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'11, ,.,1 ,, . 'rf JN "- ," 1 .". V, , mf", ' N5 ,H . ' ,,,k" .Nf v'.'., - - J, L, 3: -, .:,1rA,. 3, x.' ff. , 2. -wr .V 4 . Aw," 5.1 X. . 4-ff ,, v. fit, ' f' Af 4 5 ji, -wk ' ,HA , 5 3l?'fY: " Lt?,L ..?l,w,-x,.A,, . v ., vp. gf' -- .jv-11.-i:.,f,, , .VL -' Q JQ'-'wi , Qu W." 73 1 ,. "'4"'. Y, V4., 1 ,. . 1. . ,- " ' W E' y,'g.-,'2- -w .i'-, . ,JV . ,Q w, ,f , ,r,',- 1 ',' 1, , .sv ' 'y ,V -4 . ,..,, A. I 2 I ' 1- , X.:-' , yr...-, H, , L: '4 ' ' , - l ....,. . .J ,L I.. , f , I ,iw , ' . 1 ' .J - ,.g.f.'- ' . 1,1 F ' , ' 1 V . L -ff Sf., KEQL1- vu fl IUf'1f"'NCAH .X ' 1 rl L-P 1 '4 Vx , ,1-Tw ,,"'f:lv5f.fy.-3 121. gf, . r - ,' 12 .A ' A ' ' , . ,....u, , I -v ..-1 ,.- r g., x-1.4 H. 'T J' . I ' '-' 1,121 ' 'fx , , A . -.54 gf' .f,.143.. 2:1 ' ,'-'1.j5f ,. , V, v., ,WL , ,.:gg,-.,, ' r x f'4'J f TCHNEREKJHDES 1963 Published by fhe Siudenfs of TOWSON STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE Bal+imore. Maryland Sophia Demaiafis, Ediior-in-Chief ' Joanne Fifi Arnas. Assisfani Ediior - Taylor Publishing Company- V , Dallas. Texas Phofography by' - Frank Freeman Balfimore. ,Sf Q' 1 " 5 f ' W4 Q ' mix 4' 7 .- - -K wfi 'QT ... . .9-.X-'S ffff' .1-jf 1 r A.,, 9 -y F: -.-.1 J nn!- . , I. 'f ,..5f,-1' Gy- ' cf wwf 'F i ,, , f, ,Q 1' ,M PROLOGUE As ine goals of our college years become a realily, we canrioi buf reilecf on llwe campus scenes ol 'rl1e pasl four years. I+ is almosi' as if a greal camera has capfured plwoiographs of This Time and placed fhern permanenlly in our minds. These scenes will relurn 'ro +he lhoughls of every graduaie, and lo each graduale flwey will be different ll. Winter .-U Y. ...F xgnxfxv . Ya V 4. ,nl ' "Ng ,kf 1 L' - i .be sf! To some, campus scenes will mean Srephens l-lall, where we prepared for 'rhe professions we now enler. Some will remember podiums and blueboolcs, and lhe hours which never seemed long enough when examinalions drew near. To olhers, lhe college will mean The Sludenl Cenire--ihe aflernoon GIGIFS for dancing. The card room for bridge. lhe lounge for endless hours of discussion, or lhe palio for oufdoor leisure or sludy. All of us will recall a specific lime or evenl or a parlicular aclivily +ha+ mosl embodied 'rhe spirif of college life-days of snow when sleds meanl cafeferia Jrrays and pillows lo lhose who lived in fhe dormi- fories, and slippery parking lofs meani headaches for 'rhose who commuled: or days of warm delight in lhe spring, when a bomb scare suddenly forced us oul of class or bed. Organizalrions. class acfivilies, leciures, alhlefics, and dances will perhaps remain mosf vivid in our minds because 'rhey con+ribu+ed in some way +o our infelleclual, physical and social development As we leave 'ro fulfill our goals and 'ro a+'rain s+ill grealer ones, +he image or images we formed of our college are varied, buf They are all parm' of our own campus, our alma maler, Towson Sfafe Teach- ers College. STEPHENS HALL Scene s Y ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY CAMPUS ORGANIZATIONS ATHLETICS SENIORS CAMPUS SCENES P099 P099 page page page 8 34 74 104 142 ,nw f 4 1. :Kam wg. mx. Ly:-' gf, . , If .Q W 4: ig ' 1 , 1 I f 17 A fn. , 4' f- -p,4'f5.x:4.,. f , . 0 a.z-:-.WW . , ,I 9 4M"'4 , -. 1, ' WK IDEDICA Tl ON EMR. CURTIS V. MARTIN, Class Advisor 1 963 For his sincere friendship io every Senior, For his keen and quick wif, And for his quiei humbleness, We dedicafe The l963 TOWER ECHOES To our class advisor . . . MR. CURTIS V. MARTIN i T i LA..- 'T 57' --...M ,... i . o XXV i 34 YQ :rf Ljgifiiil' . 3':"' - .1 N . N5 . ' xlxxxxwbxx XX XTNS, V X 5 ' ff ' 'I f , I , . M5 1 7 4 wig. Y ,ff 3, V , Auf ,f XO. rv. , f , rfffsp.. - f X 3 fn T' 5 ff, If A Q D e' f X f 6- I' .,"' 1 te' S . X Lk N KX f f X ' ,J s -A f ' f' 1 I l it S X rr, X I S f 'I f-f-N X W ' 'W -'Wi'4:2 1- f. 4ef?i2-0, ,,Z,,,, ' ' 'v1'2f67v9f,"X"-fS1'f.f . X 4, 1 f ,.3wf. sz .txxw 1 Q -N AND FACULTY DMINISTRA TION W. Ei 4. f J .1 .ff , ww Y mv f 12. u. H49-V5 . . , we , ' -1.4 1-H-.M L-. D. 5 ' 'rim F 9 ,PRESIDENT S MESSAGE fo the Class of 1963 Your gradualion lhis year is noi only a memorable one for you: il is a memorable one in lhe hisfory of our College. Your class is ihe lasi fo graduale from Towson Sfale Teachers College, iurure classes will receive diplomas from Towson Siaie College. lvlosl oi you will be serving in Jrhe public schools nex'r year. Regardless of lhe College's change in name, lhe greai maiorily of nexi year's gradua- ling class will also be gradualing as prospeciive Teachers. Bui, increasingly, larger numbers will be inreresied in oiher professions, olher employmenl opporluniiies. During ihe coming decades our College will noi only be able l'o offer a more diversified program io prospecfive ieachers buf io olher s'ruden'rs as well. As you reiurn in ihe iulure for Homecoming or Alumni Day, you will find new buildings, new programs, an expanded campus. We hope lo coniinue, however, ihe iniormal, friendly aimosphere Thai has characler- ized Towson Jrhrough ihe years, as we pass, nexi fall, lhe Two-lhousand marlc in enrollmenl' and head foward an enrollmenl ol 'rhree ihousand in +he nor Too dislanl iurure. I would remind you 'rhal no mailer whar advanced programs you may pursue land l hope 'rhal many oi you willl you will s+ill have one basic Alma Maier-Towson Slale-an Alma lvlaler we hope you will walch wirh pride and aiieclion as ii expands ils services and eniers on a new era wiih a new name and a new Board of Conirol. And we ai The College shall waich wilh pride and aileclion as you, l'he members of lhe Class oi I963, leave our "halls of ivy" and enier a new and ever more challenging environmeni. lvly very besi wishes 'ro each one of you. . U ,VT y, yy .xx I , Q, .2 - s . 2 - I . 1 a -f..,,,,, 5 Q -gf DR. KENNETH A. BROWNE, Dean of lnsfrucfion Towson graduaTes oT I963, as you read and re-read your TOWER ECHOES, you may say To yourselves, amid Teelings oT nosTalgia, "Those years aT Towson were The besr years oT my liTe." You are graTeTul Tor The ioys oT sTudenT liTe, The rewarding Tour years OT menTal labor, ancl The opporTuniTies now unTolding To you. You Tace The TuTure wiTh a biT oT TrepidaTion alThough you realize ThaT you have 'lcome a long way" since Treshman days and are now well prepared Tor your vocaTional responsibiliTies, As one who has Traveled a iourney yeT uncharTed Tor mosT oT you, l suggesT ThaT These Tour years aT Towson were buT prelude To a hosT oT inTriguing liTe experiences made possible in parT by your sTudenT days. My own life aT Towson, Tor example, has exceeded yours ThreeTold and has Tollowed Two decades OT Teaching ancl ad- minisTraTion in oTher schools and colleges. My undergraduaTe days were happy ones, in reTrospecT, as I TrusT as yours were. BuT my years aT Towson, builT upon varied experiences in The vocaTion mosT OT you have chosen, sTand ouT as The mosT meaningTully saTisTying OT all. Moreover, l loolc Torward To many more years, nexT aT The "Towson OT Nebraska." oT working wiTh sTuclenTs and TaculTy members. Look ahead, Towson sTudenTs and graduaTes, and invesT The opening oT your career SO ThaT YOU will SHTOY "The lasT oT liTe Tor which The TirsT was made." The sTudenTs of Towson STaTe Teachers College wish Dean Browne success in his new career aT Nebraska STaTe Teachers College as regisTrar and admissions clirecTor. NI' 11 'S ft, . . X: I "ZX I'- DR. ORRIELLE MURPHY, Dean of Sfudenfs Greefings To each si'uden+ a+ +he Sfalre Teachers College ai' Towson! The I962-63 TOWER ECHOES marks 'rhe las'r issue bearing fhis name of The colleges We have had a renowned hisfory, firsl' as a Mary- land Srale Normal School 'From IS66 +o l935, and lhen as fhe Slaie Teachers College ai' Towson from l935 +o I963. Wifh The end of +he currenl year we become Towson Sfale College and embark on a new period of growlh as a mulli-purpose ins+ilu+ion. When we celebra+e our one hundredlh anniversary 'fhree years hence, we shall indeed be greafly changed from fhe beginning days of 1866. Symbolic of 'rhe change is fhe kind of furniiure recenlly inslalled in 'rhe Lida Lee Tall Audilorium conlrasfed wilh +he Slephens Hall and Chapel benches upon which lhe normal school sfudenls lirsf sa+ as +hey aHended con- vocaiion. ln spife of changes in name, of expansion of purpose. of enlarged faciliiies. sfudenl body and faculfy, lhe ullimale purpose remains cons+an+-lo provide +he bes+ possible kind of higher educalion for young Maryland men and women. ln +he words of John Henry Newman, a universify is "a place for +he com- municalion and circulafion of 'rhoughi' by means of personal in'rercourse." May we always hold +o our purpose. I "'i"E- , V., in ,. . f ' 97 A ,fr 4 A ,f . At' wif", ..,.... I A .Y ,fa -.,,4:j if :J ' ' ffl . V1 . U ' 3525.13 'i - .V ., ,Z '11 K. !:?'f'f-1:-f-Q11 , -19 ,,C.a.-,zu ,Z f- '--ar DIRECTORS OF ADMISSIONS Dr. Rebecca C. TansII and Mr. Edward JoI'msIon ADMISSIONS BUSINESS, REGISTRAR BUSINESS MANAGER REGISTRAR Mr. KarI J. Moser Mr. Charles W. Thomas ASSISTANT REGISTRARS Mr. David I.. Sanford and Mrs. Agnes T. Debauqh I FACULTY APPOINTMENTS The TOWER ECHOES of I963 wishes lo give special recognilion lo lhe dislinguished Tacully of Towson Slale Teachers College. Since professorships have been assigned wifhin our ever-changing college program, many sludenls have reguesled Jrhal' 'These appoinrrnenls, along wilh Jrhe various gualificalions of our Tacully, be rnade known lo Jrhe enlire college 'rhrough The yearboolc publicalion. For lhe firsl Time, TOWER ECHOES proudly acknowledges our fine Tacully in rhis manner, Mr. Maqill, Mr. von Schwerdlner, Mr. l-laupl. MODERN LANGUAGE Thomas F. Haup1', Assis+an+ Professor, Spanish- Ph.B., Loyola College: MA., Middlebury College in Madrid. ll962l Roberf A. Magill, Assis+an+ Professor, French- BA., MA., Universily of Virginia. ll962l Ernsf O. von Schwerdfner, Assislanl' Professor, Modern Languages- A.B., S+. Johns College. lI946l wo' 'iii 1- CHAIRMAN Mr. Ernsl O. von Schwerdlner ' ': f 1+ -,- i. Mr. Wilson, Dr. Neulancler, Dr. Arnrnen, Dr. Moser. ,APF1 PSYCHOLOGY 'IS il Ab.-,Jil CHAIRMAN Dr. Harold E. Moser Cleo C. Ammen, Associale Professor, Psychology- Fx.B., Goucher College: Ph.D., Cornell Universily. ll96ll Donald l.. CassaH, Associale Professor, Psychology- B.S., Indiana Slafe College, Pennsylvania: M.I.., Ph.D., Univer- siry of Pilrsburgh. lI96Ol DIRECTOR OF INSTITUTIONAL RESEARCH AND EVALUATION Dr. Harry J. LaPine Edward Neulander, Professor, Psychology, Eclucalion- B.S., Cily College of New York: M.S., Cornell Universily: Ecl.D., Cornell Universily. lI95Ol Harvey L. Saxfon, Professor, Psychology, Reading- B S Cenlral Connecricul' Sfale College' M A Ph D Universil of Conneclicul. ll957l Y Harold E. Moser, Professor, Psychology-Direclor ol Tesling Services- Neil Dean Wilson, Assislanl Professor, Psychology- B.S., Johns Hopkins Universilyg M.A., Teachers College, Colum- B.S., Slale Universify of New York, College of Educafion al bia Universiryq Ph.D., Duke Universilry. H9291 Brockporf: M.A., Teachers College, Columbia Universify. ll959l 23 f-'Q ?T U--9 ,L 3 rv' Firsi' row: Miss Jeffers. Miss Kolb, Miss Zipp. Second row: Mr. Zimmerman, Dr. Volpel, Mr. Riggleman, Mr. Beckey MATHEMATICS Allene B. Archer, Associafe Professor, Malhemalics- fx.B.,JRandolph-Macon College: M.Ed., Universiiy of Virginia. I957 Roberi' D. Beclcey, Assislanl Professor, Mafhemafics- A.B., Wirrenberg Universiryy M.Ecl., Miami Universi+y. lI959l Hesfer Graham Jeffers, lnslrucfor, Mafhemafics- A.B., Randolph-Macon Woman's College: MA., Syracuse Uni- versi+y. ll962l Rifa Rae Kolb, lnsrrucror, Mafhemarics- B.S.E., M.S., Louisiana Polylechnic lnslirule. ll96ll Gerald O. Riggleman, lnsrrucior, Mafhemalics - A.B.. B.S., Easlern Nazarene College: M.A.T.M., Universify of De+roi+. ll'-762l Marvin C. Volpel, Professor, Malhemarics- A.B.. Wesfern Michigan Universify: MA., Universiry of Michi- gan: Ecl.D., Michigan Slare Universify. ll952l Carl L. Zimmerman, Assislanr Professor, Malhernarics- B.S., Washingfon College: MA., Louisiana Slafe Universily. 1:9623 Margarei' C. Zipp, Associale Professor, Malhemalics- B.S.. Douglass College, Rulgers Universiryi MA., Universify of Piifsburgh. 119591 i W1 2:2 11, L CHAIRMAN Dr. Marvin C. Volpel 75'-'li Firsf row: Mr. Franke, Mr. Prafer, Dr. Lewis, Mr. Craver. Second row: Mr. Wrighf, Dr. Henry, Mr. Wanfy. ,W W .,. ree, ,,,,j3 - CHAIRMAN Dr. l.. Edward Bevins L. Edward Bevins, Professor, English- A.B., Uniyersify of Alabama: M.A., PHD., Universify of Vir. ginia. H9521 Eunice K. Crabfree, Professor, English- A.B., M.A., George Washingfon Universify: Ed.D., Johns Hopkins Universify H9251 Donald H. Craver, lnsfrucfor, English- B.S., Wale Poresf College: lvl.A., Dulce Universify. H9621 Raymond C. Franke, lnsfrucfor, English- B.A., Uniyersify of Wisconsin: M.A., Johns Hopkins Univer- Sify. 119621 ENGLISH Roberfa R. Gribbon, lnsfrucfor, English- Bfx., Universify of Maryland: lVl.A., Columbia Universify, H9621 W. Frank Guess, Assisfanf Professor, English- A.B., Presbyferian College, M.A., Uniyersify of Norfh Carolina. H9461 Marjorie R. Henry, Professor, English, Speech- A,B., M.A., Baylor Universifyg PHD., Uniyersify of Washingfon. H9591 John Smifh Lewis, Professor, English- A.B., Harvard Universifyy A.M., Brown Universify, Ph.D., New Yorlc Universify. H9571 William G. Prafer, lnsfrucfor, English- BS., Easf Sfroudsburg Sfafe College. H9621 Beafrice June Thearle, Professor, English- B.A., M,A., Ph.D., Universify of Maryland. H9551 Henry T. Thorsen, Assisfanf Professor, English, News Bureau- B.A., M.A., Columbia Uniyersify. H9621 Vernon Wanfy, Assisfanf Professor, English- B.A., Wesfminsfer College: M.A., Michigan Sfafe Universify. H9601 Phineas P. Wrighf, Associafe Professor, English- AB., Universify of Michigan: M,A,, Universify of Virginia. H9491 1 i Mr. Levin, Miss l-lughes, Dr. Brewinglon, Mrs. Brewinglon, Dr. Gillespie. SPEECH AND DRAMA Arfhur W. Brewingion, Professor, Speech- A.B., Asbury College: MA., Cornell Universily: Ph,D., George Peabody College for Teachers. lI945l Thelma S. Brewingfon, Associale Professor, Speech- Bfx., Corner College: M.A., Universily of Denver. lI95Ol C. Richard Gillespie, Associare Professor, Drama, Speech- B.A., Principia College: M.A., Ph.D., Slale Universily of lowa. ll96ll Mariorie R. Henry, Professor, English, Speech- A.B., MA., Baylor Universily: Ph.D., Universify ol Washinglon. 11959: Nina Hughes, Associale Professor, English. Speech- A.B. Florida Slafe Colle e for Women: MA., Calholic Univer- v 9 sily of America. ll947l Roberf L. Levin, Ins+ruc+or, Speech and Drama- B.F.A., M.F.A., Carnegie lnsliluie of Technology. ll962l COORDINATOR Dr. Arfhur W. Brewinglon CHAIRMAN Dr. Harry M. Hufson Herberf D. Andrews, Assisfanf Professor, Hisfory- AB., Bowdoin College: MA., Norfhwesfern Universify. H9591 George A. Beishlag, Professor, Geography- A.B., Wayne Universify: M.A., Clark Universify: Ph.D., Univer- sify of Maryland. H9541 Arnold Biumberg, Associafe Professor, Hisfory- B.S., M.5., Ph.D., Universify of Pennsylvania. H9581 George C. Coleman, Professor, Hisfory, Polifical Science- A.B,, The College of fhe Ozarks: M.A., Universify of Oklahoma: Ph.D., Sfafe Universify of lowa. H9561 Norman R. Diffenderfer, Associafe Professor, Geography- B.S., Shippensburg Sfafe College, Pennsylvania: M.A., Universify of Nebraska. H9571 Joseph A. Falco, Professor, Hisfory, Economics- B.A., Duquesne Universify: M.A., Ph.D., Universify of Piffsburgh. H9571 20 SOCIAL SCIENCE David Firman, Professor, Geography- B.A., M.A., Universify of California af Los Angeles: Ph.D., Uni- versify of Maryland. H9551 Vicfor B. Fisher, lnsfrucfor, Sociology- A.B., Bucknell Universify: M.A., Pennsylvania Sfafe Universify. 4:9611 Harry M. Hufson, Professor, Hisfory- B.A., Universify of Maryland: M.A., Ph.D., Universify of Iowa. 1:9551 Edward R. Johnsfon, Associafe Professor, Hisfory, Admissions- B.S.S., Spring Hill College: M.A., Universify of Defroif. H9581 Mary Cafherine Kahl, Associafe Professor, Hisfory- A.B., MA., Universify of Maryland. H9431 Pafricia S. Kruppa, lnsfrucfor, Hisfory lParf-fime1- B.A., Universify of Housfon: MA., Columbia Universify. H96l1 Curfis V. Marfin, Associafe Professor, Geography- B.S., Trenfon Sfafe College: M.A., Clark Universify. H9571 John Carfer MaH'hews, Professor, Hisfory- A.B., Davidson College: M.A., Ph.D., Universify of Virginia. H9481 John W. McCleary, Professor, Hisfory- A.B., Johns Hopkins Universify: M.A., Universify of Wisconsin Ph.D., Johns Hopkins Universify. H9471 Charles C. Onion, Professor, Hisfory- B.S., Universify of Minnesofa: B.M., MacPhail School of Music: 1xA.A.,, Universify of Colorado: Ph.D., Universify of Minnesofa. i956 Elinor Pancoasf, Visifing Professor, Economics- Ph.B., MA., Ph.D., Universify of Chicago. H9621 SX Firsf row: Dr. Pancoasf, Mr. Fisher, Dr. Beichlag. Second row: Mr, Mar+in, Dr. Firman, Mr. Differvderfer. .l Firsi' row: Dr. Coleman, Dr. Maffhews, Dr. Falco, Dr. Hufson. Second row: Dr. Onion, Dr. Blumberg, Mr. Andrews, Miss Kahl . QAX- v xih, N I we-.-1 Us . Q',', ' -I CHAIRMAN AND DIRECTOR OE TEACHER EDUCATION Dr. Roberl L. Nash Roberl W. Abendrofh, Associale Professor, Educafion- B.A., Bowdoin College: M.Ed., Universily of Vermonl. H95l1 Susie M. Bellows, Associale Professor, Educalion- A.B., College ol: Charleslon: M.A., George Peabody College for Teachers. H96l1 Ella BrambleH, Assislanl Professor, Educalion- B.5., Middle Tennessee Slafe College: M.A., George Peabody College for Teachers. H9511 James Binlro, Inslruclor. Educarion- BS., Slale Teachers College al Towson. H9621 Grayson S. Burrier, Associale Professor, Educalion- A.B., Calawba College: M.A., Teachers College, Columbia Uni- versily: Ed.D., Universily ol: Maryland. H9561 G. David Cahoon, Assislanf Professor, Educalion- B.5., M.A., Ohio Slale Universiry. H9621 Ann Mary Cimino, Assislanl Professor, Educalion- B.E., M.Ed., Pennsylvania Slale Universily. H9601 Eileen W. Cohn, lnslruclor, Educalion- B.S., Slale Teachers College al Towson. H9621 David L. Corn+l1wai+e, Associale Professor, Educalion- B.S., Slafe Teachers College al Towson: M.A., Teachers College, Columbia Universily. H9521 Regina If Fihgerald, Professor, Eclucalion-Direclor of Elemen- 'rary Program- A.B., Wesfern Maryland College: M.Ed., Ed.D., Universily of Maryland. H9511 22 EDUCATION William H. Harfley, Professor, Educalion, Direclor of Secondary Program- B.S., Springfield College: M.A., Ed.D., Teachers College, Colum- bia Universily. H9421 Rufh Ann Heiclelbach, Assisranl Professor, Educafion- B.A., Universily of Maryland: M.Ed., Universily of Florida. H9591 Roberl' L. Nash, Professor, Educalion- Direclor of Teacher Edu- ca+ion-- A.B., Muskingum College: M.A., Ohio S+a+e Universiry: Ed.D., Colorado Slale College. H9621 Clifford N. Pfelfz, Associale Professor. Educalion- A.B., College of Emporia: Ed.M., Ed.D., Universily of Kansas. 