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.-. if ,fj, l "' ' f-,,1I"' ""' , . 4 ' f-:,-,,... l' ' 'TT7"' Liz'-f - ' L+- ii' dl' ,,, - f - - .. :Q i' '...,.ro'C"':-'nh , --" V0 5,-ffif' "QL-.-1' -----113 V' If 'Ji !:""H -'?' 1 l'?f 'V f. if ,"ff1L'l?'f -1 .sf -1 21' - 1-- ,-1--' f V 1:7 " 27",-'Z' ' 4 '-::il?' , -' ' ' -f' - fb , f:,1: 4',, -3 if-"' T " ij" i -,, 1--" ,f-"4-ff A Z- I -iwhfr ld, Q xappf l lv. f :.- f?f -'-" 2 , ..- .Q f. ,if ,Q-"A Z bv""' "P" I ,.,f-f r J 'HUJJN-J xxxx X x . Xxxx ' X N 5 an:'Ji"-'L-I-J-Y If N 1 Y P 2 1 -1.-gulf il .2 'x , "wx 'i k 'Yr X - If N X' 4' x f ,M N l yn x 'J i,, 4. fx' n..1', f. .Q A .5 9' ' ax: 'J N ag, . Al. QT i 4 . -, ., xv - 'a'."f,g f K I 1 "- -vi .. '-' , J "f ' 45 " "m - .' - . 1-11 x.'.- .f ' ug' . ..4'... 'S 'L 7U'1 .o...,p ,J - 7. 4 . ,W Jn T Ve, N ,.:f.,' "BYE 1 U i u I mmm ' .n.v.nnn-nunnuz-ra - munuunnnun uvuiannnmnannmnn I U r r E I l l Fu .121SJk1hSHH.9 Hm2HH 4 sau um ,fg W- f- N-- ' ,LL Qxif' 5 MZ? COPYRIGHT V Myer Tru pp Edi+h LiHle Edifors Jesse N. Nicodemus Business Manager CRYSTAL 1931 I 0 Published by The Senior Class of Maryland State Normal School Towson, Maryland Illini.- l 511-ffy l. A Q. ,, W., . -1' , 7f'1""" . 53 fx: o: lk?-Jl DEDICATIOINI V To her who from a weallh of love Deali' us 'rhe greafer perl, To her whose memory is enshrined ln every Senior's hearr. To her whose honor sei' +he pace, Whose ideals lil lhe fires Thai' burned upon The alfars Where we soughf To kindle ours. To her who, busy as we knew Could ye? find Time 'ro play, And ioin in fun 'mosf any Time Or help us, loo, each day. To her whom we have chosen To be our friend and guide We leave 'rhis parrinq message Of a love fhal shall abide. !lflLj:,4.4':. 11.1. 1463.15-I if Y' 'An ig? 1 i"'l "?. 90 XEI' ' '.h'f1r'f-Aj? A s, -A9 L5 4' 'f A '., ai' f . LJ 1 -14 Q, 4 Y 'jLj,i,. l,'. .fun V' "I' ,I I' .T I Img If -.a . ,-lu, f, , .- gglil' as 1' -I ll ' 'X I' .J P. "if'.1s,.,,QI n' I' " : Y x ,,'?'l .' -,T-vb '. a "'v.! 'VU ' u I vu, ' ", bv.. li S .X ' 'WJ'-fl 1 N I t 'yr QIAA1 A r .aIA'--wvfp ' M5 jh 'H' I L r ...V ' ' ,qfi 4"'f CGNTENTS N CAMPUS v FACULTY v SENIORS v JUNIORS v ACTIVITIES v ADVERTISEMENTS LIDA LEE TALL l 4 l l l l i l l l RGBCDTS OR MASTERS N I799 when Washington died at his home, Mt. Vernon, industries incidental to the lite on his estate were carried on much as they had been by the workers in Ancient Greece-weaving. curing of meats. building, farming. A factory tor weaving cloth had been established ten years betore at Pawtucket. Rhode Island, the machinery tor which was brought over from England. Washington lived untouched by this great event. lt was to take titty-nay, one hundred-years tor the Age ot Big Business to grow into full being with a new and entirely ditterent civilization at its teet. ln the early days ot Persian civilization, when Alexander ot Greece thought Persia sufficiently important to conquer, we are told that a Persian youth went to school with detinite objectives tor his education-Ill to ride a horse. f2l to throw a spear. l3l to speak the truth. Such a nationalistic aim tor its schools had made Persia strong and great. and Darius a world conqueror. What, in the tremendous machine age in which we live. should be our objectives tor a youth's education that he may tit into the existing order of things? Ill Education tor leisure time. The machine gives man the opportunity to be idle. Idle hours should mean reading good books, enjoying fine music and art, taking real pleasure in lite in the open, having scientific hobbies-indeed. constant experi- menting tor new discoveries. 121 Continuing one's adult education. Dorothy Cantield Fisher in a most dynamic speech, called "Learn or Perish", recently pictured how easily, in our civilization, men may die "at the top" unless they keep abreast with the preponderance ot knowledge available today. merely tor the reaching and making it their own. Q31 Learning to think the truth. Today as never before should our knowledge be profound and our opinions and judgments logically and soundly expressed. lt is not enough, that personal and intellectual treedom such as the world has never known can give us opportunity tor independent iudgment-in addition-we must make depend- able, independent conclusions upon the many and varied questions we are called upon to consider and live by. 14, Learning to be leaders. The great paradox in modern America is the individualization program in our schools which allows children to be studied individually tor their achievement and treated diagnostically tor their deficiencies. but also stresses group work and leadership. What type ot leaders shall we be-racketeers, or seers: master teachers, or thinkers? This robot age must not enslave us: it is leaving all men treer to become the masters ot machines. Agrarian civilization has passed. Can we live up to this stupendous industrial era or will it crush us? LIDA LEE TALL Nine 14633-1 FQREWCPD T-TE ninefeen Thirfyfone senior class annual of The Maryland STaTe Normal School is noT a mere "family album." The pasT Two years have been a period of unfolding of our laTenT powers. We hope To "crysTallize" wifhin These pages The growTh of The class during a Too shorT exposure To The manifold cornplexifies of The educaTive process. The complexiTies of our adiusTmenTs are buf a phase of The force which has puT iTs sTamp upon all life acTiviTies. Our Theme is The challenge of The Machine Age To modern life. We, as Teachers, musT meeT ThaT challenge by arousing a spiriT of' inTelligenT confrol in The children who come under our influence. We believe ThaT sTrengTh and joy will come To us iusT in The proporTion ThaT we devoTe ourselves To The physical, menTal, and emoTional welfare of The children we shall Teach. Our class moTTo "Gladly wolde we lerne, gladly Teche" is one way of expressing our underlying Theme. We dedicaTe ourselves To The challenge. always resolving To seek The TruTh and To face facfs unflinchingly, and always recognizing Thai' we are in confrol of vasT and glorious forces. -V -- iw.. ..............-...--.-....,-num Q AN APPIQECIATIQN S Edifors oi lhe i933 CRYSTAL we rurn over lo you your yearbools. We also 'rurn over fhe opporrunify for a iusf and honesr criricism which for our own salxes we hope you remper wifh mercy. I+ would have been impossible To have published fhis issue wifhouf rhe co-operafion ol our sraii, and +ha+ of many persons whose disinferesfed en+husiasm has made fhe underfalcing a real pleasure. Among 'rhese if is filling io give credii To Miss Lida Lee Tall for an inspiring message, 'ro Miss Munn of rhe English Deparfmenr for crificism and inspiring leadership, lo Miss Crabfree for a greal deal ol encouragernenf which made us feel we could move mounrains, +o Paul Yaflee for his arf falenls which he gave so freely and graciously? +o Paul Fader for fhe use of his pic+urest lo Eliza- befh Hai-'rie for making us feel rhe class was behind us, To rhe eniire fyping siaff for a labor wilhouf which we could noi have proceeded, 'ro Those occasional persons who dropped in wi+h a helpful suggesfion or a word of cheer and 'ro rhe enfire srudenl' body for leriing us work on i+s book. THE EDITGRS ffggllw I R. THE ADMINISTRATION BUILDING n n 's RY' 8 F 4 in 3 OUR WILLGW -1 1 X1 wa -fn ' L ff! -' ffl Y 1 I - 1 .Riga A CAMPUS ROAD PRINCIPAIQS RESIDENCE - ... 5 1...........,..m.m. ....mmN.