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r l ' "' 5' -JR . ., ,.".f'1f'-1,.,,. ,J .1 lr , l' .. sef' 1. f'f'f'f 1 af I! Q' ' 4' ' ' ' ' "' ' -. 5. U I 7 V 0 D 1 ' . 1 I 1, ,Y 1 K . H ' ' ' 'vu-1 . n ' , 0 , 4 t. r 1 S O U an "5 .V A I n. , T' ,1 1 .. S' 1 -A , . '-1' l I f , , '41 . , ' , 4 ,V im' ' :Tr erik F? . Y J , V -1,-if-'if' "rl 'f?' .Q ' "J '4 V If. UQ , '. J,','!'x,ILQ' F ' .s fl ':"' ' 'gvy- Q. 4 LA. 4 . Vo- ' A X ' Q, 1 Q i sf . ' 'Y 3 1 ul sd: 'IX 1 'N , I 1 1 12 ' '3 . 1 hy' . K I id- A 1 I 4 I n -X. M 9 A 4 Q. 'gl' u li +4 "A m .W . XX- AX X. 1, Xia: ' I ' 'xii .1 4 - jf, .al if N, 'Q .1 X I ll . 11 .f ,,., . " x v A I 1 "X: , ' 'X 23'-31" l, ff' .Y , 1 . 4 . g.XX,--v . . 5. NVQ- ,v, 1 .. '- A . 5 ' ,, ,Fw 4.,SXH ' ,, X v , ', V," .. XX , X .X X 1.- ,. ,. .Jn 'hw 'X ,X X. ,Q ', 1 ' , L5 . ' ,' Q' ' ' "' ' ' r- ..Xv , ? ' PA", .. v -, ,f ' X"p--QXU .g f" X i, I ' 'ff ' I A Q. v UE'-. . V ,R I yr fn T 1 X 4 A 1. lg "'v3,,5"X , x 1 1 f .yu XX X 4 . ! f Vg. 1 X X Xa X.,t. al' LW a:u1'q ."' ' Uh' . 1 .Z ', H 4 wr M., in . XX I -11 1' I X, X .Xll- I ' ., Xv, iX , J Fi -.Q -ur 'Uv I ' X.,' X Qi, sf, . , . X , ' +L . A 1, X n X ,Xf pig' J. -' '4 1- V , -' IXK, I ,. X V, x M4 . "tw U ' fi : .I Q I4 , I ' .Q.S.Xrv Q,-,. lm.-3 3 , . X:.:lf",,,X:X I. X XXXXNXQX. 3, X .:l".f,x'1' :X r.- . ' wuz..-,n 'n'n'n.anevu1 1,X 1, . A 'X CSX .gibris a I I ! U55 1941 50051 Published by THE CLASS OF 1941 State Teachers College Towson, Maryland Gffma afar Alina Mater. Alma Mater, NVQ will vvvr faithful he: In our hearts thy lwuuty lingers. Though we-'ve gone from thee FIIOTIIS Now thy praises we are chanting. Now our voices risv in tuneg Sing thy heuuty. Alina Mater. And our love so true. Srconfl Verse Sparkling in the morning hrightncss Rosy in the sunset light. Stzitvly rising on the hilltop Evcr our delight. l'korus Repealed College Colors-Yvhitc and Gold Q I , I 2. af ,lf ,, .1 V 17, if .1 ,aw i, gi.:-0" ,,.4.1.z. THE JL' REVOIR l- orewor cuz Qedicafion To those who follow. we. who are about to leave, dedicate this book. Those places, people and activities around which our four college years have been so close- ly bound, we leave to you, each one of you, to continue to love and cherish iQ-- and may they live in your memories as they will in ours. N x ' Y s. - , -4 J D s f 1 1 f ll? ,. NI IIII IIIQSA WIP IDI I I IIJ l'r1'.vidf'nI 19 THE JI' REVOIR 41 Gfs you oufd Bike gf M. 'FIIEIIESA YVIEUI-:1-'i-:Lo They tell us. no matter how the war may end. we shall live in a new kind of world. That would be true if there were no war. For culture to develop there must be change and continuity. The process may be slow: then we move .with the changes into new aspects of the culture without being conscious ot' diii'ercnces. Only in retrospect can we see what has taken place. The process may bc rapidg then achievement will be determined by the standards and values which motivate the changes. Normal living means normal change. Emergency living means emergency change, change which operates quickly to solve the problems inherent in the exper- iences of the conflicting situations which bring about the emergency. Rapid change means also a survival of the littest: the tittest among the people, as the aged. the ill, the crippled, mentally and physically, cannot keep the paceg the tittest among ideals, for in proportion to the rapidity of the changes are some values sacrificed. VVars are emergencies which bring about rapid changes. Vvhat will this new world be like? That it will be ditferent in many ways we know. Can we consciously and deliberately control the changes so that we may guarantee that it will be a better kind of world? The real issue lies in becom- ing fully aware of our individual responsibilities. in being ready to give the neces- sary thought to planning our future living together. WVe can begin now to determine the answers. lVhat will be the status ot' the family in that new kind of world? WVill there be an increase of separate houses. one for each family. or will slums endure and tenements increase? lvill there be a real job for every person able to work? ll'ill new industries take up the slack in unemployment? Yvill wages be sutiicicnt to help raise the standard of living for all? Will there be two political parties, or will there be but one? lVill men be as free as they are today in the pursuit of happiness? Such questions can be answered by considering some seemingly simple ones of everyday living. YVill father be head of the house? Will all the sons of the family have to be soldiers? lvill the young folks control the old folks? lVill escorts still be "dates", and will dances end at twelve o'clock or at six in the morning? Yvill the babies be parked or checked in and out of the Baby Stations while their mothers go out to work? Yvill children have mumps and measles? lVill the doe- tor have a cure for the comlnon cold? lvill false teeth tit better. and will bi-focals still be prescribed by guess work? NVill there be enough letters to n:nne the known vitamins? Will there be quiz programs on thc radio? Shall wc have to listen to blues singers? YVho will take the place of the crooners? YVill radio announcers still be talking about "romantic alluring hands"? lvill chewing gum last longer. and l'onlinuerl on Page U9 9 P QA?-KN J, " , Nw.. :fig .IAN ,ldvisur Ii H. .IOSLIN 19 THE JL' REVOIR -H Zim jfexf Seventy- ive ears On a boat crossing the Atlantic this winter, Dr. Alexis Carrcl, a famous natural scientist, made this statement: "Science and invention has reached a point today where it can give mankind cserything-everything except the one thing it needs. That one thing is love." Many great scientists agree that the greatest dis- coveries of the future will be in the spiritual realm. In fact much more isialready known about the democratic principles of equality, liberty, tolerance, and peace than is practiced by men or nations. Even now America is engaged in a revolutionary struggle to combine humanity with economic ctliciency. and social equality and economic security with the main- tenance of genuine democracy and individual freedom. VVe are beginning to take stock of all our spiritual needs and resources, and are becoming more articulate in defending democracy by reviving an appreciation of it, particularly of its spir- itual foundations. The next seventy-live years will be a time of threshing out the grains of democracy in the nation. and for humanity the harvest promises to be worth its weight in gold. Men are attempting to find ways to indicate their convictions on public ques- tions without using predatory pressure groups: to strengthen leadership in public affairsg and to help nations to play their part in world relationships. Out of the improved methods of organizing and disseminating knowledge to all, and out of the criticising of democratic ideas. will come a better public evaluation and public action. The informed and alert citizen will make definite contributions to the social good while defending his own rights with intelligence and spiritual courage. The world is weary of the opposers of press freedomg those who are unwill- ing to preserve the ideals of democracy handed down to them from the past, weakly subscribing to a doctrine of defeatism and escape from honest effort. Surely this is no time for neutrality, but resolute opposition to the forces which threaten in- stitutions that express righteousness and make life worthwhile. Happily fro111 many directions come indications that humanity is experienc- ing a great awakening of the social conscience. Yvriters long indifferent to heroic deeds and sometimes practiced in the debunking of ideals are hastening to write: "For democracy in actiongthe unending labor of creating liberty for every man- democracy in action is a cause for which the stones themselves will light QArchi- bald MacI.eishj and "whence do they tthe virtucsj come if not from Christianity which has made them the law of the world?" QThomas Mannj. In the United States. a voice is heard crying for free schools for all the people. and the cry will grow louder. Effective measures will also be found to root out the causes of totalitarian ways of thought and action in the school-room. and adequate means of defending democratic living will be ushered in. Mrs. Beatrice Clough Rath- bone recently declared. "It is because we don't know enough of one another that l'0nfinucd on Page 100 11 THE .1I' REVOIR THE FACULTY 19 THE JL' REVOIR acuffy 1940-1941 Xl. 'l'l1c-rcsa XX'icclQfcl1l, HS., lifl.I7.. Prcsirlcnt Anna S. .-Xlmercrnmbic. NLD. Harriet .-X. Bzulur. .-X.I3., M..-X. Margaret Barkley. .-LB., BS. Mary Clarice Bersch, BS., M..'X. Xellie XX'. Birclsong. HS., Bl..'X. Pearle Blood, BS.. MA. Bernice A. Brouwer, .-X.B,. MA. Stella E. Brown. HS.. Xl..-X. :Xgnes E. Carlton. M..-X. L.3.llN'ZTlllC N. Cook. A.U., ll..-X. Eunicc K. Cralmtrn-L-, AB., KLA., Ecl.D COTIIIJIUH X, Crook. BS.. KLA. Elna J. Daniels. .-XB., MUN. Marguerite C. Dnnglu-rty, HS., KIA. .-Xnita S. Down-ll, .-XB.. Kl..'X.. l'l1.D. Ii. Foster Umm-ll, .-X.I3.. l'l1.IJ. Juanita M. Greer, ILS. Mary A. Grogan, HS.. Xl..-X. E. Height' Hill, HS.. Xl..-X. C . , , . -lsxnc lt. -l0blll1 lub., BLA. Hilda Kestner, BS.. M..-X, Ruth Stocking Lynch, A.B.. 1hIJ Hzwcl Maclionald, PLS. licnncth I'. Xliller. .-X.l3!.. .XX Donald Blinnegan, B. l'l1ys.Ecl Xl X Harulfl lt, Moser. Hb., MHX. .Xlicc Xlnnn, HS.. KLA. Xlariv Xl. Xeunsinger, HS.. Xl X Ulivu' ,l. Uwens, BS. Elma llrickctt, AB., XXI..-X. Xlary li. Roach Lucy Scott, BMX.. M..-X, Kathryn R. Fcl111url'u11ln-111. Hn-lc-n C. Staplctfm. .-X.B. In-nc Xl. Steele, HS., KI..-X, Rcluccra V. Tanail. .X.l5,, Xl..X lll ID lx. kurt XXZllll1L'I. XR.. Xl..X . . , . 'loc X1-nng XX cat. lub., Xl..X.. Ih IJ . - 1 - x . lilarlys Hnglu-s, .X.ll., Xl..X. lznnnza la. XX c5'l"Vlll- AX-l'-- M X llnzcl li. XX'omlwarcl, .X.H.. Rl..X, 13 M Tllli .1I'R1il'I HR -H GZCLSS Oflq Tfnrrix by Hrtly Stvuart and .Uargarrf If'rIIs .1IIlSil' by Hrffia' Trilrull . .I- v r'5 5 ' - ' I in Y l'll1l'L 0 u '11, n . x 1:31514 I 4. I 5- Q ' lf- 9 -I HIL Q, , r 9 g a '-4 I , Q. lush? 3 fu- IU-' - . '12-IZLTI-1' YW- - L 1 L - I qs. ..-.m dll I!Vl-'HTTI . T,'ll'1i'-711311 I. Ji X: ' - 'i I-5 - - .! -.'1s ' ' J.. -' ! O . . . .. 4 'TQ : L LL I 7 7 ,J Q i . fi Na+ ---Z - E , -f' ti - ! l .illv,lj13-1-ll--1 1515531 l p'lj'll4lgIllr'rI!l-llrniliclil:-:Inu Zi-l11l-II ful- lib-'-I'11Tll11Tll .. i'!'Ii-I-I I- 11-lf"f'l?'. Q' r Inna I . EZ-T111 A lB!Ul2l ' 11- " I lvl X - - 4 J 9 I . fi wnvl. I l I l l IIZIIH I l I l mum. 5- Il-1. u r. nv ' - li'-10 IIIOH l-IJ. fa P If? lf- f' ' I o' . jf, lu g ' lv - Pl' L" , - ' A x - 1 Q A . . ' u : gold x Pmd-ly wveun I - Tea CJ-lege, owl' Rini-neil ua n :ra::f""r::: -' : : li ' 5 U I r. S ' o 9 ' . ' g 6 A ' . I A ' nvlmm. I - I HA. - na-rI,1nJ4u ICQ ' l fi. - S"Nl-lll ll. ' I , ' -Y Il KF. ' hal I Ill va' ' -W lg tle!!l Haier Hill 'uve Wa hu H6 . . Q l l u :guy : nrqqig I' '. I I ' ' I I I ' 1-. ,,- leg' A urn, ,, Q Q A QQ! . Q Q . 64 I NU U I 'WI ' , erziars Q 4 Tllli .lI' REVUIR -L1 EDITH BARKER Baltimore, .llaryland "Barker" . . . full of fun . . . baseball star . . . Grey Two-Tone Buick . . . Should run bus service for all her riders . . . calls everybody an Heggplantn. LILLIE BRISSBIAN Halfimore. .Var-yland l'uck's 20th Century counterpart . . . where there's a laugh, there's Lillie . . . with it all a serious side . . . an eye, ear, and heart for problems with social signi- ficxlnce. ROSEMAHIE CALLAHAN Spnrrozvs Point, .llarylanrl "Posy" . . . speaks with precision . . . hits high notes like Lily Pons . . . infec- tious personality . . . admires the army hluc . . . collector of quotations . . . happy- go-lucky. NN. 16 19 1 7'11Ii.1l' RIil'UlR ALICE CARR . . Ballimurf, .llllfllfllllllf "Al" . . . conscientious . . . ge-nuinv personiticution of sweetness and light . . . would rather sing than swing . . . "Our sweet little Alive Blum' Gown" with :n dash of allspicc. IOLA CLAY Damascux, Jlarylanrl Ambitious . . . :1 good sport . . . :nn asset: to any tm-:ini . . . giliil-IllJllit'l' . . . artistic naturv . . . progressive- 1-din-:utor 'll of ln-r own :und stic-ks to . . . has an wi it. MARJOR I H VOL' LSOX v, .Vu rylan rl lfalfinmr "Marjic" . . . has :1 knnm-k for gvtting things dom- . . . thinks our vninpns is :nt Honivwood . . . who is this guy USlll0lil'y ?" ' N . . stwik :md innmlirmnn . . . love-s . . smooth. vrvainy coniplm-xion. 17 x 5-157 , lbw N-- 3' ,,,r' THE IL' REVOIR 41 Q. ,, WILLIAM ROBERT COX Dundalk, Jlaryland "Bob" . . . "Oh. Captain! My Cap- tain!" . . . at home on a basketball court . . . outstanding bucket man in the state . . . head and shoulders over the crowd . . . last of the "Cox series." SIBYI, SHERIDAN DAVIS Jarreffsville, Jlarylarul "Situ" . . . casual and humorous . . . faithful to the orchestra . . . bridge en- thusiast Qdark and a little shorter than Sibyll . . . persistent in reaching her quota of commcmorativc stamps. VIOLET DEPUE Baltimore, fllarylarrd Pe-als of contagious laughter . . . "Vi" Q-xprcssing her zest for life . . . witty and humorous . . . snatches of opera being hummcd . . . rushing to Glee Club or .le-anic Group . . . not definitely a career girl. 18 19 THE .-II' R IQVUIR RUTH DURNER Szfvzfrn, Jlarylanrl Mental ingenuity . . . generous with time, energy. and knowledge . . . :1 go- getter . . . spirit booster . . . apprrcia- tive of humor in all sit - ' uatlons. HELEN M. HICKELBEHG Hallilzzorr, JI!ll'tIfIII1lIl Kappa Di-lta Pi . . . major M in sports . . . lc-adersiiip . . . cooperation . . . si-use' of humor . . vxcelh-ncc in vverything. R' RL"I'II H PP ARD Sparrnuuv Point, Jlarylmzrl Quiet and compctvnt . . . hohhy-ana lyzing pcoplc- . . . hair-trigger laughtvr . . . inte-rest in lite-raturc and music' . has hc-r sci-ond hor - ' nn in thc lihrar 3'- N. ,. ' X I' H 1 I X W, ,0 'I T' THE JI' REVOIR 41 EYIH1I,YX MAE ERNST Jnppn, Jlarylanll "Hr" . . . telephone monopolizer . . . card shuifler . . . socially minded . . . swing fan . . . finds dancing a pleasure . . . a coat for every occasion . . . bird hander . . . an interest in airplanes . . . "I XVantcd VVings" . . . Qand she has them tool. MAR I li FARAI N0 Baltimore, Jlarylaml Conscientious and sincere . . .first to thc lihrary . , . thorough in all undertak- ings . . . meek . . . heart twice her size . . . capable of letting out the most ter- rific roars when tickled. 1 Ii M I LY FIEGE Halliniurc, Jlnrylalzrl The latest hook? . . . ask "I"00"l . . a willing answer and a ready smile . . . interest in the world of today , . . keen appreciation of music. operas. and plays . . . witty and wise . . . sincere always. 