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TI-I E '51 awe I"l MAMA:- When he had fully recovered from the fnght of 1115 f1rst encounter Wlth some very feroc1ous txgers L1tt1e Sambo aga1n set out for a walk 1n the Jungle He wandered 1nto a strange reg1on the jungles of Towle 1nhab1ted excluswely by Towle Tlgers a very fnendly vanety Here he spent an ent1re year as the guest of the TOWLE TIGERS OF 1952 I an NWI' A S T To A A Q' J' Q 6 y O 'ffl 'su ..,, v F zNe so of-M" no 1 'sz ' ' M -ff '1' I I ' . . . . F . , . .. . . i Without the counsel and guldance of a hterary and dra m3tlC coach as well as an understandlng semor frlend our hlgh school days would have been difficult To Mrs Hammond our Splrxt and Yearbook advlsor whose hard vuork and klnd patlence has made both posslble we the graduatmg class of 1952 dedlcate th1s our yearbook Z Our Amerlcan Hlstory and Government classes have taught us an understandmg of our government whlch w1ll become necessary when we ar called for mlhtary servxce and when we reach the age of twenty one us m tnme of need and who has taken our problems lnto consxderatnon we the graduatmg class of 1952 dedlcate thls our yearbook 3 To Mr. Bugbee, who has guided us to future careers, helped 7c7a!and '74ceZz'g Dnecza Kadima fifad 6:54 The f1rst Towle T1gers wluch Lrttle Sambo fessors They 1mmed1ately taught h1m the correct way to govern an ant colony to find the square root of a palm tree, and to speak seven chalects of t1gerese met were several extremely dignified jungle pro- - f ul--1,- +- f ,-11 .. :wf'?7Z ',........ .Zi ,,...,:L f--'A+ Q I V,,I , - , , .- r Q- " , , ,M ,:.,. ,,. . A:..,.g,-we ' 1-Q.f.vmw:as, .Y we Aw Q - GORDON B. FLINT JOHN E. SIDERIS ORIMER BUGBEE CHARLOTTE H. HAMMOND Superintendent of Schools Principal Assistant Principal Barnard College of Columbia University of New Hampshire University of New Hampshire Bates B.A. 1932 University B.S. 1940 B.S. 1943 American Government and Pol- B.A. 1946 M.Ed. 1948 M.Ed. 1949 itics, American History, English, French Administration Salesmanship, Commercial Spirit of Towle, Yearbook, One- Law Act Play, Dramatics and Chairman One Act Plays, Coun- Debate Club, Prize Speaking selor Grades X and XII, Class IX Advisor, Chairman Auditorium Committee WILLIS H. BALLOU CRAIG S. MacMANN ELOISE STODDARD WILLIAM L. BRYANT Tufts B.S. 1932, Harvard M,S. University of Cincinnati B.S. University of New Hampshire University of New Hampshire 1934 Physical Director B.S. 1951 B.S.' 1928, M.Ed. 1944 Mathematics Football, Basketball, Baseball Girls' Physical Director General Math, Physics, Chem- Senior Class Advisor, Student Field Hockey, Basketball, Soft- istry Council Advisor ball Faculty Manager of Athletics, Orange Key HENRY F. BUINICKY IRENE V. BERG CHARLOTTE A. SHEEHY JOSEPH S. HERNE St. Mary's University, Balti- Plymouth Teachers College University of New Hampshire University of New Hampshire more, Maryland B.A. 1941 B.A. 1947 B.S. 1951 B,S. 1948 Sophomore Class Advisor. Au- Biology, General Science, Soci- Stenography, Typing, Secre- Music Supervisor dio-Visual ology, School Register, Cheer tarial Practice, Clerical Prac- Band, Glee Club, Orchestra DireCt0r.Pri1e Speaking Chair- Leader Coach, junior Red tice, Faculty Treasurer, Y- Junior Band man, Cross-Country Coach, Cross Sponsor Teen Advisor Track Coach Guidance Counselor CHARLES L. MANOS NANCY J. LEDOUX University of New Hampshire Mount Saint Mary College B.A. 1949 English One-Act Play. Senior Play, Library Keene Teachers College B.Ed. 1951 Bentley School of Accounting and Finance History of Civilization, Modern European History, Economic Geography Junior Class Advisor, J. V. Football and Basketball Coach, Golf Coach WINIFRED M. BEAULIEU Keene Teachers College B.Ed. 1951 SCOTT E. HASTINGS, JR Keene Teachers College B.Ed. 1949 Woodshop, Cabinet-making, Mechanical Drawing, Shop Activities and Exhibits The Family, The Home. Tex- Tiles and Clothing Home Economics Club DOROTHY E. JONES Plymouth Teachers College B.Ed. 1932 Economics, Personal Typing .nl wi' 1? Samfa 77148414 7c9m From his hosts the majestic Senior Tigers the professors had overlooked Among these was the art of camouflaging a thrilling comic book be hind a copy of The Decline and Fall of The Tigeran Empire Little Sambo quickly learned several things which f 1 1 I I I XL 0 X 4, 49 , LOIS S. AMIDON My tail is: "Lo," "Lnee." "CI1i1'ken" My favorite purr is: "Geesum crow! Now what?" My Tiger is: My pop and the man I've yet to meet. My Tigress is: My mother and Sig. My tracks can be found: Next to Lucky's four prints. I'm roaring to: Join the Waves and study nursing. " Her ways are lhe ways af pleasanfness and all her palhs are peace." BLANCHE A. ASHLE Y My tail is: "Blanche Annie" My favorite purr is: "Oh, I'm sorry!" My Tiger is: Dad and Perk. My Tigress is: Mom and Sherry, Lady and Brownie. My tracks can be found: In a Dorchester pasture. I'm roaring to: Get a guy and love him 'til I die College first! "She stands in her own Iighl." VIRGINIA D. BARRON My tail is: "Ginny" My favorite purr is: "I don't care." My Tiger is: Owen G. Porter, Jr. My Tigress is: Jan and Shirl. My tracks can be found: Anywhere Owen Jr. is. I'm roaring to: Get married. "Seen hu! noi heard." - I LEOPOLD J. BEAUCHAINE My tail is: "Leo" My favorite growl is: "We'll do that." My Tiger is: Father. My Tigress is: Mother. My tracks can be found: Bill, my Barber. I'm roaring to: See the World. " He always looks so rheeU'ul." l0 CHARLES A. BOOTH My tail is: "Charlie," "Big Chuck," "Bluebeard" My favorite growl is: "Let's go, Gus." My Tiger is: Gus. My Tigress is: Vedo My tracks can be found: All over New England. I'm roaring to: Get out of school. "Patience is a high virlue cerlainlyf' STEPHEN E. BLODGETT My tail is: "Gus," "Sieve," "Slevie" My favorite growl is: "That's all she wrote." My Tiger is: Big Chuck. My Tigress is: My mother and Gloria. My tracks can be found: In Goshen. I'm roaring to: Get out of Towle. " He never was afellow lhal said much." PAULINE C. BOOTH My tail is: "Musly," "Polly," "Roofs" My favorite purr is: "I'm all right, the World's all wrong." My Tiger is: Dad. My Tigress is: Mom. My tracks can be found: In Goshen or the Pines. I'm roaring to' join the Waves and see the World. "Friendly, kindly people are beller mel lhan described." JOYCE P. BOUTWELL My tail is: "Joycie" My favorite purr is: "Don't be like that." My Tiger is: Dad. My Tigress is: Mom. My tracks can be found: Anywhere I happen to go. I'm roaring to: Be myself. "EUiciency cloaked in lhe mosl charming Qi' cloaks." ll ELIZABETH A. BUTLER My tail is: "Belly," "Bulrh" My favorite purr is: "Pardon me!" My Tiger is: Dad and Jim. My Tigress is: Mom. My tracks can be found: Playing sports. I'm roaring to: Attend College, "See yonder siar? It's rising." ROBERT W. BOWLAN My tail is: "Bali," "Flash," "Piggy" My favorite growl is: "Could be," and "l'll think about it " My Tiger is: Your guess is as good as mine. My Tigress is: Your guess is as good as mine. My tracks can be found: Anywhere on any road. I'm roaring to: Retire at a very young age. " No lime hangs heavy on his hands." NORMAN C. BOYCE My tail is: "Bissqueck" My favorite growl is: "Lame Brain." My Tiger is: A fighter pilot. My Tigress is: Mother. My tracks can be found: Mostly everywhere I'm roaring to: Get out of Towle. "'Il's no! a limousine buf he's going places." ARTHUR J. CLEMENT My tail is: "Clem," "Art," "Ter" My favorite growl is: N. C. lNo Commentj My Tiger is: Stalin's slayer. My Tigress is: Mother. My tracks can be found: Along any road. I'm roaring to: Wave good-bye to Towle. " None bu! himself can be his parallel." I2 HELEN L. CONNELL My tail is: "Shorly" My favorite purr is: "No kidding!" My Tiger is: My cousin, Spunky. My Tigress is: Mom and Dar. My tracks can be found: I'm roaring to: Take my place in the business world. "She speakelh noi and ye! eyes." IRENE C. COIDAKIS My tail is: "Goodnighi Irene," "Renie" My favorite purr is: "Oh sssugar!" My Tiger is: That handsome guy. My Tigress is: Mother. My tracks can be found: On any football field or gym floor as a cheerleader for ' that Towle Tiger. I'm roaring to: Go on to school or work. "Happiest of all is her gentle spirit." Dancing with D. C. and at the movies. lhere lies a conversalion in her ALDEN W. DAVIS My tail is: "Daddy" My favorite growl is: "Is that a fact"' My Tiger is: Dad. My Tigress is: Mom. My tracks can be found: Anywhere I might have been I'm roaring to: Join the Navy and go to school. "Make hay while Ihe moon shines." KATHRYN A. FENNO My tail is: " Kay," "Bug" My favorite purr is: "Ed, got a butt?" My Tiger is: My Gramp and Andre. My Tigress is: My Gram. My tracks can be found: Strutting in front of the band. I'm roaring to: Travel "And mistress of herself lhough China fall." I3 PAUL N. GOYETTE My tail is: "Cousy" My favorite growl is: "Yeh, that's what she said." My Tiger is: Dad and Bob Cousy. My Tigress is: Mom and "Nan." My tracks can be found: With Spear and on the Ath- I'm roaring to: Become head cook at Vassar College. "All outfor vicroryf' EARL F. GEBO My tail is: "Rindone" My favorite growl is: "Always trying to get a laugh." My Tiger is: Rocky Marciano. My Tigress is: Ava Gardner. My tracks can be found: At the Latchis Theater. I'm roaring to: Join the Armed Forces. "Some say lhe world is made for fun and frolic and so do I ." ANDREB R. GEOFFRION My tail is: "Ray-chill," "Porky," "Goff" My favorite purr is: "Hurry up, Bet!" My Tiger is: Edgar Theron Scranton. My Tigress is: Mom. My tracks can be found: Wherever I've been I'm roaring to: Never be an old maid. "One siar dijfereth from another star in glory." letic Fields. - RICHARD D. GROSS My tail is: "Dick" My favorite growl is: "Oh! bite your foot." My Tiger is: Dad and the Brink's Boys. My Tigress is: Mom and H. A. B. My tracks can be found: On the road to Kelleyville. I'm roaring to: Do most anything that offers that green folding stuff. "The mildesl manner and genflesf head." 14 MARJORIE E. HAVEN My tail is: "Margie" My favorite purr is: "Terriff!" just helped!" My Tiger is: Dad and that lucky My Tigress is: Mom and "My Foolish Heart." My tracks can be found: Anywhere that nice young man is. I'm roaring to: Study Art at U. N. H. and then "Paris 'Vi here I come. "Every arlisl is hrs! an amateur." KENNETH R. HAMEL My tail is: " Ken" My favorite growl is: "Eat it then!" My Tiger is: Ted Williams. My Tigress is: Girls Hockey Team. My tracks can be found: Over the hill. I'm roaring to: Play baseball and get hitched. "All fha! line needs is a hook." "It's not my fault, I young man. GENE R. HOYT My tail is: "Gene" My favorite growl is: "Oh, get off my ear!" My Tiger is: Professor Dean Hoyt of Science. My Tigress is: Irene. My tracks can be found: At 9 Syndicate Street. I'm roaring to: Hit the road for big business and lots of money. "I am my own master." LILLIAN M. JOHNSON My tail is: "Lil," "Lillian" My favorite purr is: "Pretty kippy." My Tiger is: Dad and Joe. My Tigress is: Mom. My tracks can be found: Dancing with a certain guy. I'm roaring to: Join the Waves or some branch of Service. " Nothing greal was ever achieved withoul enlhusiasmf' 15 JOAN R. LIBBY My tail is: "Jody," "Jo" My favorite purr is: "Real zippy!" and "What a nzz!" My Tiger is: Pop. My Tigress is: Mom. My tracks can be found: Arouhd Towle. I'm roaring to: Go to U. N. H. "Virtue and genuine graces speak in themselves what no words can utter." PAUL A. LAMOTHE My tail is: "Hog," ",'ilayor" My favorite growl is: "Fuchene Pretty Sheedyf' My Tiger is: Dr. William D. Revelli. My Tigress is: Ann Blyth. My tracks can be found: Here and there. I'm roaring to: Be a success. "The rule Qf my life is Io make business a pleasure and pleasure a business." smile." MARGUERITE M. LUCK My tail is: "lllaggie," "Peanut" My favorite purr is: "You don't know do yuh!" My Tiger is: Dad. My Tigress is: Mother. My tracks can be found: Anywhere from Mills to Newport. I'm roaring to: Make something of myself. "InHniIe riches in a liltle room." 16 ROLAND A. L'HEUREUX My tail is: "Rally," "Happy" My favorite growl is: "Oh bunkl' and Whad y want, blood? My Tiger is: My Uncle and my guardian angel My Tigress is: My Aunt. My tracks can be found: On Claremont Hill I'm roaring to: Attend College. " He always looks so cheerful wilh his million dollar Pollards MARY L. McDONOUGH My tail is: "Molly," "Shorty" My favorite purr is: "Oh sugar!" My Tiger is: M. Y. O. B. My Tigress is: Ma. My tracks can be found: Almost anywhere. I'm roaring to: Work. "In quielness and confidence shall be her slrengihf' EDWARD A. MONCKTON My tail is: "Jim," "Monk," "Bones" My favorite growl is: "Vanilla Cokel!" My Tiger is: Who knows, it may be you. My Tigress is: Mom, Gram, and any peroxide blonde. My tracks can be found: Jussie's car, and any respect- able party. 'I'm roaring to: Mark success by being the man who drinks Schenleys in tinction." "Theforces of his meril makes his way." the "Man of Dis- RICHARD E. MUDGETT My tail is: "Dick," "Mudge" My favorite growl is: "Can you assume that?" My Tiger is: My Father. My Tigress is: My Mother. My tracks can be found: Wherever I am. I'm roaring to: Attend Engineering School and become a success. " He conquers who endures." RICHARD L. NEWELL My tail is: "Dick," "Big Dick" My favorite growl is: "It wasn't me, it's the other guy." My Tiger is: Daniel Boone. My Tigress is: His wife. My tracks can be found: Anywhere. but mostly on Maple Street. I'm roaring to: Get out of school. "From afamily of many, yet belonging to a class Qfffwf, 17 X BLANC!-IE E. OLDHAM My tail is: "Blanche" My favorite purr is: "You like it, huh!" My Tiger is: Dad. My Tigress is: Mother. My tracks can be found: Anywhere. I'm roaring to: Travel around the World. "Do what you want when you want to do it." SCHARLEY E. PATTEN My tail is: "Schard," "Pat" My favorite purr is: "Thank you, Margaret Truman.' My Tiger is: Billy and Ronnie. My Tigress is: Mom. My tracks can be found: Down to Teague's or with Marge and jean. I'm roaring to: Do something worth while. "I'm not indijerent to eating." S J- -my . I 1 I JENNIE E. PERKINS My tail is: "Perk," "Jen," "Red" My favorite purr is: "So what!" and "That's tough!" My Tiger is: Dad. My Tigress is: Mom. My tracks can be found: Anywhere I have been to leave them. I'm, roaring to: Enter Nurses training and be a specialist with children or a Medical Secretary. "A friendly feeling makes one wonderous kind." DRUSILLA A. PERRY My tail is: "Dru" My favorite purr is: "Why?" My Tiger is: Dad and Francis. My Tigress is: Mother and Shirley. My tracks can be found: Anywhere in North Newport. I'm roaring to: Marry a rancher. "The hand that hath made you fair hath made you good." I8 GERALD A. PRATT My tail is: "Gerry," "Garry" My favorite growl is: "What's that got to do with the price of fish in China." My Tiger is: Ezzard Charles. My Tigress is: All the Cheerleaders. My tracks can be found: At Kelly's Drug Store. I'm roaring to: Expand. "Men of few words are the bes! men. na Qs BEVERLY M. PEVINE My tail is: "Pevie," "P, V.," "Bev" My favorite purr is: "Hmm! I like it!" My Tiger is: A certain guy now attending U. N. H. My Tigress is: Mother and Mae West. My tracks can be found: All the way 'to Durham. I'm roaring to: Live in Colorado. " Nolhing is impossible lo a willing heart." SHERRILL E. ROWE My tail is: "Sherrie" MARGARET S. PRINCE My tail is: "Peggy," "Peg" My favorite purr is: "That's immaterial." My Tiger is: Dad. My Tigress is: Marie Antoinette. My tracks can be found: Near any good book. I'm roaring to: Go to Barnard. " Up Iife's palhway she'lI ever climb, leading a never ending life." My favorite purr is: "You don't know do ya?" My Tiger is: Chaplain James Davis KU. S. NJ. My Tigress is: My Mom. My tracks can be found: Bradford Arena and on the Farm. I'm roaring to: just go some place. "Her eyes with mischief sparkle, her tongue gives banler free." I9 WILLIAM E. SCHERWERTS My tail is: "Wild Bill," " l'nrIeHi1f." "Uulfie" My favorite growl is: "Mammie, let's have a party." My Tiger is: Dad. My Tigress is: Mom. My tracks can be found: Any place there is a party, especially Shep's Farm. I'm roaring to: "Visit the wide open spaces" and "Be- come a man of Distinction." "Thai man abou! town." VIRGINIA L. SHERMAN M tail is: "Ginny," "Sherm" Y ., My favorite purr is: "Are you kidding? Why?" My Tiger is: Dad and Jr. My Tigress is: Mother. My tracks can be found: Anywhere and everywhere. I'm roaring to: Travel around the World. "It hurlefh no! her tongue Io give fair words." 0 20 FREDERICK M. SHEPARD My tail is: "Shep," "Handsome," "ConeeiIed" My favorite growl is: "Here-tis." My Tiger is: Blackhawk and William Penn. My Tigress is: Grandmother, mother and 5' 2". My tracks can be found: Boston Subway, middle rail. I'm roaring to: See those far away places. "All his faulls are such fha! one loves him still and belief for them." CLIFTON R. SMITH My tail is: "SmilIy," "EHie" My favorite growl is: "Here I am you lucky people." My Tiger is: John Woodhull. I My Tigress is: Joan. My tracks can be found: At the Pines. I'm roaring to: Florida and bakers school and be a cook. "Good cheer is no hindrance Io a good life." IRVING D. SMITH My tail is: "Smitty" My favorite growl is: "Huh?" My Tiger is: Dad My Tigress is: Mother and Kathy. My tracks can be found: Corner of Oak and North Main. I'm roaring to: Do most anything. "Men like bullets go farthest when they are smoothest." . 'QL cfm Q r OLGA V. SPANOS My tail is: "0lie," "Vicki" My favorite purr is: "Gooperhead" My Tiger is: Vaios and Vaughn. My Tigress is: Flunkey. My tracks can be found: All over my bed. I'm roaring to: Emulate my brothers. "When the sun is set the little stars will shine." l JOANNE P. ST. CYR My tail is: "Bong," "Lil" My favorite purr is: "I'm not well." My Tiger is: The man who wants a lazy wife My Tigress is: Lili St. Cyr. My tracks can be found: In Yankee Grill. I'm roaring to: Be a beach comber. "A delighU'uI frankness that incites commentf 2 .Q a MARLENE L. ST. CYR My tail is: ".Marty," "Saint" My favorite purr is: "It's your nerves." My Tiger is: Dad and Eddie. My Tigress is: Mom and Lizzie. My tracks can be found: Almost everywhere. I'm roaring to: Become an Airline Hostess and see the World. "A bit of stardust twinkling merrily in a Milky Way." 2l 'R JEAN E. WEBSTER My tail is: "Jeanie," "Webbie" My favorite purr is: "Holy catfish and little kittens!" My Tiger is: My brothers. My Tigress is: Mom. My tracks can be found: Skating, reading, and with Schard. I'm roaring to: Go to Syracuse University. "Much wisdom oflen goes wilh the fewest words." JEAN E. WINTER My tail is: "Jeannie" My Tiger is: Dad and that nice guy. My Tigress is: Mom. I'm roaring to: Graduate and go to work. "A cheerful spirit makelh lhe hear! glad." ALLEN W. WIRTA My tail is: "Al," "Kid" My favorite growl is: "Wow! what a Babe!" My Tiger is: Joe Walcott. My Tigress is: Mae West. My tracks can be found: Claremont I'm roaring to: Get my decaying body out of Newport. "A friend is never known until a person have need." JQAN I. ZIELINSKI My tail is: "Jo," "Cousin" My favorite purr is: "Let's go, you bunch of jokers." My Tiger is: Dad and Big Brother Don. My Tigress is: Mom and Mrs. Al. My tracks can be found: On the athletic field and on Meadow Road. I'm roaring to: Do a lot of things. "My feel are frisky and airy, likewise am I." My favorite purr is: "Please, I'll be home early." My tracks can be found: With June and Lillian and dancing with that certain guy. 3 Q: 1: ings .azz ,S LOIS S. AMIDON Basketball 1,2',3'Q Softball 2,3',4'3 Y-Teens 2,3,43 Debate Club 23 One Act Plays 3,43 Three Act Play 43 Student Council 4 fSecretaryJ3 Junior Prize Speaking 33 Band 2,3',4'3 Glee Club 1,2,3,43 All State Chorus 3,43 Granite Girl's State 33 Office Assistant 2,3,43 Librarian l,2,33 Committees l,2,3,4. BLANCHE A. ASHLEY Hockey 1,2',3" CCo-Captainj 4'3 Basketball 1,21 Softball 1',2',3',4'3 Dramatic Club 1,2,33 French Club 33 Y-Teens 3 fSecretaryJ, 4 fVice-PresidentJ3 One Act Plays 2,3,43 Three Act Play 4: Class Secretary 3: Student Council 3 fTreasurerJ. 