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A wx X, vi 7 1 QA , , 1--. fl! LX WM "?5:kw:A--95? 5' Q fxyf Ng 1 LG ff! JA 1 Hx X xx X x W ,i f If ,gf 'J X gk ,757 XJ kj' Elf, ' ,ff ' Xfff 1 A L N45-z. , X .-.9 ff x' X fl 19221231 ,V mx X 1 5 -M" k xxixx .,,, ee . 4 fn 331 N ff' 5 'f . "' Q N I .I ,G , f f 2,1 kg ' .QR MJ' V, ,Af M My Xa: ff X 1' x X J "?'i9fie1smu:zoez1:esx:1e:1: l '- .7' 'R H xy H Xx X X X, ,N i N 'x N wx X ,Zvi X .xx ,df xx N 1 1 I f R L2 fi-,1"" 'X JK 1115 - Q bmw M x"x'w-Mfg" J 2' .V Iilfk xi? U P R E 5 E NTI NG E- o 11-as vsnsusoou surf ownvn.u..s mal-l sci-noon. 1-owNvn.n.::, Pr:uNsYa.vAmA gl CONTENTS ff- DEDICATIQN X ADMINISTRATION SENIORS 5 UNDERCLASSMEN Acnvrrlcs ATHLETICS ADVERTISEMENTS l .iii .. P' A III122IFIIIIIHZIZHIIHIIIIZIIII 'EfEE:3" N Umwmif DE-:DlcA'rloN The 'Eagle' is the official emblem of the United St t a es. To the Roman Empire it expressed confidence of victory. The Old and New test- aments correspond to the out-spread wings of the eagle. Townville High School has used the eagle as a symbol for many years and to ua it means strength, power, end victory. We,therefore,proud1y dedicate this yearbook, Memories of 1955, to the 'Eagle' and all these qualities for which it stands. The students of today's schools are living in the Atomic Age, which means that they must be equipped as fully as possible both physically and mentally, to meet the demands of adult life. It is our sincere wlsh that our stu- dents will go forth from this school to ced individuals in an increasingly complex society. in Fred W. Herlinger - Supervising Principal ll take their places ably and well, as balan- Q ADMINISTD ON 1? Secretaries: Dorothy Wheelock Betty Jo Featherstone To the Seniors of 1955 As your high school days be- come memories you are to be congrat- ulated for a task well done. We feel that your acheivements reflect credit not only on yourselves but also on your families and your com unity. Your future accomplishments will enhance the high esteem in which you are held by-those who know you and work with you. We wish each of you success and happiness. 1,2 Bertrand R. Hover - Principal Boa a' of Edu afbn A First Row: Clarence Moore, Bell Townley, Carl Durfee, Dorothy Beebover, Lee Bradley, Ralph Irons, Arthur Canfield Second Row: Paul Gillette, Edward Hamilton, Kenneth Bechtel, John Galford, Forrest Smith, Joseph Mason, Alden Past,Bert Dunbar Third Row: Neldon Wheelock, George Strawbrldge, Archie Lingo, Glenn Mlckle, Alex Crawford, Frank Dllle, Dale Mumford, Melvin Sitterly, Clyde Shadle, Gerald Sager Officers President ----------- ---Dale Mumford Secretaryw- ------ ---Carl Durfee Vice Presldent-- ------- Gerald Sager Treasurer ----------- Lawrence Madden Mr. Biemer Science Health Mr. Mason English Latin Mr. Durfee Science History Mr. Mullen Art X Mr. Berlin S History Phys. Ed. X Mr. McGee Agriculture Mr. Henry Driver Ed. Phys o e Mr. Rutherford Music Tfle Faculty 0555 ji' Q l Surf-' 'il I PP Mrs. Crawford Home Economics Mrs. Miller Commercial X 3 Miss Doherty Math Mrs. Kalfayan Mrs. Lentz English Jr. Hi English History M N Miss Mills History Mr. Wlssinger Industrial Art ..-3 Mr. Sargent POOODO Geography History N I If X Mrs. Henry Nurse Mrs. Wilstead Math ' Gen. Business Cuff bf ' Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Thelma Kerr Gertrude Genhart Ruby Moody Jessie Agens Pauline Lingo Virginia Root Jennie Kalkbrenner 2 N 'f a x in. lllld ' Q l , ,J , , . ,,, 1 'nf anti' cllool Ba D Wen Athens Plum Steuben Joe Aversa Howard Alexander John Van Clse Alfred Bunce Pauline LORCF Harold Van Cise Roland Tlttemore Howard PFOPCF Dan Werling Lewis Russell Troy Richmond Willis Arnold gfasfowbns Royden Carpenter Wayne Danforth Tony Ferraro Allen Galford George Tomer Carl Bly Harry Burchard Raymond Ghering Clarence Moore Charles Hull Milton Livermore N Mr. Bowyer Mr. Steadman Mr. Danforth , W . xi . . xxx sg. mx 'fssva 'hi Q M Q .fembrs l Sembrs DONNA ARMSTRONG....Commercia1...fWe11, how about thatY...Commerc1a1 Club 3 A '0'0Breeze staff 33LL0000F0H0A0 2339,-l-30uooYI'bk I-I-onoocperetta 2,3onus Jr: P1ay....Chorus 2,3....Stenographer WILLIAM BARTON....Bi11....Academic...fHow do you like thatf...Sr. P1ay.... Engineer or Air Force KEITH BECHTEL....Vocationa1...:Censored??Y.F.F.A...2,3,h....Be a millionaire LEONA BEERS....Lee....Commercia1...1For pete's sakeY...Commercia1 Club 3,h, ....Breeze Staff h....Chorus 3....Secretary JOYCE BERTRAM... Academ1c...fOh, definite1y:2.F.H.A. 2,3,h....Chorus 2,3,h ....Operetta 2,3,h....Jr. 8 Sr. P1ay....Nurse PATRICIA BOSSARD....Pat....Commercial...YI'11 never te11?...Commercia1 Club 3,h....Breeze Staff 3,h....F.H.A. 2....Air1ine Stewardess ALBERT BOWYER....Commercia1..f1Ho1y CowI2..Commerc1a1 Club 3,M....Secretary DONALD BROWN....Don....Academ1c....Sr. P1ay....ChemIst BONITA BURLINGAME....Bonnie....Commerc1a1...fAre you sure?f...Commercia1 C1uh.3,M ....F.H.A. 2....Operetta 2.3....Gir1s Chorus 2,3....Secretary ,3'-.