Townsend Harris High School - Crimson Gold Yearbook (Flushing, NY)

 - Class of 1930

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Townsend Harris High School - Crimson Gold Yearbook (Flushing, NY) online yearbook collection, 1930 Edition, Cover

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X Q L.,,weL1f,.2? ff 1 W X J ' 3 , .. Xl, I , K. , . ,' A V , I X Fi ' Q- U ' ,L l , , , ' -2 A - PAW- 1 1 .. 'Y A 17' Q Jig- ff - k?Nf"l ' 5 X W '- - ,L 1,149-A-gg:-gfqv-. 3' , , ' , - wf"'.:f1,g,y21gf3 M31--as-H4Q:'11fQf9X , N N A 3 I .Q .y,,,:,,g5f.:, I .V . g i P am fa- " V - i2"f,424iv5-'irlm:-'Ee-guna: f I4 'f , ., 'ijgguf-235' - ,- N" '32-lx, Qryrf-T' lim S' - W-U 12: . 3' msg ' 'fa ' V ' .N X xx' 5Af2:.g1x'w5"sf.1 , yr! ,iv-.V ,FM ,.mj,,,! f ' - c.L:.":2f-A-w". " , In -41 ,"','.z+1-vm-"N, Q51 . - Uri ,. f -gf1ff"3"!ni" v , , ' wg ",: 1- .- XV-lggii,-,.,E, ,- Q wx 1 ,, M Q" ,. if 1 ' '- ' WW ' yea. 4 ,wh , ,N ,,.:1,A ' A ,, - :wt 'wg , , 4 X. "1 .fiijl l ' ' lf ,' ,A lt? , f - ,,w-fe . - "A . ww, 7 1' I, Sw, , I ,W-Wm' , , mr. ' 'A 'Y' '-1 5 -:JY x 5, . U' ' mmf wh TM C' 1' ' E ' 'H' 1-H' A W W -.fag . if A ' ., 2 Q W X, EAW ' Lf. Y W . 2 f 7 - 5:1 . " 1. - 'H ,Q - 15' r.a'w-nf ,sf f -- v 1 Q f Q si' - 2,-'-'bf .f A 3,f:dE,"1nir.f,w?",, kQ'i19v .vffw v. ' K . ' v A ' ' Wdbv. 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V far 9 , , Q .1- 31-95 - fn Q' ' 1 - 35,3 , , "H V. . Q 1' MVR 2 t , V," f ., . , 1 W ,,. , , ,eg -- ' 1 x- .. ,, , ' Y ' ,L "A M 5 "Ji " .' ' vw 1 '1'..-.I-'U ff. i ' - .f -0 Rf ' :'."F"". -,vw ff. 3. ' ' " I' ,lr ,. . . , - 1 W W 5 1- x . -. L, ' ' ' ' 1 4 0 Q Vg , ,.. gif Q , A 4 'QPQ V, , , Y K 1, .W - X , 1 f -, V V t ,F - 1 X. , 11, , . U, X., ,, - ' I J '13 " N high? Muffy" 'i y .. - f :rv A . ini -x , 44 ,. A 5,4-N H ' if ' in v . 'gill' 4-r - , X W' tl - it-lil ir. wb. , 3,11 3 ' Q5 V?-"Q fig, -an ,A "' ' i' '4 ,, 4 ,ff 'f , ,, I I 7.7, ,X . ' V V , , -N s . A: N ' '- ' Vw' - 5Sff.f"f -' K ' 5 ' . - ,Y.!l' l J - 2 lb W 4: 1 " N ,. 5",Z"'5g, - - ' ,f ,R li 1 F , , ,.' v , - L W p.. ' If L., .-L .V Q , ' r 'LVN J 1 4. I K T V ,L ' 'EL ' Q X .V H 4 kk F yy, , ,A " ' , .Q-53555 , " "My , vi.ggff,.w. . -- 1'5,,.' ' -5 V . E f-..,:gfr.f"' 'rw ,L 1 1 , 7 ,, " , ,S yngifh- ' -Fw - . ., .nr Li' 'M' ""52.,,M.,1.' . . .nf ' V p - ff ,.w'im,-1 :. ,Q T1-1-M-n xg M. 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"W QW If X X 'XX X 'X 'vii X E ' TLA 'ff ' 4314 X XX 11 Qlrfdfgf XQQM, X X XX X 1' 73 f f' X f fl ' ZX XX l Y i 1 I I ,Ig llyy ',y7,f', X KXXSQ N X X QMS: M 17 HH Aynlif X N , ,i f 1 4 Ul f g g N , .X " 'Z,g, ,g,A if 1 X a. ' 11, X' "i W U fl 3X1IlU ,lgiX f X X f ' X fnu llfl X XX X X FIU- .illw X X XX X u XX X M if yi ALll..7?f1BUT X X XX wvvf " f Q-'V vvwvxf J' 4 X ,X Q Q ic, x i W A V X N Pau: One Foreword On addrng thrs book to the ever growlng 11st of what Charles Lamb termed books whrch are no books Bzblza abzbl rt seems proper to explarn on wha grounds thrs, the latest Crrmson and Gold makes 1tS clarm to berng both useful and yustrflable and for what reasons rt was publrshed For, rn our op1n1on a Senror magazrne, such as thrs, 1S both useful and justrfiable As the record of our class, of rts trrals rts farlures, and 1ts ultrmate successes rt rs to the undergraduates a shrnrng lrght to gurde them on to even greater successes And for the Senrors, members of the Class of une 1930 men who 1n a short whlle w1ll leave these walls If performs another and strll more valuable functron It rs the brrdge whrch spans the gap of trme and lrnks wrth tender memorres the boy of today and the man that wrll be The turn of events has grven thrs volume another functron whrch If was not, at flrst, our rntentron to grve rt That of chronrcles of our school For the Harrrs of yesterday and to day wrll tomorrow be no more By the move to Twenty thrrd Street the Townsend Harrrs Hall that we now know wrll cease to exrst And lest rt perrsh sprrrtually as well as phvsrcally we have attempted to make of thrs book a chron rcle and a record To th1s end we have placed herern an rncreased number of prctures, enlarged the lrterary depart ment by addrng to the amount of storres and estabhshrng a poetry and humor department, and have rncluded a hrstory of Harrrs The aforementroned rncrease rn the srze of the lrterature sectron IS one of the chref features of thrs magazrne Hereto fore an almost entrtely neglected department we have attempted If to the hrgh POSIIIOD whrch IS rrghtfully 1tS For, as the chref medrum of student ewcpressron lrterature has an exceedrngly great place rn all student actrvrtres I 15 the soul and the sprrrt of Townsend Harrrs Hall the rnterpreter of progress and the mrrror of rdeals H . , I . ian-Tv. v . t 7 7 7 J , 9 - . . . . . t Page Two TI-llll-I Harrrs may be dated back to the beffrnnrng of the Free Academy By act of the State Legrslature on May 7 1847 the proposal of Town send Harrrs to establrsh the Academy was passed and approved rn a general referendum that une In November the Academy burldrng at Tvx enty thrrd Street and Lexrngton Avenue was begun The course proper was scheduled to take four years but an Introductory Year was consrdered necessary to brrdge the gap be tvs een elementary school and Academy Thus the first class entered the Introductory department on anuary 15 1849 and drd not become students of the Academv rtself untrl a year later Always there was marntarned a drstrnctron between the Introducts and the rest of the classes In 1870 a separate burldrnv was erected to house the sub Freshman department and rn 1871 Mr Davrd Burnet Scott was appornted prrnrcpal Overcrowdrng menaced the college rn the nrnetres Annexes part trme sessrons and offrce lofts were resorted to trde the college over un trl the new burldrngs on St Nrcholas Terrace whrch had been made At the end of the century the Board of Regents demanded that the College lengthen rts course rn accordance wrth the current trend It was finally agreed to gradually lengthen the course to seven years bv subdrvrdrng the sub Freshmen year rnto srx terms The class of anuary 1908 was the frrst to complete the course rn the requrred seven years The Academrc Department was now definrtely separated from the College under Prof ohn R Srm the Professor rn charge Frnally rn September 1905 Townsend Harrrs Hall was made ready for Part occupancy and a year later the entrre school was rn stalled rn the burldrng named as Pres Frnley sugvested after the man to whom the college owes rts foundatron Srnce 1906 the Hrstory of Townsend Harrrs Hall has been a steady unruffled flow Few changes have been made although a wealth of tradrtron has grown lrke the rvy about the burldrnff The greatest development has been rn the extra currrcular freld yet the college lrberty of Harrrsrtes has not been harmful Harrrs has ever marntarned a record for scholarshrp unexcelled rn the State co o co .. i D . , 7 7 I - V , 7 O J . A , L 7 - I r . 7 J 7 7 I 1 C 3 ' . , , ' 7 possrble by a legrslatrve act in 1895, should be frnrshed. J 7 , . D . , . I . ' , ' - . l 7 1 7 7 , 1. 7 7 7 ' 7 ' 5 7 A 7 ' 9 7 7 5' ' 7 7 Y A ' Page Page Four GEORGE M FALIQN an exeeaizoe whofe hozfzofahfe .fzmplzfzly ana' dzfznteferled dezfofzoa have In a Jhon' yea1 won hfm zznzzfeffal wrpeel, and a gentleman whose Jzhvafaf chamz, fact ana' affahzlzfy haze amczzlaffy engaged om a eelzofz, Zhu hook zJ rieelzeaiea To Y . 6 1 VA, V , U 'V . , P . ' - .A I . ' Page Five Iflatculltty FALION GEORGE M. M. . Dernofratif and mellow He 1 jus! a jolly good ellow. Drrecror BOGDANOVE A J Reuafalf at well uzzla mafkr ferpectzne To oaf rzandamlr 0 pe1 vperlue Art Department HUTCHINSON FREDERICK W ANA Wfztls early new plafe be ftavzf a mu By arkzngf uf Wharf that a cou 9 Supervrsor Art Department AI LES ROBERT I-I Ou: Englzyla head refene ana' ralzn Omen 11015 like a balm Supervrsor Englrsh Department LANG JOHN T O E1 earh plale doer fel and rleu Ano' giver ezghty dI1I6l6d by mo Art Department KLEIN DAVID Ph D A plazloroplam ana' genial rflmlaf He nalaey Slaakerpeafe noi llae dollar Fnglrsh Department DANDREA ALBERT P In reffazn Curley lrar no bezleu All1lI501 0 ll2e Aflr and Letlerr Art Department AJ lion gathen boner IH den S0 gzzfe me one more oanlaln pen Englrsh Department FENDERSON MARK Tlae Hom Glam Jo goer a ramof IV0nlal like lo leave IJIJ' fence o lonmof Art Department DYER CECIL B M Sapefzzsor 0 alelaaler He dettzner all aaa Jpeakef 5 aler Englrsh Department BOYD EDWARD F He leaclfer aft fnemanzral Ana' gzzes at rnafkr uonzcal Art Department FLYNN JAMES E No longef lo tlae wofla' fan Jay Tlaey fame to fro but Jlayed lo a Englrsh Department , A ' U f t f . , . M.A. V' A I I A I K fy ' ,A ' . AB. FITZPATRICK, JOSEPH E. I A.M. . . Q 1, ,X , I . .A. I Al ' f 1 if I . ' ' f ' If 1 , . A.B. AMER fr U ' if ' g If I 1 aye Six J? MARTIN CHRISTOPHER Wlmle er be doer he d0e5 mort 'lie And I0 nnneatneu lnzd lz1euell Engllsh Department CANFIELD IEON H PhD In money 71 arzeu dulalales be and 1ep1erenln II' 01ld b15t013 Supetvrsor Hritory Depftrtment TRILLING LOUIS R ANI T00 be Menu the flzrdenlr mjnlly Wfznft them lzke hun I0 rome 01 Encglrbh Department IVIENDELSOHN CHARLES I PhD Spend! lmlf llfe b0u1 0n 1erI11rt10n And p10pe1 mage 0 oner dzrllon Hrstory Depwrtment SIVIITH MAX A bdndbdll pl03e1 0 1en01tn H0ld1 fatally nllfletzc noun Enghsh Depetrtment FRIEDMAN JACOB A M AJUIJO7 Z0 the C 8: G' P70772 1n01n tzll night lJa1d 'lU01kEflJ '7 Hrstory Department DENNETT DAYTON N F01 zlJe Va1J1l1 S6016 the Vdultj S6014 He rlnzer and d111eJ and ne1fe1 my ulmn Enghsh Department LANDMAN JACOB H M A111601 0 some law 1781111165 He Z1 time to 511113 be 5n11n15er Hrstory Department GOLDWAY DAVID He mme 10 ur qnzle 1ecentl3 And 116511647 nr ugh! derenily Enghsh Department BLAKE GEORGE W M He clnmpf lair pipe beiueen but janv And 1L01rn1p5 IZ like Cbmlze Dnwer Hrstory Department PENN EDWARD E Fizz l01fe 01 lmn would Jtzll be monntzn I only luv Ht ncznze H615 Fonnlnln Englrsh Depftrtment IXIANDERVILLE EDWIN W AM T100 Ze1n15 101n now 1c1ll pe1lanp5 see A6l6l76IJEd t0 nun 0 C 84 G Hrstory Department 7 , A.M. '11, "!Y'y'4 I J I . V. . f It ' ' I , . A. . f 'I fe- Q f , A . B.A, ? , . A A. . 1 I ' 1 I ,' , I 13.5. , . A I' 3 h. A Bs. 1 fy. 1 1 11' f- , jf, ,' . Page Sc1'c11 PERLMUTTER IQERNARD C1611161 11111013 111117 1 1111112 A1111 f1111011 11116 111111110111 111111g 1-I1sro1y Depgutmenr ROSEN EDWARD W1111 hl77Z 0116 1 111161 111 5101117117211 11611 1011161 Latm Depfutment STRYIXFR T11k61 1b6 57111 611211 0 1672 1610111 T110 6111 the 111116 he 1111116Iy 15110111 11 SLIPEIVISOI. Lfmn Dept STANDFRWICIX HENRY F AM A 1111111 11160 1111561 11111q1 16110111131 B61111116 061111116 11611 00110111131 Laun Depfulment BEGG XWIIIIAM R AM H111 11111110111 Ifltkl 111101 h11161 106 13111111 ll'11e16 1116611 166 11161 1h676f 111111111 1111110711 Ifmtm Dcpultment KIZRNAINI IAINILS IV11110111 61 11111101 11 111 11116 0111 1h111g IV1111 171712 3101111 110 1111111 611111 f071l6fhllZ,L Iann Dcpmtment CI-IASTNIIY ROBTRT H A IVh!1167Z 111111 17 1111116 116161101 S1'0f1p611 111111116 111 111111 111772661 111166101 Latm Dcpfutment HEYNICI-I RICHARD H Dlploma T116 G611111111 11111g1111g6 If bu 111d1116 H6 111111 0111 1111011111113 1661712 10 11111116 P Supewxsor, Ge1man Depanrnent DRABKIN, ISRAEL E AM N01 1'61y 5116117 111 31011 111711 H1111, B111 111016 1111111 Km 117761 1611 'kiln K11111 Lann Department TAUB, I. LEO AB 0776 1111131 111111116 0111 G61 1111111 Hfldgll A1111 167161, 17615 61J6'1y 011 0116 b111f German Dcpaumenr SHELDON, EDWARD NIA IVb1116'61 111661 107111776 151,685 01 111111g1, H6 11111 2701111 Z1g19l G 0 11111116 111111g1 Lann Department ROBINSON, DEVEREUX ME F111 11110116 179111 11111611110111, 1566111 1715 1161111 111111 1011115 dl77Z677II0725 Supcrwsor, Math Depaltmenr ff? 1 . 1 L, I 11,1 -, ,cz -'., , B.A. L f m f 1 13611111.16 11651 0116 of 0111- I , , ' X - , 1 1 ' 11, ', 1 D . 7 1 , , I . 1 . . 11 .., 1 1 . L . ., , . . 1 .1 7.x 1 1 . 1 '1 -1 1-' 1, ,'- 1. ' ' ' , 1 7 B.A. V' ' 1 jg - Hp- A - 9 .A , 1 1 1 - ' 1 -1 1 I , , J I , 1 , . 1 . A.M. , 1 - W, . H 17 . A 1 1- 1 , Page Eight ,We NEXXIMAN PHILIP M Ht retr hu uofh to ezen nzttez And rnuhx enrh dog tl hlzlhe eptotm Mathemattcs Department TRUESDEIL WALDO B AM A nzon zthote loom lhefet oten T111 e on Holdt hm may uzfh Yljlllllliig szphon Supervrsor Physics Department QCI-IAAF WILLIAM PhD No mullet hou duznh the Lou 67 Cr me He hzdet hu umth hehznd u cigar Mathematrcs Department BANISTER SETI-I W J' Jf Con jou tllde the ught uuy Phystcs Department CARRIE RENE M Mild and nzeeh Tho on orfdxzon Gets' mad enough lo some fl nation Mathematrcs Department COEN EDWARD T O 67 hfohen teyt tuhes doet he nzoznn And uuhes to znd hal the rlun gown Physics Department ROTI-IMAN IRWIN W F01 tz while not hundzmpped Wzth tote throat when the juret tnupped Mathematrcs Department SALVATORE PAUL J Gelf ohut he wontr whute E1 the rholre By hooming pou 67 o hit Wolfe Superv1so1 Rom Lang Dept HURWITZ SOLOMON M Sfnuat uit nefy dyndfnlr Yet could not well he Called l1t1n1f Mathematrcs Department ROUGIER FRANCIS I PhD With plan geonz und folzd too He denzonmulei Ffenfh poznl of zleu Romance Languages Department MACEWEN, DUNCAN M BS Who 1fIg070ll5ly the golf hull Jorhf, And pmudef the Jrhool wzzh twouy lorhf Mathemaucs Department TROY, WILLIAM BA We know he only nuzher helzezfe, But lore to ree no, hem hun Jeeihe Romance Languages Department , .A. 1 F . .M , , ,. rt I '. :L N I I 'lt , U l b Y-.six ' 3 ' , T , I , ,I . ,I r . , ' , . Bs. -V Not Z1 u'o1'dJ uttered eurh do , , , ' , .A. . , . , ' . A.B, , , V . 1 B.S. 2 p . . J , , , . A.B. I I ' - ' I ', . . . A ' , I .A. X ,., f I , , J lb I 4 I , .. A . . I e . . , , ff V. ' ' ,' '11, I L Page Nine DAMBAC TI-IEOPHILE BesL Confemr hzmtel ln dozng good Ax gtzllzhle if zzndefrzood Romance Languages Department SAMMARTINO PETER A ferond Mdznlce Chezalzef Command! 1epenttznce day hy day Romance Languages Department PEI MARIO A With voice of Hplzng lzqnzd lonet e never zo ow knowledge dfoney omance Languages Department BURG WILLIAM MD Lmge and looming uzth hzg hmm lztngt He dfztet zn hygiene horrmer tongt Supervxsor Hyg1ene Deparment MARTEL JOSE M A rttnz hut rezfzlle Sptznztud A leddet 0 the Afzrttz omance Languages Department ANDERSON E A FRANKLIN BS U' lv zz upfet ue 16 o ten mitted 1771 He mode Jo rleot the nefzout .rwtem Hyg1ene Department I-IEFT DAVID To 115 o eouffe Il feemr a thnme Thtzt you dont lzze up to 30111 name omance Languages Department CONGER RAY H11 flatter lzr nzng to hu Jl01y Shine In hught 1e lerted glofy Hygrene Department RHODES SOLOMON A PhD Thfn all hz: flatter rzngr tz Jong Rhoder to wfcett me 1e13 long Romance Languages Department SALT E BENTON In hggzene dazly teorhes he Wfzth qmzn o Jolt mutt token he Hyglene Department HWARTZ MILTON Zeao gzzef and ten m15e1 To Radzo Clzzh If neo: adzzfoa Romance Languages Department KAYSER GEORGE Thefet no mon to ttndent 5te1ne1 Wfhor uonnded hy d Btnzton hzunea Physxcs Department , I 1 M.A. , I I .n . I I - A.B. H - ' - '. ,Q R I I l 'll , 1 ,IZ , .A. t It . ' ' A ' ' , fir, R ".e I Q. "1 f '. z, 19 , -, 1 . ., Q, ,S , K I , I B.S. 1 f ,' I l V k h I, R . A ' , M.S A i A, . A A-K , ,jg . 1 , . l A M.A p ' t f SC A, ' B.A. Page Ten LONG DAVID nb III! Com: dozh hold coznt And both are railed foe Long and Shaft Attendant I RICI-ITER AINIY M A aff rarz In a rmzlzng mold O 61 vladcnft but a lztlmg bold Recordet CQNTI GAETANO A Mandate uzlb a ood aoarzd Het felon o Ike loft and oznzd Ass1st'tnt Attendant SPENCF DORALENE M Boze all joat tnfaet la1ge A1149 Spelife Tie qfeafetl one If common Secretary to the Dxrector YEUIE JAMES MARGARET B Caffodzan o the Lzbfaq S1167-JJ' het domain uzzb new dence L1brar1an ALPERT YETTA A oat! lo azzert o Ike an Ffom o Ice awk the aeef all cafe School Clerk QENFTNER ALEXIS E PhD WHYTE WILLIAM A A lafge ofebead and ue!! combed A node abo fllfl' .Malo aan P1 arlztzonev Hzdef o C6 717 loam and fpol B111 now hey tamed Polzre tba! I ba: e C0l?Z7IZIIfI07Z61 Mathemaucs Department Mwthemaucs Department QINIITI-I PHILIP AM A long and lanky matbemalzfzan Her alto a mnouned ftalzftzfzan Mathemaucs Department 'f If ff V JK 't A j .j J lf". f fr. , ft ,. .l - , . .. ,A , . BS 'V I 'ol If I., . ,U 'fffi' 1 I Page Elermz 5655 muh g.mim,orr Clmadohnfon Dunbar-Roman Q Schulman mel Qoodmaa Henrq13loela Dan Harschl 5332 u Donald Kern H Lavme ?aulRabuf J 1-eenfaeld Jen Bwshk ' wi ,1 7 . , , . . O t ..........----- , V wi w A 'Q QA , ' 'lay -L ' C 5 V ' ' . ................-... ' -in-Y, rg.,-., .vf 4 ,, s ' wi' ' , 9,5 'V S . N s C . . Page Twelve Mana vzzzg Edztm MELVIN D GOODMAN JONAS GREENFIELD PAUL RAEUT DON Q KERN SOmO1r' Staff Edztof 112 Chze HENRY BLOCK Afforzale Editor HAROLD LAVINE SIDNEY HECKER Aft Edllm DUNBAR ROMAN Afmcmte A11 Edztoff Claw Edztor ROBERT SCHULMAN Sefzzor Edztorf Sporty Ecizlof GEORGE MCDERMOTT Bzzfzneff Nfamzgef DANIEL HIRSCHL JEROME BUSLIK AMADO CANTON JESS WITCHEL o 6 ' ' f ' , . Ad1f'erliJi11g Mamzgerf Page Tlurtccn l'1erbeflSl1anes Ilivenslerstock LA Duhon Leontfhell fi1chardBn-xefer 14 Umnberger crm Kauffman Slephenq b ,50na6 Salk Q K I 1 i'0 , t , 4 0 K 5 ' 4 0 A . I ' . g I . V I , 5 A Y 0 .JIIIIIDIIIOIF Staff Orgafzizaliolz Board EDWARD DUBIN LEON THEIL Humor Edztof MURRAY KALLISCHER CII 5111431012 Mnmzgef SIDNEY SCHOENTHAL Pfaologmzplazr Editor ELICK BUDOVSKY .AJIIJTHIZZ Sjioftf Edzfoz HOWARD WFINBERGER All Bama' RICHARD BRIEEER JOSEPH BREYER Affzftmzz Adi eflzfnzg AIAIZHZIVWJ STEPHEN GROB RALPH HERRERA HERBERT SHANES GEORGE CURRAN Bzzfznevrf B041 ci Adveflzxzng Board BURTON JACOBY CHARLES KAUFFMAN NATHANIEL FENSTERSTOCK JONAS SALK MYRON HOWARD ABRAHAM SHAMEST Faculty Adzzfou MR JACOB A FRIEDMAN MR JAMES E FLYNN MR ROBERT H ALLES MR ALBERT P DANDREA MR LOUIS R TRILLING , ' , U" . ,. . . A I Page Fifteen Q Q QX QQ QQ QQ Q Se-mimrs Q Q QQ CGNTENTS QQ Q Q fill'?SZgg,gQQiQiQ l iZi il QQQ Q Q Q P 19 Q Q Q Q QQ Q Q Q ,D Q Q Q giiiiilgfi ZiZiiii Q Q Q Q SZTQZZZZTQQ 11 l l iQ1 QQQZQZjQZif Q Q Q Q i'l iiiiiiTiT R iZii Q Q Q Q Q QJQ Q Q Qmmfmfmmfmfxl i'agr Sl'.'l'fl'C7L The Senror O the unrtrated the Senror rs descrrbecl bv the one vrord self Self esteem rng self respectrng selfrsh he rs, to sav the least, a not very prarseworthv character He rs or erbearrnff scornful, and cynrcal Yet, to those who knovx hrm, to the undergraduate, the Senror has none of those trarts of character whrch the outsrder clarms hrm to have As the leader rn extra currrcular actrwrtres acme of scholarly perfectron paragon of vrrtues he rs the rdol of the lower classmen All look up to hrm He rs respected revered and derfied For to be a Senror rs to be an actor It rs to present two characters to the world to go throuvh lrfe wearrng a mask And rt so happens that rn thrs case nerther character presented by the Senror rs hrs true one, or could ever be For strange as rt may seem the Senror rs not a type but an rndrvrdual And berng an rndrvrdual he cannot be descrrbed rn the mass But howsoever they may drffer there rs one way rn whrch all Senrors are surprrsrngly alrke That rs rn therr attrtude towards the school Outwardly thrs attrtude rs a deprecratrng one To the Senror Harrrs appears to be an old dump the faculty muvs , the students hams , and rts only prarse worthy act graduatrng hrm As a matter of fact the Senror s attrtude towards the school rs best under stood when rt rs realrzed that after three years, the place has become a part of hrm The realrzatron that rts control wrll soon leave hrs hands and that lower classmen wrll take hrs place rs a Oallrnv one and he attempts to mrnrmrze hrs comrng loss by deprecratrng rt Another explanatron for thrs mav be found rn the great prrde whrch hrs comrng graduatron grves the Senror Graduatron rs to hrm an achrevement the culmrnatrng achrevement of hrs lrfe and he feels proud of rt Thrs prrd becomes wrth hrm a feelrng of superrorrty Hrs work rs the best What he has done rs unsurpassable Is rt surprrsrng then that he has nothrng but utter contempt for the lowlv lower classmen who even attempt to surpass hrs accom plrshments9 ls rt surprrsrng that he rs boastrnv and egotrstrcal? But asrde from thrs the resemblance between the Senrors ceases N0 two are alrke Among thern rs the strong, srlent man the class athlete both lrlced and lrkrng, the bustlrng club man the hrgh brow, scorned by hrs fellows and scornrng lrkewrse, or, the average fellow, the rank and frle of the group All are Senrors Q ,w1', I ,QW -, - - - - - me yy ' Y - 7 7 7 I , 1 . y . r I I . D, . 1 C A 1. u A . V - . . 7. . . 7 7 3 . . , . s O - . , . , 7 . . , ' 7 U U. ff H- ff H. - - 7 7 23 7 ' , . , , . . 23 O 9 J L . - L ' . G L I . . ' 7 r . C . . . V . 7 7 ' ' 7 . 7 - Page Scvcrztvcn V, ? Q K Nc hulman 11 Howard Jess Tislfchea 1-l Shanes H? Ill fflmller Hlbermolf' Sv 561112 U1 ff Vic 151 ltxles In gooclman Hem-5 Block T5 ffappap I T5 W-lelman J m umeua Dan 1'l1vscl1l S. Navpel Bonalvl Kern. 3 libolfson Chas Oxclman 352' br . G 4 f ,Z f y . l - gi e L' 5' 5 . ? 4 Af X ,N in ' W x x x X X X I 4 Page Eighteen HOIIIIOIES LOWER C MELXIN GOODMAN Pfefzdear JEROME BUSLIK Vzre Prefzdenl VICTOR BIKALES Secretary BERT RAPPAPORT Tfeafzlfef DANIEL HIRSCHL G O Delegate LOWER B MELVIN GOODMAN Prefzdent HENRY BLOCK Vice Pzefzdent BERT RAPPAPORT T1eaIare1 DANIEL HIRSCI-IL G O Delegate LOWER A VINCENT MONTALBANO Pfemlenl HENRY BLOCK Vzce Pfefzelefzt VICTOR BIKKLES Secfetafy BERT RAPPAPORT Treafurer CHARLES ORDMAN G O Delegaze T H H BERT RAPPAPORT MELVIN GOODMAN GEORGE MCDERMOTT UPPER C VINCENT MONTALBANO Prefzdemf FRED SCHNEIDER Vzce Pfefzdent VICTOR BIKALES Secretary BERT RAPPAPORT Tfeafalev HAROLD KLEIN G O Delegate UPPER B MELVIN GOODMAN Pfemlenl GEORGE MCDERMOTT Vzee Pfefzdent BERT RAPPAPORT Tfeafzner CHARLES ORDMAN G O Delegate UPPER A MELVIN GOODMAN P1eIza'enz HENRY BLOCK VICTOR BIKALES BERT RAPPAPORT JACOB WOLFSON Vzre Pfendenl Secfetafy Tfeafmfef G O Delegate SERVICE PINS HENRY BLOCK VICTOR BIKALES CHARLES ORDMAN CLASS SERVICE PINS HENRY BLOCK VICTOR BIKALES MELVIN GOODMAN GEORGE MCDERMOTT EDWARD SCHLESSINGER CLASS HENRY BLOCK EDGAR KERNER THEODORE GREEN GEORGE MCDERMOTT MURRAY HAROLD KLEIN HAROID LAVINE BERT RAPPAPORT CHARLES SCHLANG VINCENT MONTALBANO NUMERALS JULIUS COHEN JEROME BUSLIK JULIUS MELTZER BERTRAM EDELMAN ROSENEERG VICTOR BIKALES ....,......,......I....,......... Secretary EDWARD SCHLESSINGER ...,.. . .......I Secretary Page Nineteen S Qilloffims Olber Cl Clrmeasolm Vfsikales loc Semors ABRAMS IRVING Columbm The Hd7fIJ enrzng team Capt Vars Fencrng Vars Fencmg Block ABRAMS MELVILLE F Columbra Lzke an eleezrzr clock aluayr uznnzng Vars Track 3 Vars Swrm Mgr Track HTT Fresh Swrm Law and Deb Soc Aero Club Sect Box BB ABRAMSON DAVID C C N Y Szlenre If Golden Hello Shylorh Glee Club Q31 Sect Deb Hank Chron lcal Hank Span French Clubs AHRENS FRED C C N Y He :rn t to had uhen zz comer to alhlelzrr Eng Rep Asso Ed Spectator Var B B Class B B Var Show Rep Ath Com Rally Entertarnment ALBER GEORGE N Y Doefnl even hnow heamr keep Zhe moon from fallzng ARIESSOHN ARTHUR M C C N Y Aznl he handJo1ne9 O roufre her got a car TD Q31 I.1b Sq Dramatrc Arts and Let ters Soc ASKENAS JOSEPH C C N Y joreph Arhenar rondnrlzng zhe firrz feczzal of the Phzlhaffnonzr Eng Rep Q21 Orch Q31 Harmonrca Band Leader Q21 Class Servrce Pm Vars and G O Sales Ed Sect Paper Q21 Pub Mgr Art Soc Art Law and Deb Soc BARROWS CI-IARIES C Columbla Some mnrzrzanl Born with dfnrnr In hzr earr and played on the Lznolennz at the lender age of zhfee Sec Orch Orch Q41 Ed Aero Beacon Aero Scr Math Hank Soc Sect Paper BIGMAN STANLEY K C C N Y IVhy 15 thy name ro dece11x1ng9 French Law and Deb Span Math and Stamp Clubs BIRALES VICTOR W N Y HIIDZOIOHI ar you all can see Smart uell not exactly Secy G O Secy Class Q51 Var Soccer HAF Vars Show Pres German Club Class Servrce Pm Chmn Rally Boatrtde Banquet Comm Adv Mgr Spectator Chmn Sen Assembly Comm Vars Swrm Sq Class Swrm Team Tn Soccer Germ Fme Arts Clubs BINDER JEROME N Y Social Dnertof o the Afro: Entertamment 41 Socral Funt Banquet Rally Com Rally Entertamment Vars Soc cer Trr Soccer Sect Soc Box BLANKSTEIN SAUL C C C N Y The Stein Jong o Blanh zz 1ll now he Jang hy Rudy Vallee Vars Track Golf Sq Class B B Prog Mgr Aero Club Assoc Ed and Ed Aero Chronrcle Aero Span Cur Hrst Stamp and Com Clubs C and G Sales Sect Box Assoc Foot Soccer BLOCK HENRY C C N Y IVho hfohe no pfomzte refzxed no puzfale en Who gazned g1eaz zzller uho loft no :lend Ed Bd Stadrum Assoc Q4 Eng Rep Q2 Mgr Vars Soc Vars BB HAF HBB Champ Class B B Assoc Foot Q21 Basketball Chmn Ath Q51 Awards Q21 Com Banquet Com Class Num erals Setyrce Pm Vars Show Sales German Club Founder Pub Fmance Course Class Q 3 1 Spectator Class Soc Fresh B B BRAMSON MORRIS C C N Y An expert on zgzner not :hole Al Team Math French Chess and Check Law and Deb Soc Sect Chess Box Soc BUDOVSKY ELICK C C N Y I he ual' nozry at he If srndzonr wed all he deaf hy now Germ Prrze Pres Classzcal Soc Vrce Pres Math Soc Prog Mgr German Club Sr Prn Com Class Deb Photo Ed C and G Bus Bd Ed Bd rn Chref Der Beobachter Capt Sect Deb Chess and Checker Eng Lrt Soc Alg Sq BUSLIK JEROME N Y U He I om zre Qhorhey man Adv Mgr C and G Vrce Pres Class Ath Com Q41 Awards Com Q21 Mgr Vars Soc H A F Vars B B Fresh B B Class Champ Soccer Class B B Assoc Foot Ital Club 0 I , A A 1 ' , - . c.c. . . - - S - S 'J ' , - H. . . .3 . ' 3 . 