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-.wftg-W W-mu., - W QWWMQWJWQVM-waamwgwawwmunww wawmghllg-mmlwwfxgmv7+ww,.w.wm,wM51mA-W--W'hfhwwgsHMAW,,W,Mgyrfz:f.Lm,MQMM,A .W WW.Mmm,..,vnu.,,Mw,MMfMuwMf , . ...J 1 mu , .' 1 M A . 'fluff 5 wif AN X J Qs ,K 5 qw Jfb W Q9 LAP!! ....... , .. ,,.......i..uu-...L Y' 2 ,,..f A fi , sehr ' v 7 N -I 1 'Jae 4- ,-,lysis 5: .,v , li fl W , .4 ' .:. V.- 1 K mv W , Ly 1 ' ' A F .,,,,4r- E N 4? 'git-Q ', K E 3 'xii , g fi. M057 .WLQ 1 If an .. Qwyfz, is L 4 3959 TER? 2:5 'RWQJLES 55:53 E323 mea mncwgicigmm TQEQ MQE, emma 112,952 Em I if ., ,. is - Z K ,, W. , y . 5 .kk Ei. Vi . ,,.k 7: 'YW' 11 I if is ' :W .F K f A S U!!-IOM QI-IALL WE I-lONOl2f? Once in September three eighth-grade graduates entered high school. After being admitted and learning room numbers, they paused for conversation. "I like this school," said the first student. "There're so many neat kids to talk to during boring lectures." "I like this school, too," the second student agreed. "We have seven minutes instead of five between classes. More time for a smoke." "l'm in favor of this school's atmosphere," the third student commented. "lt's so exhilarating to the mind." They went on to their classes and didn't see one another until after lunch. "Man, these kids are cool! I found out someone throws a party nearly every night!" said the first student with wonder. "I love the cafeteria's mashed potatoes," said the second student. "Real gooey! Perfect for food fights!" "Why, this school's library has an extraordinary collection of books on the metamorphosis of the rat-tail moth!" said the third student, showing the first book he had checked out of the library. At the end of their first day at the new school the bell rang, and they were dismissed from their classes. "Where's Room 'll0?" asked the first student as he met his friends. "Oh, did you get detention, too?" said the second student. "What a tremendous institution!" exclaimed the third student. "The chem- istry professor is going to let me use some hexylresorcinal in my experiment with lamellicorn beetles." PIC IIS Pk Well, he may sound a bit corny, but he has the right idea. School is for work, not trouble. Therefore, the annual staff has decided to dedicate the 1965 TORCH to the third student and to those like him who show that they have the right idea about school. They enter with enthusiasm for learning and continue to a successful completion of high school on graduation day, when, likely, they are also honored as life members of the California Scholarship Federation. 2 1 hW V. ,L , I, , , III f TABLE OF-CO CHAPTER ONE, PAGE 4 . . . .... SUPERVISION CHAPTER TWO, PAGE 20 . .. . . . IDENTIFICATION CHAPTER THREE, PAGE 90 .... . . . PARTICIPATION CHAPTER FOUR, PAGE I22 . .. . . .COMPETITION 3 'f' ff U II, ,. if : 1 fx ,, I I 1 ff j'E?'I2'4 ., 35. Q23 .- pn. "mv 'nf -' ws 5' , ' Q. , 1, Q if K A t, "QS g 4, , , 4, W 1 nk va sf .. , ., ..,, Vi 'UE' - I Q. -1 -, 1 v - . - . Te- 5 Z:-f K, -,,---W W 7 .X I ' ij fed- I-I-Q we if-I QI ON slr- Li I I V M 1 x I Cfvnm g U , If ,U Wwe A I I. As I am The TaIIesT veTeran palm Tree on The Senior PaTio, I see and hear more Things Than anyone else on campus. IT's amusing To waTch The sTudenTs aT lunch as They Try To sneak pasT a Teachers aide or hide from a TarTar Lady who's handing ouT ciTaTions. lT's even funnier To look Through windows during finals. One sTudenT may be cheaTing, and iusT as he Turns around To geT one more answer, he finds Two eyes glaring down aT him only Three feeT above his head, I-Ie makes a smarT remark, JusT as a sTrong hand sTarTs iTs way down Toward The vicTim, The princi- pal walks in. The hand sTops, cheaTing sTops, everyThing in The classroom sTops. The prin- cipal calmly walks around The room and walks ouT. Then afTer checking on sev- eral more of his facuITy, he hurries back To his office, where he is Trying To meeT The deadline for his monThIy reporT. The superinTendenT wanTs iT aT four o'cIock sharp, ergo, iT musT be done! AT four o'cIock Through my Telescopic lens I see The superinTendenT looking over The reporTs he has received from The principals. ll have super-visionll While The superinTendenT works busily aT his desk, I look and smile, raTher smugly I admiT, as I see The school board Talking abouf him in an adioining room. Their conversaTion is auiTe mild, buf waiT Till iT's Time To renew his conTracTl ThaT's when doors and windows remain closed. In facT, I suspecT one of The board members plugs The keyhole wiTh chewing gum. Besides enTerTaining myself by observing people on campus, I also read The papers That fall on The lawn. Can you imagine my surprise when I saw This bold headline? SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS FACE ELECTION BY CITIZENS. ForTunaTeIy I have no such worries, I relax and nod in agreemenT wiTh whaT JonaThan SwifT meanT in The lines I once heard Mrs. Davis read To her English class: So naTuraIisTs observe a flea I-IaTh smaller fleas ThaT on him prey, And These have smaller sTiII To biTe em, And so proceed ad infinifum. I-Iey, whaT's ThaT man wiTh The long saw doing on The Senior PaTio? ,W MO- W W .-+8 x M 'WYISHZQEY 3 f 3 Q BY BOARD OF- AND DISTRICT NTENDENX The firsT officicil public school sysTem used in Torrdnce wos pro- vided by Los Angeles in 1917, This sysTem provided ci school build- ing in The middle of The ciTy of Torronce. This school included grddes from l4indergorTen To Twelffh grode. The moin building used Then is sTill sTcinding buf is ciccompcinied by mony more buildings since odded. In l947, The Torronce Unified School DisTricT wcis born. Since Then The growing of our school sysfem refuses To sTop. Becouse of The efficienT School Boords we hcive hod more new schools ond The reconsTrucTing of our old schools hove been possible. We now hove in our school sysTem ThirTy-five public groimmor schools ond four public high schools. The fuTure seems opTimisTic for This wonderful Thing ThciT hos hoppened To The ciTy of Torronce. A modern school sysfem needs o modern ond efficient office To keep up with The fosf roTe of our growing schools This building shows 0 simple pockoge wifh o complex gift hidden inside. CURT SHERY, MD. PRESIDENT BOARD OF TRUSTEES :Hifi .e 'sail T T gli , . is PAULINE WATTS TRUSTEE ,, , w-iwwwxsw .. ,refs-.3-is 11: W"-' ALBERT W. CHARLES TRUSTEE ALHTLELEQQON Like stationary and sta- tionery, compliment, and complement, all together and altogether, the words principal and principle are often confused. If you have difficulty distinguishing be- tween these two words, a brief examination of the fol- lowing sentences should make them clear, Dr. Carl Ahee, our princi- pal, demonstrates the princi- ples of leadership One of our assistant princi- pals, Mr. Marcus Caldwell, endorses the principles of scholarship. Another assistant princi- pal, Miss Bea Rous, helps instill in the students the principles of self-discipline and self-respect, Mr. Harold Klonecky, our new assistant principal, ex- hibits the principle of good management of the facilities of a growing school. The principles of increas- ing educational opportun- ities for students and of stu- dents' fully realizing their capabilities are important to all of our principals. Now that you understand these words, tell me which you should use in this sen- tence? What is a teenagefsi .Tfood? f 'w PRINCIPLE Dr. Carl Ahee Principal B.A., U.S.C. M.S., U.5.C. M.Ed., U.S.C. Ed.D., U.S.C. is we-f cp c A 'Q its rizrwamu M Marcus Caldwell Assistant Principal Instruction B.A., U. of Wyoming M.A., U. of Wyoming Bea Rous Assistant Principal Pupil Personnel B.S., U.S.C. M.S., U.S.C. Harolcl Klonecky Assistant Principal Administration Student Activities' Advisor B.S., North Dakota State Teachers College M.S., U.S.C. ms l' Q 4- M YQ WS? l g ., ' 1. V' It X .I . fy, .,f1Q,g7J9' .4 H This is the beginning of a long day. Harold Widney Alice Hammond Curriculum Coordinator College and Vocations A.B., San Francisco State Counselor M.E., U.C.L.A. B.A., U.S.C. D,Ed., U.S.C. M.A., U.S.C. UUPIL PERSONNEL 5 I SLIPS, SLIPS, SLIPS .I lA Magic Chant! 3. White slips! Pink slips! Green slips! Yellow slips! Reach forthe white slip! Avoid the pink slip! Welcome the green slip! Hide from the yellow slip! Yellow slips! Green slips! Pink slips! White slips! Gerald Ronan Vincent DiFiore Senior Class Counselor Junior Class Counselor B.S., Creighton U. B.A., U.C. at Santa Barbara M.A., Long Beach State Virginio Levcnos Ruth Pearson Paul Foster Shirley Ellerman Dorothy Metros Nurse Librarian Attendance Counselor Sophomore Class Counselor Freshman Class Counselor R-N-, Sf, ViY'IC9m!5 Hospital B.S., U.S.C. B.A., East New Mexico U. B.A., U.C. at Santa Barbara B.S., Eastern Michigan U. College of Nwfsing Ms., u.s.c. MA., u. of Arizona MA., Long Beach smfe B.S., Long Beach State IO The hurnan nnnd B ourtundarnentalresource. James Armstrong Government, U.S. History Department Chairman BA., Pepperdine College M.S., U.S.C. 11' John P Kennedy we-gisfi Q -fs Before graduating into active citizenship, the seniors are instructed in its bagi principles. Q QIUDIEQ Wilfred Cadieux World History BS., Boston U. Charlie Davis Richard Douglas Fannie Garshtield Mary Ann HGVWSY Wesley Pef9fS0Vt World Geography, World Geography, English, Math, U.S. History U.S. History Boys Physical Education Driver Training U.S. Government, World BA., LOVWQ BBClCh STGTQ AB., UC- Beflseley B.A., Chapman College AB., U.C,L.A. Geography MA., LOVWQ B-F2GCl't Stilte MVA., USC- B.S., U,S.C. Ronald Rudolph English Department Chairman World History, U.S. Government AB., Upsala College MA., Long Beach State M.S., U.S.C, JEFF James Stannard Stanley Strain Arlo Sullivan Jane Young U.S. Government World Geography World Geography, World History, Fine Arts A.B., Western Michigan U. B.S., Clarion State College General Mathematics B.S., Kansas State U, M.A., Long Beach State ME., U, of Pittsburgh A.B., U. of Portland M.E., U. of Portland l l af" . i 6- ff. l 4 3-, 1' an KT LANGUAGE FOREIGN Gladys Kennedy Department Chairman Spanish, Girls' P,E. B.A,, U of Puerto Rico Alba Moesser Spanish B.A., Long Beach State College M.A., UCLA -7" " 5351 I' yi-Q25 " TF, TEFISEWE5 : .:. , f figfii' 1 ,.,,: 3 y,,g,, is T 've' ,V-' - nf' . 42:-,LU i ' I' T .. Vernon Brewer German, World History A.B., Fresno State College Dixie Roy French, Spanish B.A., U, of Utah Catherine Ba ker English B.S., U.S.C. Garth Belknap English, U.S. History, Driver Training B.A., U.S.C. M.S.. U.S.C. Nancy Davis Latin, English ' A.B., Western State' Teachers' College Dale Walker French, Boys P,E., Driver Training A,B., San Francisco State College K C. :T 'iw i Mary Dukes Wealtha Godsell Jane Hoose English English, Annual Staff Speech, Fine Arts A.B. U,C,L,A, B.A., Millsaps College B.A., U.C.L.A. M.A., Claremont Graduate School T2 '?f"' 9 GUS!-I Hit .si N Classroom participation, which enriches the mind, is the proceglulte followed in all of our English classes. Such is the case in this Engliilillll class of av ... guage distinguisttf, animal is Elaine Koss English B.A., Queen s College Virginia Lindsey English, Journalism A.B., U.S.C. Mrs' Koss' Patrick Manion Gary Mitchell ,O ' 3 English Reading NXLVJU Y AB., San Francisco State BA., Sterling College Elsa Parry English B.A., U. of Oregon i , x lynx 'll 1 ix 5 Charles Slater English, Drama BA., Long Bea Elizabeth Snively Shirley Thayer Marsha Wismer English, History English, History English ch State B.S., Texas Technological BS., Wisconsin State B.S., Penn. State College College M.S., U. of lllin I3 is - .,,. ,,+1FF"it .Ae V A B l-I NG EUQINEQQ If a man empties his purse into his head, no man can take it away from Barbara Daugherty Patricia Greaney . . , Homemaking, Clothing Homemaking, Modern lllm' All mveslmenl ln knowledge Ol' Department Chairman Living, Foods Wgyg pgys flqe best im-ef-6515 BA., Fresno State B.S., U.C.L.A, Reba Grosch Shorthand, Note-hand Department Chairman B.S., Long Beach State MA, U. of Loyola . M.-M.-i..f1 - , . i- , B. Franklin Maureen Tandy Typing, General Business B.S., Ohio State U. Interfacing, tuilor's tack, nap, and miter- ing are familiar terms in Mrs, Daugherty's " .f - ,Q 1 . ,.: , 'W .f -f' l Architecture, sculpture, painting, music, and poe- l try may Truly be called the ettlorescence ot civilized l life. Herbert Spencer Bobby Webber Band, Instrumental Mu B. Music Ed., U. at Kan M.S., Kansas State df sic sas TW is C-2 rg 4 G, Next year the boys at Torrance High will no longer be using this building. Ti new building on campus, now being constructed, will include an automechc. shop in addition to the present shops. I AND Maurice Wilson Patsy Jaeger Art Department Chairman Crafts, Art BS., Moorhead State AB., Chapman College M.S., North Dakota State U. Richard Bullington Robert Baker Wood, Drafting, G.l.A. Electricity, Electronics Department Chairman A,B., San Diego State A.B,, San Diego State Thomas Bray Jim Curtis Harold Strohm General Industrial Arts, Drafting, Machine, Metal Woodshop, General Driver Training B.A., Arizona State U. Industrial Arts B. Voc. Ed., Long Beach State 15 B.A., Arizona State U. . , . ' f .. ZQIENOEANQ Gordon Johnston Joe Fuller Richard Hulse Richard Odgers Algebra, Trig., Driver Algebra Prep., Moth lA Algebra l, ll Geometry Training, Math Department BS., Southeastern State of A.B., Long Beach State A.B., U. of Missouri Chairman Oklahoma M.A., U. of South Carolina B.S., U. of North Dakota M.A., U. ot Minnesota Learning to experiment properly depends largely on preparation, Mr. Rodericks chemistry class is preparing through instruction for observation, and calculation. their next. experiment. There is no royal road to geometry. Euclid Richard Rivers General Math, Algebra B.S., U. of Massachusetts M.E., Westfield State X ri... Dorothy Yost Algebra l, Geometry B.S., Heidelberg College M.A., Long Beach State -lolm KHOPP Paul Howard Charles Pillet Richard Richhart David Roderick General Science, Physics Earth Science, General Biology I, ll Biology I, Life Science Chemistry, Earth Science DeDGfTf'fiEfWT ClWC1iFmGr1 Science, Driver Training, B.S., U. ot Pittsburgh B.S., Brigham Young U. B.S., Duke U. B.S., Central Missouri State Boys' Physical Ed. M.S., U.S.C. College B.A., Arizona State U. M.Ed., U,S.C. M.S., U. of Kansas City M.A., Highlands U, of New Mexico if 4,151 f Frank Simon Boys' Physical Education Department Chairman BS., U. of Nebraska M.E., U. of Nebraska Willard Boerger Health 84 Driver Instruction Boys' Physical Education B.S., Ohio State U, M.S., U,S.C. John Corcoran Gerald Holland Howard Towle Boys' Physical Education Boys' Physical Education English, Boys' Physical B.S., Texas Western College BA., Fresno State Education