- 1 . A . I gf- uWm'L - f'- QU' ' ? vs V '- .1 J I w 'Q- uf ...M Q m ix , ,. ,. KX , 5 x S A X v jQ?f,,fQ?': 5 ' 3' Q 1, S X N' s V . V X It 7 if Q 'X- ?"1': g ' K ' .Y V4 Q'SV,,-X , -n X bf -. en brs PHILIP BURNS....Phil....Academic....Drop dead....Baseba1l 2,3,h....Basketbal1 no 0 0 .Marines NORMAN DEMMBR....Academic....And so, there you are....Baseball 2,3,h.... Operetta 2,3,h....Chorus 2,3,h....Basketba11 Mgr. 3....Music Teacher PATRICIA DEMPSEY....Pat....Commercial....'Heavensn....CommercIal Club 3,M ....F.H.A. 2,3,h....Chorus 2,3,h....Operetta 2,3....Homemaker RUSSELL DOUD....Russ....Academlc....Say, it ls....Jr. Play....Sr. Play.... Operetta 2,3,.... Basketball 2,3,h....Professional Hobo JOAN DRAKE....nJon....Vocatlona1....Gee Whiz....F.H.A. 2,3,h....Student Council 3,h....Yearbook h....Commercia1 Club 3,M....Breeze Staff 3,h Camera Club h....Child Nurse or Typist DOROTHY ELLIOTT....Dottle....Commerc1al....Hey, buddy....Commercial Club 3,h ....Breeze Staff 3,h....F.H.A. 2,3,h....Operetta 2,3....Chorus 2,3,h.... Cheerleader 3,h....Homemaker ROooenACadCmiCooooShape upooooFoHoAo 2,14-neue Chorus 2,3,h....Operetta 2,3,h....Jr. 6 Sr. Play....Music Education Teacher ROBERT GILLETTE....Bob....Academic....Anything will do....Basketba11 2,3,h ....Baseba1l 2,3,M....Vo1leyhal1 2,3,h....Flour sifter In a donut factory VIRGINIA GILSON....Ginger....Commerc1al....Heavens noll....Commercial Club 3,1-l.ooloYeaI'bO0k M-CIIOFOHIAO Booooareeze 33,-Loooosenior Playoooo Secretary fff Z? I 'g-,f Q ., I as ::fcNN 3 .fgi 9"-f "ri" 455' ' ? i?Wv 1 - -- ' X A. f I nf' Q dur ' 5-vxuxs' Sembrs LOIS HALSEY ...Commercial...YHoly MatrimOnyY...Commerclal Club 3,h....Breeze Staff 3,h....Yearbook 3,h-.--F.H.A. 2,3,h....Livestock Queen 3....G1enn's wife CHARLES HART....chucR... Vocational ...YDQ you now?f...F.F.A. 2,3,h....Be a Millionaire SHIRLEY HELLEM....Sk1p....Vocationa1...ZHo1y catfish and little snatchhooksn ....Chorus 2,3....Breeze Staff 3....Child Nurse HAROLD HIGBY....Hig....Vocatlona1...:I'll be aarned1.F JEAN HOLCOMB.qn.J88H18....COmm8PC181Oaa:0h, neavensf.. ....Breeze Staff 3,h....Yearbook h,....Cheerleader RONALD HUFF....Ronnle....Vocationa1...:They just don't .F.A. 2,3,h....Teacher Commercial Club 3,h 2,3,uooaoSfo Play make that klndf... Hi-Y h....Basketba11 2,3,h....Baseball 2,3,h....Barber ALMA HULL....Commercla1...:Oh, heavensf...COmmercial Club 3,h....Breeze Staff 3,h....Secretary DOROTHY uuMEs....Dot....Acaaem1c...Tsnape upY...F.H A. osncNur8!ng 2,3,h....Chorus 2,3 RICHARD HUMES....Dlck....Vocational..f2What's it to you?f...F.F.A. 2,3,h.... Farm Machine Salesman Af me F I JQ. ,J ll zisiiim I ...MI ,5- X Q: .ai-Q ' X ...-Q. F . in sf .wal . .. 4- Nv- .Yembrs PHYLKIS JENNINGSqeoaVUCati0na1 6 Academic...fOh, fidd1e:acaoFoHoAluoecaCh0ru8 oocnNUfSe CALVIN KANYUCK....Ca1....Vocationa1...fDon't say,do youY...F.F.A. 2,3,h... Chorus 2,3,uoouoHi'Y uaoeuopereta 2,3,M..Baseba11 u,occoJrl Play.-.. Staying Single EDWIN KANYUCK....Ed....Academic..f1You knowY...Breeze Staff 3....Basketha11 2,3,uooouBa3eba11 uoooovolleyball 2,3,usooaHi'Y u......Jr. 6 Sr: Play uuecoperetta 3o0eoB0yS Ch0rusnaesEnQin2er if PATRICIA MARVINeaqoPatoqqgC0m ercialoco:Why?eoaocommefCia1 Club 3,uelloFoHoAo 2,3,h....Breeze Staff M....Vo11ey ball 2,3,h....Secretary THOMAS MCELHANEY....Tom....Commercia1...1Gee Whizf...Commercia1 Club 2,h.... Breeze Staff 3,h....Accountant ROBERT McENTIRE....Bob....Academic...fLet's see nowf...Mechanic REGIS O'NEILLcnoepataoeov0Cati0na1nQq1Hi, MatieTooeFoFeAo 3,M....Photography Club M....Dairy Specialist DONALD RALMERQQQoD0nooolvccationaloaatwell, thats the way life g0esYureFoFoAo 2,3,M....Married Farmer MERLEEN REYNOLDS.....Commercia1...fGodfreyf...Commercia1 Club h.... Breeze Staff h....Chorus h....Secretary or Nursing 1 K T C B J 1 3? , lj 'fl an Q NAOMI REYNOLDS Nurse EVA ROBBINS Breeze Typist and JOANNE ROBERTS Chorus Seniors Academic .You know itf Orchestra M Chorus 2 3 . Boots Commercial I alnlt about to Commercial Club 3 A Staff 3 A . Yearbook 3 M Jr. Play Volley ball 2,3,h Bookkeeper Commercial Commercial Club 3 M Breeze Staff 3 M 2 3 Secretary or Housewife JACK SEELY Academic I suppose so Alr Force ROY SHADE Vocational Go on home F F A 3 M . Marines SHIRLEY SHADLE General Holy Cow Commercial Club M Chorus 2,3 Sr Play Housewife HARRY SHARP Bud Vocational Howdy A M Rodeo rider in South America 10 KARL SLONAKER General Hey, you know somethin Commercial Club 3 A Hi Y U F A Baseball Jr Play Chorus 2,3 Engineer JACK STEADMAN Vocational Alrighty F F A 3 A Chorus 2 Carpenter ,I xx. 0 H I llll ll! ll! Illl , l l N n ill' llll llll llll Q Ill. , ll l , llll llll lllhlollll llll , llll Q llll , llll N an Olll llll llll " N llll llll llll I l O , O ll n llll llll llll llll llll l llll ss llll Olll llll :'lllFlFU l llll IS llll Gill lllll , llll - llllFl l l 2,3llll ullll l llll llll UI QI llll llll Ill! O Q l , llll llll i 1, ' nf! ai "C 1 Yeahs GEORGE STRAWBRIDGE....George....Commercial...."Ohl GoshlY...Commerc1al Club 3,h....Chorus 2,3....Own and operate a restaurant MINNIE PEARL sTRoUP....commer-cial...'1we112'1...c0mmerc1a1 Club ll..-..BI'8CZC Staff M....Housewife WILLARD SUTTON....Blll....Vocational...:That's a rare oneY...F.F.A. 2,3,Lp ....Student Council h....Hl-Y h....Chorus 2,3,h....Successful Farmer and Lawyer MARGARET TROUTNER. . . .Peg . . . .Academic . . .1'Oh, boshf. . .Chorus 2,3,ll. . . .Cheer- leader 2,3,h....Jr. Play....Operetta 2,3,h....F.H.A. 2,3,M....Valentine Queen 2....Volleyball 2,3,b....Reglstered Nurse GEORGE VUKMER....HJr.n....Academlc...fDirty birdf...Governor of Student Council ll....Br-eeze Staff' 2,3....Chorus 2,3....Jr. Play....Operetta 2,3 ....Baseball 2,3,h....Basketbal1 2,3,h....Volleyba11 2,3,h....Hi-Y M ooeoDOCtOr GRANT wA1.Ls....Acaaem1c...l'Defm1ne1y'f..H1-y Lt....Baske+.ba11 3....vo11ey- ball 2,3,h....Operetta 2,3....Jr. A Sr. P1ay....Career in Army EVELYN WHITMER....Commercial...:Oh,Boy'J...Commercia1 Club l4.....Secretary 5 ..a. . e W ,. Kwai- I I ?.191fl"f'ff5f! REQ, ' fiiak an Nu nf. X V1 w'f . ' ' ,1 S s , X . Sembr C74 s Poem As out into the world of trial we go, Our steps are light, but very slow. But give us time and we'1l begin, To pick up our threads and start again. We march to our destlnies from old Townville Hl, with hope in our hearts and our heads held high. The doors