3 - - -1 1 - . Q ' . 1 2 - , 7 ' ' V, . ' - - ., . . ., 1 ' ' 3 - . - Q ' ,. . , . 3 ., v u . - 1 ' Y . . . .3 .3 . ., ' ' I ' ' , C.C. . . Q s 'Q ., , , . . . . , Ag 3 ' I , I I I I u . , Q H , .3 , .. . . 3 . .3 . - f f l . , .3 . .3 . , .... Q ' 1 g , ' ' I - l , . . . . ., . . , . . ., . r u . ., . ., . ., ' . ., . H , A ' . ' . . 7 , y C.C. . . dy 1 A J V I 11 I-HW 3C Deb-L Cui- Hi5f- SOC- Arista- Ed. in Chief C, and G.3 Vice-Pres, 3 . 3 . . 3 . Ed. 5 Ja - - 1: 2 - y . . . Q l .3 ..... .3 . . .3 . ., I , , . . . I f .3 . ., . . , , . . .3 3 . . , 3 . . , 4 . . . . , A f A - - - l g' ' I . U Q ' ' D' 5 'S 1 'D l . . . .3 . , ., . . . , .1 .3 3 3 . . . 1 D , . . . . , . . , . . . jf ' ' ' ' 1 .3 . . , . ' 3 . ' .3 ' - w. . .3 . . 3 . 3 , . .3 1.3 U . . .3 . . , .3 , . . . ,3 . . . . . g- . 3 ., ., ., . .3 . . 7 I , , I , ' J ' . . . .3 - . 3 . , , .... . 3 . 3 . . . .3 . . ,3 . . .3 . . .3 , ,Q W 3 . ., . .3 . Page Twcntyronc 51 Clmailoffanfon QM Jo: Tavms 115 Dexlz ff . C1-11? 9311 155 .Cohen fiensg Dmssm 113,25 ,,.-I--'Y5+ M 1 adwmubin ummnl N,-gf, B aclelman J. Kzffcf Lffeinsjfjn 133 Snsdxman S Ffrmeman or T1 tgt 0 Senators CANTON AMADO Harvard H15 rnolher callr hznz sugar became hes .to re ned Arrsta Assoc Art Ed C and G Pres Span and French Clubs Vrce Pres Art Soc Secy Stamp and Corn Junror Newmann d Phrlatelxst Span and French Medals Senxor Alcove CHATOFI' ALEX C C N Y He uber neu 'hlngf He uonl even allou z rerond hand on bln urzrt ualrh Stamp 8: Corn German Camera Clubs COHN WALTER C C N Y He ami arazd o uorh He goes io sleep befzde ll Vars Lacr H L T Sr Councrl Class Pm Com Class Chess Pub Mgr Stamp and Corn Club Span Club Capt Sect Chess and Check Sect Box Soc Assoc Foot Deb CURRAN GEORGE C C N Y We never knew Irzrhmen uere rophzftz cared Vars Lacr H L T Asst Mgr Lacr Adv Bd C and G Class Soccer Football Champ Sect Soccer Football Trr Soccer Vars Show Sales Sect Teams Cur Hrst German Aero Stamp and Corn Clubs DAVIS JOSEPH C C N Y Wherz he growr up her gozng to bay a Jehool and berome the prznfzpal Pres Treas Stamp and Com Club German French Math Law and Deb Soc DEITZ WILLIAM C C N Y' Oh dark hazred youth please lell ar why The girls look on and heave a Jzgh Eng Rep Vars Track Q21 Trl Track Socral Func Awards Com Cur Hrst Soc Capt Sect Box Sect B B Box Assoc Foot Soc DISSIN BENJAMIN C C N Y Fall many a gern wa: born lo blurb anreen Pub Mgr Classxcal Soc T D Germ Stamp and Corn French Clubs German Club Play Sect Box DODES IRVING C C N Y Though he paris hzr halr zn the mzddle Her qazle a wonder wzzh a fiddle Pres Pub Mgr Math Soc Vrce Pres Pres Pub Mgr Concert Mgr Orch Pub Mgr Alg Sq T D C41 Prog Mgr Germ Club Ass Fd Rostra Assoc Ed Beobachter Q21 Glee Club DOWLING JAIVIES E C C N Y A raznbow man under a blaze of glory Secy Pub Mgr Span Club French Span Jr New Clubs Span French Club Rep Sect Box DUBIN EDWARD C C N Y He doern I care or gals wzlh brown eyef He llher them ullh greenbarhr Humor Ed C 8: G C21 Humor Ed Oracle HJ Class B B Champ Sect Soc L A Banquet Entertamment Span Club DUMMETT LOUIS F C C N Y Men o few words are lhe ber! men French Glee Math Dram Clubs Sect Box EDELMAN BERTRAM C C N Y On Convent Ave where pearhef grow There uni a gzrl he doesnt know Eng Rep Vars Track B B Sports Ed Spectator Class B B Assoc Foot Soc French .span Clubs Classrcal and Law 8: Foot Class Numerals Capt Senror B B FEFFER JOSEPH Nez er laflered never hurried always tool Baseball Squad Sect Teams Dram Hatrk oc FEINSTEIN LESTER C C N Y Fore' Bobby Jones Secona Mgr Vars Golf Vars Golf Q41 Ten Fresh B B Alg Sq Math Scrence Classr cal Soc Rostra Sect Box Soc Assoc Foot Chess Deb Paper FISCHMAN WILLIAM C C N Y One :lab zwo heartr zhree clabr three hearzr four clabr Cur Hrst Classrcal Arts 8: Letters Germ Soc Ed Bd Rostra Sect Soc Vars Golf FRIEMAN SIDNEY For her a jolly good ellow whzfh no body ran deny Eng Rep Class Assoc Germ Cur Hlst Aero Clubs Sect Assoc Foot B B Box Soc '1 0 . ' 1. .' , I if . ., . . . Q , . 3 - . .g . . . g g E. 1 ' Y - f , , .... . I. I 1- . I - I 1 . ,L , .1 ,.' , I ' ' ' a - 9 7 ' . I ., I . I I I 5 . ., ., . ., . V . ' I ' 7 ', I . ., . . . ,... , . .. I 1 ' - 5 ' 3 - r r - r - b . . . , , V , De . Soc., Sect. Ath. Mgr., Sect. Box., Assoc. ' -Q , . . . , . , . , . I I f I A - I 1 1 - , ., . . 3 , If JI 1 . .g . , I- , . . 3 . , .g a . Q! 79. ., I ., . . , I ., . ., ., I I I , , , . s ' ' - -3 1 s ' I . . . . 7 , 4 1 D I , . I . ., - - 'Q ' 'x ' . -, 'x 9 ' - ' ' I . . . ' . . . . - as 'Q w - -y ,rf H , 1' " . - A , , . , a t -x ' -a 'Q Page Twenty-three .EL J. Q?St2ll1 ' N V 1 m.Q0ochnan gf,-X2 Chgcaefz Cl Handelsman Daviigilif FUREH ROBERT FIIJJ ISU from Il 1 Sq C 84 G Rep an Terms GELLER SIDNEY H r all 11 bf llle uo1ldr T D L C Vars Show nfo Hank Eng Lrt Soc Sect Box Semors N Club ect Y F1 ozy Bur Span De GERSTEIN IRVING N Y Hzr lfnlnztlon ln lz e 15 lo own cl dellro Ie fren rlore Sect Bowrball Deb Ass Foot Soccer Punch ball German Cur I-I1st Dram Hank French Soc GIBSON XWILLIAIVI C C N Y E07 VI G M S50 OOO to unite rcenenor 2nd Prrze C 8: G Short Story Contest Wrnner Eng Lrt Soc Short Story Contest Ass Ed Lrterary Lantern Sect Box Soc Ed Sect Paper Dram Soc Span Eng Lrt oc GLASS WILLIAM I C C N Y Hu nzmer me lzee eLe1 zlfey ure Jo high T D Ass Ed Rostra Class Non Ath Com Vars B B Track Tenms Champ Sect Assoc Foot and Box Eng L1t Hank Classrcal Stamp 8: Corn Soc GLUSSMAN MORRIS Columbra Heh' om dzfcovefer 0 me fouftn dzmen Jzon and perpeznal :notion D -I Vars Swrm J Lacr L T T Fen Sq C3 Fr Class Swrm Q35 Chess 8: Check Club GOGOLICK CHARLES C C N Y Ownr su zrzenz golden Szlenre Zo be lulre ez millionaire Ass Ed Der Beobachter Class Chess Team Sect Boxball Soc Deb Vars Team Sq German Scrence Chess 6: Check Clubs GOLDSTEIN ROBERT C C N Y An amznble fellow o conrrzentzonr lozl .rome lmlvzlr Vars Soc H A F Class Baseball Sect Teams Arrsta Awards Comm Ger Classr cal Soc GOLOB EUGENE O Columbra HL ll znzee lz nl! 172 ine lnlezel Eng., Rep Serv Pm Comm Chmn Non Ath Com Q21 Class Chess Chess 8c Check Club Wrnner Fnst Prrze Brggest News Of The Week Contest Sect Deb Mgr Sect Soccer GOODMAN MELVIN D C C N Y A deonle1 nl lbw and llnnfeef lr be In nfl Ilaerer nollazng lae can! be Pres Class 45 EclrnCh1ef Stadrum Mgr Fd C 8: G Assoc Ed Stadrum Ed Bd Staclrum Q21 Assoc Ed Handbook Ed 1nCh1ef Spectator Q93 Secy Law 8: Deb Vrce Pres Treas Cur Hrst Soc Ed1nCh1ef Forum Harrrs Seruce Prn Class Servrce Pm A s Ed C E C Capt Champ Class Deb Class Deb UD Arrsta Banquet Awards BoatR1de Comm Sect Teams Hank Eng L1t Law 8r Deb Cur I-Irst Soc GFAETZ ADOLPI-I N Y U Some wlldzn' Cntr elnrrer rn fonerpond ence school by mazlzng empty enneloper Clrc Mgr Stadrum Eng Lrt Law 8: Deb GREENFIELD JONAS C Columbla The 5164771 In loef f0 ee Eng Rep Vars Track B B Capt Sect B B Box Soc Assoc Foot Fresh B B Cur Hrst Hank Soc HALSBAND ISIDORE Columbra Contenzjwonny o Dfleref Shaw and Nzrla Cmlef Pres Soc Arts Sc Letters Pres Eng L1t Vrce Pres Dram Soc Pub Mgr Eng Lrt Prog Mgr Dram Soc Ed 1nCh1ef Lrterary Lantern Sect Deb Cur Hrst Soc I-IANDELSMAN ARTHUR N Y U Flofn rhofl pontr lo Senzof Vars Track Sq Fresh Track Ed 1nCh1ef The Chessmate Classrcal Soc Span Club Sect Box HART DAVID C C N Y Ddzej r got V1 Hair of gold Vars Lacr Track Eng Rep Class Track Baseball Soccer Teams Trr Soccer Chmn Ath Comm Const Comm Stamp 8: Corn Club HASPEL EFRY Georgra Tech What nl Math finden! 2 Pznn tZIEl6777Zl72E ez Hooked line Sr Councrl Trl Soc Vars Show Germ Hank Math Clubs Capt Sect Chess Sect Deb Box Soc 0 '. C.C. .Y. , . ' I .v,.' ,H , 1 . ' D 21 6 4 ' fr ' .vu Lb. .g . . .3 Spf . g S . ,'. .3 . .g . - . 1 1 4. gk . g 3 . ' ' 0 , C.C.N. . ' .' , , ' .. 6. g 1- . . , . . . . . . .3 . . . 3 I . tg . ', 4 ' ' , If - I - r v 1 I I . ., . . ., . ., b. f , ' , ., , Q 3 - - 5 , .. . ., . . C g . . C C . 3 . . . g .- -, . . . . V A , Q . , . . . . - , ' 3 4' 3 L a a - -1 -a 'x , I - 3 I ' . 3 L7 I 1 U - .g . 3 . . I '1. , .- , " " . ' ' . , . ' ' ' . . . . . , . ., . . I. - ' 'I Soc.g "Stad1um,' UD. . . , . ., ., . . , . . .3 '. , . .g . . , . .... 7 g ' -. .b , jf, ,' . ,., g., ., . . ., ' '. ., . . .g . . ., , 5 D. , ,t . ' . D .3 . ., . f A -, 7 . , . . g . .g - . . .g . . . .g . . ' ' " ' . . C . -Q .' " x I I t H' l ' - , jc I . , , . ., . . . T. .wg . .ol .om , ,.. H. . .g H. S. .3 c. . jg esh. A A ' 5 A 3 - - . .3 . g .- - cr as, ' A . , -, - , , . . . . , . I , ,f H .H I Q . I , ., ., . , , Z , Q A -S , , - ' . .3 . .3 , .... , - I . .g . . .g 3 4. .I L - -1 - Z -1 3 , ,Q ,, - ,, , . . , . I '7 '7 ' Page Twenty-five Page Tfwenfy-six Semors HORN IRVING C C N X The zmpzralmn or a tuo Jeated roadrter Capt Vars Track Vars Track Q31 Class Track Assoc Foot B B Ath Mgr Sect Sect B B Bow French Span Clubs HORNE LEROY U of Chrcago A Rlh Rah hog Cheer Sq Vars Sales C 8: G Sales Cur Hrst Soc Y M C A Sect eb Box HOWARD MYRON U of Penn Lord Myron of Howard Eng Rep Germ Club Law 8: Deb Soc Sect Box B B Assoc Foot ISAACS FREDERICK C C N Y A handle of wzrdomw Span Chess 8: Checker Clubs Arts 8: Letters OC JACOBY BURTON Penn State He lover athlezzcr lzhe chef: and chechen Ass Mgr Vars Soccer H A F Bus Bd C 8:G Vars Track Sq Ed Bd Spectator Entrance Exam Comm Pub Mgr Cur Hrst Soc French Club Sect Box Assoc Foot Soccer Chess 8: Checkers Paper KAPLAN RUBIN C C N Y French rladenz par azz Any leather J Waterloo Vars Show German Club Q31 Sect Box Soccer KARPEL MARTIN C C N Y One 0 the Orange boy! Orange gozng to lend me your homework C 8: G Vars Show Sales Glee Aero Scr Cl11sStBoxS DRTD3 Math Club KATZ HARVEY U of Mrchrgan Whaz rororzly wzll you join? Vars Ten Sq Vars Show Sales C 8: Sales Alg Sq Class Chess Entrance Exam Com Math Law 8: Deb Stamp 8: Corn Chess 8: Check Ital Hank Soc Sect Box B B Soc Deb KAUFFMAN LOUIS C C N Y Ajax? N0 not hzm Inf Bur Aero Cur Hrst Math Soc Vrce Eres Sect Eng Club Sect Soc Box Assoc oot KENSLER CHARLES A C C N Y The anrwer to Dzogener rearrh an honerl Wan C 8: G Vars Show Sales Entrance Exam Com Sect Bow: B B Soc Assoc Foot De KERN DONALD Q Madrrd The original Don 0 Assoc tator Track Dram Assoc Assoc Ed C 8: G Ed Assoc Ed ec Sr Councrl Ass Mgr Track Team B B Sq Orch French Cur Hrst and Law 8: Deb Soc Sect Box Foot Chmn Socral Funct Com Ed Rostra KERNFR EDGAR Harvard High urde and handrorne Class Numerals Class B B Foot Swrm Soccer Vars Soccer Track B B Squads Vars Chess Sect Teams Q25 Ed Sect Secy Sect Eng Club KLATZKIN ARTHUR S C C N Y I anyone hzn Klalzhrn Founder Dram Soc Vrce Pres Prog Mgr Pub Mgr Dram Soc Eng Lxt Dram Germ Scrence Soc L1b Sq Dram Soc Pay KLEIN LOUIS N Y Keep that rrhool gnl ronzplexmn Germ Hank Cur Hrst Sc1 Stamp 8: Corn Arts 8: Letters Soc Sect Soc Box KOMMEL HERBERT C C N Y H15 mother cally hzrn sugar heraare her ro re ned Stamp 8: Corn Club Sect Box Deb KRASHES H STANLEY C N Y He refnred 10 allow a pun on hzr latt name Vars Track Sq Capt Sect Box Sect Box Soc Assoc Foot Span Club 0 7 , .... 3 .... . . 3 . . . 3 . 3 . .3 3 . .3 . .3 - 3 . .3 . .3 . . .3 . . . 3 . .3 .3 . . . .3 4.3 3 . . . , ' 3 I . 1 W .... 4' '. . .3 . 3x . . .3 ' ' I 1 . . .3 .... 3 . D .3 ' ' P u .3 . ..3 . .3 .3 . .3 b. , . . , I A . .3 . 3 . .3 y. . . - .3 .3 , , "Sp - . .Q . .3 . . . . 3 Q 3 . . .3 .3 , , .3 . . Q .3 . .3 . .3 . . .3 n I ' ' ' ' . . . .3 Q S . A4 J V. , . 3 . , . . 3 , . . . n . J .l . 3 . 3 3 . . . . r .3 b . Paperg Chess 8: Checker, C. E. C. Clubs3 ' . . ,. H ff- l .... . .3 . .3 . . A 7 .3 .... .3 9 - -, - -, 3 J ' f , I . . .3 - ., U . .3 . l. . ..3 . .3 , r f . 3, . .3 . .3 . . I ' l . . 3 3 Z 3 C.C. . . ., 4 ., . I ., ., 3 , . . .. . .3 . . . f , . ff - 7 I 3 11 bg ec, .3 oc., e 3 . .LDL l 3 I ...,. 3 . .3 . : I , .'. . U 5 , G, , . C .... . . ., A , 3 . .3 , A I ' -3 -f . 'r ' ' . , . .1 w .1 ,S , ., . .3 . . .3 . ., ' .3 . .3 . . . .3 . Page Twenty-seven N lavme TU Leaug K lehmaum Cllopez evme Sid mark 13 marina J mellow' nsme L,,,, mmanef ,f 'Kmlllflen , , A? 4 iff Pagr Twenty c git molclauer Semonrs LAVINF HAROLD Columlera U' ho dolly not knoll Lozzne He ulao nz lztenzry tune tlotly rlyzne Assoc Ed C 8: G Ed rn Chref Assoc Ed Spectator S5 Class Fresh Vars Swrm Q65 H S T Capt Class Deb Class Serv rn Sta rum Law 8: Deb Soc d Forum Fencrng Sq Class Deb Q45 LEAVY MORTON L C C N Y A trick man Stzll he mnt get nutty rom uore Vars Track Q55 Ten C 8: G a S S R C Entrance Exam Com Eng Lrt 75 Dram Classrcal Cur Hrs Soc Sect Box Soc Assoc Foot LEHIVIAN KURT JR Brown Dont be an orr By Kurt Lehman 355 00 C 8: G Class Serv Prn Class Deb Q2 Spectator Eng Rep Prog Mgr Law 8: Deb Ass Ed Forum Eng Lrt Soc Ed Lrterary Lantern Ger Club Trr Chess LOPEZ AUGUSTO C C N Y I omznr uefe garolzne you tl be on en ptv jillzng rtotzon Harmonrca Band Var Cheerrng Sq Stamp 8: Corn Club LEVINE OSCAR C C N Y Vafrzfy bot boy V rs B B Soc Sq Champ Class Soc Class B B Assoc Foot Aero Cut Hrst French Math and Span Clubs Assoc Ed Aero Chronrcle Sect Box MARK SIDNEY C C N Y Her tzll rzgbt zn ez any but be tloernt wezgb much cePresSSRC S C 7 no Bur Entrance Exam Corn C 8: G 8: Vars Show Sales L C Class Show I-Iarmonrca Band Stamp 8: Corn Get Aero Clubs Sect Box Deb MARTIN PETER C C N Y Dltl jolt ever here Pele go Tweet tueet tweet on the FIIFOIOQ Class Assoc Foot Classrcal Soc Ger and Scrence Clubs MAYBRUCK MILT C C N Y He mutt be tt they player or tz rop , belt always tellzng or to move Lreut T D,T D f45,S S R C MCDFRMOTT GEORGE C C N Y Gentl won Athlete tzntl Sfflffbiiltlil Leater Arsta es G O Secy Arrsta Vrce Pres G O Vrce Pres Class Vrce Pres Newman Club Stadrum Sports Ed C 8. G Capt Var Soccer Block H H A F 125 Var Soccer Lac T H H Servrce Pm Class Servrce Prn Class Numerals Eng Rep K35 Chmn Class Awards Com Ath letrc Boat Rrde Commencement Com MCGUINESS JOSEPH Fordham One rlofrznote zoefe pmfmi o Eng Rep Q25 Asst Mgr Vars B B Vars SowRepC8:GRepSSRC b Mgr S S R C Treas jr Newman Club Fenc Sq Span Club Sect Paper Deb MELTYER JULIUS C C N Y Bog yozzfe rome rzzzmnzef Yozn gozng letzoer Horus much tl1m7ne1 Vars Svurm 65 Mgr Vars Swrm 2 Sq 55 Rep Swrm Q35 Mgr Fresh Swrm German Cut Hrst Soc MESCIA NICHOLAS St Johns IVl9en tt ellow neetlr tl 1lE7IIl hefe r one rsBBSqYMCADramo Se t B B X MILLER MORTON Columbra A gentleman 172 the line Jenre o the uoftl Eng Rep C25 Chmn Prn Com Reunron Com Alg Sq C 8: G Vars Show Sales Classrcal Eng Lr Scrence Soc Arrsta Record Com Sect Boy Soc Assoc Foot Deb Chess MILLSTEIN RICHARD U of Nevada A tifrfrple o Horace Gfeelg Going Wert Sect Deb Box Entertarnment Com Span Aero Clubs Eng Lrt Soc MONTALBANO VINCENT N Y U Future P1?fId6iZl o Italy Vrce Leader Arrsta VrcePres G O Pres Class Q25 Eng Rep Class Setvrce Pm Electron Com Newman Italran Clubs Sect Chess and Checker MOLDAUER HARRY C C N Y H15 tier Hzr ener The ontwef to an old fnolflk prayer Harmonrca Band, Hatrlc, Cut Hrst Soc 0 I3 V 'JI 4 7 - 1 - . I V V' ..1 LI' ' 1 l ' "' A . ll' r' g Pr' I. . .Q '. 'fg 1 sl- 9 , -, - - 1 - g - . . f . . . . . , tt vs, A , .4 . ., . ., . . , , 4, ,. . P 3 I d -g c . .g E . g 1 , ,3 , , , 3 S -3 - - ' L 3 . ,' 9 . ' L -3 ' , , . , . . . . . - , If 1 . , 3 . . Slesg D f. . . . .Q . . ' ' H ' ' - ' I' . Q- 3 ., , . . .3 h -, - . .3 .... g Pu. V .2 ny I u . . ., . . 3 . ., . , . , . , , - ff , H , , , , , , I " . .9 . . , '.. 4 t ' ' ' I 59 . .. - Block H g 125g H. S. T.g Numeralsg Fenc. . .. . , .... h . l A A .. - l . - , , , , , , ,, , . , . . . , . . . , .... A l I f' ' h ' ' 1 ' ' - . A - . - Va . . . .g .... , .S c.g - ' ' c. . ., Bo, , . . . . , Q a . . ., . .3 ..g "- . Q . ., . .3 , . ., -A - , . , L ., . .Q . . - I -u, ' I " ' "Q . . . . r., -s .g . .. ., . .3 ., . , .... I' ' ' f r I . I C Vi- ..... 3 .S. R. .C-5gIf. f ' " H" I , H .5 . ., . . I. . n g . . 3 . ., ', ' -, -1 3 , ., g . 3 . . . U , . ' ' . D' , - 'a I n 1 . .Q .Q . ' -3 4 7 Q . , .... I ., 4 - ' ' ' 1 q 5 ' ... f ... Page Twenty-ninr' .S mmm D Roma fgxf C has Orclman J Ovgel "x"X1 TlaHmanOm S Hess faul Rabat YNRXT' 1-l .Racof 'S-...,4,-,,,.-f F 177 Rem Calm Rogers --J"v+-1 IL n Pg fly Senators INIUNZINGER JOHN C C N Y Buddy Rogers maker fnoney laow about II Mznzy 9 B B Sq Vars Show Sales Capt Sect oc Sect B B Assoc Foot Deb C 8c G Sales Frne Arts Stamp 84 Corn Sec NARINS LESTER Wrsconsrn U Serenely ul o epzczoe can ray Fate cannot laann me I L9 dined today Vars Swrm 2 Lacrosse Q21 L H T Frosh Swrm 21 Lrb Sq Q51 Vars Show Class B B Sect Chess Paper Boxball Dram French Aero German Clubs ORDINIAN CHARLES Yale IVben be dolly speak unlo lazy lady fa Hzr f'b66L.Y do match lar: auburn loan' Treas Arrsta Ch1efT D Ser Del G O Class G O Rep Q 1 T H H Serv P1n rut T D T D L En Re L1 S S S R C Charrman Non Ath Serv Prn Com Vars Show Sales Capt Class Swrm Fresh Swrm Germ Club Sect Box Soc Assoc Foot Ed Sect Paper Vars Lacr Q21 ORGEL JEROME C C N Y All gfeat men ale dead of ay nv H doernl eel Jo well ORIS NATHAN Fordham Hefef one boy ubo uzll gel along Harrrs Serv Pm G O Club Del Q2 Lrb 21 Cl ss Councrl T D S S R Inf Bur Vars Show Rep Q31 Chmn G O Club Comm G O Non Ath Q21 Rally 81 Socral Funct Comm Eng Lrt Cur Hrst Hatrk Soc Pres Vrce Pres Pub Forum Statron C E C Mgr Law 8: Deb Soc PODOLSKY MORTIMER C C N Y Anozoef fab fab boy Vars Cheer Sq Classrcal Soc Harmonrca Band Sect Box PRESS HARRY A C C N Y Ar a Frerbman young and rung Ar a Senior old and stung Vrce Pres Class Vars Cheer Sq Sec B B Box RABUT PAUL C C N Y Eacb day we .ree luzn a lnurlo zn laand Pazntzng a scene o mme any Iona' Assoc Asst Art Ed C 8: G Pres Secy Aero Club Capt L ut T D T D 51 Secy Art Soc Pub Mgr Spanrsh Club Ed 1nCh1ef Assoc Ed Aero Beacon E Spectator Collector 2 Sect D b Q21 Class Show Class Deb Comm Spanrsh French Aero Cur Hrst Art Scrence Clubs RACOFF HERBERT C C N Y Still uater 1unr deep Eng Lrt Law 8: Deb French Germ Cur Hrst Soc Exam Recorder Sect Bov Assoc Foot RAPPAPORT BERT C C N Y Our peuenzal candldale 01 Tfearurer Arrsta Treas G O Asst Treas G O Treas Class 6 Harrrs Serv Prn Class Serv Pm Commencement Sr Functron S Week Arrsta Entertamment Rally Boat Rrde and Pm Comm Art Ed Spectator 31 E Bd Spectator G O Sales T Pub Mgr Cur Hrst Soc Ed 1nCh1ef Assoc Ed Cur Hrst Soc Paper Law 8: Deb Eng Lrt Cur Hrst Soc REIN MELVIN C C N Y Small Ill anne at 11 ell af In name C 81 G Sales Vars Show Sales Stamp 5: Corn Germ Chess 8: Checkers Hatrk Cur Hrst Soc Sect Box Deb Chess Soc ROGERS EDWARD W C C N Y Hel plat above ez 61 ylbzng Aero French Law 8: Deb Soc Sect Soc Box Assoc Foot ROMAN DUNBAR N He handler lbe larusla uzib gfeat eaye Her oua aftztze de luxe lf you pleare A EdC8cGArtStaffC8cG 31 Art Soc Q51 Art Ed Humor Ed Spec tator Vars Show Fenc Sq Span Dram Clubs ROSEN ABE C C N Y How long O Cat1lzne9 How lonqd Abou! 6 ee! reut T D Q51 Sect Chess Checkers Box Stamp 8: Corn Cur Hrst S S R C Info ROSENBERG NORINIAN N Y A 1 zal Io Ike Spblnx Num door 01 rays anytbznq Sect Box Eng Lrt Stamp 84 Corn Cur I-Irst Scrence Aero Clubs ROTHLEIN MARVIN C C N Y The clan' rnurt be good He t If zz Var Cheer Sq Aero Scrence Clubs 0 , ---- , . . . . V .. T ' , l ': j. '., . , ., . . . .3 . 3 . .S .3 . .g . g . . h . . ., . ..g .3 . , . , . X 7 f . l 7 v.v. ' A L lv - ' " I ' - 1 n f . , ,, . . ,f . A , K 5. ' . 'b S . . .3 . . '. . .g . . . G, ' l , . . .Z ' . 6 Ds ' .3 -4 f ' 1 a , ' 3 '- 2 r - , f- ' 'Y ' 7 1 7 a. , , , - 7 U, , y , d 'Q . . tt as 4 I If 77 l 1 . . D. , . . , . ., 1 I 4' . . w . . .Q ,- - , , . I I 171 .... g ,, . F I T A . ' . 1, . ' - 1 . g . .g . . . -., v . . . 2 Q . . . . Q Le . . .3 . . Q61g . . g . . ' . a . . . - H. . T. Q21, ' g, p., b. q. Q61, ' jf K , - . .. . ., I - ., .I . In ' L I Z D ll ' A . l . l 1 'v 1 -a ' ' 'S ' 7 ' 'D '7 I . - . ., . ., ., , . . ., . . . I I - lryou e 4,, .t . . . . f jc f A , Pin Com.g Hatik., crassical, Eng. Lit. soc. B- B-, Laff- and TCH- Sq-2 Fresh- B- B-1 ', , . .g . .. . ., . . -' 1 ,f r' , . 3 . . . 1g ' . Sq. Q 3 a 'g . .3 . . .C.g . I C.C. .Y . .3 . g . . . I l 'l ' , I . .Ig . ., . ,., rt. . . ., . .HQ 1 I . .3 ., - ., . g ., . g . ., . - . . . 5 , . . ' 5 . g . .3 ., . , . . . . 1 . -. . . .3 ' .g ' - , . . . 7 I - " 4 U' f ' ' ' ' ' ' L' . . .g T. D. g . 8: A 11 - ' . A I " 1 Soc.g .... g . Bur. - . , . . ., ,. . ., , 1 - - , C.C. . . f f ' . , oy - ' 5 f 1 'tl ., . .. . .g ., . l is I ,J , , 1 5 ., re . . .g .t . Q Q ' la ' J - , . 1 .1 . ., U, .1 l- Q fl. 1- l nl, zz sr C. .C., , Q1. . e. . g Q . S , 1- 3 5 - 'Z' a I 2 - 1 '11 . ' Q? Z ' Page Thirty-one 4-"vig Rubm -ff'-N'-S ---'wfis L Ruderfer Ruffman -,L-x-,,,, --f-'v-1? J fl Schiessnjer D S Shoenlhal L Schwarz Sglgveafzer li5.SeIclenbgzg Shapgw f 1 K' 1 ,Myf . ,, .9 21 " X-4.'ff,55,5. vey.-mf -,V J " 1 - cf ff ,f "Haig , y 1-I Shanes 3 Cl.Shlaiffet' K. Sfnovfer If Ukanberper Pagr Tmriy-two RSapl1ier gqiflwfld Seniors RUBIIN GEORGE C C N Y Thy vzlence heromet 1 ee Class Smm Team RUDERFER LEGNARD Aye Aye Szr Prog Mgr French Club Club Del Germ Club Glee Club C 8: G Sales Class Arlsta Com Mgr Sect Box Vars Sales Law 8: Deb Soc Entrance Exam Com Sect Soc Assoc Foot Annapohs RUFFMAN ISAAC C C N Y A rough man Trl Soccer Class Chess Sect Box Soc Ass Foot Checker Hat1k Cur H1st Chess 8: Checkers Soc SAPHIER PETER C C N Y He ready a pony or .rnpplemenlary readzngr In Lalzn Capt Sect Chess Sect Box Harmontca Band SCHLESINGER EDWARD Columbia A rnan of hreedzng hrazn and mirth We know Zhal he wzll prove hzy worth Arlsta Assoc Ed Sta 1um E Bd Stadxum Class Serv P1n Secy Class Eng Rep 31 G O Sales Vars Show Sales Charrman Commencement Com Ban Boat Consttt Deb Entertamment Com Class Deb Capt Sect Deb 31 Ed Bd Spectator Secy Law 8: Deb Soc Eng L1t Soc SCHOENBRUN DAVID F C C N Y Poor lztlle hoy on unkind ate' To rnaee hu average hat zznezy ezgozf Fresh Basket Ball Capt Sec Deb Q21 Sect Deb Q41 Dram Soc Ed Dramattst SHOENTHAL SIDNEY C C N Y The wrong 1 an or lhe rzghl jo Stadlum Crrc Mgr C 8: G Vars Show 21 Dram Chess 8: Check Cur rxents oc SCHWAID BENJAMIN Columbla Surrey rr hound lo rome to hzrn who wore! farlhfully V1ce Pres Scxence Club Sect Soccer Box ball Cur Hlst French Ger Hank Soc SCHWARTZ LESTER S C C N Altho he zloey not reach or peahf Hlr wzllzng help mon alwayf peak! Cur Hrst Frne Arts Germ Aeto Soc Capt Sect Punch Sect Assoc Foot Box B B Harrls Handball Sq SCHWEITZER SEYMOUR C C N Y A child o the funny Alpf gut H1st French Clubs Sect Box Assoc oot SEIDENBERG WILLIAM C C N Y Not a SOCIKZIIII but ftzll a Joap hox ofa Pres Hat1k Soc V1ce Pres Law 8: Deb and Eng Ltr Assoc Ed Forum Chromcle Class Deb Q31 I.1b Sq 5 ars Show C 8: G Rep L1t Ed C 8: G Sect e SHAPIRO LEONARD Columbxa Don! he fotled hy hz 107g pany Hank Cur H1st Soc Sec Chess Q21 Deb Exam Recorder SHANES HERBERT N C C N Y Fire' We ,vcream IVe1e never right Il.r only hu real hair rornlng In rzght Rep Q21 Bs BdC8:G ars B B Q21 Soccer Sq Cap 8: gr ect Box Sect Deb German lang Irt Samp 8: Com Hatlk Clubs SHLAIFER ARTHUR N Y He may he hath ul he may he thy Bat helzeve me hz nz ref vre hzgh V1ce Pres Hatlk So: Hams Rep I I. H nk Q61 Cur Htst Classtcal Arts 8: Letters Scrence Dram Soc Sect Soc SHORTER KENNETH I. C C N Y W hat Ken re: zelh eu of ur hen Yet Ken wrelrleth a very wzched pen Glee Club Math Club Sectton Box WEINBERGER HOWARD Columbla Bzll Tzldent only 11:17 Capt Vars Ten Vars Swlm Q41 Block H H T T Asst Sports C 8: G Fresh Swtm Vars Ten Q21 Sr Counctl Bus Bd C 8: G T. . - - - 3 . . . .Y. ' 1 ' ' , , --. h . I . ' f 3 ' . . . 5 3 ' 'Q J -v A ' A -s . . t .3 . . ., ., ' ' 'a . rr V ', ' H , . 3 . ' . Q 3 . . 3 1 3 , . . . . .3 . . '3 . 3 . f . - . . .3 : . .3 . .Q . ., 3 3 37 3 , .... ,. I A , . . . ' - ' ':or. . 3 3 . . .3 . . .3 - , 3 , ' ' ' . tt 79, tt ' 1: . ., 3 .3 . .3 . .3 . . I 3 . UUE - 3. . . Q 13 V . L 5 ' ' . . . . b. .. 3 .... H :lf . . .4 7 , . 1 ' I '- . , .3 . . .3 . 3 .3 , . . . . , ' , 1 , . . . . . . , I ,I . . ' . ,, , ' , ' . ' . . . a 3 . . " d 3 d. . ' ' . " ' "3 . ' 3 '. 3 . Eng. . 3 u. '. . .3 V . , - , , - , 3 Lacr.3 H. I.. T. Vars. Show Sales 2 ' Class , , , , h .3 .3 '., . . 3 .3 . M . S . . .3 .3 .3 .3. .I .3 , . . .. t. . . . . Q 3 . .4 3 , . . ', C.C. . . ' 2' - gf, - . . '.3 . . Y.3 , . - 3 , . . 3 . a . , . ., 3 . . K? ' 77 ' - . , . ., . . Q 1 ' 'a - . , Jr , 5. ,,,, f I Q ' zz - ra, ' , ' ' , . . . ., . ' . Q.. Y' . - ' Q , ., cl, . . . , . , . S . - ' ' ,I .'.. 3 ,,.. . . .3 . . 3 ' . H3 . S. T., . . .3 . Ed. ' - . ' 3 . 