20 19 THE .All'RIf1'U1R KATE AlJl'1I.lXl'f GAlilJNl'lli Ilzwrr :lr Urruvf, .Uarqrylaml llK!1tK"' . . . l'llIlllQ'Y'lglIlg' black eyes . . . quccnly carriage- . . . infvc-tious smile . . . sportslnunsllip . . . good :ithlvtv . . . bird lovvr . . . "Ivan Sknvinski Sk:1vnr." R. HELEN GIIVFORIJ E' Rising Sun, .llarlqlalzfl Lovely complexion . . . quiet inunncr . . . fondness for music . . . an voluminous -b note taker . . . pa-rsistm-nt . . . cnjoys :1 okc. CATHRRI N li GRAY H0lfillIlIfl', .wrzrylrllllf "C':issic" . . . stndious . . . Kappa Di-lta Pi nxvinln-r . . . lmsc fiddler . . . f'h:irliv Mc-Canrtliy fun . . . dr:-:uny n-yi-s . . . ln-:ids tha' 1-lass si-lmlast' 21 2, '35 'fi 35 1, . aw., 3' I W Zi -1. Tllli 'RICVUIR 41 1 is . XM. 'im ef? , .1T .I AN li GROO Nl G4-nuim' svnsv of humor . . . in :1 state of suspcmlcd :iniinution with an map of South Carolina on om- side' and future orzingu hlossoins on thi- othvr . . . the only girl to hc :i "hride-" and an "Groom" in thc szunc clay. l'lIAliI,HS Ali'l'HL'K GROSS, J K. 1'arlr1'ille', Jlarylnnrl l'ill'l'tl'll'lty . . . Kappa Delta Pi . . . Town-r Light Editor . . . has :1 hohhy of sm-ilig stars . . . nmkes working on science :u-tivitivs an IDlQ'IlSlll'1' . . . intvrustcd in Uni- versity of Murylaml. Gl'lNl'lYll'1Vl'1 HAILE l'nvL'1"11.vz'illc', fllurylzzmi "Swim-t Ge'ln'vivvc" . . . potcnt I. . . . whooping trnnis sm-rvv . . . :in :ip- pvlitm- for thirds . . . :ln allergy for an vcr- tuin linglish povt . . . Kappa DL-ltu Pi nn'-mln-r 22 19 THE .All REVUIR BIARGARHT CATHERINE HALE Tlmuvon, .llarlqlalul "Hale" . . . an army, navy fan . . . blue eyes . . . blonde hair . . . a knitter of fame . . . student of history . . . ex- cellent secretary . . . dispenser of des- serts for a certain six . . . "Hale" fel- low well- met. FLORENCE HEALY Baltimore, Diaryland "Flo" . . . New York accent . . . Shir- ley Temple curls . . . loves to read the best sellers . . . gone but not forgotten . . . easy-going disposition. NIAHGARIQT VIRGINIA HECK IIug1'r.vtrm'n , .Unryla nd "Peggy" . . . infectious giggle . . . friend to all . . . pleasing personality . . . ambitious . . . often "feels like danc- ing" . . . milk addict . . . capable house president . . . naivete. 23 ff. 'iii f . ,N iff? , ,A . if ,N , NI. .v , g4 L . ..J . '1 Eg-limi' i-if . C 1. st His Q, I aisle' W Tllli II' Rlil'UlR -H JA fi. 1 IQ' AQ. JOSEPH B, I'IlI,I,YAIilJ Iclkfllll, .Uarlqlnml "Jm"' . . . rosy uhcrks . . . Glu- Club l'n-sid:-nt . . . confirincd ski-ptic' . . . hopi-5 for ai futurc in scienve' . . . "why" ix his favorite word. JAMES GORDON JETT IgI1IfilII07'f', Jlarylarid "Jim" . . poetic genius :md philos- nphc-r . . . quick to make puns . . . de- lnyrd response' to other's jokvs . . . d0n't hi- fouled hy his quivt mirn. DOROTHY JONES fllllll Ifill, .llrlrylallri "Dot" . . . onv of thc Juni-s girls . . in-Q-ps ln-r sm-tion socially mindi-fl . . . always willing to :ici-cpt rvsponsihility. 4-n carrie-s out thv task with :i will we-:irs :i lung "lloh." 24- i lil " ' ' J lIIIz .II fxlffvfllff Stude-nt f'ouncil Hcp . . . strivtlv il lu- vrossv fan wit . . . sailin enth opinions . Baltimore, Jfaryland Gift of gah . . . dv " . of art, good nature. :md ideas for dam-as . . . her funny bone has a branch in 1-ver ' DOH IS KIM-XX K lfalfinmrv, Jlnr-gland . . . St. Jol1n's . . . wizard of g . . . candid in . . badminton star. X ,.. 5 .R- REXA KLEIN snoo v . . . mixturi x part of her skeletal structurr. o . H- f . X P In I X I X IBH N - D ' :N ,. B Of II11ge'r.s-fuzvn, Jlar-qlanzl Yivrwionx . . . rapid-iirr talkcr . . . Oa dzishrs madly to nine- o'clock classm-Q . . . -Q idrpt :it gvtting in :ind out of trouhlv . . Whshington minded . . . has ai Hugq-rv fuwn dizlivcl, 'J 'S' Q ilL. THE JI' REVOIR -il mlb N l'lS'I'Hl'1It LARUE LEESE U'1'.vIn1i11.s'ter, fllarylaml "I,ccsic" . . . friend of many . . . "shorty" . . . lady of misfortune . . . per- sistent . . . always willing to help others. .:." w JEAN SMAI.I,VVOOD LINZEY Halfinzorc, filarylaml IVhat a good sport? . . . find Jeanie with the light hrown hair . . . dancing . . . athletics . . . major M . . . Senior Class Social Chairman . . , Saturday, 9 A. M.-AL P M .... Charles and Lexington Streets . . . IIammann's . . . great fun . . . good companion. ,wil .I X5-.,.. .RW , . ' N VIRGINIA LORD EQ linllimure, fllaryland 5-Zeer ' , H "Ginny" . . . characteristic sneeze . . . 1 rippling laughter . . . Demonstration night ' NV I . . . all-around athlete . . . "Blondie" . . . , Q a good sport. ' ' 7 26 , 19 THE JL' REVOIR BIARGA R ET LOW R Y Baltimore, Jlarylann' "Peggy" . . . exponent of the Conga . . . unruffled disposition . . . tops in sports . . . Rural Club Pres . . . Picture gallery on her bureau . . . . . . considerate and helpful. LEE MQCARRIAR R Baltimore, Jlaryland "Mac" . . . ubasso profundon . . . "Ring-master" of the college . . our Tow- er Light Yvalter VVinchell . . . camp en- thusiast . . . hearer of awful puns. V Philadelphia 1.- 1. ACDREY MERCER Frederick, 3107111101111 "Little Audreyn . . . pride of the Ath- letic Association . . . top notch archer . . . first one out for every hike . . . takes duties seriously . . . always has zi good word for Frederick. 27 z lll.l-..-.- 1'HIi.1I'RI-QVUIR -ll L X.. "Qi, wr X N., 'x N AX CY M HTZG H li llook lover . . . wonderful disposition . . . hlonde hair . . . good humor . . . laoundless energy . . . none knew her but to love her . . . partial to the little things in life. MARY JANICE MORRIS Ijlllldfllli, .llaryland lritli eyes . . . Pittsburgh accent . . . size nine dress . . . nonchalant uianner . . commuting boarder . . . socializes her week-ends . . . an answer for everything. KA'l'll1'lRINE BELLE MULLINIX Illlllfflill, .llaryland "Kitty" . ..neat and tidy . . . coopera- tive . . . sincere worker . . . quiet and shy . . muffled laughter. 28 19 THE .-II' REVOIR DAVID NELSON Halfinzurr, Jlnrylarzfl "Duvv" . . . Artic Shaw competitor . . dillar an dollar. Il ten o'clock sc-holur . subtlv humor . . . class hccklvr HELEN OGIHR Hnlfinzorv, .Tlaryland "I,ittlc Om-" . . . badminton vlxzunp . . . drczuns of orangc blossoms . . . cute nosv . . . c-vc-ryb0dy's friend . . . vhar- :nctvristic walk. MARGARET BANCROFT OYVINGS Highland, Jlarylarul "Margic" . . . u wer. Winsome lass . . . sneeze worthy of za copyright . . . vrvzltor of rhymes, sk:-tc-lu-s and songs . . . S. CI. A. proxy . . . fond of le-vtures and "d:1tvs." 29 Q -xv, ..f if Lv 'Q wif? I ' 2311354 THE .II' RIil'UlR -ll x.. I 2,24 I .ri MARIE PAR R Iirzllimorv, .Ilarylanrl 'lloainm-" . . . big brown eyes . . . passion for blur vonvurtiblss . . life of tlu- party . . . fashion 1-ditor . . . partial to uniforms . . . NIIIOUIII dana-r . . . Smart 1-lotllm . . . gardcnizi worsliipper . . . HSXVQ'l'fIll'IiI't of S. T. C." BHRNARI5 PHELPS Haltinmrv, .Ill17'.IlI!1lIl1I "Bm-nic" . . . wild ne-cktics . . . dippy Q huts . . . ti-nor voice . . . liappy-go-lucky . . , imx-sszint tullivr, RUTH VIRGINIA PRICE .. .X I,z1f11vr1'illr, Jlaryland Vulm. quivt dignity . . . well-poised . . . gracious smiln' . . . responsible . . . I tvpii-:il "1nocln-I" figure . . . sock knittcr . loyalty pvrsonitic-cl. '- oft 30 ' VVOIR -H THE JI RL FRANCES PULA Ballimorv, Jlarylrzml Sports enthusiast . . . hockey . . . base- ball . . . basketball . . . tennis . . . tiny . . . almost as large as hcr major M . . . looking for "Pu"? . , . stop in the science lab . . . friendly and humorous. 1+'P.AxCEs RADSKY ' ,I A A fx Ifalfinzorc, JIHVHIHIIII X' as Q Q . I Our potential Olympic candidate . . . V ' mistress of sports . . . dc-tcrniincd. hard ,- ' Worker . . . her handwriting Ii symphony lx of lines and loops . . . our "StruwbQ-rry - ' I Blonde". X i A I Q L, MARY A. RH1N1Jo1.1.An 3 lfnliimnrr, illlllxlflllllll "Merlin" . . . 1-h:nnpion bowh-r . . . :n 9 'Wvilkie fan" . . . made our Yvarbook pos- V Lg sible . . . ring collm-ctor . . . tiddh-s for ' the orcllcstru . . . sunny disposition . . . f Studi-nt Counvil. 'Yi Fec'y. 0 31 THE JI' RIil'OlR +1 MARY HUGENIA REINHAHDT Baltimore, Jlaryland "Gene" . . . blonde and petite . . . sociable . . . good dancer . . . gardenias . . humorous . . . sports fan . . . special reports plus humor . . . Demonstration night Dead End Kid . . . a uspecialu. IDA VIRGINIA HOOP Hampstead, Jlaryland "Ginny" . . . Momjian addict . . . bursts forth with liveliness . . . fanatic knitter . . . would rather dance than eat . . . successful at Hnessing . . . keen mind . . . seasonal change of heart. , DAVID L. SHEPHERD Bristol, .llaryland "Dave" . . . sweet notes of his trumpet herald many events . . . designs colonial mansions in his spare time . . . potential arc-hiteet . . . mastered pivot in waltzing . . . always on deck for art work fsec Yearbook Cutsy. 32 19 THE -il REVOIR , JOHN B. SHOCK. JR. L11H11'rI'i11f', .llfllzlflflllll "Johnny" . . . white- swc-atcr . . . MS and stars . . . Eastern All-Star soccsr team . . . l"rcshin:1n heart-throh . . . niodcfl airplanes , . . most popular Senior boy. IXEZ STEMBRIIJGE Halfirnore, Jlnrfylarzrf Shining red hair . . . good naturvd . . . happy smile . . . friendly disposition . . . airplane dn-votre . . . special interests in vlicinistry . . . "Oh Johnny" .... lefaiiiv group. l'1l.IZAHHTll RAND.-XI.I, STl'lL'AH'l' Ifzllfirrlnrv, Jlar-111111111 "Stvw" . . . Pri-sidvnt of Student K'ounA r-il . . . c:ip:ihh- lm-zidvr . . . flushing smili- . . . r-vvrlmdy loves Bctty . . . te-nnis star . . . Clrvzinis :Irv in thc vloucls Llflorichi vlourlsj. 3 3 K I, Z' REVOIR 41 MARY l'lI.IZABI'i'I'H STOXER ll'oo11sl1oro, .llrzrylarzd "Kitty" . . . mistress of Monte' Carlo . . rug cutter . . . keen svnse- of humor . . . cross country corresponds-nt . . . en- joys hor forty winks . . . spar? time knit- tm-r. HOYVARD G. S'I'0'I'TI.EMI'lYER I1ng4'rshm'r1, illflfllflflllhy "Stotty" . . . fondm-ss for red . . . triple throat man . . . not particular whom he tenses . . . just what the Jeanie group nccdcd . . . keeps his Sunny Side up . . . his hc:xrt's in the- Dt-ep South. RUTH MIRIANI TAPMAN f'!1f0lIS'UiIl4', Jlarylaml Yvevk-vml migrant . . . well-groomed . . . mimic . . . hridgv fan . . . fondness for Q-ating . . . vivacious . . . laughing hrown cyvs . . . makm-s friends easily . . . knitting for a British "Tommy" . charming "scattvrbrain." 34- 1 19 THE .lI' REVOIR i AGNES THOMAS Frr'deric'k, .wargflarzd "Tommy" . . . liquid dark football enthusiast . . . Cape eate . . . an interest in ornithology . . . efficient treasurer . . . pre-punctual . . . fond of mud fem-es . . . Blaryl mind. HlflI.Ii NA TOWNSHE lflllfllllilffj .lla ryla III, "Lena" . . . jitterbug . . everything and everybody . . . laugh . . . Grecian profile . . . who is this guy Ted? . . . fencing enthusiast . . . wrinkles her nose when she lJlIlg'llN. l3li'I"l'Ili 'I'RlBL'l.I. Ifalfinmrw, Jlllfxlllflllll "Bet" . . . loves to he ealleml :n recl- head . . . Petty drawing . . . pianist for the school . . . musical laugh . . writer . . . good dancer . . . tl "He's in the Army Now." 35 eyes . . . May advo- and on her ni ND . imitates contagious XJ A Qi . song leuu- song. 1, Q Q VX , g THE JI' REVOIR 41 .RX s u x I I Y fd ,fin MARY JANE XVALTZ U'infiPlf1, fllarylanrl Blue-black tresses . . . a friend indeed . . . a mail box watcher . . . trim in ap- pearance . . . triples the sale of cokes . . . VVintield bound on Friday. MARGARET VVELLS Baltimore, Jlnrylmzd "Margie" . . . sophisticated . . . eol- lects junk and souvenirs . . . swings a wicked hockey stiek . . . snappy seam- stress . . . skirt and sweater addict . . . Vice-President of Student Council . . . our candidate for "All American Girl." MABEI. LOUISE YVHITl'lFORD lfhiteforrl, Jlaryland Easy going disposition . . . allergic to tic-kling . . . Gamma Beta Chi drag . . . burden to the postmaster . . . enjoys a good joke. 36 19 THE JL' REVOIR JHANNE MORRIS VVII.HEI.BI Jlonkfon, Jllllxlfflllllf Female Gene Krupa . . . ardent sports fan . . . diligent worker . . . musically minded . . . thoughtful friend . . . sincere in chosen profession. ANNETTA GARRETT YVRIGHT lfhife Hall, Jlaryland "Netta" . , . our Irvin S. Cobb . . systematic organizer . . . profound inter- est in study . . . collector with an eye to the future. ,J 1.1 e 1, iv. sz RUBY YOUNG Hallimore, Jlaryland ' Senior Class President . . Scotch plaid . . . loves Beethovc-n's l-'ifth Sym- phony . . . gardenias . . . friend to all . . 7:00 to 10:00 playing bridge . . . sincere . . . true daughter of old Ireland. 37 17: gf- fsf w, 'ff - - , 4 , gat .:-lb. Y'HIi.1I'RIil'OIR -H fs I!! LYDIA ZIHFLE Baltimore, Jlarylurzd "I.ydiz1h" . . . ulathematicul wizard . . serious . . . "her voice- was ever soft" . . . dependable . . . loves to knit in flashy 1-nlors . . . slow but sure. IN MEMORY OF JOHN ROBERT CALDER CLASS OF 'bil 38 . lf? THE JI' R1iI'U1R 9 D mlm' Gfass fjqcers llft'-S'jlll'Il! Ruby Young l'i1'f'-1'rv.vide'r1i St'l'I'l'f11I'.lf II:-If-n Hin-kvllu-rg Murgurct Hula- Trf'11,s'11rf'r Sfzulvnl l'0u11vil l1'wprf'xrr1tafi Agm-s '1'll0l1l!lS Dm-is Klunk Hay Sm-ia! f'l1nirmun l1'f'.s'iflv11t Sncirll l',ItIi7'llIlllI Jvun Linzcy Ruth vlvillllllilll .l1fI'i.wr Jilllt' H, Ju-.lin flaw lhlnrsflillxn' :xml Gold GLEN THE Q Nw Q JCB V., 'l'IlIi .ll'R1il'UlR -H .,..m. ...-,.,.,. 'z ' "VM THE JUNIOR CLASS m L: 1 f. L.. cd Q- O L. Q u I N7 Q Ll L If. .4 C ,-. H 'Ld 'C I, U , Q L! 1 'Vi Li '-. N L2 .LC U .J J L la n C 11 x. ... U P .- rd - ,- Za Z 'LJ L- 11 J. LJ : 'J .. 11 'TI Z ... L R in .J U 4 L U L.. L3 .1 LQ L, 72 L 1- 4' 'I' ,.-I 5 LC 74 2 i .. D 'z 11 Z CC N mi ,-I xl 11 -.- 5' J: U 'L ,- : Tl x. P 'U I-1 'C :J 'T' Z : .E E 1 2 'z O M P. Ki 4 H L 'T ff 11 L. S Y-A -1. U IJ 'E 12 'Lu 'CT 'U 1 , L. A .