-uyfmumm-mrmnmfwuwmlrllsivf-aw: N- x Afi iz -235 THE GLEN I Fcxczuliq X CONTROLS w . I S 1 I 1 A 1 I I I W N W r FACULTY Lida Lee Tall Aniia S. Dowell Principal Assislanl lo Principal Agnes Snyder E. Curl' Wal+l1er Head of Deparlmenl of Head of Deparfmenlr of Eclucalion Professional Subiecl Maller Ar'l' Pauline Dunlavy Marie Neunsinger Direclors of Praclice Hazel E. Woodward Irene M. Sfeele S'l'ella E. Brown Supervisors oi Praclice Pauline Rufledge Alvina Treul' Educalional Measurernenls Mary Clarice Bersch Cafherine N. Cool: Helen C. Sfaplefon E. Curl' Walfher Ani+a S. Dowell Elemenlary Science Minnie V. Medwedeff English Alice L. Munn Hazel L. Jones Geography Pearl Blood Heallh Eclucalion Louesa J. Keys Janef Kellico'H Eunice K. Crablree Harrie? A. Bader Dr. Anna Abercrombie l-lislory Lena C. Van Bibber Harriei' A. Bader Helen lrene Cowan Library Mary L. Osborn Lene'Ha Garre'H' Merle Yoder Furn S+i+zel Ger+rude Holi' Malhemalics Mary Hudson Scarborough Eleanor V. OrcuH' Music Emma E. Weyforlh Elma Priclce++ Hazel MacDonald Louise H. Schroeder Physical Educalion Elma D6"li9lS Mary E. Roach Donald Minnegan Hislory and Principles oi Eclucaiion Agnes Snyder Psychology Nellie W. Birdsong Mary Clarice Bersch Twenly-lwo Dorolhy Durling Mary A. Grogan Elsa Fay Giles Zelma G. Thompson Ellen Slack Griffilhs Marjorie G. Bowerman Eleanor R. Shank Virginia Wafls Sarah M. Reese Emma N. Sefh Mary Hipsley FACULTY vi uw Eli-vvwrwlav. Qi,'i.,i.,l Tar, lrene M. Sfeele Principal Cafherine N. Cook Tesla and Meawremenlz Heighe E. Hill Ellen M. Logan Olive Owens Helen Buflerfield Shipley Dahlgren B. Dunn, Socrelargg Cily Praclice Teachers Doris McAlisl'er Mary J. Lilly Sage Marie E. Wallace Margarel Bond Sarah F. McGinify Carlyn Mezger Edirh V. Walker Counly Praclice Teachers Gerfrude E. Buckley Margarel' Canavan Briflon Anna G. Logan Mildred L. Buckley Helen A. Muller Evelyn Minnich Marguerife Norfolk Elsie Amoss Adda L. Gilberl Gerlrude Carley Rulh C. Sperry Mary E. Diefenderfer T-.enly-Three Ru+h M. Guylon Kalherine Logan Elizabelh Whayland Marguerire Hobbs Counly Junior Parlicipalion Teachers Margarel G. Ruby Adrninislralive Ohfices Principal's Ollice Charlorle Russell Book Shop Manager Henriella Merryman Regisirar's Ollice Elhel Harlley Van Horn Calherine Rawlings Dormilory Slail Dr. Anna Abercrombie Lenna Gross Rulh Held Secrelary Rose Lee Wheeler Posioilice I Marguerile C. Dougherly Elsie Rulh Arlhur Harold E. Moser Viola S. Lamm Ru+h Richards Elizabelh A. Slorm Helen Hermon Wilhelmina Holrschnesder Margarel D. McLain Goldie Schimmel Marfie Hipsley Mary Tinley Rulh Perry Mary Culberlson Anna Lamber+ Bessie Kelly Jane Rogers Dorofhy Harlley Agnes DeBaugh Lucy Bofeler ALMA MATEIQ Alma Maier, Alma Maier, We will ever laifhlul bet In our hearls Thy beaufy lingers, Though we've gone from fhee. Chorus: Now 'rhy praises we are chanling, Now our voices rise in Tune: Sing lhy beauly, Alma Maier, And our love so True. Sparkling in The morning brighlness, Rosy in lhe sunsef lighl, Sfalely rising on Jrhe hillfop, Ever our delighl. Twenfy-four Tl-IE FLIGHT NE wonders and searches for The Theme of modern Times as indicafed by: The power of The riveTing machines used in The erecTion of The Empire STaTe Building, New Yorlc Cifyf The complexify of The eleven Tube superheTrodyne radio: The inTri- cacy and beaufy of Rockwell KenT's illusTraTions7 The syncosilenT mechanism of The free-wheeling auTomobiles: The sTrengTh and deli- cacy of Roberf FrosT's poefry: The scienTific researches for The beTTer- menT of healfh, educafion, and common welfare of humaniTy: and The speeding of The aeroplanes Through The slcy. Perhaps if one word were used To express These Things iT would be. ConTrol. ln The language of flying you of The graduaTing class can be compared To piloTs of aircrafT. For Two years you have been sTudy- ing The mechanics of your crafT and building up your philosophy of flying. You have ThoughT-- fully experimenTed wiTh The Techniques of handling: you have learned The use of insTrumenTs To TesT and To direcT: you have waTched The experienced piloTs: you have flown wiTh Them and even once you Tried iT yourself wiTh your piloT near you. IT was Then ThaT you felT The elaTion of flying, and you lcnew The power of being in conTrol. The Triumphs of modern life demonsfrafe man's conTrol of him- self and his environmenT: The failures poinT To his lack of conTrol over These. A greaT parT of The Teaching you can do will be in so con- Trolling yourself as To be an inspirafion To your children, and in so confrolling possible siTuaTions ThaT you and The children may have a chance To grow. To you l give This message-leT inTelligenT conTrol be your guide. I wish you a mosT successful flighT and "happy landings." EUNICE K. CRABTREE Twenfy five LEARNING TCD FLY AviaTOrs . . . Teachers Learning TO Tly . . . Learning To Teach l-TESE Two exTremes apparenTly so diTTerenT in many respecTs are sTarTlingly alilce. Two years ago, such a very shorT Time, we enTered Normal School nOT wholly aware OT The respOnsibiliTy which lay beTOre us, buT wiTh a common purpose in mind, TO learn To Teach. Thus our class mOTTO "Gladly Wolde We Lerne, Gladly Teche." The apprenTiceship in The Tield has been shorT, buT Tull OT experiences. ATTer Our inTrOducTion inTo The Tield OT aviaTiOn llnTrOducTion TO Teachingl each OT us sTarTed OuT on an advenTure in a biplane fprimary and inTermediaTe parTiqipaTiOnl TearTul OT whaT mighT happen, yeT each earnesT in his eTTOrTs To learn, under The guidance OT Those more skilled in The arT. We learned many Things and were con- TrOnTed wiTh many problems, The major one being ThaT OT acTual Teaching. ATTer several monThs OT learning The machinery and how To handle The conTrOls, we Tinally became conscious ThaT we were seniors: ThaT each OT us musT prepare Tor anoTher TlighT lsTudenT Teachingl. This Time we conTempIaTed a longer TlighT, in a monoplane OT Our own choice. We experienced many Tailspins, loop The loops, rapid ascenTs and rapid descenTs in preparaTion Tor Thrilling hops lour indiivdual daysl. lT is hard To realize ThaT Our Trial TlighTs are Over. Gladly have we learned, buT we know ThaT we have only dipped inTo The profession which we are abOuT TO enTer. We leave wiTh Our common purpose "TO Teche." We, wiTh our Training, shorT as iT has seemed, shall be The guides Tor The coming generaTiOn. We are TO plan wiTh Them Tor The enrichmenT OT liTe, noT only Today, buT also Tomorrow. ln OTher words, iT will be our aim TO make The schoolroom a parT OT The world where children will work, assume responsibiliTy, play, and cooperaTe wiTh Their classmaTes in The same way ThaT They will carry on These acTiviTies in liTe. WhaT a respOnsibiliTy! Are we wOrThy? We all have ideals which have been deTermined by our experiences. Shall we be able TO say in years TO come ThaT Our success was due in parT To living up TO ideals which we seT Tor ourselves while aT Normal School? ATTer sharing The hangars TogeTher TO' Two years, The Time has come Tor each small craTT TO sTarT OuT on iTs own real TlighT. May The Triendships we have Tormed be liTelOng Ones, and may we as a class succeed in upholding The sTandards OT The school. l have enioyed working wiTh you and wish TO Thank you Tor your help, wiThouT which we could nOT have been successTul in Our underTaking. To our Tellow appren- Tices, The members OT The classes OT I93O and l932, we express Our appreciaTion Tor The happiness which Their company has given us during Our TlighT. To our numerous piloTs lour Teachersl who have guided us cOnsTanTly, we Owe our safe arrival aT our TirsT desTinaTiOn,-graduaTion. Q JusT as a school wiThouT Teachers To guide iTs children, would be OT li++Ie value and almosT cerTain To Tail, so would The underTakings OT The class OT l93l, wiThouT menTion OT our "Ace and PilOT" Miss Eunice CrabTree, who has been a mosT able, wise and invaluable adviser. May l express wiTh The class my appreciaTion Tor her kindness, help, and unTiring eTTOrTs in making our Normal days successTul. lT is wiTh regreT ThaT we parT, buT wherever we land may we keep The spiriT OT advenTure and Take hold OT The new "cOnTrOls" Then waiT Tor The signal "cOnTacT"! TwenTy-six , - fi' xx 'X 1. XX 1 X5 Aikg9"'xfP XXX f i X XX fx i f , , g X jx X : X . ,fig :, X K A 'V W! QR ff X is V 4' f ' ff' f iff f2 Mc if Q S M Y X -fm fy Xlff' ' XiffSQ9f9N if ff! v x f f xkzs f ff AE XXFRQX' V! NX 'N . XXx X r D1 ' 6DLO1'1f CLASS SONG The lorch of high ideals You've placed in our hands, Will lighl us a palhway O'er lile's shilling sands. To you lhirly-one and Dear Normal 'ro you Our hearls and our lhoughls will Forever be lrue. Chorus: Our banner, dear classmales, Ah, see if is blowing A message of courage To urge us afar. Ils colors above us, Ils symbols before us, ll' bids us loolc lo lrulh and love- Our guiding slar. The ideals, dear Normal, We galher lrom lhee, The beauly you leach us Unfailing shall be. Wilh youlh lor our armor And courage our shield, We'll lighl all lile's ballles, Refusing lo yield. lBells of S+. Mary'sl Twenfy-eighl M19 l SENIORS S E N I O R S .l..,-- lil. A. Elizabeth Harlie II6 N, Luggfrnfi- A'.i-'wue .Y President iz' Senior Clan. Cvl-Q-1' U Club, l 75 I Twila R. Brofemarlcle H Qld?