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Torrence Lytle High School - Trojan Yearbook (Huntersville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Cover

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r S . ' i ■ OUR ALMA MATER . — 5 i__fc £ £ — W 0 — 9 — = — J 0 —d ir Tor-rence Lytle to us so dear We ' ll raise a glo-rious 4 - - 9 • 0 1 = . 1 f- w f §• — k 9 w 4 —0 - » — L- L 9-1 song To sing Thy Praise In vol-ces clear Dear old school March n .....Mf s = — n fL -J LJ — jp zzs —i cz_ hn r — on Loy - al sons and daugh-tera too Serve thee well and V- “ 1 u . -v9 0 ft 0 ft — J r jk) —J- — 1 i d -J serve thee true O Tor- rence Lytle our . Al-ma Ma- ter a hA : I • —O ' ■ izi a 4 Hail old Gold and Blue THE TROJAN published by THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1966 TORRENCE-LYTLE HIGH SCHOOL Huntersville, North Carolina t i « S OUR SCHOOL’S HISTORY It was in the fall of 1937 that the good ship " Huntersville High School " stood at anchor at the wharf of its first school year. It was a new ship about to make its first sail in carrying many passengers to the glorious Land of Great Wisdom. This was a great day in the history of this proud ship as many people witnessed the eighteen students making preparations to sail. There were questions in the minds of the passengers as to what the crew of two high school teachers and three elementary teachers would endeavor to put before them as the voyage pro- gressed. Their minds were put at ease as they witnessed the capability of their Captain, Mr. Isaac T. Graham. His diligence and perseverance removed all possible doubt from their minds. They knew that, even though there would be great hardships ahead, they could put their trust in him to lead them through. As the ship docked annually it acquired more passengers and soon outgrew its seven class- rooms. In 1952-53 the vessel acquired a cafeteria and eight classrooms after having been in- troduced to an entire new host of students from two neighboring schools. In the year of 1953, the name of the ship was changed in honor of two great admirals who had been brave leaders in the establishment of Negro High Schools in Mecklenburg County. The admirals were Mr. Frank Lytle and Professor I.D. Torrence. When the great ship of Torrence-Lytle High School launched into another prosperous year in 1957, it proudly displayed its addition of twelve classrooms, a science laboratory, a home economics department, a gymtorium and an agriculture building. Today, the grand ship of Torrence-Lytle High School still proudly sails the seas of knowl- edge. It has docked at the Land of Great Wisdom many, who ever-pride the service of this ves- sel. In this year of 1966, it set out to sea with 964 students aboard, 45 teachers and five custod- ians composing the crew. All of this with Mr. Isaac T. Graham as Captain, and Mr. R. C. Mc- Hwain as Co-captain, has brought this ship through many journeys. This great ship has made many wonderful voyages striving to acquire all things which wovtld be of service to the passengers in the Voyage of Real Life. It has not faced any gale which it could not withstand, nor has it wrecked upon the shoals of any threatening task. Its capabilities have enabled it to procure the necessary passport at the entrance of each succeeding sea. This great ship has nursed seasick passengers back to the realm of intelligence and wisdom. Sail on, thou proud and mighty vessel. The tempests toss thee ' bout in vain Because thy sturdy-buUt foundation Will ever bring you back again. 3 red i|iemop sy». ' ll find them all in here, that wffll always remSte o very dear, s will come and pen w 4)ass, enmries we ' ve shared! forever last. reqognmon, yof thi s unt( ed ve wM m our ves di molA nd joys of oun dld scJmcM days, he chai ways. realize the And to view in retrosl is for opportunities, that we @«f for tJielakii Opportunities that would help I All the chances that were ours Did truly help us grow in wisdom Ijnd powers. IS Jubill O suf Canj oments, moments v hejj wewere four hearts as we jog rful traces of our ioTOu mmth ; rased from this trefcimed me la Mater to us so |nue to sing your prs ind daughters we wi| ful Alma Mater w« in voiees loud and remember thee. foi lOble teachers, so Jayai weM they, us an education and liglB