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Toulon Township High School - Tolo Yearbook (Toulon, IL) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Cover

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1, ' N' I -f -'f ,lt ' P 'NJ me L71 .xx , --Q ,,, . iv v gi au 8 1 F A I P if P, Y X A. ,N ,fl W f-2 ' T NL 4 43 2:63 "1 Vi E 4 , ,X A ,. x ff . n.5,,,Y Q. , A ls, xg- !iv'. -.,,. 1 9 .- Vvi- T" "V WfQf7"ff"' '3lf ' 2111 Y Y f Tiny H, ' A 15: , 'mic' fn lp ff I. .' 3 , E ,af . 1 -I 1 - 1 -Tu- l R, .X 'E' ilmnmaag 1W 5fiFH 5 3 5 2' , wp.,-.ff flliable K, 1 3-125, 'SA xx 4' vw "E" 1 5 X, .-M 0:':"3'W "N" J km 3 , 3,55 . ki S 'Me . Wgw x -, . .E n- .1 5-.. -sim 35.41. 1x,353.asLfE-Y.-.4 4-1 ,'neaf-ggi.:-Mlknevuewmws-A THE ' TOLO STAFF OF TOULON HIGH SCHOOL PROUDLY PRESENTS THE l97I Tom F To be young is not a matter of years. Youth lives forever in a love forthe beauty that is in - the world, in the mountains, the sea, and sky, and in lovely faces through which shines the kind- liness of the inner mind. What is it to stay young?:It is the ability to hold fast to Wold friends, and to make new ones, to keep forever our beloved in dear remembrance and to open our hearts quickly to a light knock on the door. . Q Cornelia Rogers We hope that in the 1971 Tolo we have caughtethe spirit of Toulon High School. We hope that it holds many enjoyable memories for you. We Wish to thank Mrs. Kidd and the whole' Tolo staff for their hard work. ' i ' 'Mary and Kay fk TABLE OF CONTENTS Administration Seniors Juniors Llnderclassmen Activities Music Sports 1 5 We, the TOLO Staff, proudly dedicate the 1971 TOLO to Mr. W. S. Perrin. Mr. Perrin served as Stark County Superintendent of Schools from 1948 to 1969. He established the Stark County Grade School Music Festival which has given our young people a chance to perform for the com- munity. Many of our high school students today have lasting memories of their participation in this fine program. We are honored to be able to dedi- cate the TOLO to Mr. W. S. Perrin. new W NW :WE I. Nw 5 Q: X Nw, Q2 Qt I X Ng KX X I Ox fxx I fx Signs of the 1 us xr 2, -. ii gi 5 . 5 I' a E I. fa S. S335 3: is x fix :. kr, LN -- Q 'X Q 235 X. S S I S x .. X QJNN R Zodiac ADMINISTRATION BOARD OF EDUCATION: Front Row: Mr. Corliss Ingels, Mr. Ronald Currier, Mr. James Ingels, Mr Roland Wallace, Second Row: Mr. Murray jackson Mr. Harold Ely, and Mr. Eugene Musselman SUPERINTENDENT: Dr. john Ingalls SECRETARY: Mrs. Helen Williams PRINCIPAL: Mr. Ronnie McNeal Mr. Glen Buchert Mr. John Burcham Mr. Cecil Duffy Mr. Robert Eden Science Science and Math P.E., Safety Ed., Social Studies ' Football Mrs. Iris F uhr Mr. Alan Harland Mr. Lee Henneberry Mr. Gary jackson Speech and English English, P.E., Track Art English Mr. Wayne Jenkins Mr. August Johnson Mrs. jane Johnson Mrs. Caroline Kidd Industrial Arts, Basketball Band Commercial Commercial Mrs. Florence LaCost Mr. Scot Martin Mr. Charles Pearson Mrs. Virginia Perrin Commercial Chorus Agriculture Librarian Mr. james Simpson Miss Grace Skelley Mr. Daryl Sturgill. Miss Diana Sperry Counselor and Coach Spanish Miss Sharon Wise Girl's P.E. and Sociology Custodianst Graham Franklin and Jim Morgan. Math and Coach Home Economics Office Runners-Dorothy King, Clarence Wagher, Lin a Hunt, Melanie Ely, Cheryl Smith, Karen Wa- gher, Kathy Dison, Marlene Dykeman, and Vicki Wallace. Bus Drivers: Ssittingj Charles Amel , Leon Smith, Genevieve Trueloveg fstand- ing, Raymond Meaker, Bob Pendarvis, Polly Frail, Rose Niebuhrg Qkneelingj Jim ' Carter, Rolland Steward, Forrest Lewis. wr Q .X Cooks: Leona Porter, Florence Parker, Florence Muckey, Pansy Edwards, Alta Elliott. qbnn. ,f Zkqbbi :-k, qkqb. Ibn .::. wp- .':: '-il? Q, 1 .,.Z I Q P ,:' f2 ix ,.:, Q I F .5 i -A iab fl 45' ms QM ,J mag? gk S . 2 AM M g 9 K Q .1'f L 5 gk sie? 3 I ' 5 5 ' ' S' S f l , 8 J Q1 . ,, 4 Q 4 fqixjg I 1 ' Es X tl 2 2: Q.. , s, R 4 S E if VIRGO, Virgin SENIORS I as ' f H , 'Eg is Ei . :it, : Q Y , S ag Figs, SENIOR C S ADVISORS S S Mr. Simpson Mr. Burcham CLASS OFFICERS Back Row, Denise Egnew, AFS Representativeg Karen Wagher, Student Council Representativeg Carol Hotchkiss Treasurer. Front Row, Mike Hargadine, Student Council Representativeg Bob Winn, Reportergjohn Negley, Sec- retaryg Bob Collins, Vice-Presidentg Mike Fritch, President. JAMES ADDIS: Camera Club 35 GARY ANDERSON: Football 25 BARBARA BROWN: Class Offlcer . Speech Club 3gSt,C0unCi1 1,2,3,43 Track Manager 2,35 Chorus 1,2,3,4g 1,2,3: GAA 1,2,3,4g FFA 43 F.T.A. 35 Class Pres. 2,33 Football 1,2,3,45 Band 1,2,3,4q Musical 1,2,3,4g Class St. Council 3,4g Chorus 2,33 Class Play Basketball 1,2,3,4g Track 1,2,3,45 Play 3. h 43 Megaphone 1,2,3g Toulonicle 4. Chorus 1,2,3,4g Band 1,2,3g Mus- ical 1,2,3,4g Class Play 43 Home- coming attendant 1g Tolo lg Boys State 3. MOST SCHOLASTIC: Frank Price and Kay Ingels. JAMES CASTAGNA: FFA 1,2,3,49 FFA Offlcer 2,35 Basketball 1,2,3,4g Track 1,2,3,45 Chorus 1,2,3,4g Musical 1,2,3,4g Class Play 3,4g Toulonicle 3: Tolo 3. DQNALD COLGAN: Football 1, ROBERT COLLINS: Class Officer CLARENCE DENNISON: Basketball 25,45 Bagkgtbau 1,25 Homecoming 3,45 Football 42 Baseball 1,2,3,4Q 1,2,3,4i TI'8.Ck 1,2,3,4. Attendant 3. Class Play 33 Homecoming Attend- ant 4. WITTIEST: Steve Lahr, Cheryl Smith, and Mike Hargadine. ..l. A RT ll CONNIE DERICK: FHA 1,2,3,4g FTA 3,45 Chorus 1,2,3,4: Musical 2. KATHY DISON: Camera Club 33 LYNNE DRAKE: St. Council Rep. CHARLENE DYKEMAN: FHA 1,2, GAA 1,2,3: FHA 1,2,3,4g chorus 2: GAA 1,2,3,4s GAA Sports Chair- 3,45 Chorus 1,2,3,4g Musical 1,2,3,4g 1,3,43 Class Plays 3,45 Toulonicle man 3: FTA 1,2,3,4: FTA Vice- Class Plays 3. 