are thrown open and we pass through, with Pilgrlm's steps and hearts so true. We'1l not look for riches nor glowing fame, But only the richest of morals to gain. When life's road gets rough, as sometimes it may, We'l1 trust in our hearts and tomorrow will repay And all we can say, along with this, ls, Our 'Alma Mater" we'll certainly miss! Peg Troutner L74 5 lillvfo y As our Senior year draws to a close, we think of all the wonderful times we had getting where we are today amdrour minds drift back to: September, 1951-If you had visited the Townvllle Fair you would have seen a most sorry sight. A funeral procession marched solemnly along. If you looked closely at the coffin you would have recognized, Miss Dorothy Elliott, for this was none other than the Freshman Float. And who were these crazy Freshman? Yours truly, of course. We won second prize on our float that year. Class Officers were: k"'rx President -------- Dorothy Elliott Secretary ----- Eva Robbins Vice President---Norman Demmer Treasurer ----- Joanne Roberts Advisor ------- ---Mr. Mason ,,...,f September, 1952-Spphomores and weren't we great! This was election year and we had as our float, nReglster to vote.N We were privileged to have both Republican and Democratic candidates with us. Cin the form of class members, of course., This won for us flrst prize. Ourcandldatesfor king and queen were Jim Lupher and Delores Thompson. Jim brought us honor by being crowned king. Class Officers were: President ----------- -George Vukmer Secretary ---------- Norman Demmer Vice President-------Edwin Kanyuck Treasurer ---------- Jim Lupher Class Advisors ------- Mrs. Miller and Mr. Buchan September,l953-A prosperous looking Junior class made even larger by students from Athens township, arrived at Townville Hi. We were raring to go. We got right to work. Some of our several money making projects were: scrap drive, taffy selling, peanut sale, movies, etc. Our play nBolts and Nutsn was presented on April 9, 195k under the dlrectionof Mr. Mason. On May ll, 195k we journeyed to Kerrls Town and Country Restaurant for our Banquet. The theme for both our Prom and Banquet was nMoonllght and Roses.n Our Prom was held on May 21, l9Sh. We danced to the Music of Dick Hagerls Orchestra. Lois Halsey brought honor to our school and our class when she was elected Northwestern Pennsylvania Livestock Queen. Class Officers were: ,!,--,,1 President ------------ George Vukmer Secretary --------- Eva Robbins Vice President--- ---- Russell Doud Treasurer -------- -Jean Holcomb Class Advisors ------ fMQl Durfee and Mr. Wlestllng September, 195k-Seniors at Last! We held our Senior play, 'Light that Fusen, on November 12, l95h. Several of our classmates attended the Farm Show and Bill Sutton received the Keystone Farmer Degree. Our Senior trip, held in the spring of 1955, was enjoyed by all. The Juniors gave us a very nice Prom and Banquet on May 13. May 22 was Baccalaureate. On May 26 we received our diplomas, ending our high school career. Class Officers were: President ------------- Harold Higby Secretary --------- Eva Robbins Vice President -------- Russell Doud Treasurer --------- Phyllis Jennings Class Advisors -------- Mrs. Miller and Mr. Mason Cla W17l This twenty-sixth day of May, we, the Graduating Class of Nineteen Hundred and Fifty-five of Townville Consolidated High School, State of Pennsylvania, being of sound mind, memory, and understanding, do hereby draw up and publish our late will and testament. X To the Faculty we leave peace and quiet. To the Juniors, we leave two fine home-room teachers. To the Sophomores, we leave the self-assurance of a senior. To Mr. Hover we will a carton of seafood, he loves lt. I, Donald Palmer, will my haircut to Mr. Wisslnger. I, Jack Steadman, will my height to Mr. Mullen. I, Roy Shade, will my curls to Mr. Mason. I, Margaret Troutner, leave and take my sense of humor wlth me. I, Kelth Bechtel, leave but do not will anything to anybody. l, George Vukmer, will my crazy halrcuts to Dlck Stalnbrook. I, Harry Sharp, bequeathe my ablllty to get into trouble to Neal Ray. I, Regls O'Nelll, will my ability to get along with Mrs. Lentz to everyone. I, Albert Bowyer, will my typewriter to Harold Thomas. I, Norman Demmer, leave my ability to flirt with girls to Dennis Smith. I, Joanne Roberts, leave my place in the commercial room to Lee Archer. I, Pat Dempsey, leave my motto, none man onlynto Shirley Geer. I, Dorothy Elliott, leave my 'honeyn to Lols Fosburgh. I, Jean Holcomb , leave my ability to wear a ring on a chain to Cippy Hamilton I, Eva Robbins, will my editorship of "Memories" to Bruce Carpenter. I, Bonnie Burlingame, leave my blond halr to Kathleen Toohey. I, Mlnnle Stroup, will my bookeeping to Katherine Sagan. I, Alma Hull, will my quietness to Barbara Keyes.. I, Leona Beers, leave my Christian Dior look to Donna Sagan. I, Betty Ro Gillette, leave my natural red hair to Jeannie Phelps. I, Naomi Reynolds, leave my bashfulness to Madge Myers. I, Grant Walls, leave my ablllty to sleep ln class to Vlrglnla DuPont I, Joyce Bertram, leave my ability to sing to Mr. McGee. I, Shirley Shadle, will my long hair to Saundra Dempsey. I, Phil Burns, will my freckles and bashfulness to Gall Barton, I, George Strawbrldge, will my seat in Mrs. Miller's room to anyone. I, Jack Seely, will my broken guitar strings and picks to Jerry Hasbrouck. I, Bob Gillette, leave the lockers to any boy who knows how to use them. I, Donna Armstrong, will my waist line to Janet Drake. I, Bill Barton, will my wavey halr to Larry Lobdell. I, Dorothy Humes, leave my ability to sleep ln the nurses room to