4 CVice-PresidentJ3 Rep. to Recreation Center 43 Junior Prize Speaking 33 State Speech Tournament 33 All State kChorus 43 Orchestra 13 Band Majorette 2',3",4'3 Glee Club 1,2,3,4Q Granite Girl's State 33 Alternate to Girl's Nation 33 D.A.R. Candidate 43 Office Assistant 43 Librarian 1,2,3Q Sophomore Carnival Queen 13 Junior Prom Queen 33 Red Cross 1,23 Magazine Campaign 1,4 fBusiness ManagerJ3 Spirit of Towle 4 fAssistant EditorJ3 Yearbook Staff 43 Committees l,2,3,4. VIRGINIA D. BARRON Home Ec Club 1,2,3,43 Librarian 33 Committees l,2,3,4. LEOPOLD J. BEAUCHAINE Football 1,2,33 Cross Country 4'3 Track 43 Baseball 2,3,4: Committees l,2,3,4. STEPHEN E. BLODGETT Football 33 Track l,2,43 Committees l,2,3,4. CHARLES A. BOOTH Football 1,2,3',4' CCo-CaptainJ3 Committees l,2,3,4. PAULINE C. BOOTH Softball 23 Home Ec Club 2 CSecretaryJ: Granite Girl's State 33 Librarian 1,23 Yearbook Staff 43 Committees l,2,3,4. JOYCE P. BOUTWELL Basketball 1,2,3',4'3 Softball 13 Cheerleader 3',4' Chead cheerleaderk Y-Teens 2,3,4Q Home Ec Club 13 Three Act Play 43 Granite Girl's State 33 Ofiice Assistant 1,2,3,4Q Librarian 1,2,3,4Q Senior Commencement Usher 23 Junior Prom Usher 33 Red Cross 1,2,33 Honor Roll 1,23 Spirit of Towle Staff 43 Yearbook Staff 43 Committees l,2,3,4. ROBERT W. BOWLAN Football 13 Glee Club 1,22 Committees l,2,3,4. NORMAN C. BOYCE Committees l,2,3,4. 4a4e7o.4'c2tZ " ELIZABETH A. BUTLER Hockey 1',2',3',4' fCo-CaptainJ3 Basketball 1,2',3',4'1 Softball 1',2',3',4.Q A.A. 1,23 Debate and Dramatics Club 1,2,4 fPresidentJ3 Y-Teen 2,3 tTreasurerJ 43 French Club 33 One Act Plays 2,3,43 Three Act Play 43 Class Secretary 1,22 Class Vice-President 33 3rd Vice President 33 Student Council 33 Rep. to Student Council 43 Rep. to Recreation Center 33 Junior Prize Speaking 33 Orchestra 13 Band 223' tTreasurerJ 4'3 Glee Club 1,2,3' fTreasurerJ 4'3 Granite Girl's State 3: D.A.R. Candidate 43 Office Assistant 2,42 Librarian 1,25 Honor Roll 1,2,3,42 Spirit of Towle 4 CEditorJ3 Yearbook 4 CEditorJ3 Student Edition of Eagle 0950-5113 Committees l,2,3,4. ARTHUR J. CLEMENT Committees l,2,3,4. IRENE C. COIDAKIS Hockey 1,23 Basketball l,3,43 Softball 1,2,4Q Cheerleader 3',4'3 Home Ec Club 1, QTreasurerJ 33 One Act Play 43 Three Act Play 43 Glee Club 13 Librarian 3,41 Senior Commence- ment Usher 33 Red Cross 13 Committees l,2,3,4. HELEN L. CONNELL Home Ec Club 13 Office Assistant 2,3,43 Librarian 33 Senior Commencement Usher 33 Committees l,2,3,4. ALDEN W. DAVIS Cross Country 2',3',4" fCaptainJ3 Skiing 1',2',3",4"3 Bas- ketball 1,2,43 Track 1',2',3',4'Q Hi-Y 2,43 One Act Play 43 Three Act Play 43 Hall Proctor 43 Orange Key 2,3,43 Spirit of Towle Staff 43 Yearbook Staff 43 Committees l,2,3,4. KATHRYN A. FENNO Hockey 1,25 Basketball I,2,45 Softball 1,25 Three Act Play 45 Glee Club 15 Band Majorette 2',3',4'5 Committees 1,2,3,4. EARL F. GEBO Committees 1,2,3,4. ANDREE R. GEOFFRION Hockey 1,2',3',4'5 Basketball 2'.3',4'5 Softball 25 A.A. 1,2,35 Dramatics Club 1,2,35 Y-Teens 2,3,4 fPresidentJ5 One Act Plays 2,3,45 Three Act Play 45 Class Secretary 45 Rep. to Student Council 3,45 Junior Prize Speaking 35 State Speech Tournament 35 Band 2',3' CSecretaryJ 45 Orchestra 15 Glee Club I,2,3,45 All State Chorus 3,45 Granite Girl's State 35 Office Assistant 1,2,35 Librarian 1,25 Honor Roll 2,35 Spirit of Towle Staff 45 Yearbook Staff 4. PAUL N. GOYETTE Football 1,4'5 Cross Country 2',3"5 Basketball 1,2.3,4'5 Baseball 1,2,3'5 Track 4'5 Hi-Y 45 One Act Play 3.45 Three Act Play 45 Glee Club 45 Hall Proctor 45 Orange Key 2,3,45 Red Cross 1,25 Honor Roll 1,2,35 Spirit of Towle Staff 4: Yearbook Staff 45 Committees 1,2,3,4. RICHARD D. GROSS Skiing 1',2',3'.4'5 Baseball 1.2.45 Hall Proctor 45 Spirit of Towle Staff 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Committees 1,2,3,4. KENNETH R. HAMEL Football 3',4'5 Basketball 4'5 Baseball 1',2 ',3',4"5 One Act Play 45 Three Act Play 45 Glee Club 15 Hall Proctors 1,25 Orange Key 3,45 Committees 1,2,3,4. MARJORIE E. HAVEN Hockey 1,2,3',4'5 Basketball 15 Softball 1.2.45 Dramatic Club 15 Y-Teens 2,3,45 Home Ec Club 35 One Act Play 2,3,45 Three Act Play 45 Glee Club 1,2,3.45 Ofhce Assistant 45 Li- brarian 35 Honor Roll 1,253.45 Spirit of Towle Staff 45 Year- book Staff 45 Committees 1,2,3,4. GENE R. HOYT Football 1',2',3'5 Basketball 1',2"5 Track I',2'.3'5 A.A. 1,2,35 Hi-Y 1,25 One Act Play 2,3,45 Three Act Play 45 Orange Key 2,3,45 Red Cross 1,25 Magazine Campaign 35 Spirit of Towle Staff 45 Yearbook 45 Committees 1,2,3,4. LILLIAN M. JOHNSON Softball 3,45 Home Ec Club l,2,45 Band 25 Glee Club 1,3,45 Librarian 45 Spirit of Towle Staff 45 Yearbook 45 Committees 1,2,3,4. PAUL A. LAMOTHE Football 1,3,4'5 Track 1,25 Hi-Y 4 fPresidentJ5 One Act Play 2,3,45 Three Act Play 45 Class President 1,25 Student Council President 45 Rep. to Student Council 35 Band 1',2',3',4"5 Hungary Seven 1.25 Brass Quartet 45 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Hall Proctor 25 Spirit of Towle 45 Yearbook 45 All State 2,3,41 All New England 2,3,4: Committees 1,2,3,4. ROLAND A. L'HEUREUX Ski Team 1,2,3',4'5 Track 2',4'5 Hi-Y 3,45 One Act Play 2,3,45 Three Act Play 45 Class Treasurer 3,45 Rep. to Student Council 1,25 Granite Boys' State 35 Hall Proctor 2.45 Orange Key 2,3,45 Spirit of Towle 45 Yearbook 45 Committees 1,2,3,4. JOAN R. LIBBY Basketball 1,2,3',4'5 Cheerleader 4'5 Dramatics Club 21 Y-Teens 2,3,4 fSecretaryJ: One Act Play 3,45 Three Act Play 45 Junior Prize Speaking 3: Band 1',2',3',4'5 Glee Club 15 Granite Girls' State 35 Librarian 35 Spirit of Towle 45 Year- book 45 Committees 1,2,3,4. MARGUERITE M. LUCK Softball 1,25 Home Ec Club 1,2,45 Y-Teens 3,45 Band 2',3'. 4'5 Glee Club 1,2.3.45 All State Band 35 One Act Play 45 Three Act Play 45 Office Assistant 4: Librarian 35 Spirit of Towle 45 Yearbook 45 Committees 1,2,3,4. MARY L. MCDONNOUGH Home Ec Club 45 Office Assistant 45 Spirit of Towle 45 Year book 45 Committees 1,2,3,4. EDWARD A. MONCKTON One Act Play 2,3,45 Three Act Play 45 Class Vice President 1,45 Red Cross 1,35 Committees 1,2,3,4. RICHARD E. MUDGETT Track 3,45 Granite Boys' State 35 Hall Proctor 1,2,3,45 Honor Roll 1,25 Committees 1,2,3,4. RICHARD L. NEWELL Football 1,2,3,4'5 Baseball 15 One Act Play 2,3,45 Spirit of Towle 45 Yearbook 45 Committees 1,2,3,45 Three Act Play 1. BLANCHE E. OLDHAM Home Ec Club 2,3,45 Librarian 35 Committees 1,2,3,4. SCHARLEY E. PATTEN Softball 2"5 Y-Teens 45 Home Ec Club 45 Band 1",2" CTreas- urerl, 3",4'5 Office Assistant 45 Librarian 35 Senior Com- mencement Usher 35 Orange Key 2.3.41 Spirit of Towle 45 Yearbook 4: Committees 1.2.3,-1. We-s. ' JENNIE E. PERKINS Home Economics Club 4: Junior Prize Speaking 3: Senior Play 4: One Act Play 4: Student Council 4: State Speech Tournament 3.4: All State Chorus 4: Glee Club Office Assistant 4: Honor Roll 2.3,4: Spirit of Towle 4: Yearbook 4: Committees DRUSILLA A. PERRY Committees l.2.3.4. BEVERLY M. PEVINE Hockey 1.2'.3.4': Basketball Softball 1.2.3,4: Home Ec Club 2: Y-Teens 2.3,4: One Act Play 4: Three Act Play 4: Glee Club 1: Librarian 1.2.4: Committees GERALD A. PRATT Glee Club 4: Committees 4. MARGARET S. PRINCE Softball 2': Cheerleader 3'.4": Dramatic Club 1.2: Y-Teens 2.3,4: One Act Play 2.3.41 Three Act Plays 4: Class President 4: Student Council 4: junior Prize Speaking 3: Granite Girls' State 3: D.A.R. Candidate: Ofhce Assistant 2.3: Librarian 2.3: Honor Roll Spirit of Towle fAssistant Editorl 4: Yearbook fAssistant Editorj 4: Committees l.2.3.4. SHERRILL E. ROWE Softball 1: Office Assistant Librarian l.2.3.4: Senior Commencement Usher 3: Magazine Campaign 1.2.3. WILLIAM E. SCHERWERTS Basketball 2.3: Hi-Y 4: One Act Plays 3.4: Three Act Play 4: Spirit of Towle 4: Yearbook 4: Committees 1.2.3.-1. FREDERICK M. SHEPARD Football l.2'.3": Basketball 1.2'.3'.4": Athletic Association One Act Play 2: Three Act Play 4: Class Treasurer 1: Committees VIRGINIA L. SHERMAN Home Ec Club 2.3.-l: One Act Play 2.4: Three Act Play 4: Librarian 3.4: Committees CLIFTON R. SMITH Committees IRVING D. SMITH Ski Team l": Committees OLGA V. SPANOS Softball 2: Cheerleader 3".4": Dramatic 1.2: Y4Teens 2.3,4: One Act Play 2.3,4: Three Act Play 4: junior Prize Speaking 3 fFirst Prizei: Glee Club 1.4: Granite Girls' State 3: Office Assistant 4: Librarian 1.2: Spirit of Towle 4: Yearbook 4: Committees JOANNE P. ST. CYR Basketball 2.3: Softball 2: Y Teens 2.3,4: Home Ec Club 3.4: Office Assistant 2: Librarian 1: Orange Key 2.3,4: Commit- tees MARLENE L. ST. CYR Basketball 2.3',4": Y-Teens 2.3.4 CTreasurerJ: Three Act Play 4: Rep. to Student Council 3.4: Prize Speaking 3 fSecond Prizej: State Speech Tournament 3: Band Majorette 2".3', 4' tHead Majorettej: Granite Girls' State 3: Ofiice Assistant 4: Librarian 3.4: Sophomore Carnival Queen 2: Senior Com- mencement Usher 3: Orange Key 2.3,4: Spirit of Towle 4: Yearbook 4: Committees JEAN E. WEBSTER Hockey 1.2.3'.4': Dramatic Club 1.2: Y-Teens 2.3,4: One Act Play 3.4: Glee Club Granite Girls' State 3: OHice Assistant 2: Honor Roll 1.4: Spirit of Towle 4: Yearbook 4: Committees 1,2,3,4. JEAN E. WINTER Y-Teens 2.3,4: Home Ec 2.4: Office Assistant 3: Librarian 4: Spirit of Towle 4: Yearbook 4: Committees 1.2,3.4. ALLEN W. WIRTA Committees 1.2,3.4. JOAN I. ZIELINSKI Hockey 1.2'.3".4': Basketball 1.2'.3'.4"': Softball 1,2.3 fManagerJ. 4: Cheerleader 3'.4': Athletic Association 3.4 fPresidentJ: Debate and Dramatics Club 4: Dramatic Club 1.2: Y Teens 2.3,4: One Act Play 2.3,4: Three Act Play 4: junior Prize Speaking 3 CHonorable Mentionl: State Speech Tournament 3: Glee Club l.2.3.4: Librarian 2.3: Senior Come mencement lfsher 3: Honor Roll 3: Spirit of Towle 4: Year- book 4: Committees 'Poll Shows T owle Students T hankfur ,fda lfor Free r Class Orators d0m Amerrcan way f re are lor lune Announcement 0 me av p 1 Prcture Schools to Q otoolx P p Y by P zzy P Q cal od C,aQBwotZ6So,8gy'6 rr 2 f X9 'X W th UL h gh 3 Sol Qelacbox SXxxoxoS gfisx sdllxlxx K Y are W saw rr M' 'co 6 Nl X Q09 We BV arof- A P 'crew S05 WW eww or 0 31. 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Lars MARY Wanna ll .Q f'7HA'6lE H f a cue 33. 4 73:u.y Jemv Wee Q 5 Aznefy TRL: JYM ffELE1y 15' 5 I F v, 5 1 Heals 1-9 "79Hk k x .-1 4 5 ' If-.1 'tj Y fi s'-'-.reg Y . - 1 'f -, Qin "-gk. X -. 1 1 . f 1 Q ' N HRL5NE x 1 'W 5'x1Em1m.L r 1 1-L., NVQ , H N Seneca zgm Zelate 74624 Ho hum yawned l1ttle Sambo as he stretched hls slender brown arms and opened hls sleepy dark eyes I ve had the most wonderful dream' he sald It was about my four years of hlgh school at Towle' I ve seen all my classmates not only as a class but ln such actlvltles as sports clubs and soclal events These memorxes wlll always be present ln my mind as I relate th1s hlstory to my frlends tonlght As years go by memorxes are dear to each and everyone of us They brlng to our mmds and hearts the happy hours and days we enyoyed together Tomght lS the last nlght we the graduates of the Class of 52 wlll enjoy the prlvlleges of bemg a complete class Memorxes of our hlgh school days w1ll lmger wlth us forever along w1th the galety and sadness we knew as a class As we turn back the hands of txme to four years ago the remem brance of an autumn day early ln September IS brought to mlnd when we as comrades gathered 1n Chellxs Audltorxum to begm our hxgh school careers There was seemlngly a fear that morn1ng among my classmates but soon our klnd and congemal head master Mr Perkms acquamted us wnth the unfamllxar surroundmgs We came ln contact for the first tlme wlth the methods of parllarnentary procedure as we elected Paul Lamothe Presldent to lead us through our Freshman year followed by ,I1m Monckton Vlce Presxdent Betty Butler Secretary Mark Shephard Treasurer and Roland L Heureux Student Councll Repre sentatxve We soon became acquamted wlth other schoolmates as well as Senlors on the mght of our Freshman Receptlon at whlch tlme we experlenced the recexvlng l1ne 1n1t1at1on and dances wlth Senxor frlends that caused us to become well establlshed students of Towle Assumlng our fxrst blt of respons1b1l1ty we put on a Mld Year Dance w1th conslderable ease and efhclency Tlme stops for no one and soon we reallzed we were gathered together agam thlS trme as a Sophomore Class Resummg hrgh school hfe we elected our Class Officers Paul Lamothe was chosen Presldent Peter Student Councll Representatlve It was dur1ng our Sophomore year that we became lnterested ln extra currlcular act1v1t1es Hlstory records members of our class part1c1pat1ng ln the Athletlc Assoc1at1on Orange Key Band Glee Club H1 X Y Teens and Student Councxl preparmg each of us to fill the chalrs that were left empty We were proud of our classmates as we saw asprrlng athletes such as Mark Shephard Gene Hoyt R1chard Newell Charles Booth Alden Dav1s Paul Goyette Kenneth Hamel Roland L Heureux Stephen Blodgett R1chard Gross and R1chard Mudgett who helped carry the colors to vlctorles Fneld hockey basketball and softball were among the popular grrls sports at thls trme as we watched Joyce Boutwell Betty Butler Marlene St Cyr Joan Z1el1nsk1 Rachel Geoffrlon ,Ioan Lxbby Jean Web ster Beverly Pevme Maryorle Haven Peggy Prmce Scharley Patten and Blanche Ashley use strateglc plays agamst rlval schools The tlme had come when we were faced wxth the Sophomore Carmy al Members of our class did It proud by wlnnmg 1n numerous events and Blanche Ashley relgned as queen our Freshman year wlth Mar lene St Cyr capturlng the honor our Sophomore Y ear The first taste of dramatmc ab1l1ty was placed rn our hands as we presented The Splder s Web a tragedy Cwhlch turned out to be a comedyj Aware of our lnexperlenced cast we went ahead Wlth courage to experlence on that mght defeat by the Senlors The summer was soon upon us and our classmates were scattered to many destlnatlons for thexr summer vacatlons Several members of the class attended the Summer Muslc School at Durham We returned for another year thxs tlme as Jolly Jumors under the leadershlp of a new headmaster Mr Slderls and many new members m the faculty Our class electlons showed Peter Lubneskl Presldent Betty Butler Vlce Presldent Blanche Ashley Secretary Roland L Heureux Treasurer and Paul Lamothe as our Student Councll Representatlve Early m December we started planmng for the annual Chnstmas Dance We garly portrayed the Chnst mas Spmt wxth Chrxstmas trees lxghts and snowmen It proved to be a b1g success made possxble by the cooperatlon of the whole class 34 I - H ' - , , . Y Q I Q ' -' , v ' , - y ' , 2 9 1 v 1 ' V Lubneski, Vice Presidentg Betty Butler, Secretaryg Lee McGray, Treasurerg and Roland L'Heureux, - , - , . I I ! 7 ' I 1 ! ! Y , - n Y 7 y 1 ' Q 9 v 9 ' ! 7 I 9 . . ., . . ! , . ! ! 1 I, ' S , A ' I 1 f . , . . l ! ' , . During our Christmas vacation we were confronted with the task of learning our Prize Speaklng selec tions I m sure we all recall that night when our knees shook before the large audience The contestants were overJoyed to learn Olga Spanos won first prize followed by Marlene St Cyr second and Joan Zrelmski honorable mentlon The following Saturday we journeyed to the State Speech Tournament in Durham where our first prize winner placed in the semi finals Our class actors and actresses were called upon agam as we began preparing for the One Act Play Con test Our choice of a play was Pardon My Ancestors which as a comedy brought many laughs from the crowd Our stage performers this time were Olga Spanos Paul Lamothe Paul Goy ette Roland L Heu reux Joan Libby Betty Butler Jean Webster Peggy Prmce and Joan Zl8llI'lSkl We were agam defeated by the Seniors but the honors for best actor went to Paul Lamothe The greatest occasion m our Junior year was our first formal the J umor Prom After long hours of care ful planning decorating and arranging for orchestra tickets and chaperones the prom proved to be a success One of our classmates Blanche Ashley was chosen queen to rengn among the colorful streamers that surrounded the throne We soon learned that the Job of managing the Spirit of Towle was to be ours We published the last two issues at the close of our Junior Year followed by nine editions our Senior year It was under the capable editing of Betty Butler Peggy Prmce and Blanche Ashley while the finances were efiiclently handled by Alden Davis Bill Scherwerts and Roland L Heureux Several members of our class were chosen by the faculty to represent the school during the summer at the annually held Profile Boys State and Granite Girls State sponsored by the American Legion Those girls who participated in the model government sessions were Joan Z1el1nsk1 Rachel Geoffrion Jean Webster and Blanche Ashley who was an alternate to Glrls Nation while the boy representatives were Richard Mudgett and Roland L Heureux Returning our last year we as a dignified group were to set examples to be followed by the underclass men Since this was to be our last year we all wanted to make it the best despite the hard work and many problems that faced us Elected as President to lead the Senior Class through its most difficult year was Peggy Prince Other and Betty Butler Student Council Representative Among our many duties that soon came before us in the next two months were choosing caps and gowns managing the ice cream concessron ordering announcements name cards and class prctures The first of the New Year graduation speakers were elected and along with the yearbook staff they endured many long hours in preparing material in our class yearbook The Sambo and at graduation The New Year found our deserving classmate Betty Butler chosen D A R Good Pdgrimage Repre sentatrve During the month of January those members of the class tal ented in dramatlcs started preparing for the One Act Play Con test this time a drama titled Trifies This contest was followed by a three act play shortly afterwards Before we close this hlstory tonight these remembrances come to life in our minds once more We think of Rachel Geofifrion presiding over a Y Teen Meeting Paul Lamothe tuning his barn tone horn at the New England Music Festival Lois Amidon read ing the minutes of a Student Council meeting Joyce Boutwell head cheerleader leading a T O W L E locomotive Jennie Per kms typlng yearbook material Kenneth Hamel striking out the third batter Bevxe Pevme scormg a field hockey goal against Stevens Alden Davls and Richard Mudgett battling it out for first place in the broad Jumping event and Richard Gross capturing ski honors of the day along with many other classmates This is our history a record of our high school days h1ghl1ghted by happiness and sorrow laughter and tears victory and defeat As we step forward to receive our diplomas tonight let us not forget the knowledge we acquired whlle students at Towle as we go forth seeking further knowledge and higher achievements .35 , . ' ll II ' - - ' I I I . . V , - 1 1 1 ' I I I I ' . . . , . ' - I I ' 1 . u c 44 I 1 ,, 1 , . . , . . Y . , I I ' I , . 7 offices went to Jiin Monckton, Vice-President: Rachel Geoffrion, Secretaryg Roland L'Heureux, Treasurer , . ' 1 1 - I I P I ' y , . . . ' . . . U . H . - - , . I - . Y . . .