BA., Pepperdine Janet.Orr Joanne Kennedy Vivian See John Trantham Harold Wartle Girls' Physical Education Girls' Physical Education Girls' Physical Education Boys' Physical Education Lite Science, Modern BA., University ot Toledo BA., Texas Womens B.S., U, ot Minnesota B.S,, U. of Houston Science, Boys' Physical Department Chairman University ME., U, of Houston Education B.S., U. ot Utah This duty wasn't mentioned in the contract. A sound mind in a sound body. Lee Teed Girls' Physical Education BAT., U.C.l..A. l7 1 A-'re in , it A .F Q -xfiiglb' X ' ' " ke. l ,HW Phyllis Henderson Dorothea Johnson Wilma Williams Student Body Accounts Clerk Secretory to Miss Rous Secretory to Mr. Coldwell Jo Ann Allen Veloro Murphy Librory Clerk Secretory to Mr. Klonecky Mczry Demonet Secretory to Dr. Ahee Betty Dawson Attendance Clerk Evelyn Sexton Lucille Lilore Records Clerk Attendance Office i8 Marilyn Yenney Secretory to Dr. Widney 31 fi' , ir M Qs. ,ae I . Y ' 5, , I , S 1 bf-UC' 'l'l'l'lb"lf0 L Top row: Robert Dutton, W. O. Hoy, Evelyn Thomas, Don Christensen, Edward Woodbury, Bottom row: Frank Baker, Robert Johnson, Robert Brewster, R. Trenary, John Shepard, Clarence Ditto. Clarence Ditto Head Custodian We all envy Don Christensen, our man-on-wheels. Helen Clayton Supervisor Hazel Ruth, Virginia Davis,'Otha Anderson, Ruth Meyer, Thelma Friberg, Mollie Hoke, K0fl1fYf1 Dill, Imogene Franklin, Alyce Brown, Sue Pagao. I9 Y Y if ik 5 xg yn ,435 I w ioervnnoariom Who am I? Do you know who I am? I wear ci BeaTIe cuT. Every day I'm caughT Tor crowding in The lunch lines. Every day I caTch The saime boy Tor crowding in The lunch lines My conTacTs are TinTed blue. My Treckle counT has reached 573. I was The TirsT To be caughT in The Tardiness crackdown. I have The cIecinesT '56 Chevy in Town. I look iusT like her. lWe're Twins.l I pass all my hisTory TesTs. So does The girl in Tronf of me. My raTTed hair adds Tive inches To my heighT. Tennis shoes and plaid shirTs are my Trademark. AuTumn's TooTball bruises sTill hurT. Second period-rain, wind, or heaT-I deliver The masTer abse My flips always Tlop. My Two friends and I look like Three bears in our Turry iackeTs. My cowboy booTs are never shined. STcinding wiTh my buddies in TronT of a classroom, I make bird Calls aT lunch. I'm so skinny you can'T see me when I'm Turned sideways. I carry legiTimaTe shoes in my purse. Every oTher day I wear black lace sTockings. No one wears shorTer skirTs Than I, I'm kidded because of my black leaTher iackeT. My Take pony-Tail aTTracTed The aTTenTion I wanTed. WiTh colorless hair, lighT eyebrows, and pale complexion, I choose To wear whiTe lipsTick. I wear a sTring Tie To look like Dapper Dan. I shave my head To make my girlfriend mad. Who am I? Now you know who I am-a sTudenT aT T.l-IS., w recognize me from my picTure in The annual, iT's noT my Tau ualTTy as a sacrifice To conTorrniTy, buT, please, dear reade The real MEI nce IisT. ho else? IT you don'T IT. I IosT my individ- r, please remember Q51 -6 'n E SV W FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS President Alon Schwartz H81 Vice President Ginny Horncxns HJ Secretory Kcithy Rippy K3I Treasurer Candy Voien T41 SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS President Pom Flemming T61 Vice President Janet Kimbrell l21 Secretory Candy Voien l4l Treasurer Cothie Wilson i5i CLASS SPONSOR Mr, Ronan 173 . ,W , J. V i f-ww ,sp fp i mlm 1, 3 3 'Z We waited three long years to use this and now t is o to enioy. Gloria Adams Robert Aggen Janis Albright Richard Adams Patricia Adams Joe Andrews Susan Armstrong Bruce Alcock Charles Anderson Sharon Asnten 24 WE, WHO AEE QENIO , , 'Q I Fred Babb Renafe Baier Gary Baker Robert Baldwin Eileen Banks Nanci Barnard Gregory Barreft Vlncenl Bosile Nancy Bauman Randolph Bell Karen Bighann Donald Bill 25 x ' ' --H, . SY, QF-IALLALIN we izeiwzm Tl-'E-.LVEIZY Pfizer DAY Michael Blankinship Olive Blankenship Keith Bleakley Deborah Boase Patricia Borash Kenneth Boston Lynn Boufin David Bowdoin Michael Bowman Linda Boyd Judy Bradford Richard Broos 26 . ' J t -A , rw - .5 ,Q A S . lx , sp x 451 1. 'S '- 5 V Wh 11 62-,C 'Q ' va yi ., ' Q 'We' .A Y ' C lx " B ffl' rap. 'X f , . 113 i 1- f , l W K K -ff' 'f X t l 'Q Q X lkef Court Jesfers. .ludu Robison RoberT Carlson Judith Brown Edward Buczek John Buffalo Ronald Browning Michael Bruch Charles Bush .loan Cambon Beverly Burnham Joelle Burque Roger CarpenTer 27 ' avi. 5 ' A k Y , R -A 1 f H ,N-'V-C, i 5 ,fl I CTT .X ' I l ,,- , L Xi. Ex? if i yn i 1 I ff 5 , j V l K if KE: 5 qv X 'N ,fl l i xg MJ X 'I K, K ,X - ,ff 'M ,f :lr lil-. A if ' i ' 1 X 1 lag' R-i'Q""QQf,.. ,fb l our l if -gg fi '- x ,RXJAM A! Cupials: Barbara Jeffers Ronnie Thompson Robert Carroll Janet Chrisfian Jim Charlesworth Kathleen Cassidy Larry Champion Rodney Clarke Sharon Clear Jon Chaykowski Arlyene Clark Vicki Coast 28 Jimi. - X 'iff' r N' Emil. il vs WHEN we WALICED DOWN Tl-IE L0 I-IALLQ John Collins Bonnie Combs Gail Combs Steve Combs Ronald Comer Karen Coiione Suzanne Coy Patrick Coyne Richard Davies Michael Dawley Jean Dean Robert Dean 29 , ,iw V YR . .nn is :ru 4 ll ,.. X U-IEY WERE FILLED WITH OLDEI21 Cary Deise Candy Dobbert Susan Dobrick Hubert Dodos Denise Donaher Chris Danish Donna Dougan Arlene Dupuis Leslie Dufcher Constance Eggleston Coleffe Eisele Sandra Enoch 30 F 'cw H 1 c iy - ifff mFe eee e c ,fy 123 N K A If l L. .w fl - i 5- E cc . , . mf-k'f"Nl' lu, ! F . A ey H, ui fig' X 0 LQ ' if l K I lr Wi Amazon: Caroll Yurkoviclw Hercules: Michael Blankenship Sandy Evans Pamela Flemming Lawrence Flemming Willaim Felfs Linda Flagg Carolyn Florence Ysidro Flores Nancy Fosfer Gary Force Shirlyn Floyd 31 Q .4 V 1 A e or i Q' fr ' sv' 'iw in f lf' ' it ' Q K . - Q. -gg 'Db fir ll l 3 r f" ng, i 44?-Jef-'N if l X ll X.,-A X l ,,. ffl ,"" Venus de Milo: Morgie Roemisch Apollo: Greg Borrerr Louro Flock Froncine Frohnlmoefer Gory Fulfon Mortho Foster Soondro Founfoine Borrry Golrrobronf Vicki Golrrison Rosemary Golonolo Sheryl Gollovvoy Anloinerle Giolnnberolino 32 ,.T ' iiiwf -i .. " 'ci iw i if f , e G -i G Q We 2, wuo ouizrouero ic 'ACT SEE UQ, Tl-IE FEEQHMAN CLAQQ. Jerome Gilles Lloyd Gilstrop Rebecca Goldstein Sondro Good Carol Goodrich Potricio Goodwin Cynthio Grey Johnny Grey Timothy Griffith Abrohom Griiolvo, Jr, Dione Groppi Jerye Grubb 33 ,HV r. . 'Y Q' ,F Li .WL-.1 4g:,.r1QwA K wr-ro , 6 Gory Gunfer John Hoig Sherrie Hole Wolfer Hole Chorles Hordoge Jomes Horfley Robert Hoss Shirley Hosselberg Lindo Hovvley Robert Hoyes Noncy Heofh James Henderson 34 wif -'.,.u 'LS ffwl' M -V -'FW ' i r w Q 0 . W- effQ7f'WXX !WW5N:3iNx Fx ,MQ k ' F' V!-U: fig? ' A X ii 5 f Xe Xi i A if , g A ,fn 1 f w i , 1, I Xgw Y xx rf. S Q, ,Q E: I , .L ix i "' xx-If xv, Artistic Soundro Founfoine Mggicions: Colin Perreciult Sfeven Henderson Virginici Homcins RoberTc1 Homons Jonice Hesser KrisTine HeTIc1nd Robert Huff Lcirry Huggins Sieve Horfon Marlena Huelson Jerry Hughes 35 ' i f a 1 Q. , 3 I in if ,400 L E i g Q H 5 . W is sf if SA 5 ' if 'K xg X-if l . X xx , l X,ff7, as W Mmsirels. Dora Wahl Gerald Williams Noreen Hughes Richard Huscher Sam lnfermill Phillips Hull DOHFIC1 l'lUmIT1Gl Barbara Jeffers Carol Jenison Katherine lshihara Ealifh .lO1l'CJSleWlCZ Cgrolyn Jensen 36 l i' ll J wwf A , f eumoer or:1H-:M NLY SMILE? F ' T'ffM 2f2f" r if 'X if S 13+ 2 'fl' Ronelle Johonnes Corol Johnson Dione Johnson George Johnson Kosren Johnson Bonneffe Jones Eric Jones Sully KOIWTOVSW Lorroine Kelfz Jonef Kimlorell Corol King Douglas Kinfz 37 2' R Q'1' l 1, 8 ,1-SNDTO v A UQ. Wayne Kiffle James Kropfavich Richard Labate Luana Gayle Lackey Sandie Lambert Charles Landrum Lonnie Languis Sfeven Lassere George Lopez Gail Lord Frank LoVerde Jean Lucas 38 H1 - A - -Q.. y Ya ll Jf Wx J NYJ lg ' VMRR ff nf! QX XX X ,T S lg . K -5 2 "Egg ll f ff? , xx Mfg 3 ,f.t,,. fl ,ffl-Ll l ,ff X Anfony: Alan Sclwwarfz Cleopafraz Dana Wolinsky KOTl1leeI1 Ludwig Joseph Marley, Jr. Karin Marquard James Malone Dell MC1riC1V1i John Masaki Grace McCabe Gdry MOVQUIS Davud Marfin 39 S 1 P X P X - X ,fA,4tg,, X V I N A ffxxs X" I f-.- X f. K X sax I ,Wg V' f Elf X ff Maid Marian: Jane? Kimbreli Robin Hood- Alvin Sasuga John McClure Joann McDade Michael McEwen Cleoan MCCOVTYUS Maryann MCCUsker Kathleen McLaughlin Tommie McMahon RCHWCU McGraw John McKenna RUTIW MCNUITY 40 ac fi W 1+ we . - V 4 'x I 4' . 6 1'-, ITWAQ mem r WEKNEW Barbara McWhirfer Carl Meadows Jacqueline Megow Steven Melchert James Mercer Susan MeT'fz Joy Mefzner Patricia Meyer Barbara Mogavero Paula Moon Judy Moore Richard Moore 41 if Suk Q l l" 3? l Torammoe 1-ner-1 we LX .. we Qeoomn moms, Suzonne Moore Gory Morse Roberf Mullen Daniel Murry Roberto Myers Shirley Myers Poul Newhouse Sounclro Nielsen Lindo Norihom Tonya Norfhcuff Cheryl Norfhingfon Jeri O'Donnell 42 r .wSf,-Ig:-5 , E' ,Ml , A , ,sq Q Ewa ' fix 1 M' C ? N, 4 - - 'Ii' - Dressed In his Tokyo school unitorm, John Haig sends greetings to his Classmates at T H S l Dennis Ogren Michael Owens Phillip Patrick Brian Olsen JOlWr1 Osborn Colin Perreault Susan Perry Marsha Pauly Rose Perez Mary Peters 43 N. ,L II f ll Q ,,,. L sf ff,-Q.x Maw, F L l ll LX ,ff"! L L u ,L X ,rl K' cfmxwc K lil Knighf ln Shining Armor Alvin Sasuga Fairesf Maiden. Nanci Barnard Ronald Phillips Josephine Quinfero William Raines Lee Pickens Thomas Posner Louis Reeves Laura Rice Carl Randall Glenna Redmond Penny Richards 44 'rw 1' r' if or ' "rrwf R Barbara Rineman Kathy Rippy David Rittmiller Jerrold Rivera Richard Rivera David Roberts Kathryn Roberts Judith Robison Margaret Roemisch Michael Rose Helen Rose Donald Rudd 45 -v game ' - N NV mg QW . X 9 fr . gffsfj- D X ALMA MATER Our srrong bands can ne'er be broken Formed in Torrance High. For surpassing wealth unspoken Sealeol by Frienolship's Tie. Torrance High School, Alma Mafer, Deep graven on each heart Shall be founol unwavering True, When we from life shall part. Alvin Sasuga Alan Schwartz Chris Sciarroffa David Schlerf John Schnepp Darlene Scully James Seiple Jeannette Scirica Gail Scarf Lynn Shelby 46 . ,Y Qiyi, H- " 2 y uwnmnz-. DAY oi: er2AwAnoN Sheila Sheldon Joan Sherbo Michael Shinoda Kristin Singleton Richard Sleek Richard Sloan Julie Snow Larry Snyder Sylvia Solis 47 Linda Siters Helen Smith Yolanda Solis ' I k " ., 'fmyy '. 13 3595. V., T I-IEW lu.: UWJULD LEAVE FOIZA Pl-ACE IN THE WORLD. v v Glenn Sfeinhous Pomelo Sfuort Connie Sudmeier Janis Sullivan Miles Sumner Polly Terrick Ronald Thompson Katherine Tiolmorsh Cheryl Trippe Sondra Turnoge Jucliih TurrenTine Jock Tweedy 48 u :AQ Uh Q-W .i',p,g,,.2a' . pm-' 1-:ig in Q , is- mh G 'X 1 Girls' Store Representative: Janis Albright Boys' Store Representative: Alvin Sosugcx Randolph Tyler Adrian VondenHeuveI DeloiVc1n Dyck William Vcilles Michael Vonclenberg Conclcice Voien Doro Wcihl Roberi' Vclughon Lovvrence Villa Charles Wolloce 49 . E. SJ-li ' '. ALWAYS OUR, MEMORIES, OF Tl-IE GONE EK r James Walsh Cheryl WaTers Edward Warson John WayT Michael Wechsler Linda Weiss Russel Wells William Wheeler Barbara While Cynthia Wicker Thomas Wilkes Cheryl Williams 50 ur 1 a IN . Daniel Williams Donna Williams Gerald Williams, Jr. John Williams Lynn Williams Cafhie Wilson John Wilson, ll Sandra Wilson Dana Wolinsky Ronald Yafes Mondell Yeaman Caroll Yurkovich 51 1 agar:-M ADAMS, GLORIA: G.A.A., Song Queen ADAMS, PAT: G.A.A,, Sports Manager, Q, 'fha i lecder 4, Honor Member, 3, CSF, 'xipoum I ' il ty Tennis, I,2,3,4 AGGEN, BOB: J.V. Wrestling, I ALBRIGHT, JANIS: C.S.F., Historian-Reporter, Lite Member, Tartar Ladies, Sgt.-at-Arms, Future Teachers' of America Club, Secretary, Treas- urer, President, French Club, Treasurer, Secre- tary, G.A.A. Sports Manager, Historian,Re- porter, Folksong, Secretary, Speech and Debate Club, Secretary, Press Club, Secretary, Student Congressman, I,2, Commissioner of Records, 4, T.N.T., 4, intramural Track Meet Medalist, Girls' State Representative, 4, Outstanding Speech Student Plaque, I, Speech Certificates ot Excellent and Superior, Quill and Scroll, D.A,R. Award, Drill Team, 4, Variety Show, 2, Feast of Lights, 3, Spring Concert, 4, Girls League Recognition Day, 4, Christmas Aud Call, I,3,4, Junior Citizens Day, 4 T i ARMSTRONG, SUE: Girls League Representative BABB, FRED: Torch, 3,-4, Fine Arts Award, 3 BAKER, GARY: Senior Play, Q,3, One-Acts, Q BANKS, EILEEN: Spanish Club, Vice-President, Treasurer, Girls' League, Historian-Reporter, ASF, Club, Secretary, Student Congressman, 4, Girls' League Recognition, 3,4, Prom Prin- cess, 4 tl.i.I:,. RICHARD: Varsity Club, Vice-President, arch, 4, B,C,.l.V. Basketball, I,2,3, J.V,, Var- Y 7 ,W ll ' Www. 2,,,,.,l w'Sl':ii fb BARNARD, NANCI: G.A.A., President, Vice-Presb dent, Secretary, Recording Secretary, Yell Leader, Tartar Ladies, Freshman ,Class Presi- dent, Sophomore Class Vice,President, Junior Class Secretary, Commissioner of Pep, Com- missioner of Finance, 4, Potpourri, 2,4, CSF., Girls' League Recognition Day, Miss Sopho- more, Miss Junior, Miss All-Round Girl, Honor Plaque, G,A,A., Pep Squad, Yell Leader, 2,3,4, Junior Citizens Day, 4, Pioneer League Forum, 3,-4, Homecoming Queen, 4, Prom Princess, 4 BASILE, VINCE: Variety Show, 3 BAUMAN, NANCY: Tartar Marching Band, I,2 BELL, RANDY: B Track, 2, C Cross-Country, I BIGHAM, KAREN: Bank of America Business Award ' BILL, DON: C Football, I, Christmas Aud Call, 4 BLANKINSHIP, MIKE: Student Court, I, Student Congressman, I, B, Varsity Football, I,2,3,4, B,J.V.,Varsity Basketball, I,2,3, J,V,, Varsity Baseball, I,2,3,4, Tartar Knights, BOASE, DEBBY: Sophomore Class Secretary, Pep Squad, Song Queen, 4 BORASH, PAT: Potpourri, 3, Honor Award for "Torrance Beautiful" Essay Contest, 3 BOYD, LINDA: Tartar Choir Secretary, 4, Christ- mas Aud Call, 4 BRADFORD, JUDY: Certificate for Essay Contest, 2 BROOS, RICHARD: C Football, I, B,C Track, l,2,3 BROWN, JUDY: Student Congressman, I, Home- coming, Top I5, 4, Drill Team, 4, Variety Show, 4, Big Sister Program, 4 BROWNING, RON: A,F,S., Vice-President BRUCH, MIKE: Varsity Wrestling, 4 at BURNHAM, BEVERLY: Variety Show, 3, Girls' League Recognition Day, 4, Christmas Aud Call, 4 BURQUE, JOELLE: Intramural Track Meet Medal- ist, 3, Girls' League Recognition Day, 3,4, Big Sister Program, 4 BUSH, CHARLES: J.V. Basketball, 3 CAMBON, JOAN: Freshman Class Vice-Presidei. , Sophomore Class Secretary, Torch, 3, Pep Squad, Song Queen, 4, Homecoming, Top Fifteen, 4 CARLSON, ROBERT: Student Congressman, 2,4 CASSIDY, KATHY: Drill Team, 4 CHAMPION, LARRY: Varsity Track, 2,3, Cross- country, 2, All-Pioneer League C Pole Vault- ing, 2, Bank of America Award for Arr, Critics Choice Award tor Water Color, 3 CHAYKOWSKI, JON: B,C, and Varsity Basketball, J.V., Varsity Baseball, Most