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MWWZ WA v 55fw"9Qq? iRf ff' W 512543134 MJ W 8 '1fX3fS'f-Q-:pugl www Q56-SREEZQ X J ig " W WM QW' wwww HW- SMQWKQQWW5 My wif ifwwfyyb X J , W' gg W VW ' A W NV ,yy-' if RWM WWWW 2 kdm ik H A E52 ff, , X3,f.Qf-F-Fya w .. -- 'EP ,A .f H. li i , .- - Ar .lf - H ' ,- ' I QT' A viii? iffigif 312 Af 7 4? J,Jef5ff,5j,,1 JWMAWZZWZ fb My W wffffj' pb?xgifY jim ? fjf ffffiw E E2 Q51 Q E s 5 51 4jpwQfwmQ i UQ QmuXj7MQf'fLnMMQQ' 1 MZ , g, Q Q'-'Q-iQJ:f-Jeanfjgffudli' n 1551 71 ' lggifjnizwaw by A.!J. Aug HWN4 Wi1'JfYf9 G + Qf MfdMi,,u ff , - "J Ig f fm ,, My W M1 W1 ., ,twain ,M ,M Q Jw! fibfugff 70, A U 1 W w S V5 Qjfyflzi QL' V ' y SSWMMNEX ' f lf E Q5 5? .Q V Qpmmuw yQf!W5 Hg Q ,wx lxx .Ii W 'N C X i I .L P K X I i ' W1 V ext H . 5 , 'N ' " ew 'A' 'ff 1:"w .i" Us ,,,, ' ,gg 1 J , 'Q 'nm- L. 1F,,,..1Ss' s lgf-fw . 1 : wswww mf w, A f i f gif M 4 'H E, 'ai' '1 '-V ,man-Z' m2fm.3y':1flC' Wzfglm WN- We mf'-H, 4 H1231 a- ji w fmi w MWTWmWWWWWWWWwMm . uw V 5' ' - I E'1'k4.-liwbhe Mr. -- ix . Q . Q A ' ,7-V . "-"r-"g,4y'.N.1,,3' X "T ff if'!c H X "' L , :,,:1.:v5 -"1 mg, 1, ji, l J mn .W .Ai L, '-.V 1h,yf,g H - gr-U 1 w Y, , W vm ,'-4 Nu n 1.7.x , V1 1 .- 1 ,,,. -V, , , , ab ,,,f,5,:, 5-l-,.1,, 3,.w1,- y -,-,-Nw. H ,m 1 . m v X Q f 4 .Y .M wx .-5, Na -ly!! f QN .fr f as 'x 4, 'YT-'T' . 'HJ' 1-wx ,Lu it .. 1 E The TORCH STAFF presents THE T959 TORCH, VOL. XXXIII, TORRANCE HIGH SCHOOL, Torrance, California ' Li T5 .K 's 'Q ml .err , H A X. A '4 f QV P R 3 , 1 V Q. KN I QV JU ff Q' 'XJ V QQ ox K ,xx Xb V XV N Cy X N X v J X x SJ b Sw 54 X ' 5 J Y! X X XJ X X WN x xx X ,N XJ Y X w N. J K 'J' X! X 1 1 N W L A fx x XJ XX 1 J 5 1 X I wxv XL A Q X I K' y N X 'xx f X IJ N lx! fx Nl J 0 Os. Just as every wind that circles the earth helps to bring a precious cycle of water, every year of our schooling helps to shape our tomorrows. As the sun sets and leaves the world on its own, our interests turn from the short course of classroom life toward the long highway that marks our promising future. Yet somewhere in the time to come there will be a path, the "key" leading back to the happy years we have spent in school. We trust that road will be the 1.959 Torch. lfieoilieeaffsi We the Annual Staff of Tor- rance High School dedicate the l959 Torch to American Educa- tion and to the thousands of teachers and administrators that make up its structure, "lt is the right of every Amer- ican from childhood on, to have access to knowledge, in our form of society, this right ot the in- dividual takes on a special meaning, for the education of all our citizens is imperative to the maintenance and invigoration of America's institutions." -President Eisenhower Message to Congress, January, 1955 1..., - - an-'M :Mi "' A -.n ... .. 5 -ai M-ri-as 'ls ? "' ,ul ' '- H 'hr-A - xiii im mmm ..- -'f "-.. , , -113- . 'fa V,'! T ', '--lQ': L my di.. --fx p" - -A 7 J 1561 .5 pu ut-4, avhgl L' una, -wrt- 51' D0 Dfeaadlezrsibxfqp Scemwirs 241' TVQTETLQ Q Ullmdlsfclsasswisem 54? Ccwfmitefmfts : Aizibilcw 11112 Sjgvfnfinfr 74? Oirgmzfssaubilmxs 'a!KJ1 Zi S 'Wa gf., E N. xi ii S Q 3 nf W 425552 49,3569 it-E ' iii viz DR. CARL AHEE Mrs. Mary Demonet Principal of Torrance High School. Secretary to Principal. Mr. Lifton was acting-princi- pal for The first semester of the . school year, giving Mr. Ahee i much welcomed time to continue A V toward the completion of his L doctorate degree at the Univer- y sity of Southern California. Mr. . Lifton's leadership was outstand- H l .5 ing and the Torrance High School l student body sincerely appre- ciated his warm manner of di- lf? rection. Mr. Ahee returned in rig the second semester and led the lr .5 Tartars to a successful finish of gfj lt' a wonderful school year. Eg we lgrl '21 sv, lffg Secretary to Assistant Principal MR. LEONARD LIFTON vc Pupil Personnel, Acting Principal, first semester. K Assistant Principal of Pupil Personnel, second semester. P "Metal shines with use. nl! key is always brightf' -Benjamin Symbolically it can be ml that your diploma is a key- key that will unlock the :doors l higher learning, vocational of portunity and civic responsibl ity. Use this key with pridt l your accomplishment and di: tinction to your school and it wl always remain bright and ul Y MR. MARCUS T. CALDWELL Mrs. Pat Miles fqrnishecl, Assistant Principal in charge of Secretary to Assistant Principal Mrs. Evelyn Sexton Counseling Office MRS. CATHERINE LEPS, Girls' Advisor. Helps program and schedule all pupils and classes, arrange the testing programs and scholarships. Mrs. Betty Dawson MR, HAROLD WIDNEY, Curriculum Co-ordinator. Counseling Office Provides resource service for teachers, appraises and orders textbooks and equipment, aids in improving the instructional program and attends curriculum conferences. MR. WILLARD MORGAN Acting Assistant Principal of Pupil Personnel, first se- mester. Boys' Advisor, second semester. Helps program and schedule all pupils and classes, arrange the testing program and scholarships, f sv..-qv ,.qn..s- ' g .n-vns.V,. W Q gl! ll MR. GERALD RONAN Acting Boys' Advisor W' - Mrs. Wilma Williams Mrs. Edna Gooclrow Coordinators Office Attendance Office MR. JOHN SWAFFORD, Attendance Supervisor. In charge of pupil personnel accounting. ll eww Cathryn Chisholm Richard Bannehr Walter Douthwright Arlo Sullivgn lf51?eeE1 m Qfoblleme - w I , W ,. , . , ln T ' i ,,. ,,. . rv st- Al i , . 1 A Roger Curran Charles Arnold Robert McSpadden The Freshman problems classes study Language Arts and Social Studies in the first semester. In the second semester the study of World Geography is emphasized. QQEJGCQHTQTQGDT lilroiolleiizos The first semester of the senior course, Contemporary Prob- lems, deals with governmental functions, with special emphasis Anne Groves Alice Hammond given to California government. The second semester is based on a general approach to the field of Psychology and empha- sizes personal and social adiustment. Vincent, DiF' rei W! William Goodhue Ronald Rudolph Howard Towle I gall? oirllci irileifiiitel e lifts V Betty Bertelson World Heritage is the double period requirement for the Sophomore Class. Through literature, the student is helped to understand people of other coun- tries. Through Social Studies he is helped to see our present-day world in its proper perspective in relation to the past. K o Meifslble itnee .a,fq T' 95S The Mathematics Department this year offered General Mathe- matics, practical Mathematics, Algebra I, plane Geometry, Algebra ll, Trigonometry, and Solid Geometry. Geoffry lnlcin John Knapp Vllillif-fn U...J...:.. American Heritage, a Junior class requirement, consists of Language Arts and Social Studies.. The Language Arts stresses the importance of developing good reading habits, and Social Studies surveys the major trends and ideas which have contributed significantly to the heritage which we possess as present and future citizens in an American Democracy. me gtlifleiriitse e Wesley Peterson Gaffh Belknap DOf1CllGl Orr Barbara Penner Fannie Garshfield g ee The Language Department offers o diversified selection of courses for all students, Spanish, French and Latin may be token for 3 years each, while German is offered for 2 years. Louis Bereskin Gladys Kennedy H A The boys' physical education program is designed to give each boy a well rounded program of activities in order to develop poise, coordi nation, strength and endurance. A course in first aid is included. 6933759 1-Qiblyeileeil Eidlmeeeiom William Hoag Willard Boerger Howard Brubaker Irwin Kasten Richard Turner Richard Munroe , ,. - i 1 K 2 :J W :4 'JJ 1 1 'Q VU- Lawrence Macaray The Art program consists mainly of Drawing and Crafts. Drawing I and II are offered with the possibility of Art Ill with special permission. Crafts I is offered with special students enrolled in Crafts II. Original ideas, imagination, and keen observation form a good background for any art course. Q an . 1, f W 9 ,gi gag The Industrial Arts department offers a General Industrial Arts course. Approximately twelve weeks are spent in each of the fol- lowing shops: Wood Shop, Machine Shop, and Drafting. ln addi- tion, three years of study may be obtained in the fields of Draft- ing, Metal Shop, Machine Shop and Wood Shop. CYMHIECQ CEZCYDEECQUIAETLQQ llLilQ?l,iiL5 Thomas Bray Richard Bullington TL Ari-its Harold Strohm 1, L Jo Kaye Meek R salee .Wrig t K A f Ai! The Activities Office is the hub of all student functions. Rings and Sweaters are ordered, tickets are sold, programs are stapled to- gether, meetings are held, as well as countless other activities. , ,ws-., - ,,, t, Q ec A basic Homemaking I course is offered and includes Foods and Clothing. Foods II and ill as well as Clothing ll and lll can be taken after the basic course, A semester course in Boys' Foods is one of the most popular on the campus. A Brides' Course is avail- able to familiarize future homemakers with the problems of home management. Sitfmflenufz gfteitiwiitiiee Gordon Johnston Phyllis Henderson Delmar Smith Bruce Broadwell Reba Grosch Margaret Hennessy The school nurse is available and handles all cases of cuts, bruises, and minor illnesses. 4' P' iriieilniueee Edoeeei Business Education is a field that develops attitudes, skills, and understandings used in conducting business. It trains the individual for employment in business occupations and in conducting personal business affairs. Emily Linton Giulio? Qlblgfsieeslll licilfhleo ni Girls' Physical Education endeavors to develop fair play, team work, cooperation, sportsmanship, and knowledge of and skills in both team and individual sports. Jacqueline Marshall Ellen Granohan Pauline Katnich 1 Ruth Pearson Emma Jordon luv uwnvn, ru vu L4-avvi. .-,. ..... -.--.i-C ..-..-,,. YY, , , V 91 4 thousands of subiects are available as well as warm and complete assistance by the library staff. Marcia Larson Axworthy dfw fine mo'- James Nichols v-IT-MW? -0 Fine its consists of many types of activities among these there are Drama, Speech, and TNT, the Torrance High School paper. The band is one of the most important activities in There were many different courses of- fered in the Science Department at Tor- Alfred Smith Robert McKnight Clyde Christensen ,ance High This year. Among ,hese were General Science, Modern Science, Biology l 81 ll, and Chemistry l. Cefete S-Graff? MRS. OLETA POWERS Second Semester Manager W . Lett to right: Helen Mullens, Mary Specht, Glenice Carter, Mollie Hoke, Mary Puncher, Monett Dill, Irene Fletcher, Mrs. Oleta Powers. Cimefreileefme MRS. MARSHALL TAPPIN First Semester Manager CLARENCE HIGGINS Groundsman Afhix CLARENCE DITTO Front Row: Don Christenson, George Payne, Ray Rice, Mrs. Evelyn Roy, Howard Stevens Senior Head Custodian Clarence Ditto. Back Row: George Reinert, Edmund Curtis, Paul Pinson, Joe Vigil. Front Row: Deiter Sieler, Judy Ahrendt, Mary Margaret Blount. Second Row: Loretta Robison, Gerry Day, Diana Cook. Third Row. John Bentwood, Judi Sher- wood, Ken Pevic. Fourth Row: Carol Johnson, Stewart Gonta, Betty Baker. Back Row: Victor Masaki, Stan Gonta, AFS Exchange Student Deiter Sieler Ray Bynum. ASB President Second Semester John Bentwood The student council is composed of 17 members chosen to guide the destinies ot the Torrance High stu- dents. Eleven are elected by the student body. Class Pres- idents are members of the council as well as the Girls' and Boys' League Presidents. Although there are many routine duties, the Student Council has power to legis- late for the welfare of the 5-itiricilemit Cofrmeilil ASB President First Semester Victor Masaki students. Front Row: Mardell Clayton, JoAnne Isbell, Pat Travis. Second Row: Deiter Sieler, Donna Thistle, Diane Hunter. Third Row: Carol Johnson, Judi Sher- wood, Peggy Neely. Fourth Row: Sharon Clark, John Bentwood, Betty Baker, Ken Pevic. Back Row: Man- Pat Travis Second Semester Judge Gerry Day First Semester Judge This court consists of one boy and one girl, elected from each class, who serve as the iury. There are also two boiliffs, who ore appointed by the court. The iudge presides over all the meet- ings. itifircilefmfe Co-writ Second Semester Court, Front Row: Leda Davis fFreshmanlg Sally Masonl Seniorl, Flora Watson Uuniorl. Back Row: Ray Bynum lFreshmanJ, Tom Coleman Uuniorl, John Kohl lSophomorel, not pictured, Diana Gamboa. First Semester Court, Front Row: Roxanne Barnard lFreshmanb G r a c e Connett lSophomorel. Bock Row: Pat Walker ISophomorel, Richard Tognotti iFresh- manl, not pictured, Geri Broce lSeniorl. 3- f 'ff of 1 ,tg 2,4 Joyce Wayt . -3.5, L Secreta ry Lynne Hyde J Treasurer V W, W ' Rita Winfield ff , , '-x l '.. Com' Surber Vice-President Sh R. I 'f:Z'p,?f. gif- First Sem. President mon 'CC' ,,, Class representatives, S e n i o r, Sharon McCabe, Junior, Vi Lucero, Sophomore, JoAnn Carr, Freshman, Leda Davis, The Girls' League Council consists of ten members, Tartar Lady Queen, historian, treasurer, secretary, vice- president, president and one repre- sentative from each class. This council's aim is to promote activities for all the girls to form a closer union within their organiza- tion. S, in 4535. g Diane Hunter Second Sem. Pres. A Historian Reporter Peggy Neely Tartar Lady Queen Girls? leet ime Class representatives, Senior, Linda Ambrose lnot picturedl, Junior, Kathy Taylor, Sophomore, Cherrie II Lacey, Freshman, Marcell Cook. 2 1 1. it-921231 4 1 ' Secretary , V ' Carolyn Stephens iii' Charlotte Percy lb ' s 49' isis 34 Treasurer Lynne Hyde Vice-President Mary Smiley Historian Reporter -11. N aw C, F X, x ....., C Carol Shinoda Tartar Lady Queen 'Fha Q-, l 'U f is Tom Coleman K ' ' , Secretary Mike Mullen Manford Mainer Vice-President Ken Pevic President Treasurer Jack Rawnsley Tartar Knight Captain Boys? leegffiie Second Semester Representatives: Front Row, Kenneth Helpland Uuniorlg Tony Mavar lSophomorelg Richard Woodward IFreshmanl. Back Row: Walter Janofi lSeniorl. , K fa " f i Liles ' 1 ,fe. :2?VJM We ' ,:.f K i W ll i J Q EK Tom Megow - P ,I 5- Secretary ' if Jim Hester Treasurer John Bentwood Tartar Knight Captain l il Tom Coleman Vice President First Semester Representatives: Richard Woodward lFreshmanl, Jack Singer Uuniorlg Tony Mavar iSophomorel. The Boys' League consists of a representative from each class, o sergeant-at-arms, the Tartar Knight Captain, treasurer, secre- tary, vice-president and presi- dent. This group organizes sales and activities for the Boys' League. l C Manford Mainer :"'5 5 N is 'ggi .ik F, W sa, .A, . ,wifi 'T z df 15 5 n 'D' 'A fkixb J 7. . dv.. wwr X , 'K sis Tx 4 wc K K in Ai v 'V' wx 'lt- Af' 4 Afwfvs ,-x"?Q'- x Q GQISQQQIEQ Z V 'X 26 55? Vice-President Senior? C e 0? 959 During the summer, the school district co- operated with the Senior Council in adding a beautiful extension to the Senior Patio. The Senior jackets and sweaters also added a new look to the campus. The financial status was im- proved through the sponsoring of a candied apple sale, Homecoming Dance, and the out- standing Senior Play. The dues and class cards also gave support. A Planning Committee worked with the PTA in setting up accommodations for the All Night Party, Money was appropriated for the party and a Senior Gift. JOHN BENTWOOD First Semester President MIKE MULLEN Vice-President The Council selected three announcements and presented them to the class for their final decision. Preparation for the Senior activities and commencement is the job confronted by the second semester council. These include Bacca- ,,.i ' X ' 4 DoNNis WAINWRIGHT PEGGY NEELY Secreta ry DIANE WAYT Treasurer KEN PEVlC Second Semester President laureate, the Senior Tea, Play Day, and All Night Party. They must choose and order the caps and gowns. MlMl COWAN CAROL SHINODA Secretary Treasurer 41 V.. gg. . S PAT ACHENBACH Represents our spirit as a "Merry Majorettef' NORA ADAMS A winning smile and a friend to everyone. CRUZITA ALDERETE BARBARA ANDERSON The cute little Senior One of those girls with the never- l whom everyone DOLORES ATCHLEY A great grad with a wonderful character. ending giggles. admires. MARILYN ANDULSKY A pleasant smile, DONNA ARRASMITH What a quiet arresting all the while. LINDA AMBROSE personality that She says little but Spells SUCCESS' accomplishes much. BETTY BAKER She is wise, she is witty, she's in love, what a pity. JUDY AHRENDT She has caused many a manly heart to slip a beat. BOB BAUMAN Never with a problem that can't be solved. 