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' ,' ' , ,Lf I 'I ' ' ww ' -1.3 Q , u-, "vu" 'll' A L L , jr ' .X I W 1.4971 .lr.,',,". ' -,l'."'. Q V 2 " ' ':3 '.'5 ',f"y' F ' "A - , I lx If in lf.,-4-1.izA!' .5 knfw ' .v . .I .P 42 57.5:,f Q,-f?'Lu5'r-5,957-,i , - ' 1 4 ' 1 ' ts 1 t b ' .N 4 'QA "WS: gi4'f,,5d- Hqfdfgin ' . " 1' " V' iff' if irtltkgf. f ,TN J . . 1, M.+,,::,-,- -f . I I H .g.g,r. ', 'agsf,,.ff , 1 .X,'.".. ', ""A ',,, 7'.' "fi" 'H'1.'3'V" '-'- "".-' ", I N 'iw I Hx A' 1 4 5 64411 Q.: 154. . ' Y Iv". G bd ' ' " ,- ' 7 J v '. 9 - 1 .Ng , 'K , . ' l X , 1 ' f ' 2 Q I. "L" 5 5 I ,N ., V LT.. 0 ,I . I vb, N I . b if, 'N ,F . '.:7V. 'XT' J-...V I l Lv X.I,' it ' 'vi 'S llghrl I I: x 4 r 1' "tix ' - l V W. ' 1 ' .A v .-.-' 'Z "-5 ',mjvh:x:' .f"l, 1 -gf 4 1" 5 'J' ' JW fr'- - 3' - 1 9 54 H I J. 4 n ,, ' ,'- 5 xsxl A I, ,lv . --I ilur, 5 33 - . I . I, 1'- Q ', ".,'gl.', A J px wt- -. 1 S Z 1 I ht if ,Q s'0I..4w.A.f?A5"i'?X1:1", ' ff- Mw- ,, 'P.1m'.l., rg' -42-w '19 W, ,U ,. ,wx .- - ' f,D s'bl'l lx N 1 I RA . . 1,4 tx, ' :il l P I 1 f f M 'U r c 'i 'Id , ,.,x Y P 'L I .k. A x .A I, ' 1 9, 1.1 wr 5? Y A f 1 1. - Q- ', - 4 fi 1 . " N X T.. . , 1. 9 6 J C 41- Q 'xi S S T xi 937- T-x '1 f 4 V X 1 U V C 'A 1 I '1 'J f 1 5 K 5 f U 7 My X 1.113915 --"QA XXXXXQX X YY' 12' . if Q 1 -vr l, L, 4 5' 14 fv- Fi J I' I.. E Q -n' F, . Y. Q I I 'H-'i i'. P rl "-.MAE I fl.. 'T as 'Y I 5 q I 'ln I we ,I -xv ,rg Q ' I J , 'gg ' s f l I' .445 .qi , I,l 7 11.37 r gg It Airybuwf ,Cid fc YZC fi? fysta Q 5 Ea E z 2 H: xivfunze I H,An. m-.J Aly TLC Senior C7355 of 1009 ...R 1 I17M'5nJlZ, . lLll',V!dI1C! Q 1 11X,OI'I77d! ,qffcoof TQ cbA'1Z71RTf M gJUb'Ll5Y ,Senior C7355 Afulvzker T160 Irzzcst of fficlzcfg, has wisest of Counscffors M IIIOSC cnlbzzszlasnz dlILJfOI'CfLOl1SLf fzave c111'zL'f1cu! amz, zzpfzcimf IIS, ug th' clxss of 11058, Qleualulc 15513 6004. CU? I I I I I I I I If I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Q zaffcuf tfzc SfIlxlClIl5 wfzo ulwcf! in A nfc 11,0011 A fI'lIIC Men' was an pcopfc fauzuf of ,wzfzshizzc Luzcf fbwcrg, lcnzpfcs ana! lowers. Lycrrmf yozzlh .anal !Id,Opfl1L'5S were : f!ICl,l' 1Gcr1'ta3e : 1 M' C9 1'-. Gi , C, f Cfunzjnus Lufrancc KXLJIIII-lll'Sll'Llfl'OII kjzzxllcjrlug Z 5 S. v Q' 5. ? -X1 5 S. .4 -.f S., ., 'L X C2 ...Y L pawn ,Q ,c , ,. Q' X' "K ,-Q I' 0 x ' 4 1 V ' v Collage Cfalfz C. ontcnls 668 Cazllpzzs fixfzlflv 5 cniors lmiorx Crxqcvzizaliozzs 3 'L1lvc1'fisc111c11Ix fide .. ortzznatc dass o i.1Qz5 Q68 NUMBER divisible by -ll 1928 is Leap Year! The Class of 1928 has had a school year one clay longer than other classes. It is unique. therefore, in this re- spect. and if we are to divide its virtues into four parts. let us classify them under four heads: namely, respon- sibility, achievement, self-mastery, and friendliness. I believe the Class of 1928 would be rated high in these four traits. XYhat are the evidences? Certainly the Student Council has tuwkmi as 11c't'cr Zn'f0rv to articulate the work of the students with the work of the faculty. The Day Student Council has done out- standing things to further the I'L'.Tf'0llSff7I.fl1'-X' of its group. The Boarding Student Council has shown judg- ment such as no other Student Council has shown in previous years. The tradition of self-u1a.vtf'ry, which is the putting of one's self last for the good of the group, will, if it is passed on to the succeeding classes, become a tremendous power for the school. .Xs for fl'lt'll01Il'l1t'SS. this is the pleasantest tribute the staff could possibly pay the Class. and this tribute it pays from the bottom of its heart. The Class of 1928 is a friendly group and has endeared itself to all our hearts. Litas LEE TALL. lfjllulx xfjcc IX ff Principal From Portrgnt painted lay Thomas C. Comer Presented to the School by The Class of 1928 ARR- AL Fczculzyf' LIDA LEE TALL ANITA S. DOWELL Prindpa! r1SSl'5fCl7lf to PI'1.7lC1.Pfll Art , f3ERTRL'DE S. XYOOLSEY FLORENCE SNYDER AGNES SNYDER NORMAN XYOELFEL HELEN C. STAPLETON BL.-XNCHE FRUM CURT E. XVALTHER AN ITA S. Dow ELL Dircvfors of Practfvc STELLA E. BROWN Edzmnioazal AIl'USlll'8lIIL'IlfS EIt'l1It'llft1l'j' S4'1'4'1n'v ZELLA STEWARD English ALICE L. MIJNN Gvograflzy PEARL BLOOD Hvultlz Edllfllffllll DOROTHY BURDICK, M. D. DIARY E. BIASLAND IRENE M. STEELE CATHERINE N. COOK SARAH C. BROOKS BIARTI-IA SIBLEY HAXRRIET A. BADER LOUESA J. KEYS Historv LENA C. XYAN BIBBER HAXIQIIIET A. BADER MARY ECKFORD Lilwary RIARY L. GSBORN GERTRUDE HOLT RUTH L. BIENEMANN FURN STITZEL MERLE YODER Jluflzvlmiiifs DIARY IJIUDSON SCARBOROUGH ELEANOR QRCUTT Music EDNA M. BICEACHERN EMMA E. XVEYFORTH ELMA PRICKETT Plzysiml Edzlfaffon ETHIEL E. SAMMIS DIARY E. ROACH HOPE GODWIN DCJNALD BIINNEGAN 4- 12 43 X .. alt - -- - I UUax1fO'l,' ,y cbsi !'I G i X15 Faculty Principlvx of lfdllfllfivll l'.Y-vrllulugy ROIIERT W. SIIAIY NEI.I.IE W. HIRIISONG NURS! AN NYOELIFEI. S1If'4'!'Z'I'.Vfll'.v of f'I'III'1f1'I' LEILA M. COIIR lIARG.XRlf'l' AIURRI5 Wl.XR'I'H.X SIIILEY C'IIu1fI1s lflvnII'II!ur'y Sclzfwl FtIL'll1f-X' IRENE STEELE LOUISE GROVE NYlI.I.l.AXM R. I'IIII'I's HELEN BL'TTERFIELD RIONII5 fIILLli'l"l'lQ LORENA .XIST HTXRRIE1' SMITII LUELLA DOWIQLI. MAR-IORIE GIYYNN PEARL ONA FRI'M CIIARLOTTE .X. YALTSIYIAN Cf!-I' Tl'lIilIilIjl TI'II4'lIv1'5 :XNNA CHESNO SARAH F. RICGINITY xl.fXRG.XRIf'l' SVTHERLANIJ IQATHERINE ERLMEIER AIARGARICT RICLAIN HELEN TILGIIMAN BIARGARET G.-XREIS BIARGUERITI5 SEIIMIIITMAN LIIIA I.EE TIIOMASON ELLEN STACK GRIEFITHS EMMA N. SETII ZELMA THOMPSON LOUISE GEIDER ELIZ.-XIHi'1'll STORM WI.-XRIE XXMXLLACE ISABELLE M. JOHXSTONE VIRGINIA XYATTS Ct71ll1-ff' Traifzilzg TvIIv1Iw'x WIILDRED BUGKLEY RETII XYICSTIAIRHLAIJ KIARY Duwxs GERTRUDE BUCKLEY BESSIE IQELLY BIARGARET EIYING RUTH GUYTON SUE WRIGHT RUTII BROWN ELIZABETH XYHAYLAND LOUISE RIGON KATHERINE LOGAN ANNA LOGAN .ALICE RICII ADMINIS'1'R.AX'l'I YE OFFICES ' Prim'ifn1l'.f Offffc' EURITH E. ROSE ADOA LOI'IsE GILBERT DOROTHY E. HARTLEY Rryi.s'!rur's Ojficv GERTRUDE CARLEY AGNES DE BAIGII ETH!-IL PIARTLEY CATHERINE RAIYLINGS V DOI'IlIff0I'j' Staff RUTH C. SPERRY HELEN M. RUDD CIIRISTINE G. SKIPPER LENNA GROSS CAROLYN GVNN ROSE LEE WHEELER -..If 1 3 19..- ' Q iv QQ 'JQ D Q Clflma CMater A111111 JI11l1'1', .JI11141 JI11f1'1', UI' will CIW' faitlzfzrl Ing' 111 0111' lzvarfs Ilzy lwazlfy Ihzgrrs, Tlzozzglz wv'1'v gow from tlzrc. Now thy p1'111'srs we are si11g1'11g, Nou' Olll' zfoifrs risv I-IL fIl1ZfC, Sing thy Ifvazfty, A-1111111 flfafvr, .Jud our I'01'c so fI'1!l'. .Sf'cIl'k1illg in Ilzv 111o1'11f11g I1rfg11f111'ss Rosy in flu' szmsvf liglzf, Stately rising 0111 flu' 11111 fofv, EWU' Olll' drligllf. X 6 FTNISH T6 BQGI ENE-GEL !!!tc lil Q rt 'r 5 1--zz N: YOU Don' .l1t'llIf'4'1'S of Hn' Class of 1923: The mention uf the word "life" in connection with the human family sug- gests to the mind the mental picture of youth, youth comprehending all the charming qualities that go to make up the appearance of life. In this aspect youth symbolizes life. Hence, when I think of youth, I think of life in the fullness uf vivacity, charm and beauty. and when I think of YOU my thoughts are of hoth life and youth. Many definitions have heeu given of life, ranging from that of the cynic to that of the philosopher. The detinition that I would offer is: LIFE IS A I5 L'Nl5I,lf Ulf Rlil..XTIONSHIl'S. The bundles vary in size with the char- acters of the individuals. Many people have never opened the bundle and many who have opened it have never assorted or understood its contents. In a general way these relationships are classified into three kinds: kinships to thingsg kinships to folksg and kinships to the Super-human and Eternal. The quality of life is dependent upon the order and the emphasis that one places on them in living these relationships. Poise and charm of the individual are lint exponents uf a properly classified and emphasized life. It is the mis- placement of the importance of these relationships which results in discord, and human wrecks, hut there is an abundance of life in the preservation in their proper order and in their several spheres of these classes of relation- ships. Solomon is accredited with saying that there is a time for all things. He appreciated the fact that the order in which a thing is done, or the time there- of, on many occasions determines whether it is right or whether it is wrong. Ile recognized the importance of putting tirst things first. XYhether or not the supernatural means to you God, or "an Eternal Force not ourselves that makes for righteousness", or Jehovah, or fas with myselfj the Trinity, and whether or not you consider Jesus Christ a teacher, a phi- losopher, or las in my case, alsoj the Savior, you must realize the practical application of emphasizing the kingdom of righteousness first, and secondly, the hrotherhood of man. In these two truths demonstrated lie the fullness and the ahundance uf life even in this our mundane existence. Douhtless, every one of us would acquiesce in this order of importance, our differences a1'e principally in living them. lflut YK JL' mean more than life to me. For I cannot think of you merely in the generality of youth. I have dwelt in your well-ordered lives in the happy relation-in its many and complex manifestations-of friendship. I rejoice in the memory uf each of you as my friend. It is a joy not of usurpa- tion, hut of realization, of having lived in the sphere of the Iiamiliness of fra- ternal affection. .Xnd may there always ahide in you the fullness of life,-the ahundance of life: the growth and development of the propriety of kinships: kinship to God, kinship to folks, and kinship to things: the tirst and greatest of these is 'to Gull. And as for me, there are life and youth and YOU, but the greatest of these tto mel is YOU! Your f1'1'v11d, RIARTIIA SIELEY. -aft I8 Fe.- I-Q .qltll f UI,-Q71 A SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS l'llCI.l'fN D. NICOLS --.vit-1.-.1-" 209 E. 'I'liirty-Third Street. Baltimore X .X I . N E I President Senior Class. CRYSTAL Staff, Nor- 1 mal Dramatic Club, Junior Court Otlicial, General Student Council. 'YJ Q JEANIE Mac-DONALD ROSS "Jean" 356 Rose-bank Avenue. Baltimore A K A I Vice-President Senior Class, Treasurer Pes- talozzi Society. Hockey CII. Athletic Board, I Pestalozzi Dramatic Club. Judge of Junior Court. l ' NS E LULA REGINA BICHY ' 2403 Roslyn Avenue. Baltimore. A B A Secretary Senior Class, CRYSTAL Staff, Ton'- cr Ltght Stalf. M . 2 J. KARL SCHWARTZ 316 Harlem Lane. Catonsville, Md. E A Treasurer Senior Class, Normal Dramatic Club, Track Manager. I NS Q MARY OLIVIA KEECH "Iie0chy" Du Bois, Md. A B A Social Chairman Senior Class, Pestalozzi Dramatic Club, Rural Club. League of Wo- men Voters, Baseball QD 123, Hiking Club. ms - 2 MARGARET E. KURTZ "Kzc.rt:y" Ocean City, Md. Assistant Social Chairman Senior Class, Normal Literary Society, Glee Club. QI mt.- R TA .Ulla I EDNA ABRAMSON 1342 W. North Avenue, Baltimore Pestalozzi Literary Society. 3 MILDRED FRANCES ALEXANDER 1617 Rosedale Street, Baltimore Vice-President Day Student Council, Nor mal Dramatic Club. Y RUTH ELIZABETH ALLEN Randallstown, Md. Pestalozzi Society, Camp Fire Girls. Y ETHEL V. ALMONY "Almo1zy" White Hall, Md. Pestalozzi Story Telling Club. 3 GLADYS ALMONY 4224 Falls Road, Baltimore X A E Pestalozzi Literary Society. 