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. : , . N ' 'f f X M-'V Y Af .awk xi - Wm Egi?535WQc?f"w?QQf+?QJfw SM H1 X5 ? QW fy aw my sf 5? My Qfwy as R Q5 ? 3 3 ff 93 il 5 1 ixjffv iii' is f 3531, 23: ,g i -r f, ,V' Q5 5 - A iv. Wd., ., VK' K+ N .K W:-IN A -n v H 35 V V, E! 1 f A 'lf - 1 N A ' ' 4, A 'gi' 'K "Liu , f y ' - -V f -164 - 4 ,' J 1 DQ, . ' ,P - V., 'V V ' - 'J Xp ' h x V, 0-109 09 , ,, wwf gg 6 M 5 J . f ,I aj T ' W M60 M ' ,:." 'f?',s.554-fwfvk' tt . A , W 1- W' , -a3ffie'v:?g'? v ' -Q 'T ig 1' 3 . KP A . A 3 w VA ' + - ' . q , ,ig Q95 ' SF, A Ulfvi gf I PV Y . I 15 '7 Cf!! A ,U fl-W' Lx .U ah C' V 3' ,I X 4 , T 1, y 'f' ' . 'M yi .' wr' f , . A . .ff-2gf1Xf"? ' 3 , , JI 2 ' -- - K .V - 1: gg f' , , fy , ' . ' -J-A ygkqw f.'f , 1 ,X U 1, 4- ,,' ,. ' " - E'-M-Q" 'Cf' T- MIT J' , J f X ' fjfu: ' ' Y A ' "'5lf'3ff!kJK! 67 J., 1 ' elf My - mmf 1 Q ' ff' - ,ff 2 I ' ,fm Q 3.-'Sify fi f Ny .t L h I , h-Kxv nf' I . ' W f lil? r 4 .fc 'fl 1 ' ' h'f" - - , E- f A Q ' 41 ,J A. . ir V 6 30'Wmz7' MJW f X Q , . , I M W Wgywwywwgljzfgiiw Wfgwmw fa QF 7 VMMNM 5 N WW SX 555' if fi W sg l ski? MEN 4 WZZMWW' WW .g-J, W 0,4849 Sf mink 'X' 'M by . , . , fr 4 di' f x ,. y 'Sofa Xgf .W nf xc x 1 fig? - 929' JW? Q Q wx 2 5, we X W Q C1-5'0Q'1 Q V -eg 0 ' X q7q1'of A,2 YK 1 S N1 4w,,f'K Qi Ek G ,U ' gk' A Q T US , N Q.. , 1 mx E. W J 3 J 5??2f T I If What is T1lRTllH TUWN? l. TARTAR TOWN, the place for students to relax during their free period, snack, lunch, and after school, eases Mary Ridge and Ray Kelley's day of studies. 2. MIERRY TIMES are had by Joyce Schaffer, Donna Busse, and Jean Hammond while eating and taking it easy at T.H.S.'s malt shop. 3, MRS. TAYLOR, the manager, and MR. STEINBAUGH confer over the cash register. Students help in Tartar Town to manage the business, to learn food handling and the importance of public relations - courtesy and cooperation. E41 DEDIUATIUN To lVlr. Charles Wallace, boys' vice principal of Torrance High School, we respectfully dedi- cate this Torch of l95O. The Seniors of 1950 will long remember the understanding and encouragement that you, Mr. Wallace, have extended to us through our Junior and Senior years. XVithout your patience and inspiration and able assistance the class activities would not have been carried out as successfully as they were. 1 BOARD Oli EDUCATION The hoard of lfducation of Torf rance is responsible for the aflairs of the high school. l.el't to right-'fMr. Cfarl Steele. Mrs, Cirate Wriglit, Dr. Henrich Hull. Dr. lloward Wtmcutl, Judge John Schidler, Mrs livelvn Cfarr, Mr. llmmett Inf gru m. if? M ' M7 , 1? s fiiifz J Q Principal John K. Steinhaugh has guided the student body in the educational program and intersperced the "book larnin' " with lively sports and gay social events. Mr. Charles Vwlallace is r Miss Harriett H. Hardy's fa- vorite phrase to desirihe her oh- onlv the consultant for ho Kiective as girls' counselor is "to diseipline hut their sport aeti' build rapport" among her ties and directs the Assoeiat A'grandchildren." And she has Student Body. and does. Vw' mdk. COUNSELORS Miss Rous and Mr. Kilburn advised the tenth graders Mr. Malm and Miss Lockwood were the senior advisors Mrs. Smythe and Mr. Halle coached the ninth graders And last hut not least, Miss Lawrence and Mr. Belknap were the eleventh grade advisors. Ted lVlimura's Council for the spring sponsored aud calls which included wrestling by Butrand Sturlleff: movies by Cieorge M. Spears and the variety musical from El Camino Junior College. The Associated Student Body barn dance was held St. Patriclcs day. The heavy thinking and vote casting was in regard to the daily flag raising and lowering ceremony and the revision of the school con- stiturion. l6J llSSllElll'l'Ell STUDENT BUDY The student council of the fall semester 1949-50 was the flrst to handle and manage Tartar Town as a student project. The city fathers granted their request for the park in front of the school as campus. Under the direction of president Ronnie Higgins the council met daily to approve and schedule home football games, manage the student stores and authorize the payments of bills made by school organizations. Their day and also the spring '50 council's day was the excursion to the local courts. Demonstrative activity was the variety aud call with student talent and a musical show from El Segundo. The high point of their stay in office was the initiation of a Bay League Dance which was held in the Civic Aud on November 26, 1949. The dance was given to promote friendship among the Bay League schools. E... , 1,31 ff Q . my mm . U Mm, www 'YAQT PKR!! ww ff' y X Rrls? MRS. EVANGELINE MORROS - Art, Crafts, and 8th grade MISS CECIL SAMPIERE Arts, Crafts, and Sth grade Business Education? MR. VICTOR KILBURN Typing MISS FRANCES LAWRENCE - Short- hand, Office Practice. and Bookkeeping. MR. WILI.IAM MOORE General Business, World Heritage Homemaking4 MRS. BETTY MCKOWN Cooking. and 8th grade MISS INDIA STANFORD Dressmaking, 8th grade Foreign Language- MRS. MAUDE FRASER Spanish, Latin MRS. MARIAN ISAACS Spanish Language Arts- MR. JOSEPH STUART Ilth grade Language Arts, American Heritage MISS HELEN LOCKWOOD-10th and l2th grade Language Arts MR, GARTH BELKNAP llth grade Language Arts, American Heritage MR. DONALD BRADFORD4l lth grade Language Arts, American Heritage, and .Iounalism MISS MABLE KLOSTER l0th and Ilth grade Lan- guage Arts MISS ELIZABETH GRIFFIN i 9th grade Language Arts and Year- book MR. NOEL KORN49th and Ilth grade Language Arts, and Drama Librarg4 MISS DOROTHY ADAMS Mathematics MR. HARVEY ALLEN Geometry. General Math. MR. JAMES HALLE Algebra, Solid Geometry, General Math. MR. ALLEN MOORE Physical Science QCamera shyl Music4 MR. HAROLD DUNN Band, Orchestra. and Indi- vidual Instruments, 8th grade MR. GEO. ZAVISLAN Girls Glee, Boys Glee, Mixed Chorus. Acappella, and Sth grade Ph gsical Education7GirIs- MISS DORIS AVIS M usic-- MR. ABE MILSTEIN PEPPERED, VINEEIIHED, SIILTEIJ Q . fw . My ' 4 Mn W SSX ,ifkxg X X wr? , " IK: www X Q e x x X , ex A . X X KX X '- S 25:-x if ' X X N Q - 3 , .,,, lib N W i X .SSX W . QQ . is N Qc :wwe .JL N X K: xx vw-M x N Q My wx Q 'ci k ki x i w R ' X , y ' S X QQ i' x . H X PUUII MIXTURE UIIER Ed caIion4Girls4 Physical Ll " MRS. BETTY SCHAEFER Physical EducaZionfBoys- CH Pratt Srie So MR. REX WEL MR. CLIFFORD QRAYBEHL MR. EDDIE COLE ical Arts- IVIR. THOMAS BRAY4Machine Shop MR. ERNEST BURTON-General Shop and 8th gradefii ILTON--Audio-VisuaI, Radio, and MR. WAYNE H 8th grade I MR. IVAN MALM-Drafting, Machine Drawing, ' h ade Home Planning, and 8t gr MR. HAROLD STROI'IMvNVoodshop, and 8th grade ncef MR. ROGER CAUKIN - Vw7orid of Work. Life Science MRS. HILJA SMYTHE-World of Work MISS CARMOLITA ROUS-Life Science. and 8th rade HI IMR. JACK HILEMAN-General Math. Chemistry cial Studies! MR. EDVJARD REYNOLDS 4 Contemporary Problems N MARKI-IAM-Nurse MRS. VIVIA DR. VEAZIE MARKHAM-Doctor MRS. MAY COBB-Mr. Steinbaughs Secretary MISS FERN RICE-Counselors Secretary Ist Sem. T-Mr. WaIIace's Secretary MRS. MARY DEMONE RS KAY WILSON-Miss I-Iardy's Secreiary 2nd "'-:nf - I M . Semester MRS. CAROL SHEPARD-Cafeteria Manager MRS. MARSHALL TAPPIN7Cafeteria Managers Assistant MRS. MOLLIE HOKE-Cafeteria Managers Asst. ER - Cafeteria Managers MRS. MARGE PALM Asst. ' ii ON - Mr. HamiIlon's MISS LRLENE SIMONS Secretary MR. WARREN HAMILTON+Attendance OfHces MRS. ANNA BRANUM--Attendance RL PIZELfCustodian MR. CA MRS. MINNIE RUSK7Custodian MR. BOWEN RAY-Custodian MR THOMAS HOOD-Custodian ' d' n ' WALTER BATES-Custo lil GEORGE IJAYNE-Custodian MR, MR. MR. MONROE SKAGGS-Custodian TEACHERS END LET SIIVIIVIER SLUWLY FUR TEIVIPTING, APPEALING, PRUVUEHTIVE MUHSELS The eighth grade faculty came into its own this year, The seventh grade was moved to the elementary school, but the eighth graders will join them next year. This business of a growing school has not only the teachers on the move but the pupils, too. On the eighth grade faculty and shown above are: Mr. Claude Reynolds, Mrs. Katherine Smith, Mr, Leonard Lifton, Mr. Bolbert Dexter, Mrs. Mildred Bergman, Mrs. Beverly Kleyn, Mr. Frank Bentwood, Mr. Don Porter. F121 The faculty Christmas party is just one of the annual events when all the teachers enjoy each other's company. The food is prepared by the cooking classes, under the direction of-in this case - Misses Mckown and Standford. RF '4 fL1 f 1 AJ, wp "5fi,"'f6'WffxQ V X ,V I, ,,,3,y,bng3,x?e3Efl1, flcxkk fav. ,gjgkw , 5 f ijN??fQ,iiw5gW3 ,aw ,A M12 ' qw ,, mf,yM, ' N, M, 6' if 24 . i Ay ,Q , , M ,ww 1 5V6fif,f,fMx ,,,,g?fis ' ' W M ' 'W 'lf2ffff9 if4B?k ENTREES . ix 4 RQ givin- X . Q-V' THEY TIIIIE THE IIIIIIE WHICH BARRETT, BILLIIS "XVillIe Mae" F.l'l.A. Annual Staff IlIlItuI BOTTOMLEY, J IM Varsity Football Acapclla Chou' BUCHANAN, BERNICE "H:Irvie" G.A,A. I5.B.I..A. Jr. Smrcsmnn CAMOU, VIRGINIA 'Virgien Girls Glee G. FMA. ..,,,,f.WwwPfZ5w Q 49 , 4 I, I .,., . J, .,.,, 2 , ., ,... X ,,,f, j5s5s:1- 5 f , :-: if ,, , 2.2 T222-Eifzv, f , H , ' ..,. I ,. ..,. SHY ALMEIDA, CHARLIE Raduo DRYER, DALE GATLEY, ERIC LEMASTER, DONALD "Kissie" Basketball Motor Scooter Club IS IIIIIIPTIIBLE FUR SEVERAL UIIUIISES SENIUIIS I7liRIEZ, AI. Iluolbrxll RIEYNOLDS, llarzoln "Tiny" Football Track WIIl'l'INIAN, RUTH "Rulhiv" Mixl-rl Choirs IiI5,I..A. I'rIIow'eI1ip 1 lub . I - ..,, f I . I if ,, A -A: , . YEAR nl. ., f I . . I... . CARLISLE, JOHN CARROLL, CHARLES CARROW, DICK "Rip" "lid" "Dick" ' Ili-Y Varsity Football Tarrar Knights Ifuutball Boys Lcaguc Viccbprcsulcnl CHAMBERS, RONALD "XVimpy" CHAPMAN, HAROLD "Chap" Ifuutball III-Y Iiaskclball Comrniesiuncr of I'ul1lic1ry COSTA, FRANKLIN CRIXWFORD, BOYD "I'rutch" "IVIousc" I3oorhall Cfo-Captain Varsity I7oolba l.N,l, Staff Varsity Club Track Prcsidvnr of Boys Srl! Guvcrnmcnt DANIELS, VA1-L15RlE "Val" DAVIS, JOAN "ima" Annual Staff Tri-Y G.A.A. Ln II lfourball CLINE. NORMAN "Tigcr" CREWSE, CHESTER "Bud" DELSIGNE, BARBARA "Balm" IT. I I. A. I1.B.L,A. Pres. Rally Club N CMQ I X A ..-, , ..- X nf" CECIL, PEGGY JOYCE hpcg.. G.A,A. I5.II.A. Vice-Prrs. Red Cross Vice-Pres. COLLINS, JIMMY "Jim" Scholarship CULLINAN, MARY Girls Glcc' Iiclluwship Club DEMONET, JOAN F,B.L.A, Tri-Ili-Y Mixed Chorus U51 SENIOR CLASS OFHCERS First Semester President-Johnny Kulp Vice-President-Wendell Vaughn Secretary-Sharon Hacker Treasurer-Barbara Delsigne MON, HERBERW nb" Jtball nual Stal? :sity Club NCH,NlARYL1N larry" NA. Cabinet lolarship JLLMER, XVALLACE :dent Council LF. 'iior Statesman DOUROUX, PETE CofC.1ptnin vi looibnll lc Buys GTC Acnpclln FITZSIMMONE, IOLA lullowship Club Junior Statesman GALLOWAY, LAVONNE "Bonnie" Song Queen ,ws lla EASY TU MIX-SIFT IN SUGAR, DEURLOO, ALICI- I-Xliccu C'i.A,A, fizrlw Cllcu l'.B IHA, FLORES, RUDY 'Tigcru lfirst Lxcutcnsnt of Tnrtnr Knights Secretary and Treasurer or Varsity Club Football GARLAND, CIRACE 'Mimil' G,A.A, li.Pr.l..A. licllowbhip Club lNTA'.wfMfH-: Y'1X'T41 ..,si1f"fu , ' rw' ' 1 ,r 5 mf 2 lfLI.IO'I'T, DONNA l'ri-H1-Y lf..'l..fX. l:ORTlN, HEl.lfN Srcrctary and lrcnsurvr ol Red Cross F.B,l,,A, I-vllowship GIATRAS, rl-HOMAS "Tom" Varsity Baskctbnll "lice" luotbnll Tartar Knight l3L5liS, DOLORVS Dal" Sflmlnnlnp ki .X,.l. l'.1r!.xrl..xLlws FRANZEN, NlARILYN 1lu.1n" G. A.A. Girls League Vicr-Pxsidcnl Blind HACKER, SHARON "Shania" Tri-Y G.A.A, Sccrctnry of Senior Class i , .,,,f. ,... : ' , W, 1 if X r . 1L,.....,,m....m.laM,, ,,., N I I vv I V Z ,,,, A . .W A S 1 Z ...: I, .S V. ,,,, Q .,.. V ' ,,,, .,ii,ii,.., Q 1 , ., IDU PBUNES ANU NUTS IIARRIN1HON.BARISARAHARRIS,NANCY HARRISON. IQIJ VJM. 'IG,nIn" I'.N,'I'. SIAII "Ball" IIIKQKQINS, RUN,-X111 ' Ihmnw" Slmlvnl Ihniv Ixr xx! nl Imvllmll .Iunmr I'I.1y JLNSIQN, Rc "I'.-Ib" Annu.u1Sl.utI fc IIOI.I.OAIO .Iuvu Ihr: IIx Y In A A. If II A, JLQNSIQN, D Nhumm I rx Y llvmnnsxu nn-r IIIVIII Tm-rum I'I,ux' S4-umm! Svnusln r President -Joe OWIIUQIL Vicc-I,1'csidcnl--.liln Sm I 1 5k'CI'Cl.ll'Yff.ICJl'l Iinmmond I'rcnsurcr---Ronald Lhunlurx HAZZARD, VIVIAN ..Vw,. G A.A. sfnwlmhap Sucirry I' I uhm IIUGIIES. Vw'II.I.lAM "IMI" JOHNSON. ROMONA "Mun.1" Annual SIAII Ci A.A. A KALTWASSER, PAYE G.A.A. F.B.L.A. Tri-Hi-Y LILLEY, CHARLES Track Basketball MCKOWN, RAY MARTINEZ, ALICE "Shorty" Glee Club I191 KARGANILLA, BEVERLY KING, .IACQUIE "Bev" President of I7.I-I.A. G.A.A, Fellowship Club LENON, MARY EVELYN "Thumper" IVICNEELY. WILLIAM "Bill" Tennis MATTERN, BOB "Bob 1" "Jake" Song Queen Tri-Y LEE, EDDIE Hi-Y IVICVEY, DAPI-INE "Daffy" G.A.A. F.B.L.A. F.H,A. MELVIN, JOAN "Mel" G.A.A. Vice-Pres. F.H.A. Jr. Statesman EIIHNISH WITH EAIETY, Z if Q , ,I 1 . 