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Shy? Wa 'A Q MM g XWMAQL MM QD 2 Ti Ewwrykmp E in :X Q W F XF WW W W OVJWMQWW M X If M M 2 ,, gg,pw247? W 7 il, W W 4g,,, ,,,f ,Jima A25 fl GMM 5 2324 if Q ff' 6 fig? MW J my H44 755 fm X224 Q Mmm I M is E Wwiwmgw 1 E wwwfffkwwkmryffa i 1 WM! ZWWW EJEQMW EXW QW M if sf M59 W . WWW myadsq, QM' 5 Q w QWQNJW W Q WMQUWM df Wwe, Z V Memo :Es or J --5 B 75zz1nv1lle L 7512722 He' f ! F ! f I 51 X 4 1 l 4 Q Xfveaxcaxaunff 1 1 TO SHOW OUR APPRECIATION FOR THE MANY THINGS YOU HAVE DONE FOR US, WE KTHE SENIOR CLASS OF TOWNVILLE HIGH SCHOOL, DEDICATE THIS BOOK TO YOU, MR. BOYLAN. YOU HAVE "PUT UP WITH US", GUIDED US, REPRIMANDED US WHEN WE NEEDED IT, AND "WENT T0 BAT FOR US". WE THANK YOU. M . FRED W HERLINGER The class of '58 has earned a special niche in the hearts and minds of those of us who have worked with them over the years. They might be styled an effer- vescent, talented group--always ready to tackle whatever problem might arise. Along with the exub 44l As another year marches by and er graduating class presents f to the adult world, we find we must stop once more to inventory the progress of the school. Among the questions we must answer is the question of preparedness. It is our desire that our students will be ready to face the complex society of an atomic age insofar as the schools can prepare them. It is firmly believed that not 1 on y should our students have the basic and fundamental learnings necessary for survi l va but also attitudes, ideals, and morals that have been exempli- fied bv the Golden Rule for so many centuries. Our work can be consi- dered well done if our students go forth with these goals achieved. erance of youth, they have displayed a type of maturity of outlook which has earned them respect and makes us feel that they can face the future with confidence. we wish them well and want them to know that we will miss them. MR. BERTRAND R. HOVER MR. RICHARD BIEMER -,,,..-ni FQCIIHWI 6 Mas . IRENE HENRY I MR. IVAN MGGEE MRS. ELEANOR THOMAS MRS. NAOMI INGRAHAM MRS. ELIZABETH MILLER MR, CHARLES MURPHY HR. HAROLD SARGENT MR. RICHARD BOYLAN MR. CHARLES CUTSHALL MISS LAURA JEAN MILLS .lla MR. WENDELL BERTRAM MR. JOHN SNYDER MRS. ELIZABETH MURPHY MR. EDWIN DURFEE HR- JAMES MORROW Mn. GEORGE Ru'rHERFo1uJ MR, JQSEPH BARCLAY MRS. JULIA McBRIDE 7, , , V- -ff ' HR. RALPH BERLIN MRS. BESSIE HERLINGER HR. CARL HENRY HRS. BETTYE JO FEATHERSTON HRS. TWILA A. CARPENTER PLUM DONALD FOSTER GERALD SAGER CLYDE SHADLE CONRAD WHITMAN ELTON WILLIAMS ATHENS EDITH CREACRAFT EDWARD HAMILTON GLENN MICKLE Board of Education STEUBEN TOWNVILLE BORO ALBERT BEEBOWER ARGHIE LINGO OPAL REYNOLDS MRS. JOHN WARDEN KENNETH YOCHUM RICHMOND KENNETH BECHTEL FRANK GALFORD RUTH KIRK JOSEPH MASON FORREST SMITH GENE ROBBINS NELDON WHEELOCK BUDD WOOD TROY ORLO BERLIN M. E. BODAM R JR ALEX CRAWFORD ALDEN POST H. DALE MUMFORD JOHN KANYUCK ELMER SNOW NORMAN WENTZ CLARENCE MOORE CF ' W a eierua orkers GERTRUDE GENHART, Manager JENNIE KALKBRENNER JESSIE AGENS RUBY MOODY BETTY BAUGHER VIRGINIA ROOT DON DANFORTH HERBERT FOX ATHENS JOE AVERSA ALFRED BUNCE ROBERT SLINGLUFF Janitors ANDREW GROVE Bus Drivers