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Torrence Lytle High School - Trojan Yearbook (Huntersville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 65 of the 1963 volume:

OwvS ' .S The Trojan 1963 Torrence-Lytle High School Huntersville, North Carolina Dedication To MR, FRANCIS M. JONES who has been an inspiration to all the students at Torrence -Lytle High School, we do sincerely dedicate this 1963 edition of the TROJAN. Many of the students know of his concern for the students and his interest in the general welfare of the school. Through the years ' it has been he who has helped us find values and secure knowledge necessary to meet the demands of our changing society. His never-ending devotion and his presevering efforts have imprinted upon our minds a feeling of indebtedness which can never be re- paid. 3 $£ , fel ' Foreword The members of the annual staff are proud to present to you this pictorial revelation of the dramatic and eventful moments of life at Torrence-Lytle School during 1962— J.963. It was within these coveted walls of our dear Alma Mater that we experienced joys, as well as failures. It was also here that the story of our lives had its beginning. So, here is a recollection of that story in pictures of activities, friends and teachers. Throughout the pages of the " TROJAN, " we have endeavored to reveal the memorable moments of this wonderful year. As you look back through the years, may this edition of the " TROJAN " remain a treasured memory among your souvenirs. The 1963 Annual Staff Administration MR. ISAAC T. GRAHAM B. S., M. A. Principal MRS. EVA T. REID, Assistant Secretary; MISS LULA B. NORMAN, B.S. , Secretary. 5 Board of Education DR. A. CRAIG PHILLIPS Superintendent of Schools MR. H. V. NELSON Chairman of Local Board MR. D. W. HARRIS Chairman of County Board 4 CHARLES L. CRUMP B. S., M. S. Grade 5 MRS. LILLIE J. FERGUSON B. A. Grade 2 MRS. BARBARA B. GUNNINGS B. S. General Science MRS. MARGARET CALDWELL B. S. Math MRS. MARY B. HATFIELD B. S. 1 Home Economics ' MISS GERALDINE HELTON B. S. Grade 2 Faculty MISS BESSIE M. HACKETT B. S. Commercial Education MRS. ALMA C. HOGUE B. S. Grade 3 ■ MRS. GLADYS K. ABERNATHY, B. A., M. A. Special Education MISS O. INEZ BROWN B. A. JESSE L. BOWERS B. A. Physical Education Faculty MRS. LOIS BLAKENEY B. A. English MRS. MAE C. BURNS B. A. Physical Education MISS LORENE E. BRUNER ' B. S. Grade i MISS MARGARET TURNER MRS. BESSIE WATKINS B - s - B.S. Grade 6 Grade 2 ROBERT L. WEBSTER B. A., B. D. English, Social Studies 9 t Faculty MRS. MAMIE D. KING B. A. Grade 1 MRS. NANNIE R. POTTS B. S. Social Studies MRS. IRENE S. HUNT B. S., M. A. Grade 4 FRANCIS M. JONES B. A., M. S. , M. S. T. Science MRS. BETTY M. LACKEY B. A. Grade 5 MISS L. BEATRICE McCullough, b. a. Grade 3 MRS. ESTHER S. JOHNSON B. S., M. L. S. Librarian RALPH E. REID B. A., M. A. Guidance Counselor 8 Lunchroom Personnel 11 Faculty ■ MRS. JUNITA P. WHITE