4, Pres. 23 Student Council 2,3,45 St. Council Secretary 45 Chorus 1,2, 3,45 Band 1,2g Musical 1,2,3,4g Class Plays 4g Homecoming Attend- ant 25 Cheerleader 1,2,4g A.F.S. 2, 3,45 AFS Summer Student. MARLENE DYKEMAN: FHA 1,2,3, 43 Chorus 1,2,3,43 Musical 2,3,45 Class Plays 3,4. MOST ATHLETIC: Connie Fell and Jim Addis TOM EBERLE: FFA 1,2,3,4, DENISE EGNEW: AFS Rep. 45 ALICE ELLIOT! GAA 1,2,3,4-3 FHA GAA 1,2,3,4g FHA 1,2,3,4g Cross 1,2,3,4g FTA 3,45 Chorus 1,2,3,45 Country Helper 43 Track Helper 2, Band 1,2,3,4g Musical 1,2,3,43 Tolo 3,45 Chorus 1,2,3,4g Band 1,2,33 2,43 Class plays 3,4. Musical 1',2,3,4S Class Plays 3,45 A Tolo 2,3,4. CITIZENSHIP: Jim Castagna ancl Carol Hotchkiss. CONNIE FELL: GAA 1,2,3,4g FHA 1,2,3,4g Band 1,2,39 Musical 13 Cheer- leader 4. GARY FRAIL: Basketball 1,25 Class Play 3. CARL HAM: Camera Club 2,35 Foot- ball 1,2,3,43 Basketball 1,2,3g Track 1, 2,3,4g Class Plays 3,4. MIKE FRITCI-1: Class President 3,4g FFA 2,3,45 FFA Vice-President and Section Reporter 35 FFA President 45 Football 1,2,3,4g Basketball 11 Track A 1,33 Class Play 4. CHARLES FRAIL: FFA 1,29 'Foot- ball 1,2,3,4g Basketball 1,2,3,4g C Baseball 1,2,3,4g Track -1 ,2g Track Manager 3,4g Class Plays 3,4. MOST MUSICAL: Mary Henneberry and John McRell. MIKE HARGADINE: Camera Club 43 FFA 1,2,3,43 Student Council 43 Football 1,2,3,4Q Basketball 1,23 Baseball 3,43 Track 2,3,43 Chorus 4g Class Plays 3,4. MARY HENNEBERRYI GAA 1, CAROL HOTCHKISS: Class Officer 1,3,43 GAA 1,2,3,43 FHA 1,2,3,43 2,3,43 GAA Officer 3,44 FHA 1,z, 3,43 FHA Officer 2,3,43 FHA Presi- FTA 2g Chorus 1,2,3,43 Band 1,23 Class Play 33 Homecoming Attendant dent 43 Section Officer 33 Chorus 1,23 Band 1,2,3,43 Stage Band 2,3, 3. 43 Honor Band 3,43 Dance Band 33 Pep Band 43 Musical 1,3,43 Class Plays 3,43 Homecoming Attendant 43 Touloncile 33 Tolo 2,3,43 Co- Editor 4g Librarian 33 FHA Formal Attendant 43 FFA Chapter Sweet- heart 43 FFA Section Sweetheart 4. MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED: Carol Storey and Bob Collins. STEVE LEWIS! FFA 13 Class Plays 3,4. RICK HUNT: Baseball 3. t MARLIN INGALLS: Class Officer DOUGLAS INGELS: Chorus 1,2,3: 1,35 Student Council 2g Football Class Plays 45 School Newspaper 2,3 1,23 Basketball 1,2,3g Track 1,25 Band 1,2,3g Musical 35 Class Plays 3,4, Transfer from Leroy 4. BEST DRESSED: Ann Rice and Gary Frail. ELIZABETH IGAY INGELS: Class Officer 1,2,35 GAA 1,2,3,43 Officer 3, 45 FHA 45 FTA Officer 2,3,49 Student Council 3, Secretary 25 AFS Represen- tative 4g Class Play 43 Megaphone 1,2, 35 Candle Asst. Editor 3: Tolo Co- Editor 45 Illini Girl's State 19705 Cheerleader 1,2,3. DOROTHY KING: FHA 1,2, Second Vice-President 35 Treasurer 4, FHA Conventiong Class Plays 3, 4: Tolo 25 Assistant Business Mana- ger 3, Business Manager 43 Librarian 43 Office Runner 4. DOUGLAS MILLER: Camera Club 23 Student Council 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 45 Football 1,2,3,4g Basketball 1,2,3, 45 Baseball 1,2,3,4g Track 1,2,3,4s Chorus 1,2,3,4g Band 1,2,3g Musical 1,2,3,45 Class Plays 3,4g Homecoming Attendant 2, Homecoming Kingg Tolo 29 Boys State 3. 2 ROBERT LAYMAN: FFA 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 45 Football 43 Basketball 1, 25 Track 2,3,4g Chorus 2,3,45 Band 1, 2,3,4g Musical 1,2,3,43 Class Play 3: Stage Band 1,2,3,4. STEPHEN LAHR: FTA 2,4g Vice- President 35 Student Council 2,3,4, President 35 Athlon Klub 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 2,33 Football 45 Basket- ball 1,2,3,4q Baseball 1,2,3,43 Track 1,2,3,45 Chorus 1,2,3g School News- paper 1,2,3g Boys State 3. MOST ARTISTIC: Doug Ingels and Cheryl Reed DEBORAH MINTON: GAA lg JOHN PAUL MCRELL: Football JOHN NEGLEY: Class Officer 1,2,3, FHA 1,2,3,4: FTA 4g Chorus 1,2, lg Track 1,2g Chorus 1,2,3,4g Band 45 Basketball 1,2,3,4g Baseball 1,2, 4: FSA 45 0.0. Club Secretary 43 1,2,3,49 Musical 1,2,3,4g Stage Band Tfaflk 12,35 Chorus 112,334- Librarian 3. 