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I Elf .g.: -l.. ZLL IF 1 mp' ll W :lip lf wr stir u WL ,IL on f ail l ki t web we l. .. f f f reef E 74 v X AsN9w,,t xsxsx 1-e?: ,mm un.,,,0o,f' 1 Q wr V -- sf me-"' - -' he-..' - 3 e C7 I' D C ED t o 1' e W o r o Vg! 1 ee f 1 l The aim of any school pub- X-L EL X! lication is to perpetuate the best ll T in school life. Therefore,.i1f we HL succeed in forming an even big- T g K ger and better spirit in the ff? Hifi! , Stir. il- fff, hearts of students of the Toulon - pf , . , f':f3f- TOWVHSIHD Hlgh School, and are 55.-vi '- g .Ja 'f --1'-Z i ,f TI A 1 if f' J ffl helpful in recalling old friends. school life, and the pleasant days of the year, we, the staff, shall be happy. 33 ' -A . l T5 ,Y MEL V 3 - ,J ' fig' ' A f is ,J 1"-' fl -f--1 I l l.,fi'T f as 2 p.-XXf 2- December, Nineteen Twenty-Seven N --- H , -. P Y 1 'I gn .-----n uni:-hnfg f n--..f. Guiniuiig, f 1 l -'-" ---- iam 0 , , , , 1, . 1 ii' -A. : 1 .:. N7 9. 3 ' 9,,,,,,,Q i-. Published by the Students of Toulon Township High School ' Toulon, Illinois This Number Under the Direction of the Freshman-Sophomore Classes 1927-1928 L!'um"li1' N Dhiuil'lll1l'lkIlAltIilIi'il nmwwni ' " "W"V""E 5 A. nz ,:"..'iz' :4f11' T 'Hg E ' 5 A. 2 5mu:,Ruumn'n41w1uivn? gmmnminw muugwwg ' -- fl:-. December, Nineteen Twenty-Seven 'S l 'Ir A ,- V'-Q of ,Q 137 l u T' illlvmnrial l v , ,T Yffebbhww K H-71 . " P 6 e A be. liixfginizl 'iKvrnrh5 November 5, 1911 November 21, 1927 -Death should come, Gently to one of gentle mould, like thee, As light winds, wandering through groves of bloom, " Detach the delicate blossoms from the tree. Close thy sweet eyes calmly, and Without pain, And we will trust in God to see thee yet again. --Bryant. l1-. 1 - -1-. T , 4 b .fa-A-. ,., al 4 December. Nineteen Twenty-Seven 6779 TOLO VOLUME III. NO. 1 THE STAFF ..............................Editor-in-Chief Marion Martin. ' .Assistant Editor-in-Chief Marvin Jackson. . . . .................. . . . . Business Department . . ............................. Business Manager ...........................Assistant Business Manager James Carter. . Eleanor Rist. . Department Editors Louis Sarli, Carl Hamilton ..................... ........ S ports Clae Swango, Thelma Ward .................. ,.... P ersonals Elizabeth Tomlinson .............. ...... P oetry Robert Griffith, Philip Beamer ..... ......... I Iumor Sue Ellen Bowman ........................ ............. A rt Doris Malone, Dorothy Aby ................. .... F eature Writers Anna Price, Kathryn Huber, Grace Nellinger .... .......... T ypists Jewell Tyler .................,....................... Faculty Adviser All other contributions made by the members of the Freshmen and Sopho- more English classes. SCHOOL IN THE CHURCHES. , On account of the Toulon Township High School not being finished from the ruins done by the fire, we had to go to school in the churches. The Toulon High School students and faculty appreciated the fact that we could attend school there this fall instead of having to go to school next spring in the school building. The farmers appreciated it very much be- cause they need the boys to help with the spring work. Mr. McCullough's classes were the only classes, however, that were handicapped to any extent because they did not have any laboratory in which to do experiments. But they could take field trips on which they studied nature. It was a little hard to write because we had no desks. We had to carry our books to and from the churches because there was no place to leave them. We had to go from church to church to our different classes, but at that, it was a great advantage. We went to -school in the churches from September 19 to October 29. On October 31 we started school in the school building, using Miss Co9ley's room as a study hall, for the study hall was not yet completed. We can hardly express how much we appreciated the kindness the church people showed in permitting us to use the churches for school. We are sure that we did no damage tothe churches. We were very careful and we are sure you will agree with us. ' , I Ralph Gerard. December, Nineteen Twenty-Seven 5 CHEWING GUM. The same old worn-out rule-has been made again this year. No gum chewing is allowed in the school building between 8 a. m. and 4 p. m. This rule was posted on the door at the north entrance so everyone would see it. It was put there for two reasons. It was put there to re- mind. those that have gum in their mouths to get rid of it before they en- ter the building. It was put there for those that are not chewing gum as well. They are to warn those that are chewing gum and help them out. Some people have the habit of never reading a sign or anything that will warn them. Some people get in trouble for not obeying the stop sig- nal. They also get in trouble for not obeying this gum chewing rule. They have to write a five hundred word theme, which is not a pleasant thing to do. When they are chewing gum, they are not only disobe-ying one of the school laws but they are also showing ill-manners. So if you want to show good manners, don't chew gum. e 4 y If you see anyone chewing gum, feel as though it is your duty to tell them that they are doing an ill-mannered thing and also disobeying a school law. 1 - . Lois Talbert. I lllllllllllllilllll!llllllllIllIIllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllIllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlIIllIIIIlllillllllllllllllllllllll Honor Students lllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllIHIIIIllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllIllIllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllhlllllllll We have a large number of honor students for the first six weeks of school considering the disadvantages under which we worked. The following students received grades of ninety or above: i English l-Phillip Pyle, Mildred Price, Margaret Nye, Grace Kilby, Louise Kilby, Mildred Ham, Dorothy Aby, -Dorothy Puckett, Nellie Thurs- ton, Eleanor Rist, Robert Griffith, Elizabeth Tomlinson. English II-Keith Brown, Jean Fowler, Charles Hackwith, Pauline Price, Virginia Records, Murl'Thompson, Karl Howell, Marion Martin, Clae Swango, Thelma Ward. I g , English III-Roy Burcham, Grace Burns, Dorothy McClellan, Alice Pierson, Minott Silliman,,Florence Wilkinson, J, A. Bowman, Faye Ed- wards, Ruth Fuller,'Racliael McKee, Bonnie Welsh. English IV-Pauline Beamer, Maude Davis, Lucy Griffith, Evelyn Leigh, Jennie Mae Price, James Shearer, Joel Wilson. Domestic Science I-fMildred Hamy Domestic Science II--Olive Montooth, 'Mabel Nelson, Thelma Ward. American History-James Carter, Lucy Griffith, Margaret James, Evelyn Leigh, Jennie 'Mae Price, James Shearer, Gerald Sweat, William Wright, Pauline Beamer, Anna Price, Mae Swango, Joel Wilson. Stenography I-Bonnie Welsh. ' F 6 December, Nineteen Twenty-Seven Stenography II-Beulah Leadley, Dorothy Dillon, Maude Davis. Algebra I-Carl Hamilton, Marvin Jackson, Brady Ham, Margaret Nye, Robert Griffith, Otis Chaudoin, Ralph Gerard, Mildred Price, Eleanor Rist, Elizabeth Tomlinson. Algebra II-James Shearer. Geometry, Plane-Marion Martin, Charles Hackwith, Virginia Rec- ords, Keith Brown, Thelma Ward, Mortimer Packer, McKenzie Shultz. French I--Milo Churchill, Ruth Fuller, Opal Ingle, Dorothy McClellan, Ruth Montgomery. D' French II-Maude Davis, Lucy Griffith, Margaret McLennan. Latin I-Robert Griffith, Grace Kilby, Eleanor Rist, Elizabeth Tom- linson. ' Latin II-Keith Brown, Marion Martin, Thelma Ward, Florence Wilk- inson. Reviews-William Malone, Grace Nellinger. Woodworking I-James Hickey, Carl Hamilton. ' Woodworking II-Kermit Kamerer, Stuart Montooth, Clifton Smith. Economics-Joel Wilson. V Ancient History-Cecil Fickling, Margaret James, Clae Swango. Modern History-Dorothy McClellan. General Science-Keith Brown. Robert Jackson, Anna Price. Mildred Price, Pauline Price, Eleanor