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ALBERT S. COOK LIBRARY STATE TEACH!-If" 'N " .., .ULLEGE AT TOWSON BALTNJORE 4, MARYLAND J .. L Exif?" wk , 1 p I The Class of 1954 of State Teachers Collage Towson. Marvland ff, .fm - -HW' J? ,.., rf fp: f- f f .V ,rw .gc iiilflrfzf V 321' ff K-:iff , .. ., - . I7 v 1 .113 Gif-':'5fi"" v , . i , i w , w . J -1 v 3' r nu! ll! IW' J 'Yr lun '!P3""?' Vib- 7' 1 ,fs fv-'-H I fu" ff Alf ffvnwr JO X7-an ff 42' xx 'X . K. X,--L ,gk Q-4,-Q lafa , T' ,ff .. .gg 'Mr rn WF9 " 'P lf V TB' " aginaa I 5 'Pre '-vevng Ns A s.,,.,,,zgrw. ':-"1'5wwn-rS"- ,,r"+"'- rx-rv ,gf 'A -yr-v '95-r Yana' 3'-6? 1 1 W W . b 'W' ., 4: J' 71 1 - n FW N x ' " 'fl , . , 1,4 A N Q , N .N . . , J I I I -NN . X - ' . I Ni .I J' 14 x, , I lf, X y '55 "fa , ' , 7.9 W Y .1 Q . ', ' ' '1' ' ,A . , J M A QV. f J, -5' 1 1 aim . f'-K ij ,L K x M Q X K 'I V ' ' f U -5- . ' .A fs. lf. . XX "Q X " t - . Wg-. 1 1 V - 45 -.- QL' z .-3' . T Q- . .6171 ' F 9' 'L - K 1' T. '1 . ' 5 fgfaa f , " EQ' 1 . 1 A fl' I 'F-9, U Y., . N N77-' .54 If" gwnf. fix , 9 Q'-.::.p T.:-.9 SQQII-154513, X 5 f X N. .L','L, 4 ' " . 1- , .Q -q - . -F-2' ' . .1-. 1 , fr.-:Q f,- ,- f -4 ."' ., lf' a. -f s if 1 ' . . ,f 4. JS.. , -.' ' ' .. I ' fn 'K 3- 51 5- J'5'!f1'575:"Qf' Q A , Nui- L Q.. L ll 2.1 g'i:..f.5G'n' 'fl-, . ?' - , 4 1, ' 1' -3 "Q H . -- ., . ,jf 1 : 41 , , .-- N, : ' gg. 1' f- ., 2 '- .Qi " . 4 -- 1 ..f.' , ' Lffg 41' " Ku. ..-- ,g II f - , . ' ' '- ' I? - -f 5- ,F 3 mm.: 112- .' f '43 ji 4 31 an v ycfxw' 411 1 1m.,Am.-'Y - 'va ., .t 'ami ,1 -CD51 V- . Ktgf' -1 A- W 4. . '- 5. 'mv' - , -.5-'Qi 4 V . 'Zigi if? -75f: fWsf. -- - Ji- T?1AQ.."r A' 1 M.. Sl' .., . ' IE? -Hs' ' If ", ,. "'-' 1 . 5 . I U lf- 4, V T A b, 't ,-:- J f . , -Y - . - In ' 5 Ig da' B W L ,,+ , ' '. f . . 1 - ' 'fi:.. ..4 " ' W -.. v , w ,- ' - ' gp-wf.y1 , -W 4- -'vw-1'-'A' - pw- 242.1-'grwf - " ' 4 '6f:'E'.fILfT-"t"1f' V V Q L-if,-1 ...un L 'ww V , - swf. . A W' - '-1-fg. ,, F V ,V MV .,.. 4, . - 4 .. ' 1.2.3 4' .V . .,.,, NV qw, , ,W 5 ,Wi - 4 "" ' ' ' ' ' - N N ' -L 1 'L V . if ,,. K - H , - 5 K ,. 'I r EIIHIIES , N K , , , -' , , ':f'- if I , 'Lf' '14'f7,f 'A ,L ,V y , AY.i,.l,,, . 1-V . - " ' . . ' f .- ' -IF j'- gf, xnq "A" 'Q' '-5' '.: ' bklvvyf HG' . 'll' I, fa ,, , 1 .-!F'7"i ' cv ILE!!! I. COOK LIBRAII I i IOISON STATE COLLEGI HALTIIOBE 4. IIBYLIIU Q 1 4 -mi ,,, J-, , L J X v-,4 TABLE UP AIJMINISTHATIUN Pages B-9 UHHANIZATIUNS Pages PU-ffl SPUHTS Pages 311-35 IIUNTENT5 I I Vi'iI"i I I ll r'j r' I' nuns .IL-.Lf I I X'I'I lllI?i I' :uns Illli-IlI'l XIIVIIIl'I'IfilNli I I lj I I I' IIIIES HL- LH DEIIIIIATIU fl f 4.5 1 L f 34' dir 45 -, . 'UQ 1, ., , To Doctor John Mcllloary . . F ...who understood and omzooraood our ollum to rise above mediocrity. lll1lVII ISTHATIU Pervading the college is a spirit of friendliness from the Presidents office to the individual in- structors. Personal conferences with administra- tors and instructors give the student a feeling the college is taking a personal interest in him. .---""'5. 74- Q . l fl 'u 1 U, 7 f if R 2 + I . uv1-r With dignity and efficiency, President Hawkins performs his administrative duties. Checking thc-ir assignments, the office staff plans another busy day. ih- 10 ZW ur X , 451. i Ki 4 -14-...- Dean Murphy and Dean Browne dis cuss college policy. U1 V m-rf.w v-,vm 1 I I IN vu uluw' rn :.Hq1M -,4, A. l ,A,, llr. 'lzmsil xcluxcs with ,XIIIICIIC :Alu-1 :1 day ul uffirizxling an Dum uf ,Ml- Ill ivinnx. 'Y -s H A X " ,, llr. l'lwl.ln alwrks Ihr eI.n'w .llYlN'illlIlll'IllN huh Nu l"1'lguwn, yn 1 A Our staff of librarians aid studen selecting supplementary readings. ts in S Miss Reeder helps find additional material for students and instructors. I fs .,. A familiar sight to student teachers is this scene of Drs. Smith, Scott, and Hartley con- ferring with their secretary about future appointments. "H y Dunn pmlxlc-lm are hznmllvnl cfficiz-ntly umlvr thc guidnmc of this aulivc In-my W url. l-'urlunnlc SIINICIIIN rcfvivc Iinnl mhvck on smlwilulvw fiom lm'gislr:n"u hclpm-ls. Y Y A2 'ii in In mln: fX1u H ,ff H Dr. XVillis discusses government policy with in- terested class. -,. Western Civilization students are shown stra- tegic points by Mr. Hellerich. "Ez: ,,,.," Freshman geography is made more meaningful through Dr. Wa1ther's visual aids. 3 M,---1 r as 1. , . elf Dr. Mueller illustrates that "math can be fun." An American Literature class listens to Dr. Crabtree as g-Q she inserts personal remarks on contemporary authors. 2 Presentation of Shakesperian plays by Mr. lVright provokes serious thinking on the part of the students. I5 1 5 Mr. Crook suggests microscope techniques to his biology class. Dr. Cox points out to his physical science class the useful- ncss of homemade projects in the classroom, cf ,po f slum' l l i X -9 X.,-32 , Individual experiments in chemistry are pervisecl by Mr, Dcsautels. w I 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 Wilh such a busy schedule, Dr. Clarke finds il difficult to locale her psychology class. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Dr. Ne ulandcr employs modem techniques in psychology seminar. 1 1 , FLASTNER --2 , . ' QQMLQJQQWT " l 3 wfvsm ,t 'Q lisif K,- ,125 1 I If ,f ' Fine and Industrial Arts students find pleasure in dipping candles. in Mrs. Brouwer's class ar: Mr. Ceriak tests the musical ability of his Qtudcnti. -x. 2-2 Miss Bize points out coronary arteries lo her health class. 1 ,l r I "Mac" greets Dr. Volpel and students who are going on a field trip. A language arts student tries to act the part of a second grader for Mr. Abendroth. Physical education under Dr. Minnegan proves to be fun for youngsters as well as potential teachers. DHEA IZATIU 5 Music, religion, government, journalism - these are but a few of the many interests to which the organizations of Towson cater. The full rosters of these organizations attest to their success in satisfying these interests. -A l 5 , I 5 I 5' 4 A u- " Qsmifefs' 365' -YRQSLS fi ! V , Slandingz B. Yaffe, T. Marchione, Dr. Clark, Dr. Crabtree, Dr. Smith, T. Foster, C. Hayes, Dr. Gifford, H. Polhein. Fifth raw: N. Hiner, P Losco, L. Houpt, E. McHenry, D. Deardorff, G. Hohl. Fourth row: W Fisher, J. Lumm, S. Cunningham, C. Hershfield, A. Taliaferro, K. Wilson liappa Della Pi Epsilon Alpha is the local chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, a national honor society in education. The organization numbers among its members many distinguished leaders in the field of education such as Dr. Harold Benjamin and Dr. l'Villiam Heard Kilpatrick. Some of the main activities carried on by the society are the sponsoring of famous educators at assemblies and attending National Convocations which are held at various locations throughout the country. Third rozv: B, Rhodes, D. Exline, M. Sadler, I. Harryman, J. Wickless A. Kilgour. Second row: M. Evans, H. Lindsay, M. Grimm, N. Rappo- port, M. Connolly, R. Lyston. First row: W. Myers, M. Cross, J. Lapides N. Godsey. j. Hill, E. Uhlan. Alpha Phi Umeqa Because of interest in previous scout organizations, members of the Alpha Phi Omega have joined together to offer additional services to the college. Under the di- rection and sponsorship of Dr. Marvin Volpel, the APO has assisted the Freshman Advisory Council in their varied activities. On several occasions this unique organization has shown films to the student body and extra-curricular clubs on campus. Ken Morelock, president of the APO, in cooperation with other members plan numerous and varied activities for the year. D. DeGrafft, T. Wright, K. Morelock, D. XVenck, J. Porter, Dr, Volpel, G. Lloyd. Standing: O. Hellwig, Dr. Walther, VV. Zachmier, R. Smith, M. Mueller, R. Lacey, D. Fischer. Sealed: Dr. Laine, M. Zimmermann, K. Bradley, B. Simons, P. Parkinson. Geography Eluh Future Teachers of America With the purpose of providing various activities and more extensive study, the Geography Club is comprised of better than average students interested in the field of research. Dr. Laine, the organizer of the club is currently acting as adviser. Under his leadership, special projects, field trips, and community work are undertaken. Al- though a newly organized club, the members have many plans for future progress. The members of The Future Teachers of America are not only interested in education as a career for them- selves, but they also try, in numerous ways. to get others interested in teaching as a profession. Members often visit high schools and give some views on teaching as a career and Towson Teachers College as a preparation for this career. Educational movies, discussions. and trips are some of the activities enjoyed by this group. Standing: L. .I-Idwards, B. Walters, R. McKinney, M. Cross, L. Reed. D. Miller, J. Harper. M. Sadler, P. Sklrvin, VV. Keller, P. Smith, D. Fischer. Sealed: M. Laupus, K. Mann, M. Moles- worth, A. Greer, P. Phillips. llanterhury Club The Canterbury Club, affiliated with the Na- tional Canterbury Association, is the Episcopal- ian church organization here on the campus. The club is under the rectorship of the Rev. Vvilliam C. Roberts. It has developed a great deal since it was founded in New York in 1918. The organization is open to both students and faculty, and is advised by Mrs. Hlagemann. Some of the Canterbury Club's functions in- cluded socials, panels, and guest speakers. iii' T Lutheran Students Assutiatiun The followers of Martin Luther find this club the club for their religious devotion. The program of this organization has both a reli- gious and social value. As a member of the Baltimore area LSA, the Towson group was active with Lutheran groups from other near- by colleges. This past February the Baltimore area acted as host to the entire eastern coast association of Lutheran students in Pennsylvania. ewman Club The Newman Club is composed of the Cath- olic students and faculty of State Teachers Col- lege. It is under the guidance of Father M. Schallenberg, Immaculate Conception Church, Towson, who provides spiritual and moral as- sistance to all members. Many of the activities this group carry on are in conjunction with the National Organization of Newman Clubs. The daily rosary, trips to local and neighboring city churches, and social and business meetings are important functions of this group. The in- itial use of the school chapel was a success that insures a new year full of both spiritual and social progress. iw ' It l U N Student Christian Association The Young Women's Christian Association and The Young Men's Christian Association are both parts of The Student Christian Associas tion on Towson's campus. Membership is open to all who share in the purpose of exemplifying the principles of Christian religious training in their personal lives, and of promoting loyalty to each individual Christian conviction. The program of the group included worship serv- ices, study groups, service projects, intercol- legiate conferences, and social events. Student lfliifistian Association Choir The Student Christian Association Choir is