'C New ' eel JOHN BENTWOOD TONY BERTOLET PAULA BISCHOFF one Of H1056 QUYS whom The boy with the You can't know all she's worth, eVe"Yb0dY lll4e5- golden personality. for she's to shy to show it. MARY MARGARET BLOUNT An excellent student who shows great spirit at the football games RICHARD BOUCHER His laughter never leaves. NORMAN BOSTICK Always on the go taking MILTON BOWDEN someones photo. In ability and popularity there are few equal. JUDY BOWLDS JESSE BRIDGES GERILEE BROCE WILLIAM BROCKMEIER Her gentle nature has made A nice guy to be around. She will make someone Quiet, unassuming, and easy her an outstanding person. a most efficient secretary. to get along with. l 2 S .::f.1w'?-N FRANK BRUNEI- CARQL BRUVOLD STUART BUCKALEW Egfl drink and be merry for Her beauty is like delicate lace, An outstanding athlete at tomorrow we have a test. and whose knowledge Torrance High. is up to pace. LARRY BUTTS One who sticks to what he believes. SANDRA CAGE A person with gentle thoughts. Mr. John Knapp, mathematics teacher, explains the mechanism of a scale to seniors John Guyan, Diane Hinshaw, Frank Brunel, and Mike Shipley. I R. CAROLYN CAMPBELL TONY CARRILLO ROBERT CATO BRUCE CHASE Has done much for her school Quiet, gentlemanly, Always carrying a hidden lf silence is golden, with her loyal leadership. and talented. camera to class. here's a rich man. Q90 BOB CHURCH TONY CICERO A h?lEAElioT of Every inch a gentleman The little guy with a big heart. Gmbiion and will always and o good sport. SHARON CLARK Just as sweet as she looks, and sweeter. RON COLEMAN Big, quiet, easy-going and plenty of artistic talent. reach her goals. MARDELL CLAYTON Personality, politeness, and punctuality. BETTY CORSENTINO FRANK CORSENTINO Very nice and sweet things Can tear up a crowd come in small packages. with one remark. DIANA COOK A song, a dance, a winning way. MARYLEE COWAN DYANN DAVEY Sweet 70 know Und PlenTY Posture perfect, smile and all. of vitality. GERRY DAY The world belongs to the energetic spirit. ihown here ore the coral senior sweater and beige senior :cket of the class of '59, Beside the emblem are the enior rings and diploma. CAROL DENTON RAY DESCHENE Tl'10UQh Sllll U5 q'-'le' 05 C' Quite witty in his own field. mouse, she's escaped all traps. RUSS DEFIELDS A real cut-upg likes to work on his sharp car. BILL DELACRUZ A real good natured guy to know. BOB DIEMER A friend to all who need a ride. PK Ll Mr. Crotty is going to take a picture of Mary Drazkowski, senior, in her cap and gown, after he completes posing her. JOAN DONALD Beats there a heart so true. TOM DORMAN GEORGE DOWNING Success will follow Georgie, porgie, puddin' and him all through life. kissed the girls and made DIANA DOYLE Dark eyes, dark hair, what a beautiful radiant pair. DONNA DUNKLIN With her sincerity comes success. them sighl MARY DRAZKOWSKI Her personality glows with every smile that flows. BARBARA DUEHRING A tall dark girl who pursues in a quiet way. RONALD ECHOLS Studious and looking forward to a successful future. PAUL FARISS Out in the field with a butterfly net ROBERT FARRINGTON All for one one for all he s the star with the Varsity Ball DERENE ELLIOT A simmering smile that never fades. DON FISHER The heights of diplomacy. JIMMY FLUHRER I e A great guy to have in class. l germ-iloire H959 STEVE GILBERT SHARON GILES Good fhings Come in gmqll Her friendship is treasured packages, by all who know her. A LN-. KATHY FRASSER LINDA GAMBLE Her friendship will never NEVSI' fmls 'F' Whaf She be forgotten, sets forth to acomplish. PAT GILSTRAP Shy, but oh so sweet. "x JOHN GLOVER IPorkiel is a general favorite but a little shy of girls. JUDY GOFF LA DONNA GOLDSMITH A friend well worth having. She's the friendliest of the friendly. JOYCE GORDON Beauty cmd wisdom cleverly blended. WES GRAVEN A little man with a big car. JAMES GRICOL DON GRAY Quiet, friendly and Boundless patience makes the outdoor type. for popularity. CATHY GROSS Known by everyone and anyone. JOHN GUYAN RONNIE HALE ALICE HANNEMANN The boy with the Well known for her ever A girl who knows her swords. removeable smile. present bubbling personality. 'Ea sfzxffaz, ' 4 , frkw va-1-2-1, . A Wx -.1 5 ' ' . i ' ' Q . I ... 1 , E DENNIS HANSEN BILL HARPER WAYNE HART Work fascinates him, he could Scholarship and service TGII, blonde, .Gnd enl0Y5 sit and watch it for hours, GTG his mollo- Wlesllmg' MARY HARVEI. . Changed from Miss to Mrs. JOANNE HESSER In ability and popularity, there are few equal. Diana Cook is leading the cheers during the Wilson Basketball game. On The left are Gail Wilson, Carol Moore, and Pat Travis, the flag twirlers, helping to keep up the high spirits. ,fp f upglf In H BARBARA HIEBERT SUSAN HIGDON DAVE HILL SAM HIROSE A natural blonde with a smile She wears her knowledge Mr. Popularity. The guy that is always that can't be beat. like a crown. on the go. LEROY HOLDSWORTH A real regular guy that's a real character to know and be is ey BILL HUSTED A good tennis player and an excellent swimmer. GA RY JENSEN BARBARA HUBOCAN DIANE HUNTER A girl who understands money. A l'1GPPY-90-lUCkY 90' who's bound to succeed. WALTER JANOFF Always seen working on his car. A guy with a personality - - that can't be beat. NONI JOHNSON JIM JOHNSON A girl with a smile and a head Tall, dark, and handsome on her shoulders who will and well worth knowing. BOB JOHNSON Quiet nature with a seething river of cleverness running underneath. CLIFFORD JONES DAVID JONES U . PHILLIP JUVET Looking forward to an Impressive end on our -I-all and U whiz exciting life. great football team. withla basketball ERIC KARLSSON Had so many bright ideas, his hair turned red. LA RUE KAZEBEER Cosmetology is her fame. Shown here is a group of seniors enioying the privilege of the senior patio. The mosaic fountain is the main I feature of the patio that is surrounded by grass and ' exotic native palm trees. DAREL KELLEY LONNIE KENDALL Ohl What a grand band leader. Girls donlf Think WS fGlf for him to have such hair, ESTHER KERN A girl with lots of ambition for her chosen field. J .fini Carol Bruvold, Diane Hunter, Donnis Wainwright, and Rita Winfield are showing Lynne Hyde and Johnny Underwood the workings of the annual. KATHY KOHL SANDY LA GUARDIA Outstanding girl with A spirit of warm friendliness lovely blond hair. that endures forever. DON LATHAM Life is what you make it. LEONARD LASKEY A real gentleman who is a great guy. PATSY LONEY Sincere and always a true friend. TOM KLING A swell guy who is sharp and neat dresser. -J 'Q-ri? +::J,f ZZ of E ,1,', , . ' 5-,saxsi - . -' 2. i ' ' L7 f rf :?11 Q55 ifg g:Q.'f,,f' , - 3 fa.-J-1. , V., . 11 5 Q at he 2 Q A i 1 5111? 1, ' 5, ,,:: Elm' MJ, ' ' ' ' -': fe PATRICIA LEWIS Small but powerful pack of dynamite. LORENA LOPEZ Quietness is her nature. SHARON MCCABE Her maidenly blush never fails to charm. MICHAEL MCCUSKER Well liked guy who has a deep and charming voice WILLIAM MCDONALD I I Guy made of strong stuff. BERRY MCHUGH Real smart, and will be a big success in life Se ite H959 TERRY MCMILLAN Has a great interest in girls and cars. JEAN MCNEIL "Needle-whiz" who will make a good homemaker. '1 Q,Q g1x'g SAUNDRA MCKENZIE She's quiet until you get to know heri then Wowl WlLLlAM MCLEAN DENNIS MCMASTER Warm heart and personality Proved his athletic ability has made him a friend of all. on the football field. xx HAROLD MAESTRI He offers a lot of blushes. fl lx.-L. ,. . fi ef- MANFORD MAINER NORMAN MALOY VICTOR MASAKI A doll gf gn all an-,Und qfhlefe, A great drummer with Ambition to be a success a great heart. in whatever he does. SALLY MASON Nice ond friendly and full of fun. HARRIET MEISTER A short howdy hootie cutie. .V tw' JIM MASTERS He is known for extreme maturity. DIANA MEGGITT The dream girl of Torrance High. 6 JOYCE MINET CAROLE MOORE PAT MORGAN Most gentle and understanding One who guides her group 5l1e'S ir1eXl't0USTible and person, and organizes activities. never runs down. TASIA MOUZAKIS Short and always loyal to her friends. ' ' 162522 'ifisiii' P 9? -ug s i f 4 MIKE MULLEN A greater pianist yet to be found at Torrance High. PEGGY NEELY Poised and well mannered Queen of Tartcir Ladies. . I u , BARBARA NETHING Well reserved girl who's well respected by all. ye- f JERRY NEWMAN Well liked by those who know him Q me arol Moore, Gail Wilson and Dyann Davey, THS Seniors, GAIL NIX Her artistic ability spells success in everything she creates. 5? fork on decorations for GAA awards banquet. l i li N-my si RUSSEL O'HARE CARLA OSTERLIND LYNN OWEN FRANK PARKER Con Glways be seen with C, In her mind the wisest books. A real regular guy who is One who sticks to smile for everyone, well-liked by, everyone. what he believes. CAROL PEARSON Fine studenl whose knowledge is admirable. Um G9 JUDY PERKINS Immediate hit with everyone. LEON PIERCE Quiet and nice to know. STEVE POPOVICH Always ready with a lending hand. 1 n Q 'ua v Jun 'ao CHARLOTTE PERCY RICHARD PEREZ Cute and perky, Noted for his manner and that's "Miss Percy". curly hair. KENNETH PEVIC The sweetheart of the Senior Class. LINDA PORTERFIELD GARY PORTREY A respectable girl with A nicer fellow is yet good common sense. to be found. If , I ' ...EQ ' - PULLIAM, ROBERT Hard working and intelligent with a great future ahead of him. QUINONES, MARY Her quietness and friendliness lead the way to success. "Let's Keep Our Campus Clean' posters were placed around the school in a campaign to improve the appear- ance of Torrance High School. The thought and purpose of this campaign were initiated by Mr. Axworthy. Pic- tured here are Mr. Axworthy and Judy Strayhan adding another poster to our campus. .Q RASCOE, SHARON A graceful carriage, and poised manner. RAWNSLEY, JACK Will always achieve any task that he undertakes. RAMIREZ, VICTOR He's a great asset to our "B team. REDDINGTON, MARGARET REED' JUDITH A likeable person who is al- Her charming personality will ways willing to lend a help- REDHEAD, MICHELE win he, high praise from ing hand. ' ' A witty gal is a treasure. Mike Mullen, Ken Pevic, Carol Shinoda, Geri Broce, Linda Ambroce, Sally Mason, Carol Moore, DAVID RICE Born with success it seems and Pat Van Voltenburg are on stage listening to Gerald Sherburne during an ASB nomination aud call. KEN ROBERTSON LORETTA ROBISON Tall and handsome and a Pretty to walk with, voice that can't be matched. witty to talk with. LARRY ROSE The guy with a million dollar smile ,Q Qu-rf ROBERT RODRlQUEZ Has become a likeable guy at Torrance High School: ffl" EVELYN SALAS A gal who is cheerful and high in spirits LAUREN RUSK A personality that can't be doubled or perfected. ALBERT SARGENT Determined to find the best in life. SHARON SAUVE Well known for her ever glowing smile. SHIRLEY SAUVE One who wears her stripes well. BETTY SCHULTZ A generous friendship to one and all DIETER SEILER e exchange student that will never be forgotten. A KERRY SEXTON A new comer and well liked 9 3833635 BONNE SHAW CHARLES SHERFEY A Qfelll Qfll to know Insists on playing it casual and have around. all ,he time- GERALD SHERBURNE CAROL SHINODA A witty and humorous personality. A winning personality to match her smile. MIKE SHIPLEY He is a friend well worth knowing. FRED SIMS He is a real good natured guy. eel? ERNEST SMITH Tall, dark, and an lpana smile. JUDY SIRNEY PAUL SLYH Deep understanding under A great mechanic under a happy-go-lucky covering. a certain MG 1 ...Wt LAO SPALL Generous with her time and laughter. TOM SMOOT A guy who is a sharp car mechanic. 4-limp TIM SMITH Will take over his clad's business and wipe out competition. BOB SPRINGER MARTI STAATS JANET STEINHAUS INGRID STENGER C0-,meous and genfle in lf love is madness, I'm insane. Her heart has gone A darling Dutch girl everything he does. and we know where. with q cute accent. SHARON STEPHENSON JUDY STRAYHAN Found happiness before Delicate of fqceg Qmduollon- elegant of manner. 3 , 1 If RODNEY STROBRIDGE Well known for his good nature and sense of humor ANITA STROUB Radiant laughing eyes and a dimpled smile. GAIL STROUSE in Coleman, Dennis McMaster, Larry Rose, and Manford Mainer are :ying candied apples from the Sophomore Class officers. JOHN STURTZ JOANNE SUEDMEYER CAROL SURBER A futuristic car designer She is a red-headed Eyes of brown and some day. sports enthusiast. heart of gold. A fs' -.--- l Judge me not by my quiet ways. - -if eww ,.a DIANE SWANSON Deep understanding and full of knowledge. KIYOKO TAKEUCHI As nice a girl as we will ever know. ee SHARON THOMPSON The mirror of all courtesy. PEGGY TIPTON National skate champion we are proud to have in our school. GARY TIERNAN PAT TRAVIS An excellent sportswoman and more a good sport. MARSHIA TAPPIN BETTY THOMPSON Personality to Marshia is Makes friends quickly and like fragrance is to a rose. keeps them forever. Has a great gift for music and will be a big success in life. ANN TUCKER JERENE TUSSEY She wants to serve a She's all sentiment and in life. tender heart. as fi! .1 ' :., SM! Eff 5 CARMEN VALDIVIA Beautiful eyelashes, creamy complexion, she's our girl of per- fection. 1796 :rks of four noted artists were shown to the senior.. an attempt to determine which one would be selected the senior gift to the school. Mr. Macaray shows Bill Donald and Carol Surber one of the entries. DONNIS WAINWRIGHT Most contagious laugh in school, always happy and well dressed. 55? AL WARD Quiet ways have macle him likeable on campus. A, ' r s 1 ,gm l - 3 . my W. J 1 A : f1'.", fy. 51 :V 311 y g5::.A-il.: y ' ' M... .. L ,,, ' f K ,... My , P. Y ,. g c.. , , ...: + .g.'t'.--ff '- '-.ww -in - , ---.'. 1 -'2?tt1'77'.T11't "4' 1 ' 5 . " -wx, W, ,, - g.,'f.,fg.,p-. sun 4- 1 6 mtl, fr' so, :xv . 926, .'4l,:,,::,A.' Q., ,AA wiv ,df .-,-v,,'v. M M. ww. . gvmw J , -s,N"', M, Y. I , fl- P.-"nt, :- ,.?1,'j-,I,'-.".,,-. 9 KENNETH VAUGHN A guy who is generous with his time and pati- ence. RON VERES Voted the greatest ath- lete of '59. PHILLIP WARDE His ways are ways of pleasantness. PAT VAN VOLTENBURG She will always achieve any task she is given to X " 'il I 3, DIANE WAYT JOYCE WAYT JUDY wgigrgp Entitled to life, liberty, Determined to find the She has Sense, and q and pursuit of boys. best in life. Sense of humor, GARY WESTALL Strives to race at Indianapolis someday. Sefmiloif H959 ALBERT WICKER A silent, quiet, personality and a friend to everyone. LINDA WEYMOUTH Lindo is today's recipe for tomorrovv's homemaker BGB WILCOX GAlL WILSON RITA WINIFIELD A guy who makes the most A Qifl who knows how To DY'Wmlle doesnt 0lW0Y5 be a good friend- come in small packages. unexpected things happen. eczo Qllilelbl zmfze PAT ACHENBACH-Girls' League, AFS Ex- change Student, Maiorette, Modern Dance Club, Publicity Chairman, Spanish Club, Pres., Thespians, Rally Club, G.A.A., Modem Dance Aud. Call, Modern Dance Show, One Acts, Variety Show, Christ- mas Aud. Call. NORA ADAMS -- Girls League, Girls' Glee, Tartar Choir. JUDY AHRENDT-Girls League, Comm. of Pep, Rally Club, G.A.A., Top 15, Variety Show, Fresh. Aud. Call, Prom Week Talent Show. CRUZITA ALDERTE-Girls' League. LINDA AMBROSE-Girls' League, Tartar Choir, Modern Dance Show, Variety Show, Scholarship Society, G.A.A., Rally Club, Christmas Aud. Call, Health Club, Girls' League Rep. BARBARA ANDERSON-Girls' League, Art Club, Treas., Sec., G.A.A., Candy Striper, TNT Staff, Press Club, Scholarship Society, Science Club. MARILYN ANDULSKY - Girls' League, G.A.A,. Girls' Glee. DONNA ARRASMITH - Girls' League, G.A.A., Spanish Club, Pres., Sec., '59 TORCH. DOLORES ATCHLEY-Girls' League, Girls' Glee, Tartar Choir, Modern Dance Show, Variety Show, M o d e r n Dance Club, G.A.A., Spanish Club. BETTY BAKER-Girls' League, Comm. of Records, Girls' League Sec., Student Court Rep., G.A.A., Business Club, Pres., Home- coming Princess, Song Queen, Posture Finalist, Christmas Aud. Call, Modern Dance Show, Comm. of Pep. BOB BAUMAN-Boys' League, Band, Or- chestra, "C" Basketball, "B" Football, Tennis. JOHN BENTWOOD-Boys' League, Fresh. Pres., Sr. Pres., Boys' League Court Rep., Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Tartar Knights, Thespi- ans, Varsity Club, Scholarship Society, One Acts, Boys' State, Tennis, JV, Varsity, JV Wrestling, ASB Pres. RAY BERGSMA-Boys' League. ANTHONY BERTOLET-Boys' League, Thes- pians, Talent Show, Variety Show, One Acts, Best Actor, Sr. Play, "B" Basketball, Varsity Baseball. PAULA BISCHOFF-Girls' League, G.A.A., Rally Club, Spanish Club, Modern Dance Show. NORMAN BOSTICK-Boys' League, '59 TORCH. MARY MARGARET BLOUNT - Girls' League, Comm. of Finance, Thespians, Clerk, Sec., Rally Club, Scholarship So- ciety, Spanish Club, Future Teachers, Tar- tar Ladies, Variety Show, One Acts, Tar- tar Choir, Girls' Glee, Modern Dance Club, Sr. Play. RICHARD BOUCHER-Boys' League, Band, Baseball, JV, Varsity. MILTON BOWDEN-Boys' League, Tennis, JV, Varsity, Basketball, "B", "C", Mgr., Baseball, JV, Mgr., 'B" Football. JUDY BOWLDS-Girls League,-Maiorette, Girls' Glee, Tartar Choir, Art Club, Sec., VP, Thespians, Clerk, Sec., Treas., Rally Club, French Club, Band, Orchestra, Vari- ety Show, Modern Dance Aud. Call. JESSE BRIDGES-Boys' League. GERILEE BROCE-Girls' League, G.A.A., Business Club, Modern Dance Show, Sr. Court Rep. WILLIAM BROCKMEIER-Boys' League. FRANK BRUNEI.