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3 1 I 1 E E E I I 1 5 1 I I .. JMWO j X Cfmaiwf W4 7ka4,,, ,Q, Jaw . Tif L-,N J i Q- 1 E -Emi 1 sag XAIORLDCS FAIR e Y? i Q , L B ff, , ,. ,fx .2 Q L 7 2 f i - , J C E 2 ..a'i.:"" ..tuw -- ,ff V K 7 . K, 0. :-,. K '- VA K in ifL2 gl Q, I Q-:QJLJIIO-': :i S . . , V f X . - , ,v, 5' f ' - e - are X 1 ,.f.,:1'-'-' 1: "- ..-- i " fi-7 i , .-555"'. X fl ' , , W -S. Y X 'Wi fi ' "C r 3 'P V Y I mix x V ' -1 E- F. i - - if L L f f -i L NN ' Yr- , -1 , -V fa- .1 - - -E 1 ALAMDA - AN FR NCISCO ,bs l -s 1? -Q, 5 V, Y A X' ' "hz, - - ' ,A . ,xg Anna Alhano - - Gertrude Friefiricil Verler Ratio - - Loire Ritchie Warren Stone - Marie Colli - Barbara Blincof W. H. Coupe - - The 1938 EL PORTAL c: 0 P Y R 1 G H T B Y TRACY UNION HIGH SCHOOL Tracy, California - - - - Editor - Associate Editor Business M amzger - Feature Editor - - Boys' Sports - - Girls, Sports - - Art Editor - - Advisor CUPVRIGHT ORE ORD Allrzu-led by 1.110lJl'62llll-lilkillgIllillilitllfti displuy of the buildings and gI'0lllNlS of the 110111011 flute Exposition. We have i11f'l1lde4l many of the lJll0l0gl'ilVllI'f'S of it in our hook. We lmlw that this lrouk will pI'PfklI'0 llxv en- joynwnl yolfll lmva- when Vhilillglllf'110111911 Galle'IIllt'I'llzlli0l1zll l'1XlHlSili0llllt'Xl yvur. I VRACY UNION HIGH SCHOOL DEDICHTIDII To those ciroailwrs whosf' inspir- ations and visions havc material- izcal through ont' of tha- groatvst iH'llil'Vl'llll'l1IS of mankind. cspcu- ially the man-mzulo island, wo, tho stuff of tht- ninvtvvn illllllll't'1l and thirty-eight Tracy Union High School El Portal. elcrlivutv our yvurhook. TREHSURE Cvurtexy Slandarrl Oil Crmiprmy nf California ISl IID Within the year a Magic City will risc on San Francisco Bay, com- plvtc with its pagcantry and in- dustrial Wizardry . . . a modcrn fantasy of struvtural lwauty vomv lo reality . . .to attract the worlil to its gateways on February 18, 1939. W0 have taken this. thc- Colrlcn Gate lntornational Expo- sition, to present it to you as the lllC'lllC of this hook. Golden gateway to the IWW Vlorld's Fair--tu welcome millions to Exposition mwer beyond. Mllllf- 1938 El Portal may ln' f'0lllll21l'lllllf' to thc- Gohlvn Gatvway ol' tht- l939 Worlclis Fair. Millions will not Wtilflllll? this hook: hows-ver, it will ht- lillt-tl with notations ol' many golflvn nwnmrivs for inrliviclnals who havv partivipatvcl in tht- variml avtivitivs of high school life. "Une may sov picturvs of his many frif-mls. H0 may ln- tln'illv1l anew with vault account ol' their ill'lll0Vl'llll'lIlS. Hi' will 11-rtainly sm-nsv thc- spirit of coopvra- tion, loyalty, aml good will which 1-xists among tht- stutlvnts, thv favlllty. anal thc' aulministration. "Un vat-h pagv ol' thc- El Portal arv many real anrl fasvinating int:-re-sts. Um- may follow thc- mighty Svniors on thi-ir last historical lDlllLCl'llll2l:1l'.ll PRIIICIPHL' WAYNE W. CROW, A. B., M. A., Stanford Prinripal "WH: may ohscrve each student as he continues the search through the gate- way for jewels of knowledge. He may take a last quick glance at his favorite athlete. "The Colden Gate lnternational Exposition as portrayed hy this written record is an exenlplification of the energy, initiative, courage, and creativeness of the American people. The island will remain in San Francisco Bay as a mon- ument of this nation's progress. ln like manner El Portal is a record of the activ- ity of Tracy High School. It has hecn produced through the special training in precision, accuracy, and clear thinking of Mr. Coupe and the Stall, and like the island, will long remain as a symhol of progress and achievement." Sitting in preferreml seats, watehing the iiraunu of school life, we, the Board-1f"l'rustees of Tracy Union High School, witness Colorful Q y S n n n n n n plays and byplayQ,0ur purpose is to participate in the interesting. 1llbS0l'lllIlQI, anfl satisfying work of Eflueution. Uur iileal is a satisfale- lory eilueation for every num, woman, anil ehilil of our school dis- triel, regarilless of rave, eolor, or religion. We try to remain unpreju- mlieeil for or against anything with whieh we are concerned, and our hope is to share in solving the eflueational prohlenls of every person. .lohn L. Mullally Bert H. Hamm I'r'vxialw1l Clrrl-' VV. lf. Costello WViIlium Koster Irvin Petz If.. . I . fi Lf.,L4-f A ls.i.... S 1 -, LESLIE B. BROWN, B. S. ARNOLD A. GRAHAM MARJORIE M. DUNTON, A. H. Univ. of Calif. Orchestra U. of Britixh Columbia Agriculture lnstrumental Music Library Farm Mechanics French GEORGE F. HURLEY, B. S. HARVEY E. MILLER, A. H. BERNICE GENETTI, A. B. Washington Stale Clliro State College College of Pafifir Football Coach, P. E. Industrial Arts Spanish Baseball Shop English FRANKLIN ROBERTS, B. S. KENNETH WESTLAKE, A.I'l.,M.A. ELOISE PALMER, A. B., M. A. Univ. af Calif. C0llPgP Ol Purifii' Univ. of Sa. Calif. Vocal Music, Tennis Chem1stry,.Physics Typing, English Commercial General Science World History KENNETH G. CLARKE, B. S. RENA CROSS, B. S. ANN C, EDINHSTON, A, B, Univ. of Calif. Ufvgun State m Univ. of Calif. Farm Mechanics Home Economics Art Agriculture Clleleflll Home Economics NORMAN S. LIEN, B. S. GRACE FINE, A- B-, M. A. NANCY HUDDLESTON, A. H. SI. Mary's College lf'llil'MH1l. lyllllu Walla. U. S. C- Univ. of Calif. Mech. Drawing, Biology English Girls' Physical Basketball Coach 1-Bill! Education ROBERT SCHULENBURG, A. B. DOROTHY NISSEN, A. B. LEILA RIGGS, A, B, San Jose, and Univ. of Calif. Univ. of Calif. Univ. of Nevada and U. C. Instrumental Lessons Guidance Vice Principal Band English Shorthand, Typing WALTER H. COUPE, A. B., M. A. Univ. uf Calif. Social Studies Journalism WILLIAM H. PORTER, B. S. Calif, and Univ. af Colorado Night School Principal Consumers Math. Jr. Business E. M. BAUMGARDNER, A.B.,M.A. College af Parifir English Drama MARY E. HAWLEY, A. B. Reed College: Univ. of Calif. and Portland, Oregon Matllenmtics, Home lic. Frank Yrigoyen James Rina1f1o - Alfred Pinkvrt Sr. Hermann Fricflrivll lrma Reeve - - Elvin M. Brown - Harry W. Banfivlrl George Peterson - Sr. 3511 Memoriam Of those parvnts of Svninrs Who have passed away They will br' with us Only in, hearts and minds Un our graduation day. February 22 Svptclnllcr 21 November 6, Dm-emhor 31 October 2 October 12 November 9, February 15, 9 A 1935 1935 1936 1936 1937 1937 1937 1938 Z-X 'A A 'if-E SEIIIURS SEIIIUR HISTUIW Rather lengthy, but far from boring, is the history which our class has written for itself in the past four years. Displaying dauntless courage and hoping for su- premacy, the Freshman boys set out to defeat the Sophonlores on the first Friday after our high school career started. However, the Sophomores followed tradi- tion, nlaking us how down to them in the initiation brawl. A short playct, 'LThc Lady Loses Her Hoop," served as an outlet for the energy of a number of our bois- terous girls. Norma McCray and Yvonne Schroeder were the stars. Margaret McCleary brought us fame that first year by placing second in the 20-30 Club Uratorical Contest. And by the end of our first term we had already saved 3100. We1'e we proud! The girls took possession of the Turner Hardware lnterclass Basketball Championship Trophy and have kept it thru thc entire four years, being the only class in the history of the school to accomplish this feat. Presidents-Bill Ramsay, Norma MeCray Vice-Presidents-,lames Lynch, Betty Moore Secretaries-Bill Grove, Kenneth Norris Treasurers-Kate lVeston, Barbara Blincoe Mrs. Duffy left the school, and her position as advisor was taken over by Miss Hawley. We all gathered in the typing room on flctober 10, l935, to bid a sad adieu to Mr. Patterson. Mr. Coupe staged his entrance here, supplanting "Pat". By December of our second year in high school, we had accumulated 55199 so we set 3575 aside for the production of this annual. Our ship came in in our Sophomore year in the form of the Hop on February 21. Barbara Blincoe and Gertrude Friedrich won gold medals this year, the first for art and the other for speaking. Bill