Town of Webb High School - Hadarondah Yearbook (Old Forge, NY)

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Town of Webb High School - Hadarondah Yearbook (Old Forge, NY) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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MX X! ,IS fl? , E E 4 THE wx-ww-DAM Y ALMA MATER t f Vasu- -4 I ff 4EE?::::5f,,f -,Ji2i5?7,,fffffff 1459? ,E 9UwN5 in liinii I' Q!!! f fvW"wLs6 rqtaxi final' f X X A ll, Mf g af ,WW !!f. .M ,L- X df: ' 1 4 A . Illllllfl' Q W ' ' frurfllgnf V V'.-v I n 4 Y . 2 " ' U I M if Lf f l Il I ' llrgfq Z" I QI. ll I' ,n y y 'sm 'pg ,Ly Juv if 'VPN l,'1,.'f IPI 'V I 1 4 Q. r -a:nf 1 - l ' ' , a 91' MH J F".M l , Wan mm f---. ' ,Q X Nl .qu M5 -1 ig S A X Clrcled round by kingly mountains, Breathed upon by healing balm. Mirrored in the glowing sunshine, Blessed by great soul-stirring calm, a Stands our own dear ALMA MATER, Crowned with honor,crowned with lowa Crowned by Town of Webb's sons loyal True to her all else above. when the twilight shadows gather, And the day is well nigh done. Still the balm of pine trees hover To win back our laurels wong Then our fancies homeward turning, Make our longing memories fly, To the life in dear old High School, ,And the friends of da s one b , M a'i'f".. 4 f 5 '7 xges Z I 4 UTS f"" JJ V4 GCl'lVl'I'lBS x S If X 'x - 41 0 f M NJ ll, Q M if '4'i.--x 4. W 4'- Dx. classes -- 14.5 I ,145 0 0 0 ,ff 'N ' 'T cf Q G-ang: ,sf S jg? I ads 5 f 1 GH 'v v v v v v v V - , , , X. ' X ,, f' ' K 'f -e 'sis ik Q li- V ix A li rx' elf Hks 9 if K1 'O sf'Q 2' ,. 'Q' W ,'? bv 1 ,1 C P rf! V 4 If r,' rf, ' ' r . ' 1 5 'Abi 4 ' 5 1 rr' L ,p " f',7', A .0 J' rS4 F rf4 sf, an fs - J P VY 7 v ve , , vi ' '22 9fE'A-"'-cft j 4 K A .A A A Q4 A A A , in The Class of 1955 dedicates this yearbook to Mr. Edgar S. Read, wh: nn A teacher, a friend and an able leader has helped in the attainment ef highest goals possible while in high school. It is hoped that Chili kink will stand as a living testament of our eternal thanks beeaull inadequate to express deep feelings, 6 ,ff K V Z , Z' ff , ,f ff , fcf " ,ff N W ,ff A g L f U ii fx Y 'X 1' 42' 3. .I X ,Z Z 4 V, , ,f ' 3" 7425 - N- , K x f 3' Q ! , A , l Q X K ' f l fl ff 2 I ff fy 2 f f Z 57, ! Z j Q Z A ' f K 2 X - Z ,4 ' f 2 ,f 4 f J 1 J f X QD fx X Z J -f 1 BX ji ., Q14 E X X- K , 1 Xi, fffwgy AQ! f Kg di jj ff! ff X Rf? Ffffff f' ff zf Ulf I gf ff 'ff X , NN Q 1 1 ,v 'fi if si? 5 at fg,2 ' 3 Zi ffiiaa 1-wi' " J. Carlton Barker Dorothy Gifford Stuart W. Nelson Mp, Byron I. Greenfield l'.llCiPlI gs:- board of education Seated: Mr. Alvin Ritz, Mr. A1 Foisey, Mr. Donald Russell, Mrs. Helen Helmer Mr. Howard Martin 8 hlculiy Seated: Florence wilson, Ethel Futney, Mary scuoeri, Edna Scouten, Ethel Gokey Agnes Villiere. Standing: Joseph O'Neil, Donald Bergin, Kenneth Smith, Harry Daily, Millie Ovitt, Kenneth Fryer, Marion Holmes, Charlotte Bockes, Mildred Wark, Gracia Burleigh, Gretchen Hollister, Bruce Harris, Joan Collister, Marjorie Smith, Kathleen Villiere, alfmlw' 3 we K 1 ' K custodians INA Mrs. Ann Joslyn, William Ball Richard "Pick" Turpin William Egenhofer John Yerman Maurice Dennis Albert Brussel 5. My 'ff'-A K 4332, if J fit? ' 52 QR as ,P '3 Q-.J -ll 5 ,x ff , If Q if 'x ' 1 if Mrs. Leo Minnie, M ? 5 Mrs. Lucy Cassia. i kitchan staff n ff' KN! k Q f :Cx ' K QCELLCAC. Front Row: J. Ball, T S' C. Westfall . lmpson, P. Tiffany, J. Hartnett , D. Simpson, R. Hollister, S c S. Burke, T. Bartelotte, A, W Third Row: R. W , O. McCane e ond Row: J, Joy, T. Deis estfall, C.DeLong, K. Barker, W. Burnap ormwood, T. Rowe, R. Liddle, M. Murdock, R. Gebhardt yearbook siaff, Front Treasurer T. Bartelotte Advisor Miss Collister Secretary C. Westfall Back Vice-President W. Burnap President R. Hollister Class Re resentative . Ball Business Manager T. Bartelotte Art Editor C. Defong Photograph! Editor T. Simpson Editor U. Westfall Asst. Editor W. Burnap Typing Editor . estfall Advisor Miss Collister 12 'Good words are worth much and cost little. Class Trees. 