-Boys' League. CAROL BRUVOLD-Girls' League, G.A.A., Business Club, TNT Staff, Press Club, '59 TORCH. STUART BUCKALEW-Boys' League, Var- sity Club, Wrestling, JV, Varsity, JV Cross-Country. LARRY BUTTS-Boys' League, Wrestling. SANDRA CAGE-Girls' League. CAROLYN CAMPBELL-Girls' League, Song Queen, Tartar Ladies, lst Lady, Tartar Lady Aud. Call, Scholarship Society, Top 'I5. ANTONIO CARRILLO - Boys' League, Baseball, JV, Varsity, Football, 'B", Var- sity. ROBERT CATO-Boys' League, Thespians, Varsity Club, Variety Show, One Acts, "B" Track, Mgr., Varsity Football Mgr. BRUCE CHASE-Boys' League. ROBERT CHURCH-Boys' League, Tartar Knights, Varsity Club, Scholarship Society, Engineers Club, Spanish Club, "B" Track, Football, "B", Varsity, Basketball, JV Varsity, Tennis. JV, Varsity. ANTHONY CICERO-Boys' League, Band, Tartar Choir, Variety Show, Talent Show. ANITA CLARK-Girls' League, Modern Dance Aud. Call, Jr. Red Cross Club. SHARON CLARK-Girls' League, Girls' Glee, Rally Club, Scholarship Society, VP, G.A.A., Song Queen, Yell Leader, Re- porter, VP, Thespians, Jr, Play, One Acts, Posture Finalist, Top 15, Modern Dance Show, Comm. of Publicity. MARDELL CLAYTON-Girls' League, Soph. Sec., Treas., Scholarship Society, G.A.A., Modern Dance Club, Thespians, Rally Club, Fresh. Aud. Call, Modern Dance Aud. Call, One Acts, Variety Show, Comm. of Records. RON COLEMAN-Boys' League, Band, Track, "B", Varsity, Football, JV, Varsity. DIANA COOK-Girls' League, Fresh. Pres., Girls' League Treas., Comm. of Pep, Comm. of Finance, ASB, VP, Scholarship Society, Thespians, Sgt.-at-Arms, Home- coming Queen, Yell Leader, Rally Club, Tartar Ladies, One Acts, Variety Show, Modern Dance Show, Jr. Talent Show Winner, Tartar Lady Aud. Call, Top I5, '57, '58, Best Music and Show Artist, Best Supporting Actress. ELIZABETH CORSENTINO-Girls' League, Thespians, One Acts, Variety Show, Mod- ern Dance Show. FRANK CORSENTINO-Boys' League, Var- sity Club, Thespians, One Acts, Variety Show, Jr. Talent Show, M.C., Track, Cross Country. MARY LEE COWAN-Girls' League, Ma- iorette, Rally Club, G.A.A., Tartar Ladies, Treas., Tartar Lady Aud. Call, Sr. Treas. DYANN DAVEY-Girls' League, Rally Club, Pres., G.A.A., Sec., Tartar Ladies, Band, Posture Winner, Girls' League Va- riety Show, Top I5. GERRY DAY-Girls' League, Fresh. Girls' League Rep., Soph. Court Rep., Girls' League Treas., Student Court Judge, Ma- iorette, Tartar Ladies, Scholarship Society, G.A.A., Jr. Play, Variety Show, Modern Dance Aud. Call, Girls' League Aud Call, Modern Dance Club, Top I5. RUSSELL DEFIELDS-Boys' League, French Club, JV Wrestling, Varsity Track. WILLIAM DE LA CRUZ-Boys' League. CAROL DENTON-Girls' League, G.A.A., Spanish Club. RAY DESCHENE-Boys' League, French Club, Science Club. JOAN DONALD-Girls' League, Court Rep., Tartar Ladies, G.A.A., Scholarship Society, Candy Striper, Health Club, Sec., Variety Show, Orchestra. THOMAS DORMAN-Boys' League, Bowl- ing Club. GEORGE DOWNING-Boys' League, Va- riety Show, One Acts, "C" Track, Foot- ball, "B", Varsity. DIANA DOYLE-Girls' League, Girls' League Rep., French Club, Sec., Thespi- ans, Modern Dance Aud. Call, Variety Show, One Acts, Song Queen, Christmas Aud. Call, Top 15. MARY DRAZKOWSKI-Girls' League, Jr. Sec., Tartar Ladies, Sec., Scholarship So- ciety, Tartar Lady Aud. Call. BARBARA DUEHRING-Girls' League, Va- riety Show, Art Club, Rally Club, French Club, G.A.A. DONNA DUNKLIN-Girls' League, Rally Club, Posture Finalist. RONALD ECHOLS-Boys' League. DERENE ELLIOTT-Girls' League, Rally Club, Business Club. PAUL FARISS-Bays' League. ROBERT FARRINGTON - Boys' League, Varsity Club, Football, 'B", Varsity, Base- ball, JV, Varsity. DONALD FISHER-Boys' League, Tartar Knights, Scholarship Society. JAMES FLUHRER-Boys' L e a g u e, "B" Track, "B" Basketball. KATHY FRASER-Girls' League, G.A.A., Tartar Choir, Girls' Glee. LINDA GAMBLE-Girls' League, Tartar Choir, Modern Dance Club, Science Club, G.A.A., Modern Dance Show. steve einem-Boys' League. SHARON GILES-Girls' League, Tartar Ladies, G.A.A., Health Club. JOHN GLOVER-Boys' League, Bowling Club. JUDITH GOFF-Girls' League, G.A.A., Girls' Glee, Tartar Choir, Rally Club, Spanish Club. LADONNA GOLDSMITH - Girls' League, G.A.A., Candy Striper, Girls' Glee, Or- chestra. RAYMOND GOMEZ-Boys' League, "B" Football. STEWART GONTA-Boys' League, French Club, Varsity Club, Comm. of, Athletics, Track, "B", "C", Football, "B", Varsity. JOYCE GORDON-Girls League, Art Club, Treas., Press Club, TNT Staff, G.A.A. WESLEY GRAVEN--Boys' League, "B" Football, Baseball. DONALD GRAY-Boys' League, "B" Foot- ball, Basketball, Varsity Baseball. JIM GRICOL-Boys' League. CATHERINE GROSS-Girls' League, Tar- tar Choir, Girls' Glee, Rally Club, Busi- ness Club. JOHN GUYAN-Boys' League, "C" Track. RONNIE HALE-Girls' League, Ta rta r Choir, Girls' Glee, G.A.A., Bowling Club, TNT Staff, Rally Club, Spanish Club, Press Club, '59 TORCH. ALICE HANNEMANN-Girls' League, Glee Club, Business Club. DENNIS HANSEN-Boys' League, Cheer- leader, Varsity Club, Varsity Track, Cross Country, JV, Varsity, Wrestling. WILLIAM HARPER-Boys' League, Latin Club, Baseball Mgr. WAYNE HART-Boys' League, F r e n c h Club, Varsity Track, Varsity Football. MARY HARVEL-Girls' League, T a rt a r Choir, Girls' Glee, Fresh. Aud. Call, Mod- ern Dance Show. MARGARITE HENNINGS-Girls' League. JO ANNF HESSER-Girls' League, Fresh. Sec., Jr. Treas., Tartar Ladies, Rally Club, Comm. of Group Control, G.A.A., Christ- mas Aud. Call, Variety Show. BARBARA HIEBERT-Girls' League, Fresh. VP, Tartar Ladies, G.A.A., Tartar Lady Aud. Call. SUSAN HIGDON-Girls' League, Glee Club, Scholarship Society. DAVID HILL-Boys' League, Football, "B", Varsity, JV Baseball. DIANE HINSHAW-Girls' League, DAR Award, French: Club, Scholarship Society. SAM HIROSE-Boys' League, Cross Coun- try, Wrestling, JV, Varsity. LEROY HOLDSWORTH-Boys' League, Var- sity Club, Football, JV, Varsity, Baseball, JV, Varsity. BARBARA HUBOCAN-Girls' League. DIANE HUNTER-Girls' League, Girls' League VP, Historian, Rep., Modern Dance Club, Pres., , Thespians, Sec., T re a s., G.A.A., Yell Leader, Song Queen, Span- ish Club, Rally Club, Comm. of Activities, Homecoming Princess, Song Queen, Mod- ern Dance Show, One Acts, Variety Show, Talent Show, '59 TORCH, Girls' League Pres. WILLIAM HUSTED-Boys' League, Cross Country, JV Tennis. WALTER JANOFF-Boys' League, Tartar Knights, Thespians, Band, Orchestra, One Acts, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Varsity Football. PHIL JARVIS-Boys' League. GARY JENSEN-Boys' League. 5'7 ROBERT JOHNSON-Boys' League, TNT Staff, JV Tennis. Se ia? JAMES JOHNSON-Boys' League, JV Baseball, Varsity Football. NONI JOHNSON-Girls' League, Soph. Sec., Jr. Pres., Comm. of Finance, Fresh. Aud. Call, Christmas Aud. Call, G.A.A., French Club. CLIFFORD JONES-Boys' League. DAVID JONES-Boys' League, Track, Var- sity Football. PHILLIP JUVET-Boys' League, Jr. Play, One Acts, Basketball, JV, Varsity. ERIK KARLSSON-Boys' League, Orchestra, DAREL KELLEY-Boys' League, T a r t a r Knights, Scholarship Society, Band, Drum Maior, Tartar Choir, Dance Band, Orches- tra, Variety Show. LON-NIE KENDALL-Boys' League, Tartar Choir, Variety Show, "B" Football. ESTHER KERN-Girls' League, Girls' Glee, Candy Striper, G.A.A. THOMAS KLING-Boys' League, "B" Foot- ball, JV Baseball,' Basketball, "B", KATHRYN KOHL-Girls' League, G.A.A., Rally Club, Business Club, Jr. Play, Mod- ern Dance Show. SANDRA LA GUARDIA-Girls' League, Girls' Glee, Business Club. LEONARD LASKEY-Boys' League, JV Cross Country, JV Baseball, "B" Track Mgr. DONALD LATHAM--Boys' League, Band, Orchestra, "B" Football, Baseball, JV Varsity. PATRICIA LEWIS-Girls' League, G.A.A., Business Club, Modern Dance Show. PATSY LONEY--Girls' League, Tartar Choir, Girls' Glee, G.A.A. l.oneNA Lorez-Girls' League. SHARON McCABE-Girls' League, Girls' League Rep., G.A.A., French Club, Mod- ern Dance Show, '59 TORCH. MICHAEL McCUSKER-Boys' League, Tar- tar Choir, Varsity Baseball, Basketball, "C", JV, Varsity. WILLIAM McDONALD-B o y s ' League, Thespians, Jr. Play, One Acts, Track, "B", Varsity, Varsity Football. BERRY McHUGH-Boys' League, Cross Country, Track, "B", "C", Varsity. SAUNDRA McKENZIE-Girls League, Girls' Glee, Tartar Choir. WILLIAM McLEAN--Boys League, Span- ish Club, JV Tennis, Football, "B", Var- sity. DENNIS McMASTERS-Boys' League, Sr. Play, Varsity Club, Wrestling, JV, Var- sity, Football, JV, Varsity. TERRY McMILl.AN-Boys' League. JEAN McNElL-Girls' League, G.A.A., Health Club, Candy Striper, Posture Final- ist, Modern Dance Aud. Call. HAROLD MAESTRI-Boys' League, Schol- arship Society, Spanish Cl u b, Football, "B", Varsity, Tennis, JV, Varsity, Basket- ball, "B", "C", Track. MANFORD MAINER-Boys League, Var- sity Club, Tartar Knights, Football, 'B", Co-captain, Varsity, Track, "B", Varsity, Boys' League Pres. NORMAN MALOY-Boys' League, Band, Orchestra, "B" Football, JV Baseball. VICTOR MASAKI-Boys' League, Fresh. Boys' League Rep., Soph. Pres., Treas., ASB Pres., VP, Tartar Knights, Ist Lieu- tenant, Scholarship Society, Yell Leader, JV Cross Country, "C" Basketball. SALLY MASON-Girls' League, Tartar Choir, Thespians, G.A.A., Sec., Scholar- ship Society, Fresh. Aud. Call, Modern Dance Show, Jr. Play, One Acts, Girls' Court Rep., Comm. of Finance. JAMES MASTERS-Boys' League. DIANA MEGGITT-Girls' League, Girls' Glee, Business Club, G.A.A. HARRIET MEISTER-Girls' League, Girls' Glee, Business Club, G.A.A. JOYCE MINET-Girls' League, Business Club. CAROLE MOORE-Girls' League, Band, Orchestra, G.A.A., Song Queen, French Club, Rally Club, Thespians, Flag Twirler, Modern Dance Aud. Call, Variety Show. PATRICIA MORGAN--Girls' League, Tar- tar Choir, Girls' Glee, Rally Club, G.A.A., Spanish Club, Fresh. Aud. Call, Girls' League Aud. Call, Variety Show. TASIA MOUZAKIS-Girls' League, Band, Orchestra, G.A.A., French Club, Scholar- ship Society. MICHAEL MULLEN-Boys' League, Band, Orchestra, Tartar Knights, French Club, Scholarship Society, Boys' League Treas., Sr. VP. PEGGY NEELY-Girls' League, Sr. Sec., Tartar Ladies, Queen, G.A.A., Tartar Lady Aud. Call, Comm. of Activities. BARBARA NETHING--Girls' League. JERRY NEWMAN-Boys' League. GAIL NIX-Girls' League, Art C e n t e r Scholarship. RUSSELL O'HARE-Boys' League, Jr. Play. CARLA OSTERLIND-Girls' League, Schol- arship Society, G.A.A., Science Club, Christmas Aud. Call. LYNN OWEN--Boys' League, Cross Coun- try, "B" Football. FRANK PARKER--Boys' League, French Club, Pres., Spanish Club, TNT Staff, Sci- ence Club . CAROL PEARSON-Girls' League, Schol- arship Society. GARY PEPPER-Boys' League, "B" Foot- ball. CHARLOTTE PERCY-Girls' League, Schol- arship Society, G.A.A., French Club, Treas., Tartar Choir, Girls' Glee, Thespi- ans, Sr. Play, Variety Show, One Acts. RICHARD PEREZ-Boys' League. JUDY PERKINS-Girls' League. KENNETH PEVIC-Boys' League, Sr. Rep., Var'sity Club, Sr. Play, Boys' League Pres., Football, "B", Varsity, Baseball, JV, Varsity, Sr. Pres. LEON PIERCE-Boys' League, Sr. Court Rep,. Band, Orchestra. STEVE POPOVICH-Boys' League, Track, "B", Varsity. LI-NDA PORTERFIELD-Girls' League, Fu- ture Teachers. A eeomgelieh GARY PORTREY-Boys' League, Variety Show, "B" Basketball, "B" Football. ROBERT PULLIAM-Boys' League, Tartar Knights, Sec., Treas., Boys' League Treas., Wrestling, JV, Varsity, Varsity C ro ss Country. MARY OUINONES-Girls' League, Tartar Choir, G.A.A., Spanish Club, Rally Club, Bowling Club. VICTOR RAMIREZ-Boys' League, "B" Football. SHARON RASCOE-Girls' League, Modern Dance Show. JACK RAWNSLEY-Boys' League, Tartar Knights, Capt., Science Club, Pres., "B" Football, Cross Country, Track, "B", "C", Varsity. MARGARET REDDINGTON-Girls League, Girls' Glee, Tartar Choir, Candy Striper, Rally Club. MICHELE REDHEAD-Girls' League, Tartar Choir, Candy Striper, Rally Club, G.A.A., Sr. Play, Variety Show, Modern Dance Show. JUDITH REED-Girls' League, Band, Rally Club, G.A.A., Spanish Club, Modern Dance Aud. Call. DAVID RICE--Boys' League. GERALD ROBERTS-Boys' League. KENNETH ROBERTSON-Boys' L e a g u e, Tartar Choir, Variety Show, Talent Show, One Acts, Basketball, 'B", JV, Varsity. LORETTA ROBISON-Girls' League, Fresh. Treas., Soph. VP, Soph. Girls' League Rep., Comm. of Activities, Maiorette, G.A.A., Tartar Ladies, Girls' League Aud. Call, Fresh. Aud. Call, Top 15. ROBERT RODRIGUEZ-Boys' League, Cross Country, JV, Varsity, "B" Track, "C" Basketball. LARRY ROSE-Boys' League, Varsity Club, Football, "B", Varsity, Baseball, JV, Var- sity, Basketball, "B", "C", "C" Track. LAUREN RUSK-Boys League, "B" Basket ball, "B" Football. EVELYN SALAS - Girls' League, Fla g Twirler, Jr. Sec., Tartar Ladies, G.A.A., Girls' Glee, Modern Dance Club, Variety Show, Modern Dance Show, Girls' League Aud. Call, Tartar Lady Aud. Call, Top 15. ALBERT SARGENT-Boys' League, Science Club, Spanish Club, VP, Tartar Choir, Jr. Play, Variety Show. SHARON SAUVE-Girls' League, Rally Club, Girls' Glee, Tartar Choir. SHIRLEY SAUVE-Girls' L e a g u e, Rally Club, Girls' Glee, Candy Striper. BETTY SCHULTZ-Girls' League, Girls' Glee, Modern Dance Club, Business Club, Variety Show, Modern Dance Show. DIETER SEILER-Boys' League, Student Council, Tartar Knights, Exchange Student, Scholarship Society. KERRY SEXTON-Boys' League, "B" Foot- ball. JOYCE SHAMBLIN-Girls' League, Rally Club, Candy Striper. BUNNIE SHAW-Girls' League, Business Club, Treas., Rally Club, Sr. Play, Girls' League Aud. Call. GERALD SHERBURNE-Boys' League, Soph. Boys' League Rep., Jr. Boys' League Rep., Jr. VP, Tartar Knights, Cheerleader, Var- sity Club, Basketball, "B", "C", Varsity. CHARLES SHERFEY- Boys' League, JV Cross Country, Track, "B", CAROL SHINODA-Girls' League, Fresh. VP, Soph. Pres., Girls' League Sec., Soph. Girls' League Rep., Tartar Ladies, Treas., Jr. Court Rep., G.A.A., Scholarship So- ciety, Tartar Lady Aud. Call, Girls' League Aud. Call, Fresh. Aud. Call, Top I5, Sr. Sec. - MICHAEL SHIPLEY-Boys' League, Band, Orchestra, Tennis. FRED SIMS-Boys' League. JUDITH SIRNEY-Girls' League, Future Teachers, Modern Dance Show. PAUL SLYH-Boys' League, Jr. Achieve- ment, Cross Country. ERNEST SMITH-Boys' League, Bowling Club, "B" Football. TIMOTHY SMITH--Boys' League, Soph. Court Rep., JV Baseball, Football, "B", JV, Varsity. TOM SMOOT-Boys' League, JV Basket- ball, Football, JV, Varsity. SONNY SOMMERVILLE-Boys' League. LAO SPALL-Girls' League, Tartar Choir, Spanish Club, Rally Club. ROBERT SPRINGER-Boys' League, Track. MARTI STAATS-Girls' League. JANET STEINHAUS-Girls' League, Girls' Glee- Business Club, Modern Dance Club, Modern Dance Show. INGRID STENGER-Girls' League, Modern Dance Show. JUDITH STRAYHAN-Girls' League, Tar- tar Choir, Rally Club, Modern Dance Club, G.A.A., Modern Dance Show, Variety Show, '59 TORCH. RODNEY STROBRIDGE-Boys' League, JV Baseball. ANITA STROUB-Girls' League, Business Club, Bowling Club, Fresh. Aud. Call, Modern Dance Show. GAIL S T R O U S E- Girls' League, Jr. Achievement, Rally Club, G.A.A., Health Club, Sgt.-at-Arms. JOHN STURTZ-Boys' League. J O A N N E SUEDMEYER - Girls' League, G.A.A., Rally Club, Health Club, Modern Dance Show. CAROL SURBER-Girls' Le a g u e, Girls' League Pres., VP, Song Queen, Homecom- ing Princess, Tartar Ladies, G.A.A., Treas., Rally Club. DIANE SWANSON-Girls' League, Jr. Achievement, VP, Bowling Club, G.A.A., Rally Club, Spanish Club, Modern Dance Show. KIYOKO TAKEUCHI-Girls' League, Tar- tar Ladies, Scholastic Society, Spanish Club, Future Teachers, Rally Club. MARSHIA TAPPIN-Girls' League, G.A.A., Bowling Club, Spanish Club. BETTY THOMPSON-Girls' League, G.A.A., Rally Club, Scholarship Society, Modern Dance Show. 629165 SHARON THOMPSON-Girls' League. PAUL THORNTON-Boys' League, Variety Show. GARY TIERNAN--Boys' League, Band, Capt., Orchestra, Dance Band, Variety Show. PEGGY TIPTON--Girls' League, G.A.A. PATRICIA TRAVIS-Girls' League, Soph. VP, G.A.A., Yell Leader, Song Queen, Treas., Pres., Thespians, Flag Twirler, Tar- tar Choir, Rally Club, Spanish Club, Tal- ent Show, One Acts, Variety Show, Mod- ern Dance Show, Court Judge. ANN TUCKER-Girls' League, Scholarship Society, G.A.A. JERENE TUSSEY-Girls' League, G.A.A., Rally Club, Jr. Red Cross, Sr. Play, Mod- ern Dance Shaw, '59 TORCH. CARMEN VALDIVIA-Girls' League, Schol- arship Society, Tartar Ladies, M od e r n Dance Aud. Call, Tartar Lady Aud. Call, Top 15. PATRICIA VAN VOLTENBURG-Girls' League, G.A.A., Rally C ub, Science Club, Future Teachers. KENNETH VAUGHN-Boys' League. RONALD VERES-Boys' League, Varsity Club, Pres., Basketball, "C", "B", JV, Varsity, Baseball, JV, Varsity, Football, "B", Varsity. DONNIS WAINWRIGHT-Girls' League, Jr. Treas., Sr. VP, Tartar Choir, Rally Club, G.A.A., Business Club, Spanish Club, Modern Dance Show, '59 TORCH. ROBERT WARD-Boys' League. PHILIP, WARDE-Boys' League, Tartar Knights, Wrestling, Baseball, JV, Varsity. DIANNE WAYT-Girls' League, F re s h. Treas., Soph. Court Rep., Sr. Treas., Song Queen, Tartar Ladies, Girls' League His- torian, Reporter, Jr. VP, Rally Club, G.A.A., Yell Leader, Song Queen, Talent Show, Modern Dance Show, Girls' League Aud. Call, Homecoming Princess. JOYCE WAYT-Girls' Lea g u e, Girls' League Sec., Tartar Ladies, Sgt.