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'ls . r ' 4 I I . 1 r and M 'Ei' I ir ........................ . i1T-'f5""F'-f'fW'5M'2z,- Mig? v, : if-f .iq-' 41-5- uni. -if! 1 Q , 'QESPQIQ-H. V Q-nf, ,,A',-ggi: 1' "" W f Si . a gh l rg, 53. ' 3-fwwilk, , the W tow I Nr, state egchers fmftfkmflf land ' A, - ,LQ-'-x'j - 1 3 5 f 1 : V' 5 and days . r'w .. 31 O?" ,-Hx 1 ,-ff wQ0vQ.-anunsunvmu-f' ' W fggnex lax f Cx' Q ' I -- .- 'Q f f 'gig Q Q .I.- h ,fg . b My-fig? , ,,. N Y ,i 'Z 'fl?'QgLif'i , -C4-1-3-i 'V E ,A ii - ll 4 Q ,,,,., , EE' uns- - L-f'--1' P" . n'A'v-23-ii'n'a-AA 'l:':'n-'J-n'-'4-'n N 'Z 'H W - Y Y Y -X 1 1 .pw-up ,af --5----1 me-W-1 1 -1 .f A S A. .Ai 'v""5l Ak Ak -Ji ,, I 'yfvfi-G. RQ 435. - 1- -' A 1:11 Nm,-w -' . ...zz- .fj f,g,.fiA-EZg,f5Ji,gf.L-. jEf,.,. 1 . :'1'17N': in -"L f. ..,l,.,,,.x, xx..,.... 5-.' "xi '- ' x' 4 ,- 'uf' ' K 'f"'zV".. xl , , , .,!A9I'N' -- - -.x J-1' ' Y .x.'.' -Pe. H A V EJQQF 1.1: . V, 4 . 11. x, 4, V -' ' .1 7 21.1.2 tv Lia-v"1,'? -sg. V.: . vows-wrv,.....-.,'--u-w - .,,," 4.-v ' gig gr - .Ja .. M' Q QQ.. '--'ep' '. Mn .--wp.. -Q-1 ,K ,: . Q.-fffa'f. 'f1 - e n r .4if' pr .wi - The infinite small cycles, made of a conglomerance that forms a complete idea there-in the cycle, incessantly building EVGI' greater cycles that impinge upon the Conical unknown - advancing our culture towards the ultimate: The apex of our COV16. In dedication - To the enhancers of a better humanity. dedication O 6-zfs'-" 3 'lx ll . xx x K X? Q bs V 4-Zi, ff 'Yxvp .ayxwx E' ,lax tie?-1 -::"' - --29" x-lla' r AQ, .ixatimi E. , fgt 45 5" ll X 1 99333, 5 Q, 0'-f gy? : .x . - V- X Qnxggaixg. RX X X ll--.A ,f-'P' ,.., K1 W' ..:::-Q eaqx ' ..-I -"' f ,- QZQJ ' ly f , --" ' ' ,,..i fgs A V u if Lf: L' 'lm ,pl W ff-2, -V U TPR , 'll ff- 'f 'Z ll I X 'f 1' ft A O O FUNK-N 909- ll MANUAL V7 rgw A KQX 51009 4? if WW V Z 'ii' K :Mi i foreword . . . Long before the events which you are about to see ever happened, this college year was being shaped. Phone calls, letters, meetings, a few pencil scratches on blue-blocked paper - this was the beginning. In March '52 the Freshman Advisory Council was making plans for September. When June came students moved out and construction companies moved in. All through the summer they ground out additions and cor- rections to the campus minutes. Construction was going on in other fields, too. Assuming that student life would proceed more smoothly and effectively if organization leaders really understood their duties, a group met to consider these problems. Results - Leadership Workshop. And with sheets of graph paper and cups of coffee this Yearbook layout struggled into shape. Now all plans are passed. September is here. The days, nights, classes, and activities unroll. Just turn the page and . . . go forward. r fi QS n Q . 6 PS3 I Q LE I l .. f .K R l"' , g x xxx ' JE' sr, -'15-'ai-Ygq,-f-Q..,,L .. ' i31t7.1'5'f" contents and classes begin. . . ll befween classes . . . l7 afler classes. . . . 2l in ihe evening . . . . 39 when winier came. . . 47 fhen spring arrived. . 61 1 "We're herel But now that we're here, where are we?" Up the endless stairs, unpack and unload the paraphanellia that customs decree neces- sary for dormitory living. Introductions and strangers to match the stairs, innumerable. Then first taste of college food and settle down to get acquainted with the roommate -or maybe plural. The bells announce the morning and call us to the breakfast line, Midmorning we look at the first in the battery of tests - al- most expect to be sworn in at the end on Saturday. i EX Now we know where we are. The strangers aren't strangers any more. The abundance of steps are an advantage - more privacy they say. Nights are filled with entertainment - the barn dance, a series of parties, and the bonfire. We explored our resources in the talent show and someone else's in the movie. Really we didn't do too badly in those tests, or for that matter, in our entire orientation ordeal. 5 1 lf It-. I e Rh ' i ' 9 f- . H , fi ences, registration ld H fc In order to attend college classes one must register. This registration involves countless forms to be filled out, pens that run out of ink, closed classes, and general hysteria. The prize of the day - a set of coveted class cards. 1 Q V LY For the benefit of the student leaders on campus, the first Leadership Workshop Con- ference convened in September. Results of the meeting are evidenced in the acquaint- ance of the officers with their fellow work- ers and their duties. As a helpful product of the project, came the manual for student leaders. .-i. ? V- V cg W- X I E' il in 1 ' in 1 If O Q' no . is 'mi d Q -N .. ...'w?. x V 4 x I 1 5 v .,x, g w 'Si' A '-.A .Ju K. jus., 0' ' A , f' A 'h 1 V aw ff-i"Hq-sr Qu-+-4-+1 . .n-. 1 P . Jwvs. 5 . xv -Ab: .vig S 1. ' 251 ff fi X M T A Miss Heagney Miss Woodward 'K Y- uv' isa Q . - 1 Miss Kestner R on ..- L I 1 Mr, Abendroth ,,, . ,- Q15 f 4-J? Y. 'W - vq' I xx 'Q on s. Wi' se., Q A .:L- ' Mrs. Brouwer s l 'if 'Wim lb- rw A 1 S E Clrl' x X Mr. Mitchell Mr. Pollack if 1' ' Af . wif' The faculty of the col ricular activities, have I visers. They gave schol organizations and even, This group is the frami this faculty, our friends many mistakes and owe, cesses, ' l l education not pictured: Dr. Fickes Dr. Hovet Mrs. Velie Dr. Hartley Q Dr. Scott Dr. Smith R .4 ,iff - zur directors of cur- Jur friends and ad- help, sponsored our mbered our names. of the college. To beg pardon for our s for our small suc- english ,Q . ,un " Miss Pottorf W-1"1T r JWQ f 'Wx-ss A i so l , 93 , M ' ' 'si Q M Q ' Dr. Brewington 33: l 1 r M MK 1 r .. Mr, West D . r Crabtree 1 Dr' Flsher Mr, Wright l 4- X, K Dr. Bevins . - l f l I X' ,l - L ,Z ,4 wi - not pictured: , 5 , I if 5 I s- Mr, Fallon ,fig gf " Mr. Guess ' , X X f j A Miss Hughes -fy X as e ,ef flhliuhl K M , ' 1 4:5 - ff ,73-- ' -- Miss Sherman A lf.,-i. -We -r --'-"N" Xffjifis- X, Z ,' ,,,' ,. ,, .l fn' -N 'rx AO. n Miss Bize health Dr, Dowell C3 k , M M D I J math X Dr, Volpel not pictured: Mr, Mueller P - Q - 9 I N A " 1 , , 1 '- 4- 5 l fl rw A i Ya .,g53?.f rl n modern language f x ... V fri' As- "? A f . ig " Mr. Dr. Tonsil von Schwerdtner Gernocla Mass Weyforth music 3 GN 44- , S Miss Daniels , Q 1' ai -5. ,lil v--v A I 'i Miss Sargent not pictured: Miss Roach N pr 4. . W ' Dr. Moser Dr. Nuelander r- Q ,- - s Dr. Mann psychology f, ix 95. not pictured: Dr. Clarke ...,- . '.','-.x fi ' . V 1 H MAL b -. .'..I. ' :ff-,ay 'j'1,g physical education Dr. Minnegan ' r' Mr. Killian K, 4 i- - ,X wf , 314: N Fwd science Dr. VVQET Mr Crook ,QUEEN Q ,.,:-., he 'ii QTL p 3' V 734' .M ,,- Q xxx ,- K E ' A Mr. Desoutels Mr. Gifford lb- -X , A 'w' ' .... 1 7 ' x 962 ,. ' not pictured: N Q S Q , Dr, Provenzo 'jg' A Rh' R25 ' , "- ,Q w 'V 25, NA' 21.5, A f1l1'ffl5'iL3J. 5.-iw V, Y. f Dr. MCDOWSII Dr. Hgfhgwgy 9 9 fa.. M Dr. Willis Dr. Matthews '.v ' 9 -0 l 3, , ,A i not pictured: 'f ' w -, i 7 ' - Mr. Heuefack ' ' 'f Mr. Hunter k DV W0"h9f Dr. McCIeory Mr. Laine , .x.i., T1' 3' L . sq .rga-0 " 1:12 X 1 mx ' 5 4311? Q X L, t V I v"1l n ff' -Q--.QNYY fi I 'nf-. F ,- I 1 Q 'w ff 0' .L xr'- ' 433' pi S -sw f "3 .5 i 1 iii- Ten minutes to go between classes . . . time ft a cigarette or a coke in the alcove . . . return the W A4 if pr-i QP ' 'gmt book to the library . . . time, too, to hand in at absence slip at the registrar's office or drop notice in the mailbox . . . then stop to read the bulleti board . . . with an hour to kill the snack bar offer refreshment and conversation or read tomorrow' assignment . . . might get in a fast game of pin pong . . . as a lost resort there's always someboc to talk to. "f5,",, we 1 .y , '-61 pf: xt. ful fe. , K 2-hgpwf' 'I U'i:PN6 'Cha 'Pepsi 2 - .Jaw-' on v V 5 x , I 1 , X M I A Q ' "'. -'kfff '- .K ' in - -6 .a-f... i rv-4 , . W ' ,s I , -gr v xl I, 1 N fs I, , A L rv ,. J -x I- 7, '- '.A' .. 4 i f I 'SVA 1 sfxw 3' , 4 -. . 3 . Y, . 14. , hy 5 fn-j1'.- .s' I." ' 'X l Ah .Al "Order please." "Just a minute, point of order." An impatient tapping of a pencil - all characterize a session ot the Student Council. Day by day, through the year legislative groups propose and put into action various meas- ures for the benefit of the stu- dent body. ANA -1 T h r o u g h faculty-student committees both faculty and students contribute in the for- mation af general policy. Pro- jects, once bull session mater- ial, receive the first push to- wards -eality through one of THESE g .fi While student government business is being carried on the administration is also hard at work formulating policies, de- termining practices, and con- ducting general administerial transactions. - -D L L -ll. Q... e-- .HS .,-4""' ', ' i as 'ws ' .- -' ,, 1 L I ,vi of -' I f I' 1 '-,QJLAUH v - gg V f I K- 5 3-r"'5i 5 ' M Y 11 YF 3' N , AY! X This is it - the Class of '54 work- ing under the philosophy of instilling school spirit ond creating ci keen sense of friendly competition. To cichieve these gools the Juniors presented o musicol assembly "This ls lt", with Deloris Owings os director. x I X X 5 ' lf-",6,l"i xx as g Zfll A l h Q FJKLNJKX x J? r , W " 4.. ' ' V' .nbs- ,QA Wt . Ury X1 fig, t if .5 qw in-. 