1:9621 Jack W. Ray, Assislanl Professor. Educafion- B.A., Gellysburg: MA., Bucknell Universily. H9621 Carlfon W. Sprague, Associale Professor, Educalion- A.B., Bard College: M.A., Universily of Norrh Carolina. H9601 Zeni+h Hursf Velie, Associale Professor, Educalion-Direclor of Kindergarlen-Primary Program- B.Mus., Palmer College: B.S., Teachers College, Columbia Uni- versily: M.Ed., Universily of Maryland. H9491 Waller W. Williamson, Professor, Educa+ion- A.B., Laliayelle College: Ed.M., Temple Universily: Ed.D., Uni- versily of Pennsylvania. H9541 c - --.4 ,-- A ,mm I 3 1 ,LII-IP ,f ..,.. in N QQ H ', M I, , A 'Ek IW . 1 ELEMENTARY DIVISION: Miss Cimino, Mr. Cornflwwaife, Dr. Fifzqerald, Miss Cohn, Mr. PfeI+z. Dr. Williamson. 13 5 , I 3' I 'I I ' .1 - SECONDARY DIVISION: Mr. Binlco, Mr. Ray, Mr. Sprague, Dr. I-Iarfley, Dr. Burrier. lj ! ' ,fl f 4 fi X. f Sw, , Q' .rj-K x . ---li JI KINDERGARTEN-PRIMARY DIVISION: Mrs. I-IoIden, Miss I-Ieidelbach, Mrs. Velie, Mr. Abendroih, Miss Bellows, Miss Brambleff, D4 ' - . 'S+-. E9 CHAIRMAN Dr. William P. Pelham John R. Bareham, Professor, Physical Science- B.S., Sfafe Teachers College af Towson: M.A., Ed.D., Teachers College, Columbia Universify. lI956I Richard B. Brannon, Insfrucfor, Biological Science- B.S., Salem College: M.S., Universify of Wisconsin. lI962I Louis T. Cox, Professor, Physical Science- B.S., Sfafe Teachers College af Towson: M.A., Ed.D., Teachers College, Columbia Universify. lI947I Compfon N. Crook, Associafe Professor, Biological Science- B.S., M.A., George Peabody College for Teachers. lI939l Roberi' E. Daihl, Assisfanf Professor, Science- B.S., Shippensburg Sfafe College, Pennsylvania. lI962I Howard R. Erickson, Associafe Professor, Biological Science- B.S., Indiana Sfafe College, Pennsylvania: M.S., Pennsylvania Sfafe Universify: Ph.D., Cornell Universify. lI959I 24 SCIENCE Wilfred B. Hafhaway, Professor, Biological Science- B.S., Massachuseffs Sfafe College: M.S., Universify of Massachu- seffs: Ph.D., Cornell Universify. lI95OI Wilma F. Kirkpafriclc, Insfrucfor, Biological Science- A.B., Winfhrop College: M.S., Universify of Soufh Carolina. iisezi William T. Moorefield, Associafe Professor, Physical Science- B.S., Johns I-Ioplcins Universify: M.Ed., Loyola College. lI959l Harold E. Muma, Assisfanf Professor, Biological Science- B.S., M.S., Universify of Maryland. lI957I Lois D. Odell, Professor, Biological Science- A.B., New Yorlc Sfafe College for Teachers af Albany: M.A., Ph.D., Cornell Universify, lI947I William F. Pelham, Professor, Physical Science- B.Ch.E., Clarkson College of Technology: M.A., Ed.D., Teachers College, Columbia Universify. ll955I Edward I. Rubendall, Associafe Professor, Physical Science- A.B., Illinois College: M.S., Universify of Illinois. H954-I Allen A. Walker, Assisfanf Professor, Biological Science- B.A., I-Iobarf: M.A., Universify of Texas. lI96OI Arfhur C. Yarbrough, Jr., Associafe Professor, Physical Science- B.S., Georgia Soufhern College: M.A., George Peabody College for Teachers. lI957I I I I I Q. I i I I l I: I Il I I I I I gf ' , .J 361 -. , 5 I X 'Ii ff: I I-I I . I Wg:-35,5 1 .f-1-? :f,, ,5: ' iafll ff' .,.'f??"4 'I L fn" , .. -I 155114 , - " ff . 3' ' f I' '. ,g?I-V? ' 4 AV I Q V-.., ' Q' P47 , I- 'sf Y .Q ' I 4 5 X ' . VI If I I PHYSICAL SCIENCE: Dr. Cox, Dr. Bareham, Mr. Yarbrough, Dr. Pelham, Mr. Rubendall, Mr. Daihl. Mr. Moorefield. BIOLOGY: Mr. Muma, Dr. Hafhaway, Mr. Crook, Mrs. Cuffs, Miss Kirkpafrick, Dr. Odell. Dr. Erickson. Mr. Brannon, Mr. Walker. l-IEA l.Tl-l: Mr. Reifenbach Cl'lAlRlVlAlXl Dr. Corinne T. Bize 26 PHYSICAL EDUCATION-Firsf row: Dr. Bize, Miss Daniels, Dr. Minnegan. Second row: Miss VerKruzen, Miss Graeser, Mr. Killian, Miss en ins. PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND HEALTH Corinne T. Bize, Professor, l-lealfh, Physical Educafion- B.S.. Russell Sage College: MA., New York Universify: Ed.D., Teachers Col- lege, Columbia Universify. ll95ll Mariorie F. Bleul, Assisfanf Professor Physical Educafion- B.S., Universify of Maryland: M.Ed., Loyola College. ll956l' Jane Daniels, Assisfanf Professor Physical Educafion- A.B., Barnard College: M.A., Teach- ers College, Columbia Universify. 1:9281 Jean F. Fagella, Assisfanf Professor l-lealfh, Physical Educafion- B.S., M.S., Universify of Pennsylvania U9-wi Carolyn E. Graeser, lnsfrucfor, Physi- cal Educafion- B.S., Wesf Virginia Universify. ll96Ol Peggy O. Jenkins, lnsfrucfor, Physical Educafion- B.S., Mary Washingfon College of fhe Universify of Virginia. ll962l Earl W. Killian, Associafe Professor Physical Eclucafion- B.S., Universify of Alabama: M.A.. Teachers College. Columbia Univer- Siiy. 1:9503 Roberf Melville, Assisfanf Professor Physical Educafion- B.S., Slippery Rock Sfafe College: MA., Teachers College, Columbia Universify. ll958l Donald l. Minnegan, Professor, Physi- cal Educafion, Direcfor of Afhlefics- B.Phy.Ed., Springfield College: M.A., New York Universifyy Ecl.D., George Washingfon Universify. ll927l Carl Reifenbach, Assisfanf Professor, l-lealfh- B.S., Sfafe Universify of New York. College of Eclucafion af Corflancl: M.A., New York Universify. ll956l Mary E. Roach, Assisfanf Professor Physical Educafion- B.S,, New York Universify: M.A., Teachers College. Columbia Univer- sify. ll92,6l Marguerife L. VerKruzen, Assisfanf Professor, Physical Educafion- A.B., Barnard College: M.S., Welles- ley College. ll962l Fw Mr. Nass, Mr. MH'-chell, Mr. Kirsfel, Mr. Pollack. ART David F. Guillaume, Associaie Professor, Arl- B.F.A., Alfred Universifyg M.A., Syracuse Universiiy. H9591 Harvey E. Kirsiel, lnsfrucfor, Ari- B.S., Universi+y of Cincinnali: M.A., New York Universiiy. may Lloyd D. Miller, Associale Professor, Arl- B.F.A., Universi+y of Iowa: M.A., Harvard Universify. H9541 John B. Miichell, Associafe Professor. Arl- B.S.. M.A., Teachers College, Columbia Universiiy. U94-9l Samuel H. Nass, Assis+an+ Professor, Ar'r- B.S., Ohio Universify: M.F.A., Teachers College, Columbia Universify. ll956l Sianley M. Pollack, Associale Professor, Ari- B.S.S., Ciiy College of New York: M.A., Teachers College, Columbia Universiiy. ll95Il Mildred Zindler, Associaie Professor, Ar+- A.B.. Florida Slafe Universilyg M.A., Ed.D., Teachers College. Columbia Universiiy. ll956l g-E-..,..,. 'cv' CHAIRMAN Mr. Sfanley M. Pollack Mr. Glover, Mr. Alper, Mr. l-laslup, Mr. Rice, Mr. Bollinger, Mr. Duro, Mrs. Coulange. 5g,,,,- CHAIRMAN Mr. Charles A. l-laslup MUSIC Clifford D. Alper, Assislanl Professor, Music- B.M., M.M., Universily of Miami. ll96Ol John P. Bollinger, Associale Professor, Music- B.M., Easlrnan School ol Music, Universily of Rocheslerq M.M., School of Music, Universily of Michigan. lI957l Eslher S. Coulange, Assislanl Professor, Music- - BS., Indiana Slale College, Pennsylvania: M.A., New York Universily. lI959l John Duro, Associale Professor, Music- B.Mus., M.Mus., Syracuse Universily. ll955l Beniamin F. Glover, lnslruclor, Music- B.M., Wesl Virginia Universilyf M,A., Long Beach Slale College. ll962l Charles A. Haslup, Associale Professor, Music- B.S., Slale Teachers College al Towson: M.Ed., Universily ol Maryland. msn Marlin R. Rice, Assislanl Professor, Music- B.Mus.Ed., Universily ol Wichilay M.Mus., Universily ol Michigan. ll96ll l li ii l if l 4. aa an M l 2 l LIDA LEE TALL SCHOOL The Licla Lee Tall School, namecl for Licla Lee Tall, presidenl of fhe college from I92O lo l938. is The campus laboralory school. l l ll , Ei , -l li lf ij Si'H'ing: Miss Cohan, Dr. Heagney, Miss Marino, Miss Ice, Miss Wilmer, Mrs. Holclen, Miss Dreyer, Mrs. Seaman. Miss Hughes. Sfancling: ': Mrs. Kimsey, Mr. Garland, Mr. Behling, Mr. Lisanli. i ii unA LEE TALL l SCHOOL AND 9, FACULTY Q7 ii l L-:X l l il ll PRINCIPAL OF LIDA LEE TALL SCHOOL l Dr. Genevieve Heaqney l 29 iii. ALBERT S. COOKE LIBRARY The library, compleled in I957, is named for Alberl S. Coolce, Slafe Superiniendenl of Schools from l920 +o l94l. i977"'T" "" " ' ' ' T BI ZLL! illlgui A A LIBRARY Fl lil -"X Mr. l-lerberi N. lzoersfel and Mr. John C. Larsen are discussing a new addilion R gf l N in fhe archives room. ' ' ' I 1 L llllwffi' A A . L will ' -1 'lf jx' if , , ' 1 -, ff my il, - Q W I i a Q HEAD LIBRARIAN Sluclenls find The library an ideal place for cliliqenr Miss Dorolhy W. Reeder sfudy. 43 YS? Q7 . 8 YAl"'?-n' In fi DIRECTOR OF RESIDENCE I-IALLS ASSISTANT DIRECTOR OE RESIDENCE I-IALLS Miss Mary Lee EarIow Mr. James R. Wassenaar RESIDENCE STAFF A In , I Q , 431,174 113 X, VT if ii 1 SUPERVISORS OF RESIDENCE: Mrs. Virginia TiIqI'1man, Mrs. Florence Clemenfs, Mrs. Laura Brennan, Miss Mary Basler. , mi HEAD CHEF AND DIETICIAN Mr. George Dwyer and Dr. Erruel Gardner DINING HALL, STUDENT CENTRE STUDENT CENTRE HOSTESS STUDENT CENTRE HOSTESS Miss Nancy Walbeck Miss Ma++ie Ward I 14 H-4 I I I I I I 32? . NOTICE -:xv vw- POST OFFICE CLERK BOOK SHOP MANAGER Mrs. Helen Kelly Mrs. Sue Richardson SERVICE if -' STAFFS I M . X, HEAD HOUSEKEEPER Mrs. Thelma Roberfs MAINTENANCE SUPERINTENDENT SENIOR STENOGRAPHER Mr. Odin Tidemand Miss Elizabellw Srarr CAMPUS QRGANIZA Tl ,, -.r EJMLIRB aw 4 U' Rf!" N. u ., .Af 2.5, fl 1, .FQ F. 1 ,,. K f , , J",- ,A 1 1 X 1 1 - rn.. ' r'-rf X x . "1 1 0 , . 1 1 . - I 1 7- I .--,I '..,'.- ,' kr Ur. 1. . ad! .-5:5 y . : 4-, Af, ---1 v 4 Cf 1 5' 'q'.l..',-rlalxx.,-17' V. I. , .j.,. 1, X ,vf M,,,eN-..,,t,x--A. .54 - ., -A ,. '4 - 14-Au' ML' ' .J. A.. V ' X , vu: .A , , ,,v1,., w-1 r . , - X,-sy ,U v..' x . A. W 11 . u.-5 . . , y 44, mi- . -v, I . V ' . 5 x ..l- .K 'lm--i ,N N -""' - ,.f' N ,Jr T n I L ,H ,. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE arbara Sharpe. Glenda Kilgore, Blair Bupperf, Maureen Kelly, Sue MacDonald, Bob I-Iiqhsmi+I'I, Dale I-Iickrnan, Marsha Tarberf, Sue Berman, Judy Simon, Sue PaI'IxI'IursI', Marlene Perlno. ATN AJ Q M STUDENT GOVERNMENT ADVISOR Mr. Edward Johnslon F.. STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION 1 962- 1 963 The SGA is a rnuliipurpose body, composed of an associa- Iion of all organizalions, represenled in Ihe SGA Senale. This deliberalive assembly is responsible for maior policy declara- Iions on behalf of Ihe siudeni' body, Tor allocaling a budge? exceeding 550000, for pubIishing a number of informalional handbooks Iincluding Ihe GOLD AND WHITE and 'rhe LEADER- SI-IIP MANUALI, lor coordinaiing 'rhe acliviiies of all s'ruden+ organizafions, for insuring represenlaiion of siudeni inieresis in aII phases of The college cornmuni'ry in which s+uden+s have an inIeres'r, for sponsoring maior social aclriviiies beyond Ihe provi- dence oi any of iI's member organizalions, for giving siudenls an eiieclive media for expression of Their opinions, and for pro- viding siudenls a voice in The Na+ionaI Union of S+udenI's IUSNSAI, 'ro name a few of Ihe purposes. I I I I, li I I I I I I I I I is I II' , I. Ii II II 'I I I I I I I I I I ,I I I. I 1-I .ra , 'T' I i i,,- PRESIDENT Roberr l-lighsmilh fc lie 1, N ii 1, Q, ii VICE-PRESIDENT Sue MacDonald ADMINISTRATORS WHO EXPANDED THE ROLE OF SGA The currenl year has seen 'rhe SGA ac'rivi+y engaged in a number of proiecls. The Leadership Conference was de- voled exclusively +o fhe definilion of 'rhe scope of fhe SGA, and il' provided valuable insighis into +he subiecr. Infernal affairs were more 'righlly pulled logelher, and delinilion made apparenf: a financial and a social policy were passed, giving maierial criferia on which 'ro base financial approprialions and social acliviries. More organizalions were pulled inlo fhe asso- cia+ion and many bureaucralic loose ends were removed. A foreign sludenl proiecl was inlroduced and passed, and is cur- renily being processed. A maior enierlainmenl' group was procured lThe l-lighwaymenl for May Day weekend, wifh a chariiy connecfion. Proceeds were given +o +he W.U.S. cam- paign. A number of communifies laid groundwork in ceriairi areas which will be of subslanfial aid 'ro cerfain comparable efiorls in lhe liufure, alfhough lhese proved noi 'lo be +oo successful in 'rerms of compleied proiecls: The Special Evenls and Grievance ad hoc commihlees were mosl' conspicious in lhis regard. A policy for fhe seleclion of advisors +o SGA members were prepared and passed. The Judicial Board wen'r lhrough a number of minor revisions and is being pre- pared for implemenfaiion nexf year. A compleie reorganiza- 'rion of ihe SGA files and filing sysfem was begun and is underway. --..d-,Z 7 if L-,wlwi V 1 X I X if L ii of V iff za l a 'a'r. - "" ,. ,- TREASURER Dale l-liclcman n-l ps- 1 1 f . wx Kfifixw 221 1 E E , PUBLICITY CHAIRMAN Sue Parkl'1urs+ U CORRESPONDING SECRETARY Glenda Kilgore Nw ', 4 AX, 42171--1',3"Q-My,-' " , ff 4.-, , If, A . ,, ,pg RECORDING SECRETARY Judy Simon -'.g..ig,M"" ,X O r W,F"':'f Busiesi' office ..4 n campus. C ir r ni.- MEMBERS-AT-LARGE lvlarlene Perlco. Richard Moss, Marsha Tarberl 5 17'- N., , PARLIAMENTARIAN Barbara Sharpe -5 vm ' 1 zz-7 fix ASSISTANT TREASURERS Maureen Kelly, Blair Bupper+ I TOWER ECHOES The main purpose of The TOWER ECI-IOES organizalion is Io pro- duce a memory book ol: sI'uden'Is Tor The I962-63 academic year. The publicarion also Tunclions as a record of 'rhe year, a public re- Ialions medium. sludenl proiecls, and a reference book. A year-long iob of dislribufing books, scheduling piclures, collecl- ing senior porlraiis, working wirh Iayeoul and cropping Iechniques, ediring, and designing, successfully combined wi+h a working 'rheme or plan, all conlribule 'Io The producfion of The I962-63 record of our growing and ever-changing college. For Ihe gracluafes, if is a cherished book of memories-Tor Ihe underclassmen ir is a log or diary on which 'ro build upon and expand. I EDITOR-IN-CI-IIEF Sophia Demafaiis 'kv ASSISTANT EDITOR Joanne Fifi Arnas SENIOR EDITOR Claire Lange wsu V. Asif,-.- . -11: 1? BUSINESS MANAGER DaIe Hickman ,fQ SPORTS EDITOR Lou Winkelman 1 SPORTS EDITOR Kafhy Ennis B I n I I r' I --.Q -7' X.. LITERARY ADVISOR Mr. W. Frank Guess MOS- I PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR Carolyn Common N I FINANCIAL ADVISOR Mr. Edward R. Johnsfon STAFF MEMBERS Carol Claycornb Judy DIxon KaIIny Jones Yvonne Knfre-II Jeanne KroI1 Barbara Sullivan CaroI Young 4I LITERARY EDITOR EHa S+eirI 12 QQ .x NKNQ SY 1 I CIRCULATION MANAGER Virginia S+e+I4a ve I-Ielm confers wifI'I edi+oI', PI-IOTOGRAPI-IER Da Sop ' ' I'IIa Demafafis. -'Lx 'X x AME? igg,Q"g,g-ll ,,., . .-', E - I -vw JUNIOR EDITOR, ART EDITOR, COVER DESIGNER STAFF MEMBER Georqeerme Manners ROV' BTYGTII 42 i- uw b. -N .,,x i, x,- YN-9 A EDITOR-IN-Cl-IIEF Lowell E. Sunderland Lowell E. Sunderland lueld flue posifion of edifor-in-cluief firsf semesfer. Due fo fime necessary for luis posifion on flue COUNTY NEWS WEEK, a weelcly Towson newspaper, lue resigned af flue end of flue firsf serruesfer. Lowell, a graduafe from Towson I-liglu in I958, affended flue Junior College luere from I958-60. I-Ie received luis A.A. in June, I96O, and worlced a year for flue MARYLAND GAZETTE. I-le refurned fo Towson in Sepfember, l962, wluen flue College began an Arfs and Sciences program. He worlced as Managing Edifor in luis junior year. Lasf summer lue worlced as flue Ocean Cify Edifor of flue Easfern Sluore paper, Tl-IE DEMOCRATIC MESSENGER. Lowell now plans Y , ,Q " fo loin flue Air Force. .H Q 'I . , V. 8 4 7 6 5 ADVISOR Mr. I-lenry 'Iluorsen FIRST CLASS HONORS WON BY TOWER LIGHT llue TOWER LIGI-ll' issues of I962f63 capfured flue firsf class luonor rafing awarded by flue Associafed Col- legiafe Press and were only poinfs away from being designafed All-American. Tluis four fo six page weekly newspaper is a sfrong liferary organ on our campus. Lowell Sunderland, edifor-in-cluief during flue firsf semesfer and Mary E. I-luglues. second serruesfer edifor, along wiflu flueir sfaffs, are fo be congrafulafed for flueir oufsfanding worlc., EDITOR-IN-Cl-IIEF Mary E. Fluglues Mary E. Huglues. a member of flue sfaff for four years. fook ouer flue posifion of edifor-in- cluief in February, moving up from flue posifion of Managing Edifor. From February, l96I fo May I962, slue lueld flue posifion of News Edifor. Before fluaf slue was Excluange Manager and re- porfer. Mary luas also been an acfive member of flue Glen Players for four years. In luer sopluomore year slue was recording secrefary, flue following year freasurer, and in luer senior year was senafor for flue orgaruizafion. Slue acfed as feclunical asf sisfanf, a paying posifion, from February, I96O, fo February, l962, wluen flue newspaper dufies be- came foo demanding fo luandle boflu. Mary is also a member of Kappa Delfa Pi, Plui Alplua Tluefa, and Alplua Psi Omega and luas been on flue Dean's Lisf fluree limes. l 43 lk Firsi row: lrene Oranlas, Donna Wallcer, Mary Hughes, Lowell Sunderland, Carole Fischer, Second row: Lou Winkelman, Ronald Rosenblall Paul Beclfer, Dave Helm, Paul Vanderbosch, Bill Schmalzer. FIRST SEMESTER: PERMANENT STAFF: Edifor-in-chief-Lowell E. Sunderland Business Manager-Donna J. Walker Managing Editor-Mary E. Hughes Circula+ion Manager-Paul F. Becker News Edi+or-Irene V. Oranlas Phofographers-David L. Helm. John Gwynn Sporfs Edifor--Lou Winkelman Headlines-William Schmalzer, Paul F. Becker SECGND SEMESTER: Ari' Eclifor-Sue F. Berman Edi+or-in-chief-Mary E. Hughes Managing Edifor-Irene V. Oranlas News Edi+or-Palricia Nadolny Sporfs Eclifor-Rush Burlchadf BUSINESS MANAGER NEWS EDITOR Donna J. Wallcer Irene Oranfas 44 l 7, , f Z- 1 l A -rpm. l-4,-1 'iff NEWS EDITOR Pal' Nadolny PHOTOGRAPHERS John Gwynn and Dave l-lelm DEADLINES TO MEET News. sporls, leHers lo lhe edifor, columns, edilorials, daleboolc ads are all prinlecl 'ro meel lhe Monday, I2 o'cloclc deadline. The slafl fries lo work as closely as possible lo 'Urhe rules ol iournalisrnf' while slill providing The varlallon necessary 'ro creale reader appeal. JV., ,--l ' SPORTS EDITOR HEADLINE EDITORS Lou Winlcelman Bill Schmalzer and Paul Beclcer 45 LAS- ..- M mnnl y 4' 9' 5 Sfandingz Pai' Benion, Vicror Peiresino. Marsha Kraveiz, Carol Claycornb. Sealed: Ivlariha Lemen, Carol Marfz, Dr. Lewis. TALISMAN, THE CAMPUS LITERARY MAGAZINE Encouraging crealive wriiing and good wriring is Ihe main purpose of Ihe TALISIVIAN. II solicifs and acceprs suirable wrirings for publicarion and exchanges IiI'erary magazines wirh colleges having similar publicafions. This year Ihe TALISMAN operared ils second annual wrifing confesr which was open Io all mem- bers of The sludenf body. The winner of Ihe prize in Ihe field of prose was Charles Brumley and Ihe Poelry award wenl Io Belly Blum. "WinIer CiTy," by Waller I-licks, was one of 'rhe winning enfries sub- mifled Io 'Ihe TALISMAN. WINTER CITY I have walked in a winler cify, Srained wi+h a crusry snowy I have walked aimlessly on dull days, and I-Iave been srabbed, occasionally, accidenlally, By a few slivered slares, Focused precisely on a cerlain molecule of air. Winler Cify, Slained wilh a crusiy snow, Where Ihe absence of 'rouch pierced, like The poin'I of a knife. Wirh olhers, I have walked in a driving rain, and have never been wer. I have walked and been Iired of walking. I sI'iII walk in +ha+ same winrer ci'ry, Slained wirh a crusiy snow. On idenfical dull days, Ihose same impersonal slivers s'riII slab. Bur wi+hin 'rhaf gray Frame. un+ain+ed by human Iouch, a derail has changed: A single drop now drenches. WALTER I-IICKS 7 46 Q E . ,' 5 -E W .V -, RECORDING SECRETARY TREASURER Shirley Smifh Sandy Scripfure in ala .X , I f A A Y ' x I 2 19 N 64 6 ACC EX. CLASS SEAL CLASS OFFICERS OF 1964 T ADVISOR Dr. Charles Onion 7 1 I 1 , vi 7 ff QS vgvskl ,,nY,g,:,q, .