- L Z v 4 lx x.: P-. vi 44 ,.. D .1 ... la 2 U ,.. F1 L.. -1 19 THE JI' REVOIR -ll Che Junior ass - - 194.22 In our Freshman year twith apologies to Mr. Yllaltherj we were only the freight cars. but now, so help us, we're the engines! Not long ago. exactly six periods of nine weeks compounded semi-annually, we entered and have certainly accumulated much interest through the untiring guidance of our advisor, Dr. YViedefeld. For you scc, we had the double advantage of being the first class to enter on the "four year plan". plus the privilege of start- ing with Dr. VViedefeld, who in our first meeting during Freshman week confided that she was as "green" as we. In three years, be it a comfort to our President, no vestige of chartreuse remainsg in acknowledgement of the wearing fotfj of the green, we shall sing "Battle Hymn of the Republicn in three parts and toast the College in ginger ale. The one remaining feat of '38, our Freshman Dance, was a circus, but literallyg and thus ended our first year. "Practice through practicums" was the hue and cry raised by enthusiastic rooters in our Sophomore year. as week by week we trudged over to the Campus School with the divine purpose of uplifting the pupils to such a degree that the roof would have to be raised correspondingly. Qllay we hereby mention that al- though the value of these courses has been tremendous, the Campus School roof is still the same height from the ground.j Our second attempt at presenting a dance, which resulted in a Tropical Nights Theme, turned out to be torrid in every way! And we are still wondering why Mr. De Mille didn't give up in despair when we proved ourselves such able showmen. directors, artists, and things in the presentation of the Sophomore Jamboree. Shades of Shakespeare! Has the man no pride? Vvell, there you have our past historical highlights. As for our present status, we are delving into the mysterious depths of seminars and student teaching, and hope to come back up to the surface well saturated with larnin'. Oh yes, just one thing more. If. by this time you are wondering how to recognize a Junior when you see one. let me enlighten you at once. If you spot any human in these halls of wisdom with tive courses of study. seven books. a grin. a schedule of seminar courses and a look of proudness over having won two dem- onstration nights in a row, look no further. There you will have the Third Year Man, Socrates, Byron, Cantor, and Einstein rolled into one: the Junior in his natural habitat-God bless 'eml 4-3 H1 ,!'R!fl'f ' Qffx H Y-' .ia .5 Q ,I-1 'it 4 '1 .,,:.,4 I. 5, 'qii 'T nu in ,.,.4. SS CLA PHOMORE SO THE P L- Q .- 0 L.. Q Q U7 ""J .- C3- O W GJ .: VZ 21' .... GJ U E Q2 x.. if 'J +- CI U TE w 12 Ax. r-1 I Q4 U 1.- , rx A O W CD E 2 .J id 14 L- ..- :: Ui' KZ.: MW C10 UZ 1.. Gs. co :cn vo , Ja -:Z sw 1:35 Em? U7:E C-4 r 3-'I-s Ofud v1,: r .CE Eg.: .Fur l- w 2-if .E 2555 phil . "vi ,mc Zim L- :Hg ,N as .2 41,51- I-:L'l'U 'rfo-J UA my L,--E .g: 55:5 GE' LDL' . 5: CQ n QJEE Naj- 1:5 9.22 E . 291.5 0332 ,.,..., 19 THE JI' REVOIR -il SUPAUHZOVE 6L55 - - The present Sophomore Class can have only one secure generalization formed about itg and that is, that the class is the class of 'LIS and will graduate in two years. Aside from this anything said ahout us is sheer speculation and shooting-in-the- dark and is of value only as literary etfort. But this is an official history. so to speak. Therefore. you may expect genuine. and authentic information concerning this class, which is the first in the school to project plans for a yearhook so far in advance. all the while drawing up and executing severe blueprints. for example. its advisor it would not he itself in hoth the literal and literary senses. Of course. the misgivings are apparent. Miss M. rie Ncunsinger is spending her last year with us, and her choice in life's choices marks a definite stopping and restarting point. conjoined, douhtlessly, hy a tear or two in a sophomore eye and a suhlime thought or two in a sophomore mind, as if the two were possible. This eomradish hrush- 194-3 consists of two elements: Qlj people, and Q21 an advisor. And without '1 wielder. tempered hy the facts of an artist's life fagainst which she warns ns alll. has heen to us what every young high school writer says his advisor was to him Qthough she wasn'tj: motherly. and downright affectionate. and . . . understanding. VVho needs to express himself when the fact would ohviate expression! And the rest of us are people. College people. Youngsters who among us have already divided the world. and reshaped the Old Man with the provcrhial handage on his hean. Some of us. of course. don't care ahout the Old Man. hut we can pass it all off hy saying we're just happy-go-lucky souls who are content to accept what- ever Fate hestows. VVe have the scale of Applied Thinking among us: l.cft, and Cen- ter, and Right-just as every class has. VVe have talent in many corners. and hrains in many a head. But so does every other class. President 0'Neill has the distinction down pat. He says there is a certain tenor in our ways-a certain odor ahout us which stamps us as heing su"h-and-sucli. This "odor" simply defies description. VVhoever is possessed of :i characterizing nose, as it were. might get a picture of us. at his desire. I think, specifically. we are a gay class. extremely carefree as students go. YVhy we have a group of gayhearts among us who have defied the most conservative trends among us! iVho have dared such ridiculous activities. as to hecome suhlime in a personal gadtlyishneasl I ean't think of one of us who walks around more than one day out of the week with an irresolvahle quandary-and-pain picture on his face. And lhat's the gencral idea. ive 110 have thinkers. and imaginations of genuine social conscious- ncsses. hilt even these thinkers pepper their profundities with slight froths of lminor. And who can deny that a prerequisite of heing listened to in this world is humor! At least some of the good will not he interred with our hom-sl Say anything you like: we are good: and we all Lvirm' it. 4-5 Rlil'I THE FRESHMAN CLASS :D ...A L -- 5": .If ZW Q.- Z.- ?fE .Iwi :H -Z ff: ,JL -,4, up Aff' P.. Z ..? if --Q 45 1 .. I L. 'Z P 4 'T .1 L. Q .CLI 5-C: QL. 53 .l 1...f LT -Q -1. .,,,, TL, -'7 -11 -f"f ,.. QA, Q , .-A: -1 U P 19 THE JI' REVOIR -ll ite gras man ass - - 1944 A strange and glorious hlend of entrance exams and tea dances. douhle per- iods and song fests welcomed us into a new and different life. Homesiekncss was soon replaced hy the assistance and the friendship of upper-classmen. It was not long before we could thrill to "My Girl's A Hullabaloo" and "You Are My Sun- shine " Soon scads of letters to John and Joe hack home, while a few more fortu- nate found romance on the campus. Ouch I-the first report. VVe decided it was time to settle down to work and did so-for a week. After an exciting week of amateur campaigning our roster of otlicers was care- fully selected: President. Maynard lvehsterq Vice-President, Sue Baker: Treasurer, Virginia Kimball: Secretary. .lean Benzong Day Social Chairman. Peggy Anne Mellonaldg Resident Social Chairman, Dorothy lVeller. Then when gals and gates he-gan to meet "accidentally on purpose" in the halls and lihrary. we sensed a momentous event in the offing. Yes. having elected our ahle prexy and inspiring advisor. we were ready to inaugurate our social pro- gram with a night of swaying to the soft rhythms of Tommy Rogers' Orchestra. and rememher- beneath a sky of scintillating stars. Now we're part of you: your traditions and standards are ours. VVe like our fun. hut we may sincerely say. "Alma Mater. Alma Mater. we will ever faithful lied' LT II' Rlil'UlR cfivifies Xf :Lv fv ,A Q Gila 9 fa 1 , L X I ,4 . 1 I lg! 1-,., 1 "I I T 0 f.. f . 9 N ' J' ' ' f" , . 4 J 1 Q v N i x ll THE . lI' REVOIR -E LL J' evoir Siaff .IOIIN SIIOVK M.-XIi.IOIiIH COL'I,SON Jlfzmzgizzg Ifflitnr l'.'X'l'IIliIiINIf GRAY 1'v4'!IIIl7'l' Iflfifur BI.-XRIH PARK Uvrifr'-1111 Ifrlifur IJAYIIJ SIII-IPHFRID .IH Ifrlifnr A L' l I R Ii Y BI H H L' li R HUXY.-X R IJ STOT'I'I.I-1 NIYI-I K .lflzlrffv lfzlifnrx .IA NI I-IS .I I-ITT I,ll1'fI'vIf Itvtlifnr f'n-Ifrlifflrx .-I drisor H HTH T.-XP NIA X NIA R Y Ii H I N Il0I.I,AIi If11.s'imfx.v ,Ilan agwr HIQLHNA TOYVSHICND ,lrli-rriixirzg JIHIIIIHVI' HHN.-X KLEIN 1'11l11fz'if4q Jlanagvr .IOSHPII I1II.I,YAIiU liifflllllfillll Jlrznagrr I,l'1I'f NIL-CAHHIAIK RL"I'II PRICE 1'lmfugr11pl1'11 Hzlitnrx BH'I"I'IH 'l'HIBL'I.I, Ilrzul' Typist 1113. If. I"USTI','I? IJUII'1'.'I.I. I9 7'HIi.1I' REIYJIR +I '- -q 1- ' 'fnav' 1 'I ""?"L ' 'P ' .............. 4, , ..-nm uk. - g.',,i.g4, ,,-x -1., '.. ,flag MLA. A ' n V fb Sf J f G ' Plxuctly twcnty yvzirs ago an group of woini-n studs-nts llkjlilll :1 11im'n-:limit in favor of soina- form of studn-nt pzirtirilmtioii in thi' vonrlilc-t of school lifc. By the 1-nd of thc ycnr. with fucilltv upprovzil. thi-y Nlll'4't'1'dt'Cl in thi-ir piirpose-. Since: thcn thn- fuc-ulty has slmrn-d many of thi- school :ictivitim with thc- stuclvntm, who lmw- xhown that tha-y are' cupulmli- of :issulning inorm' :ind morn- rwponsilnilitivs. lfour yn-urs lntvr. 15125. thx' l'i'ty Training School was lllUYl'll to Towson. This clmngu of location hrought :ilmout the- forinution of two stuclvnt homlivs om- for day StllClt'lltS :ind om- for hoarding stud:-nts. This inoilitii-zition Ill'l't'5Sltiltl'd thru' svpur- :itc vonstitutions. om' for thx- gm-nm-r:il vouncil. one' for :i clay vounvil. :incl onr for :1 rvsich-nt counm-il. Thr- thrw L-ouncils rn-in:iine'rl :u-tin' until 159257. wlivn thry wr-rv unitn-cl to form om- xtudm-nt Il'4N0t'l1lll0Il re-pm-writiimg thi- L-ntirr Ntmlvnt hocly. Thin unification was :i clcfinitv sh-p l.Ul'XV!lI'1l. Not only we-rv rn-siclvilt unrl mluy StlIlll'Ill'5 llfilllgllt vlowr to- gctln-r, hut thi- wholr- syate-ni iniprowal in Q-liiviriivy in that nmttn-rs rvlrnting to vnrioun SlllNliYlHl0I1', of stmlvnt lifr- wvrm' mlm'le'g:ilx-al to NIM-n'i:1l 1'UlIlIllltt1'k'N or mlvlmzirtlin-rits. Sinn- 1937 thi- i.Jll'lIltf' :incl :nmlininiwtrntion lmvv sliurr-il Ntill inorq- rvxpoiisihili- tic-: with tha' xtudm-nts. Ne-w :irn-as lmvr- lu-cn opvm-cl to stumla-nt control. :ind coin- nlittrvs for alirvviiiig. organizing. :incl clm-vvloping tlu-sv :Arn-:ns liuvv ln-rn forun-11. Om' vxziiiiplr of 0lN'IIlIlgf :1 in-w urvu to tlu- xtlulvnlw win lu- ws-n in our XV:1ys :xml NIVZIIIN C'oi11i11iltm-0. YViih thu' voopm-ration of vigorous works-rs. it hm mlrnwn up :i systvin ol 1'li:irte'ril1g. wln-rrin :all 5tlllll'Ill xponsorr-cl orgunizntionx ure- unclvr thi' vonlrol of thr- Stuilvnt Coum-il. Also it hm :ittvinph-ml to 1-oorclinutv :ill 1'Xtl'Il't'll!'l'll'lllJlI' :ii-tivitin-N hy llfgilfllllllg :i from-iznl m':1lm-nmlrir for tha' sm-hool. .Xim'mlnu'nls linw- lwcn :ulrlvml to our 4-onstifulion :xutliorizing thin l'1llIlIlllltt'l' :ns pi-rliiziiivilt. Uthvr inorr iniwm-ll:mvoux :im-tivitim lllllNtI'Iltlllg.f thu- oprning of nvw :irrns 51 19 THE JL' REVOIR 41 through student. administration. and faculty advisors would include such events as Play Day. the Christmas entertainment. May Day. and the publication of the handbook. Previous to 1935 we had some form of an honor system. Due to many reasons this system was discontinued and apparently forgotten. This year we have formed a committee to investigate the honor systems of other universities and colleges and to attempt to formulate a definite. workable plan for our college. The problem of progressive representation on behalf of the faculty advisors of the council has been solved in the past two years. The advisory system consists of two members of the faculty. one an assistant advisor. The assistant advisor be- comes advisor the following year and a new assistant is elected by the executive board. Now we are working on a system of progressive representation on behalf of the students so that there will be no danger of having all new students on the board at one time. - For some time the students have expressed a desire to offer suggestions con- cerning our curriculum. ive now have a committee for the purpose of taking and discussing all curriculum suggestions. then presenting them to the administration. There has been some question concerning the axact relationship betwen the resident council and the general council. From now on there should be no contro- versy. as a resident constitution has been made and it clearly shows how the resident council is a part of the general council. ' A constitution for the Athletic Association has been formulated and clarifies the distinction between the Athletic As-ociation and a department of Physical Ed- ucation. This constitution will conclude the incorporation of the Athletic Association into the general council. VVe have always said that our student government is cooperative. By coopera- tive we mean that faculty. students. and administration work together for the com- mon good. The exact relationship has been written but is not applicable to our pres- ent conditions. Now a charter. which will precisely define our powers. is being written. ' 1Ve have developed greatly since 1921. but there is still a long. long way to go. Every student is a member of the council and its success will always depend upon each person's interest and cooperation. f 52 19 Q THE JI' REVOIR -H Awyii IAPSULON ,XLPHA appa effa Z Kappa Dvltn Pi iw :1 nationally IH'0I1liIll'Ilt honor som-in-ty in 1-duuution. with vlmptm-rx :nt h-:uling mlm-:xtiollznl institntionx. Attuinvd lnrgm-ly hy thm- 1-tforts of Chi Alpha Sigma. 1-ollvgv honor frutvrnity. Epsilon Alpllzl i'l1:1pta-r was instulh-cl hy Dr. YVilli:nn V. Hugh-y on I".-hrnzrry IT. 1511-0. Sinw thvn the- vlmptm-r has grown in aim' :xml prvstigv. l",h'L-tion to nn'1nhvrship in thifp wovin-ty is thc higln-st honor that th-- uollm-ge' van ln-xtow. Clmptr-r officvrs :xrvc Prmirlvnt. Nlurgr-ry YVil1iA Ilurrissg YivcAPn-sidunt, Marion C'unningh:nn: Sl'l'l'k't1ll'j'. l"r:nu-1-N Jonr-sg 'l'rcz1mrvr. Blah-ohn Ilnvia-sg His- torian-livportur. f'h:nrh'w Ifuwlupq C'ounwlor. Harold H. Mosvr. l'Il'SII,ON .-XI,l'lIA L'IIAP'l'liIi 131111 Full Sta-lla lf. Brownie. Mm. Um-vm-rly Vrookf. Marion L'1lnningl1:nn"". Iiiclmnl Fun- ninglnnn. NIZIICUIIII IJ:n'ivJ. llr-fr-nc IJ:u'is+. Ruth l,llddl'I'Jl!'+. Huh-n Hivkr-llwrg. lfvulyll Ifivmllc-r"9. I.ol1iw l"irm'y'X'. C':1tln-rinv Gray. Mary cifllgiillxh. L'llllI'll'S Gross, Burhurn Ilznilv. Gm'rn'x'ir-w Ilnih-. Nlrx. Nlurgr-ry llurrimf. l'h:1rlQ-s Huslupf. lim-igln' IIill+, l'llIlI'l0ttt' II11ril'X'. l"I'1llll'1'N .lllIH'N+. Huri:-I .Ionn-s. I.Jll'llr' Kl'Illll4. Hilda Km- tm-r"', Ilurold Mom-r"". Alice- Nlunnf. GW:-ndolyn Sudlvr. C':ntlu-rinv Sc'hottlvr", Irvm' Stn-1-Inf. Surah Stl'lllllSI'ij'. llr. I,iml:1 I.:-v 'l':1ll+, Ur. lim-In-1-vxn 'l':mxil7. Shirlq' Vlulltllllili. xJl1llll'ttQ' Trulia", Dorothy Yogrlf. Ur. .lov Young Wlwtf. llr. NI. 'l'ln-rvsn XVic'lh'fQ'ltl'X'. Ilmrrnwrlq jlf'llIlH'l'.X' Ur. Hurry XYIIIIV1' Ilollowuy. Sllllt'l'illtl'lllll'lIt of Pllhliv Instruution, Sluts' of l,4'lilNVIll'i'1 Dr, 'l'hon1:u G. Pull--n. .Xwixtunt HlllH'l'ilItt'IIllt'Ilf of Sa-hooln. Stutr of NI:1ryl:1nd. 'X' f'lml'fvr rmfnzlwrx .Lfv V . Q lr'1111.vjf'rr'4'zl 'from olhrr ullu11h'r'.s l I T' !'1I1i.l1'R1iI'UlR -ll ! 