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Y ,- ,. gf .inf ' .uf . WC. K 1 , , if , lor N rf ,4 A .F 2 . M,-fi -4 'Us' J., . , . ,5',.,f.1iA - G+ 3 TFe4"v'.V.'I. ' J M 'L'-3 A ,... fv . .7 fix U '45, A 'xv f , QT-'i'R'1,4'7J 'f,w'-'-,.- Q ' -gr .- ,133 , A ' -. - , 4- ':...l .7595'-V'-f""A""'-P'-f'T1'4l3 'F' . ' 1755 -.4 ' , if f f3 'Hr:f"'f3 x'i'4?4' -+1423 ,V -- . '- - -3"-x:-' "-.' -, V' 'im' ' " 1' ?"2Ygr4'1f' 'P-'lug-35' f - . - ff' ' 'W - wi". I -- """'f --'-,,,.' .,.! EP .4511 QS. ' E? A. 5' . ieeafg- A -' or: JW: I' : ' ' "4 , . . ' . 1 . - . . " ,r . -if 1 ik' A - '- L' ' , 1.1-l - -M 4 ' ' ' 'Nh , ' F u is A' "'5- -z -, . . 'A 1 u 5 . 5 " . . 1 ' I - 1 I A . 4 1 s A . , ' , Y Q . ' V 'I 1 N . , . , 'F 4 ' ' 4 1 ' 1 L5 - ' - -v f , f'3':..,,.,-- 5 - x, 1: , J. ' 1 ' '12 1 449' L , " h' .-. 7? ' -' -"gLf"'i-1 x 55 , A r ' fx Q it C ' 1 5 .-. 'Q .Q '.- 5-r,, Aix l shy... 'F T'f'. ,'g"""' w W 4 2114 N , "f.' ,. .H X - s 4 I 53" Q - , Xl? x Pl , 91" 'v 'sv - "' - Q1 'F' l-va . ' , n- Q- 'S-M ,I if-sn W4 '-' 1-' 1, .Jih- ' A-.1 x"if'?? ,N 'U' Q 14+ Ax'-Sax my "vit w 4.1, if 5 5' I 96 I ZUWHI' 5411265 Published by the Students af State Cazchers Hollcgs at Zfoufson, Maryland Administration Faculty Organization Governing Fraternal Social Religious Sports Classes Seniors Activities Future Table of ffContents 3 XJ 1 . 4 L I I Page 9 I3 35 43 5I 55 65 75 99 IO7 I35 I9l I 6164 x The lifeblood of all mankind. It is a path To self-Thought and self-preservation. It can come Through experi- ence or Through formal learning. In either form, however, it is necessary for the survival of every individual. l C0 Education, we dedicate this iournal ot experi- ence and learning in hopes that man will always remember your importance To him. 4 -. 1 MW1-iss' wif-Av v,., i, X Vi 'v .?TJ'3'?f' !"f,!if1vp,v?! ' 1 N 5 ,ff V Y W 45. wg' X Wm. MIX. w- ,g.,! I 'x v W .27 Q. A I- 7 . I s F . n ,a ' ' P g - fsypf 1 E , x 5 ' wif' W' eq " f ' iff 2 a N In-.A - ' -, . , , ,, I I ' .01-. ', 1 , . Q"-'. QLQA. -1. . ' , . grae 'f4"""' f" izfflfr' ' 'idx ! 3:'::mv5.g' '.-, -.2 , . , s-.'.--Jijryif x . 14 A , gyqlw ' .' ' ' ,:'.'Y' f f' FW .. A l . .-.itil . gk E, 455 A ' X ,- f' .Nt at' ' ' ' ' N" "'- 22' ,L 5 KV M ' Ex' ' fig w I V. - 1:-'1-" 1, . - my K 9 I . :. A .Q N. pfgfmi . f .f 1,- ul . , N trffii. V-A 'L ' r y, 4. - - x .' N k V I 5 i X Y W w l x I W A N H .1.,.,, F ,,, 1 ,.V Y, 2.1 H -,-,.',..w-, .- ,, , . 'fra 'Qu 5 few" 4 q . , I' .' ' H .' 1' 3' K -. , .I ' "-, ' 'w"' -GL. 5 . ff bf " v fa-.. ' ' fx'-Q, 4 N , ' 7 '5? j3f3-." -1' ,l+1'f+' 4i"7f -., , I . PW A -. - . - 1 : 1' ' '. . r . EP ,2+f51s.-ri,-,'?-'71,-5I-553: , Aff.: P, i ' Q:f'i-HV..a1i1.',Zi'tg.v1,:1-1QPF, .', 51 .,K".i Q- Y .4',.L-- 2- I A . . f 2:-N:-f:,.'3.ab1 A 4' ' 0' 1- : , 1 x . S - A . - v., an L u E J. A 'N A I' X! Q j - .jf ,.v1f...'-4. 'ss' i , .fy-" . . , .' L,- Q 1, I ' ' 1 ' I' ' 1.-fjfts, Q. . ,--f- ' -.- - . -, X 'X .' 1 '?"'.S1'fv,",'-' .' 2:-fs "Lf fd' ,-5.3. f' r.-f. ,V-' 1.7 -' ,-- , 'fs'-IA'-:var-'-SLW1:f 1 f ' - S4111 J A ., - 1 G ' -af' ' rf M '-va .n ca , - ,. .., - 1 - ul- 5- , '-' - ,n -' A .-mfr. V -,- 0 , "',12i'3w ff 5 mf : G 'gf-V! .., KN .' V. W ,fa-fzw .. W by -'..,,, ,. -. fl., , .Ji W ffrdf' 4' 4 -" '2f1" ix . ,-,' ff, ' ' 'E wr- af .--..4 , V, ' 5 wg ' wwf. gf'-.f 9, 4 -' W fu, ,ff '1 -.,.-f..4, . -' . .., 'V f . - . w ..:'.y, J-V - vfi?f5"35' 1 za-.-f' L . 'fff2:'F1' :,11-1.-g::3.- f ,, vffftqxg- -,W is-1 , - 51,-fp! ,1f'5'Ql5i' 1-1.715--. 7. -.- Q .' 'Fgkc 5-v.4".- '-i." '. xr " '- f F flu-HQ". N 9'9"-.2-,f y E- ,NL . :gig-gfffj-'-HQA.. ' "fx"-,::'1f,:'f,' f'4v,- M ,.,1' 34,91-V,-59 . ,.- J 571 wf ,x'- ' 'i ' qi- , 1 !if'7:i9575i7fi3l"'i -giifi'fiYr-i':5i7i 3 f "-'fi if 'f.3f'i"'f' ' ,- Q.- at- --'a'i??'if N fi" f',3Qt-F-LJ' ,gf1'AiA1'?5L'lrS"gf egg , gfljflhjg. 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' JY 1 -f-'I' -I -.,'m ' -K ,4,,,j'5. 4 1- pw. ,W-is .K K- . 13,119 ',.h-51,24 :f 3.,j.lkn!:',-eff, ,EQ 33 2 - X f fi fyliljb.. x b , .1 Lu -- p-1 23.-an -P. ' . - fhgggi. .3 . egft-15, -- N - '-.K ': - -N v , f p..- -ff. -F--,, Y- 1 H ., ., V U , A-.L. 'amz 1, - - Q-3, -, 'fl-uf s V f:.!" f.3f----.f,', 1-if-gr: 7' pi?" ' '. zu. - ,- ' :, -- -. ' 145 . , 'I : '--.':' , 'v' '--mx" --, M":1- .- ..,' v--. .,k Q -5' ah,--..,:' f,-fm?-xi -.,-13' A-as. ,Bi Am Hp- , X, :1,,,.- 7 -M 4- - -1.-2-H -- . f --f 1 1, -,Apr '-- , 1. - A-5-.M . ,. wuQf 'f f I r 3, NX L-. iffy: '-., '-'f-,A , ,.---,. .K,JU-rg.-4, ,y H 15. 'Q' -If i S-.y. 5 Xb: K.: 3 - ,- - M .QT ' 2. X'-.X .. 1 Yfgm-.C.l"H',2 H -1. ' .. ' -wwf ww , :-1'f1:'- A 1.' V , A-14 . M Q ' -" ' -. -- - V,. - If 4 ,' - --" Vw .lg . '-0.. 2 ff"f"?'fiTN 4-2 . - if my xx Q 1 1 l a i r V I s 2 I dministration Dr, Earle T. Hawkins, President PresidenT Hawkins has been The guiding spiriT college has expanded and renovaTed iTs facilifies of Towson STaTe Teachers College Tor rnany years. and curriculum. Dr, Hawkins has been a Teacher, Under his guidance, dii'ecTion, and leadership The adrninisTraTor, and friend To all Towson sTudenTs. f'N b . Dean Orielle Murphy, Dean of Students ever busy with the problems of students. ll, Dean Orielle Murphy Both Dean Murphy and Dean Browne deal with the interest of the students ot Towson State Teachers College. Dean Browne has the task ot planning, execut- ing, adapting, and fulfilling the needs ot the students. Dean Mur- phy shares the problems of Tow- sonites and helps them discover a workable solution. i S Dean Kenneth X Browne Dean Kenneth Browne, D e a n of Instructions, seems happy as he looks over the new course of study. .14-:."" , H , my sniff? F sr.: -as I-'LX ,,-4--. I Rebecca Tansil Director of Admissions Hazel Bowman Registrar Edward Johnston Director of Admissions 'fl Karl Moser Business Manager Dr. Tansil and Mr. Johnston discuss the prob- lems of over-enrollment and crowded conditions as they look over an application for admission. Every student at Towson has at one time or another had dealings with the Admissions, Business, or Registrar's Of fice. With the help of the Admissions Of fice the incoming student is tested and guided to insure a successful future in college. After enrollment the student will inev itably come in contact with the Business Gffice. Every financial matter from park ing fines to yearly tuition is handled by this office. The Registrar and her staff perform all of the duties of scheduling courses and recording the individual academic records No Towsonite can do without the services of the Administration. . A I+--,V . Q ,,:-,. . 'Why , 1 ' r' I ' , 1 - A ,.,5.... 12, .'19',,,J.v. X n f. A' f' ' . A ' - L - 3"'3-- if "N .xg 9 ar' XB 4 ,, wx.-. 1, f -- , ".'2Z,.e ,- 5' OH 'W J r dd . h. l w .A gifgxgf. ,, .11-rl, x L , W x A, ww. . ' , . ,-.fs ,' .' - Y' 52 ' 1 1 'X , ' KL ,fi 'Q Q 1 . f, ,Q gi., , .. , Y, , V A", ,,. , .1 ' S X . Sizculfy . x , 1 w lk My .9 hm f David Guillaume Dr. Zindler helps one of her art students as each ot them work on their individual projects in Van Bokkelen's newly equipped art rooms. -xtv-A "'f:f7' dit... aw- Stanley Pollack, Chairman -'Nia Mildred Zindler 'R' Q , Samuel Nass Lenora Schwartz i I I l -i i Music N , fifx-X I M x , Miss Weyforth seems to be enjoying if ' . M the May Day festivities. 7 ' , . x N sv X, X Q all if ia, X N . x Q - A-,."" A 4 , ',".,., 2- , .Mau-..3nm. k S. 49,3 1, ,tl ., 2+ . .H ' ' ai. Q Ig 1 s Q' ' - - 5 x 3' ' ' ' ny f' , A x X s :Q . 'm f 1 1 A- i 2 is if -4 5 fv. 'J X---. ., V ,pw -,g A EM .-v,, L John Duro, Chairman .. John Bollinger N- K' y 2 Charles Haslup Esther Coulange I 1 ,,,,......-v- - A A 3 ' Mr. Duro checks the schedule change with Miss Culotta. GS Clifford Alper i' Rig I. 'avi v- ' 1 'S avnga-1 1- VP? Jf aa? X 1 C-ajax Ish .. .. w. . -N 'M , ' 1-. "kT"f Q, V - S 1'Qi A -'xt H' R j N xx . . fills Zenith H. Velie William H. Hartley Regina l. Fitzgerald .snr IU' Nr' DIRECTORS Kindergarten-Primary Secondary Elementary Robert Abendroth Alma Bent Maud Broyles Grayson Burrier l 21" .K Na, I Nd vw- G5 A Ann Mary Cimino David Cornthvvaite Frank Mann Harold Moser Mum! 2714 .RFQ .YU 'g,,.4-ur Rlchard Nelson Edward Neulander James Phillips X . .fmt fm ' S I-xgu . ,-. Harvey Saxton Ruby Shubkagle Carlton Sprague D Hartley hands Mlss Magness a memo to remand all student teachers to re mann In their centers on Wednesday afternoon. Mr. Sprague is checking a stu- dents record in the file. The Junior-Senior Block keeps detailed records on all of the students. h I S L. Edward Bevins Chairman , Engl! I1 IIII ,bn .X - N X ' A E ,la-f J i -5 4 . 233' Q p-QQ ,A F S R H I l, B I It is-,K EN Arg , V p Arthur W. Brewington ix fg. V' I I "?""!P' 1' :I ,V E must. -s I J lf- I M, S. -'i .' ' N :mv -a ,. , J , I 1 I :wiv -.', 3 Eunice K. Crabtree li c I Mariorie R. Henry Paul E. Hanson ISQN mmap. 1-.. Y mv , 1 ,A Il Nina Hughes The English department discusses plans for next year's curriculum. I 8 sys ,gf ,B Q 3 " 'V -' -1 'Fw . Q. . 3 .- Marion S. Sargent Phineas P. Wright 34. Q? 1 5 l 6 i . E I - 7 "'x it i we P ' fm . AMW 1 5 S or ' f Scivlm' ,-ll.. fl. 1.45 V an F- 5 f . his Sf Q Sf 'W' its Q it fm V M 23 E2 5 ' Qs' Q- , YQ src -,mu kfwrw. J- - -, -K r Maynard C. Bowers FFQ W Wilfred B. Hathaway rW'Ux 'Q . r T-iirxfl E Lewis 'T William F. Pelham Chairman , 'ff n X 't I , -, . if 4 if Louis T. Cox Compton N. Crook Howard R. Erickson ,. The geography and science departments often collaborate. N. f .: . 3 '- 5, i --Q i 5 'f e5 1. fi e . 5,1 :,. Q, .. 5,4-if , . Ag 1 . .. F 'A -I' 1 'T it XJ--. rs -is - 1' . liz, j , X ' i Q ti 2 5 W ,,-. . fl if t fl .iffff'ifQ'f A l William T. Moorefield ' ' --..,, 59 gg Dr. John R. Bareham checks his notes before his lecture. I Lois D. Odell ix NN? 1 fxqx-, . " W ' F ' l 'ev ,, A ,N Edward l. Rubendall Allan A- Walker 5 lg I I 3 K' ,gg-. Kenneth T. Stringer Arthur C. Yarbrough 1. 5051211 Swim 6 fa M .J "b' 117' Mary Catherine Kahl Chairman rv I - .7 - , 5' W Q s' K: .--F, .-, ,.- ,f Herbert D. Andrews A3 George A. Beishlag , V Q 'I . My . 1' A X. ik- -.yz I ' . - x 5 V - X b fx ,, Arnold Blurnberg ,Q . L 'N' . m K v N C 6' f r v f , ' , A ff Q in Vx A 15,7 L George C. Coleman 5111 A ,f A vi David Furman ,Q 'iii JOSGPPW A. FGICO Edward R. Johnston V 15" 'P ,V iff ' "'1 4 ,. , ,S 1, a re . :F 1. .R , ,. Q .IQV J Gif' John W. McCieary . --Q.-av Yxiq -5 John C. Matthews ,H NQN Curtis V. Martin 4 f b W I qw . . , 8,41 A i ff' 3' 5-409 A, if 'Sur Charles C. Onoin 'f W ft X N3 e vs ...Q lv 45 Betty C. Rybu rn Dr. Coleman lectures to his class on the finer points of U. S. history. -. 1 x -'F fi Corinne T. Bize Chairman Physical Salam! 2714 PN Marjorie F. Bleul 6 1' "' Katharine Gilcoyne ,f . ,ff ffl' Mr. Killian, baseball coach, contemplates the outcome of The game. 'N Earl W. Killian Star 'Q Robert Melville wif' ff'77l E 1 1 is ,...,-an Donald l. Minnegan Miss Ward checks the liver while Mr. Reitenbach checks the heart. 1 " nd ffm! I1 gm-di! Ca rl Reitenbach ISA wr--N Marian H. Ward Director of Health Services Dr. Bize stops to give individual instruction during the swimming elective Mafhemaf ks 1 PR 'J' --cal' 'RQ ' L' ." X.. "5'5'fY FW? 1. w.,.1. . 1 -'4.f,i7Q:2. Marvin Volpel, Chairman all 5 Allene Archer . "f K . N - .T:. A ' " t yxxx 'jr r -f.:, 'E Robert Lauback 3,1 .-JZ" 2" 'l'z".,- ' 1:- ilu U- Dr. Volpe! has his grade book, ready to give a stuf dent his test grade. 'Nun-4? Robert Beckey I - F ' ,- this K? ,1 L , 4 'S I 5' 4' If 'K , . H ' - e Margaret Zipp Madera anguagc' 44+ Rebecca Tansil JJ-+w Ernst von Schwerdfner Q fr r Mr. Von prepares fornorrovv's lesson with The help of his French book and The Tape recorder. ix xl ' 5. null F Bl U- ,..'-' . 'i!IiIII . :grggl illll , Ag, ,, ,iff "' f '.+ A, . ,. . , A . -fu M, 3,... ,ug 'Q,:-. 2,1 . ,.-..-,. .f . .. 5 l , . f . Q I ., ,, ' .4 "J-mr,-,. 9 , Mig,--A .K . if A, 1 '., - xv -'C 'bww .. ' J w . -nilzuw L lf Zia lee Za!! Ain.. An 'S .x y .. ' i EA TK... .cw-.-'--H ' ' Q 4-1 -. 4? Q f . ,,. M skkw , L My T., na, Q is SQ ,Xgb :'f Q 3- Y . I 1, 1, J D ,K ,. .xxsv .fx V.. fc X 2521! Q Q . J. ...Q . ., . use 1: . fs tag-9 :sr fx x gal" erik Dr. Genevieve Heagney, Principal V S The new Lida Lee Tall, The campus elementary school, was dedicated This year on September 29. The school is equipped with The latest in Teaching materials and conveniences including combination blacklooards, bulletin boards, a special science room, an an room, and natural lighting via skylights. There is also a spacious auditorium, a cafeteria, and a large playroom furnished with portable equipment. The presence of The elementary school on campus gives The college students an opportunity to see elementary school students at work under excellent conditions. ww RQ S ui! "Q""'-waxy., Theodore C. Roth, Margaret Hamilton Ruth Ann Heidelbach Assistant Principal fii ff'- 029' ""?' 'sink' .I ' . T ,, - T' A lf'-, . , , f , 6 f Q iii" . . .T TT ' 4 H- zz . W a g. - . - . S! ""'P?'f ' .. ., . -" ' A- T - ' . s. gf T- i. f , :K R ,of 4 1 ' L Q 2 T fx K T -., 'I Q' - It 5 A lim ' 'sal sl Q F. ' -. -"- ' ' 1 ' T T .w , w' ' if t' I -f'. I 1 , ' as Ll f Alice B, Holden Samuel J. Lisanti Carmelina L. Marino Nellie M66 Ruston L76 ary mff I4 K I Q 7. 