Towson High School - Sidelights Yearbook (Towson, MD)

 - Class of 1952

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Towson High School - Sidelights Yearbook (Towson, MD) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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.3 - P' ,, -- 1 .M Z '- Sy wx. al - A' ff. I ' ai- 4 fi 'M fn' L L 9... L Q K-gif 1. I 'nv 4 .xl Q r HN l v 5 , E ', -rv- V V 'Q jim V91-3 '51, . , WN.. l :fn- mi? if-35 rf' Al kan iiiz Jr' 4' - '-'v ,n vw, Lg P ,tl .pg-Q L ,. :NHL tml .-1 :"l 'nf' l , .E X . .rn dui '.'5 . n". 'r 4.7, n I ,F I . S.: ",,'5jug 'ny ' I ..-t.,4x'!3 ll lr .1,I 1 ,, r l L-vi lu. .JL r 1 4 1 0 r 1 I I :RAL ia'- -ci '- 'l' X ., ". me .Vu f .-, V, ,, ",L,fw'.l3:' ,' 4 fi A i 'glsfvggwpc LY.. -. :f.'f??'.5 fi" f- 111' 5" '-fn. :if -.C ff' f ,u' Hifi'-w 2: . , . -A 'H -1. .- A 1,4 , .ff L! '-- 523: .lv-' if 4, M-,, 1 . '1 A-51. ,' Q fwfr Vik Q .fly ., 15' x x , r T 1 5, . ,, , . ,em ,-.1 - f 5 I' 1 4 ,x ,xt 5 Zrvmd, - . 4 w tx ., L Lg I J 1 y,1 H- 1,, ,, -hx . 1 v -xa. X .1 , ' 1- .A A .- "AE xt' 1: 3-9.9 -Tv-,EF-5 -L. af 1 1'?Zx: ,iii-'1-' -Q - 1 Tai ...Q ' rlf' 2-jf? : ., in fi 5 ..,fw. f ,:"',I'TwE F5 , Jew Na fr.'x.- 1 1 'H 'w'C:if?'L ffl-Qfpiwl gm" ' Qi' J"x 5' l .wk ' K ffigfaiz-., .-:f51 1. S5 2--, 'af :.:"3',QQ3f,N ' ' -ww Ap 1fiZfg4s.. if4 i' W q 4 .+V - 1 . 11 e f W-1, "!5.:,fg1 ' s. A .? w Ja 'I W" " .L W' '11 nazi lim. '.'L. I x S 72"af Q. w, ,. 4Lffr32'f Afgfgnq-Lugg' 5 s 'I WU' 'N . z 3 H m x '-...S N 5. Q QM 'Y . a.?f7?f 's :A '- 5 wk 1 W' " KC' -ui' -'P .mu Q. FN 1 v def: ht' TOWSON HIGH SCHOOL TOWSON, MARYLAND v 63221 an af- '-,' H-PK' L, f. I-, MJT?-5'-',.... "5'.. -if"1:K"3"1 'fa ax FOREWORD . . ADMINISTRATION FACULTY . . UNDERCLASSMEN SENIORS . SCHOOL LIFE . PATRONS . FINIS Cinfmfd 0l"elfU0l" The footsteps that cross these pages will always be for us, the class of 1952, symbols of the friendships and the accomplishments that have attended our progress through Towson High School. To this ideal of progress we dedicate our yearbook. We have walked the pathways of school life sometimes gaily, some- times seriously, following in the footsteps of those who went before us and established the Towson traditions and the Towson spirit. Our steps were uided b g y our associates in the faculty and the ad- ministration, by our elected class officers, and by our school leaders. We have benefited by following the footsteps and we hope that we in turn have formed paths to guide others in their journey toward knowl- edge and the good life. Mr. W. Horace Wheeler, principal of Towson High School since 1945, is well known for his youthful spirit and keen sense of humor. Through his sincerity, his interest in each individual and his desire that each should reach the highest attainments possible, he has shown his ability as a leader and administrator. Mr. Wheeler has made a secure place for himself in the heart and mind of each student. glee a minififrafion loroui ed Miss R. Louise Balls serves as vice-principal of Towson. Her duties are numerous and her un- derstanding sincere. In handling the discipli- nary problems of the school, Miss Balls has shown her graciousness, poise and patience. This year Mr. Austin Bittle has become a full- time member of the administrative staff, taking care of all the school's supplies and the many odd administrative jobs which must be done. Miss Ruth Wack and Mr. James Leslie are able and understanding counselors of the guid- ance department, ever-ready to help with stu- dents' problems and post-graduate planning. In the school library Mrs. Sally Clevenger and Miss Burleigh Kehler ably guide students in the selection of books and the location of informa- tion. Mrs. Elizabeth Payne, the nurse, can be found in the health suite administering to the sick. Office records, mimeographing and corre- spondence are efficiently handled by the princi- pa.l's secretary, Miss Betty Manser, and ofiice clerks, Miss Shirley Chelton and Mrs. Evelyn Harr. We are very grateful to these important ad- ministrators of the school for their patient and understanding guidance. Panel l. to YJ Mrs. Clcvenger, librarian 5 Mrs. Harr, clcrkj Miss Chelton, cle1k,' Miss Manser, secretary: Mrs. Payne, nurse. Middle: Miss Balls, vicbprinci- palg Mr. Bittle, administrator. Lower right: Miss Wack and Mr. Leslie, guidance counselors. C0l'l'll0etel'lf Hflanagenienf if' .ze 'X .fp Q 491 QQ I sa, 6 Miss Clarissa Ansley: Music, Glee Club. Mr. John Baylcy: Drivers Ed- ucation. Miss Alice Behlmer: Physi- cal Education. Mr. Martin Bernstein: Band and Orchestra. Mr. Orville Ber- wick: Mathematics. Mr. Edward Bogusko: Social Studies, United Nations Youth. Mr. William Brennan: Mathematics, Stage Crew. Mr. Charles Brome: English, Talis- man. Miss Velma Brown: French and Latin, Dramatics. Mr. George Buck: Mathematics and Science. Mrs. Ruth Collenberg: Physical Ed- ucation. Miss Rita Cooper: English, Sidelights. Mrs. Beverly DeHoff: English and Social Studies fCorej. Mr. John Deuber: Science, Projection Crew. Miss Gloria Dobihal: Physical Education. Mr. Walter Edwards: Industrial Arts. Mr. Charles Emig: Industrial Arts. Mr. james Exum: Science. Mrs. Ruth Gee: Business Education. Miss Rose- mary Hanley: English and Social Studies fCorej. Mr. James Holden: Business Educa- tion. Mr. Edward Hook: Industrial Arts. Mr. john Keenan: Industrial Arts. Miss Burleigh Kehler: Assistant Librarian. Miss Katherine Klier: English, Dramatics. Mrs. Mary Lambros: English. Mr. James Leslie: Guidance Counselor. Miss Florence Levitsky: Home Eco- nomics. Miss Elsie Lewis: Science. Mr. Harold Lewis: Science, Student Government Association. Mrs. Elizabeth Maas: Mathematics. Miss Margaret Merrick: Social Stud- ies, Student Court. Miss Jean Miller: Art. LU' MGC!! 0 QP5 ik? dtllfleflt .5 Miss Ruth Miller: Home Economics. Mrs. Sue Morris: Dietician. Miss Jane Murray: Art. Mr, Evan Nar- donc: Social Studies. Mr. Robert O'Conner: English, Dramatics 10. WJ s. Loretta Phillips: English. Miss Thelma Pyle: Business Education, Bus Council. Mr. Francis Reber: Physical Education. Miss Polk Roberts: Sci- ence. Mr. William Robinson: English and Social Studies fCorej. Mr. Melvin Rosenstein: Science. Mrs. Carey Sentz: Spanish, Sidelights. Miss Louise Shaffer: Social Studies, Club Coordinator. Miss Frances Shores: English and Social Studies fCorej. Mrs. June Simmons: Home Econom- ics. Mrs. Evelyn Spurgin: Mathematics. Miss Grace Sterling: Spanish and French. Miss Blanche Stevens: Bus- iness Education, Future Business Lead- ers of America. Miss Lois Stephens: Mathematics. Mr. William Thomas: Social Studies. Miss May Townsend: Social Studies. Miss Ruth Trevethan: English. Mr. William Underwood: Social Studies. Miss Ruth Wack: Guidance Counselor, Future Teachers of America. Mr. Randolph Walker: Physical Educa- tion, Towson Athletic Association. Mr. Leander Walton: Mathematics and Science. Mrs. Edith Whiteford: Business Education. Miss Anne Wood: English and Social Studies fCorej. Miss Alice Wyman: English and So- cial Studies lCore1. - "UWM srl-1 N f as : 1. jen - x. E-ff ' sa- i h, . I : its T 4 W -A el' in J .Q s. ,, 4, A 6 T r f I. asv , '- L f 5 V... .Q 1 Ox l 'F - A 'ia 'lt 4. 5 , V -xc s- , . 5. N 1- V C . ' ' I .Au , . ww: -'-r 'vw 'Inset V A n 9 p 1 . he at - 1 ' 4... as . f . l ig 6 ' -1 E . ,QF . R X . ' Our faculty has helped guide our footsteps through four years of high school life. They have taught us history, languages, the sciences and the arts, but what is more important, we have learned how to be- come useful citizens in a modem world. flteir nowdcfge ann! dhiffuf gui ance. 7 s Www Mwmw .WY ef f M, ,Q Hb r 'A M. . 4 4 F4 M ww M , 1 v ,.. Mn-wmdbllvw f, A 1 , 1 M, "fx ,X , ' ,F "wr, J' M ',J1yf': Mm., 4 .. NW .y 1 M N, x1Af53 W 'Mmm M14 W w, ,N W sx ,wwwwlsf WM ,,X.,,. X . ,. ,W AGN M my w x M M A x ' HW' w ww.f M W ' MNH ww- mx., 1 W Em! C6Cl56l7'lQlfl I 4-. J' YW hejgll 9 vgigefll - 11 wsldz SPONSORS: Miss Ruth Anne Woodg Mr. William H. Robinsong Mrs. Beverly H. DeHofl'. x' f 'll 'I t.Y"N oble 1 P. Johnston, :ecretaryg J. Feete, treasurer Lu g WL 3 5 , A A fefl men: IQQLU7 QXCliQJ Homeroom reprexentatives. J. Brinkleyg F. Harrisong E Freitagg D. Lafertyg T. Mar- ving T. Shockg E. Toyg D. Alexandcrg D. Bopst. K. Jcnseng A. Lemkaug S Shake.-D. Abbottg W. Ack- crmang R. Ackeroydg D. Al- bertg J. Albrightg B. Aldrich R. Andersong M. Ardisong S Aschenbrennerg R. Aspina.ll D. Atwcllg L. Bagdong M Bagleyg N. Bailcyg B. Baker. M. Bakery R. Bakerg M Ballg E. Barnesg G. Bartcll E. Barthag M. Battcrdeng A Bayneg D. Baynes. T. Beachleyg E. Beaverg M Bell 3 B. Bclscherg B. Ber- wangerg M. Bcutalg D. Bil- lcttg L. Blcssingg A. Blot- tenbergcr. G. Bookmang N. Booneg T. Bovag D. Bowlingg W. Brans- byg P. Breidcnsteing B. Brem- ker gW.Bringman QN. Brough B. Browng B. Browng D Browng J. Browng J. Brown P. Browng S. Browng C Bunceg M. Bums. B. Burtong G. Burtong C. Buzbyg D. Butzg P. Byrnes P. Campbcllg D. Caplesg E. Caplesg J. Carr. J. Carrollg E. Carswellg M. Castellsg S. Chambersg B. Chattcrtong D. Chenoweth R. Clarkg J. Claypooleg M Cole. W. Collicrg D. Colveng P. Conkling T. Connellyg C Constable 5 P. Cooncyg T. Cooneyg A. Coopcrg J. Coop- Cf. E. Copesg D. Covaheyg W. Coylcg F. Craigg P. Craig D. Crcwsg S. Crowlg S Curscyg J. Cuttino. C. Dabneyg G. Dahleg I Davisg L. Davisg D. Dc- landg D. Delcherg J. Delch- crg R. Del Preteg N. Di- Marino. 1 3 J 1 A li.. - -- x ' . x. ,N ' J U - 4 . 4 L.A4-waking LL! 5 mf.. of ra? ' .T S3 A . B M 'Q 1 12" A 2 1 'T T AFT S ll G 1 - f-Eb J -J r . ' .I lx l F - I . l Al -W Aw I 6 94 ' gx ig tl ,wh ' Ai? 'sh K h O -fig V . sf., Ig ' r- X he 4 X B I-: S I hl ' 1- . SA ox J s J 'Y 5' 1' S' 'Q ' -Q.. Y xxx... o M A b qL V My. QW -f . K B' N .M .... 4 L 43' gn A xi ., 4, Lf- B. K 6 fx. AX -5 , A F ' r hut' flak 1 - YA I A lun .1 J i . Q sl-S u A K I . aw 1' C I vt. " ff- ' 1- B N 'W A A . , Q fy V 4 . S. had Ji 5 ' AM . A Q y' Q- W W - as B.. - .ef wmv- - f- '4- 2 --...l ' ' -Q miiglftahl V -1 A ' A 4. Q! ' 3 'A l A ni' 4- 'f .. f.- -M 5'- ,. vw ,JM wr- F, 1, I 31 A 13 AL . I 'An fy A if -I " r gf? ' Q J X22 . A A 'T - . 9 - ' Q4 , I W1 Q A -I ' A A Q- 'V B " I . I u I if X J A X ,. l A Y L41 A SAAB 4 . B- WN I I . a 'T' Ps A f ig. A L 91 A i 'K B V Ja , .Fi -vi, V 'ir K KA bvik js! I H , . f .igfv it V - 7 J is .,k ,ai 1 Q, J . ' Q.. J U ' ,-Q., N Q 1 :Q if J A . - A , A A sf .I A in . ' .I Q I p high.-lin-i-L 1 K Ah NWA ' LVKL 4 lk ff -,: in U, M- as 5. i V ff A fr - A gy, A I J 3. ... A Lk I iv 2 A lilzv .. . J 3 A I A A .M "f-,1 Q 'Q I K X '..,, in t kk Q , A , , w b g k . ' ' 2. ' Q J N fi ' if ,-W ' n i n " . y ri A L A P 1 Q --P ' .:!':.!i l iwlgff vs 51:-Lvk A I! ' xx '-V3 - Vik- f W K. KA A If . .5 A .. is "rift-F'-All . h fb Q , A I ,K x ,K , V H. X Q' W 1 ian Lx MLW . A 1 L.. 1' . . 1? . 'R A A, gm ix it 1. . A K R I' If - Q, A-.MV 3 get V . . R. w K 5.7 LKAV Ji V Qs . , M .. f is 1-B I - A in 1. L. n L A A Wi si v ' Y. 'ylij K. A I,' fi. ,ILL 33' - Y? K 4 .tg ? A iq B.. 1... 4 I .. . J 5 K qr . X Six E: S 1' it L M K J' i 7 . . 1 'i'A-AA A H ' 'iv -if A IKAQL l A. .sf - if-' Q. V ,V , J Q L L , ix J sm P +R is - A 2. 1 A V .3 d A ' lg I l'LL J q . Q A 5 : D ity - . 1' i . ', Z 'A -. I2 R. Dcvilbissg M. De Vitag L. Diacumakosg R. Dicde- man 5 R. De Fattag O. Dit- mang H. Dixong M. Dorng D. Doty. J. Downeyg E. Draycrg P. Drcischg V. Drcycrg M. Dun- doreg W. Dunkamg F. Du- rantg W. Durishg D. Durm. S. Edwardsg J. Egncrg D. Elliottg B. Ensorg R. Easin- gerg H. Evansg D. Ewellg N. Faidg C. Farmer. J. Feeteg R. Fickg L. Figgeg M. Fiorinig E. Fischcrg G. Fishcrg G. Fishcrg K. Fitch- ettg A. Fix. E. Flemingg B. Folckomerg M. Fordg T. Fordg D. Fra- zierg R. Frazicrg P, Fritzg W. Fullcrg A. Gable. T. Gallowayg R. Gcbhardtg B. Gedcg J. Gcistg B. Gels- tong E. Gclstong H. Gelx- ton 5 R. Gcncog P. Gessford. S. Gettelg B. Gillg C. Gillg N. Gillg P. Glcesong B. Goodg A. Goodwyng B. Gordong B. Gordon. J. Gordong R. Gorcg J. Gorsuchg S. Graffamg P. Graftong G. Grayg L. Grccng V. Grcascrg E. Grifiiths. K. Hancock 5 M. Hanson 5 C. Hartloveg W. Hartmang J. Hartwcllg M. Hartzellg J. - ,Harvcyg P. Hastingsg G. .1-Iaycs. M. clipg E. Henryg M. V Herbs 5 A. Hergcnratherg E. Hcrminaui B. Hcrringg I. Hetrigkg BL Hickman 3 C. Hoblib., '- B. Hopkins. J. -Henk. B. Houckg B. Hoviiqdg D. Howardg D. Howard 5 S. Howcllj T. Howell, M. Hub- bard. D. Haberg M. Huberg A. Huckeg E. Hughcsg W. Hullg S. Humphricsg D. Huskg D. Ingram 5 K. Ireland. 5. Isennockg E. Jacksong L. :ong M. Joyceg J. Kalbs- copfg E. Kaufmang D. Keck. Jilesg M. Johnsong P. Johns- . N. Kellyg B. Kellyg Kellyg P. Kellyg C. Kilmang L. Kippg H. Kirschg D. Kleing D. Kline. R. Klincg J. Klingg C. Knickerbockcrg J. Knight 5 R. Koerberg E. Koettingg W. Kowalskyg C. Kunkel 5 M. Laning. L. Lange-3 L. Langfelcltg R. Laphamg J. Larmoreg N. Larseng C. Lcag B, Lcaseg H. LcBurng L. LeCompte. 3. Leeg N. Leeg W. Leeg P. LcFaivrcg C. Legog M. Qistong A. Littlctong D. Qockwoodg J. Long. Q. Longg S. Longg R. Luck- ibaughg D. Maasg R. Mac- Donaldg B. MacLcag R. viaglidtg A. Maxdcng A. Viartin. ?. Marting C. Martinig L. viasong V. Mathewsong C. Viattesg J. Matthewsg D. VIcCausland5 E. McDer- nottg D. McDowell. 5. McGinnisg R. McKennag 3. McQuay5 R. Mearsg M. vieiseg R. Mentzcrg R. Mes- iclcg C. Mcyerg E. Miller. 5. Millerg J. Millerg K. viillerg W. Mincherg R. viitchcllg P. Moang J. vionksg R. Mooreg R. Moor- ng. .. Morrisong M. Morrisong '. Morrisong E. Mulling P. vfulliking D. Munterg D. viurisong H. Ncelsg J. Nick- es. 1. Noble-3 D. Norrisg J. Nlovatnyg S. Olsong A. Orthg l. Otteg R. Ottcng D. Jwcnsg M, Parish. 3. Parks-rg B. Pasquithg N. 'atrickg P. Paynfg M. Perryg 3. Pctcrsong C. Prttersong '. Phillipsg K. Phillips. , s sf' . Q- 14.14 K Lf ll sl' ' gi in K L f- ' V S ii il iiii HAP, A7 T . Y, W 4 A, X . .4 ,X W X A --A ii' ii. 'L I 1 ff 5 9 G ii A . Lf ,K ,K I j V, ' .x P 1. 4 il ! mlm A. . 4. ,P .N 1 43. I 4....1 YA I K 5 'TJ ft, -v --' L A l J 1 A I .11 - A J V' 4. ' u fi . v .Q "' . . ' if K 1. 'R 1 ' P -A ' l 1 in A :P J 4"i' 'J .ll l A . A A I ' x K J ,X 44.1 . u 'sl - 4 tj- if an. 6- .1 , 1. ' -. if ii' ' . 1. h 2 Q C A Q iii ii S ,rg P 6 . A ' A. .L . gi is i R' f P f Q' ar.. A 1 L in dbh . f Q' 5. Lg 5 z.. . K 'ci fu. - Q I. QT- Al .J .. K 2. A 1. 'tg -gt. , 9 A Q , Q , Q, Q- ,ii J. J . ii 1' X A A is X-. +5 J fi YL 1 il? A X f -f T f-1 f if! Q' , ...W 4 V . ff. -ff' ' , ' J K, J' l Q it I I f" A is 1 82, . "N .., HG. V' x X 1 .M j AAA L h . . by ' no " L' gi? u 1 . v V. J S. AHL- QL. YL- E51 fri. G 455 1 X v 5.x X , T , iw a my Y Q IS- xi la 51 R Mx A T i . an 1' 3 g SE 7 . K 5 r ii i 1 A I . "I I ' L R A Lf I ug, ...Q is . r t - ' Lilith 1... V 3. . F A A ' ' - . su. 6- -' if 1a..i V 5. L A - . T ' N .X I L . E S.. R ' Q W i as S A L4 .. A 3, Q 'V 'V ,R M cs X.. .4 J Jn. Q K. f D R Aj V V' I 1 :qw E . 7 ,N K - ii. A J.. . ' - 5-N'- ' , gi V -n X ,4 4 . T - gt Q. - iv- "' .. if V1, 5 if' . S . D fi :' . L if ' Qi I 4 B. Perkleg M. Phillipsg S Pindellg L. Pitcockg B. Pitt R. Pittg Plunkcrtg E Poeg J. Poe. B. Pollardg R. Poolcg H Pottcrg M. Powcrsg M. Pres- tong W. Putmang P. Proc- torg T. Mclchorg L. Quat- Hlall. B. Quinng L. Rassag B. Rav- erg M. Rcdmang D. Rcvier G. Rc-ierg M. Rcillyg P Rcimanng R. Rcvis. M. Ricc-5 A. Richardsong S Richcsg E. Richmond 5 L Robcrtsg P. Robinson g T Rockg C. Rockettg A. Rosi- nus. N. Royalg N. Ruppertg M Ruppclg R. Russcllg E. Ruth- crfordg R. Ryeg H. Salz- manng R. Scheidcg P. Schei- ner. J. Schirmcrg E. Schmidt R. Schneehagang D. Schroe- dc-rg M, Scrranog M. Shaf- ferg G. Shammerg A. Shank- ling E. Shanklin. K, Sharpg R. Shclleyg Shuchartg C. Shuc-5 B Simmsg R. Singlc-yg O. Sine-s K. Sissong C. Small. A. Smithg D. Smithg J Smithg L. Smithg N. Smith P. Smithg F. Snyderg V Sourisg J. Spangler. B. Sparenbergg J. Sparks, B. Spf-rag S. Spcrlg D. Splattg D. Sprr-ckrrg R. Sprc-ckvrg Stain:-sg Stalhc. R. Str-vcnsg K. Stevenson, M. Stcwartg F. Stryzclczykg F. Stryzclczykg D. Stullcrg P. Stutzka. W Surridgcg N. Suttong D Swzmnc-rg M. Tulbotg R Talbotg F, Th:-iszg N. Thom- asg J. Thompsong S, Thomp- son. S. Thompsong K. Thurston J, Tontzg W. Townslt-yg C. 'Frzxcyg 'l'. 'l'rvdwz1y5 M Trichzxrtg W. Tydingsg D Uullman. 1 G. Staverosg E. Str-enburgg 1 R. Van Essg V. Vickvryg G. Nagnc-rg R. Wagnvrg E. Nallaccg J. Warflcldg T. Nardg H. Warncrg J. War- 'CIL F. Warthcng B. Watsong B Waudbyg E. Wvbbg L. Wrcdg P. Wrllsg D. Wes- :elg J. Wcyantg C. Wey- '1ck. 5. Whitcfordg P. Whitncyg I. Widitzg D. Wilkinsong R. Nilliamsg G. Williamsg L. Williamsg D. Wilsong S. Windclcr. I. Windsorg L. Winklvplvrkg J, Winklcrg R. Wirtancng T J . Wirthg J. Wirtzg J. Wolfg 1. Wallschlagcrg P. Worth. J Yurickg B. I. Baroch icntong G. J. Collinsg iciscrg W . . Wrightg D. Yinglingg G. Zabc-lg Zn-isg L. Bc-:mu-rg L. Carlsrud. J. Ellicottg R. Ilylf-1 J. Coop- -rg J. Klassg D. Knochg S. VIcGuirc. J 1-.1 -1 xv ... fn 251 . LKA L VL dj J :A ..J, J 3 cf at , -' V 'D VX it 0 L. A PN L. M is s 'in ' , F W . A 'dll . . fn ,i-...A ' ff! S+ QU., iq. W ss., qt' I 1- . A RRRW RWJ. if s.. A " . K 'sa P 'A' Q as. V Q ' 5,1 Q. ' 1 M" 5' X, 1 .l .Ji l -Y Pl Jw X :A it V L . Y L HX 'E Right--D. Drlnnd, K. Gard- ncr, D. Ewvll, P. Byrnrs, and E. Griffiths arc- prepar- ing a bullctin board display for Core' Class. Left-A. Orth, M. Powers and M, Nvwlinc work al- gebra problcms at thc board, while D. Rcivr and B. Pirk- lc chuck them at thvir desks. 'T I . 1. .den 195. .GVQ Xwas' vt 1N i.x5.Y'o P1es1-dw , 6.95559 ,K ig-T ' I 'u"i w if wsu. Q Q .,A y In if 1 ' J se 'Q L sw? 