3 - . .3 - -3 - - Z Q . ., 3 ., . . . Q - - - - Page Thirty-three If . ffreeu H Schulman C1 Sdvermait ,L may 3. Sch 3 Soukm '12 'f,,,.. rf U3 Sturner Uiachiei Sbbaklmanm P J flirty-four H ffolms benrors SHULMAN ROBERT Columb1a And you got 99 In S0lz1' Class Ed C 8: G Class French Vars Swrm Treas Law 8: Deb Assoc Ed Spectator Sr Councrl Vars Show and C 8: G Rep Q21 C 8: G Staff Q21 Fresh Track Staff Forum Class1cal Law 8: Deb Soc Sect De SILVERMAN ALLEN Fordham Gozng up' He keep! a telereope wzth hzm to .ree when he needr tz rhzne C E C French Eng L1r Cam ra Clubs Harmonrca Band SMITH LEON X Cornell He couldnt fell hoxzng glouef to cow puncheff Vars Soccer H A F Tn Soccer Lacr Sq Class B B Assoc Foot Germ Classr cal Arts 8: Letters Cur Hrst Soc SOHN ISRAEL C C N Y Runnzng 01 fame Vars Track Q51 Class Chess 8: Checkers Q31 Info Bur Pub Mgr Math Club Germ Sc: Chess 8: Checker Soc Sect Che s SONKIN ISIDORE C C N Y Neue: do toduy what you fun do tomowow O c Q61 Class B B Sect Ath Mgr Sect Box Assoc Foot SPIELBERG AARON C C N Y Conrrzentzour and Jznc we Hank Soc Chess 8: Checker Aero French Clubs CCNY SPIELMAN HAROLD Youll leafn how to danee dont worry Entrance Exam Com Sect Deb Q41 Eng L1t Law 8: Deb Soc SPIRO WILLIAM Columbla Step fight up und cull me Jpeedy Recorder L1eut T D Vars Show Sales Del T D Entrance Exam Com Scrence Cur Hrst Soc STAVISKEY MORTON Columbla We glue hzfn up he taker Hygzene Jefzoutly Inf Bur Hank Scrence Aero Clubs Sect Box STERNIC MARTIN C C N Y What would the Onheftnz do wzthout you? 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I '- 1 K W P 'ff 'f,v- JI: Faculty Statistics Compzlea' 10111 the balloly cast by th Eclzlofzal B0a1cl of the Cmmofz ami Golal Most Popular ake Lanclmaa Drd Most for School Gem e Falzoa D1d Most for Class Leo Can elcl ake Ffzeclman Best Athlete Dave He I Fmest Personahty oe Fzlzpalfzck Most Capable 1111 Rollymaf Most Conscrennous Tbeoplazle Dambac Most Modest Bzll Twy Most Cyn1eal Al Senfmef Most Concerted Al Senftnef Least Apprecrated Clmf Mama Wrttrest Lan y Taab Handsomest zmmy Flynn Best Dresser Ecl Maaclewlle Most Brrllrant jake Laaalman Class Pests Congfatalatzom Gentlemen 0 the Facally Favorlte Newspaper N Y Evenzng Gfaplazc Favorrte Weekly Flymw Detective Stories Favorrte Monthly Magazine Tme Romancex F avor1te Actress Nancy Ca110ll Favor1te Play Follies 0 1922 ' ...........,.................,......,....................4r....,.......................,..................., jg ' ' .................,...,4........................................ f j5 P - f V ' ' .......,...............t,.............,,..,..,.........,...s..... 1 ' -' Grind ................................................,.................................,.....................................................,. Milton Schwartz ' -..4a.......................'-..-....---.....-........ -. N- -- ....---. I , . I Q n-1......-........--...-.-.......-........--..--...-v.v..--......4....-.-.. ..-.. r F , F . . I -4. .....-...1-n--f..4 . . . ..........--.-...-......-....4. . ..rr I. ,F F .,....,...,........,......... . .c...,... . ......... ....... . . .. ff ' f H Page Thirty-amz 336115513 Gems WI .PN X ,fi fa 3 F9 M fajffsx ,Q Y Xkjx N jkzj I K Eff 2: :Ke QQ9 uuNw,QIX I .- o 0 O D G3 6 Qi CD li OQQ i: O Z -4 9 'opO 2035 '55 -B G ff 0 Qc. W D' RK Q D fdfv l G55 SYOTT-1X7 RA Hjfex 6 xt S fx ,J ,B 6 fl O " JN a - Os U 0 0 , eg J XA 'TD APN 0- an "?i'V '. T T 9 fk V o K E2 11 JM E ' I Qs H ' G ll . - . we G f , . , G, c . ' ' Qfo 0 ' 'A I 0' ,tff"'5M ' be lux . Q34 422 ' 46 fx gg' x K X 1xn5 'xol X 'TU 'ff ! Most Po Dld MO Drd M0 Fmest P Best Ath Most Ca Most Co Most M Most Co Gund st for Class ersonalrty pable nsuentlous odest Senior Statistics Conzpzletl fom the ballot! cayt by tlae Senzof Clan pular Mel Gootlnzan st for School Mel Gooaltnan Scotty McDe11nott Mel Gooalrnan Honey Blotk Vincent Montalbano lete Maway Rofenbmg Bett Rappaport Vzctof Bzkales jake Wolffon nce1ted Don Kefn Wzlly Van Roofbtoefk Max Weztzman Least Appreuated rn Hanclso Best Dr Most Br LQZICSI Class Pe F avorlte Favorrte Favorrte Favor1te F avor1te esser 1ll1ant est Atty Awzeuolnn Howze Weznbetget fake Wolfson Hal Lawn st Baft acolay Newspaper New Yo1k Tzfnef Weekly The Natzon Monthly Magazme The American Mefcaf y Actress Ratly Vallee P ay Hotel U nzvene - ---..n..,,--.------.4....v------..v.v-v-...v.-...,.f....--..-..f,..4.4.4...4....-...-.,-....-.--...-.-..-..,...--.......... I I 1 Class Wit ..,..........................,........................,......................................... Victof Bikalef - Don Kern ' ...............,............................................,.,...........................................,...............,.................,.,.l..... ' e ' ff , ' ,I ' ff ' if . . ,, . y A ,, ' 1 er - , H Page Forty-o T was only upon the contrnued exhortatrons of both parents and physrcran that we decrded to attend, as our first recreatron rn three years, a performance by Sheepshead mas ter prestrdrgrtator and medrum At the theater we were enjoyrng the spectacle when the trme arrrved for the trrck of the evenrng Lrke all good members of hrs professron, Sheepshead rmmedrately called for the cooperatron of hrs audrence, ask mg rf anyone would allow hrmself to be put rnto a trance urte accus tomed to such a practrse after seven terms at Townsend Harrrs Hall we volunteered although only after he had promrsed to brrng us back to our old state whrch, as we have sard was not much of an rmprovement The agreement berng made we rmmedrately got down to busrness One tall fellow rn balloon pants grabbed us by the neck whrle another Hrndu, wrapped rn a patch work qurlt, manhandled us as rf we were a package marked Fragrle I fact, the entrre process resembled a physrcal exam at school, only one drdnt have to answer any stuprd questrons After they had us straght Jacketed Sheepshead began to mut ter somethrng whrch sounded almost as bad as a first term German student, when We were roamrng the streets of New York, pockets bulgrng wrth money, but at the same trme, frrend less, forsaken, and wrth a heart sad rn rts yearnrng for the frrends we The Semor knew at TH H Frnally we bought a second hand copy of the Frehert, when, much to our drsgust, our eyes met an eleven column artrcle wrrtten by Henry Block, and rllustrated by Dunbar Roman, on the rns and out of the Peruvran sewer system Unconscrously we opened to the feature sectron but, too lazy to rarse our half closed eyes to the top of the page we began to read And although many Representatrves do not realrze the true relatron of Whats thrs we asked ourselves Ha' As we thought Melvrn Good man rs wrrtrng another drssertatron Cl'1Cy Desrrrng somethrng of a lrghter vern we decrded to see a musrcal ex travaganza We opened to the theater page and there rn bold type was a dramatrc crrtrcrsm of Brkales new presentatron Horrrfyrng the Amerrcan Grrl, wrth Scotty McDer mort Ah here rs the thrng sard we breakrng rnto a run But whats thrs? Well well so thrs rs the Wrllv Van Rosebroeck Funeral Chapel? And Vmcent Montalbano rs Socral 3 - 0 7 7 a I l 9 ' ' 7 7 . u , ' . . ' on the 'The Man and His Constitu- Q! ' .lf I-1 ' - ' Q f if , - - rn - .L . ,- a ' ' 9 a . U g 1 Page Forty-two Prophesy Director? We always knew those boys would carry out whatever un dertakrng came therr way At last after escapmg two trucks and a sedan we reached the subway station and recervrng the wrong change we looked up to drscover the agent was none other than Bert Rap paport up to h1s old tricks We began to walk lersurely to wards the wartrng tra1n when ZOW1Cl pack us 1n the car Glancmg over our shoulder we not1ced Charley Ordman glrmmermg from beh1nd a subway guards badge No sooner had the tram begun when we heard a crash felt a wrndow pane on our head and smelled a tenfic odor But as we had expected rt was none other than the playful and rndustrr ous Maxwell Wertzman revolver 1n one hand and a mrxture of sulphur and z1nc rn the other tryrng to de termrne the respectrve strengths of each In a short trme the tram arrrved at Trmes Square and alrghtrng we proceeded to the street There on the corner was a large crowd 1n the center of whlch stood Kurt Lehman on a da1s by Krrkman swayrng the assemblage w1th those 1mmortal words Step up folks only a drme ten cents At the theater we were greeted by the flat nasal Yeah of Edward Schlessrnger actually 1n office Even 1f lf was only a box office he had still the laugh on Danny Hrrschl and erry Buslrk who were st1ll run nrng up and down the a1sles search lrghts 1n hands In sprte of jerrys drfficulty 1n read1ng numbers and after berng ousted from f1ve drfferent places we finally seated ourselves rn the last row of the second balcony After readrng the short story rn the pro gram wrrtten 1nc1dentally by the far famed Wrlham Grbson we wart th1s9 Well we ll be darned 1f If 1sn t Edgar Kerner prernrer danseur and the Amado Canton Grrls Thus rt was that we decrded that New York was too far gone We then boarded a shrp manned by Meltzer and Lavrne of aquatxc fame We soon became desperately 111 and upon awakenrng we thought we were 1n heaven But no we were merely feast1ng our eyes on the wh1te garb and angel1c features of jack Wolfson the Sh1PS steward We finally awoke and saw a man who seemed strangely fam1l1ar Its Sheepshead' No Sheepshead rsnt Sheepshead at all It IS only Don Kern 1n drsgurse 7 7 it 7 . 7 7 li 77 , . - J 2 ' . . , - , . A , . . , . . . . . , , , . ' 1 , . , . . . , v , . , . . , , . - 1 a , - Someone from the rear began to ed for the curtarn to r1se. Whats . Q . O , 7 7 7 , . a i ' - 3 , , . . u , 7 7 ' 7 7 7 ' 7 7 , - . , . . . , j 7 7 ' ' 7 ' 7 , . , . Pg F ty-th A LETTER FROM THE DIRECTOR April 17th 1930 Gentlemen of the Class of June 1930 The year book of june 1930 will ever hold a unique position in the annals of Townsend Harris Hall for it will serse to epitomize the activity of our school during the period of its existence that began with the location of the old Free Academy on the present site in 1907 At this time following the suggestion Dr John H Finley then president of the College the building occupied by the Sub Freshmen was called Townsend Harris Hall And now with the impending remox al to 23rd Street our school is about to turn the page of another chapter in its history To many alumni of the College of the City of New York the return to the downtown site of the preparatory school will for sentimental considerations appear a most happy move t Harrisites separation from the uptown campus cannot fail to brmg regrets But even these regrets should be considerably lessened by the prospects of the IH For your Director too this issue of Crimson and Gold will always have an unusual significance and will be pleasingly reminiscent of a very happy year of work at Harris Staff and students have been exceedingly gracious and considerate of the stranger that came among them at the opening of the Fall semester The honor of be1ng deemed worthy of a dedicatory mes sa e is a high one and greatly appreciated I only trust that I may continuc to deserve your good will and respect And now to the members of the Class of june 1930 under whose im mediate direction is being published this edition of Crimson and Gold may I extend my heartiest good wishes for success in the continuance of your studies In building the superstructure of your education we instructors earnestly hope you will find that the foundation stones have been well laid and as you go forth from these halls that with the poet you can say Somelzme p61Z7LZPf zt wzll be nz pleasure Z0 767729772587 these tbzngr Cordially yours GEORGE M FALION Dzretfof 7 7 . . U . . 7 . . . , , , . . . I 7 . 0 . . . U . . . . . 5 O C , 0 very material gains that will be ours in a well-equipped modern school build- 8- I . , 3 . . . . C U . . . , A O ' ' , - ' 7 7 . ff ' . .' ' . . . ' H 7 ' 1 P ge Forty-four K AY e FEgqfA,,,fWCZ2i2gEgjl Lmterranmture QSQQWQQQQQQWQQQQ V7??f'ffy7dXJ V ' I Q Q , Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q QQ: igTHE GAME!! QQQQ,Q L , QQQQ QQ,,,...QQQ, QQQQQ.,,,,Q,,,Q ,,,, QQQQQ.,,.Q WM Q Q KITHE ELEPH ANT ..,,..Q....,Q..QQ.,.,,,,QQQ,QQ...,,,..,,.Q...Q.. page 51 N N QQ Q OMF OGGY my Q P w , Q Q QSXSQ Q ZZZ Q Q Q Q HON QQ Q QQ,QQQQQQQQQQQ QQ ,QQ , QQ Q Q Q QQ Page 64 Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q ST QQ , Q Q Q , , Q Q Q Q ,QQQQQQ QQQ Q Q Page 65 QQ Q Q Q iii? g QiZ Q Q QQ QQQ g N 'QQ QQ Q Q Q QQ Q QiiQ , , Q? The Game SHORT STORY CONTEST FIRST PRIZE By WILLIAM GIBSON E WAS nervous for the frrst trme rn hrs career He trrpped on the ropes as he stepped rnto the rrng and came near fallrng Mechan rcally he caught at the fibres wrth hrs rrght hand and as rt was clench ed there he looked at rt That hand had battered down hrs opponents won the champronshrp earned for hrm the sobrrquet of Thunderbolt And now rt was tremblrng vrolently He had felt shaky all evenrng The palms of hrs hands were wet wrth persprratron and hrs lrps were very dry Occasronally he found hrmself lrckrng them wrth hrs tongue Ten mrnutes before he had sard to hrs brother Im qurttrng the Can you? sard rmmy Could he? Thorne asked hrmself Could he break away from the game that had been hrs lrvelrhood for years break away wrth a gesture lrke that? Of course I can' he had sard confidently And he realrzed that vxhen he qurt rt would be wrthout the trtle He knew that he would lose to nrghts fight A month ago hrs brother had stated that rn three words They all go he had sard speakrng of champrons And Thorne told hrm that he was crazy that he Thorne was the exceptron to the rule But as he clasped hrs hands together and rarsed them above hrs head and acknowledged the crowd s roar of greetrng he knew jrmmy was rrght He was not the exceptron He would lose to Young Edwards rn the comrng fight exactly as jrmmy had predrcted He was too old Too old too old at thrrty four What a laugh' Well he was too old for the rrng Hrs wrnd was no good any longer Hrs legs got trred after the fourth round Hrs rrght drdnt have the steam behrnd rt that rt had when hed beaten Morton for the champronshrp erght years ago Erght years was a long trme to keep the heavywerght crown In erght years he had become an old man Old at brtterly The referee called hrm and he went to the center of the rrng and recerved the frnal rnstructrons N hrttrng on the break Old stuff He had hrst heard of rt years ago years ago He was old and just begrnnrng to realrze rt Hrs entrre body and soul were clamorrng for youth a youth he had lost ages back He had hardly reached hrs prrme and they were callrng hrm washed up-and rrght at that Morton must have felt lrke thrs the nrght he fought Thorne jrmmy had been speakrng about hrm only the other day What was rt he had sardg Suddenly Thorne remembered Mor H f . , . 7 , 0 - I . , . S ' a , . . . , . 7 7 9 7 ' . . Iqghfiflg game wflighf, Jimmy." thirty-four! And he laughed again, . . , . . . . . . ' ,, O W- 7 1 I .,, o tt .u ' . , ' 7 ' I 4 p . . 7 . , - a ' 7 7 . 7 y . . , . . Page Furty-.six ton was bumming around the city and but a few days ago had been arrested for vagrancy You d never know hrm 1mmy had declared He looks lrke he got the T B Pale and thrn and srckly And then Well they all go If they dont get out they vnnd up l1ke Morton Or else they go bugs Its a lousy game thrs frghtrng racket When a man lrkes If IES hard for hrm to urt Hard to qurt? Well Thorne vtouldnt call rt that In a way he prned Morton Not many of the old trmers left now he reflected Well He shrugged He too was get trng old Morton hadn t had brarns enou h to get out when he should have Strll he mrght have stuck because he lrked the game Thorne lrked rt rn the same way rn sprte of all rts drrtrness he lrked If He lrked lf for the clean that was rn If for the fickle crowd that was always for when hrs blows thudded agarnst the sweaty body of hrs opponent H lrked If It was a good game But rt was a game for young men and Thorne was no longer young He was old too old for the rrng Prtrfully old Soon he would get out rf he could He drdnt know 1mmy had sard he couldnt and 1mmy was rlght on a lot of thrngs Dont make me laugh 1mmy had sard You qurt? You can t Youll never get out I tell you rt holds a man who lrkes rt and makes rt damned hard for hrm to qurt You lrke If too much for your own good And you re too old for rt You thrnk you re as fast now as you were a year ago? Or a year before that? Or another year back? You re used up and you don t know If The Thun derbolt' scornfully Your thun der You won t beat Young Edwards wrth rt And Thorne had sa1d Young Edwards ' contemptuously and laughed But now he knew 1mmy was rrght he wouldn t beat Young Edwards He could see how the fight would go Errst he would force lf chasrng Edwards around the rrng shoonng h1s bolt early And he would lose Soon he would t1re and be at Edwards mercy and that would be the end They all go 1mmy had sald He was one of them f if. V 5 galley jo! A Thorne fell forward mto a chnch Ten years frve years from now youll be hang1ng around drrtv gyms 1mmy had asserted sparrrng partner a prelrm man that s all you ll be And people w1ll pornt you out and say See that? Thats Thunderbolt Thorne heavywerght champ of the world Sunk krnda low hasn t he? 7 9 , . Qt , a , D! l U fl ' , ' 7 . t v , J , . . , ., I D . ,, . , q I . . , I n , 0 ' n l 7 - 7 ' ' 7 . . . i , , , . . , O' D . I ' . , ,mb . Aff' , . . . . i . V .uf .,,,, ,nu,,,.v Y h 9 .... . 5 I - , .... . the wrnner, for the thr1ll that he got ..,,,, c K ..,,. , - . ' , C ......... ' , .vziflg ......-.. . . , IV S' ' , W . ,.r, V ff' YA l 'M . '57 AJ l , I W A ' xg ' ' J 3 Yf .7 I , ,YY J' . ' 4 . . U. , 1 , "A . . ' , . 7 l , 1 , , , . , 1 . a . y 7 ex- , . , , Page Forty-sow That was why Thorne wanted to qurt the game rmmy was rrght about what would happen to hrm rf he drdnt get out It had happened to Morton Possrbly he at the last moment had realrzed he would be beaten by Thorne just as Thorne knew now Edwards would wrn And possrbly he too had been troubled and nervous and haunted by thoughts of qurttrng the rrng But he had been greedy He had lost the trtle to Thorne and he would not leave wrthout rt Thorne remembered the attempted come back very well 'Vlorton had farled rn rt and had been pushed further and further down rn Lrfe untrl he reached the bottom and rernarned there Sudden ly Thorne saw hrmself rn Morton s place hesrtant undecrded srnkrng lower and lower He closed hrs eyes If he should travel that road It was rnevrtable Were he to strck he would go that way Well jrmmy had guessed rrght on a lot of thrngs but not thrs one Thorne was gettrng out tonrght Wrn or lose he would get out And just as he had made hrs decrsron the bell for the openrng round rang He was floored for the first trme rn the fifth As he came to hrs feet he was aware that he was through It was the begrnnrng of the end H went down once more before the bell rang and he walked unsteadrly to hrs corner at the close of the round hrs head throbbrng Balls of sweat were rollrng down hrs face and chest and he welcomed the cool water wrth whrch hrs seconds drenched hrm He stretched out hrs trred legs rested hrs achrng arms on the ropes besrde hrm drank rn arr wrth great gulps Hrs Cl'1CSK WHS l1C2lV11'1g He WHS VCIY I1I'CCl He had won the first three rounds because he was the aggressor Ed wards had fought cautrously feelrng Thorne out trrrng hrm The fourth had been a draw It was then that Thorne had first begun to feel the swrft sure Wearrness that ever as sarled hrm when he went more than three rounds He had gambled on wrnnrng rn the early moments of the fight and had lost rt He was worn out when he got up from hrs stool for the srvth Everythrng he possessed he had put rnto hrs punches rn the frrst three rounds Hrs mrghtly rr ht arm had avarled hrm nothrng He was trred and becomrng more so wrth each passrng second He had not fought so hercely for five years and hrs age was tellrng on hrm He could scarcely lrft hrs hands For the first trme rn hrs lrfe he was tastrng defeat Never had he battled so hopelessly knowrng rt was hopeless and strll ploddrng on wrth a dull spark of hope rn hrs breast The srxth round was torture He went down thrrce and was actually out the thrrd trme but the bell saved hrm One of Edwards vrcrous left hooks opened an old cut over h s eye and the blood trrckled down and stung hrm Edwards hrt hrm squarely on the jaw and knocked hrm down for the thrrd trme He attempted to pull hrmself up by the ropes but he was exhausted and fell back He could vaguely hear the referee count rn Erve x Tvxo seconds later when the bell rang he was uncounscrous How he managed to get to hrs feet -J ' v 4 - ' 7 , 7 .. . . , , 7 7 . , ' 7 7 7 ' ' 7 . 7 , 7 . 1 . 1 7 . . .U ' an 7 ' ' . ., - - 7 . . 7 7 7 . L , 7 ' Q . . , , . . . . . , , , . . , . 7 . ' 7 - 7 . , .. . , ' 1 . . , , . . a . . . 7 . . , - 7 ' 'tl' ' !! , , , g. , f . .. . , , - 7 . 7 P g Forty-eight at the openrng of the erghth he drd not know Although hrs seconds had wrped the blood out of hrs eye the cut was strll bleedrng and rt blrnded hrm Even now he was clrngrng to hrs futrle desperate hope of wrnnrng Edwards led wrth hrs left and shot over hrs rr ht throwrng Thorne back wards He stumbled was spun around by a savage left and sud denly was flounderrng around the X. JP X X cr c Thornes hands are hangrng down X at hrs srdes rrng wrth Edwards on top of hrm The crowd was wrld The radro announcer shouted rnto hrs mrcro phone Edwards rs hrttrng the champ wrth everythrng he has Thornes hands are hangrng down at hrs srdes and he rs berng knocked all over the rrng It s a wonder that hrs legs keep hrm up There' He s down' One two three Thorne rolled over and shook hrs head to clear rt He swayed on hrs knees and crawled to hrs feet at seven and was hurled back by a strarght from the shoulder rrght Ed wards followed hrm up swrftly snap prng rnnumerable rrghts and lefts to hrs head poundrng at hrm fiercely Thorne fell forward rnto a clrnch but Edwards got one hand free and rncessantly hammered at hrm He trrpped and went to the canvas agarn Somehow he got to hrs feet stag gered from a rrght cross He was thrown back agarnst the ropes re bounded off them and fell rnto Edwards left hook He felt the canvas under hrs hands and pushed hrmself up tears rn hrs eyes Edwards met hrm wrth a low jab forced hrm back wrth a vrolent on slaught of lefts downed hrm wrth a furrous uppercut The crowd howled On the floor Thorne was nearly sob brng The referee s vorce reached hrs ears Srx seven He opened hrs eyes and found hrmself starrng rnto the dazzlrng brrllrancy of the lrght above the rrng He staggered to hrs feet He could see nothrng From somewhere a glove shot out and caught hrm rn the mouth and he went reelrng away from rt Wrtlu hrs left glove he prred open the lrd of one eye Before hrm he could drmly see hrs opponent and wrth a choked cry he stumbled wrldly for ward Edwards brought up hrs rrght and flung hrm down agarn hrs face rn the resrn At the count of nrne he was up He lunged at a blurred figure before hrm and was stung wrth a rrght that rocked hrm back on hrs heels Edwards caught hrm flat footed and drove hrm back agarnst the ropes A verrtable avalanche of punches were crashrng down on hrm A terrrfic left was the blow that ended rt all He strffened becomrng very erect and the tendons rn hrs neck stood out And then he slump . . , . . - 7 , - . . . .. .7 . , . . . I D 7 3 Q ' ' . .OI K . - I 7 ' an f ' ' 7 I , . - 9 , - . ' u 2 I . . . , 'Q li! .Wk ' ' ' - g 'MFE . , . . X if ' . . xi -I I fp . . .' 'S . IEf . . . . 5' ,pun v.... .--.... . ' fail" f r a , ., . . . ll.. l1. 4 - v 7 1 7 . 7 .1 1 . ,j . : il ' ' ' ' ' . KY ' ,lf 7 - . 77 ' ' 7 if ,YY I , ' ' Page Forty-urn ed He slrd slowly down the ropes and felt them burnrng h1s back as he drd so and at last he fell forward and sprawled out at Edwards feet 0.CanT rt He Slld down slowly down the ropes The great roar of the crowd shoutlng fllled h1s ears and made hrm thrnk of what a cruel game lf was Thank God he was gettrng out tonrghtl Everythrnv went black rn front of 1m Frnrs When Jrmmy entered h1s dressrng room Thorne was srttmg wrth h1s head rn h1s hands He looked up and smrled mrrthlessly he sard rn a weary vorce Im too old for thrs game Im an old man And so I don t know I can fight a b1t yet Maybe I could make a come back You were rrght jrmmy I thrnk Ill get out tr Lrke Morton SP sald rmmy smrlrng farntly deep breath and looked at hrs rrght hand After all Morton was Morton and Thorne was Thorne And so I can qurt thrs game any trme I want he sald confidently decervrng hrmself to the end You were wrong there jrmmy But I dont want to now Im not too old for the fight mg game I can come back I will come back The game 7 3 . I 7 J -- ' ' . . . S '11, ' Like Morton's? Thorne drew a ' 7 7 6 - v n u .... 7U . 7 I , . . 