4 l i i i l file ower lqlzf In a long eolorful history of the 'l'oxver Light at our eollege it has never liappenetl that deadline day has rolled around without a single artiele on science and one poem resting in solitary grandeur in the wire hasket ithat symhol of fruitfulness at State Teaeliersl. But even were sueh a ealamity as this to occur, we are certain that it would not dim for a moment the powerfully kilowatted lieam of the Tower Light. although upon several oeeasions the spirits of the Editors and statl' have tliekeretl dangerously near a single eamllepower. But these same toiling ineinhers. along with the student hotly. have ever coin- hined their talents, lieneils. antl energies to pi-ocluee our monthly puhlieation. even though every now and then a rift in the lute appears he-tween the Lighter Theme .'xllllll'tN :intl the "Knowletlge ls All" lsollowers. Our aims. in words of one eylintler. are to eomhine an outlet for literary talents along with an intelligent. up-to-tlate presentation of professional informa- tion valuahle to Us all. YVhether or not these aims are ever realized is another matter hut one has only to stop in the Tower Light otiiee on tleailline day and he will never again question the -:tfort put forth. A general llllslletl air of mystery. somewhat like the opening of a Russian murder seelie. hangs over the entire room: antl the sign "For Your Own Safety ltemove Your Glasses" is hung olltsitle the floor. Nliss Munn. our very eapahle advisor. is seatetl regally hehintl her tlesk. ready for any aetion whieh might out-url :incl at il ol-loeli it usually mloes. ho. may I elose with the hope that the lower Light will never hlow a tuse nor require a step-up transformer. and the eurrent will flow steatlily and with a high voltage through the Wires of literary talent at S.'l'.t'. Slay the ink flow freely in the Tower Light Otlieef 51- 19 THE ilI'RIiI'0IR 126 603,261 fs Tllv Xlnrslmls wvrr org:mizt-il llIllll'I' tlu' lt-:ulvrsliip of Miss l,vii:n Yun llilmlwr who :wtn-cl :ns fucultv :ulvisor to tllt- group until ll1'l' l't'tll'k'lllt'lIt lust ve-:1r. Nlr Crook. of tln- si-in-imc-Q' dvlm1'tim'nt luis umlt-rt:iln-n this rt-sponsilmility. Mxarslmls urn- svlt-i-ti-tl tllfilllgll sa-vtion INHIllIlIill0llS. Aftrl' tht- list of nomi nccs lms lu-rn sm-nt to tllc Chit-t' NIIll'5ll1ll. l'l'l'0Illlllt'IlllIltlUIlN :irv sought from l'!lk'lIltf mi-mlwrs. Anyom- ot' good t'llJlI'!ll'tl'l' is cligilsln- for im-mlwrsliip. gfllvv Vlulr :mtl Orvlivstm im-mln-rs :ind Stumlt-nt foum-il Ot'liu-rs :nrv i-xc-1-ptwl lN'CJlllNl' of tlu-i 4-Xu-ss 1llllll'S.l All IIVW lllt'Illl3l'I'N :irc imluctvcl in :1 spring pin-nit: l't'l'4'lllUlly. XVlIlK'lI luis long lun-n :i custom of tln- NI:irsl1:1ls. Vlllll' xl2lI'Nll!llS :wt :ns :i sort of polivi- :mil uslivr form-. 'l'lu'y :issiiiiiv 1-1-simon silmility of sm-:iting pvolmlv :nt ElhSQ'lllllllt'S, Xluy Day. flUIllIlll'IlK'Q'llll'Ilt. :mul otln-r :wtivi , . tics. llivy :also :ict :is gjilimlt-s for visitors on tllm' 1'Illllllll5. XVlll'll :lvtivitivs uri' living c':1rrit'1l on XVllll'll lure' l1l'Wl'4HIlt'!'N. rw . - 1-' . Iht- 1'Xt'ClltlYt' ht-:ul is known :is thi- lliivl Nlurslml. :mil ls 1-lt-t-tt-il 1-:nvln vi-:ir by tlle' Mursllzils. A 5l'l'I'1'tIlY'y :mtl :i tm-:isiiri-r vouilwlvti- tln' slnti' ot' ollivn-rs. 'l'ln-5 :irc vlvt-ti-tl lmy tln- Nlilffsllills ywirly. 'l'li1- most iw-cw-lit mlm-vi-lopixiviit in vonm-ution witli tlli- Hllfllllllfltllbll is ilu: fm-t tlmt It llili lwcoim- :1 part ot tht- btmlvnt c0IlIH'Il. llii- ilu:-1 Nlnrslml rwlwiwsi-rits tlie- group :it Stllmlvnt ll0llIH'll l'lXt't'lltlYt' llonrml lIl4'1'tlllgN. .5 5 W llll lI'Rlil'UlR 141 I9 THE .JFREVOIR +I fee Gfufobioqrap y I am one of the biggest organizations in the college. Consequently every year in September, I find myself stocked with new and young blood and I'm rarin' to go. This year I had one of my large-st enrollments. 120 to be exact. Each Monday afternoon and Tuesday assembly my members meet and re- hearse for the occasions which give me a chance to let the col'ege and the out- side world hear the results of these meetings. But don't think for a minute that I do nothing but work hard. I.ike other organizations and people. I'm only human and I like to play sometime. For example this year my members held a picnic in the Glen. They had a grand time cooking and eating hamburgers. and they closed the evening with some tine singing in the Council Ring. Sometimes I take all of my members or my offspring. the Jeanie Group, away from the college to give a musical program. YVhen such events come. I like to look my best and each member wears one of the long black gowns that I ac- quired four years ago. Naturally variety is what makes a program interesting. In the past four years I have sung numbers as 'AHail Bright Abode" from Tann- hauserg the spiritual, "It's Me. O Lord"g the beautiful waltz. "Tales from Vienna YVoods": "Soldier. Soldiernz Schuh:-rt's "Ave Marian: and many other beautiful and inspiring compositions. Let me say a word about the person who makes it possible for me to exist. That person is Miss Emma E. YV:-yforth. who directs the singers. I greatly ap- preciate the fact that thc many people in thc club are important cogs in my machinery. but Without the leadership of Miss YVcyforth. who coordinates the many voices into a melodical and harmonious unit. I feel sure that I would never have reachcd the heights that I have already scaled. 57 lf? Tllli .l1'RIil'OIR -H 1 i i 5 . 5 file robes fra It is oftvn said that pr:u'ti1'r inakvs pvrfe-vt. Sonit' of us in tht- orchestra arm' ht-ginning to qnt-stion this fainons prov:-rh. Tin-rr' 4-an hardly hm' a douht in , Jllly0Il1"N mind. at la-awt in tht- ininda of thow who loite-r in tht- halls aftcr 311550 on Monday aft:-rnoons, that tht- oruht-stra dom pr:u'tim'c'. Uh. how th--y lir:u'tic'e'f Yi-f who can way tln-y'ru 4-x1-n within Nhooting distant-v of pt-rfvt-t? tXow orclius- tra im-inlwrs. don't fm-I hnrt. Aftvr all. tht- author of this vpisth- is one- of you.j Svrionxly. wt- do pravticu and not in vain. All of yon. vu-ii thom- without a inu- siral var. are' ahh' to nott- the- dt-t-idt-il illllH'UYt'1llt'Ilt inadv from Svptt-iiiln-r to Junr. During tht- first nint' ww-ks of tht' yt-ar inany of tht- 1-xpvriviiccd invinhvrs han- to plat' 'tfnll mtxwiigtlif' iN'L'2illNt' of thu- ne-w nivinhn-rs who ara- lvarning to play instru- lllt'lltN and who try to inakt- tllviiisvlvt--a as iiiconspicnous as powihlv. But toward tht' half yvar mark. nrighhoring classrooin doom arm- fra-qln-iitly clown-d for sonn- var protm-1-tion against an orm'hmtra of il1L'T't'ZlSiI1gJf Ylillllllt' and illK'I'L'1ISiIlf,.f dvxtvrity. You must admit that tlivrv is a 4-vrtain nn-lodioux lHlL'l'igl'0l1Tltl providvd hy the tll'l'iIt'5fI'Il ht-rv al at-hool which hrings a sinih- to mort- than ont- fave. How would wt- e-wir pri-writ tht- lv:u'c':nl:11irm':1tn- wrvim- or t'0IlllI1t'llK't'Illl'llt 1-xrrciws that han' won for 'l'v:n-lim-Q Vollvgt- surh roinnn-ndation without our ora-hvstra undcr tht- ahh' 1-ondm-tor. Him Prim-lu-tt? Dara' I say it would hm' illllJONSii1it'. I rt-ally think it would. So you wv. vvvii if wi- in-vt-r rm-at-h the' pt-rfvvt stagv. which of 1-oursv is iIllllUhNil?it'. ws' do inanagv to contrihutv in our own wav to tht- social t'Vt'lltS horn at st-hool and also to 4'Ilt'llllY'Ilgt' lIlllSil' talvnt. 5 S 19 Tllli .lI' REVOIR Jfl V r . . 'V nn , . - --il f ,.,-- ,,,,-L'-Y ,Mr-91' 1 ,L....A...,,.L..Q.-,g 4,..,,, ,Ha Jas 616 LDT!! In H9255 lir. Allcn Ilulsizcr. llircctor of lturul Przlcticc. l'llTllI1llt'!' :intl Ilircc- tor of thc Rural Dcpurtuicnt with :i group of county stuclcnts orgunizccl thc lturul Clulm at thc 'l'uwsun Normal School. 'l'l1c crcctl of thc cluh clcurly inflicutcs wha th "YVc. thc uicinlmcrs of thc Rural Cluh of thc Muryluml Stutc Nurinul Schon hclicvc that whcthcr in work ur play our :inns and purpuscs :irc hc-.t :ichicvccl through unitccl clfurts. By common cmlcuvur. city may :ipprccintc country, cuuntrw unmlcrstmid city. All incn may scc :intl lovc hcuuty whcthcr uiumlc hy Chnl or 1n:m For so IIIIIV all incn hc inspircd to nohlcr :incl inorc unitcrl ctforts in thc :nrt ul living." hm of tl In 19213 our prcscnt fliilllllj' Siipcrvisor of Pructicc. Miss Stcllu lf. Brown 1-:unc mlvisor. 'l'hc cluh is proucl of its :nctivc incinlscrship which inclutlcs inuny ' lc must succcssful tczichcrs of thc stutc. Bcsiilcs lmruvicling pruinincnt spczikcrs thc liurul fluln has tukcn :ictivc part 1 in tolli-gc litc. ln Junc. l.!I5l. thc lturzil Vlulu unmlcr thc ln-:imlcrsliip ut' Bliss Stcllu lf. Brown initiutcml :x plan whcrclmy :i scction of thc cullcgc cziuipus known :is tht Glcu might hc clcvclupcml :is :i part of thc l'llllt'iltl0llIll prugruin ot' thc cnllcgc. 'l'h4 ich ':1 h:ul thc llK'IlI'ly support ut' thc stuclcnt council. intcrcstcil l-iH'lllty. Ullllll l'll'llN'Iltill'y school :incl princilml. llr. l,i1l:1 'l':illr I,ittlc wris :nccuuiplislicil until OU stzitc clcpnrtincnts which actually trunsfurinccl thc inucccssilvlc spot lu unc ut' thi Ill ost hcuutiful :incl uscful plxiccs on thc collcgc groiiiul-z. NVQ' rcnlizc that our work is not yct tinishcml, It will rcquirc uinrc :intl uinri cuolrcrutimi lmctwccn stumlcuts :incl faculty to luring :ilmut still liurthcr impruvc iucnts :intl :1 lu-ttcr umlcrstuniling of thc usc of collcgc Lgrnumls. 5 Sl t c lturul Cluh is uttcnipting tu do in thc cullcgc. l wus r :iclvisur cnlistcml thc intcrcst of thc Wvurlqs Prngrcss .-Xmlininistrutimi :intl scvcr:il IW 'l'llI'f .lI'RIil'UIR -ll '1'l LUIZ H1615 LLL irw yt-:urs agfo thc t-ollvgr ilrainatii- organization. known as "'l'hv 3ll1llIlllt'l'Su, -Q ax just uiore- than a naun-. lt ilinl littli- or nothing for tht' school---in fact. tlicrc nas talk ot' tliwolxing tht- group. This ww-rv tlua-at startvml thc im-iiilwrs of thv cluh to thinking. 'l'hvu caiuc tht- 1li'vaim-iw' -thow "iin-xpr-i'ii-in-ul youtliffwlio thought that a tlii'm-Aiict play touhl ht- pi'o4liu-Q-d in this school. 'flu-w :uuhitiouw ilrcaiiivrw t-arrival out thvir plans, thi- wvoml tiuu- lll0I'l' xiicct-wtiilly than tht- tirwt. .Xnyonc who saw "Spring ljJlIlCCH will tt-stify. But cnougli ot' looking havkwartlg this group that iiwtlr-tl a thrcat to awaken it .li-iw gr:-:itz-r plans for tht- liIlfl1l't'. lfirwt. tlivy tlrvaiu of promluviug two three- ivt playx a -vi-ar. lIowt'w'r. thix first alt-win' ix. -Jlll!0I'lllIlilfl' to au rvuii grvzitor llI'l'illll -an "all -tt-lloolu proilut-tion. 'l'hat ia, a protluutiou in whivh tlivrt- will hm' no xuvh thing as a Nluuuni-rs l'lulv or a Ulm' fluh a proiluutiou writtvu, proililcvtl. intl lll'JllllIltllt'tl hy :i uuitt-ml group ut' ill1'ilk'lll'I'N l'olli-gm' stutlviitx. V v lhix mlrvaiu and all of our cliwaiiix must. in orclvr to ht- Nllt't't'NSl'l1l. gm-t tht- tull Nupport ot' our ft-llow Ntlllll'lllN. It ix tht- gooil uauu- of our Alina Matti' which 1' arv trying to ht-tt:-r. not oiii-wlviw. lu thix attvinpt, wc hopi- that our fvllow lllm lrutx will mlrvaui anal mlo with ua. 60 19 7'HIi.1I' RIil'0IR -ll , if Guffure ,fund For :1 lung tinn- our cnlll-gr had fs-lt tlu- ns-vd for :n fund to prnvidl- prngnnns for tln- Ilhhl'llllDlll'H tllut 4-uuld not ln' vxmjnyvml otln'rwim'. ln l"1'l5I'llilI'y 121159. Rolwtt YVQ4-mlv. Ma-trupulitxnn f,lN'I'il lmritmlv. 0f'l'n'r:'cl to pn-wnt :n vonm-rt :lt tlu- mllcgf- thc prom-mls from which would lu' uwd tu Q-stulvlisll il fund for tln- ln-m'Ht of tln studcnts. Thus tln' Clutrv lfund was stnrtvd. Sinus' that Huw. tlnruuglx the' vo- upcrulinn uf furulty und studvnls and tln- 'I'ln'utm'r Guild prml-ntutinn nl' "Iul:nnKln" in ISIN? und thx- 3lllIl!lllt'l"?-L' prvwrmtuliulm. "Spring l3:1m-v" in IHH. ilu- fund llus gl'OYVII. Now wv. :mx xtuda-nts. urn' privilvga-rl to t'!l.illj' many llftbgflllllh tlml would llavr ln-vn impmsilmlf- in fornuvr duyx. Sllbll fillllllllh spa-ulirrs :lx l":ntlwr Hulmlmrd :md .l'll'il'k1l Mann will long luv I't'llll'IlllN'I'l'Il. It in our lnnpv tllut tlu' ln-llvfits nf tlu Culturc Fund will lu- lung and lasting. 61 IW TIIIQ .lI'RIiI'UlR 41 Gkifglzoocy Civucczfiofz ssociafimz Thi- group in our collvgn- known :is thc A. C. H. is :1 lllt'llliTl'Y' of thu' National Association for Cvlliidillifld Hrhicution. It is organized for those studvnts who are iiitvrvstvd in priinziry vdlu-:ition :ind is uncle-r the- le-:uh-rsliip of Miss Jam- R. Joslin. At thc Ill1'k'tiIlgS of thi- A. C'. H., hvhl twin- monthly. :a vzirii-ty of llI'0gl'2lIllS :irv pres:-ilti-ml. "I"lowm'r Arrznigviin-nt". hy Mr. Tlioinus Boycr was za fm-:iturv :it- traction :it ons- of this yv:nr's nn-ctings. Nuinvrous :ictivitics iIlK'illdiI1g visiting progrvssiw- schools in thc 1-ity and carrying on philanthropic- work in thc com- munity arm- plunne-d hy thv group. At f1ilI'iStIllJlS, for Q-xnillplv, the- A. C. H. Col- lm-vts :ind distrihutvs husk:-ts to fuinilivs who iiwd thi-ir hvlp. Thi- A. C. H. progrann. liowvvvr. is not "ull work :ind no pl:nV." Manx' op- portnnitim-s :nw givvn for nn-Q-ting fl'll0SV-NtlldClltS in :1 sovinl :itinospln-rc :it p:n'ti:-s, lxivnics. :ind hikes. 6 2 19 THE .JI'REl'U1R -H 11' 5 nr s.. 3 J zzferlzafiolza iefafions fab The- Il1tt'l'T1fltl0IIIll lh-lations fluh is :i uluh fur wtuclvnts who ln-lin-vv thu! romp stucly :xml discussion of the major m-onoiiiiv. :mil political. :mil sm-izil vlmngcs in thi' worlxl tmluv will hm-lp thi-in to gain :1 fullvr knowlvdgc of what tllvsv K'llZlllgl'N .nw-1 :i partial lllNlK'I'StilIllllllg of the-ir c-:iliac-sg :xml ll si-mihln' llI1l1lJl5t'il lmsis fo: pvrsnnzil jmlgim-nt :xml c-oiwliisioris. Thi' 1-lmpte-r of thx' l. li. C. in our collcgv is ufliliutcd with thi- nutimml ln tcrnutimi lin-lations C'luh :incl the Girricgim- l'lmlowim-nt. hy whom it is slmnsm-ffl It strives to lIll't't thi' olmjuctiws of that group, which urv: l. To ill-vi-lop :l group of young In-oplv who will lu' v:lp:1hh- of l1'Illlf'l'Nlilll 2. To 2lK'1lllIllIlt its Illt'IlIlll'I'5 with thc- 1ll'0l1ll'lllh :mal issuvs of the- rluy. Ii. 'l'o gin' furtln-r sm-iul discussions. L. To furnish Q-xp:-rie'm'n' in lHlI'll2lIllt'llt2lI'y prom-cllirv. At thi- llllllltllly iinw-kings :1 vxirie-ty ul' prngr:1ins ure' 0l'llQ'l't'll. 'llhirs yvur llr lf. lfnxtcr llowvll spulu- on -A.'xlllt'I'll'!l'S lfura-ign l'0lim'y" :mil llr. llurolml St:-in mlmlu- on L-SlN'lIlllZ1'll Nle'rlicim'." Othvr llivvtiiigs wvrm- mlm-xhtml to lliwllssions rvlux' :mt to curri-nt :1H':1irh. Tn tllusv who ciljoy prugrzmis of thix mrrt. to :ill who lmr fic-ip:it:' in its- :1c'tivitim. thc' lntc-rnzntinmnl llvlntinma Cluls will-rx :1 rim-h vxpm-riviivr 613 lf? 'l'1lli.ll'R1iI'U1R +1 -. dlfafumf gfis tory map Smiling faccs always makc cvidcnt thc plcasurc and anticipation with which nicinlwrs of thi- Natural History Group start on thcir Saturday trips. Oncc cach month and twict- in May. this group visits various localitics in the vicinity of Bal- timore-. At lcast two trips cach ycar arc taken to niorc distant placcs, such as 'IlllllI'Ill0llt and Scicntists' Cliffs. In addition to thi-sc monthly hilics. thc Natural History Group occasionally has aftcrnoon nit-ctings. An annual dinncr is ht-ld in Fchruary and is an occasion which is anticipat:-cl with much cnthusiasui and from which uiuch plcasurc and information is th-rivcil through tht- uit-ssagc of an outsidc spcakcr. Through tht-ir trips and from authoritativc spcakcrs thc nicuilmcrs clcrivc rcal fun and cnjoyiucnt as wt-ll as a varicd informational background for tht- tcaching of scicncc. Sonic of thc placcs visit:-cl arc cspccially intcrcsting from a gcological point of vicw. such as Soldit-r's lit-light and Scicntists' Cliffs. Othcr trips arc made for thc purposc of sccing hircls and plants. Thr- varicty of hahitats rcprcscntcd in thc vicinity affords an opportunity for uicnihcrs to follow thcir specific hohhies in thc Ht-ld of natural history. Thi- Natural History Group has always cncouragcd thc sturlcnts. thc facultv. aml tht- alumni to sharc thc cnjoyiucnt that can hc rlcrivccl from thx- ln-st lahora- tory. tht- grcat 0lIt'0f-fl00I'S. 64 l I9 Tllli 411' R151 'OIR l 1 1 sq The aflz 'III11' NI:1th IIIIIII. JIIIIIOIIQIII :1 r1-I:1ti1'1'Ij' 111'w 111'g:1niz:1ti1111. hun I11-1-111111 111 111 t1-grnl part of 1'xtr:1 1-11rri1-11I:1r :11'tiviti1-N :1t 'I'11ws11n. In St'lbIt'lllI1t'I'. 