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Y 1:55 THE STAFF PRESENTS MEMORIES of I9 TOWNVILLE I-IIGI-I SCHOOL TOWNVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA 9 Y J V -qw , DEDICATION To you, Mr. Ivan C. McGee, we dedicate this book. We feel that this may, in part, repay you for the time and effort that you have put forth in making our Vocational Agriculture Department one of the outstanding in the county. We wish you much success in training and developing the Future Farmers of America. .-. In our schools we would like to believe that the students keep apace with the everincreasing tempo of today's world, We sincerely hope that our students have had the back- ground to equip themselves with a more mature outlook on life and its many problem: It is, of course, quite dif- ficult to measure these qual ities and quantities immedi- ately,1nasmuch,as our prod- ucts, unlike those of the market, must be measured years later in terms of ser- vice, contribution to com- munity, home, and church. We are certain that our product will not be found "' W Herll wanting when the time for final measurements arrives. AD MINISTRATIUN Bertrand R. Hover, Principal In taking this opportunity to wish each and every one of you success and good fortune in the days and years to come, it should be pointed out that quite likely success and good fortune will be your lot. You have shown those qualities of co-operation, initiative, enthusiasm, and intell- ectual curiosity which should insure your success independent of good fortune. F' A v MR. BERLIN MR. BIEMER Physical Education Guidance THE FACULTY MR. DURFEE MRS. INGRAHAM Science Practical Art MR. BOYLAN History MRS . KLINE Physical Education W 1" '1 4 RL , MR. RUTHERFORD MR. THORNE MR. WIESTLING Industrial Arts Math MR. SARGENT Music Social Studies ABSENTEES MRS. MILLER Commerical MRS. H NRY Nurse MR. HENRY Driver Education BOARD OF EDUCATION Edith Creacraft Elmer Snow Edward Hamilton Glenn Nickle Alden Post, Vice President PLUM Gerald Sager, President Clyde Shadle Melvin Sitterly Conrad Whitman Donald Foster RICHMOND H. Dale Mumford Kenneth Bechtol Norman Wentz Frank Galford STEUBEN Opal Reynolds Dave Gillette Dorothy Beebower Roy Ross Archie Lingo TROY Alex Crawford Orol Berlin John Kanyuck Clarence Moore George Strawbridge TOWNVILLE BORO Lee Bradley Joseph Mason Forrest Smith Budd Wood Neldon Wheelock Carl Durfee, Secretary aus L nmvzns Ruth Kirk L. H. Madden, Treasurer ATH NS Joe Aversa Robert Slingluff Alfred Bunce PLUM Pauline Loker Howard Proper Al Beatty Harold Strawbridge Lewis Russell STEUBEN Dan Werling Harold Van Cise Santi Molli Roland Tittemore RICHMOND Royden Carpenter Anthony Ferraro Milton Livermore William Slagle Rex Stanford George Tomer TROY Willis Arnold Raymond Ghering Charles Hull Hershal Longberry Clarence Moore CAFETERIA WORKERS Manager Mrs. Jessie Agens Mrs. Jennie Kalkbrenner Mrs. Ruby Moody Hrs. Joyce Wood Mrs. Pauline Lingo Mrs. Betty Baugher IANITORS James Steadman Chief Gus todian Don Danforth Andrew Grove Myron Wilson Chester Van Cise ,A 34' Q ew i, QNX 'l 3 35 ,45 5 KENNETH L. ALEXANDER WILLIAM ALEXANDER WILMA ARCHER EUGENE ARMSTRONG SENIORS PATRICIA GAY BAKER WILLIAM HARRY BERLIN KENNETH HAROLD BOYER GEORGE BRADLEY SARAH ELIZABETH BRADLEY JOAN CALLEN NORMAN RICHARD DEMPSEY SAUNDRA JEAN DEMPSEY 'v VERNE DILLE KENNETH G. DINE MARLENE JOAN DOUD RICHARD DUPONT SENIORS l VIRGINIA MARIE DUPONT ROBERT BUDD DWYER gk JOHN FIELDING FAYE JOLENE FINDLAY LOIS JOAN FOSBURGH 1 WAYNE FOWLER SHIRLEY JANE GEER ELAINE GILSON Jorm cmnms ammo cnrrnzm mam HAMILTON WILLIAM HANCOX BEVERLY HAYDEN CATHLEEN HOUY SENIORS RAYMOND JEFFREYS ALLEN JENKINS KANYUCK ANTHONY KATULICH CHESTER KERR DARYL L. LAKE CHARLES LARGER WILLIAM G. LEMON MARY ANN McPHETERS VERNON W. MACKIE LOIS MASON PATRICIA LYNN MOODY S E N IORS CAROLEE ANN MOYER DARLENE NAI-E DAN IEL NI CHOLS PAUL PRUSIA NANCY ANN REYNOLDS 1. JANICE EILEEW RICE ELAINE SAEGER VERONICA SAGAN DONNA SAGER JOQUETTA IONE SANSOM LAURETTA ANN SCHAMING KENNETH SHREFFLER 5. SENIORS DALE E. STEADMAN WILLIAM STEADMAN DALE F. STRAWBRIDGE if PHYLLIS THOMPSON CAROL TITTEMORE 4 A f vxvmu Esrmezn VAN crsn STEVE VUKMER ALLEN WALLIS MARIE WALLS ARTHUR R. WINTERS SANDRA JEAN WISE SENIORS SENIOR CLASS PLAY SENIOR CLASS HISTORY 1 gems with us, while we look at the history of the Senior Class of 19 7. " P September, 195k--The year began with an enrollment of 62 in our Freshman year. The class officers were: President. . . . . . .Vernon Mackie Vice President . . . .Steve Vukmer Secretary. . . . . . . . . . . .Arthur Winters Treasurer. . . . . . . . . . . .Norman Dempsey Advisors . . . Mrs. Kalfayan and Mr. Mullen September, 1955--The Sophomore Class started with 77 members. We sponsored an nOld Fashioned Square Danceu with music by Johnny Williams and his Band. The class officers were: President. . . . . .Beverly Hayden Vice President . . . .Norman Dempsey Secretary. . . . . . .Joquetta Sansom Treasurer. . . . . . .John Gulland Advisors . Miss Mills and Mrs. Wilstead September, 1956--This was the year 67 Juniors sponsored a Prom and Banquet. We earned our money by selling Salt Water Taffy, a paper and scrap drive, selling homemade candy, etc. The Junior Play was presented in April. It consisted of a comedy and a mystery. The first play was nEgad, What A Cadn and the second was NAccording to Doylen. The Prom and Banquet were held on May nth. The theme this year was nEvening in Parls'. The music was by the Blue Knights. The Prom lasted until l2:003 then the Prom to Dawn started. The Class officers were: President. . . . . .Beverly Hayden Vice President . . .Dale Steadman , Secretary. . . . . . .Mary Ann McPheters Treasurer. . . . . . .John Gulland Advisors . . .Mrs. Lentz and Mr. Durfee September, 1957--We made it at last, we are Seniors now. Our numbers have been reduced a little to 63. The Seniors sponsored a Liberty Dance which was very profitable, and we also sold pens. The Senior Play was held on December 6 and ?. It was a three- act play called NThe Midnight Sona. The senior trip was on April 26. This trip was to Niagara Falls and to Buffalo, New York. All the Seniors enjoyed themselves very much and wished it had never ended. The Prom and Banquet were held on May 10. The theme was nHarbor Lighten. Baccalaureate was held on May 19 and Commencement was held on May 22. The officers were: President. . . . . .Vernon Mackie Vice President . . .Beverly Hayden Secretary. . . . . .Mary Ann McPheters Treasurer. . . . . . .Arthur Winters Advisors . . .Mrs. Miller and Mr. McGee f Y 1-rw 3' 'Yr 1 . , 4 4 -A L W L ! iw -1.