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QUTERN ,HEBRIDES FW' NGRT H SEA Rock . Lands fff i of MUNITED NGDOM P45 Q LT E' ii'f'ra!7j 0561.9 fill 4- .,.,.n A NMSQ Q 49 MGH? KKQULI MARG 2-92 27 MAY 1992 - 25 NovEMBER 1992 COMMANDER WALL COMMANDER GILMORE EXECUTIVE OFFICER BATTALION COMMANDERXCO OF TROOPS COMMAND MASTER CHIEF! IST SERGEANT CHANGE OF COMMAND CAPTAINIS LOG SHIP'S INFORMATION WARDROOM KHAKI DINNER DECK DEPARTMENT SUPPLY DEPARTMENT MEDICAL DEPARTMENT DENTAL DEPARTMENT ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT NAV! ADMIN DEPARTMENT OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT UNDERWAYXINPORT REPLENISHMENTS FLIGHT OPERATIONS SPORTS AWARDS ASSAULT CRAFT UNIT FOUR BOAT OPERATIONS A DAY IN THE LIFE OF TORTUGA LCAC OPERATIONS PUBLIC X COMMUNITY RELATIONS U.S. MARINE CORPS ROTA, SPAIN PALMA DE MAJORCA, SPAIN CORFU, GREECE HAIFA, ISRAEL SIRACUSA, SICILYAND AUGUSTA BAY, SICILY HUMP DAY TOULON, FRANCE THESSALONIKI, GREECE AND ALMERIA, SPAIN CASABLANCA, MOROCCO CHIEF PETTY OFFICERS LIVE, LEARN, AND PASS IT ON ESWS AND RE-ENLISTMENTS TIGER CRUISEXHOMECOMING THE WATCH CRUISE BOOK STAFF Cruise Book OI-Iicer! Editor: Lt Ed Sloop Layout and Photography:jO3 Kyle Zook Layout and Photography:jOSA Mikael Westanmo PHOTOGRAPHY CREDITS ICI Kmet EN2 Morrow FNjewett HM2 Lemque OSI Martin DC3 Baker GMGI Lafferty ET2 Fox QMI Penoneello FN Clark ICI QSWD Pavelich 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 I2-I9 20-25 26 27 28-39 40-45 46-53 54-55 56-57 58-59 60-61 62-63 64-65 66-69 70-71 72-75 76-94 95-96 97 98-99 100-103 I04-105 106-I07 I08-I I I I I 2-I I3 I14-117 I I8-I I9 I20-121 I 22-123 I24-127 I28 6 Big Al bids farewell to his crew 2 CDR ALLAN D. WALL coMivLAND1NG oFF1cER 19 Nov 90 - QAJUL 9 yy Commander Wall graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in A 1971 with a degree in mechanical engineering. His first assignment was as Gunnery Oficer in USS LASALLE QLPD 35, homeported in Norfolk, VA. Commander Wall next served in USS NEWPORT NEWS CCA 1485, homeported in Norfolk, VA as EMO X EWO, lst Lt. and Navigator, from 1973 to 1974. Following graduation from Naval Destroyer School, he served as Operations officer in USS WILLIAM R. RUSH QDD 7145, homeported in NY City, from 1975 to 1977. His next dept. head tour was as Chief Engineer in USS HER- MITAGE QLSD 345, homeport- ed in Little Creek, VA, from 1977 to 1979. From 1980 to 1982, he served as Damage Control Officer on the staff of Commodore, Auck- land, in the Personnel Exchange Program CPEP5. Commander Wallis next tour was as Assitant Engineer Officer in USS SAIPAN QLHA 25, andL then as Chief Engineer in USS GUADALCANAL CLPH 75, from 1982 to 1984. Both ships were homeported in Norfolk, VA - Commander Wall served in HERMITAGE again as Execu- tive Officer from 1984 to 1985, ' Following his Executive Offi- cer tour he was assigned agg Excecutive Assistant to the Director, Office of Naval Tech- nology, Washington, D.C., from. 1985 to 1988. 1 Commander Wall reportedl as PCO of USS TORTUGAQ QLSD 465 in 1988 and com-y manded her from commission-l ing until he accepted orders ini 1922 to the Naval War Collegel Newport, RI. . I Commander Wallis awardsj include two Meritorious Servicel Medals, two Navy Commenda-4 tion Medals, and various otherg service awards. ? Commander Wall is marriedlf to the former Colleen C016-' man, of Virginia Beach, VA.: They have two children. 4 Commander Wall enjoys dinner at the Druse village in Israel . , N l A J DR TEPHE D. GIL ORE COM DI G OFFICER 1ljUL 92 Commander Gilmore grad- iated from the U.S. Naval Xcademy in 1974 with a degree n Economics. His initial duty lssignment was in USS SAGLEY QFF 10695 as Damage Iontrol Assistant and 1st Lt. 'rom Nov. 1974 to Jan. 1978. Subsequently, he was assigned o the Naval Military Personnel Iommand as ADP Section -lead for officer and enlisted letailers, and concurrently as a Nhite House Social Aide. Upon completion of Surface Narfare Officer Department lead School, Commander Hilmore served as Combat Sys- ems Officer on board USS ELLIOT CDD 9675 from Feb. l981 to Dec. 1982. His second Department Head tour was as Engineer Officer on board JSS SCENECTADY QLST l185j from Apr. 1983 to Dec. l984. Commander Gilmore tttended the Royal Australian Staff College in Sydney, Aus- ralia fromjan. tojul. 1985 fol- PRE.,E T lowed by assignment to the staff of Commander, Amphibi- ous Group Three from Jul. 1985 tojul. 1987, as Flag Sec. From Oct. 1987 to june. 1989 he served as Executive Officer, USS GERMANTOWN QLSD 421. Following his Execu- tive Officer tour, Commander Gilmore attended the U.S. Army War College at Carlisle Barracks, PA and subsequently was assigned as the Assistant Surface Commander Assign- ment Officer at the Bureau of Naval Personnel from jun. 1990 tojan. 1992. Commander Gilmore assumed command of USS TORTUGA QLSD 465 in jul. 1992, as her second Com- manding Officer. Commander Gilmore's awards include two Meritori- ous Service Medals, two Navy Commendation Medals, and various other service awards. Commander Gilmore is married to the former Robin Mitchell of Sacramento, CA. They have four children. ww, , W W, ff My We-, . wi, V, 4' NWN xx,. C ..... .. .. . f X .,., X . fhe CO's paperwork is never finished Wham.-,.,.,,, FSA Gilmore serves up chow The XO takes rare break for some fun. . 4 LCDR RoN AASLAND EXECUTIVE OFFICER Commander Aasland graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy, Class of 1978, with a degree in Econom- ics. His first assignment was as Prospective Communications Offi- cer in USS LEFTWICH QDD 9845, and subsequently as it's first Com- munications Officer until August 198O. Upon promotion -to LTQjg5, he fleeted up to Navigator and Administrative Officer. In 1982, Commander Aasland was assigned duties as Officer-in- Charge of the Naval Brig in Seattle, Washington. Following graduation from Department Head School, Com- mander Aasland served as Opera- tions Officer in USS NEWPORT QLST 11795, homeported in Little Creek, VA, from 1986 to 1988. Com- mander Aasland's second Depart- ment Head tour was as First Lieu- tenant in USS GUADALCANAL QLPH 75, homeported in Norfolk, ,,,,.,--Q VA, from 1988 to 1990. On his next assignment, he attended the U.S. Marine Corpg Command and General Staff Course at Quantico, VA where he completed.the first phase of his joint Military Education. He fol- lowed this tour in 1991 by attending the Armed Forces Staff College in Norfolk, VA, where he completed the final phase of his joint Military Education. In November, 1991 Commander Aasland assumed duties as the sec- ond Executive Officer in USS TOR- TUGA QLSD 465, homeported in Little Creek, VA. Commander Aaslandis personal awards include the Navy Commen- dation, and eight service awards. Commander Aasland is married to the former Margo Corkins of Davision, MI. They have two daugh- ters, Megan and Katie, who reside in Chesapeake, VA. The CO and XO survey the goings on. BLT COMMANDING OFFICER LT. COL. JOHN K. LYNN LtCol Lynn of Atlanta, GA, earned his BA in History at the Univ. of Georgia 8a was commissioned in 1970 through the PLC program. Upon graduation from TBS he reported to the 2d Marine Div. where he served as an Infantry Platoon Commander with Co. M, 3d Batt., 2d Marines. In July, 1972 he reported to the 3d Marine Div. in Okinawa where he served as the XO and CO of Co. A, 1st Batt., 4th Marines. Upon his return to the U.S. in july, 1973, Lt Lynn was assigned to the MCRD, Parris Island, SC, where he served as a Series Commander and Company Com- mander with the 3d Recruit Training Batt. In Aug., 1975 he reported to the Marine Corps Base, Qiuantico, VA as a stu- dent in the Amphibious Warfare School. Following AWS, he was reassigned to TBS where he served as a Staff Platoon Com- mander, Company XO and Tactics Instructor. In july, 1978 he returned to Okinawa for duty with the 3d Marines Div. where he served as the Batt. Asst. S-3 and as the CO of Co. B, lst Batt., 9th Marines. Fol- lowing this tour he was assigned as the Officer Selection Officer in Austin, TX from 1979 to 1982. In july, 1982 Maj. Lynn reported to Headquarters Marine corps, where he served in the Plans, Policies and Opera- tions Department. In Aug., 1985 he reported to the Marine Corps Develop- ment and Education Command and Staff College. Following C8cSC, LtCol. Lynn was reas- signed as an instructor at the Amphibious Warfare School. Injuly, 1988 he reported to the 2d Marines Aircraft Wing, Cherry Point, NC for a two year airfground exchange tour. While with the Wing, he served as the Plans Officer for Marines Aircraft Group 14fXO for MAG 40. In july, 1990 he reported to the 2d Marine Div. where he served as the Plans Officer 8c the Asst. G-3. LtCol Lynn assumed command of 2d Battalion., 2d Marines on 10vIuly, 1991. LtCol Lynn is married to the former Marianthi Lollis of Watkins Glen, New York. They have two children, Marissa and Lisa. CAPT. MATT HORTON CO OF TROOPS Captain Horton grew up in Wellsville, NY and attended the U.S. Naval Academy, igraduating with the class of 1982. After graduation and commissioning he attended The Basic School in Quantico, VA. From The Basic School he received orders to Field Artillery Officer Basic Course, graduating in 1983. Captain Horton's first permanent duty station was with Battery E, 2X 11 where he worked as Forward Observer, Fire Direc- 'tion Officer, Platoon Commander, and finally Battery Executive Officer from 1983-1986. Following this tour Captain Horton served as Commanding Officer Service Co, Headquarters Battalion, 3rd Marine Division in Okinawa from 1986-1987. From Okinawa Captain Horton report- ed to the Naval Amphibious School, Coronado, CA where he was a course manager and instructor for amphibious warfare, Indoctrination, Amphibious Warfare Planning, and Naval Embarked Advisory Team QNEATJ from 1987-1989. From 1989-1990 he was a student at Amphibious Warfare School. Upon graduation from Amphibious Warfare School Captain Horton was assigned as S-3A CAssistant Operations Officerj for 1st Battalion, 10th Marines from 1990-1991. Captain Horton assumed command of Battery B, 1f10 in May, 1991. Emory L. Campbell was born on Sept. 22, 1950. Following graduation from high school in Coal City, WV, he enlisted in the Navy in December, 1968. Following initial training Master Chief Born Feb. 9, 1949 in Vaiden, Mississip- pi, Sergeant Major Campbell enlisted in the Marine Corps in Nov 1967. Following recruit training at MCRD Paris Island he 6 OSCMQSWJ EMORY L. CAMPBELL COMMAND MASTER CHIEF Campbell's first tour was on USS JOSE- PHUS DANIELS QDLG-275. His second duty station was as Branch Station recruiter-in-charge Petersburg, Va. On this tour he completed an Associate of Arts Degree, and was Runner-Up for NRD Richmond, Va, Recruiter of the Year. Master Chief Campbell next served on USS LAWRENCE QDDG-45 as LPO, AIC, 8c ASAC. He was selected as SOY and CPO in 1978, and subsequently transferred to USS CLAUDE V. RICKETTS QDDG-55. While deployed in 1979, he was selected for and assigned to NMPC, Washington D.C. as an Operations Specialist detailer. Master Chief Campbell then attended the Senior Enlisted Academy in Newport, RI. Upon completion of this course he returned to sea 'duty at Fleet Deception Group, Atlantic, as OIC of OPDEC detachments aboard USS PETERSON QDD-9695 and USS BRISCOE CDD-9775. Selected for MCPO in 1984 while deployed aboard BRISCOE, he returned to FLTDECGRULANT as Command Mas- ter Chief. Transferring to Fleet Combat Train- ing Center, Atlantic in 1987, he estab- lished the 'office of Manpower and Per- sonnel for the training directorate before selection as Command Master Chief. In Sept., 1989 he assumed duties as Force Master Chief, TRALANT, where he remained until assuming duties as Command Master Chief onboard USS TORT UGA QLSD-465 in july, 1991. Master Chief Campbell is an Englisted Surface Warfare Specialist, and is autho- rized to wear the Navy Commendation Medal ftwo awardsj, the Navy Achieve- ment Medal Ctwo awardsj, and various unit citations and service awards. Master Chief Campbell is married to the former jean Millner of Norfolk, VA. They have a daughter,jill. SERGEAN T MAjOR STEVE A. CAMPBELL BATTALION SERGEAN T MAJOR was assigned to Marine Barracks 8th and I in Washington D.C. serving with lst Pla- toon of Guard Co and at Camp David, MD. In 1968 he