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- 'f V21 "Wy WaffE'f90U'33'lPYM!9'f2W14k?WU14:fW4.-wi '?fW-Al'aMFsR!14'l.'0uY.W"rf!"71m4JW'I 'MW A -W ' - fmiff. .- f'- , E' . 7 'jf'if2- , g,Q2g.:fg . mm , f,-f:1LefN- 'T .' Q 4 Q' I,-1 A gf H jaw .gyfwzlg Q ' gtg. -f.- ff: 'Vw -g jfj- X"'v,,A V . z,r3..v,f "X ,1'Mlrf'2 wfiw 'mg-wfilg ft. i-iq", .. J, , , -ffm -.L ,ws 13, f f 1 Am 3 , 2. 1 V 1.21. ' ' 'lk X 5 6 , ' 1f37Q-Fi 31 Qi' ' . , .' J 'K 'g'L'.'. T GI? 'Ui:i'S-Q',-qX5- , L4 - . 15.213-, .Q . -: 5 LQ.: ' ,Q ' t . , 5. 5 In I M AV: Z , , 1 3 . ni Em 1 , V flga' ff 'T -J ,g.k2Y.,x2 ' .:5.i72,'., ' if. -HC' .. 'iff ' .- W , .-'fa 125 L QR"'K5 3 5 , . 'Eff ' F' Af f J--i:f44,.A of' w. BH A- ." ' :gilt ggznffsfz' ' F42 If vp.:-f he V. "ff-5Q",1f: i m ? 'A X- 1 ' 3 .ei Bw. I ' g Iigfiflf : fiffi7'E' ,ii-A 'L 3' ff 1432 ' i X .SY DA 1 :Cv 1 1 f if I- 5 SA km 1 rig Q i . Q v . A '3 Q 4 wi . X S, " c v 2, 4 'F' ' vw 'f 'Juli' . 1 ,- Q ,fd ,. , 4 gpg' 4 -:gg-rflffp f ,f 4 , -'gl' wg nf .J f 1 REV-K' WS y an -f in kg' I 1' ,W -. Q ' vu ' ,L 1 A Jar JI?" :P ., l K M: ? X . 4 , + -sxgtfyg aj .. , ww fl' I. ' V ,A r K v 'N I V? , 1 4 61 if . K I U wi . if-H' 'Q , 11 D 4-ff? if 'A fi 1 f M 1 341 ni-L x, 4' 4 TJ it +A f 11 4. Ar 'f 1 EY . ., if 1 ,ff Q, ' If s Mr ,J F lm -Q 4 ff 4 1 , -2 2, N dm -vu U- , y a. jFxA..., . . Y , , L V. -,Sf we fir' ' S, 15,11-,pk -.ff-W - . rk. ,' U ' - "..:.:1Fff'?"' .Tl 'I2'i,,i,. v 552 .'-., '55.1,,.4 - , ., , 4 ,..v ' 'lfpi-' , . Q 'X-J.j', . ir . ,, Q' , li ' 'Gag Y ,4 K Tar., ' navy, V '. -I . i vm 'H nv-'-fy 5 -V JF Zvi ,river ' ' ' .. , , 'riff i ., zu., A x v 1 Q iiia' , 4140 BLACK MOUNTAIN ROAD DEL HAH, CALIFORNIA C2014 CQ wa, 1 i l l l wa. W' -4 . V"4 NS ' sv ,V xx- , -, -ax- xidw X-413 NX-X N ' 'K la 4 '7-'X 1 N me y 3 ti PNN l x. - , 1 4 I I l ' ' what exactly is this thing called PANACHE? Did the yearbook class make a vvise decision in selecting it for this year's theme? You decide. See for yourself in our first selection, creatively entitled, OPENING.. . M ' V """"""1Kv V ""'- tml: lfij, gt ' 1 F ER LILLLS was there lite after the tests homework, and studying? Whatever carefree time there was, students used it to the tullestg as they discovered there was such a thing as STUDENT LIFE.. . PLllYIllIG THE FIELD After the workouts and the practices were the games. The thrill of victory and the agony ofthe feet. See just how well our athletes played the field. SPORTS.. . Tests. Homework. Studying. Late nights. Long hours. Caf- class. When it came down to the final line, it was all feine. Make the grade or tail the ACADEMICS. . . where can unique and tal- ented people go to make music, dance, cheet or simply discuss common interests? CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS. . . HE IIPPEHLC ASS with a style and tlamboyance all their own, the class of L - 1986-was oneof the most origi- nal classes the school had ever seen. They had to be different, they were'SENlORS. . . HEIllI lllllll IIS In the beginning. . .there were freshmen. Ever ridiculed, ever looked down upon, yet some- how surviving. Later came sophomore status: decisions to be made, social status to be determined. Rapidly followed by the high pressure junior standing: SAT tests, U.S. History Chemistry quizzes, and never ending due-dates. Last, but not least, those everlasting students, the faculty See them all in CLASS AND FACULTY... Things are not always as they appear Were there more things happening on campus - than we ever imagined? Find 1986 FREE FLITE MAGAZINE, also labeled out in the inaugural issue of the 22 5 AN Tl-YEARBOOK . . . I The first date was at that res- taurant, the first car was from that dealership. Both local busi- nesses and parents supported you throughout the year Where would you have been without them? Where would you be in lite? ln school? ln this book? Find out in the ADS, INDEX, AND SENIOR QUOTES... Does PANACHE really have to end? No, but our year- book does. See how in our last section designated, CLOSING... dashing, hefher dashing fhrough .fhe snow, swf, ak, or cemenf, Zlfllzf year's sfucfenfs coniinuea' fo demonsfrafe fheir .nybsh fendencies. lfVi1"h such variecf acfivifies as shafeboarding , surfing, or even a'0a'ging fralns, our essence exuded a dashing Personna. Each 6ZC2LI'Vl'ly In which sfua'enzLs engagea' inevifa6Q displayed fhe dashing essence ihaf is PA NACHE. niar Tony Hawk, phafv fy j. Gnznf Briffainf Jeniar P Doug Silva, hafo by Jonny Miller 4 OPENING .11 ,Hy E, -s 4 - Q -. ,fn 1-4-I X . N a v, 5- sd. 1 ' x,.- ' 'Q J 'L .Q .41x5A , , 'mx-t ' I 1-'f .. "b -4 'M ' ' '14 .- ,- 44 1 - I . .- ff 55:55, . Q- f . nv.-Af V W 'Z yr...-0 urn. :Wifi-, ' f I CW, ,, , jg, 'ff .Q 'qv fx-w-1-ivy'-3'-"""'. 'I' iii -1-iw x 455, wk V 'MMR 1 1,5 : F5 , A -' ' z' FQ5' " ' "Y "l 0 ,ff ' ,ag hx., :H"'.,,,1W,g,4y4gY Wm 'V x' , 1 f. I ., Q V-W-W' - 1-1' Q xxjr 1 1 . six fn' -w - W wg, -Aww- ml' OPENING 5 Q r., FZ, ,. T -W ff' V.- ,-f ' .- gf .f . 1 L V-- '-,,,, ,-H, xx, lf ,.- ',, - J . V . x.,- X.,- . , e combined essence of roplnislicaled archifecfure will: variegalfed landrcaping provided flue .rubfle elegance for which our campus ik rekrwwned. The landscaping ibebf was noi unlike man of our rludenifr: corzslm-:ily in molion ani everchangir-rg. Man c0mmanQJ incanspicuous aspect? of flue campus phyed a parf in defining lime elegance af PA NA CHE. 5 OPENING , . . , H ,.,Qy,,s,.gF f,,,v 1 : N Iy vigld, . ' , A "W " ' W' 'T I , X . V , -I f ' -J "" ' 'L' 'gifs 35' A ' Mf."f" ' '1 'N J:"x H . lf' gg ,N ,..,...,.., A, , , v V' ,gpqwk 1 N- ir. tn.: 3 X 4 ' ' If if -' Q. Y' Q. X - ,K H.:-:,,.iau-...I 5,4 Wg Q, ' 5, . -MW nk I- v- -. . X. X Aww ii- W. xl N N F 4 M5 ' 1 . , . V A, u - H fin- . -. ,QL I x f 1 J. ' N 'fgfir . if """X 1-1 . A Q ,Q 15, N -J A , V ,S : A X. ' fig. K' nv' 4. : Q, - -,een . r. 14' - ggi: - X ' -, "' ::.i-v-3'9" -' - . y fi jimi ' - 4 5,5 , ,.,, x - fam -'w g?xx4 4 3 'nfhu 5' aim, ' ,- ,qlvhpgyfmx -. VN ,, , Ke - -- qv Y " Y ' fly-'lf "" , x F X Ely, -. ., 0 1 1i,7f,.f ' x - x L 9, il , 'xdxfw ' Q55 ,W 'Mi . x git' E f 52:2 ' 3 .- .ff-ia 'il- ,NQ . A . 1,,,'-"' 'r fm ., Z' NI, 1 ., , 'Wag 'uf , g ,f..., ,s - 7' ,A 1., .Q aw-el:'.': 'G , -.1 av- mlb -If -S f. , ' 0 v . . i, K 1-5 'irr- -l'v openms 7 carefree ere else buf' in .funny Soufhern Caljharnia wauld hi h school .rfualenfzr lead such? an carefree exirfence? Whefher an affernoon cruise cd' fha beach, or cz quick escape from school af lunch, "f1'me" wa: :sofa boundary fur ffuafenf' lbfenjfles. Thzlf ear was fha emhadimenf Ja refaxed njfle, culmiruzfih iris' some in graduafian. Unz UWHITQ' fa man graduafsx, fhi: casual carejgec ljfedyle was :van iv fade forever. go mms -Si S ,, i wing' V 1,--"ff X ' A wx, 14 75- TF" Wnz'-"""-'- . X I H C' EM A 5 " ' 1- - f M 45,v,. , ,XA ll I ..- -1 ff- -M . ,ff .-.- ,--1 , ,f , f .1 ,.f x.. , ,. .J X.. .- ---'..f -u - , V .1- acufzy, sfudenfs, ana' especialQ sporfs opponenfs wiinessea' a sllghf unseen in prior years - .SCHOUL SPIRI T! Bofh az'f1lezLes and campus morale benefiffed greaffy om fnis new spirif. Wifh e organizafion of ine Bencnwarmer Club, new assemb0es, and greaffy improved cheerfeacfers, our schoof devefopea' ifs own fruQ spirifed nyfe. v' Y' 5 A ' 5' far Maw 1 r re fu -mi' N ' .1 ' ri wz. qiixw qi? PF? 4' sq Vrlqlhbrn-AIA..-LA I' ,'X' , ' , .A f-X N, , sq n ' Sa lx e I I W V In k V '. 4 k 5 r W. 10 ovenme J 3 omline 11 12 OPENING unique ffhough affirsfglance Ming: seem ine .rarne,furfl1er lnverli aiion revealr cz cfyjcerenf picfure. Wifi: cz jgcesfyie aff ifzeir own, our .rlucfenfs refuse fo conform wifh ofher peopfeir rfandards. Like fingerprint, no fwo hairxfyfes or clofhing .nyles were exacffy fhe same. Siyfes were as unique as ffze per.ronaHfie.r fhaf creafed fhem. L, , X Y 1 xx i' Q' qv S ' Q 1 1 J ki! Q -E vi? V if Q , ,. ah' X N 'WX X X i roooi r X VV' 'oe.r i .FX . . 114: YL:-J. OPENING 13 flamboyamce his ear's sfucienfs re ecfed ine very d6'fli1l"lLf0l1 offhmboyancy, bofn in originah and uniqueness. W einer ncfioning in groups or as in ividuais, we kepf a cerfain fiair abouf ourseives. Ai! campus inirabifanfs confribufezi, someiirnes unwiffin Q, wifn fneir various cofzrjiui persona0i'ies and fashions. Combined, fnese siyiesformea' file fiamboyancy fnaf is PA NA NCE. 4 L 'P 1 Af H :C U y ff x ' ff if N iii! f 'B Q- ips of 14 opsmus g , x I 5 ' ' - . ILFA N 1 l 'r nxdii' 'J A-nf- -3 v.:'1"l' .2 i 3: 'P ' 3? im' 'W x , tj 1? 4, A 2 wi' INK F? ' . 1 J 1 . 4 . - U . .1 1 . . -' 514, . . , . K I 5 5 ' .. N +' f 1 1 5 N ' X .t A A , Q , 4 tg- :...,.-J, f'.-71" Wffmf WM,- . . , ,, . Q.. ,M , , I ..v' ' '.f" 4, .. ' -sg-,f Y Q uf' fl Ju ' r l'Fgz,:1'7,31 1,117 1' 'Nj' ' ' ' 1' K .n - Q Q.,-LYLK-5'-'A 'nl' ' , .Jar , 1, , -nf Ls, MY S ur' .A In "1 '-' ""',-in - V".'. .. nv f , ,U I , f, . 3. s . C 'rr , 4 -'T KIFU- 4 Q' 3 , w,' "ln .- 1 X ,Q. .1544 , . -, ..-v ,V ..,,,u . n.,. X . . -f 0- F "df", fn' f' ,fs ' 4 7' U Y vz' tiara-1' .3166 v ,ky--. ...A Q:-J hr. gl Wg! 1 v' .VC 1" f 'Jie' u"54"."1'i Uv' ' -" . +- ,-1 A..-tv v-1q.- "1 - L .'.':p1.'l?-,-Af.-475 ""',f:. Nh! ' . .s' ' , 'X' 5 1 . 1 f v 1 f - lx I Pi ,, s , A-I ,,., ' i 9 4 I Q9 sf' ,, 4' bf. SC ' X Auf 4 ,l I :- 4, 4' 1 4 -Q . B -. 'K' J., if 0 A, .fx- fl l V Q- 3 fi '44 fb viii' '. Q x V, 4 'S-515, ,Q 'Z T' P, f 4, oi .I- f 4 n Me STUDENTLIFE ' 1 ,x, 1 ,W rx in ii 3' if 1 W iz' - - ' A W f' ""'1'A1 1 W , ,-ff , , ,f '1 ,XXX -X N l ,. Z lv, C X W, 1 , T 5-31. , 4 ., -' .- . '5 .-.FJ-1, 1'FASNKlI P v 1 41 -Ag L '2 -, 'v A If I' ore Shopping malls, less study halls" seems to have been the fashion guideline this year Materials became an important statement in students' lives. Whether at school or on the town, students expressed their uniqueness in their style of dress. Some were casual, some extrav- agant, and others just different, but all made a statement. ,,,,. he total flamboyance of Ieathen jeans I ' , . VIXXENWX MXNMXE cn EW I C z ms mmm , p ands, and tees gave a rug- ged look. fn, . 1,49 Q MIIIHEHE WHIIEHEAU were one way to express " lqueness and a girle own idea of rw- mashing looks with less effort describes the "laidback" attitude of the surfer style, with untucked shirts and bare feet. touch of simplicity untucked shirts and oversized sweaters gave a relaxed approach to style. bf . , Yi ,, 5 z. N FASHION 21 i 4 3 1 6 V 3 g ' ,. r , 1 f 1 xx, ,. f 34 ,..i 4. ,V ., ,..1 ,1,. K ,, , Q 1 . 1 I .,,g 1 V ru 1 1 " ' " 2 S WMP' y n F I 1 Q I w ' 1 ,ZLQ by -nw.. . 'F' "iLk, 'Q-.... ,- "'--..- gs- NPA 4 i 1 ! ' A 3 - HJ: x l R. HX f ! ',-,X l V',A'- Ng.. 1 Q , D1 iv"- I ' . x x -, lu I ':3 Fin R+ c " mu - mkir Lyn? BF? 6 uw ' " ' LQ f' .5f'n':'f'fijjgg1f 'n'n' Ug?g"o"n'.3gN1"6 ufgigirgiivg Lawn iliua emsxseiiicrw LL9 em eww-mm' Way' 1,516 gg SiPlIiUU .J ff ig'-M AVN-. A .V-A LeafU2sl'3kQI,1'fpgQWQ'1:l N my U mqgdfgf J v'f3k'jWY'5i:,?F by Qfmegne 1 DW? fiww igeim, WSSISU A Q we 5f13SiIS6l 4521 971131 1 1 f fl 069 THE L Axwmf fefirenskemmce rmeffeigfefl by 571542 ' ASSc2ml Q4Srg4f feniiefmwidteermee MS Aiiwqgllreel FHEWEJQCCEWWQZ ejifemefemw ine S A Mime iWMW15 5 mei 112GWf5Q3'1MHYfQfis fm fQ1QFiIQQii15iffXQiSS QWQUQ Ls1FQwfAeQ 1 EQ? Hmmelfm Sim GUl6AQwfSf. wrmefm ev QIIQSS QQilii1QQfQ?Ui,WKQ5J env mm fsllcfsmmg.. A W FL PQQIUTQEQGHWQA fm Hemmamimgy Sfifelfeel wwf 519 e1QimfevS9:QmiiS fame reievmeweem Qmmmme T1?N33'WX-2f3fQl?'W.?h?1V52YAKSK-'? ANU A A lem 'Ei'rYQiQ1'l Qamfmes me Qwiecrsxeism iLC5VSST?'i!Z+E5CQ1? anmewe WfQ'?"Q 465 iiexzemeim wfevmuim MS WQQRF Crm QiEDQi61U QM-S653 xwwhz .Sm QWE1Y4,Imix.gfgQ ea? ,QQQIQQQM ' X , 2 MQW? ., ,A if 120 PERSONAL SHADE Honey Madsen relaxes under her collapsible sun UNUSUAL TURN+QUTg Sbifif,w66lg'5dij6Wj'QfdEif6r.k5QF1iffiQGfi5H5miS - ho1 dunng lunch on Tourist doy, ' fhch ever before. Pdjdfnd'GQY,MigSJ'ri6wQXeeQ1iQ!if1y:- ' E . ,., -4 ,fSPi'f3TT S25 ,?:'v'g1 'I 'V' '-L1"- 'J' I 1 WL. 'T Fx xx. X 26 spmn sn-K .M .I x-lx.. IT: .. -.---,-.-- .WI I .Irv 'iv- . 55 ' A Q' 5, , . 1 I ' Q ,, T99 arly in The year, 1400 sTudenTs crowded inlo The gym To see The Drill Team, The cheerleaders. and To lisTen To The band. Why so many sTudenTs as opposed To previous years? This year The ASB Took a differenT approach Thai guaranTeed higher aliendcince. STudenTs whose Teachers had signed up for The assembly were required To aTTend. AlThough This in- creased The Tum ouT, noT everyone was saTisfled, as senior Annie Bradshaw complained, "I don'T Think iT should be mandaTory by Teacher sign-ups because Those who don'T wanl To go are someTimes forced To go and Those ThaT do someTimes can'T." Some people, however, Thoughl IT was a greaT idea. "IT was good ThaT you were required To go," remarked junior Lori HolTcamp, "IT made people geT more in- volved and spiriTed." The arrangemenf of The assembly was also differeni. STudenTs were sealed by Their graduaTing class. The resulT - loud cheering seniors: "EighTy-six! Eighfy-sixl Eighly-six!" The class secTions added To The spiriT and made more people join in. The seaTing arrangemenT also prompTed class officers To be- come more involved, rallying class spiriT. Those who performed ai The assembly also im- proved greaTly. Aboul The school band, Jamie WheaT said, "Music-wise, They sounded more up To daTe." IT was also evidenf ThaT The cheerleaders spenT much Time procTicing in The summer. "I fhoughT The cheerleaders were really spiriTed, loud, Lip 4. N, and cheerful. Their rouTines were also awesome!" was Tyler lVlassas' response. Shelby Williams said, "I Think The varslTy cheerleaders are excepTionaI This year!" All in all, The "Hello" assembly was The sTarl of somelhing new, someihing bigger. Commissioner of Assemblies. Tammy Nam said, "This will be a very hard acT To follow, people were very enThuslasTic. I don'T Think l've ever been To an assembly where There's been so much splriT!" - Annette Hecht SPIRIT 27 1 . f-.ZW E., A 7 . Q fx X Nr , ffx z A '. u' Q - i . . -x Wx 7 1 it 'Y a . ' Q- ' " f- X ""'44 .3 Ai?Q' .W.i:'?f .9 V i .aaqullu my ii!! ' , ' L.,f il J-i-7 : 31 ' f -K N' -I' - , . -, 'rr if V5 QW, ,X'5-Q-5:5 ijt 3 r 1 3 4 ,w'g uvff'fj ,wiv Nm t ' ' "lim ' " " 1" -Sv' t i" -mv -' F ff 2': as I -H .. - .-ii", r-fini. fi h JM' "W ftfxgfffq " I l -.H x V "1 Q r ijrg. 9. 1 HVWNQ4 4 X ' , V si .III ' , . as N 6- g Wfewg A ij i,'!i,.r I Q ch, V ' ,W-833' - - R- ' 'Nl V :Zz :Vx i fy . , . 4' Ai f . . 'ii , r' " ' I9 gi - T . ,- , i - f 'Q' . 'f . r ara ' C V ' , ww. - .'v r -. . M -,- n a'.:.' . ,y me ff I X A I x '1, 'fd' . V . 1. i. ...Z '. 3" f . Ai, AND THE WINNER . . . Homecoming queen EO. Harper found it hard to grasp the queens bouquet. presented to her by King Steven May. On her sides Jobi Cooper ancl eleste Leach. 28 HOMECOMING ,f Vrffh 6 'fb J7Qf. Wit 4 Aol k i HOMECOMING COURT: Jobi Cooper, EO, Harper. Monette Marino, Kristen Lazarian, and Stephanie the team retums after half-time with renewed spirit. C0 E, -- i CelesTe Leach, Noelle Soufherland, Dodson. ABOVE Trailing To Poway FRDIVI THE INSIDE spec- TaTors came ouT of Their warm niches To aTTend The 1985 kalaidescope of colors. There were banners of encouragemenT everywhere. There were shouTs of encouragemenT con- Tinuously. The noise conTribuTed To an in- credible level of energy which was shown on The faces of The fans. This year's Homecoming was done differenTly. The crowning of The queen was saved for afTer The game, so ThaT The parade would be allowed more Time. ConsequenTly, The parade was, accord- ing To Teacher Mr. Morris, "One of The besi T.P. has seen yeT". The crowning of The queen was also differenT in ThaT iT was so elaboraTe. Suddenly, everyone's eyes were fixed upward upon a plane, waiTing for The sky diver To appear. The envelope wiTh The name of The new Homecoming queen was delivered from 1000 feeT up. As does any show To iTs audience, Homecoming "looked so smooTh To The un- Trained eye", sTaTed George Robinson, ASB advisor. IT's jusi hard To believe, when waTching from The ouTside, how chaoTic Homecoming really is. "All The floaTs looked greaf and so did The princesses in Their fancy cars", observed Kerry Grochowiak. However, The TruTh was ThaT some of The floaTs almosT didn'T make iT. The double decker bus ThaT The cheerleaders were supposed To ride on boTTomed ouT and held up The whole parade. The senior's floaT was so big iT almosT Tore The enTrance gaTe ouT and was very close To noT being leT in. There were also problems in finding cars for The princesses qs Tammy Nam said, "IT was Friday and some of The princesses still didn'T have carsl" The crowning of The queen also proved To be chaoTic. As Susan Thomas said, "AT The crowning of The queen iT was so neaT To have STeve May iThis year's kingl be The one To crown E.O. Harper." WhaT Susan and oThers didn'T realize, however, was ThaT IasT year's king, Jamie CarruThers, had flown in for The occasion, buT was Too laTe To crown The queen as had been planned and ThaT is why STeve May crowned The queen. BuT as Tammy Nam puT iT, "IT acTually Tumed ouT belTer." Perhaps The mosT deceiving evenT was The suspense of The sky diver. Many people believed as did Allison Hensey, i'The suspense of The sky diver was greaT. So many people didn'T know whaT was going on." The suspense may have been greaT: however, iT wasn'T done deliberaTely. According To George Robinson, "The sky diver really made us panic. He missed his mark and had To fly around again. We all' ThoughT he had landed somewhere else." In all There were endless siTuaTions in which To The observer everyThing appeared To be fine, buT To Those behind The scenes, The TruTh was pure CHAOS. - Did anyone noiice Tammy Nam and George Robinson running around like crazy?! - Could iT acTually be ThaT These Two crazy people, along wiTh oThers, were responsible for puTTing The whole show TogeTher?!? - Annette Hecht ' LUNCH TIME, SplnT week, rillzigv HOMECOMING 29 nv"""'-n - F . ' , . - .fl va-', il ww ' .-P .a 5 :A 1 'Y I' '! w "v ' 'tv-s-'f 5 -' I ' f 'GT ifx. , wW'r ,,.,e to i t L Y r fi fi riff' 4' ,L ,, BORRACHO V lOCO set the music Gnd the mood on The dance floor lor Homecoming The dress os well us the attitude was sem: formol PLANNING THEIR OWN "Surfing Satori", The Sophomore floor took on its own '60's style. 30 HOMECOMING 'Q fn. If :HER "Escamillo lost his mind in the second half! He sent the first cars in, then, for no reason, sent the rest out. When he realized what he had done, he had to go chasing after them!" - George Robinson Ni E E I 1. im I nf ,,,, yi. ... L., oi '.?,f,6Q3ff . 9"- -:ci lux 1 .F i N se i., "T-1' ,4 iz- , - " f ,.: ' ':7.:'u.f 251' -I ' N , g I -, ,- . gssiry Qfrgj., Q I ' ' ' A Q new X I 0 is M . 3 N M s - . 1 :W r H ' M 1,2 XX , -M . J . A X A o To 65 I "I had to take the float truck over to a sophomore's house. l followed her directions exactly and l just couldn't find it. So l took a wild guess, got out of the truck and went to knock on a door. Before l knew it, the biggest dog came heading towards me and attacked me! Boy, what we do for students!" - Raul Escamillo ,v fb V , if i BOOP-BOOP-BE-DOO. "FeeeK Float" floppersz Joe Hordy, Kevin Coordi, Doug Keel, ond Eric Wesi dance for the Homecoming audience. iii l ii in ty W ' A C - ' . w u A hit. -I ,if 4 ., Z' . ,V x, ,Q . M' 1 , I, I, I 1, li ...4.,V. .QU I ,Jain --Q f ' ' -it A 1, Mffi ,A " ' 'S-V ' . .-ff, . ' , L M' ' 'eg A Q - 4r31A"'- v , 'V 1. ut. ' 5' ' I 4 N - A .ik 2' - . ', ,. ' , , ' , , " Rockime N ROLLING J ,L ili ' .-94" 4 . 9...-ix Q ' d in gm y p rg f--fgiv al M in 1950 fn fl 1 in A '-.xf'Kb,"rimA.. .rn Q V . ' 'K A h gp d HOMECOMING 31 32 CLOSED CAMPUS , X .1 . 'L 353359 HU ZS A- 4 X 1 Q Uhr -,x , A 1 fl 5' ..':,i,,a? FEELING SOMEWHAT CAGED - Freshmen and Sophomore sTudenTs Tried Their besT To cope wiTh The closed campus siTuaTion. ITS ALWAYS BEEN A PAFTTIALLY LOSED CAMPUS ,rr. 4 ., e..r, g . xl 'K K . th. Q i 4 T's noT an issue of wheTher The campus is closed or noT, iT's an issue of wheTher The sTudenTs be allowed To leave for break and lunch. Since The school opened in 1974, iT has been a parlially closed campus, ThaT is, The campus has been closed during class Time buT open during break and lunch. This year, as a resulT of a group of ninTh and TenTh graders' parenTs, a new policy has Taken place. Now The campus remains parTially closed To upperclassmen, buT compleTely closed To lower classmen, As a resulT of This policy, school spiriT has increased greaTly. AlTen- dance aT school assemblies has become mandaTory where iT was once volunTary and The resulT has been a packed gym aT every assembly. As Raul Escamillo said, "There is Tremendous school pride and more acTiviTies. All The kids lThe cheerleaders, and Those in The bandl really appreciaTe The facT ThaT so many more sTudenTs are coming To pep-rallies. However, The closure has also resulTed in larger cosTs for The San DieguiTo High School DisTricT, and will cosT more in years To come if The campus is closed To elevenTh and lwelflh graders as well. Because freshmen and sophomores are noT allowed To leave The campus aT any Time during The day, one of The blggesT adjusTmenTs The school adminisTraTion has had To make has been The larger use of The lunch faciliTies on campus. "We've added some personnel, buT The faciliTies jusT don 'T seem To be enough." Raul Escamillo, assisTanT principal said. "A lVlcDonald's on campus mighT do The Trick," he joked. CLOSED CAMPUS 33 E Y if i '- n ' . ., 0 ,Lf w 'r i. 1, ,pw -4' ,'. 'Hifi X , SP ,lf Q, . f I ,fl ff-X k"x g :J ,1 3 f 7 , su 13" ,ff 1, . .SQ , A 1' ,I 1, .4 ., ,,. 9 ' . My 1 .1 ' yr J I 3 K xxx. X xx .Ku , 1 5. . Er- . ab f . -iw.. ll X 1 ' ' . 1' i, .xx 'K 1 WH. ,x "31x1 ,rl 9,1 .0 D ,, Q can fn. 0.0 1 f X ,Y . Nix ,xg . , V .vs ,A X. X S 'S -'52 1 Q V. 'gif I aT'lempT To enTer The all ready crowded WinTer WINTEFT FOR MAL T , A . -5,6 me A f ff T. T, f f .v ' 'L ,V ' 4- f ,JT .XZ ff fi. 72,5 7 f' -rf Z',e:fff" .- .vi f-1-.' I ' CZ7,,r" " ff" r 1 . flflfffl : gf f' i X TS, TQN even ,C lNG I The n Ter, M9 givglggpihgifggcsgfmann sinQ Qelsefmon' 1 wills The band WWG-ri Diane PPED collq break ir??defSOnV Ong OWU While g i -., J V? i he musicl Tom Trier feggfgfpas N in Q a DRESSED TO KILL - Andrew SmiTh and daTe B L U E S Formal, under close scruTlny from Jean Finley. he WinTer Formal, The Upperclassmen BoaTdance, and lVlorp all had one Thing in common: They were all school sponsored dances. OTher Than ThaT, They were differenT in many ways. Allhough WinTer Formal was a "formal" The whole aTmosphere was very casual. Dancing To The fosi paced beaT of Barracho-Y-Loco's calypso music kepT The energy level high. ln TacT The band members sTarTed ouT dressed in Tuxedos, buT iT wasn'T long before Their grass skins appeared. "Everybody seemed really exciTed. I Think They were having a good Tlme," sTaTed one band member. The BoaTdance, however had a compleiely dif- ferenT environment The San Diego Bay seTTing made il, as Angela l-lasiings said, .. so romanTic However, as one senior puT iT, 'The boaT was very beauTiTul, buf The music was very obnoxious." So many couples excaped from The dance floor To The open decks and lounge areas of The boaT. AT leasT, The WinTer Formal and Boaidance had decenT TumouTs. Morp. on The oTher hand, was a "disasTer." WiTh only a handfull of sludenis There, The backwards prom Theme apparenTly didn'T go over Too well wiTh The sTuclenTs. "IT was very boring, so I only slayed abouT 10 minuTes," said KaTie Glllivan. Overall, The dances were noi as profiTabIe as ex- pecTed by The ASB. and Therefore a dlsappoinTmenT was shared by all. l'The ASB could have improved The dances, jusT by adveriising a loT more and gening beTTer bands." said Chrisrlne Odenwalder, WINTER FORMAL 35 4X ft ' N ' W 152g u I " I , ., H ,M 3- 'V ,jf ' . - -x -4. .,,,. x . ' - N 11.2" -Q ' M XN KM Xu? Q .N A5 ai x' fl 5, fu, L, +,.W 5, ,I , ,fl :xt ,A .l" WAX K W N X ,xi ., ,A Y Ty Q in E fi. 'VX 1 , W, X X 4 K ' X n if . I, 'KNQ V2 fig B43 -'u-.A K7 i f i TOP: Trip Secrisi. BOTTOM: Kirk Worden and Koihy Grumei. Tl-IE BOAT 5.1 elt ewas,oVerall1a strange evening, N fiead-S9 my friend and I shared the same T date.2But'I still had ae wonderful time." 1 ' TAVT L i O Chrissy eurzivan i , '-B 4 X Robert George cmd Kendo! Brood. W Oyd6U- Q d Kevin on GU Kristin LOZON Kcfhleen Kenned Dove Holi, Kathy G-rumei, ond Mike Pondoife. I V Gnd Bob Ri Ch. BOAT DANCE 37 P' I- , "'1ffi'E"' ...L mf sim: 1 fs name of GreTa Pa ' wg. s, . .559 Q33 J , . ' HQ!! - - 4 5' iff W . 1 . 4 Q ll is The a s ancl Jamie . No ArT has been very successful: gross- . Glassons company. ForThe company They . ing nearly S3200 in The pasT year. I-lowever. make earrings, cIoThes, masks, dolls, ana . iT hasn'T been simple. As Jamie said, 'TYou many oTher Things. . have To wanT To do iT. IT aoesn'T come easy. Juniors This year, boTh Greia ana Jamie . We are working on someThing wiTh our began making earrings TogeTher in The . company almosT every clay." Jamie also ninTh graae. ln 1984 They began selling . aTTribuTes much of Their success To Their Their earrings ana oTher iTems in many . business-like appe sTores, among which is The Paper Doll. chain. 38 CREATIVITY arance, "IT is really im- - porTanT To be D ' usiness-like or else ev boa ' ery- - y will walk all over you." wean :gif grT?NEglk and roi Esrvfll mme P lasson Gnd Slew Tlxneir own cefileflold G Th l o a T As GreTa puT iT, They boTh feel ThaT No Ari is " jusT The beginni n g of o ur dreams." -Annette Hecht Q shOW on ew TQUTS. i --.-.N QHLSA T . is-5,53 F fT',r ini .v iff' i I Q: fr. 14' 2' r-'Q' gy, 11-J '1 .J .5 V -L 5 44..Z:4.l- IF- ,as Hr 355 'tins -M336 ti 'rg .f "as , gill' it far Mr -L '5n,l"Vi ll' :A JL hot is Maki'? Would you eat it, surf on it, meet it, or wear it? Maki is the original Trademark of junior Annika Nelson's booming tee-shirt business. Annika's mother inspired her to use block-printing when she wanted to get an image down on a tee- shiri. The result was an "out ofthe ordinary tee-shirt," according to Annika, and the beginning of an enter- prising idea. Her artistic imagination caught the eye of Grace McCormack, owner of Coast Kids, a clothing store in Encinitas, Annika explained, "Grace saw me in a pair of block printed shorts and liked my idea." McCormack offered to sell Annika's similarly hand-made shirts at her store. From there Annika branched out, selling shirts from Pacific Beach to Encinitas at such stores and Equipe, Kobo, Country Downs, Coast Kids and Moderne Times. She rented a booth and sold her tee-shirts at Del Mar Day during the summer, earning over 350 dollars in one day. She remarked her greatest accomplishment related to her artistic gift was winning the Sea Grove Twilight Concerts' tee-shirt contest, open to all amateur artists in the coastal area. an I J MAKI MODELS: Tim Whiting Annette Hecht Job - . . A , C I lglelson, Jill Chamey, Rob IShapiro, Monette Marinciriulicgegsbfnlolgg Owen. Anne Bradshaw, Mike Montemurro, and Burk Finley model Annika Nelson's spirited shirts. Annika won a cash prize as well as having her design printed on over 200 shirts, which were sold at Sea Grove Twilight Concerts in Del Mar. She estimated she profits five dollars per shirt, total- ling one thousand dollars since the summer of '83 when she began selling Maki tee-shirts. Maki is generally independently run by Annika, who makes the most important decisions relating to the future of the business. However, she does have o business associate who invests in Maki and gives occasional advice. Her best ideas for shirt designs usually occur, i'During dreams, but l come up with ideas all the time." When asked if she would continue her talents in an art-related career, Annika answered, "Most Definitely." - Kate Kimball . X. 1 A M, xl, S 1 r W ,, ,Ll Vzf. W -, ,Lx r- fffprfy, -V 5 4 1-21 5 T fir- was V mv f -f'- 'V 4 J w- ' cf V . . ff3,v..7:g,-iyaf i, .v.A 1 FQ' . is WEARING one of her most popular T-shirts Annika Nelson shows off her artistic talent. CREATIVITY 39 n -1 T- ' . 1 5 ': : . .11 ' fy 3- 8 ,- . - ,J H! ag..-AL., I f' .1 1 ' ""'-----..g. 1 I A 1 " I I X 5 , ' A , 1 - 1 1 I - ' . 1 4' ' 4 11 ff' ' , I , ,W 1 Q. H Q Ng 2, 1 .I V . - , I 5' ' X .41-" 5 ' , 900 ' x ' ,fi 314 ' f gf: 4' 1 " .. 5 '- -A X I V, v x ' :Try I ff , 6.59 . , ET .4 Y ' 1 . A , . K 1 - 5 , K. ' - J . ' - : - 17.3, ,,. ' X ,. x ,Q . ' ' 'X Q - ' ' 5 A , F . , .M .:l,lv,' 1 Q E Fin U l . ff X K1-rf: 1, , 35.4 P f ' A-. gut: -- - .4 l . .inn-H' ..-h ' 32. 1 0- V ." H :zu 'WDW ."' . - ' "" .- T Chris BueIlA ' Q, I Frank Bolbgm Yi -- . x , Q in 'it ,. N, BALANCING on her toes is how Cathy Ccmbell stipends much of her me. athy Cambell is going on her thirteenth year of ballet danc- ing. Through her efforts she has made it all the way to "Clara," the star roll in the "Nutcracker" ballet for the forly-third time. Having traveled to various places throughout the United States. Cathy has found that the best way of leaming how to dance is by, " . . . going to different places and leaming from different people." A senior, Cathy plans to continue her dancing career at UCSD where she currently dances with the North Coast Ballet. Recently joining this oompany has given her the in- spiration for dancing jazz which she finds to be, "fun and a more relaxed way to dance." Cdthy's favorite part of dancing is going to the cast parties after the performances. Dancing seven days a week, Cathy finds that the most rewarding moments are get- ting praised by others and teaching young ones how to dance. An exciting experience for her came while dancing at Dupres, a big studio in Los Angeles, with people from her television show "Fame," It is from these moments that Cathy finds herself saying, "l'lI never stop dancing." - Bunnx Kaye Beth Jo nson .sm .mwxwsf-l.:lu:Lafnlfanw,ew...l.,Q,...:ur'.:..1mn:rn1zwar,.z,ymsw,.,h.-yr.Lumliz.:-iz1'.:,.:rc1f1ttrf ff: GREATIVITY 41 3' Q- D , ,L " ', . " -5 , P- 4 LU I O i , .4 R , 4 . ,r , . ,VL fr, n AN. w ., 41. , 3 W 51 Jon Heimstro STUDENT ,N fc 42 casffmvnw Nx X---up-I '?. ,lik ,,-if WX if XXXX f U IQ wg X v t 'F ki A M A Q3 ,ECN M IJQUU I WWNKKA xd WSP J X I - ' swyw ' 4' . , if f :S P31 K J K 9.1. 'V' 3 ' ' .WSL , Q? 1 5,1 a.. Josh Rose X L N '2 X I5 an F qvWYQkiQWN +, f- ' 'W 2 5g5WW3'? QQEWWQQA a XAWWW-,v .Y EUC N'-4 , 1 ' famgivi "QL Lf -I 1242- Q f 4 yQj lwP5jr.1,1 '3 2 f ,-:::?fa'F -I" : 1' - 1 5 Wvia X Q, 'J 'pi2 iwvnhf - 14' . 2.22 W Z3: .igxigaqe L: Q , :Elly ' ' .' . J , -,, 1- V M -2-, U Lp rf: Breh Bomemer , . Tim Geiser fQf?b. ff ' 'ffm "', 1 V 7 !if X VWMVWLW X , v , W . Q Xhf fi, fi! f 1 Don Peters Shana Ehrlich 'Q uw.. VL , -.xqx ,Q Tom Zinser f 5 Z F ,499 Stephen Sole! F.O. Mm l 5 V: xt f f fry 'y1,Q N X .ly .., P5 ' 1 lu' fm, -Z ' I ,x -Qw,,lNf' Z ., F fm. ,, i Sw 1 f-ff .' NF 4 " s K y J, ' .X Q x ' A J ,., A Xxx x Lf. X, X f R -My Q M Q 'N f Xvfxkxtw' ,av X sa N My K, x - 'x ..1' ' , X 5 ' V :M I HJ W f QQ if . X S N ,JN xyxuu- Am l A . ' .A U ,f 'P' I L fa, K 4ww4s,w'LQ+. ' iff- J' - V K -L - - Susan Thomas i Eric Hirshberg ,xx CREATIVITY 43 CREATIVITY OH F riena'.r Silent rainfall Streaks the window Paints the town in shades of grey Water color soft As a distant cherished memory. The trees sway softly in the wind . . . I will remember. The sun sets silent blue and violet , . . I will remember. The children's laughter echoes down the street . . . I will remember. By lsamu Nakayama Tim e Time, time Tomorrow, today. Arise it when? Arise it may. There will never be Another today. So live your life Right now, this day. Enjoy each moment 'Till you can't forget, For everything dies, But die? Not yet. You must believe You will grow old, And women and men You cannot hold, Your laughter dies As you fade away, Now you cannot live! You're are old and grey. By Monette Marino Thought? Today, as the hot dry winds of August blew my hair into knarled masses of confusion, I found myself - my mind - drifting to thoughts of Autumn. September was indeed becoming closer to reality, and with this season came the fear of knowledge, of again learning lessons on only the "material" elements of a life which, - in reality, held much more. I knew too, that the longer I pondered these thoughts, the faster the leaves would fall. By Cori Sherman The Rain The rain was here, and through the falling crystal I was able to peer shallowy into the future. It's too bad the rain would never be deep enough for me to swim through its mysteries tomorrows, By Cori Sherman Love There are two kinds of love in this physical dimention. One is friendship, the other physical attraction. When physical attraction is dead and gone, there is always friendship to fall back upon. That is why I say I am most depressed at the loss of a friend today. So I fall farther from thee to the friends who truly love me. I will always forgive thee for the pain you have intrusted within me. For I know in some distant day I will find this true love on the crossroad between the two. By Robert Grim Man Your Bafffe Sfafions You start out by standing alone and vulnerable Slowly, things start to change: You build yourself a fort to hide within so you won't get hurt and you arm yourself, planning your defense and other strategic moves. Your holding increases It took you a long, hard time to get what you now have and you're not about to let it go without a struggle. It's too important to you, and you fight to the very end. When your ammunition is gone, you have the white flag and surrender to your opponent, you limp away with deep wounds that may never heal. Count the casualties . . . Love is a war . .. By Holly Schryver Dying A man stands crying, softly dying, In a darkened empty room, His back is turned as it in hiding From a light that isn't guiding tThe light he finds is simply blindingj He's troubled by the gloom. Silent tears roll off his cheek, The hidden fears of tomorrow They hit the ground and burst apart Like the broken pieces of his heart To illustrate his sorrow. In a moment of interjection He turns toward his reflection And as he lowers to his knees, His image remains standing And sees the life it was commanding Hollow with the breeze. As the wind blows through the wooden room lt takes with it the stains Of shattered dreams and endless crying, Of what it means to be dying, And still the shell remains . . . And still he feels the pains. By Josh Hose Ena'ing.r If all endings are new beginnings - l'll begin it once more with you. For every laugh and shedded tear, Together, it took two. lf all endings are new beginnings -- Then what's the reason to cry - If all endings are new beginnings - Then why is it so hard to hug you good bye? By Annie Bradshaw Me Sitting quietly by the sea. A new day, same old me. l wonder if things are going to change. Sometimes life's easy, sometimes it's strange. Wondering what's going on in me. Trying to figure out what's going to be. By Susan Thomas "' i' i G rnii 'I ii --11-ai' l i B v FUCKING HIS BICK -Jef1Lancaslerflnds a way to amu smoking section localed behind the lunch lines. se himself, in The BACN wr ..,,"'E fi - 'war THAWING OUT- Pai Power, lan Jacobs, Chris Hudson, Kim Dow Chris Bigsby and Tren! EIHOT, .P ' 'tg N . l, s 'V - ,iq -,, .' E - -ms , ai gr n W , . l G . fy S I X3 1. 5 I lx 'C K if if' I 46 SMOKING SEQQION John Recker smoking section on a high s c h ool c a m- p u sl Another u n l q u e feature of Tor- r e y Pines,tt'e smoking ' H section was approved by the Board of Education in 1977. Although any high school in the district may take advantage of this opportunity, Torrey Pines is one of the few that has done so. Some argue that by having a smoking section on campus, orrey Pines is ttpromoting the use of cigiarettesf' owever, the purpose of the smoking section is not to "promote" smoking but rather forthe well-being of non-smoking students. "lt is important to have a smok- ing seciton so that non-smokers are not forced to breath smoky air from people sneaking smokes all over the campus," stated Dion Barca. he smoking section serves as a compromise: In many schools where smoking is prohibited, students end up smok- ing in such places as the bathrooms. By doing this, not only does a campus superviser have to constantly check the bathrooms, but other non-smoking students are subject to the inhalation of smoke, With a smoking section this problem does not exist. The smoking seciton is a case of choosing 'the lesser ot two evils" as George Robinson. the Director of Student Activities put it. There are other issues conceming the smoking sec- tion as well. The smoking section has always been "out back," facing nothing. Now with the construction ofthe stadium around the comer iwhich the smoking section will be facingj the condition of that area has become a big issue. In the past few years the area has become increasingly unkept. Where there once was a mural, there is graffiti. "They just don't seem to take pride in it like they used to." said Assistant Principal, Raul Escamillo. However there was one group of students who fina- ly took pride in their area. Sophomore, Daren Miller along with his friends requested fund from the Site Council to paint a mural on the smoking section wall. The Site Council did fund the mural which was painted soon after. Because of the concem these students have shown, the future of the smoking section may not be so bleak after all. - Annette Hecht he BARRED IN, Wendy Johnson, Adrienne Humphreys, and Theresa Hill relax on one of the few benches in the smoking section, stfg ,-up 1.1 ai. If r 'AM' r ' ts, f ff ' A' f 'it' su ff - AL v:'t'i?x?fS'-C, .t ' iiiiiiii ,ti 1 ' ' An' 'JT' " fu . l 1.3: 1 4' 3 t ! 1 t . , 4' 3 " h - 1. V 2 I. - -A . V ,' L ., A. -, Q 5:55. if RELAXING. Lisa Donnelly, Rebecca Watson and Suzanne Wooden relieve themselves of the days tensions. exfiifg ,Mr i A 'Wi' 'f If ... .mis ifxyi I i i CHANGED ONCE More the wall was redeco- rated with a quote. The wall went thro many changes during the year. clean it XV i W JI. Z' gh- J A . A 1. e. yi? Nd It .,, .lux I A ENJOYING one of our typically sunny days, Laura Lowe hangs the smoking section. avg if E this, qr?Q, XK1,, F3 i Pl .,., H 'Q s f : its If it . ,fmt l 5 .. GRAFFITH was continuous frustrations forthe custodian s they re always the ones to ""W 'TVilW"' . . , THE WAR in the Mid-East continued in 1985, A distraught Moslem man hugs his son moments after they survived a car bomb explosion out side a West Beirut restaurant in late August. .. 1, in J N iffiay W , 1, sf 41:21 3 M21-Q .'Y'ul.'.w'1 14' -- ,, . A . . 94 K: x 4' " 4 px' ' Q .P V T '. Y Lx, DIGGING OUT- A resident ofArmero in the Columbian Mountains is helped by the Columbian Red Cross during digging out efforts after the huge Volcano erruption in November. ' - T- gi 9-V-' .f N . 4- ' ' 2 ' " . ..Tx ' Q' ' ' . -Z, wif" " . 4 hw' X t rx dna- . -an -him 5 hke ,nh XJ K 1' iT A X 3 "ATO, Q' ii In ey lx.. i X , . , is ,J x , Lit ,,. L 1: we , - .A L v " 1 1. ' --.Vx S, ,- '24 Q ' . 'NM X' "5 tw, W --Nix W, -r ti , Z - v HKU . X. . ' K ' I f" it - .. if A . N fl A s p -, i , A 3 ' iiefT.1f2f1-593 9 ' Q' . -- 5 , ' " Qi ' I AE, ' P fo ir .Erie 4. H ' ' .-1-'- 215, 'ff-15,-f.f'j ,I , if- X . r g 1 x V Gif- .' ' X tl. . '. 75. "' - PM 'Y 1- 'i Qin 'Q ,f 1 K we AN ENTIRE city block was destroyed in Philadelphia. Police tried to evict members of the radical group MOVE from their fortified row house by dropping a small bomb on the building. A fire was started by the device and 60 homes were destroyed. AN ENQENTFUL vJlX rig THE EXPLOSION was the first in-flight disaster in 56 manned United States space missions. Chgsta McAuliffe, a teacher from New Hampshire was one of the seven crew members that die . list is nATE J E 1 r 52 cs I 92. ,N 7 :fi , X' 1 I 'V X FIRESIDE CHAT President Reagan and Soviet Leaker Mikhail Gorbachev talk in front of the fire place at the Geneva convention in November. 5 gf 4l1'5'.-R 375 Va If If I' 1A,a fr' '. f '1, ' S ' x ' :. . 1, " V- A-.-, ,mi 5. ,fl Y Q '-'-1 ' 153a:. T55 , 1 gi' V. ifsf' A-5? .za , , 'it Sza4'?1' al l ! gf - 1' ' "uge,,,13s.,3,., 1,f" 4i ,a if , ,. ,.:'.,' 0, ' - , ' -Q "" ifi-ri: 4 ' fi ' f f fl 9-ti D 'V . -f I if" -1' 1' .. li QQ' 7 Neff Que ffm, -.ggq gif 5 i 5 1 ' - S 'W 'nm 5 9' - S: ' r '59 '--. 1 ,i jt ,. ' .:'l1 - Bfd gj I I N' 1 21 I -. -'ff N F' V 5 -- A S -f ff- f i A SERIES OF DEVASTING Earthquakes rumble-d through Mexico Cityin Septemberand the death toll was in the thousands. The first quake measured 8. 1 on the Richter scale, the second registered 7.5. N , ..-Aix PALESTINIAN TERRORISTS hijacked the Italian Cruise lines Achille Lauro. One American was killed. After the ship was released the Egyptian government agreed to return the hijackers to the PLO. However, the hyackers were intercepted by American jets as they were flown out of Egypt and returned to Italy to stand trial. A DELTA AIRLINES CRASHED near Dallas in August, killing 137 people. 34 people sunrived the crash but 5 died of injuries later. The plane encountered a severe wind sheer as it plunged to the ground. Mix I xxx 'sf J 45 Z 4- .'- ' ' ' 1.-V4.7 ' P M? ii'Y'?3,1fi'F as .YES Q X wg . 3 il' 'J 1 1-r Qs gx I ........1 .J S P Q R T .VJ V N-my K ' 11-4lli' .GFr1 -N : ' 7 4' 7 ' . an GI'- 5 niirr PM , .oRREY I' ' sassy. f KY. 4. " :ZA .. I .'Qf if ll 1 :fi ' ' '. -.. W.: CONGRATULATIONS. Michelle Greer congralulales Nicole Nugenf afler finishing her race. Nicole, The Iop runner on The learn, finished 2nd place in league finals and in the CIF. championships. Michelle was The second besl runner on Ihe girls' varsity Team as a sophomore. swf' I X 'an WITH STYLE. Soph- omore, Hans Mol- ler followed by Ignacio Barrera. junior, finish up I lheir race ai Poway. They were the fourih and fifih runners STICKING IT OUT. Jeff Cook endures a firing race againsf Poway. As a freshmen, he made OD The TGOVTT WTOST Of The YSOY- varsity of The end of The year In order To parlicipaie in league finals and C.l.F. prelirns. Wi FINISHING UP , GR UNT? A new ,A,.1 question addressed to X-country team members almost every day is, "Why do you run?" X-country is a physicaliy demanding sport, whlch requires running endless miles on aching legs and throbbing feet. However, P Evliivv l W ATS C NIE the rewards of running outweigh the difficul- ties. Otherwise the forty team members wouldnt continue to put their effort and energy into their performances. The runners seem attracted to the mental and physical challenges and the satisfaction gained through participating in the sport. For those runners who wished to get a head-start on the season, the team began unstructured group runs at the beach and Son Dieguito Park during the summer. A few members ran ln local 10 K's and DQ marathons for fun. To see the improvement made over the summer, the team competed ln a meet with Mira Mesa at the Del Mar beach earty in September, Top glrl finishers in the race were Nicole Nugent, Angela Hastings and Michele Greer, ln the Varsity boys' race. Jody Lim finished first ofthe team. and in the JV boys' race, Agustin Ramirez was the top team finisher. Regular practices commenced with the beginning of school ln September, During a namwol week the team would run one long distance T4-9 milesl. one or two speed womouts, one hilly run like the famed "Puke Hill" behind the school, and one easy day-before meet-workout. The greatest mileage completed during one week was 55 mi. by Bob Rich. On Fridays the team competed with other league teams, Mt, Carmel, Poway, Vlsta, San Diegulto, Fallbrook and Orange Glen. The team also enjoyed competing ln large invltationals. The boys' teams traveled to Las Vegas to compete ln one Invitational. Says sophomore team member Justin Byme, "lt was a lot of fun CHECKING TlMES. Coach Jim Temples times his team members at the Orange Glen meet with his new print out stop watch. when we cruised the strip, but the actual running wasnt as great. Medal winners at the Dana Hills Invitational lnciuded Nicole Nugent. Jody Lim, and Agustin Ramirez. Lance Lee, Hans Moller. and Nicole Nugent were also top team pertormers at the Mt. Carmel league meet. At the end of the season, Nicole Nugent, Michelle Greer. Angela Hastings, and Loretta Lee brought their team to a fourth place Hnish against six other school league teams at Guajome Park in Vista. Both the bays' and glrls' teams scored strongly at the C.l,F. prelims. Nicole Nugent, Michelle Greer, Jody Lim, and Chris Davis went on Temples has been coaching cross country and track for tt years. The team clearty has some excitement to look tonivard to next year. Of the forty members, only four will be graduating this year. All of the top competitlors will still be ai Torrey Pines, looking forward to numerous new runners to reinforce their team. - Angela Hastings to C.l.F. finals at Morley Field. in that final race, Nugent earned a medal and a place for herself among the top runners ofthe county with her 2nd place finish. ., rr:-H . 11-,-, K '1-J5':-,sn-:..f --f.4.1...... "5 GAME PLAN. Coach Rik Haines walks through the game plays with the team at half lime. Haines was the new head football coach last year. PUNTING THE BALL. Brett Walsh kicks while Steve May holds in a home game against San Dieguito. no uf of-f D y K lx- 'x X iifl i f 'ng Q ,r . n I fq. i an V NARROW ESCAPE. Mark Thomas evaaes Patriot defender in an away game against Orange Glen, W VARSITY FOOTBALL 55 , vc 'gh mx . 1 A V ,, ,rr ' lv-..-gl! . -- k s . -3 - iz- L- ' . -Ev If " sd- f- -El ..s. '41, if 3,11 4 - ma-4,5 ' . i :i,nt..,... 3' KSQQIQ, vQ,.fI.:.,K-:'e5':y.a,.r .gli-, UQ' Q. jp.mj,1.Q1.wlt?.,:.fs-I. I V155 704. H"'1'v-L4""9-'74 is' if-f f 4- f'v:1,-'aft-'- "'ir' ." ffmfi Vial ' i'F"':'f I-X" .1 " -'1 "H-1 wif- ..g!' I5?f?'iff?'- ' '-. . . 7 .74 fi' fjij-9 'L A f' ' af W '. ' ,A - '3' JiZi'i,,, - Q,1fnL fl' " 'fir I, v af, I I I I I I-IEW -, - I- -. ' . 1 :lf ,Alb ,J f .1 "Q . ' -L, -,S , -- .. A 1 Elf M V ' 1 A , X-EU ' I. , ,. if rx. V, kqli tg ls: .- Hui . .' ,i 5 1 4 3 q-. . xi ' . X 1' ' N' ' W i n is J. .Y,. Iififzu .. ..- I f y . ' ' ' '- I I 'f FE i Q ,- .1 zfi H .h If A, -- 1, Jig, I '15 1 .. ' ,-, -1 . - - I" 2: '- V .. O 1 -I V' K I I I1 D 1. , I -NA .I I . . .A or Vx - I -was-2 I Ev inf W "3 ' L ,-L K I l "g1 v.T I. 1 Y, I :W I qv - ' 4.9.3 . jf! ! V' x -w 92, srl' 3 Q 4-N r ' 41' Z 58 1 T "84' wL?t . a ' '07 C 'ax T .. sr f 'I N 1 ff A ' xl N' V N A K x L ' 5 'pi J 13 fl ' 2 ' 3 1. . 4 XF if i J 3- M F 104, uv rg, .,,- 5 U JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM Fronl raw. Mom Oslerlnk. Jeff Leider, Mart Livingslon, Larry Slelnberg, Chuck Cirull. Randolph Rheli, R f . ' Rl1P IIB K bMG'fl.JhG' ld3d yanCIau.on Yndraw Josh Roberls, Lance Delay, Josh Riley. Dave Bames, ic owe , ob ennedy. Bo c fl o n nms a r row. Trevor Bowen, Wiillam Rheli, Sieve Relners, Chris Coleman, Brandon Borgla, Wes Barlow. Mike Blackman Back row' Dave Paz, M011 Bohlken. Chris Nelson, Tyler Balson, Ryan Zalser, Tom Brabyn. Roger Carlson --I ur 130"'1:g-- ' ' A' . 1 LOOKING Fon A sPAcE. h g," X w,' Mali Livingston looks for a in 7 free teammate io Ihrow to ' In a home game al San Diegdilo againsi Poway. all was The Ieam's quarlerback for The firsi six ' ' games uniil he suffered an fi Injury lo his Thumb. I gf- AJ 1 sa . ,. hz, . ,- V. Minn. Af ,x ,1?'T'-Y- SUCCESS FULL SEASON 1 'Ae :'-7Qfmre1-i-iff . ,,-ua STRUGGLE FOR CONTROL. Running back Bob Kennedy fights off a Visio defender in order To maintain balance. Bob was The Ie-am's leading scorer. l 'Q , E ,fl Nm l efsit, .. 'VL f 3 PEP TALK. Coach Craig Scoggins exgolains new game IN X E I E CONQUEFTED approach to his exhausted team at half time. BREAKING AWAY from his enemies. Jeff Radcliff breaks away from the crowd and charges down the field for yet another touchdown. Jeff was the team's top scorer. 'y E W M RusHlNe THE PASSER. Marr sion aggressively attacks the opponent, Fifi FROSH FOOTBALL. Front Row: Shan Wolford, John Finley, Teddy Phelps, Neil Matez, Dan Harritt, Brian Smith, Chris Ciruli, Peter De Francesca, Tim Scheftler 2nd Row: Trent Seltzer, Matt Starr, Rob Ross. Jon Pollock, Kevin Gigler, Darin Bosch, Dylan Stillwell. John Lynch, Mike Cassiano. Kevin Taggart 3rd Row: Jeff Radcliffe, Vincent Toms, Mike Teischer, Jon Ord, Jason Rogers. Brad Woltsen, John McGuire, Matt Nutley Back Row: Coach Dexter Winn, Coach Ted Mahoney, Eric Dodson, Lee Delay, Chris Tarr, ggsse Martinez, Chris Schuh, Pete Essig. Shannon Webb, Scott Wilkes, Coach Craig OQQIUS , 1 A caching freshman football is a tremendous job considering that most of the athletes participating on the team are brand new players who L L have never been exposed to the numerous concepts of football and the tteam" aspect of play. Coach Craig Scoggins took things one , . step at a time and introduced four basic goals to his team. f "Basically, the goals we have set up for the team are to leam the he T fundamentals, to help them feel good about themselves by building self-esteem, to give one-hundred percent, and to have a good time while they're out there," said Scoggins. 