-Q 1 W , NY Z " 9 VL IQ QM s zu 43' - , LL 5 L LIAAA 1 L X ,, L+, k LL k L L K L QLQLL L ' - L -LL M3 X-Q ax JL 5 :L W5 K - LL L :Lg L5 L1 LL L x LL 5 3? L L Z L L - X A - g AL 5: 1 A -5 Lgf QL ifff fa se I L Sf L - X 1 kg L :L 2- X 'f ---' 2 ' 5 Q + f- W ff- X 331A L ' 4 M Lf - LL, L 1 . -L .L L4 L J Le: w, QL . H-sys-AWLLQL L..LgLLLLL :Y 2 LL? if L L. ii? f - -f X 2' H 1 iii?iSi2'i QS- i"Y"li L 0 Liv -Q' iii L L L X -L L N- L 5 - A i L L L w 22jL1LLj'LsL- 'V ' .... - K ZX E SEL? ' L L - vw: S, 'W Na ' .L Tk if? Q 1? V F L Lfgsi- -if if sq ,fffjik LL, ,Q Q ri nfl? li 1? -HT SQ LL PG N x jg? .L ,L LL LL,X , L L A 'L . L L L f L L L " LY L Q, N F 'X 1' JH-' wiv 43- Ek ig LU xii , 33345: kg x "LN-LxjLL 'S -L V L - L3 1,-Lf W ,. .,:-L -mbsf, FL ' K' ' - L LL f ,if L K L S ax -5 L53 X L- vs L:-1' N xl if -L ,L L: N- L L f- as LL 3 L LL is L , L ww M, - -1 LL -S ,,.L- N Q., Sw ' ,r ,, Q ' " A ' A ' K , 3 L Q 3 5 5 'X S M, L K SSE A 2...-. - N if W " W ' Qi -wi w Y 2f,LLLxKs- xi-A ' LL wk - W- 1- is ' , X L -ff: L W K LMLLLQmNX1-,iw LE K x L L 'iw . L K -NL N X x .52 2 2 N ie b L X wx ,R g S X .. .. X X YK R E 1 'N XL 3 X wa R N- Lui S X Q XM? W N5 X Km E Q L L oil R xx XM X L N, W 5 Xia i ff L. R QL S L X xx X SENIOR ACTIVITIES KENNETH L. ALEXANDER..nShortyn..Vocational,.'Rip her up boyn..F.F.A..Photo- graphy C1ub..Marr1age and own a shining new convertable. WILLIAM ALEXANDER..'Luckyn..Vocational..nHey Mimunn..Basebal1..Footba1l..F.F.A Basketball. WILMA IRENE ARCH R..nBill1en..Commercial..nDog gone itn..Newspaper Staff.. Commercial Club..To be happy. EUGENE ARMSTRONG..nPunkn..Genera1..'I'l1 say so too'..Baseball..I have no ambition at all. PATRICIA GAY BAKER..nPatn..Commercia1..Social Dancing..Usher for Junior Class Play..Commercia1 Club..Newspaper Staff..To work in an office in Bradford. WILLIAM HARRY BERLIN..nBilln..Academic..nCripesn..Varsity C1ub..Football.. Basketball..Footbal1 Manager..Hi-Y..H1story C1ub..Honor Society..Ambition?? KENNETH HAROLD BOYER..nIken..Vocational..nHit the road Toad.n..F.F.A..Varsity Club..Football.,Forest nursery. GEORGE C. BRADLEY, JR..Academic..nOh,heckn.. Senior Play..Hi4Y..Photography Club..History Club..Newspaper Staff..Lawyer. SARAH ELIZABETH BRADLEY..Academic..F.H.A..Operetta..W1nner of Apple Dessert Contest..Volleyba1l,.Color Spectacular..F.N.A..Newspaper Staff..Titusvi1le Herald Reporter..Student Director of Senior P1ay..Registered Nurse. JOAN CALLEN..Commercia1..'Holy Catfishn..F.T.A..Commercial C1ub..Newspaper Staff..Jun1or Play..To be a secretary. NORMAN RICHARD DEMPSEY..nNormn..Academic..nDarn itn..Varsity Club..Photog- raphy Club..Football..History.Club..To be successful in whatever I do. SAUNDRA JEAN DEMPSEY..nRedn..Vocationa1..nOh Heavensn,,F.H.A..Junior Playn. Beautician. VERNE DILLE..nTag-alongn..Genera1..nMan, I dig thatn..Marry a rich woman. KENNETH G. DINE..nElvis'..Vocationa1..F.F.A..F.F.A. Basketball..Baseball.. Footbal1..Sleep. MARLENE DOUD..Commercial..nHoly Cown..Vol1eybal1..Commercial C1ub..News- paper Staff..Co1or Spectacular..Senior Play..Beautician, RICHARD DUPONT..nD1ckn..Genera1..nPunku..Basebal1..To be on the second rocket ship to the moon. CThe first one probably won't make 1t.J VIRGINIA MARIE DUPONT..NGinnyn..Commercial..WCripe Sakesn..Commercial C1ub..Newspaper Staff..Knitting Club..Junior Varsity Cheer1eader..Junior P1ay..Co1or Spectacular..Volleyba11..To be successful and happy in what- ever I undertake. ROBERT BUDD DWYER..nBuddn..Academ1c..nGo, Man, Gon..Photography Club.. Hi-Y..Jun1or Play..Senior Play..Footbal1..Basketball..Varsity Club.. Accountant. JOHN FIELDING..Vocationa1..uIs that you, Sam?n..F.F.A..H1-Y..Projection- ist Club..Join the Navy. FAYE JOLENE FINDLAY..nFAYEH..Vocational..NHoly mann..F.H.A..Co1or Spec- tacular..To be a child nurse. LOIS JOAN FOSBURGH..nLo1eu..Commercial..nHeyl Dig thatN..Commercial Club Newspaper Staff..Basketball Queen..Secretary, housewife. 0 0 gh WAYNE FOWLER..nButchn..Vocational..nHey! Neighborn..Baseball..Vo11eyba11. Footbal1..Undec1ded. SHIRLEY JANE GEER..nShirln..Vocat1onal..'Oh, honestlyn..F.H.A..Junior P1ay..Senior P1ay..To be a Home Ec Teacher. ELAINE GILSON..Commercial..nOh1 For heaven's sake!N..Cheer1eader..Honor Society.,Student Counc1l..Newspaper Staff..Commercia1 Club..Junior Play.. Medical Secretary. JOHN CHARLES GULLAND..General..F.F.A..Football..Varsity C1ub..To be a success, CYNTHIA MARIE HAMILTON..nCippyn..Commercial..nOh shoot and what nown.. Commercial Club..F.H.A..Newspaper Staff..Chorus..Beaut1cian. WILLIAM HANCOX..nBILLn..General..uSeven come elevenn..To be an admiral in the U.S. Navy. BEVERLY HAYDEN..nBevn..Commerc1al..nDearien..Senior Play..Commerc1al Club..Newspaper Staff..Volleyball..Bookkeeper and Housewife. CATHLEEN HOUY..nCathyn..Vocational..UI don't known.F.H.A...Volleyball.. To be successful in whatever I do. RAYMOND JEFFREYS..Vocat1onal..Track,.Wrestl1ng..Football..F.F.A..Junior Play..Sen1or Play..To be a success in life. ALLEN JENKINS KANYUCK..nA1u..Academic..nYou don't sayn..Basketball Mana- ger..Basebal1 Manager..Varsity Club..Student Council..Yearbook Staff.. Honor Soc1ety..Junior Play..Senior Play..Electrical Engineering. ANTHONY KATULICK..nTonyu..Vocational..Baseba11..Footba11..F.F.A..To drive a semi. CHESTER KERR..nChetn..General..nSay something intel1igentn..Sportsman's Club..Hi-Y..Varsity C1ub..Intramural Basketball..Football..Jun1or Play.. To be a success. DARYL LAKE..General..Yearbook Staff..Baseball Manager..Basketba11 Mana- ger..Footbal1 Manager..Jun1or Play..Vars1ty Club..Art Teacher. CHARLES LANGBR..nElv1sn..Academic..nHi, Sweetn..Basketbal1..Football.. Baseball..Varsity Club..History Club..Photography Club..Hi-Y..Yearbook Staff,.Newspaper Staff..To be a high school football coach. WILLIAM C. LEMON..nWillieu,,Academ1c..nYou're not telling men..Football.. Varsity Club..Vol1eybal1..Phys. Ed. Teacher. MARY ANN