B. A. French LEROY R. WYNN B. S. Agriculture TITUS LEDBETTER B. Music Band Director WALTER W. WILLIAMS B. Music Music Coordinator 10 1 Seniors 13 I JOHNNY ALEXANDER JOHN ANTHONY PATRICIA ALFORD NANCY BARRINGER MILDRED ANDERSON THEODORE BAXTER MARY BERRY BESSIE BRANDON Seniors 1 9 6 3 MAGGIE HENDERSON Treasurer SHELIA RIVENS Vice-President PAULINE HARRIS Secretary CLEMENT CALDWELL President- ESSIE NEAL Senior Class Officers and MRS. JUANITA P. WHITE 14 WILLIAM H. BAKER HERSHEY GABRIEL FLOWERY GRAHAM VIVIAN GABRIEL ANDERSON GRAY JOANNE GAITHER HERMAN GRIER CLEMENT CALDWELL ALBERT DAVIS ALBERTUS DAVIS CLAUDINE DAVIS WILLIE DERR CHARLES DUBOSE JOHNNY DUBOSE ALEXANDER FORNEY Seniors Seniors ROBBIE LANEY PAUL LEEPER BETTY S. McCAlN GLORIA McCLURE JOSEPH MERCER MARY MOORE LUCILLE LYNCH JANETTE MEANS 19 Seniors MAGGIE HENDERSON MAC ARTHUR HORTON KAY F. HOUSTON WARREN HOUSTON FOSTER HUNTER PHYLLIS JONES DOVIE HOWARD ADA KLUTZ t ' . I j 18 SHELIA RIVENS JOHN STINSON ZORA ROSS BOBBIE SPEARS FREDDIE TORRENCE BESSIE WHITLEY HOWARD WILSON JAMES WITHERS SOLOMA MOORE HELEN PAGE BARBARA MORROW DANIEL PHILLIPS ESSIE NEAL ERBIE PHILLIPS CLIFFORD RHINEHART LINDA C. RIVENS Seniors Senior Statistics CLAUDINE DAVIS " Dennie " Ambition: Nurse " Be Prepared. " N.H. A., Glee Club. WILLIE RAY DERR " Big Daddy " Ambition: Music Composer " Gold and Silver will tarnish away, but a good education is here to stay. " Glee Club; 4-H Club; Football. CHARLES DUBOSE " Denny " Ambition: Air Force " Nevertrust a living soul and be careful of how you walk among the dead. " Glee Club, Football Team, Captain-Basketball Team. N.F.A. JOHNNY DUBOSE " Ray " Ambition: Air Force " The best preacher is heart, the best teacher is time, the book is the Bible; the best friend is God. " N.F.A., Glee Club, Football-Captain. ALEXANDER FORNEY " Monk " Ambition: Mathematician " The essence of knowledge is, having it, to apply it, not having it, to confess your ignorance. " HERSHEY GABRIEL " Hershey Bar " Ambition: Brickmason " Silver and Gold may vanish away, but a good education will never decay. " Glee Club, N. F. A. -Treasurer, F.F.L. A. , 4-H Club. VIVIAN GABRIEL " Ann " Ambition: Stenographer " Together we stand, divided we fall. " N.H. A., F.B.L. A. , Glee Club, Paper Staff. JOANNA GAITHER " Jo " Ambition: Secretary " Heaven help those who help themselves. " Glee Club, F. B. L. A. FLOWERY GRAHAM " Cooter " Ambition: Beautician " Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and take what comes. " Glee Club, F.B.L. A., Y-Teen, N.H. A. ANDERSON GRAY " Angie " Ambition: Electrician " Be what you want to be. " Patrol System. HERMAN GRIER " Big Daddy " Ambition: Construction Engineer " Silver and Goldmay vanish away but a good education will never decay. " JOHNNY HARRIS " Duke " Ambition: Track Runner " Get as much as you can. " 23 Senior Statistics JOHNNY ALEXANDER MARY BERRY " Ralph " " Red " Ambition: Brickmason " To be the best of