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250 060' l 2 w-f:---'--vv-W'w-w:v-- -'f--- if-if--sw -'-' --rw -W ' -Y-7-fr -f+. 7-wr:---fff-rw' - -- -1--'f 1 -.---uw f-- v wv-'f- -vf f f r--f- Hn-j' f.--4 -jgf.f-f"v:- ,ff -.-77 ,v"' , In . 5 ,v.' :V AV I- A : XUXQ . , . I ,I V I 1 A, - ' . fy- .Y -V,k, '- I IWWL , " ' jul sang ' ' "1 ' v' :l ' UI ' " """ ' ' I V ' W : 9 - . , i I W V' 4, PP' . I :Y 77Q 6 . L -'iff - .Q 011 'XE aff N 5 1 H' - 200 Q V w Q X lx gg. - 0 7- Y . 507 507 77 E" w jf f or' N 60 0 Cars X dll Q . ' .. J 1 'I can , , . I ., , ,. 7 male ,P 7 : ' A 45 Q ' s 6 5 .QI - e 2 1 . as of-J. '289 g, f LIL, 289 or 9 loafbrfonw 'L 1 661713607 P 90.9 I 00 3 I Q A 1 W N, Q3 200 Q urcbara' Cars. J L' I QQ 759 52 l , 'P . A ' , I7 Q' 7 -I v ' X lg 495' N N J " ' 3 P- wif .,N -. -' ll ,INS W X 1' ' X 0 Q NO . Z 57 D, 78 1 2007 .4-J. , 007175 -- 'fy urs. W 76, 76 N Qifemandcm raw we . ' -' 4- "' 7 mr' Ng. 0 - a-a - -r-5 . ' GMM , M11 l - M W K 733 ' af' 7-' '-if A - cm 7 cor. ,, 1 7 ' QI 0 . ' - Z g-i.J.L.J , ,gy "' 0,1523 20121 ,521 W ' Jena! Cars. ' 'S fferrici perk? " off? f Cbfg Q Q 68 200 'il 554 0 -Q J' Zoe? 'L 6,0 X 'B Q 6:0 0' E l -'IX 5 ' in ffl EN 1 Q X. E. 2 E ff' X ' 4,1 E 708 3. qv Nl El 734 r fx e 1 . , Ii . fe ' me P ' - - - uno on R W q W s X 97 5 ll ,X 3 I .uf n 1 L -7 24, fa- 1' 9! arms Brac! 703 A . ' . X I m fy :J a AEGERTOW .9 , fqi 2 bow, 70'5 K9,v oz Q if ln 25 W No 1, I 'LN Q ' 'N in Q K 'b n El g . 'f Q 'I N93 68 , M ' 0.-nA0rf73 0057 ' ' ff QV 5 Q ,G E I 665. 3 '-. Q Q Q sb 5 2 ' x 0? 'X Y-X obo' Q7 'i , 73 1 6f3 C ora. GB ,ppgjg Cars. I , -B 0 'wmv no .1 'f ew - D lv NF numb 4, 55504. - . H 1 00 5 V I g fffca A " 0 5 'Wu' W fvfl 5f0"df 'fe Eid 'OFC 9009504 0 ex Q' 'S N 4 ? 00 an Q m Q 00 588 I'- CQ". iff? 4 41:7 I 'Nb' E 4 645 . ri- ga - 37.1 gf. v , ll, 6-07 I 6!7 Y A " 45,8993 fx Q 31' .136- 1 . J , ,lb X x Cdfs. 0 C, 4 4 Q Q Cora. i 4, I 70 P '. Y 3: 4 I 648 sn or 2110 'A "' x 0 W 9, , uf j' Eg X ff . 3 45' K Q 6' Q 1 4? , sa gl 'X' I. if ca,-4: 27 G29 we U , X 6 ppl. I X X B. I . 74 was-N-'SLN J I .. WHQEQQ. , N 51' ' W Ui Q Q ma Papfd 4 Lg' " . . ' x ' x T-Q. , .- 1 2.7 : .'1?,f.:j' e '.: -..: -A -E. iq - - 1. 1. : 4 Inn ' u ll -' I w Q.. - I. :QQ 1' . ' ch C M N 612 6 A ff! Z ,I Q in 1 i - - , . 74 X 0 - I 5 . .722 ffefffaavn , ' ks. Q i- I ' ' , lv 565.01 '5'A"""'b' 641 gn g 5,3 .I Q 07 D on 253 of-1 KS 0 - bk . I 471 V 'J ' r ' ' 'Q 46-7 2 X' ' 5 I '57 - 1 - V :Devoro 8677 0 Bois ' 69 f A1 'S 8 -X 00 . ' ' 6- '30 'Q 0'-1 P Avncbfown N Q Q Cavs I usfar P76 cc-0 J ' X 2 ,eo muff.-,c .1 J- """ "0 W V' 'W -- . - fi..- I -, 0,51 , , i . ga . Q Q P, X . x N .5 mflhdar 9 "" xo Q we . ,-,. vl,w.1? 1, ff. . . xx - 2 X ' ' Q X- " T ' ' 4 9 "' ff W - ' 27 1? l 'til . U, 46, 6 N - ' Q 04 .-,, N Xa eq, gas 1 QD: Nl ' 1 0 I' F rv T3 f 'L ' 5' ' V-iw, 4,9 'tg tw I . 1'gL'!4,' afjaf'lv44, N . :IA E X is Q ll - Q5 N cl' 5 N fra W N, E U W ii.. E " E 71 519 H 1 Y Q5 s. m32'f' " X ' 'S - 'A , ' 1 --Q - WWC' ffk5f"IPf3f?!'?5Q1l??YPIJQFZQ1, S " X an "W" ' 5 , , I , ,fs -7 2003 ""' . -A fm- A W V Q gtenf .. Gzcflayief. 0- Za 1 L fi Q k Milymond 00 Joao 473 Cars C ors. III lil K'X -X--x f,-if? FL 0713 5. Q QOVV N LIBRI T-49. gr' -,2 l E X ,B Q3fO5U1Ti EEUUQS UEDICATIGN ADHINISTRATIQN 5 To Mrs. Elizabeth Miller, who has been a source of help and guidance to us through our closihg years here at Townville High, we, the Class of '5h, ded icate the 195k Torch. zsnlf. -: ., i. e X ., e XI Q D 0 :XY Q Q e YfX,L To Mr. Charles F. Mullen, we, the Class of 'Sh,sincere1y dedicate the 195k Torch as an expression of our respect and appreciation for the interest and effort he has put forth in helping our class with the pub lication of this years Torch. Seated Left Mrs. Aloooo B , , ooo ,-ool-,u,, u.,,-nw, .... o --,-,-,,, ,u,n,u, Durfee CJt. Board Sec.D, Mr. Neldon Wheelock CTownvil1eJ 5 Standing Left to Right: gf Lf J, Mr. Carl Mr. Ivan Barton CSteubenl, Mr. Clarence Moore Troyl, Mr. Alden PostG4 lAthensD V. 2 ,nh l Seated Left to Right: Mr. Joseph Mason CTownvi1leJ, Mr. Forrest Smith CTownvilleJ, Mr. Edward Hamilton IAthens-Pres.J, Mr. Roy Ross CSteubenJ, Mr. Frank Galford lRichmondJ Standing Left to Right: Mr. Alex Crawford lTroy7, Mr. John Kan ck crro J, Mr. H. Dale Mumford KRichmond-Vice Pres.T, Mr. Art ur Canfield Ygichmondz CP ca D o 0 0 W n -!fsXg vi W Absent: Mr. George scrawbridgo CTroyJ, Mr. Ralph Irons cmroyl, Mr. Archie Lingo CSteubenl, Mr. Paul Gillette lSteubenJ, Mr. John Garnavish CRichmondJ, Mr. Bell Townley lRichmondD, Mr. Lee Bradley QTownvi1leJ, Mr. Clarence Toohey ITownv1lleD, Mr. Glenn Mickle lAthensJ, Mr. Bert Dunbar IAthensJ, Mr. L. H. Madden CT1tusvi11e-Treasure! Raymond C. Van Slyke Q- nau sea QS so To the Glass of 1994- ' A' After your graduation your names will be added to the Alumni of Townville Consolidated High School. While here at school you have proven yourselves to be a very capable group of young men and women. You have gained this reputation, both as a group and as individuals by good hard 'work'. We hope that your courses here at school have trained you physically, mentally and socially to 'work' more effectively and to make your leisure time more profitable and more enjoyable. You will find it just as true as you go on through life as you have found it so here at school--that 'work' is the answer to the question, 'How can I be successfu1?' Every person is given an equal number of hours to use as he sees fit. It is 'work' and good use of yogr time which gives you your reputation as a wiithwhile individual--and it isthisreputation which recommends you to a more successful and a happier life. Miss Dorothy Wheelock, Secretary dm ,Hr U. uimes UGWIH n. uurrqe