3? Z KING, .IOAN Girls League President Student Council T.1rtarI.ndies LEE, VIVIAN "Vickie" G,A.A. Red Cross Pres. P.B.L.A, MCXVAID, JOAN Yell Leader MENNI, ANITA "Nita" Tartar Ladies' Sccrctnrv Girls Self Government Pres. Girls League Pianist KULP, JOHNNY "Bunny" Tnrtar Knight President of Senior Class Varsity Iioolbnll LOUGEE, GLENN MACKEY, CLAUDE "Snook" Hi-Y MICHELS, JOYCE "Buddie" Annual Staff. Semester I T.N.T. Staff LANCASTER, BOB Football MCFARLAND, DEE "Dee" Annual Staff MARIO, DAVID "Dave" Senior Play MIDDLETON, ELIZABETH "Lizzie" ELIIMUH, IINIJ IIEIII. CHI-IRMERS f',5gQ.1RUi'.1,i?jjL'lQLf 'I X M! K' 5 wx 43 we 'K 8 .rl ! ig! X 5 X ' I f l A I Ji I ' ""' ...W'I'0N, I,AWm2Nc3Ii .irry" ORA. IIRANK rl.1r Knight ack .lwllmll YIERS, NOAMA QRIIZ, RICHARD ilk" illmll uk 9ru.Ii-nl fkiuncil NHLLLR,ANN wwf' 'I' I,.i-lim IVIOORIQ. JIERRY NAKATSUICA, ANN I'HzR1f'l"l', JOYCE "r'.,11if' l'.1rt.irl.nIn-K: Srnlur l'I.iV lVlIl.I.liR, NMBR0 "N.,11..-" c1..Ix.,,x. Jr. Src. Svnuir I'I.iv NIORIQNO, RUIJY l5.isch.xlI CDWIQOOLIS. JOI5 "'Iiu!s.x" Sruilcnl Ilimlv Yirc Prcsid Ili-Y Prcxzclcnt Srniur Kflms l'n-sulrril PIIIPPS, JOAN "I mapa' I' II fx. 1. A .lx '1' N511 in-. I mt X S JAX S' 3 X X X Q QS X :N Iggy I K NIINTON. JEAN 'l'i1gmiw" 'l' l..uI,cx, Publicity fh.nrm.ln Ci A.A. Ilwlurinn 'lin-Ili Y Sccrclnry MORRIS, AGNES "Aggie" lf.lI.I,,A. Sucrcury Rell K mis lfvlliiwship PALMIER, RICHARD "Dick" Annual Staff I'lmmgr.iphvr POWIELI.. JEAN Annu.1lSt.ifI' Axxisxnnt Editor i5I'ft'!ff14,g miss ' V ' ' X N ggigs? ,,,, X53 , MONDOR, ANN "Anniu" 'llirtnr I .idy Queen lin-llifY Sccrcmry G A A Muxufolzb, CHARLES "fIliuck" I-onllmll lvnnxs III-Y PARRY. DIKWN Annual Stall PUGI I. PAULINE "Paula" llmml A:inu.lI Skill MOORI3, DOROTHY "Dot" lhnd li. A. A. lfclluwxhip Club IVIIMURA. HOWARD 'I'.xr!nr Kuxghls Sludcnt Bully Pres, Ifmitlmll PIZCK. FREDA "IfrulI" Rmuso, JACK Track Ihnd ll9l RIDGE, MARY 'Mary" Annual Staff-Art Editor 3.A.A. Scholarship SELOVER, CAMERON "Ronnie" Football Band Orchestra STAGNER, ART Football Basketball THORINGTON, KENT SACHS, CHARLES "Chuck" Scholarship Society SMITH, ELIZABETH "Betty" Ci. A.A. Tri-Hi-Y Orchestra STANLEY, GORDON "Gnrdie" Hi-Y Associate Editor of T.N.'I Animal Stall Tl'I"I'LE, FELIX SCHAFVER, JOYCE HJOY., Rally Committee SMITH, JAMES "Jim" lfootball Basketball Varsity Club STIRLING, LAURA 'l'artar Ladies G.A.A. TILLOTSON, NIARY Jo "Minnie the Moochern Tarrar Ladies liditor of T.N.T. President of G.A.A. RESULTS: SMUUTH, EULUHFUL, SCHMIDT, BOB SNODGRASS, JOANN ..JO,. Annual Staff Business Editor G.A.A. Jr. Statesman STITT, HELEN Hpudgyn Tarrar Ladies Scholarship Society TOMIDKINS, DONALD A'Don" Football Basketball I Q l i201 ,T 1 .. rrrr..E,:..: I., ,, X ir . :.::' '. - 'WW I , y , "att-v SCHOLL, VJAYNE "Lefty" Tartar Knights lootball Basketball SPECK, WILMA "Speckie" G,A.A. l1.H.A. Annual Staff Photography Editor STITZEL, NADINE "Neggie" G.A.A. President of l7.B.L.A. Tartar Ladies ,I-SUBOKAVJA, ROSE Annual Staff SCHE11-ALER. CLARENCE "Teal" SPRUNG, MARCELL "Marcy" V Scholarship Society STOCK, NORMAN "Stock" Tartar Knights Basketball Jr. Statesman TUCKER, PATSY "Rum" llall Patrol I7.l5.l..A, E' 2 'a ,.........,...a1..m...,,.,...,,.........4. I ., , vu v iv tt 'lt.atatar www W5 'ze FLIIVUHFUL SENIUH CUIVIBINIITIUNS 'I'URNIiR, DALI2 IS.usIwlIuII UI.I5RIi1II'I', lboummis "IJmIw" V1XLJfiIIN,WIiNI7I1I.I. "XVI-nIIv" V.nrx1ty1 Iuh Iuuxkmll I'1.uxIu'lI1.lII VAI,IfNClI,X, SAIIY "5Imrl'y"' Ki NA, I ,N I , Sul? V.'XI.IiNCIIA, III-,CIOIQ 'I ll III Y Vc1RIHs,CQllUc3K '1f.'.-'v' umm-..11 .M.upcl1.1 n..,.K1 W.'IIiIil:N, IfI5I'1.'X Ihr:-I L. A A I vlluwxhlp 4 Iuh WIiI5I5, W1XNIJ.X KLA A, T , , , .N I SIAII lInnu.uISl.1II WI:IiNI:'I"l', BII.I, "Mull" ISny'x I nulygur I'ruxnII-nl II.lXIu'II1.lII 'I Luk NVILSON, CII,XRI.I1S "K Irunlxl' Iuullull Sl WI- f ww WIIISI.IiIi, D.xI,r4 '-ms.-" IG.m4i 'I :Mk YVOOIJ, .IIJNI 5.-,. .W rm., XVRIl5II'I. AUIJRI-Y ' IH-v XX.'m"' f. f'x..'X I.m.ur I .nlwx I1 Sl.1r.wm.-u WIdIiiII'I', DON WYMAN, JUAN In C. A .N I .II I A X nv I'rrwI.nx ."Innu.1I SLIII Yom, Bois IrmlIw.lII 'I' ZIIAIKI5, .IOAN ",In.1x1n"4 C1 :I A, Ir: II: Y i221 First Semester President-Glynn Boyce Vice-President-Joe Clevenger Secretary-Barbara Zachary Treasurer-Erma Carstons Second Semester President-YSandy Scoti Vice-Prcsident-Glynn Boycc Sccret:ryfP:1t Eads Tre.zsurer+Annet.c Castancr ' JUNIOR CLASS I WUNDERFUL WILD PLUIVIS lst rowf N. Cunningham. J. Bevcr. XV. Akins, E. Cnrstens, M. Ahlstrom. A. Castner, B. Coleman. Znd rowf D Curtis. J. Basham, V. Dudley, B. Bly. E. Birchfleld. L. Brown, J. Adams. 3rd rowf C1.C:rier. B. Bisbee. J. Cleven ger, G. Boyce, A. Dandoy, R. Bczxl, F. Abrnhmson, C. Combs. G. Berg. J. Cox. l 'l 3 Q JUNIOR CLASS II la! rmu lx. Boulh, Z. Bcllwcml. M. Jcnnrovxch. A. I'llll!'IICl', D. I50rth, D. Jcwcll. fm! row J. Jones. D, I.isoni. S. llmwks, B. I'ril7. B. Cirlnmscly. D. lfowlcr, S. Gish. B. Jxclxson. I.. Johnson. D. Hxzhcld. I.. Davis. ini row B linnc. W. Ildwnrds. A. Iin.1ppcnl'wrgcr. H. l.JlILICYTl1l1. A. Gnrgnlis. M. Dunn. S. IICFIIJIILIII. D. I5ricdm.1n. G. Dawg sun, 'If Dayton. R. Cionlnlcs, J. Ifslcs, J, Kelly. XV. Irwin, 41h row' G, Groves, D. Ifvsns, J. Garland, D. Cro- slmw, D. Ifcrguson. .I. Dunmycr, H. lntcrmill. B. Kudlcmycr. J. Iford, R. Dcshlcr. .B , I! I I WUNIJEIIFUL WILD PLUMS .IUNIUR CLASS III I I mu' ll. I'uwcll. I. Payne. A, lnndcrlwrg. I. Marcn v. J. Pcrkms, B. Mitchell. P. McVicnr. S. Radiclw. N. nrin. jml ww M. lloyd. I. Poundcrs. B. I7IClxCII. R. Mxorc. B. Bournc. 'If Ruth. R. McXVhiricr. Borh. D. Russ. M. Stull. ini ww V. l.cwis, I.. l.iv.1d.1. G. Bark lull. J. Iccch, J. Nody. D. Mitchell, 'If Pryor, J. No.1ll. ! Ms' '1 . xx ,Z 4,04 L o-1 -. I 231 :QSM JUNIOR CI.ASS IV ls! rowf L. Young. S. Wunderlick, D. Vvleber. B. Zackary, I.. Vance, B, Ziemke, N. Thompson. A. Schriber. M Tippin, J. Nincevic. M. Schumert, B. Shannon. End rowf T. White. S. Moore, B. Saulsbery, L. Stiefel. P. Stevens C. Van Orden, M. Schrepel, S. Scott, M. Tomote, P. Cialligan. G, Lafferty. 3rd rowf B, Dunning, A. Thompson J, Shanko, B, Smith, F. Schmidt. J. Taylor, J. Kelly, R. Sanders, L. Reed, R, Sciarotta. J. Grub. WUNIIEHFUL WILD PLUIVIS JUNIOR SENIOR PROM The Junior-Senior Prom given to the Seniors by the junior class took place on June 2nd at The Palos Verdes Country Club. The prom committee consisted of chair- man Willard Irwin, and the other committee members were: Sandy Scott, Irene Moreno, Gary Barkdull, and Howard Intermill. The head of the Decorating committee was Bar- bara Zackery and the other members were: Jim Taylor, I.eonard Reid and Alene Fullmer. Pat Eads was the head of the refreshment commit- tee and Hal Laudeman the director of the entertainment committee. In order to make this a super prom the school supported the Junior Carnival, All the money taken in from the Carnival went towards a bigger and better prom. Some of the events at the Carnival were: A bathing beauty contest, a bingo table, fortune telling, and the ELE's had a show room, the KHK's a Television room, and last but not least the WINOES had a hot dog stand. This super junior event was on Friday, May 19, 1950. xi- if M A SCPHOMORIZS lx! row IQIVI to right: Vv'inthi'r, Nl. Valdez, C. Yates, XVilliams, Ind row G. Vw'ilcox. Van Drew, XV.1rrcn, A. XVin- ner, A Wright. 1'rrlrow Cf. Vv'.ird. Vifccks, W. Vifilcox, C. NVithcm. HARDY CITRUS Sophomore officers for the school year were: Bill Crawford+Presidcnt, Barbara Mondor aVicc Prusidcnt, lflarvcy Rushfelvr-Znd Vicc President, Maurice Payne and Johnny Spillcr -f -Sgt of Arms. 261 lst rowf N. Eckstrom, D. Denh'm, J. Couron, S. Ducan, J, Fisher, Evins. S. Ellioit. Ind rcwf fl. I'iItIl711Q.U Bcrgin, D. Fuller. S. Eppenheimer, M. Bunjest. L. Blake. Franklin. Forcier, P ,Dunmyer 3rd row' M. Brown F. Davis, E. Focier, R, Bowen, B. Disarig, J. Fees. Buckly. lst row-' B. Hill, D. Haynes, M. Gruver, P. Hansen, J. Johnson, Grace. Jnlo. Znd row- G Jzcobs, M. Goerke. C Haefel, M. Gabbe, F. Jenocovich, E. Hernandez, B. Jenkins. D. Harris. 3rd row- T. Johnston, F. Guerra, R Hubbard, G. Johnson. B. Jones, B. Gray, R. Gonzales, B. Johnson, R. Garcia, HARDY lIlTRUS CQ .S Q55 ' 'ASI X RlellsNw w Cl if Isl row 'lf Mnnfrn, B. Mondivr. K. Ness, A. Lomngcr, M. McDonald. Pm. Ludwig. S.MCVv'nid. fm! row J. lnpcz. ii. S. Mimrc. I,opc7. S. Lokcn. B. Mauro. D, Intturc, N, Millcr. Mcloisc, If, Morris. I.. I.omA birdy. A. Ruth. J. Miller. Kimura. frd mic 'If i..ing1c.1s1ci'. D. l.cdlnll:r, D. M loy. B l.ccl1.R. Kcilcy. N I,uvcl.idy, IB. McN.1ry, iz. Mcnd, Isl ruw' S. Rccsc. S. York. A. Olson, Nelson. R. I7crc1. R. Cnrcnli. IB. Rwdgcrs fm! mu' J. Rfliivllrn. S. Pagil. Purlloclm. N. Primm. Rim. R..Bus1illos, J. Roscnhcrg. H. Rilshfclch. frrl rmu- J. O'C.iin. Y. Crain. S, Rcynold. Rulwinsim, l,.lfl9il. Ci. Poslrmv, Strom. J. Millcr, M. HAHDY CITRUS IZ7 ww sw -Www by M -we--af' 2 Isl row XX Ci. 'IllIl'l'l.lgC. A, Stcvcns. J. Sorkncss. J. Stiles. Schuc. IVI. Simmons. Jmz' row- A. Sues. I.. Shclman, Rclcigli. A. Smlworn, ID Scholl. in! row R. Turncr. N. Schwab, K, Stcvcson, Cummford. Sono, Sumptcr. S. Slcvcns qrw.. HIIIIIIY CITRUS 405' .xl row' I3. C.impl1clI. J. Brcrnnn. M. Bungarn. I.. Bryant, IE. DccBnnctl, J. Brown. lm! rowf P. Alvarez, I.. Clccvngcr, M. I3oli.1nn.1n, J. Cash. 'If Brooks. C. Balignd. 3rd rowf C. Cnmplvcll, S. Collins. P. Bowman. M. Burns. . Biggs. J. Anthony, IB. ISL-rgmnn. M. Conner. 4th row-' J. Brown, L. Clark, C. Gingham, S. Allen. IVI. Ballinger. M. Iinclxslrom, .l. Brown, J. x,L'l'.ll'Cl,iI'.C:l1JFlC KUM-QUIT MAY I291 1 KUIVI-HURT MAY FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS First Semester President-William White Vice-President-Patricia Garrison Secretary-Amy Okazaki Treasurer-Charlene Grace Sgt. at Arms-Jack Bemzin Second Semester President-Lee Mortensen Vice-President-Ellen Kohen Secretary!June Mimura Treasurer-Amy Okazaki Sgt. at Arms-Vladimir Popovich and Norman Creighton 6,,,n? FRESHMAN CLASS II lst rowf D. Ferguson, J, Friberg. H. Henzen, V. Geary, E. Dacis, B. Fees. Znd fowl B. Essa, J. Courdway, J. Harris. D. Forrer, B. Hlrrin ton. C. Ford, C Hariinc, R. Garcia, J. Adams. 3rd VOLU5 E. Dandoy, C. Grace, P. Garrison, R. DeLa- g Cruz J Crabtree L. Hasslinger. D. DeLaCruz, D. Gray, M. Davis, F. Gossett. 4117 rowf J. Boal, D. Cucci. B. Bowen, J. Favrrair, G. Johhson, J. Haefeli, D. Gariey, H. Franklin, N. Creighton, A. Durante, A. Grejeda, T. Wolford. X419 df . .. if Q -JW WEA 4,.z:' ' 'Z 'll ll' l ' in my v l 'Vi' if ,.. A g,,. Aiwa gm If ...fx .,,, lr llUlVl-UUlll lVlllY fl. -E"'f ITRIESHMAN CLASS III Isl row D. llowell. S. ll.iy.ikaw.1, l., Holtlsworths, G. Montijann, V. Jamcnez, A. Mum. Intl row- C. Kudlemycr. J. M.igg.ircl. D. llester. C. Jnnsson, J. Mathews. ll. Koehn. B, Koopsman, K. Hasegawa, 3rd row' H. Jalo, A eK.1rns. M. Hutchinson. M. Jones. l.. Ltiwson, IT. Lynch, R. Beesley, L. Hill. 4117 row, D., B. Kulp. L. I-lickox ll. l,L'l1I.lSlQI', W. lhde, J. Knsko, VRIZSHMAN CLASS IV Isl row .l. Juhnson. lf. Shefler. l.. XVilson. R. XVnrrcn. R. Turner, W. Michels. C. Stewart. Zml row-' C. Steffen M, Vnnlleventer. J. 'l'h.1mes. J McVic.1r, J. Radulovich, J. Poh, C. Vvlinthcr, D. Smith. C. Robinson. Crd row A. 'l'.imur.x. P. Stout. S. Wliite. S. XVelch. M. Wriglit. J. Stephens. J. YVilli.imson, J. Whitten. M. Tinlxle, T. Selph B. Schcnfernieyer, D. Tuthill, IZ. Christi. A. Kaulback, J. Reed, D. Valdez, D. Stegall. 31 32 PRESHMAN CLASS V Ist rowf J. Mott, C. Maloy. B. Moore, J. Mimura, A. Okwzaki, P. Peterson. End Row-' S. Medd. B. Perry. L. Phelps, C. Mooney, S. Pnrrish, D. McKee. N. Muraoki. J. Moffatt. M. Nakatsuka, R. Morris. ird Rowf J. Payne. J. Murphy, J. O'Hara, L. Mortenson. L. Phair. D. Parton, E. Morgan. J. Olioque, H. Molina, D. Martin. KUIVI-UUAT MAY FRESHMAN CLASS VI Ist rowf B. Shaw, J. Rhone. P. Scranton, B. Peterson, A, Smart, J. Rambo. A. Durnnte, V. Popovich, NV. Gaudiana, C. Rodriguez, W. Stamps, B. Som W. Smith, S. Staxrud, A. Pierce, J. Johnson, V. Rodriguez, J. Schlerf. 1 S. Schooley, J. Swintz. Zrzd row mers. 5rd rowf P. Skaggs, Sibley Q Row I. C. Dean, J. Davis. F. Rayer, L. Foley, H. Fouts, D. Fowler, J. Eurton. Row 2. R. Gatley, D. Fcker, E. Garcia. J. Fdman, S. Gaw, C. Fujiwara, R. Davis, D. Coulson. Row 3. J. Gonzales, M. Garnccka, C. Cumiford. C. Davis, K. Croshaw, C. Crovella. TUSSEIJ EHEENS x 5 K ROW Row Row Row I34 1. B. Hanselman, D. Coulson, J. Farrar, C. Edwin, R. Busch, L. Melgosa. 2. M. Moulton, M. Lorenz, R. Long. B. Mease. J. Neely, D. McCluer, S. Nelson. 3. B. Brimley, J. Bryent, P. Burke, J. Neely, S. Nelson, J. Leech, N. Mead, J. Bannister, B. Mitchell, A. Knox 4. F. Lynch, H. Lostien, T. Laughlin B. Morris, G. Nelson, J. Manfro, V. Lipsey, D. Lindenberg, D, Mann, S Crosby, D. McWhirter, D. McNary, B. Murphy, E. McVey. 