Tottenville High School - Purple Parrot Yearbook (Staten Island, NY)

 - Class of 1954

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Tottenville High School - Purple Parrot Yearbook (Staten Island, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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' 9-v.. v 'J . '13 x , H' "nc,-'L s -1 'g ft , 4, '44 , Q f . 2 ,gy- , X .. V h IW.. , , 134 QQ 1.12 N N55 V32 ' xg, I xf3,..: ' ' 2. 6 .lyk w 1 1 -iw. ,V ', , ,Us-. ,f ,L ,M 'VV 1,1 , J "V F-S 'X rw' -'LJ' ,s,. Q , X , rv 1'-fx A -, 4. ,.s .,3y:, X, :.i .fb .w . da .M ,af 1 1 X gl N ,Vw-M WU: xl., X y - f ' U, , 1 if 1 - ww- 4 x w,,,.!1' I 4 W. S .,- N-. 4 H 'Q -"' IU-1 V 1 '-r . xr v4 5' 1 v Al. hw, K.. ' ,. 'F 1' Q. N-X xml- , xl' L ,,,.'Sxia.e .. ,, W, A xc, ww w ',. 4. v- 5 N . I. 4. s 5, ,. 4, 1 A "': v 4-- ,M .1 fvv ' fmk ,W ,V W' MH' Sl N ee W m 6ll?ll 9!l9!l !l?1L9!l?1WZl !l?!lMl ii Iwi !! Jmmwiz UJ L LXWJMW AKW H L. x -. , - V- '- if ff xl " ' 2, , 2 2 E Q Z Q H Q Z 3 S 3 Q Q, Q W E Q' 4: 2 E E E E Ag 2 Q 2 Q E E E E 5 2 ' Q , V515 e1FSiFa'6MFQWa1FQ1Fa1F9lFMTa FMFMFMFMialia1FMfa1Fa1F51F51Fa1Fa1Fa1 51F 1ENF41F 1Y91FQ1V Q he Zll'lD!6 Eli' of TOTTENVILLE HIGH SCHOOL STATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK me 1954 rimzpa! 3 if rllcomge As a person grows older. he oeeasionally reviews his experi- ' enees in terms of the question, "What were the best years of my life?" Are they the carefree days ol' irresponsihle Childhood or the sensitively aware teenage years? George liernard Shaw said that youth is sueh a wonderful thing that it's a shame to waste it on the young. Right now you may helieve 1 gy that the hest years will he the time when you arrive with full maturity t ii ,li at the height of your Career and ful- Q il ll 1 fillnient of family relationships. l ' Thereis a pattern of thought in the if if Z' il ' initrd of man. however. which char- . ' 47 Wt '-..,' my y-,4',,, 5 3 aeteristieally harks hack to a ,ml I' I' "Colden Ageu of civilization in the Q Q, All iii.D.Diewt5,l' dint past like the Garden of Eden or whieh nostalgieally seeks the fountain of youth like Ponee de Leon or Faust. hartering his eternal soul to the devil to recap- ture the bliss of heing young. If we do not wish to lelude ourselves hy a eonstant eseapism. we have to develop early the philosophy that eat-li stage in our lite eau have its own golden aura. As Ulysses said, 'GI am a part of all that I have niet." and so every luuuan experienee. painful or uplifting. is woven into the very fahrie of our heing to help us live with insight and appreeiation. to develop Courage to face erises, and to he a tower ol' strength in our personal and soeial relationships. May you find that the many-faceted experienee of your high sehool years has inade you realize the need for continued development of mind and spirit not only for your own happy adjustment to the future but for your worthwhile eontrihution to soeiety as well. Thus we eau say with Wordsworth. "The Child is father of the man." "' Pl'tlIl'illNI1 g edzkzzfzble WE, THE CLASS Cl: '54, in realization of the many services Mr. Mattei has given us during our four years at Tottenville High School, and of the hard work he has done to help us travel smoothly from freshmen to seniors, dedicate this yearbook to him, our grade advisor, our helper, and our friend. 3 SCIENCE WV. Hallm in Mrs. Cahill Mix Burroughs VIL Ilfuwy 2 W ' ,NIIISIC AND ART Wifs Cesslwr IXIlr-r IXI6wsllll NI 1' I,ANCLfACIi Mrs. 'IIflithoI1I Xluuf-i Mixs Egan SOCIAL STUDIES Mi' St,'IlWI1lg Mi' Drifi-UII. C Mr Hymaii Mi' W-elk Mr. Katz ENGLISH Miss SIiIaii' Dr. Smith LiIn1'arian+NIi Mira Lifunti M1'.I7isI01' N'Ii X Kiwtail Mig Kun-gl Ml' Sl'IlilllIt'IlI Iiairm 111 Pc-terfmi Nl,X'l'HlfNl.-XTICS Klr-. Carle Nlr. Carroll Hr. Wgalrlrnan CUNlXlEliCll-Xl, Mr . Drill Hi-N Nliner ML- Nlflllfly Hrs. ljaxiflfon Nlix- Slufffflly YUCATlUNAl, Nlr. l6'mpl1y My lritzrndulife Min Nluntz Hr lin-in' Hi' Sauce Klr Wooley Nlr Cdlldllem Mr Collinx V Mr. HEALTH ElJL'C Yl'lUNl llr-. l',l'ffllI'l Nli-N lflllfffm-P11 . ,T K - Nlr. Flolzfenlllulvr Nlr. iXlllll'fJll ADMINISTRATION Nllmn Renter Nlrm. Reilly M155 Brougjhanm Brennan -!f de to the Seniors Four years ago, in the month of September. We started a journey that we'll always remember. We started a high school course of study which soon, through the years, became muddled and muddy. With a few years behind us, our brains became stale, But we kept plodding onward, though it seemed to no avail. But we've spanned the years now, we'zfe seen it all through, And now wegre set for something new. And we must admit that, complain as we will. Weave had a good time at Tottenfzfille. BRIAN SAm:R11oLA1 I J ViffE'rf jx!-GQVA fJ9.-ffQ,vi-f" if ,Q 1 F 'i'7'.'w ' ' X . '5.,f.x: 'xx -Q - 1 ff ,i1 2 f1 '12 'ff AL 57 i ..1, 1 if , -'L4-f,'- :md ,--mp' fm ! ' ,mIl:lI'IHI ul'TN 1"'i.ff I 7 xl 1. Y V! 5t,F,,Q R N .f o ! ' , X 9 nlvlntw I 2 c i f ".l. i V ll' 'lg 46 0' f I 1 iz' 9 1 f - - 1 5 1,5 -X e V',l P . I 4 N I .NX ggi gm 1. Rum Swziw' . A Jeff: , 1' 1 jlhff ,.,, - ,, , 1 , .v- -- - --" f, r f. 4 - 116 , N , W A' ,ii Q as 1 J fm A: . , WV f 2 , ' 4 , ' w ' ww' W A ,,,,,,Wf,,, WM Q Zsfw L? A x "" 4, X' 7 ,,AA A X , ,yf A Presizlvnl lf"ir'w-l'rw.si1lr'l1I Sl'l'l'l'fIlf,V William Dani:-ls L1-slie Brown M y fin! y 'V 15W f 'Wm 1 1 . , X f ffm ' K f Z l f 1 f WJ? f ff, f Class' 0556616 f I 1 vf 1,43 , aw, l ff X 1 1' ' ,f 4 xv f f ff fy W 47 z MQ , VQMZZZ7, ffff TI'l'llSllI'1'f l'llrplP llflllfflf Nanvy Sling: .Irwin Byrd Editor Elizalwth ,lnllrlwn mph Pazwfof Sidi? ,"f"" i . V f Q W Z, YZ Z f A W C f f ,Qf lf'llfl'!1fC'I0fl'UTl Brian Sadffrhulm ljllllfllgfll ffzer .4.S5lASflllll lL'rl1'I0r fz'z1.wir1m.x lfflilur ,M1rlIf1I1'1Ur I Fr:-41 Sinkr-r fXrlllL1rI'mu-ll lJnm1I1I1Iu4-aw IJ.-bm-uh Ili,-U Ll-fl'fIlfl' hiflfflll' Ffzflllly ,4fll'i.wr l:'fl1'Iur-illJfllivf BFiLlllSilfI1'I'lI0lIH Min I ixunli I Ill C'.alwll1,lulnw O Il FLORENCE ASPINWALL Typist Sec. Bliss Mackie 3: Progressive Party 1-4. CARKIIXE ATTEXIESE Study Electmnz'c'5 in .Nazi Interclass Basketball 6. 8. INIALYIXA BALTRL ROYICZ Teacher Arista: Honor Roll l-3: Fresh- man Assembly: Pres. Reg. 2: Science Program 2: Euterps 3. -1. T. 3: Discussion Club 5-8: Fashion Show 6: Sec. Dr. Smith 3. -1: Dance Club 2. 3: Art Club 4: College Club 6-3: Spani-li Club 5: Treas. Reg. T. 8: Craft- Club 6-3. BETTY IEAN BECKER .Yurse Euterps I-8: Excellent Citizen- ship I. 2: Dance Club T: Squad Leader 3. 4. T. 3: Marshal 5. 6: Initiation Committee T: No Late- ness I-3. SHIRLEY BECKER L. 5. .4. F. Roller Skating Club: Sec. Ali-- Peterson. WILLIAM BENCH Honor Roll I, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8: Inter- class Basketball 2-3: Marshal T: 8: Pres, Reg. 2: Excellent Citi- zenship 2: No Lateness 1-8: One Bronz P.S.A.L. Pin: One Silver P.S.A.L. Pin. W 'I-wa.-v hun . fi ," I , ,H 441,56 f f fffma, f f !f.wLZmW,. 1 , X 74 ff 191-ww 'QJM ci, I x'.:af7 fff'77W fflif af I 20727777 2. ff 5452: ff it . .,,:' V , we , f . ,Q f ,Z 4 Z We W ..f- :- af 4, ,. f 2 4 ' 3 X W ' 1, -- ' -'-41.-2-52::ffm-ze'-' CLORIA BISCIIOEE Pril ate Sevretarj' Honor Roll I-5. T. 8: Excellent Citizen-hip l-R: Purple Parrot Stall: No Absence I. 3. 5-3: Oli"ir'e l23 l-H: Sec. Aliss Peter- son TZ Sec, Aliss Alinr-1' 3: Col- legiate Party: Ranil 3-6: Pres. Reg. l. 3: 30 Wprrl Sltorllianfl Pin 6: Omial Club 5-3: Rowling Club: Softball Club: E.ll.A. Sec. T-R: A-seinblv Programs l. 3, 6. l-'RANK UOGAERT Elef'fr1'r'r1l Work llonoi' Roll I-3. 5. 6: lnlerclaes Basketball 2. 3. ROBERT BONIA Football Player Honor Roll I-8: Tre-as. Reg. 2-4: Vice Pres. Reg. 5. 6: Spanish Club 3-6: Stamp Club 5. 6: Ten- nis Club 5-8: Dance Club 7. 83 College Club T. 8: Sec. Mr. Hal- loran T. R: Sec. Dr. Smith T, 8: Alaishal 5-3: Freshman Assem- bly: I-ntervla'-s Basketball Champs -1. RICHARD BORRAZZO Policeman Sec. flliss Koetat 6. BARBARA BOSLOW ,. Musician Ar' ta. Ito o -SSAP gram fwhhiitt 2-6: Sf- Iiss 'oegL,yL 2-5: Snanislt C li ' ' terps, 2-8: C f l V' 1-l: Lab. . quail rs. -' 'L Rf- 3. fg,,g1114gf?A" Club 0-8' Qren 'h Clu 0 6: Dis- cuss' 1102 . 6:, Balminton Tourqimi 1. g Se -H. Ir. fllattei 5-8: Tab ' I 1 iis Toiirnaiwl. 2. 4. 6: Purple Parrog-6 . LEON BROWN Navy 9 il QL' l.liSl.Il'f BROWN Milf!-Ilt'.N Pre-s. Reg. 2: Svc. Reg, 5: Tri-as. Reg. l. .lg Shop l'or1-tuau Z. 3. FRANCI-IS Bl'ClIANAN Sewrelrrrlt Clier-rleatlers 5-8: Tre-as. Reg. l: Marshal 2: Dance Club 3. 4. T. 8: Mercury Club 7. 8: Batlminton Tournament 5: Table Tennia Tournament 1: Pep Rally 5: Soft- ball Club 6: Excellent Citizvu- ship 1. RONALD BUICKEROOD M6FhUHl.F in Num Dance Club: P.S.A.L. Pin. U LEE BUTLE -LL-1" 3 l 'gl'f'MTr Y. it-aflllq fleas Ariat? 8: Ongril-if 7, fi: Tun 90424 ' ti1zza'li.44sfS.'we-cf, 1- ead ia 13.5541 1 nffffi' ,'.'f'f1i2-83 S63-10 rg. Catmlft Mr. fu Fisler 52Z'.YSec!. lNli5sfZl3l'lT1LCk' . 8: ljffnloahldm Qt5.livq1i1t g gol- " 'at ,l"'1l'i Prg Jllw- 58 Eu 1-Hslkgt-: 1 .- - 3 Nfips 2, ai MQC1 1 Uvbtpv. . , .. 3 Il cw 3 Vu 5, 3 4""i ' 'I ,- A ,ling Club 5: Table 'flnis To nament 4-, 6. JEHSIE BYRD Nurse or Teurlzer Honor Roll l-8: Arista 5-8: Pur- feet Attenilancf- l-8: Set-. Rvg. NX Jw -' W' 1 , -eg , V "fy,fZgf -,ww ' 1, I I X IQZQIQA 5 I f 1 ' -TW I 31?-252' 'A - ? . ..3 7. lm ww 2 W f ,f ,.v,,, w' f x 4 ' Q .f , My 452 ., ' J' a."15i- A v , ' 'ca 1.. 3- -Z,--Pj 4. fr ,f . .F ' , .,. 642. Q - "'L5i"'f" .,. .. f '1"' ' - .,,..,.,,,.. ,.....,,..,.,..,... 1 1 1 ' A W df 7 ww f Q Y X yy , 49 1 , V55 if J ff' I 64 f .. A , , 5 .ff , .,.. 96, '4 1 ' N799 1' 1 7 V 1' 4 M 2 Q , Q 4 1 4 4 Q! f 1 ff f fa 79 o if , 3 f, ,.,-.,.......:.,.1..1.1,.,.. ,.1.H.:.,.-.-.,.-,.1.-,..,.-,.4-,,.-..-:-,- - , 4 Z. 7. 8: See. Mr. Haney 3: N-1-. 5 Dr. Smith 4. 7, 3: Latin Club 3: Hmkg. Club 4. T. 8: Omialf Club 5. 6: Discuaaion Club 5, 6: Mar- shal 4. 5: Softball Club 6: Sew- ing Club 5. 6: Collegiate Party 2-B: Table Tennia Tottrnamenl 4. DON.-X LD CACA QE .-1m IIIISSIIIAHI' Pr-rm. lligior Roll: Arista: Pr S. Reg. 5. lltlaint-.Q E1 'tor Pu l-P Pafigt: Chlai 111336, Ret' ie: 0llllS K2 1.: ftjiairxnanf . agazine rin- 1Ol6li pf-pl tn ire Boy! l f ata ': Tenn ' eam 'utl filub ia: Spa ' 1 . b ege Club .' J: Discuffion Cub 5-8: SM. Mi-f Slit.-f-lly T. 8: 54:41 MI'- Mattei: Mar-hal 3-6: Fri-sliuian Af-vlnlily l: No Latt-new l-3. ry if -, WC, , -' :mfr ,W 'T 1 iv iff- fm , S .Q M 1 , ' 34- ,f . ' - MEN- . X ' X 3. . W. . 3" E'-ft. f 5 -, . ' 4 . ' - - ... .f2'si1Qff'hfrs?faf ':-:-- .. J - ' I., ',',z51,-1, , '-- , ",f,:::ar::ag?p 15- in ' ' 1 ' 1 -2 :-:-::"- '..-s: 5:-v-. 1' -- -. Q-tap' 1'-'I-, f ' 'ns 'EXPQQ '+- +M-Z:?'-5E5:2f5'f:i??12' BARBARA CAMPBELL Secretary Dance Club 2: Sec. Mr. Busing 3: Sec. lVlr. Sauae 5-32 Lurwh Mar' sltal 7. 8: Mercury Club 5-8: SRC. Social Commitlfr' MHFVUFY Club- I I f DAVID CELESTINA Musiciarl Baml 1.63 Inu-rclasa Basketball: 11..m,1- Roll 5. 71 Assembly Pm- aratns 1. 5: Gym Leaflpf 1- CARUL CHAPMAN Sec-retari Honor Roll 2-4. 6: Excellent Citi- zenship 2-5: Frefhman Assembly: 10091 Aim-nclance 2. 4: Badmin- ton Tournament 4. 6: Table Trn- nis Tournament 1. 3. 