Torrington High School - Torringtonian Yearbook (Torrington, CT)

 - Class of 1941

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Torrington High School - Torringtonian Yearbook (Torrington, CT) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Cover

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4 ? kc7n?1 iw QUUD fx FACIS X4 FAC 'V ff F V A s! "K W' W R , Ewa X Alf tl gimhf N n 56 -X K fx i 4 ,t N ,lv-W Jfff If W N927 U ff N ' X -ff :fgiggiif . ff! , ff ..,, A,, . ,f V E X L I B R I S TORRINGTCDN Tott1'nfton The CL SS OF NINETEEN ORTY ONE HIGH SCI-ICDCDL gonnect TUHRINGTUNIAN DEDICATICDN ,.,-min-.. M TRACY CONWAY helpfulness krndlrness ond counsel hove contrlbuteo mu h toworol molcrnq our four yeors ot Torrrnqton l-llqh School mernoroble ond pleosornt We the Closs of l94l deolr Cote thls book To one whose friendship, humor, oolvice, . ,Q C h MR GEORGE I VOGEL MH RICHARD HUGHES Prmclpczl Superintendeni STAFF Vmcent Malahan Ed1fOF11'1 Chzef Assoclate Edztors Barbara Polt Madalyn Taty Iames Breen Dante Lonqobucco Emmanuel Koltko Buslness Manager Asszstant Busmess Manaqers Ted Novey Francls KCI11I1OWSk1 Edward Bushka Art Edrtor Med Marola Athletlc Edrtor Edward Eagan Mr Iames A Srmth Faculty Advzsor Frank Simko Raymond Crovo OFFICERS OF THE CLASS Preszdent V1ce Presvdent Treasurer Secretary OE 1941 Edward Sull1van luchth MOfflSOH Dante Lonqoloucco Glenna Ramstem Class Motto Deo Patr1ae Am1c1s Cljor God Country and Enendsl Class Colors Maroon and Wh1te EDITORIAL As Commencement brmqs to a close an 1mportant per1od 1n our llves 1t s1multaneously s1qn1f1es the beqmmnq of a new and exc1t1nq adventure that ot maklnq our way through the world and earn1nq our own 11v1nq lt 1S a year of turmo1l 1n wh1ch The Class of 1941 enters upon th1s adventure It lS a tlme when half the world 1S t1qht1nq the most brutal war 1n hlstory when the other half of the world IS preparmq for war and a t1me when the very 1deals upon wh1ch the Amer1can way ot l1fe lS based and 1n fact Democracy 1tselt are 1n danger Ours Wlll be the duty more 1mperat1ve perhaps than that of any other qraduatmq class to help 1n the hqht to preserve our Democracy and our Amer1can Way of l1fe We can take w1th us no sharper weapon Wlth wh1ch to defend that Democracy than the 1deals the pract1cal 1nstruct1on the memory of four Joyous years obtamed IH the class rooms othces orqamz at1ons and on the sport f1elds of THS X ' We , . W ' - A V, A . . . - 5 . A, 3' - 4 4 " 0 , 5 : , 51:71 ' 11 ,fl o . , , , 1 1 , 7- I I , , I I - FACULTY GEORGEI VOGEL IERRI CIMMINO A B Cornell University Danbury State Teachers College Superint ndent Commercial RICHARD HUGHES IENNIE l CLARK Ph B Ph M Ham11ton College B S Connecticut State College Principal Home Economics GORDON ESEEY if-NQRSON AUGUSTA GERTRUDE CoHEN GY Gt nsmute BA New York Untversity Commercial English VERA BAEDER M57 MALACH1 TRACY CONWAY Connecticut State College Ph B Yale Umverslty Home Economics Enghsh ROSE DOROTHEA BASILE HALiBUBToN CRANDLEMTRE B A College ot New Rochelle A B Bates College HCIIIGH Physlcs ELLA HGGAN BRAY CMrsl QQRNELIUS E DQNAHUE Mount Sfilm lO59Ph S ACUd mY B S Connecticut State College Nurse ADDTE MAY BRowN IOHN DORIQEB B U BA Unwersity ot Ma1n rovm mverslty English Eastern State Normal Slclgggl H Story PETER I DRANGINIS B S CCIll'1OllC Uf1lV9TSllY Cornell Music S hool Commercml Music Supervisor ELLEN CATHERINE MARY DUNN CATHERINE CLARISSA CALHOUN B A Smllh COHQQQL t H t B A Connecticut College tor Women G m IS OW L brarian ALLAN ARTHUR EASTMAN HAROLD STEARNS CARD Pratt lnstitute Vesper George School AB Williams Colleg oi Art English Ar l AURENCE CARLISLE CHASE LEILA ETHELIND EMERSON BS Dartmouth AM Harvard AB Bates College Biology English ' 22 . 9 . ' ' , e , l ' Sflifll FfC1T1CiS HOSDifC1l Athletic Coach, Social Science 1 , . - j . . . ' ' e ,. ' , f FACULTY r-IELEN L FARLEY Bay Path Institut Comm rcral ELIZABETH ROSE FERNALD B A Colby College Spanish French THERESA CONCETTA FERRONE B A Albertus Magnus College Italian History TRAC Y W GAREY B P E Springfield College DS University oi Illinois Athletrc Drre tor HARVEY GROCOCK BA Williams Coll ge Englrsh EMERANDE ELEANORE GUILBEAULT B A College of New Rochell Fnglrsh IAMFS FRANK HILL A B BatQs Colleg French LILLIAN BURT HODGES CMrsl B A Mount Holyoke College Mathematics IOHN DENNIS HOGAN Bay Path Institute Bookkeeping FLORENCE ANNA IFFLAND HOPKINS CMrs l B A Connecticut College tor Women Mathematics MURIEL LOUISE HOPKINS B A Wellesley College English Hrstory CARL WALTER IOHNSON BS Bat s College M A Trinity College Freshman Suoervrsor ETHEL LEONA IOHNSON B S Connecticut State Colleg Home Fconomrcs THOMAS IASON IOHNSON B S Connecticut State Colleg Mechanrcal Drawing G ometry MARGARET MARY KITTLE BS Saint Ioseph Coll ge Commercial CLIFFORD O LINDAHL B S University of New Hampsnire Englrsh Crvrcs RUT1-I A LOCKF AB Boston University M A Columbia University Algebra FDVVIN DONALD MERRY B A Colby College Civics CLIFFORD D MIGNEREY A B Valparaiso University Fnglrsh ESTHER CLARISSA MIRAN B S High Po1nt College Home Economics WALTER A MUIR AB Swarthmore College EclM Harvard Geometry Englrsh RUBY M PARSONS B A Bates College Auburn Maine School of Commerce Corn mera ral EVA SWEETSIR PRIDE A B University of Maine M S University of New Hampshrr Ceneral Science RQSL MARY OUINN BS Boston University Commercral HERMON CLINTON RADLEY BS Columbia Crvrns and Econon rcs Hrstory HAROLD ELLIOT RICH AB Williams Colle-q Hrslory WARREN A ROPER Bay Path Instituto Bookkeeprng LOIS B SAWYER BA Bates College French MARCIA SISCO Home Economrcs A WESLEY SMITH BA MA CornellUn1vers1ty History IAMES ALDEN SMITH AB Univ rsity of Vermont Hrstory FRED S SOWERS BSA Syracuse University Chernrstry INEZ 'VVILHELMINA P STOECKERT Bay Path Institute Comrnercral NELI IE IOSEPHINE SULLIVAN BA Marywood Colleg Arrthm trc WILLIAM SZESZKOWSKT BS Fordham University General Sgr nge MYRON BARTLETT THURRELL B S University oi New Hampshire Mechanrcal Drawrng TI-IOMAS VARNUM B S Massachus tts State College MEct Boston University English EVERETT WILLIAM WOOD AB Bates College M A N Y U Englrsh T L e ' ' J , , . . 1 W ' ' c . l. ' , " , -, r ' e 1 'YP ', , . ' ' r e S' , I, N I T ' W. rfri, ' . . 2 e ' ' K . M.A. Columbia University B-S UHIVQTSIIY Gt Vemwnl X v A Q , I ' ' . . ' e ' rw I 3 l V 1 A . . e A Q' KJ I. W Hy . . ' ' ' ' ' , , A ', "e ' - X4 .. e ' , ,, CLASS OF 1941 SENIURS ALBAN ENN. UIldSCIIlC ust 1 1 always having a qool tnnt lack is a loyal evcr cheer iul fr1end Honors B ta H1Y 'S 4 na1c Club l 7 p L Sfienco Clul rlorlc rv 4 ALBANO L APCI Ylx Cuol Attlaftlvo always Slillllllfl forever startma s rn un grand Classlnat OUOIS D a 1 Debatmq Clul '7 Honor Stutls nt ALBINO A? 'VINE CON All around spa IlSlIlCIIl woman hmm or so w lie-ved wmx Q u r happy qo lurky Honors lnte-rclass Easlwthall Z 3 4 Footha1l4 lntorro Baseball Z 'S Track Q Varsity lub 4 ALIANO TVXIA T11 lall ancl 114 w1tl1 lOS Oi prp I are at home on the dance floor Honors Dramatic Cluh S 4 Deloatmq Cluh 4 Italian Cluh Z nerclass Bfiks l Tennis l ALOISE, GLORJ1 "C'or1o' Always lauqhnlq .... . v '- her knitting . . . attraftivw . , . believes in spoakinq hor own mind ..,. fond to l, 0110111 to none. Honors: op Club -, F, 'y History Cluh 3. SENICDRS sl. -8 mm -- r"w ASHE lOHlN lo' IYIIV ar :1 V 1 sta1t1n s 111 It was lohnnys wish to nal: the world CI qaysr pla H viors Beta HVY Dra AQSEW HARL Char' e 11 va always r aoly tv provlnlo a11111sG1nn Ill ivelx rlassniate Honcrs Beta H1Y '7 P 1 Hist If Clu ha or ass Baslcotl a Pasohall l 2 Tennls l AUDlA FRANK Frank Ouift and 1nclust111 oo Golfer all 'ns Classmates Honors ltal1an Clu PY9S1d9Hl1l Golf 2 3 4 l?AHD13.Gll0 CEGRGF C some H qrwat sense l r shy nor quit one w nialcfls school ix l1 BABRAJSKAS, FUWH "Fr'11!l:" Iious in '1 JL. V. tha, . . . Nevor sh' nor qufft . .. 'aus and dupe 1' E12 . ., N true classmate. fonors: History Clif -. BARRY CATHERINE Kay o f1ery temper matches her t1t1an locks swe t d1spos1 t1or always cll1q1nq ev rypody s Inend a sprlqht ly young lass I-I nors Pep LI11 7 'I 4 I-I1s Clue 3 Into Plass Basket Tnms T 4 C1eer leaaer 4 BARTHOIOMFW RUTH R JII1 lllly 4 sw IIIL P wmnfl Illll 71t ot III sta ll mars I'llSlOIY Il 3 BAUDOUIN BARBARA Ba fly vely to lnfk at fun to Vtlllll popular classmate never to he Iorqotten I-I nors Class Pap rs Sup rla t1v s Tr1Y 2 3 4 Correspond 1nq Secretary 3 VICE Pres1dent ep Club 2 4 Tenms BERES BERTALIND Bert F w classmates made l11s ac qua1ntc1r1ce proved a wor thy frlend to the very few who dnl know l111r1 .lf BEYER BETIY E9 s vel ncl se dar seen 111 act1v1t1es su 11015 and a111l11t1cus 1' rw, 1 mr 4-A I 'Naz- ,aan wr .rm 03'- .Qw ,uni Oktlgll 1941 BILLING DORIS Dons Always a lady qu1et and obs IVIHQ and at ntw her Sllldl s 1 thas wI'1 kn w er I-I nnrs a II Clu 1 1 4 nt rrlass as BONALUMI EDITH ECIIIII 1 WIIIIIIHQ p rs nal1ty Q 1 CICIIVC anfl attra fm and 1 for v ryane wnors a1nat1f' C l ll 11 D 1511 Apprfc1at1011 Cl1lu 4 eu H1star Cun nfrrlass Basketball I v s BONASERA AINGELO .Arm T1 and dark strona and Sl nt plays qolf and stud1es a real classmate Honors Basel all 4 BORA FICO IOHN Iohn Lasy qomq m1sch1ev1ous happy go lucky hls talent las rnakmq frlencls BOSSARELLI MARIO Mano Lean and lanky a Coq 111 wheels of fun l"1S barakka was always I1ll I NJll'1 fr1e11ds Honors Interclass Basketball I 7 3 Inter lass Bas Pall 3 4 Golf 3 I Captam 4 fx BOURQUE RUD LP Pr y rtarve and 'lou t rdsaniartr rr acquarnted wrth at trrst we ll always treasure hrs 'rrm irrendshrp Honors French Cl b 4 S our J 4 Honor Su en BREEN lAlVlFS IYI trr, v an answer to a rnarden s raver an al irounol sport admrred y our rn charrners Honors Class Bc k Assc rat Fdrtor 4 Beta HrY '7 Y 4 Presr 4 ul C P ay arnq Club l ro a Basketball l 2 'S 4 Base a l Varsrty Clul 7 3 EHGCS BARBAR LX prracys Fun was leer rnrddlc nan se dam worrre l obgut sclro or made t rcnds wherev sre we Honors lnterclass Basketball l BROWN LLrZABEt Betty Lrvely lut srncero s l up under the strarn at many a oroblerrr always trmsl what she started Honors Dramatr Clul 2 4 BULWITT MAl?lORlF Marge Marge came to THS from ar old basketball rrval Warren Hardrna but she soon b ame a well lrked classmate ani trrend Honors Warrerr Ha rr Errdaeport Conn Latrn Club 2 Umor Trattrc Com Vrce Presr ent 2 in 1 'W 34 audi' pg-all K QR SENIORS BURNS IOHN ack Wrce crackrnq wrtty made th class all wrth lasrqnrt r rn ath there re arnel a rrr purposeful crar no s E to H1Y ? b trna lu 2 4 Treasurer 4 Movre Appr cratron Club T easurer 4 D p Club 2 'Z 4 French Clul 4 lkssrstant Edrtor French Pape 4 Latrn Club 2 Hrstory Clul 3 lnterclass Basket l 7 BURNS MIRIAM Mrmr Our class po t a S burdened locr shoulders proved hersel' a wander' l and true trrenl nors T Y l b 2 2 e re ary 4 Debatrrrq Club 7 Q Secretary 3 Pep Club 4 Latrn Club Q ? Presrdent 3 Basket Lall l Tennls l Honor Stud nt BUSHK 4. EDWARD Good humcred to all al le conpanrcn never a ar rn the vtorld one of our rr st popula senrars Honors Class Book Sta A ha HrY 2 7 4 Dramarc ub l 2 Pe Club Z 3 4 Treasurer 'S Vrce Presrdrnt 4 Football 1 'S 4 lnterrlass Baskvtballl Q Q 4 Basketl all lvlanaqer 'l 4 Ba e a l Track '7 Varsrty Clul hetr Leal BUrTS WlLLlS B rtts Sma l but powerful a great ao aetter remembered for hrs pep and personalrty Honors Alpla HrY 'S 4 Pep Club 4 Hrstory Club 2 Baseball l lnterclass Baseball 3 4 Galt 3 4 Hockey 3 4 Captarn 4 O chestra 3 PUZ7l Lll,LlAN Charmrnq trrend to all her brrqht and cheery srnrl were welcome by both teacher and classmate Honors Xhay l ? 3 4 Typrst 4 ltalran CluL 2 'S 4 I-hstoy Club 4 Secretary 4 Honor Student EASEY ELIZABETH Belty C111 l1o1112r1 Ala rs 'YIU16 11 y to all W krww lfI CI C'l10PYfLll Slllll '31 Ovf ry Llorwrs Qpc1111sl1 Cllll Club 4 QAQQON Ell EEN E1l0e11 1 y 11 F11 lf v ly 1 I ul 11 km llfippy q1Jl11r1cy 1111012 D c1111Gt11 Llu l 7 Clul 3 Hlstory C 1 1 FD r'1c2s.t1f1 l Iebasurf r CATTERO HENRY Henry lsarvutlve and rr :ant ll 1 cmd UIIGSSLIPIIYIQ 1 1312 1:1 fme cmd lOYG C cssmcxte Hors ltcxlmn Clul 3 CELLINI NANCY Nun Qmrt 1U stature 1 1 mlwcshlp w slr v r 111 If N them: un cz vm lcssmcle CESQ A LUCIAN Oll If 1ttlQ fellow v11l1 q edt c1l 1l 1 all sports, 1911 1 Cys and qlrls l ors Alpha H1Y 1 1.611 4 lmerclcrss, Bfxsx wall 4 Bas all J Vc11s1ty Elmo 4 IANL lOl A l ulwcxvs. lllffl KT lCIlll 11 1 1lr'1QQ Q X N11 TY S113 NCI H1113 KIT Y KOFEEY RALPH Rnlplz A 1u1et porsfn Cx qreczt CI Helo to TQCCLI rs C1 w11rdQ11' P 2- Hmori lrfrrlc ? 4 HOIXOI Qlu PTI Q CHE N LEONARD 1901101 1' C111 l ways OIIC l fu 'O O11 Clcxssfxs KH NUTS D CIIIl'Illu Clam l c xy 12c1s1110r 4 111 S Q1 1 Ol AC IHLO Al FRED 'lulet W 1:1 uw o11s.c,101111111s, ll ov 1v1l1111q COLACIELLO NICHOLAS Nick Very qulet hard worker always ready to help those who need it few made his acquaintance Honors Football 4 lnterclass Basketball l 2 3 4 Baseball l 3 Varsity Club 4 COLUCCI IENNIE One of the more gui t pupis very versatile and wel liked friendship valued r those who knew her Honors Honor Student COMIS LYLLIAN 1 Dark beauty admired by a knew what she wanted rn life and strove to get it Honors Debating Club l 2 History Club Q Commercial Club 4 Vice President Honor Student CONSIDINE FLIZABETH Betty Quiet in school industrious always thoughtful of others worked hard to reach s cess Hnncrs Honor Student CONSOLINI, ELEA NOR Found time in school for both work and play . . . very reserved and well-mannered. Honors: Italian Club 3, HI His- tory Club 2. SENICDRS CONSTABLE MARY Mary Quiet but those wh kn er found she had a pl asing ever lox mg person tm Honors Latin Clu 2 3 V e President 3 Science Cluv reasurer J Histo y Club 4 Hon or Student CONTI HENRY in Studious and intelligent frrena to all enemy to non arto k in all fun Honors Debating Club COOPFR HARLES Charlre A bit of wrt work and play u of fun always hal good tirne COPAClNO DORIS Cvppy er srnrle won all er personality p rf t one of the most popular girls f he class loved to dance Honors Pep Llul 3 4 History Cub 3 Tennis l '7 4 Class Papers Sup rlatrw Honor Stu dent COREY, PAUL "Paul" Quiet . . . never too studious . . , always looking for amuse- ments . . . his sense of humor s, ould l:o o ic d. CORPACI ARMANDO Armand Tall qulet flrm and reserved lrttl was heard from Armand but We re glad to know he was there Honors Pep Club 2 Tenn1s 2 4 Varslty Club 4 CROVO RAYMOND Ray Tall lu lovmg rt ver rr dulq 'I t o much H1 studles very lvusm sshlce hls succ ss IS assurefl Honors Class Book Asslstant Buslnes Manager lntexcla aslcetlall l 3 Track Q Chestra l CURTISS IASON ase Oblect f many l9fwllI'11P t1 he pers1ste-ntly fused th rn truly our eau of l94l D LONE VlVlAN Vw Our ld a c' mate very SIUC re and ran srderat cl for 1 r ma Gl31l1lV Honors Dramatm Clul 4 Pulvll Play 3 4 ltallan Clu r a Honor Qtucl nt D AMATO FDWARD arl ' rn ut .lorn y r assurln 5 N. e are proud tl at C ass of 41 ,vm u-94" ul' 5 'L ff 1941 D AMICO FLORENCE Ulorne Gay and unconcerned had an easy qomq 'lrsposltlorl anl an ev rlastmg optnmsrn Honors Class Papers CO'ilC1l to W1ll Drann fl Club 4 ltahan un 2 4 l-l1st ry u Honor Stunlent DOANGELO MARY Mary :ry was lly q1rl to spr dd che r a qooa ani worthwhlle frlenl ta hav Hon ur X Ray 3 4 Dramatr Clulv l Honor Sturl nt D1L A.URENZlO DOMINIC DOC A good frxend t all al vrys tryrnq to help someone l ernohfr fl the wor'l pal Honnrs ea l'l1Y 2 Presrdent 4 lnterclass Ba koi 3 lnterclass Bas l rll 'G 4 Orchestra l 1MAUFlO SEBAS FIAN Sebas Il C4IHlfGl,l9 and loyal Class r at lxlc d by all who knf w urn persevermq ansl anlu llDLl2 DIORIO EUCFNE Gene Short wlth dark wavy han the descrlptlon f a swtll fellow he en oyed Tl-lS ana THS lrked hxm onors batmq Club Footl all l lnterclass Bask t all ? 