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 - Class of 1950

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, 41334 if xl' 'Q 214 'u n f 'wt' md . 15 ' 1 J Y P " . ' , A 1 .W 9' W., Z. ez' 1 'V . Q . ii 1 KK, I an . r l 1k F '54 s I ' t f. 'il k ,L 4 dy A ff i n Q is .am Es' x . 5 2 ? 'W ? Q24 Q. Y WY , Pl :X- . 5 1 4, ifix 'D l W 1 rif e v :Y :fl X "1 ,QV 4 :A 1. Q58 V +1 1 'FM 1, Nr w ill bi ' . - ' 1 , ' s 'I 6 ! nl Q N 7'3',L' I ,M A54 wi x 'Vi' f W1 'na 1 v in , 4 5 X 5, ef ,sh 4- -2 , - 43. 1 V gf' ,ld .-f Q, ' Q., fr 1 ,pu ,, .4 w 4 ' L iS had U . X ' w 'ind ? ,.. N V n i f if 4 I LIBRI O O on-9 Q I Q 47- '- .,- 1 f L. A ws?-J 1.4 1 K 'fy T, 'S fa U3 5:26 5 DEDICATION To our principal, Raymond C. Van Slyke, for his continued effort to provide the best educational facilities possible, we dedicate this book. 'il , N Tn TIUN ,ff X ,rx mace , A 5 5 Q31 movaq io Bc frawxx Kronagxnxszrkca , - Ncxl werxl mmm kg Niqpz XX . . kc5vZZQ1 V1 Rwi igge Lbwukn 1 KK xx . X W v 5 r U. 1 3.1 X , X u , X.. K X , Yeovixf. am. JM oxwe foxmca Ke aggnybg if - " xx N. ' 'k X wkvi Roc awag, uma xtm. - X x -fff - ' U Y- x- N Mc ebucakxoxj ox YW QW? " S if x , - ' Y -gk men was XNWYCNXNSW5 NOW' KM to mn V ' we fl . . ' . mx Q- QM Sw WW xeqo wow sf 'AK S' - 0 . , Limxlfuki LJQMBMIQ in xv-f....,u' -f" Jffy -D Ly 'W K . Row l--Clarence O. Moore, Harry O. Lake, Alex Crawford, Carl Durfee, Joseph Mason Row 2--Ivan Barton, George Strawbridge, Rex Carpenter, Neldon Wheelock, Clarence Toohey Townville Consolidated Joint Board President Alex Crawford Vice President Harry 0. Lake Secretary Carl Durfee Treasurer L. H. Madden BOARD OF EDUCATION TROY TOWNSHIP STEUBEN TOWNSHIP TOWNVILLE BORO Alex Crawford LeRoy Ross Laura Arnold George Strawbridge Ivan Barton Harry O. Lake Clarence O. Moore Rex Carpenter Joseph Mason Ralph Irons Archie Lingo Clarence Toohey John Kanyuck Paul Gillette Neldon Wheelock Neva Gillette K Se cre tary--Not Member! 505 6 25 ,dz x g ' T FACULTY 89430 N Q 00,531 9,0 9 909' 3' 999 e C19 61,60 J' 9 Q55 Q0 00 9,920 egbxb we 22,129 oi' -50" ldred H Burger Mi . Second Grade 4. 3- G 0 0021-,oo .9Z"'o,, c-,ot JO Q5 '90 eedzie 95 G19 bf:-ey 8 Qrsfbto Qde I2 -9 PifliQbe r c 6 Gbegbo e 412 90126 L IQ. Q 1'-Qdbfe e Thelma M. Shorts Fifth Grade 256 508 4 FACULTY so .409 60 0 dcQ5599 ,Peggy 99.i9so Zag 99 QV S ol' W 4' 'gp Gbqdce 9 ce' 950 1+ Q1 0 9' SP9 4 6 1' Q' Gao? ev Ie 0,5 110.80 tt 0 69 9 0 90 QQ 5530168 0 2000 S 0 091' 'Po Q 6 09,6 J 6'l-:bt 0 o'Sot1s,3g5'o disc. .8006 it -dag? la Howard G. Nowson Donald S. lilo Assistant Principal -- Science Bu81n08! K 7 3' '2- 7950 508 6 25 SENICDRS Mary Louise Armstrong Doris Mae Baron Glenna Mae Copeland Ruth Crawford Maxine Flint Janet Ganyard ids! l A 256 508 Hiram Graham William Holland .SENIORS Robert Jones Dorothy Longberry Merle Longberry George Lundberg 6 508 25 .1 Q ' F5771 'i' .1.', SENIORS Mary Anne Robbins June Maynard Wi111s McA1evy I Almah Reitz Virginia Riede Nancy Jane Robbins Q, 508 6 25 .1 Barbara Schnell Richard Shade SENICDRS William Sutton Marian Van Cise Howard Wallis Jean Wright 11' 1- 508 6 25 Patricia Wood CLASS MOTTO' nHold high the lamp of learning Torchn Editor nCLASS POEMH Twelve years go mighty fast Here we are---Seniors at last. We never thought we ' d make the grade But in the end our work has paid. We're ready now to go our way, o'er this 26th day of May. Long we will hold Townville dear, And use the knowledge we've gained here. As we go out into the world Let success' banner be udTurled. We'll do our best at all we start When from this harbor, we depart. We wish to thank the teachers, too, For And the hard times they've seen us through now it's time to say, NGood Dayn , Aa we go on our Merry Way. CLASS FLOWER CLASS COLORS Yellow Roses Green and Gold 508 256 alia -1 I YP lg-aa ,E Dorothy Longberry vs . K . 'L,' f7F wif U7 if QQL if I 1? E33 1 ll A v- VL' 119 . ' ' - . 