M n every way. Sigh the ye ars wi ll pass, w T E t them not. For them in ou rEeaWg ' wil Lre tende r spot. ii w Seniors, whose moments tier onderful moments that will so Even if they venturi far, far away’ Sweet ikemories infaeir hearts will always stay. re passing on, gone. 2 A Tribute Miss Betty Caldwell, a 1964 graduate of Torrence-Lytle High School, is a grand example of the principles of beautiful womanhood. She accepts responsibility graciously; she performs her many duties efficiently. Even though she was not employed in the summer library program, Betty offered her services free. She was always available to the school in any way possible. When it became necessary to replace Mrs. Reid as secretary to the librarian, Betty, because of her willingness to work and her efficiency as a secretary, was promptly hired by the School Board. To prepare herself to fulfill her ambition to become an executive secretary, Betty attended the Southeastern Business College, Durham, North Carolina, in the fall of 1964. She has enrolled in the Executive Secretarial Course in Central Piedmont Community College, Charlotte, North Carolina. Miss Caldwell is the secretary to the librarian at our school. Her motto, " Do unto others as you would have them do unto you " is exemplified in her daily contact with others. Her hobbies are reading and cooking. Miss Betty Caldwell, the Trojanette of the year, we salute you. 5 YEARBOOK STAFF Norma Carr Editor-in-chief Gloria Caldwell Chairman Layout Committee Barbara Alexander Chairman Advertisement Committee Bessie Carr Co-Editor Paul Gibson Chairman Art Committee Joanne Young Chairman Patrons Committee 4 DEDICATION As we view in retrospect the history of Torrence-Lytle High School, we find that we have Mr. Isaac T. Graham to thank for the great attain- ments of our school. His noble endeavors and faithfulness to this, OUR school, have made him our honorable and skillful commander. His dili- gence in so leading us on to adventures in the acquirement of a good edu- cation so delegate him to be selected by the seniors of 1966 as the person to whom we will dedicate our annual, THE TROJAN. Upon our departure from this school we only hope we can maintain the principles that you, Mr. Graham, have so earnestly striven to instill into our hearts and minds during our stay here. No matter where we venture, your sustenance to us will never be forgotten. To you, we devotedly and affectionately say " Thank you. " 6 ' I ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL R. C. Mcllwain 9 THE WORDS OF OUR PRINCIPAL rv»k ’ ' E m il Congratulations to the graduating class of 1966. You have the unique distinction of being the last class to graduate from Torrence- Lytle High School. You represent the end of a dream for education and prog ress for Negro youth of this district through facilities, equipment, and encourage- ments from an all Negro school. It should certainly behove each of you to prove worthy of the distinction you enjoy. May you ever exemplify the ideals, attitudes, inspiration and aspiration that your teachers and parents have striven hard to instill with- in you. It is one great hope of all of us who have been privileged to have a part in shaping your lives and molding your character, that you have acquired or developed an insatiable desire to achieve and excel and to make a contribution to society commensurate with your ability. Many students who have preceded you have made achievements worthy of high commendations. May you, too, make " footprints " that others will be honored to follow. As our school, and perhaps many of us, are phased out of the educa- tional process, our old dream has already been replaced by a new and greater hope upon the horizon. Our cup of joy overflows as a real op- portunity for a better education for Negro youth of our community becomes a reality. You, who now leave to take your respective places in a world that is very cruel to the unintelligent, the uninformed and the unprepared individual, must never forget that you have just begun your education. With the proper attitude and an open mind, your high school career should leave you properly prepared for the most fruitful and challenging days of a suc- cessful life. Let each block placed within your path become a stepping stone, and each failure a proving ground for a successful adventure. Aim high, think tall, and work with an indomitable determination to succeed, and success will be yours. 