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RTW 1 ' ' A I f X 'iv ,241 n f Vxp-ff A .3-,,,4 ...-fu-. . ...... at . 1 ,7 . V X4 I - ' ., ",',v ' 91 , ' V l N ' GJ:dV..,3.l- ..F1.-,, V ' QI.: ., i E-V I. 1 Nstz.:-.zeglfgi F" at -,f zz-- A - -- A , 1 -'-': -5"-'r:':r" JL .. ., . ' ' ' ,V MQQ '.:.:..,.zJ "'.4...f. ':"..t.-..h,L.L.1:. 1 -a - I QQ -1 , ,. " " niennqqunu' up- Jlfw J Af 'iiua-Juli: ,L b ' ' V 1:11:11 A 1 . . rf . ,N , QQ-3118211 I , .L it-t N -' N . - 4 ., .4., NI v . .Q '. , .... 4. ,Q K il L R ,jl 1-h ,IJ . . idk K 1 .4 3 W .L Eli. X L. 4 V ., - .. - p, -,, 2 . -4-., V-,M 4 Q.-1,,,,.-, A 4, -W I I 5 . I W H MJ., , .V , - . fxliyy. ,,, 1f..,1f,,.,' - :2:,s5a,..g , V I 'A , ,L-4-W .4 1- 5 ' '- ' " Q ' ":' 'P"'! '51, - , .l,Q.w.4:Q:4f ', ,A . '... .1 ,jj r.. 1 -' ,1 -- ' -- -' S, ' fg., -,..-.A .:.. . af, , -' -' --yw , ' 4 . .. ,...f, ,bp -- - .-,'p, 4 LA.. b A A- W- fff 7 'Qg s 1 T"'-AI Q " ll' ly . Q . 0 1.53 -- - 4. - ' ,-'- F' 'l ', '? I 5 91, - '--- -------'N ,I A.,-5-L-.ff A ,N .:,..s--.I X. ' V r.-.-7 I. X. .i ' - !'-. 1' ir, 2 . f ' M - - . K-Af ' ' f g'1f' f , " Q - - ' c - . 2 ' ., , . ' ' . .L ' - f ' 1. ,, " -if -' . .L 'un sun. va :vans u au. nays. nuwma. sun. --' f-' L -1 X ".- 1. .l'. . A , -ff-x -fM----- -'----+'-'+---- P 2!Z.31!Z'3L'.1"l'!,?:'.2:'J'.I8f'.5..'Q'1.1223.f!..... -.- --4.- ' 'A'-""' - - vs 'nova llilllll uv mn un vm lllll. - .:1::::.::gq- .N 1. . 'I . 1 " mug ul IAIIUII vo mul nun aug nu nun. nm 2 322212: ,' l L: ,A , f' .'!.'!L.'?'!-I.. J. llllvlll :wil lf BIN :vnu onus NAYI. loau.l-uv :l:::::':::: .3 ' 1 1 i - ' ' , . lllllll rrllvl llllll mul. .V ,-,,, ,,,, ... ,, ,.. V - YV H I '- o -15,53 s. w, ."" r.q E - Je. -. as-:za lpn , -1, - Q . u un 0 , un n unnllu ' lull ,- R W A 1 A ng r- ,,,.,,- 1 'k I ' :""' 2 U ...... -4.. W-rn.--,,......., . ' : 1 - - - ----- ---. L I "" "" 1 1L'.'. l'::::-:::.11:Q1-I 1:31.-4, PIOJI-LT NO. LT ' 55' Ol Z Ltvan u o N 5 N' 3 W' 'bi WOMlN'l Qslnvvolv Uwe v ." V, 1 ' Towson Suu 'Runnin Clsstsl . C 1 W . Ytwaou - MA!-155-9 f 'ern' ' I inform C Lnhu-1 us TWH- Alcnlvagvo T17"ET7"' 'Qu-n . lx ',- Lua Fllvll un. inn--w.n,o-, -" v' A IIT 1' L., 14 ygfn, v, Ji ' ,-.N 'sf , ,- !., if X. . 1 I . f. A1"'f' f f"'f'Vr?41,11-Xwmimnwffa-ecifcbt'fwfr ' - W 5, " ' - - A v I1 ,lug ,- pp if r,:.,, 1 f V ,., .,, - , f. f .A .,. 1 lv: f I H ,,. 5, I , nv ' 1 1 1 1 'f 1 f , ,u -.,. 1 . I 1 W Xf' v , A.. I 1 V - 4 , 1 Q5 1 H if - 5. . A ., , . . rw. -to ' " A my 'f R, YI I nv 1 4 .1 -I U J' f,j,X., , 'fm 1 M ' 5 fs' tl Y - 'jab in.: v g, 1960 TO ER ECHOES 1 5 PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF 1 STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE AT TOWSON, MARYLAND 1 . 7Ff7"' ' ' x 1 X 'KV v. S- Influenced by progress, the goals of yester- day have become the realities of today. On the Towson Campus this progress has been re- flected in the continuous growth of buildings, with the ivy gradually covering our institutions and traditions, in the attempt to meet the chal- lenge of the expansive, changing sky-making old the new. lt is for the young to create a concrete future which is now but a nebulous concept. FORE ORD 547 UV ll 1 r, r- ? 5 4 girl ya- Ishii I ., 1, H-Aff, PAST Illli A ...6 FUTURE CONTENTS PRESENT ADMINISTRATION FACULTY ASSOCIATIONS SPORTS TRADITIONS SENIORS ...12 ...184 xzja,-fx dr-1 5" :ffl --4 -' if ' -' :' . V 1. S .51:-5'r-:-:,r- ' . L3:2':1':4"' 5 f 5 -M4-N. . ' gf 1 rx' x' in so ' 'I w 1' State Normal School-January 15, 1914 State Normal School Administration Building-December 15, 1914 State Normal School Library i f C I 1 Q N N 1 x W r i N x 1 1 9 J N u- I Girls' Hockey Team-1929 sr 1 ii I f f i'- f , , .fy ,f Soccer Team-1928 . T' ,1-an .F , N 1-': fn 44 " -'diff if 1 :-. N, -- . -, l .km 42'--f,f:-"LV ., - A .. -1 lf' . i Eff,-, ' ,-Ligr'-:M :ff- Ilz' ' ' .0---. :."Ff.r Q: ' -1 :J-w:+E"L'.6'?f'l2'i '-.2-Ps: L ' 'fi .. - Ma. ' V., f 5 2. 1 i " '7-'N"?'1 '!""f'-..'ff"f2w-.llgii - Ir-N.. F Girls participating in soccer. I-I , ,.., , 530 55 Q5 238 Z' U .J C T775 Q-'CQ lf' IIQSITIZ or 'rnz 9. . . bstlavnlxual State iluvnml Sclwnll --. -5 6 .2 5.2 Ghrflen of lilazorsoieegn. , . l'IlAYIC1l, ..... . .... , .... ....... .,....... R E V. THOS. MYERS. 'il :sec Y M N . I I have u wnndmun house I0 build, ' This -fm, lhls palace, this fair homo - 4 A dwelling, lnn'nhle,g-ei zllvine, i Must bu ln all proportions Ill, ' A lnwly rcnwge ln he IIIIEII Tha: lmwenlu rm.-nmgefn may coma " . Wizh all :he jew:-ls of :he mine. 3 To lodge with him who tenants il. fl' M I My God hnlh glven the slonvun-I ulny: Oh !ll0IJIO work of lcil and care, 4 'Tis I must fashion them nrIgI1l,- i Oh ! simple hut mont nrduous plan! . i'I'is I lnusl mould lhem :lay hy Iluy, To mise this dwelling place sn fnlr, Q Anil vnnke my llihnr my delight. l The temple and the home ol' man! gb 'I ESSAYS IBY GRADUATES- I NORMAL SCHOOLS, .,................................,. Lens Dusumlxen. I INTELIIECTUAL EDUCATION. .... . ........ . . . . . . . .. .... BABAH B1 RICHMOND- i f V I , ,.MUsxo- f 'rms nmna 'rum TEACHER or-' Moimimrv, .... ..... v mann. nm: . 'PIIE CULTURE OF 'l'l-IE IIEART, .... . .... . ..... . . . . .Bruin Cunr. 2 1XdI 'U' S I C .. 5 X PROFESSIONAL SPIII-I'I', ......, .... . . . ...... . . . . ..-. JANET E GRAHAM. 4 PHYSICAL EXBRCI-EES, ......... .... ........ .... I5 I nam IJ. Nason. I ,, 'LE TJ' S I O - . 1 v . l ' CON FERRING OF DIPLOMAS, . . . . Rev. Dx. VAN BDKKELEN. I ADDRESS TO GEDUATES, . . . . . Da B.-umlmn. i, ADDRESS, . . . . .,. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . j. H. B. Ltvrxonz, Esq. 1 1 PARTIIVG ODE. 1: I , 3' . Names ot Qtzemlmnfteo. ' TEACHERS OF GRAMMAR CHOOLS. ' MARIE C. NELSUN, IJEON' 1 A'IBI'IICIXIEIl., SARAH B. RIGIILIIJND. VIRGINIA RIMISY. , 5 ' b TEACHERS OF PRIMARY SCHOOLS. SOPHIE M. FOWLER, SUSAN CONRAD. 4 ' SELINA COLE, MARY ALBA UGI-I, Q' FANNY A. DALY, JANET GRAHAM, CHARLOTTE BEATTY, IDA BUSH. f X L '1"'1'5- - -,2 11 -- fTCL3i3C5Z'LI"LCfl'f'2fS-QC I ITQ'??f-f?"'T'?'ff2'f'L ff? . Prluhd by WI. K. lIo'tu,5oI-rxer linlumoxu gud Sl. hui Sirwn, linlnlm . Commencement Exercises-1866 J ...I . Y'-,Q 'ff .f.E.0 . v"f l p,.- r-, 1 Y...- min. Stale Normal School Faculty-1885 The Crystal Staff Yearbook-1928 TOP: Maggie Smyth, Sarah B. Kidwell, M. A. Newell, Maly A. Kane, Minnie Frinden- berg, Geo. Smith MIDDLE: Nannie White, Lucy M. Kidd, Susie McGee, Mrs. Harte, Sarah Richmond BOTTOM: Ella Ricker ln l ,I, QD ' s' .. A, Orchestra under the direction of Miss Emma Weyforth-1928 Class Assembly Class of 139-1- PRES ENT , V r lndoor Recreation li 31+ ,?. W 9? ' ,'51':?ff2 iff, -it +"F,L" ' 9 4. ,X L Group Participation A Pupil Planning Evaluation Sessions -J Acceleration for the Gifted Pupil Participation Entrance lo the Peer Group Developing Skills -s Administering Reading Inventory I - -9. r W -X '++,,--' Caught with her sculpture down AMPUS CYCLE - Away from it all Busy Day-In . . . and Out f .JZ 1:1 -. . H1 Ln 'fa S The Universal Language-Bridge Mass Communication-The World Series ,fwgyrwff ,, , ,4 L I Motivated and Stimulated V 15,1 .,.. .I K ILL... 9' I8 I ,, Word from the Outside Last-Minute Cramming N Payola Mauna Coffee Break We Give Green Stamps WELCOME HOME, PRESIDENT HAWKINS Following a six months stay in the Phil- ippine lslands to study education, Dr. Earl T. Hawkins returned to Towson in March. Faculty welcome to Dr. and Mrs. Hawkins F L A C s H m P Enthusiastic turnout for Dr. Hawkins at Friendship Airport l uv. appreciation and regret that I e largest Senior Class to grad program. The appreciation c many ofyou have made to the f ' ege. The regret comes from l ' exerted during your four years We ar public sc 1 m the co g and progr leadershi on. at so man fall. The nd leadersh ident that certify have you will have positions in our u will continue, I am confident, the u displayed during your college years. I am ll also continue your education because we can nly as good beginning teachers. You will be wise to realize ollege graduation does not mean the completion of one's education. It is a semicolon, not a period. There is so much more to learn than we ave been able to teach you and so much expansion in all fields ofknowledge that you will always need to continue your education by both formal and in- . ' ' formal means. As you have come to a crossroads in your development. so has your lma Mater. The years ahead are likely to see new Gelds of ser- f r the college, new programs of study and new facilities. We shall always be glad to have you return to the campus and we sha ount on your service and support as alumni just as we have learned em from you as members ofthe student body. Your friend and president, SMT I I I r 3. I ji , t PreS1d6n the fr0m il Aj- SSAGE' ' ' 1 E -.L 1 ,Q 7s no rs: steers V i 1 M-l"',x'?v:S' Sure Te-acl-:sas Cousoe ar Towson eaurlwoae 1. Maavulvo lt ls with feelings of 'Ulloha " to the member ur four-year c tribution I both s of th ollege s so coll say uate from onqes fro llnctionln osing the at Tows e proud th hools be-Yr: n!7uence a conf n ess of P YO'-I y of re yo ip yo you wi you o at Q DEAN KENNETH BROWNE Waiting . . . ly DEAN ORIELLE MURPHY ADMINISTRATION Dr. Genevieve Heagney, Principal of Lida Lee Tail -1-Q Dr. Rebecca Tansil and Mr. Edward Johnston, Directors of Admissions Those who uphold the Present 2 """" 6 x Th . qf Mrs. Agnes Debauglx, Regzslrar ,- N. 'Q U. 0 l I Dr. Karl Moser, Business Manager Miss Faynelle Newland, Resident Direclor I 2 3 M46 fp Mr. John Blair Mitchell Potted potters potting pots. ., vv 55 wi 5 2 X LJ" :A I ',l,',:zA t l , , f X ,E , tl rn 1 1 .x., Mrs. Lenora Schwartz Mr, David F. Guillaume Mr. Samuel H. Nass Dr. Mildred Zindler Mr. Stanley M. Pollack J RT Q7- 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 11 1. fi 1 1 1 1 V 1 1 51 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Mr. Charles A. Haslup Mrs. Esther S. Coulange Mr- John P. Bollinger MUSIC Like the beat, beat, beat of the tom-tom . . . 2.3, Dr. William H. Hartley Dr. Regina I. Fitzgerald Dr. Walter Williamson Mr. Howard B. Anderson Mr. James A. Phillips, Jr. We will Mr. David L. Comthwaite Miss Alma Bent Dr. Harvey L. Saxton Miss Maud Broyles Mr. Grayson S. Burrier a I - 1 'In 'lf centers Monday morning-8:30 1 Richard L. Holler Mrs. Zenith H. Velie Robert W. Ahendroth NS H ' i vu I r' i If I - vt F 1 'uw n l Il H IC I EDUCATIO LID LEE T LL CAMPUS SCHOOL l' Creative Activity Supervised by Student Teacher Faculty Conference at L.L.T. 1m. ar 11 'azi Product of L.L.T. talent Dr. Harold E. Moser Dr. Frances M. Clarke Mr. Neil Dean Wilson Am I in the right classroom? Dr. Edward Neulander Dr. Frank A. Mann P YCHOLOGY E GLISH 4 .L 1. .' M I . u , . 9-37"'4'.. ,W F Awx 3-WWW, ' ,,a.-szzn. "'::" Dr. Edward L. Bevins Dr. Eunice K. Crabtree 'R The Parts of Speech never looked so goo Mr. Willie E. Page Jr. Dr. June Thearle dz , ' 1 , 'E Mrs. Julia R. Sawyer V.: , 'V i J' 4 W ff 4' , 'iff , s31.,l , ii x., ami fi Mr. Phineas P. Wright Dr. Marion S. Sargent Dr. John S. Lewis Dr. Anhur Brewington Miss Nina E. Hughes PEECH Sg- Unaccustomed as I am . . . . '1 is.- Dr. Marjorie R. Henry Mr. William C. Kramer 1 3 I Dr. Compton N. Crook Edward I. Rubendall Dr. Louis Thomas Cox, Jr. CIE CE Harold E. Muma William T. Moorefield Dr. Kenneth T. Stringer Dr. Wilfred B. Hathaway Dr. Howard R. Erickson George W. Belden Iii 'lf 'lf 'ff 'lf Ulf Ill III ll! Ill Ulf Ill Ill' Ulf ll! Ulf Ill' Ill' If If U Q SOCI I Mr. Curtis V. Martin Dr. John Carter Matthews Mr. Edward R. Johnston Dr. Charles Onion Miss Pearle Blood Dr. John W. McCleary Mr. Herbert D. Andrews Dr. David Firman Mr. Amold Blumberg SCIENCE 5 N 3 S i Histoxy in the making Dr. Joseph A. Falco X.. 1 x Miss Mary Catherine Kahl Dr. George C. Coleman Dr. George Beishlag Mrs. Betty C. Ryburn Mrs. Majorie F. Bleul Mr. Robert Melville i... E Next step-the Olympics Miss Katharine Gilcoyne Mr. Earl Killian Dr. .Corinne T. Bize Dr. Donald I. Minnegan Miss Lois Jenkins HEALTH -I f ,mx we Miss Mariana Ward Director of Health Services Mr. Carl Rcitenbach Compliments of Bayer, Bufferin, and 4-Way. r 37 Dr. Marvin C. Volpel Miss Allene Archer MATHEMATICS 21441, , ' ' iw? M . ,f ,Q nf FK . , , ,4 41 ,V.,.,..,,-. , ,f,-.- ' my. QQ-. . :A '4 .E' . 6211 2 '- ' 'K-,. "1"f"EF ' 13" 1 P454-1.1-9:1 ,gf-if www, 1 21 . , -1 '17.- '74lf.'.'. 4 .' 'af , 1 r'fJ?'1'+f+.'f 'N Ki ' ' if1" 1p?51 . ,' , 52,1 1-:,g,b" 9- ,. 525' A g zggy A b ff 1' 3' 4.-zlvig . 49 f E 5 ,.v...,. ,..- .f.........-m--' , ..... .- 'MMM 295:36 , 1 '4' -N, Mr. Robert D. Becky Miss Margaret Zipp The beads will tell you. Dr. Ernst O. von Scllwerdtner Languages ODER ANGUAGE l 1 w 1 Dr Rebecca C Tamil It will lose a lot in translation. Languages, Director of Admissions l 39 Windows to wisdom Miss Dorothy W. Reeder Free from scratches 44 ,1 H rl The Triumvirate Paper work X X 4' ,ur 'I ,ar . 5? A J , . J-'Aw A IJ. ,A fx ,aagqrfff Q 'Lc"' ' rv 'T I 1 -E I Qgizfff-I-. 1 ' 'YRS " -Q ' . ,S xxx. ff X' ' ,. w -f'Tx s K-,Aff X i . . . U H. wr , ' 4 1 sa , W X .5 I x ' 'ggi ew- '. . if . Q, 4- 1 ., 4 .. .. , I .vp 5:..,.. Ya: -4 s -.. fs"1- ' ,L- L .H W "DQ-Y ,f h' E ' A ff A ':.: ', " f'Q-- L - . nf- , ' i,, w ,Q , .4 ,1 , . . s.Fr??:fW - , --w'fb-H" X A EW ' -"' N s -.H H., ,ul-' N, ,, X x sf .5 9.5- 1 ., '1 -V I Af.,, M Af Q Hav- s Qlvv X I N x Q V' V ,-f ,' I D , 1 , P . 'V' Y, 'f I V4 ' 4, ,lr '- 4 fx .IL I ' I A A -.f.' F E V ,KL ,K ' V. J J: v-., . SA ' Q- fl? X. : ' 1 -PAM 'fzi' ' W !qig'5'X' 5 c"' . , Q f X' V 'y y 'll--A519-9: 'P-5554.9 4G'Q fff f ' . 'jf . ff ,,,g+- . v ' -N " . , "' Q .Hfs'5ffJ .mzzsfiff 42 SILHO ETTE OF WI TER fit SHADOWS OF SPRING STUDE T GO ERNMENT ASSOCI TIO CAMPUS LEADERS-Ed Schumacher President and Arlme Kales Ray V1cePres1dent SGA by EXECUTIVE COUNCIL, S.C.A.