Valuable Player, B Basketball, C.S.F. CLARKE, RODNEY: C Football, I COAST, VICKI: Student Congressman, i COMBS, BONNIE: Pep Squad, Song Queen, 4, Big Sister Program, 4 COMER, RON: Boys' Court Representative, I, T.N.T., 3, Potpourri, 3 DAWLEY, MICHAEL: B, Varsity Football, C Track, 2 DODOS, HUGH: B,C, and Varsity Football, I,2, 3,4, Varsity Wrestling, I,2,3,4, B,C Track 2,3 DOBRICK, SUSAN: Student Congressman, Student Court Representative, T.N.T. DREY, NORMAN: Varsity Football, 4, Varsity Wrestling, 4, Varsity Track, 4 DUPUIS, ARLENE: Student Congressman, I,2, Girls' League Representative, Fine Arts Award, Big Sister Program, 4 EGGLESTON, CONNIE: Press Club, Vice-Presi- dent, President, Girls' League Representativep T.N.T., Feature Eclitor, Editor, I,2,3,4, C.S.F., Lion's Club Speech Contest Winner, Torrance High Herald-Examiner Correspondent, Corre- spondent to Ingenue Magazine, Quill and Scroll, Certificate oi Excellence in Speech from Southern California Debate League, Fine Arts Banquet Plaque in Journalism, Girls' League Recognition Day, Miss Journalism, 4, Junior Citizens Day, 4, Christmas Aud Call, 3, Big Sister Program, 4, Pioneer League Forum, 4 'I 'ug ,X ea- ia? . PJ is F. E, COLETTE: Business Club, Vice-President, .ituclent Store Organization, Advertising Chair- ian, Future Teachers of America, President ENOCH, SANDRA: Student Congressman, 2,3,4, Girls' Glee, Secretary, Girls' League Repre- sentative, I, Girls' League Recognition Day, Miss Comedian, 4, Homecoming Princess, 4 EVANS, SANDRA: Variety Show, 2, Christmas Aud Call 3,4 FLAGG, LINDA: Big Sister Program, Chairman, 4 FLEMMING, PAMELA: C.S.F., Treasurer, President, 3,4, Tartar Ladies, Queen, 4, l.R.C., Secre- tary, 4, A.F,S., Vice President, Torrance High School Representative to Torrance Chapter of American Field Service, 3, Student Congress- man, I,3, Senior Class President, Commission- er of Publicity, 4, T.N.T., Managing Editor, 3,4, C.S.F., Variety Show, 2, Girls' League Recognition Day, Miss Phi Beta Kappa, Junior Citizens Day, 4, Big Sister Program, 4, Pio- neer League Forum, 3,4, Homecoming Prin- cess, 4, American Field Service American Abroad to Germany, 3, Prom Queen, 4 FLUCK, LAURA: C.S,F., Secretary, Student Con- gressman, Life Member of C.S.F., Bank of America Trophy lMath, Sciencei, Quill and 'Scroll FOSTER, MARTHA: T.N.T., 3, Christmas Aud Call, 1,2 FOUNTAINE, SAUNDRA: Girls' League Recogni- tion Day, Miss Art, 4 FULTON, GARY: Boys' League Representative, Student Congressman, Varsity Football, J.V. Basketball, J.V., Varsity Baseball GALANDA, ROSEMARY: Girls' League, Repre- sentative, 3, Vice-President, 4, President, 4, Tartar Ladies, First Lady, 4, Treasurer, 4, Medi- cal Careers Club, Publicity Agent, I, C.S.F., Treasurer, I, l.R.C,, Historian Reporter, 3,4, Big Sister Program, Chairman, 4, Student Congressman, 3,4, Potpourri, I,3,4, C.S.F. Life Member, Girls' State Alternate, Bank of America ,Liberal Arts Award, Awards of Achievement for Science Fair, Fine Arts, Bill ot Rights Essay, Pioneer League Forum, 4, Prom Princess, 4, Salutatorian r GARRABRANT, BARRY: Varsity Club, President, Secretary, Treasurer, Potpourri, I, C,B, Varsity Football, 1,2,3,4, C,B, J.V. Basketball, i,2,3, C Track, 'l, J.V., Varsity Tennis, 3,4 GARRISON, VICKI: Drill Team, 4 GILLES, JERRY: B Football, 3, Most Valuable Player, Captain GOLDSTEIN, REBECCA: C.S.F., Treasurer, Girls' League, Representative, 4, Vice-President, 4, Tartar Ladies, First Lady, Commissioner ot Records, 4, Optimists Citizen Award, C.S,F. Life Member, Senior Play, 4, One Acts, 4, Girls' League'Recognition Day, Miss Thespian, 4 GOODRICH, CAROL: Big Sister Program, 4 GRIFFITH, TIMOTHY: Christmas Aud Call, 3 GRIJALVA, ABRAHAM: l.C.C. Representative, Stu- dent Congress, l,2,3,4, C Football, l, B, C Track, Varsity, J,V., C Cross Country, J.V. Tennis, Intramural Track Meet, 3, Torch, 3 GRUBB, JERYE: Student Congressman, I, Girls Court Representative, I HAIG, JOHN: Junior Class Council, 3, T.N.T., l,2,3, Attended School in Japan, 4, Press- Herald column from Japan, 4, J,V. Wrestling, l,2,3, C Track, 2, Cross Country, Novice, 2, Soccer Uapanl, 4, CSF, Tartar Knights, Har- vard Book Award, 3, National Merit Scholar- ship Semi-tinalist, International Relations Club, American Foreign Service Clubf Vale- dictorian HALE, WALTER: Varsity Club, Secretary-Treas- urer, 4, President, 4, Tartar Knights, First Lieutenant, 4, J.V., Varsity Basketball, l,2, 3,4, Varsity Basketball Co-Captain, 4, First Team All-Pioneer League Basketball, 3,4, C.l.F, S.S. All-Tournament Team, 4, Most Val- uable Player Varsity Basketball, 3, Home- coming Escort, 4, All C.l.F. S.S. Team, 4, All- Torrance Team, 4 HASS, ROBERT: Christmas Aud Call, 4 HASSELBERG, SHIRLEY: Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow, 4, One Acts, 3, Miss Home- makei, 4, Big Sister Rrogram, 4 HAWLEY, LINDA: Future Teachers Association, Treasurer, President, Drill Team, 4, Variety Show, 2, Christmas Aud Call, 2 HEATH, NANCY: Freshman Class Secretary, Stu- dent Congressman, I, Big Sister Program, 4 HENDERSON, JAMES: T.N.T., 2,3,4, Varsity Wrestling, l,Y,3,4, C Track, i, C Cross Coun- try, i, Second Place Novice Tournament, T, Fourth Place Pioneer League, I,2,3, First Place Leuzinger Tournament, 2, Fourth Place Upland Tournament, 2 HENDERSON, STEVE: J,V. Wrestling, 3 ,J .-'ti ' .. Vijfr i HOM 'NS, VIRGINIA: G.A.A., Historian, Report- Mice-President, President, Senior Class Vice- irrgiident, Commissioner at Pep, Miss Per- sonalit,, 1, One Acts, 3, Christmas A icl Call, 4, Big Sister Program, 4, Pioi.:rr league Forum, 4 HORTON, STEVE: Tartar Knights, B Footb,.' - l. Varsity Baseball, 2,3,4, Homecoming Driv Huscms, LARRY: iv. emboli, Q HULL, PHILLIPS: B, versity rosibsli, 2,3,1 ., Varsity Baseball, 2,3,4, Most Valuabl .rr B Football, 3, Sportsmanship Award bas :ll 3 i l HUMMEL, DONNA: Student Congress, Potpourri, 3 INTERMILL, SAM: B Football, 2,3, J.V., Varsity Baseball, 2,3,4 lSHlHARA, KATHERINE: Drill Team, 4 JENSEN, CAROLYN: G.A.A., Sportsmanager, l, Historian-reporter, Secretary, 4, Tartar Ladies, Sgt.-at-arms, 4, French Club, Sgt.-at-arms, 4, Quill and Scroll, Student Congressman, 4, Torch, 3, Editor, 4, Fine Arts Award tor An- nual Staff, CSF Life Member, Posture Week First Place, 4, Drill Team, 4, Big Sister Pro- Gram, 4, Intramural Track Meet, 3, Medalist, 4 JOHNSON, CAROL: Student Congressman, l,2, Sophomore Class President, Junior Class Vice- President, Junior Class Treasurer, Speech Merit Award, 2, Homecoming Top Fifteen, 4 JOHNSON, KAREN: Tartar Ladies, Girls Glee, Big Sister Program, 4, Pep Squad, Flag, 4, Student Congressman, 3, Christmas Aud Call, I, Festival of Lights, I KANTORSKI, SALLY: Drill Team Captain, 4, Tar- tar Ladies, CSF, Big Sister Program, 4, Home- coming Top Fitteen, 4 KELTZ, LORAINE: Girls' Glee KIMBRELL, JANET: Honor Roll, G.A.A., Vice- President, Secretary, Yell Leader, Rally Club, Vice-President, Taftar Ladies, Girls' League, Secretary, Ccrrerranding Secretary, Student Congressman, i,2,4, Junior Class Secretary, Girls' Couri Rcprusuntar e, 4, Senior Class Vice-Prezixerit: .'MS.I, 're-President, Com- missioner ot Arixities, Commissioner of Pub- licity, Student Congress Secretary, Torch, 4, Intramural Track Meet, 3,4, Medalist, Excel- lence in Impromptu Speaking--Achievement in Speech, Fine Arts Banquet, 3, G.A,A. Honor Plaque Recipient, Girls' League Recognition Day, Miss Politician, 4, Junior Citizens Day, 3, Christmas Aud Call, 3, Big Sister Program, 4, Pioneer League Forum, 2, Winter Formal Court, Junior Princess, 3, Homecoming Prin- cess, 4, Variety Show, 4 KINTZ, DOUGLAS: German Club, Secretary, 3, President, 4, CSF, Tartar Knights, C, Varsity Football, l,2, C, Varsity Track, 2,3 LANGUIS, LONNIE: Student Congressman, 4, C, B, Varsity Football, l,2,3,4, J,V, Baseball, 2, J.V, Wrestling, 1,2 LUCAS, JEAN: Student Congress Representative, 2 LUDWIG, KATHLEEN: Pep Squad, Maiorette Cap- tain, 4 MALONE, JIM: C, B, Varsity Football, l,2,3,4, J.V., Varsity Baseball, 2,3,4, Co-captain Var- sity Football, Second Team All-Pioneer League Football MASAKI, JOHN: Student Congressman, l,2,3, C Football, l,2 MCCOMAS, CLEON: Christmas Aud Call, 4, Big Sister Program, 4 MCCUSKER, MARYANN: Girls' Glee President, Girls' League Representative, 2, Student Con- gressman, 3, Drill Team, 4, Variety Show, l,3,4, Girls' League Recognition Day, 4, Christmas Aud Call, 4, Big Sister Program, 4, Homecoming Top Fifteen, 4 M:DADE, JOANN: Student Congressman, 2, Pot- pourri, l, CSF, Tartar Ladies, Fine Arts Award, Bank of America Award for Homemaking, Girls' League Recognition Day, Miss Fashion, 4, Drill Team, 4, Big Sister Program, 4 MCGRAW, RANDI: Student Qng'-Jsman, Big Sister Program., 4 McMAHAN, TOMMTE: Cirls League Representat- tive, 3, Big Sister Program, 4 - , at McNULTY, RUTH: Student Congressman, l,2, T.N.T., l - MEADOWS, TOM: B, Varsity Football, 2,3,4, B, J,V. Basketball, l,2,3, Varsity Track, 2,3,4, Sportsmanship Award, J,V. Basketball MEGOW, JACKIE: Tartar Ladies, Queen, Secre- tary, French Club, Secretary, Sgt.-at-Arms, Girls' League, Board of Directors, l.C.C., Girls' Glee, Pep Squad, Song Queen, 4, Variety Show, l, Girls' League Recognition Day, 3,4, Big Sister Program, 4 MELCHERT, STEVE: C, Varsity Football, l,3,4, C Basketball, I MEYER, PAT: Girls' League, Vice-President, 4, Secretary, 3, French Club, Vice-President, G.A.A. Sports Manager, Girls' League Repref sentative, 2, Student Court Representative, Secretary, 3, Student Congressman, Girls' League President, 4, Commissioner ot Group Control, 4, Tartar Ladies, Pep Squad, Song Queen, 4, Girls' League Recognition Day, 2,3, Miss Service, 4, Junior Citizens Day, 4, Christ- mas Aud Call, 4, Big Sister Program, 4, Pio- neer League Forum, 4, Prom Princess, 4 MOON, PAULA: Girls' Glee, Christmas Aud Call, i,3,4 MOORE, RICHARD: French Club, Treasurer, Stu- dent Congressman, Bank at America Certifi- cate, lMathl, NMSQT ILetter ot Recommenda tionl MOORE, SUZANNE: Student Congressman, I, Homecoming Top Fifteen, 4 MORSE, GARY: B Basketball, 2 MULLEN, BOB: One Acts, 4, Chfistmas Aud Cali, 3,4 MYERS, SHIRLEY: Drill Team, 4, Variety Show, 4 NEWHOUSE, PAUL: Varsity Football, 2,3,4, Var- sity Wrestling, 2,3,4, Varsity Track, 2,4 NORTHCUTT, TANYA: Torch, 4, Senior Play, 4, Foreign Language Speech Contest NORTHAM, LINDA: Variety Show, T, Christmas Aud Call, l,4 NORTHINGTON, CHERYL: Christmas Aud Call, 2, Festival at Lights, 2 tx' ' PATRICK, PHILIP: T.N.T., 3 3 is PERRY, SUSAN: Homecoming, Top Fifteen PERREAULT, COLIN: Student Congrlessrqbn, Sen Play, 3,4, One-Acts, 3, Christmai Aud Cc 3,4 , .. PHILLIPS, RON: Variety Show, 2,3, Christma Aud Call, l,2,3,4 POSNER, THOMAS: B, J.V. Basketball, 2,3, B, Varsity Swimming, l,2,3,4, T.H.S. Swimming Record set, Junior Citizens Day REDMOND, GLENNA: Intramural Track Meet RICHARDS, PENNY: G,A,A. Historian RIPPY, KATHY: Senior Class Secretary, Student Congressman, 2, Big Sister Program, 4 ROBERTS, DAVE: B Baseball, 2, B Tennis, 3, Christmas Aud Call, 4 ODONNELL' JERI: French Oubl Treclsurer 2, ROBERTS, KATHRYN: G.A.A, Treasurer, Secretary, Sophomore Class Treasurer, Student Congress- man, 3, C.S.F., Pioneer League Forum, 3, OGREN, DENNIS: B Football, 2,3, B,C, Varsity Track, l,2,3,4, C Cross-Country, I OLSEN, BRIAN: Student Congressman, B,Varsity Football, i,2,3,4, B Baseball, l, J.V. Tennis, l OSBORN, JOHN: B,C,Varsity Basketball, l,2,3,4, B,C Track, C Cross-Country PAULY, MARSHA: Student Congressman, 3, Drill Team, 4, Tartar Choir, 4 3,4, Drill Team Co-Captain, 4, Big Sister Program, 4 TWEEDY, JACK: l.R.C. President, 4, AFS. Presi- rt, is - lr 4 ROBISON, JUDITH: Drill Team Treasurer, 4, Stu- dent Congressman, l,2, Sophomore Class Vice President, Student Court' Representative, 2, T.N.T., 2, Certificate in Fine Arts, 2, Home- coming Top Fifteen, 4 ROEMISCH, MARGARET: Student Congressman, 4, Homecoming Top Fifteen, 4, Drill Team, 4, Big Sister Program, 4 4, Big Sister Program, 4 ROSE, MIKE: C.S.F,, Senior Play, 3 RUDD, DON: J,V. Cross Country, 2 SASUGA, ALVIN: Speech and Debate, Treasurer, 3, Vice President, 3, Tartar Knights, CSF., Bandq Vice President, Student Congressman, T, Sophomore Class President, Junior Class President, ASB. President, 4, Student Court Representative, 4, Student Court Bailitf, 4, T.N.T. Press Conference, 4, C and J.V. Track, l,2, C Cross Country, i, Junior Citizens Day, 4, Christmas Aud Call, 4, Pioneer League Forum, 2,3,4, Certificate ot Merit in Band, Certificate of Merit in Speech from T.H,S., Certificate ot Excellence in Speech at Long Beach State, Prom King, 4 SCHWARTZ, ALAN: Tartar Knight Captain, 2nd Lieutenant, Student Congressman, 2,3, Junior Class President, Senior Class President, Variety show, 3, Junior Citizens Day, 3,4, Pioneer League Forum, 4, Homecoming Court Escort, 4, Excellence in Impromptu Speaking, South Bay Speech Tourney, 2, Prom Prince, 4 SCIARROTTA, CHRIS: Student Congressman, 2, Christmas Aud Cali SCHNEPP, JOHN: B and J.V. Basketball, 2,31 JV. Baseball, 2 HELEN: GAA. Secretary, Student Con- 3, Torch, 4, Potpourri, 4, C.S.F., A SEIPLE, J'..iES, -,itin Club, Treasurer, 'Vice Presi- dent, li TN 4, C, Varsity Football, 2,4, CSF. SHELBY, LYNNE: Student Cc kressrnan, 4, Home, carving Top Fitteen, 4 SINGLETON, KRIS: Variety Show, 3, Big Sister Program, 4 SLEEK, RICHARD: C Football, l, Varsity Wres- tling, 2,3, C,B Track, I,2,3, Varsity Cross Country, l,2,3 SLOAN, RICHARD: C,S.F,, Vice President, 3, President, 4, I.R,C., Vice President, 3, Presi- dent, 4, Press Club, Treasurer, 4, Tartar Knights, Student Congressman, 2,4, T.N.T,, 4, Variety Show, 2, National Honor Society, Let- ter ot Commendation from National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test, Musical Comedy, 2,3, C.S,F. Lite Member SNOW, JULIE: Girls' Glee Treasurer, Christmas Aud Call, l,2,3 suvoeiz, LARRY: c, s, versity rooieeii, i,2,4, J.V, and Varsity Baseball l,2,3,4, First Team All-League Baseball, 3 SOLIS, YOLANDA: Pep Squad, Maiorette, 4, Big Sister Program, 4 STUART, PAMELA: Christmas Aud Call, 4 TIDMARSH, KATHY: G,A,A., Historian-Reporter, Student Congress, 2,3, Girls' League Recogni- tion Day, 4, Christmas Aud Call, 3,4, Big Sister Program, A TIERNAN, RICHARD: Politicos, Vice-President, Tartar Knights, 2nd Lieutenant, Captain, Thespian Society, President, Sophomore Class Vice-President, Junior Class Vice-President, C.S.F,, 2, Student Congressman, 4, Potpourri, I, Drama Award, 3, l.R.C. Award of Excel- lence, 3, Senior Play, 3,4, One-Acts, 3,4, Variety Show, 3, Prom Prince, 4 TRIPPE, CHERYL: Christmas Aud Call, 3,4 TURNAGE, SANDRA: Christmas Aud Coll, 4 TURRENTINE, JUDY: Potpourri, I, Variety Show, 4, Christmas Aud Call, 4, Big Sister Program, 4 dent, 4, Latin Club Vice-President, 3: C-5-F Lite Member, Student Congressman, l,2,4' C,B Football, I,3,4, Varsity Basketball, 4, Novice, J.V. Wrestling, T,3, 2nd Place Novice Wrestling Tournament, Rotary Club Foreign Exchange Student to Brazil, 4, A,F.S. Semi- Finalist, "Highest lndividual Achievement" and "Member of First Place Delegation" in i.R.C. Model U,N. Debate, Homecoming Escort, 4, Prom Prince, 4 VALLES, BTLI.: Freshman Class President, Boys' League Representative, I, J.V. Basketball, 2 J.V. Baseball, i,2 VANDEN-HEUVEL, ADRIAN: B, Varsity Track 2,3,4, J.V. Cross-Country, 3 VAUGHAN, BOB' f Slse -'li ' VILLA, LAWRENCE: L 1 For 'llg V, Baseball VOIEN, CANDY: Student Congressman, 2,3, Jun- ior Class Treasurer, Senior Class Treasurer, Secretary, Potpourri, I, Freshman Honor Stu- dent, Fine Arts Award, Drill Team, 4, Variety Show, 4, Christmas Aud Call, 3,4, Big Sister Program, 4, Tartar Choir, 4 WAHL, DORA: G,A.A, Sports Manager, 2, Treas- urer, 3, Vice-President, 3, Tartar Ladies Treas- urer, 4, Sgt.