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 - Class of 1950

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Townsend High School - Optimist Yearbook (Vickery, OH) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 136 of the 1950 volume:

-+ 9 L x I , X t Y . - -Q P' -' - xl 0 I 'J Q x 'd' A 1 .' ' U. ' Q' ' ' If F15 - 015. . We, the seniors of 1950 hope that this annual will bring you much enjoyment and pleasure, now and in the future. The Annual Staff 'THUS FAR NOW FURTHER YELLOW ROSE BLUE AND GOLD J E-: l 14 Q Rt e . ' 1 P Q i f 5 5 ll l 7' 1 : .l f e Ez 5 1 E 1 5 r 3 J 3 Z E 1 51 53 r N--r fs -as My ' " Q, 'MNA lf . ,.-f ,ms- VA Q-.""':":.Q "'-1 "2 f-L"':" rv . 4-:rm Wd- J Y A ..-...., ....-- . ,- manvm, N--4... ,,,. ..,,..,,s, V , r51f"T .. -' ' . 5 ' Y I 'if , ' U A V , . , . .. H r :v 23" V . I Q Q Y N:-I A lu VI edicativbn. F I i h m fum,-mm' K I D ii .Jax To Our Superintendent and Coach C. K. BURKLE .We, the Senior Class of 1950, dedicate this Annual in sincere appreciation of his kindly service, his sympathetic understanding of our problems, his thoughtfulness and consideration of our welfare, and his untiring work on behalf of our school. .guy-1 V5 'E K H11 acult 74644554 -rf ' agp- .iff-1 aaiygddf ' l.i-ft to lliglit-Mr. Mzilculm Swli. C'-iriiim-rcizilp Mr. C'lz11'i-me K. liurlilc. iii-riuml Scienci-, llmiugv: Mr. Gull- llziclii-lilm, Agriculturv: Mrs, Mzlrtlm Findlay, Sciuncu, .luniur Iligli liiiglislig Mr. Milton "' Ne-lsmi, Music: Mrs. Kaitlin-i'im1 Yugi, l-'irst Grziclm-1 Mrs. Luis Mcllvziiuc, l-Inglisli, l,utii1: Mrs. Alici- l-'. Stzicey, l"il'tl1 and Sixth Grade: Mrs, Nellie Cliuiimllcr, Mzitliumzilic.-1, llistory, Qlcugi'z1pliyg Mrs. lilizabetli Merrilccs, 'l'liird and Firurtli Gmcle: Mrs. listlier Lee, Second Grade. 'The Hnnual -Sfaff .jams 121 etpveffin a heawl' "7"hafnlr i,f,,,,," -5, "5ac1l".f,.,,, af' I ' h'S um.-Hvuin work in. ke.lfi'ml us wid-it +535 Hnhull. .1 1 1 gf J 1 ' dui' .wx hx , , e f f 1 - F.. rw.-H +- ,- SJC 2121025 ,,M.....--Q-0.4.....,. .... ,,, ,, , , ,.-------W---...N ,,..,f' ws, ag -L vw ,gm WN-Aff' O vi- 3' 11" Ky qi.. A 'yu' ' ,A 11' M1445 by ll . X x . xx , X- .-u ' 'V' with ' - A--. ' .., I 1 gn-P Wi Hazel Ward Class Play "50" Treasurer 'f50" Class History "SO" Chorus "47, 50" Orchestra "SO" Vice President of Student Council "49" Prince of Peace "47, 48, 519, . 4-H H47, 48, 49, 50" .Latin Club "SU" if-9 if .ev Samba 65444 Obffcwze Joseph Simons CSD Basketball "47, 48" Baseball "48, 49f' Class Secretary "47" Student Council "48" Vice President "49" President "50" Vice President of leader's Club "49" Latin Club "50" Assistant Editor "50" 'arp 'kr Irene Welch fT0pseyD Cheerleader "-18, 49, 50" Treasurer of Student Council "48" President of Student- Council "50" Senior Play "49,'50" President "49" Secretary "50" Latin Club "50" Feature Editor of Annual U50 alma fblllllx "AT Rn" Maynard Logan Editor in Chief "50" President "48" Vice President "47, 50" Prince of Peace "47, 48, Basketball "47, 48, 49, Baseball "47, 48, 49" Track "49" Senior Class Play "49, Leader's Club "49, 50" Latin' Club "ESO" Glee Club "47" 50 5 49, 50" OU :FT ".,ffy,M',M I K 3 l ' ix. Carol Thayer fSueJ Student Council "48" Jr. Class Treasurer "48" Prince of Peace "48, 49, 50" 4-H "-18" llasketball Score Keeper "49 Jr. Class Vice President "49," Class Prophecy "50" Jr. Class President "50" Glee Club "50'f Senior Play "50" Latin Club President "5O" Seam Wayne Lutes Basketball "47, 48, 49, 50" F. F. A. "47, 48, 49, 50" Baseball "48, 49, 50" Secretary of F. F. A. "47, 48" Business Manager of Annual Student Council "48" 5 r I .. si . ..,hW , , . .,.. . 4 L' fi .,.. 1 "'. .,. 12:25 NIS:- ' '55?'5i'5"5 . .,., , ,.,., " V K . Patrick Judge fPatJ Basketball "-17, 48, 49, 50" F. F. A. "4'7, 48, 49, 50" Baseball "48, 49, 50" F. F. A. Treasurer "49" G ..4 af' ,iff Doris Fey Glee Club H47, 50" Senior Class Plav "50' Swim llaymond Loyei' fllayj llaslietball "-17, JR, -lil, 50" Baseball "47, 48, 429, 50" Orchestra "SO" Annual Staff "SO" Senior Class Play Glee Club MBU" ill' AX Frank Carey CKennyJ Basketball "50" Student Council "50" Vice President of F. F. A. "50" Leaders Club "50" Senior Class Pla?-' "SO" T' no-if Catherine Horn Glee Club "47, 50" Class Secretary and Treasurer "49" Senior Class Play " Class Will "50" Latin Club "50" 35? ing fKittyD' tw, Seam VYEIXIIU l.0l'lL'llt'l' 1 w uf- -vu l'. l'. A. -14, 48, 19, 40 lmsellall "-xx, 49, 50" llasketball "Ml, 50" l". F. A. l'i'esidunt "BO" 4. Theodore Riley 'QTedJ F. F. A. "47" Student Council "49" Basketball "47, 48, 49, 50" Baseball "49" Senior Class Play "50" Assistant Business Manager "50" 7041! To Sylvia Heldt-Maynard Logan's talkativeness To Viona Ward-Catherine Horning's quietness To Audrey Martin-Irene Welch's winning ways To Mrs. Mcllvaine-Joseph Simon's ability to keep his mouth shut To Clifford Herrington-Maynard Logan's aiblity to get along with the teachers To To Ruby Fey-Carol Thayer's liveliness George Van Dootingh-Raymond Loyer's ability to resist the girls. To To To To Sylvia Heldt-Frank Carey's height Dick Hughes-Teddy Riley's co-operation with the teachers Dude Oney-Hazel Ward's ability to get Algebra Ruby Fey--Catherine Horning's consideration of accepting dates George Van Dootingh-Carol Thayer's ability to get through school so fast To To Mrs. Finlay--having another booming chemistry class To Mrs. Chandler--A second year Algebra class that is as en- thusiastic over the work as the seniors To Mr. Burkle-another class that will have sponsored as many parties and dances as we did To Fay Smith-all of our gum wrappers and waste paper To Mr. Scott--Our ability to keep a quiet study hall To Mr. Nelson-Voices as good as the seniors 'fo Mrs. Mcllvaine-To have a class as innocent as we were QQ 4 I , U' 42 Y 3 ' 1 S-9 X iiWif.,,,,,,, One day last week, I think it was November 20, 1964, I reported to work at the "Times", iln New York, that is.l I do that every day since I have become their star reporter, though that is neither here nor there. When I arrived for work I had a new "run" to cover so I started out. First stop was the local police station. My! there had been a terrible murder during the night. Glad it's no one I know. But who is the distinguished looking gentlemen talking to the police chief? Why that's the new and very popular 'private eye! We hear he's a whiz!! It's Raymond Loyer, another J . Edgar Hoover. He tells me he'll have a fine story for me if I want to go up to the police lab while he has some clues examined. So here we go. As we step into the elevator whom should we find but Teddy Riley. It's only two floors up to the lab, so we don't have much time ,to talk to Ted. He doesn't even have time to tell us how he happened to change his ambition from 'truck driver' to 'elevator operator' A we enter the lab, I'm reminded of the lab back at dear old T. S. Everything is so familiar. It even seems like home seeing Maynard!!! What am I saying??? Well, what do you know?? It is he. Obviously