RICH OND ROYDEN CARPENTER TED ERVIN ANTHONY FERRARO JAMES STEADMAN M RON WILSON STEUBEN RAYMOND LINGO SANTI MOLLI HAROLD VANCISE DAN WERLING DON WISE MILTON LIVERMORE REX STANFORD PLUM GEORGE TOMER HOWARD ALEXANDER AL BEATTY HOWARD PROPER LEWIS RUSSELL HAROLD STRAWBRIDGE TROY WILLIS ARNOLD RAYMOND GHERING CHARLES HALL JAMES LOGSDON HERSHAL LONGBERRY CLARENCE MOORE Q 'A V in 1, 1 fgyf . ! ii x mf fr? -If 1 X ,L T P Kimi SQ if SW Q , ef ZA N ms-A 555+ I .. Q 5 ww si F . il? W f' PHYLLIS JOAN BLY CECILE LEROY BRADLEY MARGARET EVELYN ACEL BONNIE RAE ARMSTRONG JOHN DAVID BUCKSBEE BARBARA ANN BURNS . GEORGE EDWARD BANCROFT, JR. SANDRA SUE BARTON SHIRLEY MAY COOK JAMES ROBERT DARLING Mg. BETTY MAY BROMLEY FLOYD EDWARD BROWN KENNETH EUGENE ERVIN CHARLES E. FLAGG JUDITH ELAINE DEMPSEY JANET MARILYN DRAKE AGNES JAN GILLETT NORMA JEAN HAGGERTY MARGARET ELAINE EDMINSTER JOSEPH LEE ERVIN FRANK ALLEN HART ARNOLD EUGENE HETH DONALD CARL FOWLER WAYNE DALE FRY GWENDOLYN CAROL KERNER LARRY GENE KERR DAVID GEORGE HETH DONALD NELSON HULL LINDA JO MASON MARY ANN MCCURDY .5 ROBERTA LEE HUNTER PATRICIA VIVIAN KELLY KENNETH MORRIS MCELHANEY ARTHUR EUGENE MCINTYRE RITA CHRISTINE LARSON SARABELLE MARKLEY GORDON CECILE PRATT MARILYN RAELEYNE PRUSIA JERRY GENE MCKOFKA TROY STUART MUIR ALVERA VERONICA SEKEL KATHLEEN ANN SHADE THEDA MARIE PATTERSON LOIS LYNETTE POND RUSSEL RAY SMITH NANCY JO ANN SHEETS JOHN ALSON ROSS MARILYN JEANNE SEELY KATHLEEN ELAINE TOOHEY JENNIE JOANNE TROUTNER DAVID EARL STOCKER RICHARD FLOYD STHOUP DENNIS DALLAS WENTZ JOHN EDWARD SULLIVAN ALBERT JACK SUTTON BEVERLY LOU WILLY VIRGINIA MAE WORLEY WILLIAM GARY TROUTNER LORETTA DIANNE VANDERHOFF va r "' ' 4,1 Senior Class Play v, 2,2- ' mi iflx Q ,Q wk 3:5 V , - 1- 'i'f313g,,p1Xf xg M, .WH 5 R ' AQ, 41 Q2 in - fam s- Myy Q saw X X Q M x 1. .... JP' , yi ,Q -yy, ii, -. V ,.,.. wxnxyf , 7 fm? 2 gi if S 1 Q W 'YQ-J-i,1Mffw5 -1 x ,ii Q1 'z ti?-' -A ig - 'jim ' i , nw Q1f-Q,,q.gQ53if:g 3'- X . i, Y fag 1: 'fzictx Af -4 Ag gsx 4.4 ,gf Q sv X 13 551 : ' P ""' -,TJ ,Sg- ,sf fi xiii! YQ I 'Sf S 5. Qs. S ,. V rbi ki Q.,2g:sQ::rf:ni,g1Eigg-5Q11 mfg ' . A 4. , E, WM, ,Wm M yf.,,, W ,, ,M G 3, , X.. 1 N ' :Jef-2f,,::-f - Eff. I if 4 .VH NNE x NO., w Q2 ,, . 1 - 1, N. -V-My A lf -- f WS ,, fm K .nv- ff ,, -fi' W! . --Q, -. 5- Hs5.::f5,a,f gg: sms.. .. gas 4 in iii X W W T.. W -Al,, QQ . k -zfsa My .HQ :ma If , . 5, ' 11 gg, N . -: Q52-Jef " j .f19.,, J, L- i f W ifi , X ' 'El -, -Q ' 4, g f A , T A , ,,,,,.1 , ,I , - , " - xx S - - awww 3 ? i f 15. 2 x ,,, we , . - ,,.. M ,. 41 nv Juniors ROW 1: Warren Proper, Howard Neff, Linda Weingard, Elma Pattison, Joyce Gillette, Ruth Wheelock, Mary Schnell, Dorothy Hancox, Marlene Grove, Rowena Steadman, Lois Brown ROW 2: Mr. Berlin Uldvisorl, Beverly Jackson, Barbara Mackie, Edward Fleet, Donald Mosher, Yvonne Findlay, Emily Huff, Lila Shoemaker, Ariel Lobdell, Louise Dille, Joseph Laskey. ROW 3: Byron Reitz, Mike Thiess, Louis Steadman, Rqpnond Shreffler, Robert Burlingame, John Kanyuck, Bruce Marvin, Gene Saeger, Denny Willison, Mike Hart, Dale Dunbar, Fred Antill. Junior ROW 1: Tom Law, Darlene Baney, Judy Stocker, Linda Hall, Jim Langer, Roberta