1 TUSSEIJ GREENS Row l. D. Mills. B. Briggs. P. Jelsma. Il. Valdez, W. Volmerding, C. Vwlelch. B. I.oyd. R. Willi.1n1s, D. Turnage, P. Tapia, N. Chambers. R. Scarborough. li. Parmo, D. Rippstein. Z. C. Vwfinningham, P. VJilson. li. Valencia, S. Packham. R. Snyder B Stout M Silvers C St Martin B St ll ,. ... .. .t. . ...ova, .l. Stevens. Row Row 3. S. Sprout. B. Adamson. P. Sciarrotta. P. I.ombardo. I.. Meliarland. J. Van Dyke, G. Estes, K. McGiltley, S. Young, l.. Saulsherry. I.. Van Bellehem. Row -l. li. Smith, S. Crosby. .l. Pine. J. Sousa. R. Guerra, J. Whitmer, J. Waslilwiwrn. C. Skaggs. B. Hanselman. R. XVixam. The two boys kneeling in the second row: T. lfdwards. B. Vwlhiltington. INGREDIENTS The winter of '49 began the work of the new athletic field and the bleachers were built. The first football game on the new field, with bright Held lights and new scoreboard, was played, and we won! This year marks the opening of Tartar Town, the malt shop operated by the students under the supervision of Mrs. Agnes Taylor. The summer school students who brought the T.T. to fore were: Moana Ahlstrom, Zola Bellwood, John Carlisle, Darlyne Goldman, Shirley Gish, Nancy Harris, Donna Hatfield, Wanda I-Iollomon, Ramona Johnson, Luana Johnson, Ray Kelley, Mary Ridge, .lean Minton, Marilyn Schumert, Lorita Shellman, Nadine Stitzel and Freda Peck, The use of the park in front of the school was granted to us by the city fathers. Torrance High continued the renovation of buildings and courses in both semesters. The eighth graders lived with us, but expect to leave room open in September '50 to an expand- ing four year high school student body plus the 45 faculty members. E351 Row Row Row Row Row Row Row If 36 A K S J S Hickman S Grub C Hill R Datsuda l. N. l.ocke, . nox, .. ames, . , . , . . . . Z. R. Guerra R. Johnson. D. Johnson, R. Nalaburger. S. Held, S. Kissel, D. McCluer, D, Fowler. S. Garr, V. Hoke. 3. R, Hardage, R. Jadwin, D. Hawks, W. Jones, M. Houston, G. Christensen. B. Kennedy, B. Hopkins, G. Jenkins. l. B. Moon, R. Scarborough, J. Pine, S. Crosby, D. Ruffel, K. Purdy, B. Ochlert, F. Christensen. 2. S. Rollaforte, E. Seaborn, B. Rigsby, J. Sacks, P. Reynolds, D. Schumert, T. Perkins, B. O'Hanlon. 3. M, Saine, H. Schnebly, P. Schneider, H. Francis, B. Camp, J. Rovenstine, C. Perez, V. Shaner, H. Sanekez, B. Shanahan, B. Shepard. 4. F. Lynch, J. Specht, L. Radicky, E. Powell, D. Mead, J. Neeley, J. Ronaday, A. Dalton, R. Ortaega, B. Hansel- man. TUSSED EREENS DESSERT liLlllVlHllllli The Torrance Chapter at- tended three regional conven- tions this year in Santa Bar- bara. on October 15 at Mark Keppel High School in Al- hambra in February, and at Huntington Park High School in May. The Junior Statesmen sponsor Senior City Day in Torrance every year thereby putting into effect their motto, "Make Democracy Wcvrk." The student leaders take over the city government for a day, and every member of the Senior Class is placed in some position, preferably of vocational interest. Barbara Jackson received a scholarship to attend the lead- er's training school at Mills College, Oakland, Summer of '49 Officers for the hrst semes- ter were: Barbara Jackson. President: Lynn Davis, Vice- President: Erma Carstens, Secretary: Elvira Lindenberg. Treasurer: Audrey Wright, Reporter. Second semester officers: Wallace Fulmer, President, Donna Friedman, Vice-Presi- dent: Nalbro Miller, Secre- tary: Jo Ann Snodgrass, Treasurer: Don Mitchell. Parliamentarian. and Hal Laudeman, Reporter. SHIPPED BEEF The Red Cross has given two aud. calls this year. The first, in November, featured Miss Burwell who sang and played the piano: this was to raise the money to buy the contents for the Educational Gift Boxes, which are sent overseas to the under privileged children, The second, during March, was a Production Show, which students from our school took part. This was to raise money for the Fund Drive. The purpose of the club is to make clothing projects, raise money for the Fund Drive, and fill Educational Gift Boxes for the American Red Cross. The officers of the club were: President.-Vickie Lee Vice President-Peggy Cecil Secretary-Treasurer4Helen Eortin W BHAINS ll Lll IVIUIJE . . ' y e icated to service to the school. The group presents aud. calls and tutors students. Under the guidance of the sponsor Miss Mabel Kloster, the club is made up of members qualifying by having three A's and one B. The Scholarship Society had a dinner at the end of the Hrst semester in January, and February 14th they had a Valentine tea at Miss Kloster's house. The field trip, an annual event, was a visit to the Planetarium at Griffith Park, March 29th. The convention at Santa Monica, April 15th was attended by .lim Collins David Mario Sandra Scott Charles Saiks Donna Friedman Janet Poli Carol Winther Barbara Bergman Carol Campbell Caroline Harline Betsy Shaw in 01711 i-rs for lhe lirsl semester' Officers for lhe second semeslerf President' wleanne Jenkins: winner of the President- -Jim Collins: the winner of the DJNR. Good Citizenship Award. Bausch-Lomb Science Award, Vice President'--Jim Collins Vice-PresidenI4VJallace liullmer Secretary- e-lfrma Carstens Secretary-4Sandra Scott rl-l'C.1Sll rer l'mrlvara Jackson Treasurer-Donna Friedman llislorian-Y-Beth Jenkins ' Historian-A nn Stevens I 39 PEACH JlllVI GIRLS' COURT The purpose of Girls' Court is to maintain law and order on the campus. When a girl has violated a rule such as. Cl J hall patrol, Q25 off campus, Q35 eating in halls, C45 dress regulations QThe court's duties were lightend the second semester when dress regulations were voted down by the Girl's League.j, she is taken to Girls' Court. There she is given a sentence to fulfill. lf the culprit goes to court more than three times, she is expelled from school, BEEF STEW The Boys' Court punishes violators and offenders of school rules. The court is voted upon by the student body, and the bailiff and clerk are selected by the court. The activity is to conduct meetings similar to a regular court with a prose- cuting attorney. clerk, and bailifi. W The officers for the Hrst semester were: Anita Menni. Girls' Court Judge: Marilyn Franzen, Vice President of Girls' League, Joan King, President of Girls' League: Betty Brannum, President of G.A.A., and Ann Mondor, Tartar Ladies' Queen. The Second semester ofli- cers were: Joan Melvin, Girls' Court Judge: Ann Moridor, President of Girls' League! Joan Phipps. Vice President of Girls' League: Mary Jo Tilloton.President of G.A.A. and Betty Branum, Tartar Ladies' Queen. First Semester Ofhcers: President Boys' Self-Gov- ernment, Boyd Crawford. Judge: President Student Body, Ronnie Higgins: Joe O'Toole Vice President: Com- missionerAthletics. Eiichi Ko- bayashi: Boys' League Presi- dent, Bill Wernett: Tartar Knight President, Dick Car- row. Second Semester Officers: President Boys' Self-Gow ernment. Rudy Flores, Judge: President Student Body, Howard Mimura: Vice Presi- dent Student Body, Wendell Vaughn: Commissioner Ath- letics, Aramis Dandoy: Boys' League President. Eiichi Ko- bayashi: Tartar Knight Presi- SPHHZ The officers assisting for the first semester were: Ann Mondor. Queen: Ifirst I.ady. Helen Stitt: Secretary. Anita Menni: Treasurer, Betty Bra- num, and Publicity Manager. Jean Minton, Second semester officers were Queen. Betty Branuni, l'irst l.,tdy, Anita Menni: Sec reta ry. Dolores liees: Treasurer. lf rma Ca rstens: and Publicity Manager. Mar- tha Dunn. TARTAR l.ADllfS lartar l,adies is .tn organization made up of girls having high citizenship and scholastic standing. Their duties are to -'erve the student hody in anyway possible and enforce school rules, Under the leadership of Mrs. Marian lsaacs and the Queen. many activities are planned. The girls are elected and voted in to the Tartar l.adies, The tradition of' the Tartar l.adies are the yearly Knights' and l,adies' Ball, the Barbecue, and the ladies' Banquet. lhe 'Iiartar Knights and l.adies held their ball January vlth. and had a luncheon at the end of the term for the new SUUAHES TARTAR KNIGHTS Treasurer takes due which are 351.00 a semester from twenty members. The Tartai' Knights accomplished one big thing this year, they beat the faculty in a basketball game. The Knights keep students in order and they enforce laws of the school lf' these laws are not obeyed the law breaker is turned in to student court. The posts are assigned by the lst l.ieu- .tenants and they also take over meetings when the President is absent. They keep order in aud. calls, This semester they sent a delegate to Ohio to the Key Club Convention, mem hers Oflttets for the fltSl semes ter were, l'resitlent . , Unk Harrow Secretary . . Tom Ciiatras lreasurer . .lerry Downing lst. l.ts , . Rudy llores lloward Mimura Xml l.ts , liichi Kobayashi .lohnny Kulp Second Semester: l'resitlent , . Tom Ciiattas Secretary . Ronnie lliggins 'lireasurer . .lohnny Kttlp lst I ls. , Aramis llandoy l iithi Kobayashi FIN 'N The Boys' League assemblies were spread out through the year. It also sponsored two basket- ball games between the alumni and the varsity to buy a basketball scoreboard with the help of the Varsity Show they raised enough monthly. An Intramural Track meet was held in February with the Seniors Winning. The Boys' League under the able supervision of Mr, Graybehl also held a volleyball tourna- ment. l42l umm 158343, Q W Officers for the first semester were: QPresident-f-Bill Wernett Vice-President--Dick Carrow Secretary-Treasurer-Aramis Dandoy Officers for the second semester were: President-Eiichi Kobyashie Vice-Pres,-Irwin Kastin Sec.-Treas.-Bill Wernett 'W -Q 3 . Hlllllllli lhe oflicers for the first semester were: l'tesitlenl .loan King Vice llres. -Marilyn liranlen Secretary f Sandra Scott Reporter .loan llhipps Second semester otl icers xx ere: llresitlent Ann Mondor Vice llresf Phipps Secretary -'l1laine Rehwoldt Reporter- -Ann Olson 'lf' 'wall' l QQ . Ixvery girl in 'Iorrance High School is a member of the Girls' I.eague. Their goal is to help the new members oi the student body. and to build rapport among the girls in school. Under the sponsorship of Miss Harriet ll. llarcly, they hold assemblies to discuss the problems and ways of eliminating girls' foibles, as well as to present inter- esting informative speakers. The various girls' clubs are given an opportunity to present a program at one of the monthly aud. calls, ln September, we hid the opening aud. call with music and group singing to get the girls acquainted with each other. October was the Girls' l.eague of South Bay Area aud. call. with Miss Rosemary DeCamp tbetter known as Doctor Christians nurse-Judy Pricel as our guest speaker. The aud. call for November was a Round-Table discussion, presenting the problems of the girls and what should be the solutions. December was the Christmas playlet. January was the Poslure Contest: I5ebruary--the Modern Dance. March's aud. call was a speaker about personality. charm and make-up, April brought the Easter program and the last, the Mexican Club sponsored aud. call for May. 'UNHHF' 43 SINGING WIIITEIIS IINII WIIITHESSES l44l The Girls Glee or' ganilation consist of two groups. One takes in the more students from the eleventh and twelfth grades: the other group being mostly ninth and tenth graders. Ifach group performed twice during the fall term of the year as well as at Christmas time. At the Christmas program they sang with the combined choral groups in the Contala. Music of Bethlehem. Although there is quite a change in per- sonnel of the glee clubs this term due to difli- culties in scheduling. both groups are worlo ing to prepare various songs: religious, clas- sical. semi-classical. and modern. On May 5 they are also assisting in the presentation of the op- eretta. l'I'he Sunhonf net Ciirll Torrance lligh can tlClllll'CIY l'e proud ol the girls glee cluh. Britten HAM iii. FUUHBUHNEHS lhe radio cluhs activities centered this year around the 'l'he purpose ot the cluh is to promote intercsi. good arrtatettr radio station located in the radio shop, Meetings will, and satety use ol' motor scooters, were held two days a week at lunch time. One day was lhe ohtectiyes are lor memhers to enioy heing with devoted to code practice, 'l'he second meeting was spent other hoys ot' similar interest in mechanics and to learn in talking over the short wave to other amateurs in many ahout mechanics, 'l'hey participate in sponsored scooter ol the 48 states. trips. And last. to have lun. ln l'ehruary, the l'erleral ffommunications Commission Activities for the past two years have heen mostly rides, granted the 'lorrante lligh School Amateur Radio Cluh Ollicers ol the cluh lor the first semester were: l'r'esr the call letters XVUYISIJ. dent---' l.ivada. l'lift'PI't'.N1tlt'l7lf lirank Ciipe. Secretttru- A trip to the transmitting plant ol' KNX was one ol' 'l'r'err.surer- -.lack Ciruh. Sgt. ul rlrms- -Bill l.eet1. the year's interesting yisits. Oflicers for the second semester were: l,I'L'S!t1't'l7l' -Jack l'restdent ol' this cluh is .lerry Moore: sponsor, Mr, Grub. l'rte-l'r'esr't1en! -Howard Brady. Secreluru 'lrettsurer' XVayne llilton. f -Byron Johnson. Sql. ul ,'lrnr.s7k'ernon Xittll. Stage Cfrew l'lyes, ttnder direction ol Neel Korn, were: 'lihe audiokyisual projection crew. composed ot' thirteen I7on Russ. stage manager: lid Soucek. assistant manager: students. has engaged in a larger program this year than Dwight llanna. electrician 'lihey wroked like heayers out previously. Ahout thirty hours ol' movies are shown each ol class and still were ahle to maintain suhiect grades. 