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I .f if ,521 .f n1aa...,., .. an F , li la! If I' ll Ill, 'IH' I ' 6 'l .EI '--'ZF .1 1 4 .x , V 1 ga W' 23" 1" l,.. .f"1"ff" .fx f Nw- jLf:1.f ff A' ff 35, ff, xg.. L 'QM-' ...ffl f 1 we -"fl-f 'TL-v'f, ff X3 .5f,:?ff k-'rj Mg, Q4' vi -rr -wr' V MH' X" -"""b Q-2" 1,4 if .f-"rt .ff .-"""" ,,+ af' ,. or .af- ,--f ...W-,J f-4' "H" ,..-ff ,. M,,,..,.wmwf" ,...f- ....w"?"' . ...fw- . WN, .,. .mf-w K ..-' ,,.,..--V ,.,.,-.fxM"""""e ,ff-v ,,,...-- ,., .Mf- H,,,.,..fwf'+' " K ....,...- MM-w ,L,..-.-'+A' ,,.,,.,,...-' W ,,.....- ...v ,..,.. hi . .... ,M ,.,...w-f-T A N All f gs . . .-.MVM MW MSHA M Mr, A.,. N. ....,. . N. A ....w.... -- ,.,.....x--+...m--... .,.,...,....- W k M 'Nw R R. , .,--V WMM-.W . . Q M... WVQ ,W ..... ..xx,b ,. .W K Q MW ,A A WW, V...,.... V . K ., .......iMW AMMNM, .LW -. vw Nw Y,.,,.-ff-F' ""'L A ,wmv M. x..,. ..,... ..... .... , A .Swv--is uw A A ws WW MP. J Q A ' ' ' ,, ,,.,,......--..-m-""""""" " ,.....,.......-. Q- ,M ,.,.,,......Q.--vb . X- Nw -Q "A""MQf, -. .,...--Nw - . Q , Y A "-A jj, ,..m.W...m-W--ff . - - Y , ' Ak ,X X W , .XL., K P LALLL f,. ,.... at .wi p5UllQ.QTf'f' ' 'N 2 Q A - 1 . ...L 3 U, 1 k .3 i A f , 5' 1,3 k i.. ' in H. 5 F ,235 4 1 41 . -. - P ff as b f " gf: A A 1 . 5 5 if V sw Q . iss fffirzv-f , - . ' 3 ' LJ L 3 .Y -A F12 J- j wivaifxsy PNi'3Y"5 fl ' ,Wi - , 1 f. ,mv " 5 , . f f : L . fe if e fluff .2 fl 1 X , - xy f.. S gr xv - E 7,5 -jf, IAM-1 f ga , .WT 'Q XV -Fix Q Xi N hi gy XX .. .Q . fr sf - k 3 Q 11 fl, 3 Mlm VA , Ti! ,, .N L, x . w 9 . ,, , - A . - Q xg' in x X ,A , Riga. , .i . N, ' ' 4, gf ' x x 5 Q57 ' 4 vig- Mgswsf is N-xg, X-,N , , ' - ' ' , '. Hx sg wi X-ff -: ff'Q.ffZQmi'Xxs?-fxfE.i. f?A 1. Y fy- . fn 'lf-.Q ' 4 ny fi fx ,rf X . wil- . A .. f . A iq? . 1' ?vg"a 13' .w,,' s -Af' .rf Lf . , 'E+ .- f f ff 2 me . , S'x?'?wTf.5x1gi ,,+f f"' ' y 1 4 r. SH 324:52 'X -il 3, .If Q . fr f f jf. .1 .ff .' V ' .. x.."2H"g Yriqk Leaf mmm .!lx'i.'i'Hai 'ggi . af, .A dimming J' EF' fri' 1 1 I I 2 1 '.1 'a 4 1 3 5 f Y 5 Q 1 A .J i .3 5 ' I Q' 5 P 2 J 14 I 7, 4 f Z 1 . . L' 14 5' 1 9 ,I i 5: X THE TOL0 STAFF T0 ULON HIGH SCHOOL PROUDLY PRESENTS THE 1967 - 1968 TULO F ORE WORD Dear Readers, As the sand of time slowly passes on, we hope that this yearbook will help you to recall all the pleasant memories of this past year. We have tried to capture all of these events on paper, but we realize that we have forgotten many. We would like to thank everyone who has had a part in making this publication possible, especially our advisor, Mrs. Kidd. It is with great satisfaction and pride that the entire year- book staff presents this volume to you. May you derive many years of pleasure from our 1968 TOLO. Sincerely, Connie Schmidt, Editor Pat Peabody, Assistant Editor CONTENTS ADMINISTRA TION UNDER CLASSMEN SENIURS ORGANIZATIONS JUNIQRS SPORTS MUSIC DEDI CA T10 The Tolo staff of 1968 is proud to be able to dedicate this yearbook to two great members of the T.H.S. faculty, Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Carlock. Mr. Carlock, as Superintendent, has served and guided our school for eighteen graduating classes. Mrs. Carlock, as Home Economics instructor, has not only been a great teacher, but a wonderful friend to the students. We, hereby, thank them for their loyal devotion to Toulon High School. INISTRATORS AND Back Row: Willard Price, John Addis, Gregory Rice, Wendell Witte, Murray Jackson. Front Row: Max Hatfield, clydelualm Presidentg Mrs. Helen Williams. ADMI I TRATIO Mr. H. B. Carlock Mrs. Helen Williams Principal Secretary . 2 is : 5 Mrs. Laura Carlock Home Economics Mrs. Virginia Perrin Guidance Counselor Librarian Mr. August Johnson Music Mr. Kenneth Bourquin Coach Drivers Training Boys' Physical Education Mr Glenn Buchert Science Mr. James Treash Commercial Miss J udrth Schhnk is--.awww Girl s Physical Education Mrs. Iris Fuhr English Speech i i -mf css an ss-,ssis K, s,,.g..... X Mr. Elmer Hampton Mathematics Mr. Alan Harland English Boy's Physical Education Coach Mr. Wayne Jenkins Coach Industrial Arts Mr. Lee Henneberry Arts Mr. Charles Pearson Agriculture Miss Grace Skelley Spanish Mrs. Caroline Kidd Social Studies Mrs. Jane Johnson Commerce BUS DRIVERS CUSTODIANS Ivan Jensen, Leon Smith, Forrest Lewis, Jim Mock, Pol- Graham Franklin and Irving Talbert ly Frail. , COOKS Florence Parker, Pansy Edwards, Alta Elliott Freshman Day First day problems A Blue Ribbon Skit Hola amjgos! Hard at work. Mr. Haxland's Faithful Helpers Scientists at work? Noon hours - Q ,umswui - ---. .2 ..r..- ,u 1 i f . - s -W - 161-f iff!! Mr .dlklffdi .a9falSW29Av, ..11n11'.n6f:?2Yro4'r,ffnv1Z' .wmdtafy if ,HEMI vvyruhmfnb DIPLOMA Steve Ray Wmslow President Rudy Allen Krans Diane Jo Jacobson ViCC-P1'6SidCllt Sec.-Treas- OFFICERS Connie Louise Schmidt Student Council Wanda Rae Jackson Student Council Anita Lee Currier Reporter Kenneth Arthur Dison Cheryl Kathleen Dorman Marian Charlene Frail Ronald Dean Graves John Robert Hand "BEST DRESSED" Stephen Ray Winslow Nancee Jo Warren Robert Max Hatfield Cheryl Kay Heaton Diane Kay Hotchkiss Thomas Leslie Jackson "Helen" Maria Elena .laramillo A.F.S. Exchange Student NBEST ALL AROUND" William Douglas Turnbull Diane Jo Jacobson Edward Steven Jones Joe Dennis Lindsay Mary Dianne Matson Thomas Wayne Milburn Janice Marie Miller MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED" Gail Ann Witte Thomas Leslie Jackson Joseph Andrew Minton Dale Allen Nelmes Charles Arthur Rice Timothy Leo Schmidt Sandra Marie Sizemore "MOST DEPENDABLE Amta Lee Curr1er Joseph Andrew Minton XX X X Ss s ik X XY' XX N 7 Charles Dwain Smith Connie Sue Stanley Jon Thomas