5: Sec. 125: Sec. Miss Miner: Sec. Miss TOT' gf-nge-ng Sec.,220: Mercury Club 6: P.T.A. Night T. CARL CLARK .Yury Freshman Assembly: Class Treas. 5: Interclass Basketball 5: Yar- sity Basketball 6: Dance Club 4. 5. MARlLTN COOKE V, 1- Pr1'1'e1te Serretrrr-1' L.ilT9l"1'ltg3llt'Il4 T, 8,5 Honor Roll 2- 6: Band 1-8: Etttvrpsil-S: Claws Fefflg Soc. mr. jclming 5-S: Sec. MT. Haney 53. 4: Q Roller Skating Ckub 3: Table Tennis Tournament -I-. 6: Softball Club 6: Batlmiuton Turtruament 5: Daitut- Club 5. 6. XX ll.l.lXM DANIELS Rlllilffllfll' Ifareer Xiu- Pres. CU.: Bas:-ball Team -l. 6. R: .l. N. Basketball 5. 6: Naraity Basketball T. 8: Col- legiate Party 5-R: Mgr. T. 3: Treas. Reg. l. 2: Set: Reg. 5. 6: llonor Roll 1-3: Lab. Squad -1-8: Marshal l-3: 3 P.S.:X.L. Awards: Spanish Club 3: Fl't'rl1IllLiIl As- st-tnbly: 1005 Mtetttlarit-11 l-3. J. 6. GEORGE E. DAYIDSON. JR. .llurzine Engineer Honor Roll 1-8: Latin Award 3: Pres. Latin Club 5: Lab, Squad 6-8: Band 1-6: Euterps 1-6: FT tn Assembly: Engli-h A-- nx 4 Lati H133 CAROL DECKER Tipzfsl Euterp- 1: Hmkg. Club 1: Table Tenni- Tournament 1. 6: Dani-f Club 5. 6: Badminton Tourna- ment 6: Foftball Club 6: Nlay Pole 6. PEGGY DEEP AL X Coffege Ho f R 1-8: Excellent Citi- ,hi 1- :olrista 5-8: CO. reas. 5 ftude V ,' t Clerk 4: ' . Pr e. Cl s eas.1: . Red ' 5 Rep. 3-6: Band 1-3' erpe 2. 3' Radio Broad- .t 1: Pr rl.-1 Party 1-3: Xu Ab-ence 4.15: No Latene-- 1-3: Sec. Mis- Blackie 3-3: Sw. Mis- Egan 5-8: French Club 5. 6. 9.9-aafimv DEBORAH DIETZ Commercial ,-irtzfst Honor Roll 3. 4: Sec. Bliss Kof-gl 1 'Ne I : ff. A iss Egan 3. 4: Euterp- 3-5: Pres. Sketch Club 3-5: Ex- cellent Citizen-hip 5: Art Award 6: Gym Leader 5-8: Purple Par- rot Staff: Ping Pong Tournament 1. 3. 6: Badminton Tournament 3: Cancer Certificate 4: Squad Leader 3. 4. MYRNA DILGARD Dental H1'gl.?Hl'.Sl Sec. Mi-Q Sheehy 2: See. Hi-- Cf---ner 2: Euterp- 4: See. Ili-- Reuter 3-5: Swimming Club 3: Spanish Club 3: Softball Club 4: Collegiate Party 4: Danoe Club 1. T. 3: Engli-h Skit 1. BARBARA DODCE Pdlitjyaf Science fllujor Ani'-tg Leader T. 2: Honor Roll overs' teriiig Four 9092 Certifi- calji-,f Bap-d.g?3: Euterps 5. 6: Progressive Party l-8: Clase Sec. 3,'4: 'Dif5ussi0'n"C1ub 5-35 Soft- ball om, 4:-'volleyball Club 5. See. Miss Egan 5-3: Sec. Mi-- Alaoldf? T. 3: Winner Badminton Tournament Doulde- and Single- Sg Marshal 5-8. .LK --A-fr -. -ff:-ff.. 4- , fa. 3 f 94 , fr, 5: if T' , 1 , ',, f 1. "1 2 y W' iii' ' if f is .5 ,.,- ,, ,, if 5 V, ,fig in I' 1,14 I , , I. 4 Wffffur 47" iff f fy ,, ,M I V a W X X f f EDWARD DONELLAN .-irmi Squad Leader T: Shop Foreman T: l".F,A.L. Pin. YY ILLIANI DOLCLA5 Flight Instructor RICHARD DRENNAN Ere-hmen Assembly: Bronze PS. A.L. Auard 3: Sec. Mr. Wald- man 5. 6: Senior Freshman Danse T: Squad Leader T. 8. FLORENCE EIFENC-REIN Progre--ive Party 1-4: Sec. Miss Nladrlen: Table Tenni- Tourna- ment 1. 3. 5. T: Badminton Tour- nament 5: Honor Roll 2: Yolley- ball Club 5-T: Marshal Lunch Room 5: Dance Committee 5: Het. 3Ii-- Pf"lE'l'bOl'1 5. 61 Omiaf Club 5.6: Dance Club 6-8: Fresh- man A--embly 1: Purple Parrot Staff: Initiation Staff T: Euterps T. 3: Se-ning Club T. 8. LEONORE ERICKSEN Mother Honor Roll 1. 3-6: Three 1005? Attendanre Certificates: Sec. 311: Bu-ing 5-8: SPC. iN1i-- Berman 3. 4: See. Miss Crow 1. 2: Bad- minton Tournament 3: Volleyball Club 3: Roller Skating Club 3: Winner Badminton Single-1 Third Pla:-e Doubles. AL ESSER Ffremfzn Suimming Club 2: Dance Club 1---l: T41-13. Airs. Daxi-on: Sec. Mis- lioelat: Marshal 4. 11 BH , .f Wfnb,,v't R 1iRist:YLT.l i-i'rulicN, , N law X CORNEUUS FORKAN 'P lllflfzmtvr' Glolleaig l xil, IAV, X M U. S. .Nato Aripta jdkifgi.grltr?xitt13ili'i-NE lrlklloiiior , ..:. ,:,' g Qffuftl-S. tl."JI5t'1l!gi-1-wiw ,M f li fb' 5' Q:f.l'L1Etil'l: lJ4iIl"'llWlHll'7- L f ww' f W- 1 81 Exult-lit liifim'.S'I'iB lull-H," . V - I , Talihil DLIIQHLV .uttl lllma- ff' RZ " awk' Eilgligslrlv,-lQsX:1ff5'i11lm Wy flivllvlhilitt Vlktlr .Ei n I: Qgl Fpanikgif-Cltils ISK LvlC,lL5l'f'. Dr. ft11ilI1l.ri'T. -ok fha. Ti' - ot! IHPQDQ, lillu 'X L 3. l: lflil. IDA? 2. gf'lXlloUI.11teY'lnfw ' ' C mm ifowraa . . .A ll . , C. I .I C'Ilf7lUlPl'f'I.Uf .4 rttfst MARX LUUFE IVXHIEJTJILIIA4 ,W ' qw" ' 575 :" I.'rf1,l1tnan ,flfamnlilyl Xrt IJVIJI. l -A -A 1 , . I AW-rnlilyg Danni Klub: Sketch bfi" M155 Bmugllulll 363 DW' aw ' t a- dw- lllub: Danw flomrnittef-1 Purplf' Miss P0It'I'4l'tIl Svc, NIINQ Mint-1 6 mf parrot Mag. TW, plghylm Pip, 7. 8: Onnuf t.lub 6: liwigrvsgtxt- ' pw lf 24, ,,,, M: Vj 7365. Fulwlb 1,4- Party I-8: Dunn- fi4lllHHIllE'1' 5. E, LLU V ffl' 7. 31 F.Il..-X. T. 8: Dana-v Club 5-8: Swinnning Club 4-3: Dull- minton TOLll'Il3I1lt,'IlI Singglvk 3: Doublf-S 3. 5: Ping Pong Tourna- mr-nt Singh-S ll: Volle-yball Club 7: Softball Club 6. R. RICHARD FIZMENEILA I Iylllbl Collegiate Party I-5: Intvrclaf- Basketball I. 3. 5. T. GLADYS FENNEL Private Serretfzry Honor Roll 2. 5. 6: Excflllt-nt Citizenship 5. 6: Initiation Com' mittee 7: Sewing Auarfl 4-6: Pitman Shortlianrl Awartl 6: Typ- ing Pin 44- W.P.3I. 6: All Rountl Mc-dal 6: I Bronx P.S.A.L. Pin 6: Sec. Mr. Han.-yg Svc. Mr. Fitzmauricf- T. 8: OHM-ce 220 T. 3: Fashion Show 6: Iiutf-Vps 4. 7. 8A CONSTANCE Fl EDELDEY SC'l'l'6'1!lI',l Soc. Miss Porter: Tabla Tennia Tournamf-nt: Holler Skating Club: Euterps. JOHN FODOH IIISIIIYIIIWL' ,'1lljAllSI0l' Honor Roll l-8: Exvwllent ffiti- zvnship I-8: Perlt-Ct Attwnclailw I-8: Band I-6: Omiaf Club 5. 6: Lab. Squarl 3. 4: Intvrflass Foot- ball Championsliip 51 DHHW' Club 5. 6: Roller Skating fllub 3. 4: Commercial Play 6: P.'l'..'X. Night 5. 12 il X W 21 I 4 , ,. J... ff.-5 ,Q f QW QV 'QV I , ,- f Us X M-1 AS f f .fi i n I If 44 . I ,ff 3 , ...., , .,.. ff , ,,A 2' . oz. ,1E ,3vs2i'2"' t- . 1 rtfwf- vw 1f:.:::f1..4:'-we-1.-:':ff2 " - .rzssa :Q it as, , s 1 ia- ""4-f.-iz-Y,-iw., ff 'VX 4,6 .,,. , , ff f ff ay: -',. . 22. . asv 'ff , 2 W -'-f' : as ff X lt ff. I YB-. ! El. N139 ss X s t X 4- Sat W. I Qu?-1 W Q X x ,xx BENJAMIN FRIE5 .Yury Intwrc-laws Basketball 4. 6: Cham- pionfbip Softball Squad 6: Bowl- ing Team and Club T. 8: I Broun P.S.A.I.. Pin. JOAN FLILTON Sefrefary Progressive- Party 2. 5-8: Girls' Gvrn Oflice 3. 4. T. 8: Dance Club 3-8: Skating Club 3: Barl- niinton Tournament Doubles and Singles: Dance Committee: Sec. lllrs. Drill 5. 6: Softball Club. ELISA ILARIZIX SINIIIIIXZI llllll lilllgllkll SCLII'6ftIfj' llollot' Roll 5. 61 SPC. NIISS Slam-liyz Umial anal DIr'I'CllI'y Llubk .. 8. l.ll.l,lgXX IQXY 1 Iforlrf Trureler Svc. Re-g. S. 6: Honor Roll 2. l. 5. 6: Spanish Club 3-8: Sec. M155 in-skiwi' 3. -1: Dec. Mr. Scliwing T. 8: Sec. Klr. Fisler T. 8: lfrwwltttiatt Asscntblyz Assem- bly Program 4: bliss Uvssrwfs llvlpvl' 2. 1 VINCENT GILL Millionaire Three T512 P.S.A.l.. Awards: Marshal 5, 6: Honor Roll 6: lnterclass Basketball 4. 6. 8: Freshman Assembly. HARVEY GREEN Be ll success in life Marshal 1. 2: Progressive Party l-8: Sec. Mr. Stolzenthaler 3. 4: Discussion Club T. 8: Dance Committee T. 8: Dance Club T. 8. LORRAINE GREEN .llatlierrzarirgrrln Arista 5-8: Honor Roll 1-8: Band 1-8: Euterps 3-8: 905 in Gym every term: Sec Mr. Fisler 4. 5: Sec. Mr. Waldman 4. 5: Dance Club 3-8: Volleyball Club 3. 5: Progressive Party 4-8: Dance Committee 3-5: Softball Club 4. 6: Fuimming Club 5: 1005 .Xt- tendance exery term: Badminton Tournament 3. 5: Ping Pong Tournament 4. RICHARD G OTS d ,ll or eugue Games l:ogP .L s: and Hand- all Ch m 1 52 1953 Inter- cl Yo , ba 'harnps 53: qua e -8: .Perf - t- ten c : larsha : .r- cla-- . etyl-li, 8: Base- iall eam , 8 r ilin Team Jas. y r' EDWARD GRfNER Air Force Electrician lnterclass Basketball -1: Cham- pionship Volleyball Squad 6: TWO P.S.A.l.. Bronze Pins. GEORGE HABERKORN Marines Sec. Mrs. Drill 7, 8: Marshal 5. 'Z 2 S9141 f- 9 5: I iz' ,.,,. jf 1 li 5 yn H P z 9 ,, , i X' f. fi .fa 19153.-: g - 'E' 4 ., V - rf - .gi va- fr.-5432.4-.:f'.1:,:f:g. mm , nz.. .. 74" lffwp ' , ti 'Q , , f .. A f Zu 7 T4 f .ff f 4 r W' Zvaf 'A 9 X XM , 1 sais 1 -lll QQ I -iw -Z " 7 ' , 7, f' 4 - , f , ,M 1 f Z ' 1 y Z 196 ff- ,r www ef f ROBERT H.-XDDOCK Electrical Engineer llonor Roll 2. T. 8: lnterclass Basketball 4. 6. 8: Marshal Sq. 3. 5. 8: Touch Football Cham- pionship Squad 5: College Club T. 8: Class Pres. 5. MARGARET HENNESSY Priiate Secretary Sec. Reg. 1: Sec. Miss Miner 4. 5: Sec. Alle: Brougham T, 8: llonor Roll 1. 3-8: Sec. Mercury Club 5. 6: Omiaf Club 5, 6: 80 Wiorcl Shorthand Pin: P.T.A. Night: Excellent Citizenship 1: Freshman Assembly: 1009? At- tendance l-5: Table Tennis Tour- nament 3. 5: Marshal 3. .IOSEPHINE HOLSE .4irl1'r1e Slercurtless llonor Roll 1: Class Pres. 2: 6: Class Treas. T. 8: Perfect At- ler 'ance 3. 4: Excellent Citizen- 'll-I, 2. T: Euterps 8: Setting Slrlllldll filllll fd. 5, T: Dance Club 3. T: Square Dance Club 5. 6: Ping Pong Tournament 4, 6. 8: Badminton Tournament 1, 3. 5, T: Arthur Murray Dance Club 5: Open School Night 6: Riding Club 4. 5, T. ll.-XROL HOYER ?Secremry liujf-rpgZ3,,5U:T'C e rfggflers : lfnwzrt 1 gf 1-'Q as. Re 3-8: 1 . r sing: ljlziinatics Vlnllf 6' Q tbaltulfklub 4-6: Hl7QJCOl1llI1 , Ho 0 011 l. 3, 4. 6: . . Gym eader 7: Rollt? Sglfifluq 3: Pep Rallffil " T: B'fg11Tl3H Assem- bly: No Lateness 1-8: Perfect ,Xttendance 1-8. GORDON JACOBSEN Navy Alexander Medal P.S.A.L. Pins. JOYCE JACOBSEN Private Secretary Honor Roll 2. 3. 6: Dance Club 2, 3: Spanish Club: Sec. Mrs. Davison 3, 4. T. 8: Hmkg. Club: Ping Pong Tournament 2: Sec. Miss Brougham 7. 8: lllarshal T. 8: Mercury Club Pres. T. 8: No Lateness 1-8: Excellent in Citizenship 3-6. 13 RAYINlttN,lJ IA'-SON t 'uf' V My-9 Ifheniixl llonor,Roll T. RQISQ-c. Mrs. Gable-J5. 65 Slim-. Mr. Slollvn- thaler Tg ,5R'asi-lrall Tr-um 6. Hg Abllllarslialyivlb. 61 ,Roller Skating .All 3 4 Perlet l c lull t. I -U lu Att:-mam-A I--13-.No l,at.x-miss I-5. T. 83 lnlvr- cllass Haslgclhall 8.3 Disrussion -f. - tlub i. 8. -. s HAROLD JENKINS AIIISTVIIIII Raml I. 121 Eute-rps Hg Woman- lvss Wt-tlmling lg Interstate Bantl F4-stival 23 Perfect Atteittlamw- I-3g lslantl Championship Haml- ball Team 6. gl Interclass Ras- lietball I-8: Squatl L4-atlvr l. LAWRENCE JENSEN Serrir-e Pres. Reg. Ig Progressive Party 3. 4: Interelass Basketball 6. 6. MARGARET JENSEN Nursing Sec. Mrs. Prehn 61 Dance Club 5: Sec. Mrs. Morris 63 Volleyball Club 5g Progressive Party I. 2. ELIZABETH JOHNSON T Engineer' Arista 5-8. Honor Roll 1-8g Edi- tor Purple Parrot: Delegate Em, pire Girls' State: tollcge Club 5-8: Lab. Srfuafl 5, 65 Spanish Club 3. 6: Sec. Mr. Hanev 3. 41 Sec. Mr. Mattci 7. gl Danm- Club 3: Softball Club 4: Bowl- ing Club 5: Excellent Citizen- ship 2-6g No Lateness 1-4. 63 Freshman Assemblyg Seif-nce As- srmbly 5: English Assembly 4. MARGARET JONES Typist Honor Roll 3-53 Omiaf Club 5-7: Volleyball Club 5-T: Dance Club 5-T: Sec. Mrs. Drill 5. 6g Su-tx Miss Peterson 5. 6. I4 111. :, 'I X C ', Xl ' y g ww 1 L .. Ein: 1, aa. .,,, . WA iv' . . 1 .A f 1 f J . x ,Y 1 , ,ff I 1 1: ,MM-, 12115.12-f ' i.-4-rx . . . f fy? V pw - 'f , , I I Y. i., . .fyvrnf ga Q . t A - t t , i if 4 - will "": Q 1 T' 'ie ' 5 we .pw-Q. lQT.3""' 'QM PATRICIA KALB Secretary Sec. Office 220 I-43 Sec. Mr. Halloran 7. 8. Progressive Party 4: 80 Word Shorthand Certifi- r-ateg Mercury Club Tg Initiation Comm. 7: Honor Roll 5. 