McPHETERS..Commercial..nOh, I don't known..Vol1eyba1l..Commer- cial Club..Photogranhy Club..Newsnaper Staff..To travel. VERNON W. MACKIE..NScotn..Academic..Basketba1l..Basebal1..Band..Chorus. Junior Play..Senior Play.,Glee Club..Varsity Club..Hi-Y,.Honor Society. Successful engineer. - LOIS MASON..NMasyn..Academic.,uTakes one to know onen..F.T.A..Honor Socie V Cheerleader..Yearbook Staff..Vol1eyball.,Senior Play.,Art Teacher, PATRICIA LYNN MOODY..nPaLN..Commerc1al..HDig itH..Commercial Club.. F.H.A. . Newspaper Staff..Chorus..F.F.A. Queen..Junior Aid..Volleybal1.. Work for Civil Service. CAROLEE ANN MOYER..nCurleyH..Commercia1..nlf you don't know, I a1n't gonna tell youn..Newspaper Staff..Commercial Club..Housewife and Rookkeeper. DARLENE NALE..nD01ly n..Commerical..NOh, you beastn..Commerclal Club.. Newspaper Staff.. Senior Pluy..5ecretary. DANIEL NICHOLS..nDanN..Vocat1onal..nYou don't sayu..F.F.A..To make a million dollars. PAUL PRUSIA..Vocat1onal..nHey, Peapickern..Basebal1,.Football..F.F.A.. Hi-Y..Varsity Club..Glee Club..Operetta..Volleybal1..F.F.A. Basketball.. Chorus..To be wor1d's fastest pea picker. NANCY ANN REYNOLDS..Commercial..nI ain't gonna do nothin' nohown..Chorus.. Operetta..Commercial C1ub..Junior P1ay..Secretary or Housewife. JANICE EILEEN RICE..Vocat1onal..nWhy don't gon dry upn..F.H.A..Junior Play.. Chorus..Receptionist or typist. ELAINE SAEGER..uSaegn..Commercia1..NQuit teasing, will you?n..Operetta.. Chorus..Co1or Spectacu1ar..Majorette..Cheer1eader..Commercial Ulub..Newspaper Staff..F.H.A.. Secretary. VERONICA SAGAN..Academic..'Common sense will tell youu..F.T.A..F.N.A..Senior Play..Trave1 around the world. DONNA SAGER..nLillien..Academic..WTSat's a good questionn..Newspaper Staff.. F.T.A..Junior Play..Senior Play..Honor Society..Elementary Teacher. JOQUETTA IONE SANSON..uJoW..Vocat1onal..nI don't known..F.H.A..Student Counc1l..Honor Society..Housew1fe. LAURETTA ANN SCHAMING..nRedn..Commercial..nWhichu..Glee Club..Cheerleader.. Commercial C1ub..Newspaper Staff..To be a success in the future. KENNETH SHREFPLER..nIrvien..General..nI'l1 be darnedH..Football..Basketball.. Varsity Club..Body and fender repairman. qbl DALE EI:STEADMAN..WJackn..Vocational..uRrecisely or it's differentN..Student Council Governor..F.F.A..Basketball..Baseball..Hi-Y..Honor Society.. Agriculture Teacher. WILLIAM STEADMAN..nPeeween..General..nHow does thai strike you?N..Project1on Club..To work on second million lCan't make the firstij. DALE F. STRAWBRIDGE..nGunnern..Academic..uDarn that little blonden..Basket- ball..Baseball..Volleyball..Hi-Y..Varsity Club..Teacher. PHYLLIS THOMPSON..nPhyln..Commercia1..'Oh, Dearn..Gommercial Club..F.T.A.. Newspaper Staff..Secretary or Housewife. CARGL TITTEMORE..nSus1eu..Academ1c..nWowl I liken..Cheerleading..F.H.A.. Vo1leybal1..Operetta..Color Spectacular..Majorette..F.T.A..Junior Play..F.N.A Projection Club..Honor Society..Senior Play..District Chorus..Newspaper Staff Registered Nurse. VIVIAN ESTH R VAN CISE..Commercie1..nI don't have timen..Photography Club.. F.H.A. Commercial Club..Newspaper Staff..Yearbook Staff..Junior Play..Senior Play..Honor Society..Secretary. STEVE VUKMER..nStevien..General..uOh come on, be a good sportN..Hi-Y.. Baseball..Basketball..Volleyball. Senior Play..Football..Unknown. ALLEN WALLIS..nHot Rodn..Vocational..nOh, Brothern..F.F.A..Auto Mechanic MARIE WALLS..nRedn..Academic..uOh boy, big dealn..Volleyba1l..Cheerleader.. Color Spectacular..F.T.A..Junior P1ay..F.N.A..Project1on Club..Senior Play.. Newspaper Staff..Registered Nurse. i ARTHUR R. WLNTERS..nArtn..General..nPreciselyn..To be another Norman Rockwell SANDRA JEAN WISE..WSandyn..Vocational..NOM Gadsn..Senior Play..F.H.A.. Housewife. i K Q X - GRAD UATING CLASS ,A Y HARBOR LIGHTS Vi JUNIOR CLASS F Mrs, Lentz ROW 1: Judy Dempsey, Shirley Cook, Rita Larson, Norma Haggerty, Jane Gillette, Margaret Acel, Lee Hunter, Pat Kelly, Margaret Edminster, Betty Bromley, Mary McGurdy ROW 2: Larry Kerr, John Bucksbee, Don Hull, Charles Flagg, Floyd Brown, Janet Drake, Phyllis Bly: Bonnie Armstrong, Sandy Barton. ROW 3: Don Fowler, David Heth, Art McIntyre, James Darling, Frank Hart, Ken Ervin, Arnold Heth, George Ban- croft, Joseph Ervin. President. 0 0 e o e o 'Jack Ross Vice President...Dave Heth Secretary........Denny Wentz A Treasurer... ....Patty Kelly JUNIOR CLASS ,v. Mr. Boylan ROW 1: Beverly Willey, Nancy Sheets, Virginia Worley, Gwen Kerner, Wayne Fry, Marilyn Prusia, Alvera Sekel, Joanne Troutner, Delores Wyant, Loretta Vanderhoff. - ROW 2: Leroy Bradley, Sally Markley, Theda Patterson, Dennis Wentz, Lois Pond, Kathleen Shade, Jerry McKofka John Warner, Troy Muir, Jack Ross. ROW 3: Jack Sutton, Kenneth McE1haney, Linda Mason, Marilyn Seely, David Stocker, Kathleen Toohey, Gary Trout ner, Lance Phillips, William Welsh. N ROW lg.: Gordon Pratt, James Sullivan, Russell Smith, ,l' .,. SOPHOMORES Miss Mills ROW 1: Linda Hall, Eleanor Herlinger, Beverly Jackson, Lois Brown, Macie Humes, Emily Huff, Roberta Fry, Ariel Lobdell, Bertha Ehrhart, Carol Ghering, Louise Dille. ROW 2: Sandy Heath, Joyce Gillette, Marlene Grove, Yvonne Findlay, Maxine Sherlock, Jane MoCurdy, Darlene Baney, Dorothy Hancox, Joe Laskey, Dennis Hutchison. ROW 3: Larry Crispen, Norma Crawford, Ruth Larson, Dale Dunbar, James Ervin,'Edward Fleet, David Huff, James Langer, Kyle Strawbridge. ROW hz Roger Battin, Robert Burlingame, Charles Knapp, John Kanyuck, Dennis Kelly, Richard Alexander, Kenneth Doolittle, Frederick Antill. President........Ruth Wheelock Vice President...Dick Alexander Secretary........Terry Shorts Treasurer. e e e e e e .Mary schnell SOPHOMORES Mr. Durfee ROW 1: Barbara Mackie, Ruth Wheelodk, Marian Wallis, Mary Schnell, Catherine Spratt, Rowena Steadman, Linda Weingard, Iva Roberts, Judith Stocker, Elma Pattison, Barbara McPheters. ROW 2: Walter McIntyre, Donald Mosher, Terry Shorts, Monica Sekel, Ruth Thompson, Carolyn Sceandra, Lila Shoe maker, Louis Steadman, Bryon Reitz, John Moody, ROW 3: Leon Proper, Ronald Willis, Donald Wallis, Gene Saeger, Dennis Willison, James Resinger, Warren Proper, Scott Preston. ROW Ly: George Shoemaker, Dennis Smith, Bruce Marvin, Luciana Molli, Mike Thiess. FRESHMEN Mr. Murphy ROW 1: Beverly Hulings, Frances