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 - Class of 1981

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Torrey Pines High School - Freeflight Yearbook (Del Mar, CA) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Cover

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,W pm lf ...L -I 3 E ,S ,, nl. U, -qu-ww -vw 7' a K sh. - -55,11 1 -A 4 u F-A - - X ??i?':f:' L "',A Q, ' ' ' ' M: - i 2 wg- ' Q , .r U i , .? 'E' 11 ,W ,. .6 4 ,, , 3 T' , 5 3' A 5 4 as---A ,R 4 , ' -f " Y V ' , , ' GL um , x . f f' 5- " I3 -A xx ' - " Y V1 V ' 1745, nv M, A WM 'V " L A up u f ? 2 -- J' J 5 Q5 1 Q , if! A+ 3 4 , ii , , F5-r V 5 ' ,QI L 4 ff MXN V: H' ' ' . ' ii 12551 2 X Q f , if 1 if 1 1' x Vi me-if mf-. V , m.Y,,'L , L fi ,ll 'Y M . al! fi Wm WWW W W J CQ Q A J DW JMU, 4 ' v . . . . V rl... ., , 1, 4, i ' 4 , , N , , - 4 v 4.9 - , 5 , - ' 1 ' H i, 'li ' -so 1 " ' lr ' - " 4' 1 - - - fs' " ,' .A5'."'- 7 , . "f ' 171.235 2. laik E L' A " 'f ' L Q J- . - M.. ,, f ,- '. Q. , . . Yr ' "-Qi-qx I .1 A , A . C '.. r' . ' f' - :Q ,fi ' -' . . ' 1 ' 'fwg3:1 V , 1 - :f,, 15 , ' 5 I ' -E '35 ' '-- ' - 'gn"P..'A",: '35, f , . -. ,-,'2x.g?' 1.1" 5-lv'-Q' ,in QQ , 1 1 gf1.ff ' 43 p 1 , 'Qu 551-,e+j,,1 f. X ,gif 1 Q V, M , , , ' mm V- va ww., , - LN -1 W ' K 5 , ' - 'v.z".1ffT51f'f: - 535 - . . -... I-'pf-'r,,--sam, .,- ' iv' ' , 1.-W 'S-."-1-"1-3 Q, Q n - -S11-Nan wah., n , . .lm '91, X-Fr, fx? " J ' ,nf y 2.31514 PM 1265 1? , , ' " 4. 1' . 4. 1 1, ' 1 9 7' A A 4 Q J ' y 1 , .. ,Q I ' ' fs"??,,lf , 14. . gf A , -. ,, ew M1 ' X I H :' : A 1 W K V ,":',f ,, , , . e b FREEFLIGHT Volume Seven Torrey Pin s High Schgg 4984 Del Qlifmmidi 3 " '1 f w . V ,,,,," "..'i3"v -w 2 " 'i'N"- f M VM We mmwrh J" '55 W ,...u..,...f ,g,.,Mf,,,g1 'tn' 'W W M, M' A M--we WW W 'LJ...f'---...""W..'J.7'W .fy , iz: ffl- qi., A 1 4 Y --...uri 'M' mix- - , 'fe' K -1 5 an NV mlm M. Mm ,,,,, ""-em M 'T Ewa.. ,, '11, K ,A .W "'e '-'fee-I ""-'Kee ,,,,, 'M' M ,WA,A A V - 'W ,Q f 'M ,whim A Mwmp HMMMW h K ETX' l ww A 'W-" ' 1 ' """""'W we """'VW ,M ww' X, ,Q ' Q MWUUHMQ- ' ..,,e --1 Mg., 4 an Wrlwqgiifwmb 'MMV ,WWW .,.,... 4, ,L , as e f K ,W -M W ev .4D.uHv4Y4Wwm ee e'-" 3, , M . M2 awwwm .M ,Q ,Mx N " l,5,,g,U"' '- I f' .1 K N W mm.11ww,, A - ' , wvgu-nwsmn 'SWMMWNWM M., ' 'ee' K -'Wi' f X- - www .- i n W . ,... ,, . V ,iiz I K L WU Mmm' Mmm 1 V' Nil Y ' ' " ' N L M' www , A M e Mmm .W e ' , , e -W' 1 if e e k M Lk A X' -r +,,L Y'Y' P 1 5233 ? C i '1:' a s -. Mfifgi f GE! Q' 5 gf , .NH Af f i- ' - . - nwpfgkgfh 1, I ,- -12353 1'-f T ' ,: -' ' - 4 ,. -wwf .sui- ' -'23 ' " l 1 .- Vi.-'sig'-'xiii ' . Q H' X MY-Q--, YL 1, A-' 1 AT-' Li -ng., rY-.,Qeg.,- i gi -f L S Q Ha ,em 1. :NSR 5 154. fi sgj' , iii! 5,1-A! bw fi 1 ik gg? A ,U m, is .NFIB , RW' ,Q HW' P4 W 1 ,, ii. wir Ui, miffi . 1 , U di WEN QF? , ,, -W, ' fig 1 wg 'bl iw , wy?+3135gV3iFb'WT' Qmsnwxxlx '1'-"i ff L Wi? -W . x IEEWY 'WW w 13, '1-1"'?'.gMyl!1w.f 'Y 1 M ' . 0 ,+m ,ww rg A I Wuiwmwgfz - 4 ,w ,N J ww M Q 'IJWMB1 15fiw,r,f X ' 1 . nf, 351993, 4 l?m415""'4' W f, '41 fr' ,Q Q2 j ' x 1 M 71 gh Q in -A X A 'Rf in ...:,,,,,, F1 J, f - ' "W 'W' MPWFSQ., W A 1 ' 1 M ngjrwwxm, Ml., Yi " Q , ,ff Y: 9 H my X 1 my , H 4 J " ' ' W m LW ,imii W T 1 ?E!1!1' 1 w Y rj if f ' .nf 1' ' lf' 'ii' W' 11' w . ig2QZ ,f..:,:-,:::. ,,, ,pgaznlw W's3:w15'1j v 'WM F !1yFQV!"! M21 'J X 1 ' ..yM. ! w"'f YW 'VV' f"7 ':ff 15fW Nxxf T., ,iff 1 ,KA ,- fx , M-fx" MM f 'im ,. W, K . I . 5 If . A, A X 'f,." 2 X 1, an W", -.. " N'--.. ' M R. x X i, ,jf I xxx KKK , J f i 1 .1 A N , , v , 1 . I 1 , , Q L me Jw., ! ,ff"f -P XXx,7f F lr I' Y f lf... .,,-I 5? A fs v QQMM I ' ,EQ 2 1 ,V .'f21'i?f91' 5fq UT' , " 5 i"lm iftffiii l. lnseperable Girls: Marianne Young 84 Nancy Col- DOUFFIG 2. Inseperable Guys: David Debruin 84 J. D. Knolls 3. lvlosl Ainleiicz Bonnie Souihworlh Sa Greg May A. Grealesl Change: Mike Jenks 84 Liz Tuck 5. Craziesi: Eileen Cassidy 84 Tnabo Ngubo 6. Cnalierboxz Curl Young 84 Kelly Lewis i" 'X 57 ' RET Besf dressed- Ted Mohoney ond Angelo Thorson MosT Likely To succeed- Julie Gdrldnd ond Kevin Howdrd Nioesf Hdir- KoTie Ddvid ond Neol Ninfemon Most ATTrocTive- Arlin Miller ond Ddvid WoiTley jail Fifi g,,e 5. Closs Couple- Bonnie Bruun ond Sooff Brddshdw 6. Mosf SpiriTed- Nofolie Rydn ond Bloise G-oudy 7, Friendliesf- Don BoberTz ond Renee Ld Berge i 3 Sara Abelson- Long live the Del Mar Mods and Rastafarians. Looked in the Market restroom? Never, RM, l'll see you in church Helen, we were right, it could have been worse. Thanks Verlin. And Syd, go for the top, You'Il make It Sherri ALlen-Mike 81 Kirnp my best friends, Life, Music, 8x Drama my best loves, All the world's a stage, A special goodbye to my porche. Two paths diverged in the woods And I? I took the one less trampled by And that made all the difference Michael Armbruster-"These walls that still surround me, still contain the same old me- Just one more who's searching for the world that ought to be" T E - I-low many more times? Long live Zeppelin 81 green grass 81 high tides at tower 7 Sandra Abril-Thanks for NOT always being there Teresal HA HA! Remem- ber- "Don't you guys have a class now?" Hey little broth, wish ya all the luck! Don't forget, "Mecca"l Love ya M8eD P S, Friends Forever Tray! Richard Allred-Thanks for the good times! Especially-Thabo, Neal, Barry, Katrina Mustard, hang in there Kristi B, Beth Hobie Catlng IIB Powder Skiing TP-FB Rules, later dexter. lly ROPS IQFC 21 Susie. Ain't Nobody big enough, Ain't no mountain high enough Helix you were luckylll Martin Astl-What can I say about a caterpillar without any horns? Mr L Morris- FFExBrd. Mr. Greensteih, thanks for everything. Todd, Team Buddah, Big C- remember all the good times- Series I, Livewires, Wamjam, waterballoon etc Dodg- ers still suck, Munich rules!! Wampum Big Fire-Up!! Brent Adams-Entense Ritzy, Booz- cruizes, Caps, the River hey Etts, the sun is coming up! Bushes- and sure I'Il call you tomorrow. P?H'?, H.L81 G,R,- Manditory liquid lunch, Skiing Aspen 81 little Nells N.H. OZ 81 tight. But most of all Thanx for everything Mom 81 Dad Mark Andrews-Ditchin' Crowded Del Mar for uncrowded Perfection at the BOX, "The waves are better at the BOX," Good Times in the water with, WG., T.S., CM , TN., C,G.G N C W,, D W, S W,, J.B.K W 81THE GANG, Memories Always, ADIOS T P Alison Augusta-Rob, Ferdis, Kerty, Judy, Moose, and Berty. GREAT FUN! the side. Out with who? Not again. Party where? Sorry I'm late. Over Boobies, turn aff the driers. Jay what can I say? Let me in SC, Some- clay! Alison Alcorn-"Time waits for no one and it won't wait for me." R. Stones. Made it as fast as I could. Thanx Mom and Dad for all your help, Your the best bro. I love you Eddy, for- ever, Hello Pan am , I Jill Alcorn-Robin, Jilly, Jackie Who was lst? bathroom floor huh? "u-r- the easiest on the Goldsmith lawn." HIGH spirited Chris, Exec's too hip? Me, accident prone? NEVER!!! SHOOOT!!, Scott, "And you and I" Ves ls It PINK? No Inlanders-EVER AGAIN ok S S 7 "Crystals dissappear Quickly in parallel lines," Jackie Appleton-Remembers. 3am Jul. 28th, Mex. BO, rock'em'? ltth sti., getting wild and staying wild, LTS, exec, action, lst, TP 81 AJ, extremely foxy, Men, Kel 81 Nel , , , We lost it all bays. Bunny Br Boobiols , , Did we make it wornen'P' J.J. up or down? Forgets rude boys 81 matches Hello saying GOODBYE TPHS, Paul Austin-f"WaIIy Woodshopuj, Football,-1, Baseball, -2,-3,-4. How CGD I forget: bumming rides to school wErrc. Lunch wPiranha breath Voung 84" Scara", Abrupt stops ID Green Pintos, "surrender" Christina all good things must came to an end Does History repeat itself? Geometry QLF,WM,KA,JL,SRj Cars WMonnie, Ni- cole-True Friends, CRAZY NANCV. TIM BUDDIES. fl'- Yoko Arisaka-Always to be positive and enjoy your life, Dayna Babikian-Hey Kelly, Michelle, Marilee, Vicki great times JCO and BSA, Junior Pres, and Soph. treas, Prom. Peter Pan. Talent Show, Thanks Dr, A,! SkiingKelly the Cor- nice'7 Swimming CIF, Tennis 2,3, CSF, Never forget Hye times! Camp Geeba, Love ya, Candy. MSB Kevin Bally-Remembers: wet home- coming game, floods, twisters. school blackouts, getting NASDS certification, being "thrown away". Fiji 79,' Quadrophenia, and many great concerts! Tricksters, Who. Stones, Queen, Styx, and many oth- ers. Sid Bell-Have a Cigar you're gonna go far. Thanx to all the great parties public and private, to the good times at Rosarito Beach and to the good times to come. The Tubes W.P.O.D. I'll see you on the Dork side of the moon. Tammy Bergmans-Never forget He- lix. Europe 7879 thanks Mom 84 Dad. Summer '80 the best .. the fair. Southern Hospitility, fun in the sun! Friends Mary S. remember Mary J. MW's. ZIGGY ' crazy times wfMork, thanks for caring. Smile Dreamer you're "one step closer." Mary Baker-I love you Tom, you've brought tremendous love 84 happif ness into my life. I want to be with you forever. Hello Rosta buddes your all great friends and fun. David your very special to me, our love grows. Good bye. Sheri Ball-You Bet!!! Amy, Debbie, Ju- lie, and Jen. We finally made it. Now were really havin some fun!!! Endless trips to Mexico, More! More! More! I love you Becker and here's to fat fish. Goodbye TP. Jacquelyn Bendowski-Never Forget Summer SEASIDE, BEERS I Insane days in ROSARITO, the VW get' in rad groovy DEVO glasses and Leopard Spots. Drive safely Joeseph. SB. lo, cols forever, Quincy, Kar! Lynn and the gang. Face it Melvin you're a martian! Sailing Moonlight Bay. Carlie Berke-Craziness, trouble-mak- ing, Powderpuff OH NO! Telephone Poles, yogurt affair 18th 81 25th, Big Wacs Le Carlie-my other car's a rolls, lvl.K. plays? H5O's Teagular, Pina Co- ladas, Bonzo, Nasal, Flip, Skeet, hugs SQ kissess Bubba. La Berga Med-Mea Luag, l-lowli 91 here we come. lt's been real!-Grace. Amy Benedict-To my friends: "The Gang": I'II always remember the laughter, new experiences and tears we've shared. You ali have o special place in my heart. To "Dad- dy" Greenstein, Best of luck with the rest of the family. Love you!! Laura Blagrave-"Remembers good times, partying with good friends, Mike, Jim, Lynn, Lori. Good Luck ev- eryone of you. To my love, Mike, I wish all the happiness and love you deserve. IWWAFE. Goodbye TP. Hel- lo life. Where's the champaignef' Teri Banks-Time makes you boulder even children get older and I'm get- ting older too Good friends and good times. Summer BO' and special friends: Josette, Danna we made it, Gina Friends forever, welcome back Patty, HANG in there Lisa, Anne. Cynthia Benson-Tunnel vision sports. beautiful campus, good teachers. ninth grade boonies! . . , Life is what you make of it . . . Why not make it good. Forever interested in learning about new places and ideas. Hello and goodbye to my friends! lt was real. Susie Bleeker-"Al" l'Il never forget outrageous times friends, N. cuties caught in the act, 3 musketeers, 7 81 tif 1 rhondo. Awoo Baby! Luv to the Varsity Cheerleaders, VB is great. Jeanne, FRIENDS FOREVER!! SG!-ITS. Luv 84 luck to Marge. Thanks every! one, it was great. Monnie Barnhill -l'II never forget fun times , ski trips, "lets jam wthe 3'D's", Datest, the sucker T.N., sum- mer Ioves CDF,PT,LA.j Amy, 84 my nol best friend forever JULIE, QWW Party WP Heortyj , . . and I won't quit till l'm a STAR on Broadway! Jennifer Berend-N.Y 4990: Pam Doyle? 6 kids 81 picket fence. Marie naASwede SB'ers.Nic-Turberculosis, 2 I 2 + 2 : A Felipe. Loads of Love- Ames flets talky, Bruiser Shari, JackT, Snow. ALL the buds! POPCORN! Dieaseman . Tarzan , , , meet cha in the trees! Hey you, off my island! Don Bobertz-Tennis 2,95 QBQ, 4. P.P's PROM and washing dishes with, JJ. and G. Tennis and Tux friends Web. Take care sis. Rosarito, sailing, jacuz, and volleyball with Gabe. Skwiz. Skwlz, Skwiz! PS. Babes, you look very familiar! Michelle Bond-Cindy there's alot of years behind us. could'nt have made it without you. Tracie I told you things would get better. Kathy 81 Katrina project: research. Dave your very special, Oregon or bust. Jeff good luck! Goodbye everyone. Courtney Brigham-lt's been unreal. The good times with "the gang" will be remembered forever. Steve. you're fantastic-l'll never forget you, Liz stay yourself! "Give to the world the best you have and the best will come back to you." Goodbye TP ! Marsi Bowman-Can l have a ride- pleose? Gossipping 1-4. Hodge- Podge Lodges. Becky-what a spaz! Remember "scraping the walls?" Lo Costa. I had an accident on the way to school- a likely story! Bye Mke! Take care of yourself. Marci Brinks-Gnarly man! Bridget- Again and Again! All in one bed? No Strata-Head! Pool parties. beacons, The Who fvou did it in stylej Crusing Leucadia keep in touch-Scrawn. LeLe, Spacey, Juls. Teri Watch out here we come! Laura Bucilong-Life is like an ice- cream cone. You have to learn to lick it. Charlie Brown Chris Burton-Freedom is a precious item which most people take for granted. Don't! l've been behind the iron curtin and seen what it's like there. I stand behind America 1001 and l'Il fight to keep her if I have to! Scott Bradshaw-l'm out Big Sis, Annie your next. Hang in there. Dad I hope you can be proud of me. Baseball. fwormj. Ducko-goose and little Bro your all special. Give me a hug, l love you Bonnie. l'm lucky! Bonnie Bruun-Softball 1-A Powder- puff-Ducko Mom Bear Scottie I love you all thanx for everything. Bro Football your hot. 2nd ST Mel TS PC Brown eyes. I need a hug! Car- penders say it all! I love you BSBDSB forever! Robyn Burton-Va Cathy Wilson! l will never forget PS, parties. foxy guys and good times. Gayle your an in- speration to me, Most of all thanks to my family I love you all. Especially my little nephew Steven "Bray", Kristen Bramble-Sherill, we've come a long way. Drill Teamg Disneyland. Miss Drill Team USA, Bright lights and New Vork, what a thrill. Dance is for- ever and so is Gary T. Hang in there Becky G. Today a Senior tomorrow a freshman. Mike Bubien-lt's been a long A years, but alot of parties, l'm glad l made it . , . shannon, I love you! . . . Long live John Bonham! Long live Led Zep! l'li miss y'all and stay high. Morilee Butt-L,O. Marv -Mag, M.A.K.,B.S.A. and again! Love Coos Bay, Fishette, grumps, shirley temple, windmill attacks. D.C. in spring? Class of '85? Good luck "little" Brother. J.V.D.- it's teamwork! My "worId's- greatesf' family. Take care. I love you al! Paul Bressler-1-2-3-A Nothing. but who cares? 19th Street, parties, etc . . . see you around: KBTBLDGKKKMA MMCVS. '73 351-c Mustang con- vertible. Deanne A USA Pres. Let's give them F-- --- ruskies he--! Fate conquers luck, and lam one who is lucky. Mary Buchanan-"Don't be dismayed at good-byes. A farewell is neces- sary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends." R, Bach Thanks Josh. we'Il meet again. Gregory Cagle-It was great, ditch- ing surf P.E. for PE. perfection with G.N.,S.R., and M.A.. board sacrifices. and south swells. Fair ground dances and parties. Remember Mark at the fence. Thanks for a great time fence people, Walt remember 151. Bob Capener-Basketball, Journalism. Seminary- Hittin' the Track-S50 win on Seafood! Hey! Hey! Verbumcleli. Morse, Sports Arena-all were awe- some. Woody for 3 years, kroft for 1, Too Much! Remember C.I.F, 78, C.l.F.Z. 80-Seminary graduate! How? Be happy! Be Morman! Susie Chambers-qScooziey Cheer- leading 1, 2, 3, A. Fond memories of SKIP. What happened between Chile and Tamale? 2+2:A- SGHTS. MUSKETEERS, Jailbirds. Unforgetable Jane, Alyce: 85mph, Stop sign7, moo! Animalcrakers CL, MG, Cheer- leaders! Richard Henry, thanks for being so special-Prom, Hobie 16, socks, Ily. Steve Colvin-Remembering-All those foxy girls, Bn good times Ek Friends like- K.J.,D,J.,P.K. C.M, A.S.,T.A., BG., Just to name a few, Also Rem. sweet Buds, Classical Surf P.E, mornings 81 BAJA Bound Trips in the Blaze Special thanks to the teachers who passed me. Deborah Carlin-Outahere yah . . Hawaii here I come Julie, Amy, Sheri, Jen looks like we made it, good times forever love for my scott, I love you Paradise Island isn't far away KB, thanks for the memories. Julie are we Island bound? Pam Casale-Adjud Adjusting to the West, a major change in my life, Jens Popcorn under streetlights Si diseased forever. M,K.,N,V. 1990. KD, Va. is for Iovers.J.T, 81 C.y. my first special buds in Ca. JD, FRIENDS FOR- EVER Thanks to allBuddies for making 81 fun. Sr. VP. Hugh Chang-F.T.U.C.I., Parkway North Pool, 1f 10 second, Lindberg 334, The "wall", Water Polo, Scott- land '79.St. Louis 'od-79'. The Chase March '79, Thak Thanks B.H, Bc C.E. - The best is Vet to come!! Rich Cohen-The TP Fashion Show was great. "Hey Ray, Tom do you really want to go to the next period? The beach looks hot. Remember . . breaking the law in cars with Ray. Tom, John, Randy, Marty. Great Times with Waz's Led Zeppelin Kevin Connelly-Remembers Maui, L Tahoe, Aspen, and a very special thanks to Steve, Charlie, Bob, Pat, Mike, Ai, Andy, Phil, Tim, Rob, Dan. Skip, Eric, GALESBURG over the hills and for away. Thanks to my family for all support and understanding! Tom Cook-"I used to be disgusted but now I try to be amused" - Elvis Costello Sean Casey-lt's the laughter we will remember-good friends Yea Jason 81 Bill loth alias chuck norris, nickies sybk 81 Bus- go'n head first. Next stop S, Pacific-will I ever Find Her? Nancy Colbourne-Tennis 2, 3. Typing Quotes 2 PITS, Yearbook Hn! Yeah!! Steve : Terrrlffic friend Bk tutor, Jeanne- always friends, Kip 2 super BRO! Doug T, Prom-3hrs. QMarianne 2 INSEPERABLE, l.L.V. Tabill 90. "I stall" shop, H-FUDGE, T-milk, WHIP IT! I'm turning Japj Paul your GREAT! Tina luck 2 you STAY IN TOUCH AWESON- OMIES, S.L.,R.K.C.,M,Y.,8c ME!!! Eileen Cassidy-Eileenover, Lenner's, LenniefNeil Hey Kids! Listen Bucko, Later Shreder, Y L.-Malibu pop, Be- yond 80', DANGER! in there roof- watching, Jenny- polypantman. porking at Katies, soccer, ASB BO- 81', Dave and J.D. my pals: Moses, Ashram, Renesal-love ya! Jesus is the SON-shine out of the falling rain, Richard Colbourne-Looks like I made it. Good friends and fun times. Steve Good Luck, Kevin Z. one more year, keep it up. Nancy what a person, don't blow it. Tina, I know you can hold out. Kevin Corcoran-Thanks- Tony, Jim, Mike, Ben, and everyone else I was with, you made it go a little faster. Somethings I'lI never forget, and some I already have Forgotton! TRASHCANNINGII Locker Partners QTY, PAQ And good partners in class. Jimmy Craig-Check Buds, "WHERE"S THE TEE3" FB 1-A: T-BONE Sizzle: BB1-3: What's he doin',- Tennis A: Wimble- ton? "Go for what ya know." RoberT Cudmore-l will always re- member The bonds, The music, The ponies, The burn-ouTs. DleTer, you blew iT. Bill Cunningham-To The sTaTf SMO- TETS, Thank you very much. "Give The ball To Ernie." Remember Tower 7 FooTball. T.K.,M,B,,J.P,,C H.,H.D, E.B , are The hoT ones. l-lealher Dawn-KrisTie-mi amiga, iT's been fun. J.P ic. skiing buds, missing planes, finding STacy 84 Trying To lose Bryan. "joke" P C forever! Bonnie Thank you Love ya Shelby Teasu- forever in my hearT Thanks you guys ya made iT bearable!! Michael Donhowe-FooTball 'I-A, Wrestling 1, 2, QCIFQ 3, A, La Crosse 1- 4, Wew' I can do all Things Through ChrisT who sTrengThens me. Remem- bers girl waTchin' 1-A, Beyond Malibu '80 rWay Coollj, Calico caTchers- MP.SA,SS. TP's pride-AM,DW, LT. y.1. gang, Shaka bra! '81-had Do Kine fun, NO F DOUBTH! KaTie Davis-PorkodiTe-Lisa MMB-re- member-oTT, T,Ping M.A's YTBPRO- MAWTAB, Arlin DelegaTe! Jennx, MB, EF Julie l-lenberger HBOWJJKHKJ. LaTer Shrader Bucko-rlghT Leeny! Aames, some day our prince will come, 81 we'll be wearing socks! SGT Mr GreensTein, Mr. CarITon, 81 Mr Morris LVA Mom Bc Dad!! Susan Donovan-Thanks LLlJ for being my BEST FRIEND, Nasus. Sue QLloydj 6'3" - Love you forever. Good Luck bro, Amy, Kelly. Love YG W2 Babes and CA from Bl. Thanks Mom, Dad for all your supporT Jill l'll love you always. Flame. l Robin Czajkowski-Goodtimes 2, 3, A. Bedusan, remember The guys G,N.,R.R, forever. Fair '80 "Soulh- ern" HospiTallTy, JakarTa. Gabe Dairy-Volleyball T-A, Vice Pres , Thanks Dad, Mom for everyTh- ing. Love ya bro. Never forgeT Mr GreensTein, A.S., Raggedy Ann. Monica KMLOW, Prom 'BO our four- some Washing dishes fhuhlj Love To Julie and PaTrica "ls she familiar?" Don, love ya Babes! """'-Inq... David Deoruin-FooTbalI 1, 2, 3, A. Vounglife Camp is The greaTesT Ski Trip wfl-lewel, ThaT's The brakes J. K. remember The fun we had wfour slaves Ol-l yes, I Know iT's just a game David Doughty-B4 rules. WhaT you believe yourself The world will also. Cheerish yesTerday, live Today, and dream of Tomorrow. lT's been greaT BL. TB, PC, GL. Philip Depolo-IT was greaT 3 yrs aT TP The summers were even beTTer!! Girls and FooTball A!! Love you ol- ways T M.C.!l Adiosl Mike Dalzell-Angie, Big Bro-Ricky. and all The gang, I love you all. Thanks for being my second family, To all The ghosTs of journalism classes pasf, CONVENTION '78 Lives forever! Killer Galaxy, cuTs Idaho, Bob's BesT four years of my LIFE!! vl- U x 'ii' 1 I . .j,ll 'Wai l, .El Ricky Dogue-I would like To Thank my MoTher 81 FaTher, sises 8a broThers. Teachers Qwho gave me an A or BT-Q, coaches, friends-AH, Mdavid D, SR,KC,Chem parrner, The campus. Rides To school, warm SauTa Ana's, and The bell . . Nicki Dow-Drill Team 2. 3, 4, CoCopi- Tain A, Yearbook 3. Miss Drill Team U.S.A. Rock LobsTer. Kinky and Krala Tunes and craziness. DoT, wffo- basco, keeno Joe. Hawaii, Kieoke, Pogo. Love To Mamma Noah, Dodes, Mary, Donnie. Julie, Gail. Be- lieve in Him. Pheena Doyle-Summer of '79 .. ParTy aT Amy's house! Surfer'l 81 2. Love aT 'lsT sighT! Amy, leT's relive The "Blue Dragon". Pryor's Telescope, ummm, whaT a view' Camo Kazis aT lOam. Hey guys, The "body bud- dies" really wonked! See ya, Lora Driver-Soccer 3 yrs,, ski club too, Aims where next or should I say what's in store for us? Denise glad you're back-hang in there buddy, Crazy times with good friends, Later days T.P. on to bigger and better things, Dano Effie-Drill Team 2, 3, A 4 . . Foot- ball games ,. Disneyland Will always remember Friends at P.B. . . , Scott . . , J.M..T.H., and To my little se sis, Danielle never forget you, friends forever Smile and let the good and let the good times roll .. 4 Goodbye T.P. Sherill Ewing-I Love you Toddly, I Love you Toddly, I Love you ToddIy4 I Love you Toddly, I Love you Toddly4 I Love you Toddly, We will be happy for- ever , . . Thanksfor summer "BO" . . . and many more . , . I Love you Tod- diy!!! Char Dunham-Forever love to best friends Theresa . . . you'II be 69 and still getting barrified! "But Lust too is a iewelf' Love to Tim QTahiti!j Mom- no words can express, Wiegulste! Last day of school '79 Skara! I Love you Edward T.S-always keep the key . . . Laura Ellison-Hey little sis, good luck next year and don't let our bro both- er you. Don't worry Greg only one more year! Good Luck LB,SR 81 LH, Susan thanx for being afriend . 