1 ' virginia Riede H PM George Lundberg fr' Barbara Schhell Y Robert Jones I I 1 I QU x 1 I . '-'zsl IX- Patricia Wood Maxine Flint 508 ?56 SENIOR CLASS I-IISTCDRY One rainy morning in the month of September, in the year 1946, we started our Freshman year at Townville High School. We needed class officers im ediately to lead us in our activities. We chose for President, Bill Pratt, Vice President, George Maynard: Secretary, Jean Wright. Mr. Fairlamb was our class advisor. In the fall of 1947, we were back to make our Sophomore year a better one than the year before. We chose for President, Hiram Graham: Vice President, Nancy Robbins, and Secretary, Patricia Wood. We selected green and yellow as our class colors. Our Junior year found us under the care of Mr. Heinbaugh and with the following class officers! President, Mary Ann Robbins: Vice President, June Maynard: Secretary, Jean Wright. The first thing we had to do was to earn money for our Prom. By combining our efforts, we took over the food concessions at the basketball games, sponsored a play, and a paper drive. We managed to scrape up enough money to put on a fine Prom at Cambridge Springs. Upon entering the final year, we found ourselves in the new building. Our class advisor was Mr. Mason and the class officers were as follows: President, Richard Shade: Vice President, Nancy Robbinsg Secretary, Glenna Copeland, Treasurer, Ruth Crawford. As our Senior year progressed, we found ourselves in need of money again, so to solve the problem, we sponsored the Halloween dance, put on a play, and had a chili supper. We wish to thank the faculty, and Principal, who have been patient, enough to stick with us during our years at Townville. They have done their best to teach us the necessary subjects which we will use in our future experience. Willis McAlevy OO CD lb 63 ax ' 1 6 e-:SE LX lf'-51 Richard Shade ir, YQ s J V 0 9' Marian Van Cise Q Q 's ' . " K J 5 1'- IWL 11 ' -ii' qw ff I William sutton Hiram Graham l MY 95. 'Sf :fn I" A Ruth Crawford JmwtGmWmd QKXQCZ? ' ,J 4,3 IY lf William Holland Almah H6132 gn! . l, 508 s 25 CLASS PRQPHECY Last Saturday when Howard and I came down town for our usual weekly shopping at the A k P, owned and operated by George Lund- berg and his wife JoAnn and to get the mail, we received a letter from Janet CGanyardS Humes, telling us about some of our classmates. It should interest you so I'll read it. New Hichmond, Pa. May 27, 1960 Dear June and Howard, Just a line to tell you the whereabouts of us and some of our classmates. As you probably have heard, Leslie and I are the proud owners of two theaters here in New Richmond. Have you heard that Dorothy is back' on the farm again? After going through nurses training she finally married Bob Jones, who owns a big farm at Troy Center. I guess Merle is still going with Clara Myers, and is now busy trying to convince her that she should marry him. Remember Barbara Schnell and how quiet and shy she was?' Well she is now Principal of our old Alma Mater, Townville Consolidated High School. Oh yes, Dick Shade now has his own barber shop, located next to his father-in-laws jewelry store in Cochranton. Well Bill Holland and Betty Ann finally made the alter and now have a couple of cute little red-headed Hollandsg who, from what I've heard and seen, have a temper to go with it. For our 8th Anniversary, Leslie and I went to the "R1din' Hi"' operated by none other than Hiram Graham. After the stage show started we met with another surprise. The star vocalist was, you guessed it, Jean Wright. I hear Maxine Flint is now enjoying life as a pianist in an orchestra. You can hear her every night at 9:00 on N. B. C. Mary Armstrong is now running a nice little hat shop in Detroit. She always was quite handy with a needle and thread and I guess women always will buy hats. Ruth's plans for her future as a milk haulers companion seem to be working well. She and George Maynard are now happily married. Almah Reitz seems to have made good use of her secretarial training as she is now .working in the office at Struthers-Wells at Titusville. This may not come as a surprise to you but I heard from Glenna and she is now a Powers Model in New York City. Delores' and Duff's latest arrivals were twins. Do you know how many children they have now? I lost count. Had you heard R1ede's Hardware has now changed hands? After Toby's graduation from High School, he and Virginia took over. Oh yes, Patty Wood still goes skating a lot but she now has her own rink at Townville. Nancy and Archie got married as everyone said they would and Mary Ann went through nurses training. The twins now have part time jobs posing for Toni ads. We drove down to Propheters Garage the other day. Yes, I mean Howard Propheter, the one Marian Van Cise married, and guess who came up to work on the car? None other than Bill Sutton. He's a mechanic in their garage now. We got to talking about Willis McAlevy and guess what he's doing now? Right! Farming his father-in-laws farm in Titusville. Well guess I'd better close as the kids are into everything they can find, and it's time to get dinner. Will write more later. n 05' Y Q,-"':5ll U 'Nur ' sn 'Q MS Q T.