served with the 26th Marines, the 9th Marines, and 5th Recon Battalion in West Pac. Returning to the U.S. in 1969 he was assigned to G Co., 2nd Batt., 2nd Marines Camp Lejeune as a machine gun squad leader. In 1971 he transferred to Marine Barracks Panama where he served as section leader, sergeant of the guard, and NCOIC of guard detachment Galeta Island. In 1975 Sergeant,Major Campbell transferred to Camp Pendleton, CA where he served with 2nd Battalion, 1st Marines as a rifle platoon sergeant, F company gunnery sergeant, and finally as Battalion Operations Chief. In 1977 he transferred' to 3rd MARDIV in Okinawa, japan and was assigned to 3rd Batt., 9th Marines where he served as the 81 mm mortar platoon sergeant and H8cC com- pany gunnery sergeant. Sergeant Major Campbell completed recruiting school in 1979 and was subse- quently assigned as an 8th district recruiter in jonesboro, AR. In 1980 he returned to Camp Lejeune as a gunneiy and 1st sergeant,with various companies within the battalion. Following this tour he served as I8cI lst sergeant for Battery C, 1st Battalion, 14th Marines in jackson, Mississippi from 1986-1989. In 1989 Sergeant Major' Campbell returned to the 2nd Marine Division and was assigned to 2nd Batt., 2nd Marine as the battalion sergeant major. Sergeant Major Campbellis awards include the Navy Commendation Medal Ctwo awardsj, the Combat Action Ribbon, and various unit and service awards. . Sergeant Major Campbell is married t0 the former Yvonne Day of Mississippi. They have one daughter, Stevanie. CHA GE OF C G MMA U.S. Ambassador William C. Harrop addresses the crew of Tortuga. TORTUGA had her first Change of Command 24 july 92 in Haifa, Israel when CDR Stephen D. Gilmore relieved CDR Allan D. Wall. In his address the guest speaker, the Honorable William C. Harrop, U.S. ambassador to Israel praised TORTUGA's crew, saying, "you, like I, are ambassadors to Isreal, and you have conduct- ed yourselves accordingly Bravo Zulu!" In his farewell remarks CDR Wall thanked the crew for their fantastic support and results during his tenure. KTORTUGA has been, with- out question, the finest thing that has happened to me in my lifetime. I wish you all the best and I would gladly serve with each and everyone ofyou at any time, any place. You have been, without question, the finest crew any CO could ever hope forf' CAPT Wall and CDR Gilmore greet the ambassador. Colorguard at the ceremony. The CFCW at parade fest- 7 Y Fil T EFHB UG CAPTAIN S LOG 0 I ng smrnu la 0l1 EF OT 3 E n I UGA UGA F UG or ' ur o E QW HC alre 5 E 3 A or plan ec for FPE ' ' auve ' TOR ar . . . . . . . . Hort xer I ' ve ' Ou , . . . . . c Ef a . . oy' ' se ' ' ' ' erran ' ' . ' I ANDER ANDIN6 EVEF SHIP'S HISTORY USS TORTUGA QLSD 461 is the sixth ship of the Whidbey sland QLSD 415 class. Construction began in September 1986 at ivondale Shipyards, New Orleans, LA. The keel was laid March 13, 1987 and the ship was launched September 15, 1988. TOR- TUGA was christened on November 19, 1988 by Mrs. Rosemary 'arker Schoultz. On November 17, 1990, after more than 4 years n construction, the mighty warship TORTUGA was commis- ioned. Following commissioning TORTUGA plowed through the igorous post commissioning inspection and maintenance chedule including Refresher Training QREFTRAJ in Guan- anamo Bay, Cuba in january and February, OPPRE COpera- ional Propulsion Plant Readiness Examj in April, and INSURV n May. In june, 1991 TORTUGA went back to the yards in Norfolk, fa, for a three month post Shakedown availability. TORTUGA re-entered the training arena in September when he participated in Amphibious REFTRA, followed by another QEFTRA in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Nearly at completion of KEFTRA TORTUGA began her first mission oriented opera- ional commitment when she accommodated Haitian migrants Jrior to the building of temporary camps at NAS Guantanamo Say. During her three weeks of participation in Operation GTMO she was home to over 1500 migrants and 400 joint Task ?orce personnel. Upon detachment from Operation GTMO TORTUGA sailed Lo Panama City, Fl where she picked up the first ever load of five SHIP,S MISSION The mission of USS TORTUGA is to conduct prompt and sus- Qained combat operations at sea anywhere in the world in sup- port of national policy. The ship operates independently and or with other forces in projecting naval power ashore. Officially designated a Landing Ship Dock QLSDJ, T ORTUGA is principal mission is Amphibious Warfare, i.e., rapid build up of combat power ashore. As such, the ship is superbly designed to carry out that mission. With a 440ft well deck capable of holding four landing craft, air cushioned vehicles CLCAC,sj, two helo spots able to simultaneously land and launch two CH-53E USMC helos, extensive boat and landing craft repair facilities, and troop berthing accommodations for up to 627 embarked per- sonnel. TORTUGA transports landing craft, rolling stock, and ele- ments of a landing force to an amphibious objective area CAOAJ, launching preloaded assault craft and troops in support of amphibious assault operations. USS TORTUGA will normal- ly operate with an amphibious task force in sustained operations to gain or maintain sea control through power projection ashore. Secondary Mission areas incorporated into the ship's design are: Special Warfare, Fleet Support Operations, Noncombat Operations, Electronic Warfare, Ocean Surveillance, and Law Enforcement Operations. LCAC's in an LSD 41 class ship. TORTUGA began 1992 back at sea providing local LCAC, and helo services in january and February, followed by deploy- ment work-ups with other units of MARG 2-92 in March and April. The latter part of April Sc most of May found TORTUGA pierside making final preparations for deployment. On May 27th, 1992 TORTUGA said goodbye to Little Creek as she began her maiden deployment with the IWO JIMA Mediterranean Amphibious Ready Group. Ports of call on the deployment included: Rota, Spain, Palma de Mallorca, Corfu, Greece, Haifa, Israel, Siracusa, Sicily, Augusta Bay, Sicily, Toulon, France, Thessaloniki, Greece, Almeria, Spain, and Casablanca, Morocco. During the deployment TORTUGA 8c her embarked units participated in amphibious, and joint forces exercises and oper- ations including: Spanish Phiblex 2-92, Exercise Ellipse Bravo, Operation Provide Promise, Italian Cross Training, Exercise Display Determination, and Betacom 192. Other key events during the deployment included TORTUGA 's first Change of Command in Haifa, Israel, and the hosting of the 50th Anniversary Celebration of allied landings in North Africa while inport Casablanca, Morocco. TORTUGA has earned the following unit awards: the Nation- al Defense Service Medal, the Humanitarian Service Medal, and the Sea Service Ribbon. VVI-IAT'S A TORTUGA? The TORTUGA takes its name from a group of seven small islands located about 68nm west of Key West, Fl. The Tortuga Islands were discovered in 1513 by Ponce de Leon who gave them the Spanish name for the huge sea turtles found there. For 300 years they were home to pirates. The U.S. bought the islands from Spain in 1819 to strengthen the defense of her southern coast. Fortjefferson, completed in 1861, is the landmark of the islands. Centrally located and sur- rounded by a deep channel and harbor, it is a hexagonal, three- tiered citadel with a 70 ft wide, 30 ft deep moat, five ft thick outer walls, and sides measuring 450 ft long and 60 ft high. 243 large caliber guns protect the fort, but not one of them has ever been fired. The fort has been used as a prison, and as a communication and coaling station by the U.S. Navy. The U.S. Fleet was sta- tioned there in 1989 in anticipation of war with Spain. In 1904 the islands were set aside as a Federal Bird Reservation, and they have been a national historic site since 1935. This is the second ship to bear the name TORTUGA. The TORTUGA QLSD 261 was commissioned in 1945 and earned 5 battle stars for her service during the Korean War and 8 more for Vietnam action. Her name was stricken from the Naval Ves- sel register in 1976. 9 ww? i WV . W RCC Normally represented by about 25 naval officers and an ever changing number of Marine Corps officers TORTUGA's ward- room strived to maintain a balance between work and play, and to promote a positive command climate throughout the cruise. Led by Commander Allan Wall and Commander Stephen Gilmore and supported by the best crew in the MARC they ensured TORTUGA outshined all others in everything that she E did- V Lt Dando plays the "perfect Navy-country western song". The Blue'GreCn team at Play in Sifacusa- A group of "Display Exasperationv mustache contestants 1 he wardroom gathers one last time to say farewell to Commander Wall and to hail their new CO Commander Gilm 10 ore. Doc Panico, Doc Dando, and the C0 serve it up. KHAKI DINNER On November llth, the khaki community hosted a meal for the crew to show their appreciation for a job well done during the cruise. The officers and chiefs were assigned jobs by the Chief Mess Specialist Lou Solomon and the Food Service Atten- dents assigned to S-4 division at the time. From the beginning the khakis set out to show their intent to provide service to the crew. The menu consisted of pizzas, sodas, baked beans, creamed corn, chocolate cake, and soft serve ice cream. The biggest thrill for the crew was watching their favorite or most hated khaki as the case may be get their hands and other things dirty while washing dishes, bussing tables, and taking out the trash. H Q, ,,,,Wm,,,MwMWW4 2 5. TE E l L ' H L Sl 84: 1Lt H nt. Chief Z and CMC "let them eat cake." RMC ACl21IT1S makes 2'-lm05f homemade Com- HS l'1gC, CI'gCI', I OOP, ll Y f E . vis, , R i i n x six M agp 's Qs i d d PNC Nesbitt ensured everyone had a clean tray CW02 Rohmd busses tables The XO demonstrates his messing stan ar s. ' ' ll 'VXI .4 ig: 5.13" 4.5 5 LT SHANAI-IAN CWO2 COLLINS ff wxgv VW, X ' ,fa V A, ,, ak aa,a24f f fi L QQ' Z ,x W Z S: 1 2, LT 12 fb ,, W, - M MH :L ' f Q ..xL.. I '3,:W"f , MSN " ,VLV I , Q, ,' ff 7 A ' ,,,, ff, ffssj, fg ffl I if fffff y 1 : W ,Q .ik WWW ' , gf ff A W fwfffi X X, ,WX ,WMM 'ff' '. 1' 'QQ ,Q" sv ,ai ssssss , , r I 5 . if PRICE 0 W ff, is Niggas it my ME '9?i'2?5W if ggfffs s5?f,zv55i?QQ 3554 'j7f'WkZ7W"'7 9' TWV ' "W 2 ff is. fu-R .:,: ,freiggss '-1s??:.wR?2,eN.' 'n 5 I., 66 -V if qs is ' ' . 1 1' 1 ' 4 , A f J ,' , ' f ' , sfswf12aifH2sQf"9fs2ss ig? f N -' gg? 4:1 ,f 4 V., - -4 I ,' ,f 2 4 , X! ff , , fffffyfr Sffizwiw' :S2x22rE2 this sigma 12fff251fwgf53fg5?ffif'frn"6'f'fi229frfr,, yifaafrahifr fW2ffQf ! ff! ffff4 5- -", '- R 01" f '. S. , 562, .' ,4f-5,30 . 1 ' 3 me .- . s 1 4 r ., -6 1 1231 -f vi A -, FM ff-I .,, , , .5 'ff ,f " , , , ' f f f if f, 1, fi Deck Department is the vital link between USS TORTUGA and our "Main Battery", the United States Marine Corps. In carrying out our primary amphibious warfare mission the boatswain's mates and gunner's mates of Deck Department provide the expertise to carry out our many varied assignments. From launching and recovering LCAC,s, LCU,s, Mike boats, and helicopters, to small boat BMCCSWJ HOFF operations, underway replenishment and refueling, Deck Department is centrally involved. In addition to our operational commitments, we are charged with maintaining our ship- shape appearance through an end- less' preservation and painting pro- gram, ensuring TORTUGA is the "Pride of the Waterfront". Day or night, rain or shine, Deck Depart- ment is ready to answer the call. 7 ff " J A The gunneris mates show off their pride and joy. BM3 Close, SN Nham, and an unidentified SN clean wire cable. ' -fp I , I 'l Fi L , fr m I 4 l l - I i 5 ' l A l I r n 1 I l F pu ffl 1 nf" . at .4 a... ww wa. uv Mm Q, A , , w , , ,ff- fmf X' ' arf iii-51' xxksmf-ff gf' ww A G Q.. , ,mv Q.. ,-fi - 14 ,V f. fail, J, , J' Wu I lf, 4 I f 1 2 WM 115, H44 9 ' f 5 4, 9 'fs N . N , x J'f"f ,M ,NM WWW 'ww Cir f M -eff: s ME Rf ,fx f If 5-ZW li ,ff www! . we , ig1,.j2,'xx-'fN?'Ns,X , u V sf?