'Q ' L iw Y I1 Tiffffirm in 'FI x ini' A 95. ,Eva V . i4 if' xr 5 class of '55 ff? ' ' Q Emphasizing simplicity and sophis- tication through "The Crystal Cotil- Iion" the class keynotes their activi- ties. "The Red Devil Takes a HoIiday" turning into Deep Purple to provide the Sophomore class with two main features of their college year. By winning the Women's Demon- stration trophy they mark up the third of triple events. -I --ff 'i'y -Wr- ifriifii ff bet- ,7 a W ' x,.i 'Q-1-I ttf, -aw M -Q. , M 5 Q M Q, its ' ffl N ' 04,1 KQA ef M i , 'X'6.Ai "i' , r: XJ: ' I' xl 2 4 Qi 'Ir gs as 334 -' "vpn, wi- f' ie- 9 'E ig, 111 class of '56 ffl l l ixl X "Out of the Blue" comes the Class of '56 to present their as- sembly by the same name. Al- though not following the some color scheme, the Freshmen venture entertainment with the "Pastel Premiere." I .1- J gl ' .X . Q T .1 '. .W ..,l' 1 B Extra! Extra! Read all about it in the Tower Light." covers all campus affairs past, present, and future. Garnering desirable Iitera work submitted by students and faculty, The Publication pub- lishes a fall and spring edition. This organ of creative expres- sion had its beginning just a ear ago. 4 : ' s , Issued bi-monthly "The Light" S Pictorially recording college events the Tower Echoes reviews the year's activities. fl canterbury club Fl M. Bower ,. - ,rwq - 'Y f' fs F' L i T L. Walke newman club s student association 'Z student -, I christian association A. Kulick M if f W. Miller 'F' S 5' --a c -.1 From the sponsoring of caroling through Towson at Christmas time to participation in regional conventions, the religious organizations on cam- pus carry on varied programs. For the needs of Catholic students there is the Newman Clubg for Lutherans, the Lutheran Student Associationg for Episcopalians, the Canterbury Club. An interdenominational, and one of the oldest and most active groups is the Student Christian Association. The youngest, the Inter-Varsity group. 1, Ar f 'Jil' ', By means of speakers and discussions the IRC views and attempts to understand world problems and acquaint students with current issues 0"a Qu, :Qi Sylvia Mecchia, president, greets Dr. McCleary f' . .Y w I Q Working within the state or- ' l guest speaker. M Dix ii? U-FW v 'ljll ganization, the M. A. Newell chapter familiorizes its mem- bers with teaching in its pro- fessional aspects. To acquaint interested high school students with the advantages of the col- lege and profession the group sponsors campus visiting days. international relations club A mir! J! Li. '5 tiff' future teachers of america l Y 55 . 1 5, rf' Oi alpha phi omega "Lose something?" The APO's Lost and Found is in the Bar- racks. Or did you want to enter the Ugly Man Contest? - Fill out this blank. Want entertain- ment? - Movies only 25c. ali R. Prince natural history H wisiiefd Q l'0UP 1 KG- txt. Sponsoring one out-of-door ac tivity o month the NHG achieves their purpose of providing enjoy ment and knowledge for its mem bers. marshals Il H ' ' Cards please - a familiar restrain at every assembly. Mar shals are well known for this, but they also help us by usher- ing at other events and by greet- ing college visitors. J na S. List men's athletic association .. .,...- ""?'l" 3 A " "" I , Mlfgll 1, B. Colburn By analyzing problems in the ath- letic schedule and by improving con- . g ditions where necessary, the Men's Ath- ' J ' letic Association has a program of "Sports For All" whereby every man in the college may participate. 1 1 Q. 'F' Y "4-fy , of -D 5 4 . " X , -If Q ft ly ,' -..assi fx . J. Shapiro f intervarsity l ' i Striving to strengthen their spiritual lives members of the lnter-Varsity Christian Fellow- ship study the Holy Scriptures as a group. Guest speakers aid in achieving this purpose. women's athletic association Including all women students in the college, the Womens Ath- letic Association sponsors an elective system which affords to 1 -f w . ,tu D l '- L l if F Y vp. .-Q: . ,, A ,J 1 F. Rice all an opportunity to engage in Q various sports. lnter-collegiate ' - .ji and intramural competition along , with the special assistance service concludes the program, X v . -.! M As the largest musical group, the Glee Club contributes in a big way to the college entertain- ment. It also reaches the public through its annual broadcast. ff 1 orchestra 'L Q 1 l C Q I mst.. G, Bisbikis 3' uri ,X One of the most improved or- ganizations on campus, the or- chestra offers entertainment at assemblies. lt also participates in a larger program during May Day, Baccalaureate, and Com- mencement. X wx. X 2 -V - - Alix! i V1 'Ui N ' l .K glen players With powder and paint and a first- closs tragedy, the Glen Players opened their l952-53 dramatic season pre- senting Antigone. This year the group has a theater workshop, giving short plays at assemblies. V it N It MQMMQOUQQ I l K ' . ff. x i ' .. ills- W , X Xy lrge 3 rgwgrgyaks xW 'X , ix J l y i in le ll if i ffm J Ffrlxa D tlfv' it 1 ,Q ,i 5 tf,f , 'f - Je. i lt may be oilsg it may be clay, but whatever the media, members of the Art Club enjoy their favorite mode of expression in the Monday afternoon sessions. Ars longa, vita brevis. G. Cain Url' club Mew ho- Cnc-3 again target enthusiasts bring out their equipment to try their skill at "making a bulls- eyef' Elective participants com- pete in archery play days and in co-ed tournaments. iv- women's electives bowling Whether it's just for fun or for a berth on the Collegiate Telegraphic Tournament stand- ings, Towsonites make their way to Stoneleigh every week to en- joy their two games of bowling. State Teachers again cops first place in the telegraphic league with many of its gals taking honors as high scorers. archery YI - x il' X i V 1 . 1 40- ,VL , Ln . Q-, r . 41 ' V ' h 'Nts' , f 7 ,473 f',f','-5 H ' I-' 1 l ' xgf"'i' 1,-14 .V we-1' llflfi, l '12 QQ... f fl?-4-,J xl l f ll! X KA l l f 1 ' l N5,-Xflf lx ll ,tif f' " "N lllll X A i l l ' gllhl-iQ""" lf BA! All ' X Q. Gffigll tFTfl:'Lf:6K J 'l " mf-' law Aft: he . '- - -.f Q ' I 'F ' 1 1 'gl gig' 1 lf' l . i ' 2 Q i l l ' it l I 0 1' ll l' X A, I I, ' ,,,- ' 'ill ,l l' ul li i il it i lf i-, ' 1 0 39 ek-1' ' f f' y X A V ft , ,'t2,,,i,4 V ,- me 1- , -N, l -' ,.l f. qwgx.. 'vi ,e r ,-.NN - ,fL f N V. i ii it 'lllllx A 1 . , .. ,- , -l . - 1 . fox e- r A X ,.,-f.-f., X ,LAL-, X K X NSA! 4? J ,N . X I . i CN K it iv 3. f X5 QP 0, B x:f"Q71-,1Tf1',l ' - Q in my -c,,f,f, 5 X 'sk '-:ft be Q X ,'f',ff' s .X,,Q! B K-gf ,x.- I ,,'- 1 if -" S' Aw Lk xt, si, , N' -.. gg, 'gif ,, Y ,V 1, x., ,. ,V j , ff f- , gif: '. .- dy.-v.-. 4 55. if 'T 'fr , A s- . - U '-B , 4. W W waz-f S 1' lf til' f' 74, As in the past three years, Towson's Cross-coun- try team was undefeated in dual competition. In open meets, Towson's thinclads won over six- teen medals and distinguished themselves in three AAU meets and in the Mason Dixon meet. Besides their dual meet victories, they captured third place in the Mason Dixon encounter. Their success must be attributed to the coaching of Don Minnegan and outstanding performances by Keith Wilson, Ken Wray, Fred Dahler, Nick Brandjes, Mel Sobaleski, and Jack Hogsten. Layton Stamper, Bob Brooks, Bill Sandomen, Bob Kane and Bill Miller round out the squad. , 1- -,..,- -A' X? .- Jigga, H N .4 X,.?f-N-ffxx , ,- - I , ,,,,, My ,-Q-A ,-.,fY - f , .1 t-5, 1 .,Cx x A -Z x,, , rr- lip.,-X 737- :' , ,4- , li,-l A., 't , Q-A JE: -- .vi mf' it gf' 'yn' 'r xv ff' i 'Q b K H. A I KX 4 I Jw'-.....- :fm if ' A wh f ' P 1' . ' V 1. Xf ,Q t - ,J A .W t 5 X .J 4 g..s ii, . MM-.., C i'5l soccer Opp. STC Frostbu rg ,.,.... 0 l Loyola ..,.,.... O 5 Washington ..., 2 3 Virginia ,,..i.. O 0 Western Md. ..., 0 O Hopkins ... ... 3 l Salisbury ....... 2 l Baltimore U. .... 2 O An analysis of the i952 soccer season shows Towson overcoming three major handicaps to sweep to a highly successful season. As the year opened, Coach Don Minnegan found that he had lost nine key players from the '5l squad. A short train- ing schedule, coupled with a shorter season of higher competition further darkened prospects. However, rated as being lucky to win but one game the Knights lost but three of eight contests. The Knights lineup found five freshmen making the squad, and two veterans, Jim Gede and Jack Zimmerman, being voted by coaches as All-American prospects in every game they played. Other veterans playing outstanding ball were Al Pomeroy, John Baumer, Joe Beaver, Tom Cripps, and Bill Groth. - J Tvq. I sg, Q ' fic: ' B . v, . . 9, 491 Qi '2 lb' LX Q l hs 'Q l her majesty - Pegge I h X and her court Towson's campus welcomes the alumni while Pegge Whiteleather reigns as Pegge l, our first Homecoming queen. l EllElVff1LQS',,,b'L 'll z 1 lJ7:'!?l7 wiirifi.:l,ts H ' A '4w'4"F'F315E3f,1,fre'f fa' FJ, ' gig- homecoming Parades, a brass band, and elaborate decorations add zest to the day's festivities. The West Dorm with its athletic motif cops first prize for dec- orations. The Golden Knights dress in full armor to beat Loyola's soccermen, 5-3. Antigone, a Glen Player production, provides evening entertainment. 'ls www-.N ..,-, Q91 f. ' f' I' ,M 'sw 1 w E, ,Y .ft o Fx 1 'ii -5' m . ,.. I F fry. V QQ we-L+-N I 1' I g L r W , ' 1 , C .fog N, 5 w . r f Y X' ' Fi 4 L L l L A -1 , A ' J I ll s ' 4 f A 1 + Y '- 55' ' I N lf il 1 3 . 'Ja , 'TL 1" K1 , W N V G Q. . ' I 'g'- - 'OOIQ4 154.3 0 4 construction Plans for renovations and ad- ditions to the campus have been in the background for two years but in the summer of l952 large scale construction finally be- gan. The completion of the men's dorms occurred and work began on the cafeteria and stu- dent union. The kitchen is to move upstairs to make room for student offices, lounge, and snack-bar. Besides the building and renovating, construction be- gan an parking lots and a new lighting system brightens our campus. - 'ri:'xv'afg .1' 'ff fha , WIN Ex-T N , r ' fr' fig!! I' 'Y' N if ,pf , ,W . , -, , 'QA ,- A 4 Q yu: L...'f Hy, A . -3 ." ,Q If -QL .xtaxf ,. lg 1,42 ' ., , "X ' f offs, Ri. if f vs Pm 1- Q. if V K' ' 52 gn, ,M k. 1 ' K V W' at af U, A 1, ..,,...x ,QA ,jf X af? 9 . ,s M45 ,4 ,.. sm-K 4. A I A-Q 3-.hx I , .f Sam . . fy 1 Q " nn. , --, ,. my 'fo .ggi V. x 'E bv .Q .r- ,, , - 4. . , 'I . ,..1i'A " " " ' ' il 2 --Channel-F-'1 , , .' , 1 , . Q., L 4 ' 9+ Q. 