4 7 ' 7 . v ' l ,, . O ' h . . . . . . Dag: Fzfty The Elephant By HAROLD PRINCE And the blrnd men placed therr hands upon the elephant and each descr1bed the ammal accordlng to h1s own lmpressrons An old story NCE upon a trme 1n the State of Berng there lrved a young Poet and a sturdy Peasant They were fr1ends and nerghbors Therr humble huts bordered upon the Rrver of Lrfe whrch ran through the country and ended somewhere-one knew not exactly rn a dark and thrckly wooded forest At the trme our story commences Wrnter was fast retreatrng before the steady advance of Sprrng Along the face of the earth green shoots of grass rntruded themselves above the ground Feathered creatures wrng mg therr way back from the south land began to appear upon the branches of the awakenrng trees twrtterrng songs of gladness Even approprrately enough domrnance to the note of joy And above all earthly thrngs a br1ll1ant sun shed 1ts rays of warmth It was durrng thrs season that the Poet awoke one mornrng to wrtness the glorrous spectacle of the r1s1ng sun as lf topped the purple mountarn a drstance from hrs hut Ah he recrted even as he was lyrng 1n bed Sprrng the sweet Sprrng IS the year s pleasant krng Then blooms each thrng then rnards dance rn a rmg Cold doth not strng the pretty brrds do srng Cuckee jug Jug pu we to wrtte wee The Peasant chanced to pass by the hut just then and knowrng the Poet for a man of foolrsh actrons he thought that the poor Poet had at last taken leave of h1s senses Open 1n0 the door cautrously for he feared violence the Peasant saw h1s nergh bor srttrng naked on the bed gazrng rapturously out of the wrndow Why man he crred you can t do that People pass by here B srdes youll get pneumonra These words of wrsdom had no effect upon the Poet s behavror Now be sensrble pleaded the Peasant drsturbed by hrs nerghbor s srlence You really mutt put some The Poet slowly turned h1s head toward the Peasant Are you the harbrnger of Sprrng brrngrng wrth you the sweet song of brrds and the pleasant scent of flowers? he asked 1n a low pleasant vorce The devrl Im not the Peasant exclarmed vrolently Now lrsten here Lollrng 1n bed t1ll mrd day and srngmg srlly songs about flowers arent gorng to mend the holes 1n your trousers I hke songs myself at trmes but you Evrdently he was drsgusted Look at your house he contrn ued Its filthy Try cleanmg rt 7 tl l . 7 I 7 I 7 7 ' ' 7 7 7 QT sb , u u , - . 7 , . u ,U ' 7 tt 1 . . e- ' - 1 - ar , . f , I - QQ 0 73 1 7 . , . . , , 9 the frogs, discordant symphony gave, thing OH-H 7 . , . , U - - 7 , . , 7 Q1 ' 7 777 ll 7, ' . q n . 1 1 7 7 . ' , . . . 7 7 . , , l .,-u..-n-4ava ' ll I, ' 1 a ' 1 o ll 7 ' ' ., I , Page Fifty-one sometimes, It might do you some good." The Poet, bewildered, struggled with his trousers while the other angrily marched off For the ICSI of the morning neither the Poet nor the Peasant sought to engage each other in conversation The Peasant silently busied himself chopping wood milking his cows and watering his plants All the while the Poet sat moodily watchin his neighbor at work wishing for an opportunity to resume their friend ship but unwilling to make the first advance And so he remained seated on his own doorstep silent medita tive and almost tearful Suddenly the Poet leaped up his arms outstretched The Peasant was approaching Now said the Peasant w know each other too well to squabble over these matters Of course the Poet assented eagerly Well the Peasant continued Im ready to take my annual pil grimage and for the six hundred and sixty fifth time Do you want to go? Oh exclaimed the other I I really couldn t do that All right replied the Peasant Then to the air as he walked away It is so foolish Why he might be as well off as any of us Walking and meditating so on his friends folly he arrived at length at a large hut where meeting a party of friends he set off on his Journey to consult the Oracle of Results an act strongly followed by the true be lievers The Poet however was one of the very few who refused to make the traditional pilgrimage He was a scoffer, a heretic-a harmless one, to be sure, but, nevertheless, a heretic. The orthodox were however tol erant not at all given to needless persecution So while the others trooped to the Holy City the Poet was left at home unmolested and free to do what he chose Why rbozzlal the orthodox care? Were not their larders filled with the bounty of Results while those of the Poet were empty? Let him eat the food of his folly' When the good citizens mentally compared their own tables groaning with fruit and fowl to the poor and barren tables of the Poet they inwardly praised the fate that had made them sane and prosperous The Holy City loomed high above the surrounding towns and villages No pilgrim however insensible to the appeal of art could help being impressed by the power and beauty of its structures The city indeed represented the perfected product of all that had been contributed by art and science a product which in short represented the harmonious 9 9 a ' ' 7 ' 7 7 ' 7 . 7 7 f ' ' tr 1 0 Q , . 7 a a ' , . 7 Cl 7? ' il 7 7 e Y? 7 7 7 7 7 ' . . ....the poet sat moodily .... Y! QR 73 ' I! I , . - 3 YP , 7 K! ' 7! ' 7 ' , 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 ' 7 7 ' 7 7 7 7 ' 7 Page Fzfzy-two fusron of the technrcal and artrstrc Entermv the mam thoroughfare the prlgrtm came to a long road flanked on etther srde by tall slend er steel structures whose pomted peaks seemed to prerce the very clouds themselves In sharp contrast to therr taller brothers low squat wwf '10 W W WWWWQA WWMII1 Uwlqa Z W2 42 ? f llllllllllllll The Holy Clty loomed high above the surroundmg towns and vrllages burldmgs occupred the lesser thoroughfares Everywhere fantast1c lrghts lent therr effect to the strange appearance of the crty and almost always one could hear above the clamor of the crowd the steady per srstent and rythmrcal murmur of machmery Srtuated rn the center of the ctty was a tall broad burldmg that ar rested the attentron of all Well mrght rt for rn th1s crty of wonders thrs was the greatest of all Flymg buttresses rounded domes Dorrc columns Greek Gothrc and Ara besque archrtectures all harmonr ously synthesrzed mto a most pleas mg and practrcal structure the second feature of which was most carefully pomted out rn all of the gurde books Thrs was the Temple of the Oracle It was here that the Peasant and h1s frrends came The Attendant of the Order of Stocks and Bonds greeted them ceremonrously and then ushered them mto a hrgh roofed room pleasmgly decorated w1th red damask curtams that served to ex clude even the least ray of sunlrght The Hrgh Oracle was not v1s1ble rn the deep gloom of the room but h1s vorce could be heard boommg Indrcatrons are that Water Steel wrll reach a new level corn appears steady potatoes up one gulden wheat declmmg The devrll exclalmed one Ill be turned Merely a temporary depresston whrspered the Attendant Condt stable 6 A C S 31A U P O The VOICC soon dred away The prlgrrms closed therr notebooks mut tered a few tradrtronal sentences placed a few guldens m the proper receptacles and then left the room Above the street strmgs of eatmg places recerved darly the prlgrrms from the outlymg drstrrcts The Peasant and hrs frrends entered one of these ordered a substantral meal and drverted themselves for a whrle watchmg the dancrng grrls Therr conversatron however soon shtfted to toprcs of mutual mterest Last year mumbled one as he extracted the meat from a chrcken bone three of my chrckens won first prrze Thats the kmda meat I l1ke to eat not thrs stuff Tbfeef exclarmed another d1s an f ' 7 . 7 1 V 1 7 7 . 7 7 7 ' 7? I . A 1 E . 4 1 Q 7 9 f 3 in 7 9 5 4l f - . ,, V 2 .......,. . an Z V Q. . , ., , A f . ,, faag Q. 7 A ' 7 'I HH IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII' H ' H 7 tions everywhere are firm and ' ' . U ......... 2. ......... . . . f ......... . . . 18 ......... . ' 7 ' . . , . 7 7 7 7 l 7 ' 9 7 , ' I - . , a : . ., . . , ' b ' . v . , y 7 7 I 0 Q a a ' 1 1 ' 7 , . , . ' ' ff . H , ' , ' , Page Fifty-three darnfully I rarsed a whole field of blue rrbbon tomatoes A murmur of admrratron ran around the table Say sard one thrs early Sprrng rs certarnly gorng to be hard on flannel prrces You sard rt answered strll another prlgrrm ust watch Unr versal Fleece Underwear take a nrce oss That s what I say And so through the nrght Meanwhrle the Poet was turnrng the words of the Peasant over rn hrs mrnd Could rt be that he was merely a hopeless eccentric? Could hrs belrefs be no more than rllusrons? That could not be' And yet rn the cramped crtres and wrde plarns the followers of Results a mrllron of one to one of hrs Perhaps they were blrnd to real values Lrttle could be sard rn such a case But perhaps rt was not blrnd ness but a film of famrlrarrty that closed mens eyes to the beauty of nature And rf that why r rt were only a film perhaps Good Heavens' perhaps he could lrft And so as the flrckerrng lrght of the dyrng sun colored the leaves of the overhangrng trees the resolution to lrft the verl hardened rnto a burning desrre to go on a mrssron Down the sandy path bordered by green grass he walked raprdly seekrng hrs first convert It was not untrl the enthusr astrc Poet reached the srgn of the Blue Dynamo that he saw hrs first prospect an old man 1 Good evenrng began the Poet Top o the mornm replred the Old Man a twrnkle rn hrs eye The Poet unaccustomed to such shrfts rn conversatron stumbled on Does thrs weather H11 you wrth a gladdenrng warmth? When Sprrng approaches do you ever feel the urge to lre beneath the boughs of a green tree? Oh sure the Old Man answered shrftrng hrs prpe from one srde of hrs mouth to the other I lrke to lre under a green tree all rrght but the mosqurtos whoo the mos qurtoes' Yes a green tree rs a nrce rhrng but there are the ants and the fleas and the worms and those thrngs wrth speckled bodres and Well the Poet broke rn the marn object rn lrfe rs rt not rs to apprecrate and understand rts beau The Old Man nodded hrs head Thats just what I was sayrng to the Old Woman thrs mornrng I sard to her Now dear sard I rf you dont thrnk that the vermrllron on the Butchers fence rs pretty you re wrong It rs funny how some people can t apprecrate beauty The Poet brt hrs lrp but contrnued hrs argument There seems to be a krnshrp between the world of rnert matter and the realm of warm lrfe Perhaps matter rs sprrrt rn rts grosser aspect No matter smrled the Old Man Hrs face however suddenly became serrous as he notrced the Poet turn rn drsgust and walk away Hey lad he called Come ack The Poet seemrngly pard no atten tron to the call for he walked slowly back through the overhanging trees - A rx er ' 1 - , ,, . I . 1 , , . , h 7 7 7 7 ' . a H . i K! ' ' Y! ' 1 7 7 D ' 77 I U rf ry I . , , ' - u ' :re wr: :re , ' . . u j 7 7 ' 7 7 , , ....... 1 . 1 1 ll YY ' 77 ' 7 7 ' 7 7 world over there were tributes to and ty." , 7 n I l . . , , . ' ,. , 9 9 7 I 1 1 1 ' 7 ' 7 , 7 Y ' . If . n ' - an 7 W 7 I ' K! it. , . . . . . . 7 - 1 ' l l . 7 7 l 1 7 7 . . , . 1 - , 7 1 i I 9 ' 7 l . Al - D , . I V Fifty-four A burning sense of failure gnawed him from within. Vague but pointed memories of the countless jibes and the contemptuous snickerings at him and his ideas welled to the surface of his consciousness He reached the river He stopped and his mind began to play with the fancy that the key to existence might be found at the end of the River of Life And so dressed in light summer clothing he stepped into icy water wading at first and then Going deeper Time passed The Peasant his body swinging in rhythm to a gav tune he had learned in the city trod the same path that a few nights be fore had witnessed the brief crusade of the Poet Reaching his own hut, he was not a little surprised to see the Old Man hanging some of the Poets clothes on a string outside of the latters house He was no less surprised to see the Old Man turn and enter the Poet s hut Now what can he be around for? He walked to his neighbor s door and with one husky push sent its crazy hinges creaking and crying in up roarious dissent to such harsh treat ment He stepped into the familiar room and saw, much to his amaze ment, the Poet, lean and deathly pale, lying in bed The Old Man rose to meet him He proferred his hand to the Peasant and, upon its being accepted, intro duced himself The ceremony being completed, they both advanced to the bed and stared at the Poet The Poet stirred uneasily The Old Man lifted a brimming bowl of oatmeal from a low chair near the bed. He stirred it carefully, and then slowly, as a mother would feed her child, he lifted a spoonful of food to his patients mouth, urging him to eat So sweet murmured the Poet almost inaudibly, as he tasted the Suddenly the moon crept from out the shadow of a cloud nrst spoonful So sweet for a mere stranger to help another in distress Did I put too much sugar in it? asked the Old Man Sugar s dear this year, inter posed the Peasant Then seeing that the Poet had fallen asleep ust what s the matter with him? Pneumonia Did you get a doctor? Not at first He wanted to go back to nature He did He got some herbs mashed them, and swal lowed the mess That made him sicker How did you enter into this affair? . I , . . . O A I ' ,. ,H 3 . . . 7 7 g . a: af wk ' 1 7 , f U exclaimed the astonished Peasant. SO Sweet "-"-"" . , J - 7 - Page Fifty :iw The Old Man told hrm of hrs part rn the hrstory of the Poets brref crusade He looked krnd of upset the Old Man contrnued when he left me I rather lrke the Poet and so I thought I had better keep my eye on hrm He walked down the bank here qurte a way and I lost srght of hrm When I caught up wrth hrm agarn he was bobbrng around rn the rrver out there He looked lrke he couldn t swrm so I got a pole and lished hrm out He was a sorry mess drrpprng all over and sneezrng r e The poor fellow broke rn the Peasant He has made a pretty mess of thrngs He could have made out well too rn the advertrsrng game People draw down good sal atres there Sure assented the Old Man You know Glrbber dont you? Well he draws 700 guldens a week wrrtrng for the hydrant people No use talkrng commented the other He can t do a man s job He rs just lrke a chrld that just won t grow up Many trmes Ive seen chrl dren playrng wrth mud prles For the chrld that drrty chunk of mud be comes now a dragon now a horse now a beautrful mansron That s cute rn chrldren but for a grown man Well remarked the Gld Man I suppose there rs somethrng rn t at If you need me call me sard the other Sayrng that he marched off The Old Man watched the Peasant untrl the latter went out of srght Then he re entered the room The Poet was awake and mutterrng Whereupon the Old Man reached for the medrcrne bottle and the brtter greenrsh lrqurd stopped for a trme the ramblrngs of the Poet Suddenly the Poet sat uprrght rn e Hes blrndl he crred Who? exclarmed the startled Old Man dropprng a plate He cannot see beyond hrs nose The Peasant? Well I don t Always hrs ears are closed to the call of beauty hrs eyes blrnd to the welcome of nature Once I showed water there He saw mrnd you nothrng but water and mud Thank ful am I that I am as I am Sayrng that he fell back exhausted The Old Man felt hrs pulse cov ered hrm gently and then walked out to the doorstep The nrght had by then fallen and a deep calm had descended upon the earth The numberless stars twmkled back at the Old Man as he lrfted hrs eyes to the heavens A beautrful nrght he sard to hrmself Then seatrng hrmself on the doorstep he began to fill hrs 1 e I guess he sard slowly t at I can see what the Poet means There rs somethrng rn all thrs that creeps rn under one s skrn Well I guess he contrnued wrth ' 7 7 7 7 ' 7 7 . ' b d , . . , . . , . . 1 1 I 11 . 1, , . n it Y' ' 1 He. 11 ' I Y! 1 YI . , .......... 7 7 - n 3 . .. ,, hrm the many colored hues rn the 5 ' - rx ' ' . , , 7 ' ' 7 ry ' . . n . , . gy ' YY 9 ' - il ! Y ' 7 . . . . . , , ' 7 a 3 ' 1 1 . YY , .....,. . rr yv H ' ' " ' 7 7 7 tt f u 1 ' ' ' ' 9 rx ' h . , .. H - PP - 7 7 If Y! ' K! h' , 7 9 , . ' Y ' Y! . l Y! Y! ' ' ' 1 1 Page Fzfty-:ix a lrttle laugh Im becomrng a krnd of poet myself Yet that fellow the Peasant speaks sound common sense too Bus1ness IS not guldens only There IS a romance and a joy and a beauty rn makrng nature your slave tarns and conquerrng seas Well I don t know It 1S not easy to Judge He became pensrve Fznzr Suddenly the moon crept from out the shadow of a cloud and sent a glorrous beam down upon the shad ow of the lrttle hut The Old Man leaped to h1s feet and searched the skres Please God he sard let me be as blrnd as nerther but let me have the eyes of both ' 7 ' 9 3 I I ' 7 3 There is a thrill in leveling moun- H H , H ' ' s y 7 . , s a y . . l .,, 7 Page Fifty-:eve 'B One Foggy Knight By SEYMOUR Gkoss T was twrlrght and the enveloprng gloom combrned wrth a deep mrst that was blowmg 1n from the sea softened the usual hard outl1nes of New York s skyline mto mere shad ows and suggest1ons of huge tower mg shapes Here and there t1ny lrghts appeared and then drsappear ed makmg the whole rsland of Manhattan seem l1ke a cloudy sky whose stars were trylng to peep through the clouds The sound of many fog horns and the fresh twang of the salt a1r were wafted 1nto shore on the cool Aprrl breeze where they mmgled wrth the smell of the docks and the norses of the streets All these noises created an 1rregu lar melody but the lappmg of the waves agarnst a certa1n wharf pro vrded a bass or even tempo to accompany this melody of the rrver front An excepnonally staccato note of a nearby fog horn was accom panled by a s1m1lar movement of part of a shadow that was creeprng along the edge of the wharf When thrs prece of blackness reached the end of the shadow of a shanty rt hesrtated a second and then fitted across a patch of l1ght comrng from the watchmans lamp through the wrndow of the shanty and agaln merged into the darkness of the end of the wharf The last traces of the sun had dis appeared and all was rnky blackness Only the ted and green prlot lrghts of an exceptionally near by tug penetrated the fog and made them selves vrsrble to the dark figure huddled at the end of the wharf Soon the watchmans l1ght moved farther away and was lost rn the fog The huddled figure suddenly stood erect and peered out 11'1IO the foggy rrver It gave a l1ttle shrver and a cough was heard in a muffled fem 1n1ne vorce The owner of the vorce leaned over as rf to jump 1nto the dark lapprng river when two strong hands suddenly prnroned her from behind The grrl screamed both from frrght and anger both of wh1ch emot1ons she betrayed when she sar Let me go let me go I was Oh no you don t srster no you don t tonlght IS too cool a night for me to be fishm you out of that cold water And the girl looked up 1nto the not unhandsome or unkrndly face of a polrceman Then he drew her to a s1tt1ng pos1t1on on the edge of the wharf and took a flashllght from hrs pocket The glrl had suddenly be come subm1ss1ve and when the l1ght flashed on she was look1ng at the kn1ght of the law w1th nothrng but gratltude 1n her eyes As he awkwardly began to talk If was ev1dent that he was surprrsed at the appearance of the grrl How come he sa1d how come a grrl wrth your looks and dress wants to k1ck the bucket? Why you got evetythmg to l1ve for She lowered her eyes as she spok 0 L . . 1 - , . . , . 7 , 7 n d. u or te 1 - 7 , . . . ' x n 0 . 7 7 , . . 9 ' n , u ar ' rr ' 7 7 , - - xr .. ' P V7 Page Fifty-eight at first hardly rn a whrsper but takrng on courage as she went along My story ISU t any drfferent from the ones others must have told you and hundreds of other cops rrght here at the foot of Forty fourth Street Most of the others though drdnt tell rt rn person but rt was read I suppose rn a note whrch they must have left rrght here If you et bored stop me Im sorry you came because rt took a lot of thrnkrng to reach the decrsron and now that youve stopped me I know that I won t have the nerve to do lf agarn The knrght of the law looked at the grrl rntently Then If your story begrns rn a small town and up to yesterday you were tramprng from Zregfeld s to Shubert s and they told you that they could use a mard for a walk on but then you weren t the type Well I guess I can supply the detarls when I have more trme The grrl laughed hysterrcally Yes That s the story but rt hurts when you make If so matter of fact Ive starved rn your detarls ve wntten home of my great success They ve found out Iwe been d1s owned Im a farlure a farlure- even he turned on me but then he dred and we hadn t spoken and he dred wrthout forgrvrng or berng forgrven Oh God' why should I lrve why why 'Ihe words were rnterrupted by sobs and as she began to lose complete control of herself the knrght of the law took her by the shoulders and turned her tear starned face towards s Wart grrlre wart I got a heart dont thrnk I havent got a wrfe and two krds too and I get rotten breaks but do I go around jumprng rnto IIVCISQ I should say not' I strck on the job Even tonrght Im rn danger of losrng rt There IS a bootlegger named Gazettr who has been makrng nrghtly shrpments around here and rf he gets through agarn me and five other guys wrll be demoted The realrzanon that others had struggled seemed to cheer the grrl up for Well I guess you re rrght offxcer Ill grve lrfe another chance But rf I dont succeed thrs trme well You better get home now grrlre I can t stay here all nrght rnter rupted the offrcer G replred the grrl dont worry about me Im afrard to try If agarn I just want to stay here alone and thrnk thrngs over Well goodbye sard the knrght of the law youll feel better rn the mornrng And he arose and walked off rnto the fog The grrl sat motronless for awhrle and then suddenly leaned over the prer and sard O K Gazettr the coast rs c ear And a loaded boat slrd from under the wharf A knrght of the law happrly walked hrs beat and whrstled because the enveloprng gloom combrned w1th a deep mrst that was blowrng IH from the sea softened the usual hard hard outlrnes of New Yorks skylrne The End , .i ' 7 U . , . . , 4 . . . . . , ' 5 7 . , . . . , 7 7 . 3 ' n ' . . g - -- r 1 , u 1 - Y ' ' 13 7 7 7 - , . . . ' n ' - u - - U . . U . . 1 - u f , . 1 ' ' ' ' tt xv ' ' n 1 O, , , . 1 - me xv . . . 1 . . ,, 7 1 rr xy - ' . ,, 7 7 u 1 - 7 ' sr fe 1 - ' y - tt - an In r 1 - , , V - 'I ' ' ' ' 1 rx u 1: - x . Y . - rn , " ' . . . ' . 1 7 U . . . . P 3 , . , . P ge Fifty-nine Arn Anthology of Harms Verse and Humor The allowmg exrerpfr mm the Hom' Glam have been rhoren ar fepreren miner 0 Hdlflf Humor and Vefre and me fepmzled wztb pefmzrrzon mm the mrzozzr edzlzonr 0 the Stadium zrrzzed dllfliig the part remerler REGISTRATION DAY The day we came to register A diagonal we composed It nertled us howe er to find That history was closed Another diagonal then we wrote On Art this one reposed Until we found to our disgust Thar this same Art was closed And this time saver chose We dared not look upon the board For fear that French would close And sure enough our last resort On full list was transposed Cuz just as Pop sweeps up downstairs That section too was closed Ar eight o clock we Til early morn we For ours had been To slave from nine got back home swore the cursed fate til four ALLES WELL THAT ENDS WELL or WORKING THROUGH C C N Y Son MARTEL me Can I do it? Mother The RHODES to success are LONG You can r make it PEI Son O CONTI7 Mother The BOYD have to be strong who could do that Son How THRILLING it must be to have HEFT' Morher But it s hard on the DAMBAC Son You re a PERLMUTTER A 0 f ' , f ff ll , ', jc . ' , . . ,' i ' . ' ' I V ' ' ' f If ' fl ' ' 4 7 7 Y 7 S With rising ire we turned to Math : , . Page Sixty A SAD SOPH MEDITATES Soon will go the room spaces, For the crowded, dirty placesg For the busy, rushing parts Where the heavy traffic darts- Automobiles, wagons, carts. No athletes during lunch hour' And twould be quite drab to much our 1' ood outdoors among the mobs Midst rushed men and hasty gobs Laborers hurrying to their Jobs Handball would be out of question, In that maelstrom of congestiong How much different from our school This was built with skillful toolg Of Gothic art a gorgeous jewel. Can the founder sleep in quiet With this turmoil and this riot? With this change from good to bad? Is it just a whim or fad? Or the work of someone mad? G O DUES G O dues G O dues G O dues jumbled In the assembly By Mr Flynn mumbled The faculty sayeth Gainst this paper banded There werent two systems So tis commanded What value notes of hand? Meant but a promise bland So each one was informed And the STADIUM was slandered Theres not to make reply To answer back those on high Theirs but to sit on high So tis commanded Is it fitting or proper to leave these halls without suitable memory? Imagine departing with no final show with no souvenir of the building 7 Ay rip the moulding from her walls The cards from tattered shades For souvenirs of T H H When recollection fades Take plaster from the ceilings worn Remove a desk or chair Bring long a splinter from the bench Of Dr Senftners lair These floors once filled with tales of woe Will soon be of the past So take along a plank or two To make the memory last A nib from Fitzs fountain pen A hair from Fendys beard Remembrances of our dear school Will always be revered A pane of glass with all its dirt A blackboard from the wall Will ever be a memory Of Townsend Harris Hall So dont forget to take along Regardless of its size A souvenir of T H H A thing you re sure to prize 7 , . . . . . . 