Trent William Douglas Turnbull Ellen Mae Vicars "CITlZENSHIP" Edward Steven Jones Mary Dianne Matson x Ns N os S Linda Sue Walter Nancee Jo Warren Robert Edward Wilson Harriet Louise Wilson Beth Witte "MOST ATHLETIC" Rudy Allen Krans Cheryl Kathleen Dorman Gail Ann Witte "MOST SCHOLASTIC" Beth Marie Witte Mark David Addis "MOST ARTISTIC" Cheryl Kay Heaton Robert Max Hatfield Alvin Dean Ziegler I' I I SENIOR ACTIVITIES ADDIS, MARK: Student Council 2,3,43 Basketball 23 Mana- ger l3Baseball 2,33 Track 1,43 FTA 13 Class Officer 2g Band 1,2,3,43 Chorus 1,2,3,43 Dance Band 1,2,3,43 Musi- cal 1,2,3,43 Class Plays 3,43 Football Manager 1,23 Toul- onicle 4. ANDERSON, BOB: Transfer from LaFayette3 Football 3,43 Basketball 3,43 Class Plays 3,4. BLAIR, JOHN: Basketball 1,2,3,43 FFA 1,2,3,43 Officer 3, 43 Class Plays 3,4. BLAKEY, MARTY: Football 1,2,3,43 Basketball Manager l,2,3Q Band 1,2,33 Chorus l,2,3Q Dance Band 1,2,3. BOLDMAN, JIM: Football 1,2,3,43 Class Plays 3,43 Musical Comedy 2,3,43 Band 1,2,3,43 Chorus 3,4. BRINER, STEVE: Football 1,2,3,43 Basketball 23 Baseball 1,2,3,43 Toulonicle 43 Class Plays 3,43 Boys State 33 Of- ficer 3,4. CINNAMON, MARVIN: Football 1,2,3,43 Basketball 1,2,33 Baseball 1,2,3,43 Track 2,3,4Q Chorus 1,2,3,43 Band l,2, 3,43 Musical 1,2,3,43 Class Plays 3,43 Class Officer 1,23 Student Council l,2, COLLINS, CAROLYN: Tolo 43 Toulonicle 43 FHA 1,2,3,43 GAA 2,3,43 Student Librarian 2,33 Chorus 2,3,4Q Class Plays 3,43 Musical 2,3. CURRIER, ANITA: Class officer 1,2,43 Tolo 3,43 Touloni- cle Staff 1,2,3,43 FTA l,2,3,4Q Officer 33 GAA 1,2,3,43 Officer 3,43 Camp 43 Chorus 2,3,43 Pompon girl 3,43 Student Council 43 Musical 2,3,43 Class Plays 3,43 Stu- dent Librarian 2,3,4. DISON, KEN: Football 1,23 Chorus 1,23 Musical 1,23 FFA 1. DORMAN, CHERYL: Class Office l3FHA 1,2,3,43 Officer 3,43 GAA 1,2,3,43 Cheerleading l,2,3,4Q Camp 3,43Class Plays 3,43 Homecoming Attendant 33 Tolo 43T0l1l0r1iCle 3 4. FRAIL, SHERRY: FHA l,2,3,4Q GAA 1,2Q Chorus 3,42 Ma- , jorette 1,23 Pompon Girl 3,43 Toulonicle 43 Class Plays 3, 3 4. GRAVES, RON: Band 1,2,3,43 Chorus 1,2,3,43 Baseball 1, I 2,33 Basketball 1,23 Homecoming Attendant 23 Class Plays 3,43 Musical 2,3,4. HAND, JOHN: FFA 1,23 Football 4. HATFIELD, BOB: Football 1,2,3,43 Track 1,2,3,43 Chorus 13Musical 13 Basketball Manager 43 Basketball 1. HEATON, CHERYL: FHA 1,2,3,43 GAA 1,2,3,43 Officer 2, 3,43 Chorus 2,3,43 Tolo 43 Class Plays 3,43 Student Li- brarian 2,33 Musical 2,3. HOTCHKISS, DIANE: FHA 1,2,3,43 GAA 1,2,3,43 Officer 2,3,4Q Chorus 2,3,4Q Toulonicle 43 Student Librarian 33 Class Plays 3,43 FHA Attendant 33 Homecoming Queen 43 Musical 2,3. JACKSON, TOM: Basketball 1,23 Track 1,2,33 Chorus l,2, 3,43 Class Plays 3,43 Musical Comedy 2,3,4. JACKSON, WANDA: Tolo 43 Toulonicle 1,23 GAA 1,2,3,43 Student Council 43 Class Plays 3,43 Dramatics 1. JACOBSON, DIANE: Cheerleading 1,2,3,43 FHA 1,2,3,43 Officer 3,43 FHA Attendant 2,43 GAA 1,2,3,43 Officer 3, 4g Band 1,2,3,43 Dance Band 1,2,3,43 Musical 1,2,3,43 Class Plays 3,43 Class Officer 1,2,3,43 Chorus 1,2,3,43 Homecoming Attendant 43 Tolo 3,43 Toulonicle 4. JARAMILLO, MARIE E.: FHA 43 FHA Queen 43 GAA 43 Chorus 4. LINDSAY, DENNIS: Track 3. JONES, ED: Football 1,2,43 Chorus 1,2,3,43 Dramatics Club 13Class Plays 3,43 Musical Comedy 1,2,3,43Toulon- icle Staff 33 Class Officer 3. MATSON, MARY: Band 1,2,3,43 Chorus 1,2,3,43 Dance Band 2,3,43 Student Council 1,2,3,43 Officer 43 Tolo 3,4 Tolo Business Manager 3343 Toulonicle 3,43 Toulonicle Editor 43 Student Librarian 43 FHA l,2,3,43 GAA 1,2,3, 43 Officer 33 Class Plays 3,43 Musical Comedy l,2,3,43 Homecoming Attendant 2. MILBURN, TOM: FFA 43 Officer 3,43 Basketball 1. MILLER, JAN: Class officer 33 Student Council 2,3,43 Stu- dent Council Officer 43 Pekin District Student Council Vice-President 33 FHA 1,2,3,43 FHA Officer 2,3,43 GAA 1,2,3,43 GAA Officer 2,33 Tolo 3,43 Toulonicle 2,3Q DAR Winner3 Chorus 2,3,43 Band l,2,3,43 Musical 1,2,3, 43 Class Plays 3,43 MINTON, JOE: Football l,2,3,43 Basketball l,2,33 Track 1. NELMES, DALE: Band l,2,3,43 Drum Major 2,3,43 Chorus 1,2,3,43 Student Council l,2,3,43 Officer 2,3,43 Class Plays 3,43 Musical Comedy l,2,3,4Q Basketball 1,23 Sec- tional and District Speech Contest 43 Dramatics Club 13 Toulonicle 2,3,4. RICE, CHUCK: Football 1,2,3,43 Track 2,3,43 Baseball 1,2, 3,43 Basketball 1,22 Class Plays 3,4. SCHMIDT, CONNIE: Band 1,2,3,43 Chorus 2,3,43 Tolo As- sistant Editor 33 Editor 43 Toulonicle 43 FHA 1,2,3,43 Officer 3,43 Student Council 43 GAA l,2,3,43 Officer 33 Class Plays 3,43 Musical 1,2,3,43 Girls State. SCHMIDT, TIM: Football l,2,3,43 Track 1,2,3,43 Class Plays 33 Basketball Manager 3,4. l SMITH, CHARLES: Track 23 FFA 1,2,33 Officer 2,3. STANLEY, CONNIE: FHA 1,2,3,43 Toulonicle 43 Band 1. TRENT, TOM: Basketball 1,2,3,43 Baseball 1,2,3,43 Foot- ball 1,23 Chorus l,2,3,43 Class Plays 3,43 Musical Come- dy l,2,3. TURNBULL, BILL: Football l,2,3,43 Basketball 1,22 Base- ball 1,2,3,43 Chorus 33 Class Plays 3,43 Homecoming At- tendant 33 King 4. WALTER, LINDA: FHA 1,2,3,43 Officer 43T0l.1l0niCle 4. WARREN, NANCEE: FHA 1,2,3,43 GAA 1,2,3,43 Officer 43 Band l,2,3,4Q Chorus 2,3,43 Dance Band 33 Touloni- cle 2,3,43 Tolo 3,43 Class Plays 3,43 Musical Comedy 2,3 4. WILSON, HARRIET: Band 1,2,3,43 Chorus 2,3,43 Dance Band 2,33 FTA 2,3,43 Officer 3,43 Student Librarian 2,3 43 Musical Comedy 2,33 GAA 1,2,3,43 Class Plays 3,43 Tolo 3,43 Toulonicle 3,4. WILSON, BOB: Football 1,22 Basketball l,2Q Baseball 1,2, 3,43 FFA 1,2,3,43 Officer 4. - WINSLOW, STEVE: Football 13 Basketball 1,2,33 Home- coming Attendant l,43 Class Officer 1,42 Student Coun- cil 43 Class Plays 3,43 Student Director 4. WITTE, BETH: GAA 1,2,3,43 Officer 43 