-Dan Higgs, Parliamentariang Carolyn Coakley, Member- at-Largeg Bill Kirby, Treasurerg Winnie Balzer, Recording Secretaryg Ed Schumacher, Presidentg Arline Kates Ray, Vice-Presidentg Robin Swithers, Social Chairmang Sue Munaker, N,S.A. Coordinatorg Bobbi Wade, Corresponding Secretary. Payola Parliamentarian -'Snr ,X V, x. , ' Off ecent... Uggllil L A ASSOCIATIONS WOMEN'S RESIDENCE COUNCIL. l. to r.: Wallis Yesenofski, Beth Saddinton, Bobbie Wade, Wanda McGee, Pat Hardt, Barbara Strong, Lois Kidd, Pat McDaniel. WOMEN, RESIDE CE COUNCIL All resident women are members of this organiza- tion which is devoted to maintain high standards of living and furthering students' sense of honor and personal responsibility. The over-all governing body is the Womenls Residence Council. It is responsible for the maintenance and operation of a democratic form of government in all residence halls. QI W W W i W I W i I W W W W W W W W W r l W W W W 1 W I W s I W IVI NIS RESIDENCE COUNCIL The lVIen's Residence Council has set as its pur- pose to promote the mutual interest of the resident men and to provide for the proper functioning of the residence halls through varied social and educa- tional programs. MEN'S RESIDENCE COUNCIL, I. to r.: Pete Coulros, Richard Mrs. Kurt Wagemann. Residence Supervisor Evans, Lee Hammond, Walter Smith, William mf,-r1wuz:x Kirby, Wally McDonald. - - ---as .---- - 4? - -i LJ:-rr, -, ,eau .-rl? : 34 . .mail I t...M,.4 Q - .xZ. I I - . ' . .-f-sn- . .r ,ad En., .LW "'f .. Y . 'lift '. Sl-l 11. Miss Mary Basler NEWELL-RICHMOND HOUSE COUNCIL Carole Twilley, Pat Downey, Alice Brakeall, Sue Fallowfield, Ruby Harding. .lo Ann Asher, Bobbie Wade, Rittie Strong, Joan Lewis, Bunny Vance. HOUSE COU CILS Mrs. Virginia Tilghman ,rf f Mrs. Florence Perrine , sv PRETTYMAN HOUSE COUNCIL Pat Griffith, Rose Anne Kohler, Lois Kidd, Elaine Hall, Mary Ann Audley, Marilyn Hudson, Betty Norris. 1 48 ga ,ai W XXX 1'XNxi ,M-A, , 3 E-P 'sw-23,5 if 'i'4jl2a'L. ., ,, 4 STUDENT CENTRE DIRECTORY, 1. to r.: Sue Munaker, Sue Leyes, Marian Zimmerman, Elaine Zimmerman, Dr. von Schwerdtner, Linda Beck T Jack Mitchell. 1 1 i 1 I I L I 2 M' i Skill buildm gi i STUDENT CENTRE DIRECTGRY 5 ,J- 49 r T ANOTHER SERVICE OF THE T STUDENT CENTRE DIRECTORY fl,-Y 1? SPRINGTIME . W ON THE 44 4. PATIO ' as 0' 1 , L Y' W M!"- EW X EL EM. TSWUQ' 42 50 .- TDIHERB I O E R S 1 V 1 "xl I y I 1 lr TOWSON'S LITERARY REVIEW ' sy I it . ' s H - ,J I 7 N 3 :asv E A GENTLEMAN LEAVES VENICE "Why indeed?" said the vintner's wife, Paring a cork with her husband's knife, "Because he's tired of our Western wine And thinks in Cathay some superfine Draughts may be that will satisfy His throat, which I know will be always dryA There's no doubt. That is the reason whyf' A silky girl with a smile too wise. Paused and said. "I beg to advise That Marco's weakness was not your wine. But women with lips that curve like mine. Andthe women of Ind. do the sailors say . . . She paused: let the flash of her eyes convey The delicious things she would betray. "It's bred in his hone." a captain said. STAFF And it never'II leave him until he's dead- Deanna Brown-Editor Ted Brower-Art Editor Bette Copple Phyllis Pulkka Marie Marshall Marilyn Williams J. S. Lewis-Faculty Advisor TOWERS s,-...lg That hankering for the open sea. That sickness from land-monotony: I know. My home's near old Kush-Behar Where the parrots and cool green palm trees are. And here I drift like a broken sparf' A gallant played with the plum on his hat. "Why Marco left? Oh. as to that- There was a lady with flaming hair, And a husband who did not seem to care . . But Marco reasoned, by slow degrees. I. fu, That sudden departure sometimes frees Zi US, One's relatives of funeral fees." QX7 If Marco himself watched the harbor slide Q. 'ff' Away from the ship on either side. t' He felt all Venice clinging strong IJ tty At his throat: felt the vessel lift like a sono 51 I iid! To the long deep swell of the open sea. 1.4.-. I I "Why am I leaving my Italy? Cod alone knows. not I." said he. .I. S. Lewis ' lf sr 'L i' 7 . wERs ' .xysfff rs 94 Jovlfol TOWER 0 , 1 4 4 GLAD' Vol. XII. No. 9 State Teachers College, T A new -rs of SYOUP Juncil g to Pat LEE HILDEBRAND Editor show a rthg F f0l' Under SS11- tthe at least a and not be Paul the year Wal- of the F made by BS Couric il . ull, the ciation, the Freshman Advisory Council and members of and Administration. Those recommended v. screened by a special con ers of next year's F.A.C ttend J am Ses January In an effort to p from studying for ea Sophomore Class i: Jam Session on Jan "We have planned sion in iihe middle c exrplained Wlanda social chairmxan, "be ize that students x to give them a rest in between studying The Jam Session Student Centre and all. Dress is aasu: last from 8:30 to 11 -, ii LINCOLN SPARKS lllanagin Editor Week Committe Tentative Pr. NANCY WEAVER Business Manager lected, Other changes in of selecting members he elimination of class the com-.mittee plan- University Service 'drawn up a tentative Skit is tentatively On Friday night variety off activities fn and the lmuting factor ,yemsl eluded are the Date only one year' In Pre- tartar March 6 bo 12, " - Carnival-Jam seem rs the President was the 4 P, " W.U5, 'Week is to N j1"""-aww '. Night X ,, R is Hu.. . . to SGW? TWO yealsv r rld University Sem 'E"" lowling. students have been X 4. n-.,,,,.ffl, , er, N-E , ,-ef so added :that yughoutff W xy manned W.Us. There ok fiast year and have s elect :cerning changes in they shou-ld contact l Governmei l Victor l from The Faculty Auction is scheduled for Wednesday. At this time items ALAN WILLIAMS Sports Editor In., Bu nky Ford Delta Nationa Education, is initi pledges tonight. Epsilon Alpha, T0 is holding a dinner 1 speaker at 'the rold Moser, Dear Juniors and Seniors' requirements were if the fratemity: Plc January 6. 1'1- iw rl? Il LIGHT , - .- LL . -. . T 4, Maryland - Feature La: Sm V p break e , the is ' B 3 Ed Ses- ol Week," , dorm e real- ing gg taxation ig. tg in the id allen U0 . it will ll- 4a'a ln ed. 11 GTC a 5, ed. In- , an and a Mr 'is also I y there i-ordina- ,I students 5 activities ons con- , froceclure gh the ' iation In f Kappa rni ty in nineteen Chapter, g tonight. ng is Dr. struction. meeft the to pledge was on in-tl. nw-Q Dance Is At Fifth Regi Larry Elgart and his orchestra, - H wi of Dancing America, ll provide the music for T0wson's 1960 5 heart Dance, sf Student Government Association PAT CRIISSER Campus Editor February 13 Regiment Armory 1 a.m. Valentines' JOHN ROSE it ' Feature Editor red and while with. touches of thc! 5-school colors, ,fold and white, ac-l cording to 11.1114-Q Chdimiun Robin this dance Whidm will be at the City. The hours are from 9 pm. and fthe decorations will be n BARBARA SCHERER News Editor ' Swlrhers. Towvson's Sweethenrt couple will be chosen at this dance by a group of judges. Finalists for the contest will be voted on by they student body. Larry Elgan has played the saxo- phone in the bands of Woody Herman, Jack Jenny, Tommy Dor- sey, Red Norvo and many others., i In 1953 'he was able vo have recordedk his idea of the best sound for music lovers. Later known as the "Elgart Sound." this type of music c--.l.. ll...--I. 'FA Alennrl include a guitar, drums, bas, four tru.m'pets, five saxophones and three trombones. Carol Sloane is the vocalist featured Zvith this orchestra. v.v-i -..l.. z.. 02 .M-.-. All Y-u-.-.v ...., ,, REPORTERN TO ER -I Tony Buccheri, C0-editor 1960 fx Mr. Frank Guess, Faculty Advisor ECHOES 3 . gZL..,,,. , ,,1....,,,4 Sallie Kravelz, Co-editor Dr. Marvin Vopel, Financial Advisor 'W W W W W W W , W W HEART FELT THANKS TO: Arg Editors ,A,,,,,,,,,,,,,A,,,,-,,,,,,, Linda Beck, Jane League Staff .,,,,w,,,,,A Betty Lord, Francis Levay, Sally Cohan junior Editors ,,,A,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,...,. Gay Lyter, Al Beachley Layout Editors: ,,i,,,,,,,,, Pat Flickinger, Sandy Hawk Staff .... Jo Wright. Pat Flickinger. Linda Humerick. Elaine Dudderar, Ruth Dvorak, Ellen Alford, Ruth Wirtz, Pat Hardt. Nancy Hovermale. Gay Lyter Literary Editors Y,,,YY,V,,,, Tom Heard, Barbara Robinson W W W i I W W Tom Heard Barbara Robertson Literary Editors W Photography Editor ,,,,,,,,,...,...,,....,.,,,,,,,,,,,..... John ROSE J Proofreader ,,,-,,,,,, ,,,.... J eannie Valclivia I Publicity Chairman .,,,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Dee Brown tl Public Relations Staff ,,,, Carolyn Lynch. Grace Mercer Senior Section Editors ,,,, Judith Scherr, Ruth Schwier Staff ..r.,..,,,,,,. Margaret Dawnham. Janice Naumann, Maxine Prucha. Gail Robertson. Justine Fritz, Judy Pensel, Dianne Edgell Sports Editors ......... .,.,,,.,,,. A l Beachley, Pat Cribbs Transcription Editors .,., , Anita Greenfeld, Eileen Rose Staff .....,,, Pat Cribbs. Justine Fritz, Elsie Hansen, Maxine Prucha, Pat Taschenburg. Jeannie Valdivia, Sharon Wirtz W l W W W W W W Gay Lyter .lunior Editor .lo Wright. Sandy Hawk, Pat Flickinger Layout Editors W Towne ECHOES W W 1960 VH? oqfw 0 woo 05 Y- W PRESS ,I I Co-editors: Tony Buccheri 4 Sallie Kravetz i Advisors: Mr. Frank Guess I Dr. Marvin Vopel We 55 To produce a yearbook, we: . . . Drink lots of coffee . . Sharpen pencils and wits . . Do everything in triplicate . . File everything in triplicate . . Lose everything in triplicate Nav other staff members ,lack Rose ' ' 5' , . U . Photography Editor . . Draw, write, and print in tiny square blocks rf-ff-'rf f-gfff Ruth Schwer, Judy Senior Editors K Scherr tx Q7-1-N ,E -1 Linda Beck, Art Editor ' Z at 6 . . Crop. crop. crop . . Fight staff members. administrations, and other yearbooks . . . Wait for praise But no group on campus can be more proud of its finished product! Al Beachley, Sports Editor 7 x, Q, J Eileen Rose Anita Creenfeld Typing Editors Jane League Art Editor Q-1 Q -w Grace Mercer, Carolyn Lynch Public Relations Staff Jeannie Valdivia Copy Reader .Y ig VID C3 1 LIL X- Q . .l JEWISH STUDENTS ASSOCIATION-SEATED, l. to r.: Myra Jfrsephson, Roberta Henriques, ,loan Calkin, president, Barbara Coden Simone Goldstein, Roberta Collevtnr. STANDING, l. to r.: Judy Deitz. Elinor Hecht, Nanette Clapman, Rhona Silverhlatt. BROTHERHOOD . . . To Bffbw :TV Chapel library gives guidance through reading. Students pause to pray. Hynms of praise fill the chapel. 58 FAITH Rfk .- IO: ..: xi 'ff' 3-4 Aw- ifm' X i . :9 .4 1- , 1 jar' ...K i ,Li Q , A, A WESLEYAN FELLOWSHIP-SEATED, l. to r.: Harriet Sollers, Sandy Swan, Nina E. Hughes, Elaine Willis, Marilyn Hudson, Joy Ann Fisher. STANDING, 1. to r.: Betty Norris, Arlliur Nead, Charles Patrick, Carol Lord. Duvall Sollers, Barbara Sherrill. CANTERBURY CLUB-FRONT ROW, l. to r.: Bonnie Waters, Luta Madison, Shirley Fink, Letitia Crocker, Mary Hughes, Bonnie Dixon BACK ROW, l. to r.: Pat Crihhs, Howard Eisner, ,lim MacDonald, Sue Fallowfield. NJ TJ ,fin i..,i ,f ,A ..,, I i I 1 i l l dl Qin H 2' gg fa-nf Lf BAPTIST STUDENT UNION-SEATED, l. lo r.: Dotti Phillips, Dorie Merriken, Mary Humphrey, Nancy Pell, Martha E. Smith. STANDING, l. to r.: Barbara Clagett, June Hester, Eleanore Renis, Agnes Miller. D 0 YP L WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP-SEATED, 1. to r.: Barbara Mason, Diana Nickols, Betty Scheffel, J. Asher, ,lean Riblett. STANDING, l. to r.: Darlia Heckner, Myrna King, Shura Casio, Barbara Orr, Rev. Jollenbeck, John Rose, Connie Hoagland, Mary Ellen Thompson, Howard Adams. 6 I - 1 7.1 t -"F'fGa ' . I 'A Q ,-1 X ,"1-ff .,.l ' i , if '5- L9 V+--Ml, it llf .fro V - . . S.C.A.-FIRST ROW, seated l. to r.: A. Silex, D. Herkner, S. Harris, T. Lancaster. Seated, SECOND ROW: G. Lyter, P. Lunegro, J. Riblet, B. Sherrill, ' W. Derr, P. Machin, B. Wiser, E. Wilson, L. Garrison, A. Archer, B. Norris. Standing, ROW 3: C. Patrick, E. Willis, A. Nead, D. Coard, D. Sgllers, N. Troupe, R. Haines-President, M. Biele, H. Schriver, S. Castro. P. Adams. C. Crum.. If I I E. The Student Christian Association is the YM-YWCA on campus. It is a fellowship of stu- ill dents and faculty welcoming all who desire to ,, search for the meaning of life. 1 The S,C.A. Choir is a group of twenty-six resi- 'I dent women on campus and is affiliated with the 1 Student Christian Association. They present yearly l prqrarns for the college and many churches and organizations in the Baltimore area. l . i l S.C.A. CHOIR-FIRST ROW, I. to r.: Paulette Cogdon. Elaine Dudderar, Janet Tennyson, Lois Cavey, Janet Keplinger, Marge Mitchell, Jean Hoffmeister, Pat Tashenherg, Marge Biele, Polly Marhin. SECOND ROW, 1. to r.: Bonnie Legore, Ruth Marshall, Wanda Peeling, Elaine Willis, Sue Harris, Mary Ellen I Thompson, Carol Souder, Darla Heckner, Miss Hazel MacDonald, director. THIRD ROW, l. to r.: Marlene ldiz, Judy Hersh, Betty Stewart, Bunny Vance, , Pat Williams, Marian Zimmerman, Lois Bennett. 1 , X ' i t --wg: ' ' I if i 1 2 -1 I I I I I I I I I I I' 'I I I I II I I I I I I I I , I I I I I I I I I I I V I I I ,Q 1 1 I IH ' ". '- -7- R-VARSITY-SEATED, l. to r,: Laura Grammvr. Cavey, Nancy Pell. Diana Nichols. Helen Hendrick- resident-Betly Copple, Barbara Clagetl. STAND- l. to r.: Carol Cavanaugh. Richard Sours. Jim Miller. INTE Lois son, P ING, Ted Brower, W inona Cook. X . J pv- INTERFAITH, ROW 1, l. lo r.: .loy Fisher, .loan Fowble, Toni Andolfatlo, Helen Hendrickson, Rev. Jollenheck, Betty Scheffel, ,lim MacDonald, Joan Galkin, Mary Ellen Thompson, Bob Harris. -.4 wsejr Belly Norris, Elaine Willis, Roberta Collector. ROW 2: of l ' I 1 '.4,. Q LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION-SEATED, l. to r.: Pat Richards, Joan Fowble, Margaret Schierholz. Dr. O'Dell, Wanda Derr. STANDING, l, to r.: Lois Naumann, Janice Naumann, Ray Baker, Jeannette Morgan, Joan GETITIPF. NEWMAN CLUBWSEATED, l. to r.: Antionette Andolfalto, Jean Plaia, Carole Anzick, Mary Rose Bel- singcr. Joan Miller, Audrey Fairall, Joan Mallgrave. STANDING, l. to r.: Albert Beachley, Dan Keller, Joe Class, Bob Anastasi, Gale Liszewski, Ruth Clark, Shirley Schlosser, Paula Walsh, Mary .lo Kane Alice Brakeall, Don Graham, Terry Young, John B. Tallman, III, Chuck Rittler. s Q. x mf fl 'fi' H-' ad T T L51 ,-,. T4:1:X."'b' 111 , A MARSHALS-SEATED, 1. tn r.: Rosalie Usilton, Pat Flickinger, Sylvia Larwoud, Carol Bauersield, Margie Stoker. Judy Hynds, Sue King. STANDING, l. to r.: Sandy Hawk, Mary Ellen Thompson, Linda Humerick, Eleanor Fraley, Verna Cunningham. HOSTESS CLUB-SEATED, l. tn r.: Roseanne Kohler, Susan Leyes, Barbara McKe1vy, Dr. Gardner, Cay Lyler, Phyllis Lonegro, Joy Dillon. STANDING, l. to r.: Edith Garland, .lan Leisler, Joyce Lewis, Nancy Bnngiovani, Alive Brakeall. Carol Foster, Joy Fisher, Marjorie Biele, Harriet Sollers, Eleanore Rc-vis. Q61 CHEERLEADERS, l. to r.: Elaine Stairs, Marianne Faasen, Sue Wallace, Jean Plaia, Jane! Gregory ffrontl CHEERLE DER FRESHMAN ADVISORY COUNCIL From the smoke-filled room . . Since for many new students, college will be the first experience in making decisions, arranging time for college activities