'U V P S 0 s 0 I s 0 s O',,f""'x,, ' 11 gf- - 1 ,,.f. ,N ,, .. -. ..' - .V LX QQQA i i -A QL! J. Wickless s.c.a. choir From February toy February with each new FAC it is "fresh- men first." Members of thisior- ganization are chosen for gen- iality, initiative and service to the college. High point of the group's activities centers in Freshmen Week held in Septem- ber. C. White 5 or A .,, ff- Epsilon Alpha Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, a national hon- or society in education seeks to improve the teaching profession by admitting students who have achieved outstanding over-all college records to the organiza- tion and by its program of panel discussions ot vital educational topics. freshman advisory council B, McElroy kappa delta pi Epsilon Alpha Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, a national hon- or society in education seeks to improve the teaching profession by admitting students who have achieved outstanding over-all college records to the organiza- tion and by its program of panel discussions of vital educational topics. junior - senior men's club presidents' meeting Community problems and policies are of prime importance as student leaders discuss view- points of problems of vi- tal importance to a grow- ing institution. From this organization comes decis- ions which will help to insure our success and fu- ture at Towson. X ! I I ' Male members of the junior and senior classes along with men of the faculty compose the club which holds monthly meetings at Glen Esk. The organization invites out- standing personalities in this area to discuss per- tinent topics. T. Cripps R. Peterson D. Webb M at E QV .4 4 i K. M, Wogner house committee Through voried sociol ond educotionol progroms ond policies conducive to better living the House Committees promote the mutuol interest of resident students ond pro- vide proper functioning of the dormitories. V. . hostess club Members of the Host- ess Club under the direc- tion of Mrs. Morris serve os hostesses ot mony of the sociol functions, The group vories their serv- ices to include visitors on compus ond members of the groduoting closs. 7 .,, il 4 5 resident directors ' Acting in more copoc- ities than one, Mrs. Wogemon, Miss Pottorf, Miss Gerdes, ond Miss Bosler ore our dormitory Resident Directors. X I ug "The Pumpkin Pot- pourri" ushers in the col- lege season of fun and frivolity. Mr, Fall in his gay colors more than makes his presence felt at the annual Tower Light festival. I 0 O ,.,.,...-,- . a big evening A""fX1 - ,K i i 3 t .- 'EZ Antigone, the Glen Players first production of the 1952-53 season, proves to be one of the finest undertakings that our theater group is at- tempting this season. 4-. some stayed . r" nz ' x. X V, 1 -5. Q is GQFF' . and some went 1. -3 'J Q AFM' w .' Ts . ,z X, . .5 , , EM ,. W--,f-v""""' . ., - ---'M' .... no M .Vik ,. .......-3 , .' .',',c 1. Y . 6, . 1 ,fx 11 if 1 X xg ov! 'wig ,XQZEK 'V .' . 'kg 'gg7?p,,-V' 2 x., 5 , 1 2' 4" ' T" I. - J' I f 2' 95 . , J 'Af f I I A f 1 - . ,A "x J I A' V 4 3 X' I K I qgr. -' , ' R ' ' f . f 1, : 'E ' N , f f- 1- 14, a , nf -If-' pw lv' xv ,tx N . ,- - 1 f , rg ,lfbn nm. 'K """I"-"". , I "1 1 .gf bf . 'l1- ,'E f ' .N r . K 5,.,l , limi, . rf'-5: if . -. .Wifi-'yf' If' ' ' 'ffsfif f -. ,' - , . P- " ' 1 f .'ff,fff4w1 ,""':' IA ' 'f 3-' ,, V. 1 1 I," 1 ,Qxlqij -4: edu. ij: JI: EJ? 'X 4 "' A 77 I N A -A'-' ly' .'- .. .-- 1 ' U 'l'- R V ' .bl fifff- A '. ' -" 1 - ,J' 's ' ' - v . 'tl' Qf.. I. - T .v E' '- ' . .x Q B N . . .N 4 A S I . Q 'W '. l ,, .al I ..:M,V',,. t, 1 U 'f ,.n,,...4- "ii ' 1' ZA' .401-'zriwiim 'ETL X M . J E as Q ig' Q-M .,,, ua., V .fv- JM 1 ...Wi il 1 , H 'Q'.1Z.."f"" "RL Tl ' fly- , ?1' f"ii ba..- . I A ,Q-.. .--f-nv A" " ,I ,I ,,. l.,-..r.s...j-K-M L" ....Y..-dv. . -" 1. J. r., 3. -- .-.,.M-L....l.?--f-MA 'Vw' s ,,g,,,,,.,.z..,,L T- N-1-w Y, x. ,Lz., Q-91-.Mr - in 'Y ..-W . ., Mx. Ah. ,,.,.:.., . ,Ma- pi 9, U' pf fr, S I 1- 'H 'lf ' , 116 FN fy, A 4 , . Al'f i u ,. i Fir P S . f , xnxx- ,A I ,i basketball 1 Winning 4 games while losing l9, Tow- son's basketball record is not too impressive. It is evident that the fault is lack of experience and depth. This, plus the lack of any seasoned big men, N accounts for the poor record. What the team 'i' lacks in prowess, however, is made up by I spirit and fight. Since losing the services of the high scor- er, Bill Binder, the squad is not maintain- A fx, ing the standards they set. After the loss of l V xxx Binder, Jack Downs, greatly improved, is 'l X-f coming through and playing excellent ball while taking over the scoring burden. ' x Ably supporting Jack are Frank Lastner, Jim Spitznas, Bob Krabbe, and Dave Ying- ling plus several other stalwarts. However, the Mason Dixon provides too much opposition for our Knights, and in the last stages of the season, Coach Earl Killian decided to play the freshman squad with hopes of seasoning them for next year. KN - 4 tlsgqy 634i .vg ,L v .1 A' l. F s XI V N 5 MX xx- 3, U X S W1 y 'Z -m. 1"S it . X, . X L. Martin . ,. y K ' I.. i? .Nat 'Ylitgx W Llglylrfrl wi ll , 1 X.,X l 4' lvxwlll l' , lm, 4+ ll: ll 'Lt ',. an, tn, Y Q M 1 My l ill- i ' x will ly GMM cheerleaders "Louder, let's hear you, Let's really support our team" - yell the appropriately boister- ous cheerleaders who whip up team support by means of bon fires, pep rallies, and organized cheering at athletic contests. y 5 W E l My QM W,-, W 1 ' 'wlgl' 'llll " -"' - -ill' lk N 'fl il 'il ,tl 49- .lli lw e www ' I ' it W W. Qs ill l xx W lllllll l lx My lllfl My I X i l ,,v,Ai,, ,- Wil- 'l ll llllllllll lll-lt H tif ia '- X ,..-, l . . 1 i, r f.-. isktllxg 1 x xg , I iw-4xiwX,' l ,ig iw'-.Q lst-.M ti wx i- Walla . f,3,g fiff"i, , , lip'-xlll QQ fg Qljx -lr ll. , , ll. - V,-i..-lim, l lwlyfl-, ll! l ll Xlli:"1l,-,ll 4 , '-'VMW--'X ,. ' . .,QMll..'vl? Lia' lixxpxwzl,-ir A - A ,,.tt ' 2 wmv :W . 'x . , lf l flml, ml' Pl? V, lla ,sw " llgi-rw -'.lll . 'ii it , 'll' llsilllfllllfl l- H ' - , Mill' . 3 vw-l-ll-illllllllrilfl' fllilllllil , ' f ,.f'5f'2Cl' 1 l"i i?N li 'l",.i'1X',.?l iw N ,Pfllxy ' ull lf- ,nw l 4 9 W-fy, is WWA . gigfl,lyll.l"', W Y: NWV l A U -img l illlwi ., i.. ' g v 'A '-l' :ig , M F l, l ,lllgil xgimffllllkl ' ' , , X X. A l WW tt 1 . L ! 'A 'lm -......1-......., o 5 . N! ll: -54" Q6 rr V, ,IN 'Q 4 1- 1 Y Wx. wrestling Winning one dual match is not dis- appointing considering the powerful opponents our wrestling team faces this season. The bright spots of the year are Gene Spurrier's winning of the 123 lb. championship in the Mason Dixon Tournament and Walter Weber's sec- ond place in the 137 Ib. class. Gene's championship is for the second straight year. Recognition is also given to Layton Stomper who is performing so credit- ably for the Knights. Bl . X es' "A ff is AMaQ."1L'QiiQ' ...,, , X- nli- N ag VW ' we "Qs f , Qf""'W e - - X Wfj.. , fT'W'?tW'1"'1'A' J-vw..s, N-fs I fj,,:2f'-""' W- J. N. """-'-, i"""" f"'N"f",,Mw , , ""'i"--. s W at-WWWL -P EW f YQ . H -,X x .., f ,--' M Wgwi , AL. ., N. wg, , -"' "W ' 'N-,." -----f' ' NR-N ' , X' ""Nmn...,,,s.,, s -of menov' ,ff X "' S, V-' ' - S i thin Not all of the basketball glory is captured by the Tow- son varsity and jayvee clubs. The winter sees no less than six teams entering in the lntra-mur- al program, with the balance of power centering in three strong clubs. Season winners are "The Five" who finishes the cam- paign with a perfect record of six wins and no losses. Run- ning a close second are the Fac- ulty and the Wonders quintets, both of whom lost but one con- test. Highlights of the seasons activity are the Faculty games. With such "players" as Dr. Hartley, Dr. McCleary, and Mr. Abendroth, much color, fenter- tainmentl is afforded the spec- tators. Record W L The "5" . . . .. 5 0 Wonders... ...4 1 Faculty . . . . . 4 'I Fords . . . . . . 2 3 Lloyds , . . . . 'I 4 Kings Men . .... 0 5 badnunton T Q T--iii-K-v Mil --. .re l IP - t 1' Q0 x basketbaH Winter sports for the lassies centers around badminton, bas- ketball, bowling, and modern dance. Those participating in the electives also compete with other colleges in- play days win- ning many laurels for S.T.C. , , i is 1 "P , -'V ' Q i.. 6 lm I Q a '. ra , 1 v ' - -L . YQ, 0 ' , 8,411 . . 'fi gg A - - ' f Z, . ,. iff 55- -. 5? l o 0 A U - I- , ' . t. , . Q Q if sw' Q ' 1 There is something magic about the word "Christmas" for practically all of us. It is the day that somehow seems different from any other day in the year. It is the day towards which more people look forward with anticipation than any other, and it is a day when, if ever, people forget their onimosities and bitterness, at least for a time . . . It is a day on which people have a chance to become really big in their outlook toward their fellow human beings. And why? Behind all the fever and excitement, behind all the tinsel and decorations, be- hind all the work and rush, behind all the obligations and expense . . . behind all these there is the simple magnetic idea that for millions of people in the world this day is celebrated as the day when the Lord of the universe gave to this earth of ours the most wonderful Gift that was ever giv- en at any time. Added to this there is the universal human interest of o baby, of the gifts and the carols, and the thousand and one ways that people remember one another. Admit the com- mercialismp admit the fact that many gifts are given out of obligation, admit that sometimes the amount of work involved almost takes the ioy out of the day. Admit all of this, and Christmas is still one of wonder. Above all, Christmas is the time of giving. There is yet magic in the fact that it is more blessed to give than to receive. Christmas will be a happier day for all of us if each one has ful- filled his opportunity to remember people to whom we owe a debt of gratitude or service: to give to some one from whom we expect nothing - except the smile and the surprised look of genuine appreciation. He may be a child in our neighborhood: he may be an older person who is lonely, it may be an employee, the postman, the milkman, the paper boy. It isn't the amount, it is the thoughtfullness and the consideration. Merry Christmas everyone! by Dr. Earle T. Hawkins i Qu i .f-iaff if Q 1-ff 1 ' ' i gl 'll l fg r 55.3 l" i - W Hgh frvllii w x! iff I A . ' ' I I. T f f xl' 'Z' P 'F' " .I lf . I .Mi 'l 4' V I L ' f' ..'32:'J'L'l Mall. ' 1 l' ' Vfygsv' Zigi' '-' O ff 1 jitygfi 1' 'QM f I ' gg lr 'L 5 T-' 'il ' i ' - 5 n 1 ,L , 47 -.Q A " , -. sl., ' ' V Q' 'f:: 1 x,,. LF l N" - Q - IA , X 51 1 ' P - ig Q. -sl ' l , . -1 ,V , . .h but J. al . "' ' ' I Q l A 3' l '44 l R - 1 Z isf lf: 9 Y V " ' A:-1"'0' . ,W ':Ai- x zf' , p l 1 I, 'A ' Y: lg , l ,Y 1 H .v 1. . " M" ' . 