43 Q,4 v Dorothy Reeder, Librarian The librarians work hard to keep the picture tiles in shape after student teacher use. - r ' t , L, 3 .1 1 i' A3 X . ' 1 ' Q . 5 F f' Y ' - . la -: F 5 ,-qw, -Y Q1 V ' ' in-.-H x 9 2 f ri: f ' . L - M 1-33. 5' 4 ii vi ' " -' fu - ' . - '51 Q5 xiii 9'i,e,,'e-hifi! Qi' .rs-' I' 4-,"ilf-Z?" K ., ', ' J' j"'f" 4 31' ' 515, l 'Q " "i I 5 -Ea., M ,S-, ,Q 7113 ' :' "V - 1. 30 Frances Moore Merle Yoder Jean Milnor 'ws Ellen Smith Herbert Forestel Kesideuce faff A .9 Mary Basler ,ee :yur 2 'pr Josephine Wagemann Virginia Tilghman ,t.Lfr1? I QPWN, ' Avro gfm Nancy Lesfer 5 g ' iff' Director of Residence xv ,.f' N Ac" 2 Mary Lee Farlow 1 H ' o I Q-- s 4? Mrs. Tilghman welcomes Gay Lyter as Don Graham holds the door open. 3I 0 391065 Zum! A J I' :. Y ll- r -sl 9' Frances Gill, Dean Brovvn's efficient secretary, makes appointments for Towsonites who wish to discuss their academic problems with the Dean of Instruction. She handles all summer school applications and transcripts. X N Kathryn Gordon, Dean Nlurphy's capable secre- tary, issues requisitions, types bulletins, and still has time to give each student a friendly greet- ing. Her usual welcome, "Have a seat. Dean Mur- phy will be with you in -I- . a little while," ..... ia is .1 I gi 1 .ag-,rf 32 A J 'IS- 0 Cow mite 3 1 ' S .' .U Q 5, 1 'Q Zig i A it 'T . tis- s 1:-s.,,f:sf' .I rf.. ' . ,-1 ge t- . , .M N,-sg, ..J,.s:.Sf NIP. ww' " rf ' 1'-ff' K t' T lt- i -1 1 5.6" '::fii"X,ff,i www Q u, L . T M r. -' .fi'.s.i 3 ' -,g i -" ' - ' . "M ,. .1 , , x . . X E N + . , Miss Patricia Faber and Mrs. Elizabeth Owings are surrounded by applications from high school seniors. Mrs. Kelley spends halt the morning sorting mail. The secretaries at the admissions ottice handle the applications of pro- ' spective Towson students. Each year they receive many more applications as Towson's tame as a teachers' col- lege is spread. However, competition is keen and only the best are select- ed. Mrs. Kelley, Towson's Postmis- tress, with her cheery smile and friendly personality, is always on hand to sell stamps, weigh packages . and insert letters to Towson students. She handles U. S. Postage, student i messages, and, oh, that tree and in- l expensive material! Il l ill Hv:fr"""'- I 5-,Sfwf 1 ie Wi? I' si ?f,5 ijjQ ! ? I s N' Y Y Y 77 Y A ,-ff-Ma ' a .mtv N uacfw-155---.nw-:':.:.a-fx2v.1w-Avfl-:Hw1i4Y!:""'AfWhfn6'm-3,3-,.q0"' 5 Pjju:-N .' ' 3-it 41 'M'+'ww ' I ' X' fi X ' -W -ff--r'ef--.1, .- A A, " " "' . W , ' .- f' ' - ' , Qf"41.'1'11'fWL'C5f?f" TI' ' V, Q . ' -5 '-INA. 'X , f - V v.,1':ff1"mC-,Lt ' wx. . . - . -- X Vw., x- Q AA 1 I gr- 'V-L: K-w.,..,t ' ., 7:33,-xr: '- .4 v ' .M ,E 4 ' ' f , . '. - -l ' .7".1 - ,M ' 3'-if.'J'-' -'-. ,-il!-rf .s " 'f '4 A .R , j ",f.f' I " 43:1 A ini.-'."!,"4 . f " . Sl I N 1 n I. ' ' ,J Tu., 4-, ra ey. '-:j g .1 A 3 5 5 Y 1715 --A-...M N 11 QR- .5 5 xg" Fixx?" II .. ug Y 3- 4, ,. , NLE' i N3 ik' ' ixki X - f?-3"v1"L V 1 -' -. it fi. , ' ff , 1 A .. . . v Ag. F522 -' , 1 4.,- 15 ,mf , X N - jig, .4 ., . .qi 3:-Q'-1-vi I imp J I ' , 31 Mig' Y V - F A ,- Y- 1, J' , , t - -ff L 11' I H' .ft-,x -2 V-1. I - ..,. Y , . ' - - '.. . 1 h k - I ,v:"'..-? ' , l' A -0 'P .v ' .,- ,'1-ji . - , . , . ,' 1 4: . ff -. 3 fgf5:, , 'Y x if - '. . J I., fa T. lx, 'A I . - .L ff flqk ifld 'visit' - :Q .sm 1 :Q w 1 V .7 . Njrfp, f if! J ,diff A if If ,, 'gg q ,ffl - Lv63i:'.v-J F ' ' " " .. -.j,.7ivh,rQ , a' '. '. .. pf.. -. ',- H. 4 . 1 . , . ' - 1r,- i,.,- ' . I. . n,-4-I , . - -kill?-5 .QMS .-11.5. - V . . I - V -' . V ' ' K1 -'1 f. , ' 1 ' "iii, ' ' ,14. -- ' " ' " ' 'wwf-+I. 'F ,A .N W, 2 E - . - vf?:ra , Lf jg! 1 ff if . ' " , ,WI If: 7. .Llp Y, ZIJ, Qlff, 'V ,, 1. xi I ff' ,"rU 5 Q. ' ly-.1 f "lf , ,4 4' X" ff 1' " : xp A ga' 'I iff' if 'Q 1' 5 'K N' W w-...:f....,,.. way.. 3 N WA , . ' L f, , lx l - ,I if f 7-fyf, , J, Y 1 !!"""'L ' eff:--1-'GC-1.a -u-f'.uA.'-my V I w gf' 3 H x A ., -11..4ff A ,fy .V f rg , 5 J phil' J' K-'f b Q 1' 'X 'M Wifqf-f-fft.f". .f', A A X , " if f v .fr-f L1 'X 1 -'H A ' ' 4 Q wxwx 2 . 5 . Q ' - L, 'L . ,K 'V 5 A 7' - f V- fsffl ' - '+. '11 XM, K5li....,.,r-W" -K H J - l 7.1 3 It . it I it RK, - - . V, 'A' V, i ,'y.'vP.'wFu'.ai.t,,,g!h.t,.,s..f,,,1-,..L1sff:-fc4sv-1'-v,x-T,A'vnw..-..-.-9--an 'fr '11 1, 91 f " wx. Y ix'-. V Huuwnvy A -35' 1" ' -I 2 -. X N., f mfg: .- f, , --'- b v ? - x f xx 'v :iw 6 L i W , W., -.K ,fg5:,-figwh 4 V' :U H. V 1 -q.,g..,,l , . Y-L vi , rY,..'.wx 'Ti ,Ll ., V i Y U, 5+ .egg Y e 1 v V-, 1 1 1 I I I I w . 0 ' O P 1 rganlzatlons V 5 1 JL .f'-"rv-I-f Pat Cribbs explains layout instructions to Sue Parkhurst and Becky Sterling. Skip Johns explains his idea for a picture to Phyllis Lonegro, Linda Beck, and Sophia Mag- gelakis. Linda, Tower Echoes able art editor, did all of the art work included in the book. Last year Linda did the art work for the 1960 yearbook and received the award for out- standing art work. The staff is sure she will receive the award again this year. 1. .- V X f l " t I Q f T 1 4 A f NW Wir.-1 q,,' 'f Jo Ann Mikanowicz aids two of the freshman staff with the Glen Players' page. f S7 I' Q D x ZIIWKI' Srila 5 U Paul and Phyllis discuss the copy for page 80. ff i , e y Q 5clrt""l" ty Q. ' 5, ,il-3 Gabrilelle Lyter, editor-in-chief of the 1961 Tower Echoes, checks a finished page with the layout durnrny. Chris Kofskey, staff typist, receives instruc- tions from Gay and Sophia. STUDENT 7 f X 1 Fred Cogswell lots down a few notes The Senior Staff, M. Taylor, A. Elliott, M. Spade, N. Streeks, P. Granger, E. Benja- as he arranges the picture schedule. min, and H. Nitzberg, pause to look at some of the activities pictures. 37 H W Cvufer fchvvs Editor-in-chief Junior Editors Art Editor Layout Editor Literary Editor Photography Editors Proofreader Senior Editor Senior Staff Sports Editors Typing Editor Advisors Gabrielle Lyter Sophia Maggelakis Albert Beachley Phyllis Lonegro Linda Beck Jo Ann Mikanowicz Patricia Cribbs James Johns Ruth Carr Delores Evans Marilynn Spade Evelyn Beniamin Adeline Elliott Patricia Granger Harriet Nitzberg Nancy Streeks Marcia Taylor James Miller Albert Beachley Paul Breen Christina Kofskey Mr, Edward Johnston Mr. Vernon Wanty 5-Q. it-l Mr. Edward Johnston, Tower Echoes's spirit- ual, financial, and appointed faculty advisor. The staff wishes to thank him for his hard work and continuous support. Sophia Dematatis, Sophia Maggelakis, and Phyllis Lonegro look through other yearbooks in hope of discovering new and tricky ideas for the 1962 edition of Tower Echoes. The office is located in the Student Center and the staff is always looking for inter- ested college students who would like to help. t ' .a""""ete L U 5i,'::l 1.-lull w -1 ,-lu: - 5? 40 4 GLAQK-'f -ev' w'+. . 4 1 . I i .N .Q K, sf' :WN Fawn Wilson, editor-in-chief of the Tower Light, checks the layout sheets for errors. --"'T'7-T a X. laws px 'U 1,1--1f Lawerence Gibson, managing editor, pauses to check the spelling of a name that is to appear in print. The typewriter is always handy to type the extra copy needed. 518960 Tower xl BRXWQ KA TOWER LIGHT G7 lb Editor-In-Chief Managing Edittrr 03 VN Fawn Wi150n Lawrence Gibson if GQ Faculty Advisor 7 W PRESS Business Manager: ...,... A. Francis Donna Wlalker News Editor s,,............... Debbie Mack Features Desk ..,...,........ David Gould Sports Desk ...................... Don Masken The TOWER LIGHT, is the Vemon Wanty Art Department ..........,..... Linda Beck Circulation Manager .4.. George Jensen Exchange Editor ............ Mary Hughes Lay0ut Editor ,.,..........,. Marshall Cale oHicia1 student publication of State Teachers College at Towson, Maryland. Work day! Members of the Tower Light Features staff proofread, type, and rewrite copy for the pending cleaclline. The news staff and reporters leaf Through newspapers from other colleges, each picking up an idea or two for their column. .N 5. L W The Tower Light with Fawn Wilson as the ed- itor-in-chief worked with an increased staff this year. The paper added several new columns, Martello Gaudeamers, The Seven Lively Arts, and Under The Bench which seemed to create enthusi- asm and interest. The Tower Light is the official newspaper of the Towson Students and is published w e e k l y by members from each class. A special April Fool issue was published this year that surprised and shocked the unsuspecting student body. .. ', Deborah Mack, News editor, is pointing to an important notice containing deadline dates. Her staff also seems to be hard at work on concentration. A f if The sports staff headed by Don Masken has that contented look after another iob well done. fl.. 'vs 9 QW my O 1 J" X -Z . 'Q W B I 5" 1 37 Q . 42 C ,M I ' , R ,UQ 'l r s Talnsman Staff Seated fl rj M Schwartz B Tronke L Frledlander Sfandmg fl rt M Lemen S McDonald Dr Lewus D Coard Under the able dnrectlon ot Mrs Bettie Trolke the Towers under nts new name t The Talnsman emerged as a bnllnant success The Talisman IS publnshed an nually to gave students at Towson a chance to submut preces of creatave wrrtung to be prrnted Thus gives the other students a chance to see what luterary talent can be found on our campus . 'J' I U ,A 3 - 1- 'T I 4 Q5 ,- ' T -1 QVT 'V " .- 3-v . V I NY 4 I e . x . I 1 s' ' , -T . 1 . 4 Q Q x. ' A A fl T J K 6 1 f S ' - II 11 - I 1 O 11 - 11 T 11 . 11 - - . - Gmferlfi g -e'5'WJ-4. , if 17, f 19 ,,.,. 9.1- Tr :ff . ,J I, P I ,Z . , X. :'lv 4 , . 1' llll 'X 1115 I Y ilmg.. Susan Munaker was the choice of the student body for S.G.A. vice-president. Sue looks quite excited about her activities. A 'K The S.G.A. is the chief gov- erning body on the Towson campus. lt consists of one leg- islative body, the Student Senate. Members of the Sen- ate include the- Executive Committee and the S.G.A. representatives elected by their respective organizations and classes. Meetings are held on alternate Thursdays. Milton Saulsbury was elect- ed by the entire student body as president for the T960-61 term. Sfudmf Gvverumenf Assvcia! 2714 X7 , 'Y 5' il' 'YYY til 4, M-.. .,"I The treasurer for the T960-61 term had lots of money problems but Brenda Sherrer looks rather happy at her calculator and the figures on the paper. 44 i asv' "W 5 V 41' e l 'SW' Social Chairman Barbara Tait and one of the mem bers at large, Donald Graham, share the S.G.A business message. Joan Lewis and Doris Stepp were rather busy secretaries when this picture was snapped. Joan took care of correspondence while Doris recorded the happenings of the meetings. Uk ,,,....,. W-rx.4 All eyes are focused on.Sue Munaker who seems to have lost something. From left to right: J. Asher, P. Adams, J. Glass, B. Sherrer, J. Tallman, D. Stepp, M. Saulsbury. Fl-5'-' .f wi. W.. . - !l1 I"!E.rZ 6 gh -,.. umm 1-41 Q - . , . , 'swf V 4 'i3 l ""1"-Wil 'Q i ' Women's Residence Council: Bottom Row KI. to r.J-A. Thomas, J. Chiles, W. Mc- Gee, Miss Lester, J. A. Asher. Second Row-J. Lewis, C. Huggins, D. Phillips, S. Chiles, B. Sherrer. leesidmcc' All resident women are members of the Woman's Resident Student Association. The chief aims of this organization are: furthering the stu- dents' sense ot honor and personal responsibility, and maintaining high standards of living. The over-all governing body is the Women's Residence Council. It is responsible tor the maintenance and operation of a demo- cratic torm of government in all residence halls. Prettyman House Council: Bottom Row Il. to r.1- B. Miller, K. Markakis, M. Duvall. Second Row-L. Leister, W. Peeling, B. Sherrer-President, D. Stepp, J. Latka. The Prettyman House Council is charged with seeing that a democratic form of gov- ernment is maintained in the hall. It is also responsible for the social activities ot the hall. lllcl Tv 2 3' -4-c It is The purpose oT the Newell-Richmond House Council To carry out The social activi- ties Tor The vvomen living in the hall, to pro- vide and maintain service equipment, to have monthly Tire drills, and to Tollovv The , direction of The VVomen's Residence Council. Newell-Richmond House Council: Bottom Row Il. To r.l- L. Crocker, J. Tracey, J. Lewis-President, I. Wimmer, S. Fal- lovvfield. Second Row-C. Wilhelm, E. Alford, J. Dovvdy, J. Asher, L. Wilder, K. Quinn. All men resident students are members of The Men's Residence Council. The over-all governing body of This organization is The Executive Commit- tee. The purpose of The organization is to promote harmony among The resident men students and to coordinate activities whenever possible with The Women's Resident Student Association. Men's Residence Council. Bottom Row Il. To r.J-D. Graham, J. Glass, B. Anastasi- President, R. Sours, K. Atvvell. Second Row-C. Parker, E. Wissil, J. Evans, J. Tall- man. Not pictured: H. Shriver. MMM rams wiws siviklx SQA 38358359 wmmiamw i m9' m HB2 ss vw WN! 