-at-Arms, 4, Outstanding Musi- cian of Torrance High School Plaque, 3, Girls' League Recognition Day, Miss Music, 4, Christmas Aud Call, 2,3,4, Big Sister Pro- gram, 4, Tartar Marching Band, 2,3,4 WALSH, JIM: Student Congressman, T, Boys' League Representative WATERS, CHERYL: C5,A.A. Sports Manager WATSON, EDDIE: Varsity Club, Vice-Presid Junior Class Court Representative, Stuc. Congressman, l,2,3, Commissioner ot At letics, 4, T.N.T., l,2,3,4, Potpourri, i,2, Basketball, lg Varsity Wrestling, 2,3,4, S Varsity Track, 2,3,4, Novice, J.V, Cross-Court try, 1, Journalism Award ot Excellence, Jun ior Citizens Day, 4, Pioneer League Forum, 4, Prom Prince, 4 WAYT, JACK: C Basketball, l, J.V, Baseball, 2 WEISS, LINDA: Spanish Club, Historian, Student Council, Variety Show, 3, Christmas Aud Call, 3 WILKES, TOM: B Football, 2, B Basketball, 2, .l.V. Tennis, 3 WILLIAMS, DAN: Tartar Knights, Senior Class Council, Student Congressman, 4, Junior Citi- zens Day, 4, Homecoming, 4 WILLIAMS, GERALD: Band, President, Drum Ma- ior, Outstanding Instrumental Music Student, 3, Variety Show, 3 ' WILLIAMS, LYNN: Tartar Ladies, Historian-Reporv er, Sgt.-at-Arms, G,A.A., Honorary member, Sports Manager, Big Sister Program, 4 WILSON, CATHIE: Senior Class, Treasurer, Stu- dent Congressman, 3,4, Torch, 4, Christmas Aud Call, 4, Big Sister Program, 4 WILSON, SANDI: G.A.A,, 2-year Award, Tartar Choir, I-Year Award, Christmas Aud Call, 3,4 WOLINSKY, DANA: Freshman Class Treasurer, Sophomore Class Treasurer, Junior Class Treasurer, Student Congressman, l,2,3,4, G,A.A., Cheerleader, l-year award, Big Sister Program, 4, Homecoming, Princess, 4 YEAMAN, MONDELL: Varsity Football, 4 YURKOVICH, CAROLL: G.A.A., Treasurer, Torch, 4, Girls' League Recognition Day, Miss Sports- woman, 4, Intramural Track Meet Medalist, Big Sister Program, 4, FTA. Vice-President, 4 W ,.,. Q 5 , S? 4 V e 4 3 x A 4 L X, , .uf x 3 J 'P QQ ,K e .WV f iv ,M x A 32 W 2 fm , V152 ,W X :fy Q FIRST SEMESTER COUNCIL President Dennis Mosoki 111 Vice President Barbara Sneeiey 121 Secretory Kathy Bynum 13i Treasurer Cheryl Barnett 1-'li SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS President Judi Rynhorf 151 Vice Presidenr Julio Tokoyorno 163 Secrerory Solly Lougiwney 171 Treasurer Shcirron Coffee 181 CLASS SPONSOR Mr, DiFiore 191 iw? ie. F5553 E. 1 1 c 5 171 i ri, fits F " . Wir .. 'L f L' .Zhi Ere...-r,.L'.Z4p:wa-1'.,.,.I2'f.. . I A: fy 'L 9 ' ' ' K A ,, T 1 S. Adams D. Ahlemeir L , . W F Q U T. Alcock J, Allen R. Allshouse A. Almeido C. Anderson C. Anderson G. Anderson N. Anderson P. Andreski M. Arnold J. Arveson K. Azlein J. Bcxiner R. Baker L. Barenz D. Borkdull K. Barnes G. Barney C. Barnett B. Borfo C. Barfsch L. Beaclle L, Beahan M. Bell R. Bell L. Belles K. Benfon W. Bethune K. Biber R. Binghom D. Birmingham T. Blair 58 iff e Q , . V- W.. 1.-News Li: -M wim.e KW Q vgeifi W W W ef Z f'fK? F L' J S 32.5 ,Q wi xx -WW . .. la 'w if? gi gg' if J Y 5 I . M. Bone w .W -g w- ll! W P. Blakley M. Blankenship 1 ,,,. ,MA 'evmmxeokee L. Borland J. Brown L. Bruggernan R. Brugger D. Carnahan ' - .,. - 'K i 1. . A if if. ' 'QM-V . J. Coffey mf in-W . I 'EJ J. Crockett .f . L ,, ..,, T. Cairns S. Campbell T. Burresch Y. Bush K. Bynum S. Cacldell V. Carter R. Chavez 5. Champion G. Cisneros B. Click D. Cochran . if, ,. .3 .W ffil' -3 " Wim' ' F.. A V, A53 'GI S. Coffee B. Cole D. Cook J. Cooper K. Corsentino R, Corsentino .I-:p r K J ,., ,,- 1.2 r , , ,. W . .,wH, gg, i!V ? Lia. J. Cucci C. Cunningham J. Cunningham D. Dahlen E. Davey S. Davis 59 sf, 5 E Q x!,A DIQFULAWQ J f. ,s k V , w f . R. Delfin X . R, Diemer V. Dobbins A. Dock C. Donovan ' Tfgiif J. Doss J. Douds B. Dowdy P. Dowling S. Doyle W. Doyle T. Duncan D. Dunn M. Echols M. Elias R. Ellingsworth S. Engstrom K. Erickson W. Everett E J .. . I . , ..,, .34 ' "-"s 'sf A if. . 22 .-f' , :-' .. . : . , F - J ll... fr I ' R. Faeflw W. Faren F. Feldon A. Felix S. Ferguson J. Figuereolo J. Fitzgibbon F- Fl0YCl M. Flynn T. Ford P. Founfaine H. Fowler X D. Fox C. Freeman 60 JCHCOL Y. ,. Z. Garcia E. Gardner D. Gebliard M. Fuentes C. Getty M. Gilsfrap R. Gragg C. Grandstaff W. Gretfum G. Groden L. Grooms ,. .,-:A:vv . gag 2 , S. Hall H. Hambleton K. Hamm S. Harrower T. Hartley K, Hasegawa k,.. I .7 K, Grant G. Green A. Gregg D. 'Gregg A. Groven S. Gunter Q9 Q I ., ' ',-r Gustaveson D. Hagar . Hanes K. Hensen K. Harding S, Harris 94" fri, W Q, 4.1 if , , C V. Hayes 61 Heimforfh D. Heinlein K. Henson if V.. 1. i l l 5' J i 5: '5 l s 1 l W' Liv ' .Af l ' 'gi If I n 'Q V-XKEQ e C. Hestwood J. Hill T. Hill L. Hilliard K. Hines S. Hines J. Hirose P. Hollister J. Hollomon ,--- ....,..J - - E. Hooser J. Hornbeck M. Hubberf fm , I k.LLr 1 g ,W t L. Humisfon K. lhclro S. lhori R. Hudok J. Hudson D. Huelson D. Huggins if .M ' S. Johns S. Johnson S. Johnston A. Jones K. Kcxrlow S. Keoley L. Keele R. Jones L. Justice N. Juvef J. Kell S. Kervin J. Kimbell B. King 62 w A I A V 2. L 4 5 f ,, , H i ., 3 J. Kline D, Kiing V. Loney We F 85.11 I S. Lovezzori W R R in K. - ffl, 1 lk .. C. Light L. Lord mf D. Londerville f. g .. 'im ki gs 1 E iv KH, .X . L. Leighton J. Linville A J H. Loupos Li- 4 , 2 Wi' J we t 'f , ', 'fa-'ww j wif Q' 4 VV.. . , 5 X i A. Kitiong -- in A-.... . l 4 wL...4! L f - K' I N T. Krotville M. Kucherer L " -' , .. 5 W, Landrum L, Longuis ,, 'F 'ff vi P. Leinweber J. Lemen 'i' J. Linville J. Liu .iffy-, M . ,3:Ll22iTfl7 ' . P ,E ' - f. 271 gays -HM ' - 'V V V. E, 50 , L ,fx , R. Lowirzer L. Loy 63 R. Larson W' ,- as 5 K W and 'E N. LeVier S. Lciughney J. Lovender si i ' , M.- J. J .J in .. E. K, i T. Lewis T, Licnienberger 'Y Nw fi .V f . - ,, iv, my D. Lloyd J. Loney B. LoPofrielIo 'i . ' ' A jo 'k,., M ' 'Faq ii i E V- ,V ' ig ' 2 Q V Q J M J 1, milf fy if . ' , 'N fi" 1 i ,- , , L. Ludwig K. Lynch D. Lyons .af - -fm J. Maclean T. Maher S. Mahoney eeee . R eMMe ' V"' C- Mmquand J. Mars M, Martin S. Martin H. Masaki any :MW . - 2 W ,. f K ,af t shaft X x Y , t R. McGhan N V 'J-in-Llrvfg... ., L 2 a M ig ' J. Martinez 4 r -1 A 9 5 4 AW' t L. Massie G. Mathews P. McCarthy R. M'cCool 'jj Wav .wer 'qi ,' 27 fixing 3 . .,... . . Ly 2 K ff 'A gpg.. D. McKenzie J. McLau R. Maior S. Martinez .fe K 551 H. gg,-xv, if ter I M. McCune ix K up df ghlin K. McLaughlin S. McNieI R. McTee W " 'J ilk. '9': R : T . R wmv? new ww M W M t ' I gt 2 f T I 'Half' .' 12.'4f"1sg.. Q F 2- ' if wfaetilzlf K. Maloney X? E " "T"' 'A' 1'- 51 MJ Q ... 'L Wifi ':s ' D. Masakl .5 .... ..., h .Kt . McDonald .'as.:csg11s.Ls4e?'r -Q K Q'-'-1 'wt .1-.Q-V ...V 1. 2 fr.. - 'iafsf A . an .. 1 z ii hiss, 1 , . .. fr Ta y Wa: mi K 4- 'sf S fa E. tw axyfi' X4 L it J A 5 S H. 1 1 r 2.- K. 2 fi? Q X 22 1 .-H t 1 C. Metcalf . i R . 7 f - . wt' , 5. Meyer L. Mtcanovtch W. Mickelson G. Miller J. Miller P. Miller R. Miller 6-4 A Q71 'ji 'lf I N if' HB M. Mitchell J. Moore K. Moron 'i K .fax R. Moser B. Moss R. Murcmokc ff , Us 2 3 'W D. Nosh J. Neece E, Olec 'hd' R. Owens J, Palmer D. Pclton . :J f f .M 'I E L. Mims J. Morris H, 'ii -Ski . fg 'WW' . ,.,. .lr 'f if A, Murphy J. Musso N-vu G. Oliver D, C,bi5gn . -.EL S. Pauly J, Pepper 1 1 ,ax 'Jn vwa A? J. Musso M. Musso kr. - P Qaggffii K , .. .ir E. Ordoz W. Ott P. Perlewitz F- penculf R- Peffeulllf F. PSTYY C. Pickrell W. Piercy J. Pierson E. PIOTZ M. PocorobC 1. 65 l 1 .R 'vii i, TT . t' .i 10-44 wg Qflwwi ' fffvlf w R PEACUCJEQ J. Polsfon L. Poynter H. Ragsdale J, Randall H. Ratzluff ' C, Reed M. Reeves L, Rhodes G. Rice J. Riclenour S. Riggs T. Riley D. Risler M. Ristau K. Rivera D, Rivers R. Roach M, Robards V. Robertson C. Rodriguez M. Reeder M. Rogers B, Romero M. Rose J. Rose B. Ross R. Rowles J. Rubee E- RYE J. Rynhcri R, Salma S. Samuelson R. Schafer 66 . ' 7. 1 fx tm rv 4 Y o .. Y E 1 M DO QI-ll? . D. Schrieber l 'F ' 'hzfii :'g" 1 ' , . b ' 45 . ... jj . iaai. ieir. A I V f 0 A. I . '-',k :Jn K I v w ....f Er .V In , S L ' .J 'N R J. Schenk G, Schneider R. Schwgrz S. Scoles L. Scudder L. Seiple R. Sercrdsky R. Sharpe B. Sheeley Q., 4 M. Shilling B. Short Qrk L '59 M. Simpson L. Slentz G. Slinger L. Smith D. Sherman C, Shilling P. Smith H. Smoot C. Solis V. Solis B. Souza R. Stock J. Stcxrud C. Steinemann QF .5 ' l l g 'Hn 1 N' Q .- X' Nun-"' L 1 V N . T, S L, Sterling M, Stewart J, Stiles L. Sfillwell J. Stoneberg K. Stratos lmuse 67 ey.. h- .1 A Tl-lOb.,ANl Qi'-if 'TH f-WU WI-IO HAS ONE L, Sfrouse K. Sluart C. Sullivan R. Sullivan G. Swenson J. lakayama E. Tallant N. Tarpey J. Templln L. Thompson R. Thompson M. Thorne WN! Z .. M, N . ... if Y N 1-Q' 'if Thrush T. Tiedeman T. Tlmmons D. Timms J. Tcnkel K. Trufanich f - f Q P. Thornlon T. K- .V '7 Ts. ab' V l W' A. Tuck A. Turner G, Turner S. Turner .Mgt ' 1- .,,!, ,.- A, l i l . . 55 gf ,sive if ff 'W " ' ' I H135 'Z .. M '44 ".. M . .. , ,a . - 3 ,Vesco R. Vldus l. Vnllar C. Villega 68 S. Turner L. Velarde E. Venlres s T. Waddell L.WC1l'lace R. Wallace f ,ea -.. y' 4 tial-mens I-IA. iw J W-P..iQm1 . mem wru, Meer new fe21fQi:t45,ffe2.' W " T. Walls -ff 'W C. Wolsh B. Word R. Work N. Woterfield 16: , "QI J. Woters D. Wotson T' Wqfson R. Webb R. Webb R. Webber E. Weber ,, , 4? K. Weingorten S. Welsh S. Wentz K, Wheotly D, White S. Wichert B. Wullloms W A llin E . A . G. Williams S. Wilson S. Wise D. Wixom R, Wolf D. Woodword E. Wylykowgki vu-I AI, L' Yales l-- Yeskifv D. York T. Young C. Yurkovuch J. Ziernlie J, Zubovich 69 SOP!-IOMOIZEQ C63 5 5 575. M3 gd' 2' X X H T vga IT: fn' QQ .1A' A f ? M -x-. Q swfrx .nf R 'R is 'iffil T ,. A J i S ssii C ' ' K , n,,V, V-J nf SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS President Mary Bougnen Iii Vice President Bob Cano 141 Secretary Donna Kasarn l5l Treasurer Kris Lucas iNof Picturedj FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS President Mary Boughen iii Vice President Dennis Greenwood lNo1 Picturedi Secreiary Pai Yancey l2l Treasurer Sharyn Plafisha l3l CLASS SPONSOR Miss Ellerrnan la! x -5 ,Q iff. .V mint Y .A 1. - Sb r I 1' ' A -5 W.. W " ima. - i 'yi J. , y, Y - my ' 1 ,f f r . Li'-1 Q--,,. D --. A i , ' A .wa fd 'L VFQ-1. 1 .,.,,5b-is lx!- .M .ya A . 1 ' J Q 5 ' t a - " 5 L Lm, . ...W il . 4 f A is f ' i .1 ' 'sr H. X- I A 'S A rss V ' ' . . ,--sw' 7. - :' ""' lr' if ' 5 ' -' ' ', .r " :'1 .5991 Yui ufli 15 2 rs s 5 m . , . .. spy V 5 NE . . M. Ackerman L. Adams L. Adams S. Adams G. Albertini A. Albright P, Albro , in K. M F Z i ' VKL K K s K. Alexander M. All R. Alvarez R. Anderson I 4 if .F-1 .ns V. Anderson G. Andreski J. Arnett S. Ault I Q Mgr Jig S 1 i t 5- I , 3' K, Azlein C. Babb B. Bailey C. Bailey D. Bailey M. Baim K. Baker T. Baker W, Baker L, Barrington N. Barron W. Bartholomew R. Baurngardner P, Bayer J. Beahan L. Beck L. Beghtel G, Belknap L. Benson W. Borrelli M. Boughen L, Bourassa J. Boutin R, Bethune S. Biscotti J. Blackwell M. Blair R. Blckley G. Bluff J, Bowers R. Braddock N. Bradford P. Bradford C. Bradley W, Bradshaw 72 Ks. Sopbonwores look forward to inhabiting Junior Hall. may fr 1 - , . 4- 351-?K.2'fr"-. I q,m.,.i Q 6 Q 1 il 7 Mi- ek X 1 3 L Brady if ' Q-. Q K P 5, . D. Bray P. Brisbrn D. Broos - J - J , . "IQ .. 1 P Brown A, tirugger 3- a .il-1 ,N 5 Q.. .af M 5: . B. Bynum is bw ..,. g Wil-ff R. Casrrllo ,Q ati, Q 2: r g sv L .., C o,oo ' . . -15 2 ' '14-M. Xiulgfkl 4 1' f N. Buck R. Buhrrnan W Bullock M Burlew K Barnelle R Burnham , ff - . - bf r E J ':':".ff -fy: 4.39. .-W - I A C. Camp K. Campbell T. Campbell R. Cano S. Capps F. Carey M. Carpenier . r- ,ares v' -. 'W' ."k 1:1 ' . J v M Channon R. Chavez P Chavez T Clrrlsloflerson F. Chrislopherson P. Crcchini S. Clork E . El is H . . 'L ,-. . J if ' mf. . . M. , 1, r- 1 , , .,- W - .jf -W ' A r- A . , we L. Clements J Cohen J Cole S Coleman 73 T.Colrscl1 V Cornbs C Cornplon Q C Clarke C Conlclrn .. ' -5.-rr . my Q15 '. fl tl . ....... .... Q in 5 . L is M breglla r 5? Q,- ,N K 35, J, a H- ..-' :li 1, ns. Aw.:- QF 3 X f I A. Brown .r X 32:5 P. Brurnrnelr 1 f r g C Cagaanan D. Caurhorn Lew W. Clayton ri, T. Cook 1 X Sl? sky 1' D. Brown . Q E. Buck . n.:..,v' M. Comou M ai' W. Cedarburg 1 L. Clear 'L L gui? Q . ir A r,x l B. Corey wa! 3 4.1 U, Wa R. Callone S. Cox K. Crawford S. Creager K. Cummins C. Curnuti igiafflil ii ""'f'Wi ,.,..., ,N MFT... .W XL eq . rm 3. em. g il' S We as f HN f A W is Q r X J. Davis N. Cushman M. Daly K. Danday 95 J 8 ::f :-': ' -Q1' , , ' "':ff . 'sat f-. .,.,.., O ,: - . ,-...,.. R. Davis S. Dean D: DeWifl E. Diaz J. Dickson ii.. 4 K x . Ifgifi i"' 2 ., D. Edwards Wh V. Fagnano .937 -.. J Q as Y ,l A Y Q S. Edwards D. Elliot -1 we, 5, - . E r:'r' .... D. Faulds T. Ferguson ia S. Deise X 2. is . 7 f M. Donish R. Elliof in . aim. 1 gulf " M J. Fischer ,. J. Cunningha P61 YT! 3, we .Si .,Q'..i.,'-' R. Davey J. Davis 4 ,N .. ., - .'- 'ffl-. - -,'. 422,13 A ' - .. ' M. Denler L. Dennis ' ' L. Dowling B. Drey 1 V ,gi - V f L 5 ff B. Elliott B. Ellis f. f 1- ja is - R. Fisher D. Flacy 1 W. Faster L, Fraser T Fraser S. Freeman M, Friberg - .X , . We .Ls is-4...w ' K. Frizzell 74 era... - ,.k,, . .-,-- , jiri? . ll D. Dunn M. Enger ,i K me ,, gp, .. .11 in . ? L, Fleming L xfl"'1f ..-H. iv S,-v 5 M .551 J., J. Fryar The Walkway: Two Views 1. Q. if W 4 v . ...,, .. . -AQ. X, 2 . E ww h Mi sk. 'P .3 C E .qi . .. ' . . ., 5, D. Dyer J. Eckersley D. Dupuis K V . 'fig' i' S. Enger A, Erickson B. Eubanks F A . . gf r ss, 2 ,. 5. g g Q-f l' F. . lj , A V"f.-, . .rg ,Q Q E in.. . ' Q S. Florence E, Foster L. Foster I. ' '- " ll 's gs :F ll fl s R. Fulford G. Furusho G Galyardf 'w!7lH' 21- ,iw T :sm I, L14,.'?vn:-,159 ,. 4, ,fm-...Fig xl- --r:.,5,:h.. IQQZN -M all ku 'J 'ix , . f .fig-V W- nf" ."-J... 3 3 lr...rf . W: -we R Gorcra R Garrett D Garrabrant D Garrrson D Grbboney A Grlbert .A T. Godfrey B. Goodman W. Goodrrch C. Gray R. Gray H. Graybehl u I , . Q .um .- kr Y... th .