3 MARY IRENE ANDRAEWS X KlA7lVdy7I Gaithersburg, Md. i xltx Rural Club, Pestalozzi Literary Society. -azopw .V f. ir. -UU MAE ANGLE H02 llowcy Avenue. Hugcrstowli. Md. N E Pcstulozzi I.itcrury Society. Gloe Club. Boarding: Student Council. Po Q MARY BERNICE AYRES "Bc:-nic" Whitehall. Md. Normal Dramatic Club. Glee Club. NJ Q WILLIAM C. B.-XDER 4013 Brookline Avenue, Baltimore CRYSTAL Staff, Chief Marshal, Member-at Large Day Student Council. Tennis ill 421, Basketball 125. ms I MARY EVELYN B.-XMBERGER Church Hill. Md. 'tl Q ELEANOR LUCILLE BARNER "Lon" Hagerstown, Md. ' A K A Pestalozzi Dramatic Club, Glee Club. N5 Z RALPH W. BAUMGARDNER Taneytown, Md. E A Rural Club. Normal Dramatic Club. Soccer 121, Tennis 127. -f:l21l+- x f A. UI ': ak X XX 1 LL, 1-!r R I Un l A X: MARGARET BLANCHE BEARD HBH Thurmont, Md. Norlial Literary Society. 3 FLORENCE ESTHER BENNETT "Bennett" Dudley Valley Road, Towson, Md. Basket Ball flj 125, Baseball Q11 125, Hockey CQJ, Pestalozzi Literary Society. 'E ETTA MAY BENSON "Be1zse" Brooklyn, Md., R. F. D. 9 'E ETHEL Y. BERNSTEIN . 2170 Charlotte Avenue, Baltimore Normal Literary Society. ms Z THELMA LOUISE BERRY "Teaberry" Indian Head, Md. Normal Literary Society, Rural Club, Or- chestra, Baseball Q11 125. Iv Q MARION LEA BLOSS "Chick'ie" Siebert via Cumberland, Md. Chorus, Orchestra, Instrumental Club, Girl V Scouts. Normal Dramatic Club. i---if Ee,- up Q9-F51 l x 1 llil lllex R T i HELEN NI. BLU31 BERG "l.indu." 3300 Oakfield Avenue. Baltimore Pestalozzi Story Telling Club. fu , I ELVIN ELIZABETH BOWEN Port Republic, Md. Pestalozzi Literary Society, Volleyball 125. fu I ELEANORA LIVINGSTON BOYVLING 4028 Belle Avenue, Baltimore' X A E A K A Vice-President General Student Council, Tower Light Staff, Normal Literary Society. 'E RUTH BRADFORD Snow Hill, Md. Glee Club. me Q EDITH WILMA BRADSHAW "Bill" Church Creek, Md. Glee Club. NS l Q HILDA EUDOLPHIA BRADENBURG HHN!! Mount Airy, Md. Story Telling Club. 23 Ek- I' ll , Q R Y r SUSAN EMILY BROMWELL Madison. Md. X A E Normal Literary Society, Marshal. ms I MARY ELIZABETH BROWNING "Mary Lee" Monrovia, Md. Y. W. C. A., Pestalozzi Literary Society, League of Women Voters. ms C 1 CATHERINE MISSEL BUCKEL "Katz" 1907 Wilkens Avenue, Baltimore I Pestalozzi Dramatic Club. 1 I ms Q 1 I MILDRED REID BUCKINGHAM lKMiZ!! Westminster, Md. N E Secretary of Rural Club, Glee Club, Mar- shal, League of Women Voters ms I MAY BUCKWORTH Middletown. Del. Pestalozzi Literary Society. ms Q CARL EDGAR BULL "Lefty" 3531 Roland Avenue, Baltimore E A 24 ig..- Normal Literary Society. Marshal, Orches- tra, Soccer 125. Basketball 127, Baseball f2J. ,A U! Q' Alt A N mil 5,1 X3 A X x DOROTHY KIRK BURKHART l --nur' l i 1-12 S. East Avenue, Baltimore l Normal Drzunatic Club. me I VIOL.-X JE.-XNETTE BURROUGHS ".lu1zc" Aquasco, Md. Normal Literary Society. Qs Z ROBERT.-X LOUISE BUTLER "Bertie" Denton, Md. Pestalozzi Literary Society, Girl Scouts. 'U Q HENRY LE ROY BYER Sparrows Point, Md. E A - Normal Dramatic Club. Rural Club, Mar- shal, Soccer 127, Manager of Baseball 121. 0,5 I Q ESTELLE CAMPBELL "Tell" 1629 N. Smallwood Street, Baltimore ms I DWIGHT S. CASKEY "Reverend" Maryland Line, Md. E A Treasurer Rural Club, Normal Dramatic Club. , i ....,Ef25i.3.. f wl- A. NE- -in MILDRED CHEEZUM "Cheeze" Preston, Md. A K A Pestalozzi Literary Society. 'E ANNA ROSALINE CHEPPE 526 N. Chester Street, Baltimore Pestalozzi Literary Society. Y SIDNEY NORMAN CHERNAK "Chew" 1711 N. Bentalou Street, Baltimore President Pestalozzi Literary Society, Tower Light Staff, CRYSTAL Staff, Basket- ball f25, Tennis Qlj, Baseball f2J. Y KATE HILDT CHEW "Ka,-Choo" West River, Md. League of Women Voters, Marshal, CRYSTAL Staff. Y EDWARD MAURICE CLARKE "Cla1'kee" Emmitsburg, Md. Normal Dramatic Club. 'E ELIZABETH JAMES COALE llllibbyii 3608 Reisterstown Road, Baltimore ' A B A Normal Dramatic Club, League of Women Voters. ' 26 MGE ELIZABETH HILDA COBIBS 1925 Edmondson Avenue. Baltimore 3 . ELEANOR HAMILTON COOK "Cookie" 3918 Gwynn Oak Avenue. Baltimore Vice-President Normal Literary Society. League of Women Voters. fu Y. LILLIAN VIRGINIA COOPER Hagerstown, Md. Normal Literary Society. fu I MILDRED COPENHAVER Bel Air, Md. Normal Story Telling Club, Girl Scouts. Chorus. E . HELEN LOUISE COUSINS 109 George Avenue, Hamilton, Baltimore Glee Club, Pestalozzi Story Telling Club. ' 3 ALMA ELIZABETH CRIM 2411 Baker Street, Baltimore Pestalozzi Literary Society. 27 59- fix? . ' i y ,JIS R, li A MARGARET ALRETTA CROUSE "Crouse" Middleburg, Md. Normal Literary Society. Y JULIA IRENE CRUMM ueludyn Lisbon, Md. N E Light Staff. 'X EDNA CATHARINE CULLER aINed!7 Walkersville, Md. Normal Literary Society. ms Q. CARLYN MAY CUNNINGHAM "Carolyn" Bel Air, Md. erary Society. ms Q CHESTER MOORE DAVIS "Chick" Mt. Airy, Md. Tennis ill, Normal Dramatic Club. 'E MARY ELIZABETH DeGRAFFENREID "Libby" 1633 Aisquith Street, Baltimore Normal Story Telling Club. - V 28 E..- League of Women Voters, Rural Club, Mar- shal, Pestalozzi Literary Society, Tower Girl Scouts, Section Chairman, Normal Lit- C ff ICA -QU ' , Qi. 'cel E MARY LUCRETIA DICWLING "Mary Lu" 2202 Elsinore Avenue, Baltimore . A 1 X A 1 Pcstulozzi Literary Society. as Q BEATRICE MARIE DIEHL ..Rm,,, Union Bridge. Md. Normal Literary Society. fu C MARY ELIZABETH DIGNAN 420 E. Preston Street. Baltimore Normal Magazine Club, Tau-cr Light Staff. fu Q ANNA ELIZABETH DIXON "Dixie" Church Creek. Md. Glee Club, Pestalozzi Literary Society. WJ Q EMMA ELIZABETH DOBLER ..Libbyu . 3309 Crossland Avenue, Baltimore A B A President. Day Student Council, League of Women Voters, Normal Literary Society. as e I MARY ADELL DODSON Relay, Md. A K A Normal Literary Society. -4f29lf+ iw- RY MAMIE CECILIA DONAHOE Massey, Md. Y MARION ALBAUGH DORSEY sxpollyxr Thurmont, Md. Normal Story Telling Club. ISOBEL DOUGLAS Nlssyfl Preston, Md. A K A Pestalozzi Literary Society. Y GRACE LILLIAN DUTROW "Tillie" Gaithersburg, Md. Normal Literary Society, Rural Club. 'S CATHERINE DUVALL 337 E. Twenty-Second Street, Baltimore 'S LILLIAN EDGAR 441 E. Twenty-second Street, Baltimore -sgf 30 ga- ff- .ff ' .UU A X UI Q, , N MA RG A R ET E LGE RT ".llr1rg1"' 1219 N. Patterson Park Avenue, Baltimore Normal Story Telling Club, Treasurer of League of Women Voters. fu Q MARCIA AMELIA ELLIOTT "Mike" Annapolis, Md. Basketball C11 127, Baseball, ill 423, Hockey KID LBJ, Pestalozzi Debating Club. fu Q GENEVIEVE ROSALIE EMERINE "Jim" 1807 N. Bond Street, Baltimore A K A Secretary Day Student Council, Manager Fall Athletics 125, Hockey CZJ, Baseball 125, Normal Story Telling Club. fu I AGNES' NORMAN EMMERICH uflggieu West River, Md. Pestalozzi Literary Society, Rural Club, League of Women Voters. mx I LAURA EMORY "LolIie" Centreville, Md. A B A fu Q SARA LENORE ENSOR "Sally" New lVindsor, Md. Pestalozzi Story Telling Club, League of Women Voters, Y. W. C. A., Hiking Club. -..431 if fp to . F.- if ' f P Q R, Y A N HAZEL ESSERY 829 N. Fulton Avenue, Baltimore Pestalozzi Literary Society, Section Chair man. Y MARY ELIZABETH FARR "ZlIereditlL" Wayside, Md. League of Women Voters, Hockey 121, Pes talozzi Literary Society, Hiking Club, Vol leyball 121. Y EDITH JEAN FERRENS "Eats" 3431 Greenmount Avenue, Baltimore Pestalozzi Literary Society. 3 ZOE FEEMAN FISHEL Boonsboro, Md. Pestalozzi Dramatic Club. 3 EILE EN GE NEVIEVE FITZGERALD "F1't:!' 428 E. Biddle Street, Baltimore Normal Literary Society. 3 ADA BELLE FLANAGAN Walkersville, Md. Pestalozzi Literary Society. 32 ge.- ,4 X E ff i E .QElf,.gU1i, L .it'1'lj,:'i' I . I.l'Il I..-X Ltll' ISI-I I-'Ll'IlSl'll.-XL'l'Ill N S125 li. 'l'wuiity-St-coinl Street, lialtiinorc 1 Xorinal lirainalic l'lub. lliking Vlub. Ton- nis tl P. me I now.A.ien o. Frook l Burkittsville. Md. . E A i Touwr Liylzf Staff. Manager of Basketball i 12l. Soccer 121. Baseball Team fill, Rural i Club, Normal Literary Society. li hi li i ROGER ELLIS FOGLE 1 "Percy" New Midway, Md. Normal Literary Society. E .,, l ' i CATHERINE E. FREIMANN , i 1731 X. Bond Street. Baltimore Normal I.itcrary Society. League of Women ' Voters. I l i , tu Q , H.-XZEL MAE FRIDlNGER "Friday" ' -138 Mulberry Street. Hagerstown. Md. Pestalozzi Dramatic Club. Basketball tl! 123. Baseball ill 12i. Hockey ill. Vice- I President Boarding Student Council. Presi- dent of Marshals. l I . l fu Q. KATHERINE FRINGER 215 E. Main Street. Westminster. Md. A i . 33 35... lu N DU - LILLIAN LEONA FULMER Frederick, Md. Pestalozzi Society, Y. W. C. A. Y EMMA GALE "Em" 630 Wyanoke Ave., Baltimore 3 NANETTE FLUEGEL GAMSE 3008 Ferndale Avenue, Baltimore Normal Dramatic Club. 'S LENETTA MAY GARRETT "Benny" 3700 Southern Avenue, Baltimore Normal Dramatic Club, CRYSTAL Staff 3 MARY AGNES GARRETT White Hall, Md. Glee Club, Normal Dramatic Club. 4 3 RACHEL ELLEN GAVER Mount Airy, Md. --.El 34 Ee..- Y. W. C. A., Pestalozzi Literary Society W" x 'V , JL x Dil ax Q51 K- is 1 F l LICONARU T. GENTRY, JR. 3 ".llos1"' 'X S23 N. Charles Street, Bziltinmrk Normal Literary Society. S ' ' P. Ba' ketball ill 121, Tennis lj ' . To ' ' Light Statf. CRYSTA1. Start. XX I Ji l 'nu N Q DORA GERSTEIN "Do1'Ifcy" 2315 Callow Avenue, Baltimore Pestalozzi Story Telling Club. ms Q ELEANOR GOODMAN "Goody" 2210 Maryland Avenue, Baltimore Pestsilozzi Literary Society. fu I EDNA ELIZABETH GOSNELL Woodbine, Md. fu I NANCY GOUGH Laurel, Md. ' A B A Pestalozzi Literary Society. Ni I OLOA J. GRAF "Jackie" 107 Glen Avenue. Baltimore N S Normal Story Telling Club. +5l35l Ul- R' N l -4363-3. GLADYS ELIZABETH GRAMMER "Grammer" Halethorpe, Md. Hockey 423, Basketball 125. ms I EVELYN GROLLMAN 2608 Loyola Southway, Baltimore Pestalozzi Story Telling Club. ms I BLANCHE VIOLA GUSTAFSON , "Kris" Rock Hall, Md. Pestalozzi Literary Society. Y MILDRED HAHN 4329 Harford Avenue, Baltimore ms Q MARY SUE HAMILTON "Hammy" 12 Kenwood Avenue. Baltimore ms Q MADELINE REGINA HARDY "Batsy" Branchville, Md. I Normal Story Telling Club. oml . ,Y ' ' , l Xi It A ' lf .Ex--'pr..,,, l-IUXA KA'I'lILl'Il-IN HARMAX "I:'4IrIif" it Tliurmont. Mel. IN f'lmrus, lnstrumcmal l'luli, Normal Htttrp i Telling Club. i 'Xl z , PACLINE CHARLOTTE HARN -1030 Belle Avenue. Baltimore X .X E Ton-rr Light Staff, Normal Literary So- vit-ly. 'u I MARY ANN HARRISON 'kllury Ann" 1533 Aisquith Street, Baltimore N E League of Women Voters, Pestalozzi Dra- matic Club, Junior Court Official. fu Q DONALD COVER HAUGH Clearspring, Md. E A Manager of Tennis, Orchestra, Pestalozzi Debating Club. fu Q OLIVE RUTH HAUVER "Ollie" Foxville, Md. Pestalozzi Debating Club, Girl Scouts. fu 1 I AGNES HAYDEN Popc's Creek, Mtl. Pestalozzi Literary Society, Hockey 121. Hiking Club. I -4 37 9- 'UU ' FU FRANCES HEAPS 4231 Reisterstown Road, Baltimore Pestalozzi Dramatic Club. 3 IVA HEATH Jesterville, Md. 3 ANNA CELESTE HEINZ "Heinzee" 2648 Edmondson Avenue, Baltimore N E Glee Club, Crystal Staff, Normal Literary Society. 3 HELEN HEMP "Hempie" Jefferson, Md. X A E Athletic .Association ms Q ELEANOR CATHERINE HIGHTMAN Burkittsville, Md. Rural Club, Pestalozzi Literary Society. Y MAGDALENE W. HILDEBRANDT 338 S. Fifteenth Street, Baltimore Pestalozzi Literary Society. 3 3 5... Gr 9. . YIOLICT l.liOXA lIlJl"l"l'IRlIl'IIl'l' "Sac" 3216 llaimilton Avenue. liultimori- TAL A IR-siailozzi llraimutic l'luh. l.n-agile of NNN. 1 men Voters. "J Q ELM ER IlOl"l"M.-KN Riilgely. Md. E A Normal I,iterzu'y Society. Rural Club. ms Q IIENRIETTA Y. HOFFMAN "Henri" 1433 Park Avenue. Baltimore Pestalozzi Literary Society. ms Q MARY DINSMORE HOHN Port Deposit. Md. Pestalozzi Literary Society. 'U Q. ELIZABETH VIOLA' HOKE "Libby" Emmitslzurg, Md. Normal Literary Society. 