Toulon Township High School - Tolo Yearbook (Toulon, IL)

 - Class of 1969

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Toulon Township High School - Tolo Yearbook (Toulon, IL) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Cover

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Y f ff , J ,I 7 6 lX"2,,k'-4 v. lib "f A AG, lx , A Vw 75 4- '1 1 3 F 3 5 1 1 Q Y v 1 I 4 5 i i 5 a i i 3 i 1 5 1 1 ! 3 I I I 1 5 5 E 5 i I 3 E ! I 4 I ! J P i 9 4 E 2 s fl Q Q i 3 c i E a s 1 3 1 4 5 I s Q 4 1 ! 1 4 J 1 4 1 E 4 2 1 i Z I Q i S S H I 5 Z e We hope that in these pages we have captured for you a year of activities and fun. In later years you will have some of the best of your memories stored in this book. We can't present a day by day analy- sis, but we can hope these silhouetts of the past will recall the best of those days. Of course we want'to thank Mrs. Kidd and the entire Tolo staff for their efforts. And now forge on through the past. LE OF CONTENTS ADMINSTRATION . . SENIORS . . ,IUNIORS UNDERCLASSMEN ORGANIZATIONS . . MUSIC . ATHLETICS . . ACTIVITIES wwww' 1 Q www fe wwww iq gil A I rf: 9 '50 what .r f l f szmwrf, N":2Q x3"' Q wi' 29 ' S if Many of the graduates of Toulon High have gone into the Armed Services and some eventually to Vietnam. Risking their health and lives to support the United States, they deserve all the credit they can be given. We heartily support and praise all our own guys and give just as many hurrahs for the other guys from all fifty states. The security of the United States is due to the strength of the Armed Services and the strength of the Armed Services must be due to the support of conscientious citizens. To show our support we hereby dedicate this Tolo to the United States Department of Defense. Y Y W i fgii wi fir E' ll O l P .s fn. Q-.........-.....N. .xxx . .N x,xx. MMM ff N xviwww ' X sw. Q x R. Q , X. .11 J W ,X 4. ,. ix R X .Q K- x Q wqim W m wmqmm-as N x ,k Q Q x , X X X x H5 xx. fi Es Nw kwa!! wiefwwf- v T rf .Q Qi 'vhs-ff X X, ' in fxgiixm H wk NH 3 g 'S Q H1 ' at . Q K v f I 8 Lie, BOARD OF EDUCATION BOARD MEMBERS: Willard Price, Murray Jackson, Max Hatfield, Wendell Witte, Gregory Rice, John Addis. Seated Mrs. Helen Williams, Secretary: Clyde Ham, President1 Ronnie R. McNeal, Principal. Principal i Secretary Mr. Ronnie R. McNeal Helen Williams Mr. Charles Pearson Agriculture Mrs. Sally Webb Social Sciences Miss Grace Skelley Spanish Mr. August Johnson Music Mr. Wayne Jenkins Industrial Arts P.E., Coach Miss Judith Schlink Physical Education Mrs. Virginia Perrin Counselor, Librarian Mr. Lee Henneberry Art SHN . mu If IIE , l Ai '-, Sl X X 1 E l 1 .,x.Q.Nw-NWS ...NN . OFFICE RUNNERS-First Row: Steve Hunt and Christine Williams. Second Row: Judy Wagoner, Donna Brown, and Cindy Mock.Third Row: Crystle Webber, Bonnie Steward, Rich Libby, and Sally Hostetler. BUS DRIVERS: Forrest Lewis, Leon Smith, Charles Amell, Polly Frail and Bob Pendarvis. 1 -. A: ' sy? JANITORS: Irving Talbert, and Graham Franklin. COOKS: Leota Porter, Alta Elliott, Florence Parker, Pansy Edwards. .Q 1 as .s 5 i Rex A i QQ Skis Msg x ...L x.:. L xvz. . L , K --f' is NMerCy,, Coach guns away. You little devil, you. Another gunner. "Cecil! Where's Beanie?" Hi! Batman! ' Row, Row, Row Your Boat. Bobsey Twins??? A iw, Laugh and the world laughs with you. Varsity Cheerleaders take a rest. X KEITH A. KNOWLES,President Football l,2,3,4g Baseball l,2,3,4g Stu- dent Council 1,2,3,4g Class Plays 3, Homecoming Attendant 4gTou1onicle 2,4g Track 4, Class President 4. ROBERT L. FINNEY, Vice-President Football 1,2,3,4g Basketball 1,2,3,4g Track 1,2,3,4g Baseball 4g Class Plays 3,4g Class Officer 4g Homecoming At- tendant 2. LINDA J. DUNN, Secretary- Treasurer Student Council l,2,3,4g Class Officer 1,3,4g F.H.A. 1,2,3,4g F.H.A. Officer 43 Chorus 1,2,3g Tolo 3,4g Toulonicle 2,3,4g Student Librarian 2,33 Class Plays 3,4. KENNETH G. JACKSON, Reporter Basketball 1,2g Football 1,2,3,4g Track 1,2,3,4g Chorus 1,2,3,4gToulonicle 3, 4g Class Reporter 3,4g Class Play 3,43 Musical 1,2,3,4g Homecoming At- tendant 3. SENIOR OFFICERS SPONSORS MRS. SALLY WEBB MRS. JANE JOHNSON is S. W GARY W. ANDERSON Track 1,3,4g Basketball 1,2,3,4g Foot- ball 1,2,3,4g F.F.A. l,2,3,41Class Plays 4. GLEN ARNOLD Class Plays 3. GARY L. BEHNKE Track 45 Class Play 4g Dance Band 4g Baseball 1,2,3,4g Musical 1,2,3,-43 Bas- ketball 1,2,4g Band 1,'.2,3,4g Chorus l, 2,3,4. DONNA R. BROWN Chorus l,2,3,4g Band l,2,3,4g F.H.A. l,2,3,4g officer 3,4g F.T.A. l,2,3,4, of- ficer 3gTo1o 3,43 Toulonicle 3,43 Class Plays 4g Musical 1,2,3,4g Officer Run- ner 4g Student Council 4. M OS T LIKELY T0 S UCCEED ANNE HEPNER KEN JACKSON DIANE M. CAMEY Cheerleader 1,2,3,4g Student Council 2,3 ,4g President of Student Council 4g Homecoming Attendant 2g Homecom- ing Queen 4g Band l,2,3,4g Chorus 1,2 3gAccompanist 1,2gTolo Staff 2g Toulonicle Staff 4g F.H.A. l,2,3,4g F.F.A. Chapter Sweetheart 3g Musical comedy 1,2g G.A.A. l,2. JAMES M. CINNAMON Football 1,2,3,4g Basketball 1,2,3,4g Track l,2,3,4g Homecoming King 4. RANDALL J. CINNAMON Track 43 Football 1,4g Basketball l,2, 3g Baseball 1,2,3,4g Class President lg Student Council 1,23 Class Play 3,4g Musical 2. J. ROBERT CLARK Track 1,2,3g Class Plays 3g Band 2g F.F.A. l,2g Football 4. MOST SCHOLASTIC LYNN HEDGES BILL EBERT WILLIAM H. CONNER Basketball 1,2,3,4gTrack 4gBand l,2g Chorus 1,2g Musical