an a cappella group under the able direction of Miss Hazel Mac Donald. It is composed of resident women students selected on the basis of talent and interest. The choir is a service organization which sings at vespers, college assemblies, and off-campus concerts in many churches throughout Maryland. The spirit of the holidays is enriched by the harmonious voices of the girls in this group. lnter-Varsity Ehristian Fellowship This year has been a year when many or- ganizations inade their appearance on the col- lege campus. The Inter-Varsity Christian Fel- lowship is one of these new groups. The meni- bers believe that prayer and study of Holy Scriptures will strengthen the spiritual lives of college students. The club has engaged guest speakers through the year to talk to their mem- bers. Although a new club, it has shown itself to be an enriching one. jean Lumm pours coffee as other hostesses look on. Alpha Psi Umeqa The Iota Sigma Cast of the Alpha Psi Omega was in- itiated at Towson this year and is the local chapter of the national dramatic fraternity. The chapter was founded with the purpose of furthering appreciation of the drama in all its aspects and is composed of those graduates and undergraduates whose interest in theatre is paramount. Mr. Richard G. Fallon is faculty adviser of the fraternity. Play writing contests, dramatic activities, and a closer association of the state's college drama clubs have been planned. Hostess Club For those girls at the college who are interested in learning the proper serving procedures and how to be a gracious hostess, there is the Hostess Club. Its mem- bers serve at all official college dinners served in the dorm or at the President's home. They also learn about such interesting subjects as flower arranging. Groups cheerfully served by these girls include Towson alumni and the senior class. Its members find this club profit- able ancl enjoyable. Back razv: D. Knox, C. XVeil, R. Lyston, M. Sakers, j. Little, Middle row: A. Oberle, N. Hiner, D. Rogers, N. Harrison, L. Donovan. Front row: R. C-ist, L. Harbcr. Student Centre Directory The main function of the Student Centre Directory is the effective operation of the new Student Centre. The newness of this organization has made it primarily a policy-forming board whose major accomplishment so far has been the establishment of a duty system which insures that the operation of the Centre rests almost entirely in the hands of the students. Slunding: Mr. Moser, F. Schwartz, IV. Miller, Mr. Pollack. Seated: N. Harrison, B. Hartley, K. Bradley, N. Godsey. 1 t 1 l t 1 I Back rozv: 1. lVastler, F. Rite, B. Schilpp, B. Kramer, N. Brown, L. Reed, K. Morelock, Mr. Hellerich. Middle row: O. Holsinger, R. Lehman, J, Sanders, D. XValters. Front row: S. Cunningham, Wickless, M. Laupus, J. Lumm. D. Fischer, D. Miller, M. Cross, F. Rice, M. Zimmerman, L. Cronmiller, D. Exline, K. Morelock. atural History Group The Natural History Group is an outgrowth of the health and science courses offered at the college. A plan formulated by the former Dean Dowell, this club materialized under the leader- ship of Miss Bize. The activities are field trips, exhibitions, and demonstrations supplementing al- ready established natural science courses. Marshalls The Marshals act as guides and official repres 'sentatives of the school itself in meeting visitors. They served at the Tuesday assemblies and usher- ed at evening performances in the auditorium. Upperclassmen were chosen on the basis of their academic standing and their willingness to serve in this organization. It enjoyed many social lunc- tions in addition to the many services to the school which it gave untiringly. Nancy The International Relations Club is a student organization sponsored by the Carnegie Endow- ment for International Peace. It works to ac- quaint its members with the problems and issues in the world today. Throughout the year mem- bers attend meetings at different colleges in the vicinity. This year members visited the United Nations building in New York City, and this past spring four delegates from the club attended a model general assembly at Alfred University. Godsey leads a line of Marshals. The Publication The Publication, the college literary magazine, was the result of several years of endeavor on the part of many faculty members and students. Its main pur- pose is to encourage an interest in the reading and Q writing of the poetry, essays, short stories, critical anal- yses, and plays written by members of the college com- munity and alumni. This magazine, which is pub- lished semi-annually, is exchanged with other colleges in an effort to stimulate intellectual relationships. A. Grossman, Mr, Mitchell, A. Miller, F. Wisniewski. ,. 14 Dr. Bevins, J. Kanzler, G. Hanson. L The Art Club at State Teachers College is un- der the able guidance and leadership of Mr. Mit- chell. The club was organized to afford artisti- cally inclined and interested people an additional outlet for their talents. This organization has given the school many hours of its time in pre- paring scenery, decorations, and other exhibits to enhance the cultural background of the college. The program of the club for the coming year as- sures the school that it will be both a growing and progressive group. 7 1" X..- .lr.- Sr. lVlEll,S Eluh Meeting at Glen Esk, Dr. Hawkins entertains the male members of the faculty and the men in the junior and Senior classes. Guest speak- ers are usually invited to these meetings to provide a cultural stimulus for the evening. Refreshments are usually served to conclude an evening away from the books for the upper- classmen of Towson. Standing: C. Young, T. Foster, R. Peterson, E. Kulinski Seated: C. Rice, Dr. Hawkins, W. Myers. l f .-Lfl' Atreyu" , 11 I l Back mul: C. Boone, A. Kulick, T. Danish, J. Peeling, K. XVray, M. Ewell, D. Knox, S. Rice, D. McCall, T. Muarchione, G. Hall, M. Evans. Middle row: D. Yingling, M. Laupus, S. Mangold, P. Losco, j. Carre, M. Sadler, Freshman Advisory Council The Freshman Advisory Council is an organization whose sole purpose is to aid new students in becoming ac- quainted with college life. The Freshman Orientation Pro- gram in September is especially designed by the FAC to answer all questions that naturally arise from students con- cerning clubs, social functions, scholastic problems, and life in general at Towson. Members of the organization were selected by the members of the preceding year on the basis of their high academic standards and social competency. Mem- bers help Freshman faculty advisers with any current prob- lems and keep close contact with all new students. M. Sadler, T. Danish, J. Addy, P. Losco, G. Hohl. M. Mack, A. France. 7 A , 5' . lt I r if ,A vl .K . . J. Arrington, D. Reinhardt. F. Torino, N. Godsey, I, Paul. Front row: E. Zawila, M. Louthan, K. Fockler, M. Cross, E. Keiser, M. Sadler, M. Mack, J. Lumm, G. Snyder, D. Thomas. Student Government Association The Student Government Association is the largest or- ganization in the school, since every student is a member. It is a living, virile organization. It is the voice of the student on our campus. It is representative government on the college level at its best. It is the interested and active members of the school that cause it to be the best possible. The Student Government Association is composed of an Exec- utive Council of ten members and a Student Council made up of representatives from the classes and organizations. Here the elected representatives of the students carried on a bene- Hcial program for our college community. Presiclcnt james .Mldy checks vote at S.G.A. meeting. . .4- X W 2 29 vt String lfluartet In addition to performing at assemblies, the String Quartet play at small gatherings and parties. Here they are seen entertaining at the l'resitlent's dinner for graduates. Musical Urquuizatiuus Dr. Wilfred Hathaway often plays the newly-acl quired organ at college assemblies and other pro- QYBITIS, Mens Ehurus Under the leadership of Mr. Geriak, the Men's Chorus not only entertains at the college, but also serves as an excellent public relations group when singing for other schools. iii! , nm MPM .. lea . it T ' .,,.M lilee Club The Glee Club is a mixed chorus composed of over one hundred students from the various college classes. The music presented varied from sacred to secular, and from classic to popular. In addition to their performances at our college on such occasions as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Freshman Parent's Day, and Commencement, members also carry on an extra-curricular schedule which includes visits to high schools and radio broadcasts. The Glee Club has had a successful year aiming to add to the musical background of future teachers. in TX ul- Urcliestra Under the direction of Mr. Geriak, the State Teachers College orchestra has grown a great deal from the small group it started out to be not so long ago. This year the group has continued to grow in number, quality, and repertoire. Some of the occasions at which the group contributed both popular and classical music were the Hi h School Visitin Da , the Christmas and other assembiries, May Day, thegBacc5alaureate Service, and finally Commencement Exercises. The group practiced many Monday afternoons to perform such works as Leroy Anderson's jazz Pizzfcalo, Sleigh Ride, and W'agner's Tann- lzazzser March. "I 'W A.. Axi TUWEH LIGHT The Tower Light is the bi-weekly newspaper published by the students for the college community. Many changes have taken place during the 1953-5-l year to better accommodate the grow- ing student body. The Tower Light was moved from what is now the linen room to a more centralized office in the Student Centre. Another step was the change of process to letterpress. The Tower Light is a member of the Co- lumbia Press Association and the As- sociated Collegiate Press. 'N -v lv" x V. 1 ' l Z Angelo - Business Manager: Harriet - Exchange Editor. EdifOT'I'71-Clliff tlfanaging Editor . , Executive Editor , Mary Lou Louthan Franny Torino . Dean Pickens News Editors , nl. Pohlman, E. Pennington Feature Editor Sports Editor . Cirrulation Manager Excliange Editor , Business Manager . . Faculty Adviser . Yvonne Miller . . Tom Cripps , H. Goldstein , Pat Powers Angelo Marchione Mr. Frank Guess Page Editors putting another issue to bed. 32 xv: S lr 2' Q. 3 ,nh 2 f Pholog Staff "The Big Tln'er:" - Franny, Mary Lou, Dean. 5 X L7 'll rc. D bs'VYv L Bernie checking with Vange to find out if there will be enough money. Betty and Carolyn examining the recent crop of photos. AP' Y TU EH ECHUES The Tower Echoes is the permanent record of the year's events at STC. The major appeal of the book is through the eye and a vast number of pictures must be organized into a visual calendar of college activities and vignettes. The picture arrangements, printed articles, and cover design all emerge from the ideas, activities, and work of the staff. XVork is essential in getting out a year- book, but work that is always varied, vital, and rewarding. X14 Rose Ann and Hallie marking up a page. Bernard Yafie . Rose Ann Provenna Hallie Odgers . , Betty Schilpp, Carolyn Margaret Laupus . Nancy Godsey . . . Ronald Peterson .. Delores Deardorff . , ml. Richard Lyston . Evangeline Maniatis Henry lVolpert ..,. Phineas P. XVright . . Nancy and Marge editing some more copy. ,, . Editor ,.. Associate Editor . ., .. ArtEditor Gauze ,, Co-Photography Editors .. . Literary Editor ,...,., Features . . . . ilIen's Sports . . IV07716l1,5 Sports ...M Senior Editor , Business illanaver 6 A dvertzsing illnnager .,. Faculty Adviser 33 Y SPIJHTS Following the STC motto of "Sports for All," an extensive athletic program for both men and women is carried out. A varied intramural and elective program provides an opportunity for all who are not members of the varsity teams to participate. my l 55114. fm! 1 4 W Q 1 I W '1vf'4A , , -ggi! ff:-an ,qz .1 4 A r i n , ...,. , ..., YQ, -4 J' fa ll -. Y -1- - '-Tn'-v , Kali' ' 4 '3- 4 tf5 i, . .IL W ,-,, w'-Hes: 9 'ge noir ii-'Cir' 'LS vqzgavai- K. nflf f Q-.'