6: Open Sr-bool Night T. DOROTHY KELLER liarlminton Tournament 5. .. Table 'Tennis Tournament 3. CEORCE KELLER .NUIYII flrchzitefl Stage Foreman 5-8g Dance Com- mittee T-8: Three P.S..-LL Pins: Skating Club 3-4: Interclas- Bae- kt-tball 5. 63 Progressive Party 3. 4: Hall Marshal 3-6: Cafe. Marshal 5. 6: Squad Leader T. 8. YALERIE KELLER Marry a ,llillionaire Sec. Office 125 1. 2. 5-8: Dance Club 3-6g Progressive Party 3-6: Ping Pong Tournament 4: Bank Rep. I-2. MARY .IANE KELLY Teacher llonor Roll 2-43 Softball Club -1: Sec. Mr. Haney 3-83 Bowling Club 5g Ser. Miss Gross I. 2: Dance Committee 5: Sec. Mr. Driscoll T: College Club 5: Fra-slnnan Assembly 11 Ping Pong Tournament 2: Progressive Party 4. 5: Dance Club 4. 5. T. BARBARA KIRCHMYER Domestic Science Teacher -Krista 5-3: Excellent Citizen- ship I-81 Honor Roll 1-8: Per- fect Attendance 1-4. 6. T3 Pro- gram Comm. I-63 Block T 4: See, Mr. Busing 21 Sec, Mr. lfisler 4-T: Sec. Dr. Smith 5-T: Sec. Mr. Mattei 4-61 Volleyball Club 3. 5. 7: Pres. Ilmkg. Club T. 8: College Club 5-T: Softball Club 4. 6: Swimming Club 3. 4: Dance Club 3. 4. RALPH JOSEPH KIRKNIAN U. S. .Yury Interclass Basketball 2. 3: Lab. Squad 1: Euterps 2-3: Omiaf 3: Honor Roll 3: Band 1-4. ROSEINIARY KNAPP .llnrltfl Progressive Party I-8: Dani-e Club I-8: Swimming Pin 4: Sw. Dr. Smith 3-6: Euterps If!-8: Table Tennis Tournament 4. 6: Mgr. Volleyball Club T. 8: Treas. Dance Club T. 8: See. Hi-- Brougham T. 8: Sr. Freshman Dance Committee T: Dramatir- Club T, 8: Chairman Ring Comm. 6: Dance Committee T. 8, NIARYAXN KOCSIS PATRICIA KRI. SE Wonian .llrzrmf Yolleyball Club 3. T: Softball Club 4. 6, 3: Roller Skating Club 3: Dance Club T. 8: Eu- terps 4. T. 3: Table Tennis Tour- nament 2, 6. 8: Volleyball Tour- nament 3. T: Badminton Tour- nament 3 T: Chess Club 4: Fashion Show 6: Crafts Club T: Sec. Crafts Club T: Swimming: Club T: Two P.S.A.L. Pins: One All-round Medal. ETHEL KLIKLCSKA S8f'ff:'lllf.l Sec. Mr. Busing T, 8: 100W At- tendance 2. 3: Marshal 2: Soft- ball Club 4. ALFRED LALLY History Tearher Student Court Judge 7. 8: Pres. Reg. I-8: J. V. Basketball 3-6: Varsity Basketball T. 8: Honor Roll I-4: Collegiate Party I-8: Baseball I-8: Freshman Assem- bly: No Lateness I-8: 1002 At- tendance 2. 3: Squad Leader 1. 2. 7. 8: Three Bronze P.S.A.L. Pins: Dance Comm. 4-6: Sr. Freshman Dance 7. Rl SSELI. LANG l'lIII7Illfvl' num Class Pres. I: Freshman Assern- bly: Marshal I-4: Honor Roll 3-8: P.S..-LL, Pin I-8: Roller Skating Club 4. IJ -XX ID L.-XNGTRY Ifhenzisz Krista: Honor Roll 1-8: Lab. Squad 3-8: P,S.,X.L. Pin: Col- lege Club T: French Club 5. 6: Dis'-u--ion Club 5. 6: Tennisgj- f-Juv tfluli 3. 6: Dramatics Club 3. 4:0412 Freshman Assembly: 9052 Cer- Iifivate 3. 6: Latin Club 3. 4: Svi:-iivf' Assembly 6, DIED! Amen. 3, Nas' Rl TH ELLEN LARSON fl Veyatile llorroy Roll '1-8? Eotyff,911f7C.Cer. Illii'ales:'Q,A'i'ista 'Excellent Citizeiisliip 2. 3. 5.f6,1'iB,anfl I-8: litili-rps lit! Pri!-Q'ali:i-if Vflnnrn. 2-1-2 lfrgmiitjlkill Spanish fjiui, 2-4f'l'S-at-. xii.. Egan 5-8. Sw: Hrs. Cahill 5-8: Dance Com- mittee T. 8: Purple Parrot Staff T. 8: Disvussion Club 5. 6: Col- lege Club T. 8: No Lateness I-8. 'V XVCY LELLA llnonzenls Arr Forre See. Reg. 2: Sec. Mr. Haney 3: llonor Roll 3: Collegiate Party 1. DOROTH Y LEWERS Nurse l'TI'0'SllI'I13Il Assembly: Dramatics Club 3-8: See. Mr. Busing 5, 6: Sei-. Nfr. Fisler 3-T: Lab. Squad T. 8: Honor Roll 6. DONALD LEWIS U. S. Navy lntn-rflass Basketball 2. 3: Rid- ing Club 1. 15 JANET USS N zzrsf' FI'1'Slll1l21ll A--1-lnlnly lg Spanish Skit lg l11'ogr1-sfaivv Purly 2-83 Dillllil' ffluln Il-83 llzlllvc- Cmn- F' lllllllrt' Sw. llznnw- ilonnnil- lm' 3. fir: Nw. llym Ul'li1'1- 5-83 ' lllllfff Allvliilzlliu- I-21 Snlllmll l-lllll 61 Sqnaul l.:-nil:-I' 6: 'llwu , y . . lylllllg l.l'I'lllll'illl'S 6. R-UBEHTA l,lVlNlZS'l'0N St"l'Tt'flll'-V Mvrvury lllulng Umial lyllulig Danwf fllulv 4, U H. JOANNE LUNIBAHIJO Ty llI..Sf-Cft'l'lx Sr-C. Mr. Lmfwii 3--lg Sw'-. Mr. Busing 5-6: Sw. Mr. FiIm1aLl1'im- 7-81 Excellf-nl llilim-nship 5-6g Dance Cluln 3-H1 flulln-giale Parlv I-2. PETER LUHENTZEN join Serlfirf Z-' MARY ELLEN MALONE Privrzlw Serrelzlry Sec. Mins She-1-hy 3-6g Svc. Mi Busing 7-83 Sw. Mis. Drill 7-3g Mercury Clulr 7-8g Orniaf Clula I 7-8g Exmzfflh-nt Cilizn-nsllip 6g , Honor Roll 5-6. ALLAN lll.'X'l"l'SUN lfnfzlirzllff l1lllIlC'IlfillIL Honor Hull l-1. 6-8g Pr-rfecl iAl- Il-'1ldaI'1Cl'1 Swv. Hvgi. l. QQ Yiw- Prf-s. Re 7-3. Hollvl' Skating ljlulm 3--L. I',I'1hjgl'l'5!-lXl' Party 3-ll 7.35 Diugusuiull llluln 6-31 Damn- Clull T-8: Dau' -. - 16 - W Mm- . WM , nf f, 7 . . 6 5,3 if :VI ' vi" X A 79 W.. - 1 ---fw 7 Ji? ,fg Q' f X I Tse, -5109? W 'S 233' T551 S X gsiix ' DOROTHY MAZI., REK Primte 5'E'L'ff3fllffo' Collegian- Party 1-23 Sec. .Nli-f Shcr-liy 3-65 Dano? Club 5, T: Mercury Club 5, 7, Hg llfmfff Roll 65 Sr-C. Mi-5 RffUlPT 7. 3: S4-C. Murrury Club 75 Umiaf fllull 7. 31 Gym Squad Lflaalflr 7. 83 60 Xwlliffl Shorthand Pin: P.T.A. lliwtaplmne 7. ROBERT .'NlAZl.,REK lv. S. rx-fllil' lnl4-rf'lu-- lla-lwtlyall 3: P5..-X.L. Pin. I-'li XNK NlvXNlJHl:1YY ,lir furfv' Swwiul Slufliv- Play ll ljaml l. 3-83 .Nlar-liul 7. H: D+-1 oratin: 8 Rvfrl--lunvnt fluni111ittw'- Senior- l"rw-lmrnan. 8 llarxf'-I .Nlfwn llrip Dalivzw 7. MARIE Bla-LARTXEY Sw rwfarvi' Progre---iw Party 1. 3. 7: Dame Club 1-6: Sw. Riagg. S. 63 5-r. Miff Mackie 5: Sf-Q, XIi-- ,lur- gvri-vii 3: 5:-rx Nlr-. Prvlin 6: lllllldilnll Lliullilllilirf- T3 l'lU11.j,f Roll 6: Sec. Hr. Yllrldinan 7: Opt-n Svlioul Night 5: Pfli..-X. Mooring 6: Talvlv TwnniQ Tourna- I114'lll 6: llanw- flolniniltw 5' Omiuf llluli 3. 6. TIIUXI XS Nl.-LRXLQREN Dcifcwrtllf' SVP. Nllw. llrill 7. S. .I XX Nh-Ill UNNELL .wlfr Form Sw. Nlr. SlHlZl'llllll1ll'I' 4. PATRICIA MAE MCCOVERN Nurse Sec. Miss Madden 5. 6: No Late- ness 4. 5. 7. 8: Bowling Club 4. 5: Discussion Club 7. 8. ISOLDE MEISELBACH Typzfsf Freshman Assembly: Yollf-yball Club 5: Collegiatf- Party Assem- bly 6: Dance Club: Squarf- Danci- Club: Softball Club 6. DONALD MERSELES Prfs. Reg. 2: Ilonor Roll 5: In- torclass Baskwtball 5. .IOHN MESTER Lire in P6HH.SI'fliUHl-ll Pres. RPg.: Trfas. Rf-g. I 2: Honor Roll I. 2: Two P.S.A.L. Pins: Interclas- Basketball 5: Gym Squad Lf-arler 8. DANIEL MEYLER Electrioian Softball Championship 3. BARBARA MIDCLEY Secretary Sec. Miss Jorgensen I: Svc. Miss Miner 6: Sec. Pr:-bn I. qi .. 7 'fs zf1.',f' i 15-v . -F 6, ,I T' 4 " ' Z4 fi , ,ff W-7 X" , - - ww 'L' K. 'Zig X p F ., -,. - xxx ,,. ,... ,. N., 5. X "-..,. I , f' , 1. 45: -u , 'v I I W! A GW , ,I ., is .,,.f..,.., N I :y s , f ! -M fx, V, , , ,riff f . ,, 'W' fif A w .4i,5,1'f - 2 ii' MCM M, L 'i ' I , L 7 A ,, . f , f X : Q ff If 'E mf' 1 42511, I , I Vaio. :' 4 -ff , y X J' -. ,JW f " - .ffff , W,-is HARRIET MIN,-XRIK Houseurife Honor Roll I-3. 5. 6: Danu- Club I. 2. 5. 6. MARIE MOOIJY ,loin Servife Softball Club 3: Ping Pong Tour- namvnt 3: Tabla- Tr-nnis Tourna- mf-nl 5. BESSIE MOORE Secretary Honor Roll 3: Class SPC. I, 6: Class Trfaas. 2: Dance- Club I. 61 Yolls-yball Captain I: Softball Captain 3. 6. IEANNE 3 t Ngiz' H., R01 wt. 3-6gA.fgec. Mr. ?M ttf-i 4158: Swv. QIL Busing 3, 4: sqyillsss Mlatillie 5, 6- ash- rpiVu"'Ass bIvgbEn,glis Assem- bly 41,, Qf6S5lX'E .-sf-mbly 6: Progfam Commit. I-3: Spanish Cluli 3, 4: BanfIIx3: 4: Progres- sive Party 5. 6. N IAMES MURPHY State Trooper Marshal 3, 4: Asst. Miss Mackie 7. 8: Squad Lf-ador 7. 8: Four P.S,A.L. Pins. MARILYN MURPHY Telephone Operator Colle-giale Party I: Latin Skit I: Hr-acl Marshal 2: Marshal I. 3: Sf-C. Mr. Busing 7. 8: SGC. Mr. Fislor 5, 6: Sec. Mr. Schwing I, 2. 7, 8: Soc. Miss Mackie 4: Badminton Tournamflnt 3: Ten- nis Tourname-nt 4: P.T.A. Night 6: Cafoteria Work 3-6. I7 P.fYl'RlClA iNlllRl'llY HfIll.VF1lllift' See. 1-6: Table Tennis Tourna- ment l-6: Freslnnan Asa-enilmlyg Raqlmintnn 'lwuurnanio-nl 3. KIQNNIQTH NAIlNIlNlAClll'lR Hnvlielnr P.S.A.L. Pin 4: Band 7. 8: llonnr Roll 5. C NELSON go ' Fix T eucher r onor fl Z Ullf zens 'p reas. A' 5-8: Cl e, s 5-8: 77Band 1-8' erik 1-8: See. '1N'Ig59Gal1' 3-8, Sec. Miss Mackie- 81 V sgivn- wily!! 5-8 :. arr t. ' ' , :I Pre:-. L in Club yin Leatler 6: Asst. Gym Leader 7. ROBERT NESTI Sing like Johnnie Ruuv Perfect Attendance 1-4: Sm-. Reg. 3: Basketball Tournament 5. 7: Marshal 4: Stage Crew 3-5: Freshman Assembly: Nu Lats-- ness l-4: Tliree Bronze Jkwartl-. MARION NORMAN Sf"1'fE'fllfvY Student Court Clerk 7. 8: llonnr Rnll 1. 22, 6: S1-4'-, Xlis- Koegl 2-8: Collegiate Party l-8: Danu- Club 3. fl. 6-8: Dann- Connnittvt- 1-. 5. 7. 8: Free-liman .fksw-lnlilyz Ping Pong Tournament 2: l'.T,.f'X. Cooking Exllibitiun 5: Caleulalm' Operator 7. ROBERT NOWICIU li'II'4'lI!llIIAI' in Nuzyx Pmgre--ixe Party 1-8: Hall 'Xlaiv -lial 3 4: lnterrlaw Basketball 1-6: Nlar-lial Po-t 5. 6: l'r:-5. Reg. 3. 1: Squatl Lealler 7. R1 See. N11-5 Nlavkin- 7. 8: FI'!'4llll1Llll X--eniblx. 18 'wa fi "V-401' ., ..-may ROGER UHNSORC llonor Roll 2. 4. 7. 8: No Late- ness 1-8: Noj Absence 2. 3. 5 8: lnterelass Basketball 3: Marebal 5-8: llanflbzrll Team 1953-54 fle- lanrl Cbampst: Tennis 'Team 1954: Tennis Club 7-8: Spani-b Club 3. 4: WinL1f:ri'l'enni- Tour- nament: Three Bronze Awards: Assembly Program 4: lnler- whool Tennis Tournament and llanrlball Tournament. PATRICIIA OLDHANI Sec'rf3!r1r.t' S1-r-. Nile- Reuter 1-8: ben. Reg. 3: CH. Rep. 1: Hunor Roll 6: Dance Club 3-7: Dance Commit- tee 4-5: 1007? Attenflanvf- 5-6: Softball Club 6: Prugrffs-ixe 5-6: 90? fllievrnn- 1-8: Squad Lfrafler l. 5: Exf-elle-nt Citizen-hip 1. 4-6: 80 Wnrfl Str-n. Certificate 6: Mr-rcrury Club 7: See. Nli-- Miner T: P.S.fX.L. Pin 6, l.lLLl.-KN OLSON Dl'8fZ-fl-flH Dance Club 2: Girl- Softball f,.lub 1: Office 131: bee. 311-S Km-gl 1: Ser-, Reg. 2: Honor Roll 3. 5, 6: Nu l.atene-- 6: Swim- ming Club 6: Exr-ell'-nt Citizen- ship 2. 5: Sec. Nlr-. Halle 2. CARL ORQELLH' H Business Tuwuwz Arista 7. 8: Honur Roll 1-8: CD. Rep. 7. 8: Empire Boys State 6: Spanish Club 1-4: College Club 5-8: Discussinn Club 7. 8: Tennis Club 6-8: Tenni- Team 6-8: Sec Mrs. lfaliill fi Sec. Dr. Smitli 7-8: See. Mr. Hail:-i 7. 8: Purple Purim Stall 7-8: lnterc-la-- Bas- ketball 1. 6. 8: Marshal 5-8: 1005 Xtlemlaliw- 1. 2-3. 5-8. TlNl0TllY 031 l.LlX XN llllewlrzivzizri .lunior kai'-ity lla-kr-tball 5-6: ' - v Xairsity Basketball .-lv. lllCl.lfN l'Xl'l'XS I F Q, Teaclzvr Plnuur Hull l-8: 100275 Attevfl- lIllt'1' l-3: N1 1..aih'11ess 1-8: Se , 11155 Sklaii' 2: See. 7!'lr.,AV:llR- man 3-1: Sw, X15 Mackie 5-8: Svc. Dr. Smitlx 7-8: jluterpu 1.11 ilalvtwia Klan'-lial Q: 'Nlar-lial 2: 1 w lrwgressivefl-8: I mgr.-S-iw Del- 'illlr' 4-fi: lylam-4' Club 2-81 llanev llmiiiiiillve I5-8: Fee, l1anw Cmn- mill-'v' 5: Snfillill 1'luli6, lg' 1,f9FHlf77F P jp ,xfppgygv JW H THOMAS PARKER Spanish Club I-2: Honor Roll 3-4: Interclass Basketball 3. 5: Two Bronze P.S.A.L. Pins. ew? 041A W1 PATRICIA PATTERSON Hozisezvife Honor Roll 2. 5-6: Softball Club 3. GEORGE A. PEARSOX .llachinisl Class Pres. I-2: Interelass Basket- ball Tournament 3. DAYID A. PETERSON Band I-6: Marshal 3. 