5.5 I I MARGARET EDORA HOLMES tAPCggU!l Jessop, Md. Pestalozzi Story Telling Club. -B. I Y, , '?l39l-5'- RYG TAL RUTH HOLMES t'BiIIy" Trappe, Md. Normal Literary Society. fu C VIOLA G. HOLTER "Smiles" Middletown, Md. Pestalozzi Literary Society, Campfire Girls, Orchestra, Hiking Club. Y VALLIETTA HOLTZ "Val" Frederick, Md. Pestalozzi Literary Society. MARY MARJORIE HOOPMAN 'tfllargeu 1010 E. Twentieth Street. Baltimore N E President Normal Literary Society, League of Women Voters. 3 ELSIE MABEL HORST Maugansville, Md. Normal Literary Society, Y. W. C. A. 'E TENY MAE HORST Maugansville, Md. X A E Chorus. 40 ig..- President Y. W. C. A., Pestalozzi Story Telling Club, League of Women Voters, I . 1 r . P .ilfmU7l'2'l1- 1 YIILGINIX lilNll'fWUl!'l'll ll l'Nll'lllIl'IYS "Fuss" Slum' llill.3l1l. - N E Glcv Vlulv. Normal l.iu-rury Sm-iciy. '-4 I IIARRIET If. lll'TZI.Ell ' "Hu!:lcr"' 22712 Iilsinor Avenue - Bultimurc Hockey lll 121. Normal Dramatic Club. P-J I EMMA A. L. HYDE "Emmie" Schley and Grindan Avenues. Baltinmri- X A E Pestalozzi Literary Society. 'U Q ANN E. IVES "Annie" Mt. Washington. Baltimore A B A ' Pestalozzi Literary Society, Trm-fr Light ' Statf, CRYSTAL Staff. ' 'ki 1 . ETHEL RUTH JONES "Jonc'sy" Hughesville, Md. Pestalozzi Literary Society. Girl Scouts. 4 '-J Q i MONTEREY JONES Lothian, Md. i Rural Club, Y. XY. C. A.. Normal Literary Society. LL -'EHIH 1 i Q ini ? A A 'bvi g31i,gsf tk LILLIAN KARPA 1-106 Pennsylvania Avenue, Baltimore Pestalozzi Literary Society. Y JOHN F. KECZMERSKI IAKFZYJ 512 South Dallas Street, Baltimore ence Club. 3 MILDRED ELIZABETH KEIM "MfiIlie,' North East, Md. ciety. fi MADLYN ELIZABETH KERGER "Betty', Ellicott City, Md. Normal Literary Society, Campfire Girls. 3 JUDITH KIDD nJudyn 4708 Charles Avenue, Baltimore ary Society. 3 MARY G. KILMER 1813 Poplar Grove Street, Baltimore Pestalozzi Literary Society. -Mai 42 13..- Pestalozzi Literary Society, Chairman Sci- Secretary-Treasurer Marshals, Normal S0- Section Chairman, Marshal, Normal Liter- l'vst:i.1-zzi l.m-rxiry hot-ietv. fy--X . ' . .iii -if 1.,. , 4 A, . , lf' lNlliU'l'llY Sl'fWAllll lilI.X'llZ l IMPT Poplar Gimvu Strut. llultiliiort- , . . , . MOLLY M. KROLL -1101 Springdale Avenue, Baltimore Pestalozzi Story Telling' Club. 'U 1 HELEN MARY LAIRD "Laird" Bel Air, Md. Normal Literary Society, Basketball lil. Hockey fill, Baseball 127, Girl Scouts. A M l Y l JANE ANTOINETTE LA MOTTE 2714 Auchentoroly Terrace. Baltimore Glee Club, Pestalozzi Dramatic Club. Court I' Omcial. 'Q' l EMMA MAY LEE UEVNLD W A 2818 Hudson Street. Baltimore 1 Pestalozzi Literary Society. l l w I NORMA LOUISE LEONARD l ..Nm,ky,. l Trapne, Md. Campfire Girls, Normal Debating Clulw, ' Y. W. C. A. -Aff 1.3.- RY TAL MARY TRILLIS LLOYD nzwillyn Whiteford, Md. Normal Literary Society. 3 J. WILSON LORDIE "Lordie" Clarksville, Md. Normal Dramatic Club, Rural Club. E ELIZABETH SHARP LYNCH ugettyu Georgetown, Del. Pestalozzi Literary Society. 'S DOLLIE MARIE MADISON ISDOILU Williamsport, Md. Normal Literary Society, Glee Club. 'E MARY ELLEN MAIN Kichcssfi Darlington, Md. leyball 111. 3 NAOMI RUTH MARKLEY flNaU -1111 Hamilton Avenue, Baltimore Pestalozzi Dramatic Club, 'CRYSTAL Staff --il u-'L in ' ' 44 13... Normal Literary Society, Girl Scouts, Vol- ,ng ., i oi gl MARY BIA'l"l'lll'IW:4 L' 3913 Cottziigu .-Xvcnm-. Baltiin-ire N X l.1-zuruo ot' W1-mm-u X'-its.-l's, Xorinal llramutii- Vluh, c'ici'sT,x1. Smif. , if f Z , 1 LEII..-X MUCABE "L1'1"' 206 Wyndhurst Avenue, Baltimore N E Normal Draniatic Club. Section Chairman, Cm's'rAi. Staff. ms I ELIZABETH McDOWELL "Libby" 2921 Tatnall Street, Wilmington, Del. League of Women Voters, President Board- ing Student Council, Pestalozzi Literary So- ciety. ms I HELEN MEDINGER ' 204 E. 34th Street, Baltimore Section Chairman, Normal Magazine Club. ms Y. MARIAX LODGE MEDINGER Reisterstown, Md. Tennis Manager, President Campfire Girls. Normal Literary Society, Basketball 121. 'U C ETHEL RAMONA BIELCHER "Swing" 3715 Kate Avenue, Baltimore N E League of Women Voters, Marshal, Normal Dramatic Club. Craft Club. -af 45 far 4 L 1 l 4K,!" .l5 ',' - -UU H gifii LORETTA ELIZABETH MEYER 305 Gittings Avenue, Baltimore Pestalozzi Literary Society. 'E DOROTHY LOUISE MILBOURNE MDM!! Crisfield, Md. Normal Story Telling Club. Y CATHERINE MILLER KKKittyJ! 4 Baldwin, Md. Pestalozzi Story Telling Club. Y ELIZABETH LUCILE MILLER xxpollyvy Cumberland, Md. Normal Literary Society. 3 FANNYE MILLER 4cGappyx: Pocomoke City, Md. Pestalozzi Literary Society. 'E MARY CATHERINE MILLER xsKittyry 906 Dewey Avenue, Hagerstown, Md. Pestalozzi Dramatic Club, President Glee Club. -..rg 4 6 Ea- ,ff 4 i tp: , Xe 'i2alQfl'r7 MARY tlWlfXllUl.YN Mll,l.l'fll 1 WL-slniinstm-r. Mil. 1 lkfstzllozzi l,itor:iry Society, Y. XY. C. .-X. 1 Q TALITHA MILLS 3702 Calloway Avenue, Baltimore N l Q, l Q i l GEORGIA MISSEL l 2726 Tivoly Avenue. Baltimore N5 Q MARY ALICE MOBLEY , l ugobn ' 125 West Church Street, Frederick, Md. President League of Women Voters, Glee Club, Y. W. C. A., Normal Literary So- ciety. E - ANNA THELMA MOFFETT 'dllzzffetth Rock Hall, Md. I N Pestalozzi Literary Society. M 5 Q N , A I JULIA MOHLER "Judy" Catonsville, Md. A B A i Nomial Literary Society. . f -,af 47151-- RY TA RUTH MOON Indian Head, Md. Glee Club. fi, l Q BELLE TRAPHENIA MOORE 113 Cedar Street, Cambridge, Md. Pestalozzi Literary Society. 'Fi GLADYS JEANNETTE MOORE X A E 115 VVest End Avenue, Cambridge, Md. Pestalozzi Literary Society. Y MILDRED AGNES MORRIS "Milly" Sparrows Point, Md. Glee Club, League of Women Voters, Nor mal Literary Society. 3 ELSIE GRACE MORRISON "Mike" 2111 Poplar Grove Street, Baltimore Normal Dramatic Club. 3 KATHERINE INSLEY MOWBRAY "Kats" Cambridge, Md. Pestalozzi Dramatic Club, Hockey QD. B+. imllxl f'ft ,'1' i' ' I: Y Ii A N l'I'l"l'.-X MUNI' IC li "l'1'n"' Fil-I Siu-rialan I'lncc. Ckll1lliUl'lllIl1l, Mil. lxaguu ot' Women Voters, Glue Club. Y. W. C. A.. Normal Story Tcllinp: Club. 'Xi I EMILY TICRESA M UDD "Billy" Waldorf. Md. Hiking Club. - M I Q HESTER VIRGINIA MUDD "Giulia" Pomfret, Md. Normal Literary Society. fu Q HAROLD W. MUELLER Cordova, Md. , Normal Dramatic Society, Manager of Ath- letic Board, Rural Club, Orchestra. , ms Q MARGARET MUELLER "ilIr1rg" ' S20 South Conklin Street. Baltimore Normal Dramatic Club. , mx Q MARGARET PRISCILLA MULLER ..PCg-, 2520 Maryland Avenue, Baltimore Secretary Athletic Association. Hockey 125, Normal Story Telling Club, Section Chair- man, Glee Club, Junior Court Official. I l. -q49P- RY TAL -em. I A l ' 7'-I RUTH NOWELL MYER "Ruth0" 3618 Belvedere Avenue, Baltimore Normal Dramatic Club. E NAOMI REESE MYERS Worton, Md. Y. W. C. A. ,E 2 OLIVE MYERS 1922 Mulberry Avenue Hagerstown, Md. Y. W. C. A., Pestalozzi Story Telling Club, Hiking Club. WW, f A W E If U rf -f f' f DAVID NATHANSON ' ' ff 2122 Brookfield Avenue, 'Baltimore' of Pestalozzi Debating Society. E HELEN NEER T24 Reservoir Street, Baltimore 3 CORNELIA ELIZABETH NELSON "Nei" Queenstown, Md. Pestalozzi Dramatic Club. 235052 ff X 1 we 1 ' H: lmlsi t.: .4 rv' ii B7 i u.X"l1l!lu i NAUMI illl.ll.-X Nl'IW'l'UN W:ilkul'sviilv. 3111. 3 l't-ftailnzzi l.i1t'l'2ll'y Society. i 1 AJ r Q SARAH IRIGXE NORRIS 1 Xorrisville, Md. Xornull Literary Society. i AJ i ' 1 JE.-XNNETTE NOVECK 3217 W. Garrison Avenue. Baltimore Pestalozzi Lite1'zn'y Society, Section Chan'- man. fu Q l ELIZABETH O'DONNELL Ellicott City, Md. Pestalozzi Literary Society. as Q GERTRUDE OSOVITZ 1622 N. Bentalou Street, Baltimore Pestalozzi Literary Society. . '-4 Q WILMETTE A. PATTON 1125 Gorsuch Avenue, Baltimore . -if 5 1 E.. .- .UU m ay-jp R I ll A L LOUISE ARDELLE PENN "Penn" Mount Airy, Md. Pestalozzi Society, Y. W. C. A. ei VIRGINIA MAY PHILLIPS "Gin" Brunswick, Md. Pestalozzi Story Telling Club. 'S A VIRGINIA LEIGH POOLE "Din" Poolesville, Md. N E Pestalozzi Literary Society, Rural Club. 'S KATHERINE ELIZABETH POSEY uposeyu Faulkner, Md. Pestalozzi Literary Society, Hiking Club Y JULIA ELOISE POYNER "Dixie" 209 Greenridge Road, Federalsburg, Md. Glee Club, Pestalozzi Literary Society. EVELYN VIRGINIA PRESTON IL "Ding" North East, Md. I A K A Pestalozzi Literary Society, Hockey C15 f2l 52 Et..- J e t 1 g ex . fi l ANNIE ll.-Xlf lllllflf SlL'V0llSVlllL'. Mll. fu Q VELMA CAREW PRITCHETT 2209 li. Fayette Street, Baltimore Tower Light Representative, Normal Dra- N matic Club. 'U I DOROTHY MARGARET PRUITT 1 "Dots" 18 Washington Street., Berlin, Md. N I Glee Club, Y. W. C. A., Pestalozzi Literary Society. fu I E. CARMELITE RAINEY "Curnz" 3209 Greenmount Avenue, Baltimore as Y. CARROLL STEPHEN RANKIN 1104 E. Hoffman Street,-Baltimore President General Student Council, Debat- ing Club, Basketball C15 121, Baseball QU 121, Tennis Q11 123. fu Q LILLIAN CATHEZRINE REICH HM il 115 Fifth Avenue, Brunswick, Md. Pestalozzi Story Telling Club, Campfire Girls. -iq 53 1-3+ RY TA NE HELEN REID Hagerstown, Md. Y. W. C. A. MARY ELIZABETH REID IKBLSZJY Cumberland, Md. Normal Literary Society. 3 MARGARET EVELYN RESAU "Erie" 1273 East North Avenue, Baltimore Normal Story Telling Club. 3 MARY FRANCES RHODES Cecilton, Md. Y. W. C. A., Glee Club, Pestalozzi Dra ' matic Club, Rural Club. l Q KATHRYN MARY RILEY , 4:Kitty:: Mt. Washington, Md. Pestalozzi Debating Club. Y HARRIET ELIZABETH ROBINSON "Bobbie" Magnolia, Md. Pestalozzi Literary Society. 54 ig..- , fzffig XX 'T i l l t'X'l'lll"lllYl-' li RUIIR i , l ZIZS2 llollins Street i ' '--1Qni,,--' llot-km' till. Normal lleliating Club, Bas- , kotlmll t2l. i I 'xl Q BFI.-XTlilL'l-I IIOSICNB.-'KLTM "lic" 532 S. Sharp Street, Baltimore l't-stalozzi l.itt-rary Society. AJ Q HATTIE MARIAN ROSEXSTOFK ti W. Main Street. Westminster. Md. Pestalozzi Literary Society. ms Q HENRIETTA JULIE RUDACILLE i'Hl'7lIlfl"' 241 S. Highland Avenue, Baltimore Pcstalozzi Story Telling. 'U Q i MAUDE ELIZABETH RUTHERFORD 152-1 Ellamont Street. Baltimore Normal Dramatic Club. 1 l M I Q MARY IRENE SCALLY "Scully" l' Burton Avenue, Lutherville, Md. Pestalozzi Story Telling Club. l masse- f NE FLORENCE DOROTHY SCHAIBLE Fanwood, N. J. 1 Y. XV. C. A., Normal Story Telling Club. 1 ' MELVA E. SCHNEIDER V' . " "Sn1t:y" Ferndale, Md. Glee Club, Pestalozzi Story Telling Club, Marshal. i 5 Y l i ETHEL VIVIAN SCHWARTZ Gaithersburg, Md. Rural Club, Pestalozzi Debating Club. l 'E RUTH SCOLL "ScoIlie" Newport News, Va. Pestalozzi Literary Society. E BLANCHE HARRIET SEIDMAN 3 2216 Bryant Avenue, Baltimore 1 Glee Club, Pestalozzi Authorship Club. 2 MILDRED SHANKLIN 112 E. Hamilton Avenue, Baltimore I League of Women Voters, Normal Literary ,j Society. 55 'lm 1 ' l'iYl'il.YN l':l,lZAlll'l'l'll Sll0l-fM.Xlil'Il! l"l'l'1ln'l'is'li, Alxl. Normal l.m-mry Nu-11-ly. 'U l Y. lll'Il.l-IN .lUSl'II'll SllOll'I'Al.l, A f'l'llll'l'Ylll0. Mil. Xlll IH-stnlozzi Ilfllllllllll' Clulm, Rural Club, 1 Chorus. l.1-:iguu of Women You-rs. ' . .J l I CLAIIIIC LOPER SI-ICLI, "f'l11irry" 12034 E. Woonllanml Avenue, Baltimore ' , l A lx X Normzxl I,itvm1'y Society. Y. W. C. A., Z! Junior Court Olliciul. 1 AJ xl I ROSE SIEGEL "Rosfc"' ' 1220 W. North Avenue, Baltimore Postulozzi Literary sm-my. Hiking Club. l 'U I BERNARD L. SIIZATIRTS W 531 Allcgluiny Avenue, Towson. Md. E A Section Chairman, Soccwlwall 113 123. Base- ' ball 125. ' 'XS Q ANNIE MARY SIMMONS ' ".-1nnc" . 1. Fllkton. Md. i l Glc-0 Club. Boarding Student Council. 1 il -fl 5754-1- RY T CHRISTINE VIRGINIA SIMPSON "Chris" Libertytown, Md. Pestalozzi Literary Society, Y. W. C. A. N Q RENA LOUISE SLAGEN 806 N. Market Street, Frederick, Md. House President of Richmond Hall, Section Chairman, Pestalozzi Literary Society. 