8 " There is no teaching until the pupil is brought in To the same state or principle in which you are; a Transfusion takes place; he is you, and you are he; There is a teaching; and by no unfriendly chance or Bad company can he ever quite lose the benefit.” EMERSON Mrs. Mae C. Burns Mrs. Geraldine H. Clyburn Physical Education Grade 3 Mrs. Gladys K. Abernathy Special Education Miss Vertis M. Armstrong Reading William H. Baker, Jr. Math " Delightful Task! To Rear The Tender Thought, To Teach The Young Idea How To Shoot, To Pour The Fresh Instruction O ' er The Mind, To Breathe The Enlivening Spirit, And To Fix The Generous Purpose In The Glowing Breast. " THOMSON Mrs. Johnsie A. Beaver English Oscar W. Bidgood Driver ' s Education Miss Shirley L. Borders Grade 6 10 Mrs. Barbara B. Gunnings Science Miss Bessie M. Hackett Business Miss Evelyn Hairston Grade 4 " Instruction Does Not Prevent Waste Of Time Or Mistakes, And Mistakes Themselves Are Often The Best Teachers Of All. " FROUDE Mrs. Fannie B. Harvell Grade 5 Mrs. Mary B. Hatfield Home Economics Maurice M. Henderson English 13 Tommy C. Crank History Charles L. Crump Grade 5 Miss Ida E. Daniel Music " A professor can never better distinguish himself in His work than by encouraging a clever pupil, for the True discoverers are among them, as comets amongst the Stars. " CARL LINNAEUS Calvin C. Davis Mrs. Bessie S. Dozier Mrs. Lillie J. Ferguson Reading Math Grade 2 Miss Delore Y. Lloyd Art Miss L. Beatrice McCollough Grade 1 Mrs. Ruth T. Marshall Grade 4 Mrs. Lorene B. Massey Grade 3 " H You Be A Lover Of Instruction, You Will Be Well Instructed.” ISOCRATES Mrs. Jessie R. Richmond Grade 3 Mrs. Corine W. Robertson Miss Mary H. Roseboro Lang. Arts-Soc. Studies Grade 5 15 Mrs. Alma C. Hogue Grade 1 Mrs. Irene S. Hunt Grade 4 Mrs. Esther S. Johnson Librarian " He Is Wise Who Can Instruct Us And Assist Us In The Business Of Daily Virtuous Living. " CARLYLE Francis M. Jones Science Mrs. May me D. King Grade 2 Titus Ledbetter Band IN GRATEFUL RECOGNITION OF We, the Senior Class of 1966, proudly recognize in this edition of the TROJAN those who have given us light to guide us, courage to support us, and knowledge to defend us. It has been a great pleasure working with you. You have given us guidance and assurance that we will need as we travel along life ' s highway. We shall al- ways cherish our memories of you for being so understanding and kind. May you ever remain the same that we may devotedly walk in your footsteps. 17 Mrs. Aldriche A. Ross Grade 1 Miss Emma J. Saunders Lang. Arts-Soc. Studies Mrs. E. A. Thompson Science " Speak to the earth and it shall teach thee.” JOB XII Mrs. Bessie K. Watkins Grades 1 2 Mrs. Juanita White French Leroy R. Wynn Agriculture 16 Joys that we ' ve tasted May sometimes return, But the torch when once wasted, Ah! How can it Burn? Splendors now clouded. Say, when will ye shine? Broke is the goblet. And wasted the wine. SENIORS t I 1 BARBARA ALEXANDER " Believe in yourself and what others think won ' t disturb you.” Music teacher DELORES ALEXANDER " Where there is life there is hope; where there is hope there is love. " Home Economics teacher JEANNE ANDERSON " Perfection is my aim, And I trust yours is the same. " Seamstress EVELYN BARNETTE " Live and let live.” Airline Stewardess JOHN LEE BARRINGER " Love the life you live; live the life you love. " Insurance Distributor 21 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT Willie Crite SECRETARY Barbara Spaulding ASSISTANT SECRETARY Gloria Caldwell VICE-PRESIDENT Bobby Brandon TREASURER Sandra Broome 20 VERONICA BLACKMON " To achieve one ' s goal requires ded- ication, discipline and determina- tion. " Nurse BOBBY BRANDON " To live is to learn. " Professional Football EUGENE BROWN " Make the best of whatever you do. " Engineer CHARLES BURTON ' ' Give to the wo rid the be st you have . " Barber SANDRA BROOME " He who has health has hope; he who has hope has everything. " Nurse 23 SHIRLEY BARRINGER " Always try to make the best better in life, because life is what you make it. " Seamstress MATTIE BAXTER " Always strive for the best and you will