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x f x .. -ik., h ..,,'7 i A34 ' ' K nf. fi, 's f , i . . ,, ,Q ' 3"i9,.'i17g: X in A if ,-L " rl Xa , 1 i a D ' f'- , , cha, M, .xx 6 . F , fps. - hdhf G:-ff 47 M f ,il ,, 5 , 5, , . I K X .x', gs Xa su Q sri I Q' l1'le,'1,l.f 'A X 4 I 1 4 f, w ,, Y 42. ' ' 4 1' . - "-,'4.i f'p.s,v. I .-vig: 5. . l..,lfV,',' 1 Q- . f., ,,. -. yr ' tg:-'ggi ,s-. LCN' 'C' lk I '40 IP: .wfxlis ' fl., ' . t , nw! f by iw ,0..f'2l',n avi. , I ry ffuvfwww ff -4 t, V M Q6-new-J' M I 'GY' ,," gt .du . 1-7 'sm .Y ff! '1 ' " wg in ' 1 ,AV fi 15 5 :L ,:' -'L V Q f.h,qj,A-f7,'.s-,E ' ' g ffS'. 9" ij .fi . , rf-""' ' "" 01 l"A'W 1.59 W , M Wzff Wmffzffkf X M x Sgr ww Wgw W? Www SNMP? ' My W, X f5'kw69M MWYQWWV5 ff5f0Wfff lWff QQWQWQWMFMYM WW NR ,JXS3 XS XE X S S NRS ig yk R ER if X 1 W m x XJ Q, XJ 1 SJ W N Q3 XV 'N fi X NX XJR l , X X , x X1 R X Xxx X, T w W 9X V xr A M V N1 X EY X Q w Y C' Q xY gf, Nj Us XJ WJ iv WY v Y Y N . N X.: . N . W N N-' 2 J X3 . K XJR ,wr IV XJ M my Aw , N wsx ji Q9 gs 32, Q Q TORCH STAFF PRESENTS f R W v X, 1 V Y 0 X Y' r J N' -' . :Nm Y iv XX, 'J Q N . Q J BQ' ,U ,Q vTHE196O TORCH,VOl..XXXIV w -JW, mixws 3? P? X W W N Q N x if jf Q5 lj TORRANCE HIGH SCI-noon. KJ K '51 X,X.g3iY SEQ N YE? fx TQRRANCE, CALIFORNIA Y ' X, U V T -'UB ,Ir l, 0 I J -s " .,W, V 4 , , gg 3 1 . .1 af 1 ,sq Q 1.3 ,N '34, ' ii, 7 4 if M 1 5 ai ff? ' 0 . K . Ag 24, ef M vwqt N, . 15.9, ' l ff 5 ttf 3 1 ll l D Y l wlll its J git T , if rl ,lk , 'J ,rl gs lplfll L lj ,Q E T Nitty it-uf Y Ll' if J if 1 Ugly A 1 JDM 1 Q i A P19546 pu! ,Ili Claw it U wli y if l D . . ri f r T - 3 5 Llsdylf c ll! i llll 4 f 5 i JW ' ly ' . W A i 'Q - 4 X x ,li . l si f T L'- il lb l -MM 'Y If i, it if i A I i 1' 1:3 ,fi W llli l il: M l CID f ' , ka i llhw - .1 , , cy lul , Q-, I f jlllikMi W.'1i' ll V Mlll' A fl My T MNT I N CE D, r W i . ., it T ' A T EA 'T f 6' , f 54 --- T tl ' --t T i-iicsi-i A 'fc H ti SCHOOL T 1 The various activities, curricular and extra-curricular, bring common experiences to all students, and individual experiences to each student. All of these activi- ties are set to correspond with a certain time. Because the instinct tor time is always present, we plan these activities, then remember them, in relation to a certain hour, day, month, or year. When we conclude our high school careers, each ot us will look back at our many experiences, and tor each ot us they will mean something ditterent. Our accomplishments and failures will be held in our memory, and will be appraised and enioyed tor their complete picture ot the time we have spent. To recall and record the moments ot the school year T959-T960 tor the stu- dents who have lived them, and to make the theme ot Time the basis tor remembering these moments, the T960 TORCH synchronizes itself to the hearts and minds ot the Torrance High School student body. A wondert-ul stream is the River Time, As it runs through the realm ot Tears, ' With a taultless rhythm, and a musical rhyme, And a broader sweep, and a surge sublime, As it blends with the Ocean of Years. . B. F, Taylor Ai. , DEDICATIQN , X sq' One of The locol businessmen, who hos done mgiedgcy, service over The yecirs for The sTudenTs of llorifqnceg High School, is Mr. Williom CroTTy. He owns operoTes o phoTogrophy sTuolio in downTovvn Job rcince. For severolryeors, Mr. CroTTy hos Token The seniors picTures Tor The groioluoTing clcisses of Tor- rcince High, His relenTless efforrs To mc1inTciin QL superior qualify of work, noT only in The Senior sec-Q Tion of The yeorbook, buT oilso in The club ond oiThleTicV I groups, hove conTribuTed To The high rc1Tings ThoiT Th? Torch hos ochieved in yeorbook compeTiTion. 'l Fully ovvore of Mr. CroTTy's helpful, eTTicienT, ondf generous services To Torronce High School, onol deff sirous of moking his service known To more sTug,en'Ts olncl oTher ciTizens of This comrnuniTy, The 1960 Torch sToTT grofefully dedicoTes This book To him. ,ff f if -fi' , ,fyjy joyfyffwf ww' 4 Q f V' f' 3 117 QVV Clwr . HULL fm f I. X fzyQ'fyV Bbw Torronce High School being The oldesT ond IongesT estoblished high school in Torronce hos o fine record To rnciinfoin ond uphold, ond The presenT groduofing cloiss ond The underclossrnen now in school ore doing on oulsfonding lob of moinmining Thor record. The Boord of Educofion ond The Cornrnuniry ore very proud of your occornplishmenfs over The posf yeor. ' J. H. Hull JVM f in 7 w ,,..f- LEADERSHIP 8 TABLE CDF' SENIORS 26 UNDERCLASSIVI EN 58 CRGANIZATIONS 7 8 ATHLETICS 114 ACTIVITIES CONTENTS 7 I - ! f-idx x4 ,.d4l-1 I jf X . It 7, Y, my W fi If Lx s , 41' , , LJ .fy ,, l ,' . ,ffxfv j if A 2 f ' If I 1 ' ' 1 XI Y I lf fy, fl ,fff , . fy f uf J ,1 ,fu i I, ,V if ,ff I 4, 1,3 , , L W L L WWWNJWW BO W Wi? nf D K IM Wjlfwggw W L 'Q' - 4ij?BAf 1,51 C X V, ,gf ' V ', I J , I -1 f, L- ,' V 1. 1' ' " Q,-iff, 'T ,' " x f , ,2 my f I, Y 'K ik 3 " A A' V If ,e 1 ' ' . LEADERSHIP W My 'f ?' I ff MM W Q DR. CARL AHEE Principal You ore stepping out into o world ot wonder ond opportunity toking with you the knowledge ond skills thot you hove ocguired in your four yeors of high school. One ot the less obvious but most importont ot these skills is your obility to organize ond use your time, both leisure ond otherwise, efficiently ond wisely. As the poet Kipling hos put it, the one who con get the full sixty seconds out of every minute shows rnoture development, ond is more opt to grosp the oppor- tunities os they present themselves, thus ensuring his success. T. HS MRS. MARY DEMONET Secretory to Principal "lf you can fill the unforgiving minute With sixty seconds, worth of distance rwng Yours is the earth ana' everything thafs in it- .4nci what is more yozfll be a man, my son." -Kipling ADM I N ISTRATORS MRS. DORTHEA JOHNSON Secretary to Assistant Principal of Pupil Personnel lrfi 'V l MR, LEONARD LIFTON Assistant Principal of Pupil Personnel XY MR, MARCUS T. CALDWELL Assistant Principal in charge of Administration WW I MRS. PAT MILES Secretary to Assistant Principal Administration MRS. CATHERINE LEPS Girls' Advisor MR. HAROLD WIDNEY Curriculum Co-ordinator MR. JOHN SWAFFORD Attendance Supervisor A .6 57 MR. GERALD RONAN Boys' Advisor , f. 'O' thy'-"s MRS. BETTY DAWSON Counseling Office MRS. EVELYN SEXTON Counseling Office STAFF MEMBERS Our well-qualified faculty and administrative staff have helped Torrance High School to another successful school year. Working together to run the many offices of this institution were the ten members of the adminis- trative staff and their competent colleagues, while the fifty-five faculty members, eighteen of whom are new to Torrance High School this year, completed their curricular and extra-curricular assignments with efficiency. Among the departments of curriculum taught by our teachers and run by our administration were the many academic divisions-mathematics, English, social studies, foreign languages. Also skillfully taught were home- making, shop, art, music, business, physical education, driver education, and driver training. MRS. WILMA WILLIAMS Co-ordinator's Office MR. GORDON JOHNSTON Activities Advisor mr K ,L 'I ' "' MRS. PHYLLIS HENDERSON Activities Office MRS. EDNA GOODROW Attendance Office MR. CHARLES ARNOLD MR. RICHARD BANNEHR Foreign Language Foreign Language MR, ROGER AXWORTHY , -. , .3 1 . ,,,, L. Journalism Q 5 ' OUR EFFICIENT TAFZTAR FACULTY ...... MR. WILLARD BOERGER Boys' Physical Education 5 QQ, XL MR. THOMAS BRAY Machine Shop 25 gr. I MR. GARTH BELKNAP American Heritage MR. JAMES BEEZHOLD World Heritage RY ca A FK. ff -J 'T-T-4 MR. BRUCE BROADWELL Business Education " : fi- 'JIIZT 1,1-' - ' 7 -'Sf ' ?i15f7ff'- +73 i 6 gl 6 A 0 Un. E MR. LOUIS BERESKIN Foreign Language dd? I up - 445 MR. RICHARD BULLINGTON Drafting .lg i ....TEACl-lES.... MR. CLYDE CHRISTENSEN General Science Miss CATHRYN cHisHoLM Freshman Problems MR. ROGER CURRAN Freshman Problems 'r J, f T. ' 1 rr,, E. MR. BILLY CUNNINGHAM T 2 Freshman Problems if MR. WALTER DOUTHWRlGHT Freshman Problems MR. VINCENT DIFIORE World Heritage :JS-ZZ'?:iT1:f'.VX fg'gj5fSxr'rRAil 1:-ss. - ,.':r::"r- MR. ALBERT COSTAS World Heritage 'Pi MRS, MARIE DIEM World Herifage lc: MISS SHIRLEY ELLERMAN Girls' Physical Educaiion MR. PAUL FOSTER Freshman Problems UCS MRS. REBA GROSCH Business Education Miss MARGARET HENNESSY Typing ....ADVlSES.... if- MRS. FANNIE GARSHFIELD American Heritage MRS. ALICE HAMMOND Contemporary Problems ii MR. WILLIAM HOAG Boys' Physical Education MRS. ANNE GRAVES Contemporary Problems MRS. MARY HANEY American Heritage 5, ' ii . f . ftb iff ' .1 ,V-ii - , Q:-...ZA Z. itlfeiilfl ,P QI fi. I 'Er Fl , , ,ff Z MR. GUSTAV HOPKINS Arr I5 ZQFW' 5' if 1 MR. I RICHARD HULSE Mathematics 'Q MRS. GLADYS KENNEDY f1" O O O O 5 .... ' 4:1 1 f MR. GEOFFRY INKIN Mathematics Foreign Language X MRS. CLAIRE LOCKE Foods MR. JOHN KNAPP Mathematics -Q ...I MR. WILLIAM LUDWIG Mathematics PLANS .... zffvx MR. IRWIN KASTEN Boys' Physical Education I MISS MARCIA LARSON Drama fl' 43 l',, MR. ROBERT MCKNIGHT Chemistry ? I 1 I . . . . SPCJNSCDRS MR. LARRY MACARAY Art l MR. JOHN OGLE Boys' Physical Education V' ycgfy," ' MRS. JACQUELI NE MARSHALL Girls' Physical Education MRS. LOIS OLSEN Freshman Problems '71 :QW 4""' 5,176 rf IN. -5 if MRS. BARBARA PENNER American Heritage MR. WESLEY PETERSON American Heritage if 'Q MRS. ELLEN MOHAN Girls' Physical Education MRS. RUTH PEARSON Libra rian MR. RONALD RUDOLPH World Heritage GUIDES. MRS. CHARLENE SANDERS N 51 231.551 ? MR. JOSEPH SARTHOU MR Boys' Physical Education . ROBERT SIMMONS World Heritage MR. ALFRED SMITH Biology MR. DELMAR SMITH MR. FRANCIS SNYDER MRS. SHIRLEY SQUIRE Work Experience Music Clothing . X Contemporary Problems BOY ' W 1 I fu ,, , if! xv MR. ARLO SULLIVAN MR. WILLIAM SUTHERLAND s' Physical Education 2 I MR. HAROLD STROHM MR- HOWARD. TOWLE Wood Shop World Heritage I? fi. 6 M 'A .zpwqvi 915 fr'-.-1' ff" I-73' Int Row: Ray Rice, Donald Christenson, Evelyn Roy, Arthur Eide, Howard Stevens. Back Row: George He-inert, George Payne, Edward Curtis, James Smith, ALWAYS 1, WORKING MRS. ORLETA POWERS MISS EMMA JORDAN MR. CLARENCE DITTO Cafeteria Manager Library Assistant Senior Head Custodian ,Wt ,,,,,,,, uhm nu., , 'ir , I I f C 'ere I si I Irene Fletcher, Glenice Carter, Mary Puncher, Helen Mullen, Molly I-loke, Mary Specht, Monett Dill. 'wan-..,i' mrvfff 1 V I MIKE WALKER A.S,B. President, lst Semester STUDENT ,fun :qw KIMIYE TAKEUCHI Commissioner of Publicity gh X LYNNE HYDE f I 'Jxl ici BILL TILLEY A.S.B. Vice President 1" Aff 1 . JACK SINGER Boys' League President First semester Student Body President Mike Walker headed an efficient council. In addition to its routine duties such as selling A.S.B. cards and tickets for sports events, the first semester council planned and sponsored many other activities. The winter formal was one of the most outstanding activities of the year. They also sponsored many pep ral- lies, aud-calls, and noon sock hops. Bill Tilley assisted as Vice President and other officers were Susan Saari, Commissioner of Records, Kimi Takeuchi, Publicity, Sachi lshihara, Activities, Judie Sherwood, Finance, Marcell Cook, Group Control, Linda Williams, Pep, Roy Yanase, Athletics, Lynn Keller, Court Judge, Lynne l-lyde, Girls' League President, Jack 'Quo-1" 1-I 3 . Girls' League President , LYNN KELLER Student Court Judge 1,7 M nf' . V: f . I l f V 7,2 ,f .4 V ,V I, xc. 6.13 " ' ' i , 'Q . -... . Q' V , ' 'Q : 4, , H 157 K, ' fl ,',' ' , MARCELL COOK Commissioner of Group Control Singer, Boys' League President, Su san Hammock, Senior Class Presi L N w . ff' X, BOB SONJU Freshman Class President eff RAY BYNUM Sophomore Class President JOANN CARR Junior Class President SUSAN HAMMACK Senior Class President dent, Joanne Carr, Junior, Ray By- num, Sophomore, and Bob Soniu, Freshman. Walter Stocker, exchange , l student, was also a member of the Commwone' of Records council. W 7 .,,. 'GJ 1 SAC!-ll ISHIHARA Commissioner of Activities 5'-wr' ,-Q, ROY YANASE Commissioner of Athletics LINDA WILLIAMS Commissioner of Activity 17, ,,,,, , ,.,,,.,, , .,.. . ,,,,,,, JUDI SHERWOOD Commissioner of Finance RIM SUSAN SAARI pus, was taken in hand by Ray ez ' - , . ' , ' X . i ll T V K JOANN CARR nmmissioner of Activiti k V . sql l J MIKE WALKER Commissioner ot Athletics g. ' g 'fr Z 2 N.- V BEV OREND Commissioner ot Pep '?'? SUSAN MATHIS Commissioner of Finance CHARLOTTE MCCOMAS Commissioner of Records POLITICIANS I W V' '2 7 ' " f "" ' . ' S., 2 N ...A N.. I Q -7 GAI L HYDE Freshman Class President 2?'T'ff' "" ' . ' ' 'E' ' i. ,f ROXANNE BARNARD Sophomore Class President STEVE PARKER Junior Class President ' ,AI LINDA SWEET Senior Class President CHERRIE LACY Commissioner of Publicity CAROL MATHLIN 's 1 Student Court Judge RAY BYNUM Commissioner of Group Control :YW M -un. ROY YANASE A.S.B. President, 2nd Semester 'T'-'P SUSAN HAMMACK Girls' League President I JUDI SHERWOOD A.S.B. Vice President L '3 is ., i -fs J: i . .2 ' 1 - f,,',.-.U it 1, .' .Hunan In 1.8 I U JIM HENSLEY Boys' League President Second semester Student officers did a fine job of administration, as a whole and individually. Serving his second semester on Council was Roy Yanase, this time as Student Body Presi- dent. Judi Sherwood was a competent Vice President and Council with ot Records was Charlotte McComas was Susan Mathis. Handling various while Joanne Carr directed activities 1 Control, with an accent on Clean Cam both ot them directed the Spring ease. Serving as Commissioner while Commissioner ot Finance Publicity duties were Cherrie Lacy, that were a great success. Group Bynum. The iob ot Commissioner ot Athletics was given to Mike Walker, and Beverly Orend discharged the duties ot Commissioner of Pep. Boys and Girls' League Presidents were Jim Hensley and Susan Ham- mack, and the student court was well-represented by Carol Mathlin as Judge Representation of the tour classes was given to the tour class Presidents: Linda Sweet, Seniors, Steve Parker, Juniors, Roxanne Barnard, Sophomores, and Gail Hyde, Freshman. Foreign Exchange Student Walter Stocker learned even more about student councils this21 semester to take back to his home when he returns. Ray Bynum, Steve Parker, Bob Mullen, Ronnie Van Dyke, Jim Hensley, Richard Masaki. JIM HENSLEY Second Semester President The largest boys' club on campus is Boys' League, which counts in its membership each and every male student enrolled at Torrance High, The main goal ot Boys' League is to promote triendship and service among the boys, in school and in their community. Heading the first semester Boys' League Cabinet was President Jack Singer. Among the activities that he and his cabinet directed were the early term Faculty Tea, Freshmen Day on the first day ot school, and the Home- coming Tea in November. The Boys' League also sponsored a special aud-call and co-sponsored the annual Christmas aud-call. Jack's cab- inet members were Steve Parker, Vice President, Ray Bynum, Secretary, Bob Mainer, Treasurer, Bill Tilley, Tartar Knight Captain, Jim Hensley, Senior Representa- tive, Bob Mullen, Junior Representative, Ronnie Van Dyke, Sophomore Representative and Richard Masaki, Freshman Representative. Jim Hensley was second semester President, with Jim Pritchard as Vice-President, Richard Steele as Secretary, and Richard Woodward taking over duties as Treasurer. Lynn Keller served on the Board as Tartar Knight Captain, while class representatives were Danny Kirks, Seniors, Tom Holdsworth, Junior, John Cambon, Sophomore, and Bob Stout, Freshmen. Second semester activities were a Spring Dance, held on March 18, and a shack sale. Front row: Tom Holdsworth, Richard Steel, Jim Pritchard, Lynn Keller Danny Kirks Back row Steve Parker and Bo LYNNE HYDE Girls' League President First Semester GIRLS' LEAGUE Left to right: l Left to Right:'Donna Thistle, Carol Porterfield, Flora Watson, Vicky Hippik, Linda Sweet, Barbara Zubovich, Jeanne Sprout. I This year's Girls' League has been very active. During the first se- mester they sponsored the annual Christmas aud-call, and the Tartar Lady aud-call. They also held the semi-annual Hospitality Tea for the new students. In October the first semester officers attended a Sectional Conference at Mira Costa High School in which the repre- sentatives from the schools attending talked about mutual problems facing Girls' Leagues. After the second semester officers were elected, the League held an installation dinner in which the new officers were installed and the past officers received a token of their office. The second semester officers sponsored the annual slack and pedal-pusher day and the backwards dance which was, as always, greatly appre- ciated, but especially this year because of the leap year tradition. Both semesters' officers did a tremendous iob. Lynne Hyde as the first term's President, and Susan Hammock, second semester President, both held up the fine tradition set aside for the Girls' League. Vice Presidents were Vicki Hippik and Flora Watson, while Secretaries for the two semesters were Denise Hunter and Pat Piercy. Barbara Zubovich and Kimi Takeuchi carried out the important duties of Historian- Reporter. Representatives for first semester were Flora Watson, Seniors, Joanne lsBell, Juniors, Dognaq Thistle, Sophomorcisg and Jeannie Sprout, Freshmen. Second semester representatives were Sandy Bailey, Seniors, Linda Eldridge, Juniors, Sharon Campbell, Sophomores, and Nora Thornberry, Freshmen. Gracie Connett, Kathleen Taylor, Sandra Bailey, Flora Watson, Nora Thornberry, Sharon Campbell. -2 in 4 1 .H -f. ,, 1- if ev -Q SUSAN HAMMACK Girls' League President Second Semester I, , 6 t ffl 67 fl Z'JlJ,?lf627dK " fi i iv' SJ' Front row: Kathleen Taylor, Randy Blair, Gail Hyde, Sharon Campbell. Back row: Tom Megow, Bob Mullen. TA RTAR CAROL MATHLIN Second Semester Student Court Judge The Torrance High School Student Court functioned efficiently this year in its capacity as a representa- tive court for violators of student laws. When the Tartar "criminals" were given citations by Tartar Knights, Tartar Ladies and Varsity Club, they were ordered to the court to be tried and iudged. Proper sentences were administered as the Court Judge and Court Representatives ran the procedure in the manner prescribed by American Law. Serving on first semester Court were: Tom Megow and Kathy Taylor, Senior representatives, Bob Mullen and Kalegugrossman, Junior representatives, Randy Bla: aron amploell, Sophomore members, and Mike Ranases and Gail Hyde, Freshmen mem- loers. Second semester representatives were Kathleen Tay- lor and Bill Tilley, Seniors, Bob Mullen and Maxine lhara, Juniors, Earl Yanase and Sharon Radi, Sopho- mores, and Bob Soniu and Gayle Schenk, Freshman. Heading the first semester court was Court Judge Lynn Keller, while Carol Mathlin was elected to the top position for the second semester. Both these Judges represented their respective courts on the Student Council during their terms of office. Gayle Schenk, Kathleen Taylor, Bob Mullen, Sharon fi LYNN KELLER First Semester Student Court Judge JUSTICE Radi, Maxine lhara. f C ' L.. . 2, - .ir ' 'Yi America-the land of the future . . . Since I first heard of a vast country west of Europe, my desire became great to see it. The purpose of my being here is not only to have a good time. The American Field Service, the organiza- tion to which I owe the priv- ilege of spending this year in America, presumed that I would try to learn and understand the customs and problems of your country. This will help me to acquire a close and everlasting friendship with you. An American once told me "You don't have to like us". I think that any people who visit another country should make every effort to like the people of that country. Just because many things are different land the world would be very dull if they were notl, this does not mean you shouldn't like them. One of the things in America I have found to be different from Europe is the relation of area. If you travel a hun- dred miles in Europe, you have gone a long way. Go- ing a hundred miles in America is only taking a short trip. Another difference is that in America people are not ruled by the clock as much as in Europe. You take it much easier. Also, no one worries as much about what his neighbor A. F. S. REPRESENTATIVES Apple Strudel, Viener Schnitzel, apricot Knodels with powdered sugar II gained I3 pounalsl, dancing under the beautiful, bright lights of the dances on the Worter MARY SMILEY See, swimming and canoeing on the Danube, hiking in the mountains, and listening to musical concerts are some of the wonderful things I remember about my two month visit with Martha Proll and her family in Austria last summer. After many months of waiting for word from the American Field Service on which applicant was to represent Torrance I-Iigh School in a foreign country, all my hopes and expectations were only matched by interesting experiences I had. The American Field Service program, under the direction of Stephen Gallutto, ma 'P X U L A.F.S. exchange student Mary Smiley and Foreign Exchange Student Walter Stocker sit in the senior patio admiring the Tartar campus. WALTER STOCKER thinks of him, and respect for elders is not as important. Consequently, relationships between your young people and adults are closer. I have found some things that I like less than those in my country, but over-all, my impression of America is that I like it very much. I want to thank all the people who have made my stay so interesting and happy. My year at Torrance High will be a most memorable one in my life and I will be proud of it, for not many of my Qwicc muntrvmen are aranted such a privilege. de possible my trip to Kloster neuburg, a town near Vi- enna. AFS, its purpose be- ing to promote friendly re- lations among countries, sends more than a thousand students to various countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America every sum- mer. During my "Urlaub" in Klos- terneuburg with the Proll family, I tried to become adiusted to new customs, ideas and language. I found that basically, the Austrians are very much like we A- mericans, except, perhaps, that they laugh a little more. On the boat coming back to America, I reflected on the days I had spent and the people with whom I had spent them and I realized that in me, the goal of the AFS had been reached. I know that the strong ties brought about through a stay with a foreign family as a foster child would pre- vent a n y o n e from ever wanting to engage in war with that country. Mary Smiley 4. 