- . . Y . . v I I I - - - - I - I I I I . , . t I 1 I I ' . . . , J I aqua all L1ttle Sambo was preparmg for graduatlon One day after four years of chasmg Tngers he sat down and medltated He declded that smce he would soon be facmg the blg world he would have to rtd hlmself of all lmmature xdeas Therefore he and hns fellow Ttgers drew up a will whlch read as follows We the Class of 1952 of Towle Hlgh School Newport New Hampshlre berng of sound mmd although there mlght be some dxssenslon on thas pomt and wlthout undue 1n fluence do hereby make pubhsh and declare thls to be our last w1ll and testament rex okmg all prevlous wllls and codlclls For the Junlor Class we bequeath that cramped habltat Room 5 and along wlth th1s our amlable instructor Mr Ballou talthough forsomet1mevsewerethlnklngoftaklnghxmwlthus J To the Sophomore Class goes the prlvxlege of bemg upper classmen and the officxal rmght to come through the front door For the Frosh go more prxvlleges partxclpatlon ln the One Act Play Contest the headaches of the Sophomore Carnlval Ball and the rlght to s1t xn the next to the last row m assemblles fYou w1ll no longer be able to sleep agamst the back wall but mstead you wlll be expected to pay strlct attentlon J Peggy Prlnce leaves the parkmg space for her Jeep to Jesse Pritchett on the condltxon that he cares for the sacred grounds Peggy s Jeep IS an honorary member of the Semor Class Paul Goyette one of our noted athletes leaw es to Andre Lamothe Cousy s Corner on the basketball court we hope that Andre hves up to the record that Cousy set Bev Pevme leaves her ab1l1ty to waste school paper school 1nk and school t1me wrltmg eplstles to Joyce Hamel who seems to have a pretty good start To Mr Bryant we want to return all the part1cles lotas and facetlousness whlch he lent us Joanne St Cyr who IS one of our best ball room dancer s bequeaths thus ab1l1ty to all the underclassmen who step on the feet of thelr partners an extra large trash can Polly Booth leaves her good nature to the teachers who are bound to run out sometlme S1nce Gmger Rowe has been wxshmg for long halr and Jenme has been trylng to get rxd of hers she has decxded to let Gmger have lt Loxs Amldon and Gerry Pratt bequeath to Eleanor Wlnter and Ronme Demljohn thexr corner ln study hall for use before and after classes Marlene St Cyr leaves some of her Jovxahty to Cynthla Shepard I m certam Marlene can do wlthout a llttle of xt The Semor Class has declded that Bob Bowlan wxll be safer and much better off vnthout hrs Cadxllac so we bequeath lt to anyone who IS crazy enough to take lt' Blanche Oldham bequeaths her modesty and quxetness to Janet Duchesne Hovs about taklng a h1ntJanet" Arthur Clement wllls h1s const1tut1onal rlghts to Bob Rothsteln If every Amerlcan cmzen stood up for hxs rrghts the way Art has our country would never go wrong We bequeath Jody Llbby s fizzes durmg basketball games to Frelda Rodeschm Rlchard Mudgett leaves h1s arguments w1th Mr Bugbee ln government class to Edward Chartler who s been trymg to glV6 Mr Bugbee a hard t1me thls year too Jean Webster leaves her mfalhbxhty to her sxster Betty How about puttmg lt to some good use Betty? Jlmmy Monckton leaves h1s flashmg skates to John Butler to be used here as he wnll have new ones m the Ice Follles The Smxth brothers Chfton and Irvmg leax e thexr two seats up ln the back row of Room o to Pete Cote and Don Spear Cherlsh thls spot boys for ll has been dubbed Joker s Acre Betty Butler w1lls her ambltlousness to the xncomlng Senlors you sure w1ll need It krds Druscllla Perry bequeaths her morn1ng rlde on the North Newport bus to Rodney Colassco 36 D ' 70 ' . , , 7 Q , 4 . Q . : Mark Shepard bequeaths to Mr. Gove his tardy slips to use in the furnace. We'd better get Mr. Gove Roland L Heureux glves hxs capablllty as Class Treasurer to anyone who wants the tedlous Job of col lectmg class dues from the Senlors and keepmg the lce cream money stralght To Martha Flmt and Nancy Lord we vull two seats ln the Comston theater whlch have been mhablted by Vxrgxma Sherman and Vlfglflla Barron Dxck Newell the man w1th a lot of problems leaves them to the next Chemlstry class to be combined to make T N T Our dear frxend and classmate Rachel Geoffrlon wllls to the Honks qhonorary soc1ety of the Junlor Classy John Scranton The poor boys have been lost wlthout hlm thls past vear B111 Scherwerts who has always been a ph1ol partylst wllls th1s love to Joanne Rrchardson B111 won t have much tnme for partles when he s out of school facmg the cruel cruel world Charlxe Booth glves h1s feroclous Blue Beard to Allan Hlrsch who has been trymg to grow one for the past seventeen years Dlck Gross leaves hrs hlgh rankmg pos1t1on on the sk1 team to Bobby Perra who has done a pretty good Job of lt already Scharley Patten donates her Job as chxef ty DISK of the Sp1r1t to Gwen Devenger Gwen IS fortunate ln that she wxll have the typewrlter to type out a melody for her whale she IS smgmg Gene Hoty bequeaths hls loquacxousness to Norman Tebo We hope that Norm doesn t drsrupt study hall as much as Gene has thxs past year Paul Lamothe an all around leader glves thls abllxty to Sandy Amldon Good Luck Sandy ' Joyce Boutwell leaves her office as Head Cheerleader to peppy and petlte Cella Laakso We hope that she has as much school spmt as Joyce had To the Red Sox we grve Ken Hamel After losmg Ted W1ll1ams they can sure use h1m Kay Fenno bequeaths her prlvate reserved seat ln the Green Bonnet to Arlene Mountam Blanche Ashley contrnbutes one of her prlze helfers to Roland Gagnon who we re certam would love to To Herbert Bugbee Leo Beauchame presents h1s book of rules and regulatxons on How To Play Pool Leo seems to have mstllled some of these methods m Herb already Stephen Blodgett leaves hls car to anyone ln Goshen who has a hard tlme gettmg to Towle Helen Connell bequeaths her excellent penmanshxp to Phll Glazler Phll wxll oe able to use th1s when he does hrs 10 000 word term paper next year We leave Earl Gebo for the draft whlch he s been worrymg about for so long Maryorle Haven wllls her artlstxc ab1l1ty to Barb Gosselm She ll need ll for the Yearbook next vear Alden Davls smcerxty has resounded through Towle for the past four years It would be a shame to take lt away now so we ll leave lt just where lt IS Mary McDonough our Tlgress wlth the creatxve rmagmatlon glves lt to Stephame Mahoney for her newspaper column Allan Wlrta and Norman Boyce bequeath the1r knowledge of law for the sole purpose of gettmg around lt to Loulse Kemp and Shlrley Patten Illllan Johnson donates her car for the use of next year s cheerleaders They surely can use lt To Carl Tuttle we glve Jean Wmter s excuses on absent sllps durmg deer season Marguerlte Luck w1lls her quahty to be seen and not heard to Alyce Shedd V. Irene C01daklS donates her black halr to Carol Nlurgatroy Thms w1ll make xt a happy medlum Sherrlll Rowe bequeaths her bxg lme to Gerry Emerson Take It any way vou want We dlspose of all cases of S6fl1Ol'ltlS grantlng lt to all Jumors and leavmg our patlent and falthful teachers to cope wrth 1t We the authors of thls legal document leaye the Job to any one who has the wlt and tlme to wrlte xt Wltnessed by Gooper Head The Quacks Mr Fxzz '37 , . . . . , , ! 7 . . - - . v ' . . , , , . P ! ' S I 7 Y Y experlment w1th lt. , . , . 1 y ' V' 1967 763144 769024 S It is in the late fall of the year 1967 I am rummaglng through some of my high school souvemers when I hear a loud knock on the door Quickly I get up to see who is there to my surprise standing in the door way is Little Sambo and one of the Tigers How appropriate I say Come in I was just scanning over our year book We soon go into the den where we discuss old times and bring each other up to date on our friends Sambo remarks With my Tiger Ive Just returned from a fascinating trip visiting a few places of interest If you wish I will relate to you my adventures I answer in the affirmative and the Tiger roars This IS Sambo s story First of all we started right in our old home town Newport New Hampshire Towle High School has had many improve ments To the building has been annexed a manual training room a home economics room and a cafeteria Mary Mc Donough who was always very interested in cooking is a very able home teacher ln the boy s physical education depart ment we saw a familiar face none other than Cousey s QThat is to say Paul Goyettej As I recall he was very adapted to athletics especially in basketball his senior year and is doing a splendid Job at Towle We discovered as we meandered about the school that Joan Z1el1nsk1 is the physical education director for the glrls As we were about to leave we met Olga Spanos in the corridor She told us that she had received her Master s Degree in English and IS now teach mg in that field As it was near lunch time we hunted about to find a place to eat We decided to go into The Newport House now owned and managed by Gene Hoyt It IS thoroughly remodeled inside and out Our very efficient waitress Virginia Sherman told us that Robert Bowlan an interior decorator known throughout the world drew up the plans for the inside remodeling We are told that our tasty meal was prepared by As we once more viewed the city we noticed many other improvements which we had overlooked be fore One of the best improvements is that the piece of road by The Brampton Woolen Mill is now finally smooth This we learned was done by The Booth and Blodgett Construction Company We walked into the nearby Sugar River Pharmacy where Gerry Pratt is the head pharmacist While in there we learned that Betty Butler and Joan I ibby are teachers at the primary school Also we heard that Joyce Boutwell has been promoted to the position of supervisor at the telephone office The time quickly flew by and we knew that if we were to get into Boston in time to see The Ice Capades that we must depart We hailed a taxi to bring us to the airport On the side of the door I noticed that it said Smith s Taxi Service The cabble told us that Irvlng Smith is the owner At the airport we met Farl Gebo now in the navy He flew back part wav with us We arrived safely in Boston under the careful piloting of Alden Davis At the Boston airway we saw Marlene St Cyr who is an air line hostess for Fast ern Air Lines When we were finally in the mam part of the big city we noticed on a cinema sign that Paul Lamothe a world known band director was soon to put on a concert We reached The Ice Capades Just in time to see the star Jim Monckton perform We learned from him that Joan St Cyr is a model employ ed at one of the larger modeling agencies That night while reading the newspaper in our hotel room I came across many familiar names I saw in the advertising section that Kay Fenno is a beautician with Marguerite Luck as her assistant In the News of the Week l read that the famous costume designer Marjorie Haven has just returned from a tour of Europe I found out later that Rachel Geoffrion is her secretary 38 ' . it ' ,YY , LL ' I ' ' Y! ' I ,, . . . , ' 7 Y ' - l 7 the head chef, Clifton Smith. At the cashiers desk we met another classmate, Virginia Barron. , , - n Y , ,... N . V . . 1 The next morning after we had eaten breakfast we went out to Harvard College by way of the Charles River This was not a yery good tdea since My Tiger disliked Slttmg still but we finally arrived at our destlnation safe and sound While in the college library we came across Dick Mudgett who is a professor of mathematics He told us that one of our other classmates was also there and that he would bring us to her He kept us tn suspense Who could tt be? As we entered the chemistry laboratory our confusion was removed There we saw Jean Webster a professor of chemistry As we arrived back in the city we found a great deal of commotion The Red Sox had finally won the pennant Much of the successful pitcher Ken Hamel That mght in the hotel room we decided to get an early start in the morning to move westward We travelled as far west as Colorado where we heard that Drusctlla Perry owns a dude ranch Im mediately we found out its location and went there She gave us a great deal of information Blanche Ashley she told us has a cattle ranch about one hundred miles from here and has been yery successful Irene Coidakis has also come out thts yvay She has opened up a super market in town about a month ago At that pomt a cowhand came tn bringing more news of our friends We learned from htm that we have a couple of busy politicians from our class Arthur Clement and Allen Wrrta had stuck together smce graduation and were now building up a strong political campaign for their man Drusctlla mv1ted us to go to the auto races with her that mght There much to our surprise we saw Norman Boyce entering about every race dare devil and speed alike The mght proved to be very success ful for htm smce he placed either first or second in each entry and was still in one piece when every event was closed The evening was also very successful for us not only tn fun but in that we heard news of our classmates The tidings were as follows Peggy Prmce is on her way home from Indra and will publish a book pertaining to tts people when she reaches the United States Also Dick Gross is practtctng his skung everyday and tt is behey ed that he will be on the United States Ski Team for the Oly mptcs rn b8 On our return to the ranch we stopped at The Gordan Room for a snack While there we saw Leo Beauchame He told us that he owns four similar eating places and was presently checking The Gordan Room Before we left we saw I ons Amidon and Pauline Booth who are in the Way es It IS almost impossible to believe that after we saw the auto races that we would be the ones involved in an accident but that is just what happened After we left the restaurant we struck fenders w1th another you guessed tt classmate B111 Scherwerts was in the other car and we found out some more news He was motoring to California where he had a Job lined up in Hollywood He said he would be worktng behind the scenes Roland L Heureux we learned was also connected with the cinema and theater An other tid but which he had to offer was that Dick 'Newell IS working for the government trapping and shooting animals for their pelts By the time we were able to return to the ranch yye had found out that Scharley Patten ts a governess for the Harrlsons and is yoyagmg with their chtldren to France And Jennie Perkins is employed by a Boston doctor doing secretarial work The next morning we turned on Drusctll 1 s teleyision set only to see more of our friends During a commercial we saw ,lean Winter adyertlstng hair glow shampoo After this there was a comic shop where Mark Shepard and Beyerly Ieyme put oy er 1 tremendous show Teleynston ts well represented by former lowle students 'I hrs w ts proy en by the threc formerly named by Sherrill Rowe on a later show Also we heard of three behind the scene girls Helen Qonnell working on props and sound effects and Lillian johnson ind Blanche Oldham secretaries 'lhen as you know concluded Sambo I came btck here to remtnisce with you on the acttyities of the Itgers yy1th yvhom I graduated after 4 memorable years in the Class of 1939 at Tlgerland otherwise known as Towle High School 30 aa ' ' 1 ' ra - vw i - ' . , . H . V . . . , . U . . . . . an ' an yn - , V V V 1 . H . V . . . . . H . . . V. . . 1 - ' U . . . . . . . . N V . . " ' '. ' , ' . V . . ,s . , . u r - . . 1 ' H '. ' ' ' . V V ' , . . 4 . c WA V V V V t . , . . . . . . N, . ' . . c . . , in ' , - - , V V V '. . '. V , ' V' ' . ' s ' ' .' H ' ..' ,'. ,',' , . c . , . . s ' V . ' ' - .' . I .' V - ' V V . V 1 V' V V . V ,'.' '. , . " . ' ' V. V ' c' .. . cc ' V X V V V 5. V' LV V . V V 7 . ., . c, . c , . . 1- X V V V" ' " ., , .. . ' , s , c " ' V'V V V V V '7 ' " . ... , . L. . . 'Me 76?6'l 0:54 Sammfie 7a '7nrpze44 Semin Dur1ng h1s v1s1t 1n the Towle Jungle Sarnbo often met young T1ger cubs bus1ly scurrylng here and there learmng the laws of the jungle practlclng the1r lessons 1n elementary growl1ng and qu1te frequently forgett1ng all these ser1ous matters to romp through the protestxng Jungle I . . . . . . l . 1 . . a I . I . - . . l - u Q - - Rtrn cnaa ov no f 'J Q K 7 We-'ff' xg A Sr 7 ""' K1 Q Q m:.1 -5 -JS 41011 N .GMW 6 IEW:-fe X- Q' A QW-'X an ff-f 1-M AK 5,5 'Q I . L x N 1. 4 S A .E ' .....- K ' 1 , .. rf .. f: " , . 1 . K , i r' - 4 'll n ' ' VT. 1 L ...-. Q.- Qs 'L .. . 3' 1 AA v ,- , , , Q 5 if A v 4 '- ' T 9 P, 1 , 4 -X ,Q A ' ' ' g . wr Q I l .J 1 Y 'Q Q .' " ,Q .. A A - - 7 -u L ' i H v . gs. J I - - - qv , b v '-v ' I, W f -- r I2 . X P 9 - D ' p F! 1. 1, '- -Q d f 74 A K. 'MA . V, .. M ' 3,QL L ' ' Vw-l A E ' M- V am 5 L Na, ax- 5,319 ,J , - -A , .:j3,Zjf1 1:q 1.f...l--:AE , . -, g , 1 A ' . ., g .,x,. ,,. ,,...- ,AQ " Q, T f- 'A ' ' 1 -M' m f, . ' X '12 , 1.2' i7.g'f-. , , N, . ,, -f,:,.,, -,Q .- Q V ' 12' -:N -gfgxfi ' - 'bbw :5d1..iff,t-' .Xf5KxQv,',.:QgkgQ:gf5:i"',:-.'Y1,EA.?v-E , -"" f " A f::f,,.'g nf- N-MQ -we 'Wifi Firsl Hom flejfl In righl: S. Patten, W. Goyette, C. Laakso, J. Tenney, A. Gohin, A. Ilirseh. M. Cur rier, C. Lund, S. Blodgett:Sw1-rim! lflllllf D. Spear, J. Richardson. ll. Blziisdell. J. Riley, A. Coronis E. Beauchaine, P. Glazier, G. Devenger, Mr. Mzinos, Advisor, Thml lff.11i.- R. l'err:i, M. Michael son, D. Swenson. M. Flint, R. Reasoner, B. Gossehn. N, Matthews, President, A, Vsko, L. Kemp Fourlh Row: V. Goyette, W. Hackett. B. Larkin. A. Amidon. M. Wilson, E. Chfirtier, I. Smith Absent: S. George, B. Lamphere. First How Clfjff In righlj: E. Webster, C Tuttle, G. Emerson. F. MtLonntll. L. Morse. P. lxelle5 J. Keiffer, Treasurer. R. Rothstein. D. Richardson, Sw-0111! lfnm: II. Pillsbury. J. Newell. M Pariseau, J. Duehesne, N. Lord, H. Brooks, Z. Morrill, J, Wright, A. Sheddg 'I'l1iffl lffiifu IS. Mudszett J. Smith, M. Holt. F. Rodeschin, Yiee President. J. Pritchett, C. Murgzitroy. J. Wrieht. P. Cote C. Shepard, Fourlh Row: S. Mahoney. Secretary, A. Gentes. J. Scranton. G. Berquist. N. Tebo J. Richardsong .-1h.wnI: A. Lamothe. SECRETARIAL PRACTICE QW? 'I ai 5ooxouOO 'QDVANOE YO? P, O 410573 5815116 Q4 2359 cmdofz 24416417 74 facie The new school year of 1951 52 opened with the election of Nancy Matthews as the Chief Tigress of the Junior Class. She was joined by three more Tigresses, Freida Rodeschin, Stephanie Mahoney and Janice Kieffer, selected as the Tiger Vice-Chief, Scribe and Cash-keeper. The Junior representative to the Council of the Tigers was Gwen Devenger. The only Tiger in office is jesse Pritchett, who was elected with Tigress Harriett Pillsbury to a position in the Athletic Association. The Christmas Dance, one of the many activ- ities of the school year, was composed by six committees which in turn were made up completely of Junior Tigers. The Fairbanks junior Prize Speaking Contest proved to be a success with ten contestants entering into the competition. The One-Act Play, "Balcony Scene," required eight of the best actors among the Junior Tigers and Tigresses. The junior Prom was held May 23 fulfilling the expectation of a grand success. The band furnished pleasant music to the group of Tigers and Tigresses who attended. full A 5 KN G N EXPR NC R1 DP- M EMS T' Wai IN PH 5050? YS1 CS Fits! Row Cliff! In riylilj: M. Greenleaf. H. Bugbee. President. A. Girard. ID. Morrow, B, Perra. A Worden, J. Hamel. R. Bulger. Treasurer. A. Mountain: Swmifl lffiw: N. Shepard. R. Clark. J Radford. R. Guimond. Taimi, R. Clarke. J. Wirlqkala. G. Small, R Yetman. Yice-President Mr. Buinicky. Advisor, Tliirfl Hou'-' M. Mc.