Maynard Logan never got away from his test tubes. Back to the office to get the murder story in. That is barely completed when the boss calls me into his office. Although society isn't my line, it seems there is to be a 'Cinderella girl' wedding today on Long Island. So I hurry out. It seems New York's multi-millionaire, Sir Patrick Judge Cdon't let the 'Sir' fool you, he's the same one who graduated from Townsend in 19503 is being wed to his former secretary. I, for one can hardly wait to see the lucky girl. Here's his home. Now, all I have to do is get past the doorman and all the butlers and maids. It was a struggle but I made it and it was worth the effort. Oh, "Here Comes the Bride". My, she looks familiar. Where have I seen that face before?? For goodness sake!! It's, yes, it is, Irene Welch. I wonder how that happened. She's Mrs. Judge now!! On my new"'run" there is a modern high -school. Klt seems from everything the students around the school tell me, that it's a modern school except for three exceptions. They are, I'm told, three old maid school teachers, who 'never have changed their ways since, at least, the year 1955. My, my! I'm not quite sure whether it is safe for me to stay around long, so maybe I'll make agquick exit. Whoops, too late, or else just in time. I think I just heard a minor explosion. Back into the building, up the stairs, and, oh no, it couldn't be in here, this is assembly of the school. What's this?? the assembly is for "Teacher's Day", maybe there is a human interest story here. It won't hurt to step in and listen. The principal is presenting the teachers and they are going to make short speeches. "First," hesays, "we have our beloved Math teacher, Miss Ward, followed by our Home Economics teacher, Miss Fey, and then our ancient history teacher, Miss Horning." Have you guessed it?'Z You're right. It is Hazel, Doris, and Catherine, but I'm sure!they're not the three exceptions the students were telling me about. S1111 ,567 i Sl X3 QQ im? Again, I go back to the office. And now I have an assign- ment to cover a new Broadway show. It is an oddity because the entire show is made up of only three people, and no one has ever seen the faces of those three. They wear masks during all their many acts. And what acts!! They do juggling, singing, playing instruments fpiano and two guitarsjg they do whole Shakespearean plays in pantomme, they wrestle fthough every- one thought that went out with televisionj and they even get around our national laws and conduct "give aways." They're called the SLC's" Cpronounced "Slicks"J and brother! they really are. What a show!! good for a matinee. But now that it's over I think I'll go back stage and try to see these gentlemen. Here's a dressing room with "S" on the door. I'll knock. Three beauti- fully harmonizing voices answer "Come in." So in I go. Oh, no!! What to my wondering eyes should appear but the SLC's without their masks who are no other than: Simons, Joe of course: Lutes, Wayne: and Carey. Which Carey? Frank of course. We re- minisce a bit and I find out all the details of their once agvain joining forces and combining talents. It seems Joe wasn't making out so well on his ranch in Texas, Wayne had given up farming shortly after graduation, and Frank, well, his story is too sad and long to relate here. A If I hurry, I can just make it ,back to the office to make my deadline. Something seems to be holding up traffic, My good- ness, what's that marching down Broadway,--a parade? I'll in- quire of this lady here. Yes, she says, it's a parade. A parade of iome Ohio farmer and his 15 children plus a cow. This I must loo into. Calling one of the children aside I asked, what goes on?" He replied, Dad lost an election bet." "Oh, and what's your name?" I said.. "Wayne Lortcher, Jr." was my answerq That does it. Another day like this and I quit the news- paper work. Things like this aren't even worth that big, bold by-line that says-Carol Thayer. QQ The End. Q 3-" If f , A , - xffff W fi' xi' i Eivgfdetofzq Eighteen members started down in the little wooden school house. Of these we have four who went all 12 years to Town- send, Teddy Riley, Catherine Horning, Maynard Logan, and Hazel Ward. Irene Welch also started down there but went to Elyria for six months. We were the first class of second graders to go to school in the new part of the building. We appreciated this very much. Going into the 3rd grade was a mixture of both sorrow and joy for we missed Mrs. Ross but'we were advancing. We were losing and gaining new members every year. The last part of our 5th year several Hartland students went to our school. What an increase! The 5th and 6th grades passed by and soon we were in Jr. High before we knew it. Yes, half way through school and we're still alive! Maybe we'll finish. The seventh grade wasn't as easy as we had thought. What a change! The same teacher wasn't with us all day. We moved from one room to another. Oh! Boy! We graduate! We hope! Under Mrs. Chandler as our home room advisor we were able to havtia everything ready for graduation. We did it! We gradu- ate !! Seventeen members started in 1946 as Freshman. Most of our boys played basketball. Three members spoke in the Prince of Peace Contest. We earned money by selling magazines. To start our Sophomore year we lost the following membersg Erica Smith, Pearl Knittle, Don Laux, and Norman Judge. Our boys played basketball and Irene Welch was one of their cheerleaders. Again three members spoke in the "Prince of Peace" contest. Maynard placing 2nd. Our Junior year was very successful. We lost two more members, Velma Boss and Neva Houghtlen. Our boys played basketball with the second high point man from our class, Pat Judge. Nice work, Pat. ' Irene Welch, Maynard Logan, Wayne Lutes, and Catherine Horning helped the Seniors give their play. Irene was a varsity cheerleader. Two of our members spoke in the "Prince of Peace" contest, with Maynard placing first. ' We gave the Seniors a Prom at the Norwalk Country Club. Finally we're Seniors. Our boys play basketball with Pat, Judge as star player. Frank Carey from Michigan joined our class. We gave the Senior Class Play "Belevedere." Irene has had 3 years of cheer- leading. Three of our members spoke again in the "Prince of Peace" contest. Maynard again won first place in the first contest. Since we have some studeous people at Townsend, 'Carol Thayer will iradcuate with us May 25th. Oh Happy Day! Thirteen members, uc y! hi Q 3 Qs: bg-BSU OSLOSH S32 QE 5 Missa :ESU 33,5 V655 Nigga QHQHOEEEO MEEPHEH H2820 egmvwgm 25:02-WE Q 'gsm vsgodoru age MEVRE SEWSS :ogg-E41 :Eg kms MEOENQ MEEN-we manga FEE 55 Bam NAE?Om MEVEOO gas? Hag gan M5220 E25 EO :design grim MEKAEAH N352 EO :Gaiam E2 ug E06 :Nm Ogm UE 6208 gg Ego BOM megan ,SAE sw gag :Easing mmiam EO migmwm Zwfam EO Mein Q56 ggm .MEMS sg Ou O55 MCE-Na dawg-aww 0:-:gh Q:-oben . ini win-QSH QSC- 25 Miki kgwaw EVHOH. wmmwgmwgg UOSUOOBHS 060.2 E353 Ew iOEOgQQw ,Q