'ix as SK Q SKY Ntixwkiirixwx 'EQMABWSRUH' Akawuwk W ABi' ,QAQYMS fkvissill-wikis NRM, Wm -1 .c:C5 wN ?rc'sl1r14r114 Advisory 60111401 T960-61 OFFICERS Pregidenr Madelon Wilhelm Vice Pregidenf Dennis Younger Secretaries Elaine Stairs Bettie Copple Tfeagufef PGTE Ad6t'T1S SGA Representative Pat Henry Membership Chairman Gary Ham The Freshman Advisory Council is an or- ganization whose sole purpose is to aid new students in becoming acquainted with col- lege lite. For many of the new students it will be their first experience in making de- cisions, arranging their time for college ac- tivities and building good study habits. The Freshman Orientation Program is de- signed by the FAC to answer all questions that arise from incoming students concerning clubs and organizations, social functions, scholastic problems, and a comprehensive view of life in general at Towson. Members ot the organization are selected on the basis of their high academic standards and social competency, by the members of the preceding year. They are selected in Feb- ruary and serve for one year. 'WDW 57 Ar V. i. col- s it de- D Q de. GUS A Vllllg ons, ive ded 74 Tds i M DF. . s. skcmrminuqnm 'un-.,,": vi 'Qlv . - , num. ....NQnuu-ua -1Qgq,"' 'wh-. Q.. New-. 5- sn I - Mdwqi- rx "1-s man w'N""'W1n that lk. 'thu . ll' A as A Qin Wlllqqqvzn lf" "' r. bamrm . .'x"""lNew.,,,, emma "M""ll1. ,..,W, " sag. -ll wa snags: s"""'I1llmng .4"""'n-J - " "ra A-wa..',.-.imwwmewug "' van. 1 'F lv:--. x--.1 llunuumr-emu 'ffiilmn ,,,,. "' f Uau.q,.f.i""llwue , M., Neumann., - :?f-vw-n..,,,,. A mm. , we sa 5' .::-'r gm, 'mu is - , . S' 'il gum- it-' Bottom row fl.-r.J-E. Alford, P. Earle, F. Lancaster, Y. Barbosa, R. Clark, S. Mapp, D. Coard, S. Lacey, J. Tracey, A. Fairall. Second rovv tl.-r.2-Y. Harris, L. Blood, C. McConnel, C. Huggins, P. O'Callaghan, P. Ryan, J. Tracey, E. Tippett, P. Newman, B. Waters, A. Brakeall, J. Leilich, G. Liszewski, Third rovv fl.-r.JfA. Florian, C. Croner, P. Adams, J. Richards, J. Hughey, B. Highsmith, H. Schriver, E. Wissel, C. Swam, A. Beachley, R. Sours. T961-62 OFFICERS Judith Deitz Susan Mapp Della Coard Jean Latka Wallace Ward Leon Sagan Dr. June Thearle President Vice President Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Treasurer SGA Representative Faculty Advisor Bottom row tl.-r.J-E. Stairs, P. Adams, M. Wilhelm, D. Younger, P. Harmon, G. l-larn, B. Troike. Second rovv Il.-r.J-N. Thomas, A. Fairall, P. Richardson, J. Asher, C. Souder, P. Ennis, S. Lacey, M. Biele, J. Dorshovv, A. Sims, R. Cornett, J. Deitz, W. McGee, B. Anastasi. Third row Il.-FJ-NY McLeod, A- Sherwood, N- Weaver, M. Cox, M. Strong, M. Stairs, C. Quensen, B. Parker, J. Coleman, S. Mapp, C, Davidson, J. Galkin, J. Ger- mer, S. Casto, R. Disharoon. Fourth rovv fl.-r.JfJ. Levvis, D. Graham, A. C. Thomas, E. Koehler, l. M. Wimmer, R. A. Kohler, N. McCloskey, J. Maskol, K, Atwell, J. Fasnacht, J. Tallman, C. Rittler, C. Patrick, M. Lovell, F. Wilson. 49 fl 'sq The newly formed Judicial Board brings all Women Resident Students under one judicial code and administers uniform iustice in accordance with this code. judicial l6'0ard First Row-W. McGee, Miss Lester, S. O'Dell, M Audley. Second Row-S. Goodwin, S. Page, A. Brake all, S. Mapp, P. Ryan. C. Crum Knot picturedl. fudcu! llnivu l6'0ard The Student Union Board was established to act as the controlling group for the College Student Union in the light of the policies of the S.G.A. and to establish regulations for the use of the facilities of the buildings. The main purpose of the group is to promote student friendliness, social life, and general college spirit through the use of the facilities provided. V41 L, Parsons, Mr. Page, J. Dorshow, G. Sparks, E. Stairs, L. Beck, C. Swan, P. Harman, S. Leyes, T. Rausch. 11. fk Y - 45352. . , vi I. .5 A.: Q, ' --iii.. .gh -ldv A 'Z' NIE, M - -1 -713 La r-4, --W Ks -v ,N 2. WRX xxxxk x 'Q 'Y Q 'F' AQXX xg .mf-Aix, fs X , erm, xx 'Ne wg, N, Q9,..,iw wx xx,?'w31-csv' Q 'S' .M MIN' X NN' xx xref 'X E ,Ev K .UK Vw 5 N sw: "NW M 'K Q Ax N x, ' my-. HW sig Mi' H ww 'W 1' W N 4. SQ SA ' w grafvrmzl '.a L , .sxwf fx . " V -. ' ., . 11-'.J' -C .3'f'f: mf' Awflff f-.vfvf - Wei-,'?:'t'.1 ' .JA 44.1, - , 12'-fi-Qu' -N, , ,.7F5.i- , " 1,51 1 .- 3 1 55, A., , 5 1 l 4 i F i ! 1 i l l i it l il .4 i l Gamma Theta Upsilonz Bottom Row-A. Sims, R. Marshall, R. Cornett, L. Sparks, L. Kanarchuk, G. Sparks, P. Kreiger, L. Levin. Row 2-M. Mitchell, M. Wilhelm, J. Dawson, P. Harman, J. Lewis, F. Wilson, C. Quensen, K. Markakis, M. McLeod. gf W. Q wana.. . in asm,-asm., L i Slbhili : 1 saw ll -90339595115 mnusnwwszsa. sv-iss. ws- we ff wzuaamwe w:qvsa,,-rf V ,7U3,+'f'1l9i-Pfr. 'jf :. ' VIBE. ,M rl itil ,www " !!1'C"'s savanna , i x f Q a K L' 'J , C7 an . r l' i - n l l I Every year Alpha Psi Omega r presents a play for the stu- dents and guests at Towson. Ron Budny is assisted by two friends. i l l Alpha Psi OmegafD. Evans, M. Belsinger, S. Lacey, R. Rheb, B, Rakes, C. Gerhardt. I : 5: ft i , " 33. , e .4.:,iYf'+ iff. ' Phi Alpha Theta: Bottom row Il.-r.J-G. Scheidt, L. Levin, M. Branch. Second row fl.-r.2-Dr. Hut- son, B. Parker, G. Liszewski, M. Wilhelm, L. Weinblatt, E. Nolley, S. Evnitz, Dr. Falco. Third row Il.-r.j-A. Sherwood, C. Rivers, L. Hildebrand, B. Saddington. Phi Alpha Theta is a national honorary history fraternity. The members of the frater- nity try to further their knowledge of history through field trips, slide lectures, and speakers who are presented to the entire student body. Kappa Delta Pi: Bottom row II.-r.J-B. Parker, B. Copple, M. Humphrey, B. Ab- rams, C. Souder. Second row II.-r.J-Mr. Nass, R. Cornett, M. Hill, M. Mitchell, B. Smith, M. Wilhelm, C. Rivers, Selma Bur- kom, D. Younger, C. Griffin. Third row Il.-r.2-G. Scheidt, J. Tennyson, S. Harris, P. Parr, L. Copper, P. Feldman, B. Rakes, E. Sachs, R. Evans, B. Saddington, C. Wil- kinson, D. Lewis, L. Blood, S. King, E. Finifter. KAl'l 5' fatal , f' The purpose of Kappa Delta Phi is to encourage the future teachers and educators of Towson State Teachers College to achieve high scholastic records and high professional standards, so as to become life-long mem- bers in a national educational fraternity. f""'q,,,i X Mrs. Beverly Crook, Alumni secretary, sorts and selects all of the news that is handled by the News Letter, the paper published for the Towson Alumni. Alumni Associafiv The Alumni Associa- tion provides graduates with the news ot friends, classmates and school activities. The Associa- tion, headed by Q. Thompson, sponsors a Homecoming Day in the tall, May Day, and Alumni Day in June. Re- union, social and busi- ness meetings are also on the agenda ot this very active organization. The Alumni Association Board of Directors: Seated, from left to right-B. Crook, J. Horst, R. Townsend, J. Hilker, Q. Thompson, S. Chiles, M. Sharrow, H. Katz, E. Hawkins, and I. Lutz. T3 , 5-a " 55'7"': ff . 4, " 1 517 ia! l...I-13 T " 2 Standing, from left to right-R. Keane, J. Matthews, J. Mohr, S. Johns, D. Gross, M. Stairs, J. Glass, K. Jorgensen, I. Shepherd, J. Ogle, L. Gibson, E. Burnside, J. Butchko, A. Zech, B. Waters, D. Gould. Sitting-P. Maniloff, M. Cox, P. Benton, C. Solomon, A. Janney, B. Ingersoll, J. Sparks, B. Ruark, M. MacNeal, S. Parks, J. 51614 Players '1-1 The Glen Players Officers are as follows: Standing-R. Maletti, social chairman, R. Gwynn, senator, M. Belsinger, treasurer. Sitting, from left to right-M. Smith, corresponding secre- tary, B. Rakes, vice-president, R. Rheb, president, M. Hughes recording secretary, P. Pulkka, parliamentarian and historian 1 The group of students pic- tured above find time out of a busy scholastic schedule to develop their interests and talents. There are endless hours of rehearsing and plan- ning devoted to the tremen- dous productions presented by this organization to the student body. -MG, 1 -' v--. cf GU ZS: ,f 'W - , , v 433 The Glen Players were a busy crew planning and Linda Beck Otts Lampus, and Irene Shephard ihree rehearsing for Summer and Smoke These partxcular members of The cast pose as The camera capTured Jonee Monroe looks comfortable In Thus rehearsal scene from Fnrsr Lady The Glen Players fall producrron Many hours of hard work go rnto The final polished pro -Tr' 3 sl 99 5166 gfllb The Glee Club, the largest musical organization on the campus, is a chorus of men and women students. lt en- gages in choral work of various types and performs at numerous functions on and off campus under the direction of Miss Emma Weyforth. The Glee Club presented a special arrangement during the winter season and also performed at the annual Christmas Assembly. They also presented the music for the graduation exercise. Glee Club: Bottom Row Ileft to rightJYO. Bloodsworth, P. Jubb, M. McLeod P Pugh H. Schriver, M. Dugger, G. Creatzer Jr., R. Chapman, P. Swank, R. Long Jr M Hammen, Y. Harris, M. Biele, F. Burrell, Miss Weyforth. Second Row-E Ford D Hickman, B. Thornhill, R. Fowler, L. Bromley, C. Bochan, J. Rubin, W Strack L Crouch, J. Flayhart, L. Silfies, J. Phillips, D. Heckner, D. Baseman, J. Bury Third Row C Murphy, W. Sermons, L. Alder, K. Dancy, D. Bryant, J. Kolodny E Coster C. Cavanaugh, M. Lehman, J. Miller, N. Brinsfield, M. Barrett, L. Darchl court A. Orange, D. Petry. Fourth Row-S. Schlosser, S. Shorb, M. Bryant B Lips P Hughey, N. Greene, B. Orr, L. Harvey, N. Murphy, J. Meadowcroff M Marshall, M. Erichsen, D. Patzhowsky. Fifth RowfL. Garrisan, S. Smith, P. Milstead S Casto, K. Markakis, L. Pumphrey, J. Goyert, D. Little, B. Greene, E. Lawson M Graves S. Hurley. Men's Chorus: Bottom Row fl. to r.J-P. Miller, D. Disharoon-President, F. Abt L. Wilkins, D. Elliott, P. Pugh, A. Williams, C. Sweeney, C. Kirkpatrick, H. Harple C. Swam, E. Koehler, D. Evans, B. Greer. Second Row-S. Hinman, R. Mroz, G. Red click, D. Younger, B. Highsmith, D. Graham, C. Rittler, D. Keller, T. Gershmeyer W. Jenkins, W. Drol, J. Rubin, C. Bochau. Third Row-R. Grimsley, B. Anastasi P. O'Brien, J. Doelle, K. Rigby, J. Tallman, J. Glass, J. Doran, M. Vazzana, D Barnes, Mr. Haslup. Men is' Elmrus The Men's Chorus ot Towson State Teachers is some- thing to be proud ot. The highlight of many ot our musical programs has been the voices ot the Men's Chorus. This year the chorus went on tour entertaining at iunior colleges and high schools in Montgomery, Prince George, and St. Mary's counties. Together with the Noteables, this group is indeed an excellent repre- sentation ot our college. The Note-ables: ftop-bottom!-D. Evans, D. Disha- roon, D. Heckner, H. Harple, P. Machin, C. Bochau, P. Eisenhardt. Orchestra, KI.-r.2-G. Shortf, J. Owens, A. Smith, T. Alunans, S. Piacenfino, J. Schlee, A. DiSales, T. Forney, M. Adams, D. Sinsky, P. Lassiter, B. Winfersiein, H. Tydings, J. Koski, E. Fowler, S. Thompson, P. Green, N. Smiih, C. Riiiler, G. Norris, L. Moritz, C. Alvaro, R. Nelson, W. Fallovvfielcl, E. Callary, L. Eubanks, M. Zimmerman, M. Gage, W. Price, and Mr. John Bollinger, direcior. Hircle K Lucie K Borrom rovv Il rj L Sparks D Graham B Anastasi E Koehler C Croner J Tallman Second row H rj l Luenng B Highsmnh R Gnmsley T Greenwell M Mahoney C Swam R Evans D Younger A Beachley , . .-. m. , . , . , , , . , . . .'. f ' , . , . , . , . , . , . , . . fudeuf dum! 2714 As zwiafian Student Education Association: Bottom row Il.-r.1eP. Granger, B. Diering, L. Garrison, E. Wilson, P. Mullican, L. Sagan, B. LeGore, A. Sims, A. Chaplain, C. Tongue, M. L. Seng, B. Sherrer, C. McConnel, P. Cribbs. Second row Il.-r.J-D. Lane, A. C. Thomas, P. Harmon, G. Shortt, J. Dillon, C. Lowman, B. Wiser, J. Rice, S. Volkrnar. Phzffvgruphy Klub The Photography Club otters students in- terested in photography a chance to expand their interest and do the school a service at the same time. The Photography Club 11.4.2-B. Woolston, J. Dill, J. Levering, J. Glass. Hostess Club Officers: Seated from left to right-E. Garland, J. Leister, Dr. E. Gardner-faculty advisor, S. Leyes, B. McKeIvy, and J. Lewis. Ho fcss glllb Members of the Hostess Club serve the college on special occasions and upon request. Guest speakers are invited and demonstrations are given at the monthly meetings to aid the members in becoming better hostesses. The club meets the second Tuesday in every month in the cafeteria. Each year in the spring the club prsents its annual fashion show. Towson girls are transformed into models with the beautiful clothes loaned to the school by the leading department stores in Baltimore. Each year at Christmas time the Hostess Club sponsors a "how to decorate" demonstration. Mr. Harris is using flowers to add beauty. ...wi First Row-G. Sparks, M. Cox, D. Wolfkill, C. Wolfkill. Second Row-F. Lancaster E. Nolley, G. Galuppi, C. Paulis, P. Swank. Third Row-E. Alford, J. Coleman, Mr Bowers, Dr. Odell, Dr. Bareham, F. Horvath, L. Sagan. Nafurulisfs jazz Svcicfy .'V First Row-Mr. Guillaume, C. Solomon, L. Gibson, M. Titus, W. Schvvabeland. Second Row-G. Lyier, L. Pyle, B. Murray, N. Bongiovani, J. Mallgrave, P. Lonegro, C. Baumann. ff 4," ' Q "gli x ' , 'f 1 Qf' 7 1,N:'.,'Y"-'fi 2 'VT' ., rJ 1 ryan- 'VW r , 7, f,.,U'fI 24wf,1T:4,r1 linl. 'M L A First Row-A. Chaplain, B. Tait, D. Miller, B. Taliercio, J. Tallman. Second Row- G. Lyfer, S. Munaker, K. Bryner, T. Bennett, L. Emerson, S. Maggelakis, K. Atwell, E. Wissel, Y. Barbosa, D. Graham, B. Anasfasi, N. Scott, J. Glass. Zfvuug Democrats on- Firsr Row-J. Leister, Dr. Coleman, W. Dillon. Second Row-C. Hifagiand, S. Munaker, B. Parker, R. Udoff, C. Thomas. fnferuafiomzl Kelatiaus glllb I llll Ill!! N Religious The Canterbury Club was organized To pro- vide spiritual and social life for The Episcopal stu- dents on The Towson Campus. The club works in coniunction with the Trinity Church, Towson, and is sponsored by the National Canterbury As- sociation. !"P'4'. 