2,3,h. Senior Play M. Student Council Treas. M. Quartette 2,3. Harmonettes M. Band l,2,3,h. All State Band M. Yearbook Staff M. Dramatics 2. NYSSMA Contest 2,3,h. Journalism 3,h. Soccer 2,3. League Band 3,h. Point System Comm. 3,h. Basketball 2. Cheerleading l,2,3,h. Make Up 2,3. Chorus l,2,3,h. Operetta 1 John Ball nBeware, her fair hair and eyes of most Journalism l,2,3,h. Editor in Chief LL. cmfssrp. 2,3,b,. vice Presiaent LL ESSPA 3,h. Operetta 1. League Play 2. Dramatics 2. Harmonettes 2,3,h. All State Chorus 3. Senior Play L. Cheerleading 1,2. Soccer 2. Chorus 1,2,3,h. League Band M. Chorus 3. Basketball 2. Band l,2,3,h. II Teresa Bartelotte 'A woman would run through fire and water for such a kind heart.n All State Chorus 3,h. Band l,2,3,h. All All State Chorus M. Operetta l. Robert Shaw Choral 3. League Chorus 3,h. Dance Band 3,h. Journalism 1,2 Chorus l,2,3,h. Student Council M. Class Vice Pres. 3. Senior Play h, Bowling Team 2. League TV Chorus 3. One Ast Play 3. Ski Team 3. Athletic Comm. 1. NYSSMA Contest M. Quartet l,2,3,h. Basketball 1,2. Soccer 2. Dramatics 1. Sandra Burke 13 Keith Barker UA daughter of the God's, divinely tal1.n Journalism l,2,3,h. Webb Staff 2,3. Cit. Ed. Conference 3 M. Operetta 1 NYSSMA Contest l,2,3,a. Harmonettes 2,3,h. All All-State Band M. ESSPA 2,3. Yearbook Staff M. CNYSSPA 1,2 All State Orchestra M. Band l,2,3,h. Knights Columbus Essay 1,2. League Band 1 2,3,h. Dramatics 2. Chorus l,2,3,fg.. All state Band 1,2,3. ski Team l,2. Basketball 2. League Play 2. Senior Play L, William Burnap nHe's a gentleman, look at his boots.n Bowling Team 1. One Act Play 3. Chorus 1,3. Senior Play h. 01: Jitfllfian Constance DeLong NThen he will talk-good gods, how he will ta1k,' Dance Band 3,h. League Chorus 2,b. Basketball 3. NYSSMA Contest 2,3. Class Pres. 3. Vice Pres. 2,b. All State Chorus M. Social Comm. 1.2.3 L. Boy's State 3. Band l,2,3,h. Chorus 1,2,3,L,. Yearbook staff ls. Quartet 1,2,3,u, Dramatic: 1. Journalism 1.2 Robert shew Choral 3. senior P187 1+- Assembly Com . 3. 0P6P9ttB 1- lb nI had rather have a fool to make me merry, than experience to make me sad.n Basketball l,2,3,k. Chorus l,2,3,h. League Chorus 3. Dramatios 2. Hake Up 2,3. Quartet 2,3,h. Operetta 1. Senior Play M. Janet Hartnett 'Better to be a wittz fool than a foolish wit. Basketball 1,2,3,h. Chorus 1,2,3,h. Baseball 2,3,h. League Chorus 3,h. Azn1et1c comm. 3.h. senior Play u. Dramatics 1. Ski Team 2. Operetta 1 Soccer 1,3,k. League Play 3,h. All State Chorus 3. NYSSMA Contest 2. Quartet l,2,3,h. 15 Thomas Deis nMy heart shall be thy garden.' Cheerleading 2. League Chorus 3,L, Chorus 1,2,3,h. Harmonettes 2,3,h. Senior Play M. All State Chorus M. Basketball 2. Soccer 2,3. Make Up 2. Journalism 1,2,3. Dramatics 2. Operetta 1. Robert Gebhardt WI am the Captain of my sou1.n Chorus 1,2,3,u, All State Chorus 3. Band 1,2,3,h- Student Council l,2,3 M. President 3. Vice President M. Class President l,2,h. Operetta 1. Ronald Hollister nMusic is the thing of the world that I love most. harmonettes 2,3,h. Chorus l,2,3,h. League Chorus 2,3,h. Senior Play M. Glass Treas. 1. All State Chorus M. NYSSMA contest 3,h. Dance Band 3,M. Social Com . M. Solo Acc. 2,3,M. Journalism 1,2. Basketball 2. Band l,2,3,h. Dramatics 2. Operetta 1. Softball 2. e Olga McCane nThe dignity of truth is lost with much protesting.u Chorus l,2,3,q, Basketball M. Senior Play M. Student Council 3. James Joy 16 nlt is good when a man has two irons in the fire.' Basketball l,2,3. Quartet 1,2,3,k. Dance Band 3,h. League Chorus 2,3. NYSSMA Contest l,2,3,h. Operetta 1. All State Chorus M. Chorus l,2,3,h. Athletic Comm. M. Senior Play L. Dramatics 1. Band l,2,3,h. Soccer l,2,3,h. Ski Team l,2. Track l,2. Journalism 1. League Band M. Patricia Tiffany Uwe are here to add what we can to, not to get what we can from, Lifeln Journalism l,2, Basketball l,2,3,h. Webb Exchange Editor 3. Operetta 1. Senior Play L. League Chorus 3,M. All State chorus 3,u. Band 1,2.3,u. Dramatics l,2,3. League TV Chorus 3. All-All State Chorus M, Baseball 3,h R bert Shaw Choral 3. Soccer l,2,3,M. 0 NYSSMA Contest 2,3,h. One act play 3- Quartet l,2,3,h. Chorus l,2,3,h. 17 Robert Liddle uThe most useless day of all is that in which we have not laughed.N Harmonettes M. NYSSMA Contest 2,3,h Cheerleading l,2,3,h. Band l,2,3,h, Student Council Sec, . Operetta l. Point System Com . 