-Xdams. M. Jones. J. Nlarcotte. Y. Rowe, J. Feenstra K. Sinclair. Secretary. J. MacDonald. S. Kendall. W. Jones. S. cilZ1dUL'11'l4lI1l'HI Iff,w.' J. Hoklaanen B. Chartrand, C. Goyette. M. Thompson, J. Barry, J. Tucker: .1lixr11I: R. Doolan. R. Gentes. Firsf Row qlfffl In rigliljf E. Winter, W Murgatroy, D Jubb. E. Nelson J Woodhull, H. Burnham J. Cooper, R. Gagnon, M. Gagntm Sw-wifi lfffw: O. Kemp, V. Rollins, W. Johnson, A. Tonkin, H Stoddard, E. Sanborn, P. Marr, S. Smitli. R. liartlettg 'I'l1ir1l Irwin' C. Dudley, ID. Prince. M. Sher man, J. Butler, B. Cliartrand, H. Hendrickson, L. Cote, G. Avery, L. Parizogl"nurll1 Irwin: L. Hall M. DeMayo. C. Pollard, R. Toucliette, R. Woodliull, V. Rowell, R. Geoffriong .lli.w'ril.' J. Willette BIOLOGY RESEARCH A we 150 4 . -. J, J - Y,-Go T118 f ' 6096 0047 Q 'Q M ' 0 E' ciff' 0141 is 936 LTP? o QW 598 56,644 Seed 711.46 '7' " Scattered throughout the different regions of the Mighty Towle jungle are the Tigers and Tigresses who make up the Class of 1954. This year, they selected a certain Herbert Bugbee President and put Robert Yetman in as Vice-President. Lucky little Richard Bulger made off with the job of Treasurer while Kath- leen Sinclair became Secretary, and big John Willette has the honor of representing the class in Student Council. The two main events that they sponsored were the Sophomore Carnival, which was highlighted by the skating and Queen contest with numerous other enjoyable happenings, and the Sophomore One-Act Play. Both were great successes, although they kept everyone hard at work or biting their fingernails. The rest of the time, the Tigers and Tigresses of "SJ," were busy making a good showing in most of the extra-curricular activities, such as band, glee club, ski team, golf team, baseball, football, basketball, hockey, track, softball, Hi-Y, Y-Teens, Orange Key, Dramatics and Debate Club, etc. The entire class hopes that the rest of their years in Towle will be as happy and successful as this one has been. SK P910 ETC!-11N 114 G 1 N XS 5 MECHANI RA WING , fl First Rvw Chjfl In riyhll: J, Pcvinc, M. Gcorgc. J. Scrzintuzi, L, Johnwn. B. Putney. B. Legacy, A. Goyettc. ll. Currier, P. Caron, Sw-mul Ifnw: M. Coidzikis. C. Nit-mi, B. Gossclin, H. Milli Y. Hamilton, R, Murtzzitroy. F. lizillou. A, Muuntziin, G. Cloriyrzi. W. Smith: Ulllllllf lfflllk' D. Morrow. K. Cuthbert, Prwidcnt. l'. lluyt, J. Wundliull. IJ. Smct. J, liluinciuist, R, Gobin, A. Brooks. ll. Cheney, M. Glazicr, 'I'refzisurcr. Y. Yiolt-ttc:l"ff11rll1 Ifmli: ll. Prince, IJ, Ellinggwocid, li. Hurd, R. MCGray. G. Gould, E. Rannisto. J, llurlhurt. J. Farrington. E. King, T. Lacroix: lfiflli lflflll' ll. Tait, P. Johnson. K. Mayo, 1. Sirtfn, J. l,t1niouruux. C. Prescott, R. Dcmijohn. J. llowley, E. Chartrandg .tlr.wn!: M. Smith. I-'irxl lfum Clqf! In riglilb: J, Rollins. F. Quimby. li. llzimcl. I.. lizitfmn, A. Jennings, R. liciffcr, J Childs, li, Clarks. S. Wcntzcll: S11-urn! lfmw: J. lbtiliourdit-u, li. Flint, R. Pillsbury, J. Newton, G Ricliardson, R. Crmlzisziccri, li. Straiiuc. R. llmvlty, 'l'lm-fl lfflllh' J. Thornton. Mr. Iiugbcc, Advisor K. llinzc. R. lfullziiislucc. J. Rollins. J. Sanrio. Nl. Stamitio. li. Lctunri, Nl. liutlcr. Secretary, L Charticr, S. Surrcll, E. Lantzm: l"fu11'!l1 lfniv: N. Pike, E. Sherman. M. Kupcc, G. Leavitt. M. Mar cottc, C. Burnham. E. Barry. F. Mcycttc. S. Mcswr, B. Norton, lfifllz Ifuw: A. Durmas. E. Lane A. Dodge, Vice President, J. Jasinski, H. Alto, C, Clement. N. Hastings: .ll1.wn!: C. Wirkkala R. Wirkkala. Go' EXAMINING PRISMS C ' IN SCIENCE CLASS O8 14666 ASEQVI 5059.9 7, afqlv be I 959' 041, 4787, G 77044 70e!comea! 74 769mZa,nd There are 99 members of the freshman class. The important Tigers and Tigresses are: President, Karlene Cuthbert, Vice-President, Arnold Dodge, Secretary, Mary Bea Butlerg Treasurer, Marilyn Glazierg Repre- sentative to the Student Council, Ronald Demijohng Representative to the Athletic Association, Janice Woodhull and Angie Durmas. The freshman Cubs were welcomed into Towle with a big roar from the seniors. After a hilarious initia- tion day, they marched through the streets with their costumes on. The senior Tigers gave a dance in the Cubs honor in which they got a few more laughs. The Cubs presented a Mid-Year Dance in March as the only activity of the year. They had four candidates to the Sophomore Carnival that entered in the Beauty Contest. There are freshmen as well as people from the other classes that participate in helping to make the carnival a success. These Cubs wish to thank the outgoing Tigers, the Juniors and the Sophomores for helping them in this past year. Also the thanks go to the teachers for guiding them, when they were apt to go astray. They hope that next year will prove to be as prosperous and happy for everyone, and for them as sophomores. gf! 06068 AY HOME Bc 9,019 ONO S Y i X Zenom 5414150 7764664 ,4 7am Uf Wumezoac H4454 Wondermg what happened at the many club meet1ngs held 1n the Jungle Sambo dec1ded to attend one He soon left 1n d1smay for w1th1n ten m1nutes he found h1rnself cha1rman of f1ve com m1ttees and serv1ng on 51x others all because he had to slap at some mosqu1toes. i fig J Al f . . . . 1 . . . . ' 1 . . . . - 5 I OLD Bus 1 Ness New Busmsss 1 , 'evade 59024 Mrs! lfnu tlfrl to nqlvll D Prmtc '3rd XILL Prcstdcnt L Amtdon Sccrctarx A Amtdon 2nd Xtce Presxdent P Lamothc Prtsldtnt B -Xshlcx lst Xtcc Prcstdcnt P Claftcr Trcasurcr R Ccotfrton Suvml Row Mr Ballou Advlsor C Dcxcngcr NI St Ltr R Dcmxtohn R Cagnon Ii Bugbcc R Ll-ieurcux lx Cuthbert B Gossclm lhml lfnu D ,Iubb B Butlcr 'NI Prlncc 'N 'Nlatthews N Lord A C crard The Student Councul the got erntng body of Ttgerland has been very busy thts year seem mgly a lot more so than formerly Perhaps thts ts due to the many problems wtth Wh1Ch1t was confronted When the officers were elected last year ltttle dtd they real1ze what was tn store Prestdent Lamothe prestded at all the meetmgs and led hts underlmgs effictently but grate fully accepted am adxtce that Mr Ballou the adxtsor had to offer He was the Tlger who was responstble for the refreshments at all the home games that the Tngers played He was helped tn thrs by Treasurer Phtltp Glazter who kept the records stratght and also by the many counctl members w ho xolunteered thetr serxtces The que-stron of athlettc msurance proxtded a source for many long dtscusslons pro and elsewhere It was finallx dectded that the money from concesstons should go tnto a fund under the Council s superuston and whtch could be used only wtth tts consent As a result of thls tt was voted to hate the concesston run bv the Athlettc Assoctatton Lots Amtdon secretary sofmettmfes had trouble tn lceeptng up wtth the dtscourse but managed to get all her notes down e ectwe x Another toptc of spectal tnterest concerned class dues It was dtscovered that too many puptls weren t pax mg thetr dues because there weren t enough restrtcttons Therefore It was unammouslx xoted that ex ery one w ho dtdn t pax the dues set by hrs class would not be able to plax ant sport and could not parttctpate tn any extra currtcular acttvltles w1th the excep tton of glee club band and orchestra for w htch credtts are recetved Durmg Open Hou e mgzht 1 mock meetmg of the Student Lounctl was presented to the parent md tudent tn Whccler Cum as one of the many that were put on by the xarrous clubs tn the school I' spect tllx acttxe tn thts w ere Blanche Ashley Alton Amtdon and Davtd Ermcelrespecttxclx the X tce Prestdent 'Pnd Xtce Prestdent and 3rd Vtce Prestdent of the ounct 50 con, as to whether the money should come out of the profits of the concessions at the games or ' ' A I i . N . , , .1 C V v R 1 Y r V': x ' . , . ' v - . . . . t . - ' s ' V L Y ' A AV f ' ' ' ' ' s 2 s s ' ' H 'U' ' 5 ' ' V' ' ' 3 diem P Z- 'fem Frrsl Row Clfftlo rzqhlj I Boutvlell C I'ml1so J 71el1nsl1l M it Cxr Treasurer B Ashlcx Xue President R Ceoffrlon Presldcnt B Cossclm Studtnt Countll J Ilbbw Qecretars A ftrard S Nlahoncx Sfmnrl lfmn M Mlchaelson NI Matthews R Iloodhull R Ctoffrxon J Radford NI Qhepard 'VI Luck I5 Icvlnc J Xlmttr C Emerson J xxfljlllt J Xloodhull Nllss Shtthw Advlsor Ihzrfl Irnu E Illntcr A Nlountrnn J Ilamtl Ix SIYILISII' D Richardson J Ixelfftr I lump N lord I Amldon R Doolan X Rom L Nlorst Ii Butler lfourlh Run J B'1rrx L Coxtttc X Roxxdl B Llnrtrmd O Spanos M Prlnte J Vlcbstcr I3 Lhtrtrand M Jones 5 Patten NI Hawcn On a Tuesday eventng Lnttle Qambo somewhat exhausted from hts prex xous encounters ln Towle Tlgerland wandered mto Chellxs audltorlum where he was confronted bx a group of chatterlng Txgresses Inqunsttlve as usual he learned that thts was a meetmg of the X Teens a subdluslon of the Young Women s Chrlstlan AQQOCIHIIOH to whlch am glrl student of one ofthe three upper classes mav belong regardless of race creed color or YGIILIIOH A few mln utes later he saw chlef Tlgress Rachel Geoffrton call the meetlng to order I xerx one aro e saluted the flag and sard the Lord s Prax er Then the actual busmess got underwax Joan Llbbx the secretary read the mmutes of the last meetmg 'Xlarlene Bt Lxr presented the treasurer s report By IISYCIIIIIQ mtentlv Ltttle Sambo dlscox ered much about thls organwatlon Among the many soclal functlons sponsored IS the annual Sadle Hawluns Dance held ex erx autumn Here every one enjoy ed both round and square dancmg Around Thanksqnmg 'Ill the mem bers contrrbuted food for a basket to be gn en to some deserwmg famllx Other m1scellaneous act1v1t1es were food and rummage sales CARE packages for Europe the sponsorrng of dances and a p1cn1c or other f6SllYlIW held at the end of the school xear for the 'X Teens The two other ofiicers who arded the orgamzatlon are uce presrdent Blanche Ashlex who served as Chaxrman of commrttees and Barbara Gosselm who represented the X Teens 1n the Student Counc1l WlthOUl the able gutdance of 1ts adusor Xllss Sheehx the X Teens would cease to be a funct1on1ng organ1zat1on Durlng the Nat1onal Educatlon Week acttwtres Celta Laakso represented the X Teens 1n the round table d1scuss1on statmg 1ts1mportance as an extra currxcula actt ltx As the meetmg adyourns Llttle Sambo now knows all about the X Teens It s an orgamza txon for the promotton of moral mtellectual socmal and phx stcal welfare 5 A r I ' ' ll' 'll " Y xl xv "fx 5, x 1 . . . , .1 .1 .1 1 , .1 . 1 , 1 , . 1 1, 1 , .1' . ' 3 .1.m ,. ' 1 '1., jg .1 5 ' 1 ' ' ' , 11 1,' , " . 1'1 ,s. ' 1. . . 1' . . ,1.1 ' .I. . . 1 1 '. 1. 1 . . . . . 1 1l I' ,', 1 I If . ' . . I 1 1 . 1 '. Y I ' A ' ' -xl-L Vx ' U v rx E -L i' , . . 1 , 1 . 1. 1 , 1. . . 1 . 1 .1 1 . , V.' . 1 1 1 v" ', . "I, . 1 1 . .1 1 -1 . . I1 ', . I 1 , E Vx , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ,1 1 1 1 1 ' V L . 11 1. 1 , 1 , 1 1 ' 1, .1 . , , 1 . . . . . . 1 1 1 1 Y , 1 1 1 1 11 , - 1 " t 1 v . " 1 1 1 ' ' 11 , 1 1 1, 1 11 . 1 . 5 , . , . , 1 1 1 1 . 1 H, 1 , 1 1 . 1 1, . ' 1 v , 1 1 1 1 ' ' 1 1 1 1 . y v 1 11 '1' - 1 . 1 1 1 - . . x . 1, 1 , 1 1 v V v V- 1 9 . -1 ' 1 - 1 1 . 1 , 1 1 1, r N '- Y I . , 1 1 -, ' ' Y ' ' 'v' ' ' ,N 1 ' 1 ' A , ' 1 , 1 - ,'. -,I - I A - . . . . N. v I v 9 1 , Sarnia 7 ' 74 76902 W6-Z Flrsl Row Cleftlo rzqhlj A Davls B Clarke C Lund P Lamothe Presldent R LHeureux V1ce Presldent P Kelly Yecond Row W Scherwerts P Goyette R Rothsteln Treasurer J Wrlght J Butler As Sambo approached Room one he was met by a handsome lookmg gentleman Im medrately he started converslng wrth thrs fellow whom he thought was Just another Tlgef He told Sambo however that he was Paul Lamothe Presrdent of the Trgerland H1 Y and offered to take hlm around to meet certaln members and explam the club s functlon They entered the room and Sambo was mtroduced to Mr Bryant the club s advxsor In answer to a questlon about the club s functlons he sald that they were to rmprove boys Character make them better prepared for the future and to ard other people ID need ,lust then he was mter rupted by Bob Rothstern Treasurer who had come for help from Mr Bryant rn flndlng an error ln the club s books After belng mtroduced to thxs young tlger Sambo followed Paul to Room 5 where the H1 Y plaques are placed The most mterestmg of these was the one on whlch the outstandmg member of the graduatlng class lnscrxbes hrs or her name He learned from Paul that a cup IS also gn en to the student wlnnmg thrs award and also that It 1S con sldered one of the hrghest honors whrch can be bestowed upon a Trger Bexng very 1nqu1s1t1ve Sambo asked Paul what the mam act1v1t1es of the club were I answer he explamed that the members who are able may go to conferences of all types and attend many lmportant meetlngs of the state H1 Y organrzatxon Of course there are get togethers w1th the Y Teens wh1ch he saxd prove qurte entertalmng Whlle walkxng down the corrldor they met three Tlgers Agam Sambo was polrtely mtroduced and was soon talkrng freely w1th John Butler Secretary of the club Roland L Heureux Vice presldent and Ken Hamel Chaplam Now he knew everythmg he wrshed about that part of the Towle Jungle land and so he wax ed good bye and was off seekmg another adventure 52 . . . . , . . - Q- -'- .. .. . 2- 1. - , 1 , . ' 1 1. 1 , . , . . Y ' - , . , ' ' . 1 1 . '. 1 ' . . 1 1 ' ' y . . . - . 1 1 ' . .V . . . - , . Y - ' , ' I ' 1 1 U ' . . , . . 1 1 7 7 A 1 - - 1 - , . Smale Snape S4454 F1rstRowClefIInr1ghIJ R Pxke F Meyette D Spear Presldent ,I Hurlburt R loucnctt funn How P Clazler A Usko A Hlrsch E Lane The Towle Hxgh Camera Club IS a student actlvlty whlch combmes fun and accompllsh ment The uses of photography are wlthout llmlt and present a contlnual challenge to repro duce scenes or obJects on paper under varymg condltlons of l1ght and speed Photography combmes many studles physlcs chemlstry art advertlslng and sclentlfic research The den here at Towle IS a darkroom farrlv well equlpped for developmg and prmtmg The Cubs look forward to buymg thelr own enlarger m the future hrs paw for advlce and supervlslon Other ofhcers ln the club are V1ce Presrdent Randall Plke Secretary Judy Hurlbut Treasurer Erwm Lane and Student Councll Representatuve Roland Gagnon The meetmgs are held the first and thlrd Tuesdays of each month At these meetmgs dls cussloins are held on dlfferent phases of photography and also several darkroom lnstructlon perxo s The alms of the camera club are 1 To learn to enJoy photography ex en wlth the srmplest equlpment because It provldes a chance to express ourselw es 2 To meet together regularly and keep 1n step wrth the contrnual ads ances IH thls sclence 3 To engage rn such act1v1t1es as shall from t1me to txme be of benefit to the school The Towle Hxgh Camera Club IS st1ll IH 1ts mfancy but IS looklng toward the future wrth all lenses open Di .The head Tiger this year is Donald Spear. Mr. Sylvestre, the advisor, has taken all under 690: D Waste Upaeion Row One Clefllo rrghlj R Colasacco V Goyette N Lord M Flmt B Butler M Butler B Clark Row Two L?-iel1ns1k1DCSCuthbert S Glazxer I Slren J Blomqulst J DuBord1eu Mrs Hammond Row Three R Gagnon xrsc met Hearing some roarmg from Room 7 Sambo stopped to mvestlgate He found several students comparmg notes and debatmg The Debate and Dramatlc 'club lS composed of Tlgers representmg all the classes Our coach and faculty advlsor IS Mrs Hammond Early ln the year an electlon was held for the purpose of selecting officers for the club Betty Butler was chosen Presldent Valderese Goyette VICE presldent Joanne Blomqulst Secretary and Nancy Lord Student Councll Representatlve Meetmgs are held on Tuesdays durmg the noon hour Durmg the year many act1v1t1es are carrled out by the club Some of the earlv meetmgs were spent 1n extemporaneous speakmg practxce Early 1n December Mrs Hammond Allan cl1n1c at Pembroke Academy Before noon they heard talks from Mr Brooks Qulmby presl dent of the Bates Debate League and Mr Fox from the Un1vers1ty of New Hampshlre Later they llstened to a dlscusslon group from the Un1vers1ty After lunch the Tlgers heard extempo raneous contests among students from other New Hampshxre hlgh schools and a debate be tween a Mlddleburv College afhrmatwe team and a Bates College negatlve team At the Parents Nnght Program members of the club studymg the natlonal debate toplc Resolved That All Amerxcan Cltlaens Should Be Subject to Conscrrptlon For Essentlal SCYVICC m Tlme of War pres nted a panel dlscusslon centered around the definxtlons of the terms that make up the t1tle of thls toplc Betty Butler was the chalrman and those takmg part ln the dlscusslon were Nlartha Flmt Nancy Lord Dav1d Smet Valderese Goyette and Allan Hlrsch As a member of the Bates Debate League the afhrmatrve and negatlve team from our club must meet teams from two other schools m league competmon before March 21 Our club competes w1th Keene and Lebanon The school that wms the most debates attends a debate tournament at Bates College 1n the spr1ng to compete w1th wmners from all over the state In January some of the members of the club attend the UHIVCYSIIY of New Hampshlre for the purpose of part1c1pat1ng ln one or more of the contests ln prmze speakmg extemporaneous speakmg and lmpromptu speakmg 54 Hjrsch, David Smet, Betty Butler, Valderese Goyette and Martha Flint .attended a debate Ozcmge Keg 7c7m Omfez First Rom Clrffln flghfl J Newell X Davls C Foxette R Llleurcuw Q Patten Qfrnnd Row P Goyette E Webster B Chartrand J St Lyr C Hott When Sambo went to a basketball game to s e hts favorlte Ttger play he dlscox ered another orgamzatlon Thls group s1m1lar to a student pohce force was on the Jump constantly True to h1s nature Sambo started mqulrmg about these Tlgers wlth emblems on thexr arms He was told that they were members of the Orange Key Well of course thus dldn t satlsfy hls msatlable cur1os1ty he had to know more about these momtors He found out that certaln txgers and tlgresses are selected by Mr Bryant the physlcs and chemlstry teacher to serve at hls pleasure They are preferably students who do not par tlclpate ln e1ther boys or gxrls basketball football or baseball The reason for th1s IS that they must be on duty durnng the games Sambo was also lnformed that the dutles of the orange key members mcluded keepmg people rand thelr tracksj off the basketball mplaungb court thls IS to prex ent the gym floor from becommg sllppery and selllng t1ckets at football and baseball games A rotatlon system planned by Mr Brx ant keeps the same students from recenmg S1m1l3Y assxgnments often It 15 due to the careful superxlsxon of th1s lead Tlger that th1s group functlons efhclently 53 V A ' v 'r , A 'M ' x ' 1 ' v . . ' . . ... ., . 1' , . .,.. ,. . . , . , . , .