Town of Webb High School - Hadarondah Yearbook (Old Forge, NY)

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Town of Webb High School - Hadarondah Yearbook (Old Forge, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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Q f J il' Q EL' 4 4: M ? 4 iw i Il I I I t 2 Y ,-Sw f'- K 5 Li!-?:43"f?4-" f " , A as ' llllllllliilillilfllmw KWH' 41131 lx's.ii..SfB.. fwki 4' ' lllnnnnl . 1.6 NOUVMYP 9, v 'PWM x :L if idnunvn-ml! imrrzmcwfas ,E vibe v ' U .,,, W' - . k,..,g ui L"+'f' ' ab L' K . Q Q wfswiw ...Q , M. K, X -V W Y W an . 'Wai M me. X s ""'iK,?3fge 2 I a wsu'- : tw, Memory of Pazlffzbm Ejfany C We, the class of' 1956, hereby dedicate this yearbook to Nr. Byron L. Greenfield for his development of the standards and principles of our school. Your undying spirit, your capabilities as a administrator, your fr1endl1ness,your faith in the promise of youth, and your eagerness to aid students in planning for the future are but a few of your endearing qualities. Seldom is seen one who works so tirelessly, and so unselfishly to achieve a worthwhile goal whether it be personal or educational guidance. It is with the greatest esteem and deepest respect that the Seniors, Hadarondah Staff, and the entire student body dedicate to you 'Profu this yearbook so all will possess a tangible memory of your successful years at the Town of Webb School. EIEI IS v14 11 J.C. Barker,Tax Collecterg D.E. G1fford,Secretaryg D.E. Russell, Clerkg Dr. S,W. Nelson, Physician: Ab. J.H. Kiefer, Treasurer: M-"'! A, J0B11n, E, Appleton, H. Norton, I- Minnie. W. Egenhofer, M. D6nD1S, W- Ball, P- Turpin B. Crofut, Ab. A. Brussel 5. 1 ix A Davis Packard Camardello Harris Clark Holmes Smith H. Daily G. Burleigh K. Villiers E, Scouten E, Putney E, Gokey M, Wilson A, Eyre A, Villiers M, Whrk D.Berg1n K.C.Sm1th C.Bernatchez J.Col11ster L.Watson M.Scuder1 lu .v 'N N :J 42 f' H rf SSEN OR I EN SS NIOR E SS 0R I 0RSSEN I N E SS NIOR E SS OR SENI SE ?NIORSSII lon SE IORSSE 1011 I AV' V I . -Q 1 ' .5 ' I K -Is I ' xx., , Q . A ' I f 1 if . , I I? S I I - I I ff. V !1 I or P -il II 5? 1 if v r ? x S 5f 55 S OR I SEN S OR I N SE IORS Standing: D. Watson. S. Grabb, J. Colllster, L. Harr1s , D. Pack d Sitting? J. McNeil, C. Puffer, D. Bird, A. Bartelotte, J, Turner Senior Ufficers D. Bird J. Collister D. Tickner C, Puffer J. McNeil A. Bartelotte E IORS N SE ORS ri ,A z Qi, .S E assi: cafzn 'SI J' ' ,.,.f'q zu G2 f P , 3 4 Ill Z 5 E SE IORS SE IORS SE HIRE H CHARLES H. BABROWS 'Education makes a man.' Chorus 2,3,bg Basketball l,2,3,4 Baseball l,2,3,bg Soccer 3,b Band lg Fire a Safety Comm. U Boy's State 3, ROBERTA H. BABROWS 'And all went merry as a wedding bel1,' Chorus 1,2,3,hg Lewneida Play 3,b Lewnelda Chorus 3,U:Barmonettel 4 Cheerleading 23 Journalism 2,3,b, Class. Sec. lg Library Club Senior Play bg All-State Chorus 3, Soccer 2,33 DONALD N. BIRD 'He will laugh thee to soorn.' Baseball 1,2,3,'-Ifg Basketball 1,2 3,4gSoccer l,2,3,4g Chorus 1,2,3 L Band l,2,3,4gLewne1da Chorus 2gAll State Band 3,43 Lswneida Band 3,03 Boy's Quarette 4gAthlet1o Comm. l, 23Dance Band 3,43 Student Council 3,4gF1re b Safety Comm. 2,35 Class Vice-Pres. 45Yearbook Staff bs All Star Soccer Team 45 National Hon r Society 3,Ug Boy's State 33 Senior Play UgSyraouse C.E. Conference 3, 4gSeot1onal Soccer Team 4gHerk1mer Health Conference 3,Ug 10. RICHARD B. GOKEY UA jest breaks no bones.' Baseball 2,3,u3 Basketball 1,3,bg Soccer l,2,3,hg Chorus 1,2,3,bg A11-State Chorus bgBoy's State 3: Yearbook Staff bg Athletic Lewnelda Chorus 3,bg C1ass.Treas . 