!??."" pg 94-Pi! v ,- N. 5., 7' ' ""71 ff. . , P4 l :E W 4 . V 1 ' 1 4 Jil Qf' my i 175' k . , i ' ' N v., ,. . 175 vs' L ' -. H 1 . T, , .V -ga L , ' F- 'V A . .. - -' :I '- 31, 1 . --: 4 l iz, V-.PEW . V - 1+ fw . r 5 r'-., il Q A in Q J R 4, -', WUmEH,S 4. fi sv .xl A x 9 L V Vw ' 5 Electives P . , I X A v dv f The Executive Board of the WA..-X. The XVOlT'lCl1'5 Athletic Association is one of the largest organizations on Towson's campus since every woman in the student body is a member. This organization is headed by an executive board which helps to promote ath- letics and sportsmanship, to create a more vig- orous school spirit, to sponsor an elective pro- gram lor women, and to provide activities for special days. In the elective program, hockey, soccer, archery, lacrosse, badminton, basketball, square dancing, modern dancing, softball, and volleyball are offered. The organization was remembered for its playdays with other schools and Demonstration Night here at the college. Womens Athletic Association This rc-st period gives Miss Sargent a chance to give a few pointers to these basketball enthusiasts. ...,.........l--1 H1 i i i 1 I I l l 1 It l l i it l i iv 1 ll r i i l Y i l -tif- .. - i r .J li l fl Ei I i i 4 V .il The Men's Athletic Association has as its membership the entire male student body. lfVithin the Association is the Men's Athletic Council which consists of faculty members, five student officers, and athletic coaches. This year, some of the things discussed have been the accident benefit policy, athletic scholarship, and intramurals. The slogan "Sports for All" has been continued throughout the year, with more men participating than be-lore. Its main ac- tivities were the MAA sponsored dance, May Day concession, and the banquet for all sports participants and managers, .l I. VIN!! Q ,Q-V+ 6 ' 1' l' 1 3 ' ,'f.14-5: ' ,..-ulfgl T. Foster, XV. Gray, V. Salkowski, G. Bennett. Mens Athletic Association Piaskethall is one of the favorite intramural sports '05 c QQY' kiuil 54- gh . Standing: A. Fnantz, Mgr., D. McColgan, J. Weber, j. Spitznas, R. Oliver, K. Rath, J. Agrella, P. Parkinson, T. Beck, B. Nelson, D. Yingling, J. Baummer, R. Colburn, Dr. Minnegan. Sealed: R. Smith, W. Harman, E. Schwiegrath, D. Hughes, R. Livingston, R. Rcider, J. Zimmerman, T. Cripps, E. Childs, D. DeGrafft, D. Pickens. Soccer 4 ' ' '- "A'f,f.'fivj77,.., A "' Towson's all-conference goalie, Reese Livingston, stretches for Z1 low, hard one. The 1953 Towson soccer team, although post- ing only a mediocre overall record of .3 wins, 2 ties, and 4 losses, furnished their adherents with a highly commendable brand of soccer. In Mason- Dixon competition the Golden Knights faired con- siderably better, fashioning an acceptable 3-l-2 log. These wins were over Loyola 5-2, Roanoke 2-0, and Mt. St. Mary's 3-0 in the season's finale. The Schoolmasters played a l-l deadlock with VVash- ington College, while losing to always powerful Baltimore U., and the eventual conference cham- pions, johns, Hopkins, by identical l-3 counts. Many individual performances highlighted this sea- s,on's play. That these individual efforts were ,noticed can perhaps best be proven by the fact that four Towson pitchmen were named to the Mason-Dixon All Star Team. These were Al Pom- oroy, outside left, Jack Zimmerman, outside right, Bob Colburn, half-back, and Reece Livingston, stellar net-minder. Pomoroy was once again named to the first team, while the others were tendered second team status. With Livingston, who incidently posted 3 shut-outs, Buck Harmon, Dave Yingling and Jake Boern returning in 1954, the Towson soccer future seems to be in capable hands. 'z '55 -2-, dt. Anxiety creeps over the spectators and bench. zgewff-1, .. -. lm--it - "' ", . my "'v "Don't Mother ity KICK IT!" .117- 41 ' ' i A ' V .- 4,1 - uf- - 3' -if T, I i X " ' ls 1 V,- L, -1 I'owson's muscle men. Wrestling The 1953-54 wrestling season was featured by modest pros- pects in Fall, high hopes and good performance in mid-season, but disappointment by tournament time. After the usual pre-conference practice with U. of M., Hfest- chester Teachers, and Drexel Tech, Towson opened M-D com- petition with victories over three perennial Mason-Di:-ton rivals, Catholic U. 21-ll, Loyola 23-12, and Baltimore U., last year's champs, 23-ll. Towson had to be content with second place in dual-meet competition, however, losing a heart- breaker to Gallaudet, 16-12. Xllestern Maryland was not met. In view of this successful dual-meet season in its own class, Towson was disappointing in the annual M-D tournament held at Towson. By this time, injuries and other factors had contrived to give the Knights a better team on the sidelines than on the mat. Only five men were entered and all scored. lllalt Dashiell and Denny Psoras earned second places. Donny Hughes and Bob lfvebster won third place honors, and Mfalt XVeber took a fourth. This left the host squad with 14 points, l2 short of the championship. No summary of the past season would be complete without singling out the steady dependable performances of Hughes, Xlleber, Ray lVilkerson, lValt Dashiell, and since February, Mleb- ster. Denny Psoras's winning of second place in the tourna- ment with a broken foot will long be remembered as one of the finest displays of courage in Towson's athletic history. Coach E. O. von Schwerdtner 'X sn'-sr A I U" N. K JL: 'A' 1 ' . ' N A r V - E " '23 ii- 'V . ff V 'Vi ig y ff' y 7 IJ xfkx XValt XN'eber in acuon 1 Don Hughes, lhc aggressor. 'KN Walt Dashiell on top XR The Team. Basketball Off to a flying start in conference play by winning their first three games, the Golden Knights thought 1953-'54 might be their year to "go all the way." However, the February graduation of star rebounder and high scorer Jack Downs hurt the team imnieasurably. With the loss of Downs, the scoring burden fell entirely upon the shoulders of sopho- more Jim Spitznas, whose highly respectable 17 point average gained him Mason-Dixon honorable mention. Outstanding playmaker and titan on defense for the court five was Frank Lastner. Other notables who must be singled out for praise on the Killian-coach ed squad are Ted Venetoulis, Joe Taymans, and Ed. Schweigrath. Frank Lastner in the air. Cross Country The Cross-County squad saw their three year unblemished dual meet record go by the boards in their initial effort of the year, as Hlashington College nosed out the Towson team 2-1-34, in a startling upset. However, Dr. Minnegarrs fleet-footed harriers, got back on the winning side with a I9--l0 romp at the expense of Loyola College. The Golden Knights continued their winning ways with consecutive dual meet victories over Catholic University 21-35, and Gallaudet College, thus finishing the season with a highly successful 3-l dual meet slate. Once again the hill-and-dalers were led by Keith 'Wilson, team captain, and Ken XVray. XVilson added to his long string of triumphs by finishing first in all four dual meets, and cop- ping fourth in the annual Mason-Dixon Conference Championships. Towson placed fifth in this event as Hfilson and lVray, who finished 9th, were the only Knights to win medals. The team lost 9 men from last year's roster, starting the 1953 campaign with only YVilson and Vtlray as holdovers. That the season was a winning one points to the tremendous achievement of new- comers 'Roger Griest, Ray Scott, and Frank Barrier, whose rapid development enhanced the Gold and Mfhite fortunes. 3? I 'C 3 f' QW- 6 f kffd Q "Doc" Minnegan and team Standing: B. Nelson, E. Kulinski R. Hanson, W. Turner, D. Hughes, N. Sheehan, Dr. McC1eary. Kneel- ing: K. Bond, YV. Lowman, J. jed- licka, D. Dc.rafft. ex' -.P' Hjl. .4-, H . ,H , +I. LA ' 1. ,T,,, +?' .I .-er. ..4. 1 ,- .1 nwsm ' 1 fi 92' gn. .Q- -av 3 98 '-L 5 4 .045-7 1, LA. ' 4' gm1f'. Tennis Although this year's tennis team was com- prised of many relatively inexperienced netmen, it was able to match the performance of last year's stronger outfit. Dr. John McCleary's coaching gave each man the necessary confi- dence to expect at victory, in many cases, against overwhelming odds. The final record of 4 and 10 is deceptive because of the many close match- es that were played. Bill Lowman lunging. ff i I t -r ." al lf l r Captain Jed slashing. Fx i The track team is the largest squazl in Towson's athletic program. Versatile WValt Dashiell shot-putting 'fr M' 'n , ' r' fwfr: Bu... , -1 -4 . ,g '. . 'Y 'ZZ-gif ,Q ' I +1 As Dr. Minnegan, Athletic Director and Coach, says, "Practice plus time equals achieve- ment." This year's track and field team can be sin- gled out as proof of this philosophy. The total achievement of this group of athletes won un- precedented laurels in Towson track history. The squad shared the Mason-Dixon Conference dual meet crown with Roanoke, both teams be- ing undefeated. Top individual performances were registered by sprinters Don Hofler and Jim Bryars, middle distance men Ed Mitzel and Ken lVray, hurdlers john Heck and Dave Smith, two-mile champion Captain Keith Wil- son, discus man Jim Henry, and this spring's high point producer, hurdler, high jumper, and broad jumper, Phil Parkinson, who is a per- sonal exemplification that by continued hard work toward a goal one is often rewarded by excellence. " "-1' "'2'f" ?3r, Q, 5 nh 'fJ:l1,.i!""- ' V4 Success at the tape Track and Field Up and over ' v- Ken XVray receiving congratulations " . . and carry a big slick.' x X A. - 5. lf'!""l , Lv! P3 n Baseball 'fr b 50 At least he tried. Nu.. Yfmui .1 ' P' 5-. Another bingle. .f-4 - ... . V - .. A 1 - f . 4, .A .,v., Win,-.s qv. ,gg-'tg S,g.,5A,i . ... -.v 3-,AZN ' - ,H "...f '. - V , ,' -"!,,,-,ofa - . , , . . , , .-.,., .-,- - -f ---- , -f 1-9. ', " ., . -1 -., ,N ,.-,,,...p-.- -,QV .