-. ', 1. ". , . -D '. ' ' , '- v t A, . , , . . . ' - - . X U . , . , , . . . . . . H . ,, Y t . , t .. .. . . , . t . , . . , . , , - . . . . , . , , . , t 1 v - ' - Y I I . V. .N. Y Y .f 7 ' .1 , . . . v 7 v v ' ' .1 A ' 1 Office cdqfeczd cya Ftrs! Row llffllorrqhlj N Lord N 'Vlatthews J Boutwell N1 St Cyr B Ashley O Spanos B Butler L Amt don S Patten M Luck Strand Row C Shepard J Perkms H Brooks C' Dexenger L hemp E Lantas H Connell J Blomqulst X Goxette Nl Butler Ihrrd Hou NI McDonough J Rlchardson N1 hopec NI Fllnt B Lamphere C Pollard B Larkm X Rowe ,I DuBord1eau One of the dutles of an ofhce asslstant IS the trackmg of Tlgers for the Chlef Tlger Mr Slderxs A few days ago Mr S1der1s wanted to see a gxrl whose home room was 1n the path of another errand She wasn t there or rn Glee Club or study hall The Ofhce Cub saw the glrl who had the attendance shps that morn1ng and found that the quarry was 1n th1s Jungle some room M1ss1on accomphshed' Another duty IS dehvermg telephone messages Let s look ln on lNancv who has Just re cerved a call She looks up the name ln the ofhce files and makes tracks to the Jungle of the study UD hall and dehvers the message to the rlght T1ger Sometlmes thtngs happen to show the 1mportance of do1ng the part well Mary has just recelved a call from Rrchards askmg her to locate the school nurse for a g1rl who has famted She looks out the wlndow and sees that the nurse s car IS not there She calls the Prxmarw Bulldmg and learns that the nurse lsn t there Then she dectdes that the nurse mlght haxe gone to R1chards after leavmg Towle She calls and checks The gurl answermg contirms th1s and she breathes eastly aga1n Mary took prlde 1n the fact that she had thought qmckly and had not lost her head On mornmgs when 1t s not xerx busy a Cub can get more homework done IH the oHice than ln the Jungle of the study hall lt s several degrees quleter m1nus the roar1ng of the Txgers Ofhce work teaches one to be more exact m the thmgs one does If a message was taken wrong It probably wouldn t be a matter of l1fe or death but lt could cause conslderable IH convemence for all concerned A Cub lea ns to be courteous especlallx whmle talkmg on the telephone Ofhce work also teaches one to thlnk qulckly to be alert helpful and cooperatlxe It gn es a feelmg of usefulness 1n bemg a small part of the actn mes of the school 56 l where, but the tracksjust went around in circles. She was hnally found. Where? In her home . V I. , Y 7 AY . l 'Y V y l I . . l . l - . r . , j ' - Y ' . . . Y . ,. . , , . Wa!! 79wcz'ofz4 Queer S rxllfnzufhlllr lllfllfl I uc t x mn mt 1 I' Ran tl curcux S fm! llllll R K s R X t n S r to X lt R Ihnnjr The Hall Proctor Squad IS composed of a group of apprommatelx twentx Tlgers who 'Ire The chlef occupatlon of thls bodx 1s the mamtenance of order throughout the bulldmg w hen school IS IH sesslon It 18 also the dutx of the hall proctors to meet and dlrect XISIIOYN of the hxgh school such as Qambo All mall recen ed bu the hmgh school ns dlstrxbuted bu the mem bers of thls group e1ther to the office or asm the case of packages or boxes to the commerclal den where the records of buslness transactlons are kept The most important functlon of thls orgamzatnon IS to see that fire drills are executed ln an orderlv manner Durmg a fire drlll the dutxes of the Hall Proctor Squad are the follomng Each member ls asslgned a QDECIHC post usuallx an exxt ln the bulldmg xx here he IS suppo ed to be lmmedlatelw after the fire alarm sounds All exxts are opened bs the students assuzned to them Each member IS responslble for certam rooms near h1s post seemg that the vumdows and doors of these rooms are closed after ex erx one has xacated the huxldmg He sees that all exxts and fire doors are closed as soon as the blllldlflg has been x acated Thew also set up the aud1tor1um for assembles 57 F1 x 1' l J '. Cloyrttc. C. Clement. R. NI lg 'tt, O, l'e 1. Y. Ylcl 'tt ', A, Davis, I nls J. R L'H' ' .'1.'rrf 1 'J . lrosf. . 'L' ma ,j. ft' an n, .e , l's wr. . - dhn. appointed during the first Week of school bythe headmaster, to fulfill the followingkflmctions: dgm 1614446504 26464 fll'YfI?0ID tlffllorzqhlj I Coldakls I Smyth J Boutwtll M St Lyr L Johnson J lhntcr E king G Could Sernnd Row E Lantas C hmerson J Pcvlne P Johnson A Mountaln H Brooks J Vlrlght R Follansbee A Shedd S Rowe M1ssLcdouyc Adyxsor llzurl Ron I4 Webster F Rodeschln J Hamel M Vlllson J lxclffer B Pevlne C Murgatroy Tlger tracks lead wlth some degree of frequency to that den l1ke cublcle ln the corner of study hall commonly known as the llbrary Thereln are found volumes des1gned to satlsfy the cravlngs of even the most lntellectual Tlgers as well as ones of consrderable breylty whlch requlre only a hasty perusal The latter needless to say are fay ored by those Tlgers who are always on the prowl One must admxt that the llbrary IS of an ummpressrye appearance The only resemblance between It and most l1brar1es hmges on the fact that lt contalns books and employs llbrarlans But to the Tlgers that 18 enough To d1scover how 1mportant the llbrary really IS let s do a llttle Trger track1ng ourselves Here IS a Txger whose ass1gnment my oly es reference work He 1sn t keenly mterested 1n the ldea but knows that roars from h1s superlor wlll greet hmm tomorrow lf h1s ass1gnment IS not completed So he makes h1s way to the hbrary and asks the hbrarlan for a book The first one she hands h1m defmmtely shows slgns of long usage and much pawlng oy er As he scans lt now hastlly fllppmg the dog eared pages the Trger dec1des that 1t does not contam the requlred lnformatlon and expresses bls desrre to see somethlng else Thrs somethmg else IS a newer book w1th a bnght coy er and clean un defaced pages Lpon consultmg the table of contents the Tlger hnds a chapter w h1ch drscusses the same problem he has been assxgned to mvestlgate and he asks to borrow the book As the hbranan srgns a hbrary card for It the Tlger suddenly finds h1mself1nqu1r1ng about the next basketball game Gradually thrs small talk emerges mto a drscusslon of basketball IH general He forgets the t1me as he descr1bes ln great detall a game recently play ed by the Tlgers and how they clawed therr way to ylctory after tra1l1ng at the end of the half The remmnrscmg ls rudely mterrupted howey er by a superlor s unwelcome growl yy hrch sends the Tlger slmkrng back to hls seat Countless trmes durmg the day the aboye scene w1ll be repeated The hbrary becomes a llfesay er as far as reference work 15 concerned and no Tlger can deny that rt really xs a yaluable asset to Towle 58 l V- 1 l. -' - 4 I V - 'l. .-T. . . . J' 1, . W . . 1 V . ' .' . , I. . . ' . . 1 , . . . .. . l , . . , v ' v' 4 " T- . T ' 1 4 'I Vx, 3 ' V ' 1 X '1 V ' 1 l' 1- i f x 1 1 r 1 - 1 ' ' 1 ' V . , . . . , T s V 1 t , . 1 , . ku I I ks' s i 1 S. Y. . l 11 y v y I ' 1 - .. v , , V. V V 1 1 - ' . . . V v .1 ,Y . . . H . .y s - u . . ss. 4 v v V r .1 , 7 I I V1 1 . . V, . Y. . 1. . ' ' 7 1 1' 1 1 At ' YF V , - . s s , .,, . . . . . 11 1 .1 1. 1 . . U1 . ,, Y . v V1 . . , . , . , V -, fs V . , , , V . . V . . ,. . . , . , v . . Y . , V , . V V V V V J .V - Q ' - . v . . . V , , . , . . . . . , r . . . . . U. 7 ,, 1 A v . . , . v . 1 . ' ockgfome Za I'1rsl lffllllulfffllflljhfb J Lollms P Laron I 5YTlllll B llamtl II Brooks J Stranton A Coxettt S Nlentzcl S Blodgett M Currier B Putney I Rolhns N1 Luck Sfmnfl lfnuv Nl1ssBtaul1cu Advlsor A Jcnnlngs S Gladuc B Perra M Coldakls B Strangt J Pumt F Hurd J Howlu J Perklns R Plllsbury In lxmg C' Gould lhzrfl lfnw I Comm E Sanborn S Smllll B Cossthn M Sherman B Lhartrand X Hamllton N Rollins J Thornton R Follansbce J Barrx 'XI Ihomp-,on NI Crccnltaf 'Nl Parxscau Iwurlh Row L Hall A Clrard B Larkln F Rodeschln L Nlurgatrox J Xl Flgllt X Shedd I Emerson E Beauchalne C Morse Parlzo L Cote I St Cwr I'rlh Ifvu C Ltavltt I- Barry B Pevxne J Duchesne N1 'Vic on ough V Barron S Patten Z Nforrxll B Norton C Prescott Srrlh Ifnw J Xllnter D Perry B Oldham Y Sherman M Berqulst M Holt L Chartltr The Home Econom1cs club IS made up of hlgh school gxrls who are mterested m sewmg cooklng the fam1ly and home arts We have as our 1nstructor and advlsor Mlss Wmlfred Beaulleu Among the plans of the Home Ec Club IS a trlp to Boston wh1ch wxll be made by the Sophomores ln the club We hope to WISH the Fanny Farmers candy center Statler K1tchens and Hoods Ice Cream Plant To ralse the necessary funds requnred for thls trtp the club sold Chrlstmas cards statlonery Towle caps and kerchlefs Towle Squaky Men and a few other artxcles But thls has st1ll not brought rn enough profit to pax the way of each mdxvxdual glrl m the Foods Class thus we must rely on the Annual Home Economlc Dance a Srlver Tea and food sales to see what they w1ll brmg us On thls trxp we expect to have two chaperones One of course w1ll be our Adusor Nlxss Beaulleu and the other w1ll be declded by the class There are four d1x1s1ons of the Home Economlc Club and four groups The Freshman gxrls partlclpate m sewmg the Sophomores IH cookmg the Jumors and Semors tn the Famlly 'liihe Famlly and the Home are taught m alternate wears Home proJects are done bw each of t e groups One of the act1x1t1es of the Sophomore group was a breakfast serv ed durmg the breakfast umt Hostesses waltresses cooks housekeepers laundresses and d1sh washers were elected Four teachers were IDX 1ted as guests Durmg our candy umt a Chrrstmas Party was held for the Grade 6 and Jumor Hlgh teachers where they were gn en candy packed ln boxes made by the group 50 4 ' A .'. .. . ' ... . . ', . ',, . . 1 I' '.t. .' 4 v V v-. ',. . C- I Il ' . 3 ' B . . . . . D. . .,.. ,. .r .. . - , . -.5 ', . ..'. I '. . "A '. 4, . . ' ", . ' .. . ". Q. V , 1 .,.- . H . , , . . Nl . I . . . , . 1 , 4. .4 . . 1 . . .. . . . . . . 1 , . ' . . . .. . V .:.. , 1. T , . , .l L. , . , -. . . "I It L' 1. 'Q , 4. -', . ' , . , A . l 'D - , . . - y t .- D v- Y V , . .,. , .. . .r , . ,.. . . , . ,. . . . A , . ,. , , . . I 1 1 - ,Q . . V. ' 1 v V y ' s n . . v V 8 . I 1 v - o 1 v . V 4 Y . . v r . 4 r v . ' ' , . , , . 9 1 ' . . v .Y.. V ' Y Y Y Y I ' 1 v Quayle Dfzumc 776444 pdftltvtf, 7c9m4 z4z!0mcz' Semin L1ttle Black Sambo enjoyed heamng the musxcal T1gers tune up the1r hollow reede Jungle drums and v1ne v1ol1ns but unfortunately he was usually stand1ng under a dew coverecl tree when the T1ger soprano h1t h1gh G and It qu1vered so v1olently that he recewed a thorough bath. I I . - . u . . Q - 5 S l 9 . - . . . . - 5 513 -,g..L-- M Smale S Ze 7690: 'Zend F1rslRow flefllo rzqhfb E Xllnter R Vloodhull V Rowell A Lsko M Butler R Doolan C Pollard D jubb ,I Tenney Smond Row ,I Lxbby j Chtlds B Pollard I Slren C Small ,I Ixelffer D Hoyt J DuBordxeu T Rudner Ihlrd Row E Rochford T Merrlll R Cagnon S Patten A Worden L Bugbee T LHCYOIX M Holt R Damelson R Ptke R Geoffrlon B Butler H Brooks Pnurlh How C Lund D Prtncc E Tenncy M Luck H Bugbee I Amxdon M Mahoney A Hirsch R Ceoffrlon B Clark Mr Herne Dlrector ,I Butler Fifth Row lx Fenno N Shepard M St Cyr J Radford lx Smclatr B Chartrand B Ashley M Marcotte CAbsen! when pzclure was fallen P Lamothe and J Scrantonj Here are the Tlgers ln another lmportant held that of the band The btg Txger thls year IS Paul Lamothe and h1s asststants are secretary Txgress Rachel Geoffrton treasurer Tlger Alex bsko and student counc1l Tlgress Nlarlene St Cyr The T1gers and Ttgresses are kept yery busy durmg the school year They have several Other lnterestmg act1v1t1es whxch are proylded by the state or country are All State All New England Summer lNIL1S1C Camps and th1s year the State of New Hampshlre IS prov1dmg a compet1t1on for Ttger and Tlgresses who are lnterested 1n solo work In thls last actlvlty referred to the Ttgers and Ttgresses wtll be cr1t1c1sed by Judges and the three persons who are rated the htghest w1ll be gly en a scholarsh1p to a summer muslc school The summer youth mus1c schools are yery xnterestmg and also very educatlonal mf one IS mterested enough 1n h1s 1nstrument and wants to go any where tn the musxc field Several of the Ttgers and Ttgresses 1n the N ew port School Band hay e had the prtvllege of attendmg the New Hampsh1re Summer 'NIus1c School whtch takes place the last two weeks m August at the Umverslty Campus tn Durham From 8 30 A NI they are busy at rehearsals untll 3 30 P M or 4 30 P M dependmg on how many 3Cl1XlllC they take There are seyeral act1v1t1es to choose from namely band chorus orchestra dance band musxc apprectatxon solo work varlous clxmcs etc Of course xt would be rather stlff work Just rehearsmng for two solld weeks so at the end of each week they gtye a concert The flrst one ls yery mformal and dtrected by dtrectors from dlfferent schools tn the east The second one takes place the mght before they go home Thls IS the btg concert where guests conductors do the conducttng and where the glrls wear evenmg gowns and the boys wear thelr best suns 62 , . V I ' YY 7 I 1 ! I , , 1 - ' - K I 7 7 I - concerts. Also they play flortheone-act plays,the three-act play, thejunior High Operetta, etc. Y 'Y I ll , . K ' v S I :X C v. I ' 'X I ' ,Y 7 '17 'S 1 7 S. . A 1 ' 1 , . . V L Q L4 . 1 v ',. . v . S 50:94 74: 7490: lfzrxl Iron fl fl! frqhl X Rollms I' Iiroolxs I Iloxxltx I Chxlds X xlordtn I- Xlmttr C Burnham Llbrarmn Icfonntll Ilrnlst 'XI Il I t t I Nmllll I Stranton X Roxxc I Xloodtu Srmnfl lfru L Duclltx Ii X udgttt C I'mtr ot Ii Xltbsttr C lltxtnttr I ftellnslxl I Holxlxancn Nl Xlurgt x R 'Iulgcr R Ioxxltx nan ubb R tdlord N glltlllffl 'Nl Lotdalxrs I Smith Nlr Ilcrnt ni R011 Rollins 'N rd X Xloun I Hamel L lund J xxfl uthbtrt l Iltnft S Surrtll R I' Ilan btt Ihorntt I Iohnso IS Butler B Xshltx R Ctotr Ifffl lfru B C stltn J NI Nlxthttlson N Xlttthtxx I Xltbsttr I Xmldon I I om e ar ln cmaxo hartrtnd L Irtstott R I rr I' Xltxtttt I Nrrtn 'Xl I trrstau I3 Chartrand B Iimptere oxcttt C lr tt odgt Islx R Nltf rtx I Lott R Xxoodhull R Ftolfrton X Roxxe Gossclln L I ll d D 'xl S rllr tp t 'Xl Xlartott I' Iantas NI Ixoptc S Nltsstr ,I Hurlburt j batrro The Tlger ramped and roared' Hts mood xx ts one of xx1ld rage untll he heard the sweet harmonx of manx xorces as he passed through the corrldors at Tovxle He looked tnto the audltorlum expectmg to ftnd tht Cflee Llub but to Ins 'lmaztng dtscox ery no one wa there Followmg the dlrectton of the sound of musxc he xx as lead 1nto the gxm where he found the largest number of puplls ex er to p'1rt1c1p1te tn a choral group at Towle After meetmg the dxrtttor Nlr Joseph Herne he sat doxxn and lrstened to sexeral selectlons He closed hrs ex es xx hrle he lrstened to the musrc and hrs thoughts vxandered back to the first concert xxhxch the Glee Llub had performed for the parents on Open House Nlght Every one enjoyed rt especlallx the Ttger xx ho dxdn t mtss a concert At the second one he had been rtght doxxn front stttlng m the I'-IFSI row Xou see thls xxas Xmas and h1s fax orlte carols xx ere belng ung The surprlse vxas xet to come' Mr Tlger learned that ex erx one Nlr Herne had chosen xxas gomg to attend a Festxx al ln Berlln Of course the ltttle Tlger xx as gomg too Everx one had a Iollx ttme competmg xxrth other clubs and attendmg a dance that was held for them The ltttle Tlger nex er forgot that trtp Fmallx sprtng came and the Pop Concert Mr Tlger also made a trtp xxrth the puprls xx ho xx ere chosen to attend All State and All New England -Xn enjox able tlme xx as had bx all As a grand finale the Glee Club ang sex eral selectlons on Graduation Dax accompamed by Frank NIacConnell at the prano 63 I Il. I ffl il I. .. ,. ' X I , I ' . U ', . , I I It F. fx ' . "1 f 1 . . aven. IlZlIllF-II Nl. I,u'k. II. I"rkins. . Q , I. . , ', . ' l ll :nf ..l '-.LI 'sr. , ""',,.'. " '. Y: troj, . I -, . I ' I'..Iol1 su , D. II . ,I. 1 ' . ' 2 , . . ' ' . ' ,. . ' ' Thi '.' I I '. l,o . S. lNInhoncx'. Nl, Ulazlvr, S. Taiml. .- , . tain. , 2 '. '. . . . ' 'ght K. C - , i. ',-. Q ' . . 'o . s I " un, ,, . n. . -. ,.r. . 3- 'f ion F01 1 If . los, V , . l'cx'1nt', Y, Cloxctttz . , . ' 1 ' ' . . 2 - 's, . '- 5 ' , .. .P , , Sl quist, Ii. Barry, Ii. fxlaxo. II. Iiugbw. G, l.t-zxvrtt, I Woodhull, .-X. Glrard, NI. Ion's. IS. IA k' , M. Il- ,' B. C 2 . I. ' 'T' , . R' al IJIIIHI lflllllf '. . '. . f ' . I . I: . . . . .2 l P. G -, 2. ' a ,I-X. IJ r -. I'.l,:1n1otl1t-Url. 'o, . . ' Q zj. '. ' -. . ' , . 1' A ' , '. ' ll B, .. 1' . '. lo ar , , . orroxxg fl lffruu' Ii. I.: olnt '. . . . ' ' fx I. . ... . . ' ' . . 1 x . T I . L , . L ., ' . f ' c Z ' ' . N fhftdw fadnfme S 7' F1rslRowCIefllor1qhIJ J Scranton A Hirsch A Usko J Tenney Mr Herne Sfcnnrl Ron C Lund D Smet F McConnell R Gagnon The Towle Tiger for the first time was put into a calm mood by a new added attraction in the Towle High School This attractlon IS a dance band composed of high school students and one faculty member This dance band was named by the student body in a contest The w1nn1ng student enabled his class to put on a dance yy1th free music Most of the students enjoy ed this dance yery much as vyell as the Tiger This orchestra IS Composed of yerv well trained and experienced musicians First yye haye a yery talented VlOl11'1lSI Day 1d Smet In the reed sectlon we find a standout performer 'Xlr ,los ph Herne who not only plays the saxaphone but also the XlOllf1 and clarinet 'Xlr Herne should have more said about him as he not only plays for our dance band but also helps us get our music and some of our dance Jobs In the rest of the reed department yye haye tyyo Juniors Thev are Alex Lsko and John Tenney both play Tenor Saxaphone Lsko can also plav clarinet 1f he is needed John Tenney is yery experienced IH the art of playing his instrument In the drummer s seat sits Roland Gagnon He is famous as a great in dance band language roll off artist and also IS excellent in Jazz numbers The brass section IS composed of two trombone players and one trumpet play er The trombomsts haye had fiye years experience 1n muslc and are yery good players john Scranton may go to All State this year This proy es his ablhty m play mg hls instrument Nlr Hirsch has much experlence as he has play ed his trom bone four years Charles Lund plays the trumpet in th1s star studded band Charles mav a'so go to All State The last member of th1s organlzatron is Frank NlacLonnell Frank plays the piano and 1s excellent Frank this vear 15 entered in a festly al for 5OlOlSlN The dance band s first outside of the school playing yyas on Xeyy '1 ear s Eye at Woodstock Xermont Th1 vyas a grand uccess As of noyy the band ha tyyo 1ob at yyhich they are to p ay 64 , r .' . . - . - ' . - '. - 1-V' 'J . . - y . , . . . . . v V . 9 ' 1 ' . ' Q f Q C , , . . V , A Y . . X, y X G V v U I -1- ' I - y v v v . Y. . Y 1 Q , . , , . V , c . , . . v 7 v vs V - I ' 1 , Y . . . , i , . ' . . ' - ' 1 y ' V Y v v v v A ' 7 Y 7 ' - ' ' I Y U .. . e . . v vi A V -s I 1 . t s r 1 v I - 1 i I ' ' - N ' - . ' T ' ' 'X , ' , A . , . . . . 'Q I Y wk v s v v ' 's v Y . - v , A , ' . S ' Q S .f. . .I ' ' S ' ' ' ea! igez 741mm Ftrs!Rnwfldltnrzqlzlj B Ashley B Butler J Ierlxxns E Wmter XI Luck Sfwrnl Row R Geoffrton G Dexen ger C Pollard L Amtdon j Xl rtght L Lund llzzrfl lff I1 R Fagnon j Stmnton X Lslxo C, Pratt P Lamothe As Qamho sloxxlx m1de hrs vx tx through the Jungle of t1me he t tme upon a season ealled eprmg vxhtch xx is mdeed a t1me of tndustrtous xxorlxtnq md exuttment espetnllx for those xxho were to 'tttend the State or the 'Nexx I ngland Musto I-esttx tl Xs 1 matter of f1ct Samho xxas almost astounded to find these tommon ex erx dax tudents strrxmg so hard of therr ovxn free xxtll But ofcourse the tudents lxnexx xxhat such an opportunttx Could mean to them so thex let nothmg stand tn the1r xx ax It all started xxhen Xlr Herne Toxxlt mu rc dlrector 1 lxed 1 fexx stud nts xxhom he thought qmhfied etther xocallx or tn trument1llx rf thex xxould lrlxe to h txe therr name sent tn as appltcant to the 'Nexx Fng1l1ncl or St ttf Nlustc Ire ttx tl N tturtllx ex erx one xx1nted to take part tn one of these Qrt it ex ents hut onlx a fexx tould ptrtxup Ile 1 Cnlx 1 llmtted numher ts tttepted from e1Ch sthool The student mustums tmmedlatelx hutlxlcd doxxn 1nd dtxottcl tll tht1r sp1re ttmt to the musle But then xxho xxould not xxhen one ll'1N heen eluted ls one of the nme hundred students to pl1x an tnstrument under the dtretttcn ot Dr A R Rextllt or to mg under the superxtston of one a famous a Prote or john D Rax mond xxho 1 tlo elx a oc11ted xxtth Fred Xl army? Lertatnlx tht xxould he omethtnt: to loolx torxx 1rd to Not onlx xxa the drrettron out tandmu hut the expertente ot rel ttton htp xx1th people from other school prox ed to he a lot ot lun I pon 1rr1x1ns: 1t the Pe t1x al the tudent mu tctans vxere heart1lx Qreeted hx ome ot thelot1lt1t11en xx ho h td c Ittrtd to h ire thetr home xxtth them xx hrle the l'est1x1l xxa tn prep1r1t1on L tter on rn the ex enme the group xxa tormallx xxelcomed hx the m txor 1nd other tux ottttt tl Fht xx1 tolloxxed hx L1 d1nte for th purpose of gettmg 1tqu11nted xxtth 1 m1nx people 1 po 1hl lhen the tudent reported to the xartous hutldtnq xxhere the rehear 11 xxere to he held and hx xxorlxlnz hand tn hand xxtth tn tructor and telloxx mu man m1de the I t t1x al a huge utte h5 l ' ,' ' l. 4A K V , J .' " A ,. . ' V . ' Y V ' V2 5. ' ' ' V ' K. ' ,V V V' A Z ,AV -' ,. , K. Qc 'V N. ' ' L .' 