'liheir week. work consisted ol making sets: working tor attd calls. and 'lihe crew memhers set up the projection equipment keeping the stage and auditorittni clean. lhis year sets were where scheduled. thread and show the hlms. l'rocurement huilt tor the Senior lllay. the .lunior Carnival, and the ol' the Ulm and scheduling it is also their yioh. 'lihev also X'.rrit-ty Show. lhe latter was the most complicated allair set up and operate the puhlic address system for all the In tackle. 'I here were twenty scenes in the show and eyery school functions in the auditorium and on the athletic lield stene had a dillerent set lhe hig puflle was the htthhle during athletic events. one: thousands oi huhhles were lloating trom everywhere, the lootlights, orchestra pit, Irom the sides. and the ceiling. QM, ' in 4. gyrfgrf 'tg- J at 5, xt. W Q, N!! 5 inf 'Ki YS, r .l7I' M f -'wk favs, s W SIZZLINE PLATTEHS The Torrance "Tar- tar" Band has made great improvement throughout the year as a result of fine student leadership. The band took to the field during foot- ball season putting on an enjoyable show for each game. They also participated in several local parades. During the second semester the group pre- sented an evening of Band music with se- veral standard band numbers and adding a stunt take off on a "Band Concert In The Park." A symphonic type orchestra materialized this year, classical and light classical music were studied. Public appearances were few in number this year, but it is planned to use our orchestra more ex- tensively next year. The year's activities were climaxed by the music festival held in the Torrance High School Auditorium, April 28, 1950. APPLE DUIVIPLINES The majorettes of the fall of 1949 were: Ann Olson, Sue lXflcWaid, Mitzi Brown, Irene Moreno. Sue Eppen- heimer, .Phyllis Galligan. To have the opportunity to run for majorette the candidate must have at least a B average. The majorettes are chosen by the music department teachers, Mr. Milstein and Mr. Dunn. The girls are entitled to "twirl" at all football games. sometimes to be in a parade and also to lead the students in songs at the games. At the end of the football season they receive a gold medal as a reward for their services. UEVILEII EGGS A member of the Torrance Varsity Club has earned a Varsity letter or is a senior with two stayin- ' -1 - i e trs in two sports: or three in one sport and one in another. The club voted upon his admis- sion into the club. lf he misses three meetings in a row he will be dropped. 'lhe successful events of the club this year Were: The initiation snow trip to Big Bear. Skiing, tobogganing and ice skatin 1 ke at tl ' bv l. l l 1 ' " X X i i' ' ' ' ' ankle while skiing. ilihe initiation eonsis keep them warmed up with swats. A few f'll A b for membership. 'lihe lfather and Son banquet was the biggest affair of the year featuring boxing, wrestling. tumbling, weight lifting and a famous sport s eaker. Mtat b.ll. . l . l 5, I at c ys nppy p us tit excitement ol Fl td Mareoux breaking his ted of taking nve or six boys into a big cabin to feed them goulash and t ows ecame green but thought it worth going through p c 1 s mc spag metti were for dinner. Another event was the horseback ride in Compton, slightly saddle sore but happy were the sports men. 'l'he club bought trophies for the boys that made All-Bay League in basketball and baseball this year, I Pictured is NVendell Vaughn, president James Taylor, vice-president: Rudy lilorts secretary-treasurer: and Doyle Crowshau sergeant at arms, coach Cole was sponsor 47 EUUUETTES UEVIIIS FUUIJ The Hi-Y is a boys organization. The purpose is to take part in com- munity affairs, and maintain high Christian standards. A few of the events for the club was a basketball game and participa- tion in the Easter Sunrise Service. Officers for the club were: President-Irwin Kasten Vice-President-Joe O'Toole Secretary-Jim Smith Treasurer-Bill Wernett A senior or junior may be a mem- ber of the Tri-Hi-Y after a voting transpires. Miss Betty Ball is the sponsor, The officers for the fall were: Mona Henry, president: Vivian Hazzard, vice president: Ann Mondor, secre- tary: Joann King, treasurer: Joan Melvin, Chaplin and Dolores Fees, reporter. The officers during the second semester were: Vivian Hazzard, pres- ident: Joan Melvin, vice president: Jean Minton, secretary: Jeanette Nin- cevic, treasurer: Ramona Johnson re- porter, Joan Wyman, historian and Elaine Rehwoldt, sargeant at arms. UUE MANEU! This club was formed in February by Miss Harriet H. Hardy, Miss Rous, and Mrs. Fraser in order that the Mexican girls would be more a part of the school and its activities. The purpose of the T.M.C. is to enter activities of the school and to have an aud call sponsored by us. The first meeting was held in Tar- tar Town where we elected the fol- lowing: President-Stella Hernandez Vice-President-Bea Castillo Secretary and Treasurer-J osie Paramo HQv?WW lwvmwwfviiv' , , M.: CANUIED APPLES The Future Homemakers of Amer- ica is a national organiation of pupils studying homemaking. 'AToward New Horizons" is the motto and expresses the purpose of learning to live better today in order that our lives and those of our families may be bet- ter tomorrow. A plan of work for the year in- cluded Christmas boxes for children overseas, various home making acti- vities, money making ventures, as the sale of candied apples and popcorn at the football games to finance conven- tion trips forthe girls, and helping to serve for the P.T.A. Officers of this chapter were: Bev- erly Karganilla, president: Peggy Cecil, secretary: Joan Melvin, treas- urer: Betty Scbaffermier, reporter. Msg sm Q., , M 1. ' ,,. . , . 'Pr f 5, i 3 Q GINGER SNAPS This club, Future Business Leaders of America, is sponsored by Miss Frances Lawrence and Mr. Victor Kilburn. The organization promotes interest in the business world and in the study of commercial subjects. Any student carrying at least one commercial subject is eligible to join. Some of the activities of the club are visits to different offices, field trips to big businesses. Officers for the lirsl semester were' Presi- dent. Nadine Stitzelz Vice-President. Joan XVyrnan: Treasurer, Faye Kaltwasserg Histor- ian-Reporter, Irene Moreno. Officers for the second semesler' President, Barbara Delsigne: Vice-President, Annette Castaner: Secretary, l..1Doris Henry: Treas- urer. Peggy Beatusg Historian-Reporter. Grace Garland. K L g . ' ,iiii ILT- 1 ANGEL FUUI1 This has been an eventful and pro- gressive year for the Fellowship Club. Eventful in that we presented a fine Christmas program for our club members and the faculty: we had a very successful buffet dinner in the home of Miss Lockwood, our spon- sor: and, to add variety, invited sev- eral guest speakers to our meetings. Progressive, in that instead of a president we elected a steering com- mittee consisting of six members, Vickie Lee, Mary Ann Valdez, Wil- liam Wilcox, Edgar Forcier, David Mario, and Agnes Morris - that would meet once or twice a month to plan our meetings. UIETINE The annual staff is one of the most important organizations to the graduating class, In June when the annual is distributed and the students are happily looking through the pictorial history of the years. they don't realize what the annual workers went through to put the yearbook out. The stalf bargained with the photographers, bickered with the printers, and then to top it off, sold them too. The '50 annual staff under the able supervision of Miss Elizabeth Griffin, and with the help of Billie June Barrett as Editor, produced its brain child. Editor headaches and joys were shared by: Jo Ann Snodgrass, Business Editor: Marv Ridge. Art Editor: Vv'ilma Speck and Dick Palmer, Photography Ifditors. Billie June Barrett worked vali- antly in producing this year's an- nual. "HelpI Won't someone do these write ups?! "eex'K'5SxZ"-Yi" The work was accomplished, need- less to say. Torch Yearbooks staff takes a few minutes out for a formal pic' ture, They were not always this sublime. The business manager, Jo Ann Snodgrass, tallies up receipts which Beverly Karganilla obtained from advertising. Mary Ridge, art editor, Jo Ann Snodgrass, business manager: Billie June, editor, and Wilnia Speck, co-photography editor, consult with ad- visor Miss Griffin on the wheres and whyfors of the yearbook. E501 w zli l7c Dc fXlul'arl.iml lctl, lvpcil iianws, aclivilv wrilc ups ailwriis ing uiipv aml ruail pmol ciiiiscivii iiuusly and iloglgiwllv, XYanila XYi'l1lv liamllcd thi' Scnior iilcs, sonic auliv ily wrilc ups and ulassuw, fi. W Dick llalmvr was a "limi" wliicli X was uiicxpcctcal but gratcliiillv dis 5 ciwvivcl. .luilgclui'Vm1iscll'liisalwil ily: lic took all llic piuiiiri-s on this pagc. ililw nioncv is civlliilul lw .lcaii Minton for Ilii' annual salcs. Gui' ilun Sl.lI1lUY. liaw liallwassiw. aml Dawn l'ai'rv liamlcil iwcr Ilia' 'Vlw lvagvi' Io .lo .'Xiin's ilrliglil: .liiaii XYvn1an is sad in Pilfllllg with il llmlv .lvnscn ciinsiilvrs llic lccli niquv ol' art lo lw uwil in llic '50 lmiili wliifh lic and Maxi' worlwil mil. 'l'lwrv wcri' lxilwillcis lmiii vii' co-wnilicrw. liowcwi' lilic Stall' looks ovcr llic illarlai' 5 'lkiwii for llmcnii' ialcas. I 51 FHUM THE ERIIJIILE This semester we thought we uld try something new on the 3 of a monthly magazine. The ne was to be "The Flame." The lf for the Hrst semester was: Editor+Mary Jo Tillotson Asst Editor-Cordon Stanley Sports-Frank Costa Business Mgr.-Janet McClure Typistsgvwfanda XVebb. Sally Valencia Make-up-Joyce Michels Reporters 4 Jerry Downing, Donna Hatheld, Jim Leech, lrma Peck. Nova Thompf son, Noella Morin, Bill Vwfernett Cover Editor-Charlie Moore During the second semester, after 2 loss of th printed T.N.T., we rted a bi-weekly mimeographed per, the "Elicker." Any girl may join the Y Teens as long as she is in high school or 8th grade, and lives up to the requirements. The meetings are at the Methodist Church and Christian Church every Tuesday, There are three divisions of Y Teens, they are the Tartar Y, consisting of l0th through l2th grade girls under the guidance of Mrs. Earl Clayton, and the officers are: President-Karen Ness, Vice-President-Josie Rosenberg, Secretary4Barbara Ludwig, Treasurer-Agnes Ruth, and Membership-Marilyn Baer. The Oth grade is called the Teen-Timers Y Teens and supervised by Mrs. M. Smart. Their cabinet includest President-Ellen Koehn, Vice-President-Dorothy Gray. Secretary-Arline Smart, Treasurer-Maxine Bohannon, and Membership-Rose Marie De La Cruz. The youngest group, the Sth grade, is the Y-Tartarettes, sponsored by Mrs. Thomas Saine. headed by: President--Emma Valencia, Vice-Presidentgphyllis Schneider, Secretary7Norma Mead, and Treasurer-Hazel Ifouts. Each girl strives to grow as a person: grow in friendship with people of all races. religions and nationalities. These qualities are depicted in the triangle symbol which 1. a aL wz W The staff tried hard to make a Reporters 1 Romona Johnson, Reportersflirank Costa, J good newspaper with a tremendous Mary Jo Tillotson, Frank Downing. Donna Hat lack of funds. Costa, Bill Wernett, and Jim l.eech, Jim Smith, Jim Smith. Vwfernett, Romona John Flicker staff was: For the second semester "The Nova Thompson, N4 Editor-Joyce Michels Flame" members were: Morin. Mary Jo Tillot Asst Editor-fDonna Hatfield EditorfCiordon Stanley Joyce Michels, Sports4Jerry Downing Asst. Editors 4 Wanda Webb, Cover Editor--Charlie Moor Eeature4Jim Leech Sally Valencia represents international scope and need for world fellowship, The Y Teens are members of the Y.W,C.A, and it is a school organization under the overall sponsorship of Mrs. Charlotte Lukes. The activities of the year for the Y Teens were: presentation of an Easter Sun- rise Service: the officers training twice a year with the dinner program with harbor areas: and the taking part in the Examiner Youth Forum. The individual clubs