-, N ,, L v :N 7, 1'-mviwgfay, L Y ' . ' N Xi, - . t ' L ., .xii f f I ' rw X , , - , K BM3 Houff takes center stage at morning quarters. N ,Anon K 13 X v f f : pf 5 5 55 142 11 17 Q , sy fa 13 N KWSN ENS ENC-LE SN Rowe, SA Maglio, SN Cintron conduct fresh water Washdown in Augusta Bay. BM3 BOBBIT X AS f 'F , X -X V X ff ff A S ' AAF , ,I -1 SS 4 Q, .SV Q 6 I7 , SS X Q :SS ' ' 0 4,1 4, A fig W, fx N f , W Z X fi X7 S W W V W fx W, X 0 f X M f 5 W E X 4,3 SQ S 724' 3' 'R iw 47 Af' X Q , A, gf ',,, S S Q5 S K .S BM3 GLOSE SN KANDT 14 WM, fi 5 x f , 722 W S Q 'W,, X y is if X X W .O X77 ,WZ X. W1 S I ' 3 , SA CLECKLY BM2 DODGE SA FIZER A 2 I, f , ., , I SA GOODSON BM3 HARGROVE M , fiat SN LECONTE SA HOOD BMSN HORTON A F -fi! SR MAGLIO BM2 MASSEY SN MATTHEWS I E P I 9 1 X ?fN,.f-4+-.NNMX , f, :......X-K NL .I J I an M-'fwfr -kgk .-4-""' AU BM3 Glose the volce of Tortuga SN Hood goes over the side to paint in Toulon, France. SN OLSON W V Z Q- 7 S BM3 KING BM3 ROBINSON 4 . Q. 44 54, , W f X ,Q Z 42,444 M' A 7 ' 574 V 7 W Ai' Q1 mfsf SR TROTMAN el ,,,,, 4 W f U 5- ,, 4, ,X 44 4 "O " 554. W X44 Vfx ff ' 1 fx Z! W 4 ,Q , 23? 4 4 Z 'mem SN ROVVE BM1 TRUITT BM3 WALTERS f SN QUINLEY 3 , 4 kms BMSN STANLEY SN THOMAS ,, SA ZIETEK M.-Q WF 4 M X ,f lug' 'haf Ki, .ff 1'. f , af. av ,,,, , . ff f L A A nf A "f A Z A in I -x., x 7 ? xv ff . N N51 Z ,N S ENS MACKY SN Gibson and SN Tier work on the 60 ton crane. ,M-NM SA ALLEN BMS ARNOLD ' BM3 BARNES SN BLOCK SN ADKINS SN BOOMER SN BUNTIN ' ASNABURNS - SN DELONG A SN DIXON ff Qffw. M .Nw A .f 5, .Q Q ff f A 1 . fn . f -ES f' A ' USS ff!! is M f' I . , 'g .T wsvwf N' e S 'WN fi SSM W S, S .S Q ',,:, M: LS L ,W 5 y , S E ff - f - SW. Q :ss f V an 5 H 175 N: if ZS QS t-' O S PU SR FULTZ SN GILLIS SA HANDLEY BM3 HQUFF 16 .J ' V+' f ,-:XX X X SX XX Y X IX 1 Y ,w"'j , ff 4 .8 A few good men moor the ship to a buoy in Turkey. we w AX MY, X1 .I N ' , YQZN "NX- 1 ' X SN Buntin, BM3 Walters, and SN Ventura 5 f ,ue ,Z ey eeee , ,X f N NSN, xxxx , 1. ANR W ,X f 1 Y wily XX X M QNX7 .A X I7 , XM W 1 Ala: fe KS . 4 X-jew ' ' 1 - 1 1 Q, V1 w X i , 'sq XX, ZS , M 5 f as ,SZ , Q Nj f .QN 'X WX T '1. 2 W ' N 1 . VX A ff QI W N , 1, 4' . I ' .f. T ,f W wwf 5 XX X AX as KA mx ' X ZX X U, W X f Q - , , 1 If X ? 0 ' Sf 1 ' , 'V mf W 1, I , X S 1 - , S ,Q 1 1 1 f , 75, Q ' . 11 X , Ng 1 E1 X Si S T Q I A . 1 Sf! XXV' ZXQS X N ' f . 'Rss S f Kwan S NW ' QW . 1 1 . X X :Q 1 X SNJUAREZ BMS KEENE SN KING SN LUNDSFORD 2 'T' if wiv' 'alex X I M 5 If SN MCGEE SN NHAM 4? wx ,, xi! W!! M W., SN SPENCER SN TIER ff RWE! IXX 7 SN PLATA W I ,X f , X , X Z A E W K1 0 0 X SR MARTIN 'nu SN RODRIGUEZ BM? SHUNK WN N W X XX! f , 75515 - wg ff X X X fe 1 X , KY N f Q Q , ,f.Xg,1m-, . f f X ' 1,x' 11 A y S X' X1 ,mx .SQ X VI, R K 3,1 ,, ,. ,, -N xisx.. .Q'K X fe New :Xie- S Q W1 -:r , fs f 2 1, X -.4 , X X 1- .SZQFY 'Nxfi VX X I 1 X X XIV 1 gfyxw ar SFS M J F f E X4 f 2 SN TRIPP J! f 1' SA WASHINGTON SN WILLIAMS QS. A .X A , N. We X X SN Smith cleans brushes in the paint locker. SN Buntin hanging out. as 1 l Q I l BM3 Walters and SN Buntm swap swab techniques. V SN Platta and SN Zietek are two wild and crazy guys -u-...,,,t-l BMl Ashley and his special UNREP pals. 18 SNjones checks off the daily boat report. BM3 Close, BM3 Rich and BM2 Rivera put P611 fo paper in the deck office. X wx-M A N X KQV W Ns f ,, for sf M . .WsWTX -MxQs,4'1N Y' XXX. X X XX W an X H ,S W M X W X V f 5 ,.,4 5ga:.,s-, P.A,S,-::::.f:.,.5.,,.Q.., .., ....... , . ,MM or s s N1 x frrr- M1-Mmww if-M U . ..., . . ., WM. 1 - .,... , .,.... , ,,,,., ,,,,,,,,,,.vvv, .,....,., , . - fffepr2-f-4-1-1--I-f-SwMW: ' F H " iss Q X s :sw X as N N f X .ax - 7, ,f ,N , XM: . xg All X Xi N X Q X ss, 6 x xi K SX S inhsvg ,f :g.:.,, ,QW f ff! f 4, GMG3 Wiley squeezes off aifew rounds from the 25MM. mm , ,Z what l Q 'XW , ,,,, GMGSN BURKE GMG1 QSWJ LAFFERTY LT OCAMPO NOT PICTURED. GMG2 LEVVIS GMGl SHREVE SA SMITH GMGSN WITHERSPOON GMG3 LANTRIP GMG3 VVILEY ll 3rd Division shows offits killer tomato before putting it in the water. In A If T . - 5 , X -?,f4,,l" , -1 5 '? A X , fi- 2 'js f QV I , f E' ,O I!! 7 3 , l FU!! J ,ff , ,V L " I ' ,' -SQ, R X . ,f y I N N X! X 'E Z Ex ZW 7 N 5 K+. xx . .T . T ??4e:-wflslgil -Q-fif5fSb "me -:F ,..-g.g.3?-M, P -- ' 'eeifib buf. T ul V . B vb 19 '- H4451 w W wi:-1:-' .--!'- .- S -.Ap-..n-'.: f?2'f25:W 'iii A f If bi 3 T LT MORRIS v A Q l r I I 1 W. V E. l i I A i i l 5 r I i l l I I The Supply Department was a major player in numerous VIP dinners and receptions, CL1l1T1in3t.1' making the MARG 2-92 deployment successful ing in the spectacular Ambassador's reception On, for TORTUGA. This department consists of 4 the flight deck in Casablanca, Morocco. S-3 diVi-l divisions with 34 supply rated men. S-1 Division is sion is made up of Ship's Servicemen who are? made up of Storekeepers who are responsible for responsible for running the ship's store, vending the logistical readiness of the ship. They manage machines, barbershop and laundry. Throughout I the ship's budget and maintain a large inventory W the deployment the men of S-3 division provided of repair parts onboard the ship. Their expertise outstanding services to all onboard. Their hard , and hard work enabled the ship to begin and end work also generated 350,000 for the Welfare and the deployment with no CASREP parts outstand- Recreation fund making many capital improve, . ing, a notable feat for any ship. S-2 division is ments, including a big screen T.V. on the messl made up of Mess Management Specialists and decks, a reality. S-4 Division is manned by Digi Food Service Attendants. This division is respon- bursing Clerks who are responsible for paying the i sible for food service on the ship, preparing and crew, cashing checks, providing foreign currency serving over 2200 meals each day. In addition, S-2 exchange, paying dealer bills and assisting crew l division's efforts enabled TORTUGA to host members in other pay related matters. I 5 I I f , . 2 5 l H111 I 5 I I l E i . SK2 3CkSOI'1 keeps his paperwork in order FR Graven C0f1ICmP12ltCS what to WFIIC h0f11C The man behind the machine SH3 Richardson about MSl Walker keeps the night crew going MS3 Cuppett MS3 Willis, and MSI Jarvis honcho a steel beach picnic r l l E! fi Ll l.. f' l . . l ' l l I I V l V , . . I Q ,, 3. rl fe 'll' :al Fi-' 1572 . 1" , A Q 161 ,f I .lj . I, .. Iv gl f ,v 5 f ' gl 2' W 5 . f L . ' I . l a . . I I I 7 ' 3 20 - I 4 ft 5 SH1 Cooper accounts for sodas during one of many onloads ff. 62" 0 W7 9' 4520. 323239 Ov sv EX ii 1 ,ga .aw-,Q KJ . ':"' aL?+kv5O-:Slim i ,, , XX.. OOW,,.W.,, . ,I W A, , 1 "WU" ,, if ff ff f A O! f 2 1 Sym. Q O . . OO .W O.. mm, W. .,..w,5M -I:M93.1.2-Jva:fr:ssSv'fr:'fwafsavi+?32fa'f3Wffgzzixigiwvfififfgzyjgfvgyyf ,,- 'I 1 ,I O f M I -fs yi sag sw Pfiffff fx ff iff XR MC' f ff! fav .' sf' 2' '- Y?-' N -f'Q3NQQmg?E-25-2,5S.pX3Sx 'XYZ' 255' sz by Q3 ,gf 'fu' f If Zffif fA I R , ,I Aziz! O Wfm Q OO fl jjlsf f jf! 2 ".v,,,..ygx5',.A:..V -x OO,,:..:f,.Q'e.-...z-wa -. 1 O O V I ' 'f A s-M. OQOO yy wg , O ' ,XOQLV5 , ,X ' . I If Ozzy, WIXOVQQ ,M 2, 5 my ,f ,fKw,'ye5O' ii, x O li, ,, .ly ,. OO W , W Q, X A A ff ' x Oxffff' , - OO W W ' X 'S uw fm , f , , "xx f , 9 X VV W W M, 7 vw' N , O W X K Y NH NX Ki- ww 5 ywkw-.f"' " O I gg W Q I 5 WW, www, .mA5,gm.fNO,L,,,E,,OO O ., ,, .. X... , ,S l I EMQRRIS Mifcqswp SOLOMON M52 Lane and MSSN Long . 'fyvz' M Wag xv x"' 'AFR O W Q 'ff yrxx 15, NO' O 4,15 ,,, O O V! Q X an Q, OO, 5 ff, s NlulS,,u Nr' I-:fi MS2 BAILEY MSSN CUPPETT MS3 DAVIS 33:1 I K MA MSI QIARVIS X , , ,O f QQSWSWQLOM W fx I WX,.Of,O :O O. X X f w OWS? f I Q OW , f X- Wi 7 Oww SW f W, 'ff O ,, 1 , ffm , I OOW O- ,, .O f M O vf MX 'pw -0 OO wr fsffw yQZfSf O 4 V ,OO O Q Ii mx 5, Qi QQ V- ,O -SSE Of XY MS2 LANE I Off, f X f I I I I I I 1 I + I I 3 I il r MSSN LEWIS MSSA LONG MS1 MULLER M83 RECTOR MSSA SOARES DCFN Poirer in his messcooking days. i 1 I 1 22 I 1 . fi Y-X ,J- I I s ,Si Exif. HI Z' 4 P fear e 'X Nhafs 5001511 doc? Shipping and Receiving. Y gikxfzis fs "-5 NV f N Q Mx. MSI WALKER MSS WI-IITTED MSS XNILLIS Not Pictured: M52 Carvahal, and MSSN Dodge. R, W2 x E f ENS HERGER SKCCSWJ TAYLOR ENS Herger at h1S customer SCFVICC wmdow. N' N Xxxx. M ,f,, W X ,gm xggfxs , S S my Q 1 gi, fm: tw! 7Wy, f,,7Q ,Qs W2 , ' Q., Q ' if K2 , ,,, 1' N ' WJ' Q V s , , f' f ff ffzh f ' A ' X ffxfs ',f j -A , ff ' -inf A, z ff H Wyyw' . f ,, f' M4315 U -5x 'QS ,J , .- ,WA f ' Xl- -w QV Sf 76: 5 7 W1 f , W W1 N WW - X fy Wit N , ,, ,L 'X vf , f ' M as W Z If 0, f 24 Qufiffw WWW Z m , X f f 1 5 DK3 LLOYD f WSF , V -Q, DK1 QSWJ MARCHVVIKI SK2 PERKINS SKSN PIECUCH SK1 QSWJ TYREE 5 S . I xxx. 5 X1 5 L 1 LOVE f S 'PATBAY X x '62 If xx! ff' gf 6 k X! !,f.f- I W-'W I f VA,:- .3QC:::i,h--,V-bl-,flt .,,. W x- xi V -v.N.N,.S Rn 1 453-ff-" -I -Q -:. ff' .2 cl, ,S.. "" -A-A11-'zz-rp DK1 "The Money Mann March- f Z,-H' nf,-:fl , ' Y S 1 Z, f if-.-S xg :L wiki counts out some cash. 'S M, ' nwyf? 3+ Y i ii , -"rr" . 5 -5 , M, .ga I .ls 1 U SJ! DM U' ENS HERGER MM S' Wi NYFW"V"-fY"'Z XNAWIX W X. "Ms S W S mf M 'W QW' ,ws ' W -- A Sasksff gsm R 7 MQ 'f , ls K 1 ff xy 1532,,igzfii555.35453:19ggzqspvszzzg-Agzgagggqs'4s,.,:-42.112243 . si:-:I::1:1:w:2:2:1-:rm 11.-sus. :-5,1 v2.zsw:2:2i:1:Iiz: :iiszrfzfzi':2:rss:r,:s::a::::s1::ss::m:1:-:::'s::fz1:i:2:::z:rs'ssi5:1-'sz-iss-222'-3121211115zz:55:11:22:5:2-1:3-25-1:2-2-I-244-1-2--If-1-'412-'41154124-:-24-:+I-4114-4114'-'-1.1111-rf-zw vw-1-:--1-: V-ww f I Q . , is . 4 ks f, 551,-,:,4,5:gf',:g.-,-zz.::5g:i:3.ii,gIg!555,-5325,-gi"555-1,115:g:zgg-,,3,g.g.+' :,,, '-Q21:::g:g,. '-gpg. 5,:g.v::. AL: ,3,-, rpg. 53" 45:-:1. akin:-:-A:E51,':5".':5'75Z355::5555:725415511155555515T.-if",-:725S:ZF!5:75:5'5 nEl"5!755:5".1:1ii:1",4:5'.1:3f5:155F9:7:5i ...,.. 75l"1'7"4'1' my XX , ss W I. A - k 535,,1.-Q,::,,,:,,,W,::,M5,5,:,,,,,,,,,,,,g,,,,:,.-,,,.,2g,-:,2,,g5,5g,3g.-3,g5:gg:-35:5:g::34::::- 'I 1,42 ,gi 1:3315 ,-1-1 -4:25:71 '-3131535111:15rsAgi:1121153111112:111151112111:11911:rss12-'21:2::r1f4111f::a1re1r4fs11'',-11-',rmsza-',-w1r:r:11r:41r: 11 1 1 1 Aw 1, Q.. , , . 111 1 1 K. , ss , V1 I -A , f f IQ r Q.. n , ' A 11 Q :B SO M . 1 f 5 ! fy 1 is ' , I ff Ifm' , I 1 N f I' IS ff I ' 7 1 . 1 . ' f f X N 1,1 1 1 -- ' Q ff Is ,X fx , 1 1 1 ' , f .m ,Q js-,1 . nf If: 1 I ' ff Q ' 1 ' J s V I W is ' , T- V Z R, , . f K 4 W If W Sf VN W Q VKSV 1 wma 2 :IN 4 1 N? ,AQ X 4137 I5 1 ' ,I ff , , ' WI 41:1 Wee.: fs 1 f yv I 1.11"4' N E 1 N SHC CSWJ KELLEY I SHI QSWJ COOPER SH3 FRUCHEY KN X fix , ,s AN AT SEA STORES ONLOAD IN FULL SWING. SH3 FULTON SH3 GONZALEZ SH3 RICHARDSON 11-58115 3 SHI SMITH I .U 1 I I a 1 .1' X S :QQ X A59 Si I SHC Kelle and SKI Bauman check the count and qualityof the goods. SHI Cooper stands ready for shore patro . A y 25 1-1-sziw5:f-Q-a:qge:-lfazzmzo-:ggy .gf51vm:':gi.1.z 1,3459 .dx sm? 24. '2!l'7?'!- :SE3E':Yi-. 69535 X2 Xa A ?!WZ my W WW f fm, f' f5 W M, ff M ff f The Corpsman aboard the TORTUGA are unquestionably the most talented and motivated corpsmen that I have had the pleasure to Work with From my first day onboard this ship they have insisted on treating their colleagues themselves and I am proud to say that they provide the crew superior health care with all of their heart and soul. If there ever comes H day that I am the one in need of emergency care I Om hope its one of the TORTUGA corpsmen than coming to my assistance. Iwish them all the best as they advance their careers in support of the mightiest navy on the seas. i 1 LT. GNUECHTEL LT. PANICO TI l . p 'Z HM2 BOCKER T HN BURTON HM3 DOVER T ml HMCS HALL 1-,,f,..,, sf 1 HM3 SCI-ILEY HM2 LEMQUE HMI SD I ,I L Pea- as A f5""" abldi 5, Nlllllm' L , if 1 4 Q T gyms K I gp -its--ff HM2 Bocker and Lt. Panico go over a patient's medical record. 26 HM2 Lemque checks out 2 PH' tient's vi tal signs. li. DANDO NN l'1 BREHER 1 l if if I JB, X If n. 'N Q A261101 DN Olson shows his teeth for the camera l DA OEHLERS DN OLSON ' s x 1 1 'ef DN Olson providing the best dental care in the fleet . 1.1 1, 1., -1 A55 53- I U m : ' Y' 5'-1 1 29" cl," yslz fi fs- -f':1:L.:"f-" 2:17. X x s 6 3 KM 1 CMW Q I. ,,. .. gr 4 fu if . I 2 .1 Q 1 M. ,1, If , , .,,.,,1,., ' ' ' X "'f'4"'W1"'S""' V 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 -tg o , 1 M 1 ,, '11 , 1 1 1 .wav .y N 1 'V' 40' s -1' 'sf W f f 9 4 1,1 f -' ' W " 1111 ,xx vin ,A 4, 44 Q gig? ff 2 1 ' ' ' '1 Q lg M7 f Q ,M X 1 Z, y ff 1 '21 175 '11f'f 1111111111 X2 Q '1 Www? Y' 1 1:41 gf f1 1 71 5 0 1 y 1 1' 1 1 1 1 1 7 H, -1 1, 1 A 1 1 4 , 11 1 1 1,1 1 f 45441 1 1 1 f 1 5 X 1 A .1 4 R ss. , 11 ,1 1 , I , , , 1 I 1, 1 1 , 11 A A Y g ' ,P A ', .xl 1 ' 1 s i' X 1 1 , , , K 1 1j 14, , I X 11 W ,C ' ' W H' M I Ay' 4 w ,1' f f 1' fff 41 ',, -V ' ' ' " "" ' '1" ' " """ WW """" - "" MMM """ "ff-'f" f ,1,, -1 -1--.