1 N L., P' W ,, ' " ' A " ,X -QQ?-iffy Q OK 9 Converting the gymna- sium into a forest of en- chantment with ever- greens the Class ot '54 set the pace for the holiday festivities with the "Crys- tal Cotillionf' Decorat- ing the dorms, Christmas dinner, carolling, and en- tertaining the orphans at the party add to the fun and trolic of the season, -luv I Q K, K 'K' l lil? l l fix '1' it l ' Q gif? V C i f ll l ' A 'S , A , 'Y :X I3 . Xl X g l f' ' Q 05-- My mx' Y kg V T? 3 this way please ,X I aff the man who came to dinner ,J .,,,. --g'f'1'f'z wb-r' - " :av . Q . Q. U-d',,,,..,-A MQ IAMII' ,.- ,. I ' . , ,X , , . The conspiracy of George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart which produc- ed Sheridon Whiteside, o world - renowned radio commentator and stage critique, is exposed in the most exquisite manner by the Glen Players. We-f' f u A ,.. ....- -if .,: :wig- ii ,- .41 5-i ll Q '. In , if F 1 1 A x Q S sweetheart dance 'N I.,-' v .. -., is .,,, , , " gif' - .AI F X :Sl .l y of gg, 5 AEM 5' 1 . if Vis 3' Lace hearts, flowers, and music by Char lie Barnett honors Kitty Bean and Jules de Fries as Sweethearts ofq'53. The Student Government Association, sponsor of the dance, sets a precedent by obtaining a name band and by holding the dance at the Keith's ballroom. 1 I M l 'n 9 3. , Y 1.4- 'HJYQ If' 1' V 0' " -V+ . ,- '. 'fl 'I 1 3' 'u I ' 1 ,2- . , Y, ,z v 1 1,1 , ,- - 6 H ,L , . -fy ,,f'.rA f - -. 1 1' P in A ' "f 3: f- if il r, 4, 1 if , 11 45' ,Wig '91 5. 'Q 41 I F-vs, af Aff' ,vu , kg 'v-l,' 1 l , ,Q 1' sf, 1 K. r , U .4 v I I 1 zu .-9' v " 1' if ' I f b ,N . 1 -1' A 1, Y ,f' " x ,, 7 ff? f' , - ', , A ,A if ,7 x ' " ' Q' 1, 1 n -A , if M AAN' V I Aa- ff- ,. ok .ikq J. IQ' , .4 .1:,pL f . . 49 - 1 P pc ,, - D lj, I fu I 'l 'I 4, A r' Q' df, f 1 ,. ffgf' JN, I --1 , ' is X' i ' -Z xi rl 4:1 ' ' 4 ,- . I .. p X ' 4 4 ,iH,f,Y we-'ff -, ,1.,,.., V ,A . ' Ar , " V ,..,,,-4 ,,,,3,4,,,,.+4L5f P' ' a . , , -74" ' ' 1-xv, If . W fhbisf A '. i' ' K' '-dofff L .l Y i,4'?,v 1 f" , "' NH lx G' '12 1 fl 1 , ' - M .. ' -4 ...N Y 1 wk'-.f "N ,ff f x ,fx , 1 ' x I 'I , Ls I ? ,I as ve! - O. fig f Y I '07 fr A4 aff ,. f A, .v, f f,- f ly .,f - , V lf'-'yt af 5, ,X , j v , N 5 ' ' Q A v .K 5'4" 7'4-,V fl' f A: 'f ...T "" 'DX 4 an 1 ly ' Q ' if J A , if 5 ,: ., , ,A if x. fi"'f,-fad' , of ,, , .'Q'.-J-gl 1' f' ,vi M JA. 1 j li???":,, ".-.wi-. f' V ,ff ' ' ffl' ,Xfsf A f f' JY a "'?'f Nl' - , I .-L?..gI541f - ' ' Q 4 " A x I fl Q' ,. 1 2 ,, ,- ' iw - Jw ' 4 f.':fi.9'-4 ki,,,,,F i , ,1 I Ugg .1 ,wg :, 8.' F 9 ,Quai , f I ,tt gV,A- ,lf . , .- - .f ,,w,-.,.,.,'f , .,-f f..J4 -gfQf',ff fgv, v ...4 M f ,F h H HJ.-. A 4' , I ,- ,IV I 4. 1 I .V A .gf ., ' t D., 1 , . Q- I , -' .. 'I ,w' 1' V -vpg, .'A..i,5f .,' ' . " I V ' , , - rl 'I-' ' - 4 1 3' . 4' I-, " ' 74 . ' . "4" . , . ff' U - . v I ,t ,'a,Z.-:eff , , h - f , 4- y'f,fY' " , - nf b I ., K A. I . 1 A .1f ' - -' - .rf if" ff ' " .9 .. -' 4" I .I -. ' ' , I 1, .fa '9,'1.fv'. 4,-s D 1. , ,,,,' N S , , .. v F ., B, ...- at 'H' f,.--4 4., , t vp-4 ,' 5' la ,, 7.x il ' 2 ,lf ' ....4 'I -, 'it ,Q ,lv '3 a A W ,,2',q1L l r t I' ' A' at r ,Y 'I ' '. 1-f't.f -E bqf . . Q6 Gy' If I' ,A gg . if .f ' ff vijifv' '-6'-5"',, ' ' - ' 41- 'I 5' W -V ' " . ' 1' .P A ' ' 0,3 l -gw 43.117 ' 'f 'A . . l -, ., . ,r , --S: f . " Q, .4 . N gg- ,. 1 , , .1- :-.1-w.1 , n- rpg arrive ,Af Lf ' 'filf 'Jw . -'.JfPf "f" '.v-rm.-9-r ' -'FI ... - . 11.4 N' -FA., fn kk ti' . gn' . V., Jr' i , . www' 5 i, A. f. 'f , -in E A J ' an auf i?"L ! 9 n'. '. 9 ' ' - 'ff 'QA .V 'l 'r,ll - .'o .a . l i :wg 4 ' 1 .s - .4 ,i 1 8 Q. XI Q Q- .1 'H' , Q-Na A , 4, , , Q -1.8-f.f.,.ls . IG7- . A' x 'D A318 . 'xg'-.wir S , . 1 A . ' ' ' 'N df- ' 1 . if ' ' .' 4 x fi 4 ii J ' 1 C B , ' Q7i7?,,,l , vioxx H NEERN ' rr if l ,X F-It , mi' X3 Q ,gf -7 fir, S-'T if Q., iff! -'49 -ul ' 9.-mix Though starting out with a crop of inexperienced players, the baseball squad comes through creditably. Against such powerful opponents as Maine and Colby, the team posts a 5 and 8 record. The starting team, at times, consisted of as many as 6 frosh, with the only senior being vet- eran Jim Wirth. ST' 'Qi Ably manning the pitching staff were Tom Cripps, Max Friesland, and Vince Salkoski. Cripps, besides being a main- stay on the pitching staff, also is one of the team's top hitters. He came in second in the batting race to Russ lRedJ Reider, the number one Slugger. Bringing up third place is burly Jack Harron. dx! Y""mg' Q-nu' F' 54. X' l 45' . i " baseball i ,P c l 24 , N , -Q ti" ,. "" ,Q ti A gif' Q A V if 1-.5 ' if My ' V--gil! 5 F ,H f f' l'l l i h , y , R z 5' .N we l i ' W i it sfo x Y. rj- .hm W A Q . n 4 I - xt xx Q uh v V ' X wa fx ' xxx K S - Q u!"' . ' gil. gg 49" f . ng l 7 S. :I i LT " W' l 1 N Q A L ,..sM" ,. YE' N. ' ,-11 . . v' 41- V '7 . 'Hn A - - ' - - an ,- ,. up :fn ,E , f, ,- ..,. www: V 'mn f , r Q .Lmh , 1' 1 Q WN' N qu.. ...LAV ,.g 31,3 . p " '13'21-W W' 'N ' A+- "' - 77 L 1 ' ': ' , .c if 5131214 f - , -ip ,N-A f .sgfi-5 55,1 , N" - , W V 5' , af- , ,R gmc-4 --.- ai f- ' :Q ' .1-1? V .V ' , " ' ' - 'f:'f,rf"- Az. uf"Q+1'.-,..,,,-I-"f7fQ.f'v,.i? , f ,J 9'- gg, ,- 5 L A J I P .f. 4' Q, B . ' 3 gut: 2 " - ': f " fa' 6' , " i 1 , J 4 . , ' -- - -as--f has 91 Q :--AP .' . v ,,. , W a """""9'om ' pw- L . , .: ll .' . U 'Q ., . N. ,. . V1 L- .Q . X ' -.fu qc '- Q ,gg 8 n ' , , 'I ':' -0 '-5 P4 T. ' 1 . , X-,,, 4' -Ala-Q.-5 ' . A 7 I 1 I ' Ar' A A k .. at I ..:. 4- M: 'wo- tennis .44 'l 'C 4. ,- --, u- .Q iq. .Ap !' . if ..,-J L-- 4:02 " Q. 1 - '.. A' 'F .-.s rv 3 . x . , M inl -. -' ...A - nuff. 3" 2 er IIN? . we ' lnlh.. ! . .. i r r ' is s , X, Y? U '-"5!a- nl Q , ', 'fix ..g, i .'I . hh XX xx . ,-535' Towson enioyed one of the best tennis seasons in several years, placing third in the Northern Division of the M-D conference. Once again, the team is sparked by Jack Downs, who winds up his tennis career. Stu Mahn and Don Causey also car- ry the school colors for the last time. Bill Lowman, Jack Jedlicka, Warren Turner, Dave DeGrafft and Brad Nelson also turn in creditable performances. . .V A-'Fx , 3 - . zu lx xQ'ux"':.'.'. 'xii 'l:'.' ' b '?- 'NXKr,'.'-tru-,-f:-, 1',xxXm.1.r.-'i ,.,r x K I -5 I X N" - . .'.' ,X-NYC -KA, l- . . .' Xx N 8 sax . .M .' ' ' ' I .sm n- . . x Xia w' " ' - X . . . m- . . N 'xslr xnxx?" "J -' ' xxvxu M ' ' - ' ' x 'N N - N 'K :XXX- lx Jwxf "kb .. X Q . Y N - xx X ,fx N SRX, .- xx RN, X N I , N. KN m . 5 ' . x'xi'i'gl . if .- X - QNX ' ' . ,HX QXQKQ:-.' Xxx sig -Tu.: l I. K xii XNXX-fx'-' , 1 ' Xt' X. tx., X xx..-l u - x,xN 1 ggi" XX ' -X' Q g ? This year, Towsonites saw in action the best track 8. field squad in the college's history. Victorious in 2 of 3 dual meets, the team also placed in both the Catholic University and Baltimore Relay Meets. Producing outstanding per- formances are Boyd Michaels, Ken Wray and Keith Wilson. Particular laurels are awarded to Jim Gede, sparkplug of the team for 4 years, Versatile Jim rates as the finest track man Towson has had. ,W . 1 ':5 1 S 5. in N I v A IA N R I I v R track and field Av' - "K ' ' -C 1 spring electives P f I,-x . ' v r"l K' -ii .K ' Q' ' 0 YL ., . 0,3 . M e Nftxfgf ' 4 Y' - XL- f- MW, , . fre-z-. . -, 4, 5 e . V M I ' " Q rf- -. fr I n19j53A'f?':-1 V -Qgtgg, Pg.:-aff '. j'P,fI.i.-.,,.-ff1'f?245,?:fwQwaq' ' ' 14' f-fi1.jff-5, " 'I ' - , '. 5- -. Q fgf'-l?'f7','5e 1 ' 'Lfi'f?.,Z,"" ' L ,,1,'S,1Ji. - 1 .--.f,,f.,5f:'fA.-fi' 4: j . ef "f M' " ' , . 1 J-1 .. - X . f Q . , ,J- E -L ' ' ..p 5 1' , I , I gli:-Qi - . , Q s - -...Q--t' V -. 0 ' QM' M KA ,. -.4-" --'Q : . - - 1 v Y W W' 'ff' ' ,."'5' ' ""' 47, . V ' ' ,V , ,---- wifi- - - ., ,. r . V . 1 1 ' V .cf ,,--- -. , - f .' -.ff ' ' --Ives' -' " ' " ., I., -.. ' ". ,g-e "" ' TV- student teaching I' Day in and day out student teaching goes on. Many methods and devices are used to aid the instruction. Shown here are the phonograph, chalkboard, and textbook. ,- fi ,tp 112 N ,,. .I I I A f T I i ,I U? , r K x . 'K N - 5 ' NW -'J L V., . Senior Day - Breakfast in S 1 Q N bed, dinner served by the fresh- 'X men, and a party in the evening K 1 5 A all signify the day to which stu- - - . dents look forward. senior day 5'-. ,......f f 0 1 r .Q N Nh V I 2 g 'A ff . I. Y 1, 'ns--A , ,,,.f' ,sf fi. -Y n I f gioconda smile T a w s o n' s incomparables bring us another great produc- tion - The Gioconda Smile. addy wins ! Jim Addy wins the SGA elec- tion by edging out Faye Davis in the finals, towson art gallery Q , A x ff Setting another precedent for STC, Mr. Pollack sets up an art gallery for students and neighbors of the college. The art work is that of contempor- aries. -fn-cus' .Y " .. 1 J .Qc . ,, ff a .av X ' 'L 4'- , 1 . ,Je I 8 35- 1-, 41 .v f 33,6 B, l 0 'J fAC:N'fQQ J! Q 4 U if 41,51 0. 