FHA 1,2,3,43 Dance Band l,2,3,4Q Band 1,2,3,43 Chorus 1,2,3,43 Musi cal Comedy 2,3,43 Class Plays 3,43 Class Officer l3T0l1- lonicle 3,43 Tolo 4. WITTE3 GAIL: GAA 1,2,3,43 FHA 1,2,3,43 Chorus 1,2,3,4 Band l,2,3,43 Class Plays 3,43 Toulonicle 3,43 Tolo 4. VICARS, ELLEN: Transfer from Westerng FHA 43 Chorus 4. Working on TOLO ex Q, i 3 was . Mrs. Williams 5 X Don't look now Heap big strong man! Wow! Christmas at T.H.S. Helen's Reception Mr. Harland! X51 E I OR CLASS PLA Y WGET MAR T" nm Thursday Night Leads Friday Night Leads l 1 i l The Four Blondes The Wong Girls Q Between-act Skit It's beautiful, Chief. Wait till I tell "I was almost hoping it would not work." you." s- 1: mlmg mn 21 1sm sl J, k ii i S Watch it, Dale! 1 This happening in OUR high school? The 1968 honor students wA Marv-the "private eye". Hawaiian Bill. NNN The Graduates of 1968 SENIOR ACTIVITIES X , ' Keep America Beau tiful ga se x e . .... ,aww I. .W .,. .. X s X X. 5 .kX.. X. .. 'N -X X XXX. .X N . X XXX X X fm Q X X XXX X wk X X X X X XXX X X X X xx X. -X XXXS X X XX . X J h d A X XX.X.-....:.-.5 X H A 0 I1 an X N. . . Tom Milburn Dnane Jacobson I Wayne Dienst if Ken Dison Mary Matson Sherry Frail .5iXg X SX FX- : its X X- NL, BABY PIC 4 i Joe Mlnton - - -- f X wif . X.::':-. NX N X X X X xx X wr ...X X . X: . 1 Ex - 5. ' f . -ow ...X fi . X X X X .TNQ R b 5 of VX Tim Schmldt Marv Cinnamon Rudy Krans Chuck Rice B A ll Il Mark Addis Anita Currier Ron Graves John Blair Connie Stanley Cheryl Dorman ' .. . V' iff 1 X at - ' Q . X xx Ellen Vicars Bob Hatfield Tom Trent Marty Blakey Bill Turnbull Diane Hotchkiss Cheryl Heaton Nancy Warren Wanda Jackson Linda Walter Connie Schmidt Harriet Wilson Steve Briner Jim Boldman Helen J aramillo Dennis Lindsay Dale Nelmes ! I 5 1 5 : i i 5 s S i ! E E E E E i E I S E s Q y ? 2 1 m., 1 mmmm.a summing nmxaswmmsnzmmx .az as Q a s ss w , asm: sm :1 un m nm an as a X is un me 1 ummm , ,,,e-:nm as weasmrrr-fnmm-mlaunumunnlixnmpxifmag. We mga? A X. X ,R ey s X SX 1 5 We + 1 A1 s I x X X XXXX U we 5 .. yisj it X .. S S kg ' K Nw S- KL Anne Hepner Sally Hostetler Steve Hunt Lou Klein Keith Knowles Richard Libby Gary Montooth Sharon Muckey John Nelson Karen Thorne Rex Turnbull Leslie Tuthill Gary Anderson l Glen Arnold Gary Behnke Donna Brown Diane Camey Cam Cravens Rodney Dorman Linda Dunn Bill Ebert Rob Finney 1 s 5: CLASS OFFICERS A D Mr. Treash, Sponsorg Pat Peabody, Student Co Sponsor. Anne Hepner, Sec. Treasurerg Bill Ebe Jackson, Reporter. Jim Cinnamon Randall Cinnamon Bob Clark Cathleen Collins Bill Conner Vicki Galli Melvin Hall Lynn Hedges . Margy Henneberry C"'N .au---..,q,, F 6669" SPONSORS inda Dunn, Student Councilg Mrs. Johnson, rlentg Margy Henneberry, Vice-Presidentg Ken Ken Jackson Larry Johnson Charles Kamerer Linda Loomis Junior Moats Randy Mock Pat Peabody Susan Scott Terry Tlabert Richard White Paul Wilkinson Christine Williams . 5 Q . 5 K s What's Wrong With Girls Comin' Round the Mountain JU I OR CLASS PLAY The Junior class plays were held this year on the evening of March 29 in the high school gymnasium under the direc- tion of Mrs. Iris Fuhr and Mr. Alan Harland. Four plays were presented-"What,s Wrong With Girls,', "Overnight Guests," "The Reluctant Bridegroornf' and "Comin' Round the Mountain". The Reluctant Bridegroom President Bill Ebert and Advisor Mr. Treash eyeing Juniors Pat Peabody and Margy Henneberry out to homecoming float. make a gale, Winning team captain Richard White awarding winning individual salesman Cheri Riggen a Swinger camera. JU IUR ACTIVITIE The past year has been a busy one for the class of '69. For homecoming, the class entered the float, "Pound Out a Victory" and received an honorable mention. A money making project of selling candy followed basketball season. In May, the Juniors spon- sored the annual prom, this year held at the Hub, the theme was "Oriental Fantasy". All in all, it has been a productive year for the class of '69. 'J' Oh, Max! We Won! E o fffg e -Wk Nix ' Jfems x' xi eo . s X si' www ie EQ X Q . X, . X.--k' X 5 .. N ke . 'Q s e egg If . - MNZRVAFS -2 f Sf 1 A .1 ea' N Three Stooges Boo! T . ..xx KL A 15 X 5 T . il. Q F ' 5 xg 2 38 e if so-:il 1 K. F N ' 5 S o fKey of X pleasej Fire Anyone? Hola! K 1 S E ' fi I - ' ' 1 22 A X S ig 3 Lg , E 'E l 5 7 5 5 Q ' i . .. S, l .. ! . i - S 5 X . Mr. Pearson-Sponsor Jane Addis-Student Council ' Jane Burcham-Student Council Miss Schlink-Sponsor Mary Pitzer-Reporter Teri King-President Ken Dutton-Vice-President Barb Boldman-Secretary 8: Treasurer Jane Addis Linda Anderson John Ballentine Bob Bent Dean Blank Qs Pam Callahan Randy Chamberlain Dick Clark Jacque Colgan Earl Connor Marsha Cover Roger Fritz Dan Gallagher Eldon Ham Janet Jones Teri King Randy Krans Pam Minton Velma Moats Cindy Mock Dave Newman Linda Peterson Mary Pitzer Dennis Taylor Rodney Throne Dale Truelove Carol Ublauer Raylene Waenbach Kathy Wagher Carl Blank Gail Bloomberg Barb Boldman Jane Burcham Anna Bush OPH OM ORE CLASS Cindy Currier Vivian Davis Ken Dutton Pat Fisher Janet Frail Debbie Franklin Linda Lambert Jeanne Lehman Terry Malone Bob Mahany Tim McMil1en Laurie McRe11 Mike Pyell Christine Reed Mark Schmidt Barb Sizemore Bonnie Steward JoAnn Slygh Jerry Wasson Carol Webster Douglas Webster Mike Winn Joel Wright Kathy Young Jim Addis Gary Anderson Debra Bainbridge Jim Castagna Donald Colgan Tom Eberle Denise Egnew Alice Elliot Connie Fell Robert Gallagher Carl Ham Mike Hargadine Mary Zeta Henneberry Randall Martin John Paul McRell Doug Miller Frank Price Cheryl Reed Ann Rice F N it, . - Nx Sew, vs . xi .baske me .iss is X 1 Q sate - is CCS -. s we CX i . es ms f sw .sea X f ax be S 1 Q X . ix- -,:e: s Qigxx Q 'S - glasses ts-' s-1 s, Siem-se as - Q Q e - 1 S s-' 1 5 A -Q .ssex,si..s. - , . f X X Q XX X se W Ss! X X s S X X Q X - ii a NR a 3 Carol Storey Diane Streitmatter Karen Wagher Bob Walter Mrs. Kidd, Sponsorg Doug Miller, St. Councilg Carol Hotchkiss, Secretaryg Jim Addis, President. Mrs. Caroline Kidd 1 ii is K of ra Kr' Mr. Harland Bill Van Autreve Roy Vicars Bob Winn Gerald Ziegler Chuck Frail Gary Frail Mike Fritch Dennis Gallagher Carol Hotchkiss Rick Hunt Barbara Leverette Kathy Lindsay Debbie Minton Becky Olmsted JoAnn Phillips Kathy Roach Cheryl Smith Alan Streitmatter Bob' Collins Kathy Dison Lynne Drake Charlene Dykeman Marlene Dykeman Ann Rice, St. Councilg Mr. Harland, Sponsorg Ran dy Martin, V.