Rist, Robert Griffith, Walter Fell, Maxon Martin, Phillip Pyle. Biology--Pauline Beamer, Isabella Dewey, Charles Hackwith. Chemistry-Milo Cnurchill, Lucy Griffith, Margaret James, Evelyn Leigh, Margaret McLennan. Jennie Mae Price, James Shearer, Bonnie Welsh, Paul Walker. Typing-Dorothy Dillon, Lucy Griffith. i Commercial Geography-Charles Hackwith, James Carter. Bookkeeping-Dorothy Dillon, Maude Davis. .i,.... THE PURPOSE OF THE TOLO. . Someone asked me the other day, "What's the use of having the Tolo anyway? It's just a lot of bother and extra work!" We confess that it is a lot ol' viork, but what do we go to High School for? It's worth all the bother iii we call it thatl that we put into it. Not that it's a money-making proposition, because it isn't. We have the Tolo Carnival and our subscriptions to pay for it, but as the printing costs just about balance the other, we never have over seven or eight dollars cleared. - It is issued three times a year. Every class, in fact every pupil, can be represented in this Tolo. When we have three issues, it gives a chance f or more than one class to be editors. ' The first issue fand of course the bestj will be supplied by the Fresh- men aind Sophomores, the second by the Juniors, and the third by the Seniors. Grace Kilby. December, Nineteen Twenty-Seven 7 vllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllll IllllIlllillllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIlII!II'IlIIIlIllllllllllillllllllIlIIlIIIIlIlIIIllIIlI I I I I IIl'l Little Stories A 'TREE FROM THE FOREST TO A SCHOOL. I was a big pine tree in a forest of the Southern states. I lived by my brothers and sisters for many years. One day a government man came along and stamped a big U. S. on my trunk. It was not long before they built a railroad through the timber and set up a saw mill not very far from me. Soon I noticed that my brothers and sisters had the same stamp on them. A few days later the men started cutting down my brothers and sis- ters and hauling them to the saw mill by train. Then I also was cut down and hauled to the mill pond where I was dumped roughly into the water. I did not like this very much for men stuck big sharp pointed sticks into me, and pushed me into the mill where Istripped off my bark and was put on an endless belt where they sent me to the saw. Here I was cut in strips and then sent to the planer where I was planed and then made into a door. I was kept in a warehouse for a long time before I was sent to a High School and put in as a door. Oftentimes the boys and girls slam me as they go in and out of the room. I do not like this, but I can't help it for I am only a doorb E . .k..1. A PARTICLE OF CARBIDE. I am a piece of carbide. I have many other fellow particles in the can with me, just like myself. I was carried home in a big one hundred pound tin can from Peoria, Illinois. Mercy! I was jammed around so much that I thought I had been mauled. I came into a garage. One of the men carried me in, in the tin can. We had to come home in an old rickety truck. We stayed in the garage for about seven weeks. Two men finally came and carried me and my fellow friends to the north of the house and set us on a big flat stone. They tore the lid from the can with a yank. My! but I was fright- ened. The men dumped us into a bell can and shut it with a bang! I kept saying "What will be done next?" We were being lowered by this time into the light plant. A great tin lid came down upon us with a loud clap. We were going to be used to give the people in the house light. I said with a frightful tone, "When will my turn be ?" My! I was scared. Well, good-bye, I will have to go some- time. I only wanted people to know how I feel. I hope that you all can sympathize with me as I am very nervous right now. Most of the rest of my friends have all disappeared and my time is coming! Sarah Biederbeck. V ' S December, Nineteen Twenty-Seven THE ADVENTURES HOFA PENNY. 'Tm awfully crowded." complained a. little pennyas he lay among the spare cash in a rich man's pocket. The big rich man was smoking a cigar and talking to another man. As the rich man walked down the street, he stopped Where a blind man wasnselling pencils. As-the 'rich man, who was very kind, reached in his pocket his hand met the little penny, who was willing to help all people who were in need. The penny bade all his friends good-bye and gladly went into the blind man's' hand. ' The next stage of the penny's journey will start at a bake-shop where the blind man's small son goes for some bread. Our little penny is being held tightly in the warm, moist hand -of the small boy, The penny hates to leave the warm place but is glad to help the poor man and his son. The baker takes our penny and puts it in a cash register. , A' g I ' That night the cash register is opened and the pennyis put in a bag with more pennies and taken to a bank. 1 , As there is a rumor out that the bank is going to go bankrupt, the penny is quickly drawn out. This time he goes to a rich old miser who stores him away for several months. This old man has a grandson of whom he is very fond and he gives the penny to him. The little boy soon spends it for some candy. Hc is now in the hands of the manager of the candy shop. He is now used to buy more candy and finally lands in the hands of a rich broker. As this broker is travelling through the country, he loses this little penny in front of a small farm house. A little boy who is play- ing in front of the house finds the little penny and being a good little boy he takes it to his mother. As a medicine man 'comes around the penny is used to buy some flavoring. He now is in the pocket of a poor man who' is trying to make money. The penny is turned in to the company the man works for, and goes out to pay a girl who has been acting as a private sec- retary for the head of the company. The penny is now used to help pay a barber for cutting her hair. The barber puts the money in a bank. The bank then sends the penny to help pay a man's iusurance. The insurance company uses money to ,pay a printer for some printing. The printer uses the money to pay for some shoes. The man who owned the shoe store deposits it in a bank. The bank sends the penny to Washington where it is made into a new penny and starts another trip that is too long to tell in this story. How would you like to be a penny? Marvin Jackson. . -+- WHY I LIKE HIGH -SCHOOL. . I like High School much better than Grade School. Perhaps one rea- son is because of the fact that in High School I go from one classroom to another instead of having the teachers come to me, like in Grade School. Another reason why I like High School better-my classes are much more pleasing to me. Some of my studies are elective, and it is known that any person can do a thing better if he knows that "he doesn't have to do it." l, December, Nineteen Twenty-Seven 9 In the Grades my course was selected for me, and I was required to take it whether I wanted to or not. These are a few reasons why I like High School better than Grade School. Robert Griffith. 