'Q 'E SPONSORS: Mr. Evan Nardoneg fs Mr. Edward A. Boguskog Miss '- A Ruth E. Trcvethan. V fx fvx ..x'7f,fx 'S -v JF 'ku ,.Q.,f'we,xa-XFN HQ maint!! , was ,gnu my . 'e' " 'wil OW? ' ,, . . . .Q Hgqynr x - 2' ..-mwrrl' ,SJ ' 21" ..... , V- L '7 4. v . lf f 'lv I .. x i If 1 S R. Frisch, treasurerg Hall, 1. -2 secretary. 9: 3 .Sala omorefi: cgdefy Lnif. E Hameroom representatives. wi' - 5 I 'V . s 5 S. Bushg W. Braymang P. 3 " . 1' I T . Eldridgcg T. Eschmanng ,.' ' ' I EQ K . . - - B . B W. X, ' r , w A A Howell, R- Kampsl C-'Uv l K fl. i A I C... I4 L lngstong P. Musternpng M x - 1 'f f f ' Rankin. 6 1' I" N . 'I Y . 9 ' A 0 ' J L. Schmldtg 'CL 'Smlthg . V ' . .5 . cs Q- f 1 Vinccnte-H5 Adklnsg T I PAQ, ' Q' Q g Aikeng S. Aikrnheadg F. Al- .V 1 - C 1' I ' lcng S. Altschu1l'g C. Amos. 3? I K' Ln A ' v-'L P. Andrcwsg G. Anthony, K Ag g to. C- ,ii 5 . Q ,I C. Armacostg M, Armiger, 1 9-l tl., 5, V - F. Bachmaicrg P. Bagdon , l PP ' 'R' ' '71 P. Baileyg E. Banistcrg B L . It h 1 N 'M Barksdalc. R. Baslcrg I. Bassg B. Bass- J ax - -K M .5 .'i ' tl' fordg J. Baucrg J. Bayf-rg C. V Q Q Bayncg J. Bayncq R. Bcas- , I :nh B . ' ' A' leyg T. Beckett. . . M4 J K L - 32 D. Benferg R. Benncttg P. 0-. Q' Q, 1 V 3 3. -2-T K 5 Bircn.C.Blsnnp.w.Bissell, . J ' B ' Q' .. -.Z ,gf A ' -A E. Blnyg E. Blucherg J. , J ' Bm, J. BW, - L at ,. . K.. .. L Lu - 1'- B. Boslcyg G. Bosloyg R. YJ .Q 'J as x A 5 , Q. ' Boweng J. Bowmang C. 1 V' 'A gl '. -' ff ' Q B dg G. B 5 B. . + Biggs 1 ' Bran t' Araun ' A nn . L4 L is K . ... u A - rown, C. Brown , E. Brown- - ing. ' ' H i I K . . 1 C R. Bully A. Burgerg E. Burk- g ' wht 135 I' hardtg W. Burmang H. A "R ...N Burns' C. Camarata' B. .. 1 D R ' ' .. L . - . A Campbell 5 T. Campbellg C. ' I le 1 A Cane. Q X ' Jnlfll I .tl 11 , J, ' if K H N :I 5 8. , C. Catrollg P. flarrollgl B. l K V C H' A - by , ' T Caseyg C. CQssidyj'E.' Chen- Q ' 1 43 2- ' 'A , W- A owcthgf sr? Cnnnfnwelnf L. so 1 1 . Q X2 I C JyY,g'5, Clenowjlhf P. Gfarkg V.. y .4 ' Cldypool, ' ' 34,5 . . ' lt.. 'W g 'I 2 . M K H' . I. 5' , fl P. Clementg N. Cocks-yg ' ' 'Jn , 6 Q Coflcldg C. Collyerg C. J W, - ! . Conkling J. Conncllyg N. 1 . I ...f-.U 1 ' f EH . . M 0 4 K I Couzantinog C. Cowang P. g Coyle. l . Qizks X 4- - Q X 11 'n A g 'A 'P' Q N. Cranston: J. Crawfordg 'jiiggi .. ,J If . 15 R. Crossg J. Crouchg R. X ,n 4 Y E l Crowcllq D. Crowlcyg L. .4 ld! f I ' .ir A .- Croylcg A. Cyphcrsg C, Dah- .Q ' ler. A W M- Q' " 9 5 1 A K is I B. Dandog S. Dawsong D. A J? C '- g Dribl-rtg T. Dclchcrg B. Den- nf . V X ' .MF V bowg C. Dennigg R. Dinkcr, 4"' 5' ' ' ' XC - M ' 5 4 K. Downeyg N. Dre-wry. 'T .gy ts. M SA C 6 ' f' ,l A. Dunkcsg R. Dyson: E. - G " . V. ' 1 Eastg D. Eckg C. Ed- B i -'B' . ' I . Q mondsg P. Edwardsg R. Eg- " K 0 I I gersg H, Eichlcrg J. Ell- wood. .- r V- . . . ar a . r, K ' S , w gg -4 Kwai. S ..' .. ... B . Bi ' " ' nf" K ...V f.: J-Frfssga. ar 'USGS J- EH- , ' ' . . lrf-'r-"r N .rr 5 'V L VS f. ,gHr:53D. Ensor' G. Ensorg R I 11 .' Q V ' I S..K - 0 ,VE?:VQrifLyVEpPCrS0r1s A- ES- V V .V r -V X 4 I A. Faunt Le Royg F. Fay, Q' ,Q'..,,, A VV ' N QQ V A V V Q' Q S. Fcrgusong W. Flanagan, 1 'V' V. Sr' Y P. Flemingg c. Flichman 'Q ll S. A . V , "7 , .haf J. Fossettg D. Fostcrg R an ' Foster. 2 6 V .ge A . A L C' C. Frankg J. Freelandg D. ,fx A 5 . 'Y C' Q. , Frischg R, Frischg S. Gahs, J' A Y A S Q P K c G ll B G D fx V - -V V . 5.3 A W . a owayg . eorgeg . V Q" . . V .-,, . ".. 1-L. K L... I L x h Gerstcnbcrgg P. Gettman. 6 if - ..A' . V M J - .1 1 9 - J. Gibbg R. Glazcrg K. Grae- E9 A VI' ar feg M. Gracfeg0P. Gramsg If V V! V V V.. .Ahy . Q A J. Grauelg W Vb ?!B. 5, rf K K Greens R. Gm 313 ff A f f,.',f K .- . ' . . 5 U lf.-J V9 V ' r V fn it V V X D. Grupenhoffg J. Halesg B. A L V ' - iw VF V. Lh.- :fr , .. Hallg J. Hallg W. Hanni- ' 'Q A liilv' balg D. Harlowg S. Har- 4 V A ' -k J Q ,I " E L V. monyg R. Hartzcllg J. Hawk. w f '- . a r .Q VV , V VV V a VV . V V 6 HaJi7i!51i'F. H?acockg S. VVVV .- V A. . 1 V Hakjg 'A. Henry, J. Hen- . . - . . V IV 5 schenE'T'!:aQjIc9sg J. Hettg c. . . A h ' X ' ' ' 5 fr-Jul. T. lfiillfa r B . K .. V' W9 - .. W V Vg. gl 3, J. Hodgesg C. Hogarthg N. V X - . W q Hoibroteng W. House 5 B. VVVVVV Y " l -' . I la Howardg J. Howellg M. it 1 VV A . Howellg J. Hoyg W. Hoy. . " V i V ,. 4 V '.. my K C Y .. f- in W S 'ef -ai " r - ' tx' , 'G' L.. KVL, mf: K . V 9 Q J. Hruskag G. Hudnutg h A .Ak . V V, ,, V . . V , V . V n . V 5 2 V, ' " Hudsong S. Hughesg J. ..,. - 5 ,' K A B , QI ' ia Humeg G. Hurlbrinkg N. JW 'Wk' A l- V Hurleyg B. Huthg T, Jen- 5 V V V V kins. r C. . K 'E' T' 9 V V dis ' I l V 4.4 C. Jermaing T. Jessopg N. . YV ' ' f--' Q" . ' ' . A fr Jewcttg C. Jonesg G. Jonesg .L .4 W' N3 K n K ...ll r ...I L.Jaaaa.v.Jaaaa.B.Jaag. - . M. Kappel. 34 Wx A V' ,. V 5 G 15. V if V - i ..- N gl.- j r ' 'VV vs? M. Keckg F. Keisterg R. r S V? ' ga J V ' A fy " jf A K Kempg B. Kempskeg J. Kent, . a.-' .r h W ik cg A 4 N. Kibbe, M. Kilchensteing S. Kilroyg M. Kinard. 'W A s. by f 5- I 4-1. AJ E- H- . Q 5 1 5, V VV V' V . , X VV'yr Val' A Q. B. Kingg G. Kingg S. Kingg S In W' L . F. Kiraaar. G. Kirkpatricks A Q' W Y 1 , P E. Knefeyg W. Knightg M. B . . rr Kaaalr. J. Kraaaa. Q' 'X V79 iii' 9 HQQ, G. Kringlcg C. Krummg B. ' ' , ' , r-aa f X Kurthg C. Lambrcchtg L. v ra I .. I1 i na u 1 I af I8 Langg H. Lcagueg A. Lehr- erg J. Leightg C. Lcitzc. n Q. B. Lcntzg C. Lewisg S. Lew- ff 'S 5' 1' fi f 8 , C , . . . - 3 Q . 'G . 2- ' A X - isg J. Lewisg J. Llntong B. 1. F .. ' 5274 g, ' 'X ! fw X Litsingerg M. Locke-rmang J. ' Q iii " Luckabaughg R. Lundquist. I H Q 5 A B L dj . - ., 4. o A '7' B. Lymbergg J. Lymbergg E. I! K I f.. -i .. ' 0- A. 1 Machesneyg D. Maddoxg G. AA' ga' V it P - X ' , Maddoxg J. Maibergg C. - X ff' ' -3 Malesg D. Manningg M. Q ' f , A All K r 1 3' Markline. . A. Masilfkg w. Masai.-kg J. if Q9 , J F L Masimorcg J. Matthcwsg F. ' 5 6 . MCAfcc'g T. MCCaffe'ryg G. ' A - ' ' in " McCormirkg McDerm0ttg A I f -" K Qi'---f' H. McKenna. G. McKenzie-g S. McVeyg A. J g. A , 6 , 5' G- f' - 2- - .5 Medingcrg Mend:-5 L. W, R W " " ' Mrrchantg M. Messick: V. i a V ' 'W X ' -ty' D Metteeg C, Meycrsg D. Mile JR I - A 31 J 4 f R A L ox' i burn. , 1 S ' 'S 'r F. Millerg L. Milrsr, N. Mil- an n . .J " Vx R . f 1. lc-rg S. Minchg- S. 'NIortc-n- A ' lk A R J song R. Moth:-rshc-adg L. V. A I ' . . Myersg Nash? A' Natalcv 1 l .A 14 A li . . Y Vik' . " , A 9 - 6' g P as V K P. Ncalcg B. Nelson Ntx- vm X 8' 1 K, Yi. W -swf Lx ? Y gc-lg V. Norrisf 7' . 5' , 'ID ' ' E. Oostcrlinql L. r isa' W. A Q 'M E., i J W x I 1 9 X I J , vj A D. owing. C. Osbofn. N Kg ,Q ' K I Q' " I ' . A - P Q . .P 1: . ' .2 H 4 " C. Parrg N. Parrishg P. S' P I .. Q. ., ' if ,. L. " Passman: R. Patschkeg K. ff jw ,Ji ' A . '. ' ' .af - Pattcrsong R. Patterson: C. V. A' A in 5 . Y L ii, L Q A A ' H Payncg M. Phciffcrg B. Pitt- W I in man. 3 - ., - 5' c if " .' . C. Priceg P. Priccg B. Pritch- . . ' ' . Q3 . fp. J eg ' , ' d L P P Q i " ' P I ' N ar g . uryfarg . ua - ' X . W.. xi K . il . man! N- Quiglfyi H- RHS'-bi 'T N 7 K R .t As I A L A sex - 1 R. Rairighg D, Rausch. ' b S T . ' , x l . J . 1. 1 'P 5- 9 ' Y E. Rmllyg R. ReillygJ. Rich- P , ,,. 1' , R r P P. " ., ardsong N. Richardson: B. 1 . it' A V 'f . ' Richter? RiChter5 P. Rei- H I .1 A . . ' 4 ' . . VI rrg B. Ril yg T. Riley, . X' 1344.1 gflkfvvcf Q 5 , v s Q . N .1Q'lrff4f'i'2Tf .' 4. f ," in f Q" - 0 ."' F R. Ringroseg K. Rippclmi-ifi-gifs!! f ' '74 3 , ' 1 er. B. Ritchie-5 J. Rim-rg R. P if J' A Robe-rtsg M. Rockettg P. 'fi 4A 'Y A K Q- j ' ' I 1 Rossog B. Rowlandsg T. 4 ' L b' Rubling. 5 J . ' . . T , . .2 U' Q 4: ' ' , G 5 . J. Rupprrsburgvrg S. Rushg Qu -J , gy 1' 5' 9: - .X I I P. Rushingg C. Ruzikng M. 'Q A X A V. Sandcrsg F. Saurbrcyg M. L A . N X A Schm-fc-rg M. Schisslurg S. " . S h 'd . R C IDI t K.: A az' i if Ag A K' It t A J. Schnccmang W. Schricbrrg 5 P I ' ' 8 'i J. Scimg T. Shambcrgcrg j' A I lx - X R A ' 'ty M. Shanahang B. Shanna- A .H ' - " 1- Y ' hang B. Shaprowg V. Shaw' E. Shcckclls. 3 A V i v I9 S I X. 1 .M is ,si gl Q 5' - ' . w , . . 'ami , , , 'W Q.. : ,. ' Q 'M M. Shmmckg H. Shockg C. fu' f . ' is ' s J . so Simms. P. Smickg B. Smithg , 1. i- A A if I . A H .:.Nzn.i. s Lx D. Smithg G. Smithg 1.. ' 3 1, A -, i, ' Smithg M. Smith. J 'if' s 1 . i i H Eb L A f 'i i' I I jg 5 M. Smithg R. Smithg R. L L b A X' ' 'J . if Smithg s. Smithg T. Smithg 'W I 'fm -' , . V "' ' R. Sniderg E, Speddeng C. ls wg 1 3 if W J ' 1 i.i. ss ,, "M smffag C. smhciiff. ,V . 5 Q .:: ' t in Z 4 i, E 5 - is . Q Q J .... J ' .i.. 4 .1 - X I 9 lilly! 7 .QQ . Ji " .t , . bf. Standifordg B. Stechg M. I . ' ' I A..g, g.- " it 1 Stegmang B. Stewartg S. il, Y as V M " A ' - n - Straightg D. Strohmeyerg N. ' V. ii V Strotcrhoffg P. Swamg R. 1" ,itil ... ' hh. T it Wh Swcany- ? wav gil , A li? . V K. J . M J J M. Swetnamg G. Sydnorg J. 1 1 . yi - is ' Tarnellg E. Taylorg E. Tege- V A i derg W. Thomasg C, Thomp- I V 1' ' A .5 , song M. Thrashg J. Tisch- :ii , ENN ii I 1' . . ji , ' B. Truatwineg G. Trotter, , I I Q 1 W.. ,Q ' s. Uhlans F. vahdcimasi, it M A 7 " ' B. VanEssg K. Vick:-r 3 B. , , Y ' i A - V . . Z A r' K Vinsong J. Walkerg H. Wam- gs, 6. '. ,K - in H Q. bash. . . . n . 1 V' I ,121 JAR A i J "a". -,dgvy m , -V M. Wardg L. Warfieldg C. x ' ' ii? tu Warringtong I. Wattsg J. 5 A I ff , ' Waxterg B, Weedeng M. ' at . 4 . F V A f Q L Wcstg J. Wheatleyg I il is Q 5 5 X v L Q "' QC' Wheeling. -FQ A S - - 'W 5 ' ., ii.. J A C , ". f .J " . . I . ,V I 1 iv AJX.. J Q . VVZ, ji S. White, W. Whitehurst il S .lb-H an -lilw he M JJ if KAI F. Wibleg Jqwilliamsg R J ' wiusohg B. Wilsong s. Wil- . A, .1 E . V fi' at song J. Windsorg B. Wines A K h A J. be I ' I A C. Yacharyg N. Yeagcrg T f ii. J. McDermott, C. Brown, C. Leitze, B. Lymberg and D. Milburn get practical training in arithmetic on Bank Day. 20 the business files. Zehnterg R. Gayg L. Haier B. Knight, S. McVey and M. Kozak eflicicntly use my 1 MEN I Q r. Bromc, A. Grafton, L. Garland and Parsons 1. M prvpnrr' Talisman fopy. 2. In history class with S. II:-ld S. Smith, Gibb and C. vVllI'I'illQlOIl. 3. E. Stvvnburil, M. Strwart, J. Spcrl, P. Smith and hvr vnjoying lunch. E5 .. "X .-,' D. Sprcc 4. Anyone for tm? S. Hi:-nr-r, P. Coylf- nncl N. Lvc' fix :1 tray. 5. B. Dinkvr co " - Y I B. Smith about nsults J. Mmbcrg, unc English. f V yang f-wif w - Q --'t fx X .depi- e5' . , viwpr . wwe ' BQCY Presidwhx . 'ff QW S. IN SPONSORS: Miss L, Blanche 1 A .4 P. Ransonc, xecretaryg J, Johnson, treasurer Stcvc-nsg Mrs. Juno R. Simmons. H W -if ' lll .av L A' --...Nw x f' I .A, ,ffbz 1 A ff 1 . xxx' ' '3 unions: waifing or 53. X 5 22 N. Homeroom representativex: K. Blakerg V. Chinsleyg L. Copsong M. Gaddg C. Gas- killg G. Millcrg J. Otteg A. Stapfg B. Zieber.- wi., Acjcrgyig R'iAdoJ1ihf 'Rf A kong B. Akexjs :,P, Alli-gang P" P Z rvfimnnzmllhg M.fm55 Aq1cie5s91QLJ. Arehcff . Z G. Athyg A. Bailleulg T Bakerg K. Ballwegg E. Ban- nisterg J. Barkcrg M. Bar- rowg R. Bauerlineg B, Bay- cr. D. Bayneg W. Baynesg S Belleg N. Bevansg W. Bev- ansg L. Birtchexd 3 A. Bishop B. Bolanderg M. Bond. M. Bonhageg R. Boslcyg J. Bowermang W. Brackg J. I Bradfordg A. Bracklineg Brainardg J. BredehoHg'C1 Breidcnbaugh: ,, ' -f ' 'J' A- J. Breymalifrgv ,Jf Briceg ' J. Y V Brightg B. Brisackg C. Bfopll- I " hartg D. Browng P. Browng A B. Buchwaldg S. Bull. E. Burnsg J. Buschmang B. ', Byrdg N. Carrollg E. Carterg E. Cassedyg R. Classg R." Clemcntg P. Cockrell. I. Colcg P. Colemang N. Collierg S. Corcyg W. Corn- brooksg D. Coumontg L. Cousins 5 E. Covaheyg J. Cox. L. Coxg S. Craigg S. Craneg P. Crawfordg J, Cumminsg D. Davisg D, De Viasg R. Dickeyg J. DiMarino, N. Ditzclg H. Donnellg H. Downingg C. Downsg B. Drakeg E. Driverg P. Ed- wardsg K. Eichlerg M. Eich- ler. M. Eneyg P. Ensorg B. Es- selg N. Faithg J. Falesg N. Faustg R. Fennerg J. Flem- ing 5 M. Fortier. S. Foxwellg D. Freenyg A. Fulmcrg K. Gahsg R. Gal:- enheimerg P. Gardnerg L. Garlandg E. Gaskinsg R. Gcbb. J ff . .' 3 W... ,, . ax A I 5 . 'L . .si SAE.: 9 'iff Q . - v ,Q , , 1 J V H ' , hm" A' N i il'-var gc? V A G.-7 QDQ' I he U I A :L 'E Div A 'fl K . f u ' ' f A " -' I WU 1-as 1 A 5 0 1 . V... 4 . J s A - 4 . iS Y W '. Yr: ' Skt' 'A , I 'S' -. -' 'nl 4- I5 'lvm .41 - A -.. .54 A p p W3 J . QF- 1- f-up fly J N 5' Q.. K .V ' jg Q-th QL 1' 14 .ESQ W. Q, Allis! B1' 'lixsf x-.z-. 4..- b 2416 ., 1' 2-. -f , 2 f 'C " " 1 In - ' A A- 1 ' '- gi: 4 4 . J nga! :l4..Q.g1. .Fw -1 2:1 - . .. I K? A ' . N . ' K A lt U ni 3 Ag .K GJ A My .5 ' vi 9 . '- ' Sf K .' fi' A 1 M7 5 .1 - g M- mf B W A ' "' h ' 3 arf I A . I1 .4 A445 A 7 1 1, . Q- i .Q A 3 is -V -Q:-IJ 7 6. 1 , V' 40 V W 1 1 Q V, ' K H . tx. A QQ, 4 27 'J 4, fl 1 -LM . hi ,L 1 I .. 5 'N-. 1 F ' ' 5 3 A Q . W f, h . 'Q 'Hx T- '27 - -R 4 1 1 - 'L M... K W AV' . 6 1 X: .. , - f 1 4 J I I V. 4 --' ' 'M' X .Q ' .tl ' " f "U" f , '::. . 'rf Q. ..... 6 " Aj Q., ' . Ml. nl: Am. I A 1 A if F An' ' . Dyk Af IK - In L M4 AKA. 5 A A 2 FN A , " s Z' 5 59. ' ' 6 - M 'L' - . I.-.1 M3 1, nl.. A .f - L . .IA . 9 ...rf f..f.- , A- . 'C-1' F 'J .. 1" 1 ,f W- J I . -Fl , BAP: 161 L " 1. if lf: .M X. A LBIALQA -. A A' a 23 it V .: ... j ::, .. .,....,. J h V 7 .L LACJQ my 'lv .Quo J . W ' 2. J :,, . We 'filixuf 141- .:'11-,.'Q - 'K ' "1 ' ' S. . ' 'Q J Q gs' . ' W. Gerberg S. Gerdingg E. . f Q X . A . K i ,. ' , , 1 1 . J J , U5 Nj - h J 1 ' is Germang E. Gistg H. Goetteg J .J 3 J S 8 :., C. Goldsbofoughg A. Gor- JL I J 1' A ,- - nf' M.. - M suchg E. Greeneg S. Groat. 5 'J Q2 . S Q A S . i A J .5 A V J. Guntherg P. Hageng R. ix -J Q A W In . Q b Hammondg W. Hammondg . A J 'J , A " af' L. Harbackg B. Hardingg B. V .D MH . IE E . if " f j Q Harrisg E. Harrisg C, Har- ? - V V A ' ' ' A ' ' J A rison. 4 K 6 V 1 ... Jr 9 W 6 .yan A S' . atc 5 , avian 5 . - gy A1 ku 5' G H h H H l d D ' 31 S 1. 6' Heatterichg O. Hebertg D. ' , af 'W In ' ' W f' "" ' . m Heimg T. Hpldg M. Hen- , 1 'LA . q!q H A. Vlquf 5 KW gg nigeg D. Herdg A. Hess. ig ax. ...ff-J. . K ikrhlk ':-1 s 'X' 4 my "fy ' 1 'Wg an L it V - f' Q Q "" - A g J, T. Hetheringtong S. Hicnerg ,L ' Nj: K 5.7! Wy' , 15. -. I, R. Hilgartnerg M. Hipleyg A. J S f f,2T ., - .V 1 ' ' Q J . M. Hobbsg L. Hoffag B. A S ..., 4 gy A RQ' ' " ,Q .. if J Hovyardg F. Howardg D. A ' - V A M Howard. ' 9:3 2. N X 1' an ie- ' Q gg, X X -R D. M. Howardg D. Huf- S ' ' - X. -..- .31 4 . Q' ' - 3' ' . 5 fingtong D. Hurlineg C. Im- W, ., - ' V ' ., Q ' M ' 'J A hoffg N. Issenockg D. Jack- "s' " l " le' 'ai if ' xx ' W' sa 'Y' H ' . song R. Jacobg D. Jcfferiesg ' ' l , , .Fl '-'. ,-., D . Jenkins. , . 15 1 ' M . :fx A A f f 'X' f J TZM 'J . + Y' fs .fi J .S G. Jfnkh-ss J! Johnsons J- il? f Q I " " 31 5 . '- fe Jonesg S. Jonesg B.,Kappel, .D I I Lt . - ,. J L I I7 WA. Keck, J.. Kelster, G. Kll - ,Q J merg W. Kxssner. 1' 5 Q JJ - J w W 3 :, A "' A " .M S Z t Lg, M. Klattg N. Klattg R. Q5 " . .-E" SPV! S P3 J .J .5 mine. J. Knight g w. f , - .f Mi J . 1 y Y 54, , h b .Ar . . IA Ai HI . xii J 1 .... AAA! S- Kfpfysf B' KY- X VJ..-.5 gerg C. Lakeg S. Lankford. 1 . - ff P A J- S.. .. t g 5 H' EH .14 : ..::' ' A ,ig L1 J gi we C. Leeg J. Leesong C. Lewis, 9,4 J f' W., ' A SJ'-:' .. 5 A ,S ,gf Szb . W7 B R, Lewisg P. Lindeg V. A A .4 a.. L Q3 ' M Ixningi J- Long? M- Lone, N - V. . V . o erer. J v wr- I I sv A I wif ' v 3 f A-. A 1. 5 Q 7' Q f 5. 'lair' 'J' .Q ' ,gt X S C. Lottererg J. Luckabaugh, A W X J? 'Pr S H I. Z ' W. Lynchg J. Lyong R. Q f. ' al: l Q... I .. I A Lyong A. Machesncyg R. A ,gf fm . Marchantg B. Marshallg R. S L' Z ' A MA ' A Martin. 24 .Lb ugh iaasgd g-fs,-4 A ,C at ix. , 1 in Q-, gy .. '. ,,. J ,,, . i :Y R. Matthewsg C. McFar- A' A ". , QT' . V M V ' V 1 H J landg T. McGuigang M. Mc- W, V A A P f I Jn, DX 1 Kennag N. McKewin5 B ' J ' ' , 1 f McLaughling J. McMains - 5 G' .. M. Q g ' -5 J S. Millerg T. Miller. J S ,, - M 4, lx 4. ' . Q .J ag ,. J Q. f. P , 5, . Q TS ' -of .gn ' V A -,Q-Ny, . w. Miner, K. Miskimomg P. H - ' 'T " . 5' , - A ' Moore g S. Moore g J. Moores , . L5--,H 1 J f 5 1 bl Ah L. Mowers P. Mullikeng E. C' A Myersg J. Nash. r , 6 J Q J - W 5. 4, 6. , ww T B if . ""' 'Q K . K. Nelsong S. Nickleg D I J -i ' . K I ' of Nollg T. Noppenburgcrg J 24 Novotneyg C. Oertelg J. Oli- verg F. Oltmang P. O'Neill. S. Ottog R. Ourslerg D. . RQ Q Q 1 Q4 Q. V 4. Q Q 'al Parksg W. Parsong G 1 v 5, 'M .. - . . fu- N Q- Q J ... Pcarceg J. Peatg G. Pen- QQ H: a igiffrxp ' ' Q V', r W, ' 'T ""' ningfoni .l- PCFHHSS P- PC' L L' i I x L4 5 A ters. Q .JW 'fa N. Petersong P, Phillipsg B. 5 I - -. V K Q.. 'L' Q 7 Phippsg S. Phoebusg G. 9, fe. , ' - X, 5 T: ', Plankg F. Plateg M. Poli- A - g L f , 3' V Q vikag A. Poppg G. Power. ,Q " M Q A 1 I - x4 L A k I h -A J. Powersg J. Powersg J Q . QQ' 9 B41 - 5' - gl2uesenberIgygRJ. lgmallfg ' Q Q? , QQ Q 3 Q G M L ansoneg , ayg . eat - Q Q " Q. 4 ,K tw ' wr' crg J. Rcichcg B. Rcmley. I 1 4 li-A I M in " E .X . Q ,Q J . S . if il 6 R. Reschg G. Rileyg S. Ri- Q .Q W , A f Q74 "' leyg C. Robertsg J. Rogers 'Q i' , ' Q Q Q 31 Q ' A. Rossmang R. Rubyg J. -' R Qi' . - 6: Q Rutherfordg R. Szxmm. i i-'QK A1 Vi .1 A Y ' -5. lil 1- Q 1- 3. S. Sandersg C. Schnefferg E K A ' ,ir A , at L. J f Schaewclg W. Schelhauseg A. A ' , Q A - A , Schmersalg F. sfhmidtg R. . .1 It A. A, Q A A A Schmidtg S. Schuvkg Schu- - ' B Y ler. Q A Q , , -. v -Q ,X 1 Q V 4 M. Schwarzkopfg D, Sed- ' :sw 13. fi Qs' ' G lackg D. sr--5 R. sf-idclg D. ' Q my 'Q-QQ.