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-lm STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE af '- .J--ivy. 1 nxt.: 1 M' N14 Q , ., , If -' ' L WZ" s 1 , .. i E Hu' l:a: C .4 x nf ,r X . .-x ff - u, ,f .1 ,, w 1 . E- Al Xb ff ss A 4 ,, 1 If f I ,X A. Fun' nw.. , 4 1 11 . f' ,I r I '11 , Y,, '.4v3.,.n xo 1 I R. NX, rf Lf 1 , ' . f ' --S ,ff X A ' '.,N ,nf 'f f 1 I - ' P! . ,tj I iii ll -vf""'s x six 'x . r-Cie A 11' xv- vf, . , 'C', 3- X . 5 if -v ., ,IT 1 A vc' r-, .-4 -Q -,,1::'-i I4 W K I '-' -'J ff., 4. . E. -ffgy jg 2 Z' -" -S.. 1 2? ,3 . 'S f if 1 Q 1 5 .gii-. 3 -i ... ,"' - ,T , .g- X-1 W Y - ii- -? 4'- Q... ' v the Q. f .-,,....- ik?" ,,. l- xr.. ' -B. . fQgT3.-LHS. es. ,..- '-' '. a I 1 .'49-'f-?- 'T '55--f' gif' ' .' ,. ' '.. I .-1 - Y X' .s 5 5 ,I gl in AP un, . . A - --in fs" 3,f,o.'-.1 - , 'A A 471' -:vi .- Tower Eeizzoes 11959 Af, Cf l'v'v 5 !i',,,. -,v.,.e lf: .. ,.,.. - ,DIZ Faculty. . Seniors. Classes. . Urgemizeziziomzs Sports. . Aleiivities. Advisor Mr. Richard Frost Layout Editor Pat Lastowski Plzotogmplzy Edilor Fran Mullendore Sports Edilor Ed Schunlzxcher C0-Editors Charles L. Allen Dawn Beck Senior Edilors Carol Bailey Pnl Hinton 7 Business Mmzager Howard Glick Ar! Editor jim Binko Ijlermy Editor Evelyn Kroll Typing Edimr Evelyn Galley I .12 U30 92 100 .7122 11420 1-163135 . 4 ' s , '-jx, I v ,N ,, , 'h 'fs I ' I' ' I I . N, - "1 .. ifybgvgi G? R ws -N . , 'Q 4 'ag XLF i "- ' " VN' ' V I f' . s ' , F . '-ENN ' Q -'-N n N ' f .s s. 2- . . . 5 . 'Q A is--1 X 0 Aww I .U Iv V f "i ,Az :EV 3 -4 .DN W.-III. , ..' 5 :K ' s . '?s,. 0- '. I '1 f in f l . N . , s.. . . 0 ' l-- .1 'b , ' S61 JP' ' tri. . Q N -1,5 ,- X -14" ,vu ' VIS " -,-Fail m S u 'O .Qqf-, s . , Q L' 'U , . . .ONA5 . 4:19 'V'-Q-s'Q-'Vx J' ' U ,L '.-:iipfph 0' D v A , lv 1 A, e 4. -.- , JJF' if HN., QV if ri g Q . if 11 :o is 2 is .' if . ,, -J I f. 5 4 71 I...-' f, Tuff!! ' vs 4 . 'wal 1 kv-gp., "bf 4 ,gi I Qi 1 R 7' v If . . "ffl 1 'A l- . -. . 1 . Q . x 1 , .,.- ' .1 1511153-YJH 'V FHHQYI S 033- w c l s r... gg. C' ' 1 , 1. P rf iff, iw- ' I .gf an ,. 5 lf" f . rf-ir' Jn , I .',u - 9 ..,,.,i ' ' 1 ii-f - -' qv-1 .' 44 7 I I 1 yi 1 Q V 4' I L- 1 C' 'Q I - wif- --f J .-Q' 'ul .M f S H' T-'f"'4 .cun- .u I , .Vik ,1 . 9 - Ji-JF! S .Av Mr. Richard Frost "'5- 1-lx, Fixx" f V5 YQ. T0 Uzuzzf Aldvzismzzfias' Mr. Edward Rubendall -'F 9-55 an ,... kj X3 R24 -AZ.-Q G1 Q! I In planning the dedication for a yearbook, there are numerous factors which must be con- sidered. Many qualities must be possessed by the person who merits the dedication. Foremost among these qualities are service and actual dedication of the person to his position. In planning the dedication for the 1959 Tower Echoes, it was felt that the contribu- tions and efforts of two faculty members merit- ed recognition by the staff. Although the areas in which these two men worked are vastly different, both are equally outstanding in the services which they performed. Mr. Edward Rubendall, Advisor to the class of 1959, has shown consistent interest in the class and could always be depended upon to devote his time to our efforts, Mr. Richard Frost, Advisor to the Tower Echoes, has played an important role in guiding the staff and offering advice so that publica- tion of Tower Echoes was possible. Associated with Towson since 1954, Mr. Ed- ward Rubendall came to this college by a slight- ly diverted route. Graduated in 1932 from Illinois College with an A.B. in mathematics, Mr. Rubendall worked in business and indus- try for thirteen years. Returning to college in 1942, he was associated with the University of Illinois for several years and there received his M.S. in physics in 1947. On the Towson campus, Mr. Rubendall teaches Physical Science as well as Advanced Mathematics and Freshman Orientation. In ad- dition to teaching, Mr. Rubendall has been a member of the Curriculum Committee since 1955, chairing the group in 1958. Perhaps the key to Mr. Rubendall's success as the advisor to the class of 1959 has been his willingness to devote time and consideration to any and all class matters. He has attended all executive and class meetings and assembly rehearsals, Always ready to stay late to assist in decorating for dances or assemblies, he has always been behind the class during its four years at Towson. For his untiring interest and constant de- votion, the Senior Class dedicates 7'ozvr'r liclmcx, 1959, to Mr. Edward Rubendall. Mr. Richard Frost has been associated with State Teachers College at Towson for only two years, hut during' that time he has become an active participant in school affairs. .Xdvisor to two organizations, the ,lan Club and the 'l'ozuf'r Echoes, he spends his limited free time collect- ing books and records and writing poetry. Previously from the X'Vest Coast, air. Frost received his NB. in 1951 and his NIA. in 1957 from San ,lose State College. There he taught at Abraham Lincoln High School for four years and at San .lose Statc- College for one year be- fore coming to Towson, Here at Towson, Mr. Frost is a member of the linglish Ilepartment and teaches several English electives in addi- tion to required courses. Although Mr. Frost has always been avail- able for advice and add approval concerning Tower l'fcl1or.r, he has proved invaluable for his lack of interference in yearbook matters. The staff was allowed to make its own decisions with only guidance from him. For his support and encouragement dur- ing this year, the stall' dedicates 7lU1l't'1' Iirllom, 1959, to lX"Ir, Richard Frost, ' Rubendall and Mr. Frost meet lor brief discussion concerning thc up t'r'ition of the Tozccr lfrllvvr. I 1 6. 4 , 1 I! ll 'fin' l i 1 lf! Q -: .fl V Q3 F! K 'S' QLXA r DR EARLET HAWKINS fx.1'k'ar .S 1,-' :' X 'iaffzfwfwzv-?wfe' ' I 4 Y :il S Hua ,Tl , -Q 1 lf gl. ' ' i 1 i ' A fi 'K' ' . g.i-.. l Q ' f V '- vi - J 3 1 2 .1 Aff? ,I ix ' A f .1 yl I l ' ' ' f 3. itje .A i 'T ' 5 ', 1 Q I .. 1 3 ? 9 2 ' 4 ,. f i E i . , . 1 11 F751-I'. .C 5- , 'iv wma 1 "S gg-: V, Pzfeszidemi I' 4. .1 v 4 .:.,, E .1- 5 i X 'a gf , 4 ,f .s K-qi I .gvyla il, Q I" 'X J . QF:-,vf we-47 ni- ,I xx X DR. ORIELLE MURPHY DR. KENNETH A. BROWNE 4 ,.-- li' Daz Two ol the prime requisites to it smooth working college ztre szttislied students and it well balanced curriculum, Here :tt State Teachers College we have two exceptional people who strive for these goals in their work. As the coordinator of all student personnel service, Dr. Orielle Klurphv, Dean of Students, works with students in ull phztses ol their col- lege life. From the time when she helps plan Freshman 'Week until she gives advice regard- ing social activities lor commencement, Dean Murphy works intimately with students, coun- seling. guiding and giving ztdvice when neces- sary. Not only is Dean Xlurphv concerned with the stuclent's ucztdemic progress but through zts- suming responsibility lor the student social pro- gram she sees thztt there :ire desirable extra- curricular ztctivilies rtvailzihle. Deztn ol Instruction, Dr. Browne's position is that ol' coordinator of :ill curricular :ind in- structional progrzuns ol' the college. XVorking with Dr, Hawkins and the department chztir- men. he tries to plan the best possible cur- riculum for Towson, Besides the work Dean Browne does with the faculty and the curricu- lum, he works with the Registrar in planning and directing registration procedures. Nh . M S 1 i i Elo if 'll if l i 5 Fazczulli Probably the three most inter-related offices on the Towson campus are those of the Admis- sions, Business, and Registrar's offices. These are also the offices with which every student who enrolls in the Teachers College is most closely connected. The initial office with which the applicant has contact is that of Dr. Rebecca Tansil, Di- rector of Admissions. Under Dr. Tansil's di- rection the student is tested and guided as to his future in college, Once the student is enrolled, he will inevi- tably come into contact with Mr. Karl Moser and his staff in the Business Office. The many checks which students send are received here and and are recorded on the student's financial rec- ord. It is in this office that the budget, mainte- nance, and service facilities of the college are handled. Perhaps the single office with which a stu- dent has the most business is that of the Regis- trar. Here Mrs. Debaugh and her staff perform all of the duties involving scheduling and the filing of students' academic records. DR. REBECCA TANSIL MR KARL MOSHER MRS. AGNES DEBAUGH 11 - s, he 5 A I I , , ,dk 'Um ' 44? I fi ff' 53' A 'i CC A X Miss .-Xllene Archer Mrlilzeinntfrs 2 I ...- Dr. ,Iolm Barehnm Srienfe '- L 'L iv-A 4' , D " .W 1 ' ' s-- ...V r ,3f"' . I '1 -k Riff 'fa f ' . H 5 ..:5 ff'-'P55 fj ffqf . ' , ' n Erik giiiif 17 Mr. Robert Abendrolh Erlumlimz Mr. Howard Anderson lfrlumlimz 16, rp' 4 ..- li 1 5 L9 f , 1 . Nliss Nlnry Bzulcr Rr'x1'rif'nl Hull Sz1,lu'r1'1',m Dr. George Beishlzxg Sofia! Srierzre Dr. I,. Emlwalrcl Nevins Iinglrxlf Dr. Corinne Bile llllfl, Ijlwmnl 1'iflH1IlfIllH 'V-N., N 'Q' 1 ,X V .. W 1 V5 3, wi, . xx X., I ,L , . bifu- 1. .Av V ul.. ,.f,,, I Ju , L . :ff-"nf-. - ve. -, -W , 1 JL,,m?,5!, -, 1-.VV ,R 15 F, 'f'f1,-,.. fum-1: 'H .- wi' A nhl-wr--1 ' i ,..5.,,, uf, ,MM ,qu QQ: .5 A ,gi fQE4,t-mi, L. if sf-3323 :ti ,A ,Q .Q fiiw -.,L.5-33.4-J" Q 'hw xi' , Q,--" , Dr Xmcmlcl BlllI11lJClg I A Smml SKI-Fllll' vu Y -,, . kv "y' 4ll1.f-" ' Ah. Inlm Bollinger Aluxrr' , 19,5 X IV 1 wilt-ww' 1 D11 ,Xlllulr lilcwinglfm , ,fff 'Q lznglmfr . . ,- ,Lk V -'lava , J' l-,,,, 6'5- Xlrs. Tlwlmzn BICXVUIQIUII lxnglmll ' , is , a 1 f 1 fl 18 I" Aw 'Hi X I Miss Maud Broyles - lam Q Education . . F C ' I 4:-f J ji Q 5 Mr. Grayson Burrier , A Education .K --":" , , 5 7 V " I, .:" ' - S '- -fi, 1 .Nl I 5 -4- -1-.A k- ! e 'iz-4 N , - -. J." N . L . , 1 Q Dr. Frances Clarke J . .ff Education, Psychology Y' , N., xx ' Q .. - . Q 4 Q , .el ' ' x ' V ' Y fm' - , 1 A L Q ' I in-af' K, X ,Q R' ' " 15. Dr. George Coleman X Q fail, . . zwfv, J. Soczal Sczcnre X ' ' ' ,., ' in d -'il C' ' ' ' ,rkfikifflfiffli-E I xv fa 1 'cn N '-zgfii I '5 ' E- . . , I QQLQ-3!.'f": ii., 1' . . "r4:'f+'x 1 'm'4':f15z- V .VJ .if 1 B - .IQ ': 'G xg' ' ll . ' . . '--we .433 ,1"':Nf.Q 94- A 'T -'1 ' - ' -fr -. "ij 1 A s ' 7' '.' 41 1 'S '.4 . . . ' ,v gljgl Mr. David Cnrntlmwzule . , '14 r , . -I if ' lzrl-uuzlrml v . '-' pg-x 5 .. ' .- J ,Q . lg N - , 1 'J C -' .. f ""-f' ' XS ' ,fe 1- , . l ' sw- 4 Dr. Eumce Crabtree 1" .' S. : if-12E'1'.:EQ,i? -- ef '- 1- A .,-.-. -.-. - 4 ,-,fb-, ,..qf1sx'. -my .1 ' L' ' 1 -H ' - I9 XII: clflllllllflll llmrmk .S'1l'z'll1c' X A .N KH. -Illhll Ijlll 0 AIIIAI-I 'A V -v-- 'Q Au: .W Q W J , 7' A 1,1 gt" 4 ,.., if 1 Z ,-.Q fun. W . Q? ff.. xyk, ,- NIV. Ricllzml Frost lf11gIi.s'l1 Dr. Kzxllmurine Cilnoyne nltlf, IJIIYAIVIIII lflllllllllllll l 'avg- .xg I ,- .iv j X . I YO , '. , , fr?" -r ' - f-Lv1-Q ' Dr. lmeph Falco .Sm fn! .S'rif'11f r' Dr. Rcginn Fil!gCl'LIIil lilllll Ilflvilll llu- x V' I, ' if K' 'ip x gf jx. - - ,j , . -. Sb. , 4' 1 X ,..'Z,fif: . -f 1: Ll J . M f I 1 'WN J 1 ,I ,V A l w l Dr. YVillred Hathaway r 1 Sfienre fl , f l J ei , '35 Dr. Genevieve Heagney g 7' ' Prfnrijvrzl, Lidn Lee Tall Srlmnl .K l 7 . W .- I l X w l I f J f 1'-2' - 1 1! 6' ,y,fn'. N 3,51 YV'-.,,1I', NAM L. I X W N. xx li x I X , , 1-1 -N. ?--- is Q , .:' : l K-4 W "' J fxea 21 Dr. YX'illiam Hartley Dirertor of Student Terzflzing lznzmr High Sfhool Nlr. Charles Haslup .Uzzsif 7? QT' Mr. Richard Holler EdlI!'HfI'l7?1 Miss Susan Huck Sorial Sfienfe " "f':5?f55?EL N .':f:- 'tk' A 3 " A Miss Nina Hughes ,Sf 1 . . l an . lgnglzsll ,wx ,wx H fl A 1 S L ia Qtg '1- .N Y aalhg, fr Z Dr. Hurry Hutmon 'Xu if ., . , . ' fvx . Snunl .SfH?7IIL' , 3, ' N- ' 3, Aki V ., Y . TY 1, PA v ' . ilk' ,4f:m-raw-v fwfgffeff 'f ,ff fg T3 A fir-4gf -.'ff1y1 , : 5 Aff' 556255755 if fff4'Y'fz.e'lf3!':ff4'f.L6ff"Q5ff 11 'EIYEEEL 111055: :.!5i,fik1.' YQ. ' il T'-'-A " vm. Mr. Edward Alohnston Sorirzl Sfiwne, ifIlIl1I'!1f5fVflfI-U11 f' .as 4' N -f' L I Qwx IN gif' if 1 -,,, . ,. 1 V43-.3-,,' " .av . 3I1ss Mary C1ll11C1'1llC Kahl 1 Q .- 5- f , . egg - .iw-Sg',,'..1 -3-niet .Sm ml .Sr'1m1r'e Jw"'- ffl' KH. -. '+3u.,,229 .Qi'gr+f,-, ' V 'ills' , , A ,-H,-1-.?",g. -.-. '1 .Q-. 1-,144 fx., ,. SQ--.v. :fn ., x+"i'Uw. 5316-'Bla . , T4 , ' 1"c:ywW'Li' ' K iff-.sf '-Lf-' wmg:f,v-- -'- -r.. Fw-7331" lwfiff'-1'--4:5 '1f,'zil:2frZ-Ea ' 3?-QQ,L'3, ft- 3'Sz-g,5rf'T'Jff' 4' - x1,i,x"g5f--ffilififi ai-My rf-I ,t 254' 1'Q,Qwii:,,-Qin , j,:.H:,ir4 u f 5 " . , .2 ' 'f, ,.'rg-nv'g+:y,,-, 'Q Eiesefw Jag if 'Y QLW ' Z Dr. John Lewis 1 , 1 I -f -It fillglhill ,Ur ' , 0' N A '. 6 5 . Dr. Frank Mann Psyr la nlngy lfllllfllffllll, V 1, , .... ' 1 'x 22 ,, Y ,J . fr' X 2 ,J P. l 'Q A- 4 , . ' I ke Mr. Robert Melville l J Herzlth, l!l3'.Yl.!'IIl l':lllN'fIflU77 Miss jean Milnor fl.x.x'l'.sIr11ll I.lllP'Il7'l1lll 9 .'-faq Q xl 5 X, -v' 5, XIV. cllll'llS Xllllllll , Q 2. ,xl Sli 'lim' ,. E - 1 .- , ,,. ,isp ,sq-L - df? .,a?5.f-'21eS??sffQJQf. f 1..'tx" 'L-A K - 'sd- 3' D' g+, "fT11G2'uf: -,ah-' 5,11 ' -"L miifl-gm -S ' 'f'knSf'Fm xt " ' ., iv- X I I-'YA 5 iff W fax. fp.. ,,..- 5-f X Nw, Z .6 23 A le e Sm ml S1 Il'llI 1' Dr. .lulm NIuttl1ews Surlvfll Sr Izfnr 1' f-51" gapnn ,A -.-L Dr. Dllllilltl xlll1l1CgIlll Dllfflnl uf .'llfll!'lI'1.N Dr. Hnrulnl Kluwer 151,111 rlliun, llzrvrfrn' nl' Tr'.Yfl,llgSc'l'1f Dr. Francis Mueller Mnthcnzatics Mr. Samuel Nass Art rn 'Y kiwi nm- X vc. si - ?.,,. ir- .1 K-L..f FP R X. , , fini J X raft f he lb Dr. Lois Odell Science Dr. Charles Onion Social Science 4 Q ,- ls- ,. ,. 