3, . Basketball 2 Girls State 3. Dramatics 1. Soccer l,2,3,h. Assembly Com . M. Senior Play M. Quartette 2,3. League Band 3,L. All State Chorus M. Chorus 1a2s3au' League Play 3- Mervin Murdock N wear not my dagger in my mouth.n Fire Com . 3,h. Senior Play M. One Act Play 3. Chorus M. Thomas Rowe nPromise is most given when the least is said.H Cheerleading 1,2,3,h, Band 1,2,3,u. All State Chorus.3,h. Ski Team l,2. Harmonettes M. Student Council l,2. Sec. l. Treas. 2. Yearbook Staff L Operetta l. Basketball 2. Assembly Comm. 3. Financial Com . 2. Chorus l,2,3,h, League Band 3,h. Quartette 2,3. Soccer 2. League TV Band 3. Senior Play M. Dance Band 3,h. Ann Westfall nLittle friends are great friends.n One Act Play 3, Senior Play M. Donald Simpson 18 'In,th1s fools paradise-he drank delight.n Basketball 1. Mana er 2. Ski Team l,2. Chorus l,2,3,E, Senior Play L, Essay Contest 1,2. One Act Play 3. Fire Comm. 3,h. Soccer 1,2. Yearbook Staff M. G' Thomas Simpson nFor there is music wherever there is harmony, order, or proportion.n Yearbook Staff A. Chorus l,2,3,u. Cheerleading 1,2. All State Band 2,h, Band l,2,3,h. NYSSMA Contest 2,3,L, League Band 3,h. Operetta 1. Senior Play M. Class Sec. l,2,3,h. Quartette 2,3. Cit. Ed. Conference 3,h. Soccer 2,3. Ski Team 1. Dance Band 3,h. Harmonettes M. Basketball 2. Constance Westfall UA mind not to be changed by place or time.n Ski Team l,2,3,h. League Chorus 2,3 Oratorical Contest 2. Baseball 1,2. Basketball 1,2,3,u. chorus 1,2,3,l4.. All State Chorus 3. Senior Play M. Journalism 1. Band 1. Dramatics 2. Quartet 2,3,h. Soccer l,2,3,h. Richard Wormwood 19 5 as I A-ihaqin Q W ' 92 41' Four short years ago, we were green, definitely scared, and even on the shy side. we were Freshmen I In what we considered to have been eternity and which we now consider no more than a timy moment we became Seniors. No longer unsure, we can look back with pride in our achieve- ments. To the up 'n coming Seniors is left the task of maintaining our traditions. Twenty-five of us entered Mr. Read's homeroom that September '5l. Our group immediately set to work on money making schemes for a future Senior trip. This was the year we initiated our annual Ham raffle at Eastertime. Freshmen we were and a whole week of Senior razzing greeted us. We did, however, live through it and in the process gained lots of funny experiences. At the end of our hectic week we were officially in high school. Sophomores 1 How fast the time flew, for suddenly we were sitting in Mr. Smith's homeroom. With our number the same, we set out on that old familiar quest --money 1 Bake sales and raffles really were what added to our funds that year. The Lewneida League gained Old Forge in membership and we readily and heartily plunged into the activities the League supports and ended up with two semesters of memorableevents Then came our Junior year with Mrs. Watson. Now we were upper classmen and did we ever know it. We made sure everyone else did too 1 We were off to a flying start when the Halloween dance everyone said would flop, provided us with dividends unheard of for dances held in the past few years in the Town of Webb High. Courage and pride pushed us into the impromptu amateur show and as usual our luck held netting h1gh.and unexpected profits. Our big project was the Junior Prom.which combined with the Lewneida League Bell. A huge turn-our caused this to become a rousing success. As a grand finale to the year will any of us be able to blot out the memory of the class of '55 who received at that time the name 'Holy Terrors of TWHS?" This, our last year, under Miss Collister is bringing to a close an era for us. We now number twenty-one having lost along the way four of our classmates - Therese LaMonica, James Farmer, Wayne VanK1rk, and Joseph Nelson. Our history has been long and a great deal not covered here will stay in our hearts. High school has been good to us, and we in turn hope all of you will remember the Class of '55 who takes its leave believing that the future holds ell the promise only briefly seen in youth. 