- ---1 ,,,, 1 ,,,, DT1 Breher x-rays an unidentified marine Lt. Dando and DA Oehlers cleaning teeth 27 LT WRAY ENGINEERING DEPAR I To all of the engineers of USS TORTU- GA: I know there were many times you felt not appreciated as you crawled about and cleaned the bilges, worked countless hours to repair a system or component or endured the arduous watchstanding and training exercises required during the deployment. However, your efforts have never gone unnoticed. Thank you for a "solid goldi' per- formance that ensured a most memorable and successful deployment. Your enthusias- tic "can do" attitude and dedicated efforts ensured the screws kept turning allowing while having minimal maintenance time You kept power and cranes ready numerous liberty ports and kept TORTU cooled and heated when required. A11 fjri and flooding were handled professionali and expeditiously. Your efforts are alwal greatly appreciated. Thank you for takig - l c TORTUGA to keep all of her mi - 1 i care of TORTUGA and for takin car , Q 6 me. ' Curtis D. Wray Chief Engineer LT TAYLOR EM2 Carmichael and EMI Lord re-wind a motor. M Division gathers for EN3 Boger'5 fe-gnlisu-nent, 28 , 4 f , Xi! I .l WA ik im " Itmgffx : W - N, Z S if '23 Z i A A M i 1' f + 5 1 f ib- vi m f as , ff V f Q! M1 f X y 7 I , l Qf Q ff X if X ""'IJV' 55-59 Lwff wfwxum i l FN Larin and FN Vanderloo on watch in MMR 42. u F -4 . 925 4llllP' Anxufkuiidu ? 7 1 X vw LTJG BARBER MRC QSWJ HALL FN ALLARD QW? f SAX S N NXNN X xgfxgg fsk X SQL? NQX vfx X NNN? , f XX wk QwNf4 yqx f N sf? KN XS NNN X f W 1 X Y X f X QQ fx! X?NiWfN Nf NNNN XLNXNX KN f X Nwxf f X N0 XX Nxxcw NNN L xx NNN 2 X W X f fm NQ x QQXNN XNQX QVW N f 7 KX Z Qx M QX X N N N W X NN wg ,QP 4 N 52,5 1 Z xx N54 I XX ENF N BARTLEY !Qf7 fX,VWE7wf7Q fm ,x W fwf Wx 0 NSW f N, X f 0 X Nif .X X X icxff f fsNX OX fx Z ff fx, xffx fwfx X7x,WQ f Okff f , ? XMQ fw xy, XQX AQ! X0 XXX XWQ1 Mem A X Sz QQ! W x f J VX! 4'!Nr'-4 Nz on-4 N XM WMW Wm W W x NN f Nw XQX fx fN ix w Nb fN X EN3 BROVVDER N ww EN2 QSWJ BATCHELOR MR2 BELL Xfrik gg -fx 4 'AW ' 7 N? Six A f A fy, -- zwygkwxs-4 Q f X5 A 2 , fb Rv 35287 QQ',Z5735 ,Q Wwf j X,-Swwgx mL 578.0 xffwn x. L f 9 ,Q WSWS. 564.945 Q x 0 59, if ffgss S f 'N ww, w,Q,f kgmw .f' WSM I W, Nay: if fi M, .X : uw? X X' 5 XNVYQ, YT Wen . 4' Q WQQQW, fi if A 3825 Fw llmxx WN 5 Q' ' EN3 BURNS MR2 CASTLE ENFN CORROW ENS DOBBS 30 in 4 FR FERRELL EN3 DEAN N3 DELUCA Ss gs s EN3 GRAY EN3jOHNSON ENFAJORDAN ENFN ROSS X W X Z W ws ffyff, Sf, 1 AJ ,ff.!X!!,f-XXXX4 WX! QWWX!! XAA! Zsffjw if 4 X fqf 5' ' Q s if ffffx " 1' 9 f X yX- ,yggm X f mp E E : X X fx X - in fwfr Sf fz,zw4we 0 Q ' w 2 f We ,,.,,,, Q? N2 KNECHT ENFN LERMA ENFN MCGARRY EN1 NELSON EN3 OMANS 9 fa? N, X eff! . 'V MQ f f? Wywigyx ,Xyjf WE EN1 KSWJ MCPHERESON ENFN MOORE " fx Wf M f Q Q! Q A ' f f f , S f X W, f X! X 1 W,-zff X i f 2 Effw L f ,f 4 , f V ,Q f KV: f X , u ' 'W K V f, 5, ff, I X! EN3 ORTIZ EN3 PELKEY E MR2 SALER EN1 SANTIAGO ENS SMITH EN3 SPEAS ff KJL5 ,a f ff ' W 4 ' 1 K Q, f f f Z ,, f yfgifggftw Z W ' Z f - f fl , , W if 954 V, ,X , 4 . L ' Z EN2 ULIBARI f cz XMXX! f , Z WW if , V ff 7 'Q f nz Q f! Z ,M U 53 ww 4 X ENFN VANDERLOIS X, f Q is f 2 Q 1 X 1 WA ii 5 QW , , s Eli if :Vg HQ, il 22 ww A EN1 . 3 I If 7' k EN3 YATES H NWIHS e- X. ZKMZM M f 'NX ,:f-M. . X 4.1 as Wim gg: '21-9 A , ,K LT KENNEDY W I 570 fW W ww f. , W!!! fyy fy L ,fx , ' A51 . A ' WM ff , ,M , ? I fl. , IC1 Ricklic optests one of his phones. EM2 CSWJ CARMICHAEL 251' ff ,, f LLLLLR EMFN BEARD 2 'IMT A W fs YW, X vw ' I i I, A . " ' 'ff A fi ,V ,N W MX? ,U R 'Z' 'if' 1 4- ICF R HAUBER ah. NN V "4,, S L , A L f ' f EM3 CHAMBERLAIN EM2 CHAMBERS , W A-A y ,,, f EM3 EVANS ,3E. K f, , ff ww, f f , , W M M f f ,f ff ff f .5 , f ff ,MLW ,cg darn , df, ENAA W ,, W 5 2 ff, Q W! Me, .- 7 is My 5 I S. fffk iifflh A70 ' .1 , 7 ' f 'LZ f vm' af 7 1 X 'V f V i sw 'ff My cf 'lla mary FR IRIGOYEN FRJOHNSON EM3 KERSH IC3 KILGORE IC1 KMET ICEZCSWJ KREZMIEN EMFN LEE EM1 QSWJ LORD - FN NGUYEN 32 ,fi . f ef .ai 5 , "!'05L , ' .J 3" o 8 . ' 0 . M J CC Rogers and EM1 Lord study a PMS card. fha! EM3 Chamberlain, FN Robinson, FNjohnson, 8c EM3 Evans in the CICCIFIC shop 53 5 3 i as 'Nr MS w N wwxsx ' W 'fr WL w Nix m X Q gfyff fwfwffmo , ff ax X nfs Sf N so , ,Wg M ,M f, , - so W1NmM,qsM z ICIQSWJ PAVELICH IC1 QSWJ RICKLIC FR ROBINSON Y X L EM3 RUSSELL Wa ICFN STRANG ICFN WALKER EMFN WHITEHEAD M Not pictured: ICCCSWJ ROGERS EM3 SINGLETON 4 ENCSQSWJ NICHOLLS mfawsx s,w:.illim WEE? 5yW WWW Wa A f fmfnf ww vw 1 .lm - mm' X f i an Q M EEE Q Q, 5 AQ 6 MEZZ i :fsf1:z1 M If We Y ff 5' f kW f f W' W ago 53,33 35 zz '24 MMM' Jwiggsv su AMW ww wW 5 Hg Z' ENCCSWD WVILKINSON EN3 Cole rides his broom on the lower level of MMR442 lvl cuvnslon conducts quarters somewhere in the MED. 34 Sex - T ww A' NNW' The crew in MMRH2. Hey Chiefl think we've got another urgent EOSS feedback report here. 'ima 3 Z ff 7 ENS ADRIAN EN1 AUGHE FN BENKOVIC EN3 BENNETT ENF N BICKERS ENS BOGER EN1 C 04.5 ggi: ,Q 5 , f f, ,, VK Y A ENF N BOTKINS I' W EN1 QSWJ BURNETT FN CENICEROSGARCIA EN3 COLE ff OUSINS W Zi T N2 EN3 DIXON EN3 EASTERLING ENFN GRAHAM EN1 CSWJ HIGDON 35 Cback rowlflioland, hddie, Briar1,jock, ENCS, Mow, ffront rowj Car1,jake, Cory, Podilla, Shane. V I YI EN1 HOFFMAN EN3 HULLS EN2 JARININ ENS KRONTZ ENFN LAMBERT EN1 QSWJ LANICH EN3 MARLER ENFN MASCHKE ENFN MEI ENFN MINOR ENQQSWJ MORROW EN3 PAXTON EN3 RIDLEY II EN3 ROBINSON EN3 RQUSH 36 wtx 4 f I I EN fO1l Labb FN Graham, ENS Krontz, EN1 Aughe, FNJQ-zwett, EN1 Lanich. QAMR 411 L-RJ FN MEI, EN3 Hulls, EN2 Sturgis, EN1 Shuck, EN3 Ridley, FN Strawser. fMH1f1 Controlj EN1 Hoffman and LT Wray wwf JM EN1 SCHUCK ENFN SMITH ,ff EN2 TINSON FA VVHITE Z Z FR STAWSER 53 f ,SQ X! V ff i? ' ,,, fm ', 'ZW we rm .W :iffy K 1525: X Q 1 4' , ,,., Z EN1 QSWJ VVILLIAMS Wwwm "-' faixvw ,,..3 .11 , '17 ""' 772,:'Z":f' , . 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X.. mwe- WM DCFN Blrch helps restow an AF FF hose DCFN BAKER DCFA BATCHELOR The Tortuga translant halrcut speclal on dlsplay HTFN BIRCH DCFN BUCKLEY Axyf2WW,f W 7 ,wwigywyj ,WWX w XWW f f ff , f JM! ,W ff! 7 fi ,fi ggi fff! Wtffwfyfgf f fyigf fi f if Exww WW ff WWf W WW f f X Wwffff f ff WM AW! W f lil I fx 1 DC3 BYRD FN CLARK 4 fe, fe f M wifi yffg f , fi! xv fs! xl w 'M ' ,J 2 1 g 15' gf 4 in X f ' 2, ,f ,fm ,, Ty.. , Q, - e ,gk X Q I gfs ,,,,, jg A A ' ..-, 0.0-CMEAA I ZW, Z1 14- we " X E Z .X , .XE. A fi E- KXEK 707 ?-iff fy Af' iw ' ,ju oy .E.E Z r ' y AW W W- PL fa, VK 'few V f E -, 2' X , K-3f3fgw,,' , W WZ Q I 'ik f ' U f Jiffxff ff if gy .E.X EEEE he EEeE ,W 4 I ,X 0' . W1 , K an f'..5fzQe5,f'4 jf C ""' . 38 V., X I HT1 QSWJ CUBAN DCFN DUFFY R X , QWXAWW W ff W 5 YV ,xy -5 7, 5.5 ,9,,,,,64 W, X Yi f X X I M f K I ,Wi 4.6 f - , Q' v X' f , ff f . 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Ami. , , -, .a::S',, , W .. ,M ,,,.,,,.:M:'w:,y14 E5E5f NSi3g:' 1y:igfS a z5zme :gz:mSz3g2-gt Sz 1- - ,."1:4,4 - f, , - ,. . .,....., f ,, Throughout the deployment the men of NX department professionally and without fail safe- ly guided the ship to meet all tasking and sup- ported any and all of its Administrative needs. Combining modern equipment with age old techniques of the mariner the Quartermasters kept the ship in safe waters underway and at anchor. The Personnelmen took care of their shipmates, processing all incoming and outgo- ing personnel, processing all enlisted evals, and the list goes on. The Yeomen kept the CO and XO's paperwork moving, assisted the officers and crew with all official paperwork and more. The Postal Clerk's endeavored to send out and ll BMCM SISK NCl ROBERTS receive the ship's mail at every opportunity, N0 matter which one of the numerous little known obstacles they had the PC,s always delivered O , their promise to provide service to the gre v 1 The Chief Master at Arms maintained perfeg law and order, and assisted greatly with th maintenance of berthing standards. The C0 1 9 mand Career Counselor in conjunction witl the Command Master Chief kept the maui V balls associated with the ever changing careei field in the air. Finally, 'the journalists kept the A crew informed with their nightly newscast, audi 5 SITE TV programming, and showed off T UGA in numerous news releases. 5 Y' an-1 , N. ,ff PNC Nesbitt masquerades as a FSA. 3 wqg. , SSSSS 3659- ..., 's??L'Z' M 4525? 5 Q 5 5 , 3 . f f S PCS Solomon at your service. PNSN Wood alias "The Dice Man". Siifimf Y 'Y fff" 5 ff S i ... Kfmyw I ,. ,Mhz SJW VIVV so Lf i o A f X X S fiss.,-Q S if W Q i ,4 X V , . f PN3jORDAN YNSN MARCUM YNSA OLIVER YNSA SHAW MA1 SHELTON A . i Q. V - A: PN3 Dietrick overcame his injury to Continue work. JOSA Wegtanamo on station for the Kodak moment. 44 ?C3 Solomon, YNSA Shaw, and PC3 Stechshulte enjoy "Hump Day". PCSN SOLOMON WOOD O Z 'J PC3 STECHSHULTE PC2 STRATTON PNSN VASKE I WW New V my W, , .IN Q 7 N fy st it 4 sygt ,Q ?,,t V QQ Eg- MQW '1 cvyr XM is .x isf 75 , 'Sw YN , . wiki 7 'sf' 4m X ,f ff, its X is , A f4QSt,,.w, H Qs X X S: V-,fn rw is XWQV iii 7 wgly , f Q X Q K X X X X s W Jos zoox i 'QQ' 'NSN Duprie makes his uniform inspection ready. S PN3jordan helps SNJones get checked in. JW X fi JOSA WESTANAMO Not Pictured: PNQJOHNSON ? .J cr ,,,.,,,Y3lS3-.,, -101 Arg? IVAA Af' V- wh I N02 'W ii WVER 45 X -X s XXX- 'f'-- -WX-1 X XXX- X- 1- XXX 3' W WM .,-q,:gg.5,.,,3 af Xr XX X X is X3 sfgaifii ser W gi A gf? FX -' X XX Xtff'fXX..XXsyw -XXX sas-as --t .X -Q N. X - . . ,A XXX - .. , - . . . . X We WX X X . . - XX . :X -- , f 1 . RX Q YS? X XX , ' iX3..iSE,,iX Q35 ,AXXQQ Ng Q. ,X ,. r- fry? .f jf? 7 5 . g ' ' W' a W""X'f"rA 'is " ' N it X 211 -X ' T Q 2 - X- X. CX - ' X. 'X .iii w " ' J 2 'F X X ., -,Xt NBL. Wt? WFXQ :iXX2.fPXF. M- 5 H M X. A X .X X - -. X ., A.,. ,. .,.,.,.... , . , , QSVQXQ gf KQV .f f- XXNN X , j X X QXX The Operations Specialists of OI divi- fclear and encryptedj, and data transm 'i X. Swain gl M W W I H iff 5 1 7 ,sf egg f XEX X X Q N X N WXXQX ESQ Xgg. tg Xsgisgg Q SXXESXX .gs a?'es,.fssX,. sssgsg, gmt? ,, 4567? X Xi 1 X X 1 X XX XX X XX X J liilivviivvlzivl iivl V -ii' gi f XX Xlx i Xi7 kX X X2 XX X QXXAX X X by fx ,, XX . XXXA, X , t -X f E , ,V ,. L XlhgW5,j,Xiv! X X rX3fw,. Oak Xgi':'fr,Q! Kg X W N X N X fW X WUFXE WN N fx X X X X X, XX Q Q X XXXXN XXN XXX ff XXX N LT COSTELLO Xhlxli XXX mug sion use radars, communications to obtain data. The data is then analyzed and compared with charts, pubs, intel, and electronic signals gathered by the Elec- tronic Warfare Technicians. Essential info and recommended actions is then passed to the bridge. Additional info is obtained by the signalmen of OC division who report visual sightings and visually com- municate with other ships via flashing light, signal flags, and semaphore. Radio comms, including satellite, HF, UHF, VHF sion and reception are provided byt radiomen of OC division. The Electroy Technicians of OE division assist the RL with the maintenance and repair of th, equipment. They also provide maint nance and macro, miniature and mic repair of the radars and other electroy hard ware. The primary job of the Fj Controlmen of OE division is to open the CIWS whichfprovides an ami defense against anti-ship missiles. X ET3 STUMP 46 A 2.1.3 rQEg3f37SXXwAXgmXX'X X X5 xg, ,if -yX:.X,QxXXX..Y,,g 1 a s . . s: X s wg ,s:i3:3.g::: ,Q - J ,, '-.+ SX gg-M g gif-, fx w ss yu m X -ww 1 Q -X ' XXQX X X X ZA 'L rg ,XXX - ff f V X-sw NX X X Swim, is XX., X - , - X X . XX Xnf MFA ,WW X .XX N: ' X' TVX? MFX lx Xgfffirli isglfy gs, was QXQXXXX XXXX XX A' yas XZ ii 31 ff 'WWW K ,i,, tXXXSiXg51-'XXW 'LN fa For X - 'WM 5 lk f, X ,gg - .- 1 ww, 2X , XXX' X. X it its -Xp-'XX . r 1, M5 fs . - N mms t X ffv, X f X ga .XS X 1 W X X! w ff if f X X fx, ., L. ENS Smuda stands a vigilant mail buoy watch. 'E T WA ' I fx T f i , Y . X X X ,- X X t X. 455 A X sf' . X y X X " i X2 X ' X N S' xgglx S '7 1 ENS Ortiz, EWS Sim and FC3 Mazzrillo on shore patrol. 42? f X Q51 4 wi 2 !7-q'4'5w,, 1 ' M,.,M.,h. 4 f 2 -.NNMMW X I ,, 5 in OS3 Olson learns how to fire a shotgun. D' 4 ntl' f 5 1-Q ., , .. ,f-,:- .2 'sgiggvcgq:5:g:5:g3:3n:-!g3z.- 22, - - 1.,,-.wt-.W iw- 414.5 ,1s?a:s::z1:fm:3zivfMe? im . N ? is :I xi N x ' Q Q 2 ENS SMUDA RMCCSWJ ADAMS RMSA ARENAS RM3 BONDS SM3 MIENNINGS SM3 jOINER ' "' f .M ,wc ymsfg ,f ' ' 1 ,fy V M , , RMSN MCCLOUD RM3 MCCORN 48 , ,,M,W,,N,. ,,,,,,, V - , , A--ff V P Q A WZ! Q ,J-,:v?.1g:azzaa3g23 ,f,41'1-ffm- ....