-? K ' Shanahang R. Shankling N. -. .5 4 I i I Sharrcrg E. Schcckellsg J. Shecler. , . A Q4 C -in iv Q3 7' .. W. Shelley: L. Sherrxllg P. i 1- gf Q Q 8. it Shockg E. Simsg B. Sirlgin X B f Y 1 sv L. Skinncrg A. Smilhg D. .X 7 ..... . A ' l - ' I - Smithg R. SmithQ.Q B E. Snydcng I. Sohlg J. Spang- N? QT! i Q if lrrgy , Spriggsg Stancliff A A A i Q Q ' .. ' 45. tancflfqxldg P, sm, p, A 1 1 14 J A whxiv... .4 IL L X A A Smlerg R4 Stiiefelt. ' - I 9 I ' 5 K ' Q K n ,R 0 8 l Q 'Qui' F Q Q Q Q 4. f' 'QQ D. Stoney R. Streetg N. 5? Q , ' Strohg M. Stroterhoffg J. - - , Sunclerlandg W. Suttong S. " h A . " il 'A ' Tarbuttong G. Tallevastg B. Q - Taylor. i 5 ,Q 5. X , Q, 1 Q " - 3' S . 4 , J. Thiemcyerg M. Thiemey- . R 'Q ,C . , ' Q crg A, Thomnsg M. Tlxomas L -QQ Q K ' Q 'W Q Q .Qi A F. Thompsong B. Tillman H. Tomg R. Tomlinsong E ' Q Tracey. Q Q .rc Q 6 S F Q' .5 if ' . fQ S if :fi Q Q A. Trufferg A. Van Alstyncg Q gy ' ti Q Q - ' W. Vancurag R. Vanden K 9 Q 5 1 l A L 1 l Boschcg E. Vanikg M. Vicr- lingg W. Walterg G. Ward V f . .Q , ' V. Watts. A Q' o 4 G " 5 D. Welch' 1-3. Welsh' w f J -. " rg . ' ' 1 Weyantg R, Whiteg D. Wil- 4 L . 4 -A 4 helmg R. Wilkinson. M. Wil- . . " v I , liamsg M. Williams: B. Wil- xl -Q . Q Q., son. i -NQQH ' Q , - QQ, 25 L . ,1 -. K " K MA Q .QxQQ.Q Q 4 Y1 h 1 M A . S 'W-f E, Winardg A. Windel Q x .K I 4 , 3 67 iw - . f R. Wolfg N. Wrightg M A erg F. Wirtzg J. Wolf A A. lg., .wi A 4 1 L ""- I A YCHSCFS B- YUUY5 5 ' "VA.' W' Zembower. K J Q m . ' , A'AA-A Wx omg? J. Zurllg B. Anderson " Q , m A " wa Mm.. W. Flemkeg B. Jenkins f ,, f , 'I .M L. Kiserg D. Larseng R .. Laumang R. Mengel. Upper left, D. Aiken points out Monticello to P. Yeager, P, Peters, B. Chester, S. Bull, and standing, S. Nickle. Center, A. Van Alstyne checks out books as S. Gerding A. Truffcr and B. Phipps prepare to distribute them. Lower right. With eyes on the copy, A. Machesncy, K Miskimon, J. Lowman and row 2, C. Price and G Plank are all intent on their work. 7 KN - -- .l3aHZC'?K?'SI.A 'GE M 3.33244 Q. owdonii Ai e-A lzffi ylgrhr ' X 9 'IQ' QW Upper right, Smm,iGH'rs in the making, with P, Mr- Coy, M. Harbaugh, Mrs. Sentz and E. Ecsery hard at work. Upper left, An attractive group of spectators at the S.G.A.-T.A.A. football game. Center left, Mrs. E. R. Harrall has an interested audi- ence for her predictions of the future at the P.T.A. Halloween Dance. Lower left, The "Three Musketeers" of the soeeer team, Collignon, Tippett and Yingling. Lower right, All set for serimmage on the sidelines. .QQWSUQ 'Q' . was My gm :Sf o 5' 4. s.V .:...irA.I .L , A.,.-...-.-. -- HU 91' ., "'U"l il? wif' 1 s. 'G RX .,,, as Q K. a 'V sq' --'Q ,H W.: . fslf .,. 7- E. , VL., ,Mn 'tix i I 'ix is 3 ,SK ',N' H " ,Q f 'i Q 4 ffm.. " 4 Q ,Qw- nlix ah,-Y, I- y u I 1 "r, P1esif1"nt , Yu I baylg 510569 Q. I nt. P1651dZ SPONSORS: Mr. Walter Ed- wardsg Miss Rita Cooperg Charles Emig. Mr. . -1,15 s al Q Y dllllllllllllll QV l lg x' ' Q ' 5 jwxn' A. N . Q 7, , V 3. V xl. 1 0,5161 Y 1119 M. Davis, treasurerg B. Ransonc, secretary. Wm eniom: fine gran Ana e. -Ofc :UQ ,,-1 h Q'S'?l W " 4 1 I. If Q94 "' 5' v in ,fgnol do a arewe . To our teachers who have befriended and guided us, to the underclassmen who have trusted us and to our friends whose loyalty has encouraged us to hold our heads high while filling the footsteps of Towson Traditions. With our heads high we have glimpsed the future, but we shall never forget the outstanding past of high school life. We have had fun and many moments will be remembered with laughter. Above all we hope to carry with us through life some particles of wisdom gained through knowl- edge. And so a farewell, but we shall be re- minded again and again in the years to come - 'cOur strong bonds can ne'er be broken, Formed at Towson High-". n memor-iam . . He is not dead-this friend--not dead, But in the path we mortals tread Got some few trifling steps ahead, And nearer to the endg So that you, too, once past the bend, Shall meet again, as face to face, this friend You fancy dead. ROBERT Louis STEVENSON HAROLD D. ISENNOCK 1934-Y A1952 O NANCY LEE ADAMS Board of Elections 3, 45 Sidelights 4. A Navy rooter from way back . . . competent worker with little girl eyes and pretty hair. GEORGE EDWARD ASHE Cafeteria Crew 2, 3, 43 Sports Club 4. Powerful track star . . . smiling eyes . . . woodshop pre- cision worker . . . potential hill-billy singer. BARBARA ANN BAKER Dancing Club 3. A cute nose sprinkled with freckles . . . enjoys ice skating in season and movies all year. DONALD CONRAD BAKER Interested in anything with a motor . . . tall, blond, and on the quiet side . . . makes a hobby of music. BARBARA JAYNE BALLARD Bowling 2g Student Court 2, 43 Sidelights 4. A merry nature and feminine ways . . . discriminating clothes sense . . . haunts Drumcastle and Ocean City. ANDREW SLOAN BARCLAY Slide Rule Club 3, Radio Club 4g Projection Crew 4. Friendly, quiet, and modest . . . has a subtle sense of humor enjoyed by those he knows best, ROBERT BARR Lacrosse 2, 35 Studcnt Court 3, 4. Record collector and "hot rod" driver . . . inate sense of comedy . . . fun with his fresh naturalness. DORIS BECHTOLD Receptionist 2, Auto Maintenance 4. Simplicity and sincerity are her's . . . reticent . . . fond of bowling and dancing . . . domestically inclined. ROBERT MILTON BELL Glee Club 3, Orchestra 35 Operetta 3, 4. Has a hearty, booming laugh . . . Godfrey on the uke enjoys the companionship of happy people. FRANK STEPHEN BENSON World Wide Sports 3g Cafeteria Crew 4. A small package of concentrated energy . . . over-active sense of humor . . . ardent golf fan. M. .fli- 1.4-...L 'ifffia-I 'ft- 35 GEORGE MONTIETH BENSON J.V. Cross-country 25 J.V. Baseball 35 S.G.A. 4. Radiant grin and freckles . . . competent but carefree . . . indefatigable worker . . . whirlwind line of jokes. SARAH PIPER BERRY G.A.L.S. 25 Masquers 23 Talisman 3, 43 Sidc-lights 4. Gay friendly nature . . . a ready hostess at her club cellar parties . . . mathematically inclined. BARBARA ANNE BISHOP Glee Club 2. Dainty build and a thoughtful countenance . creative writing and hill-billy music. DOROTHY JOAN BISHOP F.B.L.A. 24 Library Club 3. Energy plus and a talent for talk . . . flHg'CI piano key board or office typewriter. JANET LOUISE BISHOP J.V. Hockey 3, 45 S.G.A. 3, 44 Youth Board 4. Ardent school supporter and an able leader . . . talent and interest in both arts and sports. HERMAN WALTER BITTNER, JR. Stage Crew 33 Sidclights 4g Bus Council -l. 5 - Whiz on roller skates . . . likes t uild d iroads 's fly over . . enjoys V WALTER ROBERT BOEHME Auto Mechanics 35 Wlrestling 3, 4: Drivers Asso. -4. Devoted to the great outdoors: camping. Hshing, boat ing . . . terrific tease . . . another "hot rod" fan. MARGUERITE ANN BOLANDER Fashion Show 3: Needle and Stitch 4. Laughter is generously sprinkled throughout her conver- sations . . . a real efliort to catch the bus every morning. SALLY JANE BOLDTMAN J.V. Volleyball 2, 3: G.A.L.S. 4: Talisman fl. Constant jolly giggles . . , sociable disposition and willowy appearance . . . an ardent ice hockey fan. ANNA MAE ISOSLEY F.B.L.A. 4. Quiet and efficient . . . has a true interest in her studies 35 . . . looks forward to a domestic future. 63 w DAVID A. BOWERMAN Auto Mechanics 2, 3, 45 Drivers Asso. 4. A laughing, eltin, grease-monkey . . . hopes to own a garage . . . sunny cheerfulness and quiet mannerisms. NANCY ANN BOWLES Has a pleasant disposition . . . interested English stu- dent . . . curious mind and musical talent . . . growing collection of old song sheets. GERALD CARL BRABHAM Sports Club 3. A Parkville cowboy . . . many moods and teasing ways . . . a serious future in farming. GEORGE NELSON BREIDENBAUGH J.V. Basketball 2, 3g V. Baseball 3, Talisman 3, 4. Senior Class President . . . A comedian with a crew cut . . . a mathematical mind . . . future agriculturist. RICHARD LEE BROMWELL J. V. Soccer, 3, V. 4, V. Lacrosse 3, 4, Wrestling 4. Known widely for his dry wit and clean-cut appearance . . . has an affinity for many sports. RUTH IRENE BROWN Sidelights 4. Originality is the key to her personality . . . ambitious and conscientious worker . . . carefully considered ideas. 'xg ,X IANEMBURCHARDT ionistl3.' f if , Agneatsidr uer, ugnhlw seen with paint brush in hand . . . speakimsmvvlingly of the Hamilton Rec. . OLIVE LEE BURK lJ RBQff14. . , uf! Gxflfall and ,xpillo . ., u l'1'ollection of miniatures . . . 36feal.jQ1ntrqil unnybrook. MILDRED BURTON Bus Council 3, 4, Receptionist 4. Cheerful smile and pleasant manner . . . enjoys horse- back riding . . . looks forward to a commercial career. JANET GEORGIA BUSICK F.T.A. 2, 35 J.V. Volleyball 2, 3, Sidelights 4. . Petite and unassuming . . . a smile for everyone . . . future schoolmarm . . . gift for gab. 36 LAWRENCE HUGH BYRNE S.G.A. 2g Stage Crew 4. Loves to hunt and fish . . . fascinated by guns . . . "hot rod" driver . . . quite a tease. ALFORD ROBUS CAREY T.A.A. 2, 3, 4g V. Lacrosse 3, 4g V. Soccer 3, 4. A shuffling gait and quizzical expression are his trade- marks . . . known for skill on the athletic field. MARGARET KIRKWOOD CARSWELL Bus Council 45 Photography Club 4. Always industrious . . . favorite pastime is developing pictures . . . has an active hand in Senior Scouts. JEAN WILMA CARTER I v. Softball 2, 3,4gG.A.L.S. 3. V 5 ' 1 ' Ready with a fast ball or witty remark . . . has profes- sional softball ambitions . . . a pitcher deluxe. MARY LYNNE CHESNEY Bowling 2, 3g Masquers 35 Photography Club 4. Sky blue eyes . . . Ends dancing and boating to her lik- ing . . . friendly nature. GLENN CLARK Bus Council 3, 4. A quiet and sincere companion . . . always ready to join in the fun . . . sports and cinema fan. DOLORES MARIE CLAYTON Cafeteria Crew 25 U. N. Y. 25 Art Club 4. Efficient worker, artistically inclined . . . bangs and specs . . . Sunday School marm with a winning smile. GEORGE MARION CLAYTON Cafeteria Crew 33 Dancing Club 3, 4. Seems to know history instinctively . . . a good follower, full of school spirit. ROLAND EDWARD CLINGMAN J.V. Baseball 2, 3g J.V. Basketball 35 T.A.A. 4. Long, lanky fellow . . . considers basketball the greatest 1 game ever . . . popular life guard at Beaver Dam. ' RICHARD CLUSMAN V. Track 25 Projection Crew 2, 3, 4g Photography Club 4. A rugged individual . . . uncompromising . . . raises and shows livestock . . . future with the Merchant Marine. BETSY LOVE COCKEY S.G.A. 25 T.A.A. 4g Talisman 45 Sidelights 4. Easily provoked to laughter . . . without a care in the world . . . china blue eyes. WILLIAM EDWARD COLE Photography Club 35 Drivers Asso. 4g Bachelors Club 4. A sincere and helpful friend . . . generally willing to stay seated and let George do it. DAVID H. COLLIGNON V. Soccer 3, 45 V. Lacrosse 3, 45 Boys' Chorus 4. Energetic camper and fisherman . . . his hobby is col- lecting coins and stamps . . . every penny counts. ELIZABETH LYNN COLWELL F.T.A. 3, 4. Good natured and friendly . . . enjoys skating and danc- ing . . . may return to California some day. ADELLA MAY CONNER Wishbone collector . . . a blend of Baltimore and Buffalo . . . slow and deliberate in manner . . . consistently gen- erous. THOMAS DANIEL COONEY Photography Club 3, 4. A sense of humor topped by a sensitive temper . . . pow- erful stride . . . mechanically inclined. FINTON P. CORDELL J.V, Lacrosse 2, 3, V. 4g Photography Club 3. Typical comedian with an outstanding personality . . . would make a good Maine woodsman. EMMA LILLIAN COSTA A reserved, sophisticated air follows Lou . . . calm un- rufflcd disposition . . . has the poise of a model . . . se- rene dark eyes. ELIZABETH BOWMAN COWAN s.G.A. 2, 3, 4. Always good natured and dependable . . . S.C.A. all the way . . . a whiz with knitting needles. JOANNE ELIZABETH COYLE S.G.A. 3g Talisman 3, 45 Sidclights 4. An efffervescent personality and a winning smile . . . hair that curls rain or shine. 38 ROBERT CRUSH J. V. Cross-country 35 V. Track 3, 45 Stage Crew 3, 4. Active Sea Scout and builder of model railroads . . often needed by the stage crew during class time. CLIFFORD LEWIS CULP, JR. Glee Club 4g Photography Club 4, Operctta 4. Dresses well . . . pleasant smile . . . finds nature study fascinating . . . has a fine singing voice. ANNE JEANETTE CURRENS Library Club 2, 35 Art Club 4. Serene and thoughtful with feminine ways . . . emo- tionally poised . . . someone you ought to meet. FRED HERMAN CYPULL j.V. Baseball 2, V. 3, 43 V. Soccer 3, 4. Smooth dancer and amiable personality . . . always ready and willing with a smile and a helping hand. CLARAJANE DANDO F.T.A. 2, 45 U.N.Y. 3g Masqucrs 3, 4. Curly hair and blue eyes . . . does her bit for the Teen Center and Youth Fellowship. JOHN ALEXANDER DAVIS Masqucrs 2, 3, -lg Debating Team 3, 41 Oper:-tta 3, 4. Competent, conhdent and quite frank . . . enjoys the more cultural forms of entertainment. X . u f . P Y , aswmfmsim scfxz 3 TTA0 24 Cheerlrader'54 1 Bouncy bubbling personality curly blond mop F B L A 3 Cooking Club 4 Dancing brown eyes nice to ltnow understand ing way with children spends time corresponding Drivers Asso 4 "hot rods fishing and sailing . Track Manager 9 Can eat anything anywhere anytime always 39 the go future television engineer WILLIAM ORNDORFF DEVILBISS, JR. Drivers Asso. 4. ' Happy-go-lucky party boy . . . turns a mean corner in that ear of his. L ELIZABETH ANNE DEWLIN V. Volleyball 2, 3, 43 V. Hockey 4g G.A.L.S. 4. Never misses an ice hockey game . . . an attractive ward- robe . . . casual as they come. CATHERINE DOLORES DIEGERT Glee Club 3, 4g Needle and Stitch 3, 4g Operetta 3, 4. Statuesque height . . . enjoys anything connected with music . . . there's no business like show business. 'l if ELEANOR CECIL DIETZ Nedle and Stich 3, 45 Bowling 3, 4. o'i't and sweet . . . completely feminine, tiny and doll- l'li' ,.,. .Wbeautifully sews all her clothes. .x , . . All 71 ' A ESTELLA MARGARET DILWORTH F.B.L.A. 3, Auto Maintenance 4. An accomplished typist and competent stenographer . . R active in 4-H Club and Youth Fellowship. EDITH ANN DONNELLY Bus Council 3, 4. Deep sincerity . . . the unusual quality of being a good listener . . . future housewife. Q n . - 1- NJ! ,4 . "- - .f BETTY RUTH DORN Board of Elections 2, 3, 43 Needle and Stitch 4. Active in -Iob's Daughters and Young People's groups . . . a competent seamstress. CAROL LEE DUCKWALL 'Q-y Glee Club 3, 45 Opcretta 3, 45 F.T.A. 3, 4. A cheerful gal . . . active in the Towson Rec .... hopes to be a teacher some day. ROGER C. DUNCAN Drivers Association 4. Keen wit and unfailing sense of humor . . . a great sports lover, especially fishing and hunting. FERN CECILIA DYSON A quiet, pleasant girl with auburn colored hair . . thorough with thimble and thread . . . baseball fan . . . proficient typist and seamstress. :MM M1 LEE EASTON F.T.A. 2, 3, 4, Talisman 3, 4g Bus Council 3, 4. Works in a quiet, industrious way . . . has beautiful fingernails . . . teaching is her goal. S.C.A. 25 F.T.A. 2, 3, Board of Elections 3, 4. - f' ANET DIANE ECKERS J Jjltf, J Well trained pianist . . . ardent b S ll f rid a ELAINE MARIE ECSERY Senior Scout . . . has cute dimple 40 4 ' L Masquers 23 Talisman 3, 4, Sidelights 4. Fascinating eyes and a smooth voice . . . takes part in all activities . . . Hair for writing. JOHN SEVERN ELDER Not a care in the world . . . specializes in bits of humor . . . loves to tease . . . makes acquaintances easily. THOMAS MOALE ELDER J.V. Lacrosse 2, 3, V. 45 Masquers 3, 4, Boys' Chorus 4. - Active in dramatics and lacrosse . . . enjoys almost every- thing . . . friendly grin and ruflied, blond hair. JOHN MILTON ESKRIDGE Wood Shop Club 3, J.V. Cross-country 3. Tall and nice looking . . . wonderful dancer . . . inter- ested in all sports . . . construf ts model railroads. 'F s 1- in GR I CARROLL EDWARD ESPOSITE Stage Crew 3, 4. Amateur radio operator . . . Junior Assistant Scout Mas- ter . . . his car all but flies along. JOHN DOUGLAS FAVORITE A quiet boy who makes a fine friend . . . thorough and neat in shop work . . . skilled at furniture designing. VIVIAN GRACE FAVORITE te add petite . . . quiet and calm, with sweeping eye- ashes . . . a whiz on roller skates . . . real movie fan. FREDERICK PAUL FEDER J. V. Lacrosse 2, 3, V. 4, Student Court 3, 4, V. Soccer 4. Friendly, nice-looking fellow . . . an energetic athlete who has a genuine interest in class activities. Q . X W CHARLES MILTON FICK, JR. Drivers Asso. 4. Well on his way to seven feet . . . ice-skating, baseball and swimming are his favorites. WILLIAM EDWARD FLEISCHMANN Biology Club 33 Boys' Chorus 4. Active in scout work . . . likes to study history! . . . a jovial fellow who enjoys camping. ELIZABETH JOAN FORD U.N.Y. 25 F.T.A. 3, Operetta 35 Masquers 2, 3, 4. Desires to be a second Rubenstein . . . interested in dra- matics . . . never at a loss for words. ,Ax ALICE ANN FRANCIS r.B.L.A. 3, 4. ,,f0utside interests center around sports and motorcycles Wihas a keen wit and a pleasant smile. WILLIAM MUIR FRANCIS Projection Crew 2, 3. Collects match boxes . . . can be found in projection room and woodshop . . . future movie cameraman. CAROLYN MAE F RANTZ Locker Crew 2, 3, 4, Talisman 3, 45 Sidelights 4. Little, but mighty . . . completely dependable . . . ef- ficient and neat . . . teaching is her future. LAURA MARY FRINGER Sidelights 4. Beautiful wavy hair . . . devilish as can be . . . always has an appropriate, witty remark. NANCY LEE FUNK Fashion Show 2, 35 Art Club 35 U.N.Y. 4. A little girl with energy plus . . . known for her sewing skill . r. extremely optomistic. D t V. It 'M IOAN CARLENE GAGLIANO N '1 4 1 Bus ouniil 2 D Ta.Iisman4 IA allNgiHgyifi1'aiffriertaly smilgaf . . could listen to I a. A Bohm' ' 1 Je X at W.. K3 'x ,X RITA LOUISE GANOTTI Talisman 45 Auto Maintenance Club 4. Very attractive . . . Sonja Henie on ice skates . . . hopes to be a secretary. LUCIA CARY GARDNER Glee Club 25 Needle and Stitch 4. A real Southerner from West Virginia . . . interested in music and sports . . . future pianist. BRENDA CONSTANCE GATES Glee Club 3, 45 Operetta 3, 4. A lovely singing voice . . . prohcient Correspondent and home economist . . . collects little stuffed animals. MARY ANN GEIST Soft voice and sparkling brown eyes . . . enjoys cooking, especially when trying new cake recipes . . . plays the piano very well. ANNA ROBERTA GERBER Locker Crew 2, 3, 43 F.T.A. 2, 3, 45 Operetta 3, 4. An ellicient helper . . . enjoys hill-billy music overflowing collection of miniature dogs. NORMAN EUGENE GERBER J.V. Lacrosse 3, V, -lg Band 3, 4. Sincere in all he says . . . took good care of the team . . . plays the drum. MARIO ALDONGIZZI r A Auto Mechanics 4. ' A .Dt ' , l. Football physique . . .fnice -sfhile '. . . likes all types of sports, cars and money . . . imported from Europe. K bi., . . . an lacrosse 'C-'3!': ROBERT EDWARD CLASER V. Baseball 3g Auto Mechanics 41 Drivers Asso. 4. Has a winning personality . . . whiz at mechanics and sports . . . loves to spend time driving. DOROTHY ELIZABETH GODWIN F.B.L.A. 3. " ,A Enjoys reading novels and watching plays . . . always a healthy glow . . . collects unusual napkins. DONALD BRUCE GOODRICH Biology Club 33 J.V. Lacrosse 3, V. 45 Radio Club 4. Enjoys the camping life he encounters in Explorer Scouts . . . takes active part in M.Y.F. HELENE ROSE GORDON Masquers 3, 4. Towson's contribution to Hilltop Theatre . . . attractive and graceful . . . her life centers about the footlights. 