'These are the four things we like." Coming together as a team was the biggest problem for the group. Thirty-four people had to become one, and it took awhile for them to leam this aspect. Without much experience they didnt know how to go at it. "But the kids never give up," commented Scoggins. Whey give one-hundred percent and that's all anyone can ask. We have a really good group of outstanding athletes." - Lora Stowe n field hockey, "dead-sticking" is when the ball is brought to a dead stop and controlled before passing off or shooting. Given their bumpy field, the girls had to work especially hard on this aspect of the game. Hard work really paid off for them this year as they not only overcame the disadvantage of the playing field, but were also able to maintain the position of number one team in the Palomar League, an honor never before attained by any of the school's previous hockey teams. The main force behind the team's climb to success was twenty-one year hockey veteran and varsity coach, Ellie Minor. She started from scratch, coach- ing a group of girls who had limited ex- perience, skill, and understanding of the game, and through hard work, encouragement, and determination, tumed them into a winning team. Overall, the team's strength was in its quickness. "This has been the fastest team I have ever coached," said Minor. The highest scorer on the team was three year player Sara Olsen. Other players on the forward line who performed well were returninrg varsity players Lora Stowe, Jaime Ha er, and Cassie Doerfling, along with Karen Bjonorowski, Morgan McGrath, Laura Miller, Vanessa Mongeon, and Pam Paymard, who were newcomers to the varsity team. The defense was extremely strong. Outstanding defenders were junior goalie Jamie Ramirez, and seniors, athy Sullivan and Amy Sanford. Also to be commended for aggressive and effective play are Melissa Lindley, Jyoti Aeya, Kristina Kueltzo. and Melissa Evans. Although the winning Jnerformances of the varsity team prove to be a tough act to follow, the junior varsity squad showed tremendous effort and im- provement. Coached by Debbie Weyandt, the team consisting largely of brand new hocke1y players picked up several victories. " hey are picking the grams up quickly," said Weyandt. t here is improvement with every game because we have a great deal of enthusiasm on the team. The girls are always working hard, and they ask a lot of questions. hey're eager to team." One of the main things the girls needed to work on was more aggressive play, according to Weyandt, but overall they had a successful season. - Lora Stowe v'., EVV TYLE NDS N IRST EAGUE HAIVIP . lp A 1. ' .1 1 1 1 fin NN-f wt s ll s xcxu lm,-1.tB"i'f f '34 -. . P-,"lV'fQ.a,'. '-7 fu " " r, f,- , .kgs-A-', l . Q .ff '- i -.Li .-- g . f Wie. L .B Q Q qgj ' - .5 , - ' - 1' ' 4. rylqfm' lg., 'palm kumar. t K' .' ' I yt t ff., M..-3 rr ' .rn ... t' , ' flffffirwfl 1 N ,Q A' 1 Q In , ' s,' J-51' 1 gl A-. 4 ' ' 2' ww. AG: . . x X 1 K ly M - 6' " ' ' '. -.W ,Q , . Q I , . tv r ?' Pl Jw 'hi a.g.4Y ,.r,,g,,g bmi' t , Q: ,qt I I V' tx. ' t.. l A .s A Q 'fl""""+a--t- . in-i ag... ggs-with. ., hm , . u -' ,vt ',,. --nf l - -r "V 4- Y ti ' 'H x Mlyarr W'-A V 5, gt-. ws. , . . A E!-Q "fi: s-Wg.-. v- k by-s'gVs,v's'Q-. xr - 1. ' , " 'K 2, 1' " I 1. '- 'r ' f N' u " x -ff - -we 'rs illl ml:-f t -- if , . .. , .,l W it ""l4f" , M wt "S fs. . , W " . A t ' i ,.M,t,tu'wQ 1 , r "'M,QA " . I LLL ,, Q 5 - .,lgEjfnZjggyffiq...q'f,j-its .Ji-ij, , N, T 5,11 xi, :Ht ,Q V, , I :- A t K- X -.5 M 24, . 4 ,A-1-,l -., IW. W? . g 5l'9'?'iT!ffQl.:+1QP.B7fNi"7t+r.,.,.,s' J--fs. .J f'L-'iiv' 'W 4.. T. . fa-er..-.,, - H ' 4 A ' 58 new Hockey Q II ii 3 x aww X, . ' n , , + f -f'1-'HE me m E I . an s "' M AI f A Q. f' I , -1 ti READY FOR THE BALL. Lu Meier anticipates the ball, as she prepares to pass to herteammates ln the game against Sa n Dleguito. ADY ALCONS TILL IVIONG or a team that was into its third coach in three years, the Volleball program remained remarkably solid. The girls may not have had an over abundance of ex- perience and talent, but they were definitely one of the teams to beat in San Diego County. Jim Harrah was the new man atthe head coaching post. He replaced Dane Selznick, who lasted for most of the 1984 season. Harrah inherited a team that finished second in the county last year. Gone were four key players: Trish Attix, Laure Martin, Jenna Stern, and Lorraine Charmin, but two starters were back, and junior varsity coach Dan Lyman continues to produce talent year after year. Some retumlng artillery were seniors, Jaime Wheat and Michelle Gardner. Wheat is a powerful hitter and improving passer, while Gardner is a superb passer and emerging hitter. "Michelle has really improved her hitting, and she has eamed a front row post," said Harrah. "Jaime has become a good passer, and we need her to play all-around." Another player who made great gains in the summer was senior Sherry Flick. who had a limited role on varsity last year. Harrah employed two setters in a 6-2 alignment. WE? 'Y'E'5'..?',. . HE EST Seniors E.O. Harper and junior Carrie Buell split the duties. Among the front row starters were seniors Jody Hinchey and Lu Meier, both of whom played on varsity last year. New players to the varsity team were juniors Erica Price, Leigh Ann Wedbush, Christine Goodjohn, and Stephanie Robertson. The lone sophomore on the team was Lisa Hampson. . The depth ofthe team impressed Harrah, who felt that the drop-off from the first stringers to the second was slight. epth was a positive factor on the junior varsity team also. Under the direction of Coach Dan Lyman and through the spirit and talent of such players as Ginny Walters, Collen McMillan, Heather Hasselman, Carrie Bonforte, Tristan Sherrod, and the other members of the team, the girls were able to complete their seaon undefeated. put- ting them ln first place in their league. "We had a very successful season," said Lyman. - Lora Stowe 60 WOMENS VOLLEYBALL N 1 I' S , score against Poway. Lisa Hamson, Sheny Flick, and Michelle Gardner look on.- . if .iii -.Nh 2 A s N L ' 2 3' i 'L' L. - , , ms' is - - 4 e NN LN V ,K -gg " 5 7 womens VOLLEYBALL 61 SPIKING THE BALL. Jodi Hinchy spikes The ball fora ,s-if wif 1 IT" ': ..,, Ar M, .. , as " I A 1 .. -. 1 CL .bk- 'fri .---""".- S - X x X, Xu X 1' 1 0 4 , - M STYLISH Junior sicindoui, Tino Trumbull finishes up her bczckhond. Tino was new io school from Arizona. A . 5 , A VARSITY NETTERS AMONG THE in 5.8.4 ELITE . ativan- Q. alent, experience, depth, and a good attitude - what else could the tennis team ask for? More and better courts might be suggested. ith only four courts on campus, getting a full match played before dark was a race against the clock common to o her sports, but somewhat rare in tennis. Also, the four courts they did have were in poor condition. Facilities not withstanding, the team was number one in Palomar Leagjue. This year's squad had standouts in junior Linda Allred, a num er of promising newcomers, and solid depth and experience among the returning players. "We're younger, deeper, and stronger," Coach Ann Meigs said, comparing the 1985 group to last year's runner-up team in the Palomar League. Allred,who reached the Palomar League singles semi-finals last year, was one of the team's top players. The tall left-han er has the ability to play the backcourt or the net. "She has worked very hard overthe last year," Meigs said. "She has become more powerful than ever." Senior Jennifer Demsey also retumed to the team with more strength and ggger than before. "She's imporved 100 percent," Meigs said. t'She's always n very steady and now she's taking more risks. The rig trisks. She's going for me rigrit shots and trying to beat people instead of waiting for them to beat emse ves." So homore Celine Thom son and freshman Lisa Weisman rivaled for regu ar spots in the line-up. " eline was one of the better players on the junior varsity team last year," Meigs said. "Lisa has played a lot of junior tennis and is ranked in the 14's in San Diego County." The varstiy team had been bolstered by two transfers, junior Tina Trumball from Arizona and sophomore Jill Kaiser from Northern Califomia. Sophomore Erin Helm, who teamed with Allred in doubles and went un- defeated last year to receive a first team all-league honor, also returned forthe varsity team. Helm and seniorJennifer Elliot were outstanding in doubles on the team. Junior Kelly Peters and senior Cecilia Kieffers ma e up another ex- perienced doubles team. Also on the team were Katherine Newcombe, junior Kisha McKenney and seniors Allison Hensey and Lisa Marinic, and Shelby Williams. "We have older girls to provide leadership and some talented young ones," Meigs said. "A lot of our girls have made a real commitment." Commitment was also very much a part of the junior varsity team, Coach Dianne Elliott had one main goal in mind for her squad this year, and that was to develop them into varsity level competitors. Not only did the girls put forth commendable effort in working to improve and develop their game, but they added a great deal of encouragement and suEpport. 'They were really able to work toge er as a strong, cohesive unit," said lliot. "They were all real fighters and great kids." - Lora Stowe VARSITY TENNIS TEAM. Front row: Jill Kaeser, Katherine Newcomb, Lisa Weisman, Shelby Williams 2nd row: Jennifer Elliott, Ceclia Keefer, Kelly Peters, Tina Trumbull, Judy Schwiebert Back row: Kecia McKenny, Allison' Hensey. Celine Thompson, Linda Allred, Anne Meigs, Erin Helm, Lisa Marincic POWER SERVE. Senior Jennifer Demsey puts all of her effort into a powerful serve. KICKING BACK WITH COACH. J.V. players Kristen Holmquist, Christa Johnson, and Alet Oury relax with Coach Diane Elliott on a game day. llllQlilllEllEi iilElijr3'lG DEDICATION I IMPROVEMENT 64 WOMENS BASKETBALL, VARSITY BASKETBALL: Front row: Kristen Meister, Carrie Bonforte. Second row: Sherri Strate, Ann Livingston. Lisa l-lamson. Back row: Julie Coppens. Dawn Ringhand,' Kara Schmedding, Coach Stacey Warburton. t the end of their season the varsity girts' basketball team was measuring success not by their record, but by their level ol Improvement. Having two strikes against them from the beginning, the girls had a great deal to overcome. Forstarters, the girls didnt even know who theircoach was going to be until atmost the start ofthe season due to the transfer of the former girls' coach, Ed Burke, to San Dieguito High School. 'We drdn't even know who our coach was going to be until mid-November, and we started playing in toumaments and games in December," said junior starter Kara Schmedding, 1 This lack ot preparation time proved to be a major disadvantage tor the girls who in the past have participated in summer league games before even stoning In Palomar League games. A second disadvantage the team faced was lack of experience among the players. "Out ot nine players on the team. most were under-classmenf' said coach Stacey Warburton. Despite the disadvantages, the girls were able to show great dedication and improvement. V "In the short time they had to team the skills. they improved tremendously," said Warburton. 3 The general attitude throughout the team was one of determination. 7 The varsity squad had very close scores in the second round of league play, although they secured their only win against El Camino with the score ofdo to 41. i "They played really well. and they were excrted that they won," said Warburton. "When you lose that many games. it's hard to know what it takes to win." she concluded. I Although the team laced a tough season, none ofthe girls voiced a word ol complaint. Every single girl on the team worked together with the others as a unit. l l Team standouts were: runrors. post. Kara Schmedding, forwards, Sherri Strate. and Julie Coppens, and sophomore point guard, Carrie Bontorte. . l At the end ol the season Schmeddtng and Bonlorte each received a special honorable mention lor being outstanding players in the Palomar League. r The Junior varsity squad also had a strong season in temts ol dedication. Like the varsity team. they were only able to win one game, in which they proved to be l victorious over San Dreguito, Their other games were very close. "I am very excited about the future ot both teams." said Warburton. "We have so much natural talent that when the girls are seniors. they will be hard to - Lora Stowe , Kerry Grochowiak X s, I Et .. 1 'iw PREPARING TO PASS. Julie Coppens looks for 0 tecm- mcte to direct her pass to. OPPONENT Stephanie ci basket. 'Q 1 lg, -4 . Y Q '1 " f . "tv I . -. . 4 , ' 'Q 'EH A ' A f ' gy g rw 7. W 3 xi " ri" 5 s 1 S - 1 l '?'1:,'- ' 1 .1 ','2 ' I ki, 7:92 , ,M x - , ifx 274 .K , ie X V.. ti S, J , ,Q Wt . . - - 5g 5' , V5 , , K .', .t Q, , 'rX,4l + ,u 4 -5 g i M. t- f U ' '. . - Y 3 Q V 4 .,,7.1Q b f LF A fx. A-xx, -'P i' If . iffsifw ' I4 Lv, V, ' 'i,i: --. Xin-.. :f -tp --a...L.L-, .. 3' X , "A'i Ar---I- I --api.. LL.- - 'h -hh-L-1 7: ' 1 is--Amt -vi 3 pl ' Af ' Y I9 4, ' w gg. Q 3 1. . W , rs 4,4 rg , - 3 '45-1,- 3' 1, ikiii i hw J'-WEGA 53-3'F"'1n.Y'Z1,?SilQ' ?",J!Iv ff, ON THE OFFENSE. Kerlh Friel shields The afiack of a Mariner opponenl as he drlbbles down The courl. f T2 li he 1985-86 season marked The arrival of coach John Farrell and The founding of The "Falcon express" Theme for which The schools baskeTball program will become famous. UTilizing a "youTh" movemenT which had only Two seniors on This years rosTer, The young squad came up barely shorT on numerous occasions early in The season while X giving Their more esTablished opponenfs all ThaT They wanTed. As The season progressed, The Team "came of age" and became a more cohesive unii as was wiTnessed wiTh vicTories over PoinT Loma, ChulaVisTa, Fallbrook, San DieguiTo, and Orange Glen. Honors were given To leading scorer ScoT Thompson as he scored M7 poinTs and became a 1sT Team "all Palomar" conference pick. Senior Jeff STeffen was "All ToumamenT" in The SanTana High ChrisTmas classic and voTed 'second Team all Palomar League." Ofher players To receive honors were Jeff Waldal and Mike Radcliffe who were boTh named "Honorable lVlenTion" all Palomar League. VarisTy Team awards wenT To: Jeff Waldal fmosT valuable playerl, SooT Thompson loulsTanding AThleTeJ, Jeff Sleffen fchaimwan of The boardsl, STeven Crawford fmosT inspiralionalj, and Mike Radcliffe looaches husTle awardl The Team's overall record was T10-151. In Palomar Conference, The record was T11-81. They finished in fourth place overall. Shaddowing The varsiTy Team were The junior varsiTy and frosh Teams who did exceedingly well ThroughouT The season, chalking up a oTh place and a lsT place respecTively as an overall record. Coached by Ken Bauman and assisTed by Paul Silber, The iuniorvarisTy earned a T10-103 sfanding overall, and T3-91 in Palomar conference. The frosh Team had a very aiooecsful season coached by Vwlliam Radcliffe. They had an overall record of T19-21, and in oonferenoe They recorded ill-ll. - John Farrell .G t, Lora Stowe ,Ag g ' ' . . .T .. Y I 1 T " f ."l 3 Q . P' ...4,.- . L ' 4, 3 iff.. ' 'V M. . sr..- ' 'J I fm. ,lp- f iff sr A Raffsgf Es ,.... 5? if T61-'mi-N Mi. . fs. VARSITY BASKETBALL: Front row: Coaches - Brown, Bauman, Farrell, Daumanian. Back row: Kerlh Friel, Scott Carson, Jeff Waldal, Steve Crawford, Mike Radcliffe, Scot Thompson, Karl Berger, Jeff Steffen, John Campana, Dave Wadman, Bobby Kennedy. Not pictured: Todd Kelly JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL: Front row: Lawrence Steinberg, Sidney Shamsky. Craig Zarro, Michael Strangman, Greg Edwards. Kevin Friel. Back row: Paul Silber, Steven Page, James Dunne, Tyler Batson, Coach Bauman, Thomas Bralyn, Mark Wright, Brian P. Lange, Trevor Bowen, Cindy Liska. I .sf- , 54 -av ,.,,.,,, NC FRQSH BASKETBALL: Front row: Pete Essig, Jonathon Ord, Jeff Jun e, Dan Hamlf, Troy Parish, Jason Wurl, John Lynch. Back row: Kevin Tag ag Richie Graves, Courtie Miller, Kevin Flanagan, Bruoe Davidson, Jef? Radcliffe, Chris Swortwood, Coach Radcliffe. Mens BASKHBALL' 61 DRIBBLING DOWNFIELD - Speedy SmmmonFQemnadownmemdQme Toward The goal in a league opener agaHwTOce ' . amslde A, ' ,vk .. . , 4 -I .,. fu, , ,.,, Mg 1 1 , 1- , 54 W 4 Q23 1 ' .W Q 'f Q ff .-A , ,, , 3 'FQ ,f-sa fa , 'WI 1, N :-'.wxQi.V L , ,f 2 Wu NW' 'I 1 """"'3f9'hn.:e Q f ' ' 1 1-.dw.,,, ,....J1.N.1!1f" -. .FI Ay 114 '."f fvS-'42 , .g l .r V , K 'L' a is 3 ws: M ami V ,fb f .fat x mr ' .NY ln fnlzimwlf wwf Qgwuxr v-w 4 2,313 'fx ,A L s- A mr ' 4- ,gl ,W . -.. 1, +- y:.,s ' - f :4 ,giffi f is 'g , X X-: if lx x ls Ab ,Q A 7 ill' I Q ss X f W, fm-f, OF i fl I l i 1 lffffig f, LI GIRLS VARSITY SOCCER: FRONT ROW: Shannon Freeland, Clare Bergin, Erin Holman, Jennifer Dingwall, Jodi Coffman, Michelle Eginglon, and Nanci Harl. BACK ROW: Shelli Kerby, Carrie Bue I, Lynne De Francesca, Coach Bryan Thomson, Kara Lynch, Kalhleen Cassidy. Kim Rible, Mary Coordl, Cici Vinl, Lauren Clow, and Mandy Benedicl. 'K r 1 J ATTACKING THE OPPONENT - Senior Michelle Eginlon lackles Panlher opponenl, Robin Carulhers. Eginlon played wilh lorn ligamenls in her lefl knee all season. he girls' varsily soccer leam had clinched every C.I.F. championship lille in C.l.F. hislory. Wilh an impressive record like lhal, no one knew lhe meaning of lhe word pressure beller lhan lhey did. The major difference in lhe '86 season was lhe girls' failure lo recaplure lhis lille. As coach Bryan Thompson slaled early in lhe season, "Even if we don'l win lhe C.l.F. championship, we will slill be one of lhe loughesl leams in lhe Ieague." And one of lhe loughesl leams in lhe league lhey were. The leams hardesl and mosl exciling win was a 2-'I vlclory over Poway. 'The olher leams are really lough lhis year," said senior Michelle Eginlon. "The compell- lion is gelling harderand harder." Allhough lhe leam failed lo caplure anolher C.l.F. lille, lhey were definilely one of lhe leams lo beal. They received lhird place in Palomar League, wilh an overall record of 7 wins, 3 lies, and 2 losses. Along wilh playing 12 league games, lhe girls also parlicipaled in lwo loumamenls. They played in lhe San Pasqual lournamenl and lhe Soulhwesl lourna- menl which involved over 10 schools from all over Norlh Counly. From lhe Soulnwesl lournamenl lhey look home firsl place honors. Overall lhe leam was slrong, compelillye, and well-balanced, "wilh no one person doing all lhe work," said Thompson, Slandouls on lhe leam included Michelle Eginslon, Clare Bergin, Shannon Freeland, Kalhleen Cassidy, Lynne DeFrancesca, Erin I-lolman, Ceci Vinl, and Mandy Benedicl. "We may nol have lhe absolule slars we've had in lhe pasl, bul I don'l see any glaring weaknesses," Thompson said. "We are a lough leam lo Deal," While lhe varsily leam was slruggling lo mainlain lheir presligious posilion in lhe Palomar League, lhe leam was of ils well AR! 11-ry L ez-ffrff-tr: ,L-" 'L g r.. Q X . 1 ' Q V Q f -'L 'Q' ' M3 ikl EVADING A TACKLE - Trent Lunceford breaks! away from a defending Chula Vista opponent in 5 order To lake a shol on goal. N 71' ffl Q3 b f ' ix F L X- A f ff 'lwlu all "ll'17 FV .. ll 5-lr L f ' "' A L 1-1 pr 1 F.rfr..,5i:r, W VV w l L N4 PM-I vxv ,. j Ml . ' a VI' Q I 'rl tml .,f, "4 ma. p-, X A 1 ,px I 'C N A 5 ,J 1 X wi. . 1 40,7 X ill: A X Lx 's , U, CLEARING 'll-IE BALL from the goal moulh, Steve Leonard heads the ball to safely ln a league game against San Marcos. Steve was chosen as one of The leam's mos? valuable player. W 'L ,lflidr 1 ,,L,,ws.,, K Wwe J MQW? A aim.- uf w.. 'Ask' .1 55, :Ji -.4 4 in MDWWS ' JW LQ Q was .in ' " H WIFE' 0'1- ll q Loo lil lv e T T ' swf V"A,, 11 rl lx T' T . T. A . - T . eing on Top of The There were Two years of would have done well posT- is - -Q Palomar League This C.l.F. playoff Tradiiion be- season and possibly won iT Q ' N year came as some- hind Them, and IasTly, They all." --sf . Thing of a surprise To had a sfrong kicker on The Player Jon Sommercamp 3' VarsiTy coach Glen Team, TrenT Lunceford. expressed similar views. "We T, T Torrence. Afler losing Named ouTsTanding expecTed land were expecfedj T. T Twelve seniors lasT oThleTe of The Team, and TogoToC.l.F. playoffs. We won --- ee-e year, no one would selecTed as a firsT Team All our firsT ll games, buT we losT BOVG QUGSSGCT The YOUng Team Palomar League player, Three players, and afler ThaT would be number one nearing mid-season. LeasT of all Torrence. BuT They possessed one of The besT records in The league. Before Their game againsi Fullbrook, They had given up only Three goals ln nine games, noT bad fora Team of sophomores, juniors, and only Two sTarling seniors. Torrence said There were a loT of reasons why his Team was able To do so well This year. FirsT, They had a solid sTarling goalie. Second, RELATING THE PLAYS. Glen Torrence ex- TrenT has been kicking soccer balls since he was in kindergarTen. "He may be one of The besT aThleTes l've puT ouT of here in soccer," Coach Torrence said. l'He could be All C.l.F." OTher sTandouTs on The Team were 'Coca-cola lVl.V.P." STeve Leonard, 'lU.S. Army lvl.V.P." Glen BaiTy, and 'lTeam lVl.V.P." Eric Gigler. Andy Salk was named "OuTsTanding Forward," and along wiTh STeve Leonard was chosen as a second Team All Palomar League player. The ouTsTanding mid-fielder on The Team was junior, Gordon Thompson. The Team performed ex- ceedingly well up unTil mid- season when They losT Three key players To injury and scholasTic eligibiliTy. Due To This loss of players, iT was im- possible for Them To mainTain Their flawless record. "Our sianding in The Palomar League was noT in- dicafive of The Team we had," said player Andy Salk. "Had we noT losT Glen BuTler, Greg Lehman, or Chris Davis, we mosT likely we jusl sTarTed losing games." lVlosT of The players felT ThaT despiie The disadvanTage of losing Three members of The Team They could have done belTer. "I don'T Think we played up To our poTenTial," said Bill Hayes. 'We're looking forward To a beTTer season nexT year." Although The Team losT valuable players and was un- able To reach The C.l.F. playoffs, They were able for The firsT Time To reach The playoffs in The presiigious i'La Jolla ln- viTaTional" during ChrisTmas where The Top Teams in The counTy compeTe. The boys Took home second place honors To show for Their ouTsTanding efforT. Overall They had a very successful season wiTh a record of T11-5-51 and a league record of T3-A-51. They Turned ouT a fifih place show- ing in Palomar League. "Our lack of depfh hurl us," said Torrence. "buT we're look- ing forward To a greaT nexi year." The junior-varsify Team was also very successful This year. Coached by Enrique Fer- nandez, They placed second in The Poway TournamenT aT The beginning of The year sTarl- .1-' THIGH TRAP - Jon Sommercamp brings The ball under connfrol wiTh Teamma e Bill Hayes supporting, ing off a pre-season winning sTreak. "We played really well in all of our pre-season games," said goalie Joel EnTreken. l'We blew everyone away. Then when we goT To our league games we were bumi ouT. CapTains of The Team were Kevin Russell and Andy Newby. The leading scorer was Lawrence lVlarTi. Goalies includ- ing Jason WrlghT, Phil Napoli, and Joel EnTreken. Special Thanks To all The parenTs for Their conTinued supporl. -Lora Stowe plains a play To his Team during halftime. T tl. -1. sf 'T ' N sm., " f 'ff M- . ' .fha " "T , X 4 .mf 1 1 . ' . . ' 1 1 h ,M , ., .illl 1 ATTACKING THE HURDLES. Leading her race, senior Jaime Harker breezes overa hurdle in a mad dash for The finish in a shuTTIe hurdle relay aT Morse High School. Harker was one of The Top hurdlers in The Palomar League afTer only Two years of compeTing in The event. nlike baskefball or fooTball, where you can "gang up" on The opposing sTar and concenTraTe on limiTing a performance, in Track abouT all you can do is concede in some evenTs and hope To dominaie The oThers. UnforTunaTely, ThaT was The formula ThaT many opposing Track Teams used To defeai ours ThroughouT The season This year. The Track Team sTruggIed in dual meeTs all season, buT individual aThleTes conTinued To shine, Tuming ouT seemingly efforiless performances. The boys VarsiTy Team was led by juniors Jody Lim and MaTT Lehmann in The 800, 1600, and 3200. The sprinT and relay crew conslsTed of seniors Tom Roe, KurT Hillmann, Eric DiTmars, junior Dave Dogue, and sophomore Mike Doheny. Compeiing in The pole vauIT were senior Doug Keel, junior Glen Builer, and sophomore Dave Topolovao. Senior Wolfgang Horner and juniors Burke SmiTh, Greg Schulman, and Chas Doerrer Threw shoT and dis- cus and senior George orimer and sophomore Jim Harker held down The hurdles. In The jumping evenfs There were George Larimer, Dave Topolovac, Dave Douge, and sophomore Glen Baiiy. he girls' Varsiiy Team was bolsTered by several ouTsTanding aThleTes in- cluding senior Denise Upsher in The 800 and 400, The high jump, long jump, Triple jump, hurdles, and 200, and seniorJamie Harker in The sprinTs, hurdles and ll-40 relay. Also in The sprinTs and hurdles were Jennifer Liu, Cory WesTby, Mandy Benedici, and Joyce Chiang. Helping ouT in The disfance races were Michelle Greer, Susan McGraTh, and BriT Hamson. Dawn Ringhand added depTh To The high jump, and in The Triple jump, Laura Haeckel was able To add depTh. T e shoT puT and discus were covered by Dawn Ringhand, Tracy Lowery, Laure Haeckel, and Leisa Smifh. Though They were a small Team, They showed Tremendous improvemenT and poTenTial for The years To come. Commenied jump .coach Linda Roscoe, 'IWe need more numbers To insure a beTTer record, buT we have no faciliTies To aTTracT The kids," Freshman ScoTT Wilkes shared similar views. 'IWe're a good Team," he said. "The only Thing ThaT slows us down is ThaT we don'T have our own sfadium - we have To go To San DieguiTo." All of The Team's home meeTs were held aT San DieguiTo. AT pracTice, The Team ran sprinTs on The foofball pracTice field and laps around a narrow field ThaT measures around 330 yards. Long jump Training consisfed of leap- inifrom a wooden box inTo a poriable high jump piT. isTance coach Roberl LuciTana felT ThaT alThough The lack of faciliTies mighi be a reason is The apaTheTic sTaTe of The sTudenT body. "A IoT of poTen- Tial aThleTes don'T even come ouT for The Team," he said. "AT This school, The sTudenTs would rafher be aT The beach surfing. SporTs should be a big pari of high school, buT here, mosT of The kids jusT don'T seem To care." Size was The major disadvanfage on The Team. There were aualiiy aThleTes To earn many firsT place showings, buT There wasn'T enough depTh To geT The esseniial second and Third places ThaT would have been a Tremendous assef To The Team record. ' 'We did'iT have cn impressive record This year, buT you have To keep in mind Thai wedeayoLngTeam-mosTIyfrechmenandsophomores,andweareinThe Toughmi league in The ooLnTy," said sprinf ooaoh Jim Temples. 'Forihe mosT parT, I Thinkihefeamhadaverygoodaiiiludelheseasonwasalealningexperienoefor us all. The kids leaned To overcome doubf and believe in Themselves." - Lora Stowe Bun Blackwell 72 TRACK .' F255 V 'X ,L , H wa U '91-"W" :Iv I " T'-F ." ' ' .I . 'A . T -'li I 'if rv .xilw . .. 1 ax? ' ' VI , " - .T L if 'lj , ef -- ' Inf fx, T X af Ji x I T '75 I - LZ- XI' 5 gd. TRACK COACHES FronT row - Head Coachlhurdles, BurT Black- well, AssisTanT Coach, Craig Balsley, shoT puildiscus Coach Dex Winn Back row - DisTance Coach RoberT Lusifana, Jump Coach, Linda Roscoe, Sprinflrelay Coach Jim Temples U ,.-, , I 4: Mg, iff' ' .1 ' V if , ' I, l ' ,W-.:'-. , , 'i-' " I S I b. ' ri - li TT' T' Tl I V5 I . ' . 91 .I if U if I T , a I - W + T I ru ill ua-'Wx T I I T 1 .51 -f .. 1 -- - . I - 'T'-T - "" ' .WTI-:za-.. . A , A , ,s14Ey'5' ' T X.. -1 V X' ' 1 . V , T?sjQ'4"':',f .J ' Q 1 X I , Q ,I F, .L Q.:-1 , -4 lv l ' I 5 ,' 2345? X . I V, :rm 1 T sei- , S- , I ', '- i 'gs 3 T J mg' 'T im IU' K X ' 1 " ' 'fl L'n-,wtf .s ,, .. . VARSITY BOYS' TRACK FronT row - Marshall Ross, Dave Topolovao, Eric Bizzigoifi, Mark Hauber, Roberl George, Burke Smifh 2nd row - Ignacio Barrera, Mick Geiskes, Gleen Baliy, Eric Dlimars, Jody Lim, MaTT Lehmann Back row -Jim Harker, Dave Dogue, Mike Doherly, Glenn Bufler, Bob Rich, Wolfgang HOITTST' T T rim. . -'GMM . ' ' , X In x 'N i 7. S , V1 ' 'W ' I SAT , ' W: .TQTQTTAL - . . 'lil' I ' JUNIOR VARSITY BOYS' TRACK FronT row - John Galason, ScolT McGreagor, Lance Lee, Robbie Graves, Erik Johnson Back row - Jean-Paul Ferguson, Ben Deluca, Ryan Clasen, Chad Holder, Brandon Borgia fi I . 'I . iiiflrus 'Fl 'T ' T " I 3"f,"-.ll ' I 9 F' .f- ' ' , Q "EQ" 1 ". ,TV - f ""'?z"3,,3a' eil' . , 1 . K 1 - ,. jjew-4 fn i .jslkwb tl .,,,..v , - 212,61 . 1, L 'i - 7, A , v f f 3 i?'9' v- 1 I Q pgg-Lf""', , Z H 'T ' lip ' H ,gg I v I , v . I 1 T.. .lg .ii I - , .. FROSH BOYS' TRACK FronT row - Alec Ramsdell, Sfeve Friedman, Jonafhan Schwarlz, Jeff Cook, Noel Johnson Back row - Tylor Lowman, Kevin Taggarf, Chris Tarr, Jeff Radcliff, ScoTT Wilkes Q' .1 V' I " - N"-P 5'v'T1:.,1 -- 7 '39, .Q v SWT ,Lf ,ff 1 n I " f ml ff - 1 ' Z.. X M Ja , K . , . bi k 1' K 42 'fi' J J A. 5 2 3 9- v sv, F -4 'LM -L I am 1 . -. ., I 11 VARSITY GIRLS' TRACK Froni row - Lora Stowe, Jaime Harker. Laura Haeckel, Tracy Lowery, Cecelia Kieffer, Leisa Srnifh Book row - Michelle Greer, Nicole Nugenf, Mandy Benedici, Joyce Chiang, BrlTT Hamson rv, T" fs, ' " 'Jill 3 'I -I ' ,, 1 ':",L, ' If . .,f 'Y 3: f.lf:a,r-' , .-:M its-' .,.T,,,,, , Q . , - sf" '- f ' ' , fi. 1-,rg S 5- : F 'rf -1 ww is ifwiiif 'f gig-11"-J v" ' 1-'L " . - ,. . 1 I I vm' - - 1' ' 'i I ue xg - Af? in Pm' 'L-L' . 'Trip RTW Vg- QI.. , . 1 . Q re L ,-if.. lleen McMillan. Mona LancasTer, Siace Jocoy Back row.: JUNIOR VARSITY GIRLS' TRACK FronT row - Melissa Chan gia Langdon, Jenni Siaffieri, Lisa Lahay, Eollie GauTsch Xa 'S 'Q , x...-,f -aw ., 4,wm:f"' 5:4 11551 ' , Q,-11 Jir- , , .few ' S 2 5 0 2 4. HP f. f , , 54,7 'V ' U' ,, f f K FQ: ftr e f' ,. ' - wi, , Hman . ' :24f,,,.f, - , M ,z f . , .W Wwmwmmqw ,f My ' M 1m,,,1ff,,4,,fgQg,4 -f , , ' 5,4 ,. h ':4Wff"'fAf'mxw , , .. ,. , , ,.,,,M , aw ""'wasusng,, --,W VIHanz,wa,1,.w4m,nmWAwQw 1-- f., sz' .1- 1,sA 0-4,- 'Q A y, OHS ' 1-W. ', f-4IJ"""f1,,pwa?'u'h- 4 "" 13ff5SL'-- nu.-pw . .. - TRACK "WW WW' 'Paws- f -..-.-,,,AN 1' . . ,A 4' U H "il'Iur4 . "WVU I 'M ""' 's"f-- ---A' -0.4, , . . 41 HQ "'J1lw0uur-naruwf' ' ,Y ,,,fv--g- 'Iii Y r R, 'bln .W -...eq-av-rv ,Q SERVING UP The '86 season. Tim Bubnack puts incredible Top spin on a serve againsi Visio. Bubnock was The Teams top player This season following G Team record of 22-O Iasi season. '- IN STRIDE. Jeff Babikian power hits the ball in a practice rally. , ss s f-:ff ie POWERHOUSING a backhand winner, Mark Ellison follows through on a retum shot from Vista opponent Paul Richards. ,-Q1 Z,-' '.i5::':':"y' 5- +--trif"t" if lj --I3-iifii? 11 ' ,T 13 i t "r ,H Qt-::,:Q? Xt: g- ----H' aff: 55' - .- 1- D :AE 5751" F i T '-FSM' ' 9555- ""E'ii-FE? 1. iff C ' . E E E-giirggig ' K? ANTICIPATING THE BALL, Jeff Babikian prepares to nail a backhand across the court to teammate Rick Ryder, 1:1- "C" 171. 11-3 .15Aj' z-rx x n-::r4s..n f" ".:1". .':c-z-. 1 ' 572.5 1. ::.'l:425.'E- "'-1: T.E.l'iT-.?4 3517: "1",'i.... ,:3,5ig,:::g:i::: -f-..:-1-2.13. ...ii '..-xr... ,tai 1551? -3155? E 5252221553 :rv 1' -Ck 5 , aj.-.:: :. ---FT "- e-1 - 14 f-.A 5, 1:-:un Lf 1 1, .4 Z V,-T.-,: .,,:....:..,:,,-:I 5, 'ELL TE..T:J':7f:.:l'flE:L-lif-QT" 4-'77:F'7?:7.T': L"- ."?'?g'f"- K ' in Q21 - 2 r' -,111 A . 1 3 , 1 .W ..,-FW .- .4 .JEFT-1'f'1k T fr. -. . 4. "-M'-2 4 gl' - -.-arse' .111-. '-11 he - lf . I Lffz- 5.1-ffl' ff. "72f 7- "fi v 1. . '- -- 1 tx V-.1 'gf-, 1 J. evo ff' ii if - 11. -gf., 4+-1 , --,lf 'siege ' -f-'-fl - "Q Z-2512 1 '.:: .f- - e : , - f Y- -'ff' - .-. - - f 1 -' oming into The varsity boys' C.l.F. championship rate Tennis program after his first year as head coach of the boys' varsity basketball team, John Farrell brought with him an equally strong coaching philosophy of improving his players' performances by helping them develop their legs and conditioning. arrell know it would be hard for his Team to retain it's C.l.F. crown, which had been snatched from La Jolla after I5 years of domination. The Palomar League was Tough This season due to The Tremen- dous efforts of rival Teams to ltknock-off" the champs. The team consisted of three retuming seniors, in- cluding C.l,F. semi-finalist Tim Bubnack, two sopho- mores, lar-gd three freshmen. Fclrel aoeda argeemphasisontheimportanoeof conditioning. 'Conditioning will be a big part oftrainingf' he said. 'We have a strong league this year, and you have to Tdaelthem one at a time. We wcnt to Take the C.l.F. again. We just hope we can meet The challenge." Among the retuming starters were seniors Bubnack, Jeff Babikian, and Richard Ryder. Sophomores Craig Zarro and Mark Ellison were joined by newcomers to CONDITIONING EQUALS SUCCESS the Team freshmen Dave Rosencrantz, Mike Kestler, and Chris Swortwood. Ellison was one of the Team's top players last year. "We have a lot of depth and talent this season," Farrell said, "more depth Than l've ever seen." With a great deal of depth and talent, Farrell knew he had the makings of another championship team. He credited much of that to former boys' coach and C.l.F. champion girls' coach Ann Meigs. The varsity team was not the only one hoping for a C.l.F. victory. The junior varsity squad was also a strong contender for the crown. Led by standouts junior Eric Altshuler, freshman Adrian Tumbull, junior Lorenzo Zetina, and sopho- more David Raft, the top four players respectively, the team was definitely one tc beat. There were advantages as well as disadvantages to be dealt with during the season. One advantage was that the team was bolstered bythe strength and power generated by the above mentioned top singles players. Also, they were coached by Crawford, a professional tennis player who "knows his business." The unfortunate disadvantages included the apathetic lack of student support and the sadly lacking facilities. All things oonsidered, the athletes were confident in their ability. 'tl think we will win C.l.F. to start a new Torrey Pines said junior player and assistant coach David Nordquest. l'We have so much potential." - Lora Stowe N . -. ' ' V Nesfi' IHHKIT '55, VARSITY BOYS' TENNIS Front row - Mike Kestler 2nd row - Craig Zarro, Tim Bubnack, Jeff Babikian, Mark Ellison Back row - Greg Hydar, Chris Swortwood, Nick Frost, Jonathon Brown, Rick Ryder, Coach John Farrell Liu ikl-'L I .,.. A STRONG BID FOR LEAGUE TITLE he varsity baseball team started off with only one win in eight games with six seniors retuming to the team from the 1985 squad. With last seasons' standings of 14-10 overall and 7-5 in the Palomar League, the team had been eyeing a league championship or C.l.F. tournament bi as the 1986 season began. "inthe beginning, he team's initial inconsistency on the mount was a result of the coaching staff's need to try out the various pitching candidates," coach Darold Nogle said. "We spend the first eight games experimenting with pitching, seeing who could throw strikes and who could get people out," Nogle said. "We narrowed it down from 10 guys. There's no substitute for experience. We spend the first eight games trading around, and breaking up games between pitchers. We showed the effects of not having experience," Third base starter, Steve Casper, reflected the coach's belief that the pitching was on the verge of solidifying. "We've got good pitchers," Casper said. 'They're just young. They need a little con- fidence in themselves." Senior starter, .lon Elwell felt that the possessed the most strength in its hitting ability, "We're geared toward hitting the best pitchers in the league." Elwell said. "l a guy is throwing 85 miles per our, we can hit him as well or better han a guy throwing 75 miles per hour. There's not a pi cher in the league we can't hit." Nogle agreed that his team's ability to put the ball in play with the bat, and force the opponent to cover up on defense, has resulted in run scoring opportunities. "Three strike-outs are the most we've had in one game," Nogle said. We've got guys that consistently make contact with the bal , and we've got some guys who can drive the ball. We're pretty well-rounded offensively." The squad depended on long ball and RBl's from Casper and Elwell, who hovered near .500 throughout the season. Senior shortstop and lead- off batter Steve May, and the following batter, senior second baseman, Craig Mattel, were solid contact hitters who set the bases for the power hitters. Senior centerfielder Will Holliday, who was hitting in the .r100's and junior catcher Gordon Thomson, who was over .300, reinforced the power of Casper and Elwell. Vying for the seventh, eighth and ninth spots in the line-up were junior designated hitterloutfielder Pete Cassiano, senior outfielder Bob Teisher, junior outfielder Tommy Slipper, and junior outfielder and fielding standout Todd Kelly. The retum of senior catcher Bret Kammerer from ineligibility status also bolstered the team's defense behind the plate. With the improvement in pitching and hitting, the team was able to make a strong bid forthe league title. despite the weak beginning. Although Mt. Carmel was the favored team to win the league due to their winning it the past six years, Elweel said the Sun Devils probably wouldn' be as dominant as in the past. "This year there's no one really more powerful than anyone else," he said. "Everybody's realteven. lt's just a matter of whoever wants it the mos . When Casper was asked if he thou ht his team could take the leagwue title, he replies "We've all been playing toget er since we were freshmen. lt's about time we id something." Also playing well this season were the junior varsity and frosh teams coached by Frank Cham- bliss and Craig Scoggins, respectively. - Lora Stowe ,,,.a. i 5 4 . . 1. , 4 Ja N se: 4,7 Q -.. . I N A H- , .- 4 I s - X., po... Gordon Thomson 84 Peter Casslano ' ' " sv . h 1, 1 " .fa-git ,gh Y I " Egq,'L- '. W .U ..'.-.-.ay . I 'I , "M, In Y. :Y TM A . 0 ,.. 1.4151-... ' N V I W... V Ht 'V 1 u. sggm ,Y " N .lf ,Q S ' "'. . "' A K T X ,Am il . H Tab? iii 4 Pl- Q It :I il N 4 A ' -su F-A f , y- , . ' if ' ' 2 ' fi- ggi, ' . 1- - " i Jay Jones Brett Kammerer Steve May ,lon Elwell - 'se' Q. .FW i . 1 ' .W ' ' . f 1 "' '--- ' A .5 P! SJ 3- - - - ' '-" 1 l. ,E A T. i -Q., 4 X N ' W ' Q' 2 ' 5 I ant' ' 4 wtf, 'yn I L 456g A-fl, ,Ai H "I V C: W' L Q 11- - ,Q l , I T ,V Y , - ' T . ' ' , 1 ws--,......,, V ,R , X - 1 ' ' 1 1 .,.' ., ' 1 . ' 1, .J .f . . y - ylllifsirazx 'L jf- f-- -, ' I P - ' - 1 c . fz:L1-f- E 1 .,,. Q . 1 John Wagner 78 srissisiiii Scott Caulkins Craig Mattei Bobby Teisher VARSITY BOYS' BASEBALL Fronl row - John Wagner, Gordon Thomson, Jay Jones, Sean Sebring, Tommy Slipper, Todd Bulich, Craig Mailei, Pele Cassiano Back row - Tim Walker, Sieve May, Will Holliday, Sieve Casper, Brel Kammerer, Todd Kelly, Scofl Carson, Scott Calkins, John Campana, Bob Teisher ,gn Sf V12 5 V 7' A ' f ' if 97 23.1 Q " ' . ,STL X3 A '- , 'Q ,xii ' nfl , y V .A J . r- N122 r , f . ' ly ' 1 ' K .. . . .r A. - . ,- T ,div Q, L ,jf - .L 6, -49 '42 f' 12 ' L A f Us f an l f' v - ,V J KA , ,qv , - Sa 1 X, 1 ul I X I YV t A ,g - ' 1,9 LQ - .f 5 f Q W - JW' ' 1 ,.4, . vw ' 1 fi ff V L . , M -.g - FE -3 Y 1. l ' ' 'fi3"'Xi!-' 5. if u 3 2 'u I1 ' ' if-T.. " XM- -533 5., lg- Pg, E T J! Wig, ' s -:fri Q ' 'i' s.. V W ' , n ' 1 " fr JUNIOR VARSIW BASEBALL TEAM Fronf row - John Grimslad, Dave LeMonds, Mall Livingston, John Wagner, Larry SleinbergNBob McGrifT, Roger Carlson Back row - Coach Frank Chambliss, Tim alker, Bob Kennedy, Jared Kuemmerle, Mike Canady, Brad Downs, Aaron Mirandon, Chris Coleman -2. ','a.': J , 'E'-",,f+"'5."'f.,:Q'-al"'fo"g.7" -T if fs s' ynigi T I. -- V ,S 4 9 , ,fi t "' I, ' 4 j. ,Q , ..,' .- 6 ,fa . 'Q ' at Q .. W' .I 9 f, . ,, ' t K 1 xv xi " I 1' Q , Q15 fr' Trp I - 5" T 1 'gh QA, ,ll fa' J' Q - W ,pa . , v ,. , :i JI F J, y ' ' O' rival?-:xifffi I' . , F1 gf . ,Q ,Q "X vu l 'fl ' ' lf' :N vm' at if 619, ig? ' I ik fl f wth Elf' 445' Q?Q?6?'5 X' wg: IJ If I , ' ww' N P9 9.46a 'bidi W .go.o.o'a I.. 15, H- v s' 'K I' J gk VARSITV GIRLS' SOFTBALL Fronl row - Kristi Gifford, Krisfina Kuelfzo, Tory Loge, lvlisly Ryan, Sandy Shark Back row- Jennifer Walfers, Carrie onfone, Sherri Sfrafe, Slephanie Sullivan, Allison Shannon, Debbie Bullingfon 4- pi .1-33,3 K , A, wh- - f QU., READY FOR THE PITCH, Allison Shannon prepares To hil The ball in a game againsf San Dieguifo, 'fa JUNIOR VARSITY GIRLS' SOFTBALL Front row - Kim Cox. Heidi Johnson, Michelle Walsh, Chrissie Moga, Crissy MDOT? , Raquel Reynaga, Stephanie Case Back row - Alma Rodri- quez, Mona Johnson, Kafrina Silveira, Janelfa Sfrafe, NGIGII9 Phillips, Danielle Amlmann, Tammy Garcia, Coach Nelson ms Y' -'FQ 1 S SOFTBALL t was a fresh start for the softball team in more than a few ways this year. They had a new coach and nearly an entirely new team. Replacing Chet Francisco as varsity coach was former San Dieguito baseball and softball coach, Joe Dottore, who had the major task of reconstructing a team that finished last in the Palomar League last year. A total of six underclassmen were on the "We're young, and we don't have much depth," Dottore said. "But we have a lot of reallygood ath- letes. We also have good team speed. I think we'll be very aggressive. We're not in the class of Orange Glen. San Dieguito, or Vista, but if we can throw enough strikes, we'll team this year along with just four seniors. TYLE tied at 1-1 in the bottom of the sixth, El Cajon loaded the bases. The next batter hit a ground ball to third baseman Bonforte. She threw home for the force out, but the ball careened off the umpire's head The was standing in front of the platej. Two runs scored on the play V. and the team went on to lose 6-1. out the v a r i o u s disappoint- ments, Dottore stressed the im- portance of re- taining patience with inexperi- ence. l'We're just real young," he said. "Hopefully around league makethings happen." 9 . we'll Come fo- The team had a gejher Q little fairly competitive season des- i"' W bit," pite their inexperience. Several games were L' lost due to errors. One such "error" occurred -Lora Stowe during a game with El Cajon. With the game 'FW-ww 4 'T 'iiQ,.f.?? if ,. L TW ,L . g.A.'igpmj ' f lm .V A 'f' - W4a0'2' W. I? K ., vnu: - " In f .- .Qs '--ffvf. Y" 'dj'--A. A. 'W-," -- . ff, .1 fi"f?i' as .s - .- WJ -- Zfwg if ' I w,1-1-- -, Through- "" an VARSITY BOYS' VOLLEYBALL FronT row - Adam Sandberg, d lThough The volleyball Team had seT small goals To accom- plish from game To game. Their main goal, as any Team's was To capTure The C.l.F. TiTie. OuTsTanding sTarTers, lviaTT Bauman, Jeff Caldwell, TrenT Lunceford, Jeff Waldal. and Lee Severino led The sauad To a siring of viciories which sTarTed Them off as an un- defeaTed Team. Said player Ryan Hoberg, "LasT year we were 3rd in The counTy, so wiTh This year's Team we'll really go places. We have an all-around belTer Team." CONCENTRATING ON THE SET. Jeff Caldwell keeps his eye on The ball in a warm-up drill before The season's mosT exciting game againsT Poway. One of The greaTesT underlying advanTages on The Team was The camaraderie among The aThleTes. They worked TogeTher as a uniT and smoThered one anoTher wiTh encouragemenT and supporl. "We're friends on The courl and off," said Hoberg. "ThaT's The reason for our success. When someone makes a misTake. no one geTs mad. We jusT work TogeTher To fix iT." This year's sauad was also sTrengThened by The TalenT and abiliTy of The aThleTes. "We have really good players. They're good Thinkers on The courT and They don'T jusT hiT The ball wiThouT a plan." said senior player Chris Buell. When asked whai weaknesses The Team possessed, members drew a blank. buT mosi recognized The Team's 'Tenglency To "geT down on Themselves when They're be- in . ' lVlT. Carmel and Poway proved To be The ToughesT Teams for our sauad To beaT, because of Their con- sisTency in Turning ouT sTrong Teams. BuT The boys' sauad overpowered Them bolh. Poway was defeaTed aT a ToumamenT in La Jolla and lvlT. Carmel was defeaTed aT a league game which proved To be an exciTing maTch wiTh The score 15-A, 15-9, 13-15, 15-10. VarsiTy coach. Dan Lyman, a masTer of game sTraTegy, was sure To change game plans according To The abiliTy level of The difTerenT Teams. "We go around Their sTrengThs and Try To find Their weaknesses." said Lyman. Likins, Bari McGhee, Jeff Caldwell, Joe Campbell. Coach Da - Lee Severino, TrenT Lunceford, MalT Bowman, Kevin Coor T Codiing. Jeff Waldal. Ryan Hoberg, Brendan Laurs 2- JUNIOR VARSITY BOYS VOLLEYBALL FronT row - Dave Wadman Kevin Flannigan, Tyler BaTson, Lee Delay. Teddy Chi Back row - Pollock, 'Erik Ludwig. Brian Sleberl, Craig Wilson, Nima Anvar, Coach Jim Harrah 5 A 2' Q' 'VIR' , .,...,..n,, q sg 5 1 ' Qui- 1 'W fi' . 'xx Pig 325 7 1-C-, '1u- ""'3 1:1 Gig ,L W - ,ar L i ry I ,- -Q-We I n- ,,,. ialu . if , as r 1, ,f 1 , nf in 3 , XA, 5 SLAMMING THE BALL. Ryan Hoberg power- r fully spikes the ball over the ne? fora score against The Vista Panthers. Q- - :1-5:--i I if llama 2 'L 2-11.1 -iii A VGLLEYBALL 83 ,, .., , -.1. ,rr A.--.Q-..., '-.yU,, A.-.,.. lv ' i .. 'I-L'.?:.g!sr' -L"- "4 ,. zz , . T .. 5 - K --una-7f'A 1--1. - -,, , M7--. .1- Uv.:- ,,,, -1,-g,gh. tru Ln. . , "iv-N ' x... " --Q ' ' I,-.-9 - 'Q .- -Q 'x Q-, s . .en """" - .x v 1 N --.4-1'-5.4 1' H lx! 4 -4-L , -lv 5 - ',:.,' .... .,.,',,, .. -vw.-, A 3. '..- ,4 'zz ,fr- -'F ..- K' .4-fr . Y - f ,K x v-WA., 1 ""'p-----7",fLK H ' i , ' .-325' "'-sci-V . ' Q -. 1.44--.J . . .. '- . . 'fmaa-+, FVJAAA , 'yr . gs Tbs- -60-" -4-. ' ' u - '1 -0, " '- ,f , ,Tl 9' -. .- ' . 1 i,'f,,.i1 .,,-A 1 4 .-.Y , YJ ...ll 43' y 6' 1 V-.,u"'VV,4l'f ganna,- , ,fi FM I , - ' "" ' J... gg ',- vw----'V ,..- .. .1-Ji' ,F A--1. -lx, L..-a "N ' V . """,g.- ..,..,..' W--4' on ' , ..-J , .-.... , W M-. , .-, ,W I A ,,,, M M W 1' ,.... ,..-W- - 'V' N Sac... 'i...:M':""'f,'1'... ' '-'- "3 'Kiev ' .- "" ' .. ' 1 , ' - V ' 'N , . 3 ..4v- f-. ' " " , . ,, f . M-P 00 J A,!1y-i-in QV digg.. M V .gif -1-k.,,- - ,,,fw-.N.,u--dtdluq I W W K V ., ' . "' . fit? ,,..f'-, f' -f" f ""f'Y"'f . .,. W" 'f"" f-- - --f - f 1 -- -- """7f"" " -I - v - ' ' ' -, ,.zr.'-pf-""" - ,, , , w-- , --' Q, W V- H ' ,,,....-ec.,,,,..-X, ,..N. I - - -A . ,, . -- ,....' 'fi --'--'- - ' " "" ..- "H M..-'vw-v.,.M-. If 3: ,v..wM" ff' ,, ,jZ"W..........,X - VH.. -J , ,. W . 1 V- 'A I N-,W ' ,,.....-+5,,i,Z.: 1.-,, ' .. i " K V Q W " ' ,.,.4.-f ,,f- ,,.f'-- - .-- 1 L ..sun.,..-'V Y , H ff' V 4,,,.... , v A-uri' ... X , --f...,-..--V-1, . V "0" I N 1 " 'J V -An ku, 1, N ' ws-o--la' " ' '- ."' - an .-W-. Mn A w,,.-f in I N , ,. .W-.sf-'V----. mf- V aw , - . A -.HM M- J- 6 -dggwnx, , ss.,,xTg'9 .. 4- f H- -A gg, I A , Y ' V P' ' v ' ,f " , BV ' 9- . - ' Y, -'1'.'II.V. mg- -up-K as -Q-'fl T J FACILITY "-""'Hw-amw,..,. 5 V f .A 33:1-X F igkgfv., ,if 1 .. Ps... N. W I - ..f,,, w W ,,., , X -...rj .P giiipx . 9707 T LACK OF HINDERS . ANTICIPATING THE GUN. Bix Jordan waits forthe start ofthe 100 backstroke. .. . . hen Lisa McKay, Rene Santaella, and 3 ,A V f fi' Poncho Maxwellare not in the pool,they are Q l 1. Q y y i like 'fish out of water." The Three swimmers jiilgy if led the team with strong individual perfor- lilfl 3? m0fiCeS- Vi 'iii T A three year veteran on the team, junior Y -at "'-A PERFORMANCE 3 W Il ,f .w"1""' ,. -WNW' qs? A LEADING THE TROOPS, Elizabeth Stirtz competes in the 100 breast stroke at Escondido. lit' 5:7 McKay competed in several events includ- ing 500 free, 100 back, and 200 free with impressive times of 5:28, 1:07, and 2:03 respectively. Freshman Santaella proved to be an outstanding competitor in the100 fly and 500 free, and sophomore Maxwell made a name for himself in the 50 and 100 free. With a Tough league and a small team, the swimmers had a grueling struggle in competition. "Our team is really small," said McKay, "We have one guy who will win in each event, but we don't have the depth to get those 2nd and 3rd place finishes that are crucial for a team's success in meets." Practice is the beginning ofthe process of improvement, and 5:00 AM is the beginning time of practice. The sleepy athletes stumble out of bed and into their suits at 4:30 AM, before the sun even begins to peek over the horizon. They then commute to the Jewish Community Center in La Jolla where they hold practices. Plunging into an icy cold pool was probably a welcome transi- tion to braving the even colder, frosty moming air. Swimming ex- hausting intenlals for an hour and a half every day of the week except Friday, which was meet day, was the normal routine. lt may seem to be a bleak picture of life as a high school swimmer, but regardless of the inconvenience of traveling to La Jolla to practice and the endless hours of hard work, The athletes have a lot of fun. They're a close-knit team with a lot of spirit, who enjoy playing games and having a good time to break the monotony of routine practices. On Fridays, Coach Greg Lutz allows the swimmers to engage in competitive games of water polo for fun. "Maybe we would do better in our meets if we had a facility that could realize an end result of interesting students to join the team and to support us," said McKay. Aside from the dis- advantage of their small size, is the lack of a facility. Most other schools have one or two swimming pools right on campus. For this reason the teams are usually larger, because an on-campus pool is much more accessible than an 'iaway" pool. Also, student support is much greater because they are able To watch their team at home after school. The swimmers don't allow these disadvantages to slow them down: instead they work twice as hard To improve. - Lora Stowe 'Cad l I I l I I L Wi. , l".f "1 . ly: .Y ,--. 