excellehl accompanisls Some ol lhese sonqslers have been special sludenls ol Mr. Lyon, whose help and en couraqemenl has made recoqnilion possible. All ol lhe Glee Club has proliled by his capable and inspiralional direclion. 1 C ' 'F IY ff UNFII X-Jr ru wa wh Q The Salely Council has been concerned wilh delecling hazards in lhe buildings and aboul lhe grounds, in order lhal accidenls mighl be prevenled. During lhe lirsl quarler, drivers meelinqs were held lo discuss melhods ol parlcinq cars and bicycles. A survey ol drivers revealed lhe necessily lor many sludenls lo oblain lheir drivers' licenses. Each Friday lor several monlhs sludenls were scheduled wilh lhe Molor Vehicle Examiner During lhe second semesler sludenls were able lo lalce wrillen lesls senl by lhe Slale Molor Vehicle Deparlmenl. This cerlilicale removed lhe necessily ol lalcinq lhe wrillen examinalion. Comrnillees reporled on hazards in lhe gym, oul-riders, and bicycle accidenls Freshman represenlalives lcepl bullelin boards supplied wilh lresh poslers. Al lhe closing meeling ol lhe year, members ol lhe council gave reporls on lypes ol acciv denls lhroughoul lhe Uniled Slales. Mrs. Baumgardner advised lhe Council. SAFETY COUNCIL TOP ROW, left lo right: Meyers, Ful- cher, Nelson, Mrs. Baumgardner. SEC- OND ROW: Muller, F, Rogers, Venable Maddocks, Dal Porlo. THIRD ROW: t' Ensley, M. Noack, Holcomb, Marlin S semen: cnfmmen, Delgado. Nor cw SHOWN: Jean Garrison. Q0 W , 'gpg bggb JUNIVI IED CROSS TOP ROW, lei? fo riqhl: Bowen. Phillips. SECOND ROW: Hill, Mc- Mahon, Quigley, Sfuif. THIRD ROW' Brooks, Hiqhfill, Garrison, Mrsi O'ReiIly, Corbett, Vierra, Baldwin. NOT SHOWN: Hopping. BOB MCMAHON Spring President IDA BELLE CORBETT Fall Presidenf During lhe pasl year, 'lhe Junior Red Cross in collaboralion wilh olher organizalions around Tracy High School has been very successful in ils various enrerprises. ll slarled olil wilh an enrollmenl drive which nelred S34.9l. Then, codperaling wilh 'rhe Girls' League, il senl a large number of Chrislmas paclcages lo lhe armed forces. Under lhe leadership ol Mrs. O'Reilly, lhe Junior Red Cross has collecled iolces and carloons lor iolce boolcs, lcnilled afghan squares, and made layelles. The nexl as- signrnenr included bedside bags lor hospilals and lhe filling ol 50 gill boxes lor Euro- pean children. Along wilh lhese dulies a chair was upholslered lor a Red Cross recrea- lion room. A number ol games and cross-word puzzles were made by Miss Hawley's aclivily room. Dilly bags were made by lhe girls in Mrs. Cross's sewing classes. and Mrs. Renlz and lhe Arr Deparlmenl made Chrislmas menus and Easier cards which were provided 'lor lhe men in lhe service. ln fhe naiion-wide Red Cross drive, high school sludenls were aslced 'lo conlribure. They responded lo lhe call and lhroughoul lhe halls and rooms could be seen poslers and noiices proclaiming lhe drive. These were also managed by lhe Arr Deparlmenl. For lwo days, sludenls collecled lhe conlriburions during aclivily period. During lhe lirsl semesler, Ida Belle Corbell presided as Presidenl and Earldeen Hopping acled as Vice-Presidenl. Dewey Quigley lcepl accounls as Secrelary and Bill Hopping was Treasurer. ln The second semesler, Bob McMahon was Presidenly Helen Sluil, Vice-Presidenl, and Barbara Baldwin, Secrelary. Bob Broolcs was Treasurer. ln lhe laller parl of Febru- ary, Bob McMahon's enlrance info lhe service lell lhe posl of Presidenl open. This was lilled by Helen Sluir and Pal Garrison became Vice-Presidenl lor The remainder ol rhe year. These people and lhe represenlarives elecled by each class, a boy and a girl, have dcne much lo pul lhe Junior Red Cross over ils quoras lor lhe year. -43" 'W' X-Lyvlifx 'wr uh-f iw 1'7- I. is K r 1: .. 5. , ' is 9 " I .'A'. A'4-l..' jp ,- rm f- lil -Fifi' L, M621 H .5 ar- 4. S., D R A M A LITTLE THEATRE TOP ROW Iefl To rlqhf Dal Porlo DDOIIIIIE Sanqu neil: Canale Chrrsfensen SECOND ROW Azevedo Theall McBride Lesch Mrs Baurngardner THIRD ROW Norfhunglon Rrco Ensign Proul' Marks Corbeff FOURTH ROW Trew Walson Parker Wallrng Edmonson Johnson D lgado Suffon Chambers Rehn FIFTH ROW Collins Rlck man Bardacos Woodward Du Ree Hedrick Alfamarlno Rhodes Ensley Muller Neves Bowen Shipley SIXTH ROW Mule Campbell Mullunger Monnlch McMahon Medexros Nunn Armour Woodward Venable NOT SHOWN Marks Gregson Mackun Fox Aller a blaclcoul of Two years, rho Toollighls came up again In l945 for The Lilll Thealre wilh Mrs. Baumgardner as direclor, The program ol acfivifies Tor The year in cluded Iwo maior produclions, a Narivily play, a parlicipalion in a one-acr, direclion ol a one-acl and presenlalion ol a recilal number by each sludenl Sludenl direcled one-acrs enabled many lower classmen +o loin The group as well as lo furnish enlerlainmenl Tor