5-T: Eu- terps I-3: Dance Club 3. T-8: Dance Committee 3: College Club 5-6: Dramaties Club T. CENEYIEYE PETERSEN .Nurse Band 5-3: Euterps 5-8: Honor Roll 6-3: College Club T-8: Snow Ball Dance 6: Progres-ixe 4: American Legion Rally 5: Hmkg. Club 3-3: Vice Pres. Hml-cg. Club 6: Dramaties Club 5: See. Miss Jorgensen I: See. Mrs. Prehn 2: See. Hr. Driscoll T-8: Freshman Assembly I. RICHARD PETERSON Sec. Miss Bonauit Term 3. Alr, Stolzenthaler 3: Interela-s Bas- ketball 4. 6, 33 Honor Roll I. T: Marshal Squail T. 8. 1 -af" , I ,."vT- A - ff an E .xx I f 3 fla x I A '. .V A' , A - Q1 X . .QQ Y . , .,- . ,I it , W, . M7 'v t a J ..-1. 'TKT' an I 'fav- ' 4 f S f QT L' 43 .' We l af? : .'-., if "3 W. X., T I ff' . J fe A ' Qi ' f g 'nv . 4 4' gif ' 7 . W M7 PATRICIA PETTY 5 .Nurse Arist-a'6-8:'Honor -Hill I-8: Pro- gram Cominittee I--1: Freshman .Assembly l: S+-rg. fNIr. Hyman 5434. Latin'-Club 3: vm- Brom Class 5: Vryllxeyliall Club 5-T3 Discussion 'Qlub' 5: -Collegiatqf 2--1: See. Reg. 5. 6: Roller Skat- ing Club.3: Badminton Tourna- ment 3: 'Table Tennis Tourna- ment -1. ,T , ROBERT PICARD Astronomer See. Mr. Wialrlman 23 Alirneo. Room' 354: Lab. Squad 558: Sc-ienee Assemblv 8: Interclass Basketball 6: Discussion Club T. 3: College Club Y. 8: Discus- sion Club Assembly 8. Q, f ROBERT PIPER If S. .llarines Banfl I-8: Omiaf Club 5. 61 Senior-Freshman Danoe T: PS. A.L. Pin 4-6. .XRTIII R POWELL gineer Xri- T. 8' .f -829,4 A. 1. ro . res. Reg. 3:1'iHrirX!1 S . Reg. 4: T 't t itizen- ship terc ai 'et- ball ' 0 rnament W . f leg . -8: nni- Clu T. ' ' a r ' 1 ' . e AT? 7. 8. S .ef 7.'. 0011 Atteni nee I. 0. 6. CXROLE ANN POWICK .llflffiflge Freshman Assembly I: Table Tennis Tournams-nt 4: Progres- siu- I-3: Cafeteria illarsbal 3: Skating Club 3-4: Sec. Mr. SCl1Vt'iI1g 3--I1 Swv. SIOIZPII- thaler 3--1. T-8: Yolleyball Club T: Badminton Tournament 5: Danw- Club 3-T: Honor Roll 5-62 Initiation Committee T: Vice Pres. AI:-retiry Club 5. DANIEL A. PYNN No Lateness I-8. . 17- J fr 2, .WV i f , Z! .. S 1 :lg 1. -.f f f T K wwf Q 5 T, I 4 f' f :ff A 1 'i . Il. ip, 'X , WW .f 0 f -1: I Q 5 rf it ig. 21 uf 5, ti f 19 .1 . DORIS IIASNIIISSICN .5'1'rr1'lr1ry Ilonor Roll 1. fig I'1I'l'5IlIIlLlIl As- SEITIIJIYZ EXf'f'Ill'I1I Cilizn-naliip 2-5g Sw. Misa ,IIIIQUIISPII 3. 'Ig Sf:-C. Nlrs. Barbunvl 3-5g Ilanizs- Connnillvr- fl, 53 Ylarslial l. 21 Ping: Pong TOllI'IlLlIlIl'IlI 2. 'lg Ilunl- minton Tournunn-nl Zig Yolli-yball Club 3g Softball Club fl-g Clin-M Club flg I'e'rlf:f'l AIIUINILIIIVI' 2. fl. PHILIP RINCIQ Allllflflllll Honor Roll 1-3: Svieiiw' lflxllibil 13 Inle-rclaas Baalwtball 1. 7: CIIEIHIIIIOIISIIIIJ Sollball IZ: Cllaln- pionship Foolball -'lg Squad Lvail- or 5-Hg Ilasflball 31 Bowling Club I. PATRICIX ROBINSON X X71 . fbi? I bm f'f8?,'7fff f 7, BRIAN SADERIIOLKI Chemist Arista 7 39 C0II'fl4'f CIUIJ 539 3 Hon Roll 1- g bllarebal . ' i f-'sf 14. 6 , L 1- 6, -Itin- f I' I 9- Pur :lu Pal' I .Q 1 ff f ' " i f f I Ab. se ' ' ' I affnffs W I . . m wi - Ulf 7- 32 I "milf Club 5,61 "f Tl H A--ffmblyg V Q A En I", ,fall 5 4' Exwllffnt I ' iZ'n llip 2:0 T11 F' 31111 lla-rtilif'aIf'H. CQXRUI. 51117170 27 1 ' X 1 lfff J' I Ur ,I ,lv C1-63 4 VC, mg, g I A di N., f. 9, 17' " , . Omiaf M lil .1 ' 1' .R .Ti 'fwfr- T Lf! . .vo ,fi f' .gf all I , f ' U1 63 lollff M -3 'i gg Club fp, . I X 'S fix. Nl atv Party 6: C0ll"2l2ii" If , I vlf- I 3. fl' AL- . Cvm I.f1aflPr ' Dorlnr , , Honor Roll 1-43.76-8: Exif-Ili-nl I ii Citizenship. -8? Src. DK Smith V,,. 1 . 2-35 Soc. . r. Blabrtei 5-61 Clara ' X V ' PH:-sl'1g Piggrain Comm. 1-6g X ff :.,'f' Lab. Squaw-I 3-3: Collwgn- Club 5-8. Spanish muh '3-6. 9092, i Q, f Chevron- 1-35 ifcuasirip Cl.ul.9'5g Bowling Clu ,Sr Twnnisi'114fam Mgr. 6g Table fliennis Tourna- rnffnt 2. --1. 6: Baflmimfm Tourna- mvnt 3. 5. BEATRICE RVDOLPH Telephone Opfrumr Honor Roll 1-51 Pre-S. Roy. 2: Ping Pong 2. lg Marshal 3-6: Softball 4g Danrw 5-6g Vollvy- ball 5g Sf--rf. Brougham 6g Squad Lf-aclwr T: No Lair-new 1-75 All Rounrl ixIf'flHI 6g All Rounrl Swimmingg P.S.A.1,. Pin 4. GRACE RIINOINIST Honor Roll 65 S1-rx Mr. Ifislrlr 2-3g Svc. Miw Brougham 3-65 Spanish Club 3g If-arlminton Tournamf-nl 3. 33 Slwtcll Club 13 Bowling Club 53 N11-morial Day Pararlf- 6g SPC. Nliws Koflgl 7-8, Purple Parrot Slafl 8. FLORENCE RYNIIQR Hull Room ljflI1f'f'f Sf-C. Xlr. Buiingz 3, 6: Svc. NIV. Matin,-1 T. 8: Sf-rn Omiaf Club T: Omiaf Club 2, 7. Hg Dann- Club 7, 85 Sf-C. Reg. 2: Clas- Lf,-arlf-1' 5: Squad Leailvr 6. 20 2 ' ' .:. 5' X ff: 91 f my I , Wf 4 fa 0 Za Z .1 4 ff wi, V4 f Z ,l, A' In f , f 415 -,A -J, f ffl? , if ,, ' ff 1 4 2 I W C X X' ,f , 1 f my ,fy ff , I . l. 2: Purplf- Parrot Staff. IJXVI N HCIIXFFIQR f,Ill'l'lIl'U! ll"nrl.'er ur TVYMSI UIIIIHI flluly Yollf-ylifill Clllll I. 6: 1007 Atrwrlrlancf' 1-6: No I.aif-n4--- 1-6: Winning: Tfdarn Yol- lvyball Club 6. .Il NE SCHA1"FNIiR Prziute .Sei-rvtury RTA. Calfulatorz Honor Roll 1. -7 ,, 33 Sw. NIL- Nluntz 2: I-'.H.,X. 3. 43 S+-cz Library 4: Sw. Reg. -1: Sw-. Miss Barbanvl 4: Pro- QTPQFIXI' Party 4-3: Tablf- Tennis Tournann-nl 6: Dani-w Klub T. 3. NIXRG.-XRICT SIIIINIXI DER Se-in XII-N Ronawit 1. 2: No I.atu-nw-- 1-1: Typo th-itilicatr' 6: Sw. Nlr-. Daximl-on -I. 5: Orniaf lllub T. R: llanu- Club T. 8. XI. SIIQXRIQEY .-lir Forre I'r1-F. R4-gg. 1: Sw. Rvg. 2: blink-- ourapll Room 31 Sxxinnning Club 35 LIHIICL' Club T: Nlarslial T: Swv. Miss Koi'-lax T, BARBARA SIDEROFF Live in Venezuela for one year Honor Roll l-4: 9092 Certificate 2: Freshman Assembly lg Sec. Miss Egan 5: Sec. Mr. Mattei 5. 6: French Club 5: Pres. Spanish Club 5, 6: Spanish Club 5-8: No Lateness l-8. OLIVE SIKIONSON Nurse Latin Club 5: Lab. Squad 5f8: Discussion Club 5-8: Dance Club 3. 4. 7. 8: Sec. Aliss Koegl 2: Sec. Miss Gross: Table Tennis Tournament: Badminton Tourna ment. RICHARD SDI SON p VV Ozcn a Jaguar Cafeteria fshal 4: Hall Klar- shal 6. Qi: flass Rep. 6. F4 r L .M ' i MARY SINDLE Secrezaq Mercury Club: Dance Club: Sketch Club: Omiaf Club Sec.: Table Tennis Tournament. FREDERIC SINKERFVQ ,Q rj, Wealtliyi Scientisi Honor Roll I-8: Three"90Q Cer' 'tificatesg Freshman Assembly: Spanish Club 3, 4: Tennis Club 6-8: Tennis Team 69 Lab. Squad 7, 8: Sec. Reg. 7, 8: College Club 5-8: Purple Parrot Stafi 7, 8: No Lateness I-8. FINN SKAGEN Electrician Marshal 3, 4, Honor Roll l, 2, 5, 6. , W. . , if W yew' 3 ' ,nw 4,5-,X .111 ,WM YV' RICHARD SKON Marines Interclass Basketball 4. 6. 8: Machine Shop Foreman 5, 6: Euterps 7, 8: Squad Leader T. 8. SANDRA SMITH Receptionist Honor Roll I: Sec. Reg. 3. 4: Dance Club 4. 7, 8: Sec. Miss Koetat 3: Sec, Miss Koegl 2-8: Blacklist Committee 3: P.T.A. Night 6: Badminton Tournament 3. 5, Freshman Assembly lg Dance Committee 7: Hmkg. Club 7g Sec. Air. Fisler 5-8. WILLIAM SPRAGUE Electrician PH YLLIS SP L LER QM Denial Hygienist Q1 e sclfqo o term. ance C b ' ce 6g l 6. 8: adminton Tc ament ,f75 6H11lS Tournamen mkg. Club 7. 8. JOHN STAUFF College Education Sec. Reg. l, 2: Marshal l, 2: Freshman Assembly: Varsity Baseball 4: J. V. Basketball 3: Varsity Basketball 4-8: l00fZ At- tendance 2: Honor Roll 1-8g Ex- cellent Citizenship l, 3-8: Squad Leader 1-83 Progressive Party. NANCY STEIC Band I-6, Euterps 3: Cheer- leaders 7, 85 Pres, Reg. 7, 8: Treas. Reg. 3, 4: Sec. Mr. Busingg Sec. 220 lg Sec. Miss Mackie 3. 4, 7. 8, Progres- sive Party Leader 5, 6: Manager 7, 8: Dance Club 3, 4, 7, 8: Dance Committee 38: Pep Rally 3: Purple Parrot Staff 7. 8: GO. Council 7, 8: No Lateness l-8. 21 WILLIJXNI S'IlEW!Xll'I' S1 'r ss lwlle-I' 5IxLlllllQJ, LIIII 3. 'lg DIN-ll f'IIs5i0II llllll 5 ' J Ir- Club T. 33 P1-Ile' ' ll ' I I-31 I afm nl: I .II In 3 f , 8, IQaII.'I43-Ng! :Sal ".,. ..,.,,,. Imly 83 o Lal:-II, . ff I .II , -I 'Ig IRWIN ISIYHIIN . 'ILITKIAN ' Y D6llll'.Kf Prcs. Reg.35.I6g Cullvgv lllllb 5g Band l, 61:TPI'ogrf-ssivv Party l-63 CQ-manager 'Magazinv Dri'0u"g Dance Cprnrnittve 4: LalI.'g'lIuaIl 6g lVlrsIIal 4g Stuflflnt Council 5. 63 Honor Rollg. N0 l,3lf"lll'Fr l-8. ANN SLTTER ' Collegejl W1 H nur Roll l8 Ex? l A U? efiSI.ID1IyFfrf?ffIf?II 125241224 ' ,Clif 3.4. - 41.11 Cylugrg gl, D'lg,lLIfrII CIIII, ance: 3-6: Dance !,QonrnIitt I-ij7.t81 S C. Mr. Busing 5, if . '0. , Mr.. Qiflbobl 4: lbfmgrr 57. Mm KI .1144 5. 6. RANCES TAYLOR Court Stenograpfzer Sec. Mis' Kl'ner T. 3gx1I.S3I-c'. MIM Brougzarz 363 HCIHDF Roll 5: Priwft AI e IISICC' l. 3-Hg Pru- Qlbssive liar ' gf PiIIgvLfPong1 fI'ouI'I1an1I-nt 6d Euerpb 3, 43 II Ifgl. r.:II.I,vI.a.- .kt-.fIImIIg, c:I Is, 6g,I3IIyf1iIIg I:III M. Iam. ,- 1- -.,.f. .ZA A ' -1, QN- mqff-I QIIIII 5. 6. ,U IIIII I.:IIII, 18 'I Iaurx flL1Ill H Pr II man Ni.. 'mIIly. LOUISE TIIONIAS Illnke AIUIIIQI Ilonor RI-Il l-H: 'fI'II'I-IJ 90W U-I1 tilicalvsz Tuo Latin fle-1'lIbf:aI1-Ng Exr-IAIIQIII l,llI.lZ1'IlhlllIP l-5: Ariglu 5-8: Six 9062 Gym CII:-II'uIIX: F1'l"'4lllTlHIl Awe-Inblyg S4-fx XII, Ham-y 2: Spani-II YIIIIII 3-5: SI-I-. Mrs. Salmn 41 TI:-us. livg. II: English XSFIJIIIIJIY Il: Winnvr Baflminton TcIIIrnanI6-nt IJIIIIIIII-N 5: fnllegw Elllll 5. 6. PATRICIX TOROIIIQO SC'I'l'6llIl I' Sw, Nlis- Nlinrlr 5. 61 Svc". XII-N Crm- l. 2: Swial Sturlivw Play I: Sf-rv, XII-N INJIPI'-IIII T. 8: 22 X .V ay 1 2 f 9, , . "2 f .ze . I ,f f If 1 4 A f, I, my , f4,4,,:c- Y f f ff ' I 'fm , I 2 , I I g 1 2 f ff' ffflffai f f fu , , 4 f f . ,ff ff 2 '92, I. , , , 1 , ffv , ff I I , TM. vjgffa . f.:.,.f ,Wfjjl ,. W0 'Www I-INXS 1 j.. f CHARLOTTE TLLL Airl' 'ge ' .ss Se '. . . T. 3g 6? . Mrs ' ' bl . g ance Com- mit , L Q ub 3: Dif- f-ussl Q ub . , ' Gym Cla' f is b 3g Volleyball Clnl .Ig gn f . LI-ar r , 'I , val s : 'r-C . 'T Q 5'pw 1-are ' y 1 j ancv Clul 5-J: H7 D I I b 3 a arc- Cu ., LEONARU TYRRELL U. S. .lazy lI1It'I'f'I1:l'-9 Ba-kvtball 2. 3. El GENE LRBANCZYK Dairyman PI-rff-ct Attvmlancff l-3: Sec. Klrf. Tifftbohl 2. 3: fllarfbal l-8: Treas. Hvg. 5. 6g Mgr. Baeeball Team 53 Stamp Club 3: Vice Pre-. Stamp Club 5: Erfshman Afsem- Iwly: Excwllwnl Citizflnsbip 6: P.S.:X.l.. Pin 6. SYLYIA YERA , .Yurse Slartwl schonl Ft'lJI'll3Yf' l953. FI-Q. HP. .Elificrz D3'lllTn' lfllub. J I . ,- ' " xg . I . i . - 4 I. K J . . V , f. .1 -W , . ., T CJ PIIILII' NY .XLSH .4IIrwI1IIII'I'I' LvV1gI'llt'c'V' l'I'r-5. llvg. 3. 4: IIIIIIIII' HI-ll 3. I. 6. 3: NILIINIIHI 2. fl: Sec. Mrs. TIPIIIUIII 3. I: lIlll'I'l'ltlSS Basket IIIIII -I. 6. H: Sllllllft' Dancv Club 5-H: rlllllllllt- lllnlu 6. 31 l'Tl'l'Slll1l3ll M-I-IIIIIII l: Bowling rllviilll T. 3: IIIIIIIIP l'.S.X.I.. Pin 2. 4. SQ Silwl' I'.S.X.l.. llin 6: Swv. MI' NIIIIII-i rr. .Ill KN XY Ul.lfll4KNG Sw remrbx I'lI't'slIlI11ill .Xfaelnlmlyg Talmln Ton- IIIN ,ll0lll4Il3llll'Ill l-3: Sw. XII' Ilnsing 5. 6: HaIIIni1IIuII T0lll'llL1- Illl'lll I: SI-v. Nlixs Nliner 4' 51'l'. Nlr. l.UI'SlDIl 5. 