-at-Arms, Scholarship Society, Rally Club, Posture Finalist, Jr. Play, 'Miss Hello." JUDY WEISTER-Girls' League, Glee Club, G.A.A., Business Club, French Club. GARY WESTALL-Boys' League, Tartar Choir. LINDA WEYMOUTH-Girls' League. ALBERT WICKER-Boys' League, Boys' League Rep., Football, "B", Varsity, "B" Basketball, JV Baseball, 'B' Track. ROBERT WILCOX-Boys' League, Track, Varsity Wrestling, 'C" Basketball, "B" Football. GAIL WILSON-Girls' League, Rally Club, G.A.A., Tartar Choir, Flag Twirler, Girls' Glee, Health Club, Band, Orchestra, Mod- ern Dance Show, Variety Show. RITA WINFIELD-Girls' League, Girls' League VP, G.A.A., Rally Club, Business Club, Art Club Thespians, Jr. Achieve- ment, Posture Finalist, '58, '59, Christ- mas Aud. Call, Fresh. Aud. Call, Vari- ety Show, Modern Dance Show, '58 TORCH, Asst. Editor, '59 TORCH, Editor. 53 - M vs 51? wffwafgfif fQSffff?5f i9f pf Xxx 77 ,' !!,,,,,,., Q V L ' if L vm W Q7 ff M25 ff if WWW Wfwiwf Wj W JW ,W M WW Q wg? Z wwe STANLEY GONTA President, First Semester MIKE WALKER Vice-President Dummies ss In its three years at Torrance High School the class of '60 has exhibited its ability and determination. Dur- ing the fall semester the class spon- sored such activities as a "smash button sale" and an "after game" dance in the cafeteria, both forthe Santa Monica game. They also had a dues drive at 53.00 per person and a snow-cone sale in October. This year's big effort for the Junior class was the series of activities dur- VICKY HIPPIK Secretary CHARLOTTE McCOMAS Treasurer MIKE WALKER President, Second Semester ing Prom Week, March 9th-March l3th. The week's festivities were held to raise funds to sponsor the fabulous Junior-Senior Prom. CHARLOTTE MCCOMAS Treasurer DONNA MOORE BEVERLY OREND Vi:-n.DrneirInr-il' i fi is Z is sf l Qu 'sf , s , 3 x Donald Baker Roger Baker Howard Barber William Barton Paul Billings Gary Blakley Diane Boerner Dee Ann Box Patricia Bradberry Kathleen Brady Edward Brennan Allen Brisach L -Q if .- -J ff me iE,?rf'f?ii?ii4'i"" "sf . or is -' i f : 1 -.N ii J 9 ' wr A 5, 'ai -ir: Richard Coburn Patsy Cochran Becky Coffey Larry Coil Thomas Coleman Mary Comon Carla Conklin Diana Cooper Phil Cosby Howard Cowan Sharon Cox Karen Crist 'af ir. sawn .i Grace Acalin Barbara Alter Benny Amorelli Patricia Anderson Virginia Anderson Karen Arbuckle James Armstrong Richard Augenstein Anthony Augustyn Sandra Baily Will: M i -'ll lf: 1. 5 " gsm ,pr is es 1 it K it is 5 4 l .,,,r . Q if Y lll X l ll " David Bristol it V Janice Brooks - GJ 1.ii- f James Brown Jerry Brunner ia i, -. 4, 1 Dennis Bullock X,-X X Donald Cannon 2 9 l l Q3 N J ' V ,ihi Claudia Canter y,r' Q 'f Pedro Carrillo ' if l Diana Cato H Susan Cemore 'A Carolyn Church ' 'X David Clutter ,st it . f i 5 ti - we? ai K la i H, igfig A".5l'ff ' ia' 17 Richard Cucci Karen Davenport Barbara Davis Sharon Deering Joseph DeJaifre Delores Derouin Michael Derouin Patrick Derouin Olivia Derusha Carol Donaher ill.: ' 9 .r ' L N t J -A fin., 4 . Q Vllf: 3 gb, -i , l llfa YK... i A 35 x Gerald Gilbert Rosemarie Gill Theresa Gilles Stanley Gonta Daline Goode Martha Goodrow Yvonne Graham Frank Graieda Thomas Greer Joseph Griego Fern Griffith Donald Guyan George Dorman Sandra Dow Thomas Duehring Adolph Duran Dianna Dyck James Edwards Peggy Edwards Lynna Ewing June Fariss Charles Felix Yoshio Hirose Janet Hoch Linda Hofer Clettis Holt Gwen Houston Kay Howard Gary Huffman Marsha Hunt Denise Hunter Lynne Hyde ,f 3 , , ,, ., :-'EE .Q 'Sala it Bertha Ferm David Fiorelli Elizabeth Fisher Augustine Flores Carolyn Foster Carole Fowler Janice Frederickson Judy Frederickson Daniel Fulton Nannette Gallo Daniel Gentis Gary George Judy Hagan Susan Hammock Sondra Hanni Dixie Handstrom Patsy Hardage Paul Harestad Judith Hawes Linda Henderson Lawrence Hendrickson James Hensley James Hester Victoria Hippik fell Marie Jordon Lynn Keller Roberta Kelly Lawrence Killingsworth Patrick tKinney Daniel Kirks Karen Kienstad Karen Korth Richard Kyle Vernon Lamphere Dale Lancaster Fred Landauer Wie! Charlotte McComas Barbara McKnight Oren McKnight Barbara McLaughlin Thomas McMaster Karen McTee Felix Mctcias Sharon Magner Robert Mainer Joan Mariala Luis Martinez Carol Mathlin Paul Irwin Waiter Islieb Judith Jackson Michael Jelsma Carol Johnson Charles Johnson Paulette Johnson Richard Johnson Marilyn Johnston Robert Jones I IQ , Marie Lane , V Patricia Larson Linda Ledbetter ' Serena Lee I Lawrence Lieurance il , Karen Lind Brooke Linderman Charles Litacker Robert Long Richard Longo Viola Lucero Robert McCall 'Z ws fy l + ti. F 1,-1 William Mathews Thomas Megow Daniel Mendes William Miller Lawrence Miller Martha Miller Donald Mills Linda Mills Lana Miner Victor Mishler Kenneth Mitchell Peter Mitchell Joseph Montgomery Donna Moore Robert Moore Virginia Morris Martha Mullen Terry Neldon Carol Nelson Earl Newson i J i at Myra Pitts Lawrence Poeske Mary Porter Floyd Ramsey Judith Raymond Kathy Reed Kristine Reed William Reinert Lawrence Rhyne Sharon Ricci Gary Rice Raymond Rice H f-iiggxzsggi iw 1- ., w I if? saf. f i' vet! Ji "" ' - ,,,, up t ,A John Sandstrom Thomas Saas Lee Savage Gary Schmidt Jon Schotanus Maria Sciarrotta Albert Severson Norma Shinno Noel Shire Jack Singer bu 'iixzf J--1. vp- s Verne Newson Phillip Nickol Janet Noone Judith Nordstrom Karen Nystedt Thomas Oiard Beverly Orend Nancy Osborn Louise Otterstein James Peddy Connie Phillips Austin Pickett Thomas Richardson Donna Ritchie Russell Roberts William Roeder Sondra Rosencrantz Phillip Ross Treva Rosson Jay Rovenstine Helen Rushfeldt James Rynhart Susan Saari Larry Salas Thomas Stowe Patricia Strahm Lawrence Sullivan Linda Sweet Beva Tapley Kathleen Taylor Sally Taylor Robin Thomas Marian Terkmany Sheila Thornberry William Tilley James Timmons , lfllwiii ,, pw Q at ,, 6 Gordon Walker Michael Walker Russell Walsmith Flora Watson James White William White Joel Whitman Gerald Willett Linda Williams Sharon Williams William Williams Barbara Wilson T - 's"f" T . lea s. I Q' rx, Q X- ,Q ,T l .Xb , T' 1 .Q -. fig ii 2 iii are R M lift- xx S ' l 2 it vig. 1 - wifi 'V s tw i 1 tv ls 1 'Ute Q , Y . f fl' -is-B H W M 3 t i l 23 I il Mary Smiley Kenneth Smith Robert Smith Thomas Smith Richard Snyder James Sopp Jan Stanley lfinda Stevenson Patrick Stewart Lynn St. Onge Norman Todd Mary Tomkins Arthur Tozier Frank Tuttle John Underwood Juan Valencia Carey Van De Wetering Kathryn Vaughn Leo Villagomez Penelope Voien Carol Vorhis Linda Wagner Robert Wilson William Wilson William Wilson Sharon Wood Melvin Woofter Duane Wyrick Roy Yanase Joan Yanez J Q li ll : , Fl xx Katrinka Yurgionas Edward Zilliox 4 JUDY SHERWOOD President, First Semester JOANNE CARR Treasurer KIMIYE TAKEUCHI Secretary " nc JOANNE ISBELL Vice-President Sophhomofe ss Two hundred and ninety-eight sun-darkened Sophomores constituted the future class of 1961 in September of this school year. They soon found Themselves assigned to double period classes with Messrs. Di Fiore, Golodhue, Rudolph and Towle, as well as Mrs. Betelson. ln the busy months that followed, the class augmented their funds with successful sales and dances. ln November they had to put up the "sold out" sign during a pickle sale. Evening sociabilities included cz Sophomore hop in the cafeteria. lt was an evening of more JANET COLEMAN Secretary DIANA GAMBOA Treasurer JOANNE ISBELL President, Second Semester talk than hop, but no one questioned the succes of it S-wise or otherwise. SACHI ISHIHARA Vice-President 5 Q' C , J f - i he , sf- -. 'U' F- 2 D A g is T3 'A'IA A L A -V,- ,, I , ' J' 'Q 1, ',. Q nf r Q., 'X it , iw- bx-'A ' 0 ' ' X A l LN L f A A 'E' A- il xx 1 Q A KX rr B gi .. Y.. lla Archibald Dallas Armstrong Larry Arrasmith Arthur Ault Gail Averill A 4 Howard Achenbach Marie Ala rcon Dennis Albright Mary Alderete Ellen All Julian Almaraz John Alter Pamela Anderson Lucy Andrade Ellen Andrae 1 X .A ' A Qc Donald Bell f Eric Beltran Edythe Bischoff Judy Bishop Richard Blackwell Randy Babb ,lf ' Joan Bacon l Rita Bacon 'N A W' Carol Bailey Linda Baker iff .QQZQ V Lon Baker fl 1 .. Sandie Baker s ' J - 1. 2 ,, Mary Banda ' 4 N Lynn Barrett Q , N Robert Basile A "L .T ' I A X A f xr 2' A ., A EWG y' in-il ,ir ug? A 7 A X X X ' it ' - Lai' lil-. , t Paula Blankinship JoAnne Bone Larry Boots Lynne Bower Robert Brady Gary Brooks Gary Burnham V Tom Burt Paul Bush V ' , igf' John Cagaanan I .r,, ft - 'pq . 5 2, A K f f f Sharon Cagle - ,. Lenora Calitri iw Barbara Campbell t si X Sandy Cargo L, Joanne Carr " ' f James Carter Barbara Castle 11. .q Tommye Chandler A A Barbara Chase .emary Chavez X NN N. 5 Richard Cicero Judith Clements Janet Coleman Gregory Coffman Betty Collins Lola Collins Grace Connett Douglas Cook Wilford Couran John Crawford if 7 'MJ agar, s ix Geraldine Dilkus Don Dobrick Patricia Dubois Georgia Duehring Dale Duncan Dion Dyer Caroline Kenneth Ehlers Linda Eldridge Rosemarie Erbetta Richard Eu Judy Fe . 31,5 .- - E555 Dych bank eney Paul Goodwin Bonnie Grave-n Bob Griffith Ma ry Grimaud Barbara Gross Mike Grover Linda Grubb Billy Guyan Diane Haddix Donald Haley Robert Hall Eric Hansen Marion Hannemann Marcia Hanstrom Qu l 'W' Q Florence Crenshaw Barbara Crockett 'L' Karen Crossman Sue Crumm Myrtle Curington Janie Curtis Judith Cusson t Darlene Harbison Ethel Hargrove Bruce Hart John Hawks Jack Haytan Janet Henderson Carole Hill Gary Hilton Virginia Davis Gloria De LaRosa Mae Denton Richard Fisher Steven Foster Rosalie Fountaine Newell Frayne Joyce Furusho John Gable Diana Gamboa Pat Garrett Morgan Gates Donald Gill Daryle Gilmore Buzz Gilpin Gerald Goins Deann Goldsmith Diane Hodgson Marilyn Holcomb 'i' 7ffT5:litlf:1E-W 'J' ' rf., . 1:5 if itil if X , Steve Humphreys Jon Hunter Maxine lhara Michael lrvine Joanne Isbell W Sachi lshihara Roegena James Dorothy Jenocovich Darlene Jensen Renaldo Jimenez Donald Johnsen Nolton Johnson Thomas Holdsworth Roger Holdsworth Jean Holland Thomas Hood Donna Houston iii q t a,,i, Dennis Horvat xt .15 j' -ef Edward Houston Thomas Hubbert Barbara Huggins Wayne Hughes 5-95,5 Y y ,gigs T ' ,li "'f"9i f ' 'fi ' feet? " 7 X 3 R' lk' J - .. - Robert Kyle it f Ralph Laam V A A Q, gy Cheryl Lacy - 'f Kathleen La Guardia V' K. 't c Susan Larson , 1,, 'pt 'ig Paul Le Doux 5 fu ,E , g , ' Robert Lee Jon Lehr Ronnie Lorenz John Masters Tom Mathlin Diane Martin T ht. Janice Jones Virginia Juvet William Kainu Ernest Karalis Thomas Kasterko Joyce Keeler John Keith Nancy Kelly Ronald Kendall Linda Kidner Patricia King John Kohl Bette Kryda Virginia Krauszer W-1. 1, 4 K s X 'I .Y- 'r - X Anthony Mavar Melba Maxwell James McClure Leon McCormick Blaine McCusker Michele McCutchen William McDade Connie McDaniel William McKenzie Dennis McMillan V 'lf in-v Jim Moody Gerrie Moore ll -Q f Melanie Mounger -I 111 ' Alicia Mullens " 1 Bob Mullen ' I' Qi Wil "' John Nething X li Bob Noone I Margarita Olvera John Orr Larry Ottesen David Owens Sharon Parker J ' . ,... Larry Osborn ' H ll!! '-'Q L' 1 Q i 7 Robert Pupkoff Mercy Quiiada Gloria Quiiones Gregg Radford Joyce Radford Judith Rayner Kathleen Reddington Maria Redhead Norman Reese Larry Reintsma Sheryl Rice Nick Rich Delores Risteau Janet McMullen Diana McNeil Earl McVicar Judy Meadows Lester Meek Julius Meier Larry Melton Beverly Metzener Patricia Miller Virginia Miller David Minnis Betty Mobra William Patterson Ronald Perdue Joan Perry Betty Pierce Myra Pitts Wililam Pitts Jan Planz Robert Pouncey Jim Pulliam Henry Roberts Newell Robison Cynthia Routh Arlene Russell Bonnie Rye Bill Saine Bob Salisbury Bill Salisbury Milton Sargent Glenda Schafer Bill Schieman Loren Schwenk 2-4 J wi 11 x J 1 i A. .'-sq. Q QS? , 1- '97 Betty Sorkness Norma Spall Vernon Stallmo Gary Stephens John Stoddard Jim Stonebraker Jim Stone Glenn Sudmeier Kimiye Takeuchi Ethan Tallant Barton Tatum Charles Taylor sf I . H- lei V ,T , .a yayrl I n Q 1 .5 if if 7 '-'.- w e N 2 l Glenn Sells Robert Shelby Marshall Shipley Rita Simmons Carolyn Shire Shirley Hannah Thomas Sloat Linda Smiley Janet Smith Nancy Snodgrass Margerita Snow vy T '- , ,. . dl Howard Taylor Mariorie Thompson John Thornton Jon Thornton Mike Thornton Joe Torres Andrew Torrez Michael Tracy WK Glenda Traw Z J. A Jim Ulmer Linda Vocke ' A . ,tlr Joe Van Huss tie - i'itii " V. Sharon Van Os .5 t , W. i ' is Larry Walker , - 2 ' " U V ' Patrick Walker ' i , Y Sharon Watkins Q Tim Wayt T, ii , f 62" A W , Carole Webel ' 4 5 ' :i"" at . . If X t X 'sy Cliff Weimer . Ron Weis Robert Weister Q 7 Nancy Weldy 5' i Bob Wells , it t Lavonne Westall W ' liwfli' John Whitacre Arlene Whitman Forrest Williams Ray Wilson Leon Wisham Carl Wood Patty Woodman i"':' 1 David woodwind ii ' V Paul Wright Lois Wroge Jerry Yancy s ss , ,ZL if Eleazar Ybarra - Barbara Zubovich A ii iii ? 67 JAMES MASAKI Vice President RAY BYNUM l President, First Semester F 151 s JUDY McTEE Treasurer The class of '62 has had a suc- cessful year both socially and finan- cially. The success is due to the co- operation and eagerness of each member of the class. One of the many highlights of their year was the Freshman "Candy Apple Sale," which was a big success. Keep up the good work and best of luck in your remaining years at THS. JOANN PORTLOCK Secretary CAROLYN STEPHENS Treasurer DONNA THISTLE President, Second Semester JUDY MINOR SHARON CLARK Secretary i ,Vice-President I r , 1 i 1 al rl' a Jeffy ASCOleSI Terrence Augustyn Juanita Ayala Linda Ayles Linda Backlund Robert Bailey Marsha Bainer Judy Baker Thomas Baligad John Barret Robert Bauman Wesley Beeson Eric Beltran Alan Billings Cleoda Adams Ronnie Adams Charene Alarcon Joseph Alderete Donald Alles Linda Allison Patsy Jo Alter Eugene Ambrose Beverly Anderson Robert Anderson Carolyn Armour Larry Ascolesi '4, 5' X we ,ff J get X -X y ' if f xi -N - f ' .2-1 T ' QRBW il Susan Bush Darlene Buth Jim Butler Raymond Bynum Craig Cain John Cambon Ronald Campbell Sharon Campbell David Cann :linda Capps Ann Cassetta J " Mike Chambell V- F Donald Christensen f Trudy Church ' Mary Churchman Adele Cisneros f , ' - 44 I E' is ilk I M ff Sg t. ' 3 ll ' Baku its +A' lg! , l 8, . 9' T Ask lxra nl 'i" Wayne Bilson Sharon Blackwell it Randy Blair so Frank Bradford James Brennan Linda Britt L gf :,, ' J Jack Brockmeier Lorraine Brorby Francine Brown William Brown Dick Browne Robert Burch Larry Burnham Eddie Burton fllgff ' ' 'G A -J 1 ' . f fire ist eff -egg C- M- s ik if I H V I intra X. A A... - 3' ,, A x- fl 1 5 'X rll'KfiT'iV: ' fs ' , lfil3sf?ilHl'5i. . P -i I r. T' i N r ., T 4.9. ' r ml :4 'Iv I 6x'53a'l9 gifilm A9 "M"-4 ' i"i l Q 2 A iii? A " , 5 D Q, I 4. gi Q 5 qw ! Robert Clark Sharon Clark Tom Clark Dick Clowara Frederick Coburn Gary Coffey Kathy Colisch Elaine Collins Judy Combs Frances Cook Dave Cooper Georginna Corsentino 69 , ""' Q ..,. ,L-,, . T 4, J i 1 - K Q P s E x X 9 ., P A K Thi' vw it J , l I Rita Costa Ann Courtney it Judy Craig ' Lola Crow Eugenea Cunningham Jana Davey Leda Davis Melvin Da Sharon Denton Sharon Jame James De Passe Brenda Dickson Allen D'Ornellas '33 Margaret Drazkowski Maxine Drazkowski Mary Duarte Carol Echols Jerry Eddy Trudy Eddy Joann Eisenbrandt Delpha Elliot Sharon Enfield Terry Farrance '- 'fjjfxf fr T ' el 5 r afttlilf fl J 4. T I f ,, . f fr r ' -'4 :mr wi Q 'E 1 ' Q N X B W .sql vu I 1, V44 glxlpl L . l,,.r- - , Carol Gauthier Carole Giles Suzanne Giles Sharron Gilmore Nancy Ginder Mary Goins Becky Good Joyce Goree Julia Graieda Art Grant Barbara Gray Terry Greason Sheila Greason James Greer Laura Gregg Dorothy Gricol ,L el , ul: l rr' ' qgijfl K . N ,. vs , . .. 3' af e q 2 5 J . Yfll sf e X 1 fig" V H , ,f 1 3: , ,lx W QM. 9 c, Doug Ne 44" 'VON Gilbert Griego George Grondorf Virginia Gross . Patricia Gusterson vis Davis s Dawson Jerry De La Cruz Tom Denman so '53 N T i , -J . L sv J 'XJ -Q 'K' X! J Y l H - ,ni Harold Fariss Jeri Faulkner Larry Flagg Flint ster Flores David Foote Kathy Ford Bill Foster Patti Fowler John Frasa rd Pete Friel 393 ,r i T M if .1 M H f Patricia Friend Danny Garcia Jo Marie Gart X li l' ll Ronald Hagenbaugh S Donna Halquist 5 Sheila Harris Wayne Richard Hart Hawkins Susan Hawley Allan Hay Michael Heath 1 ,Q Q 'tw.,... ,nxt Virginia Hubbert Carol Huffine Monty Huffine Carolyn Hussey Earl Hyles Adolph James Toni Jensen James Jepsen Carol Jimenez James Jones William Johnson Rod Johnsen Harry Johnson Trudy Johnson s, as 1- H. ' t ,, rf 5312 IL ls l . t . 