Fry, Denny Kelly, Terry Shorts, Norma Crawford, Ruth Larson, Marian Wallis. ROW 2: Lorraine Houy, Carol Ghering, Barbara McPheters, Macie Bumes, Dennis Smith, Walter Mclntyre, Dick Alexander, Leon Proper, Cathie Spratt, Donald Wallis. ROW 3: Sandra Heath, Monica Sekel, Ruth Thompson, Carolyn Soeandra, George Shoemaker, Roger Battin, Jim Reainger, Scott Preston, Kenny Doolittle, Lou Molli, James Ervin, John Moody, Mr. Bertram Mdvisorl. ophomores ROW 1: Barbara Norr, Betty Antill, Barbara Knapp, Sandra Molli, Beverly Douglas, Lynn Whitman, Romayne Hill, Carol Davis, DeAn Werling, Delores Kanyuck, Sally Infield. ROW 2: Patricia Raybuck, Janet Nale, Karen Smith, Marilyn VanCise, Jill Preston, Frances Kalkbrenner, Betty Lou McCrill1s, Marcia VanC1se, Evelyn Snyder, Bonnie Hall, Dennis Kerr. ROW 3: Joyce Sager, Barbara Ross, Joan Deighan, Nancy Baker, Clara Ruth Hart, Evelyn Howe, Arnold Stewart, Donald Gilson, Wilson Wyant, Gary Abrads. ROW hz Kenny Copeland, Larry McIntyre, Larry Fosburgh, James Berlin, Keith Bancroft, Joe Bury, Ronald Parker, Asa Williams, Arden Rice, Joseph Bradley. A.. A ophomores ROW 1: Elaine McE1haney, Flossie Antill, Charlotte Jones, Norma Rice, Marian Kelly, Wanda Lesh, Joyce Bodamer, Cecelia Graham, Beverly Muir, Vivian Liapple, Sara Kinser, Jean Culbertson. ROW 2: Linda Vanderhoff, Rose Schamming, Lee Stanford, Nancy Moody, Geraldine Kerner, Carol Sitterley, Irene Dine Donna Dupont, Juanita Higley, Beverly Hulings. ROW 3: Bruce Carpenter, Ann Himebaugh, Diane Kaster, Ruth Archer, Sandy Sansom, Maxine VanC1se, Charlotte O'Bagy, Eleanor Shreffler, Gary Beebower. ROW Il: Gene Jackson, Bob Foote, Bob Papotnik, Jim Alexander, Fred Welsh, Fred Herlinger, Harold Gillette, Russel Burge, Gary Boyle. 3 Freshmen ROW l: Lily Callen, Bonnie Gawlinski, Donna Mitcham, Betty Vergith, Edith Vergith, Barbara Roberts, Lucille Jefferys, Jackie Bodie, Fayetta Sterns, Lois Mickle, Andy Szinai. ROW 2: Mr. Cutshall KAdvisorJ, Bruce Holcomb, Louise Scholl Pearl Shoemaker, Janet Hart, Karen 0'Bagy, Lois Daily, Nancy Foster, Dorothy Gillette, Becky Phillips, Joan Wolf, Roberta Pitt. ROW 3: Gerry Peters, Gordon Waid, Gary Drake, Robert Hamilton, Frances Boyd, Arnold Manninen, Carol Hover, Kay Bechtel, Wayne Miller, Larry Sippy, Larry Hill, Harold Reynolds. HOW M: Carl Gawlinski, Howard Ewing, Joe Brown, Earl Brown, Carlton Sines, Karl Graves, Douglas McIntyre, James Baker, Francis Weingard, Ted Houy, Robert Davidson. ROW S: Arden Muir, Earl Brown, Richard Mitcham, Charles Delp, B111 w111oby, Ralph Walters. .I Freshmen Row 1: Virginia Moyer, Shirley Woolstrum, Yvonne Hares, Virgina Rhodes, Rebecca Stewart, Linda Malliard, Nancy McPheters, Sandra Seely, Marily Vanderhoff, Carol Shreffler, Betty Sullivan, Nancy Arters Row 2: David Slauson, Kathern Litner, Meredyth Pattison, Sue Ellen Sheets, Juliann Brown, Diane Saulsgiver, Mary Ruth Dwyer, Sally Brown, Ed Hasbrouck, Donald Shreffler, Gerald Saegar, Russel Barron Row 3: Kay Ervin, Lois Ralston, Irwin Creacraft, Jim Buoksbee Patty Tarr, Dennis Bradley, Diane Barker, Patty Corliss, Jon Fowler, Gordon VanCise, nonnie Smith, James McCurdy Row hz Richard Mackie, Charles Jouver, Frank