Ramsay won the school extemporaneous contest and placed sec- ond in the league finals. Adorned in pretty ruffled aprons and caps, our beauti- ful belles served the Senior Tea which was held in the gym this time. The boys copped the lnterelass Basketball Trophy given by the Good Lumber Co. and also the 20-30 Interclass Football Trophy. The Montgomery Ward Trophy went to the girls' varsity hockey team as did the basketball championship. Barbara Blincoe's name was engraved on the Lions Club Art Plaque. Dipping into our treasury, we bought corsages for all the graduates at baccalaureate time as well as greenery and decorations for the stage. Presidents-Keith Reeve, Kate WCSIOII Vice-Presidents-Bill Ramsay, Robert Reece Secretaries+Lloyd Watson, Eleanor Moran Treasurers--,lames Lynch, Lloyd Watsoli Our financial status gained right oil the bat in our ,lunior year because we sold everything possible at the Tracy-Nlanteca football game and cleared SE-1-4.90. Boy, but we were money makers. That same November Mr. Coupe married Miss Fitch, so-o-0. ,lohn Rickman presented him with a tremendous ball and chain at tCrmtinne1l on P1120 Ilij Page ll L.. XNXX XLIIXNU I'IIWI.I,IS XNIIIIIQXXS IIIIX IiXXI"II'fI,lI XIXIVN lIIiIfI-AX XIXIIII ISICINI4 IIHIS IIHHXXN IIIQNISX I XSTIIH IIIII, 4,I,IiXIUNf4 .I Xl Ix IIIIIHX Aiilillgm was 1IfIIXl.IlINIQ VIIII Ili NIQI IDX JUICIIIH NIXIII 4. , . XI l.HXIIa7 I5II,l. MIIHX I- 'III XX IS INII S II XHIZY Ix Xlxlg 4I,II"IfHI'III II A f ,I I IIAIHS MKII ULIIISII IIH'4I-, IAN I XIII NIXIII-.I III! IUIQ I.XIII N NIU I,IHl XIII! INIX CIIISS UF 1938 I'4 INN Iffil i XI! XII INICNIC DISINX JS Xliiil. l'l?4Xli'l'Ii lil'IR'I'Rl'IHi l'HlI'lIJRIKlll HIQLIQN Fl li'l'f Bl ,-KMIIIC IQLXNKY BXHIIXHN l9I.I'NlIUli 'l'IH'fI.NIX IRUIHNIC IIN LNSTRH wif HHH FRlffI'ISI'I ,IUHN lL,XR4llX .HCR lL'VI'liS HUD HHH XHIIHNI Q 5, 1, Q SW 5 A HIQRYI. LUX Ii IAIIDXX UH! I,l'llXXllQ HU if Ll HX KWH .HNIXIY IN VIH LARHT Vf1'lil.l'1XRY NHKM K H1-CQIMY Xl-XHTIIX NIUNIRUIQ !H'IT'l'Y MUUNIA KIND mu, xmgllggi, 1 H XHLIQS NIUXHHIC LIMXID NlH'l"l'K 1,I.KRI-lNtIal'lilHH 1,1 IZXX PHI liI.I'1 XNHN NIMH XX H Xllfl, N XrlPlH'l'T IH'fI.liN PX'I"l'l'.N Lil X!5l.H'l"l'l'1 l'l'f'I'!'flISHX HDICH XINI4. I IN ' r .IHHX lllLlxNlXN U. HIXXIDH Juli Iil IZ XI, SSH! li HIL! SILX lu! 'Nba I'I I lx Xl,llili m 'I'lIlilil"UICIl H,,w,.3 S,3,m.,,.3m H J xxm: swrru un xm,m"rxc SHNIICRX lu. umm x sx'1-'mx 1x,X'l'lQ XX H5'l'UA jul., TURP T031 T5l7jlMU'l'U XX ll,l.Hf W fXl.lNU'I'I l,Hfl.liN Yliluu ' c lQh'5'5A V0,r 1 9 a s HX Q Q , W k h L NIH. RAMSNY RHBRIYI' IQHICQIYC KEITH REIEVIC .IAMICS RHHN nk. , ,,.. ..,, ,. ITT!! ICLIJSN QPINN Xl'IRl,I'l'I' HATTU MARJORIIS REEIQH LUIRIC RITCHIH LONNIH SLXYTER l.l'ISl.lE Sl,0IilWM JACK WFEVPINSUN FRANK TIHMPSON ,AIR SWANSUN JUSI'IPHlTNl'I IHSHIH l'Il,VlDA PMAN HELEN WRST ......,A,.., Q EDDIE VIERRA ,Mlik W,-X'I'HUlTS LLOYD WATSON DOIAFRI-IS ZAlZAfZ0iS Pale 16 S E n I 0 R H I S T 0 R v 1Cv'1li'H4f'll fffml MHP Ill a hilarious class meeting a few weeks later. And thengthat long-awaited event-Q the crowning glory of our third yeare-the ,lunior Prom! April 30th was the date. 'EAI1 old-fashioned garden" was the theme, a record-breaking crowd at- tended, and the best time in the history of Junior Proms was had by all. That was really a Prom for all past and future Proms to look up to! Attired in attrac- tive afternoon gowns, and balancing loaded tea trays, our girls again brought the class much praise for the gracious manner in which they served the Senior Tea. Kate, Elvida, and Norma won their Gold T's and helped the girls cop every ath- letic championship. Not only were we the basketball and hockey aces, but the speedball, volleyball, and baseball queens as well. Barbara Blincoe's artistic abil- ity shone thru again so her "John Henry" was engraved on the Wilkenson Applied Art Cup. Gertie's citizenship speeeh won for her first place in the school extemporaneous and Crusader,s Speaking Contests. For the best mosquito story. Ed Ludwig won the local Gorgas Memorial Essay Contest, and Clair Swanson brought us great honors with her Poppy Day Poster, which was first in the local and district competition! Presidents-,lack Gates, Bill Grove Vice-Presidents-John Rickman, Lloyd Watson Secretaries-Anna Albano, David Luevano Treasurers-Charlotte Peterson, Glenn Pruitt The foregoing achievements represent three years of fun, work, comradeship, and cooperation. Thru those years we waited somewhat impatiently for the day when we should be mighty but sedate and dignified Seniors. Came move-up as- sembly of 1937 and there we were! Suddenly the same thought hit all of us- one more short year and we would occupy the honored seats on the stage, be the graduates, be the Class of '38 as a whole for what probably would be the last timel Scared? I'l1 say we were. However, vacation soon passed and we led off in the new term with a tremendous hit, our Senior Play, Q'Growing Painsf' Meg McCleary and ,loc Torp kept the largest crowd ever to witness a THS play in hysterics and tears that night. Only a month later we stuck another feather in our cap by having the most dancers a Senior Ball has ever attracted in Tracy. "Symphony in Blue," was the theme of this, our next to last affair in the social annals of our Alma Mater. ,lack Gates led us as student body president the first semester and Dave Luevano succeeded him. Smiling .lohn Rickman received a gold football trophy from his teammates for his services as football captain. Uur hero, stocky ,loe Ruiz, won the coveted prize for football, the Peter B. Kylie Trophy. Eleanor Moran won the school Gorgas Contest and Bill and Gertie both expounded in the league extemp contest. 'l'wo of our boys cashed in on their Ag projects, Harry Kaku winning S2 at the St1'eet Fair for his chickens, and Clarence Perry 3513 for his cows. llelen Patten and Eleanor Moran, typing SEIIIUR HISTURV experts, earned their gold pin typing awards. Achieving prominence for her splendid editing of our edition of "El Portal" is Anna Albano, assisted by Verlct Ratto as Business Manager. Two "smarties" graduated at midyear, the one simply marking time in Tracy until her formal graduation in June, the other going on to an art school and gaining fame therein. The former was Geraldine Childs and and the latter, of course, was Irene Dusina. Athletic supremacy was upheld by both sexes again, adding many laurels to our mighty class. Tacky Day proved a great success as far as we were concerned, the class turning out in outlandish garb almost en masse. Joe and Charlotte were the only ones to profit financially, how- ever. Gertie's gift of gab, so often mentioned herein, finally culminated in a rich reward, for she won 310 in the Lions Club Constitutional Contest in March. Ida Dal Porto and Thelma Bourne took the Wilkinson and Lions art awards, respec- tively. Ditch Day on May 20 at Alum Rock Pa1'k undoubtedly set another school record for good behavior and cooperative fun. Ufhccrs for the year included Barbara Blincoc, Jack Dillon, Glenn Pruitt, Marie Colli, and Lorraine Pinkert. Baccalaureate, graduation, and the Cap and Gown Dance are yet to come, and their passing will write "Finis" to our splendid history. After that, we, the Class of '38, go forth to bring added honors and greater glories to our Alma Mater, dear old Tracy High. REMEMBER IIIIIEII . . . ? Mrs. Elena Duffy was the advisor for the A-M girls . . . Mrs. B's home room took orders for 38 boxes of candy . . . Charlotte Peterson and Lorraine Pinkert were inseparable . . . John Rickman wasn't a shiek . . . The girls all had a crush on Pat Patterson . . . Helen West's engagement caused such a sensation . . . Glenn Pruitt first came here . . . Barbara used to go with Keith and Georgia went with Warren . . . Loire's 6'Rachel Jane" carried all the kids . . . The great McCleary-Norris romance was . . . Gertie swung a fake spider under Mr. Coupe's nose and received her first detention . . . Thelma was almost arrested for break- ing traflic laws on seven different counts . . . Andrew Rodoni was "War" in the Frosh pageant, and Norma was "Pestilence" . . . Pat Clark was the belle of the class . . . We had ocean waves on the walls for the Soph Hop fmakes me seasiclc to even think of ,emi . . . Hank, Phil, and Chash reported a night watchman as a suspicious looking character . . . Martha Monroe got six letters at once . . . Alfonso wore that slick sweat shirt in his basketball days . . . Al Rinaldo was studying to be a priest . . . Robert Reece took a whole car full of girls to a ball game . . . Spazzy, Tiger, Motta, and Rickman all had cases on Bots at once. SEIIIOR SIllllES "Graduation day at last," Breathed the Class of '38, "For four years we've worked To get the well-known gate" But now the tilne has eome When we as pals lllllSl part: And so the Seniors leave With a slightly heavy heart. As the diplomas were given I thought back oier the years And remembranees of good times Brought a suspieion of tears. Ah yes! Banana Albano Was editor of the annual, And Isabel Pomho took A husband named Manual. Vlfhat a flirt Rita was! ,lust born that Way. Her eyes and hip-twist All the boys did slay. 