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IHFHIL'-1 TQ s c 1 my U ll 4 UQQ r xgg vi :f I l,1 ' Q 5' 3 iii: . ..,,1 I5 Wi"-lgv S ' n 1 W" E .mfa:f,ia55:, 'r' ' ... an N k 4 L Q- if l 1- N nf U QI. 3,5- 74 Q . . . ' gi.-.v 'A u L 'A , . 'I '. 0.7 . f .- I 'x .,, 1 n 'L A ,Y n 'N ', 1-I' .l 'f ' . - ' . rv I N 4.4 . 'l." '1 W 'v f 'n ' ..,a . . 1, .l. Q ' s l'v',9 Q . , . l kl1, .I ui- , ' ,J . :'Fc:" ,-, k.3y',r-,iv Y, ,LJ , . v.-1 KL' rw "f . . UI' I jg' :AJ Q .,. .- ..- 1 - r. .' Q. 5'-AU," . . f., Cl,,'.1.L,. , I -in ' l . . -4.3 , . Haba., " ' r. I 1. 'n-- 1 n 4'-1 U .lr u ' I". 1 Tx ', ' . ,.-, . g., , , 'Q' ,Af l,,,' .-Q . 7 I-gan.. . ' . 'X . JN, , UV, .121 1, vi.. N' + U.-' I. ii .HA ff, '4 .i .fi . .ji '- gil . it A l . .Av,. ' ' . fb' ' ".' ,. . a-4-'Q' , :mp .4. ' ' ' .' KJ IJ 3-V - - If" Q i -., .I ,- ,,: I 1,-I,. -,.,, ' '-."'.': r..'1- - . - 4 , - 1 . "W, ,xc , , . . -H . . . , ' , ' rf w'V 1. . ' . I W ',.:. ' . -' ' ' 1 ' I s I . '41 ' .. ' ' ". 1 . N . . H ' . " -L. '.' . V , Q ' .4 -' X '. Z., . V rl. . ' I 5 n . 14, I A ' t . .,, ,., L. .rw -. . an 5 . ' . 0 , 'A .1-sf. 3 . . v . "J L . ' -4.1 4 in r ' r ., , . , I ' x i, - . . 4 ,, ' 1 ig, . , ,- r.1,f':. ' ,.,. 7' ff,','V"' A", ,!. A I . - V I mv '-xr .. ' '- . ' 4' ,. I, f', f"",L .I,'.. , I I.. .w-.'-N k ',', Q , X ",-.,-." . .- 1 , 5,.,.,, 4 nl V 6. ',n. .'. "uf fl MY., V. -:H 4 M ,l3,!.q,1"l,5.V Y.-., ,', , . I . .-v-.5",- : .,.:,.,.YA':.',..:!N,- V ,"- v ,, , .,' '4 U' nf, n 'Han ,, ., ' ., .-fry., If , i. ",, w -, H., . ,..U h K r. Q 4 ww.. A.-,M X, ' , .' . ', 7 ',- , 1 .V ,'.'. A,, ,X L .,-13, ' . - I .,z -, K, 1 , zu"-,' ' '. 'mx 'vf YQ," . -11.A3'., .-A-,RNA ' Q ' " , 4 2' 4 . M, ., 1 - , - r .- , ,1 ,f 'sw . r . . .HU - -V' , J, . ,.,',. .J -in' .IL .Y'v",l A ,LJ .1 ' ,,, W, ., V W u .,,,-. w., .5 A y.U.',, .r. if , , . .1 1' 1.1, -" N ' ' " '..1f, , f . . ' ' I", -51 1 A, ,wg- 'x .. f S D. 'u : ""f""-"1-1-w'f'v""'w3r' ' .' -1 A W- f Q. 5- A- A v 1 ,'l7'. , ' -- P , - . nfs I ' 'T L-I-"' ' Q ,, v . J .wr P - ' . 1- f Q . 1 , , ' I 0 'v '- U' 4 4 x, 5' ' , 3 u I NM 'I' u . . P1 1 v u X ' 1 '. 'H 1 v x 'a v. v 4: 4 ,, f I , .' . yr I I , . V' . 15. 1 1 1 , , a , vr ' - Q ' -9 1 L 'L' ww 45 W. ,, 1 . .K V H' Q' . .- K ' a 1 4 V 'w I. I 1 . L, .Q 4 u, Y Jing' ws--M' i fffjam f '-1 A I Q1 Y J S Xb If 1 'li ' K 5 'f H . .X Q a W. Y :N I -v' s ng 'J . :Q Y -1 F3 3+ 1' 4 ii 4 - 1 ':-. -1 4' . ' -.. ,V I , , .a"' - .9 .fi-'A' V- A. Q . u tlwtf as ,FN s Y, L-, ui' in s J? 1 V4 K nv ,, N', ,rq P. 'Y 1 ft! v 5 I . C' Y WA "' 1 'Y .., I , fu r?fx , . . up 'hi' V--.p , ., -. -a,' :Vi , , , .- .. - V, I. ' . , .. "Af,-, f 1..y. 01" . ' '- 1 - J-if AJ V , , . .1 X 5 V 4. ' a ' A I . '. ' " .Q IL... ,Q v., , . , I 4 , ,. ,- V.-nun. V . . ,W-, - . '. . . ,9- ,- . . . . sr Y 1 1 1 :Q I 'I vi ' 1 JY' I' I mljjnd I..-A . .v V JA ' a 5 . . . v I I 'I p .P wx , L 4- ' . ,..4.,t- , ig ,f A v 5 "gtg ' x -ff' ' S5 'S' Fi' rg s , ' 'Fug rg , . . , ,. 4. ' 15 Q zu 4 v ., - Q 5 qt, .1 1 I J .- . Q-:X ' " , ur in 4, ,,-M L , ,. -. -,.. v. W Ig, - V gi -' ,1. l . -Ac ,' I , 'PN gm 1' , . .. .-: ,am .. - r1.- 1.1. Qii.-in,-vQ . l i Q A lik. 3, V V I K Ae. M a. A ' ' Z-.vt .h K NJ- . 'ji t ,scfff '+ ,a, ' .rf ' ' f-Tw " , W--' "Wi ' ' ,wg A-' 77- g . -' If - 3 V bqra .V -'- If xr f ' I. 2 . .-- gn- AJif'.n-,.np . -1.-' , wugrj X yy-r I A. X J. Y .. ,..,,--. .,, , 0-P' 47' VSV '71 lv, -'T y'?Tvf A" ,nv , .I '. ,. A ' -5 .1 - - -. y 4 A5 Y Q L J .10 .,:, I- rn ' .I ' , ,.. x ALA: J. W . 'P "' ' f 'HA "I - 1- ' . -'XZ' , 5 ,4 ,, -M , , .., , 1 4 .. V. pfu' I WN'-, MW. vt. 1 1 v I 24' lfy1"l,""1:--ff. , - ' 4 - x .af - pin..-L , . I . U., .I ' pw 1929 rysta! f'- 1 f. ., s o s 5 5 ji" Q., uv f 1 K- V 14. ' uf ':-' l ',,'4.'A AV' f-- 1-Q . Y: '."Q1'n, ' j' .-HMM,-n'. V N v rg 1, "i C -. v- MV ig. ffm ' , ' -V ,..', -j.!. - D ,Ar . T-- - Y 'I , ,rv 4.-J -fy f:.Nf,,-H A, - ' - H VGZWP' 2-' -Tv' v ,P ' .. 1 -:---.1.- -1 - '-:N 'WS' ' ' 1 HS - . V .hvlgv Ll. :V,.k' . wxr., .11 : ,,'. vlrfvlhtljn Y-'lla I ll- 5. V -b I 0 .1 r Ls .4 v I H J. ' JW' -- ,M COPYRIGHT DUROTHY M. MCGURTY Editor' VVILLIAM M. KINNERSLEY, JR. Business Manager Iing1'ux'ing, Printing an-I Binding by Thx- Rea-I-Taylor Company I-'lwtogmplxy by Suhindclc fi!! rysta Z c,TA7' Q Q 5. u -1. 90 Q lull... KX i+. ' v W? 'Y JCHQO XAWAIIIIC ff fbbhxh-J Gy S If L1.ryA111u! AW ,7Cl7l'OI' A55 of 1929 I fc!! af 51 A I C AX urn m YLNVSOII! 4 lLV7'!dIlC! TQ l1?11r'aGo1 13 Syenzbr Cfass Aafvzker Wffco gy wzke counsef ana! true ffzlvzckfezp has efzakareuf Lcrscff lo wg Mc Cfdss of19S9 LkLLlTdfC hclk seconuf vohmze of mf CR W IL I fT3 1 K X J f 1 - " II J5f1'fZ'0"9 c1l'V'? .-LUE 1015. NE I . ...W-O" 3:1211 W 1513135 -EY dgmlal' Q W V W WARR ' nrnosnxaxon July 19, fo", NELLII' RZARREN. Elailgiller ut IZJD1-Bliifvf Cap tan Merrrr A. and M 1' -lx Raine Birdgong-. ar' Qual U Funeral seruccs 'fa Stewart and We . thv Cimpel of F Mo wen Comps n 103 nxt horxh avenue. on Tuesday H 'I'n0on an J o'clock. Inzermc-'nr ln' Richmond. va.. on wednesday. fm I '1cS Qual 21d MM' V lm Merrlil A' A 10' Stu'-'33- Y .1 ,.,1:" gf-1 'tl L fifgfii ww 235. Rani? - n Comp' ." ld Move Once. N Qfgonamxv- Due n v In no -fa L ,. -., '-"' Nfl .vlnxcf marc ffltlll ccfwus fum ufong ffm wcznn ::Qjjvfvg-Clfurlsu lu I cj 'K S Q fn' lclffulvs lossccj um! Q H1111 mum L .. -.Y:,4,1..L,,'t.:i .,,5 K. - .:i,,.,YQ::, A - ss. . A,g'fx?,'5 ' , fw k-3, S' . ,:-'Q.Q,f.:Pgb.9 xg, 4' . - O. .4 B1P:tf+f"M1- .if -zz. 1 1 f-vi .ff'z?,'SN:v3Q:e,:12'rf?:2w vac- t N'-S'2IL WD' '5'i3uzw? ff.iaB25i.I"-.1 15-SQ.: "M ' -?Q1T.,,,.1.,.,4,,5.-.:.3qg,f,' - 5.3 Xi-737 4.x,"' L:-.Qi M ,. 1, x.,Qey.,,g - 5. gf Q ,,,.--Mpgis Q-,5:,.-,A ,R , ,K , ,.,,,. ' ' Q L lu lun 1:1115 41111 0l'vv':1lr.wV1' fldlfil ' I I I f ' JllI'l'fl'lIQ .sfuyw mu! sqff.fo1'lQcff1rl11css. 'J ,l.rL'l'Lja!L'Ol'1,l CAC C..lfL'lJYSllUll X N ,Q . . 1 f xvom' frm' of flfv !1cj1!1.1n1fcr'lC!ccj3 LIJHKI fls roofs :iw nffran, Qfours :JN Ac C1 zcorlfz Ifwing !lA1HCI Cl! CUOIH' QCl1.HSf l1'C'!!:CCll'DlC -, A Alxfnrxtlr. f.1m7:nn 0 Q .5 fl . ' 'W CW fjrnnujvufs fifXUSlI una' on X umfv 0 Q Um CQ' A Crontents - ' SNS' I Campug :fgcufty - ,Seriiors ' ' ,zlniors Q1-ganirzafions offokertisemenls , r I .- Z3 x ff Q K WC , J. fr t ' .1 QT Q '- ' if "' 5 ob 0 "This Singing World" O the "Class of 1929" be all honor and praise. They have raised their voices in song, for their four class songs fit all occasions. One can tell his troubles to the man on the street. but to laugh with another means real camaraderie and friendship. and to sing with another means a hearty "en rapport" and kinship that is most satisfying. To its splendid record of or- ganization in the fall of 1927 for which it holds the blue ribbon distinction for early adoption of a motto, a banner, and four class songs. it has added the glory of a munilicent gift to the school- a radio-victrola. Our hands, our feet, our voices and our hearts keep time to its music and we shall always remember the Class of 1929 as the symbol of happiness. Lim LEE TALL. X- PRINCIPALS, PHILOSOPHERS, PROIIIOTERS, PEDAGOGUES HMKA ,Wg 1 I ,-'71 ,,4... PRIXCIPALS, PHILOSOPHERS. PROJIOTERS. PED.-IGOGCES WJJJ1 .MJ " S -. G' .QM .7 C ,fgzz E x . WE R 1 llf f-X. L Facultyi 1.11112 LEE TALL 1' .KNITA S. DOXVELL Pl'l.IIl'ff7l11 .-lssixfalzt to Prinfifval -Jrf 1'1x1'L1NE DL'NLAvx' Dirrrfurs of PI'tYl'fft'C AGNES SNYDIQR STELLA E. BROWN IRENE M. STEELE ElfIH'tIfI.0IIt11 Jlmzszflvlazcnzfs :YORMAN XYOELEEL CATHERINE N. COOK Elv111c11ta1'y SFIDCIZCC RIINNIE Y. KIEDWEDEFF 1- English HELEN C. ST.'XI'LI2TON ALICE L. IXIUNN EUN1CE K. CRABTREE BIARTHA SIBLEY C1'0graf111y CERT E. XY,xLT111iR PEARL BLOOD HfXRRIET A. BAUER Hmlflz Edzrcafimz ANITA S. DOWELL IJOROTHY BLTRDICK, M. D. LOUESA J. KEYS Hfsfory LENA C. VAN BIRRER H,xRR11:T A. BADER HELEN I. COWAN LI.Z7l'U7'-X' RIARY I.. CPSBORN GICRTRTJDE HOLT ISABEL M. PARRISH BIIIRLE YODER FURN STITZEL .Uatlzfzlzatks AIARY HUDSON Sc.xRROROL'OH ELEANOR GRCUTT JIYIISIIL' EM 11.1 E. XY1:v1fOR'r11 ELRIA PRICKETT LOUISE SCHROEDER Ijlzyximl Edzmzlimz E'r111iL E. S,xx1x11s RIARY ROACH HOPE GODXVIN DON.xL1m M1NN1iO.xN flzlvfory nm! Prf11rif1Iv.v 0f:ECl1llCtZff0ll KO111iR'1' XV. S11,xw 1'.vyfl10I0y1y X1i1.L11f XY. B1RrmsONn NORMA XVOELFEL Sixteen 31?- I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I T-Q-, -. ff L K : fy ! QUE? A -ARS' Faculty .S'IIf'I'I'-t'I'.mI'x uf l,I'III'fi4'I' IIAZICI. W. XYOUIIWARD I.IfIL.X M. COIIR KI.XRll.XRliT BIURRIS L.t1IlIf'H.V lflI'IIII'IIlIIr.I' .YUIIIIIII 1:I1l4Hll-V IRIQNIC S'I'IiI:I.Ii l'I'fIII'if'IIl HIiI.I1N IlL'T'I'liRlfIIfl.D RIONIIQ IIILLICTT RI."I'II YOUNGIILOOD I.II.I.IAN li. RIUIIARDSON LOUISE IEROYE L'RSL'L.X I.. IfICI'IIiNIHiRGI2R .IXLYINA TRlfl'T XYILLLXM R. I'IIII'I'S I.ORIfN.X .-XIST RIARY LYNUII HELEN XY. YI2NI-ABLE Cily TraI'IIiIIg TI'III'lII'rs ELLEN STACK GRIFFITI-IS ZELMA B. TIEIOMRSON XMRGINIA XYATTS BIARGVERITIC SUIIM IDTMAN BIARIE XYALLACE LOUISE GIIIDER DIARY J. LILLY ELEANOR R. SHANK EMMA N. SETII SARAH F. BICGINITY X'IOLA LAMM ISABELLE M. .IOHXSTONE ELIzAIsETII A. STORM BIARGARIQT RICLAIN HELEN SWICICNEY BIARJORIIQ G. BOIYERMAN RIINNA MENUKE EDITII Y. XVALKER RUTH RICHARDS County Tl'tII.I1l.l1g Tvavlzws Baltinzorc COIIIIIA' RIILDRED BUCKLEY Q GERTRUDE E. BIJCKLEY' ANNA G. LOGAN MARGARET T. EATING ' RUTH M. BROWN IQATHERINE Y. LOGAN SUE XYRIGHT LOUISE MOON RUTH M .GUYTON ALICE RICH , Harford COIIIIU' MRS. RUTH XYESTERBL.-XD BESSIE KELLY Anno .TIFIIIIIICI Cozuzty MRS. ELIZABETH XYHAYLAND. RIARGARET RUBY ELEANOR BIATTHEWS ADDA LOUISE GILBERT GERTRUDE CRRLEY RUTH C. SPERRY Seventeen Junior P0l'fI'CI.fI0fl.0ll DORA MORAN .4dIIIiIIisfratI'z'c Offcvs PI'flIl'l.f'dI'5 Offifc' DOROTHY E. HIXRTLEX' Rf'gI'Sfl'fIl",f Offffr :XGNES DEB.XL'GH ETHEL HARTLEY D0l'lIIif0l'j' Slajf LENNA GROSS ROSE LEE XYHEELER DIARY DOWNS MARY UPPERCO ALMA THOMPSON CHARLOTTE RUSSELL CATHERINE RAWLINGS HELEN M. RUDD 5 5 5 5 5 3 3 Oflma CfWate1N 5 3 'K Y 3 Q .-1111141 Jlfzfvr, A111141 Maier. Q S UI' will vtvr faithful bay' 9 ' In our lzcarfs thy lwazzfy Iingvrs, 5 3 Tlzozrglz n'v'z'e gone from Ilzcc. Q CIIORUSZ 5 Now lhy pmiscs we arc cllantfzzg, 5 5 Now our voices risv in tzmvq 5 Q Sing lily bcazfty, Alma Illafcr, 5 Q .-Ind our loin' so fruv. 5 2 Sfuzrlclilzg in llzc 1ll0VI1l.Ilg briglzflzcss, - Roxy in flu' Slllliff light, 6 Q Sfufcly rising 011' the lzillfojv, 5 Eiw our dcliglzf. 