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Text from Pages 1 - 108 of the 1957 volume:

J +Main - Yfffmfyav M' iff W-,, l, H M 'Vw QAM ,J fbi mfg? 6,902 1QMW7w ff' ,ww fiffw' My M QW ff M . r lsix . t -51 ul in gf , VD JQ44. v H 1, I gg 55 X rv WW A4211 ,QQ L,,q'QAjU 3 W L3 fparixilx bW4' ' . 3 'S ' 'Mx P SZMQ ' NQv My Wa S Yqff X A JMU! 5 X N '76 yjff m my 0 L Jw fxx :NV gq wx? X 1 Q, A fa' fai 1"'fJ ' S5 Q JSM v LM 452 N f MM X 9' 1 W 'I fwfff Jo My 3 5 W 'f'Z'WW7'f9'A-f97"2 QA R' igvfa-Q 5'y,7vvy.7 'yi 'M' .wwaffw "'7"""W'3' 'v4f0P' Sfaiwgjww wvwfw -f-4-2925i whwowwgw affdiiw' Nswvqbiwaimmwvw QA jfd G i3Qi ?isf WM fixifffff 3:23 K """"w"Qef-'xy . , ' ' ' A Wy 'QSZTQ 01,1307 Qdgijw ij t 'V' ' . f -U 3? had yjf 0Mq6jfijGi3 ffqdy 4Pi,3"5yZS.C Vai! Q,,nJWpM ' . MW Wi 2552? -x Y' ' 2-f giai 535551 isfljvi 92 325 iiwm QM, ,,,J.-1 THE TIGER 1957 L in gl Published by THE CLASS OF 1957 TOWLE HIGH SCHOOL Newport New Hampshire FUREWORD It has been the purpose of the Yearbook Staff of the Class of 1957 to portray on the following pages asilhouette of life at Towle High School and to reflect upon the achievements, associations, and activities we have been a part of at Towle. For this reason we chose as our theme, "Silhouet- tes G7ld.4R6fl8Cf1:07lS. " We hope that in future years you will look back and find within these pages pleasant memories of the year 1956 - 1957. HOWARD BOVERS Edi tor- in-Chief "When you are old and grey and full of sleep And nodding by the fire, take down this book, And slowly read, and dream --" 2 lillian Butler Yeats TABLE OF CDNTENTS Page Foreword. . . 2 Dedication. . . 4 Administration . 5 Seniors ...... . 11 Senior Superlatives . . 33 Senior Informals. . . 36 Class History . . . 38 Autographs. . . . 40 Sports ....... . 41 Music and Dramatics . 55 Activities .... . 63 Underclassmen . . . 71 Booster Page. . . 80 Advertisements. . . 81 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The 1957 TigerStaffgratefully acknowledgesthesupport of the merchants whose advertising helps make our Yearbook possibleg andeofthe Alumni, parents,and friends whose names appear on our list of Towle Boosters. We Thank Them Allh We also wishto thank the followingfor'photographs used in"The Tigern this yeargMr.'Titchen of the Claremont Daily Eagle, Mr. Eggleston, Patricia Whitney, and our class photo- grapher, David Hirsch. THE 1957 TIGER STAFF 3 DE DICATION 'fi w "a:Qi L ss ,ww, HENRY BUINICKY In appreciatio to making our he has given n of the time and guidance he has devoted class abetter one, and for the friendship us, we, the Class of 1957, dedicate our A Yearbook to Mr. Buinicky. W h 'Av ' 1 ' - ' , X s - s as fi e MM X141 CCfLLVV'N f4e3 'Afgfyx' 'L494! fn '17 - , jfm . 4 FACULTY l DGE COMES WISDOM L INGERS 1--Ax xXHQx SUPERINTENDENT'S MESSAGE Yi, iii I Tb the Helbers of the Graduating Class of 1957 a,'- CQ' Congratulotionsto each of youon the satisfactory com- ic Nr- , pletion of your high school course. '-T: bac: The next chapterin your lives will be largely of your ' hx QB own making. You complete your high school work at a tvlfte most interesting time. Opportunities will likely pre- taxi sent themselves in about the ratio that you are pre- Q. Tfx pared to take advantage of them. There has never been 'A an easy time for young people. If at all possible, pursue your formal education -- for the world today offers many opportunities to those with technological know-how. But most important -- find a line of work and a way of life that interests you -- then give the best that's in you toward that end. As alumni ou join with all other graduates in demon- strating the real value of Towle High School. I am confident that your accomplishments will justify our faith in you and serveto strengthen the good name of Your school' Sincerely yours GORDON B. FLINT. PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE To each of you of the Class of 1957 I extend congratu- lations and best wishes for your continued achievement and effective citizenship. As you leave Towle, you carry with you a basic found- ation of work habits, a sense of responsibility, and a willingness to achieve. The extent to which you use this background to meet successfully the challenges of living in this changing world, is the final measure of you and of this school system. Do justice to your heritage - family, community, school, and church - that this world will become better for your having lived, and you, as worthy parts thereof, may feel a sense of having made a difference for the good of mankind. Sincerely, HOWARD KIMBALL 6 s GORDCN B. FLINT Superintendent of Schools SCHOOL BOARD- Mr. Oliver Drown, lr. Gordon Flint, Superintendent, Mr. John Lee. Absent: Mr. Henry Mahoney, Chairman. gs? : WT A HOIABD B. KIMBALL Principal Co mercia1Law . ds . - , - , , ,353 QM? l' c f -2. -la N ADMINISTRATIUN Y Elf. is!! i323 l ff l al li? i figib 5 Superintendent's Office Mr. Kimball, Principalg Mrs. Jones, Secretary. Building Custodians 1 fo ff Mr. Soucy, Helping TbachergS.Gentes,Mr. Flint, Superintendentg J.Kieffer. Principa1's Office Mr. Babbitt, Mr. Gove F FACULTY IRENE BEBG Biology, General Science, Mental Hygiene, Cheer- leading and Majorette Coach, One-Act Play Coach, Prize Speaking Coach, Freshman Class Adviser WILLIS BALLOU Math, Sophomore Class Ad- viser, Student Council Ad- viser, Director of Audio Visual Aids ' WILLIAM BRYANT Physics, Chemistry, Fac- ulty Manager ofAthletics. MATH AND SCIENCE OLLIE TURPEINEN History, Geography, J. V. Football and Basketball Coach BEATRICE BOVERS History, Civics, Prize- Speaking Coach. JOHN SOKUL Government, Driver Educa- tion, Senior Class advis- er, J. V. Baseball Coach, Prize Speaking Coach. SUCIAL STUDIES 1 I I 1 1 . I 1 L - - FACULTY IHENE KLINE Psycho108Y, English, Guid- ance Adviser, Adviser Spirit of Towle, Prize Speaking Coach FRED GERSTEIN French, English, Coach of One-Act Play, Prize Speak- ing Coach. JOSEPH RYAN English, Senior Play Coach HENRY BUINICKY English, Latin, Guidance, Track, Cross Country, One- Act Play Coach, Prize Speaking Coach, Junior Class Adviser. .Nha-ug FRED GERSTEIN HENRY BUINICKY DORUFHY JUVES Typing, Math, Economics, School Secretary,Year Book Adviser. PRISCILLA HASTINGS Shorthand, Typing, Office Practice, Treasurer of Towle 'School Association, Treasurer of Newport School Athletic Fund. 9 ENGLISH kc f- 9. BUSINESS FACULTY F MARY LORD School Nurse HEALTH and PHYSICAL EDUCATION 3 x 2 mf J. Q54 ,, '44 ,rw xsiff' T' ,. ' 1 f Q 9 ., ,N PRACTICAL ARTS PHILIP KNOWLES ELIZABETH STILLINGS Industrial Arts Home Economics PRISCILLA BUINICKY Physical Education, Coach of Basketball, Softball, Hockey, Prize Speaking Coach ROBERT UNDEHH I LL Physical Education, Coach of Football, Basketball,Baseball RICHARD FORD Music Director MUSIC ssmons O h :- X,... ,M-,qi . 1 .ea o Q lx I r 'HQ 4 I TH wes of great men all remind us We c ' an nuke our lwes sublime And, departing, leave behind us 5' Footprints on the sands of Time. I-....I'-ll-.. x s X n I 1 SFWQRS , 2 rl I If .1 14g 4- I JOYCE ALDRI CH JWlosl1"'A-rtigic. . . "Oh great! 'f . .York Beach '. . .Big sister. . .Snapping eyes. . .Future sec- retary. Basketball 1,2,3,4p One Act Play 3g Senior Playg Band 1,2,3,4g All-State Band 45 Spirit of Towle 2,3,4 fAssistant Editor 413 Girls' Stateg Committees 1,2,3,4. X ROGER AVERY "Ac'rey"-mumbling and grumbling... "I hate school ". . . out with the guys. . .undecided fu- ture. Football 1,4-Q Baseball 1gSki Team 1,3. I,-1 I ,ix 1 I , 1 N 12 4 , f X. . l Q RONALD ALLEN "Rusty"-Automobiles. . . "I like it, do you?" . . .Ready with a willing hand. . . 