plan their own activities. The past year they ve made toys for Christmas candle light installation bowling party beach party bicycling ice skating roller skating collected mone service men. ha y for candy for over-sea 'STAGE DOOR'S" SENIOR PLAY CAST SPUHTY AIITUGHAPHS 11 ,FPM 1545, new nw -.. -5 .1- LN: anew ..,g Q BEVERAGE 1 3 ,, if-. TURTE The Song Queens for 1049 were Bonnie Galloway. oMna Henry. Beverly Fritz, Pat Eacls, and Jacquie King. These girls were always on the job leading the crowd at Football Games and the Student Body at Rallies with the school songs "Torrance Hi." "Fall in Line," A'Onward Torrance." and the Alma Mater. At the closing of the Football season the girls were awarded a Song Queen medal for their service to the school. gg 'sa Coach Cole yaks yaks to one of his men. VARSITY TORRANCE us. ROSEMEAD The Torrance Tartars successfully opened their 1949 prep grid schedule by swamping Rosemead High School 25-2 on our new field. The Torrance scorers for the opening game wer Kulp, Vaughn, Crawford and Dandoy. TORRAICE vs. NEWPORT HARBOR Th second practice game wit hthe Newport Harbor Sailors. To the sorrow of the Tartars the final score was 34-0. The Tartars in this game lost the services of Doyle Croshaw. a first string tackle for the rest of the season. ' TORRANCE us. INGLEWOOD Although outgained, outdowned, and outclassed, the Inglewood Sentinels outsocred the Torrance Tartars to the tune of 12-7. The Torrance scorer was Wendell Vaughn. and the conversions were made by Crawford. TORRANCE us. SANTA MONICA Santa Monica the defending Bay League champions were almost upset when the Tartars played the Vikings to a 13-I3 standstill for three and a half quarters. With only eight minutes remaining to play Santa Monica put in a new team that made thre touchdowns for the Hnal score of 34-13. The Torrance scorer was Vaughan and Crawford made the von- version. Joan McWaid, Tommy Gia, tras, Betty Floyd and not pres- ent in the picture Harold Burg- ener were as vivacious as one could wish in the stirring up of enthusiasm and excitement of the grandstand spectators, P551 PEPPERS EULE SLllW Q9 5 541' , 1 12-MQ.. I - L W I 1 -f K ., . .t ,, .. tlfffwg ' A' ' ' ,pw ,. wk' ' . . . "iff .'...,, A Mlm - fwtwwri -.W f wa'-W - f ' Awww' ttf.. V J 'M f w,t,,,,,,, .,4, 31. . X. 'I ORRANI I1 tus. ISIfl'I:'Rl.Y lllI.l.S 'l he 'l'arlars stunned the Normans with a 32-7 attack. 'l he game got ofl to .1 good start when Dottrottx, the Tartar center. intercepted .1 pass and ran 60 yards for .1 touchdown. 'l'he lorrance scorers were Dotirottx, Clevenger, Dandoy. and Vaughn. 'l he conversions were made l1y Higgins and Craw- iortl. IURI6.fl1W'Ifu.1. I:'I..S'IfCil1'NlXJ ll Segundo was Iel't lvehind when the 'l'orrance Tartars llhltlk' three lotieltdowns in llie last fifteen minutes of play. 'l hey oulpointed tl1e Oilers hy a V7-Z0 win. 'l'he scorers for 'lorrante were Cfrawlord, Vorhis. IDUIIYOUX, l5.1ren, and XVendell Vauglni ll J. Conversions were made hy Crawford, lJourotix, and X'.lllj.1IH1. 'IURIFANC I: tw. I.l1I '!INfil1'R 'l'l1e Pray league eharttpions ran rough shod over the ltiekless 'l'artar. 'lihev lvowled over the 'l'.1rtars with .1 N58-O win IORR,'lNf If us RI:'IXJNlX1 Althouh the Held was not ir1 very good playing condition, lvolh teams fought hard. But tl1e 'l'artars were otttclassed by a powerftil Redondo tean1 and lost 33-6. Our only scorer was A ramix llandoy. 'I'URR,'lNf 'Ii tm. JORDAN 'l'I1e l,.lIllIN'I'9 clawed the 'l'.1rt.1r tean1 in our last game ol the season. XX'endelI Vaughn n1.1de ot1r only touchdown which was passed to him hy Boyd Crawford. 'l'l1e final score was 3-I 7 Althouh outscored in live games the 'l'artars were onl Y otitplayed hy the l x'lIl.lf1j!,L'!' team. 'l'he 'l'orrance team low on rexerve power never went into tl1e last quarter of play more than 7 points behind. " ', 'g '- .X - ' N. ii I' I " I 5 r 4 .2 -Q, . 1 'Q Q, ', tr G' K lf , ' 'v . ' ' C' ' ' ' ' "" . if ' gi 1. 1 Jar ' I ' in Q., . .' 1 ... S51 ' .' on - -A ,Q -' ' Fan? 221 jj.. N -.-A is 'fx b' , .i Us fa. 3 K X"3 N S' ' " il "N . 19. . -wtf ' - +3 f., -' M ,,, M 5 3 Q -S. nm , Eg M Na Ja M -we -1 ws ,H ,. 15 v 3f"7"w' MHZ' W Q V-wg , 1 "i?1?'Q1' ' if, 1 5' . Q 'Y A if ,il n 33'Qn f-ff F ., ,I , , fb +, +4 Ymgw W my ' , .A W3 -if ww ,QW Wi S 1! , A ,A Aw ,, mom, ' ,Af , , 1,4 . H,,, N.. ' my mi - we-A Q an Q l Qin' it A -NA . .g...f M, S X lf Q, H, l l' 1 CULE SLllW BEE FOOTBALL TORRANCE us. ROSEMEAD The Torrance Bee gridders employed a sparkling ground and air assault to score a thumping 28-0 win. The scorers were Mimura. Ford, Scholl, and Bill Crawford. TORRANCE us, ENTERPRISE Although the foes were much heavier our team managed a 7-6 win. Dick Carrow scored a touch- down which was passed to him by Lefty Scholl. Dick Carrow was the outstanding player in this game. TORRANCE Us. INGLEXVOOD The highlight of the Inglewood game was their passing attack and our ground game. l.efty Scholl made two touchdowns which were long reverses. The final score was 28-13 in favor of Inglewood. TORRANCE us. SANTA MONICA The only time Santa Monica threatened was when they made a touchdown in the second quarter. We completely outplayed them in the second half, but the final score was 7-2. Wilson and Schmidt tackled a man in the end zone for our two points. 601 CULE SLllVll Mr. llainilton, attendance super- intendent, Mr. llilton, the radio expert ol 'li.ll.S,, Nlr, liradford, journalism advisor and publicity man, and .lames Noal watch with intent the football game and keep tally the results on the electric score hoard. 1' 'Y 'V sir. '1'ORRnlNf.'lf us. LISVZINCIISR 'lihe 'liartar-halves outplayed the lCllllIlgt'!' Ffs. with l5ill Crawford completing Z0 passes out of Zh. ln taking the victory which was ll-tv, the scorers were Mimura and Ciiatras. 'l'ORRflNCTIi us. JORDAN The Torrance Tarlualwes Hghting every inch of the way lost a ll-20 thriller to the Jordan B's who were the Bay League Champions. The scorers were Carrow QZH, Crawford. 'I'ORRflNClI vs. REDONDO Coming from behind in the final canto, The Torrance Bs submerged the Redondo Bee's 18-13 to hand the Beachmen their first defeat of the season. The scorers were Kasten and Mimura. 'IURRANCE vs. EI, SEGUNIJO Scoring practically every time we had the ball the Tarhahes rolled over weak lil Segundo with a 53-21 win. All 40 of the players got into the act. The scorers were Mimura, Groves. Murphy, Ford. lilores, Scholl, and Crawford. TORRANCE us. BEVERLY HILLS NVith quarterback Bill Crawfords pitching arm in perfect form. thc Tarlaabes outscored the Beverly Hills team lf?-12. Crawford flipped touchdown passes to Scholl, Carrow, and Kasten. l. Beverly Hills 2. El Segundo 3, Jordan 4. l.euzinger I611, Varsity Casaba bouncers rated highly in the Bay League and at home, Aramis Dandoy 4 All Bay League Ciuard iduniorl. Honorable Mention: Bill Wernett, centerfcapt.: Ronnie Hig- gins. forward: Dick Carrow. guard. The following boys made letters: Bill VVernett. Ronnie Higgins, Johnny Kulp, Way'ne Scholl, Wendall Vaughn. Aramis Dandoy. Ronnie Chambers, Dick Carrow, Jim Warren. manager. Bill NVarnett, captain of the Varsity basketball team. and Coach Graybehl fought together for a winning season. Their cooperative efforts resulted in 39.3 points per game and opponents received 37.6 for l8 games. ln the Bay League the total was 38.4 for Torrance and 37.5 for opponents. "B" co-captains, Tad Mimura and Tommy Geatris. are shown with Coach Cole. "C" Basketball co-captains Eiichi Kobayashi and Jack O'Cain Hank Coach Welch. Billy Sommers. captain of the "D's," was always on that basketball. Aaramis Dandoy Uuniorj all Bay League guard. Dick Carrow, 5'4" guard of W '50 class, played four league games of the season and was second highest scorer on the team for the full season of 18 games, one of the finest all around basketball players in T,H.S. The highest point average for whole season Q9.5j. The four leading scorers for the whole season werez Captain Bill Wernett+l29 points C7.l averagej 18 games. Dick Carrow!l23 points 19.5 averagej 13 games. oRnnie Higgins4ll8 points f6.5 averagel 18 games. Aramis Dandoy-lll points C6.l averagej 18 games. Bay League-Highest Scorers: Ronnie Higgins-69 points, 9.8 average4C79.l Bill Wernett-48 points, 6.7 average7Q79.l Aramis Dandoy-47 points, 6.7 average!C79.l Dick Carrow-31 points, 7.5 average-149.3 Johnny Kulp-30 points, 4.4 average-179.3 Wimpy Chambers-2 4points. 3.4 average-Q79.l H521 13111 I'iA5IXl1I 131311, Iht' 13tw-s tpipttirt-cl thtrtl placc in thx 13.iy 1.t-.iggtitx timlci' thc to.1thing ol lkltlit C.oIn'. Iommy Cii.itr.ix unix thc outxtnmling ni.iii ol tlw 13t't's .intl co c.ipt.iinctl with '1.itl Mimt1i.i, 13111 I3.1ron high point ni.ui .intl Cilcnn 13oytt' thcir most improved pI,iycr, vliUl'l'tIl1t t' Uppomwl 4th Iwitcrpriwc I5 35 c:.llI1k'i11.lI lll 36 Mt. fhirnivl 37 43? S.iint Moniui 33 313 I.. 13. Xvilson -I-I -IZ St. Anthony 37 32 lLxcclsior 43? Z1 N.irlionnc 56 30 Itiglcwoocl 31 I5 13cll Cinrclcns ZZ 437 S.1nt.i IV1onic.1 -ll 31 13cvcrly Ilills 3-4 -I I Santa Monica 31 3'7 Ik'lll1l'1gUl' ll -19 1'Xt'ulsior 35 -12 I I Svguntlo -Il 37 Rctlontlo 50 -I5 I . 13. .1ortl.1n 41 34 lil Scgumlo ll A14 Compton 33? 23 I3cwrly llills Z5 XVIII! I3 'I tml I lost 7 '1'ol.1l ll CII 13ASIilz'1'l3All 'lllit' Circa, who wcrt' co.ic1it'cl hy Rex XVvIt'li. ni.itlv ,i gootl xhowing lor them wlvvs in 10431 '30, 'I Iicy took third place in tht- Ci.ipistr.iiio totirnnntciil .intl won 1-I out ol Ilivtt IH gyitittw. f,o t.ipt.1iiiw.1.icIt O'Ci.iiii,tlw high point iiwn I-Hi digits, .intl liiirhi Koh.1y.iS11i, spnikvtl tht-ir nmtvs onwnrtl. Ilit' otitsmntltng hoys in thc YYCY wrrr .lim Nat conchs ly .intl .luck O C..iin. 'I mrtlntt' Uppfmvn! ll 1:1 Scguntlo 13? 45 lzntrrprisc I7 34 I . 13, Vvlilson I5 l'l St Anthony 15 2 3 Ml, f1.lI'l1N'l Z1 .37 Ilowntcncl Ill 211 I'Xfn'ISior I5 35 St. Anthony I7 Ili Inglcwootl Z8 ll Monica Z4 ZX Rcdondo 31 34 l3t'yt'rly Ilillw 211 31 ICLIIIIIQCI' Z6 42 Ifxcclsior I5 311 121 Segundo 12 -ll! Corona ZZ I 3 Aiinlwirn Z3 253 lullrrton 21 Vwlon I H1 1081 -I 'Iiol.11 I8 DIzli'S 'lilw I7t'c's co c.ipt.iin. I3iIIy Sommcrs, w.ix otitsmmliiig .xml high point man Hg' tiring 66. .Iini Mitxtcrman no-t:.ipt.iinct1. too, '1'1it' tcIini's lwst gamc wax with 121 St-gtimlo. I UI'I'tll7l't' Opponpnl 211 long 13v.ich Vvlilson 253 fffct' rcscrvcb I6 St. Anthony 27 ll Mt. Carmel I5 137 Roscnicntl 21 25 Ifxccleior 20 Z1 St, Anthony I4 fffcc rcscrvch 'I Inglewood 223 l'l Snnln MKBHICII 26 32 Rcdondo 10 27 13t'Vt'rIy Ilills 21 lfv 1,ctllingcr 20 Z1 Ifxcclsior IO JU lil Scuundo I7 x Q Sm N xg N R +-annul. NNI wx 9 A I ,X 2. 3. 4. 5. 64 Beverly Hills vs. Torrance C27 Cb? CCB 41 Beverly Hills 73 213 Torrance 31 735 36 March 3rd, at Beverly Hills. Santa Monica-Leuzinger-Torrance C211 Cb? CCD A Santa Monica 69 55 20 M Leuzinger 34 15 23 M Torrance 23 35 48 March 10th. St. Anthony vs. Torrance at Torrance C07 Cb? CCH St. Anthony 30 40 5 Torrance 73 55 72 March 16th. Rosemead vs. Torrance at Rosemead. CHD Cb? CCD Rosemead 48 55 My 22 Torrance 5 6 3 9 5 5 March 23rd. 1 WELSH HABBITS 6, El Monte Relays: B. Division-High jump team 4th place: Dandoy, Giatras, Groves. C. Division-A Znd in broad jumpg Kobayaski, Mimura, D. Turner. A 3rd in shot putg Olstrom, March 31st, TRACK DATA l. Inter Mural Meet A. Varsity: Seniors 74, Juniors 33, Sophomores 8, Freshmen O. B, Seniors 51 Juniors 42, Soph- omores 6 M. Freshmen 6, C. Freshmen 40 Sophomores ZSM. Seniors 15, Juniors 3. March 3rd. Blackstom, Bennett. Pole vault: O'Cain, Kobayashi, Thomson. High jump: 4th place, O'Cain, Powers, D. Turner. April 14th. f lniglewuutl Relays Divisitin lligh lump. lst place, lliiitliw, Cii.tti.ts, Ciruves. ll. Kelley. 4 mile, 5lh pltice: Dantloy, Ci.trci.i. Nlurtensim. linker. 4 Iwu mile. -lth place: Dtvwning. I. Xl.llL'FlUl.l, l..l'tiiin- tlers. Medley relay. 5th Arnientl, liimliiy. Kuilleniyer, lilores Cf. Division Shot put. Zncl place: Olstroin l5l.iclistone. Bennett. Popovich, Broad jump. 'ard place: Kolmy .ishi. lVlimur.i. D. Turner. Powers. 4 man mile, 4th place: Sumpter. Blackstone. Stevens. Bayliss. lligh iump. Znd place: O'C.1in Powers. D. Turner. Blackstone April 28th, 8. B.1yl.c.igue Varsity-Znd, high hurdles: Stock. High jump. tie for 5th: Higgins. B. Division Dandoy .incl Grovers tied for 3rd Giatras tied for 5th. Shot put. tied for Zntl: li. Schmidt. 1320-'ltd-Mitt.1n. 220-5th-D. Baker. 