5 HDMI ,., .s ""'!"5f..., Q my Q 4: ' A -.k K, A Q '- N ' T s, ,,kx: I E : A Q ff! IE ' I . V 5 J ' I m s YI 1 1 L '39 X H I X Nu X Time goes, you say? Ah no f Alas Time stays, we go. -Austin Dobson SENIORS SUSAN HAMMACK President ffjgt'-1-'Q , it Q .lf MRS. ANNE GRAVES Sponsor 3-'35, ,.... LINDA SWEET SHARON RICCI BARBARA ALTER Vice President Secretary Treasurer . ELECTED EFFICIENT OFFICERS . The Officers that took care of Senior Class business during the first and second semesters turned out many fine iobs of administration. The Class of '60 was ably led by Susan Hammack and Linda Sweet, the two class presidents who helped their class councils to get much done and who represented their classes on student council during the semester they served. Susan headed an all-girl first semester cabinet, comprised of Linda Sweet, Vice President, Sharon Ricci, secretary, and Barbara Alter, treasurer. Second semester officers were Linda Sweet, President, Mike Walker, Vice President, Flora Watson, secretary, and Barbara Adams, treasurer. Mrs. Anne Graves advised both councils in her capacity as Senior Class sponsor. Directly representing the students were the Senior homeroom representatives, elected in their classes to serve on the council. M UNDA SWEET President ti -4 A 54 'f i fi ,,. f. I j IW' i '45-f M ? 1 i Sf sf i 'Z 3 , MIKE WALKER FLORA WATSON BARBARA ADAMS Vice President Secretary Treasurer wk XX! ff-gh lib ' V 'Qu J! 'I Y BARBARA ADAMS BARBARA ALTER 5 'C . ',,,,,, S PAT ANDERSON VIRGINIA ANDERSON .5 'aa ffvn i '5 I- 'IP -c-ai if , if KAREN ARBUCKLE JIM ARMSTRONG RIC J i SANDRA BAILEY DON BAKER HARD AUGENSTEIN ANTHONY AUGUSTYN .-W. I? 1v Sv' ROGER BAKER HOWARD BARBER fx Hand wi 4 5? I RONNIE BARBER sAa"' E 4 4'4-'YO . . . . ACHIEVED SCHO SANDY BOUDREAUX Q3 VE KATHLEEN BRADY ALLEN BRISACK I AH: 'Q'-'fy Ch W Y Kf- I- I 1 5 Iggy i rw"2A I 54, I Q . -4 ,Ml , , ,,,, 'MQW lr M., Tu., 'fzzfxffi , f?'7'53 If M-If if qi f?ffN"ff' . i' 4 W FT? , ' 1 ,,5.!,6 ,f.," fig fix? .fy wr EDWARD BRENNAN -,, 1-JH I I mf ff I ffffw I LLLL LI -'if ' I I I I f -, I I 'Mia gb, v . ' DAVID BRISTOL JANICE BROOKS JAMES BROWN BILL BRUGMAN ' Jr v-N., JERRY BRUNNER DENNIS BULLOCK DON CANNON LAS I IC HCDNCDRS . . . . DIANA CATO fu.. an 'A' 16-A? PEDRO CARRILLO SUSAN CEMORE CLAUDIA CANTER e 1 N Fund .-1 1' J Vw'-1 , , COLLENE CHANDLER CAROLYNE CHURCH BETTE CLARK DAVID CLUTTER .pvqgiv- f 51, 3 V .-fl' Q 'I ff. 7'4- gk 1 H 41. li 4, ,ak r-HJ .d-..,4., -1" 'ff 'gl -I VON'-Q., .L W 1 ,A - . -i ,l LARRY COIL TOM COLEMAN MARY COMON iyf X 1 I x 'S' i 'L -ff-.,, RICHARD CONNETT A fi raw if DIANA COOPER '-- H' 2 mls WAYNE COPELAND 5-1 Nui Y'---'wr ppm CQSBY HOWARD COWAN JOHN CRAIN -I-,,w?f ,. - fi ,44 One of the landmarks of our campi fountain is the main feature of the pclf nafive palm frees. W KAAREN CRIST DICK CUCCI LLOYD DANIELS BARBARA DAVIS VERNON DAVIS ,f- , SHARON DEERING , P: ...- r iff' if W... , fvitf +2133 5, '-.- "Lf 9. :J ',. . , rv Q:57 ' f5'f J . .4 W., , , , ggi' f' h ' , U vr 1 I V QI " ' X : the beautiful senior patio. The mosaic SUSANNE DAY 4 if is surrounded by gross and exotic .1 .,.,- , g -Q MVA 4 if-m 4,-J., rf in -QU' Nl' v"0 'l:-.9 'VV -.Q 'M' -.Ji 144,31 I .1 ' I , ,, ,, A xr , JOSEPH DEJAIFRE MIKE DEROUIN PAT DEROUIN CAROL DONAHER 'Www GEORGE DORMAN IQ 495 , 75, ,W SANDRA DOW N6 N17 5, ! Sv-M , f I rw av wr' 1 .7 1 1' f I THOMAS DUEHRING ADOLPH DURAN ...AW 'Q DIANNA DYCK JAMES 'ECHOLS A ?""n-r JUNE FARISS 2 LYNNA EWING JIM EDWARDS SHARON ENGSTROM XE -Rfk., . a 1 'Q "gf ,JR :- " ' , , b ', an , V I .N wx V ami ,wt afgqgf: - nj. Q J if r 'Q Q ... Timur AUGUST! NE FLORES BETH FISHER I? 3 QQ DAVE FIORELLI 35 gn..- 'USN Nr-" ":i::'II? BERTHA FERM f: Ax, 1'- R 22 SUE FOSTER In 4, , ' gsm P -Gia Y ' , T f V VHP I .L , ,353 'T 'w f ff A ' f23A- iS233:f1 v A ' - Qi: ' m f ,ff " f I f' iifm ie- f 4 ff! 5.513 F CAROLE FQWLER 'N'--Q , , JANICE FREDRICKSON JUDY FREDRICKSON DANNY GENTIS GARY GEORGE ROSEMARIE GILL SHARRON GOODE FRANK GRAJ EDA . . . IVIAINTAINED GOCD quarr- MARTHA GOODROW YVONNE GRAHAM 'Ov 3' Um. 'ffbv nv" N. Moi. A KAREN GRAY Jos cameo DON GUYAN JUDY HAGAN is-4 5 SUSAN HAMMACK SONDRA HANNI CITIZENSHIP .... . -' pm , will 4 RQ' 'W 3 2 'fi ",9'.."!97 f I I 'w':.fg. 0 ,fwfr f ,gfZggj, 1 LINDA HENDERSON PATSY HARDAGE 'UH x T""'l7 :hh MMs,.:- I .,.,,..,,f,f,,x , ,np Q" . 1 5535-gfvffgijfal? 5tL,',3'E 59201 X AQ if 1. .' ,L fi' 3, ',:!,Q'jjf A """' 15341163 N-.nv KENNETH HELPHAND PAUL HARESTAD 'QM 5. K QF: ,V , , Nlckww, N A f gbfaw Rv vq, L , ,Eff if 'S VME- f ,L .L V -9 , ' .L ,Az I 'E ,I . .,.. 3 JAMES HENSLEY JIM HESTER LARRY HENDRICKSON 0-.Al VICKY HIPPIK ,muff Nw' ,PE and . Q W ,X 4 YOSHIO HIROSE f .. 7, . V 111047 --ua? '--907' N, H .Q 'K ,hx Q3 N an an if A'?Vf?wf"5' . bv, av- "'L f f , rf f' Tl? ,ws , E . ,'V hp V9-'K gr. ,5 g NI' A 'YCITTTCY -I I f....,,,,,,,,,,m,: 1 X , 's ?i .FL 'N -' 'vu JANET HOCH RICHARD HODGSON LINDA HOFER GWEN HOUSTON X"f"' GA RY HUFFMAN 'qu Ni' 'ii X, ff F DENISE HUNTER I-YNNE HYDE sl r- ""'N MARSHA HUNT Q E J I2 ' O .-, f I 1 , , il C V-KA y r f ' .jif 3:35213 CAROL JOHNSON A Typical scene at one of many re- Nancy Osborn develop their character cember 4th and 5th performances of Young and Gay." ' 1-q,,.,,pJ 'i I PAULETTE JOHNSON few, is L tf""7 Ao' ""ifi"" W f , X '-O' J 1 Wie 'im RICHARD JOHNSON BOB JONES CINDY KAZEBEER ' ff: ml L le r A ,. 1 gg ,,, V , 'f" as X , 5 t -rd PAT KINNEY heorsols in which Carol Mczthlin cmd ROBERTA KELLY roles while looking forward fo The De- rhe Senior Play, "Our Hearts Were 'R 'xpu N '-1-3' ,-J Q--H -we-4? -air z xr-+1 LYNN KELLER Q1 if a -,faint -5 .1 : ez an V- mf.:--leg' P Wg, .U-.. Nj L .,'-,5fL,,,:--- L., If 53,4 'ff' ' A-2- ,, iA,,'-9256, , " I - V . -fl V C as S3 va' f 1 r' an ls' N. ' 4' " p i ,tr I es' -. 3' . 5 ,. L . 1 jk' 1 q .bfi , fx p f Q -L V J' 1 4 1 .Q s ffl.. Q TV c W' Kfw il! ,. 'Jef Q A 1 J . f - LQ H L S N ' ,K " gm ...Jia 5: 1 '- gf , J' 4 11,0- ,T-. :,: vig, My ' 'rn . . ..,,.f W Hz iii SSX f A' 'y V . 412 wr ee r E . Qu ,i Q'--5 2.1 . I 1 . 5 ,N P .X V ' JON KINSEY DANNY KIRKS Bosal KLOPPENBURG KAREN KORTH ' t Qlf E 7I"J"'IA"A"4IE"f'I"HI I f ,- I , ., V- yr' A? x ,, Af X ' an H3 A , L I ,L A 4 "" Ei2,Qggfx'Y'51 4: L e,,, . Jef 'V .f'f?"'L"""'3g'g ' Pg -ff: -Af "ff, 1' ""-im' X " -,,g,, , L. E1 ..Lyf.a?f.?faf:f A I f"'rf"'?:3fgg' r f ? A 1 Lrg f' A-'35,gf,"4'-'f,gELIf" afdmigggfi I 'fwTJl7 ' " RX fE?bIfEfZ?!2"Z ' I f '-AA f ' " ' 5 Aff? -' ","wfHCf' 4 A L ' RICHARD KYLE VERNON LAMPHERE DALE LANCASTER FREDERICK LANDAUER MN M52 I Qu - KF' , Q "' I ' 'T ' . x 'S' 1 A A X 'N I I 11, PATRICIA LARSON yn-any I km! 0 'A SERENA LEE , ii Q , ,f ga if ii LINDA LEDBETTER W'--'nr LARRY LIEURANCE ,N-xx' I an 'Mr how BROOKE LI NDERMAN My-......,,gE. KAREN LIND I.:- Q,s4A'5:f1L4+-f'ls-:gui-1Y1 - L . -- A IAF- . 31 A -1 .I -3 m. H X :bil "' 2 J . O J 4 'L P-Yi! 3 . a vi A -'f3f5'F?'r-,zrw . V , .7 mt,-.uglhzi 4 K. 1 .20 . 1 , . ffl-., R-'TFW 514 - A-.::?..s Tl' YN A 1, L M., :Q-. Q .1 f xx -fi 'Xia .-,, CHUCK LITAKER LARRY MCELHINY BOB LONG 'Tvvb Ninn! gwfifa- L VIOLA LUCERO DICK LONGO 'if r,,.? '33 ROBERT MCCALL CHARLOTTE MCCOMAS T-:af OREN MCKNIGHT 5 fl" 'ffl' ,iv .J BARBARA McLAUGHLlN TOM MCMASTER .,.,,,, KAREN MCTEE NJ' f""iu fi' R A 5 IQ' My MELBA MAXWELL E545 xr W SHARON MAGNER NJ' ROBERT MAINER . . . . PARTICIPATED IN JOAN MARJALA ,wang -.swf CAROL MATHLIN LOUIS MARTINEZ aww, 7 I , I , fm., TOM MEGOW MARTHA MILLER 155 A an wif-wo? GLORIA MATHIS 1143? WILLIAM MILLER 91 if f.-H DON MILLS MANY SPORTS x 'L L3 ou ' j ' 2 fm, VICTOR MISHLER Nita 'fav DONNA MOORE 'fax - If-,I A ...ww LINDA MILLS I O O .9 +8 F' 'R ' 55,3-Q 5' if I m KENNETH MITCHELL 47 ' Q-Nm? ff ROBERT MOORE PETER MITCHELL JOE MONTGOMERY MARTHA MULLEN kg ff' LANA MINER vw--.1-Y X 4, . N I ff? fbi ' 3? . 4' H. I . 5 TERRY NELDON 7 , Lf f-oe Ii ,VX .L-'ff LL., , CAROL NELSON DAVID NELSON EARL NEWSOM " ive'-pr A '21 L J A PHILLIP NICHOL ' 1 4' ' L . 14 Z JANET NOONE + X L' pgs ww ' A'1': I A ?5fxRg,g,p g 2 . Nav' 5 11,1 R J KAREN NYSTEDT TOM OJARD BEVERLY OREND ld -9 JSE Ki 5 YEL 1 , 'Eiga L I v L 'iii' R!i?fy Ql ' VERNE NEWSOM Shown here are green senior sweater of '6O. an NANCY OSBORN TE? , I ' ,"-, 1 I wr ,i I,-. si M . I '3Q,',A' I 'N -'N 1 , f I sv fi 'in X1 my ' , , I I f FI "f::J:17' , W xv Wu 'V Y' .ly I 1 ri-44 1 yi-. . 5 -J fr H fi' A ss, WA Q -q v 'Q' LOUISE OTTERSTEIN GWEN PATTISHALL BOB PAYTON RON PENNINGTON B RN and gray senior locket of The class CAROLYN PERRY L I. ' NX l ' I I iii, 'iaiw ,f X7 wg ff CONNIE PHILLIPS 2, " 5 I' E I ,j,,Ql- I 1 III - I ' '. ' IQYA? I, I x, ff inf' If I-.17 O'-'Y SNQ, ,ff . , N ,Li-F' AUSTIN PICKETT MARY PORTER JAMES PRITCHARD FLOYD RAMSEY an 'fffjzr T? -Q.-..fMf Nutr' KL Ia," '-4. 1 X-I , , JUDY RAYMOND KATHY REED KRISTINE REED .Q 'T -J S-. V,.. ,t J BILL REINERT LARRY RHYNE ., fr, I If KAREN REESE 'WS 'fd 'M -fn THOMAS RICHARDSON -4:-'-'qv RAY RICE GARY RICE SHARON RICCI L , - -1: g'-R.-.Q ff, 3 ' E f .t - ' 23-.3-5,,..i'3,Lv:f 5 ' 4: 39 if- ag x -bi ,L -f ' xr nw: , 4- xv, l.:.. - 735 AX V Ak cz . ' - ' 5' ' W '2 'R , . Y 3' rf.:-L 'N ., V , 'Q fri ? "XY-29 E-3f'+f'9f' V "3 -, Q ,A 'zlgkix' f K 1 11 li 5, f- in - 4 N .j., k'xW"4 1 ' DONNA RITCHIE 'TL--1? "::"'.- .4-4-L' KEN RUBART .. . "Q:-,W . "' ..., f, - , -L -- .--v ' Q 3' Q . b -O Nl' 1 Y 'ilu-1, RUSSELL ROBERTS w,.....yy M...- BILL ROEDER SONDRA ROSENCRANTZ 'EQ' ivfd J .,.-'7 PHILLIP ROSS TREVA ROSSON nhl 'lf fs, -O '11 's,f,VV LW no 'K -Wk JIM RYNHART LYNNE ST. ONGE SUSAN SAARI 7 LARRY SALAS 'mrs s..d' H161 New Q., fvv' GARY SCHMIDT ALVENIA SERIANNI fi IDX 'Nd X1 I ALBERT SEVERSON N -vw.-., TOM SAS 1, s-..,L,,,' . .Q 4? ga., CJRGANIZED SUC 1 ' s ,V 'v1f-,--Tags, ' "2 ,. W-gym 'fa 2' 1 4' na wa Q 1?'12.QZ 34, J- 1. 3f,Zf' 4 'Q5..x.-:.- ' W Q. 'f2'if.' Q2 19' Z Ni z. , If .1 Q. .. 'I if 2' 4' Gly, 13,1 4, 1, J, H ff, -97 1' if 'f 'ff "m JON SCHOTANUS MARIA SCIARROTTA ...fn-09 'WEEK ORMA SHINNO NOEL SHIRE RHE TT SIEG-FRIED 'MII-.5 T9-H-' , 'f"" . ,vp-fi " f 4 '-- ' ,f-, --,. 'l Y w 'f NWI' - '7 94-:H .av w-fffrvlirxwf - p"?F:N11vkrii2viyNm2 wfyg-,-I 1:4 wwfx. I 1A:6sm-k.,Q ,1 ,Sq-?.',E,, LMI-wiv. :vmm,s.c5 JACK SINGER MARY SMILEY KEN SMITH CESSFUI.. ACTIVITIES .... JIM SOPP Gb 'vii TIES, Sd RICHARD SNYDER LINDA STEVENSON K! in., ROBERT SMITH ffl! vf' NO' Y-'if ' 'I 'V Hb , 2. PATRICK STEWART WALTER STOCKER TOM STOWE PAT STRAI-IM "lc, N , 'M - . . . 1 -5, of VN-at Nuna- KATHLEEN TAYLO R LARRY SULLIVAN LINDA SWEET BEVA TAPLEY 5 'lfjfff 'xi , .M fs, -11 io"--f..,,,-MX , Q if SHEILA THORNBERRY L 4""T SALLY TAYLOR ROBIN THOMAS Seniors grouped in auditorium on Jonu Senior Class Offices. BILL TILLEY JAMES TIMMONS MARY LOU TOMPKINS 'Onan N... ,JP 125 'ld ART TOZLER FRANK TUTTLE JOHN UNDERWOOD JOHN VALENCIA vw! . 'H ....,. Q- . A ' 'Y 4 Y R :df- ory 8th To hear campaign speeches for CAREY VAN DE WETERING Q -3 N Q.. Fx .41 LEO VILLAGOMEZ QQ ax f-if 'vwfgv I CAROL VORHIS LINDA WAGNER KATHY VAUGHN 3gkJ?'S, f-:J in :Z 10 - ,rn png. fx - . 1 :,r..4. ' .4:,,.z.L.k .. .M-., , - :Hn-7.1-vga, 11- Qt- L . Sf: 4 ' 0 - 1- : f. .Q :pg-,.f.g on-.V .1-L -f f R- -ew. ,. . x . . T . sr '22 Q ' gin X, , fi X La- O L we ,. A ff' X , -A, N. , 'x' x. ' ,:f.Ggfw., L.,- ..,,vg- ., .mv- A... - W .,-R .. "w-1' ' :Vi-l..r "'v- -rw, 4,1 , N144 5, Q , h x ga " I A ' A K -JI 1 L, 1? GORDON WALKER f 0 0 0 z V I 'v 7 I I. J' 5: J, MIKE WALKER xx I I, 1 'ffjjjf ' r l , I I BILLY WHITE mfr '3' I 1 JERRY WILLETT WAS THE GREATEST ,.a9" BETTY WATSON 'X , H I . f 'v'Q"'17 ' W I I J I I JIM WHITE W ,,,., ,pfsv LINDA WILLIAMS FLORA WATSON 3. iliiifwid-"' 'I ' , 1,4 N Q", -., , fs snr, I I 4 , M JOEL WHITMAN w-I 'qwffvf II SHARON WILLIAMS SENIOR CLASS EVER! "If 'wwf IX Nd xl BILL WILSON f",. Y , BARBARA WILSON 1' ii A """"1P SHARON WOLLER WILLIAM WILSON A-:rx ROY YANASE DUANE WYRICK BOB WILSON .. . 7?- If fl' 1 I . " X 1 'QA f I SHARON WOOD NW? ' 2 , I xx I K KATRINKA YURGIONAS SENIOR ACCOIVIPLISI-IIVIENTS BARBARA ADAMS-TNT Editor, Senior Class Treasurer, Senior Play, CSF Life Member, Press Club President, One-Act Author, Thespians, Girls' League. BARBARA ALTER-Rally Club Treasurer, Band, Scholarship Society, Junior Class Council, Senior Class Treasurer, Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow Award, Tartar Ladies, Girls' League Hospitality Committee, Girls' League. PAT ANDERSON-Girls' League, Fresh- man Homeroom Rep., Senior Representa- tive, Christmas Aud. Call, Tartar Choir, Variety Show, Christmas Concert. VIRGINIA ANDERSON-Girls' League, Christmas Aud. Call, Talent Show, Christmas Concert, Spring Concert, G.A.A., Girls' League. KAREN ARBUCKLE-Spanish Club, Girls' League, Girls' Glee. JIM ARMSTRONG-Scholarship Society, Tartar Knights, lst Lieutenant, Boys' Lea- gue, Sgt. at Arms, "B" Basketball, Var- sity Baseball Captain, Baseball Blankeft Award Winner, City Manager of Jr. Citizen's Day, Senior Homeroom Rep., Boys' State Appointee, Perfect Attend- ance Award, Boys' League. RICHARD AUGENSTEIN-J.V. Wrestling, Varsity Tennis, Boys' League ANTHONY AUGUSTYN--"B" Basketball, "B" Football, Varsity Baseball, Boys' League. SANDRA BAILEY-Rally Club, Spanish Club Historian Reporter, Posture Week Girls' League Hospitality Committee, Mod- ern Dance Production, Junior Citizen's Day, Orchestra, Spring Festival, Girls' League. DON BAKER-"B" Football, Varsity Foot- ball, Varsity Track, Bowling Club, Var- sity Club, J.V. Tennis, Boys' League, Thespian Play. ROGER BAKER-Senior Play, Cross Country Team, Track Team, Student Broadcasting Club, Boys' League. HOWARD BARBER-Boys' League. RONNIE BARBER-Boys' League. GWEN BARRENTINE-Girls' League. GARY BLAKLEY-Boys' League, Senior Play, Thespian Play. SANDY BOUDREAUX - Girls' League, Girls' Glee, Spanish Club, Christmas Aud. Call, Winter Aud. Call. KATHLEEN BRADY-California Scholarship Federation, Girls' Athletic Association, Historian, French Club Vice-President, Posture Contest, Second Place, Girls' League, Tartar Ladies, Foreign Language Bank of America Award. EDWARD BRENNAN - Varsity Tennis, Boys' League, Spanish Club, Football, Track. ALLEN BRISACK-Boys' League. DAVID BRISTOL-Track, Boys' League. JANICE BROOKS-Girls' League,xBusiness Club, Modern Dance Aud. Call, French Club. JAMES BROWN - Junior Play, Senior Play, Track, Wrestling, Boys' League. BILL BRUGMAN-Boys' League. JERRY BRUNNER-California Scholarship Federation, Girls' Athletic Association, Sportsmanager, Recording Secretary, Christmas Aud. Call, French Club Treas- urer, Rally Club, Girls' League. DENNIS BULLOCK-Boys' League. DON CANNON-Scholarship Society, Tar- tar Knights, Spanish Club, Bowling Club, Potpourri, Student Court Bailiff, Director of Public Works, Jr. Citizens Day, Math. Class at Loyola University, Boys' League. CLAUDIA CANTER-Girls' League, Christ- mas Aud. Call, Modern Dance Aud. Call, Hospitality Committee, French Club, G.A.A. PEDRO CARRILLO-Boys' League. DIANA CATO-Future Business Leaders of America, Modern Dance Concert, Rally Club, G.A.A., Hospitality Committee Girls' League. SUSAN CEMORE-Rally Club, G.A.A., Modern Dance Concert, Girls' League. COLLENE CHANDLER-Tartar Choir, Girls' League. CAROLYNE CHURCH - Freshman Class Vice-President, Sophomore Court Rep., G.A.A., Girls' League. BETTE CLARK-Girls' League. DAVID CLUTTER-Golf, Boys' League. LARRY COIL-Boys' League. TOM COLEMAN-California Scholarship Federation, French Club, Art Club, Sci- ence Club, Boys' League, Secretary, Vice- President, Boys' League Rep., Junior Court Rep., Jr. Red Cross, Christmas Aud. Call, Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee, Math. Class at Loyola University, National Supply lndustry Student, Wrestling Team, Tennis Team. MARY COMON - Rally Club, G.A.A., French Club, Girls' Glee, Business Club, Bowling Club, Girls' League. RICHARD CONNETT - C.S.F., Tartar Knights, Boys' League, Escort for Home- coming Game, Band, Orchestra, Spanish Club, Homeroom Rep. DIANA COOPER-G.A.A., Spanish Club, Girls' League. WAYNE COPELAND-Varsity Basketball, Boys' League. PHIL COSBY-One Act Plays, Senior Play, Variety Show, Boys' League, Tartar Choir, "B" Football, Wrestling, Thespians, HOWARD COWAN-"B" Football, J.V. Basketball, "B" Track, J.V. Tennis, Var- sity Club, Boys' League. JOHN CRAIN--Boys' League. KAREN CRIST-Variety Show, Junior Citi- zens' Day '59, Student and Business Talk it Over Day, Rally Club, Bowling Club President, Team Captain, Tartar Band, Spring Concert, Girls' League Aud. Call, Girls' League. DICK CUCCI-Boys' League. LLOYD DANIELS - J.V. Cross Country, "C" Track, Varsity Golf, Boys' League. BARBARA DAVIS-Girls' League. VERNON DAVIS-Varsity Club, "C" and J.V. Basketball, Varsity Football, All Tor- rance City Team-Football, Honorable Mention-All Pioneer League, Boys' Lea- gue. SUSANNE DAY-Girls' League, French Club. SHARON DEERING-Girls' League. JOSEPH DeJAlFRE-Boys' League. MIKE DEROUIN-Freshman Class Presi- dent, "B" Football, "B" Basketball, Var- sity Golf, Boys' League, Scholarship Club. PAT DEROUIN-"B" Basketball, Varsity Golf, "B" Football, Boys' League. CAROL DONAHER-Modern Dance Show, Top I5 Homecoming, Girls' League. SANDRA DOW-Girls' League. THOMAS DUEHRING-Science Club, Boys' League. ADOLPH DURAN - Boys' League, J.V. Wrestling, Varsity Baseball, J.V. Base- ball, Varsity Wrestling, Novice Tourna- ment- Ist place, Bay League - 2nd place, El Camino Tournament- 2nd and Ist places, C.I.F. - 4th place, Wrestling Blank- et Award. DIANNA DYCK-Girls' Glee, Tartar Choir, Variety Show, Talent Show, Girls' League, Christmas Concert, Spring Concert. JAMES ECHOLS-Tartar Choir, Variety Show, Boys' League. JIM EDWARDS-Junior Red Cross, Bowl- ing Club, Boys' League. SHARON ENGSTROM-Girls' League. LYNNA EWING-Girls' League, California Scholarship Federation. MARK FAKKELDIJ-French Club, Boys' League. JUNE FARISS-Girls' Glee, Tartar Choir, Rally Club, G.A.A., Spanish Club, Variety Show, Christmas Concert, Girls' League. CHARLES FELIX--Boys' League. BERTRA FERM-Girls' League, Pep Squad -Maiorette, Tartar Choir, Junior Play, Rally Club, G.A.A., Tartar Ladies, Spring Concert. DAVE FIORELLI - Varsity Wrestling-4 years, Sergeant of Arms for Varsity Club, "B" Football, Varsity Football, Boys' League. BETH FISHER - Tartar Choir-3 years, Thespians, Radio Club, Rally Club, Sci- ence Club, Girls' League. AUGUSTINE FLORES-Boys' League, "B" Football. SUE FOSTER--Girls' League. CAROLE FOWLER-G.A.A. Historian and Sports Manager, Girls' League. JANICE FREDRICKSON - Business Club, Rally Club, G.A.A.-Song Queen, Hist- orian, Girls' Glee Club, Junior Homeroom Rep., Girls' League, Christmas Aud. Call, Winter Aud. Call. JUDY FREDRICKSON-Tartar Ladies, Girls' Glee, G.A.A., Orchestra, Modern Dance Aud. Call, Rally Club, Scholarship Club, Hospitality Representative, Girls' League. BARBARA GAMBLE-Girls' League. DANNY GENTISP-Varsity Football, Var- sity Wrestling, Boys' League. GARY GEORGE-"B" Football, Varsity Football, Varsity Track, Orchestra, Boys' League. SENIOR ACCOIVIPLISHIVIENTS JOYCE GIL-Girls' League. JERRY GILBERT-Boys' League. LYAL GILMORE-Boys' League. ROSEMARIE GILL-Girls' League. THERESA GILLES-Scholarship Club, Span- ish Club, G.A.A., Business Club, Girls' League, Vocational Day Guide. STANLEY GONTA-"B" Basketball, "B" Track, "B" Football, Varsity Track, Var- sity Football, All-C.l.F. First string Foot- ball, All - Pioneer League First Team Foot- ball, All-American Football Team, Var- sity Club, Sophomore Class Vice Presi- dent, Junior Cass President, Varsity Golf, Shrine All-Star Football Game, Freshman Representative, "J.V." Football, California Boys' State, Boys' League. SHARRON GOODE-Talent Show, 2 yrs., G.A.A., Rally Club, Girls' League, Girls' Glee, Christmas Concert, Spring Concert, Modern Dance Aud. Call. MARTHA GOODROW-Flag Twirler-Jr., Sr., Scholarship Society, Variety Show - 2 yrs., Talent Show, Rally Club, Girls' Lea- gue. YVONNE GRAHAM-Tartar Ladies, Flag Twirler, Scholarship Society, Variety Show Fr., Soph., Jr., Sr., Tartar Choir, Prom Week Talent Show, Sophomore Rep., French Club, Thespians, Tartar Ladies Aud. Call, Girls' League. FRANK GRAJEDA-Boys' League, "B" Football Fr., Soph., Varsity Football, J.V. Baseball, Fr., Soph. KAREN GRAY-Girls' League, Girls' Glee, Modern Dance Concert, Christmas Con- cert '57, '58, Christmas Aud. Call, Spring Concert. JOE GRIEGO-Boys' League, Track, 3 yrs. "B" Football Soph., Jr., Varsity Football, "JV" Baseball. DON GUYAN-Boys' League. JUDY HAGAN - Girls' League, Tartar Ladies, "First Lady", Scholarship Society, Rally Club, Hospitality Committee, Tartar Lady Aud. Call. SUSAN HAMMACK-Tartar Ladies, Treas- urer, Sgt. at Arms, Girls' League Presi- dent, Sr. Class President, Flag Twirler, Top 15 Homecoming, Freshman Treasurer, Sophomore Class Secretary, Junior Class Court Representative, Christmas Aud. Call, Tartar Lady Aud. Call, Future Teachers, Girls' League Representative. SONDRA HANNI-Girls' League, Rally Club, G.A.A. PATSY HARDAGE-Girls' League, Health Career, Hospitality Committee, Senior Representative, Modern Dance Concert, Soph., Jr. PAUL HARESTAD - Boys' League, "B" Track, J.V. Cross Country, Varsity Track, Boys' League Hospitality Committee. KENNETH HELPHAND - Boys' League, Boys' League Rep., Jr. Class Council, J.V. Wrestling, Band, Orchestra, One Acts. LINDA HENDERSON-Girls' League. LARRY HENDRICKSON - Boys' League, Variety Show, One Acts, Annual Statt '60 TORCH. JAMES HENSLEY-Boys' League, President, Representative, JV Tennis, Variety Show, Soph., Jr., Sr., Prom Week. JIM HESTER 4 Varsity Club, President, Vice-President, Varsity Football, Track, Basketball, Baseball, Tartar Choir, One Acts, Boys' League Rep., Golf, Audio Visual Club, Hospitality Committee, T.N.T. Staff. VICKY HIPPIK - Song Queen, Girls' League Vice-President, One Acts, Variety Show, Senior Play, Junior Class Secretary, Sophomore Class Treasurer, Top I5 Home- coming. YOSHIO HIROSE-Boys' League. JANET HOCH-Girls' League, Rally Club, G.A.A., Girls' Glee. RICHARD HODGSON-Boys' League, Var- sity Track, Varsity Football, Jr., Soph., "C" Basketball, "JV" Cross Country, "B" Track, Fr., Soph. LINDA HOFER - Girls' League, Song Queen, Variety Show '59, '60, Talent Show, 2nd Place, Senior Play, Thespians, Modern Dance Aud. Call, Modern Dance Concert, Press Club Treasurer, T.N.T. Staff Editor, Variety Show Teaser. JIM HOOD-Boys' League. GWEN HOUSTON-Girls' League, Hos- pitality Committee, Variety Show. GARY HUFFMAN - "C", "B", Varsity Track, Boys' League. MARSHA HUNT-Girls' League. DENISE