-.JS I -K - - .5 -fr -:f,q,-ju: .' . All heart and all bad luck seemed to char- acterize this year's baseball team. As usual, the fierce, competitive attitude was apparent in every player. Realizing that many of their mainstays were injured did not daunt the courage of these boys. Again, practice teach- ing kept a stalwart, Tom Cripps, from joining the team until late in the season. VVith all there adverse conditions, Towson finished sixth in the Northern Division of the Mason- Dixon Conference. WA. E l 4" l'4"'+'l'w'+zg" . . -fu' '. sf.. Q ,,., -"L All ,Ja .L K.. ,. - fl Oul by a step! Tom Cripps, Mound Mainstzly Bark row: M. Fricsland, J. Spitznas, H. Moore, T. Cripps, R. Livingston, G. Jenkins, Mgr. Middle row: D. Hyson, D. Gamse, S. Smith, Coach Earle Killian, D. Yingling. B. Binder, F. Tondrick, Front mzu: W, Hzmnon. P. Conley, T. Venetoulis, C. McNair, J. Boeren. .. :- x ,LAL 1-4 1 669742 .. Mi-- fr.-f 'Y 'WW SQQ .1 iX'Jz-1071 Y J Qtiahjjlm if ' fl. ' .KN Nl Q. Anil :DIL T . ' J I ,, ' givt-kiiiy... xt l f ' Al 'I H, . A- .. r. ' Lug un. f ll g- rs' r . CLASSES Throughout his four years at State Teachers College, the typical student lets his first bubbling enthusiasm mature into a warm feeling for his school and the profession which he will enter. gg s . M4251 E wk. S N N' 314 Y M I ,E ' ffl vs 15 V w XX f , M mf "4:g D K 'iq S s X 'Q - U A A .Q ,. fXx x: ,- -fig . - E 5. V xg Fake X. Nm X,5W K xi' SARS -,f,., ll . f , I 5 5? J gtg Ill Y if . X' 1 JU 6.g'Ff?he7dg1 . mf f?g.QAVa.L3 D. -EC? ., , V 4, A X , il f ' 1- I "Q' A , gs1'.l H . j ' , E, 'NS' vi Q "1 , .13gg4E X Q ' 'Q ' fa s ',f ' - 4 . SY 2 I' 'L W 1' ., E JI ,J ' .lil , 'xg Qvyv J. ,ex Q ,y,. v. ax lt? LJ 'War' :rg . 4 x X-4 I ,x-f.-. Q ff-5' u. "vx . ,. 1 As --,, 1- 4 '- A.,- , -M' ' 4 if kat, L -. ,e . ,rwxf "f,..r- .NW ' ' - H A . .' '. .X - ,-fm , 5 :-,.,1 ' ry' u h.-,r,'j,'21 ' ' .fW:xN',z ' " 6... ,Jo . x The Freshmen are here! The Class of '57 has arrived! These were the cries in the early days of September. Another group of new faces appeared on the campus of STC. What would they be like? Would they like the school and their associates? Only time could answer these questions, but it didn't take long to find out. This class has a little spark in it that caught up and began to burn from the first Freshman gathering to their last exam in June. They had a flare for being ready to work. They were new at school, but they mastered the rules soon. Their assembly was a wonderful dis' play of enthusiasm and class spirit. XVith this introduction, they later gained recognition with their St. Patrick's Day dance that had every lad and lassie stepping. The various socials and other activities of this class were added suc- cesses to be put down in their college memory books. The title of Freshmen to some people is a scare, but to this class that proved their good sportsmanship on Spook Night, their versatility at their assembly and dance, and their willing- ness to help in club or class, the title Freshrnerz. Class of '57 will be a title worth remembering and being proud of in the future. SUPHUMUHE3 Setting out to prove that their success as a class while still Freshmen was no fluke, the Class of '56, continued to mount success upon success during this scholastic year. From their ranks came many of the leaders and future leaders of State Teachers Colleges organizations and social activities. Many of the names which echo through the record books of Towson's athletic history can also be found on the roster of this Sophomore Class. Their class as- sembly also proved that members of the Sophomore Class have talent and enthusiasm to spare. With such a record, the Class of '56 is destined to add to its glories in its final two years at Towson. Officers: Y. Miller, N. Green, D. Litsinger, P. Burke, D. Keyser, J. Robinson. Ql 0,6 7 .4 .--'wi JU The Class of '55 entered our school with one of the best scholastic records of any group previously registered. From the very beginning, its members were an asset to our campus. This class came to our college with three qualities it has maintained throughout its stay. These are friendliness, in their own, group and in relations with other classesg sin- cerity, in fulfilling their obligations and being a faith- ful part of the overall school program, and coopera- IU X.. HS tion, whether it was business or social. These quali- ties were evident in each and every undertaking the Junior Class participated in throughout the years. With such a background behind them, the future is a bright one. These future seniors and teachers will undoubtedly maintain their high achievements and be a credit to their class, their school, and to them- selves. junior Class officers meet with President Tony Mm-chione to plan a future activity. l l . G . 1 ,.f N. fx tx me YS-7 'w 6" K. Wilson, B. Richardson, F. Ritter, R. Peterson, D. Rybka, H. Odgers. A history of this graduating class is unnecessary. Their achievements and successes will be remember- ed long after they are gone. Their mark has been made on State Teachers College. One look at the individual lists of activities on the following pages explains the collective success of the Class of '54. Fred Ritter Ronald Peterson Dorothy Rybka , Keith lVilson , , Barbara Richardson Hallie Odgers . , . President , , Vice-President , . , , Secretary . A . . , Treasurer Dorm Social Chairman Day Social Chairman I K l- A Q vii fb-A I , gag Dottie Harry DOROTHY JANE AIREY HARRIS WESLEY AMES Girls' Chorusg Electivesg Bridge Clubg L. S. A. A New Englandef with roots in jyfaly- Devotee of Dr. Volpeys bridge Club' land. He's making his mark in life as a father and future teacher. GLORIA ANN ANGLEBERGER JANICE STEWART ANNAN W. A. A., S.'C. A. Representative: Electivesg Glee Club, Secretary: Dorm Social Chairman: L. S. A. Canterbury Club, Secretary: S. C. A., Recreation Conscientious workerg Thurmont bound Cofhmman' . A Whenever Possibsje, Can't See a thing without those glasses. Approves of blind dates. Qi . .gn -, , Z. A T4 545' . ..f.3,2,.v .4 Q7 4. A1 ' 'if ilig W ' Gloria Ian , E Lug. a. SEZ! :ALL EL vyj gpi 41,5-: V !Ffl 'WEL- '11 FIX ELIZABETH ANN BAUGH IANET lll AH BIEN Newman Club Glen Playcrsg Electives Orchestra Llectnes Hay Day Commlllee A IJ1XlS1Sl1 sense of fun. Cll21ITlP1OI1 athlete and defender of the Q99 TERRY DAVIDSON BILLER GUS DAN BISBIKUS Geography Clubg Intramurals. The best in scholarship, sportsmanship, A great guy and a great musicman. and, of course, ping pong. tl ' 1 I f ,.. 5 . .Y 'x 1 Q 1 " -1 x Yi I , lj wg 3: J, . , t it 'J Orchestra. Billiard Gus Weary Barb WILLIAM PAUL BITTEL BARBARA DOROTHY BOLAND Constitutional Committeeg Tennis. N. H, G4 S. C. A. 4.1 ' .K yvf' N4 Q' -s I ' 'light qyix' B lackus Bobbie GUSTAVUS KORB BOND BARBARA ROSE BOWEN Tennisg Basketball: Men's A. A., Vice-president N. H. G.g Newman Club: F. T. A. and Secretary: Men's Athletic Councilg TOWER AI. . . . . Luci-ir. ' xschievous Lwmkle 111 her sporting eye. Up Sorbie! Up Sorbie! Kathy Marge KATHERINE REESE BOYVEN IWARJORIE FAW BOWERMAN S. C. A., Eleclivcsg F. T. A. Always on the ball and a heavy foot for Likes to have a good time and always the gas Pedal' does. I 'I T . - v 'ive , 'R PQ ll v ,xy . Lee Fmnnie Il I l LEE CANN BOWLSBEY IDA FRANCES BRUNING Cross-countryg Indoor Trackg Spring Track. Glee Club: Bridge Club: Electives. Enthusiastic about teaching. Likes to hike but early to bed. ., I I I ,. L EULA VIRGINIA BRYARS CAROLYN BROOKS BULCKEN fi N. H.C., President and Treasurerg Marshals: S. G, A. Representativeg VVomen's A. A.: Elec- Electivesg Canterbury Club: F. T. A.: S. C. A. tives. From madcap to dead seriousness in a She got her MRS degree in her junior 1 minute. year. CRN, Teenie Carolyn M ickey Gene LECNA IRENE CLARK F. T. A. f- 'N-. 'EET' JOHN FRANCIS BURKE EUGENE HOWETH CHILDS Glcn Playersg Newman Clubg I. R. C4 junior- Soccer: Men's A. A., S. G. A. Representative Senior Men's Club: Glee Club. Men's Athletic Council: S. G. A Ye'll have La go ra Kilkenny for the Taken in by the long arm of La Law loikes o' Johnny Burke. ROMA WEINER COHEN F. T. Ag Electives. "I'm going on a diet tomorrow - honest- ly .. 'fe -1 55: .. 9,5 Y' Leona Roma AN -'X 5 i f . X ' s MARY ESTHER CONNOLLY CLAUDE HENRY CORL, JR. Ka a Della Pi' Glee Club' F. T A: S. G. A.: pp . . . , Operations Committeeg Electives. A rare person who enjoys studying. Pe- tite practicality - a finger tip linguist. I Barb Crippo BARBARA ANN CORNOG S. C. A.g F. T. A.: Elcctivesg Chapel Commit- tee: Glen Playersg Womens Dorm Social Com- mittee. Has an unusual concept of time. Mary Chip THOMAS ROBERT CRIPPS Soccerg Baseball: Intramurals: junior-Senior Mcn's Club, Chairman: Men's A. A,, Yice-presi- dent: Mens Athletic Council. Behind the facade of pleasantrics lies truth. s.! V X ', ,yyvd Q ,J. . .- "ir-'I ,ly -V-xv. .3 .:., . -. wwf, -' :it 9 ip-I .QM M . 3- 2.4 tr eh' ' if fi 59 . Lorrie Peggy ......,,.... LORRAINE C. CRONMILLER MARGARET ANN CROSS XVomen's A. A., Vice-president, N. H. G., Presia Kappa Delta Pi, Secretaryg F. A. C.: F. T. A.g dentg Canterbury Club. N. H. G., Newman Club: Electives, S. C. A. Has good reason to be an authority on Hails from the "heart" of Montgomery the Naval Academy. County. Custodian of the alarm clock. Sue Faye JACQUELYN CUNNINGHAM Women's A. A., President: F. A. C.: Cheerlead ersg House Committee, Secretary: N. H. G. S. C. A., Social Chairman, Class Secretary Alumni Activities Committeeg Kappa Delta Pii The sergeant-at-arms of Suite 220. . FAYE LOUISE DAVIS S. G. A., Presidentg Electives: F. T. A. Government and sports are taken in stride with equal talent. Dee Kitty W 1 'if DOLORES JOANNE DEARDORFF Women's Resident Council, President, Vice-pres- identg S.G.A. Represcntativeg F,A.C.: Kappa Delta Pig Towel Eci-iofs, Sports Editor: Stu- dent-Faculty Committeesg All College Council. KATHRYN BEAN DE FRIES Canterbury Clubg Kappa Delta Pig Electives Shares de "Fries-box" with Jules. RICHARD CRAY DRYDEN Glee Club, Vice-President: Towr-:R Liourg Stu- dent-Faculty Talent Committee. A scribe with a prospect for the future. i? YVILLIAM PERRY EISMAN Dick B il I 1-.., ' 1-"' f john Dlggie Z g ,f vin' . 1.647 . 8, .W - L x k A - L: A ,, Hun...--4' JOHN A. ELTERMANN Town. LlCHT,' Town. Ecnoss. Fast man with a camera. -'Qs DORIS LAFAUN EXLINE Women's A. A.g Kappa Delta Pi N H G S. C. A4 Electives. Snowbound in Alaska. Oh that top bunk! ELEANOR FIGIEL One of Towson's married set. nm VVILMA MILLER FISHER Kappa Delta Pig Glen Playersg Glee Clubg Fresh- man Executive Councilg Faculty-Student Com- mittee. Proud member of the Mothers Club. Ellie I'Vz'IIz'e psf 'YK 4 l l-P-' IULIAN IGNATIUS FORREST THOMAS ROBERT FOSTER, JR. Marshals, President: Newman Clubg S. G. A.g Kappa Delta Pi: Men's A. A., President: Men's Gamma Them Upgilonz Imramumls, Athletic Councilg Towsn Lmurg junior-Senior Men's Clubg Townn ECHOES. "Now wait a minute, what I want to - . say is U g Scholarship and sports etched 1n reucence. LILLIAN MARY FRANCEY F. T. A.: S. C. A. F I Bunny , fi jules Mando ALBERT LOUIS FRANTZ Soccer: S. G, A.: I-'. T. A.: Homecoming. Conscientious worker for college and for career. A. V CXROLYN COOK CAUSE DONALD E. GIESE Touiak Ecuors Photographs Editor F T A: Imramuralsg Newman Club: junior-Senior Men's Elecm es Club. Delayed reactionlst in regard to Jocu- lar quips of coursej A warm person- NANCY ELAINE GODSEY Sluclenl Center Directory: S.G.A., Secretary: Kappa Delta Pi, Secrctaryg Marshals, Vice-presi4 dEl"llj Town Ecuoiis, Feature Eclilorg Electives. Threatens to give up classes and devote time to extra-curricular activities. Carolyn Buck sn?