'E INA MAY SLAGLE Lisbon, Md. Camphre Girls. Y I ALMA LOUISE STALEY 422 Virginia Avenue, Hagerstown, Md. Tower Light Staff, Pestalozzi Story Telling Club. 3 EVALYN VIRGINIA STEBBING Port Deposit, Md. 5 Pestalozzi Literary Society. Y ABRAHAM STEIN "Judge" 2004 Christian Street, Baltimore, Md. X A E CRYSTAL Staff, Tower Light Staff. 58 I f Cclff I ll Sl'l'f l'f1.lZABl'I'l'lI S'l'El'Ill-fNSON l "Snr" Cl1UI'L'llVlllL', Mil. Normal llraniatic Society. Girl Scout. i l.oap:uc of Women Voters, Y. W. C. A. fu Q INEZ DEFLORA STEWART "Stu" Rocks, Mil. Pcstalozzi Literary Society. F Ii l YIOLA RUTH STEWART Lorraine Avenue. Woodlawn, Md. Pestalozzi Literary Society. f-.s Q MILDRED CATHERINE STIXE "Millie" Brunswick, Md. Pestalozzi Literary Society, Girl Scouts, Y. W. C. A., Hiking Club. fu I REBA KATHERINE STITELY HBCG7! Union Bridge, Md. Normal Literary Society. Q! I 2 ALICE GERTRUDE STREAKER "StreaI:vr" 'West Friendship, Md. Marshal. Girl Scouts, Pestalozzi Dramatic Club, Volleyball 421, Rural Club. X l A-3595... N SU6 l atin!! ALICE STUP Gaithersburg, Md. Y. W. C. A. 'E MARGARET ROSALIA STUP upegsy Urbana, Md. Girl Scouts, Y. W. C. A., Pestalozzi Liter- ary Society. 3 MARIAN B. SULLIVAN Hsis!! Trappe, Md. 3 LILLIAN 'CORDELIA SUNDERGILL ulliddyu Union Bridge, Md. Y. W. C. A., Orchestra, Chorus, Normal Debating Club. ms I MARY BEATRICE TAYLOR Lisbon, Md. , Pestalozzi Literary Society. 1 'S MARY ELLA TAYLOR 108 Arbutus Avenue, Hamilton, Baltimore Normal Literary Society. --24 so gaw- lx la X I- lk. 77" , K Y liL"l'll 1.1-:I-2 '1'1c.u'l-zu syn.-St-ill.-. Am. Nvrnml Nliljfilllllt' llulw, lnrl hw-nts. ,U . I ICICGINA l'ONS'l'ANl'li TUNNICY "ll1'm"' USS Falls Road, Baltinmrc' Ilm-kt-y lil, I'L-Sizlluzzi SuL'iL'Iy. WJ Q ELIZABICTH NORTON VAN SANT 1 "Bf'Hy" 134 Slade Avenue. Pikesvillc. Mml. Gloc Club. N C MARY EILEEN VICARI "Lena" 511 Rossitel' Avenue, Baltimore League of Women Voters, Normal Dra- matic Club. w-J - Q CLARICE VIRGINIA YYADDICLI. "Gin" Westminster, Mcl. NJ Q MARGARET WAHAUS ull'llI',LOI'Sl", Woodlawn, Md. I Normal Literary Society. -A-lil 61 lie-- df t . V W , aa ' nd' .UU n I H MARY WAIDNER 1915 Rosedale Street, Baltimore MARY EMILY IVALLS "McrmIy" Denton, Md. X A E Normal Authorship Club. 'E MOZELLE VVALTERS "JlIo:e" Hagerstown, Md. Normal Literary Society. FRANCES ELIZABETH WARD "Frank" X Baden, Md. Pestalozzi Debating Club, Y. W. C. A. FRED J. VVARD -124 E. E Street, Sparrows Point, Md. E A Rural Club, Soccer, Basketball 121, Base- ball 121. I N5 Q EUGENIA ELIZABETH WARFIELD "Jean" Gaithersburg, Md. Rural Club, Y. XV. C. A., Normal Literary Society. -eil 6219'- ff-IX , ff .V 1 f R it gf 1 R 3 K . Tai 15 ,gf i A i XXX yu ,' 'A ' 1 - I i X x- .f I -Z1 ' 'Vi V Wir Y i Y 7 H tll'IR'l'l!L'lll'I WAlIl"ll'fl.ll Sykvsvillv. Md. I,t-:igue ol' Wumen You-rs. llurslml. ff.: Q l'l.ll"'l'UN W. WARNER "Cliff" ljncboro. Md. x' X Rural Club. Boarding Student Cuuncil. fu Q GLADYS WATKINS Rockville, Md. Normal Draniutic Club, Rural Club, Chorus. fu Q DORA E LIZABETH WATTS "Half Pint" Trappe. Md. Normal Debating Club. Camp Fire, Y. W. C. A., Rural Club. M , Q SARAH ESTHER WEINTROB 214 West End Avenue, Cambridge, Md. Normal LIte-rary Society. V 'U Q BIIRIAM WEISMAN 122 Aisquith Street, Baltimore Debating' Club. --+3 63 ye- R, -35 I xi-i'U s. . Y LUCILE WELSH Rockville, Md. Girl Scouts, Rural Club, Normal Society. Y MARIAN ELEAN OR WE ST "Susie" Germantown, Md. Vice-President of Rural Club, Normal Dra- matic Club. Y MILDRED ALICE WHITE KKMUYY 106 S. East Avenue, Baltimore 'E ELIZABETH WHITESTONE lKIcl! 2809 West North Avenue, Baltimore Treasurer Athletic Association, Member- at-Large Day Student Council, Pestalozzi Literary Society, Hockey ill. DOROTHY 'CARROLL WILSON "Dot" 2852 West North Avenue, Baltimore A K A Secretary-Treasurer General Student Coun- cil, President Pestalozzi Dramatic Club. ms Q CLARA G. WINDSOR "Toots" Deale, Md. Normal Literary Society. 64 Eg..- 1 I I I I I I I I I I 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ti, I Gif' a,i.'Ol I . v. : ll.g If 'I . VIRGINIA WOUII "fii1lr1ir" Rock II:lll. MII. Normal Literary Society. fu I ESTHEH O. WOOLICN Hurlouk, Md. fu I HARRIETTE VIRGINIA WRIGHT Falling Waters, W. Va. House President of Newell Hall, Girl Scouts, Normal Literary Society. NS Z NAOMI NICHOLS WRIGHT "Nia-ic" Preston, Md. A li A , Normal Literary Society, Y. W. C. A. fu I JOSEPHINE BROXVN YOUNG I "Joe" , If East Lane at Upland Road, Rolancl Park, Baltimore ' Pestalozzi Literary Society, Tennis 123, A Baseball Team 121. 'U , Q ELSIE LOUISE ZIMMERMAN "Zin1miv" 5009 Belleville Avenue, Baltimore Craft Club. ---if 65 C5 ,E ia, Ye rfv .UU a gf-+ 4 Day by Day S1'f1'c111I11'1' XYC'illlC'S1lZlf', 7-.luniors get soaked hy the Class of '29 twhich does not yet existlg the Muscular lixercise Association, and the Steeple Candle. 'lll1111'sday, S-Gentry llll'llS l11dia11 at Ti111o11iu1n. Pipe the I told you so's. Saturday, lO-Lf S. loses Davis Cup, Bader burns the niidnite oil seeking alihis. Monday, ll-Seniors gurgle class song for first time this year. 'l'hursday, 15-Mr. lYalthe1' starts witl1 discourse on lemon Zllltl ends with skimnied lllllli. liriday, lo-The Little tloslings a1'e given their hill of wrongs. Monday, 19-Towson 5 and 10 runs out of safety pi11s. Some seen on men at school. Ttiesday, 2Of.l1111ior girls appear with facsiniiles of their fronts on their hacks. XYC4lIlE5llI1f', Zlevluniors receive their tirst lihrary lesson, hy getting the Se- niors' hooks. rlill6Sflfly. Zfsftjuiet around schoolfblewish holiday. XYt'llll9Slllly, .Z8fNU1'lllZ1l.5 Soccer Eleven defeats Sl1Z11'1'ONViS Beale. Stovelid RlElllIll1Cy is disappointed Zlllfl floods barracks with tears. 'iilll1l'5KlI1f', 29fXYl1itesto11e Express has car full sign out. Full of what? liriday, 30fXYe hear ahout Lateryairy Sassietaies. QM. S. N. S. patented pro- 111111c1at1o11. l Orlnlwr Tuesday. -L-Our hlunior XYOlllC'll SL1lltlllC o11r Senior fair niaidens ill a petitie gaine uf lmaselwall. Score l-l-l5 S11 the uinpire said. 151-iday. 7fYe awl Qu Z C D liair tl-Slondl of tl1e Iron Horse. Saturday, SAQX1111 Ives seen at the school dance. But she sees no o11e ex- cepting gurge, ah. ha. She choked 111e. XYL-diiesday, ll-L'olu111h11s takes a chance a11d stuhs his toe on gXl1lEl'iC3.'S chest, Tliursday, l3-The lllllfll 11111111 offers Turtle Soup to anyone furnishing the turtle. SHINCUIICYS Ford is found i11 the Glen turned turtle. 'l'11es1lay. 18-lliz Reid misses high C flllfl falls llat. lfriday, ll--The Sassitaies stop arguiiig' long' enougli to get organized. Saturday, 22-Martha, how ahout a date? Nothing doin' this is Junior hilJlllCl"S XYeek Iind. Monday, lla-'l'l1e Yellow 'laclceted Cover a la Stein, Steeple Candle makes its appearaiice. - .ef 66 A. fi A J - If -?.. l .Qi . km. L 'vvl ng 'l'uesd:1y. 25-A-Hoy, ilu-y'rc piling it on. lfspccially Bliss f -flill in Iwi suil yoursulfl. Friday. JS-Student Limp lhix'erii1nent has muscular exercise in xissemlnly. Salurdziv, 2'l -A-- --.Xlil it's dark. till-ists,aluail ni:u1'sli:imls,moist l1r:iins, nioxies. Hhfl mean reel ll:illon'e'en. Sunday, 30-Suu-rail llCI'YllllS cases treated hy Doctor liurdick. .X pill a day keeps the llrug Store in lmusincss. Momlay, 3lA.Xnotl1er month gone liy and l hart-n't started on my nolelioi-k yer. .Ym'i'ln1n'1' XYcdncsday. 2-The foreign Students come tu us. .Xll ul the dialects and tongues combine to form rain. Friday. -l-They must think it's a joke putting on Hansel and liretel without pepperinint trees, chocolate ice cream mountains, and cherry soda lakes. Tuesday. S-Catherine: "XYhat's motor learning?" Stein: "l,earning lu drive an automobile." Saturday, ll-The Seniors of last year return wearing gray wigs in order to discourage us from continuing. Monday, 21-Junior Courtg Hackman becomes a horse trying to make little donkeys out of the Seniors. Thursday. 2-l-Someone goes to a fortuneteller and conceiyes the idea of naln- ing our annual, the CRYSTAL. Also Tliaiiksgiving. Monday. 28-XYC get the Revolution ol the Ballad fed to us. f7i'i'vii1Iwr Thursday, l-Bader certainly makes a hit as Rip Yan XYinkle. .Xnrl those Dwarfs. XYednesday. 7-Texas oil takes a flop. Thursday, S-California on screen in auditorium. Rankin chases sunbealns across the floor. Tuesday, 13-Mr. Shaw buys an auto and pays cash for it. He's been paying cash ever since. XYednesday, 21-Ye olde English Dinner. Carol singing. NYho said Carol could sing? A Thursday, 22-Christmas vacation begins. fmiunry Thursday. 5-He: Darling, do you know it is twenty-four hours since we be- came engaged? Bula: So it is, Sweetheart. and it seems only yesterday. Friday, 6-Proofs arrive. XYhat a grand rush to see our phizzes. Saturday, 7-Dance De Luxe. Saturday night seemed like the whole week- end. -ff 67 ig..- R, I TA .UU e liriday. 13--lfouml her day. l wonder who she is? The girl that they found. XYednesday, lSf4 In this day we found how Knights made twiasts. They used ll slow lire. lilectrie toaster preferred and waited for browning or burn- ing to take place. l'il'i1lIlf', lf- ln the clutches of the law. M. S. X. S. student held for tryinff to pass one ul' Mrs. Silileys checks. D Monday, 3Ilf!l'lie l'rincipal tea. l drink coffee! 17i'lw'1rii1'-v lfriday. 3-f-'I'he man howls over the hat. Thursday, "flfred XYard taken out uf game for unnecessary roughness. Re- mark heard frmii coed in the hall. Many's the time l'ye sent him home for the same reason. i Saturday. ll-Miss Tall gives Seniors a Valentine Party. lhddnjl l74-ddlv Vid hidlSirYCR Saturday, lSffXu Sig' Dance. May l have the pleasure of the next dance? Sure if you can tind a partner. Tuesday, 2Sf-Xlihat are all those furriners doing down in our assembly? ,l fLII't'fI 'l'liursrlay, Sf-l'hysieal lfducation lJC11llfJIlSt1'E1tlOll. Men turn monkeys. Monday. 124'l'hird term! Student teaching at last. XYednesday. l4f.X slip uf a girl may Cause the slip of a man. Dora lYatts has her man slip his coat on liefiire going walking with her. Saturday. l7fKlen's l"raternity llanee. Lawlis wears his roommate's patent leathers because the patent on his expired. Moiiflay, l"fXYe reach the Conclusion in history class that since King George is a ruler. Mussolini must he a yardstiek. Tlnirsday, llfl was thinking uf going' to Europeg how much will it cost ine? Nothing. Nothing? Yes, thinking' about it won't cost you anything. Monday. ZH-fNo a steam slifwcl is not used for shove-ling steam. . Ifril Xloinlay, 2vStation Xl-.X-l.-li liroarlcasts. Sunday, 8--Klr. l'hipps is some loud dresser. You should hear him hunt his collar lruttons. Kloiirlay, lf: 'X sample of ballad writing: C Fever U. the sea. the heautiful sea lit. you not see the sea 'l'h-i a lot ot the sea you'll never see. Satnrdziy, ll,-'liinior l'roin. l sit home and make lesson plans. 68 Ee..- f X. .K K JL , X ' JILL Xl ll-ni1l:iy,l5 .Xn-vllwr llzillzuli The wrxixlge lm-lls :ire lweling l'he ri-il. ruwl lveel. lwzll time .X l1vll"' sillll' HHKL' 5 Stuck in the tlnwuil UI' .Xlice lil'JlIlL'l.l'llll l.llllL'. ,llny 'l'uesil:iy. l- Yes yi-n may. Sritnriluy. 5 -.Xlnnini Snrnrity cl'-sell llzince. .Ns il' that nizulc :any flillereiiu-. XX'efll1esil:ix', 'lflf win alnn't lweliexe that wliziteyer ewes np innst cfnne wlwwn, cmnpxire ini' lirst ternfs liistnrx' inairlc with this une. M1 vnilziy. l4+.X Inninr in innsir elziss. lf there is lllllwln' in hezixen where 'ln the ninsicizins gm? Szitnrilxiv. 