assemblies, clubs, and class meelings A Trip lo The College ol Pacilfc lo see "Janie," lo Fallerson lo see "Ever Since Ifvc and many aflererehearsal parries enlivened a busy year f Many sludenls qualified Tor Their Drama medal by apoearirg in ren oublc per ormances. Lower classmen who ioined 'he group assfsled in make-up Tor one-acls, In 'riclcel sales, coslume and properly commillees. During rhe Third guarler members cl: lhe Drama Crass gave recirals belore various groups. For Sophomore class meeling February 8. Genevieve Chambers read a group of poems by Eugene Field. and gave a repear performance lor Gifs' League Banquel. For The Freshman Class meering February 9, Rosalie Phelps gave a reading from "The While Cliffs" by Alice Duer Miller. Earl Woodward read "The l-lighwaymarr' by Allred Noyes. l.incoln's birlhday was commemoraled by a specal assembly al which Mar7e San- guinerli presenled "The Perlecl Tribuleu by Mary Shipman Andrews. A deep silence evidenced 'rhe response ol The smdenr body 're 'his repressive reading. Marie also gave rhis number Tor lhe l.ion's Club. W Q 'M W HA- 3 LUL Edit Wild U11 R' Hd N U V I 6 buster Cnllus NDV 7 f' 5 I is , 311.1115 S-3:'.igg1':Ig 41:1 - -X V X , , "Sill DW NVQ 'YW -. Q 4 1 A Au q -4 iv - 7' xy' . :Z -.--k .L 9 Egg. , .--Q.'N?, -L -II nr Q 2. ,iqxxuygl ,MXI ', L -:V 2 f ' 1 - d 2-A 'Y -2. M U--1 in ' , VV 5 V 0 v .1 X 3, mv ' A A., l , .4 y , M,. 4-1 f ' . H Q ' :M 314' ' 'v raw, Tiff CM' 1 SFNIOR BL,- 1 "vJf4fK IQA4 rg ,aff J :L F A ve J Q F of CCC. L V abec me V I6 GDO dT":'VsOVH fe dvi-KJV' 'Y c fry wel Tr' :xv L GQ vZ,., rx Vyfy ch-x Lf VON6 S Cl .1 GV 'W QFOUC TO W VT ZJDCTOVOT O O V ,,wV6'T'W up of? GU CJ WO cz D' ' r CAST LG L f' J J Lf L L rA em fo rerfgrmgnfm f xyu f f W' I I' K .arllr J IJ-:- we age eo Qrruggbe e +weew a sm and fneemfy was we GS 1 e f Leno Ago an Judea www Armand Medemre, 5 T-Tefeo Dadene Ce'1aTe as We Teme are Beverly Gfegsom as Censcmerwc: Amud Cr eval Qc ender T-T fed hears we ye f come ence uroveg Twm foward IUSTTC and merfy The vewe 0 F Temo+e Greed oo Toud newey-er and elous 0 We Orem Q d T era Me sauef OCT VFVSVCVTT TUC Cl MTSU V1 C PVT' OT DV GM G QV6' Sm P SFLVTT oi erff Jw ek Twoyere OVD'WT6T'T y am m rm ue ff ere 5 Ceurf an ms evwf eff C ofa e sys em wer w Wm H Char efers of Mefwus and Wares Oiayed by B TFOX and June Rwdcmev The fevyerswev a 5 af + L o 'w Chrwsf ch G sruuo ' 've O a er new H, ,frfymew u O1 dvr won me Tracy H oh qos p or L CAST OF!! ACT l,-l' wgfmefucn OT be me 1' udemw m QT' f f dvd ew ea y rw a cz 5 cfoef 5 orfmy D Cameo waq a IGVWI .Jef e 'a :x EVERYTHING S OFF LVT e me m Dm VSWGO G JOHNNY . T I X 51, , ',e Jef. , bigxf ff-T' ", , ese"i"5' ef if 5 T-Sees' Cai' " "2 'nfiifif i3f"6"f MEy,' Sm, Eyef Tee Q 3' fem fed efefd ", 'I'3A:U'es TEE' eesuec ff: ' 2 37: el D ,SWT wif! Of"OCT ani ,Vee 'Q "X-X533 ", se: :5 'fe Pe'cQf ""ef' ieefed 'e 'He free .en Euvef Ce 'fa ees Ee' 'W:::.'.5'3 gs Jemey and S: d 'EECI' ff ,V Cf y, T' r'1,f'q1"e NE," e 'L' Su Lf rd Bei, Q eyed 3, Vffde Ei' Qu! ef ' id Ge e 'e e CP' , E,s nf V'fg'f'a SSNC' is L 'e, 55 e Lee aff y,s Q' " , ,', fs' - We "ue'7ew-' To fuel. an 'wel Me". A svefq 5 Toceveg -,s' ef Te T' ' L I ' el 'T 0 M F'f'6'TVTQ: ' G ey CJ ,e ,,, Ney: be . e ' 27. T weefs V+, 'Fe ,ad evefd, e Ef:':OVF7'Ni"'S'E ef fee zefwe ce, e P"- 'T . :A-ef..+' ge if V+ 32 1 jqfn-4"f,.' 3,w.f".- ,,,.fj'-H, VVT- f':':!,'A mr, Q Aww: rfwv " ' eww: I f' : 55,1 swf sw A-fffee A F, T , ef- Sun' ide V-Jf1r7: Skfu, 'ff' A J A 131' Cf: rA1"w Whfu Tc: Be Oz':',f-" QI, pn: Q ,Typ 3 , DJ p g CJ --'TCf1L,r,., V""v,r Lw','B1'2ff', ?,1f,Y,f1q i I' x i Q I , N X K T, - u'e e, F522 De, ', e .fiedeyfh-.,1 H J ' 'N 'T ' ' 5 , e , e ' T - S 'e' T '- e. ' Q ,L eu' A ', ',ee ' f ' ' ' e , ,'. Q T+ e f , E T , ' e ,. ' e Tie , Le T Tdng, we erg , I, J1'er of 'ef CHN f, . A , - ' ,P VT X 7 a ,c-. e fl eafh-T F, A Vmeaa, r rf "., dd M' fe ,, he F. ge ed ,. el' F Hy, TTHQETAQ ,VH dx' di' T,',, e,pI ,, Q' VL, 4333 ydw 5 ' A 1' A , ,- , e T e Ph re' The 5,34 The ' STN A ,TW TG 1y'c 5' ,Nd eeaffj f"3 Mfr se, " -. SMH JHM I Vfv:'rT1S1"','v ,i1"11' ,vu lL1l,u'wrJy'h ' 1" ir' f1A'1 xi-',"',i7'--1 "fl" ,und Rfk"-r .L:1A' 1 CH'-"1-Q1': HMM: A:"1m1FA'-ie-"'. 'Azz 3211- V' ': Q wi G--"': fwf R LLM New , .swf ,'3,'-- E' T: D-fl, Bl 244. T 1-ui, i- H jeff, Mu", 3' F31 A'21eE VF: ' 's E,"'.' O izgf' Ear NVi23f,f,f: 3G.'-V fewer,-' MM ' ' Buf--' 'CL les Suri"-5 if V if :,'-" P 1 y fy I In I i D Toe Belk C3 :M di f E q "E e 'WTTWVVTQNS QV" rd B BTC' Czflhz 5' -,dvd 'Q' Jef ry" 'ed' A V 'E Jie Tfver gey, Todfree' 'Tye A esevfed 1: ,, ij I Hex r E,"Ey,y+H ,gf rf" -.fe 3 'Z S 'ed SJ ear' Q. , and 'he y'23T Tye ' bx " +I S f ' C 'e T. A J T. . ef 'ef :ew'eced dUC'3'ff: Wa' 'a Y , , 5 mETA "ld Le y, Tw 'H Mbrafxs ge. ,. V .. MOH M - A V Af f' , ' , .L p,: .,..:f-'.I- ,,'J , t . T," fp- ,",3 Aw" 1' ' 'A'3, 2:- .GH-4 ' Jf- Ze-re' Bvczu Fw Q ,T T," Y' Q:-fr M ' :V 'v1'5.S"l'P ,1g:.ff",- P' ,u' A T,"i' Tf M"": Bucs Leave M'13"Cf: ,'."'