Danfort, Floyd Greathouse, Paul Mouck, Bill Kinear, Ken Burlingame, Melvin Laskey, Frank Hart, Edward Gillette, James Sager Eighth Grade ROW 1: Judy Nuhfer, Carol Hover, Kathleen Hamilton, Pearl Winters , Elaine McLaren, Betty Foote, Stella Gavlinski, Florence Toed, Sandra Ewing, France Culbertson, Carol Battin. ROW 2: Mr. Murphy Qhdvisorl, Judy Whitmer, Ellen Gilson, Nancy Brown, Rosemary Baron, Marilyn Maynard, Darlene Beebower, Patricia Moyer, Kitty Kelly, Judy Stokes, Virginia Sutton. ROW 3: Blaine Steadman, Stanley Root, James Since, Thomas Wentz, Jerry Wilson, Richard Hayden, James Knapp, James Ace Raymond Hull, Gerald Smith, Tom Resinger, George Miller. ROW I+: Larry Archer, Larry Armstrong, Arthur HoE1haney, Eugene Mason, Kenneth Willison, Norman Cook, Richard Drake, Albert Cleland, Ronald Mitcham, John Carpenter, Thomas Davenport, Don Preston. 1 Eighth Grade ROW 1: Nancy Slawson, Nadja Bihun, Donna Beckwith, Elaine Doolittle, Barbara Grove, Sheila Toohey, Penny Phillips, Lois Pitt, Carol Moody, Shirley Acel, Diane Spangler. ROW 2: Barbara Maynard, Ruth Fox, Donna Wise, Nancy Wilson, Nancy Boyer, Sandra Findlay, Rowena Himebaugh, Donna Kalkbrenner, Willis Proper, Larry Barton, Lynn Maillard. ROW 3: Harry Herlinger, Gary Huff, Walter Kelly, Aims Hancox, Betty Geer, Norma Cook, Helen Szinai, Lawrence Westfall, Daniel Dempsey, Terry Orwig, Bruce Gibbons. ROW M: Allan Wessell, Eugene Crum, Calvin Krepps, Rex Southall, James Willey, James Titus, Ronald Sitterly, Thomas Caldwell, Douglas Liapple, Robert Alexander. 5 fi eventh Grade ROW 1: Elaine Proper, Susan Elm, Marilyn Alford, Sally Vergith, Donna Hutchison, Mary Jouver, Belle Spanogle, Sherie Teed, Nancy Law, Betty Crum, Mae Moore, Viola Lucas, Douglas Sheets, David Baldwin. ROW 2: Marsha Besanson, Elaine Sposkoski, Christine Seller, Jill Phillips, Carol Ruggles, Dorothy Kerr, Bernie Gum , Lyda Fleet, Sharon Lake, Nancy Bromley, Jim Antill, Karl Stocker. ROW 3: Robert Winegard, Calvin Kline, George Wilcox, Albert Stram, Nathan Moore, Larry Hutchison, Robert Kerr, Mike Kelly, Terry Reynolds, Jimmy Ross, Richard Infield, Elmer Delany. ROW hz Dick Gillette, Gary Daily, Roger Hasbrouck, John Dawson, Raymond Kopf, Wayne Wald, Robert Wig, Robert Bechtel, Bruce Drake, Berdit Bowles. ROW 5: William Gray, Dave Childs, Alfred Danforth, Larry Hollabaugh, Clair Norr, Robert Smith, Russel Lohr. eventh Grade ROW 1: Mary Winters, Bonnie Wyant, Carol Scrut, Mary Proper, Peggy Copeland, Patty Findlay, Linda Culbertson, Lois Titus, Joyce Burt, Dolly Antill, Alice Infield, Donna Hull, Jean Melville, Jennifer Kirk. ROW 2: William Davison, William Bromley, Audrey Lohr, Connie Nealy, Eleanor Greathouse, Shirley Vergith, Marsha Resinger, Linda Kanyuck, Judy Sterling, Nancy Hart, Dick Houy, Disk Warner. ROW 3: David Kilfoyle, Albert Kaster, Nina Hancox, Elaine Proper, Brian McPheters, Gary Kinneer, Paul Murphy, Robert Lewis, Ronald Titus, T m Darling, Walter Modlin, David Rogers. ROW M: Tom Greer, Rodney Shreffler, Larry Archer, Jim Gillette, Carl Douglas, Fred Hasbrouck, Rusty Shade, Phillip Proper, Richard Daily, Dan Gates. ROW S: Joe Berlin, Robert Vukmer, Forest Myers, Martin Kelly, Jim