Q25 :N Spam 2 OES: HSE Ewa Swan 2:5 Q0 E8-QEOO 355 M5300 Wwggzgm 0652 -ou Baez KSQMOB gm . Mm EH is 'Nags Sm ESM beam OENEEZ :Mia NEEH E55 Bam ,axis ESU mgeww gh NASE wget 335 0533 -HQAOA MEOEAQWM .SSDEOA 0533 EWMWQH E232 avg xowbmhm MEEOWH grgtwo RSM gsm NERD VESHH on-dz Z I Q I I I. L iv f Z X X 7 9 xl bbq CVO! was' ma After looking over the situation around school we find that besides having a few students with scholastic abilities there are also some with other outstanding characteristics. We find that as always Irene is still our most popular girl with Pat Judge claiming the title among the boys. Pat Judge also earned the honor of being the best athlete. It has been found we have a girl with athletic ability named Viona Ward. -Gosh! It seems you even get in the news if you behave, here we find that Catherine Horning has been named the most bashful girl with Raymond Loyer being the shy boy. It seems we also have at least two serious people in good old Townsend. Guess who! I1'ene Welch and Maynard Logan. It also seems you can be serious and have a sense of humor too because again we find Irene Welch's name along with Pat Jud e. gThese two really get around, here they are again Pat Judge and Irene Welch the neatest dressed boy and girl. I presume that a few students have been observing more than their text books, seeing that Carol Thayer was voted the girl with the sweater girl look. When jaws open and shut people are not always talking for Gale Gosch and Hazel Ward go in for gumchewing. I guess a good foundation goes with a good personality be- cause it seems Hazel Ward and Cliff Herrington have the biggest feet around here with Wayne Lortcher taking a second place for the boys. From large to small we find Sylvia Heldt and Irene Welch with the small feet. They say that good things come in small packages but that's besides the pointy Tom Judge has small feet anyway. If any of you girls are looking for a he-man just ask for Cliff Herrington or Pat Judge they've'got what it takes. Laugh and be happy with Irene Welch, Wayne Lutes, and Joe Simons, who take honors as having the cutest laugh. Who says post office is a thing of the past 'Z Carol Sommers and Irene Welch have so graciously earned the. title of having the most kissable lips and "Lookee here", Andy Matelski for the boys. A few people even work around here and we find that Carol Thayer, Irene Welch and Maynard Logan are our most ambitious students. Boys, you've been looking again and have voted Irene Welch the girl with the best figure. Silence is the word with Pat Judge and Lois Horning our quietest personalities. A Swing doesn't always refer to music, it's also used in relation to the walk of Irene Welch and Audrey Martin. 4 Hide the food, here come the two Ward girls, Hazel and Viona our biggest eaters among the girls with Wayne Lortcher and Cliff Herrington taking the title among the boys. What not Joel Merrilees? ' Talk about good looking, just throw a glance at Irene Welch, Pat Judge, and Wayne Lutes, nice huh! Q i C .1 . - X? ' f .f w I 1 y ' if-me V1' M'wmQsm My ' ,f ag I n ,X .. -. f ...,.,... ,raids y X, ' V AMA V 4, wax ,..3A5gg.A,4 Q S36 A A 151131 ff-,Q ' '11 fi MMM 1 ffw11-wma:K, .MI ..,. - 551. V. , . 2 1337- , is fv .jfgffifv I ' A ., Vgvzfwr' "' 4' 1 .V . , ,, ! ,- f , ? f,p:g:4Zf2lT .iff -C: JJ' 5 N L eff e Q- mr,,wsf2ig1,a - 1 , - ,LW .'r. D. ,C'Eg-:r-- JC' ff-.2 'Y A W' mg' Z'-7' , ggi' , . .,-f- , .Y ir-L il. 'M- A X f 0 1 1.1535 xmkx , vu-:ts f- ,1 A 3 .DQ ggi? J? A- ,S 'qbll-.,, 4 E iz if L ' A 3 sie? f 4 ' 5 2552 5? f ' iii? 3- r 2. H S V J' l w UHLUQ5 -3.1 ,af O anion Back Igxmgiilgeldt, Ruby Fey, Jean Treiber, Audrey Martin Front lliolvggvlgoiiistgcghivvartz, Joel Merrilees, Clifford Herrington, President-'Carol Thayer Yice President-Clifford Herrington Secretary and Tl'93SU1'6I'-Sylvia Heldt We have two new members in our class this year. They are W ix ii. Louis Schwartz from Elyria and Sylvia Heldt from a'ema We received our class rings the third week of the school year. All of us enjoyed a Christmas party with the Seniors at Mrs. McIlvaine's home. The Singing Drifter and his Oklah program March 10th which we sponsored. oma Home Folks gave a I f-if :ff v 1' rr?" , Q2 S., ' 15' J' ,1 , I xigfb ,' IM ,.,. 940. ,...4,, ,f-,.,15g-- fb!! it tvvrvlw- I' w '6 --1-2 J e F5 U px ,Q 5 13' ., I 41 Q ,Tl . 2 fa ,I ,i C1 2'- 1? X C ik .I 'bf L as Yi, If fs n,.,,, avfvfr'-"' V- -52514 , KK? mul44A 3.,- "'m..,n.-uh "'Z'fepf,huM sl"-s,,4sh K-,TCM "-N1 - K-:ZX NP Mwh ',-arm 4,.,,g?.. ima-umm-9. , aww.-.....,.. 1 X. ,,, h """""'--'-W f '7111-'Z?9gym!,'w A p, It V A 'Rag '-om..-,M f'f"r--..,Q,L,, hx-N, , xx Q 'wh . """4u. .V f ' .. . --nit, wr-fir 1' N uP0"r"V ' , ,.,Zi-y Nm.. ' rw, r,.,rm , . ,. ,-ff K , , ' .Ap-,A ,M,..,,,..A...-1 - X .T .. Q 4+ Q. A 5' N- , , . " 1 Sikfff' ki: "':7r?'f' 'T M! ' f.f'e5'i- ..P:f!.-V' 'M - -fr, xr ' ,ff-ff ff, . -rig' ' 'if . 5 zu- ' lv Q sf .Lil wif' 1' 1:21, - ' ' , , . g ,,1 ruth' . .4 , 1 ' L. 1 I if 1 vi' L f I .,, X I 1, AJP 1' 1' ' I lg z 1. , 1' 1 W1 - 1 , Ib w I , , W e .l I, ' 'NNW ., .+1 '1?s 'k, .hug N- af'- f -A 1 .,,, x. lx, - 92 ,W N,,,,f,.5.iw 14 '1' ., , .,, . mr: af' , , V , . - 4 .aw .m.,.fq- '- N - .r .,m-- V, ,. . , ..g,,,1 4'-'W -"ww ' .. 1.-,,,,.fyL, , ' , ,.,.,5. 1' 5f:,?,f1 4,,.LLl" ww.-V 1-I. '-' -' -T L,,,u,f,:':kaw9fwQw eww, -4, 2 Q " . om 0225 5 n A L ..... 1 .L Sapdmm Back Row-David Riley, Dale Hahn, Gerald lleck, Gale Goscli, Fort-st.Fell Front Row-Mlllicent Merrilees, Gerre Cammarn, Marlene Hite, Sarah Johnson. The Sophomores started off their year with 9 members. The class officers were elected as followsg President-Millicent Merrilees Vice President-Forest Fell Secretary-Gerre Cammarn Treasurer-Sarah Johnson The Sophomores elected for the Student Council are as fol- lowsg Marlene Hite David Riley We are well represented in basketball with Gerald Beck, Forest Fell, David Riley, and Gale Gosch. We enjoyed a Christmas Party at the residence of Mrs. Mcllvaine and a hay ride at Marlene Hite's. We had a dance on April Fool's Day. Our project for making money, besides the dance was selling Bedi'ord's vanilla. L - f ll ' '5 L: ,.,5-f1.fifs- ,fill ,ff P1 ai?" 31331. , in 51. . 'is EEF? ' am . .-Iii-1' ,Q fa ' S". D-bfifj 1 -3,-.ri-'g1y.g,-' :fe r' ' '.' . :.x,.,.,5, , gp. wav"-' , ,L My W... , x as ' 1 " .1 """." 3 ny 'aw 1 -1 -J .AVF . x Q , .4 1. .- . ff- ax . ,4...4f A-. A , ,.. .I 31 -wg, ...X a Y qi. w'i4W!"i' A.. . . ,. .5 W: fu- V 1'-'G' 1544 .W " iii-f.F1'3 "f" L tx n . :RQEV7-"V 1 Q32 f .aw J f f- " N A'-9"'1 wif? 1 .1 K A x W.. . ., . s . . . A I-. I ,j 25, W l Y fab ' has N5 , 3' W A f 4. Q ff? ,fi ,MWA ' if of' J ' , Z ,J 'i ftf 0- A, 1 . f 'L 'wi . iff K., .L Jf, F, . "7 xx, mv L S.. ? 4- 'N' ft 1 ':- ' "V f " v ' fwfr 4 'fr ' ' F fi '15, .5 f f .2 , 4 . 'KWH fu, I ,V fi, .rf 4 Av ' .. va K ,ff .. Ax .. D A A df ' ' ,lfgg .f V, . ' , A',, 235 j7f.9'f1" Y " . ' . 