4 - - . Q 139,42 " .r GULF TEAM CONCENTRATES EFFORTS he golf Team spenT The 1986 season in consTanT pursuiT of enough wins To recapTure The C.l.F. crown which ws snaTched from Them lasT year. Before lasT year, The Team had won every league and C.l.F. championship for five years in a row. WiTh only a single seniors, The squad was exiremely young, puT possessed an abundance of experience. STandouTs on The Team were juniors Mike Suckling and Arnie Parker, sophomores, Dave Walker, and Jeoff MerediTh, and senior Lance Anderson. "We have a really young Team, so we'll sTill be TogeTher for aT leasT one more year," said Charlie Johnson. TlThe good Thing is ThaT we have so much TaIenT and experience." The only real dIsadvanTage on The Team was Their inconsisTency in games. Poway was The major ThreaT To The Team during The season pe- cause of iTs sTrengTh and consisTency, buT mosT of The Team members ex- pressed confidence in Themselves. TlWe're more Than likely going To win league This year," predicTed Johnson. "Then if we do win league, we'll definiTely win CIF." - Lora Stowe ,I A ,,T4Z V , 'x I x x if' TOP FINISHING HIS SHOT, Charlie Johnson waTches his ball carry To The green playing in a maTch againsT Poway. BOTTOM GOLF FronT row - Jay Russell, Gunner Garrily, Troy Parish, David Walker 2nd row - Jeoff MerediTh, Tom Cannon, Larry Bergin, Coach Ron Morris Back row f Coach Jon Roberlson, Mike Suckling, Amie Parker, Lance Anderson, Charlie Johnson, Joey STraza ,z Y X u I H . V' M1-Q Lf: X . X .JL fx 1 -fs- T' N- sr gm? -vii-J' SN Hg' Y 'va 'Q af f is ,ww Trgifq ' ,, TOP CHIPPING UP closer To The hole, David Walker concenTraTes on his shoT in a maTch againsT MT. Carmel. Walker was one of The Team's Top six players. BOTTOM PUTTING THE BALL, Charlie Johnson concenTraTes on his sTance and swing. Johnson was also one of The Team's top six players. GYM NASTICS arsity gymnastics coach Shawn Wirth had Two main goals for her Team This year, to be 'lone of the top Three in C.l.F. and first in league." The Team had an abundance of ex- perience and talent, and all but one perfomwer was back from The Team that placed first in The Palomar League and fourth in C.l.F. last year. "Overall we're a little stronger Than last year," Wirth said. "We're doing okay now compared tothe other teams, but you just can'T tell." The optimism from The Team stemmed from some strong individual performances in The pre-season. The girls won two tri- meets and posted some impressive scores. Heather Baldwin set a school record of 9.6 in one meet, but Sally Corran followed iT with a 9.7 to set a new record. l fn ARABESQUE. Jenny Gallagher performs her routine on The beam. GYMNASTICS Front row - Charlene Alexander, Jenny Gallagher, Carmela Moreno, Tahnee Marsh, Dawn Davis, Pam Kenyon, Lisa Cody, Hanna Sebold Second row - Maria Mangiarelli, Jennifer Petree, Tya Hender- son, Heather Baldwin, Alisa Dance, Kristen Otlowski, Ann Chen Back row - Coach Debbie Weyandt, Heather Miller, Kim Rozanski, Monica Lisa Cody proved to be unbeatable in the optional events. Cody was one ofthe better gymnasts in The county this year. Joining Cody in the optional events were senior Beth Hardesty and freshman Tonya Henderson. Hardesty won The C.l.F. balance beam Title as a freshman, but has not reached those lofty heights again. "Last year she peaked at The end of the season," said Wirth. l'Hopefully she'll be there again." Henderson, who has some club experience, was one ofthe strongest girls on The team. Her best events are vault and floor. Sophomores Corran and Baldwin did all the events, and freshman Monica Tanner was another all-around performer. Junior Pam Kenyon, who was on the team was another all-around performer. Junior Pam Kenyon, who was on the team as a 'H Tanner, Cindy Liska, Mireille Broggi, Sally Corran, Kari unford, Denise Ryan, Coach Shawn Wirth W5 s ' , ... ,,.L .. . Zine? l xv, D WHIPPING AROUND THE BAR. Pam Kenyon completes a sole circle on the uneven parallel bars. SPLIT LEAP. Tahnee Marsh concentrates on perfecting her balance throughout her beam routine. freshman but sat out last year, rejoined The team. Senior Mireille Brogli was one ofthe Team's most experienced gymnasts. She went all-around in several meets and did quite well. Juniors Kim Rozanski and Maria Mangi- arelli were each back for theirthird year on the team. Both were strong in balance beam and floor. Mangiarelli also did well in vault. Junior Dawn Davis competed mainly on floor and beam. The girls benefited greatly from new equipment, ranging from a new beam to a digital score display. High expegtations put them insgear for a winning season. ' .X4Lora Stowe X T 4 DISPLAYING TREMENDOUS balance Beth Hardesty shows "elevated" slyle with a hanclstand on the balance beam. i 88 SX W E 4 X W X f LJ X k r 1 N X . ' ff I" 1 i 5 T k I X X, XXX E Q 1 1 ! f"""g 1' T f l 1 1 R Q 89 6 ,N 9 ' v -., . Rai Tx N X.: . 31!y7:ffEl"A'x K AQ pn -!'g Y STATICS - David Bryant, Robert Shear and Christopher Hydo work out a science project. 3 .sg mms Q i vi e NS . w.mmr9s 9 r .ll lit xg? ft! Si' it Q' , l 1, - ,sg ,-A Q T 'X 7 - Le' . - ,M,',x4Wg' i P A S' ' , -. .4 "' ' ' ,W A' .1,..M,"' ' -,fir ' if ' s-VW Q .ef ' ' Qf 1 s as " . , qi.. wi PA ' ','f,,"" f , , . 3.2" 1" . r, c . f f,,, i t , if Sl if TOUCHING AN UN-KNOWN SPECIMEN, Natasia Wright performs a delicate dissection in her Biol- ogy I class. JCDURNEY T THPIUGHP TIME E ou're now joumey- ing down the isle of freedom, Your steps near the man who holds 1 pa rt of you r gi 3 destiny. ln a few moments, the handing of a piece of paper will abruptly end 36 months of your life at Torrey Pines. ln the last moments of being a Senior, your thoughts reel back over the 792 days spent here. The 5544 hours you endured on this very campus whirl and flood your brain with a mixture of pleasure and pain. The forming of new ideas, emotions, attitudes, and personali- ties are fleeting thoughts as you descend upon the platfomw. The lurk- ing questions of 'twas it worth it?" and "what now'?", close in on you as the last fatal steps draw near. ln these last few moments these questions are common among all Seniors. But the answers differ for Torrey Pines graduates, Being ranked second for all high schools in San Diego and twenty-eighth for all California high schools, seniors at Torrey Pines graduate with high expectations for college and their future. 857-, of all Torrey Pines graduates go on to college, whereas 652 go to 4-year universities. This success stems from the highly motivating teaching staff. Having a diverse range of highly qualified teachers gave the students a chance to excel competitively at their own rate. torrey Pines offers a variation of pathways students can follow. These begin with the unique teaching of the basic and ESL classes, to the often considerate college instructors who teach the numerous advance placement or G.A.T.E. classes. The balance of the educational level has led Torrey Pines to continually rank in the top 5 of the CVPS testing for San Diego as well as placing high bove the na- tion's average for SAT scores. Each year Torrey Pines Seniors descend on those last steps with the security and knowledge that they can succeed in the growing competitive world, and the handing of that single piece of paper symbo- lizes not only the end of four long years of high school, but most im- portantly, it represents a key for a successful loumey towards the future. - Cassie Doerfling ESTATIC about completing a math pro- blem Frank Schlenter takes a breather. Statistics show Torrey Pines students placed well above the national average math score on the SAT. TORREY PINES 91 REGISTRATION: 'Y it ,Q my he grueling drudgery of approaching that desk. Teachers and counselors stand ruthlessly behind the wooden wall mock- ing you as you approach them to try your best. "Dont falter," you say to yourself as you bravely step up in line to hand them your schedule. Your mind determinedly reminds you that no matter what they say, they better give you Art and not stick you in typ- ing beacuse second period was "crowded" Yes, this ritual of battling for classes is commonly referred to as " Registration." Just the name conjures up hateful feelings of never getting the right classes. As Renee Paz reflected, "Yeah, it was totally confus- ing. When they tell you they don't have that class and to go sit down and make a whole new schedule - you just go, Yeah, right!" However, despite the numerous complaints about registration, it has appeared that in the past few years the majority of students have received what they wanted. The counselors contributed this to the new computer registration. They believe it's less ofa hassle Q2 REGISTRATION A, 'F I Z. T T '-'I rs. -, . 'wrt' ,-v-'37 , P . +773 WHY DO YOU WANT THAT CLASS? Wouldn't you rather take Honors Chemistry? Jamie Harker helps out the counseling staff while Cindy Wixon tries 'for the elusive perfect schedule, and frustration for both the kids and counselors to just fill outa card instead of having the counselors pain- stakingly try to juggle classes. Although the situation seems to be computeriza- tion, the questions that bring reality to the situation are, "Do the students want it?" and "Do the teachers actually want it?" Sure, computerization helps the counselors. but for the students, it usually leaves the question of why their schedule is completely messed up, and for the teachers, it is the frustration of receiv- ing students that may not seriously waht to be in their class. As Jullian Lodge stated, "I like enthusiastic classes with students who really want to work and participate, but I don't believe that l'll have that enthusiasm with cornputerization because some of the kids whould be put in a class with teachers they don't want." As another student, Stacey Jacoy. stated, "it's just not fair that I get a teacher I don't want just because of a computer." So the problem remains unsolved as Toney Pines continues to approach a totally computerized regis- tration. At the rate Torrey Pines is going, it will all be computerized in one to two years. ln two years, the Seniors and Juniors who once knew the personal registration are extinct, and only students who don't know any better exist, ironically, one Freshman stated, "Computerization'? Oh, it's all right, I don't know anything else." - Cassie Doerfling ,, Y.. -. .,,,,,-,,,,.,, . ' 5 -"a::,1w:,:-'JR' ,t 15.-. ji, 1. 'fl s hsxlwn. THE BATTLE CONTINUES ,. 'vig .ggi .:5. ,I we ff? if I- I 'tri gr. :., lip RE M J., BEEP. Seth Bertram gives the signal tothe nurse aid that he heard the one In'hls right ear. Tests for sight and hearing were a regular part o registration. 'fan' I3 l DONT THINK Thai looks anyining like me. Jody Walcofl and Greg Tomer compare l.D. cards while wailing for their locker assignments. . 3 2 442 .-W f , if 1 ' -,,, , Q ,al f ,gg , i NEGOTIATIONS CONTINUE as Daniel Jacobs bargers for ine classes he fell would benefii him mo . REGlSTRATl0N 93 .F-, fl X STUD SOHWGWUG5 eases We pam of ,A IN'xlINllNI"f"f1U'imxwr ll ' ww! U kzrmllf lvfxln M-'I uf w ,Mwxy ww fl11NIrw1',iI',f Ma! hw! X-M4 1 NNE? w4Hw O fvremfi um ugvvnvnwg mmm ima! for lxH5TQIH Mersiex umd Lmoo PXHVOG Q4 STUDYING x x , X T CRAIVHNG fer his Physics firwczl, Andy Holi scoffers his rwoies everywhere in 0 desperate c1HempT To do well. rd Rv ,C i" Y? S jf - Vx 3 ff Wwfqxf u. Q 'vw . , w. pf O 'Q . 7' 6 KNOW 5T'S IN HERE SONIEWHERE . .. Finding tho? one importoruf Biology Iob becomes 0 Task fof Somomflwc Seworcl when There ore so many To look Through. '32 -. Wi fs STUDYING 95 I 3 f .-4 5 nu! ' K N I i , ' Ir ' l 5 x we-1-' 1 V , I I i W'-' 'Na-M, 1.1 4 'vim ..:,,.4u,Q4h a CONTEMPLATING ON WHAT she should oonquernel Cossie Doerfling glances out The window of ff 96 TUTORING Composhion Conference Center. llJ.l.tttJ..L WORKING WITH GREAT ATTENTION Patricia Mass looks over Jennifer Hamsayeh writing assignment in order to L..iAL,,.-.l..ll.l.-..,.L1 Sw I I I h S clarify her ideas, format, and style. he big biology test Monday? How about that physics final? Or that English Lit. paper due Friday? Yep, it all comes down to one thing: the desperate cry for HEELLLP!! After the decision of get- ting help has soothed your nerves, the ques- tion of what kind of help is still confusing. There is expensive private tutoring, I college nnonng, csr tutoring, composition conference center tutoring, 84 parent tutoring -the possibilities seem endless! At Torrey Pines two answers seem to be the most common among students, CSF and private tutor- ing, such as the local Educational Tutoring Center ' fE.T.C.l. The unique CFS tutoring program along with the comp. center is a rare example of a school giving great, direct help for free. CSF tutor- ing is available for almost any subject. Using CSF tutoring is a good decision for those who need help in the lower mathematics and science, ie., I algebra, geometry, biology etc. As CSF tutor, Jamie Harker stated, "lt is a great option for the freshman and sophomore levels but when you get into higher level classes, such as chemistry and physics, it gets tough to find tutors who are still in school." Although CSF is always looking for eligible tutors, they are able to help an average of 110 students. The CCC Center is another prime example of excellent tutoring that is available through Torrey Pines. It has flourished as a pilot organization. They started as a part-time center that helped a few kids with english papers to a full time organization that has a seperate room with a large staff and the very competent advisor, Blaze Newman. They now help every type of student dealing with essays for English, History, Science and even college applications. The CCC Center is considered to have top qualified tutors who really help the students objectively. As tutor Susan lVlcGrath said, uEvery kind of writer comes in here, both good and bad. because basically it's a great place to catch mistakes before your teacher does." When one needs help beyond school tutors, they usually tum towards the Educational Tutoring Center in Solana Beach. Here there are about 12 tutors who go through intensive testing and inter- viewsiust to be put on trial for 3 months. For a fee of S18-25 per lesson, they tutor in almost every subject including giving special therapy and SAT classes. Founder, Delina Robair holding a tvl.A.E.D.C.A.E.T., has created her program with the belief that they work to "help each person fulfill their own poten- tial: to becme all they have the capacity to be." At E.T.C, whe believes it enables people to have in- dividual time to team in hisfher unique teaming style which is assesed and fulfilled by professi- onals. Because it is estimated that 25-30?-, of the schools population in the U.S. has a teaming dis- ability, Robair stated that 'the schools logistically cannot treat them but the school to be effective, can accomodate them by offering and working with altematives such as E.T.C. E.T.C. offers time for people too tramitized by teaming disabilities to explore and extend their interests by combining unique subjects for them to master such as speed reading and the computer." Overall Delina Robair programs stems from ideology "That a strong body builds a strong mind and practice makes perfect!" So the next time you're confused and anguished over a geometric equation, don't frett,just call HEELLPPPP! - Cassie Doerfling BAFFLED Matt Leone listens to Educational Tutoring 'xenter's founder Delina Robair for some help ana ncouragement. 5 . . ll 1 gi, 1 11.13 - :il , , li -1 - . , it U. .bi V J ' ,L ' l - .E :B . I , f ' I H Qi .4 Q31-fi' 5 , it 'R- ' ""-"i""77f'7F7'fTFfu.t ' t"' rl' fLlLkfLiL':i.L'l FRUSTRATED Kara Lynch tries to understand ETC tutor Peter Reese as he explains a difficult problem. GROUP SESSIONS were a popular form of tutoring at ETC here Dalina Robair discusses SAT vocabulary. rutomiirs 97 'rz'-f:va.rfs'efc:'rszzzmvizif .aw -5 . ,es A u i q 4, -'.,vnrf 04, l',,"w, ff? .f.' 1.1 I Q 9- ,1-p,r ,.- ,, ,4- ,f ,- -Y ',.f.-.1 ' ...V5,k.M,'.A,.,,., .HV ,1--,, Q: CAUGT-lT TN THE EVERPRESNT VOID of The Language-wing Eric Polovich and Mari Allison pose for a auick piciure. The building was designed wilh iT's open classrooms so siudenis could oblain knowledge jusi from relaxing in The hallways. 1 . 3 ,,,, r " 1 ' . . 4 Q77'ff1" A CATCHING UP on a reading assign- rneni Laila Wang Takes advaniage of The siudy corridor To finish lasr nrghis homework, here could you gei away from The confining classroom in order To escape The possibiliiry of aTTaining clausTrophobia? No, noT The Bambi Club, buT our own hallways! Tvlany sTudenTs enjoyed kicking back on The huge carper blocks ThaT line The corridors. On The average day one may have observed sTudenTs siiTing, srudying and relaxing, while oThers lay sprawled ouT caiching up on Their sleep. This relaxing ainwo' sphere provided a chance for sTudenTs To do work aT Their own pace. Occasionally, one may also have observed soe cial acTiviTies occuring: however The halls were pairolled and kepi under conTroll?J - Lori Holtkamp Renee' Paz ILLEGAL ACTTVTTTES L:se Warnes and Lisa Dixon social- ize on a carpei block in The Science-wing, hoprng rc avoid being coughi with food Orien Chernisrw lessons are 'laughi in The S-if-.ling HALLWAYS 99 AT 100 A COPY, The xerox mochine in The rnedio oenier provided convieni Copies of reference moieridls. KICKING BACK, Eric Reinholz uses the medic cenier for some serious siudv- ing. The medic center provided o quiet desirable oimosohere. , it i'v""++-sggs L his H I w i i Ir 1 R, i i SOME WORK SOME PLAY. Brion Roberi Tries To do some studying, his friend Zdch Feiihzus on The oiher hond would roiher noi. --.-.. i. Ti l I S. i P'-F Q -...4...,g. 1 rn:-F 'nuqx I ll ' ' ---1 Mr I I I 9 ' iq I IU " A T' ?""':"s 5 ., .5 Cf l'l'F?"' f. 1 Q iv X FAST AND COURT- EOUS: Sondy Blyton o rnedio center tech- mciorm checks out o book. 5'll NI? UQ u..'1,"m,"', . ,t't S0x,x, h tlflfixfx Jig' tt. Q xii.-'iiL.'x' I -.. sifwhx ' it I-' f 1 Sie 'J . A VISIT TO THE MEDIA CENTER WITH LISA POLITZER As you stand staring blankly at the shelf of books you hear a voice behind you, "Can I help you find something?" You say yes, you need a book on the clothes worn during the reign of Peter the Great of Russia. The voice says "No problem, those are over here, you're looking in the wrong section." We all know about the people who work in the media center, they're the ones who say "You can't eat down here, " or "Get your feet off the table" or even "here 's that book you were looking for," buthow much do we know about them personally? Freeflight had the opportunity to talk to media specialist Lisa Politzer and find out about who she is and what she does. FFIEEFLIGHT: Describe just what your job entails. POLITZEFI: lt would be impossible to write down all the specifics of my job, but essentially l am responsible for the managementof the Media Center. I am really like a department chair, responsible for the development and management of the Center. The budget, one of the largest on the campus, is under my direct supenrision. Since l am a teacher as well as a librarian, I also teach library skills to classes as well as work with teachers in plannning and executing their assignments. l am also responsible for a small number of students who elect to work as library aides. FFIEEFLIGHT: Do you plan to move up the "corporate " ladder? POLITZER: At this point, lhave no interest in becoming a principal or vice-principal, however, with the rapid growth of this school district, lbelieve at some point in the future, there will be a need for a district-wide librarylmedia director. I would like to move in that direction. FFIEEFLIGHT: What kind of education did you need for this job? POLITZEFI: To apply for this position, one needs to have a teaching credential as well as a librarian credential. One also should have experience as a Media Specialist. FFIEEFLIGHT: Why did you choose to work at a school instead of a public library? POLITZER: l have a teaching background and as such am more interested and qualified to work with teachers and school curriculum. I also think that working in a school is much more challenging and exciting. FFIEEFLIGHT: What do you find most interesting about the job? POLITZEFI: ln my position, I have the opportunity to work with the entire staff as well as a good cross-section of the student population. l like being able to guide and direct staff and students in their searches for information. lt is especially gratifying to find lots of materials where the students assumed there was none. FREEFLIGHT: What do you like least about your job? POLITZEFI: Having to speak to students who have vandalized or stolen Media Center materials. We all suffer when that happens. FREEFLIGHT: Describe the library extension plan. POLITZEFI: The Media Center will be somewhat larger than the existing facility lthe present Media Center will become an area for guidance, work experience and careersj. We will have room to house 40,000 books, approximately doubling our shelf space now. The Center will also have a separate viewing room which will be accessible frorn the classroom as well as the Media Center. The floor from the circulation desk will slant slightly making the view into the Media Center better, and the additional walkway around the library will be glassed in, making the facility much quieter. FREEFLIGHT: How many book does the library have presently? POLITZER: Presently, the Media Center has about 17,000 volumes. l am working very hard to increase the volumeslstudent ratio set by the American Library Association. lBy that figure we should have 40,000 volumesj. FREEFLIGHT: What do you do on your time off? POLITZEFI: Right now, Ido spend some time studying as I am taking a research course for my doctorate. Of course, I love to read, as well as garden and bicycle. lalso spend a lot of time chauffering my children to their activities. FREEFLIGHT: Do you plan to become a teacher? POLITZEFI: I have already done classroom teaching and would much prefer to be in the Media Center servicing the entire staff and student population and managing a "department " FREEFLIGHTI What are the goals for the library? POLITZER: Goals forthe Torrey Pines Media Center include making the enviroment a quiet place to study and do reserarch, a place where students know they can find information for their assignments as well as find books for enjoyment, being the hub of the school, where all kinds of learning experiences take place, such as seminars, concerts, exhibits, a place where students and staff come eagerly. Of course, I will be thrilled when we are completely computerized. Finally, and very immportantly, to continue to purchase materials and expand the amount of resources available to the staff and students. FFIEEFLIGHT: What do you think of Torrey Pines Students as a whole? POLITZEFI: I really enjoy Torrey Pines students, finding them intelligent, friendly and courteous. Having always worked with elementary age students, I am enjoying the change. - Matt Kunitz 'X 6' Q It .J 'S 4 rr ' I N many.. 1 CONFUSION fills his head as Jamie Alexander consults I ' i ' with Tami Dunford and Renee Foss on which candidate they should vote for. aeIe,g EVERYBODY IS AN INDIVIDUAL, and Chris Keeney gCandrdate for presidencyj demonstrated that clearly. Each o the candle dates carried on their own unique themes. 1 l ,, -1 O . jfs :J 'll . ,Q ,wg - ...wg MUSICAL POLOTICS. Scott Green- 4",, 5 ' 'fr X burg shows his care free, spirited "- . style by playlng his guitar during his 'f U' speech. Scott was elected secre ary. f P Q.. 4 1-ii" -75 E V D V. A 3 atv' L ,J ff' 443. I rw 4 Q i ALL EYES on two head delegates, Kevin Warden and Renee Foss. The head delegates' duty was to represent there delegation in telling their tally of votes, A 1 N -'.4 " - . nur .J A.. I fi, RELAX. Seated are Andy Hecht- Nielsen and '86 commissioner of assemblies Shaun Slattery. Some l y . 4' . studentsreallygotdeckedoutforthe , gi ,I I 5 convention. 1 gp. -gi. . E -I' 4' I 5 MINATING CONVENTION 1 ...A Av! , . .4..... , an Q .. ls- . I V.,--. . Q 1, s 5. ' 'r -'L -awwwan Q -in mL nf 1 WHAT DO YOU THINK. Seated are Jon Lutes and Dion Barca. . . ' Group decisions were made by class delegates before is is 5 , representingafinal vote. .W Q, - -- ooooo A I E it C r L. , I L., A if ' "" "ii-iaiss iii... vt it ', 4 ' K V wg f L s . I - . mu- 5 f Q V YF' ' . J .y it LA- vi .A - y ,X 1,5-,X gui.. Q. 1" get 1 ,l Qi ,. Cc ff Q - e f. ig. use ' 'O ff' 'gl , k if . .5 . M I 'Mir 3. ss TOO MUCH FUN. Nicole Nugent, Morgan McGrath. Maria Mangiarelli, and Joelle ' Hren relax at their booth. Each candidate was allowed to set up a personal booth in- side the gym. I N W 1 I in-"""' ,pg ',,. N N. gt. . R I 5 -:I ., I ,, . . ,. , .-U-.-, .w 1' 1 - mfg, 'N Q N 5 'NO BULL' promised our 1986 winning secretary. Scott Greenburg. Quite a few candidates prepared fun, surprising speeches. f 4 ,H 3 L ,.. 'hit I I ,..' NM I xx N4 ' 0.4 ' if-n H 3 gq NOMINATIN CONVENTION G UNDER THE RED, WHITE AND BLUE,1985 Vice President Nick Frost gives a more than patriotic speech. The gym was gallantly decorated and filled with strong school spirit. K I o I behoove you to uphold this pride in Torrey Pines by staying informed so that proper and logical decisions are made. Approach every new challenging situation assertively and sincerely." As Sam Dries-Daffner spoke these words, a hush desecended upon the crowd during this year's nominating convention. A.S.B, advisor George Robinson stated after Dries-Daffer's speech "His barn-burning speech really made people stop and think of the importance of this even However, Dries-Daffner's speech was one of the many highlights of this year's convention. Robinson stated later hat "The convention was one of Torrey Pines' most interesting because of various types of candidates and the unique speeches. They were from the ridiculous and outrageous to the solemn and serious speeches. As Brett Barmettler summed it up, "lt was really amusing how all the candidates went all out to show their individuality." Candidate Mark Hauber wore his individuality as he strutted towards the podium clad with fake fifty-dollar bills while haphazardly tossing them to the crowd. Candidate Melanie Lapadula even had two CIA bodyguards to escort her to the platform. But one of the most origninal and unusual candidates was Scott Greenburg with his "No B.S." campaign. Having church music b aring while two monk-like escorts led him to the platform, Scott somberly walked up the steps carrying a pinata of a bull. Arriving at the podium, the two monks dropped their robes to display more appropriate Blues Brothers' outfits while Scott picked up his guitarto strum his speech, "The B.S. Blues." "Yes, it was definitely an interesting speech," stated David Dogue. Despite the many humorous speeches, the majority of the students took the Nominating Convention seriously. Because of speakers such as Dries-Daffner and the keynote speaker, Honorable Clair Burgner, students were reminded that the convention not only is important to the school's future, but their own future at Torrey Pines. As George Robinson stated, "Besides all the political gimmicks, I believe, in the end, students really voted for who they think would best fit the job. l really look fonuard to this year's ASB because next year will be very important to the council as they face numerous upcoming changes that will occur in Torrey Pines." , To sum it up, Sam Dries-Daffner concluded on this end note, and finally I direct this to everyone, the students, the candidates, teachers and all of you affiliated with Torrey Pines. I ask you to wholeheartedly uphold this commencement of excellence to those whom you share daily your school and its consequential responsibility and, most importantly, almost ideally - yourself." - Cassie Doefling 1 NOMINATING CONVENTION 103 52'- ff . Q. 4 H L . A sm.. I :.- fw fi , ax' JY +.igbi1f:' ' DEMONSTRATINC3 ONE TECHNTQUE, Tim Geiser "l5rooooos1s" notes To o friend during o tesi. WITH AN EYE TO THE FUTURE - s1udenTs come up with some inTeres1ing ond inovo- Tive ways To poss closses. f.' e 'Y T r:-W X 5- , : t eff" .. hx . , I Q X l , 1 'Z kg I fl 21- , X 5 A ' A QUICK GLANCE OF JESSICA SINCLITICOS PAPER shows Joson Wure Tne onswer -- . -l"v -1-355. 4.253 -gf'R'+5-fgvyf,-75 ' , V 4' 'lr - V , -' ' if ' 4 1 - " f-:ww , -M - Y W3 ,, v 1i,iQqmggV,gYh, , A , f . ,jg ,.,,,. ,.f 'WM- 1 1446, A SIVICJCJTI-I Q1 ii 49' 7 if n -4 Q. ffiw W, Nj, ,. yum. Si'-Q1 S ii- UEJ1. QQ. if "'Tf?Z,2Q-7 '2,.-. ,-1 rg gp M'-.5 K' NL 1:5 -35. its 1 Lrg Y J 3' 'dx Pz'i??'f't'M V552 T' "" ' ,J-A ' a-wr S-.f-si .. ,4 1-, Q W E 1, t ' .ii-'rw iw. 'tf1':f1:'.':.- - 4.Q4i.::'1-W. , -5 - - nfl- Q-w :1"'g-Rf?-'l-"f3'ff T '..:+1T'i-,' L ,- ex. .fr - . uf -. ffl ,.3,-.XJ fvq.-gms . X r .si-ffm--'i mn f i X, 4, -Q36 r--gy-its -2 -'t ' -sew - zf-,cp 'tr-6'2 H-'email 1' U, 'spkstfxf rilgisvf-S 5, w---1'-K Ay, 2 . w o you like to argue with your family? Mimic humorous characters? Or dramatically relate your life problems to anyone who will listen? lf so, maybe you should step inside, look around, ex- perience the Speech Team. Here you can wet your passion for arguing with Debate and Congress. Enhance your humorous antidotes with Expository, Programmed Reading and Humorous interpretation. Or you can smooth that dramatic flair with Dramatic Interpretation, Original Oratory and Original Advocacy. All this and more You can receive awards, trophies, plaques and MONEY! Successfully competing in various tournaments, the Speech Team makes a path inthe world of speech. Consistently qualifying forthe State Competition as well as being finalists in many private tournaments has won Torrey Pines the recognition as an excellent team. lt's not all fun, however, often speech members spend all Friday night and Saturday to compete in exciting places like El Centro, Alhambra, Sweet- water, and El Camino. lf that doesn't excite your taste- buds, you might just reconsider during State Qualifi- cations time when you are flying to places such as San Francisco to compete if you qualify. The draw of money is also a consolation if you place well enough in private tournaments such as Rotary, Toastmasters, and Lions' Club. You can win up to S400 in just a few as five toumaments. CLUB DAY. Speech team members Jobi Copper, Doug Rivelli, Scott Greenburg, and Cassie Doerfling use their experience in persuasion and rhetoric to recruit speech members. Besides the money and exotic traveling, speech members really join to have fun and to challenge their skills in being a quick and articu- late speaker. lt is difficult to learn to speak infront of'lO to 30 strange people. lt takes both courage and determination to face those people and give a 10 minute speech. As President Jobi Cooper stated, "You are a bit nervous at first, but you just leam to adapt and beome confident in your speaking." Torrey Pines Speech Team has been con- fident enough to consistently win Sweepstakes in almost every toumament. Although it is a small team, Torrey Pines has always been able to win the top awards. The speech coach, lvlrs. Bev Front attributes the success by pointing out that 'the team may be small, but the quality of speakers are superb! Because it doesn't matter the quantities of kids, but the quality of their speaking." Torrey Pines Speech Team continues to quench their thirst for excellence as they speak their way to the top. - Cassie Doerfling 'ar 4 lit SNAPl Attendence collector John Wagner cat he tud tart t' lc ss ens en ron while practicing his art. -FACINE 'rr-IE MASSES weaty palms. quickening ofthe heart beat, jittering hands, a quick pull of the door and a swift bold step in. All eyes turn. They face you, wondering, questioning, hoping "it's for them." "Quick, find the teacher and get out of there!" Yes, this is the normal reaction of an attendence card collector. Other collectors though, take their opportunity of visiting classes to strut their stuff, say "hi" to friends and to socialize. What other way can you get thirty peoples attention as fast as that? Unfortunately, some collectors get attention the hard way. Every once in awhile an innocent attendence collector will be the victim of a joke or class prank. How many card collectors do you know that have been tripped or the brunt of a teachers joke or lecture? But over all, those attendence collectors break the monotony of the class. People can see how they dress, criticize, joke, laugh, say "hi," and even give the students the opportu- nity to change the subject of the teachers lecture. Yeah! Don't you just Love those attendance collectors?t - Cassie Doerfling PI FA IVIAIQKFT I I ey Mr. Dottore, put me down for alf22." Yeah lVIr. Dottore, I have alf28." "Yoo - over here, also." The newest accounting teacher Mr. Dootore has saved his students the trouble of thinking of excuses. He just gave them a typed handout with 54 excuses, and even a blank to make your own. He didn't want to be bothered with the usual "I did't know it was due today lalf19J." "You don't have it? But I know I handed that assignment in lalf37J," or even, "My baby brothers ate it l4lf33J." Everyone has been either late to class, forgotten homework, or for some reason, can not attend class. But with Dottore, they don't have to worry about "Oh, gosh, what am I going to say?" "What will he believe?" 'Il can't get another tardy!" He just says "number please." Although some students do take excuses lightly, others agonize over them. This is because students are afraid to tell the truth. What teacher would except, "I over slept. " A result, this is the common ex- cuse, 'tl had a dentist appointment." But really, how many times can one kid get his teeth cleaned? The teachers know it, and the kids know it, but it still gones on. And the art of telling excuses continues to grow. When is the last time you heard, ..- pd, SPEED AND ACCURACY UNDER PRESSURE ACADEMIC TEAMS peed, accuracy under pressure, and a remarkable reservoir of knowledge characterize the members of the Torrey Pines Academic teams. Team members, chosen for their expertise in a variety of academic fields, compete against students from other San Diego County high schools in several different types of competition. The enthusiasm, dedication, and sheer ability of the team members have produced an impressive record of success. Starting in 1983, there was the North County Academic League competition. During the Spring semester, a series of competitions is held among the 14 schools comprising the NCAL. Each competition consists of a freshman, JV, and varsity match in which each player on a 5-member squad attempts to hit the buzzer before the oppos- ing team, winnng the right to answer a toss-up question. Although a wrong answer results in a one- point penalty, a correct response yields both 3 points and the opportunity to answer a bonus ques- tion worth up to 5 points, on which all team members confer. Questions require knowledge in math, science, social studies, 'E'hglish, art, and music. A sample toss-up question is: - Which Supreme Court Justice said of pomog- raphy, "l can't define lt, but l know when I see it" ? During its 4 years of competition in this activity, Torrey Pines has consistently been among the top schools in the League. The 1986 Varsity team - consisting of David Buote, Andy Charman, Ame Jokela, Francis Kelly fcaptaini, Sharon Lai, David Likins, Rei Masui, Alfred Pesiri, Robert Rich, Todd Small, and Deanns Spooner - continued this record of achievement. In the Spring of 1985, Torrey Pines was rewarded for its excellence in NCAL competition by being among the first schools invited to appear on KGTV's "Scholastic Superstars" program. ln that season, Torrey Pines won the championship and the right to defend the title in the Fall of 1985. Re- tuming from the first team, Ame Jokela icaptainj and Francis Kelly were ably joined by Sharon Lai and junior Andy Charman. Nearly duplicating the achievement of the Spring team, the Fall team defeated 3 opposing schools to win a slot in the 1 10 Acnuzmic mums . s, si Q " ' .Q A is, g . g 1 -1- . .V ff xgg - 49 .13 . it A I Ep, I -,, w I I 's T J f A -E. .Q-fx, 1, gg 1 ..,, g .ig X, V is- " .f T Q iw Q championship round, where one unfortunate decision resulted in a second-place finish. Later in the Fall semester, the Academic Decathlon provided another arena in which Torrey Pines could demonstrate its prowess. Consisting of ten written and oral tests in a variety of areas, the Decathlon required both wide-ranging knowledge and psychological stamina, since all ten events took place in one day. The team consisted of Clare Bergin, Sam Dries-Daffner, Arne Jokela, Francis Kelly, Mike Kessler, Rik Linkowski, Robert Rich, Luis Santaella, and Raub Shapiro. Once again, Torrey Pines excelled, winning 11 individual awards, the team essay BRONZE MEDAL WINING ACADEMIC DECATH LON TEAM: Front Row: Luis Santaella, Coati Blaze Newman, Mike Kessler, Clare Bergin, and Ame Jokela. Back Row: Rik Linkowski, Sam Dries-Daffner, Raub Shapiro, Francis Kelly, and Robert Rich. award, and the bronze medal for third place out of 50 schools. The Torrey Pines Academic Teams' impressive record of achievement during the past four years has gained them countrywide recognition as the team to beat. ' Answer: Potter Stewart K VARSITY ACADEMIC TEAM Front Row: Coach Blaze Newman, Francis Kelly, David Likins, Andy Charman, and Sharon Lai, Back Row: Ame Jokela, Todd Small, David Buote, Alfred Pesiri, Deanna Spooner, Rei Masui, and Robert Rich. JUNIOR VARSITY ACADEMIC TEAM Front Row: Greg Weisman. Samantha Seaward, Marissa Maley, Sascha Dublin, and Hugh Seid. Back Row: Scott Wells, David Nordquest, John Bryant, Coach Will Harvie, Matt Burkhard, and Jason Harris. Not Pictured: Andy Taton 'ML -, F 2 tw 2 ,J -. I , zggyq, '1 sv V Q f e l ' A , ei xl lv- 1-aug ,-, sl! ' Q S 1 3 4,42 'vw i FRESHMAN ACADEMIC TEAM Front Row: Alan Kosakoff, Rolf Ebeling, Sridhar Venkatesh, and David Bryant. Back Row: Jon Small, Natrina Meeker, Coach Barbara Swovelin, Kevin Dente, and Brian Sullivan ACADEMIC TEAMS 111 fn v - I rss Q- 5925: 'C ff,-ri 1.Qi'.4- 'H M156 V Michelle Egington cademic excellence comes first," Raul Escamillo ex- pressed the views of the administration on requiring a 2.0 for extracurricular participation. The eligibility requirement covers not only all sports, but also Band, Theater, Cheerleading, Drill and Flag Teams. The requirement has not only developed a need for Academic Standing, but developed a controversy. The argument is centered around certain details. ln order to participate in the athletic program ua student must have passed A classes with at least a grade point average of 2.0 in the previous semester and be currently enrolled in A classes," said Athletic Director Chet Francisco. The San Dieguito Union School District had adopted this policy which is in fact more lenient than comparable rules throughout the nation. ln Texas, for example, a 'One F-No Play" rule has been adopted. This states that if a student fails one or more classes in any subject he or she will not be allowed to participate. here the problem lies is that some students feel that they are athletically and not academically gifted. One student hurt by the rule was Mike Pandolfe. Having played Varsity Football since his Freshman year, Pandolf was considered by some to be quite good. Un- fortunately, during the final quarter of hisjunioryear, he failed to meet the 2.0 C5.P.A. Subsequently he was not permitted to play during his senior year. Pandolfe felt he could have made a difference had he been on the team. According to Coach Rik l-laines, Pandolfe is one of the few students truly affected by the policy. lf it were up to l-laines students would need a 2.0 just to graduate. Like Haines, Karin Alexander, Cheerleading Adviser, feels that the rules should be stricter. She requires a 2.5 to participate in the cheer program. She feels "A serious student always makes a better quality cheerleader." Acting instructor Jeff Brosbe feels the same way about his actors. When auditioning for a role, an actor must fill out a self- reported academic record. Right before the play, the student must circulate a progress report form among his or her teachers. At this point Brosbe enforces the 'Texas F-Rule." Four- year Thespian Rob Coppo stated, 'When it comes down to it, the grades come first before the show." urrent and potential band members face the same requirementsf'The line isn't as hard in band as in football," because "Most of the band students are very high academic achievers" said Director Fred Lee. He also feels that the problem is not as pressing because he does a great deal of individual conferencing witn his students. While the administration will not lower their standards, they are doing something to help. The academic support team for athletics, headed by Jerry Tanvaterand Fralncisico tries to help students achieve the necessary grades. Overall the administra- tion is happy with Francisco's enforcement of the current policies. - Jennifer Howland Matt Kunitz 112 ACADEMIC ELIGIBILITY 6 www MV -.1.v..4w.nun4uBwLvib1- in 3 Jason Porier Jeff Steffen Hecrrher Baldwin Shannon Srniih Denise Hari Krisii Cooper Veronica Pollock Laurene Ehari 84 Kari Dunfora V, U. dk xf1RRgLP1N ES 432 YRXXXNS we , gg.: 2 f 1 2-X THE HAUNTING of hill house, Denise Ryan, Teresa Hill, and Mike Beck. '27 is E-5. JEFF CALDWELL helps Debbie Bresnick on with her scarf Stage props and costume details, such as Bresnicks characters wedding ring, often go unnoticed until missing ost audiences know that behind each theatre production There is an entire cast of people never seen dur- ing the performance. Directors, make-up artists, lighting techni- cians, scenery artist - all go unnoticed, but without whose efforts the play could not go on, Few theatre-goers. however, know that behind this crew is an even larger set of supporters who are necessary to bring about a stage performance. This group is called The Thespian Society, and its membership atthis school includes 52 students. The Society works in coordination with The Torrey Pines Players to organize live performances 116 tHEsPiANs v 'J gist' lf - ffh ,,.,...m-f-ra. lm? A rl ,,, f .Muze-nf if." ix' KG CHANGING sets between scenes was an important but hectic job for Valerie Sharpe, Jamie Glasson, Nlel tvlatez, Melissa Evans, and Greta Paa. PLEASED to meet Debbie Bresnick. Naomi Fellows extends a hand while her theatrical husband, Brad Broady, and Jeff Calclwell look on. such as The Evening of Scenes, Fourty Carats, and Bye Bye Birdie. Club President Kristen Flores and Vice President Dawn Davis lead the Society in such organizing tasks as ushering, editing of plays, financing, and publish- ing productions, When asked how much time and effort must go into a play, club officer Jeni Almond replied, "Don't even ask, don't even ask." Providing adequate publicity for an event is very important and involves "more than making posters as many people think," said junior publicity chairperson Valerie Sharpe. To publicize a play takes much more than that, including contacting The local media. To become a member ofthe Society, students must earn ten points by doing a number of theatrical duties. In order to retain their membership, must earn five points each year. One of the highlights of each year for the Thespian Society members is being able to test Scripps HospiT0l Emergency Procedures by acting as if they have been in some disaster. The annual event, in coopeffl' tion with the hospital, Tests both the students acting skills and the hospital employees' ability to deal with large-scale emergencies. At the end of each year the Thespian Society haS0 semi-formal banquet. 'We initiate new members, bill all thespians are invited," said Davis, who was in charge of the event, The banquet features a DOUG and a dance in addition to a gourmet meal. If the crew receives little recognition for its work on0 production, the Thespian Society receives even less. The Thespians certainly should be given the credit it deserves. - Angela Hastings i .sk . , , ',lVf,'r5.,5Q ' ,V .i , ,M ix 1,1 -5 yr- ,lgwii,i.fl. ,fin - aww: ,-..,,,,wM Axxvx ,,'!. J 1 -quit-: ,i,if.,,uij.m,, QQ ,M,A,1,, V1 ml - "wi: wi Fw' 7 iiipil, -,i,5R'il:'g, A uw lyrics ,'1'i'hw. Q l r r.lf.rig- 'JL NJ 'li W i Q new 'br PICTURED are many of The sfudenis who have oiiained Thespian membership flefiio riilhfj Back row: Jimmy Dunne, Jeni Almana, Rob Coppo, Tim Campen, Kristen Flores, Che Bellman, Dereck Tarr. Middle row: Janelle ielson, Danell VanDyke, Heaiher Hossleman, Michelle Wadley, Debbie Bresnick, Mike Beck, Taryn Loveman, Marianne Evensen, Chris Thomes. Froni row: Jayin Waverick, Chris Perkins, Tahnee Marsh, Vanessa Roth, Jamie Henkin, Valerie Sharpe, Dawn Davis, Melissa Evans, Sascha Dublin. - 'FP-41", ', ' :H -v" ,. ' , Y fi f '7' i ,Yr 2 lfliw ' . " - ' 3' f , .K A EXHIBITING her Fouriy Carols smile, Debbie B r'e s n i c k s answers The phone afier the sound ef- fects iechni- cian created The ring-heard on stage. Yu... f DISCUSSING mailers, Tim Campen poses an interesting point To Debbie Bresnick. r D THESPIANS 117 'X Q QQ? SOBBLE - GRAMS AND Survrrvrv BEARS nteract instilled enthusiasm and goodwill in the community. Ecruiped with positive attitudes and strong dedication, the club tackled school service and international understanding of problems and projects. A world wide organization sponored by the Rotary Club, the local chapters officers and members developed leadership and personal skills through participation in a myriad of projects. involvement was the key: and effort was made to reach out to the less fortunate and make life more fullfilling for them. Brightening the lives of the elderly and Tlajuana orphans, while at the some time enriching the members of Interact. Guided by advisor Lana Small and Rotary sponsor as, 1 ...w-.-s MEMBERS of interact for 1985-86 were: ltop rowJl Trevor Taggart, Kent Richardson, ennifer Hawthorne, Colleen Eitzsimmons. Lisa Helm. Annette Semprint, Daniele Amtmann, David Etherton, Andy Taton, fmiddle rowl Heather Chung. Jennifer Grenier, Saohia Dublin, Natasha Wright, Tina Eurcolo, Lisa Cheung, Laura Detweiler. Rebecca Tejeda, Heather Pascoe, Laurel Haines, Leslie Kawaski. lbottom rowj Bill Rhett, Andrea Panchenko, Dou e Hodge, Elaine Waldman, andiric Shramm. Dr. Robert Rosenfield, they watched their goals become realities, also they each shared the desire for generosity. Service was their main objective before the winter holiday as members got involved in the annual food drive. The first period classes competed to collect the most foood items. Arnie Ruskin's drafting class emerged the victors, and were treated to an ice cream celebration. Members felt that creativity was a vital part of fund raising. Telegrams were both fun and profitable. For Thanksgiving Interact sold "globe grams," messages with gummy bears attached. For Valentines. notes came with a camation. ln the fall they sold soda at Solana Beach's Fiesta del Sol and operated a concession stand after school. TABLE TENNIS THE SEEMlNGLY MILD mannered members of the table tennis team pose for a picture. Left to right, back row: Noel Johnson, Robe Graves, Mick Gieskes, Lance Lee, Neil Hsu, John Sedgwick, David Nordquest. Front row: Tom Handle, Rob Hall. Chariey Huston, Erik Johnson. Hans Moller. 118 INTERACT TABLE TENNIS f NOT NECESSARILY THE TABLE TENNIS ASSOCIATION f-s-- ' TAT If it rr 5' 'il 7 O 4. ' rf. 'I "" '06 A -J't"f....sf ft . -. ci Bm Q' 'tPlanning and discussing projects debating the allocation of club funds have been difficult but rewarding tasks." They gave contributions to the Save the Children fund and Unicef and were proud to be a part of these organization's efforts. Although Interact served the community well this year, they also enjoyed participating in sports and social events. Softball games were held on Sundays, giving Torrey Pines Interact members an opportunity to compete against the chapters from other high schools, Through the year, Interact proved themselves o service club were personal growth was a result of community efforts. - Elaine Waldmen he Torrey Pines Table Tennis Assocl ation has gone through many changes rn its short history lt saw its country runners who wanted to find a sport that didnt require brains brawn and especially running. But it did not become a reality until one of the runners decided, What the , l need something to put down on my college application!" At first the purpose of the club was to play the "lazy man's sport" of ping pong, but the club soon increased its activities ininclude tackle football and "search and destroy" waterballon wars. These battles took place on local golf courses at night and were a high point of the meetings until several sherrifs discouraged these aggressive conflicts. As one can imagine,the words "Dont move or l'll have to shoot!", are quite persuasive. But we could not let this interfere with our nightly military expeditions for fear that we sould suffer withdrawal symptoms from the adrenalln highs that accompany these adventures. So we con- tinue, oonstantly on the lookout for other aggres- sive men in uniform, equipped with guns and "7 pound flashlights." The club that started out as just an excuse for some friends to get together on weekends, has origins as a joke of several cross- OVER 14 MEMBERS, plus several part-time DCNICI' pants. The Torrey Pines Table Tennis Association is certainly one of the more unique clubs, and possible one of the most exhilarating ever! - Erik Johnson i ee the rich multicolored brilliance of a sunrise in Kenya, Hear the echos over the open lush green valleys of New Zealand, walk next to the century old building of Europe. The A.F.S. international can make this come true. Exchange students from Gemwany, New Zealand, Australia, France, Brazil, and many other nations share their traditions and ideas among the A.F.S. club members. Students join either wanting to participate in a cultrural exchange program or just out of curiosity. Club members leam about interesting people with 'C. 