l,2. CAM L. CRAVENS RODNEY R. DORMAN F.F.A. 1,2,3,4g Officer of F.F.A. 4g Section 5 Officer of F.F.A. 4g Basket- ball 1,2,3,4g Baseball 2g Class Plays 3g Homecoming Attendant 1. WILLIAM K. EBERT Baseball 1,2,3,4g Basketball l,2,4g V Football Manager 1,2,3g Class Plays 3, 4g Student Council 2,3,4g Class Officer 2,33 Tolo 4g Toulonicle 4. MOST MUSICAL V SUSAN SCOTT GARY BEHNKE MELVIN A. HALL B. LYNN HEDGES Chorus 1,23 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4g Class Plays 3,4g Tolo 3,4g Student Librarian l,2, 3,4. MARGY M. HENNEBERRY G.A.A. 1,2,3,4g G.A.A. Officer 3,4g Class Officer 3g Dance Band 2,3,4g F.H.A. l,2,3,4g Chorus 1,2,3,4g Band l,2,3,4g Drum majorette 3,43 Tolo 3,4g Class Plays 3,45 Musical 2,3,4g Student Librarian 3,4. ANNE M. HEPNER Class officer 1,3g Chorus l,2g Musical 23 G.A.A. l,2,3g G.A.A. Officer 3, F.T.A. 2,33 F.T.A. Officer 3, Class Plays 3,4g Tolo 3QTOl11OI'liC16 3,43 Edi- tor 43 Student Librarian l,2,3,4. MUST DEPENDABLE CHRYSTLE WEBBER PAUL WILKINSON O A Ss Ss 'WV X .X A as SALLY E. HOSTETLER Tolo 4g Oftice Runner 4g Toulonicle 3 4g Student Librarian 2,33 Class Plays 3, 4g F.H.A. 1,2,3,4. STEVEN G. HUNT Baseball l,2,3,4g Class Plays 4g Tolo 4s Basketball Manager 4. LARRY E. JOHNSON Baseball 3g Basketball l,2,3,4g Foot- ball 4. CHARLES K. KAMERER Chorus l,2,3,4g Tolo 3,4g Class Plays 3 4g Track Manager 2,3,4g Musical l,2,4. BEST DRESSED DIANE CAMEY ROD DORMAN DIXIE M. KING Class Officer 2gToulo11icle 2g F.H.A. attendant 2g F.H.A. 1,2,3,4g Class Play 4g Tolo 4. LOUIS H. KLEIN F.F.A. 1,2,3,4g F.F.A. Officer 3. RICHARD A. LIBBY LINDA L. LOOMIS G.A.A. 3,4gTo1o 3,4g Chorus 4g Class Play 3,4. CITIZENSHIP PAT PEABODY JOHN NELSON ARTHUR E. MOATS,JR. Football 1,2,3,4g Track 1,4g Tolo 2 Class Plays 3. RANDY J. MOCK Football 1,2,3,4g Baseball l,2,3,4g Class Plays 3g F.F.A. 1,2,3,4g Toulonicle 2. GARY M. MONTOOTH F.F.A. lg Football lg Class Officer 25 Class Plays 3,45 Track 4. SHARON K. MUCKEY Homecoming Attendant 1 g Cheerlead- ing 1,2,3,4g F.H.A. 1,2,3,4g G.A.A. 1, 2g Class Plays 3,4g Student Librarian 4g Toulonicle 4g Tolo 4. MOST ATHLETIC JIM CINNAMON MARGY HENNEBERRY JOHN H. NELSON l5!' 5i Football 1gF.F.A. l,2,3,4g F.F.A. Pres- ident 3,4g F.F.A. section president 49 F.F.A. district president 4g Tolo 3,4g Chorus 1,2,4g Class Play 3,4g Musical Comedy 1,2g F.H.A. formal attendant 2. PATRICIA J. PEABODY Chorus 1,2,3,4g Pom Pom Girl 2,3,4g Student council 3,4g Student council officer 4g Tolo 3,43 Tolo editor 4g Tou- lonicle 3,4g F.H.A. 1,2,3,4g F.H.A. of- ficer 2,3,4g Section President 4g Class plays 3,43 Student Librarian 2,33 Homecoming attendant 3,4g F.H.A. formal attendant l,3g Musical l,2,3,4. SUSAN J. SCOTT Band 1,2,3,4g Dance Band l,2,3,4g Mu- sical 1,2,3,4g Class play 3g G.A.A. 2,3, 4g F.T.A. 1,3. TERRY S. TALBERT MOST ARTISTIC LINDA LOOMIS LARRY JOHNSON R 'L ...E KAREN K. THORNE F.H.A. 2,3,4g F.H.A. Attendant 4g G.A.A. 1,23 Plays 3g Toulonicle 4 REX D. TURNBULL Chorus l,2,3,4g F.F.A. 1,2,3,4g F.F.A. Officer 3gP1ays 3g Football l,2,3,4g Track 1gClass Officer 13Tolo 3,4g Mu sical 1,2,3,4. LESLIE R. TUTHILL Transfer from Kewanee Ig F.F.A. 2,3, 4g F.F.A. Officer 4g Football 43 Class Play 4. JUDITH M. WAGONER Transfer from LaMoi11eg F.T.A. lg G.A.A. 3g Pep Club 3g Librarian 2g Chorus 1,2,3,4g Newspaper Staff 1 Cafeteria Staff 1 g Office Runner 4. BEST ALL AROUND SHARON MUCKEWQ, ROB FINNEY K CRYSTLE D. WEBBER Chorus 2,3g F.H.A. l,4g Office Run- ner 4. RICHARD L. WHITE Chorus 1,2,3,4g Band 1,2,3,4g Stage Band 1,2,3g Musical l,2,3,4gTrack 2,3 4g Basketball lgClass Plays 3,4. PAUL N. WILKINSON Football 2,4g Track 3,4g Chorus 1,2,3, 4g Student Council 4g Class Play 3. CHRISTINE A. WILLIAMS G.A.A. 1gF.H.A. 2,3,4g Class Plays 3, 4g Office Runner 4g Chorus lg Student Librarian 2,3g Musical 1. WITTIEST KAREN THORNE RANDALL CINNAMON . :gtw.. N .Q N. S fx X X X + Q X xx xx x X N Q if xx X .if Q Q . N 5 Q i Q s , 5 5 5 i . . i 2 1 1 1 E Y X . f H' -m Q -. - K E' 'P my ,..,.... ,xg - 151 , K gim,,,..,.,s N:-.K . - xi-.. W A-1 'A . Y f-NW - . . ,ff X X 9' . .... X... M ,X F . 'f N. . . ' . - L . , Q. .. . SY .lfiirs SPXEX -- A A 1 K. X X QE , 5. STS- Ria. 'Pk-S59 Qiiix 5 ...SS W 5 ' q - M W X X X XXX N XG 3 Y . 5. S K, ,S . Ki . gy? VNV.. up V 2 5 S 3 12. 1 -N"-23425 .. QQ f ' M 1 X A V A ,W-f.:f1:.: 1.3, ,qv .. .I .-,..- SENIOR CLASS PLAY Linda Sally Sharon Linda Anne Rob Finney, Dixie King, Richard White, Steve Hunt, Anne Hepner, Linda Dunn, Sally Hostetler, Chris Williams, Randall Cin narnon, Donna Brown, Margy Hennebery, Ken Jackson, Diane Camey, Gary Behnke, Pat Peabody, Bill Ebert, Charles Kamer er, Sharon Muckey, and Gary Montooth. Gary Bill Linda Bill Ken Dixie MRS McTHING H X www ,wmwmw fig 'gg JAN QM Wigs QA F1259 - K iii L S 5 X. Q E X. ,Q X Wi wx 52. E ii S Q .fxg ,s -LS Q 2 .aww .N N X SX-3. i f T? K if : v S ff as E X X .k, , ., ,N .. ein E NS: X-. ,KsfliiQw' , . .M L. 'khkk . . . .Mx - E.. . 1 . W .X-x-wsmk... X. f f. Q SxxSx13sv-- . XXX X. -- -xx- X5 -- - - Rv . . -- ws Ha N NN ... XM X. Q , Txgswlqi: A X . yxssgw N 5' Q.. 5 N wx-S22 -1. 