Kalkbrenner, Ann Himebaugh, Nancy Baker, Marian Kelly, Barbara Bently, Don Gilson, Ken Copeland, Denny Kerr, Joe Bradley, Gary Beebower. ROW 2: Juanita Higley, Shirley Fox, Barbara Knapp, Carol Boyer, Sally Infield, Betty Antill, Cecilia Graham, Bonnie Hall, Sara Kinser, Beverly Douglas, Vivian Laipple Gary Boyle. ROW 3: Diana Kaster, Jean Culbertson, Charlotte Jones, Dolores Kanyuck, Joyce Ann Bodamer, Romayne Hill, Carolyn Davis, Janet Nale, Geri Kerner, Donna Dupont, Jim Berlin, Harold Gillette. ROW hz Fred Herlinger, Jim Alexander, Keith Bancroft, Bob Foote, Ken Burlingame, Jim Cook, Larry Fosburgh, Russ Burge, Bob Crum, Joe Bury, Gary Abrams. Pres1dent........Wanda Lesh Vice President...Dolores Kanyuck Secretary..,,,,,,Romayne Hill Treasurer,,,,,,,,Carol Davis I ell FRESHMEN Mr. Sargent ROW 1: Elaine McE1haney, Sandra Molli, Pat Raybuck, Lenore Turner, Linda Vanderhoff, Karen Smith, Joyce Sager, Rose Schaming, Eleanor Young, Eleanor Shreffler, Barbara Norr. ROW 2: Dorothy Boyer, Marcia Van Cise, Norma Rice, Marilyn Van Cise, Jill Preston, Jean Sterling, Nancy Moody, Barbara Ross, Carole Sitterley, Lee Stanford, Mary Ellen Reynolds, Maxine Van Cise. ROW 3: Evelyn Snyder, Sandra Sansom, Joyce Lewis, Beverly Muir, Wanda Lesh, DeAn Werling, Betty Lou McCr11- lie, Charlotte O'Bagy, Lawrence McIntyre, Bob Shreffler, Ronald Parker. ROW 14: Jim Smith, Arnold Stewart, John Logsdon, Fred Welsh, Dick Mitcham, Sherman Newman, Gene Jackson, Bob Pa otnik, Arden Rice, Jack Preston, Wilson Wyant, Lynn Whitman. EIGHTH GRADE Mr. Wiestling ROW 1: Bonita Gawlinski, Nancy Foster, Marilyn Vander- hoff, Dianne Saulsgiver, Sandra Seeley, Pearl Shoemaker, Rose Mary Baron, Clova Burlingame, Lois Ralston, Jacquelyn Bode, Nancy Boyer, Lois Mickle. ROW 2: Bruce Holcomb, Robert Davison, Meredythe Pattison, Batty Corliss, Ruth Ann Hover, Kay Bechtel, Diane Barker, Dorothy Gillette, Rebecca Stewart, Edgar Phillips, Gordon Van Cise, Ronnie Smith, Gerald Saegar. ROW 3: Donald Shreffler, Lowell Hamilton, Kay Ervin, Carlton Sines, Danny Mallory, Richard Mackie, Lucille Jef- freys, Barbara Roberts, Edith Vergith, John Hulings, Earl Brown, Wayne Miller, Andrew Szinai. ROW L: Harold Reynolds, Ralph Walters, Thomas Burt, Robert Boyda, Douglas Mclntyre, Carl Graves, Melvin Las- key, Paul Mouck, David Hart, Ronald Hayden, Arden Muir, Bill Kinnear, Charles Maynard. President........Richard Mackie Secretary,,.,...,Patty Corliss Vice President...Nancy FOSCGP Treasurer........Gordon Van Cise EIGHTH GRADE Mrs. Murphy ROW 1: Frances Boyd, Sue Ellen Sheets, Sally Ann Brown, Mary Ruth Dwyer, Yvonne Hares, Patty Tarr, Sandra Bennett, Betty Lou Vergith, Virginia Rhoades, Carol Dailey, Linda Mailliard, Lily Callen, Shirley Woolstrum, Carol Shreffler. ROW 2: David Slawson, Faye Etta Stearns, Joyce Shreffler, Louise School, Nancy Carrier, Janet Hart, Roberta Pitt, Nancy Arters, Nancy McPheters, Virginia Moyer, Donna Mitcham, Karen O'Bagy. ROW 3: Tom Resinger, Francis Weingard, Robert Hamilton, Gordon Waid, Dennis Bradley, Jerry Peters, Larry Hill, James Baker, Theodore Houy, Joseph Brown, Edward Hasbrouck, Russell Baron, Larry Sippy, Eckerd Longstreth. ROW M: Donald Kitlinger, Irwin Crecraft, Edward Gillette, Carl Gawlinski, Jon Fowler, James Bucksbee, Wayne Hanes, Floyd Greathouse, Howard Ewing, Gary Drake, James Sagan, Charles Jouver, James McCurdy. President........Frances Boyd SeCPetary........Francis weingard Vice Pres1dent...Sue Ellen Sheets Treasurer... ....Larry Hill -1--vm ,eq - Q, . SEVENTH GRADE Mr. Mullen ROW l: Stella Gawlinski, Betty Foote, Kitty Kelly, Kathleen Hamilton, Elaine Doolittle, Gloria Hulings, Carol Hover, Darlene Beebower, Donna Beckwith, Ellen Gilson, Sandra Ewing, Ruth Fox, Raymond Hull ROW 2: John Hershberger, Fred Hasbrouck, Rowena Himebaugh, Donna Kalkbrenner, James Knapp, Gary Huff Richard Hayden, Walter Kelly, Harry Herlinger, Robert LaCaze, Joe Brenner, Larry Hutchison, Robert Alexander. I ROW 3: Albert Cleland, Barbara Grove, Nancy Brown, Sandra Findlay, Hazel Henton, Jack Daly, Eugene Crum, James Acel, Daniel Dempsey, Larry Barton, Larry Armstrong, Thomas Davenport. ROW hz Frances Culbertson, Shirley Acel, Carol Battin, Norma Cook, Shirley Bennett, Betty Geer, Richard Garnavish, Norman Cook, Richard Drake, Kenneth Daly, William Gray, Ronald Mitcham, Thomas Caldwell. President........Elaine Doolittle Secretary... ....R1chard Garnavish Vice President...Carol Battin Treasurer... ....Harry Herlinger SEVENTH GRADE L Mr. Berlin ROW 1: Barbara Maynard, Shirley Vergith, Nancy Slawson, Diane Spangler, Patty Moyer, Penny Phillips, Sheila Toohey, Virginia Sutton, Diane Smith, Marilyn Maynard, Florence Teed, Elaine Proper, Carole Moody. ROW 2: Jerry Wilson, Jim Sines, George Miller, Donna Wise Nancy Wilson, Pearl Winters, Judy Nuhfer, Elaine McLaren, Lois Pitt, Larry Westfall, Robert Lewis, Gerald Smith, ROW 3: Bruce Gibbons, Don Preston, Jerry Partridge, Douglas Liapple, Lynn Mallliard, Albert Rosenberg, Tom Wentz, Alan Wessell, Howard Vanderhoff, Blaine Steadman, Kenny Willison, Mary Sellen, Judy Whitmer. ROW M: Willis Proper, Jim Titus, Stanley Root, Arthur McE1haney, Robert Price, Terry Orwig, Philip Proper, Jim Willey, Ronald Sitterly, Forest Myers, William Shreffler, Maurice McClintock, Clair Norr. President........Lo1s Pitt Secretary........Judy Nuhfer Vice Pres1dent...Elaine McLaren Treasurer........Tom Wentz Y Q in Q v Yi' fs. Q E22 1 ! 1 ' -Q 5? , ' 1,33 42-A lm! fix Q ak :sinned Q 9-5, S as QPSJQ E STUDENT COUNCIL Mr. Boylan and Mr. Biemer Governor...........Dale Steadman Lt. Governor.......Joanne Troutner Treasurer..........Jack Ross Secretary.,,,,,,,,,Elaine Gilson The student Council is the student government of the school. A Governor and Lt. Governor are elected every spring by the student body of the Junior-Senior High, Each home room elects a representative giving the council a total number of 12 representatives plus the Governor and Lt, Governor The duty of the Council is to be a representative body to better the communication between the school faculty and the student body. The council also attempts to be of service to the school in any way the faculty or administration may see fit. During the year 1956-57, the council earned money by having an eating concession at each home football gave. As a service to the school,book covers were sold and pro- grams were distributed at each football game. The money earned was used to purchase two school bulletin boards now placed inthe upper hall of the high school. A set of chimes was also purchased to be used for introducing announcements over the P.A, system, ..1. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA MILTON EISENHOWER CLUB Miss Ludwig and Miss Mills Pre sident Bonnie Armstrong Vice President Barbara Mackie Secretary Lee Hunter Treasurer Jerry McKo1fka Librarian Denny Kelly Historian Eleanor Herlinger Song Leader Joyce Bodamer The purpose of the Future Teachers of America Organ- ization ie to promote interest among young people in the teaching profession and to give them the opportunity to explore their own abilities and interests in relation to the field of teaching. The first activity of the Milton Eisenhower Club was to renew its Charter affiliations with the P.S,E.A. and N.E.A. and to initiate new members. The major club activities this year consisted of observing and helping the elementary teachers. Other activities consisted of a trip to Clarion State Teachers College, Christmas and Valentine Parties, and partici- pating in the Regional F. T. A. Conference at Edinboro State Teachers College. FUTURE I-IOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Mrs, Ingraham President . . . . . . . . . . Theda Patterson Vice President......Shirley Geer Secretary...........Jan:Lce Rice Treasurer...........Joquetta Sansom Historian-Reporter..Virginia Worley Par-liamentarian. . . . .Cathleen Houy Song Leader,,,,,,,,.Dar1ene Baney The Future Homemakers of America is a national organization composed of girls who have completed one year of homemaking. The purpose of the organization is to promote the interest in careers in the field of Home Economics and to promote good home and family life for all. Our motto is, 'Toward New Horizonsn. During the school year the local chapter meets twice a month during Activity period. Our activities for the year were informal initiation, regional meeting, state meeting in Harrisburg, Senior Tea and Summer Conference at Pennsylvania State University in June. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Pres1dent......Dale Steadman Heporter...Raymond Jeffreys Vice President.George Bancroft Sentinal...Leon Proper Secretary......Dennis Wentz Chaplin....Anthony Katulick Tr6asurer......Paul Prusia Advisor....Mr. McGee In April, the chapter was given a 1952 International pickup truck by Harry Werling. They have made good use of it all year, and appreciate his kind generosity. On June 2, the chapter chartered a bus for a trip to Pittsburgh. They visited the Greater Pittsburgh Airport, Carnegie Museum, Highland Park Zoo, and later in the evening saw the Cinerama picture, uSBven Wonders of the World". Twenty-four head of purebred dairy animals were exhibited at the Crawford County Fair and Region Y F.F.A. Dairy Show by the chapter These animals were owned by ten boys from the organization. This chapter had eight of the thirteen head of cattle eligible for the state show. Five of these eight were entered. Bill Alexander took Grand Champion in the Jersey Breed and Dale Steadman was State Grand Champion Showman. During the Spring the chapter has sold vegetable seeds and onion plants to help finance the many F.F.A. activities. On May 7, George Bancroft was elected secretary of the Crawford County F.F.A. organization. FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA Mrs. Henry Pres1dent..,..,.. ...Marie Walls Vice President............Kathleen Toohey Secretary.............,...Caro1 Tittemore Corresponding Seoretary,..Sarah Bradley The F.N.A. provides a setting in which young people who are interested in nursing as a career can meet together to share that interest, to explore the opportunities and requirements in the field, to grow as individuals by work- ing together and to learn about com unity life in which they soon will participate as informed citizens and pos- sibly as nurses. HONOR SOCIETY Mr. Thorne President.......A11en Kanyuck Vice President..Bi11 Berlin Secretary.......Elaine Gilson Treasurer..,,..,Lee Hunter Reporter..,.....V1v1an Van Cise The Townville Chapter of the National Honor Society was formed in the Fall of 1956. Its purpose is to encourage Character, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service. Membership in the Honor Society depends upon maintaining a B average or above. In April, 1957, a formal induction ceremony was held in assembly to bring the new members into the organization ,YW ,4l.g.n,,, , , ,, COMMERCIAL CLUB Mrs. Miller Pres1dent,..,,..,Virginia DuPont Vice President...Lee Hunter Secretary........E1a1ne Gilson Treasurer......,.Judy Dempsey Game Leader......Mar1ene Doud Song Leader......E1a1ne Seeger The Commercial Club holds annually one or two rum- age and bake sales. The proceeds from these are used for an educational trip to offices, banks, business col- leges, and other points of interest. Parties are held occasionally for the members. This includes initiation a gift exchange at Chr1stmas,etc I Meetings are held in the week when the Group II Clubs part of the meeting has been singing usually conclude the Commercial Room every other meet. After the business taken care of, games or period. 