-,,,. V fmkgw SM3Jennings prgserves the Signal Shack. 5 '1 1 il fu A ' Sf Q fm rf fiy sf ,S , T . f ' '. wf Jh,.,.y.: X f ff f WS i wil ' Q .M '2 QWX5 XSS f , a fl fa SM1 KLEBER RMSN LONG RM2 MARTINEZ SM1 MCCREARY SM3 POWER RM1 SANDERS -3 4"Ciw Z I lMSN Skobel and RMI Sanders and RM3 McCloud. f, . Xe xxx X N XX ,N M , is fit 'N XNES SRNYSX , WS , f 4 ,, ,ff ff ww W WW f :W f X f fig , , f 4, , 5, X' ' wg ,:' 7 Z ,fi aww, R W7 Z Si Z- 4' r x -lg 54 5' A if ww 1 ,Y--'E , A ,-. v, pc pfll. ,lf ff WX, X ,, ,, xr.,f ' s -',f54fi4 DZ X ,M f vw. 4 f ,sfo ' Z' ways ,fi .-,. , RM3 McCloud, RM3 Wiggins and RMS Thompson. Z W! Y' ,ff 4 f f Z f 4 2 RMSN SKOBEL As usual RMSN Curtis smiles while he works. SM2 Doman helps a handicapped child in Toulon. s ? ' 22131 f W M6 Q , , if, N 4 ' 0 if QW PZ RM2 SMITH RM3 THOMPSCN RM1 TURNER RMSN VEGA RM3 WHITE 49 :Q-3 -,.1 wig:--:S-,:5 ',:1:g1.:,::.: V.-sms .ufigs-5m?Eff5--g:5Sp:-xg -:iq-. ,-4 4-792914, 'g 2:54 oWz-355-:.:q...m.g5.:,.k.C 6 iff, Q 1 , ,X N9 W K-: .- .-:J LTJC FINNEY , C T ETC QSWJ ROE mm-:Z :f:xEZf"f2S . 2' FCCS CSWJ VAN NORMAN E. - ,V kxfxf f N, . .. . . A ,. X Tx AMW Tm.. Q ., ,.,..4 , N -f.-4.-4 -vhs' '4-2 v jfs' '6.:":'gg,c'x'2.y,"', ' ,j 1 '7,i'f'f"' ' f 372' f' EW Y 127 5' V07 ' WY' ff ' Y my , fl N . - 4 I W9 -' f' f W 22. ff M ff Q, ' Q +1 . Q . - ,yi QM? ,Y x 369445 Q2 ,f V43 ,Q A , ,W W X 112:53 1: - . . Magi 25 51-pfwff 936' ffff Yf 4? Q X W f ww M? 'ff' M ex 1 'lf We , , . The CIWS stands ready to defend. FC1 Blaicher visits the bridge. 1 1 N I i x ETC Kovac mingles with EWC Castanien and the CMC. ET1 pen doe h' 1 h- 50 y S IS COO Hlaflt lflg. 'Uo- X 2, W E X ET3 Lahr fTORTUGA'S Mascotj at homecoming. FCI Bl3iChCl' in familiar SurrOL1HdiI1gS- F C3 Mazzrillo receives good news while phoning home. 1 FC1 BLAICHER ET2 BURCHETTE FC2 DURANT ET2 FOX FC? GOKEY 'Q inns ET2 HARNER ET2 JONES FC2 KUHLMAN ET3 LAI-IR FC3 MAZZRILLO 1 Not Plcturedz Q. ,V X Q ETC KOVAK - X Q' exfkgg I X0 N ,- hw . Q I5 , 4 Q "W, 2- S MQ R A ET3 MEADE ET1 PETTY ET3 SCHLYER ET3 STUMP ummm Z if 1 29,"wz,,af' Z ,Af-uf3,fM , vzjm As, Vt 5 Ky JJ S 4" 3' n fffxcl 3 "eS'zH' 001.14- G GREENFIELD 'Y 7 M V M f Y , f f 0 ,A ng ff ffx 1 ff! fx ff Www? ff! V CZXWXQX2 f bf QW, Xwffxmx f f ,Af V Ag W 1 f X V I f , 905' f s f , ZQXQ Qiyyxkffg W f I f ff K M f v , Qfxfyqywyyw V f JVM ., X 6?v , 1 f f f f ,V X QWZXVXQQXXE7 Auf .4 f X N f V 'V AQ, f f Yyw Vx' Xa , Q f , f fwyv X Na! f ' QW Aww? ,AA , av W f XM ff ww rw 1 f f MQ! 5? QW ,, f 0 Q 4 gg f f PZ ' yr , Xi QW!! 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W We we X V, N f aff fv WW' f W W f JW? ff f Z6X2V?fW Vgwidwxixf 'f WAQZYX X f f Z 4 21' f f fi df f EWC QSWJ CASTANIEN -if OSSN Wengert and OS3 Dahlheimer. W """'-Mn. OS3 BI'y1Sk1 takes a "noor1er " 52 OSS Bailey He-Man of the working party fnotj. OSSN BAILEY EW3 BURD 2. ff 5 :Q Y ffl X . X 1 :Z - V- Q-,-2:21-:wp ,, . WV : 'X f W5 f if JL fix: ,.37fN5i, fifffwfcffgj ?":'F1:vy' W X X X V ' f X :V :mr V f'xwVVgz'1:1'f f15.,VgV:5V 42' , azz: Va., mm- ,Q ,,.,,,,,QQ: fx V Qgfix f ff X 0 QZWX of mf Q g:'ffX , yes? f nsvwes ef X Q f AV I X K wi, flfw V513-Q, wf x X fs, yy K, V fe I N ff! ,V V, ,X.,,,,e V N X f fe Mem, X. Q K ,,?,,f, ,, , ,, ., Q X ?xf'3WQ W e 3. 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X 1255 YV., , f' f ff, 'Z 5102 5, Vf ff 4CVVf"5Vf ff 'V 'K 'Viff f 7 , 5 'Vf VV fV W J '- V' if x gy ? ,fy , K, 7 ,f,VVV Af' ,, 7 V V ,, 4 75, , 1, " WVQV V V ,' .V ' f ' x , 2 f O Af V5'w!Yw Z . , f ,, if ,VV X ,, 2' , VV Q V iff V'14iWlx"VJ ., X07 l5'LVWZff'j: ZIV 5 W CV fV if 'L If Q , ",f,"L 2fQ7Qe f 9- ,, M., - 4,'fQ,,yggZe46x ,21 0 , z,'j?5g1 ,5. Q K f, ,I V, ,717 FV ,V 'x I1 , 2 V Z wfix 'ef lun ' H 0 , ff OSSN CARTER -ff. , ,, ff, : Mg Q, -vw.-,x pw X ,If XX. ' X S Sf? it ww X m , Wf.fjk7,kWSL N w 7 'Vx NN-3 W RX 1? R x Q4 1 Wzfww' A WXQ fp,WpWvFA, XS K. Q yg ,'J-1?.i' J f if X YSSNGX A fx if-. Win' - WMS -gm? A M x 1 , . Q wg Ri '51 OS3 DAHLHEIMER '1 OSSA HORTON OS1 PISCHKE OSSAJOHNSON EW1 SIA OS1 WHITNER OSSN YOUNG OSSA HAGGARD OSSN KING EWSN LOWE EW3 SIM OS2 VOIGT Heave around on the messenger! :WW fm' 'ww -w 2 f - 7 ' r . if as 07, 5? 5 3 "f KIKQ USS BIDDLE QCG 345 practices her approaches. BOSN and BMC adjust the close in rig. ,,.....f--"""'s ...wa USS DETROIT keeps the fuel and supplies coming. Nfswlmw-ummm. The Blue-Green team keeps the flight deck clear! cfw ,NW -Y Q 0 Acetylene. AFFF, apples, baked beans, bolts, break away, coffee, corn flakes, copy paper, DFM, draeger tubes, ear plugs, erasures, flex hoses, freon, general purpose deter- gent, grease, hard hats, hamburger meat, hoses, ice cream, jack boxes, JP-5, king post, kool aid, lettuce, light bulbs, lube oil, messenger, milk, noodles, oxygen, oakum, pine oil, probe, paint, PQS books, prep, quantabs, quick release coupling, rags, rice crispies, Romeo flag, SAFETY, sodas, sound powered phones, span wire, T 8a D line, tootsie rolls, underwear, unseat, valves, Venturi effects, washers, wax beans, wire pendant, xerox parts, yams, yogurt, zucchini. These are the a, b, cis of UNREP and INREP. About once a month TORTUGA recited her a, b, c's either inport or underway. TORTUGA was provided excel- lent service throughout the cruise by three duty oilers, two combat stores ships, and numerous embarked helicopters. 'YSL .2 Hey these guys are good. rim RW? Www INCQMING! Heyjoe ready for two more? Catch! 55 1 3 ' f . j :aw N15 ,K f E gifs The Flight Deck Team poses on spot 412. BM1 Ashley 8a EN3johnson enjoy a break from flt qtrs. 5 4'Flight Quarters, Flight Quarters, personnel con- cerned man your Flight Quarters stationf, The famil- iar sound of the boatswain mate of the Watch passing the World for Flight Quarters was heard almost every day underway, often many times a day, and frequent- ly While at anchor. X-decking, medi-vac, mail, VERTREPS, DLQfs, NVG practice landing, pax transfer to shore, and emergency ready deck all required the Flight Deck Crew to man their stations. Doing this hundreds of times during the cruise they made their money the old fashioned www, M Nwytttx W , N K N Way they 62l1'1'1CCl lt. A CH-46 puts another load on deck. X v X UH-1 Huey on deck for pax transfer. The ready life boat crew standing by. QN Cleckley the man in the hot Suit. GRAPES: EN3sIohnson, ENFN Deluca, MR2 Castle, EN3 Burns, and EN3 e ey. Vlail Call! . EN3johnson and FN Clark are "prepared to reman on short notice." 57 Athletics for many of the Marines and sailors was not a sometimes kind of thing, it was a way of life. Providing positive results for the mind and body many people found renewed energy, and improved self images through their regular workout routines. Many athletic events were organized by the Athletic Officer, Lt Kurt Kastner includ- ing inter-MARG basketball tournaments, vol- leyball games with host countries, local road races, an iron man competition, and the "Run Across the Atlanticn. Others enjoyed swimming, rock climbing, and bike riding while inport. The PRT, held in Toulon, France chal- lenged many people, and allowed some peo- ple to establish new personal bests in the l1f2 mile run, push-up, and sit-up events. ' S W PC3 Stechschulte crunches during the "hump day" iron man contest Run Across the Atlantic participants pose on their track. xx ,, S ,. . Tortuga's WRESTLEMAN IA h..4.m Lt Kastner, the Athletic Officer, smiles for the camera. Q ms: or N Papa Doc demonstrates proper push-up form, Working hard to be the leader of the pack during the PRT These Tortuga sailors and marines fared well at a 15K race in Sollie-Pont, France. Z CDR Gilmore congratulates selected crewmembers during homeward translant. CDR Wall recognizes DC2 Paden for his pre-deployment work. MS1 Walker gets his moment in the spotlight in Haifa, lsreill 3 , t 1 f 2 Z in 4 K , CDR Gilmore recognizes the outstanding PRT performers. 7 4 CDR Wall presents certificates of completion to PACE graduates. hiv may my If s ' CDR Gilmore thanks the Marines who helped with COMREL projects. 45 members of Assault Craft Unit Four and Beachmaster Unit Two, both homeported in Little Creek, were embarked on TORTUGA for the cruise. ACU-4 personnel Worked on their respective crafts conducting PMS, repairs, and upgrades. Like the Marines ACU-4 person- nel Were integrated into the Blue-Green Team and helped significantly to make TORTUGA,S maiden cruise a success. The three LCAC's 8, 12, 19 were housed in the 44Oft long well deck and frequently detached "on cushionv for practice runs and VIP rides. The LCAC's primary use was to trans- port Marines and equipment to the beach. BM3 Roberts paints 8's port cabin. -..NNW ...,.,,.., VM., ..,,...,.....,, .. ..- .t.,.,,.. ,... , .... , GBX GSE3 Yerian effects repairs to craft H8 GSM3 Clapp LCAC 12 deck engineer. .,., FN Rodriguez always had a smile. GSE3 Whitecotton and FN Rodriguez perform maintenance. W, ' X M f fw WH" if W vt " W ' W , My , f' r in . ' 'Am' Assault Craft Unit Four and Beachmaster Unit Two detachments. ...W hfA,.wm.1nl1sw.,f , 50 foot UB and PL2 alongslde to port The 50 footer makes another llberty run The Admm Boat loads out 1I'1 Aksaz Karagaac, Turkey Homeward bound! BM3 Rich gets the liberty party safely ashore in Corfu, Greece. The Captain's Admin Boat run. LT Finney and BM3 Rich steer the course. PL2 stands ready to answer the call. PL1 was frequently found at the sterngate 2 . tv if ii 'H .2-223322: ' . 2 4' - .WE W" 52152262525 22522 -2 ' S 2229? 22222255525 222 22222 55255 6?s2v22s222 -1' ,,w'zZ:a:'2: gs f226222222? 229 ifggifffif iifiigikg? f' 22 " : -222 'me' .-222 22 2, 22522: 2 22222252 :crssnszfsfssfsrs i "9""' 3 -wwf' 222 2222 552 22222222 wffwfzf-"22 52' 22 22222 5521222 2225 Efikzfgfzfw 2292252 229 355' 2255295 F2522 " Hi Wi? 222222 52214 2 2:22 2 22' ,ff , 22223 M' 2, 2 5 2 sy ' 5 ss S 2 , 2 f ,s E iss 47 si gn y 5 2,2 22 M , 1 42 52555257 cf gs 5 19225 X 4f'F ,Zigi fu? EEEQEZ' 2 '2 fs fa 2 , 5252232222222 We 22 ' 2 2 52 2 2? 5 .22 .gg 2 ,, , 2 E .mm , " .5 g 'Z 222225 22 132252245 2, y s 5 , I I 2 of 5 greg 22' a 2, 22,2 -fm-g 2 fviiiiiiiifiii 1, 2222 2 22 221 ' fWWg2- 1 fi 5 g 22 "HE: f 2 5 '55 I: 2 2 'Z 9:52 is 1 f 222 ,2 2 2 3 2 .2,,, 4222252? f:2 2 1- 1 " ' 5 2 524' 3 9' 7372 :Z Q 2 .252 Q? 27" f V' 572 5? V g 432 3202 X X X jj I 1 I 1 9' 1 f . , 2? if? 4 2 X A Z? - 2 2 f 2 T SM1 Kleber demonstrates how to communicate with flags Colors in Almeria, Spain Tortuga Inn staff take a break. i i 4 I I ENFN Corrow after a main space fire drill. ii MT 23 manned and ready. I Y Deck Department passes stoppers on the foc'sle in Corfu. EN3 Banker performs PMS. ,, A ff f E L at , 1, ,, M SAR swimmers PC3 Stetschulte and YNSN Duprie pose with Oscar li '4 ii U , , X , W ,f , ff 1 I , if , if ff?" X , , E , Z L' ' ff ff ENS Smllda Watches f0I' the mail buoy. Qiuarterdeck watch at anchor in Corfu, Greece. I I 2 I I 1 4 w r 1 1 I, ' haw W' We 'WWW , N M "Wm ewfbqvfmwmv-f M "c"N::.,,:,h::"':m,,,.- ,M "lf, ww' 'W y, V f , H N gg, f YW , 4. Q A W I M ,M I .W'm.,,,,,,. , , Y.U,m ML M Mg ' "" Wwmm, , f' f 'W X ,, f 4 yi Q, M f we ff , ,V ff-W"'f W' 7 y I ,wa hm wmfwww, 1 hmm! I, ,.r I M WV ff- Mff' ' M .0 Wm W ff, W, 'fig I 4 un xv ' W f ' f ,. f -- M ,.. W' :yn l ' ' ' Adriatic water fills the welldeck for swim call. Officer's call on the turntable. X i 7 2 XX! r N ' wf i E The chiefs take a break BIFICT 3 long day- SN Tier and SN Gibson prep the 60 ton crane hook for painting. Hopper 19 makes her approach on KFORTRESS STRONGY The LCAC CLanding Craft Air Cusionj represent the latest in high-speed, ship-to-shore and over-thg- beach amphibious capabili- ties in the transport of per. sonnel and equipment from ships located at increased standoff dis. tances, through the surf zone and across beaches to hard. landing points beyond the Water line. The LCAC has the ability to operate independent of tides, water depth, underf Water obstacles or beach gradients. It can traverse the surf zone 8a provide a dry landing for personnel and equipment onto 7021 of the worldls shorelines. Carrying loads of up to GSM2 Sneed and EN2 Morris work on thelr craft 75 tons an LCAC can reach speeds in excess of 40 knots 'with its 4 gas turbine engines, and four lift fans. Each LCAC is controlled by two variable pitch pro- pellers, rotatable bow thrusters, and rudders. Each craft has a compli- ment of 5 crew and can carry 25 personnel inside the cabin. Tortugals R three embarked craft were used extensively throughout the deployment to carry troops, and cargo. LCACls 8,l2, and lQ along with a 38 member detachment from Assault Craft Unit 4 out of NAB Little Creek, Va., deployed with Tortuga on her maiden cruise. Hopper 12 delivers 155mm howitzers to Sierra De Retin during the Spanish Phiblex LCAC-8 onloads an AAV. Hopper 12 gives VlP's a lift in Corfu channel.A Hopper 8 conducts underway launch of an AAVP QA high speed demonstration off of Cap Serrat Tunisia. i I i 4 i 1 1 i 7 , Vice Admiral Lopez passing through the side boys f AVIP doffs his Hightjacket in preparation for the Captain's tour. GySgt Daniel interprets for one of the Tunisian VIPS Z fi Y QWV M zSWswmvQZwa T zfzwzsaszszsw f The CO talks with VADM Lopez The CO salutes the ambassador to Morrocco and COMSIXTHFLT VADM Owens addresses the crew the Wali W V iw X S 'X N, mf f AQ : 4 A QV, XX .aw Y, ' To N is X if The Captain leads VIPS along the tour route Spanish Midshipmen led around by SN Gonzalez VlP's are handed hearing protection before embarking on LCAC's 73 1 E ,, 1-11 wiafszpffzi: frsf-ew:-:a:+'s4 tffk1'11-'-'him ievzkskssksisssfci tg. . .ls 0 . Q' ig- 1,45 , 11..