4 Pl PIPPO ROSE Rose 1-es we a11'1 appealrna cst SCIILG ber her q ntle na ture and aentle speech 1110110111 her frrends Ho ors Cornmercml Club 4 DOMACK WlLL1Alv1 I 'T 1 1 I I1C1'lClS CUISINE-G TIGTJIG WGS nors H st ry 1 LORlZZl MAR Y Mary 1111 y few 1 At a 111 se w w 1 ll1QI sl cw wen: Honors Honor Stud nt o ms s1H11RLE rW Shrrley nchclant descr1lJes Her 1est a e he rr s cl efe pp rtunvy s was mvc Honors l. t1n Clalu bc1ence C1111 Hzstary 11 kctl all ler 1 DOYLE, EUZABE7 "B-etlyw very ooperativel wilt . . . sircere in all she under f' es .,,. 1 good riena 11GVn. 7 1 1 1. 5' 'e Arr AT at z fluke . -i' "ima Q 'Q' pri!! 'OW ,l -17 -35- SENIORS DRAKE FLOYD Hoyd steady and true fuond 1 lyal classmate 111.11111 a111 lT1GHClQl1lID were two of 1 attrrlwutes Honors D1a111at1c Cl11l1 Orchesira 2 'S 4 DRONFY TOHN ack Q 111et1n1es qulet SOUlPl1l'H0q a q cd oks J 111sta11t lf1111n111e clrsturlwa e all UI1l9l t rcx 11111 he ter Honors H1Y Alpha 3 4 1 e ass Baslcetl all 1 7 DROZDENKO 1-IELFN He e11 Very stud1o11s iho,1ql1tf11 rl et ers was clotern 111 he suc ss ul al ways XJ1 1 C DUNIXEL ELISh Eirse Always a lady verx p me and clamty frxenclly classmate :essful Hrnors T Y C1111 Sctrftary 4 D1a111at1c Cllll Pep Club 2 4 1.111111 wrll be very su DUNNF, EVELYN ,.EVy,, Works in school but has more lun which shc, cnjoys better . , , her cheerful presence always Horfrsz History Clu11 F, . UW YE? MABLE Mable Always lelnmfl time o at fgsser sm1le'i h r way cuql 'ter stay at school w :ill DZlEDZlC SlAClA Stacm 1 epeno nt rs t d scr1pt1on Stacla mv r asked tor mones H lp though she was 1 vays helpmq others DZINSKI ERNEST Erme l 9 fl F' hers ra protest rraole ht IU school or arrc onors R1fl Clul K EAGAN EDWARD ady wr fin e-oo W1 e a vmqhty pep oucrlltr s Jrstmqursh d Ed at THS Honors XRay Q 4 Sports Edttor 4 Class Book Sports Ed1 t r HIY Alpha 2 Football l 4 Manager 4 Baseball l Track Z Varslty Clgb O 3 4 EFALIO E HEL Eme Qnet one one of our most amrable classmates ln st v r t 1.1, 'X Y A, " o J e ' , . . . a ,ze 1 . . , . .' A e :lim 1 L . . . liked . Excl 'e ' he e ' ' of ' ' . . . 3 e ' 3. A' ,' . e , G t. . ' ' ' . L'k.d his fun if th. teac d" . . , L 'e ' . l '. H 1 ' e w f, 4. ,,Ed,, A IG 'E . . . X er srtjl . , . . . . . . th 3 s e A I' 'e ' ' ' . e . - 'H . fx . 'A . ,, -1, t., , . Eff, YN, Tr , V, ' . . . er '. ishes to he hro 'rh life. PENN HOWARD Hox I9 lmcst S v lIY"1 nd loyal clcxssmula he q1rls Gmoyef' mC1k111q 1Lsl1 F11 v1'11C lb FIEPRI l ICHAEL Mzfe cl 1 on l N101 '1l1 M1k9 was nl XS l 1 1 'J lI0f"S,l G Pe p u 111121 lms Bizsxfinll crsny Qlkl 4 Or 1 Q LE Y' MARY Mcuy DQ fr1 1 saw th Il s 5 CI :wr w E' n rs 16111 FMC ll Y 1 Trec1Q11re1 Pep Cl1l1 '1'1 1 l'1slf1y C,l1 FORSBERG ELIZABETH Bevy ff 114 H llV6 11f'111f ll rG11Qt1c F1 GD Cll, 7 ' 1 D -1lNZl NAJELY Mo le-lyn es calore 11 ttltudo towqro 19 r-Q QD 1 cl'f'rGc1er1sl1fs lx 'I W VKJEIYCI 9 SENICDRS 'Sew' vw '69 .3943 mf- ra 'I X7 A C 1l1'1 DCA was 'wax S w11l1nq tc help c, C EEE Ll ll: I r' ul frllcws C or f fx f' C1111 rrg C11 'X LBUR Gr me 51,1 195 ITE 1' IGH 12 is hun 1 1 wvs Cxppmrlnt 1 v all W c -cufw 1111 F AV Ll Bef' c Ulfl U UQ out W Ik Glmoi cl llll s1e X Gund to su lns 0111 GS W15 NJ uf 1 1, ll 15 y Qu I EP GO V Roq 11 m stature sl rv qumt 'ul CI fu' n clussfncztf rs DIU"'l'fIl C J E Ll FRIZZO MILDRED Ereezer A I1t it of iveliness so v ry lways grand yovial mood Honors Dramatic Club l GAHLIRA CATHERINE Katy Not IIULI1 was he-art rom Katy but her tri ndsnup was C rish d by all who kn J GALLITELLIO PAULINE Pauline o ry ta b h r ca pacity r friendshlp was lar quiet cheerful ass mate Honors Italian Club 2 History Club 2 GE ARY MARIAN Marian An a around classmate studlous ui not serious well always remember her gay rrendshio Honors Dramatic Club l 2 1 ub 4 D b in 7 French Cu tory Clu Z 3 4 Honor Student GEIGER, ELSIE "Else" A very noisy girl indeed . . . full of .un and laughter .eered us u . . . ivan classmate. Honors: B sketoall l, 2, 3, 7 nnis l, 2, . iii l94l GERARDI MICHAEL Mike A Jery usy looking lad always willing to take in a new riend his face never lacked a smile onors B ta H1Y 3 ence Club 3 GIAMPAOLO MARY Mary Qhort anal sweet always laughing along with others truly a lilcea e classmate GIARNESE GLORIA Cloria Nexer a frown or harsh worl her uv ly spirit kept con versations going a ot un and a great pal Honors Dramatic Clubl 3 4 Italian Club 2 GIBBONS DONALD Don Has a talent for directing and acting popular and witty his friends were man, Honors Aloha H1Y 3 4 Dra rnatlc Club I 2 3 4 Debati q Club 3 Science Club 4 Trac.: 3 Hockey 3 Orchestra l 3 4 GILBERT, MARGARET "Marg" Dainty and noat . . . studious and conscientious , . . always willi.ig to nelp . 4 . a fine class- 'IICI Honors: Fronch Club 47 Latir. Club 2, 31 History Club 4. 745 JA' . X4 GL RSSTETTEF1 MAR1OR1E M111 1 GIA '11'1 C1v141w 43111191 21111 111 15 1421 tea 019 1111 110111 OOGOI Y +1 1 WNEQ S 111110 lq 1C 1 1111 11'111y 1116-I1 S 111112 ps1 1,1 of Honors 111r1C1C1s:, Bcxske-t11C111 4 11191 V155 Bcxsfl C111 H1 Y 4 P p C111 s Stcrqn XIII' f- GOOD OBL1f F111 511131 1C1uC111s 1'omC1111C '11 C: 1110 C111 C111 5111111111 C1v 1 BMC' 1111Y 111C1 1 1 FCM 1 11110111055 BCI51CP111C111 ark 7 3 C 1 F' GOODWIN MAR ON M1111 1 H1 w 1C1QC111Q tC11 '1 c1CC 1 JOI1iC511 VI111l QI C11 zeal C1111 QC1111 1 11 c111y IOHOIS 11'11s uv 4 1:11102 FHUO1 4 D1C:111'1C1+1c C1111 ll 31AND1E ANNA. A1111C1 I1 C 116 sms 11011421 1111x1111 C r J- U' i SENIORS as Ne are 111 it C'R1ECO THOMAQ G V q 15 5 Q PGP 11011 1111 Q1 C L 11 FPVNX ALSOK 1111A IC 1 cruw-1 KJ 11 1191 Ve-ry C'1CIYXT11HQ C1Cqu'11111C111C 191 f11e11ds111p was ire-cm urea 1y those W1C 1151111 ll C11 rs C1111 ODOLAU E G1.L3DYb Gladys F f Tl IU11 Q1 pep GHVC ys 1 Cldy cmd C IQGI to 11 111 K1 U, TV 11G1111f C1 V11 111 I1 5 SC GQQSDKOD LO111SL 110.1159 Qmet cmd sweet cm 111 111151110115 young 1C1ss has C1 most sunny d1SpOs111on wr C111 11k-911 D1 11-11.1, VMILLIAI 11 '1 fl mc n 11fI 1 c C1 S 1 1 gn ..,. 1 'E "1,11, 1, f j . 1, , 1 J :ffl TG11 31111 d tk . . . E17 gets L1'3!1T'.lI'i . . . C1 119 . 1, Ch- A 'V m1101251 'Jf31'f we11 VJ1111 1119 11" . . . . CI'1!1 W1 1 ' 112K f ', 15. N . . , . T1 CHVLL1 'DOI1 . . . 11111 11 'Y 1 W ' C1152 T C 111 1' I1 1' 1. N , . - W FIND, J117' 'I' , H H A , Y if 'Emu 1:1'11s1: 15 111 r,'1, 1 A . . 1 11C1s 13 vm ,I ',k 1 d 'Q' I Ap11fQ1 A V. . M1111 1C.Q1f- C1 . .... 1 11 life, v A 1 fu 1 , . . 1, ' ' ' .- 7 1 1 1 - ' , i , 1, -., 3, : 1 ,C'1' -13 2, J "' ' 3, 4, Alphc 7 9 1, 4, H 5 -1 L 1' C1111,vf1, 4. 011111111151 7, F, -1, 1 . , 111',- ,QOI 5. ' 7' M ng '-H rx v 1 - BCH 5 11-1, I 11,17 1. I-51 C1 UC' I.. A f l ' X 1111 Q fu .,.1 f .. C111y , . . B51 11161110 T1-15 1ivC111C11. 3 'V 9 fi Y? 111,114,1s: X-131 A 5 ,- , . fl 51' 'Af 4 ' " 1 A . . . ,-11 arf .11-1111. ' -1- 171:11:1111C' 1 X113 1, 77 1311101 I V Q:1L1L 2, Cv 1111 l:1L111 2, .1 41 Hfr iff H11 rv QCVAU' 1'11C1l1 17 1 " 1, 2, 3, 47 TI , 1, , 47 11011 1.?.i91 2, 2, 4. V , 1 ' L71 ' A , Nm i Q Sww 1 11 C' '11lf' 1 .11 ,, , . . '14 1 A' R Ctivf C1:1d 1 f 11111 .N . 1' , , D 1' 1 '1 Q 1 ' ef 1 1 -.5 I n I I ' . 1-10 1, : X-R A 1, 2, 3, ,Ex ' " .,. 1 C11 , H... '- 1 1' ,1 ' 11111. 1: DQ1 311113 C1 1t 1: Histcry 1511111 V 11- 'E1s1:ft1r111 141. ,x G 1 K K ' , .I ,, ,, 1 V v5.1.1, E1' 'ii -s , , 'S 1 C211 1 A rf-1-1191109131 11,11 . . . 111051 11! . , , 1C1t31e1 i11r1Ppff11d,111 . . . Q' ..111f:11s , , . 11C11' 41 bit Cf sw- f-K 511111 1111111111 , , . 41 IVVBI' 11131C111q 11f:g1- 911111111 111:11 111 1- 'f 1's:1?Si11f11. 111: ',vf1ys. 5 1551, 4 -, 'Q 'S HAl.S1ED VIVIAN V111 tl not much heard from class 1ndustr1ous as they Come sh could fmd no fault Wllll any a l1ne class mate 'n1111s Spamsh C1111 3 HAND DOROTHY Louzse P1 rsonallty pl11s lwauly f3OPUlOI a lov: ly perso11 to talk to she has COIll1 lenc and pmse Han rs Pep Clulz 7 3 H1s or Club 2 HAVILEY PAUL Paul Equally adept on the dance floor or f oiball held on the held of romance or ln the classroom our 1dea of a 11qht quy Honors Al ha I-l1Y 2 3 4 Pep Clu 2 3 4 Qelence Club 3 Footlall 4 Hockey 3 fl Var s11y Clu 4 HENNEOUTN EVELYN Evy Seldom heard from lrttle 1 known of her she loved rhool and her marks show d 1' those who knew hp-r llked er Hon rs Basketl all l HPW ITT CHARLOI1 Char! SI W a y s 1114 111 C arl s la e rn wh studvmq a 1 7lll,7"1H101 l'l'DIlCI5 H story l 1941 HICKSON ROBERT Bob Wuty and humorous 111s kr ack 111 anc lCll1QlA male us fefl 11ql1t lf Il Il 111 h1s compa 4lSlII HIC' NS IHOMAS Tom l1v rrlvva 111111 s Q nu k111 Il 11eve1 111 st 1 l1o FX fu11 it S HODGES THEODORE Ted l'l'1F1CllY loyal ambmous a sportsman and stud nl w ll 1ed an CIllCIIOL1Ill auy onors cz H1Y 2 Treasurer 3 Dramauc' Club l 2 3 Debaunq Club l Pep Clu Bas lall 1 Manaq r Tra -1 Vars1 ,1 Clul HRICKO ALBERT C11 dark and llGIlClSOlTlt hlclre Duch1n ol IHS mast lI1 ndly a fellow whom ll the CII s qo f rars Trns HUPAK FTHPI hthyl lv IV 111el1 LI fl y 1 tt 11s rr 1 IL FX pl 11511101 Co ll tl WLIQI seldom l 11111 HURLBUT MAFUORIE Mary An rndustrlous qulet little lady we all lrked her damty and sweet Honors Class Papers Codxczl to W1ll Tr1Y Club 3 4 Dramatr u ub 4 s ball l Honor Student INNES DONALD Don Smcere and bashful obvt usly a woman hater takes all lols studles to heart arard fellow l1ALlA SALVATORE a MIQCHIOVOUS and mdependent a center of attractron the Casanova of our THS onors B ta H1Y 2 3 ltalran Club 3 4 Treasurer 4 Footballl Basketball l Orches tra l KABACHNICK EDYTH Edyth C ot the most famous laters of the class asa known for her rndependence ar dlqmty Hon rs Debatmq Club l KALAIOWSIG FRANCIS C7 Handsome rs as handson does a qood dxsposmon a good sport always eaq r to make frrends Honors Class Book Assrstant Bus Manager Football l 3 4 Basketball l 2 3 4 Basel all l 3 4 Varsrty Club 3 4 SENICRS KAZAR MlLDHED M1 A hard worker an honest student her slncerrty was noted by all a real sturdy classmate Honors Honor Stud nt KELMELIS MARY Mary Attractrve blonde and sweet are the words to descrrbe Mary a really areat p l to all Honors Dramatxc Club l Bas k halll 2 KELVIE lOl-IN Flea A blamnq red head full of pranks a nutsance we lrke to have around Honors B ta H1Y 2 Dramat1 Cubl Z 3 Pep Club2 3 Hrs tory Club 2 lnterclass Basketball l 2 Tennlsl Track 2 KEMEZIS ADELE De Head of fun c1rcles lrvely and active very studxcus loved everyone even the teachers Honors Dramatrc Cl lb l 2 4 Pep Cub 2 3 fl Fren Club 4 Lat1n Club 7 3 Sclence Club 3 Secretary 3 Htstory Club 3 4 Cheer Leader 4 Saluta torran KENNELLY MARGARET' Peg 1-ler ambrtron was to make fr1ends and keep them has the qualltles we all deslre rn a classrrtate 'xlLLI1lNY lO4.NNA Very LUSIF ss ilce e vfryt iriq C 1110 1l"l its stri e ri 1 rice s r vir ue sua ress me l1Cr 1 ward mars XRa,fl 2 3 4 ss Mrrnaq r 4 Dramatic Club 1 AR 1llNl 1 s s lf Nfai ri 1 nu, vu 11 19-.LD O 1 1111 s 11 ow vas iuri but 1 sti l a downto eart 1 q 111k a11 witty Honor e Clu1 sit Ill KCDL1 mb r MD IANUEL xocc Il e l1q111t , 1 . , a e 111a:1y fre a . . . e was ry a1te1tive a all C123 V :- '1cr1i117s. onarsz Cliss Back Stali, usi- r1ess Mar1aqa,r7 Hi-Y Alpha 2, 3, 4, Assi'ta11t Treasurer 4: Movie Appraciatiori Clllb 2, 47 Pep Club , ., 4, Treasurer 3, 4: lnterc '1 asketluall l, 77 Trac. 3g Cheer Leader 2, ra! 1, a , , , 5 Librarian 7 . ecurifu Commit- ? 'Y dxf ll? . ,I ,NAT '11, .111r11ur1e '1 I.1JSCUllIl, attention , . . quite riaisy at times . . , 1 - any f .a furi and ztiade fun .Or a, .9f.SL1, HELEN ' 1 'QNX X 'A Aafmg --fu 32? ,asia 3 31? 'G -far' """" Wm" W TK '-mug-1. -M T9 QA f. 'Y I lvl' .15 I txtxfkh 1,,,1, 1941 .1 f . , 1 KOZLAK IRENE Irerie Very derriure s nice e l f 5 1,1 1 UH K U59 quarrmtr s cl 1 UNKIFWIC Y ANTHFNY White y lH W 1 Ill Ml x s ll 11 41 1 tive y c1r1r11s 1 :all l Bas WK Y L ABB? EARL F1111 F11 11clly hard working w all envied 1 a111l itious 1l1ty Prenrh dass a tl1e piario Hes 111 his ream Hsrifrs Fr 11cl'1 Club 4 LALXO, lA1lES ",7irr1r11y" l-l'rr1cisor11Q and 'lenoriair . . . lie 'xVCISIl'l too fond of stualies , . . our sclmololays were more iu.1 lvecause of him. oriors: H'-Y Bc.ta Z, 35 ulv 4: Rifle, ul: 1, , : - Chestra 2. LAIGLE, LEONA Very attractive . , . more less quiet 1 . . a qreat pal to the many she knew . , . ev r arauinq, LAMPHlER KATHLEEN Kay Kay was what we call a pa her mtellzqence and arnlvrtron wrll take her far Honors Tr1Y Club 3 4 Treas urer and President 4 Dramatr u l 2 3 4 Pub Crty 2 3 Pub 1C Play l 2 3 Debatrnq lub l 2 Se retary l Pep Cluh 7 3 Tennrs l Valedrctorran LANE GEORGE ueorae Loyal to hrs stuares an 'rr nd put hrs heart and sou hrs cheerleachna onors H Y Beta 2 hap arn 7 5 Vrve Presrd nt 4 Pep Club 7 3 4 Cheerleader 2 1 4 Scrence Clul: 'Z LA ROSA KENNETH Kerr tall quret and a hard ker hrs sunny personalrty won hrm many frrends LAUPER ALI E X-' Alrre One who excells rn lr r stu 1 s 1 f CHU 15 O P GCS a trustworthy trrend Honors Honor Student LAWSON NEALE Neale A born comedran rnduts rrous and ambrtrous handsome Cla srnate w l a ways rem nrher Honors H1Y Beta eary 3 D amatrc Cul l P Q Clulv 7 Trafk Y avi 417' X f IFE-if fa xfv lryajl SENIORS LAZAUSKI EVEL 'N Evy Always had an nswer rea ry YIGVGI' O SGTIOUS C1119 O1 worry happy qolu ky attr tude toward hte Honors Drarnatr Clr 1 B s ketball l LEICHNER THLDQED Mllly Always kept her 'nrnd on oust n ss matters and tended her own affarrs well always settrnq examples Honnrs Honor Qtulent rEKOWSKl Fill VUNU C One who never urned lwagk lut marched strara tt ahead lrt ot hurnor took hrs studr s llqhtly EONE ANlHONY Tony N lung to say an day 1 day Tony rfl lrttle hu l e was a worthwhrl cornpanron LTLLIBRTDGE LH APLO TTE Car J A qrrl who Lrrnas ap th class a f rag 'rr ndshrp and goal humor were her attrruutes re-memoer her vocaour ry Honors Dranfrn r v 4 Del3at1nqClul l Latrn Clul 2 Qrrenc Clulr nnrs Hon r Student -P JJ ll LITKE ARTHUR f Frrenoly ond snappy nevcr rnhoppy Ar s love for o :food trrne mode h1rn lrked veryone LONGHI VIRGINIA Gmnre Once you know her you ve qulred o true frzend sunny smlle ond much noted for her aolfces Honors Spcrnrsh Club 2 3 4 Comercr Clul 4 LONGOBUCCO DANTF Don Bro stronq ond powerful de scr1bes hrrn best Don s oth letlc CIIUIIIIY hcrs won hlm many frlends cz qreot fun lover Honors Closs Book Stott As ststont Edrtor H1Y Alpha 2 3 4 F otbcrll I Z 3 4 Boslcetbcxll l bull 4 Clul 2 3 4 Presrolen Floss Oftrcer Treasurer 4 LUCIA ANGELINA AIIQ19 Frrendly ond helpful wo Ang she had on ever lovrnq woy obout her was v ry rndt strlous Honors Eoslcetbolll ? LUCIA VIRGINIA Vrrgre Heres o qrrl much llc er srster work 1n o assures er o su cessful l1 Honors HIS cry Club Q 1 Bosketbotl 1941 LUCIANI ITALIA Itolzo Actrons speak louder tho words CI srrol II ltollo made her wov or uni ery well Honors Drornouc Club 4 Hrs tory Club 2 COIHIIIPIFIGI Clu LYNN VIRGINIA Vrrqrzuo Qu1et ond denture olwotvs Iody pohte wrllrno tc help others whatever sh soys IS