35 National Honor Society by All- Stir Soccer Team by Sectional Team 3. ' ANITA L. BARTELOTTE 'No sky is heavy if the heart is l1ght.' National Honor Societyg Sec. of- Student Council 2gStudent Council Treas.bgJourna11sm Staff 2,3, bg Chorus 1,2,3,bg Band 1,2,3, bg Cheerleading 1,2,3,4gMake-upl, 2: Journalism 1 2,3,bg Harmonetteshg cmrssm 2,3,!l-3 Lewneida chorus ag Lewneida Band 3 bg Class. Sec. 2: A11-State Band L- Central Treasbg C1ass.Treas. 1 LgSax Ensemble bg Yearbook Staff 43 Senior Play bg LAURENCE J. HARRIS 'We are such stuff as dreams are made on.' Lowneida Chorus 2,3,bg A11 State Chorus U: Yearbook Staff bg Chorus 1,2,3,bg 11. JOHN 0. McNEIL 'Our ideals are our better selves.n Baseball 1,2,3,U: Soccer l,2,3,bg Basketball l,2,3,bg Chorus 2,3,b- Student Council 1,23 Pres. 3, ' U Q Senior Play bg Claes.Pres.l,2,3,UE 9633 Herkimer Health Conference 3,hg National Honor Society 3,UgPres.3: Assistant Yearbook Edit or bg Journalism Club l,2,3,bg B0y'g State 33 GAIL C. GILSON LEO 'Put on her garments of gladness.' Chorus 1, 2, 3, bg Senior Play bg Softball lg Lewnelda Chorus bg Soccer 1, 2, 3, bg D. MINNIE 'I can not afford to waste my time making money.' Baseball by Soccer bg Ski Team U: Basketball l bg Chorus 1, 2,3,US senior Play 55 Class Vice-Pres.lg Track 3,bg Lewneida Chorus bg 12. 43 Www' A Q M 4' ,M-. ,l 1 fs. in QQIT X ff V. ROBERT ROACH 'The true ship is the ship builder ' Senior Play 43 -gg BRENDA A. MENEILLY 'A smile with intent to do m1sch1ef.' Journalism 1,2,3g CNYSSPA 23 ESSPA 3gWebb Staff 2,3' All State Chorus 4gHarmonettes 3,Lg Lewneida Chorus 2,3,UgLewne1da TV Chorus 3,45 Band 2,3,45Chorus l,2,3,4gL1brary Club 3gDramat1cs lgAssemb1y Comm.2,3,4, soccer 1,z,3- Basketball 1,2,3,4' Senior Play 4gCheer1ead1ng 1,2,3,4 G1r1's State 35 DAVID A. TICKNER 'He can resist anything but temptat1on.' Baseball l,2,3,4g Basketball 1, 2,3,4g Soccer l,2,3,4gChorus l 2,3,L+g Lewneida TV chorus 3,4 Lewneida Chorus 2,3,4gAl1 State Chorus 2gStudent Council 1,2,4g Athlete Comm. 33Sen1or Play 43 Journalism l,2,3g Webb Staffj3g Lewneida Play lg P. T. A. Play 13 Herkimer Health Conference 3 and bg Clase Vice-Pres. 33 JACK WL TURNER 'The photographic m1nd.' Lewneida Chorus 3543 Track 3g4g All State Chorus 4gChorus l,2,3, 4gIearbook Staff 43Sk1 Team 1,2, 3 .45 CLAIRE L. PUFFEB '0h. miracle- my man.' Journalism 1,2,3g Webb Staff 2,33 ESSPA 33 CNYSSPA 2,3g Soccer 1,2, 3gChorus 1,2,3,4g Lewneida Chorus 3,4gCheer1ead1ng 1,2,3,43Assemb1y Comm.1g Social Comm. 2,4' Senior Play 4gBasketba11 1,2,3,f+g P.TLA. Play 1gDramat1cs 15 Sec. of Class 1,43 Yearbook Staff 4' Make-Up 13 Dance Comm. Chairman 4g RICHARD A.VILLIEBE 'No man is born an artist or an ang1er.' Ski Team 1 2 3 4' Chorus 1 2 3 4' Track 3,4g, ' , ' Senior i1ay,4E 14. DOUGLAS F.WATSON 'Love guilds the scene, and women R gu1ae the plot.' fxf' ffqfvs ga Band 1,2,3,b3 Chorus l,2,3,b3 Vela i W gE?Eg Baseball 3,55 Lewnieda Band 2,3,U: assi Eggs? Soccer 2,33 Boy's Quartet 3,33 Jrrgpfaggf Basketball 23 Dance Band 2,3,Ug'ggQ Class. Sec. 3: Senior Play U: p ,pggQQ '5" All-State Orchestra 3g Track 3,bg BA Qwgfu Yearbook Staff bg All-State Bandbg EW Fire Q Safety Comm. 3,bg 2 S J f X if '21 Q H ' QW Q g X ,ff X' 1 fi 12 P ' Q if I CONSTANCE M. THOMAS nThe social smile, the sympathetic ear.' Band l,2,3,Ng Chorus l,2,3,4g Lewneida Band 2,3gLewne1da Chorus 4gHarmonettes 2,3,UgAll State Chorus 4gLewne1da Play 3gP.T.A. Play l5Journal1sm Club l,2,g, Mgwebb Staff 2,3,UgQu1ll 8 Scroll 3, 3 National Honor Society 3,4g CNYSSPA 23 ESSPA 3gCheerlead1ng 1,2,3,4gMake-Up 2 Basketball lgSoccer 1,23 Senior Play 4 Syracuse C.E. Conf. 3,4g Class Treas.2 Dramatics Club l,23Soc1al Comm. l,2,3, Mg Chairman 2,45 ws THE CLASS OF 1956 wish to express our deepest appreciation to Miss Joan Collister and Mr. David Packard for their undying guidance in the production of this book. Without their long hours of assistance and direction, the publication of such a book would have been unattainable. 