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Text from Pages 1 - 74 of the 1942 volume:

Bobby -1705.596 Pubhshed By Tracy Umon Tracy ASSOCl3tQd Students Hlgh School Cahforma 7 WW .ff Jyif Success remember IS the reward of toll .,,,..- FAREWELL MESSAGE Growmg Llght I have known dawn s sfrange cool shllness A shllness as holy as prayer l have 'lhrllled 'lo +he crashing crescendo Of a sunsef foo blazing fo bear l have heard In fhe blaclc musfs of mldmghf The silver loned music of sfars l have known fhe sfale calm of fhe wlndless seas Thai' precedes 'I'he enfrance of Mars Far over lhe wide heaving ocean The beauly fhaf daybrealr should hold ls blasfed and 'lorn from +he shrieking ear+h Then fhe silence of ashes and cold The ending of day IS a sunsel Colorless s+agnan'I' grim ln +he moonlighr fhe hideous slculls of men Lie deaf fo Mars frumpefed hymn You who found birfh under freedom's flag: While dynas+ies shaffer-hold 'fasl To your fore'fa+her's dreams of fhe slafure of man Of His herifage-born of The pasl. Your life mus+ affirm fhaf a freer world Will survive 'lhrough fhe darlmess of night ln your fai+h lies fhe hope of our freedom. You're 'lhe symbol of dawn's growing lighf. - BARBARA de FREITAS 'P an-if W I . T f.,A..' 'Jes .-n IS Ii-KN LIAMI CUSTTII4 1 I NKILLI-KM kusrm ?Qy IN MI A Message From The Trustees Your board of frusfees ns mindful of fhe condifions ex- isfing in our counfry and 'The enfire world foday. Our forefafhers foughf and died fo preserve fhe way of life and form of governmenf we now have We are In a war forced upon us and we as Amerucans musf successfully wun fhns war by domg our ufmosf wmere our servnces are needed No governmenf m fhe enflre world us equal fo ours Our public school sysfem nn fhls nafnon IS one of 'fhe mosf nmporfanf phases of our nafuonal war efforf provnd mg fhe necessary framing fo fhe lnduvldual whefher In fhe sciences or professlons Each of us frusfees feachers and sfudenfs musf mobl luze our falenfs fo and fhe war efforf and our Amencan way of llfe -J L MULLALLY Our Prnnclpal s Message Salom Rusk the assembly speaker whose boyhood was spenf In Syrua sand The frue value of a democracy IS nof found ln whaf uf wall do for you buf fhe frue value I5 whaf you are permlffed fo do for yourself Our greaf efforfs un Naflonal Defense are fo preserve our democrafnc way of lnfe We wnsh fo keep fhose rughfs whuch have been guaranfeed by our consfnfufuonal form of governmenf The fheme of El Porfal for fhe year I94I I942 IS Naflonal Defense and Amerlcamsm The enflre currlculum and acflvufy program of Tracy Union Hugh School lends sfrengfh fo us and undersfandung of our problems Our sfudenfs 'Through Democrahc procedures and fhe deve lopmenf of frue American :deals are learnmg fo do fhmgs for fhemselves un a democrahc afmosphere We should WAYNE W LROXK B M P pl d D t S synfhesuze our menfal processes such fhaf we apprecuafe and value fhe many pruvuleges and rughfs fhaf belong fo Amerucans The school fakes ufs place among all fhe many unsfufufuons whuch represenf frue Amerucanusm Our cufuzenshup and school spuruf are emblemafuc of our greaf herufage El Porfal symboluzed fhus fruly Amerucan characferusfuc and ufs sfaff have pracfuced fhose fundamenfal rughfs freedoms and pruvuleges On ufs pages us a sysfemafuc record of school evenfs especually fhose un whuch sfudenfs have falcen parf Careful affenhon has been guven fo fhe umporfance of cerfaun acfuvufues and fheur mufual relafuons Selec fuons and groupung of evenfs are on fhe ground of un feresf and effecfuveness The sfudenfs of Tracy Unuon Hugh School are very nuce and uf us a real loy fo be wufh fhem Theur co operafuon has been quufe safusfacfory and fheur affu fudes are of fhe very besf The Board of Trusfees fhe Faculfy and fhe Pruncu pal are unufied un our suncere desure fhaf fhese boys and fhese gurls wull be pruvuleged fo develop fhem selves fo meef fhe fufure wufh a secure feelung of con fidence and abulufy We desure each sfudenf fo realuze fhaf Ameruca furnushes fhe besf possuble afmosphere yef found by man for human developmenf A com plefe harmony of all of us worluung fogefher for fhe good of all wull achueve besf resulfs Thus book wull be placed among fhe archuves of 'I'he school and fhose who read fhe pages wull see and ap precuafe fhe fine work of fhe EI Porfal sfaff and of Muss Drenfh fhe faculfy advuser ' ', ' ', A. ., . A. runci zu an istric uperumcndcnt s s Q 0 s ' ' . . . . . . . n c 0 0 u I . .- . u u . . . . . . . . . . - lu rl v - . . 1 o - . s I c 9 0 ' ' - I . . . . . . - u u ' ' n a 9 l ' ' I . . . U ' - n 9 Q ' . . . . . . . . . . . . . . n o l ' . . I . Q 4 ll ll 0 0 Q o o 0 n ' , - . W . Q 5 ww, ,X Ae-we M' F y ew KI L, :J glayfg ., Y 1 L' ' W -Tgmgv 5 W L., ff S , S 1' 1' 2 -'imdb' Mm, y, .,, K PM x '5' - '.A 'A ' . ' .-J x K .Q R i ! : es 'Q N K '-,.v- ,,. ' 'FFF 3 , ' Ml U K V M5 fn ,- W4 A A-. Q 6 as L N" 5 "1 Q 'A 'lb' . ff' W S 1,'i'5v 1' 'I ' 522-9P' ff! Yfiw b Q fffiff 3 3 V X ,f r 4 fi I f sf: ggi-' 'S ad fi Zim is I DEDICATION We 'lhe class of 42 dedlcafe lhls bool! of memories 'lo our four Senior advisers If IS our way of expressing our appreclahon lo Mr Moore for his 'line undersland mg of our problems lo Mrs Fine for her lund advice 'lo Mlss Thomas 'For her wllllng ness 'lo cooperale and +o Mr Rogers for hns pahence wnlh all of us Our Senior advlsers have always been more fhan ready 'lo and 'lhe s'l'uden'l's and ln apprecnahon we dedicale fhns El Porlal fo lhem I . I . . I I I ' . . . . . . I I ' I . . . , . . . . . . I STUDENT BODY MANUEL FURTADO CASEY KOOYMAN Fall Prcsidcnt Spring President Under the excellent leadership of President Manuel Furtado, and wifh the lively direction of Miss Rhines, Tracy High S+uden'I' Body enjoyed many acfivilies during the fall semester. These aciivilies consisled of a safely program each quarler, a Columbus Day program, an Armisfice Day program, a Chrisfmas play, and frequenf foofball ral- lies. Two very imporianl celebrifies visited our school fo en+er+ain and guide us: Dean Maddox radio's Sidewalk Repor+er and Solom Rislt a Syrian born American crhzen This is lusl' a small preview of 'lhe achvihes parhcupafed in by the Sludenl Body un der +he following officers Manuel Furfado Presidenf Casey Kooyman Vice President Jean Lee Secrefary and Wayland Rudlun Treasurer The sprung program feaiured many noon dances a pa+rlohc program a baslrelball rally a Pan American program award assemblies several movies including The House of Seven Gables and a very mlereshng program on elecfrlcify enhiled The House of Magic The officers for lhe second semes+er were Casey Kooyman Presidenf Al Marhn Vice Presrdenf Barbara de Freifas Secrefary and Wayland Rudlun Treasurer The sfudenf body was advised by Mrs Riggs and Miss Rhmes arranged The many fine assemblies dfCntlToR u py t g nd McD Stu tBodyOff1 rn-Sting ,Ian Le Fll S yl P s Ca y Kooym n F ll Vc Pres and Spn g P Al M rt Sp ng V c Pr B rb dc Frcna Spring Sec I I I ' 3 1 i I ' I u I I - I I . . . . . H I I I H . . . . . ll I . ,, . l ' I I v ' I u i I ' ' I Boar o o ro- on ow: Lo ie, Mur h ', Henke, Hun , Mrs, Rig s, Castro, Bowln, Enslcy. Sprinkle, Davanis, Rose, and Percival. Second Row: Sutton, Morgan, Hoyt, Kerr, Kirkman, Miss Rhmes, Cooper. a onald. den 'ce i i : c c, a cc.g XVa and Rudltin, Trcas., Manticl Furtado, Fall rc .5 sc a . a ic' . 'n rcs.g vin a in, ri ic- cs.3 and a ara ' s, ' . , , X, lf, , . 7-ll 4 3 A fxij f . 2 f E :T ' ll , +12 ,5 . .f- p ' , ' ' I ,A s , 2 E1 ' 2 IW I ,Q ggi .V Q 5-VM "4-A I 1' fs, 533 3 HMB X2 7, Y gi? . R, XY ' Q: I6 I7 -Q, ,Q t k L LILLIAN FOLLI VERA VON DER HEIDE ARILLA CROUCH V Sc t ll LINA DAL PORTO CLASS OF 42 Fully aware of fhe pleasanl assocsahons and sfsmulahng sn+eres+s whsch have made 'l'hesr sfay a+ Tracy Hsgh all foo brsef The Sensors Hlled fhesr homeward sfrefch wsfh many evenfful occassons Early sn Ociober fryoufs were held for +he Sensor Play A capable casf was chosen io sn'l'erpre+ fhe varsed charac+er paris of Foo? Loose A fine profil' gasned from fwo full house produchons broughl' +he Sensor Class freasury back fo normal Lsna Dal Porfo Pressdeni' Lsllsan Colls Vsce Pressdenl Vera Von Der Hesde Secre fary Arslla Crouch Treasurer Geraldean Kerr and Wsllsam Edwards Represenfahves +o fhe Board of Confrol and Genevseve Gallagher Represenfahve lo fhe Gsrls League were fhe officers who gusded fhe Sensor Class sn +he fall semesier Wsih Success Remember Is The Reward of Tosl as ihesr class moHo fhe Sensors worlsed wsfh renewed vsgor on achvshes around fhe school chsefly fhose of asssshng wsfh The produchon of fhe yearbook and rasssng money for 'lhesr class The Sensor Ball ws+h Ksng Nepfune resgnsng was fhe gem of all dances and was presenfed fo an eager crowd Chasrmen for fhe comms'Hees were Bsds BeHy Harry Mussc Msldred Webb Decorafsons Be'H'y Jane Naylor Adverhssng Ruby Percsval Servsng Prsscslla Mursllo