1"-Seninr l'r1nn. Since when flu sir lnzlnx' girls l'1l1rI'll 1-ver :it the cnttzige? rlllllfiilily, .22-l tinil out that lightning will not strike the fi-nnt enfl nl' Il tml- ley heczinse the inntnrman is nut a cnnnliictnr. Saturclay. .26-Rlen's llance. l'rincipal's house. XYhy flu sn many men take girls frinn the llnrlnitnry? Tiiesrlny. ZW-dL'ity students sturly fin' prnfessinnals. Smell the xvmnl lnirning. Tlnirsilziy, 31-We clit exaininalinns with il Sllljlrllnl. lum' Sunalay. 3-Praise Gnd fur rest. Thnrsmlny, 7-Girls fume fur yulleyhall meet. XYhat II vnlley of talk. 'l'nng'ne exercise 21 la hall playing. Snturclny. 'l-.Xhnnni lilly-'lJl1lllt'l' anrl lllilzen. Sunclav, lo'-llZ1CL'ZllZl.lITCZltC Sermon. Klnmlay. ll-Class llay-fin' 11 change. as if we flirln't have classes every clay. Tuesday, fliplinna. 12-C1nninencement. 'l1l1E'l'C is :L flearth uf sheep. Su l hny :i paper l'1n cinning lllll cunning' Tho my ink is running low I hear those gentle KH vnices calling This must he typed. yun know. .Xl'l'lfXlJlX-Shunlfl he relnuyerl. -.-if 69 lg..- ik XvIRGINIA BIAHON Vicv--Prvsidvlll AIARY K. XYILSON Sofial Cllairman unior Qfficers A l'GL'STL'S HAC K xr AX P rvsfd cnt Fwmzxcn XYIELE T1'va1s1r1'v1' PAUL GOLDSTEIN I 'in' Social Cilllllfllldll Class Colorx GREEN AND XYHITE Class Flower LILY or THE VALLEY 70 E..- M.wsue ARMSTRONG Sl'Cl't'ldl'3Y M155 NELLIE BIRDSONG Faculty .4a'z'isor I l . in 'u l l . X ' X Q X x Q u X Xu ' XX K CL i S 1 Q J X XR ii it- SU CHESS 'I T 5499 X ,1 , N nl, x 1 , 0 if yr, In JL tx' .- :' .- - . P- lr .--:NOT vm.-1 V' 1 , ' 7,937 - ibln.5s..- ,IL Y , , luv, fr' ' - Rrxffk' vc' N 1 .. ,. Q 1 .1 9 f . - . ,iq 1- ,- ,wa kr .U , X05 4-gif?-:5K"7. , 1 4' , ,a Q Ca Af ,A f. -,,.-2:2 ft -.,-72X 5 jr 1 we Q .gf .' hyifl' ,,Ug,gfftlM--..i ' 'WLQQ1' 'd - v-3.55l'5?,f'7ik i is- ..eaff5q'-. - A+ - - f- l :' I .A-i l I ., - . A - 569716 zmior Class l'R 'lrxtutc Cl..xss has :ultletl :t real tnueh tl- the life anfl events ttf Xnrinal since its arrival early in Septetnlner. ln thnse early rlavs the Class nf 'lf' was ne-thing mnre than a thunflering hercl getting acquaiutefl with its new pasture lands. lirutn every cwuntv in the state anrl the nietrupnlis nf lialtiinwre came the new luniurs. lfrmn their ranks have risen slime nt' Xnrmal's hrightest luminaries in athletics, literary ability. music. anfl scholarship. XX'hen the -Iuniurs marle their entry intl: the halls uf the Nwrinal Sehuul, the Sagaciuus Seniurs lnukerl upon the .Iullv 'luniors with a twinkle of mischief in their eyes. It was nut lung after the juniors harl arriveil that the Seniurs tlinuglit it wise anfl Fitting to welcome the .luniurs utiieiallv: aml what a welcome the juni:-rs received. Nut lung after the 'Wlusliiig rules" were raver. the juniors thuught it apprnpriate tn return their thanks fur this warm welenme. anfl then the fun heganl The juni-vrs hall tn take sr-me had merlicine when the Seniors heat them in hwth linckev ancl haskethalli hnwever the hluniurs stagefl a eninehack aufl wnn the Competitive Meet. Our tirst .Iuniwr Class meeting was called lw the presiclent ui the Senior Class. lleleu Xicwls. at which meeting the tempurarv ufticers ui the class were electefl. The -luninr Class has lieen active anrl accwmplisherl much. The Class Banner was wlesignerl by Henrietta Klahlan anfl was presenterl at the .Xpril meet- ing. Then the uftieers fur the class were electerl permanently. The Class hanner was rlisplavefl at the .Iuniur Prnm which will he remem- bererl as the greatest event in the life nf every juniur. .xllgllsllls llackmaun cmnpnserl the Class Sung. The .lunirwr Class hirls farewell tn the Seniur Class :mel gives its best wishes for the greatest nf successes. --1471 F.- IIIQLIQX N1co1.s -l.v5m'fI1tI' lfdifm' I.I21L,x RICCABIC -Al.v.vz'.vtI111f ,'If111IdfjL'I' SIDNEY N. CIIERNAK ,XIIRATIAAI STEIN .XNNA III-ZINZ M.xRx' TXLIQIQ KIOHLIZX NAIIMI BIARKLEY IIEORGI,-X RIISSICL CLIFTON XY.-IRNER C111-ZSTIER D.-xvls ETHEL RIELCHIQR Crystal Staff .XNN E. IYES Elilif01'-I-II-cillluff'f11I1f ElII'fL1I'.V . lr! 15lil'f0l'.Y Tyfixts KIAKY IJIGNAN .llumlgizlg Editor ,XL1c12 L. BIUNN -Hg 72 Ig.- IYILLIA31 BAUER llzrxizzvxs JILIIZLIQUI' KI.-XRCIA ELLIOTT M.x1zx' BIATTHEWS .-lz11'v1'f1'xiIzg .Ilmlagvrs I.I:xIcTT,x GARRETT Ii.xTIi CHEII' C.xTH15R1NE BUCKIEL LULL' BICHY IQTIIIQL RIELCH ER I.I5I,IN,xRn GENTRY XIILIIQTTA HOLTZ C.-x'I'I1r:R1x12 FREmANx ,I mx x IQTTE Novucx I I, 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I K A it cpl UI 1 7 ji .. ,e .Hg My LZ-3726 Crystal l 'r l..XS'l' wt-I n.tvii ul'lt Xxxtxxt.. which slltillltl rightlv he called "Hur liatnily .Xlhtnnn for that is what it seems In he. lior many years the Maryland State Normal School has heen without an Knnual. llenee, the Class out 'JN wanted to inaugurate something that should he carried on through the years as a goal for every class to attain and advance. 'l'hus. the k'ltYS'l'.Xl. will till a place in the life of each Xormalite. XYhen we think ot' a year hook, quickly our mind tlashes over the year's work and we wonder how. when we have left Normal far lmehind, we shall re- tnetnher the faces of our old friends and our favorite places on the Campus. thu' L't:vsT.vI. answers the question. We can see here. faces of old friends. gone from our lives materially. yet living in our tnetnories through experiences never lu he forgotten. Our favorite nooks and corners are again revealed and hecotne living tnementoes of our Normal llays. as onee more we scan the pages of our Family .Xlbunt. The wot'k of the class. the ways in which they have made their strides on- ward, ever onward, hand in hand with their respective tasks, is another proof of their sterling worth. ln just this way the compiling of the first .Xnnual at Normal was made possihle: everyone doing his part, whether through snhscriliing or spending hours of work on the actual getting the hook together, anything at all. just so long as the idea of the Cttvs't',xI. would follow the Class of 'ZS as a held glass to reveal life's heauties. It is something we started, and may it luring joy and happiness to those who have gone out on l.ife's llighway. as once more they visualize and spiritually live again the days which Normal can no longer hold for them. Now that Xortnal has an .Xnnual may the classes who follow improve on our mere heginning, and carry the idea onward until the C1zvs'1'AL lieeomes not onlv a vear hook. hut a necessity in the life ot every Senior leaving his .Xhna Mater. ' X. E. I. 3593s '1 ---r1l73lE1-- fl Jn N :ig f i x ,iii , - if l " s ' . U 25- X Sin , ! xp X! Lf' Vale - r Is ilxnign. Xu nf nur ninst sfvlemn lrlure will these halls Ctllu In nur VUiC6S, fir lie the scenes cnnclavesg nn more will these doors open tn admit us, or clnse upon nur hacks at the conclusion uf the days work. For us the curtain has fallen upmi the nalized the beginning l21SI AXSS6lNl1l3'3 the very gnng whose sounding once sig- nr ending nt our duties has lust its significance. The very prfnfnuiirliiess uf our feeling causes us tn fear that we have never fully appreciated nur happiness, or been sufficiently grateful for the consummate liliss nf ciur pusitiun. lYhen we consider more deeply, however, we realize that such things never are appreciated when they are hefore us. llle rcognize it as truth that the actuality is never so pleasant as the anticipation or the recollection nf it. and that it is in after-tlinught that days and scenes receive their highest valuatinn, Kleinnry lends them a glow untelt heture, and thnse features of them which seemed at the time unpleasant are either wholly banished from our minds ur transfnrmed into things uf beauty. lf with recnllectinn crimes heartache, let it: if the hitter the sweet, well and grind, for surely ainnng experiences there uplifting, nnne that trend ninre tnward nnhility. All things, alike, must end. L'pnn the wisdnm uf nur chnice as to which and which discard is nur future well-lieing and happiness to is mixed with are none more good and bad we shall retain a great extent dependent. Man is the mirror uf his thoughts, and hy that which he reflects he will nut -vnly uncnnscinusly judge himself, hut come to he judged by nthers. .film l r f eh, fl 'sixties-' - eil 7-lf lk-- XV. C. B. ff' f XXX H Q X nu .QQJ txtx A w Teachers ff ui-:ini n.vvi-1 in-11-ix 'l'If.Xl'llliRS since the lit-ginning of time, there will always be teaclit-rs: aml il' we look liackvvard over the thousands ul years which have passed, we can see that each one of them. whether he was Greek slave, monk, private tutor, or the "school-marm" ul the last generation. has lit-en striving toward two clear purposes: the lirst was that nl tilling the child's miml with as much knowledge aml lveautv as possilile. aml the second was that ul pre- paring the pupil for his position in later life. XYhen. thousands of years ago. heside the hlue Mediterranean Sea. the little Greek lwoys struggled in to their school under the olive trees, the Greek slaves who taught them had those two ideas in mind. aml, lnllintvlllg' those ideas. they taught simple sums in arithmetic. using the almacus, aml told stories of Theseus who slew the terrihle man-eating Minotaur, Ulysses the XYise, aml Hector, the tamer nl' horses. Since the hoys were very likely to lead a soldier's life, they raced. threw the discus. wrestled, aml had tests uf endurance, in order In he prepared for the strenuous life to come. Then. he- cause they might he statesmen alter they were too old to light, they were taught history aml a little philosophy. During the Middle Ages many boys were sent to the monasteries to school. especially those who were to hecome monks later on. They, too, studied arithmetic hut they also studied Latin, and in that way derived much enjoyment from translations from the Greek poets and philosophers. They needed their Latin for the participation in the services of the Church, so it was of practical value, also. They learned to sew, to cook, to work in the garden, and to administer first aid, for the life of a monk was varied. And, pacing the arched cloister, conversing with their teachers. the monks, these boys learned some of the gentle philosophy. which, in those turhulent times, only the Brother could give them. The lads who showed no inclination for the life of the monastery land the majority did notl, were sent to the Kings court or the court of some great noble. There. his teachers. at tirst. were the ladies on whom he waited and whatever attendants happened to he at court. There the hoys, as pages, learned to revere women and to light for the King. Much training was given in the gentle art of making war, aml many good soldiers were turned out from these courts. The trouhadours were also these children's teachers at court, and the boys after they had served their term. as a squire, carried back to their gloomy castle many poems, sweet roundelays, aml thrilling stories to brighten the winter nights in the castle. In Colonial America. the little children of the rich had private tutors, who were graduates from Oxford and Cambridge. These men taught them their reading. literature. aml arithmetic. They also taught, as nearly as they fContin.ued on Page 1155 75 39..- A,...q. "'7"1!?f?'wQF!'W'5'7"'?"iK?"3f5 .,..,.-.-.-.. --sf Tower Lzgkt Staff STLYDIQNT EDITK DRS fflfff TiLlf.XXllRA BOXYLING foluu' plfflh'fl'4' KUfi0rli'1' :ls.x'cu'f1Ifi' LEONARD l,lliNTRY l'lOwARn FLOOR CHARLOTTIQ Tl.