1 Prophecy ai 19 3553 .7 E 1 I Gfsf ,Ga ss - xy by is HER. occ 1' G CQ' ig Cf 'J E I 1 K ab N' L il V1 Q Report To: Office Report By: Report On: - - Left occupying my time passengers hoping of P. A. Chapnorton Ile Ketchum, Deputy U. S. Marshal Kenlou Watsmith, Desperado Bergln Flats on the Packard Stage as instructed, studying information gathered and palavering to to gain new lead on said desperado. Conversation continually interrupted by driver, Huck Barrows' yells of 'get-up, Susie ... get-up, Brooke'. Learned from Robin Roach, butcher from Carvebone, that Rick Rokey who ran the pokey was a slow meticulous and uncorrupted official. Looking forward to our meeting. 10:QQ 5, M, - Arrived at 'Mumps Inn' where the atmosphere was con- tagious. Entertained and served by two individuals known only as Bren and Wat. Coffee high-five cents. Horses changed by Wat's SOD. The shotgun rider Hail Gllson let slip that Alg Sciens was spotted near the Eagleg in Camardel Gulch last trip. She tried to cover by talk of her skill with the bow and arrow, blushingly admitting to being known as 'Cupie' to her friends. JZQQQ - High Noon. we passed Cannon Jack and stopped at Trail End, the cemetery,to water and rest the horses. Its caretaker, by name, Dig Villiere described Camardel and its inhabitants. Amazing knack of these westerners to tag a man on his character. Dig certainly is the last man to let you down. Ziggggi-gg - Destination at last. Camardel! Every woman's dream,a paradise of culture. Eased in posing as a Tonic salesman of Burne- chez for baldness and Scuter1's Greek remedies for corns. I even attended the Ladies Aid Benefit, for it had an excellent view of the Eagles so noted customers entering and leaving the 'B1rds'. In front it had a chris-gal sign, unusual for a cow town. Starred in the play was Mac Neil who was superb as Sakespeare's hero.'0 Judy- ette, O Judy-ette, where art thou?' climaxed the performance. Bob and Bertie Bel-Air had sponsered the performance. They told me of trail-or town being home ever since they had gone on the road. All discussion afterwards pertained to a Snare Puffer who had ambushed someone known as Wild Bill. 6gOQ 3, M,- Introduced myself to Judge Commek Minnie should I need legal counsel. Learned of cowpokes' trouble with employees of the high fly 1118 251-23.- One, Dave 'the rave' alias 'the k1ller', took their girls who knew his wurth by his Jack.The other 'Hands'Turner took their gold dust. His speed and photographic memory had made a reputation for him as far as Forge. The Judge knew little of the desperado I followed3Bonn1e Thomas was his suggestion as the local schoolmarm heard all the gossip from her talkative students. Never again! She wanted me to close the show,'Collie's Foll1es', a pre- sentation of the Eagles as its theme was Crockett and Roll. Its K- E director, Larry Larris, allowed spark lights, coded scenery and costumes. I fear I couldn't comprehend the objections as the local dialect was beyond my comprehension. I frowned, nodded, frowned again as my course had taught me and departed with the ex- cuse of needing to stop at the Gunsmoke Bank. The teller, Juanita Bartelot, took my money and then as it was closing time allowed me to accompany her down Holmes street to her house. 2gQQ 2, M,- It was here I learned what I had travelled so very far to know. I have clinched my case. Hereby accept my resignation. why chase a desperado when I can chase a girl and the reward is so much more satisfying. Respectfully submitted, Ile Ketchum 16. 