Lingley, Ted Edminister, William Shreffler, Ramon Sterling. Y- Yi ,X Em Uah Ofh .. if f Xf f Z' Varsity Football Team ROW 1: Jim Darling, Ken McElhaney, John Sullivan, Jack Sutton, Lou Molli, Joe Bury, Don Fowler, LeRoy Bradley. ROW 2: Dick Stroup, Fred ROW 3: Buzz Dale Dunbar, Alexander, Bruce Marvin, John Bucksbee, Dick Welsh, Wayne Fry, Jon Fowler, Mr. Henry lcoachl Baron, Tom Burt, Harold Reynolds, Bill Welsh, Harold Gillett, Lynn Whitman. Junior High Football Team ROW 1: Bob Alexander, Larry Archer, David Kelfoyle, Walter Kelly, Harry Herlinger, Robert Bechtol, Mike Kelly, George Wilcox, Tom Greer, Dan Gate, Charles Vanderhoff. HOW 2: Mr. Bertram KCoachD, Richard Hayden, Joe Berlin, Tom Burt, Stanley Root, Albert Cleland, David Childs, Fred Gillette, Russel Lohr, Art MoE1haney, Jim Sines. High chool Chorus MRS. MCBRIDE Pres1dent.......F1oyd Brown Vice President......Tom Law Secretary....Patricia Kelly Treasurer.........Jack Ross Our officers have worked all year to buy robes for the entire chorus. Our main project has been selling artificial corsages. Beverly Douglas has done a swell job as chairman of this com ittee. Our many thanks go to the Music Boosters, who helped us, as we could never have bought the robes without their help. we also thank Mrs. McBride for her help and encouragement High School Band MR. RUTHERFORD The fall of 1957 found 50 band members diligently working at a variety of routines and formations. The band presented a number of interesting and entertaining half time shows at the football games. The most popular show seemed to be "Everyone is out of step but my son Johnny." After the holidays came the preparations for North West District Band. Ruth Wheelock, Ruth Larson, Joyce Sager, and Barbara Ross represented Townville. Larry Hill, Mary Ruth Dwyer, Dorothy Gillette, Darlene Beebower, and Jim Ross represented Townville at the Junior High District Band at Corry. Band-o-Rama was the title given the annual band concert. The Beginners, Elementary, High School, and Jug and Bottle bands cooperated to make this program a success. On Memorial Day, the band marched in Titusville and Townville and played selections at Centerville. As a finale to a successful year, the band members went to Conneaut Lake Park for the last get together of the year. National Honor ooiety Mr. Biemer President Jim Darling Vice President Denny Kelly Secretary Bonnie Armstrong Treasurer Dennis Smith ROW 1: Barbara Mackie, Troy Muir, Ariel Lobdell, Dennis Kelly, James Darling, Bonnie Armstrong, Dennis Smith, Sandra Barton, Nancy Sheets. ROW 2: Ruth Wheelock, Dale Dunbar, Kathleen Toohey, Lee Hunter, Roger Babtin, Jack Ross, Patricia Kelly, Joanne Troutner , Mr. Biemer Ukdvisorl . -i- tudent Council Mr, Boylan Governor Dave Heth Lt. Governor Dennis Smith Secretary Sandra Barton Treasurer Joanne Troutner ROW 1: Joanne Troutner, Sandra Barton, David Hath, Dennis Smith, Monica Sekel, Yvonne Findlay. ROW 2: Lynn Malliard, Lynn Whitman, Fred Welsh, Edward Gillette, Ruth Ann Hover, Carol Battin, Sharon Lake, Mr. Boylan lAdv1sorJ . Future Teachers of America MISS MILLS and MISS LUDWIG President,,,,,,,Bonnie Armstrong Vice President,,,,,,Dennis