'Live, love, laugh and be happy.' Cross-country l,2g Ski Team l,2g Track 1,25 Band 1. JOHN BALLOU "Spud,"-Croydon's favorite son... "Hov about Croydon?". . .able Senior prexy. . . making a living. President 45 Baseball 1,2,3,43 Senior Play 4g Glee Club 43 Yearbook Staff 1 FREEMAN BARTUN Nfreenu-Studious...'Make haste s1owly'C.. Found in the locker room...headed for col- lege. Baseball 2,3,4g Cross Country 3,45 Yearbook staffg Spirit of Towle 3,4. 5, ,ff 'iff JON BELL Hbingn-Mischievous...nIt's all r1ght".. Tigerlineman...Senior V,P...Colorful char acter. Eootball 43 Vice President 45 Bas- ketball 1,2g Track 45 Hall Proctor 2,33 Committees l,2,3,4. SENIORS 1,1 PRISCILLA BEAUCHAINE HPatU-Efficiency rewards... 'Holy jump up and sit downH...Dancing feet...Lee...Busi- l b 1 2 3 4 S irit of ness career. 'Glee C u , , , Q p Towle 3,4g Tri-Hi-Y lg Girls' StategCom- mittees 3. MILTUN BLACKINGTON HMiltH . . . Strong silent type . . . 'You aren't just beating your gumsn . . seen but not heard. Baseball L 1 ," RUTH BLOMQUIST SENIORS LEON BOUUi nkuthien-irresistible giggles...'0h, that's HLeOnH- Farmerboy... 'How about that?H ... just great.H...vith the pen- 1 - - - man...marriageable secretary. Glee Club l, Bradford S patron "' Hunting In the 'lid 2,3,4g Yearbookg Tri-Hi-Y 3, Librarian 3g 'Dods- Office Assistant lp Committees 4. N s N S x Q .qu -L HOWARD BOVERS owardu-Perfect gentleman... Wfake it easy ..cute quips...Ambitious.. Athletic .Col IIH ll lege bound. Class President 3g Football 2: 3,4g Basketball 2.3,4Q One Act Play 35 Sen ior Playg Yearbook KEditonin-chieflg Boys Stateg Student Council 3,4g Committees 3,4. 1 NORMA BOWLAN HPearZn-Chic...'Tt's your choice,notmineU ...Giggles galore...Singing vs. modeling. Band 2,3,4g Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Triple Quar- tet 49 Yearbook Staffg Spirit of Towle 2: Office Assistant 35 Committees 1,2,3,4' Librarian 1. 0 SENIDRS LYNN BOYCE "Lindy"-Full of ginger. . . "Well, honestly". . . Pizza .... light green fordp Carole's pal. Softball 35 Band l,2,3,4g Glee C1115 Spirit of Towle 25 Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3g Librar- ian 1,'Z,3g Committees l,2,3,4. GRACE CAIN "Grass"-Blue eyes. . "Oh-h-h". . . Bobby. . .Honor student. ..future farmer-'s wife. Orange Key 4g Vice President of 4-H Club. - X .x s Y. 5' f ANN BRYANT "AMI"-whimsical. . . "Gee Whiz " .... Parlez-vous francais?...kindergarten teacher. Band 1,2, 3,4:G1eeC1ub l,2,3g All State Band 35 Tri- Hi-Y 2,3 fPresidentl 4, Librarian 2,3,4p Office Assistant . X Q . MARTHA CLAGGETT "Martha"-Walking in the woods. . . "Good grief" ...Horses...Better late than never...In the library. Basketball 3,45 Prize Speaking 35 Glee Club 1,2,3,4, Yearbook Staff: Spirit of Towle 2,3,4g Tri-Hi-Y 3,43 Librarian 25 Of- fice Assistant l,23 Committees 1,2,3,4. ,f l 1 4, .Al 5' xy ffl , I 1 xy .Cla f' , K, 1 Q ' l ' livll 4 J, s" xl GEORGI A GDI DAK I S HGe0fgH-Pert strutter.. .HA1l right, you kidsn ...that certain Greek fellow... basketball demon. Basketball l,2,3,4g Hockey lg J. V. Cheerleading lg Glee Club l,4g Band 2,3,4 fHead Majorettel Yearbook Staffg Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2g Committees l,2,3,45ArtClub lg Sophomore Carnival Queen: Honor Roll 3,4. if EDWARD COLBY NJinH-Back voodsman... 'What do you want,a medal or a dog biscuit?n...A1ways on the go ...Air Force. Baseball 2g Track 25 Gym Club 21 Band 1,2,3,4g Glee Club l. SENIORS CUNSTANCE CDLASMKIJ HCliSsU- Friendly... h0h pain!H... Harold's steady passenger... long bob...Profeasional waitress. . ,I ' PHILIP CORBETT 'ThiZH- Cracking knuckles... '1et's eatN.H Plaid shirts...Dad's'truck..Joker..Muaical. Cross-country 23 Ski Team 2,3,4g Track 25 Band l,2,3,4g Brass Sextet 2,3,4: Spirit 01 Towle 4g Hall Proctor 2,3,4g Boys' State: Committees 1,2,3,4. SENIORS CHRISTOS CORONIS HGreekH-Rambling gait . . . 'Dah!H . . .sly grin . . . neat dresser. Basketball 1,2. JULIETTE CUSANELLI HCouchiH-Prima Donna...'Tbr Pete's sakeu..., music, music. Band 3,45 Glee Club 1,2,3,4p All State Chorus 2, 35 Triple Quartet 2,3,4g Tri-Hi-Y K Presi- dent, 2,3,4g Librarian 35 Committeesl,2,3,4 .!"""N Iflm '!"" SALLIE E. DANIELSON HSGIU-Imaginative...'Don't get shookn ...Le Theatre... R.A.K.? ...York Beach...Co11ege. OneActPlays 1,35 Senior Play: Glee Club 2, 3: Yearbook Staff KAssistant Editorlg Spirit of Towle 2,3,4p Girls' Stateg Committees 1, 2,3,4. 5. gf .6 JOLENE DODGE HJ0-JON-Friendly heart... 'T'll never telln . . .Bernie . . .Westward ho. . . marriage minded. Glee Club l,2. SENIURS XVY' ' JERALDINE EAJUN "Jerry"-Pert Twirler. . . 'You dirty bird". . . LEONARD FEENSTRA 'Tenn-Snappy wardrobe...'Tt's all rightu... . - - 'Watching all the girls go by'...Good look- Found at Deacon s... 8lTf1D8l...fUtUl8 alr in8...Around the 'arid-in so d-y.? Football lCGWll'd8lB- Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Band 3,43 1,2,3g Cross Country Ag Track 2,3,4: Cgggig- Office Assistant 2. tees 1,2,3,4. J EANNE'l'l'E GAGWE STEPHEN FELLOWS HSteueu-Green truck... 'Tup, yup.H...Leon's UJhnn-castle ag? cutei..'E:f:er begjeve itn - - - - ...pus utton ymout ... ego. relsllter pal. ..Kathy Rsxsxng spuds. . .Mach1n1st.. 2. Cheerleniing 1: Band 2314: .Glas club 1' :fag spirit of 'rode 23 'rn-ul-Y lg omg. Assistant 25 Girls' Stateg Yearbook Staff: Committees 1, 2, 3, 4. I8 MAURICE GILBERT 'When-Livewire..'Try it!H .. . North New- port . . . Green Chevvy . . . Havin' fun. Gym Club 1,2,3. SENIORS , , , X715 N ' . "' RUTH GLAZIER ' ffsmn- Nighcovl 'mr ... ings are tough all overu... Carefree ... 31 Green Road...'ka- choo'! Basketball lg Cheerleader l,2,3,4g OneActP1ay M Glee Club lg Yearbook Staff: Tri-Hi-Y 1. j77QQ gf df JUDITH GOYETTE HJudyH- Flirtatious...'Uessum Crow!H...En viable complexion R N On A P1 ... . . e ct ay 3g Senior Playg Glee Club 2,3,4g Triple Quar- tet 2,3,45 Librarian 4gOffice Assistant L 2: Yearbook Staff. f 1 HOWARD GREENLEAF, Jn. HPeGnutH-Catnaps...'TMH Nothing importantu ... Anti-Presley... confirmed bachelor... college bound. Footb all 45 Basketball 1,4g Baseball 4g Hi-Y 1. RICHARD HASTINGS SENIORS ARNOLD HAYWARD, JR. "D1lck"- Black leather jacket. . . "It' s all "Elvis"-Honest. . Z "What do you say you guys, - h HHIBO - - I-.T 'HB d- let's do someth1ng"...Athletic... Rock n' rig L unclng gait rumpeter gall Roll... College. Class Vice President 2g ford Road' ' ' Army' Football 15 Basket' 3 Football 45 Basketball 2, 3: Cross Country lp Gym .Ilub l,2,3g Band 4. l,2,3g Track 2,3,4g Yearbook Staffg Spirit of Towle 45 Hall Proctor 49 Committees 2,3,4 GLORIA HAYWARD CHARLES HENAULT "Squ0w"- Forgetful. . . "Shut up fore I clobber HCIWSH' Such inn0C9nt CYCS! - - - 'Don' 5 be 5 you". . .John. . .Prom-astinator. . .C1-oydonite. wise guy "- - Athletic- - -Bashfu1?- - -College- One Act Play 3g Senior Play 41 Prize Speak- Basketball 2,3,4g Baseball l,2,3,4g Cross ingg Yearbook Staffg Spirit of Towle 35 Of- COUHUTY 2- fice Assistant 33 Girls' State. 20 ssmons y Mil Ml' W HV DAVID HIRSCH JOWNVHOOPER "DGUe"-Shutterbug. . . "I forgot". - . Lf-1IlKUid "JGck"-Silence is golden. : . "Vlhee, feel the stride. . .Mastermind. .. College. Baseball breeze Il Connie Black chevy. . . First I M 5 k, , Q ... ... 1 Cross C0unt'y 3K anagerl S 1 Team 1-2 National employee. Basketball 1,2,3. One Act Play l,2,3g Senior Playp Prize Speakingg Band 1,2,3,43 All State Band 43 Yearbook Staffg Spirit of Towle l,2,3,4g Hall Proctor 25 Boys' Stateg Committees 3, 43 Hi-Y 1. RAYMOND HOYT PRESTON HURD HButchU- Inquisitive ... 