1- 1- 2,5 Ei ' Eli! IRE-4 uw l6'a,vtisf Student llnirw NA' . a m "s"'x"':.f. rf 3 . 'L"1-'Gite' ' " Baptist Student Union: Seated, from left to rightfDr. Hudson, advisor, A. Janney, C. McConnel, P. Plummer, A. Miller, J. Hester, L. Balint, N. Greene. Standing-M. White, N. Pill, Nl. McLeod, M. Clagett. I I si Canterbury Club: Seated, from left to right-A. Simms, P. Cribbs, J. Mikanowicz, Baptist Student Un- ion was established To meet the needs of the Baptist students on campus. lt provides informative meeting and Christian fellow- ship. This organization is affiliated with the five churches in the Towson area. 35632 " Inter-Faith Council: C. Patrick, P, llgentritz, R. Collector, .l. Kisher, P, Machin, S. Thompson, Rev. Jollenbeclc. Standing-B. Haines, N, Stein, D. Heckner, J. Colee rnan, Y. Harris, W. Smith. T interfaith 611111 The Inter-Faith Council is made up of the president and a repre- sentative from each religious or- ganization on campus. This group is responsible for the coordination of all religious activities at Towson. , A , '-ff! ,, ,-,. Le ,L ' C. .T"' l I - .5113 nf fwuliiir .5 abil? :Radial ' . an. J- , 4.-. ' '-i Jil. - - - ,L .,. .,nyq..-E, .' ,- ll'-', Af' E A41 4-A :f.' Wt- 'ASMLAQL L.. Q1 5 - -f .ANU L2-.HXQWQ il!-516 -s'.SviT'Jdi lofi--1 - s -n' 6'i6 L:"id'nHivAA Hi ww N Lutheran Students' Association: Bottom Row KI. to rj-J. Germer, J. Morgan, W. Derr, M. Schierholz-President, Dr. Odell, M. Spade, P. Richardson. Second Row-A. Thomas, J. Lewis, B. Kearfott, C. Souder, R. Cornett. .sl R. HK - - v S- -. vg Newman Club: Bottom Row fl. to r.l-L Sagon, A. Brakeall, D. Keller, B. Miller, J Millar, G. Liszewski-President, M. Seng Second Row-J. Gabor, J. Connors, J. Cole man, J. Leilich, G. Galuppi. Third Row-V Petrosino, L. Tomberlin. Fourth Row-M Kupp, J. Mallgrave, P. Lawrence, C. Lange S. Sadowski. Fifth Row-S. McDonald, P Walsh, J. Mohr. Sixth Row-A. Frere, J. Tall- man, E. Rice, M. Ament, -1 X Westminster Fellowship: Bottom row fl.-r.1-B, Deiring, B. Mason, L. Cavey, S. Lindgren, R. Mar- shall, L. Moritz, Reverend Jollenbeck. Second row ll.-r.2-B. Orr, S. Austin, D. Heckner, R. Gwynn. Wasfmins er ?6'ff0W5fll,l7 Wesleyan ?6ff0W5fll27 Wesleyan Fellowship. Bottom row Il.-r.1-F. Cogswell, C. Parker, H. Sollers, E. Willis, C. Patrick-President, B. Sherrill, D. D. Sollers, A. Nead. Second row KI.-r-J-C. Charnock, J. Dill, R. Tarr, J. Delle, C. Timmons, S. Hogg, P. Eisenhardt, R. Gordy, J. Fisher, J. Whitcraft, K. Schlining, J. Powell, O. Bloodsworth, N. Gliss, J. Hirsch, B. Parker, S. Gardner. 60 A .tug yi , tr , as 'V' L Seated, from left to right are: Marge Barrett, Polly Machin, Yvonne Harris, Marbara Clagett, Lois Cavey, Laura Grammer, and Daniel Elliott. Standing are: Betty Stewart and Carole Cavanaugh. Inter- Varsity Hlzrisfizzu ?cll0Wsl11,v Organized in 1948, the Inter-Varsity Chris- tian Fellowship has striven to strengthen the spiritual lives of its members by the study of the Holy Scriptures and helping others to understand Jesus as their personal Savior. Membership is open to all students at Tow- son. Meetings are held at the noon hour, during tree periods, and on Thursday evenings. The group works with the other Inter-Varsity clubs on the nearby college campuses. assi sl ik, .ei J , f,.l. 1,:, ,l K Vx, X f A' Q ,3-gg ,, , 1 ' X . ' sli t s X ' ' ,3t!-,ink 'sl ' -Sf-. Ns Xi 1 ' " A '9i'f4T' :-- 'sf 1 T1-3 gy:-,4, ,. Q z, il a s ff J '. .J Q", f i s . 1 . . ff l I . ,, . S Esnzb-'gigs . s ' l ..:::i 'lb S- f... , --f - rx x s- san ' S Q ',J. 5 'Q jewish tudeuis' Assaciafiou The purpose of the Jewish Students' Associa- tion is the promotion ot participation by the Jew- ish students ot Towson in religious, cultural, inter- faith, social and school service activities ot the CO Christian Science Organization: Cl. llege community. to r.l-S. Harroll-P v l l i I Jewish Students Association: Bottom Row fl. to r.J-J. Esterson, R. Silverblatt, Nl. Bernstein-President, A. Vogel, N. Stein, J. Kolodny. Second Row Il. to r.2-B. Maser, H. Liss, S. Gulin, S. Blans. dent, T. Kirkpatrick, J. Brown. Ehrlsfzuu Screw' Orgamzafzorz ht I The purpose of the Christian Science Organiza- l tion is to provide a welcome to Christian Scientists l entering the college and to unite them in closer l bonds ot Christian fellowship. But our main ob- J iective is to present the truth about Christian Sci- 1 ence and make it available to the college com- munity. l resi- 7I N 1 i . . 5 Q l . 1, l ll I First Row-C. Crum, H. Schriver, M. Biele, W. Derr, D. Sollers, F. Lancaster. Second Row-P. Adams, L. Sagan, E. Willis, L. Garri-1 lllil son, E. Wilson, H. Sollers, J. Hirsch, G. Kilgore, M. Ashley, Miss Zipp, P. Lonegro, G. Lyter, L. Gibson, A. Janney. Third Row-A. lil Silex, S. Smith, C. Thomas, J. Jackson, B. Wiser, B. Sherrill, L. Miller. Cl fudem' Hlzri firm Assaviaf Tflfl ldlxa' . Mu ' WE STRIVE TO PROVIDE. . . E a fellowship among students, faculty and staff, I insight into the problems college students face, l ' a non-denominational experience of study and A l , worship. ,L A Training in Christian leadership. Sli a sense of fellowship with Christian students W9 throughout the world. Sf en' L "l- HARRY SCHRIVER, an S.C,A. member is the member-at-large tor the Central Atlantic Area Y.M.C.A. The area includes i Puerto Rico, Washington, D.C., Delaware, Maryland and New i. .,. i,-N ,3- Q F First Row-W. Peeling, P. Congdon, J. Tennyson, L. Cavey, M. Mitchell, S. Harris, C. Souder, M. Biele, P. Machin. Second Row- B. LeGore, R. Marshall, E. Willis, B. Stewart, W. Sermons, L. Williams, L. Alder, L. Bennett, D. Heckner. Third RowvJ. Hirsch, C. Murphy, C. Richardson, Miss MacDonald, G. Heindel, C. Fritz, S. Scripture, M. Powell. THE S.C.A. CHOIR is a selective group of twenty- A six resident girls. Their repertoire ot music is in keep- . ing with its association with S.C.A. They perform tor S.C.A. vespers, various churches, campus concerts and Baccalaureate. 6 . Kilo? , l - ai Cf. 'kg . MX A A MISS HAZEL MacDONALD DIRECTOR or sc,A, ciioiiaf 1 '4 1--., Q., GHZ -'Q Q -1 I-"iii-'xnr : ,.. ' ':'.j', .fix-'ffi . . haf- . ' -- Wf-.,."-- N Q:-Lv.: N15 ,- ff' 14.3 24 -iff R351- ."' GG 53, - ,-,, f' - -..g-2,5 ui-qrf, .44 ' .- ,-1.11 'Q-Q jg. ..,fg'g,+,g,5:7f-1 ,- ., 4:-4 . -I ' -1 .pf """fuff4'-ffl!-ti' ' - :i"7 S"" . ,. .Q x'-'QI-x 'fr -, ' 133.-4-99:5 ,, .. fi, 9:1-' . V .--'- " -'Li'.',F" 7' l'!1T'f. VS? . LQi!,'5'7I, j I L- :vi ' ':.'4? ' 5 x S, ff:- Sports MAA fl.-r.2fB. Anasfasi, D. Graham, E. Lorenz, E. Humm, N. McCloskey. Chuck Croner and Mickey Shannon geT ready To begin The mile. The Towson Cross CounTry had a fairly good T960 season. Remrning veferans and promising freshmen provided sTiff compeTiTion againsf The oTher conference Teams. AlThough The Team didn'T win all Their meefs, They made an exCellenT showing. The lVlen's AThleTic AssociaTion, vviTh an em- phasis on providing The besf possible program for all The men of The college, has underTaken To sponsor a program of bofh inTercollegiaTe and inframural sporfs. All men in The college are auTo- maTically members. sw 504, E -rpm: x 'QED .,--,N-...f' N'-xiii - . ix -. A -. 1. ' .. N l V I ln, 3 :JJ I .T I T all ,M ' -- N ' 'ff' 4 t1 T, -..-:..4M..w--f.-srx.i.- ' f 5-...aff Av ' - ,V .wax Q ,I rlfj Ik, "W 73 ' K'l L' T 2 an I, Ile R The T960 Towson Soccer Team plays a rough and Tough game against The Lynchburg HorneTs aT Homecoming. They Tinally won The game, 4-3. This year The Team placed Two ouTsTanding aThleTes on The All-Maryland Team, Ed Lorenz and Ed. Humm were listed as ouTsTanding players. I1 .. K if Frm , 1 3 mfs ..4 ,s I -1' . I1 t 4 PM ..f S wu4'P T' N'v::9f..'- . , , Q ,Q S K Q J 3 'T A li 77 X v fr l Presenting some of Towson's Basketball players: B. Smith, S. Hinman, D. Higgs, F. Ar- nold, J. Miller. qw. Toby Greenwell stretches himself to make a basket for Towson. 8 Jim Miller scores for the Knights. Mr. Killian ponders his next move as the scorers compare notes. Mike Riley leaps to "pop" the ball into the basket. 'i The Knights tight to regain the ball 'fur Larry Pazourek uses a half nelson on his opponent. - "Z' Leo Orlando, the Towson Champ, finds himself in Trouble. Ihr: Wlroslling Team: ll.-r.lfL, Orlando, B, Kirby, R. Wallace, G. Goody, A. Beachley, B. Woolston, L. Pazourek, J. Shank, L. Chaff 12 llorris, Mr. yon Schwerdlner. F ...W Loyola's matman scores two points for a "take clown." This is the friendly approach! 1.1 ' ew, -1 Bull Klrby stralns to flnp has opponent over for a pun. Towson seems to have the upper hand in this match. wt, my-fv"'-"5'n Come on, boy! Put it over the plate! xzuassumang iii. gg iIiIiH. wiunueann as lv' in L!! -1- X J Nz 1llll5lIN, pnwsuv 18 ffm? rrwsn ,rlwsnlr '-' 1327" if U5 Ii Wk bob nf' l Bcfmm row Cl.-r.j-A. Dileonardi, F. Earhardt, J. Schuerholz, G. Henderson, J. Mills, D. Stallings, G. Goudy. Second row Il.-r.l-J Heuer K. Barnes, L. Hammond, E. Humm, D. McGhay, Mr. Killian. 62 . I 1 I-I .Ml-k. Il -Ill ZICI LII! IC Ill IS Sl! .l NIQI ' Ill UQ! .J ,..' 'J t L . kts if STEE - RIKEI KW, ,F ww: mf ,.i 494' 91 4,41 X 5 fs. in 5,1 ni 5 , " F 5 fi.r-'Aa,.- I I I -'Lil 75:2 I ' I A v tt 'Q 'N .V "Z" --.. an-1 ' sr-re 1 --1 fin' ' X QW--sus issue' 'Q ' 'XG I ..-f , rg 5 U f :ISR ii, E5 N 5 ,wif A Q JI Ly' z. uv S 533 . , ,, , mg is sf H . .wgz 'Q' .y ,Ex 5, .su WEE: "' I -.-...Q-ood.. .2 VICTORY RECORD "t""' Mou nt ST. Ma ry's Loyola American University Western Maryland Total wins 4 Total losses 4 Visitor Towson 3 S Mr. Killian gives the signal. I c ' I s Safe at first! S?-' V " ..... JN' Let's hope this bunt works. 83 -lla it 7'-L.'.?'.:li"'-4? "'f'.ei---"'.-:-11,- 'fm "i"""'-u""iI: nu .iv ""'-4-'i"""' wg, r "ini-I 'iii 5 1- l"' ...Hanger -it U 1 r V " -n.,,,.""liq If , "2 ,,, 'li li Ala "'5-v.-Ilia., 'li Q V .1-ilu lil -C H -'men .:'ilr if T' 1 4 v I.. 9? ,I T si" V il N ,swag 'rli ag bps, 49: Nl 911' . 1. '-""""' - Iii' y menu ni-' I ' -- f' 3 Q ll! ' .1 The Varsity Tennis Team: Dr. McCleary, T. Greenwell, F. Arnold, K. Flickinger, R. Baker, S. Hinman, L. Alsobrook. Tovvson's Tennis team played several matches this year and did very well. L' ,.'. . -I .: ' ll I S 232: ln ' III I lllll . ' : z. ff 1 :::::::. :sg :gl :ll , 7' ' llllllllssll ' v y y A V4 5 .g . . . . .. Xytriir pg ' , 'll' 'li' ipailullll l !tXTY"i In lililil A is gui ,A ulunull - j55.Q7lf 'f' " i - , Q r 1 if 1 Q lil! . - - - , Q v 4 , , i . ' u i , . . - 4 I .. if v 1 .4 i 9 F L, T ' , ', . l, v - - - ....i. - - Ny' A 4Yka.,,..L....--.- I '. '. '. '. '. '. '. .', '. .P kiiigij "lW1',','.'. If Ii - sb .A . .... .... , L, WT: 3 ' x -,I xx-xr .',5.9..'A f'!4 ik, SJ l if ? . Al Florian steps into his swing. Fred Arnold plays "net" in a doubles match. i Nl me Ba lac ser Uig as eve .tl U Ira ll' u 'N I I O l 1 ' I 'i is ' 1 N... " 1 . , , Q Xa o l V is V xi , ,...m 1 n 7? I hy, .. , T X - - .1 F .'Jn.'1':'5,,, Q51 'A -. an " 2, as ! 4 fi' - .J- il- When spring arrives, Towson is The scene of many difTerenT sporTs. Baseball, Tennis, Track and Tield, and lacrosse are all going on abouT The same Time. All men on campus are urged To parTicipaTe in These sporTs as There is a place Tor iusT abouT everyone. Dave Evans also makes a good jump. Towson's J.V. Tennis Team + HI? 2 . N , . 1"- 1 Q, ' .V N - f' "' v. Q vf 'K 'fx . .R ' 'U 1 s .r l v . I ' Q an I A ,i ,V ,f. I- . -s. , 'T' JF!" ,Y,"'1a .sk ,,.,fX ' 1- 271 an ' ' f ' fx ,rj ...Q mf f1'Tf-ufyea Af b ,.f, ."..,1l. V 14' 5' . ' 51 'V Rf "hai 1 V' . . . . . . J. M ., , if , , , . 1 'vinwxwv . V , .. 8 X . an 3 I , xr an . ,,., Q 4. A . V ,Q ' Ks Y 55 Ya 9 'IX 'f gglwtfmwfs .. , WM ,' Sm, xv' jf . :H -z,-'J' ' ., , A44 ', g..u p- f .4 -N H, ZA 4 f '97, A, x -'Nr S., . ,AMF . K 5 ,V iq Cul t .A . . s an Q ' se an A e 1 . A , Y 15 1, Y at KVM ,N , X ' "S Y' -.. ' " ' "' .vq U + ,M , .4 'WM 'ia '- f,,ffwf-..-f,4,, f nm aww 3 "FS"-9' 'V' 'iw' 4 in :annul "i i -fif"i3' i'X.vx-1'1..' .Q mm mam? . ' f b G5-alisi A If ,Z 0 . . , . 11' 4--as-'59 ,ff 1' Af" P 1 1 -4 my u . P 0 0 I r"K , I . ..-4 , mu., . 8, N341 Num. 1 Ill' ?'..,. 3 M ward-, , M Qwafli sr . .r 'lf wx- ig' - -34 f,..f rfb ' g :wg 2. .wr ., fi :at .Q A -Z -I- Q f 2+ A if? 2 V Eng . ' Mr- ' Q , Q fwyi , -,lb ,.Q,:Qw., 'b ' , 531' 5.,i"Nlf'ff ally'-' '7 f. 3 l W ,Q xv 'b rg? .fs is X" - c xg- Qbl Ek., xy as Lgxf-sxi AV, ,.-,asm ,WTF l' ,QM 65"-"yas B. Qual, 9. gg + .lag Yivf ,, 'yfw law., be 'sax ld-gt ,N -...Q W, aa: .x ,Q .31 in .N ,A y -'kv v' Q' ' ,' " W- , V M V 'P -'Xing 53-,Mg y . in ,, . ..f TA . . ' tell-4 -l ' . ,- -V V Uv' Pk: Qi 1:54, . 5 ',' 1.35 '-'gl fs S. ' SRT- -A ,J . iaaeas f QTGN, - .0 L ' rv' 1 Q 1 N I ,bw M ink. ,. A g .f'l :'.dQ :j3-5 tg w lr, -1fgf,.g,.' sp.: Arg- ,1--aapgsg -ga-11 I' .:f.,1,,jf: , ,5!f,F e mg, -.3 jg- 'T .. ia ., , , ., ,Q A , . J ' -P .- "- : Q- uf, 3-U r: ,,si:5,.Qi gap' -' inf 1' A if 3 " ' if Q' ' ' -, x .7 ef I"':1 M., . N -.ii 'A ki' 2 5.4 ,.-.,c- :Q 1.5! Q -1: ,A Q pr- spar ,g,mgQgi.:-5. ' r 2 a-1gff", .irl .ig 21"s4Q2'i" v"'- f '11, I X, U- ,M :...?.,,32 I1 V l . Q Me'--.-A 1 -- ' .1 r . I -V W ar . . s ..