151350 1 It sturh-nts llll'I with Mr. NI11s1-r :iw t':11'11Ity :11I1'is11r t11 1Iis1'11m th1- l111wihili11x 1 Ninth Cluh in 1111r 1A11II1'g1'. 'I'h1' 1111tI1111I-1 was :1 111-Nsiiiiistiu 11111-3 llllllly 1I1111I1t11 1 1'111I11r:1111'1' 11ti SIIUII :111 11rg:1niz:1ti1111. 11tIlt'I'5 In-Ii1'1'1-1I tI1:1t 5tllIIt'lIfN w1'r1- not N ti1'1'11tIy IIlIt'I'1'NIl'tI in 111:1tI1. IIIII1' 1-I11I1. I111w1-x'1'r, r.1't :is its l111rl111s1w thc f11Il11x11 .2 1 - . ' - ' 1-r1-wtx 11t' th1- stiidvntx i11 1n:1tI11-111:1ti1-sg 421 t11 gix 1111 111r 111 I11 IIITIIIQI' tI11 int llinitv fm' 1I1'v1-I1:11im5 l111iw :1n1I 1'11nti1I1'111'1- t'11r t1':11'hing IIIFUIIQII 11:11'ti1'i TIIIUII 111 1I 1n1I 11-1 t11 1111 1-I11I1-l1r11gr:1111sg 133 Ito Is1'1'11 I'I't'?-XII th1' 5ki!l1 111'1-vi1111xIy :11'1l11ir1' 1 : l11'11v1' Ii111it1'1I :1I1iIiti1-s. ' " 1' first 1111-1-ting i11 O1't11I11'r IIII' l'IllIl IIJIN I11-1111 :1 gruwiiig 11135111111 I',1'1-r Nllllk th t'1111 Ih1' 111' 11t th1' t11l1i1w ii11'I111I1- I":11111111x hIl'l1 11f xIiltIll'IllfltIt'N. G1':1l1l1 Ii1'l1r1w1-11t:1ti1111 N 1 1:1:1ti1's in Art. 'I'h11 NIz1th1'111:1ti1w 11t' IllNllI'!llll't'. In1Iir1'1-t NI1':1a111'1'1111-11t. .fXritI111 1 :mai cit'UYlIt'II'Il' I'r11gr1-ssi11ns. :1111I IIist11ry 11t' f1I:1tI11'111:1ti1's. In th1' spring th1 1 , 11:1-1-ting. This 51-:1-11111 w1- l1I:111 t11 1151- M11111' H1'IllI1 111:11I1- 1111 lliilliw :111 1111t1I1111r tri1-:1I inst1'111111'11t-1 to :1l1l1r11xi111:1t1' 1Ii+1t:1n1'1-s. 'I'h1' 11r11gr:1111 " ' -: x11Il I11 ll1llt1I 1111t 111 th1' gI1'11 :1111I will I11' t'11II11w1-1I hy :111 1111t1I1111r w1111l11-1'. l'.11-r tm' Its 1111 h1-I111-1I th1 Ivxts 111' N This i1lt1'r1'wt1'1I t11 IIIIIIU' th H5 1' 11r1,5:111iz:1ti1111. 1111 111:1tt1-r 111111 N111:1II. 111- h1-Ii1'x'1-. Nh1111I1I 1-yi, i1 IllI1'!'Q'NIN Itllt :1I-11 t'11r thc g11111I of th1- 51-h1111l. IIIII1' NI:1tIl ll11l1 h 11 - N1-h1111I tw :1i1Ii11L5 th11s1- NIlllIl'TlIN who IIIINK' t':1ih'1I in th1' IIIIIIII 111t1 11111 Illl lll'1'4I I11-Ip i11 l'IIIlt'I' 111' th1- 111:1tI1 l'1IIII"WK'N. 1'Il1IY. whi1'h I11-111111 with :1 vvry sk1'l1ti1':1l 1111tI1111k IIJIN QFUXVII gg1'111111 within th1' s1'h1111I. 'I'h1- 1-I11I1 Illl'IllIN'l'N :11'1- w111'ki111,f 1-111-1111t11 1lI1 1- NIIIIII CIIIIIY :1 1'it:1I 11:11't 111' th1- :11'ti1'iti1w 11t' St:1t1' 'I'1':11-I11-rx t'11ll1--f1 11gr:1111s i111'Il11I1' 1111twi1I1A s111':1k1-rs. I'!l1'llIty Sllt'1lIit'T'N illIlI st111I1'11ta t 1111t 1111Ix IW THE JI' REIYJIR -H ips xv X Tl .f 1 'I ,Eli r-1 - .Lb-MJ. Sfudelzf Glzrisfiazz ssocimfim Thi' 5. C. A.'s piirpnse- is to hroadcn and vontinun- thc rm-liginus life of the stud:-nts :ind tn urn-atv :i fm-ling nf fn-llowsliip. Tllronglinllt thc- yr-:ir this h:is hm-n dons' through 2lttt'Illl2iIlCl' at various con- fcrviicvs. At tha- Sliipln-nshnrg coiifn-rm-m'v thv connnon prohh-ins of tr-:ic-ln-rs col- Icgcs wvre' discuss:-d. XVhilr at Buck Hill Falls Inn in thi- Poconos :i disvussion of 1-misvivntinns ohjf-1-tors :ns Christians taking arms was disuussvd under vm-ry :ihle lcadvrs. This cnnfvrvmm- was snmvvd in :ind vvvrynm- vii-ivy:-cl tolmggzniing :ind :ill that gm-s with it. Onan' :1 month tha- studm-nts liziu- vnjnyvd thi- Snppvr Chili IA'L'tllTk'N at Lcvcr- ing Hull nnde-r thy :iuspic-vs of thi- Hopkins Y. NI. C. A. Sllhjr-cts such as? rn-ligion today. vcunoniics. :md our Smith Ann-riczm re-lzitions. lmvm- gin-n ai hroader nndvrstnnding of thc world und its pi-uhlvins. Also vu-ry month Ye-spa-r Sm-rvicvs lmvu hm-n ha-ld in Ilivlnnond Hall Parlor llCCOIIlllJiI1lt'll hy tha: choir. Spf-:ikvrs tlmt lizivc hc-cn grrutly Q'Il.i0yE'd :irc Ur. Harold Bush-y. Fatln-r Klnmnonivr und Ruhhi Laznron. In .lnnv thi- yi-:ir will ln- roundvd out hy thv installation of nvw utiiucrs and the- l":!lg'll'N Msn' COIlft'I'L'llCC. 66 I9 Y'1I1i.lI'RI-QIYJIR +I fha rf fab Thr' Art fluh is tht- livwcst urlmlitinn to thi- cxtrn m'ur1'i4'11l:1r :ivtivitivs :it Stntf' 'l'e':u'llc'rs t'culln-ggv. ln tlu- full. :1 group uf stlirlvntx. intl-rmtvrl in :ill llllflhlw of art. urgzmizml thx- ulnh. l"roin the' l5f'gl'lIllllI'lg,f it has ln-cn tI't'llll'llllUllSlf' silt-ci-s.rwl'i1l, Thu' vlnh lllt'l'tS x-vm-ry thircl 'llicwclziy in thc' I.ittlf' 'I'ln':1trm', l'l:lL'll iiiw-ting is clit'fm're'nt :incl Stllllllliitlllg. Hu fur. thx- lH'UgI'!llll'w lmve' lIll'lllllt'll llQ'lll0Il5tl'Jltl0IlS :incl work in nilx, clmrcozil :intl wzitvr color. 'l'ln'ri' lizive- lim-ii M-xx-ml ll'l'tllI'l'5 :incl :in Q-xhihitiun of painting. Thi- future- imwtings show pruniiw uf surpziasing :ill cxpe-c't:1tions. It would lmvv in-mi iinpmxihlv for thi- chili to lmw :iclmm-1-ml mm mpimlly had not thi- oflicm-rs hw-n czipzihh-. l"r:ina-vs linhimn was 1-lwtml pri-sich-iit. :issisti-rl luv Cllurlm-s Gnvrtlcr. lflh-n lilstt- was clnwrn M-crvt:1i'y :mil .li-:in B1'Ils0ll. trmiwiirvr. Miss Ni-nnsingvr is thc' mlvisnr. All of tha' vre-clit. limvi'u'r. win not lu- givvn to tll1'IIl. Thx- lIlt'Il1lN'l'S hoostccl. tum. Thx' Art flnh has wvvrul ulvju-tivvs. whirh it has trim-il tu marry ont. It lmpi-N to lwvoiiia- :in 4-st:ihlisl1vcl clnlv in thi- wliool--:iml :i lmpnlur nn:-. To ilu tluia. it t'YIl'0llT2lf1l'N Much-nts tn gn-t tugi-tlivr :mil li-:urn hy lixt:-ning to l1'k'tlll'l'N :inml Ivy work- ing with num-ri:ils whim-h will st-rw :ns il lun-kgronml for fnturi- ti-:ii-ln-r-. If tllt'l't' wvrm' such things :is ur:ic'h's :intl pruplivta. thi- futurq- of thr Art l'lnh might lw llllI'!IVl'llt'1l. 'l'ln- xiivvvm of thx' vlulm hu-Q lwvn wi-n trmn tlii- Ntnrt. Now lm-t num- pm-ulmlm' funn- :incl tinrl out tlmt :irtistx :irc-n't thi- 1-rsizimt lwulmlv in thi- wnrlrl. 67 W l'II1i.lI'R1iI'UIR -ll Glffbfeflc Cx+Z550Cif!fll01Z .XN wt' lmwli lun-k lntw that rvunrtl wt unr .Xtlnlvtlv .'xNNl't'l1ltll3lL wt- rn-:mlizv nnwrm' than tyrr that it i- :nn nrgnaizzxtinn worthy ut' tln- xt-In-ul, 4'All work :mtl no play lllillilx .lrtvli :1 tlnll lvoyu. -0 nur .X. .X. nu-Q-tx thix IIl'c'tl for play. In tht- fall. ll0t'l-RFP' .-11114-.N thy gn-ls nut tu torgvt tht- told, l,gltt-r nn, lmxlu-tlmll unmnw to tht- front. Num- ot tht- lxppvrt-luwnn-11 nrt- lucky Q-nongh tu p:nrticip:ntr in howling in tlwir gym I1t'Tl0tlN. Ut' t-unrw. whvn xpring 1'0lll!'N znrnnnzl. Wx' l1:1y:- to lu' out-of-tlours. Nu our Npnrtx vntl :tpprupri:tt:-ly' with xoftlvnll. yollvy lmll :tml zxrrlnlry. Tllvrv is :1 hiking prngnnn tht- yvur ronntl :mtl many IlUllltN :arf rrcriyw-tl lvy walking. Thr lwyx. ton, hun thrir xlmrt- of wintvr :mtl -pring Npnrtx. Initt-:nl nf jnxt llliiylllf lntvrt-ln-N wt-tw-r :anal lvsz-lu-tlmll L::nxn-N. thry lmxt- tht- vxcitclm-llt of mit-of-town gulnw. 'llln ytzrxity t--:nnx can tt-ll IIN tht- fun thry lmyr. 'I'hi5 yvur. wt- tt-It p:1rtn'11l:1rly pr-nnl wt our lwrulivtlvznll tmnn :mtl of our cn:n'l1 for lwing on th., NIIiNU1l'lllXU1l llllt' up. Thv .X. A. lmurti hm fnll rwpunxihility in organizing :intl vrnrrying out plans tor l'l:1y lluy. Ilnx yt-:tr tor tht hrxt tnn: thvy lVY'0llg,Illt our -t-lmul vvur to :1 claw XVllll :l Nprxng play' tluv. 'llunrnznnvnts nrt- rtlwrxy- fun' :nnl l'NIN't'lI1lly Nu uh: n NlNll1NUl"l'll lu' our wtlmlf-tit' LITUIIIIN. To t.-ak-' mr: nt' fnntlx for tht Play llny tuurnmnvnt trolmlu' :n tug tiny wax imrntul. 'l'hv A. .X mlm-x not jnxt ftnn-tinn on our Uillllllllm This wintrr girl- wt-rt' N.-Iwtt-tl tn purtit-ip:1tv in tht play :lay lnltl at N ' : ,'0tI'e' llxllllv. tlu-rs-lwy t-rf-:ntlmg tn-vllng -vt lrltvrvullrgt- t-tmp.-rgttiun :mtl ffllllixllllll GS , I9 THE .'lI.' REVOIR -ll occer eview 95,11 1940 This isn't a suggc-stion hut an orrlvr. uhlakn' a courtly how to our gallant knights of the- pitvh. who liaw- onm- mon- hrought us a tie' with Frosthurg State: 'I'e:ac-lie-rs for the Maryland State: Soc-wr CllJlIIllllUIlSlllI7.H Tlw season opened with many of the students as optimistic pcssiinistsg for wa- had lost many valuahlr- play:-rs hy tln- prvcmlirig gracluation, Howvvcr. Coach Nlinnvgan had his recruits out thefre- vw-ry :lay "lu'afling". "cross-tiring" and learning new things about thi- garlic. If any pn'-season doubt was apparent it was without foundation. Aftvr vivwing the- lirst prac-tic-v gmm: with tha- alumni th:-rc' followefcl a ga-n:'ral sigh ot' re-lim-f. Tha' first official varsity garm- ol' the- nim- gaim- sc-lnvclule-. pittl,-ml Us against the- strong L'nivrrsity of Virginia tr-am. The' State' 'I'e-avlwrs team prow-d just a hit stvaclivr in thvir short passing gilllll' anxl won. I-0. Loyola and lfrostlvurg we-rf: lioth strong trams aml liumag:-cl to holcl us to tivs- -U-U. and lfl. rm-sp:-ctivvly. Samlwivln-cl lwtww-ri thi-sa' were- four State- 'I'v:u-li-'rs Follvgf- glorious viutorivs and that fatzrful lvlow: the: loss to Salisbury Statv 'I'v:u'ln-rs tollvgf: at Salisbury. whivh placvrl us in tlu- tin-, aftvr lfrostlmrg won on-r Salisbury. 'l'ln- voavh cle-svrvrs all tlu- vrmlit that van ln- lu'stowe'Ll upon him for his lahor. ixl'l'0l'KllIlg to tln- 1H'l'llllllIlJltlX1' rf-vorcl of the' past tw.-lw yvars wr svc the- vc-ry iinprvssivv rl-vorcl of KH won. Ili tivcl. aml I2 lost. for his trams. This yn-ar wr' lose' lvy g,5r:nlualion from tha- varsity: John Sliovli. last yc'ar's All Southe-rn insillm- lvlt. and Ilowarll Stottl:-inyvr. tln- only four lt-tt--r man in tha' c-olln-gr-, ll:-rr's a toast for thi- 'ulll'l'l'NN ol' nl-xt yrar's tram. 69 I" Y'1I1i.lI'R1-IIYJIR +I askefbaff eviews 1940 - 1941 lforging ahead-progressiyefintensely sol Through the aggressiveness of f'oaeh Nlinnegan and past performanees of our teams we gained admission to the Mason-llixon Conference. This year marked our team's initial season as a member of the eonferenee whieh is eomposed mainly of mueh larger colleges including: Loyola. XVashington College. Mt. St. 3Iary's. .lohns Hopkins. and Yvestern Mary- land College. Before the Christmas holidays our team won hoth its games with the Alumni and XVestern Maryland 'I'heologieal Seminary. Then the most drastic lmaskethall depression eame alsout that the eollege has ever known. ONLY FIVE of the Nine varsity squad were taken away to he initiated into the seleeted groupgthose for student teaehingf XVhile our fort-es were heing depleted. many of our opponents were enjoying their greatest successes. Nlayhe it was an Hott year" and mayhe they did lose fourteen games and win hut two. How many of you would play the way they did. game after game. with the ehanees ot' winning the hrightest and then get a had hreak that resulted in one more defeat ehalked against them? YVould you? 'l'hrough this eloudy mass eame a shining star. Captain Boh. Cox won the honor of totaling 2259 points. plaeing him among the first tive leading scorers of the state. He also played in the AllAStar Baskethall Game at the Baltimore Coliseum for the British XYar Relief. Coaeh Nlinnegan had the honor of eoaehing this same team. Vox and his "feeder". Stottlemyer will he the only ones missing from next yeark quintet. So. with the student teaehers haek in harness and the now exper- ieneed underelassmen. next year's State 'l'eaehers College haskethall team should seek revenge for their showing this year. The least we eould do is to wish them the lu-st of luck. 70 19 THE .ll'REI'OIR -fl 36l5666LU 1941 Say. friend. have you seen any of those State Teachers follege baseball games? Surely. who hasn't? YVhat is your opinion of them? To he honest with you I think they have one of the gamest outfits the college has had for some time. They never give upgtlley tight until after that last man is out. no matter what the score may he. You must take into consideration that the majority of the players are underclassmen and lack confidence at this stage of their development. Experience will give that confidence which will permit the players to relax instead of Hpressingu. VVhat are the future prospects? That's the most pleasing news to tell hecause the team loses only three players through graduation: Shock. Stottlemyer. and Mefarriar. leaving a promising group of "hall-hawks". f EIZVZLS 1941 Although handicapped hy the lack of' early spring playing courts the team never asked for relief from its stiff seven match schedule with first class college tcams. The team lost to Loyola and Yvestern State Teacliers of Kalamazoo. Michi- gan, but the fellows keep doggcdly on in hopes of getting a hrcak and gaining the necessary confidence to win. I,ct's all give this sport our hest wishes and hopes for a prosperous future. l'6lCk 1941 Speed? ls that what you want? YVell. we've got it this spring. The team made several valuahle additions in the acquisition of lfreshmen: liosenhauin. Corus tliwaite. Spellman. Katenkamp. and llarris. lve expect them to take the Mason- Dixon Conference Relay at lhe Penn lielays in Philadelphia on April Lili. They have our support. 71 lu all W 'l'IlIi .1I' RIQVOIR -ll emomfmfiwz iqfzf 'flirt-v 4-Int-rs for tlu- .luniors who i'm-t-in-rl tlu- l:iurt-ls on IL-nionstrzition iglitf - l'i2ll'll yvur tht- girls try tln-ir ln--.t to outdo l'Ilk'll otln-1' liy putting on the -st class stunts :intl by doing wt-ll in tliv ll!lllt't'N :intl gunn-s. This yt-:nr tln- Juniors on. :intl tln- t-loss nuinlwr ml!" will ln- printt-tl on tlu- lmronzc- tnlilvt. Jkltlltillgll tht- Juniors won. uiuvli is to ln' suiml for tlu- otln'r class:-s und tlwir it-tivitin-s. Tziking tln- history or Q-volution of Pliysit-:il Cluturv in our volln-gc from skirts :intl pill-tl lmir style-s we-nt tlirougli :1 typit-ul t'strvnuous" gym lwriod of lmrvutliing vxt-i'ci-ms. Tlic Juniors :intl S1ll!llUlll0l'Q'S sliowm-ml tht- lllllH'0Yt'lIlt'llt and 'vt-lolmiiiviit by mloing tht- Hlmsit' running stvpn. 'l'ln' lire-sllixiril took tlie' prize in tln-ir portruyznl ot' Dr. XViralvt1-ltl who usml to lcontitlt-nt:1llyJ tliink that gym" f-W Nllll'll originality :intl clmwr t'Xl'l'lltlUlI inuzlv it :i lll4'IlNllI't' to XV1ltt'll tliv nnlix'itln:il vlnss stunts. 'l'lu- l"rr+.lum'n vxliilvitn-ml soun- t'Xt't'lll'lIt mlrill :intl IllIlI'l'll' ing. 