5' v. 1. if v J Officers J. Lindsay- Secretary W Colwell- Student Council C. Deis- Vice President Y. Rivet- Treasurer L. Watson- Advisor F. Llddle- President "sl uniors 'Eva sf. te ' r dy ,XA IE., H ,- SSN Back Row: w.Lagraves, J.De1ong, J.Southw1ck, B.C1ark, F.L1dd1e, C.De1s. Second Row: J.w.De1s, w.Co1we1l, G.Webster, B.Scouten, J.Foster, R.Proper, Front How Mrs.L.Watson, A.Chase, E.Vaughn, B.He1mer, J.L1ndsay, V.R1vette, S.Landsrs, B. Yerman. L.Sm1th, S.Grabb absent. 18. HG4f3Q?IA Officers .Grsnde- Student Council Giddings- Vice President . Rivet- Secretary Ganey- Treasurer . Ryan- President . Smith- Advisor Sophomore s as o,MQW , non o Q Mm. i Back Bow: J.Zahn, L.De1s, R.Barker, M.G1dd1ngs, J.Hartnett, B.App1eton, L. Thorpe, B.Denn1s. Second Bow: M.Sm1th, S.Grande, V.Barrows, J.Ryan, D.Fo1ey, C.Foster, B.B1rdse11, D.Farre11. First Bow: J.Burth, B.Sohmuck, G.R1vet, V. Carpenter, C.Ganey, P.Sohmuok, K.Gr1bneau, G.Blanohard, A.De1marsh, Mr. Smith. 19. Officers Vice President H. Delmarsh Secretary J. Thomas Class Rep. R. Potter Treasurer R. Risley Class Advisor Mr, Bergin President K. Chapman ,, ,nu- N 3 Q Q Freshmen 'Q 914 Back Row:H, Delmar-sh, D, Wallace, E, Russell, B, Potter, L. Gillette, B, Clark, D, Rivet, R, Eisley, E. Murdock! Second How! J, Thomas, B. Turner, B, Folsom, L, Webster, J. Houck, D. Lorenz,J. Tracy, K, Helmer, B. Plattg Front Row: D, Bergin, g. Haney, J. Platt, D. Francis, S, Hiltebrant, S. Longstaff, N. Brown, K, Chapman, o D618 20, See .. Sth Back Row: D. Giddings, R. Foster, A. Cornell, J. Dan- aherg Second Row: H. Dailey W. Rivet, G. Vllliere, J. Russell, P. Ryan, B. Grib- neau, G. Hiltebrant, J. Foley, Front Row: B. Seelye L. Cohen, J. Clark, L. Lan- ders, J. Dennis, B. Webster A. Osborne, A. VanDel1nder. 7th Back Row: K.Delmarsh, S. Smith, C,See1ye, P.Franc1s D.Ayres, K.K1efer, E. Francis, L.K1efer, B.Nelson Second Row: B.Thorpe, E.Os borne, K.Hartnett, B.De1s, C.Corne11, S.Harwood, J. Giddings, A.Smith, B. Gribneau. Front Row:Mrs. Eyre, B.Hutch1ns, L.Mo- Cane, S.Veughn, L.E.Fo1ey,, J.Norton, B.P1att, V. Tiffany, J.Corne11, G. Patrick, G.Barrows absent. 6th Back Row: L. Deis, T, Russell, J, Wilkins, H. Pelo, D. Fulton, J, Compo, J. Chapman, F. Wilson, Second Row: Axtell, P. Foster, Hoffman, J. Vln Delinder, R. Platt, B. Kokernot, F, Moore, J, Ehronsbeck, J. Lorenzg Front Row: 3. Sunncott, G. Cornell, C, Schmuck, C. Wright, N, Folsom, L. Danaher, J, Grabbg Ab, U, Helmer, C. Joslyn, J. Rose, J. Smith J. J. 5th Back Bow: E. Scouten, D. Bishop, D. LaDue, J. Lindsay B. Compo, Third Row: D. Rose W. Davis, S. Cohen, L. Ayers B. Buckley, L. Webster, G. Harris, Second Row: P. Farm- er, M. Ball, L. LaMon1oa, D. Swancott, P. Hansen, C. Ritz G. MacDonald, Front Row: C. Appleton, G. Schmuck, G. Foster, R. Longstaff, G. Breakey. Absent: A. Sohneok, F. Wormwood, S. Foley 4th Back Row: D. Charron, W. Podger, E. Girou, D. Barker, K. Yerman' Third Row: D. webster, 6. Aldrich, D. Bus- sell, T. Deis, L. Villiere, H. Berkowitz, B. Moore, N. Ellis, T. Ritz, C. Barrows, Second Row: B. Ritz, L. Gok- ey, L. Ayers, M. Gebhardt, M. Francis, L. Schmuck, J. Grabb, N. Danaher, M. McKe- nna, Front Row: G. Burleigh, R. Sponable, L. Dennis, S, Turner, S. Beckingham, P. Eldridge, B. Fulton. 3rd Back Row: S. Rix, R. Smit- h, J. Alps, W. Appleton, K. Vllllere, K. Wright, L. Judson, K. Gaudin, S. Burke M. Christy, Second Row: E. Davis, W. Tyler, L. Folsom, M. Wilcox S. Norton, M. Buckley, 5. smith, D, Han- 5911, L- TTIOPPS, M. Patrick, Front Bow: T. Helmer, D. Grabb, G. Cornell, M, Ritz, L. Podger, D. Gregory, B. Girou, D. Beckingham, M. Carrigan, R. Risley, T. Carrlgang Absent: R. Len- hart, P. Parry. Teacher Mrs. A. Villiere Back BOW! F. Russell, J, Hansen, T. Yerman, B, Mao- D0na1dn D- Howe, S. Rivet, L. Bronisewski, T. Gaffney S9 Merry, Po R. Gi' rougSecond Row: D, Moore, M. Gebhardt, M. Easton, M. Hiscox, M. Dennis, P. Har- wood. L. Maly, P. Patrick, M.C. Davis, G. Lindsay, R. Hartnett, Front Row: D, Ryan. S. w11k1ns, R. Aldrj, Ch, N. Breakey,B. Newton, M. Guzzardo, D. Hudon, L. Gregory. lst Teacher Mrs. E, Gokey Back Row: P. Farmer, L. Davis, P. Eldridge, B. Weaver, C. Judson, T. Alps P. Carrigan, P. Cassia, S. Crofutg Second Bow: C. McGu1nness, E. Delmarsh, F. Merry, P. Pulling, G. Beckingham, P. Carrigan, L. Gaudin, M. Kowalik, P. Gaffney, Front Row: L. Guzzardo, D. Ritz, M. Danaher, H. Kashiwa, C. Hansen, K. Barrows, P. Harwood, D. Ryan, F. Merry, Absent: L. Van- Valkenburg, R. Nadeau. Kindergarten Back Bow: S. Tyler, M. Guzzardo, R. Kokernot, C. Ritz, F. Ball, W. VanVa1k- enburg, J. Russell, W. Wilcox, C. Ryan, Second Row: J. Barker, S. Newton, M. Christy, M. Wark, P. Pulling, J. Turpin, M. Schmuck, D. Beckinghamg Front Bow: K. Foster, G. Longstaff, R. Gaudin, S. Brusoe, J. Llddle, B. Gregory, C. Damuth, C. Ayres, Ab. C. Barrett, D Bergln, P. Pelletier, D. Swancott, B. Bronisewski, D. Denio. And greets them with a grin. fl 5 H' P06111 nAll the world's a stagen-- Each then must take his part, Written in these stanzas, the roles So well remembered as we part. Our thoughts carry us to Dave, The scroundel of our clique, His mischief keeps us running Because it's made by Tick. And now we come to Lee, The Jester of our clan. He's witty and silly, we won't deny, But our class is his biggest fan. we can't forget our camera fiend, Reliable, talented, generous Jack, It's rumored he is always seen In his room-of course, 1t's which brings us to Anita and we know right where to begin, Bkeekrkeenef She's nice to people all, rl! Claire is our pride and joy, A girl admired by many boys, But to her Willie she stays true, Without him what would she do. Our radio ham and science man Larry, excels in both these fields, Yet in his character is the door To untold happiness for evermore. Don Bird is our great athlete when playing ball he can't be beat, In basketball, he is the star, In soccer, too. he has gone far. Gokey, gallant and true, also a member of our crew, everyone else 1t's wrong or right But for individuality he will fight. when Brends around we all have fun, She kids and jokes with everyone, We laugh until our sides get sore, And then, come back and ask for more. We have a musician in the group, Over him our Brend has thrown her loop Like Gabriel with his golden horn, ul me ee .2 No one close to Doug can ever mourn. Next on the net, the v1111ere bo Who's better known as Dick, p X4 aj Qowml He's quiet, composed and very coy 0U"',1 "' And out of skiing gets quite a kick. YFZD Though quiet is one named Connie ' Bert Barrows, a very comely lass A brilliant gal is she' Is a compliment to any class, Not only smart in all her classes But to success she holds the key. Doctor, lawyer, engineer-chief, Professions take stamina a la mold' Jack, our Student Council president Has proved his fitness a hundred fold Robert who hails from Eagle Bay, His salesmanship is never ending, when you see Bob at your front door Your money, plan on spending. Glorious Gilson, our statuesque clown, 7 Someday-a reputation of renown, Her one ambition, a doctor to be Schools a root for this professional tree. Her philosophy in sum UMy Bobn is best, bar none. The last on the list, our boy Chuck His standing in class just not luck, Both boys n girls think he's the most Though from him, never a boast. ixxsex- Qwv Slwtumsiuc Qleegyg Our microcosmic world complete The star, the beloved student clown- The curtain momentarily comes down Rehersal over, performance--begin! 'sm X . . a '-f"!f, 'hp M ..'