-if N . xg , ixenxg 'mx I ' X 256 508 k N ancy Jane Robbins Mary Anne Rebbins 65 AV: 'YW' Merle Longberry AH! Doris Mae Baron d June Ma'-may 4 I j L. Oyyapd , Whllis Gle a Mae Copeland - AQ- 508 6 25 CLASS WILL We, the Senior Class of 1950, of Townville Consolidated High School, being of sound mindC?????J, do hereby draw up and publish our last will Section l--Disposition of First, to the Juniors, we walking through the halls a Senior can. Second, to the Sophomores, they can use it, Third, to the faculty, we and fortitude. Section 2--Disposition of I, George Lundberg, leave well take care of them.-- and testament. the class of 'SO as a whole, will and bequeath the privilege of with an air of superiority as only we leave all our talent, knowing leave an extra supply of patience the class of '50 as individuals, my girls to Yondy Bossard, who can I, Almah Reitz, will my athletic ability to Donna Armstrong.--I, Howard Wallis, leave--but take June with me. Sorry boys.--I, Janet Ganyard, leave Leslie Humes, but will be back next year for him.--I, Dick Shade, leave my place as president to anyone who succeeds me.--I, Barbara Schnell, leave my quietness to Nancy Rod- gers.--I, June Maynard, leave my shorthand notes to the Chinese, who are probably the only ones who can read them.-- I, Hiram Graham, leave my ability to dress well to Ray Vin- cent, knowing he'll carry on.--I, Bill Holland, will my ability to argue with the teachers to Betty Logsdon, she needs it.--I, Maxine Flint, will my musical ability to Lee Meneely.--I, Merle Longberry, leave my conceit tot Brian Armstrong. Here's hoping he'll have better results.--I, Willis McAlevy, leave but take with me my interest in Titusville.--l, Patricia Wood, bequeath my high IQ to any Junior who needs it.--I, Bob Jones, will my ability to get along with the teachers to Louie Jackson and Dick Barnes.-- I, Jean Wright, leave my large vocabulary to Paul Hunter, knowing he'll use it' well.--I, Ruth Crawford, leave my artistic ability to Mary Ann Lingo.--I, Virginia Riede, leave my poetic ability to Don Kalkbrenner.--I, Marian Van Cise, will my slimness to Kenny Strawbridge.--I, Bill Sutton, will my blond curly hair to Carl Small.--We, Mary Ann and Nancy Robbins, leave our place as the only twins in Townville High School to the next twins to enter.--I, Dorothy Longberry, will my ability to be a farm girl to anyone who wants it.--I, Glenna Copeland, will my ability to get along with people to anyone who can use it. I, Doris Mae Baron, leave my old boyfriends to Gertrude Wood.--I, Mary Armstrong leave my place in Home Ec. to Tommy McElhaney. We, the Senior Class of Townville Consolidated High School, appoint as sole executor of this our last will and testament, Mr. Van Slvke I IN -1' iff !"' 559 'Ei as 4 Row l Row 2 Row 3 IUNIQRS --Lois Gray, Donna Price, Raymond Vincent, Raymond Zahner, Betty Logsdon, Mary Ann Lingo, Clara Myers Lee Sutton, Paul Hunter, Edna Lawrence, Verna Flint, Wilma Jackson, Ethel Johnson, Patricia Shade, Jane Bierce, Kenneth Quinn, Leslie Humes Richard Barnes, Jim Rodgers, Donald Castile, Donald Bossard, Carl Small, David Marvin, Nick Vukmer, William Markley R, UPHO DRE Q I 1 . Q .Rv 'L 5 4aS'1f6v'wz.gL1i-2gPfi..awfff'xr ' k K ' ..: -"N" ' :..q.:Me4:- .f -'M Hx 'ww . -W.