succeed. " Seamstress TERRY BEATTY " Never trust a living soul and mind how you walk among the dead. " Navy ROBERT BERRY " Athingof Beauty is a joy forever. " Engineer WILLIAM BERRY " Your life is what your thoughts make it. " Electronics Engineer 22 PATRICIA CARR " It ' s better to be small and shine than to be large and cast a shadow. " Private Secretary HOWARD CLARK " Time waits for no man. " Tailor VALERIE CLARK " May true attainment be my goal and the Golden Rule my guide. " Elementary teacher WILLIE CRITE " Hard work is the best investment a man can make.” Brick Mason HAYWOOD CUNNINGHAM " Life is a maze, but with education and determination as a map, suc- cess is within reach. " Social Science teacher 25 ALBERT CALDWELL " Strive for the best but prepare for the worst. " Commercial Artist GLORIA CALDWELL " We stamp our own values upon our- selves, and we cannot expect to pass for more. " English teacher BESSIE CARR " A slip of the foot is better than a slip of the tongue. " Social worker DEXTER CARR " Love and be loved. " Disc Jockey NORMA CARR " Liberty means responsibility. That ' s why most men dread it. " English teacher 24 SANDRA FORNEY " Betterto be cheated to the last than lose the blessed hope of truth.” Nurse GEORGE GABRIEL " Mine honor is my life; both grow in one. " Air Force PAUL GIBSON " A body without a soul is no good. " Commercial Artist REGINALD GRAHAM " Yesterday has gone, forget it; to- day is here, make the best of it; to- morrow is in the future, prepare for it. " Business Administrator SWINDELL HARRIS " Keep on pushing. " Truck driver 27 BILLY DAVIS " Be prepared. " Air Force BLANDINA DAVIS " Better to be quiet and thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt. " Singer GENEVA DOBBS " Life is what you make it. Strive for the best always. " Secretary GARY DONALDSON " Strive for higher education to reach success. " Barber BOBBY FARRER " Love is not everything but every- thing comes from love. " Army 26 f ALFORD HOUSTON " Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. " Bricklayer BETTY HOUSTON " The foundation for a better tomor- row must be laid today. " Beautician MICHAEL HUNTER " Every man knows my goal but no man knows my limit. " Army VERA JONES " Today may look darker but tomor- row is brighter.” Beautician 29 DOROTHY HENDERSON " Smile and the whole world smiles with you. " Nurse MARY HENDERSON " To know is to be humble, because knowledge makes one aware of the range of his ignorance. " Typist DONALD HICKS " It ' s better to have a half loaf of bread than no bread at all. " Architect 28 — THELMA MORGAN " If you believe something is right, don ' t yield to temptation. " Writer FREDERIC MORROW " Envy seeks to destroy all that it cannot equal or surpass. " Barber CARL NANCE " You have to push to show what you can do. " Professional Football Player BRENARD NELSON " Nothing ventured, nothing gained. " Physical Education Teacher EDWARD OSBORNE " Door of success is labeled " Push " . " Air Force 31 WILLIAM KERNS ' To be rather than to seem. Air Force JOHNSIE LOWERY " What is beautiful is good and what is good will soon be beautiful. " Secretary BELGiE McClelland " B ehind every dark cloud, the sun still shines. " Tailor WILCH MOORE " All that I am and all that I hope to be, I owe it to my mother. " Air Force 30 JAMES SULLIVAN ' No man is an island. Commercial Artist ft PHYLLIS WEDDINGTON " To make the best better. " Seamstress JERRY WHITE " Love many, hate few, and always paddle your own canoe. " Air Force SHIRLEY WHITE " Where words fail, music speaks. " Nurse SAMUEL WILFORN " A change is going to come. " Air Force JOAN YOUNG " A believing soul makes a heart of gold. " Pianist ROSE PHARR " Fools wait for things to turn up; wise men turn them up. " History teacher SANDRA REm " Always think twice before you speak. " Secretary BARBARA SPAULDING " The things that lie behind us and in front of us are small compared to what lies within us. " Librarian HATTIE STINSON " A thriving mind keeps troubles be- hind. " Beautician JOAN STINSON " If you find a love that ' s true, never trade the old for a new. " Beautician 32 SENIORS IN ACTIVITY STUDYING THE MAGNETIC FIELD OF A CURRENT MOLDING THE LIVES OF OUR FUTURE HOMEMAKERS 35 CLASS MOTTO CLASS SONG (Tune: Never Walk Alone) As we walked through the years