'HO' Dr. Edward Neulander Edllfllfl-071, Psychology Miss Faynelle Newland Resident Director -' ..'i'l"llll ws--ff "l"T"7 24 . fx , Q '7 X,- ' X 7' A ' 'WA xg? . ' ax I I 1 ' - Sfffzff X any 1 V ig! ' -QA .. - f ' 4g X A iw GX r x7 ,H l W . P -X , . -1 5-2 x 'S f Dr. YVilliam Pelham Srienre Mrs. Florence Perrine Resident Hall Szzpmwiwn I Mr, Stanley Pollack L V1 i Art f A A 9,5 rx X -1-:AT ' '? -1.1 Miss Dorothy Reeder I.,fl17'l1TIllIII N v -he ' 1 r 1 --Q " Xl I I I N 1-vm ' srl 59914 ' IV '- -4 lg, 'X' is ' 'SV' 25 Tw" ' Mr. Carl Reltvnlmaulm Hrvzlfll, PlIY.YI,f'lIl I-frlmulmn Mr. liclwzuml Ruhcmlznll Sfl'n'I1r'1' Dr. Nlarion Sargent Iinglivlz Ur. Hzirwy Saxton 1f!1'IlI'lIfI-UI! unyf I ' ', Nfl, I , :D L w ' .QQ-, , 4 . , -- -fs ' . ' , .1 W I - Q Q,- Vw f'- x ",!1 ,,,.-. ., W Q ,jv.Xv M M , Q lvl, my ye t .- Y . if E xv' D11 Kenneth Stringer , Srienre -cf' PL, .xx K -'fe-.-7' , 'x 26 Mins Ellen Smith 1i1,Y.YI'.YflIlI1 l.il1m1'i11r1 Mr. Charles Somers lfllgflefll, Xanax lizlrrrl A RK 4 W W 1 Q, P I- 325-v. fx- -X ,lg 2. P. 1 4 ,G - K -, 2' iv 1 QT' ' ,v,,.. Mr. Charles Tinari Vice-Principal, Lzrlrz Lee Tail Mrs. Zenith Velie Dirertor Siurlent TCHC'lIfI1g lxinclergnr1e11'Prinmry 'Q 'ag . I X , QR Kg- q-......- SQA ,221 a si i... 27 Dr. June Thearle English Mrs. Virginia Tilghman Resident Hall Superuixor f'.,i.i. I , 'F I uni. V-if --M 7 , ' ' -' I , :' ,rv if . 'ax Tm i ,'r,,,i 4 O f .I X Dr. Marvin Volpel AIl1f1l6l77IIliFS Mr. Ernest von Schwerdlner Modern Languages Mrs. josephine XX'ageman11 Resident Hall Szzpenfisor Miss Mariana M'z11'd Dzvrermr of Health Sewifes Q Aff v-- gffkki f, . 1,4- Rx 'Wi-B' .xzbsx Y ... X XX Miss Isabel Milner Lfbfflfllllll Lidn L66 Tall Miss Amy XX'inslow Axsfslrznt Lfl7T!1VI'II7I Q 5 iii? 'ig' Miss Emma XYeyiko1'tl1 Musir Dr. XYz1lLer X'Yi1liamson Erlumlion s-- 28 -r' 85' - Q5 .- -, er Y. Q.. aw' -.f l 1' - L-I ,' HH." --B r -' 'VT1 "F: W: Ir- :' ' If ,fl ' 1- , 'l R Nw ' .- 'al R .1015 X, I! """ """ 5 ' pu, pug:-' X Mr. Arthur Yarbrough, -Ir. Miss Virginia XVo1fram Assistant Resident Direftm Mr. Phineas Ufright E n gl isli I , 15- s-..- Srienre 'WS Miss M. Merle Yoder A' Assislnn! Lilfmrirzn ..., 5 'vm S 5 Ar! ' x .-,. 29 Miss Mildred Zincller '19, 4. ugly. Mg!!-2'5" -fgfswg 7. g0'.':- .-'- My.-'-. YJ.. 1 .ff-? :,J,:f5,,fH' 1 ,rf I 14-1 x f I ,I , ,I 'Lg-1-'w:..t . d,,"r4-" fy, N -5- ',f.L"iE:-.. .- vw . , w .X as , "A" 5' ,fkmn l. l l i. 1 4 ,.,1 Maltz! -Al'larb:n'zi Nedelsky. Mary Xllimmcr Sudhrink. Mike Dehta Ninn Czlllxllli Bob Nliyi Slandzng Carol Bmchlcy Marge M00dlC Chuck Livingston, Doris Albert, Ellie Brocnto, Judy Speer. Anne Orlh ladonnti 'Sixers Ruth Shaeffei I it Nlullilsin emzzior Cl Ss Uffoeem In the history of the State Teachers College at Towson certainly no class can boast of hav- ing tour years :is successful and star-studded :is the Class of 1959. From their beginning in l955 when they presented "Neptune's Daugh- ter", they were known as a class which lived up to and even surpassed the traditionally fine ac- tivities of STC. Led by their four-year president, Mike DeVita, the Class of 1959 proved to all observers that it would be ri class well worth watching in the future. Mike DeYita, Prrsidfrll .'. . ,ga g. X I ,4 H O ' '- 1 , 1 F 91- . ,W P 'f ' 75? ws ' Z .Q . xg: I I I L " S U ,. ' Y V r i vt 'if 9 , . 5f.1f.. - U ' 'tw X , " 'Q A vq 9' f- 11' - pub , .ff,,.f A fi . ,QQ-" W' v . 17417 -" ' -4 fxf- . f- r"'Hf v A+- A , 1 , f 'Qu Lia 0 ..' ' . -A..:z.og Y 4 V '-.fn .. .X :N m,,,1 '1 'fx' :- , WI, ' n - ,115-?, 4 D 6 K. ' 1 . J ' ,Jgtf Cf, u ssl: 1' ff, .1,' f 1 , I 4: Uifgf -is L9 ir""ff' " p an pn. I A d,'. 7 ,L - " ' Eff., Mary Sudbrink, Cnrrvspwuling Svn'1'Iury B11l'lJ21l'1l Ncdelsky, Rcrording Scrrvlmy Nancy Cirkins, 74l'l'lI.YHl!l I.:lD0nn:1 Myers, Sflfilll Cllnirnmn i - I L 4 E.. 44' V' -f F 14 . , A -1 I . ' 1 A bl' K ,rf-,J z:f..,- aw ' I- A L "" E 1 A , -f , . D - -1 -. 3 '- ' x pd- . , ' Q . I.. 5' gc. '1 A , Ll .K- u" L s .1 Q .FQ .ITP - '. NL. 1 '14 'Eff-1 an - q 4. .FQ U .1 'Q' bv in 'w 33 .S 'anis qps.,4 SYLVIA ADLER "Sylvia" Kindergarten-Primary Jewish Students Association. rf S . 'Wh :TN 'ev "Eff" Qu! Tower Echoes. Co-Editorg Tower Light, News Editor, Associate Editor-in-Cliieli, Student Gov- ernment Associzttion Representative: Glen Play- ersg Class Assemblies: Newman Clubg Zeta Tau Omega, ALVA MARY AMOSS "Alva" Elementary slfl-I Club, Presidentg Square Dance: NCWNHIII Club: Hostess Clubg International Relations Club. DORIS YVONNE ALBERT "Doris" Elementaw eznzziom Class, Decorations Committeeg Nominations Conimitteeg Handbook Committee: Student Cove ernment Association Representative: lVomen's Athletic Association. CHARLES LEE ALLEN "Charlie" blimior High -6- ,Q 34 pqxfvw ,,,. if 1959 il, 5 ELEANOR A. BADER XX "Eleanor" junior High AVCSIHllIlblEfl' Fellowship, AHCC-P1'CSlilCIllQ Gannna 1 Theta Upsilong Students National Education Association. N. Y' CAROL HAYES BAILEY "Carol" Elenzentmty AVOIIICHVS Residenfc Council. Student Govern- ment Association Representative: Prettyman House Council, Vice-Presidentg Lutheran Stu' dents Association, Vice-President, Hospitality Chairman in Area: Class, Social Chairnian. JANE AUSTIN BAN KERT -u-f ls- "Jane" Elementary ROBERT YVILLIAM BARN ES "Bob" lzmiorHiql1 - t Class Activities: International Relations Club: Glce Club: Student Christian Association: Slll- dents National Education Ashotiation: XX't'slexan Fellmvship. 35 1 7V' .ps ev X 3 f -Q 'CWA I . , U , , 1 M5459 ANNA GRACE BARRICK 'Q4 ' ' A , . wk' "Gracie" 1 A' 5, Qi Alun ior High 'A M Q '-1 Prettyman House Council, Service Cliairmanz 5 ' fi XVomen's Residence Council Social Committee: " R Class Activitiesg Nominations and Elections Com' ns jf mittee. ' - '1 'wge- Fresliman Advisory Council, Secretaryg lYomen's Residence Council, Treasurer. Social Commit- tee: Senior Class Publicity Chairmang Class Ac'- tivitiesg Homecoming Court. .Mui S 95.1 LYDIA CAROL BEACI-II .EY "Carol" Elementary DAWN MARLENE BECK "Dawn" Elementary Tower Er-lines, Co-Eclitorg Student Government Association, Finance Committee, Sweetheart Dance Committee, Representative: YVomen's Residence Council Social Committee: Senior Executive Council: Class Activitiesg Zeta Tau Omega. f? I SHEILA BEERMAN fi' "Sheila" cs ' K111dergartetz-Primmy ' Iewish Students Associationg Students National Education Associationg Class Assemblies. 36 'V G36 'av leznzziors Hut V, . ww .xxx HM, g v ty. 'f I ' . x S ,,, ,,,.t V . 4 P 'v' 17"-f-9 FRANCES ADELE BEINISCLHIA "Del" lilemen tary NCXVIHZIII Clubg XVOIHSHQS Athletic .Xwmciutiml lilcctivcs. N.-XDINIQ fXNX1iTTE B1iI.l. "Deanic" lflernerzlnry A, Q-' Lutherzm Students .XSSOCiZlli0Ill Clam Activities. X X7 1959 .-Xlphn Psi Omcgn: Fl'L'slllH?lIl ,Mlvisory Council: Glcn Playcrs: Sltulcnts National Etltxtulinn ,Xs- sorizttirm. .XNIY CIORINTHIX BliNH.XNl Stumlvnl Cllfrixtiam :xSh0CiLlli0I1, H'or5l1ip CImnmil4 lu P nli umm ll i tn . t TAM.-XR BIQLSKY "Tammy" Ithzflfrgarien-Pr'1'mr1z'5' .Wt ",-hm" l':ll'IIll'7llflVy 1 ': 1 K:lppz1Dt'lt:tI'i. 37 F. if ' x fix '02 eTs...4g DEBRA C. BERGER "Debby" K1ndergnrlen-Prinzfzty tary: Sports Electives. Qlitxxnis isnnczz Blxlto "jim" Izmifn' High Student Government Association, P1-csidcnt, Mcnibcr-at-Large, Representative: Glee Clubg fl 'E' 15 Lutheran Students Association: Kappa Delta Pi: f Tuzvcr Eclmffx, Art Editor: Tower Light, Art Edilorg Student-Faculty Clonnnittecg Tennis. ' sins 'i wi 4'-at X Pg Jewish Students Association, Student Govcrn- PAUL FRIQDERICJK BIRCIKNER "Paul" Iflenzrnirlry Glen Club. SCCI'Cl2ll'y1 Mens Chorus. Student Govcrninent Association Representative: 4-H Club, Secretary, TI'C2lblll'C1'2 Class Activities. BRENDA BI,UMENFliLD ' "Bt'endL1" Elem entn ry ment Association Representative: Students Na- tional Education Association. 38 Students National Ecluczttion Association: jew- ish Students Association, Corresponding Sccrc- Seniors 6' I 'WN 1 : 199 C?-Q ,V ,H x-J 5 " ix .1 ,Q fx X ROBERT POPE BOWLING 1-BW ii: ws lznzior High M Mens Residence Council, Sports Director: Mens ' A' Athletic Association: Baseball: Soccer. ll - x 3 GS - V -,, ANN MITCHELL BRANCH "Twig" junior High Tower Liglzl, Editor-in-Chief: Photography Club. Treasurer: Freshman Advisory Council: Glen Players: Class Activities, Publicity. fi- IU "'C'..,"' ELEANOR BROCATO "Ellie" Elementary Newman Club: Student Centre Directory: Class Assemblies. l GUS if 'a EILEEN ANNE BRODERICK "Eileen" Elementmjv Students National Education Association: New- man Club: Freslunan Advisory Council: Class Activities. 39 ANITA MILDRED BRONVN "Nita" Elementary Hostess Club. Vice-President: Class Activities. 1-,. Y 'ff' ,,? BARBARA BAYNE BROXVN -yflyaflfx "Barb" ' Xxx' Elementary ' K ' "I 3 '4 v , ,-Han ,X KWX 'sy 4' .,,t...ip 758 qw.,-f MARVI5 EVON BROXVN "Marvis" Elementary Baptist Student Union: Tower Light. CAROLE ANNE BRYDON "Penny" Kindeijgnrten-Primary ' Class Activities. 40 t teznziozfs ELSPETI-I MCGILCHRIST CARSXYELL "Elsie" Kindergarten-Prinzrzry Class Activities. K- Q7 J W3 ALBERT JOSEPH C.-XUFFMAN ' ' "Albert" 'A ,l11ni01'Higl1 at 75, .X Glen Players: Glee Club, Secretary, Treasurerg - Canterbury Clubg Alpha Psi Omegag Class, Treasurer, Activities. I 199 JOAN NAOMI CLEMONS ".I021ni" lflenzenlnry Newman Club, Sec'1'Ct:1ryg Newman News. litlitor: Hostess Club, Treastxrcrz Gamma Theta Upsi- lnn: Students N2lllt'JI1lll Ecluczttirm Association. 2005 -v --7 ILENIL IQSTI-IILR COHIQN Iilrnzentnry 405 5 V ,' Iewish Students rxhSOClZlll!JI1. 41 ffiefia .W '1?"'1v' '23 'P' . . YD' NANCY MORNINGST.-XR COMBS "Nance" ,Ill7IIA!1l'Hl-gf! Canterbury Clubg Class, Corresponding Secre- tary, Student Centre Directory Representativeg Corresponding Secretary: Freshman Advisory Council: Cliztirnizm Sweetheart Dzmce Decora- tion. NORNI.-X JEAN COOK '4Norms" E16'I77671fIll'3' Xlettniimter Fellowship. eznzzzozris lx 'r ' .'X -J K P ' . J n .415 ev' Y"'ih-sur- EVA G. COOPER ' ..EVe,. -lllI1l'07'HlgfI MAD,-XLINE LEE COX "Mz1daline" jzmim' High . lvC5lIHll'1blC1' Fellowshi J' Gamma Theta U Jsilonl IS1., l ' l Class Assemblies. 42 99 jewish Students Associntiong Class Assembly I, xl '-4' by-P' . f 25, f-if .t', avlk NANCY DOROTHY CRAIG "Nancy" Elementary Newman Clubg Hostess Club: Tower Liglll. Edi- tor-in-Chief, Executive Editor, Student Govern- ment Association Representativeg Jazz Clubg All College Council, Secretaryg Class Activities. 0q MARCIA RADIN CRAVEN "Marcia" !Zl71I'O1'Hlg1I Script Committee. MARGARET CATHERINE CROUSE UPSSEYY' Elementary tions Club. C. MARLENE CUTSAIL. "AI:u'lene" lilc'mz'nluvy Students Nuiionzll Eilllfllllilll Assoriution: Clam Activities. 43 Senior Executive Councilg Student Christiztn As- sociation Clioirg Glee Club: International Rela- R JEAN ROGERS DAVIS "Jeanne" Izmfor High Glen Players: Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship: Class Activities. ROBERT XVILLIAM DELLER "Bob" Izmior High Freshman Advisory Councilg Glen Players: Class, Student Government Association Representative. Activities, Assemblies: Glee Clubg AYSSIIIUIISICI' Fellowship, ifylwlgv' "Dotty" Elcmzfntruy 3 YZ. I . i x, f f"" fn NANCY JEAN DISNEY '- I "Nancy" 27' .I1u11'or High xv- K Newman Club: Class Activities. 44 as-Sggk 9? W " 4' mwvli' 3 i l ITN i s in' 4 ms I vi ,- af DOROTHY ANN DURM DE l,l'CA leznzziom WK' BARBARA ANN DERR "Bobbi" Elemenztrzry Newell-Richmond House Council. President, 0' Vice-President: Lutheran Students Association, President, Vice-President: Freslunan Advisory 'Y' , lv, Q- Council: Student Christian Association Choir. , . W4 MARNE REICHARD DE VAUGHN , "Marne" Elementary , Tower Light, News Editor: Class Activities: R ' Homecoming Float Committee. 7WQ 'Q xi P C 95 MICHAEL JOHN DE VITA "Mike" glll17I'Ol'Hfg1I Student Government Association, Member-ab Largeg Class, President, Assemblies, Activities: Tower Light, Managing Editor, Feature Editor: Freshman Advisory Council: Glee Club, Social Chairmang Attendance Committee. NICHOLAS CHARLES DI CIACOMO "Nick" lflrmenlnrv 45 - .X N 54.55. . .A,. El? 1 ' 9' its va .bi a if , x , . A -'. 1 - 'ZSQSTA , , I J .4 ' t by '-Ji' 4.1 v 1. 5 ,.,,. .. Q .tt- - ,- ,- ,,. 'J . Q.. 1 "uv, . 2 . . Lx- ' V 'Sfmt 4 .. ,arf-N. 4 if Q R MARY DELL DIX A "Mary Dell" Kindergzirten-Primmy 4 yr Q , f , T . I . 1 . . - fp: 1,5 btudents National Education Association, Pub licity Chairmang Freshman Advisory Council. 'li DOROTHY DIANE DODSON "Dottie" EIe1ne171ary Gzumnzi Theta Upsilong XX'estminster Fellow- ship: Class. Student Government Association Representative, Activities: XYomen's Athletic As- sociation Electives. ALBERT I. DORSCJH "Al" .,lll1l07'HI-gf! Veterzmk Oligllllllllllfllll Photography Club. an iamvxiz JANE DUKE Seniors S '95 -3 iff' 'W' 1 'Ffa I ,- fUN -Q "Elayne" Elementary 46 ig, MARY ANN EILEEN DUNDOX ' "Q ,, .. 5 Mary Ann lx'1'n1lm'gr11 Imz-Pr1'n1n:'y , NCWIHQIII Club: Slucleuu Nzuirmnl Iicluczuion Aa- 1, socizuiong Cllzm flflivilies. 'na in 199 ANN.-X MARIE DURKIX Newman Club. , jfs: 'Q- if l RQ?" 1' 'LEM 1 ' Q J, X' "Durk" Elflllflllfllj' -V- lv A., effx 'N x 0 4 '1""' MARGARET MARY DURKIN l.DLll'li" El6'lIIL'71fIIlj' NSXVIIILITI Club. M,Xl.ClOI.M AUSTIN Dl'TTliRlLR, ,lR. "Mau" IIIIIIAU7 High Cllee Club. 47 CAIL PATRICIA EADES "Gail" lflemen tary Newntztn Clttbg Class. Student Government As- sociation Representzitive, Assemblies. 'Q fr. fx -v . .1 4:-.on 1" P116 Vlewislt Stttden Ls Association. SUZANNE EICHENGREEN "Sue" Illlllilll' High SL'SAN EVERETT ELAN "Sue" Elemerifrtry Student Christian Association Clltoirg Gttmmzt Tlietzt Upsilong Class Activities. 