- , pri- I D. Greenwood P. Greer M, Gregg C. Gregory D. Grertum D. Grim D ,E I ' V. Gulrck J. Gutridge W. Hall K. Hallaian C. Hamasaki R. Hammond H. Hanes T. Hansen T. Hardoge K. Hargrove ,EQ 1 W. Hargrove dy.. . Higa N. Harrison A. Hasegawa T. Hatfreld C. Hatter CHxa S my ' r-.2 .f Hanes M. Hornbeck I. Howard R. Hawkes K. Hawks L. Herdernann M. Herman C. Hesrwood ' .few . 1 . a . ' ':1, 7 . . -...Q 5 . ..- ee. . : T ' i I: sr . - . F -G K ' , .. 4' . r " - ' Qi. fi 'L '- 5. :f 3 L' . . ' 1 4,1 , . ' , .Q -- 'Y I rf - '-omg-Q, ' ' -- V if M. Howell N. Howes J. Huffman S. Hull H. HYl95 H. Idler M, Incorvia M. Inman G. Isbell K. Jackson K. Jackson A Jonsson R. Jansen A. Johns BJol1nson we 1 5.1, ' ' ,.::. ,, if :Q ,Q fu .kfWm ... . A i. L L -I 7 .2 H - ,AI .. L ' . D. Johnson H, Johnson V. Johnson A. Johnston R. Jolls E. Jordan K. Judd K. Justice D. Kasari D. Kcisari D. Kayer L. Keenan L, Keller C. Kelley D. Kelsey D. Keltz F. Kendall S. Kim Lunch lime is COl'1VEl'SOl'lOI1 flme. L -4, . ' . 4 SF Q ..lmi ivA.f,- W Q I Q ' H ' i -, . .-,. ' ", L ' a " ' ' ,Mgr emfHgQQm.Wf Lg. EW? SYQHHQYNDQQ 4392 M. Kinlz D. Kline F. Kline J. Koozer W. Kreag M. Kropfavich S. Kuxhaus L. Laboncwski K. Lamue S. Lovezzari A. Leckey L, Lee ',.' I R. Lopez J. Lovelady - ew--s w 2 Q-qw, .Nfl . - V.-i S. Madary J. Madigan f L E. Leis? S. LeMosurier L. Lenk W. Lewis D. Lilron C. Lipfon C. Litileion W. Liu if - " siesi L isisn A Lisi ifieii . - siss sees 3 P' 2 1 " 5 . X " 3 - L . . f ,gg Z . -wg' H-E H L .1 "1L . W e f f ' . .L f- My L y gf:-- wngfe MQEKQ swf. ww , WMM " 353' .. '--- I EQ ' A 5 ' L ' ,X 'Q - , ,ww I ,4 25 A ...1 I' . R. Lowe D. Lucarelli K. Lucas K. Lucas A. Lucero W. Lucero B. Lynn M. Mabry .haf Kf,ydg , fl! L R. Mcior M. Moloy R. Mandich R. Marquis D. Massie L. Mayeda D. Mazulc S. McCready 76 TWBLEQ sw R. Miller T. Morris N. Nester ,gg .f-J t T J P. Paulin W. Miller M. Moss . f Q-.-r f .wg E. Newhouse P. Payton .,,,, . Mitchell ' .uw . T. Mounts . gg S. Newman I if R. Peckham ' x I --, U. ,hi i, -, I , X 5 -r v J. McDaniel C. McDonald R. McEll1ose C. McEwen P. McGar B. McGuire QQ ' T Q., to R. M. McGuire N. Mclrttire C. McKinnon C. McLaren D. McMullen K, McMullen S. Medved L. Mendez C. Miles E. Miller K. Miller L. Miller 5 1:55 v. 4 , 'G 'gm W .self 1 ata: x ' ml. A -l..x.3 A. Molinar J. Mongini R. Montgomery L. Moon K. Moore S. Moore W, Moreno .. W... , Y G. Muranaka R. Murdock C. Myers J. Nash T. Nation B. Nelson B. Nelson f 'M V . . . .. . s , , f 2-Q 1 f '1 A J . f B W J P. Nicolle J. Nourse M. O'Betz K. O'Coin R. Odom T. O'DeII G. Parker E . -1 , . K 3, ,Q ' ' - ,ll , f A A L " 579' t 'J . ' ' - . . ' .L L' gig f L. Penner D, Perez J. Perez C. Peters R. Peterson P. Pettinoto M. Pfeiffer 77 --- -3,,jfExT,-,W,L-QQ: .,, , --T -T T 2 - " L' X323 i i:f2:.NiUC D. Phillips G. Phillips L. Pio M. Pitts S. Plotishu P. Ploystead I I ,SLM I . . ' . ' g ? si R. Premo R. Preston C- Pluslmolf G. Purcell G. Purkhiser M. Purvionce gm s.. z , ' . K. Pyles Y. Ramirez T. Ramos M. Randall J, Reed 'A F if .. 2 , i' i J .. 4 'V f ll? X. , . A -r H in ' :P ' 5 - ,- B - 2- f . . ... ...Lge . - S. ,,.. K- 'A I X :I -' f ., 3' ' X E. M, Richardson C. RiPPY C. Ritchie P. Rivera E. Roach D. Robb L. Roberts P, Rogers R. Rubin .l. Sachs H. Saddler R. Sandberg :,'E:: . - - . ,., KVII -rA.,. ..s .. r he L L l l . L f , , L fi: is .,," 1 . "' ' it ilttii Q si Q It W' ' ' ' ii Q , ... , nk L 1 M Schooley G. Scruggs C. Seymour S. Shaw D. Shigekuni R. Sickels C. Sifers 1 O. Slavens P. Sleek M Smith E, Solis L. Solis L. Sprout J. Scindridge 78 Q NINEIV-NIP R. Reto Annex forum for freedom, fun, and food. .5 5 h A l vw , 5 , 9 W L. Robinson P4 Robison N. Sondstrom N. Sondstrom H. Sosugc T, Schemenouer D. Simkins L. Singleton iili is S. Stark W. Starr ...L-. L gm: R. Rodriguez J ,M . ixgevr ' D. Schmelzer . E. Skelton . v ef. ie. L. Stenlund gf. ,,- Q 5:,'n1r,:FgL 11 r "a.L,. yn L - 4 ,Q ,A ,, . 5- 1 pt, ,V J. ., . . .,. ' ' ' f is , V M., h , A . B l I ul- yy Pnzmrorv . M. Tully 1-f..,,n L. Vocke fx 5 E. Waxman s S. Wiley -an.. N u H. Stevens U7 K . L. Stewart M. Stirtsworth G. Strayer G2 Strouse . w . ki- . "'Vk , ' . sw. . " ' ,-gg A- -. ' 1 .Q r , : QV, L. ,x y . 'S 2 R. Sullivan C. Sumowski R, Swanson F. Tckata M, Thomas . 1'-2 . .. L, 34 ' . su i l .... k K In V' ' ... ' W X R, Thornhill su YZ! M. Tweedy R. Tyler J. Ulrich D. VanAndo J. Voigt L. Wagner 1 . W i .. P. Weaver J. Weir G. Wilkes D. Willard L. Wall .,.. 3, fi V V 5 J. Weiss M. Williams frfsiirif, iw E. Walls ,L R li Q' JS' V C. Weister :.. , :jr .. Q V. Williamson C. Tornosoda D. Townsend L. Trembley J, Trezise aw T. VanDyck L. Vang S. Vasquez J. Vatter , .yr 91 5 t',y.. J rf li P, Walls W. Walsh S. Wonbcugh R. Work - WK Y .L 'f will .J . :- K an-if :gg SIT A . if R, Welch G. Wescombe D. Westall E. Whiteley y L , .y .. y Ey: -.y. , ' -fn... K. Yarnahata P. Yancy K. Young S. Zorichak 79 C 1,5557 .. 25 ki Q .A ,f C. Sudduth S -J K. Thornburg R. rfaprm . is' ,." X V. Votter if -sd V ' 1. Jr N--F i Q L A. Watkins .s 4, . . D. Whitman A 'W D. Zuver FEES'-IMEN M...-1 l9l IU asm hunk FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS President Coieen Long III Vice President Renae Johnson IQI Secretary Debbie Wheaily ISI Treasurer Vickie Sharm Inot picturedl SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS President Jim Crew ISI Vice President Linda Coyle Ibl Secretary Debbie Wheafly ISI Treasurer SaIIy Lassere I7j CLASS SPONSOR Miss Metros TBI 81 f-. HIW5-5 -3 sr R. Agostino M. Almond S. Andersen C. Anderson J. Anderson S. Anderson A. Aquaro D. Archer L. Arrnontrout C. Armstrong J. Augustus G. Ault R. Bachman R. Backlund A. Bailey M. Baker L. Balmer T. Banda M. Barber D. Barkalull D. Barnes G. Barnett C. Barnhart ' W- BUVTO M' Bc'7OV5kY D. Beezley M. Belzer D. Benner G. Benson B. Bentwaod B. Berry P. Bethune K. Bill T. Billigmeier J. Billings R. Black C. Bliss V. Bliss J. Blount ,... mst ti? A N- Bwff L' Bodell S. Bohn M. Borrelli P. Boswell G. Bourassa S. Bowen K. Boyd . D. Braddock E. Bradford B Bradshaw L, Braly A. Branfhell M. Branstetter L. Brase K. Bray 82 N. Bronfeld G. Bryant N. Buchan F. Buettgenbach S. Buis S. Bundy 1 -1. -:..A:es" -5:2 . .QL .. .. , 1, -M S . -I ITP: I su T :P v-v. -:..: ' r- ':': L .Q " A H. Burba T. Burke - ,.:: "2::'. :' : Zf, ,fi t vhs Q H T5 3 get as , i 'bf at xx 1 A .yilyfviesfk Q K :Q M i,q,sk...: M. . R, Burkhordt D. Burton J. Calkin C. Campbell S. Campbell J. Carlton D4 Caffe' B- CCWY "' M. Castillo '1-- . -,.-- H l N .1 31 , +C T B. Coast ' 'fi' C. Champion T. Cherrier g,.:..Q-.ssgs9:.sg5 - "--- - - Aww ' 23455 if. I W is as 5 IX is f 'lc D. Coast 1- -S..." - - 1 - fi 5 Sli' .Q V ' J. Cook C To X x X. . Q . y S T. Cook .-1. f H Q 51? ' -- friif iii" xl Kms ' 1 B Q. Coburn J -5... 1' .V .- .. ... .1-.1 si si x ff 1 J. Cottone -YF 'i L m g? s ... X ,., S 2 i S K 'fE??E51f1 C. Davis L. Davis L. Davis M. Chiona J. Christopherson R. Clark .f ' .xxx -1 - . I-"' . - iii. ' . a B .. . 'K V . . Q' . 'Q . D. Cochran L. Coker H. Coleman D, Clement R. Clutter ""' J' " :H ,1.s...: , A Q4 -J - l ,k" - gg. K. Combs T. Conry E is T I as yi' 3 rw J. Couturier L. Coyle S. Craine J. Crew A. Davis K: K s iw as ,L il N. Davis J. Dciwley B. Day C. Dearden S. Decker C, Delange S. Dennis C. Derryberry G. DiSanto L. Donaldson J. Donnette S. Dutcher L. ECl1OlS 83 B y . S 'la .. u' if fr A N. S U I ...L-gsuii My '- A J? 'aw 'R fords J. Engstrom J. Enoch T. Enzor R. Faulkner T. Ferguson C. Fernandez M. Fischenr' P. Fischer L. Firzgibbon L. Flocy C. Flogg E. Fleck D. Florer R. Floyd G. Fluck xx.. L. Foley F. Fox B. Foxton F. Frotermon C. Freeman G. Friberg B. Friend M. Fullerton , 11 31 .iq ew- E Sr? R. Furlong L. Goge S. Gallegos M. Gorcio M. Gcrrgulis A. Garrett T. Gosset T. Gebhord jrf.i':2 -f 5.27 1 A .Q X on K C. Geruc J. Gilliord J. Gist T. Goddard D. Godfrey G. Goetfsch M. Goellsch K. Goins nre' . AQ. . . .. :A R G0ld5m'7l'l R' G0llQlTflY D. Gonzales P. Gonzales B. Gorbel T. Gordon K. Goss L. Gough JV Gregory M. Grfffln cs. Grim J. Groppi C. ofoven P. Hoig C. Hull B. Holler 84 4' .9555-lk :suT!..,H'1'-'- N 'lv in :Z YL 3 ,f J ll, Riff: W. ,, ISL -1.-ills! M. Holley D. Hamilton J. Hand R. Hannah C, Hansen L. Hansen P. Hardin M. Hardy V. Hargrove F. Harrison S. Hartley J. Hose K, Haynes D. Hazley L. Hernandez M. Hernandez S x W. Hilliard N. Hinlon C. Hitchcock S. Holder K X ,T 1 E M. Houser P. Hoy T. Hubocan K. Hudson C. Hester 'is' Q L w E S, Holland . :Eve .., J. Huff J. Hickman . Hollisler ' 5 Ei Q L J .s-, x J i 5 X H 5 X in SS X D, Huffman L. Imai L. Isbell J. lshlboshi J. Jackson J. James J. Jasper L Johnson P. Johnson R. Johnson R. Johnson D. Jones N. Jones .fl -it E: M P. Hanson J, Ho' e My , 4 S. Hasegawa D. Hasseei ' ., it g f . Zi Y S. Higa R.Higl1fill L. Holt V. Houde 'I C, Hull S. Huslon X Y Q- " S. Jensen L. Johnson S. Kitsuku R. Kell 4 I is ' b ' . 'vi . .gr ,L , .. ,L ' ? 1 . " . ,... . gig .. j g..f1 .9- Q fffQi'i'S"13Pii . sr., ..,.. : 7.1f:'g:f'.5:f: gl ' '5,g : ",. ,. A 13 I R. Kelfz J. Kennedy K. Kern C. Kirk L. Kirks R. Kiser E. Kissinger A. Kiffn R. Kjensiad E. Kocsis F. Koehler P. Kolka F. Koozer L. Kraegel S. Kruel C. Kuhns P. Lcmderville N. Large. S. Lassere M. Lawrence G. Leckey B. Lee S, Lemler S. Len. J. Lifton C. Logan C. Long B, Lopatriello A. Lopez S. Lord S. Loft D. Lucas J. Lucas C. Lukaszewski D. Luhmurin A. Luna S. Lundblcrd L. Mabry S. Madary D. Moilioux F. Maione T. Marashlian J. Mariscal B. Marsh Y. Marie T. Martin J. Martinez M. Martinez A- MUVIUHO G- MGSSNB K. Mayo A. McAfee K. McBee W. McCqrroll J. McGuire S. McGuire 86 ,ri ' 'N hi' ll -f -,.....jQ, 3 i Sn. me ' JIONQ J i' .. McKenna D. McKenzie R. McWhorter M. Meditz L. Melchert S. Mickelson J. Monroe S. Morales R, Moron K. Morris R. Morrison P. Morton C. Moyer M. Muehlstedt D. Mulgrew A. Murdock J. Murphy J. Musulin C. Neer N. Niece K. Nolon C. Ogren K. Olson S. Ordoz D. Pcrr G. Putrich C. Patterson R. Perez S. Perez G. Perkin J. Phillips M. Polston P. Powell J. Pryor R. Puckett P. Rogan 1-we :W I S, Rckowski W. Rokowski M. Ramirez E. Ramsey C. Romsey S, Rotzloff 87 K. Mollie D. Mondschein , J. Mosier J- M055 R. Musulin P. Notion E. Ortiz G. Polmer E. Perkins J. Phor , it CXN ., R. Rcigsdole L. Raines T. Rolo J. Reogcn ' Ji M 'H hd NQL ,, Ng, iz. . 5 Q ... . Q 5 Her 4' 5-is C' S. Reeker G. Reid D, Reimer V. Rhyrie B. Rice D. Richardson C. Rii F Yzgaiiigg S . ?2 at i Ti ' X M J' River!! M. ROGCPI J. Roberts Ki Roberts V. Roberts L. Robertson A. Robinson R. Rogers iiflfi , A ' we , 5:3 ,Cn Roio A. Romero L. Romero D. Root M. Ruth C. Soddler D. Schaefer P. Schollei L. Schleisner is I I U A , - R. Schneider R. Schooley L. Scott F. Sculiy M. Severs V, Shorum M. Show - ., L qi i ivan is x N , ii X if fn Q M. Shelhort I. Shiriodo G. Shireiion G. Silvester S. Simmons J. Simms H. Sims A. Sisneros ,L . i P' Skinner B4 Sleek cfsieiiiz J. smiih M. smiih iz. smith s. smiih J. smooi A. Snedeker L. Spellrncn K. Sprout J. St. Amour L. Stortford P. Stanley M. Stork L. Steuckruth 88 E," i I. , I ., .ji ws if. .W X M71 ..,-'ie' fn--"1"i""' - 'lt ? ' 'V 9 :WJ fm' gh! Egimjikg, ,, y 5-11f7l..gQ:i.?.fIet V'til1'i,.iQ R ,. -1 , K gimp, 'evins P. Stover C. Sufticool J, Sutton G. Swauger D. S Well ringer! M. Thompson L. Thorne W. Trembley D. Trezise R. Trimble 4":' D K f. 'ffl ' ' ' 3 , :fl if 'rg -- 4 "Q 1 , 5 A I, xg ,, , ' 42 Q 1 Yon Kralingen F. Vansteel G. Van-Waardenburg C. Vaughan G. Veach with , Aff! an H 1 'ki ii 5 at W2 4. i, f L. Voien R. Waddell J. Wade J. Wade B. Walker f at A -sew? W I Q 'fl V 'fm LV fr L e Kimi, K, Warne S. Warnol K. Waters D. Watkins D. Watson 'tb , J. Webber C. Wesselman D. Wheatley R. Williams J. Wilson f, sf R, Wolfgang E, Wright M. Yamaka W. Yancey M. Ybarra 89 S. Tully D. Velcrde 'J A - 1 x M. Ward J xx was . Watson Wilson .IX K. Young p. -page E, 1" F3???ai:?sE1?ies1'f ' :sg -is -.9 1. L.. l k in if .25 S ,0- ZR 1' :. W 'fer E. Thomas C. Turner T. Venable M. Warde M. Wayt R Wilson L? . rf ffl I N 1 S. Turm C. villegiqwg V M. Warden L. Weaver 1 5 P E 5: 5 ig., 1 llc IN: my , 2,54 A . F' 'if W Lf nyc li WO' CIPAHON is missing CSF by one point because of extra-curricular activities. is a boy's asking a girl to the backwards dance. is selling popcorn during both halves of a ClF basketball game. is getting up an hour early to be on time for Student Congress meetings. is being the only one to cha cha at the Prom. is freezing to death during a football game because you're in a drill team uniform. is singing off key during the Christmas aud call. is coming to school instead of the beach on Saturdays to work on someone else's annual section. is spending half your yearly allowance on smash ribbons and stop signs. is serving punch every year at the winter formal but never being asked to go is getting the most laughs in the variety show when your act is supposed to be serious. is letting the TNT staff put your car's picture in the paper. is spending your lunch time standing duty and handing out citations. is losing your front teeth playing football. is staying after school for a rally when attendance is not compulsory. is burning yourself on the popcorn machine. is picking up twenty trays in the cafeteria so that there will be a Friday schedule. 'tif ' 7 . , .wks T -Q , Q ,QM-sew',:,,,gf2n J i ri'-f Nanci Barnard Judi Rynharf Head Cheerleader Cheerleader ' 'ONUW2-D TOl2-RANGE I On SepTember days and Through The year, .gm lT's noT unusual Tor one To hear, Sharon Gunier t A Mascor The sfamping and marching of disciplined TeeT. Yes, They're in Time wiTh every beaT, For There're none beTTer in This land, Than The Torrance High drill Team and band. Ta riar Band Saxophone-KaThleen Alexander, Richard GolighTly, Ronald YaTes, Ernie FosTer, Mike Casfillo, Craig Camp. Trumpef- Thomas Baker, Gary BarneTT, Thomas Billigmeier, John Collins, John Mclaughlin, Bill Mickelson, Mike Purviance, Dan Richardson, George Slenrz, Steve Stark, Louis Velarde, Randy Wolfgang, Jim Calkin. French horn-Bill Foster, Paul Gonzales, Harold Johnson. Tuba-Mike O'BeTz. ClarineT-Dave Birmingham, Donald Burton, Richard Clutter, Nancy Cushman, Laurann Cage, Anny Garret, Debbie Philips, George Scruggs, Mike Shelhari, Jayne Simms, Darlene Nelarde, Dean Watson, Jerry Williams, Kay Young. Drums-Earl Buck, Neil Buck, John Davley, Mike Howell, Nick Large, Daryl Lloyd, Mike Malloy, Rick Moser, Ron Philips, David Reimer, John Roberfs, Dora Wahl, Terry Jones, Trombone+Ralph CasTillo, Tim Ferguson, Sfeve Freem, Greg Sanders. Flute-Leslie Flacy, LouCinda Holt, Susan Mickelson, Becky Beall. BariTane-Andy Marzullo. V11 Pam Blakel lbmwmzo, TO aa" In keeping up the pep and steam, In showing opponents were onthe beam, Without our cheerleaders we would loe lost, For they come Through at any cost. Now, let us cheer this group ot cheer, Rewarding them for their work This year! M-H... Row: Robin Major, Sally Kantorski, Jeanne Reed. Second Row: Shirley Meyers, Maureen Rose, Marsha Pauly Rena Lana Languis, Pat Dowling, Judi Robison, Kathy Cassidy, Cindy Grandstaff, Candy Voien. Third Row: Janis Albri ht 9 f Roemisch, Sally Laughney, Kay Roberts, linda Dowling, Vicki Garrison, Maryann McCusker Julie Takayama Row: Donnell Cook, Shirley Johnson, Riana Bell, Phyllis Weaver, Donna Kasari, Sandy Cox, 'Leslie Smith. Fifth wi Linda Moon, Trudy Blair, Kathy Bynum Barbara Barto Sandi Martinez Karen Harding Janet Dowds Sand Adams , i i i i Y i ancine Perrault, Susie Meyers, Linda Hawley, Linda Seiplei Susan Engstrom. Sixth Row: Karen Hines, Carolyn Jensen, aron Hines, Peggy Echols, Kathy Lynch, Joy Coffey, Cathy Yuilcovich, JoAnn McDade, Judy Brown. y Cheryl Barnett Cheerleader Cheerleader Tartar Drill Team npfuin Sharon Coffee 9 5. in .fr in 'fig 2 SEN 5 .5334 W. Janet Lemen Karen Johnson Kathy Ludwzg Anno Lecky Jeanne Rubeo Royleen Corsentino 94 ff" 4'. N V!