whatever you are. " N. F. A. , -Pres. , Bus Driver. Ambition: Secretary " If you see any thing you want get it. " Y-Teen, Band, N.H.A. PATRICIA ALFORD BESSIE BRANDON " Gwen " " Bebe " Ambition: Biologist " It is better to be small and shine, than to be great and cast a shadow. " Student Council, -Pres. , Honor Society-Sec. , 4-H Club, Majorette, Paper Staff, Annual Staff. Ambition: English Teacher ' Determination plus inspiration equals success. " Honor Society, Band, N.H.A. , Bus Driver. MILDRED ANDERSON CLEMENT CALDWELL " Mill " " Tugg " Ambition: Air Force Nurse " Give out, But never give up. " N.H.A., Glee Club, F. B. L. A. JOHN ANTHONY " Ant " Ambition: Radiation Biologist " Yesterday is gone, forget it; Tomorrow is coming, think of it; Today is here, use it.. Honor Society-Pres. , 4-H Pres. Science Club, Pres, of the Senior Class. Ambition: Imbalmer ALBERT DAVIS " To be the best of whatever you are. " Patrol, N. F.A. Glee Club, Track, Bus Driver, Football, " Whit " NANCY BARRINGER " Boot " Ambition: Doctor " It takes three wrinkles to smile, 13 wrinkles to frown, so why strain yourself. Honor Society, Science Club, Paper Staff, Football, Baseball, Track, F.B. L.A. Ambition: Laboratory Technician " Reality ' s life span is vast; be yourself. " Student Council-Sec., Honor Society -Vice Pres., Paper Staff, Majorette, Annual Staff. ALBERTUS DAVIS THEODORE BAXTER " Sour " Ambition: Air Force " Be yourself before you are left by yourself. " Glee Club, N. F.A. Ambition: Doctor " Never trust a living soul, and be careful how you walk among the dead. " Honor Society, Science Club, Football, Paper Staff. Senior Statistics BETTY McCAIN " Bet " Ambition: Typist " Silver and Gold will tarnish away, a good education will never decay. " F.B.L. A., Glee Club, 4-H. GLORIA McCLURE " Bobby " Ambition: Secretary " Good things come to those who wait. " Student Council, Honor Society, F.B.L. A., Paper Staff. JANETTE MEANS " Jan " Ambition: Registered Nurse. " Yesterday has gone, forget it; tomorrow is coming think of it; today is here use it. " N.H. A., 4-H Club. MARY MOORE " Mae " Ambition: Registered Nurse " A quitter never succeeds. " Sergeant of Patrol System, Science Club. SOLOMA MOORE " Nat " Ambition: Practical Nurse " To make the best better. " BARBARA MORROW " Barbie " " What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. " Honor Society Reporter, Student Council, Paper Staff, F.B.L. A., 4-H Reporter. ESSIE NEAL " Messie " Ambition: Seamstress " All that I am and all that I hope to be I owe it to my mother. " Student Council, Paper Staff, N.H. A., 4-H Annual Staff, Vice President of the Senior Class. HELEN PAGE " Fat Gal " Ambition: Beautician " Judge me for what I am today not what I was yesterday. " N.H. A., Patrol System. DANIEL PHILLIPS " Donnie " Ambition: Barber " Don ' t put off today for Tomorrow. " 4-H. ERBIE PHILLIPS " Snookie " Ambition: Social Worker " To achieve one ' s goal