and Clean up Roberf Fsr+h Peggy Ryan Pressdeni' James Brown Vsce Pressdenf Regsna Krause Secrefary Nancy Albano Treasurer Hueshs Cooper and June Henlse Represenfahves fo fhe Board of Confrol and BeHy Harry Represenfahve 'lo fhe Gsrls League were fhe second semesfer officers Mrs Fsne Mr Moore Msss Thomas and Mr Rogers were advssers for lhe Sensors Ws'I'h commencemenf on June 3 l942 fhe Class of 42 com plefed sfs irasnsng a+ Tracy Hsgh School PECJCY RYAN Spr ng Pr sd t NANCY ALBANO REGINA KRAUSE IAMILS BROWN L K E Il I U B WE THE YOUTH OF AMERICA, 1942, LILLIAN COLLI HUESTIS COOPER IACK CORBETT ARILLA CROUCH LINA DAL PORTO BARBARA dc FREITAS History Mathematics Commercial Commcrcial Commercial Music Block T Football Scnior Play Senior Class Treasurer Vzilcdicturizun Senior Play That dream of a democratic society in which I4 E Il I IJ B REVERE THE AMERICAN DREAM - ANGIE GRANADOS NANCY GRANT BETTY HARRY XVARREN HAYHURST ,IUNE HENKE ROBERT HUFFMAN Commercial Mllsic Scxcncc Scxcncc Home Economics Science Home Economics Mathematics Baseball Athletic Managcr Uratorical each person may work out his own destiny. I5 E Il I IJ il WE, THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1942 JEAN LEE JUNE LEHMAN ALVIN MARTIN FRANCES MARTIN JAMES MARTIN MARGARET MAY Commercial Commercial Agriculture Commercial Mathematics Commercial Student Body Secretary Block T Basketball Block T Martinez Trophy Block T I, 2 Q . V ,Q , I MARION MCLEOD ELSIE MICHEL JAMES MONROE PRISCILLA MURILLO BETTY MURPHY BETTYJANE NAYLOR Commercial Business Band Manager Home Economics Art Mathematics Art Track Cafeteria Girls' League President Block T President CECILIA SIMAS MARY SOUSA MARY LOU SOUZA Commercial Arr Science Home Economics Home Economics To worship as we please, to take part in I6 E Il I U B ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE TO OUR RIGHT- DOROTHY NICKERSON MARJORIE PATTERSON RUBY PERCIVAL ROBERT REHN DOROTHEA REEVE WAYLAND RUDKIN History Language Art Science Home Economics Science Home Economics Science Block T President Shop Drum Majorette Student Body Treasurer PEGGY RYAN MARTIN SASSER AUDREY SCHACHTERLE GEORGE SILVA HENRY SILVA MARIE SILVERIA Science Music Commercial Agriculture Shop Commercial CSF President Boxing El Portal Editor Art Science Science VERA VON DER HEIDE MILDRED WEBB ADRIAN WILSON DOROTHY WORMAN LADORE WUBBEN FLOYD YAMAUCHI Commercial Commercial Commercial Commercial Commercial Science History Block T Secretary Oratorical Block T Vice-President El Portal Assoc. Editor Mathematics FRANK TEXEIRA DOROTHY VIERRA BETTY VOGT Art Commercial Science Football Scicncc History government, to work and speak without fear. I7 RISK A VISIT TO SENIOR MEETING? We are somefrmes referred fo as The Class of Sevenfy erghf Execuhves whlch can easuly accounf for fhe facf fhaf every suggesfron In class meehng encounfers In drvrdual vocal vefoes or condescendung approvals Smce foday marlcs fhe conveyung of anofher epochal Senlor meehng why nof lorn me In affendrng If The I I 30 bell has rung and already fhe Senlor Bug TIme Opera fors are swaggermg fo fhe meehng Jusi' ahead of us are Grace Kang lvlarlone Pal' 'Person and Dorofhy Vrerra descussrng Ernsferns Theory of Relafrvufy No fhaf Isnf Frank Smafra behrnd us If s Tom Fowler sfrll srngung Chafanooga Choo choo Lef s slf here by Beffy Harry buf don f drsfurb her When she gefs fhaf vold vacani' expressnon on her face we leave her alone Reggle you lInow Jus'I' behrnd us IS fhaf ferrrbly borsferous fellow Floyd Yamauchr Someone heard hum yell In I936 buf can 'I' prove If There goes Marhn Sasser speedlng up fhe arsle on has blcycle agarn He s a call boy on The rarlroad parf fume I fear fhaf Sasser wrll encounfer dI'l:fICLIl+I6S In geHIng by our class bouncer Al Marhn Al was grven +hIs class dufy because of 'rhaf mIlI'I'ary bearmg Confidenhally all fhe gurls enloy berng luclred ouf of class now Look af 'I'he LIHle Dynamo Manuel Furfado glare af our class presudenf profes sronal lealousy no doubf Thai' blood curdllng nouse wasn f a scream I+ was Margaref May laughlng af a Iolre fhal' she lusf fold Thaf lIH'le man on Rrchard Hunf s shoulder IS hrs ego Rrchard and Jean keep feedmg hum all 'rhe fume Please fry +o unders'I'and us dear frrend We wrll seHle down and acl' almosf sane when fhe class presrdenf calls 'I'ne meehng 'ro order ulclc grab your darl: glasses Here comes fhe Pepsodenf ad Elalne Frafes ah yes and our Mademorselle model Jerry Kerr Jusf befween us good fruend af 'l'hIs meefmg Archre Turner IS gorng +0 propose fhaf all 1'he Semors have fhe class emblem faffooed on fherr arms' Well I+ would be unrque anyway Ruby Percnval wlfh paIn'l' brush In hand IS creahng a breafh falung porfranf of C S Bromell Carmen Borges and Carolyn Gomes are malung hum promnse fo wear has nose +ha'l' way always l mean'I' fo pornf ouf Genevueve Gallagher fo you She was our undrscovered gem unhl s e brlghfened up as fhe charmmg sfar of our Senror Play Smce fhe play Warren Hay hursf our yell leader has hrfched hrs wagon fo our sfar Over In fhe corner lrvrng Bradford has finally found fwo good lusfeners In fhe persons of Dorofhy Nrclzerson and Melford Barboza He IS probably enlrghfenrng fhem on fhe corruphon of fhe Baravnan governmenf I8 o - II - I II I ' I I . I . I I . . . - . II I I I . I - II I . . I . I , . - I I . . . I . . . I I I v I . . . . I . . . II II I ' ' I I I I . I ' I I I . I , . , I . . . I I I I ' I . . I . . I I I I I I . . . . I , I . I . . , . . I I I . I . . . , I II - II I I I ' . . I . I . I - I ' ' I . . I I . I I . . . , I I . . I . I ' I I I I I - I I ' I I - I . . . I I , ' I . I I I . . . . I. . ' I I ' . . . . . . Wlfh a shoufed sagnal and a powerful druve In comes a malor parf of our foofball feam Wallace Freese IS In fhe lead as he should be havlng won fhe Pefer B Kyne award Affer Wally Arcaduo Adame HUESIIS Cooper MelvIn Bowan and our prlde Frankne Texelra are chargung down fhe ausle You see fhelr success has gone fo fhelr heads fhrs year So please fry fo undersfand fhe shlffung and slgnalmg The heavnesf penalfues Infllcfed on us fhns season were due however nof fo our feam s mlsbehavuor buf fo Jean Lee s backfTeld In mofaon Followmg our grIdIron heroes are fhe fwo Spamsh songblrds Lucy Garcla and Ange lIna Granados Affer fhem comes fhaf preffy face and a bundle of papers drawmgs books and IKHIIIIHQ whIch IS Beffy Murphy As usual Wulluam Edwards and Paul Freese are hovered over Bob Hope s book They ve Gof Me Covered They have been frv Ing fo Improve on If ever slnce If came ouf Over fhere wnfh solemn efficlency fl-Ie lnvlncxble TrIumvIra'I'e of fhe El Porfal Sfaff Audrey Schachferle Ladore Wubben and Frances Marfm are crIfIcIzIng some fellow reporfer s feeble affempf af lournahsm I dread fhe day when fhls corn musf be submuffed The meefmg has been called fo order How can I fell7 If s easy Marlon McLeod James Monroe Bob Flrfh and George Sllva have all quuefed down They are usually so oo rowdy you know Our well llked class presudenf perpefually lovlal Luna Dal Porfo IS Hnally esfablnshmg order among 'rhls collechon of umque personalrhes Casey Kooy man crowned wnfh a couffure by Andre and surrounded as usual by fwlffernng femInI mfy moves fo BPPFOPTIGIG a fund for menfally dnsabled Senlors Wayland Rudkm and Phala Keafon supporfed by fhe whole class down fhus moflon as cashng asperslons af our Infellugence however Beffy Jane Naylor and Reglna Krause have combuned efforfs on a mo+Ion for a fr: weekly dI'I'ch day for Senlors Wlfh characferlshc an maflon Nancy Granf rlses and shoufs a second fo 'lhe mofvon However some confenfnon seems fo have arlsen among our more conscuenfnous puplls Adnan Wulson vouces fne dlsapproval Affer sfahng has fhesus pounf I ponnf Il and conclusuon Adnan In frue Arlsfofle fashuon concludes hls orahon Tracung down fhe explosxon of applause we fTnd Roberf Huffman Ellen Bakke and Dorofhy Armsfrong clappmg furlously Buf fhelrs IS a losf cause for fhe class has faken a fancy fo fhe Naylor Krause BIII Bob Rehn moves fo amend fhe moflon fo make every school day a dnfch day Buf fwo of our rlgldly conservaflve sfudenfs Esfher Glanelln and June Henke boo fhe amendmenf as beung enfurely loo revoluflon ary The orlgmal mofuon needless fo say was passed wnfh very llffle dussenslon buf nof unannmously however Arllla Crouch has been obllvuous of fhe whole proceedlng Her fhoughfs as usual are on Bob Dorofhy Worman s mmd fook wlngs long ago I9 I . , . ' I I I I I ' I . I . . . . . I . . I I I I . . . . . . . . ' - ' I I I - I I II I II I ' ' II . . . . II I I I . . . . . I . . , I - II II - . I . I . . , I I ' ' I - ' I I . - I I I ' I . I I I . - . I - I . . . . . . I . . I I I I I I - I I I ' I - . I ' - ' I I I , . . I . . I I ' ' Whale our class ns recuperahng from havung acfually passed a moflon I can pomf ouf a few more of our lllusfrnous Sensors Nancy Albano our capable commerczal