20 , U' 'ad We never thought the day would come, when we'd be here before you, But since we finally made the grade, This class poem shows we're through! The Mr. Peepers of our class, Or as we all call this boy, Is better known to most of you, As the incomporable Jimmy Joy. Fair-haired Skip, the devil's own work, Is usually seen with a grin, He's always talking out of turn, But we've put up with him. The money-mad kid from the Strand, Is the Treasurer of our class, Teresa filled this position quite well, At least she was good for laughs. One trouble-maker we all know, Is Tommy, "that's for sure," Deis. He's learning now to be a cook, with apples, mince, and spice. The twin that's often seen with a smile, Is the one whose name is Ann, But she's often found deep in thought, And hard to understand. The one from Fourth Lake--that's Bill, Lets boats keep him in whirls, But they donft keep him busy enough, To keep his mind off girls. And now we may as well include, Bill's closest friend--Bob Liddle, For Bob you know, with all his girls, Has never played second fiddle. We'll enlighten you now on Janet, She comes from Eagle Bay. For her it's an effort to come to school, So she misses the bus every day. For every Romeo there's a Juliet, To believe this it's not hard, For Jackie sure has proved the point, His Juliet?? Why it's Barbl Dick is a sailor boy, Or at least he soon will be, And when you go to talk to him, His mind is out at sea. Our mechanically-minded Simpson, Thinks G.M. makes quite a car, But why do you drive your Plymouth, Tom? Won't a Chevy get you as far? Next comes Mick--or Olga McCane, Who accompanies the chorus in song, She makes friends very easily, So will get far before too long, Another one we've all heard of, Is from Inlet, just like me, And when there's any trouble around, Look for Mervin--You'll see. She's tall and blonde, and has blue eyes, Her name you know is Sande. She's someone to appreciate, Her friendship comes in handy. Donnie Simpson is not very tall, To that fact we all agree, But that boy sure does get around, You betcha--Yessireell We've elected this girl as secretary, For her marks are far from low, As yearbook-Editor-In-Chief, Connie's kept us on the go, Our lone-star boarderfrom Otter Lake, Holds the honor of being quiet, So if you ever hear Tom y yell, It probably will be quite a riot. We have another sailor, Who's a little more on ground, In character, in mind and act, Keith seems to be more sound. Connie DeLong is tall by name, And sure lives up to her mark, However, she's surely going insane, On the oboe, she plays like a lark. We have one boy who gets around, To really live up to his name, You must know it's Ronnie we mean, For who else has acquired such fame? To write the rest, I had to think, So awful, awful, much, That when it came around to me, I was sure in dutch. And since I have lost all control, Of all my thinking arts, I guess I'll say goodbye for the class, From the bottom of our hearts. 21 1 rw - 5 I , , 'Alf if . We fu Ai Tiff V 'x il 13 ? ' I- 1 QI: I- Na mi wk wi X' V ig X IJ N ' ! X 71 41x 5 NL 2 l J .V XM .XX ,,-xx XX M. X u GX Zig, My f"'f X , Kfy 9+ LUX f' - W - Y, C1 I-4 if W4 IL. - '1 - J, lg. P1 Back Row Secretarl Front Row D. Watson Class Representative Advisor D. Bird Mrs. Watson Class Representative Treasurer A. Bartelotte R. Gokey President Vice-President U. McNeil D. Tickner Front Row: B. Yerman, C. Puffer, D, Bird, C. Thomas, B. Meneilly, Mrs. Watson Second Row: L. Harris, A. Bartelotte, J. Turner, R. Villiere, G. Gilson, R. Proper, S. Grabb, Third Row: R. Roach, R. Gokey, C. Barrows, D. Watson, D. Tickner, J. McNeil, L. Minnie. 