2 . ,Q R -.T ' F :Q v .N , 2 x M -- 4 .Q . f M. , Q x J X x X l-SN R? H N 235 . X R w K . Y X ff 1 1 Er f xx was XX xv KS wf Q X X Y: X ,RV K. xg T X lf. SQ- NAS-Q X Q NRM sv K +-.Q N. S Vik Q9 S X X Q Q S X X sw- WX N i1 xg X3 WWW Ss S Qi N N w Xi K Xxx ,L K 5 .SAX 5 Xif X S+ SSN :Sli X x X Na X. 53 5 5 L A f xi S xx f 5 Q QQ gs XFN ' f X xiw Sm Keith Knowles Christine Williams Glen Arnold Sharon Muckey Q sig ,sa ,S if Rob Finney '43 le N X 053 .C , T ne? N Wa ' Q s ' ,Q W R ' ' ,S X F B a 2, rv- ix X " K Q if Q. 1 fxeisi Gary Behnke Rod Dorman Diane Camey Jim Cinnamon . all N . mls .JS 1: - :QC - , fx , 'ez Karen Thorne Bob Clark Linda Dunn 5 2 Pat Peabody Randy Mock Les Tuthill Dixie King Randall Cinnamon l Bill Ebert Ken Jackson .... sw . X A - .w ' Q J 5 - of Q "N J 5. Y i S' N' Junior Moats P y rs. X - sw X X H wx . X . 'W a ff- X x 5 Q . We 1 J k:41Ei9JrE'X -- - E 3 ,' , S K '53 as 3 Ji if -' 'xg A- as I Q Chris Webber John Nelson Susan Scott Sally Hostetler Larry Johnson Bill Conner i . s . Steve Hunt Lou Klein Lynn Hedges , Rich White Judy Wagoner fQ."' g 1 'v .W E - . Gary Anderson Chuck Kamerer Q... Gary Montooth QNO copyj Donna Brown Melvin Hall s ' . is E :S - as Anne Hepner Marge Henneberry 1 af.,4:w.yb.if-1 x:sv:.Qa.Qg..fwa up sh.. CL W, l .,.. L Q X s -. R- 5 . 2 ,. . xx s -- - -: N X es. K i .-fi X X was NX M E g if - Q X X X X X he NN X is X ,SRX W 5 1 A X Y? Y Jane Addis it ii Anderson W Gary Ater s 'd John Ballentine P ."," Bob Bent vss s s g Mr. Pearson Carl Blank Dean Blank Nix F, 1 C 5 X A 5 x X X R M Q XX R S ss it X x isis We J -X :Drk iff' - QS: 'ss O X 4? sf a f me T 2 Debbie Franklin Roger Fritz Danny Gallagher Eldon Ham Janet Jones Gail Bloomberg Barb Boldman Jane Burcham Pam Callahan Randy Chamberlain Rodney Chamberlain Dick Clark Jacque Colgan Earl Conners Marsha Cover Cindy Currier Vivian Davis Bob Dennison Ken Dutton Pati Fisher Janet Frail Back Row: Kathy Young-Student Coun- cil Representativeg Miss Schlink-Sponsorg Lin- da Lambert- Student Council Representative. Front Row: Barb Bold- men-Secretary-Trea- surerg Ken Dutton- Presidentg Mike Winn- Reporter. Miss Schlink Terry Malone Pam Minton Velma Moats Cindy Mock Leila Mowers David Newman Linda Peterson Mary Pitzer Kris Reed Mark Schmidt JoAnn Slygh Bonnie Steward Dennis Taylor Rod Thorne Dale Truelove Rae Wagenbach Kathy Wagher Jerry Wasson Randy Krans Linda Lambert Tim McMillen Laurie McRe1l Bob Mahany aww Carol Webster Douglas Webster Mike Winn Joel Wright Kathy Young S X A X- X E X X 5 X XXX SX t X is Xi . Q., .r - 1- . ' .mx .,.o'.'- .Q C Q? S3 NX . 4 .SSX is-'ras' X X X 3 x . S . Q . , 9 Q : -- . - X rr-. as-as X 2- X -r-. X gr t - X XSXX X XX LXXXSY X XX it , . .. ..X. T Xfe. at 'if A-EXX ,. -X X X 'X XX X SQ X X XXX? X X X X XX X 5 S E X X . s X X vs' 'ms X XRS . . N X X X X5 XXX Q X S r as -fwfr , , ,RX A , XX-A : as S R3 Q X X 9 X X Q is - . .iff 'Pt . . t K ' X:.'XE X X- XssXXXX w 'Q - A ,rits-ssrifigt i. L' -FX ' xl X, ., X s ii . " x ' X y Xi, 'sf rw K - ,X--.a .A 'Lf y i t s 'sf A X X X - A X X ji if . N I it E X 'i . sees 4. Q . jj 355551. X- 'sf . sf N N X S2 X . M .. Tx- srxy ,mR-.,,.,Xw- X X N 1 Byi. ,, s in X XXX X ss Bs K s 5 S .1 i' Nfxf' 5 Q? A gl? SS ' . mai K . J X 552 , m. . SL . -E55 ik. : x Qi p, nf if 'x 4 ,QMLNN ? W- ! ' ' V. Q SE, Q fx ' x Tw A fa, Swv fi. 'nn - X s- if - A ia, , X X K . S, . 5 .W X YR pf- i b ,. A W S K x m L69 . --.x. x Ni .N-,Q E. X Q :A K- Qw .XX. wx I , 6 X - X , 5 k X .rv K Q hw A E. N .325 ,t N -MN mf r Q iii 1 N31 'Q . J --uf gf mfsg ' ' 1 f 3 5 5 x f! MPOLYNESIAN X NIGHTS" N " ., : ,iw nlr. x 3.1 . .W -251' J , e M Dlx, - K.,-' , 'f"V 'lxY , in , BX THE JUNIOR PROM YQ f as in YS Q, ' ,H , 9 .,. Xl. f 3' 5. -i 1 1 , WW . Rf'.f' ag k M! SFAS 5 ' Fi .Mr- 1 x-sm-vgizxs xwm.Qx.z:1:sezf.:m+vs1 Jim Addis Gary Anderson Debbie Bainbridge Jim Castagna Don Colgan Bob Collins Clarence Dennison Kathy Dison Lynne Drake Charlene Dykeman Marlene Dykeman Tom Eberle Denise Egnew Alice Elliott Connie Fell Drake Fleege Gary F rail Chuck F rail Mike Fritch Dennis Gallagher Bob Gallagher Carl Ham Mike Hargadine Mary Zita Henneberry Carol Hotchkiss Steve Huber Rick Hunt Dorothy King Bob Layman Barb Leverette CLASS X X. X 9 OF X X. X . X 5 .X X Xi Yew- A '- , XX X 1 XXXXX XX. X ' fi E . . . X X X Qs Q , tsttt .X X X X. X X A XX.X XF EX XXX. X XXX li , l iff- 'XX-XXX? Xi.: , . ' --,- X .. J . A iw sxse-XQX XXXXXXXXXXXX X ew X XX X X X SD X is X X X X Q ik X CXXX ,i ,. I XX ,,ig ieet 'Q Q5 QW SX X' eX XQ X was XX X XX XX X X X ww 'Yi XXX r if . XQXXSF XXXXX-X .X X C. . :X TT X XX -' X il jf ,-.,, X X X X X XXi X X X X Xi X 3 XXXXXQXXX Xxx Q-.X X gg BX SX X X X X QX X X Q X QX X' X X S XX X B XX L ,af X X XXX. -. XXX is XX Xa X XeeXXX y ,N eeeg N XXX XQX X X X XX S X XX X XXX2 S X X X ig Big X XX S t S X ' X X XX N XX X X X X X X? XX S X 9' X X XS X Xi X - X X X SX' X 5 A X . ..X e..X -- 5 was 1 'X-'fri .. .. . .. Xe... , . X P.. 4 .2 .aa 1 E: F , iliiis Sli QITV X3 Q. -X XL.: X We X X X s. XXX X X X X XX N 'XX S X Xi X X X X X X X X XM X X 'X X1 XXXX XX X X XX Xe 4X N X 2 XX Xe- 'Q - .M Z.: :-Ei-:. N iw? . XX-Xe - k,,. . . Q K A - - ' X A . .-e A. - .L.. X Q83 K ' J i to D ' S 5 ' K - P? x--. Q- ei 5 X L 5. ' S ' - S -P C a -N ' E?F:QffI iii! w " it k--' 'rx :., :- ' Y ' XE r S f C4 as S . is S 4 S tri" . " QQ Qf i it. r B S 5- Q., .