'hHave you heard thatf' Was the by-line of Phyllis. Sometimes her gossip Would almost kill us. The nickle-nursing erown Went to that able boy-Bob Brown. Willie, Tony and Bieky Laughed all day Trouble just didn't come Along their way. Nelda won a singing contest Making her Bing Crosby's guest. Rehn would argue day and night: He was never wrong-always right. Spazzy led the sehool in yells, Somervill heard wedding bells. In January lrene graduated, As an artist she is feted. SlOCUIlleElfl a lot of musele, But he was no lad to hustle. Robert Reeee was a scholar: Never at the girls did holler. Meg was "Terry', ln our great Senior Play. Her gay laugh Brushed dull eare away. That Hsmart-gal" look Belonged to Tuffy Duffy. Page 18 She eould be sweet Or very, very huffy. Eddie Ludwig was a bashful boy, His mother's pride and joy. Then there was Kate Vlfeston, Brainy, hut oh so aloof. Really, boys, her bite Wasn't as bad as her G'Woofl', At mention of height 4'Big ,lim Lynehw burned. But, my friends, he's growing: Yes, the "Worm,' has turned! Babs Blineoe was a flash in art, Tho Stone really had her heart. ,lo Toner and a rime? Never got to class on time. Full of L. A. apple soss Was Dillon, known as "Hoss." Loire was a member Of this annual staff, Tell her a joke ,Il She'll laff, 'n laff, 'n laff. Helen Furtado can bake: A good wife she'll make. Another who answered 'iyesw Yvas quiet Helen West. A quiet youth was Cliflie, Always there in a jiffy. Harmonica and uweedsn Were the upashi' Uf 4"l'iger" Beryl Love, That great Senior flash. Out in the Vernalis section Lay Blanche's affection. lda Castro was plump and short, Also of the quiet sort. Geraldine Childs Went out at mid-year, HR. S." was the one Helen Y called L'dear." St. Peter ordered wings For Marie Colli last term, But 'LCopher" fooled The old "strep" germ. Davy was a swingy erooner, Never saw him as a Spooner. Dolores Zaragoza was very neat, Also very pretty and petite. Careia thought he was hot: We knew he was no big shot. Chuck eould giggle Way down deep inside, ln a telephone booth He could never hide! For athletie prowess Norma won her Gold T, Her hair was as pretty As ever you'll see. Ramsay will have a head As smooth as a cue hall From too much time spent In Leo's pool hall. If ever a stenog you need, Call on Miss Moran, She types with great speed. Cushing was a specialty Of Helen Patten, so chubby. I'll bet she gets WR. W." for a huhby. Sweet and innocent Looked Lorraine P.: That this was a fake Was easy to see. Mabel Belmont was a tidy lass But Roy had her number, alas As to 'gnaekingfi Joe said, "No," But his gal, '4Pete," Yvas far from slow. The South Side Gang Ran a used ear lot. Alfonso hought the cars Just before they'd rot. Kaku bought the tires At sales after fires. Tishie filled them up with ai Silveira tore his curly hair. Saliee then made it run, Rinaldo blessed it And the job was done. ,lohn Biekman always rushed Girls that were new, My, how that boy could "Pitch the woo." Bots was plump And loved by all, Her heart was big But she was small. I. SEIIIUR SFILLIES When first he came Glenn was very shy, We soon found out He was a swell guy. Three who were ever together Were Hector, Sutton, and Nassett. ln sunny or stormy weather That trio always met. Catch me ,ere l swoon, Steve thought he could croon. Remember what a rowdy Frank Thompson used to be? The Senior Play made him into a very polite "he." Four athletic stripes Were flashed by Keith Reeve lspose G. Edwards Will hate to see him leave lb. Vivian and Gladys From knitting never rest. What's it all for, girls, Your hope chest? Clair will interior decorate.. She liked to plot and plan: Emily will be a housewife, She longed for a man. Alice rated with all the boys, They courted her day and night ,lanice was always cheery, But not very light. Elvida was a goody-goody Always seeking praise, Bill Michel played in the band, Blank was his gaze. Perry worked hard as a farmer, n Wfas far from a woman eharmer. Bose used big words About two miles long, She could say them right- Never got them wrong. Tobe was a swell guy, For basketball he had an eye. .loe Ruiz was of football fame, The Kyne Trophy bears his nal Of Ida Dal Porto Not much was said, But on her shoulders rested A very wise head. IN". Pretty darn tall Was Virginia May, She never had Very much to say. Travis Imus' hair Was very well-behaved, His blond locks Were always sleekly waved. Marge Reeee's, however, Was of a different caliber, But that mess of fuzz Seemed to suit her. "Li'l Orphan Annie," Wzls Lloyd lVlotta's favorite For many years now she has been His big hit. Dimples were flashed By Isabel Esarte, Nobody ever knew Of her affairs of the heart. Watso played chauH'eur To his chums, Too tight to buy gas, The big bums! Now at last we come To the writer of all this-Gertie. ltis easily seen that Shf-'s not pertie, just nertie. Now that l've shown you The Seniors one li one Y a Please donit get mad, . r- lt was all m fun. ln the years to come When you gaze again on this section, Don't forget to think of all of us With kind thoughts of affection. The final line is written ln the pages of our El Portal, And as we part we hear tht- words, 'LSO long, Palf' Page 19 pv -s -- -.f- r 'lui - " w.,,,-'vu'v.W-' rn l l. Betty at her hcst 6. Slightly mixed company ll, "Alice" 2. The lates! in hats 7. "Dude" Freese 12. Very Social Mechanics fl. Notahles all H. "De Bowery Belles" l3. Only furniture lacking 4. Rag dolls V. Yenrhnnk Publicity Stall' 14. Long Barn Special 5. "Growing Pains" set 10, Super male harem 15,-X. 'l'acky llay Parade Page 20 IGA. Seniur Gang 15. "Framed" lh. .loscpllinc 17. "lN1onkcys is t l8. Reno lloundl llc quazicat people l First Row: lleFreitas, Thompson, Kelly, Randall, Edwards, Callis, Giovacchini, Campbell, Reeve, Simpson. Svrnnd Row: Cox. Ruiz, li., Stone, W., Stridhorg, Escnhar, Hantield, Vnlpi, Yeoman, Vierra, Mastoris. lleadriek. Tlm.l Row: Mr. Westlake, Wells, Belt, Freeze, Baskclte, Seney, Leggitt, Dana, Crawford, Culbert, Lee, Mr. Hurley. First Row: Wert, Silva, Rose, Belmont, Garriott, Rickman, Gomez, Fetrucelli, Yamauehi, Perry, Guevara, Soares. Second Row: Serna, dalPortn, Donavan, Hedrick, Hall, lleMark, Dickerson. DelPrete, Bettencourt, Haugh, Gri- haldn, Marti. Third Row: Walter, Cannon, Wonfter, Anton, Edwards, Bayes, Connell, Sattler, Friedrich, Peterman, Eliason, Wilson. Fourth Row: Mrs. Edmiston, Ratto, Parker, Randolph, Archibald, Tornell, McCarthy, Smith, liusich, liorges, Rodriques, Sweeney, Frates, Mrs. Fine. JUllIOR CHISS Starting with a moncy-making proposition undcr thc guidance of Prcsidcnt Frcdwin Phillips, thc Junior Class sold grccn and gold school hcanics to hc worn at all athlctic functions. Nlaking an innovation in danccs for Tracy High School, the Junior girls sponsored a "Girls Trcat Dance" aftcr thc Patterson basketball game hcre. The style of the class ring was changed, the gold foundation lacing displaced hy various stoncs