-' gf -,, " - A .g' . . 33' . . vpn. . X, ' M be 213'-N 1: 5 fc ,wwf ff -' '7 ',N."'-A f -1n:"'v- ,' . ' 4, A :,-' . 'J , .. -, ,V my K fr, 1 , 'Y' . 'or' . , ,f , ' - 5 fy, .. ' W , I1 1 riff!!-'L A 1 -. -q."'42 PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT CORRESPONDING SECRETARY Bob Chapman Donna We'rzel Marfha Lou John w 47 'A ' V f -' 'Li'.'f'-" .:' ' A i'f'ff' Y ':- 11- Q:-pmhkaou ,.- 3, ,f I fx 1 ' ' ! I X .,,,.. 5,5 , W A j I X V , vp, '51-5, I IQ.f"-fig-51451311fffffrif 2 V. . 55' 'fm' 1 '23, rj jgseze 1-'s-I : , :A ' ,. v,:Q.ff,,v5:Iii::E:, AIV- 5 ' If., ,-ES S um ?3'.: " iz' f. .' ,' 2s2I?2:g2Lf.I.,. . .-:L ' fi' 2 ' CLASS SEAL CLASS OFFICERS OF 1965 W' 'Wi fc:-ry V 'I ' I V7"'f-.: - "If . - T ' .T 7 45531114 544 fi? " I ' 1. AJ : I - D Y - fx l. I "J V. , .. ADVISOR Mr. Vernon Wan+y PRESIDENT Paw' Klevenow I 41' -5 I 4 W , 5.11: 1 I J. 414, TREASURER CORRESPONDING SECRETARY Joe Sena+ore Barbara Fleming ,-as 1 . ' .e:...f, 35 wi . II VIL ....- T VICE-PRESIDENT RECORDING SECRETARY Joan EusIac:e Be++y Depro l :L l 2, l 1 1 I l 14: ll 1-1 l 2 S l ii: I l l 1 li l l l 5 gl l Nl l , I l if , PRESIDENT Anllmony Thim VICE-PRESIDENT Jeff Glover ra A1 -J CLASS OFFICERS OF 1966 RECORDING SECRETARY TREASURER CORRESPONDING SECRETARY Suella Myers Jackie Ellis Jane Amoss F-aa , f: ., W' '- 63,7 .V HOUSE COUNCILS PRETTYMAN-Firsf row: Pal Ryan, Tish Crocker, Carolyn Orr. Second row: Bonnie Le Gore, Anna Koriisses. Nancie Holler, Sandy Page Claire Lange Frances Grahe. 4 677 WOMENS RESIDENCE Flrsf row Linda Wilder Doffie Ray Elyssa Tippell' Bonnie Le Gore Gin Warlel Second row Carol Pishalslu Mary Arnmenf Sue Mapp, Jean Tracey, Ann Frere. 50 The House Councils encourage each resi- denr sluclenl' lo acknowledge and accepf lhe responsibililies of dormilory living. The main purposes are lo plan lor beller liv- ing, 'ro plan and execule recrea+ion wi+h- in 'rhe dormilories, and lo organize and carry our ac+ivi'ries requesled by +hose liv- ing wifhin 'rhe campus communify. NEWELL RICHMOND-Firsf row: Joyce Anne Cooper Leona Brauns, Jane Amoss. Second row: Louise Tomberlin, Jeanie Randall, Linda Wilder, Sue iller Nancy Greene. Par Lawrence. l .Z sal- r r r 1 B P MEN'S RESIDENCE-Firsf row: Roberf Friedenberg, Fred Cogswell, Carrol! E. Parker. Tom Kuhn, Randy Grimsley. Second row: Elmer Cook, Sherry Lucas, Richard Sours, John B. Murphy, WOMEN'S OFF-CAMPUS-Firsf row: Marsha Quanie, Peg Brown, Mrs. V. Tilghman, Dome Ray, Kaihy Glaif. Second row: Lenna Madnfire. Basler, Prudence Wlenhold, Emilie Schleicher, Karen Inman. Mary Lou --5 fs ' Y? ' log .U'n ,s, xxlfiv T? -my 'Wo :iw 5.42 L aa Al A Jun:crAL soARns 'X L , ' . ks.. L' ', ' Any infraciions ol: Ihe rules or slandards obli- gafes each residenf s+uden+ +o reporf himself +o +he Judicial Board. The board joins all residenl sludenfs under one judicial code and adminislers iusfice in accordance wifh fhis code. Each sfudenf is under his or her honor +o uphold fhe esfablished slandarcls. MEN'S JUDICIAL BOARD- Mike Shannon. Mille Murphy. AI Pafriclc. WOMEN'S JUDICIAL BOARD-Siifingz Susie Pool, Elyssa Tipperf, Peggy Brown. Shanding: Barbara Morin, Lee Barfon, Susan Goodwin. Joyce McCauley. Barbara Orr, Belly Duncan, P. K. G-ordy. Jean Tracey. Ti sruDENr CENTRE BOARD The Sfudenf Cenlre Board funclions as The governing body For fhe Sfudenf Cenlre. Educalional. cullrural and so- cial evenls are Taken in+o considerafion when SCB plans ifs regular program. STUDENT CENTRE BOARD-Siifingz Pai Ryan, Mr. Roberf Abendrolh, advisor. JoAnn Cicero, Ruby Kaslen, Standing: Joanne Arnas, Jeff Glover, Joan Eusrace, Janel Zirlcler. FRESHMAN ADVISORY COUNCIL Firsf row: Pafricia Meyers. Mary Urbancic, Kennerh Masfers, Milfon A, Dugger, Jr., Fred Cogswell, Barbara Boardman, Belly Duncan. Al Pafriclr. Dr. Donald Cassalf. Second row: Belly Levine, Beih Raines, Laura Davison, Diane Ganfner, Sue Miller, Becky Sferlinq, Suzanne Linihicum, Peggy Wilson, Valerie Rollin. Third row: Barbara Gordon, Sue Parlchursr, Glenda Kilgore, Sue Howard, Nancy Greene, Louise Tomberlin, Diana De Franceschi. Zenobia M. Cornish. Fourih row: Denver Murray, Roberr Miller, Judy Simon, Carolyn Frifz, Joan Eusrace, Maggie Winlerling, Barbara Meurer. Fiffh row: John Murphy, Vernon Kesfler, Gloria Monacelli, Mariha Lou Johns. Sixfh row: Russell Kacher, Karen Inman, Vernon Rey, Donna Cole, Jeanie Randall, Nancy Benson. Sevenfh row: Richard Ulmer, Mike Murphy, Ron Barnes. Bonnie Meclrel, Diclc Srallings, Niclr Kolb, Ginger Musey, Carroll Parlcer, John K. Maclrerr. The Freshman Advisory Council is an organizafion whose purpose is lo aid new slu- denls in becoming familiar wirh college life. The Orieniafion Program during ihe lirsr week al college is especially designed by lhe FAC and The laculiy 'ro answer all ques- lions 'rhar arise from srudenls concerning clubs and organizalions, social luncfions. or academic mailers, and 'ro presenf a comprehensive view of life al Towson. FirsT row: Randy Grimsley, Richard Cole, Mr. E. L. Ewell, Charles F. W Harry Sharkey. Russ Kacher, Bob HighsrniTh, Nick Kolb Chuck C Ken MasTers. Fran Harfrnan, Alan PaTricl:. ClayTon Cieslalc. CIRCLE K The Circle K Club is sponsored ioinTly by The Towson Kiwanis Club and The College. IT is a rnen's organi- zaTion Tounded on The principles oT Kiwanis lnTernaTional and dediCaTed To service To The College and iTs corn, rnuniTy. This year The club published The sTudenT direc- Tory and iniTiaTed a blood donor program. ,fa aTerworTh, David Evans. Second row: Lou Winlcelman, Donald Ferguson. roner, Jack Graham, Ed Shirley. Third row: Milne Murphy, Gary Reddiclr, ALUMNI The Alumni AssociaTion encourages graduaTes To ioin so as To conTinue To be inTormed in all aspecTs of The College communiTy. The Alumni NewsleTTer, published by Mrs. Croolc is The organ Through which college evenTs are announced. FirsT row: Mrs. MargaraTe TaTe. Dr. Theresa Wiedefeld. Mr. Carroll W Tirornpsnn Dr. Hawkins, Mrs, Beverly Crook. Mr, John Hillcer, Mr. N 54 agner, Mrs. Nola Zaiser, Mrs. Agnes Coale. Second row: Mr. QuinTon orris Weis, Mr. John HorsT. "THE WlNTER'S TALE" TeaTured RuTh Ann Ziehm, Allan STarl:ey, Buddy STringer. Irene Shepherd. PaT THREE MAJOR T PRODUCTIONS PRESENTED BY THE GLEN PLAYERS Klevenow, Susan Gorosh and Georgeanne Manners King's proclamaTion announces The arresT of Hermione. played by lrene Shepherd. Her sensiTive porTrayal won The criTics' praise. The Glen Players have a dual purpose. educaTion and enTerTainmenT. "The AmalThean Program" is The name which The Glen Players have chosen To describe our cycle oT world drama. Any sTudenT who aTTends The plays regularly during his Tour years aT Towson will have seen aT leasT one play Trom each of eiqh+ caTegories of The world's dramaTic liTeraTure. lT is The Glen Players' purpose To promoTe The inTeresT in dramaTics noT only'in The college communiTy buT The surrounding communiTy as well. This year Three major plays were presenTed: "The'WinTer's Tale," by William Shake- speare. "The Summer oT The l7Th Doll," by Ray Lawler. "The Sea Gull." by AnTon Chelchov. Also approximaTely TwenTy sTudenTs direcTed plays produced in our ex- perimenTal TheaTer "S-B." These plays ranged Trom The classical TheaTer To The TheaTer of The absurd. NexT year The Glen Players hope To expand Their program To include Tour major producTions and To also widen Their "S-8" programming so ThaT approximaTely ThirTy sTudenT-direcTed plays will be produced. STarring as LeonTes, Allan STarlrey's per- Tormance was his mosl powerful yeT. 55 4? ef 4 f Q V5 , Aging 1, Qu i - I ,SX ' x.-X ' A- 7 V' A ,. ,, 2- -' Y 1. , -ffv ' H 5 -X . .1 F .i,,v,,- -Hx,-,,!. X , . , , 6 ' Y. ' . ' Q V an ' ,..,,, ,,..,.p-,,,,:,,,,, -,...,...,.,, . -. .,..,...1..,.v....,,.......4....,..-,. U I, U b H 1 -5. . j,.g,,,,',fQ.Af..., .,.'..'a-fkebagrfxu L f s av-'ww wa,--.4 "THE WINTER 'S TALE " 4 -an . xx 'x ' "vs ,,,.z-"LW - xr,,' f- "1 vv-' F , ,Wire r' - 1- . i Q a -- ,, . . A , , .Y Q V l it' Emxxm' 1 0 v . y. n - V ' if "4"'s.QsQg'i A Q 4 Q. 'si 1 gn , X J lg A 5.5 X xg . ' I ' n 1 I .' , I levi 94 5- R,ega . 4 ' .: s lr Q. git W' -' ill! i .4J.. ,Ni 5, ,-f,.:gf,,g,,-1 - ---- ' ., .5.gk.,.r fe.. ,nfl . :':- U 4f5'iZ2-:lf5'7'4f1i57.21i, "fi , -i GMT. , wh" 'Y " ff ln, . ,. .,,. , ' J J T' -Jivlv'-. H . L:'5I-P11f1'i'A1-11172, JSC". 'fill ' 4-71-' Nina, Lois Evans, Tinds herself Tallinq in love wiTh Trigorin, played by Allan STarlney. ! I L' 'f Qc G! ,c '! ,Q I! rf :F F 4' rl :E Ffh . . vie! Nina and Triqorin Tind delighT in a Tiny flower. 58 I Pl "THE SEA GULL" PERFORMED IN STUDIO EIGHT THEATRE "The Sea Gull," by AnTon Chelchov was The TirsT major producTion performed in The Glen Players' new TheaTre, STudio Eight The TheaTre-in-The-round eTTecT beneTiTed The audience because every word spoken by The acTors could be heard. ln addiTion, seaTs were raised so ThaT each acTor's rnovemenTs were easily Tollowed. More producTions OT This Type are anTicipaTed. Irene Shepherd. Buddy STringer, John Siford. Penny Ruarl: and Lois Evans were TeaTured in This play oT realism. KonsTanTin, played by John Glover, is biTTer over The selfishness of his moTher. Irene Shepherd. RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS The religious organizaTions aT Towson are coordinaTed by The InTer-FaiTh Council, which is composed oT The presidenT and a represenTa- Tive Trom each religious organizaTion on campus. This group is responsible Tor The coordinaTion oT religious acTiviTies aT Towson. The oldesT religious organizaTion on campus, The YM-YWCA, lTormerly The STudenT ChrisTian AssociaTionl, oTTers an opporTuniTy To explore The meaning oT The ChrisTian TaiTh and iTs insighTs inTo problems college sTudenTs Tace. The groups had a varied program. The Newman Club provided culTural, social and religious programs Tor The CaTholic sTudenTs, while also sponsoring Their TirsT annual l-lall oT Fame baslfeTball game. The Jewish STudenTs AssociaTion oTTered a non-crediT course in Hebrew, which was TaughT by Dr. Blumberg, a hisTory proTessor. Discussions on "Psychology and The Roman CaTholic Church," LenTen sTudies, and plans Tor ioinT meeTings wiTh oTher religious groups were parT oT The CanTerbury Clubs program. INTER-FAITH COUNCIL Firsf row: Joan Miller, Joyce Powell, Paul Swank, Barbara Orr. Second row: Ann Silex, l-larriel Sollers, Michael Gordon, Roberf Younger, Charles KesTler, Louise Shapiro, Barbara Maurer. Third row: Diane Sludenberg, Rose Gilbert Diane Davis. 59 NEWMAN CLUB SiHing: Prlsdla Ne.f,"wa" S975-e Herwdefson Joe O'NeRH, Standing: Dlane Davis, Valerie RolIin, Joan Frey, Odando OrsIno Nick Kolb, George Pahinicola Carry We" Se'v.e' D-efffxzo 't E' ef D,ga' CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION Susan Rowell Jay Brown Susan ScI1ueIer,f'Xrme Thompson. 60 Q-.QR-U JEWISH STUDENTS ASSOCIATION Sifiingz Michael Gordon Judie Seldin, Sylvia Guiin Louise Snapiro Diane Siudenberg Bob Friedenbefq. Sfandingg W-gngy Maiiz, Sandi! piffifif NC Wifkowski, Richard Moss Ruby Kasfen Sharon Kafz. jlfu, I I., CANTERBURY CLUB SiHing: Lefiiia Crccker Bonnie Vifafers. Robe-rf Younger MLS isabei Wiinef. ad.is1'. Sfendingz Pe. Kinigsie, S-vi'-n lnynaa'- Pvn D JoI'1nson,SaIiy Seilman, Buddy Sfrinqxer Robeva G-ribbon, WESLEYAN FELLOWSHIP Wing: Denver Murray, Mrs. Vrrginla K, Tilghman Harrrei Sollers, Kafrry S:nNInq, Shanding: Sharon Hogg Nadine Prveobus. Caroi EichNer, CarroH Parker Jcyce Pow-EH Hzena Brooks, Joan Eraser. I 'Y - 1 -' . .- - e J 5 ,md 1? Y.: fm T7 fi is 0 - 7 L C17 ...J I, 5 1 xg' 'r ,a-,nf I I - L ., . f W ' 101053: ,AP ..a1-Jr .1 , , .' 'I W. . ' - C5 I-in 'l ' ,ini i f V 1 LUTHERAN STUDENTS ASSOCIATION Siffing: Prcrard Sfallrnqs Barbara Meurer, Jeannie Poole. Sfanding: Vernon Kesiler Darhene Wimerr, Henry Rafscln, Pahicie Downey, Norman C. Hoffeld. fx :- ,N 3 7 X ' 114' 'rf-:Nl YM-YWCA Sillingz Darlene Carler, Joyce Jansen, Peggy Mllsfead, Margo Barrel? Ann Silex, Sfanding: Brenda Evans Juclv l-llrscln, Poyle Lancarer, Belly Jo Bygale Harrie+ Sollers, nm W '1 6 N fx ffl 1 BAPTIST STUDENT UNION SiHing: Fonda Wilhelm, Rose Gilbert Nancy Greene, Lois Ann Rlqqln. S+ancling: Mrs, Pafrlcm Covington, Jean Francis, Judy Barrelf, llama Gnrflson 63 Firsf row: Barbara Morin Connie Sanger, Sharon Salizman, Par Kane. Mr. Tidernand, Rochelle Gorman, Sandy Lichrensrein, Carol Eichler. Second row: Marlene Ramsburg, Susan Long, Barbara Boardman, Marie Duvall, Mary Arnenr Bonnie Schneider, Jean Bachraclw, Sue Goodwin. Third row: Helen Boulder, Joyce Ann Cooper. Pa? Meyers. Nancy Benson Esfher Raley, Le-wig Edwgrdge CIVIL DEFENSE The Civil Defense iuncrions so as ro organize, Jrrain and drill The members in disasrer preparedness, 'ro fulfill 'rhe colleges obligarions in 'rhis respecl. Eighf members of rhis service group have complered rhe Firsr Aid Course, while 'ren radiology moni+ors are under fraining. Since 'rhe shelrers became public rhe members' acliviries will be in- corporaied wilh lhe Federal requiremenrs for public shelfer srafling. 64 Q l 5 N 1 ! . l l l l l C7 ai i Y 1 1 if H 5 l iii is 5 ,,, , .A 1 .W 'I 3 ,ii H V ,i V 1 "-I-'f" IA 5 X N f We , 1" 3 . 1 K I ii T ei'5:f ' l H ,S 5 fs: EH' . ,, c es., r Ma a---- SiHing: Carolyn Compion, Mary Maxwell, Darlene Carfer. S HOSTESS CLUB The Hosless Club is a club which serves for many organizalion banquefs on campus. ln November a Merle Norman Demonsfra- Hon was presen+ed and in December a Chrisfmas decorarion demonsiralion was scheduled. A spring fashion show was given in fhe cafeferia. The girls of The club served as models. in :ni I-I1 IQ1 in ll: , air una au: ISI it handing: nl asf'- . te., 0.70 ee- ' v .ig I A r l 1 l Marlha Wichless Gail Quinn, Carol Walirnan, Carolyn Timmins, NA TURALISTS The Naluralisfs is an organizafion which enables irs members +o enrich iheir scienfiiic lcnowledge lhrough field frips, leclures, and discussion groups. I+ collecfs and organizes scienlific malerial for educalional aid. .Q i 'eq 1X I is Firsl' POW! Dr. Odell, Pai Kemper, Shirley Johnson Gloria Galuppi. Second row: Reber? l-larfing, Paul Miller. Third row: CiminO. Dave Evans, Dave Siecl. Thomas hvlilcillilbif 'S 65 Kneeling: Sandy Lichlenslein, Marsha Kimmel, Siiiing: Pal Lawrence, Barbara Taliercio, Diane Jordan, Judy Wright Joyce Waldmann, Marlin Carlson. YOUNG DEM OCRA TS INTERNATIONAL This year The club sponsored a coffee hour 'lor Daniel Brewsler and a represenralive for Clarence Long. The club members were acliye worlrers for democralic candidales in The general eleclion lasl Tall and urged olher sludenls lo parlicipare. The meelings were aimed al inlormalive discussions ol polilical issues and pro- cedures. RELATIONS CLUB The IRC assisls 'rhe social science deparrmeni' in giving pro- grams concerning currenl affairs, gives 'rhe sludenl body a well- roundecl piclure of inrernalional happenings and an opporlunily 'ro discuss currenl world problems wilh specialisls in The field. The club has broughl conlroversial polilical figures lo 'rhe campus, as well as speakers from lhe Slale Deparfmenf. The group plans lo sponsor Greal Decisions, I964. Qzif ' r,, - , vw ,,, 4 'A Wizf- 4 - 22124424 "f car wal Jeanie Randall, Barbara Finiller, Donna Wallcer. Rufh Clark, Phyllis Swann. 66 Barbara Miller, Vernon Rey, Barbara Slack. Jeannie Poole, Larry Wienholi, Irene Shepherd, Virginia Lambie. The Towson Singers The Towson Singers provide enieriainmeni 'ro ihe school body Through The singing of madrigals in The hope 'Thai ihey may develop an appreciaiion for 'rhis music form. This year, jwo conceris of Shakespeare madrigals in ihe Glen Players' room, They also pre- senierd a series of one-hour conceris ai Baliimore iun- ior high schools. For The iuiure. The group is plan- ning a banquei-conceri in ihe caleleria, MUSICAL GROUPS Tower Belles This popular singing irio has been singing iogefher for four years. Having enferiained ai various college iunciions, ihese graduaiing members of I963 will cer- 'rainly be missed. I l i X . Darla Roclcman, Lois Cavey. Diane Baseman. 67 f f - f'ff'.i2v. , ' 41? ffl ,L Japanese lanTerns. checlcered TablecloThs, and colfes, supplied by The Sfudenf Centre Board. gave a Tesfive atmosphere To The concerf. Miss Penny Leia enTerTained wiTh show Tunes and oTher selecTions on The violin. 68 PATIO CONCERT FEATURES PENNY LEKA New York enTerTainer Penny Lelaa was The TeaTured aTTracTion aT The PaTio ConcerT. Miss Lelca played The violin and presenTed an illus- TraTed lecTure on "l-low To Succeed in Show Business By Really Try- ing, Miss l.elca's performance was sponsored by The Men's Glee Club, one oT The acTive music groups on campus. The Glee Club also per- Torrned ThaT evening, led by Mr. MarTin Rice. This group played a major parT in conTribuTing To The success OT The yule show held in December. The Women's Glee Club, also direcTed by Mr. Rice, gave Their annual Spring ConcerT in a ioinT program wiTh The 2nd Male Army Chorus Trom ForT Meade. The program included Tolls songs. modern Toll: songs, modern songs, and songs Trorn musicals. The College ConcerT Band, under The direcTion oT Mr. Benjamin Glover, has developed inTo a Tine group. They perTormed aT a Pop ConcerT in Glen Eslc, enTerTained aT May Day and provided music during The PresidenT's Dinner. MEN'S GLEE CLUB 'Hr WOMEN'S GLEE CLUB COLLEGE CONCERT BAND Firsi' row: Bonnie LeGore, Nancy Crowley, Lou Elin Alder, Gloria Heindel, Carolyn Frirz, Becky Srerlinq. Second row: Charlorfe Murphy, Winnie Sermons Lois Cavey, Ann Phillips. Lynn Gallion, Prudence Wienhold. Third row: Sandy Boyer, Doroihy Perry, Miss MacDonald, Anne Fox, Lois Benneff, Fran Burrell Fourfh row: Judy Hirsch, Esiella Spencer. Susan Roberis. Fiffh row: Kaihy Glafr, Joyce Jansen, Faye Clinqan. Sandra Scripfure, Mary Clare Powell. STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION CHOIR The SCA Choir composed of 'I'wen'ry-six residenr women srudenis is a service organi- zafion which sings af Vesper Services, Chrisrmas Dinner, and churches in ihe Ballirnore area. This year ihe group pariicipared in concerfs ar Forr Holabird and The Uniled Siales Naval Academy. The choir is direcred by Miss Hazel MacDonald. Mr. Charles Haslup is ihe accompanisr. 