-Ln.-fn R-Laill, Cunnlsii-rlfmfi Vngopresidenl ol Senior Clyg, Ii. W. C. A. and Chair. Efhel Baer X .K I g, ISS! N. Fullon Avenue V U Secrefary of Senior Class, Sec- fion Chairman. Doro+hy Louisa Ehlers Towson, Maryland H Treasurer of Senior Class, Sec- tion Chairnnan, Baslelball, Vol- lej, Ball. Marcella Dean G 6 Bayship Road, Dundalk V' 'lr K, Social Chairman of Senior Class, Glee Club, League of Young Vo+ers, l-liking, l-locley. Secfion Chairman. l Margaref Anne De HOFF 4200 Roland Avenue Vice-Social Chairman ol Senior Class. Glee Club. SENIORS Jean Crosby Abrams Norlh Easl, Cecil Counly Orclneslra, Rural Club, League of Young Volers. li Margarei E. Adams 3009 Easlern Avenue Hockey, Baslnelball, Volley, Glee Club. li Sarah Elizabefh Akehursf X A 2 4 Playlield Slreel, Dundallc, Md. Presidenl of Boarding Sludenl Council, Rural Club, l-liking Club. II Margarel Cecilia Allen Coclreysville, Maryland xx Marguerife Angerman X A E 2820 Kennedy Avenue Mummers' League, Day Sludenl Council, Member al Large. ygeyylq as A . ,l , Q M yr. W- n R . " 'OO -I - OOC. Q2 Q fu V Hur SENIORS Evelyn Pearl Anrhony Sfill Pond, Maryland ID Grace Edna Armsfrong 4505 While Avenue, Ballimore l-lilcing Club, Mummers' League. ax Ida R. Ashman 20I0 Presslrnan Sl., Ballimore Day Sludenl Council Officer, League of Young Vofers. GD Anne Edwards Bagwell I643 W. Norlh Ave., Balfimore Day Sludenl Council, Ollficer League of Young Vofers. Gi Elizabe+h Beall Banks Rockville, Monlgomery Counfy Y. W. C. A. -iii? SENIORS Virginia Barclay 34Ol Odl,lield Ave., BdliilW1OfC Leaque of Young Volers. xr Ralph Bargfeil 2790 W. Norfh Ave., Baltimore Mumnners' League, Glee Club. .gp LoreHa Veronica Beere 128 Soufh Broadway, Balfimore Secfion Chairman, Tennis, If Calherine Rebekah Bilbrough Greensboro, Maryland Arr Club. Y. W. C. A. .1 I. Miriam Blanchard I422 Covingfon S+., Balfimore Glee Club. , - f F 9 I Sv x f u.f.a 5 G 4. Fun Q' ff' 3 1u-1.- ' ' 1 ' s- bf le fx ? Q0 f' 1 X L , ,f -ah. N S E N l O R S Mary Phyllis Blurnberg Y X Y Bfillimfrffr il. Bfilfimfiri- Mummc-ra' L 0 ri q u 0. Cr,-,Ml Slali, Honor Syzlem Commil lee, League ol Young Valera. ll Ru+h A. Bohannan 3OI2 Weaver five., Ballimore Il Dorofhy Lucille Bollinger 6l5 Dunlcirlc Road, Anneslie Glee Club. Orch:-3s+ra, Sechon Chairman. I5 Ru+h Elizabeih Boone SI6 Dunkirk Road, Anneslie Presiden+ of Glee Club, Swim- ming, Secfion Chairman. rl In Cafherine Fossel Bor+ner Whi+e Hall, Maryland Cr-ysial Slahf. SENIORS Ediih Eleanor Borfner I5 l-lilllop Road, Towson Hockey, Baslcelball, Voley, l-lilo mg. If HenrieHa Lloyd Boyce Cenlreville, Queen Anne's Couniy Presidenr of Campfire, Y. W C. A., Rural Club. If Lina Revelle Brice ZOIO Linden Ave., Ballimore l-lilcing, Swimming Club. xi Elise M. Broclcman 2720 Jefferson Sf., Balfimore l-lilcing Club. 11 Esrher Frances Brokamp Linthicum Heighrs, Maryland Vice-Presidenf of Glee Club. 5 ' ,Z , i 5' 1 11 :WH-SPJW, ,.., .. . - I g? . '- w. K 4- , tr S X I ' ll , 'R ,ff .l ., .- q -.,. . fa? ...A 1 ,iam Q ii R? X, D SENIORS Irvin Randolph Brose 29 Souih Polomac S+., Balfimore Tower Light Baslcelball, Ten- nis, Soccer, Baseball, Glee Club. Ii Annilea Harfle Browne l34 Easr Ave., l-laqersfown Vice-Presidenr of Rural Club, Glee Club. -11 Ii- Slarer W. Bryanf, Jr. Ellcridqe, Maryland Presidenl of Rural Club, Soccer, Orchesrra. II Anne Arundel Burdefre XA?- Gambrills, Maryland Coardinq Srudenf Council Offi- cer, Glee Club, Orchesfra. If William Burgee Monrovia, Maryland lfaseball, Rural Club. ,,i? - SENICRS Jean Burke 520 Park Ave., Towson Swimming Club, l'-liking, Ten nis. ll Rupilw Bur+on Glenarm, Maryland Baseball, Volley Ball, Swimming, is Sarah Elizabefh Builxe Ellicoil Cily, Howard Couniy League of Young Volers, Glee Club. "Crys+al" Sfaff. Il Mary Elizabefli Bufler Cenfreville. Queen Annes Couniy Secrelary of l-lealfh Officers. xr Marie Louise Buhler I6I6 N. Wasliingfon Sf., Bal+imore Day Sfudenf Council, Member a+ Large, Glee Club, League of Young Vofers, Forum Club. lf 'A x s X hh-. JJ! A 'Tx ,, ...X . . If H ri - in Y -. 1, , . F . . Q.. .24 N v c Q' Q G' 5- ' Q' 2 i I .' I ' ., 'Q' ' .. nm '. . -f 'sr ignf I, ':J.'1,i.,,.ggi' - .-.A - ,ss .4 x .i Ax 1850 SENIORS Joseplwine R. Byers l'l+fjQOfQl0x.'Jf1, l'.fli5r,lfgf'7"1 Qrgglion Clmirman, if, VJ, C, A Y W C A Choir iimfif, A. A. ll Evelyn Byrd 3317 Alto Road, Ballimore Presidenl of League of Young Vofers. I , Hammond Dawson Canlwell 305 Byrne S+., Cambridge, Md. Business Manager Tower light, Glee Club, Honor Commiffee. Rural Club. I7 Ruby M. Carico While l-lall, Maryland League of Young Vo+ers, Hilm- ing Club. Y. W. C. A. ll Morris A. Carliner ISO7 Monroe S+., Balfimore Tennis Team, Execufive Com- nni++ee, l-lonor Commi++ee. SENIORS Ca+herine Celes+ine Carroll 2830 E. Balfirnore S+., Ballimore League of Young Volers, Sec- lion Chairman. .gp C. Gerfrude Carion SOI7 Denmore Avenue Ballimore Chairman Res? Room Commil- lee, Glee Club. If Rose Lily Chailcen 53l N. Washinglon Sl. Ballimore Forum Club, League of Young Volers, Glee Club, lvlummers' League. Ki Rose Cohen 35OI Woodbroolce Ave. Balfimore Mummers' League, League ol Young Volers. .Q Du Sidney Cohen 4993 Denmore Ave. Ballimore Glee Club, Mummers' League, Tennis Team, Basliefloall. dl? ' 1 fxzlil I4 ,aa Ii Q3 ia. f ' 3 3 6 tv- . N. s Er . I: ' l 'E -65- 5, A is ""- LiiE'1"i9E'- ng- I F A I .7 D. Ji' 'rt' SENIORS Mabel N. Comegys Millinglon, Kenl Counly l-liking, Volley Ball, Y. W. C A., Swimming, League of Young Volers. -KI' Be++y Conlon 4l2 Frederick S+., l-lanover, Pa. Seclion OFficer, League of Young Volers, Glee Club. -cr xl- Paul D. Cooper New Freedom, Pa. Vice-Presidenlr ol Junior Class, Marshal, Soccer, Rural Club, Ari Club. .gy Clara Virginia Cox Parldon, Maryland I-liking, League of Young Vof- ers, Y. W. C. A. II Berfha Crane 30 I O Winfield Ave. Ballimore Murnmers' League. 3-1?-.-7 S E N l O R S Maihilda Croll Fcdcralaburq, Mari, land Gln-e Club. Y. W. C. A., Hook eg, Sccfion Chairman. ll Emily M. Cullen Crislield, Maryland Y .W. C. A. Ii Mary Louise Cusick For? Foole, Maryland Secrefary of Rural Club. lf David O. Davidson 4I3O Pimlico Road, Balfimore Baslcefball, Secfion Chairman. II Edi+l1 Morselle Davis Wilna, Maryland Rural Club, l-liking, Y. W. C. A., Baslcefball, Hockey. 4, - -xl if If-Bladder .121 fd N 1, 1h'l.'. ' r 7 . ,D-41 , f 5 6 tm yy :bd Nz ,, . ,f raw: .1 6- 0- "iv , N Q, . 5 vi ii' i S E N l O R S Margarel Elizabefln Davis Arwrmignli, l.f ,r,l mi lliliriq Club. KJ Mary Ca'l'l1erine Davis I2 Townslwip Road, Dundall l".f1arsl'1al, l-lilcing Club, Seclion Chairman. K! Anna E. Diering II E. Lanvale S+., Bal+imore Orcheslra, League of Young Vofers. ll Madeline M. Diffendall 602 Sunsef Ave., l-laqersiown Presidenl of "Daubers," "Cry- s'ral" Slail. is Ella Elizabefh Dorsey Woodbine, Maryland Y. W. C. A. SENIORS Sarah Cafherine Dowell Bradshaw, Ballimore Counly League of Young Volers. mx Mary Priscilla Emmericlc Wesl River, Anne Arundel Counly Vice-Pre-sidenl of Boarding Srue denr Council, Y. W. C. A., League of Young Volers. II Rena JeaneH'e Efelson 2338 Pennsylvania Ave., Ballimore Chairman of Secfion, Chairmen, Mummers' L e a g u e, l-lonor Commiflee. li Mildred Euzen+ Moun+ Airy, Maryland Glee Club, League ol Young Volers, Y. W. C. A. I5 Nannie By+ha Evans Bel Air, Maryland Glee Club. Rural Club, Volley Ball. SENIORS Thomas Howard Evans l2O Willis S+., Cambridge Treasurer of Junior Class, Slu- denf Council Officer, Arr Club, Rural Club, Soccer. Baseball. KI Mildred Grace Fiedler 59I5 Greenhill Ave., Ballimore Secrelary of Marshals, l-liking, Swimming Club, Seclion Chair- man. li Mary Calherine Fisher Rockville, Maryland Boarding S Jr u d e n +I Council l-louse Presideni of Newell Hall, Seciion Officer, Rural Club. K1 L. Morgan Fifzell Sparrows Poinl, Ballimore Counly Boarding Sfudenl Council Rep- resenlalive, Arr Club, Soccer, Baseball, Rural Club, Secfion Chairman. If Margarel' Wade Ford 208 S. Somersef Ave., Crislield Glee Club, Y. W. C. A. SENIORS Dorofhy Frank ldeceasedl A. A. Board. l-liking. ll NeHie Clarke Freeman Gaithersburg, Maryland Vice-Presidenf of Y. W. C. A., Rural Club. League of Young Voters. li E. Doroihy French Rurnbley, Somersef Counly, Maryland Y. W. C. A. K1 Thelma B. Fries lO3 Overlea Ave., Overlea Presidenf of A. A., Glee Club Y. W. C. A., l-liking, Hockey Baslcefball, Secfion Chairman. I! Vivian Gambrell 300 Highland Ave. Balfimore .