4 . fun in Mexico! Short people are itll Shari Farkas-All my friends , . . You're the best and we've been through it all. Remember the Football games, parties, tennis team, concerts mov- ies, beach and all the other crazy times. What a blast!!! Hey sis. you're almost there. MEMORIES they'II go on forever. Todd Easterling-I Love you Sherill, I Love you Sherill, I love you Sherill, I Love you Sherill, We will be happy forever . . , Thanks for summer "BO" And many more . . . I Love you Sher- ill! TOO' Pamela Edelsten-I want to live, I want to grow, I want to see, I want to know, I want to share what I can give-I want to be, I want to live . . . on Henry and George Day. JudyAnne Edwards-Thank You TPHS, AFS, hockey, tennis and beautiful friends, I will always treasure many happy memories of a wonderful. fun-filled year at TPHS. The more we share it, the more I love it . . . friend- ship , our experiences . . , our life!! Barry Engleman-"The Family." "Pops" Well OV. it's been real, but the Great has yet to come. Good luck future sister-in-law. Thanx Thabo, Toes, Rich. Awesome skiing '84, Sherri 'I-A-3. Sue, Ron 81 Syd Thanx4 F.B. C,I.F. James Ficicchy- "Green Gross and high times forever4" P.S. girls, I used to be disgusted, but now I'm amused. Long live excellent parties and good times. Hey Hey my Rock "n" Roll can never Die!! David England-Theres nothing like sailing the fine winds. Surfing the fine waves, and the fine beautiful girls I know. Big Bear brings in the cash. Lub Truck drives me there. God bless and let the good times ROLL! Deanne Fish-"Deannie"5 Lunch Gang-best times ever! Just love you guyst Remembers meeting B.P.! Boot Dance, Homecoming, X-Mas Formal, Prom. Spirit! Football games! Loves to hate Mike A. Bye-bye Gary- Love ya you know! Best class-4984! Al- ways be o TPHS Faloonette Kathryn Evans-Kevin, Deanne, Paul, Torn, Kathy, Mary Clare, Greg. Brad, I'll never forget you guys. Thanks Skinner and Johnson Good Luck next year. Don't take any wooden nickles. Mary Flynn-"I have often asked my- self the reason for the sadness in o world where tears are just a lullabye. If there's any answer, maybe love can end the madness, maybe not, but we can only try. Carole King Jill Forsythe-GRRREAT! But it's time to say goodbye Good luck to all and everyone Keep on flying high. Re- members: "Old Gang", Nasus, Suey, Robbie, Kel, Ames: R.V,'s: soccer: F.H. 'I-A Qtoo longj Friends forever FLAME. Love ya w2 babes, C.A. from B.L. Thanks Mom Dad. bI'18TikvOIOD-"lT'S been Real" Feeble? "ShieIla Rock, I called you my name!" Weenie, "is the keg emp- ty?" Kitty, Lisa, Marc, Mike, Dan, Doug, Acting "Bros" "Ann .. Peo- ple!" Scuzbos "MO " Lisa T. "Fine!" SAIT GIRLS "Vou're turn, it won't be long!" -Rock Steady- Monica Gerbracht-Rosanna-Furry Falcon! Luv ya Nudie Cuties and Jo- mamas!! THINK GREEN! To "sisters" Squirt and Storky. luv always, QG.D.H.P. Krislj Gaby- K. M.L,O.W.!! Milbrachts Gerblir. fyumlj. D,K.M. . . . you're special, Thanx S.K.J,, L.W , J. Robertson. Luv ya, Ma, Pa, Bro!! Thank you D,R . . , for you I smile. Jennifer Fovargue-Remembers crazy times with unreal friends and lovers , . Tennis, skiing, beach blan- ket bingo and boys . . . we did it all!! D.G Memories never forgotten. Amy, Julie, Debbie and Sheri, L.Y, ulies Good Luck crazed Ran- chos!! T.P. General was great "now the good times roll" . . Kim Gann-Remember the Terrible Trio. Lulu . . oops! Sorry Lauren! Al- ways remember the parties, beach. and especially the people I call friends . . QDon't give me the chills. Nanj Mr. Bill 81 Jules we MADE IT!! D.E . CR., B.S., CA, Bye Bye TP. Bill Getty-Remembers Utah. Big Bear and early mornings at seaside Yeah Pete, Hey G, J 81 J, catch you at state. Good luck at Redlands Cath. It's over, Spencer Frankel-l'Il Remember: The beach, cruising 'dido in the bug, all the wild parties, T.P.'s beautiful girls. high time, Rocky I-lorror, and all my friends. Ray Garcia-Still remember esters lab in cham., My explosion out in the de- sert with the rocketry club and Dave Sis' practical jokes. Life goal: To de- termine if the light in the refrigerator turns off when the door is closed, Mary Giffin-Memories: All my special friends, A.G. Qmy twinj, Spastic offi- cers, Ron, Momma Noah, Annie, De- vin, Y,L,-woodleaf, youth group- Alaska '80, Drill Team Lieutenant ql'm sorryj Special Thanks to both my families- love forever- ME IS ALIVE! Gena Franks-Goodbye to good times, great friends and homework. Good luck to all underclassmen and wish much success and fun to up- coming seniors. Remember all peo- ple smile in the some language. Julie Garland-Swimming 'I-A C.I.F. Champions 1, 2 84 A? qyealj A.S.B. President, Thanks Dopo, M 8a P! Gre- ta, take care Godsis! Good Luck, Jeff! Prom '80, "the foursome", washing dishes! Friends always Gabe- love ya! Jerry, love you al- ways"Babe", Y.O.L,O.! Friends keep the world smiling. Kelly Gillelen-Me, Late? I'm hungry! BSA 8x JCO. skiing. DaynaTFC, Scot- ty's Run waits for us! Young Life, Be- yond. ASB- HC. floats, Proms. Mari- lee Chops. my P.l.C. forever, Rumpy, Michelle- wild times, are ya S.B.? Juse one year Julie! Sorry, Allen! Sheila Furse-Whewl Last shot! Don't miss W.P.,M.l., and B. Biz! BANG! Best of luck to P.L., and "The Other One" - you'II need it because I'II be watch- ing Watch out for those wild foreign- ers, C.T.! A bien tot. BANG! Sheila Louise Genaro-Prom '70, Perky, lots of special times with good friends. I'II remember them always. Ned Glaessner-A special thanks to Larry and Mark for making school fun. And helping me through basket- ball it might pay off in the long run and remember Skip. Jane Glasson-Leonard Morris, John Alba, Kay Dillon, you're all wonderful. Thanks Sue and Becky for making basketball someThing special. Buck- wheaT, Thanks for being a friend. Mom, Dad, you're The greaTesT Frank, you're one great Trumpeter. God bless you all. "B1" Amy Gould-Remembers being lost with M.G, Qmy twinj in Oth. P.K.- Ollie? l'll remember Times with you forever, how could I forget?! Love Stanley KS- l'm ahead 2 froz. yogfs to 'll KD.-PicTure Time! with socks? Thanx J.B.- The disease, OH NO! Good luck M.K 81. P.C.! LusT TO? D.W., B.C., R,J,! Love ya, Mom 84 Dad! Chris Haines-To all The margaritas at l2osariTa Beach andthe good lobster at NewporT To Pilar who means a great deal to me. To Mr. Cuervo who helped me get Through The four years at Torrey Pines, Roxanne Golich-With a little help from my friends: Nancy, Tru-Tru, Mary Anne, Lynn, Sally, and Liz S.l.U.V.P,S.B,Y,C. B.B.' Bruskies, par- Ties, skiing, scamin', football games. and beachin' iT! Super Chargers! All my cruisin' in Cecil Boy! D C. killer. Did you live? Sue Graham-B.ball 2, 3, 4, P.puff 3, 4 Will always remember The good Times and good friends. B,ball 8a pok- er parties, l?.V's, Stan, Radical slumber parties, EWBQF, MJ. Donny 81 Jill- we finally made it! Special good- bye to my buddy Kel- -N.L. 4-ever- Michael Hall-The Volkswagon, flaky vacation, zep is dead! Cars, Police, Generation X-15'l- P.B. rules- S.W.I, - The crew JB, TN, TC, GC, WG, SW, CW, DW, MA, MG, JG, SA, CM. Love to La. Desiree Good-My Three years aT T.P. have been great, Good-bye 84 Thanks Mrs. Dillon, Mrs. Schoell, Mr Brosbe, and special Thanks "Dad" Goodbye and lots of love To "The "THE GANG", So long school, Hello U.S.M.C. Rita Green-Lovely Rita, Funnybones. Love To' Mom, Dad, Anna, Cecilia, Ray and Alice. Thanks to: JJ, SH, 84 JDL. TF- So we meet again. Hold onto your dreams BT- Love ya. Mar- shall "STarsky" KixmoeIlerILV Rosey- cheeks, CYMO8cOj Q10-15-78, 4-27- 7Q, 81 Prom '79j Bridgett HamilTon-Memories The "Who" on style Qin The back seaT'?j Tequila sunrise- Again? Six people? Tour of The La Mesa Jail. "l'm easy" and 'member The baby car? Craig I love you loTs, Best Times at Disney- land? Marci, Spacey, Scrawn, Teri, Screweasy, Squidney 84 all-THANKS!! World- here we come! fwaTch ouT!j S.W.A.F.O,T.P. Scott Goodman-"Kid Buckwheat" Thanks To all the perverse people who made my four years Tolerable, Thanks, Katie, for disTracTing me all Through U.S. History. Two years is a long Time, litTle bro! Walter Gregory-Will always remem- ber: Surfing, parTies 81 women, Good Times with M-T's, The day CM. got his license, Times spent wiTh The gang at P.B., The afternoon Jamar borrowed The car, 1:40, Mexico. Greg remem- ber 151 T.P. see you laTer. Karl Hamson-1-4? 24Th sTreeT, cove, white ice En crew Qwhere did you guys learn To surf'?j gremmies qB.H.,J.W.,K.M.,M.H.j, Like no, more H.S.B. 4-me!! Hi Julie, Patty, Kathy, Kris, Susie . . . Later dates 81 OK, BYE Blaise Goudy-Vail high on KT-22 Ski- ing 1234 MammoTh and bacardi Tennis N.C.A. 160-1 Wednesday night specials Yell The curb 79-80 H. with K. Firebird not Camaro! Swan's Y.L. and beyond Biff-bars Thanks PaT, Liz, Wen, E.P.T.S. VarsiTy, Mr E. and OW .. Later Days Melina Guzelimion-MajoreTte- 1234: Journalism staff and speech Team- 34. Thank you mom, dad, and Na- dya for The love and guidance you've given me I love being Arme- nian, having friends, and enjoying Those Conventions!! Whatever hap- pened to C.M.?? Cindy Harder-Varsity Tennis 1234. Paige, were we a Team or what? Grrr! Hi, you don't know me, but l'm your nexT door neighbor-Michelle, l'll cherish our special times Together. Lori, good luck kiddo! Nancy, I miss you, Ski buddies forever! Love To all. E Bridgett Hassett-Who's got Hum- phrey? Linda, 7fAf8O, one more time! Purple unicorns and good friends, '54 Chevy's rule. I'Il always remember the night classes at the drive-in. Love ya Jeff Bye bro Cathy Hawkins-Reality is living your own fantasy Racing in car 32 QTHE RED BOBCATQ, Sally, TP, Mis" DAVE!! Kathy, have any gum? SM, you're such a poor boy! Let the good times roil and let's do the time warp again! Monte Henderson-Darwin, Mel, Woody will you ever forget THAT NIGHT? Penetrators shreded! Mam- moth '80, how could I forget it' Foot- ball 'BO OIF bound'7 Chelsea boys prefer the ttreeb gnob" method Amy Howard- Without "The Gang" TP, would have been just another high school Vour impressions and in-' fluences will stay with me for life. Keep in touch and remember our re- unions! Love you always Greenstien, G-oodluck with the little one Mary Ann Hernandez-"Jo" "Cheezy" Always remember my ho- megirls, the good times we've shared "Party over herel" Thanks, Kristina, Qmousiey, for always being there Special thanks to Mom and Dad. l love you both Kevin K Howard-Powder puff 1, 2, Remember K.K.Football Program UHG' -Ski club- backpacking exper- ience- scuba divers do it deeper- Here l come MB - Good luck "Stub- by Jr " wherever you ga- "argue for your limitations and sure enough theyre yours." -Illusions Marcelyn Held-Beach parties, Deanne, et al, L J parties, Rick and Conn, DT? JB! Costumes, me'?! Moty, Bill ,, Michael, Josh, Ricky, Dance, Drama l-li, Dawn Jeff, Beckers, Palmer Falconer and Jess fMarlalj Kym, we've finally trancended the bubblegum boys QEMjl Josh Hoehne-Thanks Mary Remem- ber, Man is a samarai with a fork in his stomach relieving the pain of hun- ger Dina Hubbard-Remembers diners. giners, and neiners, Lynne, Tahoe backpacking, skiing Utah, skating on Neptune, surfing, S T., l,W,s, rockin' concerts, cruising truck with Shazam. Hawaii with my budley Shanon, we've grown so much, Fly like the wind, My love to Guy. YOWSA! Julie Henberger-Katie, this is just the beginning-friends always, La Valen- cia, Memorial Day Blue Volvo. Hawaii wf JKJHJK, Borrego isn't far in an or- ange Honda Mike, thanx for all you've given me, especially trea- sured memories, 22nd st the sweet taste of honey. Doan Hohmeyer-Moto-x 1, 2, 3 Ski club 3, A- the bestl NASC Denver conference Photography, I won't go! No draft, no war! Thanks Debbie, Angela, Pat, Lynn, Jon, and all the restl Do something, say something, be something, Citizens party in '8A! Sheri Hensley-Sabi "Forever" To the best family esp. Mom special times Luv ya so much, Britt "Someday soon" always there. Skiing, Mex. cruizin with Sao. To the best friends in LM always C,v, Musicland fun and sun Love ya always Bruno Hollenstien-Wrestling 1, 3, A, Football 2, Csf, District orchestra, Eur- ope 198O TP- fantastic people, good times, love you always. "Later RM,PL,KS,DB,MS, and everybody," lf you don't know where you're QOIDQ, you will end up somewhere else" Estelle Hubbard-Was great to be ot T.P. even though it was only a S9- mester, Being an exchange student it was a whole new experience Thanx for the new mates Sr thanx Roger H I reckon you have a great school here, FAIR DINKUMH Thanx Chubbs, Sabrina Huber-Thanks dad esp my mom love you both. Thanks Cheri for being there, lots of good times in L J best friends always Someday I will be skinny Kevin we will always be together, "Babe" l love you, Hawaii here we come, John AnThony Huizar-Johnny Gang- sTer- This year is dedicaTed To my moTher ond faTher for Their 25 year anniversary and To my homeboys and homegirls from The Colonia EG. God bless all. ARATO Kyle Jensen-Remember: The girls, The waves, The buds, and good friends SC, PK, CM, DJ, TA, JF, SJ. Seaside dryness and Baja bound. HASTA. f JusTin lrvin-Well Nanci where do WE go from here?'? Remember, "do everyThing once and The fun Things Twice" . . , And don'T ever IeT realiTy become Too real To my friends" The Song Remains The Same" Maria .levremov-Special ThoughTs of greaT Times shared wiTh Diana, Lisa, Nancy, and The resT of The gang. A yellow rose- special momenTs 5Th period draffing and cooking- OUT OF CLASS AGAIN? Time flies- Don'T IeT iT pass you oy! Lisa Jomeson-Margums- Louisville and Wimbledon waTch ouT- Bye Dancer, LSM, and Bargerheaa - Thanks Mom, Ken, M.J., and Oh No l'm so scared Swensens To STe- phens- RighT MAM? Oh really! Be good Tons. Lee Ann Jenniches-4981 is The dawning of a new era. l've goT hair ThaT makes people sTop 8m sTare, Ex- ecuTives- more fun Times, I lov u Greg and Purgy! Ska Musik!! lT's all so inside ouT! WILD VOUTH! Hello . . . saying GOODBYE To Torrey Pines ll! Michael Jenks-J R. you're The besT! The absoluTe besT Times wiTh The "real Punks" STeve, Dave, Fish, Bill, Pergy. Greg, Wild Times, Clubs, con- flicT crew NeuTron housewrecker! Execufives major label'P Billy Idol god? MODS, MODS, MODS! Love you Kerri, Thanks Mom Dad. Pam Johnson-"NoThing is going To happen Today ThaT you and I To- geTher can'T handle"- Kaffess Paul iii co-crazies forever !! Dear Andy AUSSIE Calrossy! Hey jud, you made iT beTTer, STellyl!! Crockef- T"American sTyle"?! RM., Thanks. Hang in oafies. MomDad, I love you Sandy Jonas-Skeege- me, spaz ouT? Love always Nance. DDU-OCC Rules. Remember Nacho DoriTos and Blue Puppies VEAH! Nudie CuTies 'Bl- NCA spiriT sTlck iT. Special ThoughTs for Trina Csee ya in europey, Fro Vog Bro H.D, Rosanna Cgreen M81M'sj, Good luck sis. Dawn Kellenbarger-To all my close friends- LaughTer is The besT Medi- cine! Remember poo-waTer sharks, SPLASH, broken buns, mud hockey. AFS- Minnesofa, Esie face to, Miss ya Punks. Lisa Thanks for always ba ing There To pick up The broken pieces -Agape. Liza Kelly-Thanks To The wonderful people ThaT made Torrey Pines a gorgeous high school and an unfor- geTTabIe experience. Remember The Prom, Fancy cars, Old AirporT parries, and friends- SofTball yeh' .il .,. aff t r Lx Brian Kennedy-Shelby Cobras, par- Ties aT Bob's, and Tower seven. The SmiTTy's of PE. and Comp. S.F. leT's always be friends. To my sisTer, The besT of luck in The coming years, Bye, Bye J'all, -k si Danielle Elyse King-Remember - Band l, 2 . . . Drill Team 3,4 . ,. Prom n GradniTe wifh Mark, Thanks for The besT, I love you, . . . Hey big sisTer, l'll never forgef ya Dano . , 3's a charm , . , are you Mike's liTTIe sisTer'? Rainbow's forever ,, Veah ,. bye T P ,.. Heidi Jurgens-To a new school l've become familiar wiTh and To a super special guy named Brian. Vou've made my life-and even Though l'm Temporarily aparT from you- you have The key To my hearT always. Krisfin Kirby-I'II never sTop conTem- ploTing all The Things around me. Oh, Ricky, There are so many good Things To come. Happiness To all my pals forever Trude and Denise!! Misha Klein-Whenever you find you- self on the side of the majority, it'a time to reform. Thanx to my dear friends and teachers. Oh, Canada! Vive la France! England, ho! Barysh- nikov, hey! Steve Knapp-Thank you R.R., BR, and T.C. If happiness and friendship are the best medicine, these people have made me the healthiest per- son of all. New York here I come. JD. Knotts-Football 3, A Wrestling 1. 2 . . . Oh well Love those head games living down the street it all started with young life it's all uphill from here D.D. basic trainer, Limoooo it's us against them pal: Remember slaves D.D. God bless America Just remember it's only a game . . . Re- member Amy Koch-Out of here qD.G.j and lovin' it, Jen, Julie, Debbie, Sheri, and weird ones from Rancho, we're here so let's live it up. Give me nectar or give me nothing at all. Sharon, I loved every minute of it, where did it all go? Later!!! Krista Koehler-Margaritas always, Mafia 1, 2 84 3 O.K. fine, carded, have eyes will travel fhandslj Thanks Laurie for the good times. If it's meant to be then it will be. Blonde, Bronzed and Beautiful! Never settle for anything less in life! Paige Kohli-Varsity Tennis 1, 2, 3, A, Yeah, Cindy, we were HOT! grrr. Aames QStanleyjl love ya only for your red 626. Pam- 8 kids? Jen- you're punchyl MlK- hallo! Remem- ber: Ski BRHD '79, prom w GC, A FUN BMW- ooh baby! KO? Team ski trip '78, John- OK, bring on the bread 81 milk. Bye! Jane Laughlin-H-51, Go Hawaiian. Rah! Rah! 3 81 A, Gymn. 1, 2, 3 84 A25 Falcon fever nudie c's, qmeh Cisj: trouble! Jailloirds, yogurt affair, skate craze, Carlie's Coladas, Jn's R'bt La- bergameamealuaw, Scooz your greatl, Dr. Miller speaking, Bonz, Thobo qdinner'?j, K-12WC, We finally separate Cissy. Michele Krayenbuhl-ln the United States there is more space where nobody is than where anybody is. This is what makes America what it is. Thank you T.P. for my great year. Cissy Laughlin-H-5-5 . . . hawaiians to be. JAILBIRDS 1, 2, 3. "moonlight exposure"!! 6:00 a.m.?'? Carlie's Le- vi's, cycles 81 showercaps, Arlin's corob, yogurt affair, "Labergamea- mealow. Rah RAH's "Mexico Benz" Hay talks, T.P. buddies forever! Qrne 8a Janej: MISCHIEF. S.C. meats. K-12 now we go "cuzin" Jane. Karen Kriege-Hey Heidi, we made it! Christmas dance '78. Escaping to Cuyutlan, my pen pals. Summer 'BO Guad Palyboys, Lord Twig, the city dump. Que honda?l Thanks Lil, Tra- cy- unforgettable summers. What size shoe do you wear? Hang in there Tara. Marina Krohn-All my love-Paige- ski B.H. -wheel Look at his curls-ooh! Jen-watch out for Tarzan! Arl- se- crets Qly Ames, Pam, Nic- N.V, 'Q0. CB, -nidnite? Europe '79, Beach '80, Love ya- T.CM. Oy, S.C., GM. surf? Qtake care S.L.j 25V2 st. Love and luck to allwho made these A yrs. special! Au Revoir. Renee LaBerge-Hawaiian Dreams- Bonzo, Grace, Sheet, Bubba, Flip, Kidnappingsl Palomar- Poisonoak? Malibu popfarts 81 Lizards Eileen!- beani. Kim- Hydra? Cheerleading!! N.C. ., caught in act!! Vounglife Mom 81 Dad luv ya Jesus comes to fill the aching void with love. Diana Lelea-A.F.S., Drafting, 7th peri- od biology, Europe summer '78 another Mr, San Francisco Karla? . . . MJ. + DE. QI trieaj Maria, you've been a good friend thank you T.P., Mom 81 Dad for the confidence you've given me through your sup- port. Gail Lewis-A years of learning and growing, Thanks Renee, friends for- ever. "Are you sisters?" George! Voung Life camp! Gymnastics finjuriesj. Good luck to great friends. Robin-how do you do it? Never mind, M.S.C. First love. Rom. 823839. Kelly Lewis-Kel K.K.K. forever! Special love to Romi Ek Trina. Hysterical mid- night phone calls R.A.S. VW. con- vertible!! Poopiesl? Midnight Ronaes- vous- 'twas fun! lt's the first time for Love. I Love you Billy George! U 81 me forever! Adios T.P, Brian Light-Golf 1-4, CIF '81, Universe Open on Jupiter. Thanks Skip. Steve Lindley-Rain, driving 84 squirrels don't mix Neither does ice cream in the back seat 81 beginning drivers. Thanks Nanc 81 Kip for being such good friends and driving me all over. I'll remember Tuesday's and Alaska forever. Keep in touch Awesono- miesl Karen Loftin-The 1080's. new wave. faster faster! what's to come? Oh Martee! Carol Long-Remember: 7f11, bor- eggo, escandido, Julies Volvo. to Ju- lie- hugs, Katie Keep singing eat fish. Marc crabs i,y.G.p., snowstorms, all my friends good luck always. Miss you stef Qlust forever, welcome Ellen to US and the future WILL Later at- tendance office. .lan Lingenfelder-Love to the gang. Remember DM maids, Mac's in max, hospital beds, hamsters, Lun- etta stop sign care of JDL. Daddy Greenstein hope it's a girl if not try again Cherokee 2 van 1 Toyota? Scott Andrew Lord-Good friends. good bubbly, good times. Hey Ted. thanks for being the best friend ever. Da Bomba Ski Week of '8D. Mean- while , back at the club al- ways . . . Beckyremember . . . 6, 7, 7 I will. Thanks to a super family, Love always, Edward C. Mahoney-Baseball 1, 2, 3. A. Student council, S.C.P. GM. many thanksg Stephanie Parr It isn't the size of the wave it's the motion of the ocean, The lord confides his purpose to those who fear him, and his cov- enant is theirs to know. QPsalm 25: 145 Kari Mattern-Who cropped in my towel? Good times with crazy friends Crockpot. Lisa. Melanie, Thomas. June B, summer '79, Coors 84 Lowenbrau on hot summer days. Greta Maurer-One growing up ex- perience after another . . . Remem- bers crazy times wf Arlene Qbath- room raids'?p. 2 bros from tower 7. good buddies on swim team QCIFIJ, insane talks wf Heidi and some ex- cellent teachers. " .. . and the greatest .. , is love" QI Cor. 13:4-8. 135 Michelle Llnkowski-Late me? Dayna. Marilee, BSA! JCO's, assemblies. dances, never again. Kelly, Me, PIC. Midnight movies snow blind, remem- ber Kelly? Rumpy- best of friends. Chops, Gary- and to think we're even neighbors. 3more Michael- Hang in there Jail- what Kelly? Vicki Maddacks-Loving thanks to the very best of friends. Not until l've had my A.Sl Aw Dad, can't we keep him? Miss naive sophisticate. "'tis better to have loved and lost , , " John 3:16. Break away . . , Hey life- wait up!! Mel Lofftus-Will always remember. cold mornings in surfing PE., parties that wouldn't quit, beautiful girls, the very best of friends, thanx much for being there, Jeanne Magoffin-JV tennis 3, varsity tennis A. We mode it Margaret! Nan- cy, I know we'Il stay friends, Jane. thanks for the rides. Susie, we will be friends forever! Remember the ulti- mate rhonda, honky dory summers. Keep in touch everybody. Teresa May-We made it Sandra! Thanks for always being there. Prom '80 "Are you Greg May's sister?" Boo, Boo, "My eyes are darker" Hey sugar lips, your kiss is sweet but your heart is sweeter. P.S. do I really have sleepy eyes? Margaret McAndrew-Luv to the 31 tennis team, we made it Jeanne! Maui Mammoth LLJ: Swensen's to Stephens? Keep your toes in! Sum- mer in Rupert with Raggedy Ann. J' Thanx for the special memories . . . Luv and thanx M..D.. Wenipoo, Jer, Jeff, Shari Pooh bear and Lisa. Lauren McChrie-Hey POP How you doin? Tasha Qlvlarianney, Kamal. Natilie, I love you guys. Pram 79, Scotty V Farm out, carrot, Gena Franks, Thanks seester Kay Allgire. you're an inspiration. Be serious Judy. I'rn weepin with despair Rick Martin- ellis at midnight. .M Rick McCollum-X Country 1-3, Track Charlie McCrink-Remembering Girls, l-A, "The lost classmate" M.O,S, Ja- surf sessions at the reef good old bud mie Hennis, The brothers in crime live and the best friends was the high on M.l.B, outrageous ski trips, Out- times in school. Mexico bound all the ward Bound 79 if 826 and if 823. way with KJ, P,K,A.S,S.C,T.A. Sin- .l.M, B.s., J T, Thank you, cerely Yours Mac lVlcReynolds-Lite is an illusion, Scott Middleton-lf one smile would lead to another, and then another. This world would be a fine place to live. V.Soccer We made it Sister Sue!! Glenn McSparran-lt was fun T P Baseball was great, Camal country. No Thanks Scoggs. See ya later S B.,J.N ,A T., and all. Always Scott, Bon, Best gals in S D, forever VAL Susan Middleton-Special thanks to the people at TP who've made the years easier and fun. Bonnie, Mi- chelle, Kristy, 81 Shari-Life should al- ways be kind to you. I remember Football games, ditching, parties, 81 the Beach. To Scott-love always. Lisa McTear-"Love is'nt something that was put there to stay, Love is'nt love till you give it away " Thanx Kay QLandisj Dillon, Gary, Morgan, Si- meonson fSamuraij Greenstein, Pe- terson, Evans, Dawn and Susan, ' Leslie, Julie Thorson. I.L.Y, all, if 6.241- 26 Wendy Millan-"Destiny I do not know beneath what sky nor on what seas shall be thy fate: I only know it shall be high, I only know it shall be Great -Richard Hovey Kimberly Mclnore-Schools suppose to be the funnest time of our lives, but now my life is just beginning, Good luck to the rest of my friends at TP, See ya in the Carribeans Al, Linda see ya when I return. Va Devo Bryce. Lisa Meinzinger-Some things go hand in hand. Like crockpot and sick hu- mor, Kari 81 the beans, summer 81 seaside Michele and Karl, The Lomas Santa Fe girls, Scotty and I, Arlin Miller-Hallelujah-it's been awe- some! Track 1-4, Tennis 2, J.V 81 Var- sity Cheer, homecoming, moontan- ners, ASB. Memorable minutes, thanks Dr. A 81 Mr E Dodge Barts, Lisa-Honneydew? Love you H-tives, miss ya Ty, Thanks Mom-The lord is my strength and my song. Kathleen McNally-Love Va' J.H,,J,T,C.L,,L.M.,l'2.M., Tennis Escon- dido, Memorial Day, Little Algae Bob Segar Jackson Brown. Hey Big Guy! Jules Irving, CE. Longated. 