sfu denf as fakmg fhe proceedungs un shorfhand only she as fwo senfences ahead of us Remarkable gurl' Ah' Dorofhea Reeve and Rosemary Bullard are arruvung and lusf on 'hme foo fwenfy mlnufes lafe Dorf and Rosle are seahng fhemselves by our sweafer gurl Mnldred Webb and Elsie I Wanfed Wmgs and l Gof Em Michel Mary Lou Souza wnfh her usual smrle IS helping fhe newcomer fo our class dlmpled Mary Eliza befh Sousa fo adlusf herself fo her radically changed envnronmenf Order again rengns as Jnm Marfln The Mauruce Evans of Tracy Hu suggesfs fhaf fhe class sponsor a drama group fo four fhe counfry Jum suggesfs 'lhaf fhey be called fhe Brown Town Hall under fhe falenfed supervlsuon of versahle James Brown fhe fel low who has held every office an Tracy Hu excepf Garls League Presldenf Marlorle Ensley ns all for lf and we re all for her She has proven herself a real acfress fhls year Buf we couldnf hope for unufy Beffy Vogf fhls hme offers fhe opposuhon Be'H'y wan+s a gurls afhlehc club fo clash wnfh all challengers In any sporf Nafurally our sporfs sfars Vera Von Der Helde and Llllnan Coll: are an favor of fhls proposal June Lehman quuef buf qulfe handy wlfh a speedball sfafes fhe proposal as a mohon Prls cafeferua counfer Buf wufh fypncal Class of 42 unconcern fhe mohon IS dropped As anofher hlsfory malung Sensor meehng draws fo a close Glamoura de Frelfas sfeals fhe lnmelughf as she fakes her place af fhe plano As usual when Barbara plays Rhapsody un Blue fhe enflre class IS lcnoclced oul' all buf Mllfon Alvarez Mllfle ns fwnfchmg feverushly un hus chalr by fhe door The bell will rung any mmufe now and he lusf can + keep fhe gurl frnend wanhng' The bell has rung fhe presndenf us screammg fhe adlournmenf above fhe dun of fhe fhundermg mass exuf Henry Silva Marne Snlverua and Ceculua Snmas are leff unheeded as fhey shouf somefhung abouf our disregard for parluamenfary procedure Frnend you have lusf luved fhrough our Sensor meehng my hearhesf congrafulahons fo you Why! You ve falnfedl The El Porfal Sfaff nn spealung for fhe enhre class wushes fo gave menhon due creduf and besf washes fo fhe boys nn our class who have louned fhe ranlcs of our armed forces We pomf wnfh prnde fo Jack Corbeff Jaclc Sears J C Longmnre and Ralph Kelly as former members of fhe Class of 42 who have offered fheur llves In be half of fheur counfry PEGGY RYAN 20 cilla Murillo seconds fhe mofion as she dashes ouf fhe door fo her sfafion behind fhe X I' 'n 'I . Mm ,.,, if X lx smirk' M if , fill fi? Q- il" -L., .15 'N X lg 4 o, 1 I r ,, Wfwmunnm ,,.pWp,, nm, ,Q .1 ra ia- ' N 4.31 lil I qi., V ,nf 0 .-'fi' V391 I' 2 T.-vw Rum: 5 I V. 1 , . I' ' , :NH ', I 'K it ' I ' ' t.- Q NIH IJ " 4 ' Second Row: ' I I' .w I I -' 'I y- I .-' I: : F."-4 ' , 5 " - 't Third Row: I' ,. . . , 4 . A 1 1' Not present: I- -' F I.-p Ri-ws XI' N . " , K 1' I+. -',' f II'!i:.' II,i', K4 I1 .-1 l .- I' 1 I IX- Suund Row: Mmm' ' , Iii 1 1, IIv.i- I..-'zz-1, limi 1.i..-.,:i. wi .:':, 4-iwziikr.. K::L: ' I 1, 'LJ fir' II Third Ruw: Ivvzinii., . Ii Kwifk Ki' Q. II-.V :i.L,, II.,-.:. .1-r. '1-Iii, 1: .1 If Ex:..m Nm Present: Ii ft, X. Ii ,I irt, I-IIIJII. MI I:r..z:.. 'Iinp Row: fxfwzgm. l'i1.::-um. Pifttir. I'iiz'f- , M-H rx. NJ-.m, M.,-ri rv. Mifs IlI.:'. X .I:..1 R.1::.::I: Second Row: N. V - Mui. 75.4, NIMH. N1 :I--izg. Ratt-. N11 ...Ir I'a:gI::. .r .I XII r..:1 Third Row: I'.:'u. XII t'.:- I. Il- -I. N -ink. wx: I' :1- Not Present: NI-::.1r.::. mini N.-..a ..-,W R.-I.. xi- . . x ' S1-xulld Run' X " x L X ' - K r - . N ' : I ' I ' I Third N . , . X II , R.-M. X . . CLASS OF 43 ct Send ct ThdPn Bn cr Midsl' fhe s'I'arry afmosphere of falryland The Jumors presenled fheir main evenf fhe Junior Prom on December I9 I94-I in 'l'he gym af Tracy High School Tuf Lombardo and his orchesfra were fhe bug affrachon for +hls gala occa sion From fhis dance fhe Junior Class confrnbufed a sizeable sum +o fhe Red Cross by cu+'hng down on all expenses of lhe Prom and by selling soda pop Observing a long sfandmg fradlhon of Tracy High fhe Junior boys have done fhelr parf In assemblies by advanc ing l'he colors Each boy was honored wlfh This privilege af leasl fwice during lhe year A seleclion of class rings was exhibiled 'lo +he Junior Class and a commilrlee was chosen lo selecl one A bulldog 'rhe school emblem mounled on a pearl eflecl' was lhe one chosen by 'lhe commi'Hee as follows: Beverly Allen Dorofhy Bowman AI Gribalclo Ed Heffervilx Vernon Paris and Helen Vegias. Officers for 'lhe 'lirsl semes'l'er were Vernon Paris Presidenf' Jack Hillcen Vice-Presidenf' Jack Nevin Secre- fary' Peggy Cargay Treasurer' Glenn Funlrhouser and Doro- f.y Bowman Represen'l'a'l'ives fo The Board of Confrol' and l'l'rrie'r Warner Represen+a+ive lo Girls League. Lending help +o 'lheir class during +he second semesfer were fhe following officers: Alberl Gribalclo Presidenl' Anne'l+e Kirlcman Vice-Presidenl' June Garrison Secre+ary' Laurie Monroe Treasurer' Junior Friend and Thelma Kosler Represenlafives +o The Board of Confrolg and Belfy Jane Smi+h, Rcpresenlafive lo fhe Girls' League. Advisers who aided flue Juniors in fheir worlr were Mrs. Baumgardner, Miss R':fnes, Mr. Schulenburg, and Mr. Wesllalce. fe: f , I . u I . 1 5' ..-g SX . r. 'V 1 s I . --rj, if 'far V, 4 TW ' fy' V , 4 W- f pd' ' , ss- X,' 3 4 f,,g3 1 is ' Q I W F y- Q, 5. .' v -' ' 4 , I .gi W' K g ' ' . ' ff 5 Y W SwMQ1f Q-egiif 4 f'?f5 ?f 5' :A v"'if -.....-.. V i'.sfY r 4' ll n gs ' 3 i, xg Zfgagiiqi ng 45' y - 1 'bl V. Y gg ., 5? ,E . 5 x f 'Sri .. tn -'Kiki 'hr J, 1 - np, kg' AE: ' X, 4' AQ' . n " 11 , js' K V if mmf? ' 2 .f'y,-V51 1 w Z 3.5 'gg' 'Q-:f,?" w , 4 5 x, T a- J k H4 xv. li ,- em V 7. .big Q - 3 .MV n Q 4- Q f - ' 1- - . 'ff -1 L J' ' ' A is J 3- E ,.sf"u ,S ,, - .,fQQg ,fWgfi,- gwf ,wf y in ? 4 Q r 1 . ' 1, I '-H2554 fm: 3 'N K ,V lg' 1 'sl CLASS OF 44 T p Cl Bon cz Sophomores had The honor of sponsoring The TirsT social Tunchons of The newly sTarTed Term The Sophomores ac claimed This honor by The welcoming of The Freshmen sTu denTs on lnlTuaTlon day They also sTaged The lmTnaTlon Dance Tor The same evening BoTh evenTs were barrels of fun Tor all aTTending The annual Sophomore Hop was held early in March wiTh a large aTTendance dancing To The merry melodies of Kenny Hepper and his orchesTra PaTrloTlsm was The Theme used in decorahng wiTh a large American flag as The slcy The Sophomores successfully parTiclpaTed in The planning and arrangemenTs Tor The BaccalaureaTe ceremony oT The ouT-going Senior Class. The sTudenTs oT This class parTicipaT- ed in many acTiviTies Througl1ouT The year Officers presiding over The TirsT semesTer were Eva Rocha PresidenT Lillian Lang Vice-PresidenT' DoroThy Gerlach SecreTary' Thelma Draper Treasurer' Paul Sprinkle and Jean HoyT RepresenTa- Tives To The Board of ConTrol' and Evelyn FurTado Repre- senTaTive To The Girls League. The insTallaTuon oT officers Tor The second semesTer saw Jimmie Nicholson PresidenT' Fred Terrill Vice-PresidenT' Marie Vlahos SecreTary' Don Davis Treasurer' Bill CasTro and Inez Rose RepresenTaTives To The Board of ConTrol and Joyce KeaTon RepresenTaTive To The Girls League The class advisers Tor The year were Miss DunTon Miss Hawley Mr. Pacer, and Mr. Welsh. -Top Row: Cf1sta.'CQf11:, Castro. 5 Azfx-1111, f.,1r:1p11, C,L111Mrz, Ahgru, fN11-- 1'.11'1s11, fI1:111an1. 1ivrn.11, 1511-f :',111, 111.1 .A.1..1-- Second Row: 1.111.101- g1::',. I111:1::..:1:., f..1rJ1:1. 151.-11, flwfr- 1.1r..5. 01771. 1 CI' r1w:r. 1111:-zz:-1.11. fQQ7:f11.. C.r:r:1. 5.11, 37.3. 15131: Third Row: C,skLnJ.a11. C-11:11s. Bgmrr, BL11, A1535-. Cwtf, .1 O 1L. B.1u:1c1.1. 4:3 fQ.11E:: No! Present: C. Azcn U, XX f-rmu 'fn Row: N11-- 1711 11:11. lmux, 1f1- 1,11x 1' 1,11 17 I 11111 17111 151111-. 1'1.111111t1111. .1:111 4511191111 Secnnd Row: 1fx.a11N, F-11-11, H111--11. 1J1M4111.1. 1J111111lt1r, 1'11rr.1J11, Fn'r1c11r. H111111:gN111.111. Frsl1c11, 1"1111u'11, 4411.1 Fz1g1111d1 5. Third Row: 1. Furludw, 151' x111 ffmff, L F11rt:1,111, D11Rm'v:, Ifddn' Ilnm, 1:111Ja, Hunt, and Hudrlck. Top Row: M.c.1.111x. M.1r11-xx. 141.1111- x1.'11. M.11111!11.1r. Mr 141111, 1x1c1'.1rf 1.111.1. M-.111r-15, L-nu-, U'1i.n1, M11111r. M111-111N, .md A1111111N1111 Second 'Row1 1.11111L. R Ln. Num, M1z1'. hmnck, L.111r1f1111. K111-'1'Hrux. Nunn, 17. M.1r- t1Z1. 1111.1 M111111: Third Row: .1. 1v111rf tm. K1r1m14111. H. LLL: M.1:11m1i'a. Numw. Mq17111111111, Urm-1'w. and X111 Not Present: R111:. .md MKII.. Top Row: Wx . RM' 1 51: X1 ff' Z. N1 .E-1, 1'r xx. 411.1 111 Serond Row: R1 14.117-, 5.1:.g.'1': 1"1.:.1f. 111- 1. N ---1 1. 9I..11'-. 1':-.1 : 1 4.'.1 Third Row: 1'-U 2- ', U 11 HJ".-'. 1i11.'- L. 111. .11 N 1. Nut Present: Nu' CLASS OF '45 Top Picture: Copylzmj. Spring Ph- : l'l'ulps. Fall Pins. Second Picture: Col- lzz.