- Junne Lavender 1 Yolanda Solis MJO Pot Meyer Joan Combon Jackie Megow Debbie Bocse Captain Bonnie Combs .P-J .9 . , 1. . .. rl-3' 'CE " 1. L. , 1.1 ,hi Jr A- Connie Eggleston Editor , N, , if .sw iw be-Aga' a E 1 'L Yi fit 4 - 1 "".n - ,, y fm i 5 li" ' pnder the direction ot Mrs. Virginia Lindsey, the newspaper statt nas once again kept T.H.S. informed. The brilliance and guidance of Editor Connie Eggleston, as well as the etforts ot the reporters, feature writers, and photographers, have made the Torrance News Torch a source ot enjoyment for the students and a credit to the school. Mrs. Lindsey Sponsor Valerie Gusiaveson, Ginny Lohey, Eddie Wat- son, Pom Flemming Page Editors Roger Webb, Ron Updike Janis Albright, Sherrie Ault, Bill Borrelli, Donna Broos, Ronald Comer, Susan Dobrick, Frank Henderson, Eric Jones, Susan Pauly, Rosalie Preston, Sharon Turner, Jim Seiple T.N.T, Staff uk on Ir -1 ' fftffff' ,vm . ,K . " .wikis 't 1 , -W L4-,ki 5- ln passing Room . one freiiue wily hee re. :ks as These, infermingled vvlth The sounds of the Typevvriters am. the groans of The staff members. "Do we get our yearbooks free?" e in a horizontal space!" But I can only draw stick people!" BUT you can'T pul a vertical plcTur ll tl "You mean nexTSa1urClay, Too?" "Can'T I go home-yet?" Mrs. Godsell Sponsor I was never meant To be a writer!" Carolyn Jensen, Rick Carolyn Jensen Editor Barbara Souza, Carol Yurkovich, Robin Maior, Debbie Dahlen, and Tanya Northcutt Classes, Faculty and Administration Adams, Bob Carroll Sports if!" Cathie Wilson, Janet Kimbrell, Sandy Marhnez Helen Rose, and Fred Babb lNot Pictured Don nell Cookl Activities, Organizations, and Student Government Janis Albright Renate Baier Lynne Beahan Linda Bruggeman Peggy Echols Linda Flagg Mrs. Thayer Pam Flemming Sponsor Rosemary Galando Rebecca Goldstein Cathy Hanes Vicki Hayes Karen Hines Sharon Hines Carolyn Jensen Karen Johnson Sally Kantorski Janet Kimbrell Sally Laughney Tartar Lady Cabinet Janet Lemmon Joan McDade Jackie Megow Pat Meyer Bobbie Meyers Julia Takayama Dora Wahl Claudia Yates Cathy Yurkovicl' 98 1 st Semester Queen . . ......... Jackie Megow lst,Laoly . . . . Rosemary Galanola Secretary . . . . . Pam Flemming Treasurer .. ...., Dora Wahl Historian .... ... Carolyn Jensen Sgt.-at-Arms . . . . Lynn Williams 2nd Semester Queen . . Pam Flemming lst Laoly . . . . Rebecca Goldstein Secretary ,. .... Jackie Megow Treasurer . . . . Rosemary Galanda Historian ., ..,. Claudia Yates Sgt,-at-Arms . .... Dora Wahl 4,9 Mr. Hulse Sponsor Tartar Knight Cabinet l st Semester Captain ...... .. Alan Schwartz 'lst Lieutenant . . . . Mike Shinoda 2nd Lieutenant .. . Richard Tiernan 2nd Semester Captain ...,........ Richard Tiernan ist Lieutenant . . . .... Walter Hale 2nd Lieutenant , . . . Jim Crockett John Buffalo Jon Chal"Jwski John Cr 'ins Jim Crockett Jim Cucci Richard Davies Bob Dehn Fred Feldon Walter Hale Mike Hanes David Heinlein Steve Horton Eric Jones Doug Kintz Jim Kline Richard Labate Steve Mahoney Dennis Masaki Dave Mclienzize Tom Meadows Richard Moore Bob Raines Alvin Sasuga Alan Schwartz Jim Seiple Bob Sharpe Mike Shinoda Richard Sloan Richard Tiernan Steve Turner Jack Tweedy Louis Velarde Tom Waddell Dan Williams Dave Woodward Ron Yates 99 'N if ---YL uw' ififcfll 91 ii ' . V T fs fi l l l Renate's day. Here she for school. In the A.F.S. Club, Renate can converse with students with her own interests. Renate Baier, this year's foreign exchange student from Austria, brought with her many new customs and ideas. ln Austria, Renate lives with her mother and father and one brother anal one sister. The high school Renate attends is very different from ours in that they have five hundred boy students and eight girl students. They also attend school for six years instead of our usual four years. Renate will long be remembered and truly missed at Torrance, because she has contributed so much en- thusiasm to all activities at T.H.S. and mostly because she has been a friend to all. We sincerely hope Renate will come back to see us again. , As Senior Princess for the 1964 Miss Friendship at the Recognition Winter Formal, Renate led the class Aud-Coll. of '65 to victory in the canned-food drive. She was escorted by Jack With her American Sister, Karen Harding, Renate learns the Renate Baier poses with her American family-Mr. and Mrs. ways of America. Harding and Karen. ff-' T s mian Junior: Freshman: Junior: Freshman: Junior: Freshman Junior: Freshman: Junior: Freshman: on c. November or locazirpn: Main Cafeferia. He .vlicf 1 'lop 7iTTe 7' rr rm"-T , ,:,, fa fr 1: T: 'T TD T Ji?-?'f-CTO 55--Za ll-,..-:T T-:'Lai"1 ' Ar IT's when senior g'rls are c" fsen 1-f' Home ming WhaT's Homecoming? lT's a fooTball game where all The alumni come back To Their schoo and a queen and Tour princesses are chosen To reign over The game and The dance. Who picks Them? FirsT of all, The seniors selecT The Top FiTTeen and They are announce: aT a pep rally. Then There is a Tea where The Top FiTTeen and Thei moThers have a liTTle geT-TogeTher. Oh, really? Then, from The TiTTeen The whole school picks The queen and her Tour princesses. They are announced aT anoTher pep rally and aTTend The Homecoming game and dance. This year The queen was Nanci Barnard. The Tour princesses were Pam Flemming, Sandi Enoch, JaneT Kimbrell, and Dana Wolinsky. WhaT happens aT The Homecoming dance? Well, all The alumni come To The dance and The capTain of The TooTball Team gives The queen an auTographed Toofball and They lead oTT The TirsT dance. Everyone has a good Time and remembers whaT evenTs and acTiviTies They had wiTh all oT Their former classmaTes. Gee, ThaT seems exciTing! Maybe l can be on The Top FiTTeen when l am a senior. Wouldn'T iT be greaT To be queen! Oh, I can'T. l'm a boy. TOP HFTEEN. BoTTom Row: Maryann McCuSl4er, Sally KanTorski, Carol Johnson, Judi Robison, Sandi Enoch, Lynn Shelby. Top Row: Susan Perry Susie Moore, Nancy Barnard, Joan Cambon, Dana Wolinsky, Janet Kimbrell, Pam Flemming, MargareT Poernisch, Judy Brown. Q, Q... .. -1- Jxfiifi, ,., aj Iffgff-vf Elm .?. ,w W M 14 me I 5f:4 DI 7 .- A. .v I . 4 2: Wsmmwwimw v f sr' PRINCESS DANA WOUNSKY PRINCESS JANET KIMBRELI. 4: l Jimmy: "You better Take ThaT back, File." H.C.: "I swear I'lI come out after you with a whip-now File: "' ain'T takin' noThin' back, Jimmy," you give me That gun." THE CAST H. C. CURRY . . . . . RICHARD TIERNAN LIZZIE CURRY .... REBECCA GOLDSTEIN NOAH CURRY ........ LYNN BARENZ FILE ................ KEITH BENTON JIM CURRY .. ... BILL MOONEYHAN SHERIFF THOMAS .. ... JIM COOPER BILL STARBUCK ........ MIKE HUBBERT The play Takes place on a WesTern ranch in a Time of cIroughT. For The Curry family and oThers whose lives depend upon The survival of caTTIe, iT is a Time of helpless desperaTion. For Lizzie Curry,who has never had a man's love and concludes she never will, iT is a Time of helpless resignaTion. She is convinced she is "as plain as old shoes" and noT half so comTorTabIe To have around. lnTo This parched region sTrides a man who calls himself Bill STarbuck- Rainmaker. Oufrageous yeT charming, STarbuck spouTs a mouThTuI of big ideas and bigger promises. WiThin 24 hours he'Il bring rain-any kind They wanT- Tor SIOO, paid in advance! IO4 gms' H-Q.,-N Stqrback: "Say ir, gqy ir, Lizzie, HC.: "Just what The boys were saylng-sure good To have Liam' ha me Lizzie: 'Tm-pretty." again." QENIOIZ PLAY HC: 'He doa? sound Iwke no crwmimal to me, Filef ,.:,,.:U gg M 'rv Q2 4, The Latin Club is in Roman dress ar the Foreign Language Party, French students register a variefy of expressions as they watch the pinafa being broken lO6 Dr. Ahee is blindfolded as he gels ready 10 hit the pinafa. 5. . 3 Q J 1 .3 Aa Dr. Ahee swings or ihe pinoto, frying to get the candy out. 2 v V.. -1 iq., 217324 wi .2 Mean The Spanish Club celebrates Los Posodos, on old Spanish Christmas Tradition, The Spanish Club culrnincires Los Posodos by presenting gifts to the Christ Child. 4 Ari, .s X. , p 59 LEM- 5 .sf 1. ,argl .f , Y 1, OW On The elevenrh yeor of Christmas, Sohfo seems To be Mr. Belknap, coming with The goodies free. 4Who needs fl porfridge in Q pear ffeee my yec1r's will do.J ' wus. wus. W Q-+ve fe' 'Wm' ig Eff L 2 ' ls' 'V Yk: I ' The Tortor Choir brings the Christmas Season To Torrance High while singing The humorous "Twelve Days of Christmas." 108 F'-l2.0l-IES Alvin Susugo presenfs The Winner ol fhe canned food drive To rhe Senior princess Renata Baier lfor lefll. The other princesses are Judy Rynharf, Junior Class Princess, Mary Boughen, Sophomore Class Princess, and Renae Johnson, Freshman Class Princess. F Perreaull V Carter Baurngardner, D. Zuver, C. Sucldufh, K. Haynes, Miss Hoose, Miss Young. Row ll: J. Cooper, D. Mondschein, M. Haynes, M. Smith, R. Hammond, D. Greenwood, C. Boyd, R. Webb. I ONAL ONS POLITIOOQ Row lf K. Young, E. Banks, A. Sasuga Row II: S. Welsh, L. Flock, R. Baier, V Gustayeson, A. Kittang. Row lllg R Labale, C, Yurkovich, J. Cooper, C, Stein man, R. Galanda, M, Blankenship, R Sloan. Row lV: D. Masaki, R. Hammond D. Greenwood, Mr. Rudolph. Row V1 B Foster, J, Tweedy, R, Tiernan. Kneeling: D. Masakl, M. Haynes, J. Wells, R. Tlernan, C. Haynes. Standing: C, Haynes, M. Kucherer, V. Dobbins, B. King, D. Fox, K. Young, E. Banks, Mr. Armstrong. llO Row I. Mr. Roderick, J. Jack son, M. Reeves, A. Marzuile, M. Stark. Row ll: B. Hammond, M. Smith, R. Peterson, D. Robb, M. O'Betz. Row Ill: D. Mend Schein, D. Huffman, R. Kien stead, T. Mounts. Standing: B. Borrelli D. Broos, E. .Jones R. Webb, C. Eg qlesfon, R. Comer, A. Robinson, Mrs Lindsey. Sitting. R Preston, S. Auir, G Lcihey, S. Welsh, I Shinoda, S. Bundy, V. Carter, H. Rose. QC! NCL 'lf TEA iii J. Albright, L. Fluck, C. Eiseie, R Meyers, P. Leinweber, N. Mclnfyre M. Roach, E, Banks, P. Miller, F Fledon, C, Yurkovich, K. Sfrafos, M Blankenship, N. Tarpey. gnu Row I: A. Sasuga, A. Kitfang, A. Kittang, V. Gustaveson, J. Albright, P. Miller, L. Beatle, M. Hanes, ,F. Feidon, Row II: M. Blankenship, S. Welsh, M, Hubbert, Mr. Roderick, L. Davies, C. Marquand. Row lil: N. Tarpey, D. Heinline, F. Perreault. MODERN DANCE- Row I. Charlotte Derryberry, Joey Morris, Janice Lacas. Raw ii: Mike Meditz, Lucinda Davis, Sharon Warnoi, Sue Edwards, Kathy Morris, Dennis Lucas. Row iil: Nancy Harrison, Karen O'Cain, Jaaly Engstrom, Frank Vansteei, Myra Mitcheii, Karen Rivera, Janis Albright. H2 ,.r, ,., .a- -A Jgul 56, P CCHOUWEMWP OFFICERS: Laura Fluck, Julia Takayama, Rebecca Goldstein Albright, Pam Flemming, Richard Sloan. HONG IMNG GREENE? LIFE MEMBERS: Seated: Rosemary Galanda, Rebecca Goldstein, Laura Fluck. Standing: Janis Albright, Richard Sloan, Jack Tweedy, Carolyn Jensen. Row I: Bob Hammond, Clayton Hamasaki, Phillip Paulin, Scott Triplit, Mike Tweedy, Carol Clarke, Susan Reeker, Virginia Roberts, lrene Shinoda, Peggy Ackerman. Row ll: Steve Turner, Ron Peterson, Laura Fluck, Julia Takayama, Rosalie Preston, Rebecca Goldstein, Rosemary Galanda, Pam Flemming, Janis Albright, Row lll: Terry Lewis, Richard Sloan, Jim Seiple, Alan Johnson, Melody Friberg, Karen Hines, Sharon l-lines, Nancy l-lowes, Marilyn Blankenship, ll3 First Semester Pres. Pat Meyer V.P. Rosemary Galanda Sec. Ginny Lahey Treas. Sue Mever l-list-Rep, Eileen Banks Sr. Rep. Rebecca Goldstein Jr. Rep. Kathy Lynch Soph. Rep. Jan Eckersly Fresh. Rep. Diane Archer 1 At the Girls' League Installation are the first and second semester Presi- dents, Rosemary Galanda and Pat Meyer, and Mrs. Jaeger, sponsor. PEIGNQ NTORPANCE Q . ff Second Semester Pres. Rosemary Galanda V.P. Rebecca Goldstein Sec. Claudia Yates Carr. Sec, Janet Kimbrell Treas. Judi Rynhart l-list-Rep, Eileen Banks Sr, Rep. Connie Eggleston Jr. Rep. Robin Bingham Soph. Rep. Mary Boughen Fresh, Rep. Pam Boswell .f Psi .ww . El er sewer - 1 This year's Posture Week winners were Louise Trembley, Charlene Metcalf, Carolyn Jensen, Pam Boswell, and Sharon Saddler. H4 Miss Freshman, Sally Lasse X Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Not Miss Miss Miss Our Miss Brooks, Miss See Miss Steno, Mrs. Lilore Mr. Novak, Mr. Armstrong Homemaker Sportswoman Personality Fashion Music Politician Service Friendship Phi Beta Kappa Thespian pictured: Comedian Journalism Art Shirley Hassleberg Carall Yurkovich Ginny Homans JoAnn McDode Dora Wahl Janet Kimbrell Pat Meyer Renate Baier Pam Flemming Rebecca Goldstein Sandy Enoch Connie Eggleston Sandra Fountaine Miss All-Round Girl, Nanci aarnczrd Q Miss Junior, Julia Takayarno Miss Sophomore, Mary Bouahen PJEQP YEDBYQICJTQ Shown here iS the Swinqingest classroom on Miss "Head-A-Lettuce" interviews Miss "Lotta Students characterize teachers, who are easily campus, with all ot' its individualists. Loot' at a typical Jollywood press conference, recognized. 115 'qht Pligzht -s written by Sally Laughney. The play is wrapped around a story ot surfers trying to get to Hawaii. The cast 'les Bill Mooneyham, Tom Rippy, Dennis Luhrnonn, Joy Coffee, and Anne Almeida. "Juvie" was written by Kathy McDonald. lt is set in ci cluttered-up living roorn, giving accent to the problems of a teenage girl, Lucille Grooms. Lynn Borenz and Duane Lyons help her with her problems. Science Fiction was the rnain theme in 'Sector l508," attracting "oat-of-this-world" tans. Richard Tiernan, writer, telt that the cast Maureen Rose, Jack Rose, anol Keith Benton left the audience spellboond. ll6 , W Ip x 99 Q PP .- f iran: A,-'. rf- ' vw " x ' 4 1 V K., , DON KEY BAS Rf FUN AND PROFIT Hurd working luniors-Sc1Hy'Lougnney, Jud: Rynbort, Julio Tokoyomm, Cmny Bynum, ond Sharon Coffeefcre busily seVMng Tickefs To The Donkey Bciskefbcxli Game To raise money for The prom. K In Misa, ' , . -wif QL if -i L2 x ibn lame Aww QAQUQA. PAM FLEMMING '2:f.,g-,if-,argl we Vx. " . .. vw, . .sf 3 '-1 .