1,2,3,4. BECKY OLMSTED: Class Officer 13 GAA 1,2,3g FHA 1,2,4g Secretary 35 FHA Formal Attendant 2g Cheerleader 1,35 Student Librarian 3g Chorus 15 Class Play 4. MOST DEPENDABLE: Karen Wagher and john Negley JOANN PHILLIPS: GAA 1,2,33 Dorus PLOTNER: GAA 1,2,3,4g 1 FRANK PRICE: Class Officer 3: FFAP FTA 1,2,3,4g Chorus 2,3,43 Band Sports Chairman 25 FTA 4g Class 12,43 Student C0UflCi13,43 17001252-H 1,2,3: Musical 2,35 Class Play 4g Plays 3,4, Transfer from Limestone 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,4: TTHCIC LZ, T010 2, FHA 1,2,3,4. K 3,45Chorus 1,2,3,49 Band 1,2,3,4: Musical 1,2,3,4g Class Play 33 Dance Band 1,2,3,4. CHERYL REED: Camera Club 35 GAA 1,2,35 FHA 1,2,3,4g Student Librarian 45 Chorus 1g Class Plays 3, 4gToulonic1e 4. BEST ALL-'ROUND: Karen Wagher, Mary Henneberry, Ann Rice, and Doug Miller. P 20 l so A A omg A 1 ANN RICE: Student Council 1,35 CHERYL SMITH: GAA 1,45 FHA GAA 1,2,3,45 FTA 1,2,35 Speech 1,2,3,45 FTA 45 Chorus 25 Class Club 45 Track helper 2,35 Chorus 1, Plays 3,45 Toulonicle 45 Tolo 45 2,3,45 Band 1,2,3,45 Musical 1,2,3, Student Librarian 2,3,45 Office 45 Class Plays 3,45 Homecoming Runner 3,4, Attendant 15 Cheerleader 2,3,45 Girls' State 3. CAROL STOREY: Class Vice-Presi- dent 25 GAA 1,2,3,45 Historian 45 FHA 1,2,3,45 Formal Attendant 1, Vice-President of Recreation 3, 2nd Vice-President 45 Band 1,2,35 Class Play 35 Tolo 3. 1 ALAN STREITMATTER DIANA STREITMATTER: GAA 1,2,3,45 FHA 1,2,3,45 Treasurer 35 Vice-President of Projects 45 Chorus 1,2,3,45 Musical 35 Class Plays 35 Toulonicle 35 Assistant Editor 35 Editor 45 Tolo 3. KAREN WAGHER: Class Officer 25 GAA 1,2Q3,45 FHA 1,2,3,45 FTA 15 Student Council 45 Track Queen and Helper 35 Band 1,2,35 Class Plays 3,45 Homecoming Queen 45 Tolo 35 Girls State 3. ROBERT WALTER: FFA 1,2,3, BETTY WEBER: 'Class President ROBERT WINN: Class Reporter 2,3, 3g GAA 1,2,3, Vice-President 35 4: FFA 1: Football 1,2,3,4: Class Plays Chorus 2,3: Homecoming Attendant 3,4gTou1onicle 2,3,4. ' 1,2,3. ANNA WULF: GAA 1,2,3. DOUGLAS WYANT: Basketball GERALD ZIEGLER: Football 1,2, 1,2,3: Baseball 1,23 Track 1,2. 3,43 Track 1,45 Chorus 49 Class Plays 3,4. 22 l E UP THE DOW STAIRCASE Top Row: M. Hargadine, K. Dison, G. Anderson, C. Hotchkiss, S. Lewis, D. Plotner, G. Ziegler, A. Rice, D. Egnew, B. Olmsted, B. Brown, S. Lahr, B. Weber, J. Castagna, J. Phillips, C. Frail, M. Dykeman, J. Addis, D. King. Second Row: Mr. Jackson, M. Ingalls, I. Negley, K. Ingels, A. Elliot, M. Henneberry, D. Miller, C. Ham. Third Row: C. Reed, C. Smith, L. Drake. Don Colgan Becky Olmsted Steve Lewis XXXXA k X R X X Q .XX NX :X XXX X N Y XX X W l Tom Eberle W X X N XXX X XS gi X X XXX X wx XXX xx N ----X: QX ifX:..1Xef:X X X X X X A X XQX X X X my R X K K SX X XX Xi XN X X XX X SB X N X xv' .. X. Betty Weber Castagna rg' 55's 5 I S I A iff '! 'ASX X . 5 1 . X H 'Q 5-X Q -X , , Mary Henneb CITY n McRel1 Karen Wagher Connie Derrick Dorothy King Charlene and Marlene Dykeman x Diana Streitmatter Joann Phillips Bob Layman Anna Wulf Frank Price wa . 5 5 Cheryl Smith Carl Ham Debbie Minton john Negley Gary Anderson Alice Elliot Carol Storey O 73' I: 0 75" 2' Q aa F1 X4 '11 Fl sv F'-3 Aw I Bob Collins Denise Egnew ' Kay Ingels ernn r e. Barb Brown Connie Fell Ann Rice I Doris Plotner SENIOR HO ones PERFECT ATTENDANCE AWARD. Dorothy King. TOP TEN. Top Row: Kay Ingels QVALEDICTORIANJ, Steve Lalir. 2nd Row: Bob Walter, Barb Brown, 3rd Row: Ann Rice, Gary Frail, Mary Henneberry, 4th Row: Carol Storey QSALUTATORIANQ, Bob Collins, Dorothy King. Q LIONS AWARD. Ann Rice Qalso BAUSH 56. LOMB SCIENCE AWARDQ and Doug Miller. l 1 L DAR AWARD: Karen Wagher. ' HONOR SPEAKERS AT GRAD- L K UATION: Jim Addis and Bob S A E Collins ARION AWARDS. Mary Henne- AMERICAN LEGION AWARDS beffl' lbandl and John MCRCH Carol Storey, Bob Collins. Qvocalj. SCHOLASTIC BOWL TEAM. Steve Lahr, Mr. Buchert QCoachQ, Gary Frail, Kay Ingels, Jim Addis Qcaptainj, Ann Rice, Carol Storey. MX W J 'Wi LIBRA, Balance JUNIORS Glenda Akers Dorothy Allen Amanda Appenheirner Bob Arnold Karen Bhear Allen Blank Dale Bowyer Bob Bowyer Colleen Briner Jane Castagna Christine Chamberlain Pamela Clark Terry Colgan Norman Collins Dorothy Copeland Vicki Copeland Kevin Costin Carol Craig john Creasey Mikel Dean Denise Derick John Deuel Kay Ducan Doug. Dunn Bill Dustin Melanie Ely jim Fisher Frankie George A Donald Graves Marion Hall JLI IORS Brent Hartley John Hatfield Mike Heaton Carl Hepner David Hicks Linda Hunt Melody Iles Jerri jackson Betsy jones Cheryl Klein Kyle Kuhrts Brad LaPayne Nancy Loomis Barb Milburn Kathy Montgomery Bob Musselman Mike McRel1 Nancy Nelson Sharon Preston Mary Pyle OFFICERS: Qback rowj Kim Turnbull, S. C. Rep.g Melanie Ely, Sec.g Aman- da Appenheimer, Pres.g Second Row: Tom Tal- bertg A.F.S. Rep.g Robert Musselman, S. C. Rep.: Brent Hartley, Rep.g Carl Hepner, Treas.g Mike McRell, Vice-Pres.g Front Row: Qadvisorsj Mr. Sturgill and Miss Sperry Ted Pyle Lynn Rice Sylvia Ride Mary Riggen Tom Talbert Susan Talbot Bob Thrasher Gayle Todd Linda Tracy Peggy Tracy . Kim Turnbull Ronald Vicars Rodney Wagenbach Clarence Wagher John Wagher Linda Wagher Vicky Wallace Ronnie Webber 'Ronald Webber Phil Webster Tim Williams Mitchell Winn Berney Witte Vic ki Wulf Paul Ziegler Janice Webster Candy, popcorn, chewing gum? PROM NIGHT has 3 Hairy Problem! Amanda on the Phone Again! JLI IOR PLAY CAST I ww flffi X HANG UP AT GENERATION GAP Demonstration full power! Ban won't wear off! Attended Art Camp Conference on Atom M ii XQMS , . gg E Es! if Iii:-' . QM Q ww 5 . ix Aiwa Q .2 WR X A N S Q i K SCORPIO, Scorpion UNDERCLASSMEN SOPHOMORES john Allen Randall Allen Brenda Allison Leslea Carroll Chris Cinnamon Arthur Clark john Allen Crow Barbara Curry Dennis Daum Duane Daum Keith Dennison Debra Fell Debra Frail George