1 l 1 u 71 . N J 'f is .E E: -fl-1 t . Ns. Joanne Kryda Jerry La Guardia Larry Lancaster 3, Tom Lane , 5 Neva Languis Elizabeth La Rose X ' Joel Le Doux ' chuel Lee Sandra Lessing, Mike Linderman 'El' Edward Loney I Patti Long J L' Joseph Longo " ' David Ludwig ' v Sene Luevano 4 rick Lynch ' 5 L sllsl' ' . V q '- ' ff Q c 41' cat! R l is -' V -1--fate. , 1 2 -t at . I - . ,Q it 1 ga f 1 J , as JA X E fi J .-gf 'TCT " ltdg J ,. M ,a Y . 14,3- Xt ,Y 5 vt , - fc, Vvti. s sa- H 'fi my dx ll L E L K ' va J Q 3' Ex Ai W ' 1 . Q I R. . se th . , it 2 g . - I 4 Rl 'L w xl? L, ff! Shia wi fr Jim Hedgecock Robert Henders fn Robert J. Henderson Shirley Hermann William Hermann s Michael Hersha ' Sally Hestwood a Clyde Hill Richard Hollins Marcell Holt Nancy rlornbeck Mary' Howe . -,gf af its " QQ ,D t . t in l W X Q' .Q . me r . t cv. 'X . 1 X L I if A l lu. Q X , 'rs - 'Q--V, Betty Kautto Margaret Kealey Lanita Keene Karen Keith Kenneth Kell James Keller Loretta Kennedy Ronald Kling Sandra Knight James Knod David Knutson Richard Koontz Meryle Korpi Linda Kraegel ,L etttti ff Q s . - pl , H- J X -Q X ' ' -i X 'ls . , L ' N 91 ll? . Carolyn Lyons 5 . Lee McCoy - A - Donald McGuire 1 55-A Steve McGuire V f Orlene McKnight 1 L' Georgiann McLean ..,,,.f,if" - -' 1 Zilg, X James McLean L ft Roger McManus Judith McTee Carol Maloy Manuela Martinez James Masaki ,QA 6.4 , ,t ,gg 1 x Q- Va Q T' iff Richard Pittinger Leo Ponce Albert Carol Porterfield Joann Portlock Keith PortreY Delores Potter Cheryle PowerS Sharon Rodi David Radka Robert Ramsey Angelita Ramirez Danny Rathbun Betsy Redding url' , Mfg, .5-, ,, James Mitchell Robin Moffitt Gloria Montez Manuel Montoya Jean Moore Joanne Moore Peter Moore David Mullen James Mullen Melanie Mullins Bob Murphy Barbara Myers Larry Myrick David Neal ilk Xlxi. . X 'i': f' . S K Poole Barry Purdy Glen Purdy -Jiri i :ff 1 Q - ' .sf Sharonne Mascola Garv Mathew Susan Mathis Tommy Moyes Dave Meagher Darlene Meeker Leo Medrano Donna Meredith Daryl Michaelson Patricia Mills Sharon Mince Judith Minor N-sma 3 A l ' x Kenneth Neol 1155 Patricia Nicholls ,, ' ' Bruce Norman 'll' ' Steve Northington my 'Q Joyce O'Dell . George Oiard - I John Olloque 'P G Ol by H M M ary son , get Connie Owens Vickie Pennington A "" J . '15 Mike Perez P ' James Perry "' '- Lorall Phillips i ' A, .4 ' Pat Piercy iyt, x' Z il J ' A Joel Redmond Robert Rhodes V. K es.. wilt i fl ' 1 Richard Ricks Nick Rivear Nancy Jerry Tom Rodgers James Roeder Jock Rood Bob Roy Richard Paul Robo rds Roberts Rozendal Rushfeldt 6 xv?-f .f, we Tom Sackman Fred Sacks Helen Salas Caroline Schmelzer Esperanza Sezate ' - 1-.- 4 'X ' 5 , Alice Sanford if - - V l Roger Serranni ' 1 - 5- Barbara Sharar T. A W',LlL ' V Martha Simpson V , , xlll , is Steve Simpson t s , T'T 3 V 5 Harry Sippel ' AX "" - 5 M ft, Penny Skaggs x N , iii, I. -12,31 ' if Wayne Skelton N. N E x J John Slyh Q 2 I Qxtlia Donnie Smith Joan Smith 12 - Q , ' EW-, Margaret Sorenson il' V, SUSGH 5P0fkS , S Q S wx .. Judi Stadden it xxx may Q ' S if - R " 4 Sum Sfflmvs . -iii: fi '--f ' f- T 1- Leslie Stanton A V A if - Lf M N, Veg, . , 2 N Richard Steele TVN. ,H '33 L - i ' Carol Steenbock .iii X , , Carolyn Stephens ' Darlene Stevens Bonnie Stradford R V Kathy Streit , ' 'J Richard Stubbs -tgp 5 i J VW! Y . Nancy Sullivan T R8 V' ""' Ju V Joyce Takayama l K CV! - W by Daniel Tapia ,, , . . 4 K 1 ll 4 X A tzz Y 1 ilu- James Walsh Eddie Webel Medonna Weber Jonova Weingarten Linda Jea Rober Weister n Wells to West Jamie Whitcomb Gloria White Wayne Whittington W -1 at ..,.,, ,. .. fl Barb ra Tappin Rober Terrell V Judie Thomas Donna Thistle 1 M-,. . M , Q. ' ,1 V '-9 V -.,1. 'lm Q C it John Wicker James Wilson Jim Wilson Lynda Wilson Mona Wilson Damon Wisham '-L ' ff 1 rii -J 4, 3 ,,,1 EL Wann ' Q T ifssaa T " kg' ' L N Virl X t V tttfifgefif I A ii rrr .BQ v V, Vi .f ' . .5 " Rf -. S J . Q . , ' -W -, 'S X 'X 4 X Q S Kathleen Thornton Donna Tidmarsh Richard Tognotti Sharon Trunnell Stacy Turner Ronnie Van Dyck Sam Van Wagner Mike Venoble Donald Ventres Gary Wallak David Warden Margaret Webb l Marlene Woller Richard Woodward Carolyn Worthen Dwan Wroge Sally Wyrick Earl Yanase W L eil N4 2 fx! is Q1 ' 4 KJ lviirvl J V M ,SX Phyllis Yancey Ernie Yanez Robert Zilliox Connie Zimmerman 'Y ,gg ,Q4"fi -F TVLF 5, Q,qg?XfQQ Z 1 4 A 9 r n. f, xv 0 - f .Q- -f '-iff , 'l as X rr Y x C li ll' W E C x X . 1 xx' , vm' 1 aa T. ' -so 1-11 , 'x a. 'if ! Q - I ,XV , X I T A5 X ? I . , ' W i Princess Diane Hunter X A, A " 5' 1 4 , S -1 K as -. s hkhk I . VV at - at Q -.,. I av . 1 ,' . ,PV -:" " V 'K 5 'W Princess Betty Baker .mAe--, re 9' ' 5 Nb - A Princess Carol Surber 7 - ' 1 Princess Diane Wayt Wa co im H959 NX ff 1 4' Queen Diana's royalty is proudly admired by all as she re- ceives the Varsity Football from Team Captain Stewart Gonta. P8 alll Torrance High School's 1959 Homecoming game and dance were tremendously successful. The game ended up in an exciting victory over Inglewood High School and the dance was attended by many 1957 and i958 graduates. avr ry 95 2' 'UH WA..- 'b"' Front row: Diana Doyle, Diane Hunter, Carolyn Campbell, Diane Wayt, Betty Baker. Middle row: Loretta Robison, Evelyn Salas, Carmen Voldivia, Gerry Day, Carol Surber. Back row: Dyann Davey, Diana Cook, Carol Shinoda, Sharon Clark, Judy Ahrendt. igeilii Lynne Hyde and John Underwood admire some student paint- ings on loan from Leuzinger High School. This is the first year of the all Bay League Traveling Art Exhibit. One of Torrance High School's greatest assets is their Student Store where students can purchase paper, notebooks and other supplies essential for their studies. Pictured here are Judy Sirney and Donnis Wainwright waiting on customers. Kg-, na'-I ,,-- 1 , , , Q fi I K - , W H N ' . Pictured here is Deiter Sieler, our foreign exchange student from Germany, visiting with Acting Principal Leonard Lifton and First semester Student Body President, Victor Masaki. Deiter seems to enioy Torrance High School very much and is a good friend to all. Faithful members of the Rally Club decorate our home stands for the homecoming football game. 1 l Mrs. Garshfield keeps a watchful eye on students Qualifying Test in our Library. acilze io Sceidlooll taking the Scholarship Everyone enioyed the Key Club's Halloween Dance following the Redondo Football game. v-r we if - l ,Q in F W, ' I sk Lka N li rx ,W-M' W4-f Dyann Davey beams happily after winning the Posture contest con- ducted each year by the Girls' League. First runnereup Rita Win- field pictured at the right and second runner-up was Jean McNiel, , A l ft. Leusinger Flagtwurlers put on a fine performance for the Tor- E rance Student Body during an exchange rally with them. 'N 'bg ff ,'s,,4r"""'3-. George Downing pulls out a tray of pizza during the Boys' Foods class. Many different kinds of food are prepared by the hungry boys. Diane Hunter, Tony Bertolet, Frank Brunel, and John Under- wood are enioying a cool sno-cone and incidentally they made a nice sum of money for the Freshman Class. 80 IROADCASTING CLUB NQM4 Anyone for a pickle? The Broadcasting Club of Torrance High School held a pickle sale this year to raise funds for the improving of the noon music program. Their services were appreciated by everyone. I Darel Kelley shows great enthusiasm as he gives the down beat for the Torrance High School band, during a pep rally. l Carole Moore, Diane Wayt, and Pat Travis pose for a picture between acts at the '59 Variety Show. Their cat dance was a fine example of Modern Dance. Pedalpushers invaded the campus as the Girls' League sold tickets to the girls to wear such attire. Too bad we can't wear them all year. 81 Seniors really got in the act this year as Noni Johnson, Carol Moore, Diane Hunter, and JoAnne Hesser team up a song at the Christmas Aud Call. Mrs. DeCuir, a member of the Torrance Junior Women's Club is presenting Carol Shinoda, a Senior at Torrance High School, a check after receiving the honor of being Miss Teenager of Torrance. 4 Winding up the Girls' League Aud Call, those who participated in the aud call and the audience joined in together to sing Christmas Carols. Donna Arrasmith is shown at the Bullock's Art Show where her lettering entry received a first place award. January was a busy month for everyone, especially the seniors who were in the Senior Play. Here is a scene in "Every Family Has One," showing Marsha, Sharon Clark, modeling her wedding gown for her family. Also, shown are Jerene Tussey as the maid, Essie, Mardell Clayton, as the mother, Mrs. Reardon, and Sally Mason, sitting, as the wise old grandmother. it l F tif, i ,Q xx If s-' GQ 4 ,, .-1, 'I X -.A,. K u . vos- Two Foreign Exchange Students are shown talking about experiences in Foreign travel. Pat Achenbach, Torrance School Representative of the Senior Class 1959, visited den during the summer. Dieter Seiler, Representative Germany, shows interest in Pat's talk. their High Swe- from i Geri Broce and Evelyn Salas were the winners in the Betty The noon sock hop which is held every Wednesday at noon, is enioyed Cf0Clf9f Ubfllie-Off" CONTEST, SPOf1SOfeCl by the food depart- by all the THS students. Pictured here are Donna Ritchie, Pete Mitchell ment. Geri's entry was a cocoanut cloud pie. Evelyn's entry Cliff Wiemer, and Rita Winfield. was a carrot cake. 86 The Modern dance group from first period girls' physical education put on an excellent exhibition for the annual Roman Banquet. The members in the dance were Carol Moore, Diane Hunter, Diana Doyle, Delores Atchley, Diane Hinshaw and Yvonne Graham. gl 'L ew as fm, .wr 4. 1 wr ft ,.,. . it, , s , ' -is The dance group from sixth period gym class did a breathtaking dance called "The Sirens." The members in the dance were Sharon Clark, Joyce Wayt, Mardell Clayton, Susan Higdon and Linda Hofer. The enrtartce to Roman Banquet, held in the cafeteria, was very impressive. The procession was led by Don Fisher, high priest, followed by Ken Robertson and Latin I students who acted as slaves. 'ml I r , . , Ruling over the Roman Banquet was Augustus Caesar, played by Mike Walker. His every wish and command had to be obeyed by JoAnne Isbell and Carole Surber, his personal slaves. Guests at the Roman Banquet anxiously wait for the entertainment to begin, while the entertainers in the background nervously wait to pe rfo rm. x 5 KJV' ' 'X Bar-B-Qued chicken seemed to be one of the highlights of the evening, enjoyed by teachers as well as students. 87 K 88 NGLE NE NLY As report card time nears students use snack and lunch time to catch up on their homework. Torrance High School students enjoy a friendly chat over lunch in the school cafeteria. l Pretty Sally Mason beams with pride after hearing of her speech winning the Lions Club Award. The Student Store works on a system iust like any other store. Here is Roger Baker working in the store. Diane Wayt, Judy Ahrendt, Sam Hirose, Mr. Smith, Rita Winfield, and Jack Rawnsley are pur- chasing supplies. Margarita and Clark Allen gave a fine performance at one of our outstanding aud calls this Spring. They presented a variety of 1' instruments and dances from Spain. A ' .f-" ,-f-"",.,-fo,-ro,-' ,fu JMM, -Mdff, i is Here we have seated the Bank of America Award winners. Darel Kelley, Mike Mullen, John Bentwood, Diane Hinshaw, Mike Shipley, Gail Nix, Kiyoko Takeuchie, Charlotte Percy and Geri Broce. These students have shawn outstanding achievement in many fields. 89 Rehearsing for "They Shall Rise," are Kerry Sexton, Russ O'Hare, Phillip Juvet, Bill White and Carol Surber. This play was about schools and their activities. lt was written by Walter Janoff. Sally Mason, author of the only comedy pre- sented this year, presents "Just Like lrving." Fea- tured in this play were Pat King, Joyce Wayt, Frank Corsentino, Noel Shire, Mary Margaret Blpunt, Ken Helplanal and Mainford Mainer. Taking time out to have their picture taken are Jerene Tussey, Tony Carillo, Ernie Smith and Sharon Clark, in the play "Decisive Moments." The writer of the play was Tony Carillo. Working hard backstage are Manford Mainer, Jack Rcwnsley and Phil Warde. lf it weren't for the stage crew, the plays and the shows wouldn't go on. We give thanks to the curtain pullers. "They shall Rise" was one of the three plays put on April 24. Cast members were Kerry Sexton, Phillip Juvet, Walt Janoff, Russ O'Hare, Carol Surber and Bill White. They did a real great job. Not in the One-Acts, but in the Tartar Lady and Tartar Knight Aud Call are Susan Hammack, Linda Sweet, and Judy Hagen, doing a pantomine. This aud call is put on every year by the service clubs. I Al Sargent, working 'on the lights, labored real hard to put on a Torrance High School production. The actors in these plays are drama students or members of the Thespians. One of the plays, "The Education of Ruth- ford Pygmelion" was used as the teaser for Th Original One Acts. Written by Lynn Keller, th roles were taken by Bill Tilley, Carol Porterfield, Bill Miller, Bob Sehman, Wes Graven, Lynn Kel- ler, Donnie Smith, Rita Winfield and Jan Planz. Seniors of 1959 seemed to enjoy the dancing at the all night party. Lights were all aglow on the dance floor as graduates Diane Hunter, Ken Pevic, Judy Strayhan, John Bentwood, Jerene Tussy, and Ernie Smith dance to the music of the dance band. Striking up the iuke box as the band members take a break, are Judy Strayhan and Senior Class President, Ken Pevic. Ys 4 Graduates of 1959 get a hand in the entertainment. Pictured here is Rita Win- field singing a medley, accompanied by Diane Hunter on the piano. Seniors were up to all sorts of pranks at the all night party. While A.S.B. President John Bent- wood makes a try at dislodging Rita Winfield, Diane Hunter tries hopefully to keep her stand. Enioy- ing it all is Jerene Tussy, m M' M4 ' N Q" 3 2 i a .j.'. QI l 'iii tml ., ii Roi Yr! ein up-a ,. rr Dyann Davey, Tcxrfar Lady, stands on post in the cafeteria, gives Robert Baslle a citation for crowding in line. Russ Walsmith waiches on. 65939 Z l 96 Sally Mason and Joyce Wayt, two Tartar Ladies are putting up some of the Student Council posters, illustrating good conduct in the cafeteria. 'Z - - i K' Here is Tartar Lady, Dyann Davey giving Robert Basile cl citation in the cafeteria. The Tartar Ladies stand post in the cafeteria during snack and lunch. Jack Rawnsley and John Bentwood who were first and second semester Tartar Knight Captains are pictured here with Peggy Neely and Carol Shinoda, first and second semester Tartar Lady Queens. All four stu- dents have done a terrific iob. The Tartar Knights also give citations as seen here when Bill Tilley gives Larry Poeske a citation. .M-.f Q4 v ....-ow TARTAR LADIES . NF' . N' -43 Aw 'H R ts. ,. . -, r , 5 if M- "' t , ...T ,,. . , f ' it C., rt F155 V V, 'aj' I, f V ' 'V ,bm ", x ,M "f tv .-Q. Hu. U .I ,,. V .-. ,, T .