. T,"f' If C.1":: ,- Lafu 3-12 Ji?"-D MQW? 'Jf1f"e VJ' 3 5 NM" ' se, me Ease'-:fr aff. We - rw' s 4 -Q .0 4,- -Q1 ,Q l J SFRING PLAY "And Came fhe Spring," a gay fhree-acf comedy by M. and J. Hayes, produced af a mafinee March I3 and on The evening of March I4, was laughfer filled. The l-larfman home was The cenfer of acfivifies during Easfer vacafion. A swanlcy cify guesf, Carollyn Websfer, who has "appeal," complicafes life for Virginia l-larfman by sfealing cenfer sfage wifh fhe boys of her crowd. Midge, fhe lcid sisfer, affempfs lo manage fhe family affairs. She doesl ln one shorf weelc she nearly ruins her fafher's business, alienafes her besf friend, almosf brealcs up fwo love affairs, and cosfs a man his iob. She also encourages a marriage, resfores a man's self respecf, and lands on her feef affer her firsf disappoinfmenf in love. George Dufra as Elliof l-larfman, fhe em- bryonic aufhor, carried fhe comedy role. Wifh undersfanding and humor he developed fhe characfer of a shy, refiring boy who, fhrough his firsf love affair, becomes a well, balanced young man. A sfrong supporfing casf enabled Genevieve Chambers as "Midge," and John Riclcman as "Buzz," fo play convincing scenes in fhe life of fhe f-larfman family. CAST L". fegw, f-la"'f" EV Nic Mi 'fvi' Sc, Dc' Carrrfrf L r-l,3f'N,,a QQM-3,3 Du-if Mff. Lfu"e Hanmffn ltr-H Be C Cerro" BVU LQGSGY reg- Rgzgwi, Mioge l-la"'rar 6C'Q-V919 Cha-'bore KC-"n No 5' Bi'i F91 Vi'G""a P-la""a' Rufh Maflf' Ffesce NZM' La". fxaroaitf gif: Y' Wecs Dqrlgf? Carlile M, PLO Bam' Cr ,rs oacc. A en Jifgima Su? 9' ' 'I ' , " ' ' Ezra 3e.fe'w Gregson A 5' peg? ti' W355"i'U Mrs. Ve Us Made Sangufnef' C ani. Milf: Minn" Chnvine Mye' JU ,ne Ensinr This year The FuTure Farmers oT America aT Tracy l-ligh School iniTiaTed TwenTy-Two new rnembers. They purchased sixTeen new iaclceTs and a large number oT pins and emblems. Deso"e warT'me coro ions e e o various Tleld Trips. Une 'o 're T-To, Sugar :luded a sTudy QT The process ano producTs n The 'T' Th rr 'nl ers wenT or M'l in- o7TTererT sTages. Bu'cher7ng :T hogs was done cn sev- eral Tarrns. Ar ecuca'iena' 'cur was mage 'rrfuoh Paramoun' SGGC Company plar'T a' S'ocl'cn ang The boys visiTed 'he Tracy Quclc Freeze Plan' 'c see 'he cu"ro and rtrro c' mzai NNN' res'ri'e3 'raver a' fars are 'vests' 'ugdro i:r'es" .'-ers cance ed. Al FFA. 'unc' :rs are cases: cr c ca' fr r 5arrn'rg and agricu 'ora a:"f"Qs. Pr 'sei:,'T:a'i1' 's The romaesucervseo e"2rc"se cr cries' rf 're l5.F.A. pe.. Usua , 'ne 'vzrccl' cis' y crgis or PP, srsfs LEFT TO RIGHT- Mr Enqlund Millin- ger, Gallagher, Alfamarino, Sisxon, Rhodes, Muller. TOP ROW, leff lo righf: Neve, Ohm, Sisson, Neves, Long, Furlado, Alfarna- rino, McClellan, Pereira, Sanlos, Varela. SECOND ROW: Dickerson, Dellosso, Rubberf,Brooks,Machado.THlRD ROW: Delhelfsen, Corbari, Rallfo, Fernandes, Garris, Carson, Marfin. FOURTH ROW. Cosfa, Fires, Gallagher, Mello, Mr. Englund. FIFTH ROW: Gukan, Millin- ger, Sisson, Rhodes, Allamarino, Muller, Marlin. NOT SHOWN: Moniz, Bullard, Gaines, Cole, Neve, Valley, Hill, Koeh- Den. l orchard proiecT begins in a modesT way, buT oT a commercial scope. As The boy advances Through high school, his Tarming experiences and enTerprise in- crease unTil he reaches a poinT upon graduaTion or wiThin Two or Three years aTTer graduaTion, when his s2lT'-owned enTerprfse will have grown under ideal condiTions inTo Tull Tinne or near TullfTirne scope. A conTracT To grow Two acres oT seed on school grcurd was made w7'h a seed company by The Tracy F3,l:.A. ChapTer, Tr-'s enTerprise proved To be a very good educaTiora ano financial proiecT. The boys eardeo how To 'r'scecT olams Tor ouallTy in s'ze color i'3 ace' ard 'ew' To reccgnfze cams superor in seed preoucT'c' accoroir'g'e The U.S.D.A.s'andards. The l3.F,A. was acTYve in War Bond Sales conf added several scrap me'a drives and assis'ed 'r :ollec"rg pacer, T'e'r mar goal was se' Tcr "creas- . f . 'Q TCSS CTCOUC' C", C,-NDIDJ I 2 Advnser Grass cuffers Garden ploffers Feeding 'llwe 'family Banfa Wolvesll Hay burner Exfermlnafors End of flue day Pucker up Lazy bones lv Bad wolf Ou? of gas His pride ln +l1e bag Cow sappers The old gray mare Pony express Ami neal enough Faffenmg pens Man s besl' frlend Jus+ a pup fx S V 4, 1. . 9, L 1 U if do 9 r 1 'ui . X , 'W f x ., , ' . 6. . nu. . ue. . 7. ' . 12. . '7- .I - . s. . na. ' ' . . ' ' ' . 9. . I4. . 20: ' 'I . .. no. . ns. . 