Giesenhagen Bruce Grimm Terry Hargadine Delores Hedges Micky Henneberry Joyce Hockett Lyn Huber Deanna Hufnagel Debra Hunt Mary Ingels Russell jackson Bob Kamerer Linda Kenney Alan Kitterman Susan Lambert Mary Lehman Susan Lewandowski Becky Lucas Mike Macy Candy Mallery Crystal Mock Dan Montooth Wayne Mowers Joe McKenzie Becky McNeal Jeff Odom jon Olmsted Christy Omanson Phil ofwig jim Pearson Terry Peterson Madelyn Price Christine Pyell Vicki Raska John Rechsteiner Kim Reed Lee Sherbeyn Karen Sherbeyn jerry Stapel Robin Streed Kevin Tallaert Roger Thorne Randy Vicars Daryl Wagenbach Danny Wagher Paul Wagher Larry Wasson Gerald Wheaton Bob Wilkinson Mike Williams Patty Williams Cindy Winans OFFICERS: QFront Rowj Delores Hedges, Student Councilg Mary Leh- man, AFSQ Mary Ingels, Student Coun- Aaron Wulf cilg Madelyn Price, Secretaryg fBack Kathi WYQM Rowl Bob Wilkinson, Presidentg jim Debbie Ziegler Pearson, Treasurerg Russell Jackson, Reporterg-Iohn Rechsteiner, Vice- President. Mr Buchert Mrs. Johnson Advisor - -inn .Q ,inner Advisor Donna Allen Dan Appenheimer Nancy Ater Cynthia Booker Judy Bowyer jill Carroll Kevin Chamberlain Christy Colgan Nick Collins Hazel Copeland john Costin Gordon Coulter Preston Currier Marsha Dennison Rick Dennison Freshmen Initiation Steve Derick Karl Drieman Brian Ely Steve Foglesong Mike Frail Bill Franklin Susie F ritch Rodney Gerard Ron Heaton Beth Hepner Pat Iles Greg Knowles Gus Krantz Lisa Kuhrts Dave Lahr Q Pat Lambert Burton LaPayne Frances Linkchorst Steven Long Stephen Lucas Tom Mah ony Michael Main David Milburn Dale Minton Rosemary Moats Paul Nowlan Mary Ogden Sue Peterson Mark Porter Karen Morse Robert Morse Chris McCurdy Robert McKenzie Brad Nelson Lynn Niebuhr Freshmen Initiation R. Webster P. Wilkinson M. Williams B. Wirce T. Wulf J. Wyant C. Price D. Price Angie Schmidt - Ann Schmidt R. Shambaugh C. Simpson R. Thrasher O. Tracy M. Truelove D, Turnbull R. Turnbull G. Voss C. Walker D. Wallace R. Walter D. Wasson C. Webster Left Qfront to back? Preston Currier, St. Councilg Carolyn Price, Secretaryg Phil Wilkinson, Treasurer Brian Ely, St. Council, Mr. Pearson, Advisor. Right Qfront to backj Cindy Simpson, AFS Rep. Angie Schmidt, V.-Pres.g Nancy Ater, Pres.g David Price, Reporterg Mr. Jackson, Advisor. V, -. s '1 I . :" QQ "'. ' S "' 'M 1 "5" M, - 'Q 555 5 Mm ? fn"Qli1i Egan 9' ESE ilasi f W it gg i 5 I i f , 53? SX .-, , ?,fi Q Gif 4 w ai ' ig 5 k . xx ' iw? Q 'I sig X 4 a x X 3 - Q,-1, qs X - .s 5523 tzfib y X x .E my 5' 1 S E ! ix RZ XX Q . Rx - X 5 S X Sk fiswfs , - mg- ?, K 'aww' Q : 2 2 X 1. 1' 5 S sei Xi 5 :.aafQg 5 -inii L. , Lfwwwf Q if sf Ras 5 8 X x 'Q X . vix.. X2 . Y J sx A L X. A Eg? ex S- H if Q X Q 3 E S E S S :wx S NS is SN M QS Q if AQUARIUSP Waterman ACTIVITIES STUDENT COUNCIL Top Row: Steve Lahr, Doug Miller, Frank Price, Jim Addis, Chris Cinnamon. Second Row: Kay Ingles, Mickey Henneberry, Bruce Grimm, Karen Wagher, Madelyn Price. Third Row: Dorothy Allen, Mike Hargadine, Ann Rice, Barb Brown, Phil Webster. Fourth Row: Mary Ingels, Nancy Ater, Bob Musselman, john Deuel, Mike Fritch. Fifth Row: Lynne Drake, Delores Hedges, John Hatfield, Carol Craig, Amanda Appenheimer. Bottom Row: Preston Currier, Brian Ely, Bob Wilkinson, Kim Turnbull. KY EW. .Y Q 5. f 5 Q Q J Y- X 5 S , .4 W Q I M mf' 3 S 3 s Q S 3 2 W -Q X .Q 15 S X x X T Jew X . .mg .1 X E7 Q .7....... .,,,, . 5 fx ll' f ' fW4'WWQ!Zs1e4 , 3. . .X ,xg-ff Q Q3 Q 5 U ' qw hz,-. as 5 3 x X x rm-4 W Yf,, WW' , I , 32? g., Y 1 QW .. QM r 3 S . . A Af. . A 3 Q fe .Ai -W iii is E9 Q . , Y '. 5 AQ . 3 . sg S. ' Ti 2 xi fx Y as 2 b .. 3 Q. Y w GAA Back row: B. Brown, D. Wasson, M. Price, L. Neibuhr, K. Ingels, J. Carroll, L. Kuhrts, P. Clark, K. Wagher. A. Rice, N. Ater. 2nd row: M. Henneberry, M. Pyle, V. Wulf, L. Carroll, J. Jackson, J. Webster, L. Wagher, P. Ziegler, D. Hedges, M. Lehman, M. Ingels. 3rd row: D. Plotner, K. Duncan, S. Peterson, B. Milburn, B. Hepner, C. Pyell, C. Craig, C. Hotchkiss, C. Briner, B. Curry, L. Drake, C. Walker. 4th row: C. Winans, D. Frail, L. Kenney, C. Colgan, P. Iles, C. Price, Angie Schmidt, C. Simpson, C. Webster, S. Lewandowski, J. Hockett. Sth row: V. Copeland, B. Jones, G. Akers, D. Fell, C. Chamberlain, L. Rice, D. Wallace, D. Ziegler, Ann Schmidt, C. Smith. Front rowz. C. Fell, J. Castagna, M. Iles, S. Lambert, D. Egnew, Miss Wise fAclvisorJ C. Storey, C. Mock, A. Elliott, P. Williams, S. Frirch, S. Rice A OFFICERS: Top row: Paula Ziegler, Lynn Rice, Kay Ingels, Christine Chamberlain, Mary Henneberry, Jerri Jackson. Bottom row: Melody Iles, Colleen Briner, Miss Wise. advisor, Carol Craig, Carol Storey. Xi "Don't you dare!" -2. X Q ii i sf + v X2 X. w XQ- ,S Nz X SQN5 X S S Q is NN ,: .I K X X X K X X Q X w ' X X 'i N X . N x N X C ' Q. ' - 5 I A Q F X N? X X SX X X X ww wx' - X X X ww XY-fix, X . 