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af, xv -. f I 4 1 1 x 3 . I SJW 'Y 4. .1 1 Hg L X , ..' Y ,X-4 1 +R' 'I V 1 1. 1 A1 ll w f .1 4s . V. n Y 'A ly li N n -'gpw -.... . ,,g . . . 1 ,- Q., , I: . . H 'Q ' A V' ' 9' A J'o E Z'mvsg, F1 f "i,m"B,.,..r W W if lfwww wyfwwbw flwmb ,DHD 5 ' L09 s 5 RW WW V' 'W i l A ww 955-mmf Mmm W W ?Z'2f!W W S fkzjfiim Kfwggxfwffg . ua -1 , . f ,z jj ,,, V . A , V . V ', , fav 5?-7? 1, ,. 1 '?e!h'af?f'- "2 ':3.', 3 Q E' V .. 125 '- A -iii elf ,Syn-gk: -' ' Va- r ' X - 7 f -1.551 1- "ff " ' 1 - 'T,'TIf3.J.":. Q I 1 sm. f'4.nH ' ' ' Yah: L '. .2.v1:vL-gi.1fJ1Uunih-.rx ' Li',':" V . 1 J.. ' ' .gag :In I ' fu I , , 5.33 5531 x :Ei i .-1.-.f7'f . ' M :- ' fl 1? :L:11!'5i'1 'Q 5, -E 1 'swsni ..r,.f ,,,. + -- , V HJ 'i"i- Q ff: V125 '! Q "- 1:5 K H - -Q 'X 1 a-rikf, f'- 1:3 .ii-LL 1 ff ' 5155 3' H fxlzfd' -fi ,fri-1 f 4 -5 .1',:+.: JE Q S UTI '-Q 533 ' rf' , 41: -.- 22 5 gif-c . ga t! ., .Yi . Z1 3,1 iw ' 'i3:E,E3JE' vi-Z.1'f'L" lil", - . 3ifi"i?i 'A 1-,-If , -.sez H39 X7' .5 L22 .fniitim 'L -1 ' 'JLG5 'E A 5,-5:51 :fig ,- , 4 ,F 'ii' Q! ,i-gzji,-,,E , Q ". 1, gr, 'I 'a--"I" 'Ii ' "'rf's3.23u'j 'fgiigm Ag, .- , H ku Y Q 1951 if J PURPLE Q W M1101 3 K PRI CIPAUS M SSAGE I 4'Do you know what time it is?" can he a literal inquiry to keep an appoint- ment, a sophisticated expression as in the popular song, ul Know What Time It ls Now," or a richly figurative expression on a sun dial, alt is later than you think." Thousands of years ago the Prophet in Ecclesiastes said, UTO every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: a time to be born, and a time to die, . . . a time to kill, and a time to heal, . . . a time to get, and a time to lose, . . . a time to keep silence, and a time to speakg a time to love, and a time to hate, a time of war, and a time of peace." In this troubled world it behooves each of us to use our own ca- pacities to the full for our personal futures and for the welfare of society. It is a time for action, not inertia, for confronting issues squarely, not escap- ingg for resetting sight lines, not using rose-colored glasses. Let us each determine what our dearest possessions are, what sacrifices they are worth, what ultimate outcomes we are willing to fight for, physically and morally. Recently in the United Nations, Warren Austin said, "Radar is not more sensitive to atmospheric vibrations than the personalities . . . here . . . are to the political atmosphere of our times." We must all cultivate that aware- ness and perception to make the .right decisions and to avoid tragic mistakes. As you become increasingly mature, may such wisdom be yours. ' 1 is e I Principal DEDI ATIO W e, the class of 1951, dedicate this book to Mr. Schwing for the great job he has done in guiding us through our high school career. W e are especially indebted to Mr. Schwing for what he has done for us in order that we might have our senior activities, despite the non-extra curricular activities pro- gram. Through his tireless eforts we have kept one thing which we cherish and look forward to most-our Senior Prom. ff" fz.,..fw+-fl-4 - -MY GLCM by First Row: Mr. Attinson, Mr. Blanken, Mr. Brennan, Mr. Brophy Second Row: Mr. Collins, Mr. Corson, Mrs. Davison, Mrs. Drill Third Row: Mr. Fitzmaurice, Miss Gessner, Miss Gross, Mr. Halloran Fourth Row: Miss Lisanti, Mr. Mattei, Miss Meyer, Miss Miner Fifth Row: Mrs. Reilly, Miss Reuter, Mr. Sauss, Mr. Schaufield Sixth Row: Mr. Soifer, Mr. Stolzenthaler, Mrs. Tietbohl N. uf' AMT' My daddy sw We fi XX, F irst Row: Miss Brougham, Mr. Caballero, Mrs. Cahill, Mr. Carroll Second Row: Mr. Driscoll, Miss Egan, Mr. Estlow, Mr. Fisler Third Row: Mr. Haney, Miss Jorgensen, Miss Koegl, Miss Koetat F ourlh Row: Miss Molloy, Miss Muntz, Miss Porter, Mrs. Prehn F ifth Row: Mr. Schwing, Miss Sheehy, Miss Sklair, Dr. Smith Sixth Row: Mr. Waldman, Mr. Wooley, Mr. Busing enior oem Many years ago with quaking fear I entered T.I-I.S. The future lay before me, and the seniors too, I guess. Initiation swallowed me, and I had lots of fun. Although my knees were well worn out before the dayld begun. And then I was a sophomore-that year went very fast. Who worries 'bout the future when they've yet to find the past? The freshies were amusing to my wisdom-clouded eye- We were never quite so silly in those freshman days gone hy. As a junior I discovered that soon I'd graduate, But those plans for the future still had a year to wait. I'd be a doctor, or a journalist, or if worse come to worse I could always be a genius, and explorer or a nurse. Oh, the future from a Senior's view was wonderful and sweet, I saw the monarchs of the future drop their sceptres at my feet. Plainly marked was my pathway from the spot on which I stood. If I couldn't rise on Broadway, I'd star in Hollywood. Oh, pity then that senior full of visions long ago I-Ier star was struck to earth by a devastating hlow, I married a boy whose dreams were just like mine, Now he works in S.S. White's to support our children nine. .I om AUSTIN SENIORS JANUARY, 1951 CLASS OFFICERS Pres. David Walz Seciy Katherine Jacobsen Treas. Robert Carlton JANUARY, 1951 PURPLE PARROT STAFF Phyllis Davidson, Editor-in Chief anuary, 1951 RICHARD AINSWORTH No Lateness. I-8, Perfect Attend- ance 1, 4, 5, 7, 8, Honor Roll 1, 4, 5, 7 8, Science Project 1, Lab Squad 6, 8, Chess Club 7, Pho- tography Club 3, Hall Marshal 8, Study Hall Marshal 8, Radio Electronics 6. "Over The Rainbow" LOIS ALEXANDER G.O. Sec. 8, Sec. Mr. Schwing 7, Sec. Mr. Waldman 8, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, Collegiate Party 6, 7 8, Dance Club 1, 3, 4, 5, Latin Club 2, 3, Softball Club 3, Touchdown Club 4, Golden Ju- bilee 4. "While The Angelus Was Ringing" TI-IELMA ANDERSEN Graduating in 31-5 years, Honor Roll 1, 6, Sec. Mrs. Davison 1, Sec. Miss Leifer 1, Sec. Miss Byrne 5, Sec. Mrs. Drill 8, No Lateness I, Marshal 4, Cancer Drive 4, Softball Club 4, Dance Club 1, 3, 5, 6, Freshman Initi- ation Comm. 8, Collegiate Party 6, P. T. A. Night 6, Sewing Skit 5, Assit Cap't 8. "Deep Purple" ROBERT BILLER Honor Roll Every Term, Vice Pres. of G.O., Arista 7, 8, Pres. of Register 3, 4, 7, Class Treas. 5,6, Party Manager of Collegiate 6, 7, Sec. to Mr. Schwing 8, Sec. Dr. Smith 7, 8, Perfect Attend- ance 2-6, Marshal Squad 3-7, Dance Comm. 5-7, Dance Club 6, 7. "S!outhearterl Men" CATHERINE BIRMINGHAM Honor Roll 5, 6, Progressive Party 2, 3, 4, 5, Progressive Party Leader 5, Sec. Register Class 1, 3, 6, Miss Jorgensen 3, 4, 5, 8, Dance Club 2, 3, 4, Dance Comm. 2, 3, 4, Homemaking Club 3, Purwhite 3, Sec. Miss Mackie 4, Sec. Ofiice 125 7. "That Lucky Ole Sun" GRACE BRILL Euterpean Society 6-8, Sec. Miss Madden 4-8, 10096 Attendance 3, "Womanless Wedding" 7, Golden Jubilee 4, P. S. A. L. Award, Swimming Pin, Hall Marshal 7, Dance Club 5-7, Bowling Club 6, 7, Skating 6, 7. "Some Enchanted Eveningv SHIRLEY BROWER Dance Club I, 3, 4, 5, Gym Of- fice 2, 6, 7, 8, Colden Jubilee 4, Collegiate Party 7, Basketball Club 2, Softball Club 3, Bowl- ing Club 5, 1 P.S.A.L. Pin 5. "Because" DOROTHY BUNDESEN Permanent Honor Roll, 1 9027 Certificate, Arista, Sec. Mr. Car- roll 6-8, Block T, 3 P. S. A. L. Pins, Colden Jubilee Chorus, Collegiate Party, Dance Club 1-7, Bowling Club, Hmkg Club. "You Wonderful You" ROGER BUSING Honor Roll I, Pres. Class 2, Per- fect Attendance 1-3, Freshman Basketball 2, .I.V. 3 4, Varsity 5-8, Sports Club 5-8, Sec. Mr. Fitzmaurice 7, Sec. Mrs. Davi- son 7, Progressive Party 6-8, I Bronze P.S.A.L. Pin. 'Tfignreets And Whusky And Wild-Wild Womenf' onor Rol 14 6 7 Per ROBERT CARLTON C12-! 9 S Tr 5 - ' - fy larsha 8, 'Plio?'4 t 1 C - -cl grpiy lub 3, I r ass Basketball 14' 3 " 7' Bronze P.S.A.L wfS.A.L. Pins, ym Squad Leader 6, 8. "Bells Of St. Mary" . ficjltendaxe 5, ?llcigy?:P,rgfZp Y CLIFFORD DANIELSEN Band 1-4: Varsity Baseball 5, 7g Class Treas. 3, 73 Perfect At- tendance 5, 63 3 P.S.A.L. Pins3 Marshal 6, 7g English Office 8. "Onward Christian Soldiers" MICHAEL DANIELSON Arista Boy Leader 7, 83 Perma- nent Honor Roll3 6-9072, Certifi- cates3 Perfect Attendance 5, 63 Manager Collegiate Party 83 Sec. Dr. Smith 7, 83 Sec. Mr. Schwing 73 Purple Parrot Staff 83 Col- lege Club 6, 7g Advanced Science Club 5, 63 Interclass Basketball 1, 3, 5, 73 Dance Comm. 5, 7g Head Marshal 63 M. C. Pep Rally 73 Collegiate Party 6-8. " 'Til The End of Time" PHYLLIS DAVIDSON Honor Roll Every Term3 Arista 7, 83 No Lateness I-83 Editor Purple Parrot 83 UT1-ial By Jury"3 Excellent Citizenship 1-8g Latin Club 33 Golden Jubilee? Sec. of Class 1, 4, 83 Sec. Mr. F isler3 Sec. Miss Jorgensen3 Dance Club. "You Made Me Love You" LETA DIEHL Honor Roll 6g Collegiate Party 6g Ofiice 125 8g Ofiice 123 83 Marshal 5. "Object Of My Affection." CHARLES DOW 2 Honor Certificatesg 3 P.S.A.L. Pinsg Frosb Basketball Team 23 lnter-Class Basketball 1, 3, 5, 7. "La Vie En. Rose" SHIRLEY ELLIS Honor Roll 1, 5'8Q Excellent in Citizenship 2-83 Purple Parrot Staff 83 Commercial Exhibit 7, Omiaf 73 1 P.S.A.L. Pin3 Class Sec. 33 Class Treas. 43 Sec. Miss Jorgensen 73 Sec. Mr. Fisler 6-83 Sec. Mrs. Drill 53 Sec. Mrs. West 43 Hall Marshal 2g Locker Room Marshal 23 Basketball Club 1, 23 Social Dancing lg Softball Club 43 No Lateness 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8. "Beloved Be Faithful" JOAN FEMENELLA Collegiate Party 4, 6, 7, 83 Bas- ketball Cluh I3 Golden Jubilee Chorus 43 Dance Club 4, 53 At- tendance Marshal lg Sec. Miss Jorgensen 63 Dance Comm. 73 P.T.A. Comm. 7g Sec. Miss Miner 8. "You Wonderful You" HAROLD FRIES Interclass Basketball 1, 3, 4, 73 Perfect Attendance 33 Marshal 4g Frosh Basketball 1, 33 2 Bronze P.S.A.L. Pins3 Collegiate Party Skit 13 Vice Pres. Reg. Class 2. "Sam's Song" CONSTANCE GARDNER Permanent Honor R0ll3 Arista 5-83 Girl Leader of Aristag G.O. Rep. 7-B3 Pres. of Reg. 43 Sec. Miss Mackie 6g Euterpean So- ciety I-83 Progressive Party 23 Softball Club 2, 4, 63 Collegiate Party 63 Skating Club 53 Marshal Duty 43 Golden Jubilee Chorus 3g P.T.A. Demonstration 63 Grad- uating 31yh years. "Mona Lisa" ALBERT GENZLINGER Class Treas. 2, 63 Interclass Basketball 73 Perfect Attendance 6, 8g Bronze P.S.A.L. Pin 73 Hall Marshal 53 Head Hall Marshal 83 Progressive Party 2. "That Lucky Ole Sun" DANIEL GREEN EVELYN GREEN Honor Roll 1, 2, 43 Sec. Miss Molloy 4, 73 Sec. Mr. Rosen 43 Golden Jubilee 43 Sec. Mrs. Drill 63 Mercury Club 63 Commercial Demonstration 7g Dance Club 13 Oliice 125 8. "I Have But One Heart" BARBARA HAYES Class Pres. 13 Honor Roll 6g Of- fice 125 4-83 Collegiate Party 7, 83 Progressive Party 5, 63 Basket- ball Club 1, Golden Jubilee Chorus. "Thanks For The Memory" ANN HEMMING Honor Roll Every Term3 907: Certificate3 Perfect Attendance Every Term3 Arista 83 Account- ing Awards 1, 23 80 Word Short- hand Pin3 Sec. Mr. Driscoll 7, 83 Sec. Miss Mendelsohn 33 Sec. Mrs. Drill 53 Sec. of Reg. 43 Treas. of Reg. 13 P.S.A.L. Ping Championship Volley Ball Team3 Bowling Club 5, 63 Mercury Club 6, 73 Skating Club 63 Dance Club 1, 2, 3. "Na Other Love" RICHARD HENRY Varsity Basketball 5'8Q J. V. Basketball 43 Frosh Basketball 2g Progressive Party 4-83 Sec. Miss Mackie 5-83 Head Marshal 43 Excellent in Citizenship 3, 4, 6, 73 P.T. Squad Leader 3, 5, 7, 8. "Who Do You Know In Heaven?" HOWARD HERBERT Honor Roll 1, 6, 7, 83 Perfect At- tendance 1, 2, 4-83 Band 1-83 Swingband 4, 5, 6, 8g Euterps 3-83 Sec. Mr. Fisler 7, 83 Purple Parrot Staff 83 Latin Club 3, 53 Class Treas. 5. "Peg 0' My Heart" KATHERINE JACOBSEN Honor Roll 1-3, 5-73 Sec. of Reg. 3-5, 7g Sec. of Senior Class3 Treas. of Reg. 43 Office 125 7g Euterpean Society 2-83 Progres- sive Party 3, 43 Colden Jubilee Chorus 43 P.T.A. Demonstration 73 Collegiate Party 7, 8g Softball Club 3, 5, 73 Roller Skating Club 63 Dance Club 13 Sec. Mr. Haney 3g Hall Marshal 53 Arista 8. ccAgain:9 JANE JENKINS Excellent in Citizenship 13 Class Pres. 6-81 Cafeteria 1-4, 6, 73 Dance Club 1, 4-73 Progressive Party 1'3Q T.H.S. Night 1, 53 Dramatics Club 23 Softball Club 3-53 Basketball Club 4, 63 Colden Jubilee 4-3 Sec. Mr. Waldman 53 Omiaf Club 73 Mercury Club 73 P.T.A. Demonstration 7g Euterps 7, 83 2 P.S.A.L. Pins. "Rhapsody In Blue" JOAN JENKINS Progressive Party 1, 2g T.H.S. Night 1, 53 Euterps 5-73 Golden Jubilee 43 Omiaf Club 6, 73 Dance Club 1, 4-73 Basketball Club 4, 6g Softball Club 1, 3, 53 Dramatics Club 23 P.T.A. Night 7g P.S.A.L. Pin 23 Cafeteria 1-83 Marshal 1, 23 Excellent in Citi- zenship 2, 3, 4, 7g "Womanless Wedding." "Deep Purple" MARION KEBER Honor Roll 1, 2, 4, 6, 73 Dance Club 1, Bowling Club 73 Omiaf 73 Business Training Award lg P.T. Demonstration 7. "La Vie En Rose" STEPHEN KERTESZ Interclass Basketball 2, 4, 65 3 P.S.A.L. Pins5 Hall Marshal 1, 3, 55 Freshman Basketball5 Sec. Mr. Stolzenthaler 85 Sec. Mr. Attison 8. "Bewitched" JAMES KIRBY Honor Roll 75 Class Pres. 55 Class Vice Pres. 45 Newman Club 4, 65 Interclass Basketball 3, 5, 75 Marshal 6, 85 Excellent in Citizenship 75 Sec. Miss Koegl 45 Discussion Club 7. "T he Girl That I Marry" VIOLET KOHN Locker Room Marshal 25 Dra- matics Club 55 Collegiate Party 5, 7, 85 Sec. Mr. Schwing 85 Sec. Mr. Mattei 85 Sec. Miss Muntz 85 Open School Night 7. "Daddy's Little Girl" JOAN KUBERA Collegiate Party 5-85 Sec. Miss Jorgensen 3-6, 85 Sec. of Reg. Class 25 Golden Jubilee Chorus 45 Office 220-75 Dance Comm. 75 Dance Club 4, 55 Honor Roll 65 Newman Club 2. "Deep Purplei' ANDREW KUTKO 3 P.S.A.L. Pins5 3 Perfect At- tendance Certificates5 Interclass Basketball 15 Shop Foreman 65 Shop Superintendent 8. "Old M emories" FELIX LUGO Interclass Basketball 5, 75 Sec. Miss Tietbohl 55 P.S.A.L. Award 6, 75 100'Za Attendance 5, 7. "Anchors Aweighf' CLARA MARTYKA Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 5, 65 80 Word Shorthand Pin5 Sec. Miss Leifer 45 Sec. Mrs. Drill 55 Sec. Miss Miner 7, 85 Class Treas. 