'sk .892 I A 'P gr A 1 I. ,N -Ng A4 N M I :gg . -f- , 1, , -" 4 , Z x , " 'o'-'M' -" 'Q A 1' ' , ' Vi' ni my -1'1" ' '3 -'-Lifts-V f 1. N! ,V ,': 'U-:L .f 4 ' IMT -' ' . , '. A'Y3,2Mffg Ju. . 71' ' ' .f - yy L J 4. f , V, ' . ' ,412 , f 'f6',f,gL311,-if -5,3 Ly .ff , f' ,' W 1' ,I - ,L '- lv , Q g , " - --N ' 9 'J lm, 'if "- ' 435' 2 ' . . W ' if--fW,L f ff' ' . ' 1- .y aff- , f f' A .1'Q,,HAJ .31 . if Q XX if J' Q V ' If I F I "---t.1"'3fT?.Vf "C, .1 5 f' 'I '- ,-..-1 f-., . . - ' 'wfu is ' ' " 'f c f" 5 4 , , ' ' f I ' ' 4 W. 31 268. , - 1 A V 3 K -M , I GH Z, rg V 5 'ik A K ,ff Ai if I. " ,Q ' ' -T--vm - 61' 1 v 'T' 'v :if X' v " A l 4 W' HL.. .. . . Y 412. -- . l' . ., 'K My Z QV .1 ilflii J, -, I K - U 1111" T., +:'- I 1, ' . I , i, -, ,I -nf-. 5 'K .4-' X KW- rpnmswwif-"" I- I, : I 1 3, 94 V Jn ixlrv . .,,.k , fl, L l 93317: ,F N V xxx f Y V- QL 5 V , rc K I bi "Yxx,xL"v.'lA,f,, L..-vf -f .,, ,. .. M Ig, J wh? NA E l, t 1 A n-ff f ff V- v Em Y if M f , ,sf I A,-rg-e"...C'3Tf-A - ,,,, ' A - T , 442 . ' F- "' , ' b' F 'liz , 'M -xiii '5"?' 3i5 '- V , " Y - 71E'Q'7- .,.f:P"' --""",.0.........,.....,."::..':'.1':4:g..:.: i 317' "Pa -L, ,ff-", 4 ff . w.. x fi ff W 'IH W ,... .1 -'X 'f'-t'?"wf:::::, .. ' ' , , . , .fi-i.l..',f.l12l'.1:.i " - 'jg at ' I- X. 5-'.Kz.:,:l.L-.IAM ..,.. . :il TZ L, H .1 my 'NE' I A .V ' , . 'zaahmaiz V. il? 1 ?wa4mcw 65444. Back RowfMarilyn Beck, Dude.Oney, George Van Dootingh, Virginia Wikel. 2nd ROW-Tom Judge, Richard Hughes, David wikei, Gem-ge Friend, Norman Lortcher, Don Zuk, Richard Carey, Clifford Sanders. Front Row-Angela Mahi, Joan Boss, Carol Sommers, Harold Fulton, Viona Ward. Mildred Fey, Lois Horning. The Freshman Class began the year having nineteen mem- bers with Angela Mahl from New London and Joan Boss from Henrietta. Later on three new members joined the class. They are Dick Carey from Michigan, Don Zuk from Cleveland and Cliff Sanders from Vermillion. Thevclass lost Gladys Johnson, Louise Ross and Dan Oney. We are honored to have six of our members participating in basketball. Tom Judge is the manager. The class is proud to have Carol Sommer, Joan Boss, and Virginia Wikel as Reserve cheerleaders. Angela Mahl, Virginia Wikel, Viona Ward and George Van Dootingh entered the Prince of Peace Contest. Angela and Vir- ginia were runners-up in the contest. A Christmas Party was held in the cafeteria on December 21, with only three members absent. Class officers who were elected were as follows: President-Dick Carey Vice President-Joan Boss Secretary-Carol Sommers Treasurer-George Friend Mrs. Finlay is our sponsor. Sweat! Back Row-Robert Mesenberg, Paul Horning, Larry McGuckin, Donald Judge, Jack Nichols. 2nd Row-Esther Lortcher, Mary Truman, Mary Lou Friend, Louise Wise Shirley Goodsite, Nancy Stryker, Irene Hartwig. Front Royv-Larry J udge, Mable Houghtlen, James Haas, Fred Houghtlen Winston Gosch. Brvce Chapin, Harold Goodsite, l ' i I ' 1 Back Row-Pauline Horning, Lois Thayer, Roy Braden, William Wise, James Danklefsen, Carl Mesenberg, Donald Milligan, Helen Schamp, Esther Hughes. 3rd Row-Jacqueline Burns, Lois Bonner, Leonard Hartwig, John Treibei-, James Hite, Wilmer Horning, Jacqueline McCardell, Colleen Milligan. 2nd Row-William Simpkinson, .Shirley Senseney, Shirley Riley, Verna Smith, Diana Bell, Marion Fell, Ronald Braden, Front Row-Richard Mahl, Norman Welch, James Fulton, Richard Hadfiehl, Bob Carey, Ronald Beaudry. i There are 19 members in me seventh grade. The class officers are as followsg President+Bryce Chapin Vice President-Larry Judge Secretary+Irene Hartwig Treasurer-Fred Houghtlen Librarian-Mary Truman Assistant Librarian-James Haas Eight of our boys were on the Junior High basketball team. Irene Hartwig and Mary Truman were the cheerleaders for them. We had several parties throughout the year which everyone We elected the following members as officersg President-Norman Welch Vice Presidentf-I-Richard Mahl Secretary-Shirley Senseney Treasurer-Shirley Riley Librarian-Wm. Simpkinson Assistant Librarian-James Hite Student Council Representative-John Treiber Sponsor-Mrs. Finlay enjoyed.- Motto-Nothing Succeeds but Success. Colors-Green and Yellow. Flowers-Yellow roses and lilies of the valley. We had a. very good Jr. High basketball team. Nine of our boys played. They wereg Bob Carey, Norman Welch, John Trei- ber, Richard Mahl, Bill Simpkinson, James Danklefsen, James Fulton, Richard Hadfield, and Leonard Hartwig. We have three new members in our class which makes it a total numberof 31, they areg Robert Carey, Verna Smith, and Frank Schindler. We were glad to have Richard Hadfield join us again. A little later Helen Schamp, Colleen Milligan and Donald Milligan joined us. We also had Jr. High cheerleaders who wereg Shirley Riley, Shirley Senseney, Lois Bonner and Jacqueline McCardell. The Eighth Grade enjoyed a Christmas party December 22, 1949 and are planning for a Spring party sometime in April or May. QQ 5 7 f Y " N 'fff W Jawa' ee ? -f X 3 A 'V :AA .. A A V fffffilfiiw 'fl I 'S 1 M, ' .fi f11pp?S'ff' ' 'T' - ' ! , .,,. , .V fhmefi f f .1 ,J A ,nf ' ,wg ' ' x 'R l .F 'W . '."x ."v . A , .-,. x N YI M' 9 I F ' f W J "' 35 ' Q - Y 0 ,if ' M' 4 dl A AI! 36: 1 2 rr ' f at ,, P' " ff ff 1+ f -f f 4' , , ' 15,1 m Q ' ,I -A ' I , if :gg 1 A V+' ' 1, 1, n,:',yl77'L , if .3 ,'j""- -. 'V' , , , - " F I ' f '1lf2,:'Y. :iff ,-, ' ' 1 " ' x A -'H I ' ' X " QQ' f, ' .. 4' Mt?-.K '31 . ,4 3-,hw f ,. I - 1. ' -' 'W ' I 'ggW':..i :Ag l , yi 'IM"i, X 3- Q -- 5 I V . V in 'Qui' 4 r I x 4 .v r arf ' " "'Q.q.,W', 21:15 ' g I A . : K, ff ,f f J ,Lf 1 . , - Q, , JJ 1 I I F , A., ,Q I .J r P, . R. . W e A X . . V Sx I., 3: A .1 gi I .K q 4 " 1 f f KX PH J' A. fb I , ' ll f sf' 1 ,. an ,. -5 X yi. ff' 1 x gs! I i 1 Q 1 Q 4. c X xl . , 2 AY v t v L1 I , '-I X I K fx. X "W" A Q ,V 5 X ff Q F K , A M, . 'H' r X I 1 , Q " va' ith 5 1 'N 2 l Q ix , X J' r '1' 'J 1 1 x ' 4 4' R 1 , Q 4-ix 'P' qv fri xx f. x f ', A .1 ,X 3 Q5 f' A Q' 5 ,. A M A , f h, F '- Q: L, K - , - ' -X -' . 'B 1, "'!'-,ig M.-, 1 'fn-.1-.4.-'f:J2 Q" . 4 .' , - J 'Je 1 .v ,w.'f'?'?.lp1P' .-TU A1 ' , -fm ' - - N 4 , ' S kg, f -Q x 4' Qi' , V ,ff Yu N ' Xu. . ff' ' , ,1 1 x If WM 1 , ,.,,, ' v- 1 if ' ' 1 Xl A xx J ..- ' X gg ,A V' 1- 1 K W 'Q ' .M x 1--1 N' Y, - IX . .xy . f 1 vi ,. ,ff . M ak X 1 xl , fm 1. 6' N aa, , 'Yi x 3 r. 4 . 1 , ,rn , J' -M ix' Q ,bn tlgz euy N ,. -5. P 4-,,A E51 , V 1 K' fp' 4 l V , . -Q, yn. , ,. wk., I , -, jf . 5,-V :Li-1-1 A ,w,-- - ,, Y I 12 :9 :aw jf V. I :kk xg' Z . V, X i ., '-V . 5- If ., 91 .3' L Zi:mLL y ' N , Z YJ, If ff, xkwf ht'-53", fl X -' 1 w f, fa x Ur i ' 1' Va G ' LX g Q AH y X X .vi XT, I X 'S ,iv A 'fl' 1- 1' L-may 5 3' 1- t :Q ffl: JU!! 1 ', 841 Ewa, 5 . v V X 5 1 , 5 I H i 'if ' A V A Y if ffl J 1 xp ,' 55 x f - vi ' if 1' , M. jf! 1 usiif xy 4' Aj L y A -, !' uf fy 11,5 x ,,, 1 P' v' 7 R Y -5 f' M N fx ' Q sff 'rl X.: . N- ,1,. M, 1. . J? X Ali' 'Jw fa' , , LA ,,. ..L , .We -1 r . R ,A Q X ff '- .. U' ft. X 'ga W .mf sf , P , .gzwaliffa fv qv If J new ngggapf , ,?" NA , f' v 1 L l I Q Ja , 1. .J x ,V Inman tazy fl liack I-low-William Klein, Janet Mesenburg, James Woods, Katherine Griffin, Ruth Danklefsen, Glaydon Pickworth, Jerry Gillman, Joan Oney, Joyce Arnold. Front llow-Russell Dickman, Judith Thieret, Ray Johnson, Ronald Goodsite, Paul Lortcher, Jack Church, Dale Ford, Patty Dennis, Dale Braden. .