'i ' 1 L ,f Q' ' . . , ' Vs sl ' , Ls' L ' 7 e Li ' ' 5 ' s .' ' , L Q2 1. 's'z. ft 2 D' 'L z " 1 L . The reply came naming those accepted, accompanied hx' the music which xxas to he learned. , ' ' , ' 1 Lf s 1' 1 Zf 1 ' s 5 s ' ss . j ' 's ' sh D' ss 'L " 5 s-' U . ' L" L 's", s 5 ' I' s ' 'L " s ' 2 - s 2 ' s 'A " 'f"L LL' . z ' ' 's' j ' j zj L 1 " j s. ' 's 'Ls' " L ' e 3 4 L' 2' 1 ' Ls L D' its ss' e. ' fs s ' ' 5 ' ' ps ' sL s ' ' . ' ' " j ' " ' s ' ' , L Us " 4 s " lss. 4 Scania Hppfma ,44 Dmmczzfcc 76Q6"Ld 7706: Stage By standing on the very tips of his toes Little Black Sambo could see over the edge of the Jungle a tragedy S1nceSambo had very little acting ability he decided merely to offer his services as official applauder I I 5 stage where several Tigers were grimly rehearsing . . . . . . , of- 9 Xiu f 'T' Q THA I S TH ES mm' We '7 f " Hrs! Rum flrfllorlqhlj J Llbbw J Boutwcll J Nlontkton 'VI St Lxr N1 Luck J 7lcl1nsk1 VS Scherwerts M Haven O Spanos Sfmml Hum J Itrl ms I Nmldon I Irmtt B Butler B Ptvrnc I VK cbster B Ashley R Geoffrlon Mrs Hammond llunl If u R L Hturcux I Coxttte I Lamotht lx Hamel C Pratt R Newell A Davxs On the nlght of the one act plax contest Sambo was rlght on hand When the lrghts 1n the town hall dlmmed and the curtam went up on the Senlor Tlgers plav Trlfles he eased back IH hrs seat for a few moments reflectlon He remembered the mam tlmes he had been present at thelr rehearsals Bambo had been present at the trx outs and seen B1ll Scherw erts selected to portrax George Henderson Lountx Attornex Paul Lamothe chosen for Henrx Peters Qherrff wxth Peggy wrth Bettv Butler as 'Xlrs Hale Sambo recalled the first trme he had lrstened to these Trgers readmg therr lmes It was at thls tlrne that he had learned the storx of the plax He knows that rt took place ln the gloomy lNew England krtchen of a woman who had just murdered her husband The nelghbors had dxscoxered the tragledx 'md notlfied the pollce All these people were now at the farmhouse trung to find a motmxe Whlle the men search the upstarrs barn and remamder of the house the two women remalned rn the krtchen and dlscussed the llttle thmgs the trlfles of farm hfe Thex gathered some thlngs to take to the suspected murderess rn Jarl when thew found the exldence neces arx to com lct her understandmg and NX l'I1D21IhlZlDg w1th the unbearable l1fe of thelr nerghbor thex belxex ed her act to be Justlfled Because of th1s feelmg then wrth held the ex rdence Xes Qambo had watched these Trgers and Trgresses dex elop from unporsed amateurs to conxmcmg, characters He knew that the hard work and trme put Into preparlng thms plaw would be put to the test now Oh' he must watch now he wouldnt w ant to mlss am thang After the performance Sambo clapped and clapped He reallzed that these Tlgers deserve credlt for therr labor 68 . A , . L" A' U If . ' ' ' ', l ', D. '. '. R 2. . . ' . . . -B 1 .r A 1 - U x y i -v A uv: I S :v .,' K ' I C rf' v Prmce as Mrs. Peters and Gerry Pratt glven the part of Lew'1s Hale, a nerghbormg farmer Q V 'V C A I . A .J J si v v V r s ss . I rs 'A ' J' - . l v C I 5 ks L -K1 I I A v y v. :S ' Y. y i . Q 7 . . v. ' 14. Smal 'galcoaq Semen I'1rvlRnwflrffinrrqlzlb W Hackttt F Rodwchm D Spear B lNebQttr R Rothstein NI Nllthaelson C Iund C Laakso A Hirsch Sfmnrl Iron P Lott X lQko J Rlthardson S Amxdon S Nlahontx 1 Scranton C Devenger I Clarxtr 'xlr Bugbtt llmfl Ifwu X foxtttt J Xlrlght B Mudgttt B Lamphtre N Nlatthtvxs L hemp N Lord I-uurlhlfnw I Smxth A cfiblll B Cosatlm 'VI Fllnt C Murgatrox H Brooks The cast for Balcom Scene IS made up of four Tlgresses and four Tlgers vx1th the best actlng abllxtx from the Junlor Class The actors and the characters whom thex portrax are Allan Hlrsch as the Frlend Robert Rothstern as the Gangster Louwe Kemp as the Xlother John Scranton ae the 'Xian Barbara Gosseltn as the Daughter Phlhp Glamer as the Husband Frelda Rodeschtn as the Wlfe and Lella Laakso ae the Grrl The openmg Qcene hnds the Nlan and hls frxend seated rn the Center of the stage behmd a ratl vxhlch represents '1 Church balconx The drama thex are xxttnessmg 1 the funeral of the Nlan The frrend opens a book tontarnlng the dlfferent ex ents of the Nlan s lxfetrme At thts exen acknoxxledgxng thelr presente Thelr conx ersatron deals mamlx xxrth the manx faults of the 'xlan Thrs makes the Nlan xerx anqrx and he trres desperatelx to make hr trrends bellexe that what thex sax rs untrue A flashllx dressed 1nd loud xorced man Jotns the Xlan and hrs frlend A sour and dommeermg xxrfe 'ind her hort husband enter paustnsg for 1 Iexx nunutes a though undeclded then tame doxxn and sat on the other srde of the txxo men These people also cant seem to sax anx thtng plea ant about the dead man The frtend bu tlx xx r1tes xxhat all the people sax about the man He mam trte to make the fr1end beltex e that all the people vxere selfish and hx pocrrtes and that xx hat thex satd about htm xx as true The storx he told explatn that he had been publtc enemx number one untll he had been kllled bx the poltce The man frlend and h1m elt xxere to go on the long xournex together He left promtsrng to xx a1t for them out tde The man s fatth 1 flnallx drs olx ed mn people xxhen the grrl xx hom he xxa to haxe marrled dec1de that rt xxould do her harm rf she pent the rest of her hte mourntuq tor htm She rs determtned to forget her grlef and lonelmess bx laughlng and betnq Qix The xoung man finallx understands that ll IN onlx fatr for her to lead her oxxn lxfe 60 t , , :E : , . . 5 ' , time, the Mother and her Daughter enter and sit on one side of the two men not seeing nor ' t s 5 , 5 A C ' s ' 5 1' -' -' s . s j ' 5 ' I 'V . ct l A S V V h V l ' c I -Y ' AY rs. S , ' - 'v . 'Q' ' ' s' . 'Q ' 's j 'QS ' A ' 4 , ' 's ' A , . S , V 4 I S I .. . R . . 1 .N S pew ,423 ngfcyd Wdadown sf Ull S tu nu Mme I edoux l ter ou1tt11r1 1 f lflllfl' fr adford 'N 5llLDiTCl X Rowell NX HISUII tmtxo C lll X NK or en lagnon J Butltr IJ Prlnte R llendrlelwn ll Hugbtt After manx meettnge and mueh argutng the Sophomore Lubs Hnallx deetded what plax they were gomg to haxe for thetr Bret 1et1ng eontext tn htgh echool At firet thex wanted a comedy but as the dax s went bx thex eh 1nged thetr mtndx to a dr 1m1 Htgh Vlmdow the P m1lx YK lnthrop Lx nth1a Poll 1rd Stephen Lr 1111 Randall Ptlte Judlth Ware Xtrgtma Roxxe W alter Hodge herald Small Llnda Norton B1rbarf1 Lhartrand Walter Hodge e trefree 1nd mdependent onlx 1 xear ago tw now merelx 1 pale and tlmtd shell of hls former xelf performmgr tn ill lllllibxl erxtle manner 'Ihe dexpotte orderx of hte shrewd and autocratte old -Xunt I mtlx who t tunt htm eruellx 1bout hte we llxI16NNCN and in awful secret wh1ch thex seem to share In eome terrtblx f1Nt1nat1ng wax the tmposmg w1ndow overlookmg the street below and the wmdow of wh1el1 KN alter ls so deathlx afratdp S the center of the emgma Judnth ll are Emtlx N Neeretarx nuree -eemx to be eompletelx under the old ladx power too We learn through an mterxtew between -Xunt Emtlx and her lawxer that she lw attempt mg to haxe her nephew put ln 1n lY1NlllL1llOTl for the mentallx 1ll and that he 1 qutte upeet over the delax 1n recetxmg the tn uranee left bx her l1te hueband whf tt eem fell to hte death from the hlgh w1ndow onlx 1 xe tr tgo It takes a elex er xoung newxp1per woman purred on bx an e1ctr1 doxe of eur1ox1tx and a speclal tnterext tn ll alter to free the nepl1ew of l11 mental torment 1nd to olxe the mx terx of the hlgh w1ndow' It s a plax one can t forget a thrtlltng expertenee and a lot of fun to put on Helpmg to make lt emox able and malemg tt a wonderful expertenee w 1 Loach Nltwe Iedoux who made thelr first play a good one 10 l"i1.- If 1 Clfgl'1ln1'1ql1ll5 R. XX'oocll1ull. Y. Rowe. R. l'1ke, C. Pflllllffl. li. Clmrtrand, tl. Small. R. tit-ot'trion3.'1" ml If 1: . -1 -1. Wm - . A. M zl .j. llam -l. Y. Roll1ns,L', Dudley. A. Cilrarfl. R.l3lJllZlIl1" ' If 11' J. R' . .R ' 1 . '. " , f jul 3 . M. IJ' zu' . ll. jubb, j, Woo ll llp Ifllllllll lffflln' ,-. ' Cl' R. I , . ' . , ". . ' 'ii . . ' ". ' 7 Y 4 .' 2 8 - N f - - f . 1 ' 4-' ' D q, K. n ., H, v, . I ' 5. , Z 2. -- 1 ,'- play, ts a mystery w'1th ftve characters: I I Y, y Q W ,V 2 . 2 e- ' ' 1 V Y Q - 5 , V . A v Z Q R .1 , . D ,'z 'Z 1 -'zjt' ' 1 ja. ' V , A , . A L b. , 2 SA . .A ,az K. .fl , K. 4 Z v Y. ' ' -' ' S . . X A D, J Z , , V 5 ' S X S V ' K- s lv 'v vk- 'Z ' v 1 -v A Z sa s l '- Q v ' ' ' ' lb f ' ' Z 5 ' .S b' fc. Qalgidc 7 rx! If ll? tlftll: flal t ou wt ont on C oxtttt KI fltllnskx ll Sthtrwc utlcr R I Hturtux S o f Xl Ilbb R 'Ntw x nc 'Nllss I tdoux I o m I C toltr In Aprll when the tlme for the Qentor Ttgers Three Act Plat rolled around Sambo was The play lfrun lullfu was '1 deltghtful comedx fantasx ln three acts The storx centered around a paradlse m the Lallforma hulls called Grcen Nctllex It w IH oxer productne and enormous vegetables and flowers flourlsh there The mam character Eldon Berrx plaxed bx Paul Lamothe was the present owner of the valley and last of the Berrx hne The ullatn Nlr I xerhecl plax ed bx Blll Qcherwerts talked Eldon unto makmg htm hxs partner and planned to cash tn on the xallex s resources Eldon s sweetheart Prlm Qtokes ahas Xlarlenc St Ltr trled to kecp Iwcrheel and hls tractor druer Tlnker Smlth Gene Hoxt out of Green X allu She drank some of Eldon s cow s maglc mtlk XKl'1lLl'l enabled her to see Eldon s long dead ancestors who arose to help hlm Paul Goxette portrax ed Grandpa Berrx and Qherrxll Rowe was Grandma whlle Lonesome was Roland L Heureux Lalhoun was Alden Dans Ken Hamel was Jeb and Dlck Newell w as Ransome Olga Spanos plax ed the part of Prudence the m1sch1exous w1tch Others who trled to keep Ex erheel from Green X allex were Nlartha Nlears Peggx Prmce an archaeologtst mtere ted m the hm tortcal xalue of the X allex Eta Frtese ,lox ce Boutwell the creamerx ma1d and the ettlers of the lower part of the Xallex Shade Stokes Rachel Geotfrlon Sarah Blanche -Xshlex H1pLoolex Jodx Llbbx Xlamte Joanne Zlellflskl Jlmmw Nlonckton was ln charge of llghtlng for that mght w h1le Kax Fenno was make up dlrector and Bettx Butler the prompter tl I-'i .- n Q' f rig J: li, Ashl fy. J. B t '1ll,AI. M 'kt . M. St. Cyr. l'. 2 -. . '. ' f '. ' "rts B, B - , , ,' - L yg,'rf-nfafl Ifnwf tl. Pratt, l,. .-Xmld n. l'. Lam :thnx J, Webster, A, Da ' s. AI. Q y. .. " 'ell B. Pe 'i '. . ,' .':"l1r1fllf'ww:lXl. llavcn. S. Pattern, U. Span s. Y, Slwrm: . l'. Prince. 1. Q' " lon, right on hand to help Miss Ledoux do the coaching. A ' , v ,Y I' ,l v v TA L I U .v- ,,'. C N B.. S sv ' ' A -,V ?', A '. C K Y v X. V x. . I A . A c V x - 'L f l . l I -'lf .l lf ' ' y v, V ' QS' ' . . S . .S . v - , 'Uv' ' 1 v ' vw - ' 3 V. V S , . ' 'Q' r 3' , iv a Sczmfa qfeafw page FlfYfR0lllf1lfff0flljflfD B Coeiclrn frret prwc X Coxcttc sttond prrft 'N lord I lxcmp honorable mentron S Mahoney B Larkrn Suomi Ron A Hrrsrh C Dcxcngtr N X1 rthcxxs N1 I-lrnt H Brooks L Laakso Mr Burnrckx A hush fell oxer the hall' Sambo settled back rn rrs Qeat Prrae speakrng hrs fax orrte ex ent of the Junror xear had rust taken place Fverx one was xxartrng for the decrsron of the Judges Louree Ixemp had grxen Joan of Iorrame a xerx hard prece xxrth sexcral characterx Barbara Gosselrn had presented The Old Vloman And The Llock a dramatrc prece Allen Hrrsch had had ex ery one srttrng on the edge of hrs seat xxrth hrs presentatron of The Tell Tale Heart rn the Peter Lore fashron 'Xlartha Iflrnt had done The Thrng the storx of a man who xxas haunted nrght and dax bx hrs con crence Stephame 'Xlahonex had prexented The Sermon On The Nlount a relrgrous prece Nancx Lord had done a xerx good Job xx hen Nhe portrax ed three characterb rn When The VN hrrlxxrnd Bloxxx X alderexe Gox ette had ex erx one laughrng xx hen xhe preeented The VS alt? a humorou xelectron about 1 couple dancrng Last of all Bettx Larkrn had grxen Lrlx 1 xtorx of Nome xxomen xxho xxere rn prrson Vr Trger had enJox ed them all and decrded that the rudges xx ere gorng to haxe a h 1rd trmc chosrng the vxrnnerx The Contextants had told hrm hoxx thex had practrced therr precex dax and nrght hx erx where thex xx ent xx hether rt xxax to a basketball game xx alkmg home from Qchool or Juet brttrng dovxn eatrng drnner thex kept repeatrng therr precex ox er and ox er 'Xlr Trger had to laugh xxhen he heard that ex erx one x famrlx knexx the preceb ju t ab vxell as the contextantw drd The Judgee 'Xlr VK oodard Nlre 'XIcCrrllr2 and Nlrs Nlonroe had elrmrnated Celra Laakio and Harrret Brook at the Prclrmrnarre Thr xx ax a hard taek becauxe ex erx one drd an ex cellent Job Everx one had xxorked drlrgentlx for the-rr coachex Xlr Hammond 'Xlr Burnrckx Nlr Bugbee and Nlr Ledoux The brg moment came' The door opened The charrman entered x rth the deer ron Nlr Trger qurrmed rn hrs Seat a the program charrman stepped out to the xtage The xxrnner of first prrze tomght 1 Barbara Go xelrn Second goe to X aldere e Gox ette and honorable mentron to Lourxe Kemp As the applau e rang through the hall Nlr Trgcr -, face broadened rnto a proud Nmrl 72 I. T 1 .' . 1 H" , T, ..'1 Y. llw '.."l -'.'Q.v. V . V. ll V X l 1 V , . ' Q. " YV' . , 1. ' 'i ' . . . r 2 A r . . . ' . . ' V ' . e Q 4 f . V ' .X c , .' v V ' V - V V V V VV , V V Y V 5 . . 1 . . , .. - r A rr - VV - A V V V V V V V V V, V V V V V V , - , , VV ' A- 1 ' " , 'V 'V r. , A , . V V Y N. . x Vx i i V. .X 1 . U - ,, . K V VV H . V, Q ' 7 , , . r , . - V V V - Q V - U VV 4' - ' Q - V ' . N . V . . . 1 Y ., V V' H V ' V' V- " ' V V V ' ' V V V H Y " V V ' ' ' ' . . . c V, 5 , e . V V V' ' V H ' V " V V. V V V V V ' 'V r - V Q . H , , . r r . V ,V V V V V V , . . - C ' 1 , . V , V. V V V V V V ' V 'VV ' V V ' VV' - V -V ' ' . ' S ' - . . .V . 5. ' V 1 -V . . . . . A 'S J ' 5. S ' f f ' f ' ' rr' V . -V - 5' V A - , v A ' ii , - ,. . . . 'V' ' S . . . S f f S V , ,V , V ' U Y, 1 . V .1 N V K V' l V . N F.. . - 5 5 - - f VV V V V ' 'X V V ' V - 'fn , 5 T c V . . J . V 5-- My 'ygmam . W GMSA- RW! QW WM awww JN' wqyywh MM Q gyff wgawfw Q Q Eg, MW ,ff 3 WM M W My fff SW fb NWJQ Q if X6 ,gwwf ff , My' Sf Q em? X X 0 Ah 5? K Q11 W JW gk A A 65 2 Q2 'Q X , A ' ao, ,QQ3i ff M Q X, if QV" P-711 u 'fcgefze Snuggle 7am Wmnmc .fmneic In a well trampled c1ear1ng 1n the jungle follage L1tt1e Black Sarnbo 3o1ned the T1gers 1n a contest over an old coconut The T1gers called thxs sport but Sambo cons1dered lt much too rough for a 11tt1e boy who was somet1mes m1staken for the coconut X Mx Fzret Row flzflln rrqhlj J Feenstra O lxcmp R Rothsttln J Wrrght C Booth CoCapta1n R Newell Co Captain H Mllls D Morrow D Spear S 11111 H11 C,o1tl1'Nlc'N1'1nn H Burnham Manager lx Mayo R Demljohn J Martotte C Chartrand P Coyettc I Crantr A Durmas I Hoyt Nlanager Asslstant Coach Manos Ihrrd Rau P Lamothe l'N Tebo A Centcs T Latrolx A Amrdon lx Hamel A Dodge J Scranton Cvurded through the Jungle hke grass of the grldrron by the new head Tlger Cralg lXIc'NIann the Towle Tlger football team found 1t rough golng for rt had lost most of la t year s yeteran Tlgers Tlger stars who last year completed thelr football careers for Trgers were John Waldo Joe Galotta Luclan Gentes Rlchard Brook Ronald 'Newell Rogers Conroy Al Hague Rocky Perkms and Carlton Sey erence Thls year wlth only a few lettermen returnmg found the Tlgers record a rather sad one wxth no XICKOFIBS s yen defeats and a thrrllmg 1 to 7 t1e The Tlgers first game was up at Lebanon S pt mber 14 rn yyhrch they lo t 41 to 0 to a great team whlch was second 1n class B wh1l Towle wa classed as a class C rfmvpr Ian! 'Newt the Tlgers played host to Hanoy er on Septemb r 92 and lo t 18 to 6 Hanoy er s l1ne ay erage welght was 196 pounds compared to 174 pounds offered by the Towle band On the nrght of September 29 the Tlgers Journey ed to Hartfo d Vermont to take on an almost equal team Thls game ended 7 to 7 and was by far the best game of the Tlffers sea on On October 6 the Tlgers played a scrappy W1HdSOY team on the Trooper field at Newport and were defeated agaln thrs trme 26 to 6 'Next tame a 19 to O defeat at the hands of Pmkerton Academy on October 13 at Derry The next home game was October 20 when the Trgers play ed Franklm and were beaten 7 to O rn a hard fought battle On October 27 the Trgers played ho t to Plymouth Hrgh the 'New Hampshlre Class C champ1ons and gaye them a real fight a they clawed and kxcked themr way to a near XICIOFX but a last mrnute touchdown by All State Roy Eastman for Plymouth spelled defeat agam 21 to 13 Due to now the next game wrth Trlton J V Prep was cancelled On 'Noyember 10 the traduronal Stey ens Towle game was played at Claremont and the Trgers play ed a great game but lo t '70 to 0 due to some bad breaks Spunky Dodge was the outstandmg Towle play er of the year whlle Lharlle Booth and Dlck 'Newell were elected Co Captam The Trgers who haye play ed therr last game for Towle are Paul Lamothe Charlxe Booth Paul Goy ette and D1ck 'Newell 76 l . , , . ,x l. ,., 1- .. V L - . . . .. 111'f'1 nh' 2' , 2. , . .1 'Z . . " , s ' ., , I ".,', P , 1 ' , 1 , . . . 1. , . 1 . .. 1 - ,1 .1 . 1 4 A y . . . . , - C l Y ' ! . . , Q 1 Y X 7 1 P1 "Y A H ' .1 Y ' ', V , Y . . 1 QL-,Y .,.c . . Q , , , , v - V 1 . 5 Nl ' 3 ' 'S ' .. ' ' " .1 1 ' v D fs v lr. ' s x. 1..- 5 . I . v v i L , 1, - . . , 1 , , 1 Q l . 1 D . , . . . , v . 1 . , , i X . Y , . 1 1 , 1 . Y Q . y . , . " V A . Q , 1 . , s . .v r . ' A , F , A , . ' v " , - . v s S ' S .1 5 '. - N - . , ' , . . ' ' ' . a 1 ' - L ' ' . V 7 , ' ' cya 7466461044 Plrvf 11,0117 fftoffflflllfhfj I Beauchalne L Nltmr L lund ii jones P 'Nlarr N Hastings D Nlorrow Su: ul Huw R Howlu D Swenson B Hatltttt J Iamourtux X Dans Laptaln Coath Burmtln Wlth the return of only two xeterans from the powerful o0 Tlger Harriers and the loss of Louis Willette one of the most enthusrastlc sports promoters known to Tiger fans the Towle Cross Country team assemhled for the 01 campargn tn room 4B on Qeptemher 16 The new coach 'Nlr B1.1lHlCkX gate them some of the fundamentals of runmng and thex were pretty well rn shape for then first meet wtth the Sunapee Harrlers Placing srx out of the first ten men thex pounced hx the xrsrtors hx a score of '70 to 31 Phil Marr a new sophomore sensation came ln first wmth a tlme of 11 '79 ox er the rough and hllly two and one half mlle course After golng down to defeat at the hands of Qtexcns at Llaremont thex leaped hack to take a second tn a tri angular meet hetween Sunapee 'Newport and Charlestown Phil Nlarr came ln first again ln 11 99 showlng that rt wont hc long heforc he rs lrsted wrth such former Towle stars as Kreffer Salo and Greenleaf blgger rn als from ox er the hill Charlestown and Sunapee rn that order fell x lLllf11 to the Trger crew hx easx scores N arr Beauchame and Jones teamed up rn hoth meet to come rn first second and thrrd It was later dlscok ered that Phrl had made a new record on the hort Qunapee cour e a he made lt in 10 39 Now came the tlme for the greatest meet of the xear The New Hamp hire Cross Lountrx Nleet which was to he held at the L nlx er ltx of Xew Hamp h1re1n Durham N H on qatur das 'Noxemher 3 1001 at Q 30 A Nl After gettmg last mlnute mstructron from the Dlrettor Paul Sweet thex heard the gun and were off The cour e w hich rn ordrnarx time would not he hard wa full of puddle and in places it w as up to the runners knee w hrth made tt a hazardou run As thex crossed the fim h line Dau the captain wa tenth Beauchalne thirteenth Jones sixteenth 'Nlarr who came down wrth a rde ache 1 he ran wa twentx n1nth and Hackett the rfiext Tlowge runner was fortx first Lhrppx Lund completed the Trger quad as he came IH ortx t rr The finale score had Towle platmq fourth wrth Liptam -Xlden Dau recewmg: a medal for placing in the first ten 11 il' .. 