HUNTER-Girls' League Secretary, Song Queen, Hospitality Committee, Vari- ety Show, 2 yrs., Prom Week, Home- coming Princess, Modern Dance Concert. LYNNE HYDE-Girls' League President, Vice-Pres., Treas., Tartar Ladies, French Club, Sgt. at Arms, Treasurer, Annual Staff Editor, Homecoming Princess, Variety Show '58, '59, '60, Prom Week '59, Junior Citizens Day, Modern Dance Con- cert '57, '59, Modern Dance Aud. Call '57, '59, Christmas Aud. Call '58, '59, '60, Tartar Lady Aud. Call '59, '60, Future Teachers. CAROL JOHNSON - Sophomore Class President, Comm. of Group Control, Comm. of Publicity, Student Body Vice- President, Tartar Ladies Historian-Re- porter, Scholarship Society, President, Life Member, Variety Show, 4 yrs., Future Teachers, Talent Show, 2 yrs., Jr. Class Play, Sr. Class Play, Top I5 Homecom- ing, D.A.R. Award, Tartar Choir, Girls' Glee, Girls' League Christmas Aud. Call, 3 yrs., Junior Citizens' Day, 3 yrs., Girls' League. PAULETTE JOHNSON - Girls' League, Girls' Glee, Bowling Club, Modern Dance Aud. Call, Modern Dance Concert. RICHARD JOHNSON-Boys' League, "B" Football. BOB JONES-Boys' League, "B" Basket- ball, "JV" Basketball, Variety Show '59, '60, Junior Play, Talent Show '60. CINDY KAZEBEER-Girls' League, Hos- pitality Committee, Scholarship Society, Bank ot America Achievement Award for Homemaking. LYNN KELLER-"JV", Varsity Basketball, "JV" Baseball, Court Judge, Tartar Knight Captain, Scholarship Society, Presi- dent, One Acts, Thespians, '59 De Camp Playwriting Award, '59 'Most Valuable Player Award" "JV" Basketball, Boys' League, Potpourri, Thespian Play. ROBERTA KELLY - Girls' League, Rally Club, Girls' Glee. PAT KINNEY-Boys' League, Senior Play, Variety Show. JON KINSEY-Boys' League, "C" Track, "JV" Baseball, "B" Varsity Football, Varsity Club. DANNY KIRKS-Boys' League, Scholar- ship Society, Senior Boys' League Rep., Senior Court, Spanish Club. BOBBI KLOPPENBURG - Girls' League, Girls' Glee. KAREN KORTH-Girls' League, G.A.A. RICHARD KYLE-Boys' League. VERNON LAMPHERE - Boys' League, Spanish Club. DALE LANCASTER - Boys' League, "B" Football, Varsity Track, "JV" Cross Country. FREDRICK LANDAUER - Boys' League, Bowling Club. PAT LARSON-Girls' League Tartar Ladies, G.A.A., Rally Club. LINDA LEDBETTER-Girls' League, Girls' Glee. SERENA LEE - Girls' League, G.A.A., Rally Club, Candy Stripers. KAREN LIND-Student Court Clerk, Hos- pitality Tea, Christmas Concert, Spring Concert, Girls' Glee, Modern Dance Con- cert, Talent Show, Girls' League, Christ- mas Aud. Call. BROOKE LINDERMAN-Hospitality Com- mittee, Girls' League, Spanish Club His- torian, Variety Show, Senior Play, Modern Dance Concert, Rally Club, Christmas Concert, Spring Concert. CHUCK LITAKER-Boys' League, Science Club, Christmas Aud. Call, Senior Play, One Acts. BOB LONG-Boys' League. DICK LONGO-Boys' League. VIOLA LUCERO - Girls' League Rep., Freshman Council, Soph. Council, Thes- pians, 2nd Place Science Fair, G.A.A. Sportsmanager, Spanish Club Secretary, Senior Play, Variety Show, Tartar Choir, Hospitality Committee, Modern Dance Concert, Girls' Glee, Christmas Concert, Spring Concert, Junior Council, Senior Council. ROBERT McCALL-Boys' League. CHARLOTTE MCCOMAS - Tartar Ladies, Hospitality Committee, Junior Class Treas- urer, Commissioner of Records, Spanish Club, Scholarship Society, Orchestra, Girls' Glee, Tartar Choir Secretary, Girls' Lea- gue, Prom Week, Variety Show, Christ- mC1S COVICGVU Spring Concert, Variety Show Teaser, Vocational Day Guide, Girls' League Aud. Call, Tartar Lady Aud. Call. SENIOR ACCOIVIPLISHIVIENTS LARRY McELHINY-Boys' League, Track, Cross Country, Basketball, 'B" Football. OREN McKNIGHT-Boys' League. BARBARA McLAUGHLIN-Girls' League, Rally Club. TOM McMASTER-Boys' League, "JV" Wrestling, Varsity Wrestling, Varsity Club, Secretary, Vice-President, "B" Var- sity Football. KAREN McTEE - G.A.A., Rally Club, Girls' Glee, Girls' League, Talent Show, Modern Dance Show. SHARON MAGNER-Tartar Ladies, Song Queen, Spanish Club, G.A.A., Girls' League, Future Teachers. ROBERT MAINER-"B" Football, Varsity Football, J.V. Tennis, Varsity Tennis, Boys' League Treasurer, Varsity Club, Boys' League, One Act. JOAN MARJALA-Girls' Glee, Scholar- ship Society, G.A.A., Tartar Ladies Treas- urer, Junior Citizens' Day, Career Day Hostess, Girls' League. LOUIS MARTINEZ-Boys' League. GLORIA MATHIS-Girls' League. CAROL MATHLIN-Girls' League, Stu- dent Court Judge, 1960 TORCH Editor, Future Teachers, Life Member of C.S.F., Thespian Secretary, Senior Play, Junior Play, One Acts, Variety Show, Math Course at Loyola University, Thespian Play, Bank of America Award Winner. MELBA MAXWELL-Girls' League. TOM MEGOW - Varsity Golf, Tartar Knights, Scholarship Society, Spanish Club, President, Treasurer, Student Broad- casting Club, Senior Boys' Court Rep., Boys' League Secretary, Science Club. DAN MENDES-Track, Boys' League. MARTHA MILLER-Girls' League. WILLIAM MILLER - American Jr. Red Cross Vice-President, Spanish Club Vice- President, One Act Festival, Senior Play, Sophomore Homeroom Rep., Junior Home- room Rep., Thespian Society, Boys' Lea- gue, Thespian Play. DON MILLS--Boys' League. LINDA MILLS-TNT Editor-in-Chief, TNT News Editor, Press Club Secretary, Calif- ornia Scholarship Federation, One Acts, Annual Staff, i960 TORCH, Career Day Hostess, Girls' League. LANA MINER-Girls' League. VICTOR MISHLER--Boys' League. KENNETH MITCHELL-Boys' League, "C" Track, "B" Football, Varsity Football. PETER MITCHELL-Boys' League Treasurer, Varsity and "B" Football, "C" and "B" Basketball, Varsity Track, Talent Show, J.V. Baseball. JOE MONTGOMERY-"B" and "C" Bas- ketball, "C" Track, J.V. Baseball 2 years, Varsity Baseball 2 years, "B" Football 2 years, Varsity Football Cap- tain, Blanket Award, Richort Award "B" Richort Award Varsity, First Team Pio- neer League Football, All American City Team, Pioneer League "Player of the Year" Football, Varsity Club. DONNA MOORE-Junior Class Secretary, Girls' Glee Award, Top I5 for Home- coming Queen, Homeroom Rep., Sopho- more Girls' Court Rep., Variety Show for 4 years, Teasers, Tartar Ladies, Scholar- ship Club, Secretary, Lite Member, Span- ish Club President, Tartar Lady Aud. Call, Girls' League Aud. Call, Christmas Aud. Call, Talent Show, Modern Dance Show, T.N.T. Staff, Girls' League Hos- pitality Committee, Girls' League. ROBERT MOORE-Boys' League. MARTHA MULLEN - G.A.A., Future Teacher, Junior and Senior Year, Spanish Club, Junior and Senior Year, Girls' League. ARTHUR MURPHY-Boys' League. TERRY NELDON-G,A.A. Sports Manager, G.A.A. Yell Leader, 2 years, Girls' Lea- gue. CAROL NELSON-French Club, Variety Shows, Junior Citizens' Day. Shows, Junior Citizens' Day, Modern Dance Show, Tartar Choir, Girls' League. DAVID NELSON - Varsity and J.V. Wrestling Team, Tartar Knights, Scholar- ship Federation, Participated in Junior Citizens', Senior Class Council Homeroom Rep., Bausch and Lomb Science Award, Bank ot America Award Winner, Boys' League. EARL NEWSOM - Student Broadcasting Club, One Act Play, Author, T.N.T. Staff, Boys' League. VERNE NEWSOM-Senior Play, One Act Play, Author, Boys' League. PHILLIP NICKOL-Varsity Football, 2 yrs., "B" Football, 2 yrs., All Pioneer League Ist Team, Varsity Club President, Track "C" and "B", Boys' League. JANET NOONE-Girls' Glee, Tartar Choir Soph., Band, Junior, G.A.A. Sports Mana- ger, Cheerleader, Vice-President, and President, Girls' League. KAREN NYSTEDT-Scholarship Federation, 2 years, Christmas Aud. Call, Sophomore, Variety Show, G.A.A., Tartar Choir, Music Festival at Fullerton, Christmas Concert, Girls' League. TOM OJARD-"C" Basketball, "B" Bas- ketball, Varsity Basketball, "B" Football, "C" Track, Boys' League. BEVERLY OREND - Junior Class Vice- President, Tartar Lady Secretary, Variety Show, French Club President, Modern Dance Club, Commissioner ot Pep, Fut- ure Teachers, TNT Statf, Song Queen, Girls' League, Homecoming Princess, One Acts, Modern Dance Show, Girls' League. NANCY OSBORN - Thespians, French Club Secretary, One Act Plays, Junior Play, Senior Play, Scholarship Society, Christmas Aud. Call, i960 TORCH, Sophomore Homeroom Rep., Modern Dance Show, Girls' League. LOUISE OTTERSTEIN - Variety Show, French Club, G.A.A., Girls' League. GWEN PATTISHALL-Modern Dance Aud. Call, Christmas Aud. Call, Freshman Homeroom Rep., P.T.A. Fashion Show, Spring Concert, Winter Aud. Call, Busi- ness Club, Girls' Glee, Girls' League. BOB PAYTON-Senior Play, Boys' Lea- gue. RON PENNINGTON-Boys' League, Var- sity Track, Spanish Club, Bowling Club, "B" Football, Chemistry Club. CAROLYN PERRY-Girls' League. CONNIE PHILLIPS-Girls' League Hos- pitality Committee, Spanish Club. AUSTIN PICKETT-Boys' League. MARY PORTER-G.A.A., Business Club, Girls' League, Teachers Welcoming Tea. JAMES PRITCHARD - TNT Staff, Press Club, Science Club, Thespians, Senior Play, Boys' League Vice-President, Variety Show, Tartar Choir, One Acts, Clean Campus Aud. Call, Christmas Aud. Call. FLOYD RAMSEY-Boys' League. JUDY RAYMOND - Tartar Choir, Girls' League. KATHY REED - G.A.A, Sportsmanager, Vice-President, President, Girls' League. KRISTINE REED - Tartar Choir, Variety Show, Girls' League. KAREN REESE-Girls' League. BILL REINERT-"B" Basketball, Varsity Basketball, J.V. Baseball, Boys' League. LARRY RHYNE - Variety Show, Tartar Choir, Boys' League. SHARON RICCI-Tartar Choir, Variety Show, Modern Dance Aud. Call, Christ- mas Aud. Call, Freshman Class Secretary, Girls' League Historian, Senior Class Secretary, Top 15, Homecoming Princess, Girls' League Hospitality Tea Committee. GARY RICE-Tartar Knights, "B" Foot- ball, "B" Track, Boys' League. RAY RICE-Boys' League. THOMAS RICHARDSON-Varsity Basket- ball, Varsity Baseball, Third Team All Bay League Baseball, Varsity Club, i960 TORCH, "C" Basketball, J.V. Baseball, Boys' League. DONNA RITCHIE-Girls' League, Hos- pitality Committee, Sophomore Class Treasurer, G.A.A., Variety Show, Top I5 Homecoming, Modern Dance Aud. Call, Modern Dance Show, Senior Council Rep. RUSSELL ROBERTS-"C" Basketball, "B" Basketball, Varsity Basketball, J.V. Ten- nis, Varsity Tennis, Sophomore Court Rep., Tartar Knights, Varsity Club, C.S.F., Boys' League. WILLIAM ROEDER-Boys' League. SONDRA ROSENCRANTZ--Spanish Club Sagreant-at-Arms, Jr. Red Cross Club, Girls' League Hospitality Committee, Girls' League. PHILLIP ROSS-Boys' League. TREVA ROSSON-Tartar Ladies, Girls' Glee, Girls' League. KEN RUBART-Tartar Knights Secretary, Track Team, Football Team, Boys' League. JIM RYNHART-J.V. Baseball, "B" Bas- ketball, Boys' League. LYNNE ST. ONGE-Variety Show, Modern Dance Aud. Call, Christmas Aud. Call, French Club, Modern Dance Club, 1960 TORCH, Hospitality Committee, Girls' League. SENIOR ACCOIVIPLISH IVI ENTS SUSAN SAARI - Sophomore Class Sec- retary and Vice-President, Commissioner ot Records, G.A.A. Yell Leader, Scholar- ship, Tartar Ladies, Girls' League Hos- pitality Committee. LARRY SALAS - Boys' League, Varsity Club, Varsity Golf, "JV" Varsity Track, "JV" Varsity Cross Country, All Bay League '58, 2nd Place C.l.F. Cross Country. JOHN SANDSTROM-Boys' League, Bas- ketball 2nd Team All Bay League, One Acts. TOM SASS-Boys' League, Tartar Knights, "C" 81 "JV" Basketball, Junior Court Representative. LEE SAVAGE-Boys' League. GARY SCHMIDT - Boys' League, Cross Country, Golf, Track, Bowling Club Ist Team. JON SCHOTANUS-Boys' League, T.N.T. Stott '59, Band, Orchestra, Student Broadcasting Club, Spring Music Festival, Annual Staff '60 TORCH. MARIA SCIARROTTA - Girls' League, Maiorette, Spanish Club, G.A.A., Rally Club, Variety Show, Christmas Concert, Girls' Glee, Tartar Choir, Christmas Aud- Call, Modern Dance Aud. Call, Modern Dance Concert, Modern Dance Club, Spring Music Festival. ALVENIA SERIANNI-Girls' League, Tar- tar Choir, Spanish Club, Hospitality Com- mittee, Annual Staft '60 TORCH. ALBERT SEVERSON-Boys' League, "JV" Track, Varsity Cross Country. NORMA SHINNO-Girls' League, Rally Club, Freshman, Soph. Rep., Girls' Lea- gue Rep., Modern Dance Aud. Call, French Club. NOEL SHIRE-Boys' League, Thespians, President, Science Club Vice-President, Student Broadcasting Club Vice-President, Tartar Choir, Cross Country, Track, Junior, Senior Play, One Acts '58, '59, '60, Thespian 3 Act '60, French Club, Science Fair 2nd Place, Variety Show, Christmas Aud. Call, Spanish Club, Variety Show Teaser, Operetta '6O. RHETT SIEGFRIED-Boys' League. JACK SINGER-Boys' League Rep., Presi- dent, Student Council, Varsity Club Sgt.- at-Arms, Clean Campus Aud. Call, Christ- mas Aud. Call, Varsity Football, "JV" Varsity Wrestling, Tennis, Jr. Citizens' Day. MARY SMILEY-Girls' League Historian, Hospitality Committee, Scholarship Society Historian, Vice-Pres., Treas., Press Club, Tartar Ladies, Soph. Rep., Christmas Aud. Call, Posture Finalist, A.F.S. Student, Modern Dance Concert. KEN SMITH-Boys' League, Science Photo Club, Track, Cross Country. ROBERT SMITH-Boys' League, Wrestling, French Club. RICHARD SNYDER-Boys' League, "B" Football, "C" Track, Homeroom Rep. JIM SOPP-Boys' League, Track, Tartar Choir, Variety Show, Christmas Aud. Call. LINDA STEVENSON-Girls' League. PATRICK STEWART-Boys' League, Var- sity Football, Honorable Mention Pioneer League, Varsity Golf, "JV" Baseball. WALTER STOCKER - Foreign Exchange Student, Switzerland, Student Council, Track, Boys' League. TOM STOWE-Boys' League. PAT STRAHM - Girls' League, G.A.A., Science Photo Club Secretary, Treasurer, Scholarship Society, French Club. LARRY SULLIVAN-Boys' League. LINDA SWEET-Girls' League Rep., Mod- ern Dance Aud. Call, Tartar Ladies, Sgt.- at-Arms, Queen, Senior Class President, Vice-President, Tartar Lady Aud. Call, Girls' League Aud. Call, Soph. Rep., Scholarship Society, Christmas Aud. Call. BEVA TAPLEY-Girls' League, G.A.A. KATHLEEN TAYLOR-Girls' League Rep., Sophomore Council, Hospitality Commit- tee, Senior Court, Scholarship Society Historian, Treasurer, Lite Member, Junior, Senior Council, Tartar Ladies, Treasurer, First Lady, Queen, Junior Citizens Day, Underwood Typing Award. SALLY TAYLOR-Girls' League, G.A.A., Rally Club, Modern Dance Aud. Call. ROBIN THOMAS - Scholarship Society, Press Club Secretary, TNT, Potpourri, Band, Dance Band,'G.A.A., Variety Show, Hospitality Committee, United Nations Award, Girls' League. SHEILA THORNBERRY - Girls' League, Girls' Glee, Homeroom Rep., Top I5 Homecoming, Modern Dance Club. BIIJ. TILLEY-Student Body Vice-President, Tartar Knight Captain, Second Lieuten- ant, Boys' League Rep., J.V. Wrestling, Varsity Wrestling, Senior Court Rep., "B" Football, Varsity Football, One Act Plays, Councilman on Junior Citizens Day. JAMES TIMMONS-Boys' League. MARY LUE THOMPKINS-Girls' League. ART TOZIER-Boys' League. FRANK TUTTLE-"B" rack, Varsity Foot- ball, "B" Football, Wrestling, Varsity Club, Key Club, Boys' League. JOHN UNDERWOOD-Boys' League Rep., "B" Football, Annual Staff, Variety Show, Talent Show, Jr. Class Play, Tar- tar Choir, J.V. Tennis, Orchestra, Tartar Band, Sophomore Class Rep., Junior Class Rep. KATHY VAUGHN-Girls' League, Rally Club, G.A.A., Christmas Concert, Prom Week, Modern Dance Aud. Call, Christ- mas Aud. Call, Variety Show. LEO VILLAGOMEZ-Boys' League. CAROL VORHIS - Girls' League, Senior Play, Variety Show '59, '60, T.N.T. Stott, Rally Club, Press Club, Tartar Choir, Christmas Concert '59, '60, Music Festi- val. LINDA WAGNER-Girls' League, G.A.A., Rally Club, Tartar Choir, Junior Play, Spring Concert. GORDON WALKER-Boys' League, "B" Football, Track, lst Place Science Fair. MIKE WALKER-Boys' League Rep., Jr. Citizens Day, Boys' Court Rep., Freshman Class President, A.S.B. President, Sopho- more Class President, Junior Class Presi- dent, Tartar Knights, Varsity Club, Senior Class Vice President 2 semesters, "C" "B" Varsity Track, Varsity Cross Country, Blanket Award, Team Captain, "C" "B" "JV" Basketball, Bay League Cross Country Champs, Commissioner of Athlet- ics. NELSON WALKER-Boys' League. BETTY WATSON-Girls' League, Variety Show '60, Tartar Choir. FLORA WATSON - Girls' League Vice- President, Jr. Court Rep., Senior Class Secretary, Hospitality Committee, Song Queen, Top I5 Homecoming, Thespians, Modern Dance Club, Jr., Sr. Play, One Acts. Play, One Acts. JAMES WEBSTER-Boys' League. BILLY WHITE-Boys' League, "B" Varsity Football, Stage Crew, Tartar Choir, Vari- ety Show, One Acts, "JV" Tennis, "JV" Baseball. JIM WHITE--Boys' League, Senior Play, One Acts '59 '60, Variety Show, T.N.T. Staff, Thespians, Thespian Play. JOEL WHITMAN-Boys' League, T.N.T. Press Member, Varsity and J.V. Basket- ball Manager. JERRY WILLETT-Boys' League, J.V. Base- ball. BILL WILLIAMS-Boys' League, "C" Bas- ketball, 2 years J.V. Baseball, 2 years J.V. Basketball, 2 years Varsity Baseball, I year Varsity Basketball. LINDA WILLIAMS-Freshman Class Vice- President, Girls' League Representative, One Acts, Variety Show, First Place In Posture Week, Yell Leader 3 years, Commissioner of Pep, Thespians Vice- President, Homecoming Queen 1959, Tar- tar Choir, Christmas Aud. Call, Tartar Lady, Homeroom Rep., Clean Campus Aud. Call, Modern Dance Aud. Call. SHARON WILLIAMS-Girls' League. BARBARA WILSON-Future Teachers Sec- retary, Spanish Club, Business Leaders of America, Rally Club, G.A.A., Girls' League. BOB WILSON-Bowling Club, Boys' Lea- gue. BILL L. WILSON-Tartar Choir, Boys' Lea- gue, "B" Football, Varsity Football, "B" Track, Varsity Club, Variety Show, One Acts, "C" Track, Audio Visual Club. WILLIAM J. WILSON-Boys' League. SHARON WOOD-Girls' League. DUANE WYRICK-2 years 'B" Track, I year "C", J.V. Baseball, 3 years Varsity Football, I year J.V., Tartar Choir, Tar- tar Band, Tartar Dance Band, Variety Show '60, One Acts, Boys' League. ROY YANASE - A.S.B. President, Com- missioner ot Athletics, Tartar Knights, Bowling Club, Boys' League, Basketball Manager, Homecoming Pageant, Dads' Night-Football, Homeroom Rep., Junior Citizens' Day, Winter Formal. KATRINKA YURGIONAS-Girls' League, Art Class at El Camino College, Bank of America Art Award. JOANNE CARR President Vx .fx f I I - A: k'2' X ' 4 , 4 V A - . 'ii I i 'J 1 5 . A I , 2 A y - . eigrxcifcorsirsiiert JANET COLEMAN ...TTT-X I I T Vice President J Secretary ,V ,R V i , JUNIOR GINNY KRAUSZER Vice President JOANNE ISBELL MARILYN HOLCOMB 58 Secfefqry Treasurer MR. PETERSON Class Sponsor LEADERSHIP Joanne Carr, as Junior Class President for the first semester, had on her cabinet Gracie Connett as Vice-President, Jane Coleman as Secretary, and Linda Eldridge as Treasurer. They directed a Thanksgiving Turkey Huddle dance and they also had an autumn snow cone sale to.. raise money for the Prom in the spring, This year's Junior Class has been working since they were freshmen to raise money for the Prom. Second semester, under the direction of Steve Parker, went very well as the council worked hard on preparation for the Prom. Prom Week was a great success, with the "Champs," the first professional group to appear during a Prom Week, and a successful dance on Friday night, Vice-President, Ginny Krauszer, Secretary, Joanne IsBelI, and Treasurer, Marilyn Holcomb helped with everything- Mr. Peterson, their sponsor, devoted a great deal of time and effort to make the i960 Prom a great success. STEVE PARKER President lei Howard Achenback Ellen Andrea 1 Gaile Averill 5.1 ' Q' I' X X ' N' .J 'L 0 'Z "W-.g -2 an N 4 J, ,' N-Q ff Cx 3' og ' 4- .f' N-I f A , , lg ' H51 C ff 7-4, 'sl V J' -v-1 ' 'gps ff Z f' , L1 ia 'I 4 ri lr K l l Richard Cicero Judi Clements Janet Coleman Lola Collins Jerry Cook ai., f Myffgyynyl Wm. Mary Alclrefe xr, . Y Julian Almarez Judy Andulsky Larry Arlrasmithx Joan Bacon Linda Bennett Burnham Castle -.Q 5.13- Gggdle Connen Banda K Lynn Barrel? GY Q Robert Basile Idf, N in J k V ' S X 'Q ii, ,, :MQ 2, .f , of: Richard Blackwell a , , " C 9 X' V1 ,J ,,. V h on A i I -E u?" 132.1 Wilford Couron John Crawford C Florence Crenshaw Barbara Crockett Karen Crossman Sue Crumm Virginia Davis Mae Denton Geraldine Dilkus Donald Dobrick Gary D'Onofrio Pat Dubois Georgia Duehring Dale Duncan Caroline Dyck Dion Dyer Linda Eldridge James Ellis Rosemarie Erbetta Richard Eubank Judy Feeney Richard Fisher Douglas Flint Steve Foster Rosalie Fountaine Joan Foxton Sanoma Franklin Newell Frayne Joan Fuiimoto Joyce Furusho John Gable Morgan Gates Donald Gill Daryle Gilmore Gerald Goins DeAnn Goldsmith Paul Goodwin Bonnie Graven Robert Griffith Linda Grubb Billy Guyan Diane Haddix Eric Hanson Darlene Harbison Mickey Hardin Ethel Hargrove Bruce Hart John Hawks Jack Hayton Janet Henderson Mary Hill Gary Hilton 60 ' x 'Q I 5 1 I K .4- JUNIORS ENJOY im 6 W - , it :V ,434 Q 5 sf- ! Q l . I 3 i. x. Q i .A -. - Moi, rwvfo 1' 2 1 7: I was -iw: U ': Li N fs, , I4 5 V M 4 , '93 9 4 ., . W ,f,,,'. ,r A . . 1, i i ' Z i l ,, rg r 6 0 -cliff, f I . ' f 1:51 ' , , if V 2 " ff" L 41 , f . A ' ' Q V ' "" ' 1 ' ' .. f i' 1 ' 3 , ,. :gf i , v "', X F E I 14 x '25 A',,' , vi, 3233 54. , , 'Qty 1 1 me , v Ib 45 1.1 if 1, , 1 X l ll ,121-' 1-w e - J f , - :',f1: My ., , ' if-ff l' Q f l W J l 1442 f ' f 'fm " '- Q ,M ,,.,, J ., 5 4 an 4 S lg fl ls THIRD YEAR l -1 " 35, gf 1 S A 1 R, .V , if Ili rm in f -f 7' , z .f, . ' , ,. ..f .5 , ' f ' , ,al I fgigj.-if v ,:,,. A ...J t rg ! I - , 5 7 N , - v "r , 'I . .f, ., v V. 11541 . -p L . , :tg . Q I ff g 1 f fx 5 if 'X 5 1 ,, f, Diane Hodgson Marilyn Holcomb Roger Holdsworth Tom Hood Donna Houston Wayne Hughes Tom Hubbert Barbara Huggins Edward Houston Steve Humphreys Jon Hunter Jean Hutchins Maxine lhara Mike lrvine Joanne lsBelI Sachi Ishihara Roegenia James Darlene Jensen Don Johnson Nolton Johnson Janice Jones Ruth Jones Virginia Juvet William Kainu Tom Kasterko Joyce Keeler John Keith Nancy Kelly Ronnie Kendall Linda Kidner Pat King Virginia Krauszer Bette Kryda Robert Kyle Cheryl Lacy Kathy LaGuardia Regina Larson Sue Larson Paul LeDoux Jon Lehr Ronnie Lorenz Carol Loupas Leon McCormick Blaine McCusker Bill McDade Connie McDaniel Bill McKenzie Janet McMullen Barbara McKnight Diana McNiel ol Earl McVicar Wenselado Madrigal Kathleen Mallehan Diane Martin John Masters Tom Mathlin Tony Mavar Judith Meadows Lester Meek Julius Meier Larry Melton Beverly Metzener Virginia Miller Masaru Minemoto David Minnis Betty Mobra Jim Moody Gerrie Moore Melanie Mounger Robert Mullen Alicia Mullins John Nething Bob Noone Margarita Olvera John O'Neill John Orr Larry Ottesen David Owens Sharon Parker Steve Parker Willie Patterson Joan Perry Sandra Perucco Betty Pierce Robert Pouncey Jimmy Pulliam William Pitts Jan Planz Robert Pupkoff Mercy Quiiada Gloria Quinones Gregg Radford Joyce Radford Judith Rayner Maria Redhead Larry Reintsma Sheryl Rice Bill Roberts Newell Robison Angie Rodriguez Cynthia Routh Paul Rushfeldt Arlene Russell Bonnie Rye William Saine Robert Salisbury Lf! HX If 'JM X' 1 , ,I ,. 