sord well Honors Hrstory Club 3 4 MALAI-IAN VINCE NT Vmr good leocler ond cr qreot It ow trtendly rntollrqcnt GIHIUIIIOLIS hrs success ln ht eroture IS ossured onors XRoy l 2 3 I 1 h1ef 4 Y eta 2 bocretory 2 3 Drornotrc C u m I 2 3 Pep Club '3 French Club 4 Qecrctory 4 Lotrn Club enc Club 5 4 Closs Book Stuff Ed1t'urutCh1ef MANTEUFFEL IIRWIN Erwm Hcre there ond everywher nos Erwxn olwoys rnto nu hr e rnude the closs hovf fun Honors Debotrnq Club I R1Il Llub 3 4 Boslcetocll l MARCI-IETTI GINO Gene A toll somber gent not 1 though qu1et very serrous fl d busmesslrlce hol o reo s r r everythmq , 4 ' -MISROLAT AMERICO "Meat Med had an exceptional altil ity to qain and keep tnencls . . . a standout in the sports Walla. Honors: Class Book Staff, Art Editor, Football l, 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4, Varsity Club 2, 3, 4. MASON, DOROTHY "DCI" Atttarive, and very reserved s va lT10Il1S 1 a fl Ill s rt a ao J casstnnc mls ' MATULEVVICZ H 5.3 MO ND Rav re s a tlme a V4 pta or Lvfrvtluna and Hay s pla r 1 F 3 L1 llll S cl AHlHY B5mBARfl Barb On the coquetts oved ta have qos ttme full of fun and ht overlooked Honors Dramatic Nu lu 1 Car tmercxa Ll MCGRATH EILEEIN L1Ieen Always WISE Cla mn ltalflly ever SGTIFUS loyal e personallty w 1scw ered 1n her Honors H1stcry Clt, 2 mmerc1al Clu SENIORS ,qw JP' 4 N. Yi 494,259 eff' i 3 4: MQLAUGHLIN, PETER "Pete" lfffterever he went, he af Ltatzex fx pal . , . Iifllllllfl r,1s pffsstrnisnt lles a loyal and trust wnnlty classmate. Hcnorsz Dranxaic Cla? la Fast- liall lp Basketball l, 7: Hack 4, MECCA, lOSEPH NIOSH fhcuqh he acted bashtul in stlmfl, outside activities l3'JI1'l ' ' Il' Company ft -W, l 1 MENCUCCHNI LOUIQ Archy lays I ady to vd uv 15 C avr' ant llllIRZWlNSlxl tH'llflAS Tuffy Nttall u aaqr 11 llaent stu4ent al rays wlllmq to do l'11s sltar at won: mars Ba lc ba v L ass 4 at Stu lvlll.l.lLl't RPN Rex tat D easant veuf, 1 at ste was lnalustrl us an ftl w rk wlth e tls lasm nars Cammerclf' u MORGAN UCTOR Dick A fellow who aopreciates a cg cd time lnis wide s lection ct friends was gained through his qood humor Honors H1Y Beta 2 3 History Club 3 Tennis 2 3 4 Varsity 1 MORRTSON IUUI l H n iy li st known for her frionrlslnp a r only smile and wit ci natural lt ader ot whom We arc ir 1 cnors lr1Y Clu osurer 7 V1C9PILQlfl nt rsi nt 4 Pep uh y s re it La n C il 7 Cheer Leader 3 4 Qlcs ic r 3 4 Vice PIPSI lent D R Girl Class Papers Superla tive S MORRISON iYLER nq li of mind and body w tty and ambitious he was 1n his prune 1n the hockey ranks l-lonors H1 Y Betaj 3- 4 T a.. 3 Hickey 2 3 4 MORSE MARY Mary Will we ever forget Mary in Fr ich Class her bright humor throughout the four years was emoyed by ll cr rs TriY Clu ln ua Club 3 Movie Apprecia tlon Clul, 3 Pep Clulv 2 3 French Club 4 Latn Club 2 3 Class Papers Class Will MUBARLK, HELEN "Helen" A very pretty qirl with pl.nty of appeal 4 . . her dress was per- fect and her sociahility was felt. Honors: History Club 47 Com- rnerriril Club 4. an vi' 1941 MUBAREK KA i HFRINE Kay A genial dispositi n made c 1 right at hom talk a ut ost chatter nacl se'ise rs Latin Clul 7 3 NAMEY VUHN OIZII urr ta alt th C x crk r l n'mrs It lirrni NEBIOLO EUUENIE eep Out t and studio s lm C1 s al Ia lb willinfz y al o i p a frien in n e Honors Int rcla s Basketball Interclass Bas ball t Z NERI CAROl.lN A Carol Never a harsh word falls from her lips lovab' disposition qui t and very p lit won muc'i Gi.'lH'l1fGf1CI't Hoi rs ramati a 1 as Orcri stra 3 4 NEVVKIRN l'XN ,Fern 'l".'f:n1 ks, rt 'I . ' f . . . sturious and ar:i:vi.1'vu: . . her personality lriouqlit lie r niany onors: T '-Y Cluli 7 ra ti ic 1, .u I, 47 Latin C ., Q History Club 2, Qi, ftp Tenr' NIERINTZ CHARLOTTE Chart A stately and dtgmhed rnarclen her knowledge ot U19 worla cverect a wrde held Honors L tn Club 2 3 4 Sc1ence Club 3 Honor Student NOV EY ERNEST Ted Frlendslnp loyalty ana sttat tastness Teds great talent was mus1c we a ways looked forward to hrs must hr rng pep cssembhes Honors Class Book Staff A srstant Bustness Manager H1Y A316254 Secret y7 V fre-s1dr nt Prcs1dent4 Movrf Apprec1at1on Club 3 4 Pep Clul 2 3 4 French Club 4 Sczene lul 3 4 Vrce Presrder n lass Basketball l Track Varslty Club 4 Orchestra l 7 1 Trfasurer 3 Pl'9S1C'l9tll OLES DOROTHY Do A quiet ana SIHCGI pers n whose sympathy and uni rstan rng mal many trlends ways rfazly wrth a la rgl woke Honors Commercral Clu n 4 PAGANO HELEN Shorty Was always lust so narv a care rn the world er genlal nature should L ramen erect Honors Dramattc Clul l 7 I' lfllfl L15 rs ent 4 l nor Stud 1 PALMA ALBINA Brna 'Where there s fun there s Bma an enemy of none her brlghtn ss made her a l s avorlte Honors ltallan Clul 4 C r merctal Club 4 SENIORS I PARKS FRANKLIN Frank A loyal frrend 1HGll1 gent ambrtrous student F ank shculcl be a great suc ess 1n sprte of hls reserved manner Honors H1Y Beta 2 3 4 Dra marc Club l 2 3 Publ Play l 2 French Club 4 Lattn Club 7 Tenms l Honor Student PARSONS RUlH Ruth Ouret modest and resourceful thought a great deal ot er scl ool work n ver ltng IPL cn a task gtven her Honors Dramatr Cu French Club 4 Hrstorf L, Orchestra l PARULIS DOROTHY o A tarr hcad W1th mtelltg IC nclosed much ecucatccl tn worldly knowledge 1 l or wcrk s ern eff rt e s Honors History Club 7 PATTERSON EVA Ml E Eva Eva was hardly ever seen vttthout her car would d anythmg to help a person rn need very charmtng Honcrs D9lDCIl1l'lQCt1l3l P 7 PAVLAK CHESTER Chet great tennis star I ana very lashiul especraly 1n the pesence of grrls ns open heart has garned our ad rn1rat1on Honors H Y Alpha 2 3 4 Vtce Prestdent 3 Presrdent 4 In terclass Basketball l Tenms l A ft Captarn 4 Varsity Clul 4 PERKINS FRANCES Perky A s t u cl 1 o u s and rntellrgent malden was Perky though she drdnt partake rn actlvltres her support was there Honors Honor Student PEROSINO PIERINA Pzerma Our t and stately was Plerma a comely lass forevfr puttmg her stud1es befor play Honors Ital1an Club 2 PERSECHINO EMILIA Emrlra One of the never ser1ous class she studled plenty and was never seen w1thout a smrle on her face her lovable face went wrth her personallty Honors Commercral Club 4 Secretary -4 Honor Student PERSECI-IINO MARIO A Marlo Noxsy and m1sch1evous nevertheless he was a good scholar berng on the honor lrst IS proof Honors Debatlng Clubl Hon or Student PERSECI-IINO MARIO S Pets A tall young man and very slrm full of pep vrgor and v1m qu1et and unassummg wlth strangers Honors Orchestral 2 3 4 1941 PERSECHINO SUSIE Sue Her pleasantr1es have taken h r over st of l1f s rough spots her attrtude male the world seem a better place t lrvo IH Honors D arnattc Club l 7 3 4 Honor Student PEYRE HENRY Hen Henry to lc on the lard r of hte s many tasks and n ver c n nlamed hrs wrlltngness to lo thrngs was apprecrated PHALEN ROBERT Bob Bobs fr1endly smlle and Wlt brought h1m many fr1er1ds hes tn hrs pr1me IH muslc and drama remember Andy Hardy? Honors H Y Alpha 2 3 4 Dramatlc Club l 2 Movr A prec1at1on Club 3 4 Pep Clul 3 Sclence Club 3 4 Orcwestra PIEKOS PETER Pete small hvely httle chap was always IH the tearch a1r never once was h seen studymg PIETRAEESA DENA Pete Where theres a W1l1 there s a way one of the best dressed gtrls of the class well man nered and made frzends 9GS1lY shell be remembered for the humor she addefl to her classes Honors Spamsh Cluo 3 Hrs tory Club 3 COmm9IC1Gl Club 4 Basketball 3 Honor Student PLATEN ROBERT ob He may be qu1et but strll one of the best known always wantmg to do everythmg perfect we all llke hlm Honors Orchestra l 7 3 4 POIT BARBARA Barb Happy cheerful and pleasant one ot the most popular glrls o' the class a good dance plenty ot school spurt Honors XRay 2 3 4 Cla Book Staff Assoc1ate Ed1tor D batmg Club l Pep Club 2 3 4 Commerclal Club 4 Presldent B sketballl 2 3 Tenms l 7 5 4 Bowlrng 2 3 4 PONIATOSKI FRANCIS Ponny School work and fun were alrke to hlrn he was studlous and never thought wrong of no one POST ARGEN Arg Handsome trrendly class cut up the dance floor was hrs realm us dlsturbances xn French class wxll always be remembered Honors H1Y Beta 2 3 4 Sec retary 2 3 Movle Appreclatron ub 3 4 p ub French Club 4 Presrdent 4 Track PRATILLO ELEANOR l love to rned1tate on anythlng but looks her love of fun was 1n excel of her love of studxes Honors Latln Club 4 Sclence Club 3 Hlstory Club 4 SENIORS ..! PR S AK FRANCIS fanny ru r1e cl 1S a lrlend ln IS 1n1ur1es never st pp CU-hlm always came r more onors Football 4 Baseball Hockey 3 4 Varslty Club 4 PUDLINSKI IENNIE lennre be gentle rs the 'test of a lady her ways were ever tel der moderate and mrld o lady 1n all respects onors Hrs ory Club 3 4 Honor Student PUSTINGER LOlS Lors lndustrrous and w1ll1ng shy as they come but no one could overlook her and not be sorry Honors Hlstory Club 3 4 RAMSTEIN GLENNA Glenna Her fascmatlng smlle won us all over to her Slde er dress was always perfect to be ln her acquamtance was a pleasure Honors Debatmg Clubl 2 4 Pep Club 3 4 Basketball l Ten ms l 2 Class Off1cer Secretary REIDY DONALD Don One ot the most unconcerned boys ot our class preferred rrosculme company rather than that of our femme charrners Honors XRay l Debatrng Club l Sctence Club 4 Spanlsh Club 3 4 Honor Student RENTZ, DOROTHY "Dot" Full ot fun . . . quite the liveli- est young maiden we have ever seen . . . furnished us with many a laugh HENZLILLO ANDREW 13 nrly A pleasirq nature Luiltlor sports loved to bowl good oo friendliness admired a of us Honors Football l Track 2 Varsity Clu 4 Bowling 2 3 ENZULLO SIRO Srro A qui k nd rvely younq lad shaft in statdre loved his work and aoove all valued rs friends Honors D batrnq Club I Ital ran Club 7 RICHARD BERNICE Bernie Very beautllul and independ en m st attractive girl of the class t the dismay of our boys she r rained true to one Honors XRay I 2 3 4 Tr1Y Club l ? Dramatic Club l 2 Pep Clu 2 Latin Clu Basketl all I RICHI AQEK WILLIAM I Persist nt ever thoughtful had most luck against him in the way ot all teachers lolod to mak mrsch ef 35:-I 1"'5' ru wi 1941 RINALDI, LEONARD "Lenny" Very collegiate and quite a dancer . . , his classmates on- v ed his immunity to qirls svt ll pal and classmate Honors H Y Beta 2 r nch Club 4 Latin Club 'P is tow Cluo 3 Int rclass Basic tl rll ennis l u ROSSI DANIF Rec Very bashful and qui t those who knew him valuei his friendship under his rcd hair lay many a mischievous th vuan' ROTHEN VIOLE V1 was so sweet and n a her srnc ness was an ass t her shyness was even better Honors History Club 2 4 RUBINO ELFANO'-2 qenrality and ev rs Il1l1Y1Q personality was a mark of I val her studious look was most noticeable Honors Dramatic Club l Italian Club 2 History Llul QUSSO IOI-IIN Iohnny Hrs musical talent was so aood h be ame A W s assistant proqr ssinq rapidly in th mu srcal field Honors Orchestral 7 Q l President I Asst Director 3 4 RUWET DORIS Her srnrle and softsp ken v we were her drstmcuons an ldeal pal her helpfulness was accepted Honors Tr1Y 3 4 Treasurer 4 Dramatlc Clubl 2 3 4 Se tar Q Debanna Clu l H r Smdent M4 SABATELLI MARIE Mane Her fnendly d1spos111on makes her hard to forget qood hu r or addea to Jolly Splfll makes 1 a pal of our class Honors Iiallan Clulu 7 H nor Studeni SIXCCO IDA a Verv an11a le and trustwo thy qrrl of fme C1UGlll19S It l depend on l er for an rna she studred hard Honors llGllGl'l lub 2 Honor C1 Pnl S -1LlNETTl ROSE Rose F l1 e mlss vr as uc1 to say ID school but 16 J n u1s1de lrfe 1s a av e n ltanan Clul. 2 3 SAMUELSON DOROTHY Do A q1aqle a day GIIVGS her VVCTTIGS away 1f she has anv Dots lauahma made everw thrna s en cheerful Il s Dramalrc Clu 4 IS 111 Clul 'J 4 C rnmerc 4 Treasurer 4 :UV 00" .4-5' SENIORS SAROG TEANI ean Her VOICQ IS h treds rr lr1er dly as well as atira ll her lJahy1sh ways wer e to us all Honors D amat1 Pep Club 2 s SCA CLR A'NlTl-lO'Nlr Tony A lot of todqh luck s s o have followed 1h1s laa nev ertheless he s1ud1ed to t ri h1s alv1l11y Honors ltalxan u l a SCHERVV ER MARY E Mdry Eolvlle Sle was aw vs lf fl sornethmq new fc satrshed w1th stayr a o she w1ll certarnlg Cllll der to success Honors Drarnanc Clu 1 7 3 4 Spamsh SCHFRONTC4 ll.Ll T Pmkf Hrs actrons and 15 w queer lo us u lc K knew 111 vas tops SCHNIER LOUlS ng tl- 11 s 1 F 1deas uls 1s n no mailer whe e h whom onors XR SHANLEY ELDAH Eldah A 11 of many rdeas describes Eld besrdes most of them r a ltres success he ll UQ wlfl ANLEY LLOYD Lloy 1 sl sstperror a1r and rdeas we w lcomed anywhere hrs c rr ctness of speech was ad nur v all l-I nw s SCILTICQ Cloth 3 4 Rlfle l NORELLI lOSEPHlNE losey Thvrqn short Ill stature every rncl' a tady she never spoke harsl 1 ras or executed unkrnd deeds n Dramatlc Club 3 4 ltahan uw 7 3 4 Basket mall 5 Orc ra 3 4 SIMKO FRANCI Hunk -Q. very onservatrve qent hrs fnnts playrnq was always a feature hrs lnowhnq was th tcos tn school Hon s Class Book Staff A srstant Busmess Manaaer Bas lal l nms l 4 sr 1 SKINNER MARY Mary Qu1et people are welcomed anywhere espec1ally Mary s type tall sl1m and obhqmq l st fl scrxbes Mary shim' Me SLAIBY EMMA m 1 ed to go to schoct t t and not to have fun ends stayed wlth h r tn t1 o n d SNYDER VOLNEY Schmtz funlovmq h my q tu ac hrs love for t astna tn atrls arove many a qul trantt H nors H1 Y Beta Q 2 I l STEVENS SHIRLEY Shrrl Gentle quret and a ktndn s of heart her actlons thrcuqh schocl made her an outstan hna qxr o a qood drspasttl an STEVENS VlRC1lNlA Imnze A q od dancer ani verv an up ular with the boys her n at looks and dress made her t tracttve to us Hotors. Dramatlc Clulv J Ing b e ary STEWART FRANCES Fran Her boylsh looks and ways de CS1V9d us all underneath she was one of us femmes 5 1 ICKLES CHEQ EB Chet f let was an unus 1a1l1 qui aria 1ashful boy 11s everx x ora was spoken Vtlfl careful rkss and tlnouqhtfulness H nors Orolfestra 1 STRANO THERESA Treos s little lnks 1 1 e is th her C111 it s 1 t11 SUBACZ HELEN Helen Hee lways has an o o alout er 1 sophisticated an w svery 1 e nors History Clul 'Z Con lk ia Club 4 QU' LW AN EDV A PF sonality plus standina athlete popular an 1 torestrnq quite a prankster Honors H Y Alpha 2 Dramatic Club l Football 1 7 3 4 Captaln 4 Basketball 1 7 3 4 Baseballl 2 3 4 Vars y Club 2 3 4 Class Officer Presi dent 'Z 4 Service Cup SULLIVAN WlLL1A1xfl 1 A true class mate ar1d friend . . . is wit brightened our class . . . w will never forget his sar- castic debates. Honors: Class Papers, Prophe- cy, Hi-Y Beta Z 37 Dramatic Club , 3 De ating Club 1, 2, , , President 4: Movie Appreciation Club 3, 4, President 47 Pep Club 2, 3, 4, lnterclass Basketball 1, 2, , 4, Track , 3, 4, Captain 5 Varsity Club 2, 3 4: Cheer Lead, e ,4. SENICDRS C TA1Y A1Y'Xl y 1 e1 f ir man C P11 an ' 11l1C11S very talkativ fnade classes a riot .in with the t achers besides 11 classmates renowned for lo writings Honors XBay 2 4 Feature Editor Class Book Staff Associ ate Editor Delatinq Club 2 Q History Club 7 4 Cavnr r Club Ho r S u TEBEC1G ANNA A11 erx pleasing rappearanoe '1 o neat voiv miss y Y1 t C uaint Cnr 11 s r 1111111 roia Clu sr--11 WWE .,,,lX 1ERZUOLO LOUlS A Louisa oursa believed in stu lying not whis tina wloil she orkcd IPF a111b1t1 n Jas a 1 1y t e success Honors History C u Hon or Stu lent THORPE HARRY Harry A tall nonoialant fell W never a frown was seen n his