3Bu! Counciffi, 45 Talisman 3, 4. A' -A , BEVERLY ANN COULD Honor roll student who burns the midnight oil . . . wr- deer-like quietness . . . would like a country life with lots of horses. f LW BETTY LOUISE GowL 1 ' . .LoA. 2g Bus Council 45 Needle and Stitch 4. , JLQdnfnercial department whiz . . . quiet and efficient in yi everything . . . collector of postcards and souvenirs. pf 7' If f FRED LEE GRAEFE V. Track 35 V. Cross-Country 3, 4. Tall and dark . . . mechanically inclined . . . always sing- mx ing the latest hill-billy songs. ELIZABETH ANN GRAFTON Sidelightsf4. Close,clipped hair, dark brown eyes and dimples . . . ardent supporter of lacrosse games. JOAN KATHLEEN GRAII. Mixed cactus 3. J ' Towson's champion gum chewer . . . bowling, swim- ming, dancingfare her favorite pastimes . . . loads of fun. FRANK O. GROESSER Track 3, 4g T.A.A. 4. King of the crew cuts . . . sharp dresser . . . supports V Ocean City . . . Southern Methodist bound. PAUL JAMES GUZZO Wrestling 4g Drivers Asso. 4. Has that certain way with women . . . goes in for "Bop" music . . . "hot rod" driver. I . R D I 1 ' - - CAROLYN MARIE HAMAN Cheerful personality . . . sweety nea't and considerate of others. likes the piano and journalism. CHARLES FREDERIC HAMRICK Bus Council 4. Interested in water sports . . . has a pleasing line of talk . . . that Kaiser really goes. MARY McAVOY HAMRICK Auto Maintenance Club 4. V Boundless energy . . . a whiz at shorthand and typing . . . enjoys bowling, roller skating, and dancing. 44 1 An ardent Poly fan can be found at Beaver Springs Short honey colored hair line executive ab1l1ty and ICC skating efht lent in sc hool work An infectious grin denotes a sparkling wit short and Lovely han 'md big brown eyes has an infectious .qligfgff 1 3 vzvfa' . 12.-5 ? 1 ' IDA JANE HARVEY Glec Club 2g Library Club 3, 45 F.B.L.A. 4. "My Lady from the Manor" . . . a quiet manner . . . enjoys playing the piano. ROBERT LEE HARVEY Woodshop Club 2g Bus Council 3, 43 F.B.L.A. 4. A hunter and fisherman in season . . . enjoys a good book now and then. ALFRED HERMANN, III U.N.Y. 3g Talisman 3, 4. Tall and quiet . . . strong supporter of scouting . . . a whiz with historical facts. DONALD HERTRICH Stage Crew 3, 4. Regards guns and woodcarving as interesting hobbies . . . Junior Assistant Scout Master . . , an even temper. r CHARLES THOMAS HILDEBRANDT U.N.Y. 3, Sidelights 4. Interests range from football to the fine arts . . . jolly, smiling person with the traveling urge. 1 Q BEVERLY ANNE HILGARTNER ' F.B.L.A. 3, 4. Likes French fries . . . dancing at the Hollow and Goetz- es . . . never misses Dick Coleman's show. IRMA LEE HODGES Student Court 2. Cute and little . . . likes good piano music . . . there's nothing like a football game. BARBARA ANN 'HOFFMAN Cafeteria Crew 3, Auto Maintenance 4. Has a continuous giggle . . . fond of swimming and danc- ing . . . looking for a secretarial career. BARBARA MAY HOWARD Needle and Stitch 4. Sewing is her specialty . . . you can't stop her laughing . . . active in youth fellowship. HUGH BENTON HOWELL Boys, Chorus 3, 4, Operetta 3, 4, V, Track 3, 4. Music, photography, swimming and fishing interest this versatile fellow . . . active in Youth Fellowship. ell we I"0l'l'l DIANE NOEL HUNTER Masquers 3, 4. 'l A real Charleston bug . . . lives to act . . . good natured with a ready laugh. FRANCES GERALDINE HYDE Glee Club 2, 3, 45 T.A.A. 3, Auto Maintenance 4. Plenty leadership ability . . . faithfully follo games . . . would love to travel over the U.S,A. HAROLD DEAN ISENNOCK Auto Mechanics 3, 43 Drivers Asso. 4. Possesses a sense of humor . . . skilled in repairing cars . . . witty and lots of fun. GERALD A. JAMES Student Court 2, 3, 45 Auto Mechanics 4. A snappy comeback for everything . . . interests are di vided between farming and cars. ws Oriole ' 2' YT' .7 W1-W?" 1 T HARRIET ANN JENNESS S.G.A. 2, 3, 43 Board of Elections 2, 3, 45 Sidelights 4. Well known for her lively disposition and winning smile . . . wields a mean needle and thread. LAWRENCE MERRITT JONES Sports Club 4. Unhurried by the fast moving paee of school life . . . a real photography fiend. JOAN ELIZABETH KANE F.T.A. 3, 43 Sidelights 4. Quiet, congenial manner . . . thoughts Center around all phases of Hne art . . . loves to tease. JOHN HENRY KAUFMANN J.V. Basketball 2, Sports Club 4. A faithful fan of the Orioles . . . strong supporter of Livonia, Pennsylvania . . . future ornithologist. PATRICIA A. KELLY F.T.A. 4. Is a marvelous genius of the artistic' . . . outstanding red-gold hair . . . spends leisure time developing pietures. MARY CATHERINE KENNEDY U.N.Y. 2, 3, 4: Board of Elections 43 Sidelights 4. Unselfish interest in the joy of others . . . aetive in the U.N.Y .... interested in Current events. ROBERT THOMAS KLUGE Outstanding ability as a mechanic '... excels in his voea- tional Classes . . . anticipates a future as an engineer or a designer. EDWIN LEROY KOERBER, JR. Has an avid interest in Cabinet-making . . . noted for his l outstanding work in the Boys' Brigade . . . serious worker . . . sports fan. WILLIAM LENZA KONE, JR. J.V. Lacrosse 2, 33 Soccer fl. Enjoys farming although it's hard work . . . likes thick steaks . . . a member of the Naval Reserve. 39 WALTER HENRY KRATZMEIER Dramaties 2: Art Club 3, 4. M, 'F I vi --L ai Come easy, go easy '... enjoys swimming and tennis . . . , t' 2 W 47 enviable bowling srores . . . Towson's pixie. X .4801-rw-aaq, F.B.L.A. 4. ever had. particular . NANCY LEE Glee Club 2. Talkative and humorous . . . found at the teen center . . . likes swimming and ice hockey games. PATRICIA LEE LITTLE T.A.A. 3g V. Hockey 3, 4. Happy-go-lucky . . . clothes make the woman . . . a sports lover: through and through. JOAN ESTELLE LOWMAN Dmmutics 3. A combination of wit, sociability and friendly sincerity . . . happy and carefree . . . enjoys dancing and acting. MARY LGU LYNCH S.G.A. 2, 33 Chc'c'rlcacler 2, 33 Sidclights 4. A pleasant combination of talent and looks . . . willing to take on responsibility and hard work. 48 Dancing feet and lovely brown eyes loves roller skat ing . . . a friendly sm1le for everyone CHARLES ALBERT IA MASON Debating Team '3 4 Sldelights 4 Main interest is public speaking never argue with him, you can t win a future politic ian BETTY IRENE LARRIMORE J.v. Softball 2 3 v 4 fe A true athlete ln all sports day dreams ust give her a good book GRETCHEN ELIZABETH LAUSCH Cheerleader 2 3 TA A 4 Sidelights 4 Wants things running smoothly hard worker with a winsome personality future woman in white Quiet and amiable as good a sport as she is a play er . . . one of the greatest supporters Cumberland has Sports Club 4 Mischievous manner loves the water boating in ELIZABETH R. MACFARLANE Wonderful sense of humor . . . artistically inclined . . . collects pictures of all kinds of cats . . . partial to the Navy. WILLIAM ANDERSON MCCANN Band 2, 3, 45 Drivers Asso. 4. Another of our mechanically minded boys . . . loves to play his clarinet . . . builds midget racers. DOROTHY PATRICIA MCCLOONEY Glee Club 2. Has big brown eyes and a rosy complexion . . . spends leisure time bowling, ice skating and hiking. DOROTHY HELEN MCCLURE V. Volleyball 2, 3, 43 V. Basketball 3, 4, V. Hockey 4. Blond hair and blue eyes . . . her personality makes a hit . . . possesses real athletic ability. CARROLL McCOMAS An unusual knack for loafing . . . another of the "hot rod" crowd . . . interested in all sports, especially auto racing. BILLIELEEMcCOWN V 4 Receptionist 2, 3, Dramatics 3, 4. 'K' A short little girl with plenty of pep . . . has a Hare for the dramatic. SGA 2 4 FTA 3 4 SlCltll2l'lfS4 Sparkling eyes friendly nature forex er 5ITllllHg JV Lacrosse 2 3 4 Full of fun fancy free we nexcr know whats coming next faxors hunting hshmq and sailing Easy going guy handy when in tngint needs re pairing builds and flies model plants A9 listening to hill billy music PETER DAVID MERRIMAN Masquers 3, Operetta 3, 45 Clee Club 3, 4. Easy-going and casual . . . partial to Tennessee . . . riding enthusiast . . . lives for each day. KATHERINE ELIZABETH MERRITT Glee Club 3, 45 Operetta 3, 4. Warm smile and lots of pep . . . Stoneleigh Pool is her backyard . . . always knitting argyles. NANCY LEE MICHEL V. Bowling 2, 3, F.B.L.A. 4. Enjoys swimming, bowling and Loyola have you signed her latest plaster cast? dances . . BETTY ANNE MIHM J.V. Hockey 35 V. Volleyball 45 Talisman 4. Tall and slender with blond hair and a winning smile . . . loves to be included in a crowd. BARBARA LEE MILES Board of Elections 2, 3, 45 Art Club 3g Sidclights 4. Job's Daughters and Young Life are among her outside interests . . . Latin is her favorite subject. DOLORES MILDRED MILLER nr ' , Gtbfol b 3,Q,,,V,'Spflball 3t'4. A tl! iyed Tribe' eliever in f 1 om of speech . . . thinks people who call her-fReds" are abusing the privilege. 4 V pa 'Q 1 X 'I A' .' JANET MARIE MILLER F.B.L.A. 2, 3. Spontaneous giggle . . . a frivolous gal who's always the life of the party . . . sunny cheerfulness. KENNETH LEE MILLER Cross Country 2 3 Track 23 Auto Mechanics 2, 3, 4. Tall and lanky with a very pleasing manner . . . avidly interested in golf and stock car racing. VERNON BRUCE MILLER Easy-going with a laissez faire attitude . . . haunts Wil- lards Drive-in . . . basketball and football fan . . . horse- back riding and hunting. MARJORIE LOUISE MOELLER F.T.A. 2, 3, V. Basketball 3, 4, V. Volleyball 3, 4. Adds wit and humor to every class . . . long, lean a lete . . .xenjoys knitting argyles. I 'Mill MATTHEW CLIFTON MORRISON Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Art Club 35 Operetta 3, 4. In his art he's not surpassed . . . looks and dress are complementary . . . likes Westerns. CHARLES LEROY MOTT Glee Club 4. Interesting conversationalist . . . craves fishing and golf- ing . . . a speed demon with a "hot rod." DORIS MAY MUTH Easily recognized by her Autumn colored hair . . . laughs with complete enjoyment . . . always ready for a party . . . enjoys being with people. ELIZABETH HELEN NANZ Photography Club 4. Loves anything that involves horses . . . will assist in any job there is to do. MALCOLM ALLEN NEIFELD Tall, quiet type . . ..fine collection of coins . . . possesses that desirable trait of an even disposijjon . . .expert in . 5 u the woodwork field. I BRADLEY LLOYD ROY NELSON Prefers ice hockey and baseball in the line of sports . . . loyal to Minneapolis . . . just sit back and listen to him talk. w . I l ,-. FRANK STEVE NELSON Auto Mechanics 3, 43 Drivers Asso. 4. A good friend to have . . . raves about Ford trucks i shows Guernsey cattle during fair season. GEORGE JOSEPH NEUMEISTER J.V. Soccer 33 Drivers Asso. 4. A good-natured, energetic lad . . . quiet but sincere friendship . . . wild about driving dilapidated autos CARL ROBERT NICOLI. Projection Crew 3, 41.1. V. Lacrosse 3, 4. . Enjoys dancing in his spare time . . . lacrosse and soccer are his favorite sports . . . radio fan. .Q - ELLEN JANE NOLTE F.T.A. 2: U.N.Y, 2, 4. A gift for gab . . . spends leisure time watching television Q 51 hopes to see the world. F . I A NORMAN CARROLL NORRIS V. Basketball 3, 45 V. Baseball 3, 4. A true athlete in all sports . . . fully enjoys everything he does . . . an ardent Army fan. STEPHANIE NUGENT Art Club 3g Debating Team 35 Masquers 4. Interested in drawing and dramatics . . . partial to the Naval Academy . . . expressive, whirlwind gestures. MARY LOU OFFUTT F.r.A. 2, 3, 4. Reserved and charming personality . . . has a yen for travel . . . works as a Nurse's Aid. CAROL ANN PAJARINEN Masquers 3, 4. Adept at creative writing . . . enjoys camping and listen- ing to semi-classical music . . . dramatic ability. A MARY LOU PAJARINEN F.T.A. 3g Masquers 3, 4g Sidclights 4. Often seen but not heard . . . loves Canary yellow . . . very seldom misses a good movie. NANCY KAY PARKS F.T.A. 2g U.N.Y. 3, 4g Sidelights 4. Active in Youth Fellowship and Nurse's Aid . . . wants to see all of the United States. RUTH LILLIAN PARRISH Auto Maintenance 4. A tiny, little girl . . . retains the 'gnew look" . . . enjoys all kinds of sports. JOAN FRANCES PARSONS Cooking Club 45 Talisman 4-. Shining red hair . . . what tall tales she tells! Cxpcrt with knitting needles. BARBARA AILEEN PASQUITH Projection Crew 2, 3, 4. Enjoys designing and making clothes . . . has a Tallulah Bankhcad voice . . . a future housewife. LAWRENCE GENE PEARCE Auto Mechanics 'lg Metal Shop 3. Lends humor and cheer to all . . . affinity for many sports . . . cheers for the Yankees. ...all 52 1 A .TM ANN LYNN PERSOHN V. Hockey 3, 45 'I'.A.A. 45 Talisman 4. Can make a fancy figure eight . . . fine goalie . . . has a future in commercial art. HELEN ALMA PETERSEN Library Club 3. A cheerful gal who's a shorthand expert . . . fond of going to horse shows. LAWRENCE DAVID PINKNER Masquers 2, 3, 4g j.V. Soccer 35 S.G.A. 4. Towson's Barrymore . . . weight lifting is his hobby . . . wears good-looking sweaters . . . famous station wagon. I ' 4 BETTY JEAN POELLINGER g- f- ' Bus Council 2, 3, 4g Auto Maintenance 4. , , , Dry humorist . . . active in Youth Fellowshipt . . typing whiz . . . loves the "good ol' summer time." JOHN WILLIAM POLLEY Auto Mechanics 2, 3, 43 Drivers Asso. 4. Loses himself in working with gas engines and ma- chines . . . likes baseball, football and hunting. NANCY LOUISE PORTER Bus Council 2, 3, 43 Auto Maintenance 4. Collector of stuffed animals . . . loves to drive . . . keeps that volleyball off the ground. L R I X r f I 3 tug Has a yen for that Florida sunshine loves to watch TV Masquers 2 Glee Club 2 Sidelights 4 Likes to go ue skating and swimming traveling is one of her future ambitions Boys Chorus 3 V Bastball '3 4 Tall good looking and friendly ready laughttr Towson s shining light during baseball season Bus Council 2 3 Needle and Stitch 4 Makes very distinctive looking clothes has quite a collection of llpsticks loves to talk P NINA MARIE RANKIN J.V. Basketball 2, 35 Cafeteria Crew 35 G.A.L.S. 4. Sports minded . . . handy with a sewing machine . . cute and peppy . . . anything for mischief. Q' 8 ELIZABETH PORTER RANSONE U,N.Y. 35 Glee Club 2, 3, 4'g S.G.A, 2, 3, 4. A cute, friendly' gal . . . the gift of working with people . efhcient with knitting needles. DAVID HAROLD REBER F.B.L.A. 4. Spends leisure time swimming at Oregon and watching baseball games . . . a quiet boy who blushes easily. JERRY RICHARDSON J.V. Soccer 3g Auto Mechanics 4. Goes in for model airplane contests and sailing . . . active in Naval Reserve . . . proficient mechanical ability. BETTY LOU RILEY - F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 45 Bus Council 4. 'I N- '- " Swimming and ice cream are her preferences . . . a Lutherville gal who's an accomplished baby sister. I VIRGINIA ELLEN RILEY Library Club 35 F.B.L.A. 4. Can often be found with a book in her hands . . . en- joys typing and shorthand. BEVERLY KATHRYN ROBERTS Library Club 2, 3, 4g Receptionist 2, 4g F.B.L.A. 4. Always laughing and showing her cute dimples . . . spends leisure time watching softball games. ' ALORETT OSCH ceptlonl 'S al hm nds ming e er hief deli hts G c ,35 ' I S . , . . k . .g e si y her co ction f mini ture dolls. MARY LOU ROSS F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4. Enjoys basketball and dancing . . . Italian spaghetti is her favorite food . . . the perfect secretary. LYNDA LEWIS ROWE U.N.Y. 45 Talisman 45 Sidclights 4. Collects piggy banks . . . has a sophisticated look which catches the male eye . . . attractive red head. -'fir " SUSAN EVANS ROYAL wa' 4061 U.N.Y. 2, 35 Talisman 3, 45 S.G.A. 4. A neat dresser and a hard worker . . . often seen at Fords and the Lyric. C7 MARY CAROLYN RUTSCHOW U.N.Y. 25 Art Club 35 Jr. Red Cross 4. Active participant in Girl Scout activities . . . a mathe- matical whiz . . . admired for her sweet disposition. WILLIAM FRANCIS SAFFELL V. Cross-countl'y4.7i A GIRL wh' I5 11,5 A5 A A"L:"iNu"3 . GN We Wm Y- 1' PM ."l:r-1f rr' Seems quiet at Hrst impressixdn . . . coobgraiitive andicle- N i Mrk - perrdable . . .known to like the fresh air. 1.51. ,fn-C . --1-it - HARVEY FRANKLIN SAMPLE Finds cabinet making interesting . . . swimming and golf 1- occupy his free time . . . carrot colored hair makes him easily recognizable. 