Torches held up high And all of our minds open wide We learned what to do; We learned what to say And we never were lost on our way. Walked on through the days Walked on through the years, Though our dreams were tossed and blown. Walked on, walked on with our hopes in our hearts And we never walked alone We never walked alone. No, we never walked alone. Thanks to you, dear old school We now go on our way With wisdom and skill on our side. For each joy that we ' ve known We are longing to stay But our destinines now ride on the tide. Now farewell. Dear Old School Graceful in your dear rules Now we ' ll never walk alone. Walk on, walk on with hope in our hearts And we ' ll never walk alone. No, we ' ll never walk alone. CLASS COLORS Tomorrow is rich in promise. But today ' s legacy is fulfillment. CLASS FLOWER White Carnation A FAREWELL (Tune: Wouldn ' t It Be Loverly) All we want is to stay right here. Lots of women and lots of cheer. It ' s just a dream we fear But wouldn ' t it be loverly? English rv filled a lot of time. Baker ' s Trig took a lot of mind. Biology was quite a grind. Why couldn ' t they be loverly? Meat was cold, and the milk was hot. The girls were bold, and the boys were not. Did Beaver like our plot? Oh, wouldn ' t it be loverly? Orators with facility. Phys. Ed. lads with agility. Musicians - none off key. Oh, wouldn ' t it be loverly? CHORUS Gifted, came we to Torrence-Lytle with our brilliant light And we leave convinced we ' re not so awfully, terribly bright. TL Gazette gave us all the news. Teaching staff made us change our views. Next year, who ' ll fill our shoes? Oh, aren ' t we just loverly? Navy Blue and Yellow F f ‘ i n w J 1 Gray, Sandra Grier, Joseph Hood, Dorothy Houston, Eva Houston, Thelma Hunsucker, Norris Johnson, Celia Jones, Daisy Knox, Jeannette Latten, Peggy Deeper, Lester Lowery, Joanne McCorkle, John McNeely, Carol Mahatha, Phyllis Moore, Chriss 39 Alexander, Barbara Barringer, Andrew Berry, Larry Black, James Black, Odell Brown, Annie Caldwell, Ruby Cochran, Barbara Conner, Dianne Davis, Jerry Davis, Martin Douglas, Charles DuBose, Dora Forney, Valerie Glover, James Gray, Gladys 38 Gwendolyn Alexander Larry Alexander Rawling Alexander Roney Alexander Willie Anderson Ella Barnette Allen Barringer Johnny Barringer Sheldia Barringer Sylvia Barringer Willie Barringer John Baxter Curtis Beatty Zula Black Gloria Brown Kenneth Brown Thomas Brown Herman Burton Florence Caldwell Brenda Carr Darwin Carr Geraldine Carr Kirkpatrick Carr Brenda Cochran Brenda Conner Faye Conner Talmadge Conner Martha Crite Willie Davis 41 Moore, Frances Morrison, Harvey Patterson, James Ross, Walter Sherrill, James Shipp, Bobbie Spears, Samuel Spears, Yvonne Stacks, Emma Thompson, Wayne Thompson, Willie Tucker, Brenda Walker, Catherine Walls, Robert White, Benny Whitley, George Wilform, Marie 40 Dorothy Potts James Potts Annie Rhyne Jerry Rivens Gwendolyn Sherrill James Sherrill Larry Sherrill James Sloan Dorothy Spaulding Kenneth Spears Mildred Spivey Billy Springs Argretta Stinson Ophelia Stinson Jo Ann Thompson Ruth Thompson Vernon Thompson Denise Tillman Larry White Robert Whitley Ania Williams Bobbie Williams Brenda Wilson Ronald Wilson Arnold Withers Shirley Woods Danny Works Cynthia Wyke Fatrice Wynn Ozella Young 43 Albert Dobbs Calvin Donaldson Vivian Donaldson Orin Eison Deborah Fuller George Gaten Geraldine Gray Jacqueline Gray Shirley Gregory Priscilla Grier Ralph Grier Larry Horne Milton Houston Carolyn Hughey Belinda Hunsucker Diane Johnson Linda Long Stella Long Agnes Lowery Joseph Lowery Mary Lowery Barbara Lynch Mary McClelland Elizabeth McClure Audrey Massey Orlanda Massey Thomosene Johnson Wayne Johnson James W. Jones Charles June 42 DEVELOPING SKILLS FOR USEFUL HOBBIES, CRAFTS AND FUTURE CAREERS. THE ART OF LEARNING IS FOUND IN BOOKS, 45 INSTRUCTING YOUNG STUDENTS AS THEY PROBE INTO NATURE A CLASS IN ART PROMOTES SELF-EXPRESSION AND CREATIVE GROWTH 44 8-1— MRS. C. W. ROBERTSON 8-2— J. L. BOWERS 47 11 p? ii III If ii ii ill pi I I? m li USING THE STETHOSCOPES IN ADVANCED BIOLOGY SPECIAL EDUCATION STUDENTS MAKE GRADUAL ADVANCEMENTS THROUGH INDIVIDUAL AID. 46 FT 7-1— MRS. E. A. THOMPSON 7-2— MISS E. J. SAUNDERS 49 8-3— MRS. M. C. BURNS 8-4— MISS D. Y. LLOYD 48 6-3— MISS JANET BROWN 5-1— C. L. CRUMP 51 