23 Front Row Treasurer B. Greenfield Secretar J. indsay Vice-President Y. Rivette VZ' WB. Back Row Class Re resentati 2 ve W. Colwell Advisor Mr. Smith President W. Deis md 5,5 Front Row: W. Deis, R. Barrows, E. Vaughn, L. Smith, A, Delmarsh, B, Greenfield, S. Landers, W. Ball. Second Row: R. Scouten, B, Helmer, E. Paine, A, Chase, Y. Rivette, J. Lindsay, J,-Foster, E. Webster, Mr. Smith. Third Row: C. Deis, R. Blake, W. LaGraves, J.'DeLong, J. Southwick, R. Clark, W. Wright, F. Liddle, W. Colwell. 234 Front Row E225 B23 President Treasurer 'Rina B- Dennis 52221 53?-9131 P. Schmuck Mr' GTS n Vice-President Class Representative J. Ryan 4 Ili L- D613 ,QE-' I ME t of Front Row: V. Barrows, B. Schmuck, J. Platt, C. Sabey, G. Blanchard, K. Gribneau, B. Dennis, J. Ryan, Second Row: Mr. Bergin, J. Burth, C, Ganey S. Grande, V. Carpenter, G. Rivet, J. Houck, P. Schmuck, A. Delmarsh, Third Row: L. Thorpe, J. Hartnett, L. Deis, M. Giddings, R, Barker, J. Zahn, M. Smith, D. Foley, D. Farrell. 25 I 45, lp - 9 Front Row: J. Deis, S. Longstaff, K. Fryer, S. Hilterbrant, D. Lindsay, N, Brown, B. Platt, J. Thomas, J. Tracey, Second Row: H. Delmarsh, E. Murdock, J. Haney, B. Turner, B. Folsom, K. Helmer, L. Gillette, D. Wallace, Third Row: Mr. Daily, L. Webster, D. Lorenz, R. Wells, D. Rivet, B. Clark. eighih grade qu Front Row: J. Cornell, J. Danaher, G. Villiers, G. Hilterbrant P, Ryan, J. Greenfield, W. Rivet, J. Foley, Second Row: L. Landers, A. Osborne, R. Seelye, L. Cohen, B. Webster, J. Clark B. Compo, J. Dennis, M. Denio, Miss Bockes. Third Row: J. Sponable, G. Patrick, B, Gribneau, A, Cornell, B, Gribneau, J. Russell, R. Foster, L. Kiefer, D. Giddings, A. VanDelinder. seventh grade 26 I rf 5 ,Q Q-fam 1 O Front Row: J. Giddings, C. Seelye, K. Hartnett, R. Platt, A. Smith, E. Osborne, S. Vaughn, S. Smith. Second Row: L. Foley K. Kiefer, J. Winnicki, B. Thorpe, T. Norton, G. Cornell, P. Francis, G. Barrows, E. Francis, L. McCane. Mrs. Wilson. i:x'nNx O lu' 'tl M slxi gra e S V' v,, 4 Front Row: F. Moore, R. Platt, J. VanDelinder, S. Swancott, G. Cornell, L. Deis, J. Ehrensbeck. Second Row: B, Kohernot, C. Schmuck, T. Russell, R. Law, C. Wright, J. Grabb, P. Hansen Third Row: L. Danaher, N. Folsom, I. Hoffman, J. Wilkins, Mrs. Scouten, J. Compo, J. Lorenz, D. Fulton, W. Helmer. fillll grade Front Row: D. Swancott, R. Compo, C. Ritz, G.MacDonald, G- Schmuck, G. Harris, W. Davis. Second Row: Mrs. Burleigh, M, Ball, G. Foster, S, Cohen, L. LaMonica, R. Longstaff, F. Ay wormwood, G. Breakey. Third Row: L. Webster, P. FaPmeP,R. lay Winnicki, D. Bishop, J. Lindsay, A. Schenck, B. Buckley- , Q 5 c 5 8 Q., Q ., nv' 1 ' ' .,,v Front Row' D Ball L P . . , . ayne, J. Grabb, L. Schmuck, D. Russell M. Gebhardt, B. Moore, T. Deis, C. Winnicki, L. Villiere. Second Row: Mrs, Villiers, N. Ellis, C. Barrows, M. Francis, D. Webster N. Danaher, P. Eldridge, B. Ritz, L. Dennis, T. Aldridge, R. Sponable, T. Ritz, D. Fulton, Third Row: E. Girou, D. Barker D Ch . arron, M. Burke, S, Beckingham, P. Fryer, S, Turner, L. Gokey, D. Clayton, K. Yearman, W. Podger, L. Patrick. 7"ls'lr C7'f'9' Front Row: R. Risley, T. Charron, D. Grabb, T. Helmer, P.Williams B, Girou, D. Beckingham, M. Wilcox, M. Ritz, Second Row: M.Buck1ey c. smith, L. Podgor, E. Davis, L. Folsom, S. Norton, K. Gaudin, L- Law, D, Hansen, Third Row: G. Cornell, K. Wright, L. Judsfinv R- Lenart, L. Thorpe, W. Appleton, K. McKee, M. Christy,-R' Smlthn M- Patrick, S. Burke. Mrs. A. Villiere. Front Row: M. Webster, N. Breakey, R. Aldrich, M. Dennis, M. Easton, P. Patrick, M. Hiscox, M. Gebhardt, D. Moore, S. Wilkins Mrs. Gokey. Second Row: D. Hudon, R. Girou, D. Ryan, M. Lane F, Russell, C. Davis, R. Howland, T. Gaffney, L. Malley, J, Perkins Back Row: G. Lindsay, B. Newton, B. MacDonald, R. Hartnett, S. Rivet, J. Hansen, D. Howe, T. Yerman, P. Smith, S. Merry. 1'fc'.S"Y ard 0 Xi' lc Zfgyaried Front Row: F. Merry, G. Beckingham, S. Crofut, C. Law, P. Cassie. L. Davis, P. Gaffney, Second Row: B. Weaver, S. Robitaille, P. Eldridge, Mrs. war-k, C. Hansen, P. Farmer, C, Judson, Third Row D. Ryan, F'. Merry, P. Harwood, H. Kashiwa, M. Danaher, D. Ritz, L. Gaudin, K. Barrows. -'rn s . f" . 