660-5th-Downey. Relay-4th - Baker, Armend lflores, Kudlemyer. Broad jump. 5th-Aiiroves. C. Division l.ow hurdles. lst -- Koh.iy.1shi lVlimur.t Znd. Relay, 5th-Koluyashi. Mimura Blackstone. Bayliss. Pole vault, lst+O'C.iin. Pole vault. lrd-Kobayashi. High jump, '5rd-- Powers. Shot put. Sthglilstmni, I551 BTTTEH UP Wendell Vaughn. Captain and Zevear letterman. Vaughn pitched two consecutive shut outs in league plav, Team man hitting in every league game was lVlemura. l,ettermen Were: .lim Taylor, catcher: XVendell Vaughn, pitcher: .lim Nady, first base: .lim Murphy. second base: Al Knappenberger, second base: Bill Craw- ford, short stop: Rip Carlisle, third base: Tad Mimura, left field: Vic Ordaz. center field: Charley Camou. right field and pitcher: Jim Blackstone, right field: .lim Waners and Ray Gonzales. managers. The baseball seniors not returning are: Captain Wt'ndell Vaughn. Rip Carlisle. Tad lVlimura. liranlx Mora. TORRANCIT BASTEBATI RECORD Torrance l vs. Inglewood l 8 Torrance 3 vs, Santa Monica O Torrance Z vs. Beverly Hills O Torrance O vs. Leuzinger 6 Torrance 6 vs. lil Segundo 2 Torrance l vs. Redondo l 3 Torrance 9 vs. Jordan Z Torrance 0 vs. Narbonne l Z Torrance 0 vs, San Pedro l8 Torrance 5 vs. Banning 8 Torrance 3 vs. Gardena -l Torrance 0 vs.HuntingtonBeach li Torrance 6 vs, Huntington Beach 9 Torrance l vs. l.ynwood I H0 inning tiel Torrance 'i vs, XVestchester l Torrance l l vs. lfnterprise l league ganiesg-Wtmn 3 lost 4 Season Record-fNVon 5 l ost l l T661 f 4 'I J' le .GV Jsta' 3 w Q' 1 , , 5 fu 'ss ., ,, I in X 4, , x S wg if XRS- X 'K .... 4 CHEESE CAKE Bottom picture-Junior and Sophomore G.A.A. Mfg? G. A. A. First Semester President .... Betty Branum Vice President . . , Joan Melvin Secretary ..... leanne Jenkins Treasurer .... Marylin Finch Recording Secretary . Vivian Hazzard Historian . ..., Jean Minton Sports managers . . Audry Wright Marian McDonald Barbara Mondor Reporter . . . Mary Jo Tillotson Yell Leaders . . Irene Moreno Annette Castener Honor member . , . Ann Mondor G. A. A. Second Semester President . . . Mary Jo Tillotson Vice President . . Marylin Finch Secretary .... Vivian Hazzard Treasurer ..., Jeanne Jenkins Recording Secretary . Martha Dunn Historian . . Sports managers Reporter . . Yell Leaders . Honor Member Marian McDonald . Barbara Mondor lflaine Rehwolt lirma Carstens Barbara Zachary Barbara Coleman Annette Castaner . Betty Branum l E N X x CHEESE EEEE The Girls' Athletic Association Cfor those who must know the proper namej is a club of girls who get together every Monday and Wednesday after school. It is open to all grils providing they are of sound mind, having a C average, no F's and able to stand playing after school whether it rains, snows, or suns. Like other clubs, it has a cabinet of girls who are voted in by the members, and have an average ofa B for brains. The membership is tremendous, and "The best in the West." hraving one hundred forty paid members, good at thirty-five cents a sport and four sports a year. If you don't have over three times absence for each sport, you are awarded the beautiful maroon or grey sweater, three sports more a letter, and forevery three sports after your letter, you get a star. When you graduate fDon't laugh, the time will come.j you will have a sweater, letter and three stars. You may also have a pair of shorts, grey with a maroon stripe, but you have to earn these, too. These you may have! after paying the treasuryj for only one sport. You must play and attend every meet- ing. The G.A.A. sponsored a movie 'iFoxes of Harrow" in November. The annual faculty-G.A.A. basketball game was in September and a howling success. The Hrst spread of the semetser was held November l4. I The banquet of January 18th was held at the Chritsian Church hall. Announcements of new officers for the second semester was made by the first semester officers. The award the first semester was given to Ebba Warren. The barn dance was held March 18th and co-sponsored by the Varsity Club. January was the month of the Posture Contest presented by the Girls' Physical Education Department. the winner Elaine Rehwoldt. February was the assembly about the Modern Dance in which Fullerton High School came to present a review. The live main play days, one for each sport, were: Beverly Hills . . Volleyball Bowling trophies were won by: T B k b H Joan Phipps Barbara Mondor Orrancc ' ' as et 3 Wanda Webb Barbara Zachery El Segundo . . . . Speedball Vickie L99 Wilma Speck Mary Jo Tillotson Joan King Ramona Johnson for having the highest average. Thanks to Torrance Bowling Alley. ElSegundo-Torrance . . Bowling Leuzingcr . . . Alldayplayday I691 g TARTAH TUWN There was ahgreal deal of activity around 'I 'orrance High School during the summer of '49. It was the building of Tartar Town. The real work began about a week after the class was started. The building was re- onstructed, counters were built, tables, chairs, Qafr' tors and juke boxes were moved in st the paint cans, brushes. and painters. oue all the "confusion" you could hear z structions of Miss Hardy, Miss Crowe, r. Wallace, ana' Mr. Steinbaugh. The outcome of all this hard work was a malt shop for the student body of T. H. S. known as TARTAR TOWN. The students who worked in the project were: Moana Ahlstrom, Zola Bellwood, John Carlisle, Darlyne Goldman, Shirley Gish, Nancy Harris, Donna Hatield, Wanda Hol- lomon, Ramona Johnson, Luana Johnson, Ray Kelley, Mary Ridge, Jean Minton, Marilyn Schumert, Lorita Shellman, Nadine Stitzel, and Freda Peck. 5 I 'li L I Piece de Resistance This year the pictures are identified only in the class section. The Activity and Sport section have ugrite-ups rd names mentioned of outstanding participation of members and the.cIub's function. The student index is a salve r disappointed non-pictured members, be they clas member, club andjor sport participant. .IUNIURS ,BRAMSON, FRED .DAMS, FRANK .DAMS, JEANE: A Cappella Choir, G.A.A., F.H.A. IHLSTROM, MOANA: G.A.A., A Cappella Choir ILLEN, NANCY: G.A.A., A Cappella Choir, Girls Glee ILMIEDA, RAUL INTOKOL, PATSY IRMAGOST, HOMER IRMEND, DICK: Acapella Choir, Hi-Y, B Football, B Track, Boys Glee ITKINS, WILMA SABBITT, JIM: Chi-Rho Club, C Basbetball, Baseball SARKDULL, GARY: Hi-Y BARON, WILLIAM: B Basket- ball, Varsity Baseball, Tartar Knight SASHAM, PEGGY: Mixed Chorus SELLHOUSE, BOB SELLWOOD, ZOLA: Fellowship, G.A.A. SERG, GREG: B Basketball, Golf BERNATH, JANE SEVER, JOYCE BISBEE, BOB SISBOCCI, JO ANN BLY, BETTY: Girls Glee, A Cappella Choir SOAL. RICHARD: Hi-Y BOOTH, ELSIE: Fellowship Club, Red Cross SOURNE, BILL: V Football, Tennis, V Club SOYCE, GLYNN: V Football, B Basketball, B Track, V Club 3OX, RUTH BROWN. LA DORNA: Girls Glee, G.A.A. BURCHFIELD. EMILY: G.A.A., A Cappella Choir BURNS. BOB IARSTENS, ERMA: Jr. Statesmen, G,A.A., Tartar Ladies, Scholarship, Rally Club CARTER. GARY: D Basket- ball, Track CASTANER, ANNETTE: G.A.A., F.B.L.A. CLEVENGER, JOE: V Foot- ball, Boys Glee, V Club COLEMAN, BARBARA: G.A.A. COMBS, CHARLES: Band CONNER, PAT COOPER, DILLA COULSON, CHARLES f721 COX, JERRY: C Basketball CROSHAW, DOYLE: Varsity Football, Wrestling, Boys Glee, V Club CROVELLA, MARIAN CUNNINGHAM, NANCY CURLEY, BARBARA CURTIS, D. DANDOY. ARAMIS: Varsity Football, Tartar Knight. B Track, V Basketball, V Club, Acapella DAVIS, LYNN: Jr. Statesmen, Rally Committee DAWSON, GARY DEATON, TED DESHLER, ROBERT DOWNING, JERRY: B Foot- ball, Tartar Knights, Hi-Y. B Track DUDLEY, VIOLA: G.A.A. DUNCHAN, S.: G.A.A. DUNMYER, JIM: V Football. V Club DUNN, MARTHA: Tartar Ladies, G.A.A. DUNNING, BILL EADS, PAT: G.A.A., Song Queen, Tri-Y EDWARDS, BOB: Scooter Club ESTES. JAMES: Fellowship Club EVANS, DONNY FAREN, JACK: V Football, Boys Glee, Hi-Y, V Club FERGUSON, DICK: Varsity Football, V Baseball, V Club FERNANDEZ, STELLA: G.A.A., Mexican Club FORD, JOHN: B Football: Boys Glee, Wrestling FORTH, DORIS MAE: G.A.A., Fellowship Club, F.B.L.A. FOWLER, DORIS FRIEDMAN, DONNA: Jr. Statesmen, Rally Com- mittee, Scholarship FRITZ, BEVERLY: G.A.A., Song Queen FUJIWARA, KIYOSHI FULLMER, ALENE: G.A.A. GALLIGAN, PHYLLIS: Majorette, Stage Crew GARCIA, RAUL: B Track GARGALIS, ALICE: Girls League GARLAND, JACK: V Club. Fellowship, V Football, A Cappella GARNICA, TONI: Acapella GISH, SHIRLEY: G.A.A. GONZALES, RAY GRIMSLEY, BARBARA GROVES, GARY: B Football, B Basketball, B Track GRUB, JACK: Scooter Club HATFIELD, DONNA: G.A.A. Rally Committee, T.N.T. Staff HAVJKS, SADIE: G.A.A. HILL, L: G.A.A. INTERMILL, HOWARD, Hi-Y IRWIN, WILLARD: Football Manager, V Basketball JACKSON, BARBARA: G.A.A., Scholarship, Tartar Ladies, Jr, Statesmen, Fellow- ship, Rally Committee JENOCOVICH, MARIE JEWELL, DONNA JOHNSON, LUANA: G.A.A., Girls Glee, A Cappella Choir JOHNSON. DAVID JONES, JO ANN: Girls Glee, Mixed Chorus KASTEN, IRWIN: Hi-Y, B Football KELLY, JERRY KENNEDY, BILL KNAPPENBERGER, ALBERT: Baseball KOEHN, BILL: B Football, T.N.T. Staff KUDLEMYER, BILL LAFFERTY, GRACE G.A.A. LAUDEMAN, HAL LAUGHLIN, ROBERT LEECH, JIM: Varsity Football T.N.T. Staff, V Club LEWIS, VERN LINDENBERG, ELVIRA: G.A.A. LISONI, DE DE LIVADA, LEE LLOYD, MERRELL LOVELADY, IONE LUDWIG, BARBARA: G.A.A McCLUER, JANET: T.N.T. Staff McWHITER, RICHARD McVICAR, PATSY MATTIX, DOROTHY: G.A.A., Girls Glee MESIROW, MARVIN MILLER, GARY MITCHELL, BEVERLY: Tri-Y MITCHELL, DON: Band MITTAN, DUANE: Baseball. C Basketball, V Track MOORE, RALPH MORIN, NOELLA: T.N.T. Staff MARENO, IRENE: Majorette. G.A.A., F.B.L.A. MORGAN, BARBARA MUNYER, PATRICIA: Acapella MURDOCK, BEVERLY: Acapella, Mixed Chorus NADY, JIM, Baseball, C Bas- ketball NINCEVIC, JENNETTE: Annual Staff, G.A.A., Tri-Y. Rally Club NOALL, JAMES NUTE. JACK OLSEN, HENNING PAYNE, THELMA: Mixed Chorus, A Cappella PEREZ. AL, V Football, V Club PEREZ. FLORENZ PERKINS, JANICE PICKETT, BOB: Band, Boys Glee POUNDERS, LEON: A Cappella, Track POWELL, HELEN Fellowship PRYER, TOM: Tennis Football RADICKY, SALLY RAINWATER, ORANELL: Acapella REHWOLDT, ELAINE: G.A.A., Tri-Y. A Cappella REIBSTEIN, WILLIAM REID. LEONARD: A Cappella ROGERS, B.: G.A.A. RUSS, DON: Jr. Statesmen, Stage Crew, T.N.T. Staff RUSSELL, SUE RUTH, TED: V Track RUTH, AGNES: G.A.A. RYAN, DOROTHY RYAN, MARY SANCHEZ. NORA SANDERS, RICHARD: Scooter Club SANFORD, WALLACE: Band SAULSBERY, BARBARA: Girls League SCHMIDT. FRANK: Hi-Y. B Football. B Track SCHREIBER, ARLENE: G.A.A. SCHREPEL, MARY JO: Tri-Y SCHUMERT, MARILYN: Y-Teens, Mixed Chorus SCIARROTTA, ROSS: Band B Track, Orchestra, Fellow- ship SCOTT, SANDRA: G.A.A. SHANKO, JACK: B Football SHANNON, BETTY: G.A.A. SIMER, JOHNNY: Football, Basketball, Stage Crew SMITH, BRUCE: B Basketball, Hi-Y SOUCEK, ED: Stage Crew SPRABERRY, EDNA STEELE, EUNICE STEVENS. PHYLISS STIEFEL, LARRANIE: Girls Glee STILES. LAURA: Girls Glee SROLLE, MARK SUMPTER, TENNESSE TAMURA. SUEO: B Football TAPPIN, MARY: Tri-Y TAYLEY, O.: G.A.A. TAYLOR, JIM: Hi-Y, V Club, V Baseball, V Basketball THOMPSON, ALVIN C Track' THOMPSON, GERALD: Football, Track, Fellowship Club THOMPSON, NOVA: T.N,T. Staff TITTLE, FELIX ANDERSON. CHARLOTTE: CRAWFORD, BILL: B Foot- G.A.A., Y Teens ANDERSON, DIANE: G.A.A. ARMEND, DICK: B Football, B Track. Hi-Y ARTMAN. JACK BABBITT, DON: Baseball. Fellowship Club BABICK. INA: Girls Glee, G.A.A. BAER, LA DONNA: F.B.L.A., Band, Orchestra BAER. MARYLIN: Mixed Chorus, Y Teens BAKER, CLAUDINE: G.A.A. BARTAMUS, VICTOR BELANUS, FRED BELL. JOE: Boys Glee BELLWOOD, SYLVIA: Fellowship Club BENNETT, WARREN: C Track, C Basketball, Scholarshiup Society BERGEN, CONNIE BISHOP, ANN: G.A.A. BLACKSTON, JIMMY: C Track, Baseball BLAKE, LOIS: Band, Orchestra BLAND, FRANKIE: Bearing Burners BOROUGHF, JACK BOSS. JOANNE: G.A.A., Fellowship Club, A Cappella BOWEN, ROUDOLPH: Band, A Cappella BRADY, HOWARD: Bearing Burners BROWN, MITZY: G.A.A., Y-Teens, Majorette BROWNING. CALVIN: V Football BUCKLEY, CLAUDETTE BUSSE, BILL: Boys Glee Club BUSTILLOS, ROSA: Girls Glee, T.M.C. BUNJES. MARGARET BERRY, DON: Propection Crew CAMP, BETTY: G.A.A. CARCERANO, JOE: Bearing Burners CARMER. BARBARA: Fellowship Club CARANZA, ROSIE: Girls Glee, T.M.C. CARROLL. BOB COBB, JEANNE: G.A.A., Rally Committee COLLINS, JOHN COURON, JACQUELINE: Girls League CRANE. BILL CRITSER, FRED: B Football ball, B Basketball, Class President, V Baseball, A Cappella CUMINFORD, CHARLES: B Football CURRY, BILL: Projection Crew DAVIS, FRANKIE: B Football DAWSON, GARY DENHAM. DAYLE: G.A.A., Scholarship DISARIO, BILL: Hi-Y DOLAN, LARRY DUNCAN, SHIRLEY: G.A.A. DUNMYER, PAT: A Cappella ECKSTROM, NANCY EVANS, JOAN ELLIOTT, SHARON: A Cappella EPPERHEIMER, SUE: Ma jorette ESTES, MELVA - FAREN, NANCY FEES, JACK: C Basketball, Baseball FISCHER, JANE: Junior Statesman: Scholarship: G.A.A. FLANAGIN, ANN: G.A.A. FLORES, BENNY: Band, Mixed Chorus EILEENE FORCIER: Fellowship FORCIER, EDGAR: Fellow- ship. Bearing Burners FRANKLIN, BOBBIE: G.A.A. FULLER, DONNA: Y Teens. Jr. Statesmen FULLER, DONA: G.A.A. GABBE, MARY: Girls Glee Club GARCIA, RICHARD GILLBERT, PAUL GIPE, FRANKLIN: Bearing Burners GONZALES, RICHARD: Baseball, B Football, Orches- tra. Dance