'Siberian Cheese HPfeSt0nH- Found in the 1ibrary...'Ts that Houndu...Grave1 voice...Travel. Ski Team so, prove itH...Inert...Red Sox Fan...Join l,2,3g One Act Play 35 Glee Club 4. the service. 21 6,3 f 'V SENl0lhliif I KAROL KABR IRENE JOHNSCN "Rene"- Diminutive Roams the Claremont "K g"'kS5:Uli3q'li --iubolllt kai, hdv Ymign - ...or ac...apoeon etewor . Road . .. Gary . . . Dark curls . . . Marriage. Basketball 1'2,3,4: Hockey 1. 2'3'4: me Act 0fflC0 ASSIBCHHC 2.3- Play 33 Senior Play 45 Yearbook Staff: Spirit of Towle 1,2,3 Uiditorl 4: Trl-H1-Y 1,2g Librarian 43 Office Assistant 2,45 Girls' Stateg Committees l,2,3,4g Student Council 45 U.N. Model Assembly 3. MQW , fyhl GAYLE KEMP MELVIN KEMP "Sk11d"- Cute quips. . . "I' so-o tired. ". . . "B14bbef"- Aggressive. . . "lhat? Hub?". . .Grid loafers. . . A nursing career and marriage. Captain . . .strummin' guitar. . .Fun. ..Enfin- Basketball l,2,3: Cheerleading 3,43 One Act eering. Class President 23 Football ,2, Play 35 Prize Speakingg Band -1,23 Commit- 3,45 Gym Club 1,2g One Act Play 3: Senior tees 1,2,3,4. Play 4g Committees 1,2,3,4. 22 'f ssmoks 853 SANDRA KEM TEN JUDITH KIEFFER "Sa1I-dJ"'- Senior songstress. . . 'No kidding" "Judy"-Peti be. I - "I don' t know". . .Ertensive . . Studious. . . Sweet Shop. . .Traveling Secre- Zciifobelzlgetzzlg any. Glee cm, 1,3,4g Yearbook staff 45 ' ' ' ' ' Band 41 Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Yearbook Staffg Office Assistant 3g Arc Club 1. Spirit of Towle 3.4: Tri-Hi-Y 1.2.31 Li- brarian 2g Student Council Treasurer 37 Student Council Secretary 45 Tri-Hi-Y Sec- retary 3g Tri-Hi-Y Vice President 4. 2 3' X, , 4 l Hi., f 2 I I u BEVERLY LA noucmz L " mls LEGACY "Bev"-Helpful friend. . . "Oh, pain ". . .Cruis- "Legs"-Long pony tail. . . 'Nasty break boy!" ing in green Plymouth... Quiet... Nursing ...Giggles galore... Bill... Movies...Hook Career. a guy and travel. 23 SENIORS DONALD LITTLE MELBA LITTLE HBig Donn- Woman hater... 'Rowdy down .... 'wblbu-Carrot-top...'Nowain'ttnat shrewdn Motorcycle boots ...Tau Melb'sbigbro- Aggk'f:'::":n51i:2jL1---g':::ggi3:Hh2-"gfiY6AL ther...Mechanic. Football 1,3g Basketball :fx Act play 25 Senior play 4: Spirit ok i0'1e 1,2'3, 1 1 -D ul 2,3,4g Orange Key3,4g0fficeAssistant3,4. X , . -' fl" IW L"2' N 'X 1 ' 1' , ' J ' ! I I F . xt I K K K ' fl f '5 5 K Is 5 .' - f ' xl J X ' f I C K A ' if WILLIAM MAERTENS CAROLE MABDIN UBillN-Mad scientist...'Let's goH...Intel- HKGyZKGy'ESpray of5reeklis...:g?at a Zcabby - , mess ... izza... usica ... atter ox... lectual... Horn r1ms...T. H. S s . Fred Nursing career. Treasurer 3: one Act Play Astaire...Armed Forces. One Act Play 2,32 3g Band 112.3145 Glee Club 1,2'3'4i A11 Prize Speakingg Band 4g Spirit of Towle 2, State Chorus 25 Triple Quartet 2,3,4g Tri- 3 4 Hi-Y L Librarian 15 Committees 1,2,3,4. 24 20 04.297 Ml' ,L :QF Q 9' lk MV U SENIORS 3 ,u1 Qu-7, , In ANDREA MCDONALD MARGERY E. MILES Hlndyn-Peaches n' cream complexion... nAl1 Hyafgien- Inaudib1e,,, 'I don'g see 'h.g', Fi8h5 51T09dYu --- Sn3PPin8 BUm--- NUfSin8 wrong with itH...Pat Boone...G1oria's pal career. Yearbook Staff5 Librarian 35 Com- ... secretary. yearbook Staff: Office milt008 2.3.4- 4 xg, Assistant 3,45 Home Economics Club 2. 'iriisp Cl 5 . 3 ' Ill Y. :Qs rr C. T1r: LErQgQgg?i: f DQ 1,5 -Wg 1. -4,.j,, ' S.. x. -.wh ,,z s?u X 11' 1. . 7,25 53 X N7 J 5 'T' Ns BEVERLY MORROW Hfwirpn- Little friend of all the world... Hwiseln ...Athletic... Fun loving ... Bop ...P.E.teacher. Basketball 2,3545 Softball 2.3.45 Hockey 1,2,3,45 One act Play 35 Senior Play 45 Band 1,2,3,45 Brass Sextet 1,2535 Glee Club 1,35 All State Band 3,45 Yearbook Staffg Spirit of Towle 3,45 Tri- Hi-Y 15 Secretary 3,45 Committees 1,2,3,4. :Db is Iii! csc. ,.'N S pg if CHARLES MOURADIAN H0haflien- Thoughtful... 'T didn't do it!H ...Sleek Dodge...Claremont... Out with the boys...wanderer. Class Vice President 1,35 Football 3,45 One Act Play l,2,35 Senior Play 45 Glee Club 1,2535 A11 State Chorus 35 YearbookStaffKAssistant Editorl5 Boys' State5 Student Council President 45 Hi-Y- fPresident 212 Committees l,2,3,4. SENIORS jf! x , ' JOH MULLER nBliuH, HMullH- All around guy...'Yeh,Yeh, Yehu ... Thespian... Red Sweater ...Girls, girls, girls...Found in the gym. Football 2,3,4g Basketball l,2,3,4g Baseball l,2,3, 4g One Act Play 35 Senior Playg Spirit of Towle 2,3gHall Proctor 3,4g Hi-Y 1,23 Com- mittees 4. .P eww: , ' P 'av M, , ,1 PAULINE oscoon K P - u0zzie'2 Skirts and sweaters... 'Uee, you should have seen itn ...Dancing demon... Blushes...College. Basketball 2,3,4g Soft- ball 2,3,4g One Act Play 33 Senior Playg Glee Club 3g Yearbook Business Managerg Spirit of Towle 2,3,43 Committees l,2,3,4. CAROL PARISEAU NSisn- Sophisticated ... 'What would be tellingn ... Kel1y's clerk ... Roving eyes ... With Ella. Glee Club 3. D QW BRUCE PATTEN HPGtH-Businessman...'1ive, love, laugh and be happy'k..Popcorn...Amiable...C.P.A. ... Prize Speakingg Committees 2,3,4g Student Council 1,2. 26 -jo f . ygyfjf 'llffgl ,oe SENIDRS r 'C w I LEONARD PERKINS GEORGE PERRY "Perk"-Flaming hair and freckles. .. "Just a "G90fEie"-S8Ui!'iC81- - - HMHY I ask H QU'-9S5i0l1" minute" , , , chuckles , , , Grid ,stu-boy , , , . . .Brush cut. . . In the library. . . Stockwells. Sportsman. Hi-Y 1 fChap1ainJ. CTOIS COUHUYY 2. 35 Track 25 SPil'i5 of Towle 3. zffn NORMA PEVINE FRANCES PYE "Pev1Ze"-Comical. . . "Hot Dog". . . an answer for "f'r'an"- Sparkling ring finger . . . 'Really everyone. . .willing worker. . . always courte- dearie". .. Inconspicuous. . . Keith. . . future ous... Glee Club 1,2,3. bride. Spirit of Towle 35 Tri-Hi-Y 11 Office Assistant 1. 27 sy la i ik Lx! If X Q 7 lvl gal, ' SENIORS BEVERLY BENEY 'WevH- Popular...'EgadsH...Hed convertible ... Pretty black hair... College. Class Treasurer lg Basketball 2,3,4g Softball 2, 3,4g Hockey 2,3,45 Senior Playg Yearbook Staffg Girls' Stateg Committees 2,3,4. KENNETH HICKARD HRiCkH-Humorous...'T don't knowH...Hunting deerQdear?l...Passionate pink...Plymouth.. Football 1,25 Basketball 1,2,3,4g Baseball 3,4g Hall Proctor l,2. Q y k 5 so ga, EDWARD ROCHFORD DIANNE ROE HR0chH- Well-groomed... 'Who me?H ... 'The Hlidgen-Vivacious...HDon't get nervousn... - H... - - - - Energetic... Personality plus ... College Holllker Crazy Ant1cs...Future million bound. Basketball 1: Cheerleading 1,2'3 aire. Football l,2,3,4g Basketball 2,3,45 Head cheerleader 4. one Act pliy 1'2'3 Track l,2,3,4g Band lg Hall Proctor 3,45 Senior Playg Prize Speaking fFirst Prizel Committees 1,2,3,4. Yearbook Staffp Committees l,2,3,4. WILLIAM SHACKETT Hlceu- Black leather jacket...'Mm nutsn... Band Prexy... Wendy... Soda jerk.... Air Force. Gym Club 1,2g Band 1,2,3CPresi- dent 415 Boys' State. SENIDRS ELLA SHEDD HSqueakyH-Snapping gum...'T'll never telln ...Larry...0ut for a good time...Marriage. Band 2,33 Glee Club 3. O 1 n .I Xe 1 Y, O ROGER SMALL 'WogN- Vociferous... HIt's all rightn .U Grantham ... B. E. ... Duke...Never a dull moment. Class President lg Football 1,2, 3,45 Basketball 2,3,4g Track 2,45 One Act Play 35 Senior Play, Prize SpeakingKSecond Prizelg Yearbook Staffp Spirit of Towle 3, 43 Hall Proctor 2,35 Committees 1,2,3,4. 'f GWEN SMITH HSnittyH- Dimples... 'Real1y?H ...Friendly he1lo...Presley fan...Dark eyes...College. Spirit of Towle 3g Office Assistant 3. SENIORS ALLAN SIANSCN "Al"- Perfectioniat... "You've got me".