fare one of the best liked fellows of the class Honors Football 1 Manaqerl Basketball 1 Z 3 4 Baseball 1 Varsity Club 2 1 4 Treasurer 4 RIVELLA, BOMILDA "Rodney" Always ready Nith a smile . . , a happy-qo-lucky spirit . . . one of the iolliest friends a .r- son Could have, Honors: History Club 3, 4. VALLA ANN Ann Always Ulmlnq to please gay person made fr1ends easrly and kept them too he lauqhter was always heard H nors Hrstory Club 2 3 VAN DEUSEN LOUIS Louze 5041 Had an at wer ready for any thlnq sa1d always pol1te wrll be successful tn any future undertaktnqs Honors Football l Baseball 4 VENNELL ALEC Alec Not heard from durmq hls stay at school a studrous lad 'nade qulte a few frrenls an above all kept them WANATOWICZ IENNIE lenme D1dnt travel rn the compan or men qu1et on the surface but one had to know her to en Jay her rnner self Honors Sc1ence Club 3 WESTBURG LOIS Lors Qurte the llttle actress we say Lots dldnt act when she was w1th her true frrends Honors Tr1Y 4 Dromatlc Club 4 Comrner1al Club 4 Basket all 2 Tenms 1 1941 WHALEN ELIZABETH F Betty Lou 'very stubborn and a great arquer her cuteness and freslness left an lmprtnt on our rerrcrnbrance of her rlonors Pep Clul. 4 L tm lub 4 SC19 e H W HELAN ELIZABETH A Betty A good hurnored qal who made a frrend of e eryone lrer love for the teacwers was ex ptronal Honors Dramattc C u Spanrsh Club 2 3 4 Htstoy Club 4 WILLIAMS CE ELIA Cre One of the few who eauzed that scnool was meant for study and study only we a nlre her rmmensely Honors Spamsh Clu Presrdent 3 WILLIAMS EDWARD A sharp cracklnq w1t w1th plenty of fun to drsh out at the askrnq nevertheless dtdnt neglect h1s studles Honors H1Y Beta 2 3 4 Dra mattc Club l 2 3 History Club 2 3 Interclass Baseball 2 3 4 Hockey 2 3 4 WINTZ WILLIAM 1 Ouret and shy not made known to us rn school has hrs brts of fun out of school bowls qutte frequently Honors Baseball 4 Manaq r Varslty Club 4 W? YURASHUS DELLA Della Quret tall and exotrclookmq 'er well spoken vorce IH ad amen to her Peamess are her tru aualltles H Il s Spamsh Clul ZFLIQAA HELEN I-lelen 4 f' f ruq and forever smllmq M r q lien vorce thrrllml IS auwwl 1 auytrme- e u V-lfmors D arrauc Club I 2 4 Pep Club 2 3 4 Latm Club Q Secretary 3 Sparush Club 4 Camera Club 4 SENIORS ZORDAN ALDO Aldo Always domq the wrong thmq t he wrong tlme hrs clos fr1 nds remember hrm as a hap px qood humored fellow Honors Itahan Club 3 4 Track 4 Or heslra l 1941 ZBUSKA SOPHHD Sophle Soplue was a smart qrrl studrecl constantly and her IlLI1'lCS showed sparklmq results cheerful attrtude toward emry thma llCIlFTb Commercral Llul ZEINER EDWARD Full bf Hllflll and laughter his SlULl1PS were often neql C! l to DIOV1lQ lun for anyorm who asked lor 11 Honors Track 2 4 TRADE CO OPERATIVES ARNISTA ANTHONY Tony C1ever devoted and modest hls trne C1b111fY and d ter m1not1on to complete C111 he stcrrts h s already qtven ossur once ot o suCcessfu1 ruture Honors XRdy 1 ond 2 ir ds ure 3 Bcrs1cetbc111 1 2 ond Bowhnq 4 Trade Y 4 VGTS1 tv B rs 3 on CANDIANI ROBERT Bob Modest and shy frr dly and obhqxnq d w1111n worker ul cvs e1pmq hand Bobs res ce added great Joy donors B'1sket1oo11 1 1 J VUTSITY Bus 1G11 3 Drorn t1 1 CA ENO LEONARD en Happy cheertu1 pleasant 111s lI1CiSbCIflf hotter Won um un'1v1nq 1GI1C1S111p donors Bownnq Q ond -1 CAVAGNERO ERMAN Cavze Ind pend nt plecrslnq ctrtux orn st endeavor to worn: e kos th needed qudur s d br1111ont future ond ts row the rocxd to success onors Ho or Studs P s dent 4 VICE Presui nt rnq 4 Basketball KOST RICHARD Kost MISCDIEVOUS and nonr1f1dn Hrs prcmks ond sp1r1te'1 dl POSITION crde 1 1 o11 r nn ered by dll Honors Bowhnq T LANDOR THOMAS Tommy A 1o11y fellow d good sr rt to1kc1t1ve 1oyfu1 drsposxtron Tommy olwdvs 1 11 r host o lends Honors Vdrszty Bose: ,111 2 Varsity Hockey Q Bus-c 1111 TRADE C0 OPERATIVES O1-IOTNICKX FRANK ro 3 ccpen all q good follows 111 LGS q:111'1ffi c1d11111c111o11 FICNFIQ 11111 rdass Bcskctl all PACE LFONARD Leon rd 1 1110115 1r11p1e551ve 115 gf q mfs OVKI cwn ci 5 o 1 111511111 15 1C1c f VC1151111 S4 11 o 14 DAQCOLA MARIO Mono Dcservcd 111d.15tr1c115 5tud1ou5 MGTIO YGHCIQ to F15 o F1 oi C115 and 14215 IS 101 5 CHPYS Br 5k tl 'I SW1111 f-3 ,G- n4""' 10103 9-ui S new NS" 1941 QPEEST IOUVP-I ce 11 T9 11 111C 5 1' 111 G ,151 Q 5 E 1 11101 SIEVEL MIPHAEL Mlke 1 pcnd 111 oevot W 4 SUFCGC 1 V 115 1 11.151 11o15 Ecskctl UGAGLIA FRANK Frank Q-91fc1n5c1ou5 obstmote olwoys o prcmk up 1115 5112121 hls IIGQUICII STI1119 c1551 qcn r sm 5 wc1 II LVIY 111911 Hr 1 1 IS Bcsketboll C1114 4 V1YSO1,KI EUF NE Gene 01111 cm re5ou1cDful 1 1111115 C1 real sports e11'11u51 G5 Ge-nes c1mb111o11 W111 CICWIGVQ h1S qool Honors VCIfS11Y Gol' 2 Socro tory 4 Intelrcloss Boskoiboll 3 4 CLASS PAPERS CLASS HISTORY Chapter l Flash' September' Autumn' Freshmen' All arrrved together w1th a crash and a bang 1n l937 the Freshmen to begrn thetr f1rst eventful year at the Tor r1ngton Hrgh School A mass of shrnmg faces and ruffled harr greeted the once srlent halls of the stony structure on the corner of Prospect and Church Streets Some 400 of us were present but there was one rovtal person mrsstng who we were soon to frnd out was always behtnd trme Who? Why none other than Betty Lou Whalen stragglrng rn 5 mrnutes late and calmly askrng the teacher whether she could be excused to catch 40 more wrnks For Betty sa1d l always get up at l2 o clock noon and l dont see why l must break my record now A few mrshaps but all tn all we start d our f1rst successful year on the road to fun and some study W were rn school but a few weeks when Chreftarn lohnson called an as sembly Commg 1nto the audrtorrum Mr lohnson was flabbergasted H thought bedlam had broken loose Everyone was yelhng at the top of hrs lungs all were s ated wherever they w1shed lt was more or less a ngsaw puzzle But soon the pleces of th1s puzzle were set tn order as sllence and correct seat mg places were taken care of by the understandrng teachers Mr lohnson pro ceeded to explarn to hrs new recrurts the rules of school club and athletrc act1v1t1e Th f1rst gala event on our program was the Annual Frosh Halloween Party Ghosts and gobltns were wavlng frant1cally rn the gym A Grand March entertarnment refreshments and dancrng compr1sed the nrghts pro gram Ernre Gogolya and Argen Post two of our dashrng and debonarr Flomeos drdnt have a chance to ask g1rls wrth whom they w1shed to dance pohtely danced wtth hrs admrrers whrle Argen garly sard Grrls rt rsnt leap year yet Durtng the cou se of the year ther were ertarn days when H len Pa gano and Franklm Parks were atrard to enter therr class rooms for fear of seerng therr names wrrtten rn publrc on the board on the A Honor Boll These very same days always gave lack Kelvre our red headed demon a drenched feehng for he was valrantly tryrng to keep hrs marks above C level Conttnutng our trend of affatrs we found among ourselves some verx talented personalltles Foremost arguers as Kay Lamph1er and Charlotte Lrlhbndge great chortsters as Mary Foley who well deserves the trtle of Sec ond Llly Pons these and many others drstrngurshed themselves by therr br1ll1ant preces Mus1c1ans7 Why we were blessed w1th such artrsts as Erleen Casson Ted Novey Chet Strckels and losephme Srgnorelh At our assembltes these maestros outdtd themselves by thexr rendrtrons Dramatrc artrsts galore' The Freshmen Dramatrc Club gav tts annual publ1c performance by castrng Sktddtng A roster of stars played rn th1s success of the year Among them were the rrresrstrble Bernrce Brchard meek and noble Ted Hodges audacrous lun Breen and gentle Marron G ary Here at last were threats to Hollywood' Athletrcs too took up a great deal of our trme Grrls as well as boys found trme to butld up therr physrcal and mental powers Among our female sport 42 . I . I 9 . 9 4 r . e ' . " . 9 , I I T foh, no! the fair damsels surrounded these two and demanded dances. Ernie r , e c ' e - . . W . 9 . A . , ,.., , . . sters Barbara Port a parttcrpant rn e ry game of sport for grrls was outstand mg for brrllrancy and fa1r play As to sportsmen rt would be drffrcult to choos a wmner but some of our emm nt players were Ed Sullrvan Ha ry Thorp Med Marola hm Breen and Dant Longobucco So ended our frrst year at To rmgton Flrgh we had made new trrends but st1ll treasured the frrendshrps of our old pals Much there s l dare n t tell lest l tax your trme and patrence Chapter U Flash Septemberl Autumnl Sophomores' As we could now plague and vex the Freshmen we start d our second year at Torrmgton Hrgh more lrke young ladres and gentlemen that rs wrth a few exceptrons such as Mary Clarke who strll couldnt get ov r how good Santa was to her last year for grvmg her that large Shrrley Templ doll and Bob Phalen who as yet drdn get r1d of that srlly lrttle grm when ver he saw a blond l-lowev r after a long lazy and warm sum'n r our mental machrn ry was not vet orled well enough for as was seen rn geometry class Mr Murr asked our trtran hatred marden Kay Barry th defm1t1on for spa e V y stut t red ana tmally managed to say Space IS where there rs nothrng l cant explaln t exactly but l have rt rn 'ny head But all m all our mothers w r more than glad to get us off th If hands for a short tm Why one moth r was so trckled she satd Oh Dad rsnt rt great you wont have to buy any new books for Marmaduke thrs t rrn as hes strll m the same class We fmally settled down to work well partrally anyway For at that t1me a new addrtron was welcom d to T H S namely a me hanrcal cow whrch was pasteurrzed rn th bas nsent by a krnd donatton of the Varsrty Club So now lason Curt ss d dnt have to brtng hrs own rrnlk any more for no doubt thrs Iersey would sattsfv hrs n eds Th great toprc of the trrst sem ster was Clubs New mernb rs were mtt at a mto T 1 Y Alpha and B ta l-l1Ys Pep Hrstory Dramatrc ltalran ano. numercts other clubs These Xtra currrcular actrvrttes greatly mcr ased o rmg th v ar as w wer a hv w group of soph rnores who malor d rn 1n1t1a trv ana for So two n w clubs were formed Movre Apprecratron Club supervrs d v Mr Wood mostly for rumors and s nr rs but whrch couldnt flourrsh wrthout the wrt and rntelhgence of some of our fellowm n and th Lattn Club sup rvtsed by Mrss Brown Both drd splendrdly und r therr capa Fl lead rs As w w re sttll growrng we dtd feel a pam h re or there onc rn awhrle Thus the Melpothalran Dramatrc Club presented tts frst pubhc p rtormance Growrng Parns a comedy of adolescence Aft r seemg Kay Larnphler Frank Parks Buth Parsons and Charlotte Lrlllbrrdge p rform we found out that there was a cur for such pams yes use rubb ng alcohol Ba ketball games and dan s got unaerway and we were se n at a areat many o these Now our mental abrlrty sup rseded that of our tn t athered fr1 nds the Freshman as was se n at on of our dances A Fresh man dan ng wrth a Sophomore ga ly sard My how shppery the floor tsl The Soph mor strftly replr d Slrppery nothmgl l Just had rrty sho s pol 1 h d So the Freshman crawl cl a k nto h r sh ll and sald n thrng mor to nnov h r el s 43 ' ' ' ' ' rx ' . VC , V A YC A V . V C ' - Vu ' Q ' r Q I V I ' A x"V ' Q V C . . T V . A A V V l V . V V V . l O l V C V V V V A V C I . V V . VA Q C V , l V . V V 3 Q C C C. - Q A Q . ' C , , 1 C V 'B A V V . . - ' A A ' V ' Q ' ' ' f- N V , 1 V v sf - .C. Q V ' VV . . . . V . . . V VV C l 1 1 ' Q Q f Q' V C C , - C VV V VV . VV . V wg Q ,.C. C V V V V . V V V Q , l . C V V V VV C V . . Q . . .CC V C ' C C A l V V V V V . 7 . . , . l . V V V . . Q A C . . V VV VV Q F' , Q 2 C ..C, V . l C C V VV V V V V V . . 1 - Q r . . Q l l .C .L . , . C C V , , V I Q - . V .VA . Q A V . C. C l ' A ' nl V . ' ' ' " .Ll C AC 9 C' CIA C C. . s 9 ' C' CC. V C " ' C V . V V V an V V. CC CA V V . C' C Y V Y I I '1 1 r'N . C 9, V C . V ' C J C . C ' 19 C . - V . . V Q D . . 3 C V C C , C . . V . V . Q V C l C V VV V . VV D . . , A . C . V . . . Q V 1 v V V Q ' C i . C C C , V T . Q - nn- 1 Q C CC . C V . . VV V : Q Q- J- - . - ' - V - . V 1 V . VV A C C , V 9 C . ' . V . . VV . . VV or 1 A . .C. , V. V V A . . VV . . . fy A fx Q - A C C C V V . L V V VV - V V V S C . , S fl C l 9 C. C . C . a. e .der. ln February the ltahan Club presented 1ts Carntval of Ventce and at rt who do you th1nk we saw domg the flea Hop 'P Are you try1ng to guess? Well tt was our own Betty Cons1d1ne and Dante Longobucco Boy could they or couldnt they fleet around ' Our whole year was packed w1th thrllls We heard w1th our ears a de hghtful orchestra concert we saw w1th our eyes a fme art exhtbtt and we saw heard and laughed at Spnng Fever a dramattc club success starrmg lmt Breen and Ed Bushka Each year has 1ts rare and embarrasslng moments We all remember the day when lean Sarog a sweet songstress became attached to Mrss C1mm1no s sweater clasp tn Study Hall What a ttme they cltd have trymg to get her loose' Too Ted Novey our next presldent Cthat s what he saysl was pohtely told to get out of the l1brary 1f he mslsted on crawl1ng on h1s knees all over the floor looklng for a penc1l Then we all remember that day when Edtth Bonalum1 after bemg asked by the teacher rf she thought she deserved more than a goose egg on her rec1tat1on sa1d As long as tt 1snt a smasheo goose egg I dont care Scholarshlp T s and club and athletrc letters were dtstrtbuted at our last assembly Once aga1n the teachers lost a class of loyous sophomores They were glad to be r1d of us for a few months but we knew that they wanted us back th re wtth them so we dectded to come back for our Juntor year Chapter Ill Flash' September' Autumn' tumors' We a class of more mtelltgent stu dents now found out that school does not work ltke a slot machtne put tn a ntckel and expect the pot We had to buckle down and accompl1sh some thmg We were told to part1c1pate 1n extra currrcular act1v1t1es so as to devel op character personalrty and mttranve Helen Zbuska demurely asked Must I develop all that 1n one year? 'We can say Helen that you dtd a very good Job tn dotng so too As we started our roammgs around the rooms agam we not1ced that one of our study halls was m1ss1ng Room 27 We tmally found out that classes were becom1ng larger and larger so the school de 1ded to make 3 rooms from the one We dldnt care much about tt for we had our own Study Hall 34 An assembly was soon called to elect the chref execut1ve of our class and h1s asststants In the returns Edward Sulllvan was elected to f1ll head post Closely followmg was lud1th Morrtson As scrrbe Glenna Ramstem and as money holder Wtllram Norton ln our second tssue of the X Hay a promlnent personallty column was start ed called the Spotllght As lt was excluslvely for sentors we Juntors dtdnt have a chance to have some of our br1ll1ant personages deptcted However we were yet to have our chance Our young sclenttsts started the year off wtth a bang by formmg thetr Sctence Club under the d1rect1on of Mr Crandlemlre Chref Sctenttst W1l ham Sull1van and h1s asslstant Ted Novey planned many an mterestmg program tor the club and school One of the features was a tnp to Pratt Whrtney Plant rn Hartford Paul Hawley and lvhchael Gerardl satd that 1t was loads of fun goxng through the plant especrally the new offrces whrch were approprtately dec orated w1tn lovely flowers and lovely ladxes So you see the Sctence Club 1S not all strlct sctenttfrc work for one can have fun wlth a caprtal F too 44 . . 