with thc crcst placed on thcni. ,lack Simpson was vice-president, Waltcr Pollard, sccrctary, and Edward Ferguson was treasurer for tha- first S0lllt'Sl0l'. Taking place on May 13. with Hawaii as its thcmc, thc .lunior Prom was given in thc Rose Room of the Tracy lnn. Ted Nlastoris, Kcn Firth 7 Donald Kelly, and Ccorgc Banficld lcd thc class ncxt. Page Z1 SOPHOMORE BOYS First Row: Odell, Bettencourt, Gianelli, Borges, Gomez, A., Sullivan, Sasser, Koster, F., Padilla, James, Rezendes, Leslie, Lew, Silveria, Koster, C., Johnson. Seraud Row: Poole, J., Poole, P., Cnrdoza, D., Castro, Colli, Cardoza, H., Carrunza, Bruno, Baumgardner, Lawrence, Evans, Miller, Henke, Walter. Third Row: Muncy, Lee, Blaney, Craw- lord, Dell lmmagine, Couch, Fisher, Lehman, Bush, Shnw, Hettervik, Mammen, Armstrong, Vierra, Gomez, P. Fourth Raw: Mr. Brown, Armnnde, Niblett, Willis, Hollingshead, Ahrendes, Lyle, Lawrence, C., Hendrickson, DeKriek, Von Der Heide, Mclieany, Pinkert, Gates, McLeod, Mr. Miller. SOPHOMORE GIRLS First Row: Smith, Alvis, Pumho, Esquerra, T,, Esquerra, I., Ackerson, W'oofter, Grove, Ryan, Gerlach, Percival, Somervill. Semnd Row: Elworthy, Leach, Rosa, Matheson, Gallagher, Oliver, Butterfield. Saline, Stearns. Theall, Harris, Tusup. Third Roni: Crouch, Frntes, Joiner, Howard, Souza, Phillips, Amaral, Kurth, Woolever, Alameda, Stevenson, llall, Nohlitt, Christian. Fourth Row: Miss Palmer, Mcllonold, Jardine, Maxwell, Huffman, Curtis, Hein- hockle, Luhhe, Wuthrich, Steury, Michel, Ladd, Hansen, llonavan, Miss Dunton. SOPHOIl10RE CLHSS President Reginald Lawrence led the Sophomore Class in increasing the finan- cial status through a series of candy sales. Vice-President Ina Hansen and Secre- tary Mary Anne Huffman aided him in this venture. Treasurer Bill Gates ably handled the money as it rolled in. Albert Gianelli was president the second sem- ester, Frank Niblett, vice-president, and Patsy Stevenson was secretary. Under the guidance of these officers the Sophomore Hop was given on March 4 in the gym with St. Patrick's Day decorations. Marjorie Matheson, Leo Couch, Ava Noblitt, ,lack Fisher, Roger Lehman, and Hazel Palmer were prominent for their leading roles in the operetta, "'l'l1c Sunllonnet Girl." Page 22 I FRESHM AN BOYS First Row: llutra, Eagan, Lucas, Rezendes, Harry, Lopez, Rodriquez, Sutton, Ahhntt, Phillips, Randolph, Yama- saki. Sernnd Raw: Azevedo, Cardoza, Nakagawa, Wong, Rose, Tillotson, Blincoe, McArthur, Asels, Del Soldato, Kooyman, Uman, Gillett, Masumiya. Third Rnzv: Ledgett, Leplgitt, Rathjen, Mason, Tusup, Mcliinnis, Goulart, Markovitz, Picchi, Medlin, Patten, Greenwood, Mello, Soares. Fourth Row: Mr. Clarke, Arnaudo, Ramirez, Wise, Truss, Routt, McLeod, Mazzanti, Sasser, Silva, Torrison, Gomes, Given, Mr. Lien. FRESHMAN GIRLS First Row: Borthwick, Henderson, Gomez, Pomho, Lucas, Cummins, Patrick, Sweeney, Synak, Kenner, Mitchell, Zaragoza, Vient, Ensley, Rezendes. Serond Raw: Boltzen, Peterson, Souza, Randall, Rudkin, Giovacchini, Pulich, Goodrich, Perry, Silveria, Stene, Gordon, Bartlett, Rose, Kinder. Third Row: Becklund, Gehlken, Cargay, Reece, Silva, Smith, Alley, Del Prete, Hench, Palmiter, Cardnza, Rhodes, Fertuna, Cook, Knoyman. Fourth Raw: Miss Genetti, Hettencourt, Locatelli, Colli, Stewart, Shaw, Mastoris, Ilcwhirst, Poet, Mcllvain, Gentry, Jorge, Helen: Jorge, Hazel: Dahh, Prater, Hrazil, Miss Nissen. FRESHIIIHII CLIISS Un Scptemlicr third of last semester the entire day was given over to initiating the Freshmen. The night was reserved for a formal initiation and dancing in the gym. Soon afterward the following officers were elected to launch the Freshmen on their high school careers: President, ,lim Greenwoodg Vice-President, Lucile Mcllvaing Secretary-Treasurer., Georgia Peterson. The class fulfilled its social obligations in giving the Freshman Return Dance. Barn decorations made the dancers feel at home that evening. The officers for the second semester were elected too late in the year for publication. Page 23 Page 24 Maintaining the good record of previous years, the drama department has two drama classes under the direction of Mrs. Baumgardner. These classes accounted for fourteen productions during the fall and spring of 1937-38. Among the out- standing accomplishments of the young Bernhardts and Barrymores were: GRUIIIIIIG PIIIIIS The Senior Play, presented on November 12, 1937, was one of the greatest successes Tracy High has ever seen. Every scat was taken, and it was necessary to bring chairs from the typing room and thc library so people could sit in the aisles. The cast included ,Ioe Torp, Margaret McCleary, Gertrude Friedrich, Bill Ramsay, Elvida Uman, Thelma Bourne, Charlotte Peterson, Geneva Sutton, Bob Brown, Frank Thompson, and Robert Reece. Young love and all its sorrows and joys was the central theme of the play. lt was highly amusing, and was thc type of play that could be fand wasl enjoyed by old and young alike. '5Growing Pains" featured one of the best stage settings to date in Tracy High. The scene was a patio of a Spanish bungalow. Palm trees could be seen above the tile roof of the stucco cottage, while a charming and "homey" scene was presented in the l'0l'P,1II'0llll1l. Mr. Miller and the shop boys constructed the set. DIllB0lIEIIl CIRCLE The Thanksgiving play was an entertaining comedy, involving Cotton Mather, portrayed by Freeman Lee, his daughter Betty, and two rivals for Betty's hand, Adonijah Wiggelsworth and Charles Manning. The members of the cast were Helen Patten, ,lack Stevenson, Bill Ramsay and Freeman Lee. THE EHIIISTIIIIIS GUEST A beautiful blue and silver Christmas angel, posed by Geneva Sutton, was the hi hli fht of the Christmas lla . The cast of "The Christmas Guest" was Frank g B l Y Thom son, Eleanor lVloran, Ruth Sehrt, Bctt Cannon, Freeman Lee, .lack Steven- P Y son, Rose Goulart, Louise Anton, Dorothy Woofter, and Helen Eliason. The Freshman verse choir ave man xresentations before lod c and school g Y l xg groups. The choir was made up entirely of girls, but was led in a few instances by Jimmie Abbott. The Freshman drama class entertained at class meetings, so- cial organizations, and student body meetings. URGIIIIIZIITIOIIS SCHOLARSHIP Front Row: Rudkin, Gordon, Belmont, DeMark, Marti, Ryan, McCleary, Moore, Patten, Monroe, Gehlken. Serond Row: Dewhirst, Hansen, Woofter, Sutton, M. Phillips, B, Blincoe, Stevenson, Moran, G. Peterson, Beck- lund. Third Row: Friedrich, Anton, Cannon, Serpa, Weston, Alhano, Pinkert, dalPorto, Donavan, Hall, Miss Hawley. Fourth Row: McCray, Pollard, F. Phillips, Muncy, Mastoris, Mason, Koster, D. Kelly, J. Yamasuki. ART CLUB Front Row: Sutton, Tener, Gallagher, Dal Porto, Dusina, Rodriquez. Serond Row: Mastoris, Toro, Swanson, Niblett, Smith, Hector, Nassett, Mrs. Edmiston. SCHOLIIRSHIP SOCIETV After long and heated deliating, the Scholarship Society decided to visit the Golden Gate Park Museum in San Francisco on their annual excursion to places of interest. Unly the students with the highest grades can lrelong to the Scholar- ship Society. After belonging to the Society for six or more semesters, a student receives a gold scholarship seal on his graduation diploma. The Seniors who will receive a seal this year are Betty Moore, Kate Weston and Eleanor Moran. The advisor is Miss Hawley. Ted Mastoris and Margaret Phillips were officers for the year. HRT CLUB Enthusiastic students formed the Art Clulm, which met after school. The cluli sponsored a group of six exhibits of the Carnegie Art Series. These were tht- finest reproductions to he ohtained in the country. Mrs. EdI1liSf0I'l was the advisor for the cluh. .loe Torp and lda Dal Porto were the year's officers. Page 25 -avi' " Page 26 URGIIIIIZHTIUIIS GIRLS' BLOCK T Front Raw: Garriott, Rose, Cannon, DeMark, Edwards, Marti, Petrucelli, Stearns, Blaney, Colli. Sernud Row: Hedrick, Belmont, Anton, Serpa, Ratto, Weston, West, Percival, Dal Porto, J. Smith, Uman. Third Row: M. Smith, Silva, Friedrich, Moore, McCray, Phillips, Wilson, Yrigoyen, Mrs. Huddleston. BOYS' BLOCK