- Boiateroue laugbter..Sister Jo...Polite... College. Football1,2gSki Teml1,2gHi-Y h Yearbookg Hall Proctor 2,4g Committees 1, 2,3,4. fw' JUDITH TKIMI "J14di"- "Boo". . .Pink cheeks. . . "What'd I do now?H...Styliah apparel...Active...Popular ...Co1lege. Basketball 1,21 Cheerleading 1,2,3,4g One Act Play 1,2,3g Senior Play 45 Triple Quartet 3:Yearbook Staff, Spirit of Towle 2,3,4g Tri-Hi-Y lg Band 1,2g Glee Club lg Committees 1,2,3,4, Vice Preiident of Student Council 2,3,4g Carnival Queen 3. rw' ADA SWEET nDee Deen- Peppy stride . . . '1Mo's your friendH...Little bothers...'ally...Skating on the conlon...larriage. Yearbook Staff: Office Aaaietant 4gGdrla' State, President of Newport Silver Blades, Conlitteea 1,2, 3,4. !7fl' HEHMAN THOMPSON "Hurricane "-Blualxea. . . "Tough". . .On the wild woods ...Black and white sweater ...Make a million. Football 1,2,3g Ski Team 1,2,3,4g Track 4, Gym Club 1,23 Band 2, Committees 1,3. SENIORS x71 ' ' WALLACE Tllfluq BERNARD TROW "YGlly"- At. Deacon's... "You don't say! "... "Bernie"- Always a good word... "It's all Nice to know...North Newport gang. Foot- right" ...Hurricane's pal ...Woodhu11's... ball 2,3,4g Basketball lg Baseball lg Com- T1-ayel, Football 1: Gym 112. mittee: l,2,3. xx x- ,L V' X gas V t , ,sl 3 if t w W ' ll K, f' 95-3-S X ff 2' i,x.:g33W1- Y ,J 1,5 ' M 0 DOROTHY WHALEN "DOftie"- Mysterious voice. . . "Wow- eee". . Sweet Shop. . .Wavy black hair. . .College vs marriage. Spirit of Towle 2,3,4g Commit- feel 2. 3, 45 Secretary of Foods and Textiles X! U ,W fx ,!2' ALLEN WHIPPLE "YhiP"- An answer for everything "How about that!" Fleetfooted Clowning around...Millionaire? Cross Country 1,2,3, 4g Track 1,2,3,4-3 Basketball l,2,3g Boys' State. i X X X nys x j JOYCE WILES "GO"- Softspoken. . . "Dad- gummit al1!". . .At Deacon' s. . .Obliging. . . Future R.N. Yearbook Staffg Librarian 3g Committees 2,3,4. 7 I J I I xg K SENIORS Q E' - ,t J L ' 1 2' I 8 N KENNETH YETMAN "Ken"- Happy go lucky... 'What cha say?".. Robin Hood ...Blond butch cut ...College Baseball 1,2,3,4g Cross Country 2,3,4. D of 'L ' I fl" JT." ssmon cuxss orncsns Sokul, Adviser if ' H, Boyers, Student Council Representativeg J, Bell' V. Presidentg B, Morrow, Secretaryg J, Ballon, Presidentg R, Small' Treasurer. Best Looking Most Popular DIANNE LEONARD JUDI HOG HOWARD KAROL Most Likely To Succeed Biggest Line Most Athletic RUTH Rossa S ED Bsv M, K x SUPERLATIVES A 4 o I Class Couple Best All Around DIANNE ED JUDI HOWARD Most Bashful CHARLES V JUDY Class Clown Most Talented JON GAYLE ARNOLD JULIETTE f 1 7' ,gf A J leen, ' ' :QE 'QHJJ h R 1 i Xxxknf, K. Best Dancers Most Intellectual JEANETTE ARNOLD MARTHA DAVID ROGER CAROL I Flirts Class Most Courteous X Best Dressed CAROLE ALLAN LEONARD BEV Ns, Qfi DDT A A SWA iq5'ii -QJF, 9 RQQQR .SWE 'WA L'N- N M X iw SENIOR SILHOUETTES Aren'L they cute?! What'cha hidingliernie? av A4 fl ww'-' 4- .k.,.. v s A ,.. , , r 1957 W-1-.,, 1. Q Our Junior Prom Oh, Oh, Ed!! . 4 . .W H 4. Lg V P". 1 , ' A f , fi 1 'Third Party Salute Sitting Pretty Hi Dot. , if' 7' x U t c R ise guys!! Now run, Bev .-'fl' C'-N544 Sweet! SENIOR SILHOUETTES 5 my! Oh, that George? Decorators at work Some of our boys Reach, Rd? . ., A , ' .1 ' M f nm 5. xv- . . I lv Q - I M KKLKMKHP Aam ji Nr' K K l ' fm'-.. 1. . , , W "mS " xt K ' 1 . um. SQ, , K -K TKKKK , 5 ,K K -L 411-cgi.. i,,K Q, ,gf Kr. K . gf HM K.. Qxaxm ,K .. X. K,...K KK flu K . ,A- gk , ww ".fA' K' . vs How Nice ,, s ' ' 3 . . 1057 r if Hi, Bruce Always smiling Le s o Jo ce , 5 4 K - 3 ' Q fl I ' ' 1, 'H Q f , 1 A- 1 3 . Q 9: K. K , Q KKK ga 'f '- K- . , gf a i - K J' f ty 3 1 Y K--'g- 4' 'a V' fprf- ..- - x 1 ' - - ff ,x ' .K K . ,KK 3 ,x 'X , Strutring PreLLy 37 E QKIK gh Whatis it, gir1s7? 21" 1953- 54 FHFSHMEN Luring looks ---- inferiority ---- new routine--Mr. Kimball, new Principal---prexy Roger Small---'Vliss llerg advises-- 114 frosh fill classrooms---rules to learn---lnitialion Day---painted faces, oh those love letters---wrong stairs ---activities begin---Glee Club---sports---Frosh-Home hc Dance-"Moulin Rouge"--piano falls off stage---snow sculp- ture on common---girls place second intramurals---one act plays---spring fever---seniors graduate---over the first hurdle. 1955- 56 JUNIOHS Upperclassmcn---busy year ahead---mass ron fusion in ILS. History---parade of teachers---Mr. Bugbee leaves---llovers leads juniors---Mr. Buinicky guides---class rings arrive ----Towle beats Stevens---Christmas Dance-square dancing in the gym---Tigers notch TSV basketball title---llianne wins prize speaking--Roger, llruce place second and third ---Judi sparkles at 4-Oth Annual Winter Carnival --- Dwnrl' snow sculpture wins second prize---girls win intramurals -boys place second---one act plays for benefit---BU tests in gym---Prom plans- "Ebb Tide"-mermaid, fish nets, gala affair---Juniors work induslriously---Karol and Howard represent Towle at U.N. Model Assembly---fifteen attend lloys-Girls State in Durham---summer ,jobs---headed for the last roundup. Walla Less? 'Xi H I ' 19 54- 5 5 SOPHOMORES longer frosh---heads high ---- 4B---Mr. Dallou---HBubban bangs el---students step into activities---busy schedules---Sopho- e Carnival---Sophomore girls again place second in intramurals nowy night--dance postponed---Georgia crowned queen---treas- sinks---Dianne replaces Monaas minute keeper--Charlie heads Y---Sophomores star ---- one act plays---new system devised--- nne named hest actress--athletes rewarded--track team te Championship---another year ends. 1956-57 SENIORS notches inning of the end---Senioritis---Room 5 sacred territory--- lou leads classlof 57---Mr. Sokul keeps order---Olympics in- ation theme--ice cream concession--record hop---band r. Ford injured---maroon and white---Jackson Studios ds---announcements---class meetings galore---Seniors ts-Midge leads cheerleaders- Karol heads"Spiritn - dent Council president-Howard heads 57"Tigern staff excells --name- in key Charlie -seniors tain athletic teams---theme-dedication---seniors capture in- murals---Dianne receives D.A.R. award---Joyce named runnerup local queen contest---eskimoin kayak snow replica wins first ze---college boards and app1ications---graduation controversy m1Hall selected---Lhespians castin"January Thawn---the home etch---June---graduation week--Baccalaureate-Reception-Class -Picnic-Commencement-3'TigerH distributed--happy memories--- tain reigns Finis on four good years at Towle. - Yljqu' -131 3 WW JW WJ Qf Q57 iaifiggajzfwjf W 0 Xfw 55 Q god ,KP4f g Fd! X' YW li' M x 45 . - iii U, 33354 . "W 5 Q SX 5Qfi'J0 ?i gif Wye? VEW 2 49 of fYf',fa kfw My dfrywjf if LV QXWMWXSMJNMMK ?HQ-Q4fgi'Zw 'Ri 5 WEEE? Q V--+-fff'f?:ffQ,W rl QM 5 sponrs RQ .-.. -..... ...--.-. 1 X I it u "It ain't the individual Nor the army as a :hole But the- everlasting teaasork Of every bloonin' soul. " VARSITY FOOTBALL ,UU QT. mx -M Q . Q . qyif. il! ROI - Left t0 Right! L.Hayward, H.Sma11, M.Kemp, C.Mouradian, H.Bovers, E.Rochford, R.Avery, K.Mlcintyre, J.Jasinski, Coach Bob Underhill. 2nd Hou - Left to Right: W.Cote, K.Rickard, J.Ml11er, J.Be11, V.McInt,ire, D.Shaw, J.Judd, B.Fow1er, Ass't. Coach A1 Juris. 