5 E 3 S 5 7 l t R' O13 Others See Us N .x SXl.Xl.l. southern town. a teacher stopped for repairs on her car. .X young boy fourteen years old. or thereabout. approached her and said, "XYhen does school open. up your way?" Some years ago, a party of teachers was traveling together, bent on putting in a summer of rest and enjoyment. In one city the guide whom they had em- ployed turned to one of them and said. "You're a teacher. aren't you?" "Yes, but how did you know it "There is something about you !" replied the guide. XVhat is this SOKlIi'l'HIXG that sets us apart from other people and why is it that we are known to be teachers? "Is this SOMETHING desirable? Is it undesirable?" "Certainly, it nmst be desirable since so many of you have decided to answer the call of this profession and to become members of this body-great in numbers." SOMETHING .-XBUIIT YOU. You who set out upon the duty of teaching boys and girls the art of living must indeed be artists-artists at living. You will be so filled with the love of teaching, with the love of your pupils, with the joy of making ideals grow an- develop in the lives of your children that your contagious enthusiasm will be transmitted to them hy your inspiring personality-that hidden spring which attracts and holds. Your presence will command attention. will invite interests, will awaken life. Your pupils will learn to feel that it is good to know you, and to follow your teachings, for you will have poise, self-control, patience. The most fundamental characteristic of the teacher is sincerity, and by that word I include integrity of character. genuine worth, honesty, truthfulness, loyalty to your work, and a keen and high sense of justice. But sincerity is only a name, if you have not courage to put these ideals to use. Loyalty, honesty, conviction of what is right. are ideals to be LIYED. Teaching is leadership. You will be a leader and a guide. You will, there- fore, need keen insight into human nature: you will need to put yourself in to the place of others: you will need to enter into the feelings of your pupils, to under- stand their diliiculties, to glory in their achievements. and to inspire them to fur- ther attainments: you will need tact which implies self restraint. good temper, quick and kindly sympathy with the thoughts and feelings of both colleagues and pupils: you will need a fine sense of proportion. an ability to see the difference between big and little things. thus seasoning all with a sense of humorg you will need to grow personally each year in your work, in order that you may have a wider consciousness which will carry you far beyond the four walls of your class room into the feelings and hopes of other races and other nations. Dear friends of the class of twenty-nine and fellow teachers: Teaching in .. great adventure., It begins at the frontiers of childhood and with joyous, eager, hopeful children leads you into a world better for the part that you have played in its making. YYe welcome you to our profession. believing that you will find that SOMETHING and by contributing to it your youth and enthusiasm will and enrich its significance. Your friend. NIQLLIE W. Bnzosoxc. Nineteen ctw at VE O48 We See Ourselves E ARE LE.xv1Nc. HOMEQ it is necessary to take inventory of ourselves. Are we ready to teach? Do we realize the responsibility that will be ours? Are we going to give the best that is in us to our profession? These are the vital issues facing us as we leave these halls and enter upon our work. Are we ready to teach? After two years' sojourn in this Normal School, are we equipped to teach? Have we acquired the best of what Normal had to offer? Now is the time to decide, before we ever set foot in a classroom, that we are going to do some real teaching. Utherwise, we ought not to accept an appointment because, if we do not make this decision. we are not aiding the advance of educa- tion, but retarding it. Do we realize the responsibility that will be ours? Have we caught the full significance of our duty to the future generations of our country? Have we, through our Normal experience, realized the important influence we have in society? If not, let us catch it before we enter any classroom. Are we going to give the best that is in us to our profession? Is our pro- fession going to mean a life work to us or just one way of earning money? Are we entering it with the idea of getting without thinking of giving? Remember we get out of anything only what we put in. Giving our best to our profes- sion will pay big dividends. For two years we have worked together and I wish to express my apprecia- tion of your earnest effort and support. I ask one boon of you: may Dear Old Normal be as proud of us twenty-live years from now as she is today. One of You, AUGUSTUS HACKBIANN, Prcsideizt of '29, Twenty MOR C1555 f f .19 9. -v-Y'-Z ..,-fx CKE CID M 1 I tl Uleii iiiliflll ' 1' X X AUGUSTUS HACKMANN 4619 Asbury Avenue, Baltimore X A E President of Senior Class, Member of Or- chestra, Normal Debating Club. VIRGINIA LEE MAHON "D'zmny" 4007 Ridgewood Avenue, Baltimore A K A Vice-President of Senior Class. MAYSIE ARMSTRONG 2411 Garrison Boulevard, Baltimore A K A Secretary of Senior Class. 3 PAUL GOLDSTEIN 843 Ducatel Street, Baltimore Treasurer of Senior Class, Normal Dramat- ics, Orchestra, Men's Glee Club, Soccer, Bas- ketball, Baseball, Vice Social Chairman Class '29. MARY CATH?2lIN A N A Princess Anne, Y. W. C. A., Gle Club Dramatic b, So- cial Chairman, ' ' Class. .- 'S RUTH ULMAN 2603 Talbot Avenue, Baltimore Tower Light Representative, Assistant So- cial Chairman, Senior Class. Twenty-tjwo Ill '-ll? f' X I GLADYS GROVE ADAMS Cardiff, Md. Orchestra, Hiking Club. fu 1 ANNA LOUISE AKERS callous! Rock Hall, Kent Co., Md. Junior Yolley Ball Team, Forum. Senior Hockey Team. fu Y. HELEN M. ALLPORT "AIIport" Marriottsville, Md. Orchestra, Marshal, League of 'Women Vot- ers, Normal Debating Club, Hiking Club Y. W. C. A. as Q. MILDRED ANN AMOS Rocks, Md. Y. W. C. A.. Girl Scouts. mx Y. EVA Y. ASBELL 2901 Violet Avenue, Baltimore fu Z E. VIRGINIA ATKINSON "Ginny" 2917 Hampden Street, Baltimore Member Normal Story Telling Club Junior, Hockey, Yolley Ball, Baseball, Basketball, Tennis. -I -v -4 Twenty-three rr-- - - RY TMJ ELEANOR M, BADER HEIS7! 3702 Dillon Street, Baltimore League of Women Voters. ms Q SELMA BAER, 1551 N. Fulton Avenue, Baltimore Dancing Class, Hockey, Section Treasurer ms Q LOUISE BURGOYNE BAGWELL 1643 W. North Avenue, Baltimore AKA 3 JOSEPH BARLOW 3810 Bank Street, Baltimore E A bl ball, President Sigma Alpha Fraternity. P? ae T' 'i MILDRED BARRETT Annapolis, Md. ' League of Women Voters, Y. VV. C. A., Nor- mal Story Telling Club. 3 ELLEN CATHERINE BARTOL - 4 Q Whiteford, Md. 1,1 I - TIL, e Hiking Club. L . . Twenty-fou'r L Dramatic Club, Soccer, Basketball, Base- 1-i-.1-.1 -. 'XVI t'1C fqfqg UI 'rp I, I y-'uv' il,-Aflfxcf, I f tft- tn. L-401 SARAH BASTIAIS Q If r' gv1-Cv Greenslioro, Md. Camp Fire. fu Q ANTOINETTE BEHNCKEX Fullerton, Md. Secretary of Fire Marshals, Athletic Repre- sentative. fu Q HILDA BERNHARDT 1026 E. Baltimore Street, Baltimore League of Women Voters. 'Q RENE BIGELOW Rock Hall, Md. NJ Q. LOUISE BEVINS BIRCH "Birch" St. Inigoes, Md. Y. WV. C. A., Hiking Club. fu Q ESTHER R. BLACK T106 Oxford Road, Stoneleigh, Md. A K A Twenty-fire f m sl It yr! if 004,12 1 I 4 - X . A .Vx - L It X, Arr: .ix 1 . f J '1,,1 i f 5 Y T ABRAHAM BOHRER fflkezu 121 N. Broadway, Baltimore Librarian. 3 KATHERINE B-OONE Catonsville, Md. House President of Richmond Hall, Y C. A. 'E R. HELEN BORNSCHEUER 416 Lakewood Avenue, Baltimore Athletic Club. 3 EVELYN M. BOWEN Barstow, Md. Y. W. C. A., Hiking Club. LUCILE BOWIE La Plata, Md. Hiking Club, Baseball, Y. W. C. A. 1 ff L jf SARAH BoWLUs fr' Burkettsville, Md. Twenty mx f at UMIQT XX, 'L il A .H ig NAOMI BREWER 105 Market Street, Annapolis, Md. Hiking Club. ms I HILDA ETHE L BRITTINGHAM "Britt" Ocean City, Md. Glee Club, Dramatic Club, Section Social Chairman. fu I MARY L. BROKAW Rising Sun, Md. Y. W. C. A., Hiking Club. fu Q HELEN LUCILLE BROOKHART 11 Linden Terrace, Towson, Md. A B A Secretary Athletic Association, Basketball Team, Baseball Team. Hockey Team. ms I ELIZABETH V. BUCKLER Laurel Grove, Md. League of lYomen Voters, Y. W. C. A. ms Q GLADYS BUNCE Randallstown. Md. Twenty-seven x ,A UUA Ml in Qf j l i HERMAN C. BURTON uBe7,tn Parkton, Md. 2 A Men's Representative to Student Council, Rural Club, Soccer Team, Baseball Team, Boys' Glee Club. 3 MARY REBECCA BUTTS Gaithersburg, Md. AKA Vice-President of Dramatic Club, Rural Club. 3 GLADYS ALICE BYERS Riderwood, Md. Glee Club I. Y DOROTHY LOUISE CALLARD 603 Wilson Avenue, Baltimore Hiking Club, Hockey. ,V Q. GLADYS CARPENTER Owings Mills, Md. Hiking Club. 3 ROXIE CASBARIAN 601 W. Madison Avenue, Riverdale, Md. League of Women Voters, Y. VV. C. A., Ru- ral Club, Hockey, Librarian, Baseball, Story Telling Club. Twenty-eight N Y IILI' X U . X X Q l lil ','. ,TX ' I Hi' ,V i 1,1 1-A--'V . A., A5ll'Il,I.-X .l. l'l'Il,I'S'l'KA li. I". ll. No. Il llox 102. Annapolis, llml. I Iloukcy. Ilikinyr, Basketball Teain. Ari l'lub. Story Telling: Club. V l 'U 1 i REBECCA CIIARLFIS I"emler:1lsbLir5:. Md. I Vice-President of Y. W. C. A.. Normal Dra- matic Club, Hiking Club, Glee Club, Yolley ' Ball Team. Q "J 5 1 f MYRA CHRISTOPHER Bethlehem, Md. i Glee Club. A. A. , GJ i Q l MARY VIRGINIA CHEW E West River, Md. I X :X E F League of Women Voters. mx l 1 . MARY MAGDALINE CINNAMOND L 1814 E. 30th Street, Baltimore P Story Telling Club. l HELEN CLARK "Cla r1:" 4210 Elcleron Avenue, Baltimore Glee Club, Debating Club. Hockey. Basket- ball, Yolley Ball, Baseball, Track Team, Dancing. Tzvcn ty-ninf lr-CIA-9 If f - . 'Cj'c,f,fV L,4-QL. R . N yr" Il . jf, , rf' 'ff , ' i I J f' I I7 ,4 . ' ' IUSRED CLARK Q1 A A "Miz" ULV f '!H,3ncock, Md. GleefCKJ f-Iilcing Club, Girls' Chorus, Ten- nis 'Cl b. ,., 1' an N I LOUISE DEXTER CLARK 347 Rosebank Avenue, Govans, Md. A B A President League of Women Voters. 3 LOUISE TODD COCHRAN "Chic" Dundalk, Md. Glee Club, Rural Club, Y. W. C. A. E MAY MARGUERITTE ALOYSIUS COFFAY 451 Lorraine Avenue, Baltimore A K A League of Women Voters, Athletic Board, President of Forum, Tower Light Staff, Basketball. ms 2 BESSIE S. COHEN lKBesSY! 4007 Dalrymple Avenue, Baltimore' Glee Club, Section Chairman, CRYWQ StaE. lv Q MIRIAM COHEN 3805 Towanda Avenue, Baltimore League of Women Voters. Thirty UU: CB HAZEI. ELIZABETH COLEIX "l'ulrruy" Jessup, Md. Sr. Hockey, Chorus. as I LOUISE COLLIER IS S. Maple Avenue, Brunswick, Mal. Y. W. C. A., Art Club, League of Women Voters. fx: I PAULINE LORETTA CONNOR 141 E. Baltimore Street, Hagerstown, Md. Orchestra, Chorus, Hiking Club. ms Q LOUISE LANCASTER CONRAD 918 Mulberry Avenue, Hagerstown, Md. .X B .S Glee Club, Rural Club, Dramatic Club. fu I MARGARET JANE COX 1635 N. Bond Street, Baltimore League of 'Women Voters. 