E. Mason MusicxJ Scienc - His org? Economics - Latin .qffrfil fffg a SN Q 1 WW ffeawf S as S - can . S ixafb " -e:C:Do- L3 - oC:Jo - - 7,1fsX, an , Catharine Gay Richard Klinginsmith Charles F. Mullen Bernice Kalfayan Mathematics Health - Phys. Ed. 5 Arts and Crafts English Richard E. Boylan Richard J. Shreve Ronald M. Wiestling Harold R. Sargent Social Studies Science Mathematics G008PlPhF ' POD Health - Phys b l . Q r X W . I Irene Henry Marjorie Ward H3,3Dona1d Nurse Social Studies 'W Agriou Snyder Elizabeth Miller 1 ture . Co mercial Mr. Ivan McGee and Mr. Karl Stetter joined our faculty at mid-semester filling the vacancies created by Mrs. Marjorie Ward and Mr. Donald Snyder f I I I N ,fy W-H TO MW- X , XWZLL X My mlukbym W 1 n .QQ y PG". f QM' V , -.xo J, , Kennett: B. Anderson Kenny' View H 551991 so 1116111 with seldom a worry and when coming to school new never hurry. C our se 1 General vm 2,3 Ambition: Become 9. Mechanic 'Nila R. D-gens llgtw-ii Sqnetmes quiet sometimes shy Bat tba rest of the time, Cb! my Com' ee -. Commercial Junior Ylag Senior Ylag operetta 2,3 Girls Chorus 2,3 FHA BM Yearbook staff Ly xievtspaper staff 3,Lp Commercial Club 3,h. mbltlonx Office work- Marriage Her llgn YK . Bly 'ner nga' She' s quiet and dependable 'Ln ever-5 way commendable. Girls Chorus l,2,3 Newspaper staff Lx. Yearbook staff lf Commercial Club 3,h. FEP- 1,2,3,lx Operetta 2 FEP- 'treasurer Lf mbltlonx Clerical 'dork G19n!1 R. Clhflfld 'Glenn' Gle1xh's the same the whole dag through e friend 8 he true. And ae l alvla-5 at A. nBoesard Ferre 'sem and pleasant 1' a care Henri with neva to go 'ngvlhere . '0H.lllh6 h 160 a wit Course: General r Ylag' Zuillo Send-or Play Basketball l,2,3,Ly. 11 1,2,3,lx 2,3,lx If Ly. Baseha hall 11 olleg olt sta if 3 'Iearbo ie-A spaper ata ru Sale man pmfoltlo he'l Courses Vocational s Chorus 3,14 6 3 Bog Teen 'lute FFA 1:-asavx-Y Yresldent FFL 3,h. Class Yreeident 3,34 Keystone Farmer Degree Ly. County FFL llloe ?1'ealdent mbltlonz Being a Success 5 our no . Gaz-genter Dephle P. good eport and liked hy all ln attaining life' s goal 'll never fall. he Vocational Degree t Cour se 1 stone Fgrmete wing Ccgstes Keg Tractor BT Yre eldest TW' 1 v3 su- Clase Vice Yreslde Ylai 3 ,Lx Suhlor Senior Ylag Wloe Yresldent FFP- 2 Chapter BFA ward 3 l State FFA Lvlafi 3 FFA Sentinel 2 FFP- 1,2,3,Lw Boys Chorus 3,Lx. pmoxtxon-. ann-ea Farmer Evelyn M. Hashr ouch Wmacll Cheerful, gay, and full of bm Mac la llked by everyone. Gout se 1 Vocational Glrls Chorus l,2 Band 3 Junior Play Cheerleader 3,b, FEP- 1,2 Yearbook staff Ll Newspaper staff Ll Mlhltlom Become a Lady Ellzaheth A. Hart UAnneN whether at work or whether at play She's wllllng to help threugmaeue we eq. Com' se 1 General Junior Ylay - Claes Yreeldent l Senior Play - Class Vice President 2 FHA l,?.,3,Ll -Glrle. Chorus 2,3 Comercial Club 3,h. -Cheerleader l,Ll Yearbook SW-ff ?-a3,h-'lIolle'5ha'l'1. 2 Tovrnvllle Fair Q.1100n - pmhltlorl: Home Ec NSWSPU-PBT Staff 3,1-L teacher Henrietta L. Hellem "'Yootle" Whatever the work she is told to do Tootle le sure to came smiling through. course: Commercial FHA 1.2.3. Band l,2,3 Orchestra l,2,3 Glrls Chorus l,2,3 Newspaper staff 3,Ll 2 g 3 gu- Mlbltlont Yedlatrlcieil wi-111810 T. Logsdon 111201011 short he 11Kes them he 11kee them ta11 Know , 1 Know , s them a11. Nancy ttihnc-in Bender shot 0111 as vIe11 tmistio , 3 and a sv1e11 Xt-16 what she'11 do next one never can te11. Course: General. dent KBHSX 3 2 3, RBHSB , Lx egba11 2. C1ase Yresi Yearbook staff 1, , FSP- 1,2.,3,LBY1S3 , Lv V011 G1r1e Chorus 1,3,b, - Latin C1ub Newspaper staff 3, KB1-'LSB FTA 3 QBHSB ' FRP- 'treasurer pmxbitions ?1'ofess1ona1 skater You he 111le Courses Gehera1 Boys Chorus 1,2,3 Ambitious Go into the service Ruth E. Longberrg 'Ruthie L we-r thy member of our class Ruthie is 'de say q8'KDO'dg!1-GG85S1l'111f0110Yi her Meng 11fes way. Coursez Genera1 C1ase see. so 'treasurer 1 umer Y1ag 9-S 5 Senior Y1 Operetta 2,3 Yearbook staff 334- ieareeou Business Mgr. G1r1s Chorus 2,3 Band 1,26 Herald Reporter Ly, psnbitionz Work in factory Marriage in 5 -yrs. Ao -8013911 R Delores 'Dee Laughing and iollq would 'oe better seg Yleeslnglj plum? 3116 always gag. tional Course: Voce le-Jbell 2,14 Vol PHP- 2-,BM e 2,3 le Chou! 3 ,Lv Grit' Newspaper Yearbook staff M. Glass reporter 3 Herald re-porter Ly rclal Club Ly ext. cab driver 'thomas H. Nuhfer 'Tom' He likes to ples and study too But too mich iorll would never do. - Course: Vocational Senior Ylag Boys Ghorue 2,3,h. operette. 2 . FFP- 1,2 Q3 ,bf Keystone Ferifler Degree Ly FFA Secretei'-5 3,Ly Claes Secretary 3,Ly llewtspeper reporter l tions Successful farmer and teacher G omme Ambition: T Ambl Bruce E. Yorker 'Bruce' when Bruce works, he works very ha?-'d But his 'pleasure with work le seldom marred. Gouree: Vocational Lv be a truck driver FFA Ambitious To Baybuolt Joanne 'E-. 115011 A su-nil? smile . a tvilnl'-llngeye Ne're sure will always get you by. se: General Cheerleader l Junior Ylay FHA BJL Girls Chorus 2,3 Newspaper staff 3,LL 'Lal Club 3,LL f M 3 G0111' Canmore ok stef r Queen - Sing llearbo lle Fai air lage , 'fowrwl Ambition: N Yai-'trldge an Edith B. 'Sbprtie lea, funn? 5'f'01'i06, . r of all was lues. Glas laugbte '!hlt's Y!-ditws way of chasing away the b Gaufsez Vocational Senior Ylay Yearbook staff LL Newspaper staff 3,LL Girls Gborwls l,2,3 Band l,?.,3 Commercial Club 3,LL Volleyball 3,LL Ambition: Join the Navy 5hlT181 N. Seeger 'Sbirln ning, gb Lively and Lang the whole day throw. Always ready to try tblng, neu. some P' coarse: Com ercial Junior Play lay enlor Y Class 'treasurer Ly. an-been staff l,3,LL ev-Ispaper staff l,3,LL Editor Newspaper LL Girls Chorus l,?.,3 Naiorettel ,2 ,3 ,LL Com'-eroial Club 5,14 'Rimes 3 3,h Ambl Yrofe sslonal 'Been Gheerleader Volleyball 2,3-,LL operetta 2 tion: singer Shade n amos G. 115531 never say who h to sy . 