1 'Q maid-of-honor . . f Ti . melane wagner Students bubbling around the witches pot on Walpurgis night starts the May Day festivities on a new key. The Boumi Temple Oriental Band, a bon tire, snake line, and a jam session all aids in driving away the evil spirits and allows Towson to have a sunny May Day. May activities begin early with decorating and cleaning and ends late as couples dance to Bill MaiseI's music. Highlighting the day is the presentation of the May court and the crowning ot the queen. -twnzdjf yt ':. ee' .b ' ' '-1" ' . sf Vi' 'wth "ffl-'g P 5 f .Q . R' . , ' -: ' 'I ,I . ,H 0 Q 55. ag. jjgh, - Q N M Q ., f A Ae f : 4 53 ,. ' f arx Q I , Vi.. 8 L4 I V rs A' H Q , K Q li. ' . . . aw' .-' , 4 ' PQ L , A h Q QP.. I A -x . A , 1 ill-Q A 423, A l ' P1 r ' 'W L, : WYLX x f ,, A 1. ' - -w,.1....,.x 'M' 'M w-.- .Y , rim a-sf 'WN www? 52" -vm-Q' if-vA 4 aw 'Wa 'W 1 . A-.4 A' B 'L 1 5 V .--'nfl ,iw-ig l . F 9 Qu M, A, ,gf--ff ,L , .L . ' , I , il 9 .1 5 'Nw sig college day All out to Gwynn Oak Park for a day of fun and frolic, save for a few rainy hours. After rides galore, a trip back to the college for food and entertain- ment. ff",- -+ N Uv-ia F' A x If 0 'fb X , Tv? f in I cm. , . 'K "3 J: .. 4,1 if , -. 1 if whifehursf, president Cornell. vice-Dresidenf I IU px X 9113 downing, secretary Xf V Q'-5 N . . V ,H A 1 l"Y fi ,X ,f if thomas, dorm social 'X ,v 5 5 ' Af. ,- maxwell, treasurer f, . -. 1 V 15 iv.: webb, day social fhe class of '53 XF5 PRN p- 5? 1 if eg fy , 1 l 1 l .-. K U A ., J " -0- - -.J' Nswf' Mario Paul Antetomaso Teaching Certificate Here from Maryland for his 5th year He who has chosen to follow in his wife's pro- fessional footsteps. Betty Louise Bachman B.S. Elementary Future Teachers of Americag Electives "Room service, please." Doris L. Bailey B.S. Kindergarten-Primary International Relations Clubg Kappa Delta Pig Student Christian Association Choir "l have iust one question - is it profession- ul?" George William Baker, Jr. B.S. Junior High Student Government Associationg Kappa Del- ta Pig Men's Chorus A blustery March morning trimmed in red. 43 X Qpssf' Q. - ge ev . . vnu.. fgjfill . , A' V wiv. WM I Q Q t 1. ,og X lg , , Uv -.Z Dorothy H. Beckman B.S. Elementary Electives "Something's wrong with the car but come summer we'll get to California!" Elizabeth Ellen Beva rd B.S. Elementary Glee Clubg Tower Echoes When she's good, she's very very good, But when she's bad, she's horrid. -.Qi , 'T- x f t K ! N ,tw N Z- X , 'X '71 X '- .' .ii ' 1 . 'I i ,t '.' w, t-i.,. t, , .M-,ij ij' 'f fx. . , , , J -"J ,f .-P. 9 -353 ,-, rg -f E , if Kate Ruth Bishop B.S. Elementary Student Christian Associcitiong Future Teachers of Americog Freshman Advisory Council Willingness + Ability : Greatness Harry Hamilton Boublitz B.S. Elementary Kappa Delta Pi If ignorance was sin. he's a saint. 1 V' .A M jf? Mk, ,LH v 1 ,f Q AAW '64 X '- 5...- bv X, , .-r A , Q , . J, -L , x yy- i 'rf Q., L 'wha iv' -a a, si 'I 4 ph 'L 2: -i7'??". I 2: -'fiixi-' tr' ..:'-A-QL..-Fxgglpl ,H ,?pi 'Q . F? 27:71-,za -. Q, fi , :I A . 423 1' -"T 4- - it ' 4 r, ,. r"- A . 4 . I ' "'-Twin ' t' - A 2-11+ , .' 'F S9 'If ' t'Q.,1,,. Wi Robert H ugh Boublltz Elementary Kappa Delto Pu, Glee Club "You're out of your mind." 44' .. 9: - V , A M .r F t t ny Q' ,, K ,."Xuf.LZ:c.T::,:+ Margery Theodora Bratz T" Tb I B.S. Junior High !' Girls' Chorusg Future Teachers of America 0,1 Margaret Mary Bower B.S. Junior High Newman Clubg Future Teachers of America Atomic combination - an effervescent New- manite anchored to the Navy. 6.5 rec, - K Now, Freud would interpret that differently 4 Cassandra Britton B S Kindergarten-Primary Future Teachers of America, MAFTA presudentg Freshman Advisory Council "Let me tell youl. . . ." ,-"Qu 'V'-, , 5 cs, , T? 5 I Frederick Aten Brown ,ff .. , f""',.x'1i-V3 b 'E B.S Elementary l l N" Tower Lightg Tower Echoes '53g Student Hand- Q? bookg Student Government Association S -1 " N Junior executive with the senior sense of hu- ti 1 Y '1 P mor. v KS .jf q f E I A it if at 'L , Constance Hope Brown B,S. Kindergarten-Primary Freshman Advisory Councilg Tower Echoes Safe upon the solid rock the ugly houses stand, Come and see my the sand. shining palace built upon s. is- x R me TX -f 4 -a Z- 4 1 I cy, e mu . If l 'f X '43 t A CML: aw' ' E L Y ,, Yi R. I 'xi 1"' Ethel Virginia Burkins B.S. Kindergarten-Primary Student Christian Associationg Tower Echoesj Future Teachers of America Self-confidence is the prerequisite to great undertakings. .JC Y f L Xl N Efrosiny Brown B.S. Elementary Kfqqv' , Girls' Chorus' Electives Stealing scenes with a style and a smile. 1 .lr l '11 ii N-,ia-' -vx I f x Mary Gallaher Carper . . Kindergarten-Primary Student Christian Associationp Student Chris- tian Association Choirj Glee Club "l got a letter from my honey!" Gloria Cecilia Cain B,S, Junior High Future Teachers of Americaj Art Clubg New! man Club "Tailored" to needs - aesthetic to taste. .9 we .NT 1 'E 1. ' .f - - f 4 Qft l 'F lf ,-cl . John Elmer Calvert, Jr. B.S. Junior High Aviation Clubg Lab Assistontg Student-Faculty Committee Careful, clear, effective thinking coupled with direct action. A'-vs. rv! ',.s-...y l fx x Ella Jane Zimmerman Carre B.S. Elementary Marshalsg Freshman Advisory Councilg Future Teachers of America A countenance that tells of quality within. ffh 'i'1'N- 1"- q,-n...- 1 0 ,,-'!"""' ' arg u, L. Brearley Ernstone Carroll ,J B.S. Elementary 'EQ f ,qs S Future Teachers of Americag Tower Echoesp N 1, ' 'qv' Canterbury Club T lt is the height of art to do what is fitting. TT' ,Q , Y l t , K , f Q l 'V' " Donald Lewis Causey B.S Elementary X.. Xex Q ,Rf Rhys Owen Carter 5 , B.S. Elementary Future Teachers of America The mosque of Solemnity is opened by the Key of a Smile. ,- - E v- Glee Clubg Alpha Phi Omegag Tennis "With an early settling, sincerity and indus- try "Qin ,www .45 A . vi N. , is Patricia Marie Cecil ' -1 k- P B.S Kindergarten-Primary 'Qui i,,- , 4 gc.. ..,,. I E' Class Officer lg Newman Club Now she is darning the socks that she used to knit. . 'X-'Yr' '1 X if V. X Z Isabelle Mae Christle Virginia Lee Clark B.S. Kindergarten-Primary B.S. Elementary Future Teachers of Americag Faculty-Student Glee Club: Future Teachers of Americag Fac- Cory-U-niffees ulty-Student Committee "You gona iob, l'll do if," Sincerity and a ready wit. Alexander James Cole Evart Frantz Cornell B.S. Junior High B.S. Elementary MGFVS Club! NGWYTWOY1 Clllbi FUTUY-9 Te0Ch6"5 Class veep 3,45 Student Governmentg Glen of America Playersg Eastern States Association Successfully single: neatly accurate. "lt's only 46 blocks, let's walk." ,.-i7l-1- YK' Y X X 19' .-qs ax if 5 - lsr 'UK 10-f Lx "W ev ti' we I Q il ,v . 'ff e Virginia Lee COSgl'0V6 Sqrq Ann Cl-Q55 85- Eleme"'f0"Y B.S. Kindergarten-Primary Ffe5l'Wm0"1 AdVl50fY C0U"'CllI KOPPG Dello pl! Future Teachers of Americag Electives Glen Playersg Student Christian Association A quiet heart is a continual feast. A Virginia ham - well seasoned. xiii X-1 Y K Patricia Ann Crunkleton 55- Elementary Future Teachers of Americag Student Christian Associationg Natural History Groupg Electives They call me o dreamer - well maybe I am, aff' Dail Carroll Currier B.S. Kindergarten-Primary Glee Clubg Freshman Advisory Councilg Stu- dent Christian Association Choir Talents. teases. and talks. fX I' NL ,. 75 'vs .P - -1-r ' xx TCT Jane Louella Cushen B,S, Elementary Student Christian Associationg Chimes Guild! Glee Club "Paint brush and Chopin." , , fv- 2 X1 Anna Marie Darby B.S. Elementary Newman Clubg Glen Playersg Future Teachers of America Merry heart through all the day. Sally Drusella Deering B.S. Elementary Glee Clubg Hostess Clubg Student Christian Association "A cheerful temper ioined with innocence." 446' -q-ff ef' 4 , gwvu f vs? 1-s 2 5,71-Za , 'z9x. J :wg .. 4 -I, v hw pn, '- ,.ig5i:'f- fiiffissi, 25. 'w-If-2....k 111.2-rj K A . .,, sq , .YAY .74 ag'-fu,5. ..- 4 N- N X - 'Ff fi W ,., - Q .-,..:' ,ag 5-363.13 Ag'-, ks-,i:u'. ...JG 4., :, ,WWA-A I ,' q a'7,1 " ,- "' 0 '9 iw su'-.',' . -bn, W 'QS-,! 2 ., . .,, . . , ., C -5 ...sem:,ff-s--,--- -I-Vg 5.4-,g.t,s1 --5- .. - -'-L.,-.--.-5 .,--as-9-22' . . 'Q tfv ' .' ev my-N ' W1 't, A- ,,ol4N-5, .I f.-Dpi asa Q L Margaret Virginia Dix B.S. Kindergarten-Pnmary Future Teachers of Americag House Committee Leadership Workshop Conference People, parties, and the "profession." . K we "mx . 19" 5 new N' I 'J s.,.f ,GP We sw 4 ' 7 1 '- K 0 K. l L Plf I 1 r Q ' luulllvlgn K f-" Patricia Louise Downing B.S. Kindergarten-Primary Q"X , 5 Student Christian Association Choirg Glee Club: M "N Class Officer CN - . I "How 'bout that! Think we will survive?" 4 s May Katherine Engle B.S. Tower Lightg Electives , .5 y , Virginia Maude Evans EIGMGMGYY B.S. Kindergarten-Primary Tower Light "Let each one have the wit to go his own way." 'Dlx "Constancy is but a dull sleepy quality at best." je. Y.,--v I VU' 1-,,, X-P' xW' l V ..4-" Ex-.,, Anna Margaret Eisenberger B.S. Elementary Glen Playersg Faculty-Student Committeeg Kop- pa Delta Pi True words and works make true friends. ,,.-1 fx - T 'i Q I Catherine Cornelia Fenby B.S. Elementary Inter-varsity Christian Fellowshipg Freshman Ad- visory Council Quiet sincerity. Joan Doris Fendall B.S. Elementary Student Christian Associationg Lutheran Stu- dent Association Dark eyes that dance with her love of life. A 4 'TQ Qt: X4 x i .f'a. .ff N . .J", t Wilbur Fink B.S. Junior High Tower Echoes Betty Jean Fischer B.S. Kindergarten-Primary Girls' Chorus I Q, x 1-Q 1 VS X. David Lee Ford ' KPN? B.S. Junior High Tower Lightg International Relations Clubg Fue ture Teochers of Americog Mens' Club "I am full of thought and I can think what I please." Charles Walter Foreman B.S. Junior High Tower Light photographer "lt's a damn good thing I'm such a nice guy!" Q x 1 Grason Edward Fowble 8.5. Junior High Future Teochers of Americog Men's Clubg Kop- oa Delta Pi "Where the hell is the principaIship?" Francis Gilbert French 8.5. Elementary Orchestrog String Quartet For Iite's Concerto in D, a rare artistry. , 1 1 'W 1 ' - pw., N, ' V K 1 FFQ' 3 - .fr ,sf Basil' W James Allen Gede t B,S, Junior High All-Star Soccer: Track Big heart for happiness: Big arms for hugging Big feet for h'runnin r-. 