'U Q ESTHER L cRoUsE Uniontown, Md. Senior Hockey Team, Forum, Y. W. C. A., Girl Scouts. Thirty-one UU . I A ETHEL CURNONLES Boring, Baltimore Co., Md. Y W C ...A. 'S RUBY MABEL DAVIS "Petunia" Parkton, Md. Girl Scouts, Hiking Club. 'i MARGARET DICK 1919 E. Lafayette Ave., Baltimore President Athletic Association, Hockey Team, Basketball, Baseball, Member A. A. Board, Jr. E RENA C. DEITSCH 1422 Poplar Grove Street, Baltimore Mummer's League, 'i EVELYN DITTMAR 6301 N. Belair Road, Baltimore Glee Club, Y. W. C. A. Y HAZEL E. DIXON "Di.rie" Jarrettsville, Md. Debating Club, Forum, Tower Light Rep- resentative, CRYSTAL, League of Women Voters, Girl Scouts. Thirty-two , -7--- - - -- NNE CRY is CATHERlNE A. DODRER i 1 Westminster, Md. 1 Story Telling Club. N! Q REGINA DONOHUE ialzeggievn 2646 N. Charles Street, Baltimore i N! Q KATHERINE DOST Towson, Md. Section Chairman, as Q NELL DOWNEY A B A 804 Mulberry Avenue, Hagerstown, Md. Dramatic, Rural Club, Y. NV. C. A. 3 RUTH DUNWOODY ' "Woody" 4 E. Hill Street, Baltimore , rv , 1 . HARRIETT ISABELL DUVALL "'Isie" Rosedale, Md. Story Telling Club, Section Chairman. hirty-three x L-,.,.1, ' yy., ,Vx ,L. - N1 Y,klykLA..' kklv t -SJ X ' kxvk 1. x . Q fbirdfin-A-fy CL-Qgnx -xi ina! F ,7 ' . .HKIL4 wry-C41 X ,"7J-:L1.L.Q Q-rw-1,4 -twig lair., i l. w Z RY TAL Nh. f 7 elvis ELOISE DYKES , . 3021 Abell Avenue, Baltimore ..,4 League of Women Voters. ms Y. CHARLOTTE E. EADER Frederick, Md. Campfire, Vice-President Boarding Student Council, Y. W. C. A. ms I Q MARY EVELYN EDIE "Ediei' Norrisville, Md. Hiking Club, Section Chairman, Tower Light Representative, CRYSTAL Representative. W Y . IDA R. EDWARDS Taneytown, Carroll Co., Md. Xgtimatic Club. 3 ' LOQISE EICHLER Fullerton, Md. Y. W. C. A., Hiking Club. Y GERTRUDE D. EISENBERG 2907 Springhill Avenue, Baltimore League of Women Voters. 1.1 Thirty-four it Yl RGINI.-X HAI 'UN l':I.l.IUTT "fill" I I l'1Il'bL'lI. Bill. g.. fulll . mulls. AJ Q RUTH EIJZABICTII ENSOR 3910 Gruvv.-lantl Avenue, Baltimore lg Tl...-w Liyh! starr. HU.-my TL-uni. 2 il Ai BESSIE LOUISE ESHAM --lass" Berlin, Md. Glee Club. fu Q EMMA L. EYERETT 'tBIllSIlCS'y XVhitef01'd, Harford Co., Md. Hiking Club, Art Club. 'E CLARA MARTHA EYERIST ' Aberdeen, Md. "Smiles" Cabinet of Y. W. Secretary, Campfire, . League of Women Voters, Pestalozzi Story Telling Club, Girls' Chorus. i ., f Q 1 IRIS GWENDOLYN FAHRNEY . 42 North Locust Street, Hagerstown, Md. .x B A f - League of Women Voters, Dramatic Club, Y. W. C. A. Thi, ly-fire viii If Y k fs,-X L 1 Z f f ,V 'l vi -1' is ,, X gf' Us KE . C l if: .H 'V A -ll 710 BARBARA FIEDLER 6501 Walters Avenue, Dundalk, Md. ms Q GWENDOLYN FILES "Gwynie" Solomons, Md. Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, Glee Club, League of Women Voters. 3 fi ELIZABETH WOTTHLIE FITZ MA, 4038 Hayward Avenue, Baltimore Member-at-Large, General Student Council, ' Campfire Girls, Orchestra, League of Wo- men Voters. fe I MARIA THERESA FLORESTANO ilTree7y 102 Prince George Street, Annapolis, Md. Rural Club, Y. W. C. A., Horse Back Riding Club. 'E C. LOUISE FOARD Forest Hill, Md. Music Chairman, Y. W. C. A. Rural Club, Story Telling Club, League of Women Voters, CRYSTAL Representative, as 2 ALLEINE K. FORD "Topsy" "Fordie" Boonsboro, Md. Glee Club, Y. W. C. A. Thi rty-si 17 CRY TA --rim,-' i Hagerstown. Md. l Y. w. C. A., Hiking Club. I LILLI.-KN FORSYTH 'U I MOYNELLE FRANCES FOST "Shorty" N X Hancock, Md. Glee Club. 'J I EDYTHE FOYYLER Owings, Calvert County, Md. A B A Rural Club, Dramatic Club, Hiking Club. "J Q ELIZABETH FOX 180-1 W. Lombard Street, Baltimore 3 JOSEPH FRANKLIN FOWBLE Timonium, Baltimore County, Md. E A Rural Club, Athletic Board, Assistant Man- ager Baseball, Manager Soccer. fu Q BEATRICE FRYE 330 E. Lafayette Avenue, Baltimore Thifrty-seven a Qi we . ' 1 52 1 UQ fl ,AT ANNA GALPERIN 2119 W. North Avenue, Baltimore CRYSTAL Staff, Section Vice-Chairman, 3 HAROLD GALPERIN 2119 W. North Avenue, Baltimore Story Telling Club. Basketball Varsity, Mummers League, Ten- nis Varsity, Manager Athletic Board, Ath- letic Editor Junior Tower Light. 3 JEAN GIBBONS 3 Elmhurst Road, Baltimore Associate Editor, pro tempore, Tower Dight. 3 . ELIZABETH GILPIN 18 York Court, Baltimore A K A Associate Editor, pro tempore, Tower Light, Hockey Team, Tennis, Tennis Manager of Athletic Association. 'E EVELYN R. GIRARDIN 2932 Guilford Avenue, Baltimore N E X A E League of Women Voters, Chi Alpha Sigma, CRYSTAL Staff. Y GOLDIE GLORIA GARTNER llGee,! 1315 E. Lexington Street, Baltimore Story Telling Club, Literary Society. Thirty-eight .DU a C RYK TA ll., I BERNARD GIVENS Fallston, Md. Athletic Association. as I ANNA REGNER GIVVINES llpestli 2607 Eastern Avenue, Baltimore Chairman Sr. T Hockey, Basketball, Base- ball Teams, Volleyball and Tennis, Dramatic Club, Spring Athletic Manager for Girls. I SAMUEL GOLDBERG 1416 E. Oliver Street, Baltimore, Md. Dramatic Club President, Basketball. as Q MARIGN RUTH GOLDMAN 5818 Ethelbert Avenue, Baltimore Debating Club, Vice-President, Fire Mar- shal, Marshal, Treasurer Glee Club, Lunch Room Committee, League of Women Voters. fu Q BERTHA GORSUCH 717 Appleton Street, Baltimore Glee Club, League of Women Voters. ms I CHRISTINE GRACE 2437 Edmondson Avenue, Baltimore Thirty-nine -- M114 R Y DORA S. GREEN "Duckye" S02 Newington Avenue, Baltimore Hiking Club, Story Telling Club. 'Q' ANNE GREENWALD 3609 Howard Park Avenue, Baltimore 3 FRANCES GRIST "Fan" York, South Carolina A B A Rural Club, Dramatic Club. ms Z NOLA G. HALE Havre-de-Grace, Md. President of Y. W. C. A., Hiking Club as Q. ANITA ROBINETTE HARRY ngobn Whitford, Md. Hiking Club, Y. VV. C. A. 'E SARAH HARTMAN 5023 Denmore Avenue, Baltimore For ty if I I I I I . I I I X 1 I I I I I I 1 I I , I I I I I I I I I I I 5 I I I I I I -I I ,I I I I X Q Q, lt, I RIQI fi RUTH HEIMILLI-IR 1214 E. Oliver Street, Baltimore Glee Club. Nl Q KATHRYN HEINZ 611 Parkwyrth Avenue, Baltimore A K .X Dramatic Club. rv Y. AMELIA HELLER 1937 Gough Street, Baltimore Junior Hockey Team, Debating Club, Senior Section Chairman. as I VIRGINIA MAY HERBERT Clear Spring, Md. Debating Club, Girl Scouts, Girls' Chorus, Y. W. C. A., Tower Light Representative. ms Q ADELE HERRMANN H-Del!! 2641 N. Calvert Street, Baltimore N E League of YVomen Voters, Associate Editor of CRYSTAL. ms 2 FANNIE HIBERMAN 2535 Shirley Avenue, Baltimore League of Women Voters. Forty-one TAL AUGUSTA HILLMAN iz uGUrSn 2025 Ruxton Avenue, Baltimore 'E 'E VIRGINIA HOLLAND .l fi Easton, Md. Glee Club. 'E KATHERINE ALBERTA HOFFMAN 1sKittyv: -1016 Penhurst Avenue, Baltimore Electives: Hockey, Dancing Class, Basket- ball, Story Telling Club. E LUCILLE HOLLOWAY nllucyn 2707 Strathmore Avenue, Baltimore Story Telling Club. Y LILLIAN MARGARET HOLTSCHNEIDER "LiIl" Deer Park, Md. Marshal, Rural Club, Hiking Club. E ELIZABETH VIRGINIA HUDSON "Jinl:s" Prince Frederick, Calvert Co., Md. Hockey, Baseball, Hiking' Club, Basketball Chorus. Forty-two Glee Club, Debating Club, Girl Scouts, ..v - 7 -.- - M7 afatqrf fr -19 A-H4 LYM A N H U Fl" Parkton, Md. I A Basketball, Soccer. Health Otlicer, Dramatic Club. Rural Club. fu Q BARBARA C. ILGENFRITZ New Freedom, Pennsylvania v Y Rural Club, X. ll. C. A. Nl I MARY VIVIAN IRELAN D "Monkey" Port Republic, Md. Fire Marshal, Hiking Club. fu I BLANCHE MARJORIE JACHMAN "Jackie" 1835 Clifton Avenue, Baltimore Associate Editor Tower Light, Hiking Club, Story Telling Club. ANNE RHEA JACOBSON "Ja-ke" 146 N. Collington Avenue, Baltimore fu Q. HARRIET JACOBSON 136 West Read Street, Baltimore Forty-th ree A QI, we UQ iii? f.:gQ,,, LOUISE JAMES Towson, Md. HENRY S. JANSEN 6LHen!7 419 S. Clinton Street, Baltimore X A Z' Dramatic Club, Tennis, Soccer, President of General Student Council. 3 MARY WINSTON JEWEL Christiansburg, Va. 'S CAMILLA JOHNSON Sparrows Point, Baltimore N E X A E Student Council. E LIDA E. JOHNSON Baldwin, Md. Forum, Section Chairman. ms I JULIET JORDAN White Hall, Md. NE Girl Scouts. Forty-four -a Ui. ' aa' LX ,f JANINA KAMINSKA 126 S. Potomac St., Baltinmre 'E HYMAN B. KAMINKOW "Kumi," 833 N. Gilmor Street, Baltimore Secretary of Mummers' League. fu I BERNICE KATZ 2653 Loyola Southway, Baltimore Dramatic Club, Vice-Chairman of Junior Class Section 1, Montebello Committee. as I MELLIE EDITH KEECH "Mell" White Hall, Md. Girl Scouts. 'Q' RUTH KENNY 820 West 37th Street, Baltimore N Q HILDA KESTNER ngennyn Gleni Burnie, Md. Glee Club, Hockey, League of Women Voters, Tower Light Staff, CRYSTAL Staff. Forty-five l I i v. i gt., LL! i i Jgvfi L :ydfv ,kj .bf 1 L4-ly Z ,Sf LL., wt , pf 1 4.1 . Q -UU 1 1,,fSfl7 Y T G. NAOMI KEYS NNUZH Sparrows Point, Md. fe Q NETT E LIZABETH KING V rsburg, Md. Rural , Hiking Club, Y. VV. C. A., Choi' ' K l .V 1.5 3 WILLIAM M. KINNERSLEY, JR. 2616 E. Hoffman Street, Baltimore A Athletic Board, Manager of Track, Soccer Team '28, Tower Light Staff, Business Man- ager CRYSTAL. as C MARION KIRBY 217 Buffalo Avenue, Takoma Park, Md. A B A ell , eague of Women Voters. ,ljli MILDRED KIRBY Anacostia Station, Route 8, Vllashington, D. C. Hiking Club, Volley Ball Team, Story Tell- ing Club. 3 ANNABEL KLINE Frederick, Md. Forty-sir AMELIA REBECCA KOLK Hydes, Md. The Forum, Story Telling Club, Hiking Club, Volley Ball, Basketball Team, Hockey. fu Q ANNA M. KOONTZ "Koont:ic" lVestminster, Md. Story Telling Club, Girl Scouts, Chorus. N Q GENEVA L. KRONTZ Clear Spring, Md. Baseball Team, Glee Club, Mummers' League. as 2 MARY KATHERINE LAM BERT HKaylP New Windsor, Carroll Co., Md. Orchestra, Girls' Chorus, Hiking Club, Art Club, Y. W. C. A. tion, Debating Club. ms Y. RUTH VERNA LAZAUSKAS 21 North Carey Street, Baltimore League of Women Voters, .Athletic Associa- N5 C RUTH LEAR Havre de Grace, Md. Y. W. C. A. Forty-seven RY TAL NE MARY LOUISE LEATHERBURY 208 E. Lafayette Avenue, Baltimore Circulating Manager of CRYSTAL, League of Women Voters. Q VIRGINIA LEE 3915 Greenmount Avenue, Baltimore X A E Story Telling Club, Section Vice-Chairman. i ll E l , MARGARET LEITCH Klpegi! . Huntingtown, Md. ' N E Z League of Women Voters, Dramatic Club, 5 Baseball Team, Rural Club. l I 2 . ELSIE IRENE LEVEY -1114 Park Heights Avenue, Baltimore , President of Story Telling Club, Chairman li of Library Committee. Y HATTIE LEVIN I 245 N. Mechanic Street, Cumberland, Md. v I Hiking Club, Psychology Club, Story Telling li Club. Y l FRANK HEDIGES LEWIS "Anti-mal Craclce'rs" 131 W. Fourth Street, Frederick, Md. The Mummers' League, Rural Club. ' 1 Foo-by-eight Uiiltlm All iq I vflihe ERNESTI N li LL' ll.