70 Kneeling: Susan Miller, Gini Warfel. Siffingz Mae Magill, Cindy Cummings, Joan Tracey, Miss Bellows, Claire Lange, Dale Hickman. Sfanding: Charles Walker Marlene Mack, Joyce McCauley, Hazel Nelson, Mary Clare Powell, Kenneih Barnes, Sandy Page, Palricia Meyers. Della Coard, Pal Ryan, Jeanne Jackson NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETIES KAPPA DELTA PI Educafion Kappa Della Pi is lhe narional honor sociely in educalioni Epsilon Alpha Chapler is lhe local chapler of This nalional orqanizalion. Once each semesler, 'rhe chapler elecls junior and senior leducalion collegel sludenls who fulfill requiremenls based upon scholarship, characler, leadership, service, and parficipalion in exlracurricular aciiviries lo ioin 'lhis sociely. This year Kappa Della Pi held a lea in honor ol lhose who made ihe Dean's Lisl. This group also offered a luloring service lo inleresled sludenls. 'EJ Q C7 G7 i 49 5 3 Q X 3 FirsT row: Dale l-lichman, Kalhleen Schlining Sandy LichTensTein. Lisa Kolb Pal Kane, Donna Wefzel. Second row: Beverly R. Bloclc, Alayne Tiemeyer, Diane Slarr. Reeve Sp-ecTor, Mary Ann Rogosky. Diane STudenberg. Third row: Dr, Frrrian Chrisririe Chairs, PaT Lawrence. Priscilla Haines. Frank Climer. Fourfh row: RoberT Miller Michael Lee. Wayne Droll, Chuck Croner. GAMMA THETA UPSILON ALPHA PSI OMEGA Geography Dramafics The BeTa DelTa ChapTer oT Gamma TheTa Upsilon is a naTional The maior TuncTions oT Alpha Psi Omega are To sTimulaTe in- honorary geography TraTerniTy, The members oT Gamma TheTa TeresT and parTicipaTion in dramaTic acTiviTies, and To recognize Upsilon TurTher Their lfnowledge OT geography Through Tield Trips, sTudenT achievemenT in drama. slide lecTures. spealfers and papers preseriTed by members. To become a member oT Alpha Psi Omega aT Towson, inTer- esTer drama sTudenTs work Through The Glen Players Organiza- Firsf row: Allan Janney Sharie Lacey. Allan STarley. Irene Shepherd Dr. C. R. Gillespie. Second row: Roberf Keane Dis E-iff. Sue Berman Par BenTon, Bonnie Warers Buddy Slringer. 72 Tion To earn poinTs in Three areas: acTing, Technical, and creaTive. When The required poinTs are earned in These areas. a sTudenT is eligible Tor consideraTion as a spring pledge. IT The pledge fulfills The re- guiremenTs, he receives a cerTiTicaTe and a pin aT The annual banquet Mem- bers in good sTanding musl' confinue To accumu- laTe poinTs ThroughouT Their college career. "fEE'Ti?F"7T1 ' '-W-iii' W Bits- - Z f, gre- 2 VJGIJQYITF. 35'f9Tfff7 " '. " 'VNV 'f '. fini? 3?43iis12s,' ' ' '?F?f5?f'F!!?' f r' V "FIN i 'F-Ld QQ:-1? i , 3.35 ian Siffing: Dr. Joseph A. Falco, Ellen Alford, Charles Walker, Mildred Guihorn, Dr. Charles Onion. Sianding: Arlene Weirzrnan, Marlene Perlro, Linda Kahmer, Diana Slarr, Mae Magill. PHI ALPHA THETA Hisfory Phi Alpha Thela is an honor sociely for sludenfs and faculfy members of disfinquished American colleges and universifies who are inferesied in lhe sfudy of hislory. Any person of good charac- +er who meels The necessary scholarship requiremenls for mem- bership in Phi Alpha Thefa, and is elecfed by lhe secrel balloi ol: lhe acfive chapier, may be inifialed info a local chapler and 'rhus info fhe nalional sociely. I l ALPHA PHI OMEGA Service The purpose of Alpha Phi Omega is lo assemble college men in fellowship, io develop leadership, 'ro promofe friendship, io provide service lo humanily, and ro lurfher lhe freedom fha? is our nafional, educalional and infellecrual herilaqe. The club plans lo encourage service and social inlerchange on campus and regional levels. Norman l-lofleld, Francis Polic, Russel Kacher, Sieve Giniafis, ATH 74 , WINNING COMBINATION-George Pafrinicola, MAA. presiclenf. loolcs over a iroplwy wiflw Dr, Donald Minnegan, Wl'lO became +l1e firsf man elecfed fo 'rlwe Towson Hall of Fame. ATI-ILETE OF TI-IE YEAR SENIOR ATHLETE gcpfnryof' f- .1 r mwsuusmf ' ' ' g1mRPEllS0Nll USE .. H11 . Is' , Q'9.,.i 0 . rn.. ""?:"i Jeff Glover Mike Mahoney wg Ar 'T fl2'7'f" , r ' 10" b .E Z v ,., J., 52: WAA-Firsf row: Valerie Thompson, Sharon Drake, Judy Simpson, Dr. Corinne Bize, Melba Williams. Second row: Marge Leppo, Louise Tornberlin. Margaref Cocron. Third row: Lynn Fludd. Belly Duncan, Nancy Crowley, Sherry Hurley, Fourrh row: Peggy Waddell, Pai' Jusfis, JoAnn Grayce, Kalhy Ennis. Judy Briffon ATHLETIC ASSOCIATIONS E WAA OFFICERS Presiclenl-Judy Simpson Vice-PresidenI'- Pal Juslis Secre+ary- Kalhy Ennis MAA-LeI+ fo rigl-II: George Palrinicola, Jim Shank Jerry Shank, Lou Winlrelrnan and Mr. Vicror B. Fisher, advisor. 76 L The Tour-Fold purposes of lhe Alhlelic Associa- 'r'1 lions are lo prornoie alhlelics in The school, lo creafe a more vigorous school spiril, lo sponsor an elecrive program for men and women. and 'fo pro- mofe acrivilies for special days. MAA OFFICERS Presidenf-George Parrinicola Vice-Presiden+- Ron Luelle Treasurer-Jim Sha nl: Secre+ary-WaI+ Mc Donald v 1 . -cs .,,A - N.. , v A E f Q , - , ' r v-- A . ., c A ff si ' . ,. sae- My ,J f N mwfma? F"'f A 'W S - f' 'v e . .A 'F' . as A s 'S J -U Q49 S A 'if' i ii L my Y V6 -, ,,a A V' v is Viv. E-ff' . qv' , ' Q will 4 'LQNN AX X ,- 3, -Av' ,, - Y" ' 1: cc fil -uilvil Suella Meyers, Carol Biemnller, Susan Roberfs, Dagmar Mayes, Pam Duncan. Janice Marshall, Marilyn H School spiril' and morale is in- slillecl by lhe energelic cheerlead- ing squad af pep rallies and soccer games. This year lhe girls had a display in fhe showcase, planned a iam session, supplied programs before The baslcelball games, and also iravelecl wilh lhe baslceiball learn. CHEERLEADERS SPARKLE ATHLETIC SEASON arclun. Give me a T-O-W-S-O.N! 77 THE SOCCER TIGERS-Fran? row, lef+ fo right A. Hughes, L. Winkelman, J, G-Wings, G. Henderson, 6. Shank, J. Shank, J. lhnaf, W. McDonald. Top row: J. Doelle, R. Hall, P. Pugh, W. Ensor, B. Silverlhorne, J. Murphy, T. Greenwell, D. McGhay, K. Barnes, B. Orsino. B. Kissh, S. DeCrispino, P. Bernazky, R. Lue'He. G. Brauer, M. Riley, A. Sunnell, Coach Minnegan. SOCCER - 2 'ii I 1 2- 5 , 1 ' J. g van, .,, V 5 5 , ' A i . - : 5 ' 2 s HOTFOOT-Defensive whiz Jerry Shank flies alfer a Hopkins boorer as fhe Tigers win. 78 Ee., ,4- I TH E COACH- "Doc:" Minnegan The '62 soccer season was liar from inglorious as lhe Tigers posled a 4-4 log in lhe sirong M-D league. Leading +he way were All-Conference selec- fions Ron Luelfe and Mike Mahoney. They re- ceived greal help from Two freshmen who were named on lhe All-Sou+hern ballois, Pele Bernazky and Arnie Hughes. Jerry Doelle was lhe 'ream scoring champion. while 'rhe srandouls on defense were Sam De Crispino and Jerry Shank. George Henderson con+ribu+ed a greal' deal as 'rhe goalie. VI' I I I I1 I, I I , I If u, I T! H! QI 'I ,, E I, II 'I II I1 II. II II I ,II 'II I ,I 'I I I I , I I II I I I I I A--' 'NYY V V .1-,WTF .- .-.---M up r-'12 -.,,:.usv-vv HEADWORK-Ron Lueffe sI'xags a I'1igI1 one. TI-IE SEASON Towson vs. Opponenis 6 Gallaudef ,, , . , I 0 MI. SI. Mary's .. . ,, I I Hopkins , ,. .. .. O 3 Washingfon H, 4 I American U. , O I Ca+I1oIic U. . 3 I Lynchburg . , , 2 I Loyola . . O ?"N.14' 1 ALL TOGETHER-Jerry Doelle IZII baHIes for possessIon as Arnie I'IuqI'wes and Fefe Bernazky add Tiger aid. , ??g'.4f O . g I i-- L. I ,. . I. I THE BIG STRETCH-George Henderson blocks a sho? in Ihe corner. .-, , COMERS VS. GONERS-This Is Ihe morley crew who answered The call for spring pracfice. Many are now refired. THE CHAMPS-Fronl row, lefl' fo rigl1+: M. Carlson, R. Ulmer, G. Marlin, F. Harfman, J. Glover, B. Herring, Baclr row: R. Price, Coach Melville, T. Van D ke H. Townsend, D. Evans, J. Murplwy. B. Sleplwens C. Cromer. THE M-D CROSS COUNTRY CHAMPIONS i.,f 2.5-if S HUFF AND PUFF-Tlwe gold-dusl lwins who paced llwe Tigers lo +l1e lille. Jolm Murphy. leff, and individual clwamp Jeff Glover. 80 Towson 23 32 I8 22 I8 l5 I5 THE SEASON' vs. Gallauclel' ..,. Ml. Sl. Mary's Hopkins .. .. American U. Callwolic U. . Waslwinqlon Loyola . .... . S SLATE Opponenf . 35 ,. 26 45 34 43 50 .. 4l CROSS COUNTRY Towson dropped only one oT The regular season meeTs as JeTT Glover romped Through The year un- deTeaTed, and as John Murphy usually came over The wire wiTh him. Bob STephens, Fran l-larTrnan, and Dave Evans fol- lowed The Top Two closely enough so as To push The Tigers home ahead oT The MounT in The Loyola lne ' ' fiTaTional by seven poinTs. , . In The M-D run Glover won The individual TiTle, wiTh Murphy sevenTh, and STephens TourTeenTh. T-larTman l Bob S1'epl1ef1S and Ulmer also scored as The Tigers sTole The TiTle Trom Hugh Townsend Old Dominion by a scanT Three poinTs. T tx dis ,E Fran HarTman A Rich Ulmer Dave Evans WRESTLING -f -1-v -- -.vw-v--5 v -Z' , l v, I l if v r J l I .-I WRESTLING SQUAD-FrcnT row, lefT To rigid: R. Kahn L. Winlcclman, R, Wallace, J. KreTschmer, F. Williams, C. Brumley. Back row: Coach von Schwerdiner. C. WaTerworTh. M. Gray. D. Brown. R. Burlmhardl, S. Horne, D. Vollcman Coach Clem. BI .-'f""'i , nf. I A--f , -me f - . f :q,'-spaw'--. THE THIRD MAN-John Krefschmer dernonsirafes fhe squini 'lhal helped him place fhird in ihe l37- pound ranks of fhe M-D. villa Mill. i ...I 'X ' ' Y -Q' QQ ,151ff+i. . I J, , . , ,e,,4.:5:41,-. ' - GOODBYE, MR. CHIPS-Joe Brooks rounded ou? a iour year career on lhe Towson rnafs. 82 i i I f i- f fi i M i i ll ll li l 'ff f --,, i """'9Vvv THE LEG MAN-Ace leg-rider Mike Gray. who earned a second in rhe iournameni, shows his favorife l move +o Fred Williams. i ll WRESTLING-l962-63 The Tiger grapplers Faced an abbrevia+ed schedule as Jrhey rehirned 'ro 'rhe Mason' Dixon ailer a year's absence. Towson failed 'io win in five slarls, 1 Milne Gray and John Krelschrner paced 'rhe Jream as 'they bolh posled 4-I logs F in The dual meels. Gray was narrowly decisioned in 'rhe Finals of Jrhe M-D 'rournamem' ' as he 'roolc second, while Kreischmer ended rhird in his weigh? class. 1 Joe Brooks, reliring veferan, also did some fine worlc, while Dan Brown and Fred Williams conlribuled pins in fhe Tiger cause. i li l l l' l l i l if l ,z l . ,D J 4 5 l LEAD-OFF LITTLE GUYS-Roy Wallace and Lou Winkelrnan square ol? in a pracfice session io keep funed j up for rneels. T l l L-I 1,-,I l i i l i l A n lxi OVER THE TOP-Jerry Smilh goes high wilh a deadly iumper as four visirors admire lhe work. Bill Silverthorne moves foward lhe acfion. BASKETBALL lbs USING THE RIM-Frank lnsinga lays one up lor The Tigers as Jerry Smifh l24l and Mike Riley l52l loclc lor fl--9 rebound. ' 'Wm' '7'14K"T' F U ' 'g?g,'4I5-3 v vwilgvzf l 7 " W IT ,ll GIVE ME ROOM-R. Fablszalt lIOl, F. lnsinga GANGWAY-Russ Fabiszalc arches PITCHING FROM THE POST-l-.Z lf- Ri- l34l, and C. Cieslalc crowd oul' 'the opposllion. lhrough The air on one of his palerilecl ley l52l 'rhrou-is one in as he C Silverlhorne awails developmenls. drive ahora. a blocl. from Chfs Terqf l32l 83 vs -5 TOWSON'S COURT TIGERS-Fronf row, lei? to right J. Smifh, R. Fabiszak. A. Pafrick, B. Silvevhorne, T. Van Dyke. Back row: F. lnsinga, C. Cieslak, T. Redman, C. Terry, R. Dougheriy, l A V ' ,L i THTS IS A BASKETBALL-Coach Killian Talks il over wilh his Two lop scorers l Bill Silverlhorne and Russ Fabiszak. 84 Tl-IE SEASON Towson opened +he season on a winning no+e as The Tigers downed Salisbury Siale 62-54. Afler Thai, lhings were nor as easy. There were a Tew laleeseason Thrillers, bul Jrhe Tigers were 'forced io sellle for a single viclory for The year. Russ Fabiszak provided a bundle of 'rhrills Tor The home fans as he racked up a I4-poinl average, while sharpshooler Bill Silverrhorne was olfen in double figures. Mike Riley. Chris Terry, Frank lnsinga, and Jerry Smilh saw a lor of adion, and all, bul Riley. will be back nexl' year. T . h A www , - J. N., 5' -.1 1 r 6-T 'Y SY! - .. r. k Q XT 2 ir - 'Hb-T 1. . ,.. T , pw: ' . A ' . f X , if T L f . .H -E 55,F"4'fff1fa' 45.5 L ei JH , in I I- . , 1 I -. ,..:-hp mfg? ,T ,A ' Y . 1 ,s, I U Y , Q , 4. ,A I ,, . I '-I ' Q 4 . , - -A 5 'jing-it 3,-,5:.4,J,l..1f -,u ' . - ' I . V ' 1 gf-L 'l gf uh,.'yx -.9 , - ,,,- ' Y -.., V-7 t 1 4 -.H :ggi V- l.. ' X l ' tn. 1 3 f -is-M t A he fs.-,T " N, ---. -. W " sl .. , . 1-: '--1-11-4' .' ,, ' ' --f-E? 'I . "-V I Ti?'ve:w, TTT .o.- ""'37Lf1'-1.51, T- ..'1"' s..,,e -iT""'7t?kj .ly 'LLC' J "' 'TG' -'W-' " . 4-2f"'f'f'. ' T ' .i" N--'liz' 1 y ,' 'f 1 .V ' R. - .1 r-' 3-?47:F-'J V ' . ' .,-iff'-2, J' f-12ft'fm3'3'-fv..,z 1 ' nf. if-H - 4 . -. ,N 'w:44.M.4.i:f1 5 , '--I N-:ferr-'. - -Q 5211-'.f:m54.,.'3,:L'fg.i,? , .,. V . ' ' ,- . i i '- ., "1-i1h..:1'tfiQ,' L A..,.p,-f.g-. 1- " - Y"- nj. FOUR KINGS-This is a sfronq hand for any card player. Leff fo righf: Al Henneman, Bob Sfephens. Jeff Glover, John Murphy. TOWSON TRA CKSTERS M71 'Wie :J Q-K' . U . ,, pw ,4 l nl , ,I 'g The underrnanned Tiger cindermen closed ou? Their I season wirh a bang as 'rhey won 'rhree s+raigh+ and Y Ni-gs posred a 4-5 log againsr rugged opposifion. -'M' In 'the Mason-Dixon Championships, Jeff Glover, AI Henneman, and John Murphy nofched poinfs for 'rhe Tigers. The Towson record book had 'ro be re-wriHen +his year as Glover, Murphy, Henneman, and John Thomp- Y son wenf 'fo work. Tlgv 1 .,gp,:. x, 5 1' . ON THE MARK-AI Henneman is ready for another shof at that record in The 880. I 85 'Tm i, 2383 vltunuuuq- ,g A -1-5?I-g.,,::,1v::,gw ,. ..,w,,.,,-, X, ,J , . '4.f.1:1:-- :A .,v.',f.. ff, , . ...' . .-14 1- '5 " Gaz . ,fi , Ziff? , 5.3p,5Q1Qf . 4 I' I - ,V f-. 4- W. ' 1- . , ,:-'A'1,"-Z,:?'-', ,w'414.:1,sm4'f ,Z ., V+'-.-if A f2Ei5E?1p,-1 1:-1Wf-u ' "fb" .' ' -. , ' , .-121'-""a1-"liz" f'--:4.-?w-4::f-ff'f-f:'rW M. ' '111E.5P'1.-.Lg JL", -2. 4 , 543311-,,.: , :1,q.3ggg1Vg , I -'fpygwzf , --44,94 gsf2?g,2::1,7.:zz11ia' .::f1'f'-1335244455 1iZ3w'?fi? - f 22 ' , -. ,534 -:-'f.+'-'gf.5.5f2,v- ' ,,'- 9. - A - ., - V - 1311. 11 ., ff . " 9f0q,w,:f'f 1f...,... ff. . . , ,, . .1 , .f-4 C ' 14", .1 'w '- - , :- ' 4. 1 " ' fe-' '- .nw-,,, ' -'15 ,-1-1':'itlzii-'iA:5:f7:"ff.'Q534 - -' '-' - ,. fi?-' . 11"-.. "A - hh ZXY 523 -Q. , 19" 1 'E-:144.,.i--,a " i '-: - 'I-19525:1f.5. '2+5'474Q' QW., 5 ""'f7?8:-if ' ' ' " " ' ' ' + A 1:2212-r:f:.:f,ss1 :na--:, - , W- -- . I s. --w e U ,, -'2fQ:+wfu4:fgmf .fr-, Q' 32:1 4 Eff'-15ff"f2?21fi35??T?Qf5i,1'-f:,?:7,'Pdz?y,525w92Q5geii' fi- -ze., f " Fvrzr' 131-kv:-1-'-Ef'h'4+'-''.'ff'1:g.01'1'44' ,:?7',1c'f7-'95 -9.1,-Q"--'-vc :-' , " ' "'-:', ,. Q""' . -1.1313 ' g3fy1f:?2":,',znff'cz-M . f wear? -4-,fi-:fa9.+!s:lv-'w,4:4f14-.Z' gf"-.": v . "2 -, .- V - f,-45 ff "1 CJ -'zB:-Vila.wifi-w4i14.1'I 'f' ""W'2?f+ei:., use , V .ggi-if 314949:-L' 2 ',:y, -yff 'f sf.:-.",.f-?-I.1:2T::'f.,'-. Y 4-PPf""f " " 4' . , ' "1Jf'f','.'f.5,i5 4 3227271312'--'-.--4,1M,'--A. -, V -- A ' ' W l , A , - N ry ,F - .114 , " 1.,':5.?-W., vvfgg f "P-1 I 545-21,1 if?-iz e. ' ' .- 454. 'fmz '7-if4'4fwi'4Lia2"2-V1 Qfg,,g,.1ff. - Q:'i1g4m: -: , - ' "'2,2,' EASY DOES IT-John Thompson, Towson's ace hurdler, exercises his knee fo keep ready. KF 'T' Pi? 1- I , .. My ., 'f'.,V.,xZ,hf'Q'?:f:50 . 91, V i ., i-"wwf "-Q -' ' - , 1-1-: vw wr-ff'-vi in - - "HQ- T' Q... K. ...::g'gj5:-,fy ST .X P , ' V' '.f'YYiC' ."f:'h4'4"?f' iff, ,f,"N':i2?LT. ' " '-"' 3' :.fwf5,g:3E,ivWf,' W gf 1 .lv -. R5 .. -1 -,Q-gym 2 M3551 A. .ff , 1-.ef-w -f N' z, A . A. A A.,-1, 1. ., . . .a,....-- .pf , ANOTHER CLOSE ONE--Fans and frackmen share concern with Coach Minnegan as ihey keep an eye on fhe jumping pif. B6 Q :AV ...J HEAVE HO-Trippe Van Dyke sails the discus wifh a grunf and a groan. i X UP AND AWAY clears fha bar af f r -Sharing Hne heavens with a smokedack. Dick Weber eleven feet THE STICKMEN-FronT row: B. Orsino, P. Klevenov, G. Shank, G. Pahinicola. D. Evans, J. Levering, M. Mahoney, S. Thomas, J. Shank, R. BurkharT, P. Pugh Second row: H. Sharkey. J. Graham, D. Johns, T. Macy, R. Dougherty, T. GadsTon, B. Ward. Third row: T. Scocus, D. Cole, D. McGhay, D. Volkman, A Kelly, G. Brauer, C. Croner. M. Cohen, Coach Melville. Back row: D. Ludwig, A. Adler, S. Decrispino. LACROSSE - r i- 'T-A rf Q -. . L 181 y an-0 ,-0.0 POWERHOUSE-Team caplain and Allefkmerican candidafe Mike Mahoney. The Tiger sTickmen ended Their year wiTh a Thrilling vicTory and a 5-6 record, as Mike Mahoney won plaudiTs as an ouT- sTanding midTielder. Mahoney, along wiTh Doug Ludwig, supplied The bulk OT The Tiger Tirepower as Ludwig noTched 20 poinTs and Tin- ished well up The ladder OT The sTaTe scoring race. Dick Cole added Tine sTickwork on The aTTack, while Don McGhay on deTense and Orlando Orsino in The goal did greaT work in quelling The invaders. I K1 , rff' NEEDS HELP-Sammy DeCr?splno l24l seeks aid from The blq Tiger creaseman, Doug Ludwig as +59 Towscln offense moves aqainsl Delaware. GANGBUSTERS-Sfeve Thomas is aboul fo nall llwe man willw flwe ball as Al Kelly l2Ol moves up. Jaclc Graham U91 and Jack Leverlng lrail llwe play. 1 88 NO HELP NEEDED-Sam DeCrispino goes in on a solo flight and scores. .cow 5 x QQM9 '! IA. an . .,q x, K . 1' ' , 5 L :yin x. , who, ' 'E-9 'YAY' ' X' ,,..1 -, ,nc 40 v TIGERS PLAY THE COURT-Fronf row, left fo righi: Sieve Sadowslci, Don Dean. Keiflw Harrneyer, Jerry Gibula. Baclr row: Mllre Gordon Ed , Lumadue, coach, Dr. McCleary. Toby Greenwell and Bruce Allen are absenf. l ll THE ll l 4 TENNIS l rRouPE 1 i l I 5 TOP MAN-Towson! number one nefman for flue pas? mo ye f Toby' Greerw,-ell. 1 ows 4 1 Q JV RACKET SQUAD-FronT row, lef+ To righ+: O. Lewis, F. STreeT, E. Kohler, B. Wise, Second row: J. Mills, M. Gordon. Coach McCleary. R. Sours. S. Lucas BASEBALL - HIT AND RUN-Fran l-larfman slaps a single behind The runner as The Tigers baTTle To stay in The lvl-D race 90 The Tiger binglers finished TourTh in The conTer- ence as They won 9 and dropped 5. Three men earned honorable menTions on The AllfSTar Team as piTchers Diclc STallings and Tom Redman, along wiTh caTcher lvlilre Murphy, were praised by The resT oT The league. Redman emerged as The Team's leading hiTTer wiTh an even .400 average. x! -E 4 fr 4122111 THE TIGER BINGLERS-Fronl row, leff fo Fighfl J. Mills. J. llwnaf, F, l-larlman. B. Lanqvllle, D. Stallings. Back row: J. Doelle. M. Murphy, F. lnslnqa, T. Re men, K. Barnes. C. Terry, B. Bowles, J. Smillw, .h.lQT:.'li' L1' F .Ai THE BIG FOUR-Here stands lhe nucleus of flwe Tlqer pilchinq sfall. Leff fo righl: Dicl: Slallings. Chris Terry Tom Redman, Bill Bowles, -P ,ef-1. ......4An.. HEAD TABLE-Silllnq al' The M.A.A. banquef wifh Ihe awards are-Leff fo righf: Mr, Fisher, Mr, MeIvIIIe, and Mr, Taylor. SOCCER R. Luelle. M. Mahoney CROSS COUNTRY J. Glover, B. Slephens BASKETBALL M. Riley, R. Eabiszalc WRESTLING M. Gray, J. Krefschmer x X., . 4 I I Mr. Martin, George Palrinicola. Dr. Minnegan. Mr. Clem, Mr. Killian, THE FETE or FEATS - AWARDS - TENNIS T. Greenwell, B. Allen TRACK A. I-Iinneman, J. Thompson BASEBALL D. Slallings, M. Murphy LACROSSE M. Mahoney, D. McGhay MANAGER Charles Walker ATI'ILETE OF THE Jeff Glover SENIOR ATI-ILETE Mike Mahoney HALL OF FAME Dr. Donald Minnegan SPECIAL PLAQUE George Pafrinicola I I I I I I YEAR I I I I " .' 