-2-1-x v ' " "k- ,- fn' J' ' 1.4, Qin. V fi . ,tin -3' 08 y 5 56 2 Row Row Row Row 1-- 2-- 3 Lillian Brown, Donna Hanna, Nancy Elliott, Brian Armstrong, Paul Kirk, Jack Hanna, Leona Van Cise Donna Reitz, Jean Brown, Barbara King Margaret Banta, Barbara Steadman, Nancy Rogers, Shirley Copeland, Kay Kanyuck, Luella Hollabaugh Lucille Hanna, Janet McCurdy, Marie Armstrong, Louise McHenry, Barbara Gillette, Clara Proper, Helen Smith, Jeanette Yocum --Herbert Gariepy, Russell Hull, Tom Wallis, Charlotte Steadman, Joyce Strawbridge, Carol Lee Anderson, Gertrude Wood, Dorothy Kalkbrenner, Louise Saeger, Todd Burrows, Lawrence Steadman, Don Baron L--Jack Bossard, Richard Feely, Kenneth McAlevy, Wendell Bertram, Don Seely, Meridth Webster, David Coates, Charles Minick, Kent Armstrong, Lyle Magee, Jim Carpenter SOPHOMQRES O 1w'f'A"'f'f-i 5 508 25 - v f -nm... - - - -an 4 Row Row Row Row 2-- FRESHMEN lfn-Rosann.Gibson, Thelma Lingo, Meta Robbins, Peggy Bunce, Lois Katulick, Kenneth Bierce, Peggy Allhiser, Jane Ware, Shirley Reese, Naomi McCurdy, Florence Kanyuck, Donna Saxton ' Arthur Mercer, Shirley Wonderling, Dorothy Proper, Marie, Longstreth, Clara Dempsey, Gerry Markley, Dorothy Wheelock, June Drake, Katherine Brocius, Myrtlette Bromley, Helen Banta, Vera Roberts, Betty Galford, Lila Barton, Patty Mercer, Ronald Riede 3--Fred Jones, Ronald Hanna, Carl Humes, Earl McCurdy, Lee Armstrong, Richard Parker, Richard Young, Charles Klawuhn Kenneth Barnes, Paul Bossard, Harold Galford M--Charles Hollabough, David Howard, Philip Wald, Richard Johnson, Ralph Armstrong, Eugene Bly, Milton Webster, Donald Bunce, Philip Jackson, Lee Meneely 08 65 25 Row l Row 2 Row 3 Ann Hart, Ruth Longberry, Marianna Jackson, Twila Agens, Dennis Carpenter, Glenn Canfield, Joanne Raybuck, Henrietta Hellem, Edith Partridge, Marilyn Bly Shirley Saeger, Kenny Anderson, Richard Smith, Donald McElhaney, Lawrence Bromley, Bruce Parker Virginia Harris, Maxine Hasbrouck, Jim Shade, Albert Bowyer, Russell Myers, Tom Logsdon, Willard Steadman, Lois Wright Randall Strawbridge, Harold Higby, Carl Hopkins, Virgil Herring, Carl Gates, Sam Bossard, Jim Soult, Fred Nichols, Harold Quinn EIGHTH GRADE ,M 508 6 25 Row Row Row Row SEVENTH GRADE 1--Emory Kalkbrenner, Norman Dem er, Karl Slonaker Roy Shade, Earl Inman, Williard Sutton, Jack Seely 2--Evelyn Proper, Joyce Bertram, Joanne Roberts, Calvin Kanyuck, Eva Robbins, George Vukmer , Edward Kanyuck, Dorothy Elliott, Leora Banta, Jaunita Burlingame 3--Naomi Reynolds, Alma Hull, Margaret Webster, Patty Marvin, Betty Roe Gillette, Joan Drake, Pattya Dempsey, Mildred Small, Marian Price, Donna Faunce, Donna Armstrong, Shirley Hellem, Janet Dailey, Donna Eddy lg.--Paul Meneely, Jimmy Cole, Charles Hart, Duane Armstrong, Russell Doud, John Crawford, Grant Walls, Jack Steadman, Clifford Sterling, Philip Galford, Bill Barton, Jack Mailliard, Keith Bechtel, Gerald McCri1lis, Ronald Jones, Bobby Gillette, Tom McElhaney, Don Brown LE ENTAM' .O 5 O i 0 O fifiiirl yf"'1 4 ' ' ' 256 508 Row 1- Row 2- Row 3- Row H- Row S- Absent - , Q. Randolph Berlin, Richard Bromley, Milton Sterling, Jack Winters, Daniel Kanyuck, Jerry Hasbrouck, Don Hellem Marjorie Lewis, Rexina ,Steadman, Betty Jackson, Donna Copeland, Patty Hunter, Lyla Mason, Phyllis Bunce, Florence McElhaney, Beverly Saxton Charles Smith, Grace Kalkbrenner, Madge Myers, Betty Quinn, Shirley Rosenberg, Eyla Reynolds, Doris Mae Beebower, Betty Thomas, Mary Lou Rosenberg, Charles Leonhart Oscar Gray, Richard Dupont, Robert McCurdy, Robert Hopkins Anne Wilson, Nancy Drake, Richard Hollabaugh, James Longstreth, Robert Baugher, Dennis Lupher -Joyce Kanyuck, Harry Cleland, Duane Saxton --Jack Ewing, Billy Jones, Lowell Strawbridge, Barbara Hulling, Gail Barton SIXTH GRADE 508 256 Row Row Row Row Row 1-- 2-- 3-- M-- 5 FIFTH GRADE Robert Higby, Orin Inman, Patrick Hart, George Bradley Allen Wallis, Thomas Elliott Patricia Moody, Mary Ann McPheters, Kay Roberts, Gail Ganyard, Lois Mason, Marlene Doud, Bonnie Hasbrouck, Irene Douglas, Marie Walls Floyd Brown, Dale Steadman, Dale Strawbridge, Barbara Wonderling, Virginia DuPont, Evelyn Titus, Elaine Gilson, John Fielding, Arthur Winters, William Berlin Daniel McMunn, William Hbath, Charles Langer, Sarah Bradley, Saundra Dempsey, William Rosenberg, Allen Kanyuck, Daniel Nichols --Marilyn Cleland, James Saxton, Vivian VanCise, Eugene Armstrong, Harold Price Absent-Daryl Lake, Kenneth Shreffler, Carol Strawbridge gf 508 256 L Row Row Row Row Row 1 2-- 3 LL-- 5 Kenneth Burlingame, Max Cole, Larry Parker, John Logsdon, Warren Proper, Ronnie Heth, Donald Hull, Arden Rice Mary McCurdy, Jane McCurdy, Linda Mason, Kathleen