61 Nw. Dr Slllllll T. 3: lIIIw'I'le'aIIvI'+ T. 3 ROBERT WOLL Gas station and Property Ozrner Dance lfluh three terms: Sec. Reg. I. Senior fbi Parade LETIS DO IT AGAIN ... , .. .,A .,.. I nitiate the freshmen RUNNING VIIILD .. , . ,.. ....A .7,.. T he last four years THIS IS HEAVEN , v... ,.. E ight study periods a day ONCE IN A WIHILE ,. . ,..., W Ie do our homework AT LAST, AT LAST .,,ee, . ,,eee,-,,,,,e Friday has come LET NIE KNOW' ee,e,..e..eee..eeee,. e,.eeee T he answers to the test KEEP IT A SECRET rr,..e,r,rr,..e,eeer ,...eee,,.ee,,,... IX Iy last test mark JUST ONE MORE CHANCE .eeee eee,..reeee,, Please. Mr. Busing IF IT VIIERE KP TO NIE eeeree,,ee eeee..,,r,ee.e,. I 'd give teachers homework HOW' HIGH THE MOON r,eeor s. eooToo.,,.ooooo.oo,ooeo,oo,....oooo,., Sounds like Physics FOOL, FOOL, FOOL ,,,eee ooo,e,. ,eeer orre ..eoo T I 1 a t's what the teachers keep saying STARS AND STRIPES FOREVER ,oocoro. --sPatriotic. like our Report Cards. Red, White and Blue FLUTE SALAD .oooooe. eee, Something the hand tossed together GONE es,os,.c seeesesc,oooc s .,ssseeo eeeeoeo IN I ost of TottenVille's students are that way. SCATTER BRAIN ssssoeoo.sesseeoeee I ,eee,t ssWhat teachers accuse students of being STRANGE THINGS ARE HAPPENING oos,srr..o,o The Tottenville Teams are Coming close to Winning CIELITO LINDO s,,,,,es, ,,srssss N lust he good, our senior grade advisor sings it all the time. IN THE MOOD ,sss,ssss,o,ssss,,ss,. ss,.... N ight of the Prom WISH YOU WERE HERE ,issss ...ssssss.......lis G raduation TIME ON MY HANDS ssssssss tsts f..ggggggg T sgssg ggg.ggg....ggs T T . .s.Il1Iy HEAR THEM BELLS o,Ae-, ,sss.. .sss,... , ss-It's another fire drill DONT CRY, JOE s,ssss sssssisi ssssssss Y I ou can take the suhject next year THREE LITTLE WORDS ssssssss ,s,,,sssss ssss,,.,,s s s Here's your diploma 23 A ,1 ' 2 , sv? ,., 4 : 4, fi, ' F Y 'ZAA wi , 1 4 , " f , ff ' in -QQ . , 0 Ms. 1 N If 11 ' I f f vb 'W Z X 0 t. 4 7 . l A ' mx 4 0 , - 5 : ffl? L2 2 -41 lf x -, ' V-Xu ,kg ' , ' ff , 'fa F nh f w A , .i v X 1 , X4 x fl .Q '- 4 477 vii 5 A .A A ' f 4? Q fy f , 4 .T X I .X X Q A V ig ff, fp! . . . . Q . K 4, , 2 ? ' ' , K W jj ,I fi, ' gli? 7 , 4 , I 02 af W - 4 - , Q Q Q ' f f F3 fwwfcfff I U59 ,, V ,VAV I L, : Qflfkfjf? 25' A S I , . fi Q- nl' ' ' ,M X V . 10,5544 i ,, I .,g r sv 9 If A L, v A V225 wwmfis fapfecfmwc fa mms' C. HOLIEFK 5 BEST DRESSED FRIENDLIEST 42" f , L YEFQSEN C. HOIER . , W Z elf!! f ff N 'X I 0 if QL 31 05 ' fl I ff , 'J , mf 5 1 !'ff4 xv , 1 V X X , ' f xxx 5 X 4 ff 1 . sl ,W 1 ii if K V2 N v f J 2 N 9 VI -5 X 94 , 7 f '01 I SNDUFF I H0055 w mx V N-Q, ' Q-2, Ju Q, ,, ,I '27 . Y . Y H' , 1' I BEST L00h7N6- MOSZ' ATHLETIC g MOST LIKELY Q 1 ,V ,, 55 TO SUCCEED f . A ,, :::1' 55:75 f ,. 3:25002 , , 4 Q A, 33 - 1' - O 0 lo' . .1 lu I - Iffm7"' iw Y' ,. -is 1 3 XT - g:1f"fI:::'.'::g 1 ,ll 04511.-, f f, f 17 Hy 11:52 W as-H4654 .T ' I, " f 5, ' ' 'fix t BEST 1 w i DA NCER3 O W E 0 , 1-Stag w il 1 - n 1 Q ... 9 snuff-2 Hom z 1 R BONJH 4 . A ' , s ' nigh j - B. ' "'i'vh 1231 NE fx X A 1 I7 I f 7 ' I A l A,i, A A,. ',A WOSTBHSHFUL M I IW fL'fff?C HEIY 4 Ll ,Qi-gi' HN- 5 f-' ,L G BISCMJFF V I Q XI 7 2 TEACHERS' P15575 C9--. , CD. LE N15 H, HNAPP Q -9'- ' 1 - 5 fi Q V Q X 0 . ' A X ' 'N , T K in 6 A '3 I 'as , q ' ' 5 Q I 1 f I ' 1 .- Af - a H X f X ' 9, 3 ' 'W f Q g gie 0 ' . ' ' 5' 3915355 2 A Alain? 7 'L 'K Sxhzfsfw l f UN P ii: : A , I -7' 171 lf-Qi' f. I BEST cmz ENS CHA TTERBOXES 1, acffc 0. NELSON R MMG 1? Ham' A 1 'A1AA., , s g 1 , in V 4 !"! WZ ff", 2' A Q 54 ' ff JN X if ' 0 fy F yyd , " f. ,gyfk ' - Q ufgzi , v ff'lA'n?ifEx W2 iff ooo ""' -f-' - ---W- EANUTS A R , 3000000 lik , 2 1- 03.0 000000000 ' ooooo o g o ogg oo 0 0 f x , f O A " ' , I Q 0 'Zi 'V V ' rg , fi 4 s g? 4 - ' , ' i f , Q MDAAHELS V u ,LQ I K ' - .K In A Cf N Q16 f f i z W NW f f5?Pii0"?2'777 smmnfv R HNHPP fra o zzol R, MPP 0 ' ,H - , ,A,,,,,2 F7037 POPULAR .zt , C0955 cf6w1vs ,M A1AA ,,,,,i imfosperf The world government through enforceable law will have the power to prevent both war and preparation for war. The moral effect of world opinion is very powerful, but unless it is backed by an organization sufficiently strong enough to compel a peaceful settlement of differences, it is unlikely that world opinion alone can prevent the armament race from exploding into a red hot war. The United World Federalists, which is the group backing the world government program, advocates the transformation of the United Nations from a league of fully sovereign states into a world federalist government with powers, limited, but adequate, to insure peace. This would be done hy an amendment to the United Nations Charter. They feel that this organization is necessary because as long as we have armed sovereign nations they can only be made to obey treaties by war itself. Wa1's can only be prevented by world government with power to use its army and to maintain a system of courts governing all the people on earth. This federation would require a Wo1'ld Congress, perhaps derived from the General Assembly as an executive body, perhaps derived from the Security Council, responsible to the congress without a veto. The court system could come from the expansion of the present day Wo1'ld Court. As a minimum, the world federation should have the power to prohibit possession by any nation of arms beyond that level set by the world congress. This is to assure that no nation will get too strong and therefore become a menace to the world. It should control atomic energy and other weapons of mass destruction. This is to prevent the mass annihilation that would occur if a war was started. Direct taxation to raise revenue and maintaining of police and armed forces necessary to endorse world security would be necessary. The Constitution would have a Bill of Rights which would apply to every man on earth. The United States would have to start forming this federation by an immediate call for a change in the constitution of the LIN. This would only be the first step, more would have to follow. But once the nations learned to trust each other, full progress could be made towards a real and effective world government. As yet, world government has not gotten too far towards being adopted but the idea is gaining ground slowly. It may take a while before the people decide that this change is necessary. lt is certainly somethinff that can be C' hoped for. It could be considered a new chance for everlasting peace. DONALD V. CACACE 26 Z 3 , 2 , 2 f 4 X i 1 i J 2 5 A 2 2 5 s ta' - Years Dedicated to all who have ever taken any kind of test: ,Tis eorne at last, this time of year when -we're through spreaaling Christmas cheer, we go back to sehool, only to hnal, mialieious smiles anal teeth that grinal. Why is this? we naiirely ask, but we know very well as we look aghast, they"fUe been planning for as a terrible fate, one where we'll be staying up late, burning the rnialnight oil, anal all anal all, for if we alonyt stzialy we're behinal the eight ball. We go into a room shroaaleal in black anal sincerely wish that we eozilal go back. We see a large alernon, with papers in hanal, anal we shiver anal squirm, our meek little banal We sliale into seats not knowing where at, anal eye our keen proetor with eyes like a bat. Anal then all at once, a terrible sonnal, the aleath bell has rang anal Comes with a ponnal With trembling hanals, we lift up the sheets anal know by the questions that we will be beat. We answer the questions, but try as we may. we know we canlt win on this gloomy alay. Wewe stnalieal so haral, so long anal so nzueh. But this is all new! That olal snelz anal suelzl This agony soon will termine at last anal this all will be a thing of the past. unless if we fail, hope not as we nzay. we'll be here next year, on another saal alay. BARBARA BOSLOW f as L! , fv""' A -, X f' 'X-f 17 1- X f, QC 1 . I. 3 f A, , -., -J my aff f f -5 Km l 1, 4 -2' Q I K A ,ar Rr 'Wx 1 X. A 7 ,R f Wi!! ,I fx '71 ff!!! ! 7 f , f'9f'f f u 1 B E X 1 XT f 111' X H LITERHRV Foofprzhfs he 2726 Safari' Did you ever go out to a beach and just sit there and think and watch and notice the footprints in the sand and wonder to yourself, "Who were the people who made them? What are they? Did the person who walked here and made those footprints come here to think, to he alone, and perhaps to watch the water? Did he come here to paint a picture of the wind rustling through the spikes of the sparse, brown, saw grass? Or could they have been made by some young fellow on his way to meet his girl?'7 Possibly this person is elderly, and walking is his only enjoyment. Perhaps he is only a little way from here, and maybe some of those other footprints are his, too. What do old people enjoy? Do they like having their friends around, or do they prefer to keep themselves company? That person could be getting his paints and palette and canvas ready now. He might be composing a picture using the water, the sky, even those hoary, grotesquely shaped trees or branches, fitting them in and portraying his own thoughts and personality in the picture. Did that young man meet the girl? If she was there she probably brought along a lunch and they plan to make an afternoon of it. Perhaps today they will decide that theirs is more than a casual friend- ship. What will happen to the old gentleman? Vllill he live much longer and will he be happy, or will something happen to make him sorry that he has lived so long? Can he appreciate the world when he knows it so well? Wiould a person, who knows he will not live very long, think about living or not living? Will the painter turn his back on the sea and look for a more spec- tacular picture? He would think the old trees too niisshapen and grotesque even to bother with. Instead, he will paint an idealistic scene with color and activity rather than a drab seascape with not even one majestic wave to crash upon the shore. Will the two young people learn to live and fit into what is real or must they turn to idealistic things? And after a while the waves roll up on the shore, and draw back, leaving the sand smooth, gleaming, and unmarked. PATRICIA Ronixsox 30 Baby Slifer 19 zfemfm My name is Marlene. I am an average teen-ager with an average teen- age problem, money. If it weren't for my financial status this whole affair would not have happened. My girl friend, Marge, and I were sitting in her living room trying to think of some way to earn some money. We wanted to buy some school sweaters but simply didn't have enough money. Hwfelve tried running errands, mowing lawns and even washing dishes but no one seems to need our services. Besides, those jobs don't pay very much any way,', Marge lamented. "No one even needs baby sitters any more," I added. Suddenly Marge smiled wickedly. In a moment I knew why, for she said, HI-Iow about the Kiljoys? They even had an ad in the paper for a baby- sitterf, Immediately I started for the door. You see no one wants to sit for the Kiljoys and if you knew Junior Kiljoy you would understand. Marge must have anticipated my reaction because she got to the door ahead of me. She stood there with her arms outstretched blocking my exit. She began talking fast. 6'I'll get the job for you and make the arrange- ments and we'll split fifty-fifty." MNOV' I said. HW7hat?" she asked. t'NO!!" This time I was even more definite in my reply. Marge began to use her persuasive methods: she really is persuasive. I finally gave in. I unwrapped my leg from around my neck as Marge removed her handcuffs. Then she ,phoned the Kiljoys. They must have wanted a night out pretty badly or they wanted to get out before I changed my mind, because