4 . . , . . . . . , . . , . . , C' ' ' D 1 s 7 , . 7 1 5 , . ,, . . . . . Y . . . . . . ,, , . . . . . , . 9 7 7 - 1 , i 7 . 7 5 7 . , . , , . . . ' v 7 ' . . ., - y . Page Sixty-one Babyloman Capttvn 'y I saw the tow r of Harrrs As I was passrng by The gray tow r of Harrrs Agalnst the pearl gray sky My heart was wrth the Harrrs boys Who leave wrthout a srgh The years Oo fast rn Harrrs The golden years and gay The hoary gothrc tow rs look down On careless boys at play But now the pow rs above decree They leave the green banked Rrver The Oval and the Drrve The Campus and the Terra e To seek out busrness hrve They g1ve therr merry youth away That College growth may thrrve Atop a prle of steel and brrck They ll take up therr abode And rn envrronment mature Thelr youth w1ll find a good The Founder now must srgh to see Them stunt the seed he sowed 99 66 O 0 Ot 7 D . 3 9 S 7 , 7 They put their games away. 7 . 7 7 C 9 S I I ' g S4 rytw Oh pray that down at Commerce They ll keep therr sprrrt lrve That Harrrs personahty Its glow to keep they ll strrve Therr exrle some day shall be o er And Harrrs shall revrve Then let us cer look forward And plan for future days When on the towr of Harrrs Our standard we shall rarse When Vrct ry on our cause w1ll shrne Wrth brrght resplendent rays When that day comes may we br1ng back Tradrtrons whrch have not slept Tradrtrons whrch l1ke the 1vy And may they be l1ke the 1vy Green and freshly kept I saw the tow r of Harr1s As I was pass1ng by The gray tow r of Harrrs Agarnst the pearl gray sky My heart was wrth the Harrrs boys Who leave wrthout a srgh But exrle some day shall be o er And Harrrs shall revrve And Harrrs personalrty Shall be agam ahve And Harrrsrtes shall sport agarn And youthful joys shall thrrve TRISTAN C DURWARD 7 7 7 7 . 7 . , V . . , . . . . , 7 7 About these walls have creptg 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 Page Sixty-three Om Leavnng By MURRAY KALISCHER Farewell to Townsend Harr1s that we knew To wrlderness of mason ry we go And though our ex1le unw1ll1ng IS too true Yet memorres forb1d 1ts bemg so What matter rf our future dom1c1le Has advantageous that and useful th1s Are blank stone walls fore er to fill The place of Gothic dl nrty and hl1ss9 Thlnk you the clamor of enclosed court From fertlle mem ry w1ll erase The roammg carefree hours of a sort That never knew the check of bounded space? Is Harr1s s sole pnde thus to he shattered Its own secluded grandeur to he shorn Submerged as though If never matte1ed Beneath the blare of trafnc s honkrng horn? The Harr1s that IS present rs soon past The older order yreldeth to the new And leaveth us but mem nes at the last As all that doth begm and end must do O 1 ' 7 1 1 1 7 1 O . D 1 . , . 1 1 1 ., . 1 - 1 1 - 1 , . 1 1 ,. Page Sixty-four La Fantome tu Ctmetter FRENCH STORY Par PAUL RABUT A voute clu c1el eta1t sombre et la terre enveloppee d un lrnceul brumeux La lune percalt au travers des nuages grrs et b1entot elle parut en pleln Les rayons lunraues jetalent un vo1le vert pale par clessus le paysage Les tetes des plerres tumularres, les unes neuves les autres V1C1llCS, toutes cachant des secrets et des memolres, s elevarent dans lombre je remontars le sentrer qur traverse le c1met1ere et mene a leglrse Apres quelque mmutes cle marche une Orancle prerre penchee et no1rc1e par les rntem perres, me fa1sa1t obstacle e m HSSIS sur l herbe brrllante de gouttes de rosee et je jetals un coup d oerl sur leprtaphe Une seule chauve sourrs prenart son essor au dessus du crmetrere desole Le chant d un rossrffnol se farsart entenclre clans les bosquets qur etarent sur le versant de la montagne vorsrne Tout a coup rl s arreta Srlence La fosse etart parsemee de vrolettes et de marguerrtes qut cacharent C1 Gzl MADAME MANON ROLLAND nee Pblzpon z P4115 1754 1793 Un rayon lunarre eclarra la face de la p1erre et cecr lu1 donna une appar ance lugubre Une brume flottart au clessus cle la plerre et brentot lenvellopa tout entrere A travers cette brume le vrsage attrayant dune femme dune quararnrarne d annees m apparut Elle tenart la tete haute et elle semblart me sourrre Ses yeux etarent cloux et elle ressemblart a une re1ne Lentement ce brouxllard s ecarta et me la1ssa vo1r la personne ent1ere, debout dans une charrette Elle etart habrllee en blanc et elle avart des chew eux norrs et lursants qui lu1 tombarent jusqua la cernture Un vrerllard Lamarche qur pleura1t avec amertune pres d elle etart son seul compagnon La charrette etart en touree cl une foule bruyante et mechante qui les huaxent sur leur passage Elle etart fiere et ne repondrat pas aux cr1s de ceux qur hurlarent A la gurllotrnef A la gurllotrne' Elle avart reussr a remonter le courage du vrerllard et a lu1 farre oublrer les affronts cle la foule Enfin la charrette arr1va sur la Place de Greve et se rangea devant l estrade, pres de laquelle eta1t clressee une statue representant La Lrberte Au moment de monter sur lechafaud elle demanda au bourreau Samson une plume et clu paprer pour ecrlre ses dernreres pensees Il lu1 defusa en rrcannant A ce A l 66 ' G 0 699 7 , D . 4 - ' J 9 7 D . . X . , A . presque entrerement la veille prerre brrsee, ou 6-talent 1nscr1ts les mots survantsz . . . . ,, . D . . , , . . 9 ' ' a ' A Page Sixly-five point les sanglots du vieillard les interrompirent. Elle fit une autre requete il Samson: Puis-je le pre-ceder pour lui monrrer comment l'on meure brave- rnent? Le bourreau ne put refuser a ce dernier desir. Elle s'avanga jusqu'au pied de la statue et s'ecria: O Liberte que de crimes on comrnet en ton nom! Deux minutes plus tard la tete de Madame Rolland tomba dans le panier . . . La vision disparut graduellement. La brume suspendue s'eleva, laissanr voir la lune. je me relevai et je me dirigeai vers la Porte du cimetiere, jeranr un dernier regard sur cette tombe. fapergus un rayon qui apres s'etre pose quel- ques insranrs sur la plaque tachee disparur en emportant mon reve. -Fin- Page Sixty-si: 31 Fundaoion e Mexico fLegenda Histoicaj SPANISH STORY por AMADO CANTON A luz argentma de Ia Iuna se refleja en las aguas verdosas de un Iago pequeno engarzado en el Centro de un valle rodeado de montanas rnajestuo sas Bajo las arcadas umbr1as de un arbol frondoso a Ia or1IIa del Iago se encuentran un joven y una doncella aztecas No turban la calma mas que el rurdo estrxdente de los grxllos y el murmullo suave de un mananual que Ilora sobre el Iago D1ce ella Estoy cansada A veces temo que nunca encontraremos Ia prometrda Isla en el Iago, sobre Ia cual debemos fundar nuestro pueblo Mujer no dudes Nuestro dlos es justo y cumpllra su promesa I ue famrhares son esas palabras de esperanza vana' Fue fatal el d1a en que abandonaron nuestros antecesores a Atzlan por una meta que no CXISIC mas que en su Cerebro alucmado y en el de los sacerdotes que curdan a HUIEZIIO pochtlr y transmrten al pueblo los mandatos drvmos Esta peregrmacron es una hrstorla de sufrnmentos, d1f1cuItades, guerras sangrrentas, carestras, omar guras y hum1IIac1or1es Nos pasamos Ia v1da en perpetua fuga, buscanado refugro en las selvas y en Ios pantanos' La Joven 1r1d1a torna el rostro sombrxo al otro lado, y Calla La Iuna avanza mdrferente hac1a el Cenrt, cuando de 1mprov1so se oye Ia Voz sepulcral del numen v tus hqos y srgue tu cammo' .AV de aquel que se oponga a mrs mandatos' Murmura el Joven Oyes9 Sr, o1go Ello srgnrfica que manana los pajaros podran mvadrr los marzales sm ser molestados, que todas las chozas estaran abandonadas La nuestra tambren A traves de montes v pueblos hostrles contmuaron los aztecas su exodo penoso Y un dra Ilegaron a orlllas de un Iago y drjeron Refug1emonos en medro en los rsolotes y entre los tules nos ocultaremos de nuestros enermgos Una tarde Xochltl, que as1 se llamaba Ia joven, penetra en los carrrzales segurda de Ixtlrzomoc su amante Inesperadamente se encuentran frente a un aguzla posada en un nopal que crece sobre una pena en el Centro de un charco de agua verde EI agulla devora ans1osa una serplente que se retuerce El Joven azteca mrra el agua y rernoja en ella los desnudos p1es De pronto, desa "No es este el Iugar que te destino, pueblo mio! Levante con tus mujeres Page S1.1'ty-seven parece y Ia joven huye gritando, presa de mortal angustia. Cae la tarde. La pobre Xochitl yace postrada de dolor en su choza. Fija los ojos en el sol, que vislumbra por la puerta, sangriento como su Corazon. De improviso un cuerpo se interpone entre el Astro Rey y sus ojos. Xochitl lanza este grito: Ixtlizomocl y se desmaya. Acude el concurso a Cerciorarse si era el en realidad e1 que considerban ya ahogado. Desde Ia Puerta cuenta que una fuerza sobrenatural Io arrastro al fondo de las aguas, donde una voz sonora y melodiosa le dijo: "Este es el lugar donde los mexicanos han de poblar y hater Ia cabeza de su senorio, y aqui veran ensalzadas sus generaeionesf' Los presentes, llenos de jubilo, celebraron el suceso, y en ese Iago que tuvieron que terraplenar, fundaron la Ciudad de Mexico. -Fin- O Page 51,rty-rzglz. Armer' Esell GERMAN STORY voN ELICK BUDOVSKY IN ESEL trug emen grossen Mann ueber den Weg von Brenburg nach Stromtz Am Wege befand srch e1n schattrger Ort In der Naehe dreses Ortes war e1n schoener Garten worm v1ele Blumen und Obstbaeume wuchsen Auch 1m Garten War eme prachtvolle uelle woraus das Wasser hoch 1n d1e Luft schoss Als s1e zu d1esem Orte kamen, warf der Mann S1Ch vom Esel, und band den Esel an ernen Baum damtt er nrcht rn den Garten gehen moechte und Schaden anrlchten Dann setze srch der grosse Mann slch unter e1nen Baum nahm sem M1ttagsessen von ernem nrcht so klemen Buendel, und ling zu essen an Fr ass Hermg, Kartoffeln I-Iasen und endhch verschredene Fruchte Gewrss wat es kem Wunder dass er nun faul und schlaefng wurde Er gaehnte, und sagte Ach bm rch schlaefng Ich werde em Schlaefchen machen well rch ketne Angst vor dem Esel haben darf Bald schnarchte er sehr laut Der Esel hoerte es und erkannte sernes Mersters Schnarchen Sogle1ch r1ss er srch m1t e1nem Eselgesehrer von semen Banden los, lref brs zur Umzaeuung des Gartens Worueber er sprang, und erschren ploetzlrch 1m Garten In dresem Garten standen vrele Obstbaeume d1e d1e schoensten Aepfel und Brrnen der Welt trugen Der Bsel hatte drese Frucht gesehen, und er wollte nur emrge der schoenen B1rnen und Aepfel fressen Dan nel 1hm e1n Gedanke ern Konnete er nrcht mrt semen hrnterfuessen an den Baum stossen und wuerde mcht etwas Frucht herunterfallen7 Er tat das woran er gedacht hatte und stress an B1rnbaeume und Aepfelbaeume Als et gut ve1le Brrnen und Aepfel gefressen hatte, wurde er sehr durst1g Er bemerkte d1e prachtvolle Quelle vvoraus das Wfasser hoch 1n d1e Luft schoss Dann grng er b1s zur uelle um e1n1ge Tropfen Wassers zu fangen Im Garten sass ern klelnes Kmd das alles was der Esel getan hatte gesehen hatte aber, da es n1e frueher ernen Esel Oesehen hatte, sah es den Esel WIC e1n Wunder an Als der Esel aber vor d1e uelle sprang lref das Klnd rns Haus und sagte semem Vater davon Dan kam der Vater mrt e1ner Buechse 1n der Hand und jagte den Esel aus dem Garten Der Esel lref sernem Merster zu, gab 1hm elnen Stoss mrt semem Fusse, und Weckte 1hn auf Der grosse Mann stand auf und Wollte den Fsel schlagen Als er aber den Vater mrt der Buechse kommen sah, tat er etwas klugeres Er sprang auf des Esels Ruecken und nt Weg so schnell WIC der Blrtz Der Esel rettete slenes Mersters Leben wetl er schnell genug rannte dass d1e Kugeln d1e der Vater aus se1ner Buechse schoss, SIC nxcht errerchen konnten Sem Merster aber fuehlte kerne Dankbarkert, und als s1e 1n Stronxtz angekommen Waren, Verkaufte der grosse Mann den Esel an ernen Mueller a man wrrd me fuer das Gute, das man tut, belohnt 0 1 , .1 , . U . . . . 9 9 9 : . . . ,, 7 O ' 7 7 Q a ' ' 7 7 v 9 ' Q 7 a J 7 - Page Szxfy-1:':c f c-A W Qj7ffX?mQ ?ffNW6XQ 1 if V ss' i v jff v i S 5 K Q x fx A N N r w X: Q Classes x x N Q QQ ss C s s s s s 71 N 'N Q nil BAMgijgljiifjjiijjgiijjiijlijiiiiiiigigiijiii113I111ig111liiiiliiiiiiZZ XS if? S X 155332552iiiig:Qiijijijigjiiiiigii111iijiiiii1iQ11i11Liilii13iii1iiiiiZiZ ZZ N R5 X M LOWER C ..,.s...,,.,.,.ssA......s.,.....,A.s.s,.s,.,....Q,......,..,,s.,s.... Page 81 AEN N 5 Q RI Q K+ Q S un Yezenty C asses NOTHER term has passed, another body of scholars have parted, never to return Another semester has passed rnto the annals of hrstory and as always has brought to Harrrs rts due share of successes and farlures, vrctorres and defeats But all have served therr purpose that of developrng the charac ter of the students, and of rarsrng the backbone of Harrrs lrfe Here rn Townsend Harrrs Hall, to an even greater degree than rn any other rnstrutron rn the crty, the class rs an extremely rmportant and vrtal cog of machrnery whrch comprrses our school Each rs a separate unrt and pos esses certarn dutres to perform, and certarn matters to regulate and srnce every Harrrsrte places hrs class first and foremost rn scholastrc affarrs, there exrsts a great amount of amrable emulatron among the student body But out of the panoroma of events there emerges a new prcture a figure resplendent rn new found power glowrng rn concert, and proud of hrs many accomplrshments It rs the new Harrrsrte, so excellently portrayed by the new Lower Classmen, that serves as a barometer of Harrrs success and as a stan dard of progress Gone rs the trmrd abrdrng class councrl, the omnrscent faculty advrsor, and the club, controlled by Senrors In therr places, stand the all powerful Lower Classmen the organrzatron supported by Upper C s and the teams managed by Lower B s A new era rs dawnrng upon Townsend Harrrs Ha The new freshmen wrthrn a few fortnrghts, have establrshed a class con strtutron, set class dues, and rssued an edrtron or two of the offrcral class organ Lrkewrse the Upper C class has soon set the semester s socral functron and turn therr thoughts and bodres todards mental and physrcal combat, whrch rs rndulged rn wrth an unparalleled zeal In a lrke manner the Upper and Lower Bs unable to cope wrth the sprrrt of rnnovatron collaborate rn a boat rrde outrng whrch due to the large amount of those partrcrpatrng proves to be a tremendous success The Lower Senror occupres rtself rn preparatrons for the followrng term s C Sc G , choosrng an entrre staff, rmmedrately The Lower A s stage too the one affarr whrch wrll probably resrst rnnovatron as long as Harrrs contrnues to survrve namely the Lower A Banquet The Upper A s realrzrng the necessrty of stagrng essentrally a Senror Affarr drscard the trme worn, moth eaten dance, rn favor of a banquet They are also requrred to rssue the Crrmson and Gold, whrch appears semr annually And thus wrth these humble comments, whrch we hope wrll be regarded not as mere words, but rather as those of an eye wrtness, we present to you a brref outlrne of Harrrs lrfe, a prctorral portrart of classes ' 1 1 1 I . . A 1 1 1 ' ' ' 1 7 1 , - , - . . . . I ' 1 . . , 1 , . . . . 7 - . . , . . 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' Y Q! YY ' ' ' ' , . . . . . . 1 . . . , 1 ' 1 , - Page Seventy-une 3 gr Svvmzty-11z'0 YM Lower AST in numbers, and aided by the usual number active members, the class of january'1931 has ended the fifth term of its existence in Harris with a determined purpose to pursue the footsteps of its predecessors. Throughout the whole semester, the entire class has kept in mind its impor- tance as a unit. It was evident that the class council was well aware of the numerous activities a Lower A was expected to undertake, for, within a few weeks, the governing body of the class had appointed Stephen Grob, editor of the Crimson and Gold of January '31, And in a brief length of time, plans were concluded for the staging of the traditional Lower A Banquet. The council, enjoying the benefits of a large treasury soon appointed a banquet committee which so efficiently fulfilled its duties that the affair was a tremendous success In addition to this, other class committees were appointed with a View towards the great tasks facing the students in the Senior semester Under the capable leadership of Murray Nathan the Lower A class has earned for itself a niche in the Harrisites hall of fame It has repre sentatives in every field of extra curricular activity One can recognize at least two Lower Seniors on every Harris team and in both the publication of the Stadium and the Crimson 84 Gold Lower A is well represented In such a class can be found many of the prominent men of Harris Melvin Edelstein, leader of class sports, became captain of the baseball team Murray Nathan of the Arista, was twice class president Stephen Grob, editor of the C 81 G is a member of the Stadium Staff Raymond Nathan was the editor of the Lower A Scroll, which stood among the foremost class papers DeKorp, Fensterstock, Siegfried, Theil Salk and Sindeband also did fine work for the class s success The Officers MURRAY NATHAN Pfemienz ALFRED GoLDsTE1N Vzce P1 efzdenr RALPH DIGIA T1earme1 THEODORE BENJAMIN G O Rep Englzfh Repieyentalzves Sxuoowrrz, BAKER, SIEGFRIED, ScHAMEsT, HERSKOWITZ 7 ' 9 9 - ' , . . . n . 5 7 S , g .t . ,, Q .. , JONAS SALK ...,.................,............,...........r ..,.................,.,......................,. S ecretary Page Scwcttty-tltrcf 13' Up er' ELINQUISHING the inferiority which is generally associated with the Lower Classman, the class of june 1931 has witnessed the completion of, by far, the most successful semester it has ever experienced. The term's activities were typified by the business-like manner in which the Upper B's have fulfilled their many duties, and the celerity with which they have carried out their various functions. This class has shown itself to be one of the most active of the schoolls classes, in that it has predominated the entire school in social and literary, service and athletic affairs In Short, the class of une 31 has put forth its hand into all fields of extra curricular life In the inter class swimming meet, it was Upper B that defeated the Upper C s to maintain the ill trodden prestige of the Upper School Likewise in the inter class debating tournament, the oratorical representative of the Upper B s maintained the high standards set by the championship Triangle team of the preceding semester Then again Upper B organized an all class baseball team which although it was defeated here at Harris beat the George Washington sophomores However, the main function of the semester was the boat ride to Indian Point In that it was an important innovation, the second to be staged by an Upper B class, the affair proved to be an unusual success However, such a class must be inspired and led onward Therefore, it is without surprise that we note the great number of prominent classmen in Upper B Among these are James Wechsler, Arista man, twice class president and school representative in the Times Oratorrcal Contest, joseph Bryer, former class leader and a member of the Arista and Fred Goldstein, the president of the class Much credit is also due to Mr Pei, the capable and efficient faculty advisor whose aid was indispensable to the Class s marked success The Officers were FRED GoLDsTE1N P1 emiem' OSCAR BLOOM Vzce P1 efzdent JOSEPH WERBLOW S6C16l':Z1y MILTON PRINCE T1eam1ef ABRAHAM SLUTSKY G O Rep Englzrlv Re 171 erenmrzver MORGENTHAL, LAURICELLA, RosENBERG, SCHWARTMAN and CARVALLO , . . . . , . . . . . . , . . . . . . ' Q Q ' 9 a - - Q 1 - f ' y y 7 . . . . , , . l , , I . V' Page Seventy-jfz'r' W N E Lower B URVIVING a stormy and turbulent Freshman Year, Lower B has set about its second year of life in Harris with an unparalleled zeal to make a name for itself and be recognized as true Harrisites. Under the leadership of Marvin Cohen and that most capable advisor, Mr. Alles, the class has completed a term filled with many happy incidents and marked with the spirit essential to the success of any class. The class has succeeded principally in carrying out the term's social func- tion By that we mean their main interest has been centered on this affair above all other thinffs although they too, have shown their strength in other fields of extra curricular life The preparations for this affair were started early in the semester, so as to hold it in due time without any unforseen delay And this was the case and the boat ride the first of its kind to be sponsored by a Lower B class in collaboration with Upper B was successfully and en thusiastically run off However the class was not neglectful of its other duties as a unit The usual inter class teams were organized and although they did not fare as well as might be expected, the class tried its best, which after all is the essential thing The class undertook the management of the Triangle and put forth suitable representatives The Lower B Gossipe boasted two things the most colorful title of anv club paper, and the reputation of being one of the best class organs in school The class debating team was put out at the hands of Upper A but made a suitable showing, while the swimming team placed HSI Among the class leaders were Marvin Cohen, class president, Welford Wilson, track man and twice class secretary Bamberger, present secretary and Rosenfeld once class presi dent and member of the track team The Officers MARVIN COHEN P1 erzdenf ALBERT BAMBERGER Semefmy ELI BAUMAN T1eatu1e1 11:85 WHITMAN G O Relbferenfzztzzfe Englzrb R6lf716567lfdfI1!6.f Dicks, RABINOWITZ, SHORE HARTMAN, MEY1 RS RosrNFELD and MAYLRS . 1D 7 1 7 1 1 0 - 1 Q 1 . , g . . , , , . - Q L I 1 1 1 1 1 7 , 1 . Z a .V- WELFORD WILSON ...............,.......,,...,,.......,......................... Vine-Prerifleni Pune Seventy-rctm H l ff I X- r " ' 1- m .Q 9 1 1 Page Scvcrzty-c1'ght Upper CC ESTORED again to the pride and self-respect of grammar-school days, which was so suddenly seized from it last term, the class of June 1952 has set about its work with an unparalleled enthusiasm and with an air of importance and dignity customary for an Upper C Class. This class, proving itself no exception in this respect, has availed itself of the opportunity tO put this spirit to good avail. In all fields of Harris extra-curricular activity-athletic, service and non- athletic-great support has been given by the members of the present Upper C Class. Excellent material for future varsities has been uncovered in that Upper C placed second in the inter class swimming meet, and performed creditably in other competition In a like manner, those students interested in literature, have begun the training which will no doubt, aid them in all future journalistic undertakings The council has functioned smoothly throughout the entire term effi ciently transacting all necessary and formal class affairs Dues were collected, class functions set and various inter section tournaments were successfully run off In short, the class was creditably managed ln all fields of extra curricular activity, support was given by the Upper C Class Another factor resulting in the tremendous success of the administration was the co operation of the members of the class with the council To Mr Dyer belongs a vast amount of credit for the furthering of this spirit With this as a predominant characteristic the class has gone far towards that idea' of all Harris the perfect class The officers who have piloted the class through the past term are MoRToN CRAMOY STANLEY SIMON LoU1s FIXEL JOSEPH BONEPART THEODORE KADIN GO P1 erzdenf Vice P1 erzdenl S6C16f6Ily T1ea5u1e1 Re p1 efentrztzve a 1 - 1 9 7 - . . , r - if is .7,... . , . . ,...................................,.....,......., 1 . ' Page Seventy-nine W ., I 4 . 