-intl Towson's Track and field Team worked hard To out-do Their opponents This year. In several insfances they were successful. E. Cherewko, B. Woolsfon, and T. Shorlall show some of The long-practiced form necessary for a successful meet. 2 1554 Q V' . , t IN!-M R' sq. in rw. 'iq 3 Elini ,N ,,'vT. ,-rm, -aug.. " in If kia: iff! t f- J' bf lgo 'Y it in 4 A fi LaCrosse team: Bottom row Il.-r.J-J, Shank, T. Bressler, D. Stack, N. McCloskey, M. Mahoney, B. Anastasi, C. Croner, E. Lorenz, l A. McNamar. Second row Il.-r.J-P. Phaneuf, D. Graham, N. Kolb, J. Levering, Mr. Melville, M. Riley, J. Johns, J. Shank. l l also ,. . .. , ! I , ,,, - . 4 .edu -t.a,,,.wii.1X,i. X was .1--'. Y I . gl ,r I vxxks Vflw? vii- "'-'-.f 'F-3.9 . ..1- ' . " N ggfv- Q .E .xr .5 Er, .99-...S-1 1 A A -. 5,-., ,qi.A:..y s- . 'v I l l 4 K 12.5 . . . . + f sv- -1' f J J in J. . 0 .1.4u1:"- .:,..,5.1g'5.w5 1- f -4- Q . l 1 ,."" iw f Q f M' ., .C .,.g.,-QSIJ I li ll Mr. Melville looks over the field before The game. The Knights get in some practice before the season starts. if 95-3 The Towson Knights battle for the ball. sz 'Y 6 ball A Towsonite throws a check. , Time for replacements. ..- -lv ,. ...N .. ., P.. 1' Up in the air to catch the 4... ,, M ji.: Q F4 j fl: :ini .L X" J. -L fxk:x,...5w - xv' Q rl. WSJ A is "Get the plays straight, it Q' might cost us the game." "Egg ?g 9- , Q .ffms , 1 -3 to A i i 43"-ul' U ' iff? . '-"HWS . It ' 1 X ,. -- . 'f' - ' ' if . 1-'-" 3" lr' an 1 V v i A I .' M no at Q ' A A 'iff 1 " f fi '-fi' - 1 5, 954 Wa X I - if P-is Tv , .J gzx, ' Q? . V v It . 'I V- ' ' I -Jgjy I- QT' T U 9 1 ' T1 .W T ' ,Haiku 5' .. 55523 .Am ,ki T. tc, -L A , 1 " N ,., , N' . Q. Q ,A X' Ns ' 1 7-7194 5 Q we SFT EYQIJQ x ,I -gm! U9 N I A X 7 ' ' ' ma:-,lf ,, The Towson Hockey player gets in- to position as her team moves down the field. - 1 n-, M. fax-tw I '. A A, . y Both teams are Trying hard To win. 9'lP"K'0-.. , k - , EYII4,-T The girls battle for The puck. Which team will be The victor? Under The W.A.A., an elective system is organized to give every student an opportunity To engage in The sports which she will enjoy. Among The electives offered are: hockey, soccer, Tennis, archery, bas- ketball, badminton, lacrosse bowl- ing, volleyball, and softball. 90 GW -i i Wyman is ,llfhl fic sszfciafivn ' 4, Ai. f -A . . .ww 2 tfe .A , ,. x x P A , , .3 A "ab-.rf'-' He2ff.1N1 . - Q -5 '. N-E H ,u , '. 11- ,,., TPI ' ' - rf f Q. - .ff-'5 -aiu 0 , I 1' I 'SC I. 'S v. 1' N 4 n 1, 1, 5 X - b HLA- ' 1 1 ' A . sz: 'I 'KN Lv ""'1g.. VV.A.A.: Bottom Row-B. Miller, P. Balzer, J. Schaefer, B. Bradley. Second Row-L, Leister, B. Sherrer, P. Ennis, R. Kohler, J. Pensel. This action shot shows the skill of shooting a ball and having it land in the basket. Third ROWAC. Ennis, P. Cribbs, A. Thomas, B. Switzer, C. Tongue. .Y'1. A 1 is . ii If . E 65' X J 4 if p A Q . -M 'l" "-f . fi . P -' V 5' During the game the team pauses to catch their breath. The sidelines give the girls a word of encouragement, W,4.,4. The VV.A.A. sponsors basketball for all Towson girls. There are intra- mural games between dorms and then a Towson team is chosen to par- ticipate against other colleges. The above picture shows the ac- tion found in girls' basketball. Pat Ennis has the ball, will she make the basket? Somewhere in outer space there is a basketball that was passed by the Towson varsity. Pat Ennis goes up and shoots. Two more points for the Towson varsity. gil kvfbzzll The reserves watch The exciting game. Although they are on The bench now, They will have their Turn and play. The girls fight for possession of The ball. The ref, is there 'ro check and call any play that is out of order. ..9. L, Q-5 -X 4 The Towson first Team is composed of P. Ennis, M. Duvall, C. Ennis, M. Mitchel, M. Schreilier, and L. Alder. .1.-4. - , . ' fl. v -.v , .. 1 f-e-- .si sq x Qs. , The Towson students who bowl use the Stoneleigh Bowling Alleys. A moment of hope, despair, and concentration is frozen in the picture above. 'xtmwwinqp 1 The bowling elective is open to both women and men at Towson. For the small sum of one dol- lar you may bowl two games a week tor seven weeks. instructions are given to beginners and encouragement is given to those who know how to bowl but somehow never break a hundred. Chris Kofskey delivers a ball that is sure to bring a strike. Again Gay Lyter shows a great deal of hope that her ball will hit the pins in the pocket and bring home a spare. The couple above display a variation of the Cha-Cha-Cha. This picture was taken at the social dance elective. ----sq ...... Chris Kokskey comes through with another mark. Notice her follow through. We are sure this is the reason. Phyllis Lonegro and John Schuerholz practice to make their dance perfect before they demonstrate for the entire social dance elective. Many different electives were open to both men and women at Towson. One of them was a social dance held every Tues- day during the winter months in the barracks. Over fifty Tow- sonites participated in this elec- tive and it's told that everyone had a good time under the di- rection ot Miss Graeser. 96 x 'f --,vm ..f Ze S',x'f ...Q ,. ,H 1' "T" X ' -.f i.:" M gg:fMg5'4w.L....:' Members of the their instructions ,RAM - A V-. -fp.. v -'F L.'2"' ,TJ ,rw , 9. swimming elective wait for f. , J 1 -' ' A ' rg e f:-' ,Q - ' - .. ., " rg The swimming elective lasted for three of the four 9-week elective periods. A course in life saving was offered and several girls took it. The course lasted for the entire 27 weeks. Courses were also offered for the rank beginner and the very advanced swimmer. 1! ' Fl I ki ,..-?1 xv Y, - '-fi .. fj"r - 2 ...-- 'W' ""'v1inn.r' ..-f The girls learn to dive off the side before they use the board. How did I do that time? Brenda Sherrer demonstrates a running front dive This is how it should be done H7 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I II I I I I , II II I I I I I II I I I I I I I I I N- + SS Sfreslzmalr 611155 :ff I 964 ,fl ,f' ' W .. .ff -Q. lf ', ,','?- qn aff? ., , t. I,-,,,. , Y ' -5.495 This year ushered in a new class to Towson, the Class of 1964, The Freshmen were introduced to the campus during Freshman Week sponsored by the F.A.C. Parties, dances, and lust plain old social get togethers were on the sched- ule of the busy Freshmen. Nicholas Kolb was elected presi- dent and under his guidance the class worked together to plan a float that was "out ot this world" for the annual homecoming pa- rade. The class officers seated from right to left are: J. Cooper, J. Mackert, J. Duffy, J. Whitcraft, W. Reuling, B. Gordon, J. Gromberg. Lady Luck looks with awe as she Thinks of The Freshmen that will be absent when the class meets four years from now. A Nicholas Kolb, president, offers a suggestion as she stands behind the rostrurn. S 3 A i X- T f g S , , ' ' President Robert Highsmith reads the proposed agenda as the other officers listen. Seated, from left to right are: Ruth Clark, recording secre- tary, Carroll Swam, vice-presi- dent, Pamela O'CalIaghan, cor- responding secretary, and Fayla Lancaster, treasurer. 4 I 1 Bob reads an important announcement as the other active class members listen. Class meetings are held on alternate Thursdays at two P.M. L- Svphomare Hlass of I 963 Sophomore Chuck Croner raises his hand to be recognized. This procedure will provide the Class of 1963 with ideas for their future events. Each class presents a play and sponsors a dance during the year. The sophomore production was raved as a success by all who attended. As Sophomores, they have experienced one year of academic and social education. Looking into the future, half of their college career still lies ahead. Plans must be made and this is exactly what is being done at the class meeting pictured. ,Yun br Zlass of I 96 V i i i i i i 'I ii ii f .. tk i A - A 15 NY' . . W, - Seated around the fable from left To right are: Jean Dawson, Treasurer, Richard Dishoroon, vice-president, Frederick Abt, president, Connie Crumrn, corresponding secretary, and Linda Blood, recording secretary. The officers of the Junior Class paused to have their picture Taken before the regular business meeting. H04 Captured in picture is the procedure of the Junior Class neeting Don Koester seems willing to share his opinion with the other members assembled to guide their class. The class of '62 is proud to display its emblem throughout the school. This particu- lar copy of the emblem may be admired by all in the student center. Many members of the class display the emblem on blazers or sweaters. The colors which are proudly worn by those of '62 are red and white. The beau- tiful colors of this emblem must be seen to be appreciated. The shield itself was de- signed by Linda Beck during her sophomore year. The class emblem was made available to all its members that same year. Eggs ..f,:..f.r-V" N" ,Lf-u ,pfgf-+11 DJ' I ,xl i. - .ash 1.1. . N. 'Q for .fm . .. 4 yi r?'i2?r'5f.?L i' 11 ..-. A Wfiflff' gf' 'A 4 .-I Af , , f W Q li 1300 I W ,116 ndrvlz Mr. "A," has been advisor and friend to The class of 'ol for three highly successful years. We all feel that without his guidance the class would not have been half so successful. lt will be hard for any one of the seniors to forget his cheerful smile and "helping hand" in the years to come. Whether the class was putting on an assembly, constructing a float, planning a dance or iam session, or working on a special proiect, Mr. "A." was always on hand with sleeves rolled up ready to pitch in and help. Credit must also be given to Mrs. and the boys who often gave up their plans so that Mr. could be with the class. We, the Seniors, know that Mr. Abendroth will continue to give his "all" for the students of Towson, and we wish him success in all that he may endeavor. movie Mary Ophelia Adams Kindergarten-Primary Melinda Allen Elementary Beverly Ruth Abrams Joyce Elizabeth Anderson Kindergarten-Primary Kindergarten-Primary vii .H. 'M .agar ' .W IQW a N.-' Marian Elaine Asay Kindergarten-Primary Gloria Lois Askin Junior High Beverly Amland Elementary um 95222 Robert Edward Anastasi Mary Ann Cecilia Audley -vw-ng, Elementary ' Junior High Kenneth Russell Alwell Junior High . SJ' 0:7 Phyllis Ann Bagdadi Junior High 1-I Raymond Robert Baker Junior High 4 'BE Charles Theodore Bennett Junior High H Elrzabeth Juelda Barger Charles Edward Brooks ' my Elementary Junior High Evelyn Marne Benlamln Kenneth Rogers Bryner Elementary Junior High 'R Selma Ruth Burkom Junior High Robert Edward Callary Junior High 45 L Robert Pierce Busch Junior High John Butchko, Jr. Junior High Irvina Ernest Butler Kindergarten-Primary fl 's Ruth Eileen Carr Kindergarten-Primary Eleanor Ann Chaplain Junior High Carlton L. Charnock Junior High Mary Cecile C aron Elementary Roberta Jean Chenowith Elementary i l l K 4. Eugene Cherevvko Barbara Carole Cohn Junior High Elementary 9 any IWC ti . NJ" Linda Jane Chiles Junior High i i Susan Lynne Chiles Elementary Jerome Saul Cohen f J Junior High , . 'ES' an " r' 4 F-va EN rye-5 Rhoda Atlcin Cohen Ruth Wampler Cornett Elementary Elementary Roberta Jacqueline Collector Elementary Everett Lee Cook Elementary Linda Royahn Copper Elementary Sandra Jean Couchman Florette Miriam Cushner Elementary Elementary ur. 7 'N Hifi' ij? IU' Laura Catherine Cox Kindergarten-Primary Mildred Olivia Cox Junior High 'Qi Wd Man, Myrna Saundra Cox Elementary Patricia Kay Cribbs , Stephanie Jankowski Dee Junior High Elementary Donald Arthur Cyzyk Junior High Carole Edna Davidson Junior High Gorman Ray Davis, Jr. r Junior High 111 Barbara Ann Diering KiridergartenfPrimary Richard John Duczynski Junior High E5 4 Elizabeth Anndrranna DiNardo Marlorie Lee Edwards Elementary Junior High Mary Lou Doetsch Mary Adeline Elliott Elementary Elementary Kenneth Franklin Dollenger Patricia Ann Ennis Junior High Elementary E is .uni if 'ictai' 3 Lois Diane Edgell Elementary A 1 4 X l Joseph Arthur Evans y Junior J High H I l i t i Richard Louis Evans Junior High A4 rl X 'T' Marianne Faasen Junior High Jo Ann Tilford Fasnacht Elementary Kenneth Robert Flickinger Junior High Thomas Andrew Fox Junior High ,AQ Heather Smith Figelman Kindergarten-Primary Ellen Lee Finifter Kindergarten-Primary Frances Myra Frank Kindergarten-Primary Peier Brurniex Fleirniifg Eiementai y i 3,0 , , . N . , x ,-an 'UV' L Mary Frances French Elementary' fi, 4-.Ji -Q--44 ,Q ,V A 15? Margaret Parr Gallaher Kindergarten-Primary Geraldine Linda Gamerman Kindergarten-Primary Joan Lee Germer Junior- High fi sf H 'kv' Claire Velie Griffin Kindergarten-Primary Betty Jane Grisinger Junior High Robert Kent Haines Janet Mary Gregory El I emen ary Elementary - J-, W : ry 4. Q t AT? Joseph Walter Haluch Junior High Ei? Elsie Mary Hanssen Junior High Kg Linda Shor Gross Kindergarten-Primary Patricia Henry Harman Elementary wp-if 19' Susana JtJon Guzman Gary Carlton Ham Wap junior High Junior High Susan Margaret Harris Kindergarten-Primary Stella Maxine Hill Elementary Margaret Lucretia Harsh Elementary Harriet Meyerovvitz Heyman Elementary Frances Davis Hildebrand Junior High l Gi Constance Henriette Hoagland Elementary Hugh Wayne Hopwood Elementary Frances Litsch Horvath Junior High Harry Beemer Hinman Junior High Lynda Evelyn Houston Elementary Edward Nicoll Humrn Junior High Mara Seugra Jakovics