65 Treas. 65 Treas of Omiaf Club 65 Dance Club 2, 3, 4, 6, 75 Soft- ball Club 3, 5, 75 Omiaf Club 6, 75 Mercury Club 6, 75 H. E. Demonstration 75 Commercial Demonstration 7. "Count Every Star" MILES McLEOD Shop Foreman 7-85 Stock Room 65 Interclass Basketball 5-75 Marshal Squad 25 P.S.A.L. Pin 2. MARION MINARIK Honor Roll 1-55 Sec. Miss Reu- ter 1, 35 Newman Club 15 Golden Jubilee 45 Sec. Miss Leifer 45 Sec. Mrs. Davison 55 Sec. Miss Miner 6, 75 Omiaf Club 6, 75 Mercury Club 75 Softball Club 75 Dance Club 4, 6, 75 P.T.A. Commercial Demonstration 75 P.T.A. Health Education 75 Sec. Mrs. Drill 65 Sec. Miss Muntz 8. "Too Marvelous For Wordsi' FRANK MOONEY Marshal 3, 45 Progressive Party 35 Roller Skating Club 65 Col- legiate Party 6, 75 Honor Roll 75 Marshal 8. "Someday" MABEL MOORE Honor Roll 1-3, 7, Sec. Miss Jor- gensen 3-6, 8, Lab Squad 7, 8, Visual Aids 7, 8, Cafeteria Mar- shal 7, 8, Sec. Dr. Smith 8, Basketball Club 2, 4-, 6, Dance Club 1-7, Softball Club 3, 5, 7, Swimming Club 2-6, Swimming Test, Tennis Club 3, 3 P.S.A.L. Pins, Riding Club 1-8, Block T 8. "Meadowland" THOMAS MORRISSEY Honor Roll 1-3, Perfect Attend- ance 1-5, 7, 8, Varsity Basketball 5-8, .l.V. Basketball 3, 4, Sports Club 4-8, Sec. of Sports Club 7, Hall Marshal 3-7, Band 1-6, Newman Club 1-3, T.H.S. Night 5. ELLEN MUOIO Arista 8, Crafts Guild 5-8, Sec. Mr. Schwing 1, 6, Sec. 220-3, Dance Club 1-6, Honor Roll 2-8, Sec. Mr. Fitzmaurice 8, Omiaf Certificate 6, Hmkg. Club 4, Pro- gressive Party 4, 5, Newman Club 3, Library 4, 6. "Some Enchanted Evening' PATRICK J. MURPHY Treas. C.O. 8, Class Pres. 2, 7, Reporter for Advance 5-8, Honor Roll 1, 6, Christmas Pageant 6, Dramatics Club 6, 7, English Oilice 5-8, Head Marshal 7, 8, Collegiate Party 7, 8, Softball Champions 6. "The Whijenpoof Song" JOSEPH MUSCHELLA JEAN O'BRIEN Permanent Honor Roll, Arista 7, 8, Sec. Mrs. Tietbohl 4-6, Sec. Mr. Holloran 5, 6, Sec. Mr. Schwing, 7, 8, Oilice 220 7, 8, St. Gaudens Award in Art, Band 2-8, Excellent in Citizenship Every Term, Hmkg. 3, 4, Awards 6, 7, Collegiate Party 3-8, Per- fect Attendance 1, 3-8. "Fm Getting Sentimental Over You," ROBERT ODELL Honor Roll 2, 5-7, Sec. Dr. Smith 8, Head Cafeteria Marshal 6, 7, Collegiate Party 6, 7, Lab. Squad 7, Visual Aids 7, College Club 7, Class Treas. 7, 8, Interclass Basketball 1, 3, 5, 7, Head Hall Marshal 8, Pep Rally 7, Alter- nate Class Delegate 6, P.T.A. Science Exhibit 7, P.T.A. Com- mercial Exhibit. "I Cross My F ingersv GLORIA O'KEEFE Purple Parrot Staff 8, Block T 7, lr. Volleyball Oiiicial 7, 2 P.S.A.L. Pins, Manager Bowling Club 7, Bowling Club 5, 7, Dance Club 1, 4, 5, 7, Softball Club 3, 5, 7, Basketball Club 4, Locker Room Marshal 7, Sec. Miss Jorgensen 6, 8. "Always" ANNE OWEN Band 1-3, Sec. Mrs. West 4, Sec. Mr. Blanken 5, 6, Sec. Miss Mackie 6, 7, 8, Sec. Mr. Schwing 8, Sec. Mr. Mattei 8, Collegiate Party 6-8, Dramatics Club. "T ea For Twoi' URBAN PEARSON Interclass Basketball 1-5, Stock Room 3, T.H.S. Night, Usher Open School Night 7. "Chime Bells" .lAMES PALMER Marshalg Interclass Basketballg P.S.A.L. Pins5 Sec. Miss Tiet- bohlg Manager of Varsity Basket- ball Team5 "Womanless Wed- ding"5 Euterps. "A Bushel And' A Peck" ELEANOR PELLIKAN Study Hall Marshal 15 Dance Club 3, 45 Medical Room 25 At- tendance, Mr. Rosen 45 Roller Skating 55 Collegiate 5, 65 Sec. Miss Molloy 65 Bowling Club 65 P.T.A. Commercial Exhibit 65 Golden Jubileeg Study Hall Mar- shal 8. "If You Were Only Mine" BETTY POLHEMUS Honor Roll 1-3, 7, 85 Block T5 5 P.S.A.L. Pins5 Sec. Mr. Carroll 6-85 Sec. Miss Brougham 85 Golden Jubilee Chorus5 Trial By Juryg Collegiate Party5 l 907: Certilicateg Hmkg. Clubg College Clubg Pres. of Sewing Club 75 Softball Club. "Have You Ever Been Lonely?" RAYMOND PROL Permanent Honor Rollg 6 9070 Certificatesg Arista 6-85 Purple Parrot Staff 85 Block T 55 Class Pres. 55 Class Sec. 75 3 P.S.A.L. Pins 4-65 Sec. Miss Jorgensen 85 Basketball Club 4, 65 Bowling Club 5-75 Softball Club 3, 5, 75 Dance Club 1, 3-7. "Count Every Star" EUGENIA PRUSAK BETTY ROSS Oiiice 125 3, 4, 5, 75 Dance Club 2-4, 6, 75 Cheerleaders 6, 75 Mar- shal 2, 35 Hmkg. Club 2, 35 Dance Committee 2, 35 OEice 131 85 Softball Club 35 Program Committee 55 P.T.A. Demonstra- tion 7. "Goodnight Irenei' BELLE SEGUINE Sec. Mrs. Tietbohl 15 Collegiate Party 1, 2, 4, 5, 65 Dance Club 1-45 Dance Committee 2, 35 Honor Roll 15 Hall Marshal 2, 85 Euterpean Society 5-75 Colden Jubilee 45 Class Treas. 85 Dis- cussion Club 6. "Fm Always Chasing Rainbows" OLIVER SIMONSEN Honor Roll 15 "Trial By Jury" 15 Interclass Basketball 1, 3, 5, 75 Excellent Citizenship 2, 35 Uni- versal Party5 Collegiate Party5 Hall Marshal 4, 85 General Shop Foreman 65 Assistant Shop Fore- man 55 P.T. Squad Leader 7, 85 Pep Rally Assembly 75 Skating Club 65 '? P.S.A.L. Pins. "Tall Timbers Calling" AUDREY STRYKER G.O. Sec. 75 Progressive Party 2-85 Party Leader 65 Sec. Mr. Waldman 65 Sec. Miss Mackie 7, 85 Purwhites 3, 45 Commercial Demonstration 75 Pep Rally 6, 75 Mercury Club 6, 75 Cheer- leaders 6, 75 T.H.S. Night 55 Golden Jubilee 45 Dance Club 1, 3, 4, 55 Softball Club 1, 3. "Who Do You Know In Heaven" DOROTHY TANNER Honor Roll 1-75 3 90'Za Certifi- cates5 Arista 85 Sec. Mr. Schwing 3-75 Sec. Mrs. Tietbohl 65 Sec. Miss Renter 75 Sec. Mr. Mattei B5 Cafeteria Marshal 7, 85 Social Dance Club 15 Dramatics Club 25 Swimming Club 35 Latin Club 65 College Club 75 Sewing Club 75 Perfect Attendance l. "Bluebird of Happiness" GLORIA TEIXURO Sec. Miss Reuter 45 Office 125-55 Golden Jubilee 4. "Honestly I Love You" STEPHEN TIMARI Interclass Basketball 15 P.S.A.L. Pin5 Marshalg Open School Night. "Forever Yours" VIRGINIA TROMBA Honor Roll 1, 75 Sec. to Dean 25 Sec. Mrs. Drill 7, 85 Golden Jubileeg P.T.A. Gym Demonstra- tion5 P.S.A.L. Pin5 Swimming Pin5 Dance Club 2-85 Softball Club 2-85 Basketball Club 5-85 Omiaf Club 75 P.T.A. Com- mercial Demonstration5 Newman Club 1, 3. "Sometirne', RICHARD VROOME Interclass Basketball 1, 3, 5, 75 Sec. of Class 45 Pres. of Class 55 Squad Leader 6-8. "Bonapart6's Retreatv DAVID WALZ Senior Class Pres.5 Class Pres. 15 Marshal 4--65 Honor Roll 15 Uni- versal Party 45 Universal Party Manager 5, 65 Euterpean Society 55 Class Sec. 5, 85 Stock Room 55 Roller Skating Club 6, 75 Dramatics Club 65 Squad Leader 85 Head Marshal 75 Alexander Award 7. "Wamlerin' " ROBERT WASHINGTON, JR. Class Treas. 25 Class Pres. 3, 45 P.S.A.L. Pin 5, 75 Band 6-85 "Womanless Wedding" 75 Shop Foreman 55 Freshman Basketball 35 Baseball 55 Interclass Basket- ball 3, 5, 7. "Blue Berry Hill" ANNA WASILCHAK Gym Oflice 15 Volleyball Club 15 Progressive Party 15 Sec. Miss Meyer 25 Red Cross5 Sec. Mrs. Tietbohl 25 Sec. Mrs. Davison 35 Dance Committee 4, 55 Sec. Mr. Schwing 55 Marshal 55 Lab Squad 65 Sec. Mr. Halloran 65 Sec. Mr. F itzmaurice 85 Sec. Dr. Smith 85 Sec. Miss Reuter. "Tchaikovsky's 5th" ELEANOR WEGENER Perfect Attendance Every Term5 Mercury Club 65 Skating Club 55 Dance Club 15 Sec. Mr. Bus- ing 85 Sec. Miss Jorgensen 85 Sec. Miss Molloy 75 Sec, Miss Mendelsohn 35 Sec. Miss Katz 45 Golden Jubilee 45 Commercial Demonstration 7. "I Cross My F ingersv JAMES WOLL EVELYN ZILKE Honor Roll 1, 2, 4-75 Sec. of Reg. 65 Sec. Miss Meyer 4, 7, 85 Sec. Miss Egan 75 College Club 75 Dance Club 75 Program Commit- tee 85 Black List Committee 7. anuary, 1951 .gznior we 1. BEST DRESSED: Girl-P. Davidson, Boy-R. Carlton 4. CHATTERBOXES: Girl-V. Kohn, Boy-D. Walz 2. FRIENDLIEST: Girl--E. Muoio, Boy-R. Carlton 5. MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED: Girl-E. Prusak, boy: M. Dani 3. TEACHER'S PESTS: Girl-B. Seguine, Boy: J. Wall 6. WITTIEST: Girl-M. Keber, boy: C. Danielsen 7. BEST MUSICIANS: Girl-J. Jenkins, Boy-H. Howard anuarg, I9 f .gznior ,Maia 9. BIGGEST FLIRTS: Girl-B. Seguinc, Boy-P. Murphy 12. MOST BASHFUL: Girl-GA. Hemniing, Boy--C. Dow 10. BEST LOOKING: Girl-K. Birmingham, Boy-R. Busing 13. DONE MOST FOR SCHOOL: Girl-C. Gardner, Boy-R. Biller 11. MOST ATHLETIC: Girl-G. O'Kcc-fe, Boy-R. Henry 14-. TEACHERS PETS: Girl-J. O'Brien, Boy-M. Danielson 15. BEST DANCERS: Girl,-A. Stryker, Boy-F. Moody Gfafsa -yanuary, 1951 I, Dick Ainsworth, will to the incoming Freshmen the ability to pass the Biology Regents without studying. We, Lois Alexander and Belle Seguine, leave to Shirley Matthes the ability to cope with Miss Muntz without our able support and, to our teachers, thanks for making it possible for us to have lunch together for the past three years. I, Thelma Andersen, will to my sister Dorene the privilege of graduating in 3-M years as I have done. I, Robert Biller, will to all future managers of the Collegiate Party the ability to keep all the members happy and still get some work done. I, Catherine Birmingham, will to anyone who wants it my lunch period in American History class. I I, Grace Brill, will to anyone who can find the patience, my seat at the desk in the library. I, Shirley Brower, will to all the incoming Freshmen the ability to have as many good times as I have had in T.H.S. We, Dorothy Bundesen and Betty Polhemus, will to Mr. Carroll office 226, after finding it quite useful for the past year and a half. I, Roger Busing, will to my brother Bob, all the friends and fun I leave behind. I, Robert Carlton, being of sound mind and body fso thatis a sound???j, leave to my niece, Pat Petty-one worn out Bunsen Burner Lighter at my table in Chem. Lab.-Boy did I have a hot time! I, Cliff Danielsen, will to any English 8 student, the ability to fool around in Miss Koetat's room, and get away with it. I, Michael Danielson, will to any fool who wants it, the job as Party Manager of Collegiate, and to my sister Holly, the good fortune to get Mr. Schwing as Grade Advisor. I, Phyllis Davidson, will to my sister Ginny, the good fortune of having as many wonderful friends and teachers as I had in Tottenville. I, Leta Diehl, will to my brother Robert, happiness in his remaining high school career. I, Shirley Ellis, will to lVIr. Fisler, a new secretary who will do as many things wrong as I have done and still laugh over it. I, Joan F emenella, will to my sister Pat all my worn-down pencils and old sten-books, and to my brother Richard, my old roller skates so he can catch the bus in the morning. I, Harold Fries, will to my brother Benjamin the fun and friends I had in Tottenville High School. We, Connie Gardner and Katherine Jacobsen will to Pam Nordgren, a new arrival from Florida, a spoke in our "Big Wheel." I, Albert Genzlinger, will to Mr. Collins a box of cigars. I, Evelyn Green, will to my sister, Lorraine, the ability to leave home at 9:05 and still get to school on time as I have for the past four years. I, Barbara Hayes, hereby will to my beloved brother and sister, Rocky and Betsy, all the remaining years of high school to suffer through without me. I, Ann Hemming, will to Nancy Stieg and Peggy Deschaux the ability to stand on the corner and wait for the bus for one hour when there is snow on the ground. I, Richie Henry, will to Larry Sullivan and "Rabbit,' Mayhew one less head to help them decide whether they should go to classes or take the day off. I, Howard Herbert, will to any trombone player the ability to play three parts at once and not get lost. I, Jane Jenkins, will to any freshman the honor and pleasure of being in Euterps for four years under Mrs. W'ilson,s direction without being kicked out. I, Joan Jenkins, will my sewing machine to any girl who can keep it under good control. I, Marion Keber, will to Carol Lehman my desk in Miss Meyer's class. She will find three wads of gum and an old newspaper. I, Stephen