Sue Davis. I, Shirley Hellem, leave my ability to become a senlor to Bill Warner. I, Joan Drake, will my clothes to my sister Judy, she wears them anyway. I, Ronald Huff, wlll my ability to get along with girls to Jlm Worley. I, Lois Halsey, leave but take with me my cold hands. I, Virginia Gllson, leave my Job as editor of "The Breeze" to Dave Stalnbrook. I, Russell Doud, leave my ability to get Ffs in geometry to Steve Vukmer. I, Karl Slonaker, leave my sex appeal and height to Don Shadle. I, Calvin Kanyuck, will argue with Mr. Durfee forever. I, Phyllis Jennings, wlll my blonde halr to Lyla Mason,knowlng she wants lt. I, Evelyn Whltmar, will my english book to Mary Lou Rosenburg. I, Merleen Reynolds, will my quietness to Carol Strawbrldge. I, Patricia Marvin, will my shyness to Yvonne Ray3knowlng she could use lt. I, Patricia Bossard, wlll my rings to Nancy Wilcox. NN I, Thomas McElhaney, will my cheerleading ablltly to Betty Jackson. I, Edwin Kanyuck, will my ability to get out of trouble to Dlck Mallllard I, Dlck Humes, wlll my charms to Benny Abrams. I, Charles Hart,wlll my love for money to Joy Preston. CLASS OF 'SS Donna Armstrong 5 Betty Ro Gillette Patty Dempsey. Lois Halsey Dorothy Elliott fl flow We looked 7' en -11- -11 Pat Bossard N George Vukmer Jean Holcomb Joan Drake Ronnie Huff Pat Marvin Joyce Bertram Minnie Pearl Stroup Peg Troutner " LIGHT THAT Fuss " 0 , ' 1 'Q Ye' Q . Q l en br gas Play Mr. Mason - Director First Row: Joyce Bertram--Alice Gray, Bill Barton--J. Wiggenthal Hart, Betty Gillette--Helen Duval, Grant Walls--Dave Thompson, Jean Holcomb--Mrs. J. Wiggenthal Hart Second Row: Nhxk Donald Brown--Henry Ogliveive, Virginia Gllson--Rosemary, Russell Doud--Artis L. Thorpe, Shirley Shadle--Phoebe Horn- blow, Edwin Kanyuck--Froggy Edwards, Patty Marvin--Prompter i'-1--i ,AA 521 , M hi in is .,:..:.,-.:.,:.,-,l-.,..,-.,.-.,-.,.,:.,.,:.,:.'-.N-., . 1' T Fu, Underclassmen xf , Jamor Class I L bil Home Room 201 Mr Sargent First Row Annetta Kerr, Grayce Cole, Ann Gulland, Phyllis Bunce, Donna Second Row Bob Baugher, Donna Davenport, Betty Jackson, Barbara Keyes, Beverly Ervine, Grace Kalkbrenner, Dorothy Abrams, Doris Beebower, Jerry Hasbrouck Third Row Robert Hopkins, Randy Berlin, Ben Abrams, Lee Kitllnger, Willard Humes, Don Hellem, Lewis Dllle, Dan Kanyuck, Lee Archer, Terry Burch Absentees Dick Hollobaugh, Walter Humes o.., Q Home Room 203 Mr Biemer s,,,W" First Row Mary Lou Rosenberg, Betty Lou Post,Doreese Smith, Jeanette Showers, Rexina Steadman, Marilyn Teed, Madge Myers, Ann Sharp, Katherine Sagan Second Row Hazel Wallis, Beverly Saxton, Ann Wilson, Audrey Spencer, Lyla Mason, Yvonne Ray, Mildred Longstreth, Marjorie Lewis, Joy Preston Third Row- Eyla Reynolds, Harold Thomas, Jim Worley, Jack Winters, Don Shadle, David Stainbrook, Bill Warner, Lowell Strawbridge, Raynold Prusia Absentees Dick Mailllard, Bob McCurdy, Larry Lobdell, Denny Lupher, Neal Ray, Jlm Longstreth Class Officers President ----------- -Denny Lupher Secretary ----- ----- Joy Preston Vice President- ------- Terry Burch Treasurer ---- ----- Gail Barton ff XX , -' . 'KX :, ' feaqh nr ' .ff Q L ,I ' Copeland, Gall Barton, Judy Drake, Sue Davis, Joyce Kanyuck .'g""" -vi 3 X62 :fl J ki - gil' if 'Q 15' I 1 -- ws 1 X65 Y nv bfi 5 0 imma e Class F' " Home Room 205 - Mlss Mills First Row: Beverly Hayden, Faye Findlay, Joan Callen, Marlene Doud, Betty Abrams, Norma Keyes, Elaine Gllson, Virginia DuPont, Wilma Archer, Cynthia Hamilton Second Row: William Hancox, Vivian Brown, Saundra Dempsey, Sarah Bradley, Lois Fosburgh, Shirley Geer, Irene Douglas, Bonnie Hasbrouck, George Bradley, Patrick Hart Third Row: Kenneth Alexander, William Berlin, Robert Dwyer, Allen Kanyuck John Fielding, Robert Higby,-Kenneth Boyer, Anthony Katulich, Verne Dllly Fourth Row: Daryl Lake, Charles Langer, William Lemon, Norman Dempsey, Wayne Fowler, Eugene Armstrong, John Gulland, William Alexander Harry Hancox, Donald Knapp Absentees: Thomas Elliott Home Room 20h - Mrs. Wilstead First Row? Lois Mason, Carol Strawbridge, Nancy Reynolds, Nancy Wilcox, Carolee Moyer, Kay Roberts, Carole Tittemore, Patricia Moody, Donna Sager, Veronica Sagan Second Row: Sandra Wise, Jeanie Phelps, Janet Spangler, Janice Rice, Vivian Van Clse, Joquetta Sansom, Phyllis Thompson, Elaine Saeger, Marie Walls, Mary Ann McPheters Third Row: William Steadman, John Lyda, Dale Strawhrldge p Steve Vukmer, Dale Steadman, Allen Wallis, William Westfall, Arthur Winters, William Rosenberg Fourth Row: fr!! Vernon Mackie, DeWayne Ray, Paul Prusia, Don Sagan, Richard Stalnbrook, Floyd Stokes, Kenneth Shreffler, 4 Daniel Nichols Class Officers President- ------------- Beverly Hayden Secretary ----- Joquetta Sansom Vice President --------- Norman Dempsey Treasurer ----- John Gulland 'Y ,lu 0 A 'v - x v. o ,fb lu s , Mig? I--.1 L,. . ,f N U, u.wr'I I 5555? 