81 7th street at Sunset, Daquires and ja- cuzzi. Good Bye Glenco, Hello Gon- zago Senior Year was Fantastic! Robin Merrian-Remembers: Jilly and Jacky, partying, rollerskating ses- sions along Neptune, tree climbing, N.C.L.J "boys meets girl on Sat, Night" cranking the stones Ek Regga Mods'?? Mexico! Surfin is where it's at 81 da boyz llth sunsets perfect sum- mer, continous happy high G,T. Ja- mie. Chris Miller-Perfect waves and beefy's both worth ditching for. I Love ya S.A. Later dates T,P David Miller-Band 1411, Jazz 2-A, Foot- ball halftimes, pizza bashes, and Mac attacks. Good luck to Greg, Kevin. Erik, and Frank. Best wishes to Taw- nya 8. Scott To Heather, all my love, you'll always be someone special Thanks Mom, Dad, and family, MaryAnne Morgans-Roxanne, l'm al- right, S.l.U.V.P.S.B.Y.C.B.B. WAS IT DARLING? M.O.C.C. 19th football games, party Lynn, S.N,L.S,M.T.F.- DC. comp. Bruskies, ufo bac v h.c.t Jim, you don't know what you think. Kid you little B,S,T,R.D.Cecil boy. LB , L,P., SR., and P,B,P,S. Thabo Ngubo-"Pops", Neal, Richard, Greg, Ted, Strobie, Muff, Diven, Jane, my favorite Wed. night spe- cial, Katrina thanks. Karen ILV Hello mustard, Cheerleading, Bumper boating, Monnie, Julie, Hobie-cat ting, Beth and Auburn Trojans it 1 Joe who? Joe-Mamma!! Terri Mistarz-Ter, NHLA, and Bear, ra- diating glow, x-mas Formal and Prom '80. Tahoe '79 Kath thanks for the help and understanding, To mi- chelle qbestest friends foreverj Mom in '84 Neecer- I love ya little sis! and my love to J.J., always. Kristen Moriarty-The time has come . . . SoftbaIl2, 3, A, Guy watching 1-'? I love ya Lori Jo. Long live the founders of the G,D.H.P. club! Catch- ing up S.H.R.B.M.Z, thanx D.H. Knock e'm dead lil sis show me the way Kev! Greg Nichols-A yrs, gone already? College? Reality is sooo hard Re- membersi Pig hunting in Mexico with the boys, Frigid surf P,E, mornings. Thanks Scott and Jake. The catz are on the prowl, Jim Moore-The moral equivalent of nothing 1, 2, 3, 41, One night I got really small . . But that's O K for me! Barn to be wild! Kns, who B,O C SW lV and IV. Check school, swallow life? Scurry Steve, it's not profound Dawn Muller-This is the modern world, Rude boys and girls at straighthead. Sambos Ice Tea, 52 girls crusising 101 Leann and Teri, Bridget and Marci, Jilly and Jacki O. Hello saying Goodbye to Torrey Pines. Me and the space are on our way. Neal Ninteman-Football 1, 2, 3, A. Baseball 1, 2, 3 Thanks Rick, Strobies and especially Thabo, PS. you still owe me one, Thanks Carole for a great '79, Appreciate all the help Gibbs. Remember "the more toes the better" Joanna Moore-I see the sunrise . . . Keshav NarainAINSANITY 2, 3, 4. Mammoth TRIPS general skiing Swensons, Pipes, Rogans., the Cars, Yeah driving to T.P. No!! Csafe driving accidentalj, Zeppelin? lt's a trick of the lights, Try everything once, then you'll have experience for the sec- ond time, when it counts. Steve Moorman-Football 1-A, Track 3-4, Hey! Stan fthe Manj Riches- ivive! Raquel! To the guys of Island it 3 that made chemistry my favorite class? Say what the word? Hit! Hus- tle! Swarm! Tech-niquel Defecation? Oh yes, Blah! Stoned or stupid' 7-both, Tasha Nelson-Reaching 81 obtaining your dreams, will gratify some Bc as- tonish the rest, always trust and treat yourself as it 1! Thanks Dad for your imspiration. Mom for being my best friend, Natalie, I love you. Good luck Poppie! Sweetie, I can't wait!! Nicole Noga.Working ball games, track meets, Powder Puff, Jenny: "steer those puppies" track shirts, San Felipe, our boys Pavei thank you and more. Jeff: always love to my buddies' recovering from tuberculo- sis Special byes to Coach Blackwell, Rehkoph, and Uncle Len. Brad Orlich-'79- "Pure beef, no by- products" Football 1, 2, 3,11. Track 3, A. Wrestling A. Pumping iron 2, 3, 4. Remembers rolling, Offroad, and ski- ing. M D. you know Jane is better! Mom, Dad, Sis thanks, to my best friend, Lisa Tileston- thanks for ever- ything. I will ALWAVS Love you. John OConnell-Cold cervesa, warm bods, Winter waves, Pad parties. l'll remember it all. .lodie Palumbo-'81 council, 3 yrs. m newspaper, swimming, skiing, drill team, Trojan, summer '78-wacko, Mickey Mouse Chicago, Texas, Haw wail, JCSDSUUCSBUSC, AMJKSPDE- JENCJSVCCBTCTTHRMRMMSBTBM- Thanks for sharing smiles-tears-Ja- mie, Phil 81 Dad. l Love you. P S Looks like we crossed the bridge Bob. Katrina Pennington-Kathy MMBB. LAIAUBSW, Pink shoe poptarts, skiing- Oghs, KKK, ziggy, Tless, RTCIFHO. too bad! Rich Bc Thabo lots of love to you both. ILU Beth, Kristi, Kelly. Nudie Cu- ties, Sound of Music Love ya Sandy! MAK Todd Pollock-Fairwell ta John Barn- ham and Keith Moon. Long live rock. T-7 forever. Bruce Peterson-A up and down years of B-ball, Catalina Isle, a crazy but lovable girl who made my lite cam- plete tor a yr. And this is to all my friends who I had since grade school WE MADE lT!l Lori Powell-ASB A, Parking 1-A, Forest Home, Saling Hawaii '79 f"weren't you seasick?"j Natalie-time to think and grow . ,. Julie's taxi . Eileen- Laughter , , . 'Lil Julie-thanks for hugs Katie, call me "mo" Lisa, Kamal, God bless. Jenna-good Iuckl Love ya all so muchl TP-Aloha oi. Rook Parker-Ye catch thy bloody habits by their hairy feet and ma- ke'em say it-thanks to kbmp, my friends chevy, Steve, blues, Bill, lt's Mancas dragon,-elves, dwarves ho- bits unite. Very special love to my Patti. It's in da hole. Arther Patryk-"Meine Ehre Heisst Treue" - ,ni iw Keith Peterson-Football 1-4, Track 1- A. Mammoth, Tahoe, and all points inbetween C'mon dude, don't pulla Tony Lady. Gregory Poynter-Remembers easy times, crusher parties, surf P.E., par- ents, radical women and grinder waves, senzo, da gang out back, snowmen, term paper-what term paper? Rolling Jeeps, cutting class, whome! Mammoth mtn., skiing is be- lieving, here l come sis. Look out worldl Toot ta TP. Julie Pileggi-From Freshman to Sen- larARodicoI Parties, Mucho dates, ski trips, Promeqdlj and beautiful friends Amy T. cheers to New yrs 70, Monnie B. Best semi twin. Love you all so much. To a teriffic future. Goodnight 81 Good News. Lori PrinceAT S.-remember Stuckys knarly class? Laura-we've come a long way since eighth grade crazi- ness. Lynn-remember the Cars? Sen- ior year is the best. See ya at K.M. Thanx Kay for making my worst sub- ject my favorite, Goodbye forever Torrey Pines. Tracy Paul-Life is a mystery to be solved-so why am I still clueless? How'bout some candy? Love to K.S,,C.B. for friendship. So long to the cute punks. One question still re- mains, Liz' What happened to your pink wardrobe? Ray Pittman-Many dreams come true, and some have silver linings, I live far my dream, and a pocketful of Gold-Led Zep. Can't say it's been fun but l'll miss it Thanks to Rich, Tam for the good times. Thanks Woody. Teresa Provencio-NEVER forget my co lose friends Bird-, Scrawn Marci. Lee Lee, Jacklo, Sid. Sorry Jilly. I Love you Tom P. one more yr. Cam "lil" bro, Fun wfK.M. Fun wfMods 84 baby scrubos Hella saying Goodbye TP! Amy Pryor-Awoo baby! Lance l'll never forget the River, Baja, 81 Shasta ET2l?l2AHl Pheena 81 Carol al- ways remember that the blue drag- on lives on! Just one look , , Honeye buns are so tasty! Found love at the beer bash, Kathleen Redman-Katrina MBB, LAIAVBSW, Pink shoe, Best friends thenk think alike, SKllNG-OGHS, Pop- tarts l2lClFl-lO,KKK Skip Jr.AThabo, war w Richard-love ya both. Special love to Neal Terri is this final? l Love you RTC! Good luck little bros, James Roberts-Remembers Ranch perfection. J Giles concert man oth- er good times wfKendall, S S., Nor- neck 81 da crew, Traveling through space and trme wfstupld QGaryj, Wrapping wfTom'Mlller's, toot, and Charger games with Kevin, My lst love Lori, Seaside. The kinks, Jimi Hendrix rt l Hasta Luego Kathryn Ptak-Ya tribe Wardy, Judy, Furtis, Moose, B'Burdy 8 Rob we fi- nally Made it. Parties-guys-waves and? Well time to Ball the Scene good luck to little Bro Rick 81 VM See ya in all the years to come Karla Reinke-Hey Schar and Skim, Theresa 84 Tim, 84 Klnki VD. good luck to V'all! Oh my Buddha! - nippon 81 Scomi here l come! Kraludes will rule!! Julia Robles-To all my "Hornles" and friends-Take care. Good luck, God Bless, Dont party too much Cia- Wlsh you the best ot luck Chuka-A special "goodbye" Diana-Thanks for being around Love always Marci! keep in touch Benjamin Rogan-Thanks everyone: Kevin. Tony. Jeff W,, and Bruce' T,P,'s been a blast, classes like EL., U.S. l-list., and Geo: May-God forgive us! Special thanks Lynne' good luck Jay-Lynn, Jayne, Bc Mary. lt's off to college, God I hope l'm prepared. Scott l?enner-l'2emembers- "The Catz" Prr . . !Pig Hunting in Mexico My Car' will make :ti -18th st.-sum- mer ' BO D.M Beach Scruff, "Hy- mie'-John UCSB 2 yrs from now! "teen age girls." find kittens!! Later Greg, Jake, John Mark Rochambeau-I herby leave my Rolling Stones, Some girls Album, to TPHS And my dirty socks for the locks David RamstadAOffshore daze Zi fine waves forever for the Tower 7 surf crew. T,E, 81 me crusing the Dave- mobrle, . . l-tot surf sessions. Summer of 'BO 81 my 17th were outrageous with Michelle! . , Always Lov'er. Catch ya ln Hawaii Sara Richmond-Beth I would'nt have made it without you. Thanks for al- ways listening to me. Remember al- ways skiing Q lt's past thatj, the beach and all the fun times we had. Thanks Ms Martino and Good-bye and good luck sls'. Kristine Rubalcaba-'Tlll' Mousie" Thanks to TP and especially my "ho- megrrls" for all the crazy memories, Special thanks to Beetle. you were always there. Clls, Jo, what can I say'P!l Thanks for everything! Good Luck Kath! just one more! Kristy Rawson-Uhh Meredith . . for- ever grateful, "T-o-o-o-tally r-a-a-a- dical" nights with the herd, PB. for nothing OJ. Mudd wrestling fsorry about the messy Raw's ready: Wad's waitin'-Going Crusin'!!! UCSG!!! B 81 p'? Never . , . "l'm gonna be a happy monkli idiot and struggle for the legal tender" JB. Cecilia Ricoh-"Cils", "Norma Jean " Thanks to Kristina, Mary Ann, Jules 81 the other "girls" for some crazy memories. A toast to fame to my special friend Jorge, thanks for al- ways being there. Love Ya Mom Bc Dad. Good Luck Rink. l'm gunna live forever! Eric Russell-TPHS had fun glad lt's over Will miss Football and all you goregeous girls Qunbelievablej, l'28cl'2. L.L., red flame. Robin where are you'?! Not Many ups8i downstl Have care first step toward indepen- dence, moving out last step. l'm free!!! Natalie Ryan-l came, I learned, I con- quered. The games people play right Kamaquwat and Tosh, Baby- cakes you'II make it I love you all everyone, but I lust' A.D., RB., T C., MA.. TB., TE. BE, MD JC., RJ, CH., GM., SR. SS., E.R. TM Sur- prise, surpriselll Thanks for making it possible MDS Cece Scurlock-He who aims for the stars but falls amongst the trees is far higher than he who aims for the ter- ees and falls to the ground Good- bye TPHS. Rai Sampath-If you're down in the hole and life looks like it's coming to an end look up- and now it will be- gin. All Glories to Sri Krsna. Kamal Sanahu-Remember NP. to TP Ugly guys. Nat? X.O.- seascape'P Fellow peeters! ASB'?'? Day-Night to- gether forever love always My pal giggles. "T U.M S.", cheetos crunch!! A.G two fro yogs-you wait! J.T. friends always. Hey sester- I luv ya! Lust to PA., RJ, TB., CM., CR., TC '7 Good Luck, Brolll Ehsan Shamshiri-Will always remem- ber WP.GT, BT. PB, DM, and Twink Good Luck to Mo in TJ Tech. and Dan fthe Fishy in London. War- ren. good luck in engine adjusting and with Tanya. Gary don't forget to wash your T A five times a day Brad Simmons-To all the Band peo- pleg Thanx. Doan- Poo- Tee-Tweet? Life! So it Goes . and so an . . Heather Simpson-Partying 1. 2. 3, A. Memories of great friends high times, Lynn, Shannon, M'Liss and Michelle take care you guys may it always snow around you. I'Il always remem- ber the fair of "BO", right Lynn? Hang in there. Chris Shaw-Big Mellow Man, Team Budda. Frank and Marty Mag- ic Mountain rips Lunch is Forever . . We've done some radical camping' Sierras. Whitney, the River. skiing, and the Island. Training level cham- pion? John. the more we learn. the less we know . Greg Sims-Will always remember the beach parties, Disneyland fright Ke- ven'?j, terrific friends, and the 1960's report. Stay "poske" Vasu. See ya later "Val" Bye Everybody, see ya later Cmaybej. Bryce Schaefer-Good times with great friends- RM., JM.. T.V., PC. Rick, it looks like we'er the group! MlBS.- Summer '80, we'll do it again. soon' L.K.. P.W . and Momcat, YOU made it all worthwhile. Thanks T P , miss you all Steve Sherman-If you got the time we got the beer. but will there be burgies Multiple primers with the fish and Bill Ding . Me and M J started it, and we will finish it CONFLICT Remember, this is a Modern World David Skubinna-I owe muchly to Kay, Dave, Eric. Angie, Misha Jim, Darlene and the gang, Max, Jack and Mor- gan, and God who put me here- Proverbs 3:5,o- Remember. acci- dents never happen in a perfect world. Heidi Schneiderman-Morning An- nouncements- senior, Editor Literary Magazine- jr.. speech team-soph., SDYS-2, 3. A. Remember my jr. year when everything turned around. I'll never forget you, Jonathan- I love you. Thanks for everything Greta and Mary. We made it, Karen! ONE MORE YEAR TANVAI Curt Silver-A years at T P. Not bad, but still reminds me of an airport ter- minal. Crulsins SAN DIEGO streets, Es- condido Boulevard, fastest car Es- sans Olds. C.J.'s Gene K., Robert H, School hadcers. Well high school is over, off to Boston. Angie Snyth-The Gang: Like sunsets, may our friendship ed endure. Bill, I love you, good lick at Brown. Fal- coner foreverl Hard core, love you all. Convention fo fever! "Band Marches On" Dave, thanks for you loving friendship. Where do cows go at night? PaTricia Snodgrass-Thank you TP for all The good Times and friends you brought me. Good Luck and Love forever To all you guys in The group. Theresa Stork-Char, we made it To- gether pal. Bestesf friends forever, huh? Keep wieguloting and of course, "The ultimaTe" geTTing barri- fied! Love To Tim Qin TahiTi'?j Bye Skarla, Thanks PaTty. "Wasn't that The way it was" Music is life-l know. Thanks guys, for "everyThing" Tracey Sfrlckland-"Spacey" re- members . partying. Scrawn Bn Marci, MammoTh Trips, Prom '79, Beach cruisin, and greaf Times wiTh Paul. Special Thanks To K.W. for the killer breakfasts 81 Susie for being such a special friend. Good luck Mi- key, only Three more To go! Thanks T.P. Live life and Take it easy! Sandy SouTer-Track, 2-3-A, FB 3-4, skiing with The gong: Mrs. H,,Herb, Scott, Zo, Brett. Making movies Ma- libu '79, Campoinners etc. Good Times wfMike The bfone always gets away. Love ya Renee, Always re- member Arlin, Cis, Eileen gof 2 more yadanda. PS. The road To success is always under construction. Jack Stern-"To enjoy life is to endure its adventurous risks". Scott great friend, win a bundle C3,6j- Lydia, wherever you are, Love ya. Bill Strobl-Girl watching 1-A, Basket- ball all the Time? Thanx To Larry, Mark, Chip and Bobby for making iT bearable. Neal and Thabo Take iT easy. l'd rather beat The races! Bonnie SouThworTh-Thanks for exper- iences, Track fClF,"7Q, '80 'Bly Ten- nis, Powderpuff, Wine Co. Baja, Vo- gurt Affair. Cis wanT To learn To Throw a discus? Sue 5'8? WhaT's a Love Life? Best friends. Bubba, SkeeT Grace, Nasal Flip, Sue. IT-50's forever . , . LaBergame-amealou. Good Bye TPHS. Arlene StGeorge-Guys..'l-A . . . 12 . . . S8iD 81T28iR 81 Wenny, Stipa must! GaTekeeper, Bach row boys. Dusirt fever, rat motors. Career? school. Hey Legs! Special Times wfA46 sis, Al Greta 84 my Rinners. DeepesT love To AD, RD, MOM 81 DAD. Jimmy, closesT of all Thanks for so much. Us, Minors? Kathy STrong-'81 Rules! Outrageous freshmen lunchfimes wiTh P.J. and her wallabees. Thanks Pam for being you. I'll love you always. Hey sis! You're fantastic-SD. okay. Raiding SE. during Third wiTh V.V. and H.H. Love you guys on M. Row. Mary Speer-Swimming 2-A Tamica- never forget The hard times we've been through, we learned a lot. Summer '80 was tog crazy! Fair wjfriends, cloves and some "souTh- ern" hospotaliTy. Tammy B. remem- ber Mary J. 8c M.W.! S.S. I still care. Jim? Shelley Strand-BesT to Staci 81 Nina. Hang in There! Hey Tiger. Soccer Rules, Art is all over, Bye Michelle. Melanie SuTTon-"Melvin"-Summer nighTs-Scopin in The Nova- Leo Pordcy Classic Devos-boonyTrom- pin- shark Tacos-Mex. Switzerland. Hofbrauhaus, Lowies in Swensons- VeeDub radness-Hoofin lf. Ahh, Jason- GT? Fridays!! Mad Punk Rock- ersPinas, D.M., Jackie, Kari, CB., P.W., lnsanes memories, l luv ya. Kymberely Speir-Marcie Once in a lifetime a personlike you comes along. Remember the fun . . . laugh- ing, Iiving, dreaming. Jessica: STop worrying. Life will catch up wyou some day. Marcie, Jessica, Mary. John, Brian, Four yrs, of wonderful friends. I Love life Brian Strange-"You folks havin fun in school! Ha! Hey Neal-Joe Mama! Hey, Brad 81 Mike, To The staff 81 To all The women "SMOETS" Firewood!! Bear Hunting! Hawaii's preTTy rough. My name isn'T Ernie!! Tower 4 7 foot- boll rules! Aloha. Marcella Swanson-Punk'n: Thanx Pam for Those rides: Liz the best Mod ever! Hey Pam where's my RX 7? Nat how's London? Coach SerendipiTy: Nancy: Chicks Luv Truck' No doubT the track Go West young man! Chuckie your the besT, l love you! Mary-Clare Switz-All my love to the gang Stay rad little bro F H 2, 3, A Girls Soccer here to stay' Debbie Thanks forever Kay-Keep growing, but stay beautiful. Aussies Rule! Doug Talbot-Girl watchin 1-A, Moto- cross tt 1, AxA's rip, Ernie-SMOETS to the old gang forever Box dilivering firewood No Laguna, NLC 3hr's, Football A, Brad-how many hours, Butt ugly!! Bye T P Amy Thompson-A quick one Simile II M S , M.Z.M BG., Julie 7fAf7O reclin- ing at 2 a.m J.A, DF, LD,, AS, MB., Jen, Tom P , B red, W balloon- ing, races, boys, EXPO's sking, San Fran, Sambos, Wildness some driven to maddness. MAK, Relax and enioy, stay motivated '81 Lisa Teleston-Friends 81 Memories l'II cherish forever V-Gymnastics 1, 2, cheerleading 1, 3, V-Basketball 3, A, IWYK, Homecoming 81 Thabo, Woodleaf, 1, 2, 3 Kath, Hershey, Honeydew! "My Sis", SanFelioe Ta- malie? 24-214, 1-ton-tomota, tab, I love you Mom 8x Dad, Uncle Micky Show KamoI?, Bye Annie, T,P. 81 M.A Thanx Tom, John 3:16 Lisa K, Thompson-I can't, I have to go study Beowulf, Neener, neener neener YA Ski Club! The Girls, Oahu, Drama See Vou under the Spot- lights, Sherri Guluri, Yummers recruit those collage boyslll To all my friends at T.P love you much Warm- fuzzz! David Tostado-Bob and Mike hang in there. Tammi and Kevin I still remem- ber you and especially Herbie . "The Bum" Thanks for the kind Ureef, partys, hot chics from T P Keep the skull up and also Heavy wearing Cheryl A. Taylor-"To Bunnie For The B's and the K To Mark L Merci beaucoup pour tes rient , . W P 's bakka., Sayonara T PHS and Mr Ev- ans from the wheelletheif Susan Teague-Europe '70, Year- book, Vougurt Affair, Utah, Track, CIF 5-8 to State, Jaccuzziz til 2, 'pre- ciate it Big Bro, Charlie your place or mine? Bonnie- Thanks for being such a great friend. No I won't stop run- ning G T. you were right Sydney Thorburn-What was I doing here? Watching the world go by'P Born in the '5O's Always Remember Skeleton 81 Lions Cam I'Il always be there if you need mel Had great limes with the MODS 84 RASTAS Sara-the sky is the limit GFI. Julie Thorden-To all my friends, G-ood Luck! And I Love you! Mark you'II al- ways have a special place in my heart Liam Truchard-Morning announce- ments, football, newspaper, lunch time anticks "Party, here, 7 30, Be here Pavlot, Shawn, Jeff, Mike, Thad, Chris, Rod, Scott, Skip, Sue, keep In touch. S,S,?K W,? Who knows Dad, thanks for everything Mom, I love you Elizabeth Tuck-ATTENTION HIPPIES Soon to be .haricuts by me Qat a small feey Punk, I love you, even if you're not decaffinated MODS ARE BACKIII England here we come!!! Can I have some candy Mom? Bye Torrey Pines, it was , , real Luann Teschmacher-Together Good friends are forever They nev- er fade even when they're weath- ered by the years And forever good friends stay together Whether they're far or near they always seem to hear BB 1-A, F H 1-A. Homework 1-A Happiness always, Lea, Angela Thorson-Ya-Ya, We did it! 3 D'sforever Thanks V M "Memories" B Always there Hey Flam, we made it together'-Never Forget the M's will we . Tahoe 81 Bee-Bops Denise M Wow . Thanx Mom, Luv you too S G A S B was great Thanx every- one!! Buy T P U C 's here we comeI!'Pl Bill Volland-Sex mobile on its side'P Oh no! "Rats 81 Cats" T-7fJR, SC, Sheryl Surfin, Parties, Babes 84 Mickeys lt's time we said good bye, but where do we go from here'7 Makes me wonder Meredith Wadley-Uhhhh, Kristy . . . Let's blow this Taco stand Farkas 84 Margie Thanks for being there. Ready Sc Waiting. Hello Texas, Raws, see you at UCSG. We're a herd. Mexican night 81 Mudd wrestling R 81 P I love you always. Thank God for Life guards!!! Kirk Waterman-Football 2, 3, A, Skiing 1-A Concerts 'I-A. Jeffrolling '69 maros' in Rancho. Adrian hitting trees at 8Omph in the hills. Keep cool bro. Partying in Mex. 80. The "Hills Gang" Good luck Glenn Midnight Muchies Lehn. Love you K M. Cathy Wilson-"Va Robin, Good times in PS Laura who always had a smile and never a dull moment. Thank you all, but most of all, thank you Mom 81 Dad. And for Robin Burton, you won't here the end of me lady." Shannon Wagner-Shay. Lips, Cars- alibi. Theorlzing, relatable times. Ohm . . technicalities, Punkln'. Nov- el idea. Steph Mt. Soledad Session- KMR. Peefers. Thriving subjects. Burri- tos. 48th to 2'lst. Get over your hang-ups. Rad rocks. DV, yet? Ei- leen, such the happiness- friends for- ever. Julie Weaver-School was cash, l'm nectar the people were strange and l'm out!! Crazed times with Aim, Deb Sher, and Jen qMexicoj The Gong . . . Snow Friends, l5st'P? Block Heads. and this is life Chris.. Love ya. Kathy Wainford-Powder Puff, soc- cer. yearbook, Japan, Mac's Swen- sons, "Shrimp!" Cathy: Cruz? Rocky Horror ,, Jill 84 Susan: Ski Sunrise 8a KW .. DF 84 "The Group". Love ya Mum Bc Dad. Good Luck Lil Bro. Re- member "8'l is the one, now 84 in the future, David Waitley-If you judge me from what I did today you'll never recog- nize me tommorrow. Which way is up? Don't knock yourself out Darrah. Amie Amy. Keven Walker-I love you All! TB, BW. GS, PB, KP, DF. Jennifer White-Guys I-A . . . Guys at TP? Remembers Prom 1-A. Dirty Mothers, Rancho snobs. K-mart Auto, ditching A special love for Jim, K.H., J.C. . , TP would'nt have been the same. Lots of love 84 luck . . . To little bro'-A special love for you. Anothny Whitney-Football 1-A. Re- member Mamouth, Tahos .., rrralphl Thanks Keith, Denny. Kevin, Darin, 84 everyone else who helped the yrs. go by so faster. Good Luck little sis' I'Il be watching you. Moni- que, thanks for all the good times! Michelle Witten-Wardy, Judy, Kurdy, Fredis, Roby, B-Birdy fthe Tribe, the gangj Vour all so special Love ya Larry. and I especially love you morn, Thanks Bradford Wood-Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof. James Wood-Many thanks to all the friends l've met along the way, AI- ways remember iock parties. Padre games, punkers, blue hondas, M.G.'s summer nights , , A special remem- berance to K.C.,S L.,T,A. "Hay, is that really Your Car?" Talking about my generation Greg Wiest-Well l'm finally out. The yrs. at Tp were really fun, but I can't say l'm sorry to leave. Kevin Bc Steve remember Prom Night, Mexico, par- tys at Kevins, 81 concerts but, unfor- tunately not Led Zep Juliana Woolley-Never ending Sem. at 6 IS, M Row always, Sparky 84 Rambler, Hi I-ioney! Az. rules, Hang loose Jaybird, I-iowdi T.T , P.G -n-K C. in Az. M.J, my fav forever!! Darlene Woolman-To all The people who have Touched my life these past years, I Thank you my friends. My special Thanks to Mr. Ruskin and Mr. Brosbe. Goodbye "Dad", love ya! To the "Gang": We will live To eternity and beyond. Susan Young-Friendship renders prosperity more brillant, while it light- ens adversity by sharing it and mak- ing its burden common- Cicero. Love and best wishes to my family. Les, Lis, Dawn, and Jo, 1 Cor. 6:17, 1337, Mt. 19:26, Scott Worret-A years '? went fast. thanks for a great A, Torrey Pines, Good Friends, Tennis team, sports. car skiing. Live it while you can! Keep up the good work Chris, Good Luck Tim Young-Baseball 'I-4, T A. Winn 3- 4, ToPauI, our friendship unmatched and memories unrelinquished. Sheila, l'Il always cherish our special times, Driveins wWayne. Scott, Jim, Kyle 81 Bob, Cars Concert Hondas 81 Celi- cas, Ewie Von Hert, Good Luck in NAU Curt. Boom, Boom out go the lights Paul, Curt Young-Mess up on I-5, Pamela. my special buddy and Barry, my closest friend. 