1-.fl THE ADVENTURE OF A BOOK IN THE FIRE. Mr. Book was lying in a desk where he had been left by someone when school was out. He was not alone in this desk, but had two companions. Mr. Book and his companions were asleep in the desk. The night was very warm and of course the windows were closed. This made it hard for the books to sleep and breathe. So Mr. Book got up and walked to a win- dow and raised it. This let the air in and they could sleep very much more comfortable. They were awakened by a terrible smoke that enclosed them. They could not see and the room was getting warmer and warmer. All of a sudden the room began to light up as if someone had turned on a light. They wondered what all this could mean so one of them got up out of the desk and looked around a little but could not find anything wrong, only that the room was full of smoke and was lit up. The Books did not know what to do for they did not like this terrible smell of smoke. They all three got out of the desk and walked around through the building looking for the Mischief Maker. One of them came onto the fire and hurried back to tell the other Books what he had found. They all decided to get out of the building as quickly as possible. They all started down the stairs and when they were at the top of the other stairs a great mass of fire fell just behind them, trapping them there in. the midst of it all. They knew they would all be burned to death, so they yelled to oneanother to try to get out. They all made a wild dash through the fire, but only one got away, while the other two burned to death. He ran out of the building and ran to a safe place and sat down to rest, say- ing to himself, "I sure had a narrow escape." Miles Frail. iiki.. RAH! RAH! RAH! The one big thing that this School needs is an organized .cheering body. Other Schools come here, and have their yell leaders, and everyone yells for all that's in 'em. We have a very good yell leader, and everyone wants to yell but no one yells. Then everyone thinks Toulon has no Spirit. This is my idea upon the subject. Everyone should try to think up new yells. The yells that we have now are the sameyells we have had ever since Toulon has had a High School. Everyone must get influenced, and then they will stick together and yell. School is dismissed at 3.15. If everyone stayed at least fifteen min- utes aifter school and met in the Study Hall, or some other convenient place, we could then have an organized cheering body. Let's try. RAH! RAH! RAI-I! Philip Beamer. 10 December, Nineteen Twenty-Seven llll llllllllllllllllllllllllllIllIlllllll!llllllllllllllllllllllIllIllllllllIllllllllHllllllllllllllllHlllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllillll ' Teachers and Glass Roll Perhaps you would like to know something about our faculty and students. We are proud of our faculty and students this year. There are four new teachersz' Miss Records, MisslOehmke, Mr. Weckel and Mr. Hartley. 'i Following is a list of faculty and students, Miss Henrietta Sillimanz Toulon, Wellesley, B. A., Columbia Univer- sity, M. A., Principal, English. Mr. Ray Hartley: Des Moines, Iowa, B. A. Ellsworth, Commercial Department. Miss Jewell Tyler: Columbia, Mo., Stephens College, A. A., University of Missouri, B. S. in Ed., English. Miss Irene Records: Champaign, Ill., University of Illinois, B. S., Domestic Science, English. Miss Alma Oehmke: McLean, B. E. Ill. State Normal, Foreign Lan- guages and Reviews. Mr. Louis Weckel: Mt. Pulaski, B. S., Bradley Polytechnic, Mathe- matics. Mr. Vernon B. Askew: Toulon, Illinois State College, Coach and Manual Training. Miss Verna Cooley: Toulon, Knox, A. B., M. A. University of Illinois, History and Economics. Miss Ruby Russell: Wyoming, Knox College, B. M., Music. Mr. Theod-ore McCullough: Hanna City, Bradley, B. S., Science. Those students whose names are checked are members of the Boys' or Girls' Glee Club: fMerlin Adams James Allen Ola Ballentine i'Pauline Beamer 'tMarion Burcham James Carter Glenn Churchill Petrus Colgan 'l'Maude Davis V Isabelle Dewey Dorothy Dillon i'Bernard Donovan tLucy Griffith 'tLois Heaton James Hickey Geneva Hollars SENIORS. Lucille Hollars fKathryn Huber "Margaret James Hazel Knapp 'fNeil Knapp Ellen Knappenburger Beulah Leadley "'Evelyn Leigh Walker Lloyd "iWilliam Malone Ward Marshall "'Margaret McLennan Dale Montgomery tStuart Montooth Grace Nellinger Evan Newman Uanet Ndwlan fAlice Peterson fAnna Price Jennie Mae Price "iZella Price Wilbur Sams James Shearer 'l'Mae Swango Cpal Swank Gerald Sweat XGenevieve Turnbull Paul Walker Floyd White Joel Wilson , 'tWil1iam Wright Q December, Nineteen Twenty Donald Aby 9'Ruth Benelict J. A. Bowman i'Paul Bragg Roy Burcham Grace Burns Edwin Chaudoin Milo Churchill Madyline Colwell "'Lucille Fell "iPhillip Beamer 'Sue Ellen Bowman Keith Brown , , "'Nelle Chaudoins Joseph Claybaugh 'tMargaret Claybaugh Uean Fowler Charles Hackwith Karl Howell Marcia Jackson y Kermit Kamerer i'Ralph Mahany bk tDor0thy Aby Robert Benedict "iSarah Biederbeck "'Maurine Church "fAnice Carlisle "'Wava Carter , Elmer Cole 'fLucille Cox Gilbert Crowe , "Virginia Davis Woodrow Dillon "iFranci,s Donovan David Edwards Walter Fell Marion Field Miles Frail '5Wilna Fritz .Lucille Dixon Louise Egbert -Seven JUN1oRs. Ruth, Fuller ' 'FJ ack Gibson Rollin' Heaton ' Opal Ingle- Dorothy McClellan iRachae1 McKee Vina Mae Meeker i'Diantha Morrell -- Irene Morris Mortimer Packer SOPHOMORES4 ifMarion Martin ' :'iInaeMatson James McWilliam g Nellie Minton iOlive Montooth Charlie Morrell Hazel Moulton Amy Newman Tom Nowlan Pauline:Price .1 .- Lawrence Robbins Anna Routt - FRESHMEN. "Dorothy.lGerard , as "'Ralph Gerard J. - Raymond Gray J Robert Griffith John Hagy "'Brady Ham Virgil Ham - 'kMildred Ham f Carl Hamilton Marvin Jackson J i'Grace Kilby . it-Louise Kilby Walter Mahany A ,Doris Malone Helen Marshall . Nita Meeker Harold Moulton POST-GRADUATES. Margaret Jackson tMary Pyle ' 11 Alice Pierson "Dale Rist Blanche Robinson ' McKenzie Shultz i"Minott Silliman- "iDorothy Titlow' S h "'Florence Wilkinson tBonnie Welsh Richard Worley tliouis Sarli 'l'Raymond Seckman Clifton Smith tWilna Smith Clae Swango "'Clifford Swank :"Margaret Swope "'Lois Talbert Murl Thompson "Thelma Ward 'Roland Webster Cecil White Mabel Nelson 'fllene Nelson Margaret Nye Mildred Price . "FPhillip Pyle 9fDorothy Puckett "'Victor Rashid "iEleanor Rist Dale Robbins Amos Rounds "fFred St. John tRebecca Shinn 'SNellie Thurston 'Frances Titlow "'Elizabeth Tomlinson John Wright Robert Young Alice Rashid' tBernice Newton Dorothy Aby. 12 December, Nineteen Twenty-Seven l!Illll'l I I llIlllllllI'IIllllllll'lll'll'I!'Illll'IllllIllIllllllllllllII'llllllllllllllllhlllllllllll'III flll lIllIIllIlll'l Alumni Notes Thomas Ogle 119261 is attending Monmouth College, this being his second year. He plays guard on the college football team, Helen Jackson 119271 is attending normal at Normal, Illinois. Ellis Rist 119261 has a position as bookkeeper with the Kewanee State Savings Bank 85 Trust Company. Lorraine Jones 119271 is going to Knox College in Galesburg. Theodore Sundquist 119271 is attending Knox College in Galesburg. Grace Dunlap 119261 is teaching school south of Toulonthis year. Mildred Jackson 119271 is attending Kewanee Business College. Ruthe Smith 119241 is teaching a country grade school. Melva Swank 119271 is attending Kewanee Business College. Don Webster 119271 is attending Kewanee Business College. Louise Egbert 119271 is taking a post-graduate course at Toulon Town- ship High School. - Lucille McKee 119241 is teaching in Toulon Grade School. Hayden Heaton 119271 is attending Illinois Wesleyan University, Bloomington. Ruthe Whittaker 119251 is attending Brown's Business College in Galesburg. Lloyd Turnbull 119261 is attending Bradley Polytechnic Institute in Peoria. Arthur Gibson 119251 is attending Lombard College in Galesburg. Samuel Wrigley 119261 is attending Lombard College in Galesburg. Edgar Blair 119221 has a position as representative of a. Chicago plate glass concern. Elmer Lee 119251 is attending the Des Moines School of Osteopathy at Des Moines. Bessie Hankins 119221 is teaching languages in Newman, Illinois. Fred Durbin 119231 is a senior at Lombard College at Galesburg. Edgar Claybaugh 119261 is now working as file clerk and typist in the office of the Martin Sensur Paint Company, of Chifcago. Charles Foglesong is attending Eureka College for the second year. He filled the position of guard on the first football team. He played against Thomas Ogle who is guard on the Monmouth first team. Morrow Cox 119271 is now working in Chicago. Samuel St. John, who graduated in the class of 1927, is now attend- ing Lombard College at Galesburg. Mary Webster 119271 is attending