Kelly Secretary,,,,,,,,,,,,,Lee Hunter Treasurer,,,,,,,,,,,,Maoie Humes H1stor1an,,, ,,,,Barbara Mackie Librarian ,,,,,,,De1ores Kanyuck Song Leader,,,,,,,Norma Crawford Club activities included a day at Edinboro visiting classes, attending District Convention at Edinboro, and for Barbara Mackie and Roberta Fry, a trip to Harrisburg for the State FTA Convention. Social and money-making activities included parties, a bake sale, selling sweat shirts, and the ring toss and camera booth at the Winter Carnival. Newspaper taff Mrs. Miller Mr. Cutshall The Literary staff under the editorship of Sandra Barton collected, wrote the news, and turned it over to the production staff, consisting of commercial club, under the editorship of Joanne Troutner. The production staff typed, setup, typed stencils and ran off the monthly newspaper. The staff of the nEag1e Spotlightu tried to present a variety of articles to interest its varied readers. Future Farmers of America Mr. McGee The members of the FFA demonstrated for another year that they are what their name implies. They are the Future Farmers of America. A variety of prizes and awards were won by this group this year. Joe Ervin and George Bancroft recieved the Keystone Farmer Degree. The highlight of the years activities was the State Farm Show which many of the members attended. Junior Agriculture Club Mr. McGee Vice President.... Secretary....... Treasu.rer....... coo Sentinel.... ... Blain Steadman Presidentaooaloool lon . . .Ronnie Hayden Tom Wentz Bob Alexander Jerry wilson Everything must have its beginning and the Junior Agriculture Club is the first step toward beco ing a responsible adult farmer. rr LA Future Homemakers of America MRS. INGRAHAM President.............Darlene Baney Vice President.......Maxine VanCise Secretaryooeeooooeo ooo ...Linda Treasurer...........Bever1y Jackson Historian-Reporter.......Lois Brown Parliamentarian........Jane McCurdy Song Leader............Barbara Norr The Future Homemakers of America is a national organiz- ation, composed of girls who have completed one year of homemaking. The purpose of the organization is to promote the inter est in careers in the field of Home Economics and to promote good home and family life for'al1. Our motto is, nToward New Horizons . "' During the school year the local chapter meets twice a month during activity period. Our activities for the year were informal initiation, regional meeting, sent a box to Crossnare, state meeting in Harrisburg, Mother and Daughter Banquet, Senior Tea, and Summer Conference at Penn State in June. Junior Future Homemakers of America The Junior High Future Homemakers of America was organ- ized for the girls in seventh through ninth grades, not enrolled in Vocational Ho e Economics. They conduct regular meetings during activities periods, twice a month. During ities which train them The club is divided Janet Drake, and Theda the meetings they take part in activ in teamwork and cooperation. into two groups with Mrs. Ingraham, Patterson as advisors. Future Nurses of Amerlca Mrs . Henry The Future Nurses Organization, under the direction of Mrs. Henry, put in a busy. They Assisted