1113 both. Great times waterskiing and jet skiing Bret, gi- ve'em H the next 3. Awesome skiing winter of '81 Sleepy Beth and buzzed Shari, You have to be a friend To have one. Marianne Zappella-Hello it's me Fall- ing in love again CG-inny, Teresa, I'm telling you this time it's the real thing!"j: Andy fsighj, Dan H., D.K.,K H. friends 81 laughter. I'm gonna have an Aviance night Oh yeah! Laura Young-Mary, Cathy B1 Gail I'Il never forget you girls. First their was Mary and the Derry who showed me a good time. Then Cathy who I had great times with. In the EI Camino and Gail who was a special person. William Zimbleman-Remembersg black outs 77 81 79, rocketery club, Band 1, 2, A, football games, snap- pers etc. THE GANG, Schultz 81 his "dream-babe," Young Life Clairinet Power! Chicago Symphony Ore- chestra-Yousa! Only 78 days untill March 12!! Marianne Young-Diving 1, 2, 3 V. Gymnastics A? Typing Quotes: PITS! Yearbook nhl yeah!! fNancy: INSE- PERABLE, l.L.V. Tabill 90, "I sTall", Jeans shopping, H-FUDGE, T-milk, WHIP IT! l'm turning Jap. Peachyj "Doug Shake Love ya always." Paul Rem. B-Day surprise? STAY IN TOUCH AWESONOMIES, S,L,,R.K.C.,N.L.C,, 81 ME!!! Mary Zobell-Good Luck to Kim, Mi- chelle, Diana, Allyson's, Nina, Nancy, Sheila. Jim, Hugh, Cat, Theresa, Heidi, Amy, Roger, John, Pete, Kenny. Mitch l'll always love you!!! Softball was radical Poptarts!! Stelen Car? R.H.P.S. Beach Parties, 'The nudes, Fenwicks married. Andre' nights. Gary Arrasmith Christopher Atkins Shelly Augusta Thomas Bailey Adrian Bargren 81 Seniors Remember Awesome Times Ai TPI-IS -L . ,E iw Uvifvl-Qllv W wi' uw W p .A Q . -as 'QF' 4' -,ass -va X x- .L X sd: .A ff A W , W X 5 . . 3 Ii-l , .,4 4 f'W W'M i W www X. Q. , ' . ' . iii , V, . "np f-Q . C , 5 . -A ,J if. 5 f X -i" y - +' 1.1, - D 'fy 1-wr 5' 1- ' " V ' ' W ' . - V , . 1 A WY4, 'mm '-if 42 -9 . lxfr Qi' W", F T X5 4, , X I . Z J ,R 4,, 5 ii .W ,Q , 'wk X ' . .if :iw li Z nffsg -9 Q N X I, X5 J an -. J " : .O , ,. -fn' f 'M .Q f5?.'-s- 'Q kwa! " i fl-f , L i4f.w...MWw"f ,fi . Wfiljjri, 5K 5, - .:i'y- 'WW 4 W Q x if bs, , Haw-1 -, :wwf - 'rf-. lfiw' ,W 5 My pg 1. Varsiiy Soccer , ,m.L C L..b .1 L,,L, ,. ..x. . 4' s i5sf,1.,,.? , .... ,, in . C. Back row: Coach Torrance, Paul Sudak, Robbie Robins, Scoii Gardner, Murray Pirrs Martin Asrl Jim Cox Scoir Middleton Todd Websier, Froni row: Marc Tureizky, Craig Friehauf, Jimmy Waidai, Jeremy Oury Brad Mc Combs Wayne Masiin CK Burke, John Piaus G K Y' I . G as - .,, fs. ' .. My A Q 'Z ?..WW,.. . W., .. ae. i, 1- ef ' 1 - sri- E W ' -- ' - "rrr . A .J A ...Q . ,,.. AW,yy, C, ,...,s.. .. V qi V5 . QQ Q- f . ,kg 3 5 if 3 'W W s E S sms MX 5 ,M .f,...i y..r L is fl, 2 N if ,. 25 Robbie Robins has a grear kick. 35 Scoii Gardner has conrrol of The bail. Aj Scoii Gardner again shows his greai abiliiy. V 4 3 1 w Nl 9 F , 3 K Q 1 Z, A . A . H511 Q-as-yr 1 wumffw ew 235' F 4:..?,,v '- ' 0 , f ' 4L 1' ,, f 'W' . 4 q r ! , , f , , gf ' f 3 1 g-aff f , V I iw j Q ? 1 ff 1 4' L + fu vb 1 JV. Soccer l-los Young Teom Bock Row, L-R: Robert Wills, Alon Deweese, Mike Lindley, Andres lvlorli, Korl Seller, Tim Orgon, Ted Cox, Eric Donninger, Billy Horon, Todd Newby. From' Row, L-R: Mollhios Reinsch, Ricky Robins, Sieve Sorvis, John Cooper, Robbie Ford, Som Grossmon, Devin Webb, John Kohli, Dennis Asll, ond Cooch Worren Jocobs. 50 Sports 2. John Cooper covers The boil well. 3. The ployers show grecil obilily. 41. Teomoles hove fun in o JV- Vorsily scrimmage, The leom discusses slrolegy. 5. J.V. Volleyball I-lils Hard ' W- 4, 4 jf f' 'h if i. f f r Q5- a 7' ,li , f iff, ,M,,! WWW r Ls JV Volleyball Team Members: Back Row, L-R: Janer Boberiz, Chrisry Moser, Lisa Whitney, Tami Marlin, and Krisli Maddox. Front Row, L-R: Kristen Srarkey, Sara Herzberg, and Denise Brunol. lj A JV Team Member snows us Thai Volleyball is a ooncenrrai- ed sporr. 23 Sara Herzberg exhibiis grear aererminarion while Qelling under The ball in a praclice session. in Q, . ' " . "' ffl ' f y w++'ry 3 I Maw K VJA . an F ,AM A. K--M f, H 5, , - ,I I M L. ---E ,iaegli ' 1 .--""' EJ if Tl gf 1 1' ix , 1, -r QQQOQOU li. k , f Mfg 'I :uw H, 46,2 , -. .'. ' ff, , Ski wh Q 8 Ex 4. 1 S 1 1 , u x S.. ' f' ff'f,,f,?f f .Vx ff, , .T'I ..g . V,-u . . 'l'i""' -. .. . l "left, " -1 ,Q . - g 5.5 ,hi ,355 .1 t ,a l 'Q Y. 0 'vp-V M x QA.. - ,- ,-,W 1-Q54-vfa - - , . 0. .. 5. : , I' " i W 'r4,A mg . -f 1. , . V M, ,, . ,L . .. ,. . A 5 ,-is , . 4 15 , ,..- W, iq ..-- F' 5 E 3. ni N. Qii 3 3. " ,' A .,.J I f ,. F' rr B f' , run I ' ffm, V ky, Q uv M, 'AF' :ix K1 Q I fi I - +55 5 4? fr ily,- ---.-...Nmk 5 .ww ., gba' 1 :N --"ar +- "'- I-L TL -A V' Q' ' W , M ff Kkf.-r - s ,25f?fh3,,T,f dr V . ' T' , ' TA' - fix! 4, gg-11.1, . ' U ,WB ' + .ww A Ka' Af , W :- mg . . r , . f, I , . ' - gli, '5r'7.f2.Q54i it' . x ,J-gf , . 'rn 5' ' , K . ' , ' N ' 1 . Q. 'ng' ,, a- L, ' - f .. A 4' 1g.' A. M Q M- .ef-Q if ' RQ-if Ji Q.: 'ia f ' 1 44:92 F Q i , .. L in Aww 5 Y F7 , "' 2- fx Q N fi' , - - f 1, - gn V .,p!. V 1-big? f 'V ' 5 5 in 'K gl' " 1. A -f' K-3 im., L 1 Vw' H X Ywxx Hi i w ' 5 , 1 1 r , , Wig 3, X A 3 2 1 N-w..sQ,3" .. YL A W- V' - -- - - ' ,gf "" ' ' 1' 1 ffl' ' M ,"!' ? ' xv.. "" , is K ' . M fb A nV ' 34 1 5 , 4 N K 1 1 " 1 ' V fs' 'gk N , , , , , M 1 ' , A7 f 1 g -1 , ., Boc1d2f:w, L:l2: coQcn 45m Pnulip5f19 -sniiiorucn. sjQ,AganJsggnmefs,17PafmoonQnd. 70 Mike Pfeifferfaamvid Woifiey, IQ W s Jeffwsffzl 58 Neil.Nintemq1,Z5 Bf5sg.,87iseEo114 75 Pqulggkuchard. 89 Todd Webster, Head- gmg MUQUGU Ed BUfKGf4m F3C'fUTW?FS' 3 , f ni A 60 zwfnorrdh lwqrrenfbd Delaney, 73,gret1 5Kennegy,2'1J.D. i ' Y - Q ' ' A ' A f . + + -1 N ' ? , f ' ' A ,4,g vfgg 5fz-w."3Q55:Q , ,gglkyf so ' , if --' , w !4Lw w hw Mp w W,-i f'wi w 4 'M JMS . . .,, M, ' Q - , 5 ' 'vp , 'Ai' " Xmw -N., W W H ww. J mi ,,,N Q ..,Nn "'N ... f- ,A Sl - "" -J - '5- J In A A , , 1-. J I L 1? 5 rim!! Y' 'E A -Q, . Q, 5 -ni - , ja L i. VV, 'Q 'fir '1Yur"V V 'WV VNV. - -u R Ve-a'fH'ur'V'y Mn -Sn--'gzlff . ' ,VV V if V , ,J .,, . 'K , Q , ' 'W 'F I , v. v , .V . ,V ,V VV. . VM" - -1371. 4,1 at I V M,-V M' V aiu :jd . ' an '- F1 JP "'-an 5 ' ' is Jflfv 'rg ri tm ,ef Ns V. .V V "Vi - - -' ,Vfiwfff ' :LV f 'lr-5Y',y:i.S.V. Af", ' Ir . QV, w4.! lfQ:l:Y,,Q1' far" bf urjxww R 1 g-15:12, -a 2 ' ' . li V r V -4 . 4-I... , ,,,,V:,,,gsV..,NV -' fi V, -4 Q'- . ,, ., V, I .. V , . V V ' 'E , V - 1. V , V .V ' a' Vp' '. V M W . ' ' .-x. ,, Q 1, .V t 5 Ilgtqnlx, 2 V.eJ,m':f ,,gx2A.,2VV1 V '- -1 -4,1-7" if l. f'1Vg'f2F:Vj.V iw, 2 A N5 51515 -V My Q, V , I .z V V, -tiff V K 4 . 1 -,, :V , 4. NH' "I, ,E ' . , J 7 '13, - ,QF ' QW ' VV i gf fjr, f'- 'I-W 'Ill-fi, ' V. ' .' I 'X N-fl ff ' 'M - VV A 1 "1"q-." 9' .Tl--',r. -','Vi- V4 " V "b ' Q ami' 4 H W - I Q V N. V-me VLMVVLK ix 'KV I Mtg, E - nl ,x V' . I V.!.?A,', 1 A V ., ni, V- 5- . , V VV - -x"VJfr - - ' fV:cV' 'tiff -VT 'V ' V, ,J V? ,297 'LV' 'V4,,n.A'. , ' V V -.Q 1- ,gg-V .' ,V . -1, ' -I 'fa - '.- f'- f-ffl -- V X . V -.' 139, - f , V .A .-A 1 , Q, , - . f Q . A V . 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' V' .I J. 1- Q55 pl-9' "?J'flf "KJ" fu, f VA. xl ' ,l 1, ' Qffmlp' if V, I 42, W, . . - V 3V f , -V-, e,,- V .45 ' -V ,V . V, V. 1 , V ,-, -5225 4 x 17"-'Z-1 V V . fl' . uf- ' 1.1-, V V- f -V ' Ni-41.1-f - Aff- -.- 1,6 .V -,L,V1 - s 'mv-.V -' ,V -. - - - V ' W . "N fsfiifx.-1 Hx,-f. .VI 1 ,i Q, ,V V Y V,:,u - ' ' 1 V '4 ' ' - 4 I s ggi ,V 1, ' 1 ' 'ir' -V." V :- ' V, ,E V - f -'-'- 'V ' -' ' 6 ' -' - V- -f ,V - ' A 1 i ' " 31 f' , V - 'f HV V V. 1 ,DV 4 ,V ,,,! V ,. I 44 42.1. A M W :V 5:15 AM? Y .V V v Q. , H QGQZRVN N: M k If Y aj - V - I nj gy, Lf' Ii " , 'ejpaii 3- gr, - V'L2' ' ,, ,V f yi,,Vps4uq-Vugliq VV,V V V VV ' - 1 - V 'r V E ' 'gw' V L- - f 2 V is 253225, f Vi- ffbvffff + ' " 1.-w . -- -,AV ' ' multi? ' '- -K 3 INV H 'Y Vflf 'l1n. . . 2 V f g ' - ' 1? i V ff na Z' VVVV --- ' ' ling V AL ""VV,..V . - V mr 'V gg V , f s -f-V ,E -p ' VV Vf' I' V-li I r Q-ll VVVVVMM: V P W ' ' V ,V 1 SWL V 'v, 11" -V pu-If ,S P-'E .I" G ' ' ,.-Q. ' Z u 41 Vg 'Ak F 13 AS fi 4 s x if - T - - - -- VV:-Q1 ---- RM -' Wy ix 7 Knows, as Anmr Pafryk, 32 bemyfnamirez, Jim Craig. 64 Kirk Wptermonz 6 Scott Gomez, V60 raqpqmzg- Mike Dohnowema ' Barry Engelmar1Q ,.. 'i V V 4, V VV V- V ' ,f E Vg A0 rg -1 V , M V V - . +, fue, V -, 1 'M T VV f ' V M Wi' A VITVV-, Q life' ' 4'1" ,jg W, , -V ' --P Y Sporis 57 1? 1? fy, Vg V V " V E I V V ,V ,V 2' V V, 1'-tw-V, 'V f f- -. '-- ' V VVVV - ' A " :VV V V gg " " ' lx Vu ,,- WV -M ' W? ''ffin541'--ww,V-WNVQWEVVVMW-WVV, 1- V' ww w f ' " -5' ' X ' ' Lug -1 gf "KL - Iv 2. A N. ww E R 2 ,iff ,Jmgm ma.17axvM'W,-5' . ' . Z I 5 latadara . Bill Strobl puts in o free throw. . Falcon teamwork ot the jump. Bob Copener rising obove the opponents. Bob Ccxpener olone in the corner. Scott Wcszok shooting post the opponent. Bill Strobl getting through for two points. . ,K ,,,, .ig, .,,:,:.z..:,li,,. . . 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CqpQQgr:Co-Copt75iSQQfTWoszcik, , ,,,r J ,Wgiun M0l'1fQ0fTi9l'YQ5:19ff'WEKifllSWJ - 1 A llerh . Mwarrgggustq ,QQQQCQQ 1 Pm Mc - 4 " w x X ,, 1--- W- N "'- f Mg Vkkk :WF1!15M1' MWMQ1-1g .Mwywmw VFA' V' , M4 Y 71,-mv Nw., - K 1,54 'TEM , WT, QM , www'-sn! . fmggfZ,xwz. .. , WMNNVMMMI , x, ,, MQMW an ,,,. ' E Wah, . M. , MX .2 wiv' H ,mf-1 :-f f U +443 WAN i Y Mm, H--5,21 M95 L ,'iwAw,,,,:,g:-in V M' ,,A - ww ,MW Jw? , .pm I? ig, , . , v W -W- W-Tk 1 , . . ,, yi A V ,may 1,2 .M 4 Wjffjga vm Wd A w'f.5f,1.m-,p-?,,, ' if fx' I " 'iff'-X231 - 1 if , ' ' E gm: A f f 'W -JL QP.: 2 M , " 5 1 . 1 if - 1 ' fff, ' ' ' ff .. -X 41" "ff is . i . , 1 K A-25f""r49'fvf if-Wf ' - , V an T'?'rE?Vf1,2,,:kj1: f ' in 1 an A Wm- f4u ff fb ,..mbdi"5i"""1' 1 - HS. " L , 'TLi,pgg254 1 if U s I b A 12,1 ' ' ii 156 '.-sf gp - wg, - - 5, L A gif . S, ' K 55 ' "W -3. , ., k. if A 1 V Q , V M i 1' Y V Q ' V H ' ,,,,, . , w Il1?XIvi Aff-1.2 4-4:,sfs.B+1:c.sSa:s1.Qgs-4w5wxfk5Z E' wi, b m EQ V if W, , . Q V 1 5 ' ffizggi , 5 'L' '. 4 . l if E Y' , WW ,, ,,,h , 1 Y K , MY: 2 ,, ' , Z W ,xx 46,5 , g M ,,gaf+j,h 4, ,ig gm I W v, ,mn fy ,, . K ,W ig- V Y ,pig-Q, U ig W .hz figgivy, .,,, . , ff 1 1 T , f- ' if 'W I W ,swf "-f""a.f..'-1' X Wi-'YK ,, ' 1VWwx'whwzwwxi'uw,, .M 'l4"'Wm..i My bw-1 -- Q 'fl' ,' ,V W .Q N ' 11 a, M K ,w , ,N , Wu K Q i ,W1 I AN? 951 ns., ,, ww W' "" NgfZ.J'ie,, m.'5?'3uiiv-'M A , - mggggug, ,PQ 1 .du ,Juv-G" K5 ' ' "WW " ' " ""' """' ' T ff' ' W, ' ' 'L-1. f ' , H ., M " ' K "" "1 A 6 .. 1 ,T V, Q A , Y, M, X, A Nagfiayz, , ww-n -M 7 Q, ,M V? N ' :gk y? M ,N-QV .sam :wxi.,mwV , xr. ,Y , H xl N , V' 'N ' , "ww1w:q:Q:,v9'3E75" 5, , ,N ,iwfi --Lf' T - . " ' H , - " ' ' " , . V 'hh ,h h A ,MQ t - ' fr. M?X' ni 'ff 'M "" gag' lr'-. 55. - 1lp,ll"M ' 'fnF"? W mmm' 4 , A 4 W A Q ,m,..,u. ,gk L , A .. mi 4 Q 7 11- is-. lf . V,--' E, " . 'Y ,V -4 - . ' v ' . 3 H bf f 3 , 1 , I 1 t , ir t:"?,,. fn fi . 'W +P? "Ht -- "V, , mf Mfg- gin'-wh N' "?H,:ja: "ji 4, v V " XF W 1 A WW W , neu V ' - , , qi' MW, wwwx- f Mmugmwr ' X. , .5 A nt U .M .i ..,:.L1-J.wwymwmN,x- -' K, H agp, ww- ' - f- ., f -' W Y 1 5 ,, . as 7, 0, , f M rl' ww . W LW4 W W K, kgiw WH., QSHNJ X V' V wwlwugi "' 'Z MWF? My MMFEWLQ 4 !,mMiwg?iEFpT"i'f!" A 5 5 ,f , V L ... vw F Y l fi X , 5 ' '- . fi 'B 'ff ' , ' 145 - Q 61 1 ,.,.. V W -'-Q-SFGC4 :of T t 8c Dgy Forma-EW ' . QW ,, f imgvgg: ' 4g..Wwmwm,, N W, W' ' U, , 5, 4,.',,,,,. t jW:"fgLP-ici ' M-...,W.+. " A " " WWW' M 'f"W"'13w"?'N'x' ' w a, 4, ,, W ff " " WWMWSLQ ' .2 . ,,WV, ,, ML M 62 Sports J V. Basketball Shows Spirit Back Row, L-R: Coach Bob Croft, Scott Klatt, Darren Warren, Mike G-renda, Chris Dudley, Tom Schmitz. Middle Row, L-R: Robert Brown, Ralph Lusian, Torn Sherman, Barry Churich, Tim Strobl. Front Row, L-R: Pete Roberts, Martin Clow, John Appleton, Jan Styles. O S iiiii - bfi, X 2. Falcon Darren Warren X X shows great form. 'Af f 3. Robert Brown shoots for 27. f- 9 ti 3 lxlmii two points. A. Ralph Lusian dribbles quickly down court. Frosh Prepare For Fuiure l l l i l . f"""'fg, P :gk KN .L-- 5 jg- 'ilifi' Q1' '- ,.,,. 'V TM ' 'J af -if-:uf B ' B D ff' ' M Q r ,Q l, Q g r , fr Q if up j' Q --. si' Fnosrl BASKETBALL Back row L-re: James Schwall, Haig ' "J-T-'7 9 , .1,q, , 1 Mursorlian, Bob Herwig, K.C. Shaver, Ted Russell, Russ An- . g - lx, .,,1'q derson, Chad Johnson. Froni row, Billy Herrmann, DJ Heller, gbz' lsssrsr Mike Mussell, David Suckling, Chris Bergen, Danny May ssffssss, Bs i B ii l ,,,::: N. ,, 'M 1 3 2. Ted Russell looks up courl. 3. K.C. Shaver jumps, wilh Haig Mursurlian ready io defend. A. Haig lviursarlian fires a free Throw. 4 Hu- 'W Sports 63 64 Sporis Vorsiiy Swimming Goes To C I F Back Row, L-R: Nancy Alvarez, Tanya Schneiderman, Kaihy Dickerson Julie Garland Coach Jeff Pease Shannon Delaney, froni row, L-R Lynn Cowan, Greta Maurer, 2 S lo FTW l undiclenlifiea w Kaiie Hicks, Irene Mons Tracy Baker IFDFTIGI' practices before a meei 3. Katie Hicks oks Toward the finishing Ofk. 4. Schneiderman ses for The po camera. 5. Julie Garland shows good form. F 77' Tonya Schneidermon does ci greor bczcksiroke. One of T.P.'s swimmers comes up for Q breoih. Irene Mons prociices her srroke. Julie and G-rero woiT for The bus To Their meer. An unideniified swimmer mokes C1 dive. H- , ly Coach Morgan Talks To some of his Team members: BeTh Dempsey, Rea Nora WGISIW Gnd Alicia Honn ,N wif Q N X .s.s1 Q - T .S T5 N J' s ... A- 2j Coach Morgan 51 JoAnn BiszanTz and BeTh Dempsey jump up for a block. My vV,,,' M gf , x l if 5 if. 35 Becky Connolly spikes The ball. -"'1'l Aj Gabe Dalry and Sally Larsen embrace afTer a Tough game. op TP. congraTulaTes Their opponenTs on a greaT game. , ,. ,..,g ,g Vg 1 fr I I w ,,,,.....,.-.- ' 4 ii. f " ',,- ff irl 1- 5 7 ... ,.t I .11 ,X V7 X ,im gg? Ls V J.V. Field l-lockey Shows Great Promise it oooo , LE eeoY2:Ao 1 'VLA ' it ' ' . 1, .,. 68 Sports E 5, M .Q ,E , M, 2. is , ,.,......A.z.......,.., fl' Team Members: Back Row, L-R: Julie Moore, Amy Stoll, Anita Pelham, Denise Odenwalder, Holly Fletcher, Kendall Broad, Robin Short, Lisa Garri- son, Coach Nancy Back. Front Row: L-R: Elaine Reiter, Jill Rivelli, Mary Beth Raymond, Denise Warren, Darlene Drain, and Twila Dacker. lj Mary Beth Raymond makes an Excellent pass. 2D Robin Short prepares to outwit her oppo- nents. 33 Twila Decker waits for a push from the side- lines. Aj Julie Moore has great concentration. 55 Julie Moore, again, shows fabulous stickwork. -,,, V r J.V. Sofiball Has Good Season Team Members, Back Row, L-R: Coach Jon Rob- ertson, Alison Ames, Parn Hughes, Lori Williams, Erin Moriarly, John Curiel, Chrisline Burns, Lori Reed. Front Row, L-R: Jenna Keefer, Susan Hollis- Ter, Shannon McGriff, Holly Hussar, Wendy Rom- boid, Karen Bressler, and Assisianl Coach Ted Mahoney. lj Coach Jon Roberrson gives Wendy Rombold a sign of congraiulaiions. 23 Lori Williams shows greal form as she gels a good hir. 35 Pilcher Erin Moriariy exhibiis greal Tale-nl as she pilohes a good game as usual. 43 Shannon McGriff prepares for a play as she covers firsi base. 53 Pam Hughes, on Third base, watches allen- 'rively for The ball, Mu' f Q., rf' ry,-' ,V r 4',,'L,, s , , ,,.,, , , , , , '-aw in 'Vw f',-as--W-4' f -. H , - W r g , ,.-..,,n, ,,,,,,,.,., W I, dvgn-4-,glqjki ,.,, V ' 'EMM f " , 47-4 yi, , - . . Q , ,.-'va 'i"'as-- 15 Sports 69 ,Q rg QW x N' K ff Y fdffgfg -C '.,,,', '13 F iff ' Qi "- fx .. 1 nl' J. '14 . .w V: ru .Wai f , ,,,, f+if , a f2?.T ' 54 KAW M53 kt Tomo za, iff W A - .V g," -,,, W : ni 2 gf' , ,"' - Y "T V", QT Vw 4 Zgwf f ."'h .a5f'mw m Q TW ' W 4 W ' ' f,f ,fz' : Q H A v ' 1 A if h fa ay if L I g ja 'Q Nw, V1 ,ws , 1 D 7 . ' VU, f 42 f 'Vp 92' ff L24 5, f Q -3 Q E' z 13,11 , A ,ig , wp 7 E' f if?Lm f 4 6 My ,V lj, I 'VW' L , ,nf W5 'L V ,gy A 2 Q . LL W. ' A I' 1 ' ., V, n 4 359' yiiigwm 'if ?5?zQ'42"f' I 6 h f f , if ff J-v WA gf sf is 1 4 , ,i'MifL"' I V 727 w a ? I M ' .1 fy ki waz? ,Ii id i 5 IAM A gags, I I 'L My 'nf 2,9217 5211 ,, if M v z .fn 'mf' A V E, wmv Q 1' 3572 Q 1 'U ,J JL ,-eff , 1 -. 5 ii K 1 1 at-av Eric f if W sv -X YQ gk 5 ESS" Q Y Y 1 X X Q xi ak 3 S is is n 0' EN Fax-'H fe . 'SQ in Nw? 8 t ,Q K wigs S v Q, g 'Q J S is . , X - Q s .S s' 5 . FP . X , , wiki? Y9'X"'s"' ex W if M,:sfg:g'. 'WN wwe -R sl. -, e :.w'?Hgg :'A iff: ' X ' X M .A j ' WLL. 'J 'ff . I ,,,'E.f1 X W M, K' if -jkfgs gsm , 1, u , N 1 - s X55 I x QE 5 Varsity Field Hockey wi- 1 vita s ,Q Team members L-R Dawn Kellenbarger, Judy Anne Edwards, Mary-Claire Walker, Luann Teschmacher, Susan Donavan, Coach Lori Bennet, Front row L-R Becky Jonas, Kelly Winn, Carlyn Hicks, Rhonda Gordon, Jill Forsythe, not pictured: Celine Buczek, Debbie Gawle, and Julie Moore 1. Coach Lori Bennet 2. Mary-Claire Walker follows the ball. 74 Sports I I Finishes 2na In League ilii e e eee A S E as -au...-anew' S1 We K d -T Q, no 4 he 2 3 4 5 6 -Zig H' 'L V .s.,,m 3Ev'gi'-W My , ..s,.K. N ..l, , W, .swmumm "" T N ., .... ,..-.X.....A: V 4- W . Falcon players fighT for The ball. . Celine Buczeck hiTs The ball. . Luann Teschmacher reaches for The ball. . Julie Moore baTTIes for The ball. , Celine Buczeck aTTacks The ball. . Debbie Gawle goes faTer The ball, while Luann Teschmacher sTands by The help. -4. A .1 I 5 . f ,I is fT e , ep- :..,z ,- Www ...favv,.,. 'L M. I K I jeg JVV K " 'WWW ,A,.V,, ,W ,, SporTs 75 Varsiiy Wresiling Exhiioiis ffiffg P , C 76 Sports r Zxx A . Back Row, L-R: Richard Renieria, Chuck C-awle, Ari "Bubba" Gomez, Alias "Big Bubba", Shannon "Bones" Bass, Chris Gardner. Middle Row, L-R: Bruno Hollensiein, Mike Hood, Mike Donhowe, Rusiy Zielinski, Darin Bennet, Froni Row, L-R5 David Keicharn, Tom Hernandez, Sieve Likins, and Head Coach Ron Morris, In The piciure below, Darin Bennet is 'frying his besi To ge? a good pin. Greot Form lj Vorsity Wrestler Mike Don- howe shows winning tol- ents. 2D Mike Donhowe, ogoin, dis- ploys greot obility while getting this key pin. 33 Shonnon Boss, one of the best on the teom, shows determinotion while wres- tling with his opponent. Aj Rusty Zielinski proves thot Wrestling is o tough sport. Sports 77 JV Wresllina Has Good Team Team Members, Back Row, L-R1 Temple Brown, Mike Hood, Tim Salel, Andy Ademak, Todd Massass, Rusly Zielinski. Bolrom Row, L-R: Rob Powell, Kevin Hatfield, Lee Judd, Jeff Williams, Tom Hernandez, Mark Manasian, Coach Ron Morris, Fred, Theiss. Fronlz Greg "Guppy" Slepnan. lj Darin Benner has a greor pin. l 25 Bruno Hollensiein has iusT about Turned his opponenl. 35 Mike Donnowe crawls afier his opposilion in This march. 78 Sports 5 ff V -.y.wM,,,.,,,,,.H,f s,sA ,w.,,.,.,,,,,,.,,,,,,,- , ,, M- ,,,, A,..,.. ,,,, ,,s....l Frosh Wrestling Is Young But Good Team Members, Back Row, L-R: Temple Brown, Mike Hood, Tim Scilel, John Higgins, Andy Ademak, Jeff Williams, Greg Williams. Front Row, L-R: Kevin Hat- field, Lee Judd, Tommy Hernandez, Rob Powell, and Coach Ron Morris. ij Darin Bennet shows excellent form here on his way to a winning score. 25 An unidentified team member shows concentration while the referee stoops down to watch. Sports 79 Vorsily Soflboll l-los Besl Teom members Boilom L-R Coooh Nogle, Susie Chambers, Bonnie Bruun, Amy Monroe, Kolny Ridley, Monique Romirez, Lori Ellison Top L-R Mory Zobel, Noncy Gillies, Cindy Groff, Pom Wolkyns, Liso Whilney, Kelly McFoll, Krislin Moriory, Susie Willson, Llzo Kelly, Lori Forkos, Jock Stern 1. Bonnie Bruun runs The diomond. 2. Lori Forkos ploys firsl bose. f .,,fff -., , ,, ' " 2 ' H . N, ..,, , W ., ., ..,,, .,, mm, .Q ..,,, ,i,,..,,4mf If . , ,, ,-- W -,..,,, A f ,,,, , -I W- 4. .:,f,,,,,,y -c l V ..,,, I In Mf,,,gl,,- - ,. ,.., fm' , -ru ff' ,,.. I W ' "' ,M -llsigg llll .,,, I " ' ,l ., ,,,. ,, I - .,,,,, - A W " if l " ,, ,,,,, f y ' , , ' - -'ffTW2N"3'i'i'9if-3555ll,-li:fl, ' f-wh:'55iEf7llH2iE'i'5 "'f FM" .. '- ,Hd ,,. ,L .VfHs,l,:,,55gg3-:IJ ,bm , ...W I V. , fff- , .. ,,.,,, , ...,, , 'L' , ,.,. , V W, ' .,,. J ' W., Q , W, , " , ' K ' A .W W 'O L Q ,, 80 Sporis ' -ar sg , , " 'l Of' ,, f , ,ffl " r, '. 'Q 1' l ' I V, rj K 1, f ,kijei ' r- I , . , , ,ff 4: H . , YQQLQV1 Q,i ,Ky , Yeor Yet With Nogie f f? ' ' S J - f,,. 1'- 4 4. Bonnie Bruun ploys it sofe on bose. 2. Freshmen Susie Wilson pitches, on the woy to o no hitter 3. Susie Wilson pitches to the opponent. A. Lori Forkos shows great form while botting. 5. Teom members cheer from the bench. in Sports 81 T l Girls Soccer Goes C.l.F.! Team Members, Back Row, L-R: Jean Finley-Coach, Jenny Cooper, Sarah Newby, Eileen Cassidy, Rachel Finley, Jaya Sakar. Pat Hess. Susan Middleton. Karen Bressler. Cathy Waldal, Beverly Hay, Doris Bowman, Dawn MacFarlin, Michelle Krayenbuhl, Darlene Drain. Mary Claire Switz, Dana Gambill, Celine Buczek, Jill Forsythe. And Coach Glenn Torrence. Not pictured, are Carol Abney, and Kathy Ridley. lj Celine Buczek stops the ball with a great high kick. 23 Cathy Waldal has a great kick from near the goalies territory. 31 Karen Bressler dribbles well down the field. Aj Sarah Newby controls the ball in a scrimmage. 53 Darlene Drain has a great corner kick. 61 Jenny Cooper has more control over the ball than her opponents. l 82 Sports JV Boys Tennis Swings To Victory Teom Members, Bock Row, L-R: Jim Brown, Mike Utz, John Wilcox, Lowell Hunter, Colin Campbell, Greg Bobikion, John Joye. Front Row, L-R: Mike Loke, Joe Cionciorulo, Ted Jocobs, Derrick Chow. Not Pictured, Cooch Noncy Bock. ly Ted Jocobs swings bock to get his shot. 25 Colin Compbell reaches high to smosh the boil, ond 33 the comero follows through on his shot. nv- ..-V Sports 83 Boys Varsiiy Tennis Team Team Members, Back Row, L-R: Don BoberTz, Todd WebsTer, Tom SchwieberT, Ralph Moch, Coach Don Cramer. FronT Row, L-R: Ted Bubnack, Darin WrighT, MarTy MarTinez, Jim Craig, and ChrisTian OsTergaard. In picTure 42, below, Coach Don Cramer shows a smile on his face as he Taiks To The Team wiTh pieasure. In 43, Don BoberTz bends low in This pracTice session. And in TTA, Tom SchwieberT exhibiTs greaT abiiiTy as he smacks This one across The neT. if SporTs 84 Swings inio Aciion -1 if A f W A 1 5 , iA , ' 11 Q, ILA I Q X ii f i K iv' f ,. sf m,x1. s ss , Qi N 1 :' N.. '15 Senior Todd Webster is determined To win his moich. 21 Rolph Moch models his choice in designer sunglasses on The court. 33 Rolph Moch, ogoin, This Time showing his good form during cz moich. Aj Coach Don Cromer discusses siroiegy wiih his Teom during o break. Sporis Girls Vorsiiy Team Members, Back Row, L-R: Coach Don Lyman, Kelly lv1cFalI, Lisa Tileslon, Becky Connolly. Front Row, L-R: Sheila Flanagan, Nancy Gillies, Sue Grciharn, and Susan Donovan. 'ij Becky Connolly oulwils ner opponeni. 25 Lisa Tileslon passes The ball. 35 Senior Becky Connolly dribbles down The couri, ilk, . 