- , -l Top Row: Susan Sarri, Judy Fredrickson, Bev Orend, Susan Ham- mock, Judy Hagen, Lynne Hyde, Donna Moore. Middle Row: Diane Hinshaw, Gail Nix, Carol Surber, Carmen Vcildivia, Sally Mason, Jo Anne Hesser, Diana Cook, Mary Blount, Dyann Davey, Gerry Day, Sharon Giles. Bottom Row: Joyce Wayt, Carol Johnson, Mimi Cowan, Joan Donald, Carolyn Campbell, Peggy Neely, Carol Shi- noda, Kiyoko Takeuchi, Barbara Hiebert, Kathleen Taylor, Linda ' 7 Sweet. Tartar Laclies and Tartar Knights are the two honorary service clubs on campus, Both of Them have, this past year, contributed to both the school and our community. Among the outstanding activities presented by these clubs were the TK, TL aud. call, the Tartar Ladies trip to see the "Drunkard," and the annual TK, TL Ball. The purpose of the clubs is to serve the school, and that is exactly what they do, Tartar Ladies, who are selected from Junior and Senior girls who maintain a "B" average, stand on post in the cafeteria and at aud calls. Tartar Knights stand posts in front ofthe school and in the halls at lunch, as well as at aud calls and football games. The sponsors of these clubs are Mrs. Barbara Penner and Mr. Turner. , 'lf , Q f Top Row: Tom Megow, Bob Church, Jim Armstrong, David Nelson, Phil Warde, Bill Tilly, Gerald Sherburne, Manford Mainer, Mike Walker, Robert Pulliam, Bottom Row: Don Fisher, Tom Sass, Russell Roberts, Jay Rovenstine, John Bentwood, Jack Rawnsley, Walt Janoff, Vic Masaki, Darel Kelley, Kenneth Rubart. -XX .. ul '4 .iii ., g A 4,- V' '--,,,,.,,' ,?'r'. ig-T', 4 ir ,, . T TQ., 1 . -ffgm,-f,f i ,Q T ,fri -' M " . x:""T . , -Sr IM Xt. in f T , . v Y nr v -Q r BACK ROW: Mr. Orr, Jay Rovenstine, Tom Cannon, Lynn Keller, Carol Mathin, David Nelson. THIRD ROW: Carol Johnson, Yvonne Graham, Carol Jimenez, Joanne Eisenbrandt, Joanne Carr, Sharon Parker, Lynn Barret, Jean Spall, Bruce Norman, Gary Olson, Diane Hinshaw. SECOND ROW: Darlene Jensen, Joyce Furusho, Lois Wroge, Judy Meadows, Paula Blankenship, Kimiye Takeuchi, Mary Smiley, Carla Osterlind, Kath- leen Taylor. FRONT ROW: Carol Shinoda, Susan Higdon, Kiyoko Takeuchi, Sharon Clark, Charlotte Percy, Mary Margaret Blount. Scholarship Federation is a statewide honor so- ciety in California. Chapter 121 at Torrance High School consists of approximately 70 members. A stu- dent who maintains A's and a B is eligible for this organization. If a student continues to have these grades for three semesters in lOth, llth, or 12th Seliolfmrelbiitg grade he is a torch bearer, or life member of C.S.F. This year the C.S.F. had a snow cone sale and they did very well. Mr. Orr and the first and second se- mester presidents Kiyoka Takeuchi and Charlotte Percy have done a real fine iob. TOP ROW: Mr. Towle, Bob Church, Stan Gonta, David Fiorelli, Larry Rose, Dennis McMaster, Dennis Hansen, John Bentwood, Howard Taylor, Bob Cato. MIDDLE ROW: Vernon Davis, Bob Mainer, Gerald Sherburn, David Hill, Jay Rovenstine, Leroy Holdsworth, Stuart Buckalew, Mike K Ehl F nk Corsentino, Manford Mainer, Ron Walker, Jack Singer. FRONT ROW: Larry Salas, Tim Smith, Nicky Nichols, Joe Montgomery, en ers, ra Veres, Robert Farrington. Veireiq Another one of the service clubs on campus is Varsity Club. They strive to promote athletics and interest in sports. They also assume the responsibility for selecting and purchasing trophies and awards for Torrance athletes who made "All Bay League" teams. As long acting sponsor of the Varsity Club, Mr,mf-I Tnwlp hm man mnnv activities soon- sored by this organzation. This year, as in the past, Varsity Club sponsored two dances, one of which was the traditional first "after game dance" during football season, and the other dance was during the spring. Proceeds from these dances finance their ac- tivities. 5 , 'lm W. JNN ' 'x IA.. IJ. i 4 K il' --agp. SPANISH Top Row: Tom Megow, Al Sargent, Donna Moore, Charlotte McComas, Barbara Wilson, Pat Achenbach, Bill Miller, Don Cannon. Bottom Row: Rebecca Coffey, Paula Bischoff. Donna Arrasmith, Kiyoko Takeuchi, Mary Quinones, Veron Lamphere. Cilfhiiib Promotion of good feeling and under- standing towards the people South of the Border is the purpose of the Spanish Club. It is also intended to spread Spanish Culture and an understanding of the Spanish Lan- guage which we are so close to every day. This year, the Spanish Club has done many interesting things, beginning with an instal- lation held at the Mexico City Restaurant in Business Club is made up of all interested students taking business courses. They try to promote business education and arouse in- terest in the business world of today. This is a newly formed club on campus and it is one that will carry a great deal of interest Long Beach. They also planned an aud call during the second semester featuring Mar- garita and Clark Allen who sang and danced to music from Mexico and Spain. This club maintains an active membership of students who have had at least one se- mester of Spanish. Mrs. Gladys Kennedy and Mr. Charles Arnold are the club sponsors. times-is Cilirib among the students. During this year they visited the Bank of America and Douglas Aircraft. They also have seen many films sent out by companies in the United States. 'file Top Row: Mr. Smith, Mr. Broadwell, Barbara Wilson, Mary Porter, Theresa Gilles, Derene Elliott, Tasia Mouzakis, Carol Denton, Mr. Curran. Bottom Row: Judy Bowlds, Judy Sirney, Donna Dunklin, Sandra LaGuardia, Gail Strouse, Barbara Crockett, Janice Brooks, Alice Hannemann. JM . N' is i Top Row: Pat King, Janet Coleman, Miss Larson, Betty Corsentino. Bill Miller, Pat Achenbach, Rita Winfield. Judy Bowlds. Frank Brunell, Sally Mason, Yvonne Graham, Bill McDonald. Bottom Row: Pat Travis, Carol Moore, Mary Margaret Blount, Charlotte Percy, Sharon Clark, Mardeil Clayton, Diane Hunter, Diana Doyle, Beth Fisher. Titles? Thespians troop H33 of 'lorrance High School has done a wonderful job in the endeavor to present theatri- cal intertainment for our school. Along with promoting theatrical work, they help in the technical end of putting on such shows as the Variety Show, Senior Play, Junior Play, and of course, the Original One Act Plays. With their sponsor, Miss Larson, they have done a terrific iob. Pep is the main obiective of the Rally Club. They work towards promoting enthusiasm in all our sports events during the year. They decorated the football field and acted as hostesses to the Fathers on "Fathers Night." They had a couple of sales during the year and also sold programs at the games. Along with Mrs. Marshall, their sponsor, they have done a fine iob. lliielllllsfj 1 Top Row: Mrs. Marshall, Mary Quinones, Linda Vocke, Carol Jimenez, Barbara Huggins, Maxine lhara, Lora Lee Phillips, Carol Maloy, Susan Parks, Carol Gauther, Becky Good, Marline Woller, Darlene Jensen, Charlene Alaeron, Toni Jensen, Jonova Weingarten, Divan Wroge, Patti Fowler, Nancy Suhivan. Bottom Row: Ellen Andrae, Jana Davey, Kathy Streit, Joyce Furusho, Lynn Barret, Jeanne Spall, Paula Blankinship, Judy The Semi-Annual Slack and Pedal Pusher Day is one activity that all the girls wait for. It was sponsored by the Girls' League. Here are Jerene Tussey, Lynne Hyde, Diane Hunter, Judy Strayhan, Carol Bruvold and Donna Arrasmith. Annual Staff took one Saturday and made a trip up to UCLA Annual Staff Conven- tion and later went to Pacific Ocean Park. Here are Rita Winfield and John Under- wood with the seven foot man. This year the Spanish Club put on one of the best aud calls of the year. It featured Margarieta and Clark Allen. Here are Pot Achenbach and Al Sargent putting up one of the posters. X H- v W Rally Club does a real terrific iob decorating the fields for our home games. One of Torrance High's more well known art students Greg Coffman is shown fin- ishing a drawing. Top Row: Leona Pierce, Kathy Colish, Carol Maloy, Michele Red- head, Nancy Hornbeck, Judy Bowlds, Karen Nystedt, Mike Sargent, Al Sargent, Howard Achenbach, Melvin Woofter, Ken Robertson, Larry Melton, Lao Spall, Judy Raymond, Yvonne Graham, Pat Mills. Second Row: Gal Wilson Carol Varkis, Charlotte Percy, Marilyn Holcomb, Joyce O'Dell, Nora Adams, Jerry Roberts, Ronnie Kendall, Lonnie Kendall, Michael Lee, Norman Maloy, Gary Portrey, Mae Denton, Earlene Paris, Judy Minor, Carolyn Dyck. Third Row: l Linda Wagner, Linda Ambrose, Sue Larson, Diane Dyck, Becky Good, David Rice, John Cagaanan, Charles Felix, Darel Kelly, Art Grant, Susan Mathis, Toni Jensen, Diane Hodgson, Loretta Robison. Bottom Row: Mr. Nichols, Tasia Mouzakis, Bertha Fern, Sharon Mince, Margaret Sorrenson, Sally Hestwood, Pennie Voien, Charlotte McComas, Diana Cook, Sam Hirose, Jim Mitchell, Mike Hersho, Craig Cain, Tony Cicero, Mary Margaret Blount, Arlene Whitman, Beth Fisher, Joanne Moore. Tie-miter? Choi? A selected group of singers who perform in wonderfu harmony is our own Tartar Choir. They sing in four to sever parts. They participate in the Southern California A Cappelli Festival each spring. They also represent the school at im portant functions slch as the Christmas Concert, Spring Con cert, Aud Calls, District Tour and Variety Show. Many soloist Here are two sections of the Tartar Choir during one of their rehearsals. They really work for their fine performances. add variety to this group. Mr. Nichols has done a terrific iol this year with the Tartar Choir. The Tartar Choir sings in four parts and this adds a great deal Front Row: Gary George, Charlotte McComas, Bob Salisbury Pot Garrett. Middle Row: Sandie Bgiter, Yvonne Graham, James Dawson, Meryle Korpi, Tom Kramline, Bob Pupkoff, Larry Glagg, Bob Murphy, Steve Northington, John Alter, Darel Kelley. Back Back Row: Rosmarie Erbetta, Ronnie VanDycke, Judy Bowlds, Jerry Roberts, Pool Wright, Norman Maloy , . Terry Farrance, Gail Wilson, Gary Tiernan, Mr. Oirellseewe Annual Staff has lost sale of the year for the bigger and better '59 TORCH. v James W. Nichols. Our Tartar Orchestra is open to all string instrumentalists. The Orchestra represents our school at the Christmas Concert, Annual Spring Concert, and they also ac- companied the Tartcir Choir and Girls' Glee Club on the district tour. -lui ciii ilvtt GMS 9""" vous 'X 'Y l-H llnp IO3 John Underwood and Diane Hunter are putting up posters for the Girls' Leaaue Daisv X if flfeiriieif emi! The band is an instrumental music organization where individual help is given by means of a rotat- ing sectional schedule. The marching band performs at all varsity football games, parades, and attended UCLA Band Day. The Tartar Band adds spirit and en- thusiasm to all school activities in which they par- ticipate. The band performs during half time at the football games. They do intricate field exhibitions, which take time and work to perfect. Their director, Mr. Nichols, has done a wonderful job. Row One: Rosemary Erbetta, Donald Bell, Edythe Bishoff, Judy Bowlds, Bob Pupkoff. Row Two: Terry Farrance, David Ludwig, Sheila Harris, Don Guyan, Pat Alter, James Stowe, Darel Kelley, Tom Greer, Meryle Korpi, James Dawson, Tom Kram- line. Row Three: Jana Davey, Sally Wyrick, Connie Owens, Gene Luevand. Steve Northington, Gary Tiernan, John Alter, Harry Sippel, Allan Hay, Roger Williams, Bob Murphy, Robert Covington, Bob Bauman, Larry Flagg, Row Four: Judy Baker, Mary Lou Howe, Norman Malay, Bill Hermann, Carol Echols, Forest Williams, Floyd Ramsey, Diane Dyer, Maria Redhead, Paul Wright, Mr. Nichols. T w Dame email To promote an interest in jazz and to entertain at aud calls and dances. The Tartar Dance Band, directed by Mr. James Nichols has really done a tremendous job this year. They played at the Va- riety Show and at the One Acts. Headliners for the band are Gary Tiernan, Norman Maloy and Mr. Nichols. All in all there are fourteen pie- ces which make up a very iazzy Dance Band. Row One: Harry Sippel, Steve North- ington, Gary Tiernan, John Alter. Row Two: Bob Murphy, Larry Flagg, Bob Bauman, Norman Maloy. Row Three: Bob Puplcoff, Terry Farrance, l Meryle Korpi, James Dawson, Robin Thomas, Tom Kramline. l r , , B f .mm Top Row: John Salisbury, Jean Moore, Rita Simmons, Linda Ledbetter, Donna Tidmarsh, Karen Kienstad, Mary Hill, Roxanne Barnard, Marsha Bainer, Sharon Radi, Loretta Kennedy, Sharon Blackwell, Helen Salas, Diana Meggitt. Middle Row: Mariorie Thompson, Barbara McLaughlin, Paulette Johnson, Lorall Lee Phillips, Neva Languis, Barbara Tappin, Joan Smith, Sharon Davis, Gloria Wells, Roberta Kelly, Lynda Wilson, Nancy Page Donna Halquist, Melinda Capps, George Ann McLean, Lenora Calitri. 9 Qifle Qllee This year we had a territic Girl's Glee. They worked real hard and came up with some wonderful music. They performed at Fullerton on April 17 this year and did very well. The Christmas Concert and the Spring Festival are a tew ot the many performances they have been in. t. Bottom Row: Mr. Di Fiore, Carol Voupas, Barbara Davis, Trudy Johnson, Gloria Montez, Delores Potter, Harriet Meister, Sandra McKensie, r ..A .c , , Here we have the Tartar Marching Band in action at Long Beach. They marched at many parades and have b n judged as one of better bands in Southern California. A 'N YXJ QW IO6 V Q fad the Top Row: Bonnie Stradford, Linda Backlund, Carol Bruvold, Barbara Crockett, Richard Ricks, Steve Parker, Kimiyi Takeuchi, Linda Mills, Karen Alf V V V W V - Crossman, Linda Hofer, Mr. Axworthy. Bottom Row: Judy Thomas, Judy Combs, Judy Sutton, Sandra Penner, Phyllis, Yancey, Pat Fowler, Barbara Huggins, Francis Adams. At Torrance we have a very active Journalism class, which puts out a bi- weekly newspaper, The TNT lTorrance News Torchl. This paper is completely composed and written by the students themselves. This paper has a circulation of thirteen hundred. The staff consists of an editor-in-chief, page editors, a circu- lation editor, an exchange editor, and reporters. This year the TNT helped in school activities by putting out a special editon for student body elections. The Press Club is made up of students interested in Journalism. The TNT and Press Club went to a Press Day at El Camino this year and they went to the Redondo Beach's Hi-Tide. Th advertising agencies in Los Angeles. ey also went to well-known newspapers and ,4- Top Row: Mr. Axworthy, Judy Thomas, Judy Combs, Judy Sutton, Sandra Penner, Francis Adams, Phyllis Yancey, Pat Fowler, Barbara Huggins, Steve Parker. Bottom Row: Bonnie Stradford, Linda Backlund, Carol Bruvold, Barbara Crockett, Karen Crossman, Kimiyi Takeuchi, Linda Hofer, Linda Mills, Richard Ricks. Seiaeimcze The Science Club consists of students who are interested in delving into different phases of science. Along with Mr. Mc- Knight, their sponsor, they look into the ever wondering field of science. The members of the Sci- ence Club w field of science. ork together in the 3 0 MMK'hL Hd'k L R' R'hdHll' D'dC C'Pt'kG Ol G ,r l'. C UIQ T, GUY en HC SOD, Offy GIDSFTNCJ, IC CII' O IHS, CIVI OOp6I', I'IS O FIC , Gfy SOFT. emit o ess-emo One of the most active clubs on cam- pus is the Student Broadcasting Club. Every day during lunch period, popu- lar music is played for students eating in the area of the cafeteria. While striving to im- prove o u r school spirit, the Student Broadcasting C l u b m a k e s important announcements of coming events. Mr. Smith, Larry Hendrickson, Gary Olson, Earl Newson, Bob Brady, Roger Baker, Gregory Coffman. 'Yagi'- f XXX 108 Top Row: Ronnie Pennington, Don Cannon, Roy Yanase, Gary Schmidt, Tom Sloat, James Knod, Erick Beltram. Bottom Row: Margie Thomson, Sandra Penner, Kaaren Crist, Vicky Pennington, Beverly D o Bowilmg 0 Student enioyment and to promote in- terest in bowling is the main purpose of the Bowling Club. They bowl every Wednesday a ft e r school and compete against each other for high score. Also, at the end of the school year the members of the winning team all re- ceive trophies. The President Karen Crist and sponsor, Miss Meek, have had a ..-HI nwifsunlnln flu :ld Som eine Left to Right: Diane Hunter, Carolyn Campbell, Diane Wayt, Diane Doyle, Betty Baker, Carol Surber, 3 Twiflefs l Cheer lkaaefleira Linda Williams and Diana Cook. Left to Right: Martha Goodrovv, Yvonne Graham, Evelyn Salas, Pat Travis, Carole Moore, Gail Wilson. 4 Top Row: Loretta Robison, Judy Bowlds, Pat Achenbach, Mimi Cowan. Bottom Row: Chicki Sciarrotta, Gerry Day. ,ff Band Maior Darel Kelly and Mrs. Marshall discuss the Friday night half time exercise. The pep squad shown here are all smiles when the Torrance papers came to take their pictures for the PTA Variety Show. Here we have Darel Kelly leading the Tartar ban MAPK during a rally with the pep squad in marching' L' order. .ulimiililtilfliiilllp A small group of students is chosen each year by the teacher-sponsor ofthe Annual to as- sist in the makeup, editing and distribution of the Annual. Good Art anolfor English students are preferred. A Journalism background as well as Business is desirable. The '59 Torch staff worked long and hard this year in a concentra- ted effort to top the '58 Torch that finished second in National Yearbook Competition. Rita Winfield, Editor, Larry Macaray, Adviser. Donnis Wainwright, Business Manager, Norman Bostick, Photographer, Carol Bruvold, Secretary. Donna Arrasmith, Layout Artist, Sharon McCabe, Senior Section, Jerene Cliff Weimer, Ass't Sports Editor, Diane Hunter, Organizations, ll 6 Tussey, Underclassmen. Judy Strayhan, Activities, Johnnie Underwood, Sports Editor, Lynne Hyde, Organizations. , . i nl ig 1 it ' . Qx V ,fy .... 4-.,, f kxhhggr 1 K ki 5 i f Qlffigg 5 f'ff lf' A t ...wi I I I V 5 X ' A SM ,f QP gy, Q! lr if! I MQ":f5 5 ??Qf, Www? Z THS Opp. 33... Culver City .. 6 13... El Segundo .. ...19 O... ..Santa Fe... ...14 14... . Santa Monica .. ...27 13... .. Redondo 8 14... Mira Costa.. ...13 14... ..lnglewood... O 36... .. Leuzinger ...27 fees., Head Coach Richard Turner Captain Stuart Gonta is being brought down after a long gain in the 14-O home- coming victory over Inglewood. Weireiicgjf ilfooftiaeilil The Torrance High School fielded another great Varsity foot- ball team again this year, finishing second in the Bay League.. Under the tine coaching of Richard Turner and Irwin Kasten, the Varsity squad ended the season with a proud record of a 5 wini 3 loss. The team exhibited tremendous spirit and morale, coupled with this was their intense desire to win. This combination gave us six players placing in the All Bay League finals. Standing: Robert Church, Jack Singer, Howard Barber, Larry Sullivan, Bill Tilley, Vernon Davis, Duane Wyrick, Mike Sargent. Kneeling: Robert Mainer, Bill Wilson, Ken Mitchell, Gary George, Bill McDonald, Bill McLean, Gary Hilton. .V -L . . . ,Vg .gg ' K af. ' . 