-rv '---v Z an. E I Student COUHC11 Back How: B. Foster J. eyan R. Potter W. Colwell, P. Liddle D. Ticknerg Second Run: G. Patrick, . Tiffany, J. Clark, K. Chapmang Fronf: Bow: Hr. Norton, D. Bird, J. Mcbleil, A. Bartelotte, S. Grande, L. Watson I I NM4oN4x1,,f , - I HLJNQRSULIETYE auonal Honor Soc1ety G. Rivet, W, Colwell, A. Bartelotte, J, DeLong, R, Gokey, C,Ganey, V. Rivet, J. McNeil, M. Scuderi,D, Bird, C, Thomask 26. WEBB Back Row: M, Giddlngs, J, Thomas, W. LaGraves, V, Cargenter, B, Turner, G, Blanchard E. Hurdockg Second ow: A. Delmarsh, K, Grlbneau, J. urth, S. Hiltebrant, P. Schmuck, K. Chapman, J, Deis, N. Browng Third How: C. Ganey, G. Rivet, B. Barrows, C. Puffer, J,H, Dole, Mr. Chapman, B. Meneilly, S. Landers, S. Grande, D, Lindsavg Front Bow: A. Bartelotte, B. Helmer, W. Coluell, J. McNeil, Dramatms Club C. Thomas "M Clark Carpenter Longstaff Collister Clark Thomas Barrows Thomas Schmuck Gribneau . S -s- N N 'B I .2 .n .P W3 ul. Q .C -A 4.- A X-. D- x- I .. Illl an IIII ' W 1 Q hi EW ..- .-n 1 za? IIIH3 C 2271 H H sh in Z in 4 ii! T il: I E I W' E 'H iill aEEl ' 'il' 45 'ies I 5 I H' i 1E CD Illl nl '5 ' 8 I .scklbm K.. lu as -L. .-umm CJ-1-'IE-I-7 5.-up A632 EI Q4 Q1 Q 42.-1 4-7 Q In r-If-1 E as CDCD Zim GSO?-ig? CQ-1-1 G5 E4 -P III 4- -m Q 'Lf-'I 5 3 ov-am ma-ISI .-4 mo o S5 E o-11 QQJ Q CJ -IZ. OCD -gn L4 -D KD -CD U1 SSH? mfr! E! F1-'CS 1-4 SD Q r-I -.-I :D 7-qw-1 mall O V. F. aves, L. A GUI 3 SEMS mm C V203 Q 514 -.0- bqlflffi GJ-D3 5050 U32 065 'DDQ O QI .0600 'sszt OO Dis-IUJ xv? Q O F-0 E5 G5 n fi! 'E',C nm.-ao Q In LG in ID if O cb 5 Ed UU 5'-1 CWS U npl-I-7 O Y-4 05 O E -I3 -1-I VJ s-ll -af 43 -I-7 CD 5 0 -rl CD"'J'.I'49d dd :T CD ii Y-1 O I5 Ei Q U1 Q cd G5 - 1. 9 . .Ja EQ. 'T' 1--0 mA 2 B .-I-1 -r-I "U Ford -1-I -CJ SP: GD 4: r-4 Zz. U1 .'-I In III!!! 9-4 'CTS .-1 0 U1 Q 'HKU an Q an o G5 .-4 -.-1 '15 5 S-4 as :ri L4 GSS-1 Ulla! -as .u 01 th .-1 r-I -1 Hene Bi 710 UEEEHEEEEEEEE ju - , v iqm :EEHE:s:n::: :: :::' box lm by a'n't ' an ,xg . D21 5 M GJ -D U1 .D QD s p,. Os-1 a 6 O D-4 A E Hebster,D. 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JJ L-Dig QW KD A. rdello .qgwh - 65,0 gm-se mp.. .Cf-in G-4 -E-4-'3 Efob. 310 O'C"D' ,Q-4.-U1 - E-400 mv- Du - S142 R Came di.5J2. .FZEWSB i'3EP..mE Q -0-10343 is Ur-IOC, 5 Q P081 'EO --4Q -'19-'D fd T151 :Q-3 'F-10 '- A'5E'Q13 53' "E4l?Omr-I CD M O Cr-1 0 'Cie OU -0115, 'dh CSD- f-4-mv -Ov-HU .-4.-105,30 F. Pro e111 S L, F ant, D n R en r I br Etbg w - u G54-1-P-Co MGS4-FKIIGJK-4 M23 0 Qdlm C -L . .pxm . . '1QhF-4020 523 L. obii CD f ,Cro O4-U1 --1504-1 III-P bags E -F-152' HSM. ID GJEEFIJE4 llte If umor Chorus 3 1 ll! T n 4 L If - ig lk ., ,. W C.Thomas R.C1ark B.Hene111y R.Gokey B.Barrows L.Harr1s German Band I Front How: A.Barte1otte, B.Donn1s, S Crabb. Back Row: D.B1rd, J-Delons. D.Watson, Hr. Camardello. 4. X State Band Back Row. R.Seelye, A.VanDeel1nder, J.C1ark, L.Cohen, L.Landers, A.Osborne, K.K1efer, C. Seelye, A.Sm1th, D.G1dd1ngs, K.De1marsh, Third Row: B.Webster, L.McCane, E.Osborne, J.Denn1s C.Corne11, R.Hutch1ns, B.Thorpe, L.Kiefer, T. Norton, J.Danaher, Second Bow: L.Foley, E. Francis, K.Hartnett, S.Vaughan, J.Fo1ey, P. Francis, B.Gr1bneau, B.Nelson, J.BUsse1l, D. Ayers. Front Row: Mrs. Smith, B.P1att, V. Tiffany, B.De1s, S.Sm1th, S.Harward, J. Giddings, P.Ryan, G.H11tebrant, W.R1vet, J. Cornell, B.Gr1bneau, G.V1111er, R.Foster. S.Grande B'D9nn1s D.L1ndsay S.H11tebrant B-Folsom 30- X I R " ' ,J ,A Y lr "B 3 s if 'Q Nl I gf, Q ' x 4 1 f 'Nad 2 Qf-4 , 3 Lcwmeda League Band Back Row: Mr. Camardello, J.Zahn, D. Watson, F.L1dd1e, J.De1ong, D.Bird. Front Buw: B.Denn1s, E.Osborne, B. Yerman, A.Barte1otte, V.Carpenter, C.Ganey. vf, J . ,, ' fm, ii -4 QC . Aw . r Mr 15 5 iL S A r A ' J yi P QW , ,Q k 2, g V ' Q 3 7 of r 2.157 , gg f -t r , f, K5 EW? 156 I-Q f f 235i if 'E - ,: A ws - Lewnieda r LC-2lgL1C Chorus Baok How: G.G11son, J.L1ndsay, C.Thomas V.R1vette, C.De1s, D.T1okner, L.M1nn1e, R.C1ark. Second Bow: S.Grabb, E.Vaughn, B.Mene11ly, C..Puffer, S.Gra.nde, R.Gokey B.Co1we11 