-X RSK Y "Tim-" 31203 Woodland Avenue, Baltimore fu Q LOUISE MacWII.I.I.-X315 "Billie" Larchmont, Baltimore County. Mal. League of Women Voters. fu I STELLA McGR.-XDY Rising Sun, Md. Tower Light StatT, Rural'Club. fe Q, DOROTHY MARGARET McGURTY 3410 Piedmont Avenue, Baltimore NE Vice-President Day Student Council, Editor I of CRYSTAL, League of Women Voters, NS Q MARY FRANCES 3IacKENZIE 1613 E. Federal Street, Baltimore A B A League of Women Voters Treasurer. 'U C HENRIETTA S. MALAN 803 W. Barre Street, Baltimore Forty-nine , in I . 15.31 I as "' 5 3 f '93 A J: , 1 ' Q 'TL Mt' ' VE 4 ri- g , 9 1-5 a , 1 ' 5 f .eg " ff ' wa J .gf .Las .Lua h ei l R le ll A A Z MARY ANN MARSH 20 Main Street, Crisfield, Md. ' Rural Club. 'E l WINIFRED R. MASOENHEIMER Manchester, Md. Y. W. C. A., League of Women Voters, Story Telling Club. ' 'E' it DOROTHY MAULER Y 315 St. Dunstan's Road, Baltimore i i Story Telling Club, Section Social Chair- l man. 3 All SARA ELIZABETH MECHEM is 507 E. 29th Street, Baltimore Art Club, Debating Club, League of Women Voters. K T 1 A Q HELEN MERCER Frederick, Md. League of Women Voters, Rural Club, Tower Light Staff. SARA L. MERRITT 6 Township Road, Dundalk, Md. Fifty fqft . A fs - .xx RFQ ax gi 1 'T , l'ZllNA MlL'llAl-Il, ,,Ed.. Frederick, Md. lilve Club. Cnniptire Girls. 'SU Q M ILDREII HARRIICTTE llllfll.-XEL ".i1il.'1"' 619 Adams Street, Havre de Grace. Md. Dramatic Club, Campfire Girls, Rural Club fu C ANNA L. MILLER "Anno" Keedysville, Md. Marshal, Y. W. C. A., Story Telling Club, Sei-oml Hockey Team. 'U I E. DOROTHY MILLER "Dot" Fawn Grove, Pa. League of Women Voters, Rural Club, Hik- ing Club, Glee Club, Hockey Team. fu I GLADYS MILTON T57 McCabe Avenue, Baltimore Athletic .Association Treasurer, Junior Mai'- shal, Junior Volleyball Team. NJ I CHARLOTTE MINNICK Hagerstown, Md. Y. W. C. A.. Hiking Club. Fi f ly-one 4 'J ,rdf .J V I A J is W-, - V. JL- . ,. L, .rf nr. be 4. .PII 5, 1 r..., . .fl .,, :,A,9r 7,114 R f SYM J . 1 Ill s wpfce iwvixkishg. f5. SL LQQXSNA ' I Al. RY TA EMMA LETITIA MOORE "Tish." Elkton, Md. Y. W. C. A., Hiking Club. 3 MARGARET LOUISE MOORE "Wez" White Hall, Md. Dramatic Club. 'E' IDA M. MORAN 719 Grantley Street, Baltimore 'Y MARGARET BRADLEY MOSS Annapolis, Md. Y. W. C. A., Section Vice-Chairman. E LILLIAN MUEHLBERGER "Lim Box 452, Colgate, Md. 'E DOROTHY NATHANSON KKDOV, 4109 Norfolk Avenue, 'Baltimore Dramatic Club, Glee Club, Tennis. Fifty tuo CRY TAL EDNA GRACE NEAL 1217 Harford Avenue, Baltimore League of Women Voters, CRYSTAL Repre- sentative. fu I GERTRUDE NELSON "Gvrtie" Annapolis, Md. Section Social Chairman, Section Vice- Chairman, Hiking Club Leader, Y. W. C. A., Girl Scouts. N c An MARGARET ELLEN NORRIS P R1 4703 Park Heights Avenue, Baltimore Glee Club, League of Women Voters, Story Telling Club. N! C CELIA NOVICK 3008 Winfield Avenue, Baltimore League of Women Voters, Story Telling Club. E MARGARET LEONA NOWELL Shady Side, Md. A B A Rural Club, Y. W. C. A. fu Q ELIZABETH NUTWELL "Nutly" Greenock, Md. Chief Marshal, Y. W. C. A., Rural Club, Senior Hockey Team, Girl Scouts, League of Women Voters. If J-" f ET Fifty-three N? r . A 'Pg Q R Yi 'ir GERTRUDE V. OLSAN League of Women Voters. Y Q HAZEL ADELIA ORR Streett, Md. , Arts and Crafts Club. I 1 i l l 3 3 l 5 CAROL JANE OSBORNE l 1 I 1 1 ' Forest Hill, Md. i ! 1 l The Mummers' League, Hiking Club. 3 EDITH MADELIN OWINGS Long Green, Md. Hiking' Club, Glee Club. 3 JENNIE CHARLOTTE PALEES "Duchess" 2138 E. Baltimore Street, Baltimore 3 MARY S. PALMER "Madge" Myersville, Md. Fif ty- f our -1321 Reisterstown Road, Baltimore Co., Md. ,1i1..,..-l-- If it i .ILQJA ANN Wlll'l'l-f l'lfAl'll "l'ru4'l11x" Mitt-ht-llvillu. Mil. X ll .X Glu.-e Club, Rural Club, Section l.ibrarian, Y, XY. C. A.. Toivrr Liylzf Rvpi't-suntzitivc, CRYSTAL Representative, fu Q .IOSICPI-IINE PECORA 4006 Eldorado Avenue. Baltimore League of Women Voters, Athletic Assot'ia- tion. "J I MARY KATHRYX PETRY "KiHen" Westminster, Md. Y. W. C. A. Treasurer, League of Women Voters Secretary. Dramatic Club. xx Q IDA PHELPS Bowie. Md. fu Q. EYELYX GERTRUDE PHILLIPS Brunswick. Md. Debating Club, Story Telling: Club, Tower Light Representative. '-.1 Q MARIE PLITT 1034 Hanover Street. Baltimore Fire Marshal. Fifty-fire if l , i ""'i'l f.. ig-:ML . n- .1 . +- 4' - A'-1 'is '. X 4. 5' 9 s. .A I .fft77g. J' V . I-. 1 I' f."".."2v it i -' f M jf, 14,4 . VP - f 'rv 5,302 , 141.1 yu, 1, 0- I V ,, .f.?'i-dfbclvf , -r ,fa!f7',".al L fy C41 ' U' ' ra: '91, ' O J,f11L,4:,f:f4fZ14,4, V I f tyco L Q,.,,,l.-Lf' ' E if R il .Um ll A MARGARET B. POOLE npegu Sykesville, Md. Y. W. C. A., Hiking Club. E MARIE POWERS 5 Melvin Avenue, Catonsville, Md. W. C. A. 3 RUTH WILMA PRITCHETT Bishop's Head, Md. N 2 Glee Club, Rural Club. 'E LILLIAN KATHRYN PROSER 2118 E. Baltimore Street, Baltimore Story Telling, Athletic Association. Y ALLENE F. PRUIT Camp Holabird, Md. Campfire President, Dramatic Club, Glee glub, Hiking Club, Hockey and Basketball eam. 3 EMMA HULDA PURNEI-L ufluldyn Sudlersville, Md. Treasurer of Section 11. Fifty-six Tower Light Representative, Secretary, I ff , ff 'X N f fm X lx .lil M7111 l xx, X l XT -J Q' mJv :li wg' 4 ' ' we :EEN ghf iv .5 ,. , Gl'IR'l'llL'Ill'I l'L'lCNlil.I, lf' fi, i Berlin. Md. - Glu- Club. f.. L i Q I ALICE Mt-CARDELL QUICK i F l Hagerstown, Md. Glec Club. Y. W. C. A., Section Cliuirman. 1 fe i Q l ELSIE E. REPP 1 "Else" l 110 S. Ellwood Avenue, Baltimore Story Telling Club, Art Club. I fv Q PEARL CATHERINE RHODES Clear Spring, Md. " ' Glee Club Vice-President, Debating Club, League of Women Voters, Mummers' League. N5 Y. MAE ROBERTS Oella, Md. Tower Light Staff, Art Club, Girl Scouts, Hiking Club. l' .il 'Qi e LOUISE A. ROHRER ' Funksrown, Md. Y. w. C. A. W l l Fifty-seven U1 3 NE RY 'ir HELEN ROSEMAN League of Women Voters. 'E AARON A. ROSEN Hancock, Md. Rural Club, Marshal, The League. 3 ALICE ROSS Easton, Md. Glee Club. 'E League of Women Voters. HELEN M. RUDY "Ru.d'ie" Middletown, Md. Canipfire Girls, Glee Club. 3 JUNE RULLMAN Marshal '28, '29. 2510 E. Baltimore Street, Baltimore Mummers' IRENE ROTTENBERG 2416 Callow Avenue, Baltimore, Md. Rodge1"s Forge, Baltimore Fifty-eight RY M. AUDREY E. SANSBURY Ritchie. Md. i Mummers' League. l fu Q , GEORGETTA SCHENKEL i Bengies, Md. Y. W. C. A. fu Q ALICE MARGARET SCHILLINGER 939 Montpelier Street, Baltimore Debating Club. ' Gs l Q LYDIA ELIZABETH SCHIERER 1 5320 Anglewood Avenue, Baltimore League of Women Voters. NS r C ELIZABETH SCHINDELE KLLibll 2319 E. Hoffman Street, Baltimore AKA Y. VV. C. A., Vice-President of General Stu- dent Council. fu Q EVELYN SCHOENHAAR 4143 Falls Road, Baltimore Fifty-nine - .1,cL-4 ' X, vi 'C-Qfslrsv l g RY TAL Q, HELEN SCHNEIDER 1620 Hazel Street, Baltimore League of Women Voters. ANNA SCHUDDEBOOM :IF Garrison, Md. X A E Glee Club, League of Women Voters, Stu- dent Council, Basketball Team, Debating Club. Y JOSEPHINE V. SCHULTZ UJOJJ 426 S. Cornwall Street, Baltimore League of Women Voters. i 3 LENA F. SCHULTZ "Schultzie" Frederick, Md. Story Telling Club, Y. W. C. A. MILDRED C. SCH ULTZ 1059 Buena Vista Avenue, Baltimore President Glee Club. 3 ROSE SCHWEDEL 1213 W. North Avenue, Baltimore Sixty . UU X-1' x JOHN SEAMON 3608 Frankford Avenue. Baltimox Dramatic Club, Baseball, Basketball, cer, Vice-President Athletic Assoc-iatio 3 ELMA SEESE Denton, Md. Y. W. C. A., Hiking Club, Glee Club. 'v Q PEARL SEITZ 2322 E. Madison Street, Baltimor Section Librarian. 'YJ Q FREDA ENID SHEFF "Frii:i" Annapolis, Md. Hiking Club, Hockey, Basketball Team Art Club, Story Telling Club. fu I ANNA GERTRUDE SHEPPERD Upper Falls, Md. N E President of Student Council, Hockex Track, Baseball and Basketball Teams League of Women Voters. fu I LENA M. SHIVES "Shiz'es" Big Pool, Md. Sixty-one I TAI., MARCELLA SIEGEL 3409 Piedmont Avenue, Baltimore 'E GRACE AUGUSTA SIGELMAN 1518 E. Baltimore Street, Baltimore Literary Society, Athletic Association. 3 HELEN DE CHANTAL SILK "Silkie" T06 Washington Avenue, Towson, Md. 3 JANEVA R. SLAYMAN "Jean" Hancock, Md. Glee Club. 'E RUTH ELIZABETH SMITH "Smitty" Frederick Junction, Md. 3 VIRGINIA E. SMITH "Ginnie" 1906 N. Fulton Avenue, Baltimore League of Women Voters,-President of Day Student Council, Member of General Coun- cil. Sixty-two Zia?" . ll., UU -Q VKX Q MARY HAMILTON SPENCER -101-I Park Heights Avenue, Baltimore l Athletic Association. E . REEDA SUSANNA STAFFORD 662 East 35th Street, Baltimore Story Telling Club. E KATHERINE STANTON Indian Head, Maryland Hiking Club, Y. W. C. A. fu Q C. BEATTIE STAUFFER Frederick, Md. Story Telling Club, Girl Scouts. as Q. CLARA MARGARET STERNER "Sierner" 168 Pennsylvania Avenue, Westminster, Md. Rural Club, Y. W. C. A. N5 Q JULIET ISABELLE STEVENS "Steve" Sudllersville, Md. XE' ' I A lx A l u - OJ kyf Vice-President of Rural Club, Social Chair- J man of Campfire, Literary Society. ' -xy .T ' c L91 ' ' - I S- h D X, yr it X ucty-t 'ree X - I Vw Ck if ' -V C- ,sf A N KN ., x QJN , g N -,J X 4- ' v s X ' -zf rf X sd kv gl'- --fm ,f V Y gf Q' 77 V ."' V 1' V g Y We R' K LOUISE BERTHA STIFFMAN 2608 Quantico Avenue, Baltimore Literary Society, Athletic Association, Hik- ing Club, Dancing Club. A MARIE H. STRATMAN i Pf "Sfraty,' J0'x0frJ Q 143, 3 Sparrows Point, Md. tv ,JW H -fe" S N E YV 2 i Section chairman. I 5 EVELYN MARIE STRAUSS ' "Straussie" Woodlawn, Md, 5 Y. W. C. A., Tower Light Representative ' '28, Librarian of Section '28, LYDIA M. STREHLAU KlLfdYY -1028 Kate Avenue, Baltimore 5 Y FLORA MAY STREETT l Sharon, Md. i Camera Club, Hiking Club. 1 Q ANNA STROW I . 2847 W. North Avenue, Baltimore N E I Marshal, League of Women Voters, Secre- tary Day Student Council. Sixty-four fy -fy ,NU X, XX A l Q l up .Mona L? X A '31, -3" GLENN C. STCLI. "Hind" R, I-'. ll, Nu, 6, I"re1lerick, Mil. Captain of Soccer Team, I-'ire Marshal, As sistnnt Section Chairman, Glue Club, 'l'ff1f'i'r Ligh! Staff. as Y. OLIVE WRIGHT SI.'Dl.ER "Sizzix" 3323 E. Baltimore Street, Baltimore fu Q MARY TARSIA 220 North Greene Street, Baltimore 'Xl I NELLIE ELIZABETH THOMAS "Nell" Chester, Queen Anne County, Md. Volley Ball Team. Forum. Hockey Team. fu Q MATTIE MARIE TIBBS Aberdeen, Harford County, Md. Art Club, Girls' Chorus, Girl Scouts, Y, XX C. A., Story Telling Club. NJ Q EVELYN B. TODD ttTlIfIdI'C', Preston, Md. Hiking Club. Sifty-fire Y Da g R, Y E. DOROTHY TODD Deal's Island, Somerset County, Md. Art Club, Girls' Chorus, Y. W. C. A. 3 DOROTHY G. TRAUTNER 2918 E. Pratt Street, Baltimore 'i DOROTHY HUNGEfRFOR1D TURNER ccDollyrx Prince Frederick, Calvert County, Md. Hiking Club, Tennis Club, Hockey 'Club Girls' Chorus. 