-Xlmsent-Nadine McCaskey. -ffl' llack llow-lloverlg: Shoemaker, Gilbert f'2llIlUl2l.I'll, James Shoemaker, James ilcwlsineoli, lloliert Zuk, Normal Friend, Barbara Camrnarn. 2nd llow-Noinia Jean Haas, Richard Jarrett, lloger Oates, Gary Tillson 'l'l1codoi-Q Thieret, James Earnest, Richard Baatz, Shirley Mundy. Front ltow-Robert Reiter, James Carey, Neil Wikel, Leo Denney, Russell, Mantz, Leona Rew, Donna Braden. 74414 game sam This school year began with an enrollment of twenty in the Fifth Grade and twenty one in the Sixth Grade. Before the end of September we had welcomed to the Sixth Grade James Carey from Michigan and Robert Zuk from Cleveland. In October, the Fifth Grade lost Mary Ann Wray who moved to Grafton, and added James Woods who came from Chicago. In December, Sharon Stewart moved to Texas and Kenneth Gardiner went to Elyria. Our enrollment now is forty-one. ' We enjoyed a Halloween party in our room with prizes for costumes and pumpkin faces. Those in costume joined the parade through the school building coming back for refreshments of pop corn, potato chips, apples, cookies, and cider. For Christmas our room was decorated with pine branches, a fireplace and a creche. We enjoyed making evergreen wreaths for the front doors of the school building. On the last day before vacation we were invited to see a puppet play in Mrs. Merrilees's room and a high scxhool class gave "A Visit From St. Nicholas" as a choral reading. An exchange of gifts, followed by carol singing and refreshments completed our Christmas party. Again this year we have borrowed books from the Norwalk Library. Elections in each grade were held to choose, librarians. Dale Ford, William Klein, Kenneth Gardiner and Norma Friend have been kept busy because many books have been read. Young America and Young America Readers are current event papers that we like, too. A list of things we have enjoyed and appreciated this year would surely include the music classes with Mr. Nelson, the ed- ucational films shown by Mr. Bell, the assembly programs spon- soredby the Student Council, and the privilege of playing in the new gym. l X 5: X 1 ff' E lf'-fl' "f'!f 3 fi' if if xi 74514 Q-mae llack Row-Duane Haas, Ned Wikel, Robert Ford, Glen Carey, Andrew Lortcher, Mary Fitzpatrick. Front How-Linda Beese, Doris Myers, Charles Sanders, Dean Church, Betty Zuk, Ronald Woods, Ray Grosswiler. Qawufd Hack Row-Arlene Oates, Sue Braden, Aliso Prumaex, Joyce Robinson, William Hite, Carolyn Hzuliield, Dorothy Zuk, Elaine Rew. Front Row-Mehrl Senseney, Thomas Friend, Gerald Hahn, Robert Bonner, Miki Dennis, Shirley Houghtlen, Richard Stryker In September the Third Grade opened school with an enroll- ment of eleven but it was not long until Betty Zuk and Charles Sanders joined our ranks and we have continued at thirteen thus far. The Fourth Grade started with an enrollment of sixteen and the number is still the same. However we very regretfully said good-bye to James Hartley who departed for Akron early in the year but Dorothy Zuk came to take his place. In September we spent our time getting acquainted with each other and also getting acquainted with the new work at hand. In October we spent our spare moments planning for our annual Halloween Party. On the day of the big event we joined with the other masked fun-makers and paraded the school rooms. With several mothers as judges we gave prizes to the best cos- tumes and also a prize to the most originally decorated pumpkin face. Refreshments of pop corn, potato chips, cookies, cider, and candy were served. In November our art work, coloring paper, and story telling all centered around Thanksgiving Day. But no special program was planned for that day. In December all art work centered around Christmas. We rearranged the story "The Kitten Who Wanted to be a Christmas Present" into a Puppet play. We presented this play twice in our own room. First time the Fourth Grade gave it for the pleasure of the Fifth and Sixth Graders. Second time the Third Grade played it for the First and Second Graders to enjoy. Afterwards we enjoyed a Christmas treat of ice cream and cookies. Santa Claus himself passing out red and green pop corn balls. In January we reviewed all the work of the first semester in preparation to entering the second semester. February of course is Valentine month and our Valentine Box was an extra large one made and furn-ished by Joyce Robin- son. We all received a number of valentines which we will cher- ish for years. To stimulate interest in Spelling, we have had a seasonal projeot. During September, October, and November we had a large bare tree posted on our bulletin board. Every week when We took our Final Test, those who received "A" had a leaf thumb- tacked on the highest branch. "B's" next highest branch etc. For Christmas we had green Christmas trees pasted in the win- dows. Each "A" added a star. During January and February we had a large skating rink. Each child had a skating boy. Special places on the -skating rink meant "A". Other places meant,"B" etc. During March, April, and May we used the kite fiying project. Each child wants his kite to fly high. During the year we have endeavored to learn one Bible verse each week. We wrote a verse onthe board on Monday and left it there all week. Usually by Thursday and Friday we could repeat it from memory. X QQ I S llll Z- 1 L V l '1 X1 fl 5739550 N mmf? -aw cfm! P40 Back Row-Dale Houghtlen, Paul Graves, Carol Danklefsen, Jimmy Alford. Bill Bonner, Ann Trieber, Rosemary Blaha, Shirley Hew, Tommy Cammarn. 3rd Row-Barbara Earnest, Thomas Zuk. Keith Braden, Donald Martin. Donna Grosswiler, James Horning, Gerald Mahl, Carol McGukin. 