they gave me a job that very night. ZX??XZ?Pi4?P? I arrived at the Kiljoys at eight oiclock. Mrs. Kiljoy greeted me with these cheering Words! ttlf Josah gives you any trouble send him to bed. He is a little devilish at timesf, This was the understatement of the last few centuries, as I was to find out. 31 lVIrs. Kiljoy told me to wait until they were about to leave and she would introduce me to Junior. I guess she didn't want me to see what I was in for until it was too late to back out. I watched Mrs. Kiljoy stand in front of the hall mirror and spray on enough perfume to drown an elephant, but then again if any self-respecting elephant were as big as lVIrs. Kiljoy he would go on a diet. Then Mr. Kiljoy came down. He was a meek looking man with a high shrill voice. With parents like this, it was hard to imagine what Junior would look like, but I found out. He was about three feet tall and wore great black-rimmed glasses that seemed to take up his whole face. He was reading a book called MEinstein's Theory of Relativityw aloud and holding it upside down at that. As soon as he heard the front door slam he came to life. He began innocently: 4'Tell me a storyf, At this moment I began to think all the rumors about HThe Fiendish Junior Kiljoyw were just idle gossip. Again I was Wrong. HAII right, Junior, Once upon a time there was a little girl-,I MI donlt like little girls. lVIake it a big boy,'7 Junior broke in. '4But I canit, Junior. Did you ever hear of a big boy called Little Red Riding Hood?,' At this moment Junior hit my big toe with a hammer. As I stood holding my foot and glaring at him, I noticed he was frothing at the mouth. I calmed him by suggesting: Hluetls play hide-and-go-seek." I should have known then what I was getting into. I hid my eyes and counted to 100, then I started hunting for little Junior. Fifteen minutes later there was still no trace of Junior and I had looked under, over, through, and next to practically everything in the house. Still fifteen more minutes passed and I still couldn't find Junior. I was beginning to think he was lost. A fiendish smile played at my lips as I thought: 'clVIaybe he ran out into the dark night and is even now being spirited away by bloodthirsty murderersfl Then I remembered I should be worried tbesides if he was missing I might not get paidj. Nervously I got an aspirin out of my purse and went to the kitchen to get a drink of water. I opened the closet over the sink and got a glass. From the second shelf sprang Junior with his air rifle. HRAH-ah-ah-ah-ah I'm a Commando." 32 He startled me so that I dropped the glass on the floor, smashing it to bits, cut my linger picking it up and slipped on the freshly waxed floor as I went to get the broom and dust pan, bruising my personality in the bargain. Finally I pulled ,lunior out of the closet. You may conclude this para- graph Ior yourself as the details are too gory. A few hours later Mr. and Mrs. Kiljoy returned. "Was little ,Iosah good?" she asked while looking around for signs of a struggle. Hvliell he is now," I answered as I accepted my pay. I collected my things and started home with a gleam in my eye as I thought of ,lunior tied in a knot, his mouth gagged and nailed to the bedroom Wall. Itis things like this that do a woman a world oi good. Creation Once upon a windy day, As gazing ,cross a snowy field Full with the blooms of May, The dazzling horizon hit my eye And made me wonder . . . Who is it that made the birds to fly, The worms to creep, the flowers to grow? The hand of this creator Must be very sure, patiently slow. This artist with his colors bright, Brushes the shy, the sea, and land, And paints them with blues, greens, and celestial whites. And as the sun's rays shine and gleam, I know I'll never tire of this beautiful scene. B. BosLoW ELSIE BoDENscHATz P. H D. Unlimited Standing here in the front of the class, With a poetry book and yesterday's pass, She teaches us Shahespeareis Hamlet and Macbeth Or a poem about someone's inevitable death. She leads us in discussions about lie and lay, And hnows we'll forget it in only a day. HlVever use jargonfy she says to our class, H01' Till fail you, no less, as quick as a dashf' No Mrun-onsm and better not mahe uincompletes Or else your marks will certainly depletef' Through our tribulations and all of her trials, She'll be our best friend when we're on our last miles. BARBARA BosLoW 33 In Rcfrosperf ln future years our class will rememher 1950 through 1954 as the years during which our high school days were spent. Pleasant as those years were however, they will he rememhered hy future generations as a period of uncertainty throughout the worldg a period of tension when men wondered whether world peace was really possihleg hut mostly, a period of increasing hope for the future. ln spite of the great contrihutions of science, medicine and literature, those years were dominated hy the shadow of Communism and the threat of world conflict. Three months hefore we entered high school the Korean Wai' hegan. No other single event throughout our high school career had such a profound inHuence upon our lives and the lives of all peoples. The following years were filled with great anxiety as the free world wondered if it could meet the test of Communist aggression. The United Nations fought hard to win the respect of those who had condenmed it. As the world watched, the forces of the United Nations met those of Communism. Then, in June of 1951, the Russian delegate to the United Nations proposed that the Mhel- ligerentsw should hold conferences for the purpose of hringing about a cease- fire. During our sophomore and junior years these conferences continued. Finally, in July of 1953, the long awaited truce was signed. Although the most important, Korea was only one of many events that helped create world tension. The world will never forget the savage war in Tndonesia, the Berlin Crisis, the disclosures that Communists had infested our government and the discovery of thermonuclear weapons hy the United States and the Soviet Union. One must not helieve that those years were filled only with despair. On the contrary, many noteworthy events proved that the world had not aban- doned its hope for peace and that man had not lost his desire to progress. Our greatest asset in the crusade for peace was the United Nations. At the close of our high school career, the world still did not know whether the United Nations had earned a hetter fate than its predecessor. However, it did know that in its nine years of existence, the United Nations had done more to promote world peace and the general hetterment of conditions every- where than the League of Nations did in its twenty-seven years. Over- shadowed hy the General Assembly, the Economic and Social Council and its agencies have hest exemplified the accomplishments of the United Nations. ln 1952 the people wanted a change in our government. The Eisenhower administration hrought new ideas and solutions to old problems. From an historical meeting at Bermuda came the idea of the pooling of atomic resources hy all nations for peaceful use. A 5'Big Four", conference was held to settle disputes over Germany and Austria. Perhaps the greatest accom- plishments, however. were from the fields of science and medicine. It seemed 34 remarkable that so much had been done in four short years. Medicine came closer to cures for cancer, polio and other dread diseases. Science progressed at a remarkable rate with new discoveries being made almost every day. Those years were filled with hope and promise for the future. Many years from now, as historians try to evaluate the years l95O through 1954, they may be troubled by the apparent contradictions of those years, for during them tension and uncertainty existed side by side with hope and a feeling of accomplishment. Whatever their decision, we know that never before was there such an exciting time to live-for never before was manis future so firmly in his own hands. ARTHUR POWELL T126 Lab Squad Very few students during their stay at Tottenville have ever been in the laboratory. For this group l, as an unbiased outsider, will try to make an accurate Hreportf' about the lab and its inhabitants. The little demons that work there are known as the lab boys. There are various types of these people. First there is A--. He is a tall, Mdumbl' boy who thinks that a flask is a type of ray gun, and firmly believes that bunsen burners make handy objects to throw at fellow Mlab boys." The second type of lah squader is more dangerous than Ai. Bi, that shall be his name, doesn't shout or scream but quietly mixes hydrochloric, and sulfuric acid, and when the opportunity presents itself, will slip the potent mixture into an enemy's lunch bag. Naturally, there is just the right amount to vaporize the entire contents of the bag. ln this manner our shrewd little operator slowly starves his adversary to surrender. C-, the third type of Mlab boyf, is the most dangerous of all. He doesnlt throw bunsen burners or vaporize people's lunches. His weapon is much more powerful, it's a camera! If you have ever done anything which was not altogether legal, this boy has recorded it on film. Be careful, for one day you might find your picture, in great enlargement, showing you committing the unpardonable sin of combing your hair in the cafeteria, pasted up on some wall. The question which naturally arises is, MHOW do these volatile students get on the lab squad in the first place?', lVlr. X-, supervisor of the lab squad, chooses his helpers with the greatest of care, but to no avail. Even the meekest of students becomes a dangerous fellow once he has touched a Hoffman apparatus or smelled fresh chlorine. Yet! What would happen to school life and the science department if we didn't have that little band of scientific radicals, our LAB SQUAD? CARL ORGELL 35 om' of L zfe ln this great world, there are many roads which may he taken that lead to a successful life. At graduation time, there is always a certain thrill, and much excitement. lVlayhe you're happy heeause you're getting out of high school, or mayhe you wish that your high school years hadn't gone as fast as they did. Vlfhichever it is. although you may not realize it, you are aliout to start oil on a new road, this time, your own. The road may seem clear to you as you hegin, hut as you travel along, the road will hecome rocky, and traveling, more and more dillicult. Your path will seem dark, hut there is a verse in the Bihle, found in the hook of Psalms, chapter one hundred nine- teen, verse one hundred five. It reads: 'Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my Path." If you read His word and take it with you as you travel along your road, God will remove all darkness, and plow clear your "Road of Life." GLADYS CARLSEN The Brine of Uizrerfazzhzjf It is the year two thousand as the sun hreaks over the hill heralding the awakening of another in the never-ending procession of days. ,lon Tal, the last man on earth, sits alone in his room. Suddenly there is a knock at the