1 . Jibyx 92 ,- ,lg 11- Ihr'- xf ' END OF A MEAL-All smiles lndicafe fhal' The banqueI ol' The year was approved by all. vu 1 ll E T li - Ax xv -dh , T jf -3 lklf- ia 1 - T T T Judy Simpson, WAA presidenr, conqrafulales Kafliy Ennis on being elecled rlrie new president Dean Murplny and Dr. Bize are pleased wirli rlrie selecfion . . . CLIMAXED ATHLETIC YEAR The accomplislimenls of Hue pasr year were discussed by various members of WAA ar 'rheir annual banquet The Sporrs Day in March, considered a success, was afrended by +l1e various colleges in 'rlie area. Towson lios'red 'rlrie S1'a+e Conference of 'Hwe Maryland Arlnlelic and Recruilmenf Federarion of College Women af Porf Deposit Maryland. An officials' club was formed +0 be-lp inleresled girls worlc loward an official raling in baslcelball, volleyball and soflball. Plans for nexl' year were already underway. VlP's discuss ne-xl ye-ar's plans for WAA I ' wyff ' ,- " - -.9 5 551: . ,, - ' is - 7' ' V - lm'-s - ww- fn -1 V Jw Ji' 11 '. 2 -. -r 1 - .. ' ss var,-1 4.1 wr.: ,f.4..,ef , 4- . ..f..... , ., .,.i- - 4 i , -..4.1 '14, -4. -.px -s 1655-9' Judy Simpson displays grace and beaufy as she eniers her iaclz-knife dive, 1 , ,. .:.,,.f + 11 1 ,,,,,,, i ,vm . , .,-Q7 -.,-- 114 1 1Q1,1L1.11 1dg1f1Qi 1: . 11 1 , ,...., 1 . 1 - ' 1 . "mf : ,, 10 .1 1 A-.,1 "'jL,,s., ,.'4"" ':.k:f-aff. s .Y -f T, 'jlqf---V4--,..., , :V 1 11 11 -..:.......,. ... ,. -fine:-4 f ,A s . - . 1:1 1 11. A-1-, H g , W 1 1 -Qvvf -- . . j:'r::- - ...,--.2-,,,. - . . ..:.e-.11 "ff-f--Jeff"-f ' ' f ag' V 'iff ' .. .161 ' - - -1' f .':s-5'- ,ee-2'-',' ' if Effrvi . -. -image' A- - f: ' ' -A,-. - V- - H-1. - 111, MP1, f , 111 . ,, -1,,. 25,1 A118111 Q 1 ' -.Q 1- ' ' .i:,,,.-- -, f se ,,,.., -,.." J- jj'?'E"-'fs ' f' -f 1m , ',4J" ""yn, 1 .4 f"f"Iv..5 . ' - -1T.E??53i-l ' -""-fish' . f---321'-ffe- 4 : i f ':LFi?f2i55 f -- - 'i i 'J' ' f f i ".fl'ey.i-iisa:.'.j- A ' .-I ' 71. -' ' J" "1---KN" i"'U'r--. ' f- L"..'Z'-- ggs f ,--- .1 -...,, . .nr M..L..,, 1. - , HU, -f-"H ' ' sf- -my-V--l4:..,,-,T-. 'PPI ' '?C,f.L'1A' - 'W A , """3f. 11 :. - ' ffl, , R- " ',.., - erslngw f57""f41v'g,-if-'iv " . , 11 ,, , H, . , ,V 11.. , , ,, 1,11 i 3- we i A' i ' ,. ,s , , S l'-z4h',...':! " I f ,. 54 ,tL1'fw:,f,:., 1, -. 115 The girls in lhe elecfive praclice lloafing, ihe main slcill in swimming. IN THE SWIM These piclures from lhe swimming eleciive, sponsored by 'rhe W.A.A,, show some of 'lhe phases laughl al' lhe Towson Y.M.C.A. Every Monday nighl 'rhe eleclive program offers American Red Cross classes in beginners, advanced beginners, inlermediale swimmers, swimmers, advanced swimmers. and iunior and senior life saving. The classes were laughi by -Miss Peggy Jenkins, wilh ihe help of sludenl' leadership. Swimming has many carry-over values lo be used all lhrough life. Every sludenl should lake advanlage of lhis eleclive, noi only because of ils enioymervl, buf also because of ils life-saving value. As you can see, The fron? dive is inifialed by a push from lhe leer and a forward lean. ARCHERS HIT HGOLDU A "gold" referred To by archers is commonly misnamecl a "bull's eye." As rhe cenfer of The largel, which is usually gold in color, a "gold" is worrh nine poinfs, lhe highesl' score, Archery is one of fhe co-educa- 'rional elecfives sponsored by 'rhe W.A.A. I+ is conduclrecl each semesfer for eigh+ weeks by compefenl' in- sfrucfors such as Dr. Corinne Bize and Miss Carolyn Graeser. The abililies of +he parlicipanfs range from begin- ners 'lo fhe advanced. Judy Simpson and Peggy Waddell lake careful aim before releasing ihe arrow. ,l if -..iw un-- I xg by S X Le'H fo righf: Bev Sweifzer, Kafhy Ennis and Val Thompson lind a high correlalion beiween good form and a high score. Dr. Bize helps fhe archers wifh fheir form and fheir release. 95 Sianding: Sally Sierling, Peggy Waddell, Tess Albrecht JoAnn Grayce Kalhy Ennis, Joyce Markel, Joann Buza, Valerie Thompson. Kneeling: Jeanelfe Thomas, Margarei' Cocron, Melba Williams, Marlene Schrieber. FIELD HOCKEY The girls in lhe hoclcey eleclive, under 'rhe clireciion of Miss Margo VerKruzen, parricipaied in some exlrarnural games lhis season wilh Goucher, Noire Dame, Salisbury and Villa Julie. Slcills from beginners ro advanced playing were laughi. Some of rhe advanced hoclcey players wenl io olher schools lor exlra praclice. The eleclive was held for eighf weeks during irhe firsr semesler and was sponsored by lhe W.A.A. vi ' in? "T-iw-' Miss Margo Verlfruzen checks Valerie Thompson lo rnalre sure she ,PJTI4 'AI has her hands in rhe proper dribbling posilion. Shir- fegfgvl ,N If .4 Joyce Marlrel fries io caich up wirh Peggy Waddell so ihal she can sieal rhe ball. 96 -r l I r yi 42 1 ,. i l. 4, i i i l I TEN PIN BOWLING The bowling eleclive was held al +he Johnny Unilas Bowling Lanes a+ a special rare of Sl.OO for eigh+ weeks, wilh lhe W.A.A. subsidizing The resl. There was a large lurnoul, bul noi many men. This year lhe man- agers. Sue Frank and Sharon Drake, did a wonderful iob wi'rh ihe coopera- lion of The Uniras slafi. The sfaii al Johnny Unilas gives friendly and K fliflvif Barbara Taliercio is checking lo make sure fha? Carolyn Compion has marked down her strike. cooperaiive service 'ro Judy Dixon and Barbara Taliercio. Judy Dixon lakes careful aim as she releases The ball properly. A sirikel-Righl in The pockel. 9 The W.A.A. was a liflle disappoinfed af The Tumour for rhe lacrosse eleclive. Mosl ol: 'rhe girls parlicipafing were physical educafion maiors. Lacrosse may loolc difficult buf if you aslc lhe girls who pracliced under lhe insfrucfion of Mrs. Jean Fagella, Jrhey would say 'rhe sporl could be mas- fered. This picrure shows rhe aclual draw in wornen's lacrosse, PROGRESSION IN LACROSSE This picfure is a confinuarion of 'Phe above piclure and if shows lhe follow lhrough ol fhe draw. The girls in fhe eledive relax while fhe picfure is being falxen before refurning +0 rheir vigorous running game of lacrosse. -.1 fu- -As K ill: The "Beddie Bears" won Tirsf place in The lournamenl' wilh Teamwork displayed by-Firsl' row: Linda Benser, Norma Taylor, Judy Cafhy Sleinberg, Peggy Waddell. Second row: Jo Ann Booker, Pa+ Juslis Eve Jacobs. INTRAM URAL BASKETBALL A POPULAR ELECTIVE The inlramural program is offered 'ro lhe women slu- denls for 'lhe purpose of bolh enioymenl and relaxalion. ll presenls an opporlunily for The women 'ro meel olher siudenls and fo developmenl of leamworlc. I+ is a mefhocl of meeling The needs and inleresls ol as many sludenls as possible. The basic fundamenlal skills are 'raughf 'ro 'rhe beginners and a feeling of salisiacfion is derived from developing 'These skills To a greal degree. Miss Margo Ver KruzenQ direcfor of lhe program, along wilh The W.A.A., conducled bolh allernoon and evening ses- sions. The culminafing aclivily for The eleclive was an inirarnural 'rournarnenl' in which The group was evenly divided info leams. " Briilon, 'D'-1'j,g.f '.1-if TT -T Wi 1' - - Ti '- gt.f.'., . . . 'fkvai-', -9 '4-f 5 fsix s 1? 1' FL " K' , . fill' ,ti -gi "Q -V ,eq A. ':. , fx -e.. sf . "' - i' li f ,ki 1 - i ' ge2.s1?.' ' , Q. . '-" ff' ii. 'f V 3. Q ' ' lb" ' 'P' . Q, ' 55 I , . ,P - W r r l I, N 1 .- , ,gi 5'9"'1l r A I f i ' xl, ...I Fl avi 2 4 .f . 'g f Lf-M1.5,,,, K,-At g 1 ' The co-capfains of The winning iniramural Team were Pal Jusfis an Peggy Waddell. QTTTYVT 'TTT i.- , ' V iff , ' E 'I - T J f i s gf- V a . ,D 10, A I an-H ,. 1: ' if 'L ' S fl L' ui 0. " ' '.-. -:",- r. ..A -A A 'L O ' if 'I'-'H ,L if, 5535 , I ' X A ,L ' '. I Slrgf ii 8 I - . Y' C. Pal Gulhrie and Nancy Greene The co-captains Sf' are del :Me wifh second place. ,,,A V- 'il've gor if" shoufs Louise Tomberlin as she arlempls io play lhe ball. Louise Tornberlin sends 'rhe ball over lhe nel wifh a flick of her fingerfips as her 'reammales sland by. IO0 This Towson s+uden+ is praciicing her underhand serve V L L E Y B A L L One of 'rhe mosf relaxing and enioyable elecfives for 'rhe women a+ Towson is +he volleyball eleclive. I+ is held each semesler for eighl weeks. Miss Margo VerKruzen also han- dled fhis recrealional acfivily. The women had some compeiifion 'rhis year al Sporls Days af Goucher. Hood and Salisbury. Volleyball, lilce 'rhe ofher elecfives, sfarfed on The beginners level and developed lo The advanced level. Mos? of Jrhe girls became very proficienlr a+ rhe game. ANYONE FOR TENNIS? A laclc of inleresl was shown for Tennis This year. The W.A.A. was surprised because lhe sporl has many rec- realional and carry-over values in'l'o adull life. Mrs, Jean Fagella coached The women regularly and received greal safisliaclion as 'rhe women picked up The slcills quickly. The Tennis eleclive was held 'twice a weelc during 'rhe spring of lhe second semesler. The W.A.A. hopes To see more women on lhe courfs nexl year. Nh. i-H" Cf i . ,. N , .s 3? Qi -A '.,.4-..: The ready posifion, bjv-elf M. i This Towson sfudenf is ready lo refurn a lob. -vu- fi' 'L Mary Gary shows The proper posifion lor The baclhand it 4, V 5, -.- , f, i " 2 4 , :Qi , if ' f, . Q, -' 1. 1' 4 V ' . 11 " '7"n8, ' , f' ' 1 ,. ,L wmv, . -g ,Q-L ,L 'An 4 JYQTQ V I . . X .lt-I . 011,44 r ' -' ' -L ii X' ,r 1 '-.-ff -1 I .w if" .. X n ' 1 I-Bike?" -4' K - - .e - - - 4, Y S-1' ' w'i -' - '-5' 'X ,.... . ,. ., '-sf,w,-fi- we -A a I-H' ' " sf. .r 2 ' -V -1 -aZ'g'U-....w-L sf :spew - -, Q1 r U.. . ....,, .. Miss Jenlcins helps Joann Buzer wirh lhe proper bafring posiiion as fhe calcher. Jeanneffe Thomas, waiis for ihe piich. PLAY BALL! Y, , Qffux 4 4 This afhleie is sale af firsf even 'rhough The first baseman made a good sirefch for Hue fry. E02 . ...s. ,n.e4..., S U Sally Sferling is in her wind-up iusl' before she releases The piich. Miss Peggy Jenkins conducfed +he solifball elec- 'rive This year and was pleased 'ro find so many women inferesled in 'rhe acliviiy. Sherry l-lurly, The manager, arranged games wifh neighboring col- leges. Since lhere were women wilh a wide range of abilify in 'rhe game, ihe program was organized so i+ could meef The needs of all +he par+icipani's. Thai"s 'the way! This Towsonile pracfices her level swing. a+. -U -I It Tw. ON A ,.,a,,,x fl, uw. Q, 'RQ J.. I . - X v 2194.7-'f , l . '-Sv. .I , 2 , , IO3 4 iff.. ' .1 , I -V ,I-'n' , Vg, , , sEN1oRs ,sn-H4 v,v , W, V T4 J.-1 . V - "1 . a M' t, 1 Q, 1152,-gl, IM . APE ff -Aw'-, V .,5,YY'!: X' I IV. I -I-an 3 1 I , -E ...Af . . 1 fx 6 KATHLEEN ALESSI ELLEN M. ALFORD RONALD BRUCE ALLEN TATIANA MARIA ALUNANS Elernentaryftxlewrrian Club. Liberal Arts: Social Science-FAC, Elementary: History-Tennis, MAA Elec Secondary: History-Orghegfra WRC, Phi Alpha Theta, tives. RODNEY ROLAND BARDSLEY Secondary-Naturalist Club, Gamma Ttieta Upsilon. 21.11 A JOAN FIFl ARNAS Elementary-Young Democrats: TOWER ECHOES: Asst. Editor, Student Centre Board, Class Activities. Sec., YVONNE BARBOSA Elementary: Education Democrats, TOWER Senator, Civil Defense, 'ur' KENNETH BARNES Secondary: Geogr Upsilon, Kappa Delta Pi. Baseball, Bas- ketballl Soccer. aDtvyiGamrna Theta DIANE EASEMAN K-PiUCCF, TOWER ECHOES, Glee Club, Concert Choir, Notables, Tower Belles, Senator. -FAC, Young ECHOES4 SGA LSA. PATRICIA ELIZABETH BATES Elementary-Glee Club, IRC, Hostess Club, Class Activities, MARIE H. BAUER Secondary: Mathematics ps Pi ft l 155 'W .fum Z fl EDNA ANNA BECK MARY CAROLINE BELL HARRY EDWARD BELSINGER BARBARA A. BELT Elementary-SEA, Class Agfivllleg, K-P: Education-Kappa Delta Pl, Special El-3-nenlaryfPhovo Club, SCA, Men's Elemenvar,-YMJWCA. Evenls Commllfee, Chorus, Tennis, LOIS RUTH BENNETT Secondary: English-SCA Choir, 61.-ge club, WM Elecllves. fr ,241 seA, SUE FRANCES BERMAN Elemenvary: ArV'SGA, Alpha Psi Ome a FAC NSA Coordlnafor TOWER 9 1 . l LIGHT: Ar? Ed., Class of '63: Soc. Ch., Parl. l. l v l 9 . .v I MARLENE LEE BERNSTEIN Elementary-JSA: Pres., Inter-Faith Council, WAA Electives, Class Aclivifies. V rv-" ,l Elemenmry. DINAH BERGER K-P-WAA Elecliveg. ROSALIE BARNARD BERK sf wr? WX LOIS D. BIRCHFIELD ElemcnlofY- SHEILA L. BLANS A Secondan Malfcfz' 1:-JbA Club .- 'GX- PHYLLIS RONA BLOOM ILENE G. BLUM SANDRA BLUMSON CARL THEODORE BQCHAU Elefrvcrvrary. K'P. l No. 1 EJ EUGENIA BOLARD Elernemfary-Newman Club. KfP SONIA EPSTEIN BOMSTEIN Sewndnry I-l.s1ory. 'Mfr RICHARD L. ERACKINS Sef:Or1dary:ArT-FAC, Arfclub. BRENDA MAY BRADLEY Secondary. Physical Educahon-WAA, Special Events Comm., May Day Comm., Class Achvllles. Elernenfary: Geography-FAC, Glee Club, Men's Chorus, Notables. NANCY LINDA BONFELD Elementary: Mathernahcs. GARY BRAGER Secondary: Malhemarics-FAC, SGA, Sr. Class: Day Soc. Crm, Soph. Class: Play Direcror. GEORGE HENRY BRAUER Secondary: Hisfory-Lacrosse, Soccer. fs GX "EY PAUL F. BREEN JOSEPH P. BROOKS CATHERINE ELIZABETH BROWN JOY ANN BROWN Secondary: Malhernaflcs-Tennis, Secondary: History-Swimming, Wresll- Elemenisry-FAC, Jazz Sociefy. Elernenlary: Educafion-FAC: Pres,, Glen ing. Players, Alpha Psi Ornega: Treasurer. MARY C. BRUNNER K-PfEduCafIon. 'wil -'B MARIE BRYANT DUDLEY L. BUXTON Secondary: I-Ilsfory. Elemenlary: Music-Nafurallsls Club, Glee Club, Concert Ifies. Choir, Class Acliv- f 1,.N 1 . x, U- ANITA L. BYRD Elernenfary-IRC. -7 Z 3 5 LIGHT. PATRICIA ANN CANTERBURY Elcmcnlary-SGA Scnalor, TOWER RICHARD DAVID CARL, SR. Secondary: Biological Sciences-Track. MARTIN CARLSON Secondary: Biology-Young Democrats Class Acfwiiles, Cross Counlry. I I Al'-A ' g:,Q.' H "5 , . 'f"4:-r-'..5'f'-.-, . 'If - A V. ' - , ,7 , V, I , gf - A 1 1-'WWA -1415, ""'f'? ,.f ' A .,,,,, "' 1 V-ag A55 r .1 5. ' 'WN ' yy, YI 1 r 9:1-Eg I ' 4 ,lm I ,f I 1 . ,, at qwovf' - ' 4' SHARRA LYNN CASTO LOIS GRACE CAVEY PAUL CHANCE JELENA B, CLARK Secondary: I-Msfor,-SCA, FAC, UCCF, Egwenfary-SCA ChoIr, Pres, SEA, Sczondary- English-Cross Country, K.PvWAA Emgfiveg GISQ CIMO, Irne'-Vars'Iy Crxdsfuarx FeIIowShIp, Con' Track. Cer' Crwoif, Nofabks, Tower BeIIe:. i YQ CAROL FAE CLAYCONIB Secondary: EmqI1sI1-TOWER ECI-IOES: Lnierary Edhor, IALISMAN. RUTH ALICE CLARK EIernentary-IRC, FAC, WRC: Treasurer, Sr. Cass: Rec. Sec. KENNETH CLARK Secondary: Marne-rmIcsfSGA, Young Den-ocrafs, IRC af? MARGARET DELLA COARD Elementary-Kappa Delfa Pi, FAC, SCA, TALISMAN, Orienfafion Pilot Program. CAROLYN MAY CLIPPER Elementary. FRANK R. CLIMER Secondary- GecgrapI'y-Gamma Theta Up:.Iom, 0 '-N-I9 LOUISE DELORES COBB K-P. ELIZABETH COSTER Secondary: Geography-Glee Club. I l y 'fan I ,,,. 1--7 ARLENE COHEN JEAN PARKER COHN CAROLYN EMICH COMPTON Secondary: Malhemalics. Secondary: Ar?-AVI Club, Dorm Acliv- K-P-TOWER ECHOES: Plvolcqrap lIIeS. lor, VVAA, HGSTCSS Club. JANET S. COX Elemenfary. LETITIA LEE CROCKER K-P-fCanIcrburv Club, Allrflolleqe CHARLES MARC CRONER Secondary: Geography-TOWER LIGHT. Civil Defense, Gamma Thai.: Upsilon, Circle K, LaCrosse. Councill WRC, PreIIyman House Councill Sr, Clafs: Pub. Chairman. 45 . 'Dx CYNTHIA HUGGINS CUMMINGS Elementary-FAC, Kappa Della Pi: V- Pres., WRC: Pres., Judicial Board. BARBARA KINHART DANNETTEL Elcmcnlary, by Ed vw? , 'MQ- , Y. 1" f.. , 'fraff' fe'-ffl, '-N-Xxx 11 Q3 I I, I I ' rr if " rI.':-'I ROBERTA CLARA DECKER Secondarw: Hrrom- Asso:, C1assA:", ' r I -L-,D .fi L SOPHIA DEMATATIS BORDEN DEVON DENT PATRICIA HELEN DIANTONIO Luv--yan Sudents Eleme':1aryGTOWEP ECHOES: Edrfordn- Secondary: Gcograpqy-Gamma Theta Secondary: Hisfory-Newman Club, 5 Cfer, Cwrz. un CQ""',, WAA Hes- Ups. wr- Tfeaiuren 4 20 JUDITH ANN DIXON EIerner-Vary-WAA Eez' '-fs, May Day . ves. r 'Sl .4 Comm., Class Am ' 3, ELLEN DUGAN 1 ,Aj K-P-SGA, Newman cm, WM Elef- hves, Class Actrvrr-es if. GERALD DOELLE Sec-Jndary: E-wghn-C 'de K, SGA Sen afor, Men's Crows JUDITH HUGHES DOWDY Elernenfary-Kappa Dalia Pi: Sec, Luihv eran Studenis Assoc'av?on. Soccey Baseball, Baskefball, Cross Coanify. PQ. z I I WANDA PATRICIA EARLE K-P' Educahcn-NewelrfRkhmond: Ass. Frre Cnrefl Prefryrar House Councflz Sec., PHO? Program Or'-enfafron, I r GRACE R. EDGAR EIernenOary: Psychology-Kappa Delta Pi. MARIETTA TIMES EDWARDS Secondary: Mavhemavics. ii.- f'- an CATHERINE ELAINE ELDER LEE A. EMERSON K-P: English-Newman Club, Clvil De- Elementary-Young Dem fense, Class Aclivlfies. Club. BONNIE SUSAN ERICKSON Secondary: I-llsfory-SGA Senator, WAA, IRC, Wesleyan Fellowinlp. W , fr ., ' '.-I - ANNE BLACK EVANS Liberal Arls: I-llsvory. fs MS WILLIAM KIRK EVAN ,153- Q SHEILA RAE ENGEL DENNIS CLAY EPLEY OUBTS, Newman Eleffl'-?'llBfYfSfudenr Centre Board, Secondary: MarFe"':f is-FAC, SEA, Al Freshman Executive Council. plwa Psi Omega. 8 LILLIAN CHRISTIAN EU BANKS Elemenlary-Ord-Iesva. LOU ISE CONRAD ERUIN Elementary. 1. LAURENCE FEENEY Sezonoau' NIJI'-i-'gf 1 3,1331 Club, ELLA ELAINE FAIRFAX S Secondary: Biology-N Jvurallsf Club I -.. :'l 'W xrwi' ,-ag r TANYA LEE FORNEY JOY SHAFER FEINSTEIN BEVERLY JANE PINK CAROL BEATRICE FINK KVP-Cass Acliv? es K-P: Psfclvology-JSA, Elerrvervfary-Jr, Class: Treasurer, Sr l ROGER L. FOSTER Elerrvenlaryz Ervql srl Fr Cllss' Tfeasy'-er HARRIET SUE FRANK K-P: Spa-25"-'NAA -i ph Ps? Omega, f--. ., Class, Treasurer, Class Acfivifies. less Club, Choral Soclefy. SHIRLEE FOX Secondary: Speech-Glen Players, FAC. w.,,,, ff? SHEILA RUTH Fox uhm: Arts' Engllsh. , 3 BARBARA LEE FRINER " Elemervfary. MARY BICE FRANTZ Secondary: Hlsrcry-Ph? Alpha Tlwefa. LINDA FRIEDLANDER K-P: Engllsh-JSA, SfudenfCer1lrF: Board, TAUSMAN: Edlfor, Class Acllvliies. . Elemenlary: Muslc-Naluralisl Club, Wesleyan Club, Orchesrra: Pres., Hos- l l l 'E7' ,.-. lv- ,? l Q. 'aux '-.Ev MARGARET FROST ELLEN LOUISE FUNDIS JOYCE GARBIS CATHERINE HOWARD GELWICKS Elementary: English-Phi Alpha Theta. K,P. Education-NEA, Class Activities. Elementary-JSA, WAA Electives, Class K-P: Education-Newrwan Club, WAA Actlyities, Electives. JOYCE MILLER GLASS Elementary. ,-5 1?""f?' ities. JOYCE HELEN GOYERT Elementary-Glee Club: V-Pres., Con- cert Choir, Choral Society. R' BARBARA GREENE GRAHAM Elementary-SCA, SGA, Young Demo- crats, Glee Club. Class Activities. .ab ....-if BARBARA RUTH GODEN Elementary: Education-JSA, Class Activ- CAROL JEAN GO Secondary: English JOEL C. GREENFELD , V l 5 l. Secondary: Biology-Art Club, LDSTONE PHILIP STEELE GREENWELL, JR, ccundary: Mathcrnatiaa-Circle K Bas- letball Tenn s, Sector, I I5 .......