-presidentg Becky Olmsted, Reporter FRESH-SOPH ACTIVITIES 1 i i I Money Making Activities? Let's Blast! I J N 1 1 Sophomore Sweets Bang! Bang! l W More Sophomore Sweets Freshmen show their better side. N E i J i J E F i I x i A 3 i X S E E 2 5 5 s i E 3 2 S 2 i E K 2 E E s 1 E E 5 3 2 5 3 E z R K E s E 2 2 z E 5 l E s E ' ----- -----------,- -A N MQ -WX W --HWWMQM + M- WA- -wwf. Wfmm.-Qmiasxrrw ,Q f Q: mfmw ww-xx .QM-xwmsmma x ss Nz: wr wwf: Q fx mmwgmswmwf ss aww mwsweaxw iw Kami am W-N - Dale Nelmes, President Janice Miller, V.-President Mary Matson, Secretary The Toulon Student Council has been very successful this past year. Much of this success was because of the fine guidance that the council had. Mrs. Virginia Perrin, who has been Student Council Advisor here for many years, has worked hard to keep the council members on the move. Besides being the local advisor, Mrs. Perrin has been a mem- ber of the advisory board of the Pekin District Student Council and was the special advisor for Janice Miller, past District Vice-President. The Toulon council wishes to ex- press its deepest gratitude to Mrs. Perrin for all of her work for the council and for Toulon High School. Mrs. Virginia Perrin, Advisor I TUDE T COUNCIL The Student Council of Toulon High School has tried many new projects this past year. In August they conducted a Leadership Workshop at Lake Calhoun. The Toulon Council asked some of the area councils to send representatives to this Workshop. The next new activity the council participated in was the Dis- trict Workshop at Knox College in Galesburg. The Toulon Council, under the direction of Janice Miller, District Vice-President, took charge of all arrangements for the Workshop and served as the host school for the Workshop the day it was held. This year the council had a special project, a "Keep America Beautiful Campaign." This project was successful and was helpful to the community as well as the school. Another "first" that this year's coun- cil accomplished was a student exchange. Toulon High School sent Connie Schmidt and Mark Addis, both council members, to Alton Senior High in Alton, Illinois, in exchange for two Alton students for one week. The purpose of this exchange was to promote understanding about the way other schools and other councils operate. The officers for this year are as follows: Dale Nelmes, Presidentg Janice Miller, Vice-President, Mary Matson, Secretary. Row 1 Pat Peabody, Steve Winslow, Diane Carney, Mark Addis. Row 2: Janet Jones, Cindy Currier, Ann Rice, Anita Currier Row 3 Helen Jaramillo QAFS studentj, Bill Ebert, Connie Schmidt, Doug Miller, Wanda Jackson, Jim Addis. Row 4 Jane Addis Linda Dunn, Teri King, Keith Knowles. DUT A -1 Upper Left Toulon ll Gethcha If Ya Don't Watch Out! Seniors First place Upper Right Stop Em In Their Tracks", Sophomores Second place Left: Grind Out a Victory Freshman. Below: Pound Em To A Pulp ', Juniors. , s s 1 -' ff? xggggi. - - Q - A . www X s 4 9 9 1 X Af S Q 3 s Upper Left: Queen Diane and King Bill in coronation dance. Lower Left: The crowning of Queen Diane Hotchkiss. Upper Right: Homecoming court- Freshmen, Jim Addis and Ann Riceg Juniors, Ken Jackson and Pat Peabody Honorary Attendant, Helen Jaramillog 1966 Queen Rozanne Nelsong Queen Diane and King Billg 1966 King Steve Hatfieldg Escort of Honorary Attend- ant Helen, Tom Jacksong Seniors Steve Winslow and Diane J acobsong Sopho- mores, Roger Fritz and Teri King. Lower Right: The crowning of King Bill Turnbull. xx S 3 5 TUDE T EXCHA GE The Student Council sponsored a student exchange pro- gram, whereby two seniors from Toulon High School, Con- nie Schmidt and Mark Addis, attended Alton High School, Alton, Illinois, for one week. During this week two Alton High students, Eric Anderson, a seniorg and Lynn Van- Vorhis, a sophomoreg became part of the Toulon High School student body. They went to class, study hall and extra curricular activities. Eric stayed with Dale Nelmes and Lynn with Mary Matson. The last night they were here the student Council had a party at Mary Matson's home. Connie and Mark stayed with students of Alton High, parti- cipating in their school activities during the week. All concerned felt the program was worthwhile. All the pictures without captions were taken at the Student Council party. Q S 5:5-.Q SX-is . .. NYSNSS X r.,,. - -Q r N, sw Eric Anderson and Lynn VanVorhis, Alton High School. i smxe2m.xtmxsemMsmnm s ws The Currier Family, Row 1: Mr. Roland Currier, Mrs. Currier. Row 2: Cindy Helen and Mrs Kidd Helen, Anita. Row 3: Preston, Gretchen, Sally, Jeanne. AFS STUDE T Toulon High School had its second American Field Ser- vice student this year, Maria Elena Jaramillo A. from Pere- ira, Columbia, who took the American name of Helen for her year in Toulon. Helen is the oldest of six children. Her junior year of high school was interrupted, so she will have one and one-half years of high school to complete