1 W 1 1 ' r 4 I V 4 4, Q N l Q 1 A Z W 2 P 'C Ezglzly Lower' C NOTHER Lower C Class entered our school, heralded with dubious head-shaking, for the purpose of emerging, three years hence, as true Harrisites. Characterizing their work by two qualities-speed and certainty -the labors of the Class were carried out under the able supervision of Mr. Standerwick, the class faculty advisor. The Council was soon chosen, class dues set, a constitution adopted, and the class organ, "The Lower C Tattler" was published. Removing all obstacles which quite naturally placed themselves in the path of new-comets to any institution, these ambitious freshmen have made their presence known at Harris In athletics, a surprisingly large number of men have made varsity squads and Triangle teams Likewise, In the field of publications, service organizations, and especially clubs, the Lower Cs have succeeded In introducing their number Into Harris soclal life Then too, among themselw es, they have held the usual intersection tournaments all of vIhIch were indulged In with a remarkable zest and spirit In short, the major achievement of the Class was the issuing of the class publication Although the typing was a bit faulty and the articles were care lessly written, If IS nevertheless a promrsing accomplishment The Lower C IS no longer welcomed amid jocund ant1c1pat1on of harmless pranks, on the contrary however, the Seniors take it upon themselves to aid the newly entered Harrisites, and to acquaint them with the Intricacies of school politics Thus If can be seen that they are not subjected to the insults of Upper Classmen and Lower Classmen alike but rather are aided In order that they may soon learn the routine and enter extra curricular life This installation of school spirit, early In the students career, leads to greater achievements by the entire student body of publications, service organizations, and especially clubs, the Lower C s have The class of january 1933 has been greatly encouraged by the English C Class has achieved a successful term T e officers were WILLIAM KAPPELMAN Pferzdenr AMOUR MARTIN Semelmy jack LANDMAN T1 6615711 61 JUSTIN GOLDFARB G O Repferenlfzlzve Englzrlv Rep efentazlzver PREss, FISCHER, FIXEL, PATRICK, FERBER and SILBERSTEIN 7 I L I ' . , 7 . . . 1 7 h : STANLEY BARANSON ......,...............,..,.................,................ Vine-President Page Eightyrmtc VNV 49 fig- Wm w ?g Qwmfmwfmmi Q x N K N S 0 C' tions Qt 5 Q Hwifiiia N Q S 3 ii S Q Q SX CLUBS AND SQUA ........ ..,......A....,....,.....L..L......, Page 91 N 5 S N N N x N B Q X N N x M E S, Q X ge Ezghty two Urrgarmlzatrlornls HE pr1nc1pal outlet of school sp1r1t rs the or0an1zat1on Long before he begrns to take an actrve rnterest rn any of the other forms of extra currrcular actrvrtres the newly entered Harrrsrte turns toward the organrzatron It IS the heaven of krndred souls Common rdeals, common rnterests, a desrre for companronshrp 1n the pursurt of a common a1m are the motrvatrng rnflu ences rn the establrshment of any club, socrety or publrcatron At present the varrous socretres are sufferrng from over 1nHat1on The unprecedented school sp1r1t of a few terms back expressed rtself rn the forma t1on of a large number of new clubs, has been followed by a perrod of depres sron Ieavrng Harrrs Wlfh a large unwreldly body of organlzatrons As a result of the unw1eld1ness a large number of the soc1et1es have been findrng drffrculty rn l1v1ng up to the letter of therr avowed purpose as wrrtten 1n therr constrtutrons Because of thrs there has been a growrng ten dency on the part of more cynrcal of Harrrs students to regard trme spent 1n clubs as trme wasted Thrs attrtude IS based entrrely upon a mrstaken assump essentrally a fraternal orgamzatron It exrsts as a supplement to, and not as a substrtute for, the class Thus rt rs that one does not go to the French or Spanrsh clubs merely to rncrease one s knoweldge of those languages but to seek out and find other students wrth a mutual apprecratron and love of them Besrdes the socretres however, there IS another type of organrzatron the servrce squad Thrs group IS probably the least heralded, and at the same trme, the hardest workrng body of organrzatrons rn Harrrs Its members may be seen at all hours of the schoolday drrectrng traffrc on the starrs, helprng rn the lrbrary, or dorng any other one of those tasks, whrch, although neces sary, are far from pleasant But even among the servrce organrzatrons there IS that same fraternal feelrng to be found rn the socretres the bond of unron rn thrs case berng one of assocratron rn a common cause At the head of both these Groups stand the General Orgamzatron and the Arrsta The former 15 the prvot about whrch all revolves It grants to the clubs therr constrtutrons, legrslates concernrng the1r affarrs and 1n general looks after therr welfare The Arista rs, on the other hand, an almost purely honorary socrety It IS an old sayrng but one nevertheless untarnrshed by trme that To know we must understand And therefore hax mg grven you a brref drscourse on the purpose and functron of the organrzatron rn Harrrs, we pass on to the organtzatrons themselves. 0 0 . . . T Q O I , . 7 tion as to the purpose of a club. The society whatever its avowed purpose is ' 7 7 Q . D , . , . . 7 ,K 3 ' 7 Page Eighty-three ,...,...........-.iaduamu B Kappaporf S Schlesmqvtf 10 l5aaRooesbr C, HKD uno!! 15 moufalbano dinada Canton Hamel Hnrschl Cl-nas Ordman P -............ U l h 1-lmmi lock 3.151 251-ance 5 """""""""""'1"'5 -1 ' 11 , I """""-"--vw-:- Page Ezghty-four Amsta longer a mere honorary socrety, the ARISTA of the past term has become a real lrve and a worth whrle Orvanrzanon of the school the goal of 7 7 the lower classmen Earnrng the appprobatron of students and faculty, the members of the Assemblv by strrct adherance to therr fundamental purposes have attarned the true herghts of ARISTA leadershrp frdelrty, servrce, scholar shrp and character Durrng each semester all the qualrfymg members of the Lower B Upper B and I ower A classes are Intervrewed bv the members of the Assembly Cer tam students are chosen and then examlned by the Senate whrch 15 made up of the members of the faculty Thrs body decrdes the final selectron and con srsted of ' EX OFFICIO GEORGE M FALION JOSE MARTEL ALBERT P DANDRTA NNATII g sawvf NIEITH CIIAVQ ROBERT H CHASTNEY 'Ihe Assembly consrsted of GEORGE MCDERMOTT VINCENT MONTALBANO CHARLES ORDMAN FRANCIS DI FRANCO HENRY BLOCK STEPHEN TOLINS DANIEL HIRSCHL BERT RAPPAPORT HAROLD DE KORP HAROLD FRIEDMAN RICHARD ROBINSON EDWARD SCHLESINGER WILLY VAN ROOSBROECK D11ecl01 Leacief S6C7Ef6l1y PHILIP NEWMAN WILLIAM A WHYTE DEVERLUX D ROBINSON Lerzcief Vzce Leadef T166Z.YZl161 Sew elm y JOSEPH BRYER HAROLD FRISCH ROBERT HYAMS RALPH HERRERA AMADO CANTON MURRY NATHAN RAYMOND NATHAN HAROLD GOLDSTEIN SALVATORE MIRABITO JAMES WECHSLER 0 . l D . D. - 15 , - 7 7 EDIVTQ 'A 5911033 CECIL B. DYER Payv Ezghfy-fm' ...1-.--i.l----1-- ' 15 Rappaporf flat Ons S Tolms Vmontalloano Q T77.Dermott' U Eikales 6 Uihnfman J lbolfsom C Orclman .-.-..-...........11. . 1 5 4 - I 14 5 G ,.......................1- ........................-.-...- .l................-.. N L I , g , I 4 g 1 5 L, . - 14.1-.-1...-.. , H 4 ' 5 S .-..l-1-11-- - . M C Genera Uirgamiizatilomi ISCONTINUING the practice, instituted two years ago, of compelling every student of Townsend Harris Hall to become a member, the General Organization this term functioned entirely upon the generous support of the student body. Although compulsory dues were no longer required, the con- tributions Of Harrisites to the student fund were no less than that of former terms. Under the leadership of George McDermott, the president of the student Organization, the council enacted several constructive legislative measures. The speedy work of the council was enhanced by its small size which was brought about several terms ago when the G. O. Constitution was amended so as to facilitate the labors of this body. Through its various committees, the G O Council accomplished several noteworthy achievements which were vital to student activities It drew up a debating tournament which was successfully run off and which was warmly praised by many partici ants In the realm Of athletics, the council provided for two tournaments The baseball tourney proved to be a huge success and terminated with the winning Of the championship by the Senior class A tennis schedule has been drawn up and has been welcomed by all classes In addition to the successful undertaking of the different student activities, the G O Council awarded several service pins to those boys who have dis tinguished themselves bv their disinterested service to Harris Major and minor insignias were also awarded to those members of the various athletic teams who have been recommended by their faculty advisors The gentlemen who comprised the G O Council during the past term WFIC GEORGE MCDERMOTT Pierzaleaz VINCENT MONTALBANO Vzce P1 erzaenz VICTOR W BIKALES Seciefafy BERT RAPPAPORT T1ea.va1e1 Clab Delegate Atlalelzc Delegate Service Delegate NAT ORIs STEVE TOLINs CHARLES QRDMAN Clary Repretentatzver Lower THEODORE BEN JAMIN ppe ABRAHAM SLUTSKY Lower JESSE WHITMAN ppe THEODORE KADIN Lower C JUSTIN GOLDFARB . . .P . Upper A ..............................................................,............... JACOB WOLFSON A .................................................................. I U r B .........................................,................,.............,.. B .,................,....,...,....,....,............................,............,. U r C ............................,....,...................................,........ Page Eighty-seven C1 Qraetz 173 Hglhngl I' Henm Block ID hahxh. I+ 3 qs-oss H Lavlne Stan fiuaso 8. Schlesm m 6,00 man 4 W' O Hem!! S 3011115 Q 177 Dermoti' 1 Thad S Smdebanzl i.................-..- ' 1 . I l ' - , , , . 1 1 . 7 , . ' - -.V,-,W A Q X ' :L , I - ,A 2 55,7 4'f'f4"' 31: . 1 I Q 1 s . . . Y - . 1 . , . . ' , Pugr Eighty-rzglzt Stadium HRONICLE of school events-organ of school activities-champion of student's rights-but first, last, and always a newspaper-this, in brief, has been the policy of the "Stadium" during the last semester. At first, it was merely an ideal. However, though at first faced by appar- ently insurmountable Opposition, the editors, by dint of courageous battling, have succeeded in making the ideal a reality. They have ceased to permit the Stadium to be used as a bulletin board. They have pulled the Stadium out of the rut into which it had fallen in previous terms. They have substituted for its weak, insipid editorial policy a strong and vigorous one. Naturally, as a result of such a policy the Stadium has improved from a journalistic standpoint Due to the absence of notices, its make up has be come impeccable, and since fewer official letters were printed, it has become much newsier than heretofore Among the plans supported by the Stadium in its editorial columns and supported by the student body, were the formation Of the Liberal Club, the elimination of the Phi Gamma s influence in extra curricular affairs, closed electrons, amalgamation of clubs, and the abolitlon of the G O rule which forbids non council members to speak at meetings The gentlemen who have managed the Stadium are Eflzlm In Cbze BIELVIN D GOODMAN Arromzte Erizlou SEYMOURA GRoss S EDWARD SCHLESINGER ALAN E HEWITT Edzromzl Bomd HAROLD LAVINE RICHARD STEIN MURRAY KALISCHER GEORGE MCDERMOTT STEPHEN GROB HENRY BLOCK LEON THEIL Bmzneri Boazmf STANLEY RUSSO Bzzmzerr Mfzmzgw SEYMOUR QINDEBAND flrfzrtfzlzt fla'te1Zz5z12g Managei ADOLPH H GRAETZ CZ1CZlfrIl'Z072 MHWQU61 RICHARD TOLINS Arrzmznz Faculty Bonn! 0 Pzzblzmlzozzr MR R H ALLES MR G W BLAKE 7 I 1 Q O 1 . l STEPHEN TOLINS .............................................,.. Adveziirifzg Mazinger o .--.-1.-.....-. 1..,-.....-,.4---.....-..-- ' 4 ' . 6 A Pagz' Elhgllfj'-Ill-7 C 1 Q Q D 1 W 4 M J '4- 4 9 4 9 E 3 Pay: Ninety Traffic: Department WITH increasing size has come increasing efficiency to the Traffic Depart- ment. Captained by Charles Ordman and aided by Mr. Whyte, the Harris "traffic cops" have, this semester, set a new high for general compe- tence. They have patrolled the halls as never before, performed the previous unheard of feat of maintaining order on the stairs, and, carrying out a ruling whose enforcement had in previous terms proven impossible introduced quiet and order into the Study Hall This last was the most rmportant of the departments achievements Heretofore when a club held a meeting or a class election the Hall would become the scene of countless miniature riots This of course dis couraged many of the more serious students from attending meetings and was an important factor in the downfall of Harris clubdom Contrary to popular misapprehensions the checking system inaugurated three years ago by Sam Ellman and Israel Feintuck is still in use and 1S work ing exceedingly well Under this system the Traffic Department is divided into three squads A B and C each of which is commanded by a captain and either two or three lieutenants Each lieutenant is in charge of a platoon which in most cases is composed of seven men Over the entire squad are the Chief and the Recorder Company A is in charge of the stairs between classes It is its duty to keep order prey ent running and see that there is only down traffic on one case and up traffic on the other It is the hrghest of the companies Company B is in charge of the locker rooms and halls during lunch hour According to regula tions these cannot be used without special permission Company B sees that the regulations are obeyed Company C has miscellaneous duties and relieves the members of Company B every few weeks It is the training school of the rookie The officers C laze CHARLBS ORDMAN COMPANY A Capmzn BERNARD SIEGFRIED Lzezztfnantr Paul Rabut Harry Schneider Mortimer Hirsch COMPANY B Capmm ALDIS GERZLER Lzezztemzntr Herbert Feinberg onas Salk COMPANY C Cazpmzn CARL VoN DOENHOFF Lieutenant! Milton Maybruck Paul Sausman 7 7 5 ' l 7 ' 7 7 ' , - . , 7 7 , . . . I . . 7 . Recorder .....,....,...........,................,............,............,...........,...... WILLIAM SPIRO Page Ninety-0 Pngc Niucty-fzc'0 Diramatiie Society 66WHfXT is one man's meat is another man's poison"g and so it is at a time like the present, when the oldest and best established societies of Harris are shaking on their thrones like a man with the ague, and only by dint of the greatest sacrifices managing to keep from toppling off into oblivion, the Dramatic Society, but a term old, gains in membership' and popularity day by day. Despite the seemingly fateful disinterest in clubs which is sapping the lifels blood from its colleagues, the Society continues to grow and to prosper. The reason for this may perhaps be found in the unique way in which the Club operates, Meetings are infrequent, usually once each month. But in order that the activities of the Club may never cease small groups meet constantly to rehearse plays plan a theatre party or edit the Dramatist the organ of the Societv Then when a meeting 15 held both the members and the student body attend it with eagerness for they know that behind each program are many weeks of hard work by various small groups and that instead of long arguments over business meetings of the Dramatic Society are both entertaining and instructive Among the actrvrnes of the society during the past term were a theatre party held at the Republic a meeting in the Study Hall at which Miss Blanche Collins of The Subway Express cast spoke and a play also presented in the Study Hall The Dramatist the Club organ was just as last term very fine and well deserved the title of The Best Club Paper The Officers who did so much to put the club in the position it now occupies are ARTHUR KRIVIS P1 etzfienl MAXWELL WEITZMAN S6C16f6l1y THOMAS FAY Publicity Manager 7 7 7 7 . U I 7 , , 7 7 7 7 7 7 r r ' 7 1 7 , ' A 7 SIDNEY LIPSHUTZ .....,,........,...............,......,.............,.,..4,....... Vice-Preridenz ' ' Page Ninety-thx' I S C I 1 Y 4 V 4 N x Q 1 E Page Niucty-four German Club ONTRADICTING the saying that whatever goes up must come down, the German Club, under the leadership of Mr. Taub, has, this past term, maintained the high standard of excellency, established in years gone by. For many terms the German club has been considered the foremost organi- zation in Harris clubdom. Year after year has witnessed the continued miraculous success of the club, until this term it may be truly said, without the shadow of a doubt, that the German Club is positively the best club in Harris at the present. As usual the weekly meetings held by the club were attended by many students. Interesting programs were presented each week and much of the enjoyment derived from them was due to Mr. Taub, the energetic faculty advisor. Not entirely satisfied by the mere attendance of many interested but in- active members, the officers of the German Club set about to revise the orvani- zation of the club so as to provide each member with a more enervetic share in the activities of the club To bring about this desired end the following was done At the beginning of the semester the society was divided into three groups the Deutscher Verein a singing group, and a dramatic society At the same time the German paper Der Beobachter , was placed under the supervision of the German Department The advantage of this act was immediately shown From the beginninff the singing group became exceedinvly popular It was invited to sing over the air and at various high schools The dramatic group, not to be outdone pre sented a play at one of the assemblies and the German Club as a whole held a boat ride thus adding another precedent to the many it has already established Another feature of the club s intensive program this term was the neatness of its paper DER BEOBACHTER The lournal made regular weekly appear ances and was well received by the students The above two reasons together with the fact that the articles were excellently written will make this terms BEOBACHTIJR a Goal for future issues to attain The officers who so ably succeeded in bringing about the club s enviable record during the past term were QM' 4 If l SIDNEY LIPSCHUTZ Vice P1 erzdefzl ARTHUR KRIVIS Sect y f76d5Zl761 IRVING DoDEs Pub and Pmg Mgi - . . . D . . . - J . . - D Q ' 7 7 ED " . 7 - S , 1 7 ' ' ' - ,. , O . D VICTOR BIKALES .....,..................,..,..,......................,..........,.......,...,,... Preridefzz ' Page Ninety-Eve gp.. --"W - -Y --Y -- - H - --1 . - Y - - --Y - , Current Hrstory Club T THE start of the semester the offrcers of the Current Hrstory Club decrded on a program consrstrng solely of faculty speakers and by a rr d adherence to thrs polrcv the socrety enloyed a most successful year The xarrous contests dealrng vxrth current events sponsored by the club were more successful than ever before After holdrng frrst place rn the Brggest News of the Wfeek contest for several weeks Harrrs dropped to thrrd place and held that posttron for the greater part of the semester The Harrrs work was featured by two frrst prrze wrnners oseph Frank and Eugene Golob recervrng thrs award Other money prrze wrnners were Klernfeld Znermer MCGUIHCSS Ahrens Curran Schlarffer and Ordman The club presented movrng prctures on varrous rnterestrng toprcs rn the Study Hall every Monday durrnv lunch hour These were recerved wrth great enthusrasm by the student body the Study Hall berng frllecl every week Only through the untrrrn efforts of Mr Landman the popular faculty advrsor was thrs possrble The Officers of the Club are LEON THILL P165l!lI6lZf BLRNARD SEIGERIED Sectefm y SEYMOUR SINDEBAND T16LZJ'Z!167 1 , -u n r -r 'iid 0 S . , . O 7 7 .05 I A . . . . EDA J 9 ' A , . n . . . . SJ v ' 7 7 9 7 7 ' . D I . , . L . . tg D , 7 STEPHEN GROB ..................................t.,,,................................. Vice-Prefiflem' Page Nzncty-Six Hattllkva Soorety 66 MALL but select thrs was the motto of the Hatlkvah Socrety durrng the past semester Founded several years ago by a few Hebrew students for the purpose of arousrng 1nterest among the student body rn the studv of Hebraxc culture the Club was almost from the first a success Term by term year by year If grew unt1l the beg1nn1ng of the last semester when If was by far the largest and most popular Club at Harrrs However wrth the drmrnutron of student 1nterest rn clubs IIS membershtp dwrndled raprdly durrng the last semester Desprte thls those members who remarned have succeeded rn makmg the socrety one of the most actrve 1n Harrrs Departrng from the customary pract1ce of mvrtrng outs1ders to speak at each meettng, 1t relred for 1ts programs upon the students themselves At each and every meetrng some aspect of ewrsh lrfe was drscussed, debated, or lectured upon by the members of the Club The Ofhcers who have managed the Socrety throughout the term are WILLIAM SEIDENBERG P1 emienz BERNARD SIEGFRIED Secfefmy NATHANIEL TrNsTFRsTocK Pub Manager ' O 0 . 7 ' 7 7 7 . ' 9 7 ARTHUR SCH LAIFER .......................,................,...,.....,...,..... Vice-President Page Nmety-seven in . , , L J . - X The Law and Debatttrng Sootety OMBINING student partrcrpatron wrth talks by faculty and outsrde speakers the Law and Debatrng Socrety made some rmprowemenr over last term s club udge Hyman J Rert s address at a specral assembly of the school on March 18th was the hrgh lrght of the term s act1v1ty as the reunron banquet at whrch alumn1 and present members regathered was of last term s The Forum echted by Charles Schlang regalned IIS promlnent pos1t1on among club papers bemg characterrzed by the Stadrum as the club paper Although the club was by no means the model of parlramentary procedure that a Law and Debatmg Socrety should be 1ts drsorderlrness was somewhat allevlated by 1ts l1sts of programs Messrs Dyer Flynn and Landman spoke and many debates and d1scuss1ons were held At present the club IS makmg arrangements to V1S1I a mumclpal court room and to obta1n club prns Mr Mandevrlle gurded the club as faculty advrsor Credlt IS due to the Officers too They are as follovss NATHAN ORIS P1 efzdem' WILLIAM SEIDENBERG Vue P16j'l6Z7671l ELKIN VVIIINDKOS Secretary ISADORE AUERBACH P10g1am Manager , , .,,, ,, , W, Y, 7 - ' O 0 lg . . . 7 , , , J . , . . . , . . . 7 2 . . , 7 . H ,, . . . . . . 7 a ' ' IQ ' !7 KK 77 , . 9 . . , 7 - , . . ' . . T ' Page Ninety-eight I-FT - , , . . . . French Club RGANIZED to develop apprecratron of French lrterature and culture the French Club has to a great extent fulfrlled thrs rdeal durrng the past term by rts varred act1v1t1es The club rnvrted several members of the faculty to speak on subjects relat1ve to French The most mterestlng talk was grven by Mr Roug1er of the Romance Languages Department who spoke on The Lrfe of Molrere and Hrs Great Contrrbuuons to the Lrterature of France Another 1mportant feature of the club s program was a French play La Marserllarse whrch was presented to an apprecratlve audrence at one of the school assembhes The cast was selected from the actrve members of the club and each played hrs part rn a real1st1c fashron The final crownrng achrevement of the past semester was accomplrshed when three representatrves of the club Frank Van Roosbroeck and Canton won prrzes rn a Clfy wrde French contest held at Town Hall The Officers of th1s term were OscAR HASKELL P1 erzdenz WILLY VAN ROOSBROECK Semezmy BERTRAM EDELMAN Publzczry Mazmzgef 3 7 7 I 7 7 7 ABRAHAM SLUTSKY ........,....... .............................................. V ice-Premienz Page Ninety-nu ,.4-k - - 'urn LSL- Spamsh Club F ALL the clubs of Harrrs there IS none so worthy of pralse and yet so una precrated as the Spanrsh Club Durrng the past term the club functroned quretly and successfully under the capable gurdance of Mr Martel who arms to grve the members an excellent command of spoken Sparush The meetrngs each Monday lunch hour were made very rnterestrng by talks 1n Spanrsh by members of the faculty and of the club Added mterest to the programs was lent by the ramophone records whrch consrst of Spanrsh songs The gramophone was persented to the club by Mr Salvatore and the records by the members of the socrety At the Easter assembly the club presented a Spanrsh play whrch was recerved enthusrastrcally by the audrence Thrs receptron so enthused the mem bers that preparatrons for presentrng a serres of plays next term have already been made The club among other numerous act1v1t1es attended a meetrng of the other New York Hrgh School Spanlsh Clubs The Officers are as follows AMADo CANTON P1 eszdenz JAMES DOWLING Secfetmy VAL GATIERREZ T1 earwer Y Q4 G4 ' 0 C. P . ' . ' a g . . . RALPH HERRERA .........,...............................,A....,,.............r...... Vice-Preridemf Page One Hundred .47 -- Y 'J - . .m, ' ' -FYT1 Lill- lltallnlaum Club HARING the honors wrth the German Club as the most successful club of the term the Iralran Club has reached the herght of IIS career It was the Hrst club to concerve the rdea of havrng luncheons rn schooldays rn some eatrng place rn the nerghborhood Four or five luncheons were held at the Lrberty ROIISSCIIC each one a great success At the Easter Assembly the Italran Club presented a school play wh1ch was an rmmedrate success 1nsp1r1n0 the players to preparatrons for a regular dramatrc un1t of the club next term The paper Dante Alegherr Chronrcle appeared at regular mtervals and although not especrally noteworthy served rts purpose 'Ihe officers were FRANCISCO M1GL1oN1co P1 erzdenf SALVATORE MIRABITO Sem T1 mmf E1 JOHN BIONDO Publzczty Mmzaffw 9 , . 