5 .. as sa. af., '?""'-51? One of Inglewood's star backs is brought down by a fighting Tartar, while Tim Smith, Joe Montgomery and Steward Gonta rush in to assist. Varsity Managers, Glen "Flash" Sorenson, Bob Cato, Tom Burt and Larry Lieuronce. RIC Coach Irwin Kasten Top Row: George Downing, Harold Maestri, David Hill, Tim Smith, Stewart Gonta, Stan Gonta, Larry Rose, Ron Coleman, Leon Wisham. Bottom Row: Manford Mainer, Robert Farrington, Leroy Holdsworth, Ron Veres, Dennis McMaster, Ken Pevic, Joe Montgomery, Jim Hester. ,wa 3 H . rw HJ"-A ss, 92 131 4 - -ff ot'i'i'w' ips Qi'- F5125 n. Q3 w " S192 zsuruq-. 'Q . ll. at -' 'v"2'Ei KEN PEVIC Guard Tfairiremcze VERNON DAVIS Tackle ROBERT FARRINGTON n CAPTAIN STEWART GONTA Halfback First Team All Bay League .du-.. DENNIS MCMASTER Guard Second Team All Bay League -Q"-w ' TIM SMITH HAROLD MAESTRI End I.. .I 'r........ All R,-n I nun Teiritefe ' Q. I I " ' Jax 15 MANFORD MAINER 7-..., STAN GONTA Tackle Halfback Second Team All Bay League in DAVID HILL Center Second Team All Bay League RON VERES Quarterback Second Team All Bay League JIM HESTER Flankerback LEROY HOLDSWORTH JOE MONTGOMERY Guard THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS Coach Clyde Christiensen and Coach William Hoag. ll' W lf? To Till . . Culver City . . El Segundo . . . . Santa Fe Santa Monica . . . . Redondo . . Mira Costa . . Inglewood . . . Leuzinger The 1959 Bee Football Team enjoyed a very successful season this year. They finished 3rd in the Bay League standings, and ended the season with a 5 win 3 loss record. The best two games Torrance played were the first and last games, in which their offense was going full steam with everyone playing well. The outstanding game of the season was played against Leuzinger. Leuzinger, bid the lead for the title, thought they had the champion- ship until they played the Tartars. The team showed very fine sportsmanship and desire to win. The two captains of the team were Victor Ramerez and Steve Parker. Ste've was the outstanding back in the league. Front ROWI Jon Lehf, Bill White, John Keith, Julian Almarez, Milton Bowden, Eric Hansen, Kerry Sexton, John Hunter, Pat Walker. Back Row: Tom Olard, Mike Irvine, Roger Holdsworth, Damon Wisham, Larry Walker, Mike Thornton, John Cambon, Jim Hedgecook, Tony Mavar, Mgr. i 2 O 6 O 3 6 7 4 6 w we fm A Gio Kerry Sexton No. 17 is shown bringing down the ball carrier with Frank Tuttle. In the background Victor Ramirez, Dave Woodward, and Steve Parker are rushing in to assist. l i Dave Woodward breaks through to stop the ball carrier in the Mira-Costa game. Mike Tracy, No. 42, and Dave Fiorelli, 43, are shown approaching. , ..,,. M..--ns. . ef . ..,. .,-..,-.A S f, .M My f .W-it . H ' .W .W x ' . Bottom kow: Mike Linderman, Frank Tuttle, Dave Fiorelli, Victor Rameriz, Tom Kling, Mike Tracy, John Underwood, Tom McMasters, Steve McGuire. Top Row: Butch Cowan, David Woodward, Tony August n, Joe Grie o St P k G Brooks. y g , eve ar er, ary Pepper, Gary Rice, Clifford Weimer, Gary 'Q , 49.45 uh... Ar l Bottom Row: Les Stanton, Ken Kell, Joe Van Huss, Bill Saine, Larry Bootss, Bill McDade, Jim Mullen, Bill Murphy, Ray Bynum. Top Row: Matt Phillips, Gil Wilson, Jim DePasse, Jerry Cook, Bob Basile, Jim Mitchell, Leo Madrano, Don Smith. Coach Howard Towle and Coach Richard Monoe. l MCD fgooitibeill, This year's C team was the first in the school's history. They had a 2 win 3 loss record, scored 66 points and had 67 scored against them. Redondo fell to the Cees 27-O. Fortune reversed itsef when Santa Fe dropped the Tartar Cees 34-O. Morningside limped to a 13-i2 win over the locals who scored in the closing seconds and Inglewood couldn't hold the reiuvenated Cees who won their second game in four starts 21 -O. Leuzinger added a sad note to the final game of the season by hanging a I3-6 duke on the homebreds in a closely fought defensive game. Outstanding players were Bob Roy, Captain who scored in four of five games and Joe Van Huss who called defensive signals and backed the line every minute of defensive play for four games. ln the last game Joe was out for 2 minutes and Leuzinger went 70 yards in 5 plays during this time. If 1 454 11' in .i Bottom Row: Dick Steele, Ron Hagenbaugh, Bob Clark, Jim Brennan, Gary Burnham, Bill Guyan, Bob Henderson, Frank Bradford, Willie Patter- - .M F--. D-.. ee.. in, M:.i.l..f umm St.-mel Inrrv Reintsma. Larrv Burnham, Erv Palica, George Oiard, Dallas Armstrong, Fred Coburn. A t 8 l VJ Bottom Row: Robin Moffit, David Nelson, Stuart Buckcilew, Tom McMaster, Dennis McMaster, Bill Tilley, Dave Fiorelli, Dave Woodward, Larry Butts, Gerald Goins, Adolph Duran. Second Row: Earl Yanase, James Pulliam, Mike Tracy, Ron Coleman, Dick Augenstein, Mike Irvine, Leo Medrano, Sam Hirose, Bob Pulliam, Gilbert Criego. Top Row: Kenney Neil, Wayne Hughes, Dennis Albright, Ed Houston, Jack Singer, Tony Mavar, Mike Shipley, Phil Warde, Jim Mitchell, William Patterson. Coming up from sixteenth last year, the Tartars took seventh in CIF finals. Stu Buckalew placed second by a 2 to 1 decision, and Adolph Duran and David Fiorelli took fourth in their weight divisions. 1 In dual meets the record was five wins and five losses. It included a 35-16 win over powerhouse Redondo and 33-13 over last years fifth place CIF team, Leuzinger. The climax of Bay League competition found THS in fourth spot, with eight boys placing third or higher. Stu Buckalew was THS's first Bay League Champion, with Adolph Duran, David Fiorelli, and Tom McMaster taking second. Coming through for thirds were Gerald Goins, Dennis McMaster, Robin Moffitt, and Bill Tilley. Varsity lettermen and Robin Moffitt . . . Adolph Duran .. Gerald Goins .. David Nelson . . Stuart Buckalew . Larry Butts ..... Bill Tilley ...... David Woodward .... weights 98 lbs 106 lbs 115 lbs 123 lbs 130 lbs 130 lbs 141 lbs. 168 lbs 178 lbs. Dennis McMaster . Heavyweight r i Wkyif filliilg Coach Hoag congratulates Stu Buckalew for his fine work during the wrestling season. Stu won first in bay league and second in C.l.F. with other high honors. Wayne Hart ......... Varsity Bay League winner Robert Moffitt, Adolph Duran, Dave Fiorelli, Dennis McMaster, Stu Buckalew, Tom Mc- Dave Fiorelli and Stu Buckalew demonstrates Guillotine MGSTGF, Bill Tilley Gnd Gefilld Goins. These Winners rlncnlw nn, ,.I,....-..,......:-- .im i- . . . bold. Adoloh Duran wntr-ho: 121 Front Row: Ken Ehlers, Frank Corsentino, Robert Pulliam. Back Row: Ken Smith, Mike Walker, Jay Rovenstine, Dennis Hansen. Cross Co-uimftfgj VARSITY THS OPP. 21 .. .. South High .. 34 39 .. .. Banning .. .. 35 46 . . . Mira Costa .. .. 18 31 . . Millikan . . .. 25 25.. ..Samohi.. ..31 J. V. THS OPP. 22 .. .. south High . . 44 19 . . . Culver City . . 42 44 .. . . Banning . . . 15 54 . . . Mira Costa . . 16 15 . . . Millikan . . 49 27 ............. Samohi . . .. 28 JUNIOR VARSITY LBSC Invitational Torrance . .. 15 Morningside . .. . . 34 Inglewood . . . .. 48 Norwalk ..... .. 43 San Pedro ....... . . . 47 Torrance ...... .. 86 Bay League Finals Banning Jamboree Mira Costa ...... 21 Torrance ........ . . 34 Torrance ....... . . . 66 Banning ...... .. 45 Samohi .. .. . 67 Narbonne ............ 55 Redondo .... . . . 78 Inglewood . . . . .157 Mt. San Antonio Invitational Leuzgnger . ' .164 Helix ............... 23 Artesia .............. 58 Torrance ... .... 79 S. Torrance . Pius ..... San Marino ....152 ....16O ....260 VARSITY LBSC Invitational Morningside ,,.. . . . 43 Azusa .....,., . . . 48 Torrance . ...... .... 1 O5 Banning Jamboree Banning .....,. . . . 44 Torrance . . . . 45 Narbonne ............ 53 Mt. San Antonio Invitational Torrance ............. 39 Aviation . . . . 67 68 La Jolla Cantwell ....121 Chino .,...... .... 1 37 Temple City ... . . . .153 Torrance .... . . . 19 Inglewood ... ... 58 Son Pedro ..... . . . 59 Bay League Finals Torrance ......... . . . 39 Mira Costa ..... . . . 55 Redondo . . . . . . 62 Samohi ..... . . . 81 Inglewood . . . . .125 Leuzinger . . . . .149 C.I.F. Finals Culver City . . . . , 51 Torrance . . . . . 66 Aviation . . . . 81 Helix .. ...102 Coach Howard Brubaker TOP ROW: Dion Dyer, Dennis Hansen, Dale Lancaster, Robert Pullium, Robert Pupkoff, Roger Baker, Mike Walker, Ken Smith, Gerald Goins, Frank Corsentino, Jay Rovenstine, Ken Ehlers, Tom Sloat, John Gable, Vi M k' B h c asa i, erry McHug , Larry McElhenney, Eric Beltram, Larry Salas, Som Hirose. BOTTOM ROW: Joel Le Daux, Richard Tognotte, Richard Rozendal, Gene Ambrose, Jim Perry, Earl Yanase, Terry Augustyn, James Masaki, Tom Baligad, Gary Wallak, Mike Hersha, Larry Ascolise, Tom Lane, David Radka, Frederick Sacks. Tbirmeilelcile im Jfkeitilofm lsn.l l Members of the Torrance High School Cross Country team look on anxiously while Dennis Hansen receives the Bay League Trophy. One of the most outstanding cross country teams in THS his- tory represented Torrance High this year. From Bay League competition the Tartar varsity team came out with a first place victory, and went on to a second place po- sition in CIF finals. They were led this season by co-captains Frank Corsentino and Dennis Hansen. Other team members were: Ken Ehlers, Bob Pulliam, Bob Rodriquez, Jay Rovenstine, Larry Salas, and Mike Walker. Winner ofthe outstanding runner award was Dennis Han- sen, who set records on three courses and placed fourth in CIF finals. In JV cross country THS placed second and the Frosh team third in Bay League competition. Roger Baker, Stu Buckalew, and Gerry Goins were outstanding performers for the Junior Varsity and for The freshmen it was Joel LeDoux and Dick Tognotti. The All-Bay League team, Standing: Jay Rovenstine, Robert Rodriquez. Kneeling: Kenny Ehlers, Frank Cor- sentino, Dennis Hansen, Mike Walker. Dennis Hansen with a big smile accepts the Bay League Trophy f, fs A Standing: Steve Parker, Ron Veres, Bill Reinert, Bill Roberts, Phillip Juvet, Jim Sandstrom, Bob Church, Mike McCusker, Tommy Richardson Gerald Sherburne. Kneeling: Roy Yanase, John Whitacre, Art Tozier. f . -Q 1 ZW? D A Mm. Bill Roberts Wiliiigifij eslkeibeilil The Varsity had a disappointing season, win- ning only 6 out of 22 games, but with tour re- turning lettermen tor next year's nucleus, the prospects are much brighter. John Sandstrom, second team All-Bay League center, averaged l5 points per game. Sophomore, Bill Roberts, showed promise for the future. Gerald Sher- burne, was voted "honorary captain," for the squad. Bob Church, for his tight desire, and team work won the All-American Blanket Award and also the most "improved player" award. John Sandstrom took the most "valuable player" award. Other members that contributed were Tom Richardson, Bill Reinert, Ron Veres, Phil Ju- vet, and Mike McCusker. Only up-set was a 57-56 victory over a highly rated Long Beach Jordan five that came in second in the Pacific Shores Tournament. it Bob Church Gerald Sherburne John Sandstrom Jim Reinert 1 i 1 l X X Coach Willard :xoerge TORRANCE OPPONENTS 37 ............. Banning 56 78 ....... .... l. ennox 52 54 . . . .... Serra 59 39 ... .... Beverly Hills 74 51 . .. .... Hawthorne 46 67 . . . .... North 78 54 ... ..., El Segundo 71 57 .... L. B. Jordan 56 46 ... ,... Morningside 81 49 . . . .... Hawthorne 44 39 . . . .... North 48 44 .... L. B. Wilson 86 48 . .. .... Leuzinger 44 27 . .. .... Santa Monica 45 57 . . . .... Redondo 84 43 ... .... Inglewood 61 57 ... .... Mira Costa 86 45 . . . .... Leuzinger 37 38 ... .... Santa Monica 52 57 . .. . . .Redondo 71 39 ........ .... I nglewood 66 48 ............. Mira Costa 86 Total 1074 Total 1383 John Sanclstrom, No. 50, is going up for a rebound, but doesn't succeed. In the background Bill Roberts, No. 24, and Jim Reinert, No. 12, watch closely.' Jim Reinert, No. 12, is shown bringing the ball down in the Long Beach Wilson game. In the back- B 4 . ob Church, No. 40, Bill Roberts, No. 24, and John Sandstrom, No. 50, rush in to hel P-V two Long Beach Wilson players on him..Jim Reinert, No. 12, Jim Reinert, No. 12, going up for a rebound. John Sand- is in the foreground. ' " " h C L S llivan, Howard Achenabch, Tom Sass, Coach Boerger, Lynn Keller, Don Baker, Leon Howard Taylor, Tom Oiard, Butc owan, arry u Wisham, Mike Walker, Bill Williams. Dfrsfmioif Veireiegj essefcTQeiLiL pursue. Steve was one of the outstanding players on the JV The Torrance Jr. Varsity had a highly suc- cessful basketb'all season, winning 14 and drop- ping only 4. ln Bay League play, they came in second with a 8-2 record, behind Inglewood 10-O. Standouts included Torn Richardson, who averaged 21 points in the first four games, but moved up to the Varsity, Howard Taylor, who was voted "honorary captain," for the team. Lynn Keller, was selected the "most valuable player" and Leon Wisham took the "most im- proved player" over the season by his team- mates. Other players who contributed to a suc- cessful season were high scoring Steve Parker and Tom Oiard who came on strong at the end of the season, Bill Williams, a returning JV let- terman and Tom Sass. TORRANCE OPPONENTS 44 ... ...Banning 39 63 ...Lennox 21 51 . . . .... Hawthorne 47 43 . .. .... Serra 34 43 ... ...EI Segundo 51 56 ... ...L. B. Jordan 36 54 ... - - .North 52 33 ... ...L. B. Wilson 49 50 . .. .. .Leuzinger 40 50 ... .. .Santa Monica 49 43 ... .. .Redondo 37 37 ... ...Inglewood 41 44 ... ...Mira Costa 32 72 . . . . .Leuzinger 39 62 .. ...Santa Monica 53 50 . . .... Redondo 45 49 . . .. .Inglewood 59 57 .. ...Mira Costa 51 Total 801 Total 775 Bottom Row: Pat Derouin, Tony Augustyn, Tom Hood, Vic Masaki, Joe Montgomery, Terry Taylor. Top Row: Jim Hester, Richard Coburn, Bob Wiester, Jim Rynhart, Coach Christenson, Tom Kasterko, Mike Derouin, Cliff Weimer, Russ Roberts. 123 Q CC lsefrfaeilil The B basketball team enioyed a most successful season this year, the best it's had in many years. They finished 2nd in Bay -eague behind Redondo Beach. Tony Augustine was the captain of the team and was an inspiration throughou.t the season. Bob Neister led all scoring and rebounding, scoring 27 and 28 points in 'wo different games, breaking the school record at that time. Jim Jester was another vital cog in the machine with his passing and :lriving methods. He was second in individual scoring. Terry Taylor Jnd Russ Roberts rounded out the starting five with fine games. The first part ot the season looked like a great year for the C eam, as they won 8 of their first 9 games, but starting the first 3 games, they lost the first 2 in overtimes, and it seemed to mark the Jathway for the remainder of the year. Actually it was not a bad fear considering that they won more than they lost. Eleazar Ybarra vas the captain, and playmaker for the team, doing an outstanding ob all year. lrv Palica was leading scorer, with George Ojard lead- ng the team in rebounds. Jerry Mclean and Damon VVisham rounded rut an outstanding team with their outstanding desire and spirit. Bob Weister goes up for an easy two points on c. fast break away. Jim Hester follows up the shot. Front Row- Jim Brennan Mike Venable Eleazar Ybarra James De-P B k R . , , , . asse. ac ow: Jerry Mclean, Terry Greason, Ronald Campbell, Erv Palica, COGCh Christensen flnnn-,Q mmm-- iu:-L--. ni -. .. 