'F different ideas and philosophies on life. Through activities such as local dinners, trips to Disneyland, Magic Mountain, whale-watching, sightseeing in San Diego and Mexico oran evening of watching movies, the A.F.S. members have the opportunity to leam about a different way of life. The club gives foreign students help in adjusting to a new enviroment and in making new friends during those first few difficult days of school. The A.F.S. give students a chance to see the world with or without leaving home. - Cassie Doerfling as THE AFS EXCHANGE Students pictured left to right. Back row: Bernardo Pinheiro de Mello, Casper Kaeding. Middle row: John Bryant, Beate Kirchner, Miriam Van der Qrk, Dan Ekstrom. Front row: Rebecca Teleda, David rvan. IZUHEIGN lliYSi'lQUlE THE AFS club pictured left to right, Back row: Rebecca Tejeda. Advisor Mrs. Avril Merrick, Heather Bowen, Azel Celikates, Tasha Wilson. David Likins, Julie Rayie, Cassie Doerfling, Brian Huber, Adrian Tumball, Teddy Chi, John Bryant, Stephan Chapek, Tristan Sherrod, Joy Shepard, Jennifer Petree, Lisa Mathews. Front row: Angie Graham, Delphine Stedman, Miriam Van der Ark, Beate Kirchner, Bemardo Pinheiro de Mello, Alyssa Dance, Tracie Kersten. Brooke Henderson. Ars. 119 J" lil ,-A , r ir, - ' '7' - nv.: J- M A b ,HL by imufn, 'K if Z3 - 2 ' -E T Rpm .Il-1 ip ' U ,fire-'-Ls: JI,,.l M El 4 ' ' V I - . .. ,g . .., , 5 161 fr? T i A A T- ' A . ,lr if - i iw 25 : ' T ' 4 lf- xfvsf' . 'V - X f rl, ' Q- ' 'i -4- 'Vxgvrf 'Tm A TAL- ,s szff , , T 51,3444 .T . . ein: 'f ,r JL.. . 1, HM. . . ,. Us L SKI CLUB picfured during one of The few Times They were noi on The slopes. Piciured Iefl To righi. backvrow: Mark DeWeese, Aaron Reisner, Dina Maxwell. Middle row: Daniel Nemlroff. Brian Lang, Eric Diimars. Doug Keel, Debbie EIlioTT. Fronf row: Vicki Woodbury, Grefa Paa. Siephanie Rose, Angie Graham, Melissa Evans, KrisTi Gifford. 120 ski CLUB T has never been cerTain wheTher The Ski Club is To be, or noT To be. For several years, The exislence of The club was ThreaTened by whaT The adminisTraTion Termed "unaccepTable" behavior on The ski Trips. The adminisTraTion refused To supporf The coniroversial club, so sponsorhsip was Transferred To The Boy ScouTs of America. For The mosT pari, sTudenTs followed The Boy ScouT's regulafions, and for a while, The issue of whefher The club would conTinue or noT was dropped. JusT when if seemed fairly cerTain ThaT The club would continue, iTs exisTence was ThreaTened by a new problem: The lack of sTudenT enthusiasm for The ski club. AfTer years of sTudenT inTeresT keeping The club alive, The absence of enfhusiasm was surprising, but quiie obvious. Four Trips were cancelled This year. including The four-day Trip To Lake Tahoe, because noi enough sTudenTs signed up. When The Ski Club was scheduled To have iTs yearbook phoTo Taken, only eighl members showed up. Said Senior club member Mark DeWeese. "This reflecls The lack of sTudenT enThusiasm. We had several posTers up announcing The phoTo and we even called many people To remind Them." Those sTudenTs who did aTTend club Trips and meeiings were very disappoinfed Thai The club has a dismal-looking fuiure. Said Brian Lang, "DisconTinuing The club is a preTTy sfupid idea. l know ThaT a lol of sTudenTs are inTeresTed in going on Trips, even if iT doesn'T seem Thai way." Despite The lack of inTeresT in The club, The sTudenTs ThaT did Travel wiTh The ski club on The Trips could noT help buT enjoy Themselves. A Trip To Brianhead in IaTe aufumn was aTTended by sophomores Brandy Smifh and Mandy BenedicT. Over The winier holidays, forly-Three skiers wenf To Park CiTy UTah. "We wenf To four differef mounTains in Park Cify. The variefgwas greaT!" said Lang. Presideni Jason Moli sTaTed ThaT "genera ly sTudenTs were cooperaTive, although noT all reguIaTions were followed." Tara Baldwin elaboraTed, "Some guys were Throwing raisins oul of The hofel window, and a conference was called because anoTher guesT complained." ln March, skiers Took The 24 hour bus ride To Sun Valley idaho. There sTudenTs sfayed in large, luxurious condominiums complete wiTh fireplaces, balconies. and a view of The The slopes." A fourTh Trip To MammoTh cosT only abouT S90 per skier. These successful Trips noTwiThsTanding, The exisTence of The SKT Club remains queslionable. Advisor Debbie EliioT will noT lead The club nexT yeOr since her efforfs, and Those of club officers To enTice more skiers To join, seem fulile. "iT is impossible To gei chaperones and skiers. We have almosf no suppofl form The adminisTraTion. I love The kids, and The Trips,H EIIioT said, 'lBuT l'm geTTing Too old for The headaches. - Angela Hastings i,.i ,". g'-fir ,W . hit WHILE MAJOR Tim Geiser plans his newest strategy colonel Kristin Kammerer checks locations and balloon prices. ,V ' Q , ?f'?fw?f'g!s Gene1IndCo-Pr aoenr,.Jem1 Howland oolonelmaclsvesiaenv. Kristi ic MajarcndVce-PresldenI.,,,,, ...T Geisev uem .. ........,...,...,.....,..,.,...,,.... ' Den a a as I ef r n ammefef 4 im 90011 Kevin ta CONFUSED as to his target. Sergeant Bryan Davison sprays himself with his own "secret weapon." WATERBALLOON WARIORS INVADE LOCAL LAGOONS ith a gentle "plop" it explodes x N not far away. Do they know the locations? Are they just guessing? Wait to find out. Anotherround hits, this time,aliltte further away. Wait. Nothing happens. Waiting, always waiting. Paranoia sets in. They're playing games. they know the location, theyre just being oool. waiting for the first movement. Wait. Waitsomemoreihalsallitoomesdowntoin the end, who can wait the longest. Run and chance death? Or wait for possible capture? Run! They follow fast on the heels. The red armbands chase. Persistent, they follow. Whats that ahead? White! White armbandsl Run, a little further. a little faster. Reds into an ambush. red flag to the neutral zone and the game is over, the war is won. The Hydro-Dynamic Projectile Club was one ofthe newest and most original clubs on campus this year. Described by club Vice-President "Major" Tim Geiser as the 'the experience of a lifetime," H.D.P.C. members participated in an average of one war a month. Locations ranging from swamps to deserts to dense forest woodlands. The games ranged from capture the flag to 'Tree-for-all sIaughter" depending onthe number of participants. "lt wasnt all fun and games," one club member said. "There were strategies and plans to oonsider. The things that run through your mind . . . you get soared sometimes." - Jennifer Howland Seconds later a white armband carries a "' " f ' " ' ,-if sr- 'l'. 4 if 1 -. fav . 'T f. 3, if P 7,1 . F . . 25,7 11 'wjgv' zfF",,!l:l,, kv, ff f. "Yr 4.4 ,r -fa 29, .f .w r A-A f 1- g,,4f, 41.-. 'Jef' ,y .-,- 1 ,. f' ,. .xx i K ,Se 1,.,g . r. Y- . ,,": ,, 'X .M 4,..- '? -'i T vxF"i"g "tif .ll leftist ' 1 .1 il ' W A .TMJ .-,v 04 ein: -I . i T 1, :ir ,. . -. ' ,L a,.,,.f'., I L 4 i Q 4 . ' 'Q f"' . , . l , 'YJ .3 ., 'Q' 'K tg". ' A ,"' f' -ist., ' T 1 w :R+ 'T fi FM' ' . 4 f' rl f f.7 'iH- 5 . if i 1 'X' t ' ,' ,.. 4.14. 4 "vis - 'f',lA.4-5 - ' , "" i f 374. 4-:ggi-:gg , 1-V 3. 7, V ' she JV, ?f . f:' 7'.i - V. 4' ,,,,- WHILE PRACTICING their camouflage techniques, the members of the club pose for their team photo. Shown are ftop rowj General Jennifer Howland, Major Tim Geiser, Colonel Kristin Kammerer. fsecond rowj Lieutenant Kevin Dente, Master Sergeant Scott McWilliams, and Sergeant Bryan Davison. Ready , . , aim Steve "General Confusion" Straitiff is given a four-gun salute by club officers Jennifer Howland, Kristin Kammerer. Tim Geiser, and Kevin Dente. Hnlpucl 121 part of their lives. f' I . V a r-A g - gt- . f H, .afriltj -..'i' Wig'-293151557 ..s,5fls,liit',,l.,. sims! see l lim i t t he Junior Statesmen club is a nonpartisan, nonprofit, and student-run organization. The club involves students that are interested in the social, political, and economic issues that are a Membership in the club involves the opportunities to attend conventions to discuss and debate varied political issues. These debates are held between students attending the convention with peers from all parts from the state. The basic goal of the club is to educate, to involve, and to represent students in the political process. The club itself has existed nationally for 50 years with high schools sponsoring Junior State chapters for those students interested in politics and government. The Junior Statesmen club provides a unique, enjoyable. and dynamic opportunity to be a part ofa meaningful discussion of events important in today's society. - Tim Geiser f-C' .' Jie as ,W 9 X " HUWX THE JUNIOR STATESMEN of America pictured left to right. Back row: All Sadlghlan, Jennifer Demsey, Tor Gronborg, Michelle Kilourie, Doug Hodge, Tina Trumbell, Monnette Mariono. Bryan Davison. Middle row: Mireile Broigli, Shelby Williams, Erika Meir, Gabl Amtmann, Elaine Waldman, Kim Rible, Jobi Cooper. ront row: Tammy Nam, Alison Hensey, Susie Meyn, Hweilee Khoe, Maria Karafilis, Nicole Wong. Jamie Harker. qwe. ,. ji.. ,5- Q 'nf' 1 M ' 1 E, 4'2i'YF,1' 5' " 'Y ' A 4 SN '1 . 195' .. ilwfx .f t wr 5 ,-'gg-f-f' 1 aces-4 , - eyes w 2' ir ' , we 1 -i1f3s'.-1 Q..-. 1 'cf-'ct 255212, .L ST., ,M 1 Ev.: -,5 g f.. L A 15.4. 'f if sfjli " X :xx .faq-Q? ,EQ x iv-' i.-,ZF 1. i ' it 2 Mttgifvbtq. l we vw 1 i tit' '- t 122 JR. STATESMAN spimr H5335 " hiv' 'dl 'X COVWTIOV1 CCUSQVWSLKS Cf-'av' I ' am ,x,4Q,e:'c:e3nw Mgiwef +4'v"m in me N ' K - we-jfs QLJCASSI Wlvaf' was We Veasfmr ,, Vx, , x W 'far ws? Owe cramriem: ima fae'i'az' coma have been Hwe wear 280 eagafe 'mai' made up The Splrif CMD Karen Weaaia, presiaem af Hue CMD, also Amaw as Bemchwarmefs, expressed hex' aesire 'Ze aci"new'e Ma sense al unify ana 2O'yaIi1,fi'a Tewev Pines," by making Enema self' ma af ' ' Q V Nec! rc ,un Weaazg aaaea INCH she didn? know vf The Sginmih CMJ caulc! g 1C 4 GCN SWG COVTYDS S iewcziw, fam''i'VwczW1ew were Qama era 'V 'ff"5v. me Semi' CMJ, resgaamsieie faf maacma mam if ' " V, , 3 . an raareaH games, Hweir e'fferi's helped The galayf Mafaef. me games iiwey eiweerea Zeualy, hoping Hwai' H' 2 ,fwx mica meie only siwaw Their school sgekmi me ie 'Hue ?aleams ammlwee' Veasew Ta win. mink We mayefs Caaw feel The sugafaafif' Weaaia Cemcluaea, "ana Z Think fha? We CH' Zwemsf' -- Jermffer Howland .--1 Q 1 ,H M Spid club members ch eer on The Falcons To vicTory. SPIRIT 123 MEMBERS ol the C.S.F. included: pop rowl J'e'nnlfenIGrenier. Tina uroo o. an axwe ,Do1.3Hodge, Bryan Davison. Kent Rl ardson. Shelby Williams, Andy Charmin, Heather Chung, David Etherton, Andy Hall, Scott Wells. Leslie Kawasaki, Colleen Fitzsimons, isecond rowl Bill Rhett, Laurel Haines, Susan Abraham, Andrea Panchenko, lthird rowl Laura Detweller, Jennifer Demsey, Gabriele Amtmann, Elaine Waldman, Kim Rible. Jobl Betsy Cartln, Jayne Wavrik, C ris- tlna Flores, llronl rowl Erika Mler, Mlrelle Brogli, Tammy Nam. Maria Karaflllls, Susie Mlen, Michelle Klllorte, Nicole Wong, Jamie Harker, Sachla Dublin. Jamie Hren. and Down Davis. i if I . -45 Q,.rPf""5 l AI 0.0355 J . V . E ly he California Scholastic Federation is a state wide or- ganization whose fundamen- tal goal is The honoring of academically superior students. CSF is a way to recognize and commend Those students who managed To obtain at least Ten academic point from Their previous semesters grades. Academic points are received Through The accumulation of A's and B's. A's are worth Three point and B's are worth one point. One restriction applies: The manda- tory seven point of The Ten or more must be from A-F classes. As a member of CSF, scholarship money may be eamed Through services rendered on a charitable basis. Free Tutoring, Donations and other charitable actions eam what are know as CSF points. CSF point may be saved in order to receive scholarships. The money which is given away in scholarships is collected by The club members Themselves. Through sales and monetary donations The money is accumulated and aT The end of The year given out as scholarships. Participation in CSF is also fun. This past year a Trip To Disneyland and Honor Day was planned. The club had also sponsored a political musical fantasy in San Diego and a School dance in March. CSF is a worthwhile club with a noble DUFDOSG. - Tim Geiser ITED THEY STA P' . -Q,-1.-. 1 .293 'E ,, I 1-A , 1 . r -Gia JOVENES UNIDOS included: ltop rowj Martha Flores, Elizabeth Rivera, , Maribel Cema, Veronica Cortez, Diana Moreno. Lai Wan , Lydia 124 CSEJOVENES UNIDOS Alfaro, Ana Aquino, Lorena Palacios, Sandra lbarra, Elizabegw Arias, fbottom rowl Luis Cema, Juan Carlos. Miguel Arreguin, and Jose Ulloa. ' f 2 I V ereagroupof l teenagers 1 I 5 who like to lg-I l ll T ' have fun," was . how club s e c re t a ry ' Elizabeth Arias d e s c r I b e d Jovenes Unidos. The cIub's name means teens united, and Thats exactly what the club is all about. The club is made up of about 30 members, mostly English as a second language fE,S.L.J students. Leaming English is made easier Through The support of other members. The main goals of Jovenes Unidos include social interaction, support, and The sharing of cultural events. "We do fundraising to make money for The group and to go on Trips to different places like Disneyland and Magic Mountain," explained Arias. 'Some money is also used to help other student." The club met every Tuesday to discuss problems, ideas and future plans. - Jennifer Howland JS WaiTing for The resulTs, BreTT BuTler and David Dogue waTch as anoTher Team performs. ne dicfionary describes a gigolo as "a 5 male professional escorl or dancing T parTner." The member of The JusT a Gigolo club Tried To live up To This definiTion as besT as They could. AT The annual dance show lasT year, several guys did a precision dance rouTine To The David Lee RoTh song of The same name. Since Then, The group formed inTo a club and now performs along wiTh The Torrey Pines Drill Team aT compeTiTions. The club has come along way since Their firsT perfor- mance. They have added The "professional Touch" of uniforms and have won prizes aT The oompeTiTions They've aTTended. PresidenT and head gigolo Chris Newsom said ThaT he hopes To represenT The school aT all oompeTiTions, buT many have asked if This is The kind of represenTaTion The school needs? - Jennifer Howland y'i7ll'a?ilTi'F'51 i wx, W... H .Tiirielfl if MTM lfwllgys ml' rril Win Tmllilri lsisibwiiii lliigaliijlz iirliii. if filmi- Wrwll fvf GIGOI-OS Robby Kom, Glenn Sadler, Chris Newsom, BreT'l BuTler, and David Dogue perform in fronT of The judges and drill Teams from all over Califomia. JUST A GTGOLO 125 , ,IW f. 'fin 1985-86 CLASS OFFICERS weregiop rowl Senior Treosurer Doug Keel, gniddle rowj Senior Vice Presi ent Josh Rose, Senior Presideni Eric ilrnors, Junior President Cleve Tzung, Freshman President Kevin Flonogongboliom rowl Sophomore Presicleni Trision Sherrod, Sopho- more iie ouncil Rep. Brooke Henderson, Freshmon Vice Preslcleni Kdrnblz Tehronchi, Junior Treosurer Joelle Hren, ond Freshmon Sile y, Q Council Rep. Liso Cheung. lim ff' cw 'if'-J 123 - 'vs 4 . , 1 -A yn' 49515217 M ilu .X 1, ,' .::-,1! ', ' r y r u l 'J ' Q til -- 1. I H , '. A I .aff T at -' ,VUL -q-I.5,b' ' 'H' L Wil: ,if f "fr . . I in J, .r , 3 4' i I I 'I 1 Ill s li! SECOND SEMESTER ASB, officers were: flop rowj Advisor George Robinson, Mork Houber, Cleve Tzung, Trocy Phillips, Doutg Keel, Joelle Hren, Liso Cheung, Nicole Nu eni, fbo om rowl Eric Diimors, Josh Rose, Vdnesso Rogm, Jomes Nicoios, ond Seon Slohery. 125 Ass crfxssorricerfis FIRST SEMESTER ASB, officers were: flop rowj Nicole Wong, Chrisiino Woodbury, Jeff Melemed, lmiddle rowj Advisor George Robinson, Monelle Mdrino, Jdmes Nicolds, Tommy Nom, Lindo Allred, Heciiher Poscoe, Andy Holi, Slephonie Dodson, ond lboiiom rowj Eric Dilmors. Rvws x 'ir me "DELEGATES" from each fourth period class listen to ASB. candidates speak. The number of delegates from each class depended on the number of students in that class. T he Associated Student Body is perhaps the only organization on campus in which every stu- dent, by their enrollment, is a member. The A.S.B. Council serves as the voice of the S' B students in all major issues that affect the school. It also.acts as a mediatory between the students and the administration. The Council consists of student body officers who are elected each January and class officers that are elected at the end of each school year. All officers as a requirement of office are enrolled in a fourth period Student Government class. ln the class student leaders work in a con- tinuous effort to promote activities that would benefit the students. Developing their leadership abilities, the members strive to promote the general welfare and secure the blessing of liberty to ourselves and especially our school spirit. - Tim Geiser ENTERTAINING the delegates and other nominees Brothers campaign. Somewhat with a song, Scott Greenburg and the no BS. Blues burg won the race for secretary. successful, Green- A.s,B.rcLAss orrrcsrrs 127 I 1 ---...,,,Nm -K X' vijx . ,X CHECKING THE COPY of The Falconer, Editors Chris I-iomsoh and Jeff Berehd use The ' ioiesi compuier journalism techniques. I x k I .HIFFFPRZEZQ ' d.-,y ,, 2 , . 1 fv in it . fa" 1 Sf-s qi THE FALCONEFI A LANDMAQK YEAR T he 1985-86 school year was a landmark one for the Torrey Pines Falconer. Despite the graduation of most newspaper officers, the new staff members more than adequately filled their shoes. Following in the footsteps of previous Falconer staffs is something they didn't do. The September Falconer issue featured a new banner and lypeset copy, to make the traditionally excellent writing easier to read. ln October, the entire Falconer staff made the trek to the state Joumalism Convention at San Jose. ln addition to attending numerous workshops, in an effort to leam the the techniques used on other school papers and apply them to the Falconer, selected ,Tai staff standouts in writing, layout, and photography competed. Despite competing against some of the best high school joumalists in the state, staffers Kathy Dreifuss won a second place award in the layout competition and Kristin Kammerer won a third place award in news writing. The first semester staff began a tradition of ex- cellence to guide those of second semester. ln an effort to alter and upgrade the quality of the paper, numerous changes were made second semester. Jeff Berend took over the helm as Editor-in- Chief, while first semester editor Chris Hamson be- came Assistant Editor. Other changes were made as capable "cubbies" from the beginning journalism ciass were integrated into the staff. The new staff decided upon the new banner and the horizontal layout that marked the second se- mester Falconer issues. After their successes in San Jose, the staff headed forthe National Journalism Convention in Tucson, Ar- izona. Between tough oom- petitions and informative workshops, the staff found time to fratemize with their journalistic peers from across the nation, ill. , -x , ,ll SECOND SEMESTER "rookies" Craig Matter, Kim Rible, Meredith Casai, Greta Pad, Susan Thomas, Jaime G-lasson, Mark Thomas, Chris Reavis, and Travis Scott joined the staff. .J .Q- i 'Ja 1. 'S -iWHE . T! . ' z fi? X. if 2 ,W -V. sf WORKING LATE in the "morgue," Todd Coffman sorts photos and art. in .. afK7'1SM-T 'V . 811186 'J'.'. ' If ' 161' aT' ".'...-ny! - ZlB'5.r'pf 41 '3""lI' 5 W.. 'j .v J iq 'L I 1 iv N X 441 ,, nl '- t . bg Tami Dun ' x Krist ford Gigi G odefroy GN LSZGYIS Fl W if L Vw My 1 NV ,J an Hx . I GKXXNOU Chrkssv ' - :ff fiigf-MV I . m? .ard Qlrrisrrrarllliliiillwliliii One explanaTion for This newfound spiriT was The cheer- leading squad. ensational T piriT This year was higher Than ever before. STudenTs were noT merely inTer- esTed in school acTiviTies. They were ex- ciTed. One expIanaTion for This newfound spiriT was The cheerleading squad. Over The lasT several years, The cheerleaders had Taken on a casual aTTiTude. The sTudenTs, lacking The leader- ship and necessary spiriT, had also Taken on This aTTiTude. Changes were made concerning The squad. In August The squad parTicipaTed in a cheerleading camp aTThe UniversiTy of Califomia aT Los Angeles. ln compeTiTion aT The camp, The squad placed quiTe well. Then in SepTember, when The sTudenTs were greeTed by an enThusiasTic group of cheerleaders, inTeresT began To grow. "People are generally followers," said one fooTball fan, 'you wanT To jump and yell, buT only if someone else does iT firsT." The cheerleaders of '85-'86 were quiTe willing To jump and yell. - Kerry Grochowiak VARSITY or-:EER 131 nderfhe FEATHERS Although the name Michelle Wadley may not be familiar, she is quite well known. Like the San Diego Chicken and other mascots, Wadley likes her anonymity, She is, of course, Torrey Pine's own mascot, Fred the Falcon. Freeflight had the opponunity to speak with Wadley on a one to one basis so uncommon to her position. FFTEEFLIGHT: WhaT were The circum- sTances surrounding your becoming The school mascoT? WADLEY I wanTed To be The mascoT IasT year, buT I was only a Sophomore. To be The mascoi I had To be a Junior ora Senior. So This year I Tried ouT again, and I goi iT. FREEFLIGHT Wiih all The long hours and hard work, why did you wanT To be The mascoi in The firsT place? WADLEY I've always loved The San Diego Chicken. He's kind ofa ugood-will ambas- sador" and I like Thai. I'm really ouigoing, and when I'm in The cosiume, I can do whaTever I wanT wiThouT people knowing who I am. I can do Things I wouIdn'T do if people knew IT was me. I really love To criTi- cize The oTher Team, now Thai is a IoT of fun. FREEFLIGHT WhaT does IT feel like, being in fronT of a crowd ThaT size? Don'T you feel nervous in fronT of a fooTball sTadium full of people? WADLEY Well, no. When I'm up in fronT of The fans, I don'T hear or even noTice Them. WiTh The head on, I can only hear my own breaihing. One Thing I don'T like abouT being The Falcon is ThaT I can'T Talk To anyone. lT's lonely. I like To Talk, buT when 132 FRED THE FALCON I'm on The field, I have To be Fred The Falcon, noT Michelle Wadley. BuT no, I don'T geT nervous. When I'm on The field, I'm so pumped up I don'T have Time To Think abouT whai I'm doing, IeT alone who's waTching me. FREEFLIGHT Whai do you Think abouT when you're performing? WADLEYI Think abouT whaT I'm going To do nexi. Because I don'T have any seT scripT of whaT To do, I have To be looking around all The Time, Trying To find Things To do. Like The one fooTbaII game when There were people eaTing chicken in The siands. Being NUMBER ONE. Fred The Falcon IMichelIe Wadleyxl Shows who's The besT on November 8Th aT The Varsi fiofoiball game againsT San Marcos. UnforIunaTely, e os Fred The Falcon, I had To Take offense aT ThaT and really reacT. FREEFLIGHT WhaT is your favoriie parT of being The mascoT'? WhaT do you enjoy The mosT abouT your posiTion? WADLEYI guess There are Two Things I enjoy The mosT. Being The mascoi allows me To express my opinions openly wiThouT having To deal wiTh The consequences. Everylhing people yell is To The Falcon, noT To me. The oTher Thing I really like is ThaT The fans don'T know who I am. They don'T know if I'm a boy or a girl, so They spend half The game Trying To figure ouT which I am. So I, of course, Try To confuse Them. They'll say To each oTher 'shake iTs' hand." So when They do, I squeeze real hard, so They Think Thai I'm a guy, Then They Try To waTch how I walk, ThaT's when I can really Try To Throw Them off. FREEFLIGHT WhaT was The rnosi embarassing Thing Thai ever happened To you as The Falcon? WADLE Y I've neveriold anyone abouT This. buT when I was hurrying To change afTer a game, so I could make iTTo The bus in Time, I ran inTo a baThroom. The problem was, I didn'T check To see if IT was a boy's or a girI's room. Forlunaiely, I was almosi compIeTeIy dressed before anyone came in. FREEFLIGHT If you could change any- Thing abouT The Falcon, whai would IT be, and why? WADLEY I guess iT would have To be The FaIcon's sTaTus. NexT year I'd like To see people Think of him like They Think of The Chicken. I'd really like To see a IiTTIe more Continued on page 134 HALFTIME SHOW. Frosh cheerleaders prove thcn "Our Teams Be-Her" by promoting spirit dur- ing holfTime. This time become Q highlight of every gclme. Continued from page 132 suppori. FREEFLIGHT WhaT do you Think of spiriT in general, and do you Think The Falcon helps rally parTicipaTion? WADLEYThe spiriT This year is whaT iT should be. I Think one of The Things ThaT has really helped is The freshman class. The new freshman class has come To The school spiriTed. and sTayed ThaT way. They've Ieamed ThaT being spiriTed isn'T anything bad, iTs someThing To be proud of. And yes, I Think ThaT The Falcon helps promoTe Team spiriT. IT also provokes The oTher Team. In facT, af a couple of games, fighTs almosT broke oui. AT The end of.The game Though, I Try To make up wiTh The oTher Team. FFTEEFLIGHT Many have commenTed on how much beTTer The enTire cheerleading squad Is This year. WhaT makes This year's any belTer'? WADLEY I guess The answer To ThaT is dedicaTion. This year's squad is serious. LasT year we had a loT of really casual cheerleading. We really Try our IoesT now, Things have changed in The ways we Think abouT spiriT. FREELIGHT WhaT makes you a beTTer Falcon Than any of The oThers? WADLEY I'm noT afraid To do someThing. I Try noT To reveal jusT who is in The cosTume. When l'm on The field, iT's noT Michelle, iT's Fred. MosT of all, I'm Trying To sTarT a new image. FREEFLIGHT Is The school mascoT a job you would recommend? WADLEY Yes, buT iT's noT a job for jusT anybody. IT Takes a special kind of person, one who is willing To sTruT, jump, and make a foil of herself in front of large groups of people. No one knows who you are. iT's noT glamorous, iT's jusT fun. - Jennifer Howland OUT OF UNIFORM. Michelle Wadley sfrlkes an unfamiliar pose. Wadley is befler known as our mascoT Fred The Falcon. 7 MT! .lr .1 A Q 5 , 1 4 I . , V ,- ,.,.,f4 WTI lf' .,. .Mir 'UA X , I 11 . IX I, ,wg 6 K T -i4,...., ... .. , if" L -' ,-if ' M- ' 4 . f " 'Mir ' 'QL 3 'f'::,, i I -in. gffyih gh, I 2' I i i Kara Schw Chan. JUNIOR VARSITY CHEER Front row: Denise Efiari, Kristi Cooper, Kari Dunford. Back row: Shannon Smiih, Hedrher Baldwin, Veronica Poiiock, Laurene Eifari. FROSH Ci-IEER Amy Hari, Shana Bass Debbie Parker Kaine Gilllvan -J, 136 FLAG TEAM is 1-' " 1t".T..' -5.41.5 ' -F ,af effsf, ,3..sf"Y3,,igw gkgigffy ' tw--. 1 ' -vi QU' 5PM F , we --1 -fi -rr, wut wa' 4.1.- .23 9 1- . A , ,Z ,L L .g , E 5 "Q "Q T? 1 ff' L E N, xx 2 J A 9 ' , 5' A' Ig, L ,R .f 'F' Pt 9' ' ,ff i' 1 W , ri ,... ' 1 , Q ' tg 1. Q , ,.,....-.7 TAKING A BRIEF BREAK from their practice, the Flag Team members: Front row: Vanessa Becker, Gretchen Uter, Katherine Goudy, Second row: Stacey Jocoy, Heather Pascoe, Kimberty Kuechler. Back row: Carrie Green, Berry Bermingharn, Sara McWilliams, Betsy Cartin, and Llsa Cheung, he flag Team worked hard This year m0k'fTQ many improve- menfs. IT grew in size from four To L Twelve people. They wenT To Three compeTiTions aT IVIT. Carmel, Mission Viejo, and San Dieguifo and marched in Three parades, one aT Dis- neyland. The flags wenT up againsT sTiff opposifion and came in fourlh, fiflh, and fourlh place respecfively. lVlosT girls were opTimisTic saying, "Well win nexT yearl" The flag season officially sfarled Three weeks before school. During band camp The girls pracficed wiTh an insTrucTor for elghT hours a day. Afler school sfarfed, normal rehearsing Time was cuT To four hours every ofher day. On The lighfer side, each flag girl is parT of a close kniT group of friends sTrongly resembling a family. Sharon Jocoy, as advisor To The flags, is like a second mofher To all The girls. Through The year The girls enjoyed pizza-pariies, movies, and secref sisTers on compefifion days. The flag Team parTicipaTed in many The flag Team pariici- paTed in many fund- raising acTiviTies. lVldny people remember The ice-cream sales in The rain. WITH AN EYE To creating new fashion Trends Befsy Carlin, Thiere Goudy, HeaTher Daniels, and Kimberly Kuechler model Tne IaTesT in flag wear. fund-raising acTiviTies. Many people may remember The ice-cream sales in The rain. Besides ice-cream The girls husfled raffle Tickefs, enTerTainmenT books, cheese, and hoT-dogs. They also wenf wiTh The band on many occasions such as The Halloween march, and small performances aT shop- ping malls. During The second auarler, field show rehearsal was no longer necessary so someThing else was subsTiTuTed. Each girl had To creafe her own rouTlne using whafever music she liked. The idea behind This was To alleviaTe boredom and aTTend compeTiTions if The girls goT good enough. They wenf To some of These compeTiTions buT didn'T perform. However, They inTend To compeTe nexf year afler a special summer camp. Flags ended aT The semesfer, nof in- cluding exTra performances To raise morale and Try-oufs for nexf year's Team. Acfing as capfain was senior HeaTher Pascoe. LieuTenanTs were Sfacey Jocoy and Kim Keuchler, - Sfacey Jocoy ON THE SIDELINES. The Flag Team leads The Band info posifion for The Homecoming half-Time show. FLAG TEAM 137 he '85-'86 school year marked The ninTh season for The Torrey Pines Falcon Marching Band. Prior To 1981, The band did noT compeTe in parades or ToumamenTs. Since Then, The Falcon Marching Band has grown in size and sTaTure. TogeTher wiTh The Tall Flags and The Dance and Precision Drill Team. The band became a proud and respec- Table, highly compeTiTive organizaTion. Under The dlrecTion of Fred Lee and The leadership of Co-Drum Majors CaThy Charley and Cheri lvlagon, The band reached new heighTs boTh on and off The field This season. ln The pasT Two seasons, The band has been working on building Their public image and developing a sTrong sense of pride and EspriT de Corps. Through a more Through a more serious and disciplined ap- proach To rehearsal, music, marching, ma- neuvering, and per- forming, The bdnd has come a long way from where They began. .j i serious and disciplined app5hESK31Es.l rehearsal, music, marching, maneulie and perfomwing, The band hasligcici-Q long way from where They .IDGQQHL help of skilled professionalsfffqgflf communily, such as The lJ.S. Magrlhelipg Marching Band, and a Terrificlyasumn Teaching The basic skills lof refining and developing Their .leclijjl f s and improving Their marching STVIQE s.i- 3 .5 STudenTs were b,eTTer preypqie-ij? perform and compeTe in parggesf ToumamenTs. do V LasT year, The band 'receivedgiflvilf if ll place Trophies and asToundirjgigSQd ' ll compeTiTlons. Mid-seasonbf, Thlsiyi already broughT ThaT many, andifj RST, Q ggi Their scores hadinever been ihlgy lrf band camp, The emphasis 4' I0 ConTinued' on page T405 ' "ON BROADWAYH? Well noT exacTly, on Camino Del Mar The band perfom1ed To larger Than usual crowds ThaT ined The sTreeTs for The Homecom- ing parade. 138 BAND ,J ' i -I if ff ,' H f ' 1 'I Lf ifyx ' XZ W , I 1' f, VJ 1 I ,X J ,ln ff ww T fifth AJMX5 ,V , gf ff V Y l we-fl T ,, V' ,jf it QLl'i"i lv-Y ,fi if -4 le Y, ' ' Nita i I t' ,-.' A M-I 'j .. Q' A f U 1 41 Q, , , l I jf ff l ,v , ' N . L Q r K xi i r D Q31 ,E el g ' V MARCHING BAND Front row: Catherine Charley, Kathleen Sullivan. Kristin Stewart, Leslie Ka- wasaki, Audrey Sakata, Alan Kosakoff, Nicole String- ham, Sridhar Venkatesh, Nara Bramblett, John Charley, Cheri lvlagon, Heather Pascoe. Second row: Katherine Goudy, Vanessa Becker, Sarah gd Mcvvlllmms, Kristen Panchenko, Tanya Jones, Kristin Kammerer, Anthony - A Judah, Edward Salazar, Danny Raymond, Brett Butler, Michael Evanoff, Kimberly Kuechler. Third row: Gretchen Uter, Suzanne Wiedemeier, Brent Goudreau, Simon Wagner, Christopher Her- ring, Christopher Newsom, Robert Korn, Garret Simpson, Gary Kaun, Travis Elliot, Lisa Cheung. Back row: Elizabeth Carlin, Jason Weiss, David Dogue, Glenn Sadler, Mike Grund. Heather T' Burns, Kimberly Chan, Lainie Patterson, Jason Porter, Patrick Mulvihiil, David Hogan, Trent Elliot, Stacey Jocoy. TWO YEAR VETERAN band director Fred Lee instilled a newsense of pride in the Falcon Marching Band. "FOR YOUR EYES ONLY" The band performed before the eyes of all in attendance at the Varsity football game acgainst Dana Hills. Although the band playe well, the football team id not, they lost. BAND 139 140 BAND Continued from page 138 newly formed Tall Flag Team also rose to a high standing. Due to the strong leadership and dedicated members, they have also earned several toumament trophies. The Falcon Marching Band was a spirited and dedicated group committed to excellence. They performed at numerous toumaments and parades and frequently went on field trips to Disneyland and other 'fun places'. They were proud to represent Torrey Pines and our community in every performance. We hope that they will continue to grow and wish them con- tinued success. A Fred Lee, Band Director 7 if TY Viv 'e M f if .f tif " ff' 799- -Q 422 34 w,x,..VM,. ,L 4.,: ,-Mil-, I F., "J" . sjfxg. wsu T 441 N 1' 4 . 1 'A-A .,f'fAg'ff,.f ' 9 P 9.- -Q., T Iwi "ANYTHING GOES." The Band Tried new Techniques, new songs, and new formaTions in an aTTempT To improve Their overall performance. The long praciices and many compeTiTions payed off in The end as They played and marched wiTh a sTyIe unequaled in Band HisTory. PicTured: Cheri Magong Pai Mulyihill and Kim Chan: Cdrhy Charley: Simon Wagner: KrisTin Kammererg GarreT Simpson, Simon Wagner, Alan gosagoflg ag? TrenT EIIioTg Chris Newsom: Suzie Wiedemeiery The Marching Band: HeaTher Bums and Mike run : o orn. BAND 141 1. I' wt 'T W --P' avr ' WA- ' w-"1-'uf' ' 9!'g',':t FEW GOOD WOIVIEN FMQQQY9 Qui? me MUN EVQMIWKFYQ fmwgm fa-6 im W64?Qfame fisrffiz fp mm ME vfs1awfa1x1 ' x 1 L1 NJW5 wegfkihyv 3Q1?35S TQWQ37? P l2'1 mm imfg N f5fQfQ4ff1 C963 GE!" ims SMSEJES' 61361 Q GQffQfziQ1w QW ffvrW6Hw wGr5 wm1Ke'5l 'mi may ww, Qfgifmjmii-Q QWSNWC rm Qing sf swf pmamifiv MM qmfiiihef mmfmg year ffqwf fA,r1'wQ,f1 rf-J1f',cwfs'fP WMS' fquw UU5 i' W ?7LfUF Mig --7 ,vfhwfxffx fwfffxv Emi H1 fiiffsm Osman Mama zcf-5. Gm? 51212 4'Pr'5nTGi i'fvfS13'El Q'?7'3', fgcfyl Amir. sfefxgwi'-we fmfcafrpgeqfmca Q6 we '5fECI3!fCfQf1ifTWQ llUErQ1'4vf1fv'fG iw MGA ifiwgfgf m4QQ1u1i m: e3'2 'C m wifw'm',f in Nfmfe Cmoikrsf bfiffifrfiqf fgffqnsri WACW wmfiica 370 megnsfsrgzygwfvgf ffifv ma" 1h:CAOf5F!xT4'5e3G1F"' wig fEWiAf3P3'5'lfvCISZ1?f Tfwspf fmgsfe fQe ?f?. 5wf fI g We-aff 3 ee f imairefafjeql ijylwe 'Qfsfxffffcdggyf 1w. -vffwiifii-Q or 3f31'f 7 G1mT "'5r C:f"Fr.,f5-' T' J. A-, H, , l ANTH Continued from page 743 camps They aTTended. The Team members, of which There are ThirTy-four, were parT of The pep squad dur- ing The firsT semesTer, Teaming wiTh The loand and flag Team. During The second semesTer, The Team compeTed in several compeTiTions such as aT Disneyland and l'lT's a loT of fun and l encourage anyone To Try ouT nexl year" Ms. Drill Team, finishing well in each. Each of The Team exeouTives have won individual evenTs and awards of Their own. Team officers also include: Co-CapTain Tina Lee, and LieuTenanTs Shannon Murphy and KaThryn Finley. The Team was advised by Caryl Temples. "IT's a IoT of fun and l encourage anyone To Try ouT nexf year," said LieuTenanT Tempe Mason. WiTh The excellence The Team has shown in The pasT This may be good advice. They're looking for a few good women. ,li ii-V 144 DRILL TEAM YLJIDCIJ FUN IVIMIYQUIIYKD. ilu: uiiii ic begins a performance af The VarsiTy foofball game againsf La Jolla. K , ..K -. f.-,- , .v..,,kx P 4,0 'T 4 'WW T: .1..r ,- . - "Sf',.fr . 'I' uf A 'li 1 l- v ,1 rf' ' 147 ABU- BIT Michelle Aboud Allan Adelmon Devon Alcom Jamie Alexander Joseph Alfrey Thomas Allen Devonee Alvarez Pafricia Alvarez Gabriele Amfmann Bradley Anderson Lance Anderson Carlofd Arreguln Jyoli Arya Kaream Assl Wade Avery Jeffrey lablklon Jenny Bainbridge Sean Bally Leah Barrera Jason Barry Kurt Baflenberg Joelle Beauchane Bruce Bell Jorge Belfron Roberlo Beilran Jeffrey Berend Clare Bergin Shayne Berridge Mah' Bifulk Lisa Blflar 5 mix 2: . SENIORITIS: as .- Doctor! Doctor! Give me the news! lgot a bad case of Senlor Blues. My-minds all muddy, l don't wanna study. My thoughts won't keep, I just wanna sleep. Doctor says, "lt aln't Hepatitis," Gotta be . . . SENIORITIS!! Senioritis ... it has many different meanings and many different causes. It is one of the least understood maladies, yet one of the most l common in high schools today. Senioritis stems from both confusion and anxiety.. A r The past 12 years have consisted almost entirely of other people's decisions, ideas and thoughts. Now, however, things are different. A job? College? Or both? Republican or i Democrat? Move out or stay at home? There is a new and frightening world out there . . . the ,real world. Unlike the students who fear the real world, there are those who can't wait to jump in. They want outof school, t and they want out as soon as Q., MZ 1 , fi -t x LW ,is jsp , fi i a lso Q +f me r W -y "...lT SET IN WHENI WASA SOPHOMOREU V , possible. Both are victims of Senioritis. When asked to describe when Senioritis would hit. answers were varied. According to Dave Marlow, "It's way too late to ask that question, it set in when I was a sophomore." Unlike Marlow, Kat Furcolo estimated the snack would be in the last month of,12th grade. Other answers ranged from Ron Kuelt2o's 'the first day of school" to Burke Finley's "no telling." - Jennifer Howland ssmons 149 150 SENIORS IN CHARGE: NT Qihroughout lhlghschool we meet 1 y. Jnitciny fines people. There are a t -rew,jnowever,. who stand out A fabove-the: rest. One. of These 'sipedlal people -was our-lschool's, senior Ptesldent., Jeffrey' Melemed. This sparkling+eyed- charmer is an active, 6'2" senior who's responsibilities and interests keep him occupied. His presidential duties included organizing bands, games. dances, elections, safety campaigns, and settling contracts. Melemed encouraged everyone to become involved with the A.S.B. and other school activities. Promoting spirit was to be this years goal, a goal that was in fact achieved. Melemed's hobbies include skiing. tennis, swimming, and his favorite - sailing. After graduation, Melemed's many activities will continue to keep him hard at wom as he pursues a career in law. l-'f"Ek "rn HAS THE NICEST ' cAMPus... ANDA WONDERFUL FACULTY " New to the area, he feels that l "Toney Pines has the nicest-campus. ... with the nicest people .. . andia g wonderful faculty." BIZ -- COL Eric Bizzigoiri Chrisiy Blanchard Todd Bluechel Frank Bologna Michael Booth Kelly Bowen Kerry Bowman Malihew Bowman Russell Bowman Anne Bradshaw Janet Brice - Mirelle Brogli Danny Brown Amy Bruce Timothy Bubnack Christopher Buell Alexandra Bugge ' Todd Bulich ' , DavidsBi4oTe' Todd Cadwell Jeff Caldwell' B Cdlhy Campbell Michael Carey Sleven casper Kalhleen Cassidy Maria Cervantes Johnny Chang Eric Charlebois Carherine Charley Charles Chiang Lauren Clow John Coffman Alexander Cole CO! 152 ssliions -EDG Evo Coiloi Brion Connelly Jobere Cooper Kelly Cooper Kevin Coordl Robert Coppo Cnorles Covello Amy Cronin Julie Crosby Debby Doyis Lindo Dcivis Bryon Dovison Nicole Deboer Michoel Defios Jennifer Demsey Lindo Denle Suson Denyes John Devony Mork Deweese Diono Dioz Kelly Dinon Eric Dilmors Kimberly Dodd Siephcinie Dodson Cassie Doerfling Williom Dougheriy Tomciro Droin Scum Dries-Doffner Tomoro Dunforcl Kim Duryeo Nickolos Duvoll Jeffrey Eoion Terrence Edgor M. , V f QQ' .7 5 -A 5 GNNQTTV UIK STLVA Tage 17, Solana Beach's Doug Silva is The number Two-ranked amafeur surfer in The world. The self-assured senior plans To Turn professional in The summer affer graduafion. Before his leap To prosTa1us, Silva has a few more Things he'd like To accomplish as an amafeur. Early This summer he will aTTempT To move-up To The number one spoT aT The Bi-Annual World AmaTeur Championships. lf he can a1'lain This goal, Silva said ThaT he would feel like 'The Top dog". Silva has been a successful amafeur oomefifor for years, buf he remained relafively unknown nafionally unTil The 1984 World Championships. He compefed in The men's T18 and overj division, placing five poinTs behind The winner ScoT'T Famsworih. Silva was only 16 aT The Time. Silva is a veferan surfer of nine years. AT The age of 8 he developed a love for The spori Through The encouragemenf of his falher, also an avid surfer. Surfing is more Than a sport for Silva. ul oonsider SUI'flhQ my job," he said, "l'm one of Those people who really likes Their work." Alfhough The pressure doesn'T geT To him during The preliminary heafs, Silva said Thaf The finals were a differenf sTory. "Surfing in a oonTesT is almost like showing-off," he said, "I feel really relaxed unfil I geT close To The finals. Then l become a liT'lle Tense, buf l'Think'ThaT's The case wiTh everyone excepf The Top pros." 41" . "I CONSIDER SURFING MY JOB " Silva is a very strong compefifor wiTh an insTincTive feel for whaT The judges are looking for. Nafional SchoIasTic Surfing Associafion INSSAJ direcfor lan Caims has wafched Silva closely for The pasT four years. 'THe's a TalenTed surfer, buf he has a long way To go in reaching his poTenTial," Caims said of Silva. 'THe can go as for as his drive Takes him,' - Lora Stowe sENioRs 153 154 sENioRs PRISING is 'J -iz? if. 'i-ig' DOWNFALL ince the opening of Torrey Pines, seniors have always participated in the Senior Assembly and 'iditch day". Every year, the seniors pick up their caps and gowns and gather in the gym to form the number of their graduating year. Then the majority ofthe graduating class takes off for the beach or wherever for the remainder of the day. Every year, that is. until this year. "The administration gave us little to work with," said senior ASB officer Annette Hecht. "We couldn't have the Senior Assembly during school hours and we couldn't use the gym," said Hecht. For the first time there would be no Senior Assembly. Mostly because the administration felt that it had become too much of a "ditch day" in the past. Many seniors opposed not having the traditional Senior Assembly. "We worked with what we had," said Hecht. Thus in place ofthe assembly, the Senior Uprising was created. After school, on October 13. the senior class met for pizza. reggae music played by "Generation," a raffle, and their class picture. The picture was, however, not taken in the traditional '86 fomwation. instead it was formed in the Roman numeral style. DCXXVI. "IT WAS A MESS..." Elaine Waldman said, "people were standing on people's shoulders. so anyone behind them could not be seen." "lt was a mess. l wanted the regular '86, the more basic the better," said Hecht. "The spirit was high," said Josh Rose. "I liked everything but the picture, because there wasn't enough time to get organized," said Christine Blanchard. Despite the unpopular picture, most of the other activities during the Senior Uprising ran smoothly. ,V Q . 50 ky' I '. A. A 5 ' i . N, A iam. pr i. . .:...- 'T 5 Nz " -i i .:.' 'f H U . 1 ' VXA Ji" 11' 4 fff ,IW Q-w U ""M ' Qsmxgz Qihzio PQ'flW'Q4i'+,illYg- iglmivgm 13QwQw61: Qmvsmssvgfgvl Elini! ijzginsagm, -Ilsiwiwammf IEW-mi: im 1EIWA?,lHi 1350411131 13wQ,raHiwQ5ifa1 Mimi? Qfgmim Wlimiimril 'HWQ'QyH. IVSHEIQIQ Eliiivgwk-cfm .Jjggfqmx 'jl'5lQlmj1?i jrgiws Qgikslgimmf liigmi? wfiuingw LIQQM Rizifitfgr 'ffgingn mrgwfmexr VfQI5,iNiHHf5 Hxgirirmgaz Qlmgemf Hblgib .Aiming Www 'Ifl515i55f5W WFEWEDKSQ fgwiumlwmrg lbmwrf. YiC?1?f1?w3 lklii Vibanfltmxyw l3K?5lh?uimN Mya.-mf wbmwaii 1Trv5mQ4a:gg 137955 VBGIQW BUQ4315 VWEKDJ' HUIBG1' ifQ1jEi1iqr liwcvyfs Cff7Q?lii'- I5Qi?'j!Tw VQPWG. ,gT'51fE35Fw Jrgsg Gg4pm2m.3f,, Rffriwi 'Q-fiiwizwfiuiix 1?w1fsQ11 T:1S:61Q1s Sgiai. '?v'Q?5Er5G GET-HEI Lorraine Getz Edward Gieskes Christina Gietzen Eric Gigler Mari Gillivan Gigi Godefroy Jason Goldberg Cathleen Gould Christine Gould Gabriel Granados Avery Grant Carrie Greene Mindy Griffith Robert Grim Kerry Grochowiak Gretchen Haas Adriaan Hager Andy Hall Wendy Hamilton Jhaleh Hamsayeh Beth Hardesty Joseph Hardy Kendra Hargis Jamie Harker Elizabeth Harper Nanci Hart Tony Hawk Paul Hawkins Victor Heath Annette Hecht Marcus Hecht-Neilsen John Heckel Jon Heimstra ERMANYI THE BARE FACTS uring the past summer, Jobi Cooper, as well as 200 other AFS students, went to different countries to live and experience the varied cultures. Meeting in New York, the students attended a four day camp, after which each student left to each of their destinations. In Jobi's case, Lampertheirm, Germany was her objective, "lt's your basic suburban town," said Cooper after getting settled with her new family. Beginning school was next, School lasted for two weeks. During this time Jobi rode the bus everyday. since to get a drivers license in Germany you must be 18. "At home, we would watch T.V. and eat chocolate. Everyone ate chocolate all the time," said Cooper. One day while watching T.V., she made a startling discovery. t'Nude people came on the screen!" This was before learning that German television is uncensored. Many American shows were watched, but were all dubbed. "The most popular shows were Magnum Pl. and Dynasty, which in Germany was called 'The Denver Clan," Cooper said. Cooper found other differences as well. Germans drink mineral water, rather than tap or purified water. Another difference was that in Gemwany, McDonaId's serves beer. Conceming the American Government, Cooper said, "Some people liked our ".. .IN MCDONALDS RESTAURANTS BEER WAS SERVED " govemment and some didnt, but everyone thought that all Americans loved Ronald Reagan." Culturally speaking, "For some reason everyone asked about the movie 'Rambo'." The differences between Germany and America has made a memorable impression upon the life of Jobi Cooper. - Bunny Kaye SENIORS 157 158 sfiuons STRANGER IN A STRANGE LAND magine moving To a differenT counTry, noT speaking The language, and knowing only one person. This was The case wiTh Jaime Iglesias, who moved To The U.S. from El Salvador Two years ago. Iglesias Iefl his naTive counTry because his moTher was here, and afTer some adjusTing said, 'll like IT much Ioeller. I like The food befler. The people are The same." Upon sTarIing school, Iglesias was enrolled in The E.S.L. program for a semesTer, which he said helped him To pick up The language very rapidly. Since his English is sTill limiled, he said, "I look in The dicTionary a loT. When I read, I find many words I don'T know, so I look Them up." Iglesias had a generally good opinion of high school, however, he said, "I don'T like The long classes. They should be one hour." "I DON 'T LIKE THE LONG CLASSES " Although he said The change was difficuIT for him al firsT, Iglesias added Thal 'The people are really nice. I like The Teachers and The campus." - Noelle Southerland HEI-KAR Nancy Heizer John Hellerud Tonya Henderson Allison Hensey Brerl Hensley Lisa Hemandez Julie Hilbert Kurl Hillmann Gregg Himfar Jody Hinchy Eric Hirshberg Corey Holder William Holliday Erin Holman Wolfgang Homer Brillany House Jennifer Howland Roberl Huesias Verne Huey Erik Humphrey Jamie Iglesias Kim Isom Wendy Jaynes Briom Jekkals Jill Johnson Jeff Johnson Leanne Johnstone Ame Jokela Kun Junge Brel Kammerer Kristin Kammerer Dianne Kaplar Maria Karafilis SENIORS 159 -D?" 1 11? 1 -. 1 9 fs A 1 J, I 513 Q, ,- ,J x , i Ag. 0 I V 5- 12' ' , 'ii A E u- , - XJ if 1 f A 1 5, A i 4 'f , 1 4 '39 52 -7? ,L f.'