when she returns. Toulon High School was a big change in many ways for Heleng her high school was a private all-girl school of approximately 2000. She became a member of the Roland Currier family, who have two daughters in high school: Anita, a senior, Cindy, a Sophomoreg and four other younger children. Helen parti- cipated in GAA, FHA, Student Council, chorus, and the senior class play. She reigned as queen of the FHA formal Christmas dance. The Toulon community, as well as the high school, enjoyed knowing Helen and will long remember her. Helen AFS students in the area who gave a panel discussion on their home coun Helen and Wanda Jackson. fries during AFS Week- FUTURE TEACHER OF AMERICA Www S I. t - , A Row 1: Anita Currier, Susan Scott, Anne Hepner, Karen Wagher. Row 2: Raylene Wagenbach, Ann Rice Ronnie Steward. Row 3: Cindy Currier, Jean Lehman, Lynne Drake, Donna Brown. Row 4: Janet Jones Pam Callahan, Carol Hotchkiss. Row 5: Mrs. Perrin, Harriet Wilson, Joann Phillips, Cindy Mock. Y s Old and New Presidents The Future Teachers of America had an active year. In October they visited the Uni- versity of lllinois at Champaign. Six new members were initiated in November. They were: Lynne Drake, Cindy Currier, Joann Phillips, Ann Rice, Carol Hotchkiss, and Rae Wagenbach. At Christmas they helped Jim Mock by washing toys for needy children. Cookie cook books and candy cook books were sold to help earn money for the club. Anne Hepner Secretary-Treasurer Donna Brown Vice-President Mrs. Virginia Perrin Advisor Harriet Wilson President A typical me eting Row 1: Randy Chamberlain, Gary Anderson, Ken Dutton, Tim McMillen, Les Tuthill, Rodney Dorman, Wayne Dienst. Ro James Gallagher, Dale Truelove. Row 3: Don Colgan, Dennis Gallagher, Mike Winn, Tom Eberle, Bob Walters, Bob Winn, Randy Mock, Dennis Taylor, Jim Castagna. Mr. Charles Pearson, Advisor Jerry Wasson, Reporterg Bob Wilson, Secretary, John bull, Treasurer, John Blair, Sentinel. Lck Frail, Bob Bent, Frank Price, Junior Moats, Joel Wright, ch. Row 4: Bill Van Autreve, Bob Gallagher, Mike Hargadine, The Toulon chapter of the Future Farmers of America had another very good year. Teams were sent to every judg- ing contest on the sectional level. The livestock judging team took first place in the sectional contest. The founda- tion awards were won by the following: Public speaking, crop farming-John Nelsong swine production, sheep pro- duction, livestock farming-John Blairg farm mechanics-Les Tuthillg Corn production, beef production-Rod Dormang swine production-Mel Hallg star greenhand award-Frank Price. A highlight of the year was the announcement of the State Farmer Degree being won by John Blair and John Nel- son. , Presidentg Tom Milburn, Vice-Presidentg Rex Turn- Basketball Coffee Stand Row 1: E. Vicars, V. Moats, S. Frail, M. Cover, C. Dorman, M. Pitzer, B. Steward, L. Anderson. Row 2: M. Henneberry, P. Peabody, C. Reed, M. Z. Henneberry, K. Lindsay, L. Mc- Rell, L. Lambert, D. Franklin. Row 3: K. Young, D. Carney P. Callahan, C. Currier, C. Schmidt, C. Hotchkiss, J. Bur- cham, A. Elliot. Row 4: T. King, B. Boldnian, C. Webster, C. Reed, J. Phillips, D. Egnew, L. Walter, C. Mock. Row 5: P. Andrew, C. Williams, H. Jaramillo, D. Bainbridge, V. Blank, N. Warren, V. Davis. Row 1: L. Walter, V.-Pres. of Public Relationsg D. Brown, Historiang J. Miller, Second V.-Pres.: M. Pitzer, V.-Pres. of Recreation, C. Schmidt, V.-Pres. of Projects. Row 2: D. Hotchkiss, Sec.: P. Peabody, First V.-Pres., C. Dorman, Treas. Diane Jacobson, President Mrs. Laura Carlock, Advisor Row 1: L. Peterson. S. Hostetler, Kathy Wagher, Karen Wag- her, G. Witte, J. Miller, J. Frail, C. Stanley. Row 2: B. Witte, G. Bloomberg, J. Colgan, R. Wagenbach, P. Fisher, C Collins, S. Muckey, M. Matson. Row 3: C. Ublauer, B. Leverette, B. Sizemore, J. Slygh, P. Minton, D. Brown, K. Thorne, D. Jacobson. Row 4: D. Streitmatter, A. Bush, B. Olmsted, K. Dison, C. Heaton, C. Storey, J. Jones, D. Hotchkiss. Row 5: C. Smith, D. Minton, K. Roach, C. Dykeman, L. Dunn, M. Dykeman, Mrs. Carlock. FHA ACTIVITIE Dating Game-April meeting entertainment. FHA girls display acting ability. The Future Homemakers of America had eighty mem- bers during the 1967-68 year under the supervision of Mrs. Carlock. The Chapter parents were Mr. and Mrs. Dwain Jacobson and Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Miller. Through much hard work, the chapter had a very successful year. Some of the activities included: the freshman breakfast, Christmas formal, section rally at Wenona, and the senior picnic. Jan- ice Miller, won the Betty Crocker award and the Crisco award was received by Diane Jacobson. The Organization was proud to have Pat Peabody elected as the section eleven president. Helen Jaramillo, the AFS student, was made an honorary member of the chapter. Diane gives gavel to Pat, 1968-69 presi- dent. New members. Senior Diane Jacobson and Escort J Steve Winslow. Sophomore Pam Minton and Escort Larry Johnson. FHA FORMAL Queen Helen Jaramillo and Escort Mark Ad- dis. CA DY CA E LA E Junior Pat Peabody and Escort Dale Black. Freshman Carol Storey and Escort Mike Hargadine. GAA This year our GAA has increased it activities to encompass a sweatshirt sale, a spring dance, a football party, and ntkmerous other sports activities. Under the direction of our advisor, Miss Schlink, we have learned to increase our sportsmanship and sense of fair play, which are two of the main goals of the Girls Athletic Association. Row 1: Linda Anderson, Gail Witte, J an Miller, Anne Hepner, Marsha Cover, Ann Rice, Karen Wagher. Row 2: Jacque Col- gan, Gail Bloomberg, Christine Reed, Margy Henneberry, Kathy