53111 bb-S mile be says rlous vi ' Says what ln the most so Gourse: Vocational r Ylay Junlo Ser-lor Ylay FFA 2,3,b erclal Club 3,Ly Ylocbb-'nic C 01619 A1H'b'l'T-1.0'D 2 019 Robert A. Sams 1lBobIl 6 worker ful friend A -:may mr sud a wonder live 30-ufuey to the ond. who ln l fight will Courses Vocational Basketball l,2 3 RBHSU ,L FFP- 1,26 usasku Yearbook staff Ly ss treasurer 2,3 KBHSB 2,3 KBYLSL H- l,2,3 KBHS3 Cla Volleyball etlc Assocatlon Dairy Farmer M1131 mbltlonz Leonard 5. Soult 11511911 51111 Wh-080 disposition is usually the some Makes gettlna through school his blggest am. so: Vocational FFP- bf El 'I 2,3 KSBS3 Ambition: To have my own business Cool' Bandall P.. Str avibr lclge "Randy" 'Randi the athlete wiltb. accurate SAD Vllll not flnlsh second ln playing life' s game. Conr se 1 Gener al Basketball l,2,3,b,f 3 Baseball 2,3-,Ly Volleyball 2,3,1l mbitlonz what ever l like Ralph vi . Ste adnan Willie' A MPP? S0 'LVGSQS' with a very keen mind P. chap like Viillle gouvll never find. ,N Goal' se 1 llooatlonal Eur-lor Ylai Senior Ylag FFA l.2.'5.lx pmabltlon: Being ny oem bose Charles VI. 'flttenore 'Chuck' Be llkes to speed and soreecb the brakes Ls for teasing the glrls he takes the cake. Caui' se : 'KI oc.-.atlonal P- 2.3m Class Treasurer 3 Baseball 3,14 Commercial Club 3,Ly Basketball Manager 3 Boys Chorus 3 liewispaper staff 3 Volleyball 3,14 Ambition: Dairy Farmer - or a H fzlsfgiasf- As a class we first gathered together at Townville in 19h8 with an enrollment of 15. It was a great year for us, making new friends and gaining new loyalties. In l9h9-50 our class grew fro 15 to 33. This was the first year the new school building was occupied. During the year Anne Hart and Twila Agens were chosen as Jr.High Cheerleaders. In 1951 we became High School Fresh en. Our enrollment decreased this year to 30. Again we participated in the competition of the Fair Parade and again won first prize with our Wedding Tableau. Later in the year we sponsored a record dance. On our last day of school we held a class party at Conneaut Lak Park. Class officers were: Pres............Anne Hart Sec.....Ruth Longberry V.Pres...Dennis Carpenter Treas......Twi1a Agens In 1952 as Sophomores our enrollment shrunk to 28. Our home rodm, believe it or not, was located in the shop. During the year we sponsored a skating party with Miss MhDowe1l and Mr. Liggett as our chaperone. All Christmas gifts exchanged in our home room were bunhled up and taken to the Odd Fellows Home i11Meadvi1le. Later on in the year,we were honored when Anne Hart was chosen from our class to represent Townville in the Northwestern Pennsylvania Live- stock Queen contest in Meadville. Class officers were: Pres.....Dennis Carpenter Sec...... V.Pres..........Anne Hart Treas...T'i1a Agana Advisor.....Mr, Liggett 1953- Sept. found us Juniors with!cur enrollment down to 21. Our goal this year was to make money for our Junior-Senior Banquet and Prom. We earned this small fortune by sponsoring movies, selling taffy, having a scrap drive, and handling the refreshment stand at all of the home basketball games. At last our goal was met. We honored the Seniors with our banquet at the Ted Mar Hotel in Cam- bridge Spr1n,g on May 8, and the Pro on Hay 22. nEvening in Parisn was tge Prom theme. Ted Brockhouser and his Orch. provided music for the dancers. Our Junior play was entitled 'Betty Jane from Punkin' Lane.' It was directed by Mr. George Mason of the Eng Dept. Class officers wer7z Pres.......Glenn Canfield Sec.........Thomas Nuhfer V.Pres...Denn1s Carpenter Treas ...Charles Tittemore Advisor.....Mr. Durfee l95h Victory! we're Seniors! Our enrollment increased to 2h with the consolidation with Athen's Township. We were very happy to wel- come four new members to our class. In the fall, the money left from our Junior year helped us to take our Senior Trip. It was a trip we will always remember. we viewed Niagra Falls in the day- light and the Ice Capades in Buffalo, N.Y., during the evening. Our senior play was 'A Pair of Country Kidsn, directed by Mrs. Majorie Ward, of the English Dept. Class officers were: PrQSqggqgg4G1Qnn Se0eeeeeeeeeTm Nuhfer V.Pres...Dennis Carpenter Treas...Shirley Saeger Adv1sor.....Hrs. Miller I O 0 We the class of 195k of Townville High School, in the lowest state of mental and physical depression, weary from skipping classes, running up and down stairs, do to the unsuspecting Juniors the art of pestering exams and making excuses. Last of all we leave the long year of give and bequeath teachers, passing the faculty with the firm hope, they will be properly mistreated. SECTION ONE: Disposition of the Class of 'Sh as a whole affection for our First--We bequeath the seriousness, the love and school to succeeding classes hoping they will regard and cherish it with unceasing loyalty. Second--To the Junior class we will the privilege of walking through the halls with an air of superiority that only a senior can claim. Third--To the Sophomores,we leave this thought 'Be patient childreng someday you too may beco e a Senior.' I Fourth--To the principal, Mr. Van Slyke, we leave an extra supply of patience and fortitude. We know the underclassmen are trying on the nerves,but be patient SECTION TWO: Disposition or the Class of '5M!as for children will be children. individuals I,Twi1a Agens.leave my ability to giggle when I'm not supposed to, to anyone who can get away with it. I,Kenny Anderson,leave anyone who can have ,Marilyn Bly,1eave my Sam