4-'R. ii Q' 6172210135 WNW 'YZ' N-uf" CATHERINE ELIZABETH ENCLE "Cass" U EI677'l67'IlflTj' YV ' A omen 5 tliletic Association. Awards Recorder' Student Government Association Representrttiveg Freshman Advisory Councilg Student Christian Association, Treasurerg Glee Club. 48 l N,4 -if-- IIOHN EDIVARD ENSOR -john" Elem en tn ry 1 wi 1f"'f?' X1 I,uthe1'an Students Association, Vice-President, Presidentg Hostess Club, President: Inter-Faitlt Council: Class Assemblies: Class Dance Commit- tees. 1199 i A l i l l SHIRLEY MARIE ENSOR "Shirl" Elementary Wesleyan Fellowship, Student Government As- sociation Representative, Presidentg Student Christian Associationg Gamma Theta Upsilong Inter-Faith Council: Class Activities. 46 ELIZABETH ANNE ESER ,J I -:Lif- Kliil!187'g!lTIFII-17I'I4IlIl115' :wx vx CLIQORCEANN FAGAS "Georgeann" - . 7 lzlemcninrx' 1-Q., 49 Vx , C ' BEVERLY ANNE FEDOCK V I " L ni iv 5 'xl GA Bev 'I ii 4, lll77f0l'HI'g1I jj. Tower Light, Circulation Managerg .Iunior Ex- R fx 'I ecutive Councilg Class, PE1I'll2l1UCl'lIZll'i1lI'l, Activi- 4 'N tiesg Freshman Advisory Councilg XVOIIlCIl'S Resi- ' dence Council. Social Committee. -so ,e gk HENRY LOUIS FELDMAN "Skip" junior High Men's Athletic Association, Vice-Pre5identg Soc- ,VQ 3 cer: Baslcetbnllg Baseball. 4,5 WL? eznzziozfs .f SH EILA HONEY FELDMAN "Sz1mie" Elementary' 44-S ELEANOR MARIE FENXYICK fl-. "Ellie" J 'YN-vw -4 as I Elemerzlary X - Q Newman Clubg Class Assernbliesg XVomen's Resi- dence Council, Social Committee. 50 1959 ' 'Y- 'C' ggi? ys-s ALLEN FRANCIS FLEISCHMANN HAI.. X hlunfor High i Soccer, Class Activities, Assemblies. r Q Q '-4 'uv--7. ' f ROBERT MONTGOMERY FORDER X ..BOb,. Alzmior High Student Clnistian Association. Student Govern- ment Association Representative: Homecoming an 6, Committee. Q Sq- rli. "- ' -- PP X. ,. 1 I N VIOHN VVARREN FORSYTH "John" fiznim' High XIEISTIIIIVS Organization. , DENNIS YV,-XRREN FRY Lb- Y iv "Dennis" Glen Players: Alpha Psi Omega: Freslnnznn Atl- visory Council. 51 S NK Aw MARILYN THERESE GALANTE "Marilyn" Kindergzzrten-Prinzary Newman Clubg Students National Education A 5, sociation: XVornen's Athletic .Association Elec tivesg Class Activities, K BRENDA ELAINE GARONZIK f "Brenda" Km dergn rten-Prim ary ,I-1 'M N' . 1 . -X f. -vw -Ima an SANDRA -IANE GARRETT "Sandy" Elementary XVomen's Residence Council, Social Chairman: XVesleyan Fellowshipg Students National Educa- tion Associationg Class Activities, Assemblies. .fe V ' A DELORES GRACE GARRITY ' -' "Delores" 'F"' 3 Elemeniarv A Glen Players. Y 52 ezmziom Evie Ix1nfIe1vmte11Prmzai3 Q Llass Lhor1lDnector Script Cornmitteeg Fresh- ' l 1 , EVELYN ELREANE GATLEY t ,QR ,gif man Advisory Councilg Baptist Student Union, - Presidentg Leadership Manual: Class Activities, , Toztter Echoes, Typing Editor. V 'ix 1 GRACE GEORGAN DIS 1959 IVY "Grace" Kin dergarlen-Print rt ry -- Glen Playersg Gamma Theta Upsilon: Class Activities. fs -gg NORINE GINSBERG "Norine" Elementary' Jewish Students Association. NANCY IQLIZABILTH GIRKINS "Nancy" Elem elim ry Student Government Association. Vice-President: Class, Activities, Treasurer: XVomen's Athletic ,Xssociation. President, Basketball Manager: Freshman Advisory Council: Tf1Zl'C?'LIigllf, Sports Editor. 53 it KN '1- Yi.. .uk in . 'X ' 'f- "Dx X "Qq.,4v- HOIVARD CLICK ..HG,. lun for High Student Government Association, P21I'll2lI1ICI'll?1l'4 ian, Constitution Conunitteeg T0u'c'rEfl106.s. Bus- iness Manager: jewish Students Association: Ten- ' nisg Basketball: Class Activitiesg Zeta Tau Omega. Seniors BARBARA IRIS COMBERC "Barbara" Elemerz tary Manager. QIANET MAE COSNILLL "Alan" EIEIIIKIIIIIIA' XVesleyan Fellowship: Class Activities. CAROLYN LEE JONES GRANIMITQR "Otsie" hlewisli Students Association: International Rela- tions Clubg Students National Education Associ- :itiong IX'omen's Athletic Association: Sports "oi, .N ,- TWIN z AQ ' ' 1 Q 4 ' ' "L .., P HDNSQQ Y!" fi 4' ly' 'WW ,Wsfx E16lIZE'7IlIll'y Glee Clubg Student Christian Association. 54 1959 PHYLLIS NIAE GREEN i Phyllis" I ' it ' 4 Baptist Stuclfsnt Union: YX'o1nen'5 Athletic .Xs- socizxtion Electives: Students National lltlufzition I' Association. fi fw- , A. 2 All-lZ!1E'l'gl1l'f671'1J1'I-IIHITB' 'A l v49' 'J RUTH HELLMAXN GR1iliNF1-QLD "Roux" W I t' K QIIUZI-Ol' High lewish Stuclenlb Association: Class .-Xssenihlies. . , nN"' :Y- "C" nib- if SUE CAROL GRIEBLER "Sue" Elflllfllllllj' Freslnnnn Aclvisory Council: Clam Activities. OUN NIAXRCLARIII' LOVISE CROSS "M:n'gic"' 1llIIf0l'HI'glI fQle11l'lznyc't's: NCXVHIIIHCllllllcllilw.xLllXlllL'x, 55 JV H X JOAN NI. GURKE "joan" FJIFIIIFIIYHIA' f,-'Gy KENNETH GEORGE HANAUER "Ken" Elementary Student Christian Association, Co-Chztirinznn ol' Action Committee: NIen's Clubg Truck Teznng Homecoming Committee: Chapel Committee. I 25 nt-4"'- ard" I ,A'. MYRA ANN HARRIS "Myra" Elementary Hvx 1 Q:-v SONDRA JANE HARRISON "Sandy" llzmior High 1 Gamma Theta Upsilon. 56 Freshman Advisory Councilg Class Activities. 'i Seniors 7 YVONNE HARSH "Vonnie" Elementary 4 Lutherans Student Associationg Photography rg 5' Club: Glee Club. 'av' 1, 1959 7 fWQ Q LEYNIS PHILIP HECK f . ' ' ,lunior High l.LeW.. -. , tion, President. ' l BEVERLY BLANCHE HEINE "Bev" Elementary Student Christian Association, Presidentg Inter- Faith Council, Vice-Presidentg Canterbury Asso- ciation, Treasurerg Freshman Advisory Council Gamma Theta Upsilong Faculty-Student Com initteeg Class Activities. Freshrnzm Advisory Councilg Veterans Organiza- ffbr 'dx 1' Q-out SHIRLEY ANN HELIAVIG "Shirl" Elementary YVOIIIEILS Residence Council, President: Student L Government Association, Social Chairman: Class. Secretary: Lutheran Students Association, Presi- dcntg Freshman Advisory Council: Student As- sistant Supervisor of Residence. 57 -KF of 'Wx "Hone Association Electives. CHARLOTTE HONEY HINIELFARB yn Elementary Iewisli Students Associationg IVomen's Athletic emziors t SHIRLEY ELAINE I-IIMES ' "Sl1irl" 'ff Elenzerzlary Fremliman Advisory Council: Glee Club: Stutlent 3 Christian Association: Student-Faculty Commit- tee: Class Activities. 1 ,f '27 PATRICIA EMILY HINTON "Pat" Elementn ry Class, Parliamentarian, Amemblies: Homecoming Dance Chairman: Tower lfclmes, Senior Editorg Sweetheart Dance Committee: Residence Social Committee: Zeta Tau Omega. IYILLIANI FRANKLIN I-IOFFACKER. IIR. "Bill" -llIl1liOl'HI-gil Photography Club, President, Vice-Presitlentg AvCl.Cl'lllI'S Organization. 58 I Pv- 4"' ,r 'fi' 77 I, 15 V'4'1.. 'f fmf2'fMQ5 Q, vt 'Q sk ,l N - ,' ' Wh' ff:- 1 AQESQP tggv-1-and at . - ' t ' . ' ,,g ":Zffl'l . 1 . ',,' :..g t' ','tvf 5-' 1- 'C 11959 jewish Students Association. Photography Clubg Class Activities. RHODA B. HOFRICHTLR e E- "Rhoda" KI' I1 derga rlen -Pri nz ll ry 1'- , 1' ' f,, I 1. , I ,I WS X. RA T E it 4' 5. MARIE LOUISE HOLMEAD "Marie" junior High m 5- N-.ZLL 5? 'Si' N 5 ""'9 RUTH GOENINIER HORN Ruth Elementary Kappa Delta Pi: Student National Education As- 'L2 "-- A 1 T Q s - - - il-' . 1 , tv- IVTWQA .,'l"" . 'lmlia-f'1'g:' " 4 L -1tF"li-2'-EEL'.51P-' . " 12Q'1f?2??'mI. 14 -7 1 :?l..'ti1xz,511t7f1EiZ21'5 i154?ei-Q f:'S2Hv1MFzfe.5s? wma , cssiffssaa-e2-ses socizttion. LAWRENCE QUAIL HUTCII-IINS "Larry" ,lzmior High Student Government Association, Nletnberaant- Large, President: Gamma Theta Epsilon. Vice- President, President: Class, Treasttrer: Tfmv-1 Liglll. Business Manager: Student'e Commit- tee: Tennis. i 59 EDITH JACKSON . Qf hj: "Edie" ' " J5 M 1 , f . V . . , Elenientmy ' 66 f lVesley:tn Fellowship, Recording Secretary-Treas M .ll urer. Vice-President: Glee Club: Freshman Ad- 5- tj, visory Councilg Prettyman House Council, Secre- av' 'Q' , tary: Class Activities. 'u-I vi' NANCY KATHRYN JALlS "Nancy" EIL'll1P?lfH7':J' Class Activities. sg . JOHN BRUCE JOHNSON "Bruce" llznzim' High 'PVS Student Government Association, Meinber-:ir Lztrgeg Glen Players. Treasurer, President: Alplizt Psi Omega. President: Freshman Advisory Coun- cil: Student-Faculty Committee: International Relations Clubg Class Activitiesg Assembly Di- rector. JU! ' 4 a 4 -J'9gX U CENEVIEVE HERR JOHNSTON 'N' "Gene" Iglemen lmy Glee Club. 60 emziom sv- N RUTH CLARK KELLER "Clare" lzmmr High pix Ilttt'1'It:tliun:tl Relations CIlt1b,Sec'i'et:try: Xewiiiztu N 3 Y Club. Xt .- 'sv 16 4 W- 'T' BARHVXR,-X IE.-XX KEPLIXCER u.'X!'Zil'Jl'IllJH Elemen tu ry House Hostess. 199 CH.-XRNLXCNIL lSL.XlNE KESSLER Ufll1Zll'lUIlgl'IC" Pliotogrztpliy Club: U'esleyztn Fellowship: Open Fwi -- 1flf'l11r't1l11i'y DAVID CLIVTI-IRIli KING "Dave" ltmim High Class, Vit'e-President: littppzt Delta Pi, Vine-Presi dent: Freshnmn .Xclviwry Council: SllHlClll-F1lC- lllIyC0lT1IHlllCCI BSlNliCll1lIllQPlqfllfkl Student Cm' errnment Association, Representative: Clues Activ ities. 6l KsQ S-5,-. 1 N , 4 - ' ,QV , j . f f IOAN KIRCHNER .,.' T-559545. A ..-Imlu ' ' ' 1 lf, Q' Elfwiezitavy , ,,yf.... 'i i Students National Edufaition .Xssocirtticmi YYOH1- WP? 'UQ ' 1 erik Athletic Association. lvf '?',.f', 1 Q PARKER KOONS, AIR. UPlll'liEl'U lflvzfzwzlfiz x' urerg X'ete1':1n's fjliglllllllllltlllj Glee Club. Viff' Presitlentg Class Activities, Social Clmirmztn Dzmfe cilllllflllllllf Executixe Committee. I ,1 l 4 Student fQUX'E1'I1lllClll .Xss0t'izlti0n, RElJ1'SSClll2lllX'E. Fmzmce Committee, Elettiom Committee, Treas- leznzziom ETHEI. D. KOKCLL "Ethel" lflVIl1f'IlI!l2'j' Gzmmizx Theta Iipailonz Kappa Delta Pi. I. VIFDITH CAROL KREVSIXGILR 'fluclf' Elementary Newman Clubg Intematiorlal Club. 'I'1'easurer. 62 4o'Y -4' if .F ' A- 4:1 v l E'-'V EVELYN CHARLOTTE KROLL "Evelyn" Elementazj' TuwerErl1oe.s, Literary Editor: International Re- lations Club, Presiclentg Curriculum Committee: Gamma Theta Upsilong Residence Social Com- mittee: Class Assemblies. 'ff' ce' 1959 EDGAR YVALLACE KROUT, IR. "Ed" junior High Canterbury Club: Photograpliy Club: Allill Club: Class Activities: Freshman Advisory Council. Q ' . 4 'TTY I" 1 r .1-5 Q FREDERICK ROBERT KRUELLE "Bob" 11lI7f0l'HIlgfl l'.XTRlCl.X CXTHILRIXE IUXSTOXYSIQI "Pat" -' l'flfu11'r1!rr1x' Kappa: Delta l'i. Semrctary: Ncwiiian Cllulm, Yiw- Presitlcnt: International Relations Clulm, Vite- Prcsulcnl: Tflillfl' liflmwc, l,:n'-out Eiliung Siu- tlCl1l-l'11lilIlll' Commillec: Class .Xclivilic-s. 63 IDIS All-XRIE L.-Xllxl.-XX 'iLOis" Elemenia Vx' XX'omen's Athletic Association, Historian, Hockey Nlanagerg XX'omen's Electives: Lutheran Students Association: Class Assemblies. ARTHUR L. I,AUPt'S "Ons" ,IZlI1f0l'HI'gfI 4-P "Ii . if Lge?-,. Clee Club Presiclentg Student Coxernnient As' 'l35?fy,.,L iii sociation. N.S.A. Coordinator, Representative: A " ' Henk Chorus, Vice-Presitlentg Glen Playersl We Freshman Advisory Council: Attendance Cloni- mittee: Sttitlentsliacttlty Committee, Class Activ- - QL ities: Tennis. ' ' . ' 'Sv' , 'f'-If' lik-,Q 541,521 v- :Wah E71 fn:-'- 'luv IVDITI-I ANNETTE ROYALENE LAXYS "AIucly" lflemeziturj' NCWIIIEIH Clubg Gamma Theta Vpsilong Class Assembly, Dance Committee, if Nl.-XRY CAROLYN I,1iDXl'M "Carolyn" Elenzenmty Newinan Club, News Typist: Clee ciillllf Slu- clents National Education Assofiationg Class Assemblies: Coliee Hour Committee: AX'UlHCll'S lileftives. 64 Seniors rf? I ,lsr 'YT' LILLIAN ROBERTA LEIL "Roberta" Elementary VIVIAN ELAINE LESHER "Viv" Elementary Newman Clubg Kappa Delta Pig Glen Playersg Class Assemblies. Choreographer. 1959 Tnmer l.ig!1l,' Class Activitiesg Inlernationul Rc- lullons Club: -lewimh Students Asbociution. Llzlss, Palrlizlnlemzxrixln3 Nelfs .-Xllllelic lhxmin- llOIIQ SlllQlCl1l Covernmcnl .Xssncinlimm Repre- benlzllivc FREDERICK VVYLIIZ LEVIN "Fred" Al1l111'o1'H1'gl1 F 2 --A' Q I., '?,'.Ci'Q7 Ln 1 "GZ" Y CH,-XRLILS L. LIVINGSTON 1 "Chuck" :seg ylllllfllf High 65 lnf' 9' 'fr-f Pl if "'- A? 14" "' 'Q BONNIE Llili SOXYERS LIZER "Bonnie" lf1f'IlI!'IlHII'5' Cgnnmu Theta Fpsilon: Students Nzxlionul Edu- cation .-Xssocizllion. MARY AGNES LYNCH "NI211'y Agnes" Iflr'111011lr1r'y emzziors Ncwnmn Clnbg XYon1en's Allmlenc Association, Sec 1'Cl.lilAX'1 CLll'l'iCllllll'll COllllTlill6CQ Freslnnun Ad- vimry Clnnnfili Clzm A-Xflivilies. SUSAN NliXYBO1,D N,XCl1i "Sn5ie" Elf'IlZ671HlJ'A' Xclivilies: Resimlenfe Sofiul clUllllIlillE'C. C1.'X'I'HIiRlNIL P. NIALLEY "C:nherinc" lflfzrzrrltrzly 66 12 'augm- 4!"T"P +2 1959 MARTIN HARRY STEFFEN MARXE "Martin" -fllI1llJl'HI.gfI U- -gg, .ei 'V' in-5' ROBERT MICHAEL M.-XYR .Inn Club, President, Vice-Pmsiclent, Student fQOVS1'IIlI1CllI Associzxrion Representativeg Class, X'ice4P1'esiclenL. , 3 v ' lr . f' f ' 'R -I ., X .-,, -L-v "Bob" Izzzzim' High V I C.XII, COTSCI-I NMJCONI.-XS "Gail" lxlmlwgm 1011-P1 funn x' Class I-Xfliviliem. FRANCIS X.-XYIER MQQLIIRE "' I "Mac" lung- i junior High VeLe1'nn's Org:1niLution. 67 ""-rg? '54 if 'iv ST E LLHRISTA LECHELT MENKE1, 'L " Lf wt Plzmim' High .Q " Student Christian Association Choir: Freshman vu T, V as Advisorv Council' Lutheran Students Associa- ' ' 'L' ' . ' ' . I i f ' Xt :lift tion: Class Assembly. , A ' s Kg' "Christa" ' MW - A I ff ' 1 I v. A ff ANITA LOUISE MERMELSTEIN "Neets" Kiriflergnrtelz-Prinznry Iewish Students Association, Corresponding Sec- retary: Gamma Theta Epsilon. Social Clmirinzing Glee Club: Class Assemblies: XVomen's Electives. 14? 44 Nq- I No ' A I f JERRY MERRENBLUM s i s' ' ' .V EI .llirrll .," fs.S-iii' it r, ' . -- ,h ' emen my WST!! 'S-ixlxg. ' 1 . . -I I. -I . Q 1 C , r t ' 4 ':..3g5i5Q Yqwii Men s Chorus.. Qlee C, u J, C ass, tluc ent .mr- fsvxgg -M -.T-'- Q-:qs ,I ' flvj. ernment Association Representative. 