1" , at "" P isnt' Q,-h gh ,gi gn-an an-5 l f" " , nfs 135, I l. X X X A AFM i x 5 ,. ga . , N v, ' ,fe ...uw M at Robert D. George B.S. Junior High International Relations Club THE SEX LIFE OF A TAXI, George, R. R. Claire Gerecht B.S. Elementary Future Teachers of America Friendly and understanding. 'vw - ww 1 A fi 'N-. Margaret Ruth German ' H., B.S Kindergarten-Primary Future Teachers of America A custom made mood for any occasion John Gilbert Gist B.S. Elementary Wrestlingg Trackg House Committee Chairman " 'The Lord helps those who help themselves' -- Anyone know where I can get another iob?" v 1 0 ' 8' J' , Wx? af Rx , 9RZ' 2' .0 ' 1 -l Y ,v- X xr' ' :r151.,ff 2 -W V 4? f Hi fi: -. l 16' 'Q' Betty Ann Gerwig B.S. Elementary 1 X Future Teachers of Americag Lutheran Student Association U Anybody have a problem - want some help? vs. Hag ft :E 'Y ,fe -9 Yx A' Vx I 1 .' 5, Sylvia Joy Goclsey B.S. Kindergarten-Primary Tower Echoes editorg Kappa Delta Pig Tower Lightg Freshman Advisory Council "But l have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep." f "A Catherone Chell Gill B.S. Elementary Marshalsg Faculty-Student Committees: Canter- bury Club A trace of gentle fun even when serious. fix ,E 'UK 1' -9.-- X Anita Doris Gorn B.S. Junior High Glen Ployersg Faculty-Student Committee CO . 'a ' te' A-. t X- , . . -' l Alice Ruth Gross B.S. Elementary Future Teachers of Americog Art Club Work can be fun -- especially if it's student teaching. :L Z 405 ' 'Dy XTX-Q, .. CX .fy U I' QQ. 'f Bi William Albert Groth B.S. Elementary Varsity Soccerg Student Government Associa- tion officerg Lutheran Student Association "Check your oil?" N . a- J. , ' our viii' wa., i :ri Q . 4' P . . . 5 A' are Marlon Anne Griffith ' it Y '25 B.S. Elementary h "Did you say a trip? Where? Let's go!" Q - s, -1 X r ?' I ., - 9- i , fix if , if V' A ,..e M, Bernard Michael Hagan B.S. Elementary c ef' l, A B A Q X, 'Nas-,nw-2 'Y' us 'l l Janelle Bonita Hagerla B.S. Elementary Student Christian Associationg Electivesg Fu- ture Teachers of America "Sincerity gives wings to power." 2' , - rifzgx 4' ,A 1 .,'1 Y . 32 ,L 4 .5- ,,. 4 R fr s 1'T V li-, .XF -a' eq - he- X 1 Xi. -'Q ' A xi, I 1. , 'yi i X,Z aa x 5, I 1 Lewis Richard Harper B.S. Junior High Track Watch out for that little car! la Hellman-Minx, that isl 71 X f 1 Q . Barbara McDonald Harris B S Kindergarten-Primary Future Teachers of America Perpetual blue eyes - seas - uniforms. Apt' W A 'Ui 1. W. e 2 4 J x 3 rg, in its ,4.if"l .fr l 'T 3 3 .Q j!-. ' . 555 3 x ff : V , Edward A. Harvey, Jr. Elementary Tower Echoes Willard W. Hennemann B.S. Junior High Future Teachers of Americag Intramurals General manager of the Hagerstown Branch of the Metropolitan Opera. Jacqueline Carol Hickman Glaria Patricia Haglund B.S. Elementary B.S. Elementary Glee Clubg Student Christian Associationg Elec- Newman Clubg C1055 officer l,2,35 Freshman tives Advisory Council I know I won't like him if l don't like him. The Newman CIub's ever-ready "Girl Friday." I .ff N' he if A-1 YT L 1 f ,av- 'WRYR ..,,.1- .4 ,pi N--. ,. NT' 3,0 .Q 1... E N' M. Rosalee Hollahan B,S, Elementary Newman Clubj Future Teachers of America A superior example of a lady. ga li '-. Mary Patricia Hopkins B.S. Elementary Orotoricol contests fmx Just one cigarette more and a topic for dis- cussion! Jean Mary Horseman B.S. Elementary Mary Elizabeth Huber B-S- Junio Electives UQCTWESJ Faculty-Student Committee Bowl? Ole! Strong reasons make strong actions, r High l me as-J? ,N N' ' N ' ft me ., Q- "' Margaret Gene Jarrell B.S. Kindergarten-Prlmary Junior Hugh Future Teachers of Americag Glen Players Kappa Delta Pu Class offrcer 2 Marshals Eats like a sparrow, but oh what a burd See yal' Gotta play basketball wuth the boys S- Sabra Sullivan Kone B.S. 1 Us .lust like the kuds she teaches Y ke- K v Av l Qi WMS 'WRYR aw 0 Junior Hugh Elementary . xxx X 'W -4f"" .as 9 2 X 'W' xv! 2. ii rf' rf: Earl R. Kuser B.S. Junior High Transfer from University of Miami "Jack-of-all-trades: master of a few." Harriet Liebman B.S. Elementary Electives Can break into song or laughter anytime. if? X , '1 1 4 . V' -ff" 'ig' ' Q7 Shirley Irene List x,,,i--"W B.S. Elementary Electivesj Inter-Varsity "When-e's Charlie?" Nancy Crist Llewelyn B.S. Elementary Glee Ciubg Glen Playersg Future Teachers of Americog Tower Light "Evan-tually, l'Il succeed." f'5"'l"" i4,,,,, weasfggvm 4 Q Ann List Lloyd ' "Wf- - E iv " D B.S. Elementary Teva " ' ,f , ' A 1 ' Glee Clubg Noturol History Group 4 Q 'L ll :X I 'J ' Light or dark, or short or tall ,X "' ffl- She sets a spring to snare them all. .K "' 4ZLt7',-f rw 9 , 1 , 1 7 r 5 Q," l Gwendolyn G. Logsdon ' B.S. Elementary HN Orchestra There's a secret in pretty teeth. Q Ni visory Council Modest, graceful and wise. ,L ez, ,X A, am we -Q1-TQ! E. Leona Martin 'X B.S. Marjorie June Lynch Elementary Koppo Delfo Pig Newman Clubj Freshman Ad- Elementary i' .,W Tower Lighrg Tower Echoesg Cheerleodersg Face ulty'Student Committee ,J If 'Y A life full of cheers. . if . ' . 5 i ii 11"5-5, Donald Bruce Maxwell B.S. Junior High Glen Playersg Tower Echoesg Senior Class of- ficer ,., , n,....f X e-R "Bridge, anyone?" l F' I l 'N " 'KQRAI v. Betty Andrews McElroy B.S. Kindergarten-Primary International Relations Clubg Freshman Ad- visory Council Charter Member of Charm, Incorporated. at ,, ' f ' ' I ' di- ' A '- ef ' . fu, ' -M , x ""N we , T T I.. 5 VIEW fy Q 1. Q A John Anthony McColgan B.S. Junior High Wrestlingg Tower Lightg Tower Echoes Now wait a minute: I don't quite agree with you. ':a r 1 i Dora Lee Measley BS Elementary Future Teachers of Americag Electives "A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest of men." me -19'-e Sylvia Rita Mecchia B.S. Kindergarten- lnternational Relations Club "Blessed are they who run in circles for they shall be known as wheels." f' l I' 175' Boyd John Michael B.S. Elementary , ,Z 2. Kappa Delta Pig Student Christian Associationg Student Government Association Primary enough." "People just don't think about these things -1 3. If I 19, . Z, cy , I, F 1 M fp. 1 Joan Marie Migliarini 5 B.S. Elementary Barbara Meyerowitz B.S. Tower Lightg Electives "But, Mister Abendrothl!" Tower Lightg Tower Echoesg Freshman Advis- ory Councilg Student Handbook Committee Behind this scheme I do perceive her fine Italian hand. J v JN Elementary 'G' 4' " P Ellen Ann Rapson Miller B,S, Elementary Marshalsg Electivesg Dorm Social committee The three "Els" - Little, lively, and likeable. ' i, no it Biff 1'-vu. , .4-has Jean Passenker Mulligan B.S. Elementary "ZeaIous, yet modest." -Beattie Jane Frances Nathan B.S. Elementary Newman Club: Glen Players Gaily garrulous. A YW? fp VW V , l Ursula Rose-Ann Oliver B.S. Kindergarten-Primary Student Government Association "My candle burns at both ends. It will not last the night." -Millay " 16-11 'mmf Evelyn Lorraine Oursler B.S. Elementary Glee Clubg Electivesg Future Teachers of Amer- ica Towson's own Al Jolson. Julia Florence Owens B.S. Elementary Kappa Delta Pip Electivesp Newman Club: Mor- shals "Only 600 more pages to go!" as '99 .W 1' R ' V Q 1' , 'YN ,fn-. 'WN Shirley Helen Paris B.S. Elementary ,YA Helen Suite Pertsch B-5- Kindergarten-Primary Glee Clubg Future Teachers of America Her "Bluebird of Happiness" sings of mugig, M l N- Margaret Florence Phnllnps Edward Chrlstopher Phoebus H h Elementary Junior lg Student Chrlshan Assoclatnon Elechves F Avnqtlon Club Wrestlmg ture Teachers of Amernca Who s Ieadmg Rnley s lufe Peg or :ey d B d Plckus Anne Lamley Placht Slgmun ernar Elementary Klndergarten Pnmary that make you happy Class offncer 3 4 Alpha Ph: Omega Faculty There are smlles Student Commnttee Vnbranf organ of speech mean? T Pu' has .99 1 What do YOU Aw Teachers of America Track Future Rl ? Exactly' Thats what I just sand aw? LQEBQ 5 fe Q ' I 1 5'- -. I . . ' .X X N ,QX x.,- Q xx A r Z I vita" ' W Ll , - f' T B.S. B.S. ' ' :C ' ' ' ' : ' 1 U- ' ' 5 ' 1 2 l ll I ' ' I ' T 4 ll ll I I I ll K ': Us '-. . . 5 I Y Q B.S. B.S. - a . , . I u ' -I' X l 1 1 1 ' V - -- ' " Jff m fgffg. . .. ' .452 .a ...N P ' - ,, , ,ff-:ff VN ' .ul hi f . .f 453' 1 ,. E ff?-'Y 5' I. : X c f V7 4"f " X 1 cl 'Z "' .t . :lx '--5 ' ' " li 1: -f , Gif'--' ' 'QS 1 5. .3 rg' ,ff N Z. v 1 K' K '? '5- Qw. ' I Howard Charles Portman Alfred Dale Proffitt Junlor High B.S. Junior High Future Teachers of America International Re Avignon Clubj Inn-qmurqlg "Why should I more knowledge gain A Blue Jay turned teacher When it only gives me pain?" Iven Jackson Rathbone B.S. Elementary International Relations Clubg Freshman Ad- visory Councilg Men's Resident Council Through court, wars, waltzes, and the Em- peror always buffo. i' GWR- ' T' .1-. .-Ae! N 'L r, - N 1' -41' vrs '- s 1 e - A .S Ai K , f TQ- "' gf . .iam gtg 3. . 