15? Q11 N if -'If ,- ' P' J' W ,,-,., , ,,,, ,, -, IV l .1 Q YJ W . 0 .,,L. 2 7 , 4, i , . , f , , , 43 ff mf., ,5Jg,1v:f'4 ' , - .. .1 , , ss, 5 " 1.315555 K ,-.iff 1 C154 -,-- ,FE g " A fry c, ,f if P4212 , ,, . 'lil Vigil . ni: 1 2 '.. ,iz :Ei id 'in 'at 22: :ffl V -, .:: .EE::'x1 .L ufiiri 23 f Q., 1 I i " " ,J . 'Z ' h f xk , if ,f '-W f my 7 M I 1 41,1472 f ' 4... ' M 'V ., -,',-7w'f:,1f .lf . - A-we K U 1537 I. ,- PQ AND LCDOI' italfllrn l lg? 'P f, if j l V4 51 f' l 1:,.f if .. . .. ,Q ,1'- , fv.,., If ,IQ I , , ,ting I 5 0 4 f 1 4 J X . ff f .f 'il' W 'wr' ' 1 WV ' ,, rm? A V ,1 YA v fi ,' , . fl. D- f gig 4-' I if ' ,g if-1 ', V 1' 6 I .Fi If in Q' ptamw r - a . Xl age 1 Wx 1 4 v. ' if ,aQfLjgpz,:gf Q M it fy J W 4 I' ,- 0 5 ff f ' a' 44 'FQ v 1 , ff ' W - I vt- -ft' 5.1 gl a f' " 'w7f'f', in 0 A 0 of -zw:-' 91-Zn gif "' 0 ,J Y 'EP 1 f 1 1 1 s 1 441. -I-'J' 1 nn , fi ,f f, ,1 .,., , ' ' r .- ' Q V. 1, ,U Q, Q- s. 'E o- .f- s Or so r x.L,..- ,.,... ln 5. "P A o 'D' 'uv Ng., -1' " f if i S Q - f ,gig , . ., ,, 4 w. Ji , i i gi 3 i l William Salisbury Milton Sargent Jimmie Satterfield Glenda Schafer Loren Schwenk Bill Schieman Glenn Sells Robert Shelby Judy Sherwood Nan Shirley Rita Simmons Kathy Singleton Thomas Sloat Linda Smiley Margarita Snow Betty Sorkness Jeanne Spall Vernon Stallmo John Stoddard James Stowe Glenn Sudmeier Kimiye Takeuchi Ethan Tallant Barton Tatum Terry Taylor Howard Taylor Linda Terry Marjorie Thompson Michael Thornton Jose Torres Michael Tracy Glenda Traw Joe Van Huss Frances Villanueva Larry Walker Patrick Walker Sharon Watkins Clifford Weimer Robert Weister Nancy Weldy Robert Wells Robert Wertz LoVonne Westall John Whitacre Arlene Whitman Kathleen Whitney Forrest Williams Ray Wilson Leon Wisham Patricia Woodman David Woodward Paul Wright Lois Wroge Jerry Yancy Eleazar Ybarra Barbara Zubovitch 63 LORETTA KENNEDY RAY BYNUM President RICHARD WOODWARD Vice President SOPHCDIVIORE LEADERSHIP The Sophomore class had a snow cone sale first semester in the hope ot raising money tor the Prom next year. Presi- dent Ray Bynum worked real hard with his cabinet to make his term a real success. Vice-President Richard Woodward, Secretary Joanne Portlock, and Treasurer Darlene Stevens also devoted their time and energy during the first semester to help their class. The second semester officers started out their term with Roxanne Barnard, President, Loretta Kennedy, Vice-President, Donna Thistle, Secretary, and Charlene Alarcon, Treasurer. They also worked to help their class. They felt that with strong leadership and enthusaism from their class, they could really do a terrific job. Mr. DiFiore, the Sophomore sponsor, has devoted a great deal ot time to guiding the Sophomore Class otticers along the right track, '39-F E -s ii JOANNE PORTLOCK Secretary e DARLENE STEVENS Treasurer Vice President ROXANNE BARNARD President DONNA THISTLE CHARLENE ALARCON Secreto ry Treasurer X Frances Adams Ronald Adams Marguerito Aquino ' J f 2' ',::., , r ,, iv A 1 ww , 1 i i,- lw S1 f ,g..f ., si 1 ., ' fy 14-1 ii! Pat Alter Gene Ambrose Beverly Anderson ,, , Wie' i f .e 1 K 90 ' ', .. . lb Vlylfr - 5 ii 1 1 X , ist 1 x 1. Charlene Alarcon CLASS OF '62 Jerry Ascolesi Terrance Augustyn f il ,V V1 Half, " 'r ' Linda Bocklund rv 1 ni u 9 f 3 , ,X 4 . 3 lj lf Anthony Barefard ,,, I. nf " ? Y, Y Y Sharon Blackwell Bill Brown Larry Burnham Eddie Burton Q . pl, .Cm V Ronald Campbell Melinda Capps John Carlson Robert Bailey r fn' Carol Barker Blair Susan Bush Ann Cassefta yy , .1 J Sharon Austin .,..... Marsha Bainer ' ,Ami 1 ' , -fy Lf J 6 , Lz,,i,, ,gay A Roxanne Barnard fff Q ' , , 1 V- l Aga :ff ii ,, . 1' , u ' Q. ,. 1, ' W v ' In '12-' Ll Al 4.iJ Darlene Bulh 14' LQ' l . - Ruth Casslnelli Joe Alderate os r gun Rolaer? Anderson Sue Archer " T r . 39. .w i - Ayala, Juanita Linda Ayles 5 'pw' 'ff" ' ,Jff'?5fQ,f ,,' -.H ,dr V lady Baker Rosie Baldwin Donald Alles Larry Ascalesi ' of . ,i N .ffl Morlane Bock Tom Baligad Robert Bauman Wesley Beeson Alon Billings lg, ze 5 , K 8 Linda Britt Jack Brackmeir Lorraine Brorb '3- r L ff, ,ggi ,X ? 1 James, Butler Ray Bynam 0- Q -r f I V 1- Q.. at V. K 1 1 .lohn Cambori v ,-1 . I7 s, u ,,3:i'l' Alvlfl Cllofldlef Lynn Clloykowslo Donald cliiislensen Y i ,Wei 7 ' W 1 mix, ,V,., 1 4 2 - , Q ' 6 V. "M Vw ' Y . ' if s T'UdY Clwfch MOVY ClWfClVY1Gl" Adele Cisneros Alex Cisneros Robert Clark ff? gt N 2 Kathy Colisch Judy Combs Marcella Cook Judy Craig Anita Crow ,f . 7' 4 Y ' r Q 'df : yr, gf N L' Q A Sharon Clark Frederick Coburn Sharon Coburn tv -as -arrk C4 . Eieigf.-Q , 32, an ji rm. J David Cooper Georginna Corseniino Rita Costa :gf igqiy :E '21 N " ,, Q., iff ,L ,W ,zz-4' L 'A 1: V , Z ' . K.,-' il red. JL ' f Q-4' 'v Engenea Cunningham Jana Davey Leda Davis James Dawson Tom Denman 'N--, 1 ,.. F , f . .- . Allen Diornellas Ronald Douglass afn5z",':':1' 1 ' 1 'L w ' 11- 3 13 f31,?-1:35, ' J sp, 3, f 0 ff, ff: r- 5 ,C We , -6 ,N George Duemshousen Carol Echols ii- . . . ll Jim Depasse , I if 1 X N NN , X Mu Q'x ,gms NB X 5 9 W H Www :sv Margaret Drazkovvski Maxine gf J we ' , 'gg 4 1 4 W 1447, in I I ' ! 1 2 1 Jerry Eddy Joanne Eisenbrandr 7 'F " ' :if 1, ,, iv " 51,15 Q si fr J inx: 4:1 - +- " 4751 fi , '2'f', 4.1 'Qs I it Yvonne Ewins Harold Fariss Terry Farrance Jerilee Faulkner ' flu 1-'wwf' . W5 ,A V U V M' r iwt " A lin' '-Y' Y ' wir' x ag f K ' I .jig ' 1 John pmsqfd Peter Friel Patricia Friend Carol Gauthier Jo Marie Gartrell Grant Dlbley Drazkowski 8 Ann Cortney t Melvin Davis Brenda Dickson Mary Duarle ati? """'W" ' Wl'gV"ff ',,, I 65, X P rrry J J ' fl M' V 'V Q?" .iz ' " V H 1 .4 g I ffi , .. f ,fr , Q1 , VV ' QP Q 4 , ' , V 4-,ppt Delpha Elliott Sharon Enfield Larry Flagg David Foote 57. ,ff.f 7 - 'rw . is , fx: , Patti Fowler li' ' V' ' i' Arif 2577 :www " yg ,, ., ' I 2 .1 ' ff ffvifv-195 W " ' W' 1, 0 4, , W - " ,mn . ,- f- 1 ' 1 ,wi if Q , .u I J? Z ,f f, . 4, . , . - " f 1 H , 1,j9 .af ' C - 'werfifz' 'fciwwja ',.f 'Z' . Ba rba ra Gary Carole Giles Sharron Gilmore ,Q 'f 1 In - , X ,. .,,V A 4 I f qt! 1 ,A 5. V- ' w....- Nancy Ginder Mary Goins Rebecca Good Joyce Goree r ,s .Q ,J J S? 1 , sr - fi ,. T 1 '- ' J R J' . J Q ' 4 Q A 1 f , ix ' 0 Janet Grace An Grant , . , 'S in - 1 w Y N 1 r ' 1 Larry Grosinger Sheila Greason ,- -f r 44 I , I He Terry Greason James Greer Laura Gregg Dorothy Gricol Gilbert Griego George Grondorph Michael Hadley 9' f f ,ax ,, V , F l' V, Ronald Hagenbaugh Donna Halquist Wayne Hawkins -'iris ci?" ' a -- R if!" Q I, 4 tm.. V f- ff ZaE9:51ff '- fl Susan Hawley I Allan Hay Michael Heath 2.39 ' Q. - - . ,G si f f A . J f ' ' . A , I , i'- 1 l N 1' H f le " James Hedgecock Ann Heinlein Robert Henderson Robert Henderson William Herrmann - 'N i to J l or ' o r X, lfif gi , f v , , ., J Tr- 'll ' ' W " 'V ' , ' . r Q." . ' V ai - .9 " Q 2 , I x 3. b ,M , . wi .. 'N-f' ., Clyde Hill Richard Hollins Marcell Holt Sandra Hopkins Nancy Hornbeck 111'-11'i"fe 'z' ' ,. .,,.. P l l 3, , . f T Mary Lou Howe Virginia Hubbert Carol Huffine Monty Huffine Richard Hummel .- i I . 'sw-... - . iv, V, . 1 :J . Carolyn Hussey 4. 51 1.4 -1 . , .rw , K.. i..,, ...J i ' .J - i I, 4. !gQ'l N-nu: .5 E-Ti I f ' jf, ' H t for ' J ' . F Earl Hyles Kathy lngrum Toni Jensen James Jepsen Bill Jeyne Bill Johnson Trudy Johnson. Q J ,N A r QQ' - dl .W "i ' . 4 ff '- Q1 ' ., i ,-wa.. l I ' V ' .r .. 'iw 1 ir " A .J .ff PV . 4' r be 1 ar.. -rf' - , ' U , 'Iii M , X .ij 'N E V H f ,. 41 ,wry-,". -' , :. , ' " A I . . " ' - .thx ' Bennie Fern Johnston Jerry Kafer Larry Kaslick Betty Lou Kautto Margaret Kaaley Karen K th Kenney'-, Kell James Keller Q. Lorena Kennedy Pavncia King Sandra Knight James Knod David Knuvson Richard Koontz Linda Kraegal Tom Kramling A W if lr V1 pvri Gerald LaGuardia Larry Lancaster Tom Lane James Kryda Joanne Kryda Larry Kulp Joel LeDoux Gene Luevano Don McGuire Gary Mcfhew H- Patricia Mills Neva Languis 'J .., ii' ' ,Aff 'J Q A xi I ' ' ggi.. V ggggm.-, I L. llffffffiif 5' 15 j.vj.f,-j.:.1'- ,, Michael Lee Sandra Lessing Michael Linderman Edward Loney David Ludwig 5,1 7 , , A J. fi I '-'Y - 1 YQ J' ' ' .wk ' , ,il vc f' ' 3 Pat Lynch Carolyn Lyons Parli McBreen Lee McCoy A 'Q ' ' ffl ' if " ' 'S L, I ,, K 1'f ,ff',-1:2,Qf, Z 1 Steve McGuire Orlene Mclfnighf Georgiana McLean Jerry McLean ar g ,Q " - " "' ws' f jf.: - , ' X " ' . '- 2 i. 1 ' 7g df f' , lk: 1 .- j X ,W V ' :L NSN K - liz ,l' i f q- . J' Roger McManus Judi McTee Carol Maloy Patricia Marley Manvela Mariinez James Masaki 52133 ' H ' - -' , ' ' X " A yn I 5. ,Vx 1 :Q L " i-E eiza:f1z,azf 1.1 ,, at.. Susan Mathis Edward Mazula Leo Medrano Darlene Meeker Donna Meredith Mike Mevzener ' 5 in ' iw f J, J rpg Y W J W f. Q 2 2' r' 1' lil 'Q l 1 if Sharon Mince Judith Minor James Mitchell Joyce Miycmovo Gloria Monlez Jean Moore Joanne Moore Pe!e Moore David Mullen James Mullen W' Z' r 1 5 f 1 , I, er l'?"' " . ., A V A 44 I f -, Y ,joe 1.1r,.p"' V 1 Q- .I ' , - rl' D r K 1 3 1, if ' L .. VM,-1 Z K A ga-F-441 ,:..r,, L!! if Y -,.r . f Ae-be , Melanie Mullins Robert Murphy Barbara Myers David Neal Sandra Newberry Parricia Nicholls Bruce Norman ,Q 71: 1 ' ,, f V 'Q r iii r, r A' Kenneth Neal Don Norman Steve Northington Joyce O'Dell George Oiard .., F f Alf . : ' X Q A W ' r 1 if P- D 24- " M r. in In Vw" , S I. Gary Olson Joseph O'Neill Connie Owens Erwin Palicia Chris Parhck Rama Payne ..u' ,Sr The December ll Clean Campus play was given by sophomore boys and girls from Mrs. Olsen's Speech-Drama class in the auditorium Yo promote a "Clean Campus Campaign." F . , . vs F.. .- '0 1 ,rf v r K rl - ' Sandra Penner Vicki Pennington Adolpho Perez Mike Perez James Perry Lorgll Lee pr,,il,p5 ' ' 7 4 r ,.. ., 'mx , p uh , - J r v- A 1 - P 1' ,K Pat Piercy Richard Pirtinger Albert Poole Carol Porferfreld Joanne Portlock Keith Porirey Delores Power ,-. Cheryle Powers Barry Purdy Glenn Purdy Sharon Rad i David Radko Angelna Ramirez Roberv Ramsey -v- Elrzabelh Redding H, -at Wi 2 Rafe l . J 'l la i-l.,,,, -Q , 5 ' x R Joel Redmond Bob Rhodes Richard Ricks Nancy Robards Jerry Roberts Thomas Rodgers James Reeder Jack Rood r . is , ,. :F I . x , ,,.,., ,, ,f 'fi A 1 'ff .. fi .. '.. I f f- ,L 5 , 4 , ' Q T , ,.x ,rr J J - '- V' ' 9ff,'.,,.f4' ff 'k" ,, 1 .f V '- 'L -- .rf fw-:Q Te it e ykf 1 fwmQw Robert Roy Richard Rozendoll Willemina Ryke Frederick Sachs Tom Sackman Helen Salas Alice Sanford ' T, - ,L ,a l lergy , W , , mfw' V V X, 1 1- ,V A . 'H- T ff ,yi f fe My , i l Caroline Schmelzer Roger Serianni Esperanza Sezate Barbara Sharer Marty Simpson Steve Simpson T 1 i - 4 . W- N-1. 75-ff ,tl ,. -T i f I i 'l 5 f Harry Sippel Penelope Skaggs Wayne Skelton Norman Sleek John Slyh J,HL1 , , , ,. ., ,. ..e, , , 'Egg faq? -' H FQ' 5 f ' 5 g f F Qwf V' ,sit an f , ff 5 fwiww .PB V - r I A 'wg r ,V , Q wifi, S 2 is it , , Donnie Smith Margaret Sorenson Susan Sparks Judith Stadden Joyce Stafford , . s l are T V 5 . .r.rrr V, V, A . f "' my "" W ,,il i I M 4 ' ,. 31 7 - ezg.-.fgfif - j in -. f ' , E 5 L PW' ,, J QQ6 ,oem ,,x S I , 4 .,, ,xg A A. -fs... N-, Susan Stamps Leslie Stanton William Storms Carol Steenboch Richard Steele . Y Darlene Stevens i S M I . ' i"-' A. i f .7 ' ff- rev 'S If"- fm 1 , 4 1 I . :- I , ,u rg 4 N .gg 'QWW' , , V . Le f S V ' 51 A-22414:-:J:4:l:lp'i.'-L' 5 Bonnie Stradford Richard Stubbs Nancy Sullivan Judith Sutton Joyce Takayama Donna Thistle Judith Thcmgs .1 '--- I - Q,:54,: ' 0 -. . T fi 1 V ki im- V ie In 1 5 V K , K , 'l ' ,s Q , X Q if i Kathleen Thornton Olivia Thornton Donna Tidmarsh Richard Tognotti Margaret Townsend Sharon Trunnell Stacy Turner Ronald VanDyck qw ' Sam Van Wagner --Q A1 v 1 gk cr lg " 1' Q iii NL j' , Mark Vasquez Mike Venable D k Linda Vacke Terriel Walker Gary Wallak ", 9 L 1' if f ' . A - if o l ' ii ' - A , 7 , y I fat Margaret Webb Jonova Weingarlen Gloria Well L cl Weister Roberta Wes? Damon Wislwam James Whifcome v . Y srl ' , , Wayne Whiilingfon John Wicker K ren Wll ms Roger Williams James Wilson J WI ames i son x 'Q X fu- VAVJ . 1 it N' N 0 Q no " ' L qu xx. Elf if f , ' , I . V I ,m.! ix l. ,. 'L AIN. Lynda Wilson Mona Wilson M l W II Richard Woodward D n Wroge fr gig , - e Q-.-4 H , " " N' -,, ' ., v-'- IH 5'- X 4, V lf S lly Wy' PHY ' ' W My Q Qiise 6 N qicei My Rore ,. C Z M M 'JA JV Ml ff fl! fi J ' 4 lil M f lla. Wi' l .l 'Milf Mr Mr fyvyyflfd you if llfi ff , W! ll fluff jwyjffl W Nw Wy lffy it y gil if li fl W li il' fill My ,ff l JV' W A yi, f 155 'ffl lilflw ii Gi 1 David Wa WWW BOB SONJU if" President DANNY GEORGE FRESHIVIEN LEADERSHIP IVOR SAMPSON CAROL MORSE Vice President Secreta ry JOHN RICCI Bob Soniu, a Freshman Class President for the first semester, started his class off right with a Popcorn Ball Sale in September. Vice President Ivor Sampson, Secretary Carol Morse and Treasurer John Ricci endeavored to make their Fresh- men Class a real success. lt is hard for the first semester Freshmen officers to really do a lot because they have to become adiusted to the routine of higher school life, but it seems that this year's first semester council did real well. Second semester President Gail Hyde also worked hard to promote her class. Her council consisting of Vice President Danny George, Secretary Sherlyn Sills, and Treasurer Loretta Linderman did a tremendous iob in backing up their President- As part of their activities they held a Snow Cone Sale. Through the help of their sponsor, Miss Chisholm, they continued their good work throughout the semester. Treasurer Vice President GAIL HYDE President -ggi mfggrv SHERLYN SILLS LORETTA LINDERMAN Secrefofy Treasurer Margaret Aarup 1 1 5.4 ' f- u- 1 . Floyd Ault 4- X, Q Rudy Beltran Mary Bristol -Q. Deni Cable :P C i fs V " Q ez 'IFN 'Y - 1 4 46. .-1 "' .rvxiifldf Helen Clark if' W v, A v my , M x t 1 I ' I 1 , 4' ' E t ., .. -i .. Thomas Cooper Mike Daily 2 43 Martha Acevedo .. fx 1 " . .elif Dolores Avila -in A lg 1, -XL, Barbara Bennett 1 ,f :Eajl A Jigga' ,, 3 Gladys Brorby ffl' ' lQ,f.4,j. 57. Barney Cain Q i ff ' f Ernie Clayton ' ZZ fri? I ' .asf ' '41 4 f 1, g, 1 1 5 ga 5, 1 .1 . ' 12" - .f fi Q ,. 1 S U' WZ' Q g ffv. Bill Cosby 55.5, x 1. .,. - Bw? - 'H-'J' rg 1 1" 5, ' wg. U2 .1 f 32, .. w ' ' i X A 2 Gordon Davis .. . 5, wma. 1 . Q V 4 :W Patricia Albright 1 W ? A .i f J' ' 41" , 111.4 Glenda Baber 1 1 1 Q Y 9 ,V 1 . 3 13, 11 11 Dale Bill lrrf i , 532 11, Z' . my .1 - f Y Z' Milton Brorby - if l,-5, ',1,ff' I , +,, Z M1 i James Campbell if 1 Ko 1 , I , 4 14 x .:1'.'Ji.' ' +2'1'P.2Pf'P J. - 1--zfzmfis John Clemons 'MN , ,M , 'W 1 ' I , 74,1 Anita Courtney 11,1 """i?h?K. ., - 11 , : Q'g.1eV I 2 J , Q 4 v J Linda Davis 11 K i 2 Q- ,. 1' 11 e . Barbara Anderson R iirr ' J' 1 J' ,f f H. V y ,131 ,- If galil -J Arthur Badger ffl nv ' f 2 1 ,1 W' Sally Bischoff f iv I ' , David Brown ly.. ,f,2'4 , 'Lfj-, 7 'i . ' Q i i "ww Mike Carter 4? L' , , 1, '0 5 gf! 2 ' L2 11. 'inf' - f 1 . 1 , ,,. ,. J.. X V ,,, v1 -i 'V' y. u LM ' ' J Dale Cochran 1 1' X A ,au .4 1 'vu- my , ,,,, ,,,, 1 , 5 ' 1 Y 1 Mike Coyne 129 lid, ' ' 14 , 1 ,J li i ,,.v . ,t as f f Q yi, ,, If 3 , " ft it Eugene Anderson 1 rg :4 , li l 2,1 11 I7 . , ,ag 1 V.- sufd' -F - Ronald Baima , J rf" Greg Bilson 1 'Q .1 1f ihflxyv 1 I, -f 1 Harry H Q' '55 Wk 1 1 21 6 Q 1 f,,, 1 -.1 James V , Brown It ,fs Cayer ,. 'y wa, 9' Bill Coffman Wa, 'iw v , ' fgfpfpzip . ,,,"n -1772. 1" Sandra 24, A,V,,, Crabtree are Ar n 'f ik ,Sr , 1 fy , x 'JD or Mark Davis Joel Devenish + - i 1 Z2 iur' 4 1 Linda Anderson 1 f xv fw- i Sheila Bainer wir' , " My Q -s 11 . f 2 ZW, ' " x-, 1 11,g . , 4 17114 .1 I -14 " 5 i Anna Beth Blount lkf fi ap, ek yi Ly 2 lt' f , .214 f - Z Patrick Burdick t'l, 1 ' Q 1, ,. pr - -'54, J. 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MQW .r 1 I iw, fy A-V' Colleen Brennan Tw- in David Buth 1 , , M Y' 15? 1 V .gif f 4 1 f t., Michael Ciccini f 1:25 1' .54 ,V , if 1 . 1 ' Q 1411.1 g. 13: .1 .' 3 1 John Coon Qgfi ij' v 1... 11 , - ' rg ' j, Andrea Crow .fe , 1- 1411-.fz , - , 3417 ' fr 1 ,ffm 1.4 iq, Judith Dorsett -pw ,- fl 5 l Robert Dowdy A W, li rf William Engstrom vi' S 1 Qc R-N1 'K l Georgann Gillert i Sharon Grasinger ff F ..., ' . X Darrell Hanson -zo i, M j Larry Helphand 'OA 1 cmd t 44,55 .. . , fl Judy Hill Anne Houston "-- ., , 1' ff. y -. Mare Duffy ,.. 5, ,fy Patrick Feeney l p ,, f. K+ v 1. , Mona Glover ' 9. l 4 fl ' 'Q V . 'I v", i Tommy Green fl . ,, v Linda Harcourt r .Y f li J r if .wh ., 1 , Karen Henderson rl' , '3 . if x ,V 5 , lv., v ll , f Gordon Hinshaw L, .y E s "EE 1. 5. Michael Houston r-. M -1 v lr l Ronald Dutton ,, ,f r. if Y 1 A., 3, " , '? Slwaryn Foster ,, f Loetta Goldsmith 4, v Betty Grenzow -4 .. -. 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' , 3 I S ,sf "3 ' ' 3 'Y 1 ff If 5 Q. - w, ' ff 0 . T' ' 5 m N' V 1 4, 1 Y - f fn ff v. wx Q' :. ' L - f 5 f - -S - V -4 f - Z' ' :x 5' V , , 4 0 - , VX W - , .V -X ,X 1- Z f ,Q WV U. XM :,f E X s . 9 .fa X a X f V' S "A - V 2' ' 'J' 2 5 m X, 5- iw V ' E ' 2 " Q 'H 2 1' N' S H1 V " 5 -K wr W 5 - .. H .0 77 w,,,w-ff I Q , ,A 44? .f4w,.,,- 5 , Q . .fl 12? f -V64 4,,f,.- if -vw 1 1 5 R' f V ,VXJM 1 ' M .J f 1 . -1 X X X X . 'X 1 .. ,,,..4u AJ 1 A ' f f TV 'h h XX' W, x J I ,Nuff , J fx, N -if 'L X3 Q X fx .' Y H , x, f D151-,!,f 1 1 W V 'VF r' I ' " Y ' ff I I 0 -I 45. E 5 y A in-n-1-T L......... w ,Z 1 z 3 X, f f X X Z 15 1 I I There is a Time for all Things. William Shakespeare vi--. .ii-1 T111- I ...........,...,. i ORGANIZATICNS A scene from the Thespian-sponsored One-Act Festival, First Row: Bill Saine, Paul Goodwin, Loran Schwenk, Roy Yanase, Russ Roberts, Gary Rice, Richard Connett. Second Row: Lynn Keller, Don Connon, Jim Armstrong, David Nelson, Bill Tilley, Tom Megow. Third Row: Tom Sass, Mike Walker, John Gable, Mr. Hulse, Bob Weister, Ken Rubart, Tom Kasterko. TARTAR KNIGHTS .... STUDY AND SERVICE Tartar Knights, Torrance High School's service club for boys, had a membership of about Twenty out- standing boys This year. These Senior and Junior student leaders were elected To The honorary clulo during last spring and autumn in recognifion of Their past service and scholarship and in anticipa- tion of Their furthering Those fine accomplishments. The TK's elected Bill Tilley Their captain for first se- mester with Jim Armsfrong as First Lieutenant, David Nelson as Second Lieutenant, while Secretary Treas- urer was Ken Rubart. These first semester officers directed The schedule of hall and assembly posts at which The TK's stand To keep order, and directed The meetings. Bill Tilley, first semester Tartar Knight Captain, congratulates second Osemester Captain Lynn Keller. Second semester Tartar Knight Council was com- prised of Lynn Keller, Captain, Bob Weister, Lieufen- ant, and Loren Schwenk, Secretary-Treasurer. These officers, besides adminisfering The regular duties of The club, organized and headed committees for The TK-TL Ball. Because of Their efficient planning and That of The Tartar Ladies, The Ball on April 'l9Th was a greaT success. Linda Sweet, first semester Tartar Lady Queen, gives her gavel to her successor, Kathy Taylor. 66 'QW TARTAR 1 95 First Row: Joan Margala, Joanne lsBell, Judy Hagan, Kathleen Taylor, Linda Sweet, Bev Orend, Barbara Campbell, Kimi Takeuchi. Second Row: Barbara Alter, Kathy Brady, Linda Williams, Judy Fredrickson, Donna Moore, Charlotte McComas, Carol Johnson, Susan Saari, Glenda Traw, Susan Hammack. Third Row: Mary Smiley, Virginia Juvet, Diana McNiel, Joanne Carr, Yvonne Graham, Sharon Magner, Deann Goldsmith, Linda Eldridge, Lois Wroge, Treva Rosson, Lynne Hyde. TARTAR LADIES UPHOLD TRADITIONS The girls' honorary service club on campus, appropriately During the year, the T-L.'s took part in the Girls' League named Tartar Ladies, has served Torrance High very well aud-call and held a shack sale. In the spring they and this year, as always. The girls in the club stand post by the Tartar Knights collaborated on the annual TK-TL Ball. the doors in the cafeteria, at aud--calls, and up near the Top administration for the club was taken care ot by library at lunch, to keep order among the students and Linda Sweet and Kathleen Taylor, the two Tartar Lady to promote good citizenship in the school, The efficiency Queens. Other otticers were: Kathleen Taylor and Judy of the Tartar Ladies is assured by their fine individual Hagan, First Ladies, Bev Orend and Joanne lsBell, Sec- records ot grades, activities, and service to the school. retariesg Susan Hammack and Joan Mariala, Treasurers, For those contributions to their school, they were elected Kimi TC1l4Gl-'CLIF Gnd 5C1Cl'1i lSl1il1OI'Ol, l'liSTOVlC1f1-RSPOVTGVSJ to the club. and Barbara Campbell and Susan Hammack, Sergeants- at Arms. C 21: .14 ,, ,, t ZJ, y . rir ii 'iii 1 'af , 5 ,45 Susan Hammock smiles at the good conduct of students in Tartar Knight, Gary Rice, issues Jim Pritchard a citation in the cafeteria line. main hall. ...,.. 'my 4 . V 4,5 , . B. 'M an ' - " , - , 4 --,gig QQ - f n 4 f , 4' Y ., V.,- 1 , M., , .ff-,.. ,..,..,...,. i-5Y2!Q t ,,,..,jj:4gg,J5hai A -fa . f- - , ,, .. - . ef . :"",,.,f-.xx-H' rr- J . - fu..-,, - is -, " f i r ' " 'l 'T' ' H-JlivQkfesyJs4i Cheer Leaders Jerry Yancy, Linda Williams, Barbara Campbell, Diane Hodgson. OUR PEP The Cheerleaders and Flag Twirlers are lust a part of this year's T960 Pep Squad. Leading the cheering Tartars on to victory, were this year's active cheerleaders Linda Williams, Jerry Yancey, Diane Hodgson, and Barbara Campbell. Not only did they inspire our athletic teams, but they helped to create spirit and enthusiasm. The flag tvvirlers Joanne lsBell, Helen Salas, Susan Hammock, Sharon Radi, Yvonne Graham and Martha Goodrow could be seen before spirited spectators. The cheerlead- l ers were the only ones in the Pep Squad which were elected by the student body. The Flag Twirlers were iudged and selected. Besides creating pep this past year, the Pep Squad has represented us on various Band Days, Sandy Baker was Torrance High's high stepping band maiorette. r 2, We, 5 ',z'51Lr's? 