5- , -Q sz-K, , 1- l 'f'F'm'i,1X ' i-ifk-4 .323 SJ' Lv' lam ' Q'r"Ci1 1- .. 1 ,V Ax,-q,...3 .., "f-wx , f. ,,. - ,i .LWLFS-x F'-L 2' L' Seniors 75N div. KATHLEEN BURNS MEUSH.-XXX' "Kathy" X Iumm' High XVestminster Fellowship: jazz Club. 68 'W fi MARILYN SUE MILLER "Marilyn" Elementary lam Kappa Delta Pi, LQ 'Eff' 199 L! BOBBIE-AIANE S. MILLIGAN "Bobbie-lane" Elementrzry 14. '3- FRANCES ANN MOERSCHEI, "Fran" Elementary Gamma Theta Upsilon ,Vice-President, Setret1u'x: Lutheran Students Association, Secretary: Fresh- man Advisory Council: Xl'omen's Athletic Asso- ciation: Glee Club: Class Assemblies. Glen Players, Treasurer: Alpha Psi Omega: 545' -JY' MARGARET ELIZABETH MOODIE "Marge" Elemezzlmy Freslunun Advisory Council, Student Gmerua ment Associaiion Representative. President: XVomen's Residence Council, Secretary. Vice- President: Homecoming Court: Class. Student Government .Association Representative. 69 5 'K ' -v 'TJ' . RUTH PATRICIA AIURPHY : ' "Ruth" Qui' ' EIEVIIFIINIIA' Students National Education Association. 's,, EARI, E. MYERS "Earl" Imzirn' High Class, Vice-Prexitlentz Glee Club, Vice-President: Glen Plaxersz Henk Chorus: Glee Club: Alpha Pai Oinegag Class Assembliesg Mens Clubg Base- ball. JOEL BAUCH MYERS EIKIl1l'71fUTy Newinar Club: Class Activities. 70 FRANCES ANN MU LLENDORE "Fran" 1Il7Zf0J'H1'gfl - I J, Student Christian Association: Newell-Richmond ,EP House Council, President: Tower Erlmes, Photog- raphy Editor: Class Activities. t emzziozfs 35.4.1 , 'X' ei? I ,tim A . ,, -I ,, 7' lin. fl: "ffl,-J ' r 1,411 gg! 'ffifffii 'AUX . f' I x, V . , , L-X DOYNA MYERS Donnie" Llernentary Class Social Chfttrman, Publicity Chairman. Iune Hleek Qlianmang Student Christian Asso- ciation Chou Libitrianz Freshman Advisory Louncil Nlembelsliip Committee. ,ff RICHARD ALEXANDER MYERS, EIR. X Dick" A Iunior High Pliotogiapliy Club Publicity Director, Vice-Presi- dent Plesident btudent Government Association Representatixe Fieshman Executive Council: X Sports Managei AK, Ng R SU' BARBARA ANN NEDELSKY "Barb" IlliIiIll'H1-QI! Class. Recording Secretary. Student Coverninent Association Representative, Nominations Com- mittee, Assemblies: Freslnnzin Advisory Council: Clee Club: Newman Club, Corresponding Secre- tary. HELEN ROBERTA NELSON "Helen" lfltvizwzliiiy Freslnnun AdViso1'v Council: Student Lilnistinn Association. Vice-President. Clmir: liatppqi Delta Pi, First Vice-Presitlent: NVeslex:tn Fellowship: Glen Players. Corresponding Sctretqmz Alpha Psi Omega: Class Activities. 7l "-EN 3 bf I EIXIILIE LOUISE NEUSSINCER "Emilie" Elenzentmy ANNE ELIZABETH OLIVER "Anne" ,Ill7f01'Hfg1I Class. Student Centre Directory Representative: Hostess Club, Student Government Association Representative: Freshman Advisorv Council: Sweetheart Dance Decoration Committee: May Day Committee. Nr, t it " aa 'iw' li, T : HARRIET ANN ORTH "Ann" Elemenln ry silon: Class. Day Social Chairman, Student Cox- ernment Association Representative, Dance Chairman. Via gs .' -,f ALLAN BARRY osmu' HAI., ,Izmior High Kappa Delta Pig Tennis. 72 Freshman Advisory Council: Gamma Theta L'p- 334 'V -1: Seniors VIOSEPH CARROLL OURSLER, IIR. -Joes ,lzmior High ' Men's Residence Council, East Hall Representav tive, PZl1'l1ZiIT1CI1lZ1T121l'lj Freshman Advisorx' Coun- cil, Treasurer, Soccer, Indoor Trackg'Spring Track. i' Qasvf Y ,IUNE MARIE PELL "June" Elem en tary Marshalls, Secretaryg Hostess Club, Secretary: Baptist Student Union, Secretary, President: All College Council, Student Christian Association: Inter-Faith Councilg International Relations Club. 72 5 ' I Y-S' ,D "' "?':f S-4 1 I 44' 1 -' I LORNA OLGA PENN X r "Lorna" jmzior High Tower Light. Sports Editor, Managing Editor: Cheerleaders. Captaing Freshman Advisory Coun- cil, Lutheran Students Association: IVonien's Athletic Association: Class Assemblies. if - :f fg-I 1959 - Af- ,K f :- HV' f. 'N ALAN LEONARD PLOTKIN 1 1 'v HAI., junior High l 73 L l ,Fir IW! s X- Hun! ELLEN EARLE POE "Ellie" ,Hill-UV High lllmrislizm .'x?sSOClQlllOll. HILUX NIIRLXNI POLLXCZIQ "Hilda" lflflllfllflll V Faith Council. Vim-Prcwillfinlz Cilmunu Thclzx tional Rclulifms Club: Clam Asselxmlnliw. Xl'eml6yx111 Fellowship, Cf!-lilllllllj lI'mlr'yur1 Mws- .wzzigwrq Tfmvfz ljglfl, Fcnullke Eclitorg Slumlcm Iewixlm Sluclcnlx Awmcinlimm, Presimlent: llllCl'- lllhllfblll SllI4lC'lll-Flllllllj Clrnumiuee: lI1l6lllLl- Skfminm AXNNETTE FERX l,.-XKEIN POLONSIQY "Annette" Ix'1'114l4'2'gflJ fl'7I-IJVIIIIIITK' cllCIlPl2iyCl'S1 lffXYlNllSllIllCl1lH Assoc iutirm. .f-1 .hx " 9 Wy' N N41 Al' D REY POXYELL "Auclrey " lflwnfr1ln1'y ft2.?vQ J'-' ' 74 NIARGARET LYLIZ CHARLTON POWERS "NIa11'ge" l':ll'Il1I'lIflll'X' rlllllllllil T116-1:1 L'psilon, S6L'l'ClJll'f'I Cllee Club. Publicity Cl121i1'111:1n: Students Nz1l,io11z1l Eclufn- Lion .-XSs0Ci:1lio11: H611lll1 Cl6l1lSl' AssiStz111l. 1 in 1 QP' , -rf' 1959 CH.-XRI,OTT1i .-XXX RASIN "Scl1o1fie" ,, - lfl!'I!I!'7lfIIl'll ' Hmtems Club. P1'ebi1le11t: SlllllClll ClOYCl'IlIIlCI1l A5s0ciz1li011, R6lJl'CSCl1lllllX'CI Student Cl11'imLiz111 .-X5mociz1Li011, Cfwlreslzmlclillg Sewelzlryi Class. .Xc- Livities, Execlllive CI01111c'll: Students National Eml11c11Lio11 Assu1'i111io11, Vice-Presi1le11L, TI'Cll5Lll'El'. 'ii' nl "1 . f fn .,1 X 1 f ' Aw lp V J -'W' if YL, 9 it 4"S"T"' CH.-XRLIQS H. RXYNOK uclllllfkn X,-,g. tfllllllll' High fr- Flfihlllllllll A1lx'iso1'1 Cflllllflll XY1'c51li11g: 'l'e1111is. , W1. ,eyzw '-f.'5Wf '.:.,,-:Lf - ,' ',,2'51f4 1, ::,.,:'.-f-'-It 1 "'5X5 1 -2Y5l1'1""".T.1':," f. -, 11,1-','.y, :., 913 , --1 111 E',11Zlf'l,g -53:51 lr. 1 '- -.-1315 '-1 rs, f ITS l'.X'l'RlCIl.X MAY RLXCLXN "Pan" E' 1 RClllllClI1Nc:llIlD. Plxlnlirilv NlLll11lgCl'. 75 l.llLllCl'llI1 SllILlCl1lN .Msm-i:1li1111: llllCl'l1LIllUllAll fy NXONII KATHRYN XVETT REFSCIHLINCQ ..K3y,. Firm enlary Kappa Della Pi: Freshman Executive Council: Class, Secretary. I 'Q-f , ffji ,4 A. V yxxnzs 1. RILIQY ' ..I',lv.- 1 91 -IIl7IfLJl'4HI'gll ' XYresLling: Track: Crose-Country. , .. I 7 I 4 1 ' -'-- ' ffl" -'I - 2 2, ,,-. Y '."x. :Jul '::f 4. 5. , f jug'-.A 5 -- J" . if-4i32fif1Z'ia0ff ss 2. f 1 'ffl A 15215 2 f '94 ,...-, CHARLES LEE ROBBINS "CIhuc'k" Q lzmior High J' fit: ' X'eLe1'an's c,l'g1ll1il2lliOYl, Victe-Presidcmg Henk A. . ali-:if ' - L :X MALNA, -Q' ag ff, Chorus: Freshman Aclvisory Council Thema Upsilong Finance Clmnnnllee: Clmnmiuec. 3 Gamma I-lowing emzinznss' CATHERINE ELLEN ROCLKEI, 'lcgmlqy' Izmfor High 76 F sf ' SHARON LOUISE RONIER "Sharon" 111771-07' High sentzitive. Fire Chief, Social Chztirinzinz Pretty- niztn House Council, President: Student Assistant Resident Supervisor: Class, Social Chziirinzinz Homecoming Court: Best Dressed: Freshmztn Advisory Council. 'CT' .7199 :tl E,ClllCIlLl0l1 Association. PHYLLIS RON.-X SINDLER RUBIN "Phyllis" Kinflergnrten-Prfzzmzy YX'on1en's Residence Council, Freshrntin Repre- MARIANNA SCHEIDT "Mzn'i" junior High I,utherztn Students Association: Students Nation- J L I nw- E N kQlN'Y,XRD L. SCHNEIDER "Eddie" xfllllffll' High Ncwtnaun Club: Czunmat Sliillfflll Upsilou: Claus ihlivities: Cross-Cutnitry: Tennis: Indoor Trztclt. 77 Q-R 5 M 'Q -,,- RUTH ESTELLE SH.-XEFFER "Ruth" Elementary Inter-Faith Council, President: Hoaless Club Vlre-Preeiclenlg Lutheran Students .Xssocizuion TN EVILLYN KINGSLEY SHERRY "Evelyn" Elemenlnry Lb, Class Activities: Slualenlx Xznlimml Eclucxntiun Class, Trezlsurer, .-Xssembliesg All College Council. eznzziom if 4,-Q CRli'l-CHEN l-XNNETTE SIMMONS "Greul1" lx'1111l1'1grl1'l1'r1-Pwnlllry .Xusocintirmg cl1Il'IlC'l'lDllllf' Club: CJITIICSITII, Treuw urer. wwf! blOYCh LORRAINE SIMMONS "Joyce" Ifll'lll6'l1ffll'l' Glee Club. Vice-l'1'e5iclem: Sluclenl Christian .Xssmialion Clmir, SCCl'Cl2l1'XI Frewlunzm ,-Xclvisory Council: Students Xilllfillill ELlllC'2lll0ll Assncial- Lion: Clam, .-Mselnlwlien, 78 We 1959 Sl'S.XN M,X1i SIMMONS "Sue" ,X,1'IlIl1'? 'fu rIv11fl"J Hllfll y 5 jewish Sluclcms .xSHOLi2llilJI1. GER,-XI.D ,IOSEPH SMITH F "Smitty" lzzrzfm' High PRVIJENCE SMITH "Pru" lilmll eu tu ry C'Yl'HIiRlX1i l'. SMOOT Lu Lllx' lilrfm M1 Im V Clcc Club: li:1lmp1lDL'll:lI'i. 79 I 4 A ails -if 17 sys ' gi... 'gy xW lewish Students Xwsociailioii. GLORYAXN KOHLENSTEIN SNYDER lflf'u1f'z1if1rx' ,r- QA PHYLLIS .X. SOP1O'I'li.X "Phil" lflflllrolllllll' llnernzilionqll Relzlliom Club. Student Coveln- nienl Assoc llillfill RClDlCSCI1lIlllX'C, .ls- p-5:5 UIVDITH HORXYITZ SOLOMON "Judy" Eleznentnmy ko EWYZUOTS .g4- 53 A l PATRICIA ADAMS SPA-XRENBILRG W, HPHIH - 'ef Elementzzw TozuerLigl1l, Exehange Iiclitorg College Directory ' Editor: Class, Student Government ,-Xssocizllion Represemzitive. Social Chairmzin. Assemblies. 80 if if tts-I AYUSN Q ki LOIS SPEIGI-IT "Lois" -lll71i0l'Hfg1I Gamma Theta Upsilong Kappa Delta Pig Pro- gram and Special Events Committee: Lutheran Students Association, Publicity Chairman: Stu- dents National Education Association. -IOSEPHINE 1. SPRIGGS ..Jo,, Kinf1e1'gm'ten-Prirn ri ry 11959 HENRIETT.-X L. STENCER "Penny" Elementary Student Christian Association Choir, Librarian. President: Tower Light, Exchange Editorg Clee Clubg Canterbury Club. f,,',5'8k if x, l 1 KENNETH GUY STINIQR f ii lien" liminr High Men's Residence Council. Treznaurer, Sm izil Com, mittee: Class Activities. ff---v 81 A XIARCI-X MARIE STORM ' 'f ' "Marcia" ,, Elenzeniaij' V Q Newman Clubg Senior Executive Council: Siu- ""t .R Q" dem Government Association Representzuive. 15"--, 'wi I Assemblies. . . Jw 45, ,-,. V his N F . 'P :H ' In .X A vi 9' X ,Q ,L DONNA MURIEI, STORY "Donna" i ElFI71f7IfllJ'j' r L Ah, DONALD LEXYIS SUDBRINK "Don" lzznfm' High NIen's Residence Council, SCCVCILIIAC Men! Ailm- lelic Associznion, President: Wrexiling Club: XX'resLlingg Baseball: Soccer: Lauroxse. MARY XVIMMER SVDBRIXR "Mary" Alznzior High Xewnizin Cllubg Glee Clubg Xlbnienk Residence Council, Secretary: Freslunzui Advisory Council: Cllzm, Recording Secretary. Corresponding acre- ' ' iziry, Student Governmenl Association Represen- Lzuiveg Homecoming Queen: Homecoming Court, 82 Rem ziom fc . W J -is 4... lf N, ' i 5 .xx- fg' l l ,ii-,llmx A6 4 RONALD C. SXVEANY I "Ron" I ElF77lFl7fIll'A' I af 'L .N 5 XVestminster Fellowship: Class Activities, Q AN' 'P S I I s ' Q, I Yi l 'inn- us I l IRENE MARIE TANNER t "Irene" i Elemenlnrv Newman Club: 4-H Cl1lD,'Tl'CEl5lll'Cl'. l l W ,-'Q -'N w 1 'G' A ,l"' 'KKK-.yy l I A x l l l ,', NZTTP' RICHARD BRUCE TAYLOR "Dick" -Q, Imzfm' High l .wi l W"'?X , 'fx . 'N'-'N 'Q ml, A ll l A li-lr l 'ZR fm A 1 , VAl,liRlli FERN TAYLOR l 'in "Fern" , 1 "ef X A lIl7l1'l1l'HI'g'!l I l l l ' as KIOHN HI.-XMES Tnomixs ...Umm llllll-UT High Glen Pl4uf:1's: A-Xlplm Psi Onieffzll XlCn's Cliorns: cg Clam Assemblies. Lighting: Ngwnirin Clubg Bas- I all Q kellmll: Henk Residence Council: Social Com- il lIllllCC. . f ' ,bf liI,lZ.'Xl'1E'I'I-I I.XN1i THOMPSON "Hemi" l':ll'Hlf'llflIl3' Wlllllfillllj, SLLlllClll.ClUX'Cl'l1ll1Cl1l .xhNOL'lllllUl1 Rcp- ifserilulivez Glen Players: Class .-Xmeinlalic-53 Nominzniom fi0I1lI11lll6C. lflwfiwilfri v ,Q Q11 . ,Q-. Qx Ay .IOSEPH CARI, 'l'lSCl-lliR .IIIIIIAUI High Laing Spring Truck: Buskelbzxllg I.zlc1'ohse. 84 liDXXQXRlJ VICTOR 'l'll,DON 4 Seniors Cum ciUlllllliNI lmlum' 'liziclxz Summer. CLO-fiillr .W ' - . .l-.'.'! r 4- .N g""Wlf"' 52,1 IOUIS -XXTHOXH TRL S7kOXXSlxI Trahs Izmzm High lhbketbdll 1 " - , ..i' 1" 'lf " 'X 5-A ,px Glen Players: Men's Chorus: Clfm Activities: 5 . fa-f Xl f' : - gm' CHRYSANTHY TS.-KK I RIS "Sally" Elementary 199 0 ng ic' .Xi SHEILA UMIN "Sheila" llH7Iil17' High Glen Playersg XVomen's Alhlelic .Xwocizilioni XVomen's Electives. ,, 3' 'ig xxx" X ' ew- BERTHA EILEEN vi1sP1iR I --Bm" gg i-.. lflf'll'lt"IlffIVT Student Centre Dire'Ctm'x', President: Prellxninn House Council, SECl'E'l1ll'Y2 Gamma: Them Vp- mlon, Cmiesponcling Secretary: films .Xcliviiiex 85 4- IW. My f 3 'Uk NJ BEVERLY C REENSBER PEGGY ANN VOLKNI.-XX Mpeg.. Elem P11111 ry emziwzfs EYELYN XV.-XCHS "Evee" Elemen In ry Iewixh Students Association. C XYAI'I'SXI.XN "Revs-1'ly" lilmrzmilfziv PXTRICLIA NIl'I,I.IKIX XYALTOX "Pnl" Iflerlifzvfrlry Frexhnizin .Xdvixorx Council: Claw, Slnclenl Cm'- crnnienr Association R6lJl'SSCIll1lliX'6, .Mseinhliesz Hmnecrnning Clourtz SU'C'ClilE'Illl Duma Cmn- mince. 86 f' ' fix 1 9 i 'Q'- N1 F35 .wgf ft' 99 , '.-. -X X YN 'N ,aux 1 ,lx 3 f A. -wx' SARAH VENABLE XYEBH "Sarah" 1flt"Il7f'71fllly' CHARLES STANLEY XYEHNER "Chuck" Elementary lx H3 umm Jef , ,, if Rss' N A.. gf i-ry' I RICHARD JOSEPH XYHITE "Dick" Izminr High Clam. Student Centre Directory Representzntive. Elections Committee. 'IOHN MITCHELL XYll,l.l XXIS "john" Illlllilll' High Clam, President: All College citlllllt il: filet' Club 87 LORRAINE .-XNN XYIIIIAKIS HL0I'1'ZiII1CU fj!l'H'lf'7IflI?'Y Newman Club: Sluclcms National Enlucution Association. 'Q WN 1"-- EIJITH CORINNE XYII,LOL'CHBY ' ' 7 "Edie" V ' ' ' 1516111 en fu fy Ol'L'l1Call'2l1 XYrnnen's Allllelic' .-kS5OtI1IlIlDlIQ Bas- ketball NIzm:1gC1'g Fielcl Hoc key Klzmnger. ,-, xg... v' 2 5:3555 1.45. 635' ,1 15 .41-A IIN 'T RICHARD ANTHONY XYOLF "Dick" 1'jlt'I1Il'Hf1llI' Henk Residence Council: Clee Club: School Orguniat. PATRICIA FRANCES XVONG "Pal" El!'Il1F7IfIH'y kevnzivm Students National Ecluczllion Awofiauiong Can- terbury Club: Clzm, Student Government Asso- 1l2lII0l1 Represemutive. 