21. . ww? l 'TNA A ELNA CALLOW, Advisor JOYCE NEWBURY Ednior Val. XVII, No. I.ol The Scholar and Afhlele was issued on Seplember 8, I944: and fhe slali held a schedule fhereailer of a paper every lwo weeks, excep+ing vacaiions. Mosf issues had six +0 eighf pages of school news, iokes and feafures, while some of 'rhe special editions-Manfeca Game, Chrisfmas, Valen+ine's Day, Tacky Day, Pan-American Day Public School Week, and Senior Week-had Ten or more pages wi+h +wo color work special carloons, and colored paper. The S 8: A sfaff covered ifs weekly "heals," wrole, ediled, mimeographed, and dis 'rribufed 'rheir school paper, and in addi+ion wroie up many of lhe campus acfivilies for rhe Tracy Press. Four of 'rhe slall and lheir advisor aflended lhe Cenfral California Scholaslic Press Associalion Conven+ion lasl fall af Slanford Universily. Edi+or Joyce Newbury always managed 'ro gel 'rhe paper ou+ on +ime and in good slyle. Assislanf Edi+or was Frances Rehn, who also handled 'rhe popular fealure page. Be+hel Laurison was News Edilory 'rhe news pages were her domain. Arvene Pelz assisled wilh fhe aclivilies work. Juani+a l-lulberf wro+e abou+ lhe servicemen and conlribufions of +he sludenl body. Sonya Levin covered +he news of ofher schools. Lallawn Norfhingfon handled +he F. F. A. evenis. Edilor oi +he spor+s pages was Marjorie Price. Norman Ri++er, allhough nof a regular member of fhe sfahf, conlribufed many siories 'ro fhe S 8: A. They did a grand iob wifh lhe S 81 A 'rhis year: and 'rhe slafl of 1945-46 will have many fine 'rradifions lo follow. inqfon SCHOLAR AND ATHLETE TOP ROW, leff Oo riqhf Lau son Hul berf, Pell, Levin. SECOND ROW M s Callow, Rehn, Newbu y Price Norih 5 H-DIIIONAL 1-IN Q lhglg J tm 'iv I' Cf x -DI' X Us 1 NXJ if ,ffm Q HQWW ff E fm, .fn .251 ff lf SCHOOL SONG We af? al :fem Tracy l-Ugly School Gu Aiwa Maw' +0 :legend X l vlvcvt: vuu' L4a"': srlou a arg Vfclfe 'hc qafq and we're cu' +0 win. And when llwe oulldcqs slwoul Gr-ralw Ther a l 'oqe'lwer yell. Bulldogs, Bu l-dogs, come on le+'s go l.el's Fight Fight l: l G l-l ll BuAll do-qs Bufll do-gs Bu-ll Do-qs Bulldogs- Bulldogs- Bu-ll DOGS! G rrrr' Rah G rrrr- Rall G rrr-rrr-rrr- Ralwl Tracy Bulldogs Rah-Ralw-Rah! Yeleelw, Green Ye-eelw, Gold Ye-eelr Bulldogs! Lek GO! i' Jul l'rlL- Cx Q-nl 1 V X f'A"'. -s-. l . 3 FOOTBA LL s , scones A '-1-'Q 4 Tracy b Gusrine 7 g "' ig, M Tracy O Turlocls I3 as Tracy 7 Los Banos I3 A ,Q 'T L ' Thy Tracy 7 Ceres O ' 'V ," I T ' g Tracy I3 Oalwale 26 'h -"T , , 'if f' , Tracy I2 Manveca I3 ,yr-ni' i A ' A Tracy I3 Los Banos I3 4' -' 3 . I,- ' Tracy I2 Manveca I4 1 U TT' s, ' Tracy 40 Gusfine I8 , f-', iifffl P X- k ' Poinls Scored :lo H7 " 'f , . -.1 4 ,W Games played, 9: won, 2' losl, 6- Tie, I. .p -,.fQl,,:.AgA,-iA.l5--'-,-,wA,:,,.'Aif I - ,ga lei- fr I STarTing The l944 campaign wiTh only Tive reTurning " A- '-'. leTTermen, The some-whaT green Bulldog VarsiTy played . ' 4 ' , sTeady TooTbaIl ThroughouT The season. A biT weal: ar qt, - ' ah J The TirsT oT The season, The Bulldogs grew much sTronger as The games progressed. The lasT Tive games showed marked improvement In The TirsT game oT The season The Green and Gold came ouT on a shorT end oT a 7-6 score wiTh C5usTine. LaTer, however, They played GusTine Tor The second Time, de- TeaTing Them by a convincing score oT 40- I 8 aT The Bond Drive game. Our record was: 2 wins. 6 losses and I Tie. Tracy scored IIO poinTs To Their op- ponenTs' I I7. Playing Their lasT game Tor Tracy were Ramon Coylcendall, ElsworTh Ensley, Earl Rhodes, Bob l-ledriclc, Kyne Trophy Winner, and Bob Mclvlahon, Weeks Cup winner. The Junior VarsiTy, coached by Mr. Morgan, enjoyed a very successTul season wiTh 5 wins and 2 losses. x 9 , 74. BOB McMAHON Peter B. Kyne Trophy BOB HEDRICK Weeks Trophy COACH ROGERS souw Picrurzs TOP ROW, IeH To riqhf: McLeod, Cole. Fisher, Furvado, McFadden, Powefi. Long, Kelley, Hoyi, Brasher, Greer. SEC- OND ROW: Rilfer, Palcencia, Harris, Alcock, Bullard, Hasfie, Reed, Pereira, Neves, Bowin, Gray. THIRD ROW1 Braun,Wrigh1, Enos, Ensley, Kenner, AI- banc, McMahon, Lope1,WiIliami,Shav1, Gentry, Manager, FOURTH ROW: Ass'1 Coach Morgan, Alvamarino, Salice, Phil- lips, Sasser, Hedrick, Rhodes, Lowery, Monnich, Moniz, Slevenson, Coach Rogers, itll TOM ALBANO Quarterback LLOYD ALTAMARINO Ouarhrback RAMON COYKEN DALL Fullback ELSWORTH EN SLEY Righf Haffback RICHARD HASTIE BOB HEDR Cenfer ICK Cenfor MORGAN KENNER Tackle BILLY LEVIN H alfback TONY LOPEZ Halfback HAROLD LOWERY Tackle HAYNES MCCLELLAND F ullback BOB MCMAHON Leff Halfbac k CLARENCE MEYERS End ROBERT MON IZ Rig M End MIKE NIONN ICH Lei? End LEE PHILLIPS Tackle LAWRENCE PEREIRA EARL RHOD Tacklb ES Righf Guard ROBERT SALICE ART Tackle SASSER Guard CHARLES STEVENSON Guard Q' 7 Q' C l 1 . BASE E' Bi- LL BASKETBALL SCORES "A" BASKETBALL LEFT TO RIGHT: G, Albano, Alcock, Monnich, Fisher, Coykendall, McMahon, Shaw, Kenner, Genfry, Robinson, Hed- rick, T. Albano, McFadden, Manager Miller, Coach "B" BASKETBALL