74, , sf 5 5 7 fi . vi '44-04 , 47 I nf4f,.f"0.1',"' fs" 'Y G61 pg! 4 0, K' 30 . fi' ,Q X V . ,L VW 'UC ?f if X .X , I , A " Qi? 5 " ' jg x 'I ff- 1 " fif- f J,f4f,1 ,fjr .7 'X Iff 4,52 Z X 9 xiffi' Z X jf fx? X XL TA? 7 X X Fxw, R Ui X W K S K fi 411' eu IMOQI r we alzvsd c 6137 or 0,1390 e M545 hgmq H d present' 0 eq Of U10 001- 77,ur.wq QMMMG ww Q QWCWQZMWQ 00111 1-shea:-.s-sly qqq 5-4 QGQHMMWM ' HSYQIJIGJ' Qeplbl. 40 Groov- M-M oh- ec ...D tiib.-IPI Q W if W H Z W Pd 5 G H Q 0 1 W 'C H M Vs l We WG BI W1 va '01 'M 'C 7113! NZ we W2 39 J' fi Me 65 veqlq, , 'Nl . 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Appleton, 059 4 pf' 4. 'bra' "ik 'T 'UQ '00 ' ov -5. '11, ""1?'q,,' Q 'Q E:Qf"1Z"f' H T fha ,QQ QPU. -4."f:-"':.":fff2f'f'm 'Q-fw':,'-" 33 M55 In bbwi- 0' 'O 'We ' Ls' 0. h.,4.."a., A190019 :IM P We, the Class of 1955, feel that our yearbook would not be complete without openly expressing our gratitude to you, Mr. Fryer, for all that you've done for us. We have you to thank for teaching us to appreciate music and for the good times we've shared for so many years in band. The trips were not dull and we all gained something of value from each one. The new smoothly functioning dance band is omly one example of what you've done, not solely for us but for the entire school. We will always look upon you not only as an inspiring teacher but as a personal friend in whom we wouldn't ever fail to confide. Though you have left our school you have given a part of your- self to our hearts which will remain with us through the years. Front Row: A. Chase, L. Foley, L. Osborne, A. Osborne, S. Hilterbrante J- Clark, P. Tiffany, J. Foley, D. Farrell, T. Norton, G. Hilterbrant, D. Lindsay, J, Lindsay. Second Row: K. Fryer, J. Sponable, B. Meneilly, C, Westfall, O. McCane, B. Greenfield, E. Vaughn, S. Grabb, R. PPOPSP. C. Helmer, B. Turner, B. Folsom, R. Scouten, B. Dennis, J. ThOIT19-3. Mr. Fryer c. Ganey, G. Rivet, s. Grande, E. Payne, V. Carpenter- Y-Rivette-R Barker' A. Westfall, J. Hartnett, D. Bird, T. Bertelotte. C. Thomas. B- H31m9I'nFJ- Zahn, R. Hollister. Fourth Row: R. Wells, C. DeLong, F. Liddlen RJkk5Y J. DeLong, M, Murdock, R. Liddle, D. Watson, S. Burke, A. BBI"GS10'Gt9, W- Burnap, J. Ball, B, Yerman, sh 2 dance. band uf 5 First Row: B. Liddle, A. Westfall, C. Westfall, R. Hollister, Second Row: J. Hartnett, J. Ball, W. Burnap, D. Watson, B. Dennis. rochester all-sfafa an M. Murdock C. DeLong J. Ball all-31'a'l'4 band L.-R. C. Westfall, J. DeLong T. Bartelotte, D. Bird. H all-51'a1'e HK, in ,ai o chasfro l.lllfrl!1'rl-3 J. DeLong D. Watson D. Tickner F.'Liddle Mrs. Smith Hur e'lT'e5 P. Tiffany C. Westfall O. McCane J. Hartnett T. Bartelotte C. Thomas A. Westfall S. Burke C. DeLong Mrs. Smith - hur-U - Front Row: J. Foley, D. Bird, J. McNeil, O. McCane, V. Barrows, L. Smith B. Meneilly S. Grabb, A. Delmarsh, K, Gribneau, B. Yerman, R. Barrows, G. Rivet, C. Ganey, S. Grande C. Puffer, Mrs. Smith. Second Row: J. Turner R. Proper, E. Webster, W. Colwell, R. Barker J. Hartnett, J. Joy, T. Simpson W. Ball, B. Dennis, J. Zahn. Third Row: P. Tiffany, P. Schmuck, B. Schmuck C. Sabey, L. Thorpe, W. Deis, R. Scouten, W, LaGraves, J. Foster, J. Ryan, T. Rowe, L. Harris, M. Giddings, S. Landers, J. Burth, G. Blanchard, Fourth Row E. Vaughn, J. Platt, E. Payne, C. Westfall, J. Ball, C. Deis. R. Villiere, R. Gokey, L. Minnie, J. Southwick, L. Deis, R. Hollister, D. Tickner, R. Blake, F. Liddle, B. Greenfield, A. Chase, T. Bartelotte. Fifth Row: C. Thomas, G. Gilson, A. Bartelotte, V. Carpenter, J. Lindsay, J. Hartnett, J. DeLong, R. Gebhardt, M. Murdock, R. Clark, W. Burnap, R. Liddle, C. Barrows, D. Watson, W. Wright, C. DeLong. B. Helmer, Y. Rivet, S. Burke, A. Westfall. 