-1 ." "'-ti I '.9 A-hge' '--Ll, Lv ' ysffa J ff' 4 """' ir. .-.. 'v- ' wc- -1 nmgsj XVILLIAM LEE CRAY Mc-n's A, A., Treasurer: Intramuralsg Town: LllLlll',' Meu's Athletic Council. "Awwwwww, GRAY!" li-. Doris Adele DOROTHY ANN HAACKE Electives. Europe-bound, her jovial manner and sense of humor will take her far. k-f E gi' DORIS ALMA GROSS :XDELE GROSSBIAN PIQOYVER ECHOFSJ Electives. Art Club, President, Vice-president Treasurer Tiny blonde with a Gross of laughter. F. T. A.: Max' Day Committee Eleclnes -Xrt Assembly. i Never does today what she can put off till tomorrow. GRACE EDNA HANSON TQHF l,l'Bl.ICATl0NQ Kappa Delta Pig Freshman Advisory Council: Iilcclives, 'Nr- Dollie Grnre Issfe Kay CHARLES LEONARD HAYES Kappa Delta Pig F. T. A.: Basketball, Man- ager: Canterbury Clubg All College Councilg N. 5. T. A. Commission: junior-Senior Men's Club: Homecoming: May Day Committee. Mr. New Yorker has a fabulous time buying those "dahling" clothes. XVhen you think of Issie, you think of Mim. ISABEL ERNA HARRY MAN XVomen's Resident Council, Secretary: F. A. C.: C. A.: S. C. A. Choir, Chairmang Kappa Delta Pi, Membership Chailmang Dance Committees. MARIA RINDONE HEER lilectiiesg Prom Committeeg Publicitx Commit ICC. The other part of the HSCY-lvflghl duo QB- ff' 38 'lac Helen Margaret BETTY ANN HOLLINGER N. H. G.: F. T. A.: S. C. A.: L. S. A.: Electives Always ready with a cheer for the Mount 136' . -D., ' pr OCIE ROMANIA HOLSINGER I. R. C., Secretaryg Marshalsg Bookshop Ad- visory Committeeg L. S. A.g XVomen's A. A.: Electives. '54's historian with a soft spot for South America. F1 eck les Lozs LOIS ELAINE HOUPT Kappa Delta Pi. Petite with a flair for clothes. l' Wiez Jed NIARGARET LOUISE HUFFER JOHN FRANK JEDLICKA F. T. A.: S. C. Ag Electivesg N. H. G. TCIUUSZ B2SliCIb3ll. Part owner of the prettiest room in Nef HLCFS g0 to 5Ci6HliStS' Cliffs." well. l Larry 'C' Q- ,.., f 1'-.M 'Q-0 Yr-.... l 1. "3 I JOANN JANE JOHNSON LAWRENCE NORBERT JUCHS Orchestrag Hostess Club, President and Vice- Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, President presidenlg S. C. A.3 F. T. A. Track: Cross-country: lVresLlingg Alpha Phi Keeps everything plus. Books by the Omega' bushel. ROBERT LOUIS KANE Cross-countryp Track: Men's Resident Council. Presidentg S. G. A, Representativeg Men's Chors usg F. T. A.g Newman Club, Vice-president. JEAN mmm KANZLER THE PUBLICATION, Editor: Art Club: Freshman Executive Cooncil. Bob jenn Pat Li: I . M ff., . is A, X-5943 :iii PATRICIA ANN KARL G. A., Social Chairmang Class Social Chair- inani 17. .L C4 Slnclent-Faculty Talent Commit, Ice: Clce Cluhg Newman Clnbg Electivesg Calen- dar Committee. One girl who has never been in a lion's cage. ELIZABETH PARK KEISER F. A. C.: S. C. A., Corresponding Secretary F. T. A.: Homecoming: Electives: Senior Com minees. "Toscanni" with a rhythm band. GEORGE HUNTLEY KING, -IR. KIANE LYONS KING Tennis. Tuwizk LIILIITJ S. C. A. "Now, would you care to add that, Mr. Miss Mads prize singer King?" E rii Y? George jane-0 ITN Av-fr 'ff- Connie Bobbie ESTELLE TERESA KONIECZNY BARBARA JEAN KRAMER Glee Club: S. G. A.: Newman Clubg Faculty- L. S. A., Secretaryg I.R.C,g S. C.A.g TOWER Student Committee. ECHOES- i N ts 1 EDYVARD BERNARD KULINSKI A Freshman Class, President: Mcrfs House Com- mittee, Presiclentg All College Councilg Newman Club: Tennisg S. G. A4 I. R. C.g Junior-Senior Men's Club. W A great personality of mature caliber. ii Wonder Ed. 'i Il F l Leona 1 M V 1 1 1 'r 1 4 I 4 ,N Al- LEONA MARIA LAHE Electivesg L. S. A. Yearns to travel to unusual places near and far. "Let's go someplace where we can dance." WN, ax Wynn.. MARGARET CHAPMAN LAUPUS MARY BERNADETTE LAVIN Tower: Ecnons, Literary Editorg F. A. C.: I. R. C.: L. S. A.: Glee Clubg Electivesg F. T. A4 S. C. A. M mgie M ary RICHARD ERYVIN LEFLER Dirk R ullzie . 133- f- --r 7 -S . Y . E ,f' 2 ' I' Q A L gs w A f J. V . ' ,V X M 1 RUTH LEE LEH MAN Bridge Czlub' I. R, C., President: Social Chairman: L. S. A Eleclivesg S. C. A.: Girls' Chorus. From Pennsylvania - interesting eyes bars and eagles. l 3 J 1 . i Annabel Bill 'N rw giqln- 'ee ANNABEL CALVERT LENVIS XVILLIAM JAMES LOXVMAN Clee Club: S. C. A. Tennis: Basketball. Lives for the mail in the bgx and the Quiet but effectiveg maintains tennis male in Massachusetts. PFOWCSS- JOHN RICHARD LYSTON JOYCE WOOD MACZIS 'U'-Q The Glen Players: Kappa Delta Pig Towxzk Licmg Towel: Ecnoss, Senior Editorg THE Pus- LICATION, Editor: May Day Committeeg Students Faculty Talent Committee, Chairmang Alpha Psi Omega. Extremely sensitive of other's manner- isms, therefore making his own in good taste at all times. 592 1. ' "Aa auf LR. .loyre .LZHX Ili 45W Vrmge Pete '7"Uf'11 ,arms 'Qg..., U"7"""'v EVANGELINI2 MANIATIS PETRO ELI.-XS MAVROMIHALIS TOWIZR Eciioiis, Business Manager. Glee Club, A big man on any faculty. I l ELINOR STE,-XDMAN MCHENRY JUNE PATRICIA MCHUGH Kappa Delta Pi. Bridge Clubg L. S. A. Straight from a page in Glamour. Her Braved the BTC for four years for STC. personality predicts a huge success. is Betty june 'Q jean Ammbelle I f Xxx s X 1. . 'iw' N1 f Q I 1 - J' -'I-if , I, +- 5 JEAN AGNES MCLEARN ANNABELLE MILLER . 1 z, That there's some corner of a foreign -in Club. President. Vice-president: F- T. A.: Wg: - field that is forever Jean. kappa Della Pl' I K ' 'A "Y . The glamorous gray 15 for real. a -LV , 2 wk 'W .5 ' 5 --f" .f -K ii Y. I K 3 - DOLORES YVONNE MILLER MARILYN SHEILA MILLER Newman Club: N. H. G.: F. T. A.: S. C. Ag Electives. A sweet sincere nature with just a touch of nonsensical gaiety. t . ,Nl Doey , M i ckcy ,hx S N I s., 'T' 131 XVILLIAM LOUIS MILLER Orchestra: S. G. A.: Student Center Directory, Chairman: Glen Players, Publicity Director: Glee Club: Men's Chorus: Public Relations Com- mittee: Alpha Psi Omega. YVARREN ROBERT MITCHELL Glen Players: Alpha Psi Omega: I. R. C.: Track: F. 'I'. A.: Canterbury Club. Hale fellow well met. Bill M itch - i H U li it li Pat Bill LEXNVIS PATRICK MULLIGAN WILLIAM FRANCIS INIYERS S. G. A., Day Representative: junior-Senior IXIcu's Club, "Now look here, Clarence." Kappa Delta Pi, President, Vice-president: Baseball: F. A. C.: Men's Chorus: Newman Club: ' Mcn's Resident Council: junior-Senior Men's I Club: Glee Club. "If there were only 36 hours in a day!" Moon R osie HALLIE GAIL ODGERS Glen Players: Town Ecuoizs, Art Edimrg Senior Class, Social Chairman: Electives: Arr Clubp THE PUnucATioN. .1 W i li --4 x. , . e 'il ' I fvl VVILLIAM NOELLERT ROSE ANN NOPPENBERGER Intramurals. F. T. Ag Newman Clubg Electives. Playwright, croquet champ, and racon- Keen mind, ready witg spontaneous teur. sense of humor. PATRICIA ANN ORYE Orchestra, Vice-president: String Quarlelg Elec- lives. Blue eyes surrounded by charm and per- sonalily. WWE Hal Pat Dee VIVIAN LOIS OXVEN1 ENINI-X DOLORIS OIVINGS llecmes IIIICTXJISIIX Christian l'ellowslnp Clcn Players Student Faculty Talent Commit lee 'Wav Day Committee Canterbury Club comes home. XVIII become 3 Ixesterner IIIICII Lloyd Glee Club. Homecoming, Class Assemblies. Personality, talent, joy of living - Dee VIRGINIA LEE PADDY LEONARD PAUL F, T, A5 N, H, G4 S, CA A, Track: Soccer: Alpha Phi Omega, Recording . . .. . Secxelani lf. T. A.g Men's A. A.g Men's Chorusg She majors m sleep. Don: pay any Glue Club' attention to that' A line artist and friend. ,W we Ginny 7 W. 'P HI. 'uv-I We-.,.,., ,f fy hiv" Len :- ALICEANN PERKINS Glee Club, Vice-presidentg F. A. C.: S. G. A.: Electivesg F. T. Ag Day Social Chairman. Vivacity in a large measure. 5 l , I :1.,V,a, f., .. . f -,, .,, ,yi 'Ui?ET1Yf?..f5 ' .QZTLQ ,:.N ,.-1: -Q5i555f5'gV'4's'W llifggefiaadii RONALD LEE PETERSON Senior Class, Vicespresidenlg Toweiz Ecaoras, Sports liditorg Mens Club, Co-chairmang Towiak LNQHT, Sports Editorg June lVeek Committeeg Inlramuralsg S. G. .-X., Freshman Class Repre- sentalive. -I.H.S. peclagogue. Four year habitue of the scorer's table. "It's all in the game." Pe rk ie Peter jackie Mildred JACQUELINE ANN PFARR MILDRED ANN PFEFFER Professional ability combined wirh per- Soft voice - but what she says is worth sonal charm. While. 'T , 'Q' 'U' ' A 'ff , .P 3 1 v yi -4 .lv ' .g7"Z' -r . '51 Q Qc - , Q. ,, .-7, 3 f-". 'IQ wie .' 'gx I? X-..' uv 'D-.X ET'- N ill s .vit '52 ,N CONSTANCE HELEN PL.-XKI.-XS JANE L. POFFENBERGER S. C, Ag F. T. A.: Electives. S. C. A.: Chimes Guild: Electives. Must have her morning coffee. Janie loves to dance and enjoys watch- Connie Irmie ing her drummer. Herm Zip HERINIAN FREDERICK POLLHEIN ALBERT POKIORY, JR. Kappa Delta Pig Inter-Varsity Christian Fellow- S, G. A.. Parliamentariang Soccerg Basketball: ghipg F, T, A, Trackg FacultyAStudenL Talent Committee. "There goes another darn fool!" he says. "I have here a constitution that . . ." L . . ,L P V if-ffff' -f ' if' '?2 'ff'-.1122-' , f , ' ' ., 4f,:wa..f , ,gg ,4,.,,,vv,f 9.15, - 'Q , 4.Jf:".2?35Zjfyf.4fg-1 lv H 1 J ":, :www v.,." 'Fw rm. jim Rosie VVILLIAM DAVISON PULLEN S. C. A.: Bookshop Committeeg Intramurals: Men's Clubg Homecoming. Mr. Whiz of the ping pong room. 1 -, wh'-7??55?'f4l -' lf rg? if? f 't 1 1? '51-Ur "' A 'jfjtii-1 ' 5 mil, .. , K A Nur 4 JAMES OLIVER PORTER, JR. I. R. C.: Alpha Phi Omega, Treasurerg Intra' murals. JHS is his forte, but he can score with the best of them. NESSIE KLEIN RAPPOPORT F. T. A.: Kappa Delta Pi. "Save me the recipe on that match cover!" ...,,,,,, A Q 1' , . .13- L: 7 ' gal : f Tiglgftv k-Q 1 i n ' ,M ,M ' ' 9, .4 'wil' ."""'x ROSE ANN CAMILLA PROVENZA Towmz Ecuons, Associate Editorg Freshman Class, Secretary: Public Relations Committee: Townk LIGHT: Eleclivcsg Freshman Executive Board. Bill Nesxie Redhead Plzyl MARY LILA REED PHYLLIS ANN REINHARDT Newman Club, Corresponding Secrenarvg I. R. C.g Womunk A. A., Executive Boardg Electives: New Elccrivesg S. C. Ag F. T. A. ' man Clubg F. T. A.: Towifu Em-ions. ' R'-P11 BARBARA ANN RHODES FERN PATRICIA RICE Kappa Delta Pig IVomen's A. A., Fall Managerg Womc-n's A. A., President: S. C. A.: Bookshop L. S. A., Secretary, Treasurer: S. C. A.g N. H. G.: Advisorv Council: I, R, C. TOWER LIGHT" Electives' u The Look Homeward, Angel girl every The blonde of the trio from Western Friday. Maryland. f.. f Bob z' Fern Q bv Q, MARY F. .X. C. F. T. Ag A real cerned. ,nm VINCENT JOSEPH SALKOSKI, JR Men's A. A.. Intramural Commissionerg Base ballg Soccer. "These are my people. I must help them." 1. JAMES MORRIS SANDERS, JR. M-XRY IXIARLENE SCHALITZ Marshals: I.R.C., Treasurer: Dance Committees. S C A Choir Neulnari Club Glee Club Elec Best ticket salesman the Senior Class ever had. A non smoker who 15 always emptying l -3' 1 N? 01' an IP' Betty Selma MARY ELIZABETH SCHILPP SELRIA VERA XV. SCHLENOFF Clee Club, President: I. R. C.: F.'T. A.: New- man Club: S. C, A.: S. G. A.: Electives: Townn ECH01-iS, Photography Editor. "Hi, everybody, I have to make a phone call." BEVERLY SCHVVARTZ JEAN ELIZABETH SIMMONS Electives. Inter-varsity Christian Fellowship, Treasurer Glee Club: Glen Committee: S. C. Ag Electives. Bert Pcuzfltvs 1 J If T t wwf .x Bet Iso -xxx -1 VIRGINIA HERBERT STORER BETTY 1RENE SNYDER ANNA ISABEL STOCKSDALE Ll 5, A, Electixesg Class Committees. The only girl vaccinated with a phono- Enjoys being with people and has a graph needle, wonderful sense of humor. HAROLD EDVVARD STUFFT Orchestra, President: F. T. A.: S. C. A.: Canter- bury Club: Cross-country: Glen Players, Stage Managerg Bandg Class Assemblies. A real Froebel with the younger set. Virginia Hal BETTIE LOUISE SWEITZER ALMA R. TALIAFERRO Women's A. A.g L. 5. A. Eleclivesg Kappa Delta Pig Canterbury Club. Play "Deep Purple." It's her favorite "Th21I1kS fOr Wilililf, hear?" Song. Anne Sails A Af '05 'C""r Bettie Dottie 3w6WW5 116352 ANNE RUTLEDGE TUCKER XVARREN RUSSELL TURNER Electives. Men's A. .