Kertesz, will to Andy and Don the ability to leave school with an "honorable" discharge. I,James Kirby, will to my sister Kathleen, the ability to get out of bed at 8:30, wake up at 8:55, and get to school on time. I, Joan Kubera, will to Dick McLaren a dictionary, so the words will be right the first time. Also, all my remaining paper bags. I, Andrew Kutko, will my desk and seat in 8-2 to anyone who can get as far as I did in high school to sit in it. I, Felix Lugo, will to my brother, Peter, the ability to get through high school without failing or getting left back. I, Clara Martyka, will to Gloria Bischoff, the pleasure of riding to school in the front seat of her uncle's truck. I, Miles McLeod, will to Jimmy and Calvin, the privilege of passing two terms of algebra in two years. I, Marion Minarik, will to my sister Harriet, Olin Blair. We, Frank Mooney and Oliver Simonsen, will to any ambitious fresh- man, the ability to stay up nights to see Dagmar on T.V., and still be wide awake for school the next day. I, Mabel Moore, will to Norman Gilby and Richard Backof, the ability to walk around the school without a pass fand get away with it.J I, Thomas Morrissey, leave QI hopej. I, Ellen Muoio, the last of the six Muoios, will to Peggy Dunlop and Marilyn Heerlein, the ability to get the 8 o'clock bus for IA, have Economics the 8th period, and still stay awake. I, Patrick Murphy, will my thanks and ratitude to the teachers through g 7 D whose efforts it was possible for me to graduate. I, Jean O,Brien, will to any incoming Freshman member of the band the corner in 119 that meant so much to me. I, Bob Odell, will Evelyn Folvig, the ability fand she has plenty of itj to get through four years of THS, and have as much fun as I did doing it. I, Gloria O'Keefe, will to my sister Loretta, a future freshman, locker 635. Also the ability to do what you feel like in First Aid and still get along with Miss Jorgensen. We, Anne Owen and Violet Kohn, do hereby will to any freshman, all the fun We had in the Collegiate Party. I, James Palmer, will to Bob Nielsen my Eco. teacher. Good Luck. I, Urban Pearson, will my troubles with Mrs. Drill to any one who is eligible. I, Eleanor Pellikan, will to Angela LaRosa and Barbara Corson, a happy and successful term so I may see them graduate together in June. I, Eugenia Prusak, will to my sister, Leonia, as much fun and success in her Senior Year of high school as I have had in mine. I, Betty Ross, will to my teachers the other half of the Boss family. They're worse than I am, if possible. I, Audrey Stryker, will to Lyn Daly as my twin brother Pete willed to me, the ability to have as much fun and friends in T.H.S. as I did. I, Dorothy Tanner, will to anyone who wants them, Mrs. Iieilly's ink eradicator, Miss Reuther's scissors and the bottom drawers of Mr. Schwing,s and Mr. Mattei's desks. I, Gloria Teixuro, will to all incoming freshmen, who are Dodger fans, the pleasure of having Miss Koetat for their English teacher. I, Steve Timari, do not leave my will to anyone because I don't think anyone deserves what I did. I, Virginia Tromba, will to the teachers of Tottenville I-Iigh School my sister and brother. Here is hoping that they have just as much fun as I did. Also to Leonia Prusak I leave all the luck in the world and hope that she can get along with some of the teachers I couldn't and still pass. I, Dick Vroome, will to the boys of the Pleasant Plains Hitchhiking Association my membership card and hope that they will use it as well as I did. I, Dave Walz, of insane mind, will to Jerry Bracken, George Conser and Charles Kurtz, a half a brain among them. I, Robert Washington, will my saxophone to anybody that likes to study hard. I, Anna Wasilchak, will to Ellen Tull my copy of Hamlet and my seat in Dr. Smith's English. I, Eleanor Wegener, will to any freshmen the ability to be as lucky as I have been not to be late nor absent for their four years in high school. I, Evelyn Zilke, will to my fellow classmates the fond memories of a wonderful senior year. To all my teachers, a grateful "Thank you" for their patient guidance in my four years at Tottenville High. FAREWELL EDITION NO REFUNDS ON TH E FALSE Pneolcnons Volume XXXZ , No. 324I FLAGPOLE SITTER FOR YANKEES Dick Vroome started his ninth week as a Hag pole sitter to ex- press his feelings against the current losing streak of the New York Yankees. His only contact with the events going on is with his go-between Red Palmer. Red brings him his food, mail and baseball results every day. Dick says he is completely content on his perch although it is a little wet when it rains. He resolves to remain on the pole until the Yan- kees are in first place again. They are now in third place but they're slowly climbing to first place. NOVELIST DOES IT AGAIN Another novel has been written by Miss Nancy lhnken, entitled FOREVER ROSEMARY. The hook has been dedicated to Miss Rosemary Lombardo who has typed the complete manuscript in three hours, fourteen days. TRIP TO UNKNOWN PLANET SCHEDULED Miss Ann Hemming and Miss Eleanor Wegener are soliciting persons interested in explor- ing the unknown. They plan to discover an unknown planet be- tween earth and Venus. Its where- abouts they cannot yet determine, due to the inefficiency of their materials valued at over two bil- lion dollars. Two of their co-workers, Misses Ellen Muoio and Dorothy Tanner, have been making startling dis- coveries about the Milky-Way. One evening when they were star- gazing they discovered that the milk had gone sour. Miss Marion Minarik has discovered that the stars are not all white but change color as you look at them. She has noticed after ten years now that many are blue, green and even red in color. FIRST WOMAN HOT-ROD RACER Miss Virginia Tromba, a for- mer T.H.S. student, rode "Car 41" to victory in the July 4th classic. She had to out-race fifty other male contenders to capture the trophy and the 510,000 purse. Ginny narrowly missed crashing into the wall at least ten times but fortunately missed each time. When asked for a comment after the race was over, Ginny said that now she is free to start on her life-long ambition. This is to circumscribe the globe in her racing car. She will start on it to- morrow and we wish her good luck. CIRCUS CASUALTY Another terrible accident oc- curred last week in the circus. One of the great jugglers, Lois "Fifi" Alexander, from that great juggling team, Fifi and Mimi, was seriously injured. It seems that Daniel Green, the handy boy, mixed a hard ball in with the soft balls. This ball in some strange manner hit Fifi on the head. She is still unconscious and is fortu- nate enough to have the famed Nurse Jean O'Brien hold ice cubes on the bump. In answer to our inquiry about her present condition, Nurse O'Brien said, "She's out cold." Joan Femenella, whose professional name is Mi- mi, has no comment to make at this time. MISSING PERSONS The renowned psychiatrist, Dr. Marion Keber, has now been missing for ten days down in the hills of Kentucky. Two days ago Gloria Teixuro and Betty Pol- hemus, famed aviatrixes, left New York in search of Dr. Keber. Miss Teixuro landed safely in a Kentucky air field but as yet Miss Polhemus has not been heard from. It is believed that she crashed into the top of Old Smokey. All these reports are un- comfirmed. SEARCH FOR LOST EXPLORER Michael Danielson, the second Frank Buck, has been lost for over three months in the dense jungles of South Africa. A searching party composed of sev- eral of Mr. D.'s friends was or- ganized by Robert Biller. The party has started to look for Mike in the Sahara Desert. Mr. B. said, "Well, you know Mike! He's liable to turn up any place." - ENGAGEMENT ' ANNOUNCED Miss Phyllis Davidson has an- nounced her betrothal and forth- coming marriage to Howard Herbert. The couple have been going steady for over ten years now and have finally decided that they were made for each other. CELEBRITIES MINGLE IN FORM- ALLY Sir David Waltz Cof the fChis- holm Waltz'sJ entertained many of the celebrated aristocrats of New York at his Long Acre Es- tate. Among them was the noted Miss Belle Seguine. While there she was wined and dined fat her preference.l Also seen there was Robert Washington, the well-known au- thor and playwright. Playboy Stephen Timari was glimpsed Hitting in and out with a luscious brownette on his arm. Later it was disclosed that this brownette was none other than M.G.M. Star Miss Betty Ross. MODEL CELEBRATES ANNIVERSARY Miss Kay Birmingham, the fa- mous model from the Leta Diehl Modeling Studio, has just cele- brated her first anniversary as a model. Miss Birmingham plans on working for another year be- fore celebrating her second anni- versary. VIDEO STAR NEW STYLES AUTO ACCIDENT BACK Clifford "Uncle Clif'fy" Daniel- sen has returned to his three-hour TV show on Tuesday nights. He brought back the ancient jokes he has been using for the last five years along with some new ones that he recently stole from other comedians. As guest stars he had the famous gorilla acrobatic team of Spotty, Mickey, and Duchess. They performed their stellar act of swinging from rafter to rafter on the ceiling while hellowing at tlte top of their lungs. The only casualty of this act was the cam- eraman who got seasick while following the swinging from raft- er to rafter to rafter. Another guest star was the fa- mous operatic star Joan Jenkins. She sang her renowned version of "Frankie and Johnny." Of course Uncle Cliffy had to get into the act hy donning an Apache dress and strutting across the stage. He closed the show with his cus- tomary saying to all his little nieces and nephews. ill. FIRST WOMAN PITCHER Gloria "Slugger" O'Keefe be- came the first woman ever to play in the majors today when she pitched for the Brooklyn Dodgers. The score was 5 to 1 in favor of the Giants when Slugger was waved in. Miss O'Keefe is a graduate of Tottenville High School and of Cortland State Teachers College. She is a qualified Health Ed. teacher and has taught for a num- ber of years at her former high school. When asked why she left the teaching profession, Miss O'Keefe replied that as it was too dangerous she decided to play baseball for the Dodgers. This team has always been her favorite and she has always rooted for it even when the going was rough fwhich was pretty oftenl. The final score of today's game is as follows: Giants 20, Dod- gers l. ill... SINGER MAKES GOOD Miss Jane Jenkins, alias Lenah Hone, has made her debut on the television show, Ray Prol Talent Show. Miss Jenkins is now on her way to success and the best of luck to her. FOR MEN Monsieur Harold Fries, the well-known designer of men's clothes, has come to New York with some new designs for this year. One of his new designs is a zebra striped suit with purple and fuchia stripes. Monsieur Fries was accompanied by his pri- vate secretary, Marion Reeves, who announced that the first showing of the new designs will be at the Waldorf Astoria on June 1. Everyone is invited to this showing of what the well-dressed man will wear in 1960. POET LAUREATE HONORED While touring through Europe, James Kirby stopped for a short time in London, England. While there King Daniel Green endowed Sir Kirby with the Poet Laureate. This great honor was bestowed upon him for his great contribu- tion to the Literary world, "Love Lyrics." This Book includes all his works, even those started in his English classes while at Tot- tenville High School. DRAFT STARTED AGAIN "Since it seems likely that there will be another shortage of man- power, women are to be drafted into the armed forces," was the statement released by General Dorothy Bundesen today. General Shirley Ellis, who is in charge of the Home Defense, added that the women draftees will naturally see action in the front lines. She be- lieves that after the enemy real- izes that there are women on the front lines they will take to cover and give up. McLEOD FOUND Tom Morrissey, a reporter for the Staten Island Advance, has returned from Pago Pago with the startling news that he has found Miles McLeod. All of you know that Miles is the well-known adventurer and discoverer. Last year Miles set out to learn the customs and habits of the people of Pago Pago and no news was heard of him since January. Tom undertook the job of tracking him down because of the story in- volved. Last May he found Miles in the heart of Pago Pago playing Canasta with his six wives. ON MAIN sr., TOTTENVILLE Today, Tuesday, Jan. 10, 1970, at 11:52V2, there was a lot of ex- citement on Main Street, Totten- ville. The car, driven by Miss Kay Jacobsen fa woman driver againi, ran into