1 A' " JOHN ARTHUR SCHAFER J.V. Basketball 2g J.V. Baseball 2, 3. Fond of basketball, baseball and swimming . . . claims he likes quiet people like himself. SUZANNE JUDITH SCHELL Receptionist 4. Peaches and cream complexion . . . has a musical laugh .'o,,.,Lg, horseback ridin and badminton are her astimes. . k ' ' S , P 1 5 z 'Ld r- i . 'Y i 3 ,, ' cw ,. Jr, 'I -9-tab ,kN JOAN O. SCHERER Glee Club 3, 4g Receptionist 4. Likes active sports . . . working on her farm . . . active in youth fellowship. ADOLPH HENRY SCHNEIDER Library Club 2, 35 Bur Council 4. " 4 Enjoys watching television shows . . . has learned to take teasing . . . likes peace and quiet. f MARILYN MARIE SCHNEIDER Glee Club 25 Auto Maintenance 4. Enjoys spectator sports and slumber parties . . . wants to travel . . . attractive gal with expressive eyes. LILLIAN CAROL SCHUCKLE Masquers 45 Talisman 4, Lively and likeable with plenty of pep . . . found at many a bridge party. X asf ,, NANCY LELIA SEIM Talisman 4. Lovely, long blond locks . . . book worm, opera fan and movie goer . . . wears pretty cashmere sweaters. PHILLIS BEATRICE SENGER A Glee Club 2. , Active in Church work . . . great movie fah . . . petite live wire with great commercial ability. f SUSAN CLARK SETH Glee Club 43 Sidelights 4. Sunny disposition and chic clothes . . . those lovely eyes . . . likes watching football and lacrosse games. JOAN BARBARA SEVICK V. Softball 3, 4g V. Basketball 3, 45 F.T.A. 3, 4. Quiet girl with a very pleasing manner . . . softball fiend . . . likes jeans and flashy shirts. GLORIA LA VERNE SHAFFER v. Softball 2, 3, 45 G.A.L.s. 2, 3, 4g T.A.A. 4. A friendly gal with a good word for everyone . . . al- ways found in blue jeans. RICHARD CALVIN SHEIDY Has a natural zest for the great outdoors . . . his col- lection of pennies and dimes will make him a millionaire some day. -IOSEPH IIAIRD SHOCK Stage Crew flg Radio Club 41 Drivers Asso. 4. Carefree manner . . . well known at the Hopkins Edu- cational Theater . . , interested in model railroads. RONALD GLEN SHOCK J. V, Soccer 3, V. 4g J.V. Baseball 3, V. 4. Always presents a neat appearance . . . an extremely likeable guy . . . has many interests in sports. DOROTHY ELIZABETH SIMPSON Sidelights -l. Cute and coy . . . a southern belle with Georgia on her mind . . . folk dancing interests ber. RICHARD SMALL Stage Crew 3, el-g J.V. Lacrosse 3, V. 4. Conscientious participant in scout organizations . . . in terests include model ships and planes. - X?aBTlf f ANNE ROYSTON SMITH U.N.Y. 2g Talisman 3, 43 Cheerleader 4. A quick witted girl . . . whiz on the ivories envied shoe collection. EVELYN MARY SMITH Receptionist 2, 3, Glee Club 2, 3, 45 F.B.L.A. 4. Pretty blue eyes and dark hair . . . dancing is ty . . . likes all kinds of music. WILLIAM GILMORE SMITH Glee Club 3, 45 Operetta 3, 45 Boys' Chorus 3, 4. Happiest with a guitar, harmonica or uke miniature radios . . . quiet and sincere. NANCY RUTH SMITH Absorbed in church activities . . . has an interesting stamp collection . . . an ardent movie fan . . . hopes to be an excellent secretary. PATRICIA ELIZABETH SMITH Receptionist 2g Auto Maintenance 4. Partial to the U. S. Navy . . . blond locks . . . hopes to become a housewife after graduation. SALLYANN MAE SMITH Glee Club 25 F.T.A. 2, 3, 4. 'M , Pretty brown eyes . . . interests include raising Howers and all sports . . . planning ii career in-teaching. 1 . . . has an her special- . . . builds Q X N CHESTER ROBERT SNOEYENBOS To know him is to like him . . . an all around guy with a nice personality . . . baseball enthusiast. EDWARD JEROME SPEER V. Basketball 3, 45 V. Soccer 45 S.G.A. 4. Good-looking fellow with a devilish grin . . . an all out athlete, especially in basketball. JANET LEE SPENCE 1 ylof ce sg. I hails from Oakland . . . after college v Stitc e'll bg aylifnidesigner. - T JO B THA SPERL us C l 3, 45 t0 ,M ntenance 4' Lik to partir! pat 'all s . . . cute little red head ff Qpjmakeshifrs A ice Clothes. U 'XYJ' X GORDON MILFORD SPICER V. Baseball 4. Has a short blond crew-cut . . . always ready for an argument . . . recruit from Poly. JOYCE CRAWFORD STEVENSON Glee Club 3, 45 Operetta 3, 45 Sidelights 4. Philadelphia wins her admiration . . . can always be found at Young Life . . . another argyle fiend. BEVERLY JANET STOUGH S.G,A. 25 Dancing Club 35 Glee Club 3, 4. Likes hill-billy music . . . collects beautiful horse statutes . . . aiming for a career in radio. BARBARA JEAN STRANGMAN Needle and Stitch 4. Tall and attractive with flaming red hair . . . loves sun bathing, eating and sleeping. PHILLIP MALCOLM STREET Photography Club 35 Drivers Asso. 45 Sidelights 4. Crease of concentration on his forehead . . . would like to own a Cadillac that runs. EDWARD JAMES SUESS V. Lacrosse 2, 45 V. Cross-country 3, 45 T.A.A. 4. Likes to relax by watching video . . . a quiet red head with a pleasant personality. WILLIAM G. SUSEMIHL Auto Mechanics 2, 3, 45 Drivers Asso. 4. Tall, lanky blond . . . interested in our auto shop . . . '40 Fords are his favorites. MARILYN HOOPER TATE Bowling 25 Sidelights 4. Short and snappy . . . very business-like and efficient enjoys horseback riding, tennis, and driving. DOROTHY IRENE TAYLOR Bus Council 2, 3, 45 Auto Maintenance 4. Quick and alert . . . wants to be seen and heard takes pride in her art work. ARTHUR A. THOMAS V. Track 2, 3, 45 V. Basketball 3, 45 V. Cross-country 3, 4. Quiet, friendly manner . . . an excellent athlete . . . terests center almost entirely around sports. H lfyfimlr 1 1 K. in PATRICIA ANN THOMAS Library Club 3, 4, The Thing 3, 45 Oftice Clerk 4. Warm and friendly . . . love for teasing . . . easy banter- ing manner with an obvious Kentucky accent. WILLIAM ELLWOOD THOMAS, JR. j.V. Basketball 2g -I.V. Baseball 3, V. 4. Member of Uncle Sam's National Guard . . . quiet and unassuming . . . baseball rates high with him. DAVID NORMAN TIPPETT V. Lacrosse 2, 3, 4, V. Basketball 3, 43 V. Soccer 3, 4. . Likes girls - cute ones, farms - small ones and food - all kinds . . . has that rambling urge. ""' VINCENT DePAUL TONER Sports Club 2, Auto Mechanics 3, 4. Another one of those "hot-rod" fans . . . expert with a X shotgun . . . what an appetite! JOHN PURNELL TOWNSEND J.V. Basketball 2. Good looking, quiet, blond . . . works well in a group . . . has a subtle form of wit. PATRICIA TURNBULL Student Court 2, 3, 4g Board of Elections 2, 3, 4, Sidelights 4. Her winning smile reveals a shining personality . . . simplicity and fresh n-aturafness . . . sweet andgniee. ir' L ' ff Qrylbbllgyf' MX 4 1' HARRIET THELMA ULLMAN Glee Club 3, 4g Operetta 3, 4. A talented pianist . . . lives in dungarecs . . . enjoys list- ening to all types of music. RUTH HARRIETT UTHE F.T.A. 2, 3, 43 Sidelights 4, Receptionist 4. No other word describes her quite so well as efliervcscent . . . keeps a scrap book faithfully. ' ELSIE G. VEIGEL F.T.A. 2, 3, 4, Board of Elections 4, Sidelights 4. Has a smile for everyone . . . an enthusiastic spectator at baseball and football games. BARBARA CLAYTON WALTER Board of Elections 23 Glee Club 2. Always ready with a winning smile . . . a future Sonja Henie . . . devoted collector of miniature horses. CHARLES THOMAS WARD World Wide Sports 23 Sports Club 33 Drivers Asso. 4. Tall, dark and handsome . . . sharp dresser . . . splits his time between the Del, Ocean City and Drumcastle. MARLENE JUNE WEBER Masquers 4, Needle and Stitch 4. A pleasing personality and a sweet disposition . . . glow of friendliness . . . sports a sparkling diamond. JOAN MARIE WELLS Likes swimming, tennis and horseback riding . . . a cute gal who is plenty of fun . . . just call her "Blondie". ARTHUR JOHN WENNERSTROM Sports Club 3, Side-lights 4. Tall, quiet blond who's interested in the mechanical angle of radio . . . a refreshingly calm person. DAVID ELLWOOD WENTWORTH Photography Club 3, Projection Crew 3, 4. Nice wavy hair . . . looks forward to summer vacations , . . likes to make new friends. ATHLEEN BETH WESSEL F.T.A. 2, 3, 43 Board of Elections 4, Jr. Red Cross 4. A hard working gal . . . nice to have for a friend . . . loves the wide open spaces. JJ.: . s' as i A. 4 a s '.,', , . I ,, EVELYN JOYCE WESTERMAN i A Y Bus Council 2, 3, 4g F.T.A. 2, 3, 4, Sidelights 4. I Chatters incessantly . . . likes horseback riding, roller 'H 1' .img skating, and tennis . . . a future kindergarten teacher. . 1 sf' RICHARD o. R. WHEELER 4' I . . rj ' Auto Mechanics 3, 45 Drivers Asso. 4. Shows aptitude in mechanics . . . never tires of eatik pizza pie . . . hunting is his favorite sport. it JOHN SAMPSON WHITE V. Soccer 3, 4, V. Lacrosse 3, 4g Sid:-lights 4. An experienced chef . . . devotes considerable time to lacrosse . . .absorbed in his hobby of mineralogy. , .. , . ,A K . , ." ,HNANCY RAY WHITE Bowling 4g'Bus 'C0nficil,4i, Autb Maintenance 4. Hasjcute chriiples in her: cheeks and a smile for everyone . . fropts forArmy., ' ' " J ' i 6O ., Q 1, I . E I I SUSAN VIRGBNPA WILEIAMS Biology Club 3, 4. ' ' ' Cute and neat . . . e ys rv ' Indian lore . . . treasures hCK1D c lflCCti0 , f i X gy JOIW .vztgsi MASON Hails ofn stern S e . . . the outdoor type who likxesswim , unting a camping. RBBERT MICHAEL WINTERS J.V. Lacrosse 2, V. 43 Sidelights 4. Dresses impecably . . . rosy cheeks and snappy blue eyes . . . appropriate witty remarks for any occasion. LOUIS N. WIRTANEN Woodshop Club 25 Sports Club 3, Sidelights 4. The tall silent type . . . enjoys roller skating, hunting, photography and wood work . . . very dependable. ALICE JEANNETTE WIRTZ Bus Council 2, 3, 4. Blond hair and shining blue eyes . . . has a sweet person- ality and neat appearance. JOHN LAWRENCE WORTH, JR. T.A.A. 3, 43 V. Baseball 4. Get that laugh! . . . never a dull moment . . . always has a witty answer . . . everyone's friend. 8' FD! I li N fr' 1 'ie I VERNON LEE YINGLING V. Basketball 2, 3, 4g V. Baseball 2, 3, 4, V. Soccer 4. Tall, quiet and easy-going . . . outstanding athletic abili- ty . . . towers skyward . . . lives baseball. CAROL LOUISE YOUNGMAN j.V. Cheerleader 2. Always dresses attractively . . . found at ice hockey and basketball games . . . the gang at "Smitty's". WALTER DANIEL ZEMBOWER Band 2, 3, 4, J. V. Lacrosse 3, V. Lacrosse 4. Likes to hunt, fish and play drums . . . listen of all kinds. s to music MARION LOUIS ZINKHAN Auto Mechanics 2, 35 Drivers Asso. 4. Has a mechanical touch with cars . . . can get along with anyone . . . happy-go-lucky. xNrL A K W' ' f 33, V K iazfzf, V -wi .5 gn, ' f U f,?F5xJfg52i., Q., .: . ra 4, 7 K' . wif gfgiw 'l - ff,+..n:'Q'k,Y'T 'f f swim-Fe"-fm. 1 Wa-if' 5 3.2 ,- 143 3:74. WT: 5 . '- 1 iff ff ' 5155511 rx -xi f fi f , 2 '5g'gn'igw,:ggyfy.. 'Q 59,3 "SLT ff?-ww J-I My fs ,U 'v h , -X Ay , -' wx -. ,gf- .mff,1zgg3.54fi4fQf , ,, Mg, , A M 2.- ms. f sxiih 11 to 589:66 .uk L I al El El . 3 E if g , Y, U ' Ms fyarUC"'N' lm! 1. 51,4451 -MJ' as Nw , . V p 34,4 gt-95 ol K tf"'.! 'M '5"'-it-w.'.'-,' 1" 7 Y- 'L3' I , ' E' v"'v- , AN Q - f'i'5"'-3: ' ,xx w , 'W ' as K f,' ww'w' 'N OCIQZQ romofing emocracg meand Leffer iuin . Social Studies is required in the tenth, eleventh and twelfth grades. The courses cover, respectively, the development of civiliza- tion, the growth of the United States, and the personal and social problems of youth today. The department offers two history electives, Economic Geography, and Modem and Contemporary History. In Physical Education classes students are introduced to many new sports and given the opportunity of participating in them. The gym classes play basketball, soccer, volleyball, field hockey, baseball and softball. During the winter pupils are taught tumbling, bad- minton, deck tennis and square dancing. l W ill O ' ' 1 V Q f" 4 L Hr . 4 L u Lg e L l j Nl 1 , , W 2 r thi 'yi J X 0 Upper right, MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY Hrsroxw, l. to r: B. Mihmg C. vi' Schuckleg W. Fleischmanng R. Winters, F. Feder. Upper left, Q A PROBLEMS IN DEMOCRATIC L1v1Nc, l to r: C. Duckwallg P. Merrimang L. 'i' Easton. Center, Bovs' GYM CLASS, l. to 1: A. Wennerstromg R. Crush, J. Eskridgeg N. Breidenbaugh. Lower right, GIRLS, GYM CLASS, l. to 1: J. Eckers, R. Parrish, E. Veigel, C, Kennedy, E. Merritt. .gguclenfd prepare or Acienfi ic age. The sciences offered at Towson are planned for college bound students aIId those who are business-minded. Biology, Chemistry and Physics explain the principles of life, matter and machinery. Consumer Science teaches wise and care- ful buying for homes and businesses. Towson oflers students Beginners, Intermediate and Ad- vanced Algebra. Plane and Solid Geometry and Trigonome- tr' Review of High School lVIZltl1f'Ill21tlC'S summarizes all the Y- . phases of mathematics taught in high school. Drivers Education teaches students the operation of a car and the rules of tlIe road. Upper left, GEOMETRY, I. to 1: B. Thomas1C. Pajarincn: A. Stapf: M Bonhage. Upper right, ClHEMISTRY, I. to 1: Busick: Il. jc-nness A. Smith, R. Reseh. Center, PHYSICS, I. to r: P. Mooreg C. Gard nerg C, Hildebrandt: W. Bittner. Lower left, BIOLOGY, I. to r B. Kempskeg B. Howard: B. Bassford: Grambrill, Lower zight. DRIVERSl EDUCATION, I. to r: N. Isennoek, behind the whccl: .-X. Rosehg P, Gardner, M. Harbaughg Mr. Baylcy. 4 ::5WQw,.,,. -All N'- me , an ,. . 4 , ogy. 3. , . -K . ff-- ,,-4as'-v- - 7 f Ley fo LLFLJQPJ f6U'l6bl'lg. The E nglish and language courses are designed opportunity of concentrating to give students the in the important areas of reading, writing, listening, and speaking. English is a required subject in all four years of high school. Each language is offe d re for a two or three year study. Any student in the senior high school may enroll. In the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grade courses, grammar and composition work are done accord' ing to student needs. The tenth grade includes the stud Y of all types of literature, the eleventh grade course deals specifically with American literature and its development from colonial times to the rese t d p n 5 an the twelfth grade course includes the study of drama, short stories, and novels. Many of the great class- ics are read and studied during this year. In Latin, the stress is placed on grammar and the reading of simple Latin and the classics. In French and Spanish, conversation occupies as im- portant a part in the course as Students converse among themselves and with the teachers. Phonograph records and moving pictures are used as aids to fluency and in ear training. Through the language classes students get foreign penpals and sometimes hear speakers from foreign countries. grammar and reading. Upper left, E , . . . 3 . Nclsong G. Benson. Center, LATIN, l. to 1: E. Driver, R. Ourslerg B. Anderson. Lower left, FRENCH 3, I. to 1: Davis, E. Ford, D. Hunterg R. VandenBoschcg D. Aiken. Lower right, SPAN1sH, I. to TI J. Kaufmann, L. Worth, M. Lynch, B. Harvey. NGLISH I2 I to r' A Currcns S .Aft l"8l'l'lCLil'l:5 tLQ lfU'liU8l"5 Cl! idnguage. Some of the most modern art equipment is to be found in the third floor upent house" where art rules supreme. Fundamentals in Art, and Drawing. Paint- ing and Illustration teach the basic principles of art and the proper use of the many varied media of ar- tistic expression. Other Courses offered for more ad- vanced students ready to specialize in some one phase of art-are Costume Design and Fashion Il- lustration, Commercial Art, Sculpturing and Mod- eling, Interior Design and Advanced Painting. Dramatics classes study the history of drama, stage design, direction of plays and make-up tech- niques. The class makes practical use of its knowl- edge in productions by the Masquers. Fundamentals of Music teaches the basic con- cepts of music composition and appreciation. The pupils enjoy learning both popular and semi-classi- cal songs. Towson has a fine band which has played at various assemblies here and at other schools as part of an exchange program. Through the school band, pupils are introduced to and learn to play instru- ments which would otherwise be unavailable to them. The study of these various forms of art gives students a foundation for a better understanding of culture. Upper right, ART, F. Graefe, E, Ecsery. Center, DRAMATICS, l. to 1: J. Davisg D. Diegertg J. Zurill. Lower left, Music RooM, around pirmog S. Altschullg D. Howardg E. Rich- ardson: A. Pcrryg H. Wambach. Lower right, BAND CLASS, I. to r: L. Foxg H. Downingg A. Schmcrsalg N. Gerbcrg D. Coumontg R. Lundquistg Gibb. u Q fi.. I ' . t-WSW . -Qx Nw 1 Z fi .fy fig!-'v l ommercia! Kourfieo Luifcl deffer dufiinefified. An efficient business education is offered to students aim- ing at commercial careers. Bookkeeping teaches how to keep accurate records. Office training is offered to business students who wish to obtain practical experience. In the business department, students are taught how to op- erate the adding and calculating machines. Students act as salesmen in the bookstore where all kinds of school supplies are sold. The business education department acquaints future bus- iness leaders with the information they will find necessary for working in the business world. Upper left, MIMEOGRAPH MACHINE, I. to r: C. Youngmang P, Littlc. Upper right, OFFICE MACHINPIS, l. to r: Harvey: D. Clayton: F, Ben- song C. Harmonyg D. Taylor. Center, CJFFICE TRAINING, I. to r: P. Senger, A. Rosehg Mr. Carl Sloop. Lower left, BOOKSTORE, I. to r: B. Robertsg I, Bassg B. Huth. Lower right, BOOKKEEPING, I, to rr: T. McMahong J. Spanglerg B. Francis. ..