and building up good study habits, the FAC aids in achieving these ends. FRESHMAN ADVISORY COUNCIL-FIRST ROW: Pat Downey, Marge Downham, Ruth Schwier, Millie L. Cage, Tom Heard. SECOND ROW: Dr. June Thearle, advisor, Elaine Issenock, Peggy Parr, .Iudy Pensel, Diane Edgell, ,Iudy Scherr, Pat Vernay, Lee Hildebrand, Pat Taschenberg. THIRD ROW: Helen Wynne, Carol Neugent, ,Ianet King, Lori Riley, ,Ian Naumann, Marty Minlz. FOURTH ROW: Mary Ann Fassen, Pat Hardt, Nancy Hovermale, Bunny Vance, Carol Streib. FIFTH ROW: .lane Chiles, Madelon Wilhelm, Bill Kirby, Sallie Kravetz, Ed Krout. SIXTH ROW: Mary Alice Cissel, Sue King, Bobbi Wade, Edna Kane, Sandy Hawk. SEVENTH ROW: George Sparks, Lee Hammond, Lincoln Sparks, Carolyn Lyle. EICHTH ROW: Don Vetter, .loe Carstens, Don Milstead, Milt Saulshury, Ken Dollinger, Howard Eisner, Charlie Mott, D. Stefansson. i Inu I x v-. -ur . ' l ' 1r mn 59 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB-SEATED, l. to r.: Dr. Coleman, Sue Munaker, Ellen Finifler, Bill Dillon, Shirley Schlosser. STANDING, l. to r.: Elizabeth Frack, Paul Strickland, Barbara Parker, Suzanne Holley, Rhoda Udoff, Sue O'Dell. I TERNATIO AL REL TIGNS CL B Certainly one of the most charming people to grace our campus this year. Miss Helga Lindbichler, El Fulbright Scholar from Vienna enjoys her stay at STC. 68 r. n N. if x :Q N v 1 1 i K Ia . u r E, li i li I ,I ,. I , 1 . I A W J y 1 I l K v f P l 'r is 4 .Q- w A 1 li i V 9, 1 l . , I .. , l ll il , l, 1 i l i gi ll 4 . ,- v KAPPA DELTA PI-SEATED, 1. to r.: Mary Alice Cissel, Hilma Swensen, Mimi Plumboff, Mary ,lo Kane, Mr. Cornthewaite, Rose White, Milly Cage, Elaine Isennock. STANDING, l. to r.: Madelon Wilhelm, Claire Rivers, Sue Harris, Sue King, Arty Hawkins, Betty Behringer, Malcolm Taylor, Bill Makinson, Milton Schul, Fran Bouis, Ethel Gardiner, Margaret Downham, Carole Neugent, Ruth Schwier, Anita Creenfeld. KAPP DELT PI Q X N STUDENT EDUCATION ASSOCIATION-SEATED, l. to r.: lean Valdivia, Margie Edwards, Pat Flickinger, Nancy Hovermale, John Rose, Pat Hardt, Joni Baker, Pat Strosnider, Sandy Hawk. STANDING, l. to r.: Rosalie Usillon, Mary Ellen Thompson, Sue King, Verna Cunningham, Eleanor Fraley, Sylvia Larwood, Edith Kozlowski, Carol Bauersfeld, Linda Humerick, Shirley Fink, Pat Crihhs. STUDE T EDUCATIO ASSOCIATIO 69 A W f 7 . 1 GAMMA THETA UPSILON-BOTTOM ROW,'l. to r.: Dr. Firman, William Stewart, Ruth Kornett, Margaret Bowers. SECOND ROW, l. to r.: Anita Lloyd, LuRosa Kanarrhuk, Irene Hux, Marty Mintz, Peggy Gallagher. THIRD ROW, l. to r.: Mary Sue Wilson, Pat Henry, Bill Makinson, Marv Wiener. FOURTH ROW, l. to r.: Jean Dawson, Kouroni Marakis, Shirley Block, Carol Quenson, Mary Jo Kane. FIFTH ROW, I. to r,: Madelon Wilhelm, Fawn Wilson, Marge Mitchell, Sandy King, Lincoln Sparks. SIXTH ROW, l. to r.: Lee Hildebrand, John Schlee, Fred Aht, Leon Sagon, George Sparks, Joe Glass, Arthur Nead. SEVENTH ROW, l. to r.: Ruth Marshall, Bill Mathews, Daniel Higgs, Ray Baker, George Jenson. AMMA THETA UPSILO L ll P, it y, V I lx I ,I 1 . . 'i Y gi J ZZ CLUB T7 ,- GW .IAZZ CLUB-BOTTOM ROW. l. to r.: Margaret Titus, Carole Solo- mon, Barbara Tait, .leannie Valdi- via, Lorna Jean Pyle, Pat Boulay. ROW 2, l. to r.: Marv Weiner, Alex Johnson, Dorie Merriken, Jack Edwards, Joni Baker, Cather- ine Swank, Lois Naumann, Judie Rollman, Walter Eden. 4 -1- 1 1 i i l i l 4 1 l 1 1 l 1 1 l I l I I 1 Af GLEE CLUB BOTTOM ROW, l. to r.: E. Willis, A. Marshall, L, Cavey, S. Bland, B. Stewart, D. Tarleton, M. Powers, A. Florian, H. Schriver, B. Fallowfield, R Richardson, D. Heckner, M. Carrnn, Y. Harris, J. Vandivia, M. Biele. SECOND ROW, l. to r.: M. McLeod, D. Evans, L. Garrison, J. Hersh, M. Mitchell H. Eisner, P. Pugh, C. Tait, J. Smyers. THIRD ROW, l. tn r.: S. Lindgren, S. Harris, R, Marshall, M. Stairs, P. Henry, Olive Bloodsworth, J. Phillips W. McGee, M. Vance, P. Macliin. FOURTH ROW, l. to r.: J. Pensil, D. Edgell, S. Schlosser, J. Kolodney, S. Casio, B. Orr, C. Hoagland, H. Richardson E. Lawson, L. Rujalu, C. Markaikas. R. Schwier. Under the direction of Miss Emma Weyforth. the Glee Club has presented some outstanding musical programs this year. Among these were the Christmas Concert, May Day. the Spring Concert. and Commencement. 7I 72 ORCHESTRA, l. to r.: Cerrie Shortt, ,lanet Owens, Ann Smith, Tatiana Alunans, Sylvan Piacentino, .lohn Schlee, Antony DiSales, Tanya Forney, Mary Adams, Deborah Sinsky. Patricia Lassiter, Barbara Winterstein, Helen Tydings, Joan Koski, Ellen Fowler, Sandra Thompson, Patelle Green, Nancy Smith, Il Charles Rittler, George Norris. Laura Moritz, Catherine Alvaro, Robert Nelson, William Fallowfield, Edward Callary, Lillian Eubanks, Marian Zimmerman, Mildred Cage, Wayne Price, Directorfjohn P. Bollinger. v, l l lt ,, ll w, l 1 ORCHESTR l Membership in the Concert Orchestra affords training in ensemble work for students who play orchestral instruments. The College Orchestra pre- sents light operas. as well as formal concerts both at the college and at high schools. Our orchestra also performs at special college functions and pro- grams. E MENS CHORUS MEN'S CHORUS-FIRST ROW, l. to r.: Dick Disharonn. Randy C-rimsley, Ray Baker, Rick Stroup, Al Williams, Ken Taylor, Ed Koehler, Chuck Ritter, Carl Bochau, Richard Evans, Lincoln Sparks. SECOND ROW, l. to r,: Bob Anastasi, Harry Belsinger, Al Chidester, Joe Glass, Skip Hinman, Don Graham, Hap Hai-ple, John Schlee, Jerry Rubin, Barry Smith. THIRD ROW, I. to r.: Paul Joyce, Jerry Doelle, Don Cyzyk, Tim Gerstmeyer, Lou Alaobrook, Carol Swan, Mr. Charles A. Haslup, Russel McComas, Fred Abt, Bill Alexander. Not Pictured'Lee Hammond. Towson's dewy-eyed ingenue 74 The Glen Pla ers! Formerly with Ziegfeld, now with Towson Ji!-fv U2 Behind Max Factor presents . . ll 'Q j A fi 15. 2 is ,u M 1 E Sproudly present Garbo, Hepburn Davis B d 2 I Il ,I 1 1 1 :he scenes N I1 m. L Guest star Miss Ruth Chatterton ap- peared as the Madwoman in "Mad- woman of Chaillotf' PRODUCTION STAFF: Iback row, 1. to r.I Paul Maniloff, Ronald Budny, Charles Kirkpatrick, Carolyn Coakley, .lo Nowick, Joy Brown, Sandi Johnson, .lack Butchko, May Hughes, Ramona Maletli, Regis Rheb, .lack Fill- more, Lincoln Sparks: Ifront row, l. to r.I Mary Belsinger, .lonee Mourow, Martha Smith, Miss Chat- terton, Diana Brown, Gloria Winegard. COUNTESS: If they're greedy, they're stupid. If they're greedy-don't worry, I know exactly what to do. Pierre, by tonight you will be an honest man. And, Juggler, your torches a-ill stay lit. And, Christine, your beer will flow freely again. -Come on, let's get lo work. 6 . . .The Madwoman of Chaillot RAGPICKER: Countess, there was a time when garbage was a pleasure. A garbage can was not what it is now. Il it smelled a little strange, it was because it was a little confused-there was everything there-sardirtes, cologne, iodine, roses. An amateur might jump to a wrong conclusion. But to a professional-it was the smell of God's plenty. I I I ,1 I I I z II , I I I , I 'I 1, I Il I1 II I V I ,I , . 'I A 'I II I I I I QI A, 1 . III If il I I I I I ,, Ii II LI II I I 1 I . I I I Miriam: Believe me Doug, for what l'n1, thinking they could send me to the electric chair twice. PRODUCTION STAFF: iback row, l. to 11? Martha Smith, Mr. Pulkka, Ramona Maletti, May Hughes, Ronald Budny, Ted Holsczyn- ski, Diana Brown lfront row, l. to r.l Carol Solomon, Barbara Wrohel, Marion Stairs. Regis H. Rheb, Judith Matthews, Karen Jorgertson, Phyllis Pulkka, Paul Maniloff. Guest in the House Miriam: Look, boys, I mean a train. Look. You get on a train. The porter makes up your berth. He says to you, "Miss Berth, your Blake is read .nfl mean-he wouldn't call you Miss Berth, Y Blake, of course, but he would me. L... Evelyn: Kiss me, Douglas. Kiss me. kiss me. No man has ever kissed me. My lips are Clean! 71 Directed by . . Mr. William C. Kramer is the man behind all of the heartafrhes and successes that go along with ' each production. Too few people appreciate this 1 tremendous undertaking. But after all is said and done and the curtain is down on a warmfelt suc- cess. there is the realization that nothing could have happened without his direction. Director: William C. Kramer THE CLE PL YERS CAST OF TALENTED ACTORS AND ACTRESSES: lback row, 1. to r.l Ramona Malelti, May Hughes, Marion Stairs, Jack Butchko, Bonita Rakes, Ronald Budny. Gloria Winegard. Sharie Lacey. James MacDonald. Phyllis Pulkka, Joseph Glass, Irene Shepard, Paul Maniloff, Karen Jorgensen ffronl row. I. In r,J Carol Solomon. Shirley Block, Diana Brown, ,lo Nowick, Lincoln Sparks, Martha Smith, Regis H. Rheh, Carolyn Lyle, Gerald Riley. 78 gy5 K fi.-4 R 1 fA Dru 95 .J-Q -l -1 -ub- 4 -.....,4f3-qv-qs. A..- N.. NQ.g,. .. NY ' " .. hi- . V A '3,',g-- 'S hh mzx ls: i'....f.'Pm' .. . h - uh , ,. ,-,:.-'UL-qu... . ,Ir -.N , '- 'Q SPORTS Q V'-1-K D A Mk.: 'N- 15' F5 c ' ' s'-u ' :Aoi BOTTOM, left to right: C. Haddaway, H. Feldman, G. Patrinacola, J. Schuerholz, T. Connelly, M. Weiner, E. Lorenz, G. Coudy, L. Orlando, J. Ryan TOP, left to right: L. Sunderland fmgrj, D. Yingling tasst. Coachl, D. Hoover, A. Schoesslinger, J. Doelle, D. Evans, J. Palmier, E. Humm, B. Ford, B. Kirby, J. Reider, R. Luette, E. Cherewko, J. Glass, B. Woolston, T. Shortall, J. Edmunds fasst. coachl, Dr. Minnegan fHead Coachl l r -i 1.1: gg. ...V 1 I L' i Despite a 3-5-2 season, the Knights displayed a courageous, bustling style of soccer. Attention must he brought to the high caliber of soccer played in this area. The Knights were barely edged out hy such teams as Baltimore U., Howard. Lynchburg. and Catholic U.. who were nationally ranked. With a few breaks. Towson could have enjoyed a winning season. Ed Lorenz led the team with 12 goals. while Bunky Ford had 7 goals. Lorenz tied the Towson record for a single game with 7 goals in the Gallaudet game. Don Sudbrink and Bunky Ford were picked on the All Southern Conference team and Eugene Cherewko made the All Mason-Dixon team. Next season should find Towson at the top of the loop when the final whistle blows. ' Ed Lorenz playing pop-up, pick-up. Action on the sidelines A 1 Towson Opp. 0 American U. .,.... ,Y,.... 1 0 Catholic U, .... ,,,,,,, O 2 Baltimore U. ,..A,,........, ,,,.... 3 0 Washington College ,,,.., ,,,,,,, 2 2 Loyola ....,,,,,,,,.,,,,.,...... ....... 2 12 Gallaudet ......,,.,.,, ,,..... 0 4- Randolph-Macon ..,Y ..,,,,, 0 4 Mt. St. Mary .....,. ...,,,, 0 Lynchburg ....... ....... 2 1 Johns Hopkins ...,, ....... 2 Dr. Donald Minnegan, the famous Tiger mentorg coach of 4- championship teams, twice co-coach of the intemational games. Eugene Cherewko Bunky Ford Paul Patrinacola Ed Lorenz getting set to block a Howard U. shot Ed Callary Bucky Clay BOTTOM, left to right: Coach Melville, J. Haluch, B. Clay, E. Callary, T. Young, P. Hammel, R. Bosley TOP, left to right: C. Baker, T. Macey, M. Shannon, R. Price, H. Harpel, H. Michelson, L. Chaffman, D. Alexander, D. Masken, R. Griest Roger Price Hap Harple Charles Baker Towson 33 Catholic U. .............. 33 Johns Hopkins U. ..... 34 Washington College ...... .... 27 Gallaudet ..................... .... 48 Loyola ............ .... 38 Mt. St. Mary ..... .... 30 American U. ..... , W' , Coach Melville and Roger Guest Returning veterans plus a few promising fresh- men formed a young and inexperienced cross- country team this past season. While being able to capture only one meet, they displayed the desire to win, which will no doubt enable the Knights to provide stiff competition against any conference team next season. The highlight of the season was the performance of Don Masken, who set a new Towson record for the cross-country course. Joe Haluch Don Masken Part of the team fSmith, Hinma.n, Elliott, Arnold, Miller, and Feldman! take time for a pose. Once again, Towson faced conference teams loaded with scholarship players, and came out on the short end of the score against most of the Mason-Dixon teams. More than once, Towson jumped out to an early lead, but was grad- ually worn down by the superior height of the opposing teams. One or two more big men could have given Towson a boost in the right direction. Fred Arnold led all scorers with a 21.0 average, which was good enough to be the llfth leading scorer in the con- ference. Other bright spots for Towson were the keen shoot- ing of freshmen Toby Creenwell and Bucky Sherman, and the fine rebounding jobs turned in by Jim Miller and Dan Elliott. Late-starter Dick Stack added many brilliant defen- sive plays. Senior Jerry Masemore "dunks" another one. Arnold jumps high to shoot over his 0 poncnt's out-stretched arms. Cheese! ln the mature male Coach Killian and players lake time out to discuss some new strategy. 1 'I ,Q lugs H.. . ,g,,,zM, 5 1 gf ,Fifi rs I "gd 1'.' - I .- 1 I 2' 41. xzfif W XD i. A 5' 2 ,. VVSYJ ' J W1 gwggw LEE, "f"""'3--tr-I-4.i-. Q ' f I Q n ,fi 'ii-5 7 V daQf5"' Q" A WSU WUAV ' -' fcwswf 'Sl 4 For the first time since wrestling was initiated to the Towson campus, the Knights were subjected to a winless season. ln each meet, most of their few points were won by Orlando, Brooks, and Stefansson, all of whom turned in consistent winning performances throughout the season. ln the M-D Wrestling Championships, they were able to garner only four points, which were secured by Leo Orlando, who placed third in the 123 lb. class. Next season should find Towson near the top of the conference when the final buzzer soundsg most of the team are new to this sport, but have gained valuable experience this year and should be able to give all opponents a battle next season. Roy Wallace Joe Brooks pins his opponent the hard way. George Goudy L-g.1....,, ' grappler. Lou Chaffman J Paul Patrinicola employing his famous headlock on an opposing l 3 l 1 l 4 l i I la l -v l li ll l. X 1 U v w 1 1 Ish fx U 17 . C .5 hffns , 'K SPRING SPORTS :- ' ,. ,. -.o '- Q.-"'1,.,c' ,,g.a. r 'si g 1t5:a..:S'?11"2 5.fi5g'agi.25. ggi ... ,cg Ig . . ffr-.fl ' it -S9555-iff? w as ' figi i "ii5Fi+f-:lv to t'tf'-- 'K ' ' ws I h I Y Sit" Eff, 3 - 5 1 1 Rn- i, A -f ' ' ,iv .. 