requires dedication, discipline and determination. " Student Council, 4-H-Song Leader, Dramatics, F. B. L. A. CLIFFORD RHINEHARDT " Sonny " Ambition: Barber " It is better to be quiet and thought a fool than speak and remove all doubt. " 4-H Vice President, Glee Club, Paper Staff. Ambition: English Teacher Senior Statistics PAULINE HARRIS FOSTER HUNTER " Sis " " Elmore " Ambition: Secretary " Where there ' s a will there ' s a way. " Patrol, 4-H, Annual Staff, Reporter for the Senior Class. Ambition: Army " Purpose is what gives life meaning. " Library Club -Treasurer, 4-H Club. MAGGIE HENDERSON PHYLLIS JONES " Betty " " Phil " Ambition: Secretary ' " Give out, but never give in. " N.H. A. , F.B.L.A. , Glee Club, Treasurer of the Senior Class. Ambition: Cosmotologist " Be yourself " 4-H, N.H. A. MAC ARTHUR HORTON ADA KLUTZ " Mac " " Squeakie " Ambition: Barber " Make the best of your ambition. " Ambition: Private Secretary " Where there is life there is hope, where there is hope there is love. " N.H. A. KAYF. HOUSTON ROBBIE LANEY " Kitten " " Cootney " Ambition: Home Economist " It is better to be quiet and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt. " N.H.A., F.B.L.H., Cheering Squad, Y-Teen, Glee fclub, Band, Paper Staff. Ambition: Private Secretary " Whenyou find a love that is true do not change the old one for a new one. " N.H. A. Majorette, F. B. L. A. , Cheerleader, Glee Club, Bus Driver. WARREN HOUSTON PAUL LEEPER " Coot " " Big June " Ambition: Air Force " To make the best of my ambition. " Glee Club N.F. A., Patrol. Ambition: Barber " Faith is the Key to success. " N.F. A., Glee Club. DOVIE HOWARD " Dobie " LUCILLE LYNCH Ambition: Nurse " Give to the world the best you have and the best will come back to you. " Glee Club, 4-H, N.H. A., Y-Teen. " Lucy Mae " Ambition: Nurse " You only have one life to live, make the best of it. " F.B.L.A. Glee Club. 24 Junior Class Officers RICHARD OSBORNE Reporter LILLIE TORRENCE Secretary PEARL KERNS Treasurer IDA BERRY Vice President JANICE TORRENCE President HENRIETTA DONALDSON Assistant Secretary 27 Senior Statistics LINDA C. RIVENS " Cat " Ambition: Teacher " Time will Tell. " Y-Teens, Dramatics, Glee Club, Band, Bus Driver, Majorette, Cheerleader, N.H. A., F.B.L. A. SHEILA RIVENS " Shelia " Ambition: French Teacher " Nothing ventured nothing gained. " Honor Society-Treasurer, Y-Teens-President, Science Club, Secretary of Senior Class, F.B.L. A. BOBBIE SPEARS " Mole " Ambition: Secretary " Live the life you love, and love the life you live. " Glee Club, 4-H, N.H. A. -typist for Senior Class. JOHN STINSON " Horse Man " Ambition: Electronic Engineer " Do a good turn daily. " Glee Club, Patrol System, Library Club, Paper Staff, Football, Basketball, N.F.A. , 4-H. FREDDIE TORRENCE " Fred " Ambition: Minister " He has bad food who feeds on other faults. " Student Council, Patrol System, Glee Club. BESSIE WHITLEY " Betty " Ambition: Typist " What can be done today, never put it off for tomorrow. " N.H. A., F.B.L. A., Typist for the Senior Class. HOWARD WILSON " Footie " Ambition: Business Man " Hope for the best and prepare for the worst. " Glee Club, N.F.A., Football, Track team, baseball. JAMES WITHERS " Von " Ambition: Music Composer " When words fail, Music speaks. " Band FRANCE WORKS " Frank " Ambition: Elementary Teacher " Man knows my goal but no man knows my limit. " Band, Glee Club, Bus Driver, N.H. A. 26 RENA BROONE CHARLES BROWN BETTY CALDWELL COZETTE CORNELIUS JAMES CUNNINGHAM ALBERTA DAVIDSON FRANKLIN DODD HENRIETTA DONALDSON ALICE DOUGLAS FRED DOUGLAS JAMES FISHER GARFIELD GAITHER RUBY GIBSON GEORGE GRAY PRISCILLA GRAHAM THOMAS GRAHAM Juniors 29 ALLEN ALLISON BURNICE ANDERSON GEORGE BAKER RAYMOND BARNETTE PAUL BARRINGER BETTY BARRINGER GLORIA BARRINGER ALBERT BAXTER ANNIE L. BEATTY BETTY BEATTY CAROLYN BEATTY EVENLYN BERRY IDA BERRY CLARENCE BOYCE JIMMY BRANDON ETHEL BRICE JAMES BRIGHT PATRICIA BROOME Juniors 28 L. B. MOSS BROOKS MUNDY ROOSEVELT NERO ADA NICHOLAS NANCY NIXSON RICHARD OSBORNE BERNARD PATTERSON CHARLES S. PATTERSON ROBERT RIVERS DOROTHY ROSEBOROUGH JACQUELINE SPEARS GARLAND SPRING HEZEKIAH STINSON LILLIE TORRENCE JANICE TORRENCE SHIRLEY WALKER ROBENIA WEAVER JAMES WHITE JOHNSIE WILSON Juniors 31 LOVELLA HARRISON HATTIE HORTON SARA HOUSTON HORACE JACKSON WILLIAM JONES WALLACE JOHNSON PEARL KERNS JIMMY KNOX KERMIT KNOX HERMAN LATTER GLADYS LIPSCOMB BETTY G. LOWERY RONNIE LOWERY JIMMY McCLURE HATTIE McCORKLE WILLIE McCORKLE SANDRA McELRATH CAROLYN MAHATHA CAROL MEANS Juniors 30 Sophomores Ten-Three— MR. F. M. JONES Snaps 33 Sophomores Ten-One-MRS. M. B. HATFIELD Sophomores Ten-Two-MRS. N. R. POTTS 32 Junior High =■ — and=== Elementary School 3 $ Snaps Freshmen Nine -One -MRS. A. L. BLAKENEY Freshmen Nine-Two-MR. J. L. BOWERS 37 Freshmen Nine-Three— MRS. B. GUNNINGS Freshmen Nine-Four-MRS. M. C. BURNS 36 6-1 MISS M. TURNER Homeroom Teacher 6-2 MR. C. L. CRUMP Homeroom Teacher MRS. B. M. LACKEY Homeroom Teacher MR. E. A. THOMPSON Homeroom Teacher 39 8-1 MRS. M. CALDWELL Homeroom Teacher 8-2 MRS. C. ROBERTSON Homeroom Teacher 7-2 MISS V. ARMSTRONG Homeroom Teacher MISS E. J. SAUNDERS Homeroom Teacher 3HH 38 MRS. B. M. WATKINS Teacher MISS G. HELTON T eacher MRS. L. J. FERGUSON Teacher 41 MRS. I. S. HUNT Teacher MRS. E. A. ROSS Teacher 3-2 mrs. l. b. McCullough Teacher 3-1 MRS. A. C. HOGUE Teacher 40 Activities 43 T ' f ' i ; !: € O P r c c : ' ■ ■fi r f ifSS ' is Mil ' f - ■ : ' ■ i t 5 ' . ' -WfTT kA H ■jj 1 1-2 MRS. M. D. KING Teacher 42 I Y-Teens Secretary SHELIA RIVENS President LILLIE TORRENCE MISS B. M. HACKETT MRS. A. L. BLARNEY Advisors » . Secretary IDA BERRY. Science Club " HEM SE FER " President LILLIE TORRENCE PATRICIA BERRY Treasurer 46 Junior Red Cross DELORIS HARRISON Captain FREDDIE T ORRENCE Lieutenant JOHN ANTHONY Lieutenant MARY MOORE Sergeant Safety Patrol TAW ANA NIVENS President