3rd How - Left io High!! R.Murgatory, D.Quimby, H.Green1eaf, D.Mouradian, R.Twiss, J.Lee, A.HaywardJr., W.Tilton, Ass' t.. Coach Ollie Turpeinen CNot Present., ED ROGWORD John Muller goes around rxght end agalnst Hartford. Towle von, 26 13 CO- CAPTAINS MELVIN KEMP X-'l' VARSITY FOOTBALL LEN HOWARD ROGER CHARLIE 'IHS 13 HANOVER 13 'IHS 26 HARTFORD 1 3 'IHS 0 WINDSOR 7 THS 7 PINKER'ION 34 'IHS 32 FRANKLIN 7 THS 14 ST. JOHN' S 19 'IHS 13 LEBANCN 41 'IHS 18 S'I'EVENS 6 2 LOST 5 TIED 1 ROGER ARNOLD J GIN HOWARD VIALLY KEN .ICN Towle started off the season with a bang, tieing Hanover 13-13 and beating Hartford 26-13. Towle then dropped aclose game with Windsor 0-7 and was downed by a strong Pinkerton club 34-7. Towle bounced back the next week toromp over Franklin 32-7. The Tigers then suffered three defeats at the hands ofSt.Johns, Lebanon, and Stevens to end the season with a 2-5-1 record. Thirteen Tigers will be lost this year on Graduation Day. They areLenFeenstra,RogerSmall,HowardBovers,EdRochford,Char1ieMouradian, Roger Avery, Melvin Kemp, Arnold Hayward, John Muller, Howard Greenleaf, Wally Tilton, Jon Bell and Ken Rickard. This will mean a big rebuilding job for the coach next year. VARSITY FOOTBALL ALL STATE FKXJTBALL TWIN STATE VALLEY FUOTBALL L ro R' Rog Small Melvin Kemp Jerry Jasinski, L toR: John Muller, Melvin Kemp, Larry Hayward, ' ' - ' Jerry Jasinski, Charles Mouradian, Ed Rochford. Larry Hayward' Charles Mouradlan' Ed Rochford' Coach Underhill gives his Tigers a pep talk. -SV 35, 0 . Y ff. A 'w . v " ca, X lp, ' '51 ll 1 Larry Hayward snares a pass in the game against Windsor. i I ex 'd VARSITY BASKETBALL 4 Front ro: left to righ!!R.Wentze11, R.Sma11 J.Mu11er, E.Rochford, J.Jasinski,H.Bovers. Back row left to right: Clvfouradian, Mgr., K.Rickard, W.Cote, H.Twiss, Coach Underhill, D.Sanborn, C.Coronis, L.Perkins, Mgr. Eddie Rochford UU scores for J. Jasinski C145 and R. Small the Tigers, Q71 break up a play. ff K.Rickard 13, -jumping as Eddie Rochfoid CBJ waits for the ball. f , A x lla-num... BASKETBALL HIGHLIGHTS R.WenLze11 goes for a basket. H.Bovers 1101, J.Jasinski 1142, K. Rickard Con floorl and C. Coronis fkneelingl in a scramble for the ball. David, John, and Roger ready to go again. Bill Cote gets the ball. J.Jasinski takes the rebound , Lg! ge J .V. BASKETBALL Ist RourL to R: W. Winter, R. Wallace, R. LaPlant, A. Demeis, R. Haselton, R. Tiisa, H. LeDuc, A. Gentes. 2nd ROwt A. Davis, Coach Turpeinen, A. Rozokat, F.Bartlett,D.Gardner, W.Cote, J. Judd, W. Rowell, T. Buckley, G. Claytong 3rd Row! D. Thibault, R. Munsterman, P.Wex, D.Santti, J.Kelly, D.El1inxwood, L.Perkins, and C. Mouradian, Managers. Teams St. Johns Franklin Peterboro 'St. Mary's 'Lebanon Hanover 'Woodstock,Vt. Stevens 'Hartford,Vt. 'Twin-State Valley League Games J. V. SCHEDULE Towle Opp. Tbwle Opp. 25 43 21 37 25 33 39 41 25 26 32 20 55 42 42 44 37 24 41 27 48 46 51 40 55 47 42 49 31 63 43 58 32 27 28 27 The Twin State Valley Champion- ship Trophy is proudly displayed by Co-Captains - Donald Gardner and Robert Haselton. :lg- lumi- -el--. 'ling BASEBALL IB W3H8'. 1 A s I -2 fn gf -if ' 'iD Q , . A rf ad' fell' x ,A9f3 lx 5 1:fL 41 xx' Alf EQ 1x' Qfllf C 'tc' ' W KX 1 O I 4 Q 1056 VARSITY SQUAD - Front Row fLeft to Righllt Coach Underhill, C. Henault, W.Hozokat, A.Hannisto, A.Hozokat, D.Quimby. Hear How: R.Wentzell, R.Le Duc, U.Sanborn, K.Yetman, K.Rickard, J.Mul1er COACH UNDERHILL JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL J, V, TEAM - fLeft NJRight2: Coach Underhill, C.Goyette T-381100, D.El1ingwood, J.Hall, R. Le Duc, R.Safford, F Barton, J.Jokinen, J.Lee, C.Rich. Q Q 5 I' P 1 v V 4 1 TRACK lx!! 99 ul 61 wa f IP A ,"7l--flffw 'Q 3g R E W' if . H.Greenleaf, C.Coronis, R.Wa11ace, D.Ca11um, W.Cot,e, S.Economu J.Judd. 2ndH0w:J.Bell, L.Feenstra, L.Hayward, J.Jasinski, K.MacIntyre, R.Hase1t,on A.Whipp1e. 3rdRow: H.Thompson, A.Hayward, E.Rochford, R.Small, C.Mouradian Manager L. Drew, B. Coggeshall.-4th Hov:J.Hayward, R.'I'wiss, P.Smet, C.Coggesha1l, and Coach CROSS COUNTRY 1st How - L ro R Henry Buinicky. Ist Hou - L toR: D. Sanborn,Managerg H.Wencze11 R.Haselt,on A. Whipple 2nd Row - L toR: K.Yet,man P.Smet C. Coronis loach Henry lixinicky F,Barton B. Coggeshall C. Coggeshall bsent: W. Winter g W. Howell iii, f R ltllx mb ' N il A! 'IHWI-L 1-P A . H Ol' Front How: B.Reney, B.Morrow, co-captainsg Back R013 L.Bartlett,.S-Kflnl P Bdllou A.Gentes, K.Karr, S.Cote, E.Safford, M.Sweet, B.George, Coach Buxnlcky. VARSITY FIELD HOCKEY BEV September September October October October October October October :,,, -L, KAROL 1956 SCHEDULE At Stevens Hanover Lebanon Hartford At Hanover Stevens At Lebanon At Hartford Towle Towle Towle Towle Towle Towle Towle Towle r L. ..l..... .......-. lL.......l.. R-n-u lla'-nl Kerr A Hn lv M rr I GIRLS' VARSITY BASKETBALL KAROL KARR MARTHA CLAGGETT ANNETTE GENTES BEVERLY RENEY JOYCE ALDRICH SANDRA COTE DEANNA GUIMOND JACK I E SARGEANT SHARON KRAN S PAULINE OSGOOD BEVERLY MORROW GEORGIA COIDAKI Coach Bxinicky, Mgrs. C Levko, J.Hitchcock, A.Wil1ett JUNIOR VARSITY 1956-57 SCHEDULE V 40 31 Hartford 8 25 38 Charlestown 53 39 Alumni 36 59 Stevens 25 35 41 Stevens 19 27 25 Hanover 18 42 17 Warner 18 26 Windsor 14 36 52 Charlestown 27 35 Vilas 21 33 Windsor 19 25 56 Hartford 24 Hou-L toH: Mlhella, C.Racicot., S.Perry, B.George, 18 33 Hanover 18 ndgman, J.Pike. 2nd Row: A.Coidakis, A. Demeis,S. 28 20 Vilas en, P.Conroy, D.Torro, Coach Buinicky. B ktbllb '1 N b h BS 6 8 egall 1I'l lite OVCIIJ el' Bhd C C SOB -f-,IAA Q.. F..L........... Q-..-.. -,-: -,, , 1 1 .u - 1 . SOFTBALL IS! ROI - L to R! J.Nichols, E.Safford, D.Guimond, B.George, P.Bal1ou, A.Petrin. 2nd Hou: B.Reney, H Chnningham, M. Chamberlain, Y. Henault, P.Osgood, S.Cote. 3rd Ham: C.Racicot, M.Sweet, S.Devenger, L Bartlett, C. Otis, Coach Buinicky. JUNIOR VARSITY HOCKEY Towle 1 Towle 0 Towle l Towle 1 Towle 2 Towle l Towle 3 Towle 0 1956 HOCKEY SCHEDULE Stevens Hanover Lebanon Hartford Hanover Stevens Lebanon Hartford Away Home Home Home Away Home Away Away 1stRov - L talk E.Tatro, D.Guimond, L.Bart1ett, S.Perry, C.0tis, L.Hurd. 2nd Row D.Ealtman, A.Coidakis, J.Andosca, K.Reney, D.Gokey, J.Wilkins, Coach Buinicky. P.Conroy L to Ri D. Roe, M. Cain, J. Rannisto,-J. Bickford, G. Kemp, J. Taimi, C. Watling, Absent are R. Glazier and S. Farley. CHEERLEADERS The Towle Cheerleading Squad, led by head cheerleader, Dianne Roe, has kept the school spirit alive with their peppy cheers at the football and basketball games. Real credit is deserved by the whole group and their Adviser, Miss Berg. Four seniors will be missing from the squad next year. Judi, Dianne, Ruth. Cheering the Tigers on M Turpelnen calls the balls and strxkes as Bev CPIES for a home run wh1le Polly catches. F 2 -1 . l ffm . H , 1 l l I 1 Y X x b 11 Try1ng for a score. Z 'Y q ...Q I f ' K L- --tm , -na MUSIC and DRAMATICS L ix , I- fiimf ykjf I M 1 ! I Q 4 SENIORS PRESENT l" ist Row - L to R: D. Hoe, J. Taimi, S. Kempton, Coach Joseph Ryan, S. Danielson, K,Karr. 2nd Row: D.Hirsch, G. Perry, R. Small W. Maertens, H. Thompson, C. Mouradian, IL Bovers, Absent: J. Ballou, A. Bryant. Judi asks Charlie where f he gets his good looks. 2? M Qx'V' Judi and George praying? Dave shows the family how he saved acow from aburning barn! -'ll"7"' "JANUARY THAW" 0NE ACT PLAYS "No Greater Love" CAST Grandmother Cain ............. Jean Woodard Dr. Jinny Cain ..... Judith Cain ..... Uncle Les Cain ..... Helen Johnson ...... ...... Christopher Coggeshall . ...... Christine Watling ....Stanley Michaelson ..Jean Bickford Pronpters: Sharon Lucas, Sally Lehr Directed by Miss Irene Berg J X "Wilbur Faces Life" Betty Lou laxvell ............. Connie Kewko Hrs. laxrell ..... Hr. laxlell ..... Connie laxwell.U lilbur Haxvell... Geraldine Delitt. Irs. Delitt ...... lr. Jones........ Patricia Whitney ....David Robbins . ...... Betsy Berry .. ....William Lacroix .....Sandra Cote ....Sharon Krans ..............Philip Smet Pronpter: Carol Racicot Directed by: Fred L. Gerstein Stage lanagers: John Hall, Steve Economu, Jerry Jasinski, Royal Wallace. "The Clod" CAST Thaddeus Trask ............ Mary Trask A Northern A Southern A Southern ......... .- Private... ... Sergeant ..... ,. Private ........ ..Robert Kanerva ......Joan Evans .Bruce Cnvgeshall Lawrence Hayward ...Donald Quimby Directed by Henry F. Buinicky l"' 'K wg' 'nk N 1 rhxf I Ist Haw: Mr. Malcom Rowell, L.Bartlett, P.Beauchaine, J.Kieffer, J.Goyette, J.Chsanelli, S.Lehr, B.Merri1 A.Petrin, M.Claggett, J.lhbreuil, J.Hannisto, P.Conroy, J.Bickford, S.Krans, D.Bennett. 2nd Haw: S.Gdntow M.Dame, H.Blomquist, J.Wiles, I.Gagne, J.Evans, L.Boyce, C.Mardin, A.Wi11et, J.Hyan, J. Hirsch, J.Pike, B.Cu anelli, M.Jokinen, P.Rich, J.Farrington. 3rd Row: S.Perry, N.Witham, E.Bushaw, D.Ti1ton, S.Devenger, C.Row J.Woodard, B.Brown, D.Torro, M.Shemeley, M.Hamilton, E.George, B.Snith, E.Safford, C. Rossiter, V. Hodgman, Kempton. bth Row: M.Sweet, J.Hitchcock, E.Thtro, M.Kivisto, C.Lewko, P.Whitney, S. Cote, J.Laber, R..astma J.Dodge, B.Berry, C.Watling, J.Woodhu1l, A.Sampson, M.Chamber1ain, D.Eastman, D.Dingwa11.5thRow:C.Coggeshal J.Houghton,D.Cal1um,D.Ellingwood,J.Ballou,R.Wallace,N.Wi1son,P.Smet,D.Wilson,K.Bennett,D.Pratt,J.Wirkkala. 1 ,x W CL .f . , , 't ' r KL , 1' ' ' .1 , r f 1 1,1 ' , - . ' L 4 1 X X I ' +,'. ..41 On Tuesday and Thursday mornings, sweet music may be heard coming from the gym. The students, under the direction of the music teacher, Mr. Ford, have provided the public with entertainment. During Mr. Ford's absence last winter, Mr. Rowell conducted the group. Activities: Christmas Concert Winter Concert Spring Concert State Music Festival Graduation Exercises Director 58 MR. FORD Q: - '9 xmfwfrhqf? . X 31 as 4 At, Rehearsal Glee Club sings at the Winter Concert TRIPLE QUARTET '-'ion L to R: J. Gxsanelli R. Eastman, J. Gay ette, S. Siren, S Lehr, J.Ryan,B.Mer rill, J. Pike, J Evans, S. Kempton V. Hodgnan, J. Dx- breui1,L.Boyce, C Mardin. Q 4. L ,' l - 1st How - L to R: I. Gagne, J. Cusanelli, C. Racicot, G. Coidakis, J. Eaton, M. Onnela, N. Dowlar J. Gagne, S. Wallace. 2nd Row: L. Grant, C. Bushaw, J. Farrington, S. Gintowt, P.Conroy, D. Chai trand, C. Hurd, H. Morrow, S. Lehr, L. Maynard, B. Hall, 3rd How: C.Lewko, J. Woodard, J. Aldricl C. Mardin, L. Boyce, J. Sargeant, N. Witham, B. Merrill, J. Kieffer, E. Emery, C. Avery, M. Rowell Director Dick Ford. 4th Hvwf D.Wilson, B. Rowell, J. Labor, S. Siren, S. Cote, K. Lewis, A. Bryant B. Hastings, J. Hirsch, D. Shackett. 5th R0'f D. Pariseau, S. Porter, N. Wilson, P. Corbett, l Johnson, E. Colby, R. Hastings, B. Shackett, W. Maertens, D. Hackett, R. Bowlan, W. Winter. The Newport School Fand has completed one of the ,st success- ful years it has ever had. A great deal of credit can be given to Richard Ford, the director, whose patiencecnulhard work have made this possible. During the football season the band looked exceotionally well on the field and played many new songs. The Winter Concert in February and the Spring Concert in May were both very successful. As a result of much hard work, the band took part in the State Music Festival at Rochester, N.H. 60 Rand at Rehearsal Mr. Ford directs the Towle Band at the Mid-Winter ConcerL MAIORETTES L to H: J. Eaton, J. Cusanelli, S. Wallace, G. Coidakis, I, Gagne, M. Onnela, C. Bacicot, N.Bowlan. 'IU ALL-STATE CHORUS-L uzR:J. Uubreuil C.Coggeshall, J.Evans, J. Houghton C. Mardin, R, Wallace, J. Goyette D. Callum, J. Cusanelli. ALL STATEBAND:W.Rowe1l, B. Morrow A. Bryant FAIRBANK'S JUNIOR PRIZE SPEAKING Mrs. Ibvers, C. Coggeshall, D. Robbins, A P. nauou, J. mans, B. Berry, J. Dub- 'Mf reuil, S. Cote, A. Petrin. .F Mr. Fairbanks presents prizes to Sandra Cote lst prize, Joan Evans 2nd prize, David Robbins 3rd prize. Betsy Berry-Honor- able Mention. ACTIVITIES upon eat, some achieve undsone have greatness Dell! Shakespeare STUDENT COUNCIL 'W-D IS! RON! Left fvflightf J.Kieffer, D.Hackett., Mr. Ballou, C.Mouradian, J.Taimi, J.Ballou, 2nd Rom: W.Winter, M.Bowe1l, J.Newton,C.Coggesha11 D.Chimby, P.Smet, H.Bovers, K Karr, C.Mardin,P.Conroy, D.Roe, D.Tbrro. The Student Council is made up of representatives from each class and organization in Towle. Its purpose is to pro- videameans of adequate government and management of all extra- curricula activities, to promote citizenship, to provide unity and cooperation of the pupils and faculty in all extra-classroom activities of the school, and to promote the general welfare of Towle High School, preserve its good name and reputation, and seek to extend to achievements. The student council also sup- plies athletic awards purchased with funds earned at the student council concessions, seen at every football and basketball game. Faculty Adviser President MR. BALLOU CHARLES MOURADIAN i , , .Tag :L Ref GRANITE GlRL'S STATE " li PROFILE BOY'S STATE EachJune Towle High School Junior girls and boys represent Newport at Granite Girls' State and Profile Boys' State. These students must be in the top half of their class scholastically and of good moral character. The purpose of this week-long conference at the Univer- sity is to instruct the girls and boys on the state government through a mock government and to prepare them to be better citizens. -fa 3 'S C539 O we D.HIRSCH Gllr if :ft Q ' or A L P.CORBETT NX , Q Y""'Y S.KEMPTUN Q. . -.-v wna l A.WHIPPLE ss- . n -.A r P.BEACHAINE .3 x ' 'sm Zeb 9 'Q ,,,?r :'W"5 it H.BovERs xv' A A. SWEET - x 7 Rf.. .V Ca H TI' rx Q I w.s Amr: K.xAma A " n gwx,e Npj V s 3 S , A' A J.GAGNE " ,Pj . B.RENEY -4 x U f in if W 'J f ' ' ' J.ALDRICH sz , 4 E1 ff c MOURADIAN Q' A Q . Q A l fi ,ig p A r,Qqi .L LIBRARIANS The librarians, who are Under the direction of Mr. Ryan, can be seen dur- ing study hall assisting the students with various reference materials. They have the task of seeing that the library func- tions efficiently for the benefit of all. IIBRARIANS-Left to Right: B.Smith,C.Hossiter,C.Racicot,L.Hurd,J.Wood- ard D.Torro, K.Karr, J.Goyette. 2nd How: A.Byrant, C.Rowe, D.Guimond M qhemeley, J.Dubreuil, V.Hodgman, S.Perry. 3rd Row: H.Cunningham,J Nichols, E.Safford, B.Berry, P.Whitney, S.Lucas, J.Andosca. ORANGE KEY ORANGE, KEYg Left to Right: B.George, A.Gentes, M.Little, A.Byrant, G.Cain, M Pye Under the supervision of Mr. Bryant, the Orange Key girls collect tickets at our local athletic af- fairs. Each of these Towle students receives a letter for her capabil- ity and sportsmanship while performing her duties. HALL PROC TORS A Hall Proctor has many responsibilities, some of which are bringing mail up to the office and helping anyone who comes asks for information. He must remember that when he is out there for that period, he represents the whole school to a stranger. Therefore, he must be polite and willing to help people. The iHall Proctor also helps to keep order in the halls. Ist Row, lto r: A. Hayward, J. Muller, E Hochford. 2011 ROW-' W. Tilton, A. Whipple, A. Swanson. 3rd H0105 D. Hackett, P. Cor- bett, S. Hconomu. OFFICE ASSISTANTS 151 Row, l tv ff G. Smith, B. Morrow, P. Osgood, K. Karr, A. Sweet, M. Little, J. Amrich, F. Pye, D. Whalen. 2nd Howf B. Berry, S, Cote, P. Ballou, A. Petrin, A. Gentes, J. Evans, V. Hodgman. 3rd ROW C. Lewko, P. Conroy, S. Devenger, C. Hurd, N. Harding. afh ROW! D. Sargeant, K. Reney, M. Jokinen, H. Rego, Mr. Kimball. 'lhese office girls are Mr. Kimball's right- hand assistants. They may be seen scurry- ing around carrying messages, answering the phone, locating students, and helping to keep things running smoothly in the office. RICHARDS OFFICE GIRLS These are the girls of the Secretarial Practice , Class who act as office girls for the Richards School. They take their turn at attendance and notices there as well as at Towle. IS! How, I fo ff S. Kempton, M. Miles, G. Smith. Qnd How: B. Morrow, P. Osgood, P. Beauchaine, J. --"""""" --ur-""""' Aldrich, F. Pye, D. Whalen, G. Hayward. ........