3 WILSON VALENTINE "Reggie" 633 W. Baltimore Street, Baltimore Dramatic Club, Marshal, Orchestra. 'E IDA MAY VAN FOSSON Glen Burnie, Md. Y. W. C. A. 3 DORIS B. VOYCE iKD0t7! 2031 W. Baltimore Street, Baltimore Sixty-six I 113 If X 'is U ,ik l , X 1 .ff 1 i , X FLORENCE ORWAN Ylliluli Aberdeen, Md. .X Ii .X Treasurer Class, Junior Year, l.t-:urine of Women Voters, Forum. 'u Q MARIE CONSTANCE VINCI 642 Portland Street, Baltimore Story Telling Club, Section Librarian. to I MARY HAYWARD WADDEY Princess Anne, Md. Hiking Club, Dramatic Club, Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association. fo Q HILDA WAGNER 2721 Alameda Blvd., Baltimore League of Women Voters. ro Z MARY A. WASHBURN Hereford, Md. Vice-Section Chairman, Health Officer, Chorus, Hiking Club. fo Q ESTHER LOUISE WEINBACH MESH 811 W. Saratoga Street, Baltimore A K A Editor of TowcriLight, Hockey, Glee Club, Hiking Club, League of Women Voters, Mummers League, Class Chairman. Sixty-seven f J . A- . 5 V px! 1 ' Q QC' "7 l l i l i 1 . i 31-5' r uf- I ,- JJJD- ,, '-,u RY TA GERTRUDE WEINER -1015 Dalrymple Avenue, Baltimore me K. MARION 'WELCH Annapolis, Md. League of Women Voters, Y, W, C, A. E MARGARET ELLEN WESSEL upegu 414 Southway, Baltimore Athletic Cluby Story Telling Club. 1 VJ' .1 ' f ,J , I, If ,l'- WL? KATHERINE WHEELER ' "Kitty" ,. , ' Towson, Md. ' x I "Forum. 'E DOROTHY ELLEN WHITE 1KD0tY! Stevensville, Md. Athletic Board, Hockey Team, Baseball Team, Volley Ball Team, Hiking Club. 3 CATHERINE CLAUDIA WIGLEY Millersville, Md. Story Telling Club, Y. fW. C. A., Section Librarian, Girl Scouts. Sixty-eight ..l. .l. i 'H Ink ' D9 ' 159175 'h tm DORA MURIEL WILDER Glyndon, Md. X A If Dramatic Club. HELEN WILLIAMS 4401 Hamilton Avenue, Baltimore Story Telling Club, Athletic Association. fu Q HENRI SINCLAIR WILLIAMS 1430 John Street, Baltimore 3 MARGERY OREM WILLIS 2012 N. Calvert Street, Baltimore N E as I HELEN MARIE WILSON Putty Hill Avenue, Fullerton, Md. Hiking Club, Y. W. C. A., Psychology Club. fu Q JEANETTE WILSON Towson, Md. N E X A E Orchestra, Day Student Council, Tower Light Staff, Forum. S ixty-nine E were , V Z MELVA A. WILKINS Chestertown, Md. Debating Club. E HILADA WINAKUR it-Hd!! 2813 Boarman Avenue, Baltimore 'E DOROTHEA WOLFF 2923 E. Madison Street, Baltimore Athletic Association. 3 RO SE WOLFE "Rosie" 3306 Powhatan Avenue, Baltimore Glee Club, Tennis Team, Hockey Team. Y J. ARTHUR W'O'0D xawoodyas Easton, Talbot County, Md. Business Manager Tower Lfight, Rural Club, Dramatic Club, Marshal, Orchestra, Glee Club, Vice Social Chairman. RALPH E. YEALY "Sonny" Harney, Md. T 2 A Rural Club, Basketball Manager, Section Chairman '29, Men's Glee Club, Dramatic ' Club. Seventy QRY TA MARY H. YOUNG i Barstow, Md. Volley Ball Team, Hiking Club. fu Q HILDA DOROTHEA ZETZER 2808 Berwick Avenue, Baltimore CRYSTAL Staff, Section Chairman, Athletic Association. lv I SADIE ZIMMERMAN 1173 Washington Boulevard, Baltimore N I NAOMI SOPHIA ZINK uAran 4504 Harford Road, Baltimore Seventy-one N E HQ- STX f 5. 1929 Normal School! Normal School! Tzventydnine to you, will be true. lVith. the Green for our growth And the lVhite for our faith. lVe sing honor and praise to you. CHORUS: May our banner float high on the breeze To bring glory and fame untoldg "Crescamus Eundo-Let as grow as Ive go!" For we are bound for victory! Normal School! Normal School! Thy standards zve hope Let our hopes and our Win us titles of fame And our motto fore'er to acquireg aim inspire. Music and words, by NIARION GOLDMAN. Normal School! Normal School! Thy sons and daughters weg Graduates of Twenty-nine. VVe e'er shall loyal be True to thy traditions, To thy customs, mfost sincere, Though 'we've left thy spacious halls, lVe'll love thee more ea-ch year. Normal School! Normal School! Be thou. our fortress strong, Help us in our chosen, line And keep as from all wrong,- Bind us by thy rule of loveg Make us a, part of thee, Then the Class of Twenty-nine To thee shall grateful be. Words and music by WILSON VALENTINE. Class Songs Normal, we are here, Staunch, tried, and true. II'e'll tight and cheer, II'e'lI boost Old Twenty-nine, And send it over the top, And zve'll praise the Green and lVhite. Long may she wave, For power and might, And dear Old Twenty-nine. Nineteen Twenty-nine, Pride of the wears, Our love is thine, In work or play Our thoughts to you will ever be true, And 1ve'll praise the Green and White. Long may she wave For pozver and might, And dear Old Twenty-nine. Tun.e: Our Director's March Words by A. HACKMAN. O, Twenty-nine, to you we sing A song of love and praiseg To you. of all 1ve'll cherish true And love through all our days, For Green and White our emblem is To hold above the rest, 'Twill light our way through everyday And every noble quest, The -mark we lea ve at Normal here A credit we hope 'twill be, A record of what our class has been And what it hopes to be. May Alma Mater cherish high The Class of Twenty-nine, For ice will strive to reach the goal With Green and White entwined. W01'dSlANNE SHEPPERD Music-FRANK LEWIS ,Zn e NK CQESCAJVIUS ELJNDO Ns Q Al-14. X va E2 29 o, in -,squid I 1,0 f L . 1 bf XX I his as 'w r I, 1, 'ga lr-'SA JV Xv, ,gl 21 xv' Seventy-two CRY T is Hz'stor -Wz'se or Otherwise it cami to Normal School. Street cars brought us. and Fords brought us, and Cadillacs. We came lu Normal School-from farm and village, front town and city. from ocean resort and mountain town Some got lost and couldu't tell the Dorm from the .Xrlministration Building twe know where they came fromt and others-well. there wasn't anything they didn't know. but they would honor the school hy coming. But this we all knew-we knew we could teach. XYe had substituted and we had had Sunday School classes. and after two years uf learning what to teach, we'd just change this country around a little bit, "you het." It never occurred to us that after eight years in grammar school and four in high school that there was anything left to lvurn. XYell. we soon got our first jolt. We found that we had to learn to make beds-with square corners. what ever that meant. .Xnd next, did we learn to carry water and do the Goosestep! If we didn't, Bill of Rights rules were in vain. .-Xfter about a week, the class divided. Some studied books and some studied -C Fj, but we all studied just what we had been studying for the last twelve years. Soon we began to learn. But alas! it was in spite of the faculty. not because of them. XX'e learned when to use an alibi-how to dress after the warning bell has rung, and how to look intelligent. though asleep. lDon't take this too seriously. Some knew this already: others never will learn it.j .-Xnd did we learn to use the Library! I'll say we did. We learned to ask the librarian for books Qthis takes less time than looking in the card cataloguej XYe learned to swap library cards. and discovered the wisdom of carrying out at least eight books a day. Some people might think you studied them. Soon we caught on to assemblies. Some took notes: others slept. :Xnd we found out about week-ends. That is, some did. They are a source of strength or weakness. Choose for yourself. And other things we learned. tDon't feel stepped on, you probably knew this first, but some didn't.J How to get a car check. when to ring the bell. when to cross the street, and how! where the ten cent store may be found, and what is meant by the word, "Keene's." Then something horrid happened. "The survival of the Fittestf' XYe had heard of the law before, but it hadn't meant much. But it did now. The class struggled through an awful week. and then came to, finding itself smaller. but stronger. Then. almost before we knew it, Christmas and Easter were gone, and every one was singing, "The spring-the spring has come again," and the Front Campus was soft and green and strolling became the thing to do. And then, one day. the last bell had a very tired sound, and we didn't hear it any more till September. How queer! There weren't any Seniors this year. .-Xnd then we remembered. lVc were Seniors, and those people that looked so scared. why, they were the jun- Continued on Page One Hundred and Sir Severity-tliree ADCUC6 In Hearty Aftef ffifidfui U l '15WerL1gjht,s NI .XDIQLIQ l lrzRux1.xx .'l5xm'1'uIv lfditnr .mv I.uL'1s15 I.ri.xT111iRm'm' Circulating -llmzugrr H rum Ii15s1'x12R ELIZ.XBli'I'H Scmxmiuz Hmm Zxzrznn Se venfy-fi ve Crystal Staff Durm'1'ux' RI. BI CG L'RTY Elll'l0V-l'I1-Cflfff .Alrt Ef11'f0r.v BIARJORIE XYILLIS ANNA f:.kLPliRIN Esrmzu I.oL'1s12 W1a1xu,xc11 Tj'f'l.llxQ Staff Bussnt S. Colinas: .1ICIlIGgI.llg Edilor ALICE L. Mrxx XX'1LI.I.xx1 1ixNN1i1:sLlix' l'I11s1'm'.v.v .1Iu1m17cr Iix'I2Lx'N QQIRARDIN .-I1lt'vl'lis1'115f .ilflmzgvr U1,.xxcu li M. .TACH Aux EI.IL.'XHI'.lIl Kllixclxlixr FANNIE HIIilfRXI.XN it al , get A g In the Eyes Qf 1929 111i x'li.xR 1929 marks the second anniversary of our annual, rightly named THE CRvs'rAL. The Maryland State Normal School had been without an annual for many years, until last year, when the Class of ,ZS inaugurated the CRrsT.xL. XYe are proud of the achievement of these loyal friends who have blazed the trail for us, and we recognize our lasting debt for this most treasured possession of every Normal School graduate. XYe have attempted to reflect in the CRYSTAL of the Class of '29 the shifting scenes of our student life and classes: to embody in these pages the spirit of our class, as a record of lasting friendships and many happy hours. Wie wish to ex- tend our heart-felt appreciation and thanks to Miss Alice Munn and Miss Nellie Birdsong, without whose loyal support our hopes and plans would have been doomed to failure. If, when Time has begun to dim the memories of our Normal School days, a glance within the CRYSTAL may still possess the power to evoke either a smile or a sigh. then we shall know our efforts have not been in vain, then, and then only, shall we know this book is worthy of our class and our beloved Alma Mater. DOROTHY MCGVRTY. or Farewell Word ALE! F.