-J' fha, 4979 RICHARD D'ALTON GREIG PATRICIA ANNE GRIISSER RANDALL DAVID GRIMSLEY AGNES MILLER HALLAM Secondary, H sff:'y'-Mews Cwms, lnlrg- KYP-Newrvwaw Club, Cass Acfivil es, Ele'wenfaryfClrcle K, Orchesfra, Men's Secondary: Social Science-WAA, BSU: Wuual Scwfz. TOWER LIGHT, Clworus, MRC, SGA. Sec., Dorm, Aclivllies, SARA TAFT HARROLL Sezondaw' Ewg' sh-Chrlswan Scfenge O'gah Ia' :ns was ROSLYN JOY HEGGIE Elemenvarv' Eziucal-OHYFAC, NEA, gfs s I JAMES RICHARD HEISER Secondary: Mallvcmallcs-Newman Club, Nalurallsf Club, Baseball, Cross-Country 1 I, EDNA JEAN HARVEY K-P: Engllgi-WAA Eleclives, n GEORGE A. HENDERSON LARRAINE Elemenlery. Secondary: Geography-Newman Club: Pres,, Soccer, Baseball, ' R. HAYDEN BRENDA GAIL HERMAN K-PAGlee Club, Hostess Club, Class Acflvilles, Dorm.Ac1ivII'ies. 11 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 4 I -uv lf? I 'I' CAROLYN HESS CAROLYN HEUBECK THEODORE A. HEUN ROBERT JAMES HIGHSMITH Elemenfary. Elemenfary. Se-zcndaw. H sfow. Se::waa',: H 3:-w-C ':'e K, SGA Pres, wma, New 5 Cwus Sow T' JUDITH ELIZABETH HIRSCH K-P-SCA Choir, YM-YWCA, G-Iee CIub. CIn:s, P-es, PHYLLIS L. HOFFENBERG E'emenIury. I , I i . ROSE MARY HLATKI KVP: Educlmon. MARIA GUERCIO HOFMANN Elemenfaryz Biology-CIac.s Acflvifies. IRIS A. HOFFMAN EIcmcn1.1fy-JSA, WAA EIecMves, TED HOLEWCZYNSKI Scccrvdnw' Af'-SIM PIa,e's, A4 CIJD, SGA S-:wavon gi -,, NANCY HOLLAND Elefnenrar,-TOWER ECHOES Cas: AQ! if Vie-5 ,599 4 6-'7 ALLISON HEAPS HOLLANDER NANCIE HOLTER Secondary: History, Elemenlary: FAC, Young Democrafs, Secondary: English. Civil Defense, Senior Class: Corr. Sec. '05- MARY ELLEN HUFFMAN Elennenvaw-Young Democrals' Perl., FAC, Senior Class: Hisl., Sludenf-Fee ulfy Cornfvlnee. MARIANNE INGLETT Secondary! Hislory-Homecoming Com- millee, MARY ELIZABETH HUGHES Secondary' Hislory-TOWER LIGHT: Editor-in-Ck cl, Mnq. Ed., Glen Players, Kappa Della Pi, Pni Alpha Theta. JEANNE MARIE JACKSON Elerrienfarv-FAC, NEA, UCCF, Class Activilies. JO ANN JAMESON Elementary-Towson Singers, Concert Choir, G-lee Club. DAVID HOPKINS LINDA CHARLENE HUSKEY K-P: Education-Class Activities. f""'Uh IRENE HARRIS JONES Elementary: Art-Arr Club, Class Ac tivifles. I I I I I I I 1 I I I X 2- KATHARINE ANNE JONES A DIANE YVETTE JORDAN PATRICIA ANNE JUSTIS MARGUERITE KANE K-P: Educafion-Wesirninsfer FeIIowshlp, K-P-Young Dernocravs' Carr, Sec., GIen Secondaryt Physical Educahon-Newman EIemenfary-Newman CIub. SGA. Class AcIIviIies. PIayers. Club, SGA, WAA: VfPres., Class Activ- MARY LEE KEGLEY EIcmcnIaryfWAA EIecIivcs, CIass Ac- Iivliics. HOWARD KAPLON Secondary: MaIhemaIIcs. RENA KELLEY K-P: Educmion. ifies. 'Nmap' MARSHA J. KAPLON Secondary: Mafhematics, I., S Q CHARLES VERNON KESTLER, JR. Secondary: Scrcncc-Gwn Phyvers, LSA SEA, :nom-Penh ConncII. ROBERT MAURICE KANE Secondary: ArIAAlpha Psi Omega, Ar? CIUIQ: Sen., G-Ien Players: Pres., Special EvenIs CommiIIee. BONNIE E, KIGHT EIcmcn9Qry: Enom'--X'-AA, CIJSS A Mics, Sfudcfv LIIQ CNWIWIIMJQ, SHIRLEY GREENSPON KINEK JUDY KLEIN EDWARD C, KOEHLER ElerremafyfJSA, K ll gf. Delfg P Elemenfary-JSA, WAA Elechyes, Class Secondary: Mathemallgs-Circle K, Men's Arllyies- Chorus, TOWER ECHOES. . JOAN HELENE KOSKI Elementary. ew JOSEPH L, KROART, JR. Secondarn B"f'1fJl y 1. .V . YMCA, lnlryvvwa' Spifb. Sclence-YW- LYDIA KROUT K-P: Psychology. JOANN KRAUSE Elemenlary-Class Ad ylvles. SHARIE LACEY Secondary: English-FAC, SGA, Alpha Psl Omega: Pres., WAA Eleclives, Slu- denf Resldcnf Assistant. Class Acfivilles. ANNA L. KORTISSES Elerrlenfary-Ar? Club, TOWER ECHOES: Art Ed., Prellymen House Council. CONSTANCE ERVIN KREUSCHMAR BEVERLY LAMB Elcmenlarv. mpe- l l l 3. l l l l l 441 .4 .Ee E r l l l l 1 I i i f I i I I I I i I I I I I I I I I I I 1 I I I I I I I A1 ' V. .-as ' 1 1. 'E' ,EN ,A -0- VIRGINIA LEE LAMBIE Elemenla ry-Towson Singers. GREGORY LAUCK , .EI '17 , wg, ' in I I FAYLA F. LANCASTER Secondary: Maths-malics-FAC, SGA, SCA, NSA. Secondary: Science-MAA Elecliyes. 'mv CLAIRE PATRICIA LANGE Elementary-Newman Club, TOWER ECHOES: Senior Ed., Preffyman House Council: Soc. Ch., Kappa Della Pi, Class Activities. V Y-v-7' at 4'-5 NANCY ELIZABETH LATHAM K-P: Education-FAC, Class Activities r ' :t x gg. 1.-is -We .ev 4 1. 3-if fZL:X.I 1 BONNIE ELIZABETH LeGORE Class Acliyilies. Iiyifies. ELLEN LOUISE LAWSON Elementary-Cheerleading, Glee Club, Elemenlaryr Education-SEA, SCA Choir, Sfudenl Residenf Assislanf, Class Ac- GAIL LEH MAN Elementary-Glen Players. MARTHA D. LEMEN Secondary: English-FAC, SGA, TALIS- MAN, Class Aclivilies. ROSE MARIE LESTER Secondary: I-Ilslory-SGA, WAA Elec- fiveS. JOHN PHILLIP LEVERING EIcr1cn'o'y-Cimile K-A Pres NSA C ordnalof Lac-case 5:::c- I'V'a"w'3 Sporfs. x GERALDINE LEVIN Secorrdam, BARBARA ZARESWITL LIPMAN DONNA MAY LlTTLE BRENDA LIVENGOOD H yan' Secondary' A". Eiemenfary-FAC, SCA, Glee Club. Liberal Arts: Speech-WAA Eleclives. PAULA ANGELA LONG E ewenfer,-YDC Ycwg De"c:raTs: Pre: new MARY P. LOUGHNEY Secondaw: English, CAROL MILLER LOVELESS Elememery. DOUGLAS H. LUDWIG Sezoniaw' Ma"-2'fe'?:s-FAC, Lazrosse. ,-sa l22 RONALD C. LUETTE Secondary Hlsfory-Soccer, Track, MAA: V-P'es. JUDITH LUCHINSKY K-P. JANE B. MACE Secondary: English-Glen Players, l y, qu- I Ai l l I I 4 I I I I Aim C? , W1 HELENA C. MaclNTlRE MARLENE MACK MARILYN ELIZABETH MacLEAN 4 MABEL SIEMON MAGILL Elementary-Canlerbury Club, NEA. Elementary: Educarlon-Class Acflvlfles. Elernenfaw: E-wgl'sHfWAA Elecflv ggggmeg- H g-I3-,f-Pr A- 3 T Karp: De 'J P , SUSAN CARY MAPP Elernenfary: Arf-FAC: V-Pres., SGA, Ari Club, Civil Delense. Glen Players, WRC: Pres., Judicial Board, ,N vs y- 54. MICHAEL L. MAHONEY Secondary: History-FAC, Newman Club, Soccer. Lacrosse. fi PAUL MANILOFF Libera Arts' l-l:v:','fGlerw Pla-,'e's TOWER LIGHT Feat? Edflzy Alplna Psl Orvega: Se: Sr. Cass: Serwafof. , L GERALDINE L. MAKS Secondary: Enqllsh. GAIL ROBERTA MARGOLIS K-P. Y-I I ANITA WOLF MARTIN Elefenfar,-FAC Jf. Class' House Cour1l:fl:V.-Pres,,NVRC ALEXANDER L. MARTIN III Secondary: Ma:-3-Mews Chorus. 4 1 Aa.. 11 w 9, w t"1'1F-'-UP F W' "F""""' A ff' '1 ! 2 ,I I if lu :f CAROL ANN MARTZ MARY ANN MAXWELL JOYCE ELAINE MCCAULEY JEANNE MCCORMICK ' Ee"e"3',-T: vw' K-5'-SCA C'o 1 Hzvess Cub: Pfes., E5'wenra',-Jud Q al Board, Kappa Delia K.P-Hosfegg Club, Wegfmlngfer Fellow- 1, C555 A: . "es, PI. YMVYWCA, Class Az? vlfes. s"1p,WAA E ecfives. I f WALTER MCDONALD E Q"-e"a',: Seogranw BEATRICE WISER McG-OVERN 1 E'emen?aryfNEA, YM-YWCA. v v w w 4 51 Er gx 1 DON K. MCGAHAY u l Se:cw:i',: H ion SM:e',Baseba'1, La' 1 0:52-2, Bas?-e':a'I, DORIS ANN MCNUTT 55-jf.- L ,JL-'Awww A L ' 49' Q-.. MARIE CELLER MEYER E'e"'en'a'y, E i " JOAN JAMESON MILLAR Ele'nen+.aryfN-ewman C!ub: Corr. Sec ' NEA, lfv'e'-Falfk Coundh 2 I n Y K I X 13 L CAROL MIDDLEKAUF Ele"eHra'4,fC:m1e'bwv Club, WAA Elegfles, Ciass Air -fvwes. H ll L- l l 1 l l l 1 l A "T" Nea DONALD G, MILLER PEGGY E. MILLER PHYLLlS MILLER JOSEPH LEO MILLS Llberal Arls: Geography-IRC, Newman Elementary: FAC, Concerr Clwolr, Tow- ElernenlarywTOWER ECHOES, WAA Secondary: Ma'ne"'af-:s-New'r'an Club Club, Jazz Club, Young Den-ocrals: Pres. son Choral Society. Elecrlves, Class A:f?vH'es. Baseball, PEGGY ANN MILSTEAD Elementary-Glen Players, Hosress, YW- YMCA: Pres., SCA, JV Baskelball. 'uni BARBARA C. MONTFORT JOAN BEATRICE MONTGOMERY Elcrncnlary: Arr-Arl Club. 'ifii ' ' It tfi f , .,.-..,- JONEE MONROE Tf. we A -Q Seconda ryi Arr-Ar? Cl ub, Glen Players, KGDDG Dafa Pl, Class Acfivlfles. NORMA LOVELL MOLER Elemenlary-Gamma Them Upsllon. 'Q 1 ANN SMITH MOORE Elementary-Ofghezlrs. Towson Slnqers, Glue Club. .15 11 LAURA MORIU K-P: Educaflon-UCCF: Pres., Orchestra Shing Encfynble. RUTH DVORAK MORRIS SYLVIA I.. MOSKOVITZ JANE EUBANK MULLEN SHARON MURPHY K-P. K-P. Secondary: Ma+IvernaIics. K-P-Jazz CIub, WAA ElecIIves, Inha- muraI SporIs, F 4811 HELEN A. MYERS EIe'nenIaw. TIMOTHY FRANCIS NADROWSKI Secondary: Sc:cncevOrcI1esIra, Inwa- :-wr.nI Sooffs. ANITA ORANGE NELSON I Elemenfary-FAC, Glee Club, BSU. GEORGE ALAN NORRIS chesfra. HAZEL BLACKWELL NELSON K-P' EnQI'5n. IRENE M NEWMAN EIernenI.-yy: PsychoIogy. PRISCILLA KATHERINE NEWMAN Secondary: Main-S:lenc:cfFAC4 WAA, Newman Club: V-Pres. Secondary: EngIIsh-Newman Club, Or- II I II I I I I I I I I I 4 I I I I - T7 l rl l 1 1 r BARBARA ORR CAROLYN MCCREA ORR CLARENCE ORR AUDREY PARKER EIernenharyAIn1er-Faith Councll: Sec., Elemenlary: Hrslory-FAC, Phi Alpha Secondary: History. Secondary: English. Concert Choir, Glee Club, UCCF: V- There, Cla5cAcvIyi1Ies. Pres. FRANCES ELIZABETH PASKO Elernemary: Educaflon-Class Aclivifies. -. GEORGE PATRlNlCOLA Secondary: Science-FAC, MAA, Soccer, l Lacrosse. ' .JOHN PASSAMONTE Liberal Arts: Mafhemallcs. l DONETTA KAYE PAUKOWSKY W Elernenlary-Glee Club: Sec., Class Ac- ! fivifies. l .--312' fi r ff l 1 ffiq fX?3l'R' l " Q? ' gms l X 1: fy: 131.529 , 535- r 7 1 fra?" I r Lg. . l MARLENE JEAN FERKO Secondary: Hlslory-FAC, Kappa Della Pr: vrres, Pm Alpha Them. SGA, NANCY LEE PELL Elemenfary-Baphsv Sludenl Unlon: Pres., W May Day Cornmltlc-cl TOWER ECHOES. ' LARRY PAZOUREK - Secondary: Soclal Sclence-Wresllm9- l l27 u A7 mf , if ! , , --fl ms LAURA HELEN PESTRIDGE GEORGE PHILLIPS HARRY VINCENT PHILLIPS VIRGINIA ANN PHILLIPS Se::rv1e',' Iv'a"eN:' 2'-WAA: So:'ba'I E3e"ew'a'r Secondary: Eng! sr'-Glen PIayefs. Elementary-TOWER ECHOES, SCA MQ'-, Ass' Ba:-e':3 Mg-, Choir. Young Democrats, APRIL JACQUELYNN PRICE Elf-en+a'.rYTOv','EP ECHOES, Mvwes. Cass Ac- I r I PATRICK JOSEPH PUSH Elemewfafv-Vefefarws CIub, Men's Cho- rus, Glee Cmb, Soccef, Lacrosse. I- mv., 'TS- 1 BRYNA FRIEDLANDER PUCCI 'emenfaw' F's,f:'c ogy, ""f?.!? 1. LINDA CAROL PUMPHREY Lrberal Arts Soda! Science-GIee Club, Hosress Gob, C wi De'ense. MARY JIM QUIRK SGA, Jr, Class: Social Chairm CHARLOTTE RAY K-P-SCA. LOIS ANN RICE Elemenfaryffi-lee Clubl House Council Sfudanr Centre Board, CIass Acfivifies wuz I i 4-in 44 R? 5 CAROLE ELAINE RICKETTS KENNETH D. RIGBY LOIS ANN RIGGIN PEGGY ROBEY Secondary: Science. Secondary: Hrgfof,-Newrnan Club, Hernenvar-y-BSU Migsbn Chairman, ln- Seconcarfz Mawemafcs-FAC, Jr. CIass Meng Chorus. Ter-Varsrfy, Social Cnerrvany WAA Eecfives. BEVERLY R. ROSENWASSER EIemenIary: Educaton. DARLA HECKNER ROCKMAN K-P: Educaifon-SCA Choir, G-lee Club, SCA, UCCF. Notables, Tower Belles. LARRY H. RONIS Secondary. EnqI sn. ELIZABETH ANN RUSSELL Emrncnfary Engns' LYNN F. ROWLEY Secondary: Engnsn. JOYCE ELAINE ROUTZAHN Elementary: Educaf on. RICHARD L. RUBIN Secondary: GcoqraohyiGarnma TheIa Upsilon Cass Acvn-nes. . .-wh .1 PATRICIA ANN RYAN ElernenIafvfFAC, Sludenr Ccnrro Board, SGA! Sr. Class' V-Pres, House Counclll Class AcvZy'fi-ef -All , f-vp 'wr JOSEPHINE J. SACHSE KATHLEEN SCHLINING ETHEL G,SCHMl1T Secondary: Englrglw-WAA Electives, Secondary: History-Wesleyan Fellow' Secondary: English-Kappa Delia PI, Class Acflylrles. slupy YM-YWCA, Gamma Tlwela Upsllon. Faculty-Student Committee, 'fm- MARILYN SCHWARZ SCHOFER K-P. MARILYN ANNE SCHMITT Elemcnfary-Glen Playersl Glee Club s...- WAYNE L. SCHWABELAND Secondary- Hlyory-Jazz Soclelyz V- Pres, IRC. SALLY REBECCA SEITZ KFP-Choral Soccfv. MARY-LOUISE SENG K-P: Educallon-SEA, Young Democralsy Newman Club, Soon. Class: Publlcify Charrman. CAROL SETTLER K-P-Young Democrats, WAA Elecfives, JAMES WILLIAM SHANK, JR, Secondary: Science-TOWER ECHOES MAA: Treasurer, Soccer, Lacrosse. '45 Qu ll 1 3 l ' 5 ' . l f I 1 l l ff it -Jn 5. ,X A "-ff" 'zfbf MICHAEL P. SHANNON LYNN IRENE SHEPHERD LYNDA R. SHERMAN JUDITH TARSES SHERR S e c o n d a r y: Geography-Intramural K-P-Alpha Psi Omega, Madriqals, Elementary: Education-Jewish Siudenfs Elernenlary-Jewlsn Sludenls Assocfalion Sporls, Judicial Board. Speclal Evenls, Clase Acllvlfles, Assoclallon. ADA M. SHIPLEY Secondary: English. 5. l SANDRA RUTH SHPRITZ Elementary: Education-Class Acllvifies VIOLET J. SHIPLEY Elemenlary. ANN SILEX Elemenfary-SCA, Infer-Faifh Council. JOSEPH DAVID SINDALL Secondary: Malhernahcs, FAC. JUDITH ANN SIMPSON Secondary: Hlslory-WAA: V-Pres., WAA Eleclives, Fine Arls Comm., Modern Dance Club. SHERMAN EMILE SILVERMAN Secondary: Geography-Young Demo- crafs, MRC. . ,lm NANCY JANE SMITH LONNA SMOLLER HARRIET MARIE SOLLERS DIANE SOLOMON K-PgOrclle-srra, Shing Ensemble, SGA. Lberal Arfs' Soc al Sc'ervc-3-JSA, Class Elemenlary-Hosless Club, Marshals, K,p- Corlcerf Cao Q Cao-a Soc'-efy. AQ? v lies. Wesleyan Fellowslwpl YMNWCA, WAA Jewish Sludenls Associallon. Elecfives. x r ' l SHIRLEY P. SOLOMON Elcrveva'-,fKapca Della PF, Speclal Evems Ccrrv. ,All- RONALD RANCE SOMMER S-econjaw: H Very-Baskelball, Lacrosse, ' FLORA H SOSNER r Elemenlarl-Jewish Siudenls Associiflon. l ,Q IGS- YETTA SOUDERS Eler1'enfa'yfYlgwg Dawg:-ars, Carrier' bury C ab. l32 Sccofdarv Ma0lwemaflc5fFAC, MRC: RICHARD EUGENE SOURS Pres., Soccer, Sludenf Residenl Asslslanl. BEVERLY RUTH SPEIGHT Secondary: History-FEC, Phi Alpha Thela, WAA Elecllves. ALAN GORDON SPARCK Secondary: Hislor-yfLacro55e. l 'rl K. -v l . l l l l 4 l ll ,.,., , , l l 'l ll l 1, If li l r' l l 2 l 2 inn I 'I I . . , . ' can o - - '-sid-, I I I I I Ti J I .4-"!P' I LZ' -I I 4-jf! V ,Vg I I ROBERT L. SPENCER ROBERT BRUCE STALLARD ETTA Z. STEIN ELAINE J. STEINBERG -' Secondary: Science-Track, Cross-Courv LIberaI Arfs: Hisfory. Secondary: Engussh-TOWER ECHOES: Secondary: Hisfory. ' fry! Lit. Edu WAA Actlywes, Class Acflvifles SUZANNE STEVENS , , Secondary: Biology, I - I I PATRICIA WORTHINGTON STRAUSS EIemenIary-Class Aciivifies, Dorm. Ac- Vivifles. A1- CAROLYN LOCKHART STEVENSON EIernenfary: Education. FRANCIS W, STRINGER Secondary: Speech-G-Ion Players, Alpha Psi Omega, FAC: Sec. BARBARA VANETTA SULLIVAN K-P: Hisfory-Choral Socfciy, Hockey, Dorm. AI:I'y7?'es. fd x ' DOROTHEA P. STIFLER Secondary: English. I I I I I 2 LOWELL E. SUNDERLAND LMQI Ana, Em: S--TOWER LIS Ed,-Infnef, Manacjnq Ed., S9045 4-f':' 1, R 4 fg' 'Sf-'mr .ld CARROLL BRIAN SWAM PAUL ROBERT SWANK BARBARA TALIERCIO PATRICIA TARSIA Ele"'enfa','-C'rc'e K. V-Pres., SGA, Llberal A'lsfLSA, SGA, lnfer-Fal9h Secondary- Hlsfory-Young Dennocrafs, K-P: Educafion-Newman Club, FAC, Mei: Cnc:-as, J'. and Sr. Class: Pres. Conn: Pres. Swdenf Cenve Board, WAA, SGA, CCUN. Class Acfmfies. M-enls Cncrag JEAN ELIIABETH TEGNELL Ele"en'a'y-Marshals. Pres., TAUSMAN, Hosiess Club. x Q5 CAROLYN OTTlLE TIMMINS K,PfWAA Hostess Club, Wesleyan FE QW D, YM-YWCA JUDY THOMPSON E0 es ALAYNE B, TIEMEYER Elementary: Geography-Gamma Theta Epsilon, Choral Socicfy. avreffa' ::-Class Achv' ELYSSA SPAULDING TIPPETT Secondary Art-Arr Club: Pres., Concert Chow, Glen Players, Speclal EvenYS Corvm, Judlclal Board. MARGARET C, TITUS Secondary-Jazz Sociely, NEA. CAROLYN PHILLIPS TONGUE Secondary: Malhemafics--WAA, SEA. I 'l , l 2? ll sl ll V l l l. lr ll ll l l ll l v n YI 1 F W 1 4 1 : : : 4 J MH' '-J? -I 6 v., 'fir -.PJ of- 'r,. JEAN IRENE TRACEY JOAN MARLENE TRACEY CARMELA A. TRIOLO KATHARINE A. TROTTER Elementary-WRC: V-Pres., FAC, SGA, E!efnentaryiFAC, SGA, Kappa Delta P: Secondary- Hf5fO'y. Segmza-,': Hfsigrp Sfudenf Cenire Board, Jr. Class: V- Pres,, House Councih Fr, Class: V-Pres. Pres. 4 L HELEN CAROL TWILLEY Secondary: H7510 ' y-NeNeH,R :wana House Councf Cass Acflvivies, Dorm ' Adivifies. ' ,, 'T l 3 H ! E I H 1 -A f . f gi 1--17 N' NZ' 'A' ' F fd fl 3 4 5 O ' Y fry NANCY JEAN TROUPE Elementary: Educafion, V Y GRACE CAROL TURNER K-P-Uass Acfivifies, Dorm. AcYTvi0ies, CMN Defense. ZA - : ff---1 'Q .- -rru' f A f, GARY UNFRIED Secondary: Social Science-Tufor of Ge- Ography. LESLIE VAN NEWKIRK Secondary M,wV"ch'av cz-SEA, Chss Ac' Mvivfes, JOYCE A, WALDMANN JOHN EDWARD VOLZ Secondgry Bxolom K-P-Younq Dwztmts, Cm! Deiens W l 1 l ,rw A A 5, xv n A , - .A Q Q, . K , 75? ,- -1""f"7 NOK w- BARBARA W. WALKER CHARLES WALKER DONNA JEAN XV-XLKER Q ROY WALLACE K-P-LSA, SEA, Jazz 55597, Ofc?-esira. Se::'da'y: H's':-,-Scwav-3 Fr' AIpPIa EI-ewemaf-,I-TOWER LIGHT: Busmess LIberaI ArIs-Art CIub, IRC, Wrestling. Taevgx Tfggf Sffagf Wfey'-9. Manggey IPC: Pac, Fm CIass: Social fi Q JUDY WAN DERMAN E evenva rw, JOY LEE WARNKEN E f"'Q"1' -C 325 Az' . ' 6: VJAA EIBCA 'S' C'a "fm, I 2 JOHN McCANN WATTERS EIer-5rIfa',-TOWEV LIGHT Swdenf FREDERICK WILLIAM WAYLAND L4k:e'aI An: I-I s':I'-I JOSEPH E. WESTERFIELD EIemeI'I1ary. BONNIE DUVAL NVATERS Secondary: AfIwArr CIIIIU, AIpha Psi Omega, GIen Play-Us, Camerbury CIub. HELENA WIECIECH EIemerIYary. I I I I I I I I I .r-A ,fc LARRY WEINHOLT LIGHT, Class Ac- Secondary: Enqfk'-Towson Pres, Concert Cho-r: Pres. SANDRA L. WIENER Elemenfary-TOWER I'IvIfIe5. EVELYN MARTHA WILSON Elemenfary-SOCIBI Ccrwn-1TIee, SEA, YM- YWCA BSU. ERIC WISSEL Secondary: Hisfory-FAC, Student Life, MRC: Pres,, Siudenf Residenf Assisfanf. IRVIN YAFFE 3 'g,,J'. "7 NADINE SIngefs: K-P. WEINSTEIN f' NV - r' 5 '73 - 'vs' BARBARA CAROL WILLE EIe"e":',-SEA 'Jef."a'1 Clk, WAA EIeL. .'e:, LIGHT: Scovs EJ . G en JANICE MARILYN WINIK Eicmenvarf. I I 1 I I -J LINDA PHYLLIS YAFFE Secondary: Mafhcwmflcs. LOUIS M. WINKLEMAN, JR. Secondary' PWS 12' Ed.-SGA, TOWER Pia-,'e's. sl 33,0 CAROL MOLESWORTH YOUNG Ewevfnu-,f'.'.'A,-X TO'-'JSR ECHICE Spf,-'3 E1 Sq-nyr' C3155 A:"'u"-es, 7 JOYCE GREENER ZVONAR Secondary: ArI-Ar? CIub, GIen Players. OTHER GRADUATES WILLIAM BARRY ANDREWS CHARLES KNOX BRUMLEY VERA LYDIA BUGA LOUISA GRACE DARCHICOURT ALBERT FRANK DILEONARDI BARBARA RUTH GIMPELMAN MARVA ANN MARSHAL JAMES KENNETH MacMAHON WILLIAM FRANCES MOESSINGER BETIINA VARNELL MONROE MICHAEL GILLESPIE RILEY LOUISE SEIDEL MAYNARD W. SIMMONS DONALD SOSKIN I38 I PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT Carroll Swam PM Ryan F K X 5,-7 5,97 CLASS OFFICERS OF 1963 If -xv V, A, A ,... 'Q-Z7 CORRESPONDING SECRETARY Nancy Holfer i Ei TUWSON S 'l'11Il'lZ 'l'l2ACliEl!S GULLEG I3 CLASS 01' I9 G 3 ff' Tomws Tmxcusns. mr: uovx or mmomzows f l QW f CLASS SEAL RECORDING SECRETARY Ru+h Clark 15-56525 V517 dl X TREASURER Carol Finke t5Ex+:lmTlux H M H w 3 J 3- I m rm in 5 amy'-..,. . ,. HI Ili 2 1 ' wr 'fi ' ii MARLENE PERKO Marlene Perlfo, a hisTory major, has made The Dean's LisT all Through her academic career, She was a member oT The Eresh- man Advisory Council, Kappa DelTa Pi, Phi Alpha TheTa, and also served as a senaTor in The SGA. Marlene was presenTed wiTh an award aT The Senior Prom Tor her ouTsTandinq service To The class. The soon-Toebe-married coed will Teach hisTory aT Greenbe-lT Junior l-ligh School in The Tall. I40 TOP STUDENTS AT Four sTudenTs oT The Class oT IQ63, Ellen AlTord, Marie Bauer, Marlene Perlco, and Charles Wallcer, were honored by PresidenT Hawkins aT commencemenT Tor Their ouTsTanding work in Their respecTive Tields. JudiTh l-lughes Dowdy was also recognized as The recipienT oT The Mary l-ludson Scarborough MaThemaTics 4142 , ,mf ELLEN M. ALFORD A liberal arTs sTudenT, Ellen M. AlTord majored in social sci- ence. A Top-noTch sTudenT, Ellen was elecTed To Phi Alpha TheTa. served on Women's Residence Council, and worked wiTh Tresh- men in E.A.C. Ellen will be going inTo civil service worlc. HONORED COMMENCEMENT Award for showing proficiency in lhe sfudenf 'reaching of arilhme- lic and demonslrafing greal abilily in rnalhernalics courses. Kennelh Barnes was granled lhe Pearle Blood Award for Jrhe highesl average as a Geography maior. Charles Croner was also recognized as a fulure Marine officer. CHARLES WALKER A hislory rnaior, Charles Walker was presidenf of Phi Alpha Thela and served as senafor in SGA, while conlinually malcing Dean's Lis'r during his years al Towson. An acfive afhlele. he pariicipafed in fraclc, soccer and wres- lling. Charles' plans For lhe fulure are indelinife, pending serv- ice obligalions. MARIE BAUER Marie Bauer. molher of a son alfending Towson l-ligh School, compleled her four years wilh a line record. As a rnalhemalics major, Mrs. Bower did her sludenl reaching ar Parlcville Junior High School. She is assigned lo 'reach al Parlcville Senior High School in ihe fall. I4I w -, h 1 1 . V .