-, Fzlll Vz:afPrfs.g Cdmpa, Spring 'X'1qvl'rLs, Third Picture-Sitting: Dal- Pf-rtff, F1-ll Sr:.g Chaatlnm. Spring Sis. Standing: Azevcdo, Fprzng Truas.: IJWRW, Fall Trias. When fhe rugged "been around" Sophs mel fhe "mamma's boys" Frosh on +he baffle fronf commonly known as Fresh- man lnifiafion Day, 'lhe Freshmen proved 'ro be wor'l'hy of admiffance 'ro our school. An lnifiafion Hop infroduced fhe Freshmen fo fhe social side of high school, and since fhen, fhe Freshmen have made many new acquainfances and have become familiar wifh fheir new surroundings. As fheir mosl' imporfanf class acfivify, fhe Freshmen pre- senled lhe Frosh Re+urn Dance, early in +he fall semes+er. Wi'l'h 'lhe idea in mind +ha+ fhey would have a sufficienf amounl of money in order +0 carry on class 'lradifions suc- cessfully, +he Frosh quesf for a heavy 'lreasury was realized. Under fhe leadership of efficienf officers, lhe members of fhe Freshman Class have shown school spiri+ by fheir in- feresl and parficipafion in many school acfivifies. The offi- cers for fhe 'lirsf semesler were Rosalie Phelps, President Busfer Collins, Vice-Presidenh Alma Dal Porlo, Secrefaryg Bobbie DuRee, Treasurer: Billy McDonald and Mae Louie, Represenlafives fo fhe Board of Confrolg and Virginia De Maria, Represenfalive fo The Girls' League. Second semesfer officers were Carolyn Copeland, Presi- denlg Lucie Campo, Vice-President Gloria Cheafham, Secrelaryg Shirley Azevedo, Treasurer, Elsworfh Ensley and Virginia Suffon, Represenfalives 'lo fhe Board of Confrolg and Edylhe Crim, Represeniafive 'lo +he Girls' League. Class of '45 advisers were Miss Bone, Miss Dren+h, Miss Parish, Mr. Lyon, and Mr. Miller. Top Row: Vlqln-. XY-nvru-r, XY1-1, Sp.lnqlrr. Miss lium. IP. Vu-rm. Tlwnipsmm. Xlillmms, .mul Nlalrhrr Second Row: Vgmqln, R, Smxth. Summ, White, H. Stun, l' Smith. Vziscwnccllv-. Smnixlwclc, Turrill, and Yamnnichl Third Row: Souza. XX'lmJu.irll. Taylor. Vinson, P Vu-rm, Stearns, Zaragoza, .md B. Stun. I n .An -if-75 . xii. 4 Ill-ur 'i.Aa-- ' ma.. . , . . . ' . 4F 2 yr . ff 1-QV H ,f-Q A , i-1---1 fa, ,Q NP Q f f . ..x"K' A nw i . I - ,L E at 45 im L, Fx 8 4 'S X ' 5 I ' aff-538712 v li wg. 5 lr vi! 5 X fx, XIX -rm: f X iinku x ,F Ny, N 0' y if ' 0 3 ff ' x 0' ,r . 1 fa A g " Q' I FTQ -. X x 'P V' fe 'fa -. Aug . .1-V I-WK-:Iwi - -' 7 ---1 'T f f- 'IVITIIE ' 'F 'wr' Q1 No.1 T 'tif' .I Q ! A+ ,OJ EL PORTAL STAFF-Top Row: Audrey Schachterle, Editor: Jim Martin, Boys' Sports Editor: Ladore XVubben, Associate Editorg Peggy Ryan, Features Editor: Robert Firth, Business Manager: and Rnseadele Picchi, Art Editor. Second Row: james Brown, Snaps Editorg Betty Naylor, Girls' Sports Editor: Dorothea Reeve, Activities Editorg Ruby Percival, Associate Arr Editorg and Betty Mimran, Associate Snaps Editor. Bottom Row Ed H tt rvik Associate Sm s Editor' B'try Vo! Photo raphyg llhylnnd Rudkin, Phntugraphyg Miss Drunth, Adviscrg Mr. Vvvcstlakc, 1 C If , ' 4 P , L I g , g Photography Advxscrg and Miss Thomas, Art Adviser. EL PORTAL STAFF Al lhe beginning of lhis school year, a few ol lhe El Porlal slalf members, who were apparenlly bles- sed wilh a gill ol remarkable loresighl, chose lhe lheme ol lhis yearbook. The words "nalionalism," "palriolism," and "Americanism" were lo grow as never before inlo symbols ol a uniled people. This was a year which saw many changes in lhe life ol lhe school communily as well as in lhal ol lhe nalion. The queslion ol whelher lo slay in school or lo ioin some branch of lhe armed services was ever before lhe minds ol our older boys. Thal queslion was forcefully answered by members ol lhe Uniled Slales Navy al a special assembly pro- gram. Al lhal lime il was broughl oul lhal Uncle Sam wanls youlhs lo slay in school unlil lheir educa- lion is compleled. A special plan has even been arranged which allows high school Seniors lo en- lisl, bul al lhe same lime lo complele lraining al lheir school. Only lhrough educalion will we be qualilied lo meel lhe world ol lomorrow. The El Porlal slaff members have pul lheir "all" inlo lhe making ol lhis book. They are very grale- ful lo Mr. Emory Boughlon, Tracy pholographer, for his exceedingly imporlanl work. Wilh lhe com- plelion of "El Porlal" comes lhe close ol anolher chapler ol harmonious and pleasanl school as- socialions. CSF The California Scholarship FederaTion is an honor- ary socieTy Tor Those sTudenTs who have earned Ten grade poinTs per semesTer from Their sTudies. Only "A" and "B" grades counT Toward eligibiliTy. A very clever iniTiaTion sTunT, which was planned by Audrey SchachTerIe and Manuel Furfado, inTro- duced The new members To The socieTy. All The members of The FederaTion received "cards" which enTiTled Them To special privileges ThroughouT The year. The officers presiding over The year's work were Nancy Albano, President Jean HoyT, Secre- Tary-Treasurerg AnneTTe Kirkman, RepresenTaTive To The Board of ConTrol, and Miss Hawley, FaculTy Adviser. GIRLS' LEAGUE During The TirsT semesTer The main acTiviTy of The Girls' League was The Girls' TreaT Dance which was given in The Tall. Dr. J. F. DoughTy, guesT speaker oT The semesTer, game a Talk enTiTled, "IT l Had A DaughTer". The officers presiding over The TirsT semester were BeTTy Murphy, PresidenTg DoroThea Reeve, Vice- PresidenTg Vera Von Der Heide, SecreTaryg Lina Dal PorTo, Treasurer, and Ruby Percival, Girls' AThle- Tic Manager. OuTsTanding evenTs Tor The second quarTer con- sisTed of The annual Girls' League luncheon on April 8, I942, and a guesT speaker, Mrs. Walkerdine, who Talked on home nursing and naTional defense. Offi- cers Tor The second semesTer were Geraldean Kerr, PresidenTg Lillian Colli, Vice-PresidenTg June Leh- man, SecreTary, Freida Cook, Treasurer: and June Henke, Girls' AThleTic Manager. Miss Parish was FaculTy Adviser. SCHOLARSHIP'-Upper Group-'limp Row: l7.ixi-, I'--.kiipl-ll. Niqhifl-nz.. 17.1 I'-'rv-. fxlxilylmx. il--k. Nfinsiln-. XX'--tlik., KJ-T-T, Hxlkir. Wil-ifzz. firiizilgi-. XX Kgnig. ,i:..l R :Jimi Second Row: Nl: ritx. M zri. MQLT--.l. X' Elm-lin. Hai:--rx. Kmvi--'. M-llii. firrlnqli. Xkiulalv 11. Cf-ipi' Liml. Fr-ricl.-. H.:ir:mi:,. .incl Tiriiuxzz Third Row: M.iru-r-Y-, KU-nr Kirkrnnn. Kar. Kiran.-li. Sgiamgiin. Rum, H-Tir. fliriipw. Souza. li.irr1-nn. ,ml Miss Bottom Row: Iwliocixicli. All".1::i-. Nix--. XY.irnrr., Y-gin-. fi King. ,-X:-x-.lm lhmlitfl-. Yxlullir.!lirr. Sqlinlmlli,, .ind W--iy:...n No! Present: Kiln, flrifuqli. lirrrv l'iri-:r.i. .md Pw1.+n1..'l Yiirnikl-f GIRLS' LEAGUE OFFICERS-Lower Group-Top Row: I'-r.', Kin-fn. Hur-.. Mi-s Puri-li IM Psiirm. firini. link.. fil,il.igliix. .in.l Xkfiv- Rx XnlJrHi.iiiD1Pn ini Bottom Row: fiimk, l,, Milli. Kiwi. Muipliv, ii ., H. i - -. .r2, .4 ii ii 'R 92 Q A 'fa- HOYT. FL cn mn 'XLH.'XXl 5. Pr. :dur J 'wr Rll'1 lx 3... NCI r--'1 Q5 X ll, ENSLILY, S.: - BOXXJN, ltrt S 56 A STAFF-Upper Group-Top Row: lit n1l.irl, Ptrrv. Brown. Stuxt, fitnfslriilx. tvlimin. M1-5 Dremh. Puri-. Mfirrziw. 472.1 Puri. Bottom Row: Y 4:4-, Yuri---l-.i, fi, H.trtr1:H.rr. Run, Nu-.liir. XK'..lalu-fm, fviazzzinu. Rifv. ,uint Sglitclmrl. Not Present: Httrcrxxlt SAFETY COUNCIL-Lower Group-Top Row: Kiirlw, Him-la:-, linkin. .ml Viirii Bottom Row: :'xll.Lgrt. Ml- limgizigilttxnr. KH-iii, l': -l n Nut Prs-st-nt 421-f-.:.:i S. AND A. STAFF Among the traditional props ot Tracy High is the weekly newspaper, Scholar and Athlete, going ever torward to bring the Student Body an ade- quate coverage ot the news. As always, the news- paper has adhered to all democratic principles and practices. To be a member ot the S 8: A statt is a privi- lege. Each member is a willing and untiring worker. This year's group was tops in cooperation and en- thusiasm, and had a lot ot tun along the way in putting out the paper. SAFETY COUNCIL "Conservation ot Lite and Materials tor National Defense" was the theme ot the Satety Council's work this year. Two assembly programs were pre- sented. The tirst semester program included a quiz program and a radio play. "Wheels," a one-act play given in the second semester, emphasized the need tor care in tratfic. Tracy High entered the State Essay Contest. Contests sponsored by the Student Body covered orations, essays, and posters. Each representative in the Satety Council has a iob to do tor the school. The Freshmen representa- tives placed posters in the rooms each week, the Sophomores checked the bicycle rack, and the Juniors and Seniors checked on car parking. Juniors and Seniors assisted Mr. Westlake as tire and air- raid wardens. Mrs. Baumgardner, adviser ot the Satety Council, is Chairman ot Safety Education in the high schools ot San Joaquin County. BETTENCA HURT, PFRRX l GIRLS' BLOCK T The Girls' Block T Sociely was a very aclive or- ganizalion lhis year. They held a fall and spring inilialion and inslallafion which included lwo very pleasanl luncheons. The girls held many meelings, where +hey worked on colored pinnies 'for fheir leams and 'rhey appoinled chairmen for in+ra- mural games. Joinlly, fhe Lellerrnen Sociely and +he Girls' Block T Sociely gave a Chrislmas dance, which dona+ed ils receipls lo The Red Cross. The Coslume Day Dance was also sponsored by l'he Sociely. Officers 'For lhe firsl semesler were Presidenl, Ruby Percival: Vice-Presidenl, Doro'I'hy Wormang Secrelary, Mildred Webb, and Treasurer, Nancy Albano. The second semesler officers were Presi- denl, Belly Naylor, Vice-Presidenl, Regina Krause: Secrelary, Josephine Minalfag and Treasurer, Lillian Collig wilh Miss Moll, +he Facully Adviser. LETTERMEN SOCIETY Mosl' dislinguished aclivilies of 'lhis sociely are lhe yearly boxing ma'l'ches, which were held +his year on March I3 and 20, wifh lhe proceeds con- 'rribufing lo lhe Block T injury fund. Members helped in sponsoring fhe Chrislmas Dance. The officers for lhe year were Johnny Caslro, Presidenlg Laurie Monroe, Vice-Presidenlg Richard Rose, Secrelary-Treasurer, and Mr. Dicker- son, Adviser. GIRLS' BLOCK T-Upper Group-Standing: iirimlli, flex... Rum. llnii., Fxluiplix, Kun.