Elementary Mary Louise Humphrey Junior High Thomas Gordon Hutchins Junior High Judith Ann Iseminger Knidergarten-Primary Junko 'E Barbara Dean Johnson Elementary Malvadean Lorraine Jones KindergartenAPrimary Rosalie Frances Kahanowitz Junior High Eileen Anita Karabell Junior High QA!" Marilyn Dorsch Keehner Kindergarten-Primary f 4 l l l l T717 l l l , Sharron Kaye l Kingsbury Kindergarten-Primary Roseanne Kohler Junior High Phyllis Lea Krieger Elementary -19" Roberta Killian Darrell Tynan Lane Elementary Elementary "Q I 129' 1 Patrick Joseph Lane Junior High Amy Gertrude Lergenrniller Kindergarten-Primary AA D. F. Lane Dianna Rita Lewis Junior High Elementary Lynn Dubin Levin Elementary JJQ Mary Susan Leyes Kindergarten-Primary Sandra Mabel Lindgren Kinderga rten-Prima ry Dorothy May Lewis ,Polly PBT Machin Elemenfafy K1ndergartenfPrimary -Q, wax 5 N? f 5' X 115 Edward Beckley Lorenz Junior High slr? wilt' Gabrielle Catherine Lyter Barbara Lee Mason Junior High Junior High A Luta Marguerite Madison KindergartenAPrimary Marjorie Dietz Marlowe Jan Elementary Stephen Maskol Junior High "Q-v. L. We -Q lJ"lliiiw l-lowarcl Mathews, .lr Junior High K .qi l 5 l J Maudesline Alberta McLeod Kindergarten-Primary IQ? S- F9 'ul-tv any . .1 Neal Comer McCloskey Belly l-OU Miller Junior High Elementary Barbara Neville McDowell Don Burnell Milstead Kindergarten-Primary Junior High Carole Ellen McLaughlin Margaret Mary Mitchell Junior High Junior High 13 Josephine Ann Mikanowicz Kindergarten-Primary 76- Q21 XX-M' ' 'F Cd!! Rhoda Morris Elementary Pairicia Rufh Mullican Elementary ,f -5 .nik 'W' Ellen Rebekah Neville Junior High Susan Phyllis Munaker Harriet Ellen Nitzberg Junior High Kindergarten-Primary Lenore Suchanek Naumann EISGFIOI' Hood Nolley Kindergarten-Primary Junior High Harriet Abigail Needle Susan O'Dell Elementary Junior High wp-1 ""'Q vff Evelyn Roberta Newman KindergarrenfPrirnary 'Qs Mary Margaret O'Rourke Kindergarten-Primary .4 i23 , , Janet Carole Owens MBVY Ann PQVVOT Elementary Elementary fir fi Qs -3 C' Patricia Alice Parr Junior High Judith Atticks Peebles Elementary Wanda Leota Peeling Elementary -4' 4-sun' .. rw" M . . X K I 'Zn Rl- ,Of ,......, Judith Lynn Per-,gel Judith Elaine Pickett Elementary Kindergarten Primary f"S em . Dorothy Evelyn Phillips Junior High Louise Vigneras Phillips Kindergarten-Primary Samuel Palmer Phillips Junior High K -av YWN Ilene Loss Prckus Bonufa Rakes Kindergarten Primary Elernenfary 'NSA "feb Patricia Ann Junior Hrgh QL i MPX' '4- 4,46 Clair Rivers Junior High 51? fd 5' Margaret Schierholz Junior High John Aloysius Rose, Jr, John William Schlee Junior High Junior High 1, iff Milton Fosler Saulsbury -lUClITh Mae SCl'lWarTZ Junior High Elementary Janet Carol Schaefer Debrah Ruth Sher 'S' Elementary Kindergarten-Primary 4 . 'H Q l 6 Grace Miller Scheiclt Junior High ,no Gaynelle Brenda Sherrer Kindergarten-Primary Barbara Louise Sherrill Junior High Joseph Samuel Simms Junior High Anne Theodore Fitzgerald Kindergarten-J Primary s A A S ' V ' A ml l Andrea Brose Sherwood Jeannette Alyce Smires I n lli Junior High Kindergarten-Primary - ' We Timothy Bailey Shortall Barbara Anne Smith Junior High Junior High Germaine Louise Shortt Elementary Francis Barry Smith Junior High .f--sq. W 4 S. N' Q' n, v..n Martha Ellen Smith Kindergarten-Primary BP V vshllfffr' A n Duvall Goodwin Sollers James Lincoln Sparks l ... i ,W ra, V . Junior High -af f' Arn Carole F. Solomon Elementary Richard Brent Somers -sci Junior High Marilynn Kifer Spade Kindergarten-Primary Elementary C? P5 355: 16 is-at '23 George Thurman Sparks Elementary David Edward Stockman Junior High Marian Alberta Stairs Elementary Diane Metaxas Stavros Kindergarten-Primary Doris Fern Stepp Elementary I lk' L Q2 i Patricia Anne Sfrosnider Elemenfary Sandra May Swan Kindergarten-Primary Donna Watson Sweet Junior High Nancy Lee Sfreeks Carolyn Sandra Tate Kindergarten-Primary Kl"'de'Q5fle'7'Pflm5fY 'E .db -- Marcia Taylor Elementary Patsy Carol Taylor Junior High Nancy Anne Thomas Junior High Barbara Mae Tait MBVQUSVITG Todd Elementary Elemerlfary 5 1 .Wirral l l Qlrgifrleerw Krause Trimble Kindergarten -Primary l l l l l l l C? l 1 .,-if r f-4 Paula Ann Walsh Elementary l30 -an T7 li. Nancy Mayfield Weaver Junior High 1-Q :Q Bette Copple Trorke Elementary Paul Joseph Varelli Junior High Barbara Robbins Venable Elementary I :Of ' 7107 Barbara Snook Webster Elementary Beulah Mae Weigle Elementary Marvin Weiner Junior High L Sheldon David Weinstoclf Junior High Maurice Arnold Wells Junior High nfs' A V X SSX ' ' A J -it 1 '-1? " 'rs ,.,- C.. Sandra Lee Wentz Grace Foster Williams Elementary Junior High Katharine Stuart Widener Elaine Ruth Willis Junior High Elementary Madelon Catherine Wilhelm Ida May Wimmer JUniOr High Junior High Alan Douglas Williamg Junior High l. 'S Jive' 4' x if 11 A -.4-v Y? funivr Zffllegc' Students Tatiana Maria Alunans Esther Novick Dorfman Junior College Junior College Gertrude K. Atkinson Robert James Highsmith Junior College Junior College Lynn Elizabeth Eyster Patricia Mae Kidd Junior College Junior College is: Roberta Clara Decker l3? Junior College Q-Ag 5' 7'9- Martha Dale Lemen Junior College . l. 1 'l it l A ' . X. -MQ pn m' """" Carole Elizabeth Medley Carole Ann Reed ' Junior College Junior College Y... Y .N 11' ,I 'lf A -f" Claudia Ann Orndortf Paul Robert Swank aff Junior College Junior College Roy Wallace Not pictured Junior College Catherine Susan Beivan Linda Carol Harrison Theodore August Heun Eclythe Karlinsky Kahn Joseph Leo Mills John Richard Passamonte Lonna Bea Smoller I33 I f.. "H r 'QF' , qsfh -.X M t-:fa ' . , V -jf.: u . I 1' I ' ' ' ". .- In -J.-H . "9r'- 3-f,-Q. Ig , .- -- , , . if ri f-. V ,Q . my ,LGU ..- . ' '.5"4I'5f1f ' 45' ' ' - - ,,.,,o if-If - 1-Q. 's 5-, 1 . -'lg ' , ' -Q 5 ' . ,C ' L . fl ! ' 'f"':- .-Ig , -l,- I at :Q 5, .'-lg ., pg' - 'ln ' I JS' L' 12' 4 T3 ' -' .--fs 9 V - 1 ...Q , , 4.-.- ,lf , a.' Q .J . ' , .f .- ,.. . . . qv' N D 2 . ' ' A- - s.?"i"H?- .E'? '-I - fn 'H '-"Ziff:-. , .- H. J' -' 5 ' 1 ----E.,,5qr1. .4-:fr . Q 51-5.-15. 2 , "A, - . 1, , -.4 - - -..A, 4 r gf:-" A --,v'."F-g5'p.', ' 'I ,ug - ,cn -1-,:1.-5:5 ,345 E - -,- u 5 K ' " r -"s u H' . .- 1 Nu 1' ' 1 4+ W ,- W 1' v ! , 1 " "'f'--in i ,--,,W N ..,, U' 7 ' l--l-. Y f 7- -F i 7 ll . 1' ' I , I . 1 U, . , "" if-"1-, ' Qlf-'FE ..a 4 . .f,,'..2. W: .- -Q" 7.-TA: , . .., -I' , T , . hx r. gg ' . 1--A '-gy' 'Y - 1 1 ' - " - Q'f.5."- ?"'-.i.'.eI--'Q .ijurlu --. .g. -,.- - '::-- ..-1" - 5 . - e.1c.,., ,-,'-1, '.-inysi 'nl , - -r. ' 7, ' Q' "" ' ' A'U54"n1 L-5-1f':v." 1w'. ' n' l'Ql'1' ii? ' .,-an 3. . 3-fy . Q . -4 ,.. -, ' ,x '- . 1- r ' - fa? 652 y -5- - fa- :Q I X '11 . .":f Q- 5 . ft if 3. 1 I .'-' ' I V V..- ,Y v . - , , , n- ' I P . -ff - -: -- f 3 ,-1 ',.- -u - -4- - f---jf. Q .Jin 5 - ' -"r., ,' I 1 -g .:' . A P" gf 'ffv rv? QW , - .'fC.q , ,L -- , ,:.- :H ,- .. 'Rf 1:1 -. . 6 -5: -:'f,f-1 -v , , 4: A1 pi: K .- - 5 . -.- y.r, , . ' - -.4-1,5 I. jf- - 1- , x S! , I - V ' va. , 4- - A-, sf!-ef ,-, J. -.f ff. I'-5'l5x1':i 11 f ,, -- : -' ,- . :A .: . - -.--"-l'.y.f 'I ,- , ':, , , A -. 4 5.-j,-.Q n 1. vw. ., ,. -fgf .Q . . .--:V , I' - " . c f'.'3,- VTP .ont -1 ' - - 1 if Q .. -I . , - , , , . . . ,.... , -'I' ' 'N'E'Q2., . . 'ki N1 .' ' i". T: ' .-1-.f.f+--fb-L 'gn-.f 'J , -3-L-, - .ign ' 511' ,- .51 ,-z lavi-!,,-1. ' ,il --2 X." - - ' 1,-, , '-6 w 1' . I "!':,i'3-5-'-.3313-IZ.: . ' .5 V , " L .1.!.':.5 ' '-' 1,-,ng ' . Q , ' . ,, L1 ' Q-..-'I--..-,z H . " . . -1- . 4- ,-1, x , 4 ",,- . AY , . J . .f. J .1 uv ' . . A 'if 1+ - ' --Zo!f.fz-',,r"-g1.':-7f-' . , .' - . -S. -,ff,a,..5-q' .::b.q,gg ' .Eg "--- 1 " -Jr' '-A 5 "-15-'A'Qf5':iQ 'A ,sf ' A in A ' 1. P- ,Z 3. ,rf li -L . -gi ig -1. ,fy - E5 -J .. av .L W' z :fi df iii, .A -.-.L-...+L ,, ...:-T -qztl-1.--3--..w'1,, it :U-Semi, TJ-1?--53: ge' .u-in-v - Q.:-uqsvwm .s Activitie si s fpb it These two use their time wisely while waiting to pre-register. Kegisfra! 2714 But I have lunch hours three days a week! Twice a year Towson students have The privilege ot taking part in that old tradition of pre-registration. At the crack of dawn, one can see The enthusiastic ones lining up outside The gymnasium door waiting to be let in. Every student goes in with the perfect schedule and comes out with it slightly revised. Each person attempts to get permit slips for those highly desired required courses Tirst, waiting in lines which often cover halt the gym floor. In the end, however, every- one gets some sort of schedule worked out. There are many adiustments to be made before the semester is very old. lv i,.I ' Some people pick the library to work on their sched- ules. at Cow an Well now, we must have you listed. Are you sure you go to Towson? Complications may arise during and after registration, but the Regis- trar's Office is ready to make all reasonable adiustments. Seniors Roberta Collector and Marta Branch instruct Juniors Sophia Maggelakis, Phyllis Lonegro, and Chris Kofskey in housing procedures at Prettyman Hall. Fayla Lancaster, Judy Dowdy, and Ellen Alford begin the process ot moving into their new home for the next nine months. l After weeks of packing the necessities for the coming school year, the resident students enter into Towson's dorm life. Many weeks of preparation are put into this day which ends none too soon. ,- ' r '. Being Sophomores enables Fayla, Judy and Ellen to move in much faster than last year. i N. Wh- Jo Ann Mikanowicz reminds Sue Austin that there is a time limit on phone calls. is u. it 1 ,J-" Eh ef 'Y W i S This lovely lowly spook looks too pleased with herself, 'N l I .Ley 1 I-I X i'l.i:i I r it My wonderful spookmaster made sure I wouldn't catch cold on that brisk October night! Spank l What a beautiful rose this fashionable Towsonite holds. Spook Week is a very active week for the Fresh- men who live in the Residence Halls. The whole week is brought to a close with Spook Night. This is the night when the Freshmen are initiated offi- cially into dorm life. Procedures vary from year to year but they are always designed to keep every- body amused. Many students will remember the activities of this week and laugh months later. Some will remember with great amusement the hilarious costumes which they wore on Spook Night, thanks to the honorable Spookmasters. Others will laugh or may turn a pale shade of red when they remem- ber their great performances in the student center. lt, l 1 l Wee lil A v l l. l u 4 lm ill 'ns Carry out these orders exactly as they appear here or beware of me on Spook Night!! The foyer is thoroughly cleaned on Saturday morning. These girls were told to "shine those windows care- fully." 3 ml ,. ,M f-X fi you , ,. ,, ,.,,,x,,, ,.,. ...W I ., ? - -'YQ x." 5-9. . - - vs , fx 'F 1 ,! 'r. ly 7 ,IW-'7 RXl,JqR52 , Tif!5 I ,J r 1 K 1 r 'l l dioln't expect to find my door looking like this! When I went to sleep last night it was perfectly okay! Who was rny night visitor? My Spookmaster certainly has lots of dirty clothes. l'll probably be here all year. is 4 gi? x 3:3 it F -R Q AX r 5 Ti , .21-L' I- 'l f 1' . -Q Ja. ,Y I' ,iz My 4 :. - - 'N 5 M. egg. . T , ' - '- ': .T .. K 4555 " 0 K. fl x . aff All " .N T in I' T , .5 X 'E' M. l V . , . . V lf' ' AI' T5 3 . ,KK LQ . N 1 I Aflw. I Q . , T Cf: N- 1, A ii tl 7 . Ti ' X lb . li 'fl . 1 1 1- wi r'f'f A .C-19139 .P Her Majesty, The Queen! Miss Cindy Huggins reigned over Towson's Homecoming activities This year. She began her reign at a luncheon which was held in her honor. Miss Huggins Then Traveled Through The Towson area on a specially-made Tloat which was provided by The Senior Class. Upon her arrival on The soccer Tield, she was crowned by The President of The Alumni Association, Mr. Quinton D. Thompson. Though rain was falling, nothing could dampen The spirits of The Towson rooters, and Miss Huggins cheerfully watched The game with her escort, Mr. Chuck Cummings. . A - s J57fDn.. Wet, but happy 38 The Queen and Her Court: Miss Jane Chiles Miss Sue Chiles Miss Phyllis Balzer Miss Cindy Huggins Miss Wanda McGee Miss Judy Simpson, Miss Mary Alice Ball ffrwflewm hy I 960 So Far, Yet So Near The winning float and Sopho- more entry in this year's parade featured a large red devil com- plete with pitchfork. The Freshman class was rep- resented in the parade by visi- tors from outer space. 'Fug .""b In-'P -., s me T I' ' 5 dir 5-,J ..-.-..Lr-L.i. l I crown thee Il. I' IL There you go, boys! Far away places with strange sounding names add- ed to the excitement of the X t ... A annual homecoming events. .-' The l96O Queen reigns. rv. 'J 2 , 5. .rf p- . V-,. -. YQ-... vq., -- -. --43' qv s K f . , . U mn. 5, . ," ,4 ,, f, -ff..-a .4.-: 1-- 51. lf 14' The ball went that-a-vvay! .ms ,MN iv' Quinn!! 