-XRN Sofft!! Krfforfvl' BTARY ll. 'l',xYLuR --lrf Cfwziltztinzz Jlftllltlyfl' .XBR.xH.xM STIQIN TTOXVARD FLOOK liIlXflIl'.YX .lItHI4lf1t'V SIDNEY CHERNAK .'1d'Z't'l'fiXl.Ilfj flli111trgw'.v LVLU lhenr KTARCIA IiLL1oT'1' Typing Slujf X7IOLA HOLTER CATHERINE E. ROI-IR RTARY DIGNAN ROM a bird to a beacon! That is the evolution Of the Tower Light, the magazine of the Towson Normal, for, as an Old school annual states, the school paper. originally called the Oriole, first used its wings in 1922. In that year five numbers of the paper were issued, "brave little birds full of pep". This same Orfolr, flourished as such until 1926 when its name was changed to the more fitting. Tower Light. The Tmvvr Light of 1926-27, however. was a hybrid creature, half newspaper, half magazine, with material arranged in newspaper columns and with a magazine cover. The magazine is now a magazine, partly professional, partly literary, with a threefold value, professional, creative. and recording. 76 E.-- , - -1. , ,VJAX b k- "df X XEIAE 'xg if--1' xl N R LW E AWEET IE SUEEUEUTI E5 E 55oUAImm EElE fnawmimnwf A urimmvfixmncs STUDENT EOUNEIL5 LEAGUE OE X CHGHUS WOMEN VOTEEKS XOREHE WHA YWCA GLEE CLUB TOWEEE L VI E RURAL nowom E CLUB axmTY K EARL SEOLTD Z F CAVKFEIRE 4 Z Q ff ,X 5 7 EEZ? IG T 5 X W 2 H QE W5 General Student Council mg G12N1iR,xL Srcnisxr CoL'Nc1L. elected in the spring of 1927, began its work last September in the opening days of the new school year, by requesting the enrolling' students to enlist as members of the Athletic Association and of the Senior Class. thus insuring the support of these organizations for the coming year. Probably the most constructive piece of work undertaken during the year was the revision of the Constitution. The new Constitution was the outgrowth of proposals presented by a group of Seniors. Copies of this were distributed among the students, and a month later, voted on and adopted by the student body. A second accomplishment grew out of the joint work of the Student Council and the League of XYomen Yoters. Under their direction, the choice of council officers was conducted on the plan of a regular election, with polls erected in the corridor. Thus direct instruction was given in political responsibility. We fDoy Student Council HE DAY STUDENT COUNCIL, as the name implies, is composed of the entire day student body. .-Xt present. the officers are the usual onesg namely, president, vice-president. secretary-treasurer and two members at large, all of whom are members of the General Student Council. This body appoints committees as fol- lows: The Street Car Committee, Rest Room Committee. Lunch Room Com- mittee, and the Hall Committee. The meetings are held once a month at which the committees report and discussion by the members follows. i IYLIZAUIQTII MCDOWELL P1'csiclt'11t I-I.-xzEL FRIDINGER .XNNE Smmioxs Mm' .XNGLE Vict'-Prt'5idt'nI Cnflagt' .Rt'f'l'l'Sl'lIft1fiZ'C St't'I'l'fLII'j'-Tl't'fISll7'f?I' HARRIET WRIGII1' CLIFTON XXARNER Rnxn SLAGEN House Prc'.vidm1! .Uvafs RFfI'l'5ClIfGffZ'F Honsr President QNeweIl Hall ,J fRiCi'lIl1Ol1d Hallj V q3oam'z'ng Student Council HE BOARDING STUDEXT CooPiiR,xT1vE Cocxcii.. together with the students and staff of the dormitory, make and administer the dormitory regulations and stand- ards of life. XYith its proctors and various committees, it puts on an active social program such as: the birthday parties each month, recreation hour with dancing and sing song, the Old English Dinner at Christmas time and other festivities in season. -af 79 P.- ormal 5DPamatz'c Club f""'7 X ' HE DRAMATIC CLUB or THE NoRx1AL LITERARY Socrrfrv started its 1927-1928 career under the leadership of Miss Gladys XVatkins, chairman: Miss Mary Butts, vice-chairman: Miss Geneva lirontz, secretary-treasurer2 and Miss Nellie Bird- song, faculty adviser. The clulfs hrst presentation to the school was "The Man In the Bowler Hat," a farce and a play within a play. The cast included Karl Schwartz, Harriet Hutzler, Arthur XVood, Allene Pruitt, Paul Goldstein, Aaron Rosen, and Roger Fogle. For an interesting half hour the stage was transformed into "the most ordinary sitting room in the world." Lights disappeared. shots rang out, myster- ious characters appeared and disappeared. Thus the Normal Dramatic Club made its first how of the year hefore the school audience. It is impossible for every member of the club to take part in the public per- formances. However, through the arrangement of a St. Patrick's Stunt Party each memher was made well aware of each other member's special talent. St. Patrick must have winked his eye at such a gala sight. We acknowledge that "The play's the thing." However. a part of the club's program calls for the study of dramatics. and the establishment of a feeling for dramatics. 8013..- fO7ze Testalozzz' fDr'czmatz'C Club Dmw'ruv XYILSON cilllllfllltlll Blxkv lililien L'.'xTnRvX lllitxz Mus. S'l'.XPLlfTON I'it'u-C'11t1ir1m1r1 Svrr't'ft1l"x' lfurzrlly .-lciz'i.vt'r X uni l'lis'r.xLuzzI lJR.xn,v1'1c L'Lt'1:, besides atlorrling its members at very pleas- :int suciztl seztsnn. has contributed to the literary achievements of the student body in general. .Xt une uf the sucial meetings Z1 group presented "Deviled Crztbs." which was zt very funny sketch. At various other meetings, refreshments and sketches were given fur the benetit of the members. Linder the auspices of both Vestztlnzzi and Normal Drznnzttic Clubs, Mr. Gnorltnait liahbitt, eminent lecturer and interpreter uf the classics. visited sclwul for an .-Xssembly prograin. He gave "Hunger", the "Crz1veyztrrl Scene frein Hamlet". and "Szun's Letter". Perhaps the greatest achievement uf the Dramatic Club was the presentation uf the "Put Boiler." :t one-net play by .Xlice Gerstenberg. 81 F.- Special CMusz'c Students RUTH BRADFORD RUTH MOON IVA HEATH BIARY ELIZABETH REID EDGEWORTH HUMPHREYS ANNE SIMMONS ELIZABETH XTAN SANT 82 .Xnn l'.. Ives lrlarold Muller Marian Bloss Virginia XVOod Donald Haugh 'Cello Viola Holter H4155 Lucille Albaugh Drums lYilson Valentine Eze Orchestra I 'iuliny Lillian Sundergill Katharine Lambert I lelen .Xllport .Xugustus Hackmann l'anl Goldstein Sarah Palace Sll.l'0f'l10lIL'5 Iva Heath Thelma Berry Aaron Rosen Piano -leanette XYilson lilizabeth Fitz l'aulinc Connor Gladys .Xdams Mary l.ehman Mary Coffay Trzmi-fwts Carl Bull Olive Sudler .Xrthnr XYood 1.L'tIlil'I' Miss Emma lYeyforth UR orchestra has proved a source of delight to its audiences. so we haxe heard. as well as to itself,-which is fortunate. You have heard us play "The Swan" by Saint-Saens, the celebrated "Kiss Me Again" by Yictur Herbert. and Christmas music. And we are still going ahead. If you pass Room 105 on cer- tain afternoons you will hear in addition to much preliminary tuning-strains of a sweet Grieg. of the Student Prince and of a stirring march. All of which gives promise that the orchestra will take part in a concert later on. and in some of the many functions at commencement time. 0,433 Ea- GLEE CLUB CHORUS We Chl' Cbflpha Szgfma Fraternity fC2I'glllIf.7t'lI 1925j OFFICERS HELEN FE.-XSTER Pl't'Sfdl'lIf GERTRUDE DOXYELL IRENE ANDREWS I 'ice-Prcsidvlzt Svcrctary GLADYS MUORE GLADYS :XLMONY :Issistanf Sf'l'l't'ftlI'.V Tl'CUSIl1'L'I' HE Cm .-XLPLIA Srmm pin is at syinh-,lic expressiun uf the ideals of the fraternity. The open hfmk signifies schularship. the first requisite for member- ship in the fraternity: the key signifies those qualities of character and achieve- ment which mean success. These are the qualifications of the fraternity's mem- bers who are chosen each year frnni the junior and Seniur classes. qgssif- Ge League of Women Voters BIARY ALICE MOBLIA' PrI',ridr'11f JULIA CRUMM BIARGARET ELOIQRT BIARY :XNN HfXRRISON Vive-Prrsidmzt Trvas1n'er .S'cf1'ctar'y KATE CHEVY' ELEANOR COOK MIss XvAN BIBBER .-lssisftllzf Svrrufury Rvfvorfvl' Farulfy .'ld'z'i5er A BECOME acquainted with an organization through its activities. Our hrst big' introduction to the seliool was begun when Miss Lavinia Engle, Secretary of the "League of XYHINCII Voters" in Maryland, gave us the Opportunity to hear live parliamentary procedure lessons. There are many Organizations in the school, that have regular meetings and must have carried them on in a parliamentary way. Because of this we invited the officers of all tlIese associations tO attend the lessons, besides inviting the school as a whole. Our second chance for fame came when we paid a visit tO the Mayor and City Council in Baltiniore. The next thing was a trip planned for XVashingtOn. Mildred Shanklin, chairman of the lixcursion Committee. hrought the Hon. Mr. il. Charles Linthicum in touch with our work, and he was very much interested. We sent delegates from our organization to the League of XYomen Yoters' Conference in Baltimore. Miss lingle has attended many of our meetings this year, and considers us a model collegiate League. 86 ge.- O I Cl l TENY Horam' Pzvxiflvlft RIARY lixmwxrxn I.lI.LI.XN SL'xmi1:mLL l'iz'v-Pivsiclvzzl SL't'I'L'flll'j' CHRISTINE SIRIPSCIN Mlss Gauss Trm.m1'vr Fmlflllfj' - l4lf'1'.n'r X In-. H . XX . K. .X. 1- zz wnh'-zm'nkcz1111l IIUNIIIHQ1Il'QIll1lZ1llIlPl'l at the ll. 5. R. 5 During the yczu' the Y. XY. C. .X. has been quite active. tirst SULQIHQ' thu uvely 'Iapanese hazmat. which was very successful 1 Sl.lllEI'X'iSil1Q' Yespers cvcry Suu day evening m R1cl1muml llull pzlrlm-1' and chstrihutiug L'Hlllflbl'I tw thusu whw Z1l'L uccfh' in this C4-Illllllllllily. --iif87+5c-- 'CQYQQ Wural Club FR121113R1c1c XYARD Pl't'.Yl'dClIf BIARION Wiisr AIARY KEECH IvfLAl"PI't'.Y1'tfL'IIf Social Clzuirllzmz M11,DR12D BUCKINGHAR1 DWIGHT CASKEY Svrrcfary T7'f'llS1ll'C'1' 1 ur:1l types ing. 1112 PURPOSE of this organization is to promote and develop an interest in work and help better the conclitions in rural communities. XVe have three of meetings: those with a speaker, the business meeting. and social meet- Some of our best lectures have been: 1. Child Vvelfare Association-Miss Kirwan. 2. Mrs. Sibley's Own Experience As a Rural School Teacher, 3. N. E. A. Meeting-HMiss Licla Lee Tall. gg 665718 Girl Scouts .lloilu-"Be Prepared." Slogan-"Do a Good Turn Daily." Symlvol-Trefoil: to indicate a threefold promise. OFFICERS RIILDRED Cor-Exrmviaa ETHEL joxns clrcurncur STRHAKER First Ijvzrtmiurzt Tl'l'fIS1ll'l'l' Corresponding SCL'l't'flIl'j' H.AXRRIliTTli XYRIGHT Ouvli HAUVER Miss ONA Faust Swami Ijvutwzant Recording Secretary -4dt'iscr K Tlllf GIRL ScoL'Ts every side of the girl's nature is brought out and devel- oped. XX'hen a Scout learns to swim, she does it not only as an athletic accom- plishment, but to save lives as well. .-Xt the same time she learns to care for her own body. We devote an hour a week to Scouting. Sometimes we have indoor. meetings to become acquainted with the management of troops. Other times we take our slipper and go on a long hike. making trails, naming trees and hirrls. Once a year the old members come hack and join with us in our entertain- ment. This year the Scouts and Camp Pire Girls gave a joint dance. For the outdoor Scout reumon we rent a cottage close to the water for a week-end. -if 89 is-- l Eze Camp Fire OFFICERS RIARION M 1-JDINGER Prvsizifizt X7IOLA HOLTER INA SLAGLE Vin'-Prt's1'df'11t Tr0a.r1n'z'r ELIZABETH FITZ Secretary MEMBERS .Xllene Pruitt Nnrma Leonard Juliet Stevens Helen Rudy Clara Everist Charlotte Eader Sara Bowlus Mildred Michael Dora lYatts Ruth Allen lidna Michael Hlf l.11.1Q'1'.'x CAMP limit, named in lumur of Lida Lee Tall, is an Organiza- tion which stresses in the lives of the girls, the home, health. out-door life, citi- zenship, a knowledge uf nature and earning one's daily bread. The Camp-Fire Girls of Normal Schnul. under the direction uf Miss Riley, spend much time in hiking. ln the Spring, they gn fur a week-end camping' trip on South River. -mil .