1 gg . f V naw , W 'F 1' -,sy FIRST ROW, left to right: P. Patrinicola. G. Henderson, J. Mills, J. Schuerholz. SECOND ROW, left to right: G. Coudy, Lee Hammond, E Humm C Kirkpatrick, Coach Killian. THIRD ROW, left to right: D. McChay, D. Hoover, Lynn Hammond, J. Doelle, J. Bolander. While failing' to reach the .500 mark this year, it must be noted that the Knights had only two pitchers to carry them through the season. The Knights had many bright spots this season includ- ing wins over highly regarded Loyola and Balti- more L. Throughout the first half of the season they led the league mainly due to the mighty bats of ,lohn 'Schuerholz and Joe Mills. who both closed the season with batting averages in excess of .4-OO. Their pitchers. Lynn Hammond and Ed Humm turned in many stellar pitching performances, but insufficient rest gradually took its toll, which exe plains the close losses that would have sent Towson to another winning season. Prospects for Towson baseball next year are very bright with all but two starters returning. However, the team will greatly feel the loss of catcher Lee Hammond and outfielder Paul Patrinicola, both of whom displayed consistent. winning baseball, while at Towson. Lee Hammond paced the Knights with 14 runs batted in, while Lynn Hammond. Towson's only first line pitcher, compiled 5-3 pitching record. The Knights hit conference pitching for a 6-6 record. putting them in -l-th place. 1960 BASEBALL SUMMARY Towson Opp 7 Hofstra ,,........., ....... 1 7 5 Mt. St. Mary ..... ....... O 6 Baltimore U. ..,.... ....... 5 4 Johns Hopkins ....... ....... 5 13 American U. ....... ....,.. 6 11 Catholic U. ..,...... ....... 5 4 Mt. St. Mary ...,....... ....... 5 7 Washington Col. .,.... ....... 1 3 1 American U. ....... ....... 3 2 Lynchburg ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ....... 1 Ll- 6 Loyola ........................... ..1.... 1 3 Westem Maryland ....... ,,..... 1 4 11 Catholic U. ...,......... ....... 3 -4 I- 5 bin I f :E F fi ua -x vrtf' - ii, .4 .4 Q'- ' 55 : 1--ar T' l K I I . .N-4 75, Cl- z N V , sq, qf --f . -0 ww . 5 au. 4,4 ' "-e "ig 5549155 - M- . :"- gp ' A'-, 'it 5'-, - ,' - .. ' ,' wir-b-' , f ' ,f -4. grlfqnsmn' s. 1 . .5 -' H51 -f if- t r e -sf-as-r -... ff A-p. .,,, , .- 1 gl -ju 4 - ' .. -- 'cl' ' 5 ' - . '-g I 1 U. ' ' '55, .Y ' ' wg' ' GN: -e -r-'1.- 1- Q- -. . -,......,, ,-t :Y Q. . ' f" I ,LL - ' - -, ' J ' ' i, - Four Towson players take limi- out tu harass the opposing pitcher. John Schuerholz whips the ball to first after forcing the runner Lee Hammond takes a mighty swing at a fast one. :it second. 1 ,ug-, ...M -v Our In if 'lf ' 'J' 7:1 nf .- 9' ' z :ab . . , 1 nf gffp fr ..1i,,A "I", Q--fy'Z"?.,t-was-'X - , , , . .. f' 'V' -V ' -Jag" - i V F-, -:ff 734 ,ff-pink "-.j,.- ' - -. . Lf- q, ,... r e7Q-Q51 , '12ijf'i'jQ,f'1 in i Z 'f ik ,li-, ,?Q. 'i Q,,1 ' .r .. -- f fi , .-if -- ' - it Q 1 iss- -- -- 9' - .. ,En -,, x ff, f-- .E ,sniff . 1 --F '- ,I S' . 2: I , an 1 1 V . 1:3 3 i n I cf ' 1 . H ' up ' . , -. I.. . . , ' ' i Q at ,V 1 ,, Ill - 4, A ' . ' , . A ".' ' T . ' , aa. . , 11- v ' T Y' , , , f . -asm, X4 f 4 1 a , ' . T A L ' X., xr! -- A . ,Q .V ' f gw 1 .. ' " 'Ji ",V - J iifffk " 'QI 1 .. W BOTTOM, left to right: E. Badolato, A. Florian, B. Sherman. TOP, left to right: C. Allen, C. Mott, Dr. McC1ea.ry, T. Greenwell, F. Amold. ' ll l For the first time, Towson was able to beat all but one or two opponents in tennis. They rarely lost in doubles and with Florian, Sherman, Greenwell, Arnold, and Mott li . . . . 1 playing the singles, Towson had dependable winners. It would he no surprise next 1 season to find the Towson netters capturing their first conference title. Good luck, 'W men . . . Fred Amid A1 Florian ll 'N H Qyxii t A 1' 4 L A-ff v A- K Y Af". I. i. 'J , ,- '. L. '. X . .YI A 9.3 ,f IIN Ed Badolato and Charles Mott display their winning forms which won them trophies as the top tennis players this year. .v.. MAJUR X, .ky 4 rw r. We're all set. but we run nut of gas . . . A 'Y 'rl ff' I '-f+rf7 WEE AlCl1li7L'l'S of the junior varsity: future prospects to curry STC un , t . -.. .,z..., r tn s ivlnry. t...... t , .4-4-b rp,-f '- . ,-, +50 4... xx ',?,,.v ' +jv t 4.., 54.45-4 f N' sl , t 33.1" ij: 2" ::f.,M.:, " QQ-Pi If jf " 'ig'-" ' 53"'g " . ' , ' J'-'3'Af .V 5.221-f'-'C ":1w5z5?k L1-2 fa-'f-21:-f' . " 75" 'n t ,J jf!" iw. 1.2-. ez, , 'H' ' ' 1.4-? 'f"'i77" " .2 1 if , i- 'Q ' . .I-i55g4?w ' 5' 7553? I F " ' I 5' "fi,-:'P " 'P' .5 ' A N l 2 '- -3.1 ? A44 , ..f , ? 9 '- he I P2 . Inman. . , , i 11492 f I ,gy -0465041 I.. f f rf: . l ITYAVL q 'f'x 95' L x 1'P IJ-c. FIRST ROW, left to right: J. Shank, C. Croner, R. Somers, E. Callary, M. Mintz, E. Lorenz, T. Bressler. SECOND ROW, left to right: Coach Melville, D. Vetter, J. Maskol, A. McNamara, D. Ford, J. Edwards, K. Taylor, assistant coach Waesche. THIRD ROW, left to right: P. Phaneuf, A. Beachley, M. Mahoney, D. Stack, G. Patrinicola, D. Graham. FOURTH ROW, left to right: C. Brooks, S. DiCrispino, B. Anatasia. l 92 Although Towson got off to a bad start this year by taking a shellacking from Dartmouth, No. 8 in the nation last year. each game found them im- proving in their attack and defense. Washington College also proved too much for Towsonis young team, as they again ventured outside of their con- ference. ln conference play, they had a 3-0 record, while their overall record came to 3-4. If they had been able to schedule more class C opponents it is very likely that they would have won the class C title. However, it takes seven conference games to be considered, and Towson only played three con- ference teams. The losing record does not even indicate the tremendous hustle and team spirit, which was ever- present with the lacrosse team. Not once did they concede a game until the final whistle had blown. This is best exemplified by the Brown game, in which the lead changed hands eight times. Their determination finally paid off for them with a 9-8 xictory. 1960 LACROSSE SUMMARY Towson Opp. l Dartmouth ......... ...... 1 2 6 Union College ........ ...... 4 9 Brown University ......,. ...... ' 8 5 Washington College ....... ...... l 5 7 Loyola ..,,...................... ...... l 0 3 Quantico Marines ..... ...... I 0 12 Gettysburg ............ ...... 3 Outstanding this season was the fine defensive work of .lack Edwards and Ed Lorenz, which reached its summit in the Gettysburg game. They both held their attackmen scoreless. Ken Taylor sparkled on offense, scoring 19 goals to establish a new Towson scoring record. With most of the team returning next year, Towson should have no trouble giving a good ac- count of itself. However, it will be tough to fill the positions left vacant by the graduation of Vetter, Edwards, and Ford. ,Post-season activities found Don Vetter being selected as goalie on the southern team in the an- nual all-star game held at Holy Cross College. I 'w .l ll il 4 1 l l in I I V it is , l V 1 l ll li .-it Goalie Don Vetter goes high to block a sho! against Gettysburg. Once more, Don had a tre- mendous season in the nets for Towson. He was second in the voting for the state's best goalie with only Nippard of Baltimore University re- cording more first place votes. Ken Taylor is checked hard by a Gettysburg player after he has scored his 19th and final goal of the season. This enabled Ken to establish a new Towson scoring record which will give future Towson players something to aim for. -4 .-I ,.,- , ' - '- ""' A ' "' "-"VZ V, , 5' 'T 'N-,T-5A,y1fvw :' QU - .'.':' M . u. , -,... i-" .... H V .. , " ,. h 1 .,,.:, -. f Y- ' , nf' .1- la- 'N rf " --Q-1 'Qu' .1 -nw ,ri A' Goalie Don Vetter and Quantico player scramble for possession of the hall after the shot. Oh, I'm gonna give you such a smack . . Dam it, !hey've clipped me again! BOTTOM, left to right: R. Reynolds, C. Baker, D. Koester, D. Alexander, H. Michealson, R. Price. TOP, left to right: T. Young, O. Mehling, B. Woolston M Shannon, R, Luette, D. Masken, Dr. Minnegan. This was a year of experiments for Dr. Minnegan. Each meet saw trackmen shifting from one event to another. These constant changes enabled Dr. Minne- gan to speculate on the possibilities and potential of each member. Track records plus two field records were set. Ron Luette high-jumped 6 feet, Bob Turner beat the old record which he had previously set in the discus throw, while Mickey Shannon turned in a new time of 52 seconds flat in the 44-0. Towson's 2-5 record is no indication of the close- ness of the scores. The mile relay proved to be the deciding factor in the meets with Loyola and Washington. Otherwise, the won-loss column would no doubt have read 4--3. Masken, Baker, Alexander, Shannon, and Turner proved to be the top point winners for Towson. Prospects for the coming season are very bright with only the loss of weightman Bob Turner hinder- ing the return of the entire squad. 1960 TRACK SUMMARY Towson Opp 45 Gallaudet .,,,i, ,i,,,,, 7 5 50 American U. ,,,,,,,, ,,.,. , T2 60 Loyola ,,...........,,,,.,,,,,,, .... , ,6l 50 Western Maryland ..... ,,,,,,. T 2 57 Washington College ,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 6 5 95 Bowie State .,,,,,,,,,....... ..,,, 2 5 73 Frostburg .,..,, ,,,.,., 4- 9 f L -if , v , On your mark, get set . . . . . . and Towson won Dick Alexander, Charles Baker, and Mickey Shannon show their winning forms, which en- abled all three to set new Towson records in the hurdles, 100-yd. dash, and 4-40-yd. dash. OUTSTANDING ATHLETES l FRED ARNOLD Fred was the big gun for Towson this year, as he was a fiery competitor and ended the season with 21.0 average, good enough for 4-th in the conference scoring race. He also was awarded the trophy for Towson's outstanding athlete of this year. l .-. Q tiri- ILJ. 6 l a a f 51 riff ii i flaih I f ' S. f' ,,."X Q7x' I . DON MASKEN Don became the first Towson runner ever to win a major race at indoor track. He captured the 1.000 yard handicap in the All-Eastern meet held at the Fifth Regiment Armory this past winter and was awarded the handsome trophy which he is holding. 97 YWONHEVS .ATHLETHI ASSOCIATIO The purpose of the W.A.A. elective program is to provide instruction as well as recreation. Many of the electives are open only to the women of the school: however, the men are invited to take part in the golf. archery, badminton, swimming, bowl- ing. and modern dance programs. Softball. volleyball. lacrosse. tennis, basketball, lwcliey. and soccer are offered as electives to the women only. ELEC I. I ,TIVES i a N i dl Get that ball, girls! CHARGE! One, two, three, kick! What do we do nex X A Come on in, the water's fine. Reverse the Charge! MENS THLETIC ASSOCIATIO MEN'S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION-SEATED, l. to r.: Pete Coutros, Lee Hammond, Jerry Masemore. STANDING, l. to r.: Paul Patrinicola, Danny Higgs. WOMENS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATIO WOMEN'S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION-Seated, ROW 1, l. to r.: Judy Pensel, Roseanne Kohler, Luta Madison. Seated, ROW 2, l. to r.: Patsy Taylor, Pa! Ennis, Pat Cribhs, Winnie Balzer, Anne Claire Thomas. STANDING, 1. to r.: Elaine Hall, Barbara Shamberger, Joyce Puckett, Brenda Bradley, Beverly Switzer, C7 b . 1 x 5 I ', ll. -f. I Ni gv' 5 gg ,, - 5 i Y NH Q., i A f u s, A - - Kb: - . ' X 1 Q A - 'K ,HSA x ., - ,:75 MS ' if fs 3.4 .'-'g-'-- , mww' 523 rg if: 1 ov. .- :. A-Z1 -'55 ,,.,: A yr... All W .,.f ,. 'I f G . Ja-fvK?'4I , :il '15-: ' it .-...Z ' WSI' :ir ' 2315? 2' .1 w. ., If , """'211G3g!A . , if 'Qui f . 1 25' xg: 5.157 , ,. 4 , . ,ja "'1'fC-'Q?'jff,f.'1 ' 1 - ,,2,,,.f.1-- -, ill.: ,. V 12,1 1 3 -f' 4":', , f-V, f4'212fHv:f:f, 5. f Y , f , Some finally work out a Sched ule on their fifty-third attemptg others never get a schedule. Unfit tJ.aA.4,- HELPf r 1 Jfybfmdyuidnm... " PM-of Udall'-u 460,510 iQoL',4.wn,a-,df..aizaa4.'s Aviva Y ' f K X Q QM, 4 'S 77991 'wan A U KA ' 'Vi FI ' 4- Y fits' fx-A 7 WVU'-V flue "Th-b Qfwwueifx HMQML. Edotnr-'f6,4,u1x,u,c zz, ,GLW-All df't,l0,4ft' Qffumflg, ,Hwubw7Zmb-HH'WY sf muuiedo, gtcdinuafvu A I O , :, WML 1960 .. 4 LE DERSHIP During the past few years it has become the practice for lead- ers of all the student organizations on campus and some advisors, to meet overnight at the Belair Fresh Air Camp to hold a workshop for the discussion of the betterment of the college community and to become better acquainted with each other. CO F ERENCE I . E P L i 3 w N r In addition to discussions and ' fonnaliries, there is much amuse- ment provided in the way of square dances, skits, and just plain old "fun." Pen Puls SPOOK WEEK N 5 w i V More practice in developing skills Q, is f V 'I P v r l S.T.C. Esso E 1' I , 1 lylxl L You should have seen the ones that lost. It's been a rough nine weeks! 'v LL X I -Av fr-' Each year hazing of Towson Newcomers is unleashed during mysterious Spook Week, climaxed by a day of hard work, and a night out - featuring an especially planned trip through the TUNNEL-while the Wrecking Crew enjoys a night in. Extreme motivation. And a good time was had by all. G..--f YD 1 9539 Q38 993 C00 Q S Q, W7 55 may gm D 00 nw f? 0 g I W fa fb fSS 99 lfD1'IH T- i I I: Ii 'I 1! 1 I gi E I ,fi il I MISS ELLEN DUGAN 'S MISS .IUDY SIMPSON .Q Q A' MISS PAT RYAN , U I ' . 5 x ix -.1 v -,P 'J ,Q I v . ' I ' rf v YQ 1 I, , 5 v. . . 1 N ' ' I w ' IJ 1 IJ f ' : MISS WANDA McGEE MISS SUE CHILES MISS WALLIS YESENOFSKI III HOMECOWNG NQMINEES v 4 A A CT' K ' eww... 'jf vhs Q, ll . MVN lulkhu -.t...f-, 5"""l?3 oct za, 22 so fi 'V - 1 .'1j"4'f',4 77'72"f"fGT? ' ,.'Zg,7': ' ,- fqgggf +"'-:S-if sfffikiiillf -I 'f"Z:'f4- j.fg3' :f L . ,,..g,. g.,: fl ,4f:f1:Iff':f - '1 1 f5ai1'::g2t2::5:Lsg:,g51 Q - I The 1959 Homecommg was a tribute not only to the present, but also to the past as reflected by 1ts theme, Tableau l l ll l l l s '93 JJ v .I , PAST quar- My nl? CHRISTMAS J 1 P 4 1 r it AND PRESENT Dorie Vllhitmore and Jerry Nlasemore -., Wanda McGee and Bob Anastasi Carolyn Lyle and Richard Evans Jane Chiles and Milt Saulsbury 2 ,lim MacDonald and Sheila Engle Av The social event of the year-Towson's Sweet- heart Dance. The highlight of the dance was the crowning of the Sweetheart Couple, Dorie Whit- more and Jerry Masemore. Music was provided by the Larry Elgart Orchestra, featuring vocal inter- pretations by Carol Sloane. 4 +1 Mxss Done Whltmore and Mr. Jerry Masemore v! 1 II7 I POP" CORN berry, we dont do shirts. 