----'- YEARBOOK "THE TlGER" STAFF Sitting - L ro R! G.Coidakis, C.Mouradian, Assoc. Ed., H.Bovers, Editor-in-Chief, S. Danielson, Assoc. Ed., P.Osgood, Business Mgr., F.Barton. Standing: J.Gagne, N.Bowlan, J. Kieffer, K.Karr, M.Miles, D.Roe, J.Taimi, B. Morrow, B.Reney, A.Hayward, H.Small, D. Hirsch, Mrs. Jones, Adviser, S.Kempton and M. Claggett, Absent. The Yearbook Staff worked diligently throughout the year typing, cutting, pasting, or, ganizing and reorganizing to set up what they feel is a fine yearbook. Mrs. Jones, as Adviser,was always there when needed, and the Editor-in-Chief, Howard Bovers, supervised the work together with Associate Editors, Sallie Danielson and Charlie Mouradian. Paul- ine Osgood, Business Manager, and Arnold Hayward, Assistant business Manager, had charge ofthe business and financial end of the book, while David Hirsch served as the Photographer. Charles and Karol paste up ads as Mrs. Jones checks their work. is ' ' 'Z 9- ,, SPIRIT OF TOWLE KAROL KARR, Editor IRENE L. KLINE, Adviiff Towle's newspaper publication,"The Spiritof Towleu,is produced bya Staff composed of Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors and is'printed lo- cally by the Barrett Press. The"SpiritH is a member of the Columbia Scholastic Press Asso- ciation. In 1951 and 1952, it was awarded a third place rating. Second place was earned in 195S,l956 and 1957, while in 1954 it received a first place award. The paperalso won honorable mention from theNew England Scholastic Press Association and second place from National Scholastic Press. Few New England High School newspapers can match this record. Staff co-operation andenthusiasm has kept the"Spirit of Towlen an interesting newspaper which has merited nationally high ratings. fb Q QV" ,W Ist Row - L to H: Miss Kline, P. Beauchaine, S. Danielson, J. Aldrich, K. Karr, J. Evans, S. Devenger, C. Hacicot, J. Rannisto. 2nd How: D. Dingwall, M. Little, M. Claggett, J. Dubreuil, A. Petrin, D. Guimond, B. Merrill, J.Kieffer, D. Whalen. 3rd How: D. Perkins, S. Krans, J. Bick- ford, C. Hossiter, V. Hodgman, D. Robbins, C. Coggeshall, S. Cote, P. Osgood, 6th Row: J. Woodard, P. Whitney, B. Berry, D. Torro, S.Siren, J. Sargeant, S. Lucas, J. Taimi, B.Morrow. 5th Row: R. Small, A. Hay- ward, C.Goyette. D. Hirsch. P. Corbett. F, Rnrrnn W M.-,f--. D Q--. PUBLICATIONS STAFF AT WORK A meeting of the Hspiritn staff. lbx gy f If A Y ,, G I ,f 1 S ' L X X' , I RW, fo! l f' E' X 6 ,J f X Q , xl E V 1 Xl' 'v'--Q . i X I a ,, 5'- ay' vf L 1 -Qjbxl. ,, YA , ,,,,,......-, ax, +P T "Spirit of Towle" editors get together. Karol, Sallie, Priscilla,Joyce, and Joan. Pauline, Judi, and Howard prepare Copy for the Year- book. C Editors and assistnl work on the Yearbook P. Osgood, J. Taimi, and M. Cleggett de- Sandra and Bev type yearbook copy. signing the "Tiger" dummy. CLASSES s I U , I x 'U'- ,.r X ff 'Tis education foqrns the cannon mind,- Just as the twig is bent the tree's inclined I if CLASS OF 1958 JUNIOR GIRLS lst Row Le t to Right S Krans S Lucas, E.Tatro, A.Petrin, B.Gonyo, H.Cunningham, H.Johnson, J Gonyo M Shemeley 2nd Row Mrs Hastings, J.Bickford, L.Bartlett, J.Nichols, E.Safford, L Dombroski J Hannisto C Hoe D Tilton, Y.Henault. 3rd ROI: D.Dingwall, C.Watling, S.Cote, B Merrill M Ballou B Berry J Dubreuil, M.Hamilton, B. Sampson. -4th Ros: A.Gentes, J.Woodhull N Waterman D Guimond V Hodgman J Wilkins, M.Kivisto, H.Blood, E.Clement, J.Evans. 5th Ros: The school year 1956-57 has been extremely busy for the Junior class. The Christmas Dance, Junior Prize Speaking, a special project for the March of Dimes, and the Junior Prom were some of their major accomplishments. Among the popular Junior subjects are Mental Hygiene, U. S. History, and Geometry. 'Ihe Driver Educa- tion program is also a favorite among Juniors. Because of their active participation in all school affairs, the members of the :lass of '58 have proved their ability to handle the responsibilities which they will encounter in their Senior Year. CLASS OF 1958 1 Q I z '-A N . , A ,G W' 1 ix ' ya-,Q-t 5' 'nf JUNIOR BOYS Is! Row - Left to High!! R.Kempton, J.Newton, R.Petrin, H.Safford, H.Wal1ace, D.Ca1lum, S. Economu, R.Wentzell,D.HackeLt. 2nd Row: S.Booth, H.Murgatroy, J.Houghton, M.Waltz, D.Quimby, V.McIntire, E.Thibodeau, D.Robbins. 3rd Row: M. Fellows, R.Le Duc, H.Hase1ton, J.Davis, S. Bailey, D.Shaw, K. Maclntyre, D.Sanborn, C.Coggeshal1, L.Cote, D.Gardner, L.Drew, R.Nelson, J. Jasinski, L.Hayward, Mr. Buinicky, Mr. Turpeinen. CLASS OFFICERS: S.Hconomu,TfC0SUVCfi M.Ballou,SCCfCfGfyi C.Cogge- sha11,Student Council Hepresentativeg L, Hayward, Presidentg J, Newton, Vice-President. PWUIQ THE JUNIORS AT WORK AND PLAY The Class in Mental Hygiene conducts a panel discussion. .uv-gg!-' -1f"9" - Alnlf -- Morning Exercises in Home Room 4. Our team takes the floor at the Sophomore Winter Carnival. Part of a"Winter Wonderlandu at the Junior Christmas Dance. The Physics class ponders a problem. CLASS OF 1959 C X Q23 IKNE ROOMS 43, 4C K 7 - ist Row - L to H: H. Brown, S. Devenger, B. Cusanelli, D.Per- kins, M.Cain, S.Siren, S.Chartier, M.Sweet, J.Sargeant. 2nd Row! D.Gokey, E.Brooks, N.Harding, K.Rowell, P.Whitney, C.Goyette, K.Flint, J.Hall, F.Pitkin, T.Ballou. 3rd Row: W.Emery, L.Achilles, J.Jokinen, A.Clement, D.Lord, J.Lee, D.Ellingwood, D.Smith, R.Laroche. 4th How: N Wilson, A.Roz0kat, B.Coggeshall, R.Kanerva, W.Davis, D.Bennett S.Michae1son, D.Delaney, H Gebo, H.B1aine. 5th Row: Mr. Ballou, V.Hayward, D.MacKen- zie, P. Smet, C. RichJr., Mr. Turpeinen. CLASS OFFICERS - L to H: A.Rozokat, Vice President, P.Smet, President, M.Cain, Sette- tary. Standing: P.Conroy, Student Council Representative, C.Goyette, Treasurer. 75 CLASS 0F 1959 HOME ROOM 1 Ist Row L to R S Perry, C. Otis, M. Chamberlain, N. Witham, .I.Andosca, C Racicot L Hurd D Torro 2nd Rolf J. Woodard, M. Onnela,M.Blackington, B. Smith, C Hossiter M Hemingway A Walker, P. Conroy, S. Lehr, 3rd Row: C. Lewko, C. Hurd, J Laber H Fowler D Kibbey C Locke, D.Shackett, W.Lacroix. The Sophomore Class, under the guidance of Mr. Ballou, our Advisor, met early in the fall to elect officers and plan our activities for the year. The Sophomore Winter Carnival was the highlight of our year and required much time and effort for all members of the class as well as from the special committees chosen. With all our hard work the Carnival was asuccess and we were proud to have one of our own class members, Muriel Chamberlain, chosen Qleen and crowned at the Carnival Ball where "Winter Won- derland" was the theme. Academically we find the Sophomores delving into the mysteries of Biology, and struggling with first year French, as well as continuing the study of English, Algebra, and History. Some of the girls elected the Commercial cur- riculum this year and studied Stenography and Typing while the boys turned to Mechanical Drawing. All through the year we have actively participated in sports, the One Act Plays, Glee Club, Band, and the school newspaper, "The Spirit of Towle", as we have all tried to uphold the traditions of Towle High School and contribute to our school life. 76 CLASS 0F 1959 atin II."Galliaest omnes divisa in partes Bob, Billy, Sonja, and Stan work their way I'eS............ -rf" - Q Y. 1 -Q5 ,gp . , ,sw sc.. expertly through Algebra II problems. Queen Muriel is crowned at the Sophomore Carnival Ball. High concentration marks Typing II. Martha, John, Charlie, and Sally, peer at tiny things througha1nicroscopein"Bugology FRESHMEN HOME HOOM6 ist Row - L to R: J. Hitchcock, H.Page, S. Johnson, G.Pevine, M. Dame, M. Holt, D.Sar- geant, G. Russell, M. Hannisto. 2nd ROW! D.Eastman, R.Hego, P. Kiniry, R. Pelton, H. Leeman, N.Hayward, J. Wirkkala, G. Clayton, E. Emery, Miss Berg. 3rd Hou: D.Santti, C. Huff, D. Shemeley, C. Callum, D. Pratt, S. Porter, N.Babbitt Fisher, A.Davis. Roo: D. Pariseau, J. Fellows, D.Wilson, D. Purnell, F. Bartlett, J. Kelly, W. Cote. , W. 4th CLASS OF 1960 This is a short tale, as the class of '60 had been part of Towle High only a short time. Nevertheless, the Freshmen are members in good standing, having been duly and thoroughly initiated by the Seniors. Members of the class have shown enterprise in starting a J.V. Cheer- leading squad to cheer at girls' and J. V. boys' basketball games, and others have made their presence known in sports, music, and many extra-curricular activities. As a class they make a spirited bid for the Sophomore Carnival Queenship and intramural basketball championship, and their Rocket, sculptured in snow, was keen competition in the Winter Carnival contest. HOME ROOM 7 Ist Row- L to H: Miss ' Kline, J. Farrington, P.Conroy, I.Gagne, M. Pike, A. Coidakis, J. Davis,P.Loring,M.Pye M.Cusanelli,J.Hirsch, V.Lake, B.Gardner, K. Lewis, P. Coburn, G. Hooper, J.Couitt. 3rd Row: J. Leslie, K. Bennett, J.Hitchcock, J. Judd, P. McIntosh, R.Munsterman, V. Mac- Intyre, K. Partlow. 6th Row: D. Glidden, C.Tarrien, A. Demeis. 2nd Row: E. George, . CLASS OF 1960 min ff Wg? 'Ura F" an HOME ROOM 8 ist How - L to H: B.Curtis, S.Chandler, E.BlShBW, A.Wi11et, E.Barton, S.Gintovt, K.Heney, E.Hurd, A.Demeis, M.Chi1ds. 2nd Row: V.Whitney, E.Tatro, P.Rich, M.Jokinen, Cflhompson, R.Eastman, J.Ryan, B.Marden, K.Wirkka1a, J.C-urrier, Mrs. Bovers. 3rd How: T.B1ck1ey, S. Thurber, R.Phi1brick, H.Warburt,on, R.Johnson, A.Gentes, D.'IT1ibau1t, W. Winter. V. Fellows, Gulennings. afh Row: M.Rowe11,L.Marr,C.Whipp1e,R.LaP1ant,R.Twiss,P.Wex,E. Smit,h,R.Getman. FRESHMAN-OFFICEHS - 1st Row - L to H: G.C1aybon,treasure D.Purne11, vice presidentg M.Rowe1l Jr., presidentg M. Pik FRESHMAN-CLASS ADVISER secretary. Standing: W.Winter,student council representativ MISS BERG X TOWLE HIGH BOOSTERS Mr. 8 Mrs. Harry Woodard formerly Catherine Condon '31 Henry Blaisdell, Jr. Roberta Doolan '54 Carol Knebel '56 George Coronis '56 Everett R. Reney '31 Mrs. Ella Devyea Robert Danielson '56 Mr. 8 Mrs. Thomas Lacroix '55 fbrnerly Janice lbodhall '55 Mr. G Mrs. Herman Thompson Iennie Perkins '51 Harvey LaRouche Ella Barton Reney '40 Mr. 8 Mrs. Bert Teague formerly Joan Condon '37 Chloe Goyette '54 Normand Ouellette Mr. 8 Mrs. John Feenstra JoAnn Swanson Maxfield '53 Mr. 8 Mrs. Robert H. Rollins '49 Janice L. Kieffer '53 Mr. 8 Mrs. William F. C. Maertens Mr. 8 Mrs. Arnold Dodge '55 jbrnerly Karlene Cuthbert '55 Mr. G Mrs. John Woodhull Charles Barton '33 Minerva Hoyt '47 Mrs. Ronald Bourne '53 IFrieda Rodeschinj The Staffof the Towle Tiger wishes to say"thank youu to the friends, parents, and alumni who are our Boosters. 80 ADS pi tz ' S 1 s ,.. 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Hardware - Plumbing - Heating Sheet Metal Work -- Sporting Goods Della Power Tools 49 MAIN STREET Newport, New Hampshire Phone 300 Get Your Wbatsiz at Hooz's HOOZ'S APPAREL SHOP Newport, New Hampshire Compliment: Of Noros Electrical Supply Company Wholesale Distributor: Electrical Supplies and Fixtures Newport - Claremont Road Claremont, New Hampshire Norman Zilclx 46 Tel. Newport 666-W Main Street Texaco Station Curtis L. Wmd, Prop. Batte ies and Pipes Tires -Tube: Walker M uf l leri r Gates Belts and Hose: SuIIivan's Funeral Home 40 PARK STREET Newport, New Hampshire Joseph Sullivan Phone 60 Ambulance Service Farmers Feed 8: Supply Company 27 DEPOT SQUARE Newport, New Hampshire Telephone 550 Distributor: of PARK dz POLLARD FEEDS S ll, 4 4. U 'W ,uv At Your Service . . . 24 Hours A Day Reddy K :Iowatt PUBLIC SERVICE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE Stanley FORD Sales Your Friendly Ford Dealer Telephone 450 Newport, New Hampshire WOODULL'S SUPER SERVICE MARKET Rowell Brothers, Inc. 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Sargent REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE Telephone 18-W 23 SUNAPEE STREET Newport, New Hampshire 87 L. L. Ransom 81 Son ALL HOUSE FURNITURE 1913 - 1957 59 Belknap Avenue Tel. 407-W Claremont Army 81 Navy Store Tel- WW Clothing - Boots - Shoes Sporl: Equipment DIAMONDS JEWELRY GIFTS Tel. 1840 50 PLEASANT STREET 67 PLEASANT STREET CIGIGMOM, New Hampshire Claremont, New Hampshire J. S. HIRSCH POWERS SHOE CO., INC. 54 to SL00 and up Department Store Quality Footwear For All The Family For Thrifty Shoppers 43 PLEASANT STREET Claremont, New Hampshire 12-'I6 MAIN STREET Newport, New Hampshire BRAMPTON WOOLEN COMPANY, INC. 88 Chase 8- Avery, Inc. DODGE-PLYMOUTH Passenger Cars DODGE "JOB RATED" TRUCKS Sales and Service Newport Telephone 333 m HOWLAN D'S Ladies and Cf1ildren's Garments Downstairs Gift Sbop Newport, New Hampshire Phone 798 BERKELEY'S STORES The friendly store where women love to lrade Douglas Barber Shop A' 4 Main Street ?iXf. LAUNDCRCRS . 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NEWPORT SAVINGS BANK FIRST NATIONAL BANK Newport, New Hampshire 91 Van H eusen S bi rts Smart Sty! Smart Sh f,f2f,,GL5i'lf O, L. M. PERKINSON - NEWPORT SHOE STORE 'S Mm' mmN.,,.,.,., New 2.'z'g.i13Yf Phone 167 Sm on Gd, 'r. R. NICHOLS Midway Gas And Groceries General Gramm SUNAPEE ROAD G"'II.'f'I..,f'3...'I,'f.'2,,f.f,., G 'f' N " E TUNHS VU WJSQUE EEHQXUUES jg. '23 cum 5- Lvn Lk E Cxasse 2 Compliments of Your A8iP MANAGERS 8- CLERKS Television Specialists All Makes and Models Sales with Service 22 Washington Street Tel. Claremont 662 Williams Laundry Laundry and Dry Cleaning Rugs and Furniture Cleaning Tel. Newport 191 Sugar River Pharmacy, Inc. Bernard Towne, Registered Pharmacist "At the Bridge" Phone 48 Where Customers Become Friends Dot's Pastry Shoppe Everything In Pastry 'l5 Depot Street Phone 710 The Corner Pharmacy Newport, New Hampshire Telephone 105 "Your Dependable Corner Druggisf' DORR WGOLEN COMPANY B gIey's Service St t MCCRILLIS ' A INSURA KRANS DEPARTMENT STORE 94 G hier 81 Woodard, Inc. V I f Q pil, 1, f x 'ff H t Maytag C p y Cummings Market wport, New rt, New Hampshire mi GUOD MLCK CWD u 0125532 mm ou WW mmm 5 B ,M X4 YRGYX YH? CXJXSS GY WB? BILLY'S DINER Open Daily 7-5 Saturdays 9-5 Telephone 30 Newport Clothing Mfg. Co., Inc. 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Suggestions in the Towle High School - Spirit Yearbook (Newport, NH) collection:

Towle High School - Spirit Yearbook (Newport, NH) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Towle High School - Spirit Yearbook (Newport, NH) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Towle High School - Spirit Yearbook (Newport, NH) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Towle High School - Spirit Yearbook (Newport, NH) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Towle High School - Spirit Yearbook (Newport, NH) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Towle High School - Spirit Yearbook (Newport, NH) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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