Brown's Business College at Galesburg. Florence Bangson 119251 is attending school in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. This is her second year there. December, Nineteen Twenty-Seven 13 Leta Duncan 119261 is operating a beauty parlor in Toulon. Clifford Berry 119261 is attending Lombard College at Galesburg. Harvey Packer 119271 is attending Denison University in Granville, Ohio. Mary Pyle 119271 is taking a post-graduate course at Toulon Town ship High School. Mae Benedict 119271 is attending normal at Normal, Illinois. Betty Packer 119261 is attending Denison University at Granville, Ohio. Arthur Pierson 119261 is attending Beloit College at Beloit, Wisconsin. Harry Ward 119261 is a sophomore at the University of Virginia. Edith Appenheimer 119251 is taking nurse's training in the Public hospital in Kewanee. Margaret Van Leer 119221 is teaching in the El Paso school. Alfred Swango 119221 is attending the University of Chicago and is Recreation Manager in Burnside Railroad Shop in Chicago. Wilna Beamer 119271 is attending Kewanee Business College. Florence Graves 119261 is teaching a country school near Princeville. Eleanor Beamer 119251 is married and she and her husband reside in Ohio. She is teaching music. Her name is Mrs. Faun Clark, her hus- band also being a teacher. Miles Egbert 119251 is a Junior at Knox College in Galesburg. Esda Fell 119251 is teaching Kindergarten in Eddyville, Iowa. She graduated from Iowa State College last year. . - Irene Davis is teaching school in Danville. Fred L, Griffith is in the insurance business with M. D. Dewey. Miss Nina J. Murray is teaching in Assuit, Egypt. Miss Marie Holly is teaching in Long Beach, California. Miss Virginia Acheson is teaching in Kewanee. Mr. E. L. Myers is teaching in Chicago. Miss Nona Landers is in Melbourne, Arkansas. Miss Janice Meredith is in Clinton, Iowa. . . ,- Mr. William Hawkes is principal of the Berwyn School, Berwyn. Mr, G. E. Wiggle is in Bloomington, Illinois. 1 A' Miss Anne Dewey is at Camp Gro've. . ' . -4x,i, Dear Sweet Potato: ' ' Do you carrot all for me? My heart beets faster when the -sun shines on your radish hair and glints off -your turnip nose. You are the apple of my eye. Lf you do not cherries your love for me, I will berry myself alive. Sweetly yours, Corn Ona Cobb. ,L.+1-.- Heard at the Wyoming football game: S Old Lady-What did they kick the ball way down there for? There wasn't anybody down there to get it. 14 December, Nineteen Twenty-Seven Roy: Don A. reminds me of the back of a clock. Jimmy: Why? Roy: He is always behind time. A Note To Teacher. "Dear Teacher: Kindly excuse Robert's absence yesterday. He fell in the mud. By doing the same you will greatly oblige his mother." Miss Tyler: What is an apprentice? Phillip Beamer: It's a lady printer, isn't it? "What's the hardest train in the world to catch Y" "The twelve-fifty, for it's ten to one you won't catch it." Some More Scotch. Jimmie Shearer and Jack Gibson were walking down Main street. As they passed the Empire, Jimmie picked up a S5 bill. Jack immediately borrowed the money and went to Dr. Berfield to have his eyes tested. Miss Tyler-I have went. That's wrong, isn't it? Marion Martin-Yes, ma'am. Miss. Tyler-Why is it wrong? Marion-Because you ain't went yet. John Wright-Can a cigar box? Otis Chaudoin-No, but a tomato can. Gerald Sweat,-Did you get the questions in that test? Glenn Churchill-Yes, but it's the answers I missed. Rollin Heaton-Have you ever seen a cake walk? Kathryn Huber-No, but I've seen a frosting run. "William.the Conqueror," read Elmer Cole from his book, "landed in England in 1066 A. D." "What does A. D. stand for, Elmer?" asked Miss Cooley. "After dark," said Elmer. Amos Rounds was talking aloud in class without permission. Miss Silliman-Amos, Amos, you're just a spontaneous combustion. Hannah ............. ....... M ay Swango December, Nineteen Twenty-Seven 15 llll lllllllll llll ilIilllllllllIllllllllIIllllllllllllllllllIlllllllIIlHIIllllIIllIllIllb'lllllllllllllllllillllllllllllllllllllllllllll I I I lllllll y O Senior Glass Play THE SENIOR CLASS PLAY. The play given November 4 and 5 by the Senior class of the High School was greatly enjoyed by the students of T. T. H. S. as well as parents and friends. There was a good attendance each night and also at the matinee Saturday afternoon. The play was delayed a week because the' gymnasium was incomplete. Miss Kackley arrived Thursday evening, October 27 and. it was defi- nitely decided the following Saturday to give the play, "Thank You." The last of the parts were given out Monday and by Friday all the cast had their parts learned. The cast was as follows: Betsy Bloilgett ..... Joe Willetts ...... Rev. David Lee .... Andy Beardsley ..... Mrs. Morton Jones .... Gladys Jones ........ Monte Jones .......... Diane Lee ............ Leonard Higganbotharn. . . . . Hiram Swett .......... Abner Norton ......... Judge Hasbrouch. . Dr. Andrew Cobb .... Morton Jones ....... Kenneth Jamieson ..... Cornelius Jamieson .... Marie .... Thomas .............. . . .Jennie May Price . . . . .Ward Marshall . . . . . .James Carter . . .Marion Burcham . . . .Pauline Beamer . . . . . . .Maud Davis . . . . .James Shearer Margaret McLennan . . . .William Wright .... . . .Paul Walker . . . .Glenn Churchill . . .Stuart Montooth . . . . . . .Wilbur Sams . . . . . .Joel Wilson . . . .Merlin Adams . . .Gerald Sweat . . . .Opal Swank ..................NeilKnapp Griggs .............................. William Malone The play took place in the home of Rev. David Lee. There were three acts. .r - Between the second and third acts Saturday night Merlin Adams pre- sented Miss Kackley with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Miss Kackley has coached the plays given here for a number of years past in a very ef- ficient way. We wish to thank Sundquist 8a Son for the loan of the furniture with- out which this play would have be-enlmpgssible. February 1--Keep that date in mind. Why? The Tolo Carnival and dance will be held at the High School. 16 December, Nineteen Twenty-Seven. "WI I I IlllllllllllllElIlllllIlllIlIllllllillllllllillllll Illllllllllllllllllllllllll lllll lIlllll'IllII' Clubs Listen, my friends, And you will hear Of the different clubs That will meet this year. In our High School, clubs play an important part, and they are now under the control of their elected officers. Each club has a teacher as its advisor. We have now seven clubs which are: Service Club, Science Club, Health Club, Hiking Club, Physical Training Club, Girls' League, Glee Clubs. SCIENCE CLUB. The Science club is very great, And you will find them in every state. Officers: President-Bonnie Welch. Secretary and Treasurer-J. A. Bowman. The Science club can boast of having a membership of thirty-five, all having grades of 83 or above. This club was organized last year under our Science teacher, Mr. Mc- Cullough, They hold monthly meetings and many parties. Its purpose is to give the members scientific knowledge which is not given in our text books. ' GIRLS' LEAGUE. The Girls' League is very large. Following are its officers: President-Pauline Beamer. - Vice-President-Sue Ellen Bowman. Secretary and Treasurer-Anna Price. The Girls' League is organized every year, and is the name for all the other girls' clubs combined. All of the girls in the League are divided into two teams. At the end of the year their points are added and the team with the lowest score must give the other team a banquet. SERVICE CLUB. The Service Club is hard to beat, For they keep everything oh! so neat. Gfficers: President-Bonnie Welsh. Secretary-Thelma Ward. The Service club is very helpful in keeping the building clean. It meets each month and at the meetings the cards are gathered and new plans are brought before the members. It is the largest club. December, Nineteen Twenty-Seven 17 HEALTH CLUB. The Health Club shows you how to