7 . . I . 9 O P , . FRANCIS D1 FRANCO .,..,.............,.....,.....,....,..........,.......... Vice-President f,' . . ,. . .-.--.........--.............................................a I ' X 6 V. Page One Hundred One J 1-I -.. , ,-,,-, Serenee: Club ORMERLY used only as a supplement to the regular Physrcs courses by fifth and srxth termers, the Scrence Club rs begrnnrng to extend 1tS popu larrty to the lower classes, too Thrs may be attrrbuted to an rncrease rn the desrre for SCICIIIIHC knowledge among the student body, and the fact that many lower classmen realrze the value of knowrng somethrng about Physrcs before studyrng the subject The Socrety based 1tS programs upon the assumptron that a few actrve members are better than a great many unrnterested ones In accordance wrth thrs rdea the organrzatron functroned wrth but a few devoted club goers By thls plan the programs were made so rnterestrng that the club s membershrp rncreased to a very great extent and exceeded all records of the past Though strll a comparatrvely small club when faculty speakers were on the program the turnout was much more satrsfactory than at several larger clubs The hard workrng OHTCCIS were WILLY VAN RoosBRo1:cK P1 e mimi josEPH SIEGAL Secretary MAXWLLL WEITZMAN Pmgmm Manager 0 , - p 7 J BE N JAMIN SCHWAID ......r...s...............,................................. Vice-Preridenz Pugr Our Huutlrfd Tivo Aero Club OMPLETING another successful semester the Aero Club, only establrshed a year ago, agam demonstrated by the popular receptron of 1ts unusually mterestrng Programs that lf rs a permanent mstrtutron rn Harns clubdom Under the HCIIVC gurdance of Mr Coen the faculty advrsor, the club has attarned greater herghts, and now rates as one of the successful organrzatrons 1n Harms The large attendance mamtarned at 1fS weekly meetrngs IS rn a large measure due to the club s unlque polrcy of 1nv1t1ng IHSKIUCIOIS of the varrous forergn languages Thus, a French mstructor spolte about French avraron, a German mstructot about German av1at1on, and rn th1s manner the members of the Aero Club were v1v1dly told of the progress of avratron rn the leadmg countnes of the World In add1t1on to these talks, slrdes were shown on matters relatrve to av1at1on T e officers of the club were PAUL RABUT Pferzdem' HERBERT ISENBERG Secfemfy MARVIN COHEN T1eam1er SAUL BLANKSTEIN P10 gf am Managw 7 ' 7 h 1 NORMAN MARENGO ...........................................,........,.....,. Vice-Preridenz Page Ont' Hundred Three Math Qlltullh HE Math Club th1s semester surpassed all 1ts predecessors tn eve and lrfted rtself from a pos1t1on at the bottom to one at the top Clubdom It was mamly through the good work of the officers asslduous offorts of Mr Carrre, the faculty advrsor, that the Soctety to attaln to 1ts present hrvh rank The flrst meetmg, at whrch a gathermg of some erghty stud largest attendance at a meetrng of any club throughout the term Mr Robmson s demonstratton of the sl1de rule, was the best, and IH Math Socrety s success for the remamder of the semester To avord the farlure rn the future of all attempts to organrze Algebra Squad, If was planned to have the rmmedtate followers of lncorporate tn rtself a group to carrv Harrts standard to Vrctory 1n athletrc and rntellectual Held The officers, dllrgent and untlrmg rn the1r efforts, were IRVING DODhs Pwfzdem' HENRY HIRSCHBERG Scmetmy T1 64112061 HERBERT P IsENBcRo Pzzblzczly Mamzgea ry respe of Harr and th was abl ents th CHIOYC sured th 2. VHISI th1s clu the no CI IS 6 C e d C fV b n . . .D ,G 7 7 ELICK BUDovsKY ......,....,.................................,..........,.,....... Vice-Preridem Pagt' Om' Hundred Four Art Soerety HE personnel of the Art Socrety experrenced a clrastlc change th1s term In prevrous terms the Art Socrety was composed of those HHIIISIICS rn terested enough rn the subject to sacnhce a few hours every week However, through the trreless efforts of Mr D Andrea, a specral Art class was 1nst1tuted 1nto the currrculum Thrs specral class of artrstrcally rnclmed Harrrsrtes num bers about twenty and serves as the Art Socrety As usual, th1s small group rs a quret, but mdustrrous orgamzatron about Whrch revolves all the publrcrty used 1n the school Thrs Work has been facrlrtated through the addrtron of a small prrntmg press by means of Whrch all the posters seen about the school are made Srnce If can be sarcl Wrthouf any exaggeratron that the success of the varrous Harrrs clubs IS clue, to a great extent, to the publrcrty accorded rt by the Art Soc1ety, thrs orgamzatron rs there fore a vrtal factor rn Harrrs Clubdom The officers who were so mstrumental rn the success of the club th1s term are RALPH HLRRERA P1 eszdem' PAUL RABUT Sew elmy JOSEPH GOLDBLRG C mzodmn 0 AMADO CANTON ..............................,................................... Vice-P1-efidenr Page One Hundred Five l umur' Newman Club IMITED to a small number of students rn Harms, the un1Or Newman C lub nevertheless has been functronrng wrth a consrderable degree of success durmg the past term Under the ever helpful gurdance of Mr Frtz patrrck the faculty adv1sOr Of many years experrence the club has admrtted new members who are matenally contrrbutrnv to the welfare of th1s unrque Organlzatxon The unror Newman Club was founded several years ago by rts present faculty adv1sOr In add1t1On to rts berng recognlzed as the Off1c1al club for C athohc students rn Harrrs rt IS a full fledged member Of the unror Newman Assocratron Of Amerrca As a part Of thrs natron wxde organlzatron, the club extends to all students Of Catholrc extractron rnterestrng programs for the pur pose of rnstrllrng rnto these students an apprecxatory sense for the rdeals and benefits Of Catholrcrsm The Offrcers of the club were FRANCIS D1 FRANCO Premiemf AMADO CANTON Secretmy JOSEPH MCGUINESS Treasurer RALPH HERRLRA Publicity Manager 0 J 7 7 F . , . g U ,. . 7 . 1 I I A O f-f O. , - I ' GEORGE MCDERMOTT . ..,...............A..,.....,..,........................, Vice-Preridenz Page Om' Hundred Six Stamp and Com Club TRIVING along the nolseless tenor of the1r Way unconcerned Wrth the farlure around them but consprcuous by therr unusual and thoroughly heartenrng success the members of the Stamp and Corn Club have thrs past semester earned a true recognrtron attarned by none other before them By a rrgrd and loyal adherence to a Constrtutron lackmg that duplrcrty or purpose the hearty support of the student body and the absence of Parlramentary pro cedure the meetrngs of the Club have become not mere outlets of wrttrcrsms and an rnherent hoodlum sprrrt sources of helpful rnstructron Auctrons were held at the weekly meetrngs trades were completed and sales made Through the efforts of the officers of the club jornt meetrngs were held wrth srmrlar clubs of the varrous crty hrgh schools The club paper the COLLECTOR although small was one of the most rnterestmg of all Harrrs publrcatrons The Officers who W1thout faculty assrstance marntarned these hrgh stand ards of the club are JEROME COHEN Pfemiem' AMADO CANTON Secietm y T1e4z5me1 ALFRED GOODMAN Publzcztj Mamzgw 0 S ' 7 7 . 7 7 ' 7 , - 7 , . S , . , 7 ,, 7 7 7 . . . . . H , : SIDNEY WALDMAN ...............................................,............,.. Vice-President 4 ...'.. , I I A Page Om' Hundred Seven . . . - -V4 C ess and Chee er' Club O those students who are fond of the lung of sports and sport of lungs the Chess and Checker Club offers excellent opportunrtres Save for one or two exhrbrtrons by noted experts, the meetrngs were grven over to tourna ment play An unrque rnnovatron was that of conductrng a separate tourna ment each week Thrs was made possrble by playmg several matches at th same trme The chref advantage of the rdea was that 1f any member had to stay away from a meetrng he drd not lose a chance to play the next week One of the chtef reasons for havrng these tournaments so often IS the need for preparatron for the rnter scholastrc tournament next fall Of last year s team, only aretsky, the captarn wrll be here for the tourney Realrzrng that practrce makes perfect, or nearly so, he has decrded to grve everyone plenty of rt The officers of the club are DONALD JARF rsxx P1 emiefzt JESS WHITLIAN Seiji T16dJZl76l MAX SCHOENFELD Pzzblzczly Mmmgw 7. 1 . ,,, , . SEYMOUR SHERIFF ,,.....,,....., . ..,,........................................... Vice-President Pugp One Iizmdrcd Eight Camera Club ATEST addltron to the ever grovvrng 11st of Hams socretres, the Camera Club fills a long felt Want Founded at the beglnnrng of th1s semester by Messrs Martrn and Taub to strmulate mterest rn the art of photography and to eventually take over the photography of the Cnmson and Gold If me wrth rrnmedrate success W1th1n tvvo weeks of the call for members a constr tutlon was drawn up, officers elected, and plans gotten under way for a snap shot contest and an exhrbxnon of the entr1es 1n the lrbrary Both were subse quently held and were very successful Nor was the Work of the club confined to strlls Motron prctures were grven therr full share of attentron and at almost every meetrng a showmg was made of the work of one of the members of the club The ofhcers who so ably conducted the affa1rs of the Camera Club dunng the past term are MYRON HOWARD P165I6ll6'7Qf Jl:ROME COHEN S6C16f6l1jl ARFHUR KRIVIS Publicity Mmwgef . . Z ALFRED BERGER ......,..........s....,............ ........................,,.....,..,.... V ite-Pfferidenz Page One Hundred Nine -L "-' I Library Squad UE to the constant growth of the Library the Library Squad has of necessity been so enlarged and has had its duties so increased that it is now one of the most important organizations at Harris Were it not for it Miss ames would not have been able to care for the library in her usual efficient manner and as a result only a small portion of the six hundred and more students who visited it during the past semester would have been able to avail themselves of its services Although by its constant growth it has become one of the largest high the move to 23rd Street its quarters will be so enlarged that it will surpass in size even the DeWitt Clinton library the largest in the city When this ha pens the Library Squad will be again enlarged and its importance to the Harris students will be still more increased T e students who composed this squad during the past semester are Narins DeKorp Fensterstock Wolfsky Oris Seidenberg Fliegelman Whitman Gross Ordman Moses Ginsberg Arriessohn Lavrne Hewitt Klatzlxin and Schact 0 . 7 . 7 7 ' J 7 school libraries in the city, still brighter days are in store for the library. With I 7 . . , I P , . . . h ' ' : K 9 7 9 Q i 7 ' a I 7 . 7 7 7 7 A 7 . 7 . 7 , V. I Page One Iltutdrcd Ten V+ ...... Vaursnuty Show AYING asrde the popular comedy farce of the last few semesters rn favor of the more subtle humor of Oscar Wrlde the Varsrty Show Players rn undertakrng The Importance Of Bernff Earnest have achreved unpre ceclented success Coachecl for the second term by Mr Dayton N Denner of the Englrsh Department the cast played to capacrty houses on the 23rd and 24th of May The hrghly cr1t1cal audrences accepted the presenratron wrth a true and heart felt apprecratron Vrctor W Brkales playlng on the Senror ex enlng and Rrchard Tolrns rn the openrng performance drsplayed unusual hlstrronrc ab1l1ty vvhrle Wrllram Eller as the soph1sr1cated young Londoner gave excellent perform ances on both evenrngs In the supportrng cast were the Mrsses Axel and Whse of Hunter Hrgh School Mrss wood of the CIVIC Repertory Troupes Mrss Walker oseph McGurness and Leroy Zehren l r ,WW , ,Yiwu . - . - ,il O 7 9 - - ff - yy - 4 - D 7 , . . . , : 7 9 7 9 ' 7 . 7 - 9 9 7 a Page One Hundred Eleven 'I . .. . -f - Cllassroall Soorety EORGANIZATION even under the best of condrtrons IS exceedrngly drfficult and therefore when Elrck Budovsky undertook to reorganrze the Classrcal Socrety he was faced wrth a colossal task Yet he was successful 90 successful rndeed that the Class1cal SOCICIY has regarned rts former self The brg achrevement of the club thrs term was the presentatron of the drama Poeta an all Lat1n play Thrs along wrth the V1rg1l Annrversary pro rams held rn honor of the famous Roman poet was extremely popular among the students and d1d much to rncrease the popularrty of the socrety At the begrnnrng of the semester a degenerated and practlcally dormant department of the club-the Rostra was rev1ved Thrs publrcatron appeared regularly on the bulletrn board and contarned news of much rnterest to students of Latrn The Ofl:1CCfS of the Socrety were EL1cK BUDovsKY P1 erzdenz ARTHLR STURNER Sewelmy Tfeamf 61 BEN JAMIN DISSIN Publzrzzy Manager 0 0 , . . 7 . . lf K 3 , 4 7 Y . 3 . . . . JACOB WOLFSON ....................................,.......,..................... Vice-Preridenr , . . - . , , HK' H71 VC " " gf Hdfzfz ren , ..,,- il-il llnformatron Bureau FTER three terms spent as the butt of everyones favorrte joke the In formatron Bureau was reorvanrzed and IS now the useful orvanrzatron planned by 1ts founder Rrchard Wells At the suggestron of Mr Goldwav, the efhcrent faculty advrsor of the organrzatron, the officers decrded to abandon the old 1dea of postrng someone at a desk on the concourse floor to be confronted by numerous students who asked supposedly humorous rrddles Accordmg to the present arrangements, one blackboard rn every Englrsh room IS grven over to the Bureau Before nrne o clock every morning, a member Wrrtes on the boards notices of all the events of the commg day In thrs way, everyone rn the school IS rnformed of the events of the day The officers of the organrzatron, who worked so hard and unselfishly for the good of the student body, are NATHANIEL FENsT1:RsTocK D11 efzof JONAS SALK Secofzfl Vice Dz1ect01 BFRNARD SEIGFRIED Thnd Vzce D11 ectof 0 . 4 . . I , . ' , - ' 1 23 O , . - L I STEPHEN GROB .....,...,....................,..................,...,,................. Fifxrz Vfff-Df7'6Cf01" Page Ona 11'u11f1'rct1' TITZIVIVCCH f 1 Oro estra RACTICING mcessantlv, and playmg at all school affarrs, from the rn formal assemblres to the pompous commencements, the Orchestra has become the true servant of the school Under the leadership of Professor Nerd lmger, and then of Professor Wrlson rt has Grown from a small group of vrolmrsts to an able and competent ensemble NW 1th the addrtron of wmd rnstruments and the drums, the orchestra was able to present more drffrcult preces than ever before And holdmg two re hearsals a week the orchestra has been able to greatly mcrease rts repertorre The peak of the year s accomplrshment was the presentatron of several selectxons at a meetrng of the teachers of the major hrgh schools of the crty The offrcers of thrs organrzatron are PAUL BAUMAN P1 erzdenz HENRY ELLISON S ecretaf y l , , . 7 . O IRVING DODES ...........,................,..................,........................... Vice-President Page One Hundred Fourteen OTA SS OO S It rSQE K Q PV vv A Q A 5 1, S, W Wg N 1 1' Ng N 11 1+ N F' por S 'L Q1 S ,Qi co NT E NTS N N X gk SPORTS 4..,,........ .....,,.........4..,..,................,................,.... Page 116 N Q Q 61 'AAA if '.','. ifffQQ1QQfQQffffffffQQfffffZgi X 1 'Q GO11 TEAM ................,...,...,.................................., Page 119 N +1 X HNF SSE B111 1.1,,,111111.,1,,111,,1,111,1111111111111,,1,11,11, P 186120 A 'Q X TQ LACROSSE T, ,,........,,...........,.........................., Page 121 AX N 1 1 Q 1+ 1 1 Tj 5 L VS?-T SS?-v"Sfi y'ff4-5'QX7v'j L Q V H, Sports HIGH schools fame IS greatly enhanced by the prowess of her teams In thrs respect, Townsend Harrrs Hall frnds herself rn a dual posrtron For a number of years, her teams have been gradually growrng fewer, the materral of her squads, scantrer, and her athletrc reputatron, weaker In fact, so far as her standrng rn sportdom rs concerned she has been slowly descendmg rnto total obscurrty Nevertheless rn sprte of the deprecratron rn her sportrng realm Harrrs, to her rrvals remarns aloof, elevated on a pedestal of reverence, the cynosure of questronrng eyes How can a Hrgh School, such as Harrrs, where sports are of professed unrmportance, whose teams lack the professronal coachrng so apparent rn therr opponents turn out athletrc aggregatrons at all? What fountam of perpetual sprrrt anrmates her representatrves on the freld of competrtronp These and srmrlar querres contrnue to puzzle outsrders, yet we see them answered term after term Durrng no other perrod has Harrrs looked upon such drastrc changes rn her sportrng framework as have taken place rn the last three years It has wrtnessed the last stand of a Harrrs Basketball team It has watched the Baseball team drop from an envrable pos1t1on rn the PSAL to a menral one rn the Prep School League And further st1ll rt has seen the Track team once an outstandrng rrval of the Crty Champrons go through a season wrthout garnerrng a srngle pomt In former years, Harrrs athletrc aggregatrons were wont to ascrrbe the glory of therr VICIOIICS to the 1nebr1ant sprrrt anlmatrng the school rn general Now however, they may wrth more proprrety, attrrbute therr degenerated con drtron to the lack of rnterest, and to the sluggrshness so notrceable among the students In addrtron to the dont care attrtude drsplayed by the students, the proposrtron of equrprng the teams has always been one of great concern Due to the fact that the student body IS comparatrvely small, and, as a consequence the source of revenue, the teams have been handrcapped by rnferror equlp ment Furthermore, a convenrent place for the physrcal development of the teams 15 hkewrse lackrng Therefore rn v1ew of these varrous obstacles to be overcome by our athletes, rs rt not httle wonder that they are almost completely overwhelmed? Strll Harrrs goes on, always puttrng out teams that go down to defeat coverrng themselves wrth glory by the rndomnrtable and never say dre sprrrt teams that have never experrenced the rnvrgoratrng thrrll vshrch contestants realrze when they hear the encouragrng plaudrts of therr schoolmates, teams that week after week, struffgle for the fame and recognrtron of a school that fergns rgnorance of therr endeavors and that shows no acknowledgment of therr sacrrfrce To these men we heartrly extend our prarse hoprng that rn so dorng, we may awaken the student body to a realrzatron of therr task X , . f a ' a I . . . 7 7 7 7 ' , . , , , A , Q 9 ' -- U , H - - . . ' a 7 e . . . . U .,, 7 7 D ' 7 Pagf Our Hnnzdrcd 51.116011 ii-hir Track Team URDENED wrth the tradrtron of belng one of the few Harrrs teams that could hold therr own avamst any opponent an unexperrenced track team sorely depleted rn ranks by graduatron thrs term set rtself nobly to the task before If of carrymg on a spotless record But rt found out early rn the term that If was no match for the other crtv Hrgh School teams Undaunted by therr drsmay upon findrng that no matter tests therr efforts were of no avarl the cmder pushers kept doggedly on entermg every meet contmually hoprng that by some une pected stroke of luck they would be repard for all therr troubles Among the many runners of promrsrng abrlrty uncow ered thrs term Wrlson appeared to have the edge over Zrmmerman rn the 440 Whrle Pruchansky Vrsaper Rosenfreld and Cutler have vred wrth each other rn varyrng degrees of success for the honor of best century runner In the 220 yard drstance Edelman and Kern have shown outstandrng abrlrty B - D 1 , - , 7 , , . how long they practised or how much they strove to place in any of the con- . . 7 . 7 . . . V , A . . . . I . . 7 7 1g'0v111f'1sf'f- lb emtomg Team T THE outset of the terms campargn the Fenclng Team for the first trme rn the hrstory of the sport 1n Harrrs, looked ahead wrth doubtful hopes Its omrnous expectatrons were fulfllled when If lost two consecutrve matches to Morrrs, and one to Washrngton Regarnrng lost prestrge, however, Captarn Abrams, representrng Harrrs at the crty champronshrps, captured ten consecutrve bouts and advanced to the final round, only to meet defeat at the hands of jungman, a comparatrve new comer from New Utrecht However, begrnnrnv wrth Barrrnger, the trro frnally roused rtself from 1ts lethargy to complete an otherwrse credrtable season The trro th1s term consrsted of the veteran Captarn Irvrng Abrams a marnstay for the past three terms, Henry Karlrn and Leonard Le1ght Manager Francrs D1 Franco, rn addrtron to h1s managerral dut1es has proven hrs use fulness by ably substrtutrnff on several occasrons As usual a host of lower classmen has been learnrng the rudrments of the art at the hands of Captarn Abrams But srnce Karlrn Le1ght and D1 Franco w1ll contrnue at Harrls another term the team wrll remarn rntact Manaver D1 Franco succeeded 1n arrangrng a very rnterestrng schedule whrch rncluded matches wrth Morrrs, XVHSh1HgIOH, Barrrnger Central Textrle, Morrrs Evenrng and Boys ,...- . ,. -... ..... --.W 'X 0 , . 4 . Q 1 O 1 Q 7 . . , - Z3 ' 7 . , N , . D . u . N 9 7 . . , Page Om' Hundred Eighteen r Golf T the beginning of the term the absence of golf addicts was the sole drawback to the undertaking of pre season drrll and for a while the forming of a team was dropped However at the suggestion of Coach McEwan Lester Feinstein the manager nnally issued a call for candidates To hrs surprise he found the meeting room packed to capacity by as enthusi astic and hopeful a group as ever tried out for a Harris team With this show of encouragement a hasty eliminative tournament was started the best pill chasers at Harris The team practised regularly at Van Cort landt Park while a schedule was drawn up with several city high schools Although the golfers steadily improved their game which at the beginning of the term neighbored in the hundreds was gradually lowered until 80 became a common occurrence they could never overcome the handicap of their early season inactivity The schedule for the past term arranged by Lester Feinstein included matches with jefferson Roosevelt Clinton Evander Childs Boys Columbia Grammar Textile and several others r n ..., , - .... A ' ' 9 . , . 9 7 7 ' 7 - 7 . . . U From these trials Teytmeir, Hecker, Rosen and Feinstein were selected as , . i 7 , , I 7 7 l 7 l 7 9 1 7 7 ' Page Om' Huurirmr' N1'ur'lmu Baseball INISHING rts second season out of P S A L competrtton the baseball team astounded all Harrrs cynrcs by playrng a brand of ball unknown smce the days of yore By darrng to launch a campargn more arduous than rt would have to endure as a member of the P S A L the ntne brought upon rtself much rrdrcule and rather uneven scores vsere complacently expected by the majorrty of the students However rn the Hrst game of the season agarnst a strong Clrnton n1ne the team drsproved all pess1m1st1c predrctrons by puttmg up a strff fight and losrng only after havrng led Clrnton for the better half of the game Wrth such an opener to lead them on the ball tossers came through a grrllrng schedule wrth colors flyrng The brunt of the season s play was borne by Capt Edelstern and Letz who comprrsed the prtchrng staff At the recerver s end although he had two capable understudtes rn O Bloom and Fabrrcant vsas the dependable Rosenberg In the rnfleld there was Ash coverrng the mitral sack Frne on the keystone bag the cavortrng shortstop Honey Block and the errotless Robeson on thtrd Out rn the garden where the sluggers repose were Poretz Samrlow and Greenfield and occas1onally Buslrk If need be there were sufflcrent and capable substltutes 1n Skudowrtz Wersel Klern man Brownstern and Ahtens ,.-f .... rw, F . . . . , . . . ., . . I 7 7 7 7 . . . . , . . . . . , . 7 - 7 ' 7 V . ' 7 . .. . . ,, ,, 7 7 7 7 7 ' 7 ' 7 7 ' , . 1,47-11 f-11'- f,- Laerosse FTER havrnff coached an rnexperrenced squad durlng the early part of the term rn the pornts they were able to glean from a seasons playmg Capt Steve Tolrns and Manager Murray Rosenberg then led the Lacrosse wrelders through a season successful as Harr1s seasons go Although many men of promrsrng abrlrty were uncovered the average werght and stature of the team offered serrous handrcap whrch lf was unable to overcome A pre season rrvalry between Kurrs and Hasrns for the goalre posrtron came to an unexpected end rn the selectron of Red Shanes Although an attack man prevrously Shanes vxas dependable between the strcks under al' crrcumstances In Hart Gutterman and Rreser Harr1s had a well balanced defense whrch at all trmes acqurtted rtself honorably In the mrdst of everv frav Harr1s was well represented erther by Steve Tolrns Murray Rosenberg Scotty McDermott Drck Tolrns MlCkCy Curran Leon Smrth or Charles Roth man all of whom formed the regular attack Should substxtutron have been necessary Sprke Rosenberg Jesse Wrtchell Srdney Waldman Elkan Wendkos or Charles Ordman were always ready to relreve The schedule arranged for the past term brought Harr1s agamst the Crtv College jayvees Bovs Mad1son New Utrecht Hamrlton Manual and Erasmus D , . . , . 