'Q W1 Q is f J 3 ' I .., sat, s, 'is fr ww ax' ,gvaffi kygigxi ,. Flag Twirlers Martha Goodrow, Yvonne Graham, Susan Hammack, Joanne lsBell, Sharon Raddi, Helen Salas, Song Queens Vicki Hippik, Flora Wafson, Sharon Maaner Denise Hunter Bev Orend Linda Hofer The oTher Two groups Tound in The 1960 Pep Squad were The Maiorenes and Song Queens. They did a won- derful iob This year leading songs aT all our aThleTic acTiviTies. Under The leadership of Mrs. Marshall, Pep Squad advisor, The group kepT up The diTTiculT iolo of cheering specTaTors up when They TelT low. The six song queens were perky seniors Sharon Magner, Vicki Hippik, Lynda Hofer, Denise HunTer, and Bev Orend. Serving wiTh Them were MaioreTTes Carol Bailey, PaT King, BerTha Ferrn, and Lynda Wilson. These sTudenTs were chosen by a panel who iudged each canolidaTe on poise, abiliTy, and general appearance. This iudging was done in The Spring oT lasT year. MajoreTTes Pat King Linda Wilson Carol Bailey First Row: Mr. Towle, Jack Singer, Mike Irvine, Frank Tuttle, Steve Parker, Gerry Goins, Jerry McLain, Jim Brennon, Mike Walker. Second Row: Donald Dobrick, Russ Roberts, Bob Mainer, Butch Cowen, Tom Richardson, Jim Hesster, Steve McGuire, Larry Salas, Vernon Davis, Bill Tilley. VARSITY CLUB Varsity Club, which consists of Varsity lettermen upon personal application, has done many things this past year. With Mr. Towle acting as Varsity Club sponsor, the club did such things as present medals for "B" Football and "C" Basketball teams as recognition for their out- standing athletic standings in league play and made a presentation of trophies to those boys making "All Pioneer League" in Football. Medals were also presented to the Poineer League Championship Wrestling team. During the Spring, they sponsored a semi-formal dance and a Varsity Club Banquet for fathers and sons. Among their service proiects was handling the parking for guest speakers on Vocational Conference Days. RALLY CLUB p The main obiective of the Torrance High School Rally Club is to create pep- During the football season, mem- bers decorated the fields and bleachers, took part in the circus halftime ceremonies at the last game, and sold programs at all the home games. Also started this year was the formation of an all white rooting section with a maroon "T" in the center. This was very effective and is hoped to be improved next year. Under the di- rection of Mrs. Jacqueline Marshall and presidents Jeanie Spall and Connie Zimmerman, the year has been a very successful one. Also helping to make the year a successful one were Gerry Dilkus, Vice-President, Lois Wroge, Secretary, Paula Blankinship, Commissioner of Activities, and Con- nie Zimmerman, Historian-Reporter. Serving on the spring cabinet were Ellen Andrae, Vice-President, Dwan Wroge, Secretary, Joyce Radford, Treasurer, Jonova, Weingarten, Sergeant-at-arms, Brenda Dickson, Com- missioner of Activities, and Kathy lngrum, Historian- Reporter. First Row: Jonova Wiengarten, Joyce Furusho, Susan Sparks, Connie Zimmerman, Jean Spall, Jerry Dilkus, Paula Blankinship, Joyce Radford, Lois Wroge, Marcell Holt. Second Row: Dwan Wroge, Pat Fowler, Judy Meadows, Lynne Barrett, Maxine Ihara, Darlene Jensen, Roegena James, Judy Rayner, Linda Weister. Third Row: Mrs. Marshall, Diane Martin, Brenda Dickson, Kathy lngrum, Kathy Singleton, Jean Wells, Sandy Wells, Marv Bristle. Gnil ,E THESPIANS Left to right: Carol Mathlin, Linda Kraegel. Linda Hofer, Nancy Osborn, Flora Watson, Jim Pritchard, Pat King, Barbara Adams, Miss Larson THESPIANS Thesipan Troupe H33 of Torrance High School has done a wonderful iob of promoting dramatic arts at our school. Along with promoting theatrical work, they helped on the technical end of putting on such shows as the Variety Show, Senior Play, and Original One Act Plays. This year the Thespians put on a three act play, "Ten Little lndians." The club officers were: Noel Shire, President, Pat King, Vice President, Carol Mathlin, Secretary, and Carol Por- terfield, Treasurer. With their sponsor, Miss Larson, they have done a terrific job. GIRLS' G-LEE With a fine blending of beautiful songs, clever arrange- ments and the singing voices of twenty-five girls, the Girls' Glee Club performed and entertained for another successful year, Under the direction of Mr. Vincent DeFiore, Girls' Glee took part in the annual Christmas and Spring Concerts and added much to both. At the Christmas Concert, the pleased audience enioyed fine renditions of "Noel, Noel," "The First Christmas Carol," and the "Christmas Song.' Solo parts by Barbara Davis, Mariorie Winter, and Jane Strahn in the singing of "Go Tell lt on the Mountain," was an especially lovely highlight. At the Spring Concert, the girls sang "Green Cathedral," "Summertime," "lt's a Grand Night for Singing," and "Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo-" The Spring Concert concluded public performances for Girls' Glee, and it left the audience with the feeling that the girls had done much to enter- tain them. First Row: Judy Cronin, Lillian Salas, Jane Datin, Barbara McLaughlin, Carolyn Shirley, Sandra LaCicero, Holly Lock, Anita Strouse, Karen Arbuckle Karen Sigler, Mr. DiFiore. Second Row: Pamela lsbell, Rita Simmons, Pat Marley, Mary Banda, Judy Combs, Alicia Mullins, Jane Strohm, Kay Portlerfield 8 Marjorie Winter, Mary Bristol. ' First Row: Sharon Knight, Lynn Barrett, Judy Meadows, Paula Blankinship, Connie Zimmerman, Mary Smiley, Lynn Keller, Carol Johnson, Donna Moore Betty Lou Kautto, Carol Echols, Kathy Taylor, Linda Mills, Joan Mariala. Second Row: Barbara Bennett, Carol Mathlin, Joanne Carr, Joann Portlock Maxine Ihara, Theresa Gilles, Susan Mathis, Mary Duarte, Jean Strohm, Linda Anderson, Judy Trisler, Nancy Osborn, Lois Wroge. Third Row: Richard Hollins, Richard Woodard, John Lehr, David Nelson, Susan Sparks, Kimi Takeuchi, Linda Weister, Charlotte McComas, Linda Sweet, Judy Hagan, Kathy lngrum, Jonnie Weingartin, Barbara Adams, Tom Megow, Gary Olsen, Bobbie Huggins, Kathy Brady, Vi Lucero. Fourth Row: David Steel, Bruce Norman Jim Armstrong, Bob Weister, Richard Connett, Nelson Stanley, Bill Saine, Jon Hunter. C. S. F. UPGRADES ACTIVITIES California Scholarship Federation is a statewide honor society, Torrance High School scholarship members belonging to Chapter i2i of this or- ganization. Membership consists of students maintaining better than average academic standings. Students continuing membership for four semes- ters in the last three years of high school, one being in the Senior year, are eligible to become seal bearers or life members. Those students making life membership at the end of the first semester were Barbara Adams, Carol Johnson, Carol Mathlin, Donna Moore, Dave Nelson, Mary Smiley, and Kathy Taylor. This year, the Scholarship Federation did many things under the leadership of a very capable cabinet. Club officers were Carol Johnson, Pres- ident, Lynn Keller, Vice-President, Donna Moore, Secretary, and Mary Smiley, Treasurer during the first semester, Spring semester officers were Bob 'V' , f,,, I -it ,451-,fauna f C7 I.. 5,577-'gi,. MF' 5 ., , . ,. :AY ' f ,il 459, flfvgmvg, J' 'E :i2.'7il,1i.'f"-", .,, .I ' ' 'F H, , A- .Q A . ' iiM:'1rx7+,,"9l uv ft' at -'fvm 43 "v.vf,'f-C 5-tex. ' "fe-.gage Z A- ,4 19-f .wk --,gi-, A 'r-wif-wg :ff wkffff-ii'Q2"" 1916 -f'i':'-Ah. 1 f:uQQ..Q i1f"f"4v!:..1,3 Q51!ea"1'w' 1' F the-f'f"'-E-: , 'ft-.gqiwf qfmf' , ,- r- ' 'fra an Q 11.2 - .gt - 1563 ,w. xl s Q4-,L -ar -- .. -...A ,,-, M gm: ,W g wr. 'ia 1,41 The l Life members Carol Johnson, Donna Moore, Carol Mathlin, Barbara Adams, Kathy Taylor, and Dave Nelson. Weister, President, Joanne Carr, Vice-President, Susan Sparks, Secretary, and Kimi Takeuchi, Treasurer. Along with their advisors, Mrs. Alice Hammond and Dr. Carl Ahee, the group spon- sored a field trip to UCLA on April 7th for both. first and second semester members. Students also attended a CSF conference at L.A. State Col- lege on April 30. Club officers, front row: Lynn Keller and Joanne Carr. Back row: Donna Moore, Carol Johnson, Susan Sparks, Kimiye Takeuchi and Mary Smiley. T . si , die? Bwiibilgv liil ein en ixmy My pm, yy.. jg fy 'E . ,JM Q ,I lfdll ifmylllfl El if ' l s- i 'f lg. ' el gli l ,Qi mf lil ll T if First Row: Linda Williams, Bonnie Stanton, Sharon Lee, Randy Garrett, Margaret Sorenson, Sharon Murphy, Brenda Jones,. Sharon Otleson, Ann Beth Blount, Sandy Crabtree, Glenda Baber. Linda Harcourt, Mr. Axworthy, Lenora Calitri, Janice Jones, Joanne Moore, Linda Beatly, Beth Fisher, Pat Miller, Chickie Sciarrotta, Pat Anderson, Kris Reed, Colleen Chandler, Carol Johnson. Second Row: Sharon Ricci, Carol Nelson, Ruth Napoleon, Evelyn Ross, Gladys Broby, Bev Anderson, Donna Houston, June Fariss, Joyce O'Dell, Alvenia Serianni, Betty Watson, Nancy Hornbeck, Carol Vorhis, Mona Glover, Sheila Bainer, Loretta Linderman, Diane Hodgson, Melanie Mounger, Mae Denton, Judy Minor, Yvonne Graham, Marilyn Holcolm, Judy Raymond, Brooke Linderman. Third Row: Ken Myers, Jim Sopp, Jim Echols, Rick Hood, Joe Solis, Bill Wilson, Jim Hester, Bill White, Duane Wyrick, Ronnie Kendall, Mike Sargent, Phil Cosby, Larry Melton, Jim Pritchard, Art Grant, Mike Hersha, Darrell Snow, Larry Rhyne, LARGE CHOIR EXCELS The seventy-voice Tartar Choir participated in many successful activities this year, lending its art to several musical presentations. The mem- bers, carefully selected last year by Mr. Roger Axworthy, teacher and director, perfected some beautiful arrangements and applied them to the world's favorite songs. The choir was in fine voice at the Christmas and Clean Campus Aud-Calls, and in the i960 Va- riety Show gave one of the best performances ever by a choir at Torrance. They sang also in the annual Spring Concert. A new and exciting highlight in Tartar Choir activities was the Operetta at the end of the year. Gilbert and Sullivan's "Trial By Jury" ,,...f-" was skillfully given in May and was enioyed by both adults and students in a successful climax to the year's activities. X sql, Diane Martin, Judith Rayner, Mr. Macaray, Alvenia Serianni, and Kimi Takeuchi diligently race with their deadline for production of the 1960 TORCH. Mr. Snyder, music teacher, directs the Tartar Band at one ofthe pep rallies. x 1 ,Q 4' 23 First Row, Tom Megow, Donna Moore, Second Row: Charlotte McComas, June Farris, Kimi Takeuchi, Vi Lucero, Alvenia Serianni, Martha Mullen, Vernon Lamphere. Third Row: Sondra Rosencrantz, Roegena James, Diana Cooper, Brooke Linderman, Jonora Wiengarten, Brenda Dickson, El. CLUB ESPANOI. LES l-'Al-QlSll1NS To promote understanding toward the people south of the border, to spread the Spanish culture, and to pro- mote understanding of the Spanish language - these are the purposes of the active Spanish Club. An installation, followed by swimming at the home of advisor, Mrs. Gladys Kennedy, began the fall semester's activities. This was soon followed by a successful "pop- corn ball sale" in November, and a party at Christmas featuring the re-enactment of the travels of Joseph and Mary on Christmas Eve, the singing of Christmas carols in Spanish, and the breaking of the traditional pinata. The Spring semester activities were highlighted by a Spring party and the celebration of Cinco de Mayo by a trip to Olvera Street in Los Angeles. First and second semester officers were Donna Moore and Tom Megow, presidents, Bill Miller and Diane McNiel, vice presidents, Kimi Takeuchi and Vi Lucero, secretaries, Tom Megow and Sharon Watkins, treasurers, The French Club of Torrance High, appropriately named Les Parisiens, was assembled this year with a member- ship comprised of French ll and lll students and past members of French classes. The goal of the Les Parisiens is to extend the culture and heritage of France to its stu- dents learning the language. Since many of the activities were originated in the French ll and lll classes, under the direction of teacher and sponsor, Mr. Louis Bereskin, they were co-ordinated wtih studies of the language. One aspect of learning French was cultivated by the new "language lab," a room full of mechanical devices to help students learn grammar and vocabulary by listening to records and tapes, This method was much enioyed by the students. Les Parisiens officers were Noel Shire and Kathy Brady, Presidents, Kathy Brady and Nancy Osborn, Vice Presi- dents, Nancy Osborn and Judi McTee, Secretaries, Lynne Hyde and Diane Martin, Treasurers, and Bob Weister and Lynne Hyde, Sergeants-at-Arms. Linderman, historians. and Sandy Bailey and CLUB FRENCH Front Row: Lynne Hyde, Kathy Brady, Nancy Osborn, Bev Orend, Karen Keith, Diane Martin. Back Row: Kasey Crossman, Yvonne Graham, Sharon Mas- cola, Bob Wiester, Bobbie Huggins, Delfia Elliott, Kathy Thorton. Left To Right Lavonda Bornes, Margaret Townsend, Joann Kryda, PaTsy l-lardage, Arlene Russell, Mrs. Sanders, Tom Coleman. JUNICDR RED CROSS HEALTH CAREER The AJRC, more commonly known as The American Junior Red Cross, is one of The many worThwhile and inTeresTing clubs on The Torrance High School campus. The sTudenTs in This club have joined American Junior Red Cross To help achieve iTs aims by working TogeTher wiTh mem- bers of The Red Cross organizaTions in our own and oTher lands. The aims of The group are To serve oThers - our counTry, communiTy, and our school, in healTh of mind and body To fiT us for greaTer service, and in working for beTTer human relaTions ThroughouT The world. Working wiTh The members of This group in all of Their meefings and proiecTs was Mrs. Sanders, school nurse and AJRC advisor. The purpose of The HealTh Careers Club is iusf as one would suspecT - To furTher invesTigaTe career oppor- Tunifies relafed To The problems and opporfunifies in healTh. The acTiviTies are mainly carried Through as in- dicafed by The inTeresTs of The group or individual mem- bers. This year, The Healfh Career Club members have had as a guesT speaker, Mrs. McAllisTer, Chief of Volun- Teer Services aT Harbor General HospiTal. AT her visiT, she spoke on The Candy STriper Program. Also on The lisi of acTiviTies were films on Red Cross acTiviTies and a field Trip To The Torrance Public l-lealTh DeparTmenT for an explorafion of The funcfions and services of The healTh deparTmenT. Officers for This year were Gerrie Moore, presidenfg Sharon Peferson, Vice-presidenT, and MargareT Townsend, SecreTary-Treasurer. Left To Right: MargareT Townsend, Joann Kryda, Lovanda Barnes, PaTsy l-lardage Mrs. Sanders, Arlene Russell. 'Oc W.. Left to right: Chris Patrick, Dave Cooper, Richard Hollins, Bruce Norman, Gary Olsen, Mike Metzner, Richard Fisher, Larry Hendrickson. ENGINEERS' CLUB Students interested in making engineering Their life's work have gotten together to torm the club known as Future Engineers. The members of this club study and take part in activities similar to those ot men in the actual iob. As part ot these activities the club went on a tield trip with the Science Club to Loyola University to visit the Loyola science department, A plan tor a constitution was seriously discussed as it is a new club and the members wish to put their program into more official form. r un: mc V57' 3' We V if., lift? 'f are First Row: Joyce Radford, Sharon Magner, Carol Johnson, Karen Nystedt, Barbara Wilson, Martha Mullens. Second Row: Kathy Taylor, Bev Orend, Lynne Hyde, Vickie Hippick, Susan Hammack, Paula Blankinship. Students interested in the teaching tield have devoted one ot their classes to the Future Teachers program. The students go to Torrance Elementary tor one hour daily and help the teachers in the class activity. They also plan a lesson and teach the class one day a week. This is a great aid in obtaining practical experience in the teach- ing tield. Grades from kindergarten through eighth grade are involved in the program. This helps the teachers and the student both. Each student in this way can prepare tor his future in the teaching field. The students are learning to work with the children and teachers and they teel that patience is one ot the biggest FUTURE TEACHERS problems involved in this vocation. Mr. Smith, the Busi- ness Education Director, has done a real great iob in setting up this program. This is a very rewarding ex- perience and any one interested in teaching can profit a great deal from this program. an-1.4.-.0 fi PMR SCIENCE PHCJTO CLUB The Science Club consisTs of sTudenTs who are inTeresTed in delving inTo diTTerenT phases of science. Along wiTh Mr. McKnighT, Their sponsor, They look inTo The ever wondering Tield oT science. The members of The Science Club worked very hard To make This year's Science Fair a huge success. First Row: Fred Sachs, Bill Saine, Mike Raneses, Dennis AlbrighT, Larry ReinTsma, .lim Pulliam, Ed HousTon, Floyd Ramsey, Gary Olsen, Mr. McKnighT. Second Row: Chris PaTrick, John Hollins, Dave Cooper, Mike MeTzner, Carey Van de Wefering, Jon HunTer, Jim Pritchard, Bruce Norman. Music is wonderful and wiTh a club like The STudenT BroadcasTing Club on campus you can'T miss wiTh music. They play records aT lunch To make our lunch period much more enioyable. The records are boughT by The club or borrowed Trom sTudenTs and are used To Till ouT The reperToire of music played during lunch. The sTudenT council is now building up a collecTion of records Tor clubs To use during dances. They are renTed on The basis ThaT you may use The records buT you have To give Two new records To The collecToin. Mr. D. SmiTh, sponsor, has done a fine job in promoTing The S.B.C. on our campus. BROADCAST! NC CLUB LeTT To Right: Richard Fisher, Wayne Hawkins, Wayne Hughes, Mr. SmiTh, Earl Newsom, Roger Baker. Front Row: Don Bell, Sally Wyrick, Sheryl Sells, Patricia Milligan, David Ludwig, Connie Owens, Eugene Anderson, Pat Holland, Wilma Johnson. Second Row: James Dawson, Co-Captain, Arthur Badger, Duane Wyrick, Pat Alter, Marc Simons, Greg Sciarotta, John Friedemann, Gregory Simmons, Gene Luevano, Danny George, James Stowe, John Alter. Third Row. Larry Flagg, Robert Baumann, Ronald Dutton, Mike Hadley, John lngraham, Allan Hay, Roger Williams, Robert Murphy, James Lewis, David Wright, Mike Sullivan, Kathy Singleton, Larry Rhyne, John Coon, Floyd Ault, William Hermann, Paul Wright, Captain. Standing: Mr. Snyder, Director. Missing from picture: Gary Wiebe, Mary Lou Howe, Randy Hester, Robert Sales, Edythe Bischoff, David Strayer, Marion Bell, Jerry Roberts, Donald Piet. TARTAR BANDS PLAY CDN . . . The Tartar Band had a busy year. At home football games, half time shows were performed with brilliance and precision. Within the Tartar Band are two pep bands, the Maroon Band, and the Gray Band which boosted our spirits at basketball games, away football games and pep rallies. Highlights in the Tartar Band's activities were participation in the Band Day sponsored by USC. and the All-Western Band Review at Long Beach. During the concert season, the Band performed at various Torrance Grade Schools, the Annual Spring Concert and Graduation. ASTRONONIY CLUB The purpose of the Astronomy Club is to promote gen- eral interest in astronomy and to assist students in securing information related to science. The Astronomy Club's first activity was a snow-cone sale. The second activity of the year was an observation of the moon through Mr. lnkin's telescope. They also had reports on subjects like Rockets and Missiles, Nova, the White Dwarfs and the structure of the sun, all re- lated to astronomy. ln the future the club plans on having more reports. The members feel this is an important part of the club. They also plan on building a telescope and taking trips to Observatories. Astronomy Club officers for the year were Richard Steele, President, Mike Ranases, Vice President, Sharyn Foster, Secretary, and Ronnie Surber, Treasurer. E-f.vA 2? f ,fir Front Row: Mike Raneses, David Strayer, Eddie Myers, Ronnie Surber, Joel Devenish, Mark Davis. Second Row: Mike Hadley, Tim May, Wayne Hawkins, 92 David Steele, Fred Sachs, Mike Langum. If M , ,,,, ...AND ON! The TarTar Dance Band has been organized as a class, meeTing sevenTh period, This swinging group has done yeomans' work in providing music for sock hops, The Senior Play, The Elemen- Tary Music Fesfival, The VarieTy Show, The TalenT Show and The One ACT Plays. Under Mr. Snyder's capable leadership, This year has seen a wonderful developmenT of TarTar musical Talenf. FirsT Row: Mike Hadley, Ronald DuTTon, Larry FIGQQI Meryle Korpl Arfhur Badger Vicki SmiTh Second Row Mr Snyder Allan Hay Gregg Simmons John Alter, Danny George, Paul Wrighf, Mike Sullivan. Front row: Mary-Smiley, Carol Vorhis, John Whitacre, Donna Moore, Barbara Adams, Lisa Smith, Jeanne Sprout, Sue Archer. Back row: Art Murphy, Joel Whitman, Jim White, Pat Alter, Dora Rodrequez, Lynn Nunn, Anita Courtney, Jim Pritchard, Gene McKinley, Patch Horton, Mr. Axworthy. PRESS ACTIVITIES INTEREST MANY The Press Club is open to all those students interested in writing and iournalism, whether they are on the TNT staff or not. This year, the organization has been very active. Among their many activities they partici- pated in were a field trip to The Los Angeles Times, a theater party to see Ben Hur, and a tour of a television studio. Leading the organization were first semester officers Barbara Adams, President, Frances Adams, Vice- President, Kimi Takeuchi, Secretary, Judy Sutton, Treas- urer, and Jim Pritchard, Sergeant-at-Arms. The second semester officers were Jim Pritchard, President, Frances Adams, Vice-President, Judy Sutton, Secretary-Treasurer, and Anita Courtny, Sergeant-at-Arms. Acting as sponsor for the group was Mr. Roger Axworthy, iournalism teacher. The Torrance News Torch, the offical news publication at THS, is published by the iournalism class. Heading this year's staff were Barbara Adams and Frances Adams, as editors-in-chief. Feature editor Donna Moore and Sports editor John Whitacre colordinated pages three and four, The TNT is edited bi-weekly, with spe- cial editions at Christmas and graduation. Activities for the staff have included field trips to the Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles City Hall, and the El Camino Press Day where reporter Jim Pritchard won a first-place tro- phy in the feature writing division. The staff has also previewed various motion pictures before their release. 