!f1 A 4155! STRAIGHT FROM GERMANY X X ad food and good people." This is how German exchange sTudenT Caspar Kaeding described his senior year aT Torrey Pines. Coming from a small, conservafive Town near Frankfuri, Kaeding found Thaf The aTmosphere of San Diego was much more personal. "Germany is much more formal, more narrow minded," said Kaeding. The TransiTion of seTTIing inTo a new way of life wasn'T as difficulT as Kaeding had originally Thoughl. i'People here are more open To foreigners and seem To be more inferesied in Them," said Kaeding. Towing around an old lawn mower and an eccenrric slyle of dress proved To be arienfion-geriers for Kaeding, who said The fascinaied looks he received are no differenf in Germany. T'l'm iusf as differeni back home as l am here." T ' -V S, f.. 65,2 A A T f A "l'M JUST AS DIFFERENT BACK HOME AS IAM AROUND HERE" AlThough American schools have obTained a repufafion for being easier Than European schools, Kaeding found The opposiTe To be True. "I have never had so much homework. Mathematics here is especially difficulT," said Kaeding. Kaeding enjoyed mosT of his classes Despiie The QFSCITGV UGQVGG in and Teachers: however, he also said, "Some of The paTrioTs are a bii curricular difficulfy, Kaeding found Thai his year abroad proved To be "a conservaTive, buf mosf of The Teachers VGVY QOOG SXDGWSTWCG- WS DGGU fUfl-" are very Tolerant" ssmons 161 162 SENIORS SILVERLINING THE FUTURE he sleek silver edges hug the cool smooth ice. They turn sharply, jump and twist on the great opaque floor. The graceful movements are not new to the ice skates: they have been coming to the ice rink for six hours a day. seven days a week, twelve months a year for ten years. Kendal Travaglio has laced up her skates at 4:30 in the moming for what is now a decade. She practiced three hours in the rnoming, faced seven hours of school, and then returned to the rink for three more hours of intense training. Travaglio has fought hard forthe 16 medals and 14 trophies she has acquired, The award that means the most to her is the one she wears around her neck. "Some olympic skaters don't even have this. lt's like a Ph.D. in skating." lt is a small gold medal she eamed by skating in nine contemporary and freestyle competitions. Despite the awards she had won and her promising future, Travaglio faced a hard decision In the life of an amateur athlete. It was ln her Junior year that she realized that school had become a burden and her chances for the '84 olympics had crumbled. She was faced with a choice: tum pro and judge competitions, or continue with her amateur status. It was a heart wrenching decision. She had already sacrificed graduating with her class i851 to maintain her status. Could she stand to give up another? "SOME OLYMPIC SKATERS DON'T EVEN HAVE THIS. IT'S LIKE A PH.D. IN SKATING." Her final answer came in December when she tumed pro. Although this prohibits her from becoming an olympic competitor. she is a person with limitless goals, whose modest attitude falls short of her. - Cassie DoerHing 4-5?-f' LOF-MEL Richard Lofgren Jonathan Loomis Isaac Lopez George Larimer Tracie Lowery Trenton Lunceford Kenneth Luther Patricia Maas Jennifer MacGillis Elizabeth Macleod David Maddocks Cheri Magon Roberta Mancuso Linda Mantvla Lisa Marincic Monetle Marino David Marlow Daniel Marsh Stefan Marti Rei Masui Craig Mattei Steven May Sharyn McCann Amanda McDonald Michelle McFarlin Matthew McGhee Susan McGrath Susan McKay Barry McMiIlin Scol'l McWilliams Erika Meir Michael Mejia Jeffrey Melemed ssrlioas 153 MER- OFL Jamie Meredith Susan Meyn Nicholas Mical Laura Miller Marilyn Miller Matthew Mlller Nicole Mlller Rachel Mlller Steven Mlller Tami Mlller Laurel Mills Tonya Mlranclon Lisa Mongeon Vanessa Mongeon Mike Montemurro Cheri Morris Geoff Morrison Kelly Morrison Theodore Morrison Sean Morse Cathy Mortazavi Timothy Morton Michelle Mulligan Shannon Murphy Robert Myrick Isamu Nakayamo Tammy Nam Ben Ng Gary Nobel Jeanette Nunez Caleb Odom Christine Odenwalder Louise Oflaherly tb wh..- Q . fn- 'Z-tts Q . ri ,Q 3 l I ' -si-, -E t-Li?-' '-fffg l . " ' t 'f f I I ' M y fl' ' 3 ' -A ' fr fee' A552 l l M ' ?i , ' g Success HASN'T SPOILED HIM ohn Knouss has made well over Ten Thousand dollars aT The golf course. No, he isn'T parT ofa professional golf Tour, he sells used golf balls. John Knouss is an enTerprising young businessman wiTh a friendly, effervescenf personaliTy. Knauss owns his own business aT a local golf course. Alfhough he doesn'T work ouT of The pro-shop, Knouss has quiTe a profifable shop of his own. Knauss works his business abouf Three hours on each SaTurday and Sunday peddling golf balls. He also spends time several days a week playing "Raiders of The LosT Golf Balls". AfTer finding a ball he Takes iT home, washes iT, and seTs iT up for display. This may seem a rafher ignominious profession, buT considering The sum of money he has accumulaTed over The lasT six years, iT's well worih The Time and efforf. Knauss believes ThaT by The end of The summer he will have earned an addiTional Two Thousand dollars. The business, known simply as 'Klohnfs Golf Balls'f, has buiIT up a ,olienTele Thaf includes Teachers and counselors from Torrey Pines. The shop QQQQ-21 'F , ,.,,,k Q. . t Q P 'D ' J fe IQ!! I 1.M 'CQBUSED BALLS ARE DISCOUNTED WITH NEGOTIABLE PRICES " is usually open during regular playing hours on The weekend. Golf balls in all sTages of usefulness are for sale. While new or nearly new balls run for sixly cenTs, abused balls are discounfed wiTh negoTiable prices. Though his business Thrives, John Knauss' fuTure lies aT The Universify of Califomia aT Los Angeles where he hopes To puT his financial eamings To a good cause. The golf ball business will remain only as a pasT, Though profiTable, experience. - Tim Geiser Q . -.0- 166 ssmoms EEEK SPEEEK any students have seen the word "Feeek" plastered on various surfaces around the school. including the senior bulletin board, by the lunch lines, and on the Senior Homecoming float. However, very few people know what this word stands for and the real meaning behind it. "Feeek" is the name of a surf team that 'is like a take-off on, for example, Team O'Neill or Team Toads," said member Kevin Coordt. Other members of Team Feeek include Ernie Hahn, Joe Hardy, Doug Keel, Eric West, and also some female members. The name "Feeek" comes from Kevin Coordt's older brother, who started using it as a slang word with various meanings. Two and a half months ago, Coordt and his friends began just saying the word and writing it on dirty car windows. "Feeek" kept popping up more and more until one person started calling the group that said lt "Team Feeek." That name stuck, and the guys started making T-shirts with that name on them and the symbol "Mr Feeek," which is a Mr. Blll type smiley face with spiked hair. The shirt of Team Feeek is just one of several versions of Feeek wear. Coordt has made all eight designs of Feeek symbols. The team is making pins and stickers, and hopefully, in the future, shorts and bathing suits. At the beach, Team Feeek has challenged another surf team, Team Caranza, which , l 4 k "SOME PEOPLE THINK WE'RE OBSESSED . . consists of five local surfers. Coordt said that. "after the long battle, Team Caranza fought harder and arose victorious." Other evidence of this team was on the Senior Homecoming float. The float was a scene from the 1920's, and the name of the bar and dance hall was "Club Feeek." This was the result of the influence of Doug Keel, a Team Feeek member, and also on A.S.B. So the popiyarily and influence of Team Feeek is growing. Yet, Kevin Coordt added that, "some people think we're obsessed by Feeek - we're not. We're just having fun." - Kathy Dreifuss 1 0 il.: --.Lllil ' ,, -is J 2 1 W I Hr ,fa gg .,,-4 1: f V. 5' 5 .1 .ew gfiz eg , VQ:fgfgig'?? ' wggzgf ig if -4 1. -we rv , " Lg 'ivl s if ,flafkz ' ':'J'i'c- OLS - Bruce Olson Chris Olson Rudolph Omeara Rosa Orozco Carlos Ortega Gary Owen Shelly Owens Andrea Panchenko Michael Panclolfe Veronica Panosian John Pappas Mecah Paris Doug Parker Heaiher Pascoe Alfred Peslrl Daniel Peiers Jeffrey Pelerson Michaela Pfahl Bemardo Plnheiro Douglas Porlmore Joseph Pusl David Rasl Julie Rayle John Recker Eric Reinholz Shauna Reisner Corin Resnick Chelsea Reynolds Kimberly Rible Roberi Rich Paul Riches Krisiln Richey Laurie Richmond limb uv-lu, PM I uw nm I L " 53' E' ' P1 M U fi .N 1, 9. f -1 2. L5 J S-11 f K w. Ir y N ,V -4 . ,fgi-' Af 2 if af: 5 -5 JQKELA: AMBITION AND KARMA iTh The ouTsTanding academic success Arne Jokela has achieved Through fours years of high school, he has lefl liTTle or no room for improvement ThroughouT his high school career Jokela has mainTained an approximaTe GPA of 4.1. Though he reTains a high grade poinT average, Ame has made The mosT of his high school years. He has won several awards, including The presTigious Harvard Book Award and Nalional MeriT honors. ParTiciapTing for four years on The Academic Team, his lasi Two on varsiTy, Jokela has been among The key facTors in iTs success. As capTain of The ScholasTic SupersTars, The Team again ranked highly for The second consecuTive year. Concerning his fuTure, Jokela has hopes of aTTending Princeion nexT year where he inTends To pursue a degree in liberal arls. WhaT Then? WiTh luck Jokela will aTTend The rigorous schooling required fora degree in medicine, going on To become rich and famous. L "I TRY TO DO WHAT'S RIGHT AND MAINTAIN GOOD KARMA" AnoTher side of Jokela demonsTraTes ThaT he is more Than academically inTeresTing. He enjoys reading, soccer. learning, and even plays a "mean" saxophone. His favoriTe Television show is MoonlighTing, wiTh Bugs Bunny as a close second. ln his effons To become a well rounded individual, Jokela said, "l Try To do whaT's righT and mainTain good karma." This seems like sound advice. - Noelle Southerland sermons 159 170 ssiiioris MODERN MOUNTAIN MAN weating it out for a grueling 70 miles with only a 21 pound bike is the name of the game for Joe Pusl. Currently in his last year as a Junior rider, he has been dubbed "King of the Hill" for road racing. Many class-one ranked riders that belong to the same bicycle club consider him uthe little dynamo", because hills are his specialty. Starting cycling only four years ago, Pusl has succeeded in becoming a top-notch Junior rider. Not only does he consistently place in the top five. he has also qualified for the Nationals tor three years in a row. The reason for his instant success is explained by one rider who hails Pusl as the "Modem Mountain Man". Of Pusl he says "Joe has great potential - national potential. Not only does he have the perfect weight to strength ratio for hill climbing. but he also possesses the most important factor in cycling W concentration." His title as the "Modem Mountain Man" stems from his ability to ride. what has been called the "toughest" kind of bicycling, well. Four years ago, after a friend convinced him to cycle, Pusl discovered that not only was bicycling enjoyable. but that he was also "reasonably good" at it. Pusl placed third in his first race. From that time on, he has been cycling five days a week averaging 250 miles each week. Although he loves the challenge of mountain racing. it's not the only reason he rides. Cycling also provides Pusl with an outlet for his excess energy. He believes that his success is attributable to his self-motivation and his desire to improve. He believes it is this aspect of himself that has made him capable of qualifying forthe Nationals three times and attending the Olympic training center. Although cycling takes up most of his free time, Pusl is able to find time for other activities Cross country and alpine skiing and photography are a few of his favorites. Pusl's future plans include continuing riding and attending a university to major in engineering. But let us hope that the Modem Man of the Mountain continues to ride his way to the top. - Cassie Daerfling HE HAS BEEN CYCLING FIVE DAYS A WEEK AVERAGING 250 MILES EACH WEEK. If-y N. .SIM -- Victoria Simpson Ashley Simmons Jane Skramstad Todd Small Samantha Smith Milanl Sommerville Shannon Sowers Jamie Spaulding Deanna Spooner Sandra Stark Jeff Steffen Elizabeth Slirlz Gregory Strangman Stephanie Strohman Richard Stubbs Kathryn Sullivan Kevin Sullivan Stephanie Sullivan Jill Swift Jeanette Taghlzadeh Melissa Tanaka David Taparauskas Arthur Telsher Kimberly Terauds Sabrina Terranova Lowell Teschmacher James Thiess Mark Thomas Susan Thomas Mike Thomaszeck Juan Torres Phillip Torres Rebecca Trice TR srrlroris 171 TMR--ZAK 172 ssmons Jenny Turelzky Denise Upsher Oscar Valdez Miriam Van Der Ark Mltch Vandervorsl Marcia Vanek Juli Vanmlddlesworth Erika Vedell Bobby Vogelpohl Michelle Vrijenhoek Jeftrey Waldal Elaine Waldman Kevin Warden Kirkland Warden Richard Waters Rebecca Watson Michael Welsh Eric West Jamie Wheat Scott Whitehead Grant Wiani Lara Wilcox Kristen Williams Shelby Williams Peter Wilmans Robert Wilson Nicole Wong Matthew Wright Kofi Wroblewski William Zakartan a....L ...-y sg ll: l l AWK S O A R S What's your attitude about school? Well you might want to tell them I plan to I "lm pretty much just there, but l am serious go to college X X skate for fun," said Tony Hawk, Qboui if." To study what? DfOfSSSIOfiOl Skate boarder and SGHIOY. Does school or skating come first? To study Physics I like Physics 05 we Sfcffed into The IIWTGVVISW- 1, "School, I have other options, but I've chosen Great Tony Thanks a lot H 'Holi' long, have You been SKUHUQ- school instead." ceiesle Leach FO' 9'9m V605 Who or what glves you the motivation to go Who were your Inspirations? to Sched? "My brother and the top pros, at that time." Who are those top pros? "Steve Cabellaro and Lance Mountain." How long have you been skating professionally? "Since I was 14" Slnce you've been pro, how many contests have you won? "l've won eight out of twelve contests." Has skating taken you a lot of different places? i'ln the U.S., Texas, Arkansas, West Virginia, and Arizona. I went to Japan too." For skating? "lt was for a T.V. show called 'Miracle Children of the World' and I skated in it." Anywhere else? "Italy for another T.V. show called 'Under the Stars', and Sweden, where I taught a skate camp." What type of feeling do you get from skating? "Personal satisfaction, I guess. It puts me in a happy state." Do you have a goal In relation to skating? "To keep progressing." What's happening in '86? "Well last year I won the National Skateboard Series and I'd like to do that again. And place well in other contests." Anything else? "Graduating," 'tl feel education is important." How are your grades? ..B,S'., Do you have a regular soclal lite? "What's regular?" l'm asklng the questions. "Yes, my social life is normal, but I don't go out as much." How about your parents, do they support you? "My dad does. He's the president of the National Skate Boarding Association." And your mom? t'She watches every once in a while, but she doesn't like it." She doesn't? "No, it scares her." What bugs you the most? "People who pretend to be something lhey're not." ls there anything you would like to say to Torrey Pines? "There's a lot of things I'd like to say to Torrey Pinesllfgijl Seriously? "No actually there's nothing." Nothing? "Except XHI' to the real skaters at TP," Does that mean you don't encourage anyone to skate? "No, it means 'Hl'. OK Tony, ls there anything I Iett out? if 3 -CZ' 6 .X I Fx t. 'QW r Q - ' P Y'-Q, r-r--f QU Al X S ,f . X 6 . wx l ,Q-u . fx XA 'f-Y' if' ,: ,, .1 ,f -I K1 ' all-W "-- ' QQ". -111 Enix 1 v v 7 M A SQ--iff ' w, f,qgmL,Lm..L E bony in Ivory eingalb year ol who w e i g h s 230 pounds and is 6 feet tall. wouldn't go unnoticed at Torrey Pines. To make it mgrehcggce- a e ing black. There are only a hand- ful of blacks at Torrey Pines and Jon Lutes is one of them. "I'm different from blacks," sold Lutes, "l like to talk to people who are prejudiced." Lutes feels he gains more respect because he ls not the same as everyone else. "l l ke being a different color." sold Lutes. But lt's not always easy for him. Lutesdplays football and llfts weights urlng much of his free time, "b because I'm black people think I'm dumb and just think about sports." Susan Abraham Jackie Abril Drew Adams Mark Adams Jasmine Alhambra Matt Allison Linda Allred Charles Almand Eric Altshuler Jason Amitin Ashley Anderson Kristofer Anderson Derek Antler Nima Anvar Christy Arendas Andy Arms David Askar Jennifer Ault Wendy Averill Ignacio Barrera Scooter Barton said Lutes. A I I N "l think education is important' Lutes is big for his age and has a strong personality. A "I ike to laugh, its' loud and obnoxious," said Lutes. According to Lutes because he enious laughing 'people either think I'm funny or mean. Mary people think I'm a bully and that I on't care.- lt was hard to adjust to Torrey Pines for Lutes, he came from a small school in Julian where the colors were balanced. Lutes said, "l like living here, and l do care, even though I am black," - Celeste Leach if 1 , , ,f 2 ,J , ,. . . - t L ,ts Vff.Y1,,1P, . .' -.-1 . f 'vf'!k X MZ, I ra " ff v 'ri r .H ,,..,Q .K 'Q ." , , 4 iw' V 5 " ZF Fx s johniiifffi UW if r J' er' 1 'f at X - Z.. 1 A 5 f i X wif lg, V 'Q TF 7 Yrs ,A gt, . A s . :VT 'mi ly t I 1 tw! " S a senior, ru finally get me opportunity to be me big mall Oli CHITI 175 Jumoas DU S. - Tim Geiser r 4 f, 1 ,if , fi " .l at , .fwkjr 3 ,f 4, fe f ,f 3 Q 4 ,M Q53 '1- 1 E K' 4 , .f W, 4 7 ,iz if f f W ' y nk yf' V ' 'K "W r r 7'f 4 ',', if Q ,. :-- ff-', . V ,fee g e .:V W .WT if . 41. Q I l ' W Y.,-' f 1'-.4 "' E ' ' ""' , ' ' ' ' .ff-' . ,,,,, , I 0, A Q Q 5' 5' a K f," " "' V A' W ' ' B J if r iii? I " pr ' 'A K f -Q ,, v . w il - VV A " ' z VV V' fy ,,r,5 ,V ,.'L ' A 'ii .V .. f rf few 5 W1 , Q - ' 1 " wx ' , if 4 , , V ,, 31"' ,, FSE .-,, 4, L ,w k V E K M , f I 2 ff .L ,. ,42T ,..,,,, , A , V, we -V ff - . V+ , Y ' Q . g - , ' 'sf' 1 , B Q ' 7 Ai ., . , , . r?"el ,'e V1 1 A VV " ,. ' 'f V ' ,'fff+ 4 W' V A f 'i 2 'H faffz' V if V' V . sf .V V . I 175 ' 2 H V f " 1- 9 5 , an ,nw 3 W V xg ire Z Q ' ,, , K ,3 , ,V I f I ml 4, W 1: I ,iff V vf ,x 1 , , ,K .,,, 5, V y ' 0 1 Q ,Nfl V I H V ' A r V rg V J ,D rf, l A it K Vi r V VV ' , . , , K, ,V VV J VV V A ", i' W y, . , , '47 4:8 I viii gf N' ' K V f ' x, ,r,V 1 I A K gil ' 1 I ff L- A 4 4? I f Q yr - I ,V if " , 7 7 V - f lr J f I 1 . i - V7 1322 f' Christina Bates Che Bellman Louis Benton Karl Berger Angelika Bresenbrunch Torn Blackmore Mindy Blanchard Holly Bleecker Scott Blinn Sion Bluechel John Bonforie Heather Bowen Laurie Boyd Sean Brandes Debbie Bresnick Brad Broadv Darby Brookmon Jonathan Brown Mary Brown Lisa Browne Brooke Bruder Alan Brue Eric Brunn Melissa Bryan Richard Buck Carrie Buell Karen Buijnorouski Deborah Bullington Sven Buncher Stephen Burge lisa Burgelis Chris Burris Glenn Butler Joann Cabrera Scott Calkins Charisa Calvert John Campana Timothy Campen Scott Carson Merideth Casat Peter Cassiano Kimberly Chan Ping Chang Andy Charman Jill Charney Neil Checkeits Yuseff Cherney Julie Christian David Clark ext, they probably vvon't let us walk to our cars." - Lisa Taylor .iuinoas 177 Kelly Clasen Kellie Clause Cutler Clolfelier Dawn Clubb Jeff Codllng Lisa Cody Sheri Cohen Meridilh Coleman Tara Collins Mary Coordl Julie Coppens Andrew Carnforth William Crane Scott Cranford Steven Crawford Brooke Crocker Jane Crosby Anne D'Alessio Dawn Davis Lynne Defrancesca Heidi Deimling Cambria Delvlarco Mark Dehenrieder Jennifer Dingwall Charles Doerrer David Dogue Adrian Dominguez Denise Dorazio Brad Downes Kathy Dreifuss Jason Dries-Doffner William Dumka Kim Duncan Laurel Duvall Peter Elkins Sean Endres Mary Ensign Beth Emsi Brian Esiberg Laurene Eitari Melissa Evans Phil Faris Damon Faucher Kirn Federman Dana Fell Naomi Fellows Kathryn Finley Amy Fish John Flanagan w ' i F F fi Fgffiwil 1 we at t g 4 QPF. in . ' FJ f E 1- -- 7 +4 llyr n as J F EF A .-'if ' k X , W ' . FL 1 g V F E . I K r lj f My If , V F, J ' W l Y g ""'gU 7 r llluvfyll 7 gg s or lsrl l ' 'F fr l .2 ' i fi Q, 4 f -1 A ' ' J Q fa- Wifi A g X' J P ".l ' i - ,l F A " ' J f ea 'll 9 ' 2 A g Eliza! ' ir' ,L - We g F ec -me 43:1 :M " " f 'ti?i'i F g H , F Fl -' . l F F 'ag' - -. Q 4- if t ' ' l Hi A - f - f l F- 5 as J r r ,gt .F J ' l r 85 . J-gd 'FP . , A 'N , ff At F L'-AM XY Y ,F F . o,,., F., Fm, lv 4 A l E1 4 H v . - ' I W l . , . V A-A. . v' 51, ln I 1-img 't I ,W PN' A' ' ' ,- A h 'Li !'lt l i I H !l'sQ F F 1' ing l , -' if ' I .4 Q V a M! ' N . ' f l J LF l...2a 'N 1-fi. -" " ' ,T -. 4. F , I It , l :iv 1 K I gb A ' fl ' fx F Ai. F1 Q K ' 'Q 1 ' - 1 -F a 4 i rrrr e euu F F F fl J 1 fl ll its r FF ,ri .t g A lf, 4 Jw L ' 8 f . srrr' I L ,an A 1 -s A sql 1, 4. L. A ' ' X , s t me - v 1 Q if . l t X r 1 V I 8 - I vis E Vw I 1 1 Fl e should have a cap and gown assembly next year. I d like to have a big Senior photo where vve all hold up signs F F or something creative like that."-Daneri van Dyke 173 Juriioes Tl' T T- Q: .5 ,Ka 3'X i K " f sf is M '1 Xml 'R ya' 4. 42 ' Nr vi X 1 T Aff' M at QQ A3 Q 5 ig, it f..,W5 A ,: L awfa Rich 1.5 -" is -Y' Q 1 I --v--.,- -, rn' 1' s GTC' xr ', V, V' .-1' ,f Va H as -ffm T ,J P00341 .famage And Pafafoer Boifea' ln Uceczn Wafer h e w a v e s a r o u n d H a w a l i a n s h o re s a r e f a m o u s fo r Their immense h e i g ht a n d p o w e r f u l sTrengTh, Only a few Torrey Pines students have braved Them. Laura Rich is one who has - not surfing, but salling,Rich, a junior, served as a cadei on a 145 foot scooner, The Callfornlan, which Traveled on The Hawaiian waters for Three weeks. As one of The Twelve cadets on The ship, Rich worked with experienced sailors cleaning bunks and equip- meni, scrubbing The deck. pulling in The lines, keeping watch, and sewing in The galley. Rich says, "The most difficult job was To pull in The anchor," One night, with lilTle supervision, Rich had To steer The Ca lfomlan and keep iT on course. The kids did most of The cooking, which may be why The ,WM 7' fa. f , as Q, 5 , . ,,, ., -r Q L1 Q ,. --l- C iv ii ll fart' -T ,, Q if . :, q i' 37-r T We """' I . 7 f,., i T l , If r '13 A,' I If ' X' ' 'A,,' ,,gu-svwfffffs.. l fr sd :.f. , il if 2' ,:- rs -f Z ' , - 4 iff? " - , , J ' Q . - -2 ' G 1 , ' f Y fr f , l . ,, :- T .. .. ,552 foccl wasn'!so good. Greeting her for dinner The first night was, 'ipolish sausage and potatoes boiled in ocean water." Though her Trip sounds like iT require more work Than one would want To do while visiiin The Hawaiian Islands, Rich had pleni of fun, When she arrived at Maui, The Calilomlan was still on its way from San Franslsco, so she and The other cadets stayed for Two days with an Hawaiian family. The cadets were guests of honor ai a party, which cost eight million dollars, were greeied with cannons when They enTered The pori aT Honoulu, and met Japanese sailors on a scooner very much like Their own, except that it was equipped wiTh Tour VCR's and had an all male crew. Rich mentioned that anyone can sail on The Callfomlan if he has had sailing experience. Applications for The Trips can be picked up at The Dana Point NauTical Heritage Museum. Not only does The Califor- nian sail around Hawaii, but along The California coast and The Channel Islands. - Angela Hastings Katherine Fleming Shawn FleTcher Kristen Flores Leigh Frecker Shannon Freeland Mark Freeman Kerlh Friel Tom Frost Tina Furcolo Jenny Gallagher Glenn Geddes Tim Geiser Kathy Germond Tricia Giacomini Jamie Glasson Julie Gonzalez Christine Goodjohn Lane Goodkind Lisa Goodman Roya Goshtasbi BrenT Goudreau H roposed all school closed campus is unconstitutional." - Andrew Smith JUNIOFTS 179 Kenneth Graciano Angie Graham Robby Graves Jason Green Michele Green John Grisnik Tor Gronborg Ben Grossman Kathy Grumet Steve Hadley Laura Haeokel Jennie Hahn Denise Hall Robert Hall Scott Halsey Saskia Hanselaar Stacey Harris Peter Harrower Brett Haskell Angela Hastings Sean Hastings Mark Hauber Jody Hayes Bill Hays Gabor Heiligenberg J m' H k' a ie en in David Hernandez Angelica Herrera John Herrmann Jill Hicks Summer Hile Sharon Hill Ryan Hoberg Richard Hochberg Doug Hodge Jennifer Hoffman Lorenzo Hofmann Lori Holtkamp Laura Homby Joelle Hren Brian Huber Chris Hudson Alicia Huerfero Vincente Huenero Kim Huffman Eric Huffman Adrienne Humphreys Christopher Hydo Javier Iglesias 1- I , 1 1 jf. V ' -4 f'3 A had 1-L K' 0- - 'X A Ya' V A 4. G. , 7 tk". 2 . X", it vi-- . Vg: 4 'lf i 5 14 . ff B ,rt xl 'f f l Aw A . if Q , .ir i lv if . ss'r ' ' A wif :Aj ' A . 'I 2 ,Z Y af. 5 Y' X' 3" sr if A ' A f X, :E . 1 y Y y ...W .. . y.... it Wx . . 3 X fm AN ,fi f 'L-kit 'K I ' - .. 5 It m A .Q . Q., A i " y . . i x ' ' vw f 1 , i ,i t . iifi fe -ls i ' , J 'Q L A . , f'xLEfiPi "1 Rf A 15 V ,, , F - R ff MQ r in iraq -1 p . i l by .4 A gal I- T , A I' A I ' Q 1 0- K 5 Y' , X .r-. A , X.- I egg- ,433 A . ix I. ., s N 341 V X291 , , i i J, b fi fe .. yr , I, f f ii 'Tl V, ' Rig. V 4 A ' Nl A vs Q., L II' Q, l Q Qv L sv A A , .i . .A , -Wig.. S ., - , gg iq , Y . gr A is Ny 1 f A f " J , .V i t ' Af, i ' 1 '.i . is I A , gg .Tk L , ,I ' A ' I F- 'f L - 1 1 Q Q . .4 ' if il " ' 5 " 1 , 1 1 ' , . SVI? , A f ,. I I, " x , ' N W . ,I If 2 f E KXXK tiki' 2 ii . . n the long run, the increased number of graduation requirements for our class will be better for us because we will become smarter. ln the snort run, it's a real pain."- Annika Nelson 180 Juuions 'l l .K I q' ::- 9 -. Q A2 A ilffi' ' r Q 1 l 'S Q l:0V0f'. fe 01041 V' f l , 3' 53 'li i l,,, AQ' K . 2 Q32-i Ml . A. 2051 5363-ef- Wy aaf J. J fi ,l., , , if ri M 7 K K I A f K Q .,A- Y W 1 ,I ii. lf. A ' " F ' W ,::F I 53535 , . ' ?-1' , ' 'sf ,.v ' U 1 5 W E . 5' ' Daniel Jacobs Brendan Jaffer Rose Jevremov Kelly Jhung Julie Johannsen Cheryl Johnson Elizabeth Johnson Erik Johnson Mona Johnson Charlie Johnson Jay Jones Bill Kaiser Claire Kaufman Chris Keeney Todd Kelly Kalhy Kennedy Pamela Kenyon Rob Kepper Daren Reed Kerby Michele Kessler James Ketcham Nicole Kimball Jason Kincaid Brandi Knauss Alexa Konsianiuros Tory Kooyman Roberl Kom August Kruizsch Gary Kuam Krlslina Kuellzo Chris Keummerle Mark Lahay Jeanne Lang Melanie Lapddula Todd Lapilius Jane Laufenberg Brendan Laurs Mary Laverly Mae Lee Lorella Lee Mali Lehmann Scooler Leonard Kevin Levine Siephanie Levine Joseph Lim Jim Long Lara Lynch Mark Macbrlde Marjori Madura Norm Mains Maria Mangiarelli Leiy Manriquez James Marshall Tempe Mason Tyler Massas Renee Maiez Maureen Mallhews Julie McDonnell Bari McGhee Marc McGlynn Kathleen McGowen Mike McGraih Morgan McGrath Lisa McKay Kecla McKenney Meghan McLeod Lucreiia Meier Kristen Meisier Jennifer Melemed Mikelle Merrill 2 r i, V r V1.0 S , T ' A "f 1 Q ey 'J' las ' 'lr l ? xii., K V A 'I r ' 1,4 ' I 9 J i MK ww f n K is ralr ' E ' ia T r L t. ' A P J Y- ' 7 ' ' r L wi V ig? 'iii as F , r y -are X' 'kwin ' FFT? 1 .X A li ' . ' ' ,ri .'...' 'N r i '7 A fl f V- Ui i 5' 'W ' 'A V 'J i 1 "f 'il Q J ., .l 3 7 T ' j X Y X ' W V .1 wi f . W' F , , - Ni ' ' ' H , A 1 l -, L 4 1- A 'Vx " K' fl. I 1 Sw X53 Q V . , , h 5 J i . , X 4 ' 1 -rx if r H A ' ' J f " i .I - X Q ,Ty X 'L , iii . ,Qs l L T Q Q . ,J se Q rl l l H , r - x- ,fl , ll 1 J r R I4 N ,li lg l llflm Iasses will be easier because l vvon't have Chemistry " Scott Thompson 182 Jumoes .4 K at V M s. Mb is 4 A N . ,, ., Y ' f fr 1 3 if it 2- 3 ,... , ' f- 1 S i ,Q .1 3, K 1 S V X S Q X .xr-V iz.. l LV 3 'sig A . T A Q ,,, ' ' f Q "t ff- 2 ss , ,r . . X . .5 V ly .,,. i M y f . W- ' 9 Z I- Q is I wi A A. -.f V, Y' r, .b ' f gf .,..f Uri. if M525 - .sea GTTW T Ai QQY, eff ie st it QV via A? 2" ,136 13. if 1 1' ' if 3' Q? .ag F43 af, at W nilfifl .. Q fardfffe 11,2 PGI? ran., or -f4,ru'OI'5 re.-:fall L ,l i td Greg Middlebrook Jennifer Miljan Andy Miller Blair Miller Keith Miller Ray Mistarz Francesca Moceri Chrissie Moga Jason Molitz Miguel Moreno James Morris Philip Mossy Arya Moussavi Patrick Mulvihill Annette Murch Becky Mussell Erik Musurlian Joel Myres Tim Myrtle Annika Nelson Heather Nenow James Nicholas Betsy Niemann David Nordauest Chris Norton Susan Norwich Rick Nunez Denae O'Brien Af Your Lerlrwre junior Favarife Free-Time Adivifiex he Junior year is well known for the con- tinuous gru- eling hours spen study- in g to be accepted at college or just to graduate. H o w e v e r , there is one more aspect w h i c h th e Junior year is quite famous for: the fun! The Juniors will not be bombarded with college applications or CAP, SAT type tests until next year, so over the past year they had at least a bit of leisure time to spend how ever they pleased. This year, as in otheryears. Juniors made it apparent that they were quite skilled at spending leisure time. One-fourth of the Class of 87 was polled to find its favorite spare-time activities. The Juniors polled said that their favorite time for leisure was durin the summer with moments spent a? the beach - the beach at 20th Street, at Rivermouth, at Cardiff State, Pillbox or the beach anywhere else. The most popular Summer-time hangout was at 20th Street. I Another free-time activity was eat- ing, and Roberto's was chosen as class favorite. Ashley Anderson dis- agreed with the popular choice: her favorite was "Season's - during school." The poll- for best-liked weekend activity indicated a tie between eat- ing and sleeping. Julie McDonnell was one who felt the best way to spend the weekend was "at parties with Ska bands." Lastly. if there was any free-time left, Juniors liked to spend it by doing anything from surfing to painting to playing in bands. -Angela Hastings Juriiorfs 133 134 JUNIORS Sharon O'Harra Sara Olsen Craig Olsen Greta Paa Jenny Page Mike Pangbom Paul Parente Amie Parker Julia Parks .L -qi - - 4 " TE E V- .r. 1 if X, wg, Ii Q i R H i '-1 Y -Q A 4 ' 1 'l 1 l lyfs il? A T :xx 1,3- ,Q il - . s Y 'x l lik Chris Pamell ' .il 2 Erik Paulovich A Pam Paymard ,-Y bf. L , I l , V ,I Jacquelyn Payne ru - - -. i ' i, "1 ' I ' ,if ReneePaz "" ' ii if V 'X 'I' , . , ,, f ww . s W sity l , ',. ,. 5 .- V 4 sm- ' 3 Kelly Peters :g 'S X X Q , x R Alice Petersen K " F W' 93 . K '-'ar -- v 5 ' 6 'W Krista Petersen Q Q . ' " ' 3 Q ' Q . ,X , Q -' Chris Piccioni , 1 P ' A 4 - ' A Craig Pinney QL! In 7 4 Q I' Y f I-:L I im ' if 7 i ee J .f 11- - vin Julie Pirolli ,, 1 Q re X in V ,ii We We Kim Poelman R" 2 " I Q 'M Veronica Pollock " , ' l l 4 l N e- - J fi " ' Q l Thomas Price s , - M li , i Vx r YQ- 7 . . Kellle Pusaterl gl ,V .g LA ' l K f Lisa Pusl , ' P i' f , -'A- 1, , ,, I Mike izeleeisy its it ' yt f Mike Radcliffe me W J I, it fi ' ' ' in , if F V f , EQ. , hw 1 . l I Jamie Ramirez "Pl 4 , J - It Steve Ramsclell 'W 4 " 1- A , " 1 " 5 Cris Reavis f f W if . i f I Cathie Recker X ? ff ' 5. JennlferRenner 1 , rl 1 .gl I Andrew Resnik ' ,, f' , f "Q J Lisa Reynolds .ee I fi H WF! W - - 1 M vt ew? V W V f 'wi' s ' f . 1 Li, William Rhett , se,, -3 W fl l H , X LGUFG Rich ev-F r K Ss v- if V'l i ' ', Thayer Ridgway ' J - Q ff l ' , l Annette Riggs , A ' l 1 , f' Dawn Ringhand Y he F., 1 , ' ' . "A , ,J . . l ' W. . ' 4' lu I Claudia Rivers ref, ,Q . ati vw fftulvrh ,Q 1,37 J, W 7 F YVYI tr A Tiymv . '7 rlfiwif ,lil P ,J , i R Yvette Roclmel 1' A 'J' -X fr J Angelina Romero f 4, V I 51 G' V, 'i 3 A j X A A Q J , 1, 4 Stephanie Rose 4. , X -- . f-- ' ', V , j ' . Lori Rosenwasser 'A' l i" 1 A Y ' " K", Jane Rothbaler f A 5 Q i A ,S X 'N ' -1, A ' Kimberly nezonski f' i ' lx 5 X A I P 'B ll,-,-. " Ricky Rubalcaba V :A gil A f ll fjf-,'1Qq?f7 2 E H think we should have a huge outside dance for the Seniors. H - Kristen Flores T gl' ie' Mike Rehab Y urf's one ro Two feel. Fair shape. There are no more days 'lill summer. Have a great vaoalion. Mike Rababy signi Aflike Rababy Sllgnin E E off . . . - Those are The words whilog ,Junior morning 'announcer Mike 'Raboby' would beibroadcasling righf , ,ynow ,if he,'hacjn'l been asked! o dis' conlinue' his announcements losr fall. jEveryu morning, unril ,his dismissal, , Rababyllvenegix up the classroom when V he ,icanvenlenlly 'relayedgsurf reporls and loldhowmany days were i ilefrfunliiliifsummeri However so ' ,lyme ' V teachers, fell lhcil-Rababyidlsrupted, 1, X,,fh6lF,6lQSSGSiWl1h hisoameid ,, a d' ofler much discussion aboul lh ' i ' ' i, , ,,., , , Y fi, e mailer, Rababy was asked To clisconliueasmorn- ingdanpouncer. One Junior sludenl refleofed the general l sal "w , i , , ,. , ,',. . SU 9PlDlQlT1fWhSl1h9f , asseverelyclissapolnlecllRababymtrnnauncemenis.' f The mornings: ' ' ' ' ' ' ' " speech io i ,i , i WSIS Rabaloy himself voiced his opinion aboulhb cl' ' " besrparlof- , , V V V, ,V ,,is,ismissaliinihisifqrewellj' esludenlss, ' , ' v ii ii 'ii' " Dueiolheulirarlghlwingvlewsafcerlaln'peop'V :X lwlllhor 'xr is ' C V! beoomlngro oua ' n orelnlhemomin r iff' N -h wx rorgeris that wxlallhigcnoxlnlrylsba ' Q' ' ' ' semonrsrreeaomp .uilfyouieelaolown -' i ' isn funny.doyou close the circus evenihough' ' ' ' , , . 1 ,, ZSYeY?g?n09'9YS9llS'hC!VlDQ Cl' good1lme?. ,. ll's lcleaslike this lhal breed corrimun , londforgguboul ,democracy . Wellgflhe l'lQhf'WllfliCQflSQlVQ1iY9S'fAllh, bulllll They can stop me, bu! lhey can'f' ill ihesprril oi lrghlheanedioomedy which lives inside of each one of us And don , , ,, worgeiiiaorlxeyeilelrhemif " ' kming you down. suns one ro two feel 'Fairsnape 'There are 1 SUIT! , , ,, , ,,'0UlY"58'diiYSC"'Ai'3'ziQin, ', mer.HoveogrealweekenaiMlke,,RdbGbYSlgrlIngof1-Gooabye i weve-niualiy' nebaby didireiii S' ' l ll ' A ' V' ' , , , , rn as mornirlQ.,ffOhnouneer,"bul fi 1frequenlvisllslloneiheless T' " ' V' " " ' ' moments last fallVV V i V r 1, ,.nTf2" V V , orreyVPines,sluqenls'will'rememberhowihisihllimofqijsig,i commenlaryibroughllaughrelilosornelong.1'oflenboril'1g,, If , ,,N,, g::Qj,E,:' , i i i',,iN V in ii .i 5iAnqererHssrriyl7,5i'gVii,iiVi,,i,,Qf,,gi ,i",ii?5 f ' ' ' i , + ei f ' " , S fig? , - 'iii i ,ge i Glenn Sadler Q WV y 4. .gr V vrrv ,X V VV Andy Salk Q QV, I, a gf , ' , i' f ,V'V-, Sakhone Sakda V l ' , A,A,V . VV 5 , Slephen Salel 4 E ,,,, , f i Hilary Sammis 7 i Valerie Sanchez VV 1 Sieve Sansone ' 2,4 A V' V V h 45 ' Marv Sanlen V V 6 V e- - Q5 1 , KV mf 'V Peggy Sasso Q , ' gg, gp , Z " ,Q - Z , V' Chere Saville 1751 3 aj, i 4 - V i frll all 43' f V Frank Schuleler A Q VV' V ,' " , V Kara Schmedding V qw, Vf t ,- V 1 ' ' 'if Philip scnneider i' f . 1 V V VAV, VV AIIU VM byyy V VV Eric Schramm 'ff' 5 V 2 'i rf- V V0 2 'gf . WV, E " V ' V jj, Maria Schreiber ' 1 ' sw ,Q i ' +4 " Q, 1' i 7' , ff , , V' 4' ,J S. GYGQ Schulmon , 4' " - 1, 3 "-i 2' .iff ,, rw sa V ov Judy Scwieberl 1 b "' ? A V f m gf' f , A , .V W, in Travis Soon' K ' ' A A V 1 A ii f W V ? ' Sean Sebring ,Q 'N ' I . If 5 3 D "5 if i Julie Senleno up -wi V- f L3 5 1 i V , , ' ' .,"A, X Yi :R i 52aiin1L......- Scoll Sessoms he closed-campus system is unfair because we are all used t ' ' ' o going out lolunch and its raking away our privileges for nothing . - AIIISOI7 Smith Junioas 135 Nanette Shackleton Mark Shaffer Valerie Sharpe Robert Shear Cori Shemwon Brian Siebert Jody Sillstrop Katrina Silveira Garret Simpson Sean Slattery Tom Slipper Timothy Smallwood Alison Smith Andrew Smith Blake Smith Burke Smith Paul Smoot Steve Snyder John Sornmercamp Scott Southerlond Brion Standers Melissa Stark Kevin Stelnriede Lora Stowe Alesha Strong John Strashoon Sheri Strate Mike Suckling Trevor Taggart Tino Tasoher Lisa Taylor Michelle Terhune Jason Thalas Curt Thom Scot Thompson Gordon Thomson Matt Tilker Greg Tomer Tom Trier Tim Trittipo Tony Tuell Lisa Tufo Cleve Tzung Jose Ulloa Dominique Valentino Danell Van Dyke Kemi Vemon Cecil Vint Michelle Wadley t .ta A 1 t. ,ok - 5. . . X 1 Q for T xy t 75 Y , J if 1 ,T 4 T if rj L gi ix wr " ,, , as F' Q l vi- , W- p. uf- A v C - A I ' i V ' x A l xxxfix x l Q, 'rar F :D 4 he iv ,. K .vs . -17 . 1 ,N 1- 44 A -. L" .s Y, A z i ' r - . y, , ,q : v- h , '. 4 , I V f y 13. 19511 X il K jj W 1 l . WV U ,J Q . 1 -,fd-1,3 1? gr V .. .1 , My we ' v, it . ,Q -xt 5-1 7.4 1 X gl .H S 'Z' T W I A' ,ll rt ri l H 1 R., f-'Fw vwyt' N , W' Y 1 V 'w.l 5 J 8 i1 I? J rv ' K- .. -'v Y' V, It F - X Q' T Ai, A y ,thief S s r ff ti. ' lt lil or J -J it , l. ltr! if 1+ S T on D . "" ' ..,.- -- ' " ' , ' ' r -ffl. 1. , -A K "' '4 ' Q , 9 , T 't 5. 5-, 1 , L L ,. .1 I mf A 2 4 w , - X PIE! Q I. j y J E, 4, I rv Q Al 4 v Y AV 4 3 " I , iiiii l ls rf J M I ttfr T " - 3 L S ' L. :ai I i 7 l ' A I 4 h 1 9 ii - V, v in . 1 I , H 'm not looking forward to my Senior year!"-Pefefraughttn 135 Jumons L. si-CH 'ix Q tt' M 2, ,ri ' .,., y :'V:. 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A W r f . , J -r 4 ,rj . .1 yl Q 0 ? 1 fx 4 I 2 fy 3 ' . ., X + 1.. a-',, it ' M Nix' lv if Q .1 'iie . .V ' i "Aff M r - sg, " s .s 1 , ' lle l ' N 4 rrr Q fs is t i i ' K s l 'Q x X 1 it - S L .ssl f 'J 1 Q I .V i .w,yh , rf I R E W A F t il A "" . . . . f.. 'ij gr 1 , 'U' 'mg ' Richard Wheyland 'W " ' ' ' r.... A im " F 7 3.5 K -fx - ,Q , VXQ4 . .J gg wt: W gi 1, K N ' - ll W ,. A -',':' "'- " 7 s 1 .J W xi! f +A :Zv is .,,- ,,.1- -.,, .,,c . , I P sg 2 . , ,y,o H eg 1 " Q ,S A ' ' I A, - ':i l vi T ' ',.' I. , f 1 in il. Ax' Z Ag W I X V. 1 Would. be Sfilfrfbfg HMIYQ ,jgfbq Seniors? s hard as it may be to believe, those in the ass ' next ear. Since it will be their last year of higl? be Seniors y school exciting happenings are bound to occur. Some o the possibilities are listed here: - Eli Bishop will retum from his east coast boarding school a confirmed prep, and shock and appoll his Rasta friends. Andy Charman will receive early acceptance at lVl.i.T., University of Chicago, Berkeley, Harvard, Stanford, and Howie Mudd when he makes a Bio-chemical discovery conceming proteins and nucleic acids in grasshoppers. Beth Johnson will spray paint "Beths66" blue after it is repeatedly mistaken for a fire engine and directed into duty by Del Mar firemen. Sean Slattery will give up surfing. Sean Brandes and Pam Kenyon will pledge eternal love by becoming blood brothers and exchanging mood rings. W die will pertonn as The arsity Cheerleader, serve as the Falcon, bl' commissioner of Ci of 87 will -Michelle a y H 1 l srtrcns as commissioner of ossem les, 1 .- ment in place be elected to po elections, and class Vice President, provide lunchtime entertain of 9'lX, and present a speech and give a cheer straight from the heart at graduation ceremony. t B7 will graduate - And yes, the Class o . - Angela Hastings Jurrrons 137 Mike Abraham Ronna Abramson Erin Achariz Lisa Aguilar Nadia Aladray Lidia Alfaro Dania Alia Jeni Almond Kristin Alperl Mike Amrein Daniele Amlmann Diane Anderson Tanya Anderson Jennifer Annable Elizabeth Arias Heaiher Aull Jennifer Austin Glenn Baily Chrislie Baloaen Heather Baldwin Tara Baldwin Todd Bales Brefl Barmefller Ramona Barnard 133 SOPHOMORES 5 ' in ighff l J' V R , K F - Q, v,,,,,3,, 4, x , ae. if A QR I 1 ' " Z' X' v A '-. , Y- 31 If .5 .1 2 Q O J A Q 9 fn: 'A VV' 1 X i 1 ,S V , So. tl .l fi l Sf' .. f.-- l J It 'J 1,:,. 1 WSfvff12'I'g5 , T, H ,f A 1 , Q 'L M - - Jin 'V A' Yi 5 - i I3 B ' W 7 I ' 2 Q' f 3f .. 2 'V . i -B ..4 .: it 4, -gg , " 4 ,:V A ' ,. 'f at Q' IT 4 l J : ff A L 4 ' A A A F' 'fr ff Q A Q V... A 'M as rrB B B "L . V x I, 'gi Fl l -Z I 1, :ilu x-,v M 'll I -f . fm S. A k if ' f f ' f' ' 1 . 1 'W 1 ,s z Y , f N41 VH Q 1 v 5 3 l l 1? 'rw illfri 1 l J J ,J H ' , A-'Q .'1v,'l., V 'V'l A' , 1 Q xv., fv., E. Q QA W V , S V I 1 - VV Q f i . . 5 '35 il Z ' A . or V 1 2 ,. 'A V I..-, ' I " if J l 1 A r A - it r f ff. L J l 'l f t ' ' D 14' JL f' ff' """'e-vm 2 ti f 'Q 5 fi lyr , T 41 r i ,,, .3 i B A ' , . 7 y 1 ' ' , ff ' A fjlff , f 1 li? limitliiilllillllliiiff David Bames Hugo Barragan Wes Bartow Angie Bassett Tyler Batson Amy Baulmann Mike Beck German Beltran Mandy Benedict Berry Bermingham Seth Bertram Danny Best Lisa Beyer Chris Bigsby Garron Billick Tony Bizzigotti Mike Blackman Tanya Bluechel Julie Bohle Matt Bohlken Leda Bologna Carrie Bonforte Andy Bowen Trevor Bowen Erin Boylan Tom Brabyn Dana Brehm David Bressler Brett Brinson Julie Brooks Charles Brown Elizabeth Brown James Bruer Jeffrey Bryson Maria Burciaga Bobby Bums Heather Burns Brett Butler Brian Byme Justin Byme Michael Canady Merrilee Capener Betsy Carlin Roger Carlson Greg Casper Juana Castijellos Dave Castillo Lori Castillo Enrique Castro SOPHOMORES 139 Sergio Cervantes Stephen Chapek Graham Charles John Charley Kristin Chamholm Jason Chases Heather Chung Chuck Ciruli Ryan Clasen Jodi Coffman Jennifer Collura Tara Conly Caroline Cook Kristi Cooper Justin Corey llosendo Coria Sally Corran Kevin Colton Nancy Covello Kimberly Cox Andrew Crocker Scott Crowley Alisa Dance Wlssam Dandan Scanlynn Daniel Chris Davis Jennifer Davis John Davis Adam Dean Paul Deans Phillip Deimling Lance Delay Dirk Delfortre Ben Deiuca Joanna Demiter Jason Dempsey Holly Denton Steve Denyes Lara Detweiler Tanya Dianda Jason Doerick Vanessa Doff Michael Doherty Debbie Donaldson Lisa Donnelly Michael Dorazio Chris Dougherty Patrick Dougherty Sascha Dublin 190 SOPHOMORES f 1 X A It ' - kia .- -- . ,,V, A 4, '18 s it .. ,rv , .57 1 1 I Auml ,, I .. . My 4 4' .. -,i . ...A -V y. yi I: Z s 45 I-554 I4 i3 H his i as 'J 5. ,S 'X ss i i f -Ei ' D D- 'is if A . ' 7 1 Q " AQ i M N "wg lg . " ' 1" '31 -Jr. Michelle Dunbar E 9,-5' ' ' tg --W , YQ . V5 A Kari Dunford L Al 1 Deidre Dunlop , A A A A . 1 ' Q ' ,A Y A' f kj Jim Dunne ,, If NH A L A I , gig Bill Dyer A S . 1 . s .I f ,. x ' N' -my A, V 1 , x . ,.i- A Frank Edwqrds -- Q A X. H, R A A A Q' s I I iA1f,A35,:- - A ':A: '1ggAir,j?-at shono Ehfllch 'f fr-nl A- ' ' ' X V ' A, '-I NA ii " 0 ,wg 'A Mom Ellison A A ' fl, V ' Q rf 4 Kori English V j ' I ' ii A r ' 1 Z' r Joel Enlreken - r 1 A w A USG fpsfein " ' -- A. A- Q x Farah Emsr Delay 5 AA ,,,, ,AA ,A A , ,A ,,...,,, WW A A AA David Elherlon -. 9 A D' :aff 'Fr X 51 A . 'A Z f Q . . AA at f 3 f E Denise Ehan 4 r v- ff' f 1 " A ' Michael Evanoff if A 7 . , ' Q 'K V up, ' 3 2 - Chris Evans H- J I Z f H 1 IA, Q, 5- ' 1, F A A " 13 AA Marianne Evenson Il - A ,' A V M 5' lf Ken Ewing i W ,I A ij t Melissa Faris l f W " - df 'f 3 Hea1herFeemsler Sm A I AM 3 ' -H , ' 1 M 45 ' f., 5 Laura Feher Sl Tek' A 6 x i 'N .gig f, A . . - r ,L 3, -Y, 3 gr " Ay . Q A V Colleen Fifzsimons qu f' 14' V ,V ' W A J V V ,xlfv A Tori Fletcher , ,Ara Y' 5 ,ff A ,A A, I I 2 VA ' Jeanine Fonlenoi x f' A " if rljlf' v 5 5' i A :AA A A i Babak Forulanpour ,i. ' Vi 1' " 'A ' 1 j A ji Tracy Francisco W I A 4 ' 11, . A I T' ' " A "'f'+'M:w-N " -5 "Mill 'Pl-irilfff-fiil li?"i":I ' ' - A f " " ' ' f' " rw " ' ' H I . s ,KN I f A u. ni SOPHOMORES 191 Park Frankel Monique Franzwa Fiona Fraser Kevin Friei John Galasan Tammy Garcia Sean Garland Gina Garramore Linda Garrison Erica Gazdik Michiei Gieskes Kristi Gifford Joe Gili Michele Gleich Ramin Goshfasbi Craig Goudreau Chrisfine Graff Chris Greco Scoif Greenberg Lara Greenberg Micheiie Greer Jenni Greer Jennifer Grenier Pai Griffin John Grimsfad Heafher Guarino Chandra Gumoe Gabe Gumoe Dahlia Gufierrez Judy Guzman Laurel Haines 192 SOPHOMORES ,ju f r 'Q ' 4 1 N W G 1 v . 'P ,A-4,,, 4 f . G ir 'iiiiii fr ' "" ie, 6 i Xi 'P' ,G J f rg ,ir X - 6 -. ff!! J, i ,. i. Lfggifiif f, b w if i 2 J fi , if ' "5 W "' ' CT, J 1 'i 3, 5 L .. Q i ,.. I 4 ' ' if fi, . , , FN 5:1 Q N X, ,xl ,i I be K, P M -A15 , N., ,-wr , f' -1 fd , .. f M E ,ff L f , c F 1 J, J 'ir aff!!! , ififfif J , f X5 U J 'j bl. J G 'QM . G if. - ' i A ' G J f , :fi G . V ' J A W .2 6 . 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" E g li," M V H fel Ls , A is "' T f Pl i ,, M Z:-1 3 'V ,Qi gm H , ,ir 4 A .d 6 ,. ,. S J -, 0 as , 1 1--yvxzpij bl , L E J A,.V,, . 1? F? " .' v- 5 :11 1 H r f.. 1 . .fi .T ' Six :lj Q 4 , J , I? A V 4 :Ar . X l ,f ' E vt' f n I -'Q' V -' :Q C R J it J is es . Q 'ni 1- V. ,Ls P, Y. 1' x A v Y V Q: ,- , if in af., ,Q-If :i . L . I ' . Kfyyi , WW fy 'HP ,J fm J anc e tj Ronny Hall Chelsea Hall Robert Hamilton Tina Hamilton Lisa Hamson Tom Handel Hillary Hanson Jim Harker Dale Harris John Hart Tracy Harlung Amy Harlwlg Jason Hanley Heather Hasselman Cindy Hatlen Holly Hauser Jennifer Hawthorne Sandy Heiligenberg Erin Helm Lisa Helm Brooke Henderson Dana Hennis James Hewette Loree Hill Melissa Hinkle Erika Hoberg David Hogan Becky Howden Neil Hsu Roger Hudritsh Denise Huiras Kler Humphrey Charles Huston Steven Jackson Leslie Jacoway Stacey Jocoy Glenn Johns Heidi Johnson Wendy Johnson Dawn Johnstone Bix Jordan Lisa Jones Kurt Jordan Darin Joye Jill Kaeser Lisa Kaine Cheryl Kaino Sheny Kaitchuck Leslie Kawasaki SOPHOMORES 193 Greg Keppler Lance Kerby Tracie Kerslen Soheil Khaleghi Ashkan Kharrazian Kale Kimball Tiffany Kirby Nicole Klein Brendan Kremer Kimberly Kuechler Jared Kuemmerle Marc Kurilz Mona Lancasler Christine Landesman Jenny Lang Lara Langdon Brian Lange Alyssa Lange Meghan Laurs Randall Leach Susie Lee Laura Lee I Gina Lee Lance Lee Jeff Leider David Lemans Debbie Levinson Ania Lewak Bill Lin Jonathan Lindley Cindy Llska Mah Livingston David Lodge Tory Logue Jill Longion Mike Lorenz Taryn Loveman Jamie Lunceford Sieve Luo Erinn Luskuloff David MacGillis Honey Madsen Jennifer Malone Maria Manriauez Merrick Marino Temil Mormon Tahnee Marsh Gary Marsh Lorenz Marli 194 soprioiiioriss ll 1. U 'F ' EJ: ' 1-N. -F -Q rl x- 1 1 ef --fi . si e 7 il in ,",.i S4 A. X223 1 J V1 M ,Q lr. T ,f i T D rr - fs, 5 V 1 yr, A f ' . I f W f L 'fs -. l 45' i time yn .5,. rs Q. I ll 'U f r F Tee lA , "'v- fvlqq. A 5 , , uri - A ll ' Q ' W .4-i-'ruff - ,X :. f D- - l Q- ' T gp' J' L' ll Q ,L v lx -A 1 ," 4 ' ' , K l C' L l l 1 i ' I if -V'--' - ,ef V rf r-2 , FV - V Q I if . ph 4 I .- ,, J' - ' 1 4, is '5 is - f W ' ' A f 4 'YI gh- - 7 A- 4 In . 1 'H 1 M' f ,aiziy D 1 , F? 2 .w Tw , WLY1 l. ALWQZVW af! lr I x , ' jfrffl ' I g J , " if 4 WL 'EM , 33 5 i 5,3 f L tl ! I . 8 , cl 1. ' rx I V ,ly-HY ' K I me ., , qs 1 S A - U 7 T V x T l ' gf T fi ' W. Q 2? , 4. , .. ' 'al , ' 'N-, 'R M . -we is I ma .lr 3 A r 45' H Mi K X 9. 6 N 5. ,fi . "3 X M ,. 5 r .i 5, f 6 ff- li W V he 4 Nm., ,. --'H ill ,Q-A 44, fwiilm.: 'f l,'1:,,1,,: 2 ' t tx Y f ,:, -, . , I ,,.Qi,ff, 2" . - f"1':.l" 'PS' ' . , , . A ., f lilflllifl " f .1 n" ,. ' ,V ,,a 'K fr , Y L ' v 'Q i ,Ax 5 Q .A., F I fe 3, ,. 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H Jf1i.1.xl1VH,l.h YS 3 M i A C"i1f W .4 W gif Q -ei! , Y K ' 1 - ysllgx W . H Q . f ' , - ' x4 W' J W I." .41 is I V Q A: 3. H, iam at +-i x ' .ff ,EV 5 y ' 'I v f ' If , ' v A ' 'XM P1 5 .3 5 , 4 ' 1 X, V, 4, 1 li, gl ,7 I , w i N V u ir A ' 2' Q." . Q Q ' 4 e ' Y V i V . lk FL Kylix- T,. ,zz X K' ,f::,-- 'Lui ffir'L'-I-'ii E ' .. o H J ,, Q- MQ ei! I R' RW' i4 i Q 4 U 1 41" f'fif' P' v , Y-? ,X --- ww, .,, n i .. I A! r- , V , M Q 5 we ... ' X ,- 0 ,l L i ,bp T ' . ,afzf ,N ii 7 K4- L EJ.. B , V, Th J, !l f " W """if 212 ' N 4 17 " I as 'I In I- Y' - " . 'A 5 f . A ' 1 L Y ,A A ,, Z'-W V 4 ff f i . 1, a 7 4 L V A , G hi if Q 'X fx 3' V W , ' ,x , ,,- -.- V, ,sg , A ri Alel Oury Ted Overland Sieve Page Gail Paradeza Lainie Paiierson Brian Pavlick David Paz Chrislie Perkins Jennifer Peiree Tracy Phillips John Phillips Julian Piccioni Evan Pinlzuk Leslie Piilarelli Georgia Poiriez Jason Porler Travis Poller Richard Powell Pal Power David Raff Aguslin Ramirez Leeann Ramsey Sieve Rayle Jose Renleria Randolph Rhell Noel Rhines Jennifer Ricards Kenl Richardson Caihy Richmond Claudefle Riehl Josh Riley John Roberis Krisline Roberls Don Rodmel Devon Roehler Jenny Roick Vanessa Rolh Cherise Runager Kevin Russell Rochelle Sadleir Jimmy Salazar Ashley Sammis Joy Schrnalfeldl Alden Schmid Eric Schneider Dena Schuckil Wendy Schryver Samaniha Seaw Hanna Sebold SOPHOM ard ORES 197 Hugh Seid Annette Semprit Alex Shah Sid Sharnsky Tristan Sherrod Silisha Sideil Jim Siebengarlner Barbara Simmons David Simpson Kristen Smith Shanon Smith Felicity Smith Brandy Smith Zach Smith Brandon Sonntag Llesl Southerland Bill Sparrow Staci Spector Larry Steinberg Jeff Stern Rich Stevenson Lisa Stone Phil Storck Katrina Strang Janelta Strate Padralc Stroud Juan Suarez Alex Takessian Christine Talbott Thomas Talon Keith Teboul Rebeca Tejeda Katherine Thieregoudy Melinda Thode Jennifer Thomas Celine Thompson Heather Thompson Dan Thorden Steve Thrap David Topolovac Nathalie Torrelle Sharon Tremolini Elliott Trice Kori Troutle Brandi Uerkvitz Peter Vanek Shelly Vihon Eli Vint Lisa Vitale mlwpifj sw, ,. 3 Wm 'WNQM - A .id A 'ik 5,4 Q... W' " A . 8 V,.' .4 '7 I ' Y .35 He x Lf I ' 1 . 1 - P' , i 2.4 i ' 1 f ' fda r ' Q g - . aj 'we 4 12 . A i ' '. gi :A 3 x ' J 'nf ii ' 42 V '5 ' ,"g-'1 , I J ' N 421 I f ,.. L. ,.L . ' .yi ' .4174 , I fn' , 1 .,J..,f1, VM ,W 3 f 9 .fi ' ' i 'f 15 ' -1 '21 4 i 2 V i f ' 'V ev 7f Ji W wi H. ' 1 .... 'tiff' . ' 7 'NTT :Gi V. T' f ....... . M My ,L . A-A , ,JA -:fi . , A V in Fix? E' V M , 4, .... A A Y .. W A gms 4 1, .1 1 A N ' f V M ,,,4 Gigi. I - Q-'-.V -1-. .h A C+ 1. in -- .,. F gig gf ni- . G in -' ' 5 ' - gf in ' sr A - 'I I 5' .3531 -rg., IMI, v Ng-'iii 1. W- . .5 . .1 1 .Tig-rl W ...ZA 4. z 3 i -N N . N ' ., . ..-gm . ,PW J A . V sr - ' g ' ' I . H . 4W,, I iw, f JJ: ,5.,:e5.1...:-.1 444f ' Q , 'fp I A i gui!! ix N M ' , J 4:fsig:iggv 1' -Y' , " f 1 - ,. N A " .... . .. x M M 4'---.,, 44 i gf . Y' ' X . ' 4 M' W ,v ' .- . Q rg-.. ..4.,"A f: H . N W..-' ii. f -- ' E X - ski E - ' 551' eq, 'Q . 'X W' ' if .. i 23 , - i fp 1 2 i Q i rf 'h i 41.3435 X y 1 ji V 5 i fi A .. - . , ..... . -1 S-' Si . I .UT Sf, " L Debbie Voilman Brooke Wagner Jennifer Walden David Walker Tim Walker Jennifer Walters Ericka Waison Scarf Weiis Cory Wesiby Suzanne Wiedemeier Diane Wilcox Tasha Wiison Craig Wiizel Molly Wood Vicki Woodbury Mark Wrigni Ncriasna Wright Ericka Wrighi Donna Yameli Eiicia Young Ryan Zaiser Craig Zarro - Ted Zimbelman Tom Zimbelrnan Leiicia Zuniga HEATHER SOPHOMORES 199 Rosa Aguilar Jamlla Akinwanlle Charlene Alexander Kari Allee Marc Amador Jason Anderson Ryan Anderson Anna Aquino Lisa Arbon Aleks Ashley Ida Assi Katie Averill Laura Banko Juan Barahona Eduardo Barjak Rina Bamett Scott Bartoloni Vlncent Barlolotta Shana Bass Kristy Baugh Vanessa Becker Olga Beltran Rebecca Benrubi Larry Bergln Suzanne Blszanlz Stephanie Bloomfield Darin Bosch Derek Bowen David Bowersox Nara Bramblett Teresa Bretzing Jack Broady Daniel Burciaga Heather Burke Kurl Buske Daniel Byrnes Shane Cain Pete Calkins Marcelle Calvert Todd Camp Joe Campbell Robert Campbell Tyler Campbell Tom Cannon Lisa Camey Shannon Camie Mary Carpenter Stefany Casat Stefanie Case 290 FRESHMEN fblfl s Tv- Q P13 s l t gi . .. 