R.Barker, J.Turner, L.Harr1s J.Hartnett, Front Row: L.Sm1th, R. Barrows, A.Chase, D.Fo1ey, B.De1s, D. Farrell, R.Soouten. Harmonettes Boys uartet D.Whtson D.B lrd R0 Clark F.L1dd1e Mrs. Smith C.Thomas A.Barte1otte V.R1vette E.Vaughan J.Lindsay S.Grande R.Barrows B.Mene111y C.Ganey MrB. Smith 4 dw, 1 , J J.Hartnett. Mr. Carmardello, ..Delong, F.Lidd1e D.Foley, S. Grande, D.B1rd, D.Watson, J.Zahn, B.Denn1s, D.Farre1l C.Ganey, H.Scouten, A.Barte1otte, R.Barker, K.Chapman Dance Band Back Row: J. Foley, J. Russell, J. Danaher, D. Rivet, H. Delmarsh, D Lindsay, R. Risley, L. Webster, Second Row: R. Potter, L. Gllette, N. Brown, K. Helmer, B. Folsom, B. Compo, B. Turner, Front Row: E. Russell, B. Clark, J. Clark, D. Lorenz, A. Eyre. Yorker Club Library Club Back How: E. Putney, J. TPBCY1 P. Schmuck, J. Deis, K. Gribneau, L. De1S, J. So Landers, Es Payne, H. Delmarsh, J. Thomas, G. Blanchard, Front Row: L. Smith, S. Grande, V. Carpenter, K. Chap- man, H. Dailey. Varsity F. Liddle, J. Davis, C, Barrows, R, Gokey, L, Minnie, C, Dels, D, Tiokner, J, McNeil, D. Bird, W. Co1we11. umor Varsity Basketball Back Row: L, Webster, B, Barker, L. Gillette, E. Russell, D. Lorenz, B. Dennis, Second Bow: D. Rivet, R. Potter, B. Clark, M, Glddings, L. Dels, H. Delmarsh, J. Zahn: Front Row: R, Bisley, J. Ryan, J. Hartnett, J. W. Deis, E, Webster, L. Thorpe, K. Smith, 34. Varsit J. Lindsay, M, Holmes, A, Bartelotte, B, Meneilly, L. Smith, I, Rivette, C- Thomas, C, Puffer, E. Vaughn: Cheerleaders Back Row: J. Davis, DeLong, C. Barrows, Webster, Front Bow: McNeil, D. Tlckner, Liddle, B. Gokey Baseball . Russell, E, Webster, J. . Minnie, R. Risley, L. , Hartnett, D. Bird, J. E L J W. Colwell, C. Deis, F. I , V. Cheerleaders C' G A. Eyrg G, Rivet J, 52355, '11, Gfribneau, ' 8, Longstaff, N. B!'0'ma l S, Hiltebrant, 35- nn . ,fs -2- . .V k Back Row: R. Scouten, R. Hisley, L. Webster, D. Rivet, J. Hartnett, E. Webster, B. Clark, L. Thorpe, C. Barrows, J. Delong, D. Wallace, R. Potter, Front Bow: L. Gillette, L. Deis, L. Minnie, J. W. Dels, W. Colwell, J. Ryan, C. Dels, D. Bird, J. McNeil, F. Liddle, R. Gokey, R. Clark, M. Glddings, J. Davis we ' e U - ' - 'f 'N I N QQ V 1 ' ' ,I I . Cz' I. 3 . x -9 ' , .e 3 Q.. jx y J. . ,V Q' VV L 7 Back Row: L. Minnie, W. Colwell, L, Thorpe, M, Giddings, D. Watson, Front gow: J. Turner, R. Villiers, J. Ryan, R, Barker, L. Deis, D. Packer Iliff' ,. Back Row: J. DeLong, B, Clark, D, Wallace, R. Appleton, J. Turner,D, Rivet, D, Foley, R, Villiere, F. Liddle Front Row: S. Hiltebrant, B. Folsom, N. Brown, V. Rivette, G. Rivet 36. Soccer Track Ski Team Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. A.J. Tickner E Mrs. G Mrs. 5 Mrs. A Mrs. 6 Mrs. A Mrs. a Mrs. 8 Mrs. M Mrs. M Mrs E Mrs do MTS- E Mrs. Q Mrs. k Mrs. 6 Mrs. 5 Mrs. 8 Mrs. G Mrs. M Mrs. A Mrs. 8 Mrs. 6 Mrs. 6 Mrs. 0 Mrs. a Mrs. 6 Mrs. R Mrs. a Mrs. Q Mrs. 6 Mrs. Q Mrs. Q Mrs. Dennis Dillon Charles Egenhofer Charles Bird Howard Potter Mose Leonard John Moore Howard Cole Joseph Kavanaugh Walter Merleau Gene Pelletier Lewis Puffer Fred Bowman Edward Risley Jr. Charles Russell Frank Ritz Sr. ' Bruce Risley Charles Winslow Charles Eldridge Edward Manter Robert Wilkins John Breakey Howard Weiman George Loomis Delos Smith Albert Norton James Rivet Carter Pierce Clarence Annial A.A. McMann Alfred Thibado Albert Wilcox Floyd Farr James Menellly Mrs Mathew Bolmer Miss Marjorie Wood Sr. 37. B111 M Jake Mr. 8 Mrs William Thistlewaite Mr. M Mrs. James Meneilly Jr. Mr. 8 Mrs. David Bartelotte Mr. M Mrs. Reginal Villiere Mr. E Mrs Gardner Vaughn Mr. G Mrs Ambrose Isenecker Mr. 6 Mrs Kenneth Rivet Mr. 6 Mrs. Raymond Foster Mr. E Mrs. Charles Gebhardt Mr. d Mrs. Clayton Villiers Mr. M Mrs. Leo Villiere Mr. 6 Mrs Norman Villiere Mr. a Mrs. Guy Murdock Mr. R Mrs Ralph Murdock Mr. 8a Mrs. Jay Giddings Mr. 8 Mrs Oliver Turpin Mr. G Mrs William Yerman Mr. 6 Mrs Howard Annin Mr. A Mrs Harold Ball Mr. Q Mrs John Ritz Mr. k Mrs Louis Cornish Mr. G Mrs Howard Waldron Mrs. Marie Ortner Mr. Albert Urgan Mr. Perry Seely Miss Marietta Schultz Mrs. Arulene Wormwood Mr. William Villneave Mr. Richard Clark Mr. Charles Deis Mrs. Margaret Turpin Mrs. Ethel Gokey Miss Marion Holmes Mr. Ray Scouten Mrs. Lillian McNeil Jun 11' .' YA M ,Q-il' fcfdeh EAT BALL.. 15 fl? 5- 9 xx F M563 for TENNIJ Auvomnf ff-'J' X. 