-Psi: Er Q i .P C X i N, ., - "tif as M' in xii "Lf-Y 'U we 5" -A-fy K ss- ,Q X A X mt. -E3 P f X.. I stil 4- Kathy Lindsay John McRell Randy Martin Doug Miller Debbie Minton Becky Olmsted Joann Phillips Frank Price Cheryl Reed Ann Rice Kathy Roach Cheryl Smith Carol Storey Alan Streitniatter Diana Streitmatter Bill Van Autreve Roy Vicars Bob Walter Karen Wagher Butch Wagoner Bob Winn Gerald Ziegler Front Row: Advisor Mrs. Kidd, Carol Storey, Vice- Presidentg Jim Addis, Pres- identg Advisor Mr. Harland Back Row: Bob Winn, Re- retary-Treasurerg Doug Miller and Lynne Drake, Student Council Represen- tatives. porterg Karen Wagner, Sec- CLASS OF 1 972 Glenda Akers Dorothy Allen Rita Anderson Amanda Appenheimer Robert Arnold Allen Blank Dale Bowyer Edward Bowyer Robert Bowyer Colleen Briner Jane Castagna Chris Chamberlain Pamela Clark Terry Colgan Norman Collins Kevin Costin John Creasey Mike Dean John Deuel Kay Duncan Doug Dunn Bill Dustin Melanie Ely James Fisher Donald Graves Marion Hall Brent Hartley John Hatfield Mike Heaton Carl Hepner Linda Hunt Melody Iles Jerri Jackson Betsy Jones NO PICTURE AVAILABLE X x wi.: Xi X K , 5 :X S s S22 - XX . X X X XAX xX 1 X X X A X X X NYXQ .Xsexf .n X , I ,I 5 X X. X X ' A ' Q f X N 5 Xs ND XX X A E X 1 X X -SE X B X Q FXS X0 X we R RNQQXS ?1ff-wt f X f nik XX ,XS ii Sr I 5523- 1. --X . Nu! if . SW ' -"Ss , 'er :X s .Es A X- f X X XX. ,. R X Xwwwl . C si., xl r li3k5XXXAk'uLk:k L 1 K xms A X W X Xyyxx MX X. - N X "ske in 'X Q .. X ' ' ,X A rss FX X X I X -X in 1 D X x X ii IX 'i X -- Nkzsv -- Ns so ' at . 51 J D . . X.X,.X,:f . X X X X X S xx My N X x X Q X XB X XQ K X X to X X Q X.XXgX:X-- XXX? X e' S X i X-X fxk X XX X SX QX x W ft w Xi grasp Xe 2. X ares? XZXAN3. t X Xrr: X Q 35 . X s A QR N ff it 5 FXS it sd X S wages RX -. e X! X Xi X X S Sw 5 BQ Q mrx x X XX 2 X S X si V X was Q sf li S 'Qs S - - as S is S 2 .X mi .., S -f- Q A X WX X . X X XX . ,G 5 X L XX .X lX X X is ,Xw+X.::. .e -few - X fair 1 f e , gee rr e p X . X C X , .X X f SX 1-.5 X . . - - - , ' m , , ,, ..... h .il l . ,X ,.kL .Xx. X X A ' ' X ' .. - , Q . K , X . , wx., X-Asa.-gg... X--We - 'Y' f 5 X K r s X X , X ggi X 5 X XXX N Yak , I 'N -'X . u X XX X N . , ,..- rX.r.:R-is F. -s XE: .. 2. XI:-1 gi. . - 1J,"a'fIr: :aww ,. -are 5.,.X-.e"i'5 XX. r, ,A xy SEQ :if-1-'visit X XX XX N XX x X X X XX Xe . r ' X-XX .rs Q ex SX H Xa 1 4 X X X Xs XX X,,N,X XX.. ., X ,QNX X X X X X -r na-QS: 4 . X ,islet -uv. ,X Tp: , x S- . ' X N :Ez ,. :Xe X. SN ' Xs : Q 2 X X L X ,XX . r - Q i X 5' ':X X 5' r W S R X gf S Q Qi X X K- A -ww? . X, Q. is . SN X -11 N we N s USS QX iam X 3 h Hlsxwbwp see XQ X 5 Q i XX XX x XSS Mr ,XM K , L . ': S S' e X Nw? fg X E.. Q- . .gf x fig Y AX 'N H 'iff - ' 5. H- . :XXX1 - X 1 NVQ- KX K . , Xeffx 3, -PX--:Y X C A I 5 A ."', EX Xe v -5 N, 1 ,-X . KXX ' ,-k-. 5 X S . X 1 'Q SX lf, XKXLSX Cheryl Klein Brad LaPayne Kyle Khurts Nancy Loomis Barb Milburn Kathy Montgomery Barb Mussleman Mike McRell Nancy Nelson Mary Pyle Ted Pyle Lynn Rice Sylvia Rice Mary Riggen Tom Talbert Linda Tracy Kim Turnbull Ronald Vicars Rodney Wagenbach Clarence Wagher John Wagher Linda Wagher Vickie Wallace Ronnie Webber Janice Webster Phil Webster Tim Williams William Winn Berny Witte Paula Ziegler Seated-Advisor Mr. Buchert, Brent Hartley, Norm Collins, Advisor Mr. Hampton. Standing-Nancy Loomis, Kim Turnbull, Christine Chamberlain, Bob Mussleman. 4 X Q w r' K w.. , 'wx ii . cv' xx 3 X: Q gp X X Q 3 . wx Wx X X X , N R X N V xxx X xx x Q .X . xx X X' W XQSSN X N N Qi- X M Y- . A X Q N has it 'S ' X -X - MiSS Schlink, Advisor Pat Peabody, V.-Presidentg Diane Camey, Presidentg Janet Jones, Secretary. This has been a year of new ideas for the Student Council. Our first big undertaking was Homecoming. A lot of hard work was put into the planning and carrying through of the different activities, but it was well worth it. Probably the biggest change in Homecoming was the announcement of the King and Queen on Friday afternoon at the Pep Assembly. This built up a lot of suspense and excitement which made the Homecoming all the more a success. Other activities carried out through the year were the Christmas program, AFS Week to raise money for next years's AFS Student, and Hope Week to raise money to help the Ship Hope. Under the helpful guidance of Miss Judith Schlink, the Student Council accomplished things at Toulon High School that could never be measured. F Top Center: Keith Knowles Pat Peabody, Senior Atten- dants. Diane Camey, Queen Jim Cinnamon, King. Center Left: Tim McMillen, Marsha Cover Junior Atten- dants. Lower Left: Kim Turnbull, Berney Witte, Freshman Atten dants. . s is'4 NM M 3 sugklxs "' S wig, N..- 1 963 1 969 King Jim and Queen Dee Dee Crowning Diane Camey as Queen. Crowning James Cinnamon as King. X A. - vi? Qggisx i. . Q 35 5 Q 1 S Q, is Qg-XX nigga ix Qwma M vs f""'5 --35 ' asv- x -- as kff ff xv - .b,,,X. ,N X ' ' . wp X a ' QQ? iii? X l Boo Hoo Lucy. Xml You Tell 'Em Keith Fight! . X E .- - X Q : x S my S ' AX h 5 ' ir 1 3 S X F' Freshmen, "Elect A Victory" Give 'Em a Hand. Duggyfs Bugaloo. Goldie, Look at the Jollie Balloon Man!! Bustin' Thru To A Victory. RHSiI1' the Spifif- Doifl' 3 P ePf31k FTA ACTIVITIES l l OFFICERS: Cindy Mock, Secretary-Treasurer, I Raylene Wagenbach, Reporter, Bonnie Steward, President, Lynne Drake, Vice-President. NEW INITIATES '68-'69-Back Row: Pam Clark, Chris Chamberlain, Melanie Ely, Barb Boldman, Lynn Rice, Jerrie Jackson, Jane Castagna, Melody Isles, Nancy Loomis, Glenda Akers, Kathy Young, Mary Pitzer. Front Row: Vicki Wallace, Kim Turnbull, Amanda Appenheimer, Linda Hunt, Sylvia Rice, Nancy Nelson, Mary Jane Pyle, Dorothy Allen. COFFEE given for Toulon Grade School and Toulon High School teachers during National Education Week. FTA Bottom Row: Sylvia Rice, Melody Isles, Jane Castagna, Cindy Mock, Linda Hunt, Nancy Loomis. Second Row: Betsy Jones, Nancy Nelson, Janet Jones, Joann Phillips, Kim Turnbull, Amanda Appenheimer. Third Row: Jane Burcham, Kay Duncan, Vicki Wallace, Donna Brown, Jeanne Lehman, Barb Boldman, Pam Callahan. Fourth Row: Lynne Drake, Cindy Currier, Ray lene Wagenbach, Glenda Akers, Linda Lambert, Jerri Jackson, Jane Addis. Fifth Row: Kathy Montgomery, Melanie Ely, Christine Chamberlain, Paula Ziegler, Carol Hotchkiss, Mary Pyle. Sixth Row: Lynn Rice, Bonnie Steward, Ann Rice, Pam Clark, Dorothy Allen, Mary Pitzer, and Leila Mowers. E5 Q WW X N" S" I.