11 1 . 11 . 1 . 11 11 . 1 - 1 1 11 11 1 1 . 11 . 11 . 1 1 , . , . 1 1 . 1 1 - 1 . 1 . - 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 11 11 1 . . 11 . . 1 1 1 1 1 11 , . . 1 . . . 1 Q ' C , . . . . . , ' , . f . 11 11 . . , . . .. 11 1 ' 1 1 . 11 . - 1 , . 1 r- , C , . 1 . . , . - 1 11 11 . . l , . . I - 11 . 11 . . . . . 1 1 1 - 1 - 1 , . . - .. , , . I . - 1 1 1 - One of our brlght students wanted to know what a pess1m1st was So we up and asked Barbara Baudoum the falrest of beautres who replred to our query A pesslmrst 15 a man who wears both suspenders and a belt The stu dent was very much satrsfred for next day he wore a belt and suspenders Almost Erghteen ahl what 1oy to be grown up yes another Dramatrc Club success Our lone rumor star was V1v1en Dalone who showed us how to fron out all drff1cult1es when one IS approachrng such a dangerous age Smce about th1s trme everyone was dotng the Hhumba or some other fandango at our dances and smce the U S wrshed to become more frrend ly toward our Southern and Spamsh nerghbors the Senors and Senorrtas de crded to form a Spanrsh Club under drrectorshrp of Senor1ta Fernald Many noteworthy proJects were carrted out both IU Spanish and 1n Amerlcan 1n soctat and busrness lrke fashron Was 1t a robbery? Was 1t a frre? Was tt an earthquake? Or was rt H1tler rnvadlng peaceful Amerrca? No 1t was only Mary Morse droppmg the large drctronary ln Room 34 and then turnrng her large eyes upon us 1n aurrmg whether 1t really was a great no1se lust as we students were strarghtemng out all d1ff1cult1es we were tola that Evaluatron vrsttors were to come to the school to aurz both students and teachers Thrs put our harr on end agam The teachers too were a teeny weeny brt scared as they slrpped up a few t1mes rn class One of our teach ers sard to a puprl Young man are you teachmg th1s class? No Str replred the boy Then stop talkmg l1ke an rdrot responded the teacher However all appeared favorably to our vrsrtors and they left more than satrsfred As we were Just recover1ng from the shock of such drstmgurshed v1s1tors we werent due for another shock or should l say surprlse But 1nto our classrooms came movre cameras lrghts wrres were we bemg frlmed for some great motron prcture or for a Mrckey Mouse short feature? However soon we were at ease for we found out that the Movre Apprec1at1on Club was shootrng for 1ts gala premler School days Not only 1ns1de the school bu1ld1ng were shots bemg taken but at dances at games and even at coun try homes where sorne frne snow scenes wer dep1cted All that could be heard was Lrghts Actron Camera then the rncessant grrndmg Th1s ex travaganza was a wow Almost every student attended wantmg to se whether he or she was rn the scene A few of our Jumors were rn th1s movre or drdnt you see them? Well some were under the snow anyway To prolong our act1v1t1es there came the announcement of the Stud nt Faculty play What a L1fe And what a lrfe we drd lead as our school year was comrng to an end Th Prom greatest of all events termmated our thrrd year of events Thus we all knew hat school had come to a close when we drscoverea that the boy or gtrl who sat besrde us rn study hall was a good looker bes1des bemg a walkrng cafeterra Chapter lV Flash' Septemberl Autumnl Semorsl Ah' how wonderful 1t seemed to be the topmost the bosses the mo t free rn th1s grand ole T H S We felt 45 1 1 11 1 . . 11 11 1 11 . 1 1 ' 1 1 1 N , 1 11 11 . 1 . l . , . 1 1 ..,. . 1 1 - 1 1 I . 1 . 1 1 11 . . 1 . 11 . . . 1 . 11 1 . 11 1 1 - 11 . 11 . 1 1 - 11 1 . . . 11 , . 1 . 1 1 1 - 1 1 . . . 11 11 . . , . 1 1 ' . 9 . 'W' 1 1 1 - ' 11 11 . , Q , 1 1 . , , . ' Q . , V 11 1 11 . 1 , . ' Q 1 77 . C + . , 1. 11 11 nl . . , , c . . . a new v1gor a new vrtalrty for at last we had reached our goal we were Sentors Why Sonny Kalmowskr even sard I almost feel lrke a man I n grown up Smce th1s was our last year we all decrd d to make the best of 1t Soon events and assembtres started and then we couldnt keep track of them as they traveled along l1ke hghtnrng Class off1cers were elected at our frrst assembly Ed Sulhvan agam was elected to f1ll the posrtton of head of the Class of 41 Closely follow1ng was Iud1th Morrtson Next as secretary Glenna Ramstem and as treasurer Dante Longobucco Then came assembl1es for electron ot Class Book Staff Our Edttortn Ch1ef of X Hay Vmme Malahan was f' n the drsttngurshed posttron of Ed 1tor of the l94l Torrmgtoman A grcup of capable asslstants was also chosen Can l have your name card? How many have you got? the same old refratns Yes the name cards had emerged for about two months and then submerged for rematnder of school year w1th the exceptton of ustng them for permtts For students wtth busrness subn cts a Commerctal Club was organtzed wtth Mrss Stoeckert and Mrss Crmmmo as leaders The obrectrve of the club was to develop skrll and competence m school and c1ty commercral act1v1t1es The football team played swell throughout therr season Much credrt 1s due to the powerful atm of our greatest performer Wh1tey Kunktewtcz Too much credrt to our foremost cheerleader ludy Morrtson who as Prestd nt of the Tr1Y and Pep Club and Vxce Prestdent of the class became one of most popular and best lrk d frlends throughout her four years wrth us Came next a sequel to Almost Elghteen a hrlarlous comedy Young Barry presented by the Dramatrc Club Vlv Dal me once agarn rn the role af mother keeps peace 1n her famlly whrle Mary 1 y a mustc teacher b comes engaged to one of the players Are you perrenced enough Q1TlS,p Then came the day when everyone trted to look pretty or handsome Yes we were to be photographed for the class bcok As Dorts Copactno has such curly locks she drdnt have to worry But there were a few persons who when the1r hatr was set dtdnt have tl err prctures taken No tt seemed that the aay when these persons were lea t expectmg to b photographed they were But the Lonng studro d1d do a fme Job wrth everyones prcture When one of hrs frrends asked Dlck Morgan he w1th the btg fe t 1n what course he thought he would graduate Dlck replted ln the course of t1me l guess Superlattves came a ound the corner together wlth mtd year exams Although more was heard of the superlattves the teachers trred to make us concentrate on those 4 dark and gloomy days when we were to s1t at our places and rack our brams for the answers to the auesttons on those wh1te sheets of paper As our year was nearlng tts end we trred to cram all ktnds of acttvt ttcs mto the last few months Concerts art exhtbrts dances a dramattc club play and the prom were some of the events leaomg up to the greatest event of all commencement Four Joyful years have we spent ln thrs burldmg and now as we are gomg to leave 1t w w1ll ch rtsh all memorres deep tn our hearts So dear classmates good luck and che r to each and everv one of you rn your future careers Adele Celestme Kemezzs Co , ff x . . . . 11 1 1 . . , I 11 Q C , . , -, 1 1 1 . . . . , , 1 1 - - . wg 1 . . , . A 1 1 :- -M . 11 1 . 11 X . 11 11 11 11 - 1 . Q . V c, 11 11 1 . , - , . ' Q 1 1 1 1 ' , , V QUT 9 11 . 11 . . 11 1 1 11 . . , , 1 , . .C .-, C , . . 1 . 1 1-'fme Q- M 1 1 rv 1 1 v . OX , . , 1 . . 1 , . , 1 . 1 , . , 'w 1 1 - - 1 1 . r- 9 or V , . . . . Q , 1 , C , . . . 11 . 1 - 1 11 r , . , . . 1 V . 7 - 1 1 1 ff 1- 1 1 1 , , , W, 1 , 1 Q . C . , 1 , C C 1 A . Q A - 1 1 V 1 A HISTORY OF THE HISTORIAN The gay hellos and t1m1d sm1les of the push1ng and exc1ted Freshmen on that perfect school day 1n l937 stands out IH all our memor1es Most of them were expect1ng a future unknown even though they were exc1ted and they knew that they were about to pass one of many steppmg stones Of these sol1c1tous Freshmen one stood out from all the others as a br1ght cheerful g1rl and she IS st1ll IH the I1mel1ght On the IIISI day she managed to make the acquamtance of the Freshman faculty and her classmates S1nce that day 1t has been her motto to e a new frtend every day and a new A 1n every way In her Sophomore and Iun1or years she became an honorable member of the Lat1n Club Pep Club Dramahc Club and French Club and yet she re ma1ned on the A Honor Boll The Iuntor year came along to f1nd her known as the l1fe of all her classes not only tn prov1d1ng fun but also 1n showmg her classmates how buslness can be pleasure She played through Hard1ng Hercules and Hall to the aston1shment of the faculty Now th1s g1rl IS known as Adele Kemez1s the Salutator1an of the Class of l94l Adele IS study1ng to become a nurse and we are sure that Just as as1ly as she has made fr1ends and succeeded 1n school she w1ll make them 1n t e hospmtal Ehzabeth F Whalen PROPHEC K' OF CLASS OF 1941 WILLIAM I SULLIVAN It IS the sprmg of 1951 I have been l1v1ng 1n South Amer1ca for several years VVh1le d1n1ng one even1ng at my IGVOTIIG cafe I recogmzed somethmg fam1l1ar about the VISIIIHQ orchestra It IS Ted Novey and h1s nat1onal1y fa mous Bhumba Bunts I arrange to meet h1m after the performance to talk over old t1mes He 1nforms me that he IS start1ng on a nat1onw1de tour w1th h1s band and 1nv1tes me along to gather new mater1al for my latest book SWIHQ and Why I dont Want To I Joyously accept th1s 1nv1tat1on and the follow1ng evemng we cl1mb aboard the spec1al chartered transport wh1ch ac commodates the whole orchestra Dunng the tr1p I have a chance to meet the members of the band wh1ch 1ncludes such fam1l1ar Jammers as Emanuel Koltko Ernest Gogoha Bob Phalen Bob Plat1n Iohnny Russo and the1r lovely songstress Helen Zbuska Our p1lots turn out to be Edward W1ll1ams and Em1l Alban and our hostess Betty Lou Whalen AFTIVIHQ at Los Angeles wh1ch IS the flfSl stop on our tour I am surpr1sed to f1nd that D1ck Morgan IS head of Western A1r L1nes Dunng our two weeks stay ID Cal1forn1a I V1Sll Hollywood and learn that lack Kelvle IS head o 20th Century 'Wolf Produchons I look h1m up and we have a long chat I f1nd that many of my former classmates have crashed the mov1es There are such famous stars as Barbara Oomph Baudou1n Eva May West Patterson the handsome heartbreak1ng Romeo Edward Bushka and many more 1nclud1ng Dorothy Mason LOUISE Hand Mary DeAngelo Bern1ce Rtch ards and everybody s baby Mary Clark 47 11 11 1 . 1 , . 1 1 1 1 11 11 . 1 1 1 1 ' . 11 11 1 - 1 1 1 1 - 1 Q ' V 1 , 'LN . - 1 11 11 . . 1 11 . 1 11 1 1 1 1 . 1 - 1 - 1 , . 1 1 1 1 1 , . 1 1 - 1 1 . . . . . . 1 1 l. 11 . 11 . . . , . 11 11 1 11 11 - 1 1 1 1 1 - - 1 1 1 ' 1 1 , . lm For the next ten months we m1grate slowly eastward unt1l I f1nd myself IH New Rochelle New York at The Glen Island CGSIHO whtch IS now owned and operated by that host of SOCISIY Argen Post Wh1le tell1ng htm about our tour I mentton numerous old frtends I found Ted Hodges and Neal Lawson operat1ng a flea ctrcus tn Colorado Edward Zetner IS the owner of a stable of pr1celess thorobreds 1n V1rg1n1a Glenna Ramstem IS runn1ng a dude ranch n Montana M1d1am Burns owns a Zombee farm IU Georg1a where sh ra1ses butterfl1es Balph Coff y IS a track star Eugene Neb1ola IS a golf pro George Lane IS demonstratmg bubble gum 1n Ar1zona Whttey Kunktwttz plays profess1onal football w1th the Green Bay Packers LOUIS KOCSIS W1ll1am WIHIZ and Eranc1s Htggens are tourtng IH the m1d West w1th a travel1ng ctrcus The name of the1r part IS Dartng Acts by the Three Whacks Barbara POII IS the skat1ng star 1n The New Ice Eoll1es Armando COTDGCI IS the manager of that up and com1ng pr1zef1ghter Charles Cooper Eleanor Rubtno IS mar r1ed to a m1ll1ona1re and ltves 1n Cuba Mary Morse as a commtttee of one IS maktng a survey of the number of cact1 tn the state of Texas Iohn Burns IS the bodyguard of the Prestdent Vtncent Malahan that energet1c young fel low of my h1gh school days IS an GYIISI and sculptor of 1nternat1onal renown Volney Snyder IS the advert1s1ng manager for Old Gold c1garettes Char lotte L1ll1br1dge IS act1ve 1n a foretgn m1ss1on Iohn Ashe IS the f1re ch1ef 1n a small settlement of Esktmos 1n the Antarct1c Wtlltam Hall IS a famous chern ISI the army has cla1med such sold1ers of fortune as Contt D1I,aurenz1o Assed Crovo K1nca1d Mecca B1nald1 Cohen and Ital1a The noted news commentator and fore1gn correspondent IS my h1gh school chum and fa1thfu1 pal Plug Eagen comes to an end and I take leave of the happy group w1th sadness I have dec1ded to pay a v1s1t to my old home town TOTFIHQIOH before return1ng to the South Arr1v1ng there I f1nd the C1ty greatly changed but faces are very fam1l1ar Stroll1ng up Ma1n Street I meet Bob Good and propose that we have lunch together I-Ie agrees and we enter The Ltttle Inn w1th the P1nk Do1l1es I am amazed when the prop11etor turns out to be M1chel E1err1 I-Its wa1tresses as you probably have guessed are Edythe Bonaluml and E1lG9I" Cassen The floorshow features Madlyn Taty and her Dogpatch Debutants Among the chortnes are E1leen McCarty Betty Ertday Kay Lamphter Mar1an Geary E1leen McGrath and Evelyn Lazousk1 Durmg lunch Bob proceeds to enl1ghten me about my former classmates who have turned out to be the Clll zens of our fa1r CIIY Bob IS the ch1ef of pol1ce and h1s able lteutenants are Eranc1s Preszak and Chester Pavlak Daul Hawley IS the mayor lean Sarog and Mary Edyth Scherwer run a ktndergarten LOUIS Schnrer the boy w1th endurance now sells l1fe msurance Mary Foley Adele KSITISZIS and Betty CODS1d1D9 run a nut store w1th a branch 1n M1ddletown Howard Penn 1S the motor vehtcle comm1ss1oner Lloyd Shanley IS the best barber ln town Prank S1mko and Howard Smtth are roam1ng reporters for the S1zzler formerly the Begtster whtle Kay Barry IS 1n charge of the Adv1ce to the Lovelorn de partment on the same paper Earnest Dz1nsk1 runs a restaurant and hm Breen IS h1s ch1ef cook and bottle washer W1ll1S Butts IS a patnless dent1st lack Droney runs a bowltng alley Thomas M1erzw1nsk1 IS a prom1s1ng young law yer Andy and Stro Renzullo are fru1t dealers DOIIS Ruwet and Erances Per k1ns run the Tempt1ng Aronta Deltcatessen Frank Parks 1S the town s lead 1ng beaut1c1an the nursrng staff of our f1ne hospltal boasts such names as Cec1l1a W1ll1ams Betty Doyle Evelyn Dunne Mary Constable Evelyn Henne gum Margaret G1lbert and Charlotte N1er1ntz Loutse Grosskost and Iudy MOIYISOH run a protecttve GSSOCIGIIOH for henpecked husbands I1mmy Lacko IS the town s lead1ng undertaker the postoff1ce features Bay Sarr1 and W1lbur French each 1n h1s own l1ttle cage th man who was voted the town s most 48 , 1 , . , , 1 5 1 ' ' ' ' ' Q ' . , , c ' . D ' 1 "' ' ' . I W I I , , , , . , , : - 7 , , 1 1 , - , . I - : c 7 .