88 Q, L 4 v ' x DONALD CHARLES XYRIGHT "Don" lilfwzelzfrlmy Henk Cllmrm, Presinlem: Leuclelxlmip Llonlereme. Recrezltion Clomulitlee Clllzlirmzmt Claws, Slllllellll Governmem Asxocizlticblm Rep1'ese11Lz1lix'e. Y Tfvv-HY x Ark' I CQILRALDINE CLOLSON YOUNG , 'AEN '.,- "Carrie" J Elenzerztnry ' if Intel'-Fnilll Llounfil. SCC1'SlZil'fQ Sulclenl Clllrislizm la kv? ",,l- Association: Suulemv National llzilllfillllill Asso- ' V Y c'iuLion: Cl1mlXcLix'ities, I . is - 1' 199 SHIRLEY Cl. ZIENISKI "Shirley " --1 135 'iv Elementuny XX'omen'5 Athletic Association: +H Club: New- mzm Club. 89 1 Qi, -S-S +5 "W ..--..- jr I V! .10- ,. :wx , 5.-n - fqxzt ' " ,5 X "l7Q'.: f'5fm1..'N,:,-'f!fJ-556-1'1' r. - va. .- .'.n-'ac-1' -Y-"-'aaa-:ann-:xii - -' -j '-4ffH:vF,-uau- -- va.g', fav: 13!gQ.-min . ms..--r T Li ,,.,....w., . .... Q vs. -we A v.1.v,m,yU.., vga,-vw uuanuwvf- v.--1 - F -.kEj:.,-,-- Q4',fQ3.- ,. . 4 ,ww M41 ,rw -' 1 wa .- - NN- -f-,V .wifi-,-D , ..-asian?-., . .. mr Q .un han' .--mp..-y . v. . ,, '.fx.f,T7r,, Su 2- Q .yy M, .. .. M.. .qv-. ...M -.Q ni. ws, .W 'Si-1F'fc , 'R lN"N-Fiifiil -LQ. 'V 9 Qi J 3,4 . , , 1 mia E' E ' 'Q F 5, 'mm I 1 Senior Sim domes The picture which is presented on the accom- panying page represents several things to several people. To the people whose names appear on this page. it symbolizes one thing - serviceg service to lellow students, service to their class. service to the State Teachers College. For this reason, and that alone, they were elected by their classmates as the most outstand- ing Seniors in the Class ol' l959. These Sen- iors have striven for four years to insure the maximum :nnount of service to their school. Now that they take their place among the num- erous alumni, they can be sure that their Alma Mater has benefited somewhat through their ef- forts. For this, the Senior Class and the staff ol' Tower Echoes extend their deepest gratitude to the Senior Standouts of l959. 91 charles carol carol nancy robert barbara michael beverly nancy Shirley patricia lawrence edith bruce david parker robert ladonna barbara ann charlotte james ruth mary palricia 1-lfillflb '- -r I ' Aj N t I 3915 1 Q v. J1:i7g?1'. , I ' x ,,, V A .1 .. ,- 'H' 2 K ,f ,. -+w..,, . ',.-4 ' V N 7. w . .1.1ff ','.f.5.,a - 1 ' .1f"22A'2x3 ' , Q .' . l'.'B"'f,:,f ,.-'RYA ' m 1- 145, j if f'f-'iw f w u .Qs-na " ' -' 'x ' I GL I' IV! IL X II? -1:1 A 1 uf wlyfil L Q is I' ,,.- K. , g 2 19, K f 4 I ,. K 15 R.f I I 'V' fm. xx I-J, wvirlwzl - john Tullmnn: V'ir4'-Pr'4'vi1lf'11l - Dick Stark: CfH'7'f'if1OI1I1i7l.Lf S'r'rrr'1111'v - Phvllis Balzcrg RFF07'IfiIlg Sccretary - Barbara Parker frulfzzlwr - fQIlTX Riff: Freshm ml 4--1. ff Julnm Tzxllnmn. .. xx! 1 Prfxiflmzl vr3f -1"-Y ,. Dxck Slack, ,mf Virf'-Pl'1'vi1ff'11l Mnidx' Day Off - Two lovely maids lake lime nut from their d ulics to pcrfurnm. Fmxfz Dun A Highligln of thc Ifrcshmen Asscmblv was lhc clucl mu:-ing two mme 'I-Oh'50I1ilE'Q who Ill'C Surc to rclurn lm thc Nlllgt. Tm :Pj For Tivo - Swalni and his Luci! cn rlrink nv huppicr limes. Uphwmcozfes 4, . 5fV5Pi7-3T M., ,, , g,fmi,i5.F ',, . X ', .. , I H-at lv A , 1 iilll N 4 1 4 II 1,943 1 4? "' 15 Q-x 3 ,B fi K v I ', ,-5 .- L.. Przf,m11'11l - Milt Suulsburyg l'irc-P11',xirIz'nt - Mndclon XYHIICIIHQ Corrrvjvrmzlzng Srn'e'Im'v - jane Chilcsg Rvmrrling Serrelnry' - Carole Clarke: 'I'rLvm11r'w' - Bill Kirby. 96 I f -x ,Wim .ig Bzfuy oflif'n111il's - Sophomore co-cds line the balcony of Richmond Pzlrlor in preparation for receiving their escorts to the Soph Dance. Hungry Sflf71l.Y - Stcvic :md hor mob I'l'lZll1ZlgC In put down lhcir forks lung enough to pose at Thanksgiving Dinncr. ,sn ,- X o . i i - ', 5, wx 1 9 . v -Q.,- 1,- ' 45 K A- Q., , W X1 ' ' ':Lflf" A' ""1c.f,.,, ' '. , v L -1.250 Q n if X :,,,.T. . .H V- - ,.- L.u'7'g:.3,,g. 35 -1 I -:', 'rw-' 1 ':r-'7f':'gyfl-- -' ,5 Y , 1 '?"Q'11? K:-':fIfM. -J' ., f J Q 1' A f I Ya., -1.05. 4,3 ,Q Zpabkg.-g'1fsu'A .. I k 'f' - P' 'C"c.,S+'.?j:-1,-F.wgrv: V, - fm -I 5' ' fl- ig. -Aix: 'W '4 'TGI 9k7"."f"L -'Mir .502 T5 'V . ld -l.V7v,43-,Q 1. 1 . -- - ,.i,,,, , . "ggi, 1-Q-:,. 'efffg-K. 'E '-'f'4-.-we-N 0 ., , ,nj f ' W 1 f,,,, .Qi ' - '1'-an44.',. . 55.5.-,W. 7. .,.' .,,-'IN' - 4: 1 f-lsr-aztzgfflifzfv Q- 1. N-f gl Vg, A, ,gpm-.470 ,. . 'Z .vm ' ' ' 'V 25r'7,:?'M f' ?:JQifL. 1' " ' ' 5 qgezfi. A Prrsirlcnt 4 Tom Buccherig l'in'-Presidvnl - XX'ally Ycsenofskig Cnrrfivpmzrling S1'rr1'lmy- - Rcnshnwg TV'l'IlVll5't'I' - Rarbarzl Strong. 0 Wally Yesenofski. Vim'-P1'z'xi11c'71I Tony Bucchcri. Prz-sidenl 98 ill l1'c'4'.. . I I I I I I I Crv1'1'x'nfCuli1'x - Yix 'llfililli SDIJIIS menlnls final. .-Iguin, I-'mn - Danny. jane, and Bob provide CllCUl1l'1lgC' mem for Mrs. Bolslur before she lakes her Nlusif Funda- glC!ll1Ul'i7C their Homecoming float dcpicling Xllfilllli songs nf mlm. i 'Qf'6"2i x wh Il! ' Q 'VI S741 .fdrt .. 4 wxfyl I I' yI 1. N ,X 'IJ .I.' I.x I 1 ' I ' '7".-'tail I' 'Rf' ta I :E1'4'fWI .MSX , k ,n..,, ff. qgfx.. xl xl' I . v rifrkgllgffkxlkxgg 1 X 1,P X xv I ,- JK -. , 4' 1 , As? Q .A ,V m, ' I 1 "Ji, ,453 4, fm! L".,P' '... ' f' '1:4.f'1'f'5:5:,,, -",?::5,A be 4 mfg .. uv lf.. .,2:.Q,M,:L 555,-V , ,, ...qv-Q-Q - -4. 4- 5, x 9'--1-?'f'- V ' ,- -ig. ,unfxg L, 5 'i.:'-Va Q R G !X N ll Z A wr n Q N nl nv 3 "5 rr. -4? ' 'X .-'an ,Q ff, ,s wE'?34e'l I' nan xrocenlure before Senate meeting. L ' Hitchini brushm up on his pariamei " I limi .Van - President arry 'ga i I S zuzdemzi Govezfmzmemi 550012411 ii i..-B corcling Secretary. look over the agenda lo 1 to make their ICPOYIC. SGA Moguls ! Ann Claire ThOlil3S. NSA Coordinator Fran Bolster, Nlember-ul.Lzn'gegand YVinnie Balzer, Re- f'ncl out when Under the capable leadership of President Larry Hutchins, the Student Government As- sociation of the State Teachers College at Tow- son experienced a year of extensive growth and improvement. Unhampered by the bad weather which had hindered the previous year's at- tivities, the H1521 stall outdid themselves in pro- viding varied activities lor the student body, The largest event sponsored by the Student Government .Xssociatiotr the Sweetheart Dance, was accomplished in unparalleled success and attendance. Instead of the usual single speaker on cam- pus, this year's staff provided the students with a panel of speakers which achieved moderate success despite a sparsely-attended discussion session. In addition to the large scale affairs, the members ol' the SGA performed their allotted tasks with amazing regularity and precision. The day-to-day routines of their offices were never that but always another challenge to be inet in a way befitting zt member of the Towson cam- pus. Annlllcr Iii!!! - X'ict:-Prcsitlcnt Nancy Girkins submits another hill tu 'l'ieA1stii'ci' Parker Koons. Finn! Cheri: f l'ntler the tliictticin of Parliainentarian Howard Glick. Pat Daniels types np final copy of the revised lOIlSllllllllllI as lid Gclnnnacher and Arlene Rav add moral assistance. I ,Q ,sit-ls ' -,-,2-, Cfccl Ifini - liclSfhn1nacher, Exelyn Kroll, Put Hi Towe EC ow Of the many qualities which are essential to the staff of an effective yearbook, probably the most necessary is devotiong devotion to the work set before them, devotion to those of which the book is ll Cllronicle, devotion to their co-workers on the staff. Of all the qualities which the 19521 Tower Echoes staff possessed, probably then most noteworthy was this selfsarne devo tion. llilfninut - Fran Nfullcndore. Pat Lustowski, and James Ilinlto attempt in find humor in even the most serious occasion A page lZlYOlllS. nton. and Carol Bailey ltKl'ClfllllN My watch Evelyn Gally type the last page of copy. if T IP? 1 .-. f , ,uf .V : Elk xi 1.5.- in rf: iw- L 1 l -. l- n 'V U. , ,. , - ---+- .. A so f, lr--., T 3123 H L N -t s ., , lg.-' L- 1, - x I " , ,-,Q1iQ - A- ""A " " 'im' "' - W' F " -, ... ....,.4q.,- - . :Wir eline 'Q' '1- I sg?-f. ., .. ,,, - 5 "4 S- . - -,, - . ,A -, . , fu' 'Ii . .lfhfifffifi ,As t, , ,A.. u, s , tt A. A -'--'Q - -- Timo Out - Co-editors Dawn Beck and Charlie Allen take time out from busy yearbook schedule to pose fur photographer. From the hectic end-months of the scholastic year l957-58 when the annual was in the plan- ning stageg through the school months with their necessary scheduling, layouts, and crop- ping: to the endless summer nights following graduation when the final touches were put on the book, the 1959 staff worked diligently, un- tiringly, and unceasingly, Their efforts, however, have not been in vain. They have resulted in what we consider a relatively collegiate annual. New ideas and methods have been tried: not always success- fully, but nevertheless tried. None of this could possibly have been ac- complished had it not been for the uncom- promising' devotion and fidelity which the staff showed toward their class, their book, and their editors. For those qualities and others too nu- merous to mention, the editors of 1959 Tower Echoes sincerely appreciate and hereby acknowl- edge the efforts of all concerned. .llmwv .Hun - Business Xlanagct Howard Click writes nut another uf those large 'lam-rr lfrlmrt checks, 105 5-',.,.,., ,. W' . T- '-at .F ' '25 Mite- 'e ,L--'fa-Sf, Tower JL Ggh -,,, of g p LEE HILDEBRAND, EDITOR The Tower Liglzl serves the college in a dual capacity: the bi-weekly paper sheds light on important happenings on campus and brings them to the attention of the greatest number of students. This year's newspaper showed vast improve- ment, due to the acquisition of an experienced staff, headed by Lee I-Iildebrand and Mike De Vita. Lee comes to the staff with fourteen years experience as a professional copy-reader. Mike has served on newspaper staffs for ten years fjunior high school through collegej in one capacity or other. The format of the paper changed to include more of a variety in type-face and heads. Such new features as articles written by faculty members, "Arts-XVise," and "Mike Says" were introduced. A Newspaper Clinic was initiated for interested students. All staff members strove this year to produce a paper with more up-to- date news and sports coverage and more fea- tures on a college level. An Editorial Page came into its own for the first time in many years, as the staff sought to produce a true pub- licity agent for the college. I - - t 2 25 l l VXI- L, ' vp' 1. - K! X XJ ' iff "" " 1, ,N ,GK it X. .a ,fl L.. W X -fly ., ' pe?" - fs. ..- '- M .- .. , "- ' , :"Q A ' N 4 ' 'F ' 3. "l P5 " ir A . . We .Z I .. MIKE DEVITA, MANAGING EDITOR I NANCY WEAVER, BUSINESS MANAGER O6 .1 Hun! uul 'VI Iiugwr lirwrmfzx - jzn Cmuld mul jan Glaser put lhc finishing louchcw on 11 lnymll while fellow rCpm'lC1'Q sunn Culmngcs for new iclezlw. f lem - Iurly Malllmcws Lx DCS u her zlrliclc 4 , ' ,l f P ahm' ll wus l'CPUI'lf'll In hcl' by lhc Cubs. l'llz'r Clzrmx - Taufvr Light stall' gathers for meeting be- forc gellin mgr luwn lo husincss. I 1 x A l".3-'mf . 'P -.-.. :f"i. '1- l gp , 1 1 -r -5 Q' 'NX 1? gl x H' MIGLIIYIIIW I 1 . Sandy Garrett Belz Burke, Bobbi Derr, Marge C7 ' cr Res Ode ce Cozuzznzczzls lmacher, YValt Smith, Slanding - Lee I i Moodie,Sh1rley Hcllwlg Carol Bcnchlcy Barbara Strong Sharon Romer C3 Hwuse Ozzzmzczzls CIL: Svzzlrd - Connie Ulilkinson, Brenda Sherrcr, Wally Yesenofski, Bobbi Derr. Bunny Vance, Nancy Hovcrmalc, Bobbi X'Vade. Standing - Beth Saddinglon. joan Lewis, Sue Chiles. in lg J, , l , x New WW rf"'W 1.- N2 Sealed karla Riddlespurger Miriam limmerman Sue Munaker Standing - - lst raw - Pal Downey, Marge Downham, Ruth Schwier, Millie Ledbetter, Tom Heard. 2nd row - Dr. june Thearle, advisor, Elaine Wisner, Peggy Parr, Judy Pensel, Diane Edgell, Judy Scheer, Pat Vernay, Lee Hildebrand. Pat Taschenberg, 3rd row - HelenYVynne, Carol Neugenl. Janet King. Lorie Riley, jan Naumann, Marty Mintz. 4111 row - Mary Ann Faascn, Pat Hardl, Nancy Hovermale, Bunny Vance, Carol Slreib. 5111 row - jane Chiles Made-lon XVilhelm, Bill Kirby, Sallie Kravetz, Ed Krout. 61h ron' - Mary Alice Cissel, Sue King, Bobbi Wade, Edna Kane, Sandy Hawk, 71h mu' - George Sparks, Lee Hammond. Lincoln Sparks, Carolyn Lyle. 8tI1 row - Don Vetter, joe Carslcns. Don Milstead, Milt Saulsbury, Ken Dollinger, Howard Eisner, Charlie Moll, Dave Stelansson. Freshman flldd mi Cceznzizf dfviscory D OTCZCZZOT Q. nr A S. f'4P"'-1',u rr- , l Sealed - Hilma Norgdard, jerry Young, Helen Nelson Dave King Vivian Lemhcl a Lastowblxi imy Bcnham Slandmq Carole Neugent Nfari lyn Miller, Eva Cooper, Alice Woods, Jim Binko, Mary Alice Clssel Ethel Kougl Catherine Smoot jean Tegnell Lola Speight Gazmm The zzz Upszil mz Sealcd - Lynn Dubin, Marge Mitchell, Larry Hutchins, Margaret Powers, Nancy Recd. lxl row - Phyllis Krieger, Carolyn Edmanson, Fred Levin, Bill Stewart. Lee Hildebrand, Lincoln Sparks. Lou Truszkowski, john Schlee. 2nd mu' - Ruth xV2Ill1PlCl', Marge Gross, Evelyn Kroll. 3rd ron' - jean Contan. Ellen Nlcbster, joan Clemons, Barbara Smith, G16 Club 1-wlmzg I-,llgn flgmnmlcrg flrlzvfm: Miss Iimmzx Wcyforlh fem 95 Chwzfzuz l'rrvif1f-ul: Dun XX'1'igI1t ,'ffIl'I-X011 IYIY, Clhzxrlcs Haslup AW' fr- . I., g,:':ff:',4f..12'f-g:"- L". . .- , - " T- -U: - n v.'a,eT..' 14 4 g - ' V, ,V 1 -"TCH "YSL, -.., - E, U 5, 7. En- .Jn 'V NN xb' 5,4 - 115, '- ' ' , P3 J , s 5 , , lil mu' - liluinc Dnddcrnr. Iwggy Krousc. Lzillrmnzi Myers. Penny Slengcr, .Iuycc Simmons, Lois Kidd, Bcrnic Thrush, Bobbi Derr. End raw f Ilarliara 'l"21it, Chrisla Mcnkcl, Miss Munllrniakl fllircctnrj, Wanda Pauling, Peggy Morris, Sue Harris, Marge Milrhcll, Mary Simmons, Lnrul Souder. 