T Front Row: T. Cardoza, B. Cates, Deadrick, Hollingshead, Garcia, Luevano, J. Ruiz, Edwards, lmus, Watson, Stridborg, J. Gates, Phillips, B. Reeve, Poole, Rhodes, Freeze, Baskette, Wells, Given, Curtis, Albuno, Miatovich. S1-fond Row: Willis, Mr. Hurley. Third Row: E. Ruiz, Bruno, Mehring, Rickman, Cox, Lyle, Grove, K. Reeve, Stone, lilancy. Fourth Row: Lawrence, Rehn, Slocum, Lee, Watrous, Monroe, Salice, Volpi, Auchard, Mullally. GIRLS' Bl0CH T SUCIETV The Girls' Block T Society is now in its third year in Tracy High. The total membership since its organization amounts to fifty girls. The girls have lieen very enterprising this year. They made and sold ehrysanthemums with green Tis on them for the Nlantcca football game, sold Tracy High stickers, and pre- pared several entertaining rallies. The officers for the year were Gertrude Fried- rich, Elvida Uman, and Louise Anton. The advisor for the society was lVlrs. Huddleston. Bl0CH T SUCIETV An athletic honor society for lioys, the Block T Society was organized to pro- mote friendliness and sportsmanship. A lloy must have earned an A or B team letter lnefore he is qualified for Block T. The Block T boys were very prominent in social activities during the past year. They gave their annual lmoxing matches in March and Block T dance in April. Coach Hurley was the advisor, and officers were Keith Reeve, Bill Grove and Travis lmus. I Punucnnons Visiting the San Franicsco Chronicle and San Francisco News on Saturday, March 26, provided the twenty Journalism students with the thrill of seeing pro- fessional journalism at close range. They saw the wirephoto and tcletype in ac- tion, and enjoyed meeting famous sports writers and columnists. The Scholar and Athlete staff. composed mainly of Juniors, succeeded in put- ting out a mimeographed newspaper every week. The paper usually contained ten to fourteen pages. The El Portal staff was chosen from the Journalism class early in the fall. The students chosen were all Seniors except Warren Stone, a Junior. After improving their journalistic ability, the staff concentrated on producing the Annual for the remainder of the year. BHHD HRD URCHESTRH This year has seen the best band ever to he organized in Tracy High School. Fifty students played in the band this year, while other years have seldom had more than half that number. New uniforms were purchased, and the band ap- peared at nearly every athletic event dressed in their best. The advisor, Mr. Schu- lenburg, drilled the band until they knew how to march perfectly. They marched between halves of numerous football games. The five fancy baton twirlers were Letafrances dal Porto, Lorette Donavan, Kay Hall, Rae Hall and ,lack Fisher. The orchestra, under the direction of Mr. a'Pop" Graham, progressed nicely this year. They played at a large number of programs given in the auditorium. UPERETTH "The Sunbonnet Girl," a comic operetta in two acts, was one of the hits of the season. Marjorie Matheson played the title role. The entire Glee Club took part, but due to the lack of boys in the Glce Club, Mrs. Baumgardner contributed some boys from her ,lunior English Class to the boys' chorus. The cast of L'The Sun- bonnet Girl" numbered seventy-six. Leading roles were taken by ,loe Torp, Louise Anton, Jimmie Greenwood, Roger Lehman, Esther De Mark, Ted Mastoris, Ava ,lune Noblitt, Letafrances dal Porto, ,lack Fisher, Marjorie Matheson, Hazel Palmer, Marjorie Parker and Emma Rickman. The musical director of "The Sun- bonnet Girln was Mr. Roberts, and the dramatics were under the direction of Mrs. Baumgardncr, assisted by Miss Genetti, Miss Palmer, and Rae Hall. The ensemble numbers by the seventy-voice opcretta chorus were excellent. The performance by the entire cast was enthusiastically applauded by thc large audience attending. The gross receipts were 315000. Page 27 ORCHESTRA Frou! Row: Mr. Graham, Nohlitt, Wooilur, Haugh, Michel. Uehlark, Garriott, M. llonavan, Gates, Hol- Iingsllcnd, Svrund Row: Brazil, L. llonavan, lloyes, Kurth, Ensley, Bart- lctt, Rhodes, Theall, Third Row: Mason, Sasser, Wise, Hendrickson, Michel, Hedrick, Lehman, Rudkin. GLEE CLUB Front Row: Elwnrthy, Alvis, l'ulich. Giovacchini, Perry, Castro, Rooyman, Cook, Fertuna, Vient, Stene. Second Row: Silva, Peterman, Rhodes, Bart- lett, Alley, Frates, M. Colli, 'liheall Percival, C. Belmont, Saling, L. Colli. Third Row: Pinkert, Crouch, Dew- hirst, Huffman, Woolever, Gallagher, Butterfield, M. Belmont, Palmiter, M. Wooftcr, Ackerson, Dickerson, Prater. I-'nurrlr Row: Rutherford, Cargay, Nob- litt, Heinhockle, Mr. Roherts, Leh- man, Fisher, Rickman, Anton, Del- l'rete, Hlancy, IJ. Woofter, Grihaldo. EL PORTAL Front Row: Ritchie, Colli, Alhano, Ratto. Svrouzl Row: Dana, Stone, Friedrich, Mr. Coupe. SCHOLA R AND ATN LETE Frau! Row: Hedrick, lJefVlark, Har riott, llall, Belmont. Swoud Row llonavan, dal Porto, Volpi. Dana, Mas toris, Petcrman, Mr. Coupe. Page 28 BAND Front Row: K. Hall, R. Hall, Given, Yamasaki, Garriolt, dalPor!o, Mr. Schulenhurg. Seronvd Row: Harry, Pet- erson, Palmiter, Goodrich, Gordon, Bruno, Rudkin, Muncy, Eagan. Third Row: Love, Poole, DeFreitas, Lehman, Heltervik, Sutton, Simpson, Deliriek, Greenwood, Crawford. Fourth Row: Hendrickson, Vierra, Perry, Lee, Avila, Patrick, Mcllvain, Cargay, Freese, Fisher, Donavan, Bastian, Cas- tro. Fifth Raw: Golf, Kelly, Michel, Hedrick, Reece. OPERETTA CAST Fran! Row: Parker, Hall, DeMark, Nohlitt, Wooiter, Frates, Matheson. Rickman, Cargay, Palmer. Second Row: Mrs. Baumgardner, Greenwood, Mastoris, Torp, Lehman, dalPorto, Mr. Roberts, Fisher, Couch. STUDENT BODY OFFICERS Pinkert, Leuvano, Grove, Watrous, Rehn, Gates, Cannon. GIRLS' LEAGUE AND BOYS' FEDERATION OFFICERS Front Row: G. Edwards, Belmont, Garriott, Weston, Hinch, Souza, Can- non, Patten. Second Row: McCleary, A. Edwards, Rickman, McCray, Volpi, Garcia, Van Bcbher, Ruiz. Page 29 Page 30 Left to Right, Tap Row: Joe Ruiz, Bnbry Reeve, Freeman Lee, Pete Dompe, Hal Stridborg, Harry Kaku. Farm Projects, Left to Right: Arian Gerlach, Joe Ruiz, Manuel Dutra, Suzanne Gerlach, Reeve's Prizewinner, Judging Practice. Group Picture: Mr. Clarke, E. Ruiz, Torrison, Routt, Von der Heide, Culbert, Slocum, Cardoza, G. Mc- Leod, Picchi, Sasser, Mr. Brown. Serond Raw: Mello, Walter, Asels, Armstrong, J. Giovacchini, Borges, E. Gomez, Ormonde, Perry, A. Vierra, B. McLeod, Colli, Tsujimoto. Third Row: C. Rezendes, L. Giovacchini, E. Vierra, Aze- vedo, T. Rezendes, P. Gomez, Koster, Rathjen, Kooyman, Rose, Goulart. Front Row: Lucas, Kaku, Dompe, J. Ruiz, Lee, B. Reeve, Stridhorg, Dutra. TRIICV FUTURE FFIRIIIERS 0F FIIIIERICH The Tracy F. F. A.'s started the 1937-38 school year with a larger enrollment than ever before, with fifty-two up-and-coming Future Farmers. Regular nightly meetings were held each month. The boys displayed their projects at the American Legion Street Fair, San Joaquin County Fair, and South San Francisco Baby Beef Show. Thirty-four exhibits of cattle, sheep, hogs, and poultry were shown. Many Hrst and second prizes were won, bringing in 3553.75 in prize money. , A project loan fund was established to loan money to the chapter members. This year the boys received an average of 5380.00 labor income from their projects. Most of the chapter members are participating in the following judging ac- tivities: Dairy Cattle, Poultry, and Livestock. The chapter is sponsoring the testing of 250 dairy cows monthly, and the keep- ing of records on them. It is also keeping records of six poultry flocks that belong to PHICIITS. 