-Lg Baskelballg Tennis. This year, "cemented" a friendship on a "Core" crazy but hot on courts. concrete basis. ' I9 LOUIS JAMES VADORSKY FAY ELENA VAN RIPER TOWER LIGHT! C166 Club- S. C. A. Choir: Women's A. A., Secrelaryg Toby F. A. C.3 Electives. July wedding plans . . . never time to study. TOBY ESTELLE XVAGMAN Orchestra, Vice-president: String Quartetg Fac- ulty-Sludenn Talent Committee, Secretaryg F. T. Ag I. R. C.. Toby and her magic violin. ,gm Lou Fay .ox l 91 JOYCE XVALGER Glen Playersg Glee Club. -P A ,'-. . ,aw iv. 'Sf LORRAINE ESTHER XVAAXLKE DORIS MARGARET WVALTERS Canterbury Club, Presidentg S. C. A., Orches- L 5 A Y1CCPfCS1dCm I R C Seffelan S0 trag Studer1LC0ungi1, cial Chairman Elecmes Toman Ecnois 'Rainy" with a sunny disposition. RICHARD LEROY YVEISE Canterbury Club, President: Men's Clmrus: jun- ior-Scnim' Mcn's Club, Basketball Manager, Tennis Managcrg Class Assemblies. An excellent host with a reserved man- ner, he's an asset to the class of '54. fi jan D021 ML f f"3Ix KIANICE LEE YVICKLESS S. C. A., President, Treasurer: S. C. A. Choir Chairmang F. A. C.: Kappa Della Pig S. G. Ag N. H. GJ I. R. C.g Xl'oxnen's A. A.: Electives, X'Veekends bring conferences galore. KVhere the-3re's music Lhere's Jan. HELEN ERNESTINE XVILSON KEITH DUANE YVILSON F. A. C.: Glee Clubg Electivesg N. S. A. Track: Cross-counlryg S, C. A. DONALD EMIL WILLEM Men's A. A., Treasurerg Track: S. G. A. "Aw, well, you know what I mean. . ." f?fwK'292f ' fr""f Helen Keith CURTIS BRONDELL YVOLF S. C, A., Treasurer: F. A. C.: Men's Chorusg Soccerg Men's A. A.g S. C. A. An expert of "Groom's Theory" of edua cation. Hank Doug it Sr ARLENE YVOLFE Orchestrag String Quartetg Tower: Licurg Elec- tires. Famous last words, "I'll never get mar- ried." Maestro at the violin. HENRY XVOLPERT TOWER ECHOFS, Advertising Managerg -I-OXVER LICIITQ Curriculum Committeeg Intramuralsg junior-Senior Men's Club. His easy-going homespun philosophy sprinkled with reminiscences of profes- sional sports make him a lovable com- panion. N I Y . , V Curl A rlenr HARRY DOUGLAS XVOODBURN I-'. A. C.: Trackg Soccer: Mens Chorus, BERNARD YAFFE Kappa Della Pi: 'TOXYER ECHO!-Ls, Editorfinschief Tohru 1.lf,llTj SlllLlC'l'll'l:IlClllly Commitlccsg In lramurals. Applies logic to his daily living. His quick grin belies his intellect. DORIS IEAN YINGLING F -K C, Electives: Girls' Chorus: S. G. A, T fi 4m ELEAIN ORE HELENI Z XXVILA F -X C X1CCPl'CSldCl'Il Tounk ECHOES, Photo- graphw Ldllor Class Assemblies. IfVe must alw ays have old memories and EVELYN VIRGINIA BUDDEMEIER Glee Clubp F. T, A.: L. S. A.: Women's A. A. Simply adores fried chicken, apple pie a Ia mode, and first graders. Evie lk ROBERT ARNOLD COLBURN IVA N. DRAUT EMMA FRANCES HASTINGS Qoccerg Basketballg Track: Glen Playersg TOWER Real life Story of ultlother Wag A Fresh- Orchestrag F. T. Ag S. C. A.: Electives: N. H, G. LCHOY5' man-H Part owner of the prettiest room in 5 Mr. Versatile. Newen, 1 1 l I 'l 1 S I DONALD LEE KELBAUGH ELLA CATHERINE O'NEILL MATTHEW MICHAEL RAKENTZES Baseball. Newman Clubg Elcctivcsg I. R. C.g F. T. A. 'Wrestlingg S. G. A. Reduced through ping pong. ,W I an. PBX 'D lf? 'ff' RUSSELL CONWELL REIDER DOROTHY MAE STACKHOUSE Baseball. 5rh Year Student, jack Janice 1 tr-if JOHN ROBERTS BOCKINIILLER JANICE KATHERINE BOWVMAN ."'i' lr, .. . fi' 14,-,FN 5 .X , nfl 5.9 X' ' Rf '-fs. 'AQ vw L . if 'UWM "?' MARGARET CATHERINE GILLIG MARY EILEEN HEAPS Newman Club. Peggie Eileen joan Kathy Newman Club: Art Clubg Electives. Great interest in the medical world. JOAN PATRICIA HOGAN BIETA KATHERINE HOLMES Newman Club. fr R eece Pi REEC15 LIVINGSTONI NELLIE VIOLA MCKEE Baseballg Soccerg Basketball. Avialion Clllbi Hostess Club. CLAUDE WARREN MCNAIR FRANCES KAROL PARRISH Bageball, S, G. A.g junior College, Secretary. Devotee of the recreation room. "BOY, have I got 21 problem!" uf ,. 'bn' Cloud Fmrznie Y ,, W ' vt-5 .- E L9 ' .?lE1i:2L:fga.-:.' -" 1.-A 1 ' --....'.4' ' 1 ,' AH' I N. I . .I If l H L Mzlly zlfarge lf.. AMELIA ELEANOR RAILA MARGARET RITA SAKERS Town LlCHTj S. G. A. Glen Playersg Alpha Psi Omega. DOLORES MAY SMITH S. C. A.g Hostess Club. Energetic intellect of junior College. --sq, N... G! Q if' SARAH BELLE TAYLOR C-lee Clubg Canterbury Club, Vice-presidentg S. C. A. Future high school teacher. Larry Sal KO' WY' lt?" Al L+ T: J Tr ,IU 3 ,N "-I ,ij 1 M w , :N HMM ,KF 'Rf- qi' 'QF' BETTY LOU BRADBURY JACK XVENDELL JORDAN KENNETH E. MORELOCK ELENORA ANNE REHBERGER ROBERT HILTON SMITH EDYVARD ALBERT VINZANT 1 wx. FERT HES Filling the social calendar is a long list of "big days," dances, plays, june Week activities, and special events. ln addition to the traditional events, the dedication of the Student Centre was among the outstanding social activities of the year. Ml- . '73 U v fl X --' x -,af-D, Sf g ,gn 3 I D 11' 4- ' 7. , ':-'. 37, rl,-fl Dr Xxx: 'T r-'I 1: . ' ?'1f.3A'yf J ., : -Hunt -+TJ" WP -5 in Q' Now, john, just what is your opinion on So glad you could come! "Av 5 I 1 bclicve I will, lhank you. N gg J, 'L , 'ni I u I I , j-5:1- ..-u..7... ,,., Y.:..f li 1 ! 1 l ? Punch? Q 4 I g Old comfort in a new selling , .L ,lat I is .W L Ig, The "Boy Orator" of :he Parapsco 4 Q 'Qi' , ,V-, 1 1.4 ,gb Mig?- Q Y , .--s-'th ,F Tkyl-1514? .gi 3 ? . '56 12 M t f .y LAI' L',:-fag-.lip .mai i f JL -4:4317 - 7 IO9 i Al-, s rf .Q X X5 H2 T 5- yd, '90 ...4 5' W . p 3 WA the piano does Harmonizing around not bother the cardplayers at the near- by tables. A The new self-service Book Shop has ' ated into the Student Iso been mtegr a Centre. . "T"Y'vQ,,Af,.,-,hwrsn M 1- 9 'L Aa 1 l'I'l0St POP ll Bridge is the in the game room. lar pastime The winnah! "Baby, its cold outside" Our Homecoming Day this year dawned looking like a scene from "Snow-Bound." Therefore, the ac- tivities usually scheduled lor out-doors were carried on in so far as possible in the auditorium for the benefit of those students and the handful of alumni who could scrape up a pair of snowshoes at the last minute. The freshmen and sophomores participated in the par- ade, and, of course, Dr. Hawkins crowned the Queen, Nancy Green, who through it all wore a happy, though tearful, smile. The dance, Old Heidelberg, sponsored by the Senior Class, ended the frigid day with warm feelings. , -w. - HUMEEUMI G - i954 , gauf 1 : ig 'i 5 i l il i - ' i I li , I i V AM I crown you Queen of the 1954 Homecoming. it I in i pp V Il' Y il i I , i yi fl I i T 1 l f' ," . . 4 . , 4 roundings. Old friends meet in new sur ,, ,X ,, xl NNY ii, NNW PAPA SCHULTZES BEERGARTEN Meet me in old Heidelberg. SMURDQY ,Q wauwii, E- Jai! ., f. will 'l .MW ' Nov 'lr' Waltz mc around agam, Grct chcn. The Blue Dinubc. please? A GLEN PLAYERS M9 ,- ,I gf MF' 5 M H h iii' Q! ',-1 "-"P - .-, K 1 'Y Av 'Q' f'!4?mi' 44 'Xi 7:g:2g .:L1'-fl V I .4 I n rr ll 11 ' an J -, N3 7A ..W inf 95' 1 X N3-. - , 45 f ' .qqv PJ L 4596, 1 i .- y. ul 3 , 1-1 A , , D ,L A "H r I ,vf Q ,x ' 1-'L ". .LW W' 'lfx-5,1 - , .- .xf U- ' .Q I AP -5- . YSX Iv" 'F 121' I 1!. Christmas Af TUWSUI1 .Ks the Calnpub Christmas lights were lit. the holiday season was iliaugiirzitecl in the trzrditione zil Towson manner. The last few drip hefore the winter rzication begun students nizide finzil prepgirzitions for the Christmas festivities. Sitting in the foyer of Newell Hull looking at the gifts under the heziutiful tree, one could see the radi- zint young ladies meet the inen of the college to go to the forinzil, candlelight Clhristinzis Din- ner. Following the dinner, students and faculty filled the foyer to rpread the Christmas spirit at the party lor the children from St, Nlzrry's Villa. One look :rt ezich youngsters face as he re- ceived his gift from Santa lllil1lC the party worthwliile. XVhen the party reached its final moments, the Czirolers bundled up to rnzike their zinnuril trip to Iiutlowoods. These were the nrenlories mtndents took home with theni on their Christinzrs vacation. ' x 79:1- ff! 5-It 4.1.5 5, f ,. ,' 2, H. ,, 1 4415, ' . F3553 ,, ..,f 'i5'i.w:.-rf ' -,- '-,g:H+...c4 - L :xii '. I r.1-"f4- , :, J FIFTH 5 ' -' fs I ':' 'f ' if L5 fy' '. -,":V2' 15,-. ' I . J 'fx A 1 aff?-2, 9 1-AAI! ,,- 99 - w 'sr I SWEETHEAHT DANCE Men's Resident Council Y Mens Dorm Mrs. lVageman talking with one of "her boys" Responsibility for governing the men's dorms rests with the lXIen's Resident Council. Under President Bob Kane the Council has had to make many adjustments to meet the changing needs of the dorms and the residents. With the co- operation ol' all the men living in the dorms, a satisfactory program has been prepared. Somebody has to do it! 4' 'xii .....-L1 1,-11. X '4 ,,,1 X 0 fx-L A bull session Gelting that midnight snack ready Comm I I A A in ur: . 11. -v", i nur pn-we-' l with the oulsicle world Ol' IS ll Newell Hall qw- fd "QQ, 4 Q S, 'V HQ: Under lhc dry cr . -1 .1 , I .11 .il-1 Qf. ' -f '- -fl .-,. A . ,Ed tif The laundry room .Xn ab I7 1' , x fi , evening in l,ilz1's mom T Y. 1 D, 'uf7Il J .gf u S -n 4 A X x In the past year, the responsibilities of the lVomen's Resident Council have been three fold. Keeping the dormitory running smoothly in regard to order and tone has occupied a great part of the Council's time. In connec- tion with this, the upkeep and servicing of the many "dorm" facilities has also been one of their large tasks. Another one of the many ae- tivities of the Won1en's Resident Council is the planning and executing of a varied social pro- gram. Throughout the year they have tried to plan activities to suit the interests of all the dormitory residents. This has been carried out with the several coffee hours, dorm parties, Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, Spook Night, and socials with other colleges and or- ganizations. Womens Dorm if ,. Mail Call iffy 7 The Womens Resident Council, Delores Deardorff presiding. i .1- Tx.. Studying together Miss Pottorff watches girls checking in. 'Q l Xlik -sf I , ,J .land fly in f 5. 515+ iii ff- ' Q -1 9 is E3 wi'-Q' fa K ' A "1i4"W.b-' 4' Q Y 4. t 'kai V V AQFIAL vc . Dal' MAY U EE Marion Sadler 'ix X ' .'r Alice Ann Perkins Illaid ol Honor 3 1 4 3 f 1 r 1 ? I 1 . 