4- ' ' I '. l.4l? 1, Q, . . Y. '.. .. , V. V .. .1 '2."'rl , .1 ,ll .1 . ti .1 e D -1 v X. K , , 5. ' V Y. - . k . . - . l it c ' 'T v T is . V ' A The Tigers revenged their first defeat at Stevens hy squeezing out a 26 to 30 win over the . S ' - f , f ' 4 . ' f 'N ' ' ' s .3 s s 1' 'l l ' 3 ' Y . ' ' s ' 3 ' ' -V' A l , ' ' , '31 A ' ' : . - . : 3 s ' , . ' . j ' . s ' ' ' ' I' ' s ' ' s s A it it ,S A . ' v S v x . . V A ' , . ' ' " sl as 'ts ' j- ' ' ' i ' N. KV Q. ,L . A 7.5 . Y. 7ow!e fallen 2441176 On 744454 Fzrsl Hou fhfllorzqlwlj Mtss Stoddard J Vl cbsttr R Ccoffrlon j Zlellnskl B Ashlcx L C, t B B tl CoCapta1n B Pcvlne M Havcn L Laakso 'Nl Iord S Mahoney Mgr S nfl If u C0Fr?12r2o!n A Shledcd After an enyoyable summer Black Sambo entered Tlgerland to paw through the 1951 schedule for Fxeld Hockey Walkmg toward the Tlger den he met Head Tlgress Coach Stoddard busxlyclawmg at the typewrrter to get her cubs a s1x game schedule Sambo reahzed at thxs tlme that the same schools would be scratched by the damty Towle Tngresses as he roared the names of Hanover Lebanon and Stevens to hrs favorrte kltten players such as Z1el1nsk1 Butler Geoffrron Laakso Penne Rodeschm Matthews and Ashley He tracked them to the Newport Play Pen where they practrced darly and Sambo would cover his eyes and weep m pam when one of them got struck bv a powerful Txgress strck Every Saturday at ten o clock Sambo would be the fnrst to see the Orange and Black strlpped klttens come rompmg through the Play Pen door When they lost as they drd four of thexr games Sambo hung hrs head but when there was a tle he would romp and roar playfully S b hold dear rn h1s heart the memorres of the scormg of Zxelmskl and Pevme the de am o s fense attackmg of Butler Newell Geoffrlon Rodeschm and Matthews and Ashley He wxll long remember the Co Captams honors that went to Butler and Ashley 78 ' J CM 3,'v x ' ' YI' - v' ...Y1- ' , ' ..'4'1'u rr-L' fv. - t - UYSHUOL N. Mathews. J, Newell, B. ll ebstcrg Ilurfl Irmv: M. Michelson. F, Rodeschin, B. Gosselin. B, Larkin. ' 9 , ' 1 I Q I . , 1 1 I q l Q 1 Y Y V Y Y . ' Y'V 1 Y ' x y - 3 I Y ! ' - V. Samda Wanda eau Wanna, 1'll'SfIf0Il Clafllnrzqhlj ,I Fcenstra B Yttman A Coronrs -X Iamothc R Rtasoner YN Hackett Suonri ,fill P boyette Coach MacNIann A Amldon Cllwnlulf n fl lm un 11A II I Scranton M Shtpard lx Hamel H Burnhamb When the heavy wlnter snows h1t the Troplc Jungle of Samboland each year the Towle Tlger puts all hrs attentlon on an 1ndoor sport yy hlch IS the smooth game of Basketball The Head Tlger of thls extra currlcular IS Coach Lralg NIc'XIann who Sambo sand once was a star at the game for the Tlgers only a few years ago -Xfter looslng such Tlger Greats as John Waldo Joe Galotta Ed Kennedy Ray Creenleaf Al Hague and Rocky Perkms from last year Tlger McMann had to burld hrs team around only one letter man and a crop of green s He had the Tlgers play a man to man defense all season and It proved to be a well balanced defense and one that kept the scorlng of many good opposmg players down Lxttle Black Sambo enjoyed seelng Trger Scranton put ln many mce Jump shots Tlger Goyette swrsh them from the corner T1gers Hamel Shepard Rothsteln Loronls Amrdon and Lamothe h1t on long set shots and Jack Feenstra play hrs u ual roarlng game whnle scorlng freely as he went along But especxally the referees yy ho alyyays yyere ejectmg one or more of the Trgers on fouls and maklng Tlger Coach NIcXIann brte hrs tall enterta1ned Sambo In the month of December the Tlgers fought Franklm at home on December 14 and on December 20 Hanover away In january they play ed on the follovymg dates 4th Wrndsor at home 8th Lebanon away 10th Wood tock at home 11th Stevens away loth West Lebanon at home 18th St Nlary sayyay 'ond Hartford away 23rd Steyens at home 25th Woodstock at home and 29th VN mdsor ayy ay In February ll v as 6th Hanoy er at home 8th West Lebanon away 12th St Xlary s at home and the loth Hartford at home Thrs com pleted the Txgers provylmg for another y ear o Sambo ambled on ,Q " . , , ' . I 'I ' s I ' -I -.Hy ,,- .i' ,S ' .' :I I." tr' ff' 'r1Sf'4f,...' . .. ' . . . - ,' va ' ' , v 5 Y Y V YY T 4 -Y ,Y k v Y ' ' 1 1 1 7 1 A ' 7 1 Y . ' 1 Y x Y Y ' Y 'Y , . - L S , - . . .- . . I -, - - . . . , . , if , D v .' . . . ' Y Y Y Y 1 5 Y Y Y Y v' v . I 1 v v Y Y ' 5 , ,Y""' U ,Y Y Y Y 7' - , . .' v v 1 ,- , ' 1 1 1 1 v v"x l- I ,1 1 ' 3 , u 1 ' ' I v' V . 5 . 2 Wk Scand 76404 l'1rsI ,fill Cl fl! llllhln D Nlorrou R Bulgtr R lulmond R Clark E Ranmsto N Xlolette S Ili' ll B man J Martottc A Dodge ll 'lalt X Durmxs Loath Mano tll I I ll IlIlXfll4Il R IJLITII John R Bartltttj Facmg a tough schedule the Trger Cubs held practlce every nrght W1th only one returnmg hoopman Bob Yetman Loach Nlanos had to start almost from scratch However there are a few boys who showed plenty of promlse last year at Rrchards Some of them are Dodge In the first game whlch was played on therr home court agamst a strong Franklrn five the Cubs were VICIOTIOUS 19 to 8 rn a slow mox mg trlt Spunky Dodge and Ron Demnohn led the locals scormg 6 and 4 polnts respectrvelv In a much faster movrng game Towle defeated Wmdsor by a score of 42 to 27 Ron Demr John was hlgh scorer w1th 13 pomts Hrs teammates Bob X etman and Spunky Dodge stored up 10 and 9 pomts rn that order The next game was played on an enemy court Lebanon play ed host to Towle The Cubs subdued the Lebanon Qurntet 36 to 27 Ron Demnohn paced the way pumpmg 1n 12 pomts wh1le Bob Yetman netted 7 In the next game Towle entertamed Woodstock but from Woodstock s pomt of new the game wasn t very entertammg Towle ran wrld and swamped them 56 to 16 Woodstock scored most of the1r pomts from the foul lme The Cubs second strmg played most of the game The scorlng was evenly dnrded but the hrgh scorers were Ron Demrjohn 13 Bob Yetman 12 and Dlck Bulger 7 The hxgh r1d1ng Cubs xnvaded Claremont to play one of thelr toughest Opponents Stevens Only th1s trme they were wrthout the servrces of first strmg center Spunky Dodge who IS the rebound strength of the team Stevens took an earlv lead but the hard f-lghllllg Cubs dwmdled lt down and kept It a close hard fought game Unfortunately they were stlll unable to over come a powerful Red and Black five They were defeated 37 to 32 For the Cubs It was the first loss of the season Hrgh scorer for Towle was Bob X etman who scored 15 pornts The Cubs however pounced rlght back mto the wm column by trouncmg a West Lebanon qulntet 49 to 22 Verne Vrolette led the Cubs w1th 10 pomts whmle Er1c Ranmsto tossed rn 8 and Drck Gurmond 7 The ,I V s had more games on the schedule whrch mcluded two games wrth St Mary s and Hartford and smgle games mth Franklrn Wmdsor Lebanon Woodstock Stevens and West Lebanon Coach Manos stressed a man to man defense whlch has proved very effectlve agamst teams usmg a zone defense 80 " 9 1 v lj u J . . ', , ' , . I ' . . 1 1 '. , f , v. " I 1.vl'1'0lIl n rg , yet , . ' 2 . . Y x . I . f . 25, 7 ' 1 sg . wsu: uv :rn 14' flfl'fIlI'l' v .' 1 f' , , ' '- 1 , N 1 I .i . , -. . . l I. , Demljohn, Durmas, Ranmsto, Morrow, and V1Ol6tI6. These boys saw plenty of actron. . v . 7- . I .. ' ' - . Ty . . . 'A D 1 ' l Y 7 9 Samda Seed Z S I'1rsIRolUUfflhr1ql1!J J Boutwell G Emerson M Qt Cvr J Zlellnsll B Butler C Devenger H Plllsbury geclfqrrlhlfolv N Lord L hemp R Geoffrlon J Ilbbx Miss Stoddard F Rodeschm B Cosselm J Hamel a oney In the wmter wlth snow on the ground and people sllppmg and slldmg all over the Jungle Black Sambo llkes to be 1ns1de so he won t break hxs neck so he takes a walk down to the Wheeler Gym once m a whlle to wltness one of those rrp roarmg Tlgers basketball games Let s xmaglne one of these games as Black Sambo has probably seen nt the startmg horn blows and the two teams take thelr posxtnons on the floor accompamed by lots of roarmg from the slde llnes A probable startlng lmeup for the Tlgresses rs Frelda Rodeschln Gwen Devenger and Barb Gosselm ln the forward posltlons wxth Betty Butler Rachel Geoffrxon and Joan Zlellnskl playmg guard Then when about half the game IS over some of the players are relleved by Sxs Plllsbury Joyce Hamel Jody Llbby Joy ce Boutwell Loulse Kemp Mar lene St Cyr and Gerry Emerson Sambo rs kmd of worrxed m the begmmng but when the Tlgresses really put thelr claws unto the game m the last half hrs worrxes are over and he sees a very enjoyable game The teams Sambo comes to see are Lebanon Hanover Bellows Falls Stevens Wmdsor and St Mary s of Claremont Many basketball Tngresses wlll be returmng next year and Black Sambo IS lookmg forward to It for he loves to be ln the Wheeler Gym 81 l l l .. ' . l V .. ,. . I . Q I. , .7 , . V , I.. ii, . x. . ,-I. , . , - . - . - . - . -1 . - . . I . . , . . . , . v v ,. . . ,,, . ' 1 Y 7 1 1 1 I ' . , . I 9 Y I I v , . ' 0 ' 66 mm F1rsfRowf1cf11or1qhlJ A Durmas R Gross A Davls ,I Farrlngton D 'Spear R Howley P Marr R LHeu reux Second Row H Stoddard P blazler N Tebo R Perra J VN rrght Among the many teams clubs and other extra curr1culas whlch the Towle Congo offers stands one about whlch xery llttle IS sald or heard FTIIS seldom spoken of group IS the sk1 team composed usually of about ten or twelve sklers lnvarlably boys It can be supposed that at some tlme there were probably a few gurls on It but for the past several years there have been none Each year there have been rumors of gurl partlclpants but when the first practxce rolled around none were to be seen Whether the rumors were just someone s wlshful thmkmg or whether thev were the truth IS unknown but the result IS the same elther way The sknng ex ents whlch the team took part rn at one tlme lncluded all four downhlll slalom Jumpmg and cross country Last year l1ttle or nothmg was done w1thJump1ng for the mam reason that there was no su1table place to practxce Sunapee had a small Jump Wh1Ch they used themselx es most of the tlme and there was no Jump at the state park so thex de clded they would haxe to go wlthout xt for the tlme bemg 'Xlost of the races which the Tlgers partlclpated m were downhlll and slalom w1th an occas1onal cross countrx run Th1s too was ehmrnated th1s wear for m order to do much of amthmg w1th II speclal equlpment 19 needed such as hght thm sk1s w1th a d1fferent tx pe harness For the past sexeral seasons they haxe been coached bx Bob Skmner part owner of the Sxtzmark who spends most of h1s spare tlme on the sk1 slopes Practxces usuallx are on Tuesdays and Thursdaxs mf DOQS1bl6 at whlch tlme the Tlgers are allowed to rlde free of charge on the tow The first part of the practlce sesslon IS spent pract1c1ng slalom on a short run at one s1de of the slope Durlng th1s permod thex are often tlmed to see just how they are domg and are also gnen ups on how to xmproxe thexr score After thex haxe practlced for qulte some tlme on th1s phase the Trgers take some dow nhlll runmng practmce on w hlch thex are also coached After the coach feels thex haxe practmced enough for the dax he gn es them the remaxnmg hfteen or twentx mmutes to do w1th what pleases them Some go to the base statlon to get somethmg to eat whrle others contlnue to skl 1n all the sk1 team 15 one orgamzatlon that IN well enjox ed bx all 1ts members' 89 . - - , ' . .' . , . . . . - V . -- . - v - v - . . ' ' s ' ,. . . . . , . . . . - 4 y 1 - , v , . . y - , . . , . . - v . , . . . . , . v . I . V . . . 9 - v v v 1 1 1 ' ,, ' V 1 v 1 v v v s ' . . , - v - , y v y 1 - v . . . . V . i . E . i- Y . Y x , ,, - . . . ' y v v ' . . - v . . . .4 . v V s v v , ' 1 ' ' . . 1 , ,, . , V. H Y v 1 .. . , , r s v . i . .X . V . X . i Y V ,, y Q ' ' .T . A Y V . . A . ' r A s ' ' ' - v ' v v n ' s - ' ' pam ?aeeZaZZD' rxl lfnu ll 1 o Il Iiurnh tm L Lltmtnt lx ll rmtl X Loroms R Rotha em hartrand H Xlllls N xxtn or t m X lolt rrroxx R I obm Lotth NILXI tnn llufrl lx' t 1 LllTTlU'l R X ttm X Hatk R Rt lson mlth R C tntt X fum t As the last traees of mnter melted avxax and the sprtng atr started casttng tts spell 'Sambo s ex es were draxxn to the outdoor actmx ttles of some TIQCFS He dectded one afternoon to folloxx a group of boxs IH strange lookmg costumes Thex had donned these outfit rlght alter school and had started xxalktng to the Ttgerland plax ground I pon arrtx mg at thts desttnatton these box s began htttmg small xxhtte b tlls xxxth odd shaped stleks and others trted to catch the balls tn ox erstzed gloxe Sambo tould not under great deal of explamtng but finallx Loaeh 'xldxlann xxas able to make S tmbo underst md the great sport of baseball When Sambo learned xxhxt the 5, xmt xx as ill lbout he became in enthu tlsttt Ftger lan lie became a famtltar figure on the l7lNtlY1llClliI'HOI'lCl xx atthmq the box s pr ttttte md ehcermg t em on He xxas told about former Ioxxle t lrs suth a John XX tldo joe Cfalottr Henrx Cfutmond Rockx Perkms Carlton Sexerence Ronald Xexxell ind Xl Hague He xxatthed xxtth keen tnterest a Loaeh XIcXIann bl ed ht team around john Wtllette Bob Xetmm Angelo Coronls Rollm Centes and Ixen Hamel VN hen the sta on got underxx ax he xxa pre ent xx hen the team plax ed txxo game each xxtth Lebanon Stexens St Xlarx Hanox er Iarankltn Iznfleld and Xhnd or aes he nex er mtssed a game he e peetallx entox ed accompanxmq the team on out of toxxn LI lme -Xs muah as he ltked game ht blgge t thrtll xxa to take part tn b ttttne pratttte hx pttthmgt to boxs Occa tonallx the Ttqer knocked a ball tnto the rxx er or ox er the head ofthe tr uk team xx huh practtced tn the outfield Vxtth the close ot the eason came Graduatton for ome Ttster ind the end of 5lIlllDO Journex Bl Fi .' v tlfj' In lllllfli N. 'I't'b . W. f1ox't'ttm'. , 2 . '. ' ' ' . '. 2 ', .' . i '. . .t V A. C 2 , . . 'Q.'1'1ilrlHf lfout: ID. S " s 1, A. Ilodqq R. Plke. ll. Stcddard. A. Durmas. Y. ' 'tte. IJ. Mc ', , Q . ' 2 ' . 1 2 1" Hll',' R. liztrtl 'tt. R. Q .cl, . " an. Y, . "ett, , '2 5 er. 1.5 ' . . 1' 's..I. Q-ru: -N S . S ' v . , ' I:- . .4 1 F. h. I 4 5- 'v.. ' V i. v I E is v- stand what they were trymg to do so he stngled out Tigger Coach Cratg Nlcfxlann. It took a c ' c , ' 'Y 8 c Q A l. ' f L ' .2 .1 Z 1 xi I .L - . - '2 itz x'2.'2 2 '. az sz: " - '. 2 if I 2 2 ' ' 2 ' ' 2 ' H 2 " ' 's '2 , " 2, - U' N' , 'J ' f, 4. . ' ' , c . v ' 2 I . ' 'c N Y ' ' 5 s ' ' . . 2 s 's ' " , V 2 , . lf, A .N 1. V 3 . ' ti ' 5 'L " ' ' 5 5 ' c 1. i' ', Ac ES c ' ' . 1 s j u j 2 ' A . - - ' .2 s. .2 "" ' '2 s 's 'AYYS ' 's ' 2 ' 2 f D' f s' j . 'A s ' " C ' " ' 2 s 2" " 3 ' s Q ' s s 2 Q2 's 690: '7'Z466024n 7064 Qfcmafw F1rs!RowCIfflf0r1ghtj P Goyette R Hendrickson R Perra L Beauthaine C Lund P Marr R LHeureux G Hoyt D Spear Serol1rlRow R Howley A Davis XX Hatkett J Lamoureux R Reasoner D Morrow R Mudgett J Scranton Coach Buinickv Ilulfl Row T Lacroix ll Jones R N1cGrav P Cote J Pritchet J Feenstra A Amidon P Lamothe J Wright Although a meeting will not be called until a future date twenty seven Tiger hopefuls gathered in Chellis Auditorium to have the yearbook picture taken It is not known whether all of these candidates will remain with the squad because of other activities There will be quite a few Tigerland veterans back this vear hoping to make the season a successful one Among them will be one of the fastest boys seen in this area He is Roland L Heureux who was not able to participate last year because of work He will trv to fill the vacant spot left by Rockv Perkins Another dasher back again this spring will be Richard burden of the hurdles Throughout this area few hurdlers are found forcing Gene into some other parts of running or field ev ents The Towle Tigers have a strong running squad but a rather weak field squad This year will be a rebuilding year in field events with Don Spear Paul Lamothe and John Scranton on the weights Jim Wright mastering the pole vault Jack Feenstra Alden Davis and Gene Hoyt making the high Jump Paul Goyette Phil Marr last vear s onlv man in this ev ent and Jesse Prichet will take their turns at slinging the Jav elin On the running field the Tigers will be backed up bv such veterans as Nfarr Feenstra Davis and Hoyt New runners are Leo Beauchaine Charles Lund Bill Hackett John Lamoureux Don Morrow and Walt Jones Last year Walt sprained his ankle and was out most of the season weakening the Tigers in the distances The Tigers also have a new coach Mr Buinickv who will replace Louis Vlillette It is hoped that Mr Buinickv teacher of English at Towle will be able to do as great a Job as Louis who has been head coach for manv vears Good luck to Nlr Buinickx and the whole track squad Here s hoping thex have a good season 84 v y . . . . . v. ' . Mudgett, who showed many signs of promise last year. Gene Hoyt once again will have the ' . 2 ' . ' . ' . 2 , y . f . . - l . . , .I ., ' ' 7 7 A I . H7 . . . 1 , - , x i ' ' N l 5 v ' ' v vi 1' A X y' - ' sqm rs! li'nut Cl ll If 1111115 'XI n X Vlurgatrox NI lltttn S I ttttn mt tt 1 1 out ttL fumxt I Lmdri J Xml on X Rowell lt clL F I o dard llttlrl Iftu X o tntt t U cpard J lloopLr C C ulcl L K t Om rm X nw? Sm th J Ihdioxl NlarLottL X Ctrtrd L o L o I uLrLnLL NI lillllkf li I mLl t 1 L 5 lut L X Him! W hen the Nnoxt th tux 'tnd all the treamx trtckle dottn from the mount ttn tnto thL Sug tr Rtt er then Stmho lll'XfN to p't the xunnx ftfurnoonx ttatchtnq the lturu L pl tx Softh tll Amtd and tn Npttt ofthe Cl1L1k.lxl6N ind frtencllx Lrottl of thL Ftgtr NpLLt ttor thL T tqru L hate lotx ot fun trxtnq to htt tn homL run Lllkh flx and exerxthtng Ll L thit LIOQN tttth Qofthftll tnclucltm: the old eport of Lh1ttLr tn the outfteld Qamho loxc to we Pretdi Rode Lhtn L1lLll thoxe ltne drttew tt Hr t ht tncl tt hen Butt Butler at NeLond h txt m thu 1 double pl tx tt xendx shtxerx up and dottn ht ptnt undtr th tt beauttful red t1LlLLt ht mother m1dL htm BLhtnd 'tll that Lqutpment t Bl1nLhe X hlLx ttt back ofthe pl ttL L1tLhtnQ the fa t hill tl own hx Itqrex e tLh t J LL lltmel tncl I5 Pextne In the outfteld QrotsltnQ attat tt the hftxemen and the poor tLlled it pttLher wtmho Leex Peggx PrtnLe Stephinte Xlahonex and Pollx Booth Some of the tetm that Sambo ee the Ttgre Nex taLlLle are Lebanon X tla Httnox er Nut London and Stex en It N lotx of fun for the Ttgre Ne to get out and proxtl around a Nofthall dtamond trt the prtnq and Sambo tx urelx glad thex ltke to beLauNe he lox es to ttatLh them pl tx 83 l IE! .' W t 4 3 . . Micltztelso , NIzttltL-tw, bl. Wright. C. Laaliio, I. '.tL'l Jkt. ' ' ,kts U -1-ll v . ., ' J, , ' ,.. - , , 9 - v -. . . , ft' , - 3 1 t--Q 1 -I5 MHWP .1-51' 'Ill lt'fII'. rl. I5 ' t '-ll, Ct. IDL- '-nu-r, R. Hoodltull, R. Geol- fl . - I H ' . . Ro 'iR'lllf1. ll. ltllsbury, 1. Rtcltztrclsott. NI. llolt. E. Hl'IlllL'llZillll'. ll. I5 oolas, li. '- rzt. Mtgq ht d . fin' . Nl ti ztt, J. llztm -l, NI, Al 's. Ii. Cltzttr. Cl. Nl. SltL'r tzt , l. Q t . , . 1. N Sh' , . -1 Q. 1. to' ,CL RlL'll2lI'Cl4 tn, NI. Rt lllllfflffllllffl lf'ftu': Ii. l.zt ttztg ,tl Ig , ,104 It Pt-L-tm-. If L1 mv' lVl.'. V ' N '. : . 1 1 , , l'rL'QL'ott. l.. llztll. Y. R lltttf, li, N wrt tt: lfttllt lftttltg Ile Ilrttttwg llm'L'ttL'. V ',L-ll., .l- 5' ' ' '. . . ' , . lzt ANI. LL tdztltte. tl, ll: wluy, ll. lf tllnn'hL-Ln Al, 'l'ltot'ttttttt. li ' tttt- ' 3 ' 2 C ' s 3 A ' ' 2 s A 1 f 1 " fz " L ss 5 j ' t S ' l A vvs zj f 2 . . A ' 3 ' 1 " it W l' f 's "WI Q "1 s t vsts , x, r X Z ' , E S, .Z , -YS, . D, ' , S, C 4 B. .' X t 'ts Q ' l. s" 'z ' J ' U s :st-.1 ' t V' .' 