Band GOERKE, MADELINE GOFF. CAROL GOLDMAN. DARLYNE GRAY, BILL: B Football, B Track. Hi-Y GRUVER, MARTHA: Rally Club, G.A.A. GUERRA, FRED HAEFELI, CAROL HANSEN, PAT HARRIS, DONNA HAYNES, DOROTHY: Glee. Fellowship HERNANDEZ, ESTHER TOMKINS. JOHN TOMTE, MYRNA: G.A.A. TURNER, JIMMIE VALDEZ, TONI: Boys Glee C Basketball VANCE, LAVONNE: G.A.A.. A Cappella VAN ORDER, CHARLOTTE: G.A.A., Girls Glee, A Cappella WATRIN, MILAN: Golf WEBER, DONNA WHITE, TED: Swing Band Golf HULBARD. RICHARD HILL, BEVERLY: Y-Teens IHDE, WAYNE JACOBS, CAROL: G.A.A. JALO, VESTA JENKINS, BETH ANN: Scholarship--Historian: G.A.A. JENOCOVICH, FRANCES JOHNSON, BYRON: Bearing Burners JOHNSON, GERALD JOHNSON, JACKIE: G.A.A. JOHNSTON, THOMAS: B Football JONES. BERYL: V Football KAWADA, SACHIDO KELLEY, RAY ELLIS: B Football, B Track KIMURA, FOSHIO KING, JACK KIRTON. BILL: Basketball LANCASTER. DON LATTURE, DONNA LEDBETTER, DAVID LEETZ, BILL: Bearing Burners LOKEN, SHIRLEY: Fellowship Club LOMBARDY, LUCILLE: Mixed Chorus LONG, TOM: Track Manager LOPEZ, JEANETTE: G.A.A., Tri-Y-Teens, Band LOPEZ, JOE LORANGER, ALICIA: G.A.A. LOVELADY. NORMAN LUDWIG, BARBARA: G.A.A., Y-Teens McDONALD, MARIAN: G.A.A., Rally Committee, Junior Statesman McNARY, BENTON THOMAS: Fellowship Club McWAID, SUE: Majorette MALOY. DICK MANFRA. TONYIA: G.A.A. MADRIGAL, FRANK MEAD, EARL MELGOSA, LOLA MELTON, DARREL: Basketball MILLER, JIM: Band, B Foot- ball, Baseball, Boys Glee, Mixed Chorus MILLER: LOIS MILLER, NANCY RUTH: Fellowship Club, Scholarship Society MITCHELL, ALBERTA: Girls Glee, G.A.A., Y-Teens WILSON, PEGGY: G.A.A. WUNDERLICK, SHIRLEY: Girls League YOES, HETTIE , YOUNG, LENORE ZACHARY. BARBARA: G.A.A., Tartar Ladies ZAMAGUCHI, GEORGE ZOMORA, RUBEN ZIEMKE, BETTY: R,y ?ubYG.A.A. Annua Staff, ri- MONDOR, BARBARA: Rally Committee, Junior Statesman, G.A.A. MOORE, BETTE: G.A.A.. Girls Glee MOORE, LEROY: Bearing Burners MORRIS, ELLEN: G.A.A. NELSON, CHARLOTTE: G.A.A., Drill Team, 'I'ri-Y'- Teens NESS, KAREN: Junior States- men, G.A.A., Y-Teens OBAN, ROY: Wrestling. Baseball, Basketball O'CAIN. JACK: B Football, C Track, C Basketball, Hi-Y OKAZAKI, TAMIKO: G.A.A. OLSON, ANN: G.A.A., Band. Orchestra, Dance Band, Majorette, Girls Glee OLSTROM. JAY: C Track PAGEL. SHIRLEY: G.A.A. PARRISH, RAY : Band, Acapella PAYNE, JEANETTE: G.A.A., Y-Teens PAYNE, MAURICE: B Foot- ball PEREZ, RUTH: Girls Glee, T.M.C. PRIMM, NANCY: Fellowship Club: Mixed Chorus PASLOV, GENE RALEIGH, EARL: C Track RATHBURN, JIMMIE REESE, SHIRLEY: Girls Glee PORTLOCK, PAT: Fellowship, Acapella REYNOLDS, STEPHEN: Bearin Bumers RIOS, CIEARA: G.A.A.. F.H.A. RIOS, .PAUL RIVERS. MANUEL ROBERTS, KENNY: Band V Football, B Track ROBINSON, TOM: B Football, Boys Glee, B Track RODGERS, BEVERLY: Scholarship, Junior Statesman ROGERS, LIZZIE ROSENBERG, JOSIE: G.A.A.. Junior Statesman: Mixed Chorus RUSHFELDT, HARVEY: B Football RUTH, AGNES: G.A.A.. Y-Teens, Fellowship Club SCHUE, BERNADINE: Girls Glee SCHOLL, DAVID: B Football. D Basketball SCHWAB, NEIL: B Football SEABORN, ARGIE: G.A.A. SHELLMAN, LORITA: G.A.A. SIMMONS, MARY SMITH, JAMES: V Football SORKEYSS. JOANNE: Y- ns STEVENSON, KENNY STEVENS, ANN: Scholarship Society, G.A.A. STEVENS, STACY: C Track STILES, JOY: Girls Glee ABBOTT, MARILYN ADAMS, JUDY ALLEN, SIMS ALVAREZ. PHYLLIS: G.A.A., F.H.A. ALMEIDA, ROSEMARIE: Glee Club, G.A.A., Y-Teens ANTHONY, JOAN ARMOGIST, SHIRLEY: Girls Glee BACKSTROM, MONTE BALIGAD, CARMELITA BALLINGER, MELVIN BASHAM, JIMMY BAYLISS, HARRY: C Track BEEMAN, JACK: Junior Statesman, Band BEESLEY, ESTHER BELORED, BOB BERARD, JIMMY: Radio BERGMAN, BARBARA: Girls Glee, G.A.A. BERRY, HARRY: Radio BIGGS, LA DEAN: G.A.A., Y-Teens BINGHAM, CHARLES BOAL, JACK: Bearing Burners BOHANNAN, MAXINE: Tartar Teens, Y-Teens, Scholarship, F.H.A. BOWEN, ROBERT BOWMAN, PATRICIA BROOKS, THELMA: Glee Club, G.A.A., Y-Teens BROWN, JACK BROWN, JAMES: B Football BROWN. JERRY BRYANT, LARRY: D Basketball, C Track BURGARA, MANUEL: Band BURNS, MARY JO: G.A.A., Tartar Teens CAMPBELL, CAROL: Girls Glee, Rally Club, G.A.A. CAMPBELL, FRANK: D Basketball CASH, JANET: Rally Club CHLANDA, TED: D Basketball, Band CLARK, LAURY, Junior CRISTEE, ERLEEN Statesman, Scholarship CLEVENGER, LOU ANN: Girls Glee CLOUSE, CATHERINE: Girls Glee COLLINS, SALLY ANNE: Girls Glee, G.A.A. CONNER, MIKE COSTILLOS, CARLOS E741 SOTO, CONSUELO SUES, ARTHUR: D Basket- ball, Baseball, Mixed Chorus, Acapella TENELCH, KENNETH: Band TURNAGE, GEORGIA: Fellowship Club, Orchestra TURNER, ROY: D Basketball TYNDALL, RICHARD: Band SUMPTER, BOB: C Track SENO, ANGELO: Hi-Y VALENCIA, LEO: C Track, C Basketball VALDEZ, MARY ANN: Scholarship Society VAN DREW, RAYMOND VEGA, JOAQUIN VILLA, DANNY: B Footbal, Boys Glee VOLZ, VERNON: Bearing Burners WALKER, HARRY WARD, CAL: Football WARREN, JIM WEEKS, LAWRENCE NVILCOX, WILLIAM: Fellowship Club, Scholarship WILCOX, GERALD WILLIAMS, CAROLYN: G.A.A. FHESHMEN COURDWAY, JOANN: Girls Glee, G.A.A., Y-Teens CRABTREE, JANICE: Girls Glee, G.A.A. CREIGHTON. NORMAN: Scholarship, Judge-Fr. CROSBY, MONTE: Glee Club, G.A.A. CROVELLA, CATHERINE CUCCI, DON DANDOY, ESTHER: G.A.A.. Girls Glee, Y-Teens DAVIS, EUGENE: D Basketball DAVIS, MARGARET: Junior Statesman, Y-Teens DE BENNETT, EMMETT DE LA CRUZ, DOLORES, G.A.A., Orchestra, Y-Teens DE LA CRUZ, ROSE MARIE: G.A.A., Glee Club, Y-Teens DEMOND, DANNY DUARTE, ARTEMIO: Band EASSA, BETTY JEAN: Girls Glee EVANS, HARRY: Stage Crew FALKENSTEIN, PHIL: Band FARRAR, JIMMY: Hi-Y, Band FEES, ROBERT: D Basketball. Band FENWICK. BOB FERGUSON, DALE: Band FISHER, GEORGE ALTON FORCIER, DAVID: Tennis FORD, CHARLOTTE: G.A.A., Y-Teens, Girls Glee FORRER, DARLENE: Girls Glee FRANKLIN, JACK FRANKLIN, HAROLD FRIBERG, JOEL GARCIA, RICHARD GARLEY, DAVID GARRISON, PAT: Freshman Vice-President, Girls Glee, G.A.A., Vice-Pres. Sem. I GEARY, VELDON GOFF, LARRY GOSSETT, FAYE: G.A.A., Band GRACE, CHARLENE: Y-Teens, Tartar Teens, G.A.A., Treasurer Sem. I GRAY, DOROTHY: Y-Teens Rally Club, G.A.A., Tartar Teens, F.H.A. GREJEDA, ADOLPH GUADIANA, WILFRED: Boys Glee " GUERRERO, FRANK HAEFELI, JIM: B Football HANNA, DWIGHT: Projec- tion, Stage Crew HENSEN, HAROLD HARRIS, JEANETTE: Rally Club, Y-Teens HARRINGTON, BEVERLY: G.A.A. HARLINE, CAROLYN HASEGAWA, KAZUKO HASSLINGER, LOIS HAYAKAWA, SALLY: G.A.A., Scholarship HELPMAN. SANDRA HESTER, DONNA: G.A.A. HICKOX, LARRY: C Track HILL, LORETTA: G.A.A., Y-Teens, Scholarship HOLDSWORTH, LON EVA: Acapella HOLMES, HAROLD: Band HOLZ, DON HOWARD, DON HOWELL, DONNA: Acapella HUTCHISON, MARY LOU: Rally Club, Fellowship, Girls Glee IHDE, WALLACE: C Track JACKSON. DONALD JALO, HILMA: F.H.A., Drill Team JIMENEZ. VIRGINIA JANSSON, CYNTHIA: G.A.A., Orchestra JOHNSON, JOE JOHNSON, GERALD: Band JONES, MARY ELLEN: Glee Club KAULBACK, ANNA KASKO, JOE KATSUDA, SHINICHI: B Football, C Track Mgr. KEARNS, ANN: Girls Glee KNOX, PETE KOEHN, ELLEN: G.A.A., Vice-Pres. Sem. II KOOPMANS, BETH KOZENKO, EDWIN KUDLEMYER, CHARLOTTE KULP, BOBBY: D Basketball LANE, KEITH D. LANGER, FRED: Radio LAWSON, LAVEDA Girls Glee LEE, CAROL: F.H.A. LEE, DARRYL: Band, Scholarship WILLSON, CLYDE: Tennis WINNER, ALEX: Bearing Burners WINTHER, SHIRLEY: Tri-Y-Teens, G.A.A. WITHEM, CARL WRIGHT, RODGER: Band. V Football Manager, Junior Statesman, Red Cross WRIGHT, MARCA: Girls Glee, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Junior Statesman YARES, CARMINE YORK, SHIRLEY LEMASTER, ROBERT: D Basketball LLOYD, RONNIE LOCKHART, RAY LYNCH, FERN MCCUSITON, LARRY: B Football MCKEE, DARLENE: Girls Glee MCVICAR, JOANNE: G.A.A.. Girls Glee, Y-Teens, Scholar- ship MADRIGAL. TONY MAGGARD, JOAN MALOY, CAROL: G.A.A. MARCHAND, DONNA MARCOUX, TED: V Football, V Club MARTIN, DICK MARTINEZ, RAMEROS MATHEWS, JIMMIE: G.A.A. MATTIE, ORLAND: Fellowship MEDD, SUZIE: G.A.A., Girls Glee MEYERS, JOHN: Band MICHELS, WAYNE MIMURA, JUNE: Secretary Sem. II MOFFATT, JANE: G.A.A., Y-Teens, Band, Orchestra MOLINA, HECTOR MONTEJANO, GLORIA: Girls Glee, T.M.C. MOONEY, COLLEEN: Girls Glee MOORE, BONNIE: Girls Glee MORA, ANNIE: Girls Glee, T.M.C. MORGAN, EDWARD: Radio MORRIS, ROSE MARIE MORTENSON, LEE: B Foot- ball, B Track, Pres. Sem. Il MOTT, JO ANNE: Girls Glee MUNSTERMAN, JAMES: D Basketball MURAOKA, NANCY MURPHY, JIMMY GENE: B Football, Baseball, B Basketball NAKATSUKA, MELBA NESS, SANDRA: Girls Glee. Y-Teens O'HARA, JIM OKAZAKI, AMY, G.A.A., Secty. Sem. I, Treas. Sem. II OLLOQUE, JOE ORNELAS. RALPH: Boys Glee PALMER, EDDIE: D Basketball, Band PARAMO, JOSEPHINE: T.M.C. PARAMO, RUBEN PARRISH, SHIRLEY: G.A.A. PARTON. DAVID PAYNE, JAMES PEDERSEN, DAVID PEREZ, JOSEPHINE: T.M.C. PERRY, BETTY: G.A.A. PETERSON. BETTY: G.A.A., Y-Teens, Rally Club, Tartar Teens PETERSON, PHYLLIS PHELPS, LOIS: G.A.A. PHIAR, LEE PIERCE, EDWARD: Scholarship POH, JANET: Girls Glcc, G.A.A. POLSTON, FLOYD POPOVICH, VLADIMIR: Junior Statesman, Taratar Band, C. Track, Sgt. at Arms Sem. II PUGH, LEE QUESADA, G. IRENE RITCHEY. JACK: B Football RADOLOVICH, JOANN: Y-Teens, Tartar Teens RALEIGH, TERRY: Girls Glee. G.A.A. RAMBO, JUNE: G.A.A.. Scholarship RATHBONE. CHARLES RATHBUN. JIMMY RATHBUN, SHERMAN: C Basketball ADAMSON. BEVERLY: Glee Club ADAMSON. V. ALDERETE. ARTHUR: Glee Club ALLEN, DIANE ALLISON, JERRY ANTOKOL, SAM ALEMIDA, BILLY: Boys Glee Club ASENCIO, RALPH ASKIN. GAIL: Glee Club AVALOS. TONY: Boys Glee Club AUFILL. DALTON BANNISTER. JANET BARRA, CAROL: Glee Club BECK, SUZANNE BENTWOOD, CLAIRE: Glee Club BIZZLE, B. BLOOMFIELD, WILLY BOBB, JIMMY: Boys Glee Club BOWMAN, HUGH: Boys Glee Club BOX, SAMMY BRADFORD, CHARLES BRADY. BASIL: Boys Glee Club BRENENSTAHL, IRENE: Girls Glee Club BRENMAN, FRED BIGGS, BENNY BRIMLEY. BEVERLEY: Girls Glee Club REED, JESSE: B Football REID, FRANK: D Basketball REYNOLDS, GORDON RHONE, JULIE: Fellowship ROBERTS, GENEVIEVE: G.A.A., Orchestra RODRIGUEZ, VICTOR: Boys Glee RODRIGUEZ, CESAR: Boys Glee ROBINSON. CLAUDE ROY, LARRY: Boys Glee. Baseball RUSK. BETTY SAMPSON, JOE SCHOOLEY, SHIRLEY MARLENE SCHEAFERMEYER, BETTY Girls Glee, G.A.A., Rally Club ' SCHLERF, JOYCE: Girls Glee SCHWENK, LORRAINE: G.A.A. SCRANTON, PEGGY: Girls Glee SELPH, THELMA: Girls Glee, G.A.A. SHAW, BETSY: G.A.A., Scholarship, Fellowship SHEFFER. EUGENE SIBLEY. EMANUEL SKAGGS, PAUL SMART. ARLINE: G.A.A., Rally Club, Scholarship SMITH, DICK SMITH, WELDON OTIS: Y.M.C.A. SNOW, JACKIE SOMMERS, BILLY: D Basketball SPARKS, VIRGINIA: Girls Glee SPECHT, DONNA: G.A.A. STAMPS, ROY: C Track STAMPS, WARREN: C Track STASSIN. JACK: D Basketball STAXRUD, SID: B Football STEFFEN, COLEEN: G.A.A. STEGALL. DARRELL: Mixed Chorus, Boys Glee STEPHENS, JOAN: G.A.A.. Junior Statesman STEWART, CHUCK: Boys Glee STOKOE, BOB STOUT, PATRICIA SUCH, BOB SUES, PATTY: Y-Teens, G.A.A., Tartar Teens, Girls Glee SUMPTER. JO ANN: Girls Glee SWINTZ, JOAN: Girls Glee TAMURA, AMY TARALDSEN. ROY THAMES. JOYCE: Girls Glee TINKLE, MARGARET: G.A.A. TURNER. RONNIE: D Basketball TUTHILL, DARLEAN: Girls Glee. G.A.A. UYEDA. AKI BTH lillllllli BROGEN, FRED: Band BROW, ROBERT BROWN, ALLEN BROWN, CHRISTINE: Girls Glee Club BRYENT, JOYCE BUSCH, RONNIE: Boys Glee Club BURKE. PATRICIA: Girls Glee Club BUSTILLOS, CRISTINA: Girls Glee Club CAMP, BARBARA: Girls Glee Club CARMAN,,LINDA: Girls Glee Club CARRANZA, HELEN CANTY, ROBERTA: Girls Glee Club CHAFFIN, DORALEE ANN: Girls Glee Club CHAMBERS, NORMAN CHAPMAN. SHIRLEY CHAVEZ. HELEN CHRISTENSEN, FRANK CHRISTENSEN, G. CLARKSON, ALDA: Girls Glee Club COULSON, DON: Band, Boys Glee Club COWIE, MARY: Girls Glee Club CREWSE, WILMA CROBELLA, CLARA CROSHAW, KAYE: Girls Glee Club CROSBY, SMITTY CUMIFORD, CAROLYN: Girls Glee Club, Orchestra CURTISS, ADELE: Girls Glee Club DALTON, AUFILL: Junior Hi-Y DOTSUDA. A. DAVIS, CAROL DAVIS, JOYCE DAVIS, RONALD DEAN, CAROL DEFIELDS, HENRY: Band DIERX, PAUL DOWNSING, KATHERINE DWYER, JIMMIE ECKER, DAVID EDMAN, JUDY: Girls Glee EDMONSTON, VIRGINIA EDWARDS, TALMAN EDWARDS, EDWIN C. ESCOBAR, RAYMOND ESTES, GLENDA EURTON, JACKIE FARRAR. JERRY FOLEY, LYNETTE: Girls Glee FORTH, DONNIE: Boys Glec FOWLER, DELLA: Girls Glee FOUTS, HAZEL: Girls Glee FRANCIS, HAZEN IRENE: Girls Glee FUJIWARA, CHIYE: Girls Glee, Orchestra VALDEZ, DICKIE VAN DEVENTER, MICKEY LUCILLE: G.A.A., Y-Teens, Band. Orchestra, Scholarship VALENCIA, ALEX: C Basketball, Boys Glee VALENCIA, LOUIS VASQUIZ. NADINE h VELDON, GEARY XVAGONER, JOE WARDWELL. MARIE WARREN, JAMES WEBBER. PAT WELCH, SHIRLEY: Girls Glee, G.A.A., Fellowship WHITCOMB, BOB: Bearing Burners WHITE. KENNETH WHITE, SHIRLEY: G.A.A.. Tartar Teens, Glee WHITE, WILLIAM: Band, C Track, Dance Band, Pres. Sem. I WHITTEN. JEANNE: G.A.A. WILLIAM, LOUISE WILLIAMSON. JANET: G.A.A., Band WILLS, GERT G. WINNER, ALEX WINTHER, CAROL: Scholarship. G.A.A. WILSHIRE, BARBARA WILSON, LOUIS: Boys Glee WILTSE, RONALD WOLFORD, TOMMY WORLAND. BETTY: Girls Glee GARCIA. ERNESTINE: Girls Glee GARNECKA. M. GARR, S. GATLEY, RICHARD