Shade, Jean Jones, Joan Jones, Kathleen Toohey, Marilyn Smith, Marilyn Seely, Marcella Webster Betty Bromley, Martha Baron, Phyllis Bly, Judy Dempsey, Agnes Gillette, Theda Patterson, Sandra Barton, Bonnie Armstrong, Margaret Acel, Dorothy Boyer, Donna Banta Kyle Strawbridge, Troy Muir, John Sellen, Jaqgs Mc- Elhaney, Raymond Maynard, LeRoy Bradley, onald Van Slyke, Bruce Marvin, Harry Lewis, Richard Dailey Dennis Hutchison, John Sullivan N Jack Sutton, David Stocker, Dannie Smith, James Sullivan, Shirley Cook, Walter Castile 1 ,f - FGURTH GRADE Q 4 508 6 25 Row Row Row Row as TI-HRD GRADE John Moody, Ronald Parker, James Langer, Donald Mosher, Byron Reitz, James Partridge, Ronald Burnside Judith Stocker, Norma Crawford, Deanna Hipple, Patricia Raybuck, Joyce Steadman, Barbara McElhaney, Rowena Steadman, Marion Wallis, Patricia Sellen, Barbara Mc- Pheters Betty Lou Douglas, Joyce Gillette, Marlene Grove, Marie Strawbridge, Maxine Van Cise, Joanne Eddy, Nancy Saxton, Ruth Wheelock, Beverly Jackson Thomas McMunn, Robert Burlingame, Frank Proper, John Kanyuck, Raymond Shreffler, Sherman Newman, Jesse Strawbridge, Michael Hart, Kenneth Copeland Row l Row 2 Row 3 Row Row S LL-- --Beverly Muir, Norma Wonderling, Sandra Molli, DeAn Werling, Carole Markley, Eleanor Shreffler James Cook, Lenore Turner, Nancy Shadle, Betty Lou McCr1llis, Frances Kalkbrenner, Donna DuPont Patricia Shreffler Joseph Bradley, James Berlin, Robert Shreffler, James Titus, Donald Gilson, Marilyn Van Cise, Joyce Lewis, Robert Minick, Nile Inman, Harold Gillette, Charles Maynard, Edward Hasbrouck --Jaunita Higley, Jean Culbertson, Diana Kaster, Donna Jones, Sally Ann Infield, Regina Gneadinger, Shirley Acel, Rose Mary Baron, Sara Kinser, Carol Ann Boyer, Alice Inman, Ruth Ann Archer, Carol Dailey, Dolores Kanyuck, Charlotte Jones Elaine McElhaney, Clara Hart, Nancy McPheters Mary Quinn, Barbara Roberts, Nancy Moody, Rosalind Mason, Norma Rice, Jean Sterling, Betty Sullivan, Marcia Van Cise Donald Shreffler, Gordon Wald, Gary Smith, James Weed, Philip Proper, Orlo Proper, Gary Shreffler Russell Baron, Roger Hanna, Gary Beebower SECCDND GRADE - 11: i - ittvg, gd . Lg, 1 - '-F i s 508 6 25 Row Row Row Row Row 5-- FIRST GRADE Robert Price, James McCurdy, Gary Drake, William Shreffler, Arden Muir, Larry Hutchison, Gordon Van Cise, August Klawuhn, Dennis Bradley Martha Elliot, Barbara Hellem, Sandra Seely, Marilyn Maynard, Shirley Leonhart, Diana Gneadinger, Elaine Proper, Margaret Ralston, Carol Shreffler, Shirley Woolstrum, Barbara Locker, Clova Burlingame Craig Markley, Nancy Bromley, Nancy Gustafson, Nancy Boyer, Betty Rosenberg, Norma Cook, Karen Abercrombie, Mary Sellen, Lois Daily, Patricia Corliss, Dorothy Gillette David Slawson, James Acel, Jerry Partridge, John Hershberger, Wayne Burnside, Howard Ewing, Joseph Brown, William Gray, Albert Cleland, Joseph Dripps, Earl Brown, John Dawson Gordon Harris, Bill Lee Kinnear, Edward Gillette Edward Ashbaugh, Norman Cook, James Rosenberg L nal an 1 , cr: mn :F 'Y 1 'W 'VY 508 56 2 mr WP? 1, 508 6 Z5 Row l--Betty Logsdon, Glenna Copeland, Patricia Wood, Ruth Crawford, Almah Reitz, Maxine Flint Row 2--Raymond Vincent, Lucille Hanna, Shirley Copeland Gertrude Wood, Kay Kanyuck, Raymond Zahner HTHE TORCHH Yearbook Staff Editor Literary Editor Class Editor Activities Editor Advertising Art Editor Photographer Sports Editor Business Manager Patricia Wood Glenna Copeland Almah Reitz Maxine Flint Shirley Copeland Barbara'K1ng Kay'Kanyuck Lucille Hanna Gertrude Wood Ruth Crawford Donald Castile Raymond Vincent Raymond Zahner Betty Logsdon Subscriptions Sophomore Bookkeeping Class Advisor D. S. Wile 508 256 Row 1--Betty Logsdon, Almah Reitz, Paul Hunter, Jean Wright, Ruth Crawford, Daniel Kanyuck, Glenna Copeland4 Row 2--Kay Kanyuck, Gertrude Wood, Joanne Roberts, Dorothy Elliott, Doris Mae Beebower, Ann Hart, Shirley Copeland, Lucille Hanna Row 3--Louie Jackson, Nancy Rodgers, Gerry Markley, Peggy Bunce, Donald Bunce nThe Breezen Staff Managing Editor .... ...Jean Wright Jr. Associate Ed......Paul Hunter Production Mgr. ....... Almah Reitz Almah at the Dictaphone p Literary Ed .... ...Glenna Copeland l Exchange Ed. .... .....June Maynard ' Sports Eds.. ....... .Louie Jackson Don