the school nurse in her various duties and had time for some fun also. Initiation and the dance sponsored by the club highlighted their social activities. Projection ist Club Mr. Beimer Mr. Snyder President....... ....Floyd Brown Vice President... ....Lynn Whitman Secretary............. .......DeAn Werling TreasureroooasconoooooooooooooBOb The projectionist club achieved a nfirstu this year. They now have girl members who are qualified to operate the projectors. Along with the male members of the club they provided a valuable service to the teachers and pupils Knitting Club Mrs. Murphy President....... ....DeAn Werling Vice President... ....Ruth Wheelock Secretary Tres.........Bever1y Douglas nKnit one, pearl twon is familiar to everyone even though the skill of knitting isn't. we admire this group for their patience as well as for their handicraft. Nature Club Mr. Murphy The Nature Club indulged in various activities this year. They ranged from informal discussions on where to hunt to educational tips on tying flies. The popularity of the c1ub's activities can be attested to by the list of absentees on the first day of hunting and fishing season. .L Varsity Club Mr . Henry The Varsity Club sponsored several activities during the year. Members took turns handling the towel rental service for physical education students. The club sponsored a ping-pong tournament which Mr. Berlin won by defeating runner-up James Sines. Junior High Basketball ROW 1: Gerald Saeger, Bobby Davison, Gordon Wald, Wayne Miller, Dennis Bradley, Douglas McIntyre, Gary Drake, B111 Lee Kinnear. ROW 2: Joe Brown, llllanagerl, Earl Brown CManagerD, Larry Hill, James Bucksbee, 'Richard Mackie, Arnold Manninen, Jon Fogler, Paul Mouck, Edwiard Gillette , Mr. Bertram KCoachJ. f Al- 4 Varsity Basketball ROW 1: Mr. Berlin CCoach7, Jim Langer KHanagerJ, Jim Darling, Denny Wentz, George Bancroft, Kenny HcE1haney, Bruce Marvin, David Stocker. ROW 2: Chuck Flagg fManagerJ, LeRoy Bradley CManagerD, Tom Law, Gene Seeger, Floyd Brown, Mike Hart, John Kanyuck B111 Welsh. 4 Junior Varsity Basketball ROW 1: Harold Gillette, Jack Preston, Robert Foote, Fred Welsh, Keith Bancroft, Gene Jackson, Fred Herlinger, LeRoy Bradley fManager7. ROW 2: Bud McIntyre, Dick Alexander, Mike Hart, Gene Saeger, John Kanyuck, Tom Law, Terry Shorts, Warren Proper, Charles Flagg fMe.nager-J, Mr. Berlin CCoachl. Cheerleaders LEFT TO RIGHT: Frances Boyd, Diane Barker, Patty Corliss, Ruth Hover, feubstitutes-Meredith Pattison and Linda Malliardb. LEFT T0 RIGHT: Cathie Spratt, Emily Huff, Yvonne Findlay, Jill Preston, Romayne Hill, DeAn Uerling. LEFT TO RIGHT: Alvera Sekel, Joanne Troutner, Kathleen Toohey, Marilyn Seely, Lois Pond, Linda Mason. LEFT TO RIGHT: Patricia Kelly, Roberta Fry, Carol Davis, Lee Hunter, Eleanor Herlinger, Elaine McE1haney. Majorettes LEFT T0 RIGHT: Kathleen Toohey, Marian Kelly, Marilyn Seely, Patricia Corliss, Nancy Foster, Evelyn Snyder, Nancy Arters. ' :gf '85 t ig, qs' il J' , RN, .Y S. 9 K In , .. i , ' 1 .1,.3iiX - 'fri . -W mfg fm. . X K -MW.. N, X- - 1... . il W- was -AH , A www, aqgwxmx Y.,,,v..a . Mwwg .mlm , W A-f ..,.-,Wwm"""'WW" 2 NMS 1. 