1 1 f 5 5 V 2 1 E 1 i i 5 inSl13'u 111 cu' S116 sadler Ann Ma YY Elkab Elwllces c-111 li'-mglz T EUUH ANU Ol 61' 1? runing Doris lihgling Eleanor ns Olnhgs Dolo ' Kflfl' DGFIfCS Za u'l7a jackll? Pfarr gg 19541 I ff tg ,. '74 F ' x Nh . , ' 9 --l"-.:'l -1' TK ' , -' . :.n-.,a fivwtilph, I , I , .4 , 'i . vYh5a ff' ' 'S ?i"f5"-'- A z.X!-5'5" I .USA ' " 3, 'J' ,,, -a.r:., 1 'f - 1,-'g..x,gi. ., if "" f'E-ffl' 1 fr ' f ."14f' f .. 5 ..f"1 Wifi. l'f5f"'f , , . D 1:51 F90 all , Q,w'aQe'-554. .gxf1'Z.3",,!5,a . ---A Q ..,.,, A . , "u'?fff: - wu-nun-vw s x n ' i ' L' '1 ' lf- ' .3 1 .-'ev 'ul 4: 'f '- .. -" TJ! f Q -" .., 's ' hu ' 4 M .K frm' L.: f. . ,. f. ' f ,Pf,,34- . ' Aw: 1. -:ww 'Y .fx-Lai ,-.N r-Y?fMs ra - --f. ,., jim., i. ,N N.. ,s, ,g ,.,, 6 'fig' qi- -ff' -.q,:.?:-ii ?i9f4e!4Hx5,.,g ,ig , L... 1. ' -g. -'hifi Lqgfal myf- , gf- . -, nxt- . Mr -H... f, 0 1 -o ' I 1 1 sw v 5 Mr: x V -ox N 4 x :nt ' E, 5. . 4. A,- ., A 3f"".:. '-'-. .A ' x riff. ,F . 1. . u Y, . 'E 4 x N Ss-- '-J 12 r l MYDY Paving the way with flowers, the Lidzt Lee Tall delegation led the procession which feu- tured as its foremost participant, the May Queen. XfVith the Maid of Honor and Court in attendance, Dr. John lXIcCleary, Senior Class Adviser, crowned Marion Sadler as the May Queen of 195-1. In addition to the Coronation, the audience was treated to stellar perform- ances by the gymnasts and May Pole dancers. Re- freshments were plentiful as the organizational concessions thrived. Concluding the festivities was the dance held that evening when the spot- light was focused on the Queen and her Court. Dr. john McCleary crowns the queen. 5'e"Q-zwsfw 1-fqHr7'51,1gN , , ' sg 1 ' , Y v f9P1v V, 314' i ,g A .4 5 ff e..3'arL' ," Q ft i'!. "' I -11345, .H ,:.fJ"" ,. gg?-"A ff :wil . ' N. YV5- ig L - FF 1 W I 21 " g - Gif ee, A 'T . ' . ' "-me-'V'-'1 - .153 ' Q5-ff 313' 7-75-4, ,- . I ,.-ggi..-Eg.-' .,, L, ,A,,L Nc- gf, 5 nf' . ' 1 , ' -in--'ff . vw- 4' . f' , -5. -,gg x'2,811sAI6'f f it -,"Ta.f.21fa' ' efmi- Li.: --lls t.::M?"f6r5.f-ga 29 615 1 l 4 - D.: ' ff t f ' .g,,. .if , . -a . V , 4.-',s. 1 I -, - as., fat,f2y'f "+ ' . Q, ' - ,,.1'..z . . f' ., ,-1,:1ssg,,45.- 6- t 't ." 3: - ,,.,-ty" '.' gf.-ITvC'.," . ','f:- 3. T,-F ' -,191 '1 Q, jg. H ,Aux - E -7 ',.4-sf,--: -, ' N "ih'?15QHI..,:,:Fi, ' "3-!E'r.4:"' ff: 'CG-'gif M2222 :Emi-sign:-Wie-aft .. D. mf- , - -1 . JH' f . 'A ...L-.. Qu .n..-, , . . . A4-. 4,.' 4.4.5. The downs entertain' Dancing around the May Pole A successful concession Nightqap vs 'WF BAK Navi Q., -XA: UN EEE Opening June Ufeek is the lnvestiture As- sembly, at which the prospective graduates are invested with cap and gown. In addition to the actual investiture, the Class of '54 bestowed gifts upon the school. A bust of Dr. Hawkins, sculptured by senior Len Paul, was presented to State Teachers College at this time. The social whirl began with the popular Moonlight Cruise and ended with Alumni Day. Included were the Presidents Dinner, a Senior swimming party, and the prom. On Sunday, June 6, june Uleek and college life were concluded by the graduates with the Baccalau- reate and Commencement. Fred Ritter accepts the gown from Dr. Hawkins on be half of the graduating class. Sailing on the Moonlight Cruise IA I ll if I A time honored tradition at Towson is the Presidents Dinner for graduates held at Glen Esk. YE' L N. -4 X 1' ' hi ,Qi , Dr. Hawkins sits with some of the Senior Class leaders who helped arrange the evening. Faculty members and seniors have a chance to recall the past before the dinner. P111 QQ . DC 1 ,N ,lr "-v.. 'q Q .. ... lx , x "1 'X N xl A token of appreciation V w V , 4 , 4 ,'A V 1 PHUM Y Receiving prom favors ' x SQ fm X IR t I '1 L :E 54. if Au i 1 w w Z x E ADVEHTISEME T5 M76 wish to thank the patrons and business firms which helped make possible the publication ofthe 1954 TOWER ECHOES. 5 ,V 'r 'A .'a. - li m? -19 '55 99' 'f' 5 ' 51 ,. . -' H" .- ' v', 2 s NP ,M w L :em ' 'Q -WT . ..,,,g Barbara Abel The Abendroths .-Ice and Moe james Arthur Addy Mr, and Mrs. Ulilliam F. Airey, jr. Constantine C. Alexion Harry and Marguerite Ames Bernadette Arnold Mr. and Mrs. Robert E, Bartell Barb and Shirl Barbara and Eddie Mary Basler Barbara Beachley Bev and George Beverly, jane, Connie Betty and Carolyn Betty and Elaine Betty Lou and Vada Terry and june Biller john A. Bittler Gus Bisbikis Mr. and Mrs. john Blitz jack Bockmiller B. Boggs Katherine Bowen Clara Bowie Dave Breckenridge .-Xnne Brix Bernice Brouwer E. M. Bryan Evelyn Buddemeier Dr. and Mrs. Sylvan Caplan Margaret Carr Mr. and Mrs. Eugene H. Childs Claudie and Margie Bud Clingman Roma and Dave Cohen Coleen and Elizabeth Mary Connolly Carolyn E. Cook Catherine E. Cook Lois Cook Vernon Cook Onia M, Cooney Richard L, Cromwell Pat Crum Stanley Curtain Ted Danish Mr. and Mrs. john Davis john Reed Davis Dee and Tony Mr. and Mrs. Paul Desautels Doedy and Callie Doedy and Bob Doris and Liz Doris and Mildred Dottie and IVanda Dot and Chas Dot and john Dotty and Tom joseph H, Dowling Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Draut Dick Dryden Duffy Echo and XValt Eddie and Emma jane and Elliott Hermina K. Elterman Emily and joan Estelle and Bob Estelle. Pat, Mary jane Doris Exline "Fergie" Dr. and Mrs. james Fickes A Palrnns M'ilma and Harry Fisher julian Forrest janice Forsythe Alan Foster Lillian M. Francey Florence Franczkowski Frank and jan M,L.G. Gig and Vern Robert Gist Mr. and Mrs. Robert Glendenming Ed Goedeke Susan Godsey Carolyn Gosweilter Bill Gray Mr. and Mrs, N. VV. Griffin E. Gillis Grimm, jr. Melanie Grimm Adele Grossman Mr. and Mrs. Israel Grossman Gus and Little Francis Hapsburg Dr. and Mrs. M, I. Harber Father and Mrs. KYilliam Hartley Emma Francis Hastings Dr. and Mrs. Earle T. Hawkins Kay and Bob Heer Mr, and Mrs, Mahlon Hellerich Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Henderson Mr. and Mrs. W. I-Ierchenrother Claire Hershfield Fzindra Hoffmaster Don Hofler George E. Hohl Mary E. Houghland Louise Huifer Donald Hughes john Hummel jane, Beverly, jane janet and Bob jay and Ken Mr. and Mrs. john A. jedlicka jim and Perk jo Ann and Ann joan and Sonny joann, Gloria. Bobbie Ellen Sue jones Mr. and Mrs. Leo jones Nelson C. jones Mr. and Mrs. john M. joseph joyce and Bill lovce and Eleanore judy, Phyll, Mar jean Kalkreuth Robert L. Kane Solomon Karen Ann Katenkamp Kay and joyce Kav and Marge Elizabeth Keiser Mr. and Mrs. john P. Keiser Mr. and Mrs. Mlilliam I. Kelleher Allen Kershman Mr. -and Mrs. Earl Killian Donald L. Knox Betty joan Koneyak Edward Konior Nancy Kraft Mr. and Mrs. Kushner Leona Lahe Dr. Oliver Laine Mr. and Mrs. john Lakin jack Lapides LaRue, Marilyn, Lois Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Laupus Arthur L, Laupus Mrs. j. C. Laupus Lee and Bill Mr. and Mrs. George Lemke janet Mahaley Mando and Ox Vange Maniatis Margaret and Etta Margie and Carl Mr. and Mrs. james Marks Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Marshall Petro E. Mavromihalis joyce MacCauley Becky McCutchen june McHugh jean McLearn Mr. and Mrs. George Melonas Meta and Helen Meta. Lorry and Pat Leona and Bill Letta and Barbara Mr. and Mrs. Wesley T. Lewis, jr. Lois. judy, Evelyn Lois and Nookie H. N. Lomax Lou and janet Mary Lou Louthan Lower Lounge john Lynch Lynn and Bud Carl Milleker Anna Belle Miller George Herbert Miller Mr. and Mrs. Louis V. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Louis YV. Hliller Pat Miller Mimi Don Minnegan Missy and Foo Mlarren Mitchell jolm Moraites Mrs. Morris Morris and joan Lee Max and Shirley Mueller Pat and jean Mulligan Orielle Murphy Bill Myers Nan and Pat Nancy and jack Nancy and Vivian Nessie and Bill Mary C. Noppenbergcr Rose A. Noppenberger Norma and Anne Marijo Norris Bob Oliver Lois and Lloyd Owen Bill Owings Mr. and Mrs. R. Lee Owings Pat and Dee Pat and Maxine Patti. Donna, joanne Peg, Doey, and Betty Penny, Ina May, Harriet Mildred Pfeffer Betty Phillips Pat Phillips Phyl, Beth, Rene Phyllis and Louis Dean Pickens julie Pohlman Herma Pollhein Mr. and Mrs. Herman Pollhein The Three "POTS" The Two Little "POTS" William D. Pullen Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Raihl Matthew Rakentzes Nancy A. Rash Mr. and Mrs. William I. Reed, jr. Mr. and Mrs. William I,'Reed, Sr. Roberta Reed Roberta Rhinehart Bobi Rhodes Louis j. Rindone, jr. Mr. and Mrs. j. Rindone, Sr. Rita and jerry The Elwood Ritters Fred Ritter Kassie Rohe Rose .-Xnn and Don Dot Rybka Mr. and Mrs. john Rybka Mi'. and Mrs. lVilliam Rybka Sammy and joan Mary Ann Sadler Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon S. Sandlei jean and Bill Schaffer Marlene Schalitz Eda Scheir Ed Schwugerath Harriet Scott Dot Seibert Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Shipley Shirley, Char, Doris Slim and Issie David Smith XV. Smith Gloria Snyder jim Spitzmas jean Stein Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Steinitz Mrs. Mary L. Stickel Mary E. Street Mr. and Mrs. William Storer Mrs. Paul j. Stout Annette M. Stumpf Sue Sally Taylor Three Future Seniors Toby and Harold Franny Torino Lillie Trow Sue Uhler Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Von Hagel Mrs. Rheta Von Hagel Mr. and Mrs. E. Von Schwerdtn Mr, and Mrs. Emil Paul Walke Dick TVallace Mary E. XValter Erma Wiarnick Donn XVeblJ Mrs. Charles R. Weber john Weber Carolyn Weil Sylvia XVeis Patil M. I'Vest Evelyn Hlhite Pegge Whiteleather Carol Wickless Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Wilkerson Raymond L. Wilkerson Keith Wilson Bernard Yaffe Clarence Young jack Zimmerman Beverly Ann Zink EI' Student Director Dorothy jane Airey 2716 Northern Parkway Baltimore 14, Md. Harris WVesley Ames 5419 Montbel Ave. Baltimore 7, Md. Gloria Ann Angleberger Thurmont, Md. Janice Stewart Annan 745 Guilford Ave. Hagerstown, Md. Nancy Augerinos 4946 Lindsay Road Baltimore 29, Md. Anna Marie Balducci 615 S. Newkirk Street Baltimore 24, Md. Elizabeth Ann Baugh 3709 E. 37th Street Baltimore 18, Md. john Charles Baummer Upper Falls, Md. janet May Bien 5234 Reisterstown Road Baltimore 15, Md. Terry Davidson Biller 4526 Arabia Ave. Baltimore 14, Md. Gus Dan Bisbikus 3314 McElderry Street Baltimore 5, Md. William Paul Bittel 607 Hollen Road Baltimore 12, Md. Barbara Dorothy Boland 5100 Oaklawn Road Baltimore 7, Md. Gustavus Korb Bond 5000 Catalpha Road Baltimore 14, Md. Barbara Rose Bowen Huntington, Md. Katherine Reese Bowen Prince Frederick, Md. Marjorie Faw Bowerman 6118 MacBeth Drive Baltimore 12, Md. Lee Cann Bowlsbey 230 W. Main Street E11-tton, Md. Nancy Swaine Brooks 4668 Marble Hall Road Baltimore 12, Md. Ida Frances Bruning Montrose 8: Pratt Ave. Baltimore 12, Md. Eula Virginia Bryars 122 Duke of Gloucester Street Annapolis, Md. Evelyn Virginia Buddemeier G25 Coventry Road Baltimore 4, Md. Carolyn Brooks Bulcken 809 Dartmouth Road Baltimore 12, Md. john Francis Burke 3423 Lyndtale Ave. Baltimore 13, Md. Eugene Howeth Childs 3733 Ravenwood Ave. Baltimore 13, Md. Leona Irene Clark 5900 Sefton Ave. Baltimore 14, Md. Roma Weiner Cohen 4062 Edgewood Road Baltimore 15, Md. Robert Arnold