-M :lr 5553? 1 Amen on new s I - .,... I .. I . f E . uw 1wSM'?Q,."C?'VA-Q ' ' ,, .Y aim 5 .I clam mt Yu 'M' 4 A. c .fl - il. , - K? ' italy' ...iii ,wit . . .af ' I. - -- M . , I x - pracficaf arffi ma e Learning uriefug ,, ...MI W., The Home Economies Department offers girls a Home Econoinies Major. and Inajor and minor courses specializing in foods and Clothing. There are also the Living in the Home Course. Special Occasion Cookery, and an Interior Decoration Course. The Industrial Arts Department ofliers Ineehanieal draw- ing, woodwork, art and sheet metal courses. and auto shop. Useful and attractive furniture has been Il1aClC in the woodwork Classes. while those taking the Inetal Courses have designed in sueh metals as copper, brass, and aluminum. In the auto shop the students learn all phases of mechanics dealing with the au- toniohile. Upper left, SEYVING, I. to r: E. Reilly: P. Rosso, P. Gettniang M. Sanders: B. Smithg B. Casey. Upper right, SPECIAL OCTCASION' COOKERY, I. to r: E, Nolte: B. McLaughlin: J. Windsor: G, Riley. Center, MECHANICAL, IJRANVING, I. to r: D. Wentworth: R. Klugeg D. Bayne. Lower left, AUTO MECHANICS, I. to r: Polleyg P. Harding B. Susemihl: Rich- ardson. Lower right, WOODSHOP, I. to r: V. Miller, M. Nc-ifc-ld: R. Sheidyq E. Koerberl D. Favorite. l l l I i -P l 2 V In---, . 1 '55, Q L K . I! ' . Jllq In . mx vs, uf 69 lguggcafionfi eela afuclenfd in orme . . . Mary Harbaugh Frlztor in Chzef SIDELIGHTS The Sidelighfs staff was organized in March of 1951. This was the first year a staff had been organized be- fore the senior year. Stu- dents worked hard all sum- mer to make the basic out- lines of the book. The usual problems connected with year book preparationsg pa- trons, photography, copy, art work and publicity were taken in stride, as was the added responsibility of train- SIDELIGHTS BOARD-Seated fl. to nj: Mrs. Sentz, Advisorg G Lausch, Page Sellingg J. Coyle, Pa trons,' C. Frantz, Copy Editorg E Ecsery, Copy Editorg M. L. Lynch Art Editorg S. Berry, Secretary. Stand- ing: M. Tate, Business Editorg C. La- Mason, Business Manngerg A. Wen- ncrstrom, Business Editorg P, McCoy, Picture Takingg H. Jcnncss, Photogra- phy Ecliforg M. Harbaugh, Editor-im Q B' gk. -7. , eff . i-Y .-J I 70 .4633 .l 1,-P ing juniors for the coming year. We wish to thank Mr. Hook's mechanical drawing class and the commercial de- partment for their assistance in producing this annual. Q7 SIDFLIC HIS STAPI' If w I fl alir L trsohn R L hc Lofkry b Roy 11 Miss Cooper Asszstant Advisor Row 2 L Row: L Propf P rlurn ,ll 1 ow cnncdy llS inc I zz A Lllfllllflfl Morrison P Strut F Fcdcr Row 5 C Hildcbmndt L Wxrtimn W Bittner ClL0ll,f Aclzoof all acfiuified TALISMAN STAFF EDITORS Seated: Coyle, A. Smith: Standing: M. Stiles, N. Breidenbaughg S. Royal. As Towson has grown, so has the Talisman, the school's bi-monthly newspaper. This year its size was increased from four to five columns. A capable staff of juniors and seniors have worked closely with Mr. Charles Brorne, the new advisor. Numbering thirty-five stu- dents, the staff was considered unusually large. There were numerous others, who wrote for Talisman for the experience only. Talismanls purpose is to report the news of Towson ' k' of the student body High, and to reflect the thin ing There are several standing features appearing now in er. The staff, through news stories, ' Talisman each issue of the pap ' res and sketches, aims to make features, pictu an int ' ' f mative paper. erestmg and in or I to 1' C HamangJ. h Row I: . . .. Gaglianog E. Ecseryg J. Sehulerg Jo n- son. Row 2: M. Hiplcyg L. Easton, B. Drake, N. Collier, E. German, J. Otto, N. Breidenbaugh. Row 3: K. Nelson, S. Royal, E. Simsg M, Stilesg J. Quesenberry. Row 4: D. Tippc-tt, N. Adams! L. Persohng H baugh' N. Ranking L. Rowe, A. Hermann. Row 5: C. Frantz, J. Mc- M'hm' S Berry. Row 6: R. Carey, S. Bolt- M. ar , ' ' k'llg B. Cockeyg B. 1 , . ' ' l 5 J. Davis. Mains, C. Gas i mang N. Seimg C. Schuckleg A. Smith, J. Coy e ii S - ,ra-vi tucfenld ML llnemae ues f!.m,,.9!. fl.. S. C. A. , 5" E K 31- it 4 ml. S49 :H ,f A 3 I 1 1 K "NG" n " L'-X f w W' J-... L. . ' 4 I sv 5,1 'I mn . 1 VC f i Jf?H ,T ',".nI' J- . ' I .wf V .1 . I Q.. .L ., ,? I f ..xx .v1xHf fi' pi I EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE STANDINGS P. Turnbull, chief juxticeg J, Davis, treasurer. SEATED: S. Corey, vice prexidentg J. Bishop, presidentj V. Chinsley, secretary. I STUDENT COUNCIL Row I: l. to r: T. Beachleyg L. Pinkncrg N. Royalg G. Bensong E. Kaufmang D. Lock- wood. Row 2: S. Shelleyg R. Norrisg R. VanEss3 R. Aikeng H. Shock. Row 3: M. Hobbsg P. Edwardsg E. Drivcrg C. Gaskillg S. Ottog J. Joncsg P. Mulliking M. Stilesg Mr. Lewis, sponsor. Row 4: S. Morrisg S. Royalg B. Andersong H. Burnsg V. Sourisg S, Whitefordg C. Hogarthg B. Ransoneg B. Lease. Row 5: E. Cowang H. Jennessg P. McCoy5 B. Wilsong H. Adkinsg C. Smithg P. Coyleg B. Smithg S. Heldg N. Isennock. The Student Government As- sociation is the governing body of Towson High and all other organizations are chartered by and subordinate to the S.G.A. It lo- cates and tries to solve any school problems and is responsible for student welfare. The Board of Elections, in charge of all school electionsg and the Student Court, which punishes students who violate school laws, are organizations op- erating under the S.G.A. is STUDENT COURT ' . ,, .- n,.g.fQg... . X' " A .fx-pg E Seated: l. to r: P. Turnbullg B. Ballardg P. Howellg S. Schuckg Miss Merrick, sponsor. Standing: to r, D. Huffingtong J. Jamesg P. Ensorg F. Federg R. Barrg L. Harbackg D. O'Brien, i"'w'9"fissfk l XPIA we ,Yu Q, t A ' if . SK xvbt, Afflli , lk , ' ' 'i"'v. Row I: I. to r: B. Esselg JIT' wifi! fLL--'Af N3 A. Esselg S. Heldg S. ol!" 'rv If" , Ji Y ,..Qfii'-LQ.,f Morrisg H, Burnsg D. tip ' , ' - ..Q' ',.'l'.'CiW Deibertg N. Drewryg P. 9 jr' ,I ' ' Gettman. Row 2: M. Po- ,ab 1 l"l livkag B. Remleyg E. Sny- I derg B. Milesg P. Howellg E. Oosterlingg D. Phil- lips: J, Schuler, Row 3: J. Thiemeyerg M. Thie- meyerg B. Taylorg J. Grauelg A. Cyphersg J. Gibb: G. Penningtong J. Long. Row 4: S. Gahs' M. Thomas: J. Lucka- baughg P. Lindeg B. An dersong J. Johnsong E Germang S. Ferguson. Row 5: G. Lindnerg N. Adamsg S. Ottog C. Gas- killg L. Hoffag G. Lee N. McKewing R. Dyson. Row 6: B. Akensg N. Bevansg M. Thrashg R. Sniderg M. Altschullg J. Eekersg--B. Dorng P. Mc- Coy. Row 7: E. Sheckellsg J. Archerg S, Belleg M. Bonhageg P. Mooreg M. L, Eichlerg J. DiMarinog P. Turnbull. Row 8: S. Nickleg V. Chinsleyg Quesenberryg P. Mulli- king E. Simmsg M. Stiles' A. Stapf: N. Klatt. 1 BOARD OF ELECT I C DNS ,yegafuf :Service given wiflz a Ami e. The end of the school year finds the Towson Ma gm kkil Athletic Association with another successful ath- "ii A letic year. To further school spirit, the Ninth An- nual Homecoming and the Third Annual Facul- ty Night were held at school. Intramural competition was encouraged by the newly organized point system. The system gave a certain number of points to each student partici- pating. Shields and certificates were awarded when a specified total was reached. Numerous pep-rallies proved wcessful and en- couragedgacfiool spirit, Towson may well be proud of thwe Athletic Association for its many accomplish- ments. K 'K .il .qu I . ,ig Q !.,, T.A.A. OFFICERS I. to r: G. Shaffer, presidentg B. Yutzy, Jecretaryg L. Worth, vice-presidentg B, Cockey, treasurer. xv' it-egg if 'S -n 'Q' as 1 . "G 1 Row I: l. to r, J. Rittcrg B. Grocsscrg Whitcg R. Clingmang D. Tippctt: S. Archcnsbrcnncr. Row 2: D. Har- rison: Archer: N, Klatt: P. Andrewsg L, Persohng Johnsong P. Linde. Row 3: Ottcg Schulcrg D. Howardg D. Browng M. Klattg G. Lausch. Row 4: J. Qucscnbcrry: E. Simmsg C, Livingstong N. Drewryg J. Wolfg M. Gadd. Row 5: Mr. Walker, rponxorg G. McJilton1 E, Oostcrlingg S. Smithg S. Schmidt: M. Mocllerg R. N bl ' ' ' ' 0 c. Row 6. lx. Rlppelmcyer D VandenBosche' D Sedl'1ck'E Suess T Wird D VV1 n M h ,. ,. .,. g..g..gcrgJ.atcwsg 74 P. Grafton. 46' ., .., Upper left, Bus COUNCIL, I. to r: Row I: G. Shatlk-rg P. Gardm-r: J. Caglianog D. Taylorg M. Burtong N. Portrr: J. Flvmingg R, Patter- son. Rozv 2: J. Spvrlg G. Pvarcc-3 C. Hamang A. Donnvllyg M. Amos. R. Klint-3 A. Fulmvrg R. Snidvr. Row Si: B. Knightg Miss Pyle, xpon- xorq N. Sharrvrg D. Svc: R. Classg B. Gowlg B. Povllingvrg J, W4-stvrmang K. Whitt: Center left, Liiumux' Clmrix, l, to r: H. Pc'tc-rscng B. Rcmlvyg M, Fortivr: B. Roberts. Row 2: Mrs. Clr'vc'r1gc'r, .vjmn.ior,' B. Ritfhivg NI, Sfhisslvrl B. llxxllg K. Vicki-ryg F. WVirtz1 Il. Srhriviclcr. Center right, Lotzxiak Crzicw, I. to 1: D. Jackson: Ll. Frantz: Miss lN'yin:in, .vponsmg R. Schavwcl: R. Cvrlirrg N, l'vtvrson1 R, Stull: Thrift. Ismvm right, Rrzmwrioxisrs, I. to r: Row I: B, Mc'Cown1 N. lwlifllvlg L. Mvycrsg Miss lVat'li1 YV. Flanagan. R. Utliv: B. Robvrts. How 2: S. Svhc-ll: Srlii-i':-rg E. Oostcrlingi S. llvldq Mr. Lvslivg B, Milam: R. Dyson: K, liirhlvr: S. Fvrguson: B. lV:1lt1'r. jjffr' !,r.3' .ff .X Qi- QM . 1 If-v 'The Bus Counfil kf'0ps ac'c'uratr' l'lC'I'll.1l r' avcounts of the studcnts riding to md from srhool on busvs. and svnds a month - ly report to tho Board of Education. The mvmbcrs of tho Library Club Choc lt books in and out. and assist tho libraiim in numvrous othvr ways. The Lovker Crew 5 its ' Septmnbcr w t, ' s ockcrs f V Q' The Rwvptionists arf' stationvd outsidt' thc' guiclancv ofhrvs and in that main lob- by. 'l'lic'y gvt valuable' ofhvf' training in this mannvr. t, ps. C ' ds of ation' f each "'Ss.:Q SA? 6 OLU lfllllfft 90 OIT.. STAGE CREW Row 1: l. to r, L. Byrne: C. Espositcg L. Cousins: Row 2: D. Benferg J. Hawkg R. Cowg Mr. Brennang Row 3: B. Toyerg D. Hertrickg T. Beckett. fl' f ,Li .Q K I . 1 l .vs i I 3 t -fm MASQUERS I foreground: l to 1: R. Richterg W. Litsinger J. Epperson. Row 2.' Leslie Jonesg M. Emgeg A. Lehrerg P. Hagang P. Phillips: P. Mooreg M. Bonhageg J. Lintong F. Deilyg F. Vandermast. Selecting plays, designing sets, applying grease paint, making props, acting and directing are jobs familiar to members of the school dramatic socie- ty, "Masquers" Its members are students of the dramatic classes I and II. The organization began its season this year with the presentation of Pride and Prejudice, full length play based on Jane Austin's novel. The next pro- duction was the operetta, The Mikado, which the Masquers helped the Glee Club put on. Through- out the second semester several one-act plays were given. Working in close association with Masquers in staging and the construction of sets was the Stage Crew under the direction of Mr. William Bren- nan. MASQUERS II Row I.' l. to r: S. Schuckg C. Pajarinen' B. McCowng S. Nugentg J. Davisg H. Jennessg C. Schuck- le. Row 2: W. Millerg S. Gerdingg R. Martin: A. Stapf' S. Nickleg P. Yaegerg S. Bull. Row 3: D. Dicgertg McMains3 T. Miller: C. Dandog A. Hessg H. Downing: E. Ford. Row 4: C. Platcg R. Wintersg L, Pinknerg T. Elderg P. Merriman: D. Huflingtong Miss Klier, Jponsor. Jf J G. Hurlbrink. Row I.' V. Shaw: J. Seimg N. Drewryg J. Crouchg G. Claypoolg H. Burnsg B. Pritchardg C. Parrg P. Clarkg G12 ff XY. Music organizations at Towson High supply the school with enjoyable entertainment and offer special opportunities for many students in music education. The Boys' Chorus and Glee Club prepare as- sembly program and concert numbers. The main project of the Glee Club this year was the operetta, The Mikado, done in collaboration with Masquers. Its members also sang at the Christmas play and gave a spring program. Several took part in the All Maryland Chorus. The Boys' Chorus appeared in school performances throughout the year. A band is offered for students who are interested in instrumental music. Towson's band gave its an- nual spring concert. played at most of the school as- semblies, and turned into a marching band for out- of-door varsity games. .xdcfiuifiefi eclucafe. Upper left, Boys' CHORUS, Row I: l. to 1: C. Lottnerg A. Perry, R. Rowlandsg M. Morrisong D. Stonerg Miss Ansley, sponsor. Row 2: G. Smithg D. Howard: C. Meyerg C. Lege- derg F. Carson. Row 3: C. McFarland, Cummins, C. Armacostg M. Swctnarng G. Rileyg T. McGuigan. Row 4: D. Larseng P. Merriman, D. Harrison, T. Elder, W. Tracey, H. Howell, R. Pittman. Row 5: S. McVeyg W. Fleisch- manng D. Collignong G. Athyg W. Gerber. Upper right, GLEE CLUB, Row I.' l. to 1: P. Little, C. Lambrechtg L. Myers, P. Mustermang R. Gerberg C. Duekwallg S. Sethg C. Oertclg B. Sirking Nengel. Row 2: B. Gates, N. Stro- terhoffg M. Schisslerg B. Ritchieg S. Schuckg W. Miller, E. Smith, F. Hyde, E. Merritt: Stevenson. Row 3: D. Freenyg P. Merriman, M. Morrisong B. Stoughg E. Vanikg N. Klattg B. Ransoneg P. Ransoneg N. McKewing P. Wil- liamsg C. Dando. Row 4: E. Machesncyg D. Harrisong A. Bailleulg A. Van Alstyneg D. Diegertg G. Smith, S. Alt- schullg T. McGuigang L. Harbackg C. Lottererg G. Ward. Row 5: B. Dewling C. Culp, B. Bevinsg G. Trotter: K. Rippelmeyerg P. Crawfordg A. Perryg Cummins, D. Stonerg B. Tracy. Row 6: Miss Ansley, .rpansorg B. Gerber P. Birch, M. Kilchensteing D. Larsen: H. Howell, D. Huffington: D. Howard. Below, BAND, I. to r: N. Gerber: D. Zembowerg R. Mc- Donaldg R. Wollschlagerg D. Coumontg R, Ourslerg C. Browng R. Oltmang A. Traffer: R. Andersong A. Sehmersalg T. Wil- lctt: M. Bcrstcin: P. Baileyg J. Novotnyg VV. Houscg D. Wcsselg G, Athyg D. Owensg W. Good: R. Lundquistg A. Maches- C. Thomas, R. Figgc, K. Sharp, A. Kellyg Mnjorettes: S. Fox: M. Bond: S. Beellg C. Lego. 1... .. ........ 1... 59 salsa. .TM-, . 1 1 I Z 1 1 , A Z . . l 5 A Q . 4 ' fi E. M K . . Y! . w L 5 , EM fit F 5 5 1 5 7 P 5 W 1 . .A'?li.TV.,."u2.' l IMPNM. neyg B. Rowlands: Gibbg C, Jermaing R. Harlow: B, McCanng H. Downing, L. Foxg E. Wirthg R. Beasley, Hrusltag T By observation and practice teaching in elementary schools the members of the Future Teachers of America were able to investigate various methods of education. The members of the Future Busi- ness Leaders of America strived to develop competent business leadership by serving both the school and the com- Inunity. For the best projects in embroidery, knitting. needlepoint, and crocheting the Needle and Stitch Club awarded a prize each half year. The students composing the Biology Club were interested in following the J study of plants and animals and special- . izing in animal surgery. BIOLOGY CLUB, l. to r: Row I: Miss Roberts, sponsor: C. Cassidy: D. Freeny: C. Lewis. Row 2: C. Flechman: R. Kamps: Hoy: R. Reilly. Upper left, FUTURE TEACHERS or AMERICA, l. to r: Row I R. Gerber: C. Frantz: C. Duckwall: R. Uthe: P. McCoy J. Eckers: K. Nelson: M. Schafer. Row 2: E. Veigel: B Akers: N. Bevand: P. Windoler: L. Brown: P. Williams B. Wilson: M. Polivka: B. Marshall: B. Drake. Row 3: Mis! Wack, sponsor: M. Thiemcycr: Thiemeyer: Schuler: J Busick: T. Jenkins: C. Dando: L. Sherrill. Row 4: C Roberts: B. Taylor: P. Kelly: B, Zieber: Peat: D. Jenkins L. Colwell: L. Easton. Row 5: P. Cockrell: S. Smith: E Snyder: N. Collier: M. Otfutt: B. Essel: S. Gahs: B. iNes- sel. Row 6: S. Hartwell: J. Kane: P. Phillips: M. Thomas J. Bowman: Westerman: Sevick. Center, FUTURE BUS- INEss LEADERS OF AMERICA, l. to r: Row I: O. Burk: A. Henry: N. Hurley: N. Michel: A. Francis: Grail: M. Pfeiffer: M. Ross. Row 2: R. Class: G. Pearce: J. Lewis: F. Heacock: J. Freeland. Row 3: D. See: M. Shanahan: F. McAflee: C. Harmony: S, Riley: E. Sheclcclls. Row 4: S. King: L. Myers: V, Riley: D. Hurline: S. Hicner. Row 5: L. Costa: J. Harvey: G. Bosley: A. Watchman: N. Yeager: L. Chenowith: B. Umbcrgcr: K. Craefe. Row 6: S. Ferguson: W. Flanagan: H, Wambach: E. Smith: A. Boscly. Row 7.' R. Dyson: Leeson: L. Kiser: S. Wilson: M. Hobbs. Row 8: B. Hannibal: W. Trautwein: P. Swan: C. Price: B. Riley. Row 9: D. Reber: H. Harvey: S. McKey: Linton: T, McGuigan: L. Smith: Miss Stevens. NEEDLE AND STITCH, I. to r: Row I: Mrs. Lambros, sponsor: D, Noll: M. Williams: B. Gowl: B. Dietz: J. Rader: B. Kurth: P. Quatman: B. Huth. Row 2: D. Diegert: M. Bolander: A. Bailleul: D, Ensor: Crouch: P. Gettman: B. Strangman: C. Gardner: M. Geist: J. Plaine: E. Macfar- lane: McDermott. Row 3: B. Dorn: B. Howard: D. Muth: F. Miller: G. Claypool: C, Crane: Spangler: I. Sohl S. Uhlan: K. Eichler: D. Jackson: G. Ensorg J. Hett: M. Kinard: R. Stinefelt. 13 .143 -Il? lf ? x:r.:r-1-L- ei ,xp J pt! x he T 3 Q . 