1 FlTHlETICS I 1 FO0TBIlll Building both men and teams was the policy of George Hurley, mentor of Tracy Highls football squad. The l937 season was a successful one, although thc chalnpionship Went to Turlock. A variety of thrills, resulting from sixty minutes of battle in each game. gave spectators full value. Tracy finished the 1937 grid sea- son by winning 3, tieing l, and losing 5 games. Although the team did not win all the games, their opponents knew they had been through a real battle. Men who played their last season for Tracy are J. Ruiz, lmus, Slocum, Grove, Rickman, Salice, Monroe, and K. Reeve. These Seniors deserve much credit for their fine play while at Tracy, and their absence will present a big problem next year. Other outstanding players were B. Reeve, Freeze, Baskette, Lawrence, Blancy, Volpi, Miatovieh, Escobar, Cox, and Phillips. .l0e Ruiz, the charging halfback of the 1937 varsity, was awarded the Peter B. Kyne Trophy, .lohn Rickman was elected Captain, and Fredwin Phillips received the Weeks Scholarship Trophy. ALUMNI-September 14- The former 'tbig shots" of Tracy High, namely the Alumni, spoiled Tracy's grid opener by having many players who made college football teams last year. The Hhas beens" smashed and crashed their way to a 13-0 victory over the Green and Gold. The game produced many stars, especially the hard driving halfback, ,lim Blaney. MARTIN EZ-September 17 .lourneying to Martinez three days after the alumni game, minus two of their first string players, namely John Rickman, center, and Les Slocum, tackle, the Tracy Bulldogs went down to a 26-0 defeat at the hands of the Alhambra High Panthers. The powerful Alhambra team had little trouble in holding the Bull- dogs in check in all departments of the game. LODI J. V.-September 23 Tracy High School played good defensive ball against the l.odi ,l. V., defeating them l-'l--0. The Tracy backfield showed excellent form in running and blocking, while the forward wall continued to boom across the line of scrimmage. ln this game Tracy made its first touchdown and showed it had Hwhat it takesf, MODESTO-October 1 Tracy's most humiliating defeat of an up-and-down season was applied by Mo- desto when they dumped the Bulldogs 39-0. Led by Bob Elkins, backfield ace. llffo- desto had things pretty much their own way as the Bulldogs bogged in their tracks. Showing excellent form in blocking and tackling was ulron-Man" Miatovich. Page 31 Nllllll Xl Illmvk IXX 1. 1' Hz' H, H l',l'.X'l 1hlau'lvrlm In ld I- H.mlH HI.KNl'lY Ildlilm. L Qu. a . Kyru' Truplxyy I.-UXlH'1MZI'1 T B l l i Page 32 ,W -. 1 RUSTER Name Pos. Wt. Blaneym' ,, ,,,.,... H 170 Baskeltem ,, , ,, 160 Coxli ...,... , ,,,... H 162 Escobnrx .,,,,.... E 132 Freezes' v...,... H 158 Grove 1 ,...,..., E 135 Imusa , ,,,...... E 148 Lee .,..,,, .,,,,,,.. T 161 Lawrence? ,,,,.. G 151 Monroe? H ..T 210 M1ill0Y'll'l'l1: , ,,,,,,. C 100 September 23-Roseville .,.A,,,,.......,,,,, September 30-Pleasanton ..,.... ,, . 'FOctober 7SOakdale ..,.,.v,,...., October 1-l--Alumni ,,,,,,, , , , October 21-Turlock ,,...., ,, Class Name Pos. Wt. Class Soph. Phillips? ,,,,, ,. ,,,,,.. C 159 Jr. Jr. Reeve, Kfnlz ,,,,,,. H 180 Sr. Jr. Reeve, B? ...,., .....,. Q 144 Jr. Jr. Rickman 1' gl: .,,, ,, .... C 155 Sr. Jr. Ruiz, E. ...,.. ,,.,,,, G 160 Jr. Sr. Ruiz, J."' 1: .,,,, ,,,,... H 181 Sr. Sr. Salicewc ., .,..,,,, T 158 Sr. Jr. Slocumils ,, ,,,.... F 191 Sr. Soph. Volpig .,,,, , . ,,,,,,, ,.,,,,., C 149 Jr. Sr. Jr. :l:IlIlll1'1lll'S varsity letters won in football. .Here October 27-Lodi J. V.,, ,..., There ,,Here "November 4- --Mamtecu .... ,,,,.... H ere ..Here "November 11 ---- Ceres .,..,...,....,, ,,,... H ere ,,Here November 18-Open. There fillenotes league gauuefa Page 33 F 0 0 T B R l l lClHlfflllll"!l from page .Ht UAKDALE-Octohcr 8 After the stinging defeat of 39-0 the Green and Gold squad helped dedicate the lighted field at Uakdale hy hattling to a scoreless tie in our first league game. Statistics showed Tracy outplayed the Oakdale team, hut the Tracy lads were un- ahle to push the hall over for a touchdown. STUCKTUN .l. V.-1 lctoher 15 Showing their mid-season form our varsity tealn literally smashed the Stock- ton .l. V. hy the score of l9-0. During the first half, the people in the grandstand viewed powerful defense on the part of hoth squads. However, after the half the Tracy hoys no longer tarricd in their own ground, hut started an attack the Stock- ton eleven was unahle to stop until we had three touchdowns and one conversion. TURLUCK-Uctoher 22 The Turlock Bulldogs, penetrating Traey's defense, gained two touchdowns in the first Hve minutes of play. The Tracy Bulldogs lost hy a 40-12 score. Tracy's two tallies came in the second and fourth periods as the result, of passes from "Chuck7' Monroe to "Tolly" Grove. Uutweighcd and out-experienced, Tracy's only defensive threats were displayed hy quarterhaek ,loc Ruiz and Leslie '4Kid" Slocum. SCHNEIDER-Uctoher 29 The Tracy varsity eleven rose up in all its might to smite a clever Schneider squad 39-0 in a hrilliant display of hroken field running. Schneider High, never threatening. gave the Bulldogs little trouhle. The game started out when Blaney on a reverse ran 30 yards for the initial score. From then on everything was Tracy's. Tracy scored once more in each quarter. llfTANTECA-Nove1nher5 Rated as underdogs who would lose hy four or five touchdowns, the Bulldogs entered the hig game with lllanteca. Wfhen the whistle hlew to start thc game. the Bulldogs fumhled on the first play. which resulted in lVlanteca's first touchdown. ln the second quarter thc Green and Gold, who were deterlnined to score, launched an offensive threat and split the Mianteca defense wide open and marched 65 yards to their first score, hut failed to convert. At the half the score was 6-6. In the second half the Bulldogs oncc more launched an offensive threat which hrought Tracy its second touchdown. hut again failed to add the extra point. Witll two minutes to play the Buffaloes completed a long pass for a Paile34 FO0TBllll touchdown and hucked over the extra point for the game. The final score was 13-12 in favor of Manteca. CERES-November 11 Playing on the muddy turf of the Peter B. Kyne field the local eleven took on the Ceres team in the last game of the '37 season, before a large Armistice Day crowd. Tracy outplayed Ceres, threatening many times, but was unalrle to score. Luck showed she was not with Tracy when Bradley, star hackfield man of the Ceres eleven, intercepted a pass and ran for a touchdown in the closing minutes of the game. The final score was 7-0 in favor of the Ceres team. BEE FOOTBALL The Bees, with no definite schedule ahead of them, lost their initial game to Gustine on Gustine's turf hy the score of 6-0. The next game was a preliminary to the varsity encounter with Modesto in which our lads were again on the short end of the score, being beaten by the convincing score of 20-0. The Bullpups, not having won a game or llladff a touchdown, were after hlood when they played the Brentwood Reserves on the local field. They downed the Brentwood team hy the score of 13-7. In a return game with the Brentwood team the Bullpups were de- feated hy the score of 18-0. Playing their last game of the season, the Bullpups were no match for the smooth playing Mantecans and were downed by the score of 20-6. Thus the Bullpups ended their season with 1 Will and 4 losses. The outstanding players who saw action in Bee games were: Rose, Miller, Stridhorg, Leggitt, Von der Heide, Wells, Dompe, Bruno, Henke, Deadrich, Tor- rison, Given, Urmonde, Routt, Binaldo, Willis, Stone, Evans, and Hollingshead. The 1938 schedule is not fixed hut it will proliahly include Manteca, Brent- wood, Gustine and Modesto. SEASONS SCORES T1'acy 0 ..,,,., .,,.. A lumni 13 Tracy 19 Stockton J. V. 0 Tracy 0 ..,.,,, ,,,,,, N lartinez 26 Tracy 12 ...,,, Turlock 42 Tracy 14 Lodi J. V. 0 Tracy 39 ,,,,,, Schneider O Tracy 0 ....... ,...,,, li 'lodesto 39 Tracy 12 ,,.,,' Manteea 13 Tracy 0 ...,.,. ,,...,, O akdale 0 Tracy 0 ..,,.,,, ,,,,. C eres 7 Page 35 il ' MONRUL GARC I A - :mini-1 Trophy! . GROVE 1Cznptaim , RIN1Xl,DH A xx Al um 5 , x Am BI1,msr.R . 'L' 1 N BIAMCY Rick IX UHRSITVCHHIIIPIUIIS Y-XIiSI'I'Y ll XSlxli'l'liAI.lA IfruulIn'uo:'.'Yuv1 l5clwhcr.ll1lrcizl, Yulpi, Urrnc, Hlanuy. llarry llNlgr,l. .V1'rul11llx'nZf':Clmcll l,iun. Monroe, Ricknuln, llinalldu, Whtrulls. Iilili lGwXHkl'I'I'ii-Xl,l. l'ruul In'ur:': l,y ncll, Stonc, lidunrds, Willis. Sinmson, Ilurry !Xlgr.l. .Vvrnrlzl Rnrv: Conch Lien. Gates, Firtll, Lyle llullin2sl1euL.l, lfcrgusun, CEE B'kSKli'l'HAI.l. lfruur I1'uz:': Sinlpmn, firucnwnml, Kelly, Lawrence. Sworzrl Row: Nlcdlin. fllmch Lien, Pnnlc. Illili lSlXSKl2'l'I5AI.I. l'rvnt Ifnzfu' Yzlnlasnlmi, Rndriqucz, llurry, Ram.lnl11ll, Jullnson. .Yvrrnld l1'fm': Cuucll l,icn, Patten. 