TOP ROW, lell fo riqhlz Bardacos, Ven- able, Robarfson, Newberry, Campbell Coach Miller. SECOND ROW: Haugh Collins, Silveria, Abelar, Du Rea, Man aqer. FIRST ROW: McFadden, Peru Levin, Elliof, Lee. COACH MILLER CLIRS THEIRS OURS THEIRS 33 N9-Uri 27 38 Manfeca I4 28 B'f1"Ywf'fl I6 37 Newman 23 22 Pam-'vn 25 QI Sf, Mor, 5 52 7' SY. Mar. S 27 25 Pfvferefjr 28 77 QL'-'ine 38 45 Guvine 27 74 Brenw-"ri Ye Eff Oaldffe 3? fa Qaida C 30 46 Guvine 27 34 Lfwiriswn 58 The leam llwal donned varsiw saqe logs IHS year bad lne unusuai disllnclien ol being ai' Vrq' year men, bul 'lwey SVII bad a very sueeess5uI season. A second elace berlln in 'ne Medesle Sub Leaque wenl le lnern for wfnning I3 eul ei I8 qarnes OI a very frying 'cneouie Slarlers Were: Gneerge Nbano: The lv1arl7ne+ Treeny winner an aecurafe and swill forward wlwo Ied 'ne seuads scoring wifl' I66 eeinls. Tern Nbane: Torn's beer .vas his suoerb +earnwerIc wifn his brmlief wnigli enabled llne las' break days le 5unc"en we.. He aeCeun+eo lor IO7 oeinls. Bee L'I'3Ol'ICI1IAOVdV'C-'Q 'be baII lo llne 5wTi+ lerwards was Bobs ice and he added ': 'nie :ne delenive e'a. and :eyeraI ienq QCGIE wbe' fbe qeinq was +euqIN M veria, Coach Miller, Robertson. FRONT "C" BASKETBALL TOP ROW, lei! lo right: Creasy, Sil- ROW: Haugh, Elliol, Lee, Abelar, Perez. "D" BASKETBALL TOP ROW, lelf fo riqhl: Holcomb, Ol- ler, Coach Miller, Mello, Gukan. FRONT ROW: Rickman, Espinoza, O'Bad, Shawan. ? ,,.,,: i f , fr if ., . D591 BASS E' BA LL Ray Coylcendall: Smoolh and able Ray, lhough ollen lopped in heighl, his iumping al cenler was always reliable. l-le also caplured many rebounds. Milne lvlonnich: The lone Junior on lhe learn began lhe season wilh his baclcboard play as his besl ellorl, bul as lhe season ended he was leading lhe live in scoring and ended lhe season wilh l5O markers lo his credil. The lirsl games were low scoring and ralher unimpressive, bul every speclalor who wilnessed lhe Bulldogs' downing ol Sl. Mary's lell conlidenl in lhe leam's capacily. The Rams were lall and lasl and nol unlil lhe lhird period could lhe locals lorge ahead lo gain a lead lhey never surrendered. The Bulldogs were inviled lo lhe Gusline Tournamenl where lhey breezed by lhe Gusline Redslcins in lhe lirsl round, bul yielded lo lhe lasl Livingslon Wolves in lhe linals. Anolher lasl brealcing B leam lrepl lhe league banner al Tracy lor one more year. The speed ol Levin, Perez, and Elliol, and lhe baclcboard conlrol by Venable and Abelar sparked lhe quinlel. They delealed Oalcdale in a lhrilling overlime conlesl lo win lhe lille, losing only lo Pallerson and Sl. Marys, whom lhey also delealed. The linesl "C" leam in lhe school's hislory sel a new high score ol 62 poinls in a single game. ln one ol lheir games wilh Ripon lhey sullered lheir only deleal, and wenl on lo win lhe league crown. The colorlul "D" squad, winning lhree oul ol six loolc lhird place in lheir league wilh Aaron Espinoza as lhe slandoul player. X' .,!-"' gif. . r , r-rr , fi , . 7' ,'?", " -'- iw 'wwf' 1 Thou hrs BDO acfion us? rurnir 'c baseball, a iorecasr car onl be I D Q D l Q Y gl!! " given ol lhe coming season. X ' U l ' rms:---' 5 The Bulldogs will re-enfer ieague compehrion lhis year wiih lhe .LE , ,Sw nucleus of las+ year's brillianr nine srill on hand. Last year's squad, ri iq QA f" ' which won nine, losing bur one, will be represenled by 'rwo rhree-year 5 lerlermenz Albano and l-ledrickt lhe very capable inlielder. Rickman' rhe very rrusrworrhy receiver, Gen+ry: and yereran Lowery' who will '- f 5 GN, hold down rhe cenrer spor in rhe garden. I, The pi+ching soor is a big guesrion wilh Albano and Rickman as rhe Q i' iikeliesf candidares. Ray Coykendall will cover 'he inirial sack wirh gif. l-ledrick af second. Greg Perez is sifuared al shorr-slop and Rickman ' Y, .4 , j i ig can handle lhe hor corner. - The ourlield is in dis ule, buf Monnich, Robinson, Alcock, and .. D Lowery sland our as likely candidales. The bafling prospecrs look good with barring champ Genfry, long Wmiljimilgigl H, ball hifler Coykendall, Albano, Rickman, and Lowery showing plenly ol power al The plale. The baseball squad includes Mike Monnich, Jim Shaeller, William Venable, John Rickman, Lawrence Genrry, George Albano, Ray Coy- kendall, Bob Brooks, Howard Alcock, Bob l-ledrick, l-larold Lowery, Joe Robinson, Norman Riller, Don l-laugh, l-larold Gallagher, Greg Perez, Dale Ellior, Mike O'Bad, Albert Nigg, Ray Long, Jack Bosron, Lloyd Allamarino, Don Newbury, Ray Alramarino, Charles Brasher, and Bob Wrighr. Manager is Bill Brooks. il TOP ROW, left to riqhr: Brooks, Brasher, Gallagher, Albano, Du Ree, Coach Rogers, L. Alfamarino, Hedrick, Riffer, Venable, Monnich, Alcock, Low- ery, Gentry, Rickman, Robinson. FRONT ROW: McFadden, O'Bad, Brooks, Niqq, Shaeffer, R, Alfarnarino, Perez, Elliot, Haugh. Y. BOXING