1, Lorraine E. Rocklin Patricia Anne Rosendale B.S. Elementary B.S. Kindergarten-Primary Elecfivesg Marshals Newman Clubg Orchestroj Electives Always obey the Lawlyerl. "My hands work much better than my head." BC L? -4 f 1 lf ,"'f-5 V I J I Ann Elizabeth Rountree B.S. Elementary Student Christian Associationg Glee Clubg ln- ter-Varsify Christian Fellowship North Carolina gastronomy supreme. F 41 'G' 1 1'- Iris Anne Sachs B.S. Sleepy time gal. Elementary X..?' ,- .f .4 1 J? inf" ,G G' T N fi, hiya' M. X. Joan Frances Scheeler Estella C. Scheiner B.S. Kindergarten-Primary B.S. Tower Echoesg International Relations Clubj Faculty Student Committeeg Future Teachers Lutheran Student Association ot America Our little Moses in the Friday exodus. "Among us intellectuals." N I I x Jeanne Lois Schneider B.S. Elementary B.S. Elementary Future Teachers of Americag Electives "Sleepy-Time 'Al'." QR "hw lm- Virginia May Schwartz Student Christian Associationg Future Teachers of America: Electives .41 A . rf l F x nr .R E igvsfr F at ii' 'li ,l ,ka l F Qin-s Y., f 'lr 4 ' J p J B.S. Elementary Lois Jean Schweikerl' Glee Clubg Sports Electives I've got so much reading to do, but - - 'I' as C, Jane Beverly Shapiro B.S. Junior High Morshalsg Freshman Advisory Councilg Glen Playersg Tower Light Happy, Happy Talic. .7 K n if A P- 5 "'- s L. I A1 I X VL L: Rebecca Jane Shelley B.S. Elementary Sports Electives A red-headed conscience' 4 495 y 'T Shirley Sherman 4 3-5. Junior High Glen Players wi wgfs Vx I .KR 'Fug' .t W O 3 Sylvia B. Shilmover B.S. Elementary I Q Future Teachers of America A lf Sonia Shulman B.S. Elementary A Tennisg Future Teachers of America N We still have some cuts left. , X , NSR v I X , N. ., e. ' xv-1 ,, NN" Charles Louis Sill B.S. Elementary "Our incurable e9otist." 4 '-'U' 'ws Bernard David Smith 'N E ' B.S. Elementary Aviation Club l'm sorry but I already have eight people in my car. vs 9 . U if Leatnce Gloria Smulwitz ,Q 'L L- B.S. Elementary i,,.,,,v , , 4 ' Glen Ployers L w I . 'T 3. 1 - ' Tall, dark, and handsomely dressed with a ' .Ki casual "Bridge, anyone?" if I l Le 'fs 'Ja " 2 i X43-..s...f. 'W . i La' I 1 A' '. , L i N. X ' , . V I ,., , v . .4- if S Q lil Betty Louise Spencer B.S. Elementary Student Christian Associationg Electivesj Fu- FQQX . s X .. Srl ls Dorothy Louise Spielman B.S. Kindergarten-Primary Student Christian Associotiong Hostess Club: Natural History Group Her speed in walking is exceeded only by her speed in talking. -4t"" l lv, ture Teachers of America There will be nothing "stiff" in her "under- taking." ,- f Adelaide Louise Sprow B.S. Elementary Natural History Groupg Future Teachers of America l'm Telling You Sl1e's Just Like A High Pres- sure Tire With A Slow Leak. 3' s 'RK' ef' ica Do 43' Milton Eugene Spurrier Patricia Mae Stiemly B S Glee Clubg Electivesg Future Teachers of Amer- . Elementary n't know, do we? ilk X 1 V6 is r. X 9156 B.s. Junior High Wrestlingg Kappa Delta Pig Men's Chorusg Men's House Committee A Deep Waist On Groaners, little Monsters and Life itself. Z "nb .1 3? 44 ,. Xa an .gf- . r N t-'1 , X XV? 1- Q V ff: C Nxt . Vivian Lee Stone ' Et B.S. Elementary ' 3 . 7? 'as is Y fm, Glee Clubg House Committee-5 Tower Ecnoesg ' lk Chimes Guild I P l'lI be back in just one minute. Layton Wiley Stomper Junior High Student Christian Association, Cross Country, Wrestling "Layt ,..... still waters run deep." L me iii Virginia G. Taliaferro B,S, Kindergarten-Primary Future Teachers of America "Oh, l don't know." 'F' FK In 'E' N., lv 2, ,y r -T Sara Lee Texer up ff T B.S. Elementary ' "Bur definitely" - with Plenty of rin- 'N Joan Nancy Thiess B.S. Kindergarten-Primary Marshals, lnter4VarsiTy Christian Fellowship 6:30 edition ot the Automatic Alarm Arrester. ' lt' -. J ' Q J 'g , iff r ' '7 if dh' 1 F F J sl Frances Marian Thomas If B.S. Elementary Newman Clubg Electivesj Future Teachers of America Her Gray world won't be so dull. 4+ cz" . 'sf gg Patricia S. Thomas B.S. Kindergarten-Primary Future Teachers of Americag Chimes Guildg Lutheran Student Association Still steady and sincere, but no longer Schlot- terbeck. I. ,vyyq rf 'X Y Jas. Rxfr' x F 3 -rf 'Q Mary Wathen Tyler B.S. Elementary House Committeeg Kappa Delta Pig Freshman Advisory Councilg Glee Club Imagination, wit - what a character. lf K Q 4 . X s . 5. , Q fl .i.,' fi a fl , ll, ll- lg Audna Elizabeth Thompson I ' -flax i B.S. Elementary X? Glee Clubg Future Teachers of Americag Elec- f tives: Kappa Delta Pi 'Tx no I Books -- Books - and more Books. iq f VR Thelma Jean Umberger B.S. Elementary Future Teachers of Americog Electives Boys - Boys and more Boys. 4 -f 'X A JN.,- l 'A . ,nfs "4-- ' , X . .. - r, i wk A . 'ff ff-f 'Q ll k 1 Q ' I Alexander William Vlangas D- E- 0- VON SCl1Wel'Cll'l1er B.S. Elementary B-5- Future Teachers of America 11 Elementary Tower Lightg Kappa Delta Pig Freshman Ad- visory Council . . T . ',, I behave m he Freedom of Bemg Yourself Hans Brinker and the Sterling Intellect. 1 ' 9. ' br X fe gy A Q K x Q A T , ,v Q , ' If Ka. U K Alfred Carl Voss Jacqueline Anne Wagner B.S. Elementary B.S. Kindergarten-Primary Aviation Club Class officer lj Newman Clubg Tower Lightg T E h Three children and a Bachelors Degree lnot Ower C Des bgd ar qlll, R : Sunshine, sand, sea, and O.C. i'-70.2 2 F.. s " ' 1, ggi. fr., E T . . I , b "2 Y ll- ' 'Wt - R P 91 11" -1: ' T ' H" 'r K x ' T " E 'wr ' 5 542-,'1JA . l , 1 0 I, I' , ' 1 I 1 Ulf?" 'R' ' 'Q ' ti : Y-pn....,'w,",-' ' rl J ' , ' J - 2 i , , ' , ' . W fit-. ,,.,,,:A,-hang: 'E h '. If I inns, A,,,',,' ', isle A ngpgnop 'ta ' 1, ' ' f ' " " 9-We ' 'ffl ' vb--M -V -uw.. , rv .. ,lf lee' ?' I Melane Wagner B.S. Glee Club, Freshman Advisory Council, Kappa Delta Pig House Committee cw' ' -f 'W' X Mary Virginia Wheatly Elementary Student Christian Association Enough energy, ability and interest in humans Nature, sincerity, simple truthfulness make her dignity. Q. ..u ,sy 4' 'Tv to right the wrongs of the world. Charles Swain White B,S, Junior High Kappa Delta Pig Future Teachers of America, Men's Resident Council A Caesarian intellect and an ear for Traubel. aw., ,g N News A 95. Auf! X 'Uv , - " in . ' Q 1 .L B.S. Kindergarten-Primary .. 5 Joan Audrey White B.S. Junior H Future Teachers of America, Electives "Lawyers have certain good points." ," ' :Zi : A igh L rv' W .' I , si, -34 . 5 x""f it , A i Francis de Paul Whitehurst B,S, Elementary Class President 2,3,4g Aviation Clubg Wrest- lingg Eastern States Association "Now, wait-a-minute! It could be worse." l Tm!! qv -4- ,Q Q 4 Q. James Henry Wirth B.S. Junior High Freshman Advisory Councilg Men's Clubg Kap- pa Delta Pig Baseball Proof that Wandering is Wirthwhile. Phyllis Ann Wisherd B.S. Elementary Natural History Groupg Electivesg Women's Athletic Association A place for everything and everything in its place. ff' .3 if Kr, I I I i Anne Laura Witlam B.S. Elementary Tower Lightg Glen Playersg Freshman Advisory Council Vibrant, vivacious. vivid. is 1 X 'N X , Q, g 'vs tx my fx teygi ' Y 'Ld ts Maurice Lee Holder B.S. Junior High Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowshipg Intramural Sports Hey, Dummy! Did you hear the ioke about the minister who -?" June W. Kangos Teaching Certificate Here from Goucher for her Sth year. 'gr ' Ifffl Q' iiffg? " 1 e " ' -' jiri t L fii iirre , t E, 1 -xl' th '- 51? 7 'lil "1 ' 'J I 5 gf' 1 1 h VYPN ifvrxiq X 'JG , ?"f" ' I fv' , if A l 3. ire- i X. Jane Frances Wunder Robert Grove Zopfi B.S. Elementary B.S. Elc Electivesg Freshman Advisory Councilg Future Future Teachers of America, Glee C T h f A ' eoc ers 0 merlcc "Do you know what day this is?" A sixth sense of happiness that makes her friendship Wirthwhile. Frederick Stuart Mohn B.S. Junior High Varsity Tennisg Curriculum Committee "Whatever we do, we won't sweat it." Suave, modern education personified. Joseph Herman Beaver, Jr. Associate of Arts Soccer, Trackg Men's Chorusg Newman Club Yeah, But Wait 'Till The Burning of Glen Eskl Bae: Alfa, 1' George Frederick Dahler Associate of Arts Aviation Club: Student Christian Associationg Cross Countryg Track Hot-rod Ford and a Two Dollar Bill. iunior college and fifth year iii Joan Louise Dannettel Associate of Arts Bowling film! , Harry A. Downs Associate of Arts Varsity Basketball "Ox, keep the hotdogs warm, l'm fouling out early!" 4,1 Thomas Nicholls Evans, Jr. Associate of Arts Orchestra: Class officer lg Student Government Association The Magic Trumpet l' 7 ,Q- -Q.,-f I asc: s i Merle U. Fox Associate of Arts Student Christian Associationg Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowshipg Men's Resident Council ' 4 YG' ..-fn n 3 Q f ql l A f . if 5' .uh f 5 ' ll V 1, "' 'v' A ' l , 4, 't A I - 0 3,5 '- JY Kenneth George Hanover f Associate of Arts Sue Garner Robert Stanley Gist Associate of Arts Associate of Arts Electives Glee Clubg Tower Lightg Glen Players - Suzie - immaculate with middie male. -the original "Quiet Man" ' - l iffy 6 Q of Q , Ns R if l Cty Q Y Q r A K B f .ll Ruth Ann Hicks Teaching Certificate WL- ,torn Marvlandcr here for her 5th year Bertha Frances Langbehn Teaching Certificate From Hunter College for her Sth year wx wb - , . I : ,..- Betty Mae Maxwell Associate of Arts Electivesg Student Christian Association A future dabbler in the business world. Betty Louise McKee Associate of Arts Marshalsg Aviation Club Mickery - more men than money. Sarah Yates Miller Teaching Certificate M IF" rx Cf' "ll I 'Qs 2" 'x .31 lx B s. Matina Psoras Associate of Arts Freshman Assemblyg Freshman Activntiesg Sophomore Organizations Towson's own Flapper - "You're Crazy!" Donald Lee Rollins Associate of Arts Men s Chorus: Baseball A guy sure is a hog for money when he gets to the point that he'lI work for it. .QA-. 1'-J i 'Ml i 4 D Leo Coleman McDonagh, Jr. Teaching Certificate Came from Loyola for his 5th year Margaret Louise Stackhouse Teaching Certificate Here from Western Maryland for her Sth year Turned by her fingers to sweet melody. Sue Ann Weintraub Associate of Arts Girls Chorusg Electives The dork-eyed Susan . . graduates february 1954 1' lv' Richard H. Baldwin B.S. Elementary Soccer Monogerg Glee Clubg Tower Light of- ficer A keen eye for noture's beauty and o wit that wins. If A ' A5 f-7, V 2 , . ,I If, an Rosemary Katherine Boyle B.S. Elementary One of those lingering experiences. Bernadette Celine Arnold B.S. Elementary Glee Clubg Freshman Advisory Council Attraction without affectation. . 5- uf Rx ln" um? 5 , Quiz' 1 I A 5-' ' Ee E. Marie Brown 12- - Andrew Rowland Bunce B.S. Elementary B.S. Elementary International Relations Clubg Electives "Anybody know anything about a good part- Pooper on the wake-up schedule. XXXX : f -fuxxvqx' , 1 - . , -1-v,,,,mw I P 2 4,4 -V 5 ff- we-A Mg time iob that will support three women?" Rita Levor Cohen B.S. Elementary Ma rshalsg Modern Dancing Oh, wait a minute, please. I must read this letter iust once more! 