'l'l1v lit'illltY Vontvst .lllllQt'N from tlle- Solmlioinorv vlzmss liucl tln-ir troulmlvs in 72 19158 to 1511-1 :is tlivir tllt'Illi'. vucli vluss pre"t'i1tm'ml :1 stunt. Tilt' Svniors with long 19 Y'I1IiilI'RliI'UlR -ll xm'lc'c'llIlgtll1' inmt lu-:iutiful lmlxy. Tin- Juniors uwd tln: dr-fi-li-av prugrnni for tlivir tllt'Illl', :ind hnd :i ditiicult tinn' trying tu find :i tit drnftcn-. 'l'ln' Scniorw not to lu lvtt ont. portr:iym'd cli:ir:u't:-rs wlin hopcd to ln' :iblc to lie-lp tln- Judgn-s t-lmusv tln winnm-rw. 'l'ln- jurlgm tln-n mt NllllI't'lllt' :is tln' rlaimm-s wvrv put tlirougli the-ir pm-vs 'Illia' 'l'1'n Prvtty Uirls, lilnvk Nag. :ind Swx-dish Clap I,1llll't'S wvrv good. Thx forniritimi :ind timing wi-rv wcll donv. Thi- I'lI't'SllIllt'Il wvrv tht- victors in lfnd Bull :ind Nt-wcmnlv. Tln- nnin did tlivir part. tim. 'l'ln' way tln-y l'lll't'I't'tl :ind g:n'n- xlimmrt to tln girls was nolmlv. .HH . . .. . . .. , . - m-lmiiig of Girls ljt'lllUllStI'!ltl0Il Night was pvrlvvt. lam-li vlnws ming, its smiggg. 'flu-n tln- 1-ntirm' studvnt lmdy joint-d in Alina Nlntrr. lfxvryuiiv wziitvd llI't'2lflIll'NNly :is Ur. YVi1-alvtl-'al vzillvd out tlie- lllllIlllt'Y' ot' points for 1-:ii-li vluss. Illli tlivn gnu' tln- tsnlalvt tu tln- .lllHlIH'N. 'llllF1't' m-ln-rrs fur Hn' .lnniur t'l:isxf 'IlllI'l't' 1'llr'c'rN llnr tlll' girlal T3 lf? TIIE JI' REVOIR -ll QD' s I Gffkfefics The system of electives enables all girls to participate in extra-curricular athletics and to attain athletic awards. After taking part in any elective, each girl is accredited with a number of points which accumulate toward the neces- sary number for thc athletic awards. It is an honor to be given the "high award" which is usually a bracelet with the A. A. seal. Other awards consist of the class numeral. college letter. and black and gold star. In the fall hockey calls a large number of girls out and the chill in the air is forgotten as sticks fly and the balls go rolling into the goal. A few knocks on the shins cannot dampen spirit and enjoyment. Some girls also try their skill as Robin Hoods in the fall. Basketball! The girls really develop speed and skills as they practice guard- ing and shooting for the basket. At the close of the season teams play off to determim- which class has acquired the greatest ability to play the game. The spring calls many of our fair sex out of doors for athletics. Softball proves to be a game easily tackled by the girls. As they swing their bats to make contact they are true Babe liuths and Charlie Kellers. Vollcy ball. too, is a game enjoyed by many on sunny spring afternoons. Archery also. is not without its share of enthusiasts. The climax of these electives is the A. A. Assembly in which the girls and boys are given their awards by the President of the College. Then those who have participated in sports know that their efforts have been worthwhile. 7-l THE JI' REVOIR GIRLS' .lY'I1I,1:'TIl'S 14 1-S 1 li A Tllli .lI' Rlil'UIR Sf! J ' Zi' fd' AY .....,-.. Y .... ,.. ..d.s,...4 SX!! IV Sl'1'.'.Y1'.' 19 TIIE JI' REVOIR 41 e Me Cflzqfisk iimer "Ye' Yulvtidv lie-:ist will lu' ha-ldv on 'lllllll'5llZlj' yn- 2ls.t Dain- of ll1'i'4'IIlll1'I' nth- om'-hulfc aft:-r five' hy yv flokkn- in Xvwe-ll llull of yn' Stutv 'l'n-zivllvrs C'ollc'gm' :nt Towson. It is ya- YVisshe- of yr I,:1dy of yn' Manor :md hir llvnulnuvn that yr 5lllll'l' ye' goods cln-rv ye' Vitullf- :ind Muxiuli. A writtvn Wvordv will km-p yv il Plnuc' :i yr Board. YV:-:Irv yn' oldv linglihll fiznrnn-nts rntln-1' than ye- outlandixh Fra-m-li stylvsf' .Xt llzilfc' :iftvr fin- hy ya- floliliv in Ne-wrll Hull lords :ind lzidivs, lmronx :md lmrom-aww. duke-s and mllicln-ssl-s. :ard thc- v:1w.:il guthm-r round tha- Board :nt N1-wi-ll fnsth-. A flourish of truinprts. livrulds thu prow-nsion of thi' Blklflx lla-nd. thi' l'm':ic-oc-k Piv. :ind thy- Plum Pudding. Aftvr tha- fm-:ist l":1tln-r Clnrixtxnm rvwnrdx thc' faithful svrwuits :ivcording to the-il' ya-urx of se-ryic-nz Then tha- otha-r great hall is thrown open to the villagers as wvll :rs the gn-ntry. l.ord and I.:1dy Nm-wa-ll look on whilv tha- .lmh-rx luring in thc Yuh' Log :und kindh- the fire. Strolling niinstrcls wandvr into the hall. Uancn-rs. wrv:-ztlrrs and tum- hh-rs from tha' village- pe-rforni for the- dm-light of ull. 'Ill"IlYl'l'NVllI'll pilgrims from Chute-rhury stop :nt tha- nmnor to tvll thu-ir tuh-N of :idye-nturc :und of wo:-. The- l':1rdonm-r. just hzu-ls from Ronin-. hc-stows tln- purdonh upon the- sinni-rx of tha' 4-our! and Villngn-. 'llha' IlllIIIlIllL'l"i portray St. Grorgv :ind tht- Dragon. ln l':u'I. until tha' grvut firm- in thx- hull is lmurnz-d to ash:-s inn-rryniuking is X!'llUll"1'llll' :ind hois tcrous. 77 THE 411' RIQVOIR IAY COURT Il IU 'l'll1i .Il'R1iI'UlR +1 .J ,fl , f....A', in i"iowc'rs-f-gay vostllinvsfniilsic'-M:xy Pol:-X -sunshinvfst:1te'iy procvssion- nc-e-s---visitors-h:ippinr-ss. All of thvse' things inwm that May Huy is tin-rv mth :ill of its 4-mlm' :md pngcntry. Hua-h ya-:ir wirly in May the- --ntirv colin-gv guth:-rs nn thv north 1-znnpiis to cfh-hr:itc' tht- coming of spring. For we-e-ks he-fore' tht- flute' :i state- nf t'XC'itl'Illt'IIt ixists in tht- Svnior Class for tw:-lvv girls ure- to ht' ch-vtrd to pn-sirlc on-r tht- day. 'I'hc- vaiiipiis hvcmm-s :i May Court for thx- Huy Qin-vn :ind hvr :ittm-nd:ints, I ivulty nn-mhvrs. rolh-gv stud:-nts. :ind childrvn dre-ssrd in lwzisguit vnstum,-Q join with thv villugv singvr CGI:-v Cluhj. thx- IllllHil'iIlI1S QOrcli1'str:ij :incl tht' dum-rrs, ying lioinnge' to Huy and its quc':'n. Fun. good vln-cr. :ind frim-ndship :irv tht' orrivr of the' day :is thf' 4-ollc-gc' vntrrtains its niuny guvsts who h:ivv CUIIN' from tht- surroumiing vountrysidn- tu join in tht- fx-stivity. ifvcll tht- tru-s -:mi fiowvrs -in to dun tht-ir tinvst for thi- m-cusion. THE .AIU REVOIR NEIVELL HALL gjaafures . he V Ll lf :am . i .,.. X . I :E . + U f , 'jmw f "J ' ' Tf?fX 55 3 ..., D k P I ff , t 4 L.. ll 1' ,,,,, , 1. .- A ' - 0. . , W ' U , - N , X." guy. 1 . P, ,f5..,, 1 ' , ,5 us, M. S- N if 1566 y-.t'Q pl"'.. I I 's via? 1 , Nw ' L x A X ay gh -' X , 1 1 1 W I I5 I' ' gi l l A "-- XA, 6 6 yull'!ll ----- mum lI......!-:Z-! ., L sg7':f-ff Wfvzm HE .:- - 4 ' 1 ' ' 53' l' . 4 , A, ,,,,,,.f-- Q ,, , I , , X 'pn 1 2 TUE All' REVOIR W Ili: Lil' I THE JI' REVOIR Q . arm Z e Mr. VVebster defines "dormitory" as "a build- ing containing sleeping accommodation", and "life" as "thc period of duration of anything resembling a natural organism." That is a perfect definition, the word in italics referring to us, the occupants of the building. However a more comprehensive View might begin about 9:30 P. M. when i'bull" or "cow" sessions are in full swing. Here are discussed the problems of life, love, and religion with politics occasionally rearing its ugly head. At times feuds bring brilliant oratory into play. but on the whole an amicable atmosphere prevades the scene. At 10:00 IKM. one of those regi- mental bells clangs forth the warning that the telephone booths are already packed or that long awaited call would be coming through. The group disperses, some making fourths at one of those never ending bridge games, others join those applying their terpsichorean art to Glenn Miller's nightly serenade. and a few poor souls go doggedly down to seek light cuts so that they may not sit silently through all of tomorrow's classes. There is the constant problem of people in your room when you are trying to study, of screaming and yelling when you retire early. and finding an amiable soul to bring up the laundry on Friday. There are the week-end complica- tions of special permissions, late leaves. signing the "hall book." and returning Sunday by 10:00 nf' 19 THE JI' REVOIR 41 followvd hy a i'g:1l1-fm-st" of all mah' favnritvs. hut it is hvrm- that many lift-f long frivmlships take- root. Uiflirnlt to dm-scrihc are- thc danvvs whvn the ugly mlucklings llllI'Ill'lll0USly turn into swans. Flowcrs arrivv, shc is ecstatic, flowers fail to arrin-, shc is inorhid. hut not fur long wha-n shn- rl-alizvs hcr rounnnatc's drvss into which sln- has hm-cn poured clm'sn't haw- straps. lfyes shining and vln-cks aglow. they drift drvainily down to nicct "thr hay from lioimf' Manifold are clurin expr-ricncvs. eating foods nm-vcr hr-fore imagined. rushing for tht- mail. wa-aring atrocious weekly fads, and waiting a turn at thc tnh. "Home was never like this!" Day in. day out, thc same routinc-hut will we fevl il pang of regret next year? I'll sayxwe love- it! '- 4. ,f,. -., vw n . .Y 'sie F " .lla , Ring. .a,L.Q. .M , ,.. 84- , x '59, N. il: ikajw dgl if 'f 2' it sf vu Q .y W V 529 W. 5? A t 3' 5 jk W '54, 55 5 4' Pa' eh . 6536? .. .,. .,.,.. ,.4.: .4 5-s .- t t.q.+:-:-. - 7 ' . '-'I:'5I"' '.5.:Z3Z25'3!F'I'I3l3'7'i':"'i Z3I'2'IA35S!iI7I7I7l:Z:I-F1735 5. 'Wifi' f-- -1 '- .5:Z2ff5:f:255i-fiiiikE.25552522i252Z2E5Ss555555522552SEEEEEEEESEEEEEEQE52 . , ,. ...M .....A... ..,.V...... ......, .-.- . . . ..,-... v H. Q 's 3 6 Q Q 3: .5 . by f 2: 6 3 N' X ' 1 "ex . ' 2 bib -S 9 N9 N 1- N ew 8 4, W, 19 THE JUREVOIR +1 . . i . i 1'-5255. . , .- . ,::::- ' 25.52533 -' 3 . '5:5- .,.,,g.3Z3:::3:3:: 212:-2:,:g:1:Q:Q:f:3:5'5:'-1.'95:i. tlo 11, 1 . Che gui' mes fha Goffege 1866-1941 It was in 1865. just as thc Civil lVar was drawing to a closc, that the IIICFIJ- hcrs of thc Maryland I,cgislaturc passcd a hill calling for thc creation of a Statc Normal School. In 1866 this school was opcncd. thc location lu-ing ltcd lNIcn's Hall on Paca Strcct ncar lfaycttc. 'I'hcrc was onc largc hall anal two antc-rooms which scrvcd clouhlc duty as cloak rooms and recitation rooms. Thcrc wcrc clcvcn stuclcnts cnrollccl and a faculty consisting of a principal and thrcc instructors. 'l'hc school rcmaincd at this hall until 1872. At this time it niovccl to ncw quartcrs at thc Athcnacum Cluh. Charlcs and Franklin Strccts for a four ycar stay. In 1876 thc Normal School opcncd at C'arrollton and Lafaycttc Strccts whcrc it rcmainccl until 1913. Thcn. it took np rcsidcncc on thc spacious grounds at Towson. For sixty-livc ycars this school to train tcachcrs of clcmcntary graalcs rc- mainccl csscntially thc samc. It was a normal school and rcquircd hut two ycars' training for graduation. In 1931 an act of thc Statc la-gislaturc stipnlatccl thc conrsc lic lcngtlicncd to thrcc ycars. Thc lcgislatnrc of HHH- raiscd it to four ycars and provifln-cl that cach stumlcnt must satisfactorily ohtain his llachclor ot' Scicncc clcgrcc in lllcmcntary lfmlucation. 'l'hc following ycar thc transition was inaclc com- plctc. 'l'hc tirst four ycar class working for clcgrccs was cnrollcxl. and thc namc of thc school was otlicially changcrl from thc Statc Normal School to thc Statc 'l'cacln'rs l"ollcgfc. 85 TIIE JI' REVOIR ass gfisfory Prologue Timc's nature causes histories to be madef Histories. the essence of the past. The human mind surveys the long parade: Always. though. it turns to lands more vast. Lands more vast. but which, in time. will be Captured. and considered history! I Our primal era was appropriately begun- Oflicers were chosen. that we might be run In parliamentary manner. Problems rose- The Christmas Dinner and the Freshman Dance. IVhen suddenly, it seemd. came that year's close And all that we had done lay in a backward glance! II This year we drew more close to self and school and frien s Understanding came to us. as light to earth descends. Then. like the seeds of plants that must disperse, Ourselves were parted when practice teaching called! Ourselves sojourned. our business to rehearse At the sunset of this year. we all looked back appalled. III The Suns forever rise when satellite worlds turn roundf So we woke. and heard but last years echoes sound. But on the threshold. lol new deeds were seen More teaching must be done, more wisdom gained. NVQ- saw the faults and best of wllat had been. Yet hardly had we started work when this year waned. IV Then came our final year. made but for the memory. I,ike the last sweet movement of a symphony. The Yearbook had its birth in seniors' minds- The idea grew to being with underclassmen's aid Now like the seed. once more. that in the soil finds A place for greater growth. now we our place have made 19 THE .JF REVOIR -H .Emi Gym? Cesfamezzf YVC. the class of 19-1-1. of Statc Tcacllcrs Collcgc. at Towson, in thc State- of Maryland. bcing of sound and disposing mind :md mcmory. do makc, publish. and declare this our last will and tcstamcnt. hereby rcvoking all other wills here- tofore by us made. After thc full paymcnt of all our just dcbts. wc do advisc and bcqucath all our worldly goods in thc manncr following: To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To T o To To To To To To To To To To To To To 87 Dr. YVicdcfcld-Sonic-onc as capablc as Miss Munn as :zdvi-.or for thc thc school publications. Miss McCarriar's puns. Mr. Moscr-A biggcr and bcttcr Mcn's licvuc. Ralph Lanci-Edith Barkcfs Buick. Ann Fostcr-All of Marjorie' Coulson's troublcs. Dave Hess-Bob C'ox's basketball ability. Jean Yvright-Violct Dcpuc's trills. ' Bctty .lean Battcnticldgllclcn Hickclbc-rg's undcrstanding. I.ouisc Dinsmorc-Ruth Hppard's quictncss. Dorothy Schroeder-Cathcrinc Gray's study habits. Audrey Pramschufcr-.lanc Uroom's "engage-ability." Lucicn Pctcrs-Charlcs Gross's scicntitic rcasoning. Gordon Schulcs-lflorcncc Hcaly's unassuming attitudc. .lunc Quinan-Pcggy Hcclfs vim and vigor. Hcnry Astrin-.loc Hillyard's "do-notliingncssf Bill Jctt--Jim .lett's poetic gcnius. futurc Social Chairmcn-Rcna Klcirfs artistic idcas. Franccs Sll0I'l'S'Xvi'l1t't!l I.ambros's rapid-tire talking. futurc gyln Cl1lSSK''IlIl l.inzcy's folk-dancing ability. Gwcn l"loydfAudrcy Mcrcn-r's archcry ability. Edgar Kloppcr-Margic Owings's sncczc. .lanct C'lauticc-Maric l'arr's ''out-of-thc-bandbox'' app:-arancc. Rlainc Minnick-Bcrnic l'hclps's applc-polishing. Agncs Hicksflluth Pricc's sophistication. Jcan Hidcyflfranccs Hadsky's athh-tic ability. Margarct Cartcr-Mary Ra-indoll:ir's sunny disposition. Suc Baker-Virginia lioop's nonchalancc. Morton Kricgcr-llavc Sha-phcrd's buglc. Brcmcr Shcarman. .lr.-.lohnny Shock's frcshman hcart throbs. "Baldy" Hoddinottilncz Stcmbridgos coppcr trcsscs. Marjoric Parl-:cr-Bctty Sta-uart's pcrsonality. Frances Robison-Howard St0ttlcmycr's tcasing ability. Mary Mctcalf-Ruth 'l'apm:m's wcck-cnd migrations. Bctsy Smith-Agnes 'I'homas's liquid brown cycs. Isabcllc Gordon-Ilclcna 'l'ownshcnd's flirtatiousn:-ss. .limmy 0'C'om1or-Bcttic 'l'ribull's musical ability. Maric Kindcrvattcr-Margarct YV.-lls's skirts and swcatcrs. -i U9 THE .