a telephone pole whiclt, when it fell, hit Miss Bar- bara Hayes, a by-stander, on the head. The police were right on hand, as usual. Patrolman Dick Ainsworth, came rushing up to Miss Hayes and asked what hap- pened. She replied, "I was hit on the head by a toothpick." At this moment the little woman in the white suit, Miss Evelyn Green, arrived to carry her away. T.H.S. STUDENT LEVELS OCEANS It was released yesterday in the Scientific Journal of the World that after 20 years of con- centrated effort, the two oceans were made level, making it possi- ble for canals to be made easily. As soon as Mr. Carlton graduated from Tottenville High School he began his work. He worked con- stantly trying to find a way to make them level by a scientific and easy mechanical manner. He finally had to bring the extra water by bucketfuls from the higher ocean to the other one. Mr. Carlton probably will receive the Nobel Prize award for his great contribution to the progress of the world. Thus, renowned American en- gineer Robert Carlton, finally completed his life-long ambition. THE ALUMNI WINNER OF AWARD The Misses Eleanor Pellikan and Shirley Brower, co-authors of the best seller, "How to Lose Friends and Hate People," were feted at the social held at the home of Miss Joan Kubera. The well-known hook critic Oliver Simonson was asked his opinion of the book. He replied politely, "lt Stinksf' .ili SECRETARY GETS PROMOTION Miss Audrey Stryker, who works for the S. I. Oil Co., has been promoted to the position of private secretary. Her boss is none other than Richard Henry. an C6l,l'l6bJ5 E JUNE, 1951 CLASS OFFICERS Michael McCormick Sec. Nancy Ryan Treas. John F J UNE, 1951 PURPLE PARROT STAFF Michael McCormick, Editor-in-Chief W, 1957 A ance ence Club 2-35 Pho- to a l 1-25 Attend- an 1-85 Hall , 2, 45 Visual Aids S 55 Radio Electronics Club 5. "Missouri Waltz" BARBARA ANDERSON' . Dafice Club --1, 3-65 Golden .lu- bilee Chorus 135 Sewing Club 45 Skating Club 55 0Hice 125, '6, 75 omiaf Club '69 R,T.A. Night 6, Sec. Mr. Fitzmaurice 7. .A "Thinking of You" QQ, KAN BAI E Photograp E 1- Chess u oller ' 65 Dis- c 'o ' omanless LSI ub , yi' terp a S 6 ' Par Lab. ad 5-75 V551 Wed n Club 65 Eu-9, is , 3, 5-75 n r ll 1, 5 . arrel ka" RICHARD BECK 9971 Latin Certificate, 9672: Latin Certificateg 8017 Honor Roll 1-65 Latin Club 45 P.S.A.L. Pins5 In- terclass Basketball 2, 4, 65 Mar- shal 5-6. "BIue Moon" FRANK AUE FREDERICK BECKE " y Foolish Heart" Class Pres. 5 Perf tend- VV ance Certiii t . K, 0 4. I art,- al' ' .alll l . . V V 0 yi, 0 we W C91 EILEEN AUS I Honor Rol E y rmg 90572 ti 2, 65 r ward Tfrm l 65 5 . E. D a 5 ate- ness - 5 Prog sive 75 Excel- lent Citizenship 1, 2, 65 Purple Parrot Staff 7, Arista, French Award. "Tennessee Waltz" in Att nc - - Chor atin , 65 S t Ball u D 1 College Club Party 7 5 7, 85 No ' :'Blue Danube" J E' N ' to M cki ,1, Dance u ' e Miss Cess- l n Hon oll 2 olden Jub ance 1, 2, , Omia , Asst. to Librarian 6, 7 P. .A. Night 6. "Dream A Li e Dream of Me" vi D , JQHNQQENSEILIC :Vi 1' K'.flDi1hce Club? 5, 65-Q,-'2 P.S.A.L. lg 1 1 .Q - i- w Pinsg Chfeterisl'fMarslial 45 Motor 1'Bodf'T'lub 1. f "September Song" 1' ' f , X , 1 Y , 'f Y ..,. 1 5 1 , ' ,f 3. 1, A HARRY BIEL Interclass Basketball Champs 4-3 6 Bronze P.S.A.L. Pinsg Squad Leader 4, 6, 7, 83 Progressive Party 73 English Oilice 3. "You're Just In Love" GEORGE BILLE 3 Bronze P.S.A.L. Pinsg 2 1001: Attendance Certificates 4, 6. "Mona Lisa" flvfl' WILLIAM BOGAERTS Golden Jubileeg Band 3-82 Eut. Society 2-83 3 P.S.A.L. Pinsg Vice Pres. Bandg Treas. of Class 7g Progressive Party 2-63 Track Team 53 Dance Committee 5, 6. "Oh How I Hate to Get Up In the Morning" CALVIN B OWN ,159 R 2 .s.A in41"E1,?3',58vze'fyg gate lzarqqglgfer Skating cl gcqmenyju Mm., Q17 " "Ave A A .fa ll fp! 1, . . 3 S rs. Ca- hi 3 M shal ' 3 '65, VIRGINIA BLACK ELL ETH BR el . Sec. to Miss K t 0 SCC- - C C uh L53 G0 Businu - e Clu Ju llee Softb l Cl 4, 6 Bask 19- R l as al uh g 53YLibra 3 Vo ll C 13 T g t Oiiice 1 , 6' rog ' Party h Y 1: a Q es 6' S ng Club 63 J . sc 'ss 0 MARILYN BOCHILO Sec. to Miss Meyer 2, 3, 43 Sec. to Mrs. Tietbohl 4, 53 Honor Roll 53 Sec. to Mr. Busing 6, 73 Red Cross 2. "I'll Always Love You" D' MARYELLEN BOCHINO Sec. 131 2, 3, 63 Honor Roll 13 Progressive Party 13 Volley Ball Club 13 Social Dance Club 1. "Day After Day" 3 Ln g ou -B STK QM-W WILLIA RNS Class T , 53 Honor Roll 3. yy esert Song" JOE CIRVEL "Dee Ygf Ai! ., Xa f " BAR R CORSO I PKK . 0512151 Jxigiee 4g Owlirgj Club 54 R ef km cmbnsg C01 9 . w arty 3174 S . to Miss Jorg en 6 Bvow' g Club 63 gl ury u Sec. to Miss SEBI' 3 P.T.A. Night 6. I "Stan?ust" HEL . c Ir. ey nce Club ag 3 . IN . Cahi 2g Om' 55 S 53 rs g . . 53 r as. of lass , 6g . t ss nawit vlflraduate 316 ears as 25 Christmas "Thinking wil GEORGIA DENNIS Treas. of Class 2, 4, 5g Sec. Mr. Busing 7. "Let the Rest of the World Go By" BARBAR ESC , RICHARD EKSTRAND S . Dri ol 6, ec. Miss ,er 5 C. . S Ega , 3: Miner 7 Eulerpean Society 5 7 ow' g Djncefafb 5 -hwy , 5g Cool Waters 3 Pr ssi e arty 3, 4 olden il 'L A"Thinking of You," RAYMOND D1Az FOX ' 'KLucky Old Sun" fe ss Basket yy Af Qnth3t7 I WWI a,5ha 11 fjyf 9 CASIANO GARCI Blue Printing q-glial? Mr. o ' s5'Ma 1- 3' ass ' ect t Me" C ll , B , A 6ngh. 'S W 0 QNIR7 PAUL GEIDEL Perfect Attendance Term 3, 4-5 Chess Club 65 Photography Club Term 63 Honor Roll Term 4-3 2 Bronze, 1 Silver P.S.A.L. Pin. "Day After Day" JOAN GUNTHER Dance Club lg Skating Club 4-g Locker Room Marshal 6g Sec. to Reg. 2. Q "Because" JAMES HANNAH Lab. Squad 1-85 Photography Club 2-6: U-235 Club lg Chess Club 6g Visual Aides 1-8g Honor Roll 1, 2. '. IN , , ll ' D! fi J LT TTON. onor' oll, 4' Geonie 99753 en. ience Oflice 220 6g Per- ig Atteidanceg 2 iBrQnzqE A. . ' sg 1'sgv5f P.S.SN.L Ping Int " ass Basketball 6. 5 . " "Roll Out the Barrel" LEONA HAUGHT Perfect Attendance 3g Honor Roll 25 Golden Jubilee Pageant 3g Hall Marshal 3, 7g Progressive Party 73 P.T.A. Night 65 Latin Club 4-3 Sec. to Mr. Rosenzweig 2g Basketball Club lg Volley Ball Club 1g'Dance Club l, 2, 5, 6. "Thinking of You" CHARLEQUQSUFON PreglG.O.k?' G.0. 65 Basketbgll Squa ', NJehal.lg if . . - ,L-" ect ndan 1-85 2 . y . Pinsg ss !:1i1!1:l',l,:-'u Roll qiQEgLAA',m Hg' ink' g of You" RUT - u ance 4 Band heerleaders u rgel 1 T tten ss Wed Golden .lu ' ee, Arista 8. "Rhapsody in Blue" y I --u o -3,'al'15' ll ,F b px . IH C '1' 1- 1 g J 3 ., W n ,liar "sv 3 - " , 'f 'L -i iv ,M ' ' 1' r'l ' Ill! -:H CC. : C- li 'g g 6: ' :r - n I-L NANCY IHNKEN Honor Roll 1, 4--6g Class Pres. 23 Soft Ball Club 25 Mercury Club 65 Office 2209 6, 73 P.T.A. Night 63 9073 Certificate. "Danny Boy" DIANE KAIN Sec. to Miss Koegl lg Sec. to Mr. Blanken 55 Gym Ofiice 7g Treas. of Class 4g Golden Jubilee 3g Locker Room Marshal 63 Volley Ball Club lg Dance Club lg Soft Ball Club 4-g Bowling Club 4-65 Roller Skating Club 5, 6g Col- legiate Party 7g Honor Roll 1, 2, 5 6 , . "Wanderin' " LORRAINE KENT Honor Roll 1-6, 9094: Certificate 53 Arista 7, 83 Band 3-8g Latin Club 4-61 Dance Club 5, 63 Col- lege Club 6g Universal Party 53 Collegiate 73 Sec. Miss Lisanti 7. "My Heart Stood Still" HARRY KERN Four Perfec Att nce Certifi- cates3 I e ball 2, 6g ro Pro- res e a y 7. an e Ex lai ' SHIRLE KILKES Honor Roll 1-6? Four 90'Z7 Cer- tificatesg Class Pres. 13 Class Sec. 6g Acct. 2 Certiicate 43 Sten. Regents Award 6g Sec. Mr. West 1, 23 Sec. Miss Byrne 43 Sec. Miss Miner 5-7g Mercury Club 6g P.T.A. Night 6g Jubilee Chorus 33 Dance Club 1, 33 One Perfect Attendance Certificate, Arista 8. "Orange Colored Sky" DOROTHY KNUDSON "Temptation" JOHN KUROWSKI Excellent Citizenship 1, 2g Arista 7, 83 Visual Aids Squad 6, 73 Science Lab. Squad 6, 73 Honor Roll 1-62 Sec. Miss Burrows 23 Sec. Miss Smith 33 Sec. Miss Egan 43 Latin Club 4-3 Chess Club 6. "All My Love" ANGELA LA ROSA Roller Skating Club 53 Mercury Club 63 P.T.A. Night 63 Col- legiate 7. "N eve rth el ess" RONALD BSEW B Eu A 5 W C ege l 7 ' l Roll 63 Per A Inter- cla Et all ' F Band , Arista 8. 'fame Skim fl, W A gsitgznlilsg RENCE' ntercl s ,slgel-ball 2, 4, 6, 8 I qu d2.ead'erl7'3 ead Marshal 5 res f Sec. of 5' JOHN LITZ ROSEMARY LOMBARDO Honor Roll 1-63 Three 9093 Cer- tificates3 Acct. Award 3g Sec. Mr. Driscoll 33 Sec. Miss Molloy 5, 6g Library Asst. 43 Sec. Mr. Stolzenthaler 6, 73 P.T.A. Night 6g Mercury Club 6g Arista 7, 8. "Stouthearted Men" JOHN LOVAS Honor Roll 1, 5, 63 Excellent Cit- izenship 2g Photography Club 1- 43 Inter-class Basketball 2, 4, 63 Hall Marshal 7. "T he Thing" 04-JZ Q44eCCfpg,lf CAROLYN MA ON Sec. liisg 13 Sec. Miss Mac e 33gProgressivf'Piutyf3'3 Sec. Miss J rggnsthi 43 Dance Club 4:1-LSf1'5?M6Qs4's1Stays0r1'6T Marshal 73 5661 Mr. Busing "T he Tennessee W altz" SHIRLEY MATTHES Collegiate Party 5'8: Perfect At- tendance 1-83 Secretary of Class lg Sec. to Miss Meyer lg Sec. to Mrs. Tietbohl 13 Marshal 2-43 Sec. to Miss Gustavson 53 Sec. to Mr. Schwing 73 Squad Leader 63 Roller Skating Club 53 Pageant Chorus 3g Dance Club. "Thinking of You" ANTHONY ZZELLA ll 53fhd 000' At- t nda ce Certi vgh2e Pa . Q0 e il er P.S.A.L. nj Inter ass Basketball 2, 6. "Blue Moon" Y- MICHAEL MCCO Senior s resid t3 907: Ho oll Ever rm3 June Edi or Purple rrot 7g Arista 5'8Q Uekfass asketball 2, 4, 63 ass . , 4-73 Advanced Scien lub 2, 33 Spanish Awar 2-51 Latin Awards3 Bio. Award 43 two Bronze P.S.A.L. Pins3 Sec. Reg Class. "Roll Out the Barrel" WJ' JOHN ll CRACKEN P og y Cl b 1, 23 Science Pl , tudy Hall Marshal 53 w L Pin a 2 . . . 3 o tend ce e 1 s 3 nor clas asket- 1 1 O b "Th ng ind" JAMES McKAY Collegiate 5'8Q Euterpean Society 5'8Q Dance Committee 5, 63 "Womanless Wedding" 63 Ring Committee 6. " White Christmas" 6 , 1 PAT MOR N 'M ec. Ha o oll 23 oMi de ' oll t u ss 3 l sjahl-5, ec. Miss is sof 11-f club eg O ce 1 , 75 fi ym Chev- ron Excel Zhi ' 2g Pur le on 7. 11' y as LAURA MORONI THS Night 53 Sec. to Miss D'Elia 63 Sec. to Miss Gustavson 63 No Absence 23 No Lateness 23 Sec. to Miss Sheehy 7. "A Pretty Girl is Like a Melody" MARGARET NIELSEN Honor Roll 1, 4, 6, 73 10079 At- tendance 1-43 Euterpean 1-73 Band 3-73 Golden Jubilee 4g "Womanless Wedding" 63 Sec. to Miss Egan 43 Sec. Ofiice 125 6, 73 Class Treas. 4, 53 THS Night 4, Arista 8. "Tennessee W altz" DA :,l4:,!L4fV S sweflzg 6'1" JANET NIELSEN Progressive Party 1, 2, 63 Sec. to Mrs. Davison 2, 4g Basketball Club 23 Pageant 23 Sec. to Miss Katz 33 Spanish Club 4, 53 Cafe- teria Marshal 43 Softball Club 53 P.T.A. Night 53 Sec. to Miss Jorgenson 63 Pres. of Class 63 10096 Attendance 1-83 Excellent Citizenship 1-83 Arista 6-83 Hon- or Roll l-83 2 90'Za Certificatesg Grad. 3lQ yrs. 'Til Alw 's Remember" . . . ' terpean Society I Ross T N Roller k tinfr Club3 One PS5 1 'Near Youf' PEGGY O'SHEA ,I 0.0. sec. sg ,wat Qlss 2g Tre s tof Classii 3 'lj31,ass HAROLD PEDERs,1g.N, ' 2 7553 'Head Mar- H V ,Inter-Class Basketball 2, 44515 6. , , '- .5V'7'gMav' in.Qn" 3 fy V . J j jf KJ .fl J Block 'zgldlmvuz to the CAROL M. REIS 9071 Honor Roll Sec. Dr. Arist L If Club i s ' s ' 5Q IlC UubJJM3 lqiewmapsv p ' 1 jj 'Ia a er D legi tef2- Dram ti s 1-in ' Cl '14 .V g' agice Club' 3 P ciry uh 3' feas. of Metibhr gp ' 63 3 ' r .i l ' C er- 23U'L1l3 y Ass 3 lea3e5b,2?83 all Club 4, 6g P. . '. N' ht 3 Pep Rally 5, 63 Sec.' lr. using 73 Sec. to Miss iMackie 7. "You Were Meant for Me" JOAN PARSONS Volley Ball 23 Class Pres. 2, 73 Honor Roll 2, 5, 6g Golden Jubi- lee 33 Treas. of Class 53 Omiaf Club 63 Sec. of Class 63 Gym Leader 73 Sec. to Miss Bonawit 7g Sec. to Mrs. Drill 7. "All M y Love" RICHARD PECORARO Perfect Attendance 1-83 City High School Orch. 6-83 Pres. of Class 4-63 Band 1-83 Honor Roll 4, 53 Photography Club 43 Pres. of Photo Club 53 Swing Band 3, 43 Cafeteria Marshal 33 Euter- pean Society 4-83 Study Hall Sec. 2g Advance Sec. Club 2. "Star Dust" tgp W' ecge arr6ll5, oft' , 1, B -e allC1u , ' Club' ' ff . . 3, H . ro ' o l- ' vans! ias squad gg-3.1143 .lp0'Z: . , C't. Attendan 8' Excelle 1 izenship' -8. "Un Bel Di" Sec. to Purple 7, 83- Sec, S to Miss arrot Staff 7' Senior Class. "1 Only Have Eyes for You" ROBERT SABERG Marshal 4g Sec. Miss Egan 43 T.H.S. Nightg Miss Mackie Lab Squad 53 Skating Club 53 Dis- cussion Club 63 Treas. Mr. Blank- en3 Dance Club 63 Miss Jorgen- son3 Progressive3 Miss Mackie 73 Marshal 73 Chairman Re- freshment Committee, Mr. Swingg Sec. Miss Mackie 7. x Q ,n S . uce Qi b 1, 4 or Roll WY! tells I gf r. Fitzmau- 1c,e 6, V lub 65 Golden .Lace or 35 Perfect Attend- ance 1, 25 Squad Leader 6. "I Can Dream Can't F' 5 fig ' km 15 Excellent 1,1 5 Blue Print a 35m on oll 3, 5, skpw J A 5 ZQ07d N WILLIAM IERSEM.A,ff. iff? ter v gkewfll'2, 45 Honor WMA , 6g Clasifreas. 