-M Q , xx X 9 WS' f X Q Q X 5: 1 -1 'sa S Q 5 2 X . ' ., W ,x X .... r T . . Xxxx 'L-- . Q , Q Q QQ K R3 S N X .. Q g . . ...... g . x XS X . X XQ X0 Q X E Q X 5:1 ZIEQQQEJ: t - .g . Q - Sm X Rx NNN YM RHF um 'QQ fl TUULUN 'CHAPTER X FFA S The Toulon Chapter of the Future Farmers of America was very busy this S year. Among the activities were a slave sale at the annual Parent-Son banquet. For something a little different, a donkey basketball game was sponsored. This proved to be a tremendous success-everyone had a great time. The Chapter rented about ten acres of ground behind the bus garage in addi- tion to the plot by the railroad tracks. Other years it was necessary to rely on help from the members and their machinery to do the farming. The additional ground this year made this arrangement impractical, so the Chapter found an opportunity to buy an MMZ tractor with plow, disc, harrow, and cultivator. They already owned a two-row planter. Future plans are for minimum tillage plots, fertilizer, new seed corn varieties, and herbicides. The Toulon Chapter's President, John Nelson, was also elected District l Director and Section V president, honors of which both the local chapter and Toulon High School are proud. Ken, Rex 8a John in the Ag Shop. Mr. Pearson during the slave auction at the annual banquet. l Speakers' table at the annual banquet. Lf NX g X u wkmmfs Q X i M2S 3 3 ""'lwQ , 5 E : , First Row: Cheryl Smith, Sylvia Rice, Connie Fell, Jane Castagna, Melody Iles, Debbie Minton, Linda Hunt, Karen Bhear. Sec- ond Row: Alice Elliott, Betsy Jones, Debbie Bainbridge, Joann Phillips, Denise Egnew, Cheryl Klein, Nancy Nelson, Diana Streitmatter, Nancy Loomis. Third Row: Kathy Dison, Amanda Appenheimer,Colleen Briner, Barbra Leverette, Carol Storey Glenda Akers, Rita Anderson, Kim Turnbull, Cheryl Reed. Fourth Row: Marelene Dykeman, Dorothy King, Kathy Mont- gomery, Kay Duncan, Jerri Jackson, Vicki Wallace, Carol Hotchkiss, Becky Olnistead. Fifth Row: Mary Pyle, Melanie Ely, Linda Tracy, Paula Ziegler, Mary Zita Henneberry, Chris Chamberlain, Mary Riggen, Linda Wagher, Barbara Milburn. First Row: Advisor Mrs. Mystrom, President Pat Peabody, Vice-President Mary Pitzer, Vice-Presi- dent of Projects Raylene Wagonbach. Second Row: Treasurer Linda Dunn, Public Relations Janet Jones, Second Vice-President Donna Brown, Vice-President of Recreation Linda Lambert, Historian Mary Henneberry, Secretary Kathy Young. FHA FORMAL 4 FRESHMEN: Jerri Jackson and Mike SOPHOMORES: Becky Olmsted and JUNIORS: Raylene Wagenbach and McRell. Frank Price. Kenny Dutton SENIORS: Karen Thorne and John Nelson. Queen, King and Court. KING and QUEEN: Rod Dorman and Pat Peabody Q, ss -Q. 4- i 5 . sf A: - ffsfu' X - i.Q'f??W55'S5ff C Q -,Q .R .r X me-X Becky and Kathy preparing. Sophomores' Cooking Class. Dorothy cleaning up. Alice serving Connie and Debbie. Style Show. Pam Chris Mrs. Nystrom's wedding gift. N Q Nursery school day. FHA officers at initiation. Back Row: Miss Judy Schlink, B. Steward, P. Fisher, D. Allen, A. Rice, K. Wagher, P. Clark, J. Frail, S. Scott, L. Hedges, A. Hepner, M. Cover, M. Pitzer, M. Henneberry, C. Chamberlain, J. Webster, L. Mower, J. Addis. Second Row: B. Jones, B. Olm- stead, D. Egnew, A. Elloit, N. Loomis, J. Castagna, C. Fell, S. Rice, M. Isles, C. Mock, A. Bush, J. Phillips, D. Streitmatter, C. Storey, K. Duncan, J. Jones. Third Row: P. Callahan, L. Loomis, K. Montgomery, M. Pyle, R. Wagenbach, L. Lambert, P. Ziegler, M. Z. Henneberry, C. Webster, L. Rice, J. Colgan, K. Reed, J. Jackson, G. Akers, M. Riggen, K. Dison, K. Turnbull. Fourth Row: J. Slygh, R. Anderson, B. Boldman, S. Bhear, J. Burcham, C. Hotchkiss, D. Franklin, C. Currier, J. Lehman, L. Drake, K. Young, C. Briner, C. Reed. GAA Back Row: JoAnn Slygh, Reporter, Linda Lambert, Vice-President, Janet Jones, Secretary-Treasurer, Margy Henneberry, President, Ray- lene Wagenbach, Historian, Bonnie Steward, Historian, Judy Schlink, Advisor, Front Row: Cindy Mock, Points Chairman, Jane Burcham, Points Chairman, Cindy Currier, Sports Chairman, Barb Boldman, Sports Chairman. The G.A.A. has been involved in many ac- tivities this year. There were two delegates to Leadership Camp the previous summer. They were Margy Henneberry and Linda Lambert. The G.A.A. girls participated in the Heart Fund drive, had a booth in the Tolo Carnival, and sponsored an All-Sports Night. There was also a swimming party for all of the girls who were involved with the Heart Fund Drive. The major money making activities were the candy machine and the "T" shirt sales. All G.A.A. members are looking forward to another en- joyable year. WN . Xff.X,.,,... . . f . W 3, ,ggggl X F' iT,,ii..f" , . Xw . XX X X X X? X. X . X.A A X mm,A X: sf- . g . Qz. X gags 5 . K3 E3 , 1 WX- , FX? X 3 fvx R S Y xgg X 5 X .5 ' h wx 'xfsi in Q13 wwg X -axw - X Q 1 X X ,IQ XX XA . fXTif 2 5 ' XX X X . ag.