1 ., .,. . 'I X i 'I xt Q.. sig xx al as H " f 1 K ill R. ' -, gr , Y 2 . ' V , r, 1 71 f ,il :lj I f ,, A y. ,V J i 1 . 2--9 1 J V! I ,A . M ,ii i N4 1 'N I . 1 Y Yi' l r A V 'CQ Y - 'V Q js l X' '- I l f rid' N if L if X A ". "'Q Q 'QP "AF, 5:7 "M 'r,. ' K V: kr f' i rl fi X M1 m y A ig- ,, , ? A ' If ein a freshman at Torrey Pines is an experiencelthat I Q would not like to have again. Learning the location of everything was almost impossible, especially when all my classes were widespread. ,I - Leellnne Sacks Mike Cassiano Carole Cassidy Craig Cassidy Scott Cathcant Melissa Chan Julia Chang Rodney Charles Anne Chen Lisa Cheung Teddy Chi Joyce Chiang Jessica Chisari Angel Christensen Corin Christie here exists one thing in the life of practically every high school student, the ever-dependable, brown paper lunch bag. The lunch bag has come a long way through the years, arriving finally at its present status an ignored, taken- for- smash of tree pulp Used by the ma jority of high school students, the paper lunch sack has gained una- claimed notoriety as a symbol of maturity. ln the first stag s school, the common vessel for containing lunch was the lunch box. The lunch box pictures on its exterior ranging from Scooby Doo the presently common, Smurfs. As the students to pre-adolesence, they were treated to a preview ofthe brown bags they would later know. They used bags that were slightly better than the lunch boxes, for these bags possessed pictures of Garfield or even lines of orange. lemon, or time smile-faces. Then finally the arrival of the brown bag. Stripped of pictures or even a name, the brown bag proudly symbolizes the youth of America. granted, geometnc e UNCH AGS The smooth, rectangular, uniformly creased bag valiantly carries the vengeance each mother care- fully and thoughtfully contrives for her child. The bag is dutiful and attempts in eamest to prevent damage to the food within. The lunch is jammed in lockers with chemistry, algebra, and English literature texts or crammed in a back pack through two periods of P.E. and Spanish. Through this abuse, the bag falters. Lunch time finally arrives, and the starved students des- perately grab for their bags. G-rimaces of dis- gust are visible and faint exclamations of "Gross" and "Sick" can be heard as students pull out of their bags a smashed pea- nut butter and jelly sandwich or tuna fish that smells as if it were made by a dinosaur. The poor brown bag receives no gratitude or recognition for its futile attempts at protection. It is instead wad- ded up into a ball and used for basketball practice or as a make-shift hacky sack. Ah! What an ignominious ending to o potentially great artifact. - 77m Geiser FRESHMEN 201 OST IKELY ,.. . l l ou've probably seen their pictures under "Most likely to Succeed" for some years now, but what do you really know about Sridhar Venketesh and Natania tvleeker? Natania Meeker is fourteen years old. She lived in France for a year and she plays the piano. Some words she uses to described herself are idiotic. eccentric and unscrupulous but polite. Example, "Give me all your money or l will kill you but you can take your time, Thank you." She used to take ballet but gave it up when she decided that she absolutely hated ballet. As a life time career she Chris Ciruli Kathy Cissna Andrea Clow Eric Cohen John Colburne Katie Colladay Jeff Cook Amy Corey Veronica Cortez Cathy Coughlln Katie Cox Jim Crouch Alison Davis Michael Deal UCCEED wants to be a neurologist- on vacations she would collect snails for french restaurants. Natania's goals are to be rich, to own a castle in France with a white stallion in the courtyard. She wants long hair and to be married to someone tall dark and stupid. She glready has someone in mind, but no names will be disclosed at is time. Not to be out done, Sridhar Venketesh has some interesting ideas of his own. Sridhar is thirteen years old, plays the clarient and piano, and was on the academic team - but there is much more to his lite than that. Not sure which he wants to live. Venketesh thinks of several different lives. Sridhar might be a trash collector. llvlany trash collectors make more money than teachersl When thatjob got boring he might work at Disneyland. When he s 40 or 50 he would be a postal worker. then he would WOI14 for a charity. In a slightly more interesting life, Venketesh would become an actor. a very famous actor. He would do many dramatic parts with beautiful supportingwactresses. His retirement would consist of building a palace on t e Nile and searching for artifacts. In his third and final life Venketesh would move to Austria and be elected their leader - which he would change into a dicta- torship. All his relatives would become personal slaves used for shining his shoes and making his bed. Among the things he would do during his reign are: conquer Hungry making it Austria-Hungry once again, and he would build a castle with dungeons for all political opponents. At his death, a 300 foot tombstone would be erected inthe capital city which would read, "Sridhar Venketesh. friends knew him as Sridhar but you can call him the best man in the world." So now you really know about these people. Are you ever going to talk to them? You're going to stay as faraway from them as possible - unless you want to cheat off them, they're straight 'A' students. Despite all that has been said, they are really nice people. Are you still going to vote them "Most likely to Succeed"'? lf so. succeed at what? - Stacey Jocoy 'r i ff . ' xt: sQ"i A Q-s. .t 'ii 1 .' L I f .J , ' 9 . vi is i 6 . 1 , Y J, rp .. , A x gi 'P 4 t Peter Defrancesca Kirsten Dehne Lee Delay Tony Demase David Demiter Kevin Dente Mary Ann Dimond Ross Dixon Eric Dodson Julio Dominguez Dan Dotson Melissa Douglas Kimberly Dow Jessica Dreben Jennifer Duncan Rolf Ebeling Mellissa Eddy Michael Enriquez Philip Essig Shannon Fahey Karin Failla Julie Fallon Tricia Farwell Zack Felthaus Scott Fenical John Finley Kimberly Fishel Kevin Flanagan Kelli Fletcher Lisa Fletcher Martina Flores Shana Flowers Jenny Forbes Anna Forlney Kami Fotouhi Beth Fowler Jason Fredricks Steven Friedman Kevin Frisch Sean Gallagher Marissa Garcia Gunner Garrity Pollie Gautsch Kevin Gawle Bryan Gibbs Deirdre Gieskes Kevin Gigler Katie Gillivan Sam Godkin Malt Goldberg Serena Goldsmith Matt Gordon Brian Gotz Tina Gould Molly Graff Julian Granados FRESHMEN 203 R h dGraves Da lGrimmer S' Josh Grossnickle 4' A 5 cringe d rsen 4 2 ly GenevievH dl y 1 l Mik H Il Pa l Ham L K Brill Hamson ' l 1 Alton Harbough 6 James Harrell Colleen Harrift D n H 'ff A yH ri Spencer Harvey is . , Daniel Haskovec 'K M L N- ' . I 2 1 A ' - Crisli Hotlen W Ann Hawkins X K B n Henderson 7 ' A ' V A ' X 1 Ty Henderso S " Q - 4 J ' in ' -,., ,ly f X Al Hensley X ' A " ' A gi " , J H 'it so ,ij ii 1 ' J Y J f. Q' 7 ' - ,--r-,. '- cnng akynb Q iz d Sh H M fl H bb Jl H k S n Hllls M k Hochleulner t 1 Erik Hogan K lslen Holrnquisl Sl n Howarter Ch is Howe J fer Hren I J h H rl '- A P l H K , I WW J iw 5, l 1 Nici Hff BdHff R i H, Bobby Isaa Juliet Jacobsen Fred Jonsson ' Jennifer Jellison Jessica Je n Paul Je n Stacy Jensen Noel Johnson Christa Joh n Andrea Johnston Latanya Jones Anthony Judah chool class system. They ff reshmen are destined in the s escape from one of the worst forms of schooling, junior high, and then are introduced to the "that's the way it goes" rules used by the 'sophisticated' sophomores. l Who seem to forget that they were born only twelve months before you. I,-Angela La Rosa 204 FHESHMEN A GIANT IN HE RESHIVIEN ORLD rs- veryone looks up to jiiizrs ' iff gliygyiiiii , , ' Kevin Flanagan, iauite literally because he's ll f"" iliili Freshmen president ligfqlz 6'6".J The Tiiuano party goer pa rti ci pates in rSw'v:'1ix"avlLi'i'iffiiiwtiiiiwiii h ft bgsk f. i:n1i-uiiifi' sue spo S O5 .e ball and tennis, fwhich he does as school sportsl, water and snow K skiin ,soccer, and surf- n.--ii,i- .ii-i..l..-.-rmliii . . ' A " " ing. All of which he il ,Wi . , H-iii.. -. www-f i ur- i , ,i .V -ir .ililiiliiiliiiii . 'Wirii'ii'iiiniLiilhilii'iiiiilli5' does very we , With all these other activities you may be wondering how does the Freshmen president do in school? Kevin maintained an 'A-B'average in his previous school, Cardin, and kept his average throughout his freshmen year. Las ly, why did he run for president? Kevin ran for president for many reasons. The office would help him meet many new people, and it would get him involved in the school. To be president Kevin first had to beat Johnathan Ord and Danielle Goodfellow, but he knew he had lots of support going into the election. The support and his new fiends obviously worked, and Kevin was freshmen president, It couldnt have happened to a nicer guy. - Stacey Jocoy 1' :fig if Jeff Junge Carolyn Keeney Shellie Kerby Kevin Kester Mike Kestler David Kimmel Heidi Litrosser Briana Knauss Leila Knox Rajee Kooner Alan Kosakoft Keith Kruetzfeldt Gerald Laflamme Suzanne Laflamme Il n the beginning, lsaw a large school, with many classrooms and teachers watching over me like a hawk. I saw all the seven and a half footseniors who played varsity football, and I was very much afraid. I, - Pete Essig FRESHMEN 205 Lisa Lahay Jennifer Lai Brian Lang Kevin Lapittus Angela Laliosa Bobby Latko Decia Lazarian Ken Lee Nicole Lokar Sabrina Lopez Cory Lowery Tyler Lowman Chris Lund John Lynch Jose Macias Deborah Mancuso Ben Mandel Gina Mangiarelli Kevin Markgraf Aimee Marlow Melissa Marshall Wendy Marshall Jesse Martinez Neil Matez Bambi Maye Prudence Maye Julie McCracken Michael McGowan Christi McGrlff John McGuire Sara McWilliams Natonia Meeker Kristen Mejia Mario Middaugh Courtland Miller Heather Miller Kurt Mischkot Tiffany Modell Courtney Moon Crlssy Moore Clint Morey Marian Morlazavi Jason Mossy Douglas Most Jason Mubarak Eric Murphy Mako Nakoyama Ned Nossiroghl Dan Nouenburg Daniel Nemiroff Cassie Nenow Michele Nugent Matt Nutley Brendon 0'Kelly Jonathan Ord Kari Osborn 205 FRESHMEN 1 'fs l K V 1- .nl Y 't 1 -4 ,J , 5 'P Y V . ll ,l YF X , My , Irv ' l u " ' S., 'Q ff' " ' j,.,.s :W Kelli Osborn MaTThew 0Tavka Krislin Ollowski Tim OTT Krislen Panchenko Paige Pandolfe Nick Pangbom Alex Pape Debbie Parker Vicky Parker HeaTher Payne Krislin Pearson Kristin PeTerson Valerie Peferson Eric Pfleeger Doug Pham Teddy Phelps Pam PiTTs KaThy-Lee Polevilzky JonaThan Pollock Lee Polzin HE ELLOW if n These days of overpopulaiion and crowd- jllgy ing, few suffer more aT This age Than Those who are forced To ride on public Transporla- Tion. Crowded Three To a seaT These, people lg i Ty Wil suffersilenTly, buT many Thoughfs run Through Their minds in relaTion To Their siTuaTion. qlilijlzf AJ l'm going To fall off, I know l am going To ,fh g,l fall off. Gn This nexl Turn, l am going To fall inTo llllgmf The aisle on my buTT, Everyone will laugh, fi il T and l'll feel sTupid and know l'm going To fall. The people nexl To me look aT me as Though They're doing me a big favor by giving Two inches of Their seaT. This is crazy. lf They had any moral decency They'd scooT over. When l geT a car, l'll look back on These days and laugh. B1 l am in The middle. l can'T handle This, l'm a sardinei IT was fin unTil This idioT came and decided To Take The whole seaT. l Think we should pass The lasT bus sTop, wouldn'T They be surprised! CJ WhaT happened? l siT down, l'm all alone, no one around me for miles, now look aT mel, crammed up - hugging The wall! The window is cold, The bus UBIVIARINE Q 1 ,-fr Q M ' 0,0 N gf 'T 3 1 111117 1 H hs 'milk df? 1 2 we P ' T' 2 T 2 T f , ' "I '7 Q4 Qu V J W shakes and raflles Too much and l'm crowded and uncomforlable. WhaT a way To sTarT The day, Three people To a seaT, six To a row! lf only l had a car! Cars - The answer To everyThihg. When a sTudenT obTains a car, he obTains freedom. Freedom from The bus unTil They crash or The car breaks down, and Then They musT go back To ... riding The bus. - Stacey Jocoy FRESHMEN 207 TRATEGIC uclear war, death and destruc- tion raking the world? lf the Strategic Simulation club was in charge each member was in control of at least one country. With this country they were allowed to do anything they chose. 'lAnything" included declaring war on any other country, invasion of other coun- tries to enlarge territories, trade embargo with a country, or boycotting occasions to show dis- approval of countries action. No reason is necessary to make war on another country. To make war they must deploy troops and weapons. Nuclear weapons supposedly aren't allowed, but they are for sale through the black market. Each country president must keep track of their wounded and dead soldiers, and if they're losing, they theoretory should surrender and sign a peace treaty. lvlost members get little countries like Indonesia and Malaysia. You may ask, "Well who covers IIVIULATIONS America, England these countries are con- trolled by referees. Large countries supply weapons to smaller nations so they can make small, limited wars with their neighbors. Anything theoretically possible in the real world is probable in Strategic Simulations. To end the year they decided to destroy the world . . . knowing that the world is in safe hands. Pleasant dreams everyone. - Stacey Jocoy .. f -. M 'twin , - u . is mil-ifgft '-,--"' , is 'ni' in N. , . . . i ., R MAG, u 1 I 1 4 .Wim ,r v -72 , 9 W. 'sh " f-f-f " . - , , ' 1 r ,A , Y2"'t. " ' lg r Q ff' ,y--..i.M .. I L - i... Ar 1 I "' ff ' f L . ' fr' 'iss Lf' -Mig I J 'W I ' r-J? 'gi ',r " fl ' ii it utr it F" ' 9' t 4 r "Yu O ' in , lr 1 . .tt L 'N . Ni? if .frat 4 . lf EW L SS, 5 ' , i 1 11 J L x 'xl Q fkjm 5 ll , .. , i .L -1 , -P.--1 is-, , lm'--'nj-"gy, -lu, . C VZ fi.-gt. 11' ,..,j' Q .3 Vi, i. 1-1 x JE, 'rr' ' -se, ts- -U . If f V 1 if il I , I 5 D' Dylan Porter i ' - 'Q 1 iii , if Mike Power f ' V . r +1 . , , Shanti Provasoli Q 4 s f A . ', My V, ' ,gg V, Mark Robabv f , .st ' 1 ' ' fx i'tarr'r 2, Jeff Radcliff ,, ' , ' , V' Alec Ramsdell t -" V ' I Q p Danny Raymond Q U r Aaron Reisner Margarita Renteria Ramalda Renteria Yolanda Renteria Jamie Resnik Raauel Reynaga Kristen Rible Wigs- ",?7rS Q I 293 FRESHMEN 'J r ' " ' wie 1- ,vi-y if -N M A . 4 I if -7 1 1 is "J 4' f 'r J P V ' J if R, J S A i as rrs as my Q ff I ' 2 i Qi if . I it 1 rv H 4. . if ' 1 K J 'Li ' RQ A 9 I 7 -'. - , , ."- 5 . ffm lg . U - , ,.4 M., ,.4 H R 'R ill 'ij " '. 1 f ,R 1' I jvi, 'i ' , r ' Ei L ' ' A - 5- ' ' -I Y V 3 Y' A E , y I- iv it, ' 4 P' H 5 i t " 4 A c., I if t S 4. 7 ff ' f. E 1 A. Vqivy fin f . 'f-, 'i TT, fx 'if fat ,f-fi M . A Q- A l - 'J In Q , KV 1, f 45 , if f S f W 'QQ J -1v"'f'lm ' J Gb' Chris Rieber Lori Rigsbee Tisha Rinehart Josh Rippo Kim Riser Elizabeth Rivera Isabel Rivera Leticia Rivera Brian Robert Sean Rodmel Alma Rodriguez David Roe Jason Rogers Celina Romero Pepi Romero Rob Ross Andy Russell Leeanne Sacks Audrey Sakala Matthew Salsberg Joel Sampson Rene Santaella Joe Santen Laura Satierfield Leslie Scheer Tim Scheffler Jenny Schick Genoveva Soimeoa Tristan Schmotilach Chris Schuh John Schultes Jonathan Schwarlz Kari Schweizer Bob Seckington Cindy Seid Rob Seidenwurm Trent Seltzer Allison Shannon Rachelle Shetrone Mike Shine Sheri Shine Christine Simard Shari Simpson Jessica Sinclitico Zeke Slattery Marianne Slivkova Samantha Slotkin Jonathan Small Brian Smith rom there, igraduationj I witnessed and GX.09ff9'7C?0' rushed tours, a hectic "first day', and ninth Qfade d'S Crimination. However, my short high school experience has had Several sweet spots. - David Spragg FRESHMEN 209 FQEQHVFK Sarah Smitham Becki Snodderly Amy Sopyla Jennifer Spencer David Spragg Jenni Staffieri Kris Stallings Matt Stan Miriam Starr Stephanie Steinberg Mike Stephenson James Stewart Kristin Stewart Dylan Stillwell Nicki Stringham Rebecca Starck Jennifer Strand Liz Suckling Brian Sullivan Kathleen Sullivan Mia Svare 'A fgf F X, .,,. 4 T 5 ' f Nt. ,W v 't el T U y Q . 4 Q f t is ' 1 l GST ALUABLE 'sf 'm in volleyball and basketball: l'd be in more sports like soccer and track, but there lsn't enough time." Britt Hamson only found enough time for these two sports in her hectic schedule, but while participating in these two sports she gave it her all and helped the Junior Varsity teams succeed. Britt likes almost every sport: especially those she competes in, and she always enjoys being a spectator. As tar as school work goes, she's doing quite well. She sometimes pulls a few all-righters just to keep her lA-B' average. Britt intends to go to college and will continue competing in sports. Her life's ambition is to become a pediatri- cian, because she loves kids. fShe was one once.J However, she will always be infatuated with sports. - Stacey Jocoy LAYER Katharine Swarlz Chris Shortwood Kevin Taggart Monica Tanner Chris Tarr Babak Tashakkor Mike Teisher Danielle Thibodo Karyn Thielen Mark Thom Jennifer Thomas Erica Tibbelts Heather Tombleson Beth Tompkins Vincent Toms Isabelle Torrelle Michelle Tranchina Andy Trocki Anita Tubelis Adrian Tumbuil Laura Tumer Shawn Underell Gretchen Uter Damon Vander Vorst Derek Van Dyke Jennifer Van Hotlen Bart Van Vuskirk Sridhar Venkatesh James Voliman Simon Wagner Elizabeth Wallace Katherine Wang Scott Watkinson Aaron Webb Shannon Webb Lisa Weisman Seth Weisner Melissa Whiteley Amy Whitney Kyla Wilkenfeld Scott Wilkes Delia Willis Cory Wilson Craig Wilson Marta Wilson Chelsea Winter Shan Wofford Brad Wolfsen Jenny Wollz Michelle Woolley Jason Wright Jason Wurl Eduardo Zetina Scott Ziolkowski Stephanie Zisook Leila Zovanyi FRESHMEN 211 fx, if-P e puTs in a 15 hour day and is on The 5-year plan, so far. The growTh around The changes upseT him Too. This person is our very dedicaTed principal Mr. Bop Sanchez. Since Sanchez was very lschoo and The road young he was inTeresTed in Teaching people, TTmosTly coaching," said Sanchez. He enjoys Trying To help kids, Tlpecause I like To see success," said Sanchez. "Every STudenT has Their general differences and we as Teachers musT accepT iT and Try To under- sTand iT," said Sanchez. His favoriTe Thing aboui working in The field of educaTion is The sTudenTs. "I LIKE T0 SEE SUCCESS OB ANCHEZ "STUDENTS ARE THE BEST JOY" "IT probably sounds funny, puT The sTudenTs are The besT joy," said Sanchez. He sees Torrey Pines going in a posiTive direcTion and hopes To see The growlh of The school and iT's surrounding compleTed soon. Sanchez spends long hours aT work, so To relax he Takes work home. On weekends he spends Time wiTh his family and friends. - Celeste Leach ZXDWN STHATWN RIIUII ESCIIIIIILLO . is I v l A 5 X - O I VICE PRINCIPAL . x ' f' J" - L, in dding to the growth at Torrey Pines is The new assistant principal ' Marilyn Pugh. Coming from the position of assistant principal at Castle Park High School, she brings with her experience, a positive altitude, and a desire to ithelp out," said Pugh. "Not that Torrey Pines needs any help," said Pugh, The priorities of her new job are visibility and keeping her doors open. She loves her new environment and plans on continuing her fu' tgire here. "Being here is a valuable experience for me and I hope IT'II help me grow," said ugh. Pugh sees great differences in the people here, fcompared to Castle Pankl, "everyone is so positive and acceptIng," said Pugh. I . . ,-it '.-- I G y EVERYONE IS SO POSITIVE AND I 'W ACCEPTING" Q' I NJ Pugh got involved in education when she reached a point where education was something to complain about. "So I got involved to do something about it. I hope, no I plan to help Torrey Pines go from being super, To being superb," said Pugh. - Celeste Leach VICE PRINCIPAL aul Escamillo has I held the position of 'I assistant principal at Torre Pines for Three 3I,1,I.fN.' years, working an N I average day of ten I I 'III ,,,x!N hours, he takes his job I "I' I I I Q very seriously and has .X I for 16 years. ' I He has been .I working in various administrative posi- . Q1 tions for the past - ' 16 years and plans to continue the same type of work for many more years ahead. When Escamillo first joined Torrey Pines he had the experience to help in the im- provement ofthe school, so he took on the responsibilities of improving the student attendance and working with the student govemment. His goals forthe school are to keep im- proving the attendance, to keep The student govemment strong, and to keep the "enthusiasm of the staff high," said Escamillo. ' "The kids are my favorite Thing about Torrey Pines, their level of sophistication is so high, and they respect each other and their teachers so much," said Escamillo. "THE KIDS ARE MY FAVORITE THING ABOUT T.P." He enjoys seeing The students and the staff trying 'to be the best thatthey can be," said Escamillo. His position as assistant principal is very demanding on his time and at times causes him stress. To relieve him of the stress he runs and plays raquetball. "I strongly believe in protecting the body and keeping it in good condition, free from drugs," said Escamillo. He went on to say, "I hope I'm setting a good example forthe students by doing this." Celeste Leach ,ah gag' It I ADMINISTRATION 213 Kay Allgire Judie Barnett Karin Alexander David Avvbrey Michelle Beccarelii 14' cfarincmu sniff 3" xl i f 1 if r Qffifiif ifiifi Jfffffiivigds ff V4 N, 'ff x 'f rp in 1 " . K ,fr " My 5? .xi 'll E +-ff:f.:ZfiQs'?i1i , 1 1 3- -X. aff- . - , ,,- Aer:-H f-2s.1-3g'e-if 1:1 -exam 1,5 .i - -- be -A- 1 agsiqgaim' - -L W -' -:iasieiifffz if . f.1L'?'5e2J 4 C E FRTIFI ED Steve Carlton David Carson Ll Qin. F 3. H - 2. tv- '. 252, :Q ,,', . ,H ,' VV Q QM ,J R , F Andrew Beckers Burt Blackwell Margie Bulkin Frank Cnambliss ,T , 7 . ..arf , TQ ,UI I Q .1 I ff F T " X X I 4 X' V34 . 1 R , f Jerry Conrad Winfield COODSV Roberta Cowpertnvvaite Kay Dillon CERTIFICATED STAFF 215 Darlene Palmer :':-'-ff--A f' , lunt, assertive. or- 1 ganized. verbal, and Q opinionated are i adjectives that best 5- if describe the person of f Darlene Palmer. Though claiming that she has taught "forever", Palmer has ln truth taught an astounding thirty- one years. Ten of these years have been splent enhancing the educations of s dents here at orrey Pines. ironically as a youth Mrs. Palmer was determined not to become a teacher in her own right, as both her gnarents had been. She ad obtained a A in speech from the University of Redlands and an MA in sociology from Cal. Westem. After gaining these degrees and through a peculiar twist of ate, she became a teacher. During the past 31 years, the self- delerrnined. vlvacious personna of Mrs. Palmer has led her all around the world. As a teacher she has taught in both German! and Japan as well as the United tales. As a tourist she has traveled to six of seven continents ex- cluding only Antarctica. Through her tours of the world it is only natural for her to have experienced FEATUIQP fa es E X. I V 15. S-. 4" A - 5 ii?- R A f N 'xg ' . . V , if ' some rather unusual events. While in Japan she was given the opportunity to eat a eyeball. "I bit down on itand it squirted to the otherside of my mouth," said Palmer. While in Afghanistan she was held at gunpolnt by a Russian soldier while her passport was checked. Presently, Mrs. Palmer is well known, respected. and admired as one of the faculty members at Torrey Pines. Her outstanding contributions to the school district are numerous. They include her Own dedication to the educa- tion of younger generations as well as her taking charge of the parent's newsletter and seminars here at Toney Pines. She has also been for a time the vice-president of Oak Crest Junior High. Among her notable achievements, Mrs. Palmer was the first woman inthe San Dieguito High School District to teach the full nine months of pregnancy. The flamboyant and pragmatic Darlene Palmer remains in her own right. dynamic. She, who sees herself as tall and thin, will no doubt continue as an intricate and essential member of the Torrey Pines organization for many years to come. - Tim Geiser f F l V A. l . . Y ' ee-i Joe Dottore Mike EdinQel Mike Estfln - A, .. fi A -a -1 I l a E Peter Evans i' l John Farrell Jean Finley Chet Francisco Rob Frantz 215 CERTIFICATED snxrr . - x. . . - T- . -1-3""'f n.g3,-- - 52- 6 1 xr 2 - .- rr-3-ic -YlL5,,:-izrgxfl , G 15521: . .-.- -.fps ,, ..,--...., ting,-.,,,, . -N F' ..,,-, F." . L E g12,fi.,Q,-- , "' FEATURE Joe Skinner rp- 121-52 I-Y N wg, lilllll, illwllt lJ'lll'l'llli.llq5 illllll' ath teacher and new Depart- Skinner, is serious and dedicated to teaching Torrey Pines students as much math as possible, but feels teach- dependenoe and getting along in society are as important as anything else he can teach via the famous overhead projector. Skinner is a San Diego product- Mission Bay High School fwhere he participated in football and baseballl, San Diego State fwhere he eamed a B.A. in Math and Physical Educationj, and U.S.l.U. lwhere he will complete his M.A. in Human Be- havior in Septemberj, He has worked in the San Diego area umpiring semi-pro baseball, as a landscape construction crewleader, in bank management training for Southern California 1st National Bank and then returned to school for his teaching credential. He started teaching math at a Carlsbad junior high in 1974 and came to Torrey Pines High School in 1975 where he now teaches Pre-Calculus, Geometry, and Algebra l. The Skinner family includes wife Susan, who teaches English at Serra High School in San Diego, and daughters Alison, 9, and Amy, 7. The family lives in Terra Santa but travels often in their motor home, boat, Bronco, trailer, tent, etc. around the U.S. and Mexico. They hope to see every state in the union soon. Fishing, woodworking, making fumiture and cabinets, golf, boating, and water- skiing are activities Joe enjoys. He looks forward to someday catching a Marlin and seeing his daughters graduate from college. Skinner rates Torrey Pines as his favorite school in the county. He hopes to help it be even better by his contributions to the academic structure of the school. - D. Palmer X 'iil!W"l"'il' ment Chairperson, Joe l ing adaptability, in- vimanngmm v- -V if-7' i-T ' " T131 -R, ff- Q? T' f x l e A '14, Jerry Gallley he-1 Rik Haines I S2 is Anna Garfikel Beverly Grant Andy Greytak s ' I A .ik t, 1 as J of ,lv . I X, . V ,V Jim Harrah Jackie Harrigan Sandi Heilman CERTIFICATED STAFF 217 Connie Johnson L .-.f F lswight Johnson ,J Y 'Uv' 5 f 5' fa ig Y j 'nil Orville Karge Coletia Kelly FEATU RE D ee Frank n Anglophile is she - Victorian in looks and tumishings, an avid traveler to England each year, r a Shakespeare and theater buff, opera lover, hammered dulcimer player, collector of English and irish folk music. and an international folk dance teacher. 1984 "Teacher of the Year." selected by faculty and ASB. was English teacher, Dee Frank. Ms. Frank teaches English Lit, World Lil, and English Q, and has been at Torrey Pines High School since 1975. She is married to Michael Boyle, a Ph.D. candidate in Endocrinology at U.C.S.D,. whose waist length pony tail contributes to the couples "6O's Flower Children" image. The couple shares a house in Mission Hills, San Diego, with Ms. Frank's antique and basket collections. ln the classroom, Dee is popular for her knowledge and historical anecdotes, for her faimess, and for her demanding college level assign- ments. Ms. Frank's enthusiastic shar- ing of cultural and activities, and organization of student trips to opera, theater and concerts demonstrate her enjoyment of both students and leaming, which is also obvious to the studen s in herclasses. She looks forward to an eventual move from teaching into a social service area such as counseling battered women or rape victims. Meanwhile, her time is spread between paper correcting and folk concerts, paper correcting and folk dancing, paper correcting and theaterfopera, paper correcting and reading, paper correcting and antique hunting, paper correcting and women's causes. D. Palmer "' f lr I E I X I LJ l E E A l I K l Jon Robertson A R l'! - l -1? ' on Robertson, tO hIS name isprintedlntheprogrameach -1 ,L - r , M f kf1OWl9dQef IS the Onlv year. He credits his father - an All - ' .lj f' "Q Mr' footballlteam scholar- American player at U.S.C. and his r f - mg? SHIP VGSJIDISDT to fTJGlOf mom - an ardent reader- for his M , F' -1 35115 in English at San Diego amalgamation of interests. I ' " it -ijfggjlf State, Robertson wasa He presently teaches American Dick Kure Bob Little ' -' defensive back whose Lit., TV and Media and English 9. S.D.S.U. records for kick off and punt Much ofthistime is spentatCable 37 returns still stand - and for which his and Southwestem 15 supenlisingw the V Torrey Pines comrnunityfsc ool 1, cable TV partnership. He is most gg V L' 5 - proud of setting up student in- ' TXT ternships for outstanding Falcon N ' 3 ' "r students at each station. Jon also N l coaches golf and scouts for the -4' ' r- A Falcon football team after four - , V. . . it 4 ' X Joan Luber-Jacobs 213 Csririrlmrro smrr Dan Lyman previous years of coaching the sport. Skiing is a major love. Jon spent part of his junior year in high school attending Mammouth High School and skiing on the Mammoth Mtn. Ski Team. During college he spent a year as a "s i bum' in Steamboat Jorings working in a restaurant, Jon oesn't ski as much presently, but spends his free time with his wife Nance ian aerobics instructorj and daughter Hayley, 3V2. Jon dreams of helicopter skiing in Caribou, Canadian Rockies, travel- ing to Europe and writing a short story and film, and presently has a film script in process. D. Palmer A ' ' F V '-'. ,"I"' - . ,UT " ,' 'vt ,'Q'f'f ,T .- f' A gig,-5.-f, gg,-1 Engng . ?Qy,:g . ,' -,,- 'F E. 3 2 1 I --A... V an I 2 0 ' J 4,9 I. A, , is .,, W' ,, , ,V , ,, W ff ,,,,w. f. . f,q,,f,,, Z 37 N- ' rw? '35 1 F' if' T ,,, ' W A.. . 1 - s .+c:.g',,el5q,',.' Q 4, 4 -N Vicki Coordt, F "nn ,F Del lvlar house designed by her archiTecT husband .' T Don, has been home To Vicki Coordf, and her familyfor13 years. Vicki ' J-' presenTly Teaches five periods of chemisTry and has been Teaching aT Torrey Pines for eleven years. CoordT maTriculaTed from ST. Marys CaTholic High School in STockTon. California To U.C. Berkeley where she majored in lVlaTh for Teachers and minored in ChemisTry.She earned her Teaching credenTial during her 5Th year while Teaching in an inTernship posiTion in San Leandro. CoordT remembers herself as a high school "nerd", doing whal parenTs and nuns requesTed, before The big move To Berkeley aT age 17 and Then declaring her in- dependence and marrying while aT senior year in college. CoordT sTayed home for Ten years parenTing her Three children: Mark, now 20 and a Torrey Pines gracluafe who is working in cansTrucTion, Kevin, 18, a Torrey Pines senior, and Mary, 16, a Torrey Pines junior. Vicki worked in volunTeer jobs and was a TrusTee in Del Mar ElemenTary School DisTricT for seven years. She subsTiTuTe TaughT in San DieguiTo DisTricT before coming To Torrey Pines in 19741. People and people-oriented acTivi- Ties are Vicki's favoriTes. She enjoys kids and parTicularly enjoys Teaching science where There is a varleTy of acTiviTy in each period. She was granTed a scholarship To a PrinceTon Universily Seminar in ChemisTry lasT summer and has acquired The iTch To add more Travel To Their agenda Than The Pennsylvania DuTch counTry fwhere she lived for five yearsj and family camping Trips in Califomia. Reading anyThing - novels, hisTory, even labels - is a major leisure acTiviTy. VisiTing arl and archiTecTure building, sewing, crochefing, and her favoriTe physical hobby W eaTing ouT - occupy her free Time. She hopes To see Europe, The Orienf, and more of The US as well as go back To school in eifher law or chemisTry some Time in The fuiure. Even so, she plans never To leave Teaching. She enjoys The aTmosphere aT Torrey Pines and feels Torrey Pines offers a wide variely of programs which have meT The needs af her Three children, who were all so difTerenT. D. Palmer .gg I , I Homayoun Mahmoudi Fred Marine o Susan Lee Martino xx -ef' in ' 'ex Dorothy McKinney Ann Meigs Marlys Melhouse John McClarren Avril Merrick CERTIFICATED STAFF 21g E FEATURE 1 1 i Anne Merle Ebeling if H, ' till enthusiastic 'fft"',N I about teach- -,jl ing, after 23 151- ,,., -il' years in the 'r ' an Dieguito High School District is jus one of her 'top educator" quali- ties found in Social Studies Department Chairperson, Anne Marie Ebeling. Completing her education- oriented family is husband Harry, the principal of Del tvtar Hebghts Elementary School, an son Rolf, a precocious oth grader at the Heights school. Ebeling eamed her B.A. in History from U.C.S.B., her 'lv' teaching credential from Cal Berkeley, and her lVl.A. in History from San Diego State. After temporary jobs such as store clerk, fingerprinting people for the Navy at Terminal island ishe grew up in San Pedroj then teaching one year in Richmond, California, she and her husband moved to the Del Mar area. She enjoys her Del Mar home, piano playing, sewing, reading, symphony concerts, televised opera and her new toy - a VHS T.V. recorder. Ms. Ebeling enjoys keeping up in her academic field by reading the L.A. Tlmes, Social Studies Magwazlne, Newsweek, new istory books, and by watching T.V. documentaries and historical mini-series. Ms. Ebeling enjoys teaching more now than when she began, particularly the time working with students in the classroom, or working with curriculum. Although she is still excited about teaching, she hopes to try a different carreer someday. One of the rewards ot her teaching career was the dedication of the San Dieguito annual The Hoof- prlnt to her. She also was given a trip to Washington, .C. as as Freedoms Founda- tion Award. Ebeling is a veteran of combat in many district committees dealing with graduation requirements, curriculum and as representa- tive of the Social Studies De- partment on the Coordinat- ing Council. She has lost working days this year be- cause of her many profes- sional responsibilities such as Jones Classroom Man- agement Seminar, Gifted conferences, working on the curriculum for next year's new economics course, and jury duty, --D. Palmer I' . i x 'V' 3' Y I., Q V ,ufx ,amy .gm n, - "' F i 1, Qu i -. Tina Miyamoto ' 3A -X. s Ce- is l Ron Morris Shawn Neely-Wirth it-,D V4 gif' 'Q Andi Newcomer Derold Nogle Holly Nordquest 220 CERTIFICATED STAFF Jim Phillips 4, ' ...- ,g1v"" Lisa Politzer Stan Riches Rosa Santiesteban San Posner Torn Respess r fr ' .V V: '-" ,h V. r' S Q E 1 ,f ll ' 1. -,.,, 5 if TN Shirley Richardson A Rose Sleigh 4751! rr ' V X...3' .- mfwiiff-N, vi'.is,...rii.'ii. gy., "ill till: liitlliliillir .,'it1il!-tw! A k"iiT2'iflili,, ne step, two ,iiilfifiiill steps, three steps closer to the door she "" stumps, as a tremendous moan exudes from the waiting crowd. A long, drawn out, and well-understood grumble pervades over the nervous chatter- ing in the foreground, ttShe's here." Nervous, callow-eyed bodies clear a pathway to the door as the last great monument to amorphous geometry thrusts her key into the slot, begins to turn, and then without provocation twists slyly toward the shivering crowd, and utters, "We're gonna have some fun today." The doors open to the mystical entrenchment of a woman fasci- nated by Iife and its inequities. To the right, is the torn and decrepit voluminous library, filled with authors from Dosto- evsky to Turkle. To the left, faces the tired portrait of an American indian painted to cheap black velvet, a symbol of awareness to all who enter the room. And directly ahead, without possibility for change, stumps the cluttered workstation of a professor of English affectionately known as Rosy to her former students, and by a few other names to her present ones. Entirely unorthodox in her mode of teaching, Mrs. Sleigh sets a new standard forthe educators of tomorrow. She can maintain complete authority without the sacrifice of a close teacher-student retation- ship, often spendirlg her lunch period in eep thought and concentration with a student. A laborious worker and avid teacher, she has been known to get up in the middle of the night to work on a students Eaper in which she saw insig tand possibilities. It saddens the students of Toney Pines to leam that Mrs. Sleigh will be permanently retiring from education and will not return next fall. Devotion doesnt stop at 2:05 for any teacher, but , Mrs. Sleigh will forever live on in the minds of her students, as the most devoted and loving teacher to ever lumber across the face of the Earth. - Bryan Davison Andrea Roberts George Robinson Arnie Ruskin CERTIFICATED srArr 221 Glenn Torrence Blaze Newman N 'ng -'fffia L A .AXXVSI -K i l I ll ', l, VB I 3 t ,ix J , 7 lays f , ,ill I A , -i Craig Scogglns Lana Small Steve Straitiff Ethel Svveed l 4 3 ,Y ,1- 417 Jerry Tarwater Will Wilson 222 cERrincArED STAFF Jim Temples Debbie Weyandt AW Dexter Winn Sandy Yayanos A free Y Gary Williamson Miguel Zarate Iassifie .1..,x-L... su. 1' 5: -'I ' 51. 3, it f 1 1 " 'r f' lf, ' - ' Q 1 'U ' VH A YA ,U V' 1 4-' ,.: 1. 41.9, 7-if ,gm 21, L':.l4a4 , M-. ,r F UW I ,ff , A rg X 'F' 'ef , f' .1 X r ' .smffwlt ,ff-as 54, i A .1 ,lf T .fm Patrice Asmussen Joan Draper TEMPORARY HELP WANTED ' here are two widely held attitudes toward substitutes. They are: There's a sub, today! People are either thrilled that there is a substitute to terrorize, or thrilled that the one that is usually there to terrorize them is sick with something that is hopefully fatal, ln either case, if a substitute wants to make it through the day sane lor at least alivej there are a few rules he or she should follow. 11 Don't try to make friends- anyone above the age of five could see through that false smile. l 21 They realize that you'll never see them again, so don't try to tell them about all your "past adventures." They know that you couldn't afford to take a trip to Disneyland let alone Africa on what a substitute is paid. Don't try to convince them, it won't work because they've probably real- ly been there. 31 The more unusual the excuse to leave early, the more likely it is to be true. lEven if it isn't, give them points for trying.J 41 Don't fall for anything - no matter how sincere they may seem, the building ls not on fire, fthe smoke, flames, and alarms are only for effect.1 51 Don't be dissappointed or dis- couraged by the turn out. -- You shouldn't expect that the same thing that made the regular teacher sic didnt get to the rest of the class, fOr mGVbe3'5eY13l'5Si3is?5Z98Od'l STAFF . , ' , fr ,- X ' AJ ,. of ix U get ,N X, , , 51 i i , - Aff- ,T Q5 RTE! ',,- ,fygffih A X X6 1. 114 A . 1. ,, JH: sf jx , , - M fx' I I , it - - "2 "4 :fa f f . . ,iiettwh ' JP, ,ig f f V 6 ,A 4 . 1 f. ' f ' - Q f f L 'L 'rug . - 3, ,, Aw rf " 1 .H its-. rr.. u , . , fi L- Jane Beattie Sandra Blyton Bruce Bogers '4"Zf,,,', A fir 'ity x K: 75, LL! Debbie Elliot Ruth Eustance Rose Gonzales CLASSIFIED STAFF 223 'WF 224 CLASSIFIED STAFF X xx. :J 1 1 1,1 Issue 'I Volume 'I if June 'I SBE I ' 9 ' . U x P jf- ,R , Y' , M HM -A ,W I S- -0' xi K 4 , Y If ,f!TML ! 9X-X kxizigiff flaw' Y E I ' ' J ' ' 4 GD M -if " f Qfifa f s,j3Q McTorreys pg. 229 Freshmen close-ups pg. 233 Life in Hell pg. 229 Susans advice pg. 231 No tabs pg. 227 Last words pg. 228 Tom's predictions pg. 229 Susans fabulous facts pg. 232 Hamsters and wrestlers pg, 242 Sleep pg. 230 15th street triangle pg. 231 Warning This magazine may contain articles which are not completely factual. Therefore don't be fooled. some material in this magazine is true though. We'll leave it up to your own discrection to sort out the fact from fiction. Any similarties between persons or actual events that occur within these pages are purely coincidental. The names have been misspelled to protect the innocent. Cafeteria food improved, coupon pg. 230 4.5275 . It 5 vi'-A-a' xlw Y g :Z Horror Scope CAPRICORN DECEMBER 22 - JANUARY 19 You are an upholder of tradition and authority. This is because you lack imagination and creativity. You cannot take honest criticism. Not even from your mother. Most prison guards are Capricorns. AQUARIUS JANUARY 20 - FEBRUARY 18 You are an amiable person who like to be popular. You need to be around others because you cannot stand yourself. When alone, you do weird things to your body. Sex change operations are common among Aquarians. PISCES FEBRUARY 19 - MARCH 20 You are a kind and gentle person. Your sensitive nature has given you the reputation of being a patsy and a lughead. Your lack of ambition is directly related to your lack of talent. Pisces make good ushers. ARIES MARCH 21 - APRIL 19 You have great energy and are always enthusiastic. Your vivaciousness is nauseating to others. You concentrate on future success to avoid confronting your past and present failures. You have strange relationships with people much younger than yourself. TAURUS APRIL 20 - MAY 20 fBull, color blue 81 Pinkj You are steadfast, even stubborn, in your ways. People who know you well describe CANCER JUNE 21 - JULY 22 You are a very patient person. You can fall asleep waiting for things to happen. You have a keen memory and often recite boring, obscure things to your few friends. Cancers are easily influenced and many have actually drowned when told to go jump in the lake. LEO JULY 23 - AUGUST 22 You are a very proud and trusting person. Others are constantly taking advantage of you. You do not real- ize what is happening to you because basically you are very stupid. Your are the laughing stock of any group. VIRGO AUGUST 23 - SEPTEMBER 22 You are very methodical and like things in order. On the other hand, your personal appearance is usually a mess. You think of yourself as discriminating, while others think of you as cheap and selfish. Your are amoral. LIBRA SEPTEMBER 23 - OCTOBER 22 You are ver affectionate and sympathetic toward others. You enjoy sobbing. You talk a great deal about justice, but no one trusts' you. Most Libras are alcoholics and dope fiends. People look at you with pity. SCORPIO OCTOBER 23 - NOVEMBER 21 You are a very domineering and opinionated person. You do not care who you step on to get to the top. I you as a pighead. You enjoy music but the You laugh during funerals. Most Scorpios are shot in .itil jf: jj 'kg-1 Q only thing you can play is a radio. You are a the back. - Q i if '- , V ' T 5 1 communist. SAGITTARIUS NOVEMBER 22 - DECEMBER 21 A -. ' 1 , ttyl!" , , 1 j sEMiNi MAY 21 - JUNE 20 You have a vivid imagination and are always trying V j -V qt- i t I, I ' " P' QE :jg ' 1- 4 . You are very exuberant and enjoy ex- new things. Your friends think you are a pervert. F X ggfgfi-'1,,l.xl,5 , i f' I xi pressing yourself. Your friends think of Honesty issoimportantto youthatyou even admitto . VL- T " f'tf'N-. wif,-Z - iw Q! sa you as a busy-body and a bore. You brag doing incredibly dumb things. Nudists are almost , - ' .. Sit. N- '!'l.g,f , about your versatility but down deep you always Sagittarians. -fs' .KY it . 1 - x .Q N ' know you can do nothing well. Most welfare recipi- j K K - lux - It ents are Geminis. 11" :fl Aix.. .ti 'H , ' ' X 5 '- .1 -' A th'-'iiii' :z.f 1, . - ' :-' ' .' .' i ' 'jj' A V N .A gi., : . A5-iff ,LV ' U v ,B B A t.-, , nw A - sf if Q f X 1 ff' 4 'Q it 7 ' W Q . ' 74 Q y ff 6. te W 4' pal 3, b if N. .bg .1 'sl .. , 1 Q JX f'Qfi?' :Af fits at 2 L! f fi? Q Q ff if fl M to ay. "i7,f't .avi it f YQ J . nv fi A A is X - feat' 0 A l v---.,, I -.,,- .,..,, ','. i . .. ,QAV Style 8 slip-on Slim Waist Without Dieting Flatten your tummy and trim your waist the instant you put on Slimming Belt. Works like magic to flatten 'spare tire' and unsightly bulges while supporting tired back. Only Slimming Belt offers all these features: 'Sure custom fit with special no-roll, no-bind construction. 'Wear invisibly under clothing, no hooks, snaps or zippers like old-fashioned corsets. 'Feather-light, wear in comfort all day. Slimming Belt is reinforced for super slimming power and com- fortable back support. Free 30-Day Trial Satisfaction Guaranteed See for yourself. Wear Slimming Belt for 30 days. lf you are not de- lighted, return it for full refund. Slimming Belt is only S10.95. Get two at a Real Savings of S19.00. 'l'o order send name and address with payment to: United Research Products, 252155 South Vista Way, Dept. 80RA2, Oceanside, CA 92054. Be sure to state waist size and indicate Style A or Style B. J Jgpaezgf -.grfjg auiusraoie .. is " ,, .1 ,gf 1 ' -Lf, Y: V - ff! ,0 V,.A ,v ' I f ,av ' '42 . if .. pg'g.,.g f-. 'J . J I f 'Y' f ' f . .1 V. , -.1 S san Thomas W' H ,,. Tom Zinser IJT4' X " r ' - " ,mi . pw, .f , , .f 's - 1 W. ,v 7 N W 2 'gf' . ......, ..., . Br tt Barm ttl Jose Hose Y f ML-J? I ,W J , l f " X , , Q Af ,353 V l ww f I ii u n A ol if fi m t' .X MQVXF, te. tj Q . 1 . r A rl 'ff' fit i xiii! KGB '- Al lf 1' LW WM! . dy' L,N?FCX4W,wE1f . ffl' w MQ V 7 VL, CQ L. .JQ,C VNXQLCL CLUL ml-Q C O ' - N X A A I x M if fifww i mi-ef IK., 2 ' ' L Home '7 WWW' U vw jf J, ,clown owximx CNN XQLWXM-L JQHM xfllfw WMO- YQ. CQNUL ' x O. xk ifvakf Quik Wx glzki-0. VX xjllbo-1 -,, wvwm wxxvmio uc dxkywofufggjc Q ,QLMJJQJL Qi '?Lo'74,L?j. ML , UZ. klvofu-2, in O of M, C my JM xl1N,QLufLLlJt ,L UL jggolgz, 1, ?bSut Vd Lfgwuuu VN VQL x Ok MLLQ, , CLLKEPCLKQJLLL lflfklifo ALO 'J MW .Mgyfbz ALC f 0 45' f fmm W 0735 xp gp xe Ow S525 635 XXX ., Q L ig a Q 6 6 5' 30ii:130E,5X0XO2iQK Krew 6 A C202 5360 30002 '- xffffly wfiifxef .0 MANQ eggiwfrfwf Q, V - 1 .-12 J ,fm Am gg, Mn ,, Q New Addition to Campus Torrey Pines is one of the most wealthy schools in San Diego county, as a result of it's wealth the administration has been able to establish it's own fast food restaurant on campus. The restaurant, "McTorrey's," is a first on any high school campus, but it is not expected to be the last. According to the head manager of McTorrey's, Erin Devans, "Business is great! We find that more students are attending school, instead of skipping r M c R R E Y IS class to go eat somewhere else." ' "I think it's a good idea," said senior, Katt Munitz, "I have been getting up j l an hour earlier every day since McTorrey's has been established, just so I gm r' i can get the first Egg McMuffin of the day!" Teacher Cave Darson said, "I enjoy starting the day off with a fresh cup of coffee from McTorrey's." Since business is going so well and attendance is higher than previous years, Devans sees a big future for on campus fast food restaurants through- out the country. iii? - ' A '- 9 ' Y ' A , ' - 7 52 1 u 'SF if 1 4' f 7 ' V is 1 .f 1 SPS? Toms Predictions .i55x:LgeAQi5 kgwlf-is:Af? J. 15 'ef xi . -"l1--:'4E xiii! '- A-- 'IL 'r .sk 1' -I -5 -l -', - :At ': "Wm A r "ll ssl J Each year presents new and Q," 1 unique forms of individual ex- By Matt Groening 91.985 1' - " - 1 - pressions, and fads. Whats in one f-'FE 'N 5fH00L g g year may be out the next. So Now, cuass, was ue 1 To BE Wu' To mme uma P , l ..i whateverthe fad, make sure you get S?'LGEueHivp.5Rpo5E . Au5O'EE? ,".- gig' in on it early, and sell it before it goes Egfr 'OW G., ,O out of style. To neip facilitate the 4 "' ,rl r lr' Q process we ve made these 20 'kay' predictions of the most popular fads 5 ' g for next year. i L . jf 1. Avocado face gel. l e ' 2 0 , 2. Fliding the school bus :::.::::.:x '.:'..'s:.s:z.:'.::z.. I::,ff.cs:s I... ,,.....f.. S- Wood , gggw- gf igscffr-Q-Us :Lev-tit--lcv j ps 1 4. Richard Simmons posters W SE' A LM' 9 5 Jello sculptures O0 a oo 9 ag ef ' ' ' .49 6. Spiderman rings 'Qtr 7. Sausage flavored yogurt g ,Qi 8. New and Improved sausage 1 LJ 1 g j L L flavored yogurt .v.vA ant, , ,w2.v.Y.,w.,v. .v,v-- y f 9. Garlic dinner mints 5313213501 wt-vs fxiifjiiirsvsfv lessees Us are - ' f -511 10. Cellophane swim wear WTHOU1' 1 suswwoee .s f..,.. me-QE 2 ' 11. Velcro bra straps ST""""""""G Paeran-rico 5,341.5 't -'l . . . fgfgbc aa. pop, we on mt r 4 ' 12. Diet Twinkies 'jjjjff 13. Sumo wrestling me 14. Marijuana and Alcohol flavored A r gum 1 r - . . 4 g 15. Book reading parties BSS.. :OU THEQE TOONQ uJE LEAFNED T5.iA,.3jq 500, Aw To BE "UQ "B.Y.O..B." mee sms. "6l':'Qf'j'1:'jfPDF 'THAT was ,E,,,o,,S v ,,, 16. Cafeteria food Civic wwe, ' V629 6000 bmi Oo 1 17. Match box cars Qf,'2,2eQQ'G WMS' O j 18. Denim underwear U05 P 19. Rocky 81 Bullwinkle 1 X 20. Paisley Sombreros l e I A P 4, A ,,,, ARQQD - W 1' N i ' "YJ Q 5 W 1 A X f vflt Q .K f 9 Q O N ei' 1. A .59 aa' I KSN ni it rg L 9 fl Xt ,?Xf here's En lish 103 31 l M and sleep ZZZ There are many very difterent classes to enroll in at Torrey Pines. There's an under water basket weaving course, a yearbook course, and the newest addition is the sleeping course. This course is very popular for the reason that the students are graded on how well they can sleep. Sound easy enough, actually the-re's more to it than that. The A.S.B. invested in some very elaborate machinery, this machinery has probes which they hook up to a sleeping students temples. The probe reads the levels of sleep that the student reaches and also can detect the energy level of the students dreams. The information obtained is then turned into reports, which the students are also graded on. In some cases, the information is sent to various types of doctors who are doing world wide studies on sleep. X 3 s D ij.