WAYLAND JONES Chaplain CAROLYN KERNS. Secretary MISS McCULLOUGH, MRS. HUNT, DEBORAH BRIGHT Treasurer MRS. FERGUSON Advisors 47 Student Council GWENDOLYN ALFORD President WALLACE JOHNSON Treasurer- NANCY BARRINGER Secretary MRS. E. S. JOHNSON Advisor National Honor Society CLEMENT CALDWELL President SHELIA RIVENS Treasurer GWENDOLYN ALFORD Secretary MR. F. M. JONES MRS. J. P. WHITE . . Advisors 45 Trojan Staff PAULINE HARRIS Circulation Manager NANCY BARRINGER Ass ' t. Editor BOBBIE SPEARS Typist MARY MOORE Typist BESSIE WHITLEY Typist JOHN ANTHONY Business Manager BESSIE BRANDON Editor SHELIA RIVEN S Advertising Manager BETTY McCAIN Typist 44 MRS. J. P. WHITE Advisor Dance Group MRS. M. C. BURNS Advisor Dramatics Club New Farmers of America I! JOHN ANTHONY JAMES FISHER. . President Secretary JOHNNY DUBOSE . MR. L. R. WYNN . . Advisor New Homemakers of America MAGGIE HENDERSON BOBBIE SPEARS President ESSIE NEAL Secretary MRS. HATFIELD Treasurer . . Advisor 48 Newspaper Staff GLADYS LISPCOMBE Editor PAULINE HARRIS Cir. Mgr: CLEMENT CALDWELL Sport Editor FREDDIE TORRENCE FOSTER HUNTER Make-Up Editors NANCY BARRINGER. . ANNIE BEATTY GLORIA McCLURE . . . SANDRA MacELRATH. Inquiring Reporter . . . Feature Editor Proofreader . . Secretary Library Club ZORA ROSS President FOSTER HUNTER Treasurer ROBBIE LANEY Secretary MRS. E. S. JOHNSON Advisor 51 Band MR. T. LEDBETTER Director Glee Club 50 Majorettes Castella Rivens, Patricia Alford, Sandra Davis, Robbie Laney, Sandra McElrath. Cheerleaders Eva Laney, Latra Jeton, Barbara Phillips, Margaret Berry, Sarah McClure, Mae A. Corneluis, Johnsie Lowery. 53 F B L A MISS B. M. HACKETT Instructor Special Education MRS. G. K. ABERNATHY Instructor 52 Basketball Team Football Team 55 Miss Homecoming v ' 64 u BERTHA CONNER High Ad Salesman SHELIA RIVENS mam 54 F " ; Mr. £ Mrs. Carl Alexander Mr. Mrs. C. R. Alford, Sr. Mr. Mrs. C. R. Alford, Jr. Mr. Mrs. Nathaniel Alford Mrs. Hazel Anderson Mr. William Anderson, Jr. Miss V. S. Armstrong Mr. W. H. Baker Mr. Mrs. Curtis Beatty Mr. Mrs. Grover Beatty Mr. Mrs. John Beatty Mr. Mrs. William Belk Mr. £ Mrs. Edward Blanton Mr. Mrs. Hubert Boone Mr. Mrs. J. V. Brandon Mr. Mrs. Mack Brice Mr. £ Mrs. Ozon Brice Mr. £ Mrs. James Brown Miss O. I. Brown Mrs. M. C. Burns Mr. £ Mrs. Herman Burton Mr. £ Mrs. Albert Caldwell Mr. £ Mrs. James Caldwell Mrs. C. L. Coone Mr. £ Mrs. Doward Conner Mr. C. L. Crump Mrs. Essie Davis Mr. £ Mrs. Gillie Davis Mr. Ronald Donaldson Mrs. Fannie M. Dubose Rev. B. J. Dula Mr. £ Mrs. James Ellis Mrs. Edna J. Falls Mrs. L. J. Ferguson Mr. James Gabriel Mr. £ Mrs. Hardin Graham Mr. William Graham Mrs. Luetta Gray Mr. £ Mrs. R. F. Grier Mr. £ Mrs. T. S. Gunnings Miss B. M. Hackett Mr. £ Mrs. Ira Hall Mr. £ Mrs. Linder Hall Mr. £ Mrs. Robert Harris Mr. Ervin Harvell Mrs. M. B. Hatfield Mr. Herbert Henderson Mr. £ Mrs. William Holmon Mr. £ Mrs. William Horton Mrs. Bessie Howard Mr. £ Mrs. Clarence Howard