GAW, SYLVIA: Glee Club GEARY, ADENE GOMEZ. LUCY: Girls Glee GONZALES: JESSIE: Glee Club GREEN, DERREL: Orchestra, Boys Glee GAYER, PEGGY: Girls Glee GRUB, SANDRA: Girls Glee GUERRA, ROBERT GUNDERSEN, SOLVAY: Boys Glee HANSELMAN, BOBBIE: Girls Glee HARDAGE, RICHARD: Boys Glee HATTOR, BILL HAWKS, DONALD HAZZARD, BARBARA HELD, SAMMY, Boys Glee HELPMAN, HELEN HERRECA, TONY HERRERA, DAVID HICKMAN, SALLY: Girls Glee HILL. CAROLYN: Girls Glee HILLY, ROBERT HOKE, VIRGINIA: Glee Club HOPKINS, BOB: Glee Club. Junior Hi-Y HORBACK, ARCHIE E75 1 HOUSTON, MIKE: Band, Boys Glee HUGHES, JOHN: Boys Glee HUNTINGTON, RONNIE INMAN, ROBERT: Glee Club IRWIN, CARL IWATO, JERILYN: Glee Club JADWIN, RONALD JAMES, SHIRLEY: Girls Glee JELSMA, FRANK JELSMA, PATRICK JENKINS, GREGORT: Orchestra JOHNSON, DONALD JOHNSON, RONALD JONES, ERMA JONES, WILLIAM KAISER, MAX: Junior Hi-Y, Orchestra KASTEN, DONALD KATSUDA, RUBY: Girls Glee KLENHANS, PAT: Girls Glee KNAPPERBERGER. RICHARD KNOX, ALTA: Girls Glee KIRTON, PAUL BRUCE KISSEL, SHIRLEY: Girls Glee LA DUKE, NANCY: Girls Glee LA MARR, KENNETH LAUGHLIN, TONY: Oorchestra LAWSON, CLIFFORD LEECH, JOAN: Girls Glee LEVESQUE, NANCY: Girls Glee LE VIER, LANNY LINDENBERG, DICK LIPSEY, VERNON LIVINGSTON, CHARLES: Boys Glee LOCKE, NANCY: Girls Glee LONG, ROBERTA LOMBARDO, PATSY: Glee Club LORENZ, MARILYN LONG, ROBERTA LOMBARDO, PATSY, Girls Glee LORENZ, MARILYN LOSTIEN, HARVY I751 LOYD, BERLUN LYNEH, FRIEDA: Girls Glee MACKENZIE, DON MCCLUER, DIANNE: Girls Glee MCCUTCHER, BOB MCFARLAND, LOU ANN: Girls Glee MCGILKEY, KATHLEEN MCNARY, DAVID MCVEY, EDWARD MCWHIRTER, DAVID: Orchestra, Band, Boys Glee MANFRO, JOSEPH MANN, DONALD MARKHAM, BARBARA: Girls Glee MEAD, DARL MEAD, NORMA: Glee Club MEASE, BEVERLY MEED, FLOYD MELGOSA, LEE MILLER, ANNA LEE: Girls Glee MILLS, DENNY MITCHEL, BECKY: Girls Glee MONTEJANO, HENRY MOON, BOB: Boys Glee MORANG, EVA MORRIS, B. MOULTON, MARLENE MURPHY. BILLY NATABURGER, R. NEELY, JERRY NELSON, GARY NELSON, SHIRLEY: Girls Glee, Y-Teen NEWBILL, FARRIS: Band OEHLERT, BILL: Boys Glee O'HANLON, BARBARA: Girls Glee ORTAEGA, RICHARD PACKHAM, SHIRLEY PARAMO, EDWARD: Boys Glee PARRA, MARY: Glee Club PEREZ. CONNIE: Girls Glee PERKINS. TONIA: Girls Glee PHILIP, HAROLD PICKETT, BYRON: Boys Glee PINE, JIM: Orchestra, Boys Glee POWELL, EDWARD. Boys Glee PUGA, ALEX PURDY, KENNETH QUINONES, CECIL RADICK, TARRY RAYER, I. REYNOLDS. PRISCELLA RIGSBY, BEVERLY RINGHAM, GARY RIPPSTEIN. DALE ROGERS, JOHN ROAFORTE, SANDRA RONHOODEE, JOHN ROVENSTINE, JANET RUFFELL, DAVID: Boys Glee, Band, Orchestra SACKS, JEAN SAINE, MARILYN SALKS, PAULINE SAMPSON, JACK: Boys Glee SANCHEZ, AMELIA SANCHEZ, HELEN: Girls Glee SANCHEZ, HENRIETTA: Girls Glee SAUSBERY, LOIS: Girls Glee SEABORN, ELLEN SCARBOROUGH, ROBERT SCHNEBLY, HELEN SCHNEIDER, PHYLLIS: Girls Glee SCHUMERT, DIANE SCIARROTTA, PATRICIA: Girls Glee Club SEOATE, VIRGINIA: Girls Glee SHANAHAN, BARBARA SHANER. VIRGINIA: Girls Glee SHAWALTER, JACKY: Girls Glee SI-IEPARD, B. SHEFFIELD. FRANK SILVER, MACHELLE: Girls Glee SKAGGS, CHARLES SMITH, RICHARD: Boys Glee. Orchestra SMITH. BURT: Band SNYDER, RUTH SOUSA, JOHN. Boys Glee SPECHT, JIMMIE SPROUT. SALLY STEGALL, JIMMY STEVENS, JANICE STIEFEL. OTTO: Boys Glee ST. MARTIN, CHARLENE STOUT, BARBARA STOVALL, BETTY: Girls Glee SUMPTER. ESTHER: Girls Glee TAPIA. PASQUAI.: Band TORRENCE, LUCILLE: Orchestra, Girls Glee TURNAGE. DONALD VALDEZ, HENRY VALENCIA, EMMA: Girls Glee VAN BELLEHEM, LINDA: Orchestra VAN DREW, DON VAN DYKE, JANET: Girls Glee VOLMERDING, WILLIAM VIVEROS, DICKIE: Boys Glee WASHBURN, JAMES: Boys Glee, Band VVATES. CARLEEN WATTS, ANN WELCH, CHARLES WHITMER, JIMMIE XVHITTINGTON, BILL WILLIAMS, RODNEY WILSON. PATRICIA WINNINGHAM, CAROL : Orchestra WITHEM. MARIE WIXAM. RODNEY WONG. LUCILLE YASUTAKE, MICHITAL Glee Club YBARRA, ALICE: Girls Glee YOUNG, SYDNEY: Boys Glee YELTEMA, JUDY: Girls Glee ZAMORA. ALFONSO: Band, Boys Glee awe, ' been 74 t gee,-Q.:-devffee,e.r:9a. yyaa .aeeaecfv 134af?!,6fcl,4b 1.61, T .14-an: ,yt ' PATRONS , e ,. The Torch yearbook stat? appreciates the support of Torrance's business peoplein helping to make our rssible. We learned that public relations can be very important in business or the social world. This was inepressed ron us through the practical experience of contacting OUR PATRON8. , ' -. B I PERCY 8i III-IUGHN INVESTMENT CORP. SERVICE WITH INTEGRITY REAL ESTATE STAR FURNITURE C0 COMPLETE HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE Phone 625 I253-I255 Sartori Avenue, Torrance KARL'S SHOE STORE Known For Over A Third of A Century For O Qualzty AT LOW P R I C ES I28 South Sartori Avenue Torrance, California J BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS of "50" CZITLS' l'QS.S' "Smart Styles For The Modern Miss" I279 Sartori Avenue Torrance, California Greater Torrance MARKET 2I53 Torrance Blvd. Phone I53I Torrance, California v your Qraafuation - Another important event in your I6 Life recorded by your own - TORRANCE HERALD SINCE 1914 I9 Gramercy Torranc 2 BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF "50" BROWN'S Sporting Goods WILSON ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT 682 E. Florence Ave. 2053 Atlantic Ave. Iuntington Park Long Beach BAKERS FURNITURE EXCHANGE NEW - USED - Cash or Easy Terms IAcross From City Halll 512 Cravens Torrance 2251 W. E. BOWEN WIISHQS The Greatest Success to The Grads ENERAL INSURANCE - REAL ESTATE L27 Post Ave. Torrance, Calif. S A M L E V Y DEPARTMENT STORE 1309- 13 sarfora, Torrance EVERY7?HNG TO WEAR FOR MEN . . . I. B. Stetson Hats - Freeman Shoes - Worsted Tex Clothes - Arrow Shirts FOR WOMEN . . . Doris Dodson Dresses - Martha Manning Dresses Catalina Swim Suits - Holeproof Hosiery Phoenix Hosiery RED COOSE SHOES FOR CHILDREN TORRANCE PLUMBING COMPANY PLUMBING - APPLIANCES - HEATING 1418 Marcelina Telephone 60 TORRANCE HARDWARE CO. 1515 Cabrillo Ave. Telephone 1480 "THE PLACE TO BUY YOUR ATHLETIC SUPPLIES" CHARLES V. IONES, Owner W. A. GQQDIVIAIXI and SONS SPORTING coons Athletic Equipment Our Specialty 1027-29-31 S. Broadway Place Los Angeles 15, Calif. Prospect 8333 .., - I, To the graduates l T 'Health " V OC. 1 rrr f C T rr TT l L X . ., 1.1, ' ' 1 """ ,,.1 "" . .-" '51 A r1 A ,A,., . I i rore C' . 1 1 1 T 1. . n5 , 1 MAYFAIR lvll -"4- gg, "1f X ,,-1 5'- CREAMERIES Tllr -'1: :.. .- 1. M 1336 POST AVE. PHONE 1887 TORRANCE, CAL1E. ':"f A -A-TTBQSIL Wl'Sh98 to The C1088 of H50H TT- Y YVVV MTPMTTT 'TWH-TT - H 1 Y A T --T- B E N S 0 N ' S . LADIES FINE A AR L 1 1 A TfGdl'fl'OlT7P E 1271 Sartori Ave. Torrance, Calif. 1 - Phone 2171 1 ICE CREAM - FOUNTAIN TT Q P PPPPP ' l BAKERY - CANDY CLEANING AND DvE1NC 1 SELMA CLEANERS 1422 1v1ARCEL1NA AVE. PHONE 157-1v1 1 1664 Cravens Avenue Phone Torrance 1910 LUTHER Murnfolzn REALTOR 1 Sales Rentals 2325 TORRANCE BLVD. Phone Torrance 609 or 1794-R Res. 917 Amapola Street TORRANCE MEN'S SHOP The Best In NATIONALLY ADVERTISFD MENS WEAR 1325 Sarrori Avenue Phone 1441 Torrance, Calif HIiRI:' IN TORRANCE . . . RIGHT AT YOUR FRONT DOOR IS THE LARGEST C,'OMIII,I:"I'El,Y INTEGRATED MACHINERY MANUFACTURING FACILITY IN 'I'HI:' WI:'S'I' . . . THE NATIONAL SUPPLY COMPANY TORRANCE, CALIFORNIA PARRISH STATIONERS Frank's Furniture Co. I Ow,fEEvf,Hq'E'g'5E5 CfONGRATUl,ATIONS DAWN PARRISH 1415 Marcelina Ave '50 lS'lj'NlORtS' Phone 877 TOl'raI'1C2,Ca1if. COMPLIMENTS 1334 EI Prado Phone 1443 OF Sc0tty's Sport Shop ROGERS I A I COMPLIMENTS OF 1115 Sarfori Ave. RAY ROGERS IOHN N, ROGERS Arlington Avenue Phone 468 Torrance, Calif. Corner of Carson 522E1221112:I:I:I:2:11112:2:f:5:1:1:1:2:f:55g?E5 TEST DRIVE S"El.i EZZTHLHQ N ll ,I 9 5 O F O R D COMFORTABLE OLDSHOES REBUILT AND REFINISHED LIKE NEW 1278 Sartori Ave. Phone 2068 Shultz 11 Peckham JUDGE 1420 CABRI LLO TORRANCE' CAMP' John A. Shidler P 0 ard s Jewelers i GYQEQQ ef fi ii? fm? SARTORI at CABRILLO Phones: Day: Torrance 831 TQRRANCE Night: Lomita 1666-1 EIIEIIIIL-IIIs. ,WS AGENCY By Tlaczline M07 MARCE'-'NA AVE' COMPLETE FLORAL SERVICE TORRANCE 1300 1657 Gramercy Avenue TORRANCE, CALIFORNIA Torrance, California A , I RQMANCAFE CONGRATULATIONS Speczalzzmg In IIALIAN FOODS I A156 PIZZA - T6 Take our l TO THE ' 383 Torrance Blvd. Telephone 208 CLASS OF 50 Phone TOga5QQ6EQ161fA1696 ALMOND'S Whifnev Finance Cvmpanv I DEPARTMENT STORE 40' 5a'f0'i'5Ve"9e 1261 SARTORTI AVENUE Jrrance, CalIfornIa I M- -- -- Y CONGRATULATIONS I B d 1 B I ernar s on ery C1088 Of "50" x-RAY SHOE FITTING from paulfs Chevrolet Quality Footwear For The Entire Family 164 'Il A T T Ocabn O Venue' Onance I 1319 sarfora Ave. Phone 1513 Phone Torrance 617 ROYAL gfine wry Cleaning 1344 POST AVE. We Operate Our Own Modern Plant HARRY Cr ANN MORITZ Proprietors Phone 37O ALMNS PIISTRY , Where Torrance High Kids Satisfy Their Sweet Tooth 1927 CARSON ST., TORRANCE, CALIF. COMPLIMENTS of 1 ALTER REALTY G' 9 INSURANCE S 1651 Cravens Ave Torrance, Calif. "NEWSTADIUM 1322 Sartori Avenue THEATRE BLDG" CERAIIQD ALTER Phone 466 Torrance, Calif. ppm: E255 PORTER'S DOC'S YARDAGE FOUNTAIN HOUSE, INC. 1265 Sartori Avenue Torrance, Calif. Phone Tor. 2666 P. F. PORTER PHONE 2614 1 1 MART , I iiisunniics I FINE - MEATS , 191 QUALITY- GROCERIES g"""5"" CHOICE ' , Fire - Truck - Auto - Workmen's Comp. VEGETABLES ,mc 1 Tween JOLLY 3I'SOl1 Torrance District Agent, Torrance District Office 2325 Torrance Blvd. Torrance, Calif. MALTS HAIVIBURCERS 1 2203 TORRANCE BOULEVARD TORRANCE, CALIF. , Phone 769 Torrance Golden Richness in Refreshments from Beverly 111111 Malt Shop FLOWERS BY WIRE ANYWHERE 1 TORRANCE FLOWER SHOP V IIMMIE YELTEMA Post-Cravens Compliments of CARR AND ANDERSON RICHFIELD PRODUCTS Torrance, Calif Torrance 1778 1 1924 Carson Avenue TeIeDI'1One 1940 Torrance Medical Group W. I. LAUCHAN, M.D. - E. L. COOK. M.D. K. T. SHERRY, M.D. ROBERT c. BAILEYI DR. I-ioxie D.D.S. I DENTIST 1613 Cravens Avenue Phone 324 Torrance, Calif. Dr. Milford Bauman PHYSICIAN-SURCEON OSTEOPATH 1425 Marcelina Home Phone 41 Office Phone 1093 1321 Cravens Ave. Torrance 216 Dancing - Dramatics Piano Three Arts Studio Class and Private Instruction MARTHA IANE RICKARD and EDWARD T. RICKARD Directors 2252 W. Carson Street Phone 842 Torrance Alden W. Smith Allen L. Pyeatt OPTOMETRISTS 1501 Cabrillo Phone 494 Torrance Pharmacy PRESCRIPTION DRUCCISTS 1411 Marcelina Torrance, Calif. Phone 3 R. F. BISHOP, D.D.S. 1329 Sartori Ave. Torrance, California Congratulations to Class of '50 Torrance ational Bank 1329 SARTORI AVE. TORRANCE, CALIF. YOUR HOME BANK! Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporat IN TORRANCE IT'S THE GAY SHOP l LADIES'READY-TO-WEAR-SPORTSWEAR Use Our 30-60-90 Day Charge Account T No lnterest - No Carrying Charges - No Extras 1521 MADRID AVENUE 3 P THE fir , , . . . EHU coNoRA 1 ULATIGNLS X 1950 SENIORS i Phone SIS T l3l9 Sartori Avenue - Torrance, California l GERI-lLD'S MEAT MKT. I Mullins Service FEATURING RUCHTI BROS. T OLDSMOBILE SALES AND SERVICE BABY BEEF 5 l Telephones Torrance 320 G 606 l52l Madrid Avenue,Torrance l885 Torrance Blvd. Torrance, Calif. Phone 922-j DRRANGE EE ZIYVVCV COMPLETE nom APPLIANCES I i629 CRAVENS -TORRANCE so ' o'o'o'o',',0 4 , fo' ' ' 0 05 ,Q 3 Q . , :..',',Q 'O 5 .C I ,gs , .',' OX 43:42. s a'.',' Q , Q 5 0 Q . ' 0 Q 0 0 o U 5 0 5 Q O .Q-2-'.'.'fs?.',of.'.' l'I'I JP -I C0 QD ZIP 'UOQ Z-'11 O o'z 'E' 'U' 50-i Egg TQ 9-SI --Z TU? OS-4 ME ID 13- Z "2':D5" S32 3:- 3371-U I 45 N 95. 2 if-5 "" Eg .4 EQ 2 3 0,35 z mfr , 5 z 3 3 nnnn tvrcuno 'rn 'FUD PI ACC' ML' 1050 .gchnowlecfgments to 'l . rt PHOTOGRAPHY . . ....... Witzel ENGRAVINC . . . Los Angeles Engraving Co. COVERS ........... S. K. Smith Co. PRINTERS AND BINDERS. . . Phillips Printing Co. I We operate our own plant COMPLIMENTS of the I CLEANERS 1 Rov Psrsnson. Pnormzfon B A N K O F A M E R I C A Telephone 2060 Carson Street Torrance 9l2-1 Torrance, Calif. gina -Qoherts BEAUTY STYLIST l609 Amapola Avenue Phone Torrance 806 BURKE'S BARGAIN SPOT "Where you End a little bit of everything" NEW - USED - UNPAINTED FURNITURE STOVES - REFRICERATORS - WASHERS ACCESSORIES Phone Torrance l726 2l I3 Torrance Blvd. Torrance, California Phone Richmond 1982 X Wm. Clfle O. SPORTI NC GOODS l2ll S. Olive Street Los Angeles, California A Torrance Variety l-423 Marcelina Avenue Torrance "An Independent Enterprise Worthy of Your Patronagen UL! VM :J -U J - x, J x 5 N'-XS 'J' ,Yi ONE LAST FOND LOOK AT OUR FAVORITE 1950 SENIORS X' U , 4, h',:'. 5 ff? 67 " ,Z 4 ,, ,mf f V, fzZzc! -f4fZ2"J' ff? ' WV , 7' 7 .A fbsilrv - -747 4 Zfizgcfz? iffy Qfwiiiwfffif- Jw 19 1 V Q Mtg? B Q iff! ' My ig:-sfgfgff, ff! ffl if Aff! MQ F- 5.1' end? LJRv're 502-,JH T , so 5,m,,mN,,,,,m E . Q ' 1 . SE 2,3 if QQQQWE1 'X A A ' -r ' sw W? ka gi N SEQ Q.xA 3-536 ix: ' OH? 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