1 S F' "'Q'W 5 T 3 3 The Photography Club tried to advance the interest and knowledge of the students. The club furnished supplies to the members for their photo- graphic ventures. Learning the essentials of a car's mechanics was the purpose of both Auto Shop Clubs. The girls learned simple repairing, while the boys specialized. The Shop Improvement Club works for the im- provement of various pieces of shop equipment. They work on and observed safety conditions for working with the diflierent machines. JN.. The Towson Drivers' Association studied safety "V" laws and showed several movies on the subject. The L' club also sponsored driving skill tests for the mem- ' if bers. file Upper left, Boys' AUTO Mscxmwics, Z. to r: Row I: - K. Millerg D. Spriggsg D. Bowermanq Jainesg R. Wheeler. f Row 2.' M. Gizzig M. Zinkhang Richardsong H. Harding K. Ballweg. Row 3: W. Susemihlg J. Polleyg F. Thompsong R. Glaserg C. Brookhart. Row 4: W. Hammondg V. Tonerg R. Wolfeg S. Nelson. Upper right, GlRl,S, AUTO MEc:HAN1c:s CLUB, l. to r. Row I: S. Heldg A. Fulmerq R. Sniederg M. Bondage: A. Sehultyg J. Powersg M. Hobbs: D, Hieng P. Clarkg R. Ganottig D. Taylorg N. Porterg F. Hydeg B. Godwin P. Smickg B. Poellinger. Row 2: E. Oosterlingg N. Klbbeg B. Hoff- man' . Flemin ' P. Moore' S. Bellg R. Parrish: M. Parrishg F.. Myersg E, Hodgesg M. Sniederg J. Sperlg D. Bechtoldg A. Roseh, , J sz. , M. Hamerickg Millerg E. Dilworth. Center, Towsox IDRIVERSJ ASSOCIATION, I. to rf Row I: H, Harding W. Devilbissg C. MeComasg T. VVardg Mr. Bayley, sponsor. Row 2: R. Hammond: D. Bowermang R, Derbyg B. Yeatmang W. Boehmeg R. Duncan. Row 3: R, Wolfg Breymaierg G. Hatchg P, Birehg Bradfordq D. Brornwell. Row 4: Bowermang J. Nashg Booneg W. Coleg B. Shockg G. Neumeisterg P. Street. Row 5: R. Gayg R. Dettnerg P. Cuzzog J. Schaferg C. Fickg E. R111-yg C, Ruhl. Row 6: R. Wheelerg R. Glaserg M. Zinkhamg S. Nelson: W. Susemihlg Polley. Lower left, PHOTOGRAPHY Guin, l. to 1: Row I: D. Coumontg L. Wirtanen: R. Rosehg R. Clusman: W. Hoyg D, Vanden-Bosche. Row 2: C. Denningg M. Chr-sneyg B. Nanzg M. Carswellg C. Leeg D. Wentworth. Row 3: C. Lenneng D. Brown: R. Sammg R. VVhiteg M. McKewin1 B. Me- Laughlin. Row 4: Knightg K. Gallsg E. Machesneyg F. Oltmang T. Taylorg M. Longg Lyon. Lower right, SHOP IM- PROVICMRNT CLUB, I. to r: Row I: B. Bakerg M. Burtong Millerg P. Musterman. Row 2: D. Smithg J. Hodgesg C. Fiekg L. Peaceg W. W'eyantg R. O'Brieng Mr. Keenan, sponsor. J V f Q' In ix D W1 I 'IIIIIM ELMMY 1- l .gzwlenf infereofzi vary. Many other clubs are available as extra-curricular activities for any students who want to take part in them. In the line of sports there are the Boys' Sports Club, the Bowling Club, and the G.A.L.S. The activities of the Boys' Sports Club included gymnastic work as well as actual team sports. The Bowling Club was divided in- to teams and enjoyed competing with other schools. As- sisting gym teachers in conducting classes and refe- reeing girls' intramural games were the jobs of the Girls' Athletic Leaders' Service or the G.A.L.S. The Projection Crew handled all the films which were shown to the school. The Radio Hams learned about radio reception and listened to short wave broad- casts. Some very delicious foods were cooked and enjoyed by the Girls' and Boys' Cooking Clubs. The Dancing Club enabled students to learn the basic steps of ball- room dancing and the correct manners for social dances. The Junior Red Cross Club and the United Na- tions Youth Club have a national and international val- ue. The members of the U.N.Y. Club learned about cur- rent problems, the activities of the U.N. and the cus- toms of the people of the world. The first aid and other .3 training courses studied by the jr. Red Cross Club per- mitted the members after the course to take part in civil defense projects. x i n 1' item' : .Q 5 V V, 4. K -' fl' Q 4 a Q ' Upper left, PROJECTION CREW, l. to r: Row I: W. Francisg R. Frischg D. Clusmang R. Smithg L. Motterg Mr. Deuber, sponror. Row 2.' C. Thomasg R. Reschg C. Plateg G. Kirkpatrickg B. Barksdaleg T. Aiken: W. Schreiber. Row 3: D. Frisch: A. Trufferg T. Shambcigcg H. Shockg C. Hillg D. Bayneg O. Hcrbertg S. Cranc. Row 4: W. Dandog B. Krause: B. Lentzg W. Shaprawg A. Barclayg W. Hilgartnerg R. Pittg C. Nicoll. Center, RADIO HAMS, l to r: Row I: R. Beasley: R. Eggers: A. Barclayg W. Braymang D. Crowley. Row 2: R, Bennett: R. Sweanyg B. Denbowg C. Nicollg Mr. Buck, rponsor. Lower left, UNITED NATIONS YOUTH, I. to r: Row I: Mr. Bogusko, sponsor: J. Engleg L. Skinner: R. Lindquistg D. Stoner: A. Bishop. Row 2: N. Parksg E. Nolte: C. Kennedy: B. Sirking S. Kilroyg B. Bayer: M.'Arminger. Lower right, JUNIOR RED Cnoss, l. to r: Row I: L. Croyle: C. Payneg S. Bull: P. Yaeger. Row 2: 1. Novotonyg M. Altschullg M. Thraskg E. Bannisterg N. Strofft. Row: 3: R. Guidicc: R. Schmidt: S. Groatg N. Faith: J. Falesg B. Kempskeg B. Howard. Row 4: R. Bosleyg B. McLa.ughling J. Murphyg J. Nashg M. Rutchowg M. Ackriodg F. Howard: B, Wcssel. Row 5: Mrs. Ridgely, Mrs. Payne, sponsors. I 'UP Upper left, COOKING CLUII, l. to rx Row I: N. Cranston, T. Eschmanng W. Banistcrg S. Lcwisg T. Rilcyg A. Natalcg R. Harlow, J. Ritter. Row 2: L. Schmidt, R. Kline, S. Joncsg M. DeCr:-sc-nt, S. Krinklcg L. Myvrsg B. Lymbc-rg, D. HI-attf-rirhg E. Stull, E. Sfhacwclg Mrs. Simmons, Miss Miller, sponsor.I,' Row 3: N. Faustg S. Lankfordg C. Cowang D. VVilhr'lIIIg P. Stifllr-rg P. Stiff, M, Schwarzkopfg Thrift. Row 4: Rupp:-rsbrrgcrg R. Richter, R. Parsons, A. Graf- ton, Linton, A. Popp. Row 5: R. Rairf-ghg F. Bachmaivrg W. Van Essg G. Hurlbrinkg T. McMahon, Crawford, R. Duncan, K. Patterson, A. KI-ck, Upper right, DANCING CLUB, I. lo r: Row I: P. Swan, M. Ward, M. Emgcg S. Hughes, T. Campbell. Row 2: B. Jung, B. Grceng Mai- brrgg C. Jones, J. Krntg P. Rosso. Row 3: P. Rushing, I. Watts: G. Clayton: C. Staffag L. Smith, B. Harding. Center left, Boys' SPORT CLUB, l. to r: Row I: Mr. Nardonc, span: sorg J. Williamsg Oliver, B. Masilekg B. Thomas, B. Knight: J. Lymbcrgg Mr. Thomas, sponsor. Row 2: W. Bis- st-lg N. Norris: W. Lad:-rerg A. Thomas, R. Laumanng G. Bcnsnn. Row 3: T. Baker: S, Wattsg D. Parksg G. Kilmer, V. Yinglingg F. Wiblc. Row 4: B. Parsonsg C. McWatc-rs, F. Kinnt-arg G. Hatch, R. Ruby, C. Imhofli. Row 5: Kaufman: W. Wt-yantg E. Winandg C. Br:-idcnbaughg B. Shzinklin. Row 6: D, Jc'flf'rf'c'sg E, Grvvncg C. Downrsg W. Shvllryg B. Millvrg D. D:'Vcas. Center right, GIRLS, ATH- LETIC LEADERS, SOCIETY, I. to r: Row I: G. Shaffer, N. Klattg M. Envy: M. Klattg S. Dawson. Row 2: M. Bond, S Foxwrllg B. Smith: S, Smith: B. Andvrsong J. Joncsg J. Johnson: P, Lintlv. Row 3: B. Bakr-r: J. llzillg B. Wilson: C. SChzIfTcr3 G. Lindvrg P. Colvmang P. Andvrsong Miss Bvhlmcr, xponwr. I40ZL't'I' lrft, BowI.ING clI.UH, I. to I: Row I: B. Zivbvrg J. Pt-ut: B. Drzikcg J. Jon:-sg D. Brown: L. Cousinsg Wetantg C. SH0l'yt'Ill50SQ F. Strzvlfzykg T. 'lirvflvvziyg D. Stoncr. Ron' 2: K. VVhitI-3 M, Thivnivyrrg Thirlnryc-rg I. Bass: W. Millvrg Mc- MZllllS1 li. Sp:-Illini: D. Covxilivyg D. Couinont. Row ff: Spvrlg E. Vanikg M. Harbaughg N. Ranking Parsons, K. Nvlsong J. Egiivrg P. Strcvt. Now Al: M. Yivrlingg B. llopkinsg A. Fix: Brightg M. Mot-llt-rg E. Dietz: G, Spivcrg B. Shock. 81 A . 1. A Q . mx tiff'-H ZZ.. z., . 1. i1-" ""' .-4, I 4 gba f I W Ag, ' all lm X . ,VDV ..k. .7 5 X .17 f-"" Cheerleaders are an important part of the ath- letic program. This year Towson's cheerleaders were headed by Maggie Eney. The squad was di- vided into two groupsg varsity and junior varsity. Each year spring tryouts are held to instruct promising girls in the basic cheers and motions. A board of teachers acts as judge. The girls chosen serve as cheerleaders the following year. Maroon K'T's" with megaphones superimposed over them are awarded to the cheerleaders each season. The squad this year was the largest Towson has ever had and it performed its job well in helping to stir up school spirit at all the games. A Q Xl Panel l. to fi Row I: M. Davisg A. Smithg M. Eney, head cheer- leaderg J. Schulerg P. Gettman. Row 2: C. Smithg P. john- song Otteg M. Powersg P. Mullikin, manager. A. Smith, M. Eney and M. Davis give a hearty cheer for Tow- son High. . ? 0 in , A" 82 PLN! e C eel' tAQ teCLl'l'l:f fo UlCt0l'g. , ,-W , ,.-. 1 if rE7JN 5. V I Q L, David Collignon goof Ilia! AJ VARSITY SOCCER Row I: l. to 1, R. Careyg Richardsong N. Norrisg D. Col- lignong R. Bromwellg R. Shoekg V. Yingling. Row 2: E. Speerg V. Wattsg F. Cypullg F. Federg J. Whiteg W. Laderer Row 3: R. VandenBoschc-1 J, Erngeg K. Rippcl- meyerg R. Rowlandsg J. Matthewsg T. Jessopg G. Athyg Mr. Reber, coach. Tows0n's '51 varsity soccer team had a very suc- cessful season, Coach Francis Rc-her and his as- . sistant, Coach Evan Nardone. spent many long, hard hours working with the players. As a result, the team scored eighteen goals in competition, while their opponents scored only eight points against them. This record showed the capability of the soccer team and the high morale which re- sulted from the encouragement of Captain Dave Collignon and Coach Reber. Although many outstanding varsity players grad- uate this year. the underclassmen show promise. Benefiting by this year's experience, they look for- ward to another good season next year. The members of the junior varsity were a will- ing and hard working group of hoys with a "never say die" attitude during the soccer season. Of the three games played. they won one, lost one, and tied one. Most of the players are planning to be on the soccer teams again next year. J.V. SOCCER Row I: I to r: j. Ritterg R. Boweng J. Henseheng B. Pittman: R. Marchardg G. Anthonyg Carroll. Row 2: E. Burns: R. Fosterg R. Richter: A. Smithg G. McKenzieg H. Hessg C. Armacostg D. Frisch. Row.3.' Mr. Nardone, coachg N. Cranstonq J, Crawforelg R. Laumanng K. Blakerg S. Rushg Williamsg J. Emge' -W. Coyle. a a 83 ' . 1 9 971 lit - . l X l 'pg .L R. If x l . , ,T N ' K VARSITY BASKETBALL-Row I: R. Rubyg N. Norrisg W. Ladererg A. Thomas. X Row 2: D. Vanden Boscheg W. Baynesg D. Sedlackg E. Speerg R. Laumann. Row 3: l ' E. Suessg H. Donnellg B. Yeatmang V. Yinglingg Mr. Walker, coach. The boys' varsity basketball team was built around last year's junior varsity and the freshman- sophomore basketball team. All but one member of last year's iirst string squad was lost to grad- uation. When try-outs began in early fall there was the usual enthusiastic attendance from boys throughout the school. Every day the team practiced after school in the gym until 5:30. The boys worked on offensive and defensive plays, and both one and two-handed shots and passes. The medicine ball, a weighted basketball, was used for conditioning. One half of the games were played away and one half on home court. Kenwood, Milford Mill and Sparrows Point offered the stiffest competi- tion. Several games at the beginning of the sea- son were very disappointing, as Towson lost each game by only one point. Benefiting from this year's experience, and with several potential stars on the junior varsity team, the basketball season next year should be even more successful. J.V. BASKETBALL-Row I: R. Smithg M. Smithg B. Boweng R. Rowlandsg R. Pittman. Row 2: A. Smithg P. Shockg T. Bakerg J, Emgeg K. Rippelmeyerg D. Stroh- meyer. Row 3: D. Aikeng G. Kilmerg B. Burnsg J. Busch- mang Mr. Walker, coach. 84 Vernon Yingling ala if of flue cenfer r H ,A .X Ex K A G A , A Q Dirk liromwcll QZLLHJ mf Mft VARSITY LACROSSE-fl. to 1. How Ij: F, Cordvllg P. Harding R. Carcyg J VVhitr: F. Crot-ssl-r: T, Eldvrg D. Collignon. Row 2: Richardsong W. Vancura R. Barr: K. Rippclnwyr-r: S. Cori-yg L. Cousinsg R. Wintc-rs: E. Cassvdy. Row 3: D Dt'R0c'hv3 D. Goodrirhg C. Mt'Watcrs: C, Nirollq D. Howardg F. Fvdvrg R. Small B.X'l'llIlI1llI'l. Row 4: Mr. Lrsliv, conchj F. Clvmc-ntsg D. Vandt'nBosChr'g R. Brom wvllg D. Parksg E. Sur-ssg W. Ladvrvrg B. Strm-ttg N. Gcrbc-rg Mr, Thomas, coach Towson's larrossr' tvam will ht' fighting hard this W svason to uphold its rvputation and its claim to thc' 900 . o County Championship it won last yvar. Losing fif- I tmfn mon to graduation is a sharp sc'tluac'k for :my toam and thc' outstanding l-?lllllI'f' of this yvar's stirkmvn is thvir youth. At prcsc-nt thc' tvzmi svvnis rather slow. cluv to tht- ixi0xpvi'i01i4'v of thc' hoys, ts' but as thc' svason progrc'ssvs thc- tram should hm'- K . Como strongvr and mort' unihvd. Tho attack, lead hy Skip Carry, is strongvr than thc' midhvlcl. whirh nvcds c'onsidvralnl0 df'vPlopmc'nt. Thr- good solid dcfcnsr headcd by Bill Vanrura should give' it thv necessary timc to work itsvlf into shapfi. 'l'lu'rv will be only ont' tcam with adcquatv midfivld rr'svrvc's, as the two-platoon system of last yvar will hc im- possible this spring due to tho lark of playvrs. A good future svvms in prospr-rt for thc' -lay VM' lacrosse team under the line tutvlagc of Coarh Mcl- vin Roscnstt-in. This up-and-Coming group of boys '4 fl f .V . . . Q r HYC 2'1I1tli'lp3.tll'lg Z1 great SCZSOD. J. Y. L.-XCRUSSli-- l. lo r. Hou' 1.' ll. lmhofl: A. ll:-ss R. Frisrhi D. lfrisvli: C. Platt-1 YV, Rvatlu-rg H, Dinkvr Q. YN'arr1ngton. Row 3: E. llussvclyi llumvg A. Smith D. O'Nrilq D, Orvillvg R. K:mips1 Mr. Rosvnstvin, coach ll. llvssg G. Mc'Kt'n2ii': G. Trottrr: P. Crzlwforfl. Row 2. w gulf- i 'gi Risk l , .. " 'A' 3 i ze ' 1 . :Iv , , at , 5 .f R M xml N R f r :ff is gf si s. --r --- Yv- .HX CROSS COUNTRY I. to r. Row I: B. Saifellg R. Vincenteg A. Perryg B. King R. Lundquistg H. McKennag B. Wines. Row 2: T. Esehmanng R. Seidelg G. Pow- erg Mooresg E. Suessg R. Sammg T, Shamberger. Row 3: R, Rairighg Busch- mang D. Sedlackg D. Browng F. Graefeg B. Thomasg B. Brainardg E. Corahey. Row 4: Mr. Walker, coachg P. Crawfordg D. Strohmcyerg A. Nataleg B. Thomas J. Hawkg C. Meyerg G. Kilmer. arriem :Score again. TRACK I. to r. Row I: J. Booneg L. Purycarg J. Bayerg C. Cassidyg D. Mat- thcwsg B. Thomasg R. Rairighg T., Aikc-ng B. Fosterg H. McKenna. Row 2: T Eschmanng W. Coleg J. Mooresg E. Greeneg B. Parsonsg C. Meyerg R. Seidelg T Rubclingg R. Sammg A. Nataleg H. Shock. Row 3: Mr. Exum, coach D. Smith B. Thompsong B. Saflellg R, Vincenteg G. Arog W. Baynesg F. Wibleg J. Busch- mang Mr. Walker, coach. l .i I' ei fl x, of E 9 7 Q, The varsity cross country team or the 4'Red Devils". as they have been nicknamed, had a very suc- cessful season. Runners practiced faithfully every day after school under the guidance of Coach Ran- dolph Walker, and were well re- warded for their efforts. As in the past three years, Towson's team won the county championship, making them undefeated at all the county meets for four consecutive years. 'W 1 1 Buz Thomas If the outcome of the track sea- son could be predicted by the en- thusiastic turnout, Towson's Har- riers would be sure to win their third County Championship. Thir- ty-three boys came out this spring, among them are several veterans from the previous team. Many of the boys have gained experience by running cross cc-untry in the fall. Track does not have scheduled league games, so the team makes its own schedule, playing both city and county teams from public and private schools. J Q 9 JF--' ,- Barbara Harvey wafcA ,fke afield 1 ii A til mln, A, VARSITY HOCKEY Row I.' l. to r: Miss Dobihal, coachj B. Dewling P. Littleg D McClureg L. Persohn. Row 2: P. Gardnerg N. Isc-nnockg R. Lewisg J. Otteg C Lake. Row 3: G. Shafferg F. Keisterg W. Houseg P. Andersong B. Andersong S. Daw- SOD. Under the direction of their new coavh, Miss Gloria Dobihal, the girls' varsity hockey team had a good season. Only three players returned from last yearis varsity team, but the new members developed rapidly into skilled players. The team won three and tied five of the eight games played. They ended the season in second place in the County League. One member of Towson's varsity squad, Phyllis Gardner, team goalie, made the Bal- timore All Star Hockey Team. The junior varsity had an equally good season, winning two games and losing one. Both teams played hard and kept their op- ponents on guard at all times. J.V. HOCKEY Row I: I. to r: D. Priceg P. Lindeg M. Smithg Johnsong M. Klattg N. Klatt, Row 2: S. Smithg H. Burnsg E. Simms: E. Oosterlingg N. Drewryg L. Cop- x x,. song S. Dawsong G. Shaffer. 87 O VARSITY BASKETBALL-Row I: B. Harveyg M. Gaddg D. McClure5 E. Sims, i 'l N. Klatt. Row 2: B. Anderson, J. Shellerg M. Moellerg H. Burns. Row 3: Miss X 'f Behlmerg L. Birteherdg J. Sevickg P. Gardnerg S, Dawsong D. Taylor. As all of the hrst string girls, varsity basket.- ball team graduated last year, it was neces- sary to develop a completely new team for the 1951-52 season. Many of this year's first string players played on second string or last year, and with practice they develop- ed into a closely-knit team. The team had many new members also. Running exercises got the girls into condi- tion. Overhand, underhand, and chest pass- es were practiced, and single and double bounce techniques were emphasized. The team, coached by Miss Alice Behl- mer, played hard and well throughout the season. J.V. BASKETBALL-Row I: M. Smithg P. Andrewsg F. Keisterg S. Bush. Row 2: D. Taylorg L. Langg J. Gravelg E. Oosterlingg M, Rankin. Row 3: S. Dawsong S. Smithg J. Hall, S. Heldg Miss Belhmer, coach. 88 Joan Sevick rola il in flue Acwgef i d The varsity softball team practiced long and hard after sehool in hopes of keeping the high league standings they attained last year. This was Coach Gloria l'7obihal's first year for train- ing the softball team. Our "national sport" was well rep- resented at Towson. The nueleus was composed of players from last year's Ameriean Legion Championship team. ' A new baseball diamond was Complet- ed in the spring. which helped to keep players in high spirits. Right-Nancy Carroll gets ready to hit the ball, while jean Carter pitches, Joan Seviek eatrhes, and Gloria Shaffer plays shortstop. BrI0u'fButeh Yingling strikes out after Stanley Pryor has delivered a pitch Caught by Norman Norris. ffl ""'m.1. e 72?-sv - , M . 'fs . 4. . f - -.7 - ' i 'A ' iw-. W 'fl Q ... 'ln'-gf' .. V .- Q., 5 N ... ' T ' 1 -Mews, -r 4 .. - . I--13.-' i"4v . x ,, ,M W , A , Q . 