keep Big and strong and never weak, You can well guess what the Health club is organized for, so we won't need to tell you. Every month it holds a meeting at which time cards are gathered, and the points are counted, I A HIKING CLUB. The Hiking Club does love to walk, And really, it never balks. Officers: President-Isabelle Dewey. A Secretary-Beulah Leadley. ' The Hiking club last year took many five-mile hikes with their ad- visor, Miss Cooley. They also enjoyed many good times and Weiner roasts. THE PHYSICAL TRAINING CLUB. This club will be carried on in an entirely different method this year. If there are ten persons in the same hour of study hall that wish to take Physical Training they may be excused two periods a week to go to the gymnasium and do their exercises providing they are not late to their next hour classes, and do not make too much noise. Every one is sure' that this plan will be carried on more successfully than the one last year. Sue Ellen Bowman Jean Fowler. +1-'K--il THAT GENERAL SCIENCE AT 3.15. There is a class so wondrous and bright, They meet at 3.15 each night: And in that class, I might mention, The pupils always pay attention. They flunked a General Science test, But, of course, each did his best. So-after school they get to stay, Because they studied every day, fAnd didn't fool their time away No matter what McCullough may say,D But--I'll bet the next time they take exam, They'1l try to know their eggs and ham. Dorothy Puckett. A 'K-K--41 Mrs. Bowman--Now, Jay, suppose you were to hand Sue Ellen a plate with a large and a small piece of cake on it, wouldn't you tell her to take the larger piece? Jay-No, I wouldn't. Mrs. Bowman--Why not? Jay-Because it wouldn't be necessary. F 18 December, Nineteen,Twenty--Seven 9 Who s Who Qin the Team 1Illllllll-llllllllltllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllIllIllllllllllllll-HlllllllllllllIlllllllIllIIIIllllIAllIIllIlilllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllliIlllllllllillll Positions 'A ' First Team ' Second Team Left End . . C.Hackwithi M. Shultz ' ' Left Tackle L..Robbins . Left Guard D, Aby J. Wright Center . .... F. W-hite ' p V. Rashid' Right Guard S. 'Montooth 4' L . K. Brown. Right Tackle V Sarli, Captain E. Cole Right End . G, Sweat A W. Dillon Quarterback R Heaton. L. Sarli . , Left5Half Back-. 3. Q . g .... 3 E Chaudoin V. Ham I I Right Half Back .' . . . ' .... D Montgomery P. Pyle Full Back .1 A. .' ....... 2 . I .... QPR' Burcham A ' ' C The above names are the names of the boys of the first and' second teamsgwho represent the Toulon Town'ship,High School in football. The teamhas proven successful owing to the .work of our coach, V. B. Askew, Mr. Askew. is a good coach, and all the boyslike him. All the boys like his .methodsand will fight to the last of the game for him. Although we were beaten in a fewgames, Mr. Askew kept the good spirit going. The boys. camegout even,.if they did lose. They did not lose games because they were afraid.. ,.The1'e were only two letter men this year, but Toulon had a goodifighting team. Theydidnot -give up when they lost, but kept right on fighting. L1 The teamialwayslshowed good sportsmanship. An in- stance that proves this was, in the Chillicothe game. The boys took the oil off their legs. They did it not because they were forced to, but because it showed good sportsmanship, gQi5ig5,team was the champi-on team of the county and they had a hard tirnewinning this honor. We have several letter men left for next year. and also some who did not receive letters. Mr. Hartley, our commercial teacher, has been a great help to the Toulon High School team. He 'came out to help coach the line. Mr. Askew spent most of' his time coaching the backfield. The team as well as the fans appreciate his kindness and help to the- boys. . On August second the coach was married toj Miss Ruth Jury, who has certainly been avhelp. Mrs. Askew attended every game and cheered a cheer thaft was really a cheer. ,She had the- spirit that the whole school should' have., 'AtgthejWyoming game, if it took cheering to win a game we surely had it. There is an old saying that says a man can do anything withgaz woman-to encouragehim. j I guess Mr. Askew has had plenty of enco.ura.gement.'thisj year. Mrs. Askew has been very interested in the football games and we appreciate the spirit, y A Captain Sarli set a good example for his teammates, this year. He neither smoked nor stayed out nights. He was always the first one out for practice. He was not found loafing on the streets at any time. His December. Nineteen Twgnty-Seven 20 December, Nineteeeul Twenty-Seven teammates and everyone else liked hun. They tell us that Vincent is deeply in love. SHEFFIELD AT SHEFFIELD. Captain Sarli's Toulon Township High School football team was forced to be contented with an even break in the season's opening game with the Sheffield High School squad at Sheffield Friday, September 30. The score was 0 to 0. Although both teams fought hard, neither could reach the victory line. - NEPONSET AT TOULON. Coach V. B. Askew's warriors trounced the Neponset High School gridders on the local field Friday, October 7, by a score of 19 to 7. The teams were evenly matched. It was the second game for both teams. Toulon had improved a lot, and they seemed to have more pep in this game. Burcham and Montgomery played a good game. Sweat helped the team by catching a few long passes. CAMBRIDGE AT TOULON. A Cambridge, High School settled an old football grudge Saturday, Oc- tober 14, on time Toulon Township High School field by trouncing the local eleven to thehtune of 18 to O. The local boys were outweighed, but not discouraged. ' ' ' GENESEO AT GENESEO. After suffering defeat at the hands of Toulon Township High School football teams forthe past two seasons, the Geneseo High School eleven turned the tables on the Geneseo field Friday, October 21, by defeating the local squad by a score of 20 to 0. Although the local boys were out- classed, they showed the old spirit and fought till the whistle ended the game. CHILLICOTHE AT TOULON. With Montgomery and Heaton leading the attacks, Toulon Township High School scored a 13 to 0 triumph over the Chillicothe High School team Friday, October 28, on the Toulon field. This was the first time the two teams had met. They were evenly matched but Toulon outplayed them. Montgomery and Ham starred in this game. AVERYVILLE AT AVERYVILLE. The Averyville High School won a victory over the Toulon Township High School football team Friday, November 5. The two teams were about evenly matched. The Averyville backfield was fast and heavy. The lo- cal line showed good playing, by holding the Averyville backfield. The Toulon backfield also played a good game. They hit the Ave1'yville line, and the local ends also covered some nice passes. The score was 19 to 0. In three years it was the first time the local boys had lost to the Avery- ville team. i q WOODHULL AT TOULON. The Woodhull High School lost their first game to the Toulon Town- ship High School, N-ovember 11, by a score of 9 to 0. Both teams were evenly matched. The local boys outplayed them in spite of the heavy rain December, Nineteen Twenty-Seven , 21 and muddy field. The touchdown came in the last quarter. The Toulon boys drove the Woodhull team back for a safety which was soon followed by a touchdown. Montgomery carried the ball over. The point was made after the touchdown making the scdre 9 to 0. Both teams fought hard until the whistle blew. WYOMING AT WYOMING. The Toulon Township High School football team won a hard fought battle over the Wyoming High School team Friday, November 19. The score was 6 to 0. This year Wyoming had the best team they have ever had. This is always the game to which everyone looks forward. The coin was flipped and the Toulon boys chose to receive. The ball changed hands but neither team could make a touchdown. In the last quarter Toulon made a touchdown but failed to kick goal. Most of the game was played in the center of the field. Both teams fought hard un- til the whistle ended the game, but the Wyoming boys were cheerful losers. Q GALV A AT GALVA. The Toulon Township High School lost to the Galva High School Thurs- day, November 24. The score was 6 to 0. The Toulon boys fought hard until the whistle ended the game, but they were not able to cross the victory line. Both teams were very evenly matched, but the Galva boys outplayed them. Galva had only a few letter men. ...