6-1— MISS SHIRLEY BORDERS 6-2— MRS. VIOLA BROWN 50 r 4-1— MISS EVELYN HAIRSTON 4_2— MRS. I. S. HUNT 53 4 5-2— MISS M. H. ROSEBORO 5-3— MRS. F. B. HARVELL 52 3-2— MRS. L. B. MASSEY 3-3— MRS. J. R. RICHMOND i 55 4-3— MISS R. T. MARSHALL 3-1— MRS. G. H. CLYBURN 54 2-3— MRS. M. D. KING 1-1— MRS. A. M. ROSS 57 2-1 and 1-4— MRS. B. K. WATKINS 2-2— MRS. L. J. FERGUSON 56 STORY TIME Story Hour Is Enjoyed By All 59 1 if !p p i 1-2— MRS. A. C. HOGUE 1-3— MISS L. B. McCOLLOUGH 58 YOU MUST HAVE BEEN A BEAUTIFUL BABY Rose Pharr Brenard Nelson Sandra Reid 61 YOU MUST HAVE BEEN A BEAUTIFUL CHILD Sandra Broome Barbara Spaulding Alvin Henderson Haywood Cunningham Valerie Clark Shirley Barringer Thelma Morgan Norma Carr Wilch F. Moore 62 JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY " LIGHT IS THE SYMBOL OF TRUTH. " NEWSPAPER STAFF " WE PRINT IT AS IT HAPPENS. " 65 STUDENT COUNCIL " A WELL-INFORMED CITIZENRY IS THE FOUNDATION FOR A DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY. " NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY WE STRIVE FOR ATTAINMENT IN CHARACTER, SCHOLARSHIP, LEADERSHIP AND SERVICE. 64 FBLA " BUSINESS EDUCATION DOES NOT COST; IT PAYS " FHA ' FORWARD TO NEW HORIZONS’ ' 67 JUNIOR Y-TEENS " TO GROW IN THE KNOWLEDGE AND LOVE OF GOD. " SENIOR Y-TEENS TO GROW IN FRIENDSHIP WITH PEOPLE OF ALL RACES, RELIGIONS, AND NATIONALITIES. 66 ORGANIZATIONS AT WORK SENIOR Y- TEENS 69 JUNIOR CHORUS " THE ART OF SINGING IS A WAY OF EXPRESSING YOUR APPRECIATION FOR MUSIC. " SENIOR CHORUS , " MUSIC, THE GREATEST GOOD THAT MORTALS KNOW AND ALL OF HEAVEN WE HAVE BELOW. " 68 [ DANCE GROUP " THE ART OF COMMUNICATING THROUGH EXPRESSIVE MOVEMENTS. " CHARM CLUB " THE CHARM OF A DEED IS ITS DOING; THE CHARM OF A LIFE IS ITS LIVING. " T BAND " MUSIC IS THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE OF MANKIND. " CHEERLEADERS " WE PROMOTE SCHOOL SPIRIT. " 70 k BUS DRIVERS These Are The People Responsible For Transporting Hundreds Of Students Daily. RED CROSS " SERVICE IS OUR PRODUCT " FRONT ROW From Left to Right: Annie Brown, Gloria Caldwell, Mrs. B. S. Dozier, advis- or. BACK ROW Left to Right: Veronica Blackmon, Wayne Thompson, Yvonne Spears. 72 VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Brenard Nelson Forward Carl Nance Guard Willie Crite Reginald Graham Forward Forward SENIOR PLAYERS 75 FOOTBALL TEAM SENIOR PLAYERS 74 COACHES Tommy Crank is the coach of the football team, base- ball team and assistant coach of the basketball team. He attended Highland High School in Gastonia, North Carolina, and received his B. S. degree from Winston Salem State College. He also attended Howard Uni- versity, Belmont Abbey, and Johnson C. Smith Uni- versity. He now teaches History at Torrence-Lytle High School in Huntersville, North Carolina. C. L. Crump in 1962 became head coach of the Trojan basketball team. He attended Kingville High School in Albemarle, North Carolina, and received his B. S. degree from Winston Salem State College and his M. A. degree from A T College in Greensboro, North Carolina. He now teaches fifth grade at Torrence-Lytle, and is also assistant football coach. 77 JUNIOR LEAGUE 76 Ministers, teachers, and citymen, lend me your ears. This is the life. Who stole my books? Don ' t tell me your problems. What do you have in your box? Don ' t forget to brush after lunch. 81 Don ' t know much about geology. ] You ' ve got five minutes to fix that bulletin board. She said we ' d better find it. Que faites-vous, Mademoiselle Mayes? Guess Who.M 83 IS IT SPRING FEVER OR LOVE? - y, yryy r y. 82 Installation Ceremonies of the Esther S. Johnson Chap- ter of the National Junior Honor Society. What beautiful ushers ! ! DEXTER, DON’T HIT THAT BALL! ! ! ! 