Bunce, Don Kalkbrenner Art Ed... ......... ..Ruth Crawford Business Mgrs ....... .Barbara King Kay Kanyuck, Shirley Copeland Reporters ............. Peggy Bunce Betty Logsdon, Ann Hart, Nancy Rodgers, Lucille Hanna, Joan Roberts, Mary Ann Robbins, Gertrude Wood, Danny Kanyuck Doris Mae Beebower, Dorothy Elliot, Gerry Markley Advisor eqeevoa.. oooooooDo S' -4- 508 256 K , Q 1 2 - S -, ,-.. f. -s. ' I BAND Row l--Lillian Brown, Rosann Gibson, Louise Seeger, Joyce Bertram, Ruth Longberry, Henrietta Hellem Row 2--Peggy Bunce, Thelma Lingo, Florence Kanyuck, Lucille Hanna, Dorothy Longberry, Maxine Flint, Charlotte Steadman, Todd Burrows Row 5--Patricia Shade, Wilma Jackson, Lois Katulick, Don Bunce, Richard Shade, Lee Meneely The Band, under the direction of Major D. Olmes, meets every Thursday and Friday, the eighth period. The school purchased instruments from Army Surplus, which have been repaired and will soon be put into use by some lucky person The Orchestra, which has just been organized meets every Monday and Tuesday, the eighth period, and it is pro- gressing very well. Ja... J. 508 6 25 Row l Row 2 Row 3 Nancy Rodgers, Donna Hanna, Carol Anderson, June Maynard, Lucille Hanna, Ruth Crawford, Charlotte Steadman, Gertrude Wood, Barbara Schnell, Jean Brown Clara Myers, Ethel Johnson, Edna Lawrence, Joyce Strawbridge, Lillian Brown, Barbara Steadman, Nancy Elliott, Donna Price, Louise Saeger, Helen Smith, Jeanette Yochum, Lois Gray --Jean Wright, Mary Armstrong, Marian Van Cise, Mary Ann Lingo, Mary Ann Robbins, Nancy Robbins, Dorothy Longberry, Dorothy Kalkbrenner Row M--Patricia Shade, Dorothy Wheelock, Jane Bierce, Wilma Jackson, Leona Van Cise, Barbara Gillette GIRLS CHORUS Ruth Crawford and Jean Wright presenting the wire recorder, which the Girls' Chorus purchased for the school. 7' 4 508 256 and F. H. A. Row 1--Nancy Rodgers, Peggy Bunce, Lois Katulick, Ethel Johnson, Clara Myers, Edna Lawrence, Gerry Markley, Lois Gray, Donna Price Row 2--Clara Dempsey, Betty Logsdon, Patricia Shade, Lillian Brown, Rosann Gibson, Nancy Elliott, Jean Brown, Florence Kanyuck, Peggy Allhiser, Helen Smith, Jeanette Yochum Row 5--Jane Ware, Dorothy Wheelock, Jane Bierce, Mary Armstrong, Dorothy Longberry, Ruth Crawford, June Drake, Barbara Gillette ,sz-?e:.'j,,, ag . ,e LL'- AWJYA"'Y"'T5Yl'e'z.: n fsafrffw3SSQ9eiwfe2i ,gg5,gj?2 ' 5, QL 2 l F. H. A. girls at work. ii' 1 Advisor: Mrs. Ingraham 6 508 25 L Row l Row 2 Row 3 F. F. A. William Holland, David Marvin, Merle Longberry Howard Wallis, Richard Barnes, George Lundberg, William Sutton, Richard Young --Jim Rodgers, Tom Wallis, Jim Carpenter, Kenneth Barnes, Philip Jackson, Harold Galford, Paul Bossard, Lee Meneely, Milton Webster, Fred Jones Charles Hollabaugh, Bob Jones, Don Kalkbrenner Louie Jackson, Willis McAlevy, Meridth Webster, Jack Bossard, Dick Johnson, Bill Markley F. F. A. boysabuild chicken coop. Advisor: Mr. Liggett 256 508 L 534. 'rnwrxc J 4 my 508 6 25 V Bossard, Richard Barnes, Don Kalkbrenner, Ray Row 1--Paul Kirk, Richard Feely, Don Castile, Don IQ Zahner Row 2--Jack Bossard, Kent Armstrong, Louie Jackson, S Charles Minick, Nick Vukmer, Todd Burrows Row 3--Wendell Bertram, Don Seely, Brian Armstrong, I Dick Shade, Jack Hanna, Lyle Magee, Lawrence Steadman T SAM!!! X593 X FN f-arg: 4' 3 " . Q ig! - A H L, P E A Y L ' 'hs + L x Coach: Mr. Abercrombie 508 256 Feb. Feb. DATE Nov. 22 Nov. 25 Nov. 29 Dec. 2 Dec. 6 Dec. 9 Dec. 13 Dec. 16 Dec. 20 Dec. 22 Jan. 6 Jan. 10 Jan. 13 Jan. 17 Jan. 20 Jan. 2h Jan. 27 Feb. 3 Feb. 10 11+ 17 BASKETBALL TEAM Alumni Springboro Stoneboro Randolph Conneaut Lake Pleasantville Conneautville Bloomfield Stoneboro Conneautville Sparta Conneaut Lake Saegertown Cochranton Randolph Springboro Pleasantville Bloomfield Sparta Cochranton Saegertown The Jayvees had a s against 8 defeats. PLACE TOWNVILLE OPPONENTS home 35 53 home 13 32 away 17 6 home 27 home 39 hh away 19 32 home 2h 52 home L2 3h home 2 52 HWHY 3 57 away 26 21 away M1 LL home 33 M3 home 29 53 away 25 51 away 38 L home 26 7 away 30 32 home 6 56 away 1 58 aWaY 29 37 uccessful season winning 12 games CHEERLEADERS Verna Flint, Patricia Wood, Maxine Flint, Betty Ann Logsdon, Clara Myers YI ,EL Lk , A 506 256 Row l Row 2 Row 1 Row 2 Sam y Bossard, Philip