5 15 '22, 1 we Y fi - all :I J L. E 'E ' ' Q1 Fresflmen Class ,J -2 ,,.. S.,-.. Home Room 109 Mr Durfee First Row Linda Mason, Mary McCurdy, Betty Bromley, Margaret Edmlnister Norma Haggerty, Patty Kelly, Beverly Bowes, Lee Hunter, Lois Goldenberke Second Row Sally Markley, Janet Drake, Sandra Barton, Judy Dempsey, Bonnie Armstrong, Margaret Acel, Shirley Cook, Phyllis Bly, Jane Gillette Third Row Charles Flagg, Arnold Heth, Kenneth Ervin, George Bancroft, David Heth, Donald Hull, Paul Joslin, Don Fowler, Le Roy Bradley Fourth Row Floyd Brown, Bob Ewing, Jim Darling, Joe Ervin, Frank Hart, Kenny Doolittle, David Huff, Jim Kopf di,-sl? s XX --'iii , First Row Virginia Worley, Loretta Vanderhoff, Marilyn Prusla, Lois Pond, Kathleen Shade, Nancy Sheets, Barbara Moyer, Joanne Troutner, Alvira Sekel Second Row Carole Smith, Marilyn Seely, Kathleen Toohey, Beverly Willey, Theda Patterson, Gwendolyn Kerner, Martin Vardaro, Gerry McKofka, Jack Ross Third Row John Warner, John Sullivan, Willlan Welsh, Gary Troutner, Lance Phillips, Jack Sutton, Dennis Wentz, Kyle Strawbrldge, Richard Stroup Fourth Row David Stocker, James Sullivan, Russell Smith, Ray Walters, Troy Muir, Arthur Mclntyre, Gordon Pratt, Kenneth McE1haney Absentees Rebecca Southall, Marcella Webster Class Officers President James Darling Secretary Bonnie Armstrong Vice President Kathleen Toohey Treasurer Marilyn Seely fq ,-f GZ' W 2- 1 sei zes! -al le 5 Home Room 209 - Mrs. Kalfayan "' fffv g Www? 5 Q 2- H if ,aww A an gn f. A. V' -1:9 RYA A niet, 'M' an ma ' Y .X X Psy 'X 'X - VK Sgr A R . X f'Nl.' rf: Y wk in A Sm . . 0 1 ' Q L . -X Y f 5 , 2 .i X 5 f Xt W.. X. Wi v , Ads ff, X A 'J X X X iam fnhfb 6' d tig "is llgfl tg' 45? as -' X ' 'lf Home Room 107 - Mrs. Lentz First Row: Macie Humes, Dorothy Hancox, Ariel Lobdell, Naomi Burch, Flossie Antlll, Deanna Abrams, Beverly Jackson, Emily Huff, Norma Crawford, Louise Dille, Second Row: Frederick Antill, Bertha Ehrhart, Carol Ghering, Lois Brown, Delinda Hall, Delma Abrams, Marlene Grove, Yvonne Findlay, Darlene Baney, Dorothy Boyer, Nancy Bossard, John Logsdon Third Row: Robert Burlingame, Dennie Kelly, Edward Fleet, James Ervin, Marilyn Krepp, Betty Lou Douglas, Sandra Heath, Joyce Gillette, James Langer, Joseph Laskey, Ronald Burnside, Dale Dunbar Fourth Row: Michael Hart, Dennis Hutchison, Dan Ewing, Dick Alexander, John Kanyuck, Charles Knapp, Tom Law, Roger Battin, Larry Crispen, Gary Abrams, Kenneth Burlingame, Richard Dailey, Russell Crum Absentees: De Ann Abrams, Joyce Gillette Home Room 108 - Miss DohertyA First Row: Donald Wallis, Byron Reitz, Jane McCurdy, Catherine Spratt, Mary Schnell, Joyce Steadman, Betty Proper, Judith Stocker, Elnora Vergith, Barbara McPheters, John Moody, Donald Mosher Second Row: Diana Southall, Linda Weingard, Elma Pattison, Monica Sekel Barbara Mackie, Ruth Wheelock, Sondra Patterson, Rowena Steadman, Carolyn Sceandra, Ruth Thompson, Marlon Wallis, Iva Roberts Third Row: Ronald Willis, Dennis Willison, Harry Lewis, Warren Phillips, James McElhaney, Raymond Shreffler, Sherman Newman, Dennis Smith, Gerald Prenatt, Daniel Smith, Bruce Marvin, Broderick Sharp Rourth Row: Walter Mclntyre, James Resinger , Terry Shorts, Edward Stayduhar, Gene Saeger, Leon Proper, James Partridge, Scott Preston, Warren Proper, Michael Thiess Class Officers President --------------- Dennis Kelly Secretary -------- Linda Hall Vice President -------- --Richard Alexander Treasurer -------- Naomi Burch f Y, 'Y 1.4 V 219' .55 Y 1 . eetf' I ,Wi-Q, . J., 491 "r W -54: 1,9 fill TH 1 R . Q 5 . , -53" 1 ,xaao in fu,-1 I gg x - A. 'ik Y ESQ 1-up Ffff W M XL ' 5 A K Q, xt , wif 'If 'K 3 "Y ' liar- K xi xv ex--LQ I K - - - -' gg, f 52,17 'K v 4 if L fi A Qs N ' 'Qi-.gli eg, Xavfxfm tf X- 44, l l l ' ' A ' ' ' " his ,z A .ss f , xx Q 4. fx ,W k .. ,agp ,Q wil' .. . .W .- , W .L ,, ' A Stk ,,,w rf .. N Lv ,W I ' ...-f.. mgiil' 4 Efgpi 1 an f 2 Q ,,7, , v, Gu, .,. ,Q K- . , I-X 'R "- Ei. . 3 ' 4, . x K Q n 1 A A , .. ' . ' . ' K 1 x ' K . 3 - Q, Q 14 1 , 4- ...W as ., , 4. , Y M W ,f - gs S mt. 4 , ,.f-'fryw Q' - 1-if f. Af N. ' ' im. 'J Q. :hx 2' 58: X , I X 1 X J E Seventh 6 dde VJ 5? 0 S , Home Room 12h - Mr. Berlin First Row: Kenneth Copeland, Donnie Gilson, Mary Hull, Betty Antill, Barbara Knapp, Sally Infield, Donnie Hall, Cecelia Graham, Carol Dailey, Vivian Lalpple, Ann Marie Hlmebaugh, Charles Granda, Bruce Carpenter Second Row: Gary Beebower, Charlotte Jones, Romayne Hill, Linda Lindsey, Jean Culbertson, Beverly Douglas, Carol Boyer, Marian Kelly, Geraldine Kerner, Dianna Kaster, Joyce Lewis, Sara Gail Kinser, Clara Ruth Hart, Carol Davis, Eddie Hasbrouck Shlrd Row: Charles Lohr, Melvin Bennett, Nancy Flagg, Wanda Lesh, Dolores Kanyuck, Linda Hatcher, Frances Kalkbrenner, Donna DuPont, Ruth Ann Archer, Juanita Hlgley, Martha Baron, James Cook, Joe Bury Fourth Row: Russell Burge, Marvin Bessey, Harold Gillette, James Alexander, Keith Bancroft, Steven Antill, Everett Bennett, Charles Daly Jr., Wayne Hanes, James Berlln,Gary Boyle, Joseph Bradley, Larry Fosburgh, Carl Graves Home Room Officers President ----------- Joe Bury Secretary ---------- Romayne Hill Vice President ------ Gary Beebower Treasurer ----------- Russell Burns Home Room 125 " Mr. Mullen First Row: Gary Shreffler, Lynn Whitman, Wanda Tlngley, Jean Sterling, Jill Preston, Joyce Sager, Patty Shade, Patty Raybuck, Elaine McElhaney, Marcia Van Cfse, Norma Rice, Nancy Moody, Gordon Wald, Jack Preston Second Row: L Lawrence Mclntyre, Fred Welsh, Mae McElhaney, Lenore Turner, Carole Sltterley, Rosalind Mason, Barbara Ross, Lee Stanford, Karen Smith, Linda Vanderhoff, Marilyn Van Cise, Barbara Norr, Patty Sellen, Ronald Parker, Arnold Stewart Third Row: Arden Rice, Saundra Molll, Mary Ellen Reynolds, Nancy Saxton, Charlotte O'Bagy, Sandra Sansom, Maxine Van Clse, De An Werllng, Betty McCrillls, Evelyn Snyder, Eleanor Shreffler, Patricia Shreffler, Beverly Muir Fourth Row: Robert Shreffler, Robert Papotnlk, Richard Mitcham, James Norr, Benjamin Reynolds, Larry Parker, Nevin Teed, Jimmie Smith, James Mollsee Absentees: Charles Maynard, John Sellen, ,kgs as ,rar Home Room Officers kb J President ------------ De An Werllng Secretary --.... .... Barbara R053 Vice President-------Jean Sterling Treasurer ---------- Jack Preston E 2 6 'Q f avg, 1- ,5 if I '-vlg. My in K 2 iw' It .ma R. '- FW .-SQ .- A, HQ 4 fa, V A 41 S ..- 4 xvvi . 