LEFT TO RIGHT: Marlow, Kenner, Long, Neves, Abe- lar, Albano, Sullivan, Espi- noza, Coach Rogers. TENNIS LEFT TO RIGHT: Holcomb Klbbe, Shaw, Dulro, Made iros, Fox, Silveria, Lee Mile, Brooks. B JXING Due lo a previously lilled calendar, lhe Annual Boxing Tournamenl was held Two nighfs in a row. The orelims were very exciling, and lhe winners loughl lhe nexl lighl in +he finals. Resulls ol +he linals were: IOO-l lO lbs., Aaron Espinoza dec. Dick Pires' I IOf l2O lbs., Bob Sullivan dec. Frances Mello' I2O-I3O lbs., Pele Abelar dec. Millon Birlf hahn- I3O-I4O lbs., George Albano dec. Richard McFadden' I4O-l5O lbs., Ray Long dec. Paige Mclladoen' l5O-l6O lbs., John Marlow dec. Lloyd Allarnarino' 160-I7Olbs.. Manuel Neves dec. Richard l-lasliei IBO-l9O lbs., Morgan Kenner dec. Harold Lowery. Pele Abelar was awarded lhe lrophy lor lhe oufslanding boxer of the lournarnenf. TENNIS lwe ye C3512 D5V'lCiD5'6O in l'racy's lnlrarnural lournamenf. They were: Bob Broolrs, B'll Broolcs Alreo Coyle George Uulro Bill Fox Russell Holcomb, S'an Kibbe l-long Lee Bill Ley'n Arrnand Medeiros, Bfll Mize and Warren Shaw. lrarsco"a"or GPG coaching lacllios being harnoered by lhe war made in+rarnural 3V'n"a"on necessar, 'ns year. The ever' being heio in the lulure a oredcfion ol framoonih' ve new E Jilliiul' as a l barfcioavs show unusually QCod lorrn. 4 ,i f is Once more we proclaim The winnah-and sTilI champ-BASKETBALL! ThaT's iusT The way iT seems-ThaT baskeTball is The universal TavoriTe oT all soorTs- loving Tracy I'-ligh girls. Nearly all The girls shorT, Tall Thin TaT enioy geTTing ouT on The courTs and really going all-ouT Tor an exciTing TasT-moving game oT baskeTball which is aTTer all merely a case oT a drop in The buckeT .This is one Time when The girls don'T mind iT a Tew golden locks Tly ouT oT place, or if Their Qs, calms' afxs: za' E-if LL L 'I - f . T V T I T J 'B li if I' rv , fi ff.. .4 is TOP ROW, left To riqhfz Miss Madison. SECOND ROW: Wed, Greblo, Junior, Lindeman, Pofriq, Mayfield, Huffman. THIRD ROW: Del- gado, Beflencourl, Silva, Ormsby. lipsTick becomes a biT smeared. They are usually so engrossed and involved in The game ThaT, Tor a Time aT leasT, They lose all inTeresT in personal appearance. AT The Time oT This wriTing The baskeTball TournamenTs have noT progressed Tar enough To be able To predicT a winner, buT The games Thus Tar have been very close and very exciTing. All The Teams are TighTing Tiercely Tor The coveTed championship OT The school. Many oT The girls who are now giving Their all in The TournamenTs were privileged in February To geT a liTTle pre-season pracTice session. Miss WesTon, girls' P. F. Teacher aT PaTTerson l-ligh senT an inviTaTion To Miss Madison re- quesTing her To bring Tour Teams To a baskeTbalI playday where They would compeTe wiTh PaTTerson Teams. By The age-old process of eliminaTion one Team Trom each class, Freshman, Sophomore. Junior, and Senior was chosen. AT PaTTerson each Tracy Team was opposed by a PaTTerson Team of The cor- responding class. -The Senior Team, having To break The ice and play TirsT, was a biT nervous, and Thus losT Their game by a preTTy large margin. The following games were a liTTle more closely conTesTed Than The TirsT, wiTh The Frosh Team coming very close To vicTory buT losing iT by only one poinT. The high individual scorers oT The day were Eva Mello, Senior: DoT Theall, Junior: Levonne Ander- son, Sophomore, and Doreen Lowery, Freshman. AlThough our girls came ouT on The shorT end oT The scores They had a very enioyable day. Cookies and chocolaTe were served laTer in The day and iT was Tound ThaT The PaTTerson girls were much more pleasanT To know off The courT. The girls in The sixTh period gym class held Their own privaTe TournamenT one day in The class. They challenged The sixTh period boys To a baskeTball game! The game was a nip and Tuck all The way-ThaT is, unTil The lasT quarTer. No one acTually knows whal' The Tinal score was, buT someone said The boys Took an awful beaTing. OT course, This may be a prejudiced opinion, who knows? AITogeTher, baskeTball season was one of greaT success. SENIOR VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS TOP ROW, leff fo right: Cole, Campo, Frcrichs. SECOND ROW: Dal Porlo, Silva, Dufra, Furfado, Miss Madison. THIRD ROW: Sfuil, Smifh, Ercaq, Bethn- couri, Mello. SOFTBALL TOP ROW, lofi To riqhf: Campo, Theall, Hansen, Miss Madison. SECOND ROW: Johnson, Viorra, Lo- pez, A. Duma, Pacheco, Tholko. THIRD ROW: Dufra, Ercoq, Furfado. l l gl Vf LLEYBA LL As usual, volleyball was The firsT sporT on The girls' schedule. l-lowever, afTer a few games iT was decided To posfpone The TournamenT. Thus, during The balmy, Indian- surnmer days, enThusiasTic soTTbalI games were