2nd Row-Teddy Mantz, Sara Wikel, Lynda Klein, Henry Woods, Buddy Hite, Ronnie Burns, Henna Burns. Front Row-Dennis Weisenberger, Billy Braden, Bobby Braden, Rosemary Good, Dale Patrick, Jean Carey, Gloria Mantz. Absent-Lory Arnold and John Liles. D r.. Second Back Row-Cornelia Ann Ward, Mary Lou Hite, Huberta Mantz, Larry Baum, Louis Schamp,,Daniel Church, Lynn Goodsitpe, Ronald Nichols, Gilbert Hahn. Middle Row--Velda Lortcher, Nancy Thieret, Beverly Riedy, Bessie Stryker, Jean Griffin, Dean Welch, John Beaudry. First Row-Leon Beese, Doris Carey, Jean Senseney, John Dickman, Nancy Weisenberger, Patsy Doak, Donald Carey. that When the school bell rang at T. H. S. on Sept. 6, 1949, the primary room was filled to a plentiful sufficiency of fifty-five. Twenty three happy boy and girls proudly answered the roll as full pledged second graders, while thirty two timid five and six year olds anxiously awaited proceedings in this new adventure of being first graders. After two weeks of learning rules and getting acquainted with each other and the teacher, everyone out of necessity learned the big lesson of cheerfully sharing everything from penc.ils, crayons, and books to tables, chairs, and lockers. This big happy family was divided as the second grade with their new teacher, Mrs. Lee, departed for a newly created classroom adjoining the gym. In September the mothers were invited to spend an after- noon in the classroom. It was from this gathering that plans for the formation of a P. T. A. grew. In December we presented a Christmas program for the P. T. A. A capacity crowd turned out to see the new gym. Santa made his appearance and everyone extended season's greetings. The splendid cooperation of the parents, school board, jani- tor, P. T. A., and the untiring eflorts of Mr. Burkle have.made the school year of 1949-50 very pleasant for a group of small beginners. SecandQuwie With the opening of the 1949-1950 term the combined 1st and 2nd enrollment was so large it was found necessary to divide it into the first and second grades. So with 23 pupils the second grade had anew and pleasant class room but with very little equipment. By the Christmas season, the room was completed with new seats, blackboards, fluorescent lights, and a work table. The mothers were then invited to see the pupils in actual work ses- sion as .carried on during the regular class routine. A short Christmas program was presented and presents which the child- ren had made were given to their mothers from the tree they had decorated. The Christmas seals given in their spelling helped to increase their interest in the study. A 100'k contribution was given to the Junior Red Cross. Valentine's Day was observed by having a Valentine Box and with Valentine plastic favors from the teacher. We wish to express appreciation to the Board of Education for the equipment they have provided for our work and to the parents for their whole-hearted co-operation during the school year. QQ 15, X if 'fffff W QSMC' l ' f' ' X 1 'fur RN 111565 M-.,,, Q, fx an--f , 1' tlz leticA QD X! 6444! . Hack llow-Coach-Mr. llurlile, lfranla C2ll't',Y, llc-mid lip-ck, Norman Lortcher, Harold Fulton, Maynard Logan, David Wilsel, Dude Onov. Znd llow-Androw Matelski, Wayne Lutes, Pat .ludgn-, Cliflord llr-rrington, Wayne Lorlchm-r, Teddy lliley, Raymond l,oyer, Al2ll1?lg'Ql' Tom Judgu. Front llow-llicl1z11'd Carey, Gale Gosclm, Gr-urge Yan l,U0l1H,Q'll, llzxvid llilcy, Forest Fell. amine Scion! mmm A55 ,.-- l F336 musg, Back How-Richard Hadfield, James Hite, Larry McGuckin, James Fulton Bryce Chapm, Wllliam Simpkinson. 2nd how-Norman Wfalch, Richard Mahl, Donald Judge, John Treiber, N Leonard Hartw1g, James Danklefsen, Bob Carey. I'1"mt ROW-Lario' Judge, Fred Houghtlen, Winston Gosch, James Haas. 3 7mm During the season of 1949-1950 the Townsend Trojans won 7 and lost 12 games. - The Reserves won 4 and lost 11 games. They drew the Monroeville Eagles in the tournament. Although putting up a good battle the Eagles beat the Trojans 29 to 18. The Townsend Trojans also won the Good Sportsman- ship Trophy for the second time in the last three years. Opponents Townsend Camden 26 21 Henrietta 17 19 Greenwich 27 22 Monroeville 40 29 Berlin Heights 33 31 Birmingham 24 36 New London 63 15 New Haven 43 31 Henrietta 12 38 Alumni 17 18 Wakeman 40 39 North Fairfield 39 49 Birmingham 22 25 Greenwich 45 34 New Haven 45 32 North Fairfield 24 23 Wakeman 30 32 Clyde 29 28 Townsend fVickeryy 51 35 Total Points 652 557 The two top scorers for this year were Pat Judge with 237 and Teddy Riley with 84 points. mm 71434554001 Opponents Townsend New Haven 13 15 North Fairfield 23 24 Wakeman 11 19 New .Haven 24 15 North Fairfield 33 19 Wakeman 22 18 Ripley 25 12 Ripley 21 7 Greenwich 3 8 175 137 The Townsend Junior High had a fairly good year winning 4 and losing 5. With the help of Mr. Burkle, the coach, the Junior High showed many improvements during the season and is ex- pected to be Huron County Champs with in the next two or three years. QS 5-'Ili qiflf 945 ,1 L"x -A Stimding-Virginia Wikel, Carol Sommers. lfrontk-.Ioan Boss, Audrey Martin, Irene Welch. 11 's .-- -1 'ai 3 K o Tai, as ,ff , ,Q - .-'. ,Lf WF' hr -1 .Af 2 Stzmciing-Shirley Riley, Slxirlvnv Sermsmugv, Img Hmmm-1-. I'0I'lt lluwA-Blum' 'I'rumzm, .lzlcqllvlilw Mcl':mivil, In-nv Hurlx v 7 . . .Wa M'ev"" A .,.,: Sifawwi-. 'Sw 4,1.-Ny., W. L ' ., 5 .g-1W"'fL " ""f2i",w-V ' - A '2 'W -f..., -'f?,f'Q.f,,fq:j'f:3,,g53,r3,5f HEE L V ' H 9 ,, k f ,, - ff- ,..'u?f.,, gait., . , Q ,. . wwf Aj!-1. .,,, ...A M- - f 11-s f 1 ' .gf1.1".5" frr.-V .514 ,F . . Ag .,.- ,, - v,-, . -2' gt. avi 1' Jdillii 1.fg:Jt.,5aw , --, . 1. , .IL 51 , 9 5.5 af :lR','i'?'-LQ' 'fl,4:,' . . ':ffff',,. N5 L-.N,,"p fjZg ,, .. H, 3, ' 1 v.5?'Mf7W'7,'r353?e, A -- . 1- Y-Q.--17' S'5g.x.f53' -3 prvgfl fzflw-ff. -5 ' - .,-- . - ,.E?',,P., .1-4'-fEig,, :Jia J w: 2 '-'-- ' "2?Sj9'f'f H3-'1"5uA P1- ui"w ' .J 'Nw as pu' ' 923' ,gm - -J'-3f , n f 9 Liz' 1' '- '. igwfw A . fi. R:,.y. 5- 51. v YQ: L' gy-,Q4,",--rl R ,A 1-,, 11-1 lf 'ffxfkxp yi , L, - 4 d N -"1 - gg! ,g fjfrf-'ef'-'7 SSM l ,Q 5? 4 'au x - . . if ' ,- I Q .- lkmi ,. 34,1 l .. 'V -- . ny-, R4 x--, :QI , il , ... w'-. 'x ' H F-'ful ,f F' . f . f P I ' ' ' ,3lf,. !fL5! n E i , .1 9 ' v Q., fl ., - . V AID Aj A iv S ,.1kL. 'f f 1' 'v ,A x I . I ' ' 4 -. . 6 LJ xx: x' xx ' Us f -J Q lfgwn 1 1 Lf"'H1" 1- A, U , .f tb uf xy N f, ' 349- ,vo Q 4,5 N .AX X, 1- ' N' I f 'Q Aa , 'Fi' ' 'ix 'K I . ' 'Nu gi .QQ ' -S. A -Q. - - i N GX A 'Z ,.f. WM' r N. 1 , 1 , ff ,A 'gy "' W- . I, E K . , . I :I 1 QI! V -. : - K, , 1' 5 - . .1- 9f'g f : 5 4 Wir 1 f 'I' 1 A H' -, ' . ' 5351 r '. ff 'gift I lj' ' '- -Z, fi , ,. 5 ', 'i J F 1, - 1. I :fe I f ' 1 , ll, ' -' - I. , .Q f g H 5 E 7 ' 2 1 1 1 , , I - l 4 L . ,ff f , 4" V i'.. ' ,-- Y J , f ctivities 'Y S . liznvk Elms:- -liavici llihy, Xf'i'Hl2lIl I,m'tdw1', Clitl'cn'm1 H0l'l'il1g't0Il, John Tl't'ilJ9l', 1' rzmk f,'Lll'l'X, Jack INICIIUIS. . lfy-nm llnw--X'irgir1ig1 XYHQQI, .-Xucirey lx12l.l't1I'l, Mzwlum- Illtc, lrum- X I 'H Qt 7, 7. ,-4, lack ROVVil,UillS Sm'l1w4n'tz, Joel Merrilces, Undo Um-lv. 'nd llmx'---llurold Fulton, iiom-ge Friend, Wan rn- I.0l'tL'Ilt'l', Clifford Herrington. Pant Judge, Nornmn'tcIw1'. IH-ont llovv-Clifford Samlers, Richard l 'z11'ey, Wulxm- Lum-5, Danni Xhlnl Andrew Matelski, Dunznld Zuk, Tum Judgu. Nzlch Swim: President-Irene Welc.h Vice President-Audrey Martin Secretary-Virginia Wikel Treasurer-Norman Lortcher The Student Council sponsored two entertaining programs for the high school this year. They were, Bobo the magician and Cole Circus Marionettes. They sponsored a dance in the gym for the benefit of the curtain fund which turned out very successfully. They had a Christmas program December 22 for everyone and served refreshments afterwards. 14. President+Wayne Lortcher Vice President-Frank Carey S'ecretary-Clifford Herrington Treasurer-Pat Judge ReporterTCharles Beaudry Advisor-Gale Bachelder When basketball started the F. F. A.