125 ialssgfss. X 5: MF X KQYS sis? v4 X W! M1 Skis i- Q Q X . Q x "W NX X x S., 5? N- NP ww N The club enjoyed their visit to the retarded school very much. New Members: Top Row D. Wallace, J. Hatfield, D. Was- son, J. Carroll, M. Price, N. Ater, C. Briner, B. Hepner. Front Row: D. Minton, P. Iles, A. Schmidt, D. Plotner, C. Simpson, M. Truelove, C. Smith. OFFICERS: Back row: Mary Ingels, Treasurer, Lynn Rice, Secretary, Kay Ingels, 1st Vice-Presidentg Jerri Jackson, 2nd Vice-President. Front Row: Amanda Appenheimer, Presidentg Mrs. Perrin, Advisorg Kim Turnbull, Reporter. Top Row: J. Hatfield, Jerri Jackson, L. Rice, N. Ater, M. Price, K. Ingels, S. Lahr, I. Carroll, P. Clark, D. Wasson, M. Lehman, P. Ziegler, M. Ely, M. Ingels. Second Row: J. Phillips, C. Omanson, A. Schmidt, D. Wallace, D. Plotner, K. Duncan, D. Hedges, C. Briner, L. Drake, B. Curry, B. Hepner, A. Appenheimer, K. Turnbull. Third Row: B. McNeal, S. Rice, D. Minton, M. Iles, C. Simpson, B. Jones, C. Derick, P. Iles, M. Truelove, L. Hunt, A. Elliot, C. Smith. Top Row: Gerald Wheaton, Rickie Shambaugh, George Giesenhagen, Duane Daum, Ron Weber,Jim Pearson, Dan Montooth, Ron Vicars, Frank Price, Rob Kamerer, Allen Crow, Kyle Kuhrts, Steve Foglesong, Ricky Webster, Dan Wagher. 2nd row: David Price, Bill Franklin, Steve Lucas, Dennis Daum, Brad Nelson, Terry Hargacline, Daryl Wa- genbach, Tom Eberle, Robin Streed, Rod Wagenbach, Paul Wagher, Gary Voss, Steve Derick, Don Turnbull. 3rd row: Dan Appenheimer, Dick Walters, Mike Fritcli, Bob Musselman, Mike Hargadine, Dale Minton, Mitch Winn, Bob Layman, Larry Wasson, Mike McRell, Phil Webster, Brad LaPayne, Jim Castagna, Tom Mahony, John Costin. 4th row: Burt LaPayne, Bob Morris, Marion Hall, Karl Drieman, Brian Ely, Kevin Talbert, Kevin Chamberlain, Paul Nowlan, Ron Turnbull, Oney Tracy, Ricky Dennison, Ron Thrasher. l l Mr. Pearson, Advisor. Student Teachers-Mr. Frank McNaught and Mr. George Shearer. PARLIAMENTARY PROCEDURE Mary Henneberry and Mr. Pearson. This year's FFA Banquet was a TEAM. B21Ck FOWI Mike Hafgadinei Mary was chosen Chapter Sweet- success. Bob Layman and Bfad LHPGYUCZ heart by the FFA and Went on to floor members. Front row: ,Mike Win the Section title. Fritch, Chairmang jim Castagna, Secretary. GREENHANDS: Back row-Dick Walters, Don Turnbull, Brad Nelson, Steve Lucas, Bill Franklin, Ricky Webster, Dale Minton, Steve Fogelsong, Ricky Shambaugh, Gary Voss, Steve Derick, David Price, Kevin Talbert. Front row: Ron Thrasher, Bert LaPayne, Dan Appenheimer, Oney Tracy, Tom Mahoney, Paul Nowlan, Kevin Chamberlain, Brian Ely, Karl Dreiman, Ron Turnbull, Bob Morse, Ricky Dennison, john Costin. OFFICERS: Phil Webster, Sentinelg Bob Musselman, Vice-presidentg Mike Fritch, President, Mike McRe1l Reporter, Mike Hargadine, Secretaryg Bob Layman, Treasurer. S 5 l i 1 5 5 l L Bottom row: L. Huber, S- Rice, B. Lucas. D- Mintun, K. Dison, K. Turnbull,J. Phillips, A. Schmidt, C. Derik, D. Streitmatter, A. Elliot, S. Lambert, C. Dylceman, D. C, Storey, D, Egnew, C, Fell, K, Reed, D, Derick, G, Ziegler, D. HUHC, M- Iles. J- Castagnas S- Ffifchv P- Todd, L. Hunt, D. Allen. Third row: S. Lewandowski, Williams, V. Copeland, C. Smith, B. McNeal. Second C. Omansony M. Truelove, P, Iles, V, Wallace, M, Dyke- row: C. Klein, N. Nelson, C. Mock, K. Bhear, C. Reed, man, C. Pyeu, C. Craig, R, Moats, Q Webster, V, Ras. Mother and Daughter Banquet. Guest speaker. FHA Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Dean Briner, Miss Sperry, 1 Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Rice. Mr. and Mrs. Lee I Henneberry were not available for the picture. ka, C. Simpson, A. Appanheimer, B. Jones, L. Kenney, L. Wagher, B. Milburn, L. Carroll. Fifth row: P. C. Winans, D. Frail, J. Hockett. Fourth row: L. Tracy, Tracy, G. Akers, C. Price, D. Wallace, S. Preston, C. M. Pyle, M. Ely, L. Rice, N. Ater, K. Sherbyn, L. Chamberlain, C. Hotchkiss, V. Wulf, C. Booker, J. Web- Neihuhr, P. Clark, J. Carroll, L. Kuhrts, K. Ingels, K. ster, P. Ziegler, J. Jackson, K. Duncan, B. Brown, C. Wagher, D. Allen, D. Wasson, D. Fell, M. Henneberry, Briner, C. Walker, A. Schmidt, D. King, S. Peterson. Officers: First row: Colleen Briner, Mary Henneberry President, Carol Storey. Top row: Alice Elliot, Dorothy King, Leslie Carroll, Miss Sperry Advisor, Dorothy Allen, Amanda Appenheimer, Diana Streitmatter. CHRISTMAS IN ASPEN King and Queen and Court Senior Attendants: junior Attendants: Mary Henneberry Linda Wagher Mike Fr-itch Bob Musselman Sophomore Attendants: Freshmen Attendants: Debbie Frail Angie Schmidt Terry Hargacline Bill Franklin Crown Bearers: Tammy Rennick and Kirk Schmidt Queen Carol Storey and King Mike Hargacline FHA ACTIVITIES 3 " 'g"' ' ' 2 4' ijr"'n'-'f-- .311 .... IT. M' " W W 5 .. , ,.... ...,, ,,,. . . , Row One: John Rechsteiner, Bob Winn, Tom Talbert, Brent Hartley, Russ Jackson, Mike McRell, Barb Brown. Row Two: Colleen Briner, jan Webster, Melanie Ely, Lynn Rice, Jerri jack- son, Amanda Appenheimer, Kim Turnbull. Row Three: Kathy Dison, Cheryl Reed. Row Four: Betsy Jones, Mel Iles. Row Five: Alice Elliot, Diana Streitmatter. Row Six: Mrs. johnson, Sylvia Rice. Mrs. Johnson, Advisor Jerri Jackson, Assistant Editorg Diana Streitmatter Editor. 5 THE TEA THAT MADE THE BOOK Top Row: Barb Milburn, Barb Curry, Mary Ingels, Melanie Ely, Linda Tracy, john Rechsteiner, Jerri Jackson, Vicki Wulf, Glenda Akers. 