9 'iw R' i 1 5 i Q Q , , vi K-U . .1 1 " 1 ,,.,gQ,:.s,,,y A , x N' ws: , , ' Air. sv ,WL-r""QM..v xg' if YQ Y. S' x . g' f' , I B in ' --N'-fussy. -wi-J W.A.A.'s tribute tothe 1960 Olympics. in A Q 1 . Q 'V' g ,1 .N A I gt., F 1 W.,-,X uf 5 Homecoming wouldn't be the same without food and floats. An- other must is a soccer game. This V. . . . if year the Knights, inspired by Huggins' presence, overcame the Lynchburg Hornets in a 4-3 victory. "Shangrila" depicts the Juniors' hope for peace. is . , i ffff. if Mass A iff? AGI ' Was that the main event? Frosty in flesh and fiction. MXN Hhri ima ME lnflla REM THE A season's greeting and minutes from a meeting. Every year Towson readies itself for the holy holiday season. The Newman Club unwraps its manger scene, the dorms decorate their doors, and Ste- phens Hall sports a variety of trim. 1 1 ' Q fi at Cow an A T -f -fa? . - x - llnSl1'5"" - xYV It GATT. lfsll rr!! i 'Tl ,J , z B f f V 1 Christmas, cancllelighT, and conversation . . ChrisTmas dinner is prepared exTra specially nice by The caTeTeria siaff and everyone aT Towson seems To absorb The friendly feeling of cheer. "The eighTh day of Christmas "LeT's put The big one up There." Tim Shortall and Gene Cherewko help Trim The Tree in The STudenT Union. i li Extra large Turkey, please! 147 Alpha Psi Omega presents . . . Another Tradition at Towson is The party and play presented to entertain our friends from The McKim Center. Drama, music, and Santa kept everyone on The edge ot Their seats and filled with excitement. St. Peter balances his books. l l A x , -J. Q, , s-as-'P',,,' Y ,Q-. sZ"'?',? lv TX. Tidy it up! The judges are almost here. TS Qing Mr T ,Ci 'Fw wi J if ! l my and ls lrom l Santa als and 6-is San'ra's helpers, The S. T. Music-makers, led the audience in singing favor- The gingham dog and the calico cat could never take The place of That. ite Christmas Carols. l Every year, SanTa's helpers at Tow- son bring lighf into The eyes of some of BalTirnore's needy children. I49 if'.,,5 "- Q fi iggge, Sweetheart Zvi Miss Virginia Warfel and Mr. Donald Graham Sv, f.1f, f,i- ', 4' f V gl N.Q.M,.lq!.A -F 15 H' We e Q., Q as Miss Karen Jorgensen and Mr. David Sfockman 6011 I 1961 Miss Sharie Lacey and Mr. George Goody ' ,Vg 1 ' X' if - --3,-iw , -A iff! fr' sr as ' v 1 1 Y . A , ' . ' "" 1- i- w f-W P 71 ' 'l' x " M- b-'- Q .. W. 17?-7 8 45 46 wasp Mrs. Patricia Smith and Mr. Barry Smith i as' I xl. 4 4,3 4,. A., .. k 1, Q -I . l , Q if 'LJ -.1 - .40 4. 'f '1 Y 1. Q "Q 1' . 1 - A 5 J' f i, 2 1' 1 4 ' 3 ' A , l C ,S MQX . W fa? -X K . -Q 4, 1' if , my ' L I wa kt. in liax X N w "' 1 . -- -. J 9 Q ,, of ' . at 3 Every year the Sweetheart Dance is sponsored by the Stu- dent Government Association and is usually held oft campus at the Fifth Regiment Armory in Baltimore. The music tor the gala attair was supplied by the Glenn Mil- ler Orchestra under the direc- tion ot Ray McKinley. Such memorable tunes as In The Mood, Tuxedo Junction, and Moonlight S e r e n a d e were played. To highlight the evening the Sweetheart Couple, Miss Carolyn Lyle and Mr. Richard Evans, was chosen. The other couples that competed were: Miss Virginia Warfel and Mr. Donald Graham, Miss Karen Jorgensen and Mr. David Stockman, Miss Sharie Lacey and Mr. George Goudy, and Mrs. Patricia Smith and Mr. Barry Smith. fin Girls clad in lovely gowns met and ex- changed good wishes and friendly greet- ings. i 1 I f , fe . Q it h , ' i tif --if - li 5 E Glenn MilIer's Orchestra provided dreamy music for Towson's Annual Sweetheart Dance. A happy group ot students seem to be en ioying the music and the atmosphere T Shortall, B. Smith, and E. Humm purchase refreshment from Carole McLaughlin. l?,'f'o 5,1 -- il W 'T' Visitors from India added excitement to W.S.U. activi- ties. 1 . - - Q Beneath the costumes you will discover Towsonites. One week each year is set aside by the students at Towson to present money making activities. All of the proceeds from the T961 W.U.S. week activities were to be donated to India and the needy. During the week long activities there was a date auction, a penny walk, an ugly man contest, a faculty auction, and various speakers. A small admission charge was made and Towson donated nearly seven hundred dollars to the cause. The highlight of the week was the iam session and carnival which pro- vided a good time for all who attended. 't' - i '. Q ma Slip Vote for the legs you like best. Help an Indian student. Linda Blood and Judy Gosnell in their costumes n display the goodies to be sold. C lf l -am. -f 4, V .gg 1 's 1' .V l r ,J 553. L: Q :QQ ,1m'iv,, 1' A is Step up, take aim, and give your support To The World University - Service. . WHS' - fag, if m Jo Ann Fasnachr measures the to see who is ahead. C. Quenson, G. Shortt, R. Sours, J. Fashachf, and M, French contribute pennies To the Penny Walk. Penny Walk l5b qinW14 -- fu nf I I?-1, xy. qi., -, Wx. Ngmff W-ig: Ng::g,,w 4' ffl?-P K rs '. ,401 gl x: 41,4 NC 2 'L rx 1 'W' wi ' ' 'Y' '.' Y S ' M vw 'lv H+ hwxpvx if ff V lst: M vp. " f 4 f -mf 3-'M M rs V'f'f if X5 X 'Mv1,1?q'f. N1 " ? rr: V f ' W K'-' ' ' 0 ' K. M If M M ,M Nr 19, 'dfyfi X gfH?"x, f r 'ff Q G15 m , "'N "' 0 1 Jw W, Ak 1 . nf. .Q .W 1 x.-H1 , 1, xr XJ 'U FgfL"9 f " N 'M' N Y .E 1 xl AX 1 7' H i if ii ,fietj ! R kfxrxw .nf ' , . exdxg -P ' f - sf VTX Q df 'QP BNA f 'Q '-"'JAgSf:P A XY y K X9 xt,-5 ,Y , g . X :T-jwx , 1, 2. A.- P X M74 g V x my I ' s 'X 'R X' X 'ax , f O X 5 5 A. 5 'Q' V , , Z xg. 4 , .'.' Miss Sue 6'l1iles May .Queen M135 jane Ghiles M11121 af J-lunar The May Queen and her court donned dresses and heels to pose for this informal shot. Miss Susan Chiles was crowned Queen ot the May for 1961. The court was composed of: Miss Nancy Streeks, Miss Barbara Tait, Miss Sue Munaker, Mrs. Patricia Henry Har- mon, Miss Brenda Sherrer, Miss Jane Chiles, Miss Diane Edgell, Miss Doris Stepp, Miss Madelon Wilhelm, Miss Janet Gregory, and Miss Marianne Faasen. RF 'Witkilit - ' W"-' 'N W SRTSKYSYY is Hrliliasis. 5 f - YM rffff- ' ' W ti Q92 f L l '-t-' "'?S i 1- , ,skiiirx 5f-vl?Q59Q22:v':'- V " .-r -'b"""' .rue "g.. , -, v e ' Q'-" hier... 444' N Q.. Q. xsv 0 , 'ezbssxt ., I I l The Queen and her court pose on the lawn of Prettyman Hall. r lf X 5 V L. v 4. Rain hampered the annual May Day festivities and all activities had to be moved indoors. The children from Lida Lee Tall School participat- ed in the ceremony by dropping rose petals before Her Nlaiesty the Queen. The court and their dates remained in formal attire throughout the ceremonies of the day and the annual dance that followed at the Blue Crest North that night. it Rx. fx 1 si' .AZ ' X ERN C10 f 54163, ' fi N lffqlil -NX P EIQMAPX9 NAV 0,4 8 U 47 7 Elf-Dlx W Although the weath- er was poor, spirits ran high at the an- nual May Day fair. Two future Towson- ites enjoy a snow ball while other vis- itors buy pennants, popcorn, and bal- loons. Popcorn and I e m o n sticks seem to be popu lar with these three lads. ..i,, .,.,. . s If n . , tw: ,, .N G - . . , ' . 'Ti' .,'fi'i1fxj f' YY ' , - y- D. ' 5, K pg F-',.1- , .4 . :twfcfrj-' gap, IF? . t, " IT :. ', L if' - f'a1'A " , I 1. .,, XA x 1 '4- , f fi 3 y,-yi. 3747 :5,f""" . ,,, -.. ,v r ff- .' f Q ,N "1 ,sa-Qf"1in"H' V, -fi A42 f -,ffm -we is frtasvfxm ' .. ' .f-r'2'i-ill, ,' '-Q"".5.fs ?tfNQsgAtf- jg E , A 5-, ,Q ,,'?.:?yv,.-yi is..-,.,W, ..,,,, . vf -5 - .0 . "9-,I Q-xv ,sf 1 fe X MXN"- . mv g -.:, V' V: , , ,..1..,H . ff. OWSW i i 51614 Players Mm - jp- . C '54 1 Left to right-J. Monroe, A. Starkey, L. Porterfield, L. Gibson, L. Gruel. L. Rhodes and L. Porterfield discuss a political matter in First Lady. fec!eB. Burrier, S. Berman, J. Brown. Second Row-J. Glass, R. Rheb, M. Cox, A. Janney, J. McKenna, D. Gould. Standing- diafiiioff, J. Minuer, J. Matthews, T. Holeczynski, M. Belsinger, B. Waters, R. Keane, M. Hughes, R. Gwynn, I. Shepherd f fx' E 'Neal. The cast of First Lady discuss a problem dealing with the political outlook and Washington's future. The Glen Players, the college dramatic organization, offers an opportunity for those interested in all phases of dramatic produc- tion. Actors, those interested in backstage work and those just interested in the theatre can usually be found in the Glen Players' rooms at Towson. A typical gab session. The female members of First Lady look really interested in the topic. P. Smith, A. Di Leonardi, J. Bolander, and R. Luette watch J. Napier shoot the billiard ball. 62 v f ' The Student Union offers the student a place for recreation and relaxation. It also acts as a study hall, art gallery, and a shovvplace for ultra-modern fur- nishings. Some people never come here, others frequent it occasionally, and still others find it loaded with magnetic appeal. Seated from left to right: Sandy Sherr, Estella Spencer, Sylvia Schwartz, Elaine Silverman, and Phyllis Edelstein talk over the happenings of the day. i ,,. css? QQ! : I Did you say 5 hearts? J. Schlee, B. Busch, J. Glaser, and R. Davis enioy a friendly Sometimes life is iust plain hard to take, and the Student Union is a good place to come and reflect upon it. Here, in a quiet corner, one can talk with friends or catch up on that last bit of reading before class. -ga-,,..J-A - 4. . - ' -NM A quiet C?l corner. rin Y' T t l 5 at X -' ' l- - ,ff N" - M I I X ' l, L 'lf' l I Ixkxlgqxv . , 1, ' , l ' t . - . J . 1 1 1 'I I' Q., V il. , 1 H ' -- , ...J . I-t '. 1.7. u... r 2- -- age 'tp f t --,Q gf' ,tl .lt -fads' f-mr ' n-. -.s .mf .1 - c ' XX t .Vw X . , . 1 tt. f r.. ..- ,jf .I ,, fy qz. f is t "U-7 AFM ,- ' f I fs . , 1 ' f' ills N . , l 5 ' Ill 2 . .Qi -LL ,ilxd 4' I if -i fy., 4- , , s tm xp:--, H , - A s , - 1.4.1, J A -v. , A 4' D . t '. All paths lead from the Student Union. Even the faculty can be seen making their way to class via coffee at the Snack Bar. Udgalc ,gaff ' . .. 56,51 L fr, ' A 6 0 m ' L v ' X 9 Goodies of all brand names are kept on hand to tttt the vacuum created by study. -5 Students eat, study, talk, and generally socialize in the rnain eating room of the Student Union Building. lt set tear lat t role ltous ll run ager neec Peol ltelp 5 it X - A i "Miss Nancy" keeps her records straight. In the Student Union proper, "Miss Nancy" Wal- beck, the daytime hostess of the Union, is always ready with a smile and a word of encouragement for discouraged students. "Miss Nancy" plays many roles including bridge partner, checker player, and housemother for the Day Students. The Student Union also includes a book store run by Mrs. Sue Richardson. Under her able man- agement, the store carries almost anything one needs from soap powder to pen points. The other people working in the store are always ready to help a student find something not in plain sight. ..---""" 5 Mrs. Richardson figures out the monthly order. 'S The book store staff gets ready for a long day Every day at lO:55, the mad rush takes the typical Tovvsonite to the Post Office window and the individual mail box. News from home, other colleges, and commer- cial firms compose most of the correspondence. Towson students pause long enough to work the combination to unlock the "safe" and collect . . . "late library notices!" Towsonites search their boxes for daily mail. Jlflvuey iam flu 5 . . . Students come and go along the lower corridors. lbb From the look on the students' faces, the postman must have forgotten the air mail letters. The "group" at Gus' releasing their emotions with singing, joking, and lust having fun. "To the table down at Morey's," foops, we mean "Gus'."l Many hours and dollars are spent on extracurricular activities. The lite ot college students leads them to many odd and interesting places. Gus' Carryout Shop which is located near the northeast edge of the campus is a favorite stomping ground for Tovvsonites. Subs and sandwiches ot every style can be purchased. "Joe" and "Gus" greet everyone with a friendly, "Hi! What'll you have?" ,4 Pleas I0 5,0 nd .7f The Big Three, Gus, Little Gus, and Joe, greet all patrons with big smiles. i.--'.'.f 3, -.,, ifsiiiiff Jim Shank uses the library pamphlets to enrich his studies. The Albert S. Cook Library is a haven for students. In the fall and spring, the library is air conditioned for the comfort of Towson- ites. The chairs are iust comfortable enough to let you relax and study. The library has a large selection of educational materials which are allowed to go out on loan for a four-week period, It also has an excellent reference section which is used constantly by the students for those numerous term papers and research projects. fr, , if, 'QM 1 'f':ff.fY?'.f':'-iii?, A:-w.9,gw',, i1'i"'- " ,.-,V , 127 553291-Y". 7 I ' - qw 1 , Students enioy the quiet relaxed atmosphere of the library We Ad fit The efficient staff at the Albert S. Cook Library checks records, and lends books. If-IE ll .4-will is 1 , 'll H A place of concentration for many Towsonites. .Nm , ,Q 8: -1.43 439 Leon Sagan explains the Faculty Reserve Book system to Dennis Younger. But my block instructor said you the article! h 6Ve STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE at TOWSON BALTIMORE 4, MARYLAND The Special Events Committee Presents THE ARTS, l96l A Series of Programs Featuring Dante, Theater, Music, Art, and Cinema JOSE LIMON DANCE COMPANY Outstanding :Xincricain Dance Croup Monday, February 6, 8:30 P.M. - - Stephens Hall Auditorium TOM BRENNAN "Tho Current Broadway St-neon" Tuesday, February 7, 8:30 P.M. -- Von Bokkelen Auditorium BALTIMORE SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA P1-li-r lli-riniin Xcllvr, Conductor Wednesday, February 8, 8:30 P.M.--Stephens Hall Auditorium JACK BOOKBINDER --,xii uf 'rim World" Audio-xisuul uulor pri--cntulion with music Thursday, February 9, 8:30 P.M.