-X-i.. FOOTBALL. There is a game called football, And that's the game for me. And Toulon High can play it, As you will shortly see. She goes to all the schools. about, And with them wipes the ground. For it's fifty-six to nothing, boys, When Toulon High is 'round. She has a gallant rush line ' That wears the Red and Black, Each man can carry the ball through With six men on his back. They carry through the middle, And then they touch it downg For it's fifty-six to nothing, boys, When Toulon High is 'round. Adapted from "The Varmitntf' Louis Sarli. .i,f The class in American History was asked to answer the roll call by giving a line of the Gettysburg Address. Paul Walker: "It is all together fitting and proper that we should do this." 22 December, Nineteen Twenty-Seven PIHII 1InlnlnlulululnlululnInIHIululnIMlulmlnlvlnlnlululnlnlululululnlvlLl DIILIH lulrlpp llE E3'll lisg ijj lllblllbcn lwlvlnlnluln:nlnlnImIiluIHIHInlnlulululu:nlwlnluluIrlunu:nlululnlnlHlwlnlunulnInIululnnngululwungulqlqlugwlwlnlnlugu The members of the Freshmen, Sophomore, and'Junior classes elected their officers for the year Friday, December 2. 'The Seniors had their election the first week of school. I -A - The Senior class advisors are Miss Silliman and Mr. Askew.'1-UW MJ i- The Seniors elected their officers asefollows: it J President-James Shearer. ' r - Vice-President--Stuart Montooth. si ' '1-if Secretary and Treasurer+Paul Walker. ' ' . The Juniors have for their class advisors Miss Records,'Miss Oehmke, and Mr. McCullough. The persons elected to fill the class offices were as follows: I ' ' '- President-Roy Burcham. ' Vice-President--Dorothy McClellan. Secretary-Ruth Fuller. ' ,. 0 Treasurer-Milo Churchill. The advisors forthe Sophomore class are Miss Cooley and Mr. Weckel. The Sophomores elected for their officers: - President-Charles Hackwith. Vice-President-Marion Martin. Secretary and Treasurer-Marcia Jackson. g ' The Freshmen have as class advisors Miss Tyler and Mr. Hartley. The class elected the following officers to lead them: President-Marvin Jackson. Vice-President-Grace Kilby. Secretary and Treasurer-Brady Ham. A Thelma Ward. . ---+r-- THE ADVENTURE OF A CLOCK. Here I am, cooped up in a little room. My, it's hot in here. I get tired, too, because I have to push the hands of a lot of other clocks. Para- sites! Every once in a while I get an electric shock. It feels funny. I alsked a parasite fif it didn't feel"hot. It did. So did the rest of the parasites. What is that black stuff? It nearly chokes me. Oh, I knowg It's smoke, and the building is on fire. It's beginning to get daylight, isn't it? No, it isn't. It's just the light from the fire. Owl What's that? Something cut one of my fingers off! There goes anotherg and some more! Gee, it's hot.. Guess I'1l go to sleep. I did. I slept a long time. Then somebody began pounding on me. 1 told him to stop, but he did not. I heard one boy say that school was out. What a relief to them! But that pounding goes on, and on, and on. After a while it quits. What a world this is! , ' Robert Griffith. December, Nineteen Twenty-Seven 23 lillllll IlllllllllIlllllilllllilllllllllllll IlllIllIllIllillIlllIlIIlUll'll!lIllIlllllllllllllllilllll I l'll Nliilll ll ll!llIlllrIlllllllllilIlllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllIllllllnlllllllillilllllllllllllllllllIllllllliIlllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllilllllllllilIllllllllillll In the busy life of every individual there must be "some way out" as he generally puts it, some way of setting himself in harmony with the world about him even while he loses consciousness of his own peculiar and individual existence. Music above all other things, seems to furnish the key unlocking this world that is at once peaceful and beautiful. One does not need to be a. singer himself to enjoy itg he need only to listen, with understanding and appreciation. But while understanding and appreciation may come to us from hear- ing good music, we reach the high points and experience the keenest pleas- ure in that which we do ourselves-that which most nearly expresses our own experience and personality. We sing because we love to sing. We have our Glee Clubs--both Boys' and Girls'-composed now, though we have not yet elected our officers. This year, we hope, will be the most successful year yet. We regret to say that we lost some very excellent voices last year. Therefore, our parts in this year's clubs are not so well balanced. Over one-half our new voices have had no musical experience whatever in the line of singing. The work is entirely new to them, so' this will mean a great deal of foundation work to be gone over. At present the music used is in two and three part Work. However, we have some excellent voices and have made good use of them. There has been a special club of both boys and girls composed of these voices that have had enough to enable them to carry these different voice parts correctly and with a good tonal effect. It is our aim to give the annual opperetta this year and if possible a musical cantata again in the spring. It is also our aim to be ready to re- spond to any outside invitation for singing and with this idea we work patiently four days of the week. We have fifty-eight girls with us this year in our Glee Clubg and twenty-six boysg this making a total of eighty-four students in Glee Clubs. In some future Tolo we expect to have a picture of both the Boys' and Girls' Glee Clubs. I liil. IS YOUR NAME IN? ' The Tolo wishes to express great thanks to the following who took their time and energy to secure subscriptions: Freshmen, Eleanor Rist, Philip Pyle. Sophomores-Marcia Jackson, Louis Sarli. Juniors--Roy Burcham, Dorothy McClellan. Seniors-Ward Marshall, Evelyn Leigh. We feel proud to have such a great percentage of the school to sub- scribe for the Tolo. We need all the boosting we can get. If you have not subscribed be sure to do so. 24 December, Nineteen Twenty-Seven llllll HllllllllllllllllllllillllllllllIilllllllillIllIll'lIllIlll'lllIlhlIllI'llIli1lIllIlllllllllllillllllilllllll llllllll Illllllllllll llllllllllililllillllllIlllllllllllIIllIllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllillllIllIillilllllllllilllllillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllflllllll The career of this class, although doing good work during the seventh and eighth grades, really began in the fall of 1926 when we entered the Toulon Township High School. We are proud of that day. It is to us what the discovery of America is to the United States. lt marks the be- ginning of a period full of fun, play, good hard work, and real progress with bright prospects for an even greater development. Yes, the Freshman year was an eventful one for us. And now we are resolutely pushing forward to the time when we will be worthy of the title of dignified seniors. We will no doubt have difficulties but it is certain that we will make those who have gone before us sit up and take notice. We are the Sophomores in our school, The best of all the fourg Our heads are full of knowledgeg There's nothing we can't do. We are the pride of all the school And you will surely find, When anything is going on, That we are not behind, Some fairy must have blest us, For we are always gay, We brighten up the whole High School Upon a rainy day. Our conduct is