86 Sporls BoskeTooll Sophomore Kelly lVloFoll dribbles down The oourT os she hos her eyes woTchihQ her oppohehTs. Kelly lVlcFolI, ogoih, shooTs The boll in on oTTempT To fool her oppohehTs ond goin Two poihTs. Luohh Tesohmocher looks for someone To poss The boll To. SporTs 87 JV Girls Basketball Team Members, Back Row, L-R: coach Rick Prestwood, Leslie Lorrimer, Jane Harper, Kristi Maddox, Kem Mohlenbrock Sally Larsen Cathy Conway, Pam Hughes, Diane Butler, Debbie Dillon. Front Row, L-R: Allison Ames, Kelly Wynn, Holly Hussar and Terra Fox 29 39 88 Sports Freshman Terra Fox leads the Falcons down the court. A group of hands go up forthe ball as Kristi Maddox waits for it also. Kelly Wynn goes after the ball in this game with Carlsbad. Terra Fox and Sally Larsen defend. D'-W Trock Teom In AcTion 'CTC W i f ' A 2 i f M f W O-Q -noun-egg 4. Renee LoBerge puTs The shoT. 2. Freshmen member John Bruun honds off The boTon To Morvin Brown in The AAO reloy. 3. BeTh McGroorTy ond Alice Booher fighT for The finish. 41. Freshman Kim Hiilmon iecids in The 400. 5. NoberT Abril receives The boTon in The AAO reloy, 5. NorberT Abrii receives The boTon in The A110 reloy. 5. BeTh McGroorTy posses The boTon To Dorroh WoiTley. 7. Freshmen John Depoulo puTs The shoT. 8. Junior Alon Summers hurls The discus. 9. Edye BenedicT cleors The high jump bor. 'lu ies -'C so . . Q: . :.X - l - , iii A A slls - ' ' ,li 'N il ' -an--li a f' Q- 1 , l is is , , a n I . ,kkf Q ,, - f 5- 1 -'H 3 - ,. i t - bf 5, 5 53515.15 I ' f J J . m, . 'J f' "f f 4 A :" of 'Ao -Jia, , , . .. ssss S S i . ,. , .::, ll ' "'1' V bLLV R+ , ,. V , , A A .IL 7 S. ' K - s - " .. ,. Z1' E 3 is S f il, A , " 5 if " ' 5? ' l Eeas. Back Row, L-R: Coach Temples, Norberl Abril, Skip Lesier, Alex Begg, ' ' A 4' ' ' ,,Pouloi"flTruchard, Pal McDonald, Sieve Moorman, Arlhur Palryk, Mlke Honmeyer, Brad OO Orlich, Alon Summers, Jeff McCamble, Mark Hammldl, Jason Meyer, Kellh Hewell, Kelih Peterson, Coach Blackwell, Coach Hill, Coach Silber. Alh Row, L-R: Coach Winn, Eric Ndsland, Adriane Bargren, John Fox, Paul Malek, Sandy Souler, David Ruiz, Curl Young, David Jaffrey, Craig Bdlsley, Chip Shore, Chris MCC-ulre, Fred Brown, Dean Cook, SCOTT Slarkey, Paul Silber, Chris Hopkins. 3rd Row, L-R: John Ross, Greg Beduchune, Eric Flowers, John Kellogg, Bruce Slorms, Malhias Reinsch, Brad Balsley, Alice Booher, Beverly Hay, Dawn Kellenbarger, Darrcxh Wailley, Susan Teague, MaryAnne Morgans, Lynn Holland, Belh W 1 43 ,x.,,, - - - .mn-5 1 if, ,phi 1. . 'P' fig!!! Fix, if -nl - - . -1 . Q Q . ... J A . . H I . ga f L f Qs'g- A Ik A K ,M .As-' W sg, , . .1 I X i fs" -figs . fewkiiixk, A xx' sus . - if if 4 - ' -' - , - . 1 . , . . V5 ' 'J 4 fsuwrg H - yn 'Nm :Ty av, i, .. f ww ,. .ia A T5 K , A , ,V U ,,.., K 7 g nf .V I Vw' MCG-roariyj Mike Tabarez, Tim Lennande, Ericwlfennande, Dennis Asil, Avi Druri, Donnie Mangiarelii, 2nd Row, L-R: Mary Robinson, Irene Cnang, Caroline Winierer, Miicnell Wincnell, Kim Hillman, Sara Herzberg, Kaiie McNally, Suzie Hazelion, Tracie Chambers, Jeannine Lind, Nancy Spalenka, Lisa Flynn, Paula Gerome, Renee LaBerge, Bonnie Souinworih, Maggie Mosieller, Maureen Winner, Kaihy Aizet, Cindy Ligni, Edye Benedict, Amy Pao, Tanya l-lammidi. Front Row, L-R: Richard Sloikins, John Bruun, Lee Judd, Mark Rosen, Jesu Huesias, Jan Siyles, Chip Siallings, James Scnwail, Mark Coordi, Marvin Brown, Lorenzo Pacelli, Ray Jensen, John Depaulo, Andy Ademak, Jerry Hilberi, Bob Broadnead, Darren Rasmussen, Jeff Williams, Noi Piciuredt Mickey Fuller, Cissy Laugnlin, Scoii Douglas, and Jane Laughlin. ,r ,up Q Q nf 94 Vdrsiiy Gyrnnosiios Q2 Sporls Bock Row, L-R: Codch Lourie Jocobsrneier, Liso Footer, Anne Doherty, Debbie Peroles, Kelly Terouds, Holly Dodd, Liso Krohn. Middle Row, L-R: Krisii Ponion, Sandy Jonos, Down Sirehlow, Robin Shermon, Allison Diifmer, Boliorn Row, L-R: Cheri Beck, Cindy Schoch, Jennifer Jdckson, Jockie Howo, Melindo Gundelfinger. 'ij A TP, gymnosi performs d hondsiond on The beorn. 25 Anne Doheriy shows excelleni form. 'USN S .K ,rlk K 2 Z - e ff Y Sports 03 JV G mndsiics Shines ii QA Sporls Y JV Teom members include: flop left To righij Beth lvlcAdoms, Kelly Archer, Shoye Huff, Julie Dodd, Cindy Allen, Cooch Renee Vedell, Cooch Reidy, Noncy Tibels, Dione Cushman, Julie Mdness, Becky Jonos, Amy Filler, Lori Summers, Kim Fletcher, Leslie lvlonlgomery, Liesel Willidms, 'IQ Freshman Leslie Monlgomery shows greoi form on The voull. 23 Didne Cushman shows slrenglh on The porrolel bors. 1 ls-fs ' ,-me 2-'slain-aus'-" wa, mls, sm:-in- 4 Frosh Baseball Shows Skill if' 'l Team Members, Back Row, L-R: Ted Russell, Mike Sanchez, Haig Mursurlian, Sean Tarr, Ted Cox, John Kohil. Middle Row, L-R: Coach Paul Salgado, Steve Sarvis, Greg Williams, Robbie Powell, carey McGraff, Sean McGee, Coach Ray Rincon, Front Row, L-R: Sam Grossman, Steve Schneider, Chris Wells, Greg Williams, Billy Hermann, Tim Salel. Not Pictured: DJ Heller, and Chad Johnson. 'lj Sam Grossman awaits the ball. si 2j Pitcher John Kohli lets a good one go. 31 Carey McGraff swingsthrough while batting. Ay DJ Heller practices his Throwing skills. .l , gill? J- 5 -' aw Sports Q5 Varsiiy Baseball Y Team Members, Back Row, L-R: Bill Sirobl, Don Carruihers, David Waiiley, Tom Bailey, Assislani Coach John Keniera. Middle Row, L-R: Coach Craig Scoggins, Brian McCleaver, Tim Young, Darren Warren, Mitch Shiris, Scoil Ward. Front Row, l.-R: Ted Mahoney, Skip Kelly, Jack Siem, and Pai Byrne, xi' Q6 Sporis lj Torrey Pines' 2nd base- man Throws To The play ai firsi. 25 Pilcher David Wail- ley exhibils greal Taleni as other pilchers and coaches look on. 35 Junior Pai Byrne runs To firsl base afler gei- ling a hil. W.f--f x..m...' .. M 44 C f or ., .f : ' l 's i Q f ,Y ,B Q., 1 is ' , '7 P iff 5 'Es 7 ilW57'if'b7'u1,,f:' i ' ii Q if 9 XF ..,,. 'B ,b c ae "I B ,,, E: ils, M, 79 V4 V aw ' ii W,1",,1'Lgigg,iM, V, - ff '- ' K . 1 ,. so ,.,s ,rn H ,ri .V Aims For Leogue TiTIe -iw I aww- ss, , .5 A . ' ,rf H T -', W. 1 t i " ' , if 5, Q i T, T ,mmx ,1 ,,,:h, ,,bHwu ff H , ' f-H , Ha, I -i mt-,,., I ,M 245 ,I . - bu. fN,gQ , il R Qi?-A." ' fm ,, , V ' N .apr .,-,N,- M. f-171, .1 wfiifxfiwi' - " N f T , , iw: f-041---fsxgw f sf '15 Jock STern shows us his greoT boTTing skills wiTh good form. 25 PoT Byrne Tokes o Ieod off firsT, os boTh he ond FirsTbosemon Dorren Worren woTch for The piTch. 33 Senior CoTcher Jock STern ond Junior PiTcher Don CorruThers look Towords firsT bose To see The urnpire's coll on The ploy. Aj Junior ScoTT Won' oTTernpTs To hiT The boil in This pre-seoson gome. SporTs 97 U-fm. Varsity In Action Q 98 Sports 'lj Players and coaches watch some good pitchrngm skills. 25 As- sistant Coach Jo n Kentera shows the .team how to stand while bunting. 321 Pitcher Don Carruthers watc es first base as he prepares to outwit the ompponents. Third baseman Bill S robl looks on. Aj Senior Short- stop Greg May has good follow through as he hrows this one to first base. Ihe 4984 Varsity Baseball Team is expected Ito do well. With many returningx' gnlayers from last year, Coac coggins can expect to domina e the league, and advance to the C.l. . Playoffs. And with quite a few juniors on the team this year, everyone can expect the Tearn to be excellent next year oo. Hn... , , s s,.t u vgf JV Baseball Has Great Season ,,,:Ww,gg9 Team Members, Back Row, L-R: Manny Rincon Chad Callahan Garret Hinds Eric Miller Erik Judd Scott Klatt Jim Cox Karl Seller Middle Row, L-R: Pete Roberts, Ward Hildebrand, Bob Eberhardt Kurt Montgomery Mike Marquardt Tim Organ Steve Pandolfe Front Row L R Derreck Benson, Brian Blanchard, Mike Mussell Ralph Lusian Barry Churich Martin Clow and Coach Darold Nogle 'lj Pitcher Jim Cox and Catcher Mike Mus- sell have a conference on the mound. 23 Pitcher Jim Cox follows his pitch. Bj T.P. First Baseman awaits the ball on a crucial play, Aj Kurt Montgomery shows great follow through in his batting skills. K 5 Q - . 1, i s 7- we K e is la 35 My W TA' Q X at --sw -' 3 I' ,A ' M-Mlm! 1, E Team Members, Back Hood, James 'rom Row. L- 1 Coach Brookes Ensi 1 .1 L-R: Mon Magner, Bof- m Pease, Mark Mciiidel, and 'WM "" ' i omffaadf Q , MWF. .. 1. 1: 1 ---. ,.,...ai1 ,L.QmM- H! VM I ,, 1 Q 'Nw ...u.vv1vxxusvr in we "8 , , my for c iii 25 Mor ,P, SwirT1:-E comes ub Golf ls Awesome Again Team Members, Back Row, L-R: Ricky Pfak, Todd Estrada, Adam Boolh, Brian Lighl. Middle Row, L-R: Mike Foley, Guy Herifelder, John Suokling, Coach Skip Harry. Boiiom Row, L-R: Sieve Pollock, Mark Neel, Tim Dudek, and Clark Renner. lj Guy Herffelder Takes a good swing and waiohes his shol, 25 Todd Estrada has a good sianoe while gelling his shot off The ground. 35 Mark Neel ailempfs To put This one on the green. Aj Brian Light makes an im- porfani shot, as Tim Dudek looks on. Vorsify Tennis Goes To C.!.F. Varsify Team Members, Back Row, L-R: Coach Dave Rapp, Marga- ref McAndrews, Shari Farkas, Lori Williams. Middle Row, L-R: Cindy Harder, Nancy Gillies, Sheila Flanagan, Erin Moriarly, Jeanne Magof- Hn. Front Ro w, L-Rx Wendy Rombold, Paige Kohh, Susie Reynolds, and Krisly White. Tess,--.,tf' - W. , JV Team Members, Back Row, L-R: Marci Panfon, Judy Anne Edwards, Lisa Foofer, Sharon Daddi, Coach Nancy Back, Anne Doherfy, Debra Hlnchy, Chris Daddi, Lori Herrs, Fronf Row, L-R: Kafhy Ensign, Jenna Keefer, Angela Romero, Jane Doughfy, An- gela Lauer, Melinda Gundelfnger, Rosanna Williams, and Krisla Young. JV Tennis '-los GreoT Season Spons 103 Frosh Football Plays Tough 5 .. 5 5' t tsv isf B vs get ,, Q - - -Q f"' K . Q f i x s is E M .... ff' top row L-R: Coach Ron Morris, Coach Dexter Winn, Temple Brown, Marc Moeller, Guy Buckland, Sean Salmon, Chris Owen, Andy Adamek, Coach Simeon Greenstein, Coach Paul Salgado, 3rd row, Jesus Huesias, Lorrenzo Paccelli, Jon Depolo, Marvin Brown, Billy Herrmann, Tommy Hernandez, Mike Tostado, Pete Dunber, Rick Geddes, Tim Salel, Robbie Powel, 2nd row, Lee Judd, Dale Meachany, Greg Williams, Brett Samis, Jeff Williams, John Bruun, Mike Hood, Danny Moy, David Schneider, Todd Anderson, Scott Corbin, Tessie Renteria, front row, Matt Kammerer, Drew Middleton, Kevin Onbrra, Robert Brown, Mike Mussel, Ted Russel, David Wilke, Chris Ramirez, James Kosset, Ron Canady Robert Mueller, Robert Lawrence 2. Danny May is in position. 3. The front line pushes forward. A. Mike Mussel gets ready for a hand off. 5. The defense is prepared to attack. 6. Jessie Renteria runs quickly. ,,,.., , , , , J.V. Football Has Fantastic Year . -4 VXA. X we 4 . f ' Qs... 8 fllil. , if '44, 'L V -5 .'sf'w:-, gms gg, .33 3 -..fig M , 5 , , - . . . Q, . , . 'F yn' fs V, E L . -. A wk as xg., Typ 3 - Y ,1 , ,.., ., . . . , s .-.,w Q X . of , fix .A wg 1 , 'sbs M En,,.s,se.,?:. 11 . L 8 Mgt swisg . - X, x , .,-! Al, 9 V-iz., R ,ns .. 2 4 3 3 . me Q-E ' if . . 3, ,. I L rung igq 9 P ,A g . fa 2 a-3 lv 1. aivq lil, Q fYl9rg'i"i , 4 A l 5 back row L-R: 76 Manny Quijada, 84 Craig Crane, 42 Steve May 44 Rusty Zielinski, 62 George Sharp, 28 Marty Wadley, 24 Vic Keese, 85 John Miller, 48 Darren Pennell, 87 Tom Schmitz, 72 Fred Thiess. 2nd Row: 40 Dan Wilkinson, 46 Mike Marquardt, 56 Pat Twohy, 64 Shawn Wardall, 23 Mike Tabarez, 32 Eric Flowers, 82 Roy Redmon, 86 Mike Schwaebe, 78 Greg Stephen. 54 Eric Nasland, 38 Kevin Zehner, Front Row: Head Coach Craig Scoggins, 24 Skip Kelly, 79 Chris McGuire, 50 Chad Callahan, 34 Bob Graff, 84 Eric Miller, 60 Richard Wheelock. 2. Brian Blanchard attempts an extra point. 3. A T.P. player gets rid of the ball. 4. The team huddles before a A fflkzlt . 'V game. 5. 424 Vic Keese fi' "" it' gg? , rushes for more ,, ff A fr, - 1 ,... ., r'li 'llii' ' yards. ,M,,,.. ,, ..., .. I l ss' fsr 4 riri l ssl R lii i 'l 4 4al 7 ills sissi irsfsi,4rs Qlflf 4 in ip .,b.. .. li gbs E A " :ff '. .li . W -' U 41' 3 vw k N :S N K gms ,,.. Q ..,. .... 2 .frrf . Ag SQ A ..-- atv' ,, Wf'- ' ' ' ,,.s mr sl l st 2. TP? . gf. sy. ,. K QQ? sw ..1 f'i Sports Powder Puff Fooiloall Team 'IQ ol . ..f., , ..x. J, . . ,- , . Nw S.. , . L ..... , , ,. - . ,, , . . K K All fkfa- N Q g W : 1 K 4 Am. W ..... 406 Sporls Team Members, Back Row, L-R: J. D, Knoils, Krisien Moriariy, Lori Wil- liams, Roxanne Golich, Robin Burton, Marrianne Zapella, Cindy Harder. Cissy Laughlin, Suzie I-lazellon, Arlin Miller, Sheri Simpson, Dawn Kellen- barger, Susan Donavan, Becky Connally, Neil Nineieman. 3rd Row, L-R: Greg May, Eileen Cassidy, Arlene ST. George, Susie Bleecker, Romi Siraussman, Bonnie Souihworih, Kalie Davis, Carole Dodds, Lisa Fulch, Lori Farkas, Robin Rodgers, Richard Allred. 2nd Row, L-R: Barry Engeiman, Sally Rea, Beth Dempsey, Christina Barakos, Sandy Jonas, Susie Cham- bers, Jane Laughlin, Laura Young, Judy Anne Edwards, Michelle Kraee buhl, Maureen Hauber, Monica Gerbrachi, Susan Teague, Sean De- laney. Fronl Row, L-R: David DeBruin, Lori Driver, Paula Gerome, Bonnie Bruun, Pam Casale, Lisa McDonald, Renda Aladray, Lori Ellison, Anne Wilson, Jill Forsyfhe, Chrisiina Souler, Amy Monroe, Sue Graham, and Tom Bailey. The cheerleaders show their spirii in The piclure on ihe right, 9 1 :YM W W fi 1 .QQ ,em- J' .4 Courtesy Co T Dispo M! ,Y , f dnl Wiawiwezwq FWKWQPB Zz 1 -,'f 1-f.5,,,,,, ff Susne Kofnno Pennxngfon Blouse Goudy Jane Loughhn Monlco Gerbrocht Thcxbo Ngubo STeve Aronso a " ' Q3 -U M2 ' M 3 was Y' M, 9 f n ,W 29 prfwwgwf nawdhslunlnitu .ws nzwfgg, an w.,........ 1 ...U , MN 0 , . ww: Wecffwm--w-lm,-f.4z4mu,:.WNmef:Ww.w, .UL MM, 'Q Va: -f ' ...L klklgizv ww-A W ,'L4,Q,w.l, 4nM,.,w my V .ww W9 ,nw-wamw-1 ,V 2 .Y 'iw k ver-y Splflfed vlclonous yeor Pines ' fonfoshc V ond con- uch The overoll school spur 2 --M., 'I5 J.V. Group 25 Becky Jomos 35 Ann Wilson A5 FB. Ployers 55 Corol Dodds 1 X 4 , xx ,..v""" Frosh GST Happy!! Kelly Homecomln ,..4v" 1, Cindy Schock x nl Show Enfmmcnsm :mg if Y QS was mg' 'ery W Q" g A 'gif 23 Wx, ' . A , Spirif M3 Bond lvldrohes On! This yedr's Bond members included: Creor fo fronl, leff fo righfy Joe Hollond, Tim Websfer, Cdfhy Ridley, Ann DeWeese, Jim Howo, Koren Clork, Poul Silber, Arieno Bromblerl, Moll Ford, Eric Johnson, Ddvid Miller, Fronk Gldsson, Dovid Bull, Kenl Slienriede, Jeff Hulsmdn, Kelly Wynne, Cynlhio Winegdrdener, Alice Booher, Anild Pedrozo, Angie Smyfh, Ddrcy Moore, Tdwny Brown, Tom Mdnkhen, Ndncy Alverez, Jennifer Pod, Chris Hdogon, Ddvid Holi, Chef Sfringhdm, Deono Miller, Hedlher Noce, Chris Gorcio, Jennifer Schromm, Suson Loufenberg, Cris Cossidy, Poige Cldxlon, Suson MoDonold, Sdlly Clork, Michelle Hollensfein, Gilbert Guzmon, Todd Schmiff, ond Don Holi. ,HW 'l lA Spiril 1. 1,,:ifvizex,g. -3 -- :gg5ff1iz3,-- . X n X . MN X x ,Q-, ' -L A :itz K, gzfx-ff fs. fy -f 'P ,?WT'9'h' 'IT f ff-We, yw,m,f W, Z , ,, ,K Thi Z 'il k' -. . ,,,. if I mmmk S 3 i 4: XM, i X I .. , 3 cull 'W - 'film ' "1 " , 1-an ':-1' - N'i'aw ,.: 1. if 1- --X M".-cm , -If lv Q , ' L f., Q 'ii fm A .. -,Q + 1... ,113 Robbie Pando A" 'n'igq3ifx f. ' gp Xu?-' Tfgfzzf, ' ' 'if vw ...vii x J x U V ' -- , -,H F 1'. ,YQ .1 in I 34:32 , A Q q .gl gi .Q A . 3, 1 '-1 M, 0 5 I , 'L Q. n fs Q 2 ,M 4, v 9 1 r' , W ii gy x X .1 1 u 11 ffm 'W' if f 0 I f , Wg' M ",' A by If Q., K' , Jw- fy 1 ,, f .X.' A . ,E fxv vfffkg 5 'I W .. .- . 1 5 N , 2 45' ,gt r' I V . Experimentation with new styles typi- fied the work done by this year's FAL- CONE? stuff. qubovep An exceptionally talented group of people worked together to produce a unique paper. Trained to do any job on the paper, the staffers stayed after school, worked long hours, and entered contests. All this effort result- ed in awards on both the local and national level. Disneyland was the site of the 4984 JEA national convention. For four days and three nights the staff at- tended a convention made up of workshops, seminars, contests, dances and cultural field trips. A great time was had by all. Falconer Staff includes, from bottom left, Maria Riley, Ray Green, Jodie Palumbo, Jes- sica Offir, Angie Smyth-Editor, Michael Dalzell-Assistant Editor Row 2: Mari- anne Zapella, Melina Guzelimian, Steve Sherman, Evn Goldberg, Marla Robb, Andi Newcomer-Advisor Row 3, Steve Schneider, Neil Cassidy, Jer- emy Oury, Chris Jackson, Julie Metzger, Liam Truchard Row A Mark Posner, Ray Pittman. Not pictured- Bob Capener X , ii: R .... ':f555'?'f 'ML ft iJ'g!f'ii1'1'x fl in 2- L my ''A-WG,Mxefgvgifzesl.i:z1f5"5'' , ' --" . - ff"-isis A ' Newspaper And Yearbook Staffs Produce Quality Publications -AB EdiTor Susan Teague and Advisor Dr. Angela Aschbrenner led This year's yearbook siaff To form whai has been freauenTly called, "The besT yearbook ever." Many hours were speni Taking picTures, forming layouTs and puTTing TogeTher The final copy. BoTh semes- Ter classes had Their work cuT ouT for Them, buT made iT Through successfully. STaff mem- bers picTured Cbaok row, I To rp: D.J. Miller, Carmen Jameson, Marianne Young, Nancy Coulburn, Bonnie SouThworTh, Maureen Hauber, Shannon McGriTT, MarTin AsTI, Brad Simmons, Kevin Corcoran, MaTT Ford, QseaT- ed, l To rp Syd Bell, Doan Hohmeyer, Susan Teague, Dr. Angela Aschbrenner, KrisTen Moorhead, JaneT PaTerson, Chris Shaw. NoT picTured: STeve Lindley, Mark Minasian, Paula Ciardelli, Randy AnTler, Bill Cunningham. Clubs 419 RdcdueTodIi Bdckpdcking Bicycling Some of The T.P.H.S, sTudenTs decided To geT TogeTher for iusT pioin fun. All Through The yeor The Bdckpdcking, Bi- cycling, dnd clubs goT To- geTher To dnd hdve d good Time. RocqueTbdII is cornpeTiTive, fdsT moving sporT rdpidiy dT TP. This yedr dnd Frdnk Chonnbiiss ddvised The dnd The Tur- nouT hos been good. Besides pidying tourndments ogdinst other schools, the members dlso enjoy pldying dmong themselves. Pic- tured ore members Courtney Brighdm, Kenny Winchell, Greg Moy, Cdrlie Burke, Tony Whitney, Kevin Corcoron, Tonid Hdmmidi. Lindo Edrlie, Dino Hubbdrd, Kristo Kohler, Not pictured: Robin Rod- gers, Susdn Teogue, Sheri Boll, Debbie Corlin, Seon Crdne, Kirk Wotermon, ond Bill Preisler. The bockpdcking club is bdsicdl- ly d group who enjoy ndture ond o feeling of componionship. lt's on extremely out going ond ex- pressive group who enjoys work- ing together, ond, GS circum- stonces often require, becoming o mdkeshift circus oct. They wel- come everyone who enjoys nd- ture ond friendship to join their rdnks. Prerequisites ore o tough poir of feet ond d sense of hu- mor. Members ore, from top left: Aliso Reynolds, Kdty Winchell, Ju- liette Winterer, Eldine Rogers, Dione Butler, Bob Broddheod, Advisor Mr. Frontz, Jitko Pdrez, Mdrk Ldrrimore, Jennifer Boch- mdn, Suson Herwig, Julie Moore. The Bicycle Club is d group of non-rdcing, touring bicyclists who get together for weekend rides ond trips to the dnnudl Mexicdli-Sdn Felipe ond Tecdte- Ensenddd bicycle rdces. Pic- tured dre: Qtop, left to rightj Bev Hoy, President Mike Hohmeyer, Dove Ybdrro d, Mortin Dulfortne, Jrcid, Chris Q Rich Slot- I Dennis Astl, Hopkins, Chris kin, ond Kirk Glover. Not Pictured: Corol Abney, Pot Hess, Julie Moore, Chris Hogon, Lisd Boldwin ond club odvisor Mike Estrin. W. hu nd? Jw, f N .jx 1 Oi .. M. New f if A fQ'W,sw X k' see M Y .W ill! fffifs -. Q., ...A- wx , 1' 5 X ,, s X ? P K, w 3 X 'im ""' ' mm 'wg The Torrey Pines Execufive A.S.B. Sfudenf Council composed of Twelve elecfea' ofH- cers, works as a liaison belween The siudenf body, The facully, The admrnisfralors, and The school board. The hardworking group of sfu- denls also plan all pep rallies, assemblies, elections, several dances, and The home- coming fesiivifies. Through a greaf deal of hard work and dedicafion, The group has made This year one of Torrey Pines besl. ln January, The 1980 ASB council leff ofhce, and The 1981 council was installed-hopeful of a successful coming year. The 1980 council members are: Hap phofo, from Top leflj Slephanie Parr, Kevin Howard, Lori Powell Wayne Arendsee, Michelle Linkowski Ted Mahoney, Kaffe Davis, Maif Alexander, Pam Casale, Eileen Cassidy, Slephanie Liu, Shan- non Wagner, l?enee' LaBerge, Gabe Dalry, Dr. Angela Aschbrenner, Julie Garland. Nor Plciured is Arlrn Miller, The 1981 Members: Cboifom phofo, from Top leflj Alan Summers, Ted Mahoney, Dr. Angela Aschbrenner, Greg Babrkian, Wayne Arendsee, VlckiFeher, Slef- hanie Liu, Anne MacPhearson, Belh BonForle, Anne Doherfy, Julie Dodd, Hedy Chang, Sfephanle Parr, Cindy lighf. Xie-Ars' The TP. speech Team mem- y bers parTicipaTe in forensic league compeTiTions and privaTe compeTiTions, work- ing To perfecT Their public speaking skills. Several ouT- sTancling speakers have won numerous awards, bringing much presiige To The Team. Members include: Qfrom Iefij KaTe Flynn, Josh Hoehne, Mary Buchanan, Jeff Leh- mann, Mark Larrimore. Pai- rick Rivelli, Karen Clark, Laura Budlong, Becky Golich, KaThy PeTer, George Kelly. Melina Guzelimian, Bev Grani. Since 1965, the ROCKETTQY AND ASTIPONOMY CL UB has had it 's share of rocke ters, astronomers and pyrotechnicians under the supervision of O.B. Karge. I 41 The trip to Borrego Springs wouldn 't be complete without a stop at Dud- le y's Bakery where the club stocks up on provi- sions for the three days. All things considered the trips are a blast MQ Members are: Dave Schultz, Don Schultz, Eric Landen, l?obert Bacon, Robert Docsh, John Houston, Todd Schmitt, Susan Bach- man, Susan Herwig, Mark Toy, Monique Toy, Chris Os tergard, Philip Stirtz, l?ay Garcia, Chris Garcia, Eric Flowers, Chris Flowers, Chris Walker, Chet Stringham, Chris Hougan, Gilbert Guzman, ln addition to reading science iiction books, the SCIENCE FICTION CL UB creates their own movies and attends science Hction conventions, The club is also trying to persuade the administration to add a Science Fiction English class to the curriculum, Members are, from top left, Chris Mill- er, Vasu Murtys, Volker Hoehne, Jennifer Bach- man, Juliette Winterer, Susan Herwig, Advisor John McClarren, Vice-President Aaron Kremer, President T. G, Mahnken, Secretary and Treasur- er Laura Kristan, Rama Murty, Todd Kawasaki. Meeting often to achieve world peace, an end to starvation, and a clean non-radioactive envi- ronment, the FUTURE CLUB is led by Rosamond Sleigh, Co-Presidents Mary Buchanan and Pat l?ivelli, Foreign Correspondent Misha Klein, Spiritu- al Advisor Steve Aronson, Space Explorer Volker Hoehne, and General Members Bill Hutchings, George Kelly, and Josh l-loehne all promote glo- bal harmony by understanding foreign cultures and eating Hsh. The Future Club's Hrst year is proving to be successful and enriching. Mem- bers, standing from left to right, areg Pat l?ivelii, William Hutchings, George Kelly, Mary Buchanan, Juergen Hoehne, Volker l-loehne, Pose Sleigh, sit- ting, Misha Klein, Steve Aranson J i s , so i L"' T T ,T T 5, T , s s T T. ', + T . T f T TM, ' T f' A' A gf , ii we mf. If fl - W 4 ,V ,Xt 'few' . I 'T les " T 'Q Q A ., Q . ,. 