Bossard,leave my a good alibi. I I. I,Glenn Canfield,leave to anyone who can survive. f my ability to be a Ten-O-Clock scholar to shyness to Dorothy Elliott. typing ability to Norman Dem er. my position as President of the Senior Class I,Dennie Carpenter,leave my ability as a Keystone Farmer to Bill Barton. f I,Anne Hart,leave my position as Editor of the Torch to anyone who can r111 it. l I, I Maxine Hasbrouck.leave my cheerleading ability to Donna Armstrong ,Henrietta Hellem,leave my shorthand notes to the first graders who are probably the only ones who can read them. I,Nancy Hendershot,leave my ability to take teasing to Bonnie Burlingame. f Boyer e I,Tom Logsdon,leave my ability if argue with the teachers to Albert I,Ruth Longberry,leave my natural curly hair to I I, I I I ,Joanne Raybuck,leave my slimness to anyone who have. I,Sh1r1ey Saeger,leave my ability to get along Robbins. I Bob Sansom,leave my tallness to Roy Shade. I I I I I,Randy Strawbridge.leave my athletic ability to I can get away with.7t. Patty Boyer. ,Delores Ne1son,leave my bottle of peroxide to Lois Halsey. Tom Nuhfer,1eave my ability to get along with girls to Don Brown ,Bruce Parker,1eave my shortness to Keith Bechtel. ,Edith Partr1dge,leave my bright smile to Alma Hull. can keep it as I with boys to Eva ,Jim Shade,leave my acting ability to Calvin Kanyuck. ,Jim Soult,leave my shyness?? to Tom y McElhaney. ,Willard Steadman,leave my happy-go-lucky way to Bob MoEnt1re. Karl Slonaker. ,Charles Tittemore.leave my ability to skip classes to anyone who We the Senior Class of Townville Consolidated High School, appoint as sole executor of this our last will and testament, Mr. R.C. Van e f IN WITNESS THEREOF, we nereby sign our name. PAW 454- Class of 'Sh V JAEIEU 'Of' QflUQLHlI01i?S 'O Home Room 109 - Mr. Durfee First Rowg Patty Dempsey, Leone Beers, Joyce Bertram, Mons Armstrong, Dorothy Elliott, Jean Holo mb, Elizabeth Gillette, Bonnie Burlingame, Shirley Hellem Second Rowg Joan Drake, Patty Bossard, Lois Halsey, Donna Armstrong, Patty Boyer, Virginia Gilson, Charles Hhrt, Donald Brown Third Row, Phil Burns, Albert Bowyer, William Barton, Russell Doud, Robert Gillette, Harold Higby, Phil Galford, Norman Demmer, Keith Bechtel Absenteeg Duane Armstrong CLASS OFFICERS George Vukmer..... Russell Doud..V1oe Eva Robb1ns....... Je.-n Holcmbooeggg President President Secretary .Treasurer OOC ooo , P JXP - P JXP e Home Room 201 - Mr. Wiestling First Rowg Peggy Troutner, Dorothy Humgg, Joan Roberta, Alma Hull, Eva Robbins, Margaret Webster, Marian Price, Naomi Reynolds, Patty Marvin Second Rowg Thomas HoE1haney, Edwin Kanyuck, George Vhkmer, Jack Seely, Calvin Kanyuck, Grant Walla, William Sutton, Robert McEntire Third Rowg ' Roy Shade, Richard Humes, Jack Steadman, Carl Slonaker, George Vukovich, Ronald Huff, Donald Palmer, Warren Preston Absenteeg George Strawbridge 90' SXOIHHQOQXLQI OX ESQ First Row: Betty Jackson, Gail Barton, Beverly Ervin, Donna Copeland, Phyllis Bunce, Grayce Cole, Donna Davenport, Doris Beebower, SueZanne Davis Second Rowg Richard Bromley, Leigh Bowes, George Canfield, Judy Drake, Joyce Kanyuck, Grace Kalkbrenner, Daniel Kanyuck, Donald Burns Third Rowg Willard Hnmes, Richard Dupont, Gerald Hasbrouck, Robert Hopkins, Robert Baugher, Walter Humes, Randolph Berlin, Lee Archer Absenteesg Lowell Edminster, Richard Dupont, Richard Hollabaugh CLASS OFFICERS Bob Baugher....... Larry Lobde11.V1ce Doris Beebower.... Grayce Cole....... President President Secretary ,TI'G8.S'U.I'6I' GO' S1012 ,JCI DIE? if S S, - JXAW, Home Room 203 - Mr. Shreve First Rowg Lyla Mason, Hazel Wallis, Janette Showers, Marilyn Teed, Betty Lou Post, Doreese Smith, Rexina Steadman, Joy Preston, Annetta Kerr Second Rowg Mildred Longstreth, Madge Myers, Audrey Smith, Eyla Reynolds, Beverly Saxton, Marjorie Lewis, Mary Rosenburg, Audrey Spencer Ann Wilson Third Rowg Larry Lobdell, William Warner, Duane Saxton, James Worley, DonaldShadale, James Longstreth, David Stainbrook, Jack Winters Richard Malliard Absenteesg Lowe1lStrawbridge, Robert McCurdy, Dennis Lupher, Raynold Prusia o O CID Lil ii ml Home Roo 208 - Mrs. Kalfayan - Mr. Mullen First Rowg Vivian Brown, Elaine Gilson, Lois Fosburg, Shirley Geer, Beverly Hayden, Saundra Dempsey, Virginia DuPont, Marlene Doud Second Row, George Bradley, Patrick Hart, Wilma Archer, Sarah Bradley, Barbara Sample, Bonnie Hasbrouck, Cynthia Hamilton, Robert Higby, William Berlin Third Rowg Charles Langer, Daryl Lake, Norman Dempsey, Wayne Fowler Thomas Elliott, Kenneth Boyer, Kenneth Deane, John Fielding Fourth Rowg Anthony Katulich, Allen Kanyuck, Robert Dwyer, Gene Armstrong, Jacob Antill, Leslie Beers, Lawrence Hanes. CLASS OFFICERS Vernon Hackie..... Steve Vukmer..V1oe Art W1nters....... Norman Dempsey.... President President Secretary Treasurer W WOR 523 U lvl lvl GO' - JX, .no AA- JX, Home Room 208 - Mrs. Kalfayan - Mr. Mullen .ll I First Rowg Mary Ann MoPheters, Carol Tittemore, Lois Mason, Patty Moody, Nancy Wilcox, Jeanneil Phelps, Elaine Saeger, Kay Roberts, Carolee Moyer Second Row, Milton Sterling, William Steadman, Carol Strawbridge, Vivian Van Cise, Sandra Wise, Marie Walls, Barbara Wonderling, Dick Stainbrook, Dale Strawbridge Third Row, William Rosenberg, Joel Roberts, Dale Steadman, Gerald Running, Paul Prusia, William Lemon, Allen Wallis Fourth Row, Steve Vukmer, Arthur Winters, Vernon Mackie, Daniel Nichols, Kenneth Shreffler Q aresxhijgi y Mgggvfm 01 Q First Row, Patricia Kelly, Linda Mason, Barbara Burns, Norma Haggerty, Flossie Antill, Mary McCurdy, Betty B omley, Margaret Edminster Jacqueline Armstrong, Lee Hunter Second Rowg Donald Fowler, Harry Lewis, Kenneth Ervin, Arnold Heth, Kenny Doolittle, David