--Von Bokkelen Auditorium "THE RED SHOES" lin colorl Alpllgi Psi Umcgu film series Friday, February 10, 7:30 P.M. - - Von Bokkelen Auditorium Programs open to students and public free of charge The Program and Special Events Commit- tee is composed of both students and faculty who work together to plan activities for the entire student body. "The Arts, 1961" pro- vided entertainment for an entire school week. The program featured the tive arts, the dance, the theater, music, art and the cinema. The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra highlighted the vveek's activities. Mr. Peter Herman Adler conducted the Orchestra while Towsonites listened. l 1-in Tom Brennan gave Towsonites his opinion on the latest Broadway shows. During February the Program and Special Events Committee sponsored "The Arts, l96T." Tom Brennan came to Towson and discussed the Current Broadway Season. l-le gave the Towsonites insight on the current trends in show business. The Jose Limon Dance Company enter- tained the student body Monday night with modern interpretive dances. To climax the week of activity, Alpha Psi Omega presented "The Red Shoes" a classic motion picture about the ballet. The picture was in color and was presented in Von Bok- kelen Auditorium. . s. at . . .... sr L f -.-,Tw-i.'5,..gc-.. ,f R vw-..u..e'. -.L-VS . .. . . .., ' Y- -Q, cf,-N Three members of the Jose Limon Dance Company display perfect form for the audience that attended the performance E., U M95 4: '7 V.: g A ' 'l S'g 1.,.J.-- -Q? x.I'lj.pA', 6. X Q x , '- Yuxawl Jw . , -' " . 'gy Rl fha X A fb l N l QLQMV ' 'A' , . - - . ,' ,5 rg, ,. if kiln Q- ' .mx ' . ,, - X ' - 5' -- - - .- , - fx' - wx, f .--- 'v.- -5. J-K 'T . . ,Ji :Z'19.'f'g Mo':!..ih"eQl'f.z.5 aSl."591K1r.lK'.m- me-inf. 's1ktr.iv'tf'tf!.xf:.s...,-4 1: . z 'Stihl Zz!! Autumn brings with it brisk days and falling leaves. Color seems to spring into the trees. Beautiful golds, reds, and browns cover the country side. School begins with vigor and vim, and enthusiasm runs high. M J' . nk- ' . Towson shared the snow filled winter with the rest of Maryland. Snow days were 72 declared and school was closed. Folks bun dled up like Eskimos. i i 7 til , X . 'Q , 1 I l l l l l l rlk Q il l ll Spring After the long hard winter, Towson- ites were glad to see spring creep in. The warm sun and green buds trans- formed the campus into a picture of paradise. Students often visited the Glen in spring to sit and study in the beautiful surroundings. The Glen, which is a conservation proiect, housed many dif- ferent species of plants. The green campus is enhanced with cherry blossoms, dogwood, and tulips in the spring. ., .. 7. vb T ' 3' I ,. - . ,, .r 4 '-..- ', 1527.1 T-'....f'l'!' .-. --'- '-3 'N :C-Jiggb.-gC,'f 5.62 ..,,. ' c-'ww-a 4" S- ft--Q ,.,- M :gas-N 'if -x stzvfi .Q 51, ,pqif - 2:-its we gf-Q -A" 'fn S-'T --2.-I , 1' " .' g3:fNj5.' P, z -. ,, - A - fs ,s ' -X." -. "fn ' 0 7' Jonee Monroe relaxes in the warm sunlight of the Glen. I fa - P .-.44 . A. '44-ni . - 1' ra. , Y . i7' l '11 l ' dll! rm' .mn.lh'D, , --.I ll... V 'T' T --' I I - A4 2 ...., 'H -Q -4-f ,- y Qu- J' ' "Tis, A -,P 1- 1 - f" ' . I -1 -A l A W l - -- I I- I 1 ' ' T ' l Ill .. T y 1 , ,v 1 .Q f 'ffl' l ' N . l " . . F" s ',' g it 'I' T -F-wir, V ' N 049. . ' ig 1 fi?" lv' ,,,. Asif f , . 3 ' l l l' 'TITTQLFB -I lr f .r f -' , l'lllllll'l' 'T . I K u ,ful l cw A' ' l llllll l' li I t 'Q "lf:-T ' I 4 9 3 , .',' lv Q' I l' F lv V :I y ' ' 3 i.k4.'?I?f?! Q f ' V 5 ' .. . gg 1 Sify 5 A 'Q r , - l ' 'V si,-, X I. .l5...'1f",'Y-.,' 'if f . - - 7" ' 1'7"5'Q' FTJ1 ' 'V 'j' yu ' -53? - ,Q,sjL,4'- .f A' ,fsff 1 - . ' 'fZb'f'a'-.'--'Lili' 52:15 vig A - The long pier leading from the boat to the beach every year by eager students. I as Wi , ,st ix The swings are a rnain attraction at Tolchester Beach. is walked Every year after final exams Tow- son packs a lunch and spends the day at the beach. Again this year All-College Day was held at Tolches- ter. The buses left Newell Hall at 8:15 and carried the students to Pier I on Pratt Street tor the cruise down the bay. 174 l . ALI. C D L I. E G E QQ DAY Q ,ifg intx 1 ,f 4711146 Z an kms' Dim' tm 1 qi Every graduating senior was invited to the President's Dinner which was held on the Student Center Patio. . ni' lla ng, llg ng. 'ill ll!! 'UIC Ill! IDI! Ill: Ill! lull -'41 ll ' mul' ll."' 2-f' Senior students seem to be enjoying the food at the Presi- dent's Dinner. .1 ,. 7 s,.g ' Mr. and Mrs. "A," d i n e with the seniors at the ban- quet. Every year President Hawkins pays tribute to the seniors by providing a dine ner in their honor. I76 TJ-1'.l'3 l Seniors line up as they wait to be seated on the patio. Q . .rf M fm if resident? Dimrvr I E 11" 'll' ,,.. no I rf I v up es: A U 'N-....f'.I 35 li It E xii .sf -X Gb 'vs-1-f,,, President Haw- kins and Mrs. Haw- kins, the host and hostess of the Sen- ior Dinner, chat with guests at the banquet. The Student Cen- ter Patio vvas filled with colored lights and happy faces at the Senior Dinner. The Junior Class served the meal and provided the table decorations. Faculty and seniors thank Dr. and Mrs. Hawkins for a very fine meal and a won- derful evening. The guests were allowed to keep the place cards and decorations. Sue Chiles seems to be loaded down with her souvenirs. Some lucky seniors got to keep the flowers that adorned the tables. Seniors Sfpress rl l fu l we Fung mug mst ,4,U,0rc'ciafi0l4 0" X at if . - o A " -fe xn- -Q . Leo Orlando entertained the sen iors with a trumpet solo. The "Tower BelIes" sang two selections. The seniors entertained the faculty at a tea on Sunday, June 4. fm 1 Sb ,r gf'i N v ' Z1 5,4 l D I Mavh 'lvl 4-P' . Gm- - 1 Important guests and members ot the Senior Executive Committee were seated at the head table at the Senior Prom and 'Ban- quet which was held at the Blue Crest North. i t 2 A ,I . i ug fin -,f H -si ' ' 1, i ' X, l ft s i r b ,i r 'NM' im . 'If ' iq i.,' Graduating seniors and their dates turn their chairs to face the head table and to see the presentation of . awardg by me Class presidenfu Friendly discussion took place during the banquet. IBO 'iff' T -Q4 V ff? .Q hi. i- l ll l l r l Q, lx. '-M , lr. 1 , X T: 'A':V Sk' tif pa - Y Q x l V T I-. , fir x Mr. and Mrs. Abenclroth show George Sparks and his date their "graduation" gift. The picture of the family was the Senior Gift to the Aben- droth's. The picture which xf' was a complete surprise to Mr. "A." includes the "Mrs," and their five boys. 5 .J-' X !v "The food will be coming in a minute." S , if-Ms bl, r ft Harriett Needle and Sheldon Weinstock sample the "goodies" at the Prom. Lucy Brocato and her date rest against a tropical oasis. The dreamy music put everyone in the mood to have a good time. Don and Roger and Pauia seem to be enjoying themselves. and Carol 1 'fa Seniors receive their last good wishes from Mrs. Tilghman. wif my restii and at ii ii Com sic tr 5Fti6 pied tend X s C The Senior Prom high- lighted the June Week festivities. Both the Prom and Banquet were held at the Blue Crest North. The R a y Anthony Combo provided the mu- sic tor the prom and the entertainment, seemed pleasing to all who at- tended. Couples swing and sway to the slow enchanting music. I 1.33 if f W Q' .9 p- t 4 sa In sl ' A I I ali- C 1' v 33X't"lV my 'lg XR.: Continuous music was provided by the Ray Anthony Combo. Many couples danced while others sampled the cakes and punch. I8 t F 5 " nf tiff Four years ago we entered as freshmen . , . through toil, hard work, and faith . . . we stand about to graduate. A few more steps . . . to receive the coveted college degree . . . and the door to the future opens. f , ..--K' P Ik I' , ,40-Tl? 'K ic--fu' c f 7 U "-vu? if 15. 'lv G . N if , 1 'SRS Members of Towson's faculty listen attentively as Dr. Hawkins confers the degree of Bachelor of Science upon the Seniors. , ,LM E5 . -R 91451, .I 3, 344 V js 5 1 'ls J' -P p +495 mel 'wily-2' , NQ vii. 5 K 6 gig: asv A-L4 xii xt ar J, , X ut, Q .e an Dr. Carlos P. Romulo, Philippines Ambassador to the United States, speaks to the graduating class on the importance of the United States' position inthe world today. 4.45'V"""'. if - i"' U -aft. ,' QM' Q Ff'5'f"'t""-' 'Zu e' l 5 "S ' ,Q 'I ' " - Sis X, A I A 1 -na 1 if 4 'Tvs -59.3 N1 fri As the degree is conferred, the Seniors move their tassels from the right tothe left side of their mortar boards. l85 The Glee Club helps To open the Commencement ex- ercises with the Lord's Prayer. Er awe' gradl flue l of a wl- in slr cours PQQQ Nallc We Cerll' OUTST male ly Q llllary rougl giver mg 1 an math 1'-'EN fx vw. x, fr, -.Aw "l wonder when Mommy will get her diploma." Every y e a r special awards are made at graduation. This year, the Pearl Blood Award of a book for the Senior with the highest average in six or more geography courses went to Mrs. Peggy Gallagherg the National Council for Geographic Education Certificate given to the outstanding geography maior went to Miss Bet- ty Grisingerp and the Mary Hutson Scarbo- rough award of 550.00 given to a Senior show- ing the best aptitude as an elementary school mathematics te a c h e r went to Mrs. Claire Velie Griffin. QFCJPI' of 5l0fCl58S PROCESSIONAL: Pump and Cr'mim.f!anfr College Orchestra Th: Star-Spangkd Banner Nat nal Anthem The audience will remain standing through the iniocation and the singing of the Lor l S Pray er INVOCATION: The Reverend William C. Roberts Trinity Church, Towson The Lord'.r Prayzr . . 'Vialotte Cltorak and Finale from "Dir 11eU!er.ringer" Wagner College Cvlee Club and members of the 'Wien s Chorus ADDRESS: His Excellency, Carlos P. Romulo Ambassador of the Philippines tn the United States PRESENTATION or CANDIDATES ron DEGREES Dean lxenneth A Browne CONFERIUNG or DEGREES: President Earle T Hawkins AWARDING OF DIPLOMAS: lerome Frampton Ir President, State Board of Education .fbna Jlalfr, . .. Cvlee Club. Orchestra and Audience BENEDICTION: The Reverend William C, Roberts RECESSIONAL: Grand .Ilan-A from "Jilin" Yercli lol-iN P. BOLLINGER, Director of the Orchestra EMMA E. Wsvronm, Director ofthe Glee Club CHARLES A. HASLUP, Director ofthe Wien S Chorus The faculty stands as the "Alma Mater is played Two by Two The seniors walk To receive their diplo- mas. Happy, stern, and yet glad college will soon be over. Graduaiion, the day long To be remembered, Took four years of prepararion and last- ed only an l'iour. , . 'Q' r Y A shirtsleeve crowd of over one Thousand people watched grad- uanon on a hon but sunny Sunday. L i il' .ll il i At the end of The long line of Seniors comes the Junior College graduates in the gray gowns of the Associated Arts degree. Gone are The graduates if :La 'ht 1 ., V of il - :gl EEZ, l 'if :Kirk , i 4? "iQ"f i ?!L'1Fi I I! Qi g x Y-A fps 1,i,:?!,Y ,f!7.L I? Q9 ...K M ' ff f ,I ,, , P is -I fffy f A--N rr-"f r 4 an p.-if W A' - Lf: - ' ' .Ji vrxv' I 'J 1 Y ',.A ' 1 l .- A jf r v' ' -fi- f h '52,- j.-4 . '. ' Q. , Ji "5':,:i4.::, il L P . ':t El r T P I'2'5 ff: , 5 S ' A . ' ? '? may-f' 1 I 3:-la-mass' ,- r if? .f ' .:'Ak ev 'a -f 45555 In ,wr- X .x qw' "Q, iii? 'Y' f-1- 'J --4 -'c P F I P I WI w . -+,f' A., wwf . 1' fn, k . JM, ll"' W' "1 ,,,..,...- ni x ,,,n.'-.1 wig,-d' ' V .um..-..,1.-- ... ..- .. - L..- .....-......,-....,-V-..-,.J,: k-Af 11-., A , . -Y-:LJ-.,,..qv-.., , L- 'T ., -ff 4 fx sw""'Q -' L1 .f' W5 li ,X 1' ' 'K -nv-N' ' V-WJ-A Julia?" . 1 r,'4 : V- 'X A -1 -an ' W N Ll I ! , ,Y n Y X. r'll'wH-A lit.,-.H rs , 111:11-', -- ' .- . -. X.-,LMA ,QL , J 1 if n'- igbgig.. AA ,P'f',2'ffi7f...v-A ,L-:Buff ,V un:-4' W 1:11 Y T.,-, ' ,H -imv--- , .a1a- ' 3 Y , , , Y fl Future 2 V, V, 1,1 ,I . "ar I N. N 4 A ' "nv- ,. yn -'Ai' ,5 , 4 f. .' . -- . X A TAYLYQ-R PUEIQSHING .COMPANY ,Q AN "-'Q ' S rf: -1 '- Fit' E, W1 :ffm A . ,., 3 , I' rf J' L , w, P 1. l iff .lk 4, 5 29' V G , Pri 3, Q .,w 1. Q W... ' '1--. 55. S. A , 'VV' 0.2.- -ff. P 1, , fix' I , 'O 's Ai K PY b r s iv 4 .:, ,. L Nh Q ,ci ,f , .v 4 .1 wax . u 'c Na V.-vi- -- gh Mig , ., 1 I , an w'L ., ." - -wr u U, :LA fl, I V. T ll,-V. Y ' V.-L - ' ' 1 ' 1 ,. '.. .- 1 1 J.. W"' " ., . x - K , ,A J., 'w ', , . X 1 ',g. wx x fr 1, . , 7 I " -cw os" , -J A '-,IA--,J ".', " ., ,,. .i"3i-'4,-'ef' if - .1 ' ' , -n 'Ui .S .--vf-'- , 4- 'Pi g.,. .- ,.'v.,. ...,- , ,..- , , . ." ,. . 'Ju ff, Y- 1 ,Q--, f A An, w 'J .,.- Ai 5.. r v x V' rf 33-' "' -v r Hvqigql J P 'Jn A I' '64 . V 1 ,QA L an 1,,.-, '- ,r- y. "-'Q ' S rf: -1 '- Fit' E, W1 :ffm A . ,., 3 , I' rf J' L , w, P 1. l iff .lk 4, 5 29' V G , Pri 3, Q .,w 1. Q W... ' '1--. 55. S. A , 'VV' 0.2.- -ff. P 1, , fix' I , 'O 's Ai K PY b r s iv 4 .:, ,. L Nh Q ,ci ,f , .v 4 .1 wax . u 'c Na V.-vi- -- gh Mig , ., 1 I , an w'L ., ." - -wr u U, :LA fl, I V. T ll,-V. Y ' V.-L - ' ' 1 ' 1 ,. '.. .- 1 1 J.. W"' " ., . x - K , ,A J., 'w ', , . X 1 ',g. wx x fr 1, . , 7 I " -cw os" , -J A '-,IA--,J ".', " ., ,,. .i"3i-'4,-'ef' if - .1 ' ' , -n 'Ui .S .--vf-'- , 4- 'Pi g.,. .- ,.'v.,. ...,- , ,..- , , . ." ,. . 'Ju ff, Y- 1 ,Q--, f A An, w 'J .,.- Ai 5.. r v x V' rf 33-' "' -v r Hvqigql J P 'Jn A I' '64 . V 1 ,QA L an 1,,.-, '- ,r- y.

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