Jackson, Ronald Riede, Kenneth Barnes, Harold Higby, Carl Gates Jimmy Cole, Kenneth Anderson, Bobby Gillette, Ronald Jones, Don Bunce, Paul Bossard, Gerald McCrillis, Randall Strawbridge, Dennis Carpenter George Vukmer JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL Coaches: Mr. Newson, Mr. Buchan --Earl Inman, Jack Seely, Russell Dowd, Harold Quinn, Emory Kalkbrenner, Lawrence Bromley William Barton, Philip Ga1ford,. Edwin Kanyuck, Paul Meneely, Norman Demmer, Karl Slonaker 508 6 25 k.l- DATE Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. IUNIGR I-H BASKETBALL TEAM 6 Randolph 9 Titusville 15 Sparta 22 Saegertown S Bloomfield 10 Randolph 12 Pleasantville 19 Sparta 23 Bloomfield 30 Saegertown 2 Pleasantville 6 Meadville 10 Titusville 15 Randolphw 20 Conneautville 22 Meadville 4 Tournament Games PLACE TOWNVILLE OPPONENTS away 13 22 away 23 35 home 26 18 away lk 32 home 2? 8 home 30 12 home 26 lh away 2 17 home 3 13 home 20 17 away 28 ll home 26 2h home 23 27 Saegertown 30 28 Saegertown 16 LS away 2h ho JUNIOR HI CHEERLEADERS Row l-- Lois Katulick, Twila Agens, Ann Hart Row 2-- Thelma Lingo, Rosann Gibson C8 5 256 BASEBALL fs ' 5 Row l--Richard Feely, Paul Kirk, Richard Barnes, Donald Bossard, Raymond Zahner, Donald Castile, Kenneth Barnes Row 2--David Marvin, Todd Burrows, Jack Hanna, Charles Minick, Louie Jackson, Nick Vukmer, Jim Rodgers Row 3--Kent Armstrong, George Lundberg, Wendell Bertram Brian Armstrong, Lawrence Steadman, Charles Hollabaugh N 1 , - -5 N.. . KA A v ij in 4lA .A.! g i, '1 T ,Q i .? XE? N E f 4. hc 5 egf 'gifxl Q .W A!',l a R' ga i s A f 1 "' - 'Y Q,Ql Y -- 1 'fd N N iv x A " 1" ' 'F' v. '1' -fffaai? 4 .F - H 'A 1 W .39 ' if A 4 1 -sl -2 W' B - 4.3.4, - N A1,.7-f.3g4.a4w v The Townville High School baseball team had a success- ful first half season. By Winning four games and losing none, we won the fall half of the league season. By the time this book is printed, we hope .they will have won the rest of the games,and brought home the trophy for the third consecutive year. 256 508 FFQEQWK Paul Bowyer Row 1--Archie Lingo, Walter Seely, Vincent Wald, Don Hull, Lawrence Meneely Row 2--Dan Werling, Glenn Groves, Carl Bly, Bill Sealy , Clarence UTUGRAPHS FACULTY AUTUGRAPHS M -".' , f: -4. fff'?Z" Q AUTUGRAPHS ' 7ZfQ7Pf7 X Www? fda ' 5 'P , if 7 ' ' I 215 Hd' 3-C IL' in Q g XJ l 3 S N AUTUGRAPHS C M if I X 5- , 774, ......, ,,,,.g,,- , A Y nvml mn 'ff ifi gg. A . 'J J 5,5 , x ,4 ,,,..--f vi W . -V ' I f' 5085 256 Compliments of YOUR FRIENDS THE SECOND NATIONAL BANK Titusville, Pennsylvania Member Federal Reserve System Member F. D. I. C. 508 6 25 L Our Compliments to the Senior Class TITUSVILLE TRUST COMPANY Capital, Surplus, Undivided Profits and Reserves 83,700,000 When Buying or Banking Try Titusville First A11 Accounts Welcomed Courteous and Efficient Service 'nn-L ,.4.. 508 6 25 Murdock's Flower Shop Flowers for all occasions Titusville, Pa. Coop. G. L.F. Service, Inc. at Titusville and Centerville Metz Gulf Service Phone 99-281 Spring 8 Central Titusville, Pa. J. M. Pennell-General Insurance Real Estate Phone 2-7151 Titusville, Pa. Serrins Auto Parts M26 West Central Ave. Titusville, Pa. Kelly Lumber Co. Spring Street Titusville, Pa. D. L. Bowen Farm Supply Corner S.Kerr R E.Spring Sts. Titusville, Pa. Phone 3-M252 Hasbrouck Auto Parts 211 South Kerr St. Titusville, Pa. Advance Dry Cleaners Serving Townville and Vicinity Phone 2-0301 Titusville, Pa. Keystone Office Supply Company lh2 West Central Avenue Titusville, Pa. Donaldson Farm Supply 320-32h South Franklin Street Titusville, Pa. Haskell and McKinney Colonel Drake Hotel Building Titusville, Pa. Washington Restaurant lM2 West Spring Street Titusville, Pa. J. L. Locke-Jeweler 118 West Spring Street Titusville, Pa. Smith and Worden Chrysler and Plymouth Titusville, Pa. United Hardware and Supply S. S. Bryan Branch Titusville, Pa. , H. E. Jones Ford Sales and Service Titusville, Pa. Appliance Center Authorized Maytag Dealer Titusville, Pa. 508 256 L Jones Brothers Buick 130 East Central Avenue Titusville, Pa. Strouse and Benson Bob Ross, Owner Titusville, Pa. J. A. Ropp and Sons Interior Decorating Titusville, Pa. Gulland and Weber Cash Market 136 W. Central Avenue Titusville, Pa. Compliments of Titusville Bargain