-1' l, low HW -. .. EWU ily as .I y l . COfi3lWENi gg, - ,lf - .. H "All clubs, no matter how obscure, had equal representation on Club Day." MY TERY MEAT ui' purchase. of two clumps of bread CY Sogvgd -l-h walklvg QWQS H f gag! C5 13 gf' in , f O.. . - '-'-:'uZ.,w 11:3 -M-fr - T-egg? -, I ' - a:,i" -LLA.9QFkQ I 0 f s S-vsp! M- . U ofte.v.ex ir-es wken gveevx. L- ' W QV'-'ia le a+1he cafderh 'Xl'-we ' fl sl L 1 W f l W Lost but not found Students have been disappearing from class, only to return later with flimsy excuses for their absence. These people deny any ideas of ditching and disclaim any knowledge of how the sand got in their car. Many theories have arisen as to these disappearences. Junior Tim Geiser reported seeing a well-tanned arm pull one student into a locker. "He was never seen again, it was horrible, absolutly horrible. He didn't have any chance to escape, all I can say is . . . it was horrible!" Other eye-witnesses have sprung up as the number of missing students grew. The ever present lure of sun, sand, and the opposite sex continually drew students away from school and to the beach. This lure grew to an almost tangible degree this year as many people felt the grip of temptation as they were drawn further and further into THE 75th STREET TRIANGLE. - Jennifer Xieiilif? 'A Jgasafairv Dear Miss Thomas, lhave aterrible crush on a boy in my P.E. class. But he doesnt even know l'm alive. What can I do? Love, Invisible Dear Invisible, Although I do sympathize, I must say that I never had this experience. Perhaps you are being a teensy bit too shy. A volleyball can be a terrihc attention-getter when aimed correctly. Dear Miss Thomas, On what date is it appropriate to wear white shoes? Etta Quette Dear Etta, Never wear white shoes on your first date. It's much too obvious. You might as well answer the door in a wedding gown, After the third date is time enough, especially if the relationship is beginning to look serious, Dear Miss Thomas, Sometimes I am late to school because my car engine turns over, and won't work. I've checked the plugs, the points, the condenser, the coil, the distributor, and I even sprayed carburetor cleaner in the carb, but no dice. What gives? Stuck Dear Stuck, It sounds to me like your car is broken, If you need it soon, I would get it iixed. Dear Miss Thomas, My coach says that if a base runner is struck by a foul ball that bounces off a wall into fair territory and hits him he's out. Is my the coach right? BleacherBum Dear BleacherBum, Well, ldon't know, I suppose if you hit him in the head, he would be at the least woozy for a bit. What is the person running from? And what is so "foul" about that ball? Did someone drop it in something messy? Sue needs facts. Lam When it happened, Yearbook was there! Dear Miss Thomas, V A I ln my cooking class we made spaghetti, rt tumed out all tangled up into clumps. What did I do wrong? Frustrated Dear Frustrated, A I am not sure, but you might try a light cream rinse, followed by a quick once-over with a blow-dyer. Dear Miss Thomas, y All of my plants for my Biology project once so nrce and green have tumed brown and died. What should l do. B H ere Dear Bereft. That is truly sad. And green is such a pretgf color. . . But cheer up. Plants are just like lamps. Vou plug them rn an they turn nght on. When they stop working, just unplug them, throw away, and plug in another. As for your project you may get better grade with srlk plants with the plastic stems. P ' t X 1 ' 1 X e ,,- i I X . , . , ,,-- .., ,,,,.f H.: . ut. ,sain- NEW CLASS! A variety of new vocational classes were offered this year, among them was Game Show Modeling 102. G.S.M., as it became known, was taught by none other than Wheel of Fortunes own Vanah White, The class spent time reading instruction books, fashion magazines, and Kelly Wholesale Blue Books before they started modeling prizes. "It's important that you know aboutthe prize. Your enthusiasm has to be real, or on camera, your audience can see right through you," said one student with much enthusiasm, In addition to videotaped practices, the class took a Held trip to the actual set of "Wheel of Fortune." On location, students had the opportu- nity to talk to host Pat Sejack and look at prizes close-up. White was "really happy" with the tumput for the one semester class, but expressed her "disappointment" in the fact that only 5'!o of the class was male. She continued to state that you don't have to be a "dumb blonde girl" to model fumiture, cheap economy cars and small appli- ances, "dumb blond guys can do it almost as well." -Jennifer -Q gifaimk q ui 'f-o'4'o'7i454g' I fi r -AA YEARBDDK W' Q g fl A? Q 5,261 i iii lil! 4-xv ow177iaf'ilgeaaf'M A Q nm .l ANTI YEARBOOK 231 FIEig'S CIaStal'dIV DIEII1 backfires . . . Supporting a widely held belief, the sweatshirts worn by the flag team this year proved that they were not all there. All members freely admitted that you had to be crazy to be on the flag team, but no one had any proof until now. The flag team's attempt to change the school's name ended with failure and mockery. Vainly groping at excuses, the flags contested that it wasn't their fault. "The shirt place misspelled it!", cried one anguished member. But everyone knows that it was really a devious plot to under- mine the schools sense of identity. After repeated requests the flags finally consented to return to the original spelling. Although they maintain their innocence we know that even now they sit scheming, devising their next ' underhanded plot. - Stacey RYP CLOSED CAMPUS It . .iii-We -A 5 Vg.-i n , .. W v "Do you have your I.D. card?" fi .L G TEAM SUSAN'S FABULOUS FALCON FACTS Four people surveyed, top reactions listed: Number of Freshmen that can stay our after 10230: 2.7 Number of pieces of gum under desks at Torrey Pines: 21, 753 - Number of Freshmen that don't do their homework: 0 Number of pens and pencils never returned after being loaned: 75,832 Number of Freshmen that fall asleep in a class during the year: 8 Number of Upper Classmen that fall asleep each period: 285 Average amount students owe their friends: 57.35 Number of record albums bought by students during 85-86 school year: 18,096 Average number of tardies per day, per student, including the Frosh: 2 Average number of tardies per day, per student, without Frosh: 6 Reasons why students ditch: Freshman: "I had to do my homework." Sophomores: "I was sick and went home." Junior: "I had a free period." Senior: "I went to school last week." Reason why a student may be late coming home at curfew: Freshman: "My bike got a flat tire." Sophomore: "I fell off my moped." Junior: "I ran out of gas." Senior: "LATE I'm leaving in ten minutes. I just came home to get something to eat. The kind o grades students thought they were getting were: Freshman: "A's" Sophomore: "B's" Junior: "C's" Senior: "l'm passing." The times students got up and went to schooli Freshman: "4:15" Sophomore: "5:3O" Junior: "6:30" Senior: "9:00?" 61 , lj Boo ' wfm 46, . ,J Have you ever had the urge to run out and buy a Menudo album during Spanish class? Well, your not the only one. In fact, hundreds of students have had similar experiences. The reason is subliminal messages found in Spanish for Mastery tapes. Played backwards at half speed one can hear various subliminal messages throughout the tapes. If you've found yourself fondling your desk partner's knee without rhyme or reason, accord- ing to a committee of researchers, you are probably the victim of a well thought out scheme of Spanish professors throughout paraguay and Northern Brazil to divert students from their studies and, through repeated subliminal brainwashing, eventually throw American schools into a frenzy of chaos and disorder. Our suggestion: Beware . . . if you find yourself humming to the tune of Feliz Navidad, if you have a sudden desire to nam ur fir t om Fidelrgr 011.90 ho 6 lOr19 P6 ' of bu 'H' ,512 lilrzg f . if. . fi Etitmtf 7 ,tri . Siome freshmen compboimedi We don Z get zn the yearbook enough " S , I. ,A .. Q?Ei5QS2E?2a9923955959555 o 557 o f WE :A Q E, :Q F f'1'1, 7 i,,, ,..,V Q EEQQ - Ke 1 kbel - 'AVee H FEE92FPgf5?2gS9B1w2QkEQf , A eo,e , Jo 1,3 ,A,oo., Ig EM. 4 ,o I , eig, W A. ,, EWQQEFFSQWWQQSQWHSEFZEHHH i LfE2fV2NPE2+ 5259MeHefEa A Q " Wim A e o EEELEEEEFQEWf3?H??S?EWoEE ?W?Ei3E5E5 EFQHEWEEYQQHEE gf E2EleegL??f sME?w2e53EfeE im . ' ' 'W'm'n:", J "Y, 157W 'pv5"' f -' UWF2 f fe ,E 1 L! V 4' F, 5 eV,V fx' ! T5 1 Z veewzwew eW? if' 72,2 'A ' no rf gli-"" LEM! b V' ' 7 1 5 ff P 0 YEARBODK eEdW3Q?W Q FWVS 0. ' o ' A AQQ Qom4Q7iQf.72l A, DEL MAR 48107124 FOR HIM AND FOR HER: FOR HIM: LA JOLLA 459'3351 ff' ' 4- ' r 1' '.',1i.' B5-Zu,-. '- 'fifi "' Q1-, 1 . 'Any , - 'Q af, .. .--.-wg ,,.'2g'. I I af GENTLEMENS QUARTER ADS ' INDEX ' QUCTES Alexanders Beauty Salon 236 ADVERTISING UNMWOMW Randolph F. Alexander D.D.S., M.S. Practice Limited to Orthodontics for Children and Adults Improve Brace Your """"""" Your ' .. 11.. Smile Face F J J I 318 9th Street 1 il f suite C A A L! 1 Del Mar, California 92014 lg? ,1,.V,, ,O 755-2866 y..j,'4""', 3950 Villa La Jolla Drive suite 2101 f La Jolla, California 92037 , 7 ' -V15 452-0611 ' GOOD LUCK FALCONS! a 57 K l,l WJ A! cams ron You AND voua FAMILY Andrew N. Arendas, D.D.S., Inc. 1 g A ' " N 530 Lomas Santa Fe Dr. - Suite 2 4 Solana Beach, GA - 92075 755-1543 ' A Almeds Cf1iLdrzn's fffftfx V3 . if 619-756-1433 C, Sl C31 il or .. fe3tUl"ll'lQ 3 wlde SOICCUOII of ChllUl'en'S UOOKS, audlos, and toys Corner of Via de Santa Fe 81 Paseo Delicias Fairbanks Ulllage Plaza 16236 Sdn DlBQUllU Road Ashleys Market Rancho Sante Fe 756-5983 ADVERTISING 237 5, ,Q DEL MAR I' -Q 3263 Camino 1 , , Dim AWSHEFQ qmmimg1w " " 3 "5 Del Mar, 151' - l i - California C' ' ' 92014 glgltngintnqt I Mon-Sat 11-980mm ' our secret is 'f ' ' ' S , in the crust. . . fi 0 0 Q Belhsarlo s Q Pizza Del Mar Lk WEPELIVER! f Call Ahead Service Home Delivery to Del Mar 755-3053 1-5 at Del Mar Heights Road iSc,'erwy Carrier! HELICOPTER :TOQRS BY ,. 4-I' XX-. ' x CHILDREN WELCOME GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE HOURS OF OPERATION 94TH AERO SQUADRON RESTAURANT Thursday, Friday and Saturday 5:00 P.M. to 10:30 P.M. Sunday 11:00 A.M. to 8:30 P.M. ' FOR RESERVATIONS CALL: 283 -6400 ,, CHILDREN WELCOME GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE HOURS OF OPERATION Thursday, Friday and Saturday 5:00 P.M. to 10:30 P.M. Sunday 11:00 A.IVI. to 8:30 P.M. FOR RESERVATIONS CALL: 283-6400 238 Aoovrrzrissmsmrs ,Jr ..s:vr.,.-v"w- , .,,w.i,---A-X--2"""""-'.-M ,,...v.. , ,J , , 3 ' -I - Christine Blanchard - 1 Christine, , Q , 'es'-ant U , if" I' l I began to grasp the meaning of life watching you grow up and achiev- i Q l 1 , X " 'l 1 ing a life of your own. The fun, the laughter and good times are so I Q 1 i ' e - i special, May your life possess discovery, challenge, and Eg ' UE achievement, but most ofall love and good friends to share itall with. i . g , , Youfare aYbeautiful young lady and I am so veiy proud of you - I REALTY Q N ove ou, 1 I Mom l Wen Sis , Rss l619J 755-0913 POEOX4-121 F if l - 1 F . ., i , Thanks for all the great memories. Congratulations, and good luck at f ,H ,i 0 Frm, 756 MOORANCHO SAME FE' CA 92067 ' il l 1 school. l'm going to miss you. Love Ya - Melinda 1, ' OF JEFFERY S. DEGRAFF ON1 Assistanhglgfggfgeiiresident 2830 Via De La Valle, Del Mar, CA 92014 16191 755-1160 578-2551 BMJ YOUR LOCALLYOWNED INDEPENDENT BANK Member FDIC 1201 Camino del Mar, Del Mar, California 9Z0l4 6191481-2265 9 f ADVERTISEMENTS 239 "Good Iucg, BRQ4?:.!23.M,Q9!,Se fp-'Al Bullyi- Specializing in Prime Rib, Also Featuring Seafood Home Of The "Bully Burger" Casual Atmosphere 81 Reasonable Prices his f Q6- Boneys Market ADVERTISEMENTS 241 1 ww QVMQSY 4 Q n Q 1 ' JY. ' 6? y WU.. "J 'ww' ' '- 5'2"3 , ii' 'H ,, w 1 Nr I ,N " " W, , f W . L' V lv' '. 41 5141252 L,T.Q."' jU'v5e55?j gfxfngii i, fi ,W . ws! 53 UZ7:""4L glfsiiif xffxififle Eiikinlfi ilfiiii brjifif glfixgff 1' nz-Fi l V' W 'YZ-41255155 " 1-?G': ,- W ".... , ,ju -9' ,.f:',1u"I K Wkifflvl- Q 3551 ?4f1Li' 'Z -fm- WWW PROFESSIONAL RACING BICYCLES. CLOYHING. 81 ACCESSORES 1215 Camino Del Mar Del Mar, California 92014 16191481-8339 st class 616 STEVENS AVE SOLANA BEACH Fievefliffafitnslsi 481-3400 Aerobic Exercise Free Weights 81 Back lan 5u.etCh Strengthening Classes Fimgs Testing Cvnfvufimz Equipment 3151 Redwood St. San Diego 92104 280-6150 24 hours residential shelter 24 our crisis hotline for teens and their parents 12-17 years old We offer individual family group therapy within a residential setting. Independent living skills for minor's considering emancipation. uindlhg an-lnumm. SAN DIEGO YOUTH 8 COMMUNITY SERVICES, INC.ce Administrative Services, 1214 28th Street, San Diego, CA 92102 16191 232-5156 THE BRIDGE STORE FRONT 356 16th St. San Diego 92104 239-4688 shelter care for runaway and homeless youth. Independent family group counseling. 24 hour crisis hotline Emergency food and shelter For youth up to 18 years Transportation and referral service 'T AovEnTisEMENTs 243 Casa De Las Flores 11,1-ii-lib 244 ADVERTISEMEN WE'VE BEEN HERE FOR YOUR PARENTS AND wE'LL BE HERE FOR YOU S1 1962 we have ser d commumxy AT nous IN DEL nun HOMES LAND CONDOMINIUMS COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES RENTALS CHIQUITA ABBOTT REAL ESTATE, INC. for further information, call 16191 755-6791!f6l9J 453-5464 318 15th Street Del Mar, CA 92014 . EE OLD FASHIONED AMERICAN VALUES 106 SOLANA HILLS DR. SOLANA BEACH 92075 f Michael Carey To Mike Its a long way from Mlnakl to graduatlon at Torrey Pines We re so proud of you and wish you success and happiness L ' al ays ove f Your Family 2 N Charlie's Place gm Blending the traditional with the contemporary THE CHART HOUSE SEAFOOD - srmxs A PRIME uns Flow? Hin Comer - Uppeg Level 2670 Vla de la Valle at I-5 Suite A-2l0 Del Mar, Califomia 92014 942-1300 Y COfz91fajZxulTu'fio11s Cdlllyn Mk ZL7VCZyC,71,L! sum f S534 X f 2' W 19 5 f I if, A , fp XJ lam ffq K lx cf ll ,, , y ""ll lflefwy D if V . .ol Q-.gag ,M I Eg,- l W 5 1 I 1 W Il I M A '-' QUE ' Pm GS xl my fvlvlfli, Dowlz 1-7C7l'L71,6b71CfCcL'l"c1Zy'lfL Changes ADVERTISEMENTS 245 7- PARADISE ev Ti-IE SEA AUDIO-VIDEO RECORDING 240 YENIH STREET DEL MAR CA 92014 619-481-239 I W ,Y IV, Wu -if H" flkld ' X-vua YIZWE I . . . Working together with the Del Mar Community and Torrey Pines High School to ensure quality local programmming and to provide a greater understanding ot communications technology through television and audio production. DMPATV THE COMMUNITY VIDEO NETWORK .1 ,far bieamat f 5 Creative Teaching SUPPIIQS LUMAS SANTA FE PLAZA 985 A LOMAS SANTA FE DRIVE SOLANA BEACH CALIF 92075 755 5871 Exciting teaching materials lor teachers oarents children 'll' if r"""Q hanges 246 ADVERTISEMENTS mg I 1.4 f eloyelter uoclatn The original REAL ESTATE Company in Rancho Santa Fe 16191 756-2422 Post Office Box AAA Rancho Sonic: Fe, Colifornio 92067 COAST COIN 81 BULLION EXCHANGE Fine and antique jewelry Gold and silver investments Designer Goldsmth Iglesias creates a CIHI an CIBSS. Kelly Cooper Kelly - "SO MANY PARTIES . . . SO FEW WEEKENDS!!" We love you - mom 8. dad Jewelry repair 170 Solana Hills Dr. Suite A Solana Beach, CA, 92075 16195 481-7720 r- 5' Country Downs Computel ADVERTISEMENTS 247 DEL MAR Complete Auto Service Smog Cenification Towing Service Reasonable Rates i5 a Del iviar His, Rd. 755-2114 L - XT 142- -+6512 DEL MAR CAMERA Professional Products 8. 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Chris Lehman 134 11th Street Del Mar, CA 92024 St. lic. 412596 16191 481-2325 . , 11 PREscRiP'rroNs - CosME'rics - GIFTS B an CARDS - CANDY - PHOTO SERVICE -5 POST OFFICE SUBSTATION , 59 DRUGS-N-SUCH PHARMACY BIG BEAR SHOPPFNG CENTER 2683 VIA DE LA VALLE DEL MAR. CA 92014 16193 755-9723 16191 453-2972 LIONEL S'rziN PHARMACIST iN MIKE C. PIETRANTONIO G. BRITAIN Q 5. ArlucA PHAnMAcls'r 'W ,A riff CQ J 1' PHONE 755-1531 g vi! - l. I MERRILL JOHNSON R.P.H if 3 X PHARMAGY OWNER 1 V -'i 4 fs 1 1 if , , -f DEL MAR DRUGS M' 1 1436 CAMINO DEL MAR -..- C 'sv . ost. MAR, CA 92014 ""' um ,I Q 1 Dieffenbach Real in Mn..-r.. - , , "WN gi Estate Durantes 4' LM Aovenrissrvienrs 249 f' .."' X " 250 ADVERTISEMENTS is enciniTas group arf ' CHARLES E. CLARK, M.D. DWIGHT E. COOK, M.D. RONALD G. SUMMERS, M.D. JOHN D. HILL, M.D. MICHAEL L. VANBUSKIRK, M.D. MARIE ANTOINETTE KRANZ, R.N.P. WILLIAM JANZ, P.A. PHONE: 753-5594 EXTENDED HOURS CLINIC 9200 A.M. - 9:00 P.M. 7 DAYSXWEEK RADIOLOGY SERVICES MAMMOGRAPHY ULTRASOUND LABORATORY 3, ' ..x,...W,,,.aa W .,..,. . , ..,M,, ".- f -. ,gk-, -. . V I ,f -V V. . . 5 gg ENCINITAS DIAGNOSTIC SERVICES ADVERTISEMENTS 251 KNAPP SHOES HANOVER SHOES SALES SALES gncinilas Cviiiage Coininiet QUALITY SHOE REPAIRING Books-Cords-Records South American IITIDOITS X 1 R Clgwlr, M. ." 4 9 'rr l -' X TX: , Z, , JJ- ,. 2 'T II . -gf ,- x -q It I 1 Y A I 1,, an Open DOIN 104 Earth Song Ocean Song 1440 Camino Del Mot 1438 Comlno Del Mor 7554254 755-7664 I! If THE BEST MEXICAN FOOD Z gpptgz IN THE NORTH COUNTY H MEXICAN RESTAURANT 81 COCKTAILS7' Luis y Maria juarez e Hijos FOOD TO CO OPEN TAM - 7 PM CLOSED - SUN. OPEN Il I00 A. M. TO II DUO P. IVI., 111 N' EL GAMING REAL - D 12545 PowAY nom: PH. aes wro ENCINITASI CA- 9203, NTON 7531911 IN THE CARRIAGE CENTER- POWAV, CA. azoh-I OWNER: JIM 81 MAHG A ' E.T.C . Educational Tutoring Center Assistance in Academic subjects for all ages ' Credit Courses ' Grade Equivalency Testing ' Non-credit courses - SAT Preparation - Diagnostic Testing ' Accelerated memory - Speed Reading ' Super Learning Reading 3' Writing T Math T Sciences Languages "' Computer Instruction 983 A Lomas Santa Fe Dr. Plaza of the Four Flags Ii T- 52 'I' I i 'Tent I , M i I ' ' W.-3 0.5 Solana Beach V' L' 481-9919 Delina Robair. M.Ed., C.A.E.T. Director Q Hours: Mon. thru Sat. 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. X- What is more valuable than an education? L ."" g 1.39- 252 ADVERTISEMENTS fzir62fgQ Qzzvef gJQsg'K?s aaffamgmhig :PQ A I AE JN! '-' Q a ' Q Q5 M1 Xxx X! i xf Frozen Yogurt 3 481-8767 Lomas Santa Fe Plaza ' Opposite Video Library S IDENTICAL TWINS cause identical scratches as Laura Langdon and Torrey Fletcher cross the quad at break. ,ybg i Q we Fairbanks Ranch Riding School - English All types ' Western of horses! Call: Linda O'Brien ar 756-1993 KLKS ' J eff ,pd af I'-. l . A XXX gl l L ,J 1 2.7.55 . lb. E n '- ez rf: E. Gigi Godefroy J. ' lg ll Gigi - Thank heaven tor little girls! They Qfg, 327521 grow up in the most delightlul way. . I . W Love, L K F Q S Mom 8 Dad. V g ' Renee Michelle Foss Dear Renee, Solar, so well, so soon . . . and only 16. As swilt as the wind you have learned, grown, and shared your delightful spirit. Now you are ready to take leave. Fly freely, then, but remember to stop, and smell the roses. Be true to yourself, Renee, you are very special. May college he all that you wish it to beg then may all your dreams come true. Our love and our hearts go with you always. Love,, Mom, Dad, and Chuck 254 Aovenriseruenrs I 1 : i E l ! - I 1 :Nl :il J J 1 1 ' ' Get a little Glendale going, l rf- l P+ a a l f an J 1 J 1 J 3 ' l you're going to be all right. GLENJALE FEIIML One of the largest savings and loans in the world, with over 200 offices serving Califomia and Florida. SOLANA BEACH: A 740 Lomas Santa Fe Drive A H DM 259-3300 Monday thru Thursday 9 till 4:30. '1L553?f.L"! Friday 9 till 6. C9198-1 Glcndalc Fcdcral Savings and Loan Association. Gld Gy ADVERTISEMENTS 255 Mindy Griffith Dear Mindy, You have weathered some terrible storms and have shining. l know it hasn't always been easy but you have done an excellent ioh and l'm so proud. Remember l'll he with you wherever you go and whatever you do. l love you very, very much. ----" come through Mother A:llllllllllihlllllililillllll!IHlhlhlllllhlhlllllhllllllllliRRI!lllhlhllhlllllilllllhllhg K s Q 2 I S : ie 5 E XXX 5 , E I, fi 3 E Q! S g I - SKIING - SURFING I 2 - SPORTSWEAR 5 2 5 ,ix J , SKI scHooL ....,.. 942-2185 2 ---- 2 S Q4-Hn. SKI REPORT, . ,753+sszQ1 ri., : 5 5 : 5545 MIDWAY DRIVE ' g S SAN DIEGO - 226-7669 I S -l--l a - HHNSENS E . '2f,'2IQifB'ff,'Q'I'f,f,T,f2Q IsIvcINITAs - 755-6595 5 W IW!UIIIUIIIHIUIUUUUIIUIIIIIllllHillllllllllIUIIUIIIIIHlililllllllglQ!lllllUlllUlUQllll I XY Hammond Studio ofDa1wa Q61 91 756-2992 62BSlnlbdolio Drive SollnlBelchCllllomll92075 H 6 H TACK 6 FEED COMPANY lil! UUVfNNNN Ibn KNCHMTAI QIUIO IACM I NDN DUVDWMM WAHI UITJ ' UKIIN I WCIHIN TACK 'UDHMG UIIID FUI DNlN NEED 'VITUMHAIT IUPFLI l MCDEDI W. A. lBlLLj NEWLAND aus. 'Iss-aoso Tonya Henderson Tonya, You are a dream come true! We love you and are so very proud ol you. Best wishes to you, in everything you do! Love, Mom 81 Dad P.S. Wow! What a sister! , I Love, ,f "' M' , Brian 8- Scott 5 " l 255 ADVERTISEMENTS 1302 ENCINITAS BLVD., ENCINITAS, CALIFORNIA 92024 JOHN HAFILOFF ORTHODONNCS'TMJ DYSFUNCNON CHARLES M. HULSEY, D.D.S., IVI.S., INC. ORTHODONTIST 530 LOMAS SANTA FE DR. SOLANA BEACH, CA. 92075 755-6222 911 EAST VALLEY PARKWAY ESCONDIDO, CA. 92025 VICE PRESIDENT 480-8171 ESI 9!75I3fi3I3OI HARLOFF I fgQ+ BMW! Chevrolet E- ' - Quan dam 0,31 at 2441441 , , .If f w f fm ,l n,,.,,W,4,,,x,i Corey Dawn Holder Dear Corey, Thank you lor setting a good example for the rest ol the tamily to follow. Our love and best wishes lor success and happiness throughout your lite. Love, Mom 81 Dad Ftuth Hargis Real Estate ADVERTISEMENTS 257 Maryrose Hawkins D.D,S. Family Practice Dentistry A Professional Corporation Members America Dental Association Graduate USC Evening hours available 1349 Camino del Mar - Del Mar, California 92014 16191 481-2596 4 MII XII iii Walt X lb ,fi KXRXR ,V . it -A at , , I li l I rgiqliy, I ij I V if lil 4 kr I I If A Julie Hilbert Julie, You are a very special part of our family and always will he. We are so proud of you and love you very much. Mom, Dad, Jerry, and Jim IN -STRIDE Athletic Shoes and Resol ing ,f Ji ,gr E-'Z - X514 Kernle E Kohlmyer E,- ?-'Z' 2 ?. 122 Solana Hills Dr. Solana Beach, CA 92075 481-7961 ' ll' Ream' er-1 ,ii JI. tm T4 6 xg ' GregoryA.Johnson,D.D.S. Inc, Preventive 81 Restorative Dental Care Academy Professional Center 769 Academy Drive Solana Beach, CA 92075 6191481-7155 KAY KARLENE, neuron CQQgg2"jj?gfg'S From KARLENE REALTY 2120 JIMMY DUFIANTE BLVD, SUITE 'N' - PO. BOX 493 DEL MAH, CA 92014 Uef RI SINCE 1971 BUS. 619 - 755-4258 FIES. 619 - 436-9726 Oifg If 070W C ZX Q ff7fQ 253 Aovermssmeurs Jonathon Michael Loomis Jonathon Michael Loomis was horn on September 16, 1968 in Dallas, Texas. He attended grade school in Mira Mesa and Encinitas, Calitornia. During his grade school years he was active in little league and soccer. He spent his junior high school years at the Santa Fe Christian school in Solana Beach and was presently attending Torrey Pines High School where he was to graduate in June. At Torrey Pines he was active in track, cross country, soccer and youth groups. Jonathon enlisted in the Marine Corps Reserve Program. He was to enter Marine Corps Recruit Training at San Diego on June 23, 1986, I . fl , 1' diff" . ffm ' mg if ..... X A, lb , f u -.jx ' and upon graduation attend Air Traltic Control School in Millington Tennessee. Future plans included entering San Diego State University in January ot 1987. He died on May 5, 1986 as a result ot an automobile accident. .I ff A ' Ieonords Patricia Bennett Owner T R A D I T I 0 N 5 981 DLomos Santo Fe Drive 161911181-83041 Solano Beach, Colifomio 92075 C6193 566-5669 909 LOMAS SANTA FE DR. CONGRATULATIONS SOLANA BEACH, CA 92075 755-6653 TUXEDO FIENTALS 81 SALES GET YOUR FREE GRADUATION GIFT WHEN YOU BOOK YOUR TRIP WITH US Steve Leonard Dear Steve - You're a wonderlul son and really nice person! You've always lilled us with love and pride. Your tuture is limitless. 4 All Our Love, , I V Mom 8. Dad , ' """ 'J I X 1 8 ,.,A,..., g -,,, - .,.,,,,.,,.. La Paz Homes ADVERTISEMENTS 259 Lomas Sante Fe Cleaners ,4-A101 ev-'AA Anne Livingston The wood are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep And miles to go before I sleep. Robert Frost . lStopping by woods on a snowy Eveningy We love you, Anne. Congratulations on 12 wonderful years. I ! 1 CV 'Loy 4 f Mom 81 Dad Kindergarten Senior Year 1974 1986 0 4 'Wm' lMXll2T,760l2VV1 Defra wel TQAW I 47fv05if LA ypllA,f,s,- ,emm- 4-le 4-29-93719 46177 N Hwy Lol fomvm kmflfl ,Ck Gia- 491 leeway' ,A 5 lT'S A GOOD TIME FOR THE GREAT TASTESM 250 ADVERTISEMENTS 1EvCosta llogo At MiraCosta College, you can: Learn new subjects... CWe offer universiny Lransfer courses in nearly 50 rnajorsllp Master new skills.. QYou can train for a Career in more Lhan 40 fieidslw ,JF Fiirvlc ' iv Q' flhfl 1 1.4 I f - Reach new goals... CWe have nop athletic Learns, snudent government, music and theater - nhere's ions no do after ciassly Come learn with us! '-Nz i, -7,22 ji .2 ,, L. I WV .r Q --1' ' f A Ae E1 ' . - 5 Y- kj! A Tk L ' fa Make new friends! CAbouL 'FO pereenn of our full-Lime day students are benvfeen 18 and 24 years oldb MiraCosta College, One Barnard Dr., Oceanside 757-2121 Del Mar Shores Center, 9th St. and Stratford Ct. 942-1552 PS. Seniors and Juniors! Did you know you can amend college classes while youyre sniii in high school? More than EGO scudenzs did that this year. Get a head smart on college W cali our counseling office for details. Mane Tamer ADVERTISEMENTS 261 Gerald F. Moore D,D.S. M.S. Mille Fleurs KV fi ,K MULTIPLE CHOICE 1 M, Y 1 l .- l -aff .lg-X I.-'X I ' 1 X v-H f I , M. ve ' H? V. I 11 . y ft Q5 e -sf!! We V j 'A -Li? if 'H PatMcLean ' W . ' A s aioow Shannon Murphy -A A A-L tu 'W Dear Shannon: E We are very proud ot you and we hope your High School days have been all you hoped they would Cosmetics - Lingenk be. Your toundation is good and sound. Whatever Tanning " Nails you choose as your goal in lite, do it, and be l happy. You are strong, Shannon. We love you and gfimgggffa' we will always be here it you need us. f6l9194J-1543 Love you Tizzylish, Mom and Dad A-Y., f Motlvatlon ls the key to success Somethlng you'll have to work on we guess! David Marlow David: It seems like yesterday you were playing ball Now look at you, you've grown so strong and tall! TM 'Ui'-lf! Is YUUTS i0 S09 Go tor il and he all you can be! Not matter what llle holds lor you Dur love and support is yours ln whatever you dol Vuu'va grown up much to tast How quickly time has pasll No prouder parents could we he You've grown to be a tlne young man, don't. you see! All our love. Mom, Ken, and Aimee 5 ...L l N f Lisa Marincfc Dear Lisa: Congratulations. We are so proud ot you. Great and wonderful things lie ahead ot you, but always stay as sweet as you are now. You have our love and support. Good luck in college. Love Mom, Dad, Michael, and Mark 252 ADVERUSEMENTS W NATIONAL BANK ' FAIRBANKS RANCH Fairbanks Village Plaza ffiairbanks Ranchj 16236 San Dieguito Road, Rancho Santa Fe, CA 9ZO67f Phone C6191 756-4884 Pardee San Diego Corporate Center Del Mar Heights Road at Highway 5, Del Marg CA! Phone C6191 259-O811 MEMBER FDlCfl-lours: Monday-Friday, 1Oamf4pm. National Bank of Fairbanks Ranch Congratulates the Class of 1986 Xgriggeai, f '4?'w. f .., E gf do if f- Lv gh J ai, ' ' -1 "'l2T??f ' 7 7215 'fi X ff' f.:, U B -if 1 fi? "3 1' x A ,. 7 C A I V ' I 1 1' 17 "The Ultimate Beach Store" OFF THE LIP. Mike Montemurro carves the face of a set wave at Ponto. 1418 CAMINO DEL MAP. DEL MAP, CA 920111 7555323 Photo by: Chuck Gomery 7605 GIRARD AVENLE, LAJOLLA, CA 92037 A59-15641 NW , sb E de-:aw ADVERTISEMENTS 263 ' :eng e ent Achievement Achgevement Achgevement Achgevement Achgevement Achievement Hght on, Graduates! A Construction Company A Weyerhaeuser Company laza an - - Investments Inc. 619-756-4813 ,, .,,. 619-756-2436 Paseo Delicias at La Granada Post Office Box 136 Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 -1 ffv , . A I I jig- , 1-14' 'f"'1'-'-f' 'X W r - 5, KE W ' 1 fl , H ,, H '. M CLZZ?Z'l?l?' M our l0f7il7lIfll107f , . 481-3088 154 Solana Hills Drive, Solana Beach, CA 92075 RANCHO 0 Car Wash " - 1, 0 Detail Shop """"6 , Au-to - onlcs 2551 vm DE LA VALLE DEL MAR, CALIE 92014 15191 451-5555 ff?- I Z 5 i S152 RANCHO SANTA FE PHARINIACH' .AND SPIRIT SHOPPE Posr Orrrucs Box 1158 RANCHO SANTA FE. CA 92067 BOE GRAUL 756-3096 PHARMACISW' 24 HR. ' 436-6225 0 S4 CJYX ' gr- 49 Z A 7 4 ff' 7, fx " - Uv ACREAGE 81 HOMES Rancho? Number One Rea! Esta!! Offict P.O. Box 2541 6119 La Granada Rancho Santa Fe, Califomia 92067 16191 756-3089 KAcmss from the Mobil Stalionj 5 K 1: X xt Il 4 ll ADVERTISEMENTS 265 We're with ou all thew ! a 9 - it 3, , V E I 4 if ,gy W 62 vltriSfil6?D'gil'll?g5"eff, I X . F aff at l Wil ' ig i ' .tif t o . . 2 I . We spend most of our time making a great pizza-the freshest, best-tasting pizza in town. But we always have 5 some time left to support a good cause. Best of luck! l 126 South Solana Hills Dr. Q' nmmarahna s Solana Beach ' T.. "F Jeff Peterson Dear Jett, What a delight you are to us! We are so proud ol you and all that you've accomplished. We know you are capable ot fulfilling whatever you desire, and we're behind you 100"!0. Just remember we love you iust because your you. G0 FOR IT, Jett! and keep on smiling! Love, Dad, Mom, Kristin The Resale Shoppe 255 ADVERTISEMENTS 461 91 755-B001 george panz!049!z, OFFICE HOURS 781 ACADEMY DRIVE BY APPOINTME T SOLANA BEACH. CALIF. 92075 John Recker Three little "R's" all in a row. Two have graduated. One to go. Congratulations to three great kids. Love Always Mom 81 Dad E E r E rrtr rror E if f 'll I V V fm I l Z P ' ff- - geaf ' l .1 ff' l I A X dp-Q if WJL' ji-4, ii! -r - 2 i vi 'Q x I N -rrcyrreloltv Q J, OPEN 1 ous G of W--'ww ' In Del Har Hills we moss mms sewing w-fer Flichlin Farms Pet and Food Supply ADVERUSEMENTS 257 BU ...J .JJ IC E C R E A M OFSAN FWINCISOO SAND AND SVVEETS Y A fxfrl SNACK BAR oNEoPTHEw0RLD's 1670 Coast Blvd BEST ICE CREAMS D el M ff? SI. IIBITIBS CATHOLIC COMMUNITY CONGRATULATES THE CLASS OF '86 Samantha Smith KX Dearest Sam, ,-:g- Thank you for all the ioy and happiness you've " T CONGRATULATIONS given us. You're so special and we're so proud of CLASS you. OF Go get 'em "Super Smurf," youfve only just begun. x I 1986 all our love. Mom at pau I' ll' SOLANA BEACH BARBERS 135 SO. COAST HWY. 16191 755-3770 a STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES Cf . HOME OFFICES: BLOOMINGTON. ILLINOIS -'I v' . 3 ln5ulAuc5 if I' 1 da - I JIM COLEMAN, CLU NL ' Agent ,L 1049 can-.Inc DeIMar eos.: 16191 755-6794 mp Secfist , I I Del Mar, California 92014 16191452-1090 Congratulahons, TrIpl 'TT T SOLANA DONUT HOUSE 143 LOMAS. SANTA FE DRIVE SOLANA ssAcI-I. cA. 92075 Paul 81 Lek aus. I619I 755-9143 Your love of life, laughter and new experiences has created a colorlul high career, from the steady parade of broken bones, creative chine stitchery and assorted bruises to a defensive touchdown, nifty all-star LaCrosse moves, roller-coaster grades and few exuberenl Itranslated: expensivel plunges into local mud puddles. You're a super guy, and great entertainment. tAre those stories we hear from friends and neighbors really true?l Now if you can manage to stay out of emergency rooms, we know you'll have an exciting, fun-filled, successful life. And we can't wait to find our what's next . . . Love, Mom, Dad, and Wen Stichery Galore ADVERTISEMENTS 269 Surf and Turf Jamie Spaulding CONGRATULATIONS JAMIE - BUGS WE LOVE YOU, MOM, DAD, AND MIKE SAFEWAY 2606 DELMAR HEIGHTS RD. DEL MAR, CALIFORNIA g 9 mf y fgq reionoiivs. , "1,, r 1,, .v,,5Qu,,, galyrirw X - z 1-dl' 1,, ..-.-.......-..-.Q.--- Q vi- - s We M Mk 'I i yan-f L 5' I I. i F , J rs, ir I ook , . I ,,f, A fwzlbfo, .- nur .. hd ek FO PQ fe Cn ofa st Hohqda lhary U19 ' To O the B 9 O 017 E I7 Bs EOR: lb H Edm- ,7 3 ,md ,ml - . ,zmairha-xH lnacnll O's ,nu PIVF n 'W at wa B735 umm-I Complete Bicycle Sales 8: Service g 014518 955 is 4 at I.. CSN: ery Jane chambers M" Q822'S5RfR0d0lfO or. 755-7360 Solana Beach, CA 92075 IPLAQRO Ai ARCHYECTU1 D200 SAN FIAKISCO EDWARD A. GROCHOWIAK AIA PRINCIPAL QPfTELCIEI.EifTH'SANuEGOC5Y1'xlX Xi'.mH7-0131 As Former Torrey Pines Graduates, we at Southwest Mortgage Company are proud to congratulate the graduating class of 1986. May your future experiences be positive and may you find the truth and knowledge you seek. For those who will return for further education, enjoy your years at the finest high school in California. Congratulations Class Of 1986 Especially Kerry 270 ADVERTISEMENTS OLLE SANSONE NXPN EXE S e Cod' gow 0 rCiW55 muuzswssc C EN V XR GX S O B A S S O C X A T 2 S Sl A X. E S K A K E gmsvxrpalo mn swan now nwmsv kbW6'l5b'b 1 I DEL M 7 AR SOU Ihwe 9021! M0l'Iga Pd ny Qe . A DVERTISEMENTS 27 1 IANGENT ENTERPRISES INCORPORATED Telex: 4994577 Suntan TIMOTHY GElSER, President PO. Box 266 Del Man CA. 92014 l619l 481-2444 Jenny Turetzky Hats off! Luv ya, Jen!! Dad, Mom, Gerry, Marc, Rory, Timmy, and Tonie Rebecca Trice wt, A-1 Where will she find her dream, Lord? "Hey Becca look over here?" ' 2 Or in the burst of a breaker's foam -T on an August day ' when the beach is filled with kids who seek and dream A X 4 is 1 lv We would hold her gently with our love and try to be a shelter We would hold her loosely in our hands that her soul will be kept free to sail to distant lands to explore to learn to dream - free to leave, and to return. We would like to do that, Lord But it's very hard - And underneath those grown-up woman ways there's still a little girl f Watch over her as she goes W 4-Y A And help us trust you, Lord, with her voyage. . .e-511.:e2fQSf2Gf'1 I 1 ' 31. 'ilwzi :1 f Where will she be when you whisper in her ear and say, Will you speak to her in quiet times when she's alone - whose boat's so small and when the sky is dark sometimes, l am afraid. racing through the turbulence of teen-age seas - Author -- Marilee Zdenek TRITTIPC JOHN R. TRITTIPO, AIA Tl?lTTlPO Gnd ASSOCIATES ARCHITECTS and PMNNERS H5236 Son DISQUITO Rodd Foirbonks Village Plow KQTQJ 756-5Oll f Rox Htifsm Rancho Santo Pe CA 9?llrw7 and doubt , . and listen for some voice to speak to them of hope? in these stormy times where she can feel the safety of our home. 212 ADVERTISEMENTS CALIFORNIA TEACHERS WILL LOSE MOST OF THEIR RECENT PAY INCREASES AND THERE'S ONLY ONE WAY TO STOP IT! I THE AVERAGE TEACHER PAYS TAXES IN OR AROUND THE 400!o BRACKET LOOK 2322 51250 ACTUAL 25355ssrissriziissrsm., on regular 5'Kt increases 1 'T ssumin a oe o ax rac e 'T :ombineg feggraltaittateb k I PA NET INCOME IN YOUR S TAKE HOME PAY! lt's true! Many of you have just received a healthy, long awaited raise from the school district. But look - Uncle Sam gets almost as much of that raise as you do. fYou got S7503 he got 55003. lt's a common problem! 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TAX FREE THE BIGGEST FINANCIAL OPPORTUNITY STRS STATE TEACHERS RETIREMENT DO YOU KNOW HOW IT WORKS - FOR AND LOANS YOU'LL EVER HAVE - AND UNCLE SAM WILL HELR AGAINST YOU? Don't let another year go by without finding out what you can do to improve your financial future. You work hard for your money. Do something to make it work for you. Call us today! THE TEACHERS' FINANCIAL NETWORK 16191 464-2640 THERE ARE NO FEES WHATSOEVER FOR INITIAL CONSULTATION. SO WHY WAIT? ADVERTISEMENTS 273 '-Q?-ff 'T ,lv-,Ji y 7.1 , - v 4 - , . -1 4 If 4, , .-'gn ' fi ..1i"fg:gaSR',r . rw ' '., - ., 1 5 " ' - A ':Q..., .H gk ' '- -- , 3- -i"4.'.rfr..f' . ni,-1 jr gm.. . ., 1 . A-P no . ' , . H, 1 .. . . A -'1. "' r I . Yr Y Q- "N , ,, ,. . . I . . ,, U .0 , -f . Q , - ' '- A . . .- - ,,, . ...W . , , I .. ' ' .,' . -ni -, . . u ' ,f f West Coast Paint 205 N. HWY. 101 755-2675 SOLANA BEACH CUSTOM MIXED NOT FIETURNABLE FRAZEE AND FULLER O'BRIEN PAINTS WILKENS GARDEN SUPPLIES, INC. 122 LOMAS SANTA FE DR. P.O. BOX 96 SOLANA BEACH, CALIF. 92075 C6195 755-1727 Fertilizers, Insecticides, Hardware, Garden Tools, Firewood, Pipe 81 Fittings Jamie Wheat Dear Jamie, Short and sweet, long and tall, we have been through it all. Your career at Torrey Pines will end a tradition, but a college MW career will he a line addition. Q CONGRATULATIONS, Jamie, you have brought a 4 great deal ut happiness into our lives and we are so 5 proud ot you. PU' We love you! Dad, mom, Wendy, Cindy, and John -4r""9"':'Y -Jw? L' - f "V4 , ' -A-ff tf..ji3Qi' .azz 'L' . Ugg 517' Jeff waldal " J ' Jett - You have enioyed sports ot all types from a very early age. You have given us 18 years ot excitement and pleasure. We hope May-I Wright your lite will be as tull of happiness and love as you have given Dear Man us. We pray the Lord will bless your lite with many years of rewards and happiness. Love, We love You, Mom, Dad, Jimmy, and Kathy MUITI, Dad, BDU WSHUV Richard Waters . , near Richard, , A , , lt's been real tun crunching 43 years ol your activity into 17 years ot your lite. V' ' We are and always have been behind you 100010. You seem to stay one step ' V jg 5- A I MV- 1 ahead ot us all the time. We are happy to say you possess important gy y 1 'W , y character traits. NT' .4 A .-W ' We love you - , lf' 4 t 43, f' f Mom, Jim, Gram, Lisa, Dougan, and Devon V, .', ii, , ,.4V 4 ' WOOLLEY INSURANCE SERVICES Basil C. Wooley RHU President 1431 Camino Del Nlar P.O. Box 8 Del Mar, CA 92014 16193 755-1588 8 271-5181 146 No. El Camino Real, EncmirasEA 92024 61 90 9420 9801 M-F 10-7 Sat. 10-5 Sun. 11-5 Your lamily is so proud ot you and is excited about your luture. ADVERTISEMENTS 275 Wd! -.IYWHQ ww- --,--.... KS ,E 5' U gh I ggi? r1 L4 WATT INDUSTRIESXSAN DIEGO, INC. Developer of Fairbanks Ranch and other fine communities Supports The Falcons of Torrey Pines High School WATT INDUSTRIES- SAN DIEGO, INC. PO, Box 8086 16236 San Dleguitn Road Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 275 ADVERTISEMENTS l ' 'br' . f ar in 2 'Ra Q' 3 V ' 411 f., '4- VV! ,gv ,. ti, ,, ,iw 15 " 23? x arf' UPINTHEGRAND- STAND. Students not directly in- volved in the nominating con- vention were in- vited to watch. Lora Wilcox Lara . . . From Ponyiails io graduation, you're a joy and a delight! Thank You! 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Heay A. 148 Abraham, Michael W, 188 Abraham, Susan A. 123, 124, 175 Abramson. Ftonna H. 123. 188 Abnl,.1aCkle M. 175 Adrarlz, Erin. 188 Adarr1S, Andrew H. 176 Adams. Dr 237 Adams, Mark E, 175 Adelrrlan, Allan 148 Admlnlslrallon 212 A F S 119 A.F.S. 119 Aguilar, M. Lisa 180 Aguilar, Rosa I. 200, 233 Aimee S Childrens Bookshoppe 237 Akrnwanlle. Jamlla I. 200. 233 Aladray, Neale 123. isa Albem, Sandro Alcorn, Devon 129, 145 Alexander, Charlene 200, 233 Alexander, Dr Alexander. James R. 102, 148 Alexander, Karin 112 Allaro. Ltdla 124, 188 Allray, Joseph D. me Alhambra. Jasmine M. 62, 176 Alla. Dania M. 188 Alloc, Karl A. 200, 233 Alton. Thomas J. 148 Allglre, Kay 214 Allison, Matt 99. 176 Allison, Shannon 59 Allred. Unda A. 62, 95. 126, 176 Alrnana, cnarree w. 54, 176 Alrnand, Jonnlier E. 116, 1BB Alrvlarls Hall EIC 236 AIpur1,Krlslln A. 188, 239 Allihulur, Eric L. 176 Alvarez, Dsvonee M. 148 Alvarez. Pahku R. Alvarez. Pulrlcla 148 Baumann, Amy J. 189 seeuenane .reeile me Beanie, Jane 223 Becoarellr, Michele 214 Beck, Michael M. 116, 189 Vanessa C. 136 139 200. 233 Beckers. Andrew 215 Behrens, Chnstoplrer J. Becker Bermer Brett D. Bell, Bruce A. 148 aellena. Craig A. Belllsanos Pizza 238 Bellman. Che M. 116, 177 Behran Bel1ran , German 189 , Jorge L. 148 semen, olga L. zoo, 233 Beltran, Roberlo 148 c Benedl Ber1r' Benton t, Amanda F, ES. 189 l,F1ebeOCa E. 142. 200, 233 . Louis A, 177 Amador. Mark D. 200. 233 Amlltn. Jason B. 178 Amretln. Mike R. 188 Amlrnnnn. Amimann. Anderson. Anderson. Anderson. Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson. . Tanya L. 188 Anderson Dlllldn 118. 188 Gabriele 122, 124. 148 Ashley E. Bradley M. 148 Dlana 35, 64, 188 Jason V. 200. 233 Krlatophar N. we Lance 148 nynn o. zoo. 233 Annahle. Jennllar S. 188 Anil-Vsarbuck 225 Antler, Derek E. 178 Anvnr, Nlmn 178 Agulno. Ann B. 124, 200. 233 Amon, Llua D. 200, 233 Arsrrdas. Chrlellne S. 176 Arondas. Dr. 237 Arlll. Ellllbeth L. 124. 188 Amis. Andrews M. 176 Berend. Jeffrey S. 128, 148, 238 Berger, Kan H. sr, 177 Bergtn. Clare BM, 69. 110. 148 Bergln, Lawrence P. 200. 233 sennrngnarn, Berry A. 136, 189 Berrrrudez, Jose A. Bemdge, Shayne A. 148 Benram, Paula J. Ber1ram,SeU'l A. 92, 189 Besenlenlen, Angellka E. 177 Besl, Daniel J. 189 BQS1, Memn M. Bet1er Ll1e Htness. lrrc 242 Beyer. Mellsa Ft. 189 Bl1ulk,Mat1hew J, 59, 148 Elgsby. Chnstonher A. 46, 189 Bike Fever 242 Bllllck, Garrori W. 189 Blszantz, Suzanne 200, 233 Blttar, Llsa N. 148 Blzzlgotu. Em: A. 151 arulgonr, reny v. 139 Black. Brel D. Blackman. Michael R, 56, 159 Blackmore, Thomas A. 177 Blackwell. Bun 56. 215 Blanchard, Christine 18, 1221, 130. 13 154. 239 Blanchard. Mellnda E. t77 Bleeckar, Holly E. 58, 177 Blinn, S0011 A. 75 Bloomiirald. Stephanie 123, 200, 233 Blue Blvd Express 238 Bluechel, Sion 177 Bluochal, Tanya L. 189 Bleuchel, Todd A. 151 sly1on..senara 101, 223 Bon! Dance 36 anger. anim 22:1 Bogner, Jnnlvee A. Bohle, .Iullo 189 Bohlksn, Malthbw D. 58, 189 Bologna. Frank P. 40, 71 151 Bologna. Lean r. les Banlonu. Carolyn G. 60. 84. 159 Bdnlena. John N. 177 Bonjia. Brandon 56 Booth, Michael 151 Borracho-y-loco, Darin SO., 35 805011, Darin 57. 200, 233 Bourdema, Garth N. Bovenzl. Kimberly J. Arroquln, Edulrdo C. 148 Arreguln. Mlgual 124 Arrequln, R. 1Cll1D1ll C. Arya, Jyoll se, 148 ABB 126 Ashley, Araks P. zoo. 233 Ashley! Market 237 Askar, David A. 176 Asmusssn, Patrice 223 Assl. kia 200, 233 ANI. Karsam A. 148 Astorga, Aaron Attendance Card Collectors 108 Aull. Nealher M. 188 Autt, -lennllsr A. 176 Auattn. Jennller A. 188 AvBr1ll. Katharina K. 64. 200, 233 Averill. Wendy A. 58, 176 Avery. wane G. me Avmrsy, David 214 Bahirtur. Jeffrey S. 148 Balrmrldge. Jennifer 148 early, Glenn F, 71. rea Berry, Sean M. 143 Balcaen. ChrlstleD. 188 aalawrn, Heelner D. 113, 133, 135, we Baldwin, Tara J. 188, 239 Bales, Todd A. 188 Ballon. Jonathan P. Band 138 Banko. Laura A. 200, 233 Bank ol Amenca 242 Bank ol Commerce 239 Bank O1 Del Mar 239 Baramne. Juan c. 200, 233 Barca. Dion A. 105 Barjak. Eduardo E. 200, 233 sannenler. Bren A, 42, ess. 227. 296 Bamard Flamona P. 188 Barnes. David W. 56, 159 Bamert Judie 214 Bamen. Rina J. 200, 233 aenagan, Hugo les Barragan Lure E. Barrera, lgnacre 52, 1715 Barrera, Leah C. 148 Barry, Jason A, ras Barry Sean A. Bar10lOf1l. SCX!!! J. 200,233 Banelona. vrrveenr J. 71, 200. 233 Banon. Adam 5, 176 Basketball Mens' 66 Baskeroall Womens S4 Bartow Gordon W. 56. IBS Bass. Shana B. 135. 200 233 Bassen Angle A. 139 Sales. Chnstlna M. 177 Balson tyler s. ss er 159 Barienberg. Kun J. 148 sengn, KnSWE-0 200 233 Bauman 1Coachl 67 230 INDEX Bowan ,Andy v. ras Bowen, Derek B. 200. 233 Bowen, Heather A. 119, 177 Bowen, Kelly M. 39. 151 Bowen, Trevor C. 56. 57. 189 Bowersox. David J. 200, 233 Bowman. Kerry G. 151 Bowman, Matthew L 151 Bowman, Russell H. 151 soya, Laura J. 177 Boylan. Erin L. ras Brabyn, Thomas P, 56. 67, 189 Bradshaw, Anne M. 39, 45, 151, 253 Bramblet1,Nara L 139, 200, B3 Brandes, Sean W. 129, 177 Braver Realty 239 Brehm, Dana E. 189 Bresnick, Debbie D.116,129.177 Bressler, David G. 189 sreuing. Teresa J. 200. 233 Brice, Janet F. 151 Bridge 243 Bridge, Shelsns M. Brigantine 238 Brinson, Breli A. 189 Hruadmoore Hdmes 240 areeay, Brad ra. 116, 177 Bruaay, Jack D. 200. 233 Brogli, Mireille S. 122, 129, 151 Brookrrlan, Darby P. 177 Bmnks, Karon C, Brooks, Julie C. 189. 2133 Bnasbe, Jelf 112. 214 Brown. Brown. Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brnwn. Brown, Brown, Brown, Aaron A. Charles M. 159 lCoaCt'tl 67 Danny L. 151 Derek M. Elllabeth A. 189 Jennrler K Jonathan D, 177 Mary E. 34. 177 Roberl M. Browne, Lisa A. BruCe, Amy c. 151 Bnider, C. Brooke 177 Brue. Alan R. 177 Bruer. James 189 Brunn, Enc P. Bryan. Melissa 177 Bryant. David J. 91, 119 Bryant. JOt1nR.111,119 Bryson, Jeffrey w. 159 Bublen, Patrick R, snnnaclr. 17molhy Fr. 151 Buck. Richard W. 177 Buckingham, Jason A, Buckland, Deidre C. Buell. Carullne A, SO. 59, 177 Buell. cnnsropner B, 40 151 Bugge Alexandra M. 151 aurlnerensln, Karen sg, 111 anxary, Jill K. Bullch. Bulkln, Bnlnngt auilys Todd A. 151 263 Margre 215 on. Dewren M. iff 241 Buncher. Jan Buncher. Sven D, 177 Buole David A. 110 151 Burmaga Daniel E. 200 233 Burmaga, Mana E, 159 1,151. Burge. Stephen T. 177 Burgelrs, lisa K. 177 Burke, Heathev R. 200. 233 Burkhald Martnew A. 111 Burkhal'1 Wllltarn Burrie John 52 sums, Bonny L. was Burns. Heather A. 139. 141 139 Burns, cnnslren G. 177 Burrows, Chase J, Buske. Kun F. 200, 233 Butler. Brett L 125, 139. 159 Butler, Glenn E. 71, 177 Byme. Brian E 189 Byrne. .lusnn w. rss eyrne Danrel A 200. 233 Cohen. Shen 178 Cowon, Eva 152 Colbourne, John A. 202, 233 Cole, Alexander 151 Coleman cnneropner A. se Coleman, Meredith L. 178 Colm. Rachel A, 123 cellaaey, Mary K. 202. 233 Collins, Meredith E. Collins, Tala F1. 17B Collura, Jer1nl1er R. 190 Colorllonlo. Kenneth J. Colophon 283 Conly, Tara 190 Connelly, Bnan 152, 260 Conrad. Jerry 215 Conlerlts 2 Cook, Caroline A. 123. 190 COOK, Jeffrey D. 52. 202, 233 Cooper, Jobere J. 28.39,107, 122. 124, 129. Cabrera. Joann D. 177 Cadwell, Todd A. 151 Caie Del Mar 246 Cain, Shane M. 200, 233 Caldwell, Jel'1rey A. 25, 116, 151 Calkins, Peter W. 200. 233 Calklr1s.Sc0t1 D. 54. 177 Calvert. Chansa L 69, 177 Calverl, Marcella L 200, 233 cernp road A. 200. 233 Campana, John E. 67, 177 Campbell, camenne A. 41. 151 Campbell, Robert C. 200, 233 Campbell, Tyler D. 200, 233 Campbell Ill. Joseph M. 200, 233 Carnpen, Tlmothy F. 116, 177 Canady. Michael A. 188 Cannon. Thomas B, 200, 233 Capener. Memlee c. 142, rss Carey. Michael A. 151, 295 7. Cariln, Ellzabelrl A. 36, 123, 124, 136, 13 139 Carlin, Maya T, Cal'1OS,JDSe 124 Carlos And Annie S Caie 247 Carlson, Roger G. 56, 189 Cans, Junior 244 Carlton, Steve 215 Camey. Llsa M. 200, 233 Carrlle. Shannon E. 200, 233 Carpenter, Mary M. 200. 233 Carson, David 215, 286 Carson,Sco11 D. 54,61 177 Casal, Meredith L. 129, 177 Casal, slot.-lny R. 200. 233 Case, Slelanlo J. 69, 201, 233 Casper. Gregg 189 Casper, Steven rv. 35, 54, 157 Casslano, Michael A, 57, 201, X53 C8SS1Bh0, Felt!! A. 54, 177 Cassidy. Carole L. 201, 233 caselay, craig A. 201, 233 Cassidy, Kathleen M. 18, 69. 151 Casdjellos, Juana 189 Castillo, David M. 189 Castillo, Lorl M. 169 Castro, Enrique V. 189 Casiro, Robert S. Cathcan, Gregory M. Calhcan, Scdit 201. 233 Celikales, Axel P. 119 Cema, Luis F. 129 Cerna, Maribel V. 129 Cervantes, Marla 151 Cervantes, Sergio E. 190 Chamtrliss, Frank 75 Chan, Kimberiy L 139, 177 Chan. Melissa A. 123, 135, 201, 233 Chang, Johnny 151 Chang, Julia L 123, 142. 201, 233 cneng, Ping 52, 177 Changes 246 Channel 37 , . . 246 Chapek, Slepheft A. 107, 119. 190 Charlebols, Eric M. 54, 151 Charles, Graham F. 123, 190 cnarles, Rodney M. 201, 233 Charley, Calherine M. 139, 141, 151 Charley, John W. 139, 190 Ct1arlle's Place 245 Ct1arr11ar1.Andrew E. 110, 129. 177 Cnarney. JIII C. 39, 177 Cnarnrtolrn, Knstln J. 190 Ct'1ar1 HOUSE 245 Chases. Jascn R. 190 cneerrng 104 Checketts, Nell A. 177 Cheerleading - Frosh 135 Cneeneadlng - JV 134 cneeneaurng - Varsity 130 Chen, Anne T 201, 233 Chen, Pohsl cnerney. Vusefl A 177 Cheung, Llsa Y. 118. 123.126,135. 233 Chl. Theodore S. 119. 201. 233 cnlang, Cnanes 151 Chiang, Joyce C. 123. 201. 233 cnlqnrta, Amon 244 Chlsan. Jessica L. 201, 233 cnnsrensen. Angel L 201. 233 Cl'1V1StIan. Julie 129, 177 Cnrlsne. Conn J. 201, 233 Christopher Jeannie Chung. Heather M. 118. 124. 190 Crrull, Carles A. 56, 57. 190 Clrull,Cl'1rl5lDpt'1erA.202 233 Clssrra, Kalhy R. 202. 233 Clark, David E. 177 Clark Heather 178 Clase, Kellie 178 clasen. kelly sa. 178 clesen. Ryan B. ss, 190 Closed Campus 32 ceerng 285 Cldr1el1erAssC 247 Cl011elleY CU1'1er H. 177 Clow Andrea J. 69. 202. 233 Clow Lauren T. 151 Clubb Dawn 178 Clubs 8 Organization: 114 COBS100ln 247 cooling. Jeffrey n. we ceay Lisa E. we Cofirrlan Jodi P. 69, 94 190 Cofrrnan John T. 129 151 253 Cohen, Erll: 202. 233 Cooper, Kelly D. 152, 242. 259 Cooper, xnsne D.113,133.135,190 Cooper, Winneld 215 coorm, kevrn a. 31. 152 coorm, Mary c. 69, we ceorar, Vickie 219 Dodson. Stephanie A. 28. 36. 125. 152 Doerck. Jason A. 190 Doer1llng,Cassle l. 24. sa. 96, 107, us isa 249. 286 Doerrer, Charles F. 54, 179 Don. vanessa s. la, 23, 190 Dogue, David 80, 125. 139, 178 Doneny. ulrenael s. 71, 190 Dominguez. Adnan we Dominguez. Julio 203. 233 Donaldson, Deborah L 190 Donnelly, Lisa E. 47, 190 Dorallo, Denise L 1778 Dorallo. Michael J. 190 D0ls0r1. Daniel E. 52. 203, 233 DGl10re, Joe Dougherty. Chnsloptre 190 Dougheny. Palnck 190 Dougtreriy, Vhlllam O. 152 Douglas. Jennlrer c. Douglas. Melissa R. 203. 233 Dew. Kimberly M. 46. 203. 233 Downes, Bradley G. 17B Drain. Tamara K. 152 Draper, Joan 223 Dreben, Jessica 203, 233 Drer1uss, Kathy 176 Dnes-Danner, Jason 178 Coppens. Julie K. 64. 178 Coppo, F1Obert A. 26. 112, 116. 152. 274 carey, Amy M. 202, 233 Corey, Justine M. 190 Cona, Flosendo E. 190 Comlbrih. Andrew N. 75. 178 Corran, Sally E. 75, 190 Cortel, Marla V. 124. 202, 233 C0te, Elllabelh V, Cotton, Kevin C. 190 Cdughlin. Catherine E. 202. 233 Covello. Charles A. 152 Covello. Nancy ED. 18, 190 Dries-Daliner, Samuel 110. 152 Dnll Team 142 Drugs-N-suen 249 Drug Store, Inc, 249 Dublin. Sascha 111. 115, 118. 124. 190 Duenas Elsa Dumka.iWrIlram M. 178 Dunbar, Michelle L 191 Duncan. Jennller 203, 233 Duncan. mrnoeny A. we Durllord, Kan A. 113, 191 Durl10rd, Tamara L 122, 130, 135. 