3111 ron' - Ruth Mrirshnll, Ronnic Lllll, janet Tcnnrson, Linda Stuart. lean Hoifmeislcr, Margnric Bcall, Hclcn Nelson, , I al Taschcnburg. ' ' S C Clwzir Orches ml Lwfl lo riglzl - juan Condun, Marie Smith, Sharron Kingsbury, Mary ,Xti2ll1!S, Crurmninc Shflfll. Dnrrcll Laine. Shirley Humphreys, Anlhony DcSz1lcs, Dchurnli Column, Pulricia Lussilcr. Mr, Charles Onion. Clhnrlcs Rilllcr, lialrbnru Marks, john Srhicc, Rochcllc Pearlman. Mr. john R. Bollinger fDil'CCl0I'j, Murinn Zinnncrnnzn, Margery Mcrrynmn, Louise vij.fllCl'2lS, joseph Gncydun, -Io XVright, Mildred Lcdhcltel. Frank lkurricr. COHNIIIHLC Kimcs, Tlmnms Qnillin, Hclcn Tydings. XVaync Pricc, Iilinnr Hcchl. Iidwzrrd Claxllurr. Chairlcnc Onion. II3 4 7, H Clfzuz , ,1 X-, z Dzfmk . . f - Sealed - Irene Tanner, Sue Mace, Barbara Miller, Carol tj, 'H-f-1,0 ,i A'4,,,,,,,g, Solomon, Dee Brown, Alva Amoss. Standing - Leon ,: N Sagan, Marilyn Kifer, Paul Birckner. , ill , N : 1 .a ,. -1 w- Ng-If -'X x X fn! .wr I ,si L Q we ff" ll4 Jazz Cl b Kneeling - Lorna jean Pyle, Dee Brown, Carol Schell. Pat Boulay. Seated - Carol Solomon, jack Edwards, Glo- ria Kilgore. Smnding - Dave King, Joni Baker, Bob Mayr, Roxanne Kohler, Mr. Richard Frost, advisor. Hosfess Club Knrcling - Norma Lihber, Evelyn Kroll. Marr Lcycs. Smlrd - jean Tcgncll. Dec Brown. Ruth Shacffcr. Liz Escr. Gabrielle Lvlcr. Slnndinrf - . D Jacqueline Bulchcr. Janice Nannnann, Carol Mc- Cnnncl, joan Mallgraw. Dr. Gardner. advisor. '-1" M 1:1 kneeling Barbara Miller joy Dillon, Marjorie Biele, Anne Sims. Seated - Lois Enfield. Sandra Hawk, Linda Humerick. Sandra Couchman Betty Lee Norris eanne Nicewonger. Standing - Pat Gribbs, Josephine Elmo, Tamar Belsky, joanie Baker Barbara Gomberg Heather Smith, joan Poole, Sylvia Larwood, Carol Bauersfeld, Carole Clarke. Carol Smith. 2nd row Klan Crouse Robert Barnes Norman Barczak, john Schlee, Margie Stoker. Susan Mace. tw emits National Edzuzcalzfioznz Alssociaziiomz Ve ezmzmfs Uzfgazznzizazizio Seated - jack Edwards. Don Cyzyk, joe Carstens, jan Maskol. jim Anderson, Charles Mott Marv Weiner, Dave Smith. Standing - Tom Rubeling, Ron Blake, Bunky Hunt, jack Rose john Rowe, Ted Bennett, Walt Smith, Ken Dollenger. Charlie Copper, Earl Stickels. Don Wright Tom Connelly, John Ryan. Ed Hoehan, Dr. George Beishlag, advisor. ""' ' ' II Y Alpha ' Si mega: Sealed - Pat Griffin, Sid Tishler, Prun etta Owens, Tamar Belsky, Carolyn Coak- ley, Dennis Fry, Emmie Lee Butler. Standing - jerry Riley, Bob Petza, Mar- garet Sakers. Sali Cohan, Carolyn Lyle, Gina Butler. lem Players Sitting on floor - Rosalie Slurclcvant, Earl Myers, Harriett Needle, Tamar Besky, Ellen Hemmeter, Bruce johnson. Smted - janet Rein judy Blank. Bonnie Rakes, Barbara McKeIvey, Mary Belsinger, Carolyn Lyle, Bernie Thrush, Ramona Millete. Dennis Fry, Sali Cohan. jet' ry Riley, Slanrling - Mr. Kramer. director. Judy Turpin, Ginny Held, Otls Laupus, jim Thomas, Diane Etlgcll, Leon Sagan, Judy Pensel. Lin coln Sparks, Eileen Knrabell, Regis Rhch. Martha Smith, Ann O'Meat'zt. Albert Cauffman, Bob Deller, Carolyn Coaklcy. Sali Kravetz. Y.. ll7 ,.- .d,, 'Pi v . A 4-F." Q' fx 4-,V i 2 tif-v .4 Seated - Dr. Harry Hutson, advisor, Ruth Shaeffer, Beverly Heines, jerry Young. George Sparks. Standing - Mr. joellenbeck, Bill Fallowfield jo Wright, Helen Hendrickson. Harriet Nitzberg, Mary Ann Faasen, Betty Norris, Liz Eser. mierfflwiila Council i znzter: Vazmizfy Fellowsh fp Sealed - Lois Kidd, Carole Cavanaugh, Helen Hendrickson, Slzmding - Ted Browerq Dan Elliott, Janet Gregory, Marbara Clagett, Roger Price, Laura Cox. i , -: fi ..'- Q I .I .fe Moy if 'p-is P E 431 9 X . 3 :il 'N ' '-1m.4. azmzierbzwry Sealed Ed Krout Pat Crlbbs Gretchen Y 5 ' Bxll Fallowfxeld Howard Exsner Newmaz Club lrncelmg Alrce Bral-reall Rose Kahl Carol Karclch Roseanne lxohler Man Susan Lcxeb Roberta Lee jean Plana Llnda Grax Sealed leen Broderlck joan Clemons Ron Budny Pat Lastowslu Mr Renenbach adusor lst V011 mmdmg Ann ONIeara Elxzabelh Xhdxmer Pat Katakmuh Shlrley Llemskl Damel lxeller Gale Lxszewsklg Tom Aldolfatto joan Niallgraxe Eleanor Femuck Carolyn Lednum Judy Laws Irene Tanner Carole -Xnzlck 2nd ron Bob Anastasx Nlorman Baraczaclx Ed Badoloto Alfred Florlan Leon Sagan .vu -,1 4 .fi V . X - 5 HJ-J' 1 fl xA i 1.1 . H . lxl mu' - Carloua Gwynn, Sandra Thompson. Helen Harris, Donna Red road, Pal Royan, joan Poole. 2nd row - Carol Pecldicord, Charlie Carter, Elaine lVillis. Jo XVright, Edie jackson, jean Robinson, Mildred Cox. 3rd ron' - Sandra' Lindgren, Polly Machin, Helen Henderickson, Barbara Shr- rill, Belly Norris, -lllz ron' - George Sparks, Linda YVilliams, Barbara Parker, Bob Barnes, joy Fisher, Wanda MCC-ec, Ken Dollenger. W Sleyaz ozuzmz azizioznz Lutheran ,. cz ,, U, fi izuzdemzi Alas cial fiom Fx P-,ol G, lr! raw - Liz Eser, Virginia Turner, Lor- na Penn, 2nd row - Ons Laupus, Ruth Shacffer, jean Davison, Carroll Haddaway 4 'rr 'JJR rvn' 245 RWD N DX 'Tl . UNT N Marcn Taylor Hxlda Pollack janet Rem Norma Lrbbex Harriet Nitzberg fllen Lxchtensrem Sharon Bckman Jewish S zuzdemzzls Ssociazziziomz Bazpztzisi S zuzdeznzzf Union Isl ron Elanore Revns Mnldred Ledbetter Dorothy Phllhps Velnzr Wyalt Irene Hux. "nd run Mmona Cook Carol McConnel Glorla kll 1 ,N fr 1' , , K . I, :F I K5 ' - rv 'Hi' v' -, .1 flQ,d.7,,14f ,43- , ff., f fmjxejl , "J 3 35 .'.'1' . Iv1,5,W,, fl-gm -I N. t ' 1 f- FM' . aah '. N ,gf Ln 'f . '. ' i-4' . ' 'f' lgx jlgj .'-1. ff - , f, :In P ling.-. '. I 3 .,!' M 2, W I 1' 1 X . , .v..4,:BgEr,..x,.I:TaW, 2-' ' ',1"1I"iff'TW'2Ll1'.g, :Hun ,- I ', 1-ti -- -Q.. "1 - .Hf'1.4.1 vi. ' , L . N., Nifihl. , 1- . , x 5' 1': -,f .,. 1.-. x IP? R T V ,. . x .f fs, p-- 'I 'H . - , , 1511-135- p --4.1-'Q I 1"-A 2 yy.. . , 5-, Lf- A . r'- ,5 V -I is-fr X 21-ifffrfiflfl V . Q.: E7 WOMENS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION: Isl row - Barbara Gomberg, Winnie Balzer, Lori Riley, Diane Edgell, Judy Pensel, Eliane Hall, Susan Volkrnar. 2nd mn' - Pat Cribbs, Carole Neugent, Barbara Mullican. 3rd row - Arlene Ray, Lois Lanman. Aihleti .. Comme als The athletic programs at State Teachers Col- lege are handled by two organizations. 3 The l'Vomen's Athletic Association has for its members the entire woman student body. Its purpose is to "work cooperatively with the Stu- dent Government Associationfto promote ath- letics in the college, to create a more vigorous school spirit, and to sponsor recreational activi- ties for women students." The Mens Athletic Association, with an em- phasis on providing the best possible athletic program for all the men of the college, has un- dertaken to sponsor a program of both intercol- legiate and intramural sports. MENS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION: Don Snclhrink. Dave Stefansson, Fred Levin. A. VARSITY CHEIERLEADERS: jean Plaia, Pat Yernay. janet Gregory. Marianne Ifaascn, Lorna Penn Among the many active organizations on our campus is the cheerleaders squad. No one can lully appreciate the accomplishments of this group until he has witnessed the squad in action at athletic activities. XfVith the aid of the stu- dent body, the rheerleadcrs have successfully performed at honlircs, pep rallies and athletic S SP P contests. Much enthusiasm and school spirit has lic-en created llnongli the efforts of our cheer- leaders squad. -IUNIOR VARSITY CHEI-IRl.L1.-XDIiRS: Ronnie Lull. Anncllc fililVl0ll- .Xnnc Claire Thmnas. judy SCllCl', Melanie Yodzisi 'J " rr ul Ill WE, J ' 'V -5 1 ' ' 1- fi W- A +- ,I 4? ,f--Hx 1. ' ' x 5 , ,, XXX 'lIf V SAX V - . V A Q X ...-13' ll l I 1 1 4: ,,4- .gr f ' X 4' fl X fy, 'x 1 7 1 ' s , ,x ,- N A , in ' --. , .5- VARSITY SOCCE T ANI: l, 'nu' - ' I h 'l L' ' ' " " " 2 R E i sl 1 Ictc Comms, john Sn uei roll. L cnt Cliciuxko, Leo Orlando. -ml row - Dr. Donald Minnigan, coach, jack Raider, jim Surnecki, George Cloudy, Bunky Ford, Charles Coleman, Al Williams. manager. 3r'rl mu' - Don Vetter, Dick Stack, Carroll Hadda- way. Ed Badolato. mr -f-1-W -. ,-, - - , V . V ru . , .,, , 5 v- . ,Q 4,2 g., . !.'H...V , ,A ,- 744 5 gg -. "zu, A T . .J 'Y H. Mfg f ' . V nf , sw . i '-1... xv- ., I i 'u '01, v 'V Jia yt 1 V :st -1. gy 1 "iid -' - - ,' . fl z 1. -x- P513 5... ,N . .- ",I" ?r'.g,Fsk N J sr- fi: l b AJ uv ' x 1 . L'-I" r ' HV". -. ' nf"' f if -. ,AAI-',-A up A Q -'f-- .k -, 1.1: , .lg ., ' 5 5 ' - " ' 'ra D .u . ' f-' V P . 's - T 1 N., "'1 -H ' , Q ' ' X X d ' 1- ' 335135 '- ' I '- E 1 ' . I .I ' ti U .1 ' " I V Q' ' I -v , , . . - A Y x 4, , ' ' , 4 - ' , I li u , Mini 1-. x " .4 . .34 1 . w. 1 -.w I I fix' Towson Towson Towson Towson Towson Towson Towson Towson Towson Towson Soo retina rd 2 Catholic U. 2 American U. 2 Baltimore U. 0 Loyola 4 Randolph Macon 3 Lynchburg 2 Salisbury 2 Washington 0 Hopkins 0 Mt. St. Mary's Golden Greek: Pete Coulros, Knighfs bustling wing, boots b from Salisbury fullback in Homecoming Game at Towson. l26 all aw 3 1 3 1 0 4 3 2 4 3 ay Soccer I i , R ' " 11 J H rv? . ,' , V--V , fs-Q i "' ' - , '.. , 'ch-,rf f ogy.. gf., . ., Y-, . ,-'..c,1, -44- . .. ,.,..,,.f--... -- 7'--A ' fe .. ...- " -n-,- Get That Ball: Gene Cherewko and jack ' L-. H Reider converge on Salisbury player as '- 'f - IL. Lee Hughes moves away to cover possi- 'Q . , -3.-:'f"Lf' X1 bl . E" i ,, .7 N' e. f- . '- f PM My '.s54.:l43s5-1'21'.k,3" Q1 Towson's soccermen compiled one of the poorest season records in recent history, winning only two out of ten games: but, nevertheless, came up with some outstanding performances against the best teams in the Conference. The Knights led by Bunky Ford, Pete Coutros, Paul Patrinicoula and Don Sudbrink lost overtime games to Baltimore University and Catholic Uni- versity. They tied with Washington College. Catholic University became the eventual cham- pion with Baltimore University and Washing- ton College right behind them. However, the Knights played erratically and lost' badly to normally weak teams in the Con- ference dropping contests to Hopkins, Mount Saint Mary's, and Loyola by decision margins. S "J 'eww Several individual Knights received honors after the season. Paul Parinicila, a junior who did an outstanding job at fullback, was given a first team berth on the Mason-Dixon All Con- ference team. Bob Bowling, Gene Cherewko and Don Sudbrink all received mentions on the All Southern Team. Bowling in his final season was the greatest scoring threat for the Knights and Sudbrink put in another outstanding season in the goal before he was injured late in the sea- son. The Knights will lose both Bowling and Sudbrink with June graduation. The future looks brighter for Towson's soc- cermen for next year. Bowling Boots: All Southern choice, Bob Bowling blasts shot towards the opponents goal. Ed Badolato and Bunky Ford move in to follow up the shot. J ' ' ' ,4 on JY' V A A Q J, 6 K ,N , ,rpm - v 1 W JJ ' 'll ,4 via.-Vx. Q iss ,., 'wi' W w 14.5, tint' 'W Ay. 'F 533.9 J J v1d"75lv L17! ""4w 0-1 'WW Fx-mwvl - .1 , I of ' I ,, ,, r , 1 . I I ..5., ':,T.,:,., - ,J be- -1. -. - X-'I' , V 1 1 1 I A Q J I i ,N ra I .. , .4 , .-wil., ..:'L,!.-4., .. TM.. .hun 'H' ' ' .I I V I-b , -1 l:v,,... ' " g AI" J'-, ....v,I ,.,,f .,.1,,.., . " , ,A , 1 ,' , 'f'f'cv-'-"'-'N-."!' ', 1 1 Y At .f -'lv ' Av , I -aw . J. -Hz V' K I lf: . -Hl.,:! -up."-11' - . 1 t ' ' -""1,' , .nf if - A" .54 2- '-,5.. ,, wk ' .. -'11 i v ' Y . 'f"' 4 -aa." .".' "" 0' 1 ,Nz "' V 1, .--'-A , -J , H- -,B 4 , Eg, qi- Ju' "4-'kd t ' ' ' X at ',. gkriljif-nt.. f-'CJ " s 3 ,'- -,.- V ig , . ' , ' ,I r ' . -. . QL -1 f-. -4 ' , , V? Q fl" .U'j,,,.ev7i, ,lil .1 A , gina . , Lv' 4' .Jig ' I "L ru .rv P- , , W .I-Q NH. .5 HI WF' A , t w.- -LQs,-.. ..1,- ' i- f :I--9 ' J' . . -.-'iff V .f ,, ew "" ' ' ., ..,'. ...J-' 4,g,t,.,1l.. f, X 1, ', ,' f ' ". I' 4 144 f -. fad,- 'fl' -K' I Y. J 2 9 .-,,,4 ..- BC On Your Marla: STC lhinclacl gets off to good start against two Mt. St. Marys foes and is able to make good his substantial lend. Trac Gal: Annual Maeon-Dixon meet finds eastern champs ztsscmhlcd for the track event of the year. The Lux! .llilw - Marv lYeincr looks as though hc won't make il in a lCllSC mo- ment against formidable odds in thc Ma- son-Dixon Conference. S A ,Y .lr v --I RXX M , fs I , - N x" l um slr! x r l Up and Over: Promising Towson underclassman clears the bar at 10'1". Up and Down: Tex Coleman attempts to break own record as STC broadjump artist. IZ9 l'j1 nurl Azvny: Junior Bob Tcrner eeutlw the Shot for another terrific win for STC. 511317 l ., ,, --1,1 rf.q1,.,Y. 1 It I. 2+ wr msg: ' 'rs 3, ' ' .f T, i" l K , , ll'l31i5Tl.lNff-'l'1i:Hl: lil nm' - Mr. Yon, coatli. Date Stefansson, Pete Cioutms, Clhutk Rainer, Leu Orlando, Bill Kirby, Don Sudbrin f-ll1lI'lCf Vollkill. jerry Xlerrenbluni and Al Williams, managers, Qml rua' - Norman Dean, jack lidwards, Robert Taylor. jim Anderson Bill Holslon, l,t-w fillllfl-Illllll. Pal Rxanr A fs L ,Q Iwo llfr' I.mn1 lowson llfl pound inllc, Leo Orlando, nioxes into his Aineriian l'nixt-isily opponent in agressiic fashion. Orlando in his lnst of college grappling rallied away the 123 pound clianiponship of the Cloiifcrcliee and was lll1llL'lCZllL'll. Wresilim 'I'owson's Tigers, despite a rather unimpres- sive duel ineet record ol two wins and four losses. were again able and willing to give all opposition a good battle. Faced with a severe lack of depth and experience at the start of the season, Coach E. O. Von was able to us? Ireslnnan frequently and juggle his lineup to keep opposition oll balance, Pete Coutros, Bill Kirby, Chuck Rainer, and Dave Stelansson all inade respectable contributions to the teanfs suuess. However, the two bright spots of the season were the outstanding wrestling of Leo Orlando, a lreslnnan, and the final elnergcnce of Tow- son original "'Iliger", Don Sudbrinlc as a Nason- llixon champion, Orlando wrestling in the l2fl pound class was undefeated during the season and brought the I23 pound Mason-Dixon con- ference clianipionship back to Towson, Sud- brinli. who had lost the HT. pound final by a releree's decision, and the l-ll losses in two con- secutive seasons finally won the title and be- caine chainpion. Plans for tht- future look' bright with the return of Orlando, Stefansson, and Coutros. Seo reed rd Towson 23 lfVestern Maryland l Towson 8 Westchester 24 Towson I3 Catholic U. l9 Towson I0 Baltimore U. 22 Towson 19 American U. lfl Towson ll Gallaudet lil Finished fourth in the Tournament with two individual champions. Breukllozvni Dave Slcfansson, who wrestled out of his weight class most of the season, finds himself in an uncomfortzilslc position. 