'Q First Row: Mary Smiley, Carol Vorhis, Barbara Adams, Jim Pritchard, Fran Adams, Kimi Takeuchi. Second Row: Earl Newson, Margaret Aarup, Anita 94 Courtney, Ginny Hubbard, Pam Mulligan, Judy Sutton, Mr. Axworthy, i 1-xl-1 I Ai-1 HISTORIANS I A ss :ANI ,-,un Qx.. I' Aitx Thi ,V-, , f -:1. I Carol Mathlin, Co-editor, Mr. Macaray, Advisor, Lynne Hyde, Co-editor. One of The busiest and hardest-working organ- izations on campus was The T960 TORCH Staff, Those Thirteen writers, artists, photographers, Typists and clerks are responsible Tor putting out The school annual. ln The Tourth period class designated Tor work on The TORCH were Kimi Takeuchi and Gracie Connett, working on layout and advertising, Cliff Weimer and Tom Richardson doing The sports, Judith Rayner and Diane Martin Taking charge of The annual sales and The organization section. Other members of The staff were Nancy Osborn, who coordinated copy anal worked on The senior section, Alvenia Serianni, who also worked on seniors anal did The secretarial work, Linda Mills and Lynn ST. Onge, activities editors, Judi McTee, underclassmen, and Larry Hendrickson and Jon Schotanus, The hard working TORCH photog- raphers. There were many deadlines to meet, and The direction and encouragement of etticient co- editors, Lynne Hyde and Carol Mathlin and ad- visor Mr. Macaray, were much appreciated by The staff. The result was a book that was beTTer- than-ever and one that was The largest in TORCH history, with 156 pages. will Lynn ST. Onge, Activities: Linda Mills, Activities. Diane Martin, Organizations, Judith Rayner, Annual Salesg Alvenia Serianni Secretary. Kimi Takeuchi, Advertising, Nancy Osborn, Copy Write rg Gracie Connett, Layout. Larry Hendrickson, Photographer, Cliff Weimer, Sports. Judi McTee, Unclerclassmen, Tom Richardson, Sports. 45 ,k,v A -NW .. eff' "3 x -2' Q' 9 ls' . .xc N H J k za W if " ' -WN Y,,,, Aw" is , :f I . x .iii- .1 ,wg , X WY gp! ,A NP -afl- ,--st sl' uf' Q , -fqg'l?"1F'- A 3' iV'r1',1a :gs - 1 f4xpZ1,,g .,' rf,E1'fnf2:,:w ' .Af :.m1'-fs-,mf 4-wiv 2f:1p.vur:.i.'f ' wi, VV, .f.. :1 ,J -, ,an ,f.f ff 5,qi4?4q',::1fg3,- K K , P f f 3 .... 1 " :1 ,15.:5Z-yi 'kg wg? 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Q. 4 ' my F:-9 - .- ..'..,21g - ' .gf-'H'-L.,-1-K ,. 3.1 ' ,ig 41439. ,Q ,Mtn , :V ,Q . , 5, .Q L W.. 7... ,ff ,Maw Agp- W r, , 1, , -- . 55221511-1-p. .- ' . , ,':1'-',XI5,'4A,k?sa '. , . si Q- 'c14f4w1':IgAf1?fP'4W,rf'Lf3Tn1- 59" rm. -lf. . - . . f A , wgjff-QM,-ffr:37aa: it-+f'xi4rQ52p:Jf',. 47"- K 'ffm-,-.L1.51g5v-.fyw-,y.3fa.q'4veqF, Sgr 3, Em' -4' 1 u . f:fff2f'1m,'me 91305 '- Engyps.-v '-fy ' , 'x' A f. -"isq:'qw,y .. 'I f -1 lv 1-I f f lf' ,., ,,...,.v--'---,Hn x I . 411.46 "4i'f " ' f... . 7' ' '-uv.-ff ... 'V' 'uv Qfdmfl i'Hl'QQ-'Qfj?ij..q, PL 12.925 1J'5ff5?E IM' ' 2 J " 4 ps- .Q -2 5-Qfffr-riffs' 'ffm flew A 1' ifliigwf ' 1114, I nm.f-,I-55311. ., 4.-.pwq -4 v . 5 35, vcd Nr. ta gg. Za - 21 .65339 vg453f:Q:.Fvi'i12fg".' 'gl 4.-9 5 ,r-' I, fw -.. -. 1 -' , 'I . cw... -:3wgH,,,- ,.-'- ' A . ,' 'h JI'-,Tqi . M, .-.',hf.'f er a :W .f,.H 4 ' . - H iff I ca n 1 -I . Hs 434 -I. 1 1.3. fbi " Sam -. f 7 ' 4. A 1 51, ,"If bs: J., zxwebf . .-lady, , Lt wsfiii 'wiv wg: V 5 .1 ' .ww 5,'ff4"3-,63i'f?x1,q114:5aff 'P "1-' ' . ,f -1, -M' ,. . , I -44. - M-,f3?jg,+3aI',,1N.f4 w'52fL'Qf.j .v .' n, ,flwvg-1q,e ., A . ,Q-wi' : ,. Q19 45,4 eww -f .551 V- -an -f -. ew .5 M- 1 v,..f :gy , 5 -Iv, iw 1 rw--ff, 1- ,,, f +.,, .f A ' 4, L,-,Nh I '-r wfiiivi 'f 4 flf I .f fi, 53'-' QM,7-Qgfgg-'-1-559, Efsyjigjffgff . wie? gg4,,,iq fp, ,. , cgi 'i 45215-f':-Zgjf MAIQJQZ' ' if-J 1 ,-'leirwf 1. fffvigd' - I ' ' 51527 242. viaigmiw.Mem. 'EM-fx' 3152411 5933 an :fn +w,2fI2'f2T-195--1 f'f1lf.f'ZE, ':C'1'50 ltffff? 911337 'f . 'iffir .59-an fm-2r2:,5ffrf'f."2m4a. .nvgfffzif . I I .- "-f-2:f'ff-efxfmy1'-:af- fe-'ge f. ff- iw 'mxim .. V:-'vfga,sr.-'lege-"w,n.2' me """l'v" 'af in v-X' J "' 1v"""Z 2' 'lm 'L Y."h41-.' -HU" "-, - U1.f"1-,,f2,'-im., "- TEITJ--'-l'9"'5l'.f'I"LS2151 :ai QLffIf'?33'I5fw- If"-'5 ilufif'.f.f7-'?Ii?'?f'f.f WY 5.1. ,QI ..,f.,5,'L'125gj1fjl:i:g:- 15-3542?."5.C?i.'z'j:5-111-ff-9gf 4 - f ' -' V, jffiv Y 4 .jf-J ,A .yi :gi I Yr.,V-,'j1x Y, lf :, ,' 3 '71,l' -13'-'p','xQ', .-eyjfizf fps,-, gil. -I -1 5,311-A.: f !',,,'.5,, r, gf-.-,fy vm, , 531 4' ' . f ' 'If' Q? rg, 4 gum,-Q1.57,-2.':,,:':,., fl 2 wx. 1, 1 , ' .,..LA.' A , -f.- . f' Q. .. ' " X 2 ' A ' f -5-M1 -B7'!2E'Ai." 1 There s 0 Tame for some Thlngs, ond Q time for oIITI'nngsgc1Tlmefor greof Things, and C1 fume for smoll Things. Cervonfes ACTIVITIES Lindo Williqms I959 Homecoming Queen ,rox B57 iixi .-.9 .4 All in smiles are the top 15 semi-finalists for 1959 Homecoming Queen, Lynne Hyde, Beverly Orend, Susan Hammack, Carol Donaher, Sharon Ricci, Denise Hunter, Sheila Thornberry, Vicky Hippik, Donna Ritchie, Linda Williams, Sondra Hanni, Patsy Cochran, Carol Johnson, Flora Watson and not pictured is Donna Moore. s. ,Md The reign of Diana Cook, 1958 Homecoming Queen comes to an end as she crowns the queen for 1959, Linda Williams BEAUTY REIGNS . Traditionally, Homecoming is one of the most exciting times of the school year, and Homecoming 1959, which took place on Friday, November 6, was no exception. From the time the first ballot was cast for Queen until the ceremonies on the big night, excitement was the keynote. At the halftime of an exciting game with Aviation High School, 1958 Queen Diana Cook crowned Linda Williams 1959 Home- coming Queen before a capacity crowd, Linda's Princesses, Denise Hunter, Lynne Hyde, Beverly Orend, and Sharon Ricci, their escorts, Lynn Keller, Don Cannon, Ken Rubart, and Jim Armstrong, and Linda's escort David Nelson waited as her court during the ceremonies. After the Coronation, the Queen and her court sat in a special part of the stands with the girls' proud families. When the game concluded, the court led much of the crowd to the Homecoming Dance. Many students and alumni attended and it topped off a very successful Homecoming. Bb "Coffee or tea?" asks Marcell Cook as she serves Sheila Thornberry and Denise Hunter, two of the top 15 semi-finalists at the annual Homecoming Tea. H11 'di , ' 7 f 'Vw Queen Linda and her escort Don Osborne dance the traditional first waltz at the 1959 Homecoming Dance, '72wF,.m,., At the annual Homecoming Dance the members of e royal court who radiate their happiness are Denise Hunter, Lynne Hyde, Queen Linda Williqmg Taking time out from the busy duties of their offices are four members of the first semester council: Lynn Keller, Court Judge, Linda Williams, Commissioner of Pep, Susan Hammock, Senior Class President, and Mike Walker, A.S.B. President. JW "-qfjf fi L THE YEAR - 'F Pictured is ct small number of seniors waiting in line to get their senior sweaters and iackets. few? fy, .,,,,k2,f " "'-pcfdf' L ff ,JL-vw , IQ-'I Practicing their prize winning posture are Gail Hyde, third place, Me- linda Capps, first place, and Kathleen Brady, second place, finalists in the Posture Week Contest. BUY Afiflnsdcnmj 71 me 5 tif stamens i e Resting between rushes of eager students purchasing A.S.B. cards and tickets to the first football game, is the familiar old "shack." tensile ffl Three "Lonely Frogs," Donna Moore, Judy Hagen, and Carol Johnson, pose after their performance in the Girls' League-Tartar Lady aud-call. BEGINS Clean campus campaign goes into full swing as first semester A.S.B. President Mike Walker distributes clean campus pledges to Linda Mills and Nancy Osborn and Court Judge Lynn Keller and Lynne St. Onge read special clean campus issue ot the Torrance News Torch. 5 T -1 WAC Sergeant Ellsworth answered the questions of many girls during Armed Forces Visitation day on November li. The girls interested met in the library to hear about military careers for women. Students enioy the first dance of the year which was sponsored by the Varsity Club, after the Redondo football game. Linda Williams emphasizes the importance of clean campus to an underclassman at the clean campus campaign aud-call. lf! ll Mr. Goon and his bones provided a variety of entertainment at one of the funniest aud-calls ot the year. iolb i 3' li ' '60 PLAY I "t+x- "You don't have to support me," says Carol Mathlin as she faints into the arms of Phil Cosby, while naive Nancy Osborn looks on. SUCCESSFUL "Gather 'round, all yo' li'l pickaninies," says Carol Mathlin as Nancy Osborn, practicing her ballet, amazes Jim Pritchard. Behind stage as Carol Mathlin and Carey Van DeWetering await Waiting in the wings are the senior actors and actresses, Carol their cues, Flora Watson, student director, discusses with Mickey VOVl'1iS, Vi l-UCSFO, Jim While, Phil COSbY, Gnd BGrbC1rC1 Adams, em-mn when to pull the curtain. during the December 4th performance of the Senior Play. SANTA APPRCDACHES 6' V, ' . c.. . us "It's bigger than both of us," complain Linda Williams and Susan Saari, as they struggle with the twelve foot Christmas tree for the Girls' League aud-call. ,,-ps 'swf A radio play to commemorate the Nativity was given at the 1959 Christmas aud-call on December 9. Playing maior parts were drama students Noel Shire, Chuck Litaker, and Carol Lupas. L. .... x.. Claus is Coming to Town," warns this quartet of iuniors, Marilyn Holcomb, Sue Larson, Judy Minor, and Nancy Hornbeck, iust before the arrival of "Santa Belknap" at the Christmas aud-coll. 9'-4 l , It i Before Christmas vacation many generous students donated cans of food for the needy families of Torrance. Mr. Johnston helps load the truck to deliver the food. Winter formal "Winter Interlude" was a big success as beautiful gir handsome young men dance to the music ofthe Notables. ls and 'H it 3 . 5 in 2 i K ai 5 g ax. J N my M I r M r cp rw n ic- 5 , 4 l t, ., Y W gb, , v s. ,.,.., V or Y 33 - i gt . vw . if l"' H 'T' F :tm E A , .i .ww :Q il Egg, la, 2 if' M J - f- if :,,,, 2 1. ,F 1 W 'i-r "' " , 'l Ag y VPVA Q W y l rbi ' ' v. At the nomination aud-call Susan Mathis has difficulties with a "Spanish friend", Gracie Connett. What would a basketball game be without popcorn? Here we have Gordon Walker buying a box of popcorn from Mary Smiley. Q I gmail i it Taking advantage of his democratic right, Tom Richardson picks up a at the polls. ballot At the installation aud-call Mr. Caldwell gives the oath of office to the new student council members. Busy with their rehearsals for "Ten Little Indians" are Thespian members Jim White, Noel Shire, Lynn Keller and Pat King. . ,f ., L, bg, Stan Gonta, candidate for second semester A.S.B. President, practices his c candidates, Carol Johnson and Roy Yanase. Jack Singer, first semester Boys' League President, discusses the plans for the Christmas Aud-Call with his cabinet. Jim May, Carol Mathlin, Bill Miller, and Gary Blakley rehearse for the Na- tional Thespian Society's first 3-Act Play, "Ten Little lndians." ampaign speech for the two other wwf" Rally Club members, Nancy Sullivan, Lois Wroge, Trudy Eddy, and Trudy Johnson decorate the goal post for the final football game of the season. ll ' " few GTK ,-1 Going over the script for the 1960 Variety Show, February 5 and 6, are two members of the cast. Pat King portrayed the make-up girl and Jim White was both the father and the cowboy. "Double bubble, toil and trouble," chants the sorcerer, Noel Shire, as he stirs up a variety of entertainment tor "A Sum- mer ln Connecticut." VARIETY .... THE Students dance to music provided by Judy Minor, Sue Larson, and Marilyn Holcomb in the 1960 Variety Show, "Summer in Connecticut." As the Variety Show progresses, dancers Lynne Hyde, and Linda Williams do an interpretive dance to "Smokey Part I," as other participants and stage crew look on. SPICE GF LIFE This group of sophomores couIdn't stand the peace and quiet of Vampira's music so they cut loose with some of their own. Doing a pantomime to "Ol' Man River" for the Variety Show are Sharon Radi, Roxanne Barnard, Marcell Cook, Sharon Clark, Karen Henderson, Judie McTee, and Trudy Church. Sharon Clark practices her act while other participants and stage crew for "A Summer in Connecticut" look on. is Mike Mullen and Jim White discuss the adventures of a "Summer in Connecticut" with Mike's mother, Melanie Mounger. Miss Larson, drama teacher, goes over the script for the 1960 Variety Show, "A Summer in Connecticut," with Jim White and Mike Mullen, members ofthe cast. 4 1 TT' 1, in f ' 4 Noel Shire looks for "The Voice" in the one act play as Linda Kraegel holds the set up from backstage. Maggie, Gwen Pekutowski, becomes hard to control when told she is a monkey in the play, "Casting My Spell." Lynn Keller, with the aid of Jim Pritchard and Barbara Adams, tries desperately to break the hypnotic trance as actors and stage crew look on from wings. '60 SUCCESS Pat King tries t'o convince her disinterested parents that she needs a pair of new shoes in Lynn Keller becomes amazed at his own hypnotic powers "Della," written by Linda Kraegel, when Horse, Jim Pritchard, nearly falls. Maggie, Gwen Piekutowski looks on in the comical one act play, "Casting My Spell," written by Barbara Adams SPRING 'The Champs," a musical group, provided T.H.S. with one of the greatest aud-calls of the year iuring Prom Week, March 28 through April l. V ..,f:f'ff-212' Carol Johnson and Jerry Roberts congratulate each other for winning the From Week Talent Show. Jerry won first place for playing the accordion and Carol won second for her solo, "That Lucky Ol' Sun." g"f , , 5 i I 1 Carol Portertield proudly displays the trophy she won in A student-faculty volleyball game was one of the activities planned for Prom Week, Parisian the Lions Club Speech Contest. l'lOliClGy- O IS HERE The appearance of spring never fails to bring colorful cotton dresses. Judie Sherwood, Karen Henderson, Charene Alarcon, Nancy Hornbeck, and Loretta Kennedy are a few of the girls who were wearing cool, summer dresses. I. .Qi :Z X Jon Lehr and Tom Coleman are attended by Gail Hyde and Joyce Keeler at the annual Roman Banquet. IJ' M 5, John Lehr, emperor of The Roman Banquet, and his assistant, Tom Coleman are his slaves, Janet Coleman, Joyce Keeler, Gail Hyde, and Virginia Juvet surrounded by Diane Martin, Linda Mills, and Judy Rayner enioy the chance to wear Capris for the Girls' League Slack and Pedal-Pusher Day. -'A .'c.f.,, HJ 'E 4 Q . f or 1. 457,- , 'Mr' lr 'fmt 44 -- 'J H .i I A familiar landmark at Torrance High is the pond in the senior patio. Ken Mitchell, Robert Moiner, Tom McMaster, Butch Cowan, and Russ Roberts relax after a busy evening at the All Night Party. H SENIORS END Alvenia Serianni, Mr. Macaray, art teacher, and Lindo Mills look at one ot the paintings under consideration for the Senior Class of 1960 to present to the school. As the seniors leave they will always take with them the things they learned here. This night view of the main entrance to the school is seldom seen by the students. FINAL YEAR ' 1 E Some of the seniors who enioy dancing at the All Night Porty are Linda Mills, Ken Mitchell, Sharon Magner, Butch Cowan, Karen Lind, Russ Roberts, Lynne St. Onge, and Robert Mainer, f Nix Graduating seniors "live it up" at the May- flower Ballroom for the All Night Party. On stage are Linda Mills, Ken Mitchell, Karen Lind, Russ Roberts, Lynne St. Onge, and Rob- ert Mainer, Tom McMaster, Sharon Magner, and Butch Cowan are seated in front. Waiting to be served at the All Night Party are seniors Butch Cowan, Sharon Magner, Ken Mitchell, Lynne St. Onge, Robert Mainer, Russ Roberts, and Karen Lind. Pausing for refreshments at the Mayflower Ballroom are Ken Mitchell, Linda Mills, Sharon Magner, Butch Cowan, Karen Lind, Tom McMaster, Lynne St. Onge, and Robert Mainer, l ,gym A155 ,A Q 4, lsgzf' 1 ,f 's W' V5 4 ,I , ,, , 92,2 w ' I 6 ,544 k V 1 4Q,:f' 7 f .954 f qfayf' i?' ? CW' 0 , no N ,ge ea . if I ff , X ,Q 7, 54 W, fc X I , ff I. I H , V !lg,,fl,,,:n.4, ' f' Q 'f V ' WV, ,. , 1 1, , ' '- vp! Lf , , I ,.,, , f , In "wwf 4 f' nl' ATHLETICS "Employ your 'rimeg Time glides on WiTh speedy foot" -Anonymous , , N V I M, '.21p. a,Qf,yq,,, 15 V' ,Q , .,, Y Lv ,QP 4' 'gy " , ' yyyy , 2 'ir p fr' g Ql if' 3 , fm' X All, 5 3 fx 1 ,. 1 4 X , 5 f 1 , .2 A I V A g s Tx Y , ' I' , a of A X of 2 yy A y ' ff 2 f e xy 1 5 z , '? ' I 8 ' . :f f ,'... 'f V "" ' - " 6144145 nw g . . Vi . I' X 'T ' - .',L,- . ' re A ,T , ' , -V T' - - '-'N' . V. i V 3 1.1-Q. ,, . .., 2 , Z FRANK TUTTLE lv. Left Guard . " W f v 1 , 'i+1j.fgyaf,5j','gIsT2.?5553' 'T T' . 11, if , j 1, V ' -1I" N1" 2 4, im f" " 1 xxmaisifm . .warg-" , ' fi of-' I BOB MAINER 5 -052 .I n ' - H Center, Line Backer , F I ' L Q '. f. -v " Ji' , , , 'lp'IXf4-'Wim' Q' V ff Qfff' ",T8'UfI'4xG'i: A ' 'X x'LK'vTf7,J?? TOM HOLDSWORTH Center, Line Backer Third Team Pioneer League i -. V. 1' , A X , ..,,, , g Ulf- f ,Q -ww if, ,i , - :S+ f'--vi'-fu-,--In 'S' I-ww ... - I V ,, . .' -., 1- 1. an ,A j-X N34 :,,, ,.,' -e 2"5ff'N4 3 lr mn, A I . e ' , ugy'if5-wig WT.: n -. 2: gl 'xi-'ilj L, - 1 . . " -. T ' 'JWYA55252:"ii-m7?'fr,5iif,l'5i?f w1I?4'5 n ., 'M Q,.,,"w-bij 5 A . , -rr fyv,--Lend,.,,3,5gg,,jfr-5 -1-m.1,1,..j ,T-.Z11Q,, f. i""f"'9'r -. -Q 'H N ' 4 ,I M-f'f'f:-fa.- f,ww1.11,',-. me V,,,,4:QV1V,' 5.,.,,, V, 4 ,,, 'f U, F H I V in-Va. ,, Ji?5.n , C 1 I r , , fy A , . 1isjg:i,.i,51gg"""f , A iff A-in ' 2'f?"' " ', .'i's16Zf't'-, af'ff""1-7??if'?ff'2Hi2rv K'gmi2u.P'f.".fQI?' 4-7'9'i- TF" ' ,. Wil: 11"1fii'1'f-2-.MMQ 1.TWP':' -'M HOWARD TAYLOR in V f 1'-M-4.A,,.--Mi- , . :gl - V ,, X 'nov 4 hf.-L 'a,k,lfV:.'if...-, -2.3,-'--4 .Yff .: . ff, f- ' Quarter Back, Halfback wx .i'5,,g,,,,g.,.p 4,35g,,,2a,fx,.f5T? 1 I Qi:5,n'557',,.M,Q'igQ?ifX,,,g,.,3:gHfgfTff7ig:i':x. . r N 3-. .T ' -Q " . T ' 715' '4 Aw' P" 'liihlq .-"A"'T4.,f"',' 'Jie , iwfii Tr.. Third Team Pioneer League ' N f'Q,-L:g15fjy?,L25g1m-q-.mi 'A' 5'9" 'L A' ' ' "' '- .4 v . 4 'Jig . ' ,Q,:,v,- x , ing' V vqwggi if ,Nqr . All America Cify Team . ' fw. funn, 1, ' pe JOE GRIEGO VERNON DAVIS Helfbflck Left Tackle All America Cify Team Third Team Pioneer League TARTARS SMASH WITH 'WF' .1 LEON WISHAM Right Guard 4 l I ....ff,'. . .,.... fi' V 4 3 Mail NT: TX" ' - ' 1SwMw'a-'e""rT' seg. . 'fre-M T T' :4S5zmw-wwf?-G 15" Q31 Q i-1 T.. f"4iVf-f-Z, " " . 'Q V ww r .,: , 145k'g5-Fe?" 1 my, ' ' -- J' y "W ' ,, ,Q 5'ffl?3'?5??'!' wich . ,"' ' Tm: J T ' Lgfw-5f.Lmx-V 7' 'V ,i1x,-mug , V, :M " K W 1 Y, f, 'V ft , 3 'y'.Q,.:iv.:.4-A '.':'A,,'fL-f ' IQMW., - ' ,ui ,.""X. 5,5 ""'fl'4 A ' !!5l6'13f'!4fm,X.3'.Y'v:"-g., gf DON BAKER Right End SPEED AND SPIRIT ,Q ,ix 3. un :..jt.l-J. - 5, ' l , I M., , STAN GONTA Right Tackle f rx. . J - Y. - Q " fr-.Mmm I A W1-'ff ff: 5.-M,-c ,A ' fr- - ' '1- C' ' -,eh , r-,f4-"'f- qw ,',4 rs-'rw , QM,-.Iv -g -V lc ,wr Ng., .Whig . gi. ,N N 1.5 011457 , q3TQH,1 LW.: -3 ,C L, fm., ff: W,,d,..:,h E. .gg ' z QM 'g 'r 1. lg.. f' TfA'B'f:'xL ' . 1 .-,, .nw sf: - is ' w,:.r.g.:.F"'er we -'frm fe J ' W ..., - 1 , --aiu V I JACK SINGER M X' Right End, Defense Right Tackle I , , , , . 3755.4 rf- K' ,Z A ,., al" fn, , V: - A . N, -, . ,, f . r .- ,,-.,, . ..,,. .Wi - .L- ev - . ' " , J-N , A f ' First Team Pioneer League .uf - Ms. 3 --yn V5 14 , f.,., 2 x ' , . AII America City Team I' II A I q 4' 5 Q Q Ti ' V I -4' First Team All-c.i.F. T g31,,,t?,. N 5, i ' 1 A .. Helms Prep AII American 'lifffi 'ti F444 I L , ,, ,, A ,, , . I V ,y ' 1 ., ,., . TOM MCMASTER Right Guard CLIFF WEIMER Left End, Defensive I-Iaifback Third Team Pioneer League ...k .L ,M v. ,, f , Q ggrny! 5, , , ,J 4 f r ,, ,V 3 I ., is , , r ., frm. Q,g.q'f , 4 ,rx V 1 .,,,. we fuer' ,r . , Q, .-L fc ,155 dfffqv, - ,," A . A 3 5,4 ,V E '-awf? " 3-1 r, I , - vb 2 A .9 . N ,. 'I ff w 1 Q, ,'w 4 . , ti 4 -1 4 r 14 J ' 'A r ' 2, Om. n. 'Qwa 0 uc x, ' :W If ' QW - "4" mm- 'iz fr. 'tia'?.f'7 sf ,, I ' w. 'z .,.. .i.. fr .49 if A-.1x..,1g,f PAT STEWART f Slot Back, Defensive Halfback Third Team Pioneer League -b, , f , 5 1. ,, ,M JOE MONTGOMERY ICapt.I Halfback, Linebacker First Team Pioneer League I AII America City Team Blanket Award Richart Award if -41 PHIL NICKOL we , 'YJ -M ff 1,-. ,LQ Guard, Linebacker . "' fffvk . . 43gg'f:1W,f?j',, is A4 First Team Pioneer League .LJ V in V, f. 1 "ft-SL' T' tiff 2 " W raw. ., . A I Nw-vrrzi-1,5 ,'g-,gs fe. - -,ir1,1gf:-. I u.a.fw-x-g'ff,g:,q ' neg Q,-f-.---. 4: ,Is- f fsliikii' f, ,P- -n l " F .Ip-f,k.f: 'k I. , I. " fm-Q1 QQ ' Q. H ",.. I - 1-:vim , v M , -cmm.f.4- Q., 1 f- I -ra 1 M - JIM HESTER Right End Defensive, Halfback I Kg if t 1 -, X ,V 's ,gg " -f if Top Row: Jon Kinsey, Vernon Davis, Leon Wisham, Pat Stewart, Jack Singer, John Carlson, Bill White, Cliff Weimer, Howard Taylor, Jim Hester, Butch Cowan. Bottom Row: Manager Jan Taute, Stan Gonta, Paul Rushfield, Tom McMaster, Don Dobrick, Frank Graieda, Dave Woodward, Joe Montgomery, Jerry McLean, Dave Fiorelli. .L Joe Montgomery fights for an Fumble! Howard Taylor anx- extra five yards against Redon- l0U5lY Wqlclles G5 teflmmctes do. Cliff Weimer looks on in WllS0n l66l, MOUTQOFUSVY l62l, background, wearing No. 50. Gnd Welmef l7ll fight to fe- cover the loose ball. lt takes four Redondo players to pull down Jumpin' Joe Montgomery when he runs nearer paydirt for Tartar team. Torrance was victorious in a great battle. we . -ffl v 1- ' 'f fl ,,A. . f. .Q 11 ,-IM. Top Row: Bob Mainer, Danny Gentis, Gary Hilton, Bill Wilson, Mike Sargent, Don Baker, Howard Barber, Joe Griego, Manager Jim Cook. Bottom Row: Pete Mitchell, Frank Tuttle, Steve Parker, Nick Nichol, Gary George, Mike Irvine, Mike Linderman, Tom Holdsworth. GOAL TO GO The Tartar eleven started the 1959 football season with a mild upset win over highly-rated Bay League con- tender, Redondo 12-6. Next, the Maroon and Gray edged out a physically stronger Inglewood eleven 13-12 to conquer its second Bay League opponent and finish an undefeated practice schedule. Opening league play with Lennox, the Tartars, already hampered by iniuries, easily rolled over the Lancers 33-0 with Joe Montgomery and Howard Taylor pro- viding the back-breaking punch. Perhaps the most exciting game of the season was the 27-14 Torrance High defeat at the hands of the league champions South High. Overlooking the fact that four of their five backfield men were sidelined with injuries, the Tartar team entered the game confident and eager. A bad pass from center gave the Spartans an early touchdown. On the next play, first team defensive man Stan Gonta went out of the game with a hip iniury. After a Spartan pass interception and two Tartar fum- bles, South led at the half 14-0. To add tothe in- iuries all-league Joe Montgomery separated his shoulder, for the second time of the season, after a 40 yard run on the last play of the half. Opening the second half with only one regular starter, Howard Taylor, in the backfield iand he switched to half from O.B.l the never-say-die Tartars marched 70 yards and scored on a pass to Cliff Weimer. But before another minute passed the Tartars last regular back, Howard Taylor was out of the game with an eye iniury. Leon Wisham and Howard Taylor stop a driving South High runner as Cliff Weimer rushes in to assist. Head Coach Irwin. Kasten and Assistant Coach Paul Foster. tw . W, The Tartars limped on with Joe Montgomery coming back into the game for one play and one touchdown as he returned a kickoff over 70 yards for Torrance's last score. But experience paid off in the closing minutes and after a gallant Tartar goal line stand for three plays on the one yard line the Spartans passed the ball to tally their victorious 27- 14 score. Outstanding backs Joe Montgomery, Howard Taylor, and Pat Stewart gave the Tartars fine offensive power while steady linemen like all-C.l.F. and Prep All Ameri- can Stan Gonta, all-league Phil Nickols, and regular starters Vernon Davis, Jack Singer, Tom McMaster, Dave Fiorelli, Cliff Weimer, Leon Wisham, Bob Mainer, Butch Cowan, Tom Holdsworth made up one of the strongest defensive units in Torrance High history. 