'l'llluls1m, llclfruitus, Ledgctt. Page 37 .il ,mul 1 J'- BIISHETBIILL Under the leadership of Coach "Sig" Lien and ,lohn Garcia, winner of the Nlartinct Trophy, the 1937 edition of the Bulldog basketball team again finished the season as champions ol' their league. Witll but two members of last ycar's varsity squad returning, Coach Lien molded it into one of Tracy's greatest teams. Playing hard, clean basketball throughout the season, the Varsity ended the sea- son by winning 12 and dropping 4. Members of the Varsity squad were: Captain "Tube" Grove and .lack Watrous as centers, Johnny Garcia, Marvin Van Bebbcr and Roy Volpi as forwardsg John Rickman, ,lim Blaney, Mario Rinaldo and Charles Monroe as guards. Starting out the season the locals knocked over Brentwood, Antioch, Alumni, and Livermore in the order named. The local quintet met their first defeat of the season when they played Ripon. They lost 28-18. After the stinging defeat by Ripon, the Varsity team beat Brentwood and Pleasanton to take the last two prac- tice games before thc league opener. ln the first league game the locals entertained Newman on the local court, beat- ing them 35-30. ln a non-league tussle, the hlloor polislu-rs" again beat Pleasan- ton, 36-31. ln their second league game the Bulldogs were outclasscd, being beaten by Patterson, 31-25. Grove was high man with 11 points. Tracy played Gustine for the first time on their own court. Led by Van Bebber, who ehalkcd up 13 points, Tracy came out on the long end of the score, 31-16. The Tracy locals rode the Manteca Buffaloes to the tune of 29-22. Leading the league tNewman had beaten Patterson! the Green and Gold quintet met Newman with an air of superiority and were knocked off their perch, 18-11. The Bulldogs again played Patterson, being on the long end of the score this time, the score was Tracy 26, Patterson 22. The attack was led by uChuck" Monroe who tallied 5 points. Going to Gustine just before the Manteea game, the locals won, beating Gustine for the second time, 31-16. 1n our last league game of the year. we met the Buffaloes of Nlanteca in a championship game played on the local court. The Mantecans led the locals through 3 quarters, but in the last stanza Tracy displayed nice floor work and defeated Nlanteea by a 31-24 count. ln this game Garcia played one of his best games, tallying 14 points. The win over Manteca qualified Tracy to play Bipon, champs of the dirt league. Ripon, displaying the same form they had when they heat Tracy in a practice game, drubbed them again with a score of -10-16, keeping the locals from going on to further championships. Page 38 BHSHETBIILL nee renm Tn a series of pre-season praetiee games. the Bulldog 11oopste1's managed to hreak even. There was nothing to write home ahout these games unless it was the ragged passing and poor floor work of the Bullpups. Newman was the Iirst eonferenee opponent to meet the loeal team. Newman harely won. tallying only 18 points to our 16. Advaneing to Patterson, the local quintet heat, them hy a 27-23 seore. Meeting Gustine, the league leading team. the Bee squad lost 22-19. after leading in the first three quarters. ,lourneying to Manteea. the Bee squad played one of their poorest games, scoring only 4 points in the lirst half. The final seore was 23-9 in favor of the Buffaloes. Starting the seeond round of league eompetition the Bullpups were again dumped hy Newman, 25-19. Meeting Patterson, the Bee squad heat them again for the second time hy the elose score of 23-27. Playing Custine. the league champs. the Bullpups went into the game with the hope of administering Gus- tine's first league defeat. hut failed to do so, losing hy a seore of 37-15. In the last game Traey had hopes of heating her ancient rival. hut again failed. The final score was 28-22. EEE TEFIIII Vifinning six and dropping four was the average the Cee team set for itself this year. Dropping the first two games to Stoekton, the Cees eame through to win the remaining praetiee games. Traey played Patterson as the first league game and won. 23-9. Taking on Newman the loeals took a druhhing to the tune of 25-3. The Cees avenged this defeat when they added Patterson to the list, 25-22. The next game was with 'Manteea in whieh Traey won, 29-14. Meeting Newman for their last game of the year. the loeals were again downed. 20-17. DEE TEHIII Xvith no thought of winning a ehampionship in their mind. the Dee team un- dertook 5 praetiee games to get ready for league eompetitiong of these 5, they won 3 and lost 2. Swinging into league competition the Dees downed Patterson in a home and home series hy heating them 21-6 and 27-12. ln the first game with Newlnan the loeals were easily heaten. 1-1--9. Playing Nlanteea again in a non- league tussle. the loeals were again on the long end of the seore, 14-4. Newman next fell hefore the Dees. whieh put the two teams in first plaee. This final game was won hy Traey. 15-8. Pate 39 ll.,XSFHAl.l. I-ron! row: l,uevan0, Rickman, Grove, .l. Gates, Dillon, Garcia, and Cox. Xewuzlrl row: Pruitt, Avilla, lllanuy, liagkette, Ilcadrick, Freeze, B. Reeve, and Nlcliinnis. Third ruw: YYatsm1, lylu, Hullingshcud, Fisher, Coach llurley, B. Gates, Picchi, and Sutlun, Mgr. TRACK l'rnut rum: Tlmnipson. Wise. Pollard. Yulpi, Leslie, Masturis, Burnett, and Callis. .Ymunrl row: Uillett, Reeve, Nlullaly, Rehn, lXlunrne, Cuach Hur- lux. llillnn, Stone, Ramsay,and1Iarcia. BOXING lfrnnt row: Rudriqllel. 'l'. Rezcndcs, .lullnsun. Fdwards, and C. Rezendei. Svrnrld row: Freeze,, Conch llur- lcx. Slocum, Yalinnli. and J. Ruiz. TENNIS lfrnur row: liush, Firth, Van llehhsrr, lie Freilas, and Simpson. Swain! row. licece, Rehn, Coach Roberts, liantield, Nlckuam-3, and l'urslcy. 'I'UNll5l.lNll l'rnnr ruw: Nlasturis, fiillclt, Freeze llman, and Truss. Nei-nnrl rum' lllumpsrm, Seney, Coach llurluy, Cul hcrt, and You der llcimlc. Page 40 A.R. R. II. lu-1. Blaney, J. . 26 4 11 .423 Luevano, D. 24 7 8 .333 Rickman, J. 15 2 5 .333 . . , , .. '. , ' 1. . ' . . Lyle, L. 10 4 3 .300 Aftu two weeks of llldfflllf the llilfy' mm swung Garcia, J. 27 4 7 -269 . . . - cz ., J. 22 5 1 .2'2 IIIIO at series of practice games. The Bulldogs lost their B- 8 2 31 qggo I , , , Reeves, B. ,. 8 2 2 .250 1n1t1al game of the season to Hughson, 8-1. Playing Freeze, R. 10 1 2 .200 I N ' Cux, C. . 18 2 3 .166 - - - - - 1 1 ' . I ' Grove, H. 25 7 4 .160 Oakdale, Tracy was once agaln downct , 6 1. IPCUIIQI Bqskmey T' 21 4 3 .HZ Brentwood on the local diamond the Green and Gold D"""" J' 19 1 2 '105 nine defeated them bv a score of 9-2. ,BASEBALL BOX SCORES ' Tracy . 6 Patterson 4 Tracy . , 8 Gustine . 10 Tracy . 3 Tracy , 2 TRIICH Newman ., . 1 Manteca .. 8 Going to Manteca for their initial meet of the season the local cinder Stars took third place with 44 points. Many new records were hung up this year. They are as follows: Volpi's heave of 46 feet 8 inches in the Bee class shot putg Rehn's 23.7 seconds in the 220 yard dashg and Dillon,s 11 feet in the pole vault for the A class. With flying fists the boys of the squared circle once again put on a brilliant display in the art of self defense. 