-1 ,v '4-, . .fx-v 'i '. i 4-,, 64 5- C 'F' i l ' A Q 5- iw X- 1 ., I vi. 1' ,fi v S E N l O R S Mary Lenore Garner glfl'l0Cl l.i.yr'l1' l ll Leona May Gaver Mounl Airy, l-low-lard Counl, Treasurer ol Campfire Girli, Y W. C. A. -lj. Ida Rae Gerber l536 N. Payson Sl. League of Young Volers. ll Roberia Lois Givens IO E. Second S+., Pocornolne City, Maryland Y. W. C. A. ll 5. N, Margarel Mary Gorman , , 322 N. Paca S+. Campfire, l-liking, League of Young Vofers, Marshal, "Cry s+al" Siaff. ,f me fx . , Aff' ,W i 2,1 s E N i o R s Howard M. Gross Sfemmens Run, Balfimore Counfy Baseball, Ari Club. xx Kafhryn Maisie Gwynn 'vi 32lO Tyndale Ave., Balfimore RC' Marshal, Glee Club, League ol Young Vofers. Ii Frances B. L. Hall Tracey's Landing, Anne Arundel Counfy Y. W. C. A., Rural Club. xx Roberl' E. Hambury Parkville, Maryland Soccer, Baseball, Rural Club, Glee Club, Mummers' League. ll Mary Eugenia Hardy Silver Spring, Maryland SENIORS Maynard S. Harper Frederick, Maryland, R. F. D No.3 Soccer, Baseball, Orclwesfra Rural Club. Ki :Joseph Harris 4625 Reisfersrown Road, Ballimore Glee Club. If Mary E. Harris Snow Hill, Maryland Y. W. C. A. U Y Mae,Elizabe'il1 Harrison Whileiord, Maryland Glee Club, Hiking, Volley Ball I1 Marian Grani' Haugh Chase, Maryland iz. - - 1w?,f1 V '. senuo RS ,luqjiwg Alice Eslelle Healy u ga Gl-yndon, Maryland N X Boarding Sfudent Council, GI--u tg ' I Club. Hockey. 5- If H ll WB- Q Ann Heilman I Yorkshire Square. Dundalk Glee Club, l-liking, Hockey. 'i'.,.,.',v? K I ' Kaflwryn Henderson 5' 2000 E. Blsl S+., Balrimore , Tower Lighl, Circulafion Man , .- - f i OJ . Evelyn Ruin Hessenaur 1 l702 Lakeside Ave. ."' Ballirnore B5-C' ' ' sb 1 ' Jacob Himelfarb en ii , 4I5 S+. Paul S+., Ballirnore 1 Q . 4 Baslcelball. l j 1 i 1 . 1 SENIORS Rebecca Elizabelh Hileslwew 207 E. Second Sf., Fredericl Glee Club, League ol Young Vofers, l-lilring, Secrelar-,I ol A. A. ll Mary Margarel' Holler Loreley, Maryland Hiking. II Mildred Honigman lvlounl Holly, Norlh Carolina Murnrners' League. I! Marie Anloinelle Hoslwall Parlclon, Maryland League of Young Volers. n Sadie Hunler I92I Jefferson S+., Ballimore lower Liglwl Slall. ,ffgdq , A V'-V W I ! i S E N ' O R S Paul S. Hyde Middleburg, Maryland h N Augusl Winfield Jansen 4l9 S. Clinlon Sl., Ballirnore Soccer, Baslcelball, Tennis. Il fu- Sherwood, Maryland -X' fx Qrcheslra, . Virginia McKee Jarlnoe ' 'CF' L ll Kafharine Roberla Johnson Dover, Delaware ' l-lilfing Club. cm s K Dorolhy M. Jones , Fawn Grove, Pennsylvania Qlee Club, Rural Club. X SENIORS William Paul Jones Wingale, Dorchesler Counly Glee Club, Chief Fire Marshal, Rural Club. li Merrill B. Kalb l223 S. Carey Sl., Ballimore Ii Reuben Kah I48 N. Broadway. Ballimore Mumrners' League, Glee Club. Il Hazel Kennedy Nollingham, Cecil Counly, Pa Rural Club, Y. W. C. A., Hik- ing, Volley Ball, l-loclcey. xx Marguerile Kerr Whilelord, l-larlord Counly Glee Club, Murnrners' League l-lilcing. SENIORS Mary E. King IQU4 Park Avo.. Balllmiiri- League of Young Vere-rs. lwlnr shal, Secfion Qflicer, Hlllfwq. KI Nafalie King 3407 Fairview Ave., Balfimore Secfion Chairman. Il Norris A. King Parlcville, Maryland Glee Club, Secfion Chairman. ll Ora H. King Clarksburg, Monfqomery Counly Glee Club. ll Miriam Kirby Chesferfown, Maryland League of Young Vofers, l-lik ing Club. SENIORS Esfher F. La pidus I623 E. Ballirnore Sl., Ballimore ll Minnie Lapin 2509 Loyola Soulhway, Ballimore Tower Lighl Slall, lvlunnmers' League, Glee Club, League ol Young Volers. Ki Elhel Lillian Lawrence l208 E. Norlh Ave., Ballimore ll Kalherine Marshall Leonard Trappe, Maryland Y. W. C. A., Rural Club. xx Rosalie Lephardl 2539 E. Monumenl Sl., Ballimore Tower Lighl Slall, l-lilcing Club, Y. W. C. A. i lxl 1 2 Six rg l l .I'ch.1L: f. y- , I 4 A ez 1, ft" 'ab GR Q 1.4y.x!, N!!-"' ' is Ui T 4 N ar A u, J ,F .Z 'ml f. .13 -3 1' 49 ., Q -5 Q- 2.11 ' 'fi it ' "F ., L ,Ln .J N -. .IA 1 lxv 4' 1 w qliau SENIORS Helen R. Levy IO74 Granby Ave., Ballimore Glee Club. 11 Annada Frazier Lilley Calonsville, Maryland Glee Club, Orcheslra, Chair- man of Richmond l-lall Library. .rg 9. Beafrice Ida Lingg Emmilsburg, Frederick Counly Hiking Club. qi. Morlon Lipsifz 2309 Callow Ave., Ballimore Baslcelball, Tennis Team Man- ager, Glee Club. -xx- Edilh H. Lillle l8Ol Harlem Ave., Ballimore Secrelary of Junior Class, Sec- 'rion Chairman, League ol Young Volers, Glee Club, As- sociale Edilor of "Cryslal." s E N I o R s 5 in Anna LiHman 300l W. Lanvalc- S+., Balfimor . 6 Glee Club, League of Womerw Volers, lvlummers' League. KD Mary E. Logan 807 Salem Ave.. l-lagerslown. Maryland Y. W. C. A., Glee Club. ri Clara May Long Reisferslown, Maryland Hiking, l-loclcey, Volley Ball, Campfire, Y. W. C. A. ll Sylvia Weinman Ludwig l7l2 Thomas Ave., Ballimore League of Young Volers, Forum Club. ll Vida S. Ludwig l80l Virginia Ave., l-lagerslown Tower Lighf Slaff. Glee Club, Rural Club, l-liking. SENIORS Dora M. Magalma Fredoricl, Marfland Gffacaf ol Y. W. C. A., L ol Young Volers. ll Georgia M. Manlove Cecilfon, Cecil Counl, Campfire Girls. Cl Emma M. Marquelfe 803 Venable Ave., Ballimore League ol Young Volers, Tower Lighl Slall. CD H. Jane Marlin 550 Highland Ave., l-lagerslown Y. W. C. A. K1 Maclelyn Bowen Marvel Henderson, Queen Annes Counly Y. W. C. A. SENIORS Emily M. Mason Hancock, Maryland lreasurer of Glee Club. ll Lillian E. Mclnfurfif Noflingham, Pennsylvania zz Jean McLaughlin X :X F. IOI6 Pope Ave., l-laqersiown Tower Lighi Fdilor, Glee Club. K1 Ka+hryn Virginia Mercer Walkersville, Frederick Counly Y. W. C. A. lx Tobia Merin 902 N. Mounl Sl., Ballimore Mumrners' League, Forum Club League of Young Volers. N'-2 ff- ' mf, ,QCQ 3 fri 9 ri ,. y.--. 1 7? so .fi fs 'i' . ka gr- 'mf 0, l Ee 5- f. 'Y fa 6' , 'Q -1 . S l ..,qY..:s Q- M fv- Y Q c '. ig- r ix Q. 62, xv 3? l r M SENIORS James Willis Merri'H' 22 Easlship Road, Dundalk, Md. Treasurer of Rural Club, Ari Club, Seclion Oicficer. Ii Kale Miller IO6 S. Parierson Park Ave., Balfimore Presidenr of Mummers' League xx Virginia Clara Miller Upper Falls, Maryland Glee Club. 12 Mary Mifchell Ellicoll Cify, Maryland Y. W. C. A. in Mary Jane Moore 429 N. Broadway, Ballimore SENIORS Sallie Rae Moxley Darlinqfon lf-larlorj CiS'Ll7li, Section Officer Y. VV. C. A Valle-i, l-lil MQ. ll Esflmer Olivia Mullinix Monfgorneriy County., Hcryslaln Sfall, Y. W. C. A., Swimming, l-lil-iinq Club. cm Margaref Mary Murray Sunnr-nif Ave., Granile, Md. Secfion Chairman, Hiking Club. 5 ll Anna Margare+ Nagler 604 S. Kenwood Ave., Balfirnore f League ol Young Vofers. .fin Louisa Maria Naviclci Ellicofl' Cily, Mary-land Y. W. C. A. S li N l O R S Shirley Eafon Neale fjgff 5, ,., gn... 'vi-'liivi C.: ii' li il, l.1ii.ii.1l. ll Annefle Newman 39I7 lf6CwiCl' l?i'ii'ifl, Bi1l'ifVi,r Treazurer oi League if r"-unfi Vofers, Fencing Club, luluw mere' League. in Jesse Nicodemus New Windsor, Maryland Secrelary ol Ari Club, Rural Club, Hcrysfalm Slafl, Socqe Easlielball, Baseball. in Mildred E. Olias 205 Waslwinqfon Ave., Towson l-lil ing Manager. ci Loyola Olson 9 Roessner Ave., l-laqerafown Glee Club. SENIORS Doro+hy Benfley Parks Coclceysville, Maryland Swimming Club. Il Marcia Leona Parks 3I I6 Woodland Avenue Presidenl of Orcheslra. 12 Ella Mae Parran Luslny P. O., Calverl Counly ll Eleanor HyaH' Peach 40 Linden Ave., Annapolis Presiclenl of Y. W. C. A. an Evelyn V. Pepper Rockville, Maryland Ar'r Club. . A.: fi . ., Q 1 HI .""' : f..f""- 1 ! 3, E 'of . 5 Q- ..s, 1 . et 1- 'Gs 411x- - 'G . 1: ,i Qi -1132: Lg. A ei .4 X X 2 . X . Q.. 3 xx xx! X-353 .39 lk ni: rf an ala... ..,.. .. . .,.r"1lrih.. ..:::::,:l.L':z7:-'l.,...,, .-.......b . 