1 NEWSPAPER STAFF Mrs. Miller Edit0I'oooooeuuoeooeoeE1-aj-ne Gil-son Circulation Ed. 0 Q o o 0 .Beverly Hayden Subscription Ed......Marlene Doud Art,Edit0I'ooeeeooeoeevivian van C158 Feature Editor.......Caro1ee Moyer Literary Editor......Mary McPheters Production Editors...Darlene Nale Lois Fosburgh Elaine Saeger Stencils.... ...,...Nancy Reynolds Virginia DuPont The Newspaper is published monthly by the members of the Commercial Department, The proceeds are used to buy equipment. This year we have purchased a Speed-o-scope, paid S100 towards the calculator, and are planning on purchasing a ten-key adding machine. VARSITY CILUB it Mr. Henry Row 1- Ken Boyer, Paul Prusia, Dale Strawbridge, Chet Kerr, Allan Kanyuck, Wayne Fowler, Daryl Lake, John Sullivan. Row 2- Mr. Henry, Charles Langer, Budd Dwyer, Norman Demspey, Ken Shreffler, Jimmie Darling, William Lemon, Bill Berlin, Vernon Mackie. , PROJECTION CLUB Mr. Biemer This group is made up of students from the ninth through the twelfth grades who are interested in audio- work. The club carries on the duties and responsibilities of projecting the educational motion pictures and other audio-visual aids in the classroom. There are no officers. We are members of the School Projectionist Club of America, with headquarters in Pennsylvania State University i CHORUS Mr. Rutherford This year found the Chorus busy with a variety of activities. The first public appearance was at the November P.T.A. meeting when the group co-operated with the first grade, elementary orchestra, and high school band in presenting a program entitled nMusic and the Chil Educationn. Christmas caroling has become an annual event for the Chorus. A sleigh ride had been planned in conjunction with the caroling but was cancelled due to a lack of snow. However, Linda Weingard invited the members to her home for refreshments. A good time was enjoyed by all. Several selections were sung to the High School during the Christmas assembly. In January, Carol Tittemore, Barbara Ross, and Floyd Brown represented Townville in the Northwest District Chorus at Cochranton. The Music Boosters furnished a bus to the Saturday evening concert and quited a number attended as spectators. March found the Chorus busy with a total of three concerts and innumerable rehearsals. The Randolph-East Mead and Townville schools combined for concerts. For the third concert the Chorus to the area church choirs and withthem gave a program of music during Lent. The Baccalaureate service in May brought to a close very successful year for the Townville Area Mixed Chorus played host religious a busy but d HIGH SCHOOL BAND Mr. Rutherford The thirty five members of the Band were the proud recipients of new uniforms this year. The uniforms are blue trousers with gold jackets. Performances were given at all the football games, and did a variety of humorous and entertaining half-time shows in addition to adding to the enthusiasm of the cheering section. A number of concerts were presented during the year. The first was an open-air concert given in Scheide Park in Titusville to help celebrate the Oil Festival. Another concert was given in Townville to give the public an opportunity to see the new uniforms. A P.T.A. meeting in October, several assemblies, and Commencement were other times the Band performed. Two highlights of the year were the combined concerts with Randolph-East Mead and the two with Cambridge Springs. In addition to marching for the football games the Band also marched in the Meadville Hallowe'en Parade and the Memorial Day Parades in Townville and Titusville. The Taylor Stand Community Building was rented for a party in the late fall. In February many members traveled to Girard tu hear the Northwest District Band in which Ruth Wheelock and Gary Beebower were participating. Looking back, 1956-57 can certainly be termed as both succesful and enjoyable. Y v, ,,,,h? -us-xv DRAMATICS CLUB Miss Mills Mr, Sargent Pres1dent......4Yvonne Findlay Vice Pres1dent.,Lou1se Dille Secretary...,.,,Mac1e Humea Treasurer.......Harold Gillette The Dramatics Club is a new-comer on the scene of extra-curricular activities at To nville High School Since the Club was formed in the fall of 1956, this is only the second year of organised activity, This year the Club is made up of members from grades 8-l0 who are interested in learning the art of performing before an audience. This year Charades were used to initiate the members into appearing before the groupg then several groups were formed, each to present a varied program. NATURE CLUB Mr. Murphy Pres1dent........Frank Hart Vice President . . .Sandy Heath Secretary,....,.,Russe11 Smith Treasurer........Joyce Gillette The club members have been participating in our meetings. We have had instruction on how to use a gun and how to use traps and set them. We talked about the colors and habits of birds and animals, A few movies were shown on different subjects. We sponsored a hunt- ing contest and gave a prize to the Person having the greatest number of oints. The prize of a hunting knife went to Frank Hart gaving thirty-three points. 'There can be no greatsmoke arise, but what there must be some fire." Q.- GAME CLUB Mw.MuNW The Game Club is a newly formed club this year for Seventh and Eighth Graders. The main purpose of it is to help them get better acquainted. The boys and girls bring their own games, but next year we expect to organ ize and have dues to buy our own. KNITTING CLUB Hrs. Murphy bP1'Ql1dQnt e e e e s e wlfling Vice Pres1dent..She11e Toohey sg erotlrye e e e e e er.-tty cO1'11ll Rlpllrtfre e e e e e e eD01'0thy The Knitting Club exhibited their knitting at the Fashion Show during the April P. T, A, Meeting. On March 19, 1957 our advisor, Hrs. Murphy, gave s demon- stration on washing end blocking our knitting. This yesr we made stoles, scarves, mittens, socks, pony tail hats, and sweaters, of which we are very proud. knit Uer motto is, 'Knitters never quit, and quitters never aur club colors, ere red and white. ACROBATIC CLUB Mrs. Kline The Acrobatic Club was organized for those students who were actively interested in stunts and tumbling. General objective of such a group are to develop skillful use of the body in co-ordination strength, balance and agility: to develop qualities that make for a better adjusted individual and to develop a spirit of play and appreciation for the recreational values of physical accomplishments. Emily Huff is President of the group and there are thirty students in the group. IUNIOR AGRICULTURE CLUB Mr. McGee President.......J1m Bucksbee Vice Preeident..Jim Barker Secretary.......B1a1ne Steadman Treasurer.......Arden Muir Reporter........Gordon Van Cise Sent1nal........Kay Ervin The Junior Agriculture Club is made up of boys of the seventh and eighth grades who are planning on taking the vocational course in high school. Many of them are starting junior projects, so that when they start taking agriculture they will be well started on their agricultural training. :union cuss PLAY A 3 i--f ll I NUTS T0 YOU '1' ':!"" FOOTBALL TEAM Mr. Henry Mr. Berlin Row 1- Butch Fowler, John Bucksbee, Jack Sutton, John Sullivan Lou Molli, Tony Katulich, Ray Jefferys, Paul Prusia, David Heth, Row 2- Mike Theiss, Bill Lemon, Don Fowler, Ken McElhaney, John Warner, Ken Shreffler Arnald Hath, Jim Darling, Steve Vukmer, Row 3- Jim Langer KManagerS, Jim Sullivan, Roy Bradley, Bill Berlin, Chuck Langer, Norm Dempsey, Chuck Flagg, Fred Herlinger, John Fowler, Daryl Lake manager! CHEERLEADERS Front to back- Elaine Gilson, Roberta Fry, Eleanor Herlinger, Kathleen Toohey, Marie Walls. - gl fi 5 Ei i 5 X , 2 Q X x if -w .. . Q i . 