- bought a corn popper and sold pop corn at home games. We sold candy and pop, too. The F. F. A. has done a great deal of work for the school such as building cupboards in the class room and tables for the ,cafeteria and 2nd grade roomg we made bleachers for the stage for use during the home games. Q iff? X QQ m y , 1 ' MT - 5 Y L hm'3Hr5 J"'1v Back Row-Ruby Fey, Catlwrine Horning, Frank Carey, Louis Schwzirtz Norman Lorbcher, Gerald Beck, Dale Hahn, Audrey Martin, Marlene Hite. 3rd ROVV-1.,ll'QL'tO1'uV-HIV. Nelswn, Marilyn Bock, llzizcl Ward, lmvid Riley George Friend, Harold Fulton, Cali- Goscli, Doris Ifvy, lmuiso Wim Raymond Loyer. -2nd Row-Viona Ward, Irenv Welch, liicliard Iluglics, Lois llm'ning', Mildred Fey, Mary Lou l"i'i1-nd, Jack Nichols, Juan lluss, Carol Somnicrs. I'mnt Row-Sylvia Heldt, lllalilv Ilougrlitli-ii, lisllwr' l.m'u'livi', Nancy Stiwkf,-i', Sliirlvv Goodsiu-. Jfl Hack llmv-Yiwrul Ward, listlu-1' Iiuglws, Mary 'l'l'Ulll2lll, -31111 lww - H:iy .lnlinsun, Sylvia H4-ldt,.lz1ck Nichols G - " T' - - P W V , uie .1mm.un, Lflllllfrllfi liuvcr, l.1f-liarfl llugflu-s, Ilirectm' Mi' Nelwn IT!-,ml DAN. f1-...,1,1 ni ., if . nv . .- . A ' ', ' ' u fx J O .5 sn- CU 'T' 4- 2-fl t , 1 Semin l l . I 1 Raymond Loyei Irene Welch llilly Kline Hobby Ford I-'rank Carey Carol Thayer Maynard Logan Teddy Riley Wayne Lortclier Doris Fey Catherine Horn Hazel Ward Director l'romptQ1's Stage Maximizer ing Hzirry King Tacey King Mark King Hobby King Mr. Appleton Edna Philby Lynn llelevedere llill Pliilby Sam Trout Mary Foster .-Xlice Foster Mrs. Appleton Mrs. Mcllvaine Hazel Ward, Catherine Ilorning, and Doris Fey Wayne Lortclier ,. 4.3 s,,J.,,f V S545 V fix' Q A I ", y 'T "1 ' .-- . ' , ' f -0-'J .44 if +4 .4 K' I X I ,Lx ,rlf QR 2 ni? gk ir: k I " f A 1 . 545 . 'Ita 3 It , fx M M, ig w . I M.. ' - y. W siflgttf . ' U k Q 1 I . f-iw YJ Vx I' X' ., 'vi w.z P51 av 4, .... I iatififzfv Q R A em. If--NJ-Q,' I I , X I' P A N r if ' 'Y 65' We ook was 0 , wmv' fish U ' .ff 1111. Qxuxlul ml U I 66 v: " Q9 s N xl li 1 exp-J I yff 11 I 5 IIIIOIllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllll lllll P: Xu 'W Viv-wx Ca ,fu xl 1.1 nv 4f .... -of J.- 693' 533248 r w lf' x ag, V 6? We bi -J 0- wg 0 SLPAET a Ugg , 'i5g':WE v mfg f 0 .Q I' Q if -I' ml ,J A I . ' " 'I 111111- ,xnur , NNN .nf 1. .fy v' in : ' KK S . -'I "91f 1 Q Illlll lllllIlillllilIllllllllllllllllilllllll lllll X 5 -JUN ff X ,. W ,,.f ,:x '. ,h x J - W l .L .-ff A :"N. ml ,f"'f ' I, V YS E a VXA, QR ,LQ N I f if MH fX'jfx.,i.- E MNXX K ' 'V?'N,1'f1f4vf."f, f ff T4 fx Qf-ff' A ,H fc ff "- S- I 5: J5, ' 1 - 119' In S 31 Hi f A llvv -f f ff fi , -at 'L .. n- ll - fir' WTQ 5 fl 2, , : J. I, F -' - ,fp in fu 1 ,f ffl, I, 1 if fat, -mf ,K 'gs i 1' v Vg' f X N...f, if W if - H , , , f' . ' I fr. I QL' ,- I "J '.f,,3':l 7 R 0 " . "VZ -'K "K v":'134TnTHMMN ,X A ' fmff - f X f if f V 1 !Q'Ff"Di3 f 1 1 Q . XX, wg A' 1 A Q5-S Q f 11, 'V,:"Jl.,- xr X I! li , l I 'K ',, 'P f A I lg' ' xg f X , Y . 1 f 3 , x 5 f - ' Q A 1 u Vx X .fa "'., .mf-i ' f f fb f '4 , wife. , N fplfx4c5144e .. - -L Nw' 5' If. nl Nliqg ,T K! A . ll VT 2 ff 1412- 1, . 'I in-I , ,' ,spas f ,I eff? 4. fir 'T'.fJ"fa 1 .... ,"'A,q3mA 'gl 'Q Lf 1 Q, 4 we fi , -53 ith!" I Y' 'Jx,sgS.fp 91131. 4 , 1, I W. 'ig -I ,L 'lay' ' 5 1 f , "-'x , " ' 1 in? b ' ,xg - E 15 X ' ' ' za, 5 , l ll Q Gphi hz I M L ,4"'.-' s PQ? wf0ff+fM M PW 42,223 5- MP1 fl Qi3W . C 0 :: , I Quf gg A 'ZZ : 4-'53, ' ' 1 .' ,ff , QI, Q X Nt , 1 V -. . x v K I gk" 'Z ff buff 73:-W U-'LQ ff ' I W .,-, --'Lg Hg h" A . 1 X ' 'V - . ' .s ' ff 4 .. Q e '. 5 ew f f L - A U ggi? fi? , ' Q' -1 , v - f gf qw . x NV Q ' f' f ""'W 1 ., ' J ' L lj, V It 4 Jin ? ff ' V I U 4 KM ljlll X 'x R 3 -5 x ,,.,,.--- gf",-r" ,4nv" 5- .6- Romp's Place Rt. 18 And Townsend Rd. GULF GAS -- OIL - GROCERIES Sherwin-Williams Paints United if Strahan Wallpapers Wilkinson PAINT And WALLPAPER Norwalk. Ohio 26 Benedict Phone 'S-6101 Weisenberger Garage TIRES AH TUBES --W BATTERIES GENERAL REPAIRING The Rexall Drug Store KAISER id WELLS Registered Pharmacists I W. Main St. Phone 3-2482 Norwalk, Ohio Compliments Of McConkey's Goodyear Tires. Tubes U Batteries Phone 3-6001 17 N. Hester St. Norwalk, Ohio Mae M. Mack INSURANCE - AUTO FINANCING IOM! Benedict Ave. CNext to Auto Clubj Norwalk, Ohio Compliments Of The Berlin Hts. Auto Supply FIRESTONE SERVICE CENTER Fleet-Wing Gas And Oil Phone 123 Berlin Heights, Ohio Compliments Of Tom O'Donnell ELECTRIC SHOP For Your Every Banking Need THE HURON COUNTY BANKING COMPANY Norwalk, Ohio Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Ins. Corp. The Bowen Co. INSURANCE -- SURETY BONDS Norwalk, Ohio Compliments Of City Loan and Savings Co. PERSONAL FINANCING OF' ALL KINDS Norwalk, Ohio Phone 3-7421 W. W Hooker 81 Son Allis-Chalmers Sales And Service New Idea Farm Equipment Conde Milkers MA- Philgas Ranges Phone 332 Wakeman, Ohio STOP AT IsaIy's FOR TI-IE BEST ICE CREAM IN TOWN Norwalk. Ohio Feed And Seed - Poultry Supplies At Pheifer's 3 W. Monroe Norwalk, Ohio 'l 1 1 i Compliments Of Schultz Confectionery Service Garage YOUR OLDSMOBILE DEALER For Phone 25061 Z0 N, Hester Sr. Norwalk, Ohio ICE CREAM --- LUNCI-IES MAGAZINES -- TOBACCO Walclies -H Diamonds - Silverware Fine XVatch And Jewelry Repairing NEWSPAPERS Louis O'Dell Wiskcniiii, Olufo Norwalk, Ohio Norwalks Leading Jeweler HINMAN FUNERAL HOME 502 BERLIN HEIGHTS INVALID COACH -v-- DAY OR NIGHT INVALID BEDS FOR RENT FORREST F. HINMAN -- ESTHER K. HINMAN THOMAS R. HINMAN BELL DAIRY INSPECTED AND APPROVED GRADE "A" MILK VITAMIN "D" HOMOGENIZED MILK PHONE 2-7871 NORWALK, OHIO Dr. S. A. Humiston, O. D- Professional Eye Service l8I,fQ Benedict Ave. Norwalk, Ohio Congratulations to The Class of "Sl" Compliments Of Mary Lee Candies, Inc. FINEST QUALITY CANDIES Mads Fresh Daily Norwalk, Ohio Rt. 20 and Old State Road. WAKEMAN Plumbing and Electric Shop Wakeman, Ohio Carl Kopocs, Prop. Residence Phone Birmingham 4232 Compliments of THE R-20 Meats and Groceries Beer and Wine Served East Townsend Compliments of W. T. GRANT CO. 32 E. Main Street Norwalk, Ohio "Known for Values" Compliments of WIKEL TURKEY FARM Collins, Ohio Fancy Dressed Ohio Turkeys HURST MOTOR SALES Chevrolet Sales and Service Wakeman, Ohio Phone 443 THE HARTLEY TRUCK AND IMPLEMENT COMPANY Berlin Heights, Ohio International Trucks -- Parts - Service Farmall Tractors Farm Implements and Accessories THE B. C. TABER CO. . Norwalk, Ohio Where Huron County Has Bought With Confidence Since 1850 Compliments of MARY ANN SHOP Compliments of THE GULF INN 2 Miles West of Townsend Special: Friday Nite - Fish Fries 633 ww PHOTOGRAPHERS OF ANY THING ANY TIME ANY WHERE "Photographs Live Forever" 27 E. Main St. Norwalk, Ohio MOTORCYCLES M TW Q A. E. LINDENAU Sales - Service PHONE 3-1251 82 Benedict Ave. NORWALK 26 Years oi Service JOS. FREY COAL YARD Com and BUILDERS' SUPPLIES 54 Benedict Ave. Norwalk, Ohio 'Compliments of RElNECK'S CAFE U. S. Approved Pullorum Passed Norwalk Chick Hatchery 69 