- I 3 1 1 , ,,,,, - Y . . . . , , . As Ted has recetved a years contract to play at the Castno, the tour , . , , . , - , I I 'l , . . , 2 - , : , , V : , , , J 7 1 , I - , : : 5 7 - 1 1 - . , ' I I I I - : : ' Q , , V popular butcher rs f course Dante Lonaahucco Tyler Morrr retrr d put rs strll workrna n a formula whrch rs t rc as pow rful as N l Becaus of repeated explosrons h has had tr roof r mov d from hrs has r nt mak rna the rest of th house very drafty The faculty sounds v ry famrlrar Rudolph Bourque rs the prrncrpal Earl Lahhe rs teachrna French the Latrn professor rS Donald Herdy Harry Thorpe rs teachrna math matrcs the Art class rs arr ct d hy Med Mar lor and th cookrna class rs under th aurdance of Francrs Hardtack Kalrno skr whrl Edward Sullryan as coach rs carry na on trad tron by turnr vrrr r 1 t ams every year Trred lut happy aft r my lona day l r turn to rry hot l and an soon fast aslaeo a sured of the succ ss and happrn s f l fo m r classmates C or rr qfrt PROPHECY OF THE PROPHET Class l0Jl lt was th year l953 that l returned aft r a thr e y ar soraurn arsroad As streets announcrna Wrll Sullrvans nomrnatron for mayor thc same Wrll Sullrvan that araduated rn the year l94r Rrdrnq up the str t l heard a rally takrrra place rn th crty hall and went The rmmense and attentrve audr nce seem d to p m a tan as Wrll Sullrvan delrvered hrs sp ech He had th same cool colt t d rnanner a out hrrrr that h possessed rn l ill l drdnt have to rntervrew Wrll to h ar the story l drd pveryone knew htm rn Torrrnaton Wrll araduated rn l9-tl and entered Duke Unryersrty to study law He made many frre rds ther durmq hrs freshman year wrth hrs lovable personalrty and fr re sprrse o humor He passed hrs sophomore and runror years wrth marks any student would r e proud of and any par nt would prarse As a s nor Wrll recerved many hrqh honors and was alfvays the c nter of actrvrty dr rrna the year Then ca rre araduatron th 1 rorrren rde cornmencemerrt honors fond farewells a feelrna of lonelrness Once more Wrll stood on the threshold of Duke but thrs frm he was facrnq outward to ward the future rnyrtrna threatenrnq unknown However Wrll drdnt frnd rt so threatenrna He entered and completed h s two years at Duk Law School and rn the year IQ47 he was ready to chal l nae the world He came ha k to Torrrnaton and open d law offrces of hrs own Wrll made a success rraht from the start People heaan to try to rnduce htm t enter polrtrcal lrfe so Wrll drd Everyone lrked hrs camparanrna He worke l hard rn the party and was now frnally runnrna for mayor of Torrrnaton After hearrna thrs stupendous story l knew nothrna stood rn the way of Wrll s hap prness A hoy wrth such a frne charact r personalrty and wrr w knew would ao a lorra way Mary De Angelo .10 X ' , o , 5 'son gs ' e , ' ' ' o ' 's wl e ' e T. .T. e - 1 ' l ,AN A s , e re e e . ' , erner , . f A e . e ' ' , ' , , ' Q 7 ' ' A . ' 3 ' . x fn ' ' e A 5 ' l' e e o X, e ' Q ' e A A " . " L vfsr ', ' c , - , ' , Ai . t ' 1 'pig out rr ' .I int e . ' , 2 ', e , e 1 3. rizotir, i ' : 2 A s e ' e's o al my r er 7"7 cl V ' e X . e e e . 1 'X s . Q l drove into Torrington, l was astonished by the aay array of banners in the ' ' ' s s. ee, . , r ' ' ' e ' , rn. , ' r ' 'e a s e 'e ' r ce ' ' , ' e . , e ' , 'ec e ' ' h ' e r Mer' A 9 . ' ' ' A ' , e . ' A . W' - ' 'r , . 1' ' f . " ' ' ' ' . Y 'J f , c e X ' . e 1 ' H Q r . 3 r F e ' ' 1 ' A , r s ' e 3 Q , .r e ' A c A - e . ' ', . L ' o , . . , Q ' . ' ' e , ' e CLASS WILL We the members of th Class of 1941 Torrrngton Hrgh School Lrtchtreld County State of Connectrcut who are about to complete our resrdence rn thr rnstrtutron ot learnrng do hereby declare thrs to be the last wrll and testament ol our class We wrrte ths document rn the hope that our followers wrl achreve rn some small measure the glory that has been ours Frrst To the envrous lunrors we wrllrngly leave our most prrzed posses srons study hall 37 the mechanrcal cow and the new amplrlyrng system whrch wrll enable them to hear more clearly the advrce of therr pedagogues Second We hereby noake the totlowrng rndrvrdual beau sts Dorrs Brllrng bestows upon Eleanor Gauthrer her abrlrty to blush a brrght shade of red Frank Srmko deeds hrs terrrtrc force wrth a tennrs racquet to B111 Chattle on Unto Marre Zele does Ex elyn Faedo bequeath her auret charm Southpaw Ed Wrllrams hurls a rrght curve rnto the hands of wartrng Bub 0Carn Irm Barrymore Breen regretfully bestows upon Harold Lrppman hrs dramatrc talents and scrrpts Unto lohn Horwath does Argen Post leave hrs ltrtle black date book Betty Whalen wrlls her lucky charm hors shoe to any luntor worthy of rt Ed Scoop Hagen wrlls hrs rose for news to Harold Cohen ous lunror Unto Arthur Schwartz does Wrll Sullrvan leave one bottle of lrnrment and two parrs of worn out track shoes Betty Cookre Consrdrne wrlls unto Peggy Humphrres her book Hu mor and How to Make the Most ot lt Handsome lack Droney passes on to Ted Lytord hs copy of A Well Dressed Senror Mary Constable and Margaret Grlbert Jorntly present therr motto Speech rs Srlver Srlence rs G lden to Helen Skarupa and Susan Gay Margery Hurlbut wrlls her type-wrrter and shorthand book to an ambrtrous lunror Unto Ermenra Lovallo does Mary Foley leave her pleasmg low vorce ludy Morrrson wrlls to Peggy Humphrres her cheerleadrng abrlrty and school sprrrt Vrvren Dalone leaves her dramatrc talents to Bebe Foth Wrllram Sullrvan wrlls to Helen Hooper hrs debatrng abrlrty lane Newkrrk leaves to Torchy Adams her auburn tresses Kay Lamphrer leaves to Mary Zondrros her rndustrrous ways Ed Sullrvan beaueaths hrs popularrty and amrcable nature to ack McCattery To Robert Negrr does Volney Snyder lea Je hrs trtle teaser of grrls I . ' 1 - r - ' ,, . 1 . 3. 1 ' o ' . 5. ' " " - ' ' 7. ' e Q ' . 9. Adele Kemezrs leaves her cookies, popcorn, and goodies to any gener- lO. " 1 " ' 1 ' 12. r " 13. ' ' ' ' 14. 1 , ' ' ' 15. ' f ' ' . 16. " " ' ' r " " ' ' 1 ' 17. ' 1 ' . 18. ' ' ' ' ' ' 1 A . 19. ' " " . 20. ' ' ' ' . 21. ' , ' ' ' 1 22. ' A 1 ' ' " c ' Harry Thorpe w1lls h1s sunny drsposrtton to Lesley Anderson Paul D1d1er tnhertts from Bob Phalen h1s colleqtate style Betty Forsberq does bequeath to Luctlle McK1t1s her blond attracttveness Kay Barry bequeaths to Rose Genttle the responstbtltty of keeplnq her up to the mmute assortment of clothes Seamstress Frances Perkms cuts out a dress pattern and sends 1t on to Adele Vantskas to s w Ted Swtnq lt Novey leaves hrs clartnet to a luntor who w1ll do tt Just1ce lack McCaffery lnhertts from Budy Bourque hrs success tn the busmess and soc1al whtrl Mlckey ljterrt doth bequeath unto Bene Aube h1s untque dance steps Florence D Am co deeds her lake of qurqltnq qtaqles to Mary Ryan Unto VITQIHIG Fltzqerald does Ty Morrtson leave h1s Joo of twtnklrnq those btq blue eyes Eda Sptno tnhertts from Glenna Ramstetn her models from mademol selle Mary Clarke bequeaths to Estelle Iaffe her qrft of qab Unto Grace Kearny does Loutse Hand leave her natural beauty Marto Bossarelll bequeaths unto Edmund T1no h1s book entttled How to Keep Gtrls lnterested Marlon Holdr1dqe tnhertts from Mrrtam Burns an alarm clock so that she wtll arrtve at school on t1me Luc1an Cesca bequeaths unto Doc Sacco hrs way wtth the women Whttey Kunk1ew1cz leaves to CLIDDY Underdonk hts outstandmq athlet1c ab1l1ty Roberta Btchard obtatns from Bobby Baudoutn her fr1endly dtsposttton Wrllts Butts leaves unto Hobart Schroder h1s outstandmq frtendllness Mary Luctlle lordan mh rtts from Glenna Bamstetn her capttvatmq smtle Ed Sulltvan bestows upon Les Anderson h1s happy qo lucky nature Unto our beloved faculty do we leave our qrateful apprectatton for thetr everlastlnq efforts to make us learned and w1se We leave to the Class of 42 our outtons ptns banners and THS arm banas so that they may be as school sptrtted as we 47 ln concluston we do s1ncerely bestow upon the Class of 42 our mos hearty and smcere w1sh for a happy and successful sen1or year ln testtmony whereof w heretnto set our nam s and afftx our offtctal seal thls th1rteenth day tn lune tn the year of our Lord one thousand ntne hundred forty one Helen B Zbuslca Mary Morse Edythe Bona! mt 23. T T T T T . 24. T T T T T T . 25. ' T T ' T 5. 26. T T T T ' 27. T ' 28. T' T TT T T T T T 29. T T ' ' T T 30. T T T T T . 3l. T t T T . 33. ' T T T T 'T '- 34. T . 35. T T . 36. T T T T T T' 37. Unto Betty Whtttnq does Doris Copaclno leave her attractive dimples. 33. T T T T T T if 39. T . T TT T 40. TT T T' T T V T' 'T T T 42. T T T T T T . 43. T T e' T T T T . 44. T T - - . 45. T T T 46. 1 T T , T , , - CODICIL TO WILL C ass or 1941 We th Class ot l94l oi h Torrington High School City oi Torrington Lounty or lsrtchireld State ot Connecticut being oi sound rrrrnd and body d in this thirteenth aay ot lune N ncteen Hundred Gnd P rty one decree this co rcr t rr last wrll and testcrrr t Vtfe r artrrm verythrng ontcz ned in said wrll and do her bv add thc tollowrng lack Kelvre doth bestow upon Vrrarma Adams hrs h ad t irery red harr Marr r Pascrano leaves her grit ot gab to any ne who can do as well Urrto lanet Lcrcko doth Doris Core rcrno beaueath her ever ready drrrrpl s Peggy Humphrey inherits irom ludy Morrison her never ceasing school rep Mrrrfrm Burns beauefr hs her omplete rrrake up krt t Shrrl y Scanlon Ted N v y doth beaueath u to H y Amerko hrs abr r y to swing those horns Betty Doyle wrlls unto Mary P vm her ever present r l Boi Phalen l aves hrs lrg teet to anyon whc can ll hrs sho s Unto Ernor Hestad doth Kenn th lsalltosa Lestow hrs t w ring trgure tg be-at the drums Bernice Dzralo rnherrts from H l n Zbuska and l an Sarog a brrdlrke voice Rudolph Bourque Kathleen lsamphrer and Mary Dorrzzr wrll unto any thrce Juniors who can lrve up to their intellect their studrous manner Whitey Kunk rwrcz doth ls stow upon Floyd Onderdonk his tame rn th sport commonly known as ask tball Anth ny Sca ca and Edward Bushka doth wrll uri Doc Sacco the r lcow tres Her typing speed doth Emrlra Pers chrno the envy of her typing class lestow unto leanne Latimer lulra Koprusak doth rnh rrt from Anna Grandre h r head of blond harr Marv Morse doth bequeath unto Susan lttland her great love tor Latin Unto any Pep Club member who rs good at trgur s Emmanuel Koltlfc loaxe hrs task as treasurer ot th P p Club En rl Alban leaves hrs comb whrch rs rn constant us to R ger Hebrllard Urrt Sue Malone doth Eclythe Borralurrrr L qu ath h r graceful p nrrrc rr rrp The Class of l94l leav s the Pa ulty of Torrington Hrgh School a gross ol red pencils that they may marc our runror t rends a generously as they drd us Sign d and sealed rn the pres nce oi each we the undersigned do d Qlar this our codrcrl to the last wrll and testament ot th Class ot l94l and do subscribe our names rn witness whereof Florence Drllmrco Mar orre Hurlbpt Mary Crarke Q 1 A 4 A ' ' N' ' , C t v , 1 f ' i ' , T ' , ' - ' , O Q 'g ' X l ' o, i -4 , , 1 o - , Q 'dloor Q ssien. e 'i , r e ' ' c , sr L ' ' e A 1 ' ' ,' ' ' e o ' ' . re ' r 1 , - - ' o . ' ' if ' s , - ' et ' ,X st c f - ' o ' e . o e A n a ' ' 'lt " ' ' a ' A ' ', si ri e. 112 e 'r " 'z' s, e , ig e . ' e r ' o e ' ' . Michael Pieri doth beaueath unto Philip Rockefeller hrs mastered ability I v V . i ' i ' e er ' e ' 4 ,, 1 A I , 4 H 4 V ' e' ' ' JG s Q ' e 3 ' b el . a c s P r 1: " " r V 1 I N 9 I , A , A 7 Y Y 9 9 , 1 ' s " ' ' ' e, o ' . ' o V i t . . ' C9 e e r'- sl' . , es c ' Q ' Q ' ' r l ' ' r' s ' f ' e ' e , ' e- ' e " ' ' s ' e s , , . I' V 1 t 1941 SUPERLATIVES I V- V l- 11N PNP 11x Nrxx 1941 SUPERLATIVES X T E S X 1I'1fN T w A I w 11 CTE' 15111.15 . . . . ' -1 -. 1 1-1' 111- VII" ,si ':.111 'fn 1 1 ,: 1' ' 1' 'vi ly 111 ,wit fL,3IP'.f'I . . . - - 't 1,1 ,. 3 1'1' ' , 111y' 11 111 1 ,1,H'.f . 1 . V if 1: : 1f " 115' 1s 1 1 1 Xlf.-Eff ffl' EF , , , . 11' ily-'Ti V - - X' . ' ' ' If. 1 11,11 1 ' ' 7 If E'Vf.5i1-, . 1: 1 1' 1 kflii, f 1,- EI ' 1 1. 1.1 . 11111, : . if 111 I 11, '1 1' '.' 1. 11111 11' 1 1-1- 5191.231-. . . . . . . , 11'1':, '1 1 1,' Qi Di 'J' 113' 1111 1',"' 7791 f'I'fT'fT'1fD .,.... , . . T .1- avr- 1 11131111 ':. H1111-Q1 . 1 ,:.- 11 if 2 1: 111 11,'.f'.fI.Q'I1' . . " 111' . 1.1 .11 1 111 "1'QfF1 diff. . . :V -' :x ,- . :1 1211113 , ill- .' ,31E'f.1.FTf bfi' . '11:i' f 'If all '.'1'ff:'5 Fffifif flfff' . . , . . 1' 1: ' 1 ' 1- 1' S 1.1141 ,1 1 Il :fl , . . . . . ' :1,. ri If 5111 S111-f 11- an-J V-1' Yij , ..,.. 11- ' . 1 ' 113 '.1U?f f ' 1' ' Ti 1131 UI. X E1-'AEHIV NF' 1 . . '1::..i', 1- 1 g.:1- ':. Iljxl' 1 '11 111' Q f . E ' .' 1-fr ,111 i 1 ' .1 't ' 1l2?Y1T1 Tfff . 1 v' ' 'iff 11 1 ' "L "'Ti'5'X - . . . T-1 1. H V' i 1' 1: 1: I., , 1,3 -KN -U , I 1: , 1 I'3':3 1111 1' 1' Il'1 '. 5 1:1 fil' 1141 i1 '11 T11 11- '.'?QfE1', . - V 'I . fi ,111 sslzfl ,R 11 11.11 . " ' ' 1 .5 1 1 E,11'f- 1 ' 'TQ Yi fl f'H.3.Qf51fIf . - - Zig" '1' f 12 dau 31 1: . 111 11 ' - '11 f- 3 i, 114 113 g V .1.s' : 1It'E .ffrxff . '. '. I :11, 11111-1 11'.. 12111 M' F I.1f'1L.'Q1UUS, . . , . . . - . E 1 11 A. 1 f:"1 1-53111: S1 V1 1'-"lily-Z 1 1' 1 Q1 : X:111lw 5:1 :vi 21 :VI Vi. ..,T5x.UI1.P. 1- V t A V ','1': 1 111151 V4 111' UT TN" VD 1 FYIV 1 . . "Hr '1 .a '1:,: 16-1 3'fXfiX1':S,' :Y .1 3. I F.,Qff"-ff, JK ..,., . . 5 1 , , Y., v f z.. 1941 SUPERLATIVES MOST P E L 1Ie 311 oh nv' MOST IMPR SSIVE FIISI 111 DTCSSI IIS 1: Iostmq MOSI LIKELY TO SUCCEEO Jccess go w11h h1m thrvuqh II MOST INNO ENI1 Innocenc IS I1 s MOST OBLIf IN 1 rea iv 111 c 11 1 CLASS POLI1 IAN v ITC CI smw Q ANSWER IO 1 MAIDENS PRAYE 1 my C 1 1I1 q11Is do s1jh W1 n Idson W MCSI IREL ILED Plesslnqs on 1 1114111 v11h thy 111 rrv 1 PIQI 11 pan BEST SINGU 1 IT song sh dn 1m S1 GRIND 31 IS L111 1"rn1nq BORROW ER For she wno qoes GIJOYYOWIUQ Xv1I someday qs dsorrowmq BLUSHER R d as CI 1ose1s sh MOST ROVANTICALLY INCLINED ve I"'1 CI nr' MOST PEP L1veIx and quy wh 1h r IK U1 pIdy SMILER BARBARA BAULO IN LOUISE HAND I INCENT MALAF-OJ DOROTHY MASON ADFLF KEME7Is WILLIAM SULLIVAN IASON CUR IS HOWARD FEINIIN MARY FO EY MARY DOR ZZ EVELYN DUNINE DORIS BILL NIC GLORIA ALOISE UDITH IVIORR SOX GLENNA RAMSTEIN 'N II n G nnd SITIII s she s 1 Q for m1I s MOST COINIGENIAL A1w ys hippy dlwcxys MOST SU CESSEUL I1s earnest work 1hd1 YIHQS success BEST DRA V IIH FACULTY W I1 Jes 11 IS nC11111j I qe1s away w11I1 11 IS the OIOI71 MOST A1 RACTIVE 11 ook c 1 cc 11110 MOST ENERC TI 111 energy and sIc1II 1 dues fi 1h11 qs N11 WI BEST I-IEA OE BLONDE HAIR p qdd IS h 1 1 wnmq qIcry BEST HEA1, OP RED HAIR When Ke V1 wc1Iks Ly h 1' In s v ry GREATES ARGUER I1 mus1 be th Ir1sh 1n h11'r1 GREATEST DREAMER VT CI dreamer 111 e MOST POLITE urtesy IS '1 v MOST VERSA ILE B1c1ns -1 PI osmq pe s ncx 1 Kay MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT Sh fI1s vs every qdm 1 s cr S C11 vrxch sno1IIc my RANCIS KALINOW SK' KAIHLEFN LAMPHI R IAMES BREEIN BERNIFE RILHARU BARBARA PO I BETTY PORSBERG IACK KELME I LIAM SULLIM ATI WILBUR FREN PI INCENT MALAHAN ICAIHLEEN LAMPH IJDITH MORRISO 1 'T MOST S1UBBORN BETTY LOU WHALE 1 W en 1 'n1n'I IS se1 yeu nq 11 n CLASS CU1 UP MARY MORSE fe 11 r CI omr of SCISSOIS and h II qo 10 1 MOST INI-'LUEINITIAL VIVIAN DALONE v 211 Udnqf pow 1 MOST PROAIISINIG COUPLE DORIS COPA IXO 11111 IAMES LAC 'D Gocd luck Mr L':1 53 ETIT ......... , , T1 1 D U11 " it ., I '1 1 AEST ..........,. 1' 1'-1 " ' ' 1A "C re ' " " T' P . ..... J1 , 1 .1'1' "May 5' 4 ' ' 1 1 1 ' CO1 " ....,.,..,. S 15 " , ,Q " ,Iis " , 1 ,, W 1 , 11 G .,.,......,. , , ,, "AIN rvs , 1 A 321IiCge IIIvI1"IM T 1TIC ..,........ I. ' 1 1 1' "G1e 1, 111 E1 X" 1' . ' ' 1R ,,..,... T' T 15 "OI I Iv 11 ' 5 ' 'L , I e . Crlks E y" J " S711 . . ,... . . . . . 1 ' "1, ,, ' he-Q ii11I-1 , TJ" e A few e' ' " -L S LR ...1......... L 1 HG11 e .e Cx .eet d Ie e 'ng" 1 ....,,1....... 1 1 "TJVh ' life N Ie 1 ' " 1 H 1 e - ' 1 e AIX. .......1 . A "Gi 1 C 1.:cr1" I 1 1 I' 11 " ' f 1 , e 11e dt wc' 1 " " 'V' e Ie "e , 1. TD adds ' y " 1 C '1 .....1.,,. E 1 C 'S1'1 " ' 2 ' X 1 suv, We're qIL1d to see KGI Come our way" ' T C ST .......,.. . T - E1 , 1 G 1' " ' .......,. 