door. ,lon rises instinctively and faces the door. He takes one step for- ward and then stops, frozen immohile where he stands, unable to moye as the significance of that innocent knock strikes home carrying with it a Hood of fear and uncertainty. The last man on earth was sitting alone when suddenly there was a knock at the door. It has heen five years now since ,lon Tal has heard the sound of another living voice or has seen another living face. Five years since all life, excluding himself. had disappeared from the earth. He alone had heen alite to foresee the coming of that day when earth suddenly lost all of its oxygen. He alone had huilt and stocked a refuge with proyision for necessities, even oxygen, which would last him at least another twenty years. He alone was the last representative ol life on the planet earth. hut then. who or what had knocked on his door? At last he took another step forward, Then another as he slowly made his way forward. Scores ol' wiht thoughts streaked madly across his mind as he tried to picture what awaited him outside. Now he was at the door. Soon his wondering and anticipation would he ended. Soon he would know. Hesitatingly he reached down and gripped the door knoh. He faltered H10- mentarily as a flood of uncertainty swept over him. hut then giving the knoh a turn he flew open the door and there staring him in the face was+. lxfell. what do you think it was that had come to call on the last man on earth? EDWARD I-IARHisoN 36 Bfzffzhg zz Pze Men have long regarded the skills essential to pie-making as basic quali- fications when in pursuit of a mate. To them, pie-baking is a feminine art because of its simplicity. I would like to dispute the theory that the manu- facture of a pie is a simple procedure. In order to even attempt to bake a pie, one must possess the following qualifications: stamina, endurance, language abilities, and some chemical skill. The stamina and endurance are necessary because thinking of twelve things at once is hard on even the strongest human being. and running around the kitchen on a mad hunt for baking powder, salt, etc., is not exactly relaxing. No one can deny that a recipe is not easy to follow, for one can never take it quite literally. For example, when told to separate two eggs, the average human being would move them to different ends of the kitchen table. One can see where a deci- phering is necessary. The chemical skill is required, because in the mixing of various acids, bases, and salts, a disaster might occur if one is not careful when combining these ingredients. If one is lucky enough, then, to possess these qualifications, the next step is to utilize them, along with the ingredients of the pie. To find the ingredients, a reliable cook book is necessary, and if one is a beginner, one should find a fairly simple one. Some things to watch for in a recipe are such phrases as Hseparate two eggs," 'fblend thoroughly," and "turn overfl Spell- ing is another pitfall, as even in such dependable cookbooks as Good House- keeping, l have found thoroughly spelled Mthorolyf' Usually, in cookbooks there is a code which should be memorized before attempting a recipe. Despite all these obstructions, however, if one possesses the aforementioned qualities, one can mix up a fairly accurate compound. Unce it is in the oven, the worst of the ordeal is over. After the pie has been baking for about twenty minutes, a delicious aroma steals about the house and one knows that the pie is almost done. When one removes the pie, a lovely golden brown with liquid oozing from top and sides, one should observe it closely. This pie is the result of about thirty minutes of concentrated work. It looks good, and it probably tastes good, but so do millions of pies produced daily by assembly line experts. But there is a difference. These other pies are the products of much less individual work. But, you argue, a homemade pie is so much better. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, and the members of your family will consume just as much bought pie as homemade pie in one meal. Maybe even more, because part of the homemade pie will stick to the dish when being cut. Therefore, which is better in the long run? ln conclusion, I would recom- mend that all future homemakers reserve their pie making skills until they are husband searching. The idealistic men are about the only men who'll appreciate them. GENEVIEVE PETERSEN 37 G. O. Ojikwcsi V J 1 ' , li.. V. 'wk X4 ,I ,- 5' i A ' ,fm fi W 1 ' 1 - .1--.f-.1 1 ,, 'Q' f. f , ,i, i ,f , WW i f.. 1,3 ,G , - R221 1 A -. f ff Q, . 22 'f 1.4 ff-.. ' i if f , , X -pf. - Q 4 A J i s 5 . fa, , ,. , qv, Q 5 " . ' at -,..'IQglA'- "fi v f 7 ff f qi. at fi ' E J- 1 , I f fl. '47, VM, , Q 5 iff Z I ' iw' ,ff , MW "X I W ' Q , ,., 2 ' . 52, ..:-'fliilf' UI, A - ,I 7, 7, f ' w ., , A f f , i ' q ' K i 3 1 .f 2 . -sz: , ,, .,.,... fu: ,N - y,'g:,sgz:-5-121,23 ,I -'-- na.. fvff f ff Q - f ' ' ,V 2 rf 9321635 i ,Q 112, ff 12: ,. f ,- PfI'.Sl.flP71f II-l'f'-lJl'USlAd4'Il1' SI'f'I'Pf!II'.Y T1'f111.s11rf'1' Slllllfllf Court G. O. U. Scarangeiia William Danish flliurlutte Tull Cai-ul Nelson fudgw Reprmwzfrztize Alfred Lally Barry Cnr-un Sizmiwi Comm! 58 lx, xx R E WGRLD 5 Q STRQWXGEST X WE BM WW M W gx J S 3 , ,' fu' WX M Wig J 3 Y, X QANNAQ f SIDESHUWEX D DAQTL ' U BASEBALL TEAM Faculty Azlviser Mr. Stolzenthaler VARSITY BASKETBALL Faculty Adviser Mr. Attinson GIRLS' BASKETBALL Faculty Aflriser Mrs. P1'E'l111 JUNIOR BASKETBALL Faculty Adviser Mr. Attiuson BAND Faczzlty .ifzlziiser Miss Messina EUTERPS Faczzlty .idriser Miss Messina HOBIEKIAKINC CLUB Faculty Jclriser Miss Mackie COLLEGE CLUB Faculty Aclriser Dr. Smith SPANISH CLUB Faculty Adriser Mr. ivliiltffii PROGRESSIVE PARTY Faczzlty Jclriser Miss Mackie COLLEGIATE PARTY Faczzlt-x' .lelriser Miss Koetat GIRLS' SOFTBALL Facility Aiflriser Miss J1JI'g6llSE'l1 GBIIAF Fczczzlty .ldriser Miss Molloy BOXVLINC CLUB Faculty .'1lIl'Z-SCI' Mr. Schwillg DRABIATICS CLUB Faculty .-Idriser Mr. Schaufeld DANCE CLUB COMMITTEE Faculty Adviser Miss Jorgensen MMM DISCUSSION CLUB Facufty Aclziser Mr. Hyman HANDCRAFT CLUB Faczzllj' flzlziser Miss Muntz TENNIS CLUB FIICIIIILVY A4fI1'i5e'1' Mr. Fisler FRENCH CLUB Fnvzzlty .idriser Miss Egan CHEERLEADERS Faculty fldriser Mr. Busing ARISTA Faculty f1dl'f.S6'l' Dr. Smith LATIN CLUB Fr1cuItyAdL'i5er Hrs. Teitbohl LIBRARY SQUAD Faculty Adviser Miss Peterson Z E 6 Z 2 3 E E f E 5 S A E 3 S E s 3 i E s . s 3 5 s 5 Q 5 E s E a 5 ff, 1 W. . 44, svn, ft W. f 3 J ,..4 7, , 2 5 E z 3 2 -Q 11 f fffff Q! fi 2 f 1 . If 4 nv sg. 4 Z 5 Z 2 9 2 2 2 Q 3 6 3 E S S 5 e S 5 2 S x ..,- El W , 5 , 2 E a E u 5 s 2 2 2 E E S s E 3 S S s E Q I "6 wwf lie Uffzkmfe ffm we The building was on the planet Zircon, a member of the Alpha Centauri system, 111.3 light years from Earth. Inside the building, all the members of, and delegates to the special meeting of the Galactic Council were sitting in complete, deathly silence. The President arose and spoke: t'It is the decision ol the council, that the highest punishment be inflicted upon Earth and its planetary system: its destructionf, A delegate from one of the many worlds arose to ask a question. A perfectly natural question, since no one but the council members knew why Earth was to be destroyed. L'Wl1y should we destroy the planet Earth?'7 The president answered :-nlt is a threat to the peaceful atmosphere existing among all the other inhabited planets of our galaxy. They are war- like, their basic social psychological path is war. They thrive on itf' 'allow do we know this?i' the delegate retorted. MThe last expedition sent to their sector of the galaxy discovered that they possessed the Atomic bomb and the Hydrogen bomb, and that they are preparing for another war." the president replied. The delegate continued to probe. 6'How will we destroy them?,, This time a scientist replied-the greatest Physicist the galaxy had ever known. hRecent discoveries i11 the field of Physics lead us to believe that the sole factor in the producing of energy is mass. Therefore, a bomb could be devised that, upon its detonation would convert mass completely to energy. This does not happen in the Eartlfs Sun. Millions of tons of mass are lost every second. If this lost mass were converted to energy, the Helium-H51 drogen conversion in their sun would be upset and the Sun would expand to many times its original size. Earth and its fellow planets would be de- stroyedf' mls this what will be done?" the delegate asked. HYes,'7 replied the president in a final tone. :rrawazafvaafssfks The space ship arrived at its destination. the Solar System. The rocket- bomb was sent hustling toward the Sun. The spaceship. using its hyper-warp. On Earth, the flare from the rockets of the spaceship was reported to be nothing more than a strange comet. aa::t::xf:z::z:swkaOr4 On the same planet, in the same system. 4.3 years later. the council again convened. This time. however, they met in the evening outside the building. At the precise moment, they all turned their eyes to the night sky. A bright star appeared briefly and then vanished. The president arose from his chair and spoke. uGentlemen, our thought is confirmed, the Sun has exploded. Earth and the threat are gone forever." ROBER1' P1cARD AND CLYDE Fnxxxux 54 K f ZW? fwwfWff f 6 I .' fwff fff 'fvfvf' A 4w' 5i ' f 'f ,MW I M127 fx 'W5402fiildmwfffgf,fW7Q fffigffmgff i ff f . ' f ' f544iWf'n, . ,513 fff ff, X KW J Z I W + K' 39 ,-, ,, :EK 'f x 1, Q? f'T f K7 'W f .S fr: - , ,-, K, - -' .. F7 rw I ef" Q- - , , , ' is E li P V - m ru 21 J , T 'z l M1 'V - . fl I ' J 1" Q7 . 'll f ,J ,n - .J SJ 2 gg W ,,A.Q,- ,av Af W 3d W fx V V l - 5 lfb 1 A D 4 0, ff. if , ,f ,.f'. ,ZQ 2,3 'S +1-bf-'S' C5 rw QL- S if THE FUTURE is YOURS . . :df GUARD IT gs BY SAVING . . RICHMOND COUNTY FEDERAL Savings cmd Loan Association I90 MAIN STREET Tojrierwille, S. I. 7, N. Y. 4000 AMBOY ROAD Graaf Kills, S. I. 8, N. Y. BEST WIS!-IES TO THE CLASS of I954 lANG'S PAINT 8. HARDWARE BOTTLED GAS - FLOOR COVERING HOTPOINT APPLIANCES and YOUNGSTOWN KITCHENS 7233 AMBOY ROAD TO++enviIle 8-ISO3 COMPLIMENTS OE MR. X1 MRS. JOHN T. LANG Compliments of The PARENT-TEACHERS ASSOCIATION of TOTTENVILLE HIGH SCHOOL COMPLIMENTS -Op VANBRO ROAD NlATER!Al CORP EMORY COURT-GREENRIDGE STATEN ISLAND, N. Y. CCMPLIMENTS - of - THE REGULAR DEMOCRATIC ORGANIZATION OF RICHMOND COUNTY JEREMIAI-I A. SULLIVAN Courfry Chairman CLASS OF 54-2 We dedicaIeII1is adverfisemenlr To Ilfme dass of '58, who we Iwope will have as much fun as we did In our four years WIIII Mr. Waldman. SCARAN OIL SERVICE TO'r+emviHe 8-0805 l-iQneywood 6-i658 954 wwfkme. . . NNGS in design PINS Minus crahsmanslzip CHARMS o cups and quality PLAQUES TROPHIES JEWELERS FOR YOUR CLASS RINGS Q MAr4UrAE:TuRxNG' . i ffwewgns nlfufshlsllclusl susrou - 17 JOHN STHEELNEW YURK 8.N.Y. . vnovunencs REG. 54-3 I-IUMBLY DEDICATES TI-IIS SPACE TO MISS SHEEHY WI-IO THROUGHOUT OUR FOUR YEARS IN TOTTENVILLE I-I S GENTLY YET EIRMLY GUIDED US ON TI-IE ROAD TO SUCCESS Malvina BaIJrruI4ovic:z Berry-Jean Becker Roberr Bonia Barbara BosIow Donald Cacace George Davidson Peggy Desclnaux Myrna Dilgard Barbara Dodge Joan EuIIon LiIi G an ay Margarer Jensen Befriy Johnson VaIerie Keller Maryiane KeIIy Rosemary Knapp David Langlrry Nancy LeIIa Dorojrhy Lewers I:ranIc MCAndrew Donald Merseles Jean Munrz Roberlr Nesfi Genevieve Peferson Richard Peferson Roberr Picard Arrbur PoweII GeraId Reiners Par Robinson Brian SaderI1oIrn Fred SinIcer WiIIiarn S'rewarI Frances TayIor Louise Thomas GIbraI'rar 7-9I73 TO++enviIIe 8 I I I I RICHMOND BORO COAL CO. 