'xr 59' M --. ., ,- -- f, 9. 2:5 1,4 .-4-"u ,-,.:"' f , Tiger on Top: Don Sudbrink, who won practically all of his matches by pins overpowers another opponent. - ' Nas," ,. XT' '-- -4py.f,,tN -I , .4 N .- . M, , X.. K, . .yu , .l' Q... whirli :nude ihcin channpinns in lhcii lL'Sl7ClLllYC rlzlsscs, l3l x .llllVIll'I7iA0ll Clmuilrmut: il hc l2Ii giml H7 pound rllzllnpiolis, Luo Urlxlndo :und Dun Smlhrink, clispliu the form WW R4 U T was V , lsnf lUf u-f FY- . mil l'l'l' li.4.SIi1fTli.AlI.I. 'I'liA.ll: lil mn- - Bob All2lSlll5l, Dion I-loox'c1',lLQorgc Goudy, Skip l-linmam. 21111 ron' - un Nluszmow. im Hiller, Dnxc Rini, Dan lilliou, llulrx Smith. X111 nrlmrrlz Qkim Feldman, Dave litlcn. . P. I I l32 Towson Towson Towson Towson Towson Towson 'I Towson Towson Towson Towson Towson Towson Towson Towson Towson Towson Sfcorfefcaz rd Gallaudet Hopkins Catholic U. Randolph Macon VVillia1n and Mary Baltimore U. Catholic U. Randolf Macon Hopkins Lynchburg Bridgewater Salisbury lfVestern Maryland Queens College Gallaudet lfVashington College High lloopslzfrc Sophomore Barry Smith gets away a lwo handed shot against Bl'lllgCW1llGI' as Skip Feldman moves in for ll rebound. B Skeztlm N Towson's basketball fortunes took a severe N58-59 season as the Knights to salvage one victory on an schedule, The hoopsters, sul- aek ol' height, were rompletely Ionlerence opposition and lin- ar in the Mason Dixon Conlerf victory ol the year was accom. expense ol Salisbury State dip during the were only able eighteen game fering lrom a I otttelassed by C ished in the cle ence. The lont- plished at the Teachers. One ol' the liew bright spots in an otherwise dismal season was the smooth play ol' -Ierry Masemore. Masemore, a junior, led the team in scoring and rebounding and personally led the Knights in several games. liarry Smith and Skip Feldman played consistently good basket- ball, but the Knights were never able to jell. The future looks fairly bright, however, with the return ol' Maseniore, Barry Smith, Skip Hin- man and .lim Miller. Frrvllmrut Flyer: Dan lilliott, ilCSllltllll1 starte Knights, strains high in the air for the rebound as Davc 1 Eden moves into tover the ball. r for the l bo kdm: I"inw: Dare litlen lets go with t high ltltlllllg shot as Dan lilli attt und. Ilrfult Ip: Xll mes .ne up and mm iles strained as Dan lzlliott. klt'l'lX Xlasenmte .intl llatn Smith wait lol Iht- ttbountling shut, 133 ull 'mpls lo gain position for the te QQ: an rv.- V , ,JI 'Al ' . i i lv? I..4CRUS.S'li 'l'lfA.ll: lst ron- - Al Bcachlev. -lim Sarnecki. john Sclilee, Don Vetter, jan Xlaskol. john Siegel, Bunky Ford, Qnrl I'0Zl' - Bob Anastasi Marty Mintz, jack liclwartls. jim .Kntlerson, Bob Taylor, Ronnie Blake, Tom Massey: Sul mu' - Bill Hooper, coach, Don Sutlbrink. Ed Callory Ted Brower. Lowell Sunderland, Bob Huckeba, joe 'l'ishIer, Bob Prout. toach, 1 3,4 . .v K N- vi., 1. '51,- Iv ..i.,K Firing 'l'igw'.r: Bunky Ford fpractically hitltlen by goalicj crosses in front ol the Brown goal and fires shot into the net. I3 4 L ezfosse Towson State's first venture into collegiate lacrosse can be considered a great success. The sticknien finished the season with a respectable 2 win 3 loss record and brought about a great revival in sports interest on the campus. Under the direction of former All American Bill Hoop- er, the Knights played colorful agressive la- crosse and were rewarded with the largest crowds of the year. X'Vith Bunky Ford and -lim Anderson doing most of the scoring, the team opened the season with successive victories over Brown and Gettys- burg. However, the Knights stepped out ol their own class and got trounced twice by the Quautico Marines during their briel' schedule. ln a duel with a home town team the Knights came out on the short end 8-6 score. Seo fecal rd Towson 8 Brown 5 Towson 8 Gettysburg 7 Towson 3 Quantico 17 Towson 6 LOy01a 3 Towson 2 QUHHUCO 9 ." ' I' ' X Z... yi . .',f Surmunrledz Bunky Ford is enclosed by three Brown players as he attempts to pass the ball to a waiting Don Sudbrink, This combination of Sudbrink and Ford gave the Knights Z1 potent scoring potential. .ww rg-R H ll-I-', fb X x .:af:f1:q., X Pnuvrr Play: Brown goalie amd mlcfunscmcn deflect shot by Ford. jim Anderson moves in from the right to capture the rebound. Atl? Tn llze Rewrite: jim Anderson and Bob Huckeba move in from behind thc goal to help the midfield move the ball into scoring position. 135 Jto ml B sdymzlf -xv.--. , .. '- 1 Q "fill 'E if 'S' 9 'L' t- , '. ev e t, , -1- xxx Q "1-.Fl A' fit T ' N Q , . -' if " N Y . ' ' N 'rw , r t lwffim ee .tlliiei 'Zi' 91 5 - V 'lf-, e 1' il X ' ' .Q IQ? 'lj N 'ix X Av N X X V ot QQ its r lf BX 5 F I Ji, L R l l "' F- ,Z ,gf Iii-151613,-11.1. Tlx.-1.lI: ls! mu' - Clatmll Hadtlaway, Bob Bowling. john llelanardo, Dennis Xtlznns. Ren Dnllingel. Leo Orlando. Yuri mu' - George tauudy, Skip Ifeltlmim. Daw Ntmktnzni. john St'l1uL'rholl, Chutk Livingston. llarrx Smith. Ilrfl mu' - It-e Hammmid, Paul Patrinicmila, Dion Hoover. Lynn Hammond, lllllllilgkll ,vf H me . 1 'Q -w 'Ss-' uf: , ff' 1 V Towsonk diamond men came up with one ol their most interesting and talented teams in several seasons. In the tough Northern Divi- sion of the Mason-Dixon Conference the Knights finished with a seven win, six loss record. The Knights started quickly and after three games were solidly in first place, but the dif- ficult Southern tour brought their record to three and three, and from that point on they were never in consideration for the title. Skip Feldman led the club in hitting. blasting the ball at a .378 average. The pitching corp was led by Bob Bowling and freshman Lynn Ham- mond. Hammond with a 5-il record was the leading pitcher. Plans for the future are bright- er than ever with only one senior on the start- ing nine and the majority of the team being freshmen and sophomores. Ifmltfrl: unior 1,1-L' l-lzinnnond Jrepares to grab the ball as A. ll . lcl' goes down for 2 ll Lflllllf- IJ-11:1 Towson Towson Towson Towson Towson Towson Towson Towson Towson Towson Towson Towson Towson Towson Seo fecal rd , g',r.Z,:s 22 YVestern Maryland 8 Hopkins 3 American U. 4 Mount St. Mary's 0 Bridgewater 7 Lynchburg 22 l Catholic U. 0 1 Vilashington College ll - 13 Catholic U. 6 L ff l Baltimore U. 25 V 4 American U. 6 6 Mount St. Mary's 3 A ' A 3 Baltimore U. O 'T 9- 1 William Mary of Norfolk 15 N.'!f.3iig ' ii5'i23.' .Y'9',Y if .2022 1' I1 , ,,Y?.,- . 1 Us ..- lJvriximi.v: Senior Bolm Bowling ponders llj for scurnd. as Pepsi prepares lo lend moral support, mm' Mwmfnl: Lee Hammond waits lo see if A. U. Ac: will connect with Bowlingk curve, ... 444. .. an MPP- 3 , . 137 t q:-Vx.-A 'i 'an Q. . ..-1 ' 1 wg' . wi A -...XII Q ,fit 9 G .H 11717. . - 41, .N-H , .4 - -M -V V 4.4. , ,ax , 5.3-. -B-rig,-,Q , . ' rA,Q.-1i':'. Fnlzm' Thmlm - Spurki of Huck mam, 'I-lll'l1Cl'. Coleman. Glass, Saulshurv, and XVcincr, pose with team and Doc Minnegan TMI Try Ilzz' Impnxsiblr - Towson lhinclucl appears lo have won meet dcepilc mpc whirh um be Sccn across Sl. Niarfs hm's chmt. , - '-'NT' i ax 5 u - L T Y .1 UN M ,xxx uX' 115' 1 ,X - J 5 ' 1 4 wx 1 ' . . H ' V.-1 , , P 'T ' , x tra., w r I a w 1 -Lf 7' V - wi' F ,u u-- J n A, XA ' l J.. , .. .W .uiiol J-. ' 1 sg 33 .40 . up iv' 40' 1 Q ,Q ' T ' . . , N ' X X if G 1 Q, 5 I 3. . x 1.1 J 1 'W l' Lf waltz! 1 www, --f . ' ' .,'-:5 X3 ,x"f'Ri-.--I :A 19. g yx - 3 gan -.1 X g 7 fy ' wx, , P f X :wu s W w ff ,V X x Jufagin A , ,V 1 K -' Q, - A N-. N . V -m ., 4.1 Y? .5- , , T Jr -, 'N ELI , riitl Liv Wil . m Q V 12: -,. .AL yu ,x Km'vliug: lid Sclmcidcr, Otis Laupus, Ed Barlolnto, .-Xl Florian. Smnding: Howard Glick, Larry Hutchins, jim Binko, Dr, McClcan', Ren Iflickingcr, Earl Slickcls. 617117121 Ilw Arr: ,Xl lllormn LIISPIIIQQ the form lhn! mzldc hum L I V.. 1 T 1 'r. fr 1 7 .,' .4 'I'cnsol1's YO l min . . . . 'R L S1 mm' .Nlnmluul: Olls IAIIIIHIN wnrnw up fur fmnl mulch 4 fm' STC, 1 x uf ' .,,. ..-- 9 I3 .., , 1393? L - A If f"Kf'7"-f , -1-ff: .- - - . fai- ,lfvwiu-'g. ., 'W -x, V I., : u , ,X x L- 3 , 'H-l -1 - . 1 ' --,.,-fb,-sf-lifzg,'.'.f. 1 V .- f- ' L "'.'-r?.fgTii!?:..gL 52. 1 , -ggi ' ' - -Fw 12-fx :U -L- , J'f1-.wi-'N' -' 1' NJA' :C--ix . . :":1',.fhrm',1v, ' FW?-fF?,5'NQ5i 1 '- . - " ,. ,r,e'5.,,, 'W f.711?.1k-,,-- " :sl b'5fffg..xfg mg bi: ig " f'k5:,7ef'Ni"f5,L.3,g,:. , '-' ',: L : 'Q-f, wif" : ' " -f, UQ.-. 3-f2,3gE,f.- i ., .,,.-,. ., .,1,. .fi .J , n . gf I - mb -J, X T Il V ,717 --1' 11 ..-if 1 X, -. , W . ., -ig, .y '-4 Fresh znz Fnml Furczrfll: Plully coed wishes cheerful goodbye lo family before be! ginning her life ac Ll Towson resident. I,!!I'l'71l.K' Tmn: Scnirn' guirlcs gin- tour to frcshm:-n und parents through thc ncw library. ff! fu . iff' - X , QQ' '-QQ " -+..,, Q TH- ,, " t ux. 1 n " ' W pw," '-:--- Y 1, .a, Q. '. ' ' 1 fx " 'Wkfwffavrflll 7 ' T ' . . : 15 ' ' - ' V' 'g"f1ffv 5 ,. ,.,, , - ,...1. . -4-A, ku: I I . , IN, 5 ,- 4 'Wa 45 , 1 b, - I ..,v if -, A ,g z If ii n 'fn w as ,9 45 - ' 'J w I Y I ' E. W 1 ,N 'ri .xml .3 .ht y f 1.. 4- -'Q ., r-uvmr' Y - ' ' sswxn-nav. l u ' --' I-il! ' 'Ely-,mcw:A Q Am- , 3,-541, , ffl V If ' 152' Q F, V. nuns 5 , ' ,,,-.Aga-'r""""' ::':r""f I4 2 v rr Ove Eat ly Every year the first thing to arrive on the Towson campus are the hordes of wandering and wondering Freshmen. This year not only the regular batch arrived but also all of the dayhop Freshmen as well. The purpose behind this irregular innovation was that all students are entitled to the orientation which formerly only residents students received, The success which this plan achieved certainly insured its renewal for the future. During their week of orientation at Towson the newly-arrived were hosted to several varied activities provided by the sponsorship of the Freshmen Advisory Council. This group, prob- ably the most active on campus, sees to it that all Freshmen know all there is to know about STC by the end of their first week. Beside providing personal guidance, the FAC initiates the dazzled Freshmen to all of the campus or- ganizations and services. It is they that see to it that Towson has the best-informed under- classmen. Freslmtmi Rvrvptiorzz Student Centre becomes scene of F1'CShl'l'lZll1'S first taste of the many social affairs he will encounter at STC. '-1 -ds..- l,il'VllYY Pt'1't1,vll: Freshmen and parents marvel at the vast extent of the new Albert S. C UE r- . ooke Librarx. rs. a-"J ah ' n 1 1,5 Life in h he D019 EL You Allxwrl .-1 Spa! - Meticuluus spookmaslers ad- IHOIIINII Spook Lcislcr for not having rlonc El thorough job on their room during Spook Day shenanigans. 4 'ap 'lun u-un J Ay is vu-1 , Ct! Clin , ,Quan 1.81 ' in -p.- , I in 1 Q 22-sl' ru 'V' 8 ...B- N h .SHI Neal Room Underclassman displays the Fl: Mm! SIHUIIS Dcspllg lcmplmg :lc- llVlllCS oulsxdg these Wlrd Hall men plcfcl' lhc aohludg of then loom Ind 1 fcw good for i . . . . 1 Ili? ",,, , 4.1-1- G 9: ": ll r u " i 9 I wi E T42 ri Eh xl m F, w " I4 , l The Cnmjmx Cynizzx - Only Paul und Iiunky could find Something to laugh ill on ax bulletin board containing :i list of officcis. The Social! Se cl I the iesl .lie comin from Iv .-1 Pugzlrmcul - Earl wmiclers how hc lU!blx that Inst trick. but is cicn ummm: uinccrnc over wicrc ' ' ' g A1 -av" lj. Z5 ,- xf L-lfiinih nh? n.'k 1. bi 1 .4 'S .5 I 1 . as I v . 5 1 i i I K r i I x-, ,-I 54' ,A Q Homecwmimg Queen JMB: Sal? Qogan F ygvi . Qs' My 1:1 .Gel vm G-1 ew '19 Q? 4-a ff, 5 , 1 rs- Gt C+! 5. Pur- N...-M s". L.,--f ---g 4 - I Q-urzvi and Court: Miss Carolyn Conklcy Miss Marv Wimnier, Miss Marge Moodie, Miss Sali Cohan, Miss Carol Beachley, Miss Sue Chiles, Miss Diane Edgell. IAS , 71, ' '55 it 4,5 131 A . . " .1 56 " fl' T' I I . 9' Z. .. - 4 AI,-'VA ,vs , 5' t- T 'ieft . . , 11.91 pi If ' 5' y -'. A . 1 v ,Q I, -. -, . Qi- .fat vs - 4 full 3 7'-T 5' QE? i -ix ' i lv 5 In Y .' , . Q U rw f ' .lf 5 iff 2 3 A Y Eli t QIQG' H T47 I Ll Ho ecomzimz In any college, Homecoming Day sums up all that is traditional and grandiose. At the State Teachers College at Towson the same is true and more also. Not also is Towson's Home- coming steeped in the traditions of the past but is constantly setting more traditions to be followed in the future. After having tried for several years to use York Road as a route for the Homecoming parade, this year's committee was finally able to gain the necessary consent to conduct the parade up Towson's main artery. As far as being grandiose is concerned, the 1959 Homecoming Committee provided alumni and guests with the most splendid affair in years. Led by the gracious queen, Miss Sali Cohan, everyone concerned with the event con- ducted themselves in the finest Towson tradi- tion. The Queens crowning was both solemn and serious, and she was able to convey to all the dignity and poise which is essential to a Towson coed. The Cornmzlimiz Alumni President, Mr, Samuel Sharrow, crowns Miss Sali Cohan the Homecoming Queen 1958. The U'ii!1I1l'I' - Proud Sophomorcs ride down York Road on lhcir winning float which dc. piclcd the colorful days of Stcamboaling. K' r Kirk That Hull - jack Rciilcr moves in lo take hull :iw Lcc Hughes prepares lo lnkc il flmvnficlcl for thc score. Q- -4-ft If-X 9 . 