-':.anss:xssszsm:12-z, 15 framers:ssssszzsxzsssmszff'if fiagmxsssf 11 Z 4 ' " ' """ 'fgff 'iczifssfscdzirs sm... I 4 ' sms' ' , ,q5ss1.u'1 Q1 4...-7... ci? Ekghzacsrfw' 15411 2:15:15 E5 ! f W..-M11 ,,1-AZ ,, f f . 9 f 5251412991-a 42435 f ,.-.,.-0.-1, .JSM zwszamszs- 1' fscsfzjisaifsmzsmf -'digzlzzfcz """""'s4-' 1 "sf mf....,m4,,.-,,.-N.- ,,W.,,,s :, A W...-1...-,N.,,,..,,,.-.-,.. ,4..,,,,.,.-,. .,,,...4.-,wr '11 1:4si5f15'ss',s4w:f:5: 4'-dwf-4' zzrsxzwwt ",z:.f,,?Z ,. 5 ,,,, ' akssmmss- Z gs fix s f 4 22- " ily! 54 ,dff m if? Q f 1 0' ff 5 f f 5149 2 ff 51 r ,.-3.-z.,7G,sm,.-V.-yf - 53 -21211125121 Wgaea. gz 57, '5Zi55if7iFH5555iZi55' " '7' Wifi?-5155551-5' .,, .... , 115551255 4235, , Z1 555 35557 .-Piififfi' MSZIZF? 1 5224211P:fZ9ZE3Zsf2s2af'Zws' 1 395435411-:s1':1: 'Bm 'ms151:2s:ss:f:5f.sz1::, ,ff,4::rss1'f- MW-'15 1 f f I I v N. 1m,.-H.-.1 f.w.fw,,- A 92 "" 1 "" :mam 51. ,zgee55412:lgqzrmgasfagzligzl , ...M ,..,,,,.,,, 4..,,.,,.. .M WMM, rs. :2:::':cf:i:5:s:1:arssa:mm " ,.-mm.. , WAM-,,.-,,,-,,..,,.1g,4,.-. ,-,1,..,4.-W ,,,.Z,,,,,5 4 . , .ccuuccu fr, ff' f7ff,,. X . .f.! 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'111Z51111'lf3515112: 1 'W 115 fi s12111121112i1111 1 1 11f1"11111i111111f:1:,. :1:1:51:1:11:1:.11g: g::1:: 1.1.- 3?15?1111?113111112i'111 ' 1212111611111 .,3,g:1:1:1:1Z:11 4, 7134 gk 1.1s2 .1,1: :.11:1:1s.f 1'11 ..1.1. , .1....1 1 Z 1111- cf.: : 111 .,,n,1f:f :1111: if X . .X . .f 31-551555225 W.,- :1 ff-af :311' wi' A: . ui 1"6:.2:1: 51 1 r , . 4 X fff .,,.f,,,,.,,,Q.-..-, :1: :1,1.1.1,:,:,,,. F', 11'1111E111142? mgggggipgyf fE1,i1:1:1:1:1g1: 35' ' l13f11 ggi 1::1:Z 1:1 ..: 1:11112 f f ff czsmzrfwzrcsz-, 5 512313511353 .112:11::11:::221 1f,ggsg,.-141222141':11':1g:111w:1 W4-Zvfff 5 a 141 "H f9i115'513ll13'1i13'l 6 5 f' f' '1?11:?11,11 9 ' ' ' " ' '175":14 3:1:l39f "' 1-4451.111 qw :-ff 5iZ1 ,1:221111Z ,.., ,. iamfffwf 131: : .111:1:11:: 1 . may ' -491422 55,315 52211 ,, 1 1,15 Q ? S f ff 5 5 1 ,Z 1111311115131 1, , A 1 yf f my . " 1 11I11 '1::' if X X!! X1 1, .1 315 1 3 2, .9f1 Z211F11'1 Kc., 1: ,f.11:1.1fg -:1 111-1 11 ,s:4sf,sf,ms',:f .1 1:1:1::1:.::::1:111 2 , 1 , f I s ff 1 5 lsr ,, ,f 445949, 1. ,W 11 531lf3121'51i'131 ,, sa. ,,E, 11111 as : 111211::gg1, 111111553 g ear.:-ms:-,a-sm: 11 :1: 1:1 ,1 , , f f ff if 1 2 f X f s v F V X 745 eff!! 1 l If fi K 955 1 1 , s f 6, , f f 1 I 1 j ' fff, 1 y ff , , j , ,Zi I f f ff if f ff , ,j if ff " Prior to almost every port visit TORTUGA requested information on COMREL pro- jects that the crew might be able to participate in. The projects were a good way for the ship to represent the Unit- ed States in a positive light, but more importantly they gave those crew members and embarked marines involved an opportunity to contribute, through their time and efforts, to a good cause and in the end gain a great deal of personal satisfaction. TORTUGA sailors and marines were involved in 7 such projects which included fixing up a handicapped chil- drens farm, giving tours to 60 Ethiopian children, rebuilding an orphanage, helping handi- capped children swim, and the Home Hospitality Program. Volunteer working party at Mount Mer orphanage in Morocco Varda Amin from the USO in Haifa. W ' 0' A 11 1.1 . EWI Sia helps repair a fence at a French orphanage V V 1w,Afw,,...,, ,. OS1 Dillard and ET1 Petty with Ethiopian friends. RMI Sanders gets his hands dirty in France. FN Rodriguez helps handicapped child up the brow. F olunteers are treated to dinner at Moroccan orphanage. 'W if , Ethiopian children gather around ET1 Petty. F l MR2 Saler demonstrates skills he learned as a FR. 75 mf W , W.. 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BLT 2X2 H8cS Company HQ: flst rowj Lcpl Crooks, Capt. Shanley, Gysgt Ganceres, lstSgt Payne, Lcpl Sutton. 12nd rowj Pfc Stowe, Sgt Hamilton, Lcpl Esty. 26 MEU 2nd LAI DET: Clst rowj Lcpl Ciaramitaro, SSgt Borovich, Ssgt Dawson, Lepl Armenia. f2nd rowj Cpl VVhit- tle, Lcpl Cunningham, Cpl Garner, Sgt Davidson, Cpl Mendelsohn. 13rd rowj Lcpl Falk, Lcpl Whitehead, Lcpl Sanders, Cpl Southerland, Cpl Reynolds, Cpl Yound, HM3 Henderson. f4th rowj Lcpl Burkert, Lcpl Kazalcavich, Lcpl Crabow, Cpl Childers, Lcpl Conles, Lcpl Brookman, Lcpl Behrend, Cpl Westall. f5th rowb Cpl Myers, Lcpl Keyek, Lcpl Thompson, Lcpl Know, Lcpl Wilcox, Lcpl Ekholm, Lcpl Lewis, Lcpl Griffin. Knot picturedj lLt Renforth, Cpl Snyder, Cpl Wein, Lcpljensen, Cpl Berlin, Lcpl Cannaday, Cpl Caulfield. 81 .13 . ,----,- . ,,W-My W-w-P--tw-. .wfvw-W'-are V- 'A 'mfg ' ' ' fi?" 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BLT 2X2 H8cS Company S-1 CL-RJ Sgt Velasquez, Lcpl Grant, Cpl Brown, Lcpl Paramore, Cpl Roberson, Lcpl Shelby, Cpl Weaver, Cpl Emory, Ssgt McCall, BLT 2X2 H8cS Company Motor T KL RJ Ckneelmgj Cpl Cason, Ssgt Head, Cfysgt Henlon, Cpl Terry CU S Flagj Sgt Nobles, CU S M C Flagj Sgt Edwards Csecond rowj Cpl Skeens, Cpl Reyes, Lcpl Ray, Cpl Harr1s, Lcpl Tello, Lcpl Burnett, Lcpl Bowens Cback rowj Sgt Cham bers Lcpl Carter, Lcpl Dutrem ble Lcpl Lee, Cpl Clazler, Cpl D1ck1nson 1 ' i 1 Q . . . . . f 5 5 - . ' L 7 I . I A , .- T., 1 f... qmufvv-, ' Nia W. ,vs 1 - K-XX "x7..lnTM -: . ' - E3 S' 2 . T3 2 82 E 4. E F E24 Y' v-XP. 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H '-1211-"v " ffffw -'ft ' - -1:5 Q 'es-.,.....,,,, B l l 1 l l l l B J I l I . . A r ,suv .3 X ' i s X' .fa .. 1' ' ' . l . x 26 MEU Weapons CO. Heavy Guns Platoon. CL-Rl Clst rowj fU.S. flagl Cpl Fernandez, 1Lt Carroll, Sgt Ragin, fU.S.M.C. flagj Lcpl Kessler. 12nd rowj Lcpl Sperdato, Sgt Magare, Cpl Davis, Sgt McGee, Lcpl Reyes. 13rd rowj Cpl Gissendanner, Cpl Pullin, Cpl Manera, Doc Hartman, Lcpl Cortez, Lcpl Emelander, Lcpl Salgado, Cpl Elliott. 14th rowj Doc Ander- son, Lcpl Moore, Lcpl Ratliff, Lcpl Mason, Lcpl Mitchell, Lcpl Mandoza, Cpl Lee, Cpl Paul. C5th rowl Lcpl Carson, Lcpl Hall, Cpl Hansen, Cpl Edmond, Cpl Thompson, Lcpl Dickens, Cpl Sweet, Lcpl Snow, Lcpl Martinez. BLT 2X2 H8cS Company Battal- lion Aide Station QBASJ. CL-RJ ffrontj Lt Steffens flst rowj HM1 Speller, HN Allen, HM3 Ellorin, I-IM1 Sosa. 12nd rowl HN Solomon, HMQCSWD Heff- ington, HM? Savoie, HM3 May- nard. C3rd rowj HM3 Medina, HM3 Orr, HM3 Brown, HM3 Schwab. 83 I ' . . . , . . .,.., ...,.,. 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I., I ., ,, I I X If, X ' .V ......... . .f flst rowj SSgt Schmidt, Lcpl MCI-Iale, Lcpl Winzeler, Pfc Weems, Lcpl Huber, Lcpl Pre- heim, Lcpl Malcom, Lcpl Tay- lor, Lcpl Young, Lcpl Puccio, Pfc Petska, Lcpl Palmaymesa, Pfc Ruiz, Lcpl Burris, Lcpl Pala- cios, Cpl Barber, SSgt Smith. C2nd rowj Cpl Weida, Lcpl McCaelin, Lcpl Luigi III, Lcpl Thomas, Pfc Lorman, Lcpl Mason, Lcpl Sharpe, Pfc Ray- bourn, Lcpl Simpson, Lcpl Lit- tleton, Lcp Soto, Cpl Flippin, Pfc Clinton, Lcpl Barbour. 13rd rowj Cpl Chapman, Cpl Harper, Lcpl McCullough, Lcpl Stebbins, Lcpl Simmons, Lcpl Butler, Lcpl Brewster, Lcpl Olen, Lcpl Washington, Pfc Green, Pfc Herold, Lcpl Herrell, Cpl Lubitz, Sgt Young. Clst rowj Sgt Plyler, Sgt Lindquist, Sgt Walker, Cpl Ben- son, Cpl Louis, Lcpl Doran, Lcpl Bullock, Lcpl Porter, Lcpl Bryant, Lcpl jack, Pfc Oliva, HM I-Iuzzenem, Lcpl Walton. f2nd rowj Gysgt Justice, SSgt Murphy, Cpl Messer, Cpl Gloudemans, Cpl Dobson, Lcpl Holloway, Lcp Cum- mings, Lcpl Leo'n, Lcpl Rodriguez, Lcpl Dorritie, Lcpl Ruffin, Lcpl Augar, HM3 Clau- son, Lcpl Paige. f3rd rowj llt Manion, SSgt Davis, Sgt Gath- right, Lcpl Latessa, Cpl Lehman, Cpl Coster, Lcpl Robinson, Lcpl Panzarella, Lcpl Murrphy, Lcpl Russell, Lcpl Buchan, Lcpl Carney, Lcpl Carney, Lcpl Hodell, Lcpl Byrdy, Cpl Vasanova. 84 I 2nd LAAD DET - Low Altitude Air Defense QStinger Missle Crewj QTopJ Cpljohnson, Cpl Robinson, Cpl Bergstrom. CI-Ioodl llt Barnhill, Lcpl Malt- bie, Lcpl Foreman, Cpl Quis- bert. QLeft 61 Dog, Cpl Mar- shall, Cpl Harris, Cpl Deal, Qkneelingj, Cpl Waters, Lcpl Gerhartz. A 'y , 1 5: , t ,f t. Mi, V , f WW, t 85 .. ti '51 'Z 4 i 2 13 5 Ni vt if F5 -fl B M i - ,A ,,A,,,,,,,,,,,,A, M ...., , ,..,.. I , R, N, -mf, 'N ' f WNW! f vi A, , ' A Wdfff' f ' f 2 , fQff f 7 1 - -I Q f . Q ax f '- S f ' Q f 9? ?X 2 V z -. at U --Q' rev -f ,Q W t tg .QP pf gf f ffaggwywiwf ff W gg 43? A in , ,- , . 1 452 QWMWZZMZZ tif' -Bw, fs aff W 2 t ttttttt ttf Y 535,31 X Ms' MY ' ' iff Q33 3 A ' ' x If 5555 gg, x 1251 . ' ' v 4' -2' . 4 '15 4 'fr S . ,.... - sw: I gf C,WQy My -W A -' 'v. wa - '- fe' f ' . N f"'- x It .,... .....x .,...,,, . . Stand easy on station. A , CHECK! -X si 5 ff 86 J v A Y -uw.. Marines prepare a humvee for hoisting onboard. 2 Wx W or Saws be Qttltftiiflciliis? ,.x 1I 1 ffi:Qi,: cs c . 22 ,xx, .N ,.xQ Q . NA 'GN-PSRR Mx ' ysxggg XR WE is .--.-. :---: U 2 2222 1-"xN 2 "': ' "N"" x"' ' vi? ::q:5E:1qg:::gQ:3.15g3q::q:5:5:,:,4:,5g::::g::z:q:2:,::qq -121.1-ws:-:rx-: :f:.:2.2:-1-:-1 The obscure, yet necessary BBQ watch la 2 222 2 W 2222 , 2. , If W2222z22 6222 3 ,amz We ' 5652222 2 22 2622229622 W-22222ef we 2522223 222425 2 "Ewa ' ff f ,,f- 2 'am 9:9435 gi 2 5222? 1 1Z,f,, 332525 5 22 ,z-mf, 5:2 gg, ,. ,,,,., E? my 5 ,,,., g W'-'f' "f 'Z25 ' " ' 5:32 2 .,....,,,,,, ,,,.,., A , .:.:.,,1.,,g.1g2::ZgI:213Z:L, 422' 5' at-22:-9,32-25529255 "' '3'-2-J:l:.?5!ZiS QF? .. X .:.4 ,.. ..,.,..: Q A 33535, X Q K x 23322 M Q, B! S 5 NAMES A xg,- X :,-22 .Q -:J232 fix X333 X . Z.. Q -Ig X? ggg-ss2,,s2.:.,.. .Ly-,2:s:f-Egsx :I-IRE . -. K. 2:2::2i 222552522 .g,l'1.I:L.:IT2 M -222235 22222 - . .A..2,22 525255532 X 25:-FE - 22222222225 52252 fi 252 2252526 2 2:5 5 N EX g2s2A ss lash XX 6252 :gm -Q5 22g Q Ndfmlf s 3 v2 3? hz 4 2 A hard charging soldier ready for the field. , -Q wznsis 2 yn-, WW, I W ' s if g. , , Lcpl Kirby shows his smile while messcooking. Brown, and HM2 Speller receive their good conduct awards. Ssgt Butler ready for business. 87 E E 5 s , '1': 2 I 4 ' f2', if ff f' " f I X AZ' T1 ' ':'.' - 'Q -2 fl? 'M T, 6 '? 4325? it S5 V? f' Az 7 ? f X f 7 - f Z W M V a X ZZ Z 'f X wfzf at 7 2? ? iz? 5 islifiw 1 f 9: ---', 4-r.. QM' E339 king? W f J 39,5 ff? if Q 2 7 ? Z Z W7ffZ2ZZZf?WfZfZfZZSZZVWZZ fit W s 5 M f Q y y! 4 Q 4 Z W ' M While deployed to the Mediterranean TORTUGA embarked approximately 350 marines. Once embarked the marines quickly integrated themselves into the ship's daily routine becoming part of TOR- -mw"S'Ea TUGA'S BLUE-GREEN TEAM. Like the sailors the marines stood watches includ- mm- N I5 ing TACLOG Watch, roving patrol, and cargo securi- ty watch. They also made up half of the food service attendants and provided a great deal of manpower and muscle to the many working parties and special evolutions that were called away throughout the deployment. Daily activities for the marines included physical training, vehicle maintenance, weapon cleaning, field day, military and professional training. I: Marines prepare to come aboard in Morehead City, NC. Provide Promise brief gives details about Yugoslavia. I-Ei K, 1 K:5P:41'.T.n2 'CII-A : 'iikfil E sv II. D ro M 2 no "1 rn EQ rn 3 4 na H mo CL C D. I5 GQ U7 FP o "1 ro Cl! O E O sw Q- EA F' O 'E UU "1 O O 7? Cl! O 15" rn O vs' VJ O C FP 9 ro O' O an FP O- rn O F' : warming I I i- -Y.: S '10 -GSS' JS' . mm 'mm am. ummm: vmzzaezmfsz . M I ' f 4 X S S wx, ., has wx: ,ex tx-ip -A-: -"- -..y - 496 F I-S' 95? z-1' Q- 1' 3 s- ZW if VW 'v - ww' --' 1- f f f -'f' '4' W' ' f Q Z" - f J! ' ' ' f Sm x :X3XsX X 2. X , 5 , zu :ser :isa mu: .252 Y- Raise. -ssfssf gs 'I' 2-' Azz.