E. Seminary St. Phone 33151 COMPLIMLZNTS OF COLLINS FARMERS' ELEVATOR ASSOCIATION DEALERS IN KARSCO AND OHIO LARMLIL IIZEOS SEED. FERTILIZER, COAL, GRAIN AND LIGHT FARM HARDWARE - ALSO COLLINS OVVN FEILD V SHELLINCI A GRINDING Q4 MIXING PHONE E. TOINNSEND 296 COLLINS. OHIO PACKARD AUTOMOBILES Compliments Of WHI'l'E TRUCKS The Gerber Funeral Home McCoy's Sales 8x Service 24 Hour Ambulance Service Phone 27571 Junction l8 iff 20 Phone 88 l Wakemaii, O. Norwalk, Ohio COMPLIMENTS OF THE WAKEMAN BANK COMPANY WAKEMAN, OHIO llfg PER CENT INTEREST PAID ON SAVINGS DEPOSITS MEMBER OF FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM AND FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Compliments of JIM CUMMINGS Electrical . Sales and Service . Phone 125 Collins, Ohio All the Hit Records All the Famous Artists JEWEL RECORD SHOP Huron County Bank Bldg. Phone 3-5021 Norwalk, Ohio MYERS-HECKELMAN, INC. Sales - Service DeSoto -:-- Plymouth Phone 3-6844 Norwalk, Ohio Compliments of The H- D. Rogers Chevrolet Co. First and Finest At Lowest Cost Phone 2-4881 Norwalk, Ohio Compliments of JACK'S DRY CLEANING Phone 3-1311 l0 W. Main Free Pick-Up and Delivery on Monday. Wednesday and Friday, Norwalk, Ohio CUT RITE DRUG Walgreen Agency Prescriptions -- Cosmetics Tobacco 40 E. Main Phone 2-5341 Norwalk, Ohio SHIP BY Norwalk Truck Lme Norwalk Ohlo SAFE DEPENDABLE SERVICE Compliments Of Martin Motor Sales Inc. 178 E. Main St. Norwalk, Ohio Lincoln Mercury Teen Age Treasures Approwal From The Prels Store Norwalk Ohlo Cornplxments of The Fashron Shoppe Norwalk Ohxo Compllments of Bremser Coal 8: Supplies READY MIX CONCRETE Norwalk Phone 3 011 The Maple City Ice Co The Best m Beverages Norwalk Oh1o Berlrn Herghts Garage W1llys Sales and Servlce Berlm He1ghts Ohlo Phon The New Propertles of Mason Dress Shop Norwalk Ohxo Glles Floor Coverings Rubber T1le Asphalt Tnle Carpets Lmdwall Venetxan Blmds Semxnary Street Norwalk ' ' ' , ' e 922 Y Compliments of Lang and F lsher Home Dressed Meats Custom Slaughterlng an Processmg All Home Made Sausages Compllments Of Paul Metz MASSEY HARRIS SALES AND SERVICE Norwalk Oh1O Say It Wxth Flowers For Every Occaslon From Enders Greenhouse 67 80 Woodlawn Ave Norwalk Oh1o Phon TOM BROWN Norwalk Dry Cleaners e 3 921 3 Baker Street Norwalk Ohxo Compllments of Pettlford Barbers Wakeman I-'our Hour Servlce Phone 2 4005 Oh1o Compllments of R W Greeno Ernsberger Motor Sales Dodge 25 Plymouth Passenger Cars Dodge Job Rated Trucks Norwalk Oh1O Phone 3 5241 33 E Semlnary J W Pltkln Your Dependable Jeweler Mel Shipley Dry Cleaners 66 E Mam 44 Benedlct Phone 3 8401 Lustertone Quality Dry Cleanmg Norwalk 01110 d 1 -7 -W I We Are Equipped to Give Compliments of W. G. Stoll GROCERY STORE Wakeman. Ohio Heckelman's Service WILLIAM HECKELMAN, MGR. Phone 662 - Day or Night Berlin Heights, Ohio Bernard Riley and Sons DeKAI.B HYBRID SEED CORN R. F. D. Z Norwalk, Ohio Ringholz-Meyers Men's And Boys' Clothing, Hats And Furnishings 28 E. Main St. Norwalk, Ohio Norwalk Parts Co. Automotive Parts Distributors Norwalk, Ohio The House Of Service Darby Printing Co. Catalogue And Commercial Printing Office Supplies Norwalk, Ohio Compliments of James E. Riley Turkey Farm Phone 64R-2 Townsend De Russey Road Collins, O. Compliments Of EIeanor's Beauty Shop Phone 6 Wakeman, Ohio Compliments Of W L. Jump Variety Store NVakeman, Ohio Vermilion, Ohio Compliments Of Crystal Restaurant Norwalk, Ohio Side O' Hill DAIRY STORE For The Best In Luncheons Norwalk, Ohio Norwalk Implement Co. 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Foster Norwalk, Ohio "Mail-Me-Monday" of Lake Erie Bookkeeping and Tax Service 31 East Main Street P. O. Box 500, Norwalk, Ohio Phones -- Bus. 2-8431 -- Res. 3-2064 Compliments of Perfected Paint' and Appliance SERVICE Phone 3-1621 Norwalk, Ohio Barton's Flowers "When Words Fail Send Flowers" Under New Ownership 10 Whittlesey Norwalk, Ohio American Shoe Repair 72 E. Main St. - Norwalk, Ohio To The Class Of 1950 Good Luck And Best Wishes The Patrick - Hiss Company Norwalk's Quality Store For Men And Boys Compliments Experiment News Printing Co. 31 Benedict Ave. Norwalk, Ohio Frank and Dan's BARBER SHOP 16 South Linwood The Watch Shop Watch And Clock Repair 10 Whittlesey Ave. Norwalk, Ohio L. S. Swabley Compliments Of Central Bakery Lorain, Ohio Compliments Of Wakeman Hatchery Wakeman, Ohio U. S. Approved Pullorum Controlled All Flocks Tested To Zero Mingus Oil Company Distributors Of Cities Service Products Phone 522 Berlin Heights, Ohio Best Wishes and Good Luck to the Class of '50 Frederick Machine Shop Compliments Of Sparkle Self-Service Laundry Norwalk, Ohio Wakeman Hardware GENERAL MERCHANDISE Phone 52 Wakeman, Ohio Open Evenings - We Give Eagle Stamps The Tot Shop CHILDRENS WEARING APPAREL Norwalk, Ohio Dr. M. E. Holman OPTOMETRIST Opposite Court House Norwalk, Ohio Kohlmyer Hardware Stoves -H Paints - Appliances Plumbing Phone 2-5291 14-16 W. Main Norwalk, Ohio The Card Shop Norwalk, Ohio Compliments Of Mcilvaine Motor Sales Creston, Ohio "Better Buy Buick" Allen's Confectionery HOME MADE ICE CREAM 85 E. 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OF NORWALK Norwalk, Ohio Commercial - Savings - Safe Deposit - Trust Members Federal Reserve System and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Compliments of q Durkee Famous Foods Norwalk, Ohio Durkee's Own Grade AA Margarine Mayonnaise -Q Salad Dressing Sandwich Spread Spices - Coconut Compliments Of The Gerber Furniture Store COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS Phone 8 Wakeman, O Chapin and Chapin Inc. Crane - Shovel - Dragline Bulldozer -H Dynamite Excavating And Dredging Accuracy And Promptness ls Our Policy Office Shop Phone 3-8734 Phone 2-7864 107 Benedict Ave. Rt. 20 East Norwalk, Ohio Compliments Of Roskelly's Beer - Wine Berlin Heights, Ohio Compliments Of Jean's Beauty Shop Wakeman, Ohio Phone 53 Compliments Of Durable Mat Company .,4,A- ..-.,v, N 5 .! D 2 .4- 1. ii ' AM..4.f .m.x.:.r .. .1 1 , Y'-.,. ,-.Q , f ,w -'Mgr a, -J I"" .j"'M ' ' ' , .I-Qf, . Ef:L.1'.',-,- .f g h X, - . -. 'Lf' - 1.1 W, , ,lf -- -N ' ,:f'QQ,,Nf.5, .s- -w 2111 ' ' --Q-1:15 .fue -ff,3,,g.-",.- - I .. ,z , " ,--532-'y22s.'-'rviifauvfv' A '

Suggestions in the Townsend High School - Optimist Yearbook (Vickery, OH) collection:

Townsend High School - Optimist Yearbook (Vickery, OH) online yearbook collection, 1932 Edition, Page 1


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Townsend High School - Optimist Yearbook (Vickery, OH) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 10

1950, pg 10

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Townsend High School - Optimist Yearbook (Vickery, OH) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 118

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Townsend High School - Optimist Yearbook (Vickery, OH) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 126

1950, pg 126

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