Lindsay, Wanda Jackson. Row 3: Miss Schlink, Carol Hotch- kiss, Debbie Franklin, Linda Lambert, Cindy Currier, Lynne Drake, Kathy Young. Row 4: Alice Elliot, Carol Webster, Pam Callahan, Carol Ublauer, Diane Hotchkiss, Anna Bush. Kneeling: Cheryl Smith, Diana Streitmatter, Cheryl Heaton, Becky Olmsted, Charlene Dykeman. Sitting: Debbie Minton, Harriet Wilson. . Row Witte, Linda Philli thy R Row Row ry, S 1: Mary Matson, Mary Pitzer, Anita Currier, Susan Scott, Lynn Hedges, Cheryl Dorman, Bonnie Steward. Row 2: Beth Pat Fisher, Carolyn Collins, Linda Peterson, Mary Zita Henneberry, Raylene Wagenbach. Row 3: Connie Schmidt, Loomis, Barb Sizemore, Diane Jacobson, Jeanne Lehman, Jane Addis, Jane Burcham. Row 4: Denise Egnew, Joann ps, Cheryl Reed, Barb Boldman, Janet Jones, Carol Storey. Kneeling: Nancee Warren, Virginia Blank, Cindy Mock, Ka- oach. Sitting: Helen J amarillo, Vivian Davis. 1: Diane Hotchkiss, Reporter, Jeanne Lehman, Historian, Diane Jacobson, Sports Chairman, Nancee Warren, Historian 2: Anne Hepner, Points Chairman, Miss Judy Schlink, Advisor, Beth Witte, Sports Chairman. Row 3: Margy Henneber- ecretary-Treasurerg Cheryl Heaton, Vice-Presidentg Anita Currier, President, Jane Burcham, Points Chairman. GAA A CTIVITIE X GAA Weiner Roast New Members Goofing off during picture taking. ' may ii F . Row 1: M. Pitzer, A. Hepner, L. Hedges, J. Frail, A. Currier, B. Steward. Row 2: R. Wagenbach, M. Henneberry, S. Hostetler L. Anderson, C. Reed, M. Matson. Row 3: B. Boldman, K. Young, P. Peabody, W. Jackson, C. Ublauer, J. Jones. Row 4: V. Blank, C. Williams, A. Bush, L. Dunn, H. Wilson, Mrs. Perrin. T DE TLIBRARIA SPECIAL LIBRARIANS E 9 -J l r K ss. , k Sherry Frail drawing. Nancee Warren and Linda Walter running off copies. TO La s 3 3 H : . E E -. 4 F Row 1: A. Currier, D. Newman, M. Schmidt, D. Nelmes, M G. Witte, C. Dorman, M. Pitzer, T. Jackson, S. Hostetler. Ro Jacobson, C. Schmidt. Row 4: N. Warren, L. Walter, C. Hez The Toulonicle staff of the school year of 1967-68 has eight members on the staff. Mr. James Treash is their Adv this school paper. This has been the best paper the staff has N1 CLE '. Briner, S. Frail, A. Hepner. Row 2: M. Matson, K. Jackson, otchkiss, D. Brown, B. Witte, P. Peabody, C. Collins, D. tmn, V. Blank, Mr. Treash. aut six of these informative newspapers. There are twenty- ias been a great help in the assistance of the production of +ut in a long time. Assistant Editor-Anne Hepner. AdvisorHMr. James Trea- sh. Editor-Mary Matson. C. Dorman, S. Frail, L. Walter, and N. Warren-piecing the Toulonicle. E QS Q X N5 F Qi 5 X QQ.xf?!5- Q S f Q rv:-f 5 Q wr X. 1 Q, S Y? x, S' R KE . - Q 'Q - SEQQEEQAQ K Q 9 NixQiSfxS,i 1 f LL.L. 5 LLL.. H Q X Q S Q xx E fig R RQ QQ xi Q S Q Q S' QQ 5 'Q QQQQQQ M Q jeskyx Qiwf 335 is Q S' x Q5 Q QQ f I Qi ?f.9'i+X- Q Q Q Xu ,-QQ SNA Nfxv x Q QQ YQ. X' in x Q Q K Q Q. Q is 555 V SQ AT FMHS RSX W5 L X Q Q S. QQ wi X N . .Q Sf Q QQ Q Q S- ,iv ,QQ Q K' NN Q Q -A' .Q ,QQ f S ,xgqw A QQ af 5 iv X 1' x 'A X " .Q Q 5, 3 Q Qi bi Q -Qaw k 5 Q 5 -5 K EX Qi" 5' A -- ,xx. QQ ilz, K ..L,,, , Q - Q Q Q QQ -X SQ S S Q Q QQ Q. Things, especially TOLO meetings, go better with Coke. The 1967-1968 TOLO staff consisted of 35 members under the direction of Connie Schmidt, Editorg Pat Pea- body, Assistant Editorg and Mrs. Caroline Kidd, Advisor. This year's Business Manager, Mary Matson was assisted by Margy Henneberry. The Business Managers were in charge of magazine sales, taking orders for yearbooks, and distribu- ting yearbooks after their arrival. The rest of the staff was divided into fifteen other committees-one for each organi- zation or class, typists, photographers, and art. lt was decided again this year to have a fall delivery, but work began as usual early in the school year in order to meet all deadlines. The staff all worked very hard on the yearbook-both on the regular meeting night, Thursday, and in free periods during the day. A ,sexe X .. as , ,A Standing: Mrs. Kidd, Advisor. Seated: Editor Connie Schmidt and Pat Peabody, Assistant Editor. TOLO These TOLO staffers are very busy. Coke, after Coke, after Coke . . . Mrs. Kidd always helps those in need at the A TOLO meetings. Carrot day Graham Physics door at Christmas Helen, our AFS student Slave day AFS Party 2 N S r Librarians at work Party for students One of our Freshmen from Alton. f E 2 w Row 1 : Marvin Cinnamon, Gary Anderson, Rex Turnbull, Rudy Krans, Joe Minton, Jim Boldman, Bob Anderson. Row 2: John Hand, Steve Briner, Rob Finney, Junior Moats, Rodney Thorne, Ed Jones. Row 3: Coach Bourquin, Ken Jackson, Keith Knowles, Bill Turnbull, Tim Schmidt, Marty Blakey, Coach Jenkins. Row 4: Coach Harland, Bob Hatfield, Gerry Was- son, Jim Cinnamon, Chuck Rice, Randy Mock. Row 5 2 Terry Talbert, Bill Ebert, John Ballentine. Coaches Ken Bourquin, Al Harland, Wayne Jenkins. Managers Bill Ebert, Terry Talbert, John Ballentine. FOOTBALL SCHEDULE OPPONENT WE Princeville 6 Bradford 6 Manlius 7 Wethersfield 6 Dunlap 6 Walnut 6 Elmwood 37 fHomecomingj Wyoming 46 Galva 21 Nz 5. Ms Bm l '+" K 'E THEY 0 0 0 24 7 2 1 7 0 0 VAR ITY FOOTBALL 1967 saw Toulon have its most successful season since the Trojans tied for the conference championship in 1957. The 1967 Trojans won six and lost three. In the early sea- son the Trojans lacked confidence in their offense and con- sequently lacked offensive punch. However, their strong defense carried them through as they scored one touchdown in each of the first three games and still managed to win. The defensive stalwarts were all conference linebacker Bill Turnbull, leading tackles Randy Mock and Tim Schmidt and all conference defensive and Joe