'I YI' ISI If IN gala .K I I IX W X I , 'r N J !, ' ' I uvj QI II ' K Q Q ' x 7, 51 3 1 ' r 1 I You should have seen them before they used Nair. WORLD UNIVERSITY SERVICE WEEK W P I I Towson's Cupid for 82.98 and up. ' Tl 1 i f I w I 4 M w I 1 2 'I H 9 Have you seen Nurse Ward? It's easy when you follow the diagram. Chiang-Kai-Shel: wants you! Join now! Our guest champagne lady . . THE SENIOR CLASS PROUDLY PRESENTS 52 V 1 l2I 'w CANDIDATES FOR THE CROWN, l. to r.: Winnie Balzer, Mary Alice Cissel, Sali Cohan, Pat Downey, Elaine Hall, Pat Hardt, Pat Masters, Lori Riley, Judy Speer, Pat Taschenberg, Pat Vernay, Bobbi Wade, Wally Yesenofski, Dorie Whitmore, Bunny Vance, Barbara Strong, Judy Scherr, Pat McDaniel, Carolyn Lyle, Anita Hanks, Ethel Gardiner, Trudy Cox, Carolyn Coakley, Betts Burke, and M.C.-Russ McC0mas. ff' V1-uv ' 5 Q V Q. Awaiting the Procession THE MAY D Y L.. Q, i CROWN BEARER: Kim Hunter l22 J.- MAID OF HONOR Miss Wallis Yesenofski v HRQYALTY MAY QUEEN Miss Winnie Balzer OLD AND YOUNG ENJOY MAY in ' fr SS: Sibkhmg I YDAY 1 4 U - . l --1, '- i qi 'ima .J 'Af' VTQM, ri? iz-1 . + , umm Www Even the crabs feasled! Crab Feast l ol il' :Lax V 1 :K 1' 1' Q' ,V4-ff 1 , if -mn.. Such a Clean, clean job for Tasch. 126 ' 'L ki .521 ffg'7'7' I s .4, Y mga---4 .,., -f, ax fr Colv, wms again Y Q' A. Look Ma, no hands. .ji 'rg A " .,,3 A . 3 We've go! to have a tan for the prom. . . P -M s . ,..,f. X. 1 . ,r-r-'TRY' f N, 4 r T K V Dr. Bevins responds to seniors urging, "Co West, youn .. man. SENIOR O TING Bel Air Fresh Air Camp June 9, 1960 V1 .44 , .J ! 1.5, .,x ., is A , qww .. A V f-4 Y . -AQ - i' A"4:?i- ' '4 Pifgkvf r?gEg4:n1g2.1f3,'11gl,J!i' ' rr..ifff-f:-...z-fm H Q .,-ff i1ffs1g.NP2s11.Yif",2.-'gQ'?f1QW, . . W , ., W -rf, Qif:??'Q'f" -253 .:7,,"'-ff'19'l'.4uii.-. iffiififf' '54 '4'-'Z-Wi' ' ' A,-. ' . 1 if "" 3 "f"-'TEN X. 1:'l'., 32- - .. , if, 1, u .""'.'55Q5L'F?"'iQ"'?1?. 5.-i?fFf'1?53"Sfu-f-'2f.i" ' ' 11-.1 ...'f'i."-X i 128 1 I i A W , E w 1 I 2 xl xl w J. 5-44- X L ...- 4.1' 1 -IN .. .,, , Q. N. .mit 1. X. . . ' V., 73 1 "--f v-... ,J , A N'-wa-': R. .--A . .. K.--J , . N . - ' 'kv ,M x.,:.-- ,Lv ' 4-'SK g' '.,r'QQ Q 0 - ' ' i RN. ' xii? , . lr . L. ',.,.w1:k:, . asf, S,-. . . xy:--z - F RESHM CLASS OF 196 A o o 0 T I'-W I :'o '7 9 1 0 U' 4 C 5 af GJQUQCI :ZA lL : no 1, If 9 O '1- 0 lg 'on O 1 Offs Q L 4 . 5 Q ' 3 2 Q ui- fl . 'ff FIRST ROW-Ruth Clark, Joan Tracy, Pam O'CalIahan. iff my ' 4. ' SECOND ROWWN0rma Stein, Jim MacDonald, Paul Strickland, Roger Foster. l30 sz P53 XJ ss?-wp! c, NO! we Q. A N l I J- Although Freshmen find many things on campus new and excit- ing, some things remain the same. SOPHOMORE CLASS-FIRST ROW: Elaine Stairs, SCA Rep.: Judy Deitz, Vice-President: Wanda McGee, Social Chainnanq Joan Lewis, Recording Secretary. SECOND ROW: Joe Glass, SCA Rep.: Nancy Bongiovani, Parliamentariang Barbara Parker, Corresponding Secretary: John Tallman, President. SOPHC CLASS 1-Gil 4 I P Q!- is r I x l 1 l i 1 fl l 1 1 E r gh Y I 4 I K I ' I s gl ll A ll 1 4 1 w 'w yu I This year the Sophomores went Hillbilly with a new look at moun- tain life-'Triendly Feudinlln ORES . .. 'l0F all 1 IZ I 1 2 IS ay M X 1 K 5' I1 Y . 4 , , f I I ' ,. ' ' -fj'- A, ' fir, 2 Y . I ' "ii V' ' ' "L -'N ifjff 4 fvz 'W-2 FIRST ROW: Mary Caron, Jane Chiles, Milt Saulsbury, Bob Anastasi, Doris Stepp. SECOND ROW: Pat Ennis, Pat Henry, Janet Schaefer, Carol Hanna. THIRD ROW: Nancy Thomas, Maudestine McLeod, Sandra Swan. UNIORS CLASS OF 1961 L 1 i I 5 o 1 A U I: lx 'x I i I 1 1 1 4 w w 1 li 1 I IE rl 4 n l N H 1 1? 'X in I .,, Jn. RT BOVE EVERYTHI G MILT SAULSBURY President Enthusiastic Juniors band to- gether to present the musical romp I V -"Art Above Everything." l N xX W' QXXX X NXX .ludith Speer, Vice4President F Z Z 'ra 5, E7, 1 ,X 2 Pal Downey, Recording Secretary 136' T K Doris Whitmore, Resident Social Chair. Pele Coutros, President Judith Scherr, Corresponding Secretary wc,--N. Carolyn Coakley, Treasurer , " X-Quik? ,J Helen Wynne, Day Social C h ai rm an SENIORS CLASS OF 1960 1,4 ro L, G 1 i Elaine Zimmerman, Resident Student Centre Directory Rep. I O I Q.-.n y s .lack Mitchell, Day Student Centre Directory Rep. .in nf - ...Q 1 - 'Q Lx,'1c11"6f.q . ' f- 7, N r 5,1 f 17 , ' PJ, in f l 4' " fr 'S' , , U31 .lean Plaia, SCA Rep. SENIOI -...--1-1-1 Q Russ McComas SGA Rep. 'ZZ 1 x HEXECUTIVE COUNCIL 1 it , - , Q I ti. .1 g,. '- ' - a i : ' ' W Leila Smith, Daniel Higgs, Q SGA Rep. Parliamentarian l l 3 I Charles William , Coleman, Gehrin g, SGA Rep. SCA Rep. 4-- ""H"' O 3 Hilma Swensen Pu blicit y Direcior After providing a gala Homecoming Dance for the student body, the Executive Council turned their thoughts to prepara- tions for the Class Assembly and that all important June Week. The Senior Picnic, Crab Feast, and the Prom and Banquet were a few of the many activities high- lighting the week. Aiding and guiding the Class through the past four years was Dr. L. Edward Bevins, Class Advisor. A Nancy Hovermale, Alumni A ssocialion Represen talive wt. ' , ,, I ij' ' -2 1 X '4.,,,,u V Z x X 49 ' " 1. 'ia' 1 4 -. .1 I ' Q x NORRIS ELLIOTT ALLEN Class Activities CATHERINE ALVARO K-P Newman Club, Orch, Lew. ,Qi serv . f f 'N 4 fy: f , . 'I if ,v"1,. .1 5' X I 1 Ii' Typically is fl .1 2 'WI JANET NI. AMTHOR Elementary Class Activities ANTOINETTE V. ANDOLFATTO Elementary Elect. Comm., Pres., Treas., SGA Rep.-Newman Club, IRC, IFC, Ch. Leadership Conf., Dorm. Activities, Class Activities, SGA Comm. EDWARD V. BADOLATO fr. High Newman Club, Soc. Ch., Soccer, Tennis, Cross Country, Winter Track JACK R. BAINBRIDGE fr. High Pool Club, Sec., Naturalists Club .IONI BAKER fr. High Glen Players, Jan Club, SNEA, WAA Electives. Class Activities WIN11-'Rl-:D E. BALZER 1 Elementary . SGA - Rec. Sec., All-College Council, FAC, WAA, Pres., Soc. Ch., Class Activities. I ll Towson . . . NORMAN E. BARCZAK Elementary Newman Club ALVIN L. BARD I r. High Class Activities FRANK H. BARRIER fr. High Libr. - Orch., Photo Ed., Tower Echoes, Cross Country, Baseball, Track RAYMOND K. BENSER fr. High Class Activities CAROL ANN BAUERSFELD Elementary Pres.-Marshals, SNEA, Westminster Fellowship, Dorm. Activities MARTHA L. BEVARD Elementary Class Activities, Dorm Activities ELIZABETH BEHRINGER I r. High Publ. Ch.--Kappa Delta Pi, Natural- ist Club, Towers ELNORA BISHOP K-P Wesleyan Fellowship, SNEA, Mar- shals, Class Activities '59 -X 51 fu 'll'-.i,.,J9'fH. 4: any-v ,427 1 -I ,. ,V V , . f 4. 40 TSI'-I , 1 RONALD .l. BLAKE fr. High Vets Organ., Lacrosse MARY A LICE BOOHER Elemen tary SCA Choir, SNEA, Dorm Activities. Basketball, Tennis SHIRLEY BLOCK KAP Gamma Theta Upsilon, Glen Players FRANCES CRANDELL BOUIS Elementary Kappa Delta Pi, Tower Light, Wes- leyan Club-'Cor. Sec., SCD-Pres. KATHERINE CHRISTINE BLOOM fr. High Class Activities RICHARD M. BRADLEY Elem en tary Class Rep., SCD, Newman Club, Class Activities 8 olclock Yb- MARLENE M. BRESCIA Elementary Newman Club, SNEA DEANNA JEAN BROWN J r. High SGA Comms., Alpha Psi Omega, Towers - Editor, Tower Echoes, 4--H Club-Pres., Sec.g Glen Play- ers-SGA Rep., Hostess Club, Jan Club, Christian Science Org. - Pres., Student-Faculty Comms. a i iolasses . . . f. Z--li 1 g vi: 'i 1' jf ' 'QQ f f m.-lllllz A . . tie'-.3 II' ' 2 'A 'l flig W M i learning through osmosis. l r A t 'ilu 'ltr I f Y , 1 1 E DONNA MYERS BROWN ANTHONY GABRIEL J, ELIZABETH J. BURKE MARGARET ROSE CALPIN I Elenzenlnry BUCCHERI K-P Eli-nwnlar-s Kappa Della Pi S Elfmfflwfr SCD. New-mn Club, WRC-sec., Newman Club, SNEA GAC .,F .-S .C ., l. Clss X""'.,D A""'s, , , , JEANNE STUART BROWN ASMLf"',B'Q,S. f ggi, 3 I l""t'ef Om' 't"l"1 ANDREW HERBERT otu ERT ff' High FAC, Men's Chorus, reg. rep.-New JANET SHA5 CALDWELL fr. High CanterbLu'y Club man Club, All-College Council. Co- ff. High C1355 A..,i,ili,.5 Ed. Tower Echoes, Basketball Mng. C1355 Acliyilies V PAUL RONALD BUDNY 1, fr. High APO-Tru-as., Gamma Theta Upsi' if lon, Pail.: Glen Players-VP, IFC. il Men's Chorus. MRC-Sec.. Newman Ei Club-News Ed., Clee Club, Dorm N Activities, Claw Activities I l li l I4I f-91 -lib Da hopping BEVERLY A. CAPLAN K-P Class Activities CAROLYN JOANNE COAKLEY J r. High SGA, Treas.-Sr. Class, Class Activi- ties, Glen Players-Sec., APO, FAC -Sec., Homecoming, May Day ROMAN N. CHRUSNIAK f r. High Glee Club, Menis Chorus SALI LEE COHAN Elementary SGA, SGA Comms., Tower Echoes, Cl. Exec. Councils, Homecoming, May Day, Glen Players, Glee Club-Sec., APO, FAC, Cheerleading-Fr. Squad MARY ALICE CISSEL Elementary WRC, Newell-Richmond House Coun- cil-Soc. Ch., Prettyman House Coun- cil-Parl., Kappa Delta Pi-VP, FAC, SCA, Wesleyan Club, Curr. Comm., Class Activities CHARLES CLINE COLEMAN I r. High SGA, Student-Faculty Comms., Glee Club-Treas,, Cl Assem., Westminster Fellowship, Track, Soccer PETER E. COSTELLO Class Activities PETER G. COUTROS Jr. High Pres. - Senior Class, FAC, All College Council, MRC - Treas. MAA-V.P., Class Activities, Soc cer, Wrestling . f Nlcnmgful togetherness on t e 0. . V. V Af , gl ' Q as gl as x l 'vi f A , W . . I GERTRUDE FORSYTHE VERNA ANN CUNNINGHAM HARRIETT BARBARA ANNA MAE R. DANSEREAU COX Elenzentary DALINSIKY Elenzenmry HE'fmff1ffff1' C1. Assam., cl. Comm., SNEA, Wes. GIEffg"1ff'v'q SNEA. T.-mia. omecoming, .lr Exec. Council, leyan Club, Clee Club, Dorm Ac- 90 llll, .l-A, Class Activities Y , N , , Cl. Comm., Jr. Cl.-Soc. Cb., tivities , AORN-W -lfxbk DEW Class Activities , RM MOND ANDREW fr. High JOYCE LYNN DAHLMAN D'AMARIO C106 Club Wrcgmnn SHARON ANN CROW Elemenlary lr. High ' 1 C D Elmlenlafy Class Activities Newman Club, Wrestling. Track, SNEA, Newman Club, Orch. Sr. Assn-in. lm I. Student teaching . . . esson plans and peanut butter sandwiches A . W I GEORGE THOMAS DeVAUGHN Elementary Tower Light 3 Mg, Ed., Reporter, Vets. Organ. STELLA ANNA DEVLIN Elementary Class Activities t l 1 1 l ,, -0-9 fn ,. CLAIRE VINCENT DOLLIVER fr. High Student Council, Gamma Theta Up- silon, Naturalists-Pres. MARY PATRICIA DOWNEY Elementary Sr. Class-Rec. Sec., Mixer Comm. -Ch., Cl. Assem., Clloreog. Ch., Marshals, Westminster Fellowship, Cheerleaders. FAC, House Council -Fire Chief Co-Capt., Class Ac- tivities MARGARET M. DOWNHAM WALTER A. EDEN Elementary fr. High Kappa Delta Pi, FAC, IRC, SNEA, Orch.-Libr., Jazz Clubesec., Tower Echoes, Dorm Activities, Bad- Soph. Assem. Rosa ANN EDEN NANCY ELAINE DUDDERAR E,e,,,e,,,,,,y Elem'e'1fW.V Homecoming, IFC, WAA-C0- Cl. Assem., Glee Club, SCA, SCA Publ. Mng., Newman Club Choir, Wesleyan Club minton, Archery, Basketball I elf X ll . yi 't - U ,.-' 3' W 4' Chl' 1, .10 4 I , "LE5'i:?ix 4 ,Lf i A fl I . - e .IOHN STERLING EDWARDS JR. fr. High Curr. Comm., Homecoming Activi- ties, Veterans Club - V.P., Jazz Club-Treats., Prcs.,9 Wrestling, Lacrosse HOWARD DANIEL EISNER JR. lr. High SGA, Photo. Club, Canterbury Club - Pres., V.P., Naturalists, Glen Players, Glee Club, Men's Chorus, FAC, Cl. Assem. THOMAS JOSEPH ELAM Elenzerztzzry Curr. Comm., Tower Light, Class of '59 i V.l'., MRC-Sec., MAA - Sec., Baseball, Wrestling Cl., Wrestling- Mgr. WILLIAM HARRIS FALLOWFIELD Elementary Fr. Cl.-Pres., Clee Club-Sec., Mens Chorus, SGA Rep., Canterbury Assoc. -Pres.. V.P., IRC-V.P., FAC, Lead- ership Conf., Soccer JOHN FRANKLIN ELMORE EIEIIZFIZIIIIQ' Class Activities FREELAND PALMER FARRAND fr. High Vets. Organ,-Sec., SNEA, IRC MARGARET LOIS ENFIELD Elenzenlary Senate Rep.-SCA, Westminster Fel- lowshi Scc. Eastern States Conv- l9'- v - Rep., SNEA, Homecoming, Cl. Assem., Soc. Ch. PATRICIA CAIL HARDT K-P Cl. Dance and Float Comm., Cl. As- sems., .lr. Cl.-Rec. Sec., FAC, SNEA, WRC-Soc. Ch., Ncwcll-Richm0nd- ' Co-Capt. QQ 7 321 ,,,. L' X ' f I 1 Ei I45 Sorry lim late for class . . . ha .4-'M an .1-X inf' -gms-' 'qs 1' :T-7' ,Q A in H nf ' MARION K. FEEHLEY ROSALIND LEE FLAGGS K-P Elemenlary Kappa Delta Pi. Class Activities SNEA, basketball, golf, softball HERBERT WILMER PATRICIA ANN FLICKINGER FINDEISEN JR. E,e,,,e,1,,,,,, ff-Hfgh SGA, Fr. Assembly, SNEA, Mar- Vels. Organ. shals, Tower Echoes 1- ., "8-lx ELEANOR LEE FRALEY Elem en tary Cl. Assemblies, Homecoming, SNEA, LSA, Tower Light, Marshals, Dorm Activities, Class Activities DORIS N. FRANKS Elemenlury ICVF - Pub. Comm., Westminster Fellowship, Pretlyman Soc. Comm. PENNY JUNE FRIESLAND Jr. High FAC, Student-Faculty T ale n t Comm., Glee Club, Cl. Assems., Homecoming JUSTINE PHILMONA FRITZ Elementary Newman Club, Tower Echoes d to park in I I I I I I 1 o I 41 I I I MILDRED LEDBETTER CAGE Elementary SRC-Sec., Prcsfs Council, BSU -Pres., FAC. Orch.-Pres. ETHEL MARIE GARDINER Elementary Kappa Delta Pi, FAC, Newman Club-Rep., Clee Clulv, May Day Comm., Fr. Exec. Council, Fr. Assam., Soc. Comm.-Dorm, WRC -Sec. Parkvllle ' ' K f ffX X Qyv- , , f - MK II . ,,,, u A . - .f 1 'I I WILLIAM LEONARD GEHRINC Jr. High SCA - Rep., Program and Special Events Comm., Cl. Assam.. Billiard Club-V. Pres. LOIS DWARTZ COLOB K-P JSA, Class Activities SHIRLEY PITTBIAN CEMIGNANI K-P Newman Club. IRC ANN S. COREN K-P Class Activities MARGARET ANN GILBERT Elemenlafy Class Activities ANITA BETTY CREENFELD Elementary SGA-Rep., SCA Comm., Jr. Exvr. Council, Kappa Della Pi, Tower Echoes-Transcription Co-Chmn.. Sr. Asscm., WAA Electives, Class Aclixi- ties NX ml fill W ,T 'Yi '29, I? GP 5.12. 'I' ' ' ROGER DEAN GRIEST I3 Elementary V- .-.' ---' - ' :-:- "'--4 1+ "-41:11 - -. SCA, Glen Players, Vets. Organ , .un Cross Country 9 '- I 'A" H J ,V N In CARROLL WESLEY HADDAWAY O C Q I elf? 3 :21:11 Iflf I f'4HH1" . LSA, Clee Club, Men's Chorus, Class :sz-uv.. Comms., Soccer, Baseball I 8 .-g.j:g,: - 1 I Q.. ' ! gg X Ij1,:,., - YQ. fe . ,N .. if xx X wa vs Q X t A 2 - ' 0 - I VI: -'q,...,,H., x 'Q PATRICIA RUTH GRIFFITI-I Elem en tary Fr. Elect. Comm., Canterbury Club, Glen Players, SNEA, Prettyman House Council, Fire Chief, WAA-Board Member, Awards Recorder QI: ELAINE VIRGINIA HALL Elementary .si fig Westminster Fellowship, FAC, Curr. Comm., WRCfFire Chief, Prettyman House CounciliV.P.. WAA-Pres., V.P., Class Activities, Basketball. Hockey " li. I . 4 f fr. High ff -i x L4 Cl. Assems., Orch.-Libr. ' - .I .-, JANET STUART HALLAM - X 5: D A -f V 4 I V K-P QEj:5.-. -- " - z U Class Activities .t---S555-5'f:fF'::1 -. tif H I QEZQ . 