11 ' "HC 'e QI' ' ' , I ' 11: HOW ' . ' " 1 L 1 5111" ' TTL. C1 ..,......., 2, T 1 1 1 "If yi? I 1 111170, YOI IUDI 1 1 in" 1 GE1 C ....,......, HW, V i .H SQ e '1 U II '1 1 ' I1 C1 'II" D 1 ,.., .... , .G "Of ure 1. ' e C Q A ' " I 1 TT 1 . ...1., TI " Q' e 1 , e -:11c11e e e QIIIIS eye' T 1 1 1 ......1,,. WHL '1 1 e 11 1 1. . ...,..,,. 1 HOL 'I'11 , are '. tv dII?" 1 . ......1.. . V C 1 "Oo ' fis by-1, ard" 1 T , . ,...,... 1 1 T IEP? " A e ' Oro Ii.y - ' 4" 1 Y 1 3-I " e of 1 eg nov 1'n'1 it IXG11 e Th e e j 19' 1 e I d " " h he 11 ' .1 ' , 1 cr1n't :hd e ' Q C1 het" "Gi1 Ie A ' ' , s el own" ' LAL .,.. .1,,,. - Y "'VE1 s 2 1 e have I?" 1, S 1 , ,.,.. C C111 1 . 1 311, " , 1 . ckd' CLASS DISTINCTIONS CLASS FAVORITES A M iw II ,.. , 1 2, f Azggi gyyif' fmimiygip-if - . w-.. X " ,, Twp S ,jI.,1,: x,,...,,,f.-,x-. ,MMA , ,Y 1 ' A li , ax: ,.'1:. Q A ' fl zg I. 'wx 1' :QL 'z 1 'E ,1 ' ll 'E 1111 :A SDISS I ' ' V, VT r V g' V N Y V 5 ' 'zyygx 5 Q, S. ji.IE,f1I5 .ti guns: 1 S 5 iz E1,:'.'-' ,.f':,.'Q:i2s 1534 Tzixdei f'g:'f1,:Tf:' C 'v Q 1" if tg 7- 1QfT+r2z'i ,ti S-ii-fif.f 11 i, qi, wr it 1' If. fffzif V1 .f J it lj 5 ' Y. Sglif fr? Th- 'L ,,A, 1 3 1'E..f - 1, . . . . . . , . . ltv CLA SS SONG OF 1941 V! w reached Lifes cr s a From here we depari Vfrth happv mem rles brar d m each heari F 1CNdSh1Db Wc cherlsa Ne W111 mamtam Hopes and achr vemen DTTIV To attam As we qa onward Q mr Llfe s path today Gad gulde each class? A1 ng hrs way Ha r to our teachers Ci dear Red and WT11 Wire helped us onwara Ta Wm the hahi Parents and Others NVha paved the way For us each day Mem rles of qlad davs 'W111 hrrqhteh c lf wav drama us anward Dav after aav Parhuq from crassmai And dcar T H S Prrd Palih and L03 Q lt Lead ic success Proud of our teams far Vrct nes lhey ve won They ve hropqht us ha As well as hm Pau years wrth classrr Have new passed away M e say farewerl W th new hope aaaw rm e Phsere S1 , , , A .- 9 9 C: YCC1 :Z G . e ' c . f - S ,- ' 1 -4 A w . 'IVA , , , X x.f . -L c e c ts, A , A , Q L , f 1 ' c H rate ,N , la v S . ,. c, ' L9 , c . , Strrvmq and tarhha z M A G ' " ww Y ,I , 5 , f 1 Y X ' 2-Q , , M cc f- x A . - . 'I Q' -1 X y I f:7 , - - , , , , v' ner ' r ,c s ' taxes , . ,, V I A iN 1' W ' s v freed xg, Q i 1 Our 'X I N A' r 1 Npl kKI1V C C H 3 T r L b s Illllf NIILCI c,X D 1 1 Bum C L A S S P O E M V Ellfh :jg gxifys Lire ur Cm Simi 1QLIQjfXj If lijdlfl YH :mini '79 1-fit., '.-nfl Q' zprisf is? A simnge ,itile gincli 5' ' .. WVSWS A I :md T' LCISI fiixu 'V-'?fIIi In ClCI5SSS, ilelii, Qxij gyui W'e":e ecuh bird Lf1'.1::1jh-ff" 131: Aciverm.1res gay and grim. TQ time, 12 zeizgiers, :lat ' IT, 11121135 41 ning? scry gjccix' ,Wit ffilxjll ',-,' + gait 311 Eliiifiliq will hid Hide :md LQY9 fir T1rri:pmi:r1 Hugh, X'f1A1:'xi11 L 1 1 CLUBS PEP CLUB The purpose ot the Pep Club 1S to boost school sp1r1t throuahout the school and to follow the var1ous teams and thelr act1v1t1es Under the au1dance of 1ts advrsers and othcers who are Advrsers Miss Ellen Dunn and Mrss lerrr Crmmrno Presrdent ludlth MOFYISOH Vrce Presrdent Edward Bushlca Correspondmq Secretary Pea Humphrles Treasurer Emanuel Koltko the Pep Club had a successful year lts srxty members took part 1n the sellrna ot THS arm bands and leathers and also attended the Wrlby and Brrstol out ol town football games A dance was sponsored by th1s club on November l rn the gym The club attended three out ot town basketball aames Br1stol Nauqatuclc and ADSOHIG as well as the tlrst tournament game The Pepsters sponsored another dance on March 21 and attended several baseball games At the close ot the year a prcnrc outrnq was held tor the entrre club 'J Recording Secretary ....... Constance Fitzgerald dl lij -X...-n Ki? CHEERLEADERS With the adding of Adele Kemevis Kay Barry Peg Humphries Connie Fitzgerald Bob Fitzgerald and Merle Goodwin to thos standbys Iudy Morri son George Lan Bill Sullivan and Bob Good the Cheerleading squad was t n trong lt worked in two team headed by Iudy Morrison and George Lan when th att ndan e at a game was fair We are glad to say that som games w re o well attended that all ten were used This year two red flags and one white were seen twirling at the football games These were the first ones used by high school teams in these parts and although twirling them may look simpl enough it requires hours of practice to master the t chnique The Cheerleaders are an important factor in bolstering school spirit It can probably be said that many of the team triumphs were due in part to th en thusiasm ana support brought out by the T H S Cheerleading Squad SENIOR MEMBERS Iudith Morrison Kay Barry George Lane Adele Kemezis Bob Good Bill Sullivan 63 SENIOR MEMBERS TRI Y Another successful year has been added to the record oi Tri Y Under the guidance ot advisors Miss Dorothy Stull and Miss Geraldine Dwyer the club has carried out an active program of service social and educational proiects Tri Y service this year took the form ot war relief the girls aiding in the pro grams of the Red Cross and Bundles for Britain A varied list ot social programs included the annual Tr1Y danb a Christ mas party ior children from the Brooker Memorial the Alumnae Tea and the Dad and Daughter banquet which will long be remembered by every Tri Y girl The educational program consisted oi speakers forums and trips to the City Hall and to the studio oi Mr Ballinger well known painter vice which this club has inspired Barbara Baudouin Miriam Burns Mary Clarke Elise Dunkel Ruth Ellis Marion Geary Mariorie l-lurlbut Kay Lamphier Dorothy Mason ludith Morrison Mary Morse lane Newkirk Doris Ruwet Lois Westburg OFFICERS President Vice President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretory Treasurer Kay Lamphier Betty Bogardus Elise Dunkel Ann Wadhams Doris Ruwet is t Those who leave Tri-Y take with them the spirit of friendliness and ser- 64 BETA HI Y l94l saw the celebratton ot the tltth anntversary of the toundmg of th Beta H1 Y The B ta one ot the rnost actlve and outstancltng clubs of the enttre school has steadtly rtsen 1n este 'n popular ty and respect srnce tts b g1nn1ng lt IS the poltcx ot the Beta to tak an ext nstx and acttve part IU cornmunlty servtce No member rs allowed to retarn m mb rshtp who does not tn school and elsewhere l1ve up to the H1Y moto to matnta n htgh stanolards ot Chrtstran conduct ACl1V1l19S ot the club thts y at tncluded sponsorshlp ot an mter club faculty games exchange meet1ngs wtth out ot town clubs a R ol Cross benetrt soc1al arrangement of the Easter Dawn S rvtce and th If popular annual event the Pre Prom l-loo Ftrst Term Iames Bre n george Lan Ft ne Aube Merton Doolrttle Mr Chttord M1gnerey OFFICERS Presrdent Vzce Presrclent Secretary Treasurer AdVlSOIS OE Second Term Doc Dtlaurenzto Ren Aube Mtchael Gerardt Merton Dooltttle Mr Harvey Gro ock c ' ' ' ' e .- A 9 I A A . rr . , ' ' ' er , i Q V ' e ' ' . ' t j e e "e ' ' ' ' . ' . ' e eg ' , ' ' , - 1 , H ' i ' . . . .U Q . , . - - outing at Mohawk Forest, a November dance, bowling matches, basketball , - - , e , e ' , e' , e ....,.. ' . . . . . ' ' 7' e ..,... ' ' .,... . e e ....... ..,.. ' ' The Alpha H1 Y capably supervrsed by 1ts excellent advrsors Mr Iames A Smrth and Mr Iames F Hrll and qu1ded by 1lS ofhcers has completed rts 17th year ot serv1ces to the commumty and school Th1s past year was one of the most successful years for the Alpha H1 Y The proqram cons1sted ot sp ak ers suppers and socldls Wrth other clubs Some ot the more outstandmq servrce proyects were the qlvrnq of a Thanks qrvrng bask t helprnq the Torrrnqton Exchange Club at Chrlstmas trme and representatlon rn the County Hr Y All members hved up to the purpose of the H1 Y to create and mcuntam and extend throuqhout the school and corn mumty hrqh standards of Chr stran conduct Frrst Term Ted Novey Chet Pavlak Les Anderson Ted Lyford Harold Cohen Art Schwartz Donald G1bbOHS OFFICERS Presrdent Vrce Presrdent Colrespondlnq Secretary Recordmq Secretary Treasurer Assrstant Treasurer Busmess Manaqer 66 Second Term Chet Pavlak Ted Lytord Robert F1tzqerald lack Pohto Les Anderson Art Schwartz Donald Grbbons ALPHA HI-Y X RAY l94l saw the completron of the erghth succ ssful year of publrcatron of the X Ray monthly newspaper of the T H S Each year srnce rts b grnnrng the X Ray by addrng new columns and features has becorne more and more a lrvrng part of T H S Thrs year Mr Conway advrsor rnade a rnotron prcture showrng how each rssue of the X Hay rs plann d wrrtten edrted publ1shed and drstrrbuted The frlrn was presented at the organrzatron s srxth annual press banquet whrch was held at Conley Inn rn Apr1l Edrtor rn Chret Feature Edrtor News Edrtor Busrness Manager Exchange Edrtor Faculty Advrsors Vrncent Malahan Madalyn Tote Barbara Port Ioanna Krlllany Marlon Goodwrn M Tracy Conway Iohn Hogan Mrss Mur1elHoplc1ns Mrs L Hodges SENIOR MEMBERS Marlon Goodwrn Edward Eagan Mary DeAngelo Bernrce Rrchards Vrnr Malahan Barbara Port Lours Schnrer Madalyn Tate loanna K1ll1any L1ll1an Buzzr E7 T . 9 . X I ' I 9 V V 1 ' , I l l - Sports Editor ......... Edward Eagan ITALIAN CLUB President Frank Audia Vice Presiden Helen Pagano Recording Secretary losephine Signorelli Corresponding Secretary Eile n Maule Treasurer Salvatore Italia its fourth successful year The purpose of the organization is to gtve the members a better knowledge and understanding oi the language through social activity Meetings throughout the past year were enlivened by quizz s debates speakers socials spelling bees and discussions Highlight of the year was the Italian Carnival which proved to b un usually successful both socially and financially The Carnival constituted co tume maktng singing in Italian iolk and modern dancing SENIOR MEMBERS Frank Audia Helen Pagano Lillian Buzzi Albina Palma Eleanor Consolim Siro Benzullo Florence D Amico losephine Signorelli Salvatore Italia Betty Whelan Carolina Neri Aldo Zordan ESB The Italian Club, under the guidance of Miss Bose D. Basile, has completed FRENCH CLUB The purpose of the French Club IS to promote a greater mterest and fluency 1n the French language lts meetmgs are conducted rn French and all programs educanonal and entertamment are carrred on rn that language Under the capable d1rect1on ot advlsor Mr Iames Hrll the club has had a most successful year Programs have rncluded the smgmg ot French songs hold1ng French qurzzes studymg the opera Carmen a socral at Mr H111 s home and workmg on the clubs annual French publrcatron Le Revrelle Matm The latter wh1ch sums up the club s act1v1t1es for the year IS the clrmax of the club s act1v1t1es CFFICERS Preszdent Argen Post V1ce Presrdent Franklm Parks Secretary Vlfll Malahan Edrtor of Le Revrelle Matm Franklm Parks SENIOR MEMBERS Mar1an G ary Leonard Rmaldl Earl L Abbe Ruth Parsons Ted Novey Rudolph Bourae Adele Kemez1s Margaret Grlbert Betty Consodtne 09 , , . 1 , , , . - , . f . . . , ., I , - 1 . , . . ,f . ,H , . . , . , 1 , 1 , H , .,, . 9 A ' , SPANISH CLUB The Spanrsh Club arms to promote the study of Spanrsh and acquarnt students wrtln cdstorns and l1terat1,re of Lat1n Arnertca Durrna the past year rts program Included var1ous lectures socrals a d loate and a danc Its rnernbershrp consrsts of tm enty eraht students OFFICERS Vrce Pres dent Secretary SENIOR MEMBERS Elrzabe-th Whelan Vrvran I-Ialsted Vrrqrnra Lonaln Cectlra Wrlltands I an Saroa Donald Rerdy 70 Pea Hurnphrres Mary Zondrros , ,7,7 ,I I , e. President .......... lean Saroa , J . 9 , LATIN CLUB OFFICERS Preszdent Vlce Preszdenl Secretary Treasurer AdVlSOf Charlotte N1er1ntz Mary CODSOl1U1 Luella Pratt Susan Itfland The past year was the rnost successful for the Sodalltas Latlna Club Dunnq the year Mr Hughes and Mrs Bray addressed the club Mrs Bray d mon stratmq the pr1nc1ples of f1rst a1d A Chr1stmas party was moyed by all March 7th was the date ot the Lat1nSpan1sh Club hop Whlch turned out very suc cessfully The year ended w1th the f1YSt Rornan banquet ev r qtven by a school club and a sprlnq p1cn1c ended the semester SENIOR MEMBERS Charlotte N1er1ntz Dons B1ll1nq Eleanor Pratlllo Shlrley Downs Tesste Eletthertades Rlta Gr1nvalsk1 7l ' ........... Miss Brown ' ' ' '- ' . ' e ' .J . . ' ' e ' SCIENCE CLUB The Science Club under the abl guidance oi Mr Hal Crandlernire en Joyed a pleasant and interesting year The purpose ot the club is to advance the study oi scientific subiects and this was accomplished in a most interest ina and pleasant way The members subscribed to two scientitic magazines made iield trips to the Warner Theatre Proiection Room Torrington Creamery Torrinqton Ice Plant Pratt and Whitney Plant oi Hartford heard talks given by men connected with science and presented a scientific assembly for Fresh OFFICERS President William Sullivan Vice President Ted Novey Secretary Adele Kemezis Treasurer Mary Constable SENIOR MEMBERS Emil Alban Charlotte Nierintz Elizabeth Considine Paul Hawley Michael Gerardi Adele Kemezis Mary Constable William Sullivan G orqe Lane lenny Wanatowicz Shirley Downs Ted Novey Vini Malahan Betty Whalen Robert Phalen Lloyd Shanley Charlotte Lillibridqe Rudolph Bourqe Eleanor Pratello 12 men, The members finished up their year with a picnic at Highland Lake. TORRINGTON HIGH SCHOOL FORUM The purpose o' the Torrington High School Forum is to further the student S knowledge ot and interest in world affairs This end is accomplished by dis cussion mox ies field trips and the like Among the numerous activities which the clulo enioys are a short trip to some nearby historical spot an annual visit to the city court and a long trip at the end of the year The yearly dance pic nies and other activities comprise the club s social life OFFICERS President Marian Geary Vice President lane Newkirlc Recording Secretary Ruth Ellis Corresponding Secretary Lillian Buzzi Treasurer Leonard Cohen 73 Mr. I. A. Smith, advisor, has been of great assistance during the past year. VARSITY CLUB The purpose of the Varslty Club rs to create school sp1r1t ln T H S and to brlnq about a closer relat1onsh1p between coach faculty and players Some of the varrous act1v1t1es of the club th1s year mcluded the orqamzmq ot a bowlmq leaque purchaslnq maroon sweaters for the members selhnq school pms rn football season and penc1ls Wrth qame schedules on them rn basketball season and the annual banquet of the club whlch IS held every sprmq OFFICERS Presrdent Dante Lonqobucco V1ce Presrdent Anthony Kunkrewlcz Secretary Les Anderson Treasurer Harry Thorp 4 if A v ,W , M ,A 4 My V NR., . . . ., - V , . , , , 9 T MELPOTHALIAN DBAMATIC CLUB The Melpothalran Dramahc Club conststmg ot mnety hve members had a successful yea wrth the tollowmg otttc rs Presrdent Vzce Presldent Secretary Treasurer Propertzes Head Usher Stage Manager lames Breen lean Bentley Adele Kemez1s Mary Foley Estell latte Bette Chapm Ted Lytord Through the capable d1rect1on ot the advrsors Mrss Stoeckert Mr East man Mr Mutr and Mr Wood there were fourteen club plays and two publrc plays An 1nnovat1on rn the clubs program th1s year was the presentatlon of Bad1o Plays wh1ch were thoroughly emoyed