Minton. They were joined by defensive tackles Bob Anderson and Rudy Krans, who was probably one of the few offensive quarterbacks to ever play defensive tackle. Marty Blakey was a knockout as a defensive guard. The group was supplemented by late comer John Hand who hrudled his way into the defensive alignment. The defensive backs were Keith Knowles, Jim Cinnamon, Chuck Rice, and Bob Hatfield. After three successive losses to the top three teams in the conference the Trojan offense came to life. The team suddenly realized they could make trap plays work and Bob Hatfield and Bob Anderson consistently gained yard- age through holes make by the two fine pulling guards, Bill Turnbull and second team all-conference, Tim Schmidt. The tackels were Joe Minton and Junior Moatsg the ends were Marv Cinnamon and Chuck Rice and the center was Rex Turnbull. Hatfield and Anderson were joined in the back field by quarterback Krans and either Jim Cinnamon or Rob Finney as the other halfback. The high point of the season was undoubtedly the last game of the year with Galva, a team that had beaten Toulon so many times that it thought it could not lose to the Trojans. However, the Torjans thoroughly defeated the Wildcats as Galva gained very little yardage and Toulon scored five touchdowns although two were called back. Hatfield ran once again his favorite play, the counter, which because of his speed size, enabled him to sneak along behind the line of scrimmage so that he could run to perfection. The Toulon ends did not catch many passes, but Chuck Rice caught two for touchdowns, a spectacular one in the Manlius game and one that surprised even Chuck in the Galva game since the ball was tipped into his awaiting hands. The defense was great as it had been all year as Hand, Schmidt, and Turnbull made Levin, Galva's fine sophomore quarterback wish that basketball started a week sooner. This, the 1967 season ended as it began, success- fully. Bill Turnbull Tim Schmidt Co-Captain, Most Valuable Play- Co-Captain, Most Tackels, Most er Assists, 2nd Team Offense ' Guard Bob Hatfield Bob Anderson Joe Minton Most Va1uab1e-A11C0nfgfenCe 2nd Team Offense Fullback All Conference Defense End Honorable Mention Most Improved Best Sportmanship me-M -A -fem-'We-mmmexi-iwawwswsmemxww M -- :f r Y, Y W g wif uv' XJ l Vw tv.-f"" E m! KC i 2 112. 'AX V 'YK mf LN-s N ' , if is 2 555 i KX Nun Z". 4154? R X an-33,3 s 5 gulf ':"-1'-if X N sw , ' .,., J-If 1 S L S 'X V . N-.f l 4 uf QE fQ I NX N1 f l? l . X a i n X X I .. P I KKK , X 'X X., x xx X x K ggi"..."g Q33 1, 1 1 N X . X X 1 E.- 1 NJ XX N.-f XX vu.-a Www J V FOOTBALL Row 1: T. McMillen, R. Thorne, K. Dutton, C. Ham, J. Addis, F. Price. Row 2: J. Wasson, D. Webster, C. Frail, R. Martin D. Miller. Row 3: D. Colgan, B. Winn, M. Fritch, R. Krans. Row 4: J. Zeigler, Coach Harland, M. Hargadine. SEASON 'S RECORD WIN LOSS Princeville X Bradford X Manlius X Wethersfield X Dunlap X Elmwood X Wyoming X Coach A. J. Harland JV BA KETBALL Row 1: F. Price, R. Thorne, M. Schmidt, J. Ballentine, E. Connor, C. Ham, R. Layman, R. Fritz, J. Addis. Row 2: Coach Bourquin, R. Martin, C. Frail, T. McMillen, D. Webster, D. Miller, D. Truelove, Coach Harland. Row 3: J. Castagna, G. Frail, y M. Fritch, D. Colgan, C. Blank, R. Krans, M. Hargadine. l l V SEA SON'S RECORD J Team Toulon Opponent Team Toulon Opponent i Yates City 36 39 fO.T.J Manlius 46 48 J Wyoming 39 38 spariand 33 Princeville 26 50 Wethersfield 3 1 Elmwood 51 35 LaFayette 29 Bradford 42 35 Walnut 61 fO.T.J Neponset 51 30 Dunlap 57 Team Elmwood Western Wyoming Dunlap Galva Princeville Toulon Opponent 53 45 56 58 72 67 44 51 32 64 46 57 wif? Row 1: Coach Jenkins B Turnbull B Wilson M Cmnamon I Ballentine B Anderson L Johnson B Ebert C Frarl T Trent. Row 2: R Krans B Collins D Miller A Ziegler K Knowles C Rice R Mock S Hunt OPPOSITION Princeville Lafayette Walnut Walnut Dunlap Manlius Manlius Bradford Elmwood Wyoming Chillicothe TRACK .N ,,x. . Row 1: Coach A. Harland, Manager G. Anderson, D. Taylor, R. Chamberlain, B. Bent, F. Price, C. Ham, D. Miller, R. Martin, J. McRe1l, J. Castagna, Manager C. Kamerer. Row 2: T. McMil1en, D. Truelove, P. Wilkinson, K. Jackson, C. Rice, B. Clark, R. Finney, J. Cinnamon, J. Addis, D. Webster, Manager B. Mahaney. Row 3: J. Hand, B. Hatfield, M. Schmidt, R. White, K. Dutton, G. Anderson, M. Addis, M. Blakey, T. Schmidt, R. Fritz, D. Newman. Coach Al Harland and Coach Ken Bourquin The track team won the Stark County Track and Field Meet, placed second in the I.C.A.C. meet and third in the Blackhawk Varsity meet. Some of the outstanding men on the team are listed below. High jumper Ken Dutton set two records, one in the I.C.A.C. and the Stark County. His best jump was 6'0". High hurdler John Hand placed second in the conference with his time. Sprinter for the 440, Bob Hatfield placed first in the conference. Marty Blakey, 880 sprinter, placed third in the conference. The mile relay team composed of R. White, K. Dutton, J. Cinnamon and B. Hatfield placed second in the conference. The above men received medals in the Blackhawk Conference. mm Nxwx ww X fi T1 a X N 33 X 1. Q R Q .Q sw ' X.. mmm NWN MW ff, W ! s Ei r 3 s 1: I S S S S E S S E S N N S 5. 'Q S E 2 E E Q2 Ei 3 S 25 sb S S a S i 5 S 2 5 Q S Q kwa sz sa mxemwmwfgr: KW mfW'iv'3 zzz., M mawm -wggxgzzvgit Sf x ww sw wi - - -M: ,,xx. ' ---- gm N xxxx sa as -M N1 - 'W' 2-X-Ms: as s N ww.. sw 1 , was W 2 as .xxwwmwmm ff M, M mm 'N - wxg Z5 X X K -'XJ X XXX -X 'K-X , ...Q -K 19 i XXX AX X: Q X I fs 'f X . X X X 'L - ' 'XXX - X 7 S X X X ll X X :.L is A X XX X X X Q ar X E ' 'X 1? QXX XX X ,X X Xa X 1 XX lXXX, Q 2 - i - X Q ,X X X fi-:FSI X2-X5 X - ' j X X- X X - ' X -X X- X ' My X :XH- QX X1 , XXMXXNX X X V NX? , 'K X XXX Q X X X K :Navy X ,X X XXXXXXXXXXXXXX ,X X XXLXXXXXXXXX X X X X XX -' X X -' XX X A X A wks X g XXX X KX NMXSKXK XXX. X K X A Q - KX jg -X X A - X-XXX- X rg A - - XXX., X XX- - XX V' ' -X-S K' X -' X X f K ff Q" 'Lf N t 'W A K A f SS - XX-XXX XXX.