2-Qf,, -v X ,.- -W Patty Moody, a Sophomore, was selected Townville Livestock Queen by the F.F.A. this fall. 5' :Sa e MM 6 Gail Barton, a Junior, was chosen Honey Queen by the Crawford County BgEuKeepers Association in July, 1 . f4cf1'v1?129s Student 60006 7 . l f .L 5 Ura' . sizizagas h--S' V' Advisor - Mr. Hover First Row: Mary Schnell, Elaine Gilson, Joquetta Sansom, Sandra Barton, Robert Papotnik Second Row: Mike Hart, George Canfield, Denny Lupher, George Vukmer -Governor, Willlard Sutton, Larry Lobdell, Jack Ross 0 --,,,. ffl-,V Advisor - Mr. Berlin First Row: Verne Dille, Vernon Mackie, Bill Sutton, Grant Walls, Dave Stocker, Steve Vukmer, Kyle Strawbridge Second Row: John Warner, Dale Steadman, Paul Prusla, Dick Stainbrook, B111 Berlin, Charles Langer, George Bradley, Martin Vardaro, Lance Phillips, Ronald Heth . Third Row: Jack Sutton, Kenneth Shreffler, Don Sagan, Dewayne Ray, Don Knapp, John Fielding, George Vukmer Fourth Row: Kenneth McElhaney, Calvin Kanyuck, Dale Strawbrldge, Bob Hopkins, Norman Demmer, Karl Slonaker, Edwin Kanyuck Officers President- ----------- Bill Sutton Secretary ------------. K Vice President ----- --Vernon Mackie Treasurer Calvin anyuck V fa.. X Ze 'Y ww fs 2 A iv L ww L M.. - W1 H, ,Y -A -QV: g? Xi .,, + 'W wma -'fi ,.,g .1 pA sd . ,fl .--.-.-. W, fi is, ai O , n Xxx ' usa. X. I iQ B , A if? ' P' i 1 1 Q 11 U 1 .qu I fg- s I I r V, .. ... . ... .. ,M if . W K M , MMR .K ig. ,, 1 I-'ara e fiomemakers of Amer 2' Mrs. Crawford - Advisor First Row: Marilyn Prusia, Kathleen Shade, Cynthia Hamilton, Phyllis Bunce, Ann Gulland, Joyce Bertram, Lyla Mason, Joan Drake, Eyla Reynolds, Joy Preston, Joquetta Sansom, Lois Pond, Patty Kelly, Kay Roberts, Faye Findlay Second Row: Beverly Bowes, Loretta Vanderhoff, Bonnie Hasbrouck, Annetta Kerr, Elaine Gllson, Rexina Steadman, Beverly Hayden, Carol Tlttemore, Norma Haggerty, Donna Copeland, Jeanle Phelps, Shirley Geer, Madge Myers, Mrs. Crawford Third Row: Irene Douglas, Nancy Wilcox, Sandra Wise, Vivian Brown, Jeanette Showers, Beverly Saxton, Elaine Saeger, Saundra Dempsey, Virginia Dupont, Kathleen Toohey, Linda Mason, Marilyn Seely, Lee Hunter, Patty Dempsey, Lois Halsey Fourth Row: A Grace Kalkbrenner, Judy Dempsey, Theda Patterson, Jane Gillette, Bonnie Armstrong, Patty Marvin, Vivian VanClse, Sarah Bradley, v Janet Drake, Peg Troutner, Dorothy Humes, Betty Gillette, Donna ' Armstrong, Patty Moody Officers I I I' ' i ,Lux President-' ------------ Joan Drake Treasurer -------- Joy Preston Vice President ----- ----- Eyla Reynolds Parliamentarian--Dorothy Elliott Secretary -------------- -Lyla Mason Song Leader ----- -Joyce Bertram Fufu e fd mer: of Ame gm Ali: ,m. Mr. McGee - Advisor 19- W First Row: H Mibwff 'f lr Mr. McGee, Advisor, Keith Bechtel, George Canfield, Willard 'D . 'M' llv Sutton, Calvin Kanyuck, Dennis Lupher, Larry Lobdell, Leigh Bowes, Jim Longstreth Second Row: Harold Higby, Jim Sullivan, Charles Flagg, John Fielding, Paul Prusla, Dale Steadman, Don Burns, Harry Sharp, Richard Humes, Roy Shade, Richard Hollabaugh Third Row: Arnold Heth, Kenneth Ervin, Jack Sutton, Donald Palmer, Charles Hart, John Sullivan, George Bancroft, Denny Wentz, David Heth, Donald Hull Fourth Row: Jack Steadman, Gordon Pratt, Raymond Maynard, Wayne Fowler, Robert Hopkins, Donald Sagan, Bill Alexander, Pat Hart, John Gulland, Ken Alexander, Anthony Katullch, Allen Wallis, Lewis Dllle, Dan Nichols Officers President ----- --------- Calvin Kanyuck Asslt Secretary---Keith Bechtel Vice President- --....-- Willard Sutton Reporter ---------- Dennis Lupher Secretary ----- - -------- Larry Lobdell Sentinel ---------- Jim Longstreth Treasurer ------ ------ George Canfield Chaplin ---------.- Leigh Bowes 1 , Kgs. lm V. . sg Sgmgfg 3. Q :fx i R --av ,f if gg., Il x Q -L+ fm- W -f k 1 I L ' H' X Zi ZF 1:Q1,,,.f. 1. M e "' " ' Qmmas sr ,iw Tmfefsvsmm SHAWSRR , WWQENNSYLWANEA 5 was X f X aw? if V " i f Y Q . 2 f W, Q Q E ' X 5 K x g 2 Wiki K. t i A , , ' " il ? L W 1 V.. A ,IQ A K g , a h in I it in in K , gg I ,bqb . 3 f if . 5 ... Am K N K 5 - ' - -,4Q- J ' ' . 9 ."a' :a'2' . gi: ' - Y pf Rx ig X I Q Q X? t E5 3 15 ,X g 5 R ss N 1 ,, h I W ,.,. ' ":'Q V Q i ,, I 15 W ,, 'Q V f In .QV K, Y K A .fe Newspaper Staff 5 pda M,gETg?:: Mrs. Miller - Advisor f?FNdlf-'fu First Row: Merleen Reynolds, Donna Armstrong, Jean Holcomb, Eva Robbins, Virginia Gilson, Lois Halsey, Thomas McElhaney, Joy Preston Second Row: Cecelia Graham, Macie Humes, Alma Hull, Gail Barton, Grayce Cole, Ann Gulland, Phyllis Bunce,AnnettaKerr, Mrs. Miller, Joyce Sager Third Row: Lee Hunter, Kathleen Toohey, Hazel Wallis, Rexina Steadman, Jeanette Showers, DoreeseSmith, Joquetta Sansom, Lyla Mason Fourth Row: kb- Robert Dwyer , Robert Baugher, Patricia Marvin, Joan Drake, Leona Beers, Joanne Roberts, Pat Bossard, Margaret Troutner Comme c bl Club A Mrs. Miller - Advisor First Row: Ann Sharp, Ann Gulland,Doreese Smith, Barbara Keyes, Shirley Shadle, Lyla Mason, Jean Holcomb, Donna Copeland, Gail Barton, Beverly Ervin, Phyllis Bunce Second Row: Eva Robbins, Patricia Marvin, Alma Hull, Merleen Reynolds, Donna Armstrong, Madge Myers, Mildred Longstreth, Dorothy Abrams, Marilyn Teed, Grayce Cole, Audrey Smith Third Row: Hazel Wallis, Beverly Saxton, Yvonne Ray, Betty Lou Post, Betty Jackson, Donna Davenport, Patricia Bowyer, Virginia Gilson, Lois Halsey, Pat Bossard, Joanne Roberts, Katherine Sagan, Mrs. Miller Fourth Row: Albert Bowyer, Harold Thoma , Mary Lou Rosenburg, Marjorie Lewis, Grace Kalkbrenner, Ann Wilson, Joan Drake, Bonnie Burlingame, Leona Beers, Pat Dempsey,Rexina Steadman, Jeanette Showers, Thomas McElhaney