-Y. lmzslis. Mis- Milt. Ai:i.u,il. Mug.. Vin Ihr Hxnli, Ryum, ijiilli, XY.l'lx .xml Sitting: 'Ilicill ,ini l,.ii:'i.l:w. lxl-frgvi m.l Yxliiniili. llmrriaql-lirt .ind .-'xllmirilig XX'iirm.iii. Nail-ir .izi.l l'-rqml Side Picture: l'irqixil Full l'ri-ilrrug Nnllfr, Spring llil-:dint LETTERMEN SOCIETY-Lower Group-Top Row: Srninglrr. Hilkin. Ixiirrxzi. fwlnxlliix. R Hnzzr, .-Xxn.i:.J-. l"l.1yl1i1rst. H.i::-liz. l.w.x.-rx flhrislnm. Stiirli1nu.:ili.lIw1r, lhclirrwn Second Row: l'.ir1s. lsiiipliiiiilwir. Slziyrir, Fr-I-I, lxlillii. Lfnmri. firilmldif. Niniglx. Briimill. and K-rxnir Bottom Row: lriruiiil, F-mlir, Hrdriclc. Cloopir., T-mlm. Van dir fxliir. F l"llln!, Ri,--. Ruiz. .ind Yun Hxagin Side Picture: ihisriri. Pu'-iIlir.t1 B1-'rail--. Tiiusiir-r, .incl Row. Sicrultry, CA A 4.4! FUTURE FARMERS-Top Row: Pctcrrnan. Gomez, Dcnrone, A. Mart1n, Vzlrulu, Srlvena. Castro, P-,mf-U, Vrcrra, and Mr, Englund, Second Row: N. fl'-ta, Bnrhffza, lshxdn, l11n.1u1cro. Duarlc, Frans, Kauffman, Bmmull, Bulrznn, Gnllx, and Ando. Bottom Row: Mzirrzn, Bfircnchl, ,l flrl-. Nick-r-on. Trrrrll, Hill-zen, lirrlnzulclo. Rosa. Frsuclx. L. Costa, Rhlidcs, :mi UABAJ Not Present: T. Alma. R. Cola, E. Enos, ,l. Furtado, L. M Furtnjf. fi Kxrkrtxum, R Iviullrr. :mil Sunni. Side Picture-Standing: Tafflll. Skrgianr .ir Arm-3 lrirnbaldo, S-'crumryg and Hxlkun, Pri-:.l-m Sitting: Fnrrrl--, 'X'x:wl'r--1,lvnr. arts! Rf'-K. Th.:-urir FUTURE FARMERS The Fufure Farmers of America, or "F. F. A." as if is commonly known, is fhe nafional organizafion for boys sfudying vocafional agriculfure in public secondary schools under fhe provisions of fhe Nafional Vocafional Educafion Acfs. The Nafional Emblem of fhe F. F. A. is significanf and meaningful in every defail. Used by members in all recognized unifs of fhe organizafion, if is made up of five symbols. The owl is symbolic of wisdom and knowledge: fhe plow is fhe symbol of labor and fillage of fhe soilg fhe rising sun is emblemafic of progress and fhe new day fhaf will dawn when all farmers are frained and have learned fo cooperafe: fhe cross secfion of an ear of corn represenfs com- mon agriculfural inferesfs, since corn is nafive fo America and grown in every sfafeg and fhe eagle is indicafive of fhe nafional scope of fhe organizafion. By carrying farming proiecfs fhaf will add fo America's food supply: by pracficing cooperafion: by developing leadership qualifies, fhe Fufure Farmers of America are doing fheir parf in affain- ing America's goal-Vicfory. Manuel Furfado, Alberf Gribaldo, and Jack Hilken, F. F. A. public speakers, complefed success- fully in several confesfs. The livesfock judging con- fesfs were called off fhis year in fhe sfafe in order fo have more fime for producing food and fo save on fires. 35 f. ' 3 :Ky 4 Q 3 -A. Q x fd 9 au, if-F 7: -f W . ,wc , fl 'f ,fi ' New ws, .sw r at . ...W ., , .. ,,,, , 5 5 Ni A, WX V,:,,, ,WA ,V , ' 2fXQ35z:., WI'-,M ' X'3i':vfsf'Lf3-?lz,:gl5'?.:f'7 1 1 K + ff ra . n -f-rg Mya, v'r,fg3f7"b1m'ff we Y M ' , J-ax. -'-XA 'V' 'zu ' :Zur Zi K f ' QF 5 Q . 2 wr ,- 74" f - I .i .-,g - 1 1' 1 sl f W V 1 A I --.-A-if 'Q 4 io- ' " ar if I .5 -. fC4.'l"i A 1' L .f,, -:a t 3' Q. mr f' - va- 5 " , ,x x . Y A 5 . Lou cr Pulures I I ff " K , . A 1. x 1 35? ,Q S 4 3 Q r'-I? f 5"-'il 1 7' LLRTAIJU, .xt fi., ORATORY FINALISTS-Upper Group-Top Row: Schachterla, Domlmll. M-'Ilrr, Allfgrr, Tvlcflalrh, Dmpcr, Han-Ln. Ryan. :ml Sqriqqiq.. Bottom Row: Gcriach. Kvrr, XK'rlsfm, Mr. Lyon, Hufimzin, johnson, and Ru-yr DEBATE-Lower Group-Top Row: Brown, Vnlson, Mr. Lyon, Furuij-1. .i:xJ l'I,4r'.-Ln Bottom Row: .l.,l1:,-- n, Hritfnmz, Rinikin, Wnlrlnr. Muze. Mcdciros. and Lck. SPEECH The Tracy High School speech program was en- larged greafly fhis year. Formerly, orafory was up +o fhe individual's own ambilion and worlr, buf +his year Oral English was made a requiremenf for all Sophomores. In rhis class a grea+ deal of speaking work was given. The number of school speech con- fesfs and public appearances was also increased. This year saw fhe following local con'les+s: Fresh- man-Sophomore Confesf, Doro+hy Gerlach and Helen Hansen, winners, direcfed by Miss Parish: fhe Ex+emporaneous Confesi' won by Manuel Fur- lado, Geraldean Kerr, and Peggy Ryan, direc+ed by Mrs. Fine: fhe Lions Club Con'I'es'I' won by Manuel Furfado, Peggy Ryan, and Dorolhea Reeve, direcled by Mr. Lyon: fhe 20-30 Club Confesl direcled by Mr. Lyon wilh Manuel Furfado, Peggy Ryan, and Jeanne McCaleb as 'rhe winners: and fhe Agriculfure confes+ direcfed by Mr. Englund, won by Al Gribaldo, Rober+ Firfh, Ed Arnaudo, and Diclc Theall. This concluded fhe speech program for fhe year in which many s+uden+s par+icipa'I'ed. Honors go lo Manuel Furfado for winning second place in fhe slafewide Agricullure con'fes+. Manuel Furfado and Adrian Wilson, Roberl Huffman and Wayland Rudlnin, and Ray Libharf and Richard Hum' cons+ilu+ed 'rhe upper division of fhe newly s+ar+ed debafe group. Dorofhy John- son and Delores Chapman, Madge Wal+hers and Doro+hy Mize, Hong Lee and Armand Medeiros, and Lina Brown and Helen Hansen were +he mem- bers of 'fhe lower division. lnferscholasfic confesls increased The pariicipafions of The deba+e group. Modesfo, Ripon, and San Francisco Sfale all spon- sored con+es'rs in debale, oralory, and declamafion. The debafe 'lerm ended wi'I'h 'rhe Cenfral Valley Oraforical conlesf af Modesfo. 37 1iliRLAf,H, Fresh: S l WILSON :ind FLRT ADO CQHAPIVIAN and JOHNSON DRAMA Life in fhe drama classes fhis year was iusr one con+inuous chain of plays. ln Oclober, Mr. Lyon's drama class produced "Jewels of lsabella". Leading charac+ers of fhis play were RoseMarie Furrer, Tom Fowler, Manuel Goularf, and Angelo Davanis. The Chris+mas play, "Come Le+ Us Adore Him", was also direcfed by Mr. Lyon. I+ was a ioin+ produc- lion of fhe 'iwo drama classes which fea+ured a large casf. Two fhree-acf plays were 'lhe highlighfs of Mrs. Baumgardner's Senior drama class. "Fool-Loose", +he Senior Play, included many characiers. "The Lovely Duckling", anorher fhree-acl play, fea+uring Josephine MinaHa, Donald Kibbe, Shirley Hayes, Jim Marfin, Rosemary Bullard, Peggy Cargay, James Brown, Marjorie Ensley, Thelma Kosier, Alice Sousa, and Doris Theall, was presenied by +he Li++le Thearre group la+e in January. "Land of fhe Free", a pa+rio+ic one-acl play: "Jacob Comes Home", a serious play: "Message from Khufu", a mysferyg "The Wedding", a comedy: "No+ a Cloud in The Sky", a comedy, and a Cinderella play, wri'r+en by members of fhe class were all producfions of fhe 'Four'I'h period drama class. LOVELY DUCKLING-Upper Group: Tlxunll, Brown, Cnrgny, Sousa, Bullard, Kmtrr, Ml11.itt.i, Hnyis, and Klhhc. Others in cast: Mzirjrirl Enslcjv and jim Martin. CHRISTMAS PLAY-Lower Group-Left Group: Dc M.ir1zi. Iruns.S1lxcrm. :ind Fcrrcru Right Group-Back Row: Frvvsr. Kihhc, D.n.in1s F-mlvr, W. Cnrhutt, Guularr, Mcflzilulv, I. llnrhvtz, .md Brown. Front Row: Cleary. Lgiwrrnrn, XY1ll11irns, Bnmn, .ind Mzirtixi. Side Pictures: Scans lrini "Land nf zhf Frccu, np f X 7- I? ' e QU E an W 9 XE? ,s , F . U 1 nf- . X X IW l QQTY' 64 I9 3 3 ....... ... r fam ' A if-21 ' Q-1 V ii K F . A - -ia' .V U "il ' is :F 1 I A ' is A, U ' 1 " 2.1 22 ff h .. 