'M , A 1. ig - 525-,we Eff.-N5 M mf- - .gif Q2f'.. 1 - WFT ? - -1' fi. f' X X .. . i f f .. Q, 43, E . X X Q Q J .: x 5 Q X S Q .5 gg .5235 4.44: :Q . ' 'N x L N? 'E wr WWE . . Q? if X ,:.: . -wx, Ji- . fi f ,., A N. , gg. -Q - N xx .H 1 f ix. X.. J.. P Q.: f -ff .E Qfi' ,gf x 1 : iffy K -X fre, N Q . . ., . +L 2? fig 4 X. ww ... 5 Q2 k . .. X: ' iii ,gr f . S? 'f Y - .X mx . . .5 g , A. .Sf , Q sw W, 0 . . - Q 1 My .5 'Qi - Q ,A fix gf - 5' f ilififir Q Q 3 X Q - f' is X gf. I 1 -- ,, .. . . is . S . V . is X , ... .Q X 5 fs M .Q 'A ,F B2 ,gb .N X I U 17111 Row 1- Dave Stocker, Floyd Brown, Denny Wentz, George Bancroft, Jim Darling, Daryl Lake, Jim Langer. Row 2- Mr. Berlin KCoachJ, Bill Welsh, Lou Holley, Gene Saeger, Dick Alexander, Walter McIntyre, Don Hull, Warren Proper. CHEERLEADERS Mrs. Kline Linda Mason Kathleen Toohey J T t oanne rou n Emily Huff Alvera Sekel NIOR VA :gallon mon BASKETBALL :mx Le - ... aa W -lll""' Row 1- Jack Preston, Edward Gillette, Don Fowler, Fred Welsh, Bob F t K oo , eith Bancroft, Jim Smith, Buzz Baron, Row 2- Mr. Sargent, Gary Beebower lManagerD, Fred Herlinger, Carl Gawlineki, Jim Buckebee, Denny Bradley, Larry Hill, Jerry Peters, Jim Sinee, Harold Gillette, Don Gilson, Stanley Root, Howard Vanderhorf, Barry Herlinger CI-I EERLEADERS Hrs. Kline Shelia Toohey Romayne Hill J111 Preston DeAn lerling Patty Corlile Francis Boyd ww . -5' Q Wwk . ' I K , V ,, LLL-' YM if ' .. 'sf' f wii i ag . U .. "2 ff SA VA Q I M Q, i ,, g g - j 1 K. A E 4? F - LM ,bl -. A g 31313155 -X Q N ...., Q2 .L Xie . ,g ,QQ K . - K . "' M - ' N ' 3 ik a ' A -V W . X gr?'mQf1w-'Y . 'S W .N W Q ,-.-L A QLVQQQ SAN A W' 1 vw " ' - if-:Q K1 x z, + . at .X 1, 9 1: K if . - X - 2 xx Q U E X 2 X, rf g 5 -- Q Q - f1'k H - 'gag' ff-,af ' 5 i N13 .... j, -5: wr 2 R 'Q ' 5 Qaigigfl K Q x NL is t i X my f L5 A 43 V Q. . x V " - Sf? 5 . my x ai: K J K H ' h" I H 1 - QE, m. . X "SWA k Q 5 I L. ' L. N w ,Q 'J' 1 4. gi E: ,Q - V -- , ' Yih gx A , W-sv . 3 'W , ' g 1 - A -X-X- I mi 1 -haswww., L x Behind Every Success Business - Behind Personal Financial Security - There is One Basic Fact: SOMEONE AT SOMETIME SAVED ENOUGH TO MAKE THE START AND KEPT GOING. TITUSVILLE TRUST COMPANY TITUSVILLE, PA. Member of the F. D. I. C. YOUR FRIENDS THE SECOND NATIONAL BANK TITUSVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA r Federal Reserve stem D I. . DUNN STATIONERY AND SUPPLY CO. YOUR D WORLD'S NUMBER ONE TYPEWRITER Tlrusvms, PA. 01251 RADIO AND TELEVISION MeodviIIe's Only Complete Electronic Service All Work Guaranteed Telephone 56265 1012 Weller Sheet M dvll P I Thinking of Televisi - Think "SLYVANIA F WE ARE GLAD TO SEQVE YOLJQ INSUPANCE NEEDS FOI? FRIENDLY SERVICE , WRITE, CALL., OI? VISIT REMLEl?'SHUMAN S53 sown-4 MAIN STREET m MsAovu.m.a QUALITY 3,5939 cu.s:ANer:s s HOUR SEQVICE. 346 NORTH ds 209 ARCH S11 MEADvu..L.E , DA. Compnmems of CONGRATUATIONS CLASS OF '57 CURRY DRY CLEANERS Titusville, Pa. G. C. MURPHY to Graduates of T. C. H. S. Twmme ' Tues' 8' Fri' Compliments N of COMPANY A 8. P SUPER MARKET of Titusville, Pu. Timsvme' Pa' Confidential Loan Service CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '57 FENTON'S DAIRY Star Route Titusville, Po. Phone 3.6401 41" BRYAN HARDWARE, INC. Hardware Appliances Stoves Paints 8- Sporting Goods We give S 8 H Green Stamps Titusville, Pa. Phone 72271 'TElBsCll- Titusville, Penna. Furniture Jewelry Frigidaire Appliances C. L. SHCPENE, JEWELER Headquarters for Fine Watches Bulova, Omega, Girard Perreguax Titusville, Pa. Sloan Bros. Paint 8. Glass f f We 5. Q.- Wallpapers XSS Picture Framing Benjamin Moore, Dutch Boy Paints Kentile and Gold Seal Floor Coverings. 120 N. Franklin St. Titusville, Pa. PENN DRESS SHOP Specializing in Juniors and Graduation Dresses Titusville Pennsylvania Next to Penn Theater Howe General Tire Service "WALT" HOWE 324 S. Franklin St. Titusville, Pa. Telephone 3-7411 OUR BIG VOLUME AND CAQLOAD BUYING OF' Fl.IRNl'l'L.lF-BE AND APPLlAlxlCES SAVES YOLJ NAONEY El-LIS 'CARLOADH DAY Titusville, Pa. A FDlEND i Q PQ W MURDOCH'S FLOWER SHOP Titusville Pennsylvania Phone 7G'2l' FISHER 8. YOUNG BUILDER'S SUPPLIES "' ,- 1.1, ,- a-..-Q - ..L.,.., - QQ " fi One Board ora Trainload Tifusville Pennsylvan Congratulations Seniors Good Luck Juniors PAUL M. EDGAR JEWELER Guaranteed Watch and Clock Repairing Titusville Pennsylvania Advance Dry Cleaners and Shirt Laundry Phone 50-301 Titusville Meadville, P ROWE'S FLOWER SHOP AND GREENHOUSE 66 FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 515 East Spruce Sl'. SWAN SON'S of Tifusville, Wish Their Friends The Tawnville Seniors A Life of Happiness Compliments of WALLACE W. WEED SEILER FARM EQUIPMENT Allis-Chalmers 8' New Idea Farm Equipment Tt ll P yl v-.K TOWNVILLE RED 8I WHITE Cecile Powell Groceries, Meats and Frozen Foods DANIELS' FRAME SHOP Custom Framing, Pictures, Prints and Art Supplies 958 Market Street Meadville Pennsylvania Telephone No. 46-241 Alwoys o Friendly Welcome BEPTTRAM 'S ESSO Service and Restaurant HOME-COOKED MEALS Junction of Rts. 77 and 408 Townville, Pa. BOB'S HOME RADIO Pianos 8. Organs by Wurlitzer G. E. Appliances Magnavox Radio, Phono. and TV 283 Chestnut St. Meadville, Pa. HILLTS if M EADVI I-L15 , IDA. SCI-Icom.. Q OFFICE FURNITURE TYPEWRITER Q ADDING MACHINES THE TRIBUNE-REPUBLICAN Complete Country News Coverage THE TRIBUNE PUBLISHING CQ. Meadville, Pa. Success to You Seniors Compliments of DAVISON'S DAIRY STORE General Seoltest lce Cream 613 State St. Meadville, Pa. VVI QTJS Two onus STORES E45 CI-IESTNLIT ST. ole N. MAIN ST. 5 REGISTERED PHARMACISTS 0 DPUG5 ' LLJNCHEONETTE 0 SLJNDPIES 0 