84 87 t ■ %: 86 PATRONS Mrs. Arlene Alexander Mrs. John W. Brice Mrs. Flossie Alexander Mrs. Lester Brice Mrs. Mary L. Alexander Mr. Mack Brice Mrs. Nancy Alexander Mr. Mrs. Andrew Bright Mrs. Nettie Mae Alexander Mr. Mrs. Samuel Broome Mrs. Hattie Allison Mrs. Catherine Brown Mr. Raymond Allison Miss Janet Brown Miss Vertis Mae Armstrong Miss O. I. Brown Mr. W. H. Baker Mr. Mrs. Sylvester Brown Mrs. Hattie Barnette Mrs. Viola Brown Mrs. Anna Barringer Mrs. Rebecca Bryant Mr. Mrs. Frank Barringer Mr. Vicque Bryant Mr. Troy Barringer Mrs. Dora Burton Mr. Samuel Baxter Miss Betty J. Caldwell Rev. Mrs. F. M. Beaver Mrs. James E. Caldwell Mrs. Katie Berry Mr. Roy L. Caldwell Mrs. Lena Berry Mr. Spurgeon Caldwell Miss Annie Black Mr. Rufus Clindon Mrs. Eugene Black Mrs. Alice Cornelius Mrs. Lettie Black Mr. C. L. Crump Mr. Randell Black Miss Ida E. Daniel Miss Shirley L. Borders Mr. Mrs. Joe Davis APPRECIATION Local School Committee Logan E. Houston Wilson Potts John L. Caldwell Rush Sherrill James V. Brandon Isaac T. Graham A. Craig Phillips Superintendent Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools David Harris Chairman-Board of Education Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools 88 Mr. Mrs. Smith Loi PATRONS Mrs. Lura Potts Mr. Mrs. Lewis Lowery Mr. James Raeford Miss Hazeline Lynch Mr. Ralph Reid Mrs. M. W. McCain Mrs. Annie Catherine Rivens Mr. Joseph McClain Mr. Robert Rivens Mr. Roy C. Mcllwain Mrs. Corine Robertson Mr. Warren McKissick Mrs. Chester Robinson Mr. James McNeil Mrs. Mary H. Roseboro Mrs. Rosetta Mahatha Mrs. Aldriche Ross Mr. William Mahatha Mr. Elzie Ross, Jr. Mrs. R. T. Marshall Miss E. J. Saunders Mrs. Charlotte Moore Miss Doris Sherrill Mrs. Ruby G. Morrison Mrs. Ernestine Sherrill Mr. Mrs. Floyd Morrow Mr. Mrs. Rush Sherrill Mr. Mrs. John Murphy Mrs . Frank Shipp Mrs. J. T. Nance Mr. Bryant Sigmon Mrs. Viola Neely Mr. Willie Bell Sloan Mr. Paul Overcash Mrs. Elizabeth Springs Mr. Mrs. William Parson Mrs. June Sprites Mr. Leroy Perry Mrs. Odessa Staton Mr. Barter Pharr Mrs. Flora Stinson Mr. Mrs. Gerald Potts Mrs. John D. Stinson PATRONS Mrs. Willie Deese Mr. Herbert Houston Mrs. Pansy Derr Mr. Maurice Henderson Mrs. Bessie S. Dozier Mrs. A. C. Hogue Mrs. L. J. Ferguson Mr. Hubbard Houston Mrs. Cora Fletcher Mrs. Iretha Houston Mrs. Cecelia Forney Mrs. Lula Bell Houston Mrs. Leander Forney Rev. M. L. Houston Mrs. Rossie Lee Forney Mr. Warren G. Houston Mr. Harry Gaston Mrs. Annie Hughey Mr. Clifford Graham Mrs. I. S. Hunt Mr. I. T. Graham Mrs. Thelma Hunter Mr. Thomas Gray Mrs. Mildred Jackson Miss Bessie M. Hackett Mrs. Albert Johnson Miss E. E. Hairston Mr. Erving Johnson Mrs. Homer Hamilton Mrs. E. S. Johnson Mrs. Helen Hampton Mr. Walter Johnson Mrs. Kenneth Hampton Mr. James W. Kerns Miss Ophelia Harris Mrs. M. D. King Mrs. F. B. Harvell Mrs. Beulah Lindsey Mrs. Hattie Hayes Rev. E. E. Little Mr. Burnice Hayes Mr. Alexander Long Mr. Graham Henderson Mr. Bobby Micheal Long Compliments of HUNTERSVILLE Compliments of DUDLEY, GARLAND UNITED PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH U.S.A. JENSEN INC. Huntersville, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Compliments of Compliments of L N ROYAL TIRE COMPANY CHARLOTTE TIRE COMPANY Charlotte, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Compliments of MR. MRS. MERLE RANDLE Huntersville, N. C. Compliments of THE GLORIOUS CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST Derita, N. C. Compliments of LOUIS RATCLIFFE, INC. P. NICHOLLS Established 1917 GENERAL MERCHANDISE 431 S. Tryon St. Cotswold Shopping Center Charlotte, N. C. Main Street Davidson, N. C . Flowers Wholesale Retail Compliments of Compliments of RUSSELL ' S SUPER MARKET SHINN ' S FEED GROCERY Charlotte, N. C. Huntersville, N. C. Compliments of Compliments of BELK ' S AUTO SALES DRUID HILL BARBER SHOP Charlotte, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. PATRONS Mrs. Lucille Thompson Mrs. Minnie Thompson Miss Estella Torrence Mr. Rush Torrence Mrs. Theresa Torrence Mrs. Sylvia Tucker Mrs. Beulah Wallace Mrs. Cora Wallace Mr. Mrs. Eugene Wallace Mr. J. W. Wallace Mrs. Made Wallace Mrs. B. K. Watkins Mr. Clifford White Miss Katie White Mrs. Luvenia White Mrs. Rachel White Miss Thelma White Mr. William White Mr. Otis Whitley Mrs. Abbie Williams Mrs. Kathleen Wilson Mrs. Estelle Withers Mrs. Rosa L. Withers Mrs. Annie M. Works Mrs. George Kelly Works Mr. Lorany Wory Mr. Thomas H. Wyche Mr. R. T. Wynn Mrs. Marie Your Rev. Robert M. Young Compliments of Compliments of CASHION ' S FOOD MART THE HOUSE OF SHOES Huntersville, N. C. Huntersville, N. C. Compliments of Compliments of T. C. REID GROCERY McKISSICK ' S SHOE SHOP Huntersville, N. C. Davidson, N. C. HUNTERSVILLE MOTORS, INC. CLAYTON’S T. V. P. 0. Box 467 APPLIANCE CO. Your Ford Dealer Huntersville, N. C. Huntersville, N. C. Phone 875-2131 Kerosene