-xi:1iwELL! Sad words, for they indicate the parting from scenes and friends we love: the interruption of delightful associations and precious friendships for some period, sometimes forever. Their very utterance carries a note of sorrow and regret for the things which will pass out of our daily lives, even though for only a short period. It is inevitable that to each of us must come times and occasions when the word of farewell must be spoken. And for us of the Class of 1929, the time is here. lYe must bid farewell to our stu- dent days at Normal, so full of pleasant experiences and splendid opportunities: farewell to the days of comparative freedom from serious responsibility, the days in which our chief care has been only to adequately prepare ourselves for the achievement of success in the years ahead of us. Yes, on the last of our student days we are looking to the XVest, watching the setting sun with great sadness in our hearts, but at the same time we rejoice in the knowledge that on the morrow the sun will rise again: and, as we turn our faces to the east. we shall see the dawning of another day, bringing with it new and greater opportunities, and we all sincerely trust, a most successful career for each of us. And so, in parting, we say to each other-Good-bye. Au Revoir,-Good Luck, -God Speed! A. G. H. Screvzty-si.z: ,779 :Lx fy. if UU rs ' rr f X Let Us Grow As We Go mix we. as future teachers. considergthe immensity and responsibility of the task that is soon to be ours. how very careful and above reproach we should strive lu be! The teacher's life is not only her own-it is her pupils'. her school's, her cmnumuuity's-and because of this it should be a thing of beauty-a tit possession for those around her. The world is composed of teachers and scholars: those who expound knowl- edge, and those who absorb it. In every walk of life we hnd these two types, and everyone of us at one time or another has experienced each of them. Une does not necessarily go to school to learn or to teach. The business man teaches his assistant the intricacies of his trade. The assistant. then the scholar, soon teaches an employee of lesser importance all that he has learned, and so becomes the teacher. The minister learns, and then teaches his congregation. The doctor learns, and then teaches his patients through ministering to them. The designer learns of the latest fashions, and then teaches the public through his creations. All the knowledge of' the world is acquired through these two processes, and has been since man lived. Are not our ancient folk tales an example of this-when a lord. having learned the details of a battle or a great ceremony of some sort. sang of and taught this event to his immediate audience: and in doing so also taught future generations? Even in lower animal life we find these two principles illustrated. lYho has not seen the mother bird teach her young ones to Hy. and who has not heard of the way in which the mother rabbit teaches her little ones to sense and receive danger signals by thumping their hind feet on the ground? All life is spent in the pursuit of these two principles. VVe shall not be teachers only while we are in school. On the street. in our homes. among our friends, we shall be teaching others continually. NYe may teach commendable actions and attitudes, or we may teach Cperhaps unconsciouslyj others to scoff at things which are worthwhile. And even though we hope to call ourselves teachers. some of our time will be spent in learning-in acquiring skill and ways of thinking from those around us. Here. also. we have a choice. XYe may dis- regard that which we know to be beneficial, and accept flimsy. useless material: or we may outlaw that which is not worthy, and adopt those things which will connt for much. XYhen we see. then. how much a teacher's life belongs to others. should we not strive to pattern and construct our lives as carefully as possible. so as to be able to present them proudly in service for others. Thus may we know. without vanity, that we are doingour utmost to fulfill the mission of all true teachers-that of het- tering to the highest degree the pupils and their environment? JEAN Ginnoxs-Sr. 3. Seventy-seven ll 513555-i Fi: l'l'l'Nil'i l'5'5'l'l' 'I' lflia lu 'ig ilil U iiiswifi W f, 1 1 ill Equal. -N H. A. .J ' ' L' in Aff' X UU l r' i fix ' X N . ng C34 Resume Qffzmior Class Accomplishments mi MICXIIHICRS of the .lunior Class came almost eu masse from high sclionls and during the tirst part of the lirst term passed through a transitory pet'iod spanning the vast gulf between childhood and young womanhood and man- hood. They came eagerly, they came with open minds to learn tu serve sincerely. wisely and adequately as a part of that great system of teaching children. The class stands for those things which will enable the members to give the most service as teachers and as citizens of the world. It stands for health of mind and body. It stands for superlative scholarship, for truth, for courage, for toler- ance. lt stands for happiness. And how have the luniors brought these high sounding platitudes into actual living. They have excelled in sports. Many have built up strong. line bodies. Healthy bodies mean healthy minds. They have gen- erally excelled in scholarship through natural interest and aptitude. As for truth. courage. and tolerance-who can measure these? Only intangible ideals-stars to which we hitch our wagons! The happiness comes through honest striving and some achievement. These are the ideals. but in concrete things progress has been made too. Gr- gamzation took place rapidly. Mr. Fischer was elected president and Mr. XYalther adviser. Both have proved themselves extraordinarily competent executives. Blue and gold were chosen as the class colors. It is traditional that one of the class colors be taken from the school emblem of gold and white, like "the daisy's heart of gold"-an indication of the love that was early felt for Normal School. In athletics the -luniors have been unusually successful in everything except the competitive meet. Another very important part of the program and one which will probably be outstanding in making Normal School careers was junior Participation. XYith few exceptions the class entered whole-hearteclly and enthusiastically into this first teaching experience. Servare intellegimus. 'We learn to serve. has been selected as the class motto. The Iunior Class may feel that its whole high purpose is incorporated in those few words-learning for service. If it prove appropriate, as teachers of children, we are accomplishing much of our purpose. The Class of '30 has the finest and best of goals in the distance. It has the finest and best of living materials-young men and women. May they come near enough to their objective to continue to seek farther, ever grasping and longing for something higher and better! RIARY Loctsta Zscunzsemi. Seventy-nine Eze Tower Lzght Stay? Editor-izz-Clz1'rf Associate ESTHER Loustz XYIQINBACH BL.-xNcH13 -IACHMAN Social .rfflllclfl-CS Jokes MAE ROBERTS Max' Corrixv QTTO SVENDSON W1LLt,xxr IQINNERSLEY Tyfifltg .lfazzugrr Busiizvss llfanager HILDA IQESTNICR J. ARTHUR XVOOD Cl'Vt'llIcIfI.0H lllazzugyfzgc :flf'Z'L'l'fI.Kfl1g Staff STELLA AICGRADY RUTH ENSOR H1cL12x Mianciait JEANNETTE XVILSON Eze Tower Lzght IIERL COULD be no more fitting title to our school magazine than the Tower l,1'gflzf.' The Totem' Light, as the name implies. is the light of our school! It is a magazine that records school events. provides entertainment, and reflects the embryonic literary achievements of our student body. It tells of the hopes, aspirations. ideals. and attitudes of our students-thereby spreading the light of ,1-1lJXX'SIll1 Normal throughout our state. To the class of 1930 we entrust the future of Toruer Light, and may the rays thereof spread farther and shine brighter under their care and guidance. May they keep it a shining symbol of our school! E. L. XV. Eighty 4 V! an W 1 ' ' V . ' C' f ' L" ,ff 7 -- "va ,K H 0 s '-Mi", MQ' 94 1 " RZ' A!', Hiifif' f R My P 7 1. 414 f Y - if ' .I G E 1 P Q' L14 H 7 U 1. .,..a' 1 5 P K. E ,ff I ,iff 42" lcsR' 'Y',H. E, ozlcf' QSPC C IQAWSQ Pai ' " 0 A 2 L 'J , ', f1LXrA L R 5, 'rffgzl Ag X K- 'LZ fv E" IH' Rfyqgsll If Ef5 B G, A : Sf , 2 -, , My N x I A gif," i 0 ,, 4 G4 . 'IL X' v f',Cif' ji VA Q R Eff? ' 0 gflkf f ,- Vf I f T :Q f ff ff , E f 5152 f Q I T 1 I ' 'fii'jf" g 51" X , ' I2 E f R Zi? gf? X ,ff if R, f 5 ff ,,zQ1f f I X 1 It X lj , Y" T 7 Qi, Z' , fijy, 7 ff ff 5, ' A , f 4 5 ' "7 f :4"lf'fa . .ff E '1 3 M- .2135-,.,, M A ' A V -A 1. u 1 1 4 ' 'fi N . x X. ' liiillf--. iff? ' 1' f .A if - S ' - E ' .r-in f . AMA Cnlpcrfq Sud ' General Student Council Prcsidvizf HENRY .lANs1:N 171.50-Pl'CSfdf'llf Svtvvtciry-Treasurer EL1z1x1s12T11 SCHINDELE ANN PEACH 1112 G12N1f11,xL STUDENT COUNCIL who were elected in the spring of 1928, began their year's work on the opening clay of school by arranging and car- rying out the full plans for registration of both Seniors and juniors. Start- ing out well the varied work of the Council inoyed forward on a high plane with- out allowing any chance backward step. All activities in which students playecl a part were carefully planned and car- ried out. The conduct of the students through this year has been worthy of our school. This fact quickened the energies of the student council into Ending pos- sible ways of raising an already high and enviable standard. May high principles of honor and conduct always be in our school and our lives! Eighty-tzvo ' il 'i -mv- 'Z' s-Nt, ,, -,-wi ,,,,,.!,F.. ll 'NY' .rd fDa3f Student Council P1't1r1'tit'11! X'IRGINIA SMITH l 'irc-Prt'.vidv:1t Scw'vlt1z'y- Treasurer Dokornx' AICGURTY .XXNA S'1'Row ms 1I.xs BEEN a successful year for the Day Student Council: it has not only carried out its purpose, but has also inaugurated several new features into its organization. Not the least of these is the introduction of a treasury the content of which has alreacly begun to grow clue to benefits sponsored by the Council. The Day Student Council of 'l'u'enty-nine wishes that of Twenty-eight all success. Eighty-three Ghe 5BoaPo'z'ng Student Council President ANNE SHEPPARD l'icef-Prvsidcnzf Prcsidczzfr, Newell Hall Prcs1'a'c1zf, Riclzmolzd Hall CHARLOTTE EADER CAMILLA JOHNSON CATHERINE BOONE S0rrvz'a.ry- TI'f'USIll'L'l' AN NA SCHUDDEBOOM IIE BOARDING STUDENT COUNCIL is an indispensable part of our dormitory organization. The cooperation of the students and oflicers result in the well-balanced life that we enjoy so much. The Student Council not only functions as a melting pot for all of our troubles, but it also sponsors, together with the staff, many social activities such as the monthly birthday parties, sing songs, folk dancing, the Old English Dinner at Christmas and dining room fes- tivities on holidays such as Valentine and George XYashington's birthday. XVe may truly take pride in the efficiency with which our Boarding Student Council and the staff, engineer the clorinitory program. Eigluty-fozn' - .fgqrlfi fC371e Orches tra HE GRCHESTR.