the best of all, We never break a ruleg And now I'm sure you'll all agree- We are the best in school. +I---il-k AUTUMN. The woods are red on the hilltop, The river flows swiftly in song, The birds' sweet music we hear no more, Their carols are over and gone. The gentian peeps from the meadow, , The aster from the brook, The children are happily playing In the shade of some golden nook. The Autumn is here in its gladness, The dark days are coming once moreg The roses all have ceased blooming, They will rest till the winter is o'er. Elizabeth Tomlinson. December, Nineteen Twenty-S even 1 tx? Ox lass C Sophomore 26 December, Nineteen Twenty-Seven llllllllllll I I llllllIllllllllllllllllllI7IlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllilllI!lllllllllllllllllllllllillillllllllllllllllllilllllllllI Wvllllolloll oH'DCCll fifliilllflllillloy I l I lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllillllllilllllillllllllllillilllllIIIIIllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllIlllilllllllllllllllll I I ache-Our throats after a basketball game. ask-Our teachers about the final exams. all-Of us are dumb. B ball fbawll-4Something that is at every game in T. H. S. bend--Our necks to see some one's paper. burst--Our physical state of being on the morn of exams. C catch--To grab at, to clutch or to hold on. flllustrationj Every T. H. S. lady will catch their man if you give them time. chemistry-Another obstacle into which we must bump. climb-From Freshman to Senior. D darn--A cuss word. Used mostly by Freshmen and Sophomores. dig-To delve into our lessons. disappointed-At every time the report cards come out, f E English-Consult Miss Tyler. 1 F fun-Something the Freshman class are noted for. fish--A dumb, water soaked animal. CExample-You poor fish.J face-Something every one looks at in a mirror. Especially the girls of T. H. S. - G good-All of us in School time. gosh-A slang word used by girls. The meaning is unknown. gee-An expression used by human beings which means turn to the right. H hair4Black. white, brown, but mostly red in T. H. S. horse-A dumb animal who gets very disgusted at carrying some of the b students to High School. .Q I ink-A writing fluid, commonly used in all the fights of T. H, S. I-Qne letter meaning a word. When used in a sentence it is commonly used like this, "I don't know." J J-Stands for J. Bowman as well as Jennie May Price. jug-Something that often brings happiness. ' j olly-All of us after seeing two 90's one 85 and one 89 on our report cards. K kill--Every time we played football. kicked-Out of class. December, Nineteen Twenty-Seven 2 Y ' L laugh--Something we don't do. lounge--In the Study halls. long-For the bell to ring. M May-When our School lets out. Mae-A Senior whose last name is Swango. make-Ourselves get our lessons. N noise-Mr. Jensin and Ed Chase while we are trying to study. rose-An organ which almost breaks a woman up ffinanciallyj by buying face powder. 0 out-At night until 2 a. m. ouch--An oath said by a student who accidentally hits his finger with a hammer. P pull-The girl's hair who sits just ahead of us playful boys. punch-A blow usually directed towards the abdomen. Q questions-Some very unpleasant sort of animals. fWorse than mosquitosj quake-A nervous state of being at the time of receiving report cards. R run-And then to be told to .come back and go out decent. rush-To the class rooms. S still-As a mouse in the study hall. i song-An unnecessary vibration of the vocal cords which brings forth a weird and unpleasant melody. T lalk-All at once. take-A girl to the party. U use-Our heads in exams. V Vincent-The name of the Captain of our prosperous football team. W water-Especially when a water pipe bursts in the boy's locker room below. wait-Something' we get very impatient at doing. X x-An algebra term. Y yourself--and friends are cordially invited. Z zeal-Our ability in which to think. Zella-Price Cof what ? ? ? ? 'IJ "Any dumb student may turn to these pages for information." Philip Beamer. 28 December. Nineteen Twenty-Seven D0 SOMETHING FOR THE TOL0. No matter if it's hardfor you, Just write itg Don't forget it-it won't do To slight it. If you think it has no sense Perhaps you're merely dense, That's really no defense, So write it. No matter what your friends do say, Just Write it. No matter if it takes all day- Don't slight it 3 Just get a pencil. ink and book, With a hard, determined look, Drop down in some deserted nook, And Write it. 'Nellie .Minton. HIGH SCHOOL. High School is much different from the Grade School. A person has to be there right on time or he must stay and make up the time after school. In Grade School the time does not have to be made up if it is only a few minutes. I I like High School better than Grade School because I have a chance to see many more boys whom I would not have seen in the Grade School. High School work is much harder for me than Grade School Work, but I like High School better. In High School you have many more teachers than you do in a Grade School. Harold Moulton. .,xl Miss Cooley Qto American History classy, Walker, where was the De- claration of Independence signed? Walker Lloyd-Why, er-ah, at the bottom, wasn't it? p We Solicit Your Patronage COMPLIMENTS OF Peterson's . Barber Shop Harold F. Seay a Toulon, Illinois D b IN t T tS Vvheelel-'S Dr. L. E. O'Keefe Hardware 5 lll!llI1llllIllllIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllI II OSTEOPATHIC I PHYSICIAN I lllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlIlIIllIllI'l QI' 182 ToUI.oN, ILLINOIS ' Star Four and Six A 12 Models Nash Six 24 Models ,,R,,Q.,,Q..H.,m.!..!Q,E General Electric Refrigerators 6 Models At the Right Pr-ice Cardiff Motor Co. We Deliver Any Place in Town at . N4 M. RASHID Toulon, Illinois COLE'S GARAGE Show Room Phone 53 Residence Phone 193 30 December, Nineteen Twenty-Seven l!llI I 1llllllllllllllllllllllllllll"ll'll'l1llUlIIlHIlllllllillllllllllllllllllllI'lllIlllI'llIIll' I Ill ll1ll'lHllll Little Stories ERASERS DURING A FIRE. During the fire, July 13, the following conversation occurred: I "Oh dear," said an eraser, "I'm in a terribly smoky place." "Yes," said the basket which they were in, "so am I, but I'm mighty glad I'm not in the assembly hall, being burned like those desks." "Oli, yes, so ani I, but I would like to be out of this smoky, hot place to get a breath of fresh air," said the eraser. "Can you hear those boards crackling and burning? I am glad some- one was kind enough to put us down here in the kitchen. Do you suppose our English room is burning? Let's hope not anyway," said the basket. "I'll be glad when this smoke and heat is over, and they begin to get this off us," said another eraser. "We're packed in this basket like sar- dines in a can." "Oh, quit turning around so much. I thought sure you were going to break the side of me," said Mr. Basket very angrily. "Is the fire getting down in this part of the building?" asked another eraser in the bottom of the basket. "Oh, let me out of here! I don't want to be burned up! Get out of here, I say." "Do be quiet," said Mrs. Eraser, "I have been trying to sleep for a long time, but I guess I'll have to give upg do lie still, I tell you. You are all right." "Oh, I'm not either," said one, "you are not way down here where I am." "The fire must be over," said Mrs. Eraser, "I believe I can hear people talking in this room. Let's hope so, anyway." "I can hear the fire trucks driving away," said one of the erasers. "Well, I'm certainly glad the fire didn't get down in this part of the building. We are all smoked up but that isn't as bad as being burned to death," said Mrs. Eraser. "Well, I guess we are safe now," said another. "Let's go to bed," re- plied the erasers. After a while at rest, the first of September came and the girls of the cooking class came to clear up one day. "Miss Tyler came and found us down there and she took us up to her English room, and now we are mighty glad we are to be used," said all the erasers. Doris Malone. x-11. THOUGHTS AND OPINIONS. Mr. Clock and Mr. Thermometer who reside in Miss Tyler's English Room, are two very close friends, Mr. Clock is quick tempered and rather nervous, but Mr. Thermometer is quiet and sympathetic. Mr. Clock liked to form opinions against anyone and everyone, which December, Nineteeen Twenty-Seven Wrigley Grain Sz Lumber Co. ' BUILD A HOME FIRST rgfjxxl. '- u ,Lili-jf' jk- -I-T Phone -N ge-We Toulon , , . . 