555 nv .. ,, X., vm. . ' , iff' I - 145 r WILLIAM LEE HAMMOND fr. High Homecoming, All-College Council, Class Comms., FAC, Men's Chorus -Sec., MRC-Athletic Director, MAA-Pres., Men's Soc. Comm. ANITA LOUISE HANKS K-P Homecoming Comm., Photo Club- Sec., Cheerleading-Co-Capt., Jazz Club I 'z i . l r-r l obs fight for mail and survival. l i r l i i l H555 I I flwz 713: uhm' ,111 , 1F19 1 5 1 f A ll Z S, i 'lv f J dliivi s L-,2 ,,w, v' I 'El X l , SANDRA LEE HAWK THOMAS MCCARDELL HEARD BARBARA TURSHINSKY DANIEL GORDON HIGGS . Elementary Jr. High HERTZBACH fr. High A l SGA Comm., SNEA-Pres., Md FAC, StuclentvFaculty Comm., Tower K'P SGA-Parl., Sr. Class-Parl., Gamma xl ' 92580. IQTA - Pres.,FlYIarslials, Echoes-Literary Staff SNEA, ,ISA-Treas., Gamma Theta Theta Upsilon, Leadership Ctxlf.-RPL " , t" .' Q Cl .,P'k'gC .,IAX E.'f.z.122xz3, ai me S. L. HENDRICKSON 23332, ,AMES HMS Tsar: A ' Summ'r Cami . M' t, SNEAi E1 I Del. Rllfhite FIou.sefConf., Cl IRCli-lflilrglii' 1VCF-P,-es., VIP., jr.High BARBARA JEAN HILL Agsgmv Dorm Afffvllws IFC-Sec., Wesleyan Club-Editor. Men's Chorus, House Comm. El""'e'm"'-'A LURA ARTAMICHA Class Comm., Class Assems. SCA-Rec. Sue., Glen Players, Fiehl H HA-WKINS Hockey. Swimming Inslrurlor 4 Elementary 1 SGA, IRC, IFC - Sec., LSA W SCA - V.P., Glc-e Club, FAC i Hostess Club, Kappa Della Pi, ' WAA 1 l 1 I49 i 7'-'T f..35Tf"'Zj?i' 'Ia g,'EF .Q If riiiilgf' 4 lil if 'Jil' 15 . r:Qf,'71 ff-P1 -- glib .' ,- R! 4 ,Q -' nw 1 ,, 5 ,' nik 4 ,.- A ,- I IL- ,'L":Ei I 'V 241 -Mai 47 Cafeteria . . . eal birds, okra li DOROTHY LEE HILL Elementary Kappa Delta Pi, BSU, Ma-shals, SNEA. Fi. Assem. MARILYN .IOANNE HUDSON jr. High Fr. and Soph. Assems., SNEA-V.P., WRC-Parl., Wesleyan Fellowship, Cl. Comms. 'QR' r W'-4 N fx- ... -4 r I ,y2+.,.,.- 3: CHANTAL RICCI HOLCOMBE K-P Class Activities LINDA ANN HUMERICK K-P SNEA - Treas., Marshals, Newman Club, Class Activities, Dorm Activities NANCY LUCILLE HOVERMALE Elementary , Cl. Assems., Cl. Comms., Alumni : I Assn.-Sr. Rep., FAC, SNEA, Newell- fl' ' Richmond House Council - Parl.. A Spook Wk.-Chmn. CLARK RICHARD HUNT gg,-Q fr. High ,. Class Activities Qs 1-:B , 7 I -,fi-f ,- vl Q I 35, , f' 5 4, , ,s i t Z l I '44 1 f 4' f 1 , PHYLLIS HURWITZ Elementary JSA, Dorm Activities, Modern Dance IRENE MARIE HUX .lr. High Gamma Theta Upsilon, BSU. X W 1. r EFA Ex? Whig - may 1 ,QI-V , soup, porcupme balls ll .t , I A 1 f ai, - 1 n. - n Pr RICHARD T. HYSON Elementary MAA, Vets. Organ., Var. Buse- ball, .IV Basketball, Football MARLENE FRANCES IDZIK Elementary SCA - Jr, Cl. Rep., Newman Club, SCA Clioir, Class Activities L. ' '31 if-1 tl 4 ' If Ffnwfrffmvfr-"'ff-frm? ,Q : ,,.1.f:-- .. V: - :t.Q.f,. Q l l l 1 1 it 5 i V P I r 1 l STEPHANY WILLIAMS INGRAM Elementary Class Activities, WAA Electives ELIZABETH W. INSLEY K-P Class Activities ELAINE WISNER ISENNOCK Elementary Kappa Delta Pi, FAC. Glee Club. Class Comms. ROSALIE JEAN JANOWSKI Elementary Newman Club 0-X 4lu F' E ,is if Q: 5 , , F., MARGARET ELLEN .IETT K-P WRC-Social Cnmm. ALEXANDER H. JOHNSON fr. Hlglz Jazz Clubfpres., Vars. Balskelba Vurs, Baseball 152 l The Block - I dare you to motivate me Q , , -if z A xt X t 4 I 2 r Al.5Q"' N. ,VM - . fit W2 51 WILLIAM CHARLES JOHNSON MOLLIE SUE KALLMAN ISRAEL SHERMAN KATZ Efementarj' jf. High Jr, High glen Players. Vets. Organ,-Sec. Cl. Class Activities Class Activities , ,s s. Q em MARY Jo KANE ETHEL MARIE KAUFMAN WILLIAM JAMES KAHLER, JR. K.p K-P jr' High Kappa Delta Pi-Sec., Newman Club Glee Club, FTA, SNEA, WAA Glen Players, Newman Club, Pool -Pub1, Ch, Electives Club-Pres., Photo Club-VP., FAC, Tennis O I C v l lf l t JANET L. KEPLINGER ' Jr. High Glee Club-Student Director, Ac- lg cnmpanist, SCA Choir4Accom- panist, Cruative Music Concert- Coordinatnr, Dorm Activities i MARY BROOKES KICAS i Elementary r Homecoming, Gamma Theta Up- i silon, Dorm Activities ufl M Ilya l ,gas fy! ! f s jj SUE IRENE KING Efemffnlury Kappa Dt-ltu Pi. Wesleyan Fellowship - Prugruui Ch., NI3!'5lllll5, FAC, SNEA. Glw Cluh, Class Activities BETTE ANN KRAMER K-P Class Activitics Ike' fi fi 554 , .Lfi'fff.Qc-A LOIS SUE KIDD Elementary SCA Choir, IVCF-Pres., Wesleyan Fellowship-Area Rep., Prettymaln House Council-Social Ch., Pres. MYRNA LEA KING Elemen lnry Westminster Fellowship, Glee Club, Class Activities MARGARET THELMA KNOBEL K-P Class Activities SALLIE KRAVETZ Elementary SGA, FAC, Glen Players-Cor. Sec.. Tower Echoes-Co. Editor, Class Act, JACQUELINE GAYLE RRAETER K-P NEA MSTA AUDREX ANNE LANE Class Activities ex L Iss Onday at 1 Olclock. . . As sure as ,AD 5 xxltxyhwq AA' ,QI 4049? ' ' ff' '- ,Q ,ia Yvll' x A BARBARA MARY LANIEYVSKI SYLVIA ANNE LARWOOD MURIEL JANE LEAGUE WINIFRED GAIL LEON Elementary Elementary Elementary K-P FTA, SNEA, Newman Club, Electives, SNEA, Hostess Club, Marshals- Tower Echoes-Art Ed. Class Act. Clxg A . . :P 'V ' - N C' VP' Claw AC""t'eq CONSTANCE CARLSON LEE PHYLLIS SHARON LEVIN JOAN ROBINSON LANNON BARBARA EILEEN LASKER Elementary K-11 EI5""f'nm'Y K'P Naturalist Club, Glen Players Class Act. Class Activities, Westminster Fellow- Class Activities ship Sthe Sun will rise . . . the siren will Sound. rd ' MARILYN ESTELLE CAROL STREIB LINDSLEY JH SGA, SCA-Sec.. Naturalist Club- Sec., Canterbury Club-Sec., Kappa Delta Pi, WAA ELIZABETH ANN LOVELESS K-P Tower Echoes, Class Act., Dormitory Act. BETTY LOUISE LISTER Elementary Class Act. SYLVIA LUBMAN K-P Class Activities I LICHTSTRAI-IL K-P Class Act. A, GEORGE SPENCER LIESKE ELIZABETH ANNE LORD li wig KP " SCA,, Wesleyan Fellowship, u Glen Players, Tower Echoes, Class U Act. INA CAROLE LUCHINSKY K-P FTA, Electives I l X XY I l 0 x ,Li li 'T at T"""'uv ' ' ,M J. . ' .-M . ,M 415, Zh -9 I 1 .--M4' CAROLYN INGALLS LYLE Alpltt Psi Omeba Class Activities SGA, FAC, Glen Players-Pres., LSA, I SPIRO MALAS JH Glen Players, Glee Club CAROLYN ELIZABETH LYNCH K-P Class Activities, Residence Activities Tower Echoes SARA GERTRUDE NIALLONEE Elementary Glen Players, Tower Echoes, Resi dence Activities, Electives WILLIAM FRANKLIN MAKINSON Elemen tary Kappa Delta Pi-Treas., FTA, MAA, SGA, Vets. Org.iV.P., Residence AC tivitics EVELYN DOLORES MANGER Elementary Class Activities, Newman Club. Ollg' 09,9 Y ' "7 'M BARBARA ANN MARKS i JH I SFC, Class Activities, .ISA-V. i Pres., IFC, Orchestra, Kappa Delta i Pi, Residence Activities MARIE HUBER MARSHALL JH Glee Club-Sec., Towers, Kappa Delta Pi I U1 gDay7s Journey into ight . . Gorengs fanatics finessing aims .N. PHYLLIS JOANN MARTIN Q Elemenlnry Class Activities, Tower Echoes, i Westminster Fcllowship, Rcsi dence Aclivitics GERALD LEE MASEMORE , JH I SGA, FAC, MRC, MAA ?l Q fQ -IB' PATSY OLGA MASTERS JH SCA, FAC, SNEA BARBARA JEAN MAUZY Elvmcnlnry Kappa Delta Pi, Westminster Fel- Iowship 'r Z ,, W -. I 5 'X I. . W f K u ' X u , Q f S l ,S tg., ' i 35?Qf. . I Vfififsq j?iZfr,Q'z,, ,. 3f2?ff!' 'HS'-,. fs' 147 S- ' - - -" M075 .V f Il ifinr I' ' 'WN I f f? 5-A I J i' ij A. - : I -.- gl I 'i JUANITA M. MCCLEARY PATRICIA ANN XICDANIEL Elcmenlrzry Elementary FTA, Wcstminster Fellowship RUSSELL LAIRD MCCOMAS Elvnienmry SCA, Class Act., Men's Chorus Pres., V. Pres.. Sec. MRC SCAiCur. Sec., FAC Soph. Classf Parl.. WRC-Sec.. Cold and White Committee GRACE ELE.-XNOR MERCER K-P Cuntvrhury Club. Tower Echoes, Resi- dencv Actiiities ,ar -1, Z , dk 'Sify 'i ,. , f ,, .im 3rd Library otice . . . I 'S as vi if 37 Why. -7 ' ELLIOT Y. NIERENBLOOM Junior-High Tower Light Sports Editor, J.V. Bas- ketball CATHARINE ELIZABETH MILLER Elementary Division SEA, Secretary DORIS JEAN MERRIKEN SGA Activities Committee, Jazz Club, Treasurer, BSU, Secretary, WAA and Residence Activities LOIS MAE MILLER Kin dergarten -Primary Class Activities ALICE MINOR K-P Glee Club, Class Activities MARTIN BARRY MINTZ CARROLL MILES Fl5'lf0ElHfS'1 A . . G ' - , ass ctxvities, amma Clggjigggjfiis Theta Upsilon, Varsity Lacrosse RACHEL MILLISON MILLHAUSER Junior High Student-Faculty Committee, May Day Committee, Senior Assembly. Resident Social Committee l l 1 l I l l ti " --'. 'N fx. V13 f X, 1- J ,1 , 'fs i N Q 2 f 'Fi 1 Ae, P 5 - A I -l JACK L. MITCHELL funior High CHARLES L. MOTT funior High SCD Rep., Sr. Class Executive FAC, Vets Organization, Varsity good as on the shelf. .qmx 1 l l 1 L JANICE RUTH NAUMANN SGA Rep., FAC, Class Activities, .lazz Society, LSA, Hostess Club lf '-N 7 1 If it , wi :fbi , ' fly, 5 , ,I , , flizflk S if: X l ' 1, 4 -'ul lf' ' : ?'M'Wqy- t 'E iv I 'Ui L X 315544. 1, fi fN'N 2257 7-5257: 'f-2--Pg-42A . " .24 x 1. if? f . 9' , 'w A. ' 1, L.. 1 -1 Z , , 1 BETTY NORRIS K-P All-college Council, Cor. Sec., SCA. Council, Pres. Pool Club Tennis Tswer Echoes, EleCllV95 IFC. Pres., Wesleyan Club. Treas., EH-,EEN MOFFET ALVYN It NACMAN CAROLE ELAINE NEUGENT Residence Council bcrvice Ch, E1emen,a,.y Division Elgmpnmry Junior High DONALD CARL PACE C1355 Activities C1355 Activities Kappa Delta Pi, Gamma Theta Up' SGA Rep.. Vice Pres, NIAJC. Class silon, Westminster Fellowship, FAC, Activities, MAA. Cross country. Track WAA, SNEA, IFC Treas, i l59 dl ' Bookstore . . . Mecca of l ': lv , H!- ., I ..,,, .,v- fs -- sis ' ' ' ' in V ff 5. 4. 'zfik' ' 17 zo' '1-"1 ' ' ' f-.2 5' 'K -rs fa .-f., 5 wsu-f. my za ,,"' JAMES HENRY PENTON III CHARLOTTE R. PIACENTINO Elentcntary jf. High Class Activities C1455 Activities SHIRLEY PETTERSON CONNIE PITMAN fr. High K, P, GP. Canterbury Club C1355 Ag-ljviligg :f"V'gg JEAN PLATA fr. High SGA Rep.. SEC, Class Activities, Marshals, Newman Club, Clieerleacl ers, WRC, Residence Activities MARY ELLEN PLUMHOFF Elententurj' SGA Rep., JEC. Glee Club, Class Activities, Kappa Delta Pi JANET GOODREICH PRITCHETT P. Class Activities, SCA, IFC, Resi- dence Activities MARGARET RAYE PREVATTE Ellflllflllllfj' SNEA, Gamma Theta Upsilon it l t l E. it s I-ti vig will f 18 ,Z Jaw 3 - - if Y , if A . J 'A Merchandlslng A W gif- . f L.-7 sgfiilvc. is . 3 ' Q Q..- MAXINE F. PRUCHA Elementary Division Class Activities, Newman Club, V Tower Echoes, WAA LORRAINE RUTH PUNTE Junior High Y Class Activities t l dl JOHN PATRICK QUINN Junior High Class Activities ARLINE KATES RAY K. P. SGA, V. Pres., FAC, SLC, Class tivilies, Newman Club, WAA JUDITH EVANS REGAN Elemenlnry Division Class Activities, Residence Ac livi Ac ties JOHN LEROY REIDER Junior High Soccer DONNA LEE REXROAD Elenlvn mry Class Assemblies. SCA, Wes- leyan Club. SGA Comm. ANN RIDDLE Elementary Class Activities, Dorm Social Committee. Wesleyan Club, Sports lbl 52 Registration . . . Do not pass go . . . IS 5 I KARLA RIDDLESPURGER K. P. Student Center Dir., Treas., Class As- semblies, Sr. Executive Council, Jazz Society GERALD LEE RILEY Elementary SGA Rep., Alpha Psi Omega, Class Assemblies, Kappa Delta Pi, FAC, Men's Chorus. Glen Players Pres. Glee Club LORETTA A. RILEY Ix. P. Dance Committees, FAC, Newman Club, VVAA, Sec., Marshals BARBARA LEA ROBERTSON Elementary Class Activities, Canterbury Club, Tower Echoes, Residence Commit- tees i i i fi CAIL J. ROBERTSON Elementary SGA, SNEA, Class Assemblies, Tower Echoes, Glen Players JEAN A. ROBINSON Elementary Class Activities, WRC, Wesleyan Fellowship, Constitution Revision Committee-Dorm EILEEN RAE ROSE K. P. i Transcription Ed., Tower Echoes, Sr. Assembly, Glen Players, Class Q Activities JOHN MICHAEL ROWE i Vets Organization, SGA Rep., I Men's Chorus ' I l -ll A . do not collect 3200 f V , r, 'xy 1 XR ff 5 L N f X 1 fx ? N 1 V ' 4 I I If , , A 4 I ' D I . , . , gf, V .. - E go directly to your course instructor " C 7, -lllglaffi I-rm E5-1-' W F? X N eg' Q - A 'Quai ' , sl- NOLA MATTHEWS SCHALLER Glee Club, Class Activities JOAN SHOOLNICK Elementary May Day Act., Sr. Comm., Class Act. BETTY LEE SCHEFFEL Elementary Class Activities, Dorm Committees, v-if Westminster Fell., President MILTON J. SCHUL Elem en tary Kappa Delta Pi, FAC Q PATRICIA FLAX RUDIE y . ' K. P. A Kappa Delta Pi, NEA JOAN V. SAMORODIN Elementary FTA I I r f. ,. A ,s I .1 1: li 1 -L JUDITH SCHERR Elementary SGA Rep., Program and Special Events Comm., Class Act., Sr. Ed. of Tower Echoes, Cortes. Sec.-Class of '60, FAC, Sr. and Jr. Executive Councils EDWARD C. SCHUMACHER lr. High SGA-Pres., Finance Comm., Student Life, All-College Council, Program and Special Events, FAC-V. Pres.. MRC - Pres., Tower Light - Sports Ed., Tower Echoes -. I 7-..., I '. X 1--. Cl 449 -Qffs' BARBARA SUE SCHWARTZ K-P Class Activities CECELIA DEE SHOCKET Elementary Modern Dance, Class Activities RUTH ELAINE SCHWIER Elementary Sr. Ed. Tower Echoes, Soph. Assem., Kappa Delta Pi, Glee Club, LSA, FAC, WAA Electives, Dorm Activities RICHARD L. SHOEMAKER III lr. High Glee Club, Tower Echoes, SNEA- Treas., V.P., Soph. As., Class Ac- tivities, Dorm Activities BARBARA LEE SHAMBERGER Elementary Canterbury Club, WAA, Volleyball Mgr., Electives LEAH GAPONOFF SIEDLER K-P Class Assemblies, Glen Players, Class Activities D-slips . . .n DEBORAH COLTON SIN SKY Elementary SNEA, JSA, WAA Electives, Orch. -Concert Mistress NANCY REED SLAYTON fr. High Gamma Theta Upsilon-Pres. 1 i i l Q Q i lj I Hearts and flowers from the registrar 1 1 f' Y' -.1 N 'Wi 'I full, w all .f ' .1 ' .i f 1 I. :,5"'.!f", WW A' V K' .J I jimi 17116. 2 f CAROL LOUISE SMITH K-P Westminster Fellowship, Mar- shals, Jazz Club, SNEA, Tower Echoes, Class Activities, Dorm Activities FRANCES P. SMITH K-P Class Activities JEAN LOUISE SMITH K-P Class Activities LEILA MAE SMITH Elementary SGA Rep., Class Assems., BSU, Glee Club, Class Activities JEANETTE J. SPARROW K-P Class Activities JUDITH ANNE SPEER Elementary SCA - Mem.-at-Large, Class Soc. Chrmn.. Sr. Class-V.P., Glee Club -Sec., SNEA, Wesleyan Fellowship SUZANNE RUTH SPURRIER Elementary Glee Club. Class Activities JOYCE ELAINE STANDIFORD Elenicnlnrj' WA.-I Electives, Class Activities Dances I"""'h 'Q' in the g m . . . Drooping DAVID RAGNAR STEFANSSON Jr. High SCA-Rep., Jr. Cl.-Parl., MRC, FAC -V. Pres., MAA-Sec., Varsity Wres- tling, Lacrosse WILLIAINI JEREMIAH STEWART JR. fr. High Gamma Theta Upsilon-Treas., Class Activities, Men's Chorus, Track ROSE MARIE GALEONE STERNER Elementary Kappa Delta Pi, SNEA, Newman Club MARGIE ANN STOKER K-P SNEA, Hostess Club, Marshalls-Sec., Dorm Social Comm. PEARL I. STEVENSON Class Activities BARBARA STRONG K-P SGA-Rep.. Special events Committee, Finance Comm, Class Executive Council, Westminster Fellowship- Sec., WRC-V. Pres., Dorm Social Comm. .IUDITH HYNDS SUITER Elementary Orch., Wesleyan Fellowship, Host ess, Marshals-Treas., Const. Re vision Comm., Nominating Comm for WRC and Prettyman HC DANIEL N. SULLIVAN JR. Elementary Veterans Organization, Class Act g crepe paper, empty punch bowl, A no seats, and thou. , .wg!?,, - ,Xi A A " 1-47,34 1 HILMA NORCARD SWENSON Elementary SEC, Sr. Cl. Pub. Ch., Class As- , sembly, Kappa Della Pi-Pres. ROBERTA CELESTE SWITHERS Junior High SGA-Social Ch., Class. Assem- blies, WRC-Social Ch. L1 , l l' . V 1 i w 5 PATRICIA FRANCES SHIRLEY MAE THOMAS TASCHENBERG junior High E,C"7'C'f1ff'U' IVCF-Sec., SNEA, Dorm Social Class Act.. FAC - Pres., SCA- Comm., B115li0fh11u Cho" PATRICIA SUSAN THOMASSON MALCOLM SAMUEL TAYLOR K.P fU'1f0f High Class Comm., Glen Players, Wes!