Officers President ------- - ------ Jean Holcomb Secretary ------ Shirley Shadle Vice President -------- -Lyla Mason Treasurer ------ Donna Copeland sr ii... Q I i if-.5 "'iif, E2: Q Q TK' 4U , ll' Y 114, L , .., ....,. , a:'f1n 's 4,5 211' ed fnsemble Mr Rutherford First Row: Joyce Bertram, Peg Troutner, Betty Gillette, Madge Myers, Patty Boyer, Mildred Longstreth Second Row: Mr.Rutherford, Bill Berlin, Vernon Mackie, Russell Doud, Calvin Kanyuck, Daniel Kanyuck Third Row: Bill Sutton, Randy Berlin, Norman Demmer Absentees: ' Dorothy Elliott, Rachel Hatcher, Patty Dempsey, Lowell Edminster 1' N .H To . E. Yiiigggggimg 0 cflesfra bf Mr. Rutherford First Row: Mr. Rutherford, Doris Beebower, Daniel Kanyuck, Naomi Reynolds, Jack Ross, Eyla Reynolds Second Row: Barbara Ross, Vivian Laipple, Joquetta Sansom, Ruth Wheelock, Sandra Wise, William Berlin, Russell Burge Third Row: Harold Gillette, Gary Beebower, Norma Crawford, Randolph Berlin, Joyce Kanyuck, Nancy Flagg, Vernon Mackie xaf Q? .4 ff 1 JMS xsiigfx A ,X . i -f' S- ii rx l l nh 1 A A , 17.3. K A. I A I " T5 Q I 1 3 2 5 an fn ' ,if I ,gal c j 55' i I H, "3 'mx-1 isa? SEM? Annual 5' aff 'ffl Mrs Miller Mr Mullen First Row Jean Holcomb, Eva Robbins, Lois Halsey, Lyla Mason Second Row Judy Drake, Gail Barton, Virginia Gilson, Joan Drake, Donna Armstrong Third Row Charles Langer, Daryl Lake Pflofog apfly dub Mr Mullen Betty Jackson, Judy Drake, Annetta Kerr, Joyce Kanyuck, Bonnie Hasbrouck, Elaine Gilson, Vivian VanCise Second Row Joy Preston, Mary Ann McPheters, Dick Stainbrook, Charles Langer, Virginia DuPont, Norman Dempsey, George Bradley Third Row Floyd Stokes, Benny Abrams, Lee Kltllnger, Daryl Lake, Budd Dwyer, Billy Lemon First Row: - Lag ,R -1-mv ' . w x .ai . NBP Q if Q ' "-is r ""-X V .N N 4 V' T , K -W-354 K Y D ive 7 mb bg The new driver training car was placed in operation recently Prin- cipal Bertrand Hover is shown here as he hands the car keys to Mr: Carl Henry, the instructor, seated at the wheel. The car was contributed by Howard Voit,Chevrolet dealer of Cooperstown. li- flfflleffks First Row: Mr. Henry, David Stainbrook, Robert Gillette, Denny Lupher, George Vukmer, Russell Doud, Edwin Kanyuck Second Row: 4 X Varsky Ba kefball 7 e m Daryl Lake, Manager, Philip Burns, James Worley, Ronald Huff, Randy Berlin, Robert Baugher, Allen Kanyuck, Manager Townville M7 Townville Ln Townville no Townville hh Townville SO 'rownvnu LL3 Townville 55 Townville 32 Townville M1 Townville 39 Waterford Alumni Pleasantvllle Tldioute Waterford Tidioute Pleasantville 4Saegertown 4Sparta 4Conn. Lake Townville Townville Townville Townville Townville Townville Townvllle Townvllle Townville 4Conn. Valley +Rando1ph +Camhr1dge Spgs nsaegertown 4Sparta 4Qmm.Lmw uConn. Valley 4Randolph 4Cambrldge Spgs 4 Denotes League Games L'!1ee leaders From Left to Right: Jean Holcomb, Lyla Mason Betty Jackson, Joy Preston, Dorothygiliiiigijiggigget Troutner, an T',,f 51' E u AS EZAX1 u P i' h -. ' r if ,,. W., f ' w l fx 5' I E 'gr -Q V JM' 1 My A H A - Q L35 1, rwiizw , ' H f A A W -vw 2-rv: i?"if f ' Ji fffgsffwf -' A Zz, ,-iniif,-gi'fSEs?21 'F Q ,fw , ,, L H fl - A F, -1 VX Y - 2 :gf - , ff' 1rwnz4f:-'f-1 ' :Q -,x 1"-iff?-m"'i5ff?''fr 1 if" 2 2 ff 3 X 'H 1 ' ' , 'Q ,ffl -c ' ' Jun br - lfarsky Bd kefbdll Team Mr. Henry - Coach Fir3tM5?whenry, B111 Berlin, Dale Strawbrldge, Lowell Strawhrldge, Don Burns, Richard Stalnbrook, Charles Langer Second Row: Daryl Lake, Manager, Kenneth Shreffler, A Steve Vukmer, Vernon Mackie, Dale Steadman, 11en Kanyuck, Manager Townville 39 Waterford 15 Townvllle 21 Pleasantville 29 Townvllle 50 Tldioute 20 Townvllle 38 Waterford 18 Townville 31 Tldloute 13 Townville 32 Pleasantville 29 Townville 28 4Saegertown 67 Townville 39 +Sparta 17 Townvllle 31 4Conneaut Lake 33 Townvllle 35 4Conn. Valley M Townville 31 4Rando1ph 27 Townville 26 usaegertown 36 Townville 3M usparta 21 Townville 21 wConneaut Lake 31 Townville 27 . 4Conn. Valley 3h Townville 37 4Rando1ph 22 4 Denotes League Games L71 eerie aders Mrs. Lentz - Advisor Fron Left to Right: Jeanlel Phelps, Marilyn Seely, Kathleen Toohey, Virginia Dupont, Carol Tlttemore, Joanne Troutner fi ' Q, i Q J 'W fr 1 1' ' 1. ' '-:nm QAM ii! .r- ' 1 1 ew. :Je E is s E e awe- b . W ,V -N e is fx. J z , .ff .fA1L""2" was-1 -X .W nf ,R f. W . 5 'i ig. Q , QQ, ei A A :NS X 5 5 gsm? m, I Q ESX L X- A gifs if 155 Alf fx. Q in ' 4 1. 3 eq- ., 2 k 4' --qsmzx i -'aa 5. Q ,, i 3 Y A Sw n x -vw PE, il AQ? 5 5 X 5 EP x s P X Ng,,'f" -x,.L,,.,-Y-f 1 Mn, X X 4, i- W x fe: wi: f'j"A1.M S b 'vi if AV M.-nikiw ' , 1.'lgn,zivLx, Jun br Hgh Ba' kefball Team Mr. Berlin - Coach First Row: Martin Vardaro, Kenneth McE1haney, John Warner, Tom Law, LeRoy Bradley, Ronald Willis, James Langer fmgr.l Second Row: fa-'I Robert Ewing, Bruce Marvin, Lance Phillips, James Darling, Dave Stocker, Floyd Brown, Scott Preston, Dennis Kelly Third Row: XNNN, Gene Seeger, George Bancroft, Don Hull, Kyle Strawbrldge, Denny Wentz, David Huff, James Partridge M? Townville eSaegertown 58 Townville Oil City Sl Townville Cochranton 52 Townville Pleasantvllle 12 Townville wConn. Lake 33 Townville wConn. Valley 39 4Randolph M2 Townville 4Cambrldge Spbs. 37 Townville Townville Townvllle Townville Townville 4Saegertown ,,.f-MS 4Sparta 31 9Emm.Lmw wRandolph 16 LL? 30 L8 H3 36 Townville 22 25 26 S3 31 2? 