6 - 9' iff . I li 54" " hr ,1 251: R K SENIORS Na+l1an Plovslcy 9I I N. Bond Sf. Baseball. II Mabel Ca rrollfon Porler 26 N. Carrolllon Ave., Balli more. II Lois Elizabefh Poffs I72O Chilfon S+. Ballimore If Lena G. Powell 253 S. Mulberry S+., l-lagersrown Y. W. C. A. Il Adella Sco'H Powers 400 W. Joppa Road, Towson Vice-Presidenf of Day Sfudeni Council. Baslcefball, Hockey, Volley Ball, l-liking, Swimming Club. S E N l O R S Charlofie Alice Rauch 3409 Lloi-f', lflcfqlvr. Avi. Bylvr-wore '-"Y-30 pfesinf-fv' Q? Le-.aqua L iL.m3 Vfwjr Norma Reagan Hurlock. Marg, land lr, Vf, A., Vbllgy Ball. If Anna Elizabefh Reier 630 N. l-lilfon S+., Balflmore Glee Club. .1 y. E. Lassell Ri++enl1ouse 5808 Ben+on Road, Bal'imore EdE+or of Tower light Hocke' Y. W. C. A., Glee Club. Il Ann Elizabefh Robinson Perf Deposit lVl6Ff.l5fWC , . lr. ' s r 'sy. K. N Rl'l931'l 5- 8. Q. i ti- 'Fw L- F- ' 9,9- .W p 'Z' ,IZIQV ,I .ssl .5 .. -. 6 F' Q? gf? Nr 9,6 4 . or 9 O' 'E' S . 9 .,-vp . S E N l 0 R S Jeannelfc W. Roos V '14 rl' W. . ILM.. br- ,. ll Ida Rosen N527 ll. AI2'!i'lCl"0 ff. B1lfV'w"f l.'uvww:fz' League. Glee Club TL.-.fer Llqb' Shall, Leqgug ff I' Lmq Vgfgrg, ll Beulah Round l604 N. lvlonrile Sl., Balllmfire VIcefPreside-nf of Mummerz' League, Forum Club. ll Margarel' Genevieve Rouse 23l3 l-lamil+on Ave., Ballimore League of Young Vofers, Hocl- e,,, Swimming. ,gp Bealrice C. Rullman 2009 Homewood Ave. Balwnore Glee Club, League 05 Yeung '.fo'ers. J, l . , , S E N I O R S ik Helen Rullman Rodgers Forge, Maryland l-lockey Manager, Baskelball, Swimming, Baseball. Il E'rl1el C. Rupperl Dorsey Ave., Essex, Md. Vice-Presidenl of A. A., l-lock- ey, Baskerball, Volley Ball, Ten- nis, Baseball. Il Anne Jessie Saa+hoFf Easlon, Talbol Counly Y. W. C. A., l-lockey, Y. W. Choir, l-liking. I! Anna Celesle Sands 48I6 Keswick Road, Ballirnore Tower Liglil Slafl. xx Anna C. Sauier 55IO Edna Ave., Balfimore Baskelball, Volley Ball, Baseball, Hockey, Orclweslra. -va .Jp- 'S X 4.1- D -"?' 3 we SSS s- s 5 Eur 5' U! e yr 1 2 ,. Yg- X... , x al'-'- .I sp V' A.. ,if :Tx 3.4573 1 EJ 'i' 5- ' V, ky. -..Q :QM ' "" M...-ff' . i l I . L l .-fm. l , A 1 - ' F SENIORS Carmen Dale Schamel l-lagersrown, Maryland Y. W. C. A., Campfire Officer l-liking Club. II Doroilny M. Schiff 85 Main S+., Annapolis, Md. Orclweslra. zz Anna M. Schone I442 E. Monumenl Sl.. Ballimore Baskelball lManagerl, l-lockey. xx Celia Seidman 3400 Duponl Ave., Ballimore if Milfon Seidman I539 N. Pulaski S+., Ballimore Baskelball. Zi" S E N l O R S Sidney B. Seidenberg 3 N, Luzerne Ave. Balrirn'-uri' Of--hcwlm "L."1v'wu' Le-,aqua-. u Joe Sheff 223 Main Sl.. Annapolis Orchesfra. Soccer. Baslelball. Il Mary Sireef Shenion Woollord. Maryland Dauber's Club, Presidenl of Y. W. C. A., Choir. is Frances La Rue Shipley Savage, Maryland l-liking Club. If l. K. Silberl Ballfirnore, Maryland Soccer, Baslce+ball, Tower Lighl Siali, Murnmers' League. '14 l., . ' f ... ,l931.4., 1 3 "x ,x' 4--' nf f, .. has N blk V hs? gc F? S E N l O R S Graco Mldrcd Simms llri i1"'e l.' sul vi: l.' irgvnel. K, Ralph Irving Smellrinson IOI7 Lombard Bdllimfrrf Glee Club, cn Lucenia Smilh X .X I 704 E. 4Is'r Sl., Ballimore Vice Presidenf ol General Siu clenl Council. ll Rachael Lavinia Smifh X .X I Ernmilsburgl lvlarylanfil lower Lighl Slall, Y. VV. C. F K7 Rose Snyder 322 Franiilinfown Road League cl Young Vo+ers. SENIORS Dorofhy Lenore Souder Damascus, Maryland elee Club, Y. W. c. A., "cry slal" Slafl. xr Ecli+l'1 Maybirdie Spencer Palapsco, Carroll Counfy Orclieslra, Y. W. C. A. xr E. Frances Spicer lOl E. Pennsylvania Ave., ao X , . N .gh ,X 1 if' . ,.', ,g. Q: .ii ' flzlqj uf' i lllh i i 'Q Ik. T' .ga lc- l , ,f 'F' . .A 5 'a"' ,-f Q Sa ,, Q VS , jg, I ' .. .-x SENIORS Julia Violei' Sfanion Indian l-lead, Maryland Marshal, l-liking, Rural Club Campfire, Y. W. C. A., l-loclceyi ii Ernes+ine Fredericlca Slaples 2545 Frederick Ave., Balfimore If JeaneHe Sfein 2005 Eulaw Place, Ballimore Towson i Secrelary of Murnmers' League. xx Q ci U .V -. r ' Gwendolyn Spicer ii " ' ' lol E' Pe.FQ3Vll:3n'a Ave" il . . - aw N Virginia Frances Sfein ' "W Z Berwyn, Maryland 2 l J u I 1 Lillian E. Springman li , I623 N. Porl Sl., Ballimore D Mary Eileen Sfevens Treasurer ol Orclweslra. Rlderwood' Maryland X Y. W. C. A. 1-vw H SENIORS Maralw Hea rne Sfevenson I2 Second Sr., Ed., Pocomoke Cllr Y. W. C. A. an Adelaide Siiles Rockville. Mari, land Y. W. C. A. KY Helen Elizabefh Sfifely Union Bridge, Maryland Y. W. C. A. If Grace Lee Siolcer Sfreer, Harford County Y. W. C. A., Hilring Club. Bea+rice Helen Sfrealzer Wesf Friendship, Howard Counly Rural Club, Hiking, Baslcerball, Y. W. C. A.. Campfire, Hockey, Dauber's Club. ,f"f'54 E23 1' V' ii ' 'I 43 W 1- LA.. Clash' E C' - av. 5 's- 'T x ' Y " Q I N ',.' vw , 1' l 'iij l 1 ,fd . . ,- , ,,,f W, 1 v rl' 0 , if 4.0 -PQ 'Q is i ik iv lrsfiz . 'S '-5. u. S: ..-lm -. ...x 8 v Y' .M yo I S E N I O R S Dorolhy May Siroebel 3l I6 Clilfrnonl Ave., Baltimore Il Ru+l1 Virginia Sfrobel 3116 Cliffmonf Ave., Baliimore I7 Edi+l1 Siromberg 29I9 Thorndale Ave., Balfimore Orchesrra, Tower Liglwr Srafi. ri Frances W. Siurgeon 22I8 Aileen S+., Balrimore Treasurer of A. A., Hoclrey, Swimming. If Rosalie Sugar 2829 Parkwood Ave., Balfimore S E N l O R S Leoba Josephine Svehla 6OI N. Glover Sl., Ballimore Daubens Club. If Mabel C. Taylor 828 William Sl., Ballimore Marshal, l-loclfey. Swimming. nl In Mary Frances Taylor Rowlandville, Cecil Counly If Mary Eloise Trice Queen Anne, Maryland Ii A. Camilla Trovalo 245 Easl' S+., Ballimore E -,, V x N1 1 Us ,I may - ,-..L..-.4g 2 Ap- 52 ,. ":". if A ' ' i i ie u -xv uf n 9' Q- -im A l Qi? A-L? I NJ ae, .. in '11 " - i 5 fi. X ' If :V V A Q rr I1 v' J UA:-ef' .2 1 SENIORS Sara Gladys Troyer Monlclon, Maryland League ol Young Volers. If Myer Trupp I 232 Greenmounl Ave., Ballimore Edilor ol "Cryslal," Baslcelball, Tennis. -I E. E. Doris Tyler Rhodes Point Somersef Counly Y. W. C. A. .lin Sylvia B. Ulman 4109 Foresl Parlc Ave., Ballimore II Vernon Sebaslian Vavrina IO N. Milfon Ave., Balfimore Baslceiball Manager, Glee Club. RQJ1 QA , .' ' ' HX sENuoRs sermons J h V Ih f osep oge U Madlwa Lavinia Weaver S rn Tv, Um, V l ' C. lv-M2 r1, v.f',-my F lxl.1r'sl'ml. Eiillm. A,,, U: r -5 L.-yqmg l lin' ig X! Q KP u Margaref J. Wachiel 'Z' Sf M'r9'5Vllle' lvlarlland F' E.. Evelyn Gerfrude Webb Volley l'lOClR9f,. Alberlgnx lvlarl-land Tennis. ? . ' 5 Y. W. C. A. u H 65 9 - , , N u -:LV Esflwer N. Weber Vwlan Wagner. , - ' Cedar Perl, Annapolis 3I25 Baker S+., Balfnmore D l A D b , Cl b 1 A Vice' Presudenl of Daubers au ers U ' f X Club. Y. W. C. A. Officer, l Choir. cn ,. E Margarel Ara Ward ' 'N Ma,-Y C. Weber Roclwllle' M5'Yl'3"d ' l3l2 fxisquillw S+., Balfimore "cf,.r.+a1" swf." KK -.' .Va an 5 U bv Doroflwy Alice Weaver rx A Nan Webs+er 338 Rosebanlc Ave., Balfimore ' 5 Ab' -Q pylesvmel Maryland Tower Lnghf Sfarf. IJ-,if volley Ball- .4' ff- U"Q..f X ,A l SENIORS Jeanne D. Weller 39 Elizabelh S+., l-lagerslown Glee Club, Orcheslra, Y. W. C. A. KD Verice Whife Slevensville, Maryland Campfire, Y. W. C. A., Swim- ming, l-loclcey, l-lilcinq. If Virginia Winifred Whi+e Germanlown, Maryland Y. W. C. A., l-lilcing Club. II Helen L. Widmyer 534 Brown S+., l-lagerslown l-liking, Seclion Chairman. K7 Margueri're lrene Wiggins Cenfreville, Maryland Y. W. C. A., lflilcinq, Swimming, Basl4e+ball, Volley Ball. , 11 ie -455.1 4 , G YS' nb ' uv ,Tr .Q A X, i 'il 6: , 8 ., V 'X I ,J :Il 'Nsa' l ii 'SCJ - 'IP . vi -Q 3 :lg aa.. S E N l O R S Dorolhy Helen Williams X A E Glyndon, Maryland Secrelary ol Seclion Officers, Glee Club, Y. W, C. A. II Virginia Louise Willis I736 Ashburlon Ave., Balfimore Tennis. Ii Laura Foolxs Wilson T 305 Locusl S+., Cambridge Marshal, Y. W. C. A., l-lilcing. xx F. Elizabelh Wise Middlelon, Maryland l-liking, Tennis zz William Webb Woolsfon 400 Allegheny Ave., Towson Baseball, Soccer, Baslcefball Glee Club. S E N l O R S Polly Wrighl X A E 2709 Winchesler Sf., Baltimore President of General Sfudenl Council. HELEN PERKEY Teacher of Handwriting S E N l O R S Paul Yaffe 32I2 Garrison Boulevard, Baltimore Presidenf of Day Sfudent Coun cil, Mummers' League. Baslsel ball, G-lee Club. ECCENTRICS l 1 l l l I. l 'i l li .I W l .l' i ll l l l l l i r Filly-seven I WCDIXIDER Who'll be Presidenf in '83? Jackie Ruppert: iusl' wail and see. Who'll be married in '89? Sylvia Ulman-l guess by 'rhal lime. Who'll be al Oxford in 75? Polly Wrighf, if she's sfill alive. Who'll leach arhlefics in '77? Kathryn Henderson, she'll be in Sevenfh Heaven. Who'll be prompl in '68? Celia Seidman? No-she'll be lale. Who'll be a psychologisf in '7l? Margarel' Angerman-I'm nof so dumb. Who'll have bobbed hair in '63? Alice Hastings. Whal a lcnoclcoul she'll be. Who'll be sfupid in '99? KiH'y Carroll-fha'r's giving her lime. Who'll be a foe dancer in '42? Mary Blumberg. How will lhal' do? Who'll be a Carmen in 73? Anna Reier-le+'s wail' and see. Who'll be a poel in '44'? Margarel' Gorman--wilh falenl galore. Who will be fal in '63? Anna Sands. Jusl' leave il fo me. Who'll never be busy in 79? Elizabelh Harrie-is The bel mine? Who'll do public speaking in '49? Sadie Hunfer-oh, whaf a line! Who'll be in a hurry in '33? Annelle Newman? l fear The iolce's on me. Who'll enler 'rhe convenl in '5l? Frances Slurgeon-she was desfinecl a nun. Who'll be embarrassed in 78? Lassie Riflenhouse--I don'+ lhink I'll wail. Who'll calch The "8" in '7l? Perhaps Minnie Lapin affer a long, lasl' run Who'll be clumsy in '84? Elizabefh Bullce-now lel's all roar. Who'll pay class dues in '92? Now grads, I'll admif I'm fhrough. -F111 'IFA tl iii YLCF "'r'LT'f11'Y ,,,.,. ,i '2'Z'f1'J:?: ' 14 ,Y-Ag!