3 ' 214 ' aj' f " 3 ' Ss A X 1 4 -K - v 5 L 1 ' A l I C ' X I X L ' A. i-' ' 2 - '. ' ' 1 s . s tr ' -' is s s 1' zs oy' z z ev 2 S Q s s ' sg 5 ' ' , ' s, ' ' , . A ' ,Q Q x K' . S5 S u S . . Q . t fl- vm-sh. Durmg hrs tour through Trgerland Sambo heard some boys talkmg about the golf team and as he was anxlous to learn of all the var1ous act1v1t1es classes and clubs he declded to fmd out about thexr new athlet1c orgamzatxon He lntroduced hlmself and was m turn mtro duced to Sandy Amldon Bob Rothesteln and Alden Davls They sa1d that they and two other boys made up the team whxch was coached by the handsome purr ralsmg hlstory teacher Mr Manos who lS also an able assxstant coach ln football baseball and basketball Sambo wanted very much to meet th1s Tlger whom the boys talked so hlghly of so Sandy Amldon wlllxngly took h1m 1nto Room 4 where th1s xnstructor was to has surprrse actually swmgmg a golf club Sandy mtroduced them and once agam Sambo began to ask quest1ons about the club 1ts act1v1t1es and the members Mr Manos explamed that thxs was the smallest of any athlet1c team at Towle but by far not the least xmportant Sambo learned that the team has meets wxth such schools as Keene and Berhn whmch are larger than Towle At the close of the season the Tlgers partxclpate mn a champ1onsh1p meet w1th many schools com etm p Leiers are awarded for th1s sport to am member who has taken part ln a certam number of meets and who has placed ln the top few once ln a whxle Although they aren t as large as the other athlet1c letters they have the same SlgYllfTC3I1CC and mean just as much to those who earn them In past years Sambo was told the Towle Golfsters haxe placed ln the state meet and also have won many meets brmgmg back to the den much glory The season looked promlsmg to Samboand he was told that lt may be the best yet The candldates hovuex er few really know thelr golf and 'Nlr Manos has been quoted as saymg l am ln hopes for a first place 1n the state competltlon Havrng learned as much as he could about thxs sport Sambo contmued along ln search of a new prev 86 7 ' nv n 7 N A I .e XJ! Nl 1 t K! f In ,X I Q 1 - A u 4- ? a - f t .. ' Q W ,., ' . v tsl 1 .Mem Q: ' T A f ' N In 2,1 xr! 'x Left to right: G. Avery, A. Davis, R. Rothsteing Srcond Row: P. Glazier, A. Amidon, Coach Manos. ' . . . . . . . l - , ! J . y U . , . . . I U v . . . Y - , Q ' Y . . Y l 1 ' , . . . . - . . . , . . I ' 9 ! ' . . . . . , , . . , . . 7 lt I? Y ' y 7 . , v v , 7 I A ' L . Y . . - . l edeefzleaafow pe! 75? 76?0Z4b Leflto rzqht M Prmce I Cotdakls J Llbby J Boutwtll head thcerleader O Spanos J Zxelmskn C Laakso Durlng the football and basketball seasons Lrttle Sambo nottced that at every athlettc event seven glrls stmllarly and approprtately dressed IH school colors orange and black maneuvered themselves tnto strange posxtlons and shouted verses to cheer the players on to vxctory These are the cheerleaders The head cheerleader wrth the kmg stze megaphone lS semor Joyce Boutwell From her Ltttle Sambo learns that ln order to be a cheerleader you must be a member of the Junxor or semor class New gtrls are chosen at the end of thelr sophomore or Junlor year by Mlss Berg the advlsor and the yeteran cheerleaders It ts also Joyce s duty to secure rldes for the gurls to the games to call practxces to obtam the megaphones to conduct rallles and to announce the cheers to be performed Newcomers are semor loan Llbby and rumor Cella Laakso Those servmg thetr second vear are Olga Spanos Peggv Prmce Joan Zxelmskl Irene Loldakts and Joyce Boutwell head cheerleader At the rally held the nlght b fore the Stevens Towle game the cheerleaders convmced Patsy Prmce to make them a dummy of Stevens Coach Parker to be thrown 1nto the huge had gathered to glye a preytew of thexr support at the game the followtng day Atlhough the boys lost and eyery one returned home wlth sore throats and raspmg yotces they were not altogether dtsheartened At lea t there was much school sptrlt In basketball season the unlforms were sllghtly changed They had dlscarded the white sweaters as lt would be uncomfortably warm Thls year sey eral neyy eheers haye been added to the ltst They mclude the followxng How do y ou ltke your beefsteak' Rayy Raw Raw How do vou ltke your cabbage Slaw Slaw Slaw Hoyv do vou lrke your sugar? Sweet Sweet Sweet How do you llke tthe other teamb Beat Beat Beat' The Ttgers fight The Ttgers roar Come on Towle Score Score Score Stttmg on a grandstand Beatmg on a tm can Who can? We can' B e at :the other teami' 8 :Y I . I 1 U .- l 7 , . . - . . ' l l ' y ks S I J I 'V il l . I l ' l bonfire. The school band escorted him down to the scene ofthe fire, where a crowd of students 7 l U ' ? 7 14. 14. S 7690: 7eame F1r9fR01vClffIi0r1qhlDH Plllsburv Sec Treas J Woodhull A Durmas X166 Presldent J Zrellnskr President M Shepard 5ec0r1n'Row R bentts I Prltchctt Mlss Stoddard One day whlle Lxttle Black Sambo was wanderlng through the paths of Towle he came upon erght Trgers and Txgresses holdrng a meetmg m therr den Pres1dent Joan Z1el1nsk1 opened the meetlng and a few mmutes later Harrlet Plllsbury gave the Secretarx Treasurer sreport The other officer of the organlzatlon IS Angle Durnus who lS Vrce Presldent The advrsors of the group are Coach MacMann and Coach Stoddard Although the Athletrc Assocxatron IS a small group elected bx the classes 11 IS becommg very powerful In the past few rears the pov er and stablhtx of the -Xthletlc -Xssoclatron has been uncertam and 1ts growl ln the school had become almost a purr but th1s year the authorftv of the A A lS agam becommg eudent If ll should contmue to grow as ll IS now It w1ll be as well known to the student as rt was rn the past One of fts blggest functlons IS to ralse monex for the new Insurance Fund wh1ch1s to be set up at Towle Durmg the past few 3 ears the concess1ons at the football basketball and baseball games have been under the drrecuon of the Student Councrl but thls x ear thex are bemg held 1n conJunct1on w1th the A A The profit from th1s w1ll be put mto the Athletlc Insurance Fund It also has a great deal to do w1th the sports at Towle all the rules of partrcrpatlon are set up under the paw of the A A such as the glX1I'1g of letters to those who plax When a new sport lSll'1t1'OdllCCClllS regulatlons are under the dlreetxon of th1s group Each xear a dance IS sponsored bx the A A to ra1se monex for the club -Xt thls dance the Football Hockev Receptron the football hockex and cross countrx squads are honored The members of thls orgamzauon are Freshmen Janrce VN oodhull and -Xng1e Durmas Sophomores NIHYIC Sherman and Roland Gentes Jun1ors Harrlet Prllsburx and jesse Prrtchett and Sen1ors ,Ioan Z1el1nsk1 and Nlark Shepard 8 l , .- . - . . ' . 1 3 , . ,. . . , . . .... . . H ,, . . . . . . . . , . s ,- ' 1 7 V V . . , v .. u s 1 1 4 A - - .. yn- .. H ' ' l Y Y ' . . . , Y ' Y ' f v Y . , , - 'V' v v .. .,- . V. " ' A . . . . . , ' . 1 v . ' . ' v A v -. , 9 ' 'Y 1 .1 1 1 A ' . Ji' mv Q I ir fn 3 H A rr ? 2 f7A ' v W 'S' I I 1 ., 6 V2 ' - .Q A'- 723.1 Q - 4 ,ith Mig' ,., ,I 4. ff ,Q TT ? " ' 6' if K 'Q 'ffn 'if Q 17 f ?A 4,,,,3N -aw nm. V: 6 wif.. 054-A "M5f!32 ii "1"' 'F , , f- , 3 9, -" A 1 Q j 6. fs 6 ff .?gf" .,',! 33 .1 f- ffgf: ' "1 -0-1' .!!:...:45.-- +0 ' -vt O 'T R I Q., - 5 3 ' Af .- Ev 'L K" T., fs.:- Adm aww Safe: 'Sam' Fzret Row Clffllnrlqhib J Zielinski J Perkins B Ashlu B Butler P Prince 5 Rowe J Winter M Haven Second Row M Luck B Schcrwcrt J Libbw R Lllturcux J Boutwell A Davis R Geoffrion D Newell Mrs Hammond llurrl Row S Patten L Amidon N1 St Lxr P Lamothe P Goiette O Spanos J Xlebster Last but not by anv means least on his tour through Towle s Jungle Sambo meets the Yearbook Staff These are the diligent Tiqers who haxe worked so hard and patiently to produce an interesting detailed and exitt recording of the ex ents at 'lowle for the 1991 1909 year The head Tigresses of this Qroup are Bettx Butler editor in chief and Peggx Prince and Blanche Ashlev assistant editors The members of the staff are Spirit of Towle editors typists photographers artist and business personnel The dedication was written bi Blanche A hlex while Rachel Geoffrion collected and planned the facultx section The senior personalities were under the superxi ion of Jim Xloncltton and quotations The actixitx sheets were handled bi Jox ce Boutwell Pollx Booth and Nlar guerite Luck Another part of the Senior tttion tht uptrl itixes was under the direction of Bill Qcher werts and Qcharlex Patten Join fielin ki ind 'Xl irltne St Lxr combined talents to select the best babx and informal pictures The adxertismg section ol thi hook w is in the t ip ible hands of business managers Roland L Heureux and Alden Dax ls who rtttixtd htlp from Blanthe -X hlex and Bill Scherwerts When Sambo stopped into the tommt rti il room he tound Jennie Perkins Scharlex Patten Rachel Geoffrion Joi ce Boutwell Nlarx Nltlbonouirh Nlarguerite Luck Jean Winter and Lillian Johnson busilx txpintt ma ter topie and xariou material for publication The most outstanding Tigre on the t ill w is Xlfirjorit H ix en w ho treated and personified Sambo and his Tiger companions who tr itlttd their w ix through lllls book 90 s , -J -1 1 V if l v ' s ' ' ' S V v . . B. ' , i ., A . xz' " ' ' : ' ' fe '.. ix X1 -ks A 1 -v V I -I -y ' , iv . s T Y - V :Y A 'T Y 'K 'xi X 'K l' I Joanne St. Cyr. Jean Webster with the able assistance of Sherrill Rowe selected the Seniors xi 1 I SA' I v 3 A 2 . 'Km' ' L' V X V . K - 5 , ' j ' . z 'Q V s ' 1 . 2 1 f . ' . Q 5 T -7 C J si. ' : Q ' s ' 'z 5 X 'z z ' 9 5 9 ' I . . X s J' - J , V s . . , ' R s , . . 4 . . 5 h , . .. S I A x J viz - - x - I r S, X .Q , . . S 51. ," 'V , A C S h N ' , Q Z v -- V 'S , , . I 3 Q 4 ' ss sz" 4 ' W 2' ' r 1 ' 7c9w Q54 Zecewe 744464 Copy for Jumor Class Sophomore Class Freshman Class Student Councll Y Teens H1 Y Camera Club Debate and Dramatxcs Club Oliice Asslstants Llbrarlans Home Ec Club Band Glee Club All State All New England Chorus Jumor One Act Play Sophomore One Act Play Jumor Prlze Speakmg Cross Country Team F 1eld Hockey Team Boys J V Basketball Glrls Basketball Sk1 Team Track Team Softball Team Golf Team Cheerleaders PICIUFCS and Classroom Act1v1t1es Ol IN Mathews D Prmce M Butler Am1don Laakso Glaz1er P1ke M Flmt DuBourd1eu Shepard Chartrand W1nter Gossel1n Dewenger Mathews Geoffmon Gosselm W Hackett S Mahoney R Bulger S Mahoney H Stoddard W Hackett Mahoney Glazler Laakso P1ke . A. . - C. .- P. . R. ' . J. . ' ' C. B. E. ' B. ' Dance Band C. Lund , G. ' ' N. R. ' . . . B' . S. P. A C. ' . . . R. ., Scania 77ieez!e 'Me Zackew Ulf 'Me 7cgm Zecwfook On the way home from h1s V1S1t to the Towle Jungle Sambo d1scovered several worr1ed T1ger pub l1shers count1ng the1r hoard At last they breathed a s1gh of rel1ef balanced the books and before collaps1ng gave Sambo th1s message to carry to some traders at the edge of the Jungle The Towle ""1gers of 1952 want you to know how s1ncerely they apprec1ate your moral and f1nanc1al support whxch have made th1s yearbook poss1ble. c . . . . . . . - 5 . . . - 9 . . 9 s . . I n ll . 1 . . L . . . . 1 . . ss W5 I VOR 1i 'X FIRST NA FIONAL BANK McCRILLIS INSURANCE Szzlu Two I cars IOIIUJIIIINIIIK of WOODHULL S MARKET INTERSTATE CONISTON THEATRE f0H1I7lllI1lf1fS 111 MARTIN S HARDWARE 'Nlam St Tel 374 Y . - J W A 1 1 9 4 Smcere Bet 'Wrshe To Each Nlemher of the Class of 1952 Wnh the hope Lhit the commg xear hrmg, to xou a future of Accomph hmem h 1ppme and ucce S m XOL1I'1Hd1X1dUE1I choken xmlk of hfe THE NEWPORT GUARDIAN Complzmfnis oj BERKELEY STORES Where there 5 alwaw bomethmg new IIIIIIIXIIIIIINS nf GAUTHIER AND WOODARD IXSI R XXL I Agency Estabhshed 1872 III I Illlt STOCKWELL S GREENHOUSE WHITNEY STUDIO AND CAMERA SHOP DISIIHCIIXC Photographx Ilower for Lx erx Oceawlon 1 A Maln St Newport Phone 322 140 No Maxn St Newport, N H QD . X 1 C I ' h f ' A S, 2 ' ss 5 1' ' " Q 'c 'S . it y- v v A I vvv K. . ' U . fm ff 'llfx nf . . . , . Coznplinzenls of Best Wishes to the Class of 1952 A FRIEND B Q Uzshes Io H1 Q2 fflllfllflffb C fmplzmfnts fn BUDD S BEVERAGES DIXI NEWTON NELSON C FAUGHT C0 THE CORNER PHARMACY ROX XI IXPIXNRIFIRS N WOR? N H lil .J Bellows Falls Vt CORBETT OIL CO INC Petroleum Products Coal Bottled Gas P O Box 534 Newport N H HOYT S MARKET SARGEANT 8: HOY Q1 ell ,, I ,- I 1, 'is' .'I2" ',.',. . IO? ' ' Your Ilwpvrzflfzfflv f,lfII'IIf'l' lJrL1gg1's!x . , . If 111 wlfnf lzfw ff. . . !.ffr11p!f111fr1!wgf . . . U I 1 4 SMITH S STUDIO Photographer or THE SAMBO Tel 87 W WEDDINGS CANDIDS PORTRAITS YEARBOOKS Q8 9 F GG f 79 6 SULLIVAN ST. CLAREINIONT, N.H ffnnzplinlfnls of . . . BRAMPTON WQOLEN MILL Complzmante ff Complzrmnts nj WINSTON HOTEL DOUGLASS BARBER SHOP C A Franklm Nlgr Newport N 4 Maln St COCA COLA JENNY GAS STATION Llaremont N H Q I ' . 1 V H ' . . . ' ,- . .' ' ,.'.H. I i I I,'ff11zpl1'111+'11ls nf. . . ffn111p!111zf f1I.w qv' A , , P i Y .9 ' 'Wm Success 'Io The ss Of COMMUNITY STORES WOMAN S SHOP Newport N H ROQES ARE RTD WI GLUE A HALF PAGE, AD DID HOL? B157 HCA IX 111r1L1L1f1 1F1RSII?O1I CLASS OF 53 Complzmcnls of Compllmenls of the Class of 1904 the Class of 1900 100 1111111 ' q gf. . . X Clay '52 ' VIOLETS ARE BLUE, ' OF , ' ' , ' " 1 f' ' 5 I f' A Q 4 MERTON J SARGENT Real Estate an Insurance Telephone 18 W 23 Sunapee St Newport N Congraiulalzons to Class of Q2 ROWELL BROTHERS INC Burldmg Materlals Bullders Hardware Walls Pamt Shmgles Roofmg Insulauon Woodworkmg Korn Alley Phone 270 PRISCILLA SWEET SHOP Fongrallllfztzons lo Class of 52 COHUJIIINIIIIS oj BLUE RIBBON LAUNDERERS AND CLEANERS The Rlght Shoes for the Xoung Lrowd OUTFIT CLOTHING CO outfltters from lad to dad C omplzmfnts uf LUCCA FRUIT CO J Bonaccors1 Prop KNITTING KNOOK Complete lme of Bernat W ool and Nxlon Earns also all accessorles Tel 243 W 42 Laurel St Newport N f:0IIIf7lIlI1l'f1fS . . . . , . H. 101 GREEN ACRES ICE CREAM INC A QUALITY PRODUCT CROYDON N H IN EWPORT 586 M4 Compllmcnts of Wholesale Grocers Claremont N H Best H lSh6S Io the Class of 02 FAIRBANKS GARAGE INC CHEVROLET 25 Depot Square Newport N H Tel 271 THE BARRETT PRESS Commerclal Pr1nt1ng Regency Inforrnals Telephone 216 10 A Maln St Newport N H Complzments of VARIETY MILL END STORE 9 o C. E. DENSMORE Sz SON ' 102 - THE ARGUS PRESS Publishers of The Argus-Champion Issued Twice Weekly - Every Tuesday - Every Friday - Printing - Books - Programs -- Folders - Stationery Forms CHASE 8: AVERY INC DODGE PLYMOUTH Passenger Cars DODGE Job Rated TRUCKS Sales 81 Service Tel 333 Newport New Hampshmre GREEN BONNET Compliments of Founfam Sefme INTERNATIONAL SHOE co 1:3 Sunapee St Newport N c 1 HOUGHTON at SIMONDS 0mf"mf'1fi 'U Women s and Chzldren s Ready to Wear General Groceries Play Clothes Sport Clothes Accessories Floor Coverings Sunapee Road Gulld N H Curtains Draperies CLAREMONT NI H Telephone 287 W T R N ICHOLS 103 , . ll Y? ' . . . . , . . ' H xv ' ' ' . .g , . r i - A. . THE FLOWER SHOP Eagle Block Newport Flowerphone 165 W Where flowers are correctly styled Gxfts and Greetmng Cards for every occasxon M155 Baxley lVI1SS Fuller Compllmmls of DANIEL S TOGGERY SHOP Claremont N H DARTMOUTH MOTORS CO G M C Trucks Sales and Servlce North Ma1n Street Newport Tel 298 lNG Vi 70419 A Je, J HARRINGTON Jeweler Newport N H Complzments of HILLTOP STUDIO 105 Beech St Tel 680 Compliments of CUMMINGS MARKET Newport New Hampshlre L L RANSOM 8: SON All House ' Furnxture 1914 952 JOHN R KELLY Telephone 100 The Best m Drug Store Servlce Newport New Hampshn-e . el ' Kalser and Henry J. Dealer M. . , . N. H. . . -M - - 1 l04 COUIPIIVHFUIS U! Complzmcnls of IRENE S SMET S SERVICE STATION BYE LO BABY SHOP 17 So Mam St Tel 666 R Newport N H Mam Street 'Newport fonzplzmfnls of ROYAL SHOE STORE Complete Lme of Shoes MERIT CLOTHING CO Claremont lN H 39 Sunapee St Newport N H HART SCHAFFNER Sz MARX And Palm Beach Clothmg Stetson Hats Interwoven Socks A so Lad1es Leed Sults and Coats MILLER BROTHERS Newport N H Compliments of BILLY S DINER J S HIRSCH GINTOWT S IGA SUPER MARKET OC to S1 00 gg Lp Store h 87 Sunapee St Good isnt e best Newport N H Better than the rest 12 16 Maxn St Newport N H 105 ' for the entire family l v y I d Compliments of . . . DORR WOOLEN COMPANY N C omplzmfnfs j MOORE 8: EMERSON LINDHOLM Sz SONS Bottled Gas Co Inc MOINARCH FOODS Pvrofax Gas D1Stf1bUtOf9 CARMOTE PAINTS Lommerclal and Domesuc ADPIWUCCS Cooper Square Newport 27 Oak St Newport Tel 206 W 206 M SNJSBY 8' JOHNSON INC SUGAR RIVER PHARMACY Heatmg gheet Metal V5 Ork Foumam Booth Seruce Spofrmg Ggodg PreQcr1pt1on 5DCCldllSL Delta Power Tools Reglstered Ph armficlst 49 Mam St Newport N Aluaws At 'Xour Seruce Phone 3CO 106 I ' ' .' n ' Hardware RR Plumbing "7'lu'Frimdlg1 Drug Slum" CAREER TRAINING Our College S Grade Courses provide young men and women wiih Lhe necessary for successful careers in Business, Educational, Governmental and Professional organizations. NORTHAMPTON COMMERCIAL COLLEGE Founded 1896 Northampton, Massachusetts EVERY DAY IS THRIFT DAY At A 8: P' Cllfllflfllllfflh nl fflllljlfllllfllfb nf STANLEY FORD SALES BUTLER S MAPLE ST MARKET Ford Motors and Trucks 1 lIIlIllI1fN fr L G fgmpllmpnfs nf Attleboro Mass Ixnoun xx lierex er there are School COTT and Lollegc Llas Ring and Pin QUHUU BU 617139 Commencement Inxivitions Diploma Personal Cards Club In ignn Nlcdal and Trophies lr Delicious Flax ors 107 , Lim I f 5 4 ... ' ' 4 xl I Q . " ' V V ,. ,, , '- . c . 5 , ., C rs IS s s ,' ' S ' c -1 LS f-v -5 , . N s . . 1 s THE W'-im g REDDY KILOWATT 5 6 5 BRAND 1 1,0 2 ELECTRICITY X W Thats the Amerrcan Brand made by a Buslness Managed Tax paylng Electnc Company the k1nd of Power that a W has made machmes take the place of muscles and furmshes Kxlowarts for cooklng UB PUBLIC SERVICE NEWPORT NEW HAMPSHIRE C omplzmvnls of Complzmenls of HACKWELL LUMBER CO NEWPORT DAIRY Newport N H Compliments of MILLER BROTHERS WILLIAMS LAUNDRY Laundry 8a Dry Cleamng Rug 8a Furmture Cleanmg Lumber of All Klnds Rough and FlI11ShCd 108 s s g " " 9 ,R 'I OF 1' 13 , - ,J ,Q .5527f::.' 1 ,i Px , J . 1- - . . 1,-414, E- " ' "' ,.sf 9 e-.: s ' ' Q S - Rift Bs Ulxhcs in lhf fluss nl 9 Complzmfnts of It s Cott To Be Good TOWLE Y TEENS 17 Dehcxous Flax on rlbuted By Bert Surrell md bon Complzmenlv of 5 Umpflmfflh Of PRATT S GENERAL STORE BOOK AND GIFT SHOP Goshen N H 63 Maln St Newport N H Fomplzmfnts nj C.UlTlpfIIIIlf1fS nl N G GURNSEY 8. CO Keene Cnrnplmzfnlx nr Complmm O, F E HAVEN MACHINE co General Nlachme TOWLE H1 Y an Expenmental XX OI lx Newport N H 34 Belknap Ave Tel 353 100 wr f 5 D '5- Diet ' ' N. H " d L I 384 DWIGHT STREET HOLYOKE MASS 9 Blocks From C 1111 Hull OFFER YOU PRINTING OF DISTINCTION FINE COLOR REPRODUCTION FINE HALFTONE REPRODUCTION CLEAN SHARP BLACKS AND WHITES FAST COURTEOUS SERVICE FOR YOUR Q BOOKS Q FOLDERS Q PRINTED FORMS FOR PRINITING AT ITS BEST CALL HOL 21839 Howard A Llght Mgr 110 vyesl THQ C' Y' O ,W we 'ffvw M WYWUW 761 lx? cb ' W' W Q -ir-5 W A pw QA Vigwifbf was WWW? E wif xffjpyrifj Jef WUWWWME gif My gi ,fwffp iw if A W WW WMWSBQEQBBQW ,QM fab A 5355 QV Q QQEMMNQI Q, iiiwqyf 62 2 U .Ya U . Q f J 'ii 3 x A . B I X ' N QNCH I f ! gg 65pfW"'E ' QMOS 'S' ' O M Q Q 3' , gif 'u ,--Q3 4 B N W' ,.f"V WQMWMQE yi' P dy F092 Qs Nj? Q53 'Q ' 1.5 - QB Vg '- f'of:,,Q - ii? 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Suggestions in the Towle High School - Spirit Yearbook (Newport, NH) collection:

Towle High School - Spirit Yearbook (Newport, NH) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 1


Towle High School - Spirit Yearbook (Newport, NH) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Towle High School - Spirit Yearbook (Newport, NH) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Towle High School - Spirit Yearbook (Newport, NH) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Towle High School - Spirit Yearbook (Newport, NH) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Towle High School - Spirit Yearbook (Newport, NH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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