'gzffiif' f f . jf ,FK , . ,.-f ,- 0 fl: ! ! I - Miss Cohan gracefully kicks out the socccr bull lo open thc traditional Homecoming game. 'A dl ...Ju - E . Tit!-3' N "V P A ..-. 1 ' ,-.pq 4-.Av ., 5- .- K-.. f .1-.. . .'8'1. i' '.-'V ' --igg L i 4 ,,,,'45,-A-iv' -vim! . l 1 ff A u JA -n-Aly J X i f I f Q 1 ' it -. -1 . -fj - q..'v!nO,g4- GRI,- Wf' '. -., ' I-A Q...i'- i r -- . - X -vu-.. Ur- 4. 4 . V -. 'cs .N ,: f ... sv fkfiiifg. K ,-YY". Y ' ..'- 'Hs' --,f ' . , gh: U. Y-'Hz' N I -Z lm- ., . .- : M n ff' i i A. f i . - -,,.1 ,1. Q, . amzksgi in lfmzd I'Az1re'zt'r'Il: In one nf his last perforrnxintes befme his retirement from the Baltimore Symphony, Cfm' clnctor Massimo Fretcizt again :ippeztred :rt Towson in their trmlititmzrl I-'all concert. -F. 4 A 3 Cnzfelnl Poxiliom: Gathered at the head table for the Thanksgiving Dinner are thc N Housing Cornmitlees, House Council, Dr. Hawkins, and guests , ...f e J r ' f, , ,-, . kr 1 A W te x, ,.. W Uv wx 1' ' ---" ' Wfrrrirx of john Plzzllfjrz Following dinner. Towson students and guests were treated lo the llIllxiC of the Murine Corps Field Pizmd. Tln- Long l1'nil: Towsnnites linc up to serve them- i selves at 'I'hanksgiving festivities. r i 1 Chriszfmaz I f 2 4 t .1 tri . I if LAY: 1 li ' . C l l Far You: Paul flwpsij Palrinicoula visits the famous room whose door has been decorated in his honor for the holiday season. l t l l l l l l 3 X I l t l l l S Busy Hoslesmv: Towson co-eds provide entertainment for under- privileged childrcn at thc traditional Christmas dinner. ', l lv 'SP Gloria in Iixrrlvis Dvn - The girls of Filth Floor Richmond sent their Christmas theme. "The First Cliristinas". l Trim I'mrI1n', I'nlrI1r4' - To p1'mIuLC such npuLlzu'lxl:11'n :IQ url' minlcncccl in lhc l4lllUWiIl1Lf lhlca' pagcx h0llI'9 uf pruclicc scwinm surh as the above gnc' in Hlnll' fm' thc xcluntlcsx Clan l'lznL'rs. Our, Tzwn. Kirk - Bernie Thrmh :md her sailors rehearse fm' their hig numhvr in thc GlenI'Iaye1 s " , V A F.':i-x hs 1' ' i - f ?l., 1 P1 wa 1- -, .N-A Q' Pf0llllCliOI1 of Wonderful Town Qi '1-.- .Smiling ,S1n'rwr.ii - Ann Brunch pauses lo speak lu zwsexnbly hefure driving Qpirits from bewilcliecl child. The Crucible As always, the Glen Players lms once again enjoyed il completely successful year with Llle presentznion ul Lwo nmior works :incl several one-Llclers. The lormer ol the lll2ljOl' plays was Arthur Miller'5 "The CrufilJle" wllicll saw the return ol' Bruce llolinwn. Czrrolyn Lyle, znul Dennis Fry such notubles :ls Otis L1lllPllS' to the PIQKUWSUII surge. 'l'l1e lzuler work wus Leonard BCl'I1SlClIl'S ulVOllLlEl'l-lll 'l'6wl1" in wllicll lllRlC1'ClllS5l112ll1 Bernie Thrush :lid :1 splendid job in the much! coveted role wllicli Rosalind Russell created on l51'o:ulii':iy. She was c'z1p:1lJly assisted by Spiro Mzllzls :md Szlli Cohan. Appearing in minor roleh in Llie llll'Q,'C-CHS! presenuitirm were Bob Dellcr, Oils Lanipus, liil Bnclolgno. znnl Ron Buclny. Alter the slellzn' yczn' ivliicli Llip Glen Play- ers proviclecl. llle Slate Tencliers College fun well be pmucl ul' its :already luvoritc son, - XCTCIZIIIS C2.u'olin l.ile :mil Ons l.lllIllllS llSl1'll in Ublllil In llu- zuiusailinns lll'l'l-1'll'l'll 2Il,:iIlll3l lhcm. Thr .4rru.mI rx QQ ,N I. ..- i A vw" - ' 2-1-15.4.1 i Luna s Y JA f -1 fllzf ,oi ,jx w, Q" pai,-f '. .,.. b , ., -- .g Dr YM ' , 2-V: , . -- 9,L -F,-. . , 1, xpiu, -V. 'A , , J """"JF -or .- rf..- -an - 2-ng,-,jg - - .., - ' '- ' . ,iz 'W I fu " . . , I ff 1 .,: ,, .g.,L . ,,": -:ap M- 54. -5- - 4, I, ,EL 5 '- ,A 5, , , JV z -.- 4,. " 'J " ' 4-3 , , " , ,ggfa - . kI.,,',f'iv-V " -4 -1-Peftflfr .f-r'-'M .-'1-2' -v-v'-xwer Mr- - -f LL-:.,4.-5.41 ---.,: A.. ac lfinalv - linlirc large cam of Il'fHllIl'1fIll Town joins SaliCnhz1n,Spim Mnlus, and Bernie 'l'ln'nsh in a chorus of "Wrong Nolc Rag". , 1 l l W0 dferfzuzl Tow l I'n'K 1.1115 - Stars Snli and Bernie lead lhe dancing chorus nf lhe Village Vortex, N i ' -fx' QA Xx ' 'QNAWBY 1 . ff 3 ....a4. ... ,- -1T"' !' fp-HGH. ' -ls? I-.Q .4F KE'F"'?' .f-.: .P'f kLzj1i4LNs -TTC1 -"-" VAL- ' - 'll su Thr- Conga - Bernie and her sailors end up several rousing choruses of thc "lIoi1gzi". llrrrling lfilvvu - 'l'uwsun's Irish cups assure Suli that she is their favorite colleen O I P uf V ' A ,- ' 'rr f-1 wwf. r C-'07 1 :Lb as L' L '-cf? ,. +L J, , gqs.. gash: .X P' ,, 1v'n-Pn-- -. -' 4' :T -. , . -.. . 0 I i 1 1 I e ' . l ,4 if gflw if A ' i -1- .grpxbf En "'3'4'I',' V' ii-xx 3 ' ' , 4 vs, . .f--, ri . . r x. N. Vw . x 11 A Q, - -. ' , 'f -gf . A 5' Q .E . I 5 . -, X . , C m X t e - . 1.3 - ,,,.. , ,uf-, 1 -'in' 1 ' 'e1.:,,-L' QQ. . . ' F Qi' ', lg, .5 V 4 r 5: 1 rv ' Q . - I D' I Q, .IW .' " - ., ,- -- af"-1 Q. a ' - ff uf '27 15. . , .I 2' . -- ' 'rf ---A .5 3-1 - - f . . ' ' "gif u -Ewfjiflgf 71:-.9 dl 1 A . 1' -. . 75,51 ' .5517 'V "" "-dl' 9 ' 'fl 1 1 f ' 4- . " ff' " WW. Ji, Q 15' QL . 1' arf? .v 'Q'-'Y 44" 7 wg ,Lap ' '1 .' Y 1 Inj... 'i .. . avg? , J I A ,iff xi, - Q, M' X - 'N 'a : ""' rg. fp If X 0 -5 2 K ' :Y NL I-.AEI ff- f A fffgwf X 1. , i , N b- 21 1 'Q':.'.A' 5 -'T . f 0 '..' L- " .'+-wlvm' ' The Elin' Meal - The 1959 Sweelhearl Couple, Miss llarbara Strong and Mr. Edward Schumacher, pose wilh their court in POSI-C0l'0I1ZlliUl'l ceremonies, Sweeilvzeaz ZZ liz ce' l.z'Sl1'r' Grafx In Cnllrgr - Towson couples wzllu away lhc cxcning l0 lhc strains of lhc LENlCl' Lzmin Orcl1cSll':1. 7 l Q Jmiai Cjazof Bsacgfsy cffflay Queen 1959 f .. """""""1lu1nn..., .,,, .Fw , i .-.r ' ' V , M.,-Y"f' v .T l ...nn .Y . ,..-,W ,...-44 ' ' , ,. U4 . -7 ' ..-..-.- nun! ..,- -r' "" 1 ' l xjf .- 1 r v ,,.. ' I -nu- .gps ,Ml T311 ' B Y" z 5.1 Q 5 IQ . w ff' y 1 . 1 .va ' 4 4 '1' 5 Y , I .3 H., x ,dl ... I, , . P I f XX? - a Y I in f 1 fp? 1: j"'.'f . U3.:i'lA',-, A .p""N19.lin, 'N , , 'iw-1 5 f ' , , 5 6 A ,ff Q., vu: -1.3 5,6 ' - vga: 4 .44 , ,, " WJ, 4, ., -...-f -fy if ', ' w g..-fl I . ,, ?,.Q.?"ig'1f' A xg- fail-"" I We lb CQ!- ,HJ-a . , y Vt'-qw 2 X ,I N A r . "5--S 1'-5 4 A Q ' x - ?6V.f",I'- " ',- 4 I. :V 'V -ffl' - ,F4'g.'1f 1. -- .1gvg.... -W. --,- 2,--,"e ., :',f,-.,,-fa,- -f,x,gg6a?'k 3 1' H K "5" "'-"ff -513 ' 'ff-L.. " '- ' ' -x -1 158 fi inf vs-ouuv-PW" fi ,E , M ,M A .M 6:5 f, Thu Qurz11'x Enmzmigi' - Miss Tqimzu' Bclski, Mis. Maui Suslhrink. Mis Bobbi Deir, Miss Rachel Millison, Miss Cliziriiialgiic Kessler, Miss Margaret w Mumlic. The Qucun. Misx Xgmu Cliikim. Mies Szincligi tfgirrcii, Miss Sharon Romer. Mrs. Carol Bailqy Miss Lorna lcnn und iheir escorts. Pax! Cmmmlimz - ,Xilcl .licr Cl'0H'I1illg, Queen Ilczlchlcy pmci with hcl' Maiil uf Honor, lhcir escorts. Clans Advisor M11 lidwurd Rubcndzlll. CIZASS Prcsiilciil Mr, Miihncl Ixkvilll. :mil lhc qmwnrlncurcr. ,av Daly sl i s Q .fo- 3 F' r HJJQ s X. S WVR -s Q7 K K I Mn f r 3 'lf' Q .N J.: -I' A Une and Tim 3 Children of the Lidu Lcc Tull School proxidc May Day vlsiiors with bclwccn-thc-acts CIllCl'l3l.l1l1lCIll. I Bird's Eye View - Coeds from Physical Education classes rally round the Maypolc- during ZlflC!'ll00l'l'S activities. 3: ' 1 X V 4, PJ ,f,' :ilu qs, 4 l,, in rg .1. -. -v all K ' ' FRS' " , 4 j A U f vi The Refcrssiuvial - Smiling Nancy Girkins leails the Que-:en's Court off the field following coro. nation activities. hx V" 7 f .S 1 'I ,SQ assi: ' , , +'1It,-.:ff"2w1:-.iris . Lpsz-Y LM' f4f1,:1L..,?I,JB fail,- x,4'-v,,11.f'v1L1,"'k1,gV 'iv s ' ' ,,1 't fx' , Tx .-., .4 -T. ' 't , rx 1' - . 4 A -. rc.. Mrnm1'iv.v - The Misses Wiinmcr. Brown. Nloodic, Garrett, Hellwig, Mnllcnclurc, Nlillisun, and Simmons rcminiscc about the good ol' days at Towson. i v . is Y K - . X I 4 , if -ff -. f nz-. , N ,- , ' 0111 .-llzmzmu - Fred Levin returns to the 'X Aj 15- V Tonson stagc in the guise of an old alumnus . 7j,j5f.'j, returning for Homecoming, r 'ffm-fff, X is A rffszgw "'-, -1 .Y-,5'v:':?ffg f ' r 5 rgggfit3,.g A igiglfifl.-. 1 ,A . . ,f 1-3435, .5 ' 3 ' fulii.-1.'f-: 1:,:..,.zQ, ' i.L?g'Q'i.ri-Q 1 3 H x Q. I 5 1 1 X H ' I 12 Talllrs Turned - Otts lampoons a certain W I ff' professor whom he has been imitating for ki., - 'iii--"f':-V - fum' xcars, How manv? 'J' if ii. .71 " 'Q M 11 5-q,,g 162 gli? t -' ' .. Q I x . M Q- Y A? L , Q4 I JN., L.i YZ We Lew we 43.1 . Another Lesher Line - Towson's answer to Jerome Robbins, Vivian Lesher puts her girls through their paces before opening night. 5.5-. I iij ., .-51 .1 , f Damned Frerlznwn - Larry Hutchins conducts a certain XVestern Civ. course while Miss Gtrkins seems surprised to find him without his tee-shirt. If To You Following the tradition he started four years ago with the presentation of "Neptune's Daugh- ter", Director Bruce johnson again provided Towsonites to another thoroughly enjoyable eve- ning of amateur theatre with the production of "X'Ve Leave It To You". The plot centered around two Towson alumni who return to Homecoming Day at different times in Towson history. Featured events were the l890's, the 0111 Maid - Helen Nelson portrays an alumna who missed her one chance at matrimony at an 1890 Homecom- ing. Roaring Twenties, and the present day. The theme ol' the three act musical was the fact that the audience was to decide which of the eras was the most enjoyable. Veteran Glen Player and Assembly stalwart Bob Deller chaired the script committee while Evelyn Gatley was in charge of musical direction and accompaniment, Viv Lesher provided the cast with the dances. l , , , Alain Sf7f'l'lkEI' - Dr. john Lewis, member of thc English Q Department, delivers the Investiturc Address. ,A - - ,AJ ,QI ff9AAt',2et1 ,-'CA-'WDM 'SQL A Iznzveszfizizwr l ll l l l l Thr Reccssional - Seniors file out of f Auditoriuni after being invested with 1 l the caps and gowns, E l Clnxv Presmlalinn S Presiclent Mike De Vita presents the Class Advisor with Zl scm book illuslrulixe of the hi hli his of the Class' four vears at Towson P H E , il rw , ll D31 will If 3 I ll. . 14,1 I Ken Stinrzr, and Fred Irvin greet Dr. and Mrs. Hawkins while Barbara Nedc-Isky. joe Onrsler. The reside FS D Gram l mmm, Iinnrl - -Illhilillll Seniors enjoy llwir final official dinner at thu invilzilimi of the Prcsidcnl :mc ghll'lEX Hellmg - - f? 1-me I fin' :I viii. 1 ,L-7 srl-, fr i ' i,5y,i's v:fL,,f:v'. N" L' A ii u.f,.1. Jam' J'-f-35' ..:f..f'fff5?-Q P 2224-ew 4 - - .,,' V7 K 'fr-'a..fu1.,uH, , 1 5' 'fi' F 1.- v- - ff' vi ife.2'2if' A .11 'fffgil' -P315-iii N V 5 4' " -wf ' 'W F" : rfb , V' - '- 1 , ff if fx- ,f 1, N J ' 'HQ ,Ji ' i' --A ' J - f1,f ' i ,' L""f'f1 "9 . it ' . i i I ,Q ik. i i ' Qi, ' E+ .1 ' - ,- --'Y U "' A 41 rv .iv -T' 3.x rw?" -- - ' V I-, I--v, Y if V I! . ,v 54- ' Sf' ff ' ig f K ' 1 :- V f"f" NFL f , :Za rimisai -: If il if K y is if-FT? V,'i V 1 W A W" 'F :if ff v i 7' . ' l . ,:. ,A Ni .f N, A +43 qi-.fli f 11'-31:1-f1:i' 2 ,':1'1U gi ,2 pg L H: - W -51 Ar, :Ti , 5 I ,A ,X Ll W ' H,.' ' 1 Q 11' ' . I f fu:'i?lLf'1'f'J Lg? 111 I I J: q 5 V -.1 MM x Lg' 44.1, 1 gi . ,fwg .3 , -Q15 ' 'Wim ig? WDW N M , y L , 1 ' ' A 1 i- N, ' 'I " ' ,J ' i 1 1, f- ,.f,14,.- , . - . .f--,si ' 1 x 'Fits fi ' -1' ii V- ' ii ' h i if ' I I A f 1 1 1' 52 ' ' ' , . -,git-yy-.., 311,-,-5,47 'H' 'jf ' 3 ' ' 5f1g"g',','f44.f1""fsr' ' 4:-f.-. Y. gi 91151, '. - '. r. . ' - S-I' 4 :fu r fi 'Q 1., ii - A.f'J'l' f . . mf ,V L !4 -A-M , , g,,,.,..g, .4..1.A- Hal mul Crm! - 'I hc "Men of Note" pmvide ilzxmihlc music for lhc imlickiiig Scninrs. Th S 0 .Nlrirllv Fnmml - Tuwsunili-s ilisplziv their liZlIlliiCSl Im' the biggest niglil of their life. N 1 :Er '21 I. H x . fr slilllrtlh-1. -hh La I i'.'1'. YARV A ulogrnpli Hoimrix - seem to be after the f 'W i :- A I ,,,xM.q'd Thr II'ilrl Um' - Nancy Girkins proves she can get away from the 'I re:isurcr's hooks long enough to enjoy herself. xl il, 32- If Y WK' A '-K3 Even Howard Glick and his date autograph of Senior joe Tischer, ff Hospital Ron' - Parker Koons, Ken Stiner, and -Y I' Doris Alberfs date display their respective woumls during an intermission. 2' 1 fn. " ' ef" fr ik WK 1 I6 5.15 gf '23 iq , 'RIP' A . :PTFTX 1' 5-:lid Robert Edward Callary Phyllis Goodman X... Q55 Nancy Lee Clawson Harriette Virginia Held Patricia Ann Ennis Wilma Elaine Kurth 168 Janice Jacqueline jenkins Sylvia .lean Lipsitz I my Ruth Louise Miller 'L i' v1.2 V ffl, 'L . -3 CQ , 4. XVillian1 Francis Moessinger . v Q . ru gt ik an ?l' Thomas Jerome Rubeling Whe- gn Charles Neil YYolfkill an A -.s 4 A 4, - 'Y V, N is ' .':'f.'-v 5' L I z l I 1, 'Skt nib A' ' ii ,O , ,A 1-11 - First Gmduale - Mr. jerome Frampton, jr. President of the State Board of Education, presents me first degree of 1959 to Miss Sylvia Adler as Student Government Association President Ed Schumacher prepares to provide him with others. Comme eememz Demi nf Iurlrzzrlion - After his presentation of the can- didates fm' the degree. Dr. Kenneth Browne summons lhcni tn come forwzml to receive the degrees. l7l ' .L Z" - ' .. ff? ', Kult! . di 3 'ln if r' f The Claws 1959 172 'rw--w' . .4 ps at P ,W -. -- I I., R 4 sf- i' J' W v 'Y A 4--'li 4' 4152.3 .Vg C sf- i' J' W v 'Y A 4--'li 4' 4152.3 .Vg C sf- i' J' W v 'Y A 4--'li 4' 4152.3 .Vg C

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