2nd Row: Alice Elliott, jane Castagna, Denise Egnew, Vicky Wallace, Amanda Appen- heimer, Betsy Jones, Melody Iles, Linda Hunt, Cheryl Smith. 3rd Row: Kay Ingels, Colleen Briner, Mrs. Kidd, Dorothy King, Pam Clark, Mary Henneberry. I97O-7I TOLO STAFF OFFICERS Mrs. Kidd, Advisorg Colleen Briner, Assistant Editorg Kay Ingels, Mary Henneberry, Co-Editorsg Dorothy King, Business Managerg Pam Clark, Assistant Business Manager. SPEECH CLUB This year-'s speech club had seven members go to the district contest which was held in Kewanee. Those attend- , ing and their events follow: Bob Wilkinson, oratorical declamationgjohn Deuel, radio speakinggjim Addis and Carol Storey, duet actingg Colleen Briner, Original orationg Nancy Nelson, poetryg and John Rechsteiner, prose. Bob finished 1st at district and went on to Sectional Contest in Moline. jim Addis-Chairman, Mrs. Fuhr., Advisor, Lin These seven people participated at district contest. Wagher-Secretary. Top Row: john Deuel, Bob Winn, Jim Addis, Mike Heaton, Ann Rice, Linda Tracy. 2nd Row: Barb Milburn, Paula Ziegler, Dorothy Allen, Linda Wagher, Colleen Briner, Mary Pyle, John Rechsteiner. 3rd Row: Betsy Jones, Lynne Drake, Bob Wilkinson, Kay Duncan, Nancy Nelson, Melody Iles. da CAMERA CLUB OFFICERS: Alan Kitterman, Treasurerg Mr. Burcham, Advisorg Wayne Mowers, President. Top Row: Alan Kitterman, Randy Vicars, Brent Hartley, Wayne Mowers. Bottom Row: Gus Krantz, Bob Wilkinson, Mr. Burcham, Kevin Talbert, Mike Hargadine. VGCATIONAL COQPERATI E Top Row: Ron Webber, Alan Streitmatter, Bob Walter, Tim Williams, Gary Anderson, Bob Bowyer, Doug Wyant Bottom Row: Debbie Minton, Vickie Wallace, Steve Lewis, Terry Colgan, Doug Dunn, Gerald Ziegler. Debbie Minton on job. This is the first year for Toulon High School to participate in the Cooperative Work Training Program and Area Vocational School at Kewanee High School. Some of the students are taking on the job training. The purpose of this course is for students to be able to step out of high school and get ajob. , Q., ,fi , ia' I . B -E Q5 1 ww' ' E '-e:'::x:f :Re EB ,wx ig, EE F s E ! 2 3 , f , , , 5 g :R SS,2E5 Q .,2,. , we ? .:55Q,2.Q 1 i 2 f ? S, ii l .,., Sb Ns g 2 Q! . . 5 5 ix si. if 2 , I -5 i 555 25, s f Sffwmwu V ' N Q Z fi Ng! . 2 , Si V! 5 fi " N 1 2 f i Q X5 Q gg i f? SSX ,sms Sw PISCES, Fish W if E Q gi S. S L Aff: Sie , 3 xe Y 5 .F ai E : x s E 2 i Q ' is ff 2 '!5'iW51'Qr' 1 1 2 I . I ' ,- at , X, x e fix E S E 41 Q- ls 4: -s a - ge , . Q if is . b ' ' is S' Q5 .7 SQ 'fig fs' ' 55:5 Q is Q ' S f ii, QV Q A Q si x . ,N- A Q S X 3 Q ii gg, 55 2 E 5s 5 2 Q 2 E S? is 5 21 QS . f.5ixs MUSIC K , .-.. K K kkk. kshh Q K .. K . X 4, YV K Q 'Q Q K 3. N K K.. S. sf A ' x . KS' S . K Q .Q K X . s K, ? . W Q if A Mx XX 8 sa K Q S na. w Q X- ,5Q....KKKK8 . Q X E .LK kgs!-13? ,... . W 2 , , M X. K " N K, . ..... , ' NK KK K. K Q, fs . .- Q N -- L KK QF J Q 2. rf .' KK I X K, V3 sf: K igexm Q . K K KKKQK5- MEKK K K K Q K S . K . K-K KKKKKKKN -M-M 3 . - - --- K K .. . 5 .K .NK 'K K K, K .i. .il S WM . . xg F XK . K .wg K.-S-'SK KK X ' X Q 3' Q M- Q ' K 5 'X - X R W -' g . . . . N K Q . - -- f . - SNK K - ' - ...WN . f S X . fx X -- .. X ' . W- W . .I - X Q ,...-Q. - X .. -K. KKQK .. K . KK . K S ' - W.--.. Q f X X E k . . --Q 'X XX' ' Q 3. X S "X-X. - S .Q 51' - - - X - X- xx Q, X .-S W NS' . . X' X - ' S S .. ' . ' 1 . - - - S ' - I N X - " - X X X X X X .. 'W -f. X . - .. KX. -X -K ,KK . K K 1 K KKK - :gg K. K - . --S - - I ' - X . .' - Q X x KK .K, -dx Q . - -P A - - Q " S' - ' , . Q X 1.- -,gv .- is-as 5 .fi Q. -- X . K- K X - 5 A F . 3 ' .. X . ' 55? .. is 5 K. - X XX M .. X S E - 'Q XM' X- XQQN.. Q' Q . S " ' if. X 'X wx. mim ' S .- ' K .. . X Y K .. . U .. T X Q X ' Q - X53 6 . Q . - - .. - "A A '-Qs 'if -Y5 ' K. .. N. g K- - '.- ' 'Q ' - - x - X X ' X f K ax .. 8 ...':X-i Y X X s X 5 LFX + 1f K K 52.1 K KK . . X K-' K .K ,K . K K K, - f. '- .fs X 'f X Q k ' X. .. Ev - X ,gf K s .K KK X x N X - X . .3-45K X '- .Q N Q5 KK . ' xo- X X - M S gf.. -L 5 5 . . -4 fx, If g- f R gf X Q X- - .. - - - -' K f - - -lf 5 K In X' K N 'ix X. K K K . K. 5 X' W. x . -.-N I .Kb PCM PCM GIRLS Center from back to front: Nancy Ater, Kay Duncan, Patty Iles, Lyn Huber. Left: Paula Ziegler. Right: Barb Curry. f Director: Mr. johnson. Majorette: Chris Chamberlain. Nwmmm in, , fr 7 ,V , ,fm ,X H ,f fn 'if 'W VU , V, ,,r, ,,, .uf V, ,, E kg Z M M nw' we f s,,x nm V , W- ff? 'f I Va r' xf' V' Z Z V f sa , Q ,M Mel, 4 X, yr , L ,MMMW ,,,,,,U, ,, 1 Some of the activities ofthe Pom Pom Girls are the Homecom- ing Parade and the football games. Also this year they participated in the Christmas Assembly. MUSIC ACTIVITIES HONOR BAND: Back row: Ann Rice, Frank Price, HONOR CHORUS: Doug Miller, John McRell, Melanie Bob Layman, Chris Cinnamon. Front row: john McRell, Ely, Bob Layman, Ann Rice. John Rechsteiner, 'Mary Henneberry, Joyce Hockett. BAND AND CHORUS CONTEST SUPERIOR RATINGS: TOP Row: Gary Anderson, Connie Webster, Phil Webster, Joyce Hockett, Karen Bhear, Mike MeRe1l, Don Graves, Mary Henneberry, Ann Rice, Phil Wilkinson, Bob Layman, Ted Pyle. Bottom row: Frank Price, Norm Collins, Dennis Daum, Alan Kitterman, Lynn Rice, David Price, Kevin Chamberlain, Patty Lambert, Brian Ely, Kim Reed, Alice Elliott, Crystal Mock. ACCOMPANISTS: Madelyn Price, Dorothy Allen, Dorothy Wasson, Kevin Chamberlain. BAND AND CONTEST EXCELLENT AND GOOD RATINGS: Top row: Ted Pyle, Jill Carroll, Doug Miller, Gus Krantz, Debbie Minton, Leslea Carroll, Delores Hedges, Nancy Ater, Patty Lam- bert. Bottom row: Bob Layman, Chris Cinnamon, Jan Webster, Debbie Wallace, Patty Iles, Connie Webster, Angie Schmidt, Alice Elliott, Denise Egnew. GlRL'S CHQRUS Top Row: C. Craig, D. Hufnagel, Angie Schmidt, C. P. Lambert. 