- 'hy' l.L'L,x BICHY l'icr-Prvsidrzzt M.-nu' Iimicn Snvimzl C'l1u1'rumu Lula liichy llc-lc-n Bruokllart Louise Clark lflizalmtll Coalc Louise Conrad lflizalmetll Dnlulcr Nell Downey . Laura lfmory Delta CBeta Delta Folnzdvd 1911 l':LIZABETH CUALE Prfxvidvnl .IL'L1,x IIOIILER SFU'Cf11l'y Iris Fallrney lirlytlle Fowler Nancy Gough Frances Crist ,Xnn Ives Mary Kc-cfcll Klarinn liirlmy Klary llclfcnzic --.4 91 gf- BIARY EMILY XYALLS TI't'tIS1ll't'I' .XLICE I.. RIUNN Honorary .lfrmbvr .lnlia Mohler Blargaret Xowell .Xnnc Peach llclcn Slmrtall lflizalmeth Yan Sant Flnrence Yielc Mary Iimily XY:1lls Hlaclys XYatkins VIRGINIA POOLE President NIARY ANN HARRISON TI'Cl75ltVP7' Mae Angle Mildred Buckingham Julia Crumln Moynelle Fost Evelyn Girardin Olga Graf Mary Harrison Anna Heinz Adele Herman Marjorie Hoopman Ulfu Sigma .-llfvlza Clzapter Founded 1916 MARY MATTHEWS Secretary Edgeworth Humphreys Camilla johnson Juliet Jordan Rebecca Keyes Margaret Leitch Leila McCabe Dorothy McGurty Mary Matthews W Mil n .swim I 9 2 356,- EILEEN VICARI Vice'-President LEILA M. COBB H o1zo1'a4'y llffembcr Ethel Melcher Helen Nicols Virginia Poole Dorothy Pruitt Ruth Pritchett Ann Sheppard Anna Strovv Marie Stradtman Eileen Vicari Jeanette XVilsOn Oflpha Kappa Delta 1iviiLYx XYESTON I 'fm'-Pl'1'XI'dc'lIf Maysic .Xrmstrong Louise Bagwell Lncilc Ilarner Esther Black lflcanora Bowling Mary Butts Klilclrecl Cheezum May Cuffay OFFICERS CL.Ax1R1i S H ULL Prvsidvuf 'IICANIE Ross St'l'l't'ft1l',V Mary Dobson Isobel Douglas Genevieve Emerine Elizabeth Gilpin Katherine Heinz Yirginia Mahon Evelyn Preston Jeanie Ross ' fi.: N, w f"i -, if 93 5..- ELEANOR.-X BOXYLIXG Tl'l'tISlll'L'l' Elizabeth Scliinclele Claire Sliull Esther XYeinliacl1 Dorothy XYilsun Mary K. lYilsun Naomi XYrigl1t May XYrigl1tsr1n '16 S13 ma Oflpha FRED XVARD Prvsidczzt BERNARD SIEVERTS CLIFTON lv.-XRNER ELMER HOFFAIAN .Si6'Cl'l'fl!l'J' Tl'FlISl!'l't'l' Sofia! Cl1flffll1Cl1l :WISE LIDA Luz TALL MR. E. CLRT XVALTHER MR. XYILLIAIXI PHIPPS Hlll10l'tIl'3' Allczzzbcrs .lfvzizivvrs Carl Bull Cliftam XYzu'11e1' l'le1'111a11 Burtcm lflmer lllllflllllll l'3m1:1lnl ll zmgh H 1 nwzxrcl Flouk Be1'11zu'cl SIEVCITS ll. Karl SChw:u'tz J ,lUSt'17ll Larll nv Fred lVa1'd 1 R fl 1. 94 Dwight Caskey Henry Byer Tilclen Lawlis Ralph Yezlly Ralph BZllll1gZ1I'dl1C ,iii 1 1 J 1 5 1 1 1 1 NE RY TA .QQ A PA WoPkz'ng Q71-?3anzZatz'on Illi .lx'l'IlLlf'l'IL' .Xssocr-x'1'ioN of the Normal School at Towson aims to sponsor athletic actiyuties for the general good of the school, to develop school spirit and "to play the game". .Xll students of the school are eligible to membership in the fissociation, but unless they indicate their serious intention of belonging by pay- ing their dues, they do not represent the school in athletic activities in which they engage and therefore they may be barred from the teams by the Board of the Association. During this school year several definite steps have been made. The standard schedule has been raised by playing more college teams and fewer high schools. ,X careful system of checking equipment has been devised and used. The officers and members of the .-Xthletic Board are: M Y V lHEoDoRi2 L,xwL1s President Blwmpwuiar BTUICLLICR EL1z.ixBETH XYH1TizsToNE Sccrctary Treacvzwer GENEYIEVE EMERINIC DWIGHT CAsKEv KARL SCHWARTZ Full Jlltziztzgtv' Soccer AllIlIlItIf1t'I' Track lwalzager -ll-IANIE Ross Howlxnn FLooK HAROLD MUELLER 1l'ii1fcr .llauagrr Btmkctlvtzll llfumigm' Gmzcral Jllauagcr HAZIQL FRIDINCICR lliixkv Bvrtk DONALD HAUGH Sfvrizlg fllaxzugcr liuxcltull .llumiycr Trmiix Illaznager The girls of the school do not engage in games outside of the School but confine their playing to inter-class games. The junior-Senior Hockey game. under the management of Genevieve lfmerine, was won by the Seniors. Following the Fall Season, the Juniors lost to the Seniors in the basketball tilt. This sport was managed by Jeanie Ross. The big event for the girls each year is the Inter- Class Demonstration. The Seniors fought hard to win this meet but were beaten by the hluniors. The results of the soccer schedule were most gratifying. XYe won all but two of our games. Some of the outstanding victories were: Tome, Wlestern Mary- land College. Baltimore Polytechnic Institute and Sparrows Point High School. Basketball came in for a heavy schedule. We won four-fifths of the games played. The outstanding victories were: Blue Ridge College. University of Maryland l'harmacy, lleacom College of XYilmington and Maryland School for the Deaf. XX'ith the systematic and individual training received this year. the Junior members of the team will form the nucleus of next year's athletics which should show very concrete evidence of growth and accomplishment. - ,gt 9 6 BOARD OF ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION HOCKET TEAM GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM f K - r' 5 -. 159. I ' V, . -.wr,-r--'W , ,1 1 . .-.4- . -A - VP MENS' BASKETBALL TEAM l N l 1' ' ' ' n 1 1 SOCCER TEAM TEXXIS TEAM NS. RICHMOND HALL RECEPTION ROOM MAIN LIBRARY NEWELL HALL FOTER NEWELL HALL DINIXG ROOM AS OTHERS SEE US n 5 i 1 f'fs i I ill Y 1 ll? '-im? Sl IE W, JOKES l.ntle Marv. in anger. destroyed her hr:unl new doll and discovered that it was stuffed with sawdust. The next Sunday. at Sunday School. the teacher isked: "Mary, what was the first man made of "l3ust." "And the lirst woman?" "Sawdust 3" Did you hear ahout the alisent-minded professor who kicked the clock out the door and didn't know what was wrong until he tried lo wind the cafs tail. I eat my peas with honey, l've done il all my life: It makes the peas taste funny, llut it keeps them on the knife. "XYhy did Henry get so insulted when you told him he reminded you of a famous movie star P" "He asked me which one. and I told him Rin-Tin-'l'inf' Dum: I passed Cicero today. Deedle: How fast was he going? Flook: Your face is strangely familiar: I'm sure I've seen you hefore. some- where. I.ula: Yes. you have. You saw me standing in the street ear yesterday. all the way from North Avenue to Towson. while you sat. XX'ard: I just humped my crazy hone. Mose: .Inst comh your hair right and the hump won't show. liycr: Can you imagine anything worse than a solo? Hoffman: Yes. the quartet. It's four times as had. Grandson: Grandpa. when are you going to play foothall? Rich Grandfather: I don't play foothall. XYhat made you ask that question? Grandson: XYell. Pop said when you kick off we are' going to get a hrand new automohile and a house. -iz Is Louis really conceited? i-: Conceitedf XYhy every time he hears a clap of thunder he runs to the wmdow and makes a how. Ifyen ginger ale at a night cluh makes you see donlmle when you see the hill, "lIary's friend certainly is a cheap guy." "Chean! XYhy he gave her one of the L'zar's diamonds." "'I'hat's just it--a used one." 103 ies-- AS OTHERS SEE US UAL 177 i I ct ' .U 7 JDKES "lJoetah." asked the lady ul color. ".Xh's come to see et' yo' am gwine In order Kaslus one tn' dem mustard plasters ag'in to-day?" "l think he had hotter have one more." answered the mt-dico. "XXX-ll he says to ax yo' kin' he have a slice o' ham wid it. count of it's a mighty powerful prescription lo take alone." joe Barlow found a cheap restaurant on Blain St. For lifteen cents he got a Cup ot cotlee. rolls and a new hat. The other day "Kez" was taking his Ingersoll apart. Suddenly he yelled. "The Spring is here." Dora XYatts waited for a hoat on the wrong dock for two hours. .X dumh waiter. Two students in town at the Zoo: "Eneagle." "Snotneagle." "Snowl." "Sneither. Snawstrichf' Ted: XYL-'ll be friends to the very end. Fred: Then loan me half a dollar till pay day. Ted: That's the Very end. Foresight is a wonderful thing. .lust think if Noah had swatted those two flies on the Ark. we would not have to buy any Hy-swatters. Not that we'd huy any Hy-swatters anyhow. but just think. NYell the latchstring is drawn in on Tom Connoly. who wooed a widder with false teeth and sent her a hox of gum-drops for her lmoith-day. I take it. you're trying to show contempt for the court. No. your Honor. I'm trying to conceal it. Applicant: "I hear you are hooking for a treasurer." Booker: "Yeh." Applicant: "NYell. here I am." Booker: "Naw, you ain't the one." Miss Rader: "Babylon fell. much was destroyed. audi-" Stull: "Tyre was punctured." Xow let's all give a groan for jolnmie Meljlokes He spends all his time trying to make jokes. 1-: l am a hit shy ahout my age. --: Yeh. about tive years. l think. Lecturer: "Can anyone give me the derivation of the word auditorium?" ' Listener: "Yes-from Audio-hear. and Taurus-hull. .X place where you-" ---,El lO5 P-- K 11 ,fi 1 1 111.5131 01 f , 17 SHI Wi 1928 Class Song O, 111111 10 11111' 1010119 so lzriglzt J1115' tlllxrv fl0111 1'z'1?1' p1'111111ly lll1f01'L' 11s, T110.v1' lNL1101'.YTtl1l1 1'1'11 111111 1110 'ZU1l1'fC' Of 1111' Class of '28, T11 111'1' i1'1"ll 111' 10!'llI 111111 11.1111 111111111 1.111 .XYU1A111l1I, 01' 011 l1f1"x 111-f111TL'1Ij', O111' l11i'1', 111111 0111- f1'1'1'11115111'j1 701' p11'11g1', To 1'1'11 111111 TUIII-ft' .'111l1 110111 llllll Tklllitlv 1'111t1'1111'1l f111'1'z'1'1'. -'11l11 1110 we 11111-v I11l1'Z'L' 1111.5 d1'1I1' 51111001 :11111 j0111'111'y 011 f7l'll1l'ZL'tIy5 1111111111111g Olll' 111011171115 will 1'1'1111'11 111110 j'01l A1111 1111' 11'11y.f 111111 111'1' 110 111111'1', 11111 t1'1' 1I0f71' 111111 0111' 11111111' will Sfllllfi, .1 t'1'1'l1lf 10 110111' 0111 1V0l'lll11l1. T0 1111'1' we will !11'ZL'l1J'S 111 11'111', T111' 1'1'11 111111 71111111 H7111 gold 111111 1111110 lllltflfillcfi f01'1'1'c1'. Tune: Stars and Stripes Forever 106 1511- L. Ln?