- I 1 f' CAMPUS ..I.-1. 'Q ,M J 1 if Wxwlil HW? x ' ' A fx 0' TRL,-. as 24 A' 'rvw v4 Wa A-4, R 'J p --'+'-'?10- -I 'A .,, b 1 . ,fr 5 x I - v'n R F - 'fi 1 I I ., "Ev Q J' u A I 'Gif I . .' 1 ' "" 1 . ,, ' x ' ' "" - -'U X . 1,211 ' ' ab r s. - ' P ."g' l W. '1 ' ' 'As' 'R-U' , ' 4 ' I . . - . 9:1 " 3 , Pj il inqifv- '- M - A-,,. - ' . f 1 ' K' -Y gf 'xl .-1 15 35,1 7- 1, 1 P " F. 4-if 5 'U ' ' " . , 'Wx un ' 4' - -va '-f"i if ' 'Q "-. il I 4 " Q - 1 X 11" ' 'F' "" .sg ' q -.r ' 3 f- 1. 1, .X -. S 5 1 ' 11.5 fA,,'.j, 1, K- - .1 5, ui ,V 55 , -1 - , 4' m,vl'.5 .Qs ,J 4.1, A' - , vf..,s',f 1- .., ' , ' A -' " w ', -1-'fr' ",g., -' A -4 . ' ' ' .A v"" . WH 4----' - -1 Q 15: L' ff 'lf' '- if .'1 .. f -- '- -' qs - , ,Q , 1, - A .,' al -- . . . 1' f 5 71.5 ,"'i'-'fz-MLK: lfg' f pg's-.n:,'- 1 '.v -'1 ,. ' ' ' J n'. 2 'iffy' : . , s -v f j .v.lL,..,9, -. "'l1 ,A M4 . ',.,.,, ,A 314'-,-A l .M N, . I .Aw ,, . ,I .ft U V " - ' " , " , F- -yf'. K ' ' 4"1 fi," r -,M "" 1:74 - 'gy' .. " '- - ., 7" Q 4' 5 1 5"T?'if2f""" 7f.'r?f"-.,'f::"3 lingfgl' lavfjg V' vfyri' ,. ,y 1 , if Pin! F' N 0' Y ' ,"s - . . ' ' , r 4 . v ," Y' 1 A K- -V' , v ' 4' V " -' ' 4' ' 5 ' I In , . . v . ,g E I , t,',"'."l7"7'-1,6?F,A-: 4,-0,68-i V 4, x fl . ...Vt . v 1' w -1- 'L' 4 - av X f .'. -'uf .f - - . , " Xfslfxg 1. -5' . , A 4- -3 ' V' , gfg f- fu, -. " . 4. " is 4. A - of 1. ,11. ' K-,,v:.x1,'-in-5--.,. I- " -' ,.l .xl -,.,- ,- ,.,.U, . 5 " , 5 2- ' -A A f ' , N f , I 4: ' ' - 7 f ., V l 'I ,-U. f - J V 11. - uni. X' f Jn ' ,,,.,,,l , A W . ' V h I I , I I . tri... VP . 1- 1: -V, N , ,I-I l ' . Z. ffftw' -. " 1? 'Hx' A 4. V ' .4 , "1 --"fs, . f-1, ' 'K X. h F N - wmv." U .1 b "z' ,C V, 1, " ' "Award -7, - ' , L V-.Q - . V- -- .-.- . . A . f ,- A. ,, . -X . 'f' ' - - " -4 H' als!"-' 'F' 1 .' "' - . -f'--,vv-.4 ,, Q- ,,. , ,, 4 . - ,r ...-g,,,,.A . ' If ' Q L' . . W - ,QfLI?!f T - A l 1 ' ' 1' K5q1q,Qf -.,".'Q..'l'1-b, 1 al f 1 A . ' ' -. "'7'f'f'9g,'j"'?fx'Ql:'f', 'C V '. Q 1 r ' -' 7 , . -' . 1 Q . f-- - sn , - . .gs-,ea ':1". .,, , ,., , , . W . N . . lb . 'Q ,, 1 . a , J f-,Vp ',9,4v,," ' ' ' 'X ' vi," , ' 'Z' .J ,A V 1- -M , .Af ,Ai . 1 L 1.6 f"f.f"Jx I, ' u ' ' 4'f,. Y W 1 n 11 I 1 3 at falxflf s "Tl'1lsIs+l1e pool of blood, you lowly 5pOOlill' ANNUAL HAZING llwllal df-'f YOU mean YOU are 5ll9'9lC fo Pile?" "We will now follow +l'1e leader. Welch fhal roclc in l'l1e corner." W- i i FOR SPCOKS l-lazing for spoolcs ai Towson Siale involves: l inilialion of spoolcs llowly freslwmenl info flue spiril of dorm life ailer a weelc of "friendly" aclivilies, liffle "errands," moving oul, TUNNEL, iudgmeni' by 'rlwe Council of Judges and ilien finding ine resulis ol: ine Wrecking Crew. mxm 95' dr' NCSTATE "Tlnis only means ina? you have lo reporf lo 'rlve mAR7-,Muffy Council ol' Judges!" UCLA USNH I Q "Wl1a1'scl1ool did you say you were from?" "We are going along willw Presidenf Kennedys physical lvness i plan." l l45 A11 H1 WALK-h i Le'r's dance io Uwe music of flwe Caravelles! Topics of conversafion: Iam session, parade, big game and dance. X I46 BONFIRE HOMECOMING l ,fi If X nip. Wlwo is going +0 win the Homecoming game?-Towson. of course! W... le 1 s INI TIA TES ni if Fssnvmss ,E 9 'ts P X ,ii f H ll ' an -,q Ill . -nqnQn A " . f. '11 Q9 4, ' . v N I T-O-W-S-OVN, F?gh+, Team, Fiqhf l v , X Hiding behind Kaflwy Ennis's wig is flue idea for winning WAA float Nqr 4 r f 1 a'Z""v SAV 'Q -es. Q faq: ' . -42":,QfQfrv'f f I ' MEQ-a:.k,'.. , "'- ""' ' ' ,' K f. gf: ,:-N ,f I QU. us RAP", - . , if I. HI -' 1 P Q " ff ff. 4, 1 ' ' n 113.9 .465 S, cgr- ' 913 f 2- 15 I -G1 X" . ' . w"' Time fo' We Queerfs Mmdfeon! Mi. Olympus" in Preffyman Foyer capiures fIrs+ place 5101 for dormifory decorawxions i The Queen, Nina LH and Her escorf, Gary Reddick. lead a dance in her honor. The sfudenf body dances +0 ihe music of Braden Rldenour and his Melodmms. I49 1 r ON 1 I' I 5 N J Emily Hess Carole Biemiller Diana Houck 'Z 2 Dagmar Mayes F N W 1 1 i n A I I 1 V if I QI .',- I I 1 l l T i I 5 T i I . E i l T l l l i T l 1 i l 1 i 1 T i l I 1 Ii i T Q11 THE QUEEN AND HER COURT HONORED AT THE DANCE Miss Nina LiT, Homecoming Queen, and her Courl' reigned over a gloomy l-lomecoming. The consTanT drizzle did all bul' erase The spiriT of The week-end. Class and organizaTion TloaTs Tailed To Take The TradiTional parade around Towson: while The soccer game wiTh Loyola College was posTponed. Prizes were awarded, however, To The iunior class for presenTing The besT TloaT, and To Circle K, which capTured The prize Tor organizahons. LaTer, Miss LiT and her CourT successliully igniTed The True spiriT OT Homecoming aT The dance. The CourT, dominaTed by under- classmen, was selecTed by The enTire sTudenT body on The basis oT beauTy, and oT conTribuTion To sTudenT acTiviTies. 2.1. H' Nina LiT 1, "XC 1 Y . 'g - Q? tj? 'ijfei . Syl., .N 3, . 5 I,'3if H he 5' D' V 1 I P T I rw' , 'L A f ' g A P ,T YEFsr,gg1,, TGTLEQ , . Kafhy Quinn ,N C' ., S l he I 1 I '.a Linda Wilder HOMECOMING COURT . . . ' 1 - :v WWA mwwtl 53 Elm -cg, '7 by Day . 1 ,515 "WMS-,r Queen, Miss Nina Lil: Her Courfz Miss Emily Hess. Miss Daqmar Mayes, Miss Linda Wilder, Miss Carole Biemiller, Miss Diana Houck, Miss Kaflwy ulnn I52 and by Nlghf 1 A 'SE fi 51-'Q 6' 1-1 'I fl- T f i Y ,?'::.2..,'Z vb H X, i . Dido? Mon 'there were ihis many males ai Towson Adminisfraiion and residenf siaif members faire iinq fhe Thanksgiving holiday. l54 par? in celebra- X THAT TIME OF YEAR . . . Thanksgiving Even during The hoiiclays, waifinq in line is sfill The procedure. aq- Q5 The Newell-Richmond House Counciis serve af pre-dinner fesfivifies, P l s l s r l l 2 I l il ii l l 1 l i l i I l l l l s l l l l i i l 1 l li ll 4 1 ll A ln keeping wilh The holiday spirir, Jeanne Jackson. Peggy Milslead, Mary Lee Kegley, Mrs, Tilghman and Bonnie LeGore clecorafe Prellyrnan Hall. Christmas The holiday season al' Towson 'rransformed 'rhe campus inlo a scene of feslive beauly and an afrnosphere oi gay spiril. Brighlly lil lrees. gills, misfleloe, angels, and. ol' course, snow climaxed 'rhis lime ol: year. The annual Chrislmas meal of lurlcey, cranberry, and pumplcin pie, for 'rhe residenl sludenls, mainlained Hs popularily. For 'rhose who allended "Mis+le+oe Magic," 'rhe annual Chrisl- mas Dance sponsored by The iunior class, were encouraged 'ro bring gills for underprivileged and orphaned children as parl' ol: 'the enlrance procedure. When classes ended Friday. December 2l, everyone relurned home lo cele- brale. F, Nancy Pell and Berry Taylor slill rhink rhal' rhe besr meals are served during The holidays. ' x '1 Q 'Q .,, x C V ul .X , .1 4 ,. l - . Y Q A . if .X ' 3 5 1 I fi Even rhe cafeferia looks leslive during fhe Chrislmas season Dressing-up is slill lradilional af TOWSON, I55 Q! wt Prerrynian Hall remidenfs garner around house mofner, Mrs. Tilghman, for lea and Clnrisrrnas cookies. Leff fo riglnf: Marge Tifus, Rose Gilbert Kalhy Jones Barbara Hershey Rurli Clarl,, Carolyn Orr, Ginny Lambie, Mary Maxwell, Carolyn Timrnins, Jeanne McCormick, and Jeanne Jackson llcneelingl. A free of ire-asure. 'iyliyleroe Magic"-Sfudenrs bring gills for underprivileged clwildren af flue Clnrisfrnas Dance sponsored by the ami-r Claw. I56 w- -. -X may . 5 .fqriiy-.-:gKg:: .1 4- , . Ng,:.X.,:.1fQba ,, . fi : 'Kf:i5ieiir g'f'f:52f?f: - , . 1- Q3 , " tri!--, Q' Q 1 F , 1 X . W QQ'--.?-'Sgr' '- Q. ' D '33 551 fi'-f,?f Q , .ffl 4 - ' fl? +2 ' N- R - f r gi ' r fill' 4 4' " "" f. , I 5' ' N- X 5 g H Q 5 1 Ks 'x V' .!,Q,f'Gl. f ,jf .-.g- c. I' ' - ' i x " FI"1iffN' , Q- ,fu : - 1 'xx-gf N 1' ' xx. " 5 . 1 - ' I ft . I Q . : .. , ' if '. . f H. K ir: J I ' if: 4. , . L11 3 , ., ' 5 N. 1 'iw a x vs-1 'W' Y. ,-..- A lg., . quam, "'-Nggg L4 . . . MEDIEVAL MYSTERY PLAY ary, Tufure Molher OT 'he Savior is consoled bv her maids in a mcirneni of inner Truggle. The holiday season oT V962 was marlced by a new Type of ChrisT- mas program, which was presenTed wiTh The combined eTTorTs oT six organizaTions. The ChrisTmas sTory was Told Through song, dance, insTrumenTal music, and drama. Dr. Richard C. Gillespie, dramaTic direcTor, explained The pr'oducTion as "The ChrisTmas sTory in medi- eval music and drama." The cenTral Theme revolved around Tive TradiTional aspecTs oT The ChrisTmas drama. These Tive aspecTs were Told Through selecTions Trom The mysTery plays of The Yorlc and WalceTield Cycles. The musical aspecT of The program was carried by The Three choral groups: The lvlerfs Glee Club, The Women's Glee Club, and The ConcerT Choir. The ConcerT Band and special ensemble groups, along wiTh The dance groups, also perTormed. wiTh Mr, lvlarTin Rice coordinaTing The music Tor The enTire show. Before Mary, played by Judy Jeff. 's crci--wned by her maids Penny Ruarlc The angel Gabriel. played by Joanne Wolflrill, The maids, and God, and Carol Fields she prays ThaT she 's worfhy OT her posiTifiri. porTrayed by l-larry Philips, are awed by The presence of The ChrisT child. gi' BASIE SWINGS AT SWEETHEART BALL Lasl' year's "Fair Lady," Lefilia Crocker, presenls a bouquel' lo Barbara Quads, flwe Sweellwearl of IQ63, ,gin- 'Umm Count Basie and lrls orclwesrra sei llwe mood lor the year's mos? successful dance. The Sweell-rear? Courr enioys a memorable evening, Cloclrwise: Edward Koehler, Jean Maylwew, Randy Grlmsley, Carolyn Orr, Carroll Swarm, Lerifla Crocker, Jolwn Murphy, Barbara Quade, George Palrinicola and Carolyn Willwelrn. Mary Urbanclc presenls llwe Sweerlwearl Couple Barbara Quads and Jolwn Murphy, wlilv ll'Elr ills I59 Gupzfs 6,0305 M1962 Y , WSJ 566715 Grocfer SWEETH ART C WI: Garroffgwam 1963 Miss Jean Mayhew and Mr. Edward Koehler. , 3 r f U O Miss Carolyn Wilhelm and .G coa. ' at-,xx , 160 Carolyn Mr. Randy 6 Q 0 CAMPUS ln l9l5 The college moved To Hs presenl' sire in Jfhe soufhern par'r of Towson on Yorlc Road eighr miles from Jrhe cenler of Balfimore Ciry and a mile and a hall: beyond 'rhe cify's norfhern boundary line. The campus of more 'rhan one hundred acres is one of +he mos? beaulilul in rhis perl of +he counlry. I+ offers opporruniries for heal+hful our- door recreafion and for coordinafing classroom insrrucrion wirh field sfudy. Hill! STEPHENS HALL STEPHENS HALL lfhe adminisfrafion louilclingl, named for M. Bares Srephens, Sfare Super- in+enden+ of Educahon from I90O +o l92O, dominafes 'rhe campus group and sefs +he pa+'rern of Jacobean archifecfure characrerisfic of all 'rhe buildings on lhe fron+ campus. Hs adminisfra- 'five offices, classrooms and laborafories, and The audiforium serve as rhe necleus of lhe Cam- DUS. SCENES Alflwouglw llne inslirufion is almosf one hundred years old, H' has occupied H's presenl campus only sliglw+ly more +l'1an forly-five years. All buildings have been erecled in line wilh a defini+e plan of campus develop- menr. H, ACADEMIC WIEDEFELD QYMNASIUM, phys- Icaf educafion cenfer, is named for M. Theresa Wiede?eld, presidenf of Hwe college from I938 fo 1947, dur- ing whose adminisfrafion if was ereded. I I I Mr. Mlfciwe' A We Aff Deparfmen- is fboroujly absorbed mn PHS .wer I64 Mr. Reifenbach, of Hwe Healfh Deparimenv, is Yisfeninq io a sfudenf answer one 01' his foriy quesfions. if: l Dr. Lewis and Dr. Bevins discuss The possibilify of curriculum change in lhe English Deparlmenf. 'I ll 'll u:::"lui NL' onuunlr N If u::::"llr i ulcnqlgsztr l l i l l VAN BOKKELEN HALL was erecled in l93l and iwas used for a number of years as 'rhe campus elemenlary school. ll was complefely remodeled and renovaled in I96l and renamed for Liberfus Van Bola- lcelen, Marylancls firsl' Superinlendenl of Public lnslruclion. from l865 'ro I868. If serves as a classroom build- ing for fhe deparlmenls of arf, malhernalics, speech, and inslrumen- lal music. Jim Heiser conducls an experimenr lo fulfill his science credlfs. -I 1- A X. A f . ' . ey", I . -rl-'QQ pg l .' .f hr-'W J .- me .. - -. N 1... Cornpleled in l957. lhe ALBERT S. COOKE LIBRARY has a book capacify ol 100,000 volumes and a sealing capacily of 450. This air-condilioned building is ol modern archilecfure and of funcfional design. l65 "N EW DIMEN- SIONSH-Bob Hier- onomus exl'1ibi+ed his new 'rype of arf con- AN ORATORIO-The Towson College-Communliy Clworal Sociely, con- ducred by Mr. Rlce and Mr. Alper and accompanled by Dr. l-larlsaway on ilwe organ, preserved "Judas Maccabae.zs," an oralorlo by Handel. SPECIAL EVENTS . . . M-,,...... --------' Q...-L Aw- BOMB SCARE-Offcers erlf from Sfeprems Hall al' r e luflle Search , V nal 'or a bomb War was repcrled planfed on campus. af 4-1 -rv ' Tff ref mms J 1231, J E- .Yf'1l'HJ- . D X E - . gl-l'71l,,-s,,,. . . 64' , -5? :ffl 'Wa WUS WEEK-Nancy Murphy, Beverly Speighl and Dorvella Pelzkowsky place a monelary vofe +o fha Rufus FROSH FROLIC-Lavish decoraliorws Tfus Prolessor confesl during World Unlvershy Servlc-9 Week, adorn gym during "Irish Fling," spon- I66 , J rx. I 1 3 ur- flff 1 an L H C 'f QM AM' sisfing of iempera painfings in T ree- dimension. 4 -:L SOLOISTS-Mrs. Es+er CTJ,4i?'1Q9, Siprirwit Mrs. Evefyn Eznd czrvfal' Mr, Ralph Marquis: fe-nor and Mr, New Marfn bas: peicvwed adv' ably in fbeir oraforfo rdea. UPSET-Facuby and swdenfs a!!ke '.4.-efe Vflufid from tba :emma bdldmg fhile bomb squads searched in vainb sored by froslw. PENNY WALK-Carolyn Compfon, Pai' Ofgenfmfz, Virginia Ciiibnd Cfaq L:!:9VYX, and :fir 1-:H Ha-'H P sfscrefaryl Arline Wfldason confibufed fo H19 WUS Pwxrvy W.3YL, w J..5jf ' , y DORMITORY K I TES .W '- K . N Q 'filgi g Women 's PRETTYMAN HALL, named For E. Barre-H Preiwman, principal of We school from IBQO fo l905. is The newesf women's fefloewce kail, 'Q fd C 31 P sfocks go up five poinfs. l'Il do my sfudying fomorrow! X 4 W C x I X KX x ,, .. 1 x 1' x fgnx EE? 1 y 5 , N 9 , X f 'V' .7 1,,.,,-. ...+..,- -.. .-r , , ,f , ,. . .:,-Qgg:+zn :qi' ' ' 'fe 4. ' if 2 fr 'R 'f.','- 'p f', 5, - 2' 1 ..,,- - MGASZ X if-f:ZT"A' ' ' ' ' " N,,,f ' ?:-ka. ' -c2'f"--,-'T'1i'.--- A ww - 11 Cfammlwg be+ween dafes, or every mimrle l+'s faken me four years 'ro ge? This far. CC,nfL I68 ug 1. - ,g V' 'X ' " un . ' - l Q Q , iii: 5 AX .fm YQVHD i - QE!! - l :gal 4 sun building, ,,,,,,,, ......-0'-'gzq - .. gf:-.."'.r:"...-"'l..1f':.". vs.. vp 'sq : f V1 lm? ' fl -1:-1396 uf X 4 4: Clwef Par prepares a midniglwi' snack, W 77 "7 'ST f I 4 :fr ' ' ll -.Lanf',. Jusl follow flwe dolfed line. Cheer Up, Karlwyl Only 65 more days. NEWELL HALL, named for McFadden Alexander Newell, the founder and flrsr principal of flue Ensflmrlon of flue flwree residence halls for women. FEORGE W. WAR n LW P.-1 Ask nm L-,haf you D HALL and HENRY S, WEST HALL are two Iden+I col residence halls :JW ff'-" 1 17 1 5 S - Y- ... '5 ,,.. . , 5 ' X i r sdwocf can do for you buf ask wha? you can do for your school. K ff Q , , is , I, ! A L I y I ' -M ' f ,f Q ' ,.,,, ly , . l ' L L i f ' ' ' - I .1 Ki ' ly' I, s . 'Ly I in Q . , . , 4 - ' 'X Can you 51+ me info your '?gh1scHedule7 A deadlme fo meets Men 's ' 2 rw 1 in ATT z'. 'v 'I - ' . l 1 . VT, ' L I - jlvr' L I I I 1 -inf. , 1 ,gifs .5 ,Q 4 -U iirhnfzm 1. ,I an 2: Jq Friday nigh? fo Monday morning, 1' lil Body building' Compeiifion for We Highwaymen. 1 , 1 WEST HALL I7I Carroll Swam and Tisl1Croc:lcer. lT'S A DATE . . . . , , 7 aw? Joyce Waldman ancl lvlarly Carlson. Carolyn Cornplon and Bill Miller. Dave Evans and Belly Taylor. vp.- TI I I I i I I 1 2 I 1 r Q i I 2 I i g -5- yr.. M, Za'-, -' N, -mug. STUDENT CENTRE 1 - 1 ,N-JL. " : H' -Ny,-Y . Bur The Sfudenf Ce:-n+re pafio is one of the mos? Favorife spofs on campus in flwe sprinqfime. . If x 9 1 -5 Vo ,GAXL J, , ,,' J . Q1 N I 5 ' - . Q 4- -. .6 . Q . ,- 'U' w ,, Fe X 4, 8 ' K Marilyn Shafer and dassmafes fake a break be'v-'een classes. Sfudenr Cenrre habifues surround ?w:s+eaS. Mrs, Nancy WaNb-ack. Firsf row: George Hendersorw, George- Parr?r'h::Wa, Pa? Fugl' Wal? McDonald. Second row: Mile Ma- honey. Ron Lueffe, Mrs. Wdbecl' Mle Riley, Third row: Sam DeCr'soi'1c Geirge Brauer. I73 4 7 f., ,, 98541. 2 y A M 1.2 V V,,' Q A 1,'. '., ' nf fx? f ., 13 V ',.V7r'L,,4fQ 1 A f3'2mz'w . "1 5:1 'f ' V ' VW' .. , .ling Q H f , . ' ' 4 An! 4 -' Zn' "L 'Af ",, ff: gf' W nfif' 'AT Q .LM ' on 1 Aj , . ."!"'-M Vi M tjfnfffin. nun, A 'F' 4- 'a - ,Ag-. ,H AF ,Ae . . 1 sf: " 9 I J. I!- -or -.- 'fs I J Q 'A Y. V 4,51 AL xl . l V A93 ,A VA A -4-es, - , 7. . X. . ' A A ' 5 My ' ' 'l ' H ' -ao ' VV Af. u rf .-'J . 'j' . iv A .. gf.. .14 1 3 A . V, 5- rl 4 H 1 A1 - . . ', V" , - ' 5- ",n?.b,yV " , 3' 1 ,Q r 1 v V . . 1. A ,Ag V fy, . 5 . AN' ,V . - Vi'-.AV , 'gil' in Au. V VA A, vu fV'VrV,,. 1 . Vu '-ff ' V114 5 'N A ' ' AA.-J an I D , 1, . 1 4 ,. f' . , 1 v f -1 '. . 1 I , w ', . " !V..ef.,t. 'Si , d,q,A,.,V, , A 9 'W . f V is ,L f 0 'M Vw,.',wm H fwTwjLfw+,- H'kHMW A Vwfvf'wM AAA, A "Awff.fVHwMr . .4-w A- V W , m4fBfJtf!'4-z,,,p1vf57,g,,VV fpggggzf ff - ',,VVVVW VV A H .gm ., V' 45, ' ' ' A . 'Qi' hw, L ?' ,' 1343.-- , E ' A J ' ' 'f' """" ' ' ,, f ' M f'27 2 19-'ff' '. 1 s f '41 5 3, fA.,f' A '. 'A-" ' ' . fn- ,iz 2 15,4 f I 1 Qfyiw :f'VA'W-5 f AA T7 -' . "-. .H " 7 A ' . fi iw-N , '-fzrfrl? ' ' ,. 'W 5 A Am A Af, V 4.,,, . jf f , 4-9 Y, f ' A.yA?,b VV ,AJ 41,10 3 -1 in EEL V V' V fwbiafz 1" V ,A A , ..A. L ?9'1 4 I 'f 1 J . ' 74- I 1 if A 1 A C' , 'f'. "'f': ' , A VA V A, .- A. Q WJ gf ' Au-,,..,,,, 1-1:1 A.A,- f ' f -t7,'-5 ' "' 'W A f ,V ,L A "- uf? -- 4 A 'ff-ffffffff ,'37f'g1-42 W,,f,,,A. AA, VA A f Au A A AA41,,.,f " 329 ,f ' ... fa 1.-.,Af,g vZfi3"Aj Af,,V,7- ,A. V V A - A A 'Q 4ZfH""4"v " ,M..,,,,..,...A V. iiU6fa45 -J:riiaz" 'ff-zfv.:-1:::A...-'-f ' , 'V la M4 , , A 4, V -ffm., ..,, ,, ...,A. ,... ,.,. .,...... . .,, .,A.. AA VV 42f.,,-vff 9,7 0. ' f A, 4 r A? WW ,M ,gg A 1 ww- ' A V , 'm1,Zgifsf" l 'Z Z' Y "UW"-s qv. . I J , J , Tx 1 I f 2' ' A' af - iii! F ' T X . Ji ,J X 'gk ' 15, ' 1 ANITA s oowm HEALTH CENTER H+' Til N 4: E HEALTH CENTER THE DOWELL HEALTH CENTER, consfrucfed in I962, is named for Anifa S. Dowell, firsf Dean of fhe College and Chairman for a number of years of fhe Deparfmenf of Healfh. The building confains on fhe lower level a foyer and waifing room, offices for fhe physician, living quarfers for a nurse, examina- fion rooms and a physio-fherapy room. On fhe upper level are I9 beds. separafed info men's and women's pavilions, each wifh privafe bafhs. The level is provided wifh an exif designed parficularly for ambulance service. I75 Pa1'Can+erbury RUH1 Clark Le+i+ia Crocke MAY DAY CANDIDATES PRESENTED TO STUDENT BODY AT ASSEMBLY Soph' D ma+a+is Ellen Lawson Susan Mapp 6 I I I -.l .1 1. 