36 quart fra L. to R. J. Ball, T. Deis. R. Hollister, W, Burnap, M. Murdock R. Liddle, R. Gebhardt, Mrs. Smith. D1 Fr WM sand ont Row: P. Tiffany, C. Westfall Mr. Fryer, T. Bartelotte, S. Grabb Yerman, Second Row: C. DeLong Burke, A. Westfall, C. Thomas Bartelotte, Third Row: R. Liddle DeLong, D. Watson D. Bird, Dennis. lawncida. Front Row: J. Lindsay, R. B3PFOWS B. Meneuiy, E. Vaughn B. Greenfield, C. Pllffel' O- Mccane J. Hartnett, Y. Rivette, Second Row: J. Turner, B. Helmer, J. Ball W. Deis, A. Chase, L. H8PPiS- Third Row: R. Gokey, W. Burnap M. Murdock, R. Clark, F. Liddle D. Tickner, R. Hollister Mrs. Smith.choru 6 Sf 15' I , all-S1'a.'I'a. Front Row: A. Westfall J. Hartnett O. McCane, P. Tiffany, Second Row: R. Liddle, W. Burnap, M. Murdock J. Ball. chorus . i unim- band Front Row: Mr. Fryer J. Dennis, M. E. Denio D. WQlaceJ1 Greenfield W. Rivet, J. Giddings J. W1nnicki,Second Row: K. Hartnett, A. Smith N. Brown, E. Murdock L. McCane, S. Smith G. Harris. Front Row: J. Foley S. Longstaff, N. Brown K. Fryer,S. Hilterbrant di J H. J. Tracy, Second Row D. Lorenz, P. Ryan, L. Webster Third Row: K. Helmer, B. Turner, Fourth Row: G. Russell R. Wells, Rive Front Row: L. Webster, Hilterbrant, B. Gribneau, Russell, G. R. Foster, D. G. Patrick, N. Brown, L. Osborne, S. J J. Clark, . D. Rivet, A, J. Houck, B. B.Cwmm H. Delmarsh : J. Haney E. Russell E, Murdock ,Miss Bockes B. Compo B. Platt D. Wallace L. Gillette 'Mn R. Seelye, B. Webster, D, Lorenz, J. Foley, J. Greenfield, G. P. Ryan, D. Lindsay, W. Rivet Second Row: Mrs. Smith, E. Villiere, J. Danaher, J. Cornell Giddings, L. Kiefer, B. Gribneau Third Row: J. Deis E. Murdock. Cohen, K. Fryer, S. Longstaff, A, Hilterbrant, M. Denio, L. Landers Sponable, D. Wallace, G. Russell Cornell. Third Row: B. Turner Platt, A. VanDelinder, J. Thomas Folsom, J Haney, J. Dennis, J. Be O Tracey, C. Helmer, L. Gillette, R. Wells, B. Clark. 38 di-"'fs ' I Seated: K. Gribneau P. Schmuck, S. Grande Standing: S. Landers L. Smith, P. Tiffany B. Mene111y,G. Blanch- ard, Mr. Daily, V. Carpenter, E. Paine L. Deis, R. Barrows. l Tickner Ganey Deis Thomas Gribneau Gebhardt Landers PLY 5 Us NUD JOAN PLAY DIRECTOR 39 THE f'R0DueT1aJr 214 L7 5 W GWENETW rome: 1 ,. ,QA C. :iv Statis ics C0mPi1ed and edited by your Nutsy Noodle Newsman on the type of people who come to Professor Thomas Simpson's School of Concen- tration. The first student whom we interviewed was the wealthy and distinguish- ed Thomas Rowe, Esquire who made his fortune by keeping his ears open and his mouth shut. He is one of the best pupils at the school. He concen- trates with the greatest of ease for he just never has any desire to talk. The modern Elizabeth Barret Browning, the reknowed poetess Patricia Tiffany famous for her poem nRomantic Thoughts on Leven--or--HLovely Thoughx on Romancen,is another Simpson student. Donald Simpson, brother to the owner, also patronizes this school. Donald is a lion-tamer employed by the nBiggest Show on Earth.u This man is famous for his fearlessness. Sandra Burke, a correspondence-course pupil, leads a very glamorous life as a female spy, It is rumored that she is now circulating in Avon- Piccadilly-Near-Stratford-On-Hastings-On-Hudson. Robert Gebhardt, sports editor of the HMolin Buglen, is a yearly visitor at the school. He only visits the school annually because it takes almost that long to get from Molin to civilization. Thomas Deis is another who drops in at the school for a short course now and then. Monsieur Deis is the famous chef at the Cafe de la Paix in Paris. He is an even bigger hit with the mademoiselles than his cooking. Another pupil interviewed is the prima ballerina Teresa Bartelotte. She is the one who proved that one does not have to start young to achieve greatness. Two notorious sailors who have made a profitable career of pirating and who drop in every once in a while at the school when they are not wanted by the international police force are Keith Barker and Dick Wormwood. One infamous student is Senator James Joy the champion filibusterer of the Senate. when he is filibustering he doesn't even read from books he just lets himself go and talks! Olga McCane who plays the jazziest organ this side of the Rockies takes a concentration course every January. After interviewing her we