32 38 M3 wConn. Valley 53 LL9 Townville 31 wCambridge Spbs. 4 Denotes League Games Cheerleaders Mrs. Lentz - Advisor From Left to Right: Ariel Lobdell, Emily Huff, Joyce Gi1lette,De An Werling, Nancy Flagg, Marlon Kelly, Jill Preston 155 Jx tu :ml +V 4 ' MH aw D? 70 .S Ba eball Team ' Mr Henry Coach First Row J x I Mr. Renry, Bob Gillette, Ronald Huff, Robert Hopkins, Bob Baugher, Donald Burns, Edwin Kanyuck, Karl Slonaker Second Row: Norman Demmer, Lowell Strawbridge, Randy Berlin, George Vummer, Calvin Kanyuck, Phil Burns, Jack Winters, Tony Katullch Third Row: Allen Kanyuck, Robert McCurdy, Dale Strawbridge, Robert Daryl Lake 1 Townville 3 Randolph 2 Townvllle 15 Sparta 0 Townville A Randolph 10 Townvllle 23 Sparta M Higby, N is ll e m erflse dv A 1? ,flfgs B ERE? ox-J' X fx Behind every successful business- Behind personal financial securityh There is one basic fact: Someone at sometime saved enough To make the start and kept going. TITUSVILLE TRUST COMPANY Titusville, Pa. Member of the F. D. 1. C. rllvl' ,QIQ Compliments of Your Friends THE SECOND NAUONAL BANK Titusville, Pennsylvania, Member Federal Reserve System Member F. D. I. C. , 3-'gcww S. S. BRYAN HDWE. Hardware--Appliances--Stoves Paints A Sporting Goods Titusville, Pa. Phone 22271 'TEIGtCll- TITUBVILLE. PENNA. Jewelry Furniture Frigidaire Appliances Compliments of RUMZIE FURNITURE Titusville, Pa. C. L. SHOPENE, JEWELER Headquarters for Fine Watches Bulova, Omega, Elgin Hamilton, Girard Porreguax Tltusville, Pa. DUNN'S STATIONERY AND SUPPLY Automatic Dependable Wor1d's number one typewriter Titusvllle, Pa lim u r Comp an ' 0 coNGRAruLAr1oNs CLASS or 155 G. C. MURPHY CURRY DRY CLEANERS to Graduates of T. c. H. s. Titvsville. Pa- Townville - Tues. A Fri. COMPLIMENTS 0F comnmrmy Lon conmm' of A U P SUPER MARKET Titusville, Pa. Titusvillo, Pa, Congratulations Class of 155 FENTON'S DAIRY Star Route I Titusville, Pl. n L K Phono 3 614.01 O0 T . , -ll ' - . - Compliments of 5061! DRAKE Qian! TITUSVILLE PA Blain S Hefkin, Manager Compliments of DALE S Sloan Bros Point Sf Glass f' X Ladies Wear Dreszes i WALLPAPERS X PKZTURE FRAMING ccessor es Lingerie S ortswear P BENJAMIN MOORE DUTCH BOY AND GOLD BOND PAINTS KENTILE AND GOLD SEAL FLOOR COVERINGS 117 W Central Ave Phone 3? 381 '20N WMNKUNST 'rlTusvn.1.E PA 5 v v 3 X A A A 2 A 111201111 Clif Ez' 5 V V 5 Y Q A A 2 A PENN DRESS SHOP J A ROPP 6 SONS Decorating and Furnishing Specializing in Furniture Carpets Lamps Juniors, Formula, and Wall Papers Draperies Paints Graduation Dresses Titusville, Pa We buy Refrigerators, Freezer Rangers, Washer, Dryer, and T V Carload Prices CGI-I GENERAL TIRE SERVICE :sus .tA'LoAo,. DAY Save money MSB with us 324- S. FRANKLIN ST 308 S Franklin St TITUSVILLE, PA. Titusville, Pa. Phone 215,-301 e .YD - . gi 6 Ros' 0 0 ' - ' - in Q A, ' ' LYLE W. PEEBLES MOTOR SALES Q' Trucks-Station Wagons-Cars Jeeps E Equipment L26 S. Franklin St. Titusville, Pa. JONES BROTHERS - sms 1 an Hr. Wrecker Service 'L We Boast of Our Hizh Quality Used Cars Phone 32-271 Titusville, Pa QWQ -S 1. A MURDOCH'S FLOWER SHOP Titusville, Pa. Phone 2-6211 Fas:-:sn 5 vounc BUILDERS SUPPLIES 'i?' Si ' Q- gzg f I One Board ora 'hainload Titusville, Pa. I-2oBINSoN'S Wav Congratulations Seniors Good Luck Juniors Wall Paper'--Paint--Window Shades Mo 225 West Spring Street Titusville, Pa. Compliments of EAST TITUSVILLE MILLS Titusville, Pa. Guaranteed Watch and Clock Repairing Titusville, Pa. N ' Q ADVANCE DRY CLEANERS Phone 2-0301 Titusville, Pa. ROWEVS FLOWER SHOP AND GREENHOUSE Flowers for all occasions 515 East Spruce St Protect Our Forests From Hazards Treat Them As A Crop LUPHER SAWMILL gfxp SW NSON Titusville, Wish Their Friends The Townville Seniors A Life of Happiness ave, Compliments TOWNVILLE DAIRY BAR and Newsroom Toys, Magazines, Groceries, Lunches, and Fountain Service Townville, Pa P C J HOLGOMB General Store Groceries General Merchandise Little Cooley, Pa Phone Townville 2u88 CARPENTER 5 GARAGE 'HI' Townville Red 6 White Factory Shoe Store Coyan and Green Western Auto Dr I A Bernstein Resnlcoff's Furniture Keystone Office Supply Titusvllle Bargain Store R and S Dress Shoppe Nelson's Jewelry Goodyear Service Morris Grocery Ralph Cohen Bonn's Menls Store Strouse A Benson Serrins Auto Parte McCandrews Drug Store McNlerney's Music Store J L Locke, Jeweler Addie Way Gift Shop 66 DD 6. 4 'Ca ' f ' I 1 I ll of of - ' I ....A.A..44..444..A 1.'44A4Af L I . . I O I U O 0 O BERNIES AND EDDIE3 GARAGE 'P W ooonnfnuns RD"l TOWNVlLLE,PA. Pl-IQNE 2538 APC!-I I-IANNA SEELEY 'S HARDWARE GARAGE "QE,'fzE'!L2N'5 A Pnl:-:No T,.lhZfltflfi.. GREEN'S Gn.l.E:1'1'r:: AND GAQAGE: 5M,.,.,,, rzzzmyzzzizt Lum mfhffflilli , 5. 9 5 wnville, Pa. Compliments of CENTRAL GARAGE Harry Werling, Owner Keystone Gas and Oil Ti s - Tubes - Access I Phone 2853 T wnville, Pa. 'VVI 1.1.15 I...f. ARNOLD fix. x9?i'f f M QTIQI S Phone 3295 Twnville P GlLLETTE'5 svolzs ,.S5EHE.'E?A':,,M5BS!:lAN9l?El Tow mv: 1.1.51 , DA. KJ MERCEQ Spams 6 wma COMPANY 53 9 -rovvmvu n.L.E , PA. KANVUCK zu-:crmc Aom.lAnc: C O M DANNY TOvvNvn.L.E , DA. C AND negpmlacn RAYMOND L.. PWUSIA Dr-:ONE 2550 TOVVNVILLE, PA. REX BAICEIR '5 BARBER 5I-IOP ,M ff X I + ' Q.. '41 TOWNVILLE FJ DA. .iligll KAPUTA MOTOR SALES M03 4 I... ' -' 5 Sales and Service if Tionesta's Larg t D lership Completely d d n Guara t d U d C r Ti t P Ph Ply. 5-3255 P t R K p t J F k P. Kaputa BLOOMING VALLEY LU BER CO. 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DON NOSSET STUDIO 105 State Street 011 City, Pennsylvania Phone 6-7201 MEMBER QTOGR4 11 Movie C8.m0I'lS Q A Studio 8: H0310 4 .lv 'ION 0? NW if Egg-5 gl INTER- COLLEGIATE PRESS Publishers A Cover Munulurtu rers - Book Binders FACTORY A HOME OFFICE Knnsus City ' I Qilw 'M 5-1 T-I 5-f I- M-Q.-, i 6 lllllflIIl'IllIlI'IlII1IIlIl.llIIlIllIII:lIIII! 22 23 24 25 f4 12, ' "1 Mfr :ji j ' ll il- 1-, I- ., X X!-

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