5 2 mf kg hi y Though noT The besT known club on compus, The ' Wor Gaming club is one of The lorgesT. WiTh more GV Thon 25 rniliTdry enThusiosTs, The club is olso one of '- Hllf f T The mosT ocTive. Led by Their presidenT ond senior TdcTiTon ArThur PoTryk, The club is currenTly involved in o global wor gome simuloTing The world's ocTuol b miliTory forces. AporT from This The club olso ploys :MT 'T Dungeons ond Drogons ond oTher populor simulo- TM? GNN. 4 Q 5 I anew ,Af 7 f" fi Tion games, Hopefully The club will grow in populoriTy ond size os more people become lnTeresTed in The exciTing world of wor gorning. PicTured ore mem- bers Qfrom lefT, Top lefT phoToj T.G. Mohnken, lVloT- Thios Relnsch, Bill Loncloni, Bruce Aleen, ScoTT Good- mon, Mike STrickIond, Chorlle Crocker, John Jelley, ArThur PoTryk, Volker Hoehne, Glen Hirschbers, Chris Jockson, John Lyon, ond Tim Lennone. The World CulTure Club was formed To expose as many peo- ple To as many differenT culTures l as possible. Members picfured are: qfrom Top lefTj Susan Mc- Donald, Michelle HollensTein, Jul- lieTTe Winferer, Laura KrisTan, CeCe Rouse, Karla Reinke, Jeff Lehmann, Marcie Held, Lars Hol- land, KaTe Flynn, Brad Arakalian, Yoko Arisaka, Sara Diamond, Carolyn Rouse, Susan Chow, Jifka Parez, Laura Budlong, Jennifer Bachman, Kim Norden, Kymberely Speir, Sheria Furse, Susan Herwig, Jessica Offir. World CulTure The Flying Fish Club is a new organizafion on campus This year, and was organized for The purpose of building pride in our school. Three hundred sTudenTs paid 84.00 dues, and The money was used To purchase Trees and flow- ers which were planTed on The campus. The club sponsored The Flying Fish conTesT, which was won by Jon Kellogg wiTh a jump of six inches. The club also sponsored The Au- Tumn Fesfival and The Peace Garden dedica- Tion. During The Aufumn FesTival abouT 800 sTudenTs, parenfs, faculTy and sTaff planTed 35 Trees and over S4000 worTh of flowers. Three clubs uniTed To planT a Peace Garden. All areas of The campus were cleaned, and as a resulT The sTudenTs now Take more pride in The campus. Members are, from Top lefT, Nicole Noga, Renee Sfreen, Angela Thorson, Denise MckiTTerick, MarTin AsTl, Monnie Barn- hill, Leonard Morris, Lisa TilesTon, Jennifer Ber- end, Greg Wiegand, PeTe Johnson. LefT, STudenTs working during The AuTumn FesTival To planf The Peace Garden, and righT, The signing of The welcome home card which was presenTed To The 52 American HosTages on Their reTurn home. Flying Fish lnTerocT is d service club whose moin gools This yeor were To per- suode sTudenTs To becorne more involved, moke new sTudenTs welcome on compus, ond To ex- press The feelings of sTudenTs To The public Through The RoTdry Club of Sdn Diego. Members in- clude: Mr. Bill ToTum QRoTory Re- presenToTivej lVlrs. CoordT QAdvi- sory, Kymberely Speir, lvlory Bu- chonon, Doug Burns, lvliho Ogd- sohoro, lvloureen Hduber, Jeff Lehmonn, lvldrci Heid, Todd SchmiTT, Wendy lvlillon, Arezou GoshTobi, Liso FuTch, Joe Hol- lond. The Gerord Goose club, or- gdnized ond run by Tedcher Jon RoberTson, is o commu- niTy service group. For ChrisTrnos rnony boxes of cloThes ond Toys were col- lecTed ond delivered To needy fdmilies in The locol oreo ond in Bolo Colifornid. STonding: LefT To l?ighT: Tino Solel, Advisor Jon RoberTson, Elizo Kelley, CourTney Brighom, Mdrilee BuTT. Froni Row: John Fox, Doon Hoh- rneyer, Morionne Young, Noncy Coulbourne. Bock Row: Kevin Howord, Pdul AusTin, Tim Young, Doyno Bobikion. lnTerocT . ,-"M .fi 1 Clubs 127 , J .T California Scholarship Federafion TJ, -K S .T'S'J i ix as ,iw if if FronT row: l-r: Doug Burns, Maggie MosTeller, Zoreh Mahdavi, Ceci Rouse, Josh Hoene, Hedy Chang. 2nd row, l-r: Diana Lelea, Wendy Milan, Laura Budlong, Kim Speir, Jessica Offir, Chris Gar- cia, Yoko Arisaka. Back row, l-r: Paf Rivelli, Marcie Held, Advisor Dennis Blanchard, Melina Guzelimian, Elaine ReiTer, Shiera Furse. American Field Service The AFS is inTernaTionally concerned for The welfare of fellow sTudenTs Throughouf The world. The club widens iTs horizons by enTerTaining new viewpoinTs of foreign sTudenTs. The aim is achieved by cooper- aTion, Travel, and social gafherings. Top row, l-r: Kay Landis, Karla Reinke, Yoko Ariasaka, Jeff Leh- mann, Dawn Kellenbarger, C-reg Reifer, KaTe Flynn, Marcie Held, Kimberely Speir, Mark Larrimore, Brad Arakelian, Lisa Ken- nedy, Fred Brown, Volker Hoehne, Esfelle Hubbard, Middle row, l-r: Advisor Roger Miyashiro, Tina Salel, Nora Welsh, Cheryl Tay- lor, Shi Furse, Beverly Hay, Kimbro Norden, Miho Ogaswara, Paula Gerome. BoTTom row, l-r: Sheila Flanagan, Michelle, Judy Ann Edwards, Hedy Chang, Jill Rivelli, Jessica Offir, Deanna Brown, Lisa Grim, Laura Budlong, Diana Lelea. 'f gf - . Jpgs-1 ,QR fx is 'ex I- X Qi QR x El X L 3 ,B gg ,I QQ Q W N lg! 51 X aww xx A 'H Q J it g X Q, 2' x iv v wi x gk EH NN. A fp Q, N an N V Xvwu: :..-:. .- 3553 165, it ..,f 4 MQ A ml 1, .rf -Zz f . if K' -Rwilxwei. N K. E K E is - ,, V .i FV 4- ' ,,.. av Bi w..m.N,, , Hi we I .84 C .Q -i- Q -I- .42 .Q E Ad TS selo UD 8, CJ U7 -0- Q Oo I2 if' i l 1 T 5 If T ADMINISTRA TION, lefl 'ro rignl: Assislanl Principal Leonard Morris, Principal Hal Buller, Assislanl Principal Pal Rogan, Di- reclor of Sludenl Aclivilies, Dr. Angela Ascnbrenner, Direclor of Alnlelics, Pick Preslwood. COUNSELORS, lefr lo rignl, TOP: Dennis Blanchard, Judy Funslon, Jo Vllorlning- Ton. BOTTOM: Marge Gale, Roger Miya- sniro. "Muon was learned Muon was apprecialed Much will be remembered." Dr. Ascnbrenner l'Take life one day al a lime" Marge G-ale l'Oive lo ine world ine pesl you can and ine pesl will come back To you." Roger Miyasniro C O 4: O O 3 'G LL.I lol Spec NNW? SPECIAL ED, lefT To righT: Sam Posner, Jean Finley, Sue Ziegler, Joan DeLong. SPEECHXDRAMAXMUSIC, lefT To righT: Bev GranT, Jeff Brosbe, Ralph Dudgeon. CLERICAL STAFF, IefT To righT, BACK ROW: Chris Jones, LoreTTa Arpallo. Mary Hernandez. MIDDLE: PaT Powell, PaT VVoTkyns, Nancy lvla- jeski, Cindy Brown, Aggie Carver. FRONT: lvleri lvlay, Lynn STeiger- wald, Ed Tholke, Jean SchmidT. 'lln SepTemper a group of sTudenTs goT TogeTher and seT a goal To make This year The pesT in The hisTo- ry of The school. From my view I would say They accomplished Their goal. IT cerTainIy has been a mosT rewarding year for me and one ThaT I will never forgeT. BesT wishes for conTinued success!" The Kingfish P-TI U -I- UD 'E -9 .Q LDT? Q. .Q cn 3 maflvl Speech X Dra ,MW Wm Tlx, STaff 434 .C cn s Engl Tic CJ S Th .x C0 YO fn "F Q :Q C1 vf' 1 'V 3, 22-51 A., lnwiwqhf KA 4 mb Q -l- U C dl Educ Physio VGFS Bus Drl ENGLISH, lefl To right, BACK ROW: Rolph Dudgeon, Bev C-ronl, John lVlcClorren, Dr. Angelo Aschbrenner, Jon Roperlson, Jeff Brosbe, Nicole Cooper, Delino Roboir, Lono Smoll. FRONT: Dorlene Polmer, S. Tomlin Geisendorff, Andi Newcomer, Wendy Krouss, Dee Fronk, Sieve Corllon. MA THEMA TICS, lefl To righl, BACK ROW: Joe Skinner, Dole Johnson, Jim Griffin, Don Lymon. MIDDLE: C-dry Williomson, Jim Tem- ples, Joe Irwin. FRONT: Vicki Coordl, Joy Shepord. PHYSICAL EDUCA TION, lefl To righl: Ann Sonson, Dorold Nogle, Lynne Vollocher, Burl Blockwell, Lourie Jocobsmeier, Rick Preslwood, Shirley Rehkopf, Dexler Wynn. BUS DRIVERS, lefl To rlghl: Offie Lone, Pol Kowolski, Lindo l-lernondez, Chuck Cold- well, Everell Romirez, Joy Miller. ARUBUSINESS, lefr To righl, BACK ROW: Glenn Torrence, Roberl Pelirmermel, Derek l-lowes. FRONT: Michele Beccorelll, Roso Olson. SS D9 si ArlfBu Sloff 433 l IWC Soe 434 Siclff nier Ce Medici SCIENCE, Iefi To rigm, BACK Rovvg eriffiryghirley Rionordson, Peie Meeker, Connie Johnson, Rob Froniz. FRONIQ Vicki Coordi, Sieve STroiiiff,i,Sondy Yoyonos. Spivey, JoAnn Vogel, Bruiie Reynoids. """"'w e ee l HOME ECHV, left To rigni: lvlorlys Melnouse, Arnie Rus- kin, Jock Kenclcill, Mary Ann Scnoell, Jerry Gcililey. SOCIAL STUDIES, lefl To righl: Simeon Greenslein, Sion Riches, Skip l-lorry, PelerEvc1ns, Lynne Vcllocher, Anne- Morlen Ebeling, Jirn Phillips. Sm Sloff 435 5 ..,, lli h J Www ,,,, A fi E P 1r fe E If " ff W 9, wp' Class 4- 4' 5 ,ir wwf' ' s i 'mir' 3 Y, l ,Q S . M ,qi Li 5 Ay Af' CDT EighTy-CDne'?! I 5 .. Q5 is , ,J ..X.x .V ,L.A K Z, S J Q S S - Sr!! Rr-....r' A' Wad' ,, ,WW Many years ago . . . and They grew To become The class of EighTy-One. PicTured an These Two pages: Mike, Jane, Kip, KaTie, Kevin, Gabe, Shan- if -ur . ne' i 'x K non, Tea, Doan, Susie, Susan, Susie, Don, Pam, MargareT, Julie, Lori, Barry, Marina, Nancy, Julie, Sydney, and Ar- lin i-' W' 32 W 53111 F 946 438 STC1ff MAA ,JV-1, W . v i . v,Qx3Z:w,fL 1-1 - 2 s ,. ...N Aw., . ,-5 K-f5' u!aiy"'milf1 " . 1. . :1 2' gi Thi ' ' - , ,,,. H '11, H fe, S 45 M , . , , , .X M . 'w.. 5 iq, V Qhsw s A M-v8AfA, J A ki-K5 ,Q ,MQ W .ma Rose Sleigh Jackie Harrigan O.B. Karge Kay Allgire Dan Lyman Craig Scoggins Dennis Kozlow Frank Chambliss Vince Meyer Gary Morgan Mike Esirin Dave Shaffer Mary Hernandez Pai Woikyns STaff 'I39 CD O3 U 3 CD C U .4 Foreign ..x Ib 2 U5 -Q- O :Q FOREIGN LANGUAGE, left To rignf, BACK ROW: Koy Dillon, Andy Beckers, Joonn Nerini, SusonLee Morlino, Roso Olson. FRONT: Sion Riches, Wendy Krouss. INSET: Bobbi Cowperlhwoile. CUSTODIAL STAFF lefl lo rigni, BACK ROW: Roberl Groy, Jonn Townsend. MIDDLE: Cnorles Poge, Som Steel, Dole Linquisl. FRONT: Bruce Bogers, Debbie Ellioli. Cuslodiol Sloff lui, , Wi f X 1 CW' .QQ ' . s Q , i LY V . t 51 'W " ' is , as f ,, . X4 .mb.Fk- I K 'fn fi' . ax' 'QL .lg 4 'sph ,'1 LQMQ 8 E ,. 3 'Ihr iffy ' r ,Q " 'ziaiinv 4 "A 'ish K . W '9 :K Q3 ':'3'ml .Q , , , s 14 Q5 S if 1, f ge V7 , V ', M. K V , A ,Q . 3,8 2 :V ,,." 'wan ' X 4054 M2 'L .lllrf , ggi! I 0, , 5 7' Allen, lvlafr Anderson, Rogan Archer, Kelley Arendsee, Wayne Babikian, Greg Bacnrnan, Jennifer Baldwin, Lisa Balsley, Alisa Balsey, Craig Banks, J. Barbour, Wendy Baroli, Marlene Becker, Dawn Berke, Cnrisfian Billy, k. Binrer, Daniel Biszanlz, JoAnn Blackman, Cory Bonora, Richard Bowles, Melanie Boynlon, Geoff Brignlman, Elaine Broadus, Kim Brown, Deanna Q X Brown, Fred Brown, Townyo Bryson, Michelle Bubnock, Ted Buczek, Celine Bullelle, Bryon Burge, Liso Byrne, Poi Ccinfielcl, John Corruihers, Don Cory, Zone Cossidy, Neil Coslle, Mike Chong, Hedy Clork, Koren Cloyron, Suson Connelly, Don Cox, Jim Crelin, S. Crelon, S. Crouch, Scoil Culhberl, Dovid Dovey, Corol Doys, Gross Defoe, Michelle Deimling, Ron Dempsey, Belh Devine, Foilh Disch, Mike Dillmer, Allison Dodds, Carole Dogue, Ricky Doughly, Jane Duaek, Tim Dunbar, Kalhy Easlman, Debbie Eberharcll, Bob Ebersol, Michelle Ellison, Greg Engholm, Carl Farkas, Lori Ferguson, Mall Flanagan, Sheila Flecky, Dan Finney, Hugh Fish, Garreil Frankum, Kalie Freeberg, Kelly Friehauf, Craig Fulch, Lisa Ganor, Leora Gelgana, Yvonne Germain, Laura Gerorne, Paula Gillies, Nancy Glanz, Roberl 9 K QR lf? X 1, if: X H- 'eg 4 ,K 3 'QR vw' Goldberg, Evdn Golich, Becky Goldsrnilh, Chris Gomez, Arlhur Goodjohn, Jornes Goodwin, Joseph Gordon, Robin Goshlosbi, Arezou Greenwood, Michelle Grendo, Mike Gribble, Roche! Grumel, Mory Hoire, S Hommond, Lorello Hdrnson, Ben Houber, Mdureen Hoy, Beverly Hozellon, Suzie Hedlhmon, Roger Henderson, Crdig Herwig, Suson Hess, Polricio Higgins, Mike Holldnd, Joseph Holldnd, Lors Holslon, Ann Horner, Jesse Howo, Jdmes Hoyer, Allison Huddleslon, Julie Huesios, Morino Hunler, Lowell Jackson, Chris Jacobs, Ted Johnson, Charlie Jordan, Richard Karnrnerer, David Kaplar, David Kelly, Joseph Kelly, Marie Kenney, Gwen Klngslon, Melissa Klall, Scoh Knapp, Brian Knulzen, Paul Krohn, Bellina Lance, Ruan Lehmann, Jeff Liu, Slefanie Loflin, Karen Lyaon, J Mac Donald. Magner, Jeff Pal wwe -1" 'v 1 -L ANNIE? Mahdavi, Zohreh Malmberg, Lori Mongos, R Marlowe, Becky Marquardt, Mike Maher, Guy Martin, Tara Martinez, Marty Maung, Michael May, Steve McCombs, Brad McGrath, Ann McNellis, Michael Mecallis, Mark Mehas, Rebecca Meredith, Joel Merideth, Greg Merriam, Jaime Mod, J Mons, Irene Moore, Jeff Moore, Julie Moore, Kevin Monroe, Amy Montes, Lisa Montgomery, Kurt Montoya, Celia Navaian, Reza Nicholson, Craig Obodzinski, Regina O'Brien, Brenda O'Bymachow, Joe Ogasawara, Miho Oury, Jeremy Panton, Marcie Parr, Stephanie Paffison, Paul Pecham, C Pedroza, Anna Peiiigrino, Tony Perkins, Travis Pefer, Kafhy Pefrash, John Pfeiffer, Mike Phelps, Jennifer Piiof, J Polzin, Lance Posner, Mark Quijada, Manny Ramone, R Rea, Sally Reifer, Eiaine Rendon, John Rhoades, Denise Richards, M Richards, M Ridley, Kaihy Rivelii, Pai Robb, Marla Rogers, Carlin g, if 5 14 g YN Rogers, Shown Rotten, J Rouse, Cecilio Rubolcobo, Kothleen Russell, Dovid Sokofsky, Eileen Solel, Tino Sondberg, Erico Sorkor, Joyo Schmitz, Heidi Schneider, Steve Schneidermon, Tonyo Schwerghofer, Koren Schwinn, S Settles, S Severino, Stocey Shorp, George Sheremeto, Jomes Shermon, Scott Shore, Robert Sigler, Corol Silber, Ellen Simmons, lviork Sisson, Deonno Slipper, Poul Sorenson, Tyler Souler, Chrislino Specior, Tony Slorkey, Scoll Slegmon, Ann Summers, Alon Thomson, Helen Timmins, Jonice Truchord, Poulol Vonderbiesen, Russ Vonek, Cheryl VonLeeuwen, Jessico Vonvronken, Mike Vorgo, Tom Vedell, Renee Vizzolini, Joseph Woldol, Jimmy Wordoll, Shown Welsh, Noro Weis, Peler Wheelock, Richord Wilkey, Linda 'xY9'i:li15i'lT' 1 .Is 7 lilly 1 Williams, Susan Wilson, Ann Wozencrofl, Steven Wrighl, Darin Zczppello, Morionne Ziskin, P yqirlh The Many Faces Of Soiahornores 4 5 K ' 3 ff i Qt iw, :1 A x llc is I in 'I , Abney, Carol Adler, David Alexander, Mall Allan, Bruce Allen, Ryan Appleron, John Arakelian, Brad Asll, Dennis Bachrnan, Nancy Balsley, Brad Banninga, Carol Bass, Scoil Beauchane, Greg Benedicr, Edye Bilinski, Ann Blanchard, Brian Bleecker, Margie Bonforle, Belh Booher, Alice Boorh, Peler Bressler, Karen Brurnfield, Daina Bujas, Sonja Cadden, Chris Cahey, Torn Callahan, Chad Carpinelli, Nick Chaparro, Mary Churich, Barry Cianciarulo, Joe Clancy, Shauna Claxton, Michelle Cohen, Nancy Cook, Allison Cosrello, Elvis Corcoran, Mary Sophomores 453 Cowing, Porn Crewson, Louro Cruz, Cormen Doddi, Chris Doniels, Suzy DeGrow, Nicole Delocruz, Coco Dillon, Debbie Donnelly, Koren Donner, Bloke Dudley, Chris Dodson, Eric Emerson, Mike Emrick, Andreo Endres, Yvette Eslberg, Leoh Ewing, Chris Ewing, Scoli Foy, Mike Filler, Arny Filzpolrick, Bobby Flonogon, Tom Flohr, Suzzy Flowers, Eric C-orcio, Chris Cowie, Debbie Glover, Kirk C-ooclrncrn, Dorin Gordon, Qhondo G-roff, Nick C-rohorn, Julie Green, Alice 4541 Sophonnores 'Nb Greenburg, Berh Hall, Shannon Hall, Tami Hamillon, Eric Hamrnidi, Marc Harmon, Scoll Harper, Jayne Hari, Kevin Harlrnan, Chris Hazelron, Mike Heizer, John Highfill, Sandra Hildebrand, Ward Hinchy, Greg Hinds, Garrett Hinz, Hearher Hopkins, Chris Hougen, Chris Huff, Shayne Isroelil, Todd Irvin, Jirn Jacobs, Siaci Jameson, Carmen Jimenez, Nina Johnson, Perer Judd, Erik Kawasaki, Todd Kellogg, Jon Kercharn, Dave Kincaid, Slacey Kokaska, Fred Krislan, Laura Likins, Sieve Laird, Linda Lasch, Rena Lennane, Eric Sophomores 155 Lindley, Mike Macpherson, Ann Mahnken, TG. Mandel, Mark Maness, Julie Mangiarelii, Richard Mannhalier, Greg Marandino, Luca Marino, Mark Marquez, Mike Marii, Andres Mariin, Shana Mariin, Sieve Mariin, Tami Mariinez, Loraine Massas, Todd McCollum, Ginny McGee, Maria McGowan, Theresa Merideih, Jiil Meyn, Bili Minasian, Mark Moriariy, Erin Morrissey, Mike Mosieiler, Maggie Muhl, David Nasland, Eric Ngubo, Meliss Noel, Meg. Noel, Tirn 456 Sophomores -Jeff Q I mi . Ogdon, Erica O'Reilly, Kathi O'Reilly, Sean Organ, Tim Owen, Lance Paa, Amy Painter, Camille Pandolfe, Steve Parez, Jitka Pearl, Jessica Pedroza, Raul Penloerth, Katy Pennell, Daren Peirson, Kathy Pollack, Steve Powell, Laura Ptak, Ricky Ravozzolo, Chris Redmon, Roy Reese, Diana Reinholz, Heidi Relnsch, Matthias Renner, Clark Reynaga, Becky Rincon, Manny Roberts, Peter Rogers, Elaine Rombold, Wendy Ross, John Rouse, Carolyn Sabin, Leslie Sandford, Thad Sandhu, Karm Schicht, Mimi Schmitz, Tom Seller, Karl Sophomores 457 Seiph, Russell Selverslon, Melina Sharp, Roberi Shermela, Jaime Sherman, Robin Sherman, Tom Siebengarlner, lvl. Skramslaa, Sharon Smith, Joi Smyih, Lorraine Sorenson, Whilney Souler, Yolanda Siannara, Damon Sieinriede, Kenl Siephan, Greg Stevens, lvleriaelh Slevenson, Mike Slimler, Kalhy Siringham, Cher Slrole, Pal Slubbs, Jayelyn Suokling, Brian Tale, Tom Teagle, John Temples, Julie Teschmacher, L, Thomas, Lynelle Timm, Kirk Twohy, Pal Urauharl, Joe Vernon, Ellen Vignaio, Nina Vizzolini, Mali Vallman, Jennifer Waage, Elena Wadley, Marty 158 Sophomores ,aww K 1.9 J 5-. 'A ? iii 'xi I s ...A A -www I . 5 ' , si: , X Q' jgiigiig X ffm? 1 1 L' x I jf' 5 ii: 5, 3 N 55? si , , X,.,. W, 2 Q 5? Freshmen Abney, Mark Abrams, Jan Adamo, Louis Aladray, Deena Aladray, Rodger Aleman, Paul Alexander, Janef Alvarez, Nancy Andrews, Naomi Arboleda, Alexander Arendsee, Kiefh Augusta, Sfeve Averill, Amy Baldwin, Jeffery Bales, Michelle Barmefler, Brian Baumgardner, Jenifer Beck, Cheryl Binfer, Lisa Boberfz, Janef Beffenberg, Chris Bergen, Richard 162 Freshmen -Hams -sg is y L 'wal' ,N Bogner, Deboroh Bononno, John Bonoro, Vivionne Boone, Kenneth Bourke, Noel Bowmon, Doroiheo Brombleif, Ariono Bresnick, Rebecco Brood, Kenclol Brown, Morvin Brown, Roberi Brown, Temple Bruun, John Bushnell, Gail Compbell, Colin Cory, Trovis Cossidy, Chrislinci Cherry, Jim Chow, Derrick Clork, Soroh Clulier, Lynn Colbourne, Chrislino Cole, Jenny Collins, Erik Collins, W Cook, Andrew Freshmen 463 Cooper, John Coordl, Mark Corbin, Scolr Couch, Shawn Cox, Tea Crocker, Charles Crosby, Jill Danninger, Eric Davidson, Blake Davidson, M Davis, Erik Deans, Elizabelh Decker, Twila Delforlrie, Marlen DiCkGfSOf'l, KOTDGHDG Doelsch, Kimmy Douglas, Sieve Drain, Darlene Dunbar, Pele Eksrrom, Chrisropher Elder, James Elliol, Douglas Ensign, Brooke Ensign, Brooks Ewing, Jacqueline Farkas, Benjamin 4611 Freshmen f'1if ,K Mun nf 2 JV D c 14 iw, W 4 'Q W Faye, Susan Finley, Rachael Fletcher, Holly Flelcher, Kimmy Flores, Lisa Fora, lvlarrhew Ford, Robert Fosserr, James Fox, Terra Garrison, Lisa Geiser, lvlarrhew G-iacomini, Carhy Gibb, Heaiher G-illanderse, Glasson, Julie Freshmen 465 Golicn, Cheryl Good, Ddvid Grdcidno, Rondld Green, Tom Greenberg, Lyndd Gross, Cndrles Gundelfinger, lvlellndd Guzmdn, Gilberl Hdll, Ddniel Hdll, Ddvid Hdll, Tnornds Hdmrnldi, Tdnid Hdrnson, Mdllnew I-ldssel, Brell Hdys, Kdren Heillgenberg, Csilld Heller, Dondld Hendriks, Corrie Herrerd, Sylvyd Herrrndnn, Willldrn Herwig, Kdrl Herzberg, Sdrd Hewelle, -Nend Hillnndn, Kimberly Hlrsnberg, Glen Hixson, Tdnyd Holldnd, Frdncesod Hollensleln, Michele 466 Freshmen 'Sq-ff - Fi I if 'J Hollister, Susan Hoehne, Volker Howard, Michael Howe, Anlhony Howo, Jackie Hueriero, Lilia Huesias, Jesus Hughes, Pamela Hughes, Tracce Hulsman, Jeffrey Hussar, Holly Hutton, Thaddius How, Wendy Jacobs, Keilh Jayne, Sieven Jensen, Elizabeth Jevremov, Brenda Johannsen, Eric Johnson, Chad Johnson, Heather Johnson, Julie Johnson, J Kaiz, Miles Kaye, Adam Kelly, Carol Kennedy, Kalherine Kennedy, Lisa Kingery, Healher Freshmen 'l67 Klecker, Lisa Kohli, John Kokaska, Julie Kooyman, Carsten Kristan, William Krohn, Lisa Lai, Garrett Lake, Michael Laufenberg, Susan Laughlin, T Lawrence, Robert Lee, Lucia Lehmann, Sandy Lennane, Michelle Lindley, Michael Linson, Brian Lord, Erin Lorimer, Leslie Luther, Michael Lyon, John Maddoxs, Kristine Mannheimer, Amanda Marandino, Maddalena Mardesich, Katherine Markoski, Tamara Martinet, Micae Martinez, D Masui, Jun May, Danny McCarthy, Michael Mcombs, Jennifer McDonald, Susan McFarlin, Dawn McGee, Sean McGrath, Carrie MCG-riff, Shannon McNeely, Maria McNellis, Susan Meacham, Dale Mears, John Melone, Mark Melone, Nicole 468 Freshmen ,Q-:QR-r LN ,L ssl., , -gi ' in ... Mendonco, Dee Middlelon, Drew Miljon, John Mize, Borboro Moeller, Moro Mohlenbrock, Koiherine Monigomery, Leslie Moron, Shonnon Moser, Dovicl Movohed, Nedo Mowery, Suson Mueller, Roberi Mullen, Mory Ann Munro, Joseph Murphy, Kevin Murly, Romo Mussell, Michoel Musurlion, Hoig Noce, Heolher Norn, Horry Noroin, Ajoy Neece, Joson Neel, Mork Nelson, Wendy Newby, Soroh Noel, Downey Nucci, Edword Nunez, Troy Ober, Michelle Obrion, Angelo Ohorro, Kevin Orwin, J Oury, Doniel Overloncl, Scoli Owen, Chris Poo, Jenny Pocelli, Lorenzo Ponlon, Krisline Poquel, Susonne Peier, Jeonne Pelerson, Adrionne Freshmen 469 Peterson, Raymond Pfeiffer, Debbie Phillips, Karen Pinnick, Michael Powell, Robbie Prothero, Jeffery Raymond, Mary Recker, Cynthia Reinson, Veronika Renteria, Jessie Reynolds, Susan Richmond, Betsy Rivelli, Jill Robison, Mary Rogers, Kelly Romero, Angela Ross, C Rummerfield, Sam Russell, Becky Russell, Theodore Sager, Kimberly Sakata, Nancy Salel, Timothy Salvador, Ricky Sanchez, Mike Sarvis, Steve Schiller, Patricia Schneider, Steve Schoch, Cynthia Schramm, Jennifer Schulman, Lisa Schultz, Donald Schweighofer, Mimi Scimeca, Stephanie 470 Freshmen v , i A, r Sessoms, Monica Shannon, Debbie Sharpe, Ilene Shaver, Karl Sims, Jennifer Slipper, Brian Smith, B Sommers, Jennifer Spaid, Joseph Spafaro, Annefie Spurgeon, Michael Slallings, Clifford Sfangl, John Sfakey,'Krisfen Stein, Kirk Sfoll, Amy Sfricklana, Michael Sfyles, Jan Suckling, David Sudak, Pefer Sullivan, John Swifzer, Kelly Tarr, Sean Tarvin, Shannon Temples, Jerri Terrauds, Kelly Tibbels, Nancy rosrodo, Michael Truchard, Michelle Ubungen, Rosie Ufz, Michael Van Horne, Sfacia Vihon, Michael Waldal, Katherine Freshmen 474 WOFNS, DGNSG Webb, Devin Websler, Timolhy Werl, Karen Wnann, Bradford While, Sieve Wilke, Mary Wilkey, David Williams, Gregory Williams, Jeffery Williams, Rosana Williams, Sieve Wilson, Susan Winner, Maureen Winier, Kyle Winlerer, Caroline Worley, Andrea Wright, Cynlnia Ybarrola, Yvonne Young, Krisla Zaddia, S. Zinke, Barbara 472 Freshmen i ""--...aa I .A V ,R i 5 Ny? mf 'QW , . N , :S V 23 . H N - ' r 7 I L, 'i mg 'H Torrey Pines sludenls showed Their school spirii during spiril week. They poriicipdled by dressing up os Twins, Tourisls dnd weor- ing d voriely of hols. 45 Robin Rodgers, 25 Scroll Brodshow, 35 Suson Teoge, A5 Liso Fulch ond Jdmie Hennis, 55 Holly Flelcher, 65 lvliho Ogdsowdrd, Liso Fulch, Jdmie Hennis, 75 Wdyne Arendsee, 85 The Lone Ronger ond Silver, 95 Kevin Howdrd, 405 T.P. Drill Tedm, 445 Lizd Kelly, 425 Tornrny Holi, Julie Moness, Tom VGTQG ond Dono Effie, 435 Rhondo Gordon. .A :UL WG' 5 J' Q 'K , s f f X X Q S N I Z ,,.:Qm,-,,.. ww .aa ps an w-qv. A., if -yy. i A Ar Y? K W Q we ,xg ig, was , 5 Z gig RSM 3'st'5f' P .9513 R, bk Xx x Q Q wg ,lg Q3 41,99 argl '37 .X- ,2 :M . K 5 4.2 4 6 3 XF fx Q mil f 'S' X 4 was ami J' 9 Q Q l QM is 1 N 1 Q A i Q.. Y x r -Pf .W rv' - Q1 W S 4 W . . A wi ,ymgi -k.k W-...M,,,.,Qm -5521? g ' 2 gg V w w f Z ' . ,,., . ,, f - P I wi? 4 ,, 0 H.. , W ' i ' W 4 ig Q 2 in ll fi ' M 'X 43 W, 8 tw ,,,. 'Z 13 A Im... The Torrey Plnes Players PFOGUCTIOFI of Bufferffies Are roornrnole. Llso Flores Vince De Paulo Sherri Allen Norm Rosen A Streetcar Nemea' Desire The Torrey Pines' Players' Production of A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams. 'l. The doctor and the nurse come for Blanche. 2. Stella being comforted by Stanley. 3. Blanche meets Stanley. 11. Blanche and Stella return from an evening out. 5. Blanche describes how the family estate has been CAST Michael Lombardo Sheri Galan Carol Abney Marc Simmons Scott Bass Jessica Offir Juan Antonio Huizar Linda Laird, Jessica Scott Harmon Melina Selverston Cecilia Rincon David Adler Directed and Produced by Jeffrey R. Bosbe. Stanley Kowalski Stella Kowalski Blanche DuBoir Harold Mitchell CMitchj Steve Hubbell Eunice Hubbell Pablo Gonzales Neighbor Women Young Collector, Sailor Flower Woman Nurse Doctor lost. van Leeuwen l yr.. ll ii.. Q Activities 184 Donkey BcJskeTbc1II 4 Donkey bc1skeTboII hos cllwoys been Q fovorife OT Torrey Pines. We even had some of The porenis ploy wifh The foculfy. Crazy ouTfiTs helped disguise The players. W, . X, v M .. uf- ., nr . ,, 1 M, -1 . 1, Aulrumn FesTivaI is 5-g5'5', M ' mmm, ,WW new I ,um .L llallr ,, 5, ni The Aufumn Fesllval, dedicafed fo fhe hosfages fhrough Dorfhea More- Held, wife of hosfage Richard More- Helci beaufhled The campus by ln- volving fhe sfudenfs and faculfy. Trash cans and murals were pain fed, Howers planfed and frees replaced. The hostages were freed on January 49, 498 4, affer 444 days of capfivify. Achvmes 483 Y BbGfShlyP ' 9 irouriel 714 755 7433 lfrmdl p ,sllpp l PLAZA WEST II 'P DEL lVlAl? SPCDRTS 4 53 farhlho del Mar Del Var Callforhla 92044 Qlchard 84 Susah Lozaho 7447484 Leolards Elo Plaza of The Four Flags Solana Beach 484 6077 Cohgralulallohs Sehlor Class of 84 Slallohary And More 2673 Vla De La Valle Address Books Paper Welghfs Luclle Desk Accessorles Plclure Frames Pholo Albums Del lvlar Bug Bear Shopplhg Cehler 484 8883 1436 Camino Del Mar 755 1531 Del Mar Prescrlptlons Free Delivery Photo Supplies Cosmetlcs 944 INC Joseph A Hauber Box SIXTY Slx Presldehl Del lvlar CA 92044 C7445 755 6500 Palrohs Del Mar Hllls Lluaor 2626 Del Mar Helghls Rd Del Mar 484 8448 Bob s l-lalrculhhg 207 N Hlghway 404 Solana Beach 755 9484 Grew Earlh Vllamlns 944 Lomas SODTQ Fe Dr Solana Beach 484 5583 El Pescodor Fresh Flsh lvlarkel and Sea Food Reslaurahl 4342 Camlno Del lvlar Del Mar 755 4949 Ashley's Marker Paseo Dehclas Rancho Sahla Fe, 756 4433 X DX a lm arramownnr F j .. , , Q . c , S9 ' 41" lnlan Ci o US zcinllr o e C? 122 So ana Hllls Drlve Sourh Solana Bc2ch.Call1orn' 92075 . A l l 0 1 I I - , , , DEL MAR oFFlc:E ercua! Accounts lnvnted Delivew with S10 Order if A of Solana Beach? 