3, V! , 5 Science Award' 5 Aiiv ced S,ci91g65f9C1ub L5 Track Team 4, College Club, Discussion Club eg 1 siiagrj-1 Bronze P.S.A.L. Pins5 Minor Letter Track Medal5 Arista 8. "The Thing" , PEGGY SKINNER G.O. Treas. 85 Grad 3M yrs.5 Swimming Club 15 Dance Club l, 55 Pres. of Reg. 25 Sec. to Mr. Rosen 35 Sec. to Mrs. Bloomer 35 Sec. to Mrs. Tietbohl 3, 45 Dance Committee 45 Progressive 4--85 Sec. to Miss Mackie 5, 65 Manager Softball Club 55 Sec. to Mr. Busing 5-8. "I've Cot You Under My Skin" 1 ANAST I Ni S C. M's. ll Golden u lee 35 0 tten nce 15 l ar- l 3, Obi Club 6, ving D c ng Club Vol- xsgagsa MMU! 5, We 5 1 all Club! Sket u 1 ' t Club QA LA S0 J 5 Q. of ' 5 Vo , , 9 gs P . Ni! 5 an ub f5, 65 rt Aw d ter "Some Enchanted Evening" PATRICIA SPRATLIN Volley Ball Club 15 Dance Club 15 Office 131 25 Office 125 35 Of- fice 129 65 P.T.A. Night 65 Hon- or Roll every term. "To Think You've Chosen Men CATHEBiNi5'ST F 'Qafbe , a s- 1, 25. l5s . C eerle 4--S5 gressive 5 Pep ,.6h5 Soft- bgijglue - ressiximim Lead . - nor Roll 25 Golden Jubilee . ' hinking of Y ouf' Ti MARGAf1,1ET S'1fEIlNll3ACH omqxuaqn iin,5.L'3V2:.l3-15.5 Class ares. ' 15 sro,-frarx5i:,Cowmmittee 15 'Goldenglubilee 5252 Class Treas. 3- 6 V5 Progressive' iPa5tf"4-, 5"!Sec. 2205.4 5' k5SecQ1-Miss ilVIeyBi"5 5 -I Bowl- -ingiicluh 5, Hoii6r.'Rdl1 1 Q, , ,J W, A I u- , 1, N I .J . HF ' h'iL115tIfy,Me.'," L ff I 1- 424,15 W 6 I I - ELLEN TULL Honor Roll 15 Band 4-65 Lab Squad 65 Visual Aids 65 Sec. to Dr. Smith 75 Sec. 125 75 Sec. to Mr. Schwing 35 Sec. to Mr. Bus- ing5 Freshman Science Club5 Spanish Club 3-65 Sec. to Span. Club 4-5 Volley Ball Club 15 Golden Jubilee 35 Sec. to Mr. Lisser 35 Collegiate Party 75 Riding Club. "I Hear Music" t MARILYN UNGER Honor Roll 1, 25 Lab Squad 1g Softball Club 2, 4, 6g 1 P.S.A.L. Ping Dance Club 1, 55 Sec. to Miss Lisanti 4, Band, Euterpean Societyg Swimming Clubg "Wom- anless Wedding", Golden Wed- ding, Volley Ball Club lg Bowl- ing Club, Latin Club 4-g Dance Committee. THOMAS WALSH LAURETTAQ-W D - g'Go1den Jubi- g Dan Club -63 P.T.?E - Nigbg, 6g---Qgx tiygrsqk ' '. ' A as -gf " 5 H as ' ,-N., Q E08 e realm ,Agllykeari !,kL,,i-LUMK, L r' , , DN, v .f I--4 fx NN .km D ir Y ,vii-f l'l'L2l'a l ERNEST STANKOVI tb , N ,L...,5l-.4 1 EUGENE RANER ff---J 3-1- 7. A- A A LOUIS RODRIQUEZ ' D . "W Sec. to Miss Katz t 01,7 tendance 5g 2 Br ge P.S:A-f . X Pins? Sholl Forernarilj SQ! class Basketball 2, 4, 6g'lnLerc Ks, Football Champs 55 Excellent Citizenship 6g Squad Leader 2, 7, 8. .fDay After Day"?f ROBERT WALKER PNN Q5 o- GX C4144 -June, 1951 I, Harold Ahlin, will to some Freshman, the Radio Department of Room C11 and all unfinished Projects that go with it. I, Barbara Anderson, will to ,Iean Bridge and Lois Hudson, all the fun I had in the Cafeteria 5th period. I, Frank Aue, will to Joe Poalino, the power to have 10 terms of Machine Shop and still pass them all. I, Eileen Austin, will to Gerry Schaefer my standing room on the 116. 1, Joan Austin, leave Mr. Carroll to Gerry Schafer. And the rest of the men teachers to my sister, Margie and to Peggy Nielsen, Jr. I, Marilyn Bochilo, will to the secretaries in office 131 much use from the desk drawers. I, Mary Ellen Bochino, will the incoming Freshman to Miss Lisanti. I, Bill Bogaerts, do hereby will to Bert Morenz, two more years of play- ing snare drum in the T. H. S. Band, and to all mathematicians, the ability to understand Mr. Carroll. 1, Alan Bailey fbeing of sound mind and bodyj, will, to anyone foolish enough to accept it, my many incurred duties, responsibilities, privileges and old excused late passes. I, Peggie Dunlop, will to Mr. Halloran, my unusual Chemistry books and all the fun I had in Chemistry. I, Charles Haughton, will to Mrs. Wilson a trumpet section of little freshmen. I, Leona Haught, will to my sister ,Iane and Caroline Wertlirnuller, Mr. Estlow, my Reg. and American History teacher. May they enjoy him as much as I did fduring registerj . I, Calvin Brown, will to my two brothers, Teddy and Leslie the ability to go through school without all the trouble and misunderstanding with the teachers, that live had??? I, Ethel Brown, will to the remaining "Six Saintsn Carlyn Young, E. C. Bischoff, Gail Woll, the honor of having Olin Blair pester the life out of you, while working in Oifice 125. I, Frederick Becker, will to my brother Thomas my favorite carving knife so he can carry on a tradition. I also will him my Coveralls so he can get them washed and mended so he can use them for four years. I, Richard Beck, will to any Mount Loretto student the ability to go through high school in four years. We, June Benedict and Bessie Sauss, leave to our sisters, Hope and Joyce and to our friend Bob Migley, the art of getting out of classes and not getting caught as we didn,t. 1, John Bensen, will to any freshman machinist the ability to sweat through a machine shop exam, and laugh when he hears his foul mark. I, Shirley Matthes, will to all future American History One students the ability to pass the course and still have fun writing names in their books and dreaming during class time. Remember the object is to pass. I, Harry Kern, will to any Freshman the ability to chew gum in Miss Sklair's English class and not get caught. I, Steve Kertesz, will to the "Baiggs" the power to get out of school successfully. I, Shirley Kilkes, will to Gloria Fithian the corner of Amboy Road and Brehaut Avenue where we met every morning on the way to school. I, Dorothy Knudsen, will to all incoming freshmen the luck to have Miss Sklair, one of the finest teachers I have ever met, of English. I, John Kurowski, will to all Mount Loretto students the ability to do well in T.H.S. and graduate in four years. I, Angela La Rosa, will to Larry Wilson the ability to study, but still have lots of fun, and hurry to get out of high school. I, Ronald Larsen, will to the next drummer in the band my place in the drum section and all the wisecracks received in my three years there. I, Rosemary Lombardo, will to my sister, Joanne, the ability to pass all her subjects. I, John Lovas, will to my brother Bob a pack of Camels so that he may become a doctor. I, Carolyn Mason, will to my incoming freshman sister the ability to go through school the Way I did. I, Anthony Mazzella, will to any incoming freshman the ability to take all of Mr. Caballerols gab. I, John McCracken, will to my brother Tom, "The Thing," so he can pass the Spanish Regents with a mark over 80. I, James McKay, being of a fairly sound mind, do hereby make my last will and testament to Skippy. I leave my seat in the 8th term register which I hope he'll occupy some day, to Dick I leave the Euterpian Society with all its fun and Mrs. Wilson's glare, to dear old T.H.S. I leave. I, Laura Moroni, will to Lois Hudson and Gerry Ozgar the ability to have all the good times in high school as I have had. Also to my many teach- ers very many thanks for their guidance and help that they have given me. I, Robert Nielsen, will to my brother Howard Nielsen the right to have Miss Sklair as an English teacher and pass. I, Janet Nielsen, will to my bosom pals Alice, Arlere, Leonia and Diane the ability to get through the rest of high school without me. fl know they can.J I, Peg Nielsen, will the study hall to Daisy Bodoky and my gym locker to "Bubbles,' De Closs, Good Luck, Kids. I, Peggy O,Shea, will, to Olin Blair, Ed Powick, John Stauff, and Russel Lang, the ability to stay on their marshal posts for the remaining years in T.H.S.? I, Joan Parsons, will to Bob Arnold, the ability to lose his books during the term and then, at the last minute, find them, as I did. I, Richard Pecoraro, will to my brother and sister lots of luck during high school and after. I, Harold Pedersen, will leave, with pleasure. I, Alma Quigley, leave to anyone that might want them, my gym suit and sneakers. May they have all the fun I had wearing them. I, Carol Reis, being of reasonably sound mind and body, will to Ellen, ,lane and Franie, a delightful term in T.H.S. without me, to Miss Koetat a whole year without a Reis in Tottenville, and Dr. Smith--thanks for all the guidance and assistance she has given me in T.H.S. We, Pat Moran and Nancy Ryan, will, to Miss Lisanti, the ability to gain two secretaries that will work for her????? I, Robert Saberg, will to any Freshman the ability to pass 3 years of French and make a career of it as I did in becoming a chef in 'I'.I'I.S. flfhomme qui parle francais dans la cuisine quand 1,Faire la cuisine., I, .Ion Sem, will to my sister Anne Marie the pleasure of taking and passing Trigonometry with 9029. I, William Siersema, being of sound mind and body, will all my past debts incurred in the cafeteria to Gordan Jacobsen. I, Peggy Skinner, will to my sister Regina, my gym suit, which she Wore more than I did. I, Anastasia Smith, will to Nancy Cossean, a new buddy to walk to school with and to buy her an apple every day. I, Patricia Spratlin, will, to my brother Richard, the ability to work on the lab. squad just one term Without dropping something. I, Catherine Stafford, will to Dickie Deagan the ability to walk through the halls and not call anyone else. I, Ernie Stankovics, will to Yvonne Langford as many friends as I have had in Tottenville High. I, Ellen Tull, will to my little sister Carlyn the ability to understand and appreciate one of the sweetest teachers in the school, Miss Koegl . . . and to Barbara Sohn all my many college catalogues from which I chose Wagner, after much toil. I, Marilyn Unger, will to anyone the ability to do homework and to watch television at the same time. We, Elaria Sorby and Lauretta Wood, will to Carol Sorby and Arthur Wood, the ability to make and keep friends as we have in their four years in T.I'I.S. I, Joan Gunther, will to Miss Porter for English 2A and 3A, my brother I im, and incoming freshmen. Perhaps you can teach him to put in apos- trophies, too. I, Paul Geidel, will to Eugene Shea the 'gtorturel' of staying in high school another 6 months. I, Casiano Garcia, will, to Vivian Pennino and Ann Garcia, the power to get through high school. I, John Fox, will, to anybody, anything. I, Richard Ekstrand, will, to my friends in the lower terms, my high marks throughout the years. Ha! Hal I, Claire Dobo, will my whistle, to any girl who has the nerve to use it. We, Carole Dilgard and Georgia Dennis, will to any incoming freshman the ability to remain true friends for four years as we have done. I, Raymond Diaz, leave. I, Helen De Fusco, will to Marie Del Grosso and Elizabeth Horvalh the ability to eat lunch, do American History and gossip about him and still pass as I did. , I, Barbara Corson, will to Nancy and Yvonne the ability to get to school on time on THAT 103 bus. I, Virginia Blackwell, will to Georgia Mae Bonner, Loretta Blackwell and my niece, Priscilla Henry, my brown eyes, generous ways and four years in Tottenville High School. I, George Bille, will to Don Richards and Andy Mazureck the "fun"? of getting up in the morning and going to school, especially Monday morning. I, Ruth Heins, will to my cousin, Don Lewis all the fun I had in T.H.S. I, Nancy Ihnken, will to Louise Thomas and Malvina Baltrukouitz the pleasure of riding to school on the 'Rapid Transit for the next four years. I, Diane Kain, being of sound mind a11d body QI thinkj after four years, will to any poor freshman, the ability to pass three years of French. I, Lorraine Kent, being of almost sane mind, will to my sister Carole my place in the band and all the wrong notes that go with it. WEATHER REPORT. iii:15R'+i"i1iT'ffF TH E PROPH ET 3':fP.L':3:t VOL. 36 CUBIC FEET No.?3?2 ADVICE TO THE LOVELORN by Peggy Dunlop Dear Aunt Peggy: After receiving your advice as to mending my heart, I find that I've gotten nowhere fast. I have just returned from my boy- friend's funeral. I'm heart-broken. He died all of a sudden the other night from the cake you told me to bake. Now I think I have a new beau-the undertaker who buried poor Joe. What I wanted to know is-should I give him a cake, too-also-where can I buy Aunt Peggy's Candy? I couldn't get it anywhere. Please help mend my broken heart and hook that undertaker. Please-I'm desperate! Sincerely, M. E. Bochino Dear M. E.: You were extremely wise not to use your first name as you might be recognized, I recall your past letter and remember sending my advice. You recall I said, "Feed your man lots of cake. If it doesn't work, arsenic you take." Then I told you, if arsenic doesn't work, Aunt Peggy's Candy will! Through some error, my letter was printed as follows: "Feeding your man lots of ar- senic, baked in a cake, it's a very cute trick." We all make mistakes -never despair, my dear. Sincerely, Aunt Peggy ATTENTION, STOCK CAR