138 ,L I -f " 111111015 . 5-igcgfib Lumber that doesn't come back, for buyers who do TRAQQDE Route 30 Cafe ROTH,S The Sanitary Market and Grocery LUNCHES Home of Good Eats CONFECTIONERY CIGARS W. U. SICKLES Manager Toulon, -:-- Illinois F 32 December, Nineteen Twenty-Seven he often did. One day, during the noon hour, the following conversation took place. "Ho, hum," began Mr. Clock. "Doesn't it get tiresome, though?" It simply bores me! I would surely like to be their teacher, I surely would, for just about two minutes." "Well," commented Mr. Thermometer, "it simply bores me too-the way you speak of any new friends." "Why," Mr. Clock began again, after a moment's hesitation. "They just sit there and--" I - ' "I know, but, my dear Mr. Clock, you must remember, We too, were once Freshmen and, I'm sure it could be worse." "Worse! worse!" shouted Mr. Clock. "I don't see how it could be any worse!" ' -"Well, let's just not talk about it. I'm sure they are doing better any- way," said Mr. Thermometer, with a voice as if wishing to ,conclude the argument here. "Oh, dear," finished Mr. Clock. "You would talk like an old grandma! You always, sympathize with them. Well, I see I get no satisfaction from you." After a short silence, Mr. Clock turned to Mr. Bookcase, who had been looking upon the argument, with a grin on his face. "Yes, you would grin," commented Mr, Clock, as he eyed Mr. Bookcase with suspicion. "It is simply disgusting, I think. What are your opinions of these awful pupils ?" - "Oh, you would ask that! Well, I certainly don't intend to reveal my opinions-to you at least. And, if I'm not mistaken, l don't believe anyone has the same opinions, as those of yours. I can at least, like Mr. Ther- mometer, say that they are certainly improving, for this they surely are. So, if you have any more arguments, I, for one, would advise you to keep ihem to yourself." Having delivered the long, and seemingly commanding speech, Mr. Bookcase looked at Mr. Thermometer and winked. Mr, Clock seemed to have nothing more to say, and was very quiet. toward his chums, for the remainder of the day. - 5 Dorothy Aby. . ig- MY FIRST DAY OF HIGH SCHOOL. ' The first day of High School for me was a day of real experiences. All went well until it came time for my classes, then I began to be rattle- headed. I asked Miss Cooley where to find Miss Tyler's English room, instead of asking where to find the Algebra room. Miss Cooley told me exactly where to find the English room-down in the Methodist church. Whereupon I started for the Methodist church, still having English in my head, instead of Algebra. When I found out from them where I was sup- posed to be I had to do some high-stepping in order to get back in time for Algebra. As soon as I got out of the Algebra room, I hurried back' to the English room, getting there without having any trouble this time. D mber, N t T 'entv--Seven When you start never stop until ' you get to Sundquist Sz Son URNITURE EALERS UNERAL IRECTORS RUGS PIANOS PHONOGRAPHS TOULON - ILLINOIS After High School What? Perhaps College, perhaps business or a career, but regard- less what or where your life leads-SAVE-for the desirable things in life and for comfort in old age. BEGIN NOW. Capital 350,000 Reserve S150,000 .f-K ' , XX Ai! I R n 5 97'-'if-"" 'gmjfl 4 FA 'KW ,I -451 5, . .'A"f:1 ,' -1' .f .f ,J - ,-, lx I vi jk-Ls - hi 4: ,ii7'!?yll7g9,N5 gh.: ,Wx gl Lb +A., . xin-'NN ..., X -if ' , 'l 5 TOULO JLLIN IS E3 34 December, Nineteen Twnty-Seven By the time I was out of the English room, I found my cousin John. Knowing that he also went to Latin, I followed him there, finding the Latin room in safety. When I finally found where the Cooking room was, I was greatly pleased at knowing that this was the last to search for. We were done about noon for the first day. I then called up my mother and told her they could come after me. She told me to stay with my aunt, until they came in. Papa and my brother came in on the hay-rack bringing some straw in for my aunt. I then rode home on the rack, feeling a little tired. I . Margaret Nye. . i FRESHMAN'S THEORY OF HIGH SCHOOL. The more you study, The more you know. The more you know, The more you forget. The more you forget, The less you know. Sol . Why study? Maurine Church. -k--iii February 1 is the date set for the annual Tolo Carnival. Don't forget! +1-iii! LET'S KEEP OUR SCHOOL BUILDING NEW. Now that the school building is about finished and the desks and wood- work are all new, I think we should try to keep them that way. Many students scratch 'the tops of the desks. I This ruins the appearance of the desks and it also makes it hard to write on them. We should not only be careful of our own desk, but also if we see some one marringhis desk, it is our duty to report him. Pupils who are caught marking up their desks should be punished. For punishment, I think that writing a five-hundredeword theme would be sufficient. ' Anyone who spills ink on his desk or on the floor should go to the janitor and get something that will remove the ink spots at once. M Robert Jackson. 4 -K--Yi-k THE BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT. In a short time Toulon will hold its basketball tournament. Last year the tournament was highly successfulg let us try to make it more so this year. ' Last year's tournament was a credit to Toulon and Toulon athletics. Not only were the various towns well represented on the floor but they sent large delegations to support the teams. 7 Toulon's success in last year's tournament has led many other towns, notably Wyoming, to put on similar tournaments. Let us make our tour- nament the best of all and keep it as a regular feature of our school calendar. We need your help. ' ' ,Keith Brown. .DGCBD1 ber, Nineteen Twenty-Seven M, aww ..,, -Nw , December, Nineteen Twenty-Seven Parker Duofold Pens Bulova Watches Compliments of - COVER'S DRUG STGRE Toulon, Illinois Elgin Watches Whitman Candies F. B. Brian J. P. McManus Brian Sz McManus Attorneys at Law Phone No. 266, Touion, Illinois Quality Service lKIDD'S I SERVICE. -. 1 'fi' Phone 18-2, Office Phone 18-3, Residence Toulon - '- Illinois GOOD,S Futniture House FURNITURE - RUGS LINOLEUM VVINDOXV SHADES 204-206 N. Main Street Kewanee, Illinois A . Lf-11111 ff- Ffrf X-vgpr, a-'f,.x7'f:E- 1:-:i"1j'r' ' 5 1 '-f1'vfQ?f5f'-2:1?- ew' 'f.7fffHx"- f .C -. ..i"1' ' .W .:,:1f1:::'.f'L1?f'ffwHr.. , -1 Ye 1 , ,, ggg1:f.135,,5a1yig.,lf?,,w,4i-7555 za., a. .C 1g-15735.-wg-f.L-1' ?fffI.--:vEZ'Z,fI15s'f'5'5'g"igl-,mv-' .Sail ' -Z,f45,:'g5'Rf if x5'!y'.5v-fi 1-5 ff '- A L jg, A, -1 . , its 1 .. ....-. .. . -.. ..-1114.-f. -v..-A.- uh -14...-.1 .1- he-.,,.. -. v ...o.-up . - .1,,., . 1 . , -11, .1 ..h,1, 3- ,.1u,,!1.-,,- aw, 3 .. ,.X1.Af,.,.,,,.13.,,,,.h. .Q ... ,,.,,.?b.A3af-,,,..,-1,.., .5 +g,51Q,..w .2 .1 . ff. 1-in .,, . ,ff-K .-,,. ,. , ,,,. . 1, . Y, , f ,-1- :' ... -f.f.,.f'A-111 'fr--':..,11r.fe ' -. QW -. 1 7,1-'w . 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Suggestions in the Toulon Township High School - Tolo Yearbook (Toulon, IL) collection:

Toulon Township High School - Tolo Yearbook (Toulon, IL) online yearbook collection, 1922 Edition, Page 1


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Toulon Township High School - Tolo Yearbook (Toulon, IL) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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