'Q"' TM 1 ! Q lg, Geraldine Dwyer Cosgrove B.S. Elementary 'f"" I tx his 1-' ' Q. :"' -Q5 SQ . -1 James Edward Cox B.S. Elementary Tower Llghtg Future Teachers of Americop Fo- culty-Student Committee rf" 'Ut John Howard Downs B.S. Elementary Tennisg Bosketbollg Athletic Council Tennis + Basketball + Socials + Core -1- "X" : Jack. lil l' L p-. p- . Hr-0 nf, ,l H Y DQ K ,' M "Tv 1 ." ' '. p L: ,' .. K .1 rm' X -Y ff ' '-N' -vi nr X- l , W if 1. sd Ze :gil s , NQQAJ . -f , led- u w I . - . l ' . 1 1 X Thomas Eader B.S. Elementary Glee Club "Oh, dear, I have so much work I can hardly Q- seel" X' G- x William P. Ellis B.S. Elementary Glen Ployersg Tower Lightg Publication "Hitler is still alive." l Phyllis Joy Hammer Future Teachers of America Elementary Boch, Beethoven on Hammer. Claire Hershheld 4 v ,gr- Elementary Professor Pfff, I'd like an explanation, please! ,A .,. 2 , o fir? f eg 1 ,a N. 59' 49" Jack Raymond Hogsten Junior High Freshman Advisory Councnlg Track and Cross Country: Class officer 4 "But Doc, l don't wont to run the quarter." .J , is Dean Allen Kagarise B.S. Junior High Trackg Aviation Clubj Cross Country "The shong and eternal things in the world grow quietly." Sn is .ks X' 'S 1 L 1 'LPI' NN r -- ff ' ' . .?,jx.,, ,. . '- g f., -- fl , T' I 139'-' A A braln wuth a great guy wrapped around It -'- A uv 1, ,Y- . f xt v I .e x Q ,fda 0- in 10 VN in 'V Frances R. Kessler B.S. Kindergarten-Primary Future Teochers of Americog Faculty-Student Committee "lt's hard to believe, beauty." ,. e ' ji. 5 M1 t Student Government Assoclotlon offucer Kap Petro E. Mavromihalis 8.5. Glee Club "He deserves paradise who panions Iaugh." Elementary makes his com- William Edward Miller, B,S, Junior Jr. High Trackg Aviation Club His body stretched for running His mind organized in neat print His spirit concerned with helping others. wifi 41 6 L I N" I n 7 l ' -VM ,, xii gk .. X' IAC? i x 1 v 5 Marie Ellen Owens 5 . B.S. Junior High 7 J ' ' Newman Clubg Future Teachers of Arnericog V X, f Electives 9' ' I ' Merry existence. . f ,f . J n N 'L F3 1 N 31 'f 9 W l ..4"'41.Q1' ,Al , 9 f Q -Q 'Q' , , , N Wllllam John Miles, Jr. QZTT3' S B.S. Junior High Tennis In spite of the foot-faults and the coach, on honest serve wins the match. rf George Jacob Schaeffer B.S. Junior High Men's Chorusg Men's Resident Councilg lntra- murals A long association with quiet: a fine knowl- edge of deviltry. l l ff-dnl -- 5 ' I .S tx -'YAP' ff ,'. Ox , N ' Q ow I K- x -fs lx , , l la x l James Russell Peeling Robert Emmett Prince B.S. Elementary B.S. Junior High Glee Club: Class Officer 2,4 Wrestlingg Alpha Phi Omega officerg Student h , A . . Look sharp: Feel sharp: Bi? in a minor mood. C when Ssoclohon From tenderfoot to gold bars with regal skill. ll J ,, -A L K be i a it I: I 2 Qi, K i xii XX ,M XX X Eugene Arthur Uhlan 5.5. Junior High Alpho Phi Omegog Koppo Delta Pi, Student Government Association "Come on Bessie, you've run on fumes for me before." ' xfy' IJ, -1' CJR' ss' od., 1-5. NJ1. William Donald Webb B.S. Junior High Men's Clubg Sports onnouncerg Freshman Ad- visory Council "Let's have o partyp I'Il arrange it!" ffl ai. vfeslfiture assembly president's dinner f'-.'Qf?.lgLg-l33"! A iune week 1953 , Y QMQQ 9 h , :I ' ' 1'-' N 1 A . -., -.T.- A . X OJ! - baccalaureate commencement senior prom 4" Au . y. eg-,. Y ,A 1 2163.115 1953 Tower Echoes sylvia j. godsey editor joan migliarini fred brown co-associate editors literary editor sports editor leona martin bob krabbe photography editor ort editor hope brown vivlan stone business manager senior editor john mc colgan bud cornell faculty adviser phineos p. wright The editors wish to thank all those people who aided in the compiling and publishing of this yearbook in any way Only through all these efforts Could the l953 tower echoes be the small success it is, thanks and special mention are extended to the followingi ellen bevard breorley carroll dean pickens jean wostler ethel burkins tom foster gus peters june johnson and especially to Mr. Sidney C. Schultz of H. G. Roebuck and Son without whose time, kindness, understanding and sympathy this book would not have been possible l953 tower echoes Dflnfed bv - photography by - H- G ROebUCls Gnd SON Segall V Majestic Studios James A, Addy Air, Land, Sea Annabelle and Coleen Anna and Harry Anne, Beverly, Mary Ellen Annette and Barb Bernadette Arnold Johnny Atwood Mr. and Mrs. Carl Backert Doris Bailey Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R .Bailey Barbara, Virginia and Suzanne Barb and Marie Gloria and Marta Mae Becker Betty and Alice Bevardsville, U.S.A. "Bevo" Bob and Anne Mr. and Mrs. Alex T. Britton Cassandra Katie Bishop Mary Lou Bradbury Dr. A. W. Brewington Sarah Callahan Carolyn and Howard Brearly Mr. and Mrs. Wm, H. Carroll, Rhys O. Carter Gayle Cecil Virginia Clark Barbara Cornog Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Crist Phil Crist-WFBR Pat Crunkleton Sue Cunningham Dail Currier Jim and Marge Curry Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Cushen Dr. and Mrs. Ed Cushen Anna Darby Faye Davis Jim Gede Dave and Polly Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Lawerence E. Deering Sally D. Deering Diane and Char Dat and Frank Mr. and Mrs. John Downing Pat Downing Mr. and Mrs. H. Dumbrowsky Ed and Eileen Estelle and Mary Jane Evan and Nancy Cornelia Fenby Fergie Bill Fink Sue Fogg Capt. Formstone fret.J Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Frantz Fred and Bob Gail and Phyl Gene and Gloria Mr, and Mrs. L. Joseph Gill Gloria and Lois Rev. and Mrs. E. A, Godsey Nancy E. Godsey PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Gross Mr. and Mrs. William A. Groth Bernard and Rose Hagan, Jr. Miss Marcella Hare Charles Hayes Mr. and Mrs. W. Heinerichs Miss Gloria A. Hinton Nick Hoddinott Pat Hoglund Mrs. Edward Hollahan Rosalee Hollahan Hope and Maggie Dr. and Mrs. Hottel lven and Charlie Jean and Betty Jeanne and Dale Joann and Bobbie Joan and Lois Joyce and Helen Joyce and Ken Mrs, William B. Justis Liz Keiser Buck Kimmett Donald L. Knox Miss Barbara Ann Kowalski Art Kulick Ed Kulinski Jack Lapides Margaret Laupus Laura Leona and Frank Mr. and Mrs. W. Lewandowski Mr. and Mrs. Gus Liebman Sandy Liebman Louisa and Nancy Louise and Emma Louise and Glenn Lois and Marilyn Mary Lou Louthan Mickie Lynch J. Richard Lyston Mr. and Mrs. Wm. J. Maczis, Jr. Marilyn and Marlyn Marlene and Peggy Betty Maxwell Dora Lee Measly Mr, and Mrs. J. Harvey Measly Mel Joan M. Migliarini Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Migliarini Bill Miller Mimi and lssie Murph and Emily Thomas W. Minnich Miss Elsa A. Myers Louis Napoleon Nancy and Diggie Nancy and Jake Nancy and Kenny Nancy and Tina Judith D. Northrup Olivia and Pat Evelyn Oursler Ox and Mondo Pat and Ben Pat and Dan Pat and Dot Pat and Mona Lou Jim Peeling Peg and Al Peg and Katie Peg and Betty Ann Perk and Jim Jack and Helen Pertsch Phyllis and Marlene Dean Pickens Mr. and Mrs. J. Portman Mr, and Mrs. Albert E. Pospisil Caroline and Gilbert Reese Mr. and Mrs. Howard Ritter, Jr. Joan Robinson Mr. and Mrs. C L. Rosendale Patricia Anne Rosendale Ann Roundtree James M. Sanders, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. George F, Scheeler Joan F. Scheeler Mr, and Mrs. Herbert Schlotterbeck Mr. and Mrs. E. Schiefer Frances Schramm Mr. and Mrs. Le Roy Schweikert Lois Schweikert Jane Shapiro Mr. and Mrs. I. Shilmover Shirl and Doris Shirley and Frances Shirl and Ele Bea Sickler Dorothy L. Spielrnan Mr. and Mrs. N. B, Spielman Joan Sorflater The Sprow Family Margaret Stackhouse Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Stiemly Anne Louise Stoner Mrs. L. Allender Stoner Sylvia and Pete Terry and Madelon Teenie and Ann Third Floor, nine Harry Thomas Pat Thomas Robert Tindall Nancy Lee Tomney Mr. and Mrs. S. T. Tomney M-rs. G. T. Tyler Wathen Tyler Verna and Doris Josephine Wageman S. Richard Wallace Don Webb Mary V. Wheatley Joe Young West Pegge Whiteleather Mr. and Mrs. E. Willem Phil Wisherd Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Witlam Doug Woodburn Annataye Wcolf Ed York Clarence Young Zeta Tau Sorority Robert G. Zopfi The Arundel Corporation Enioy Baltimore 2, Md. P O P U L A R C L U B DREDGING-ENGINEERING-CONSTRUCTION . . Dehcrous SAND GRAVEL STONE COMMERCIAL SLAG Beverages H. G. R EBUCK 2 soN 2140 AISQUITH STREET BALTIMORE, MARYLAND xii 43 4 RR 41 4 PRINTERS-LITHOGRAPHERS TO cz SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES EVERYWHERE 41 4, 2504646054 of Q A 41 -cz 41 335 Banking with IJIIIVE-IN SERVICE At... TOWSON NATIONAL BANK Washington Avenue Member: Federal Deposit Insurance Corp, Eastern Shore Real Estate George F. Scheeler, Realtor Phone Chestertown 2l6-R or 630 Chestertown, Maryland - E ' :PL 2-0707 s1'oNsi.EiGH BowuNG CENTRE SA 'mga 7 2090 Vemngs Gm 6703 York Road BALTIMORE CIGARETTE sskvics, mc. Bolfimofe '21 M"'Y""'d 844 Park Avenue Baltimore 1, Ma. Ph TO 0596 F R ' one or eservation Joseph J. Harmon ARUNDEL-BROOKS CONCRETE CORPORATION PRE-MIXED CONCRETE CERTIFIED QUALITY FROM GRADED MATERIALS Office and Plant 92'l S. WOLFE STREET BALTIMORE 31, MARYLAND EA stern 7-8200 !""!"""""""""'f"r""f"""" 701532:- 2 nun ni o '-1 Compliments Of jf . ' is i Alice Gross ,,,. 503 YORK ROAD TOWSON 4, MD. Compliments to the Class of 1953 fe MAYW, The store where you feel at home . . . nearest YOUR home! Hochschild, Kohn O Main Store O Furniture Store O Belvedere O Edmondson Cp! f Cpl f h h Class of '54 Class of '55 Best Wishes To The Class of '53 TOWER LIGHT

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