Colburn 1640 Normal Ave. Baltimore 13, Md. Mary Esther Connolly 4507 Harcourt Road Baltimore 14, Md. Claude Henry Corl, Jr. Sabillasville, Md. Barbara Ann Cornog Clinton Street Delaware City, Delaware Thomas Robert Cripps 1545 E. 36th Street Baltimore 18, Md. Lorraine Constance Cronmillet 924 Montgomery Street Laurel, Md. Margaret Ann Cross 105 Summit Ave. Gaithersburg, Md. jacquelyn Cunningham 815 Columbia Ave. Cumberland, Md. I-'aye Louise Davis 1418 YV. 37th Street Baltimore 11, Md. Dolores Joanne Deardorff 16 Second Ave. Brooklyn Park 25, Md. Kathryn Bean De Fries 36 Burke Ave. Towson 4, Md. Iva Nicholson Draut Cedarlane, Kingsville Richard Gray Dryden 215 Eastern Ave. Baltimore 21, Md. 1Vi1liam Perry Eisman 2544 NV. Cold Spring Lane Baltimore 15, Md. john A. Eltermann 926 Light Street Baltimore 30. Md. Doris LaFaun Exline P.O. Box 41 Hancock, Md. Eleanor Figiel 1534 Cold Spring Lane Baltimore 18, Md. Wilma Miller Fisher 3535 Alameda Circle Baltimore 18, Md. 11 julian Ignatius Forrest 2635 Cecil Ave. Baltimore 18, Md. Thomas Robert Foster, Jr. 1 XY. Mr. Vernon Place Baltimore 1, Md. Lillian Mary Francey 6416 Fairdel Ave. Baltimore 6, Md. Albert Louis Frantz 1518 McHenry Street Baltimore 23, Md. Carolyn Cook Gause Reverdy Read Baltimore, Md. Donald E. Ciese 1019 S. Clinton Street Baltimore 24, Md. Nanq' Elaine Godsey 131 XV. Second Street Frederick, Md. lt'i1liam Lee Gray 3119 Clearview Ave. Baltimore 14, Md. Doris Alma Gross 2521 XV. Lombard Street Baltimore 23, Md. Adele Grossman 526 N. Eutaw Street Baltimore 1, Md. Dorothy Ann Haacke 4-119 Raspe Ave. Baltimore 6, Md. Grace Edna Hanson 325 E. 29th Street Baltimore 18, Md. Isabel Erna Harryman 3565 Horton Ave. Baltimore 25, Md. Emma Frances Hastings Box 3113 Newport XVi1mington 4, Del, Kathleen Murray Haugh 404 Murdock Road Baltimore 12, Md. Charles Leonard Hayes 9 S. Ellamont Street Baltimore 29. Md. Maria Rindone Heer 800 B Dartmouth Road Baltimore 12, Md. Helen May Heflner 6095 Rollins Ave.. 5.1-1. YVashington 27, D. C. Margaret Ay Herr 3712 Ridgecroft Road Baltimore 6, Md. John Henry Hill 1539 Light Street Baltimore 30, Md. Betty Ann Hollinger 124 S. Seton Are. Emmitsburg, Md. Ocic Romania Holsinger Rout No. 1 Mount Airy, Md. Student Directory . . . Lois Elaine Houpt 1205 Potomac Are. Hagerstown, Md. Margaret Louise Huffer R.F.D. No. 2 Middletown, Md. john Frank jedlicka 3536 E, Fairmount Are. Baltimore 24. Md. Joann Jane Johnson lillli 42nd Ave, Hyztttsiille, Md. Lawrence Norbert juths 4213 Ray Mar Are. Baltimore 6, Md. Robert Louis Kane 5809 Edmondson Ave. Baltimore 28, Md. jean Emma lianzler 2300 Garrett Ave. Baltimore 18, Md. Patricia Ann Karl 7007 Dunhill Road Baltimore 22, Elizabeth Park Reiser R. D. No. 4, Montrose Rockville, Md, George Huntlev King 6505 Gilmore Ave. Baltimore 7, Md. jane Lyons Ring Barstow, Md. Estelle Teresa Rohit-czny il-l Lakewood Are. Baltimore 24, Md. Barbara Jean Kramer l'.0. Box l23 Glenn Dale, Md. Edward Bernard Rulinski 302 S. Robinson Street Baltimore 24, Md. Leona Maria Lahe 741 Calor Ave. Baltimore 18, Md. Margaret, Chapman Laupus 725 Stamford Ave. Baltimore 29, Md. Mary Bernadette Lavin 550 Radnor Ave. Baltimore 12, Md. Richard Erwin Lefler 1928 Linden Ave. Baltimore 17, Md. Ruth Lee Lehman 355 Folcroft Ave. Baltimore 24. Md. Annabel Calvert Lewis 923 Wicklow Road Baltimore 29, Md. William james Lowman 247 Ridge Ave. Baltimore 4, Md. john Richard Lyston 5001 Arabia Ave. Baltimore 14, Md. Joyce YVood Maczis 2720 Wilkens Ave. Baltimore 23, Md. F5275 Banking with --1-M nmvt-IN stnvlct i 'Origin WASHINGTON AVENUE lOpp0site Court Housej MEMBER: FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP. When you buy, better try HOCHSCHILD, KOHN Where Quality and Prices are Right Main Store Belvedere Edmondson Furniture Store Compliments Of HOOPER'S RESTAU RANT 3 W. Chesapeake Avenue Towson, Maryland It Is Fun To Bowl At STONELEIGH BOWLING CENTER 6703 York Road Phone VA. 3-0596 For Reservation SATISFIES EVERY ICE CREAM TASTE elvale ICE CREAM 'W4fI1fIfnrl.75Jl'2' Visit Baltimore C01l7lly,.S No. One Supply House For Housewares, Hardware, Lumber, Millwork, Paint, Bulbs, Seeds, Feeds, Fuel Oil, Heating, Air Condition- ing, Unpainted Furniture, Toys, Power Tools, Lawn Furniture, Garden Supplies and Unusual Gifts. Stebbins-Anderson C o., Inc. 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Baltimore Street Baltimore 24, Md. ll'arren Robert Mitchell 410 Alhol Ave. Baltimore 29, Md. Lewis Patrick Mulligan 5000 Litchfield Ave. Baltimore 15, Md. William Francis Myers li. Baltimore Street Taneytown, Md. William Noellert G22 N. Kenwood .he Baltimore 5. Md. Ruse .Xnn Noppenberger Talliott Axe. Titnoniutn, Md. Hallie Gail Odgers 218 Linden Axe. l'nwson -l. Md. lillat Catherine O'Neill 6206 Pinehurst Road Baltimore 12, Md. Patritia Ann Orye 2577 W. I-'ayette Street llLllllllllllC 23, Md. Yirian Luis Owen 4015 lliddisun Lane Baltimore 6, Md. 1-Qtntnzt Doloris Owings 5603 N, Charles Street Baltimore 10, Md. Virginia Lee Paddy Huntington-n, Md. Leonard Paul 5-l-lll Lynxiew Axe. Baltimore 15, Md. Alicettnn Perkins 34505 Kitnhle Road llailtiinure IH, Md. Ronald Lee Peterson 31554 lillerslie Ave. Baltimore lt-1, Md. Student Directory . . . Jacqueline Ann l'farr 1101 N. Bradford Street Baltimore 13, Md. Mildred Ann Pfeller 256 S. Highland Ave. Baltimore 24, Md. Constance Helen Plakias 3-il-I Pennsylvania Ave. University Hills, Md. Jane Lochhaum Poffenberger 25 N. Mulberry Street Hagerstown, Md. Herman Frederick Pollhcin 39110 Greenmount Ave. Baltimore 18, Md. Albert Pomory. jr. Clark Ave. Lutherville, Md. james Oliver Porter, jr. 623 S, R-appolla Street Baltimore 24, Md. Rose Ann Camilla Provenza 2600 Ailsa Ave. Baltimore l-1, Md. XVilliarn Davison Pullen 216-I Druid Park Drive Baltimore ll, Md. Matthew Michael Rakentzes 8115 Clyde Bank Road Baltimore 4, Md. Nessie Klein Rappoport 4031 Hilton Road Baltimore 15, Md. Mary Lila Reed R,D. No. 1, Box 495 Clinton, Md. Russell Conwell Rcider 300 South 51st Street Baltimore 24, Md. Phyllis Ann Reinhardt Box No, 39-A Providence Road Baltimore 4, Md. Barbara Ann Rhodes Big Spring, Md. Fern Patricia Rice 319 E. Patrick Street Frederick, Md. Barbara jean Richardson 6907 Dunmanway Dundalk 22, Md. Fredric Arnold Ritter 552 Radnor Ave. Baltimore 12, Md. Dorothy Ann Rybka 1729 Lancaster Street Baltimore 31, Md. Marion jean Sadler 4115 Tennyson Road Hyattsville, Md. Mary Ann Sadler 2800 Clearview Ave. Baltimore 14, Md. Vincent joseph Salkoski, jr, 828 Hillman Court Baltimore 2, Md. james Morris Sanders, Jr. 1513 Burnwood Road Baltimore 12, Md. Formerly Stevenson Flowers 19 W. Pennsylvania Ave., I Q Towson -f oris VA. 3-0330 INC. HA. 6-6377 lNiteJ WEDDING SPECIALISTS CORSAGE STYLISTS FLORAL ARRANGEMENTS FUNERAL DESIGNS A Complete Line of Foliage and Blooming Plants PERSONALIZED SERVICE - ALWAYS REASONABLE Compliments Of Souris' Restaurant Christopher Souris 3 Alleghany Avenue - Towson, Maryland Hollenshade's Texaco Service Station York Road at Burke Avenue Towson 4, Maryland VA. 3-9794 The Arundel Corporation BALTIMORE 2, MARYLAND DREDGING - ENGINEERING CONSTRUCTION SAND GRA VEL STONE COMMERCIAL SLAG Mary Marlene Sclialitz R.D. No. 1. Box 184 Glen Burnie, Md. Mary Elizabeth Schilpp Box 226 Belair Road Fullerton, Md. Selma Vera Hleinstein Schlenolf 4100 Reisterstown Road Baltimore 15, Md. Beverly Schwartz 4120 Forest Park Ave. Baltimore 7. Md. jean Elizabeth Simmons 5001 Alhambra Ave. Baltimore 12. Md. Betty Irene Snyder 1301 XV. 41st Street Baltimore 11, Md. Dorothy Mae Stackhouse 6706 5th Street, N.W. Hlashington 12, D. C. Ann-a Isabel Stocksdale 1503 E. 35th Street Baltimore 18, Md. Virginia Herbert Storer Timonium Road Timonium, Md. Harold Edward Stufft 2802 Inglewood Ave. Baltimore 14, Md. Bettie Louise Sweitzer 2702 Pelham Ave. Baltimore 13, Md. Alma Richardson Taliaferro 5205 Liberty Heights Ave. Baltimore 7, Md. Student Directory Anne Rutledge Tucker 1334 Pentwood Road Baltimore 12. Md. XVarren Russell Turner 3718 Fait Ave. Baltimore 24, Md. Louis james Yadorsky 317 S. Bayliss Street Baltimore 24, Md. Fay Elena Van Riper 300 Great Falls Road Rockville, Md. Toby Estelle XVagman 4108 Garrison Blvd. Baltimore 15, Md. Joyce XVa1ger 3206 Parkside Drive Baltimore 14, Md. 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Margaret Catherine Gillig 5202 Ready Ave. Baltimore 12, Md. Mary Eileen Heaps 1244 Maple Ave. Baltimore 27, Md. joan Patricia Hogan 3238 Ravenwood Ave. Baltimore 13, Md. Meta Katherine Holmes 148 Gloucester Annapolis, Md. jack Wendell jordan 715 Richwood Ave. Baltimore 12, Md. Reece Livingston 3731 Beehler Ave. Baltimore 15, Md. Nellie Viola McKee R. D. No. 2 Willizimsport, Md. Claude Warren McNair 8 Mattingly Ave. Indian Head, Md. Amelia lileanore Railn 533 WVinston Ave. Baltimore 12, Md. Elenora Anne Rehberger 4361 Sheldon Are. Baltimore 6, Md. Margaret Rita Sakers 2831 Clifton Ave. Baltimore 16, Md. Dolores May Smith 5515 Parkland Ct. NVashington 28. D. C. Robert Hilton Smith 423 Salem Ave. Hagerstown, Md. Kenneth Ellsworth Morelock P.O. Box 66 Taneytown. Md. Frances Karol Parrish 2908 Grantley Road Baltimore 15, Md. Sarah Belle Taylor Perryman, Md. Edward Albert VinIant 6606 Greenoch Drive Catonsville 28, Md. All Pets, Inc. 'IO ALLEGHANY AVENUE Towson, Md. Normal and Rare Parakeets - Cuckaliels -Lovebirds Complete Line of Pets and Supplies WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Harry Edel, jr., Pres. Wm. Hall, V. P. C071gTL1l1LlLlfZi0l15 and Best Wishes to the GRADUATES OF 1954 HUTZ ER'S et KIM-lll07f ..., 'C' 01141011 Arundel- Brooks Concrete Corporation Pre-Mixed Concrete Certified Quality From Graded Materials -Office and Plant - 921 SOUTH WOLFE STREET Baltimore 31, Maryland EA stern 7-8200 CLASS OF lfce MAYrofnyzafnry HOWARD gc LEXINGTON STREETS Compliments Of Baltimore Cigarette Service, Inc. Compliments of Sears, Roebuck and Co. H. G. ROEBUCK and SON INCORPORATED PRINTERS O LITHOGRAPHERS 2140 Aisquith Street Baltimore 18, Morylond Phone: HOpkins 7-6700 PRODUCERS 0F YOUR YEARBOOK - ,. ,- M- , ll ' , U rs X nil' ! f f E r L X fl 0 f.3':! ,Ve 5 9' -Fl win, 9' ."'f1 ll bi .,,......1ggf T' 5 vi V1 1 1 I ii lr lf .'I ii 53 gi W E Y W v , n L . Q N A- A J' k , f.-fs, Kel X A w i . . L T . ' I' jj-4 2f"x I- 'a ' 1 at 1 I '. .uf . 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Suggestions in the Towson University - Tower Echoes Yearbook (Towson, MD) collection:

Towson University - Tower Echoes Yearbook (Towson, MD) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Towson University - Tower Echoes Yearbook (Towson, MD) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Towson University - Tower Echoes Yearbook (Towson, MD) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Towson University - Tower Echoes Yearbook (Towson, MD) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Towson University - Tower Echoes Yearbook (Towson, MD) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Towson University - Tower Echoes Yearbook (Towson, MD) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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