'blue coal STATEN ISLAND 7, N. Y. CHARLES B. KELLEY, Jr. RAYMOND A. BUTLER DODGE - PLYMOUTH DEALER SALES - SERVICE 5257 ARTHUR KILL ROAD Rhone TO++enville 8-I328 NASSAU SMELTING 8. REFINING COMPANY INCORPORATED STATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK PRODUCINC5 NON-FERROUS METALS RICHMOND COUNTY SAVINGS BANK Greaf Kills Office 3986 AMBOY ROAD Wesl Brighion Office Por+ Richmond Office l2I4 Casrlelon Ave. al Taylor S+. 220 Richmond Ave. al Casllelon Ave Banking l-lours Monday-9:00 a.m. To 8:00 p.m. Tues. Thru Fri.-9:00 a.m. lo 3.00 p.rn. ORGANIZED I886 Member Federal Deposil Insurance Corporalion Accounls up +o Sl0,000 are fully insured 54-1 Flo Aspinwall Jessie Byrd Marilyn "Cookie" Cooke Bill Daniels Debby Dielz Priscilla "Bulch" Elgen Mary Lou Farrell Neil Forkan Johnny Fosier Vinnie Gill Larry Jensen Barbara Kirchmyer Rulh Ellen Larson Joanne Lombardo Pele Lorenlzen Jay McDonnell Bob Woll Marie Moody Carol Nelson George Pearson Dave Pelerson Danny Pynn Danny Meyler Phil Rinck Sandy Smilh Bill Sprague Johnny Slauhf Irwin Siillman Anne Suffer Charlyn Tull Gene Urbanczyk Sylvie Vera Phil Walsh I TOIIQIIVIIIQ 8-2327 I i COMPLIIVIENTS I - of - GIFT and ELECTRIC SHOP I Richmond Flo,-al I Co Inc R.C.A. Radios 84 Television " ' EIec+ricaI Appliances - GIIIS - Records Norcross AII Occasion Cards STATEN lSLAND'S FOREMOST F L O R I S T ZI7 IVIAIN STREET and GARDEN SUPER MARKET ToTIenviIIe, S. I. -2- IsIand-wide Deliveries LLOYD TRAFFORD GI 7-I758 STATEN ISLAND OUTFITTERS COMPLIMENTS -oI- if Xi for I Tuxedos - Culraways Dr. and Mrs. Carroll C. Siauff I I I II I I "1 X ,V Summer I:orrnaIs Qxford Sfrollers 5 Full Dress BrIdaI Capes To Reni' and for SaIe S eron S I Near LIberIy TI1ea i I 0 jf ,lol di . xg - ,A,. I Tor Every Occasion I Jrapl , . , I I- 5 COMPLIMENTS - Of . KIRINN 8. CO., INC. COMPLIMENTS - Of- 55-3 "THE CLASS Wm-I CLASS" SINCERE CONGRATULATIONS - from - "PYROFAX" GAS DISTRIBUTOR HARRY PUTZ 81 SON, Inc. 6050 AMBOY ROAD Prince Bay, S. I. 9, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS . Of- The Class of 54-5 I I I COmpIimenIs OI . . HARRY LIEBOVITZ A FRIEND I CHEVROLET and OLDSMOBILE DEALER TOTTENVILLE EDWARD BOSLOW YOUR ALL-TIME FAVORITE I BEAUTICIAN'S SUPPLY CO. , 5 BEAUTY PARLOR EQUIPMENT and SUPPLIES FRENCH ICE CREAM I I5 WRIGHT STREET SIapIe+On, SIaIen Island I I I CorIqraTuIaTiorIs To The '54 G RADU ATES AL LANGS SERVICE STATION AMBOY ROAD ToTTerIviIIe TRIANGLE SWEET SHOPPE Corner OT MAIN STREET and AMBOY ROAD LUNCHEONETTE and FOUNTAIN SERVICE School Supplies - NoTions - Toys - GreeTinq Cards - PhoTo ServIce, ETC. Me-eT The Crowd In The STore wiTh The Friendly ATmosphere TOTTerIviIIe 8- I QI I A 8. D TELEVISION TELEVISION . RADIO SERVICE T58 MAIN STREET ToTTenviIIe 7, S. I. VINCENT ALISON HERBERT DUNN BlLL'S LUNCHEONETTE 233 MAIN STREET ALL KINDS OF SANDWICHES Ice Cream, Sodas and Sundeei TOTTenviIIe 8- I 330 MOLLER FURNITURE CO., Inc. EVERYTHING FOR THE HOME 73II AMBOY ROAD ToTTerIvIIIe, S. I. I-IOrIeywoocI 6- I 707 HUGUENOT DELICATESSEN SCANDINAVIAN IMPORTS 5454 AMBOY ROAD HUQUGDOI, S, I. ANNA GUDRAIS, Prop. Compliment OT . SHALL'S CORNER LUNCHEONETTE Corner AMBOY ROAD and YETMAN AVE. TOTTenvIIIe 8-2023 HONEYWOOD FUEL OIL CO. 45I4 AMBOY ROAD ElTInqvIIIe I-IO 6-I254-aTTE'r 6 D.I'T1. I-IO 6-IO22 I-IOrIeywoOCI 6-1254 MOCCIA BROS. ELTINGVILLE BUILDING SUPPLY LUMBER, MAsONs', PLUMBING and HEATING MATERIALS 4479-EI ANIBOY ROAD SIGIEVI IsIand I2, N. Y. I'-IOneywOCd 6- lO5O A L L E N M O E ' S ICE CREAM -CANDY - SCHOOL SUPPLIES 3874 RICHMOND AVENUE EI'ingvI 'e GROCERIES - DELICATESSEN - NEWSPAPERS J E R R Y ' S ELTINGVILLE BARBER SHOP MEN'S HAIR STYLE SPECIALIST EO Yeafz CCr"nen'eI and Arrerten Barber FIORE BROS., Inc. FUEL OIL . BLUE COAL - KOPPERS COKE 40 LA SALLE STREET Sfafen I5If3rICI STAPLETON SERVICE LAUNDRY GIbraI+ar 2-4450 PLEASANT PLAINS PHARMACY RONALD SCOWCROFT, PIIarmaCis+ 6323 AMBOY ROAD PIeesan+ Plains, S. I. 9, N. Y. 'IOIIenviIIe 8-IQZO COmpIimenIs OI . C. D. WALSH, NLD. SPRINGSTEAD COAL CO., Inc. LUMBER, MILLWORK II MAsON's MATERIALS-FUEL OIL 4275 AMBOY ROAD OreaI KEIIS BOB'S AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE AUTO REPAIRS - ACCESSORIES - GREASING 503 ARTHUR KILL ROAD ARTHUR PYNN, Ivlanaqe I-IO 6-I774 I-lOneywood 6- I bOO- I NELSON K. MINTZ DE SOTO - PLYMOUTH 394i AMBOY ROAD Greal Kills, Slalem Island 8, N. Y. Complimenls ol . . DIMINO'S RESTAURANT 2:8 MAIN STRRET TO++enville 8- I 376 Complimenls ol . . COLLEGE CLUB Complimenls ol . . DR. and MRS. NATHAN HAMERSCHLAG mpllmenls of . . THE ETGEN FAMILY PRINCES BAY MARKET 5830 AMBOY ROAD TOIlenville 8-2Ol2 BAKER BUSINESS SCHOOL BAKER BUILDING Slaplelon, Slalen Island BE A BUSINESS SUCCESS-ATTEND BBS lor Ilworouqlw SECRETARIAL and ACCOUNTING TRAINING 70 FIORELLI PHARMACY 3984 AMBOY ROAD Gfea' KTS S. L T-4O'eT,v-:cd 6-lO25-ZCO8 TO++e'1vTTe 8-0847 THE RAISLEY PHARMACY 237 MAIN STREET T:+TenvHe, S.1.7, N, Y. DELIVERIES MADE FREE AMMY'S MEN'S SHOP 232 Mmm STREET 1 .He S. I. TC"e'f :JE92 B E R K O W E R ' S SELF SERVICE MARKET TED MAHJ STREET Cr'-E' C1 if Are. Como Tfrervs T DR. and MRS. EDWARD J. MATTHEWS and FAMILY CCTTO T'Ter's of . D and E MARKET CHOICE MEATS 231 Mmm STREET TOWETJ 'E B- T SEO A. C. PETERSEN COMPANY PRECISION TOOLS 73.101-TNSON AVENUE A. C. PETERSEN ToTTenviTTe. S. l,, N. Y. Piffsburqh Pairvs Toys LEON l.OTVlN'S "STORE OF A MILLION ITEMS" Hardware - House Fornishinqs - GIFTS PTumbIrTg - Elec'rrIcaT - Roofing Supplies Floor Sanders and Polishers Tor Hire 7335 AMBOY ROAD TO 8-T648 "The STore TTTaT Service BMW" I-IOrIeywoOd 6-O83I BOUQITI 81 Sold ARDEN ANTIQUES 3848 RICHMOND AVENUE VIRGINIA LUBIN SIaIen Island I2, N, Y. BeSI WISITeS from . HARRY'S DEPT. STORES 3980 AMBOY ROAD OreaI KIIIS, S. I. I72 NEW DORP LANE New Dorp, S, I, WATSON-TIETJEN, Inc. REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE I7 NELSON AVENUE I-IOrIeywoOd 642380 OreaI KIIIS, S. I. 8 GREAT KILLS "BOOTERY" THE SOUTH SHORE LEADING SHOE STORE Sundial SI1OeS for The Enfire FamIIy I-IeadqUarIers for "OI'IIcIaI" Boy SCOUT SITOEE 3982 AMBOY ROAD I'IOFIGyWOOd 6A2I3I OreaI KIIIS, S. I. BEDELL FUNERAL HOME I-IOneywoOd 642490 Special Order Work HAROLD E. LARSEN STATEN ISLAND'S MANUFACTU RING JEWELER ExperI Repairmq - AII Work G-UaranIeed I9 NELSON AVENUE Orem KIIIS, STaIerI ISIaITd 8, N. Y. THE BOCK AGENCY REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE 399I AM BOY ROAD I-IOmeywood OAI I I5 Oreaf KIIIS, S. I. 3, N. Y. THERMAL SERVICE AXEL ERICKSEN COmpIimenTS OT . . . MORRIS N. WEINSTEIN, M.D. COmOIimerIIS OI . . , HORVATH'S BAKERY TOIIGIWIIIG 8-2 I 24 CUNY'S TAXI SERVICE TOTIQRVIIIE 8-27EO A . COWOITDGDTS OI: . . . BOMMER BAKE SHOP Q OIFFORDS LANE BRIDGE'S HARDWARE BPS PAINTS - PLUMBING SUPPLIES TOYS - HOUSEWARES 75I9 AMBOY POAD TOTTG-wf G 34076 N I C K ' S SANITARY BARBER SI-IOP 7342 f-IA BOY POAD -r - r- If"-ar, A , I Cams EITEDT- fi THE PALMETTE 7346 AMEOT POAD EDWARD OLTMANN'S FINE SHOE REPAIRIN6 733I AMBOY ROAD Complimenfs Of , . . TOM NOLAN GREAT RILLS COnqraIuIaTiOnS IO . . , THE GRADUATES TONY and MIKE NO. 8-I839 HOME: TO. 8-23I8 H. W. EKSTRAND'S FLORIST BOUOUETS . FUNERAL DESIGNS 7426 AMBOY ROAD TQIIWIIIBI S. I., N. Y. COmpIimenI5 OI . . . AL DEPPE'S COmpIimenTS OI , , . BRIDGE SERVICE STATION 868 ARTHUR KILL ROAD SOUTH SHORE TAILOR HIGH CLASS TAILORING FRENCH DRY CLEANING For Service-HOmGywOOd O- I O30 E. BORCI-IERS I4 GIFEORDS LANE Oreaf KIIIS, S. I, TO, 8-0982 MAE CAMERON PLEASANT PLAINS Beauty Shop PERMANENTS THAT SATISFY Hair Coforinq ConsuI+a+ion Specialisis in Hair Cufiing, Shaping, S+yIinq and Waving 63I4 AMBOY ROAD SIGIGU Island 9, N. Y. BIEL'S DELICATESSEN 6309 AMBOY ROAD PIeaSanI PIairIS TOIIenviIIe 8-l439 ARBOGAST'S MARKET PLEASANT PLAINS PLEASANT PLAINS MARKET "FEATURING THE FINEST" I-IOME FREEZER SERVICE In AII Kinds of Meat Fish and VeqeIeI3IeS TO. 8-2045 6308 AMBOY ROAD TO. 8-IJ8I2 H Our RriCeTIS ART'S LUNCH SHORT ORDERS and SANDWICHES of AII Kinds Home Made Pie Home Made Soup 456 CRAIG AVE. Shafen Island 7, N. Y. TO, 8-2820 FRANK STIANO, RI'1.6. THE STIANO PHARMACY 7437 AMBOY ROAD Toffenvilie, S. I. Compiimenfs of . . . B E N E D I C T ' S PRIME MEAT MARKET Complimenk of . . A R I S T A CompIimenfS of . . . REGISTER 57-3 NATIONAL BARBER SHOP Ibl MAIN STREET TOTTENVILLE V O L K M A R ' S MEATS and GROCERIES lb? MAIN STREET TOHenviIIe 8-0843 LEE HY'S OWL DELICATESSEN COLDEST BEER in TOWN 7325 AMBOY ROAD TOIIenviIIe 8-2808 GROSS STATIONERY 7321 AMBOY ROAD FULL LINE of SCHOOL SUPPLIES THE J. 8. G. HOBBY SHOP BICYCLE SALES and SERVICE Radio and T.V. Repairs 7305 AMBOY ROAD SIaIen Island 7, N. Y. BUSINESS TRAINING D R A K E SECRETARIAL scHooL Infensive. Regular or Refresher Courses Dey, NIQIII or Ped Time Posi+ions Secured I48 BAY STREET GI 7-I5I5 SI. George ENROLL NOW DELMA STUDIOS 521 FIFTH AVENUE NEW YORK, N. Y. xdpy Our Official Yearbook Pho'rographer f N X2 EEZ v Main Office and Laboratory 9 W. 20th St. New York 11, N. Y. Telephone: WATKINS 9-1880 .fWhy do they call it ra G bank, 'I Momfi I Q ll re- Let us answer that, son. Its because we want your Mom to teel that this is her bank - hers to call on whenever she needs help with money matters. We try to give all ol our depositors the kind ol personal attention that lets them know were here to serve them well. WE INVITE YOU TO DO ALL YOUR BANKING WITH US. STATEN SLAND NATIONAL BANK 8. TRUST COMPANY FIVE CONVENIENT OFFICES Port Richmond West New Brighton St. George New Dorp Tottenville Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ITIIBTI-HQ IPR I OOX ikNr'NxX 1tl4XX 6 Q 1 i fl 1 5 Q 1 I X f Ab I i M N 1 If 75' ,Q ,, F' f' 'W VJ., r I 1 f - A , 1 v s .V ,Lx 4 M x . M ,.,. ,. ., fg.,, ,Q Q-1 C' JN ,wx 1 4 1 I. ,Y v Y. Y

Suggestions in the Tottenville High School - Purple Parrot Yearbook (Staten Island, NY) collection:

Tottenville High School - Purple Parrot Yearbook (Staten Island, NY) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Tottenville High School - Purple Parrot Yearbook (Staten Island, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 50

1954, pg 50

Tottenville High School - Purple Parrot Yearbook (Staten Island, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 67

1954, pg 67

Tottenville High School - Purple Parrot Yearbook (Staten Island, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 82

1954, pg 82

Tottenville High School - Purple Parrot Yearbook (Staten Island, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 7

1954, pg 7

Tottenville High School - Purple Parrot Yearbook (Staten Island, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 45

1954, pg 45

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