- Kappa Della Pi minster Fvllowsliip MARY ELLEN THOMPSON K-P SCA-SenalwRep., Westminster Fel- lowship-V-Pres., SCA-Choir. Mar- shals, SNEA MARION H. TROUT Class Act. ZF 9- Q l 'ul . X ff N- ,lf -Ty' I I N I . l N X JM 6, MPI I V 'I ,l: ' 'J . 5 , ' l , f i Sweetheart Dances . . . Snow, fire, etc. J X x ELYNOR JONES TRUFFER SYLVIA GROSSMAN TUIKOFF VIRGINIA MAE TURNER K'P Junior High Elffflfnmfl' Class Act., Newman Club JSA LSAfPl1lJ. Ch.. WAA ANTHOULA TSIRICOTIS ROBERT EDWARD TURNER ROSALIE USILTON EIEUIFHIUVJ' Junior High K-P Homecoming Cli. of Concessions, Class SGA. MRC Marshals-Treas., SNEA Act. EDITH EUGENIA VALDIVIA K-P Class Act., SNEA, Jazz Society, Glee Club, Tower Echoes MARY KATHRYN VANCE K-P SCA, FAC, Newell-Rich.-Vice Pres.-House Council, Glee Club H "- -- x. I 1- A . Y V T9 is ,Q If ill fli X V64 1' - Nt ' tffqyllls 1 1, lv I: x, --Nl x'AA I pix w 1 , 1 1 I I 1 lt is I I PATRICIA H. VERNAY K-P Class Assemblies, SNEA, Cheer- leaders, FAC, Photography Club DONALD PALM ER VETTER Junior High VO, FAC, Glen Players, Tower Echoes, Varsity Soccer and La- crosse MARGARET VON BEHREN fr. High Naturalisls, FAC, Gamma Theta Up- silon BARBARA LEE WASHKEVICH Elementary Newman Club, Sport Electives BOBBIE YARBAROUGH WADE Elementary Social Events Comm., Westminster Fellowship-Pres., FAC-Sec., SGA- Sec., Newell-Rich. House Council Pres., Sec., Class Act. JAMES WAY Junior High Class Act. ETHEL PATRICIA WALTERS Elementary Kappa Delta Pi MAXINE FRIDA WECKER Elementary Class Act. -1 Lines, lines, lines . . . 45 sud sp XX 'J EILEEN WEDMORE STANLEY WEINER ROSE ANNA WHITE Junior High Junior High Elementary LSA-V.-Pres., Tower Light, Special VO-Social Ch. Kappa Delta Pi Events Comm., IVCF RAY WEINSTEIN MARY OLSTAD WHITFIELD CHARLES S. WEHNER K,p Ejemenmw Elenzfnmry Towers, Class Act. Class Act. Class Act. Towson, Sl F 4 Q DORIS JUNE WHITMORE Elementary IVCF, Hostess Club, Sports Electives, Social Chairman of the Senior Class JANET M. VIA WILLIAMS Junior High Tower Light-sports ed., Glee Cl., WRC Cheerleader-JV, V, GP, Class activities, Hockey, Swimming sliey to organ1zat1or1 'I QW , . has ' ll S Fi o o I. 'hx 1- h it 1 wiv, if , , lt., f I LM!! ' if ' t o TH R. l l MARILYN HOOK WILLIAMS , 5 Elementary l Glco Club, Kappa Dulla Pi, Towt-rs -Bus. Mgr. MARGERY M. WILMORE Elvrnenlary Class Activities . lv J! ll it ta ,L RUTH ELIZABETH WIRTZ Elementary SNEA, Tower Echoes, Kappa Delta Pi, Sports Electives ANNA KUCHTA YANUK Elementary Class Activities CECIL JO WRIGHT Junior High FAC, SGAw-rep., Wesleyan Fellow- ship - pres., Orchestra - vice pres., Tower Echoes, Newell-Richmond House Council WALLIS HENRIETTA YESENOFSKI Junior High Class Activities, Newman Club, WRC -Pres. HELEN TERESA WYNNE Junior High FAC. Class activities, Student Center Directory-rep. ANN ZIMMER Junior High Kappa Delta Pi, Naturalist Club J E Q, "MJ , I E' ELAINE ZIMMERMAN K. P. SEC, SCD-Corres. Sec., Wesleyan 4..4,Jf31. Fellowship, WRC-Social Comm. ae,-ff? MARIAN A. ZIMMERMAN Elementary SGA, SCD - Pres., SCA - Choir, SNEA, All-College Council, Class Act. SANDRA MAE ZUBIN Elementary Class Act. UNIOR COLLEGE Please ALBERT COBOURN BEACHLEY Jr. College Fr. Exec. Council, Wrestling T m, JV Basketball, Sports Ed.-Tgiier Echoes, Lacrosse Team, Glen Play- ers, Intramurals-Football-Capt. JOSEPH PHILIP BROOKS .l r. College Vet. Org., Homecoming Float -' -1 '- 4 QQ Q - lx' 16:35 l, 1 'i Xt Nh l 1 lx fl ,kir- Skeep off the A KN "fl cc 77 - I ig Keep Off the Grass s1gns ya A . H I! sill C A , A s 1 I W ., A kQL,,, I THEODORE PRINCE BROWER ELIZABETH CLARK FRACK ANITA LOU MARSHALL JOHN FRANCIS MCCUIRE w Ar jr, College Jr. College fr. College Jr. College SGA Rep., Towers, Art Ed., IRC Soc. Ch. Homecoming Float Comm., Fresh. Newman Club ' - S . .. glgmxver Light, Art Ed., Intewar JO LANE CRIMES Omt. how, Glee Cl Sect Archery ELIZABETH ANNE MURRAY lr. College MARI JAYNE MAYHAN lr. College EVELYN ANNE DONOHOE C166 Club. T0W9l' Light Jr' College Class Activities I .lunior College Class Activities l Newman Club I I73 I Jil- Community Resources . . . Gusls, HOSALIE LOUISE MUIR fr. High MARJORIE ANNE ROBINS fr. Collebe Class Act. RAYMOND WAYNE OLER lr. College N Class Activities CAROL LEE SCHULZ Jr. College Fresh. Exec. Council ROBERT BRUCE STALLARD I Rep. Bd. of Md. Jr. Colleges LOWELL EATON Class Activities MARGARET ANNE SMITH Jr. College Homecoming, Fr. Class Soc. Ch., GP, Newman Club SUNDERLAND Jr. College Tower Light-Sports Ed., Varsity JEANCEEIE PHYLIS PAPILL0 Soccer, Lacrosse, Varsity Wrestling Jr' 0 ege Mgr., Intramurals T' ' I til!4htf'T " - rooms ourls 4 4 1 1 1 Milf ELAINE LEE THOMPSON MARILYN ELIZABETH WHEELER Jr, College lr. Cdllege Class Activities Class Activities PATRICIA ANN WEST JAMES WILTON PETERS Jr. College Fifth Year Student w W Class Activities Class Activities 1 I l I THOSE NOT SUE E. FEINGLASS Elementary Class Activities M. ELAINE SHRYOCK GERMAN Fifth Year Student Class Activities EDNA DAWN KANE .l r. High Soph. Play, Newman Club PICTURED LYNN POMERANTZ FLOAM K-P Class Activities KENNETH GEORGE HANAUER Elementary Soph, Assn., Homecoming, SCA Track Team RUTH ROBINETTE RAGLAND Elementary Class Activities FRAYDA H. SHALOWITZ Ir. College Basketball, Tennis fx XF fi ,ig CLAS, PAST ANT? 1 T. 1 i Q E Y r x 7 Assemblies by the Class of ,60 have spotlighted a dramatic gamut from chorus lines to character roles to featured spots. 3 i W W Y w ASSEMBLIES PRESENT . . . ' i X 1 l l 4 Y Ill CLASS OF 1960 presents . RECIPROCITY Climaxing four years of hard work, fun and inspiration, the Seniors effectively needled education-Towson, Russian AmeficanAwiLh "Reciprocity.', In IL D A , , QQ fl fn n i up 4 4 ICED TE fs-1 L I x ' r I I . i I 5 3 1 l l 1 1 l i 1 l 1 l l l 1 V R I w Welcome! Come on in, the tea is fine. Glen Esk, the home of Dr. and Mrs. Hawkins is the scene of the annual Iced Tea Sessions for the graduating class. During this time, Seniors are given the opportunity to evaluate and recount their experiences at Towson. I 1 AND SYMPATHY You don't say . . . You mean you don't have any complaints? The 7 r President S Dinner we -mx And the Seniors were fed in eloquent style. 'VN A friendly chat be-fore dinner. 'YC 4. Q-. Dr. and Mrs. Hawkins welcome their Senior guests. sf 1 -'S-.vfmrfq i ,z' - 1 55d i i, fib- av I bf L' V, A Dr. Hawkins introduces . Peter Coutros accepts the cap and gown on behalf of the Senior class. BACCALAUREATE A D I VESTIT RE . . . the Baccalaureate speaker, Reverend Bennett J. Sims. Dr. .lohn Mcffleary speaks to the Seniors during lnvestiture. A gift of S500 is given to the Ed Moulton Fund by the Senior Class. I8l TTHZFI,ALIUlNCl... ,Ji f 32 Z QN cv Q. x WMA Nfx- ENNNSA 4 .el Q '4 'il , . iff:-,1: , , ' v 1 4'-' f I Z? 1' 'Z I-3: -BH Dr. Bevins, class advisor, appears mos! pleased with his gift from the class of '60. BANQUET Hold still or I'll stick you! Q . A D PROM A f H Let's go down to the "Skipjack" Room 32 1 4 l X l l 1 I i ,i l l l l i l l lr Y 94th CO ME CEME T Class of 1960 Dr. Jerome Frampton, President of the State Board of Education, awards diplomas to 306 future teachers. Dr. John H. Fischer, Dean of T6HCllEF'5 College, Columbia University and a "native son" of the Baltimore Educa- tion system, presented 21 most enlighten- ing address concerning the status of education and educators. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 f gi, W ' H4 -, 1 '4 ge ..,l.,y 5,4 X MU, ,. I . , -N3 , A zflw! k ' - ' , 1 iq-la, -Q37 ug , -,1,'.'l' ig! "Y 1' .4553 Y fi , v gl, ,.-- 'L T Li U A ' M: -m , .yu L ' E4 .3-11 cz . f' -'ZF v-, -1 X --1x -' , K.-SA lui L , L. ,gl N V .QI K Jai "rf 1 F? f-' A1 E. , f . W u ,, h I 'S 2 L' , 4 X ww' ,g gg, Q5 f, , .X . 1.,..jk. .. N, 't 53 fgaffi . I- , , Q 1 KM: r Y' -Q-QM R J ig . Q,-:Q ' ' Z 5??,.43:l -e iv - w f , 3 . 5. ,, K' u ml I ' 1,1 n K A .1 X A Y ffatxg-4 A f 1 f I 1 If ff Q Ix x f I. 'w . .L "', ,eg-x4i1:qF,:'fw:g, f H I X 'kit E435 E Z 1- :l F 1 Q f 2' , , 7 '44 9 v ..,g-1 3 5 , -15, ,QMZQ 5 5 -, . f f .- . 4 " Q x ' E 3 2 , A gi 9. .fC.Q4F' ' Q ' ' X 45, Q1 ,ga E 5 Jw- ' . 1 ,"' ff 1- J 'raw V: ' fi -fi 2 1 'im ff -., -f,,i.s-U1 5 5 I .f,:v,g,4N',g H , -sith Y buf'-' ,415 '5wg,..,uf1f T? 'ir - - 1,5 R..,:.'- , ",, -4.5, . . f ',,::l44L.nL,L,f4fr ' ,. 6 1 1 A Q . D 'ggm f K ., Q-jffjgeixl? -' - 1 ,1 V"' 2 X .I 3 .I A 1 . F, v K X , X L Vai- in gl U Y .K - 4 113, --+:'- A,J-' Hwfcvd 111,15 w ' .. . g wg41,.N,ff " of 5 W f -.:MQ was 4 f fQ?'YfS?nff34'XJa fi' 1 ,E . Z .. 1' 5 xfh' . -' hifi U 1 1 :"5,, 1- ' .153 'TQ :Q ' 5 "ll A 1 9 , 1 hprgkpl , ,, mf , ,A,.A 'i 5.x .4 j ,i 3 wg, ' , lla 1 I .. V: -J ' I 'Ml ,S 3 1 Q ' 1'?'fQ. . WF V 'n I A J ig li - I - 't .,A . Q .Q 1- . " mmf- " ...J-mx, in 51" - '71 Q. ,V 'ff gwnrrf H- 'W l i 1' , , Zia , FEL f 4 , -A plxh A E 'xxx YN, - -.., W -, vp:-'W - -. f , If-j: wr. A F . Y ' ' 3 ' " fl f 3 ,I - A ""A " ' A 'bb 4 J' 'Q P FINE ARTS L x 4 . 1 I Y ft ,, Fi 4 fi f L' Iii . 75' it 1 - v Q 'Q fi Q 1 5? 575 Mil am. ,f' f -. W 2 l .- i'.,..,Z, w .. I K 1 f.,,f,- ix, -- -Q 2' -' ' I' X- 'fx 1. Q -, - l- ' x-. 'f. 3 1 X: '- -L12 'xQ"- 4 52 f. A '- A YT-. V :I-. 1 ig - ' N L 5 - eggry x 5 4 si J" Tv g. ' ' Y Y '-5.61 , fx'-1 'W' p -pa S2 qw fr ' -- W, ' x Y 'H '7 ' 4 " ' '2 xx. 'I iw 1-3" .,q,. r' fi' if 4- x "1 X lk Q A: it ,"f'5?.i11- ,. s. 9 ' V '21 , ' ', , X X M M, :gg 1 gi .F -Q ' 1 xr X "f'ff'if' -- .- ,V v V -.. - ,,, , . , X! ,-.. - is M , H--s . .r -, ,4 -,g Q , - 'H 1 nhl 1 ' '-.W v' 41 ' , .v., ,lift ,L A gf' - lgll 5"""Q br 1 fir' ' "f F T g. -., .-wwf 'A Z Q A. rg ' gf ,- V ,J , 'Th ,. Q , gN ..,, 1 gh-.:,., I 5?E,!,tY ?- .,, ,c ml gg . - sz ' ' , " ' I .Q E.. if- 1' Q 5 K ., -1. , -. 1,41 i. " N' X " 'f -"5 '- V L - -.1-'Z-s. Q K :J N, ' . 1 . ,. if. ff fix 'f ii' 'QQ' -X 1' t'L".s" -V - 'J--15. . . f '-'- 'H 1 f, - , f .1 1- ,l m kk 'hz it ' '- : lf '-Wa. - ,gQ34.w'- A . i X . X- 5' , " 55,151 .5- ui' - ' 'H-A ,I -f fl by . , , Q .4 ,gf -'-W , ' .4-QQ. I ' ., -' 1 ' -3' ' T M' -. -97.-, V - 'uf + 'XX " l fd ., 1 - af f 3 if-'Y -- . . f 1 5" ' , g, M f 14' ., f J' ' " , A 'E ' fm: - --1+ . ,cr 5 ' I 1 1 ,. J.. K lj. . , i , Ami. -1-"f -" Wi' . '11 ,J ' 'n' , ',- ,' '41 if""'f'9lfe'Ff ' 1 ' V " lfeiwipb - . Pr:-5 D-Y fx, , 1.1 ,-:iii ff: " 1 - . Le'f.an1', 1 V if '- V ' :fyLr?f,.' ' .. .ni-fi-r fa, " i "Hill ' 'A-23 ' 1 PM if - - 1+ vigrx '- wi Lfffjn 4 9 -'-4kyS'f,, in f ' 1 Z ' Sm v fa W A -f f1"'3'i, W' ff 72. YTQQ. , E32 Q, V-o,3g:g:-fx N11-I .F - ,ff ., wi Q -. 'QQ 'fi' ., " , , 'xi 1 i ' Q .J Q f' ' 1 N, f Ni F A. - -. .,.,, Q :J - 2- VW- 4 , ' 51 f - iq., , Q -. I 3517? j i. .X X A. Y. L . -5 XM '. :-. - . 4 f . Xb? ' 1 , ! K .1- ..v,4-2-45.5 , ,: - Ka' Q . RN R:,gj,fal1q:' I ,AI x' 5C'ENcE -4--ra I 11 E in M55 E R 2 ,gf , "W fx . A A 'Tlx' ey Q 'fviflwk L. 3' X vi in 4ef"f'-f- ff vm., XX 'f-sr, ' A ww V V -EH A '- A '1 - jg .'.Afg1' , .viii A A A Q' 'fix 'H n 5: L, -ask "W AW' ' sm' ' 'Fc ph'-,:'f'q, V- A' ' A f - a--- '5j9Ff"" ' JV- -. ' N, 5 A I 4-"J -3 Alf E103-ix .JZ Jf - , '9 vs- '-' cPf"'G.- 1-.153-.Nw A - fx , -fygjb W , 134' 1- 515 - ' 'gg 1' x - ' ' i -van A ww . A 'a 4ffZ'7' ' 2:2 If X? . fix. -'le U 'R lr'-,!' ' N. 4 A :V , MV: Y -:I -xi' :- 5, -5 X , -5 l'n A ,Qi Ag.: "-' -1 A- W " A 5 ' 'J - ,ga-N., , A: H... -,L ,A fA C 1, 'wa A A 1: -N, A, ge gi m wwf' '-4:35, - , E.-5 A A. 1' A A V ,if Ai- T523 W4 0 gfgi-mf AA Q f -I A 4 Ae? ,dv N 2'i25ifff'7 A ' V M 'N .SW Uflqif' ' ' -',- ff, - ij. , - ., , ,A .A , .A A-Ava: ,L Q 5 ' A M f A E S f a - fy, I "' 5A pl - A "-"fi-RA 'gif I 'Q' 'ff' in a . N-A ' ' , A fm X? 'Z ' XA, glhs A A R V l 44 V-nga 566 AA-" N ? , , ' N- J, Jig?-. va- X -- .A -1 fm.,-A ' A A - ' Q'7'3'g' --3Q.lfNf- ' gy?-Q1 R' ' 9-Lu 2: M.: -qzfffgv -5152, w,-'-.-3.-f-'.- A A A f - .aj ,A -,QA 4 f rg J Ag: Hg. -' A tx ' s 1 :,,, Lg" :xg ' T -' . N "ai, Q: I Ei Nj m'2'f':-'I:,', A W da M. b I ,ef K-.7.,ix. 0, JP'l"3, is f .I 7 L Q ery 1 N X 5 7 I AX M'-2. li M f' QEX4. ' -. N 1' S YY f. , -'A , H W x Q :' Y, 1 ,I xi-7 :if-if -' , '. C-4 Y., ,A- , . ' ' V' 1 ' Y ,L A51 -,-.-lf' ' b X5 .. -.ff ' 45 , ' fi' I I Lx A I - - ' 5 f 1 ' ' X Eff 52 .AV-. A .Y V J, - ,- , - 1 - , if .4 .. , .. . , . .- , ,. T. A ' 1,5 S, ' ' jfklf Q' - - ' ' . 11... . Q . 4 . Y by ' .. ,HY hi v , "' ' ' . ' D Q csv -, ,, Q N Q 1 ' K F 1 . X: ,. K E . .1 N. K4 , X if f K I . 1 x '- A v ' Q1 -f' Q '-1 ' - , s fi 'YQ' . '-4 ..s1 5 .f,, -ffjf ,L -v.. 1- tp ATHLETICS Wie. 0 90 SE l0R DIRECTURY Catherine Alvaro, 411 Alameda, Balto. 18, Md. Janet Amthor, 5000 Eugene Ave., Balto. 6. Md. Toni Andolfatto, 4808 Byers St., S.E., Washington, 27, D. C. Edward Badolato, 3819 St. Victor St., Balto. 25, Md. Joan Baker, RFD 422, Stewartstowne. Pa. Ray Baker, 320 Stillwater Ave., Balto. 21, Md. Winifred Balzer, 131 Porter Drive, Annapolis, Md. Norman Banczak, 1148 Sherwood Ave., Balto. 12, Md. Alvin Bard, 2611 Rosewood Ave., Balto. 15, Md. Frank Barrier, 17 Fir Drive, Balto. 20, Md. Robin Swithers Barton, 1311 Glendale Place, Union, New Jersey Carol Bauersfeld 7304 Martell Ave., Balto. 22, Md. Elizabeth Behringer, 1111 Arran Rd., Balto. 12, Md. Ray Benser, 403 N. Ellwood Ave., Balto, 24, Md. Martha Bevard, Sykesville, Md. Elnora Bishop, Goldsboro, Md. Ron Blake, 8543 Chestnut Oak Rd., Balto. 4, Md. Shirley Block, 3622 Washington Ave., Balto. 7, Md. Katherine Bloom, 6306 Eastern Parkway, Balto. 14, Md. Brenda Blumenfeld, 5500 Winton Ave., Balto. 7, Md. Alice Booker, RFD 5541, Union Bridge, Md. Fran Bouis, Box 565 Winans Rd., Randallstown, Md. Richard Bradley, 129 S. Bouldin St., Balto. 24, Md. Marlene Brescia, 643-A New Section Rd., Rt. 99515, Balto. 20, Md Dee Brown, Rt. 481, Box 118, Sevem, Md. Donna Brown, 241 E. Medwich Garth, Balto. 28, Md. Jeanne Brown, 4-506 Prospect Circle, Balto. 16, Md. Tony Buccheri, 3024 Taylor Ave., Balto. 14, Md. Ron Budney, 6810 Fait Ave., Balto. 24, Md. Elizabeth Burke, RD 983, Box 120, Edgewater, Md. Janet Calwell, 615 Overbrook Rd., Balto. 12, Md. Margaret Calpin, 8307 14th Ave., Hyattsville, Md. Andrew Calvert, 6909 Norma.n Ave., Balto. 22, Md. Beverly Ann Capla.n, 3602 Copley Rd., Balto. 15, Md. Ray Chrusniak, 1724- Aliceanna St., Balto. 