3 : N. JMQSSW' 'ff' E 'M 'HE J' x 5 'ffdililifli 1 .,. 1-A. , , .,, . J Qi. . W5 A 5 I E . A " ' ' Y + A A.... h 5- Q.. - - .5-M Q if W 1 S ..f W . is , .. , . 54+-N iff' . MN' ' .N A .Q-9' ' gygkpfr A N5 ' Q. M. . ,,,, wmgi . My f ,H .EW wr Xl I 2 Behind Every Success Business - Behind Personal Financial Security - There is One Basic Fact: SOMEONE AT SOME'l'IME SAVED ENOUGH TO MAKE THE START AND KEPT GOING. am min ON ALL TIME DEPOSITS TITUSVILLE TRUST COMPANY TITUSVILLE, PA. Member of the F. D. I. C. COMPLIMENTS OF YOUR FRIENDS THE SECDND NATIGNAL BANK ITUSVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA om r F Reserve System om . D. I. C. DUNN STATIONERY AND SUPPLY CO. YOUR WORLD'S NUMBER ONE TYPEWRITER musvu.l.E, PA. 0122 RADIO AND TELEVISION Meodville's Only Complete Electronic Service All Work Guaron eed Telephone 56265 0 Water Street Meedville, Pennsylvania Thinking of Television - Think "SLYVANIA" First WE ARE GLAD TO SEQVEZ YOUQ INSUDANCE NEEDS FoR FRIENDLY 5EF2VlCE,Wl?lTE, cAi.i.,oR vnsn' REMLEQ'5HUNlAN S53 souri-1 MMM STREET an w:Aovn.i.a QuAi.l'rv CAQGO CLEANERS HOUR SERVICE 34-cs NORTH E 203 ARCH St BAEADVILLE , DA. coNGRATuATloNs c1.Ass or '58 Compliments of G. C. MURPHY CURRY DRY CLEANERS Titusville, Pe. to Graduates of 'r. c. H. s. T""""' ' T""' " "" Cgmpl i ments N of COMPANY A 8x P SUPER MARKET ef rnwalu, n. Titusville, Pe. Confidential Loan Service CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '56 FENTON'S DAIRY Ste! Rouh Tlluevllle, Pe. Phone 3-6401 BRYAN HARDWARE, INC. Hardware Appliances Stoves Paints8rSporting Goods Titusville, Pa. Phone 72271 Tens ico Titusville, Penna. Furniture Jewelry Frigidaire Appliances C. L. SHOPENE, JEWELER Headquarters for Fine Watches Bulova, Omega, Girard Perreguax Titusville, Pa. Sloan Bros. Paint 81 Glass Wallpapers if Picture Framing X X Benjamin Moore, Dutch Boy Paints Kentile and Gold Seal Floor Coverings. 120 N. Franklin St. Titusville, Pa. PENN DRESS SHOP Specializing in Juniors and Graduation Dresses Titusville Pennsylvania Next to Penn Theater Howe General Tire Service "WALT" HOWE 324 S. Franklin St. Titusville, Pa. Telephone 3-7411 OUR BIG VOLUME AND CAFILOAD BUYING OF' FURNITURE AND Appl-lAlxlCES SAVES YOU NAONEY sous 'tAln.oAo" mv Titusville, Po. A FDIEIND o e . 9 e g gs , n MU RDOCH'S FLOWER SHOP Titusville Pennsylvania Phone 7G'zH RELIABLE EJUI LDER15 SUPPLY i s Q -Q f 1 One Board or a Tl-ainload Titusville Pennsylvan Congratulations Seniors Good Luck Juniors PAUL M. 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"4 A Q D E Complfments FAPM SUPPLIES APPLIANCES PROTANE GAS I' M ' Laker gum B EQ WWW fm41 fifw4fg5, ffm 1 V' L J. Q ' - . 1. Y g-X INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS 6 K FACTORY - HOME UFFIIE Kansas City PRINTED IN U. 5 A. xr, . S5 XC? ig N9 ii WMM J W ,Q W bg WWWJM ff 55 . ffm QJWQW hfqfl' MQ 2M7,,Jf ci? Edwwfv I awww af 25 E if W WM eflwffg . 2 W M5335 QE xi BJMMJTJWJLMV Q! U BWMLL Q? WZ? WL f 5 0552 ffm Q QSM RQ Ziff My aww? XE M 3 ww? Qf E W MMM jf? I W mg ja 4, MW? Wa 554 f MW EM N DAM Oqdaok go, WW X5 ig Q57 6 WE! mifad S:-5 W Wk W QW QW ff? W MM Q affmfga' 5 X W

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