decided to sign up at the school ourselves! Jack Ball is practically a permanent institution at the school ever since he inherited the principalship of Town of Webb Schools from his father-in-law. The next two students whom we interviewed, Connie and Ann Westfall have made such a fortune as partners in the Interplanetary Hotels chain that they tour the country playing sax duets just for fun. Duke Hollister, the modern Eddie Fisher, who is known as nDizzy Duke the Croonern is a semi-annual student. what a torpy voice! The current playboy of New York, Bob Liddle, designs T.V. antennas with every possible convenience from built in stork nests to burglar alarms. He and Bill Burnap always take their course at the same time, a hangover from high-school days, we guess. Bill is employed in the American branch of a French perfume company as a perfume namer. The wealthy Janet Hartnett a prominent member of the social set, stops in at the school between yacht cruises. Another patron of the school is Prof. M6PV1I1MuTd0Ck, aeronautics expert, who claims that he makes use of the art of concentration when he il flying around the Adirondacks in his balloon suspended chair. We have come to the conclusion, from these statistics, that Simpson's School has a very select clientele and therefore must present excellent courses. If you should ever decide to take a course in concentration be sure to consider Simpson's School and if you ever long for the good old kids and the good times of your youth this is the place to go. no .Ii 117 In "NIU r-C' 5' C0 C' C' PC' QC' CCC QC C X varsity baskeilnlll Front Row: J. McNeil, D. Tickner, R. Gebhardt, W. Wright, M. Murdock Second Row: F. Liddle, D. Bird, C. Deis, Coach J. Davis, C. Barrows T. Deis, J. Ball. A. Westfall, T.Barte1otte S. Grabb, C. Thomas, B,MeNe1lly, C. Puffer if P. Tiffany, Miss Holmes ' 9 cheerleaders M 2 iuniar varsity basketball Front Row: L. Thorpe, J. Hartnett, J. Ryan, W. Colwell, W. Deis, R. Villiere, A. Delmarsh, Second Row: D. watson, M. Giddings, R. Barker R. Gokey, Coach K. Smith, J. DeLong, G, Webster, L. Deis, W. Burnap G. Rivet, Y. Rivet, E. Vaughn B. Greenfield, J. Lindsay, A. Delmarsh. M3 cheerleaders fx? info 0 fl e xx Front Row: R. Barrier D. Foley R. APP19t0nv J' Zahn' Back Row: N. Villierez F. Liddlei R. Wormwood- -T- Turner' J- Def-Ong, L- Deis- b ' ' lllll girli' Ski Team B, Greenfield Y.Rivette G Rivet lolz Front Row: D. Tickner, W. wright, F. Liddle, M. Murdock, Second Row: Thorpe, J. Ryan, J. Hartnett, L. Deis, M. Giddings, D. Watson, C.. Deis, R. Wormwood, R. Gokey, C. Barrows, R. Clark. J. DeLong, Deis, E. Webster. Gebhardt Z' ,4- Front Row: W. Deis, F. Liddle, C. Deis, D. Bird, R. Gebhardt, J. McNeil, D. Tickner, D. Watson, W. Colwell, Second Row: J. Ryan J. Hartnett, M. Giddings, A. Delmarsh, R, Gokey, W. Wright, C. Barrows, L. Deis, Coach J. Davis. 54 EXIT '1 L if ,f :gif in ,. 16,2 jr 'ff "' m 5:8 mf-""""-rd iff? Eva, V , -MQ "' if 321. -Q 3 g ?y Q.- Sq . XX W 9 ' Z r -f 'ixk , ,, -,. 'NW ', . ,, x4?,f ,H,f X x x V fi U 1, X My w A X X ,yr N Y R f X M' 7 24, 'X X A 3 ff!! y I N 'X KN! 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Suggestions in the Town of Webb High School - Hadarondah Yearbook (Old Forge, NY) collection:

Town of Webb High School - Hadarondah Yearbook (Old Forge, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Town of Webb High School - Hadarondah Yearbook (Old Forge, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Town of Webb High School - Hadarondah Yearbook (Old Forge, NY) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 5

1955, pg 5

Town of Webb High School - Hadarondah Yearbook (Old Forge, NY) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 16

1955, pg 16

Town of Webb High School - Hadarondah Yearbook (Old Forge, NY) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 29

1955, pg 29

Town of Webb High School - Hadarondah Yearbook (Old Forge, NY) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 14

1955, pg 14

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