-:- 4' ,Mg X r- .12 . .,,. :Q 3. Prince Alon Schworfz, Princess Eileen Bcxnks Prince Ed Wcifson, Princess P of Meyer Princess Rosernciry Goldndo, Prince Jock Tweedy Princess Nonci Borncird, Prince Richard Tierndn Alvin Sasuga: ASB. President lst Semester Student Court Alvin Sasuga, Debbie Lifron, Judge Bobbie I-lornaris, Tom Rippy, and Sally Laughney. Wi sk ' 120 - f wig' All ' Q 2nd Semesfer Sfudenf Court Jim Crew, Jolwn Buffalo, Tom Rippy, Carol Clark, Parsy Land- erville, Judge Bobbie Homans, Margie Roernisch, and Susan Engstrom. 54? . A ll '. 3 'J' l all ' P -?.' L . 7 ,. T. K , .. A f 5 lst Semester Council: Back Row: Nanci Barnard, Comm. of Pep, Pat Meyer, Girls' League Pres., Alan Schwartz, Senior Class Pres., Judi Rynhart, Vice-Pres., Eddie Watson, Comm. of Athletics, Jim Crew, Freshman Class Pres. Front Row: Janis Albright, Comm. of Records, Pam Flemming, Comm. of Publicity, Robin Bingham, Comm. of Group Control, Bobbie Homans, Student Court Judge, Mary Boughen, Sophomore Class Pres., Roger Webb, Comm. of Finance. 2nd Semester Council: Back Row, Coleen Long, Freshman Class Pres., Pam Flemming, Senior Class Pres., Pat Meyer, Comm. of Group Control, Judi Rynhart, Junior Class Pres., Renate Baier, Foreign Exchange Student, Nanci Barnard, Comm. of Finance, Ginny Homans, Comm, of Pep. Front Row: Eddie Watson, Comm. of Athletics, Mary Boughen, Sophomore Class Pres., Rebecca Goldstein, Comm. of Records, Robin Bingham, Comm. of Publicity, Rosemary Galanda, Girls' League Pres., Bobbie Homans, Student Court Judge, Roger Webb, Vice-President, 121 sf it , , , V . , 4? f it .J ,,t,,, k I g Ugg 7' QW Av . gf -mm 1191. . ' w ' V , 4 s 4 J i , 1 . 4 1 S df vm-ff'iLZi2?,- ' ' . A nr 1 H 0 if 4 4 o o . . -. ' - 1 t or 1 gn 5 4 ls I as an 0 if al I , sl In w .a 9 X4 1 1' 1 1 S l' 0 122 iii?- Q v 3 3 3 wwf-- JL when OOMPEITTION Once upon a Time I was The sTar aThleTe of Torrance High School. I played in all sporTs and played each one well, as my name Deadly DarTar TarTar implies. The Tans called me DDT Tor shorT. In my Tour years aT Torrance High I had many exciTing and memorable experiences. One remembrance ThaT I cherish is of a TooTbalI game wiTh U.C.L.A. I Threw a curve To The anchor man, buT The old horsehide bounced off his cap back inTo my arms. I raced down The Track Tor The win- ning baskeT. AnoTher Time I was made a hero was in The IasT baseball game of The season. I sTood aT home pIaTe awaiTing The nexT piTch. As I waiTed, I was shivering in my shoes. Al- Though iT was The middle oT January, I didn'T shiver Trom cold buT from TrighT. The shoulder pads Those piTchers wear make Them look frighTeningI As ThaT pigskin came hurTIing Toward me, I swung my rackeT wiTh all my sTrengTh and senT The fuzz ball ouT The window Tor afield goal. In my IasT Track meeT The score was Three-love in The oTher Team's Tavor wiTh buT one evenT IeTT. IT was The 440 and I was running. On The TirsT Turn my TIaTs sTuck in The mud and I Tripped, louT I picked myself up and ran down The courT aT Tull speed. My heImeT even Tlew off. I danced pasT The oTher runner and won by TwenTy IengThs. This won The game for us and our Team won The wresTling championship. ATTer I leTT, The school was noT auiTe The same. Even Though Those Tour years I spenT There as a senior were greaT, I don'T see how people can say Thaf old T.I-I.S. is living happily ever aTTer I23 5ewx,jfg,N 5 -V uffg, fa E K mis iv Q in Q .,,. if . 'ef , A M M 73 QE sf' 'X , T, '... T ,Jn A M: ,,,,l,mvL SX ,H . 2.51 f'1iTe on wsmc' f , 1 'nfl' " 23 The v 2-fe some pleaslz- f .1 were .ir:-- 'luc brealm ,s against Lawnfalf 'Tick 'Th 2' . peqt againsi 'NesT, and Brian Oli c'-1 .Zed "o f-Pic for his regular sTandouT perlormo s. OTher hopeful noTes were The fine aefens.x. per r- Tces underclassmen Jeff Tonkel, Bob Sharpe, Terry Tiedernon, and .,nn K gr nic sf g. 'l d in oy The Tune iobs These players did, plus The sparkling offense generaTed in The season finale wiTh Lennox, spell brighT hope of 1965. Record T H S Redondo La Puenfe Leuzxnger NorTh Coach Tramham Coach Towle Coach Waffle Lavvndale Wesf Avrafnon EI Segundo Lennox OpponenT 1 W'-""'?T ul L Languus J Malone T Meadows S Melchert P Newhouse B Olsen M Yeamon CenTer En CenTer Slof Back PunTer Tackle Half Back n The forgotten man of The game The ref eree A vs v..d.vAqi ,ri . r. ,v i . X is ,,..1 PP- vf... ilk. K 7 vi 5. While some Tormrs ore in CJCHDI1, most of ihe squad Weir in Cnticipcxtiori for Their chcv-ce. This goes To prove o Turtor can bring anyone dowh One more sec. cmd someones run will be ot on end. on his buck. Domi worry. He never knew what hir him. Heres what happens when cm player loses 0 confocr. Bees: FronT Row: B. Sfarr, B. Lynn, D. Edwards, S. Newman, S. McCready, F Kendall, D. Kline, W. Walsh, R. Hawkes, K. Granf, D. Kling, J. STA T. Razo, K. Jackson, T, Hardage, R. Tyler. Second Row: D. Barns, Y. Barns, Y. Flores, K. lhara, M, Robards, K. Whearley, C, Williams, E Tallanf, Garrison, R, Thornhill, M. Smifh, J. Randall, J Gilles, H. Graybehl, F. Blcunt, M. Tweedy, J. Hornbeck, R. Ybarra, Third Row: Coach Frank Simon, M Infermill, C. Roio, L. Kreagle, R. Braddock, D. McMullen, R. McElhose, J, Smoof, L. Pia, M. Musso, S, Hull, M. Griffin, B. Bynum, B. Cano, S. Jasper J. Gisf, J. Beahan, J. Polsfon, J. ArneTT, R. McTee, S. Medved, R. Wark, Coach Paul Howard. Coached by Mr, Frank Simon and Mr. Paul Howard, The Bees scorched Their way Through league play for a 5-O record and The league championship. The Bees weren'T The only Team To do well. For The firsr year The Pioneer League awarded an official championship in Cee foofball and The Tarfars were successful in bringing home The firsT-place Trophy. AlThough The Team sTarTed slowly wiTh losses in non-league play, They compiled a 4-l record for The official season. The Cees are coached by Mr. John Corcoran and Mr. Dale Walker. Cees: Fronf Row. R. Kiser, J. Billings, D. Shigekuni, T. Gassett, K. Roberfs, M. Randall, B. Schooley, F. Kline, R. Kelfz, B. Wilkes, F. Nourse, J. Pryofr -ll Cook, T. Romero, M. VanKroligen, Second Row: Coach Walker, A. Lucero, Y. Ramirez, B, Moreno, B. Perez, E, Perez, E. Ortiz, G. Palma, L. l'lOWG"Cl, B- Goodman, T. Fraser, D. Kelfz, J, Rowles, B. Watkins, L. lsbell, G. Goefisch, Coach Corcorcan. Third Rawi J. Schaefer, B. Ragsdale, K, Bill, S Morales, J.'PaTrick, G. Benson, M. Gargalis, S. Anderson, H. Coleman, C. Hitchcock, M. Turner, A. Alvarez, C. Groven, M. Barber, B. Borrelli. P Trisinaa KeiTh Blecikley Bill HambleTon Ed Miller Jim Miller zlrrbin Rory Moran Mike Sfewarf Greg Parker Jim Pepper DIQTZWOE RUNNERS OUTDIQVXNOED The T964 Cross CounTry Team was led This year by ouTsTanding sophomore runner, Mike Thomas, and senior Team capTain KeiTh Bleakley. The lack oT depTh prevenTed a high standing in The Pioneer League Tinals ThaT were held aT CenTinela Park. The oTher fine runners on This varsiTy Team included Bill l-lambleTon, Ed Miller, Jim Miller, and Bob Brisbin. The novice and iunior varsiTy Teams were composed of Jerry Linville, Rory Moran, Greg Parker, Mike STewarT, and Jim Pepper. GreaT Things are expecTed from These runners nexT year, since only one man, senior KeiTh Bleakley, will be losT Through graduaTion. Ed Miller leads Teammafes during pracTice. i J-5 un. 'A t 9 l l ,HlEvFMENiS vm ms, one wiv F les.: 1: ' - ,AAA iii '1.'slcss,tiin .i iy AA fit it 3 T Tlrrfi Standing. Coach Boerger, Robin Fischer, John Osborne, Bob Brennan, Jon Chaykovvski, Jim Oliver, Bart Johnson, Richard Davies, Walt Hale. Like Troup, Dick Kruel, Bob Whitney, Jim Crockett, Coach Corcoran. Kneeling: Managers Louis Velorde, Flash, and Jack Tweedy. Coach Will Boergers i965 heroes burst from the third place league status they had held for five previous seasons and blasted their way to the most dazzling basketball record in the forty-nine year history of the school! The Tartar roundballers served early notice of their prowess when they ripped their way to the Consolation Championships in the Pacific Shores and Beverly Hills Tournaments. These impressive early victories were fashioned with a sparkling fast break offense featuring Senior Guard Bob Brennan, a precision offense that was compared favorably in the public press with the best college offenses, and a tena- cious defense keyed to the rebounding of Senior Forward Wally l-lale, Senior Center Rich Davies, and Sophomore Bart Johnson. Hale and Johnson were the guns inthe pattern offense. The Pioneer League season was even more impressive as the free-wheeling locals extended their victory skein to fifteen consecutive. Each of the five league opponents fell twice before the onslaught of the inexorable Boerger's Bomb- ers. Junior Fred Carpenter was a steady threat, Davies had to be honored, and the combination of Johnson and Hale proved indefensible. Brennan continued to perform pyrotechnically. West provided the only real note of suspense to an almost routine string of wins. At home, the inspired Warriors led by one point with seconds to go, but succumbed to a patented, slashing drive down the key by 'iMr. Clutch," Bob Bren- nan. The CIF AA Playoffs added four more victories to the string and produced many pulse-stopping thrills. St. Monica and Buena fought stalwart and worthy battles, but were subdued in the remaining instants by Brennan buckets in rep- licas of those he made in the West game. Luck played out in the Championship game, as Servite scored the Cinderella field goal to break a 60-60 tie with nine seconds left in the game. Davies' after-the-buzzer shot went wide, and with it went the dream. Nonetheless, it was Cl m0QVilflC9"tT SGGSOH . , . a tribute to the players and coaches who carved an unforgettable record in the annals of Tar- tar basketball. Si Ng -' rs ., . 4-'25 We , ff ik wifi is W V.. W hs H ,- X n , A W, W, wi. - 35 E Q? K, X, g 'wg l .5 . t lt's Torrance E go-go as we go-go-go to beat Saint Monica, Johnson muscles the ball away from a Buena defender as he leads the Tartars to a 52-51 victory. Bart scored 25 points in the fourth game of the CIF campaign. The follow-up to this game was a 65-61 win over Simi. Season Scores THS Opponent 53 North . . ....... 55 62 Culver .. . . .39 60 West... ....58 66 Loyola ... . . . .56 57 North .... .... 6 7 53 Leuzinger .. .... 42 50 Bishop ... . . . .49 54 Ventura .... .... 6 5 68 Morningside .. .... 67 71 Alhambra ... . . . .56 77 Compton .. .... 62 70 West ...... .... 5 0 81 Montebello .. .... 62 76 Lawndale .. .... 53 98 Leuzinger . . .... 7O 84 Lennox .... .... 3 8 65 El Segundo .. .... 53 74 Aviation ... . . . .59 54 West .... .... 5 3 54 Aviation ... ....43 82 Lawndale . . .... 65 72 El Segundo .. .... 55 93 Lennox ............... 65 Hale rebounds tor Torrance against Lowell in the second ClF game, Although our Tartar five were behind at the halt they outscored the Patriots 40-18 in the second half to win 65-46. ClF Record Tl-lS Opponent 55 St. Monica ......... 52 65 Lowell ... . . .46 52 Buena . . . . .51 65 Simi . . . . .61 60 Servite .. . , .62 The stands are packed with Tartar fans-students, parents, and faculty, , -sw . .kv fi , -rs. L --1 'Ni ,EW ,fi . f 3 ff , t x I At this Joint to could even 5-r' outcome. 'Ne uoulcl If Wq,t und yell '- lW0F Davies tries for our last shot, but the clock ran out, with good fortune going to Servite. Bob Brennan, All-CIF guard, scores on a layup against Servite. :Z 5, vp V V17 Es IAEA- " 35, - . ' , 1 sa":.f ,T is - 'f.'i's 'As Hale hits o iamper in the final CIF game against Servite. Wolters' 25-point performance was undoubtedly the best of his 2-year career. ..-f' gn i L K ' Coach Boerger discusses strategy during time-out, 132 Talented Bart Johnson, Tortar sophomore, demonstrates fancy dribbling ability against three Servite defenders, fgg Hag' rp W. L M fn., . . , , -"".Lf . . ' A f- W. if .. . fy . . ,Q in ' ' ' A si' "' " 'Il Lan! yen 5' i Top Row: D. Kruel, B. Doyle, T. Tiedeman, B. Sharpe, L. Stuckrafh, S. Rowe, A. Albright, N. Sandstrom, R. Sullivan, Coach Corcoran. Bottom Row: D. Woodward, K. Grant, R. Ybarra, G. Strayer, M. Branstetter, J. Smoot, M. Troup. Varsity wasn't the only outstanding basketball team at Torrance this year. The JV's were TO-O in the league and became the first JV team to go undefeated in league play. The season record was a fabulous T3-l. As captain, John Ziemke didn't hold the only honor. Dick Kruel was voted the most valuable player and Bob Sharpe had dual recognition of being voted most improved and most inspirational player. Under Coach Davis's capable leadership, the defending B cham- pions enioyed another successful season, finishing in second place A with 8 wins and 2 losses. John Randall was team captain, Dwane J Grim, the most valuable player, and Steve Jasper, the most improved ' player. Top Row: Coach Davis, L, Pio, D. Grim, B. Bynam, R. Sullivan, S. Jasper, R, Owens, G. Galyardt. Bottom Row: A, Brown, B. Cano, J. Randall, S. Russell. UQ Under Captain Bob Floyd the Cs earned a third in the Pioneer League. Outstanding mem- bers included Mike Randall, most valuable play- er: Tim Venable, most improved, and Don Luca- relli, most inspirational player. Top Row. Coach Howard, K. Waters, J. Koozer, L. Vocke, A. Davis, M, Goettsch, J. Gilliard, D. Lucarelli, M, Randall, J. Billings, B. Floyd. Bottom Row: K. Roberts, R. Keser, T. Venable, J. Hose, A. Romero. 133 f Q ri-ii f ,. . 'F Martinez squares oft against Schwartz. Short and Hambleton wait for whistle. Dodos goes in for fireman's carriage on Kline. Felix sets up drop step against Fitzgibbon. Top Row: E. Watson, J. Fitzgibbon, B. Dean, H. Dodos, D. Kline, N. Drey, T. Lewis, P, Newhouse, Bottom Row: B. Schwartz, J. Martinez, A. Felix, B. Short, B, Hambleton, F. Henderson. Q1 5,-. 'TSM' ' .4 .T mf' In maTches wlfia f he .ooln '965 g'ap,:ii:':f: refer- drop and sweeps against or p- .71Ts AlThough True ieoir. as ci ,vhol is vi -k, I --.ividuaf vvere sfrong. Eddie VVaTson's blin J spe. gi along wi 1 The sTr. -'gTh of Terry Lewis en- abled Them To go undefeated in dual maTches. The smallesT member CT The var- siTy squad was Bob Schwarfz, who had a disadvantage because of his weighT. AT The Torrance Tourney, Team capTain Jorge lVlarTinez, Paul Newhouse, and Hu- berT Dodos Took second while Norm Drey, with his animal insTincTs, Took Third. A newcomer, ArT Felix, came around To help Torrance in The league Tournamenf. Sophomore David Kline had his biggesT momenT when he almosT pinned The CIF championship. Bill HambleTon filled in for Frank Henderson when Hen- ' derson received a leg iniury and was sidelined for nearly The whole sea- SON. Lewis, 5 Drey and Lewis work from down posiiion. Dean and Kline r Wafson and Henderson Tie up in TirsT period. J.V. GRAPPLERS, Top Row. J. Linville, L. Strouse, B. Dean, J. Frier, R. Rodriguez, H. Ragsdale. Bottom Row: M. Hanes, B. Borrelli, G. Cisneros, P. Paulin, B. Drey. Newhouse movies for Take down on eody Tor sfand up, ve R E A High Jumpers A-, - I an ,k .ryjgrlw K I fr'-R. Jigw. 9 .si 4 ,' 5 . Q ,gtg . , ,ima-, 2 'Wh ' " I 1 1 H.,.':fvH Lf SJ .V .Q ?,', W . Maia., mf 'IEW .4 ,,. , 1 , I J ie ML.. I. M g 4 1 'sf' "'1 in ' 'gba z'15'.QQ' :vi , , -A 2??',+'iifig?N.:, ' .. , Y' li' - -- w.' - '92 U' . 