- Ni Yu six! rr Xixg Q Xi' X N XXX SX N Qi xx S x X. ws R t xnx x V w '- Q X ,lk X .XX 'X X X Q 4, k-r'-- X . : x X A, ax 'QQ X Y Q55 1 vis 5 X XM X Y X ' j H X Q X X .qw 5 SX AS is 5 x Q Y X sf Xe? f X Sl? X Q X K X X X X XX A :A Q: X X NX R Q Ni ' X A X xx 3 XN 5 x Q X -... -X X ,54 5 H : .5 1 K Q - il i Q! 5 5 2 is 's 5 Back Row: Sharon Muckey, Mary Pitzer, Anne Hepner, Lynn Hedges, Marsha Cover, Margy Henneberry, Kathy Wagner Third Row: Kristine Reed, Linda Anderson, Karen Thorne, Pati Fisher, Linda Peterson, Raylene Wagonbach. Second Row: Jane Burcham, Marlene Dykeman, Jo Slygh, Paula Ziegler, Linda Lambert, Debbie Franklin, Barb Boldman. First Row: Mrs Perrin, Librariang Linda Hunt, Alice Elliott, Joann Phillips, Janet Jones, Coleen Briner, Pam Callahan. LIBRARIANS The student librarians were "booked" solid this year. The thirty librarians took care of all the readers at THS. Under the direction of Mrs. Perrin, they tried to ac- commodate the needs of the library. Two librarians were assigned to each study hall. There were also twelve special librarians who checked in the books and filed them. These girls performed a very necessary service. Top Row: Marsha Cover, Carl Hepner, Jerry Wasson, Mike Winn, Bill Ebert, Keith Knowles, Bob Winn, Anne Hepner. Second Row: Karen Thorne, Kathy Wagher, Bonnie Steward, Mary Pitzer, Linda Anderson, Sally Hostetler, Sharon Muckey, Ken Jackson. Third Row: Barb Boldman, Donna Brown, Diane Camey, Raylene Wagenbach, Pat Peabody, Jacque Colgan, Jerri Jackson, JoAnn Slygh. Bottom Row: Mrs. Johnson, Advisor, Sylvia Rice, Cindy Mock, Colleen Briner, Jane Burcham, Pam Callahan, Janet Jones, Nancy Loomis. Mrs. Jane Johnson, Advisor, Mary Pitzer, Assistant Editor, Anne Hepner, Editor. l The Toulonicle for the year of 1969 was under the direction of Mrs. Johnson. Although this was her first year of directing the staff, she was a very good advisor. Her new ideas and inspiration helped the paper become l a success. The editor for the year was Anne Hepner, and l the assistant editor, Mary Pitzer. All the staff was in- volved in creating each of the six issues. There were articles on sports, music, class news, or- ganization news, birthdays, fashion articles, special seasonal features, student and teacher interviews, and the ever popular gossip column, the Dust Pan. l l l l l I I SMILE! HA! HA? Assembly Line. Here he comes! Assembly Line. Hey feaflh! TOLO Sixth Row: B. Ebert, M. Schmidt, C. Kamerer, R. Turnbull, J. Addis, J. Moats, D. Miller. Fifth Row: L. Hedges, J. Wasson, J. Nelson, M. Winn, T. Talbert, M. Cover. Fourth Row: A. Hepner, J. Frail, S. Hostetler, M. Henneberry, S. Muckey, K. Wagher, B. Steward. Third Row: P. Peabody, M. Z. Henneberry, C. Reed, R. Wagenbach, J. Colgan, L. Lambert. Second Row: L. McRell, G. Bloomberg, J. Addis, D. Brown, L. Loomis, D. King. First Row: Mrs. Kidd, J. Jones, D. Egnew, J. Phillips, S. Hunt, L. Dunn. CAMERA CLUB i Back Row: Jacque Colgan, Dick Clark, Roger Fritz, Pati Fisher. Middle Row: Debbie Franklin, Cindy Currier, Laurie McRell. Front Row: Bob Mahany, Earl Conner. The 1968-69 Tolo staff was guided by Pat Peabody, edi- torg Margy Henneberry, business manager, and Mrs. Kidd, advisor. Jane Addis was assistant editor and Gail Bloom- berg, assistant business manager. The magazine sale was held as has been the practice to provide financially for the yearbook. The Tolo Carnival was revived this year as a money-maker. All school organizations cooperated by sponsoring booths. It was successful in that ufun was had by allf' but financially-only moderately a success. Of great help to the Tolo staff was the Camera Club or- ganized this year under the direction of Mr. McNeal. They took and retook many of the pictures in this yearbook. Many hours were spent in the dark room developing film and making enlargements. The Camera Club shows much promise of future success. Special recognition should go to Bob Mahany and Earl Conner who contributed numerous hours of their time during the year for the Tolo. It was the Camera Club that made it possible to have pictures of the many school activities. They also sold pictures to students. During the last few days of school all pictures on hand were sold at nominal fees. The selling of pictures helped pay for the supplies used. Samples of the Camera Clubls photography. Photographer Bob at work MX 4 -QL if Qimaw R288 is D an w .TTHRK cu 'finnnon xXNx N, X X X X X x X x - x X ICAC BB X 91,-' X x. 1 Q s N E' s x ' , X Nr. R , ' 53 5. X 'X MR. JOHNSON MARGY HENNEBERRY CONDUCTOR MAJORETTE POM POM GIRLS-Back Row: Paula Ziegler, Pat Peabody, Raylene Wagenbach. Front Row: Janice Webster, Vivian Davis Vicki Wallace. F 'el x Y X 2 L Qx W 1 L .. X fi X 3 7 rf 55 L 'xy fix' SX FXR -1 X X wx X E wx wx X , ,,,, 1 5 Q E , X Q .. X Q, ,Q f ix gg.. W . K 'X Q xx w Qc x - A an , x . ' x - A-f X xxxxx. W xi R 1 X R X X 'S .Q ' Q 1 xQ f' S 4 rw , N A ' xx s X H! ig fi NXSWXXX1 - Q. X- X-Q x X X. aux' 'sl' 1 Q Q as it if fig 'f 'A' if 2 Nez, it il :Z f wi, f Q y I 1' h L I . 'Q X: g v Y Rfb t K , fsf - 2 ' - in X L - '.1-,,S X 7 x -. X , LL -A . kj 1 ,,.