-'xxvg-, 5 Z' 76591, 15 fi I5 KN fN f-s 11 O fx fax fx X-X fs Tix lx fx? 2 fi BC 152016111 To the Class Qf 28 'Tu the Class of TwentAv'Eigl1t We bid a fond farewell Maw' their future life be bright And their work be crowned with l1gl1t. "We finish to begin" 'Their motto tried and true To tl1e'm may it always D-3 A lzglztlwuse by the sea. To tlze Class of TwentyfE1'gl1t Vvle dedlcate this page Far sweet are our memories That will last for centuries 425719 Class Qf Twenty-nz'ne 3 ,,..,-.,..,-.,e,.,,..,..,..,..,..,-.,-.,-.,..,..,..,-.,..,.,,.,..,..,..,.t,.e,.,.t, 53 3 .,-..,-.,,..,.,.R,-..,..,.,,.,,.,,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,. .,..,. .,..,. .,. .,. .,. .,. .,. ., Ng TLlxu.l-- H1-tn FRED. C. CBAUER Florist and ,-.. Tlla' AL'L'L'f'IL'Ll Cllfl Cffzzrseryman folmston 19 CHOCULATES Q5 181437 Giffifw Avffw On Sale at Better Class GOVANS, MD, Neiglzburlzuud Sturex Silverware Watcl1es QA. H. FETTING COMPANY Manufacturing Jewelers 6 314 Charles Strect, North BALTIMORE. MD. John G. Scllwartz 5? Son Dealers m GROCERIES Flour, Feed 3 Eggs 520 NORTH FULTON AVE. Baltinmrc. Md. Stull: S941 Lcxmgt-ln Mkt. Stull: 963065 Lcxlmgtun Mkt, Om' Specmlty: Yu. Cum Nlelzl Perzrzsylluvmi BUClQlL'llc?J! gg ,,..,..,..,.,,..,.,..,.,.,..,.,.,.,.,.,,.c,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,.,..,..,.,.., Q Vv'hcn huilding your new home insist on your contractor furnishing HORSTMEIERS INTERIOR FINISH Kiln Dried North Carolina Pine, Cypress and White Pine 65 Can he purchased through any retail dealer The Hamilton Company Ortlioplionic Victrolas, Radios, Records Q3 The Ben Place for the Best Music THE HAMILTON CO. 309 N. Charles St. Established 1879 Incorporated 1907 HUTCHINSON CBROS. IVlaniifacturers French Ranges and General Kitchen Apparatus for Hotels, Restaurants and Institutions. Ranges for Residences Cafeteria Equipment Office and Salesrooms, 'i South Howard St. Foundry and Shops, NVQ-st St. near Ridgely BALTIMORE, MD., U. S. A. Victrolas and Victor Records Stationery and School Supplies Delicious Soda and Sweet Candies Prompt Service and a Welcome You will find all these at the corner of YORK ROAD and CHESAPEAKE AVE Q5 Hergenrather CDrug Co. Prescription Druggists TOVVSON, MD, Don't runfTelephone Towson 39 3 .1-.,p-.1--.l'..f--.f-.1--1-v-.71.f--f--f--fN.f-.f-.l-q2.1H-1-NQ-1v-1u1N-fv-l--f.Q.1w.4w.1wn2.f- 8 gf- -.1-.Q -f- -1- -.1--.f -1- 1- .f- -1- -1- -1- -1- -I - -1--e .f- -f-.f -f-,iv .1-.2 -1 Clnrzplnnmnts of TOXVSON NATIONAL BANK '1'oxx'soN, no KVM'---Ili' IIUIIII III-u--' LIlIIU.L'3 F. INIeCnIw Colnymny Uuflr'1'I1I Cfontmclors CID IQxI!III.AI'IA' lilnlrilrir B.lIll!IxH!m'. THE ORIGIXAI. FCIDS Qnmllu' Ilmd I'r-1ducl- Qincc IST? Every Xlzrzcty of PickIes, Olives, Condiments S1-Id All Oxcr Iixiltim--rc ASK TOUR GROCER Cxlm--r 17i'1fXX' J. Difatta Fruit Company Dcnlcr- in Fruits and VcgctaHcs I-IS N. Gzirrifon Lune Crystal CIear-that- IGYIQ Hubk Shops Excel! , in Smart ,Apparel The -anim Bnltilnorcfclmrlcs-Fzlyctte Compliments Le-ROY Y. HALE Phone Towson S74 Prank J. Smrcina WEARING APPAREL FOR MEN, XVOMEN AND CHILDREN 407 York Road Towson, Md. CDebaugh CJWOIOP Co. 101 E. Pennsylvania Ax'-:mic TOXVSON. MD. FRANKLIN DEBAUGH. JR., Proprietor Towson I 3 6 .f'--.1N..f-.f'-.1-f-.1-.4--.l--.l-.l'--.l--.l'- -1--J-sl'-1'-l--I--1--f--:Hsi--J--:Refs .1--1--.f-.5--.J--.fu 1- 3 .fn-I--1-.1-.1--f--.1--f--1--1-uf-f--1-,J--.4-..f--J' W ..f--.f-..1-.l'-.f-..1-..1-.f--.z-.1-Nf-..f-.f-..f- The SECGND CD19 QNATIONAL CBANK CDULANY-VBRNAY C . 337-3391341 CHARLES Baltimore of TOWSON, MD. Stationers, Printers and Eng'rave'rs School, Oilice and Playground Equipment Willian1 C. Scherer 55 Co., Inc. Doors, Sash, Blinds Compliments LURIES Baltimore, Md, Stall' Wlklfk, Il'ltEI'lO!' and Klfldi WO7n5n'S and Misses' Rgadyftgfweaf Mm Wsfk ReadyftofWea1' sosfszn w, BALTIMORE ST. D"-28828111111 CMS BZ'ltm""e' Md' Visit our junior Dept. Phone Gllmor lplfl fllme PRED E. FCDS Compliments C Of WHULESALE A FRIEND U lvlanujactzwing Confectioners l3'05fl'i07 XV. Baltimore St. CI Es? P. Tcleplwncs. Towson 201 and IO-l L. 8 LOUIS W. HELD CHARLES STREET, 216 NORTH E5 Inc' D1SI171CI11'C Estzilwlislwcd 'in 1868 FTOCIQS Coats Ensembles Towson Bakery and Goodze Shop Riding Habits Boots WEDDING CAKES A SPECIALTY HWS as ,..,.E,..,..,..,..,..,.E,..,..,..,.,.,.,..,.,..,.,.h,.E,.,..,.,,..,..,.E,..,.,,..,..,.., 53 K-.,.. ,, ,.,. I I I I: I I 'V I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I V I I 'I I I E 1f1YLEA'.II.'lX'Ci 'sfh !"RAfVTlX'Li III" !I'!.YI'If'AXU ' A VI hiffiam 6 Qeaof Presfden r. fbarfes .14 75y!ar: Wee-Pres. 'Harry J Read 55651-77065 NI j J A-ff 0 II I - L 0 IIIQQQEI Taylor Qomponf Y 1' A .-ML ff, .Vow-ice + Qf1ah7y + -5'orw'c-0 F. II rinters and Wubllshers , V "-Lf:.l:f- v'f'- -' 9-7 -tri I A I Lombard and SButII .Streets ' gboltimoref I I- Y, , , I ,M N E--.NJN xv .IQ lx I' ' X 4, II I I 1 ,V , I0 'I I 'k.1'I4x I f lfllll C Ifnfqh 'lnniuzl I rl II'.III .f-.1-.f-.1-.1 -.f'hf--.1-nf--.1-uf-sf-.I-.2-.1-.1 gg .,.,.,..,.,.,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,.,,.., NEW X,Ol'lC Store li.rlzw:.'n- N l.r.l.l:ug Szflj Sh.-g' Pine Silks, Woole11s anal Procks C5 New York Silk Store nz xv, Lmngrr-H sum BALTIMORE. NID, Next D swmw r to New Garden Theatre Only I Store in Bulrimure lilll l.'klll.l: .'V'f'llhlNlKllV,'k'llXll llln-I V l'l..x...n 1-'VI FRED B. HAMIxiANN'S MUSIC STORE Def. Ntililll l.IlllgliI'1' Yllllll -lllsl .llwxv l.vx1:r:!.f:. Nu-l kblilllf. cl"lllllll'l.l .nntl llrun-um r lleenrtls lN.r:.llNle Talking Xlutlnnes llqxrnxn Compliments of A FRIEND flhe QMcMal1on Trans. Co. DcLuxc Motoa' Coaches For All Occasions C9 OYERLE.-X, MD. Hamilton 1078 The Louise Beauty Shoppe Careful XVurlq ut Rcuxunuhlc Pnccx York Rodd at Burke Avenue In Business 72 'Years JOHN DITTMAR E3 SONS Pratt Street and East Falls Avenue STAIR-XVORK. LUMBER. COLUMNS and SPECIAL XYOOD XYORK Telephone PLa:a I67 3 johhlng Remodeling Willianu P. Rausch E9 Co., Inc. Plmnlvmg .md l'lt'utzng 1943 Yine Street Bnltnnure. Mel. -EQUIPPED with nmny years' expcrl' ence for making pluntogmplms nl' ull sorts tlcsiruhle for illustrating eollege Annuals. Best nhtrunulwle artists, xvnrkxnunslup .mtl the capacity for prompt .mtl unequulleel service. Gi g Muffy . gf owne Pl1OIOgTtlpllCTS tu H1928 CRYSTAL 220 XVest -12nd Street New York ul'-f'sf'-l'slN-.9--1--.1-Nlwhf',f-.f-..f--1-hf--1-.1-.fw.1-.1--f--1-..f-.fN.f- 1 ggi i.,..,..,.,,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,.,,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,.e,..,..,..,..,.,,..,. W The Maryland State Normal School at Towson SUMMER SESSION JUNE 23, to AUGUST 3, 1928 Oilers six weeka of professional training in Geography, History, English fAI11C1'iLLil1 .ind Eiiropeanl, Civies, Tests and IVle.isure1nents :ind Edueationail Psychology. A feaiture course will he The Ivlodern School which will he given hy members of the summer session stall. Mi: Hughes Meiirns, .iuthor of "Creative Youth," will give Il series of lectures, through the generosity of the Alumni Association, for one week, beginning July 9th. Room, Boiird .intl Laundry. . , .... 599,110 Specitil Excicrsions Relistrgntion lee ........................ 'UN' Ollfillml' A-Cfl1'lf1US For nifumztitimi write to LIDA LEE TALL, Director S. F, PERKINS I. R. LLEVVELLTN Vsfolfe FISH AI Gflinore 2967-NV Q3 CPERKINS 8 LLE ELLYN Hoinewootl 2263 q31umbz'ng and .Heatinfgj 4331 Greenmount Avenue Repair XVork .QicalityfSer1'ice +1- 3 -Qsf-.ful--fs-.I-.1-.Q-fN-.f--.f--f--f--f-.f--f-..f-.f--l- 2 . H. GLE C O T R A C T O R HAGERSTOWN Continued form page 75 could, the art of quick conversation and ready replies. for the sons of the rich were to take their place among the great men of the nation. In addition, the hoys were taught to ride, fence, and shoot. XYars were expected, and Lluelling was common. The education of the girls was neglected until about a hundred years ago. They were taught, in most cases, that their end was to he suitahly married, and to make a good wite. XYe, the puhlic school teachers of today, have the same two purposes hefore us. XYe have the history, literature and music of thousands of past years to give our pupils. XYe have the geography and knowledge of condi- tions in every corner of the globe to pass on, whereas the teachers of yes- terday knew only the known world to teach. XYe have children of both sexes, children of every social position, to instruct, and from whom in turn to receive knowledge. There are a thousand occupations in which they can engage. The former teachers had an easy time, there were only a few things for which the child had to he prepared. Now, he can do anything. Can we do'it? The future of our state, and of our nation, depends on us! KATE CHEW 3 nf--.I--.f--1'--IN-.I--.f'-of--.IH-l--1--.!aH-fw.f-.1-.1-.p-.1--l-.1-.l-.Q,,,..1-aQ1-.f-.1-.fu.fw .1-8 -1 v ,.w-w , 7 . - .- '-v' 4'iiff?2'-fi LE - I. ,. -rf' V -31,1 v-. - A,-s.,'..'. .L. ' '. , , ,g IVV, ,., . f J A ' A , . ' Q 1 I 4-1' '- ' -1 - 'og 'IL ' A . 0 . , 7 . , ,ALI ,,,v A A .y - . .V . , 4 7' . ! , . ' - .vin ' ,' 'w' .rxJ In . V v , ' . ' iQ'l ' 1 1 ' ' I . , -. ' A v - t N ,- , nl ' " . 1 fm- ' 'I' A r H . l 1 'J - , K 'du v . ' J 1 -.- f-I ' 1 'n - ff . V "4" 9 ' ' ' . X , H 1. . F. D in ,.1 .,,4 ...X If . . Y ' , , ., ' I ,X , In '- 'r '.'- ' x, .3 .1 I ,A ' ,' ' ' . ,, Y , ' , . " P A - , . u .-. - .5 5 g :J c ' 4 if .h if r,n 1, ' D ' 4 ' L.: ' 'N ' 5 'P . . . F , ' ' , 1- ' 5 5 'f V ' I ' wg ul i . .. -. , .H 'jvd I A J. ' . - ' U 1 '- a , Lv S V' ' , '."' ' Q ' 1' 4 ' . V 5 I ' - ' 4 - ' 1 , ' 1 '. X 1 VZ.. if ' - ,.' ' - ..' v 5 ig if . ' - A 1 H . . i . ' ,',1, OP a I- Na '. I 'JP . f - f 'pr -" - nb . . X , I.. .R if N . x 1 1 -1 n 4 . , I I' ' x T 4 1 4, V n gl I ' " " It 1 9. 3 , , :nk .o . W ' r 4 r , u 1 ' . . 1 A '1 S' Q A I I A 9 ' 1 1 A' Q' ' JJ V A rw 4 '. , if " - ' - ' , W., 'A' ml.- JJ- .51 'J lA, "1 f-If 'L,"'4,,x.. 5. -f 4l97,g"-I I -K 3 :ci , L , . I v 5 1 ' 7 'QQ . rw- ., 4' v . .wiv-Z :'Si5.L,jf '- I --Q-'lu ..- , .P uf , 3 1 Q Av 4 - 4 x 'fl -f V. t J I' A - . yu., ,--I 'r .n- . -uv , A . P I' I -:J J , , . i f a A ' ' ,C if " N T' 5,4 4 U, 'X , L ."'u. 'U '54, l'v . . 'Q gs-Q. .'q"' 'Q Jixluf' 1 - I. J- ls,'l.':,. g up .D Q' I-N J- W.. A 'L. ' 1 A Wu, ',1' .' 1 'xr' A A -- Q, 31 V.- J .1 . r 1'-4' .A '. . ' ' 'I . '- VL -,. if 7, 'V' A'-U - .'A'. .1715 . ,, . . .5 -I -" 01' fi f Nl ,n 153 1 ,LR 14 .ug ,L 2 ' , 1. ' 'V V - ,'f- '14 1 ' ,:L.'- ' '. ' if . 'f v ' . . -Y r ' 'K -4 V, 3 -, . I . . I p Al. 5' 1 "'- , - " - 'qw V '. .T ' ' ,A . ' Q "A I I 'NE' f" ' "-.5 0' X . xx ' A f. V . -1 ' I .1 fig' "TH, ' .G ' 0.7 A', , fl .-.Q r xl' ' . , ,. . .t v 5.4, ,, .25 :A Lvl'- .ff 7' . "1 ",. " 5-'Af' ,--51 .lj , 1-ik ' '- QP., 1 1 .fr "Q,- ,. . 1 5 - 1 X'. 51 ' L 1' . l r 4. , Y ,r fl .N 'iv - ' Q -' , V . . 4 N 1? , . W' , ' ,ea tv -slmnll 7' W, xr , f1lijl.h 'al "fx ka' ,-P 1 lg! lvl ' ed ML' ,-Jewfrfp fx A la ' 'Hx t: ...f' ' -'Q J: qi f.. m- A 'J . h Q.-x '.-'-v?'.- ' -0 .'KA7'fQ ' 5 :',.: .-'FA tufx xxv' W . H., nl hw- ,-, . Q .Ai 1' .' L A X.! Y Q ,'a Q 1. N I , t 9 . gi V I "',. . 4" ' ,L' livff-1 ff IH, 1-iv"w '.-- ' il" v, PN: .'g.f'fN ' Gif A 4 ,,,,g,,H , I Q ' ',a-s'Q'1'.-Af . V' af 1 a."'fxa',51.z, 5. " , ! I ! . , 4- - .-Q ' ,'., MY v1',f.Afl x .-"v1ra',5,-"' - ,KMLV ' -"M:zgf. .Qf3fQ5' ff,-k . " 9 ' , Q 3 V. ,V - 'dmc f1A6f 'f"l L ' J' K- ,Ji ,QL 'Lf' ,l Q .- L' 'K ' : -"fir 'cf-' . 'Q "gr," ' -. ' 'i 'li , ' . . , . .N , . " A n. , , 4 1 I 'f- I i V . l,, i '1,.'4u l ' . 1 . , 1, . Krfff' fu' 7 ' -n, 1 r-Lv. I ' fu-, V. 'X 4 'I 1 V , U4 'ujw X . . -, , x a s , ' I : A' 1 ' 5 'J' lk. U H Lf . 91" Al:-' hy, I W- , . . ., ',' 1 "6-S . 'jx I 'S HY.-1 I Ji- ,V 5, x ,.kf',- I ,Qu Q C. . ,-S liggir .L ww ,-- -' - ,',- -,Wifi - -K' :hi hui' 4. Q . rfbelwfcl Je 'WAP of ' JE, Cb-mfuuj ug . Q5 'Y' cLo1'RqFPe-:ur-' 0 , U 5 on Camfujpc' gi!! i e W uuamf ,- ' , A e cgmlj ' ' 5. l ., N J ti'-12 e f 5 'K ' E. X ! ' 3 X J", HI . LIU- Ag UI ' . ' 0 x.'. U ' ' .m an u l q W . 5 i 1" X...03iff2? IE va umllll L,-IQL 5,-,LQLl.?4q lllJ ll1-A umm ,... ...... .... .....L' Q0 '. ' ." in 'Giga' V . e 'je . am 1 45 b ' 'n 57 ' 6'-t?"""e ' Q as M Q 0 Z da--il PWD if fd le.. r nm U 1 " if lgekx t H .43 is 1 N!! . 15 1 A 0430 QI' O " L ' ' cf t , P Q , 0"""""'o""o:'g e JSI. 'rl 0 XYKLRQQ 1 N Q Q T ,9 43 Q Eli,-JAY-wi Q ' T1 mi? QP AW Qi lm ' G , , 'I - .""ff ""' ,-,fs P ' I Q' 3 QM W , A A 1 ' ncaugglgiinllnfa jwm i f ff U, fma w nu '.,92. ,. .US Wun ' an ' f r 5l1'P1""""'l H . A 5 A .farm P0115 if 5 , PM gmt. 1, v-Q7 ,Ay A cl i 3 Z iLg5D'fgQ3 X , .1 ' Q . ' 3 ' ,ij ff,,n..?Z4 4 i iii ' A be-as H 6""eX , -A X W? ' rfifici zff -if 'fff - :fffi-fff:-'-2: 'v,sv5.i?iiigi:-',4'4"g i 1 .1 Quai , i E416 .- me

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