Huff, LeRoy Bradly, Richard Dailey, Donald Hull, Larry Kerr Third Rowg Sally Markley, Jane Gillett , Phyllis Bly, Shirley Cook, Margaret Acel, Janet Drake, Sandra Barton, Judy Dempsey, Bonnie Armstrong Fourth Rowg Paul Joslin, Max Cole, Bruce Marvin, George Bancroft, Clayton Danforth, Joseph Ervin, James Darling, Floyd Brown, James McE1haney Absenteesg Charles Flagg, Raymond Maynard, Robert Ewing Sandra Barton......President Max Co1e......V1ce President Bonnie Armstrong...Secretary Norma Haggerty.....Treasurer Kilfgfluhfiult D D I lA. , -A ,,,,, IX A Home Room 20h - Mrs. Gay First Row, Nancy Sheets, Lois Pond, Marilyn Prusia, Marcella Webster, Barbara Moyer, Gwendolyn Kerner, Kathleen Shade, Marilyn Seely Joanne Troutner, Virginia Worley Second Row, Robert Sample, Donald Van Slyke, Jack Sutton, Jack Ross, Martin Vardaro, Gerald Williams, Gerald McKafka, John Warner, Dennis Wentz, Warren Proper Third Row, Gary Troutner, Kathleen Toohey, Alvlra Sekel, Loretta Vanderhoff Theda Patterson, Beverly Willey, Rebecca Southall, Diana Southall Carole Smith, Kyle Strawbridge, John Sullivan Fourth Row, Gordon Pratt, David Stocker, William Welsh, Arthur McIntyre, Harold Price, Robert Mitchum, Daniel Smith, Troy Muir, James, Sullivan, Gerald Prenatt CLASS OFFICERS Kathleen To0hey.......... Rebecca Southall.....Vice Kathleen Shade........... Loi-S Pondeoeeeeco eases President President Secretary Treasurer V J iljlhd H1 B4 r-x H0me Room 107 - Mr. Sargent First Rowg Joyce Gillette, Barbara McPheters, Ariel Lobdell, Emily Huff, Carol Cochran, Macie Humes, Bertha Ehrhart, Jane McCurdy, Norma Crawford, Mae McElhaney Second Rowg Robert Burlingame, Dennis Kelly, Dale Dunbar, Fred Antill, Walter McIntyre, John Logsdon, Edward Fleet, James Langer, James Ervin, Bob Crum Third Row, Darlene Baney, Lois Brown, Martha Baron, Delinda Hall, Sandra Heath, Barbara Mackie, Marlene Grove, Eileen Devenny, Dorothy Boyer, Beverly Jackson Fourth Rowg Michael Hart, John Kanyuck, Kenneth Burlingame, Steven Antill, Tom Law, Charles Lohr, Dennis Hutchinson Absenteesg Melvin Bennett, Nancy Bossard CLASS OFFICERS Barbara Mackie.... John Kanyuck..Vice Linda Ha1l........ Ariel Lobdell..... President President Secretary Treasurer V iifhfinl GRADE Home Room 108 - Mrs. Ward First Rowg Marion Wallis, Joyce Steadman, Linda Weingard, Judy Stocker Catherine Spratt, Mary Schnell, Rowena Steadman, Elnora Vergith Monica Sekel Second Row, Donald Wallis, Terry Shorts, Louis Steadman, Patricia Sellen, Iva Roberts, Elma Pattison, Ruth Wheelock, Donald Mosher, John Moody, Byron Reitz Third Rowg James Resinger, Michael Theiss, Arden Rice, Bill Williams, Ronald Willis, James Partridge, Scott Preston, John Sellen, Sherman Newman Fourth Row, Warren Phillips, JLn.Smith, Dennis Willison, Raymond Shreffler James Norr, Dennis Smith, Gene Saeger Absenteesg Nevin Teed, Jesse Strawbridge, Marie Strawbridge, Betty Proper CLASS OFFICERS Gene Saeger........ Ruth.Wheelock.Vice Rowena Steadman,... President President Secretary Treasurer !' S 1 4 .1133 dxf N A Xf JX. - do - fx S Heli?-f if-2 BX NA PAIR OF COUNTRY KIDSn Mrs. Sarah Starr April Starr "Sis" Spooner Lucindy Appleby Susan Grimes "Hi" Hawkins Ambrose Sneggins Philip West Arthur Roberts Albert Boomer Ruth Longberry Twila Agens Shirley Saeger Anne Hart Edith Partridge Dennis Carpenter Willard Steadman Jim Shade Sam Bossard Tom Nuhfer like vb .v M 7w,9zi e F 1 i A xg "'.. 1 V, A . 'aux N, x S w"g'e?nEi?,f T ivixg av' Wi.-' ag?lve a. 'Ji 1 K ,-,, . 9 K . A Q2 ku .H ' a ' Q.. :iii it ff! if kg 'ik A g K Q. "R ,k A 6. Vs -' 5 Q - kim 1 X JM as . 'ik TI K, X mv 1 fi? W 'Yam :ik Q1 J e ,SEQ ff Q sg ff " gk I ,qi wb ,QS H.. ,, , Q A k 5: . Q . IS on I fiiiflf-3433 4 E First Rowg Keith Becktol, Bill Sutton, Donnie Carpenter, Glenn Canfield, Tom Nuhfer, Mr. Synder, Larry Lobdell Second Row, Wayne Fowler, Pat Hart , Steve Vukmer, Dale Steadman, Warren Preston, Dick Humes, Roy Shade, Jim Longstreth, Charles Hart, Leigh Bowes Third Row, Danny Nicklea, Don Burns, Tony Katulick, Phil Galford, Ronnie Huff, George Vukavich, Karl Slonaker, Calvin Kanyuok, Don Shadel, Dick Malliard, Jim Worley, David Stainbrook Fourth Row, Bruce Parker, Jim Soult, Don Palmer, Duane Saxton, Jack Steadman Willard Steadman, Jim Shade, Charles Tittemore, George Canfield, Bob Hopkins Fifth Rowg John Fielding, Paul Prusia, Richard Bro ley, Bob Higby C7 aCDo Rl ,fc D U iLlIC?5X First Row: Miss McDowell IAdv1sorJ, Joanne Raybuck, Marilyn Bly, Phyllis Bunce, Patty Dempsey, Joan Drake, Eyla Reynolds, Doris Beebower Mona Armstrong, Joyce Bertram Second Rowg Twila Agens, Anne Hart, Marian Price, Patty Marvin, Donna Armstrong, Hazel Wallis, Jeanette Showers, Marilyn Teed, Dorothy Elliott Third Rowg Nancy Hendershot, Delores Nelson, Donna Copeland, Lyla Mason, Virginia Gilson, Lois Halsey, Jean Holcomb, Rexina Steadman, Joy Preston, Annette Kerr 46 Cfioivlvl ililfi 0 IXAAA Elizabeth Miller - Advisor First Row, Edith Partridge, Anne Hart, Virginia Gilson, Eva Robbins, Twila Agens, Joanne Raybuck, Jean Holcomb, Delores Nelson Second Row, Pat Bossard, Patty Marvin, Donna Armstrong, Marilyn Bly, Shirl Seeger, Alma Hall, Henrietta Hellem, Lois Halsey, Leona Beers, Third Rowg Joan Drake, Mona Armstrong, Patty Dempsey, Albert Bowyer, Tom McElhaney, Charles Tittemore, Dorothy Elliott, Joan Roberts, Bonnie Burlingame CLUB OFFICERS Eva Robbins....... Twila Agens...Vice Joanne Raybuck.... Virginia Gilson... Jean Ho1comb...... .President President Secretary .Treasurer .Reporter I GOO M Q. w .111- ,1--.1-1-1 First Rowg Maxine Hasbrouck fReporterJ, Twila Agens KTechnica1 Editorl, Anne Hart CEditorJ, Shirleg Saeger CAss't Editorb, Ruth Longberry CBusiness Manager , Eva Robbins fJr. Ass't Business Managerl Second Rowg Mona Armstrong lJr. Ass't Editorl, Joanne Raybuck Csolicitod, Edith Partridge CSo1icitow, Sam Bossard CSports Editorl, Nancy Hendershot lReporterD, Marilyn B1y'lSo1ic1toN, Joyce Bertram fJr. Ass't Editorl, Delores Nelson Golicitow sl'- O Cf?