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SERV ICE Q! 99 CIIUTE INN KEITH,S DINER K SYRAC USAN A L ' 3 'rl as +aA'r'ra-:RY CHARBONEAU'S RESTAURANT J EAM 0 ll A W K ll 0 T E L Q GLARKASA JY ,gf BOATSERVICEH EAGLE BAY VILLAS ROI-XC i-I 'S GR OC ERY W aoa's som Lava-'.59f"5"5 fy! Th e N 5 BXLM MQTEL GAIETY WTWW Q THEATRE ff7?1f RIVETLSA BGA rg L I VE RY PORKY PINE Herman J. Williston insurance real estate 25256 X in 3 S Seaplane base if -ei X 6'h lfake 5 eee,-Jrpfz luiikfx? 'e-a- X aa X X-f an a n ef J X 55347 a J - - ' ' X fgffknn ff 7 K gi X "Q ii.-'ss l ' Q ue 0 l an I ff' n new 11 g f axe an a f ,D Q ff-n f Cin W ff e f B nf We fe if fQ5 XP , 1 X eeeeee ,ax 5 I - -- J fee e e e an X fb as aeaaa 5 f - Q if f 1 A 1, If XX fsxtf-A-My K X a ff! fecii B BCO CK 9 S fa ,ali X ' x- ,4 Q 62- 'i b 5 NN 61 TRAIL HOUSE south shore rd. BAY SIDE HARWOOD TOURIST'S ow Ponce Q fi! suPPLv f co. K PINTIIQS ll0TEL R - SPONAB S 3 IORE ow some N. Y. 62. Alfred Nelson 8. Son Cfnfiilgjflfs Cf H Q 7? .QM agency KENMORE HOTEL at CQTTAGES ALPINE LODGE A I A , 7 1 " ff -A A AQ ,, - , gNQ , un! f AXA Qf 'fi' f f GA R A G E 53. comwluvxaiwrs OF me i'lO"IVARD A NN I N 3 Ph-1.. fwflqkk f""""Xx, tif f i X E NL in 7 ,, .. . X , X3 Q ML f'XX P I X5 4 X ,Q W! XX fi! MARK s WILCOX DISTRIBUTOR OF SOCGNY - VACUUM Nklfi l Wd R O O K if , fi My QV? N X MM ll ll ff f-ll 1:6 V ' v Zkv XJ' in ' 2 T: xi: ' Lu. age.-saw R IVERVIEW I NN ' Q 65. ,1- 0 C j g v 1 Y -. lf H 1 Q! fx XZ? 4 Q K H fffxh W W Wi? I M 'iffy ff f 5 f , sf , 0 O xv 412 , Q 4 2, X X P 'fzfx Q J? 9271? .f N Q f ' X-45: V Qxl AQ f 2 LQJXXRZ mm NPIPER W QAPITQL inlet H-Y' XX fxxllfx X!-f- A if , 4,10 1 Wm Q L 00MlS RESTAURANT The Wood Hotel K0PP' S :asf STAND 6'7- ffylwgw UTICA 685 Zim SPORTING Kraus GGODS co. Cabins If 2,Devereux SI. Omer Loke NYT Aillficd, N..V. 4-71h Lake N.Y. INLET BAND BOX NELSON'S SWEET Restaurant M O T E L SHCDPPE Old Forge lnlet,N.Y. I n le t , NX A, T, NGLISH Pierce's Xymfjf BOATS 8. BAIT ESU ABINS V7 L IV E R Y C lx U B Inlet,N.Y. ,ff fr f - i I' f ' - .1 ' 1 L 5 fl I . X 1' 1' 1 .1 K l x O ' X 752 53 iff, ,114 , 4:"f.f4' ff 1? -' ,.: Al ,- . - ' ,,,,- 1 1? r""3 ,,, .- J lm n ' N ,M , vw ff", MW' ,rw-rid ,4- wmggg' ,mf ,.,.r ,f ,np . . nm- F f ' ATB M. .. v f-34 ,.-fl., X W 3 g64,vg1'.,- -x-.wfwi . .FN H . W M. 1-'m'7.,1 ,M-fm ,..N...Q L..

Suggestions in the Town of Webb High School - Hadarondah Yearbook (Old Forge, NY) collection:

Town of Webb High School - Hadarondah Yearbook (Old Forge, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Town of Webb High School - Hadarondah Yearbook (Old Forge, NY) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Town of Webb High School - Hadarondah Yearbook (Old Forge, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 35

1956, pg 35

Town of Webb High School - Hadarondah Yearbook (Old Forge, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 70

1956, pg 70

Town of Webb High School - Hadarondah Yearbook (Old Forge, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 62

1956, pg 62

Town of Webb High School - Hadarondah Yearbook (Old Forge, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 21

1956, pg 21

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