7 , . 7 - . Q 7 . , . .. - - U H . I . , L ' 7 9 ,a a 2 7 7 7 4 7 L - 7 9 Q 7 ' , . . Q , 1 2 a 7 Pago Our Ilrmrlrrd Twfuly-0 Senator Drreetory IINSTRUCTIONS FOR REUNIONS The class has been druded Into seven groups each under the supervxsron of one secretary who wIll always be In communrcatxon wrth the Secretary In chxef Harold Lavme At the meetmgs of the commlttee each secretary wIll represent hrs group It w1ll be the duty of each secretary to correspond wrth hrs group at defxmte Intervals so as to keep them Informed of the HCIIVIIICS and plans of the commrttee In case of removal from your present address notrfy your secretary 1 Harold Lavme Secretary ABRAMS IRVING ABRAMS MELVILLE F ABRAMSON DAVID A AHRENS FRED ALBER GEORGE ALBERT FRED ARIESSOHN ARTHUR M ASKENAS JOSEPH BARROWS CHARLES BIGMAN STANLEY K BIKALES VICTOR W BINDER JEROME BLANKSTEIN SAUL C BLOCK HENRY BRAMSON MORRIS BUDOVSKY ELICK CANTON AMADO CHATOFF ALEX COHN WALTER I CURRAN GEORGE DANK MORTIMER DAVIS JOSEPH DEITZ WILLIAM DISSIN BENJAMIN DODES IRVING DUEIN EDWIN DUMMEIT LOUIS DYER VINCENT EDELMAN BERTRAM FEFFER JOSEPH EEINSTEIN LESTER PINK JOSEPH 235 I't Washrngton Avenue 500 4th Avenue L I Clty 526 W 158th Street 105 W 94th Street 165 Prnehurst Avenue 1306 St Nrcholas Avenue 3422 Knox Place 74 W 176th Street 1750 Harrlson Avenue 301 West 55th Street 681 West 193rd Street 2685 UHIVEISIIY Avenue 946 Leggett Avenue 956 Srmpson Street 916 Trffany Street 8 Manhattan Avenue 546 West 165th Street 815 West 181St Street 2524 Creston Avenue 201 West 95th Street 6 Archer Drrve Bronxvllle N Y Morton D Mrller, Secretary 595 East 167th Street 935 St Nrcholas Avenue 627 Wales Avenue 122 West 64th Street 305 East 170th Street 821 East 166th Street 365 West 118th Street 24 Bennett Avenue 1767 Wrcks Avenue Montgomery Street Brooklyn 825 West End Avenue o o ' 3 BUSLIK, JEROME ............,................,.,....,..............,...I.............,..,......................................... 1105 Jerome Avenue 2. . ' ' , ,...,...,................,.......,...,....................,................ 345 , Page Om' Hundred Twenty-two FISCHMAN WILLIAM FRIEMAN SIDNEY PUREY ROBERT GELLER SIDNEY GERSTEIN IRVING GIBSON WILLIAM GLASS WILLIAM GLAUSSMAN MORRIS GOGOLICK CHARLES GOLDSTEIN ROBERT 4871 Broadway 1375 Grand Concourse 350 West 110th Street 1013 Fox Street 2135 Wallace Avenue 3716-65th Street Woodslde L I 827 Hunts Polnt Avenue 321 East Houston Street 925 St Nlcholas Avenue 883 East 176th Street 3 Melvm D Goodman, Secretary GOLOB EUGENE GOODMAN MELVIND GOODMAN SOL GRAETZ ADOLPH HALSBAND ISADORE HANDELSMAN ARTHUR HART DAVID HASPEL EFRY HECKER SIDNEY HERTZBERG ABRAHAM HIRSCHBERG HENRY HIRscHL DANIEL HORN IRVING HORNE LEROY HOWARD MYRON ISAACS FREDERICK IACOBY BURTON KAPLAN RUEIN KARPEL MARTIN 25 West 81st Street 40 West 111th Street 2320 Bronx Park East 68 East 94th Street 1733 Anthony Avenue 184 West 179th Street 2452 Erghth Avenue 2245 Prospect Avenue 110 West 86th Street 262 Central Park West 749 East 175th Street 235 West 102nd Street 1902 7th Avenue 1035 Anderson Avenue 310 West 106th Street 129 East 73rd Street 117 Seaman Avenue 1083 Longfellow Avenue 1837 Clrnton Avenue 4 Srdney Hecker, Secretary KAUFMAN IRVING KENSLER CHARLES KERN DONALD KERNER EDGAR KLATZKIN ARTHUR KLEIN LOUIS KOMMEL HERBERT KRASHES HOWARD IAVINE HAROLD LEHMAN KURT jf 1360 Lyman Place 2049 Bronx Street 38 Orange Street Brooklyn 454 Ft Washxngton Avenue 3231 81st Street jackson Hts L I 2031 Webster Avenue 574 West End Avenue 1435 Ogden Avenue 1803 Rrversrde Dnve Steckers Cottage Hewrtt L I HELLIN GER, MONROE ...................I...I......,.I..,.,.I...,.........................................,..,................ 1133 Park Avenue Page On: Hundred Twenty-three LEVINE OSCAR LOPEZ AUGUSTO MARTIN PETER MAYBRUCK MILT MCDERMOTT GEORGE MCCUINES JOSEPH MELTYER JULIUS MESCIA NICHOLAS MILLER MORTON MILLSTEIN RICHARD MOLDAUER HARRY MONTALBANO VINCENT 1564 Crotona Park East 880 West 181st Stree 463 East 136th Street 1479 Macombs Road 2065 Walton Avenue 132 Seaman Avenue 1560 Amsterdam Avenue 2546 45th Street L I tv 96 Wadsworth Terrace 228 East 87th Street 1510 Crotona Park East 421 West 35th Street 5 Henry Block Secretary MUNZINGER JOHN NARINS LESTER ORDMAN CHARLES ORGEL JEROME ORIS NATHAN PACE EDWARD PODOLSKY MORTIMER PRESS HARRY RABUT PAUL RACOFF HERBERT RAINS EDWIN RAPPAPORT BERT REIN MELVIN ROBESON ARTHUR ROGERS EDWARD ROMAN DUNBAR ROSFNBERG NORMAN ROSENBERG MURRAY ROTHLEIN MARVIN RUBIN GEORCE RUDERFER LEONARD 2298 Creston Avenu 291 Henry Street 1391 Madison Avenue 117 07 Boulevard Rockaway Beach 601 West 1-42nd Street 3070 Barnbrrdge Avenue 580 West 176th Street 1052 Bryant Avenue 2070 Creston Avenue 656 West 167th Street 999 Aldus Street 2471 Davrdson Avenue 5 West 122nd Street 680 West End Avenue 875 West 180th Street 17 East 97th Street 2701 Grand Concourse 91 Central Park West 1515 Selwyn Avenue 601 West 160th Street 6 George McDermott, Secretary RUFFMAN ISAAC SAKELL GEORGE SAMSON SHERMAN SAPHIER PETER SCHLANG CHARLES SCHLESINGER EDWARD 1165 Bryant Avenue 5619 Mosholu Avenue 701 West 177th Street 541 West 204th Street 127 West 79th Street 590 West 172nd Street , .,..........,..............,..,.,.A........r,..........,.,..........,.......,....................4............. t , T.....,.A..,.,.,.r,..,...,...r........,,...........,.......,,.,...,1,.,........,..,..,....r,.................. . , .r,...................,........,..............,.............1..1.....,..,,.........,....,................ ,.,..... , ...........,......,.............,,,,,.......,....1,.,A...,..........,,,...,..4.,...,.............,............. , ......rrr.r,........,....4..r..,......,..,...,..,...,.,.....,...,.................,...,.r......, T , ...... .............,..,...............,...,.,...,..................................,........,.................. J , ....,........,........,................,.,......,.r........1,...................4..................... , I ....t........,.,...................,.,..,...........,....... ...... ,.,.,...,.. .... - I , . .C1, , ..................A,A,.......,..,,...1,,,.,,............,..t........,......,4...............,,,..,.....,. t , ..,..........,...,......,.... ..,,,.......rrr.,....,,.,.............,....,,........................ , ...,...a4..4,......, ....,.... . .......,..,....-....-.-,...., ,.... .....-. , . , ...........,.,.. . . 1 , .,......,..r......,..... .........,,..r.......4....,.,...........,.................. ' 7 , ..,..........,...rr.,...,..,,.............,.,..,.......,,,.,...........,.,...,...,.....,r,..,............ e 1 , ............,..,..,......A......................,......, .,......,.........,..,...,....,..,.....,.,...,.............,..... , ........,...,.........,....-,.,.......,..,...........,....,.4.............,........................... . 7 .........,..,...........,,,..,....,.,,.....,............ .. ......,..,..,.. W 7 , ....,...,.....,,,,..,.....,.,,,...,..........1.,.,.....,.,,...,,.,...,.....,.,..,.......,..,......,,......,.... , .............,.,.,....,....,,.......,..............................1..,....,.,..,....,...4..........,.,..... , ......,.A....,.,...,..........,........,...,..........,.,.................,......,..... , ..,.,...................,.............,....,..........,.,. , ......,...,.,..r,,......................... .r..,.. . .1491 Shakespeare Avenue , ....,......,.....,,.,.......,.,......,.....,.........1,..,.,V,....,.,...,........,......,...,.............................. , ,..........1.....,.,......,.4.,.,..,..,.,............................,....,4,....r....,..,...,.............. , ...,...,.,,...,..........,.r....4..,..,.,......,,.,..........................,...,.............1.,4.............,. , ........,.,.........r.,................,.,.,......1....,.......................... ,..........,.. ,......,,...,....... , .............,..1....r........,...,...........,.......,.........1,.......,....,...,.............,........... , , ..,...,......,........,...........,..,...................,............,....rr..,....,....,..., ..4,...... . , ......,....,.................,A..4....,......,........,.................,......,.,.................,.,... . , .,................r.........r...,..........r.......A,,,,,....................................,........ , .,.........................,.........4..,..,............,...,....,...,.,..,...,...,........., , ......,,..,.,.,,.............,...,..,.,...,..,.,..........,.,.,.,.,.....,..........,.....,r.... ....., , I ...............,................,,....,...,......,.,............,...........,....................,.,.........,.... , , ...,....rr,......J...,......,......1........,..r..,.1.................,....................,.... .l , ..,...,.........,..rT.......,............,....,.....r...,..................,.....,...,.,....,......,.............. , ..,.....,1.,......,.r.......r...,,.....,.,....J.,......,............A......,.,.....,.....,......,.......... . , ....,4..A...............4.,,........,......,..,r.,..,............ .........r.....,.,..,......,..... , .............,,............,.,...........................,.,...,...,.................r,,,,.,4,.r.......y,,.,,.. , ...........,.,....r.............,................,,..,.,........,..,.......,.,rr...,...,............,. , .,.A.....,......................,......,.,.............,..,..,...,...............,.. Ptllll' Our flzfrzfiwd T'lA'I'7lfj'-f0lH" SCHOENBRUN DAVID SCHULMAN ROBERT SCHWAID BENJAMIN SCHWARTZ LESTER SHWEITZER SEYMOUR SEIDENBERG WILLIAM SHANES HERBERT SHAPIRO LEONARD SHAUB SOL SCHLAIFER ARTHUR SHOENTHAL SIDNEY SHORTER KENNETH SILVERMAN ALLEN SMITH LEON SOHN ISRAEL ur Lehman r Secretary SOKOLSKI JEROME SONKIN ISIDORE SPIELBERG AARON SPIELMAN HAROLD SPIRO WILLIAM STERNIG MARTIN STURNER WILLIAM TEGTMEIER ROBERT TOLINS RICHARD TREEN JEEEERSON VAN ROOSBROECK WILLY VON DOENHOFF CARL WALDMAN SIDNEY WACHIELL STANLEY WEINBEROER HOWARD WEINSTEIN HAROLD WEITZMAN MAX WITCHELL JESS WOLESON JACOB WURZEL EDWARD M ZECHNOWITZ WILLIAM 700 West 176th Street 27 West 96th Street 1678 Crotona Park East Vermrlyea Avenue 101 West 144th Sttee 500 East 88th Street 205 East 66th Street 4577 Matrlda Avenue 1536 Shakespeare Avenue 1833 Washrngton Avenue 305 West 86th Street 462 Convent Avenue 241 West 75th Street 1857 Andrews Avenue 1263 Webster Avenu 715 Rrversrde Drrve 243 East 77th Street 213 5 Grand Avenue 91 West Tremont Avenue 1534 Nelson Avenue 1157 Colgate Avenue 113 East 235th Street 65 Central Park West 1040 Anderson Avenue 3238 Oxford Avenue 251 West 102nd Street 725 Humboldt Street 3191 Perry Avenue 610 West 142nd Street 564 West 169th Street 191 3 East 3rd Street 2227 Ellrs Avenue 790 East 157nd Street 232 Calhoun Avenue 54 West 110th Street , ........................,........,......,,.,.....,...,..,......T........,....,........,...,.. , ....,.........,...,...,......,........,,,.I,......,....,.....,......,.,...............,......2.,...... , ..,.........................,...,.........,..,........,...,..,.........I...,.,..,.,.,......,. , .,..........,...................,,....,....,..,.,.........,..,...........,..............,............, 15 A . , ...,.................,.......,........,.,.......,......,...............,.......,......,...... C t , ....,...,...I..,.,..,.........,..,..,...I...........,......,,..........,.....,..,.,.,.,...,,.... , ....,......................,...,......,............,.I..........,............,.,.,.,.........,.........,....... , ...............,......,.........I...,.I....,...................,...,....,.............,,..........,.., , .....,.,.....,.,....I....................,. 1 .......,.,.......,......,.....,.....,...........................,........ Q , I................. ,.........I... ...,..........., ......I....,......,.............,...... . , ....T,.....,.,....,...........s.......,.,..,.,.,....,..,.,................,...,...I.....,...,... , .....T...,.,.....................,.T.,..,....I.I......,.,..,.,.............,......,.........,........, . , ...,.....,...,,....,..,.,.r.....I.....,..I...,...,.....,.......,..........,...............,..,..,..... , .L .....................................................,.......,.........,...,......,............,...,.., L ..... .... ...,. , ...... .............,.... ..,....,.........,,............. ....,....,..,.,..........,....,..,...,..,..,.,...,.....,.,.,.... e 7. K t , j ., ' , ., ...,................,..........,..I......,,..,.......,..........,.,................,.......I.,.......,,.. . L , .,.....,.,..................,...........................,.,..........................I..................,...... . , .....,...,........,....,.,..................,...............,...............,........,...,...,... ...... . .115 East 114th Street , .....I,...............,...........,...,,.,..,..............,..,.......,..........,.....,.,,.....,........ , ..,,........,........,,......,.........,....,,........................,......,...,...,.,................. , .........,......................,.,.................,........,..............................,,.,.,.,.,...... , ..,..........,...,...,.................,..............,....,......,......,. ....................... , ..,............................. ..........,.....,.........,..,................,,.I..,................ , ............,........................,...,........,.,...,....,,...............,....,.......I.....,.......... , ....I........I....................,....,.,...,.......................,...................,.,....,.. , ...........,........,........,....I,,,......,......,.,.......,,......,......,.,..,., , .,...I................................,......,...,.....,............,..........,....,..... , ..............I.............,.....................,.....,............,...............,..,......,.,....... , ......,.....I........,....I.,.........,..,......,.....,.,.,........,,.............I,.............., , ...................,....,....,..I...,........,,........,..,.,...........I......,,....., 4 , .....,............ ......,...........-.............. ....................f.,...,... ,... .-...,..... , ..........,...... ...........................,......4.,..,.v....- a..-... ...... ..-,.............- .--.-...,.....,. 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Page One Hundred Twenty-fit'e Acknowledgment of Apprecnatnon To Mr jacob A Frzedman or hu ever help ul guzdance through the nanczal problefny that arofe zn the :nuance 0 thu book To M1 Albert P D Andrea 01 hu kznd adozce and oalu able tznte expended tn dtrectzng the Art Sta To Mr Bernard Perlrnutter Ol hu actwe zntereft zn the czrculatzon of the Crunxon and Gold To Menu Robert H Alles james E Flynn and Louzx R Trzllzntg or their help zn revzeuzng the artzclef zn thu book To Mr Eduard Gotthelf o the Eaftern States Przntzng and Publzfhzng Company or hu znoaluable counyel zn the tech nzcal nzatterf relatzue to the publzcatzon o thu volume To Mr Ralph Gernfhau o the Arthur Studzoy or hzs afyzftance zn Juperozszng all the photography or thzy edztzon And to the ntentberf 0 the Art Sta or ereatzng the Art work zn thu zsfue The Edztors o the Crunfon and Gold of june 1930 extend their szncere gratztude ' ,f . -if I. . 15 A jf J. . jj. ,. jf 7. ' . .. 'f ' 'ff I , f . a, , ft t tff ' .f f. 7 P g O Hundred Twenty-sz Last W1ll and Testament Of The Class Of June, 1930 We tbe rnernbem 0 tbe Cla55 0 une 1930 o Town5end Har115 Hall zn tbe Oty 0 New York bavzng completed 0111 alloted and addztzonal tznu 1c1tb1n tbe5e wall5 and bezng declared 0 5o11nd rnznd by tbe enzznent D1 Berg and otber noted 7 brazn 5pec1al15t5 do make pnblzc and declare tb15 our La5t Wzll and Te5tan1ent a5 ollow5 1 To Mr Flynn ue gzve and begaeatb a book on tbe E5k11no D1alect5 or re erence zn add1e551ng b15 cla55e5 7 To oar 1no5t re5pected and beloved 1n5t111cto1 1n H15to1y M1 Geo1ge W' Blake we gzve and begneatb a ty oot cbznzney uztb a p1pe5ten1 attacbed and ten ca1load5 o tobacco 50 tbat be nzay never lack tbe enjoyment o a .f7710k6 Tbe a orementzoned cbzrnney 15 to be erected zn Lewzfobn Stadzznn and tbe pzpe 5te1n broagbt to b15 roorn tbrozz b tbe elevator 5ba t 3 To our bene1 olent 1n5tr11ctor M1 Cbaftney we gzve and beqaeatb an electrzc bor5e and a T111k15b batb to be placed under tbe .ftage 1n tbe a5re1nbly ball If after Zlfltlg tbe a or5a1d apparatzu 1t II oand tbat tbe bonor able docto1 doe5 not 1edace to any extent tbe elect11c bo15e IJ to be gzven to M1 Mark Fender5on and tbe T11rk15b batb to our learned caretaker Pop 4 To 0111 rnzld and patzent 1n5t111cto1 D1 T111e5dale we owe and be qaeatb 50 ftyj 5and bag5 to be arranged above tbe cba115 o b15 5t11dent5 117 e al5o beqaeatb a patented relea5e 01 lettzng the 5a11dbag5 d1op on any 5t11dent5 zcbo a1e engaged 1n talkzng 5neak1ng oat o 1oo1n 51gn1ng g1een card5 etc 5 To oar well known nzatb 1115t111cto1 D1 Rob1n5on we gzve and be qneatb a contract a11anged wztb Sbejzeld I'a1n15 wbe1eby a q11a1t bottle o milk be del1ve1ed to bzrn at tbe begznnzng o eacb pe11od at lf one bal przce Sazd contract If good for ten yea15 and 15 not tran5 e1able 6 All tbe 1e5t re51d11e and 1e1na1nde1 o 0111 p1ope1ty we gzve dev15e a11d beqneatb to oar wortby dzrector P10 Falzon and to b15 be1r5 exec11tor5 ad1n1n15trato15 and a551gn5 oreve1 7 We bereby appoznt Dr Mendel5obn and M155 RZCDIE1 exec11to15 o tb15 0111 la5t wzll and te5ta1nent and we orde1 tbat tbe 5a1d exec11to15 5ball not be reaazred to gzve bon115 condztzoned or tbe aztb nl pe1 orntance o tbezr d11tze5 I n Wztne55 Wbereo 1 HENRY BLOCK 2 MELVIN D GOODMAN 3 JACOB H LANDMAN Attorney at Law , ef 5 fl f , c-J 1 1 1 ' 1 f : 11.32. H '. Y - ' 1 ' 11,1 ' f' . ' 1 1 , 1 . , " g . Oi. . fn O , 5. A I j , - . 1 1 1 , 5 . , . .. f' 24 I D . ' , ff' , 7 ' f Page One Hundred Twentyrs Autographs HL H WV, ?1f "'7 4 y. ,V . ,, f A , . ,- J, R ' 4-2 ' yn X Autograph 0 1 5 N x f, X Page One Hzmdrad Twenty-nine OVER 78 YEARS ON SAME CORNER Let your earnings grow in the form of a Sinking Fund by making your deposits in The Metropolitan Savings Bank NO. 1 THIRD AVENUE Cor. 7th Street and let your savings earn 42421 QUARTERLX' DIVIDENDS ON JAN. 1, APRIL, JULY and OCTOBER Deposits made on or before the 3rd business day of that month will draw interest from the lst day of that month--if left at the end of quarter. ASSETS OVER S31,000,000.00 ROBERT D. ANDREWS President P O Hundred Thirty COMMONWEALTH SAVINGS BANK OF NEW YORK CITY 161st STREET AND AMSTERDAM AVE. and 4242 BROADWAY fnear 181st Streetj lf C! Where Interest Starts From 1 0' A I 2 XO The Day of Deposit 4: X2 XO Tmvelerf Cheguef Ifmed "FROM A WELL WISHERH NATHAN DOBSON INSURANCE 80 MAIDEN LANE NEW YoRK CITY FOLKMAN 8: Co., INC. 621111 HORTHAND The Stepping-Stone to nz SUCCESSFUL CAREER The Wor1d's Most Successful Shorthand Writers 9+ use Pitman Shorthand D'COver 9019 of tlzie Reporters of the English sjvfaleing world write Pitmcm. ISAAC PITMAN 8: SONS Shorthand Courses, VVordsigns and Contractions, Phrase Books and Guides, Shorthand Dictionaries, etc. 2 West 45th Street, New York Page One Hundred Thirty-0 THE PUBLIC NATIONAL BANK Sz TRUQT C0 34 Branches Convemently Located Resources over 8200 000 000 00 I Compliments of L V I I ' Compliments of KIELSON 85 WAXELBAUM Publislaers' Representatives 205 EAST 42nd STREET NEW YORK CITY P O H !dTl NEW YORK PREPARATORY New York School Brooklyn Academy 72 Park Avenue Cor. Montague Bc Henry Sts. Bet. 38th and 39th Sts. Two blocks from Boro. Hall Both Day CDwight School, 9 to 31003, and Evening Schools Chartered by the Board of Regents ERNEST GREENWOOD, Principal Prepares Especially for REGENTS AND COLLEGE ENTRANCE Forty years of successful work in Regents Preparation. Forty-seven years of successful work in College Preparation. Courses Include Preparation for WEST POINT and ANNAPOLIS INQUIRE FOR PARTICULARS, ALSO CATALOG Thorozzgfoly Equipped Science Labomtorief SPECIAL SUIVIIVIER. SESSION Bimieff of Crinzfofz and Golf! for 112411231 yemuf. Dr. SQ. llglrelssil Bindery BOOKBINDING EDITIONS CATALOGS 41 -43 -45 -47 ELIZABETH STREET NEW YORK Page One I'I!l7Zd1'C'd Th irt Compliments of GLOBE OAFETERIA 121 EAST 23rd STREET NENV YORK C0lllDllllI0lllS of H. S. BAUB All Graduates of this school are eligible foradmlsslon to Pacelnstltute a nationally known and dxstrnctrve professional school of techmcal training in Business Administration Accountancy Secretarial Practise Clalses for beginners at Pace Institute prepare high school graduates for imme dlate earnings Many Pace graduates are now treasurers and controllers of large corporations others are in successful accountancy practise largest organizations rn New York City are conducted especially for day students in the Accountancy School and for day students in the Secretarial School Students and Parents are Invited to confer with the Regrstrar Day School Evening School Pace lnstltute 225 Broadway New York , Q n 0 I . . I Field trips to the offices and plants ofthe O ELITE BOOKPLATES are luxurious, yet inexpensive. They preserve the individually of the booklover, and they form a perfect complement for the library. They are beautiful graduation presents. 100 Bookplates, individually imprinted with the name of the owner-32.50 C. C. N. Y. COOPERATIVE BOOKSTORE r' Our Hulzdrrrz' Yiliirry-four Photographers for Crimson and Gold -fvqjgryffw 6'Vf?m'f3'b We are equipped for making portraits of any kind. Specializing in photographic work for college annuals, also class and frater- nity pictures. Special reduced rates offered ro students and faculty members on personal orders. Portraits finished in the finest quality. 'm2'ff2"f-+"2P kirby Photographs' taken by MR. RALPH GERNSHAW Perfomzlly Arthur Studios, llne 131 XVEST 42nd STREET, NEW YORK CITY Phone: Bryant 7345-7344-7545 Page One H1411 died fhirt ROXY WATCH CO. 9 MAIDEN LANE NEW YORK CITY "Call Me Lenn Stationery 'N Everything 1564 ST. NICHOLAS AVE. Cot. 188th Street Compliments of M. RANDEL 307 FIFTH AVENUE Compliments of NAT SHAPIRO nc Hu mired Thirty-si Tel. Kilpatrick 9625 GORLIN - SPIRO Featuring Smart Clothes 883 PROSPECT AVENUE Next to Franklin Theatre BRONX, N. Y Compliments of A FRIEND Miller Auto Supply Co. 205 EAST NINTH STREET NEW YORK CITY Telephone Algonquin 1030-1-Z-3 Exclusive Distributors AETNA STORAGE BATTERIES Distribiztors for RAYBESTOS FAN BELTS Compliments of MQRTON GGLDFARB MY FLORIST, Inc. 160 East 57th Street NEW YORK CITY For Vivid, Reliable News 'Read THE DAY Compliments Compliments of of I LOWER A UPPER B Compliments C0mPlim6nlX of of LOWER B UPPER C Compliments Of THE AMALGAMATED BANK T8 C I Sbortxtggi Easy to read-Easy to Write Based on Longhand 17 1 . X29 Ll g Zi- A .Ay 1 Lf 17, , X , fQ,,O .52 ,Q MAMA f Z7 if U f The Gregg Writer travels the "de Luxe" route to rapid promotion and high salary. Write us for free lesson. ' Grej5110ubfiJbing Co, '20 West 47th Street Telephone Bryant 7020 Compliments of BENDEN .IEWELERS 1607 BROADWAY NEW YORK CITY 1 Compliments 01' LOWER C Pgofld dTh LOUIS BECKERIVIAN 1606 AMSTERDAM AVE. NEW YORK CITY GUS VARDALIS 3421 BROADWAY NEW YORK CITY H. SEID'S 541 WEST 138th STREET NEW YORK CITY Tel. Rhinelander 1946 PILLOT PAINTING CO. Inc. PAINTING and DECORATING 453 EAST 84th STREET NEW YORK CITY P g Om' Hundred Forty Harry Rapaport S, G. Smith Mgr. Asst. Mgr. Phones BRYant 7360--7361 N. Y. C. GARAGES, Inc. Tnznfiefzlf Artommodated Capacity 500 Cars Entrances on 37th and 38th Streets NO ELEVATORS 310-28 WY. 38th ST. 327-29 W. 37th ST. Open from 11 A. M. to 2 A. M. PHONE VOLUNTEER 4622 SING LONG LOW Chinese Restaurant 201 East 59th Street Cor. Third Avenue New York City M. HERIVIAN 1596 AMSTERDAM AVE. NEW YORK CITY 2617 Phone Rhinelander 2618 THOS J DORSEY Plfmzbzng and H eatin g C mm 45101 201 EAST 66th STREET NEW YORK 3873 Havens SL Co. MANUFACTURING IEWELERS LZDGXJ CLASS PINS - - RINGS MEDALS and TROPHIES QUALITY Plus SERVICE equals SATISFACTION CS9G!5 17 - 19 THOMPSON STREET NEW YORK CITY Telephone WVALker 0257 fsfsww Send For Catalog POI-IddF FOR THE NEEDS OF GENTLEMEN AND SCHOLARS- THE WORK OE CRAFTSMAN OF THEIR HANDS QZQGXD Printers of the Crimson and Golldl EASTERN STATES PRINTING 81 PUBLISHING CO., Inc. A ZZSQBROADWAY 2512 Transportation Bldg. NEVU YORK CITY Tel. Cortlandt 2548 P90 I-Iddl' Jf K 4 -.,. ,,, ' ,M Nqr, ,. -A-X , , ,.4M,, . Y ,f M E 3, . ' J L, V, ., , 4, m , .1 mv TRY 'V ' J?-'5 f V 1 -3" vi.,-I, Y ,',.4 ' ' i, 4 w, . H .. 2,-gg, , . 1...-ffl, ,. . , x QM, ' 1,4 'st J- any, ' . 511' A V:i5:',. i,-ff. A. if 1:--f, 4. 4 5. 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