by the members The two plays Young Barry and The Wagon To the Star were oft r d to the publtc wrth gratrfymg results I 4 I l I I - l I r ' ' 1 e : ' .......... e Publicity ......... Kay Lamphier I ,, ,, ,, 6 S 75 MOVIE APPRECIATION CLUB The Movre Apprecmrtron Club was founded three years oqo by ddvrsor Mr Wood tor the purpose ot hdvxnq 1t members ond hrqh school students rec oqnrze ond dpprecrctte better mov1ee Shop tor your movres rs the clubs sloqdn lt hos so grown rn populctrrty thot the Movre Club s mtluence hos be n telt throughout the entrre student body The club prolect th1e yeor hos been the contrnuortron 1D the mokmq ot CICl1V1l19S OFFICERS Advlsor Mr Wood Preszdent Wrlhom Sulhvon Secretory Lucrlle MCK1l1S Treasurer Iohn Burns SENIOR MEMBERS Edlth Bondluml Ted Novey lohn Burns Robert Pholen Emonuel Koltlco Arqen Post Wrllrdm Sulhvdn 76 . ' ' ' ' ' e "School DOYSHA C1 film presentinq the drotmd, Comedy ond perplexltles of school DEBATING CLUB The purpose ot the Debatmq Club s to develop polse and self-confldence m 1ts members and to tram them for publlc speakmq The club represented T H S adm1rably m a debate Wllh Bnstol Hrqh School on the resolve That the natrons of the Western Hemlsphere should form a permanent umon Other debates held mcluded the annual S9H1OflL1HlOT and Freshman Sophomore debates The soclal oroqram of the club p ovrd d for a Jmx dance on December l3th and a qathermq at the end of the year tor the members and therr fr1ends Presldent W1ll1am Sulllvan V1ce Presrdent Iohn McCattery Secretary VIYQIDIG Stevens Treasurer Iohn Burns SENIOR MEMBERS Tma Ahano VIIQIDIG Stevens lohn Burns Madalyn Tdte Glenna Ramstem Leonard Cohen W1ll1am Sulhvan 7 OFFICERS TORRINGTON HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA The Torrmqton Hlqh School orchestra one of the most popular orqamza trons ot the school has completed another successful year under the d1rect1on of Mr A W Smlth A umque feature of the T H S orchestra IS 1ts orchestra w1th1n an orchestra better known as the Red and Wh1te Ramblers The purpose cause and result ot thls lrttle band IS swmq I-hqhhqht of the orchestra s schedule was the presentatton ot the annual concert on March 27 Thrs event 15 so apprec1ated by the pubhc that all tlckets tor the affarr are sold out at least a we lc 1n advance OFFICERS Secretary PeQQY Gabaree Treasurer Elleen Casson Stage Manager Ernest Goqolya Executzve Comm1ttee Emmanuel Koltko Allen Baker Asszstant Dlrector Iohn Russo D1rector A W Smtth 8 I - , ' e. ' . President .......... Ted Novey 7 COMMERCIAL CLUB The Cornmerclal Club was orqamzed September 23 1940 for the purpose of helprna cornmercral students Lndersrand hfe rn the busrn ss world Mem bers at therr meetmqs try to achreve greater speed rn typrnq and shorthand and awards are QIVGH to those who attarn the hrqhesl speeds The Cornrnerc1al Club latest achrevement rs a play called 'The Survrval Of The Futest whrch presents a prcture of the buslness world and Hs work rs OFFICERS Presrdenf Barbara Port Vrce Presrdent L1ll1an COTHIS Secretary Ernrha Pers Chlno Treasurer Dorothy Sarnu lson SENIOR MEMBERS Rose D1 PIQQO Dlna Pletrafesa B rbara McCarthy Ann Tebecro R va Mrller Madalyn Tate Helen Mubarek Helen Subacz Albrna Palma Lors Westburq l ' . T 1 T ' ' e . - , ,4.. S . Advisors ...... Miss Stoe-Clcert and Miss Cirnmino G O A 9 . CAMERA CLUB The purpose of the Cam ra Club IS ID tea h 1ts members the art of takmq better plctures and learnma to develop and prrnt them The Camera Club IS one at the n wer clubs at T H S but under the care ful supervrsron of 1ts advrsor Mr Sow rs and spurred on by the enthusrasm of rts members the club has b come rn a v ry short trme extrem ly popular and successful OFFICERS Vzce Presrden Dons Copacrno Treasurer Secretary SENIOR MEMBERS Dorrs Copaclno Helen Zbuska 8 Harold Coh n Iosephrne B rtana Vrrqlnra Lonah1 e ' l C ' ' ' e . . ., - ' , . e Q e ' e 1 President ......... Merle Goodwin , . , . , La f' RIFLE CLUB Facmq the mcorrvemence of madequate practrce fCIC1lll19 due to Natronal Defense preparatron at the local armory Coach Tom Iohnson and the T H o rrfle club were lrmrted to one co npetrtrve match durmq the past season Top rated marksmen durmq th past season were lrvmq Fredsall hm Lacko and Iolm Taylor who dommated both season and club champlonshrp matches Offrcers of the club for next year are Preszdent Fred Brerrker Vrce Presldent lolrm Taylor Secretary Leon Ruot 81 I - , .., . A , . D ' . . .o , , X. f Q' .1 S fr 5 , :ff if Y kj ' 1 5 ' W 1 EA' ' L. A s e sf W QA if Mi W., an my 1 wwlg,PEL, I .1 151 ff A...2 R 9 . . ' . SlLsN li 'Q "' 1 1 - Q Y' N Mg . " N? ' if D ' ,... L Qi' , Q SW f . f iw U A y'W,A:mE,.w x5"XFF..,.l3f , V A lg- .I 5,5 ,a 5? H Q ,4, Q-ywi?4iVNgJqg:'4'-1,11 ' . 4' R x ,A -1- W... ., .1 gxkf- .,Ji :X,. IW E V pw- 4 ' -i.:g'!"A ,ga-5h,H -if -, GG.. g 1 fi. j,gi.,'ASf4f-zvqg ,X .min . .Q-..a:'sf2f4if.3x gan-9 ',g-M59 , .. .f w. 4- 3 . f A , .4 - ,f--L 'Q-'M-Q f-sf f , .- M, Q. 1-.,.,A,x .as 3 FA -w --1 -, by 5' A ' Al v K' 3 V if WBRAYYJB , lv - 'hs ,gy SPUHTS FOOTBALL Garnering a coveted position ot honor in Torrington High s tootball annals this year s T H S tootball squaa under the guidance of Coaches Donahue and Dranginis completed one ot the rnost successful seasons in TH S s history Opposing elevens encountered great difficulty tathorning the de eptive aerial attack which the Big Red employed Whitey Kunkiewicz farned tor his inimitable thatch of white hair bulwarked the school gridsters with his pre c sion passing and brilliant ball carrying A l4 6 xictory over a highly rated Norwich Free Academy substantially rooted Torrington as a maior opponent in state football circles SCHEDULE Torrington Torrington Torrington Torrington Torrington Torrington Torrington Torrington Torrington L Wis H S Agawarn Crosby Ansonia Bristol Naugatuck Wilby . Gilbert . Norwich . BASEBALL Openlng therr current 19 game campatgn wlth vlslons of a 2nd SUCCGSSIVG Naugatuck Valley League and posslbly the coveted state t1tle Coach Dona hue s baseball forces Wrll strrve to materlalrze therr v1s1ons 1nto authentrc facts by top notch game play Frve return1ng lettermen all ot Whom constrtute Tor rmgton s mfalllble lntreld are the base tor Torrrngton s clalm to tame and We can be sure that even the more pess1m1st1c 1nd1v1duals can frnd no pornt ot de bate here lnexperlenced p1tch1ng and outtreld p rformers may hamper Tor r1ngtor1 rn 1ts quest for V1ClOfY but w1th such capable performers as Whrtey Kunkrewlcz Frank Prezak and L tty Cantadore rn the told Coach Donahue hould have very 11ttle trouble 1n clevelopmg a tormrdable n1ne SCHEDULE Aprrl Naugy Watertown La Sallette Crosby Br1stol May ADSOHIG Watertown Naugy La Sallette Iune 4 Leavenworth Wllby Norwrch Peeksklll Ansoma Gilbert Grlbert Leavenworth Gllbert ' 19 ..... 14 . . . . 22 .... 17 .....' 26 ..... Wilby 20 ..... Crosby 28 .... 23 .... y' 29 ..... 24 .... ' 30 ..... ' 27 .... ' 3 .... ' 30 ..... ' 6 .... 31 ..... . ' 10 ..... . . . 12 .... 7 ..... ' 85 Torrlnqton Alumm BASKETBALL Harled as one of th truly great frves to represent Torrrnqton Hrqh rn th school s hrstory thrs year s T H S qurntet aamed statewrde recoqnrtron wrth therr exceptronal brand of basketball Captarneol bv d1m1nut1ve Med Marola and paced by hrah scorer Lefty Cantadore th Donahuemen comprled an 1m pressrve record of srxteen wrns and four loss s handlly defeat nq many of Connectrcuts top notch aaqreqatrons m adolrtron to capturrnq the Nauqatuck Valley League crown for the 1n1t1al trme Elrmrnated rn semr mal play of the state basketball tourney bv Wrnoham the Bra Red basketeers went down to defeat rn the rmmrtable Torrmaton style of game play and sportsmanshlp ln the years that ensue after qraduatron tld Class of 4l may have the drstrnctrve pleasure of recallmq to mrnd the fact that one of the best basketball squads ever developed at T H S bore the class colo s of 4 SCHEDULE Torrmqton Torrmqton Torrmqton Torrmqton Torrrnqton Torrrnqton Torrrnqton Torrrnqton Torrrnqton Torrrnqton Torrrnqton Torrmqton Torrrnaton Torrrnqton Torrrnqtovr Torrrnqton Torrrnqton Torrrnqton Tournament games Gllbert Watertown Brrstol Warren Hardrnq Crosby New Brrtam Nauqatuck Warrn Hardmq Ansonra Wrlby Nauqatuck Wrlby Ansonra Gtlbert Crosby Brrstol Hartford Publrc New Haven Hrllhous Wlndham 86 f " l." ' .r....... 34 ' .......... 29 ' ......... 52 ' .......... 2l ' ......... 43 .... ' ......... 27 ' .... . ' ......,.. 33 ' . . Torrinqton ......... 37 ..... ' ......... 35 ' ' . . . ' ......... 37 . . . . ' ......... 32 ' . . ' ......... 45 ' .... . ' ......... 40 ' .... . ' ...,..... 50 .... ' ......... 44 ' ..... ' ..,...... 42 ' ..... ' ......... 56 ' ..... ' ......... 46 .... . ' , ...,..... 23 ' .... . ' ......... 60' ' . . ' ......... 36' ' ' ......... 38" ' . . . . HCCKEY Regarded as a prornment add1t1on to Torrrngton Hlgh s sports supremacy the T H S hockey club under the rntallrble gurdance ot Coach Card developed lnto a torrnrdable array cornpletrng an extenslve erght game schedule whrle garnerrng v1ctor1es and on defeat to close the most successful s ason ever en Joyed by the local rcem n Captarn Wlllrs Butts Paul Hawley and Frank Prezak were rnarnstays of the T H S hockey club thrs past season and through the rmpressrve results garned through splendld coop ratron by all hockey has t1nally been ra1sed o the ped stal of a rr1aJor sport SCHEDULE Torrrngton Torrmgton Torrrngton Torrmgton Torrrngton Torrmgton Torrrngton Lewrs Carnpv1lle Farmrngton Wrnsted Farrnmgton Campv1lle LEWIS ' ......... 5 ' . . Torrington ......... 4 Norfolk Prep ' ......... 9 ' . ' ......... 4 ' ' ......... l ' . ' ......... 9 ' ' ......... 2 ' . ' ......... 4 ' . . 87 TENNIS Countmq on such capable court men as Faptaln Chet Pavlak Drck Morgan and Frank S1mko to carry the brunt of a Ilqld n1ne qame schedule Coach Mulr settles back Wlth v1s1ons of a br1ll1ant season Not only has Coach Murr three competent court performers but he also boasts of an array of underclassmen who show conslderable prom1se Wlth such potent matenal and such flne team Splfll as has been prev1ous1y dlsplayed the Red 61 Wh1te racqueteers may have one of the best seasons ever emoyed by a Torrmqton Hlqh Tennrs Team Aprrl 21 Forman School May 5 Morse College May 7 New Br1ta1n May 23 New Brltam Forman Lrtchheld Wllby Lltchheld Wllby 88 O a 1 Q , 1 1 1 1 GOLF Completlnq one of the larqest schedules ever COI'I'lp1l9d for the T H S club bers Capta1n Marlo Bossarelh and cohorts strove dlllqently to develop th1s year s quad rnto one of the most potent ever to wear the Red 5: Whlte school colors onto the falrways Golf was rece1ved wrth such enthuslasm by the student body and mphas1zed to such an extent that efforts were made to place qolf on the standard of a ntalor sport Coach Hal Card stated that 1f coopera tlon amonq the players 15 as outstandrnq 1n future carnparqns as It has been 1n lh1S current season golf would soon qaln a pos1t1on of prornlnence on Torrlnq ton Hrqh s sports calendar SCHEDULE Aprll 29 Crosby there? May 15 Brrstol fthe-rel May 9 Crosby Ctherel May 20 Telryvllle fherel May 12 Br1stol Cherel May 27 Nauqy there? Iune Terryvrlle Ctherel Iune Nauqy Ctnerel 89 I f . . S r D . V I I - . 1 1 TRACK RQCGIVHIQ a stunnmq setback to the team s moral early 1n th lf campa1qn due to spramed ankles sus a1ned by Captam B111 Sulltvan the THS tract: forces under the qurdance ot coaches Smrth and Dranqln s touqht val1antly to cont1nue to rematn 1n the promlnent category they had o en accustomed to patronxze 1n state traclc crrcles rn past years Ted Hodaes Ted Novey and through the dllrqent work ot new candrdates and the coachtnq statt the Bra Red Sptkers aqam dom1nated thrs s ctton of the state 1n track super1or1ty SCHEDULE Aprll l8 lnt rclass Cherel Aprll 24 Watertown Ctherel Aprrl 30 Ansonta Ch rel Mav 7 Bulkley Cherel May 16 Crosby Cherel May 24 State Meet fNeW Haven? May 26 L wts H S Cherel lun 6 Plamvtlle fherel C , . . ' . , S . . , , , Allen Gunn, only competing lettermen, bolstered the morale ot the squad and ' A-f e L Y e I . . O , Tan u e have engoqeel the prwtleqe o bemq qour class photoqraphers and trust that the photoqraphs we have made unll m the uture larmq back memorles o the pleasant gears spent at Torrmqton Htqh School Our best unshes to all of qou Connecttcut s Larqest School Photographers 320 Arm Street Hartford lx lcqo Class of 'Qt .. f a 0 the Class of 1941 1 I11111f1f1111111f11 ' 1 1 w FARM FREST DAIRX 55 NN llx I BLSIXISS 'XIJXIIXISTRXIIUX It I I Ill!!! 33 f 1 J II II 11 A R P-XFTPX Lmnm IL SN 'll 1UXIPhlXS C ompam It I 011111111 IQIIUX IJIM 4K Nl 1 'All 1 5993 P 120011 Xlllll RRIX I xxul X1 U11 ' f , . ' ' 111111 131111 11 '1".vf111v ffl," l'?11f111'1' ll11j1jf1'1111v.v 111111 P1'11.',111'1'1'?.1' . 7 J "H1'1'f1'1' lpflirl'-X' l'1'o1f111'!.f" Uizll 5.-77 Ilikll 1-77 7 l"f11' S1'1'-:'1'1'1', N11111f1'l-1' 1111! I 1'1'1'1' uf X71 U 1' C11 13111 lvx H1111 'fffl' 'lf S1f1'lI1'f' l!I'ffl'l'l'5 A . . A 'JA' Cr1111111'1'11' 11111 li 1 'lfiflll JC'TC'l'!Cl' Illlfi f7fH'l11lI Sf111'111f l1111'11.x1:'1f C111111w.' 713 Alain SIVWT Illlllllilki 181' 'l1I'l'IlTlll1, N. AI. 'lill!'I'iI1QTlill Y1 'CI1x'l1I 'fl 1 B1-ik' SH1m1i VA1,1'1is SA , ' ' A ' A 'M' II"!!.1!-11-11-uv1311" 111 Q f V 51.95 Rf -. '- l"1'1 1 I"111'11'f111'11 H 1 Y M ' 'A 44 . 1' Fr. A . 'OH 'l'11 jcrrmx C11 jf"11'L'1 NORTHEASTIERN UNIVERSITY U-PN 1 x 4' fifw -.4w-.41 ' ID College 0 Lll7L'llll Arts IIK II 1 ff t 1 i N Lolleff' 0 Business Aclmmlstratlon t ,., Y lin: Nl XX IIIIIII I I IN I I I I IIIIIII I IIII I I K I V IIIK IQ IIINI N N i t N NN 4 t i N IKNN III College of Engineering irxex et lnui x 1 tu mn 1 ll nthtmni n utionw ennti INIIINII ll Inn 'inter mff int t fincet inv nnni ti ti ,cnc-r.1l engineering tmirxex in mrxuet lllllfl t e tex mln sear t u t e Ntut tnt nest nut C' N Q U ifl l X I C' I t e hc-Uinninf tm thl ophoinote wir Co operatue Plan L I I NNII L ll N N llltls mme te i it 1 iwmnni inxtruttt t I C NILIK Ulf s N UINCN ls we I HINIIMNN QOIIII N itch pi 1 r ie s Degrees Awarded cheltn ol s thtlui N ll Pre legal Programs Available R X IRIHIXNIIRX XlIPRs IRl:QfHR UI DXIINNIUNN NIUX INNXLHLNIIID Il U ClNl Nl I0 0 t it x K if r r ge Q xx up , 1 N llllt' Xtltlrew H AU Ci, i Cx illff. 'S 1 it V L ff-f -. 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Suggestions in the Torrington High School - Torringtonian Yearbook (Torrington, CT) collection:

Torrington High School - Torringtonian Yearbook (Torrington, CT) online yearbook collection, 1932 Edition, Page 1


Torrington High School - Torringtonian Yearbook (Torrington, CT) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 1


Torrington High School - Torringtonian Yearbook (Torrington, CT) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 1


Torrington High School - Torringtonian Yearbook (Torrington, CT) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 70

1941, pg 70

Torrington High School - Torringtonian Yearbook (Torrington, CT) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 31

1941, pg 31

Torrington High School - Torringtonian Yearbook (Torrington, CT) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 92

1941, pg 92

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