played, while The volleyball games were scheduled for a Time when The weaTher forced us To play inside The gym. ln The midsT of a Typical "rainy season," a shorT, snappy TournamenT was run off. The breviTy of The TournamenT was offseT, however, by The exciTing games. In all conTesTs The scores were very close, buf The powerful Senior "A" Team finally emerged The champs of The school. SOI-'TBA LL SofTball seemed To be The "fill-in" sporf of This year. As usual, The girls received iT wifh enfhusiasrn, and played many excifing games. AT The beginning of The school year sofTball was played for many weeks-in facf, nearly all of The firsT quarTer. Even during The baslceTball season if one of Those freak, surnmery days would occur, The girls would persuade Miss Madfson To leT Them have a sofTball game. An exciTing Spring Tourna- r'nenT ended wi'h a close Score. TENNIS LEFT TO RIGHT: Marks Baldwin, Walson, Hollings- head, Connal, Marks, Levin Frerichs, Pell. ' P PN x I 1: N N I o ln former years. only a few girls seemed inleresled in playing lennis. bul lhis year an unusually large number of girls loolc an aclive inleresl in lhe sporl. ln facl, in all lhe gym classes lhere was always a scramble lo see who could gel lhe coveled eighl racquels firsl. Some of lhe older girls, who have had lime lo develop experl baclchand slrolces, lriclcy serves, and lhe lilce, had some fasl-moving and billerly-conlesled games. For many of lhe Freshmen girls lhis was lhe firsl opporlunily for lhem lo lalce a "whack" al lhe game, and afler lhe firsl couple of limes oul on lhe courls lhey found lhal lennis could really be fun-especially if, occasionally, one of lheir mighly swings happened lo connecl wilh lhe lennis ball. Many of lhem loolr lo lhe racquel lilce ping did lo pong, and wilh a lillle more praclice should become quile experl al lhe game. Who lcnows-maybe we have a fulure Alice Marble or a feminine Don Budge in lhe malcingl INDIW IDUA L SPORTS The spollighl was very seldom lurned on individual sporls lhis year. I-lowever, on some days, badminlon, shuffleboard, and ping-pong were played. Badminlon seemed lo be lhe favorile of lhe girls, allhough ping-pong probably ran a close second on lhe popularily lisl. Shuffleboard was played and enjoyed by only a few girls: bul, however, lhe war may have somelhing lo do wilh lhis. ll seems lhal shuffleboard is a game enjoyed on board ocean liners, and since war-lime reslriclions malce il impossible lo lalre ocean voyages, perhaps lhe girls see no immediale use for shuffleboard. For lhose girls who cannol parlicipale in aclive sporls, lhere are such lighl aclivilies as iaclrs, darls, and piclr-up-sliclrs. On rainy days lhese aclivilies were oflen parlicipaled in by many of lhe girls. ln facl, somelhing new in lhe way of lournamenls here al Tracy I-ligh was experienced when a iaclcs conlesl was held. A surprisingly large number of girls signed up for lhis lournamenl. ' FACE The crowd is lense-lhere's lhe craclr of a pislol-and lhey're off down lhe lraclcl Thal's righl, lhis year lhe girls, loo, will compele lo see il lhere is anolher Gundar I-laegg or Jimmie Rafferly in lhe crowd. This is lhe firsl lime in quile a few years lhal lhe girls of Tracy High have been given an opporlunily lo lesl lheir slcill in lhis parlicular field of sporls. Included on lhe lraclc program will be lwenly-five yard, fifly yard, sevenly- five yard and hundred yard dashes: relay races, and dislance lhrowing of baslrelballs and baseballs. The girls will have many praclices in all of lhese and lhen conlesls will be held wilhin each of lhe gym classes. Class winners will lhen compele in lhe final conlesl lo delermine lhe school champs of each evenl. Dr FAMJ AVTIAKI- All greaf fhangs are done In dreams awalne Ben l-lur The Sennors foo have fheur dreams venfures Info fhss land unhab fed only by fhe sandman Rosalne Prusculla and Genevveve fhnnkrng or a servuce man In some arof fheafer of war have nof lef +henrfanfas1es sfray beyond fhe lnffle whufe vlne covered coffage complefe wufh pnclcef fence and rose garden Befhel dreams of The acclaum of crowds Jolyne sees herself a greaf puannsf capfuvafung all music lovers Norma as a sfar of sfage and screen and Dorofhy as fhe world s foremosf unferprefer of Chopnn The lure of far off lands consfufufes fhe dream world of Dorofhy Pasqual and Eva of fhe Lucllles and Angle of Anna May and Vurguma Suffon Some wash fo fravel merely for fun and advenfure buf Dorofhy Muze would and and comforf ofher peoples IU her fravels and Josephune as an anrlune hosfess would help fravelers gourney more comforfably Eleanor would four Amernca as a vocalusf wnfh a popular band snngung fhe ballads corn posed by Vurgunna Bowman Buf some of our fanr ones are nof so convenfnonal IH fheur dreams Marlorue sees her self a