'WW-m.s mv. 1 ' ' - as rr: A"-fx'-.Q . K ' w.,:,'1p K p- Coach Alive liehliner had a large turn- out for her volleyball teams. For this rea- son. seniors were dropped unless they made the varsity volleyball team. The girls could be found every afternoon practicing their serves. assists, block and spike shots. The games will be played from Nlareh through May and it is hoped that the girls will win over all of their opponents. Barbara llarvey, Beth Dewlin and Dotty McClure are making a valiant efl'ort to re- turn their Opponents serve. A -:Qg,,QzJMsn T. . Bl L SDCL flmf AMN N1 A short presentation entitled "The Gifts" was chosen as this year,s Christmas Play and was given to the P.T.A. on December 14. It was an imaginary account of what the boy Jesus might have done with the gifts presented to him by the three kings. "Pride and Prejudice", a comedy of man- ners of the 19th century, portrayed the fran- tic efforts of a mother to get her five daugh- ters rnarried. It was given on November 29 and 30 by the Masquers. 31,9 'JN '9 FEATURES X a 4 ig Z X ,.,, I K 3 -V' ,Q i H , V n 90 ,Q AK I On October 31, the P. T. A. held its second annual barn dance. Those who attended en- joyed the Halloween set- ting of witches, pump- kins, cornstalks and a 1 gypsy fortune teller. Below-P. Howell and J. Hruska Below-l. to r: P. Yeagcrg D. Huflingtong H. Downingg J. McMainsg C. Sehuckleg Davis. xfra acfiuifiefi aclcl fo un. X , , N 5 I I xy ,jp M. gh, N Y I X M' , S , WEN: , 'Q ' Q 1 , ,w.,aM, .-, 5, I ,g fgr't'.,,f R : 1 1' ai I 1 J" gi, ' iw , "'1 . xiii 'i I t 46 'Q My tv U Q ml' s 4 l A f J X t FF . ,-" .1 z V , : 3 1 S f :i.Ti:rr-F -K v wa il. , -r vb 4 ue 'A Q :., . ' ? :ALF X .K ,gil 3 qi' I 1'-. x uf! Q17 I. J I ffl.. 6 Q X S X i f.n.. , 1 V K. "N-nqq -lr .xi -, A I E ' f -4' 5 je .4311 ima B 'J Z A bu n M 5- vigil so glaicaf! owfion Upper left-'53 SIDELIGHTS STAFF I. to r. Row I: W. Brainarclg G. Powc-rg J. Poatg G. Millcrg P. Cofkrcllg B. Ziebz-rg E. Cassedyg R. Dickey. Row 2: T. Hethering- tong J, DiMz1rinog Luckabaughg E. Snydorg J. Schu- lc-r: F. Gcbbg Pcrkins C. Schallvr. Row 3: M. Stilcsg S. Nicklvg E. Drivcrg Ottcg M. Gaddg P. Phillipsg Rogvrsg S. Hartwellg M. Long. Row 4: L. Copsong N. Klattg E. Simsg S. Mooreg M. Klattg J. Jonesg V. Lind- nc-rg K. Nclson: H. Ferkler. Row 5: C. Lakcg C. Lccg N. McKPwing E. Grrmang B. Drake. Row 6: A. Hcssg J. Briccg A. Marhcsney. Center and above right-Caught by the candid camera! Lower leftQSIDELIGHTS' TYPISTS l. to 1. Row I: N. Michel: P, Thomasg B. Pocllingc-r. Row 2: C. Youngmang F. Hydcg N. Porter. Lower fight-M. Harbaugh, Sidelights Editor-in-Chief, consults the four class presidents, H. Hess, S. Corey, R. Noble, and N. Brcidcnbaugh about individual pictures of the undcrclassmcn. QV T ffm and Mrs. r 5 Mr. and Mrs. John M. Adams, Jr. A Friend Mr. Leonard A. Allison Mr. and Mrs. Charles Anderson Mr. and Mrs. I. E. Ballard Miss R. Louise Balls Mrs. S. R. Sloane Barclay Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Barr Mr. and Mrs. William Barrett Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Bechtold The Benson Family Mr. J. Bernhardt Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Berry Mr. and Mrs. Byron Bishop Mr. Mr. Ray Bissell Mr. and Mrs. Austin Bittle and Mrs. H. W. Bittner and Mrs. Charles A. Bishop Mr. Mr. and Mrs. M. Boehme pafrona Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. David F. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer F. Corey Samuel Costa Charles W. Cowan John Coyle, Jr. Crowley, Jr. R. G. Crush C. L. Culp Robert C. Currens Fred H. Cypull James P. Davis A. DeCrescent Henry Deigert Mrs. James F. H. Gorsuch Mr. and Mrs. Ted E. Gowl and Mrs. C. R. Grafton Mr. Mr. Charles Grafton and Mrs. Charles Grail Mr. Mrs. E. H. Grams Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Guzzo Mr. and Mrs. John K. Hafer Mr. Leonard W, DeMan ' Mr. and Mrs. Mr. E. A. Bogusko Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Bolander A. H. Boldtman Mr. and Mrs. Albert W. Bond Mr. David Bopst w Mr. and Mrs. Edwin M. Bosley Mr. Biays S. Bowerman Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Bowles William V. Brabham W. E, Brainard Mr. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Lewis C. Brandt George Breidenbaugh Irving L. Bromwell C. C. Brown Mrs. Katherine Brown George S. Buck Mr. Skip Dennig - . Mr. and Mrs. Austin C.'Derby Mr. and Mrs. D. R. DeRoche Miss Dorothy A. Derr Mr. and Mrs. William O. Devilbiss Mr. and Mrs.AOtis Dewlin Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Dickey Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Dietz Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Larmour Dilworth Norman Dilworth C. P. Donnelly John B. Dorn Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Drake Mr. and Mrs. Reed Duckwall Mr. and Mrs. John Dyson Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Mr. Mr. M. J. Eckers Ernest A. Ecsery E. H. Edmonds and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. F. Wyatt Elder Mr. and Mrs. George H. Elder Mr. and Mrs. George W. Eller Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Ellicott Mrs. Mrs. Mr, Margaret S. Hamlet Marguerite Hall and Mrs. Ramon Hamrick Mr. and Mrs. George A. Harbaugh Mr. and Mrs. William D. Harbaugh Mr. Robert Harvey Mrs. E. A. Harvey Mr. and Mrs. E. Ray Harvey Mr. and Mrs. G. Harvey Mr. and Mrs. W. Heinerichs Mr. and Mrs. A. Hermann, Jr. Mrs. Jacob Hertrich Dr. and Mrs. C. H. Hetherington s C. M. Fiek, sr. Mr. and Mrs. O. Burchardt Miss Barbara Burkhardt Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Dorothy Burns Howard E. Burkhardt Miss Edith E. Ensor Mrs. Thomas Erdman Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Eskridge Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Esposite Andre Faunt LeRoy and Mrs. John K. Favorite and Mrs. Mr . Harry Joseph Hicks Mr. and Mrs. Edwin G. Higgins Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hildebrandt Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hilgartner Mr. and Mrs. William Hodges Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hogarth Mr. and Mrs. John Horstman Mr. and Mrs. Albert H. Howard Mr. and Mrs. Willard Howard The Rev. and Mrs. Edgar A. Howell Mr. and Mrs. George M. Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hunter Mr. and Mrs. John C. Jenness Mr. and Mrs. John E. Kane Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Kaufman Mr. and Mrs. Arthur A. Kelley Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Kennedy Miss Catherint 'Cennedy Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Spilman Burns Mr. and Mrs. James H. Busick Mr. and Mrs. Hugh J. Byrne Mr. and Mrs. A. Robus Carey Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. Mr. A. Carswell T. S. Cassedy Samuel M. Chesney R. J. Chester M. J. Clark Edward Clayton Glenn W. Clevenger Edward Clingman Charles Cockey T. E. Cockey William J. Cole F. C. Collignon Herbert E. Colwell Compliments of a Friend Mr. and Mrs. T. D. Cooney Miss Rita Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Finton M. Cordell Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Willis R. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Alice D, and Mrs. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. W. E. Fleischmann Ford C. M. Fraley James N. Frantz, F ringer Charles Funk, Sr. Edward J. Gaff Ross C. Gagliano James Galloway Jr. Catherine H. Gardner Mr. and Mrs. 11. C. Kippi Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Koerber Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Kone Mr. and Mrs. R. Kratzmeir Mr. and Mrs. Victor G. Kringle Mr. and Mrs. William Kurth Mr. and Mrs. Morris J. Lake Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Gebb Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Geist Mrs. Lillian Gephardt Mr. and Mrs. John J. Lambros Mr. and Mrs. Millard T. Lang Mr, and Mrs. H. S. Lee Mr, and Mrs. Leslie G. Lee Mr. and Mrs. Russell L. Lee Dr. and Mrs. Paul V. Lemkau Mr. James F. Leslie Miss Elsie Lee Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. O. B. Gerber Wm. Getchey, Jr. Wm. F. Godwin, Jr. Jerry Goldsmith G. G. Goodrich Mr. and Mrs. Sherwood Lewis Mr. and Mrs. William C. Litsinger Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Little Mr. Walton T, Loevy Mrs. Grace Lowman Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. J. Howard Lynch Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Lyon Mrs. D. F. MacFarlane Mr. and Mrs. MacWaters Mr. and Mrs. James A. Maguire Mr. and Mrs. W. F, Manning Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Manser Mrs. E. M. Massey Mr. and Mrs. William A. McCann Mr. and Mrs. A. I. McClure Mr. and Mrs. William A. McComas Mr. and Mrs. Leslie J. McCoy Mr. Paul F. McDermott Mr. and Mrs. J. W. McKewin Miss Margaret Merrick Peter Merriman Mr. Mr. and Mrs. G. Rogers Merritt Mr. and Mrs. Howard M. Michel and Mrs. William H. Saffell Mr. Mr. and Mrs, Leslie E. Mihm Miss Barbara Miles Mr. Charles J. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Chester Miller Mr. and Mrs. Earl C. Miller Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Miller Mr. and Mrs. I. E. Miller Mr. and Mrs. William Miller Mr. and Mrs. L. Moeller Mr. and Mrs R. G. Moores Mr. and Mrs Joseph S. Mott Mr. and Mrs. C. Kenneth Myers Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Myers Mr. and Mrs. Chris H. Nanz Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Neifeld Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Nelson Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Nelson Mr. and Mrs. George Neumeister Mr. and Mrs. Carl F. Nicoll Mr. and Mrs. Henry F. Nolte Mr. and Mrs. Maynard C. Norris Mr. and Mrs. William Nugent Mr. Robert O'Conner Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Offutt Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Orville Dr. and Mrs. Gilbert Otto Mr. and Mrs. Roy Pajarinen Mr. and Mrs. William G. Parks, Jr. Miss Catherine Parrish Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. L. Alfred Parsons and Mrs. A. C, Pasquith, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Patterson Ernest Payne William W. Peat Miss Lynn Persohn Dr. and Mrs. Frank A. Persohn Mr. and Mrs. Otto Peterson pa from Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Polley Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. Roland S. Pratt J. F. Powers Edward B. Price Mr. Jim Pritchett Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Propf Mrs. Elmer P. Rader Mr. and Mrs. Earl W. Rankin Miss Mary Price Ransone, R.N. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Reber Mr. and Mrs. George Reier Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Richardson Mrs. Henry Riley Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs, Lawrence Roberts Walter M. Roberts Charles T. Rosch Charles A. Ross H. W. Rowe W. C. Royal Harry C. Ruhl Fred H. Rutschow Mrs. Marion Sackinger Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Hyland A. Sample William W. Sayler John A. Schafer Burton W. Schell and Mrs. Roland A. Scherer Miss Mary Scherer Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Schmidt Mrs. Evelyn Nicholson Spurgin Miss Grace K. Sterling Mr. and Mrs. Ellsworth Stevens Mr. and Mrs. J. Wesley Stevenson Dr. and Mrs. C. D. Stiles Mrs. Helen Stough Mr. and Mrs. Robert Strangman Miss Charlotte S. Street Mr. and Mrs. John F. Suess Mr, and Mrs. Luther Susemihl Miss Elizabeth V. Tate Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. Taylor T. Medford Taylor Arthur W. Thomas A. W. Thomas Mr. Mrs. W. F. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. William Thomas Miss C. May Townsend Mr. and Mrs. O. Kenneth Townsend Mr. Truitt Mr. Donald Turnbaugh Mr. and Mrs. William J. Turnbull and Mrs. George H. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Adolph H. Schneider Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. George F. Schneider Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. J. E. Schuck and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Schuckle Paul P. Scott C. M. Sedlack Garner Seim George P. Senger Mrs. Donald Sentz Miss Clarissa Mr. and Mrs. C. Seth Frank Sevick Mr. James A. Shannon Mr. Charles G. Sheidy Mrs. Hilda M. Sheidy Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Shock Miss Frances Dr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Shores L. Dale Simmons W. G. Simpson J. W. Skinner F. Small Mr. and Mrs. Ira B. Smith Mrs. Mamie E. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Milton R. Smith Dr. and Mrs. Ray Parks Smith Mr. and Mrs. William M. Smith Mrs. Hazel Twamley Mr. Edward Ullman Mr. and Mrs. H. Uthe Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Vanden Bosche Mr. and Mrs. Walter F: Veigel Mr. and Mrs. Roland Voelkel Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Walter Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Ward Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Weber Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Wennerstrom Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Wessel Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. J. K. Westerrnan . W. H. Wheeler Robert H. Wheeler Mr. and Mrs. John S. White Mr. and Mrs. R. P. White Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Winters Mr. and Mrs. J. David Williams Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wilkinson Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Wilkinson Mr. and Mrs. Ervin L. Wirtz Mr. and Mrs. William J. Woelfel, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Woolford Mr. and Mrs. John L. Worth Miss Alice Wyman Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Yingling Mrs. Mary Youngman Mr. and Mrs. Walter Zembower Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Zieber, Jr. Mrs. Olive Zinkhan OUR SCHOOL FRIENDS Mrs. George Phillips Mr. and Mrs. Lewis E. Pierce Mr. and Mrs. Jack S. Pinkner Mr. and Mrs. William H. Poellinger Miss Betty Poellinger Miss Luella B. Snoeyenbos Miss Janet Spence Mr. and Mrs. James H. Spicer Mr. and Mrs. G. of Speer Mr. and Mrs. Walter Sperl Andy and Jan Annabelle and Jack Ann and Butch Ann and Skip Betty andiBob if X . I I rf - 9. pa tI'0l'l:l Betty, Kay and Mernie HOMEROOMS PARKVILLE Beverly and Billy 9A Al Le Bowie Bm and Fred 9B Ardenleigh Building 8: Loan Brenda and Beth QC Boys- Brigade Brownie and Burton 9D Camera Mart Buddy and Maggie 9G Carney Bakery Bud and Pete 9H Carney Courtesy Corner Carol and Hilda 9.l Class' Confectionery Carolyn and Bobbie 9K Etzeys Bakery Carolyn and 'lancy 91' F erguson's Cleaners Cindy and Nan QM F k, M k Dot and Walt 10A ran S ,ar et Elaine and Mary 10B Gallagher 3 Market Franny and Bob 10C Kavanagh S Bakcfl' Gretchen and Charles 10D Paul Brothers, Clcanen Hoggie and Piggie 1015 William G. Hattie, Sr. 8: Jr. Jack and Eleanora 10p Woodside Pharmacy Janet and Bob 101.1 Jimmie and Francis 10K BALTIMQRE ggzfeasgdkwgly :gh Am craft, Inc., Linoleum Liz and Elsie 113 Columbia Roofing Company Lois and Gretchen 11C Golden GUCUISCY Milk Margie and Louie 11D H. G. Roebuck St SOD! Marilyn and Bill IIE Leona Klien Mernie and Gordon 11F Midstate Building Association, Inc. Nan and Bob 11G Segall-Majestic Photographers gancy SHE Bob Southern Tailors an an en Tischner Bakery Pat and Lem 12C Pat and Sonny 12D Walter A. Nagle Paul and Jahtl TIMONIUM Peg and Bucky 12G Hinton's Betholine Station Rosie and Reds Ruth and Gerald Ruthie and Burton Sally Ann and Jim Shirley and Mickey Sis and Babs Stan and Marlene Sue and Donna Sue and Janice Ted and Bev CLUBS AND ACTIVITIES A. B. X. Bachelors Club Bus Council MERCHANT PATRONS TOWSON Carter's Furniture Store Compliments of a Friend Donnybrook Apartments Corporatio: Fred Fink, Electrician-Contractor F. W. Schnaufer and Son Gay's Dress Shop George W. Radebaugh and Sons Harry T. Campbell Son's Corporated Hax Beauty Salon J. M. Buchiemer Company L'Dore Gifts Loch Ridge Beauty Shop Compliments of the Cafeteria Personnel Louis Wirtanen, Painting 8: Decorating Compliments of the G. A. L. S. F. B. L. A. Future Teachers of America Photography Club Shop Improvement Club Square Dancing Club Towson Drivers Association Towson High School Auto Shop T. P. O. Oliver's Store For Men Philemena Beauty Salon Rich's Shoes Ruxton Esso-Ernest W. Quill Stevenson's Flowers Towson Clothes Shop Union News Publishing Company Walter F. Edwards Whittington's Jewelers Stan Galloway's Amoco Station The Cotton Shop Timonium Pharmacy STONELEIGH Anne Johnson Anneslie Cab Company J. and M. Food Market L. H. Cranston and Sons Mr. and Mrs. R. Franklin Hull Rogers Forge Community Association Stoneleigh Gift Comer Stoneleigh Hair Dressers Stoneleigh Variety Store COCKEYSVILLE Cockeysville Realty Company Goldberg's Department Store H. F. Harr and Son Peppler Brothers Perry's Upholstering Sencindiver's Drug Store The Little Shoppe Zepp's Confectionery I I I1 ., L.. vI.:g4,:fI 1 fr in EWS? 7 ., Auf, ., .f1fE5:Q,pm- I I I I I MI ,X , I gig W J X., lfb x !,,, ,....-... N Cx, hnu.k X-. x I ,II . x, ww I 1" ff .. V4-Y L . xy I I I I I I L X v Produced by H. G. ROEBUCK 81 SON BALTIMORE, MD. ,4,N'f4fJ ,,.,.Q vf"J,ff 5-.""ilw" fp! 444f'J"" f,ff,,f:2ff R 250 Q ,5,,!0f,y .w""",i wff ?,?JD0,, ff?ff 1 W ' 0 x ' iff kc? A :L ' l 2 -Rift' - r , ,tl r O K L I x 5 P w J

Suggestions in the Towson High School - Sidelights Yearbook (Towson, MD) collection:

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Towson High School - Sidelights Yearbook (Towson, MD) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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