-XX 1 ll ' X Y X A K' will -'S k2XiXqy-2-ij fX":-E' 5'-S' Sf' N X X -X M X5 xx K X XXX -- X A -W gif XX X XXX, X- - ' XX X X K X 1 '--XXX -'I X' ff YS ' f Xl' ' X X XX" XX-XXXQX5-5' N3 V 'K X 'BH' -5 X X FXQX'-X' X X XX X XX X ' X --X XXXXX X , k -is LX XX ---,,43E,gX+w X- . XJXQ' XKXSXXXN X X L- - A X XX XXX-X N-' '-- X X - X X X . --Q A 'A -- S-,X S- X ' X A X-,ff ,XX X' ' XX ' t5 X -X X X ' X - Xi X155 I- 54' - -XX 9 X X X-l- Q .X 'XS X U K' X " ' ' ' X' "X X ' ' - X9 'X SQXSX X X-Sv'- X X ,X -. ' X' XL Q X 5+ 'QT A Y - fx- X X ,XX XXX 'T N x S s XAXSYX X Xn.XX X 5 i' X- X- XXXgX":' -XYXX X ' if -J K U ,XQQV XTX XXX-X-X g-5Xn-'- S IN' , X QXX ' X' k ' X- X XX XXX XX E, f X-- ' E X- ' k,, ,X KX - ,ASK 'X - NX. isv'X,gXXi,lfx 1 X Ni , X, AW - 2 - Q Q 13 X - - -X X -- 3- X X --- SX ' Xi- f-X-X S-'X fX,XX: X 'b ' " ' ' ' ' - X 'XX X if XXXX X' XXX 5 XXAX XFX - ' X"-QNX-XM :Xi-X, X X X XXX. N X X - -X XX Sf--f3.X' XXX X X X X XX -' ff, S ' - 'N ,XXX X X XXX X' ' ' '- - X X . X Xglff- 5 XX ' - X K X f XQNJ X K' 'f XXX - -XW'X .if 3-X-X' ' K S Y- X AXR 5' X - "1 - X X f--X ' X'X SX-!X'X-in-SSYXE f A -XX? X ' ' ' 'W X X ' X I X X - ,L -QRWV X 'X' , ' 3 K-XX X ' k XXX t M Q K K, X sXg3SLXSX X.XXXXn5i XXX K xx X. . X 1 XX XXXXX - wx: A K 'XX -X i-- X- 'Piakg X XXQXX-:X ' Xlisi' X" ,X X .5 XX X X X XRSYS-XX X6 ' " 'XX 1 331 X WX :X - 2 Frist Xxk KX XXX fs:-5 X Q MEMS if K k Q A. gswxxw -- , ig X, 'N X X Q Q.. xxx xxx , f .. .-Q -.-5.-. X wx ifixgxxs-Q Q 'O' S3159 S6935 'g - QV UA, X 1 Nxwwgnr-,,Qk 3 S - My Qfkx .QQQQQ-5iQQ.9 KS! , Exif X' Q R kv.. - NAM. N. - --1 x QQ Ng.. -i Q3 -:QQ is-K .. , 'X K - A J I S nw -.V -Swv 1 5 . - fi. mia. Rig . ka . Y R Q Q . A W , M 1 Q f ggemfw . Q vw X by ,L Arm .4.:.-is-M ,Q Q 1 Q -Rf .g ' ' 'fs Q- ' Q -5 .' M K, Q .. R M . J . Q. Ei S K Silk ' A . f J -QT X Y , Q S, I -f M- K Q . x Q.. I. .- . -.E - axfxfwi L. -Qixgygyf.-U, x Q 5. iffy ,Q .wi X 4 W K K Ss Q' Q Y .F 5 55 Qu-1 5 ' A . if 1 ' K ,kg M.f....Lm - S .X . . X Q X-Q ' 4 , xx X X ...J g., .K-X Q jg x . 3' lx .L - Q. f . Q L E 3 Q A 4 X av YM., Row 1: Mr. A. E. Johnson, B. Mahany, D. Miller, E. Ham, M. Cinnamon. Row 2: K. Lindsay, D. Egnew, C. Hotchkiss, L. Dm F. Price, W. Dienst, K. Dutton, M. Pitzer, D. Jacobson, N. Warren, M. Addis. Row 3: K. Wagher, M. Cover, B. Boldman, R. Gr Henneberry, G. Behnke, K. Young. Row 4: J. Miller, J. Addis, D. Brown, D. Camey, C. Mock, D. Nelmes, M. Matson, D. Fral T0 LO HIGH CHOOL Basketball Band "An 1. 1 Q . . .ii .Y E s .... ,swarms s urcham, R. Fritz, P. Minton, R. Martin, D. Truelove, R. White, T. McMillen, P. Fisher, H. Wilson, K. Wagher, J. Wright, G. Anderson Slygh, B. Steward, B. Witte, J. Boldman, J. Lehman, J. McRe1l, S. Scott, A. Elliott, M. Henneberry, L. Lambert, L. McRel1, M. Addis, C. Storey, J. Jones. Row 5: G. Witte, C. Schmidt, T. King, A, Rice, M. Winn, C. Webster, J. Phillips. C0 CERT BA D l I Basketball Band "BN Slit: 'Q' Q P g . - . r- k ik - ffx v 1. vi-ww . 3 .L 24 QQ - X .. e X X J, N may X2 xii N x x Wil x XNXKU w k K S . X h X X R' X XX x X x N X2 Q M N 4 X X XXX X Higher, Dale, higher! Easy now, girls. Pompon girls pose. You can't sleep now, Harriet! IC ACTIVITIES Sophomore girls' sextet. Senior boys, quartet in action. All contest soloists. Above left: Saxophone quartet Above: Mr. Johnson gives instructions Left: Woodwind trio Row l: J. Miller, C. Frail, M. Cinnamon, R. Graves, J. Boldman, M. Schmidt, R. Turnball, D. Nelmes, Kamerer, R. T. Jackson, T. Trent, P. Wilkinson, E. Jones, B. Turnball, M. Addis, G. Anderson, T. McMiIlen, F. Price, G. Witte, M. Pitzer M. Winn, D. Miller, E. Ham, B. Mahany, B. Stewart, M. Henneberry, P. Peabody, M. Henneberry, Row 4: D. Camey, C r Lindsay, B. Witte, D. Jacobson, L. Drake, K. Young. Row 5: Mr. Johnson, M. Dykeman, C. Heaton, J. Slygh, C. Schmidt, D. H man, J. Jones. Row 6: D. Minton, N. Warren, L. Dunn, C. Mock, D. Egnew, B. Olmsted, A. Elliot, D. Streitmatter, H. Wilson ya gal I c, ... .,,... se X it sis? 2 .... Accompanists: Mary Pitzer and Mary Matson. ke, J. Addis, A. Rice, M. Matson. Row 2: M. Cover, A. Currier lgan, L. Lambert, C. Collins, K. Wagher, J. Wasson, K. Jackson ell, K. Reed, R. Wagenbach, J. McRell, B. Winn, J. Castagna, K B. Sizemore, J. Addis, D. Brown, C. Hotchkiss, C. Reed, B. Bold- iillo . This year the Toulon High School Chorus participated in many activities. In January the Chorus, Band, and Dance Band presented a winter concert. Later, fifty members of the Toulon Chorus participated in the Blackhawk Confer- ence Chorus Festival. Some members of the Chorus attend- ed State Solo and Ensemble Contest at Western University at Macomb. On April 20, the entire Chorus took part in the Band and Chorus Contest, also at Macomb. The music department presented a musical entitled "Stop, You're Killing Me!" CHORU Mr. A. E. Johnson, Director At long last this year has come to a close. For many this means stepping out to face the future and follow- ing the paths which they have chosen. The sands of time keep sifting some of the eventful moments in our lives. We hope that with the aid of this year- book, you have recalled many of the pleasant mem- ories of this year. K, 4 w ' I fir x 'Q J ni ri? . ,N V.,Y' .. P55 .K sw.: if .N--L15 15? ' SQ? Y.. W f K safe. .fs P gr v 1 AE, ' A 257' P- iv- '. ,fx ,S , x a 5 X x 1 1. 1 F

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