duplomaf af fhe Courf of Sf James Juanlfa l-lulberf and Joyce pucfure fhern selves as successful busrnesswomen Phyllus as fhe aufhor of a volume of poefry and wunner of fhe covefed Pulufzer Pruze Rosellen would sfarfle fhe world wrfh her bold advenfures as a foreugn correspondenf and Madge would wan bralluanf vlcforues In law Ofhers cannof span The fufure beyond fhe end of fhe war Gerfrude can see her brofher and cousins refurmng fo cnvnluan lufe Marulyn and Naomu pncfure fhemselves as effnclenf nurses and Lucne and l-lelen are feachung fhe children of former classmafes far off romanflc Isle Dorus would serve as a nurse whale fravelrng Juanufa would falce a leusurely crurse around fhe world and Francas would fravel far n wnde an luxury Alma and Bullue are inclined fo be more domeshc wnshung only fo seffle down un comforf able llffle homes Affer a career on fhe radno Marne foo washes fo fnd her one and only Paf aspires fo four fhe counfry durlng fhe baseball season wufh her feam com prlsed of all fhe dream men rangnng from Lon McAlhsfer fo Franlcne As fhe greafesf balleruna sunce Pavlova Beverly would glide across fhe sfage Mela would lourney fo her nafnve Yugoslavia wufh her handsome 6 4 husband Two of our lasses would lsolafe fhemselves complefely Kay would lnve nn a beaufuful home on fhe cresf of a hull wnfh only a dog for company buf Shurley doesn + wanf her nsolafuon fo be qunfe so complefe shell seffle for a far off romanfuc Isle AND Van Dreams however are nof fhe perogaflves of gurls alone Our boys foo druff occa slonally off Info fhe musfy land of make belreve Bob Mclvlahon would be a greaf ad venfurer a hearf brealcung swashbuclclung purafe Bob l-l and Bob D fhe Knufe Roclcne and A A Sfagg of fomorrow wush fo be fhe delnghf of radio commenfafor Larry and sporfs wrufer George Armand and l-long vusron a class room and a science research lab of fheur own Bull hopes for success as a correspondenf wnfh a goodly porfuon of danger and excufemenf and fmally a sure fuclcef for passage fhrough fhose pearly gafes John and Leon can f over exerf fhemselves even nn fheur dreams They fund fhemselves perfecfly confenf wnfh a mce home un Tracy Elsworfh and Busfer aspire fo be world renowned engmeers brushung off such masferpveces as fhe Bay Brndge every weelc or so and Joe would lreep em rollung as an engnneer on fhe S P Sfreamhners The fwo Earls revel un dreams nof unhlce They can pecfure Spanush fype homes and comforfable acreages and un case of a confunuafuon of fhe meaf rafnonlng fheur own herds of caffle These are our Dreams Awalce I 1 C' 1 ' I' Q ' 1 . . . . . . .. , . . A f - 5 Four more girls envision fhemselves as ''globe-froffers"-lvlargaref would sail fo a OUn HROMIS' r 1 rw 1 Drum! ,mac e 'W + +1 and G fomh C gels h r :aan uh e + O you r HP rclo mg bahrcr I V 1 Th 5610 whorhl eller ng Q mac Aopreclaha Two co? of uch a oe I l r re J7 W hall rw lfa l fhouqw we are ycumq ln year We hall mol bmalc Our Oromwse lu fha world Yuufh wall om erve The freedoms I'OFVlC1ll cur fx md all our mlghly Gower shall b huvled fxgam 1 lhel rch ol LV and decay of l rg sawn ro fum a Phyll Wal on A' ' ' f r 1 C. fgrlc facaf L 'eff Dy is ful' f' Cf pon '11 h afe se-, lc hgh' ' Fe. If- " 'l f T ei ' 'Fee 455 'l , l, Isl f fhl' ,y l ' ' h+'e 1 h'qhf Jill Q f ' l. he W ' I- le ' ,, f- 5 l edl Amd welll: whcrcln The? degflny la laid' C' wil They :all lndll: Chl 'L 'he l cf. 6 5 Q I 1 ' S, f ' X ,s " "F "l-fs, r f Q ' 9 Q - f- Tl ' lf- h,a'er1:TheialJ " 1537- dy! - X is 5 IOC! HJ if xx-S 'J.LQ,4.wn,N.z A100125 Q f Xa My MW A96-0Q WWMW EQ P Www GN gi 3 -C-7 '1 Us jj E J 1. ' I P ng 'S JL 471, V W" K Zjfrvf A KJUMVJT gg j ,f 7 J fd v . , I fi f nf 0 Sui M QQ W xv ff N Q 5 fgjif ju N WW' , A K. WJ, v'Mf'5. We fw f if V 1 Pjllsjrns -"X Ur r L ' ' xl j ' x f 1 A1 J 'tg , 'a fy ZZLJT ,xx i Cp yi X xl" A l JN , K E jim! A '. , xr I 'ls 1 fi .rf .,'f-512: if-'61 'H f- ' 50 .o 3:3 V '7 QHVSJXQ fffxjwyf JM My wfffff WWW? M MQ WWA WWQMWM WM ff Qsyjjb My My 'ky my ,K w Xgi?'Ji'Z-fatf ff Jn5,fi QXX XX Wffwww gm gow! U5 Sgww-J WWE Wg 99M 1 Nix vhvi? 5 Wfkff fif Wiz? A U 'I' f G R A P i-I S W f ' jaw QW! U A if ,. W I ' 5 ' all O WD. U ,Off If 7 J . N V X M . I QV . 1' ', . x ' xfX. , 25?-6 Qffw RQ Q -aff , NL' "V,-., - J X X Kg, - X X aw K - Q-aa K ,Lf X on -. 7' X M -- fy wwf ff Ziff if f W, Ma Afmovvl-nom-Pwr, W wi' 15335 M qw Jaffa 24 729 fm? R 1 :BQ 2 REQ "7'Cf7gf-2 X W4 XYXMEQ skis? WK W A W , J k f JK MH rfxg pg jj rjDCL Q V X f' . Gr , xf V X nw W My ax D MW gl My P P 1 P ' iz? V JF' The EI Porfal S+aff wishes +0 aclcnowiedqe 0 ska with sincere a reciafion PHOTOGRAPHER-Emoryiip 6 g n .V A I h Wgwlake. fx, ff U, I cg, Q 24 65 SX A f . Si A Q 4 - or - vu 77 . !'7"U f'7'V700'?' 'Y707' - ,7,,,, Y V f?"

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