-4 -4 , K., Mr' 9 Z: ,Q fgv' 9 'V 5 ' 3 V72 9 ff J ',.-V. X X 1 f f W1 y :N 1255 X - . N Q ' -S It New :sir -t f' +1 4 1 4:6 fr . Q 2 ,255 1 9 ' ff 9 f f Z aw 9 ff Q7 Aww me N sRX x. X xx XM t sg SX -f- eases. nz: 1 sw- 43 -b 2 ' -zz - A gg Q , ' Q f ' A ' 55 A P 9 'f' y J ff-ff 5 N017 f -sg .. X - '--',-- M ----- . V - -'-" - - - --,-' if 4 fr- mas' 'rx :A :-.P :fa 'fu' a ' my 21. w 2-fe, 2? gf 1:-A 4' 7' if ' 56 is 92 26 f f 3 f f 9 1, 'ff f , 6 1 ?N. NN,smwz,:.t Ns,:xywwmrvY..begy:-.mm3:Qaam:gz3::.::g'-Qgzeqazprgzz-.Q xx , 1 35.4. Hs. .E .K .34 "? 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QV 'ei-,NSE T ' Y -- ffm :gsm Q -Q-Q. ,, ,. f . ,Q Rqf ' wwf ,1 f , . 2 X f ,Zf Sf: wx sw 29 4 ,NM .2 , Qwfw-fm nf 3 W -5- f ,- .. 2 ' A r , f gf ff f Q X f , Z X wa s -- .A.AA.. , fy f ff f f' J ' f 4 J f ,: p mn V... iv. N. Q IQ x- L, . Q Q , -2, , , ,W . Q , I I Q . Q I I . .. ,, . -, - ,I Q. , ,QW ,Q QW. I. Q I I I . . ' 3 .I ac-.Ia q,.,,Il35iII II,QIIII, IIII . : IIII . fI,I,II,,I mm, I Xi' Q, li .,,.,., ,,Q, , ----- f ff A 1 i N 'scan r, Xsavse' snacxn,i1--1:-mzzs x,1s'a:s:3':s ff' 1 -3, 'aaa 1.- rr x-it --3 ,., new uompany taxes a break m the 'Lunisian countryside. CL-RD 1Lt Unger, 1stSgt Stewart, and Msgt Young. W, ..,,,, ,, M., fx! 7 Z1 1 Pfc 155mm Howitzer' Lcpl Carter cleans his weapon. 90 Raybourn, Lcpl Soto, Lcpl Clifton, and Cpl Flippin camouflage I A X7 ' M N ss S X X Ns H esss so seei e X X Y i lx x X ,,.,.,x i 4- '- if 454 ' L gg .555 f"i.f Eg, Mfg gif 17 X, N f My Q N X S X X O , S -. sf' . XXX X X X X ,,,, - . -:gg 1., -2 mf Q ,, -255:- 5 gs- 2215123 4-imgmaaig -'-, . 3 ig' 4 .-'-E: -62 g c 5224 f -f- - - -S2 ggfzvy WK, A vff?zJ5?5Z'3?'5?ef25. fff 'f f "' 1 f . ..,.. ,,,x. A ...W ,.....4.. , .. ..f-:f,1,1 41.- 2 .. . ,:.-.,,, . .,,: , . V... .ww-M -, ww., i ,S ,,w9,fq,,f,LZ 'VA 7 M I A3 ., ,,.., ,UM wa Lcpl Martinez mans his gun on the beach at Cap Serrat. 'Slilkby ' f Q f X X he ' S , X ,K N ! Pfc Weems receives instructions before moving out. Cpl Coster, Cpl Dorn, Lcpl Porter, Lcpl Crow, Cpl Lehman on night patrol. Q1 1 4 J 1 i ff: '.wfwS:21:f:'.'f ix.- K.-ff" ,ff Y7!7AW"7f"iW " ' W! 7' V ' ff y f 0 X, f 2 QV f f W . 5 kms 5262- FSQRXSQS " 'Wai ff'1:1Sf was ?a2fs1:1s wi wifi, 'were 4vfz,!JW3'?Q'-'KZ 4' Lf, f :fff if 41 4 , , X K f X Z f 9 f QW W Q ff 7 Z, W if!! f 2 W 4 Z 7 Z L an WW2 42 ZZ Wx 1 5 W M W Z 4 W 9 Q f 1 -' -riff rx 3 :: iff ws- a":' 'rw , z. QSM.-fX.f XM-av far 5232-52:29 24-wfqws EA wifzfwf za'-:c mam? -25? 54,393 9463? . 259: y'9h,- g 13-ff? Way 57, y f if W Q, zyf Z f yy li jf ff! 7 5 iw QQ W ig 59'33???'323'?ft2 4593 359 2353325 21451214912 my 231-x 22:55 "wi 26. 4f?,v emi? we f Z KZ,-fl-fi 4 ffff wah ff ,f Q f f if Q ' I 7 ' ff Z f if f fl! fi 7 ' W ww iY2"L"?Y6 Q M f ffff ff yf f f f f f f f f 4 4 ft -a2egc:,,4MieT5rf,wtt.mmww.,,xfsseztw3,..msez.x. vm. Mmgftts wer,Wag,MMv9,f,w,,A,.4gzgQ32f,. WM -w if - f f X if -. -ffffwff Zfffffefz- f Z f f M , -44 f X ,X , , X f XW f 27 , I ,I ff ii lg, X. it f f M V v. if g X ' 'Z 4 U 1 V tv IN E ? i elf 'I I I I I The main gate to Camp De Canjuers. Q 7 ,v ff v, 4 ,Q ff f ,ow Q ,WZQZZJQW nm H Q, 2 Q Z? Lx 'x :4 7 st 4 2 to F .1 if R E .1 , 3, to H , f Z n , QV, Lv, ' 5 if 92 A 1 'A 5 74 Lcpl King and Lcpl Armstrong of Mortar platoon prepare to fire. LCP1 Brown makes Comms from the Held' N XY QQXX XQXX WX X XX X XX XXQX X X b -1sy:1wsx-faw.v'- 5 45514541-'ff--W ,J-- We M- ,- -- ,,-.A,. , A.--.-.- . - ,-,,4.,,-,, ., ,...1 .W .4,., , V. ,,4,,, ,,, -,,,,. . . . . 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A 1, I Z A group of lucky marines takes off on a SPIE rig. ww in Members of guns platoon wait to move out. xxuxxx irgifswms XXX, ,Sigma x -Ns r so A .ir v K i xx Mwvwfswrs 1 ' x ,A ,xkx , s SgtMaj Campbell steps into headquarters building. 93 l . , , , ., .,,,. ti .,,.,b.,,..,x.W,,,. .-,- f - Y.-Wyam-we-1:4-1-. --rv, . A1-rwws-'-2:4-rmrzwzir .w:E?6?2'?Ff-ff-Ka-,-".JW'Z5G"fXf'f2?"Z3ff ' -W1 FZ ,ff-"f'cQ'?f3Zffi57fw7fZ Wfyxff' 4577 WI f My X I i i X y 1 ' ff ff f 4 f -f f fd, y ,rm f 7 aw, we f Z 7 W Z Z3 15 if 2 W Z f a 7? W if 7 any 73 25 zz!! f ag y is f Z M rf a f Z 7 VI fwymgfff fff ,W f f 4 f ' ' f f f f 5522232 1 SQ? Gaia gtg-283 wi? aw was Salaam vw-4 mme .,y. .ww Q af ,.-fpadwffarfjjy, f? aff- ,f'ff 4 f ff , - 4 X ' ff 'ff f fi if xW X W ef , , W A , , A f f, f ffm 27,, f Lcpl Peach fires a TOW at the range. A bullet departs this M-60 heading down range. f f J ff . ff , 1' 1 , M1 LtCol Lynn and CDR Gilmore in front of the LAV's. Sgt Hood snacks while testing hood durability. BLT 1f10 conducts grenade practice. 1 H V 94 PM i TORTUGA stopped in Rota, Spain twice during the deployment for the inchopping and outchopping processes. The base in Rota afforded TORTUGA crewmembers access to various facilities such as the Navy Exchange and avenues to relax such as the local pizzajoint and bowling alley. Off base was a nightlife lover's delight, with the local cantinas lined in a row along the streets, along with tattoo parlors filling some of the space between. The G 'N' R bar gets heads turning. FN Taylor gets "the warning" from FC3 Mazzrillo. Chief Nesbitt and MSI Bailey finish an Exchange trip with a brew. EMFN lrigoyen found something to smile about. 95 252 r. s a 'I 1 QI 'G i Q Picturesque beach in Rota. r tl 5 I i I ll al W. W W i i u Many people enjoyed the Hard Rock Cafe 5 3 3 z E 5 5 5 H E I 5 5 E g y ,,,,,, f, I , f 2 W 96 ,,.M-,ffffffwm .. , ,,,, .. WW, f , ,HW , .. , ,U I 7 I ,I 21 Z Puerto de Santa Maria the home of Sherry. HM3 Diaz and HM2 Lemque at the Rota exchange. IC1 Ricklic, IC2 Krezmien, and IC3 Strang hit the streets. MS2 Lane and EN3 Taylor. The Gothic Cathedral in Palma. Birdfs eye View of Palma harbor' Typical Palma bar and patron. EN2jarWin, FN Larin, and DC2 Melendez. ll,ll sv-'lwimx3iDl . ,..M,m-F D'X3Q'R1 The popular Daiquiri Palace in Palma Nova. Palma De Mallorca, a resort island in the Balearic Islands, was TORTUGA'S first liberty port. Arriving in the rain and anchoring while waiting for the pilot dampened some spirits, but only until the sun came out and the ship was pierside a few hours later. Once on the beach the crew and embarked troops headed for the beaches, shops, beautiful cathedral, and abundant dining and drinking establishments. The first taste of European culture for most of the crew proved to be sweet but short when the ship was ordered to sortie just 36 hours after arrival in support of a spe- cial operations exercise in the Central Mediterranean. PAL Q S 4 GREECE Following a brief stint in the Adriatic in support of Operation Provide Promise, TORTUGA'S schedule was modified to include a stop in Corfu, Greece. i Anchored just l mile from the boat landing the crew enjoyed its first liberty port from 2-7ju1y. The local shops, olive tree-lined mountains, numerous quality night spots, beaches around the island, and friendly locals made it one of tl1C 1'HOSt 6I1jOy21blC pO1'tS. The boys from OPS Department enjoy cold beer and a warm night. ,A l 1 rrrr or r r 1 I ' ' , I A1 ' , i I , , ,,,,. , 3 1 ,A 1 X , b " Ipsos, Greece A view of Corfu from Tortuga's anchorage. P if 2 E 2 l S 5 v l 3 I f . 5 H I 1 , l 1 Four friends take 3 break' A POPUIHF beach iD Iwighboring Ipsos. P 7 P n H E P P i ' if 98 v A 5 , ISRAEL T ORTUGA arrived in Haifa on a hazyjuly morning ready to begin a concurrent main- tenance availability with Kishon Shipyard and the USS YELLOWSTONE from ll-26 july. During the visit a great deal of mainte- nance, repair, and preservation was accom- plished by ship's force and the repair facili- ties. Work notwithstanding most people found time to enjoy themselves. Liberty activities ranged from tours to sites throughout the Holy Land, shopping, dining, beer on the pier with guest appearances by Elvis and a group of flaminco dancers, going to the beach, running and biking. Haifa as seen from atop Mt Carmel SM2 Doman ETl Hafner, and EW3 Hall. The shoppingfdining district atop Mt Carmel. Pierside Kishon shipyard Volunteer flamenco dancers entertained for the crew. EW3 Hall explores the backstreets. Elvis performs during beer on the pier party. ur C016 X Ili li 0 2 4 ' f fxgf f Z X 5 Hua! ' if Z 7 I ff ef' A+ -X 2 " cz, W V rf fm-Q-. ,-Q 4 X , , f, ,W Cx egg X in E ,y,i,,L4 XX , .sig VVVV y Af' h, 2 i f ' f - , f f ig E 31 W, f f s- ,. A ,S The natives were friendly, FN Rayjohnson of BMU-2 decides where to go next. lOl Q P- 6 ISRAEL Heronymus's statue. Typicaljerusalem architecture. DC3 Baker, and OSI WhitHCf explore the walled city. r 102 OSSA Young, SM2 Powers, OS3 Brylski, and OS3 Bailey at the Wailing VVall. ' fn I V 5 V 1 'e 'lie W L, K, k. K , 9 , , One of many vendors in Jerusalem, 3 F A group of Tortuga sailors examine Jaffa Gate. l A scenic View ofjerusalem. The room ofthe "Last Supper". The Church ofthe Nativity was one ofthe more popular attractions Ulf A-4 cn ITALY The time spent in Siracusa was memorable. It Was a strange blend of history and modern day, with ancient Roman ruins and expensive discos on the same street cor- ner. The crew took advantage of the enticing liberty to expand their horizons While shopping, talkin'g to the locals, or sam- pling the true Sicilian cuisine. Siracusa, Sicily, as seen from Tortugals weatherdeck EW3 Hall and ET3 Schyler pause while exploring ruins The main street into Siracusa. For many the Siracusa train station was the gateway to siciiyb 104 'X x xx 1-1 X , .ple , ,gain- 4 TX - ,f 1' 4 is ff 9, is ff fy' egg sf., X . X 17 Pierside in Augusta Bay BLT 2X2 Motor "T" conducting maintenance Lone guardpost near the pier in Augusta Bay ,t N, CPL Rell, CPL Paul, and CPL Pullin enjoy and beer in Sigonella A bridge watchstander's view of Siracusa. The canal near Tortuga's boat landing in Siracusa Augusta Bay provided a much needed opportunity for the Marines to perform vehi- cle maintenance and upkeep, and for the crew to catch up on maintenance and preserva- tion. Although this "garden spotv of the Med didnit offer much for liberty it's close proximity to Sigonella NAS enabled many crew members to take care of much needed official and personal business. The most popular leisure activity was beer on the pier along with the IC menis unique mix of music. GU TA BAY hi 5:1 BM3 Lundsford plays his version of the unknown comic. 7 l i 5 7 4 v i . -I S ,fi H ll P DA Y On August 27th as she sailed south and out of the Adriatic Sea TORTUGA marked the halfway point of the cruise. To celebrate the halfway point, affection- ately known as "hump dayv, the ship threw a flight deck party or steel beach picnic. The crew and f embarked troops feasted on ribs, hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks, chips, salads, beans, and other culinary delights prepared by the ship's Supply Department. 4 During the picnic all hands were entertained by the many volunteers who participated in the Talent show, and Iron Man competition. The winner of the Talent show was Lcpl Mason with his rendition of 'Rocky Top". Lcpl Bedigges took top honors in the y Iron Man competition. 5 . 2 1 The CMC and Lt Dando play a backwoods country riff. Curtain call for the Talent show participants. i l 5 5 1 Z E 2 2 Chief Humphreys performs stand-up Boyz II MCHPP? 3 comedy. A 106 THE TGRTUGA WRESTLING ALLIANCE demonstrates their version of WRESTLE- MAYIA. SN Nguyen and HM1 Sosa in a battle of wits during the Armchair Olympics. l l I l 3-2 division lays out the spread for "Hump Day." lg Master of ceremonies HTFN Clark spotlights SN Fizer. Lcpl Paul Mason flashes his Hollywood smile. 107 FRANCE 5 2 7 1 OS1 Dillard, EW1 Sia, and ETI Petty take a liberty break. Some of Tortugals finest take advantage of Saginaw's liberty bus 3 l Toulon was the lon est ort visit of 3 P the cruise. Required maintenance! u kee was accom lished b the crew P P P Y While the embarked Marines partici- pated in live tire exercises at Camp de F . . . Canjuers. Liberty call mcluded shop- ping, smash sandwiches, Wild night life, lots of athletics, the beach, day trips, and community relations projects. 5 Made in the USA! OS3 Bailey helps out during a COMREL project. 3 s 1 il 5 . . y 3 SN Dixon stands pier sentry. 