-X has furnished music at the dinner and special prograin of Junior Mothers' XYeek-end, for the Christmas program, the Old linglish Dinner. the .Xlumni Reception, one of the Senior Teas, and an .Xssumbly program. They plan to play for the Men's Physical Training' exhibition, the Spring Concert, a performance of Midsummer Nighfs Dream, and the Bacca- laureate and Connnencement programs. lX'e wish to perfect our performance and are working hard to do so. Eiflhfjl-fi! 6 X 5 Z' .l '995 I I A Nia' -Wal-' Glee Club I7I'l'XI.lft'llf BlII.DRIfIm SCIIULZ I ill?-1,I't'5l.tI't'llf SL"l'l'L'fGI'VV Treasurer PEARL RHODES MARY h'OL7NG BIARION GOLDMAN l'lllNl'. 'ruii Pixsi' YIQAR the Glee Club under the direction uf Miss XVeyforth has pluyctl 11 rzlther important part in the life of the scliuul. Besides help- ing In pruviclc music fur the assemblies. it has given Z1 number of special pi'ugra11is. The tirst of these was given fur the ninthers of the Junior students during .luniur Mothers' XYeelq-encl and was repeutecl at one of the scliool assem- blies. Next crune u group of three Christmas IJCl'fll1'l'l'lZl11CCS.-I1 Christmas Coni- niunity Sing helrl :lt the sclimil, thc Olml lfnglish Dinner-tn which the fiilee Club cimt1'ibutefl.fz1nfl the Ntlflllfll Sclitml Christmas prug1'zun, fur which the Glee Club tugcther with the ill'CllCSt1'Zl, was respunsible. Un the latter occasion the Glee Club sang cnmls of tlifferent lzincls on the theme uliverywliere, lfverywhere Christ- nizis To-iiiglitf' these being nizule vivicl through clrzunzitization. 'llhanks to the help of the .Xrt Departinent we hzul beautiful scenery :incl costumes. Since Christnizis the Glee Club has been working un liZlCClllZllll'CZllfQ and C0111- nienccnient music :ls well as un several special "stunts" If you "listen in" uutsicle Rfunn lO5 xilninst any :1fte1'iiuui1 yuu will hear interesting strains from tht-se prtigrxuns. Eighty-six "6..-. n . 5C'57te Chi C141pha Szgma Fraternity OFFICERS 1'z'r'.vi4I'vI1! I'it't'-P1'v.riticnf St'n't'1t11',V xl.XRGARl-I'1' I.. Roniuziz, '27 .-XI.Ic12 RICH, '25 X'IRGINIA Cuiiw, 29 Trfthmrcr Fdflllfj' .-1d"Z'f5Cl' IivI:I.x'N BIINNICK, '26 Miss M. Y. AIEDWISDEFF HE Cnr .XLPIIA SIGMA Fx.-xrrinxirr seeks to promote high standards of student living by electing its members on the basis of scholarship, charac- ter. and achievement. The first meeting of the year on November ll, took the form of a dinner which was held at the Chimney Corner. This was an informal reunion which was attended by members from all parts of the state. The speaker. Mrs. David Rob- inson. told about her interesting experiences in Asia Minor and Greece last year. .-Xt the mid-winter meeting the members uf the fraternity enjoyed a most delightful lecture by Dr. Longley, professor of Biology at Goucher College. The spring meeting, the last of the year, will be another reunion which will be held at Miss Tall's house. . The fraternity has enjoyed a most profitable year and is looking forward to a more extensive program each year. Eighty-seven sq League of Women Voters Prvsidvlzt Vice-P1'v.ride11t Tl'CUSllI'Cl' LOUISE CLARK VIRGINIA CHEW TXT.-XRY TNIACKENZIE C.0l7'C5f0l1dI'IIf1 SFCl'L'fc1l'j' Rvrora'1'1zg .S'm'1'ctury .-ldtfzlrel' IQEGINA DONAHUE BTARY PETRY Miss LIQNA C. XT.-KN BIBBER CREED x OUR SCHOOL for the past Five years. we have had a chapter of the League of Young Yoters allied with the League of XYomen Voters. The special con- cern of our organization has been to stimulate and foster interest in political matters on the part of the faculty a1Id student body. This we carry out in various ways: we hold semi-monthly meetings, addressed by outside speakers, or by league members themselves: we take charge of some assenibliesz we conduct excursions to observe legislative bodies in action: we in- terest ourselves actively in the conduct of school organization elections. Thus, we have tried to further the political consciousness of ourselves and our school. During the recent presidential election. we expressed our political function in two ways. Our organization interested itself in "bringing out the votew on our campus. We urged upon citizens the necessity of expressing their convictions at the polls. In various ways yve put before voters their responsibility in the matter, offering' our services to aid absentee voting. A short while before election day, we brought Professor XYinsloxv of Goucher College to speak to the school from a non-partisan angle on the issues of the campaign. These concrete illustrations are intended to convey to the reader some idea of our purposes. We are conscious of the fact that in the lines of our interest, there is much more that should be done, yet Ive feel hopeful that in the scheme of school life the League of Young Yoters occupies a useful place. Eighty-e1'ght -1,- Tjhe Qjllummer 19 Leag ue Prv.v1'1l'vi1l I'1'u'-l'n'.riflt'11t .S't'rn'ft11'j' S.xx1L'1iL GOLDBERG Maxx' BL"l"1'5 Huux B. lX.,XNiINKONV Treasurer .S't'1'gva11f-al-.tlrnzs .A1x.r1'.vfu11f fo SCt'I'L'fl1I'lV .-X.xRoN Rosiix XYILSON VALENTINE I5.Xl!lfI.Llf liL'CKNI2R .'ltl'Z'liA'CI' and Iffmzomry .llvrzllwcr Mics. ST.XI'LliTON min: MANY YIQARSV, the Xfvrmal Dramatic Club ancl the Vestalnzzi Dramatic Club were the twu urganizatiuns through which the sturlents gave expression to their clramatic tastes ancl abilities. Due to some changes in the sturlent nr- ganizations and extra-curricular activities of the schuul during' the 1923-lfllfl schmul year. the afurementionerl clramatic clubs clissulvezl. liurmer members of the Normal anfl the ljestalozzi Dramatic Clubs who so rlesirecl merged into a single organization bearing name nf the "Klummer's League." The purpfrse of the "Rlummer's League" is to prumnte anfl foster the clra- matic tastes of the student burly anrl to prnvimle the scliiiml with entertainment through the presentation of the highest type of plays. Music. as well as rlrama and rlramatic cnnipnsitinn. may be cleiinecl as either tragic or comic: therefnre. the conperatinii of the music department, uurler the flirection of Miss xYCyfI'PI'Il'l. with the 1lLll'l'llllL'I'.S League. gives an aflrlecl assur- ance to the success of this dramatic urganizatinn. The members uf the Hlllll1lH1CI"S League" extencl to llrs. Stapleton their heart-felt thanks anil fleep appreciation for the time, etturt. aufl energy that she has given in the way of sincere aflrice anfl capable coaching. Eighty-nim' 'E Q flu' U4 .75'f' . we 'S' 6heYWC.A. Pz'c51't1u11f - Nom HALE I'im'-I'n'.vfdt'11t .S'cf1'vtu1'y T1'vt15z11'm' REBECCA CHARLES CL.xR,x EvIiRIs'r BIARY PETRY IIE Y. XY. C. QX., with a membership of one hundred fifty started the year with a "Go to Church" campaign followed by a buffet supper in the foyer as its "hit" tm help make Junior XYeek a success. XYith this as a start we made rapid progress in our undertakings, the most outstanding of which was the Christmas Bazaar. The cabinet has heen very faithful in its etlurt to put on inter- esting Yesper Services for which it has felt rewarded hy a large attendance every Sunday evening. .Vincty .We 2' I5- 5-C371e Tara! Club 1,I'L'.fI-tffllf 'I t'Lnar S'1'uv1zxs I 'nu'-I'r't'.v1'tlt'11f Svr1't'tt11',t' TI'L't7S1fI'Q'I' RUTH l,RI'1'CHETT NIZTTIIC Kixc l.x'xi.xx llriftf IIE RIfR.xL CLVP: is an igirganizzttion furthering interest in rural work. To carry out this purpose we have business and sficial meetings. Swine uf our must interesting meetings have been: l. Student 'lie:tcl1er's Experiences at P. T. A. Meetings. 2. Sclmols in fiierinznn'-Dr. Agnes Snyrler. The most iinprntrmt seeial event of the year is our annual rlinner helfl in the Newell Hall Dining linnin. at which time we have a speaker well informed on im- portant ztnvl present-rlrty t-clneztti-:tml Inmlilt-ins relating tn rural work. Ninety-one Che Forum Prvsfdvzzt MAY M. COFFAY I'icc-Prvsidwzf Secretary Adviser AIARIIZ STRATTMAN RIARGARET CRoswELL Mlss HARRIET BADER HE FORL'Ml XYhat does it mean? lVhat do they do? XVhat is it all about? XVe are a small group, yet we are anxious to know just what is happening in this world in which we live. It is for this reason that we Forumites have read and discussed some of the most important questions of the day-such as a Federal Department of Education, and the Boulder Dani project. XVe have not only discovered what others have said about these topics but we too have given our opinions freely and we can assure you that we have enjoyed the uhest o' fun" in our heated discussions. Ninety-1100 ug sv A ' J' ii .4 -' S 9 ' s 'Nl N . i .l l, . .J , x , w X , .n V ps I' MP Flag' GIRLS Lileta Camp Fire Girls Pl't'.vfdF11f .XILEIQN PRL'lT'1' l'ict'-I'1't'sit1t'11t Sc't'l'c'ft!I'j' TI'1'1I5IlI'1'l' S.-um l3,xsT1.xx linxa AIICHAEL SARAH 15owLL's Sf7L'l'lI1 C'11t11'1'u1t111 .lL'LIliT Sricviaxs lllf I.ILlfT,X CAMP FIRE is limited to twenty-one memhers-ten of yvhum are Seniors. The watehu'm'cl, "XYo-He-LO." fXYurk, Health, lmvel has heen an inspiration to the group in finding romance. lneauty. and adventure in everyday life. This year we have been very fortunate. as Miss Sperry has let us have a rotnn for our weekly meetings in Newell llall, so that we might have the pleasure of ar- ranging the rumn attractively fur ceremunials, work meetings, and incluur suppers. In the spring comes our "red-letter" week-end when we may invite uur friends to join us for three glfwriutis clays at XYau'anaissa. along the Severn. XYe've fle- citlecl that there is only une thing hetter-and that's more of it. Ninety-lh ref ,W Wjl' , .1 1 , My .rf pl-f l ' ' F f ' ' ' 1 ASSEMBLY MARSHALS 5 CHOIR IE III 6 THE ATHLETIC BOARD fC'57ze Athletic Assocz'atz'on I'1'cc-P1'v.vidv11t vlonx Siirxnox .lltzizugfvr of F4111 Tcrm Donornx' XYHITE Tv111z1'.v ,lhuztigcr l2L1z.na1sTH GILPIN f?llXi1Il'.YS .lfdlldflff l'.xL'L GOLDSTEIN PJ'L'.s'Iid1'll1' AIARGARET Drcx T1'ca.r111'vr GLADY5 BIILTON lVil1fcr Term MAY COFFAY TClIJll'S rlhimigm' PIAROLD GALPERIN Track NYM. IQINNERSLEY Baskctliall .llamzgcr Baxcluzfl .llamzgcr Hiixsox Ifxxxxs SC't'I'l'1'L1l'J' HIQLEX BRQOKHART Sfiriiig Term ANNE GIVINNES Soccer .llaizagcr FRANK FOWBLE Uaslrvtlmll .llazzagcr R. YEARLEY s THE Normal School life of 1929 draws to a close. the members of the .