--A-Mivxrf Y- f JUNIOR CLASS MILESTGNES CDF " '32 " "Work and play and pleasure Male our days a treasure At our dear, old Normal School." LIM and stout, tall and short, blonde and brunette, wearing every color of the rainbow, came groups upon groups up Campus hill to register as Juniors. Such chance remarks as "l wonder which building is which," "Maybe my big sister is here," and "These boxes and suitcases are not so light," could be heard here and there. Some girls who had not yet given themselves over to oxfords regretted their two and three inch heels as they iourneyed from table to table leaving money as if it were so many pebbles. The first really big event of our life here after registration was Junior Weelc. We girls wore adorable middies and skirts, blaclc hose and oxfords. Boys paraded adorned with one earring which hung vampishly from the right ear. For both sexes there were identification tags, which made us appear like inexperienced travelers We "ma'mmed" and "sirred" the Seniors, bowed and curtesied to their banner and carried milk and water for the upper classmen, especially the boys, at lunch time. "32" was not all frivolity. We soon organized as a class, and at the end of our first term elected permanent class officers. A little later came the selection of our class colors, red and white: our class flower, the red, red rose, and our class motto, "Before us lies the timber. let us build." Then came Junior participation and for most of us the first real teaching experi- ence of our lite. From the first day on we realized the immensity of our taslc. We noted that the timber was plentiful, but that the task of building noble characters through enlightened minds was going to mean much labor. We loved this week: we loved the children in all their simplicity, in all their eagerness and spontaneity. It was an important milestone for '32. Oh, l must tell you! Yes, it's about the Junior-Senior girls competitive athletic meet. We yelled and sang joyously, ever mindful of pitch and tone quality. Our songs were pronounced a tie! Let us never forget these milestones of our Junior year, but let us build more memorable ones in each of the years to come. LOUISE BURNS Fifty-nine 0 ' l- "lil"iil'f "WW we , fi, ,vi ai iii, . 1 ' -' -' r - gif'-frrfini q' ' isf-ggi, li, ' lg gi 5 -r' Z '- 'fi lliwlf i -v l'l'l"l'9'. Qi r 33 ' ' ' fi llfw y a " i 453, lf. if yr ' I '41 m y 2 - im ily.: s' 4 lf .4 . l '. 'I "cs, Ui QQ V Q., V: ' 'Q l r fi millgf. i 'srl 31' .fs 5' l . li, lf!-get-35 .Gi lf" lift I " l ' f f filth , ff . iw' i J. .' king- P. pil - r 1 . 2,51 1 ill I ri - .' noir' gg- ,'- J: 'Q I . If . 71 iii? , , FIA 1 'fffjwighi -ff: i , ',7Z'm,,,M GUI? Poor Willow! You are deiecled, aren'l you? Your fresses droop so abieclly And hug 'rhe sprighlly green below As lho' To Cheer your forlorn sell, Maybe you only make believe Thal somelhing nol so langible l-las hurl your pride: Pnd so you rue your spiril broken. The seamed hearl 'rhal lies hidden Your shaggy, slraggly ouler suil, lvlusl' be oak. ll is so slaunch To sland 'rhe burlings of lhe wind And rain,-and lighlning, loo. No wonder you're depressed- And cresllallen. WILLCDW I hope you soon will lill your head. The grass is lovely: buf l lhink You could learn lo like lhe blue 'lhal is The sky. I somelirnes, lho, ignore your rue. Somehow, l can'l buf Think of you As of a maid, who cherishing a lleeling look Peers o'er 'rhe mossy, weed-grown bank in Of placid cryslal loveliness, Gazes al her shimmering form And lels her slraggly locks 0'er+op her brow. Y FY HY Y Y Ah-h-h-h-h- You are lovely! Sixfy cxc:tLc1L1:Lef CRYSTAL STAFF Edilors Circulalion Managers Myer Trupp Mary Blumberg Edi+h LiHle Ca+l1erine Borfner Business Manager Jesse N. Nicodemus Aclverlising Slaff Arr Edifors Elizabefh Buflce Paul Yaffe Margaref Gorman Madeline Diffendall Adele Powers Rose C'-Then Phofograplwical Slalrl Es+her Mullinix Secrelarial Slafl Dormhy Sauder Mary Weber E+l1el Baer Managing Edifor Alice L. Munn Sixty-two ,,..i,,,, - TOWERLIGHT HE Towerlighl, as a school magazine has funclioned for four years as lhe medium for expression of Normal's acrivifies and ils reaclions fo acfivifies. I+ has held il: place well in fhe life a+ Normal, and sludenfs have regarded il as a produclion all have a par? in making. For mo successive years +he Tower Ligh? has been ranlced by Columbia Scholasfic Press Associafion as second only in Hs class 'ro one ofher Normal School magazine. We feel +ha+ lhe Towerligh+ is a vilal parl ol Towson Normal School, and if is one ol lhe esfraecurricular ac+ivi+ies fha? has become an infegral par? of Normal School life. Sin,-'L-ree www' 5 1 ,- GENERAL STUDENT CGLINCIL INCE The oTher sTudenT councils have been reTerred To as cogs in This big machine oT sTudenT organizaTion, The General STudenT Council necessarily becomes The hub oT our big wheel. WhaT has This hub done To malce The work of The insTiTuTion go more smooThly and eTFicienTly? Our superinTendenTs are enTiTled To much crediT Tor improving living condiTions. The resT rooms are well on The way To becoming real resT rooms. Every piece of machinery needs a lubricanT To lceep iT running quieTly, so we also have our lubricanT. The sTudenT officers' room has served Two purposes in sooThing The Tired nerves of The Toremen, and as an ideal place To hold meeTings. Can you Thinlc of any scienTiTic invenTion ThaT would improve working condiTions? All our employees are expecTed To worlc Tor The general welTare of The mass--so puT your shoulder To our wheel. Sixfy-four V+ l i I O l T l a i I 1 I l i i l l l - p - -4 ' 1 .. .... !. 1 I .ff DAY STUDENT CCDUNCII. Presidenl Pau YalTe Vice-Presidenl Seire'ar,'Tre1,ure Della Powers Anne Bagwell HE needs of The ever-growing number ol cornmuling sludenls al lhe Normal School are annually becoming grealer. In meeling lhese needs, 'rhe Day Sludenl Council is becoming a s+ronger and more meaningful organizalion. The aclivilies of 'rhe Council are no+ confined lo day sfudenls, buf 'rhe Council cooperales wifh o+her similar organizalions in lhe school +o The advanfage of all sfudenfs. The principal proiecls ol The Council lhis year were 'rhe improvemenl' of condi- fions in lhe res? rooms. The Council is looking lo lhe succeeding class for lhe cornplelion ol some prob- lems and 'rhe improvernen+ of olhers now in ooeralion. Si-vi,-fl, :Q J... Tl-IE BGARDING STUDENT COUNCIL Pre-sidenT Eli1abeTh AlrehursT Vice-PresidenT SecreTary-Treasurer Newell l-lall PresidenT Priscilla Emmerich Anne BurdeTTe Mary Fisher Richmond Hall PresidenT Junior Represe-nTaTive Men's Repre-senTaTive Alice Healy Rufh Michael Morgan FiTzell lTl-llN This machine shop where TuTure Teachers are molded and shaped in The arT oT living, The Boarding STudenT Council is an imporTanT cog. IT is con- sTanTly revolving-eTTorT is expended To malce each year's producTion more perTecT Than The lasT. The Boarding Council is a large machine wiThin which The wheels oT many com- miTTees Turn. Worlcing wiTh buT liTTIe TricTion, The ouTpuT is eTTecTive, looTh in qualiTy and quanTiTy. l-lere are some oT The mosT noTeworThy ouTpuTs oT The year-lnducTion oT The Juniors inTo The Council: The