23 ., TEM '2 gl 25 Top Side Picture, Majorettes-Gerlach, Simpson, Reeve, and Neves. Bottom Side Picture, Dance Band-Standing: NY1ggmmn, Brown Hedrick, .md Smirking. Sitting: Hayes, Thcall, and dc Frcitas. BAND-Top Row: 1. Mrrrurriu, C. Sasser, XX'aIthcr, King, Lnurison,Pctcrm:in. and M. Sasscr. Second Row: A. Kirkmzxn, Clruasty, A Cmuclr, Flmsmm, Azuwdu, E-,lwards, Wilggrnmn, and Carson. Third Row: V'csti1iln', Bcttcnwllrt, Mrrraarm, Krziusr, Holcnrnb, Rhodrs. :ind NVUFYHIIH. Fourth Row: Thr-ull, Nlnsuukzi, Prrcirzi, Suusa, Furrrr, Groll, Thornton, and R. Putrrnmn. Fifth Row: Ratto, Tcrry, Pctcrsun, Rutllun, i5.irt'nch1, Dxmrtr. .und lirnrdrxflx. Sixth Row: Hcdrlck. L. iviunrnr, Hunt, Mello, junqurcru, Lzittrn, Vltxffll, and B. Kirltmlin, Seventh Row: Russ, H. flrmrclr. tiny-I, Hnnstn, Luvrn. Nlullrr, und Scimchtcrlc, Eighth Row: M. Fulrsu, NICLLMJ, Stocking, Van dur Mt'i'r, Lang, Yanrziucln. .and iirmxn. Ninth Row: Rctw, Nurs, Simpson, ficrlzich, :ind Mr. Schulcnhurg. Not Present itlrllrrzildc. Lmvcs, Num, Rudlcm. L. Fclrso, Curtwtt, Dunn, Loc, Castro, Fm INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC Commencing with the opening of school, the band devoted itself mostly to marching and foot- ball games. Our maiorettes, Mildred Neves, Doro- thy Gerlach, Stella Simpson, and our drum major- ette, Dorothea Reeve, learned many new twirls and struts which they have used and have taught to other twirling fans. Our band, under the able direc- tion of Mr. Schulenburg, helped to lead the Bull- dogs to victory this year. Some of the most out- standing activities of the band were parading as guests at the University of Hawaii vs. College of Pacific game on September 24, I942: the annual trip to an outstanding football game to obtain ideas from college bands was taken on October I I, in Concert Band: Cuylundall, Crmpvr, Dnvxs. Hrllwn, Ai, Isintlzn, ldmg, Ciarrrs, Traylcr, Percival, Koster, Sutton, Crrm. :mtl Slmgulncttl. I94l, to witness the University of California vs. Santa Clara football game: and their part in the yearly rally luncheon at the Tracy Inn for the foot- ball players, which was held on October 22, I94I, this year. The band devoted the latter part of the year to the advancement of playing technique and modern and contempory music such as "Beguin the Beguine", "Lady of Spain", "Concerto in B-Flat", "Cowboy Rhapsody", and many other difficult pieces. The two main activities of the Orchestra for the year were the music for the Senior Play, and partici- pation in the yearly musical program entitled "Not a Cloud in the Sky". The remainder of the year was devoied fo fechnical advancemenf for +he Orches+ra. The busiesf group, +he quin+e+, par+ici- pafed in many aciiviiies lending +heir lovely s+ring music +o many programs. The congenial group con- sis+ed of Harrie? Warner, Doroihy Bowman, June Garrison, Siella Simpson, and Anneffe Kirlrman. The biggesf name band in +he hisfory of swing was organized a+ Tracy High when Harry James Hedrick, Tommy Dorsey Sfocking, Gene Krupa Wiggin+on, Jimmie Dorsey Theall, Jack Tea Garden Brown, and Counf Basie de Freifas gof 'logefher 'ro malce music for ihe Tracy Hi fans. Since 'l'his 'lime our school has been serenaded many +imes, and fhis band has confribufed music 'For many of our ac+ivi+ies. GLEE CLUB The ac+ivi+ies of +he very large Glee Club fhis year have included: singing engagemen+s for assem- blies, P. T. A., 'rhe Chrisfmas Program, 'rhe Senior Play, and for ofher organizafions. The "OpereHa" was noi produced fhis year. In Hs place was a musi- cal program combining fhe Glee Club music, in- s'rrumen+al music, and drama. The Glee Club assisi- ed fhe Spanish classes in fheir very in+eres+ing Pan American assembly program. The developmeni' of grea'I'er range and beHer +one qualifies was emphasized 'rhis year. The ap- preciafion of various lypes of choral music was also sfressed. ORCHl:STRA-Upper Group-Top Row Num. X1-irxrin, Htdriglc. Ii YN-1.LUi.i. Kirknnm. f.r1i- v, P-l.-4. if 1 T-'rzv Second Row: TVR-tliiw. Sgl11ci:!Tl-. IM-.,..i1. li N1:l.uf.l. Stun, l' Wllrlx-'r. Mi:-. Mr St-liiilv,b.rg. .mtl Riu Bottom Row XX':,ggr1ri IMI Port--. filth-rr. 3 :ripe Nix!-. fi.-rr:-1-'.. fiirlzicli. Biixxnrm, .md .ic Fr-mms Side Picture, Quintet-Standing Szfrzf---rw. ,lt Fr' mi-. .ii tl Kirk: ir, Sitting Hfirri--in, ,nd lil +.xr:.,i7, GLHi CLUB, Lower Group-Top Row XY.irr..r, fliilli. You Ihr Htidr, S.,-sir. fir-ill, hir Lu l5.1x.i:.i-. Y mg, Flisi-. l.:.R-. .ml F.rt.i.1i Second Row: CH- l'..-glial, Shim, fliilbrrx. NIgf.lvi1y. Haziir. Frrricli-. M:f..ililx Hilkrii, Hollzng-ii nf, ing XV:lI1.irti- Bottom Row L-nn. M mi-1. Niirriz, F- ri. r.i, V1-rm. R-ith. liiillarcl, ln'-,rg-, Sim..-, ,4:1.l li rn Side Picture, Spring Program soloists' Yitrm. limlm, .ind XK'+rn1i X iff f' 517' f' wif' .- ,ag 591 M f. D I 9152 15:31 142 Coaches MR IDIKIKERSUN NIR, RKJGERS VARSITY-Top Row: Dax-anus, Muller. Van Hagen, Hrlkcn. Van der Mgcr, Davis. Grxbaldo, Lowery, Uman, and Arnaudu, Second Row. Funk11Hu--r, 1 Murm. Sour1-fuk, Adams, Lawrence, Va1I.1:c. Mnr1r:xx', Bam-rn, and Cooper, Third Row: Mr. Drckerson, Castro, Fowler, Hrdrxgk, Frrcw, N11-nn, ww ' fr- ' G ' ' ' 5 - ' ' NAME K rvman. R .e, and Mr. Rogrr., Side Picture, Trophy Winners-f,agrro, 11 eeks Cupg Frccse, Peter B. Kvnr Trophv J. V. FOOTBALL-Top Row: Mr. Roger-. Sixrsfr. Lowes, Hansen, Hall, Sgxmglr-r, Synzak, Kunnrr, .md R Brwmr11. Seoond Row:'R11x:. f.11rl-r rm, Kung. 1t1mrr.11r1v. Mr1rr11f-, Fug11.u, ,mel Sharm- Third Row: Nrfzupk, 1'.u.1111:1, Ifnw, fi. S Hmm-11, m1 S 11 4 FOOTBALL STATISTICS . 1 .U si POS. AGE WT. CLASS NAME POS. AGE WT. CLASS Adams? G 18 141 Sr, Lfwwcryg G 16 155 jr, :Krnaudo E 17 156 jr. rNTilf1lJW'TT T 17 1711 Suph. Bcm'in:5:5 E 18 155 Sr. A. fxiartln F 17 1511 Sr. Castrox H 17 1311 jr. Martini C 17 150 Sr. Coopers: T, 17 170 Sr, Mrllcr? T 16 1511 Srvph. Davis T 16 1711 Soph. Nelson? F 17 1-15 jr. Fowlerf: F 17 149 Sr. RUSCM: H 17 1311 Jr. Frccsciziz E 18 155 Sr, S11lll'1'1CC1i::: T 16 1711 Srwph. 1:l1I1k1'l0L15CI'T G 16 145 Jr. Turrisun H 16 1411 .Ir Gribaldo Q 16 1411 jr. lfman G 16 1511 Suph, Hcdrickw Q 17 1511 jr, Yun der Meer E 16 1-411 Snph, Hrlkcn G 16 145 jr, Yam Hagen G 17 145 jr. Kooymanic H 17 1511 Sr. XX'zr11accf'5: G 17 1611 Jr. Lawrcncci: C 17 1711 jr. Zlndicatc- XYJTAIIQX' Lcttcrx Earned DATE OPPONENT PLACE Ocfober 16.. , SONORA There Ocfober 23 ...,., ,, OAKDALE ,.,Here Ocfober 30 ,...,. 1. MANTECA .. .1Here November 11 A CERES Y L. . ,, ,..Here November 20 , ,, ,,.,, ,,..1,, , Y, .1 LIVINGSTON Y, ........ , ,. , ,,, , There Non- league games will be played during and affer 'foofball season. 45 . f V b , , , Ag fb Q , A ff? 1, -71 V 'zz' "f Mhvzflf MH, , Q' 17 , ,Vg - me 4,1 -vm mf ' Ji 'gl-V ,, ., M- . 'Ji 1 1. M U: " BY! ' '-,Aa -QW 1 ',"""i'3K :Lg rfgfvfi. 41? .'.1gg!J' wfA.":Y?"V- - fa2"'e , , 1' f,,,f ' ' 33- , n:- 'lim-V" . V ,. , , 5 ws Q,g,,,'s xzzi fa 'K+ ,,-14 b - lx . A"- V 52 , ' ' f ,. ,gg gtg 9' nw' ' H522 if 4 F" Q4 .nl V AX V24- ' 'mf f W, 2, V nf m3'-"- ,jfs HY? TpR fer ghxAMz C Bon XX son when lhe Bulldogs frounced fhe Pnlfsburg J V 27 6, on lhe Peler B Kyne Held. I+ was mainly fhrough 'lhe savage charging of l'he lmemen 'lhal' Tracy's fleeffoofed backs, Rose. Caslro, and Nelson were able +o penelrafe lhe Piflsburg defense Three of fhe locals' scores were on runmng plays whale Rose passed lo Capfain Freese for 'rhe fourfh en coun+er. SCHNEIDER 40 0-OCTOBER I0 Scoring early and o'F+en, +he Varsn+y Bulldogs smofhered a game buf mefficienl Schnender Hugh leam, 40 0, In ihe Hrsl' league game of ihe year. When Ray Nelson hugh sfeppmg 'fullback scored on fhe Hrsl play of 'lhe con+esl wilh a slxfy yard gallop fhrough fhe Schneider llne, Tracy look a lead whlch was never relinquished Rose, Kooyman, Nelson, and Caslro paced fhe offense lo sux 'louch downs and 'four conversions OAKDALE I4 6-OCTOBER I7 Sparked by Richard Rose's accurale passmg and hmely runmng, +he Tracy eleven won :fs second league encounler by vanqulshlng +he Oakdale Mus fangs, I4 6 In a game played af fhe "Almond Cl'fy" Apparenlly nncensed by an early Oakdale score, fhe Bulldogs roared back wafh fwo fouchdowns and a safefy fo capfure fhe confesf and sfay abreasf wnfh Manfeca In league sfandmgs The effecflve passmg comblnafnon of Rose fo Freese was responsible for a fouchdown near fhe end of fhe fTrsf half leavmg fhe feams an a 6 6 dead lock durmg fhe anfermlssuon Takmg confrol af fhe oufsef of fhe final half wnfh a suxfy yard march clnmaxed by a five yard scormg dash by Rose fhe Tracy preps capfured fhelr fourfh wln of fhe sea son A safefy In fhe lasf frame concluded fhe mghf s scormg SONORA 32 7 OCTOBER 24 Wlfh fhelr reverses cllckmg smoofhly and fhelr aerual affack workrng fo perfecfuon fhe Bulldogs swepf pasf a bulky Sonora squad 32 7 and kepf fhelr league slafe clean of defeaf Tracy s dlmunu 'hve scaf backs Rose and Casfro found large gaps m fhe mounfann boys lune which fhey fook advan fage of as fhe Bulldogs defeafed fhe Wlldcafs for fhe firsf fume nn fhree years Scorung for Tracy were Casfro who counfed fwuce on reverses Nelson who bucked fhrough fhe lme Freese who fook Rose s firsf quarfer pass and Van der Meer whose lasf sfanza cafch of Kooyman s fhlrfy yard plfch ended Tracys scormg Sonoras fouchdown came on a fourfh quarfer pass MANTECA 7 I9 OCTOBER 3I Affer a menfal lapse on fhe parf of Tracy had gnven fhe Manfeca Buffaloes a fouchdown on fhenr own kickoff fhe Bulldogs seffled down fo gave fhe Green and Whrfe nfs greafesf baffle ln four years of bug game play The fTnal score of I97 un fhe Buffaloes favor does nof do lusfnce fo