3rd Row: ,M. Ingel, C. Dykeman, Donna Walker, B. Milburn, C. Briner, D. Hedges, C. Hotchkiss, Allen, P- HCS- K- Turnbull, D- DCfiCk, C- PfiCC, V- Wal- C. Chamberlain, M. Ely, B. Hepner, D. Wallace, C. Webster, B. Curry, C. Winans, M. Dykeman. 2nd Row: J. jackson, L. Rice, D. Wasson, L. Carroll, L. Niebuhr, M. Price, L. Kuhrts, J. Carroll, P. Clark, A. Rice, Doro- thy Allen, L. Wagher, N. Ater, J. Webster, P. Ziegler, lace, L. Drake, K. Dison, P. Tracy, R. Moats, D. Egnew, Ann Schmidt, C. Mock, N. Nelson. 4th Row: M. True- love, S. Rice, D. Minton, V. Copeland, N. Loomis, J. Castagna, D. Streitmatter, J. Phillips, B. Jones, C. Derick, A. Elliott, M. Iles, S. Fritch, L. Hunt, C. Klein. Top Row: P. Lambert, P. Ziegler, J. Webster, L. Rice, N. Ater, L. Wagher, D. Wagher, R. Heaton, L. Nie- buhr, R. Jackson, S. Fogelsong, T. Talbert, G. Giesen- hagen, Dorothy Allen, L. Carroll, D. Wasson, G. Voss, D. Price, J. Jackson, G. Zielger. 2nd Row: R. Webster, A. Rice, P. Clark, L. Kuhrts, L. Wasson, M. Heaton, D. Miller, R. Kamerer, B. Layman, F. Price, J. Negley, J. Addis, N. Collins, M. Winn, T. Pyle, J. Carroll, C. Cinnamon, D. Wagenbach, M. Price, M. Hargadine. 3rd Row: P. Nowlan, C. Winans, D. Hufnagel, Angie Schmidt, D. Wallace, C. Walker, B. Milburn, C. Briner, C. Chamberlain, M. Ingels, C. Hotchkiss, D. Hedges, M. I i E F age S k f s fwywk M? 5 3 1 gWSsg x QTKNS fmxs gTQgS,.f Sfg sp Exif 2l 2' 1P 4s?afS sf? kaski ZFEi5!'i : L SL Q E Si Ffa ei E 3 2 E 'WW f . Sswiwxqi gi , -Q,-1 :,f Q 1 ,, ., 'E n fgs5 ui n f Qi E 5 QgQQvwf Sw Q 2 I S 1 x 6 1 as EEK V i 7 X f f-axial X X Y ,, :-' , 5 . 2 E 3 N 9' .M SN? Sims fi EE 1 "-' uf' - . .. ww 4 L iv 'W W TAURUS, Bull ',',ge . S ATHLETICS HCLD THAT LI E Rear: Coach Duffy, Norm Collins, Chuck Frail, Carl Ham, Frank Price, Bob Layman, Jim Addis, jim Pearson, Coach Simpson. Row 2: Coach Eden, Carl Hepner, Don Colgan, Russ Jackson, Ted Pyle, Doug Miller, Steve Lahr, John Creasy, Coach Sturgill, Row 3: Bob Winn, Bill Dustin, Bob Musselman, Gerald Ziegler, Mike Hargadine, Larry Was- son, john Hatfield, Mike Fritch, Mike Heaton, Row 4: Manager-Gordy Coulter, Phil Webster, Al Blank, Bob Thrasher, John Wagher, Clarence Wagher, Jerry Stapel, Dennis Daum, Manager-Tom Talbert. VARSITY SCHEDULE We They Wyoming X Western X Princeville X Bradford X Manlius X Wethersfield X Dunlap X Walnut X Elmwood X Asst. Coaches: Mr. Sturgill, Mr. Simpson, Mr. Eden, Head Coach Mr. Duffy. Tom Talbert, Manager, Asst. Manager, Gordie Coulter: Co-Captains: Doug Miller and Ted Pyle TROJAN HONORS Co-Captains Ted Pyle ALL CONFERENCE First Team jim Addis Second Team John Creasey Mike Fritch John Waglier Honorable Mention Ted Pyle Doug Miller Offensive Halfback Offensive Tackle Offensive Halfback Offensive Fullback and Defensive Guard Defensive End Coaches: Mr. Simpson and Mr. Sturgill Top Row: Jim Pearson, John Allen, Mick Henneberry, Dale Minton, Steve Fogelsong, Duane Daum, Larry Wasson, Russ jackson. 2nd Row: Mr. Simpson, Mike Frail, Nick Collins, jeff Odom, Rick Webster, Dan Wagher, Terry Har- gadine, Brad Nelson, jerry Stapel, Mr. Sturgill. 3rd Row: Dennis Daum, Mike Macy, Roger Thorne, Paul Wagher, Bill Franklin, Don Turnbull, Bob Wilkinson, Mike Williams, 4th Row: Tom Talbert, Preston Currier, Carl Dreiman, Greg Knowles, Brian Ely, Mike Main, Paul Nowlan, Dave Milburn, Ron Turnbull, Gus Krantz, Gordon Coulter. JV FCCTBALL Top Row: Mark McKenzie, Mike Frail, Nick Collins, Rick Webster, Steve Fogelsong, Dale Minton. Second Row: Mr. Simpson, Don Turnbull, Brad Nelson, Preston Currier, Carl Dreiman, Greg Knowles, Mr. Sturgill. Bottom Row: Brian Ely, Mike Main, Paul Nowlan, Dave Milburn, Ron Turnbull. Gus Krantz. FRESHMEN . I Dale Minton Mike Frail .1 Gus Krantz Don Turnbull Steve Fogelsong Top Qleft to rightjb Crystal Mock, Madelyn Price, Cindy Simpson, Christy Colgan. Top to bottom: Ann Rice, Dorothy Allen, Lynne Drake, Carol Craig, Kim Turn- bull, Connie Fell. BLACKHAWK CHAMPS Standing: R. Vicars. F. Price, C. Ham, C. Frail, T. Pyle, M. Dean, J. Creasey, J. Castagna, B. Trasher, A. Blank, B. LaPayne, S. Lahr, D. Miller, J. Addis, C. Dennison, J. Negley, B. Hartley. Kneeling: Managers-N. Collins, J. Hatfield, Coach Jenkins. SCHEDULE W L Yates City x Western x Glasford x Princeville x ICAC Tourney 2nd Place P'ville Tourney 4th Place Bradford x Wyoming x Manlius x Elmwood x Wethersfield x Dunlap x Q2 OTJ Wyanet x Princeville x Walnut x Williamsfield x Elmwood x Dunlap x Wyoming x TROJANS IN ACTIO Coach Jenkins Trojans started off the year with