dormiTory "aT home" in sTudenT's rooms: Junior MoTher's weelc-end: Old English Dinner-a living pageant The Tormal dinners, The EasTer'egg parTy and Sunday aTTernoon Teas wiTh varying programs oT inTeresT. No business organizaTion keeps up To maximum producTion wiTh no resT or recrea- Tion, so we oTTer an inTormal play program Tor The residenT rolooTs: ping-pong, checlcers, chess, billiards, The radio, and dancing. From The STudenT OTTicers' room in Newell Hall comes careTul guidance by The heads oT deparTmenTs. The cogs are oTTen oiled and given needed adiusTmenT ThaT They may worlc well wiTh The sTaTT and Thus produce a spiriT oT cooperaTion and Triendliness Tor which we are proud. Siadyfsix Tl-IE GLEE CLUB OFFICERS President Vice-Presidenf Rufh Boone ESfl'1er Bl'Okdmp Sizzrelarf-Treasurer Conclucior Emily Mason Miss Weyforlh Librarians Margaref Adams Adeline Magaha Gwcndolfn Michael HE Glee Club is large, having as members fwenry boys and sixfy girls. Our mosr imporfani programs of 'rhe year are +he Chrisrmas Comrr-iuni+y Sing, The Normal School Chrisfmas Program, The Old English Dinner, The Men's Show, lhe Radio Pro- gram, 'rhe Baccalaureare Exercises and fhe Commencement We shall probably long remember +he songs we have sung, "Adore and Be S+ill," "The March of +he Wise Men," "The King in Thule," "On Wings of Song," "Rolling Down fo Rio," and many ofhers. Sinfy-seven We GRCHESTIQA Firsl Violins Saxophone Slaler Bryanl, Assislanr Concerr lvlasler Maynard Harper EvereH Heinen Lillian SP'ln9ma" Sidney Liberman, Concerl Masler S9CV9l5'Y Anna Sau+er CarloH'e Scarf Josephine Valaco Bells and Drums Sidney Seidenloerg Annada Lilley Ololigalo Violin Bass Kalherine Cooper lnez Peregoy Meyer Sallzman piano Edlil' Spencer Leona Parks, Presidenf Cello Qrqan Anne Burde++e Dorofhea Bollinger Juniors Molhers' Weelc End Senior Banquel Qld English Dinner Commencemenl Corner Virginia Jarboe Vice-Presidenl Le Roy Rollison Librarian Second Violins Jean Abrams Anna Diering Lois Kreinheder Joseph Shel? Doro'l'hy Schiff Edi+h Slromberg Margie Tribby Virginia Weinland Sixfy-eigh? gx THE LEAGUE OF YOUNG VOTERS HE League of Young Vofers was organized al The lime when The parenf body, The League of Women Vofers decided 'ro carry The movemenl ol The polifical educafion of women info Normal Schools and colleges. ln accepling lhis challenge, rhe Normal School s+uden'rs were ac+ua+ecl by fhe prospecl of becoming a parr of fhe nafional organizalion, of having lhe advanlage ol slale collegiale conlacfs, and of eslablishing a body wilhin Their own school which would be a basis for crealinq mulual Inferesfs belween cify and counly sludenfs. OFFICERS OE THE LEAGUE OF YOUNG VOTERS Frgjijerrf lVi"?'l3'-1'idE"'T Evelyn Byrd Charloffe Rauch S6f!'E'7f:l',' Treagurer Lavinia Weaver fxnnelfe Newman Se .en ' e TI-lE MUMMERS' LEAGUE Presidenl Vice-Presidenl Kate Miller Beulah Round Secrelary Treasurer Jeaneffe Sfein Reuben Kalz HE Murnmers' League, The dramaric organizarion of The school, has spenr a mos'r aclive and enjoyable year. I+ began ils acrivilies by presenling "Trifles," by Susan Glaspell. ln presenling a play of lhis calibre The club ser a high slandard for dramalic presenlalions. Hs nexl drarnalic produclion was "The Trysling Place," by Boofh Tarlcinglon. The Mummers' League also conrribured +o The enlerrainmenr al Miss Crab+ree's parry and lhe Old English Dinner al Chrisrmas. Al presenr The club is busy al worlc on lwo plays To be presenled in 'rhe very near lulure. One of These, "Poor Madalena," is lhe annual Junior play, and is produced enlirely by The iunior members oi The organizalion. The olher, "The Miracle of Sainl Marlin," is a sarire on The rich rewards of The begging profession, and ralces place in medieval limes, The club has lhroughoul been 'rruly guided by lhe cornperenl, friendly and sincere help of ils laculry adviser, Mrs. l-lelen Slapleron. Sevenfy-lwo 'F"' l l l E l 4 v 1 l a l I l l i i l l I l l I i RURAL CLUB HE purpose of this organizalion is 'ro promole and develop an inleresl in +he communily acfivifies lhal are lypical of 'rhose in which leachers of The sfale are expecled 'ro engage. Meelings are held twice a monlh. They are of 'rhree lypes: business, educafional and social. The educalional program has had oulslanding speakers on lhe following lopics: Vocalional Educafion, Child Welfare, Child Labor, Nighl Schools and Slafe Welfare Viforlc. The mos+ innporfanl social evenls ol The year are lhe Chrislmas Fire- side l-lour and 'rhe annual dinner +ha+ is held in fhe Newell l-lall Dining Room. Our membership includes sludenls from Ballimore Cily and nearly every counfy is represented in The sludenl enrollment Seve-nf,-three TI-IE V. W. C. A. CABINET PresidenT Vice-PresidenT . Se-creTary-Treasurer Eleanor Peach Clarlre Freeman Dora Magaha Chapel Leader PubliciTy EdiTh Davis EsTher Weber Junior RepresenTaTive Jacqueline Alvey IFE in The dormiTory would be incompleTe wiThouT The Y. W, C. A. From Sep- Tember To June iT is one oT The busiesT organizaTions in The school, sTarTing The year wiTh making The Juniors aT home Through The "Big BroTher and SisTer" move- menT. conducTing Vesper Services each Sunday evening ThroughouT The year, and closing wiTh a big picnic Tor The members. ThaT The "Y" is growing is very evidenT by The greaT increase in membership This year, and by The ouTsTanding success oT The Bazaar in November. SevenTy-Tour T Fiil l i il l! ll l i ls Tl-IE V. W. C. A. Cl-IQIR THE Y. W. C. A. Choir has done much in The pas? year To add beeuly fe The Vesper Services held each Sunday evening al 6:30 in Richmond l-lall Parlor. The special numbers of sacred music sung by fhe choir, and The blacl-: and while vesfmenls worn by The choir members give a more churchlilze afmosphere To The zervice. Membership in The choir, which is volun+ary, has been a pleasure, as is evidenced br, fhe lac? fhal bolh rehearsals and Vesper Services are well alfended. The choir is under the direchon ol Miss Priclxeff. Se.enl, G-Renal CAMP FIRE GIRLS President Henriefia Boyce Viige-Frezidenl Treasurer Carmen Schamel Leona Gaver Serial Chairman Secretary Evangeline Harvey Margaref Gorman HE Camp Fire Girls al Normal are a par? of lhe nalional orqanizalion, whose walchword and guide is Wohelo lWork, l-leallh and Lovel. Miss Daniels, our lacully adviser, helps us 'ro realize our ideals. The climax of our yeer's fun and work is rhe week-end spenl wirh our friends ar Camp Kawanaessa on The Severn. Sevenfy-six DAUBERS PresiclenT Madeline Diffendall Secre'ar,-Treasurer Clhicer-aT-Large Jesse Nicodemus Paul Hyde HE Daubers inviTe all Those who are in anyway inTeresTed in arT. IT is noT The purpose OT The club To single ouT TalenT, raTher iT endeavors To provide sTirnulaTinq enioymenT. The arT club ohfers opporTuniTy Tor work in clay modeling, oil and waTer color painTing, priming, and, in TacT, any phase of arT which mighT appeal To one. The meeTings are held The TirsT and Third Tuesday OT every monTh under The helpTul supervision oT Miss Dunlavy and Miss Nuensinger. Semen' I l SCENES IN INDIAN LIFE c:xtbLf:tLcf ATI-ILETIC ASSOCIATION Vice- PresidenT ETheI Rupperf Fall Managers Helen Rullman Maynard Harper Presidenf Thelma Fries Treasurer Frances STurgeon V!inTer Managers Anna Schone Vernon Vavrina SecreTa ry BeTTy Hifeshew Spring Managers BeaTrice STrealrer William Burgee Tennis Manager I-lilcing Managers M. Lipsifz Mildred Olias Julia STanTon I-IE AThIeTic AssociaTion is oT incalculable value To The mechanism oT The Maryland STaTe Normal School, Tor wiThouT iT, The mechanical dolls oT The respecTive classes would be unable To shiTT Their hoclcey sTicIcs, or even raise Their sTeeI arms To IiTTa volley ball or score a basIceT. This organizaTion TosTers all These eIecTives Tor The girls, besides The added sporTs oT horse-back riding, swimming and hiking. The men's soccer and basIceTbaIl Teams are also an imporTanT lever in The aThIeTic wheel. They have manTuIIy Tried To uphold The sTandards oT our schoolf and Though They sTruggIed Through a heavy season, They emerged vicTorious in many cases. AnoTher proiecT ThaT was iusT inauguraTed This year is The maTTer of spending week-ends aT The CampTire Girls' cabin on The Severn near Annapolis. As yeT The sTudenT body has noT adeguaTeIy realized The ioy oT such a Trip, and The idea has noT been accepTed generally. I-Iowever, when The weaTher becomes more propiTious, we are assured ThaT many more will Tind iT diFTicuIT To resisT NaTure's earnesT appeal, and ioin us in camp-noT in The IeasT reIucTanTIy. In The winTer Term, The AThleTic AssociaTion was insTrumenTal in helping presenT The InTer4cIass DemonsTraTion which has grown To be a TradiTion aT Normal School. IncidenTaIIy, The Seniors won, as They did Their hoclcey and basIceTbaII games. The Class oT l93I came Through wiTh Tlying colors in all They aTTempTedI The presenT board is manned by ThirTeen sTudenTs under The "engineering" oT Miss Daniels, Miss Roach and Mr. Minnegan. We Teel ThaT in The unf:IerTaIcings oT The I93O-I93I season, we haven'T "slipped a cog," and we sincerely wish The same amounT of success and enioymenT To The I93I-I932 Board Eighly .1-1-'f' ' Y ATHLETIC BOARD -Y i tr: Aff ,I A-'J it-' .ma :nits A 'a:1 ...ll I ' - ' H 3 A. .J J: Ivan: 0 V va - 5171 X 1 'KP' L' AT t""' 5 Y"-3 4 A.: W5-T f""" M f. - .V in-.V 1 P' - 4 -f ff-21' -f V -Q ,U Sy ' x ' U' A ,, 5 ' -' stun! "UU 7 N ' -- .k Ox 4 I 5 7 li 'lllll,. I 3 v t ' . 