1 M-MQ., ,fp Y. sig 2 F.-'I' Q 4 . . Tiff F +2 , lf7W,Qg5,, Ki . vi JNL Q- 5 wi? Broad Jumpers D. Dupuis, T, Hatfield. Top Row: T. Schemerwauer, E. Watson, C. Randle, S. Jasper, D. K:' . O: 1 ees TRACK! Hurdlers Bottom Row: M. incorvia, D. Dupuis, K. Ihori. Top Row. J. Beahanf F. Feldon, J. Kllne Q me M- ' Sprimers Bottom Row: D. Svvearinger, S, Turner, C. Groven, D. Hwara, N. Buck, J. Nandy. Top Row: T. Meadows, D. Massie, M. Kinfz, M. Horrmbeck, C. Seymour. Coach Gerald Holland Pole Vaulters: D. Schlert, M. :Q 1, i. Distance Runners Shvt PUTTGVS Bottom Row: M, Rodgers, M. Stewart, K. McMullen, M. McGuire, E. Miller, Bottom Row. R, Rodriguez, C. Roio, M, Randall, B. Braddock, J. Buffalo S. Tripplet. Top Row: K. Bleakley, B. Brishan, J. Miller, M. Thomas, J. B. Dehn, Top Row: D. Kelsey, J. Standridge, L. Kraegel, J. Gisi, K Koozer, R. Owens, L. Pia Benton, M. TweedY' TRACK T965 Although the Pioneer League Varsity Track competition was completely monopolized by Aviation's mighty Falcons, head coach Jerry l-lollands and assistant coach John Trantham's entries proved some very tough opposition, particularly in the field events and middle distances. ln The pole vault the local contingent had a tough one-two punch in seniors Adrian Vandenheuval and Dave Schlert. Both have cleared T2 feet. Other good marks posted to date are Tom Meadows' iO.5 in the TOO-yard dash and 22.9 for the 220-yard dash, Keith Bleakeys 2:04 half-mile time, Terry Lewis' 49-toot heave in the shot put, and sophomore Tom Schemenauefs 6-toot high-iump mark. Front .11 D. Yak, L. Snyder, D. McKenzie, D. Kling, C. Smith J. Randal, F. Kendall, S. lnTermill. Back Row: R. Highfill, M. Blankinship, Coach Walker J. Malone. J. Chaykowski, B. Sharpe, S. Kealey, P. Hull, L, Durcher, B. Jchnson, S. Horton, J. Polsfon, D, Barnes. Torrance High Schools vc1rsiTy baseball Team, as described by Mr. Walker, The Team coach, is a "fine group oT hard-vvorking boys." They sTarTecl The season vviTh Tvvo non-league games, a win over Bishop MonTgomery 4-2 and a loss To CenTennial 2-O in eighT innings. AT seasons end TarTars were Third in The Pioneer League. The besT hiTTers-McKenzie, a iunior, Johnson, a sophomore, I-lull anol Snyder, seniors-were named by Coach Walker. Good piTching is expecTeol Trom Sharpe and Kealey, boTh iuniors. Defensive sTars, as named by Mr. Walker, are boTh iuniors-Danny Kling anal Chris SmiTh. Since The Team is mosTly iuniors and sophomores, nexT year They vvill show even more promise Than This year. The mosT improved player is a sophomore, Fred Kendall, one oT The many hopes Tor an even beTTer Team nexT year. El Segundo Torrance... ... 2 WesT ... Torrance... ... 3 AviaTion . Torrance 7 Lavvnclale . Torrance... ... 9 Leuzinger Torrance 3 Rolling Hills Torrance 2 Lennox . . . Torrance 4 AviaTion . Torrance A Lavvndale Torrance Lennox .. Torrance... . . .19 Lennox . .. Torrance El Segundo Torrance A WesT .... Torrance AviaTion . Torrance Lavvndale Torrance -4 Lennox . . . Torrance El Segundo Torrance WesT .... Torrance 3 Coach Walker 138 Sreve Keuley a Tarfar pifcher Back Row. J. Waters, R. Faeth, D, Woodward, J. Crockett, G. Hooser, D. Grim, T. Hartley. Front Row. M, lntermill, G. Strayer, G. Cisnerzxj R. Vidal, B Cano A. Duarte, Not in picture. B. Bynum, R. Thornhill, D. Greenwood, K. Waters, M. Waxman, J. Polston, G, Galyardt, R. Moron L. Dennis, D. L orelli S. Hull, R. Ybarra. Coach Boerger JM BA 139 With an 8-5 record, the J.V. Baseball team finished in second place in the Pioneer League. This year's J.V. Team was led by Captain James Crockett. James Polston was named the most valuable player, and Gene l-looser was named the most improved player. The sports- manship award vvas won by Ray Vidal. Much ot the success ot this year's promising team goes to the good coaching of Mr. Boerger. West .7 Tartars..... 9 Aviation .. . O Tartars .... . l Lavvndale TOIVTOIVS West . . . Tartars Lennox ..... Tartars EI Segundo Tartars Aviation .... Tartars Lennox . Tartars Aviation . . . Tartars Lavvndale Tartars Lennox ..... Tartars El Segundo Tartars West .... . . Tartars ,,qu-Maur If 9 1 Rig, Mike Shinodc: 2nd, Varsity Geo,-5,5 ,F-1. ,xg Vursny rut- ,SRA WAYINTOCIF Chuck Curriutt 4th, Varsity Jim Ulrich 5th, Varsity Singles Singles Tom Waddell ond Alon Johnston Barry Gorrcbrcmt cmd Greg Bqrreff ist. Varsity Doubles Qnd. Varsity Doubles 'l4O , , , .e Hn- .nf .Q ' . 'fff-fQ .r ,ig Irie: ' Eg. 5, A T, f -f" V "T gb., 3 n y T " 'wir 11 ' T 'L , .Tuff if .Ii1w..:f Q ga' K A A- , 4 I ,QQ 'if j V5 .gt , fr 5' .5 f- ww., .acts ,r 4 - -1 -Q ,WV f TW .-q,,,f 'Q T' . T T12 y ggi 17-i ' ' . pf 'ii 53: . ii-Af, ' af ffiffih ' T - A L.,-ff 3, Ti, .- 4 'was , , , . . f5g,3k,, ,- H 5 ,xii . "V ', 5'5" J , , .seg , -4- - Y' - . Bottom Row: M. Gargalis, T. Walls, D. Shigeiuni, M. Carpenter, S. lhori. Top Row: B, Hammond, T. Cristofferson, B. Goodrich, L. HurnisTon, C. Harnasaki, F. Blount. JM TENNIS Coach Howard Towle Talks wiTh Coach Sutherland of West High, formerly of T,H.S. WiTh a record of 8-l The Varsify Tennis Team became The firsT in THS hisfory To enTer CIF. AT press Time The Team had won Their firsT round in CIF wiTh a score of QOVZ-7112. Led by Three seniors - Rick Adams, Mike Shinoda, and George Lopez - The varsiTy had beTTer balanced sTrengTh Than in recenf years. The seniors were admirably supporfed by Two sophomores in The fourTh and fifTh singles posifions - Chuck CurnuTT and Jim Ulrich, boTh undefeaTed in league play. Doubles sTaTions were well manned, wiTh iuniors Torn Waddell and Alan Johnsfon operaTing as The firsT doubles uniT. They were backed by Two seniors, Greg BarreTT and Barry GarrabranT. The laTTer duo were converTed fooTball players, buT had Tremendous compeTiTive spiriT and represenTed The greaTesT improvemenf on The Team. BarreTT had never played Tennis before, buT more Than carried his share of The load for This pair. T41 3 D 1.21 ,,, A . it sq,-.Ffa ' t M. EL ' l fi 5 NW 53,5 A 'TY f, w , il fi rr,-A 1, f ' c' 1 1 Cc. mnets -11 .seiri-via, ff Kneeling, Janet Kimbrell, Yell Leader, Ginny Lahey, Yell Leader, Nanci Barnard, President, Ginny Ho- mans, Vice President, Bobbie Homans, Recording Secretary. Standing: Rena Chavez, Sports Man- ager, Valerie Gustaveson, Historian-Reporter, Cheryl Waters, Sports Manager, Miss See, Sponsor, Debbie Lifton, Treasurer, Carolyn Jensen, Sports Manager, Maureen Rose, Sports Manager, lNot pictured Kay Roberts, Secretaitf, and Pat Adams, Yell Leaderl. FRESHMAN AND SOPHOMORE MEMBERS Sitting: M. Hernandez, D. Wheatley, B. Nelson, D. Dyer, S. Adams, C. Ogren, J. Engstrom, S. Katsuki, N. Harrison, K. O'Cain, C. Tomasada, C. DerryBerry, R. Chavez, J. Davis, 2nd Row: J Lucas, J. Wilson, C. Clarke, L. Adams, S. Ault, P, Robinson, D. Broos, P. Brummett, D Beezley, L. Echols, L. Mayeda, Y. Burnett, D. Kasari, R. Black, C. Ward 3rd Row, K. Justice, K. Bray, L. Sprout, D. Garrobrant, S. Dennis, J Houde, S. Ordaz, L. Davis, M. Chiono, J Hickman, J. Kennedy, vi Roberts, D. Kasari, K. Kern, M, Roach, 4th Row: C. Dearden, J. Davis S. McGuire, L. Gilbert, C. Geruc, B. Wilson, S. Warnol, C. Saddler. 1 1 Kneeling, Rena Chavez, Yell Lea der, Cathy Yurkovich, Secretary, Sharon Dennis, Sports Man- ager, Miss See, Sponsor, Donna Broos, Sports Man- ager. Standing: Janet Kimbrell, Yell Leader, Ginny Lahey, Yell Leader, Nanci Barnard, Recording Secretary, Ginny Homans, President, Bobbie Homans, Vice President: Caroll Yurkovich, Treasurer, Kathy Tidmarsh, Historian-Reporter, Cheryl Saddler, Sports Manager, Becky Wilson, Sports Manager, lNot Pictured, Lynn Williams, Honorary Memberl. 142 JUNIOR AND SENIOR MEMBERS Sitting, R. Jones, C. Jensen, D. Wahl, K. Roberts, K. Johnson. 2nd Row: C. Yurkovich, V. Gustaveson, C. Yurkovich, M. Rose, L. Davey. 3rd Row, J. Kimbrell, K. Tidmarsh, S. Wilson, C. Waters, G. Homans, B. Hornans, J. Burque, P. Adams. '3 ii? .3 f 1 ORN T pe,-gram, 5T'airif.f.s :wi-" -.Cf'ffEUClll'iQ in -'mill Thig Banc:-ie', lnTe'e:,' is fro: .ed anc -. llnri' ylf 'I-i. , "'. sf'Tic,pc ie in various sg' -',- rTs,, h c volle basKffTb.'r5!, and soTTball. f-'evv rnis yer is .T e Thur ,. , nighT bowl.: , league. Tennis, Trampoline, and ping pong are offered as individual sporTs. This ,fear Torrance was hosTess Tor a baskeTball play- day held aT Lawndale High. IT was seT To The Them'e of "GAA, Vis'iTs The Olympics." GAA. members have made many new friends and had many good Times TogeTher. Some girls have served on cabineTg orhers have helped Their Teams To vicTory. -af ua .-1. ' T : st K w r ' Slf Vw. if ' ' ., si , W WhaTever They have accomplished, They had Tun doing 'iii 3 . Tj- , g , A -H - 'v i .. f V, . E ' :' i" u i f ., L ' ' 3-" ' U, ,- T GAA T-IOQTQ PLAYDAW 1 s r . ' ' Lf' " V ' ,.,, -'i, T ,1.. ,..,. members are , Before The playclay GAA. l , and smilin 1 , ,- sw. Q . always conTidenT Janice Lucas TighTs for possession of The ball, Caroll Yurkovich aids G.A.A,'s No. 1 baslceT- ball Team almost To victory. 0 Torrance irls wair Tor Sandi Wilson To Ti 9 P The ball Their way. R900 Chavez Ginny Lahey PaT Adams JaneT Kimbrell 909 Vx ., 5 si? it HOWTO AN ANNUAL WFIHOUTPEALLY 'ITZMNG Once upon a Time a classful of students decided to write a book. lt couldn't be iust an ordinary book, it had to be full of action, sentiment, and surprises. Although these students wanted to write such a book, they were reluctant to work so hard writing it. So-they decided to try the technique used by Tom Sawyer when he white-washed the fence. When Taylor Publishing Company heard about the book, Taylor was eager to do the printing. Next, fustin Studios put through a call showing enthusiasm for doing the photography. They pleaded so hard to help that the students agreed to let them send their three best phoographers-Mr. Jackson, Mr. Frost, and Mario. When the Torrance Press Herald and Bill Borrelli of the TNT staff wanted some of their pic- tures included, the staff complied. Now the book was really swinginf Out of the cloudy grey sky the TNT asked to be included in the work. Then came the faculty members, who begged to help with write-ups and to let kids out of class so they could supervise the work. Everything was now ready except for one thing-money. To help with this problem, Torrance mer- chants and businessmen asked if their establishments could be advertised in the book. When they found this was possible, they generously gave the needed finances. With so much enthusiastic endeavor, naturally the book was finished in good order. Sales skyrocketed and ll5O copies were sold, Ever hear of a better success story? Or ofa happier staff? T44 CPMXWWW f jj M W WZ 1g x ,.f..' , 1 4 f . J 1 'vf Afufv' - 'AMX V , in Iggy' I, ' M i ., If we ,ijt ,iff HSE V a!,1,?ji'.,A W 1 lvv 2 V yi 91 4' - H JJ f Af' lg ,V ,O ly!! , ff"' f' of 'Q' 1 JVC iff' lim! j WML V nf!" Nl ' ' ,jiffiff f f 0 Z W! J f M ' M ffffffff W J W Q2 f W? 20 X775 MM iffki X X M4 - 17 H! XX! W fw f 4 Z if fy WM ,ff f X f 4 M754 pf W wif DU RAN 'S AUTO INSURANC? CoLI.I5Io.: WORK AUTOMC3.L.E PAINTING "THE BEST IN THE WEST" PETEF2 'DURAN DAVIS 3147 TSQIO SOUTH VVESTERN AVE. FAC" Y T-4125 GARDENA, CALIFORNIA Q.-gl-an-u-.Ig-p.::.4.1fi,,..--... -.N T-.. .mv I-.-.Q-.-Y -.-I V-. ,,..1Lmn.- Y. ...WI +.- V, V I -VR' Asia? f?IfE'11f 'A 'I 'ifiilfg fi 1, 'iff.Lf'f5F?-'If'?', .. ' 'iiii ' U - ' FWIIJIWI 5 ':iK'i:"-fif-.1 '7'!3I"1:'?i1.'.Q mf . 1. ,1,g,:' ,.I H31 I -Iifygfmi :QQ ij53,'3mgg.4y f T F.-Q ,, ..,, ..,, reg, g ...I-1gi5g,,,. K I A ' - r'1I3,g.' lg- ,1 7' 'ifu:Qfy I- I ., I W I , q,.,-- .'k.fg.g gg". ,N A I Ir, ,w,:qI.,i, .I gm, 1, igzgnwzaggzggnv.. ir 5 j - x54ty3ii.,A.,gi,I5QQ,515Q 1, ,,"' Q ' .-ffwz fffiafii , Q I ' .I-11Ii'?.s"'T A 2 1.157 IQ . , 9 '1,1Q.-4ii'Fs"q'fE '11,-If 2 ,ye fiiif 1:37-A'1 1 - ' " ' eff"-Jff-1-fwf If CTL' '1,1:5?f'1? v -Hg, iffifu ff 'V , . 'F-"IM I -I Y' .fa-'Q7I"f?I'ff':'f' -iw I 31571 'T '-" -ffiii , , whngt- .,,,,- Iwy- -In I El . ' I - -' II .. View We I 24" af-2-,Q Z in is 0 I v vw fi -Q' I - zip. L .va if 1- -A - . if 4 i fig.-gf iff' rr. . .,1uuMU' W----'-' " ' Tv., ' MW. J. -I.-es - ef T- 0 like L A , 1 - ' - In the Riviera vniage FRontIer 5-9311 1735 SOUTH CATALINAXREDONDO BEACHXCALIF I9OTh 84 Anzo Branch SECURITY FIRST NATIONAL BANK Your Friendly Neighborhood Bank Serving The Growing South Boy Area 5108 Wes? I9OTh Sfreei - Torronce Aonciger Assistoni Monoger G. A, Pondo Jornes A. McLeod STATE FARM INSURANCE CO.'S msunnucs Home OFFICE - ELOOMINGTQN, ILLINOIS KEN QLSEN AUTO LIFE FIRE DAVIS 9-6313 16419 NEW HANIFSI-IIIQE AVE, FACULTY 1-2675 GARDENA. CALIF. .4-1,33 . ...--, . ..,,c. - .I,A.-.-- -N-.I-.A A ' . - . .,c...... .N , ---- -.5 .5 f A-,AA g..0y21 SW .Ev-3'fA.A11 ' Q Compiiments of BAY CENTISE-,l if . . C ,,, , 21.-EAWSON JEWELERS 21307 AFA. .wat-gxiulvz-'!+3 BIA , To-'rn'-.A 2, 1.:1Ii'24.Arnia Wa: V?-Eve You the Free Senior Key 5 FU ' Sx.zt'ix.1'i -I-he ii' U ,fG.A.?,g:,e Llqber ...A 4,513 Downtown Torrance and EJ" Adware more 1935 Hawthorne Blvd. '-M. So. Bay Shoppirg Center A 371-9512 BuL!- f r - Sundc .1 .1l'lI'fGL.'OI'S - veaastry Wegy' Aj'L'Q- Sunday: 9-2 ZZUZXZII FIRE - LIABILITY - AUTOMCNILE - BONDS - LF' PRESS tuned 1934! PROFESSIONAL INSURANCE SERVICE RUBERT L.. LEWELLEN, .Jn 1'7sa UAK STREET JAMES POST '409 MARCE'-'N DWNER CALIF-. FAIRFAX TORRANCE. CALIF'C'i'i 4 WALTER'S Crenshaw Blvd. at Artesia CONGRATULATIONS T0 THE CLASS OF '15 TTS,-4 YAMAHA VELOCETTE Duck 'I TOHATSU ZUNDAPP SALES - SERVICE - PARTS - REPAIRS - RENTALS DA 3-3310 lawndale Cycle Shop SERVICE TO THE CUSTOMER IS OUR BUSINESS MARLAN M. MALM ' ' t ' owusn PFGSCVIPTIOH Sp6CIOllS1'S VVCIITEI' N1lCl'IClellS Q54 6,9546 1532Q HAWTHORNE BLVD, SP. 2-l822 LAWNDALE, CALIFORNIA QW mm, ENGAGEMENTAFID WEDDANG RINGS Keepsake D I A hd 2 U4 D R I li G S SEYMOUR'S JEWELERS 2597 Pacific Coast Hwy. at Crenshaw DA. 5-3933 Torrance, Calif. WOOLWORTH'S A H - - 442, GIFTS for :he I x E Graduate 'If KF, ' ,z-fw. H Q! Satisfaction guaranteed Your Mo,-,ey's Replacement ortmoney refund worth More 21870 Hawthorne Blvd. at Del Amo Shopping Center W00lW0"fl"'5

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