100 lb. class ,lohnson decisioned Sutton: 107 lb. class T. Rezendes decisioned Randolphg 112 lb. class Rodriquez T. K. O. over Cardozag 118 lb. class C. Rezendes decisioncd H. Willis: 126 lb. class Edwards decisioned Luevanog 135 lb. class Valinoti T. K. 0. over Randallg 147 lb. class Mehring decisioned B. Reevesg 153 lb. class Freeze decisioned Urmondeg 160 lb. class Lee T. K. O. over E. Vicrrag 175 lb. class J. Ruiz decisioned Perry: Slocum won in the heavyweight class by a default over Meyers. TEIIIIIS Tennis in Tracy High is progressing very fast. More students are taking an in- terest in this sport than in previous years. Practice games with Oakdale, Liver- more, and Stocktonls Bees have proved very successful. Tracy's mainstays were: Van Bebber, Rehn, DeFrcitas, MeKeany, Pursley, Bush, Simpson and Firth. TUIIIBLIIIG The newly organized Tumbling Club, consisting of Von der Heide, Truss. Uman, Mastoris, Thompson, Gillette. Culbert. and Freeze, put on a brilliant PCI'- formanee at the annual Athletic Carnival. The stunts included forward and back- ward rolls. f1ips,pyramids, and the highlight ofthe event was Thompson's forward roll over eight men. Page 41 - YOI.l,liY BALL lfrrmt Row: Marti, DeMark. Garriott, llcdrick. Silva. Svmud Rnw: Peter- mam, Smith. Mrs. Huddlcston, Wilson, Scrpa. 'I4UMHl,lNG CLUB lm!! in Righlz Yamasaki, Randall Xlurti, Alvis, llahh, Belmont, Moore, Uman, lJeMark, Svveency, Palmer, An- ton, Patrick, Percival, Synak, Curtis Palmer, Weston. Stearns. SENIOR SPEED BALI. CH,-XMPS , lfrnnl Row: Yveston, Uallorto, Wbst. Uman. Serond Row: Patten, Yrigoyen, Smith, Dusina, Andrews. .llINlOR-SICNIUR IIOCIKEY MA'l'Cll Seniors Victorious lmm- 42 GIRLS' SPURT uouevanu Becoming an increasingly popular sport, Volleyball held the spotlight dur- ing the late Fall season, culminating in a closely-contested and hard fought game between the Juniors and Seniors on December 3. The Seniors at times held a sub- stantial lead during the game, but the Juniors displayed their superiority by nar- rowly defeating their opponents with the score of 23-21. This was the first time the class of '39 had held the championship, the Seniors having been the victors in this sport for the three previous years. TUIIIBLIIIG This ycar's tumbling club was composed of twenty-one expert tumblers, the majority of whom were last ycar's veterans. After weeks of hard practice the tumblers exhibited their splendid spirit and ability by entertaining at noon rallies, between halves of football games, during the Athletic Carnival, and at the Girls, Vaudevillc. Various individual and couple stunts were displayed as well as py1'amids. SPEEDBHLL Girls' A-B Speedball teams were selected according to their playing ability. The tournament started this year on October 6. The Seniors have been awarded the trophy for the past three years. The championship game was played on Octo- ber 28. The Seniors narrowly beat the ,luniors by a lone goal. The speedball supper was held on November 17, with the decorations fol- lowing "The Big Housew theme. Various awards were presented to the students according to their number of points. HUCHEV This yearis hockey season was delayed for a few weeks because of bad weather. The delay made it impossible to get the names of the final champions before the yearbook deadline. However, it is certain that the Champions will be either the Juniors or Seniors. The Seniors have taken the Hockey Championship every year since they were Freshmen, but the Juniors gave promise of being a serious threat for the championship. The deciding game was to be played on May 3, with Betty Moore and Edith Petrucelli umpiring. ,, , .l Page 43 BASKETBALL lfroul Row: Mcilleary, Blincoe, Blan- cy, Uman. Serond Rum: Dal Porto, Reece, McCray, Yrigoycn, Weston. BADMINTUN l'run! Row: Friedrich, Mcilray, Bourne, West. Srrund Row: Boyes, Peterman, Serpa, Uman, Weston. GOLD T WINNERS Weston, McCray, Mrs. Huddleston, Yriployen, Uman, Moore tnot presentj. GIRLS' BASEBALL Weston at hat, IJeMnrk catching. TENNIS CHAMPS lf:-fmt Row: Yrigoyen, Friedrich, West. .Verruld Huw: Uman, Dal Porto, Smith, Page 44 Quinn. Nm... ll--N-1 BHSHETBHll ln the realm of Girls' Basketball, the class of '38 has displayed outstanding ability and mastery of the techniques and teamwork required in this ever-pop- ular sport. For four consecutive years this team has met and vanquished all op- ponents and contestants for the trophy. This is an exceptional record only dupli- cated once before in the history of Tracy High School when the class of ,30 achieved the same record. The girls who played on the team all four years are: Norma lllcflray, Blanche Blaney, Barbara Blineoe, Elvida Uman, Kate Weston and Helen Yrigoyen. BHDMIHTUH Since the introduction into Girls' Athletic Activities three years ago Badmin- ton has become a favorite sport for the girls of Tracy High. Single and double tournaments were played off. Each girl received five additional points as she reached a successive bracket, and the tournament winner received the total of 25 points. Mary Scrpa. Helen West, Norma Mcfiray, Mary Friedrich, Thcllna Bourne. Betty Peterman, Becky Boyes and Elvida Uman held the lead for the year '38, G0lD T's Five girls achieved the highest award presented by the Tracy High Student Body for participation and leadership in Girls' Athletic Activities, namely the "Gold TM. This award is given to those girls who have earned the requisite 700 points and who have demonstrated outstanding ability as leaders during their high school career. Une of these four girls was exceptional inasmuch as she was eligible to receive her Gold T during her Junior year. This unusual athlete was Kate Weston. BHSEBHll Present workouts of the Girls' Baseball practice indicate that there are many keen players going out for baseball this season. Baseball is the last, and one of the most popular sports of the year. TEHHIS Tennis becomes increasingly popular with girls as they approach gradua- tion, because of the need to be able to play some sport requiring only a few indi- viduals, and tennis answers this need. Helen Yrigoyen. lda dalporto, Buth Ellen Quinn, Helen West, Elvida Uman and Gertrude Friedrich held the lead in the tennis tournaments this year. We are confident that Tennis will continue being a popular sport in the years to come. GIRLS' SPORTS Page 45 " 1 , W ' , . iiWw9 we i n E 1 fi Rf, v si f mfg 1 ,M-gx P, K in S 3 S Page 46 l. "Once in in while 5. 'liwo Songhirds U. lielly, lwelly 9,2 1r4r d 13. Scenery excellent lf. Snow Yvllile K Co 2l. More ol No. I8 QW! Qs-4, ... "My kingdom for 11 horn 0. lforlunc Tellurs lll, Spring fexcr l-l. Belles ol' the 'lJ0's IX. Waisliiniftzni ploy cus! 21. .lust Nadine Gentry SHHPSHDTS l'rs:lly' solt, boys "l uouldn't know' livlieu: il or not 'lucky lluy The Big Apple? YYillin: und Gerry 4. H. I1 lfl. 20 24 South Side Super Special Miss llolwhfe lnlking slump .'Xin't love grand? liotli Lross and l-une 'Alloho" Wise 1 , buff M-waits K . N f tg:- Lfmks natural Cond nl' Sig What! No sun! Junior Drills Tnddy and Jack "Child Hridc and Family" What a mixture Look nut, .loc Louis! 3 lJon't count your chickens . . li Surprise! 9 See the birdie? 12 ls there a Budgc in the Bush? 15 Where good students dn hnmewnrk 18 Mrs. H 21 YYl1ere's the halves? . Madame liuttcrtly Three traffic problems Hahs and a Stone . Hmmmmmmmml I Pirkets Pinkert and Tnrrisnn "llnss" 'usin' P Page 47 .r,- 'V Q we 'L fi r J P' it 2-,VL me ,fe,,ffx Wig'-in ,,. 45 t t Qt A A. M. Page 48 l. Smarts liditor Stone 2. The tipillt begins 5' RUN Call tn. llnckey one! 9. l.ncutnu scores, llicknmn In Hmvc goes up culclling H Fvcil-ng mme Ywhln-HU, 14. Tunilslers 1Witlmnt glasses! 17' preiswlmm Bee Squad IH. " , . . tllcn za line plunge" 21. Kenny in stride Spring practice . Ilnckcy twnl Garcia and lilnx Relay team "Get set!" Vulpi my 4 8. 12 lf? 20 23 lflmu Ruiz Alter Hockey three! Smiling Conch Hurley Musketeers Salice, Rickmun und Miatovich "Strike une!" Boxing Finals Qt? U in V!- QID 'y W i4 fw52"'Jff' ggi! ' Z 54 A A X Q U' N, Q50 J I F Q or Wyjbwbzfff " DE Q Jawa fy MJ O Q N 4' fp 5 S :Q QQJQQ 1 N .v J la O F I n 'cf ' -Qix ' 18. 'C' M4 .X Pg. x ' x N. fNl . if gh f Ii. f , A sf X 5 'R K' u . QQ M L iv 'x fw 1 Www Pei AQ X QU if 3 ami E Q f QQ Q Nt W GJ ik 6 : N 4' f hqmfg MWM x IM f i s QQ ' '31-, 74 Aj ,lf fb Q if 70' 79? M Q f .-- MQW W ww CM, R J M324 Ee 12? Q , wg ' wffbw P J , 33 M WW gf If 41 WM I" X 4' A bm , wma. iyykvkj ?.,,,,,fffff, Z X56 , J .s 3 fwffff' if mi . EA NIA 2 'fl-: his dw, Qyigff' WMA ix R , fx? WJ!! 5 kv .-Ed if 'JN : S X Q fig, S9 Awgy 'Q 7 .W ilk, ff W 4 .1 XZ WMWMW M9 3

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