5. 1' fl 1 if ' Linh .22-K is v .37 l 1 i Carolyn QW Paf Ryan Barbara Taliercio The May Queen candi- claies were inlrocluced ro The sludenf bocly by Mr. Carroll Swam, presideni of The Senior Class. who gave a brief summary of each girls worlc in 'rhe college. The nominees were selecled by way of ballof on Jrhe basis of leadership and serv- ice io The school and class. Each girl was preserfred wilh a long-slemmed red rose and was congralulaled by Mr. Swam. Q l is - - Elyssa Tippelf Jean Tracy Carol Twilley I 7 r ' is MAY if ' -rv! ,E l GETS . ,Adi 'fx ' .-:f .Ni , WlTHi i-. I V , K 1 1 Q " l 5 l X i f i +..-f-1 1 I . ' i qiwv i Decorating Marlene Perlno Tisiw Crocler, Joanne Arnas. Jolnn Walrers and Pai Ryan are faking up flower arranging on ine gym wall. l 1 . Arranging a bullelin is noi' as easy as ii' looks says Marlene Perlro io Pal Ryan. .------ 75-3753 fflli-iff :lil , , .--4-'..,-QI-ii-w,1-i "" ..47f75f'5 'Qi 'T " --Ln x- 'i ' " -:QQ - ' 'N '- A ' 'sv-l :,' ,Q .r-'li -g , 'K A f -: . A- -., H - ' ' i -' 'NT' ' vii-if - Q Q . WZ Q -6,-Jw - 'A.,jj,., 'Y 'g lj' :ff i " i'-L Z. x ' 'A s '- V lf .f .?v Acliwe day-Pimps, Plyllis Miller and Bennie Erickson, conlribure rlxeir share io We cause Tislw Crocker and Carolyn Orr rough ii before l'l1e big clay. I78 . . . Dancing M WEEK -END UNDERWAY .aan ' xE4's.K,q".., -.1 :gg , .gg-.'c3,. 1,-.. iq- :Lg 1 .- . -ry.-" .,,. ' 4. .' 1.-Rg's":f-.9-.'1-rzg-'1-52 F" Q iz 12:-"E71fEPs.fSj:':L' A-1. e , -i'f'f.?lQ77'33,'i--f,S:12: Qtffzf 5. " :M ir f- J 'W ' " 's " , ..M::"' 1' s - ,kr my 13 , N A :.. X.-.' . 45' F -n'HL,g,f' ' W .1 : ,sae !f,r.,' ' 2 .., . f,'-"1-ef 'N ' - ... 1 M i ' ifj,,iff"fliiQE i ii. 5 Lively music is H19 Cruisinaires' moffo af fhe Friday nigiwf iam session. Sue Berman and Buddy Sfringer demonsirafe ilweir original version of fhe fwisf. ,. - 1" ' " N K, Joan Tracey and a que-si have no froubie -:fading Hue wishing weii. I79 . +1 1 Tw: i" ' ,,:,., gp .,,, A,, 1 452 7 Z 1 ., f ' ff All agreed fha? The luncheon in honor of The Queen and her Courl was superb. L , i 2 .,,, Af' T A T1 .. The May Courf poses before being presenfed ro 'rhe May Day audience. Sophia Demalalis Pal' Ryan, Carol Twilley, Jean Tracey, Elyssa Tipperf, Barbara Tallercio. Sue Mapp. Ellen Lawson Tish Crocker, Rulh Clarlc, Par Canrerbury. "THAT TOUCH OF MAY" - Beauty of a Day 97 Hg, W J Q' -, -' , .- I Y j, -if ,, 1 .,f:v -4-P xv., -s - Ni, '. rf.: ,,1'f3f'-43 A -fi .Kr iw? I Sr, . Q c y . ..,, . , . .L iqf2:.'y. ,J-. :Dial X -2 ', I, ' ' ' ..,,,. 'bf' A ,: '- -Affigs 1 ' ', 1, 'Q P1 ' , ' . 0 ., . - J 4, , , ,, f 4 ' .' ' l x , ' 5,43 4:11, I 4,1 'fa 1 1 1 'x ,Aa--2 1 sql? lf. rr -,, ,..., ,, .1 , .. - ,..l ., Miss Sophia Demalaris is crowned Queen by Dr, Earle T. Hawkins. lhe college president I80 Brian Fagan, lhe Queen's crownbearer. charmed everyone THE COURT AND THETR ESCORTS 11. PERFORMING GROUPS ENTERTAIN GUESTS w r X f f J T TJ UL, THE NOTEABLES. THE SC C grin Q. :,. 'W I-41-"Qian ,,,,,,.,..,, 1 L Q i fb. 4241- K IM, .f.i.A45,w1.,. X. A ,431-Q , ,. - ' -' .fav V - 're fzglz, 'W74 4-V ff W f-'pf , , , , N-.V r ' 'dx-f4:.u':' .1 ,gy .L 1 f --5, l I ,z 1.-f.1v 1, . THE COLLEGE CONCERT BAND 1516 v THE MODERN DANCE CLUB , 1 f if 3 aizwfafyqw. E 4+ 'r4m- 3 .- if I . A -Q r -avi ff., . ,Agn M... V-sw S Y VI' am... A, .. CONCESSIONS: Penny Huffman Took clwifqe of fhe Senior concession and 'vzwaged +C od-do al! ber compeiifors. I82 The Linderqarien dasses of Lida Lee Tall School, dropped petals of flowers as ihey marched in The procession. 'rv- l MAY DANCE Queen Sophia and her escort Mr. George Liviakis, lead llne Queen's dance. I ee ' rs-fn' v 44- ' . fe 4, if , . D ,Sox N' QQ X 'z r Q- ' , 1 . W Q4 XX e ll fix, ,J ' 4 5 , l 1 Mr. Curfis V. lvlarlln, Advisor lo llne Class of I963. beslows flue crown upon flue Queen al flue May Dance. l l l l Maid of Honor, Mlss Pal Ryan. escorlecl by John Kellogg. Ruflw Clarlc, Pal Ryan and Torn Lyon offer wlslms fo llm well. i lv1r.Torn Lyon, joins in flwe dance. l IB3 J. W" , 4 'Lf iff? 'Q z ' 1 ,A A ,A I if NA! L-,f 1" 1 Y., Lww LM r M wif 9' .v 'Li' :fag Nw' Wifh a beaufiful day af hand au c a Dear a s O r': q THE HIGHWA YMEN cuMAx MAY WEEK-END For fhe firsr Hme, fhe May Day was ex- rended info a full weelcend wirh fhe appear- ance of The Highwaymen, which drew one of The larqesf crowds ever To appear on Towson's campus. The splrifed groups. pro- cured by fhe SGA, enferfained wirh fheir fine singing. easy humor, and relaxed manner. 22fi5l2'l'. W? 1 f 4 my 590610 Ze yyfaafafzls, my Queen E95 jjaf lfyan, ,jzdazbfgfjfnor I86 4. ff gf? ., 41 fa' ' , AL ' 2 I 7 1 . 4 'f 35,1 Z' 'ff f' . , ff, fc, f"M4:zZn11'-w.,- . 41.1 -'Wg 1: I1 ' ' -A-9. 'ix Ir- -4' 2, 'fi tx X 5 - i al A " ff- 'KJ in ' L W 'W' Dr. Hawkins irliroduces his close lriend, Dr. Bard. SPEAKERS l Dr. l-larry Bard addresses llle sludenr body I Mr. Carroll Wagner, a represenlalive of llwe Alumni Assoclafiorl welcomed the class as fulure alumni members. l J. f X 76.-. -If NX , xx .,. Q-" N , , ,, A record of llwe Presldenlfs dinner was prepared by llwe Junior Class. PRESlDENT'S DINNER IN HONOR OF GRADUATES Carole Fink. Claire Lange, and Par Turner are greeled by Presidenl and Mrs. l-lawlcins. J 1 I ,L v 1 ,W m fd ff ff! V Mfg x" Joyce Goyerf, Marge Kane Pai D? An+:nIo and Bcwrmfe- Ericlfctw rs ev-ved Dur1CHbyMrs,Eferwr2ar1 house mofL'er. 0.4 X H.. ... ..-..- K 'S F . ...- gh A . ,1 w Vg.. rf Elf Q idlln Kafhleen Schlirdng, Carol TWIHQY MNY M-an-well, Laura MNH: Jean McC1rm7cL Nvc. Pa! 'md rfb-:rs re av -:fn +P--e a-.w 1353?-5"w E52 be H f l9l - a r Qs jf 'S-' ....,.i Elia Slein, Kallwy Elder, Bea McGovern, Randy G-rimsley, Carolyn Orr, Carolyn 'llmmons and Nancy Holland lwelp 'rlnemselves To Hwe delicious dinner of lrnperlal crab and cold culs. 2 1:12 3516 e- r ,af . 1 A -'w.z.,zp1. l 'Nw ' . . . The College Cancer? Band played while quest ale. Lafer flue Nofables sang a 'few selecrions. I92 Patio is filled xviflw senior members and facully 9 I I b 1 1 4 N 4 ! - 1, , igqg,-. ..., W, , ,wif-?-i 441 --v i W The las? class meerirrq of rhe I963 qraduarinq class was held ro announce baccalaureafe and commencemen? procedure. Commenc-erncnf Hckefg were passed ou af rhis Hme. FINAL CLASS MEETING af? I S Dr. Burrier srrcsses 'Ihnf each person should be on Mme for The qraduafinq exercises. Carroll Swam announces Ihdf awry those X-.Nh Crfrkrrrw iiclois can bo admiiiod in conmmoncfhrwwenl In cms wr rain. EX'-a rx gf fur ag,-1, CRAB HELD BEL-AIR Crabs and cold drinks were ?l1e order ol The day. X P',mlP"l "JY: - gr -fl . -- .gfrxfgi -gg?59.1" 1, X. f ., .,NNg1.::.1f:i: Crabf plus For dogs and Hamburgers were avallable 'ro all. Tisll C-rocker, Gail Lehman, and Carolyn Compfon fend To fl'1e grill. 1 FEAS T AT CAMP Everyone grabbed fhelr crab and drink and beaded Far she'fer-before ilwe deluge. '14 4 3' Af' .":-a- . - H .-" OP' Ffb.-. ... Where's my crab? 91 -..4N .'. . nu. . In spHe of Hwe rain, Cbuck Crcner managed +0 I95 y X f ' 1 7: ,Q f i ,, , . '--'J i "' .. pq' 74, I. F0 , Q y' , V. ,.. . i 4 - 1 1 l k H T S i xml' 1 5 S I . .. T X ' 'V 1 Pi 14 " L F ' , i N I xr ,iz ,,a ' 'ru NWA-'X may Y WX 'ff fl fi ff i nf a 'X --'f, - iff ' X, Q 7 1 -' if y K A Z f i 1 i' i X f ' ' 1.1-Af:-5" .J -f fl 1' ' Imporranr guesis and class officers ere sealed ai ihe head fable ai 'Phe Senior Prom and Banquel. f , 2 Nw , ' if v V 4"f'f'i QI f 1 X .V gy f ,-571. 4. ff To w.. jf' Q1 L s 1. gg 'W W ' r L . , ., V' G ,. -fx, i -if T i I yi . P PROM HIGHLIGHTS r JUNE WEEK ei ff L " . ,T-.x,,WQ , . 'YM wx, Mr. Marfin, Class Advisor, rece ves class gif? from Carole Fink, Treasurer, I T T l ' ' rx . Y 1 Y '- Q 'xx I. if xx A I X x l A Mr. Marlin expressed his grafifude for fhe German camera he received. He said if will be useful for his lrip fo Europe. I96 The Senior Prom climaxed fhe June Week fesfiv- i+ies. The Promand Banque'r were bofh held ai rhe eleganr Turf Valley Coun+ry Club. Towson seniors danced 'ro ihe music of Bob Craig and his , noied orcheslra. Congrarulahons 'ro Pal Ryan and Carolyn Orr for 'Their excellenl planning in preparing for fhe memorable evening. I 1 fwq A J g YN x . I E517 ' ' ,f X x Qi.. Carroll Swam, Presldenl' of flwe Class of l963, was awarded a gill from llwe ag fb "lf Illllgf' AQ , - . jf Carroll Swarm llwanlcs llwe class for ll1e gill. L x. X sg ,Q ! I ,l P. , x. s i . . N-. .' . sinh X K 1. - class by Pal' Ryan. 45 x ln ir f' 7 5 jf I X 5'l - -lv QQ' Im I ' P, ,l'L4" 4:4 ifi? , 1 - - '67 13 ' . K , - N, ' s N 1 Rc W . 1 X 4, Tw X N . 11- N ' 'f X ' 1 ,' ,i ' ' X K Q. -, r - . 7' f I r lf 6 H I , I ll Presidenf Hawkins wishes each member Marlene Perko was presenfed an award for her confirmed sermce lo ?lwc class. of fhe class success. I97 PROM SCENES 4 Bob Craig and his orchesfra. -v f ' Q 1. Judy Dixon, Mary Lee Kegley, Lill?an Eubanks, Norma Moler and fheir escorfs. 1 9 x ,z I I .A IJ: i . zrkw, . J . I 7' ' 1 l X rg 'ZF -. BACCALAUREA TE ORDER GF SERWCE Presidenl Earle T. l-lawlrins, Presiding Organ Prelude: "O lor a Closer Wall" Verrees Processional: "Lead On, O King Bernal" Smarl Clnoir and Audience lnvoca+ion: Tlwe Reverend George P. Gallos, Paslor of rlwe Greek Orrlwodox Cornrnuniry, Ballirnore Choral Response: "A Gradualion Prayer" Lois Cavey Sludenr Clvisrian Associalion Clwoir Responsive Reading: Psalm i9 "Jesu, Joy ol Marais Desirinq' from "Can+ara l47" Johann Sebaslrian Bach Arranged by Ri-:lnard G. Appel Srudenl Cnrisrian Associalion Choir Baccalaureafe Sermon: Farlrier Gallos Mliairlw ol: Our Falliers' l'-lemy and Wallon Clwoir and Audience Benediclionz Fallier Gallos Choral Amen: "True Lord Bless You and Keep Youl' P. C. Lullcin Arranged by Lloyd Jamison Srudenr Clnrislian Associarion Choir Recessional: "God of Our Fa'rl'wers" Delioven Presidenf Hawkins and quesl' speaker. I .633 1 ..-43' 'r 4: :fsh'f' VV' AX. ll feeder: xl-la.-fl-Ins' Enfroduces The Reverend George P, Gallos, Farber Gallos' inspiring s tiff' 2' "9 Green Orrnzdom Cornrvmniry. Sources! "5+Udy" was fl-,e 200 xg, I errnon was drawn from many anc keyword. ienr L N ,ngczp .u-. 1.- ' J .' ,, S . -. 1. 'Y 3- U . . - .yr 'KTA ,bo V . 3 ',s.Q13-if ' ,Jef lgygffff-if 'n'57y'L ' ..1fF'-,Tug jAhg,:-- fn? 1: ',, , - V -, a ,J H, i" il .vs fi Z Af' if ' P" . Ja' 'l 'I 'f9?:'f-'e1 b . - "0 ' Q' ' n , P' ' , , - if law. PVV' ' 16 xr' Y V Q ,,A, - . ,gpg- x xl fb , ,.4b :ir . ,n .- A , vu 23' : L I ,X COMMENCEMENT ORDER OE SERVICES Presiclenl' Earle T. Hawkins, presiding Seleci-ions by +he Concerf Band Processional, "Pomp and Circumslancen ,,,, A,,,,,,A,A,A,A,,,,,,,,, Elgar The Narional Anfhem lnvoca+ion , , , . ,, The Reverend Roberr W. Galloway Towson Presloyierian Church Choral Seleciions Address 'l'o +he Graduafesz . ,,,,,,, ,,,, ' 'Our Challenge in 'rhis Space Age" The Honorable Lurher W. Youngdahl Uniled Slales Disrricl' Judge for The Dislricl' of Columbia Band Selecfion Conferring of Degrees Candidales presenled by Professor Harold E. Moser, represenring Dean Kennelh A. Browne. Diplomas awarded by Jerome Frampron, Jr., Presidenr of The Slale Board of Educarion. The Alma Maier .. . - ,--- -.--,- V W ----"' Gow Benedicfion ,,,, ,, ......,.,, ,,..,,,,, . .. The Reverend Mr. Galloway Recessional, "Pomp and Circumsfance V- f--,AA.---- --AA--f --"----'-- E l Qaf Mr O 202 WD SUNDA Y, JUNE 91h I S Three hundred sixry srudenrs gradualed from Towson Srare Teachers College lhis year, Alrer 'rhe diplomas were awarded, rhose seniors wirh rop academic railings were rec- ognized by Presidenr Hawlnins. Those oulsrandinq seniors were Ellen Alford. Charles Walker, Marie Bauer and Mar- lene Perlro. L . Ai" 'a Presidenr Hawkins conqrariilales fine graduafinq class upon cornplerion of fheir degree re-qniremenfs. Choral Sociery song selecfions from "Judas Maccabeiisf' 203 -1 4-, . .A fa, . 153551. Sues? speaker, The Honorable Luflwer W. Youngdalwl, Unifed Sfafes Disfrid' Judge for 'Hue Disfrfcf of Columbia. GUEST SPEAKER THE HONORABLE LUTHER W. YOUNGDAHL .1 mv., fi Disfinguished quesfs. and members of We Maryland Board of Educafion. 204 .f J' E fp. K 4 Q "' ,,.0 , Yr- Q' 3 'A 1.39 ' 'A' 'Ar ,J " 56 - "7 '+P Fi r N L ,,,.--. , - 'ak 4' i 'wif f-,D F.,,' ii As flwe degrees are conferred, fiwe Seniors move 'flweir hasseis from fha riglwf fo Hwe Neff side of Hweir morfar boards fo symbolize We fact Na+ fhey are now grad' uafed. GRADUA TING CLASS OF I 963 205 . . . ,V-.iffy ' 2' fQf-LEE 2'1" f- 7,4 ,gs-'i','5,' V ' 2' Z'17i'g,S?"" - "F , fif':1i, A 1 12"-s?:' Q -- X. ,, ALMA MATER Alma Maier, Alma Maier, We will ever iailhiul be, In our hearis 1'hy beauly lingers Though we're gone from Jrhee. Now lhy praises we are chanling Now our voices rise in Jrune, Sing 'rhy beauiy, Alma Maier, And our love so frue. ' Sparkling in Jrhe morning brighlness Rosy in fhe sunsef lighl, Slalely rising on Jrhe hillrop, Ever our delighi. Now Thy praises we are chanling, Now ourvoices rise in Tune, Sing Thy beauly, Alma Maier, And our love so True. Ls 2 Xfrfffm E i. Af'-,I ,fig J fr f"T' 'g V x F ry' I ,Q fl if PM r Y 'A Adminislralion Admissions ,. Alma Maier , . . INDEX ,,8 ,, ., I4 207 , 27 ArI De pa rimeni , A+hleIics Banquel ,,,, ,, . , , 92, 93 Cheerleaders, ., , ,, 77, IO3 Men's Alhleiic Associaiion Men's Sporls Baseball ,. , 76 ,,90,9I Baskelball ,, H ,,,, 83, 84 Cross Coun'Iry . ,.,, .,,,,, , , 80 Lacrosse , ,,,,,,,, ..,,s 8 7. 88 Soccer ,,, ,,, ,..,., , 78, 79 Track .. .. ,,,,,,, 85, 86 Tennis ,, ,, ,,,, ..,,,.,...,, 89 Wreslling ,. ...... ..,,,,, , . , ,8I, 82 Women's AIhIeIic Associaiion Women's Sporis Archery , ,....,, . Baskelball .,,.. Bowling ,. ,, I-Iockey Lacrosse , Sofrball Swimming Tennis .. ,.., .. Volleyball ,,,,,,, Book SIore Clerks Business Manager Cafeferia Slafi . , Campus Scenes , ,,,,,,,, , Chrisfmas FesIiviIies ...,..,,, Class Class Class Class Class of '63, ,,,, ,, of '64, .... ,, ,. of '65 , ,,,, ,,,,,, . ,, ,, of '66 , .,,, ,,,,,,.,..,, , Seal and Dedicaiion ,,,,,,,, Commencemeni Exercises .,,,, Dean Dean Browne ,,,,, ..,.,, Murphy ,,,,,,, Dormilory Life ,,,,, , , Educafion Deparimeni ., ,, ,, English Deparfmenl' .,....,,, Glen Esk ,,,,.,, ...,.,, , , I-Iealfh Cenrer , ,,.. .,,,... , I-IeaI+h DeparImen+ ,,,....., Homecoming Weekend ,...,., I-Ionor Sludenfs ..,,,.,,,,.,..,, June Week Ac+ivi'ries ,.,...,,,,,.,,,, Library and SI'al:I .,,,..,....,, ,...,...,... Lida Lee Tall School and Eacullry ,, Mainfenance Slafi .,,.......,.,,,,.,,.....,,, Maihemaiics Deparimenf ,,,,...... May Day .,,..............,,.,,,,.,,,,.,.........-V... ----4 Modern Language Deparlmeni 208 76 , 95 99 97 96 , , 98 IO2 . 94 IOI IOO , 32 I4 .....,, ,, 32 I62-I75 I55, I58 I39 47 48 49 200-205 I3 l68. I69 . 22, 23 I8 I74 I75 26 I46-I53 I40, I4l I90, 205 29 33 I7 I76-I87 I5 Music Deparlmenl ...,., ,,,,, , 28 Organizalions Alumni ,.,,, ,.,..,, 6 I Circle K ..,.,.,....,. ,,,,.,, ,,,,,,, 5 4 Civil Defense ....,.,,.......,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 6 4 College Concerr Band ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 6 9 Freshman Advisory Council ,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 5 3 Glen Players ,,.,..,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,,.., ,,,,,, 5 5-58 I-Iosiess Club .........,..,....,s ,,,,,,, 6 5 Iniernaiional Relalions .,,,,,, ,.,.,,. 6 6 Judicial Boards ,.,.., ,,.., ,....., 5 2 Men's Glee Club ...,.,,, ,....,. 6 9 Nalional Frafernifies Alpha Phi Omega ,,.,.,. ,,,.,.. 7 3 Alpha Psi Omega .,,.,,,,.. ,,,.... 7 2 Gamma Theia Upsilon ,.,,.. ,,.,... 7 2 Kappa Della Pi ...........,., ....,,. 7 I Phi Alpha TheI'a ,,,,,,, ,,,.,,, 7 3 Naluralisls ,,,,,.,,,,,,....,,.,.,. ,.,.... 6 5 Religious Organizalions Baplisl SI'udenI Union ....,, ,,..,,, 6 3 Canlerbury Club ,,,,,,, ,,.,,, 6 I .. . 60 Chrishan Science ..,..........,,.. ,,.,.., In+er-Faiih Council ,,,,,,,.,,......... .....,. 5 9 Jewish S+udenIs Associalion ........ ........ 6 I Luiheran Srudenis Associalion .... .,...... 6 2 Newman Club ..,....,..,..,...,,,... ....... 6 0 Wesleyan Fellowship ..,..,,, ....... 6 2 YW-YMCA ,,,,.,......, ,,.... ...,....,..... 6 3 Residence Councils ,,,,........, ..------ 5 0. 5l ' ,,,,,.,..,. 70 52 S+udenI Governmenr Associalion ....... ..,..... 3 6. 39 Talisman ,.,.........,,,,.,....,.....,,,......... 46 SCA Choir ,.,,..,.....,.,..,,... SIucIen+ Cenlre Board ,,,,,.,.....,.....,,. ......,AfA..-- Tower Belles ...,.,. -------- 6 7 Tower Echoes ........,.. ------ 4 0-42 Tower Lighi .,..........,,,,, ------ 4 3-45 Women's Glee Club ........,,, 4'-4--- 6 9 Young Democrais .......,,,,,.,.,.. ---v'f. 6 6 Physical Eclucahon Deparirnenl .....,.. --,,,--- 2 6 Posr Office Clerks ....,,,,.,,,........,., -------- 3 3 IO II I6 I4 Presidenl I'Iawkins ....,,,,,,,, -------- Presidemvs Message ,,,,..... ----e-- Psychology Deparimenf ....,, ------- Regisirar ....,,,,,,,,........,,, Residence Slaff .......,,,,,, -----"--e- 3 I Science Deparlmenl' ,,,.,,,,. -------- 2 41 25 Senior Advisor ., ,,.,..........,,.,, ------'-Ae------ - 6 Senior Piciure-s ,,,,....,...,........,,, '---- I 06438 Social Science Deparlmemk ....,,, -A---,-------- 7 0 Special Evenfs ..,.,,,......,,,.,......., ---4-- I 68- 69 Speech Deparlmenl ......,.. ---------'-'-- I 9 Spook Week ,,.,............. ---f-e- I 44' I45 S+udenI Cenlre Sfaff ....,, -----b---"'4- 3 2 Swee+hearI Weekend ....... ------- I 59'6I Thanksgiving Dinner ,.,.,..,,.,.,,,,f,,-------,---- ------------------fe------- ---"AA- I 5 4 TAVFRIX 'LU II.II5I!.!P'9 ,CPMIANY 1 5 iq Q l I . .J , . 3 v - 'JL 1 4 , A J "1 ,LJ . , iw ' 1--.ep fl.. 1,5-. f L .:4. , . 1 Nav yi-AY i ,1 A Q u ww, :!-'- , ,-r, ,-it v, 4 he Qs ,JH -,B A . . .,-v E, Jw: . 4,11 A , sr, 1 ,1, ,v. x. 1, ', , ' ' lf' U A .'."- u 1 - K . - f l1,. af' , 14 C f. I... ,, ", , A' , kim: i , WEP: A , , I f.wv.,,o:1 J, v, ,., ,,' L , ' 1 -.,v ?.1,3f. Hyl- ,, .iz 11 q . -s.. 5' "'.f1fu f r , .".f .L pzfr-Er " Q . W V, xy" .41.!, A X. . ,, My '.'.L.,'-n 4 .'. .,,,.. 1,- 1 ,.,' v , , H w " I i 1 , . 1. -:V 5.1 V I ,..1 ,f ,:' .VI , . - 4' -,,, -..4 jak. ...1'. .1 K J ff, '.' -Ax.'v'. w,-,. . . v "'-H 1 VM U' w 4 ,Q , e K i...-,.:.g...r. 4441... . ,. ..., 31 .:..1:...-

Suggestions in the Towson University - Tower Echoes Yearbook (Towson, MD) collection:

Towson University - Tower Echoes Yearbook (Towson, MD) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Towson University - Tower Echoes Yearbook (Towson, MD) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Towson University - Tower Echoes Yearbook (Towson, MD) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Towson University - Tower Echoes Yearbook (Towson, MD) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Towson University - Tower Echoes Yearbook (Towson, MD) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


Towson University - Tower Echoes Yearbook (Towson, MD) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


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