Store Willis L. Arnold Funeral Home Townville, Pa. Red and White Fresh Meat, Produce, Groceries Townville, Pa. Gilletts Store General Merchandise Townville, Pa. Compliments of Rex Carpenter Gillette and Smith Lumber and Building Supplies Townville, Pa. Bertram' s Re s taurant Fine Foods Townville, Pa. Titusville Dairy Products Co Telephone 291 Titusville, Pa. Helen Gordon Garments of Distinction Titusville, Pa. Compliments of Arch Hanna Baker and Baker Appliances QSM Market Street Meadville, Pa. Otts Radio Water at Pine Street Meadville, Pa. Gold Tone Studio 281 North Street Meadville, Pa. Crawford Store Chestnut St. Meadville, Pa. -,- ,E -- .saw -W- 08 65 25 K 'av ' D1ck's Plumbing and Heating 301 West Central Phone 2-63hl Titusville, Pa. Robinson's Wall Paper-Paint-Window Shades 225 West Spring Street Titusville, Pa. W. F. Schiewe 222-M-6 West Central Avenue Bicycle and Repair Work Titusville, Pa. Lee Coates and Son Chevrolet, Oldsmobile General Electric Titusville, Pa. Gould's Shoe Store Air Step for Ladies Air O Magic for Men Titusville, Pa. Stan's Dry Cleaning--Tailoring Hat Blocking, Zipper Repair Water Repelling Titusville, Pa. Joan Miller Jr's and Carole King Dresses Exclusive at Penn Dress Shop Titusville, Pa. Compliments of. G. C. Murphy Co. Titusvil1e's Friendly Store Compliments of Curry Dry Cleaners Titusville, Pa. Teig and Co. Furniture, Jewelry Frigidaire Appliances M Titusville, Pa. ' Pringle Brothers Complete Service Cor. Monroe and Central Ave. Titusville, Pa. Kalamazoo Sales and Services Home Appliances llh North Franklin Street Titusville, Pa. Congratulations Seniors Paul M. Edgar-Jeweler 115 Diamond Street Titusville, Pa. Dr. I. A. Bernstein Optometrist Titusville, Pa. Next to Orpheum Theatre Ellis R. Day Refrigeration k Farm Machinery Dodge and Plymouth Cars Titusville, Pa. Fred C. Riede General Hardware Electrical Appliances E Paints Townville, Pa. Leonard M. Torrey Flour, Feed, Coal, Fertilizer, Lime, Cement, Roofing, Seeds Townville, Pa. Clifford L. Shopene Jeweler 103 S. Washington Street Titusville, Pa. 508 256 JT.. -firi- A M P Super Market Titusville, Pa. Western Auto Associate Store Titusville, Pa. Titusville Supply Co. Titusville, Pa. Harry F. Werling Townville, Pa. A. L. Ballinger Drugs 285 Chestnut Street Meadville, Pa. Howick Motors 2h8 Pine Street Meadville, Pa. Weldon 178 Chestnut St. Meadville, Pa. Compliments of McCandrew Drug Stores Titusville, Pa. Compliments of Mercer Spring and Wire Co. Townville, Pa. Compliments of Lupher Saw Mill Townville, Pa. Greens Drug Store Reliable Prescription Service 918 Water Street Phone 21-691 Meadville, Pa. Dunn's Stationery and Supply Titusville, Pa. East Titusville Mills Titusville, Pa. Mae O'Rourke Fashions Titusville, Pa. Bossard's Esso Station Townville, Pa. Meadville Sporting Goods Chestnut Street Meadville, Pa. Weber Motors 307 North Street Meadville, Pa. Compliments of The Coca-Cola Bottling Co. of Titusville Fisher and Young Building Supplies Titusville, Pa. Compliments of Raymond Armstrong Maurice M. Bloom Company Dry Cleaning 893 Park Avenue Meadville, Pa. Sandberg Brothers Pennzoil Products Park Avenue at North Street Meadville, Pa. 50 6 25 if fa r . EO QQ. Academy Theatre Compliments Meadville, Pa. of Home of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Harry Magdovitz and Paramount Pictures Men's Clothing Titusville, Pa. Swanson's Carpenter's Flowers Titusville Wish Their Friends For All Occasions The TOWNVILLE SENIORS 931 Park Ave. A Life of Happiness Meadville, Pa. The Tribune-Republican Complete County News Coverage The Tribune Publishing Co. Meadville, Par The Senior Class of 1950 wishes to take this opportunity to say "Thank You" to all those persons who have contributed in any way toward making this issue of THE TORCH a success. 9 'Y I u O l J 51, ,X my fa? W JJ, nd .451 ., fl Ni .4 , ig A gg 1 .nz K al' 4 wi? 'K X' xl -ff pf Q ., lag.,- ,61- . Q - "': ,5g5"', 5 15,15 , fri- Afrfifa' w ,,T 4 , 4 xy- ' 4, : , ' Il l T In w '1 A 11 ,t .. N451 ,L -3 , .H N-- eyf :. I . 4 'A ,rf 'I Q Q.. ,v , . , , .P . . '- V' N f ,,.. Qg, .5 iifiaiui 1Fjg'Y.m 'Q V P" , G H x W P 1 , V V 45 I: A , .. .WY , . 'W' ,, . '4 , , T 4 .K 1 , ,tx xl? 4,, ' lf T,

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