and FueTOil JACK ALEXANDER JOHN’S OIL COMPANY OIL CO. Located at Dearmon ' s American Statesville, Rd. Charlotte, N. C. Phone 875-6819 Phone 596-2083 Huntersville, N. C. w. o. CECIL D. BRADFORD, JR. Grading Ditching Landscaping Pipe Laying Earth Moving Route 1 Huntersville, N. C. THE BANK OF CORNELIUS CORNELIUS HUNTERSVILLE NORTH CAROLINA ONE STOP BANKING SERVICE Checking Accounts Travelers Checks Savings Accounts Safe Deposit Boxes Loans Cashiers Checks YOUR FRIENDLY BANK Member F. D. I.C. " Pause and Refresh” at CHICKEN RIBS 1100 Beatties Ford Rd. NEIL’S DRUG STORE Charlotte, N. C . Highest Quality Food Class " A " Rating Open 6 Days A Week Main Street 3; P.M. - 1; A.M. Huntersville, N. C. Closed Tuesday Manager-Mrs. Lucinda Blackmon Compliments of MAGLA, INC. Huntersville, North Carolina Compliments of POTTS ' GROCERIES Charlotte, N. C. Compliments of DERITA FLORIST HOBBY SHOP Derita, North Carolina LARRY STEWART (Home Improvements) Charlotte, N. C. Compliments of JUNIOR ' S SUPER MARKET Charlotte, N. C. Compliments of MARY COPELAND Davidson, N. C. Compliments of CORZETTE BEAUTY SALON Owner-Mrs. Catherine Carr Davidson, N. C. THE FRIENDLY SUPERETTE 3508 Statesville Road Charlotte, N. C. LIBBY ' S GROCERIES Cornelius, North Carolina Phone 399-8668 Compliments of 50-50 GROCERY CHICKENETTE DRIVE-IN Cornelius, N. C. Coimter, Curb-Delivery Service BARRINGER BERRY GROC. 2004 Beatties Ford Rd. Charlotte, N. C. Holbrook Road Himtersville, North Carolina DERITA CLEANERS Compliments of WALLACE POLK FUNERAL HOME Charlotte, N. C. Compliments of JOHN McELRATH’S TAXI SERVICE Huntersville, N. C. Compliments of FRANCES BARBECUE HOUSE Charlotte, N. C. Compliments of STATESVILLE AVE. BARBER SHOP Charlotte, N. C. One Day Service Complete Laundry Service Drapes Blankets Rugs 1 Day Shirt Service Phone 596-0241 Derita, N. C. Compliments of IKE ' S BARBER SHOP Charlotte, N. C. Compliments of DOUBLE OAK SUNDRIES Charlotte, N. C. MAINTENANCE SUPPLY COMPANY Building Maintenance Materials Manufacturing Chemists H. V. Nelson, President Telephone 875-6513 P. O. Box 498 Huntersville, N. C. Compliments of Compliments of DWYERS SERVICE STATION CROSS MOTOR CO. Huntersville, N. C, Your Chevrolet Dealer Compliments of MRS. THOMAS CRAVEN Huntersville, N. C. Huntersville, N. C. 99 J. A. FREEZE SHEET METAL EASTWOOD PHARMACY Roofing Heating Prescription Specialists Huntersville, N. C. Eastway Drive Shamrock Road Charlotte, N. C. Compliments of STATESVILLE ROAD MARKET Phone 537-6731 Charlotte, N. C. Compliments of RUSSELL ' S MEMORIAL ART STUDIO Monuments - Markers - Lettering Charlotte, N. C. Compliments of ALEXANDER FUNERAL HOME 112 N. Irwin Charlotte, N. C. Compliments of W. L. SMITH INSURANCE AGENCY Charlotte, N. C. MONEY’S DRY CLEANERS Huntersville, N. C. Phone 875-6721 Dressmaking Alterations MRS. DANNELL HILL 2021 Erie Street Charlotte, N. C. PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS Compliments of BASS CLEANERS CorneliuSj North Carolina Compliments of POTTS’ BARBER SHOP Cornelius, North Carolina AUTOGRAPHS ) OUR ALMA MATER ,NN k S ;v V ■ X ' )); " v: 5 i ' JvA ' - x .. y 5 - ' ■■ ' X ■ ' - ■ xw r - -rs;;. ' v ' ! Wy i J ' ! I f ' ' v ' " ' " ' ' ' ' oji . ' ' ' lyhr yf ' " ' ' -• (j ‘ I ' 1 1 1 ■ ' - , i ' V ' ' . ' A •■Ar “ ' VS- ; Mi k ■ ' ■fi- I ' , j ;; ■» ' , . ' ' 7 . 71; A 1 K ' ' ' X ' V ' ' i%64. - ' ' p fV ' ’, ' , ' ' ' ' y ' y ’ ' ii‘ ' ' ...- ' ' t A ' i ' ' i ' ' . V ' - , O '

Suggestions in the Torrence Lytle High School - Trojan Yearbook (Huntersville, NC) collection:

Torrence Lytle High School - Trojan Yearbook (Huntersville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Torrence Lytle High School - Trojan Yearbook (Huntersville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Torrence Lytle High School - Trojan Yearbook (Huntersville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


Torrence Lytle High School - Trojan Yearbook (Huntersville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 97

1966, pg 97

Torrence Lytle High School - Trojan Yearbook (Huntersville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 28

1966, pg 28

Torrence Lytle High School - Trojan Yearbook (Huntersville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 33

1966, pg 33

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