fhe game Hghf whnch Tracy puf up agamsf fhenr heavner op ponenfs on fhe Manfeca field The Buffaloes followed up fheur early break by scormg a second fume and assumed a I2 0 lead In fhe firsf quarfer However fhe Bulldogs came back fo reglsfer fhelr Hrsf fouchdown agalnsf Manfeca smce l938 and cuf down fhe enemy lead fo I2 7 af half fume On fhe Hrsf play of fhe second half a well execufed pass fhrown by Poulous guanf Man feca fullback caughf fhe local defenses nappmg and gave fhe Buffaloes a I9 7 lead Despufe flrsf half lnlurles fo key players fhe Bulldogs more fhan held fheur own durmg fhe remainder of fhe sfruggle and fhe confesf ended I9 7 This was fhe only fume durmg fhe season fhaf a Tracy opponenf was able fo score more fhan one 'Touchdown CERES 6 0 NOVEMBER 7 ln a hard foughf game whuch wrofe fTnls fo fhe l94I foofball season af Tracy Hugh fhe Bulldogs defeafed fhe Ceres eleven 6 0 on a dew drenched scorless quarfers before Rich Rose passed fo Wally Freese for fhe fouchdown fhaf meanf a co cham pnonshup of fhe league smce Manfeca losf fo Oak dale lafer un fhe year Loslng only sux leffermen wlfh buf 'I'wo of fhese from fhe firsf feam prospecfs loom exceedmgly bnghf for nexf years Bulldog squad Those who played fheur lasf game nn a Green and Gold surf were Freese Bowm Fowler Adame J Marhn Kooyman Cooper and A Marhn Presenfed wsfh fhe Pefer B Kyne frophy for has fine feam leadershup and consusfenfly hugh sfandard of play was Capfam Wally Freese who for fhe pasf fhree years has been a member of fhe Bulldog varsufy as an end John Casfro Junlor rnghf half back won fhe rughf fo have hns name engraved on fhe Weeks Cup for mannfammg fhe hnghesf grade sfandard durmg fhe foofball season - - -I - - - I D Ceres gridiron. The fwo feams foughf fhrough fhree 48 2 Qi? - 5 ,, 1 I 1, as df 4? 2 , " ' , , . , 1, 1 -4 ff. i VARSITY, Standing: Hmxizz. Hall. l'.iri-. Sitting ,I Mmm. Hijrmck. fwckizxg. A M., J F l Ywiarlwxx, .111 Mr Dxqlurslirm 9. Z ea JR. VARSITY-Top Row: Hziybursz M ilu. Nevin, Mr. Miller, Munro: R J lpl d N h lsun. Bottom Row A x du Ruse Friend, Birnal, C I d C ll 433 VARSITY BASKETBALL Alfhough finishing second in Wesiside League sfandings, fhe l94l-42 baskeiball Bulldogs compiled 'rhe fines+ A record seen here in recen+ years. Win- ning +hir'I'een games while dropping buf four, This year's varsi+y hardwood arfisfs, whose siarfing line- up consis'I'ed of Al Marlin, Tom Fowler, Marfinei Trophy winner Jim Mariin, Roberi Sfoclcing, and Gene Hedrick, forced +heir perennial hoop-rivals, 'I'he Newman Warriors, info a posf-season play-off game +0 decide fhe conference crown. This confesi, +he mosi' closely con+es+ed sfruggle of ihe season, wenf +o Newman by a 25-23 count The local A's began fheir praciice year in an any- +hing bu+ auspicious manner, losing 'fwo of 'I'heir lirsi' 'lhree games. However, fhe lone win in 'lhis 'lrio of bafiles, a 4l-I6 friumph over Escalon, gave a more accurafe indica+ion of fhe polenfialifies of +he Bull- dogs. A Tuesday affernoon vic+ory over Livermore inauguraied Tracy's longesf winning sireali of +he season. Following in succession came a +wo-poin+ decision over Tuolumne, an easy win over fhe Ripon Indians, a repeal' friumph over Tuolumne, and, in fhe final pre-league game of +he year, a 35-I9 defeaf of Man+eca's A's. CLI. TIQAM-'lisp Row: Nl-inn-v. Run l l ' ' H J lx f' l Taking advanfage of more fhan 25 free fhrow opporfunifies, fhe Varsify opened I942 conference play wifh a 2l-I2 vicfory over a rough Pafferson five. Affer a grueling 26-24 win over Sonora, fhe Bulldogs mef fheir firsf sef-back in eighf games af fhe hands of fhe Newman quinfef. Wi+h aspirafions for fhe league fifle considerably dimmed, Tracy fraveled fo Gusfine where fhey regisfered an en- couraging 32-22 win over fhe Redskins of fhaf cify. A 37-22 vicfory over Pafferson complefely rejuvi- nafed Bulldog hopes, which were fo meef fhe acid fesf in a refurn game againsf Newman on fhe fol- lowing Friday. This encounfer found Tracy playing slow-break, ball-confrol baslrefball 'ro win in decisive fashion, 32-22, and move info a fie for league leadership. A pracfice vicfory over Escalon and a fen-poinf conference decision over Gusfine con- cluded fhe playing schedule wifh 'fhe Tracy and Newman quinfefs deadloclted for firsf place. The aforemenfioned play-off game followed, wrifing finis fo fhe I94I-42 season. i rn 1 -r Bottom ow r n DEE TE,-XlVlfTop R ld! -10' Rii"::.- '. ,-X:1x..:f . li-11 l l Nlzlli: Bottom Row fi-T'-M l ll l ,-Xllxii . IMRH. vii full BEE BASKETBALL WlTh Tour leTTermen reTurnmg To form The nucleus of The squad The Tracy Hlgh Bee Team enloyed :Ts second champnonshlp year AlThough Taullng To ad vance nn C I F play oTTs The Bullpups were supreme In The InmnTed dlvlsuon of The WesT Sade League wnnnmg 'Five encounTers whsle dropping only one Hopes Tor duplncahng The record of IasT year s Bee squad whech swepT all before :T nn wan mng The NorThern Callfornla small schools T1TIe were shaTTered by a play off deTeaT aT The hands of The Rnpon lndlans The coming prosperlTy oT The season was slgnallz ed by The locals TlrsT game an easy 32 9 wan over BrenTwood Followlng smllar 3I I6 vucTory over Escalon came The Bullpups 1mTuaI loss 22 IO To a powerful Alumnu l1muTed qulnTeT Com pleTlng The prachce season were vucTor:es over Livermore Tuolumne by one and Two pounT mar gms The above menhoned Ripon 'Eve and a 23 25 overhme loss To ManTeca The Bullpups opened l942 league play by crush Ing PaTTerson 37 I6 edging Sonora nn a pracTlce session and humblmg Newman 20 I0 In The years Third conference conTesT Tracy bowed To Gushne 20 22 Tor Theur lone league loss From Thus pounT on The locals were never Troubled repeahng wnns over PaTTerson Newman and Escalon and reversmg The Gushne deTeaT To Take The conference crown A prachce wm over Lawrences Bees and The 32 42 posT season loss To Ripon TermmaTed The season CEE BASKETBALL ATTer losing To Their perenmal rivals Newman Hugh School In a game played aT Newman The Tracy Cees deTeaTed The Oreshmba boys Twuce To annex anoTher mudgeT champnonshup In The final play oFl game handncapped by The loss of Two TlrsT sTrmgers The Cees overcame an ll 9 deTlcuT To wan I8 I6 Previously The locals had beaTen Wm mng Ie++ers and gold basIxeTbaIls were Jumor Friend Bull CasTro Jam Nucholson RoberT Murnllo Harper Randolph Splvle HayhursT and Bob Hedruclc DEE BASKETBALL A champlonshlp run daTmg back several years TeaTed by Newman In a posT season play off game Prevlously The Two Teams had dlvnded a palr oT league games Tracy easily swepT pasT The oTher Two conference Teams wmmng Twice from each school wlTh a mlmmum of eFTorT LeTTer winners were Donnie Bernal CheT Azevedo George Al bano Hong Lee Bob DuRee BusTer Colluns Ramon Coylcendall and Joe Robinson . . I a i - I was snapped in I94l, when The Tracy Dees were de- 52 1' f , ' K , Nh I J k 15,452 5' 7 1 , , Q X Aj f x, - f T". fi- " 'c, -ff K , , 4 of we. ' '43, V 'fl V ,V 1f,,mWN ,:'Qf wean "' ' '-L." A' 11' .Qs K 1 we ' 5412, , H X f' . iylgfzf H32 , ,' f i.5.1Hm, Lyyff - P ? I 4 fx x - , 'FIV ,V N x Q , , y ,ggi rfA1,.,,M.,.3 Y . +2:3v'1?'X iQ' . X J 3 1' F ff ,Vi A I , Zigi H if ,, W 'W , Y , QAA ff H Elm .., ,N '24 f M '- f 1 V ,. 4 2 44 3: if 'S H ' 2515? N Q ' ':, tk? 1 1 " Q 2 I 5 if , xi' ,f,V as . M 3, "' " .Ar 'W -' 2 ' ' ' If .L ' ' W , ,, X: , n if ,ef , ' X - df ., ja ' , ,X 3 S' 'il ' A c 4. uf 4 , V' V A f :yn 4 N' " g ,7 f vf-, f f A vw, -1- ,- ,Q ,fgefig b Yu -P ff - 1.1, ,. ,, ' V JA W, M ' Www fi, ,V ,Q VARSITX BASEBALL-Top Row . B Hrjrzck. l.m.xLr':. F. Hav- I 1 H f H H NK H R lp ll J M-,nn L -ii. Q Lirlik. 'Lr.r. .MJ Bottom Row: C' .ich Rinaldi-, .r-1. dnio n. CA' pf-ai BASEBALL Undefeafed in fen games in high school compefi- fion fhe Tracy Varsify baseball feam won fhe Wesf Side League Championship for fhe firsf fime since I932. Bulwarlced by fwo oufsfanding pifchers, Hay- hursf and Hansen, and infield veferans Monroe and Hedrick, fhe Tracy spike-men defeafed lasf year's champions, Gusfine, by a 4-3 counf. The game feafured fhe accurafe fhrowing of ouffielders Ran- dolph and Terrill, who confribufed assisfs af crucial momenfs. The league season's second friumph came over a weak Newman feam, 9-4. The local baffers had a field day in fhe early innings af fhe Newman hurlers' expense, building up a subsfanfial lead fo J. V. BASEBALL XX'-mtur, I1 IN r i coasf home. One affer anofher of fhe opponenfs fell before a fighf pifching and heavy hiffing Tracy feam, unfil Tracy won fhe championship af Paffer- son by shuffing fhem ouf 6-0 behind Hansen's effec- five hurling. As fhis is wriffen, fhe Bulldogs have one remain- ing league game fo play, which will have no effecf on fheir sfanding, even if fhey should drop if. BOXING The manly arf of self-defense was given ifs an- nual unveiling af Tracy High fhis year wifh fhe Lef- fermen Sociefy sfaging preliminary and final boufs in March. The prelims saw ninefeen performers fhrow leafher RL on ii-if acl P is IP c h O in an efforl' 'lo gain lhe final round. Resul+s were: l25 lbs.