-Xthletic Association Board view their work with a careful eye. It has been a successful year and the board of next year has a strong foundation with which to start. The members of the Senior Class are to be congratulated on their choice of officers. Miss Milton has proved the best of treasurers and Miss Brookhart has been an able secretary. .VX great deal of work has been ac- complished dne to the efforts and cooperation of the board. composed of about fifteen students and three faculty advisers: Miss Sammis. Miss Roach. and Mr. lllinnegan. Ninety-six l 1:L'r .11 MU .cr' ' - 1 1' T . ,. ., 1 ' i DP? -, 3 ' ,I KI 511' ' 7 lf, X' .' i T -:X xx IE: A " 'EY-'Ii - ' U. HIT' . ,::: , M l,tC M us: Y i 4 -. - . I ,fs . Gia .l..u.,. N4 'I i ..- 1 9 'O " 'v' -ini SOCCER TE.-lil! .X few of the important things done during the ycar were: 1. The reorganization of the constitution. 2. The decision that no one is to play on a team or receive any .Xthletic Association awards unless he is a member of the .Xssociation. 3. The decision that hereafter all managers will be appointed by the coach. .Xs to sports. the .Xthletic :Xssociation manages all sports at Normal and also aims to sponsor good sportsmanship. XYe cannot truthfully say that 1929 was a victorious year for the Senior Class. for in both Basketball and llockey the jun- iors carried ott the laurels. Miss XYhite, hockey manager, should be commended for the excellent way she filled her position. Bliss Cotfay also worked to keep basketball equipment in playing order. An added attraction of the basketball season was the lfaculty games. We admire the spirit and sportsmanship of the faculty members who struggled gallantly against the Senior first team and the Junior Second team. The Inter-Class Demonstration which was one of the great- est successes of the year was won by the Seniors-28-20. The men's soccer and basketball seasons were most successful due largely to the good management of Mr. Fowble tsoccerj and Mr. Yealy tbasketballj. .X Characteristic prominent in these two sports and not true of the same sports in other years is the fact that they came out on the credit side financially. The mem- bers of the teams lost little time from school though they played college teams miles away and carried a heavy schedule of games. This absence from school due to athletics is one thing we are trying to eliminate and it is gratifying to see that we are atvlast on the right road. And so we close our eyes-wishing the future board the success and joy we have had and hoping always that any Normal School team will come out with colors llying. Ninety-seven HOCKEY TEAM TENNIS TEA M GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM BOYS' BASKETBALL TEAM , ', ,, JI.-UN LIBRARY fply VN 1,1BR.4m' STAFF? .X X LM wry Xlgxmfx SM thyls A Q 522-3CS!'K'ZK"f5J.S""fxJ..i""1f.fLY"'i"f'J.T.a.i' 'Z 4.'Y'f"Z 4.3 Z SJ C 5 To the Class of 29 x J '1 1 S Z 8 1 l 2 'T 1 .1 Z 5 5 Z S B rom the Class of 30 That the time we may spend together at Normal should be limited to one brief year is unfortunate. You have been to us such able leaders, such worthy examples, and such true friends that we regretfully see you go. You received us into the School family with a wholefhearted welcome and did everything within your power to make us feel at ease. You presented the traditions of Normal to us, not by merely telling us of them, but by living them, yourselves. That we may Worthily assume the responsibilities you leave to us, is our ambition. We shall not say "Good luck to you," for we feel that success is so much more than mere "good luck." However, what we do wish for you is that each day and each year may bring you closer to the realization of your ideals, what' ever they may be: for, we believe, only in that realization lies genuine success. 'T 5265-2 C-IQ Gi? Q,-ZQ GX-J Q-lj GXYJ Q12 CYIQ fb-3 Cvllj Civ? Qvlb GQ? Cl ZQ GL-QQZQ 1 ,UU A In the Year 1950 Remember when Normal School had one administration building? QNOW 5.j Remember when our Tmvcr Light had ZS pages? LXOW 125.J Remember when our CRYsT,xL cost 3300? tNow it pays for itself.j "Remember teachers," "when Baltimore City had 125,000 school children ?" tNow 225,000.Q Remember when the girls played intermural sports? QNow college competi- tion. Remember when we stood up on the street cars, to and from Baltimore? tNow, we still do it.j Remember when the faculty taught at Normal School? CVVell, now the stu- dents teach themselvesj Remember when the girls were kept in at night at the dormitory? QWell, they still do it.j Remember Johnny Seamon and joe Barlow sang Skeero? QCNOW they are on Broadwayj Remember when the class of '29 presented a radio? fThey still have it.Q Remember how hard it was to get an ad for the CRYSTAL? fNow we have to turn ads down.j t Remember when they made units at Normal? QNow they are writing courses of study.j Remember Kamy? KNOW an understudy to Dr. Kilpatrick at Californiaj Remember when it took two weeks to get reports? QNOW they don't have any. you keep your own marks and rate yourself.j Remember the Senior Prom? QNow they have a cabaret affair that lasts two weeks.j Remember Professionals? fNow you write a thesis.j Remember Miss Birdsong's Dodge? QIt's now in the Smithsonian Institntej Remember our Dear Miss Tall? 4Now she's President of Columbia Univer- sity, l Remember the arrows 1-'s in Doc Shaw's class? QHe's still going strongj Remember Mr. lValther's discussions on Great Principles of Education? lXYell, he's finally solved one.j Remember Miss Vtleyforth? CShe now rivals Madame Galli Curci.j Remember Henry Jansen? tHe is still at loss with whom to dance.j Remember Mr. XYoelfel's Ed. Meas? tHe is now President of the U. S. Research Bureau.l Remember such men as Kilpatrick, Thorndike, Yeomans, Lewis, Beard, La- tane and others? f'XVell. I am glad to say that Normal School has produced educators to till their shoes successfully.j PAUL GOLDSTEIX. Senior 7. One Hundred and Two C:I3C'ifx-7u?agX1i7'a4X'f-7 EXW "f-3Cu35sS""'f g.X""Z.aQX"'Z T6 'St-J Hennegen-Bates Co. jewelers imtl Silrersmitlis Since lSi7 DIAMOND ,IEXVELRY XYRIST XYATCI-IES SILVERXVARE G BALTIMORE AT CHARLES STREET Baltimore PUR-O-LENE Guaranteed IUUC? Pure Pennsylvania Oil MOTOR-EZ OIL COMPANY, Inc. NVALTER j. RUPPERT, President Service Station Philadelphia Road and Haven Street BALTIMORE, MARYLAND Autograph and Memory Books Stationery and School Supplies Kodaks and Films Victrolas and Victrola Records Delicious Soda and Sweet Candies Prompt Service and a Welcorrie Await You At the YORK ROAD EZOYCIEIESAPEAKE AVE. Hergenratlier CDrug Co. Prescription Druggists TOXYSON, MD. Don't run-Telephone Towson 39 Established 18 59. Incorporated 1907 HUTCHINSON CBROS. Manufacturers FRENCH RANGES AND GENERAL KITCHEN APPARATUS FOR COLLEGES, HOTELS, RES' TAURANTS AND IN' STITUTIONS Ofhce and Salesrooms, 5 South Howard St. Foundry and Shops, Vviest St., near Ridgely BALTIMORE, MD., U. S. A. GXJLIDGXJLIbGXJC.196X-Dtmpivlggx-QQ-lggxva Q-199-Qc-19 fggx-pgfg A UDITORIUJI RICHMOND HALL RECEPTION ROOM ff :5'5CXtk'73c 1-7 5.IX'w-7'.s..'X"-'I'4.3"-'Zb.EG.. X' 'I hiv'-'Z hi- 'Z3.X':.':I . ' 5 Y 4 C 5 Y Z C , 5 Q Complzments Q J of 5 5 ' A Friend 'x . U S. F. PERKINS I. R. LLEVVELLYN Xvolfc 31301 Gilmnr 29Cs7fW 7 Y X I CPERKINS and LLEWELLYN Hom cwood 'l 2 6 3 'J fplumbing and Heatz'ng 4331 GREENMOUNT AVENUE br 2 S V 'W Repair Vxfork .Quality f Service Q GXJ CYYDGXJ 9.18 GXJ C.43GX.7lffJC.ID f-E2 lib GXJ Lf-D GXJ C-173 J9.I7-D GYJ QQ 5 XX ' 'X NEWELL HALL DINING Room H1'stoPy- Wz'se or Qtherwise Coiztinvued from Page Seventy-tlu'ee iors, of course! NVell, our duty was clear. XYe had plenty to teach them. But the first thought of a Senior is Student Teaching. It may be first, second or third term, but it comes, as sure as Fate. If it weren't for Student Teaching, and units and classes, this would he a great place. lint to talk of something pleasant. June ll is here, and maybe we'd better take stock of what we have learned. First, we know now that we didn't know anything when we graduated from high schoolg second, children aren't little angels and you have to do more than write poetry about themg third, Cwe prayer-fully hope that all have learned thisj. XVe don't know much of anything, we can't be sure of what we know, but we must keep on learning, so that next year in our schools we may learn more than all of our previous years have given us. :md may we do our best by our little "darlings" ll! f ., ? 'S edt? A X i, fl One Hundred and Sir ,1.i-1 Sf'UfYfs7 Q-:I5 fi7T1fX"i'X'.1..X 'I'a..'Es.X""X JqX""IJ.'X""! MX' 7 F4 X Ollice and xldllltl lfl-mlb Silkurxxni is ,v 1 . f , lxaulmnn POClC1l1g', s W m. QJVl1lle1' C Ill 'Ill 7 5 Fine jciuclry, Ditiniomlx .mtl XX'dIc'l1CX O IDC B xl Q :s E.-KST B.-xLT1x1oR12 sT111315T VNIUN WIWIK Y-'WHS Q B.1lti111t-rc. hid. ll.1l11111-Irv, Xl-.l N Nliinlllasctiirer ul- C.-liege Sfilli :incl Pins 3, Society Einlvlcins Ll - , ' A Aliuiy f' , fi Q f V A sPLExD11J Q D. Callahan s Sons Assoimmxr or r ,- MQ Ifffl FRQCKS Sea Food . 3 xr- 21- 3 ---4 I ,JL--'T For QP, ' ' ,fl A Street Lexington Market Phones .4 Sports and ' PLn:a 2s1of11f1: -lf -'ia E1 nina . uv- f, ,yi ig .Y ' 1 T-:, ,, QE? X Hollins Market Phone: , ' 'V "vc Moderately Priced PLAZA 1083 ' , 17 XY. Lexington St., S Bziltimnre, lvld. u .. A l , REJPUTATION D ,, . O be worthy ol the style ' N I I reputation which you have 5 T accorded us, we never pause J 4 in our efforts to present Froclcs, Appd7'6l FOT WO7nC7l Coats and Gowns embodying Y X the utmost distinction. And, HARRISBURG-HAGERSTOV'N withal, ?1tff3'3UV9lY Priced! CH.KMBERSBURC-XYAYNESBCRO ,, 1 f' ' f 7 4 uutlilg Qu. Q 204 XV. Lexington St. rl rv THE Endowment Insurance , -1 g V91 Ilay For Students and Teaclrers . Company Stationers, Printers and Engravers, :K Systematic XX'ay to Save Money and to Protect Your Old Age X' l d Pl ' Cl A Sm Og135L,gg3m George A. Donoghue 205 CALVERT BLDG. 337-339-341 N. CHARLES Baltimore, Md. Baltimore Plaza l054 3 IIGEYJ CJQ GRYJ Q-13 GRY? 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Suggestions in the Towson University - Tower Echoes Yearbook (Towson, MD) collection:

Towson University - Tower Echoes Yearbook (Towson, MD) online yearbook collection, 1922 Edition, Page 1


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