-II' REVOIR To Iona Claytor-Ruby Young's ability as Senior Class Prms To Mary To the future: Ethel Stanley-Lydia ZieHe's ll1ZltllCIllitKl1 uilnd One perfect girl composed of: The The The The The The The The The The One perfe The The The The The The The The The The hair of Margaret lvells eyes of Marie Parr teeth of Mary Reindollar smile of Betty Steuart complexion of Helen Gifford legs of Bettie Trihull nose of Helen Ogier mouth of Catherine Gray speaking voice of Rosemarie Callahan poise of Ruth Price et H1311 COI1lp0S9d Of: hair of David Shepherd eyes of Mickey Sharrow teeth of Creston Herold smile of Johnny Horst physique of VVarren VVendler nose of Barkdoll Spellman mouth of Morton Krieger speaking voice of Edgar Klopper poise of Henry Astrin personality of Johnny Shock 19 THE .IUREVOIR 41 I' VVell, here we are in 1950. My, how time does Hy! It seems only yesterday that we graduated from State Teachers College full of ideals and ambitions. NYe wonder what has happened to all our old classmates. They were told to keep in touch with the college, so the registrar would probably know what they are all doing now. Let's go over to the college and see. lt is such a lovely day, how about walking out to Towson? Here we go-. VVho is that sitting on the porch knitting? VVhy, it is Lydia Ziefle knitting red gloves. How have you been? NYhat's that? Dave Nelson is leading a symphony orchestra and Jeanne VVilhelm plays the drums in it? That is wonderful. No. we didn't know Betty Steuart was living at Pensacola. And Kitty Stoner is in Indiana? They certainly moved far enough away. XYhat ever happened to Margaret XYells? Oh. so she has her own dress shop and she and Ruth Price model her designs. How exciting! Isn't that Helen Ogier housecleaning across the street? You say she's been living there nine years with her husband? My. how time Hies! XYe really must be going now. Goodbye. Lydia. NVho is this coming down the street with that young girl? XYhy, it is johnny Shock and, oh, one of the new Freshmen at T. C. Still at it. eh, john? XYhy, there's Rena Klein gossiping to her next door neighbor.'s stop a few minutes-she'll know what some of our old friends are doing. Hello, Rena. Do you know anything about our school chums from the class of '-11? You do? Oh, tell us. Lilly Brissman is a public speaker on international relations, you say? And Marjorie Coulson developed those beautiful gardens across the way. How lovely! So Bob Cox and Dorothy jones did get married. Grand! No, we didn't know that Emily Fiege was writing best sellers. You say Catherine Gray has been proclaimed the Plato of the 20th Century-and Charles Gross is going to leave in his rocket ship next month for the moon. My. how amazing! Bettie Tribull is hostess for an Army Camp. lYell. she should feel at home. Thanks for all the information. Rena, but we must be going. Goodbye. My. we learned a lot there. XYho is this all dressed in the latest style zooming down the street? XYhy. it is Marie l'arr in a brand new light blue convertible with white side-wall tires. So she finally got onel Now we're passing the Campus Elementary School. Look, there are some of our friends. Ruby Young is teaching the Irish l.ilt to those little girls. lola Clay is the gym teacher demonstrating the forward roll, That music teacher waving this way and that is Yiolet Depue. Remember how she could trill? There's ,lim ,lett reciting his own poetry to the English classes and Genevieve Haile marking papers. XYe're glad some of them realized tlleir previous ambitions. There goes an airplane. XVhy. isn't that pilot Evelyn Ernst? XYe just don't know what to expect next. Here we are at the college. Could we speak to the registrar, please? Nix, we flon't mind waiting. Let's look at this magazine while we wait. NYell, just look at some of these advertisements. Margaret Heck-Embalmer at the Heck Funeral Home. Send all questions to -loe Hillyard. the new Professor Quiz-tXYell, joe always dirl like to ask questions.l Here's Mary Reindollar in a tooth paste ad. This product is probably selling like wildhre. Doris Klank. Virginia Roop and jean Linzcy are Arthur Murray Dancers. tThey can really dance. too.l Look here-Veneta Lambros is working toward making Hagerstown the capital of Maryland. Ha. she would! Margie Owings is transcribing sneezes for a cough program. iRCIllL'IllllC'l' her cute little sneeze?l Oh, here's the registrar. How do you do? XYe're just trying to find the whereabouts 89 19 THE,1I'REI'OIR -ll of some of our colleagues of the class of '-ll. and we thought perhaps you could help us. Do you have a list containing that information? May we see it. please? Thank you. Look. it says here- Edith Barker has started a camp for children to be open all year round. VN'hat fun! Ruth Durner is Superintendent of the School Board and Bernard Phelps has worked Lis way up to County Supervisor. XN'ell, for heaven's sakesl Frances Radsky has gone to Europe for the Olympics. Here's hoping she succeeds in winning for the good old U. S. A. Dave Shepherd is designing colonial mansions for Baltimore aristocracy. Howard Stottlemyer won the Eastern State Tennis Championship this year. Peg Lowry is planning the New York trips for the college now and acts as chaperone on the trip. She should know all about it. for she went every year while at college. Thank you very muchg Registrar, for the news of our classmates. By the way, did you ever hear what happened to Ruth Tapman? Oh, so she never got around to sending in her blank containing the information. Oh well. shc-'ll probably send it in some day. VK'e really must be going. Goodbye! My, it is still nice out but we're rather tired so let's ride home. lsn't that boy call- ing. "Extra paper?" Boy, may we have a paper. please? Look at the headlines! Helena Townshend catches giant whale off coast of Maryland. Think of that. And look here- VValter VVinchell's column has been taken over by Lee Mcfarriarl VVhy, our classmates have entered into every field of work possible! And here we all graduatd as profssional teachers. XYell, you never know! XYe wonder what the next ten years will bring-. KJ li nf? 90 19 THE JI' REVOIR -ll i amous xpressiom Edith Barkerf"You little eggplant" Lillie Brissman-"Uh, d-n" Rosemarie Callahan-"Now there are four aspects to he eonsidered4soeial. emo tional. mental, and pllysiealf' Alice Carr-"Oh, that's cruel" Marjorie Coulson-"VVhat am I going to do?" Silmyl Davis-"Hell's hells" Violet Depue-"To thine ownself he true" Evelyn Ernst-"If I get a telephone call. will you take it?" Kate Gardner-"Oh. my goodness l" Helen Gifford-"I don't helieve it." .lane Groom-"I ean't see that." Charles Gross-"I wouldn't know." Peggy Heck-"Oh, lawsy." .loe Hillyard-"I don't see why you want to do that." .lim Jett-"I don't get it." Dot Jones?-"Oh. Hector!" Rena Klein-"lVell. never let the truth interfere with a good story." Veneta Lahros-"Now. in Hagerstown-" Esther Leese-"Oh, honest?" .lean Linzey-"'1'l1at's a smooth job." Virginia Lord-"But delinitelyf' Peg Lowry-"VVhen I was in Philadelphia-1" Audrey Meri-erf"My gollyu. Nancy Metzgerf"0h. well." Katherine Mullinix-"I'll he a kettle of fish." Helen Ogier-"Oh. Eddie can do that." Margie Owings-"So help me." Marie Parrh"Are you serial?" Frances Pula-"Could he." Mary Reindollar+"VVell. whaddaya know?" Dave Slieplu-rd4"ll'ell. did you evah Y" Johnny Shock-"Now in this povs'ergrapli " Betty Steuart-"You know it l" Kitty Stoner-"It's all." Howard Stottlemyer-"How's my little honey?" Ruth 1lilIlI1l2lH-I-ASW'-gO on Y" Helena Townshend-''Geeminetti." Bettie 'I'rihull+"Hey. hey. you're in." Margaret lVellsf"YVe look like a hunch of morons." .leanne lVilhelmf"I forgot." Mabel XVhiteford-"My eow." Annetta xvflglltiflslllld up." lluhy Youngf"'I'his is worse than a eoneentration eanipf' l,ydia Ziefle4"Say. Nlaisief' 91 i 19 THE JI' REVOIR 41 ozzqs Chai emizzd Us 0 you Everything Happens to Men.. God Bless America" . . . . . . . The One Row" ...... . . . . Clap Hands. Here Comes Charlie" A Pretty Girl Milking her Cow" Ivishful Thinking" . . . To Be Continuedn.. Don't Mind Ale". .. I Hear a Rhapsody". . It's So Easy For You". . I L'understand" .... . Ale and BIy Shadow' I'm Flyin' High. . . Do It the Hard IVay" Friendship" ..... . Honest John" .,.. . . . . . . . . Gotta Think it Over" ..... . I'1n YVorkin' My IVay through of Knowledge". . . . Here Comes the Bride". . Oh! Look at BIe Nowu. Sweet There Little Fresh Genevieve" ......... Colle Something About a Soldier" Curlyheadn ......... as a Daisy". ...... . I Didn't Know Ivhat Time It YVa5 Don't Be That IVay". . . . . . . Dance. Girl. Dance". If I Had My Ivayu. .... . . I'm Always Chasin' Rainhows' I Fall Down and Go Boom". . For Dancers Onlyn. . . . All in I' un ...... Peg O' My Heart". . . Hot and Botheredu ..... High on a IVindy Hilln. . .. I Have a One Track Mind". . . A Little Bit Independent". .. It Never Entered My Mind". . . Better Late than Never". .. iv At Long Last Love" ........... . . . .Dorothy ge to Get a Lot In an Eighteenth Century Drawing Room". Girl of the Moment" ...... . An Apple for the Teachern. . . .Edith Barker . . . .Lillie Brissman . .Rosemarie Callahan . . . . . . .Alice Carr ......,Iola Clay . . . Marjorie Coulson Jones and Robert Cox . . . . . . . .Sihyl Davis . . .Violet Depue . . . . .Ruth Durner . . . Helen Eickelberg . . .Ruth Eppard . . .Evelyn Ernst . . . Marie Faraino . . . .Emily Fiege . . .Kate Gardner . . .Helen Gilford . . .Catherine Gray . . . .Jane Groom . . . .Charles Gross . . . .Genevieve Haile . . . Margaret Hale . . . Florence Healy . . .Margaret Heck . . .Joseph Hillyard . . . .James Jett . . . . Doris Klank . . . . . .Rena Klein . . . .Veneta Lambros . . . . .Esther Leese . . . .Jean Linzey . . . . Virginia Lord . . .Margaret Lowry . . . Lee McCarriar . . .Audrey Mercer . . .Nancy Metzger . . . . . . Mary Morris . . .Katherine Mullinix . . . . .David Nelson . . . . . .Helen Ogier . . .Margaret Owings . . . . . .Marie Parr . . . Bernard Phelps 92 19 THE .JU REVOIR 41 .1 .. .. 4. .. .4 .. .4 Sophisticated Lady". . Small I"ry" ...... . Strawberry Blonde". Smilin' Thru" ........... . . . Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair The Maihnan's Song" ........ . YValtz Me Around Again" ..... . I've Got a Date with an Angel" "Uh, Johnny Y" ............. . . .. .4 .. .. .. Easy to Love" ............... Can't Get Indiana Off My Mind". . I VVas Only Teasingn. . Easy Come, Iiasy Go" . . Maryland. My Maryland" My Man" .......... . I'm in the Army Now". . Dark Eyes" ........... . "She's an All-American Girl" . . .4 44 One Sweet Letter from You". . . . Memories" ..... ...... ........ . . .Ruth Priee . . .Franc-es Pula . . .lfranees Radsky .. Mary Reindollar . . .Mary Reinhardt . . Virginia Roop . . David Shepherd . . . . . . ,John Shoek . . . Inez Stemhridge . . .Betty Steuart . . . . . . ,Kitty Stoner . . .Howard Stottlemyer . . . . . . Ruth Tapman . . . . .Agnes Thomas . .Helena Townshend . . . . . Bettie Tribull . . . Mary .lane Yvaltz . . . Margaret VV.-lls . . .Mabel Ivhiteford . .Jeanne Mfilhchu . . .Annetta Yvright "Oh, How I Hate to Get up in the Morning" . .4 .. .. .- .. .4 .. .4 .. .. .. .4 .. YVhen Irish Eyes Are Smiling" .... . You Think of Everything. IJon't You Sad but True" ................ . The Same Old Storyu. . I Saw Stars" ......... . Birds of a Feather" ........... . Take a Number from One to Ten". . It's the Talk of the Town" .... . There'll lie Some Changes Madeu.. I'i':1etic'e Makes Perfeetn ....... . A Melody in the Skies" ....... .. If YVe Could Make a Talking Pictur. Bewildered ........................ .......... Everything Happens to Me". . . The Broken Record" ..... . Ten Pretty Girls". Goodbye Nown . 93 L.. . . .Ruby Young . . . .Lydia Ziefle . . . Men's Revue . . .Tower Light . . . . . . . . .Science Class . . .Natural History Group . . . . . . . . . . .Math Club ... . . . . . . .Au Revoir . . . Currieulum Committee . . . . . . . . . . . .Orchestra . . . . . . . . . .Glee Club of You". . ........ Mummers Psychology Class . . .IVays and Means Committee . . . . . . . . . . . .Soeeer Team . . . . May Court . . .Class of ISI-I-I -T 19 THE JL' REVOIR -il Barker. Edith .... Brissman. Lillie. . . Callahan. Rosemarie . Carr. Alice. . . .. Clay. Iola ........ Coulson. Marjorie. Cox, Robert.. . . . Davis. Sibyl .. Depue. Violet. . . Durner. Ruth . . . . Eickelberg. Helen .... Eppard. Ruth. . .. Ernst. Evelyn . . Faraino, Marie. Iiiege. Emily. . . . Gardner. Kate. . Gifford. Helen .... Gray. Catherine. . . Groom. Jane. .. Gross. Charles. . Haile. Genevieve. Hale. Margaret. . . Healy. Florence. . . Heck. Margaret. . . Hillyard. Joseph. . Jett. Ja lximl s .... . Jones. Dorothy. . Klank. Doris. Klein, Rena. . . 1-. ezzior irecfory 2000 . .5605 Bland Avenue. . .2000 lValbrook Avenue. . . .3009 lVells Avenue. . . .1771 Darley Avenue. Baltimore. Maryland Baltimore. Maryland Baltimore. Maryland Baltimore. Maryland .Montgomery County . ...3815 Hillsdale Rd.. Baltimore. Maryland ...l Eastship Road. Dundalk. Maryland . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..larrettsville. Maryland . .939 YV. Lombard Street. Baltimore Maryland ,...................Severn. Maryland . . . .3603 Oakmont Avenue. Baltimore, Maryland Sparrows Point Road. Sparrows Point. Maryland .................Joppa, Maryland .. .3727 Eastern Avenue, Baltimore. Maryland M2602 Taylor Avenue. Baltimore, Maryland . . . . . . . . . . .Havre de Grace, Maryland . . . . . . . .Rising Sun. Maryland ..7l2 McCabe Avenue. Maryland . . . . . . . . . .321 Murdock Road. Maryland ...ZSOO5 Moreland Avenue. Parksville. Maryland . . . . . . .Record Building, Towson. Maryland . . . . . . .200 York Road. Towson. Maryland 2229 N. Longwood Street. Baltimore. Maryland . . .4-L McKee Avenue. Hagerstown. Maryland ... . . . . .R. I". D. No. 5. Elkton. Maryland ....4-803 Harford Road. Baltimore, Maryland . . . . . . . . . . .R 2. Anacostia Station, Maryland ...2803 Silver Hill Avenue, Baltimore. Maryland M2816 Norfolk Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 9-1- 19 THE .JF REVOIR 41 Lambros, Veneta. . . Leese. Esther . Linzey. Jean. . . . l,ord. Virginia. . . Lowry. Margaret. . . McCarriar. Lee. . Mercer. Audrey. . . . Metzger. Nancy . . . Morris. Mary Janice. . Mullinix. Katherine . . Nelson. David ..... Ogier. Helen ...... Owings, Margaret . Parr. Marie. . . . . Phelps. Bernard. . . Price. Ruth .... Pula, Frances. . Radsky, Frances. . . Reindollar, Mary. . . Roop. Virginia . . . Shepherd. David .. Shock. John ..... Stembridge. Inez. Steuart, Betty. . . Stoner, Kitty .... . Stottlemyer, Howard Tapman. Ruth. . . . . Thomas. Agnes . .. Townshend. Helena. Tribull, Bettie .... lvaltz. Mary Jane . VVells, Margaret. . . Whiteford. Mabel . Wilhelm. Jeanne . . lVright. Annetta . . . Young, Ruby. . . Ziefle, Lydia. . . 95 105 Fift . . . . 58 E. Irvin Avenue, Hagerstown, ..................VVestminster, . . .-1-000 Old York Road. Baltimore. . . .4-807 Crowson Avenue. Baltimore, . . .610 VV. -I-0th Street, Baltimore, ...