3 108 1 l Q ll 1 W l Barney phones home SN Botkins, and I-ITFN Reynolds shop for that special gift. EW3 Sim and ETl Harner enjoy a local establishment. Our counterparts stand watch on the French shipjean Bart. 1 4.2 we E ' I , X J M sx,g,W,,'15,,,,f ,V 'L fifljsf ,, , f,1cgN" f My f ,, ..,,, A Wm. ' iff, Y, WLLI 'W DTl Breher explores the rocks. 1 1 w 1 l w 1 1 w i w Y 1 v i I 1 l ll N EW3 Hall pounds a formidable beer. A glimpse at the Miss Harley Contestants. tx I 7 , 1 l l l L E l , K. ,v 3,5 'K , at , N I 1 . .W , Q V., . . .,. V , V, AHS , The crew and embarked troops enjoy themselves at the ship's picnic ENS Pelkey and EN2 Peters go with the flow. DC2 Graham, EN3 Ortiz, EN3 Ross, and EM3 Russell toast to good times. SN Rodriguez scarfs a dog. 1 GREECE After finishing three long weeks at sea par- ticipating in Exercise Display Determination TORTUGA pulled into Thessaloniki, Greece on October 16th. This city, located at the top of the Aegean Sea, is the hub of Greek trading in the north with the slavic countries. Offering great food, good shop- ping, and a rich history it promised to be a good time for all hands. Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate, and the rain combined with the walk to the center of town put a damper on some people's plans. Nevertheless for those with the will to get out, a good time was not hard to find. '4 ef. . 5 ....,. 2 H 1. The landmark Thessaloniki International Trade Fair. . S W W A , ,,,, M WM . 9 X X Q . . r ss X X XNZ, rg wr 'W if ' ff., ' - 'ff S 'z Q 'X t . . T , , Q W N f . W, ' 5 X SN Leconte Sc SN Rodriguez at one of many outdoor cafes. ET2 Fox in ff I f th h A on o e tower on t e boardwalk. DCFN Batchelor, DCFN Poirier, 8c ENI Hodges enjoy the night life. .is -V . fs H l is 5 WAY " ,, 'QS' ""M'--... lim sl! 1 ll I iii f. The main mad into YOWH- Main street Almeria, Spain. l 1 1 l Flight deck view of the castle in Almeria. QMS Lasch, QM3 Monnette, QM2 Wright, ET2 Fox, and GMG3 Lantrip s .Q s JO3 Zook, Lcpl Taylor, FCS Mazzrillo, and SN Zietek. TORTUGA spent 22-30 October at anchor and inport in Almeria, Spain, a quaint town in the southeastern part of Spain less than 100 miles from Gibral- tar. Here the crew and embarked troops found many of the same attrac- tions as in the other Mediterranean ports they visited, namely eating, drinking, dancing, and sightseeing. Of particular interest to many people was the castle on the hill Qcenter leftj. Not only did the crew find good liberty here, but numerous maintenance jobs were accomplished by the USS PUGET SOUND as she began her deployment. ERIA fc GRGCCG Casablanca was TORTUGA'S last and probably best port visit. Making preps weeks in advance she performed superbly as the host ship for the DOD 50th Anniversary Cel- ebration of the WWII landing in North Africa. The biggest event of the 4 day visit was the Ambassador's reception on the flight deck attended by 500 dignitaries who dined on food prepared by S2 division while listen- ing to the Sixth Fleet Band. The highlight of the evening was a surprise visit by actor Robin Williams. On liberty the crew and embarked troops found the local people to be very friendly, the food excellent, and the shopping unequalled by any other port visited. X Veterans and dependents BB SN Leconte and SN Martin M2 Wright at the center of dedication color guard - Q by! X I Lim .- Tis CO and Company at the memorial dedication. The Hon Mrs Carey QConsul Generalj dedicates WWII memor l 0 ' 1 1 L? Vehicles are offloaded for the big reception. Casablanca is the second busiest port in Africa. , ,,. W ,,,,,..,. ,f WK 3 -Q A , X 5 uct of their work. SA Smith happily serves the ship's guests. Navy and Marine FSA's show the prod .Wt 7 f X 93 The Sixth Meet Band performs during veteranfdepenclent BBQ. ENI Lanich gets g g IXKZZ 5 -Wm . WM cau ht out in the sunli ht. 117 Smile for the camera! CPO Frocking while in the Med H! 1: it 44 11. Lost ln erusalem Another sleepless mght for DCC Hadley , Group portralt of CPOS at mght xv? ' J i e -f C C H8 el effnfi ' . i i W DCC Hadley on tour in jerusalem. Master Chief Swafford gives a farewell salute to the TORTUGA Chiefs. A portrait shot of HTC Reed CMC Campbell oversees beer on the pier in Augusta Bay, Sicily. PNC Nesbitt standing a proper military W3ICl1. 119 WCRDS TO LEARN FROM AND LIVE BY Don t let what you cannot do 1nter fere w1th what you can do ohn Wooden Cvery successful college bas ketball coachj The harder you work the luckler you get Gary Player Cmaster golferj VVhen an old person d1CS a llbrary IS lost Tommy Swann Nothlng 1S good or bad but th1nk1ng makes It so Shakespeare Qwell known Br1t1sh authorj Two stonecutters were asked what they were do1ng The first sa1d I m cuttmg th1s stone 1nto blocks The second replled I m on a team that s bu1ld1ng a Cathedral Challenges can be stepplng stones or stumbhng blocks It sjust a matter of how you v1ew them unknown Courage IS FCSISIZDCC to fear maste1y of fear not absence of fear Mark Twaln ffamous authorj VVhat matters IS not the SIZC of the dog 1n the fight but the SIZC of the fight 1n the dog Bear Bryant tfamous college football coachj I w1ll speak 1ll of no man and speak all the good I know of everybody Ben Franklm Let the reflnlng and 1mprov1ng of your own l1fe keep you so busy that you have l1ttle t1me to CI'1t1C1ZC others unknown A group of two hundred executlves were asked what makes a person suc cessful Elghty percent llsted enthusl asm as the most 1mportant quallty unknown The quallty ofa person s hfe IS 1n d1rect proportlon to the1r comm1t ment to excellence regardless of the1r chosen Held of endeavor VIDCC Lombard1 Cfamous professlon al football coachj Well done IS better than well sa1d Ben Franklln Don t Judge those who try and fall udge only those who fa1l to try unknown lems but the ab1l1ty to deal w1th them unknown Most people are about as happy as they make up the1r mmds to be Abraham L1ncoln Cloth Presldent of the Unlted Statesj Honesty IS the first chapter 1n the book of wlsdom Thomas efferson Man s mlnd once stretched by a new 1dea never regams IIS or1g1nal d1mens1on Ohver Wendell Holmes Csupreme court Justlceb You see thlngs that are and say why but I dream of thlngs that never were and say why not? George Bernard Shaw fBr1t1sh playwrlght and CHUCD , . . , . . , . . . . , . . 7 7 Q 1 I , I . , , . . ' - as . ' - cc 9 a - - J ' - 7 77 . Happiness is not an absence of prob- . , . 3 . . , 0 Q . 1 7 . - . . , ' - J , , . , . . . - . ' CC D77 O O I , . . CG 77 I 0 0 0 I , . 1 There are no unimportant jobs, no unimportant people, no unimportant acts of kindness - unknown I expect to pass through hfe but once If, therefore, there be any kindness I can show, or any good thmg I can do to any fellow be1ng, let me do it now, for I shall not pass this way agaln - Wllllam Penn ffounder and proprletor of Pennsylvaniaj The smallest act of klndness is worth more than the grandest 1ntent1on unknown We don't know one m1ll1onth of one percent about anything Thomas Edlson Love doesn't Slt there l1ke a stone, lt has to be made, like bread, remade all the time made new Ursula K Legum Cauthorj Marrlage IS an empty box It remains empty unless you put 1n more than you take out unknown If you re looklng for a b1g opportunl ty seek out a big problem unknown Don t Walt for your ship to come in Row out to meet lt unknown lfVhen I was a boy of fourteen my father was so lgnorant I could barely stand to have the old man around But when I got to be twenty-one I was astonished at how much he had learned 1n seven years Mark Twain Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not, nothing IS more common than unsuccessful men Wlth talent GCHIUS w1ll not, unrewarded gemus is almost a proverb Eductlon w1ll not, the world 1S full of educated failures Per- slstence and determination are ommpontent - Calvin Coolidge C30th Presldent of the United States J VVhen an archer misses the mark, he turns and looks for the fault w1th1n himself Fallure to hit the bulls-eye IS never the fault of the target To lmprove your aim lmprove yourself - Gilbert Arland Success comes before work only 1n the d1ct1onary - anonymous There 1S never a wrong time to do the right thing unknown Choose ajob you love and you will never have to work a day 1n your life Confuclous fCh1nese philosopher of500BCj lfVhen you can t change the d1rect1on of the w1nd adjust your sails unknown F 1 9 i I l ! s 1 I 1 ! i 1 3 1 EWS The Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist pin represents one of the greatest achievements for the career sailor in the surface navy. The qualification helps sailors advance to and also helps them to understand their shipmates better by familiarizing them with other rates. Per- haps the most tangible advantage of gain- ing ESWS qualification is the recognition that comes with it. The pin tells others that the person Wearing it has shown great initiative, and discipline to obtain it and that he can therefore bear greater tI'U.St and I'CSpO1'1Sibilil1y. ESWS awardees receive congrats. X ,,,,.....-MZ HM2 QSWJ Lemque. 3 I ii xx - 0 'KQVTIQ4 re" "'95555f WWW? xllkwxw U KX -R' I ,Q 7 ' EW1 CSWD Sia salutes after being pinned by the CO. EMQCSWD Greenlaw smiles as he gets pinned 122 QMCQSWJ Gombas re-enlists on the bridge. ,,. . mth.. I -H lv '- AV,b . N 1, 1 QF M r . BX A Q x , N' F I lf' HT3 Newkirkiconsiders his 4 more years. The XO re-enlists DCC QSWJ Hadley in Corfu, Greece. The MPA re-enlisted EN3 Boger in MMR 412. For those who choose the navy as a career each re-enlist- ment brings with it many emotions, reflections on times gone by, and ofcourse a renewed dedication to service and country. Each re-enlistee chooses his re-enlisting officer, the place and time he wishes to re-enlist and a meal of his choice compliments of S-2 division. This page is dedicated to those sailors who re-enlisted during MARC 2-92 and salutes them for their continued courage, commitment, sacrifice. RE-E LI TMENT CC INC VVhen T ORTUGA pulled into Morehead City, NC to oflload the embarked troops and their equipment she had 125 new pas- sengers waiting on the pier for her. These were her "TIGERS" Qmale friends and family of the crewj who traveled the last leg of the cruise around Cape Hatteras and into Little Creek to get a sample of shipboard life. Friends and family welcome the ship home the day before Thanksgiving. W .46 F C .. W T Medical and Dental personnel man the rail for homecoming. A The TORTUGA turtle a.k.a. ET3 Lahr was on deck for the occasion V W COMING USS TORTUGA pulled into Little Creek, VA, after her first Med cruise and was welcomed home by a large cluster of friends and family who made their presence known with their overwhelming cries of joy and togetherness. QM3 Matthews and wife prepare to board TORTU- EM2 Carmichael talks to some old friends. YNSN Shaw and QM1 Penoncello await their loved ones in happiness. The boat deck was the sight of many happy reunions. If --- CDR Gilmore and family excitedly board TORTUGA SKI Bauman gets the full treatment upon arrival 2 HM3 Burton with his wife and child lst Lt. with his Wife and family The Watch Aye mates, for many years this man stood the watch... While some of us lay about our bunks at night the sailor stood the watch While others of us were attending schools, the sailor stood the watch and yes, even before many of us were born, sailors stood the watch. As his family watched the storm clouds of war brewing on the horizons of history, he stood the watch. The sailor looked ashore and saw his family often needing his guidance but he knew he must stay because he had the watch. For many years he has stood the watch so that we and our fellow countrymen could sleep soundly, in safety, knowing that a sailor would stand the watch. Today we can say our watch stands relieved. Relieved by those we have led, guided and trained. Shipmates of Tortuga, you stand relieved. c'Fair Winds 84 Following Seas" Wadsworth Publishing Compmgy Marceline, Missouri 64658 USA Barry Brown, Janaf Office, Suite 201 Norfolk, VA 235021 18041466-7575 S 1 N -wwf " 1. V f-- 1, fw- qs, V, . .-,. 4.4 W.. Mr: fm' T.-1 Y, --,V-, ,,.,,-1' .. U' 'kan ' 'Mu cf ' 'Nur my f 'J'-' D., 5 ,V 14 ---,M I i. s 5' x R i 5 4 i 4 i e I l Ll r I 5 li 55 1+ I is 1 I! if S 11 9 I J 1: 'Q 9 Il F, - 1 F

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