---" .X 2 f I 'Q A . S! 4 ,ff x- if sr ,Q X - J? W. f -'S w ' k 5 'f is f S 5 1 B, , L Q A X . , - ' ga .K " ' ff' F ' 4 . fr 5, A , ,fy f.. if X Q X . wx- ' .N U SI CAL 2 XX 3. A k v Xlfw' fm:-Xf. 5 . g-..g Q L S S swx What a year this has been for the chorus! The first activ ity was the Winter Concert presented on January 25th. It took a lot of hard work, but it was worth it. The next big project was contest. The entire chorus sang at Macomb on March 15 and received a second for their efforts. The solo and ensemble contest was also at Macomb on April 19th. We received one first and quite a few seconds which wasn't too bad. The Blackhawk Festival was held right here in Toulon on April 22nd. We practiced many songs during ACCOMPANISTS: Dee Dee Carney, Mary Pitzer. S First Row: Jane Castagna, Debbie Minton, Nancy Loomis, Alice Elliott, Cheryl Klein, Betsy Jones, Jane Burcham, Ken Jackson, Jerry Wasson, Gary Anderson. Second Row: Carol Hotchkiss, Linda Lambert, Laurie McRell, Kathy Wagher, Bernie Witte, John Nelson, Paul Wilkinson, Gary Behnke, Tim McMillen, Bob Layman. Third Row: Melody Isles, Diana Streitmatter, Marlene Dykeman, DeeDee Camey, Jan Webster, Pam Clark, Mike Winn, Doug Miller, Frank Price, Rex Turnbull. Fourth Row: Cindy Mock, Judy Wagoner, Linda Loomis, Cindy Currier, Jane Addis, Jacque Colgan, Christine Chamberlain, Lynn Rice, Mary Pitzer, Dorothy Allen. these 7 hours and had fun doing it, but the highlight of the festival was at the evening program when the chorus sang "Let There Be Peace on Earth". It was great. The Musical Comedy, "So This Is Paris" hit the stage on May 15th Sr 16th. For a while we weren't sure whether we'd make it or not, but it turned out to be a great success! The last event of the year was Graduation. The chorus presented two numbers which really added to the mood of the evening. They ended a great year with a smash! Mr. Johnson. it if H i ts ,it A rex t . First Row: Tom Talbert, Mitch Winn, Bob Musselman, Bob Mahany, Linda Wagher, Barb Milburn, Barb Boldman, Kathy Montgomery, Glenda Akers, Colleen Briner. Second Row: Richard White, Jim Addis, Norman Collins, Don Graves, Jim Castagna, Margy Henneberry, Bonnie Steward, Melanie Ely, Lynne Drake, Kathy Young, Donna Brown. Third Row: Charles Kamerer, Drake Fleege, Mike McRell, John McRell, Paula Ziegler, Raylene Wagenbach, JoAnn Slygh, Vicki Wallace, Kay Duncan, Kim Turnbull. Fourth Row: Ann Rice, Mary Zita Henneberry, Pat Peabody, Jerri Jack- son, Janet Jones, Denise Egnew, Nancy Nelson, JoAnn Phillips, Sylvia Rice, Cheryl Smith. QS ' sax X X. XX fx N S XX S X -5 SSA " 2 9 x g .1 5. .5 A 5 K .fy N tw, A xg.. 2 is 13:1 - 1.4--s Q .wx X Q N Q " - - . 5 N .. ,, A - A gig 9 ' . i Q 5 . x - sv? if X. -- V.: Q Q- - A . K Q. K- ' 1 s:::Ef' . ff 1 M K I if' Q fii3'fi2 if an Q. A 15 Ki CCii?? if -V I 1 1 as 152. L xc K W W., N 1 , gy? .Q , - .,-' fl! . . . , ,ww ,Q Lw:,FiP:f1,,,, f f .fs hw' f:, .3 Q ' 5, if ? ,, r ,W . - , ff 5, L 1 , ..f 45 Q-.X gs: ug-f, v i":wf:4, ' fvusw if 3 Vx L, .i if w 'K 4 1:--.nm ?W . Q f .N fe ., Q .. 1 af G C iff NA TOULON TROJANS The injury riddled Trojans enjoyed little success on the gridiron in the '68 season. Seldom at full strength Coach Duffy's team posted a lone win over Bradford and a tie at - Manlius. The worst break of the season was that of quarter- back Jim Cinnamon's broken collarbone. After his depar- ture from the field the offense suffered the last five games of the season. Many of the opponents' crucial points did not come until the second half, but come they did and thus the 1-7-1 record. Randy Mock repeated as an all-conference defensive lineman. Rex Turnbull and Larry Johnson also gained hon- orable mention at their respective posts of offensive center and defensive safety. Halfback, Keith Knowles scored five touchdowns from his running slot and gained a place among the conference scorers. PRESENTING THE VARSITY' First Row: R. Mock, G. Ziegler, G. Ater, R. Krans, K. Knowles, K. Jackson, M. Fritch. Second Row: R. Chamberlain J Wasson, B. Bent, D. Newman, D. Blank, D. Truelove, J. Cinnamon. Third Row: T. Pyle, D. Miller, R. Finney, R. Thorne J. Addis, D. Webster, P. Wilkinson. Fourth Row: L. Tuthill, Ham, R. Turnbull. ASSISTANT COACHES: Mr. Hampton, Mr. Harland, Head Coach Mr. Duffy. G. Anderson, K. Dutton, R. Cinnamon, L. Johnson, C. MANAGERS: J. Ballentine, B. LaPayne, R. Vicars, T Colgan. PLAYERS 0F THE WEEK 1 W.. Larry Johnson Jim Cinnamon Ken Jackson Western, Sept. 13 Princeville, Sept. 20 Bradford, Sept. 27 - ss in Keith Knowles Doug Webster Ken Dutton Manlius, Oct. 4 Wethersfield, Oct. 11 Dunlap, Oct. 18 is l Junior Moats Rob Finney Rex Turnbull 8: Randy Mock Walnut, Oct. 25 Elmwood, Nov. 1 Wyoming, Nov. 8 1- Back Row Tom Talbert Chuck Frail Drake Fleege Frank Pr1ce Carl Ham, Jim Addis Brent Hartley Gary Anderson Third Row Mike Heaton Randy Martin Doug Miller Ted Pyle, Tim Williams Bob Wmn Mike Dean Second Row Allen Blank Carl Hepner John Wagher John Creasey, Bill Dustin Norman Collins John Hatfield First Row Bob Musselman Gerald Ziegler M1ke Hargadine, Don Colgan Phil Webster M1ke 68 SCHEDULE 69 Western Princeville Bradford Manlius Wethersfield Dunlap Elmwood AND THE CHEERS RANG ON!!! X. XF? ' X sl or I Top to bottom-VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: Sharon Muckey, Diane Camey, Pam Minton, and Janet Jones. JUNIOR VARSITY: Lynne Drake, Ann Rice, Kim Turnbull, and Dorothy Allen. D E 2 E D N E N E E K I M A D 0 .I Q R A 0 N T E H T Y S A N A N R N" 0 A N 'l 'o 'Q FX v A Sago Wf 'QM .:, A 5 ' nav' M,.Y,W,,b, Awww .. ,Q 3- X' AYPQ Y' X X X , ,xml wr., wx... Pg s ,. 