11 ' , ' e or SP I iilegal Forms YTIOS ood ol' De to Vette 2 Xerox Copiers ' f ' Rubber Stamps v Thomas Bros Maps ' Drafting Forms A521234 BANK OF f DEL MAR 2666 WILKENS GARDEN SU 122 IL. LOMA SOLANA BEACH, TEL Garden .. ents ' Wood and Coal ' Ornamental Statggry V re Z4 anda wholelot more San DISQO-H'USt G- SGVIHQS Bank 1 15770 San Andreas Drive P O Box 1229 Del Mar Callfornua 92014 Telephone 481 1144 SINCE 1924 Tuxedo Renlols 909 Lomas Sclnlo Fe Drlve Solano Beach Collfornlo 92075 755 6653 444 Sonlo Fe Plozo Enclnllos Collfornlcl 92024 753 4552 Del Mar Ofhce TIM MONAGHAN VI President a d Manage BANK OF COMMERCE zaao vm DE LA VALLE, on um, CA 92014 - 11141755 uso CALIFORNIA FIRST BANK EDWARDJ DUN VICE DRESIDENT MANAGER DEL MAR OFFICE 330 15TH STREETXPO BOX 727 DEL MAR CALIFORNIA 92014 C7143 755 9321 or C7143 204 4838 Fresh Frull Bulk Grcnns Vllcmlns Fresh Sondwlches Mode Dolly Beer ond Wlne In A l-lornelown Almosphere l3ulk Cheese' I O O W, Bm,-S r 7, 7 Corwgrorulorrons Groduorosl IVIr 84 Mrs Rrohorcl K Coloourrwe Corwgrorulorrons in an W To The Closs of 4249 C D I M 43835 Mongo '84 Your Yeoroook Rooresenrorive Sreve Wogner JOSTENS AEQICANI Y C GOEANY H Hr . Solaha Beach Camera Complete Photo Accessories kodfmkriiiivroceisiirng Custom Printing is Model Trains and Boats tool s for l-lobbyists 243 N. Hwy 404 Coh the Boardwalkp Solana Beach 755-5447 O v One day Photo Service I Our Specialties - Wedding Cakes Party Cakes Novelty Cakes. I ,1 i RICHARD, f ' I201.M'41' wow .-VT :EX I5 S lou cmmo oem wuz 442 soLANA HILLS DRIVE 4 DE' 'W' CA mu 4 SOLANA BEACH CALIFORNIA 92075 Owners :ou mann RICHARD A ZDEP ANNA mug 4714! 755-0303 NYLEVE K ZDEP PHONE 1184 7043 Your it 4 Auto 84 Body Supply ff ff Q A x X 'y , sm osecao Nm AUTO BODY SPECIALTIES Inc 4345 Home Avenue I Hal McSparran SAN msec cAL.nF 92105 The future is yours The class of 84 2 4 , 1, N X5 0 ' " - s, 5' : -ao: 1 ll ll V , , 1, y, , , I 1 3 ' r ' I Congralulalions on Reaching Your Goal. 5l We Il be here To help you meet The oTher goals you sel in Ilfe Graduahng from hrgh school rs somerhlng To be proud of You ll be movrng forward rnTo llfe wlTh many avenues open To you Whlohever avenue you choose Rancho SanTa Fe Savrngs wrll be here To help you follow Through lf :T s a Trap you ve planned for graduolron you mlghT Talk To us apouT Travelers checks Whelher you ll be loack packlng Through Europe or vlslflng AunT Lou on The easlern seaboard Travelers checks are a good Thlng To have along H 1 lf you re Deglnnlng a new lab or puTT1ng more Tlme rnlo a presenl one you ll be rnTeresTed IO our savrngs plans We pay The hlghesT lnTeresT allowed by law Savlngs depos of The greaTesT Iearnlng experrences of your llfe lfed by The 1OTh earn from The frrsT when held To quarler s WhaTeveryour plans are aflergraduahon we Il be here end'The sooner you sTarT savrng The fasTer The rnTeresT adds To help up rn your passbook Than happy To Talk To you apouT a savlngs plan Toward one Ten ConvenuenT NorTh CounTy offroes To Serve You llancho RANCHO SANTA FE OFFICE Via de Sanla Fe 84 La Flecna l Sanmk ENCINITAS OFFICE 444 EDCTDITOS Blvd Savings U" """"""" ' Olher Offrces LocaTed rn Q '51-lf Carlsbad Escondrdo Fallbrook La Jolla Solana Beach Hemageomospmm VlsTa Whlsperrng Palms and Ramona lvlaln Offrce Rancho SanTa Fe Callfornra Excepr on T Bull and Jumbo AccounTs 0 I -J . F' A , T A N l , Q X A - X 1 - - f- ' 'K' 1 L , i A f' V K I gb gi, ar A . 6 Q I' A ' A ' I I ' V A ' Y ' A College may be The nexT move for you Well oe more l l ' ' l l U M I I I I' I I I , V I . SAVINGS LOAN l L Prescitrpnon O Your lley 'Tb financnal1 S11Q9ess. - Open Saiurday 911-2 -1 2602 Del Mar Heights Ro d, Del Mar, Calllornla 92014 8 1 ' 1 1 2 5 4 5 1- 1 1 A ov English 8: Western Tack Veterinary Supplies On Via De La Valle Del Mar, Ca. 755-2015 ass-sosa 275-R55 C613 mf Mons :gnc-in csursnl 524 Stevens Ave. Solana Beach CA 92075 A I e Owner Operafed BIQLFBOV Family Pharmacy 2683 VIC! Q3 Del Mar, CA 141 595' Dlegof. 1193115129911 fi- .:.- , OPEN 7 DAYS A Vqne l.ll he ,SSN Deluvefyfgilervme I3IaIme I4 Jackson R. Rh 7141 41818159 26112 Del Mar Heughrs Rd Del Mar Ca 920111 Del Mar Desngn Studio 81-8091 SINCE 1928 BABY SICKROOIVI J SALES AND RENTALS IG L-'GIFTS Pharmacy UPPLIES 'aee A WE FILL OUT OF TOWN PRESCRIPTIONS, NO PROBLEM FAST DELIVERY 755- 1055 125 SOUTH HIGHWAY 101 SOLANA BEACH E ' H ffffifff OU ough the . 0 S! s You ve completed the first big milestone g g r career, and nowoyou're ready to take next step on to college, or starting your first full-time job. San Diego cliedeiiayis ready to heip youiialong the way . , . with special to help youiliandle your and eFliZiientl5f!?Services like Interest Checking' and 24-HOUR 7 TELLER convenience to you earn the most on everytrdimei?iliSo when you think about opening your first checking account, come to Sain Diegp.Federal. help you soar through the 80's with interest and convenience! - 3 .. 5 Wegige adding interest to banking convenience! 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K S Speclallzung nn Team Ouffrlhng 4759 G Downs Slreel Bel Safeway Bc Long s Oceanslde CA 92054 00,0 y goes 433-01170 q 7 Q 5' 21119 Sanla Fe Dlelve ' ,I Sanla Fe Plaza. h . n L ' ' Encinilas, CA 92024 . 7753-725937 l I EDOLIPTON, Prop. O f Beauty and the Ou 1615549 Beauty Supplyu Hang Cratlqd Items A THE COIN SHOP Compare Our Prices Si Bass Mikes Bass: s Buy-Sell-Tracle Collections Our Specially y Top Money For Rare Metals may 753-2295 ooo 131 Sl Q15 encimlqs CQ 92024 ly , 7 l,-f X BOUTIQUE 1342 Camino Del Mar Del Mor, CA-92014 '- 71d-755-7227 44 :,,'13,:' f!Jf22ze1uw.,', Wf,,s:z,:y' i xi , K f ",Q,,f,f' ff -JM, M ' ,, ,I f, K H" f A4 1 A V, , Z' 0 81 ' fi ll , l , . Sol5na Beach CLalifomia 92 75 f2 ,fn The WINE N D Ll 2718 Hia hr Ia Baile " we 4 Brldlar Gia 92014 'B 3 NWA V 17141451 was W!NESG'iEESESHOPPE. 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A eereee 5 T ' A E Vg A ' rrre T reee rer A ' erreee 6i re ormoro i g T I if oero HOURS -f eeeee Tony Fronors, CPP ' 1113040-00' T T A Ffl 81 SG 6 "" " ' . . . A ' - nfoom re oe F I' Offlcrol Yeorbook And Senior 6 -X-, , "-, :S p X:.: T" 'P'. 581 Wemke Qrfii A . rir X A . f rferr A EY r ' 92044 e - 2'P C7445 755-93117 755-9399 Q A 774f7 4096 DiSCOL.lVlT A K- A 1812265 wsdelliiiiriery Of sryles 84 ColorsE VM. Clolnlng Brokers STEVENS CLEANERS 524 STGVGPSSAYG- A 6 59'9Vl9 'P T PPSSP 755-5 - glflisf-i6.i.., ' 1 . A WHOLESALE OPEN To PUBLIC - Men s And Women s Alferolrons WhgiTsNgVSf5AR 646 Stevens Ave. JEANS Fon euvs AND eALs 6 304090 Beach' A vvHoLr5sALr5 Preroris-Top NAMES ONLY THE Sl-IDE STABLE Delrnor s Flnesl 2683 A Vro Del Lo Volle 57445 A84 1304 Delmar CA 92044 Excmng Shoes For Guys And G-ols SORRENTO Awe The Van SICKIES 10999 valleylegpad San Dlegogiiailfornla SAAA PhOl1e 1715435455 1551 'frflifiiyf . 7 I vw , . . ' . ' T - - - ' . ' ff . . I 1 U 497 GEN TOYOTA ILL M ma 44' Q85 GN CAR 5 136 NORTH CEDROS SOLANA BEACH CA 92076 755-3323 'Q mw - Swsuowr f aucswtux Summer sTarTs early aT Beachwear! See The laTesT and smarTesT in sun and fun fashions for your well deserved summer vacaTion. One piece suiTs, bikinis, coveuyss, Dogs and moreg Names like Ocean Pacific, Sassafrass, on The beach, eTc. See us early for oesT seleghon, A84-2355 L H q- deserve ii T984 YEARBOOK PAT Dr. Angela Aschbrenner S Bob's HalrcuTTing D Collins DevelopmenT Co. KaTherine and John Davis Del Mar Hill Liquor David and Sherry Engleman Greai EarTh ViTamlns Ihe Henderson Family lane M. Jaffari James and Marilyn Jenks ETQ. on em T ary as i s s or en an C T .- .'-..:-i1 ., m ' d - -rff . . I K,.-, 1 llsis he TaTesT ' fashions Ocean TUST TO THECLASS OF f'8'l" L and Mrs. Ty Miller Pharmacy Teague To ScoTT D. y in my Chem, Class, I always ThoughT ThaT you were an ideal eddy Bear. Love, CaThy S. Thanks friends, greaT year! Where s Romeo? Sure ll mis him, Gracias SenoriTa MarTino, made me feel aT home VP. Morris, All Teachers Thanks, Love you Marcelo' T K- iooOk:CoasT ' 11920 T0 a To The girls ShorTle and Pee Wee. ney-Tunles, our raid The Rochambeau To Tuffy A Abelson, Sara 18 Abney, Carol 116, 121, 156, 181 Abney, Mark 162 Abrams, Jan 162 Abril, Sandra 18 Abril, Norbert 90, 91 Adamek, Gus 104, 78, 79, 91 Adams, David 18 Adler, David 153, 181 Aladray, Deeha 162, 116 Aladray, Rodger 162 Alcorn, Alison 18 Alcorn, Jillian 18 Aleman, Paul 162 Alexander, Janet 162 Alexander, Matthew 153, 123 Allan, Bruce 153 Allen, Cynthia 94 Allen, Matthew 142 Banninga, Carolyn 153 Barbour, Wendy 114, 142 Bargren, Adrian 38, 90 Barmettler, Brian 162 Barnhill, Monnie 19, 126 Baroli, Marlene 142 Bass, Scott 153 Bass, Shannon 39, 56, 76, 181 Baumgardner, Jenifer 162 Beal, Steven 39 Beauchane, Gregory 153, 90 Beccarelli, Michele 133 Beck, Cheryl 162, 92 Becker, DAwn 142 Beckers, Andy 140 Begg, Alexander 72, 73, 90 Bell, Sidney 19, 119 Bendowski, Jacquelyn 19 Benedict, Amy 19, 91 Benedict, Edyth 153 Bennett, Darin 39, 57, 76, 78, Benson, Cynthia 19 Benson, Derrek 99 Brown, Marvin 39, 91 Brown, Marvin 4, 104, 163, 91 Brown, Maryellen Brown, Robert 62, 104, 163 Brown, Steven Brown Tamara Brown, Tawnya 114, 143 Brown, Temple 104, 163, 78, 79 Brown, Timothy 57 Brown Tyler 39, 57 Browne, Angela Brumfield, Daina 153 Brunot, Denise Bruun, Bonnie 17, 20, 81 Brunn, John 104, 163, 91 Allen, Ryan 153 Allgire, Kay 18, 119, 138 Allred, Richard 18, 13, 56 Alvarez, Nancy 162, 64, 114 Ames, Alison 69, 88 Anderson, Ragan 142 Anderson, Russell 63 Anderson, Todd 104, 114 Andrews, Mark 18 Andrews, Naomi 162 Antler, Randall 119 Appleton, Jackie 18 Appleton, John Chris 153, 62 Arakelian, Bradley 153, 126, 128 Arballo, Loretta 131 Archer, Kelley 142, 94 Archuleta, Sheree Arendsee, Keith 162 Arendsee, Wayne 123, 142 Arisaka, Yoko 18, 126, 128 Arnbruster, Michael 8, 18, 56, 136 Armino, John Arms, Stephen Arndt, Kristina Arnold, Shelley Aronson, Steven 109, 124 Arrasmith, Gary 38 Aschbrenner, Angela 116, 118, 119, 122, 123, 130, 133 Astl, Dennis 50, 72, 153, 91 Astl, Martin 18, 45, 48: 49, 119, 126 Astorga, Henry Atkins, Christopher 38 Attix, Judith Atzet, Kethleen 46, 70, 71, 91 Augusta, Alison 18 Augusta, Shelly 38 Augusta, Steven 162 Aul, Steven Austin, Paul 18, 127 Averill Amy 162 Babikian, Dayna 18, 127 Babikian. Gregory 123, 142, 83 Bachman, Jennifer 126, 142 Bachman, Nancy 121, 153 Bacon, Robert 124 Bailey, Kevin 19 Bailey, Thomas 38, 46, 57, 96 Baker, Mary 19 Baker, Tracy 64 Baldwin, Jeffrey 162, 117 Baldwin, Lisa 142 Bales, Michelle 162 Ball, Sheri 19 Balsley, Alisa 116, 142 Balsley, Craig 72, 73, 142, 90 Balsley, Donald 172, 153, 90 Banko, Sharon 70 Banks, Teri 19 Benton, Lenora Benton, Robin Berend, Jennifer 19, 126 Bergen, Carol 39 Bergen, Richard 63, 162 Berger, Christa Bergmans, Tamra 19 Bergmans, Todd Bergt, Bryan Berke, Carlie 19 Berke, Christian 48, 142 Bilinski. Ann Marie 153 Binter, Daniel 142 Binter, Lisa 162 Birchall, Thomas Biszantz, Joann 66, 142 Blackman, Core 142 Blackwell, Burt 133, 90 Blagrave, Laura 19 Blakistone, Brian 39 Blanchard, Brian 99, 105, 153 Blanchard, Dennis 128, 130 Bleecker, Linda 19, 108, 136 Bleecker, Marjorie 153 Bobertz, Don 17, 19, 137, 84 Bobertz, Janet 162 Bogner, Deborah 163 Bogers, Bruce 140 Bonanno, John 163 Bonanno, Joseph Bond, Michelle 20 Bonforte, Elizabeth 123, 153 Bonora, Richard 142 Bonora, Vivianne 163 Booher, Alice 153, 114, 90, 91 Boone, Kenneth 163 Booth, Adam 39, 102 Booth. Peter 153 Bourke, Noel 163 Bowman, Dorothea 163, 82 Bowman, Marsi 20, 114 Bowell, Boynto Rob 78 n, Geoffrey 142 Bradley, Douglas Bradshaw, Scott 12, 20 Bramble, Kristen 20 Bramblett, Ariana 114, 163 Brazell, Kyle Bresnick, Rebecca 163 Bressler, Karen 69, 153, 82 Bressler, Paul 20 Brewer, Jacob 117 Bridges, Kenneth 39 Brigham, Courtney 20, 116, 181 Brinks, Marci 20 Broad, Kendal Broaddus, Kimberly 142 Broadhead, Robert 72, 91 Brooks, Stephanie Brosbe, Jeff 180, 181 Brown, Cindy 131, 133, 142 Deanna 128, 131 Frederick 128, 143, 90 Brown, Brown, Brown, James Brown, Ji, 83 Bryden, James Bryson, Michelle Bubieh, Mark Bubien, Michael 20 Bubnack, Theodore 143, 84 Buchanan, Mary 20, 123, 124, 127 Buckland, Guy 104 Buczek, Celine 70, 71, 143, 82 Budlong, Laura 20, 126, 123, 128 Bujas, Sonia 153 Bukaty, Tracy Bullette, George 143 Burge, Mary 143 Burke, Ed 57 Burns, Christine 69 Burns, Douglas 39, 127, 128 Burton, Christopher 20 Burton, Robyn 20 Bushnell, Gail 163 Butler, Diane 88 Butler, Hal 130 Butt, David 114 Butt, Marilee 20, 127 Byrne, Patrick 57, 97, 143, 96 C Cadden, Christine 153 Cagle, Gregory 20 Cagle, Timothy Cahey, Thomas 153 Caiazza, John Caldwell, Chuck 133 Callahan, Chad 105, 153, 99 Campbell, Colin 163, 83 Canady, John 39, 57 Canady, Ronald 104, 163 Canfield John Cantwell, Bridget Cantwell, Bryan Capener, Robert 21, 46, 59, 61, 118 Captan, Walid Cardenas, Matthew 39, 100 Cardwell, Terry 133 Carey, Patrick 39, 114 Carlin, Deborah 21 Carlson, Todd 133 Carton, Steve Carpenter, Richard Carpinelli, Nicolas 153 Carruthers, Donald 56, 97, 143, 96. 98 Caryajal, Margaret Carver, Agnes 131 Cary, Travis 163 Cary, Zane 143 Casale, Pamela 21, 52, 53, 123, 136 Casey, Sean 21 Cassidy, Christina 114, 163 Cassidy, Eileen 21, 15, 123, 82 Cassidy, Neil 118, 143 Castillo, Nancy Castro, David 39 Chambers, Tracy 91 Chambers, Susan 21, 80, 108, 136 Chambliss, Frank 138 Chang, l-ledy 123, 128, 143 Chang, Hugh 21 Chang, Robt Kok Young Chang, Yeu Mei 91 Chaparro, Mary 153 Chelesnik, Deborah Cherry, Jim 163 Chow, Derrick 163, 83 Chow, Gary Chow, Susan 126 Churich, Barry 153, 62, 99 Cianciarulo, Joseph 153, 83 Ciardelli, Paula 45, 119 Clancy, Shauna 153 Clark, Jamie Clark, Karen 114, 143 Clark, Sarah 123, 114, 163 Clark, Timothy 39 Clausen, Claxton, Michelle 153 Claxton, Paige 114 Clayton, Susan 143 Clevenger, Val Clow, Martin 62, 99 Clutter, Lynn Coates, James 163 Cohen, Nancy 153 Cohen, Richard 21 Cokeley, Bryan Cokeley, Rhonda Colbourne, Christina 163 Colbourne, Nancy 13, 14, 21, 119 127, 136 Colbourne, Richard 21, 137 Cole, Jennifer 163 Collimore, Kathleen Collins, Edwin 39 Collins, Erik 163 Collins, Michael Collins, William Colvin, Richard Colvin, Steven 17, 21 Compton, B Eric 39 Comstock, John 39 Connelly, Daniel Connelly, Kevin 21 Connelly, Patrick 143 Connolly, Michael Connolly, Rebecca 6, 67, 86 Conway, James Conway, Cathy 88 Cook, Allison 153 Cook, Andrew 163 Cook. Dean Cook, Thomas 21 Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Jennifer 82 John 164, 50 Michael 133 Nicole 67, 39, 66, Coordt, Mark 117, 164, 91 COOrdt, Vicki 127, 133, 134 Copeland, Robin Corbett, Andrew Corbett, Patrick Corbin, James Corbin, Scott 104, 164 Corcoran, Kevin 13, 21, 119, 137 Corcoran, Mary 153 Corcoran, Shannon Couch, Shawn 164 Coulson, Stephen Coulter, Susanne Cowan, Lynne 64 Cowperthwaite, Roberta 140 Cowing, Pamela 154 Cowser, Katherine Cox, James 143, 48, 49, 99 Cox, Ted 50, 164, 95 Crafts, Molly Craig, Christina Craig, James 8, 13, 21, 57, 84 Crane, Craig 105 Crane, Michael 39 Cranford, Stephen Crewson, Laura 154 Crocker, Charles 125, 164 Crosby, Jill 114, 164 Crouch, Scott Curz, Carmen 154 Cudmore, Robert 22 Farkas, Benjamin 164 Culver, Elizabeth Culver, Kathleen Cunningham, Scott Cunningham, William 22, 119 Cutkomp, Mark Alan Cushman, Diane 94 Czaikowski, Robin 22 D Daddi, Chris 154 Daddi, Sharon Dalry, Gabrielle 7, 22, 46, 66, 67, 123, 137 Dalton Henry Dalzel, Michael 22, 118 Dammeyer, Kelly Daniels, Bret 40 Daniels, Susan 154 Danninger, Eric 50, 164 Dapper, Holiday Daun, Heather 22 Davey, Caroline Davis, Erik 164 Davis, Katharinne 10, 16, 22, 123, 136 Davison, Brent Deans, Elizabeth 164 Debruin, David 14, 22, 57 Decker, Twila 68, 164 Dedonato, Chris Defoe, Lawrence 40 Defoe, Michelle 143 Degraw, Nicole 154 Deimling, Michelle Delacruz, Socorro 154 Delaney, Sean 40, 57 Delong, Joan Delfortrie, Maarten 164 Demakeas, Melina 131 Demauro, Michael Dempsey, Beth 66, 143 Denure, Dalena Depaulo, Cheri 40 Depaulo, Lisa Depaulo, Vincent 119 Depolo, Jonathan 104, 91 Depolo, Philip 22, 56 Descans, Joseph Devine, Faith 143 Deweese, Alan 50, 114 Diamond, Sara 126 Diaz, Wendy Dickerson, Fawn Dickerson, Katherine 64, 164 Diehl, James DiJulius, Nancy Dillon, Deborah 88, 154 Dillon, Kay 140 Disch, Mike 144 Dittmer, Alison 144, 92 Dodd, Holly 92 Dodd, Julie 111, 123, 94 Dodds, Carolyn 110, 111, 144 Doetsch, Kimmy 164 Dogue, Ricky 22, 144 Doherty, Anne 123, 92 Donhowe, Michael 22, 57, 76, 78 Donnelly, Karen 154 Donner, Blake 154 Donovan, James 177 Donovan, Susan 22, 47, 74, 116, 86 Doran, John 40 Dosch, Jeftrey 124 Doughty, David 22 Doughty, Jane 144 Douglas, Scott 57 Douglas, Stephen 164 Dow, Carol Dow, Edward Dow, Nicki 22 Dow, Russell Dow, Todd Dowdy, Richard Doyle, Josephine 22 Drain, Darlene 68, 164, 82 Driver, Lora 23 Drury, Erik Dudek, Timothy 102 Dudley, Christen 62, 154 Dudgeon, Ralph 131, 133 Dunbar, Kathleen 144 Dunbar, Peter 104, 164 Duncan, Ann Duncan, Craig Duncan, John Duncan Dunford, Jill Dunham, Char 23 Dupont, Jeanne Duprau, Danielle Dyer, John Dym, Laura Earlie, Linda 121 Finney, Hugh 144 Finney, Todd Russell Fischler, Steven Fish, Deanne 23 Fish, Garrett 144 Fiske, Jinnie Fitzpatrick, Robert 154 Flanagan, Sheila 128, 144, 86 Flanagan, Thomas 154 Fleming, Bobby Fletcher, Holly 68, 114, 165 Fletcher, Kimberly 165, 94 Flohr, Suzzy 154 Flores, Lisa 119, 165 Flowers, Chris 124 Flowers, Eric 105, 124, 154, 90 Flynn, Cohan Flynn, Elizabeth 91 Flynn, Mary 23, 123, 126, 128 Flynn, Vincent Foley, Michael 102 Fontenot, Donna Foote, Melinda 40 Footer, Lisa 92 Gibb, Heather 165 Giftin, Mary 12, 24 Gilbert, James 49 Gillelen, Kelly 24 Gillespie, Margaret Gillies, Michael Gillies, Nancy 80, 144, 86 Gittelsohn, Amy 40, 114 Glaessner, Ned 24, 60 Glanz, Robert 144 Glasson, Frank 114 Glasson, Jane 25 Glasson, Julie 165 Glover, Kirk 154 Goldberg, Evan 118, 145 Golich, Becky 123, 145 Golich, Cheryl 166 Golich, Roxanne 25 Gomez, Arthur 57, 76, 145 Gonzales, Andrew 40 Good, David 166 Good, Desiree 25 Good, Gerald Good, Robert Easterli ng, Todd 23 Eastman, Deborah 144 Easton, Jane Eaton, Patrina Ebeling, Annemarie 135, Eberhardt, Robert 144, 99 Ebersol, Michelle 144 Edelsten, Laura Edelsten, Pamela 23 Edgar, Thomas 40, 57 Edwards, Judyanne 23, 74, 128 Effie, Dana 23 Eideh, Patrick Ekstrom, Christopher 164 Elder, James 164 Elliott, Debbie 116, 140 Elliott, Douglas 164 Ellison, Ellison. Laura 23 Richard 80, 144 Elson, Samantha Emerson, Michael 154, 1 Emrick, Andrea 154 Endres, Yvette 154 Engelman, David 137, 5, 57, 179 Engholm, Carl 144 England, David 23 Ensign, Brooke 164, 100 Ensign, Brooks 164 Ensign, Katherine Erbacher, John Esparza, Jose Estberg, Leah 154 Estrin, Mike 138 Estrada, Todd 102 Evans, Kathryn 231 Evans, Pete 135 Evans, Mark Evens, Karen Ewing, Christopher 154 Ewing, Jacqueline 64 Ewing, Scott 154 17 9, 23, 47, Ewing, Sherill 23 Farkas, Farkas, Lori 80, 81, 144 Shari 23 Farmer, Donald Farsany, Mostafa Fay, Michael 154 Fay, Susan 165 Feher, Victoria 114, 123 Ferguson, Karl Ficicchy, James 23 Ficicchy, Lynn Filler, Amy 154, 110, 94 Finlen, Karen Finlen, Susan Finley, Jean 131 Finley, Rachael 165, 82 Ford, Matthew 119, 165 Ford, Robert 50, 114, 165 Forsythe, Julie 24, 47, 74, 114, 82 Fossett, James 104, 165 Fovargue, Jennifer 24 Fowler, Michael Fox, John 40, 72, 127, 90 Fox, Terra Elizabeth 88, 165 Francois, Emilie Frank, Dee 133 Frankel, Spencer 24 Franklin, Shelly Franks, Gena 24 Frankum, Katherine 144 Frantz, Rob 134 Franzese, Peter Frederick, Sean Frederick, Steve Freeberg, Kelly 144 French, Gregory Friedrich, Eric Friehauf, Craig 48, 144 Friend, Susan Fruechte, Linda Frutkin, Mitchel 40 Fuller, James 40, 45, 61 Funston, Judy 130 Furse, Sheira 24, 126, 128 Futch, Lisa 110, 111, 127, 144 G Galan, Sharon 24, 181 Gale, Marjorie 130 Galiley, Jerry Gallagher, Dawn 135 Gambill, Dana 82 Gann, Kim 24 Ganor, Leora 144 Garcia, Christopher 134, 114, 124, 128 Garcia, Raymond 24, 124 Gardner, Christian 56, 76 Gardner, Stanley 40, 48, 116 Garland, Julie 16, 24, 46, 64, 67, 123, 136 Garrison, Lisa 65, 68 Gawle, Charles 56, 76 Gawle, Debbie 75, 154 Geddes, Ricky 104 Geisendortf, S. Tomlin 133 Geiser, Matthew 165 Gelgand, Yvonne 144 Genard, Sheila 24 George, Fred 116 Gerber, William Gerbracht, Monica 24, 108 Germain, Laura 144 Germain, Scott 40 Gerome, Paula 128, 140, 91 Getty, William 24 Giacomini, Lisa Giammarinaro, Marco 40 Goodjohn, James 145 Goodman, Darin 154 Goodman, Scott 25, 125 Goodwin, John 40 Goodwin, Joweph 145 Gordon, Rhonda 74, 154 Gordon. Robin 145 Gorman, Elizabeth Gorman, John 40 Gorman, Rebecca Goshtasbi, Arezou 127, 145 Goudy, Philip 25, 17, 108 Gould, Amy 25, 70 Graciano, Ronald 166 Graff, Cynthia 80 Graff, Nicholas 154 Graff, Robert 105 Graham, Julie 154 Graham, Sue 25, 86 Grant, Beverly 123, 131, 133 Grey, Robert Fac. 140 Green, Raymond 17, 118 Green, Rita 25 Green, Tom 166 Greenberg, Lynda 166 Greenburg, Beth 155 Greenstein, Simeon 104, 135 Greenwood, Mary 145 Greer, Amy Gregg, Christopher Gregory, Walter 25 Grenda, Kathryn Grenda, Michael 62, 145 Greytak, Andy Fac, Gribble, Rachel 145 Griffin, Jim Fac. 133 Grim, Lisa 128 Gross, Charles 166 Gross, Ellen Gross, Robert Grossman, Samuel 50, 95 Groth, CAmi Grumet, Mary 145 Gundeltinger, Melinda 92, 166 Guzelimian, Melina 25, 52, 118, 123 128 Guzman, Gilbert 1, 14, 124, 166 Gwin, Patricia 40 H Haas, Daphne Haines, Christopher 25 Haire, Shelly 145 Hall Hall . Bradley , Daniel 114, 166 Hall, David 114, 166 Hall, David Woods 40 Hall, Michael 25 Hall Shannon 155 Hall , TGl'l'tCll'Cl 155 Johnson Hall, Thomas 166 Hamilton, Bridget 25 Hamilton, Eric 155 Hamilton, Terry Hammidi, Marc 90, 155 Hammidi, Tania 70, 71, 166, 181, 91 Hammond, Loretta Hampton, David Hamson, Benjamin 145 Hamson, Karl 25 Hamson, Matthew 166 Haratyk, Gregory Harder, Cynthia 25 Hardy, Robert 47 Harkness, Todd Harmon, Scott 155 Harper, Jayne 88, 155 Harrington, Jackie 138 Harry, Skip Fac. 102 Hart, Kevin 155 Hartman, Christen 155 Hartman, Mark 41 Hartwell, Bruce 41 Hassett, Brett 166 Hassett, Bridgett 26 Hassidim, Azita 41 Hatfield, Kevin 78, 79 Hauber, L Maureen 119, 127, 145 Hawkins, Catherine 26, 116 Hay, Beverly 121, 128, 145, 82, 90 Hays, Karen 166 Hazelton, Michael 155 Hazelton, Susan 145, 91 Hazlett, Laurie Head, James 41 Heathman, Rodger 145 Hecko, Daniel Heers. Marilyn Hegenouer, Jeffrey Heid, Marcelyn 26, 126, 127 Heiligenberg, Csilla 128, 166 Heizer, John 155 Heller, Donald 63, 119, 166, 95 Helley, Mary Helley, Patricia 41, 114 Hemrick, Rick 41 Henberger, Julie 26 Henderson, Monte 26, 56 Hendriks, Carrie 166 Hennis, Jamilee 110, 111 Hensley, Cheri 26 Hernandez, Linda B.D. 13 Hernandez, Mary 26 Hernandez, Mary 131, 138 Hernandez, Thomas 76, 104, 78, 79 Herrera, Sylvya 166 Herrmann, Billy 52, 63, 95 Herrmann, William 104, 166 Hertfelder, Guy 41, 102 Hertzel, Edward 66, 166 Herwig, Karl Herwig, Susan 121, 124, 126, 145 Herzberg, Sara 91, 166 Herzberg, Susan 41 Hess, Patricia 145, 82 Hewel, Keith 56, 90 Hewett, Nena 166 Heuton, Verlin Fac. Hicks, Carlyn 4, 74 Hicks, Katherine 64 Higgins, Michael 145, 79 Higgins, Susan 41 Highfill, Sandra 155 Hilbert, Jerold 72, 91 Hildebrand, Ward 155 Hillman, Kimberly 89, 166, 91 Hinchy, Debra Hinchy, Greg 155 Hinckley, Thomas Hinds, Garrett 155, 99 Hinz, Heather 155 Hinz, Steven Hlrshberg, Glen 125, 166 Hixson, Tanya 166 Hoar, Gayle 41 Hochberg, Karyn Hodge, Robert Hoehne, Juergen 26, 123, 124, 128 Hoehne, Volker 124, 125, 128, 167 Hohmeyer, Doon 26, 116, 119, 127, 136 Hohmeyer, Michael 72, 73, 116, 90 Holic, Carolynn Holland, Francesca 166 Holland, Joseph 114, 127, 145 Holland, Lars 126, 145 Holland, Lynn 90 Holland, Michelle Hollenstein, Bruno 26, 76, 78 Hollenstein, Michele 114, 126, 166 Hollister, Susan 69, 167 Holston, Ann 145 Honn, Alicia 66, 114 Hood, Michael 104, 76, 100, 78, 79 Hootmon, Marc Hoover, George 17 Hoover, Nina Hopkins, Christopher 155, 117, 90 Hopkins, John Horan, Katie Horan, William 50 Horner, Jesse 145 Hose, Tamara Hougen, Christopher 124, 155 Houston, John 124 Howard, Amy 26 Howard, Becky Howard, Kevin 16, 26, 45, 114, 123 127 Howard, Michael 116, 167 Howard, Toni Howe, Anthony 167 l-lowes, Perek 133 Howland, Julie Howo, Jacqueline 92, 167 Howo, James 114, 145 Jacobs, Keith 167 Jacobsmeier, La 92, 133 Jacobs, Staci 155 Jacobs, Ted 146, 83 Jaffori, David 90 Jameson, Carmen 119, 155 Jameson, Lisa 27 Janssen, Timothy Jayne, Stephen 167 Jekkols, Dawn Jelley, John 125 Jenks, Michael 