Mr. £ Mrs. Eugene Howard Miss Lola Howard Mr. Nelson Howard Mrs. I. S. Hunt P. F. C. John Johnson Mrs. Margaret Johnson Mrs. Verdie Jolly Mrs. Carrie Jones Mrs. M. D. King Mr. £ Mrs. Warren Klutz Mr. £ Mrs. Henry Knox Miss Betty Laney Mr. £ Mrs. Edsel Laney Miss Eva Laney Miss Maggie Laney Mr. Marion Laney Mr. £ Mrs. R. B. Laney Mr. Ronald Laney Mr. £ Mrs. James Lindsey Mr. Bill Lynch Mrs. Henrietta Alford McClain Mrs. Dorothy Means Mr. £ Mrs. Roosevelt Mcllwain Mrs. Essie Montgomery Mrs. Nova Moore Mr. £ Mrs. Floyd Morrow Mrs., Edith Neal Mrs. Louise Norman Mrs. Lillie Page Mr. £ Mrs. G exa MfEotts Mr. Thomas Potts Mr. R. E. Reid Mr. £ Mrs. Ausie Rivens Mr. £ Mrs. Marcus Rivens Mr. £ Mrs. Thomas Rivens Mrs. C. Robinson Mrs. E. A. Ross Miss E. J. Saunders Mrs. Virginia Shaw Mrs. Mae Etta Sherrill Mr. £ Mrs. O. T. Sloan Mr. £ Mrs. J. W. Smith Mrs. Agnes Spears Mrs. Flora Spears Mr. £ Mrs. Samuel Spears Mr. John Stinson Mrs. M. N. Streater Mr. £ Mrs. Nathan Street Mr. £ Mrs. Franklin Swan Mrs. J. Elliot Talford Rev. J. Elliot Talford Mrs. E. A. Thompson Mr. James Torrence Miss Margaret Turner Mr. B. K. Wakins Mr. £ Mrs. Charlie Walker Mr. £ Mrs. Eugene Wallace Mr. £ Mrs. Everette Wallace Mrs. Hattie B. Watts Mr. £ Mrs. Martin B. Whisnant Mr. £ Mrs. Lonnie Whitley Mr. £ Mrs. Johnny Williams Mr. £ Mrs. Johnny Woodard Mr. £ Mrs. Robert Work 56 Mullis Grocery and General Merchandise Derita, North Carolina Phone 596-0121 TUCKER ' S BEAUTY SALON CALDWELL ' S GROCERY Expert Finger Waving and Hair Styling Foods - Confections - Music Phone TR 5-6694 Catawba Ave., Cornelius, North Carolina SIMPSON ' S ESSO SERVICE CENTER R.F. GRIER S0N WEDDINGTON 1613 Statesville Avenue Brick - Stone Concrete Work Charlotte, North Carolina Route 1, Box 286, Huntersville, N.C. Phone: TR 5-6738 or 596-2058 GRANGER ' S OIL BURNER SERVICE " We install and service all makes " Phone: Office 596-2410 Home 596-0468 PATRONS Mr. Rossi e Berry, Jr. Mrs. Elaise Blakeney Mrs. B.M. Lackey Miss L.B. McCollough Mrs. Sadie Phillips Mr. Mrs. Samuel Stocks Mr. Robert Webster 59 NORMAN ' S TOOT-TELL DRIVE-INN TW 2-9380 Huntersville, N.C. Proprietor, Ed Norman DAVIDSON ICE AND FUEL CO. Davidson, North Carolina Phone: TW 2-4011 RANSON ' S STORE AMERICAN DRY CLEANERS AND LAUNDRY Huntersville, N.C. Phone: TR 5-681 1 1109 Beatties Ford Road Independent, Neighborhood Store Dial FR 7-9172 " Where There ' s a Friendly Difference " We work Saturdays, too " McKI SlCK ' S SHOE SHOP DO-DROP INN BEAUTY SALON 106 Main Street Willie Kate Perry and Christine J. Dennis Davidson, North Carolina Owners - Specializing in Styling " We repair shoes expertly. Dyeing, and Scalp Treatment All work is guaranteed. " DERITA DRUG CO. Professional Service CONNER ' S SERVICE STATION Box 26154 Derita Branch Charlotte, N.C. Old Beatties Ford Road Proprietor, John Conner Telephone 596-1041 58 lilflll B£fi£lMl . mmmmrnm

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