12... .. Redondo... ...6 13... Inglewood .. ...12 33... .. Lennox.. ...0 14... South ...28 13... .. Beverly Hills.. 0 0.. .. Aviation ...6 6... ...ElSegundo.. ...6 25... Culver City .. ....6 119 2 1- 3 '1' . ' ..... .. .,.. ,. ,, ,. 4. ,,., l2....-.,1,i 1 , ,. ,. ... .2 ,. 1 W R f ' .742 , , ,v.,....-..w..- ,-.-.-.W-..... -. ..,.T J 1 f J i gl cf' f f 4 M ,49f X 'y A if D ff XF A Q , - 1 5 Raza' J- f 4 9-9 f Y Q23 28 J , . . f ' . -W ff J ' ' J 1 A- :tr r of . Q X .P ,Q Q 5,3 I , f 'H , , f ! f I ' , T v kg . H' , 'f , , K ' ' . v f 'Ay ' ,go A W! ,I Q, X' . u X ' V' ' U 1 V. , S V . . . H ,J V , , i E '. ,. N4 , . , ,. " -I - ' w..A- " ' 47" .. , ., A ""' , ""', ' ' ' 5 , , r '4 . A A A ft , A L , , V- ,, , M 'ff' A 'fl 1!"':'fVQ f" ?:.ff21"gf'Q V 'T , .. so 'V 1 ' ' - . J . ".. . V ' 'NK-'Y Av tw- u,r',,q,:,,':L4- sg,',,.i,, - -,,f.y,',L.1.3fP's'-7 5' , y ' Y . gl . , .- 'w - Q, , 4-,.- , , f -M... Vw., -- -' '- 2' A-fi-was ' ff-ff-,'1:'f1?1, 'Af'1:v'f ,f?",Mf 4 , ,M f ' . . .. 4 . . 14 Q- .,-.,s ,g,,.wi,y'1.,, . f ' f- ,ffz - rv, ' ff- 1"'f l f. f-f.', ' ,--,"'f-, rw' . Ze,"-"1.4 -14" Q7 -jg-A V ' .' L , .4 wg-15 .- -tvv 3 I ,m 5' .j, -,g,,f,,,,.,,N , jf 5,1 ' ' . ,., ,. , ,f ,.f-,w, r , ,.ya.r,,f.,,, ..,,,.,p.,4f, . ,.e.,.,, , JI f , ,-,,-1,.Awif.,, ,, f . .. ,. ., ., , I . ,,,. - - A---ff,.p9 , s pwfv, ..,.1,.-,-...a.-mv' V J - r f-,. wdffi. .gf -,Nw 1, nys-, .,,.,,.u,, .w..-V., ,, ,. ,. , A " ' ,auf 'J-nfl? v .rF"I-, 44 " '.24uLfJt4,mf.:.f24,Y1.uf if 'ff ' "VIKe,:.'4'421'ni-'fga. -My-iifnr-S .i tfr,5.:f-Lew i. xg? 3 --44,2 ' A ',' ,- .1 , .,4:f'. f 1 'Affm'1'1-.. -W-1' -tfwiwrs-W.-W ns ,J f it.,-. we 'Jr . if -f -,rv 71 ?'5ff:sf"f',Z:1anfL .-:'l-4" ....,f.f-., SM-asffaiffavs'-1 Q-f4..1a -!'17'r-B, , , . vfirafx'fffwlsifmifi-n':r'f,w,,''i'15'7':2..'z'it5tm!t-5.5f .' ms , 1 ...'?'.v.-Q5Enug4.1- Top Row: Butch Sciarrotfa, Fred Coburn Jim Hedgecock, Les Stanton, Allen Billings, Eleazar Ybarra, Bob Sonju, Dennis Allowiright, Richard Tognotti, Yutaka Ohta, Erv Palica, Joel Redmond, Joel Devenish. Bottom Row: Bob Stout, Jim Mitchell, Richard Woodward, Joe Solis, Julian Almaraz, Joe Van Huss, Mike Ciccini, Clyde Taylor, Harry Sippel, David Hendrix. M.- B S "B" Quarterback John 'MA 'A Cambon eludes Aviation defender to make long gain. Ace Quarterback John Cambon goes around end to score a touchdown for "B's". l ' Two Torrance tacklers smash an Aviation runner. ,. Q . 4 its f lf? nf, 'J f i 3 l J 4 , .49 104 19 ,QQ ...g42, 19 12,42 QE- 'gl VVIV i,-Vv- I 'T LI. M? it 'ff S if ' 1 .FL M f J ll , 3 I H A lvl! .YJT fr' ,v , UI". -L.,-. .. J- vi -2"-.f1:'f ',',L. l. 44- -,V-1' -A tw,- e. --f Front Row: John Orr, Bob Basilglony Maver, Bill Saine, Jerry Cook, Jim DePasse, Ric Hansen, Willy Patterson, Bob Henderson, John Coons, manager. Back Row: Darryl Snow, anager, George Oiard, John Cambon, Bob Clark, John Kohl, Mike Tracy, Larry Walker, John Keith, Tony Augustyn, Terry Greason, Bob Roy. "BS" STORM LEAGUE With a nearly perfect record of seven wins, no losses, and one tie, the undefeated "B's" swept to the Pioneer League Champion- ship in great form. Boasting a fine defensive team that only al- lowed three touchdowns to be scored against them, and an equally spectacular group of offensive players, the "B's" scored T72 points to their opponents' 20 for the season. Led by co-captains Mike Tracy and Ric Hansen, the Tartar "B" team was manned by probably the best backs in the league, Tony Augustyn, a senior, and John Cambon, a sophomore, aloing with outstanding linemen Dave Hendrix and Erv Palica. Certainly these great players and their able teammates provided many thrills for fans, especially in the El Segundo and Aviation games. They deservedly were considered one of the greatest "B" teams in Southern California, because of the recognized toughness of the T959 Pioneer "B" League. Q 4- 5, 5 .fr 12f?,'425T-sz-,..,' 1 YT'-A Qu T,,,,,,,,..,, DJJ! ' " 1' t, lik: lg u 4 --- . XFN f" do ball game. Redondo 7 .... lnglewood O . . Lennox O ..... South 6 ....... Beverly Hills O . .. Aviation 7 ..... El Segundo O Culver City O . . Dornellas is shown running back the Kickoff for a 40 yard return against a Pioneer League opponent. Anxious Tartar "B's" await their turn to get into ... T.H.S ... T.H.S ... T.H.S T.l-l.S ...T.l-l.S T.H.S. T.l-l.S. ... T.l-l.S 1 za' the T3 25 38 6 2l T9 32 T8 w-Qmw: . Top Row: Manager Richard Steele, Bill Coffman, Ernie Clayton, Steve Waters, Dennis Dyer, Joe O'Neil, Gene Luevano, Larry Helphand, Robert Bailey, Jim Campbell, Manager Rodger Williams. Bottom Row: Sonny- Summers, Dan George, Mike Parey, Jim Mullen, Jim Perucca, Ronnie Surber, Mike Sullivan, Jim Cooper, Jim Cook, Mike Scirica, NCS" WIN PRAISE A fine Cee football team was organized this year, and they finished a successful season with a record of three wins, one loss, and one tie. Predominately a passing team, they averaged 280 yards per game with an average of thirty passes attempted, and over half completed. Outstanding leadership was given by Captain Johnny O'Neil, who completed T05 passes for over 900 yards, seven touchdowns and two extra points. Also outstanding during the season was Gene Luevano, silver-fingered left end, who caught 27 passes for two touchdowns and two extra points. Another receiver who was very fast when snagging a pass was Jim Coffman, who caught 29 passes for two touchdowns and two extra tallies. On the defensive team, John Ricci played a spectacular season at defensive back, and was also the team punter. Coaches John Ogle and Howard Towle Santa Monica . ..l3 T. H. S. . .. 6 Inglewood .. .. O T. H. S. . .. 6 Lawndale . .. 6 T. H. S. . . . . l3 South ..6 T. H. S. . ...T9 Aviation . .. 6 T. H. S. . .. 6 TQ Row' Mike Venable Wille Baker, John Clements, Don Alles, Don Coil, Marty Holly, Mark Vasquez, Pete Moore, Al D'Ornelas, Johnny O'Neil, Jim Nechhvatal Bottom Row: Gary Haworth, Mike Heath, Billy McGinnis, Gilbert Griego, James Brennan, Al Hagenbaugh, Bill Armstrong, John Ricci, Harry Brown, Dave Yeskin, 2 if I 2 - . -Nw- ..."rf-..k .M W N. ....,,,,, --vm... .s....."' M - -, . ' .-L.. W. . f . , mega.. v--i-X-......A.......- w...,. "" """" -.....,., 5 vm, ' 1 - - 1 Q,i,Q'7i'Y?"' ' EZ. . 4' . M Jn., Y My 'W :: - f ' I "ts 4-,in " if A nz it , gf' Qc V "W ' f 'BF "vw-Gtr , -', ' ' 4' ,, f . H ,uv .V V , M p c, , MAX , ,I , ,. ..,,Qk I ' - ' Hifi A 1f'.,., "xv, g 'J' " ,, " - 2 F , wow .-: t - .L A ,..,,, . - in 4, at we I ' ,f . 'hx V .ffrzzf-ef-n"'E'?'.. M " 5 '- , . ' Q.Vggkkmgztrr-w,,-l.-.---1-vt-rf., , by +"" ' ' Q 1? I ' 1' . ' -- ,I . , f K ,.,.- ,- 3 wiiii., ff "'-" - Nw- t. -. . - - - - fn f4-, 1-ft--we -X . .K ,cw 21411 ,- ' -1 , - , ZZ 5. ,,f.,k .f--in "7:c,f.j"'N VW: 35, I W -- .-- , . M. tw- ,, 4 -V - 4 C- ,.,, w,,,.f as-,Q Y ,. t is ' '5- v , .. .. -LI! - , 1 . ,, ,, f- nf Q -Q MM .fly ,-. - -A . , .. , . 4 , - - - ,, , - , ff- , , .1 , ,cw .,,A . ,-7 Q .qw-f, , V ,,, .,,4 . A A, 7 , M t . H ,, .. H ,V . fr' , - ,. I .tw if ,.t-Q...-Mia-,'st-,, if-'fptiggs V or --N .S-,. , ,,. .0 -45" -V ,, ,-. 41 ', Jw.. -f- . 11- - .ix .c ' -. , i -, - ' -f' g " ' - . r ff . -,---5 ' 'r 40 . HL ---. ii"'f1-.,:- g54,..5. ,- .." .Q ,Y -. 4: - , QQ-4-. - Lk 1.-fi q'J,,Tg1i,V i yi: Q "QW ' -2 , I ' me-l,EWiZf2'tAT'?"i'f.1Y'i"'Q1, ' 1 he :4 " -I t Whipping around end for a ten-yard gain in the game with Aviation is Cee helf-back Alan D'Ornellas. After a hard tight by both teams, the game ended up in a 6-6 tie. GRIDIRON SIDELIGHTS Vernon Davis gets a clean shot at South's Mike Andrews with Tom Holds- worth, No. 70, backing up the tackle. Although the defensive team played a fine game, the Tartars came out on the short end of a 24-14 score. WM' 1 . c.. WA......,...V-,.-N,,c.w,....v,.--r-'f'-+""""""' ,......" .L" ' Varsity Captain Joe Montgomery proudly presents a football to 1959 Homecoming Queen Linda Williams at the Homecoming Dance helcl in the Torrance Armory. Joe Montgomery gives the stiff-arm to a pursuing Redondo defende to insure a gain. The Tartors were victorious, with a score of i2-6 in this first practice game of the year. 4 l23 ., P I - .F fn .2 fa kip' I! 7 , ' 4 . .oil 'e SL . . , V 1,--' 'V , . x w I G . r , 1-w e - iii- f I I . . 2 I-if . ff 1 '. 4 Af' Y 2 , .. , Q' ,,,,, ' I L ' . .- I "'+ . 7 . '- ss as ' f ' ' 'I sf ' , H 'T x 5 lf' , Q. ., Il- if It 1. W . Y 3 if -I.: 4, . .5 I I .43 si -J , I , x f we .. , -15,5 Q., llfjm Vol ' 0' Varsity Runners: Mike Thornton, Mike Walker, John Gable, Larry Salas, Joel LeDoux, AI Severson CRCDSS - CCDUNTFQY THINCLAVDS SHOW Running in the strong Pioneer League, the Tartar's Cross Country team defeated all the league members with the exception of Aviation, in dual meets. In the league finals they placed third behind Aviation, eventual CIF Small School Champions, and Culver City, the third place CIF finalists. Led by Captain and Blanket Award winner Mike Walker, and Tor- rance's leading runner Mike Thornton, the Tartars posted a 5-I dual meet record. The Varsity team in- cluded the following fine runners - John Gable, Larry Salas, Tony Bereford, Joel LeDoux, Pat Walker, and Al Severson. Highlights of the season included a third place finish at the Mount San Antonio In- vitational, and first place at the Banning Jamboree. 5 I 5 , D . glial ,.,, Individual highlights would in c I u d e running of Thornton, who placed third at Mt. Sac. and eventu- ally finished third in the CIF finals. The Junior Varsity, like their Varsity counterpart, posted a 5-I dual meet record. Led by Captain Bob Henderson, the Junior Varsity tied Aviation's CIF champs for the league title. Other outstanding records include the posting of a perfect score at Mount San Antonio and the fine running of Roger Baker and Bob Henderson in the CIF finals. The Novices, captained by Jim Masaki, climaxed a fine year by winning the league crown and posting a fine season record. i.?. N Coach Joe Sa rthou Tartar Cross Country team is shown after a big victory over Beverly Hills. 'WF- g P521 , f-I s Lf Tgliqjuiy Roger Baker, Dion Dyer, Paul Harestad, Dave Ohler, Charles Myers, Tom Sloat Richard Rozendal, Dennis Dyer, Ron Douglas, Leo Madrano, 'om La' Tom Sackman, John Frasard, Fred Sacks. Second Row: lvor Samson, Earl Yanase, Terry Augustyn, Jim Masaki, Tom Baligad, Gene Ambrose, Ro in Moffit, Gil Wilson, Bill Pitts, John Stoddard, Jim Pulliam, Ethan Tallant, Bob Henderson, Robert Pupkoff. Bottom Row: Jerry Goins, Mike Walker, Joel LeDoux, Larry Salas, Tony Bareford, John Gable, Mike Thornton, Pat Walker, Al Severson. 2 fe- PERFECT SCORES fi' .Rf '4 W ' 7,6 . ,Q A. V1 -Q A , J gf John Gable looks exhausted as he places second behind Mike Thornton. Finishing third is Larry Salas. Tartars won hands down. ZJM Qffffg, T.H.S, 35, Aviation 2O, Lawndale O, El Segundo 65, Jordan l5l T.H.S 33, Culver City 39, South High 53 T.H.S. 24, Banning 5l, Narbonne 55, Gardena l3l T.H.S. 22, Lennox 69 T.H.S, 23, South 35, El Segundo 65 T.H.S. l9, Beverly Hills 43, Lavvndale O T.H.S. - 3rd Place Pioneer League T.H.S. - 3rd Place Mt. San Antonio lnvitationl Mike Thornton - 3rd Place CIF Finals ,, -.T.-....-. . fuw -W' 'fi - 'lu 0799 J ' Hag Runners to your mark . . Get set . . .! l2 Bill Williams, Bob Weister, Mike Challis, Lynn Keller, Henry Roberts, Bill Reinert, Rusty Roberts, and Captain Howard Taylor. - "vm I y C X ' a ' Xl?"-4 l ff? rf L 'l ' lwjxkfyi , ' ff+"Hi!f?'s ,, y 1. ' l if ti I i' Bob Weister makes a jump to place the ball in the basket. The Varsity cagers with only two returning let- terman, Bill Reinert and Henry Roberts, won eleven games in what might have been called a "hot and cold" season. The Maroon and Gray finished high in both the Pacific Shores and Bev- erly Hills tournaments, losing both final games in the consolation bracket by a total of only tive points. Bob Weister iSecond Team Pioneer Leaguel, amazed everyone with his long, accu- rate iump-shots and also his league leading 19.7 average tor T2 games. Bob set a new Junior scoring record, breaking Rich RutteI's record ot l956. Guard Bill Reinert was selected on the First Team in the Beverly Hills tournament and was also selected on the First Team All-Pioneer League. . f ,:":?Q -Q ? 5' ' A avg ' , 5 ,gf ,V . s's, , T ff' , B , is If , 'fly 9 t, .A V, , ' it : fit ' 1 7 i , ,,,,,v t - ,j , ' ,l,. , 1 ' ix - ll - 'Lil' f f .5 f ' Z 7,5 my ,... in ,Q 17,1 ff' ' ,, .' :,Wgf,: IV, V VLVV I V VV. 1 'iir " , i , -' 2,2 if Y, , Coach Willard Boerger. ' B ,,,, T -1 K ' Yyj,',i,-Qirfwrf f"V-, mf ' . W f T Weiiggi it J will W , T T lifliflf, it 1 i Playing basketball comes easy to Bill Reinert, who is shown as he goes up to Bill Reinert dribbles past Jerry Schipper and Mike Andrews of South High in a successful lay-up. Tartars won 56 to 45. T.H.S. 49 .. .. Bellflower T.H.S. 'El Segundo T.H.S. 62 ....... Redondo T.H.S. 'Beverly Hills T.H.S. 52 Santa Monica T.H.S. ........ 'South T.H.S. 56 ....... Glendale T.H.S. ..... Sierra T.H.S. 53 ..... Hawthorne T.H.S. . 'Lennox T.H.S Morningside T.H.S . . 'Aviation T.H.S. 63 ....... Leuzinger T.H.S . 'Culver City T.H.S. 53 ....... Leuzinger T.H.S. . 'El Segundo T.H.S. 60 ..... Mira Costa T.H.S 'Beverly Hills T.H.S T.H.S T.H.S . 52 ..... Montebello ... Fillmore .... .. North T.H.S. 49 .... 'Culver City T.H.S. T.H.S T.H.S T.H.S. . . . . . 'So-uth 'Lennox . . . . . . 'Aviation 'League games 39 .... 'Culver City 52 Howard Taylor, No. 43, scores an easy two points against Lennox. Bob Weister, No. 15, and Bill Roberts, No. 25, stand bv waiting to help. Bob Weister, No. 'l4, makes two points against South High. Bill Reinert, No. i2, Bill Roberts, No. 24, and Howard Taylor, No. 42, all scored in helping Tartars to win. l Lynn Keller, No. 34, does the Cha-Cha while waiting for the rebound, Bob Weister waits anxiously in the background, l27 Left to Right: Bob Clark, Blain McCusker, Pat Walker, Cliff Weimer, Howard Achenback, Terry Taylor, Paul Bush, Tom Kasterko, Tom O-iard, Tom Holdsworth, Damon Wisham. Blain McCusker goes up for a jump ball against South High. 9 I Our Tartars won 47 to 29. 56 ...... Bellflower ...... 32 58 ...... Redondo ...... 29 54 ..... Santa Monica ..... 37 73 ...... Leuzinger ...... 39 49 ...... Mira Costa ...... 35 47 ..... fCulver City ..... 37 33 ..... XEI Segundo ..... 32 38 .... xBeverly Hills .... 48 47 ..... 'South High ..... 29 58... ...Sierra... ...4l 57... .. 'Lennox .. ...27 67. . . . 'Aviation .... . .54 51 ..... 'fCulver City ..... 6l 50 ..... XEI Segundo ..... 57 57 ..... ":Beverly Hills ..... 36 79 ...... South High ...... 34 48 ....... "Lennox .. . . .33 73 ...... "Aviation ...... 52 it League Games J. V. CAG-ERS The Tartar Junior Varsity enioyed one of the most suc- cessful seasons in recent years, winning sixteen and dropping only three. The Tartars won eight straight before dropping to Beverly Hills' five on the Torrance court. The Tartars led through the first three periods. Beverly Hills tied up the score with five minutes of play, then went ahead of the Tartar five. Before the Tartar Cagers could rack up any points, time ran out with the score 48 to 38. This year the team was led by two high scoring guards, Blaine McCusker with an average of 9.9 for nineteen games, and Terry Taylor with an ll.8 average for sev- enteen games. The JV's came in second place in the Pioneer League with a record of nine wins and three losses. Cliff Weimer, leading rebounder, set a record of 38 re- bounds in one game, and finished the season with 276 for T8 games. Howard Achenback was voted by his team mates as the "Most Improved Player. Blaine McCusker was voted "Honorary Captain" of the year. Terry Taylor was awarded the "Most Val-uable Player." Rounding out the team were Damon Wisham Bob Clark, Paul Bush, Tom Oiard, Tom Holdsworth, Tom Kasterko, and Pat Walker, Tom Kasterko ties up with a spunky Spartan, Blain McCusker Manager Eugene Anderson, Tony Augustyn, Pete Mitchell, Terry Greason, Ron Campbell, crv Palica, Coach Ogle, George Oiard, John Orr, Larry Ascolesi, Jim Brennan, Jerry McLean, Manager Bill McGuiness. MBNANEVTT BASKETBALL The "B" basketball squad showed much promise at The beginning of The season, but slipped somewhat during league play. The season record ot 6 wins and i3 losses does not clearly reflect the team's eTTorTs. ln dividually, The Team developed some Tine material that will be potential additions to next year's varsity. Two fireballs of The club were Tony Augestyn and Jerry McLean. Tony did a Tremendous iob leading The team as captain. lrv Palica repeated last year's per- formance by leading The Team both in points scored and rebounds. By racking up T32 points he maintained an 8.2 per cent, and had a Total ot T45 rebounds. Jerry Mclean, who was voted by his team-mates as most improved player, was a close second. The C Team enioyed one oT it's most successful seasons. As co-champions They shared The spotlight with Culver City, The only club To defeat Them in Pioneer League play. The first part of The season was nip and tuck with a 3-5 record but The Cees climaxed The season with i0 straight wins, 90 to HO points or an average nf 35 each name, 7 3., 'T-wx, 'Cf' Coach Ogle and Team Captain Jim DePosse. Top Row: John Ricci, Mike Venable, Steve Waters, Jim DePosse, John O'Neill, James Masaki, Dave Rosen. Bottom Row: Manager Eugene Anderson, Randy Hester, Jim Campbell, Ernie Clayton, Manager Bill MCC-Juiness, T29 Q. ' ,,,.,s ' - ' A- .l A -I , n If N , -A ,' '1 -A ...Y Y-., 4 Q. 0- ,.,. f Y i ,W ' 1 I . rw L, K Q H L , -we Q-M------W f 1" V3-A ,, l l 'Wit 1 1 l F J" ' I ,- A .T Pl A .g an HRS l 5 I ts li as 4 X in fx c A-1 Y: IA 5 n L . ""'A"'T'T"' .c SL it s. Q- A L-, lp p .r -1 ' JS .l V-' 5 , , Cf l L v,, V 4- i L i ' Ti t - . , K X -b Q l ' T L 3 V 4 l 5 , N ,, ? wi I I J , A I TA X ilu Im 'l, 1 -H f , llll l'i V Rtkvc 1 tllllllf l E if l RYARS 5 qu 'Ml lain. V7 llllll 1 llltlli 1 g, r -- . J l ' 1,-.Q .. 1 i 0 X .A Fg - ., ,, x ' I kd 'V g I K VV Q "A ,EX A -fm ,s 1 f . ii- .Q,,. ,rr-X A xt w es., ,ff -if J f is w , F ll- 1 ' L , L - . 1, 1 A S l l i .. , wg L - L ' K . N , . i lv , ji J i X H . V 'A I V ll V Vlll Wt. 9 'V I ,V.4 N, , IAI A -.Wo ,I W, M J J div' g 76 is A my vw .TL W' V I H f H, N 'I A LW W: B is. 50' Q K -.1 HD Front Row: Larry Arrasmith, Jerry Ascolesi, Mike Thornton, Tony Bareford, John Gable, Gordon Walker, Bob Kyle, Tom Sloat Bob Roy, Paul Harestocl, Coach Foster. Back Row: Jerry Goins, Ken Smith, Cliff Weimer, PcWl'Goodwin, Mike Walker, Pat Walker, Gary Hi on de Wetering, Wolter Stocker, Ga rlond Roberts. 1 ,,,..-pu-on--Q' F.-vw -'M-K ' 4 1,1-111 K Q, .r.. TRACK The Tartor trock squod, led by severol fine performers had one of their best seasons in recent yeors. The team could boost of hoving several of Southern California's finest individual trdck and field men. Mike Thornton, ot the time of this writing, had run o -4:2l.l mile breaking Louis Zamperini's 24 yeor record of 4:2l.2. Gary Huffmon hcid lumped 6'2V2" for one of the sec1son's best iumps. The distance medley squod held the foistest time in Colifornici by late secison, This squad consisted of Tony Bctreford, Mike Walker, John Goble and Mike Thorntorrif Severdlwfme varsity performers were Jerry Ascolesi, Torn Sloctt, Lorry McEliheny, Bob Kyle cind others. The Bee's ond Cee's had very good teoms led by Mike Tracy, Bob Henderson, Gary Schmidt, Bob Roy, Terry Augus- tyn, and many others. Front Row: Bob Weister, Jim Carter, Bob l-lagenbaugh, Gilbert Griego, Gary Schmidt, Dion Dyer, e, Charles Myers, George Oiard, Bill Reinert, Second Row: Dave Ohlert, Bill Pitts, Allen D'OrnelIas, Dick Rosenthal, Dennis Dyer, Jim Masoki, 'MiJ4e'T-mcy, Dove Vtloodwa-rd, Terry Augustyn, Larry Ascolesi Harold Fariss. Back Row: Dave Ludwig, Jim Allis, Robin Moffitt, Bob Pupkoff, Fred Cobur Ivor Somson, Jim Pulliam, Howard Taylor, Joe J. l T T ll T This Torrance Medley relay Team, Tony Barefordu Mike Walker, John Gable, and Mike Thornton led The Tarfars in many victories. AND FIELD Mike Thornton warms up for one of his record-breaking mile runs. .RN X Gary Huffman, T.H.S. high iumper, seems To clear The high iump bar wifh ease. , lm, I ii' Vu sh Bob Kyle makes a flying dive over The pole-vault bar. L I i FV: , ,, V V ,Q J 4 'W 4 i T .1 Q. 5? Top Row: Don Dobrick, Tom McMaster, Dave Woodward, Dave Fiorelli. Bottom Row: Adolph Duran, Earl Yanase, Coach Hoag, Gilbert Griego, Yutaka Ohta. GFQAPPLERS The Torrance High School Wrestling Team of T959-60 enioyed its most successful season in the four year history of wrestling at Torrance High. The iunior varsity completed its first undefeated dual match season winning twelve straight matches while the var- sity had an enviable ten win and two loss record, remaining un- defeated in the Pioneer League. At the El Camino Invitational Tournament, the Tartar wrestlers came through for a second place. First place trophies went to new- comer Earl Yanase, and veterans Adolph Duran, and Dave Fiorelli. Mike lrving took a second place, and Gilbert Griego and Dave Woodward picked up third places in their respective weight classes. In the Pioneer League Finals the Torrance team came through in a big way taking first place with a resounding T25 points. First place medal winners included sophomores Earl Yanase and Gilbert Griego, iuniors Yataku Ohta, Don Dobrick, and Dave Woodward, seniors Adolph Duran, Tom McMaster, and Dave Fiorelli. Junior Mike Irvine took second in his weight class once again. The remainder of Torrance's points were accounted for by Jack Singer's third place and Frank Tuttle's fourth. The climax of the season was the toughest C.l.F. championship tourn- ament yet held in Southern California high school wrestling. Practic- ally TOO schools were represented. Torrance qualified six boys for the finals held at Redondo High School. However, Pacific High of San Bernardino whom Torrance had beaten the week before in the preliminaries had three wrestlers who came through with firsts and seconds. No other team including Torrance could get more than two boys in the championship bracket as the tournament pressure increased. However, Torrance's fifth place was highly creditable as the Tartars outscored every other team in the South Bay area. The scores of the first five teams were as follows: Pacific High lSan Bernardinol 37, Mt. Miguel lSan Diegol 29, lSan Diego Highl 26, Lincoln lSan Diegol 24, Torrance 23. Sophomore, Earl Yanase closed out a brilliant season of 29 wins and two losses by capturing Torrance's first C,I.F. Wrestling championship in the 98 lb, class. Earl Yanase, 98 lb. Tartar Sophomore became the first T.H.S. wrestler to win the C.I.F. championship, Dave Woodward gets ready to set out against a Culver City wrestler. M -. . ........