-SEQ L53 CCSHIQEKUJS First Rowg Betty Jackson, Hazel Wallis, Lyla Mason, Gail Barton, Phyllis Bunce Betty Post, Marilyn Teed, Doris Beebower, Judy Drake, Sue Davis, Audrey Smith Second Rowg Madge Myers, Mildred Longstreth, Joyce Kanyuck, Eyla Reynolds, Beverly Saxton, Donna Davenport, Rexina Steadman, Joy Preston, Annette Kerr, Margaret Webster Third How, Shirley Hellem, Donna Armstrong, Marian Price, Naomi Reynolds, Patty Marvin, Elizabeth Gillette, Peggy Troutner, Dorothy Humes, Leona Beers Fourth Rowg Joan Drake, Patty Dempsey, Dorothy Elliott, Joyce Bertram, Joan Roberts, Bonnie Burlingame , -, - A 1- A - D c: O O O D , Ci,ll5 RMS? First Rowg Danny Kanyuck, Dick Malliard, Donnie Carpenter, Joyce Bertram, Glenn Canfield, Tom Nuhfer, Jim Worley Second Row: Karl Slonaker, Bill Sutton, Bob Baugher, Don Shadle, Randy Berlin, Dick Humes, Warren Preston Third Rowg Calvin Kanyuck, George Vukmer, Edwin Kanyuck, Norman Demmer, Bob Gillette, Grant Walls, Albert Bowyer, Russell Doud O QUE, IXIIQQSXJ 2 ,f1,,A,,D O M First Rowg VivianImipp1e,Sa11y Infield, Marian Kelly, Barbara Ross, Arnold Stewart, Gary Beebower, BobIBurtner,Hmro1d Gillette, Jack Ross Second Rowg Audrey Spencer, Bonnie Hasbrouck, Dianne Werling, Saundra Sansom, Jeaniel Phelps, Elaine Saeger, Joquetta Sansdm, Saundra Wise Third Row: Kenny Doolittle, David Huff, Danny Kanyuck, Bob Hopkins, Jim Worley, Virginia Dupont, Joyce Bertram, George Vukmer RDQSRXXWPXS? Elizabeth Miller - Advisor First Rowg Delores Nelson CAdvertisingl, Anne Hart QTeohnica1 Editorl, Shirley Saeger lEdit0rl, Joanne Raybuck lA s't Editorl, Henrietta Hellem KArt Editorl, Virginia Gilson CLiterary Ed.J Lois Halsey lAss't Editor! Second Row: Calvin Kanyuok, David Stocker, Charles Langer, Carol Tittemore, Edith Partridge, Twill Agens lCircu1ation Mgr.J, Pat Bossard QG1roulation Mgr.l, Betty Roe Gillette CAct1v1ties Editorl, Mona Armstrong KLiterary Ed.l Donna Armstrong Ueature Edd, Eva Robbins fC1rculation Hgr.S, Shirley Hellem, George Vukmer lSports Ed.D, Ed Kanyuok Third Rowg Mike Hart, Agnes Gillette, Ruth Wheelock Maxine Hasbrouck, Mu-nys Bly Creature Edd, Joanne Roberts iTechinca1 nan, Dorothy Elliott lArt EdJ, Alma Hull lGirou1at1on EdJ, Lyla Mason, Jean Holc mb, Charles Tittemore Mrs. Pauline Lingo, Mrs. Jennie Kalkbrenner, Mrs. Thilma Kerr, Mrs. Ruby Moody, Mrs. Jessie Agens, Mrs. Eva Canfield Absentg Mrs. Pauline Turner, Cafeteria Manager ' KQERFQZK ii 3 - Milton Livermore Royden Carpenter Wayne Danforth Spiggs Ferraro Ernie Sheets Joe Aversa Roland Tittemore Charles Hull Carl Bly Willie Arnold Dan Werling John Van Cise Clarence Moore Clarence Proper Alfred Bunce George Tomer Harry Burchard O 0 Don Danforth Paul Bowyer Charles Daly O li iifiilibilib O Townville Townville Townville Townville Townville Townville Townville Townville Townville First Row: Denny Lupher, Bob Gillette, Sam Bossard, Handy Strawbridge, Bob Sansom, Duane Saxton, George Vukmer Second Row: Bob Baugher, Russell Doud, Dave Stainbrook, Edwin Kanyuck, Jim Worley, Phil Galford Third Row: Norman Demmer, Grant Walls, Don Shadle, Randy Berlin, Lowell Strawbridge VARSITY SEASON'S RECORD N Indicates League Games wTownville Randolph 37 Waterford NTownville Cambridge Springs 68 Pleasantville Townville Waterford 61 Alumni wTownvi1le Saegertown M5 Tidioute wTownville Sparta 72 Pl6aSHHtVi116 4Townvi11e Conneaut Lake 32 Saegertown wTownvil1e Conneaut Valley 62 Sparta Townville Randolph M2 Conneaut Lake Townville Cambridge Springs ML Cormeaut Valley Townville Tidioute 52 75 59 72+ 36 61 58 51 Sl S8 First Rowg Charles Tittemore, Bob Gillette, Duane Saxton, Sam Boseard, Randy Strawbridge, Bob Hopkins, George Vukmer Second Rowg Dick Dupont, Gerald Running, Norman Demmer, Phil Burns, Bob Baugher Third Bowg Gene Armstrong, Kenny Shreffler, Tony Katulick Townville Townville Townville Townville Townville Townville SEASON'S RECORDS Randolph ----------------Randmph ----------------Sparta ----------------sperm ----------------Conneaut -------- ---Conneaut 13 1 6 9 11 Lake Lake 2 , Jean Holcomb, Peggy Troutner, Shirley Seeger KCa.ptain7, Anne Hart, Maxine Hasbrouck lCo-captainl, Dorothy Elliott "' T' 1' U GSU il ii? Y-EQQSDD iii? JR IH IIQLU CCFSHI 5 ELTQXEQH 3223 w N LVL! I Lau, uvvuan-.Lv -.. .., -,,,,, gf vi rgini a Du cca peain us-s anara Dempsey S S5 55 Q f If gy R as M5335 XE Pat Hart, LeRoy Bradley, Kyle Strawbridge, Donald Van Slyke, John warner, warren Proper , David Stocker, Floyd Brown, les Langer, Gene Armstrong, Kenneth , Steve Vukmer, Max Cole, Kenneth Martin Varado, John Moody, Louis Steadman, Donald Hull, Bob Crumb, Bill Steadman, Mike Thiess, Dennis Kelly, Jimmy Langer Scott Preston, Robert Burlingame, Mike Hart, John Sellen, Jack Ross, Jim Partridge, Steve Antill, Gene Saeger Kenneth Burllngamel Shreffler, Jim Nor? 1 First Row: 5 Second Row: Mr. Shreve, Dale e Tony Katulich, Shreffler, Dale C: McElhaney, Daryl 0 4 1 D D' A 1 'pp First Row: CJ Second Row, O C3 Third Rowg Willis JUNIOR HIGH SEASON'S RECORD Townville 26 Saegertown Townville 33 Sparta Townville 36 Conneaut Lake Townville 31 Conneaut Valley Townville 30 Randolph Townville nl Cambridge Springs Warren Philips, Jim Smith, Tom Law, Raymond , Dennie Willison, Dennis Hutchison, Ronny Townville Townville Townville Townville Townville Townville Saegertown Sparta Conneaut Lake Conneaut Valley Randolph 27 23 32 25 36 Cambridge Springs M6 I Behind every euooessful business- Behind