1 Q5 T E X - 1 5 XE R 5 i 3 ,J x k . , yuan S55 X x X X Q5 -N. KN WW 3 X, ag. ,I N...-1 ivy X V.. X., X, Led by ALL-CONFERENCE center ROD DORMAN, the Toulon Trojan Basketball squad attained its highest peak of success in several years. In contrast to past years, Toulon enjoyed considerable tournament success, winning the ICAC, placing third at Princeville, then smashing to a District title, but to fall to Kewanee in the regional. Posting a final 18 wins and 9losses record, the Trojans tied for fourth in the Blackhawk with Buda Western and Placed second in their initial year in the ICAC behind quick SL powerful Glasford. Positions would have been better in the standings if it hadn't been for three one-point losses in midseason to Manlius, LaFayette, and Dunlap. Following another defeat by Princeville, the team rebounded to an unblemished record the rest of the way. The emergence of Bill Conner and peak play of other individuals such as J im Cinnamon, Carl Blank, Ken Dutton, and Tim McMillen came at an opportune time as Toulon defeated first and second seeded Western and Neponset to cop the first-place District trophy. Senior Jim and the returning Carl Blank formed a small but flashy guard pair. Most of the rebounding was by Dor- man, Dutton, and Conner. In his three-year varsity career Dorman pulled down over 1,000 rebounds in addition to pumping in over 1,000 points. ,I V BASKETBALL Coach Duffy, Carl Ham, Jim Addis, Clarence Dennison, Don Colgan, Mike Hargadine, Jim Cas- tagna, Gary Frail, Doug Miller, Chuck Frail, Bob Layman, Frank Price, Ron Vicars. J V's in action. JV's receive letters. Wlilhvs X Top Row: D. Newman, R. Finney, J. Ballentine, L. Johnson, T. McMillen, R. Cinnamon, Coach Jenkins. Middle Row C Hepner, G. Behnke, B. Ebert, D. Webster, B. Collins, K. Knowles. Bottom Row: B. LaPayne, M. Hall, R. Chamberlain M Pyell, R. Krans, S. Hunt. BASEBALL The Toulon baseball team saw mediocre suc- cess with 3 wins and 5 losses. Randy Krans was the batting champ with eight hits in twenty times at bat. Keith Knowles and Bill Ebert both had seven hits and averages over .300. Krans also came up with the stolen bases award by pilfering a mere four bags. The last three games included a 16-O loss to Galesburg and trouncings from Walnut and Manlius. The loss to Galesburg was the first game in the district. The pitching highlight of the season was a three-hit shutout over Bradford by sophomore Bob Collins. Princeville Elmwood Bradford Dunlap Wyoming Walnut Galesburg Manlius 1968-69 SCHEDULE WE THEY 9 12 4 2 2 0 6 1 2 12 10 0 7 0 16 5 14 Top Row: Coach Harland, Coach Duffy, M. Schmidt, R. White, R. Cinnamon, R. Dorman, K. Dutton, F. Price, T. Mc Millen, B. Bent, C. Kamerer-Manager. Middle Row: B. Dennison, C. Blank, P. Wilkinson, R. Finney, R. Thorne, J. Addis, G. Behnke, D. Webster, R. Chamberlain, G. Montooth. Bottom Row: K. Jackson, B. Layman, D. Taylor, K. Knowles, D. Blank, R. Fritz, G. Anderson, J . Cinnamon, D. Truelove, C. Dennison, D. Miller. TRACK The Toulon track season was very successful as they took first in the Stark County and ICAC meets. They placed sec- ond in the Blackhawk meet and first in the Frosh-Soph ver- sion of this same meet. Much success was due largely to leading point-getters Ken Dutton and Jim Cinnamon. Through the season Dutton and Cinnamon set several re- cords in the high jump and 180 yd. lows respectively. In the Honor Roll track meet, a special meet consisting only of the area's top contestants, Dutton won the highjump, and Cinnamon's 20.5 clocking in the lows was second only - to an outstanding effort from Galva's Tarleton. ln this meet Rob Finney obtained a second in the longjump also. , Ep a ..., 5 Vos Ken Jackson Randall Cinnamon Keith Knowles of QXN N N We EX . X X x s X X xx st . X X X X N X XX- N N X N X N X ws? Xi x Ns X X iss X r C ss sk X 'S Q X ff - - Q -1 ..-. . s X ts EXXX. , ss k .X QX- we X . X sf XXn Terry Talbert Anne Hepner ....,,: I 1 ,,',,, . K X iw X X XX.-s X s s sg W x X s s N 2 Ei? A 2. . R, .. f John Nelson 1 . . e:f5.Q-' Q1 sp-P'-4' ,of- PEECH C0 TEST Mrs. Fuhr and Mrs. Webb . S 345, . ss.. si st Nx as swah X 'Qi SX s x ses X N - X Vx S X X s x Fl A . s say: 1 Q .. f f s its X .fs - fbxxkslf X1 :- I X- - . s gs X-,gs KAN. NX oss " f - X ,X .g ss -5, is Ask b,gtsl.'gfXXExgs .Q iifliss. , st. , The students of Toulon High School went to the ' District Speech Contest in Pekin, Illinois. The members of the Pyramis and Thysbe cast fcenter of maskj are Paul Wilkinson, Bill Ebert, Gary Behnke, Linda Loomis, Dick Clark, Gary Anderson, and Margy Henneberry. Mrs. Webb and Mrs. Fuhr are advisors. The seniors pictured individually and the following juniors, for whom there were no pictures available, also attended: JoAnn Slygh, Mary Pitzer, and Mike Pyell. s 3 x s Y' End of year End of book Start of life. As you go on through life use this book to remember this particu- lar year. Pry your memory for details to these silhouettes of the past, and may all your memories be good OIICS. THE Q Mez: M - Q 5 NJA ,,.f.x,,g,m 9. ., X. ,, a gzgamigxm A.-em. ,.Mga, w s . .....,,-il, il in f"m!"2,Q:1::5- -Q-.A Y I -4, . 4 M . IL -e Q 1

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