COSMETICS .,. EDDIES GARAGE Q 'uf wv 5I'ff.,, to nova 'rownvn.n.z, PA. on-sou: assa Hugh Jones Shoe Store Uuahty Footwear IQI West Spring St. PAINT 8: GLASS COMPANY Tjwsyjjfe, Pd- ees MARKET s'r. O Pr-con MEADVILLE. PA. VVI L,L,IS Lf. ARNOLD if i T' 58's X Wg' X DXTIU S Phone 3295 Townville, Pa. Ph Townville 3433 MILTON RIEDE School 8. Industrial Plumbing 8. Heating Contracto Free Estimates GILLETTE AND SMITH LUMBER BUILDING SUPPLIES Phone 3285 1' ll r yl Townville, Pa. X lv STANTON ' I? ND iii, Z0 POQTQAIT ' COMMERCIAL IDI-I CDTCDGIQAPHY 643 MARKET 51: MEAovii.i.E,PA A AVISCO VISCO Avisco is a symbol of quality wherever it appears, It means that a product tagged with the Avisco symbol has been manufactured to meet the high standards set by American Vis- cose Corporation. In wearing apparel, in carpeting, in home furnishing fabrics and in cel- Iophane, the Avisco Integrity Tag and the Avisca Label is the customer's as- surance that the product will meet the highest standards of performance AMERICAN VISCOSE CORPORATION Meodville, Pennsylvania BOB COUGI-IENOUQ l NIC . NIEAXCDVILLE , DA. AL'S CLOTHES SHOP Choose Your Graduation Clothes from Famous Brands Meadville, Pa. Compliments of 280 Chestnut St. Meadville, Pa. Phone 34-431 It costs no more at THE CRAWFORD STORE Meodville, Pa. With quality and fashion assured l2zoB1NSoN's INC. Wall Paper-Point--Window Shades 225 West Spring Street Titusville Pennsylvania MEADVILLE CO-OP ff?-NW 191 Mercer Street Phone 26-591 Meadville, Pa. GASE ROOFING AND C0"'P'ime"'S of 5p0UTlNG CRAWFORD COUNTY For o Hole in your Root Or a Whole New Root Mudville, Pa. Aluminum Combination Storm Windows 8. Doors Telephone 28-532 743 Garden Street Meadville, Pa d h f In flat springs cAN'ro -room. cons: M:-:Aovn.u.a , PA. I-EINIVPLLTOP TOWNVILLE ELECTRIC GENERAL QADIO-TA SA 555525 Xu raiiiizireiosr TITUSVILLE STAQ QT. C. J. HOLCOMB CARDENTER S GENERAL STORE Groceries ' X X "5f G 1 ' ' - Merchond X 1, J L PhLifflL-rl-Cooler 2:88 I - X ' 1 KANYLJ CK APC!-I I-IAN NA Eg-gCi1'9'C L ANCE n-aAnowAnz COMDAW Soles-Service and Motor Repair LEONARD MTORREY F FdC F'I' C Sd lla REX BALKER ,S BARBER Sl-IOP 1 f W , A .welll .N 1. 1'ovvNvlL.1.E ' XF' Y' DA. 1' f W T" :fi jg U1 I RAYBUCK 45 SON GA PAGE Ofticiol Inspection Station Atlantic Gas8fOiI General Repairing Phone 2891 Townville, Po. Protect Our Forests From Hozords Treot Them As A Crop LUPHER SAWMILL Compliments Best Wishes tooihe Senior Closs JOHN -Log'-IRYCCK 1957 COMPANY Most Compctfeldltlicilrtiilg Furnishers The Finest in Portraiture since '875 281 North Street Meadville, Pa. 5UTTER'S Home p,,,.,,isg,5,,gs HOWARD ACCORDION 964 PARK AVE. Meadville, Pa. The Home of Westinghouse Appliances Living Room Furniture Bed Room Furniture Carpets Bedding. Lamps Chrome Dinettes 374 North Sr. Meodville, Po. Phone 53-363 Accordion Rentols - Soles ond Instructions Sales and Instructions for Guitar, Violin, Piano, Hawaiian Steel Guitar, Spanish Guitar and Trumpet. PENN MUSIC SERVICE "Music For All Occasions" COIN OPERATED AMUSEMENT DEVICES 220 Arch Street Meadville, Po. Dial 37-471 VAN CISE STORE Groceries - Meats - Hardware ESSO Gasoline ond Oil Phone Townville 3229 Tryonville Pennsylvania Compliments of CENTRAL GARAGE RALSTON'S Harry Werling, Owner GENERAL STORE Keystone Gas and Oil Phone 3735 Tires -Tubes - Accessories Tmy cane" Pa' phone 2853 "Your Friendly Neighborhood Store" ll Pennsylvania VVINEL.AND'S S31 NIAFQKET ST Pl-I 35-SH FQIGIDAIFQE + VVI-IITE + YOLJNGSTOVVN I RON I? ITE + GENERAL EL.ECTF2IC. + EASY HAMILTON + MAGIC Cl--IEF + ZENITI-I SALES + SERVICE I MERCER g'1j'v5 I SPRWG 8' W'RE Il' KANYUCK BEAUTY COMPANY Q 3 SHOP T n P yI E, ..'-. w Tryonville 2 Q-" , BEST wus:-:Es TO TI-IE SEELEYS GARAGE CL-A55 OF, -57 General Auto Repairing -Towing ' one 2081 Townville, Po. G E N W' NAEADVI I.L.E Amy BAG NICHOLS AUTO SALES S AN D ERVQCQ' Q Dan TRYONVILLE PHONE 2I55 J ESSE FI BARKER I-IAFZDWAQE PLUMBING ROOF! NG 314 5. FRANKLIN! sv. 1-u'rL.15vu.a.E, QA. JAN N CT Mmewzze em seam eww E L I C SSTAIDAIDU PHONE- 599:54 S ALES S5556 CCINITRACTINIG SEZVQQE SERV ca. 24 , . 1 'AV-Z .PAR BAEADVILLE, PA. " 'Q X ELDRED5 COYAN-'GREEN G 'iC'3T, PHARMACY 5 5::Tz2izm:zcfNi E35 META1.wA-Ra - RAZOF25 MEADVILLE, QA. 270 C4-IESTNLIT' STIQEET P4-1.2!-GOI MEADVILLE Coon.e:v n-aAnowAne. GENERAL. HAQDWAQE c:LAnQ QAQLINE DUPONT LITTLE. co-QLEY, PA. VAN TU I L m-novo SUPPLIES MEADVI LLE 5 ONLY EXCLUSIVE PHOTO STOFQE 343 MAQKET ST. Ps-125-amz NAEADVILLE, PA. BLOOMING VALLEY LUMBER CO. R.D.3 Meadvill e, Pa. Q e 1 Q ua 1 5-:AT A1- M EE M QESTAURANT BQT1-1.51: GAS SEQVKLE 'NLEPQSI AQ'-Jh1SH.E5, TQACV 5 -f DAYS A WEEK HAR DWARE' 'ff' A'A A S' "A'S"' S S ' APDLIANC ES ,F?HQNli 611313 "7"' Y' f 'H QICEVILLE COQNEQS MF- Sf l ,549 '-.l-L kERR'S GROCERY FQESI-I F'F1'L.JlT VEGETABLES E MEAT5 1-::Ac:Y'S RESTAUQAN-r 24 I-IOLJFZ SEQVICE Z!-4-I LJNITED TQADING STAMPS X1 CHAPMANVILLE S fx S CENTERVN-I-E' SEWING MACHINES HAPDWAQE Sweeper: Repmns FADM SUPPLIES GEORGE BOWES ADDUANCES pl-QOTANE GAS 752,-,GQ7':f25N ST- s.uMBsr-2 7 Refreshing remembrance T A' M 17 e Q I DRINK ON NS DAL.E'S QF-' 1, l.ADur-is WEAR :masses TITUSVI L.l.E Accessomrzs Lnmcsnna SPOQTVVEAFQ I4-B W. SPRING ST PH. 37-BB! ZDARKO'S SUPER DUPER ROSS AND COX F. H. DESHNER, JEWELER J. COLEMAN SMITH ADDIE WAY GIFT SHOP SERRINS AUTO PARTS COPELAND'S SERVICE STATION RUMZIE FURNITURE RALPH COHEN J. L. LOCKE, JEWELER R k S DRESS SHOP COBURN BAKE SHOP TITUSVILLE BARGAIN STORE BURNISONS SHOE STORE 5 1 i ,,. w , yn V ., .... .., X, ,, , Y V 1- - - -:I : .5 - '--,rg ,Q , , Y V A .4 JQV1, .V 5 -' 1 54 , 2 .. fn x 51- -. J - 1.1 Q . ,, '5gie.,.'- sr.. il -.V - . .,.N-.4Jf,. :X rw . ."f:,- - Q , - Q., V- V -ky , , . , .,, . -g5.:,f.g-f -..'v'.V ' if . ---A .. I f-411:32 v"' Y' ' " --v ' ' ...xg-.-t' .,' ' Y: yi N,-,,.',,-. X. . J 'E V 1- .- 5. - inf ff.. an-W xr 5 -4- Q J ' Y' H' V x , ,-F.: . ', viillrx - - 19 , 3 . , A iff '-""'13'-f' fc -VY J . Wy... ,.,.., ,HN , , f -'neuf-53-77" ""L,i!. 'T V - A ' ' '1 . r -::1?.'5f'i"5' 1: 'T' 1 .sffjf .. 1:1-1 51, 7' ' 'fiff-.7'.+32' . "Q" 'E - .- " - '--- lf.. --:.L'JL.,.:"4- J, '?': 4 - ' ,, ' 'rxzl ': wg -' 1 - . -. - 'V fl-iz' L , ., .3qj1,15Af 1 ' "Q Nu ,F . j.:-' ., 3, J. 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