RACERS! I ! Public Friend No. One, Walter Hatton, stock car magnate, today announced his donation of two millions of his countless millions to the establishment of the Hat- ton School of Mechanics and Stock Car Racing. He attributes his success financially to these vocations. LOST One tall, dark, and handsome Roller Derby star. Walks up- right, clean shaven, muscle bound, and just too dreamy for words. If found let Pat Moran know- she'd like to find him. THEATRE NEWS The opening of the new vaude- ville show, Old Timer's Revue, was proclaimed a success last night after the appearance of two comedians, Mike and Bill, known in private life as Michael McCor- mick and William Siersema. Their act consisted of such new jokes as, "Why did the chicken cross the road, to get to the other side," and some renditions of the favorite songs such as "Good- night Irene," which they are planning to revive. When asked after the show about their great success, they for the present. McKay, who was the first man to set foot on the Moon, started on his trip to Mars said that they owed it all to their friend and manager, Wild Bill Burns, who, they say, taught them all they know among literary cir- cles for his novel, "How to Grad- uate and Like lt." A GREAT DAY FOR THE IRISH Courageous nurse, Nancy Ryan, was recently accredited for saving the lives of three women mission- aries, Lorraine Kent, Marilyn Unger, Carol Reis. The mission- aries, Miss Kent, head missionerg Miss Unger, head missionistg and Miss Reis, head missionister of the Bail Saiii, in deep Africa, were captured by the Bombo- Trombone Trive last Tuesday. Nurse Ryan bravely trailed the missionaries to the tribe head- quarters where Chief Polo-Rolo Popiniff found it a fair bargain to swap his captives for a carton of Carter's Little Silver Pills. All four women are resting comforta- bly in Hayview Sanatorium. by Peggy Dunlop ADVERTISEMENT Mademoiselle Shirley Matthes Announces the Granding Opening of her FRENCH TOE NAIL CLEANING SERVICE on Tuesday next ONLY during lunch STORE OWNER MAKES SAD DISCOVERY The new owner of the chain of Woolworthless Five St Dime stores, Patricia Spratlin, has just made the shocking and sad dis- covery that nothing in her stores costs five or ten cents. She in- tends to do something about it, when she untangles herself from the ribbons on the new ribbon counter in her Great Kills store. She claims she is making prog- ress, but her hands are still tied. BAILEY BLOWS TOP OF MODERN SCIENCE Mr. Alan Bailey, of the Ahlin- Bailey Science Foundation, has, this week, astounded Modern Science with his accurate the- ories on the habits and peculiari- ties of Chemistry. His partner, Harold Ahlin, received a severe shock, not only from Mr. Bailey's theories, but also from his ru- mored fiancee, Roller Derby star Pat Moran, "Murph," who shocked him through the electric personality in her hair. Ahlin is famous, also, for the theories but his are on Staten Island electri- city. RESIGNATION ACCEPTED ? Miss Joan Gunther, gun moll of Martin Stallone, announced to- day that she was handing in her resignation. Mr. Stallone, who is head of the "Bookie Association of T.H.S.," has different ideas. He has just written a letter to Miss Gunther offering her a raise LEARN TO DANCE IN TWELVE DIF- FICULT LESSONS The Tip, Tap, Toe Dancing Academy Prop. Dorothy Knudsen Feet soaked after each lesson- free of charge. A MILLION OR NOTHING That Rootin, Tootin' blues singer, Ginny Blackwell, is at it again. Ginny, alias "Sugar Pie," wants a million dollars from the Higsby, Higsby, and Higsby Jr. Recording Company for a con- tract they have proposed to her. The contract calls for Ginny to sing the seventeenth verse of Rachmaninoff's Eleventh Sym- phony. Ginny says, "That would be just wonderful." They want her to sing it from atop the flag pole on the Empire State Build- ing at 11:30 A.M. on the fourth of July. She said the whole thing is utterly absurd. She never rises until 12:30 P.M. THEY'RE FOR- EVER BLOWING BUBBLES The Misses Peggy "Shrimp" Skinner and Joyce "Trouser-Low ing" Russell have just made their debut at "Oscar's Pickled Para- dise." The Misses Skinner and Russell, former students of T.H.S., have completed their professional courses in the "Art of Bubble Dancing," and they are now mak- ing the most of it. MAYOR SPEAKS AT GRAND OPEN- ING OF SPORTS GOODS SHOP Opening next Thursday in Tott. is a new Sport Shop. The owner and manager, Calvin Brown, was honored with a visit and recitation from the mayor, Richard Beck. Included among the guest speakers was Police Commissioner Fred Beck- er, who thanked Brown, on behalf of the police force, for the leop- ard shirt he so generously do- nated. MAHARAJAHA PAYS VISIT TO UNITED STATES The rich Maharajaha, John Litz of Nemko, arrived last night on the steamship America. When asked what he thought of the U.S. all he could say was "AAAA ??'?'? I!!! ,,,, ::::. He expects to be weighed in gold and jewels within the next few days. His chief counsellor and friend is Sire Richard Pecoraro, who pays all the Maharajaha's debts with diamond and ruby teeth. DIANE KAIN MAKES DEBUT Miss Diane Kain of 900 Spark Ave. made her debut last night at the Pork Club. She is a grad- uate of Tottenville High School and Bellevue Finishing School. .lust between us, they did a very good job of finishing her. HARVEST MOON WINNER OPENS SCHOOL Staten Island, N. Y.-Monday will be a big day for all on the Island. It will bring the grand opening of the HAUGHTON DANCING SCHOOL. Charley Haughton, founder of the school, will teach the rhumba. When asked why he would teach the rhumha only, Charley said, "This comes naturally to a man because of his masculine swinging hips." His female instructor will be the Broadway star, Miss Barbara Deschau. During the grand open. ina Party on Monday, Miss De- schau will perform her famous routine of, 'Tm Forever Blowing Bubbles." Mr. Haughton has won the Harvest Moon Dance corn- Petition 30 times in succession. The school is expected to he a great success. RICHARD THE "LION-HEARTEDN RETURNS The well-known explorer, Rich. ard "Lion-hearted" Ekstrand has just returned from his exploration of South Africa. While on his way in the rough African junge he killed four ele- phants with his slingshot, and strangled three tigers with his bare hands. When asked by the press for a comment, he replied, "Aw gee whiz, it 'tweren't nothin'." . . ATTEND THE SCHOOL FOR NURSES' ASSISTANTS Owned and operated by the one and only-Barbara fFlorence Nightingalel Andersen. Her assistant is Dr. Thomas Walsh. THIS IS THE ONLY SCHOOL OF ITS KIND!!!!!! QUIGS DO IT AGAIN Last night at the Tottenville Arena the little Quigs did it again! They were victorious by a score of 98-1. Their opponents, Bob and all the little Nielsens, went home with very sad faces. Alma Quigley was high scorer for the Quigs with 95 points. After the game, Alma was asked how she managed to be so outstanding. She replied, blushing, "Aw that ain't nothin'. You should see me when I'm in condition." .IOCKIES OPEN GATEWAY A new race track, "The Gooey Gateway," has just been opened up by the two famous jockeys, Georgia Dennis and Carole Dil- gard. Such fine race horses as Icky and Sticky will race there. Shortly after this had been re- ported, the prospective owners announced that in the winter the track shall be flooded and there would be horse racing on skates. FAMOUS FRENCH ACTRESS IN TOTTENVILLE Babsy Deschaux, well known French actress, is now staying at the Greasy Towel Hotel, in Tot- tenville. Rumor about a romance between Miss Deschaux and Wil- liam "Humphrey" Bogarts whom she recently co-starred with in "Gooey Kisses," were verified to- day when they were caught hold- ing hands in the Stadium's bal- cony. FOX, ENGI- NEERED BY TONY, WILL FIGHT FIRES Commissioner John Fox, for- mer chewing gum king, disclosed his intentions to stick to his new position as chief of the New York City Fire Department. His co- chief, Anthony Mazzella, who won fame by his ingenious en- gineering contraptions for which, he explains, "There are no engi- neering needs," told this reporter that the only reason why they both would enjoy their jobs so much is because they always wanted to be firemen when they were young. FIRST WOMAN PRESIDENT OF UNITED STATES EXTRA, EXTRA! Something new and pretty has been added to the history of the U.S. Today the first woman president was unanimously elected. She is none other than the incomparable Marylou Matthews. President Matthews passed her first law four hours after election. The new law states that all subway, bus and trolley car windows must have curtains. Anyone found handling the curtains will be placed under arrest, then declared next week to be National Curb Polishing week. She insists that all curbs and sewers must be cleaned and polished with glass wax. They will all be inspected by the V.I.P. Bill Bogarts. The V.I.P. backed up the president's actions by stating, "lt's about time someone did something about cleaning up the sewers in this country." ANOTHER ROL- LER RINK FOR STATEN ISLAND ANNOUNCED! Plans for the building of a new Roller Skating Arena have been announced by the famous cor- poration of Wood, Sauss, and Benedict. The plans for decorat- ing the building's interior are still being worked on by the great Sorby. The plans were held up for some time when an attorney found that the above company intended to build their arena on the site where the Staten Island Rolladium is now located. How- ever, the situation is well in hand, and the building is to be erected on the outskirts of the city of Tottenville. CLASSIFIED ADS . -:- Personals - :- The Peggy O'Shea Beauty Sa- lon will make you a new person with her activated mud pack. Her expert packer is Katherine'Staf- ford. Our Motto: WE'LL PLAS- TER YOU WITH ALL WE'VE GOT! ! I l ! I BIEL VS. HEER- LEIN A conference is being held at the Billop House in Tottenville for the first time in 175 years. The Board of Elders is trying to decide whether Harry Biel is in- nocent or guilty for the serious heart attack of Marilyn Heerlein. This was brought about by the fact that Mr. Biel was wearing blue and white striped slacks in- stead of his usual levis. Miss Heerlein, an assistant in the teaching of the new "Cootie Ex- terminating Dept. at T.H.S., is recovering in Richmond Memorial Slaughter House. MEN DO YOU WANT MUSCLES? If so, enroll at the AUE BUILD YOUR MUSCLES SCHOOL. The proprietor and perfect example of a physical wreck is Frank Aue. The school motto is: ENROLL IN OUR SCHOOL A PAR- TIAL WRECK AND WHEN WE ARE THROUGH WITH YOU YOU'LL BE A TOTAL WRECK. MOVIE QUEEN VISITS TOTTEN. VILL1-1 For the first time in two years Tottenville had the pleasure of having Shirley Temple Kilkes on stage. For the past week the young starlet had been appearing nightly behind the footlights of the stage in the Stadium Play- house. Miss Kilkes in her short movie career of six months has won two Oscarettes, one for the leading performance in Joe Blow from the Windy City. SINGER TO MAKE DEBUT IN HOME TOWN The famous alto singer, Miss Ethel Brown, is going to make a personal appearance in Legion Hall. She will sing some selec- tions from the hit opera, "Life of a Swordfish," by Barbara Corson. The alto part will be rendered by Miss Brown, but there will' be no soprano part due to the fact that Miss Corson has not yet com- pleted writing it. CAFE W'ILL OPEN IN TOTTENVILLE Opening up a new cafe in town are the Misses Mason and Mor- oni. Miss Mason announced today that the name would be the "The Soupbone Cafe" and that well- known chef, Douglas Clark, would cook there. Miss Moroni stated at a press interview that the Honorable Steve Kertecz, Governor of Tot- tenville, would cut the ribbon on August 15, 1981. OPERA OPENING The grand opening of "Ollie's Opera House" took place last night. Ollie's new star, Miss Helen "Tonsil" De Fusco was O.K. lO.K.