-1-20 E. North Avenue, Baltimore. . . .511 YV. Patrick Street. Frederick, .................Myersville, ...IH Broadship Road. Dundalk, .....................Dayton, 1710 E. Eager Street, Baltimore, ...2Ol5 VVoodlawn Road. Baltimore, ....................Highland. 3432 Edmondson Avenue. Baltimore. h Avenue. Brooklyn Park. Baltimore, . . . . . .Seminary Avenue, Luthervile, . . . .200-1 Bank Street. Baltimore, . . .165-1 VVarwick Avenue, Baltimore, ...-1-006 Bonner Road, Baltimore, ....Hampstead, .................Bristol. . . . . . .Bellona Avenue. Lutherville, .. .5315 Cuthbert Avenue, Baltimore, .. .203 Ridgemeade Road, altimore, . ................ Woodsboro, . . . . . . . . Route 1. Hagerstown. ...8 Overbrook Road. Catonsville. ..........Route 3, . . . .3718 Beech Avenue. 3525 Edmondson Avenue, . .210 Longwood Road. . . . .806 Pontiac Avenue. 3206 Rogers Avenue, Frederick, Baltimore. Baltimore, . Winfield. Baltimore, YVhiteford, . Monkton. .YVhite all, Baltimore. Baltimore, Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland f .r -I , 5 44 .,.- 'sn- . -, - ,A , 'A u.' ' - ' 3kf,':" 1 1 'K " 'nl f'.'i'l " . it ' " ww" ' -'ul' , 'ii ' QQ 'jifi ,,.,. ,Q . I . m I :., - wr' QQ- s .J A "' 1 6 .,, " ' 1, I , , 1 M I L 1, 37 .2 Q ' Q! . Q in, il ' M M nur ' F. f '- . I I I ' -,.... , ., 1 , - 'G' lx ug-pl!! 3,?2"'fA, ' ,S 2 A 5 xfglkfil - 0 51 aa , M I Aff if -, A 2 . , A i ii: 4, M ., f , -naf'-1" , , ,,,,., f ' r in ' Q ii- ffm E ""?'ff+51. I X' ' -- , 'I r Y R EQ . M A '! .,. .A , L. . .QA '4 ' ' g'f..,.,,,qX -'xi ff" , Q-wr., - X- A ' Q - v.1f 1 4 , A f '+-- 'fllxi 1' '- , A X' N fr N . !5g1Nw3':.Qv f K 1' F, 1 1275- 'f , V 5 fa ,".3 ' ' A 'f'l.7""? L h 3 "" ' W'- "' 'I " 1 ' 5 ag., ff If-' . ,Hi Q .Qi .11 .Q A 'ff-:TQ '- ., K" K' M S-gr , ffl s-' I U: A V' N ATL H-'Mx' it ' 5 f ' QF' 5 .V Q ' 4- -+4 Fr Qi N -, : Wu , i'.!.. L, N h Iii- xf xii' if I it I I, ,Z HQ .V . ff- ' f Y ' 1 -5 - + . 232522:- ' "Ta .fAQi.2'? ,1 3 A -LM . A f 4 "QNX-. ' J. 5' 2 , . is K l L v t Rf-K .P ,fl ' . ii, " " W I , Nix V ' 4 ,- x V 5 , R i- Y hr, ,Q v, . .:, yfv ' 1 I li T.. ' ,. 'P , l,l i 4 's ' F". KM- I f 3 l."' , . -- ' ff. xi-W , ' - xg'- . , Q 1--'-':'r "ff: -1 'X' .fame Q !. ,Q A I . s . g l 4 . - ' -JML1.-5' 4 f 'T' ff 'YF Q fly? . -La-M rv- .,.. l ls.. '73,- 19 THE ,JVREVOIR 41 Mrs. Thelma D. Alle.i Thomas Arther Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Baer Margaret Barkley Mr. and Mrs. VN'illiam Benson Catherine Lee Bishop Esther R. Black Helen Keyser Blackiston Mr. Royce S. Bunker Robert Burke, jr. Frank IV. Carman, Jr. Marjorie Collmus Mr. and Mrs. IV. R. Coulson Tommy Danz Elizabeth T. DeHaven Mr. and Mrs. C. Ludwig Delp Mr. Harry Depue E. Foster Dowell I.Ir. and Mrs. XY. A. Elburn Genevieve Emerine Mrs. J. H. Ferber Elizabeth Gilpin Mrs. Blanche Greene IYillard T. Greene Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Gross, Sr. Sylvan Hamburger, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Harbaugh George Robert Heinz E. Heiglie Hill Mr. George M. Hirst Dorothy Holland Mrs. M. C. ,lervis E. Beatrice jones Caleb R. Kelly, Jr. Kathaleen Y. Kennedy Mrs. R. L. Keyser Mrs. L. P. Kimball Mrs. ,lulian R. LeCompte Mr. and Mrs. Howard NY. Legg Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Linzey Mr. and Mrs. Henry A, Lowry Ruth S. Lynch G. XYalton Melvin J. O'Neill Miller Mrs. Alfred B. Morton Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Mullikin afrom Alice L. Munn Virginia K. Myerly Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Osgood Mr. and Mrs. Harwood XV. Owings D. Ruth Peregoy Buddy Reindollar Le Sueur, Minnesota Mr. and Mrs. George E. Reindollar Arthur Gruber Shipley Mr. and Mrs. john B. Shock Norma S. Smallwood Irene Steele Mr. and Mrs. Jere H. Stermer Betty Steuart Mr. and Mrs. XY. H. Tapman B. Olga Timmons Mr. and Mrs. XY. H. Townshend Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Tribull Bertha M. Tribull Betty NYells Mrs. Friend Lord NYells Harriet A. XVells Mr. and Mrs. Carl P. NVeyforth M. Theresa XViedefeld XVilliam L. XVilkerson james Thomas Young Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Young Nola Hale Zaiser The Boys and Girls of Brooklyn ACME Market NO. 4036 XYILLIAMS BROS. Cross Street Market C. I.. HOLLENSHARD, JR. York Road and Burke Avenue DAVE NELSON and his ORCHESTRA TOMMY THOMPSON and his ORCHESTRA F. B. HAMMANN MUSIC STORE KAPPA DELTA PI DELTA SIGMA BETA SORORITY BETA CHAPTER XYILLIAM H. ROETH and SON AVON BOOK SHOP THE PETITE SHOPPE COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND 98 19 THE qll' REVOIR -H will Coca-Cola still be a best seller? VVill women continue to smoke cigarettes, or will they change to cigars and pipes? VVill the men use rouge and paint their fingernails? YVill they wear long hair or short hair, curly or straight? Wvill stock- ings continue to run? VVhat new syntheties will be used to dress the ladies? YVill Eve's leaves come into their own? lvhat will become of the self-service stores? Yvill there be a parking place for every automobilist? YVill house roofs he flat so that the family airplane may land safely and stay put for the night? lVill universal equality of opportunity for education be an actuality or remain a theory? Will people make mistakes in English, misspell words and add incor- rectly? If they do, will it matter? lVill anybody care? YVill everyone need to know how to read? VVill people be more trustful of their neighbors, or will they still be afraid to go out in the dark? VVill taxes he popular? VVill the President of the United States serve three terms, or four? WVill the Democrats nominate Republicans on their ticket. and will the Republicans know the difference? YVill the Maryland Legislature still he strug- gling with the marriage prohlems of the Elkton Gretna Green? YVill there be new prohibition laws on the statute books? VVill Maryland oysters be a rare delicacy and will crabs be ffor the rich only? Shall we all come back to the gymnasium at the Towson Teachers College to the games and dances and the alumni banquets? Sift the trivial from the more enduring of all these implied values. The answers must tell something of what the new kind of world will be. But the most important of all the answers are those to the question: VVhat will happen to our freedom? YVe resolve today in our determination to hold as a priceless heritage. in comparison to which nothing else matters. our right to freedom of speech, free- dom of religion, freedom of the press. freedom of assembly, and freedom to peti- tion the government. so that the "government of the people. by the people, and for the people shall not perish from the earth." 99 19 THE JI' REVOIR -H wc go wrong and that is why cducalion is of such vital ilnportancc. 'I'hc pcople who mattcr most in thc world arc the cducators. It is they who control the future --thc futurc of thc rising gc-ncration. thc ultimatc futurc of thc world." Speed thc day whcn womcn cvcrywhcrc shall havc thc same authority in the home as mcn. and whcn thc world shall rcalizc that thc mother is thc gre-atcst educator of thc child. ln thc ncxt scvcnty-iivc ycars. thc whole world is hound to realize thc importance' of thc contribution of a happy homc to the wclfarc of children. lt is going lo insurc for its childrcn happincss. adcquatc cducation. dcccnt homes, and frccdom to inakc up thcir minds. 'l'hcrc will bc an incrcasing scnsitivity to moral valurs in cducation. This ye-ar in Amcrica thc twclfth Scout law is being cmphasizcd among thc troops: "A Scout is rcvcrcnt. Hr is rcvcrcnt toward God. Hc is faithful in his religious dutics. and rcspccts thc convictions of othcrs in mat- tcrs of custom and rcligionf' This idcal is not a ncw discovcry. In the ycar 1-1-13 a Polish act containcd thcsc significant words: "Nor can that cndurc which has not its foundation upon lovc. l"or lovc alonc diminishcs not. hut shines with its own light. inakcs an cnd of discord. softcns thc fires of hate. rcstorcs pcace to the world.-aids all and injures noncf' May thc Unite-d Statcs resolutcly raisc its voicc to all thc pcoplc of the world in a cry that cannot ln- silcnccd. "All Out for Democracy!" Thus. the purest values of which wc know will hc cntrustcd to men. and moral scnsibilities will pavc thc way for a gre-at harvcst of dcmocratic living for thc world in the next seventy-tivc ycars. THE JI' REVOIR ufoqraplzs - lf? THE qll' REVOIR 41 l.,l. elzior gdeofoqy Somewhere in the stillness and silence of the past, Hidden :is carefully as the source of the Mississippi was hidden. Is the knowledge of the first day of man. And And And The The The as the laws of the universe worked. that species grew- its branches are the races of man: the branches of its branches are the classes of man: Christians. the Hindus. the Buddhists, the Mohammedansg philosophers. the poets. the doctors, the workers. the teachers. network of races and classes is interwoven Because of natural and economic and social laws. And so we few met here in this day. so distant from the first in time But so close in human nature. VVe are of various races and classes. hut we have a common ideal. XVe shall help the growth of the human speeiesg lve shall provide for its propagation and its continuity. 102 Yi-f T1 x V' K1 L . :il S V1 -f .5 B 4 i -..,,,..-. W., ,....-.....H. . , w ar The Arundel Corporation BALTIMORE, MARYLAND DREDGING - CONSTRUCTION - ENGINEERING AND - IJISTIfIIfI'TUIfS UF - SAND - GRAVEL - STONE AND COMMERCIAL SLAG When You Are Ready For BEAUTIFUL HOME FURNISHINGS -- come to - IOHN C. KNIPP 8 SONS Retail Furniture Show Rooms 3-13 NORTH UH.-XRl,l-IS ST, Compliments of HUMAN and WERKMEISTER THE LEADING FURRIERS .Ill North Charles Struct SAMUEL KIRK G SON. IIIC. -lll Xortlm Charlcf St. Gold anal Silzwr .fr'rL'f'Ir.11 Ifvrixf II'11!cI11'x liiuffx in Si11'r'r7r'nre' "America's Oldest Silversmithsu For Correct ..., RIDING TOGS or SMART SPORTSWEAR DeLUXE SADDLERY CO. 336 North Charles St. l l l l l w AVADMSXNXKXQXQXXQMXXKXQS ll.Xl-'l'IBllJRli. lfRlflJERlL'K H ,-Xl QERSTC JXYN. CUM HIZRIJXNID SrXl-lSliL'RY WHITE TOWER HAMBURGERS Imitaied-Never equalled Compliments of GEO. H. STIEBER CO. K N O X'S HOMEMADE ICE CREAM DAIRY PRODUCTS Loch Raven Blvd. 8z Taylor Ave. Towson, Md. ij ....................................................... ...................................... ... Q El U RIC E'S New SCIIOOI Lllllc Brea - Conlains Indispensable Food Elements - ALL NATURAL FOOD RICE'S BAKERY l'hm1C 'l'mx'sm1 SO " " Sl Geo. F. Anderson Motor Co. DODGE AND PLYMOUTH DODGE TRUCKS York Road and Willow Ave. Towson, Md. MURRAY'S HOMEMADE ICE CREAM Compliments of the BOULEVARD BOWLING ALLEY un-nnmnunnnunummn-ummmnunumuuun-umun-u-nm Give A Gift With A School or Lodge Seal THE IOHN TROCKENBROT CO. Nlzuiimfzicturcrs of School - Club - Lodge jewelry Banquet Favors - Trophies - See Our Display In Book Store - 310 N. Paca St. Ver. 1052 Run Right To R E A D'S For all your Drug Store Needs! . , . 50.1 Xurk Ruqul I'lmm- . . . 'lllwsim 311' Compliments of MRS. J. MASON HUNDLEY, JR. Sears Teaches Teachers Their Lessons in Thrift SEARS ROEBUCK and CO. North Avenue at Harford Road El - E No Une Ever Qutgrows The Need For MILK BACHARACH BASIN CO. ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT 14 N. Howard St. Baltimore, Mrl, Compliments of our NEW YORK ESCORT RICI-IARDSON'S DEPENDABLE SEEDS Phone or Call for Illustrated Catalogue E. Miller Richardson 61 Co. HPXAIX Light St. Baltimore, Md. Phone Plaza 8684-8685 For Recreation Come to Towson Sports BOWLING CENTER -103 York Road - Call Early for Reservations - Plwnc f Towson 073 Compliments of A FRI EN D F. W. SCI-INAUFEII 8 SON LADIES' and GENTS' FURNISHINGS Dry Goods and Gifts for All Notions Occasions Compliments of A FRIEND SEABOAIID Steel and Iron Corporation IRON and STEEL PRODUCTS STAINLESS STEEL Baltimore, Maryland Phone-South 1020 E1 .... .. EJ EJ H.In--1-In--.1I-I.mmI-m-mmmI1-I-n1uIm1H-lmInnnIInmIInm1--I-mm--mmm--f... Q MAJFSTIC STUD!OS 342 NORTH CHARLES STREET BALTIMORE MULBERRY 5621 Oi OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR THE I "l94l AU REVOIR' , PORTRAITS - WEDDINGS - GROUPS - SPECIALIZING IN SCHOOL AND COLLEGE PHOTOGRAPHY - Compliments of . . A FR f E N D E1 ' E1 mnm.-mn.muinin1--1n-11nunuInaninvuinunnuiunuunmnunumnnnnnnunnuununnunun1nunnmann-1nununununnnuunnmnunun AN EVENING OF PLEASURE ALWAYS AWAITS YOU AT ..i.i The Social Center oi Baltimore THE CHARLES ROOM JOHN F-AGER l'!4rliii1ioi'v's lvimit-rrwl Slllillvil' clulm HOWARD ROOM ziiirl :ilu-r' rlzirk rt-lull-zxwriis. Music l'fl'Cl'i'1't Marylalulldlslmf '1H"1e , . lt-sslv servcrl in an setting ot cliurni lor your fl11IIL'lllj.f plczisnrt- liy na- ' . V . K A :incl lucauty. l'nll course rliiincrs. tioiiailly lguiimis nrrliustrzif.. Nt-vcr SLN. Special hmclwunsl Sl' nr mixer. Nlinimnm, Sl: Szrturnlays THE COFFEE SHOP :mil lirwliilui' cvcs, 31.50, A A ,lust the place lor liusy lmusnicss LOUNGE AND BAR pt-olwle anrl downtown slioppt-rs. AM.kmm,lHmU1 to he Hemel Irmcl at inorlcrzite prices in . A . l1z:: t 5 ' Um! Ui UW must hmmm- ii t ism snrrouiiclings ful tlit- couii ' ix tri 1't'r. H t' r c trit-mls inet-t lAl'lk'llllS -f lu enjoy the lwst in fi v1'r1 l and rlrink, E 1 P STANLEY MAYNARD HAVING A DANCE? FLOWERS - Engage - Open evenings, Sundays, and holidays IOHN Hong-I-'S ORCHESTRA Two stores to serve you . . . 3113 si. l'ziul si. e t'iit-,wt-like sms The Latest Thmg m Swing SSI-l l,iln-rty Heights .Xu-.-l.ilmt-rty 3377 lilllllltj Ilgtmilttin 3536 Y Engineering and Designing Service WILCOX 8 ZIECLERI Inc. l Superior KLANK Steel Products Company COAL MOHUIHCHY Sf- at Gay 115 yrs. with llietricli lim-os.. Inc.J ' Ambricoal Baltimore, Md. lllll-llll Urlczins Street BI'iql1eIS 8l Wolfe 1670 Ornamental and Builders Iron FUEL OIL and Structural Steel Coal Stokers and Oil Burners VIRGFFEAM' PRICE Silverware Watches 'A' Post Graduate - State Registered l A. H. 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Suggestions in the Towson University - Tower Echoes Yearbook (Towson, MD) collection:

Towson University - Tower Echoes Yearbook (Towson, MD) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 1


Towson University - Tower Echoes Yearbook (Towson, MD) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


Towson University - Tower Echoes Yearbook (Towson, MD) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


Towson University - Tower Echoes Yearbook (Towson, MD) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Towson University - Tower Echoes Yearbook (Towson, MD) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Towson University - Tower Echoes Yearbook (Towson, MD) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


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