great expectations and ended with no less than the BLACKHAWK CHAMPIONSHIP. It was the first in 10 years for the community and the first championship for the T-L unit. We also took second in the I.C.A.C. There are certain things about this season we'll never forget. Remember the tense double overtime game at Dunlap or Al Blank's last second shot in the Williamsfield game? A big thanks goes to the whole team and congratulations to Jim Addis and Clarence Dennison who made All Conference 2nd team and Honorable Mention. Also to john Negley, a unanimous choice for the first team. We'cl like to thank the LaFayette Athlon club for the roster boards fpictured at the bottom of the opposite pagej. FRESHMAN TEAM M. Williams, O. Tracy, P. Currier, R. Shambaugh, D. Minton, D. Milburn, K. Dreiman, B. Morris, 2nd Row: Coach Eden, D. Price, M. McKenzie, S. Fogelsong, R. Gerard, M. Frail, D. Turnbull, 3rd Row: G. Coulter, B. Laoavne, G. Knowles, P. Nowlan, D. Lahr, R. Turnbull, M. Main, S. Lucas. 2 Top Row: Randy Vicars, jon Olmsted, Jim Pearson, Phil Orwig, Chris Cinnamon, Duane Daum, Steve Foglesong Carl Ham. Front Row: Mike Williams, jerry Stapel, Mike Frail, Jeff Odom, Russell Jackson, Dan Wagher, Dennis Daum, Coach Harland. J.V. TROJANS I ACTIO BLACKHAWK szvnuas VARSITY Back Row: M. Ingalls, J. Addis, B. Hartley, B. Layman, C. Ham, C. Frail, J. Negley, F. Price, C. Dennison, J. Pearson. Second Row: R. Jackson, J. Olmsted, T. Pyle, D. Miller, M. Dean, M. Winn, B. Dustin, C. Cinnamon, M. Heaton, P. Orwig, S. Lahr, S. Fogleson, Coach Duffy, Coach Harland. Front Row C. Dreiman, B. Franklin, A. Blank, J. Castagna, K. Costin, M. Frail, M. Hargadine, J. Stapel, J. Hatfield, B. Thrasher, R.Thorne, G. Krantz. TRACKETTES Back Row: M. Lehman, C. Briner, C. Chamberlain, K. Ingels, L. Rice, C. Craig, P. Clark, L. Tracy. Front Row: Coach Harland, A. Rice, D. Allen QTrack Queenj, D. Egnew, J. Castagna, J. Jackson, L. Drake, K. Dison, K. Turnbull. JUNIOR VARSITY Back Row: D. Daum, J. Olmsted, J. Pearson, P. Orwig, C. Cinnamon, R. Heaton, G. Wheaton, Second Row: Coach VanDyke, S. Foglesong, J. Stapel, R. Webster, R. Jackson, J. Odom, R. Thorne, T. Hargadine, M. Frail, Coach Harland, Coach Duffy. Front Row: B. Franklin, C. Dreiman, G. Knowles, P. Wagher, G. Krantz, D. Price. Standing: Brent Hartley, Mike Dean, Mitch Winn, Chris Cinnamon, Ion Olmstead, Coach Harland. Kneeling: Ron Heaton, Kevin Costin, Gary Voss, David Price. .... .. ii I k .S 9 K . , r Coach Al Harland with .Mitch. CROSS cou TRY ON TO VICTORY ?! ?? This is a new addition to our sports curriculum. These nine boys tried hard but inexperience was on our side and luck was on theirs. Playing schools such as Gales- burg, Peoria, and Kewanee, didn't help either. Yet the future looks promising! All of these boys are underclass- men and will be back next year with a yeai-'s experience and the helpful guidance of Coach Harland. So next year . . . on to Victory! TROJAN AVTICS Us ixfg J ,..,,,, . X , .fx . . :. f- A. . -f -g g . 'VX S.. , . Mm .. .Q ,. Q X N . ..,,, w w bis . ,., NW . .. . .. C71 ,z 5 . ,,.. vi, L if N. ' ,,,.. X , .ki ' '.::. :ll ' K Q.. . H. up S """?ix f N x x Q? - 2' 3 . X x 5 I1 . . X F N X r R Q Q g X W .- X X X X R4 ,X XX Y X X -1 N R X kk K X 'N X Y 3 X 5 A x Q f' s ,ff fx x f Q . , - ...W .WN ..-. ..., . .ig wg? E5 .Q ' X .K 3 . ,,,..X . 5. Q - . H ., ... ' VYW N! . gg fx 5 x, as X Ns x N N X XV QS X x X f S ii? N . X. X QQ X - - X S - ' 1 - R 1 mx - - Q X 5 - Y x N- X Q .. 5 2 S S .- .- A X . . . . X ....x. . A -- N . . X X '3Yx 1 - .- - 1 3? J I X sw. X Q X . . 5 - x Q A . Q xx. sig ' Q is X L X .5 S g X g S -X X., Q S k 5 S X - T - .. . . . f Q X L' X -9 A X . L Y W - wx Six S X Sw S . Q- - -X -- -- S - X N ki x1 . W - . --. -' . ' . Y: 5 ' . - A sg S Q wi X is . -. X -. lg ig. .gg - xg N. - 'ix Q X i S - QE A fx i Y . Q Q- g ' . V f . X . 1 A - , MM .. is .L A . . X ilwfxg if A X ,A 5 X .. Li X -S X - .5 51 5 K . -2 I f- 'f-X TR J 5 KR! Q -,xv X. N N f xi Y , . . Q Q. Q X -. R 5 E . x- 4 Q Km-Wm -f Nw f 2. 1- S . A S - r - Q .. . .5 s - X si . 1 wi - Q. - X Q- QW - . --1. Q .. - M? S2 - --"- - Q NA 3 - .X X-if . . -51 -ww...W . QQ - . xr. xx . 1 1 xv- - .MW . 1 -.--is--Lk M fm Q. Q SQ -. -. -X A . H' F k - gg -.wg wwf Q., .... . A Q- -vu ' 5 N ,QW K5 L .. lilf gs w 5 N W - gl X, .- - . . is 5 x s Q SENIORS SAY GOODBYE T0 T.H.S. M SF ' ' Q' Q . ' wgqa Q A A a 4 1 I . n D i u ' 0 Mi , ' A U . ,,.. 4 x .- 4 I 4 4 4 1 Q I 4 '41 U O 4 4 4 X 4 1 4 4 1' . LUN., , VW 'gkfffzj " 1 '5f"" i f T" If1'f f' t fi 'i I ? Q 3 3 z 9' Aw.'n.i,,xvt gi K x w X A f A -1 3. , , 1 "MSN" 19' fr. ba x xx 'th -.1 L9 U- 'g 1 if. yi qi- Jg, W E5 .Q UMM' ll vi C' IL--f H- - FS

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Toulon Township High School - Tolo Yearbook (Toulon, IL) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


Toulon Township High School - Tolo Yearbook (Toulon, IL) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


Toulon Township High School - Tolo Yearbook (Toulon, IL) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


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