-off keyl. Still in all they loved her and she'll be back next year in WEEK! A MOUSE." TODAY'S SPORTS STAR Baseball was pushed to greater heights today when Johnny Ku- rowski, star second sacker for the New York Yankees, smashed six home runs in yesterday's after- noon game against the Cleveland Injuns. Although he made five errors in fielding, his homers will put him in the Baseball Hall of Fame. The pitcher Kurowski got his homers from was the Injuns best hurler, Johnny "Scotchman" Mc- Cracken, who was very put out by the sixth homer. Johnny "Scotchman," one of the most outspoken men in baseball, told the reporters that he wasn't wor- ried about five, they were all in a day's work, but the sixth really affected his pitching pride. GOSSIP CORNER It's been said by various people that Louella Parsons could out- talk anyone! Last night Louella lost her title. It seems that she and .luke Box Ellen Tull had a three-round gab session. At the end of two rounds, Louella passed out leaving Ellen still talking. She continued to talk until her assistant and second, Richard Riley, carried her out. She now holds the title of World Cham- pion Talker. Q Q fx, 3 VA is R N , S .f .. Q, 1 y H 0 T L0 K ELy To S Uc.c EE-,D ' Nccokrmsn R55 "S:-P m l . Ayg .' xi TE DOH: ig-fo PE 51" SHEH HHUGHT N O MCCORMICK ov! H r4T1'oN 3 my U J' x my Q 'X ' 'S 4 P -I rei??N A S, 5 -Z 2 . S. . f- Y , N AN, . i E TA :lg , F33 x" 1 Q f Vs: fan ? lbw Q5 if , B nusncmw j fHElNS '-3 5 4, , . V f K. 0 .,.. If K- G C-UH s Ffifmil K ,ir C 'UNH S, Y Cksmewn rmwews Sf 0 sum .14 Clwbfnfzad for? It was a cold and bitter night, the snow was falling heavily as a little boy trudged wearily down the street. All around him people were bustling about, finishing their last minute shopping or shouting a greeting to a friend. Over the rush of the crowd could be heard the chimes softly playing: "Silent Night, Holy Nightf' letting you know it was Christmas. Yes, Christmas was here at last, and a little boy stopped by a store and looked in through the window at the beautiful, bright new toys. He was imagining himself in a big room, with a Christmas tree, and under the Christmas tree were packages, dozens of packages, all gayly wrapped in shining red ribbon, and on the tag was marked-"To Joey on Christmas." Yes, it was fun to dream, dream about a Merry Christmas. His thoughts were suddenly shattered as a gay group came laughing by and shoved little Joey aside. Joey picked himself up. '6Oh how I hate Christmas," he cried with tears running down his face. His mother and father had both been killed in a plane crash three years before and it left little Joey an orphan at the age of six. He thought about the or- phanage from which he had escaped. He didn't like the orphanage, he always though it was a place for children whose parents didn't want them. Ever since he first came to the orphanage, he had hated it. He had never felt at home there and had never made many friends. While he was standing there he felt someone tap him on his shoulder and say, '4Merry Christmas, son." Turning, he saw a man who appeared to be middle-aged. He had on a shabby blue coat, his shoes were badly sodden from the weather, on his head .was a battered hat which looked like it had been worn out several times. Clinging to this arm was a little girl about J oey's age who was dressed as shabbily as the man. As Joey was about to shout at the man and tell him he hated Christmas, he noticed something about the little girl, who now was tugging at the man's arm saying, "Who is it Grandpa, who is it?" "lt is a little boy,', the man replied, "Pvc just wished him a Merry Christmas." It was then that Joey realized that the little girl was blind. Ashamed, Joey blurted out a weak Merry Christmas, and as they passed him Joey heard the little girl exclaim with delight about the music and the gay noise all around her. Joey imagined himself in her shoes and shuddered. It seemed in that minute Joey grew up. He had been feeling sorry for himself, never thinking about other people. Now he knew that he was just being selfish. He realized that Christmas was the time of forgetting your sorrows, and to stop running away. Running away wasn't going to solve anything. Christmas was the time to give, not look to receive, and also for making others happy. "Well," thought Joey, "this is a Merry Christmas after all," and with those thoughts in his mind and a smile on his lips, Joey turned swiftly and marched happily back to the orphanage. jlte Unifecl Wafionzi These days we are all told to respect and appreciate the United Nations. A little task like this is nothing at all for me. I have the United Nations in my blood. Or, at least, I have the blood of the United Nations in me. I've got English in me. The English are said to be slow to get a joke. This is utterly absurd. One day in a History class a boy spoke as follows: HMost of the houses in France are made of Plaster of Paris." The whole class, of course, except me, roared with laughter. I can't see anything funny in the situation. The boy's ignorance is deplorable-not amusing. I've heard peo- ple tell me I don't smile. I donit smile because I don't laugh. I didnit laugh because I'm still waiting to hear a joke that's funny. I have Scotch in me. The Scotch are supposed to be penny-pinchers. This is ridiculous. I've never heard anything so outrageous in my life. Per- haps I do use a crook-resistant, burglar-proof padlock on my wallet-and perhaps I do bake biscuits to use as Christmas presents for the hockey team every year-simply proof of the sensible saving and flair for economy which is a virtue of the Scottish people. I've got Spanish in me. The Spaniards are said to be adept dancers. This is something with which I heartly agree. Just look at all the boys l've danced with-there isn't more than one with a cast still on his foot. There's only one thing that worries me-I wonder Why my dance partners so often wear combat boots and shin guards? The German in me is something of which I am exceptionally proud. And the claim that the Germans are stubborn is about the silliest one yet. Iim a typical German. I've never been known to reverse a decision in my life. I still think that my definition of glycerine as a vicious liquid which is miser- able in water in all proportions is better than any old stuffy Chemistry book. We simply have confidence in our infallibility and absolute conviction that we are right but this is no indication that we Germans are stubborn. 0i'm after havin' Oirish in me too. And judgin' by the likes of me- we Oirish haven't got the temper we're supposed to have. And the next time one of you lf,'q'.',.l' Q23 claims we've a temper, Oi'l1 gie ye the back oime hand so fast ye won't know what happened. One of these days, I plan on setting up my private United Nations. When I disagree with myself-I've always got the veto. When the Scotch in me refuses to appropriate money, the German gets stubborn about a concession to be made, the Irish loses its temper, and the Spanish is over in a far corner doing the fandango-I can always rely on the English to ask-"Blast it all, old chaps, I really don't see just what the trouble is. Would you bully fellows sit down and explain the bloody thing to me?,' CARoL Rats ufiic elaarfmenf, ,Maier The house lights dim, the conductor's baton is poised, and a hush falls upon the audience as the first strains of Shubertis "Unfinished Symphonyn are heard. The world famous New York Philharmonic Orchestra, you say? No, it isn,t the Philharmonic, nor for that matter, the N.B.C. Symphony Orchestra nor the Goldman Band. As you have guessed by now, we are talk- ing about what we believe to be one of the finest musical organizations of its kind, The Tottenville High School Band under the baton of its accomplished maestro, Mrs. Lala Wilson. Our band was organized in 1937 and gave its first performance at the Christmas assembly of that year. It began playing at graduations, and begin- ning at the commencement of Wo1'ld Wai' Two, it set out on an intensive war- time program. It played at most of the war monument dedication ceremonies on the South Shore. Since most members of the bands which customarily marched in the national parades were gone, the Tottenville High School Band volunteered its services. In the interest of public moral it cooperated with the American Legion and participated in several of their performances. It continued with its annual and semi-annual evening concerts alongwith the graduation ceremonies and assemblies. Later on it commenced to play at the May Day fete at Clove Lake. ln 1948, it played a major part in the successes of the Colden Jubilee. Later, in 1950, the band played and made possible another tremendous success, '4The Womanless Wedding.', As these last four years have passed we have seen our fellow band mem- ber gradually leave and new members gradually take their places and we reminisce over these wonderful fruitful years we have spent in our '4Band of Bandsu which has been made possible only through the untiring efforts of our own Mrs. Lala Wilsoil. Her devotion to her band and her ukidsi' has made all of our successes as triumphant as they are. Everything worth having has a beginning and our Euterpean Society had its beginning way back in 1937, with Mrs. Wilsoii as its progenitor. When Mrs. Wilson first arrived on the scene, Tottenville High boasted of a rather large and loud glee club. Large-because it consisted of a hun- dred or more members and with this many members I imagine that it was loud! However, some of this group along with Mrs. Wilson agreed, that with a smaller group they would be able to concentrate and present a finer type of music. With this idea in mind, a new club, consisting of about 20 members, was formed. A club founded for good music and founded upon hard work. Believe me, hard work it wasg especially for its director., Mrs. Wilson. With the formation of this new club, a new and fitting name had to be found. After much thought, quite a bit of discussion, and innumerable sug- gestions, it was finally agreed that the name 'cliluterpean Societyv was both fitting and proper. Why tl1at name? What does it mean? ln Greek Myth- ology we learned that the "Goddess of Arts and Science" was named '4Muse." The word music is derived from this Greek word muse. Euterpi was one of the arts and sciences, specifically 'GCoddess of Songf, So much for the word Euterpean, now let's turn to the dictionary and look up the word society. "Society: a body of persons united for the promotion of some object. Now that we know how Euterps got started and how it received its name, 77 let us take a look at some of their productions. The premier performance was a musical reception held in the music room before a select group of friends and relatives. It was indeed a very swanky affair. All the decorations were in gold and white, the Society's colors. The flowers were gold and white with a gold and white cake served for refreshment. From this rather small but inspirational beginning we have gone on to bigger and better things. With the aid of our leader, the inde- fatigable Mrs. Wilson, we have presented "Mikado," HH. M. S. Pinaforef' 'Trial by Juryf' "Pirates of Penzancef' '4Princess Ida," "Colden Jubilee Celebration" and most recently wllhe Womanless Wedding." The Euterps also perform at every commencement exercise, at which time we lose a certain percentage of our members. Older members go out of school into their chosen field or profession never forgetting the memorable days spent in the Euterps Society. New members come in to replace the old as the Society progresses onward . . . onward to a world brought closer to good music through the untiring efforts of our beloved director and the cooperation of the Society members. RONALD LARSEN, RUTH HEINS wo Wie 5 an a Zigi .SM Today my mother told me to clean out the pockets of my red corduroy jacket. 'Tll send it to the cleaner's before school begins," she said, to the waiting laundry man. ' Usually I find exciting things in my pockets-old letters, school passes, a bunch of tired peanuts, and occasionally a forgotten handkerchief. But this time I found two nickels and a movie ticket stub. I began to think, when did I leave these? So I imagined what might have happened with them. Of course, the ticket was to our nondescript place of entertainment a atia in a sma town wa ca e t e ta ium. e two nic e s were pl'l' ll y lldh4'Sd "Th kl definitely the change. A double feature costs forty cents, most always. But the ticket lady always gives dimes in change. I began to weave a dramatic story behind the two nickels and the ticket stub. Mary Lou was a senior in high school, Pleasant Dale High. She had a quiet nature and even though she was a very pretty girl, she didn't go out very much except with a crowd of girls who were her "gals" All of them had running crushes on the new senior boy, or Mr. Anderson, their history teacher, the same people on whom girls usually have crushes. fThis isn't a very unusual story.j But Mary Lou was a little different from her friends. She had absolutely, definitely, positively, surely fallen in love with the Greatest Senior in P.D.I-I.S.! He was, namely, Gene Norman, who was deeply tanned all year 'round and could dance, so Mary Lou had been told, like a dream. Oh, how she longed for him to speak to her or nod to her. Either would have made her slightly ecstatic in reels of unconfined joy. She could see herself dancing with Gene Norman, laughing with him, talking with him. In most stories, the heroine has her fling with the hero, so I cannot resist letting Mary Lou have hers. Besides, the story would be Hat without it. Well, Mary Lou got her chance. On Monday morning, Tony Eberhart called Mary Lou as she was coming into school. 