-., .....,- .- R fm-R. - 2-if ffxfs W Q3 YTX f xi I 41, 1 ' V f 'f l-X I Y Y Bottom Row: Gilbert Griego, Adolph Duran, Richard Cicero, Don Dobrick, Tom McMaster, Frank Tuttle, Jack Singer, Mike lrvine, Dave Fiorelli, Dave Woodward, Yutaka Ohta, Earl Yanase. Middle Row: Mike Tracy, Dave Nelson, Gerald Gains, Leo Medrano, John Stoddard, Jim Pulliam, Richard Ricks, William Patterson, Robin Motfitt, John Hawks, Jim Mullen, Rudy Beltran, Bill Saine. Top Row: Eric Hansen, John Carlson, Ken Neal, Ed Houston, Bob Soniu, Dan Gentis, Gary Hilton, Mike Sargent, Tony Mavar, Dennis Albright, Randy Blair, David Knutson, Tom Coleman. JUNIOR VARSITY Torrance Opponent 28 ........ Redondo ... 33... ..lnglewood .. 32... ..Leuzinger ... 25... ...North... 32... ..,Lennox.. 38... .... Aviation ... 37. .. .... Morningside 31... ...South...... 43... . .Beverly Hills 25... . .Mira Costa . 39. .. ..El Segundo . 48. .. .... Culver City . TX' i VARSITY Dual Match Record Torrance Opponent 17 ........ Redondo . 34... Inglewood . 43. .. Leuzinger . . 33... North 32... Lennox.... 43. .. Aviation . . 28, .. Morningside 38... South..... 44... Beverly Hills 21. .. Mira Costa 27. . . El Segundo 42 ........ Culver City .24 .13 .l3 .l3 ...lo 5 ...l4 8 6 ....22 ....l7 ....lO f wr! Mike Irvine is shown pinning an Aviation High grappler to the mat. The -4-hi WRESTLE lil Coach Hoag looks on as 98 lb. Larry Beltram tries a hold on 230 lb. Garland Roberts during a practice session for the cameraman. Y If Xx I ff 3-intl VR 5 I Front Row: Earl Yanase, Richard Steele, John Lehr, Bob Mullen, Bob Basile, Tom Coleman. Back Row: Jim Hensley, Dick Augenstein, Dennis Albright, Tom Sass, Ed Brennan, Russ Roberts, Jim Brennan. f TENNIS TEAM IS ACTIVE Tennis season was just under way at press time, and the Tartars had enioyed only modest success. Hopes tor the remainder ot the season were bright, however as Ed Bren- nan, Dennis Albright, and Russ Roberts were playing some ot the best tennis recently seen on the local courts. Sopho- mores Jim Brennan and Rich Steele contributed substantially to the team's strength in Singles, while Tom Sass, Rich Augenstein, Earl Yanase, and Jim Hensley comprised our strongest hopes for power in doubles. Pioneer League strength in tennis is greater than the Bay League, but prospects were good tor a stronger finish than last year's Bay League to-urth place. Brightest hopes for Torrance tennis in the future are the Coach Towle sophomores not pictured or named here, who nevertheless showed up dai toxjevelop their games in hope ot pro- ducing next r's sit Vg? 559 if P ,,,, l , t.,, 'r-xx f Ed Brennan refums G fgsf Serve Russ Roberts and Dennis Albright shake hands after a hard 4 game. I L ,,. , , .H -4 ' . ,Wqq 'Lil 3, , LA' -' ' . 3""..'3' A. -ff .E msn., -L62 f-'15 .Y 1- ' 'Um Dave Warden, Tom Megow, PaT Derouin, PaT Sfewarf, Mike Derouin, STan Gonaa, Dave Clutter, Don Bell. GOLFERS LOWER SCORES The Tariar golf Team enioyed one of iTs greafesf seasons This year. They enfered info Pioneer League play for The firsT Time, This year, compeTing wiTh Beverly Hills, SouTh Torrance, and Culver CiTy. Leading The squad were Two ouTsTanding golfers, PaT STewarT and Mike Derouin. They represenfed Torrance in The Inglewood Open and Pioneer League playoffs. The Team averaged 45 for The season and The individual high score for The year was 36. Coach Chrisfensen coached The golfers This season. f PaT STewo rl V- - -Q, """'i - xg Coach Ch risfensen Mike Derouin 'XA .9 'fl 1 f A be it 4 bmi' ' 'alt Front Row: J. C. Wilborn, Rick Hood, Adolph Duran, Steve Parker, John Cambon, Tom Richardson, Joe Montgomery, Eleazar Ybarra, Jerry' Mclean. Back Row: John Coons, Bill Williams, Steve McGuire, Tom Oiard, Mike Challis, Jim Armstrong, Erv Palica, Ray Wilson, Don Dobrick, James Keller. BASEBALL HEADS SPRING SPGRTS p-Q-.4 Top Row. Jim Armstrong, Tom Oiard. Second Row: Tom Rich- Sgrdson, Bill Williams. Front Row. Adolph Duran, Joe Mont- gomery. The T960 Tartar baseball squad, expecting to be one ot the leading con- tenders tor pioneer league championship honors, has placed its hopes on the tact that it has a starting team of seven returning lettermen. With honorable mention all Bay League senior pitcher Tom Richardson to do the hurling, and returning letterman sophomore Steve McGuire to do the catching, the Tartars have one of the top batteries in the league. The power packed bats ot all Bay League players, seniors Jim Armstrong, Joe Montgomery and Bill Williams, Juniors Eleazar Ybarra and Steve Parker, along with a slugging sophomore, up from the J.V.'s, Erv Palica, have proven their might in pre-season games. Starting the league with a pre-season 4 and 4 record, the maroon and gray seemed not to be destined for league honors when they dropped an "error riddled" 7-6 contest to Culver City and then lost an 8-3 game to El Segundo's nine. The Tartars were hampered in these two games by the loss ot the leading slugger, Bill Williams, who was hit on the elbow by a pitched ball in the first contest. With Williams back in the lineup, the Tartar guns exploded and they evened up the league play by dumping Beverly Hills 7-2 and South High of Torrance TO-l. The South High victory was especially sweet in that Torrance had previously beaten North High ot Torrance in ct practice game, thus making the Tartars the city's best. Coach Kasten fn Jim Armstrong and Tom Richardson T.H.S. Opp. 3 .... .. lnglewoool .. 4 14... .. Leuzinger 6 15... ...Mt. Carmel .. ...2 1... ...North High... ...2 4... .. Mira Costa .. ...3 5... .. Leuzinger 1 1... ..Centennial... ...4 2... ...Realondo... ...4 8... ...North High ...6 6... . 'Culver City 7 3... ..."fElSegunolo... ...8 7... ...t"BeverlyHills... 1 10... .'South High 1 6... ..t"Lennox.... ...O 83 49 'League Games 1 Bill Williams connects with a single in the league opener with VARSITY IN ACTICN Jim Armstrong lets it go by for the count of 2 and 3 against Culver City. Joe Montgomery almost gets the "Old Bean Ball" from G Culver Citv pitcher. Torrance lost 7 to 6. X , a t,,, f , tr , , mi S lei 22 lxJf ,gi ,,,,, 'W HX- Sill 'ng-TT"-J' f V l. ' , 'GQ i T ' ' gl " 1 I X , Nw 715 T Jax , 7 N W1 ,f ,'9,,,,- .J Ar 7 T-Q43 , it r Q 77, 777 72 .,,,,T,u77? 7' j,7 7 ,, fx! 4 1777 , 77 J l yk?-Q-ggi, fr' , U-'Ru 773 '7 in, 8 7 I 7 7 'L 7 77 77 ,fy . 4, X5 H I .VV, Q ? 7 3 1 ' yffigg, 'S h ,, o r v,.ng T r. , T J R f - - 2 it T- P T it w C - i 7. wrt 1 , , .ff !,.V' P4 H ef. T 'sly t 'iyf"1" ' , 1 3445. , rt " 4' - if A " i d fw,--A ft " ty " R f 'f'1 ? :,,4d"9A 7'-1 ,5 " , -f isi lrlfff WI-"lt,- i,, zf',- ' 7 Vfl' 's,.,,, g,w2g , ,r'wr.- fffl- mgfrtft' ' ff ' ' -T wr' """ - + fl 2.Lg5g5yge ,jg3 e. ,7 7, 377 3 - 7 ,f - ' 7 -3, - -, ,f M, , ,f 77, ,f 7, 7, 25,37 .Ly 7777 7,,,7., -.,..., 1- .L , 7 A,7f ,A Top Row: Manager-Mike Rcmeses, Steve Waters, Roger Holdsworth, Eric Hansen, Doug Flint, Bill Roberts, Bob Soniu, Joe Solis, Jim Deponsse, Damon Wisham, Coach Boerger. Bottom Row: Jim Coffman, Clyde Taylor, Mike Haston, Mike Ciccini, Bob Hodges, John Ricci, Tim Marquard, Gene Luevano, Tom Holdsworth, Terry Greason. " DODGER TYPE " . . TEAIVIWCDRK At the time of this writing, the Junior Varsity Baseball Team had won six out ot nine games and are currently in third place in the J.V. Pioneer League race with a 2 and 2 record. With six returning lettermen in the starting line-up, the Junior Tartars are expected to be a contender for the title after the dust settles. Roger Holdsworth, Tom Holdsworth, Bill Roberts, and John Keith, have been the leading hitters along with some strong pitching from Bill Roberts and Bob Hodges. Robert Clark, Roger Holdsworth, Tom Holclsworth. .lx-XKTX HCDRSE - HIDE Tom Holdsworth catches, while Roger Holdsworth takes ci fierce batting stance. 1, 'K M wx KN l 1 5 l 'lil 7 1 kx Coach Willard Boerger SCORES THS OPP. 8 ...... Mira Costa ...... TO 7 ....... Redondo .... .. 3 7 ...... Leuzinger ... .. 5 15 ...... Centennial . .. . . l 8 ...... Culver City 7 0 ...... El Segunolo ...... 2 3 ..... Beverly Hills ..... l A Torrance batter takes a healthy cut at the ball during a hot contest. 6 ...... South High ...... 7 Roger Holdsworth practices his sliding technique.. . 13 1 ,GN if I I , . 4 , . T if Front Row: Paula Blankenship, Elene Muranaka, Barbara Zubovich, Nancy Kelly, Linda Baker, Mary Bristol, Melanie Mullins, Lynn Radford, Linda Davis, Bee Keller, Maggie Olvera. Second Row: Sharon Campbell, Janet Noone, Vi Lucero, Carol Fowler, Lorraine Lewis, Georgiann Gillett, Anita Courtney, Carol Waggoner, Sharon McKnight, Judy Trisler, Carolyn Lyons, Karen Keith, Carol Steembock, Trudy Johnson, Pat Fowler. Third Row: Jeanne Spall, Judy Meadows, Margaret Moore, Lynn Barrett, Kathy Singleton, Andrea Somerville, Mary Duarte, Carol Jensen, Linda Smiley, Mona Glover, Barbara Anderson, Brady, Judy Fredrickson, Darlene Jensen, Pat Dubois, Gerry Dilkus, Back Row, Linda Grubb, Ginny Krauzer, Pat Piercy, Karen Crossman, Marcell Cook, Angelita Ramerez, Mary Banda, Karen Korth, Colleen Brennan, Joyce Goree, Carol Barker, Joanne lsBell, Nancy Hornbeck, Leda Davis, Linda Backlund, Charlene Alarcon, Brenda Dickson, Roxanne Barnard, Donna Thistle, Donna Tidmarsh, Kathy Ingrum, Linda Vocke. G. A. A. ENJCDYS ACTIVITIES This year's Girls' League has been very active, During the first semester they sponsored the annual Christmas Aud-Call, and the Tartar Lady Aud-Call, They also held the semi-annual Hospitality Tea for the new students. In October, the first semester officers attended a Sec- tional Conference at Mira Costa High School, in which the representatives from the schools attending talked about mutual problems facing Girls' Leagues. After the second semester officers were elected, the Girls' League held an installation dinner in which the new officers were installed and the past officers received a token of their office. The second semester officers sponsored the annual slack and pedalpusher day and the backwards dance which was, as always, greatly anticipated, but especially this year because of the leap year tradition. Both semesters' officers did a tremendous job. Lynne Hyde as the first term's president and Susan Hammack, second semester president, both held up the fine tra- dition set aside for the Girls' League. Vice Presidents were Vicky Hippik and Flora Watson, while secretaries for the two semesters were Denise Hunter and Pat Piercy. Barbara Zubovich and Kimi Takeuchi carried out the important duties of Historian-Reporter. Rep- resentatives for first semester were Flora Watson, Senior, Joanne lsBell, Junior, Donna Thistle, Sophomore, and Jeannie Spro-ut, Freshman. Second Semester representa- tives were Sandra Bailey, Senior, Linda Eldridge, Junior, Sharon Campbell, Sophomore, and Nora Thornberry, Freshman. Front Row: Gerry Dilkus, Kathy Reed, Janet Noone, 4 Maxine lhara. Back Row: Joyce Furusho, Mary Duarte, Dubois, Carol Fowler. Paula Janet Blankenship, Coleman, Pat Gerry Dilkus and Paula Blankinship are shown initiating Georgiann Gillette into G.A.A. G.A.A. Song Queens Susan Sparks, Connie Zimmerman and Janice Fredrickson form a background for Jana Davey as she strikes a cheer- leading pose. Carol Fowler calls a strike as Maggie Olvera misses the ball and it goes harmlgssly into Melinda Capps' mitt. Donna Thistle takes a "healthy cut" at the ball during a close softball game. Connie Zimmerman and Sharon Colburn lump forthe ball during a "hot tussle." f LASTING SUCCESS NOT JUST A WISH...AN INVITATION your success is our concern too! we invite you to become an important part ofthe fascinating well paid communications industry. all K gy 4' a t .,,, ,... -, X pg 'T - . .lg all? ',9Er.5.a- " X XXX XY it ' -I R till n, L fri' IIN 5 XE l f ' i 'tit E' ti 1-sl f Br 2 E IEW? l ' ll ' fl I fl f I ' f s ! fi Ask your vocational counselor about positions with Pacific Telephone, or drop into one of our nearby Employment Oltices. Or ask your Operator for ZENITH 10,000 forthe Employment Oltice nearest your home. Telephone ALONDRA DRUGS M If 1 WW U2 Prairie at Redondo Beach Blvd. N R. FR. 9-8933 J 7 E I S 1 CHCW CHOW KITCHEN Cantonese Food To Take Home lPhone Oraers Accepfedl S V SPECIAL CANTONESE FAMILY DINNERS Tuesday Thru Thursday, 12 noon 'ro 9 P.M. Friday Thru Sunday, 12 noon To 10 P.M. h ci i r s ty I i s t DA. 3-8650 3118 vvesi 1s2nd sf. DA. 3-8651 17507 C'e"Sl1C'W Blvd' Open venings DA. 3-2278 7 KWH . """"w. F LO W E R I. A N D FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 16510 Crenshaw Blvd. DA. 3-0174 Torrance, Calif. FA. 1-3427 cl- HIGGINS BRICK AND TILE 2217 West 174th Sf. Torrance, California DA. 4-2321 JOE'S RICHFIELD SERVICE Redondo Beach af Prairie Ave. Torrance, California Phone FR. 4-9477 Owner - J. W. Begando WALTER'S REXALL- DRUGS 17440 Crenshaw Torrance DA. 3-3310 FRANK ZARKOS' BAR-B-Q ROUND-UP FOOD TO GO WOOD PIT Exclusively in Hollywood Riviera 257 Avenida Del Norte Redondo Beach, Calif. FR. 5-8917 ROADIUM THEATER 2500 Redondo Beach Blvd. Gardena, Calif. TOMA'S GAY NINETIES SWEET SHOP Home Made Candies - - Catering Ice Cream 3126 W. 182nd Srreei Davis 4-9377 Torrance, California B U R K0 LUMBER HARDWARE PAINT PLYWOOD 23831 Havviliorne Blvd. FR. 5-1566 Complimenfs of CHEROKEE HARDWARE 24213 HawTl'iorne Blvd. Walieria, California JOHNNY'S MUFFLER SERVICE T213 Erigracia, Torrance Duals and Headers - Stock Equipment 8- Traction Masters Body and Fender Paint Work New Ownership - John J. Ralf 5566 All Work Guaranteed Compliments of Q i LAWSON'S JEWELERS Learn a highly qualified profession in 9 months, under per- sonal supervision of Mrs Flavia Besignana, author, lecturer, and instructorg winner of many grand awards. Under the iuris- Sartori diction and approved by the State Board of Cosmetology. Day and night classes. For information write or phone: Corner Sartori and El Prado FLAVIO COLLEGE OF BEAUTY T628 Cravens, Torrance FA. O-0404 FA' 8'43l3 Compliments of ,fly ' X0 WALTERIA CLEANERS . 4- -E " pep, M, L 24264 Hawthorne Ave. I c g ' 1 vi HH BUHGERS wezum 5,64 ovengoll Mii.LioN 1 aj +V' 1 . gwiilh l X A six' 'pgvf' 9 lllllllllllllllll Sify REALTORS . Siu., 8. BUILDERS GIISURINCE . .- In Torrance Since T936 l"""""""'l McDONALD'S HAMBURGERS "M tth G Af S h " T436 Marcelina Ave. FA. 8-0373 ee e Ong ler C Ool 174th and Crenshaw B N is H es Income Properties 0 Lots W RITA K. HIGI-fm 1 tit 1 if Ts Adi ontier -8 3 304 Teion Ploce es. FR - 063 Polos Verdes Est. Escrow Service Confidenticllly Performed Competent Escrow Officers 15 , DE VON MOTORS PALOS VERDES ESCROW CO. 1607 S. Cotolincl - Redondo Beach PLYMOUTH - VAUANT - TRIUMPH 1600 Cobrillo Ave. SP. 5-2305 FR- 50545 FR- 84255 Torrance, Cdlif. FA. 8-6161 .L-.1 - l.'1- -1 ' L 5 MHYFHIR CREAMERY -53 A-631. .....-1-fl gf' MODERN H2251 I 46. I-J-L' MW. 1 ' 32 -B ,I . A i 90,95 20 ,U ' , lumuz , 5 i ei: . . ..,. . . ,, ,, ' -, V . ' - 1 ei ' 7 ig., xl -f... N D g.,. Light Weight Refrigerated Convenient Plastic Cases Delivery Economical Packaging For Schools 20301 S. Western Avenue Torrance, CC1lifOff1iO Phone FAMOX 8-2526 LILYAN'S GOWN SHOPPE 1804 South Elena Ave. Redondo Beach, California FRonTier 5-1970 PALOS VERDES VIEW DAIRY Milk - Bread - Eggs - lce Cream Cash and Carry 22845 Hawthorne Blvd. FR. 5-8615 DWIGHT EUBANK RAMBLER Rambler Headquarters for all ot Torrance 1885 Torr. Blvd. FA. 8-9222 20611 Hawthorne FR. 3-3455 lu Q d W 'E Nz,-A ,.,A X-If fx X J. J. NEWBERRY CO. Dow town Torrance 1275 Sartori ' aff FA. 8-6963 .Y i . N ll f ' PXSS. venues PooLs 'J Ja ,f J . Q Ja A "' .lltlarry Rezxier, Jr. OJQJM A Gerieralfontractor AJ' 'L 'X ll . . ox 1001 1707 Via El Prado 1. Q s Verdes Hollywood Riviera Iliilil I Fi I HARDXVARE Fuller Paints Shop Smith Garden Tools Dewqlf 312 Avenue I Redondo Beach FR. 5-1960 S.: .9 .pl -9 "A new name in Torrance" ROME CABLE Division of Aluminum Company of America ff A4313 TORRANCE ESCROW COMPANY 24217 So. Hawthorne Ave. Torrance, California FA. 8-2288 POLLY'S DONUT SHOP 3739 W. 240th St. Food Giant Shopping Center 101 Hiway at Hawthorne Blvd. 101, Discount to All Club Organizations FR. 5-9085 Open 5 A.M. to 6 P.M. VILLAGE CAMERA SHOP Photography Commercial - Weddings Portraits 1714 So. Catalina Redond FR. 5-6098 o Beach LEWELLEN PRESS COMMERCIAL PRINTING 1760 Oak Street Torrance FA. 8-2807 ll ' 1 'HQ fwlnm I " i1"l3lMt.fvim,4w5n, Free Estimates -- Terms BAER'S DRAPERIES 8. CURTAINS 1328 Sartori Ave. FA. 8-3303 70cDQ . 'l'EA. llgfgo Glfmm we Cm, 1 , -C 2 lvw. 'X Mn "Mum i ' 'J' K- f-mt: es'- L E W ' S BOOT SHOPPE 1714-16 So. Elena Hollywood Riviera Redondo Beach, California Paul P. Shopper FRontier 5-6111 Prescriptions - Drugs - Sundries RIVIERA PHARMACY Peter S. Aspen FR. 5-3935 1400 Pacific Coast Hwy. FR. 5-6469 Redondo Beach, Calif. BOWL-O-DROME 21915 South Western Special Student Rates Monday to Saturday 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. 35C G Gqme Shoe Rental 10c i 8 or :funn 'B 66' 4 , '7,:"t"m's'l1s-a-u"'f1fL.'.'5'v- WJ29 with -1-s..5:z:t: "Freshness and Quality is what we have to sell" THE GOLDEN DONUT 1959 W. Carson St. FA. 8-9623 With Our Best Wishes TORRANCE SAND 8. GRAVEL CORP. 25701 So. Crenshaw Blvd. Torrance, California DA. 6-5162 PAT'S SKI 81 SPORT SHOP "Finest ln Sports Equipment" South Bay Area Southwest L.A. 3735 W. 240 ST. 6414 So. Western FR. 8-4201 PL. 2-5867 TORRANCE BAPTIST CHURCH T H E P A L M S Rev. Morgan Gates, Pastor Charcoal Broiled Steaks - Prime Ribs Cocldolls Bob Dehn, Asst. Pastor Paul Neeolels, Christian Educ. 1925 W. Carson St. FA. 8-2424 Torrance Summer and Winter Camps 2118 W. Carson FA 8-5030 Congratulations to the Class of 1960 PERFECTION CLEANERS 8. LAUNDERERS "Where Quality Means Perfection" from Main Plant, 2060 West Carson, Torrance Phone: FAirfax 8-8041 Branch offices throughout the South Bay Area 1333 El Prado Torrance, TORRANCE BOOTERY The Store for the Teenage Styles California THE NATIONAL SUPPLY COMPANY ATI is 0432 " " ui n s. C 5 All' cow Offering Lifetime Career Opportunities for Qualified Graduates of Torrance High Schools for Nearly Half a Century "Since 1912-a Good Place to Work" 1 1 - Subsidiary of Armco Steel Corporation avg Y ' - - 1 - - 4 World s Largest Manufacturer and Distributor of Oil Field Machinery and Equipment ., A P+' 'r' ew . . -for '.r' -' -'i.fss+vf1.s-'L-ff ff' f-'ftfi--31.11 Q-ml , " "1,'ifi'f'f'i5.aflf'l7ftt'-3'i.. '..f"ffm.',-,L-.:gjfj"iV't Q-35fTS':Jr555i"T5 " ,dir -' at l T fi J -QW A " , .3',-JQEEQRVZ 'M '54 ' I fi? ,tr . 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J- .ig ' ti- 'Si 'z la .3 I 1 III, rlip, l. .yi li I 1 ki , , , I .Compliments of I lj ff px Compliments of 1 l 'X l X I W I 1 I I lv 2 ' W 'S WALITERIA FLQWER SHOP ic SUD lil to ' McMAHAN'S FURNITURE ,Ji Rv AF N X-1 I tl N. llj I l il ' 24266 Hawthofnl-zlcBlvol.5 I W y 1306 Scirtori x. " 1 X tr im, N K4 Lblv' Ie lx! I .1 ' s 1. if 1 Q y Q ER. 5-1770 ifv 1 A . lf FA. 8-1252 Iiilf- 'J - kiwi , , li I , . 1 . I ff . , I., l -R ll M" -s RJ V X 'J J ' 'I ' I ' J K , l ir . 1 Z L' I l Lf' H 1 l 1' .WALTERIA BUILQJISIB CENTER I I 115 1 I If '1' lu I Z, TI il N 33725 Pacific Coaist Hwy. ll,,,Y5JR BUILDING SUPPLIES 'fx :Ir Pk Ik 1 v Life Saving Equipment Checkerboard Rentals . Tractors - Trailers - Power Tools FRontier 5-9829 New Work - Remodeling - Repairing WALTERIA PLUMBING 24051 Neece Avenue Walteria, California Free Estimates Quick Service FR. 5-2771 A. W. Mack Compliments of DR. JOSEPH P. BAY Optometrist 1472 Marcelina Ave. Torrance, Calif. 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FR. 5-9002 L .. ll hw ZZ CARLINE AUTO PARTS 81 SUPPLIES I 4005 Pacific Coast Highway Torrance, California 4 . Don Ramsey FR. 5-9728 - , .. .1 CLARETTA'S FINE FABRICS ' l L l7l8 S. Elena . f Riviera Village Redondo Beach, Calif. Fieomief 5-7928 3743 W' 2 Torrance Mygaf Y FOR HE 40 si. lHwy. i mg -6 TORRANCE CYCLE 81 SPORTS SHOP Rods - Reels - Guns - Tdckle REPAIRING OF ALL KINDS Athletic Equipment - Schwinn Bicycles Lock ond Keys Pdul ond Ben Smith f .ff 6 1421 Morcelino Ave. b y S FA. 8-6912 ,flfe f ' l If ' I 1' ' 1' ,J -Li K yi Jig F ,X X pkg ffA,LM j'bJ 2 RR R, ll i ' 1 ya' hifi llpllxl l 'J ,U ' l f' 5 Hi 1 1 I R . I I J xl by ' kr U JV yyjwyi We Sell Only the Best yn 1' ,fb if ,if yllf With the Latest Styles tor You Pyle yi Mg i il 'ff J 1 THE MODEL DEBS K w V W Vfwfxl Everything for Teens - Women - Girls ly Lg, JI: 1706 So. Cotcilino Ave. Redondo Becich CE ' Hollywood Riviero FR. 5-6537 5 lg ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS W 1 Ni - l Y ii gill! A ,X 'Sill Compliments ond Best Wishes To the Class of 1960 From PARRISH STATION ERS "' CROTTY PHOTOGRAPHY Ave Torr ce M1648 bril ., 4 BIT is rsplbri s ,, -f 1 - 'A ' i PHQDG slew lv WEINER + RR 1423 Morcelino Avenue by - E RALD Torrdnce FA. 8-6074 9, V, 1 1 ' l 1 RA E PR s X 1 ,X . S xo COMPUMENTS OF w PITTSBURGH PAINTS f 465 Crenshaw Blvd. Torrdnce, Ccilifornio FA. 8-7260 Nf-:f 'r-"si-H-iq 3, AUTOGRAPHS if 20' 32' xi 35 ks ef U X f Mff V JJ W 9 fi?-f MM W QW! fu W? W MK W 1 X If W fWL?WffM G A Lfffx UL W W NM , HMM W ww 14 ' , I M4447 KJMWWJM JZ?- if Q 2ff2,MM fH ,E MVA A Jifgajj gy ' kLffW , of ' ' Qm3jf,xfLFpJ pw! Sl N q fxw., SQ LS, f N' ! 64oGqJ4'N QU Q3 !,, rfb, Nl rv , I Q I . my ' , V VJ 'Q K' F -I!! if lv H, f 1 if wtf 7 mf? 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