1- i -I --- r - The T959 Tartar track team although not considered a winning team, has given Torrance some individual cham- pions, The Varsity team was centered around' middle dis- tance men Frank Corsentino, Dennis Hansen, Mike Thornton and Tim Smith and hurdler, high iumper Gary Huffman. Hansen was high point man. Se i? Coach Brubaker clocks Dennis Hansen running the 440 during a day's work out. Frank Corsentino is shown running the 660 against Lennox, during which he broke a thirty year old THS record. ilfireek Tim Smith, Bill McDonald, Dennis Hansen, Jack Rawnsley, John Bentwood, Ronnie Coleman. Not pictured: Frank Corsenfino. Pm ,E Tap Row: Tom Coleman, Paul Harestad, Jerry Ascolesi, Terry Augustyn, Robert Pupkoff, Eddie Burton, Damon Wisham, Larry Ascolesi, Jim Carter, John Cable, Ronnie Pennington, Mike Walker, Gary Huffman, Gary Van de Wetering, Jay Rovenstine, Al Severson, Mike Sargent, Renaldo Jiminez, Gerald Goins. Middle Row: Dave Bristol, James Ambrose, Rich Hansen, Mike Tracy, Mike Thornton, Peter Mitchell, Gary George, John Orr, Leslie Stanton, Tom Balifad, Harold Fariss, Bob Roy, Joel LeDoux, Tom Lane, Gary Hilton, Jim Mitchell, Ken Ehlers. Bottom Row: Jim Perry, Bob Kyle, Paul Goodwin, Jim Owens, Bill Pitts, Gordon Walker, Dave W6odward, Tom Sloat, Gary Rice, Cliff Weimer, Dale Lancaster, Howard Barber, Larry McElhiney, Roger Baker, George Oiard, Jim Sopp, Bob Henderson. The Bee team had a 50-50 record with hurdlers John Bentwood and Pete Mitchell and distance stars John Gable, Mike Walker and Ken Ehlers. Ehlers was high point man. The Cee team had the best win-loss record and impressive showings at the Mira Costa and Inglewood relays, as well as in the league finals. Most valuable "Cee" competition was high point man Bob Kyle, pole vault and sprints. Mike Tracy and Larry McElhiney were also consistent point winners. The outstanding trash runners in- cluded Bob Roy, sprjnts, Tom Lane, hurdles, Joel Le Doux, distance, and George Oiard, shot put and high iump. Lllrmeileire e Tireczls Sophomore, Bob Kyle, goes over the bar at a meet against Hawthorne. K John Bentwood exhibits excellent form as he skims over the low hurdle during practice. -'-:w. ' X Joe Montgomery, Steve Parker, Tony Augustyn, Phil Ward, Eleazar Ybarra, Robert Farrington, Ken Pevic, Ron Veres. Top Row: Steve McGuire, Tom Richardson, Tom Kling, Howard Taylor, Tom Oiard, Jim Armstrong, Bill Williams, Bill Roberts. Veirsiitggi eeefoellll The highlight of the first round of league play was the Tartar l-O victory over Redondo to take an undisputed league-lead. Torn Richardson's shut-out pitching and a clutch 7th inning single by senior Ron Veres, pro- vided an outstanding thrilling victory at the losers' park. In the first game of the second round Ron Veres pitched all the way in an eleven inning marathon victory over the defending champions, Inglewood. Ron's pitching grew stronger with each inning as he struck out 9 men and didn't give up a hit in the last five innings. Ron was backed up by lO Tartar hits in the exciting 6 to 5 contest that ended under the lights on the home dia- mond. Jim Armstrong, Tartar first sacker, has been one of the outstanding team members this year. His ability . 25-f ,Q 4.4! at The plate has been proven many times Ron Veres, our great pitcher, has turned out to nnp nf the laesf in The BCIV l.t-EGCIUB. W.. 1... . 'cgi ,-elif-ff 1+ s T A r Hsu? we , H- .M A -A. , sg 8- ...Q be fn'- -:Www Mar 5 i '3-n Eric Beltram, Mat Phillips, Dick Cloward, Managers. Ron Veres winds up for the pitch against Santa Monca. Bill Williams is pictured n the background. Joe Montgomery swings for a single against Ingle- wood after twelve hard inninas nf nh-iv Varsity Lineup: No. Position 29 Tony Augustine ..... 2nd 52 Bob Farrington .. S.S.-2nd 59 Jim Armstrong ....... lst 55 Tom Kling ..... . . . C. 5l Steve McGuire ........ C. 57 Joe Montgomery .... 6l Steve Parker . . . . , , L.F. 56 Tom Richardson . . . . . P. 63 Howard Taylor ...... S.S. 60 Ron Veres ........ P.-C.F. 26 Phillip Warde ........ L.F. 58 Billy Williams ....... 3rd 50 Eleazar Ybarra . 2nd-P.-S.S. C.F. THS OPP 9 . . . . . Narbonne 0 2 . . . . El Segundo 5 3... .. Beverly Hills 2 4 .. .. Culver City 3 O .. .. Centennial lO 7 . . .."'lnglewood 5 7 . . . . 'Leuzinger 2 5 . . . . . 'Mira Costa O i .. .. ."'Santa Monica 7 l .. . . ."Redondo 0 6 .......... 'Inglewood 5 0 .......... 'Leuzinger 8 'Bay League Games This year Torrance High Tar- tars were invited to the Pomona Tournament and were edged out by Pomona. The Tartars put to- gether 7 straight hits and 5 runs in a rally effort in the last inning only to be edged 6-5. Coach Irwin Ka sten Jim Armstrong, first baseman, steals one out of the air from Bill Williams, third baseman, for the third out against Santa Monica. Eleazar Ybarra puts the ball over the fielder's for a 1-IAUIRIA Top Row: Greg Coffman, David Radca, Terry Greason, Bob Clark, Roy Wilson, Douglas Flint, Jim Reinhart, Erv Palica, Tom Mathlin, Tom Holdsworth. Bottom Row: Pat Walker, Roger Holclsworth, Terry Taylor, John Cambon, Jerry McLean, Adolph Duran, Don Dobrick. D-matter? Veirotifzy eoeioellll THS OPP l . . . . . Narbonne 4 4 .. . .. El Segundo l O .. . . . Beverly Hills 4 5 . . .. . Culver City 3 5 .. . . . Centennial O l .. . . .tlnglewood O 3 . . . . ."'Leuzinger 2 2 .. ..."'Mira Costa 5 2 .. ..."Santa Monica ll lO ...'Redonclo l 7 .. ..."Inglewood 2 5 .................. 'Leuzinger 8 "' Bay League games Adolph Duran, Roy Wilson and Jim Reinart watch coach Will Boerger as L... ,J.....A.-..-4-..4-. +I..- oA LL..-A... .. 1-..-U.. L..ll Coach Willard Boerger This year's Junior Varsity team featured tive treshma Catcher Jerry McLean showed a great deal of promise ti next year. Short Stop Terry Greason, with a good arm I short, exhibited that he is ready tor anything that coml his way. ln the outfield there was Bob Clark and on secor John Cambon and Erv Palica. These boys have been star ing regularly this year. Other players like Tom Holdswort Don Doborick, and Jim Reinert have been inspiring to tl team as well as to the viewers. Returning for his second year was Bill Roberts, pitch: He has led the J.V.s to most ot the victories. At the end the last round ot League play the Tartars had a 4 and record, losing to Leuzinger, Santa Monica, and Mira Costa Adolph Duron throws one in for the count of two and one. In the background Tom Holdsworth, third Tom Mothlin swings for the ball, but does not succeed in connecting with it. field- bcseg Terry Greoson, second baseg Don Dobrick, left lt's o solid hit by Sieve Parker. Sieve connects for a single early in the Sonia Monica gome. Infielder Terry Grecison puts the bull over second Jim Reiner? pockets one from third for the our Qt imc- Fm- f. .:,.,.i.-. :H +Li.-. D,.AA..,J,. ..,.....,. 'A - 4 hi s , tsl' 'T 2 r A 'tb Tom Sass and Russ Roberts were un- V Robert Church was the top man on the defeated on the tennis courts at Press varsity team this year. He lead the time. way for the fine season. The Tennis Team underwent a mild resurgence this year, as concen- trated ettort brought the team out of the Bay League cellar in their last season in the league. Coach Towle's strongest threat was Bob Church, earning his second tennis letter and his third tor his senior year. Doubles stars Russ Roberts and Tom Sass were undefeated on the home court at press time, and sophomore, Dennis Albright, produced point getting tennis. Robert Church and Milton Bowden are the only graduates from the team. Coach Howard Towle Bottom Row: Robert Church, Milton Bowden, Dennis Albright, Ed Brennan, Bob Mainer, Jim Brennan, Tom Sass, Russ Roberts. Top Row: Don Baker, Butch Cowan, Richard Steele, JGCR Singer, Tom Kasterko, Bob Mullen, Richard Augustyn. Larry Salas, Dave Wardon, Pat Derouin, Leonard Laskey, Mike Derouin, Jim Moody, Torn Megow, Coach Richard Turner. Mike Derouin represented Torrance in the Inglewood invitational. Mike is a returning Varsity golfer. Gall? Torrance High School is very proud of their golf team this year. The '59 squad has shown promising skill and knowledge of the game. They enioyed a very successful season under the capable leadership of Coach Richard Turner and are looking forward to a more outstanding season next year. 9' Coach Richard Turner Larry Salas, an outstanding golfer on the squad. X I Tom Megow is another outstanding golfer this sea son. Tom showed tine sportsmanship during the xmnr I-In if .-. .-,.4......:.4,. l-.L,.A,, , .Qi Pictured here are the girls of the G.A.A. at one of their Monday night meetings. Gash? feullefcrte .Jitsseefiefcrtse Front Row: JoAnne Isbell, Pat Piercy, Carol Stevens, Judy Minor, Betty Sorkness. Middle Row: Maxine lhara, Geraldine Dilkus, President, Pat Travis, Vice-President, Carol Moore, Janet Noone, Carol Porterfield. Back Row: Leda Davis, Diane Wayt, Paula Blanketship, Kathy Reid, Gail Wilson, Jana Davey. The Girls' Athletic Association is an organization whose purpose is to promote interest in athletics and spirit toward the school, This year's activities in- cluded team sports such as volleyball, basketball, and advanced volleyball. Other sports offered were tennis, badminton, archery, and modern dance. Every Monday night after school was the meeting date of the club. Besides the weekly inter-school competition, Torrance High School G.A.A. attended many G.A.A. play days, G,A.A. also held an initia- tion and dinner for new members, and a "popcorn ball sale" which was very successful, and held a Winter Banquet. Officers for G.A.A. are elected each semester on the basis of grades, citizenship, and a majority vote by the club. Membership is open to all girls who have a passing grade in physical education and high citizenssip marks. Advisor for the club is Mrs. Pauline Katnich. Kathleen Brady is shown here looking admiringly at some ofthe G.A.A. Blowing balloons for the G,A.A. banquet decorations are, Paula trophies and honors. Blankinship, Geraldine Dilkus, and Sharon Clark. A Qfifwiiiifis Shown here are the G.A.A. sponsors, Mrs. Pauline Katnich and Miss Ellen Granahan. Making like Robin Hood' lf's a bird, it's a plane, no it's a basketball. ALONDRA DRUGS Prairie at Redondo Beach Blvd. FR. 9-8933 JOE'S RICHFIELD SERVICE Redondo Beach at Prairie Torrance, California Phone FR. 4-9477 Owner -- J. W. Begando WALTERS REXALL DRUGS 17440 Crenshaw Torrance DA. 3-3310 HIGGINS BRICK AND TILE 2217 Wesf 174Tl1 ST. Torrance, California DA. 4-2321 ifx woovsl 'S '5 Smbhggauwmgofr. L flfx elf If L I GL " ff OULVER CW I Q SMORGASBURGER Q1 :Q4 my J: Food Served oT The Peok of PerfecTion wAFTERIA GOLF for The Mounfoinous AppeTiTes AfTer The Gome. 4121 Pocific C0057 HWY- A, Pocific CoosT Hwy. GT Polos Verdes Blvd. Torrance Torronce FR. 8-4618 u-P NN., from -1 .4 18158 'c?EnshQW , r J DA. 9-H91' M ' fk Torrance Calif THE NATIONAL SUPPLY COMPANY World's Largesf Manufacturer and Disfribufor of Oil Field Machinery and Equipment Offering Lifefime Career Opporfuniries for Qualified Graduates of Torrance High Schools for Nearly Half a Cenfury "Since 1912-a Good Place To Work" 'Wx ' ,raw PHYSICIAN! .ill suv 10744, '- COMPLIMENTS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1959 From PARRISH STATIONERS 1423 Marcelina Avenue Torrance FA. 8-6074 JAMES POST COMPANY Professional Insurance Service Fire - Liability - Automobile - Bonds - Life 1409 Marcelina Ave. Torrance P.O. Box 205 FA. 8-3622 5 . STRUM'S DEPARTMENT STORE "The Friendly Store of Torrance" 1261 Sartori, Torrance FA. 8-0587 FA. 8-9844 FLAVIO COLLEGE OF BEAUTY Learn a highly qualified profession in 9 months under personal supervision of Mr. Flavia, author, lecturer and instructor, winner of many grand awards. Under the I-urisdiction and approved by State Board of Cosmetology. For information write or phone: FLAVIO COLLEGE OF BEAUTY 1628 Caravens, Torrance FA. O-0404 TORRANCE CYCLE 8: SPORT SHOP Rods - Reels - Guns - Tackle Repairing of All Kinds Mercury Motors - Schwinn Bicycles Locks and Keys Paul and Ben Smith lOwnersl 1421 Marcelina Ave. FA. 8-6912 MEDICAL ARTS PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY 2406 Torrance Blvd. Torrance, California FA. 8-94lI Congratulations to The Classes of 1959 from TORRANCE BOOTERY The Store for the Teenage Styles 1333 El Prado Torrance, California Compliments of FARMERS INSURANCE GROUP VINCENT K. HEBSON AGENCY 2520 Torrance Boulevard Torrance, California 1702 S. Elena Avenue Redondo Beach, California A Good Place to Eat BONNIE'S CAFE 1407 Sartori Avenue Torrance, California FA. 8-9707 SOUTHWEST SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION John A. Tweedy 1603 Cravens Ave. V. P.- Manager Torrance, Calif. Compliments of DR. JOSEPH P. BAY, Optometrist 1427 Marcelina Avenue Torrance, California TORRANCE GENERAL INSURANCE LIFE AUTO FIRE "Where Insurance Is Not a Side Line" 1407 Marcelina Avenue P.O. Box 328 Torrance, California Fairfax 8-7102 Los Angeles Nevada 6-2693 LEWELLEN PRESS COMMERCIAL PRINTING Union Shop 32 Years Printing Experience One ofthe Largest and Finest Print Shops in the Harbor Area Complete Line of Reception Supplies Wedding Announcements Office Forms Cards Booklets Rubber Stamps FAirfax 8-2807 NOTHING TOO LARGE . . . OR TOO SMALL Serving the Entire Harbor Area 1615 Gramercy Ave. Torrance, California ALTER REALTY 8. INSURANCE Realtors - All Salesmen Bonded Gerald L. Alter, President 1436 Marcelina Avenue Residence Office FAirfax 8-7803 FAirfax 8-0373 Los Angeles Long Beach NE 6-1172 TE 4-1303 THE GAY SHOP 1319 Sartori Avenue Torrance, California FAirfax 8-4563 TORRANCE BAPTIST CHURCH Rev. Morgan Gates, Pastor Bob Boyd, Youth Director Bob Dehn, Asst. Pastor Summer and Winter Camps 2118 W. Carson FA. 8-5030 Compliments of AL'S KNOLLS DRUG Prescriptions 235th and Western, Torrance DA. 6-6644 VIP-lllf-fll.,E Compliments of -Q5 JOHNSON'S DONUTS 23904 S. Crenshaw Blvd. EQUIPMENT RENTALS Torrance, California 101 at Hawthorne Lomita Blvd. at Crenshaw Walteria, Calif. Lomita, Calif. I FR 5-4559 DA 6-7111 DA' 6 7860 DEL AMO STATIONERS Hallmark Cards EDWARD'S CLEANERS We Take Care of Your Clothes REALLY QUALITY WORK FR' 56064 3847 Pacific Coast Hwy., Torrance 3856 Sepulveda Blvd, Torrance, California Dry Cleaning Stylist FR' 5-5688 In Lomita serving PALOS VERDE VIEW DAIRY Milk - Bread - Eggs - Ice Cream CASH AND CARRY 22845 Hawthorne Blvd. FR. 5-8615 Rolling Hills - Palos Verdes - Torrance Entire Harbor Area TROPICAL BOWL NURSERY Specializing in Tropical Foliage Plants Trees Shrubs Consult us it you have any planting problem Fertilizers, Insecticides, Garden Equipment OPEN SEVEN DAYS A WEEK-FREE DELIVERY 2457 W. Lomita Blvd., Lomita DA 6-7130 ' i GRlFFIN'S HARDWARE Hollywood Riviera Shopping Center 312 Ave. l, Redondo Beach FR, 5-1960 Fuller Paints Garden Tools Power Tools Housewares COMPLIMENTS OF MARY'S LITTLE LAMB 3801 Torrance Blvd., Torrance OPEN 24 HOURS COMPLIMENTS OF SOUTHWOOD DRUG LAWSONS JEWELERS Prescriptions Pharmacists laol Scmorl 22219 Palos Verdes Blvd. Corner Sartori and El Prado FA- 8-4313 Torrance HAYFHIR CIEIHERY at MODERN rw Light Weight Refrigerated Plastic Cases Delivery For Schools 20301 S. Western Avenue Torrance, California youd Convenient Economical Packaging Phone FAirfax 8-2526 Compliments of CHEROKEE HARDWARE 24213 Hawthorne Blvd. Walteria, Calit. VILLAGE CAMERA SHOP 1714 So, Catalina, Redondo Beach Fr. 5-6098 PHOTOGRAPHY Commercial - Weddings Portraits Compliments of WALTERIA FLOWER SHOP 24266 Hawthorne Blvd. FR 5-1770 WARNING! RAMBLERITIS STRIKES HIGI-lLY.CONTAGlOUS The best disease ever to hit the Torrance Area. SYMPTOMS Depressed feeling - because present car is too big, also gas hog on wheels. PRESCRIPTION 1st-Take a ride in a New Rambler 2nd-Get our big appraisal 3rd-Take delivery of a New Rambler FROM DWIGHT EUBANK RAMBLER, INC. 1885 Torrance Blvd. FAirfax 8-9222 Phone FR 5-1519 24264 Hawthorne Blvd. WALTERIA CLEANERS Let us take CARE of your clothes Tom Jones Res. 3020 Winlok DA 6-4011 COMPLIMENTS OF McMAHAN'S FURNITURE 1306 Sortori Torrance FA. 8-1252 Fred Stevens TEXACO SERVICE Night Lubrication - General Repairs 3756 Pacific Coach Highway Corner of Hawthorne FR. 5-9008 JOHNNY'S MUFFLER SERVICE 1213 Engracia, Torrance Duals and Headers - Stock Equipment Traction Masters Body and Fender Paintwork FA 8-5566 All Work Guaranteed MADRID MARKET Ed and Mary Hansen 1512 Madrid Torrance Phone FA. 8-3193 22236 Palos Verdes Boulevard Torrance, California TREASURE TONES The Finest in Interior and Exterior Paints l L l 1 l ' 1' L I af L, TORRANCE HOBBY SHOP , BURCHFIELD CARPET womcs Q A L 1338 El Prado, Torrance ' 1 MU' !LBur Rug Cleaners FR- 8'6l24 P 971 Torrance Blvd. TOYS FOR ALL AGES K FA. 8,2672 l - 1 y ffifgf L E I 65 1 l Cl'lARl.EY'S BARBER SHOP ' Al. SENTI CHEVRON SERVICE 1754 S. Cabrillo Our Lub. l Torrance Specialties Outside Service L FA' 0-0234 5230 Sepulveda Blvd. lT PAYS TO LOOK YOUR BEST Torronce FR. 5-7515 T l f ' wa ko 3 , Q wx Q N l T X l l xc Rx 'Tx To ' 'X' 3 5 ' -is 3 i .f l 0 X55 X A-QR S 1 Q i X.. y . R, XE l dry sec, Q, i 6 L, ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS 'Qi Ti-R, l A y N Crotty Photography l vb Bill Robison Photos my iv n Photography by Wiener I, l F1 Torrance Herald .3-' AL Torrance Press .' jk 6' l ' 1 E l 148 'N w 5 . by - -B4 A V In xxx 9. A ' Q ffqgfyw ,UMW ' My 'MQlf",ff3f"f5f' W M f2f.g af,..,h,,,.f.b. ............ .........Q - .' , ' ,- ' W 4 ' . 1 ajumA24dhh4Lvgm:.-:h.Aim,: ,S--W.MLL-:gf-,'',A,Rf1::e.mM: z'4'..Q3d.1hfm4.g.zi, ' N 1., .ini . U . . 1 + M 1+ - K F 99 Afwdjlffyff W Wjw' f , CV V Q Q' f WW 7 . QQ i'XM W? W W 0 QM M121 WWQQMW 'Www '06 ,B ' 'ff' 9Pw'gj'g,v1'?N JW WWZ , yqv dwifw M254 ' 4774 Q7 535412 f WJ, 3, Q W Jew 5 3537 33 5 533 gm iff ? Q BS W 'N N5 ' ig? 'JH 3 F 15 ,A,4 A 1 " ' , W + Q u 1 ff 1 g cwmfyiff W PMP ,W A s ff My S' RS ff! J X E if 95 - x Q Q. Qscmvwb Gobmww' MQ M' Q' QNYMQ v 1 Wm W QAKQM Km X. :Ea gi 21 152 ig 2 iii 1 f gi 'Li Q5 3 QW 3? L

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