31, Md. Mary Alice Cissel, Centerville, Md. Carol Coakley, 14 N. Artizan St., Williamsport, Md. Sali Cohan, 5622 Chrysler Ave., Balto. 7, Md. Tex Coleman, 5504 Alhambra Ave., Balto. 12, Md. Charles Copper, 3221 Fleet St., Balto. 24, Md. Peter Coutros, 4-118 Fourth St., Balto. 25, Md. Gertrude Cox, 3911 Kimble Rd., Balto. 18, Md. Sharon Crow, 24-3 Fallsbrook Rd., Timonium, Md. Verna Cunningham, Paradise Rd., Aberdeen, Md. Joyce Dalilman, 6115 Eastcliif Drive, Balto. 9, Md. Harriet Dalinsky, 4031 Fairview Ave., Baltimore 16, Md. Ray D'Amario, 3509 Kentucky Ave., Balto. 13, Md. Sual Danenburg, 3306 N. Hilton St., Balto. 16, Md. Anna Dansereau, 813 Homestead St., Balto. 18. Md. Norman Dean, Engle Road, Fallston, Md. George DeVaughn, 1 Beacon Hill Rd., Balto. 7, Md. Stella Devlin, 516 Windwood Rd., Balto., Md. Claire Dolliver, 833 Silver Creek Rd., Pikesville 8, Md. Evelyn Donohoe, 3908 Gelston Drive, Balto. 29, Md. Pat Downey, 500 North St., Elkton, Md. Margaret Downham, Elk Mills, Md. Elaine Dudderar, Route 4544, Mount Airy, Md. Elayne Duke, Stevenson, Md. Walter Eden, 556 Fifth Ave., Lansdowne, Md. Rose Anne Eder, 1412 Mt. Airy Rd., Balto. 6, Md. John Edwards, 3021 Westfield Ave., Balto. 14, Md. Howard Eisner, 274-0 The Alameda, Balto. 18, Md. Tom Elam, 5218 lvanhoe Ave., Balto. 12. Md. .lolm Elmore, Mt. Carmel Rd., Parkton, Md. Margaret Enfield, Street, Md. William Fallowiield, 5910 Burgess Ave., Balto. 14, Md. Freeland Farrand, Rt. 42, Box 365, Deland, Florida Sue Feinglass, 2613 Reisterstown Rd., Balto. 17, Md. Henry 4Skipi Feldman. 3819 Milford Ave., Balto. 7, Md. Herbert Fendeisen, 2703 Pelham Ave.. Balto. 13, Md. Rosalind Flaggs, 1400 Ingleside Ave., Balto. 7, Md. Pat Flax, 3631 Liberty Hts. Ave., Balto. 15, Md. Pat Flickinger. Taneytown, Md. Bunky Ford, 2528 Yorkway, Balto. 22, Md. Elizabeth Frack, 421 Range Rd., Towson 4, Md. Eleanor Fraley, 421 Reading Rd., Rockville, Md. Doris Franks, 1712 Pinook Ave., Balto. 22, Md. Penny Friesland, 7908 Knollwood Rd., Balto. 4, Md. Justine Fritz, 7848 Rockboume Rd., Balto. 22, Md. Mildred Gage, 832 Union Ave., Balto. 11, Md. Rose Galeone, 1103 Steiger Way, Balto. 5, Md. Leah Gaphoff, 4007 Glen Ave., Balto. 15, Md. Ethel Gardiner, Davidsonville, Md. Evelyn Gatley, 11115 Jolly Way, Kensington, Md. William Gehring, 2900 Linganore Ave., Balto. 14, Md. Shirley Gemignani, 2910 Reisterstown Rd., Apt. Bll, Balto. 15, Md Elaine German, 504 Hatherleigh Rd., Balto. 12, Md. Margaret Gilhert, 6818 Brookville Rd., Chevy Chase, Md. Mildred Gliss, 2021 E. 31st St., Balto. 18, Md. Anne Goren, 5305 Peerless Ave., Balto. 7, Md. Anita Greenfeld, 6013 Clover Rd., Balto. 15, Md. Shirley Greenwell, Ridge, Md. Roger Griest, 9104 Smith Ave., Balto. 6, Md. Pat Griffeth, 9315 Cedar Lane, Bethesda 14-, Md. Jo Grimes, 33 Gorsuch Rd., Timonium, Md. Joseph Gueydan, 3202 North Point Rd., Balto. 22, Md. Carroll Haddaway, Deer Park Rd., Randallstown, Md. Elaine Hall, 604 Williams St., Berlin, Md. Janet Hallum, 159 Brandon Rd., Balto. 12, Md. Lee lllammond, 325 Harlem Lane, Balto. 28, Md. Ken Hanauer, 2821 Lake Ave., Balto. 13, Md. Anita Hanks, 121 Greenmount Ave., Hagerstown, Md. Pat Hardt, 4-635 Rokeby Rd., Balto. 29, Md. Sandy Hawk, 9 Chase St., Westminster, Md. Artie Hawkins, Woodsboro, Md. Tom Heard, 146 N. Potomac St., Hagerstown, Md. Helen Hendrickson, Rt. 2, North East, Md. Paulette Hergenroeder, 6810 Old Harford Rd., Balto. 14, Md. Robert Hewes, 404 Shipley Rd., Linthicum, Md. Dan Higgs, 6109 Meadow Ave., Balto. 7, Md. Barbara Hill, 6712 River Drive Rd., Balto. 19, Md. Dot Hill, 1138 York Rd., Lutherville, Md. William Hoffacker, 6015 Sefton Ave., Balto. 14, Md. Elizabeth Holston, 903 Fairway Drive, Towson 4, Md. Nancy Hovermale, Box 6, Rohrersville, Md. Marilyn Hudson, Terrace Gardens, Box 814, Rt. 1, Arnold, M Linda Humeiick, 209 W. Main St., Emmitshurg, Md. Clark Hunt, 106 Alleghany Ave., Apt. 3-F, Towson 4, Md. Phyllis Hurwitz, 4017 Fallstaff Rd., Balto. 15, Md. Irene Hux, 15 Clipper Rd., Balto. 21, Md. Judith Hynds, 34 North St., Cobleskill, New York Richard Hyson, 210 Garden Rd., Towson 4, Md. Marlene ldzik, 5403 East Ave., Balto. 6, Md. Elizabeth lnsley, 1000 Overbrook Rd., Balto. 12, Md. Rosalie Janowski, 5809 Winner Ave., Balto. 15, Md. Margaret Jett, 7409 Foster St., S.E., Dist. Hgts., Md. Sandy Johnson, 7239 Forest Rd., Hyattsville, Md. William Johnson, 204 Hiltop Rd., Balto. 25, Md. William Kahler, 1339 Herkimer St., Balto. 23, Md. Mollie Kallman, 911 S. Curley St., Balto. 24, Md. Mary Jo Kane, Box 135, Aberdeen, Md. Isreal Katz, 3032 Chelsea Terrace, Balto. 16, Md. Ethel Kaufman, 417 E. Clement St., Balto. 30, Md. Jack Kelbaugh, 2007 Tadcaster Rd., Balto. 28, Md. Gare Keller, 1310 S. Carey St., Balto. 30, Md. Janet Keplinger, 442 Guilford Ave., Hagerstown, Md. Kathleen Kems, 19 Badger Rd., Annapolis, Md. Mary Kicas, 2520 Rolling Rd., Balto. 7, Md. Lois Kidd, 7842 Belair Rd., Balto. 6, Md. Connie Kimos, 1044 Tunbridge Rd., Balto. 12, Md. Myma King, 6312 Mt. Ridge Rd., Balto. 28, Md. Sue King, Huntington, Calvert Co., Md. Margaret Knobel, Box 90, Trumps Mill Rd., Balto. 6, Md. Charles Koontz, 711Vg McCabe Ave., Balto. 12, Md. Jackie Kraeter, 6727 Edward Ave., Balto. 7, Md. Bette Kramer, 6902 Brentwood Ave., Balto. 22, Md. d. Sallie Kravetz, 1309 Robin Rd., Pikesville 8, Md. Edgar Krout, 4728 York Rd., Balto. 12, Md. Audrey Lane, 3800 Monterey Rd., Balto. 18, Md. Barb Laniewski, 1708 Wilmington Ave., Balto. 30, Md. .loan Lannon, 2722 Maple Ave., Balto. 14, Md. Sylvia Larwood, 7758 Emerson Rd., Hyattsville, Md. Barbara Lasker, 5135 Pernbridge Ave., Balto. 15, Md. .lane League, 3221 Shannon Drive, Balto. 13, Md. Constance Lee, 871 Park Ave., Balto. 1, Md. Winifred Leon, 612 Southmont Rd., Balto. 28, Md. Phyllis Levin, 2710 Oakley Ave., Balto. 15, Md. Marilyn Licbstrahl, 5128 Chalgrove Ave., Balto. 15, Md. George Lieske, 5257 Nels-on Ave., Balto. 15, Md. Carol Lindsley, 215 W. 29th St., Balto. 18, Md. Betty Lister, 7416 Holabird Ave., Balto. 22, Md. Betty Lord, 835 Braeside Rd., Balto. 29, Md. Elizabeth Loveless, 67 Patuxent Drive, Laurel, Md. Sylvia Lubman, 2625 Park Hgts. Terrace, Balto. 15, Md. Ina Luchinsky, 3710 Dolfield Ave., Balto. 15, Md. Carolyn Lyle, 6603 Wells Parkway, University Park, Md. Carolyn Lynch, 5510 Norwood Ave., Balto. 7, Md. William Makinson, 14 Hill St., Ellicott City, Md. Spiro Malas, 3828 Belle Ave., Balto. 15, Md. Gee Gee Mallonee, 4505 Groveland Ave., Balto. 15, Md. Evelyn Manger, 501 Glen Allen Drive, Balto. 29, Md. Barbara Marks, 3511 White Chapel Rd., Balto. 15, Md. Anita Marshall, 3204 Montebello Terrace, Balto. 14, Md. Marie Marshall, 2516 Hermosa Ave., Balto. 14, Md. Phyllis Martin, 553 Frederick St., Hagerstown, Md. Gerald Masemore, Freeland, Md. Patsy Masters, 419 Robi.nwood Dr., Hagerstown, Md. Barbara Mauzy, 4303 Bradley Lane, Chevy Chase 15, Md. Mari Mayhan, 402 Aigburth Rd., Balto. 4, Md. .luanita McCleary, RD 994, Box 159, Elkton, Md. Russell McComas, 147 Williams St., BelAir, Md. Pat McDaniel, 6308 Holly Lane, Balto. 12, Md. Grace Mercer, Woodbine, Maryland Elliot Merenbloom, 330316 Garrison Blvd., Balto. 16, Md. .lo Ann Middleman, 4026 Edgewood Rd., Balto. 15, Md. Carroll Miles, 2 Aigburth Rd., Balto. 4, Md. Lois Miller, 5210 St. Georges Ave., Balto. 12, Md. Rachel Millhauser, 4207 Colonial Rd., Pikesville 8, Md. Alice Minor, Hess Rd., Monkton, Md. Martin Mintz, 3418 Trainor Ave., Balto. 15, Md. .lack Mitchell, 1227 N. 62nd St., Balto. 6, Md. Eileen Moifet, 6303 lvymount Rd., Balto. 9, Md. Charles Mott, 3020 White Ave., Balto. 14, Md. Betty Murray, 292 National Hwy., Cumberland, Md. Dick Myers, 4210 Sta.nwood Ave., Balto. 6, Md. Alvin Nacman, 8219 Belair Rd., Box 43, Balto. 6, Md. .lanice Naumann, 1603 .leffers Rd., Balto. 14, Md. Carole Neugent, 120 Oak Dr., Catonsville 28, Md. Emilie Neussinger, 3817 Fernhill Ave., Balto. 15, Md. Martha Newkirk, 43 Randolph Ave., Hagerstown, Md. Betty Norris, RFD 493, Mount Airy, Md. Ray Oler, 2820 Edgecombe Circle South, Balto. 15, Md. Don Pace, 244 Ridge Ave., Balto. 4, Md. ,leanette Papillo, 1114 Halstead Rd., Balto. 34, Md. Paul Patrinicola, 2507 loppa Rd., Balto. 14, Md. James Penton, RFD 9445, Westminster, Md. .lim Peters, Box 186, Rt. 41, Reisterstown, Md. Charlotte Piacentino, 4131 Eierman Ave., Balto. 6, Md. Connie Pitman. 4000 Carlisle Ave., Balto. 16, Md. .lean Plaia, 2024 Wallace Ave., Silver Spring. Md. Mary Plumhotf, 656 Regesler Ave., Balto. 12, Md. Margaret Powers, 3102 Gibbons Ave., Balto. 14, Md. Margaret PreVatte, 9643 Mason Ave., Balto. 14, Md. .lanet Pritchett, 30 Overbrook Rd., Catonsville 28, Md. Maxine Prucha, 3038 Fleetwood Ave., Balto. 14, Md. Lorraine Punte, 2309 Frederick Ave., Balto. 23, Md. Carol Smith, 939 View St., Hagerstown. Md. .lean Smith, 3908 Primrose Ave., Balto. 15, Md. 'Leila Smith, 1727 Poplar Grove, Balto. 16, Md. Jeanette Sparrow, 3015 Belair Rd., Balto. 13, Md. .lltdith Speer, 5911 Knollbrook Dr., Hyattsville, Md. Josephine Spriggs, 3106 E. Federal St., Balto. 13, Md. Suzanne Spurrier, 130 Murdock Rd., Balto. 12, Md. Robert Stallard, Greenspring Ave., Rt. 1, Lutherville, Md. Ruth Ragland, 2113 Vailthom Rd., Balto. 20, Md. TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY vw.. ww. t... v........... t.. v.......a. Arline Ray, 200 Donnybrook Lane, Apt. D. Towson 4, Md. Nancy Reed. Greenmount, Md. .ludith Regan, 3 Glider Drive. Balto. 20, Md. .lohn Reider, 300 South 51st St., Balto. 24, Md. Donna Rexroad, 630 Wilson Place. Frederick, Md. Ann Riddle, Berlin, Maryland Karla Riddlespurger, 607 Wilson Rd.. Towson 4, Md. Gerald Riley, 514 Baltic Ave., Balto. 25, Md. Loretta Riley, 6718 Laurel Drive, Balto. 7, Md. Barbara Robertson, 40 North Ave., Hagerstown, Md. Gail Robertson, 1620 Alston Rd., Balto. 4, Md. Marjorie Robins, 2901 N. Calvert St., Balto. 18, Md. .lean Robinson, 2127 Wilkins Ave.. Balto. 23, Md. Eileen Rose, 2721 Oakley Ave., Balto. 15, Md. .lohn Rowe, 14C Barton Rd., Port Deposit, Md. Pat Ryan, 3339 N. Charles St., Balto. 18, Md. Joan Samorodin, 4119 W. Rogers Ave., Balto. 15, Md. Nola Schaller, 218 Donnybrook Lane, Towson 4, Md. Judy Scherr, 5106 Wollverton Ave., Balto. 15, Md. ,loan Schoolnick, 4624 Pimlico Rd.. Balto. 15, Md. Milton Schul, Box 283, RFD 57, Balto. 8, Md. Carol Schulg 1530 Lochwood Rd., Balto. 18, Md. Ed Schumacher, 6701 Brighton Ave., Balto. 15, Md. Barbara Schwartz, 2304 Ocala Ave., Balto. 15, Md. Ruth Schwier, 3061 Mayfield Ave., Balto. 13. Md. Frayda Shalowitz, 2115 Park Ave., Balto. 17, Md. Barbara Shamberger, Oakmont Ave., Balto. 34, Md. Cecila Shocket, 6716 Old Rimlico Rd., Balto. 9, Md. Richard Shoemaker, 933 Chesaco Ave., Balto. 6, Md. Deborah Sinsky, 4527 Pimlico Rd., Balto. 15. Md. .loyce Standiiord, 4008 Century Ave., Balto. 6, Md. David Stefansson, 830 N. Chapelgate Lane, Balto. 29, Md. William Stewart, 23 Center St., Port Deposit, Md. Margie Stoker, No. 3, Shaw Avenue, Silver Spring, Md. Barbara Strong, 6701 Brighton Ave., Balto. 15, Md. Don Sudbrink, 125 Bayside Drive, Balto. 22, Md. Daniel Sullivan, 2900 Cresmont Ave., Balto. 11, Md. Lowell Sunderland, 524 Alleghany Ave., Balto. 4, Md. Hilma Swenson, 59 Murdock Rd., Balto. 12, Md. Pat Taschenberg. Rt. 4, Box 260, Cumberland, Md. Malcolm Taylor, 50 E. Lee Street, Bel Air, Md. Shirley Thomas, Rt. 2, Box 311, Ellicott City, Md. Pat Thomasson, 1412 Flora Terrace, Silver Spring, Md. Elaine Thompson, 2811 Montebello Terrace, Balto., Md. Mary Thompson, 12A Sevem River Rd., Sevema Park. Md. Ed. Tildon, 711 Franklin St., Balto. 1, Md. Marian Trout, Box 3925, Stewartstown, Pa. Elynor Truffer, 5330 4th St., Balto. 25, Md. Anthoula Tsirigotis, RR 981, Box 431, Lexington Park, Md. Sylvia Tulkoff, 3635 Cottage Ave., Balto. 15, Md. Bob Turner, 7001 Dunmanway, Dundalk 22, Md. Virginia Tumer, 1010 Bonaparte Ave.. Balto. 18, Md. Barbara Turshinsky, 3709 Courtleigh Dr., Randallstown, Md Rosalie Usilton, Chester, Md. Genie Valdivia, Manor Rd., Monkton, Md. Bunny Vance, 1625 Lauran Rd.. Hagerstown. Md. Pat Vernay, West Friendship Rd., Sykesville, Md. Don Vetter, 926 Southerly Rd., Towson 4, Md. Margaret von Behren, 6607. Glennok Ave., Balto. 14. Md. Bobbie Wade, 1612 Dual Highway, Hagerstown. Md. Bev. Waitsman, 1613 Northgate Rd., Balto. 18, Md. Ethel Walters, 206 Overbrook Rd., Balto. 12, Md. Barb Washkevich, 6833 Dunbar Rd., Dundalk 22, Md. ,lim Way. 2916 Onyx Rd., Balto. 14, Md. Sara Webb, 6304 Boxwood Rd.. Balto. 12. Md. Maxine Wecker, 4509 Sigsbee Rd., Silver Spring. Md. Eileen Wedmore, 232 N. Kenwood Ave.. Balto. 24. Md. Charles Wehner, 310 B Garden Rd., Balto. 4. Md. Stan Weiner, 2520 Rellim Rd., Balto. 9. Md. Ray Weinstein. 4207 Norfolk Ave.. Balto. 16. Md. Marilyn Wheeler, 913 Regester Ave.. Balto. 12. Md. Rose White, 3130 Guilford Ave., Balto. 18. Md. Doris Whitmore, 3103 Grace Rd.. Balto. 19, Md. Lorraine Williams, Rock Hall, Md. Marilyn Williams, 1318 Homestead St.. Balto. 18. Md- Stephany Williams, 303 Allegheny Ave.. Balto. 4. Md. Margery Wilmore, 2309 W. Lexington St., Balto. 23. Md. Ruth Wirtz, York Rd., Sparks, Md. Elaine Wisner, 1300 Molhay Drive. Lutherxille. Md. Alice Woods. 3411 Ripple Rd., Balto. 7, Md. ,lo Wright. RD 43. Leeds Box 366. Elkton. Md. Rhoda Wyman. 2900 Manhattan Ave.. Balto. 15. Md. Helen Wynne, 24 Linden Terrace. Balto. 4. Md. Anna Yanuk, Elmley Drive, Baltimore 13. Md. Wallis Yescnofski, 1312 S. Caton Axe.. Balto. 27. Md. Ann Zimmer. 6653 Loch Hill Rd.. Balto. 12. Md. Elaine Zimmerman. 28 Old Annapolis Rd.. Linthicum. Md. Marian Zimmerman, 28 Old Annapolis Rd.. Linthicum. Md. Sandra Zubin, 4307 Chatham Rd.. Balto. 7, Md. A World to be born under your footsteps . . . .ffgiii ' ' ST.-JOHN PERSE 1 'I " ?" ,Ph f..f ' 1 wf .L 1' 1 ' . d vig' .tltxgl .pi YI V , -1. , sf , , , v QQ-,?'.i5'.1'f . . fn I rd. 1' ' "' f I '1' 'rn P xx i vu' ' W , ' -, ' - 2' 1 , - ' ' . TF' "- , ' u . ' ' , ' -:"rTl'l' I v 5-w l VX' J" JU- - X L.. , I . B ,4 H' r Nj , ' -I 'i "1 . ' V -Q Ink' - A. , , N -inn I i ' ,-s fV,. V gnhqnnc a-nl ------- .lg 1 -., -A , A' X . Y --Q ' vu - W i Q X L I . X V sf - ....V, , ' 3 if KW?-'., 5 . L' ' V A- f-E? ' ,, , ' ' ' f diff- ' """ . ' ' ' g , u-mu gill! fem .-s.g.'A V, vi 'ul . 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Suggestions in the Towson University - Tower Echoes Yearbook (Towson, MD) collection:

Towson University - Tower Echoes Yearbook (Towson, MD) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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