152 Cowper Tnweire, Rowena 215 COX, Kathryn G. 69, 202. 233 cox, Kimberly he 190 Cox. Lillian-Flesume Consultant 247 Cox, Michelle A. Crane, Michelle L. Crane, William F1. 178 Cranford, C0011 E. 178 Crawford, Steven D. 67, 178 Dunlap. Derrere M. 191 Dunne. James G. 67, 116. 191 Durante's 249 Duryea. Kim R. 152 Dutton. Thomas D. Duvall. Laurel J. 178 D1Nal1. Nicknlas R. 152 Creative Teaching Supplies 246 Creativity 38 Crocker, Andrew E. 190 Crocker, Lisa B. 178 Cronin, Amy I. 152 Crosby, Jane 178 Crosby, Julie 39. 152 Cross-Counlry 52 Crouch. James M. 202, 233 Crowell, Brian K. Crowley. seen M. 190 C.S.F. 121 Cunningham, Samantha Cushman, Damon W. Dal Carra. Michael F. Dal Cerro, Richard J. Dalessl. Glno Dyer, Mltlsm R. 191 Eart1rl0oean, Song 252 Eaton, Jeifrey 152 Ebellng, AnneMsrle 220 Ebeling, R011 A. 75. 111. 203, 233 Eddy, Mellissa L 203. 233 Edgar, Terrence R. 152 Edlck, Gene 152, 237 Edlnger, mae 216 Edwards, Frank D, 191 Edwards, Gregory M, 67 Edwards. Shawn K. Egln1on,Mlchelle M, 69, 113, 152 Ehransperger, Edward H. 152 Dalesslo. AnneAMar1e 178 Dance, Alisa J. 119, 190 Dandan, 1Mssam K. 190 Daniel, Heather W. 137, 142 Daniel, Scanlyn D. 107, 190 Dunk 1Fallowsl, Mahnew Fl. Darclynds Hallmark 246 Daumanlan tCoachl 67 Davis. Alison B. 202. 233 Davis. cnrlslopner s. 52, 11, 190 Davis, Dawn M. 116. 124, 178 Davis. Deborah A, 152 Davis, Jerlmler R, 190 Davis, Jennller R, 190 Davis, John J. 52. 190 Davis, Linda E. 152 Davison, Bruce C. 67 Davidson, Bryan M.121.122,123,124.152 Deal, Michael S. 202, 233 Dean, Adam C. 190 Deans, Paul C. 190 Deboer. Nicole F. 152 Delranoesca, Lynne M. 59, 178 Detlrancesca. Peler 57, 202. 233 Dettos, Michael L 152 Dehne, Kirsten 203, 233 Deimling, Heidi G. 178 Deimling, Pnrnrp 5 190 139, 201 Delay, Lance E, 56, 57, 75, 190 Delay. Lee F1. 203, 233 De110r1r1e, Dirk J. 190 Dellbrarl, Fanelle Del Mar Camera 248 Del Mar Drugs 248 Del Mar Exxon 248 Del Mar Hne Wines And Dell Del Mar Office Products 249 Delong, Joan Deluca. aenrarnrn P. 190 Demaroo, Cambna M. 178 Denrase, Tony J. 203. 233 Deml1er, David J. 203, 233 Demrter, Joanna L. 190 Dempsey. Jason J. 190 Demsey,Jennl1er M. 63, 122, 124. 152 Dente.Kev1n C.111,121,152,203,233 Dente, Llrlda C. Denton, Anna H. 190 Denyes. Steve M. 190 Denyes. Susan M, 152 Derousse. Craig L. Dettenneder, Mark 178 Detweller. Lara A. 118. 124 190 Devany. John 152 Deweese Mark R. 120. 152 Dance. Tanya ul. 190 Diaz. Crlnslrne M. Diaz. Diana 152 Dillon. Kaye 215 Dlmond, Mary Ann 142 203, 233 Dnon Kelly 152 Drngwall Jennrler P. ss. 58. 175 Dflrrlars. Enc D. 40. 120 12S 152 Dixon, Lisa M. 99 Dixon. Ross H, 71. 203. 233 Dudd krrnbeny 152 DOGSOV1. Enc L 57 203 Ehrlich, Shana R. 42, 191 Ekstrom, Dan 119. 152 El Ccmel 252 Elkins, Peter 178 Elklrrs, Sonya Ft. Ellloil, Deoble 120, 223 Elllon, Dlane 82 Elllotl, Jerrnller 62, 155 Ellivtt, Travis K. 139 Elliott, Trent J. 46, 139, 141 Ellison. Mark S. 191 Etwell, Jon S. 155 Emerson. Tom A. E.M.G. 251 Enclnitis Village Cobbler 252 Endrss, Sean 17B Englebreoht, Laura L. 155 English, Karl A. 191 Enrlquez, Earl M. 203, 233 Ensign, Frank B. 155 Ensign, Krlslina 155 Ensign, Mary E 178 Entreken, Joel P. 71, 191 Entraken, Joshua C. 155 Epstein, Lisa A. 191 Erickson, Jason 155 Ems1, Elizabeth A. 178 Emst-Delay, Farah 191 Escar1'rillo,Rau1A. 47, 112, 213 Eelarnpeur, Vahld n. Esslg, Philip T. 57, 67, 203. 205, 233 Estabrook, Jeffrey M. 155 Estabrook, Norman S. Estnn. Mike 216 Eslberg, Bnan M. 178 Eaneerrnnel Tutoring Center 252 Et71er10n, Davld C.11B, 124, 191 Ettan, Denise C.113,123,135,191 Et1an, Laurene A. 113. 135. 178, 286 Eustanoe, Ruth 223 Evano11, Michael C. 139, 191 Evans. Charles M. Evans, Christina M. 191 Evans, Melissa M. 58, 116, 120, 178 Evans, P8191 Evensen, Mananne 116, 191 Ewing. Kenneth B. 191 Excuses 109 Faculty 214 Fahey, Shannon 203, 233 Fallla. Dann Farlla, Kann L 203, 233 Fairbanks Ranch Fairbanks Travel Falcone, Nicole T. Fallon. Julie 203, 233 Faris, Mellssa B. 58, 191 Fans, Pnrlrp w, we Farrell, lC0aCh1 67 Farwell, Tncra M. 203, 233 Fashvon 18 Faucher, Damon C. 178 Federsorl, Cory S. Federson, Kim D. 178 Feemster, Heather M. 52, 191 Feher, Laura A. 191 Felcan, Thomas J. Fell, Dana W. 178 Fellows, Naomi C. 116, 178 Fetthaus, Lachariah 100, 203, 233. 247 Fenlcal, Scott W. 203, 233 Ferguson, Jean-Paul 75 lemanaez, Enrique 71 Held Hockey 58 Enley, Burk F. 39, 71, 149, 155 Hnley. Jean 34, 69, 216 Enley, John Ft. 57, 203, 233 Hnley, Kathryn L 142, 17B Escher, Karin C. 18, 23, 155, 256 Hschler, Bobby B. Fsh, Arny 53, 107, 178 Hshel. Kimberly 203, 233 Esher. Jennifer L Hllsirnons, Colleen L 118, 124, 142, 191 Flag Team 136 Flanagan, David P. Flanagan, John N. 170 Flanagan, Kevin 67, 126, 203, 205. 233 Fleming, Katherine E. 179 Fleming, Ruben Fletcher, Kelli 60, 203, 233 Fietcher, Lisa C. 203, 233 F1etcher, Peter T. 155. 253 F1e1cner, Shawn 179 Fletcher, Tabitha 155 Fletcher, Victoria A. 60, 191, 254 Flick. Sheny E. SO, 155 Flores. Kristen M. 116, 124, 179, 184 Flores, Martha 124 Flores. Martina 203. 233 Flowers, Shana L 125. 203, 233 Flynn, Julie L 155 Fontenot. Jeanine 191 Football - Frosh 57 Football - JV 56 Football - Varsity 54 Forbes, Heather 155 Forbes. Jenniter L 203, 233 Forman, Caroline A. 155 Penney, Anna c. 203, 233 Fonltanpour, Bakak 191 FOSS, Renee 102, 155. 254 Fussen, Debomh S. Folouhi, Kamlan 203. 233 Fowler, Bradley J. Fowler, Elizabeth A. 203, 233 Fox,Jet1rey l. Francisco, Chet 215 Francisco, Tracy R. 191 Frank. Diane 2218 Frankel, Park G. 192 Frantz, Rob 216 Franzwa, Monique J. 192 Fraser, Fiona L. 192 Fredter. Leigh A. 62, 179 Fredrick, Jason M.. 203. 233 Fredrids, Kerry 26 Freeland. Shannon L. 69, 179 Freeman, Kirnbeffy A. 155 Freeman, Mark R. 179 Freshmen 200 Freidrnan, S1even A. 52, 203, 233 Friel, Kerlh M. 67, 179 Friel, Kevin S. 67, 192 Frisch, Kevin A. 203, 233 Froglanders 253 FFD51. Kevin D. 155 FFOS1. Nicholas 11.103, 155 FFOS1. Tom C. 179 Fudis, Brady 155 Fuller, Tracy rn. 18,223,155 Fumolo, David B. Furoolo, Kathryn F. 149, 155 Furoolo, 11na L118,124,179 Finch, Colleen 155 Galasan, John E 192 Gallley, Jerry E 192 Gallagher, Jeannine N. 179 Gallagher, Jennlter 125 Gallagher, Sean 203, K Gallagher, Sean C. Gannet, Wiliam 5. Garcia, Marissa 203, 233 Garcia, Tammy 69, 192 Gardner, Michelle 60 Gadinkel, Anna 217 Garland, M. Sean 192 Garramone, Gina M. Garrison, Kristin M, 155 Garrison, Linda 192 Garrity, Gunnar F. 203, 233 Gassman, Michelle L. G4au15Ch, Pollie A. 203, 233 Gawle, Kevin B. 203, 233 Galoik, Erica M. 192 Geary, Chanes W. Geddes, Glenn G. 179 Geiser, 11rn01hy A. 42, 75, 104, 121, 123, 176, 179, 286 Geiserrnan, Mart: J, 35, 54, 155 Genard, Armone R, Gentiemen's Quarter 234 George, Robert M. 155 Germond, Kathryn B. 179 Gershen, Seth E. 155 Getty, Jetirey P. Getz, Lorraine J. 156 Giacomini, Patricia A. 179 Gibbs, Bryan W. 75. 203, 233 Gieskes, Deirore A. 203, 233 Gleskes, Edward 156 Gieskes, MiCl'ti2l 52, 113, 192 Gletzen, Christina L 156 Gifford, Kristin E. 120, 192 Gigler, Ent: D, 71, 156 Gigler, Kevin G. 57, 75, 203, 233 Glldred, Edward A, Gill, Joseph M. 192 Glllivan, Katie N. 35, 135, 203, 233 Glllivan, Mari C. 37, 130, 156 Glasson, Jamie Fl. 18, 21, 38, 109,116, 129 Glelch, Michele L 192 Glendale Federal Savings 255 Godetray, Gigi M. 130, 133, 156, 254 Godkin, Semyon s. 203, 233 Gott, Arleen B. Goldberg, Jason c. 156 Goldberg, Matthew D. 208, 233 Goldsmith, Serena J. 203, 233 Gonzales, Hose 223, 224 Gonzalez, Julie M. 179 Good, Danielle J. Goodjohn, Christine M. 60, 179 Goodkind, lane C. 179 Goodman, Lisa R. 179 Gordon, Matthew E. 75, 203, 233 Goshtasbi, Ramin 192 Goshtasbi, Hoya 179 Gotz, Bnan S. 203, 233 Goudreau, Brent L. 139, 179 Goudreau, Craig G. 192 Goudy, Kathenne T. 136, 137, 139, 198 Gould, Cathle-en E. 156 Gould, Chnstlne N. 156 Gould, Krislina E. 203, 233 GraCian0, Kenneth L 1B0 Graff, Christine M. 192 Gran, Molly M. 203, 233 Graham, Angela119, 120, 180 Granados, Gabnel 156 Granados, Julian J. 203, 233 Grant, Beverly 107, 217 Granl, Mame S. 156 Graves, Richard M. 52, 67, 118, 204, 233 Graves, Robert W. 52, 160 Green, Christopher A. 192 Green, Jason 180 Greenbergf, S0011 C. 102, 102, 106, 107, 127. 192 Greenberg, Lara A 192 Greene, Came A. 136, 156 Greene, Michele 52, 142 180, 192 Greer, Jennlter L 192 Greer, Michelle 52 Grenler, Jenniter K. 118, 124, 192 orey1ak, Andy 217 Grif11n, Pal 192 Grifnth, Mindy L 156, 256 Gnm, Ftobert I. 44, 156 Gnmmer, R. Daniel 204, 233 Grimsley, Ralph 223 Grimshad, John A. 56, 192 Grisniok, John 180 Gnsnik N, Francis J. Gronhowiak, Kerry A. 156, 286 Gronborg, Tor1D6, 107, 122, 180 Grossman, Beniamln P. 54, 180 Grossnickle, Joshua T. 204, 233 Gnimet, Kamy E. 180 Grund, Micheal 139, 141 Guarino, Heather M, 192 Gundersen, Christian 204, 233 Gundersen, Erik J. Hayrkios, Anne M, 204, 733 nawnns, Mary Rose 0.o.s M. 258 Hawkins, Paul AL 156 Hawkins, Shannon M. Hawthome, Jenniter G. 118, 193 Hayes, Jeay M. iso Hayes, Joseph G. 75 Hays, William H. 71, 180 Heath, Victor J. 40, 156 Hechl, Alissa 5. Hechl, Annette A. 39, 123, 154, 156, 286 Hechi , Robert A. 18, 23 HechtaNielsen, Marcus A. 18, 21, 102. 156 Heckel, John A. 156 Heiligenberg, Gabor A. 180 Heiligonberg, sandra 193 Hellman, Sandi 217 Heirnstra, Jon V. 36, 42, 44, 156 Heller, Nancy E. 159 Hellerud, John D. 159 Helm, Enn N. 193, 263 Helm, Lisa C. 62, 118, 193, 263 Henderson, Bnan B. 204, 233 Henderson, Brooke E. 54, 119, 123, 125, 193 Henderson, Tonya R. 159, 256 Henderson, Tya S. 204, 233 Henkin, Jamie B. 116, 180 Hennis, Dana M. 193 Hensley, Allison so, 122, 123, 159 Hensley, Alisa L. 204, 233 Hensley, Bran K. 159 Hemandez, David 180 Hemandez, Dennis M. Hemandez, Juan Carlos Hemandez, Lisa 159 Herrera, Angelica M. 180 Herrera, Javier 204, 233 Herring, Christopher 139, 204, 233 Herrmann, John P. 180 Herzbarg, aeexy A. so, 204, 238 Hesler, Lisa M. Hetz, Shanon M. 204, 233 Hewette, James B. 193 Hand H, tack 256 Hibbard, Matthew C. 204, 233 Hicks, James C. 52, 204. 233 Nicks, Jill l. 62, 180 Hilben, Julie A. 90, 159, 257 Gumoe, Chandra 192 Gurnoe, Gabe A. 192 Gunlerrez, Dahlia M. 192 Gumran,.lur1y a as, 142, 192 Haas, Gretchen J. 156 Haddeway, Mark F. Hadley, Genevieve R. 142, 204, 233 Hadiey, Stephen H. 180 Haeekel, Laura L. 1810 Hager, Adrian I. 156 Haiw, Ernie 166 Hahn, Jennifer A. 180 Haines, Rik 111, 217 Haines, Laurel J. 118, 123, 124, 142, 192 Hall, Ar1r1y.l. 94, 124, 126, 155 Hall, Celsea D. 193 Hall, Denise C. 180 Hall, Michael R. 204, Z33 Hall,Rober1 J. 115. 180 Hall. Ronald 193 Halltlvays 98 Halsey, Scott 180 Hamann, Paul M. 204, 233 Hamblin, Maryann Hamilton, Christina W. 69, 192 Hamilton, Robert J. 193 Hamilton, Wendy A. 156 Hammond Sudicl Ot Dance Ptamsayen, Jhalen G. 97, 156 Harrison, Britt L 80, 64, 210, 204. 233 Hamson, Christian A. 129 Hamson. Lisa L 60, 64, 193 Handel! ll, Thomas P. 52, 118, 193 Hanselaar, Saskia J. 58, 180 Hansens 256 Hanson, Hillary J. 193 Harbaugh, Alton G. 204, 233 naraesry, sein A. 156 Hardy, Joseph W. 31, 156, 166 Hargis, Kendra D. 156 Harker, Jaime 1... 58, 92, 97, 122, 124, 156 Harker, James Fl. 71, 1193 Harker Real Estate 256 Harlo11 BMW 257 Harper, Ellzabeth D. 26, 60, 156, 250 Harper, Lynne S. Harrah, Jim 60, 217 Harrell, James A. 204, 233 Harrit1, Colleen A. 204, 233 Harn11, Daniel J. 57, 67, 204, 233 Harrigan, Jackie 217 Han'is, Dale S. 193 Harris. Jason C. 111 Harrls, Stacey A. 180 Harrower, Peter 150 Han, Amy Fi. 135, 204, 233 Hart, John R. 193 Hart, Nanci 69, 156 Hartung, Traqf S. 193 Hartwig, Amy L. 193 Harvey, Jason R. 193 Harvey, Spencer G. 204, 233 Harvle, Vlnlliam 111, 216 Haskeli, Brett D. 180 Haskovec, Daniel 204, 233 Hasselmann, Heather K. 60, 116, 193 Hastings, Angela H. as, 52, iso, 266 Hastings, Sean P. 180 Hallett, Cindi L. 193 Hatlen, Crlstl C. 204, 233 Hauber, Mark Z.54, 126, 180 Hauser, Holly E. 193 Hawk, Anlhony F. 4, 156, 173 l-tllenay, Evan A. Nile, Summer 180 Hill, Loroe A. 60, 193 Hill, Sharon E. 180 Hill, Teresa F. 43, 116 Hillmann, Kurt R. 52, 159 Hills, Sean A. 204. 233 Hlmtar, Evan M. Himtar. Gregg F. 159 1-llneny, Jody s.s0,15e Hlnke, Melissa D. 142. 193 Hilshberg, Eric 42, 54,'195, 274 Hobbs, Dr. 257 Hoberg, Erika M. 193, 239 l-loberg, Ryan H. 180 Hecnberg, Richard iso Hochleuiner, Michael R. 204, 233 Hodge, Douglas L. 118, 122, 123, 124, 160 Hoffman, Jennlter L. 180 Hoffman, Eric 204, 233 Hotmann, Lorenzo 180 Hogan, David C. 139, 193 Hogan. M. Erick H0l1er, Chad C. Holder, Corey D. 159, 257 Holliday, William J. 159 Holman, Erin M. 69, 159 Hclmquiust, Kristen K. 62, 204, 233 Holtkamp, Lori E. 160, 266 nernemr-ning 28 Hopkins, Sally A. nernny, laura 180 Homer, Woltgang H. 159 Hausa, Brittany L. 159 Howard, Lancet S. H0war1er, Stanley Fl. 204, 233 Howden, Becky A. 193 Howe, Chris D. 204, 233 Howland, Jenniler E. SB, 121, 159, 286 Hren, Jenniterr 58, 204, 233 Hren, Joelle 103, 126, 180 Hsu. Neil 116, 193 Huber, Brian Fl. 119, 180 ueantaeh, Roger J. 193 Hudson, Chrisdne E. 46, IBD Huebner, Jeffrey D. Huerta, John E 204, 233 Huertero, Alicia C. 123, 180 Huartero, Virlcente C. 180 Huesias, Paula 204, 233 Huesias, Robert Huey, Veme 159 ' HUI1, Nicole R. 204, 233 X Huliman, Bradley D. 204. 233 Huttman, Eric S. Hu11mart, Kim A. 180 Hughes, Cynthia A. Huiras, Denise R. 193 Hulsey, Dr, 257 Hulsman, Kelly L. Hurnpnrey, Erik s. 159, 180 Humphrey, Keir M. 193 Humphreys, Adnenne L. 47,, 180 Humphreys, April L. Huston, Charles E, 118, 193 Hulchison, Andrew T. 52 Hydo, Christopher S. 91, 180 Hydro Dynamic Projectile Club 121 Ibarra, Sandra G. 124 Iglesias, Javier F. 71, 180, 247 lglealas, Jaime B. 159 In Stnda 258 Interact 118 Irvine, Ann N, Irvine, Sean P. Isaacson, Robert E. 204, 233 lsorn, Kim 159 hson, Enca R. Hu11, Ntoole R. 204, 233 Jackson, Adrienne Jackson, Sean M. Jackson, Steven J. 193 Jacobs, Daniel 93, 181 Jambs, Ian 46 Jacobsen, Juliet C. 204, 233 Jaoowag, Leslie E. 193 Ja11er, rendan G. 1B,, 181 Jatler, Terence A, Jager, Staoey L. James, Keith E. Jannson, Fredrik J. 204, 233 Janes, Wendy L 159 Je als, Bnan D. 159 Jelllson, Jennifer A. 204, 233 Jensen, Jessica M. 204, 233 Jenson, Paul S. 204, 233 Jensen, Stacey l. 204, 233 Jemigan, Bill 219 Jessup, Monica 224 Jevremov, Rose M. 181 Jhung, Kelley E. 181 Joooy, Stacey A. 92, 136, 139, 193, 296 Johannsen, ulie L 180 Johns, Glenn C. 193 Johnson, Charles D. 181 Johnson, Cheryl L 181 Johnson, Chnsta L. 62, 204, 233 Johnson, Christopher A. Johnson, Connie 216 Johnson, Dr. 258 Johnson, Dwight 218 Johnson, Elizabeth M. 18, 181, 259, 266 Johnson, Erik K. 52, 118, 181 Johnson, Heidi A. 69, 193 Johnson, Jill W. 159 Johnson, Kenneth J. 159 Johnson, Mona L 181 Johnson, Noe! R. 52, 118, 204, 233 Johns10n, Andrea 62 Johnston, Wendy M. 47, 193 Johnstone, Dawn Ft. 193 Johnstone, Leanne M. 159 Jokela, Ame H. 110, 159, 169 Jones, Jay M. 54, 181 Jones, Lisa 193 Jones, Tanya 139, 204, 233 Jordan, Jon B. 193 Jordan, Kun J. 193 Jouenes Unldos Club Joye, Darin D. 193 Judah. Antony 139, 204 Junge, Jem? A. 67. 206, 233 Junga, Kurt . 159 Juniors 176 Jur1lorStatesmer1 122 Just A Gigolo Club 125 Kaeding, Caspar F. 119, 161 Kaeser, Jill L. 62, 193 Kaine, Llsa M. 193 Kaino, Cheryl M. 193 Kaiser, William G. 181 Kaltohuck, Sherry E. 193 Karnmerer, Brel M. 54, 159 Kamrnerer, Kristin 121, 129, 139, 141, 159 Kaplar, Dianne J. 159 Karatills, Mana 122, 129, 159 Karge, Orville 218 Kar-lane Realty 258 Kanen, Daniel E. Kaufman, Claire C. 181 Kawasaxr, Leslie lvl. 118, 124, 139, 193 Kaye, Alexandria 18, 160, 259, 286 Kear, Tom P. 160 Keeter, Cecelia 35, 62 Keel, Douglas M. 31, 120, 126, 160. 166 Keeling, Louise 24 Keeling, Paul 160 Keeney, Carolyn R. 64, 205, 233 Keeney, Christopher R. 102, 181 Keith, Bnan A. Kellerhouse, Robert Kelly, Coletla Kelly, Francis 110, 160 Kelly, Karen M. 160 Kelly. T0dd L. 54, 67, 181 Kennedy, Kathleen P. 37, 181 Kennedy, Robert C. 56, 67 Kenyon, Pamela S. 101 Keppler, Gregory 194 Keppler,Rob1B1 Kerby, Daren R. 181 Kerby, Lance C. 194 Kelty, Sheltie R. 69, 205, 233 Kersten, Tracie K. 119, 194 Kessler, Michael E. 110, 160 Kessler, Michele L 181 Kester, Kevin M. 205, 233 Kestler, Tracey L. Ketcham, James A. 54, 181 Khaleghi, senell 194 Kharrazlan, Ashkan 194 Know, Hwellee 122, 160 Kieffer, Cecelia M. 160 Kilourle, Mlchelle T. 122, 124, 160 Kimball, Katherine J. 123, 194 Kimball, Nicole L. 182 Kimmel, David J. 205, 233 Kincaid. Jason W. 182 Kirby, 11t1any 0. 194 Kirchner, Beale C, 119, 160 Kish, Sandy 224 Kiirosser, Heidi D, 205, 233 Kiirosser, Michele R. 123 Klein, Nicole A. 142, 143, 194 Knauss, Briana N. 205, 233 Knauss, Joseph J. 160, 165 Knauss, Katrina B, 182 Knoll, Lella E. 123, 205, 233 KOBO 258 Kostanturos, Alexa 180 Kooner, Halnlsh S. 205, 233 Kooyman, Tory G. 129, 169 Kops, Brett B. Korn, Roberi G.125,139,141,1B2 Kosakor1,Alan J. 111, 139, 141,205,233 Kozlow, Dennis Krauee, Ryan 160 Kremer, Brendan R, 194 Kruetlieldl, Keith J, 205, 233 Krutzscn II, Augusl 182 Kuan, Gary 139, 189 Kuechler, Kimberly E. 136, 137, 139, 194 Kuellzo, Kristina E. 58, 182 Kuelllo, Ronald L. 149, 160 Kuemmerle, Christopher 182 Kuemmerle, Jared D. 194 Kulhawik, Mason J. Kunltz, Matihew D. 88, 160, 286 Kule, DICK 217 Kuritl. MarC M. 182, 194 Labreoque, Andrew J. 160 Laeoroiere, Andre 46, 224 LaFlamme, Gerald P. 123, 205, 233 LaFlamme, Suzanne C. 142, 205, 233 Lahay, Lisa N. 206 Lahay, Marc T. Lal, Jennr1er G. 206 Lai. Sharon L 110, 160 LanC3Ster, Je11rey n. 46 Lancaster, Mona J. 194 Larndesrrlan, Christine 123, 194 Lang, errarr 0. 206, 233 Lang, Jean M. 182 Lang, Jenniter s. 194 Langdon, Lara C. 60, 194, 254 Lange, Alyssa A. 64, 194 Lange, Brian F. 67, 120, 194 Lapadula, Melanie J. 182 Lapittus, Kevin R. 206, 233 Lauinus, Todd M. 182 Larosa, Angela c. 204, 206, 233 Latko, Floberi E, 206, 233 Laika, Flomney 0. 160 Lautenberg, Jane E. 182 Laughlin, Feler F, 196 laurs, Brendan M. 182 laurs, Meghan M. 58, 194 Laveny, Mary K. 152 Lawrence, John N. Lazarian, Decla D. 206. 233 Lalanan, Knsten A. 18, 26, 37, 130, 133, 160 Leach, Cebesle N. 28, 120, 285 Leach, G. Randall 194 Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee Cl'lriS11r1a 142, 160 Iris 160 Fredlck 112, 139 Lee, Lee, Lee. , Ken K. 206. 233 , Lance L 52,118,194 , Laura 123,142, 194 , Loretta L. 52, 182 , Mae S. 152 , negrna 142. 194 , Suzanna 194 . 'Una Lehmann, Gregory M.. 71, 160 Lehmann. Mathew M. 182 Leider, Je11 D. 56, 194 Leighton. Tylee J. Lemans, David A. 194 Leonard, Michael S. 132 Leonard, Steven M. 113, 160. 259 Leonards Traditions 259 Leone, Matthew T. 97 Levine, Kevin Y. 182 Levine, Stetanle D. 64, 182 Levinson, Debra J. 194 Lewak, Anna M. 194 Lewak, Kazik P. 160 Lewis, Diane N. 24, 160 Lewis, Kristine L. library 100 Llgm, eecky n. seo Likins, David P. 110, 119, 160 um, Jasepn w. sz, 1132 Lln. Bill F. 194 Lindley. Jonnathan R. 194 Lindley, Melissa 58, 160 Llnkowskl, Rlcky 110, 160 Llaka, Qjnthln J. sv, 123, 194 Little, Bob 218 Liu, Jennifer A. 160 Liu, Kevin Lrvlnston, Anne L. 64, 160, 260 Livingsion, Matthew L. 56, 194 Lloyd, erlan E. Lodge, David rt. 194 Lodge, Julann 92, 160 Letgren, Richard 162 Logue, Victoria J. 194 Lokar, Nicole L. 60, 206. 233 Lomas Santa Fe Travel 259 Lang, James ra. 162 Lengten, Jill 194 Loomis, Eric C. 71 Loomis, Jonathan M. 52, 162, 259 Lopez, Isaac M. 162 Lopez, Sabrina 18, 22, 206. 233 Lopez, Tammy L. Lorenz, Michael J. Larimer, George ul. 162 LOSKUIO11, Erinn G. 69, 194 Leverrran, Taryn 116, 194 Lowe, Laura J. 47 Lowery, Cory L. 206, 233 Lowery, 'rraeie L. 162 Lowrnan, Tyler P. 206, 233 Luber-Jones, Joan 218 Ludwig, Enk B. Luncetord, Jamie D. 194 Lunceford, Trenton T. 54, 71, 152 Lund, Chris 206, 233 Luo, Steven V. 194 Lusltara, Hob 52 Lutes, Jonathan N. 103, 176 Luther, Kenneth D. 162 Llyman, Dan 218 Lynch, Jettrey J. Lynch, John 57, 67, 206, 233 Lyncn, Kara A. 69, 97 Lynch, Lara 182 Maas, Patncla W. 161 MaCEride, Mark, P, 162 MacGlllls, David J. 194 MacGlllls, Jerlnlter 162 Maclas, Jose G. 206, 233 MacLeod, Elizabeth E. 162 MaddOCk5, David W, 162 Salel, S Madsen, Honey 194 Manuva, Manon A. 182 Magor1,Cher1L 139, 162 llahrnoucll, Hornayoun 219 Malns, Norman E. 182 uanaskl, Nancy 22-1 Maloney, rad 57 Haley, Marissa D. 111 Haley, Thomas C. Malone, Jennller L. 194 llancartl. Bnan 224 Idancuso, Deborah T. 123, 206, 233 Mancuso, Roberta A. 142, 162, 250 Handel, Ben K. 206, 233 llanglarelll, Gina 5. 206, 233 llanglarelll, Marla L. 103, 182 Manalanac, Lacy 182 Idannquez, Mana 1, 194 llarltyla, Llnda M. 162 Marazorll, Cathy 224 Uanncic, Llsa K, 62, 162, 252 Ilarlnello, Fred 219 Manr1D,Mernck J. 194 Marlno,Monet1e J. 28, 39, 44, 122, 123, 125. 130, 131, 162 Mamgral, Kevin G. 206, 233 Marlow, Almea, L. 206, 233 Harlow, David M. 149, 162, 262 Ilamton, Temll J. 19-1 Marsh, Danlel 162 Marsh, Gary H. 75, 194 Marsh, Tarlnao L. 194 Marshall, James E. 182 Marshall, Melissa J, 142, 206, 233 Marshall, Wendy 1.. 206, 233 Mani, Lorenz R. 71, 194 Mani, Slolan K, 162 Manlnoz, Jesse J. 57, 206, 233 Manlno, Susan Lee 219 Mnaon,Tamp1!u1, 123, 142, 182 Mass, Tnana 97, 102 Massas, Tyler 182 Mosul, Rel 110, 162 Matoz, Nml J. 57, 116, 206, 233 Matoz, Rorloo P. 182 lluttal, Craig J. 57, 128, 162 llllthowo. Llaa A.11B, 195 Matthews, Maureen F. 182 rlaung, L David Illxwall, Dina E. 120, 195 Nl1rwelI,lan R. 124, 194 luy, uan1al1n IAay.S1avan C. 28. 54. 128. 162 nays, Bambi 208. 213 Mays, Prudence 206. 283 llcAdam, Wllllam R. 195 llCCl!tn, lloredllh M. 195 McCann. Shnryn L. 182 Mccanhy, Evan S. 195 IICCIIIKBY1. John 219 Mcclaughuny-Johnson. Connie McCracken, Julla A. 182. 206, 233 McDonald, Amanda-L33 182 McDonald, Jennliar S. 195 llebannlcs 280 McDonnell, Julla S. McDonnell. Mary A. 195 ldcFalllr1. Michelle 162 Meilwnln, Kevin J. Mcdhoo, Daniel B. 182 Mcdheo, Ullthuw R. 182 lcdlynn, Marc v. 182 llcliorwln. Kathleen 182 McGowan, Michael J. 208, 233 llQrIth, Michael J. 182 llodralh. Morgan L. 58. 103, 182 Iloarath. Susan L. 52, 97, 162 lloGregor. tan 15011117 J. Ilotirlfl, Christiane A. 206. 233 IlcGrl1l, Robert W. 56. 195 IIoGulru, Jaffray .l. 57, iss. zos llcltay. Lisa A. 182 uaxay, Susan E. 1s2 Hokies, Kristin D. lldtonnsy. Kscll L. 82, 182 ldtlnnsy. Amanda G. llcltlnney. Dorothy 219 lldann. Wendi 195 McLeod, Megan 182 Hdllllan, Colleen 40, 50. 195 llcldllllrl. Barry 162 NCWllllarnS, Sara I. 135, 139, 206, 233. 253 WZVIIIIIHIIVS. S0011 S.121, 162 Iloars. Susan L llodnunsky, Ladlstav J. 195 lledrano, ullcla c. 195 llsdrano. Sergio 11. 195 locker, Natania 202. 205. 233 Heir, Loretta ll. 60,123,182 llslgs, Ann 60. 63. 219 lair, Entra L122,124,162 llelslngar. Phll 195 llSiStBY. Kristen H. 64, 95. 182 llolla, Kristen A. 206. 233 Hella, Hlchaol A. 24, 162 llelemed, Jef1el'y S. 18, 20, 126, 150, 162 Helerr1ed,Jenn11er L 18, 123, 182 Ilalhouse, Martys 219 Melvin, Cole B. llelvln, Kelty R. 195 Mendez, Carlos lleredlth, Jamie 164 lleredlth, J90f1 S. Ilerendlno, Heldl L Idorgenthaler, Susan D. 195 uana Norman Cosmetics 262 llernok, Avril 119, 219 llermll, llkelle 182 uayar, snx A IAeyn,Susan122, 124, ls-1 Mlcal, Nlcnolas J. 154 llichelson, Daniel E uoaangn, Mana T, 206, 233 llrddlebrook. William G, 183 Mlluskovrc, Jackie R. Htl an 1 . Hiller, lllrler. Hiller, Miller. Illller. uIll9f. lllller. HIIIM. Hiller, Hiller, Hlll9r. Hiller. Hiller. Hiller. Hiller. Jennrler V. 183 Andy 153 Blair R. 163 Courtland G. 67, 206 Daren A. 47, 195 Heather R, 206, 233 J. Nicole 164 Keith A. 153 Laura H. 58, 164 uanlyn A 164, 286 llatthew R. 164 Ileaghan 14, Rabhel N. 164 Steven H, 164 Tarn! L 164 Tara R. l1lls,L3urBlA.123,130,131,133,16-4 Ulmrsh. Omar A. 195 Mlnner, Flo 232 INDEX Minor, Ellie 58 Mira cusla College 261 Mlrandon, Aaron N, 195 u1nanaon,1onya v. 164 Mlschkot, Kurt J. 206, 233 Mlslan, Raymond 1. 1133 llltchell, Heather R. 196 ulnans sun snap-Ronn Miyamoto, Una 220 Mooen, Francesca M. 123, 183 Nodell, 17111-my A. 206, 233 Moeblus, Julia A, 196 Moga, Chrlsllna M. 133 Ilolltz, Jason R, 183 Moller, Hans 118, 52, 196 Mongeon, Lisa A. 129, 164 Mongeon, Vanessa G. 58. 154 Hontemurro, Michael 16, 21, 39, 164 lAoon,Cour1ney D. 62, 206, 233 Moore, Chandra L. 196 Moore, Chns D. 206, 233 Moore, Crlstlna A. Moore, Vanessa A. 196 Moreno, Carmela Moreno, Dlana 124 Moreno, Msguel A. 183 Morey, Cllnton R, 206, 233 Morlarlty, Tracy A. 196 Morris, Chen L. Morns, James R. 183 Morris, Ron 75, 220 Moms, Tammle S. 196 Mornson, Cheri 164 Mornson, Geon C. 164 llornson, Kelly 164 Mornson, Rouen 164 Mornson, Theodore C. 164 llornssey, snallla o. Morse, Sean E. 164 Monazavl, calny 164 Monazavl, Marlan 142, 206, 233 llorton,1imothy J. 164 Mossy, Foster J. 206, 233 Mossy, Pnlllp 103 Most, Douglas A. 206, 233 lloussavi, Arya 183 Mubarak, Jason S. 206, 233 Ilulllgrin, lllchelle L 164 Multiple Choice 262 llulvlhlll, Patrick G. 139, 163 llurltord, Michelle C. Munoz, Lian A. Mulch, Annette 183 uumhr, Elle M. 2oe, 233 MMYPVW. Matthew L. uurphy. Snannan B. 142, 164, 282 Murphy, Sonny 198 llussell, Becky L. 38, 129. 183 Dlusunlan. Erik R. 183 uym, R1-mn n. lee llyrsu, Joel E. 183 llyrlck. Robert M. 184 Myr1le,Tharou A. 142, 196 Mrytla, Timothy F. 183 Olas Steve 34 ,196 Olsen, Craig C. 54, 184 Olsen Olsen Sara K. 58, 1B-4 Bruce D. 167 olson cnnsmpnar L, 167 Olson, Jennlter A. Omeara, Rnaalpn L. 157 00611109 4 ora, Jonathan E. sv, 67, 206, 233 Orozco. Rosa E. 151 onaga, Carlos E. 167 Ortega, Monica T. 196 Osborn, Kan 206, 233 Osb0rn, Kelli 207, 233 Ostennk, John E. Oslerirtk, Mark J. 56, 196 Osuga, Patncla N. Otavka. Matthew A. 207, 233 Otlowskl, Knstln 207, 233 Ott, 'nmothy D. 207, 233 Oury, Marguerite A sz, 197 Orerland, Ted M. 197 Owens, Gary 167 0N9nS, Shelly A. 167 Paa, Grela M.38,58,116.12O,129,184,239 Page, Jenny L 184 Page, Steven H. 67, 197 Palaclos, Lorena 124 Palmer, Darlene 216 Pan, Maellng 216 Panfihenko, Andrea L. 118, 124, 167 Parichenko, Knsien L. 139, 207 , 233 Pandolle, Michael P. 26, 37, 54, 112, 167 Pandolle, Paige E. 207, 233 Pangoarn, Michael F. 184 Pangborn, Nlcholas W. 207, 233 Panoslan, Veronica D. 167 Pape, Alex H, 207, 233 Pappas, John E. 167 Paradeza, Gall 197 Pardee 264 Parelgls, Marko A. Parents, Paul J. 184 Pans, Henan e. 167 Pansn, 'rmy L. 67 NakaYlma, lsamu 44, 184 Nakaynma. Mako J. 206, 238 Nam, Tummy E.18, 29,122,124 126, 164 Napoli, Phlllp M. 71, 198 Nasstroughli, Ned 206. 233 National Bank 01 Fairbanks Ranch uallannuvg. nan A zos, 233 Nelson, Alera R. Nlosorl. Annika H. 39, 108, 183 Nelson, Brandy P. 195 Nelson, cnns s. 56. 196 Nelson. Heather L Nemlrotl, Daniel 120, 206, 233 Nenow, Casandra L 206, 233 Nenow, Heather A. 183 Newby, Andrew F. 71, 196 Newcomb, Katherine V. 62. 196 Newcomer, Andi 226 Newell. Johanna Newman, Blale 97, 110, 22 Newsom, Christopher H. 15, 139, 141, t9 Newsom, Erika 128 Newspaper 128 Newton, David L. 196 Ng, Ben 164 N9- NUY Nloourrl, Erynn R. Nicholas, James A. 126,183 Nichols. Bryan C. Nicol, Robyn D. Nieder, Curtis V. 196 Nielson, Janelle A. 116. 196 Nlarnann, Betsy A. 193 Nobel, Gary B, 164 N061, lan W. Noel, NiO0Ie E. 196 Nogel, Darold 55,220 Nominating Convention 102 Nordquest, David A. 111, 118, 183 Nordquest, Holly 220 North Coast Beach Club 263 Norton, Chnstopher E. 163 N0rwICh, Susan C. 18, 23, 62, 183 Nugent, Michele 5. 52, 69, 206, 233 Nugent,N1eDle C, 52, 103, 126 Nunez, Jeanelte 164 Nunez, Rick 183 Nutley, Mathew C. 57, 206 S Parker, Parker. Parker. Parker. Amie L. 154 Debbie .l. 135, 207, zoa Douglas s, 167 vlalorla A. 207, 233 Parks, Julia L. 184 Parnell, Chnsllan S. 129, 134 Parr, Loslla A, Paaaaa,Raa1nerA. 118, 123, 126, 139, 167 Patterson, Lalnle A. 139, 197 P8lJl1.1vlCl1, Eric A. 52, 184 Paullck, Brlan S. 75, 197 Paymard, Pam 58, 184 Payn91 Paynvl Heather L. 142. 207 .racquelyn L. 52, 104 Paz, David R. 56, 197 Paz, Renae M. 58, 92, 184, 286 Peaker, Daphlne 224 Pearson, Krlstln A. 207, 233 Pederson, Alan C. Pennington, Sharlea IA. Perez, Ruth Perkins, Christie N. 116, 197 Peslri, Allred 110, 187 Peters. Peters. Danlal .r. 24. ze. 42, 167 Kelly so, 1e4 Peterson, Cathy S4 Peterson, Krista M. 184 Peterson, Alloe 184 Peterson, Erik E. Peterson, Jeffrey P. 167, 266 Peterson, Kristin M. 64, 207, 213 Peterson, Valerie A. 62, 64, 123, 207, 233 Petreb. Jennifer A. 69, 119, 197 Plahl, ulnnnala 167 mlaagar, ana 11 2111. 233 Pham. Doug v. 201. zaa Phelps, Theodore A. 57, 207. 233 Phillips, Carrie R. Pnllllps, Enua R. Phillips, Jlm 220 Phillips, Natalie M Phillrps, Nloole Phillips, Tracy L 126, 197 0'Br1en, Denae D. 183 OCcrnnelI, Shawn ll. 196 Odafn. Caleb 154 Odarn, Seth T. 71 Odenwalder, Chnstlne 35, 164 0Flah9r1y. Louise E. 164 onansny, Susan E. rss oglna, Vasuko J. 142 196 Oharra. Sharon D. 18-1 Dkelry, Brendan, F. 206. 233 Dias. Irene IL Phillips, Jr John H. 197 Piccioni, Christopher S. 184 Plocioni, Jullan O. 197 Plnhelro, Bemardo V. 167 Plnney, Craig W, 184 Pint, James R. 1B4 Plntzuk, Evan 197 Pirolll, Julie L 184 Pmarelli, Leslie A. 197 Pitts, Pamela J. 207, 233 Plaza Properties S Investments 265 Poelman, Klmb-any R. 184 Polnez, Georgia 197 Polevrtzky, Katherine I. 207, 233 Pollock, Jonathan 57, 71, 207, 233 Pcrllodw, Veronica S. 113, 135, 184 Falun, Lee A. 207, 233 Porter, Dylan 208, 233 Porter, Jason L 113, 139, 197 Ponmore, Douglas w. 1s7 Posner, Sam 221 Potter, Travis M. 197 Powell, Rlenani B, 46, 56, 197 Power, Mlchael G. 208, 233 Power, Parnell G. 197 Premiere Cleaners 265 Pnou, Enka 60. 259 Pnce, Thomas C. 18-4 Pneslner. Ronda L.. Prtlvasoll, Shantldas 208. 233 Pugh, llanlyn 213 Pusalen, Kellie D. 184 Pnsl, Joseph A. 167, 170 Pusl, Lisa J. 184 Pusl, ulssy 52 Rababy, lam P. 208, 233 RahaDy,M1chaeIA. 154, las naaclms lcaacnl ev Radclltte, Jeherson 57, 67, 208, 233 Radclltte, Wllllam IA. 67, 164 Rall, David A. 197 Ramnez, Agustin 52, 197 Ftamlrez, Jamie T, 58, 184 Ramsdell, Alec T. 208, 233 Ramsdell, Steve D. 164 Ramsey, Lee A. 197 Rancho, Santa Fe Acreage A Homes Inc, Rancho Carwash 265 Rancho Santa Fe Pharmacy 265 Randolph, Dr 267 Rasl, David E. 167 Rayle, .lulle 119, 167 Rayle, Steven J. 197 Raymond, Danny E. 139, 208, 233 Reavls, Chnstopher 40, 129, 184 Recker, Cathy C. 184 Recker, John J. 46, 167, 267 Registration 92 Relners, Stephen J, 56 Relnholz, Enc B. 100, 167 Reisner, Aaron H. 120, 208, 233 Rersner, Shauna L. 167 Renner, Jennifer J, 184 Rentena, Estevan M. Rentena, Jose 197 Rentena, Margarlto 208, 233 Renlana, Rarnalaa 209, 233 Renterla, Yolanda I. 208, 233 Resnick, Cann S. 167 Resnik, Andrew S. 184 Resnlk, Jamie L. 208, 233 Respess, Tom 221 Reyes, Ricardo Reynaga, Raquel R. 208, 233 Reynolds, Chelsea N. 167 Reynolds, Lisa A. 184 Rhett, Randolph L. 56, 197 Rhett, Wllllarrl L. 56, 118, 124, 184 Rhlnehart, 11sha 123 Flhlnes, N06l 197 Rible, Kimberly A. 15, 69, 124, 129, 167 Rlble, Kri51on D. 69, 122, 206, 233 n1cards,.1enn1rer L. 197 Rich. Lalita 52, 179, 164 Rim, Ruben H. 37, 52, 110, 167 Richardson. Brian D. Richardson, Kent D, 118, 124, 197 Richardson, Shirley 221 Riches, Paul S. 167 RRZTIDS, 51Bn 221 Ridley, Krlsun D. 167, 206 Richmond, Catherine L. 197 Richmond, laune 167 Rldgway, 'rnayar 134 Rleber, Christopher J. 209, 233 Rlehl, Claudette C. 197 Riggs, Annene V. 184 Rlgsboo, Lon L. 209, 233 Riley, Joshua P. 56, 75, 197 Rlnoon, Tina 168 Rinehart, Tlsha N. 209, 233 Hlnghand, Dawn C. 58, 64, 184 Rlos, Monica O. Rios, Yvonne 166 Rlppc, Joshua E. 209, 233 Riser, Kimberly A. 209, 233 Rlvelll, Douglas D. 106, 107, 184 Rivera, Claudia 184 Rivera, Elizabeth 124, 209, 233 Rivera, Isabel 209, 233 Rlvera,O1ga L. 209, 233 Rouen, Brian w. loo, 209, 233 Roben, Tracy E. Rubens, Andrea 221 Robens, John 197 Roberts, Joshua M. 56 Rubens, Kristine K. 197 Robertson, slapnanla L. 60 Robinson, George 29, 47, 126, 221 Robinson, Tom 168 Roceds 267 Roohamboau, Steven A. Rodmel, Don R. 197 R0dtl1Brl, Sean J. 209, 233 Rodmel, Yvette A. 184 Rodrlguel. Alma R. 209, 236 RUB, David J. 209, 233 Roe, Thomas P. 54, 168 Roehlar, Devon 197 Rogers, Jason D, 57, 209, 283 mack, Jenny A. 197 Romain, lan M. 168 Romero, Cellna 209, 233 Romero, Cellno 18, 23 Romero. Josela P, 209, 233 Romero, Maria A. 34, 184, 241 Rose, Joshua S. 40, 42, 45, 126,1541 168. 27, 265, 286 Rose,S1epnanle N. 120, 134 Rosenbaum, Joel S. Rosenkranz, David E. Rosenwasser, Lori S. 164 ROSS, Marshall H. 24, 168 ROSS, Robert R. 57, 209, 233 Roth. Vanessa H. 116, 126, 197 Rothbaler, Jane A. 123, 184 Round Table Pizza 266 Roy, Marren J, Rozanski, Klmbeny M. 184 Rubalcaba, Richard J. 184 Runager, Cherise M. 69, 197 Rush, Lisa A. Ruskin, Arnle 221 Russell, Andrew N. 209, 233 Russell, Daniel J. 75 Russell, James J. 168 Russell, John J. Russell, Kevin G. 71, 197 Russeli, Stephen W, 168 Russell, Theresa A. 168 Ryan, Denise A. 116, 168, 271 Ryan, Misty S.,168 Ryder, R1anan1 E. isa Sacks, Leeanne 200. 209. 233 Sar:11ghlan,AlIB.122, 123, 166 5adle1r,Ja1:quel1ne R. 142, 145, 197 Sadler. Glenn D. 90, 125, 139, 185 saraway 270 sanan, Haydee salu, Andrew R, 11, 195 saxala, Audrey A. 139, 209, 233 Sakda, Sakhone 1135 Salazar. Edward I. 139 Salazar, Jimmy 197 Salazar, Julle 168 Saloato, Deanna D. Saloato, Garrett iapnan F. 43, les Salsberg, Mannaw 209, 233 Sarnrnls, Ashley W. 64, 197 samnns, Hilary K, 105 Sampson, Joel 75, 209, 233 Sampson, John K. 168 Sanchel, Robert 212 Sanchez, Valene 185 Sand And Sweets Sandbe Sandbe rg, Adam 166 rg, Hrllery K, Sanlord, Arny K. 68, 168 Sanlllppo, Krlsllna 168 Sanlerrare, Andrea D. Sansone, Colleen 271 Sansone, Steven V. 185 Sanlaella, Luis E. 110, 165 Sarllaella, Rene 209, 233 Sarlten. Santan. Joe 209, 233 Mary 111. ss, las Sanllesleoan, Rosa 221 Sarmienlo, Mildred T. sasso, Mary M. Sasso. Peggy 185 Satteriield, Laura 209, 233 sanarwrnte, Mercy r. 163 Saville. Scheer, Chere A. 185 Leslie E, 209, 233 Scheriler, Timothy E. 57. 209, 233 Schendan, Alben E. Schicht. Jennlrie 209, 233 Schlueler, Frank H. 185 Schmalleldl, Joy N. 197 Schmedding, Kara L. 54, 165 Schmld, Alden L. 197 5Chrnla1:, Trlston 75 Sohmottlaoh, Tristan T. 209, 233 Schneider, Eric A. 197 Schneider, Lois B. 168 Sdweider, Phlllp A. 185 Schneider, Steve C. 168 Schramm, Erlc C. 115, 185 Schreiber. Marla R. 185 Sdlrloer, Michael C. sehryver, mln l. 44, 45. 168 Schryver, Wendy M. 197 Schuckit, Dena L 197 Sdtuh, Christopher L. 197 Schulken, Robert B. Sohulrhan, Gregory M. 54, 185 Schulles, John A. 209, 233 Schwartz, David C. 168 Schwartz, Jonathan V. 52, 209, 233 Sschwelzer, Kari L. 135, 209, 233 Schllliebert, Judith A. 62, 185 Sclmeca, Genorveva B, 209, 233 Slogglns. Craig 57, 222 Soon, Travis L. 129, 185 Seaward, Samantha A. 95, 11l, 197 Sebold, Hanna Il. 197 Sebring, Sean D. 185 S9CKll'tg1On, Bob M. 75, 209, 233 Sechrlst, DOIDSI1 L. 36, 54, 166, 269 Sedgwick, John H. 118 sera, clnay L. 2119, 23:1 Seld, Hugh 111, 198 Seldenwurrrl. Robert S. 209, 233 Sellers, Klmmle 168 Seltzer, Trent W. 57, 209, 233 semprtt, Annette 118, 19s Seniors 146 Senleno, Julls S. .186 Sessoma, Jett S. 185 Seven-Eleven Dsl Mar 271 Severlno, Lee D. 188 S.G.P.A. Ed Grnchowiack 270 Shabnnkarehlnari, Amlr 270 Shackeltcn, Nanetta M. 186 Shatter, Mark A. 186 Shah, Alexandre K. 198 Shnmsky, David E. 168 snamsky, slanay .1. sr. 19s Shannon, Allison J. 209, 233 Shapiro, Michael P. Shapiro, Robert F. 39, 110, 168, 274 Sharpe, Randi L. Sharpe, Valerie L 118,156 Shear, Robert M. 91, 186 Shenk. Carol ll.. Shepard. JOY 119 Sherman, Curl S. 44, 188 Sherrod, Tristan K. 60, 69, 119, 128, Sheltrone, Rachelle 209. 233 Shine, Michael C. 209, 83 Shine. Sheri R. 209, 238 snmay, Ronan M. Shonley, John C. Shortley, Paul C. 54, 168 Sldell, Silisha L 198 Slebenganner, James 198 sieoen, Brian D.. 186 Silber, Paul 67 Sillstrop, .losapn c. 18, 23, 1ea, 186 Silva, Douglas S. 4, 153, 168 Silveira, Katrina A. 186 Slmard, Chnstine M. 209. 233 Simmons, Barbara L. 198 Simmons, Elizabeth A. Simms, Stephanie E. Simpson, David M. 11, 196 Simpson, Garrett L. 139, 141, 106 Simpson, Shari M. 209. 233 Simpson, Victoria E. 171 Slnclitico, Jesslca E. 105, 142, 209, Slpes, Clint B. Sisk, Tracy L sinnans, Ashley 171 Skt Club 120 Skinner, Joe 217 Skramstad, Jane E. 171 Slattery, James S. 102, 126, 185 Slattery, Miles Z 209, 233 Sleigh, Rose 221 Slipper, Tom J. 18. 23, 186 Slipper, Vera 224 Slrvkova, Ilarianne 209, 233 Slotlkln, Samantha D. 209. 233 Small, Jonathan D, 111, 209, 233 Small, Lana 118, 222 Small, Todd A.110,171 smalvwooa. 'nnwlny J. we Smith, Alison L 185, 186 Smith. Andrew V. 34, 179, 186 sm11n,eranayA 198 snnm, Brian C. 57, 209, 233 1 233 Smith, gmnn, Smllh, Smith, Smilh, Smith. Smith. Smith. Smuh. Smyth. Burke Q. 54. 136 Craig Felicny we Knsten G. 198 Leusa C. 75 Samantha D. 142, 171, aes Sean D. snannon H. na, 135, use Wilson B. 186 Zachary B.. 71, 186. 198 Smslham, Sarah A. 210, 233 Smoking Sechon 46 Smool, Paul B, 54, 186 Snodderly, Rebecca L. 210. 233 Snyder, Stephen L. 186 Soccer - Mens' 70 Soccer A Womens' 68 Sockey, Laura L. Solana Beach Barbers 269 Solana Cyclery 270 S0lana Donut 269 Solana Beach Presbytsnan Church 270 Somm Somm ercamp, John D. 71, 186 BNVHG, Milani M. 171 Sonnnag. Brandon D. 198 Sophomores 188 sopyua, Amy A. 210, 233 50Uiflerland. Kelly N. 28. 256 S0ulher1and, Llesl M. 198 outheriand. Soon A. 156 Southwest Mongage 271 Sewers. Shannon C. 171 Spald. Spend. John M. Sarah N. Sparrow, Wilham M. 198 Spaulding, Janne L 171, 210 Spector, Stacy M. 64. 198 Speec h Team 106 Spencer, Jenniier .l. 210, 233 Splm 24 spfm club 122 Spivey, Jane 224 Spoon spans ef, Deanna L110,171 50 Spragg, David D. 209. 210. 233 SWAN 214 Slams n..lennr1er L 210, 233 Slallings. Ne!! K. 210, 233 Standers, Brian F, 186 saanley, Audrey A. Siank-ry. Soon Stanton. Doug 224 Stark. Stalk. Sian. Starr. Ilellsa L. 186 Sandra C. 171 Halthew A. 57, 210. 233 Iliriam 210. 233 S1219 Farm lhsurance 269 Sisadman. Delphlne 119 Sieffman, Jeff T. 54, 67,113,171 Sislnberg, Lawrence S. 56, 67, 198 Sminberg, smpnanae B. 210, 233 Sfeinrdde, Kevin P. 186 swpnens, sean u. Swphenson, Hlchae! G. 210, 233 Stem. Jeffrey G. 198 S1evenson, Richard L 198 Swvenson, Shannon E Sxewan, James H. 210, 233 Siewarl, Kristen S. 139 Stewart, Kristin 14.210, 233 Stillwell, Dylan ll. 210, 233 31131, Elizabdh A. 171 SL James Catholic Community 269 Stone, LISaK.19B Starck, Phillip E. 34. 198 Stomk, Rebecca A. 210. 233 SIDWB. Elaine 224 Stowe LuraL. 58.1B6. 265 Sraiiifl, Steve 121, 222 Strand. Jennifer F. 210, 233 suang, Alesha c. se. me suang. Katrina M. sa. we snnng man. Gregory B. 171 Snangrnan. J. S7 Strashoon. Jonathan 186 511218. Shaw. Janetla R. 198 Sherri Lea, we Straza. Geasef T. Sfrirlgluim, Nlmfe L139, 210, 233 Svohman, Stephanie L 171 Slmud, Padraic ll. 198 Stubbs. Richard G. 18. 21, 171 Sludenis Life 16 Studying 99 Sruurman, Kym A, Suarez. Juan P. 198 Suckhng, Elizabeth M. 210, 233 Suckhng. Michael D, 156 Sullivan. Brlan M. 111. 210, 233 Sullivan, Kathleen M. 139, 210, 233 SuHrvan, Kathryn I. 58, 171 Sullivan, Kevin M. 171 Sullivan, suepnanie L. 171 swam, Mia A. 210, 233 Svank. Adrienne M 1 Swami. Katharine 210, 233 Sweed, Ethel 222 Swm, Jill E. 171 Swortwood, Christopher G, 67, 210, 233 Srlcvelin, Barbra 111, 220 Synko, Colleen K. Table-Tennis Club 118 Taggan, Kevin w, 57, 67. 211, 233 Taggart, Trevor W. 118. 185, 286 Taghlzadeh, Jeanette 171 Takessian, Nsxander G. 198 Talbol, Christine E. 142, 196 Tanaka. M91iSsa E. .171, 245 Tangent Enlerpnse, Inc E. 171, 245 Tanner, Monica D. 211. 233 Taparauskas, David P. 171 Tarr, cnnsmphev 57, 211, 233 Tarr. Derek H. 116. 286 Tarwaler, Jerry 112. 222, 259 Tascher. Una N. 156 Tashakkbl. Babak 211, 233 Talon. Thomas A. 52, 102. 118. 198 Taybf, LISB A. 186 ' Taylof, Lumj A, Teadvels Hnanoial Network 273 Teboul. Keilh 198 Tehranchl. Ki-lmbiz 126 Teisher, Arthur R. 54, 171 Teisher, Michael C. 57, 211, 233 Tejada-Samaniego, Rebeca 118. 119, 198 Temples, .lim 52, 222 Tenoer, Doug S. 26 Tennis -' Women 62 Terauds, Klmberiy K. 171 Terhune, Michelle 186 Terranova. Sabrina 18, 2.3. 171 Teschmechel, Lowell E. 171 Thales. Jason ll. 186 Thesipians 116 Thcbodo, Danielle E. 211, 233 Theilen, Karyn a 211, aaa Theiss, James C. 171 Thode, David M. The-de, Melinda J. 198 Tholke, Ed 224 Thom. Cunioe A. 185 Thom, Mark A. 211. 233 Thomas, Jennifer G. Thomas, Jennifer M. Thomas, Hark J. 54,129,171 Thomas, Susan F. 42, 45, 129, 171, 221, 231, 285 Thomaszeok, Michael IA. 171, 286 Thames, Chris B. 116 Thompson. Ceiine S. 62, 198 Thompson. Heather B. 69, 198 Thompsoon. Rubin-Marie L Thompson. Scot S. 67, 182. 186 Thomson, Gordon D. 71, 180 Thordsn, Amy K. Thorden, Dania! L 198 Thrap, Steve C, 198 Ubhens, Erica L. 211. 233 Flkev, Matthew E. 186 Tombleson, Hamher 211. 233 Tamer, Cgrsgory'W. 54, 93. 156 Tompkxns, Elllabelh T. 142, 211, 233 TDrT1S, Vmoenl H.57, .211, 233 Topolovac, Dnvnd s, 71, 195 Torelle, Isabelle 211, 233 Torelle, Nalhalre B. 142. 198 Torvence, Glenn 71, 222 Tories, Philip 109, 171 Torres. Juan C. 171 Toy, Zarah A. Trancmna. Mzchelle 211, 233 Travagho, Kendall A. 162 Tvemollnl, Sharon V. 198 Yrice, EIIIOI1 Fl. 52, 198 Trice. James 272 Trice, Rebecca 5. 130. 131, 1:53, 171 Trier, Tom 35, 186 Tnnipc Architects 272 THIIIDO, 'nmaifvy J. 186 Trockl, Andrew A 211, 233 Trmme. Kon R. 198 Trurl1bu7I, Tina L. 62. 122 Tu, Tham 0. Tubelis, Arvlla 5.52, 211. 233 Tudor, Lon M, Tuell, Anthony J. nnenxnan, Aldenna A. Tu10, Lisa M. 186 Turellky, Jennifer G. 172, 272 Turnbull, Adrian J. 119, 211, 233 Turner, Laura 211, 233 Tutonng 96 Tlurlg, Cleve S. 126, 185 Uerkvill. Brandi M. 196 Utica. Jose 124, 166 Underell, Shawn B.f71, 211, 233 Upshel, Denise R. 172 Uter, Gretchen H. 123, 135, 139, 211, 233 Valdez, Oscar F. 172 Valentino, Dominique E. 18, 20, 21, 123, 186, 286 Van Buskxrk, Barton B, Van Buskrrk, Deborah J. van Der Ang Miriam 119, 172 Vandervorst. Damon L 211, 233 Vandervorsi, Mitchell 172 Vandyke, Danell F. 116, 179, 186 Vandyke, Derek G. 211 , 233 Vanax. Marcia A. 172 Vanek. Peter R. 195 Vanhofien, Jennile-1 21 1. 233 Vankempen. Carlse Vanmiddleworlh, Juli 172 Vanvuskirk, Bar! 211, 233 Vedell, Erika D. 172 Vankalesh. Sridhar C. 111, 139, 202, 211, 233 Vernon. Kemi M, 156 Vihon, R0cheHe F. 69, 198 Vint, R. Cecilia 69, 186 Vint, R. Elias 198 Vitale, Lisa A. 198, 253 vogelponl 172 Valley Ball Women S0 VoHman. Debbie A. 69. 199 VONman, James D. 52. 211, 233, 211, 233 Vfijenhoek, Micheile 172 Wadley, M4CheHe 45, 75, 116, 123, 132, 134, 186 Wadman, David A. 67, 187 Wagner, Brooke M. 199 WagV1er,JOhn W. 108, 157 Wagner, Simon P. 139, 141, 211, 233, 253 Wa!COI1, Jodi 93, 187 Wa1daI, Jeffrey M, 67, 172. 275 Wahien, Jennifer J. 69, 199 Wakiman, Elaine J. 118, 122, 123, 154, 172 Wa1entlne, Scott A. 187 Walkev, David L, 199 Wabker, Timothy W, 54, 199 WaNaCe, Ellzabelh A. 211 WaHner. Stephanie Walsh. Brett A. 57, 187 Walsh, Mmchele Wallers, Angelique Fl. Wallers, Jenmlel A. 60, 199 Walters, Martinique J. Wang, Lai L,124, 187 Wang, Yao K. 211, 233 Warburton lCoachJ, Stacey 64 Warden. Kevin J. 37, 54. 102, 172 Warden, Kwrkland J. 36, 54, 172 Wamer. Lance P. Wames, Gben E. Wames, Lisa Ann 99, 187 Wa1erS, Fllchard M. 172, 275 Walklnson. soon 211, 233 Walson, EHCK21 L. 199 Watson, Rebecca M. 47, 172 Watson, Rhonda L. Wan Indusmes 296 Wavrik, Jayirl L. 116, 124, 187 Webb, Aaron 171,211,233 Webb. Shannon M. 57, 211, 23:5 Webber, Martha 24 Wedbush, Leigh A. 60, 187 Weddig, Karin H. 123, 187 Weisman, Gregory N. 111. 157 Weisman, Lisa M. 62, 211, 233 Weisnel, Kyle R. 187 Weisner, Seth H. 211. 233 Weiss. Jason F. 139, 187 Weiss, Mindy L Wells,5co1! c. 107, 111,128,199 Welsh, Michael S. 172 Wenlzel, Leesa J. wesley, Kelly A Wesl. Eric D. 31, 166. 172 Westby, Cory M. 69, 199 Westcoast Paint 274 Westllng, Dara E. 1B7 Weyanh. Debbie 58, 222 wneax, Jamie L. eu, 172, 206. 275 Wheyland. Fllchard 187 Whllehead, Mrchelle J. 13, 20 Whitehead, Scott 172 Whileley, MeMS5a S. 142, 211, 233 Whiting. Timothy J. 18, 22, 39 wnnney, Amy L, 123. 211. 233 Wledemeler, Suzanne R. 139, 141. 199 Wlarschm, Jenniler G. Wucox, Duane 199 Vmcox. Lara M. 172, 277 Vwkenlielfd, Kyla E. 211, 233 Vwkens Garden S Suppmes 274 Wilkes, S0011 B. 57, 211, 233 Williams, J. Celeste Yhlllams, Kelly 123, 187 Williams, Kristen 172 Williams, Shelby 62, 122, 124, 172 Williams, Stephen A. 187 Mlllamson. Ellen G. 187 winiarnson. Gary 222, 242 WIIIIS, Della H. 211, 233 WHmarl'S Peter172 WHson. Corinne S. 211, 233 1M1son. Craig M. 211. 233 Mlson, Klrslen L 187 Mlson. Mana E. 211. 233 WHSOH, RDDEV1 S. 172 Wilson, Tasha R. 119, 199 Wilson. WII 222 Windsov. Roie 274 Wrnn, Dexlev SF 222 Wmnl, Grant 172 Wmlev, Chelsea K. 211 Wlnler Formal 34 Wlrlh, Shawn 220 Wwsdom, Lance C. WWIIVTIBU, MDHIKEI 157 1M!zeI, Craig S. 199 Wixon, Cindy T. 92, 127 Vhxon, Jacques C. WO1Ord, Shannon D. 57, 211, 233 Wolfsen, Bradley T. 57, 211. 233 Waltz, Elilabelh G. WONIZ, Jennifer 211, 233 Wong, NNCOIE A. 122, 124, 125, 172 Wood, Cheryl L. 187 wood, MoHy 199 Woodbury. Chrlslina M. 126, 187 WO0dbury, Vlcioria V. 58, 120, 199 Wooden, Suzanne M. 47 Woolley Insurance 275 WDONey, Michelle 211, 233 Woolman, Barbara C. Worid Evenfs 4B Wreswng 74 wngnm, AHlson E. Wright, Enka J. 199 wngnx, Heamenyn Wrlghl, Jason D. 71, 211. 233 Wnghl, Jeffrey A. Wrxght, Mark A. 67, 199 Wrighl, Matthew F, 172, 275 Wrighl. Nalasha J. 91, 118, 123. 142, wngnm, safnanana T. wngnx, Vanessa B. wmnlewsnn, Kon I.. 172 wnn. Jason M. sv. 105, 211, 233 1 Varnell, Donna ll. 199 Yayanos, Sandy 222 Ybarrcla, Thomas C. 187 Veamans, Katherine A. Yearbook Stafi 286 Vosmkawa, Voko Young, Blake V. 75 Vnung. Eiicia 199 Voungflesh. Charies R. 167 Zaiser. Ryan E. 56. 199 zaglcek, Man: L, so Zakalian. Holly M. 41. 187 Zakarian, William J. 172 Zapaia, Danlel R. zarace. Miguel 222 Zarro, Cvaig 67. 199 Zetina, Eduardo 71. 211. 233 Zslina. Larenzo A. 181 Zimbelmarl, Theodure T. 199 Zmbelman, Thomas T. 199 Enke. Mark J. Znser, Thomas C. 43, 187, 227, 286 Zlolkowski, Scott S. 211, 233 Zlsook. Stephanie A. 211. 233 Zovanyi, Laila ll. 211, 233 Zuniga, Leticia 199 INDEX 283 F fe" 4 -.Q-'W f v V , Q A f a . , 4 .. .fl ln ., Ln.. .4 'Q u , 6' . Q K .ff 1 f 1 6 4l ',q.. QI Q . ' '. w X ,VJ I L bar if . ' NN1 5,1 xy xt 5 V K 'L ' 'r 1 1 x ,, 2 si , iw -' 1 .X 'Vx U ' if 1.13, ', H22 1 Xf 6 1 1. uk 5 -1 1 --,., 285 MJ .v BUDDY KCJY9, Celeste Leach M 11 Kunltz, Beth Johnson, and Krisgn as im , Richey. Cilii s T O P R O W : T i m Geiser, Dominique Valentino, Annette Hecht, and Noelle Southerland. B O TT O M R O W z Marilyn Miller, Lora Stowe, Angela Hastings, Kerry Grochowiak, and Cassie Doerfiing. Susan Thomas, Kristin Richey, and David Carson. Unless you've never seen a previous Freeflight yearbook, you hopefully have noticed a few changes in this year's book. The '86 Freefllght, not unlike our campus itself, went through many changes: We switched publishing companies, we had a new adviser, editor, and entire staff. Through much increase in student and community support, we were able to add 68 more pages, goto a larger format, add color, and expand our sports and academic coverage. Also added were the creativity, fashion, and anti-yearbook sections. The '86 Freeflight is a product of the staff, as well as the environment in which it was created, the Torrey Pines campus. It's a book put together with, and accurately representing, PANACHE. 286 vuinaook STAFF Jennifer Howkmd on ds 'QCGY Jocoy, . -Wi fy- . life'-IF! ,f Ra f' Qwfig' fg! , . ,, 1 x ff-'-.-' I D if'ffl"a'QiASZ' 'xi . ....s:s.,.g :Huy A N- 4. Josh Rose, Brett Bcirmettler. Gnd TOVT' Zinser. Editor-In-Chief Matt Kunitz I sys TOP: Trevor Toggorl, Renee Poz, Lori Holtkamp, Jomie Wheot, ond Laurene Ettori. Thomaszeck, Derek Ton, ond Cheryl Wood. Editorial Staff Jennifer Howland - Editor Tim Geiser Photography Trevor Taggart - Editor Kristin Richey Derek Tarr Public Relations Kristin Richey - Director Karin Fischer Dominique Valentino Marilyn Miller Mike Thomaszeck Art Department Tom Zinser ' Susan Thomas Brett Barmettler Josh Flose Classes Jamie Wheat- Class Editor Noelle Southerland - Senior Editor Celeste Leach - Senior Staff Angela Hastings - Junior Editor Lori Holtkamp - Sophomore Editor Stacey Jocoy - Freshmen Editor Student Lite Annette Hecht- Editor Lori Holtkamp Laurene Ettari Renne Paz Beth Johnson Bunny Kaye Sports Lora Stowe - Editor Kerry Grochowiak Academics Cassie Doerfling - Editor Clubs and Organizations Jenifer Howland Cheryl Wood Kerry Grochowiak Stacey Jocoy Ads and Index Matt Kunitz - Ad Director Stacey Jocoy - Index Editor M, Jennifer Howland Adviser David Carson YEARBOOK STAFF 281 233 CLOSING J Z V .cg .Q .K- Q , wr X Q HX X- . ,, X -fi N .A Qwwl fy, pt, Q. 'Ah 'ML95 M-a Q ai 1 N ,. .X i Xe X 'W X if uc, ' 'Wg"i -W HV Q 'X ,X ,X Q wg .4 1 X 1 J X' L ft- 'K J r , 4 sf? 33351 x 4 'Mg ' ,AX V, My A 1'gJ'x-7,151 ' ' 'X X- , 4 Plgfff . "W.',fW5' '. wllj j, ., ,'Xy.g.W ,X mg .X,. X'-XM. ,, ' 13,5 ,1'3nMgX5Xl1', , .T X WZX' ' ,gf Z1 '-4" mf mmf,--s, sg " ,' , "XMJ vi '16 - ' 261. . 2163- 'X gg. Vg' -X -.,f ,X ., Xu, M vm- fy- ? tar, ' ,- 21Tf"1 , in-"X 'fi-12 21 f -R' EFS if ."'-55234 -L .Piggy 5 A74 '12' NwXX'1':? X-A Jul. 1:.1 ,w .W , R. ,Q ' 'FH ' TH X X X ,iXf'.'.l,.5j" lg- Xj'Mfi,' U' 5 'L J' 1' f ',y,, 5561 , 5 l . ,' H 1 1 5421 :gy 14,4144 fl? , YT " -'Fark My 3.41 - r ' . 'I X W X X X,Ie ,i' ,'.., lvl , . x 1 F x C 3 5, I iy 5, gx I W , , -. ., V RAYW'-ltr. 14,-. 'Wh ."'fM., . -aff' .w

Suggestions in the Torrey Pines High School - Freeflight Yearbook (Del Mar, CA) collection:

Torrey Pines High School - Freeflight Yearbook (Del Mar, CA) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 1


Torrey Pines High School - Freeflight Yearbook (Del Mar, CA) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 1


Torrey Pines High School - Freeflight Yearbook (Del Mar, CA) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 259

1986, pg 259

Torrey Pines High School - Freeflight Yearbook (Del Mar, CA) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 148

1986, pg 148

Torrey Pines High School - Freeflight Yearbook (Del Mar, CA) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 231

1986, pg 231

Torrey Pines High School - Freeflight Yearbook (Del Mar, CA) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 29

1986, pg 29

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