-Roberl Murillo dec. Wes Thornlon, Tony Alvarez dec. Joe lshidag I35 lbs.-Richard Hunl' dec. Roberl Freifas, Roland Noacl: dec. Millon Alvarezg I45 lbs.-Damon Pombo dec. Ed Umang John O'Bad dec. Joe Osornog I65 lbs.-Ed Arnaudo T. K. O. over Tom Fowler: Gino Giovacchini dec. Bob Sloclringg over I65 lbs.-Gerald Lawrence dec. Bob Rehn. ln 'lhe pay-off bouls seven new champs were crowned wifh resulls as follows: I I5 lbs.-Jr. Friend dec. LeRoy Slaylerg l25 lbs.-Murillo dec. T. Alva- rez: I35 lbs.-Noacl: repealed over M. Alvarez: l45 O'Bad dec. D. Pombog I55 lbs.-Jim Marlin dec. Wally Freeseg I65 lbs.-Arnaudo dec. Giovacchinig over I65 lbs.-Ed Marlow dec. Lawrence. TENNIS The fennis oulloolr for 'lhe I942 season was fhe finesl' in lhe school's hislory. The leam defealed Gusline and Newman, 3 malches +o 2, wilh James Richmond, Jim Marlin and Jack Nevin winning for lhe Bulldogs. Olher members of lhe squad were Nicholson, R. and J. Coylcendall, Holcomb, and Worman. TENNIS Num. mn 1 mon uric. -rm mg. ni-x. 4 Prim.,-. 115. BOXING-Top Row: Nfl L S li lr lr l J l'-,mlm Bottom Row. Miirill -X milf. Mixlm. M.-irlim, IN l. J Q Aa' EVN Y' - 2 A r:- 'K-1, 2 Qvfg-,S i 6 ig, HO am? p 1 . fi-fx X. X' gig? , A V BL, n 1. ,.. .A., ,11lh5""'f-Lf gm if 53 , 1: 9 'QR ' 3 ': Y Q -v. Q f X V M R 2 , Q 1 A Q X . QE, A M .mf 1 AQ" UF sf ash., P , I k Q I Q 1' 'F fs' f 4 G QM rg Q Mr 5 I ,W . ms 4 I' . 5 jg f 'F I6 I7 l8 PAN AMERICAN DANCERS: Nlsin H c Chilli Allen lim yr vc, rou, an Mc 1' GOUDUT'AND PENDANT WINNERS Every girl who is inferesfed in afhlefics fries fo achieve enough poinfs for her Gold "T" before she graduafes. The winning of fhis award is considered quife an honor for a lof of hard work is required, and a large per cenf of "A" feams musf be made. ln order fo gain fhe required 700 poinfs if is neces- sary fo parficipafe in many individual fournamenfs. Good sporfsmanship musf be shown before fhis highesf award is given. There are more girls who receive a Pendanf fhan a Gold "T" as only 600 poinfs are needed. "A" feams musf be made, however, and a few individual sporfs musf be masfered. WINNERS. fiizinu 1. BASKETBALL Baskefball season fhis year was more excifing fhan usual because fhe 'leams were evenly mafched. The furn-oufs were large and fhe Seniors had fwo feams: 'lhe Juniors, fwo feamsg 'the Sophomores, five feamsg and fhe Freshmen, four feams. Each feam had fo play againsf ifs own class feams and come ouf fhe winner before if could play ofher classes. The closesf game was a fie befween fhe Senior l and fhe Senior ll feams. The second game, Seniors vs. Seniors, was iusf as inferesfing as fhe firsfg for 'rhe lasf quarfer ended wifh fhe Senior l feam win- ning by a fhree poinf lead. GOLD "T" AND PENDANT -..N Q.. V 1. ,v , ., it " 1 I 'r f "' -5 M. ,.-:af 5. nf ' '-A Y ' f 2 2 My 7,14 V Y ff" X 1 . I M V, W , I ' V, 5:1 Waqgfyf nf J' W S if NV i., 4' A ad, 5 + 5 4. Q 'J C 31, 1' . In 11' . 1 1 if a M A 4' 6 -x ' - af lx .incl Mixrphy' The Seniors were defermined +o beal The Juniors as a means of regaining 'lheir class sfandard, for las+ vear fhe Sophomores came ouf ahead of l'he Juniors. However, fhis year's game fold an enlirely differenr s+ory. The Senior l 'Team had no difiicully downing The Juniors and winning 'lhe '42 champion- ship. The success of fhe championship Team was due +o fhe excellenf +eam work and sporlsmanship which was shown fhroughouf +he l'ournamen+. The seven members of +he winning leam were as follows: For- wards-Peqgy Ryan, Eslher "dead eye" Gianelli, and BeHy Naylor: Guards-Regina Krause, BeH'y Harry, June Henlce, and Margarel' May. VOLLEY BALL As +he firsl' game played each year is volley ball, much enfhusiasm was shown by all 'lhe girls. The +urn-oufs for The 'I'ournamen+ This year were so large fha? The Freshmen and Sophomores were represenl- ed by four reams, and +he Juniors and Seniors were represenfed by fwo. The noon games were slarfed, and af+er encounlering and defeafing heavy opposi'l'ion 'from oiher classes, 'lhe Senior l and Il feams mef for The final con+es+. Bofh feams were evenly mafched which made +he game an ex- ciling and close one. The Senior ll's won fhe "42" volley ball championship, al'l'hough fheir opponenfs showed excepfionally good 'leam worlc. The girls found 'lhis year's 'lournamenf fo be an inferesfing sei of games which were played wi'lh real inferesf and cooperafion. M ini S: lf. VOLLEY BALL: Ml lln. MQLM1. xi x H T ii' F 1' f' Mgr, in -, Hu, .ns up, Ny. ,WW BASKETBALL-Top R TENNIS-Top Row Nfl-r.i7'.. Lum ' Y ' B ! ,Eitriem A.. TW' as. .l'W BADMINTON The badminion iournameni' 'for doubles was held las'I' fall. Many girls pariicipaied in 'rhe games. Af- fer winning game a'f'l'er game, June Henlxe and Es+her Gianelli finally won 'rhe championship. Be'Hy Naylor and Peggy Ryan were fhe runners-up. The fournamenf for singles was held ihis spring. As ihe iournameni' progressed, players dropped ou+. The winners are nof lmown af The +ime of 'I'he wrifing. Mullu, and Fuliso. if-3 TENNIS The iennis players 'for 'fhis year consisfed mainly of upper classmen. There were many days of bad weaiher ihis spring, which hindered +he fennis +ournamen+. The girls, however, perfecied +heir sfrolxes and fennis 'Techniques by pracficing every minufe +ha+ They could. Games were scheduled wifh Newman and Esca- lon, buf were cancelled because of +he shor'I'age and rain. The picfure noi only includes +he winners of fhe iournameni, bui' ihe eniire +ennis feam. 60 BADMINTON-Ttxp R nn r. Tlicall, :md N4 B tt ow: Ivlffrgzin, Knsur. R f ll BASEBALL-Top Row:, Mc' J ' i, Bo R M ll I r C ll lx Allkgru TUMBLING The fumbling 'leam was noi a regular class spor+, rherefore, class fime was noi given for prac+ice. A meefing was held every Wednesday af+ernoon af lhree-fhirfy for 'lhe girls who wished fo be on fhe feam. This year if was necessary fo pass a +umbling fes+ in order fo make fhe 'Firsl' feam. The fesf con- sisfed of +he following fricks: head sfand, forward roll, flying angel, carfwheel, backbend, arch, dive over 'lhree people, backward roll, nip-up, and double 'Forward roll. The girls who are on +he feam and whose picfures are shown are Blincoe, Pereira, Rose, R. Percival, Kea'I'on, McCleary, Saling, Krause, Gregson, B. Percival, Prou+, Thompson, Nicholson, Furfado, Hahn, Yamasaki, Alvarez, PoH'er, and Draper. BASEBALL Baseball began under +he ins+ruc+ion of Mrs. Howard. Miss Mo++, af+er her illness, scheduled +he baseball 'lournamenlz The winners are noi known af fhe fime of fhis wrifing. The picfure includes girls from each class. They are considered fhe besf girl baseball players of fhe school. ,G f fe, is Z3 9. Q , 5 , li ,F-is R. Z ww, R 'YUMBLING' Illiiiwr. l'. R ri. fvlfflli lx 1 li l l l Tli-'viii'-Uri. fN1ql,iil-Uri, Twin l H l l,i:' :Klmr-:, Pwrnr. ll? V HOCKEY-Top Ro l Bottom Row H rrz. Nl XX 'N R I -'x HOCKEY As hockey was no'r played in Tracy High for +wo years, Freshmen and Sophomores did noi know 'lhe rules of The game. They soon learned +he valuable fechniques of dodging sliclcs and hockey balls. Allhough lhere was a large sign-up, when 'rhe games s+ar+ed il was dilificulf +0 secure full reams. The Freshmen had +wo +eams, The Sophomores +wo ieams, fhe Juniors one leam, and fhe Seniors one +eam. Two our of +hree games were won by 'rhe Seniors in baffles againsf fhe Juniors. One was won by defaull and +he oiher was a close game of I-O. In +he final clash +he Sophomore feam emerged vicforious. f Bn - , . G. A. A. The Girls' A+hle+ic Associafion is an honorary sociely for +hose girls in Tracy High who par+icipa+- ed in sporfs. Hs purpose is +o mainfain good spor+s- manship. There are many awards +ha'I' can be won by +hose who are inleresfed enough fo worlc hard in perfecf- ing fheir 'technique in feam and individual sporls. A G. A. A. pin is awarded for I00 poinfs. A class numeral for 200 poinls, lhe honor of receiving a swea+er and a "T" for 300 poin+s, a "T" wifh one sfripe for 400 poinls, a "T" wifh +wo sfripes for 500 poinls, a Pendanf for 600 poinls and a Gold "T" for 700 poin+s. Affer +he winning of fhe firs+ "T" +he girl is enlilled lo belong lo lhe Girls' Bloclc "T" Sociefy. G. A.. A. QFFICERS-Top R gnu , rf ,, ' ww 4 K 2 51: 1 5' , 3' . "'A Q , mfg V 4, 'f'f'w ' X ,,, +l5 s.',2Q, Q , t 'Q :Atl p ,I v 1, 11 V gi !irf TJQJ W' ,,,Y i Y .J -Sf '4 iyb Inns-nn.-,W g 4 VY, 1' if fs N. 4, 41 ,, "A , 'ff 9' - ' f' mf? aw? lf: QM M x QWML jqvwww 9 149547 MMWW f QLM,,,1..M1 4 PM iw 55 Xgddlilcyg fnwf-A wwf' My ww' QL is bf 1,0112 'bbylwwwb book was pub shed by RAVING COMPANY 'I ' 0, S . 'z42' wily k yy" 2 1 . P S JM' bww ' ' 11X ya Q Sb gd L, h M X WL' My 2' M' 2 '15 fx X Qgx X f H153 X f it fa. 5.2, ' ' li R1

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