'cl want you to meet my friend," he said. At least, that's what she thought he said, for there standing with one big paw reaching out to shake her hand was none other than our friend, Gene Norman. It was as simple as that! Later that morning, Mary I,ou's third class teacher sent her home on a sick pass saying that the girl had looked Vacant and distant all through the class and perhaps she was ill? Needless to say, Mary Lou walked 011 clouds that whole wonderful day. And when the telephone rang at five-thirty and Gene Norman's magnificent voice came over the wire, Mary Lou nearly fainted from excitement and joy, all those emotions that make a girl radiant. He asked her how she was and did she get home all right fhow did he know I was sent home, M. L. thoughtj and was it possible for her to go to the movies with him that coming Friday night? Was it possible! I! Why, it was not only possible but also probable, definite, absolutely possible, definitely possible, etc., etc. Make my voice sound casual, M. L. thought, trying desperately to regain her poise. "I think I can make it,,' she answered. "I'll let you know tomorrow morning first thing, 0.K.?" Magnificent Gene answered, "Sure" Then Mary Lou got rid of him quick before she could give away her feelings. This was no date to turn down, so Friday night found Mary Lou walking quietly beside Gene towards the "Stadium.,' Imagine a tall, well-built guy, as handsome as they come, looking down at a small, sweet blonde girl and there you have the picture. But now the story changes, for as they enter the inner gates of the great theatre fit looked great to Ml.. thenj, Gene asked, would you like some candy to which Mary Lou said yes. From there on the evening is tiring, the movie boring for some reason that no one can explain. Even though they seem to be a perfect couple who have enjoyed five days of togetherness, suddenly they want no more of each other than just a friendly acquaintance. Mary Lou longs for the "gals" and Gene longs for his gang of fellows. All that Mary Lou has as a memento of the evening is her ticket stub and the two nickels that Gene gave her to choose whatever candy she pre- ferred. Somehow, she didn't buy the candy. Weeks later, she finds these mementos in a corner of her dresser drawer. In youth, sadness is always short, for there are too many happy days for every one, so shall we say that Mary Lou felt sad for only a minute or two, then threw the ticket stub away and gave the two nickels to her younger sister who wanted a comic book .... This could have happened. I don't remember how they got in my pocket but the more I think about it, the more I wish that the story could have a happy ending. PEGGE NIELSON JANUARY, 1951 G. 0. OFFICERS Pres. Charles Haughton Vice Pres. Robert Biller Sec. Lois Alexander Treas. Patrick Murphy G. O. Rep. JUNE, 1951 G. O. OFFICERS Constance Gardn Pres. John Fox Vi Sec. Peggy O'Shea Treas. Peggy Skinner Q!!LM.G. . Rep. John Williams W ,M 10 . -W Q I ,Qin w' f' Q9 Y: -if X H10 MIM - X Q.. , . I ! fffflh x Q X, x W ' it Q! nw' WN WAHI gl j X f fl? , ff"2ff Q? wi Cfaaa of january, 1952 Cfaaa ofyune, 1952 7 WM LJ, 1554? ? 7953 .. .X . in Q i .ivy Y .Y M E ,X Qh X A S : in 2 F DQS 'N Eg E , X e PE ii 3 i s :QIWJQSS WHILE YOU'RE LEARNING- LEARN THIS FACT There is nolrhing you hope 'ro do In 'rhe Tufure Thar money in Ihe bank won'+ help you +o do, or +haI' IacIc of money won'+ hinder or preven+ you 'From doing. Learn 'rhis one fad Ihrough saving during your school oIays, and I+ wIII give you an advanfage Ihrough all Ihe res+ of your days. STATEN ISLAND NATIONAL BANK 8. TRUST CO. PORT RICHMOND - ST. GEORGE - TOTTENVILLE - NEW DORP Member FederaI Deposif Insurance Corporafion l. G. BALFOUR COMPANY ATTLEBORO MASSACHUSETTS CLASS RINGS AND PINS COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS-PERSONAL CARDS DIPLOMAS CLUB INSIGNIA-MEMORIAL PLAQUES New York Office 52I FIFTH AVENUE SOUTH SHORE lIONS ClUB Staten Island 7, N. Y. MICHAEL CARBONE PRESIDENT NASSAU SMELTING 8. REFINING COMPANY, INC. STATEN ISLAND. N. Y. PRODUCING NON-FERROUS METALS 8-I 803 LANG'S PAINT 8. HARDWARE Bomen GAS-FLOOR covekme 7233 AMBOY ROAD TOHenville 8-2400 Nighls, Sundays and Holidays: GI. 7-80lO TAVERNA COAL CO., Inc. ORANGE Disc ANTHRACITE COAL For All Types of Sfokers and Furnaces FUEL OIL - COMPLETE HEATING Williams Oil-O-Mafic Oil Burners-Winkler Slolzers 38 BAYVIEW AVENUE The Art of Pleasing l'r's nol our Dairies l'r's lhe Men Who Operale Them H"s nor lhai we have so many phones H's lhe Courlesy you Receive when you call l'r's no'r +he roules we opera+e l+'s Jrhe Men Who Operale Them . . . and more, your neighbors KNOW +ha'r lhe Weissglass Gold Seal Dairy is besl qualified +o serve lhem. lT'S YOUR HOMETOWN DAIRY WEISSGLASS GOLD SEAL DAIRY CORP. 20:4 FOREST AVENUE, MARlNER's HARBOR, 5. I. WILLIAM VON ZEHLE 8. CO. INCORPORATED A D V E R T I S I N G 44I LEXINGTON AVENUE New York I7 RAYMOND A. BUTLER DODGE, PLYMOUTH DODGE TRUCKS TOTTENVILLE. N. Y. TO'rfenvilIe 8-I I I5 COMPLIMENTS OF ARTHUR STRYKER 8. SONS, Inc. MOBILHEAT 8. MOBIL KEROSENE 7336 AMBOY ROAD Toifenvile. S. I., N. Y. COMPLIMENTS OF O. U. Heinzmcmn Co. Mrs. S. L. I-Ieinzmann HOneywoocI 6-2OI 3 The Sou+h Shore's Leading Hardware Sfore H. S. BROWER, Inc. Hardware - Housefurnishings Pain+s GREAT KILLS, STATEN ISLAND HOneywood 6-0905 Elfingville Hardware Oliver N. Simonsen, Prop. Housefurnishings - Glass - Painfs Hardware SEEDS AND FERTILIZERS EIecI'ricaI and Plumbing Supplies 3843 RICHMOND AVENUE EI+ingviIIe, s. I. I2, N. Y. IITEISIVE BUSIIESS illll SCHOOLS IN All IOIOUGHS SECRETAIIAL-JOUIIIAIJSI DRAFTING-ACCOUIHIG COMMEICIAI. SPANISH DEPT. DA! I NIGHT ' llfll Nlsll Posiiiom Securco - Ml V00 Clilloq -NEW YORK. '54 IIASSAI ST. Opp. Cliy Hl'.1.EOhll 3-ll!!! RICHMOND BORO COAL CO. TO. 8-I I I I for MOBILHEAT-FUEL OIL DELCO OIL BURNERS 'blue coal' DOngan Hills 6-2IOO ' FOR YOUR PROM . . . And Those olher occasions which require flowers, dress her up wilh an Orchid Corsage Richmond Floral Co. 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TOHenviIIe 8-2247 BETTY LANG'S BEAUTY SHOPPE 7246 AMBOY ROAD Ienville 8-2820 Frank Sfiano, PI1G THE STIANO PHARMACY 7437 AMBOY ROAD Toffenville. S. I. QUALITY scHooL sumlss CANDY - Ice CREAM - soon. M A X S E I T Z IS9 MAIN STREET Tofienville, S. I. D84 COMPLIMENTS OF E MEAT MARKET 245 MAIN STREET To'rfenviIIe, S. I. ISLAND MARINE SERVICE RENTALs, smas. seavlce Johnson Oufboards, Wisconsin Inboards 202 MANSION AVENUE Graaf Kills Bay AKER USINESS SCHOOL BAKER UILDING STAPLETON TATEN ISLAND Be n Business Success - allend B.B.S. for Thorough secreforial and accounfing Training. HOneywood 6-2I3I SUNDIAL SHOES QUALITY FOOTWEAR FOR EVERY MEMBER OF THE FAMILY GREAT KILLS BOOTERY 3982 AMBOY ROAD CENTRAL PHARMACY ALLISON ANDROVETTE 237 MAIN STREET Toffenville, N. Y. HOneywood 6- I 025-2590 GREAT KILLS PHARMACY Thomas A. Fiorelli. Pl'm.G. 3990 AMBOY ROAD Grecl Kills, S. I. DR. WILLIAM F. STAUFF D E N T I s T COMPLIMENTS OF DR. 8. MRS. NATHAN HAMERSCHLAG JOE LAPCHICK CHAMPION BASKETBALL sl-los Sold Exclusively by G. R. KINNEY CO.. Inc. AMMY'S MEN'S SHOP 232 MAIN STREET ToI+enviIIe. S. I. COMPLIMENTS or Herbert Berger, M.D. Frank Rosen, M.D. Jonathan Zoole, M.D. Murray A. Greenwood, M.D. S E G M A N ' S "FOR MOM AND TOT" 242 MAIIN STREET Tofienville, S. I. COMPLIMENTS OF DR. AND MRS. CHARLES SH ULMAN fenville 8-20l2 Free Delivery "PRINCESS BAY MARKET" Groceries, Fruiis 8: Vegefables GRANT 8. BAXTER 5830 AMBOY ROAD Princess Bay. S. I. 9 HOneywoocI 6-I337 H. Siegler. Prop. ANNADALE MEAT MARKET PRIME MEATS AND POULTRY 827 ANNADALE ROAD BEDELL FUNERAL HOME Bus.: TOH. 8-I25O I-Iome: TOH. 8-2794 TOTTENVILLE TAXI A. Bundesen SERVICE FROM 6 A. M. TO 2 A. M. TOHenviIIe 8-I I I6 TOHenviIIe 8-I072 DAVID BECKER S . S C H U L L TAILOR BARSTGRILL Tuxedo Renlals I48 MAIN STREET Toflenville. S. I. TOM: 8-2069 - 8-0880 Free Delivery PEOPLE'S FOOD MARKET FROZEN Eooos. GROCERIES s. VEGETABLES Hall for All Occasions I37 BARNARD AVENUE Tolfenville, S. I. 7. N. Y. TOHenviIIe 8-2I47 We Deliver Free ATLANTIC MEAT MARKET MEATS - GROCERIES . VEGETABLES I39 BARNARDK AVENUE Jos. E. Kovalslry CHOICE MEAT Toffenvillel S. L COMPLIMENTS OF COMPUMENT5 BRIDGE SERVICE STATION OF eAs TYDOL PRODUCTS olL A I- D E P P E WOODS CONFECTIONERY 5309 ARTHUR KILL ROAD Toflenville, S. I. ROSY BRAND zas MAIN STREET CONGRATULATIONS Io The CLASS OF JANUARY '5I A. O'KEEFE HOneywood 6-I530 COMPLIMENTS OF GILES MARKET 398I AMBOY ROAD Greaf Kills, S. I. CHARLIE 8m -IOHN'S SKYWAY IFormerIy wilh AI Deppel ALL BEEF FRANKFURTERS HAMBURGERS FRENCH FRIES SEA FOOD BARBEQUE SANDWICHES TO'fTenviIIe 8- I 037 GAFFNEY'S BAR 81 GRILL "DOWNTOWN BAR" 93 MAIN STREET Toffenville, S. I. 7 THE ELIZABETH suns, COATS. DRESSES a SPORTSWEAR 3975 AMBOY ROAD Graaf Kills, S. I. 8, N. Y. TOHenviIIe 8-I IS9 LAURA B. YETMAN LICENSED BROKER Real Eslaie, Reniing, Managing. Appraising l92 MAIN STREET. TOTTENVILLE WILLIAM J. VAN PELT N. Y. Sfaie Liquor License No. L-I657 CHOICE WINES 8: LIQUORS 6 SNEDER STREET. ANNADALE JOHN P. Mc1cEVOY TOHenville 8-2237 Cars Called PAUL KRAMER'S SERVICE STATION SOCONY PRODUCTS - LUBRICATION MAIN STREET S AMBOY ROAD for SUCCESS TO ALL THE GRADUATES THE CHARLES SHOP AMBOY ROAD, TOTTENVILLE COMPLIMENTS OF TOM MAMMANA 5373 ARTI-IUR KILL ROAD COMPLIMENTS OF TOWN'S PRIDE LUNCHEONETTE 233 MAIN STREET. TOTTENVILLE COMPLIMENTS OF JACK'S SWEET SHOP 249 MAIN STREET Toifenville, S. If ELTINGVILLE CLEANERS SPECIALIZING IN ALTERATIONS 384I RICHMOND AVENUE Elfingville. S. l. TOHenville 8-l3l9 PAT'S BEAUTY SHOP 7522 AMBOY ROAD. TOTTENVILLE NEELENS, HARDWARE I2 SNEDE-N STREET Annadale TOHenvilIe 8-I06I WILLIAMS 8. MACAN, Inc. REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE I73 MAIN STREET COURTESY OF MARY LOU BEAUTY SALON GREAT RILLS J. Jones. Prop. TOfIOnville 8-2II3 Samuel D. Baker, PlI.G. PRINCE BAY PHARMACY 59 SEGUINE AVENUE Prince Bay, S. l.. N. Y. HOneywOOd 6- I O56 MOE AND WOHLTJEN GROCERIES - COLD BEER 3874 RICHMOND AVENUE Elfingville COMPLIMENTS OF CORNER LUNCHEONETTE 7423 AMBOY ROAD TOHenville, S. l. TOHenvilIe 8-IO76 BRlDGE'S HARDWARE Ia.P.s. PAINTS 3. VARNISHES Full Slock Trimz Wallpaper - Plumbing Supplies 7519 AMBOY ROAD ELTINGVILLE SHOE REPAIR 3848 RICHMOND AVENUE We Specialize in PRACTIPEDICES WORK 81 HAT CLEANING COM PL! MENTS OF TEMPLETON BOWLING ALLEYS CONGRATULATIONS THOMPSON'S GROCERY TOTTENVILLE COMPLIMENTS OF MR. AND MRS. GEORGE M. HATTON REX DEPARTMENT STORE "WE cLoTHE THE ENTIRE FAMlLY" MARY'S 5 8. 'I0c STORE 7258 AM BOY ROAD Tottenville EAT AT MRS. DIMINO'S ITALIAN AMERICAN KITCHEN TOttenville 8-2326 Orders Delivered Free Tottenville 8-2327 Stadium Gift and Electric Shop R.C.A. Television - Electrical Appliances - Gifts Norcross All Occasion Cards 2I7 MALN STREET, TOTTENVILLE PhiI's Groceries 81 Delicatessen A FR I E N D FRESH VEGETABLES AND FRUITS 7420 AMBOY ROAD. TOTTENVILLE PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS I U THE FUTURE .1 IS YOURS.. Onan! 159 GUARD H BY SAVING.. QWWW "TIME IS KIND TO THE THRIFTY" RICHMOND COUNTY FEDERAL Savings and Loan Association I90 MAIN STREET. ToHenviIIe - 4000 AMBOY ROAD. Greaf Kill P T C P ,I . OOVARICKST N Y NY. l NV A Lf 1-1f ' Jw ff ffzhfg QW ' wiv W lj 'YH F ff ,QP - jp! M QfTQ?fW WW x sa ww QW Q W G 3455 ww M Big QW f gf f My FQ fg fig '60-4431-4. W 4,1 WM QW 0 , W2 Mffilf ww anmlsf V M116 NH,

Suggestions in the Tottenville High School - Purple Parrot Yearbook (Staten Island, NY) collection:

Tottenville High School - Purple Parrot Yearbook (Staten Island, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Tottenville High School - Purple Parrot Yearbook (Staten Island, NY) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 70

1951, pg 70

Tottenville High School - Purple Parrot Yearbook (Staten Island, NY) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 69

1951, pg 69

Tottenville High School - Purple Parrot Yearbook (Staten Island, NY) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 25

1951, pg 25

Tottenville High School - Purple Parrot Yearbook (Staten Island, NY) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 8

1951, pg 8

Tottenville High School - Purple Parrot Yearbook (Staten Island, NY) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 57

1951, pg 57

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