5 ' - I ' L .4 ' 'ag ' - 4? . ,,- ' f XX ' xr. W . ' - x. ' ' Y -f 7 . . . I 'V is U ." 1,' ,. 15 'SZ - - " A A A sr' ' Q f -' .. 7 . T ff-f ff? L 3 ' V , " ' 'I I ff." gig' h ' 55,7 ' , 'N -A 9- . -.' I , - I 'Tir 'Q h"'g5?5 '49 515.-." 'T 4 - ' 4 . J. SOCCER SQUAD 1 " ,' N A GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM MENS REVUE PILOTS W 1 GIRLS' HOCKEY TEAM 5 NENNELL HALL DNNING ROOM DISTRIBUTORS ------- vi-nic- . v Apqpq- 1-vr nlruou- 7 0 2 Compliments of JUNIGR CLASS Q5 .- THE GORMAN LEATHER GOODS CO. 327 II, I-IOWAPEI STREET BuIIIrrorE'. MCI. I TrunIcs, Bags, Leaflwcr Goods Ewoert Pepenrnn or Phone: VErnon OQSI CompIIrnenfs I or A FRIEND I Founded ISI5 Samuel Kirk 8x Son Inc. Jewelers Srarioners SiIversmiII1s 42I IQJOPTI-I CHARLES STREET Eine Sfanonery Dhamonds-GOICI JeweIry Wris+ Wa+cI1es-GIIIS in Silverware I TI-IE HIGHEST OUALITY AT REASONABLE PRICES I The EMERSON HOTEL BALTIMORE I . . . . Cuisine and Eurnusnlngs Unexcelled I I I Prlvelre Rooms and Banquef I-IaIIs for all occasions I I I I P'wr'e TOs-.sin 330 ' Say II WIII1 Flowers GEC. W. RADEBAUGH Gromgr QI' PQHedeFLOWERS-Cuf I For ALL OCCASIONS 204 Linoen Terrgcwif TOWSOIEI, MD. I I I For Every Banking Convenience E119 TLTIIIITIIIUIL' Ufnuuig liauk TDVUSOI-I WI-IITE I-IALL RAIIETALLSTOX-VII I .. "4 l - - .fvv-igq-1-vf-puny'f,f4lhou1sfY1',lluo1r--.-.n-o,f+,-,Jm:- fiw ll lr ll ll WL rm'-,V-'l li l lf-rl ll Lr ll P SEQQND rmruomm mmr 1 ' fr Hr A l ' 1-Y . . W l 4 l I ll Sfebbins-Anderson Coal 81 Lumber COFT1pdr1y CLrr'nrilln'wf,'rwt LDMBER, HARDWARE, BUILDERS' 5,4 SUPPLIES COAL, FUEL OIL. FEED -M S-, VAN M, Worrlmmore Sweer Cream Buffer . 1, 1- , 1 vu, ,,,'N -- e en wg M 3 2. 2. 1. 'di-'---iiJYa'1 E. FQ F. -l"'Arw: F F, Snmwooo Bnos. RECOMMEND A Pleasanr Trip . ff' lv To llwe Senrors fvfilm-f.s,,,1Q H 4, Bmolmf- The finest Motor Fuel ,gk E Blade!" 1, rf ' Srnarf Tlnlnqs lo Wear lor Young Vlfonwen ll M1'.1l1i'u":-'E l of College Age Coal, Gas and Eleclrifg Ranges and general Klfclwen apparglug fgr Ccllleqee, lwolelz. reslanranls and Ensllluflorw 51.3 frypg ji E1,w.:': Su'-1' 1-2 E- C 1, fx I eff, S-. , 5,L,.V.l31 5,urw.f:2: wi. U. 5. rl Iu.e1oe --,ii----ice-wfwihi--'--has---- , 474 YJ What Does the Independent Merchant Mean to Maryland? lst-He means that the money earned in Maryland stays in Mary- land to help develop Maryland. Johns Hoplcins, George Pea- body and Enoch Pratt were Independent Merchants ot this community: hence, the Johns Hopkins Hospital, the Peabody Institute and Library and the Pratt Library are in Baltimore, enriching, developing and improving the locality and are not in New Yorlc, Philadelphia. or Washington. 2nd-He means that he builds up a reserve tund to tinance the local tolks in times ot adversity and depression. Baltimore over- subscribes its Community Fund and Baltimore grocers are carrying the "out ot works" to the extent ot S3,000,000. Money earned in a locality and sent daily to New Yorlc or some other tinancial centres prevents the establishment ot local reserve tunds. 3rd-He means that he holds open the door ot opportunity to the coming generation. He assures his children ot the same chance to own a business as he had. I-Ie wants his boy or girl to have a name in the Community, not a number certitying that he or she is employed by some enormous capitalistic combine. INDEPENDENT RETAIL CROCERS or BALTIMORE., INC. P. O. BOX 254 iiity I I The "Cr','aIal" gazer roads A SUCCQSSIUI Iufure I by opening .1 Savings Accoum In I THE I TOWSON NATIONAL I QfIWI.Mm BANK OF WWSCN MD- QQVERNOR RITCHIE gmd L.-,g,rrImq a femur and s-,-sfemghc saver FRANK I. DUNCAN. Chairman Sruarf Cnssard, Pres. Sarvfl P. Cassen, Cash. AN INVITATION EARLY AMERICAN To fhe numberless lovers of the I beaufy of Irees and shrubs. we W enend a mos? cordial weI- come fo visif our gardens, 3 I- They are worth 5, visit 5 I-TA- fy esery day In Th? year 4, X' L A ig, Each day is dGI4ere-nf YES :IN and aII'are beau- , . J it .l , IIIUI. :EQ .u,..v I . . .N Q IIII - E115 I TOWSON NURSERIES 2- I I ' ' V I I I E I 'NC- TOWSON r.I1ARYLAr1u - -- A f I""Q --f.-:rf zzg -152155 l?"il ' I, J Lge: 'I -2 .gnu - -.-N Q., -1 5. ' ' BEDS and BEDDING I SUPERBLY FINISHED REASONABLY PRICED SCHUSTER 81 CO. Complimenfary ipiii-1 'Say It Wz'rf2 Ffowersn S I Everyfhing Thai' ls Arfisficg Cu? PIO COMMONWEALTH ' BANK 1 j Howard and Madison Sis BALTHXAOPE, MD. Commercial Depar+men+ Savings Depadmenf ISAAC H. MOSS 53I5 York Road Balfimore, Md. V i Safe Deposilr B. J. BARRETT Presidenf Compliments of A FRIEND - :if rl, l -i-Il- ' A n-og-f ing-' ' ,Y fri THE ARU N DEL CCDRPORATION BALTIMORE, MD. CONTRACTORS and ENGINEERS AND IST OSTS dCRVE 3qJ eavly 1001 Our entire organization ioins in extending thanlcs to the Schools and Colleges whom we are serving and have served in the past. Their number has increased from year to year, making this, l93I, our banner year, with almost IOO stalls having placed their contracts and confidence with us. V DESIGNING plus ENGRAVING plus PRINTING equals Q"'l-vfflefl RsSP0"S'l'-I-11 Hfeacf- Qyloz' Baltilnon' T O proposal and 64 p g bool: "Engraving Suggest l will be sent y p receipt oi specifications. l l l 1.55.-.,V , - '. ,Q 1 I 4 --5 Yr ' - vvvi. ? ff-'l g, lu 2' - 1 1 ' p . S I 1 I A s -V ' I ." -, Q++ . Jugs., I I - 11:4 , 'L WO... wf.vl-pew? .' , W , - ' i ,fu ' nd' V07 v - jPiL . Nu-4 0.14 1 th' ' .0 .H ' Y . Y :ij-F'-1 ?.ai.4,m.... J Eff n v - -'Y Ezwvq- if 1 I-5 HL 5, As 1 lla, :fi 4 V1 . V5 If r -K H V I A . ,Nf- We a ,.. H' . ' . .,A Y I 'wh , A- 1' .F 2, -Y' 5. m r. . ' .4' , . . II- A! -A . ,K 'k , I 'V .:! VA .53 I, ,fy A 1' ,'- ihlw C VV' ,q' I Il. 1, F a fl 4 1 1 af - . 1 1' 19 '- q-'1 , J o A , 5 1 ' r 'I' E 4 7 ' r ' iv h , 1 v: 1, 'u ff,-' '- .+. 2' " iq' 'fi -his "d,kcP Q 4 nf' 'W -1 ' YV' I Q 4 , .7 'Y og' 0' ,n- ul' , 5 3, . , H lg' Ln., 0-ni' J-v'. g ,mi P155 F11 f ' I' x, U . ' 1 , Wu? L , ,I fi- 1 . I I ' .Q -x. V N 0 v ' 5' -T o' 5 ' I , J . ,ll 5 ' ' ' 3'-1 Q15 . ." lr v ' . - Q . 1 4"I-jlf , 'YL V 1 5!" 'Q' .. ' -19 1 i LO'.'- 1-11' J,-....4-If M., ,A -:FFL -x 'F""'Hq,,,t lifg V1 i V7 4 ,.....a - --V Y Y ,M - 'W V'--N - i ,',... ,,s--.625-:x ---f-W f if", 4 1 7 ,fir .-.3-.:nr""'I3 .f-""' ',,,.p. ,,,-a:- M . 34'-I "5?Q-'-a r,,.4 Hin 1,714-' A -ffjx ,,7"" Zvi' .??L f' fl' X-Q, 'N L fi Zi. ', 'jg ,aff ,zaf- 'Q 's' 3 A xx W' X , ,X f M , N I " X x X k lx 5 X 3 If X jk 'Q Af if x My fi g. f Z- 4- ,,..--, 1-fi ' 3.-.--v" s in -'- ?14 mi- LL, Q, mg... Q-S-,-,, Y -ii-3, Alf? -?' 1i Q . , xxx If VN X 77,4-if -giq -x .lk ,, X ,:,.i1w - V i S - Y , l' - -""' v,...- U 51-fag, :- HT' tl Eff- -N -- 574, vc, ,uv Q 4191 --""7 45 f' 1' -13ILwy-119 .Af 1 U If ,,-I-' ' -,,J ,.1'j5:il, "9 -up -Fl 'I 4 ' 1 l -Y ',.-f.-1--" A '-:L'IL?,V, V' , -4' ,gf L 'Pres -,., ,i--'Q' ft .B Q 7- "iL- I - I ive, -I 1' A xx , :Lf"'?4 tk-'gi' 1-- v ' I Q EJ -Adj,f:" f .-4 X r! ,. x 4 .4-' Z yldf 1 f Af' X I X 5? if , li I ,ff . Q, f n I 1, f' X X X X f X ,-af..11 H Hfdu ii 3j!muLHn!5jHHA 'ff xXx ft! ,.xNX X QXQ ,N 1

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