14, 27 Jenniches, Lee 27 Jenniches, Lynn Jensen, Elizabeth 167 Jensen, Kyle 27, 117, 91 Jevremov, Anna Jevremov, Brenda 167 Jevremov, Maria 27 Jevremov, Mary Jevremov, Nancy Jimenez, Nina 155 Jocoy, Boris Johannsen, Eric 167 Johns, Robert Johnson Celene Johnson, , Chad 63, 167, 95 Johnson, Charles 146 Johnson Connie Johnson, Dale Fac. 133 Johnson Edward Johnson, Eric 114 Johnson, Erik 41 Johnson, Pamela 27 Johnson, Peter 126, 156 Johnson, Phillip Johnson Richard Ronald 41, 60, 117 Kennedy, Lisa 167, 128 Kenney, Gwendolyn 146 Ketchom, David 76, 155 Kies, Mary Kies, Peter Kincaid, Stacey 155 King, DAnielle 27 King, Kenneth Kingery, Heather 167 Kingery, Redvers Kingston, J Mliss 146 Kinkade, Suzanne Kinney, Mark 41 Kinney, Michael Kirby, Kristin 27 Klott, Donald 56, 62, 146, 99 Klecker, Lisa 168 Klein, Misha 28, 124 Klotz, Tami 41 Klotz, Teri Klotz, Traci Knapp, Aaron Knapp, Brian 146 Knapp, Steve 28 Knotts, James 28, 14, 57 Knutzen, Paul 146 Koch, Amy 28 Koehler, Krista 28 Kohli, John 50, 168, 95 Kohli, Paige 6, 28, 47 Kokaska, Frederick 155 Kokaska, Julie 168 Kolb, Alana Kooyman, Carsten 168 Korbelak, Matthew Kowalski, Pat Fac. 133 Kozlow, Dennis 138 Krayenbuhl, Michele 28, 82 Hoyer, Allison 145 Hubbard, Dina 26 Hubbard, Estelle 26, 128 Huber, Sabrina 26 Huddleston, Julie 145 Hudson, David Huertero, Lilia 167 Huesias, Jesus 104, 167 Huesias, Julieta 145 Huff, Shayne 155, 94 Hughes, Pamela 69, 167, 88 Hughes, Tracce 167 Huizar, John 27, 181 Hulsman, Jeffrey 114, 167 Hunter, Lowell 145, 83 Hussar, Holly 69, 88, 167 Hussar, Michael Hutchings, William 124 Hutton, Thaddius 167 ldriss, Hosam ldriss, Zuhair lgel, Nancy Irvin, Justin 27 Irvin, Robert Johnston, Heather 167 Johnston, Julie 167 Jonas, Rebecca 110, 74, 94 Jonas, Sandro 9, 27, 109, 92 Jones, Christin 131 Jordan, Lila Jordan, Lorna Jordan, Richard 146 Jorgenson, Sean Joye, John 83 Judd, Erik 155, 99 Judd, Robert 104, 78, 79 Jurgens, Heidi 27 K Kallens, Amy Kammerer, David 146 Kammerer, Matthew 104 Kaplor, David 146 Karafilis, Andrea Karge, Orville 138 Katz, Miles 167 Kawasaki, Todd 124, 155 Kaye, Adam 117, 167 Kear, Matthew Kearney, Stephen Krauss, Wendy 133, 144 Kremer, Aaron 124 Kriege, Karen 28 Kristan. Kristan, Kroger, Laura 124, 126, 155 Wm. Bernard 168 Laura Krohn, Bettina 146 Krohn, Lisa 92, 168 Krohn, Marino 6, 28, 114, 136 Kueker, Christopher Kueltzo, Deanna Kuhlman, Mark 114 Kunitz, Scott L Labra, Glenn Loberge, Renee 17, 28, 108, 123 89 Lacina, Christopher Lai, Garrett 168 Laidlaw, Stanton 56 Laird, Lindo 155, 181 Lake, Michael 168, 83 Lance, Daemon Lance, Ruan 146 Landen, Eric 41, 124 lrwin, Bob Fac. 133 Irwin, Josette 367 lsber, Jeffrey 41 lsroelit, Todd 155 ltow, Randy ltow, Wendy 167 lversen, Charleen lverson, Jennifer J Jackson, C Gregory 41 Jackson, Christopher 118, 125, 146 Jackson, Jennifer 92 Jackson Jill Jackson, Kimberly Jacobs, Dawn Kearns, Rodney Keefe, Nancy Keefer, Jennifer 69 Keeling Eric Keese, Victor 105 Kellenborger, Dawn 27, 74, 90, 128 Keller, Bryan Kelley, Eliza 27, 52, 53, 80, 127 Kelley, Sarah Kellogg, Jon 114, 155, 90 kelly, Annmone Kelly, Carol 167 Kelly, George 41, 123, 124 Kelly, Joseph 105, 146, 96 Kelly, Marie 146 Kelts, Cameron Kendall, Jack Fac. Kennedy, Brett 57 Kennedy, Brion 27 Kennedy, Katherine 167 Landis, Kay 128 Landon, Gail Lone, Gregory Larrimore, Mark 123, 128 Larsen, Sally 66, 88 Larson, Kristin Lasch, Rena 116, 155 Lauer, Angela Lauer. William 41 Laufenberg, Susan 114, 168 Laughlin, Jane 28, 52, 52, 108, 136 Laughlin, Kirsten 28, 108 Lawrence, Martha Lawrence, Robert 104, 168 Leavitt, Putney Lee, Lucia 168 Lehmann, Jeffrey 123, 126, 127, 128, 146 Lehmann, Sandra 168 Lelea, Diana 28, 128 Ober, Michele 169 Lennane, Eric 155, 72, 91 Lennane, Michelle 72, 168, 91 Lennane, Tim 73, 116, 125 Lester, Joaqui 42 Levine, Michael Lewak, Zosia Lewis, Gail 28 Lewis, Kelly 28, 15 Lie, Patricia Light, Brian 29, 46, 102 Light, Cindy 91, 123 Likins, Steven 76, 116, 155 Lind, Jeanne 91 Lind, John Lind, Peter 42, 100 Lindley, Michael 50, 156 Lindley, Michele 168 Lindley, Steven 13, 29, 119 Lindquist, Dale 140 Lingenfelder, Deon Lingenfelder, Jan 29 Linkowski, Michael Linkowski, Michelle 29, 123 Linnemann, Cary Linson, Brian Lippert, David Liston, Daniel Liszt, Kerri Liu, Stefanie 123, 146 Lofftus, Melvin 29 Loftin, Karen 29, 146 Lombardo, Michael 181 Long, Carol 29 Long, Carolyn Lord, Erin 168 Lord, Scott 29 Lorimer, Leslie 70, 88, 168 Luevano, Daniel Luevano, Nancy Lusian, Ralph 62, 99 Luther, Michael 168 Lutz, Leland Lyman, Dan Fac, 138, 133, 86 Lyon, John Macdonald, Arthur 146 Macdonald, Lisa Macdonald, Sean 42 Mackay, Warren Macpherson, Terry 123, 156 Maddocks, Kristine 88, 168 Maddocks, Vicki 29 Magner, Jeffrey 146, 100 Magoffin, Jeanne 29 Mahdovi, Zohreh 128, 146 Maher, Jeremy 147 Mahnken, Thomas 114, 124, 125, 156 Mahon, Anthony Mahoney, Edward 13, 16, 29, 57, 69, 123, 96, 136 Majeski, Nancy 131 Malec, Paul 90 Maljkovic, Vera 42 Malmberg, Lori 147 Manasian, Mark 78 Mandel, Mark 156, 100 Maness, Julie 156, 94 Maness, Lyle 56 Mangiarelli, Richard 156, 91 Mannhalter, Gregory 156 Mannheimer, Amanda 168 Marandino, Luca 156 Marandino, Maddalena 168 Marder, Jeffrey Mardesich, Katherine 108 Marino, Marc 156 Markoski, Tamara 168 Marlowe, Rebecca 146 Marquardt, Michael 99, 105, 147 Marquez, Michael 156 Marti, Andres 50, 156 Martin, David Martin, Sean Martin, Shana 156 Martin, Steven 156 Martin, Tamara 156 Martin, Tara 147 Martinet, Micae 168 Martinez, Adella 168 Martinez, Lorraine 156 Martinez, Martin 147, 84 Middleton, Middleton, Middleton, Middleton, Middleton, Alan Drew 104, 169 Eric 13, 30, 48 Julie Susan 30, 84 Midebrand, Ward 99 Miljan, John 169 Millan, Wendy 30, 127, 128 Miller, Arlin 16, 30, 52, 53, 109, 136 Martinez, Ruth Martino, Susan Fac. 140 Massas, Gordon 156, 78 Masterson, Marianne 70 Mastin, Wayne 48 Masui, Jun 168 Mattern, Kari 29 Maung, Michael 147 Miller, Carl 105, 99 Miller, Christopher 124 Miller, Christopher 30 Miller, Craig Miller, David Miller, David 31, 114, 119, 176 Miller, Deena 114 Miller, Elyse Narain, Ajay 169 Narain, Keshav 31 Nasif, Adrienn Nasland, Eric 105, 156, 90 Nathan, Simeon Nau, Mike Neece, Jason 169 Neece, John Neel, Mark 103, 169 Neeley, Steven Neff, Alison Nelson, Tasha 31, 42 Nelson, Wendy 169 Nerini, Joann 140 Nesbitt, Verena Newby, Marni Newby, Sarah 169, 82 Newby, Todd 50 Maurer, Greta 29, 64, 65 May, Danny 63, 104, 168 May, Gregory 14, 42, 57, 58, 121, 98 May, Meri Fac, 131 May, Richard 42 May, Steven 105, 147 May, Teresa 29 McAdams, Beth 94 McAndrew, Margaret 29, 137 McCampbell, Jeffrey 90 McCann, Jay McCarthy, Michael 168 McCarty, Robin McChrie, Lauren 30 McClarren, John 123, 133 McCleaver, Brian 96 McColum, Frederick 30 McCollum, Virginia McCombs, Bradley 48, 147 McCombs, Jennifer McCrink, Charles 30 McDonald, Patrick 56, 90 McDonald, Susan 114, 126 McFalI, Kelly 80, 87, 86 McFarlin, Adrian McFarlin , Dawn 82 McGee, Maria 156 McGee, Sean 95 McGowan, Teresa 156 McGrath, Ann 147 McGrath, Carey 95 McGriff, Shannon 69, 119 McGroarty, Beth 90, 89 McGuire, Christopher 105, 90 McGuire, Donald Mclnroe, Kimberly 30 McKinley, Jeffrey 42, 60 McKitterick, Denise 126 McMillan, Matthew McNally, Kathleen 30, 91 McNeely, Maria McNellis, Michael 147 McNellis, Susan McReynoids, Ernest 30 McSparran, Glenn 30 McTear, Lisa 30, 177 Meacham, Dale 104 Mears, John Mecalis, Mark 147 Meeker, Pete Fac. 134 Mehas, Rebecca 147 Meinzinger, Lisa 30 Mejia, Mark Melhouse, Marlys 135 Melone, Mark Melone, Nichole Melone, Tina Meredith, Jack Meredith, Joel 147 Merideth, Gregg 147 Merideth, Jill 156 Merriam, Jamie Merriam, Robin 30, 146 Merrill, Lori Metzger, Julia 118 Meuser, Emile Meyer, Felice Meyer, Vince Pac, 138 Meyers, Jayson 90 Meyn, William 156 Miller, Jay, Bus Driver 133 Miller, John 105 Miller, Randi Milner, Andrew Minasian, Mark 119, 156 Miscall, DAniel Mistarz, Teresa 31 Miyashiro, Rodge 128, 130 Mize, Barbara 169 Moch, Ralph 42, 82, 35 Moeller, Marc 104, 169 Moffit, Elizabeth Mohlenbrock, Katherin 88, 169 Monroe, Amy 80, 147 Mons, Irene 64, 147 Montes, Lisa 147 Montgomery 60, 147, 99 Montgomery 111, 169, 94 Montoya, Arcelia 147 Montoya, Susana Newcomer, Andi 118, 133 Ngubo, Meliss 156 ,Thabo 15, 31, 109 Ngubo Nichols, Gary 31 Nichols, Greg 42 Nichols, William Nicholson, 147 Moore, Darci 114 Moore, David Moore, James 31 Moore, Jeff 147 Moore, Joanna 31 Moore, Julie 68, 74, 121, 147 Moore, Kevin 147 Moore, Rhonda Moorhead, Kristen 119 Moorman, Steven 31, 56, 90 Moossazadeh, Farshid Morgan, Gary 138 Moran, Shannon 169 Morgans, Mary 31, 90 Moriarty, Erin 69, 156 Moriarty, Kristen 31, 80 Morris, Leonard 126, 130 Morrissey, Michael 156 Morris, Ron 76, 104, 78, 79 Morton, Thomas Moser, Christine Moser, David 169 Mosteller, Margaret 70, 128, 156 Moulios, Andrea Movahed, Nata Movahed, Neda 169 Mowery, Kathy Mowery, Susan 169 Mueller, Dawn Mueller, Robert 104, 169 Muhl, David 156 Muhl, Kathy Mullen, Mary 169 Munro, Joseph 169 Murphy, Elizabeth Murphy, Kevin 169 Murphy, Michael Murty, Rama 124, 169 Murty, Srinivan 124 Mussell, Michael 68, 104, 169, 99 Musser, Maryann Musurlian, Haig 63, 169, 95 Myers, Beth N Nace, Heather 114, 169 Nam, Harold 169 Ninteman, Neal 12, 16, 31, 56 Noel, Downey 169 Noel, Meghan 156 Noel, Timothy 156 Noga, Nicole 31, 126 Nagle, Darold 80, 133, 99 Nolte, Allyson Norden, Kimbro 126, 128 Northcross, Stefanie Nucci, Edward 169 Nucci, Eugene Nunez, Michelle Nunez, Troy 169 Nuschy, Scott Nutter, Edward Obrien, Angela 169 Obrien, brenda 147 Obymachow, Jowept 47 Ochs, Howard Oconnell, Eileer Oconnell, John 62 Odenwalder, Denise 68 Offir, Jessica 118, 126, 128, 181 Oflaherty, Kate Ogasawara, Miho 127, 128 Ogdon, Erica 157 Oharra, Kevin 104, 169 Olsen, Brent 133, 140 Olson, Rosa Fac. Oreilly, Mary 157 Oreilly, Sean 157 Organ, Timothy 99, 157 Orlich, Brad 31, 50, 56, 90 Oslo, Katrina 8 Ostergaard, Christian 42, 124, Otoole, Allis Ottaway, Damon Oury, Daniel 169 Oury, Jeremy 48, 118 Overland, Scott 169 Owen, Chris 104, 169 Owen, Lance 157 P Pao, Amy 157, 91 Paa, Jennifer 114, 169 Pacelli, Lorenzo 104, 169, 91 Page, Charles Painter, Camille 157 Palmer, Darlene Fac, 133 Palmer, Tiffany Palumbo, Jodie 32, 118 Pando, Pandolf Panton, Panton. Mauro 157 e, Steve 99 Kristine 169, 92 Marcia Pappas, Christina Pappas, Denise Pappas, Stephen Paquet, Michael Paquet, Susanne 169 Pardee, Dana Parez, Jitka 121, 126, 157 Parker, Rook 32 Parkinson, Scott Parmelee, Douglas Parr, Stephanie 52, 123, 147 Paterson, Janet 119 Patryk, Arthur 32, 54, 125, 90 Pattison, Paul 148 Paul, Sara Paul, Tracy 32 Pearce, David Pearl, Jessica 157 Pearl, Laura Peck, Adam Peckham, Chad 148 Pedroza, Anna 114, 148 Pedroza, Maria 42 Pedroza, Raul 157 Peinetti, Steven 42 Pelham, Anita 68 Pelham, Anthony 42 Pellegrino, Tony 148 Penberth, Catherine 157 Pennell, Daren 105, 157 Pennington, Katrina 32, 104 Perales, Debbie 92 Perkins, Travis 148 Peter, Jeaane 169 Peter, Kathleen 123, 148 Peterson, Adrianne 170 Peterson, Bruce 13, 32, 60 Plattner, Peterson, Keith 32, 57, 58, 90 Peterson, Raedene Peterson, Raymond 170 Peterson, Ronny Petitmermet, Rob 133 Petrash, John 148 Pezzoli, Patrick Pfeiffer, Deborah 170 Pfeiffer, Michael 148 Phelps, Jennifer 70, 148 Phillips, Dody Phillips, Jim Fac. 56, 135 Phillips, Karen 170 Piccioni, Gabriella 8 Pierczynski, Scott Pierson, Catherine 157 Pierson, Theresa 42 Pileggi, Julie 32 Pilz, Roger Pinnick, Michael 170 Pittman, Ray 32, 61, 118 Pitts, Richard 42, 48, 72 Platt, Natalie AI Plattner, Kimberly 42 Plows, Jonathan 48 Plunkett, Brooke Plunkett, Michael Pocius, Steven 42 Pollack, Steve 157, 102 Pollock, Todd 32 Polzin, Lance 148 Pope, Jeffrey 42 Poppe, Denise Poroy, Denis Posner, Mark 118, 148 Posner, Sam Fac. 131 Potter, Germae Powell, Jeffrey Powell, Laura 157 Powell, Lori 32, 123, 137 Powell, Powell, Patrice Fac. 131 Robert 104, 170, 95, 79 Poynter, Gregory 32 Prais, Bryce Prather, Eva 43 Prather, Kasey Preisler, William Prestwood, Rick Fac. 61, 8 133 Prince, Lori 32 Prothero, Jeffrey 170 Provencio, Teresa 32 Pryor, Amy 33 Ptak, Kathryn 33 Ptak, Richard 157, 102 Pucci, Tracy Puth, Catherine Quijada, Manuel 105, 148 Radcliffe, Kent Raffee, Guy Ragan, Benjamin 33 Railey, Michael 43 Ramage, Lee Ramirez, Christopher 104 Ramirez, Denny 57 Ramirez, Evert 133 Ramirez, Monique 80 Ramstad, David 33 Rasmussen, Darren 91 Rasmussen, Todd Ravazzolo, Chris 157 Rawson, Kristy 33 Ray, Christopher 43 Raymond, Mary 68, 170 Rea, Sally 66, 67, 148 Recker, Cynthia Redman, Kathleen 33 Redman, Roy 5, 105, 157 Reed, Laura 69 Reese, Diana 157 Reese, Peter 43 Rehkopf, Shirley Fac. 133 Reinholz, Heidi 157 Reidy, Cheryl Fac. 94 Reinke, Karla 33, 126, 128 Reinsch, Matthias 50, 125, Reinsch, Veronika 170 Reiter, Elaine 68, 128, 148 Reiter, Gregory 43, 128 Renner, Clark 157, 102 Renner, Scott 33 Renolds, Bruce 134 Renteria, Jesse 104, 170 Renteria, Richard 57, 76 Reynaga, Rebecca 157 Reynolds, Alisa 121 Reynolds, Carla Reynolds, Susan 170 Rhoads, Randall 43 Rhodes, Timothy Richards, Clifford Fac. Richardson, Shirley 134 Richards, Paul Riches, Stan Fac. 140 Richmond, Betsy 170 Richmond, Sara 33 Ridley, Kathy 80, 114, 148 Rieck, Winfred Rigsby, Lisa Riley, Maria 118 Rincon, Cecilia 33, 181 Rincon, Manny 99, 157 Ringer, Jeffrey Risvold, Susan 43 Ritschel, Caroline 43 Ritschel, Robert Rivelli, Jill 128, 170 8, 130, 'I Robertson, Jon Fac. 69, 127, 133 Roberts, Peter 62, 157, 99 Robinson, George Fac. 134 Robins, Richard 50 Robins, Robert 48 Robinson, Tara Robison, Kristen Robison, Mary 170, 91 Robles, Cedma Robles, Julia 33 Rochambeau, Jeffrey Rochambeau, Mark 33 Rochambeau, Victoria Rodgers, Robin 43, 52, 53 Rodriguez, Joanne Rodriguez, Larry Rodriguez, Lilia Rogan, Patrick 130 Rogers, Elaine 121, 157 Rogers, H. Carlin 72, 148 Rogers, Kelly 114, 170 Rogers, Shawn 61, 149 Rornbola, Wendy 69, 157 Romero, Angela 170 Ronholm, Beth 43 Ronholm, Craig Rosen, Norman 180 Ross, John 90, 157 Roth, Jill Rouse, Carolyn 126, 157 Rouse, Cecilia 126, 128, 149 Rubalcaba, Kathleen 149 Rubalcaba, Kristine 33 Ruiz, David 43, 90 Rummerfield, Dana 170 Ruskin, Arnie 135 Russell, David 149 Russell, Eric 33, 56 Russell, Rebecca 170 Russell, Sandra Russell Theodore 10 63, 170, 95 , 4, Ryan, Natalie 17, 34 S Sabin, Leslie 157 Sadri, Farzad Sager, Kimberly 70, 170 Sokata, Nancy 82, 170 Sakofsky, Eileen 149 Salbato, Monique Saldivar, Michael Salel, Christina 127, 149 Salel, Timothy 70, 104, 128, 170, 95, 78, 79 Salerno, Danna 12 Salerno, Gina Salgado, Paul Fac. 104 Salgado, Steven 42 Salmon, Sean 104 Salvador, Ricky 170 Sambrano, Mary Schmitt, Todd 124, 127 Schmitz, Heidi 149 Schmitz, Thomas 157, 105, 62 Schneider, David 104 Schneider, Stephen 149, 95 Schneider, Steve 118, 170 Schneiderman, Heidi 34 Schneiderman, Tanya 64, 65, 149 Schoch, Cynthia 111, 170, 92 Schoell, Marv 135 Schramm, Jennifer 114, 170 Schulman, Lisa 170 Schulte, Richard Schultz, Donald 124, 170 Schuster, Kurt Schwaebe, John Schwaebe, Michael 105 Schwall, James 63 Schwartzlose, Mark Schweighofer, Karen 149 Schweighofer, Mimi 170 Schwiebert, Thomas 43, 84 Scimeca, Stephanie 170 Scobie, Clare Scoggins, Craig 75, 105, 138, 96 Scurlock, Cecelia 34 Seay, Thomas Seller, Karl 50, 157, 99 Selph, Russell 158 Selverston, Melina 158, 181 Semler, John Sessoms, Monica 171 Severino Severino, Stacy 149 Shaffer, Dave 34, 138 Shamshiri, Ehsan Shamshiri, Hesam Shannon, Deborah 171 Sharp, George 105, 149 Sharp, Greg 43 Sharp, Peter Sharp, Robert 158 Sharpe, Ilene 171 Shaver, Karl 63, 171 Shaw, Christopher 34, 119 Shaw, Steve Shepard, Marilyn 138 Sheremeta, James 149, 100 Sheremeta, Jamie 158 Sherman, Robin 158, 92 Sherman, Scott 149 Sherman, Stephen 34, 118 Sherman, Thomas 62, 158 Shiloh, Ayelet Shirts, Mitchell 96 Shore, Robert 149, 90 Short, Mark Short, Robin 43, 68 Siebengartner, Michel 158 Sigler, Carole 149 Silber, Ellen 149 Silber, Paul 43, 114, 90 Silva, Patricia Silva, Susan Silver, Curt 34 Sammis, Brett 104 Sampath, Raj 34 Sanchez, John Sanchez, Mike 170, 95 Sandberg, Amy Sandberg, Erica 149 Sandberg, Nina Sanders, Loren 43, 57, 58 Sandford, Thad 157 Sandhu, Kamaljit 34 Sandhu, Karm 157 Simmons, Bradley 34, 119, 176 Simmons, Marc 149, 181 Simpson, Heather 34 Simpson, Michelle 43 Simpson, Sharon 67 Sims, Gregory 34 Sims, Jennifer 171 Sisson, Deanna 149 Skinner, Joe 133 Skramstad, Sharon 158 Skubinna, David 34 Rivelli, Patrick 123, 124, 128, 148 Robair, Delina Fac. 133 Robb, Marla 68, 118, 148 Roberts, James 33 Roberts, Jean Sanford, Carter Sanson, Ann 133 Sansone, Thomas Sapiro, Eddy Sarkar, Jayashri 149 Sarvis, Steve 170, 50, 95 Scarborough, Sion Schaefer, Bryce 34, 116 Sleigh, Rose 124, 138 Sliney, Lisa Sliney, Michele Slipper, Brian 171 Slipper, Paul 150 Sloan, Andrea Slotkin, Richard 121, 91 Small, Lana Fac. 133 Schicht, Marie 157 Schiller, Patricia 170 Schlesinger, Ann 119 Schmidt, Jean 131 Smith, Alissa 114 Smith, Burt Smith, Daniel 56 Smith, Geoffrey 44 Weber, Smith, Joi 158 Smith, Kurt 57 Smith, Wendy Smyth, Angela 34, 118 Smyth, Lorraine 158 Snodgrass, Patricia 35 Snyder, Cynthia Sobin, Diane 44 Solomon, Brian Somerville, Cynthia Sommers, Jenifer 171 Sorensen, Kaj Sorenson, Tyler 150 Sorenson, Whitney 158 Souter, Christina 150 Souter, Sandy 35, 57, 90 Souter, Yolanda 158 Southworth, Bonnie 35, 14, 119, 91 Spaid, Joseph 171 Spalenka, Nancy 91 Spector, Antoinette 150 Speer, Mary 35 Speir, Kymberely 35, 126, 127, 128 Spence, Tami Spivey, Jane 132 Spooner, Allison Staititf, Steve 134 Stallings, Clifford 171, 91 Stangl, John 171 Stannard, Andrew 44 Stannard, Damon 158 Stark, Theresa 35 Starkey, Kirsten 171 Starkey, Scott 72, 150, 90 Steel, Sam 140 Steen, Renee Steigerwald, Lynn 131 Stegman, Ann 150 Stein, Kirk 171 Steinriede, Kent 158 Stephan, Gregory 105, 158, 78 Stephens, Elizabeth Stern, Jack 35, 80, 97, 96 Stevens, Meredith 158 Stevenson, Michael 158 Stgeorge, Arlene 35 Stillwell, Kim Stimler, Cathy 158 Stirtz, Philip 44, 124 Stoll, Amy 68, 171 Storms, Bruce 90 Strand, Michelle 35 Strange, Brian 35 Straussman, Romi 8, 44 Streed, Rodney Streen, Renee 126 Strickland, Michael 125, 171 Strickland, Tracey 35 Stringham, Charles 114, 124, 158 Strobl, Tim 62, 96 Strobl, William 35, 59, 61, 98 Strole, Patrick 158 Strong, Kathy 35 Stubbs, Jayelyn 158 Sturm, John Styles, Jan 62, 171, 91 Suckling, David 63, 171 Suckling, John 158 Sudak, Paul 47, 49 Sudak, Peter 171 Sullivan, John 171 Summers, R. Alan 10, 56, 60, 123, 150, 90, 89 Summers, Lori 94 Sutton, Melanie 35 Swanson, Marcella 35 Swartlose, Mark 43 Swartz, Kathleen Swee, Ethel Switz, Mary 36, 82 Switz, Thaddeus Switzer, Kelly 171 Tabarez, Albert Tabarez, Michael 105, 91 Tabatabai, Susan Talbot, Craig Talbot, Douglass 13, 36, 57 Tarr, Sean 95, 171 Tarvin, Shannon 171 Tate, Thomas 158 Taylor, Cheryl 36, 128 Taylor, Kelly Teagle, Deboray Teagle, John 158 Teague, Susan 36, 52, 53, 70, 119, 137, 90 Tellez, Mark Temples, Jerri 171 Temples, Jim Fac. 70, 72, 133 Temples, Julie 158 Tenwick, Terry Terauds, Dana 171, 111, 92 Terauds, Jeffrey Teschmacher, Lawrence 158 Teschmacher, Luann 36, 74, 87 Theodore, Julie Thiesfeld, Kurt 44 Thiess, Fred 105, 78 Tholke, Ed 131 Thomas, kynelle 158 Thomaszeck, Lisa Thompson, Amy 36 Thompson, Lisa 36, 114 Thompson, Robert 44 Thomson, Helen 150 Thor, Amy Thorburn, Cameron Thorburn, Sydney 36, 136 Thorden, Julie 36 Thorson, Angela 16, 36, 45, 126 Tibbetts, Nancy 171, 94 Tieman, Brian Tileston, Lisa 36, 52, 53, 126, 86 Timm, Bryan 44 Timm, Kirk 158 Timmins, Janice 150 Torrence, Glenn 82, 133 Tostado, David 36 Tostado, Michael 104, 171 Townsend, John 118 Toy, Mark 124 Toy, Monique 124 Troncale, Deanna Truchard, Liam 36, 118 Truchard, Michelle 171 Truchard, Paulot 56, 150, 90 Tuck, Elizabeth 14, 36 Turetzky, Marc 48, 49 Turner, Brent Turner, Brent Twohy, Pat 105, 158 Tysdal, Kristie Tysdal, Orville U Ubungen, Rosie 171 Upsher, Julie 137 Urquhart, Joseph 158 Utz, Michael 171, 83 V Vallacher, Lyn 133 Van Horne, Stacie 171 Van Leeuwen, Jessica 150, 181 Vanboxtel, Thor 44 Vanderbiesen, Russell 150 Vandussen, Richard Vanek, Cheryl 150 Vanvranken, Michael 150 Varga, Thomas 150 Vedell, Renee 94, 150 Vergani, George Vernon, Ellen 158 Vignato, Nina 158 Vihon, Michael 171 Vihon, Sheree Visconti, Gina Vizzolini, Matthew 158, '150 Vogel, Jo Ann 36 Volland, Wm, Joseph Vollman, Jennifer 158 W Waage, Elena 158 Wadley, Martin 158, 185 Wadley, Meredith 37 Wagner, Shannon 37, 123, 137 Wainford, Kathryn 37 Waitley, Darrah 159, 90 Waitley, David 16, 37, 56, 96 Waldal, Waldal, Walker, Walker, Jimmy 150 Katherine 171, 82 Christon 124 Keven 37 Wall, lllisa Wall, Lisa 44 Waller, Heidi Ward, S Ward, S Wardall, Warne, Warne, Warner, Warren, Warren, Warren, cott 57, 97, 96 uzanne 159 Shawn 105, 150 Denise 68, 172 Karlyn Eric 159 Carol 159 Darren 56, 62, 159, 97, 96 John 44 Waszak, Scott 59, 61 Waterm On, Kirk 37, 57 Watkins, Karen 159 Watkins, Stephen Watkyus, Patricia Fac. WGGTG, corny Weaver, Julie 37 Webb, Devin 50, 172 Webber, Shari Joy 159 Webster, Timothy 44, 114, 172 Webster, Todd 48, 56, 84, 85 Weis, Peter 150 Weiss, Samantha 159 Wells, Christopher 116, 172, 95 Welsh, Nora 66, 128, 15 Wert, Karen 172 Whann, Bradford 172 Wheelock, George 150 White, J ennifer 37 White, Kristen White, Marlinda 159 White, Steve 172 Whitney, Anthony 37, 57, 121 Whitney, Lisa 80, 59 Wiegand, Gregory 126 Wiest, Gregory 37 Wijkstrom, Jonsson 44 Wilcox, John 83 Wilke, Mary 172 Wilkey, David 104, 172 Wilkey, Linda 150 Wilkinson, Daniel 105 Williams, Williams, Craig Diana Williams, Douglas 159 Williams, Gregory 104, 172, 95, 79 Williams, Jeffery 104, 172, 78, 79, 87 Williams, Kyle 114 Williams, Liesel 9, 159, 94 Williams, Lori 69 Williamson, Gar 133 Williams, Rosana 112 Williams, Susan 151 Willits, Steven 44, 172 Wills, Robert 50, 15 Wilson, Ann 110, 111, 151 Wilson, Cathleen 37 Wilson, lan Wilson, Jacqueline 172 Wilson, Susan 80, 81, 172 Winchell, Kathleen 121, 159 Winchell, Kenny 44, 121 Winchell, Michell 91 Winegardner, Cynthia Winn, Dexter 104, 119, 133, 90 Winner, Maureen 70, 172, 91 vvimer, Kelly Winter, Kyle 172 Winterer, Caroline 172, 91 Winterer, Juliette 121, 124, 126, Wirtz, Jeffrey 56 Wirtz, Valerie Witten, Michelle 37 Wixon, Jacques Wohlleben, Johan 159 Wolf, Gregory Wood, Bradford 37 Wood, James 37 Woodbury, Lance Wooden, James 72 WOOdfilI, Phillip Woodward, Bret Woodward, Wendy Woolley, Jonathan Woolley, Julianna 37 Woolman, Darlene 38 Worley, Andrea 172 Worret, Christopher 121, 159 Worret, Scott 38, 114 Worthington, Jo 130 Wotkins, Pat 138 Wotkyns, Pamela 44, 80, 131 Wozencraft, Steven 151 Wright, Cynthia 172 Wright, Darin 151, 84 Wright, Victoria Wynne, Kelly 74, 88, 114, 159 Y Yayanos, Sandy 160, 121 Ybarrola, David Ybarrola, Yvonne 172 Vurcek 44 Young, Curtis 38, 15, 13, 90 Young, Krista 172 Young, Laura 38 Young, Marianne 13, 14, 15, 38 119, 127 Young, Susan 38 Young, Timothy 38, 127, 96 Z Zaenglein, William Zangerle, Larry Zappella, Marianne 38, 118, 15 Zasio, Kevin Zehner, Kevin 105, 150 Ziegler, Sue Fac. 131 Zielinski, Russell 76, 105, 160, 78 1 159 ,fu Painters ,, ,,, W 1 3 g ,, K Spirh' 206 ,f AcknovvledgemenTs Many Thanks To all Those involved in making The 4984 FreeTlighT possible. A very special Thanks To Lee Waldman for The use of his phoTographs in The open- ing secTion: Tony Francis for Time, generosiTy, and invaluable assisTance5 The Del Mar Thoroughbred Club for donaTing The phoTograph on pages four and five: Doan l-lohmeyer, The phoTographer vvho saved The yearbook 4,633 Times This year. And final- ly, Dr. Angela Aschbrenner, our dedicaTed and pa- TienT advisor vvhose Time and efforl made all This possible. SUSAN TEAGUE EdiTor P PicTured on pages 436 7 6 45 KaTie Davis 25 Pam Casale 35 Susie 1 2 3 L' '5 Bleeker 415 Kip Colbourne 55 MargareT McAndrews 65 Julie Upsher 75 Doan 2 U A -I Hohmeyer 85 Ted Mahoney O5 Mike 7 8 12 ArmbrusTer and Sydnry Thorburn 405 ee . , . , .. . Don BoberTz 445 Lori Powell 425 Susan Teague 435 Julie Garland 445 Jane , 9 10 11 5 Laughlin 455 Nancy Colbourne 465 Ke - l'li"'l vin Corcoran, 475 Susie Chambers 485 f Marina Krohn 495 Arlin Miller 205 Gabe lx V Dairy 245 Barry Engelman 225 Shannon l 1 ,gi 3 1 A 3 Wagner 13 11+ I 15 l 16 1. ' T,.....11,.- ...I 17 18 19 20 22 21

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