personal financial security There is oie basic tact: Someone at sometime saved enough w To make the etdrt and kept going I W r b TITUSVILLE mnusr COMPANY I 'ritueville , Pa. l I Member or the F. D. I. c. ! I I Gumpliments of Your Friends TH SECOND NATIONAL BANK Titusville, Pennsylvania Member Federal Reserve System Member F. D. I. C. Congratulations Class of 'Sh FENTON'B DAIRY Star Route Phone 3-6h01 Titusville, Pa. DUNNIS STATIONERY AND SUPPLY Automatic Dependable WEL Wor1d's number one typewriter Titusville, Pa. Congratulations to the Class or 195h RUEL H. SMITH ENTERPRISES Titusville, Pa. ADVANCE DRY CLEANERS Serving Tovnville k Vicinity Wednesday R Saturday 'Phone 2-0301 Titusville, Pe. COMPLIM NTS OF A a P SUPER MARKET Titusville, Pa. Compliments of COLONEL DRAKE HOTEL Tituaville, Pa. UOBURN'S BAKE SHOP 115 North Franklin Street Titusville, Pe. Telephone 20-251 All Kinds of Fancy Pastries We Specialize in Wedding and Party Cakes C mpliments ef CURRY DRY CLEANERS Titusville, Pe. COM UNITY LOAN COMPANY of Titusville, Pe. C. L. SHOPENE, JEWELER Headquarters for Fine Watches Bulova, Omega, Elgin Hamilton, Girard Perregaux Titusville, Pa. COLLINS RADIO E TV SERVICE Philco and Dumont Sales and Service Best Deal in Town--See Us West Central Extension Titusville, Pa. Phone Zh-301 ELLIS R. DAY International Harvester Dealer Farmall Tractors Farm Equipment - Parts Refrigerators 3 Freezers Admiral Television For the Best Service and Best Deal in Town--See Us 308 S. Franklin St. Titusville, Pa. Phone Zh-301 Compliments of EAST TITUSVILLE MILLS Titusville, Pa. Congratulations Seniors Good Luck Juniors PAUL M. EDGAR Guaranteed Watch and Clock Repairing Titusville, Pa. 4 FISHER a YOUNG Everything for the Builder Titusville, Pa. Co pliments of G. C. MURPHY to Graduates of T. C. H. S. JONES BROTB RS BUICK Ph0n9 32-271 Titusville, Pa We Boast of Our High Quality Used Cars 2h Hr. Wrecker Service LYLE W. PEEBLES MOTOR SALES ur Trucks-Station Wagons-Cars Jeeps E Equipment A26 S. Franklin St. Titusville, Pa. LEE COATES k SON Chevrolet, Oldsmobile Titusville, Pa. MURDOCH'S FLOWER SHOP Flowers For All Occasions Titusville, Pa. Phone 2-6211 PENN DRESS SHOP Specializing in Juniors, Formals, and Graduation Dresses Titusville, Pa. Next to Penn Theater POLLARD MOTORS Cars --------- Trucks Used Cars----Trucks Titusville, Pa. Phone 2228A Wall ROBINSON'S Paper--Paint--Window Shades 225 West Spring Street Titusville, Pa. Compliments of RUMZIE FURNITURE . Titusville, Pa. SMITH 3 WORDEN Chrysler k Plymouth Titusville, Pa. S. S. BRYAN BDWE. SWANSON'S Hardware--Appliances--Stoves of Titusville, Wish Their Friends Paints k Sporting Goods Titusville, Pa. Phone 22271 The Townville Seniors A Life of Happiness TITUSVILLE COOP. G. L. F. SERVICE Phone 35-211 211 South Monroe Street Titusville, Pa. TITUSVILLE DAIRY PRODUCTS C Telephone 2227h Titusville, Pa. 'TUG' cu' Tnonrsorvs TITUSVILLE. PENNA. Jewelry Furniture DRUG STORE Frigidaire Appliances Prescription Specialists Cosmetics - Stationery Greeting Cards Visit Our Soda Fountain Archer Gamer Shop Allen Love Dairyland Ice Cream Dr. I. A. Bernstein Titusville Eagles Harry Magdovitx Keystone Office Supply Lamenskie Hat Shop HcCandrews Drug McNerney's Music Nelsonfs Jewelery Olson Tire Co. Resnikoff Furniture R and S Dress Shoppe Strouse and Benson Serrin's Auto Sales Titusville Bargain Store The Gift Shop Western Auto 3'lu :H Q me--M , Xi:fjsfL?,Q...!!AQ " iJ,.,l. Xi Th ere's lots of excitement around the dance floor-greeting old friends, making new ones. Part of the fun of campus parties is the pause ko enjoy a Coke. It's delicious . . . refreshing, too. Campus capers call For Coke .D IOTTLED UNDEI AUTHORITY Ol TN! COCA COKA COMPANY IY ,gift . ,,.H,,,J,,,4..,.-L. Q 1952, me cocA-cou COMPANY Dial Office 50-921 HEADVILLE Residence 26-785 CO-OPERATIVE ASSOCIATION Flour, Feed, Seed, Fertilizer Wire Fence 191 Mercer Street Phone 26-591 Meadville, Pa. ROSS PRODUCT COMPANY Don L. Ross, Owner Combination Windows 3 Doors Roofing Spouting Ruberoid Siding 875 Water Street Headville, Pa. 0112 RADIO AND TELEVISION ME.ADVlLLE'S ONLY COMPLETE ELECTRONIC SERVICE ALL WORK GUARANTEED DIAL 28-021 1012 Water Street -:- Meadville, Pennsylvania Thinking of Television-- Think WSYLVANIA' First AL'S CLOTH S SHOP Choose Your Graduation Clothes from Famous Brands Meadville, Pa. A. L. BALLINGER COMPANY DRUGGISTS You Can Depend On Any Drug Product That Bears The Name 285 Chestnut Street Meadville Pennsylvania A. R. WOLFF R SON HARDWARE ' PAINTS ' SPORTING GOODS HOUSE FURNISHING AND GIFTS ALSO PHOTO SUPPLIES Phone 22-031 909 Market St. Meadville, Pa. BALDWIN AND WELCOMER THE FRIENDLY HARDWARE STORE FOR 60 YEARS Furniture and Hardware Appliances - Floor Coverings - Guns Am unition - Sports Goods On Convenient Terms 959 Water Street Phone 39-841 Meadville, Pa. COMPLIMENTS of THE BERTHOLD STUDIO lformerly Gold Tone! 281 North Street Meadville, Pa. Co pliments of CARL E. SCHULTZ Meadville and Erie CARPENTER'S FLOWERS For A11 Occasions 931 Park Avenue Meadville, Pa. Compliments of CRAWFORD COUNTY IMPLEMENT COMPANY Meadville, Pa. It Pays to Shop Bt THE CRAWFORD STORE Meadvil1e's Largest Home Owned Store Success to You Seniors Compliments of DAVISONVS DAIRY STORE Lake Shore Sealtest Ice Cream 613 State St. Meadville, Pa. FACTORY SHOE STORE Thinking of Shoes for the Family Think of the Factory Shoe Store 958 Water Street Meadville, Pa. COMPLIMENTS of HARLEY D. CARPENTER Electrical Supplies Meadville, Pa. Portrait and Commercial Photographer H. E. ELLSWORTH 887 Market Street Meadville, Pa. HOWARD ACCORDION SCHOOL 314.8 North su. Meadville, Pa. Phone S3-363 Accordion Rentals--Sales and Instructions Sales and Instructors for Trumpet, Saxaphone, Clarinet Guitar, Violin, and Piano -IH!--I5-75 'Save The Surface and You Save All' J. A. DEISSLER R SON Glass and Paints Auto Glass and Window Glass Installed white Lead, Linseed O11 and Turpentine Special Courtesies Extended To A11 Graduates jenome Mega Go. CREDIT JEWELERS Art Welte, Manager Academy Theater Bldg. Phone 22'891 832 Park Ave' Phone 35-071 Meadville, Pa. Compliments Compliments of of KENDALL SERVICE STATION JOHN J. SHRYOCK COMPANY garg i:1N0r:h 98. V S, as Meadvi11e's Most Complete Home Furnishers Since 1875 H. R. Nickerson Manager LEONA MITCHELL'S PARTY SHOP 225 Arch Street Meadville, Pa. Phone 25-203 MEADVILLE SPORTING GOODS Opposite the Post Office Phone 30-M12 Meadville, Pa. MEADVILLE TYPEWRITER SERVICE mllij MT .43 21f4--f' . j..jz' New 'S' :E-fmf"x-If wp v pq - 11xrxam.f--"'T5' 1 R 4 "X: f""e f ILQIQLL, 1 i ..-ff-:zine r '- -Y ' I fb-1""' - 1-'TTY v ,,-Q-L . - k .X sexes-Q ?+,.,f.1-f . x . 209 Chestnut St. Meadville, Pa. Compliments of 280 Chestnut St. Meadville, Pa. Phone 34-A31 COMPLEMENTS O PERSONAL FINANCE COMPANY I-' . Specialists in Financing ROBERT E. STONE Jeweler Successor To Wood and Stone 2. Confidential and Quick-Services 3. Loans 825 to 51,0221 M d LL' 25 years in ea v 6 967 water- sm-get Phone 28-693 phone u1-271 Meadville, Pa. 256 Chestnut Street Meadville, Pa. The Girls in Our School SUTTERVS Learn to Sew on Home Furnishings Singer Sewing Machines 918 Water St. Meadville, Pa. The Home of 44st -Westinghouse Appliances 'Living Room Furniture -Bed Room Furniture SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO. -Carpets 'Bedding 9h2 Water Street Meadville, Pa. -Lamps -Chrome Dinettes THE TRIBUNE-REPUBLICAN Complete Country News Coverage The Tribune Publishing Co. Meadville, Pa. WATSON'S CHINA HOUSE Hotel-Restaurant-Bar-Hospital Equipment and Supplies York-Air Conditioning And Refrigeration China and Glassware 357 North Street Meadville, Pa. HOLLAND FURNACE 'The Heart of the Homeu All Purpose Coal Furnaces Gas 8 Oil Furnaces R Burners Suction Cleaning E Repairing 2h Hour Service On All Makes Of Heating Systems HOLLAND FURNACE M31 North St. Meadville 29-OM1 CARGO DRY CLEANERS CHARLES JEWELER GOYAN AND GREEN GOODYEAR SERVICE O'DAYS DINER THE ROSELLA SHOPPE WIESS WRECKING DON NCSSET STUDIO 105 State Street O11 City, Pennsylvania Phone 6-7201 Studio Q Home Portraits Bell-Howell Movie Cameras Commercial Photography Zeiss Ikon Cameras Eastman Kodaks Copies Amateur Supplies R Finishing Frames BERNIE'S AND EDDIE'S GARAGE an 51 Townville, Pennsylvania Phone 2538 Always a Friendly Welcome at ARCH HANNA HARDWARE BERTRAM'S ESSO Service and Restaurant Home-cooked Meals Junction of Rts. 77 and no Phone 2111 Townville, Pa. Townville, Pa. CENTRAL GARAGE Harry Werling Prop. Keystone Gas And 011 Tires - Tubes - Accessories Phone 2853 Townville, Pa. C. J. HOLGCMB General Store Groceries General Merchandise Little Cooley, Pa. Phone Townville 2h88 Compliments of GILLETTE AND SMITH Lumber and Building Supplies Phone 3285 Townville, Pa. GILLETTE'S STORE General Merchandise Townville, Pa. LEONARD H. TORREY Co pliments of RALSTONUS GENERAL STORE Phone 3135 Flour, Feed, Coal, Fertilizer Troy Center, Pa. Lime, Cement, Roofing, Seeds 'Your Friendly Neighborhood Store Townville, Pa. Store hours - 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. Closed Sundays Phone 33 73 MILTON RIEDE School R Industrial Plumbing M Heating Contractor Free Estimates Townville, Pa. Protect Our Forests From Hazards Treat Them As A Crop LUPHER SAWMILL RAYBUCK'S GARAGE Altantio Gas E Oil General Repairing A. SHBEVE R SON Building Supplies Phone Riceville 3h3h HD 53 Phone 2891 Townville, Pa. Union City, Pa. VAN CISE STORE Co pliments of TOWNVILLE DAIRY BAR and Newsroom Toys, Magazines, Groceries, Lunches, and Fountain Service Townville, Pa. Groceries - Meats - Hardware ESSO Gasoline and Oil Phone Townville 3229 Tryonville, Pa. WILLIS L. ARNOLD Funeral H me Phone 3295 Townville, Pa, Compliments of SEELY'S GARAGE General Auto Repairing - Towing Phone 2081 Townville, Pa Compliments of WERLING AND DANFORTH Central Garage Townville, Pa. RED AND WHITE Townville, Pa. MAIN'S GENERAL STORE New Richmond, Pa. RAYMOND'S McCRILLES GROCERY Lincolnville, Pa. I NN W ,Qfiiiagg Xl INTER- COHEGIATE PRESS Publishers -C over Munuluct ufer si Book Binders FAETORY A HOME OFFICE Knnsus City L eff "3,, .QE ' S ' gf' Q -ani 1 M dll df? , 1 ' ,' 2 07 'E t l ,X ov, 5 N ,ff A 'F I 1 l7dCf50 Cars. JL 239 n '- L W I 0 - Y Y A ex! I Y ' I- 19 ,Q f - ORQ, .me -2,5-' fc 1, M, lbff0lYl! ,IX 'Ji 013, '83 I I' , I A 1,05 W . - - v 7.9, gmc' , ,, ' ' 5? 'G ' S' " , 761 I3 R R L 229 7 zfsu 2007 200 - 5 orchard 4 i ' Q Q Q drag N S Ramada to xg j .. -, r i-5 -' ' N one U11 , C I -9 6 37203 9 5 5' 5 :X J9lY0lC'm , Y "'7' ' , s X ? Y fi Q- W fy' W . Z . pvln. - x ' k ,Q J , W 6 19 2 ' , bo + Q R' 5 4 r b n of ! . 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Suggestions in the Townville High School - Memories Yearbook (Townville, PA) collection:

Townville High School - Memories Yearbook (Townville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Townville High School - Memories Yearbook (Townville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Townville High School - Memories Yearbook (Townville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Townville High School - Memories Yearbook (Townville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Townville High School - Memories Yearbook (Townville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Townville High School - Memories Yearbook (Townville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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