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Oi V yy . sci f.,'w7,76-l,k5.e...,-gs-M, E- L " fad TY? ,- ' '79 " New ww T, if Pg, V iff" I? ' y x. M Q-MAM1 , L' V, ,JY Remember Torrance High School, ' 'V ar ' H pf 'vb-lv., ,J 'WY if if I ' 4 Vf, wJ HE YEAR priceskept going up and ladies skirts went Wy ,xii .271 . Ki down - down! Many years will come and go before we ai-ju is ' I . take the last bow and final curtain is lowered on our life, 1 e F H 1 4 s HW, I ' x X, V T " ix v " I X ,,i EW? z Y Y, U NSS s-Q53 2 LN i0giR iifis 1. . xx ibut the year 1947-48, the memorable last year spent at Torrance High School will always stand in our memory. I -,.lNhat an adventure! If started when we went to the High Schoolto register in early summer, then the thrill of that first auditoriumgmeetiifg on September 15th! The new teachers looked atus andvv? looked at them. lt wasn't long before we were acquainted fancl we liked them and, believe it or not, they liked us! 1 H t' Those night football games and the thrill of being in the "big time"! Dances, parties, club meetings and lots of things to do no matter what your taste. A.. Would you like to live again the school year 1947-4g and review the things we did? Turn the pages of this 'book and wander through the shady lanes of a windin road' that brought us safely to a goal we ,set out to fin R if T if M we W , N so S N ff! R f., W x .!f,Jl0,fjL,J1 gn QP 2 Vwwwfogwfbq 1 En MMM RR WMW xfwQyfk :M ,M 3 my Ja., f 7' fl , WM . ' x E ' N- ' , Riff , N .-X Q xh. I in yogi QZA ILR 1 l if X lr'9'9l'Y1V4:.5J ,Af Aqclc 'f' ,ASL sK.1A..vL4AJ , - tk ,X x F a If ,B 'nllxj-fyli J f'C+ff . 7' We if-f MSL- i"I"'. 1961-rs, , XIX, Q 7 Mena, . i4N7fX -llf 7 oh 1 .xxijif MJ . XXV I '5 up 3, GMI c P bulb x 9:- ,i ,yy Qyj www WH . J ,xx "nv 1 I n ' 1 '?:'LiN'8 Xxgqikr QM-Lyn ,w"?j 5?QQg5NK,QPx1 Af ' ojf ,mixing 'gxg?Y5.QQ0 YJ , A- Y X4 Z QF ' X , 'xx ff , W 0, f SX mg wx fS f' UIMAWK QA 'V tx is Nl I ' 4 xx ,W XR ,v W5 ,XG , V61 my QQ? 'sa Q ,Mlm 6 , X F ,XA X Y L I1 j QW ,px V MM qixplil w 5 Six X' Y ' J W X i, er yy! ff f gVLZ if W Qi QW gfagyfy ffzf My 4f,7jW, if 4,526 . ,ww O? Q' , 65 4 as V Q A 0 xg' D , N9 To V0 ,-AON ' Q2 ffm, 'I i V 6716 A , MW, 6 ,Q 4,4 , NWAGBJU N-X' xl LM ' E' ,,XY,,7Vr?I, ,v134iK X Vgydw W 1 L M108 gy' ff Q I ,V ' Qi :E IL -4 Q-f IVV lL.Q-N,.f,f!!x'f- WS A lbli Q ,,'- PWA ix 3 ky- . I.. 4 t X J? is Q 3 5 Xxx X ,QQ .5 W - i y 1 NX A N A vi . X. J' lx. Ng f4 ' Xi Q as 1 -.Q 15' I g' !X'f.,33i5' 5 'ft I A X - 5 Qi ' 'Q g X v in ' ! Yi 'i TV. ,Qi Ng X5 gl 'X m U K XX mx. 5 il yr X W X ' K- N Q R 1 ig X get f f 9 Wk . N V TCRC OF NINETEEN FORTY-EIGH T X Ulif tx I CA! - in 0 M 5Q,lULjQ.JZ-j C R agp ,im 1 ,Q WWVM vNW1 5h T,0R' R, A N C E H I G H SCH 00 L Z ' 'il 'ff -,if-' - z 55717 ?g1f,f'w,5Vvf- TQRRANCE, CALIF'6,RNIA ,If Y U ft,5,,,ff4 , A 544, ,IJ i 2 7 ff I 1 if - ,f ' ., I tj :' ' , .lwgf J! !4ff"iff .tm Nu A M mx , U 'ronlumce HIGH SCHOOL Barone 1933 M wwf -YM, X NM fb ,Q.M5v'.wx I" rr 1 ww' K' l hz P my .syji Kr bl Xl, Q .J M" 1 ,y ,, 1 My v qw? .yf 3 mu cf. f 1 4" ali. .14 l"Q6U'l'l QCGLIWLQ MAIN STREET, 1913 lunge' 'lqsuu GRAMERCY AVENUE, 1913 mH"X3"""'Q . ri.. 5, . Vw f' A 1948 166,69 'MMA Am 1948 AIRVIEW TORRANCE HIGH SCHOOL qw T mkx .X N .J 'YA 'W X. X' XL A A X, - ,-X. X, , X" pf I . s 0 EH Ky Afx gs. V O X ' ,,. X . X xv Q. X S ,- QS' X Nm, JJ 5 fffx X ' J X x fn x k 'B ,X , 'SDJ Dv K K 1 ' 5 1 fi 475 1 ',X If ' 0 . X J xx l DQ' JXPJ ..f --VX, , 1 f K f y . u W. ,xx , . X xl W XL , .1 ,' 4 N , ,.,' X, . 1 . 1 'f IN . ', . I xg .X I ', X, KV x ., R x .X A ilA Z ai? "Q"-'L :pp 'N-if , QP ' 'ly 5364 gtg" A 'M' if -09 C"",'- Q-NTI' Q 'SJCDC . , f' ,Ad TQ QU, 'L' 0 I X ' ' 5 9 " It 7 xb' is A f, Q, if 1 O.. , , 0 'ff' Q, N -9 A nw x, ax 0 A ,aix me K' I X N 69 Q2 -U ? ,Q 4 K . 4 Q J Q 1 G7 1 I Z Q ,w s' , fiffvy 2:5 9 Jfx if ' Q ' Q1 fl cv X 5-ya ' 'V 4 'ik X 'N f XX NY X Q SN fx X2 We X 'i 3 Y jg iff X '1 5 xw - Qx X X 1 74 X is I ,z.' RQ 6 ffl, XA ,Qi .H NJC I If ' eqxqn T521 'L X X Vww ' mx X ,Phi s .f- X7 W lf ff K' 292 S ' .x. .lb 1 ." u l'. .thnx lf: , ., C V' DEDICATION A SALUTE TO OUR CHIEF In Recognition of his masterful accomplishment in converting the mere shell of a few school buildings into a smooth running educational institution, a task that required boundless enthusiasm, originality and many hours of tireless effort and the sacrifice of his leisure time, and likewise his outstanding success in building a fine school spirit and co-operation between the student body and the newly organized faculty. In Appreciation of his sympathetic interest in every student's problems and his great helpfulness in assisting the more unfortunate-a friendship as sincere and genuine as a real pal for a comrade in trouble, and most of all, for the enrichment he has given our lives through contact with his energetic and pleasing personality and genuine character - an example that will remain with us always as a guide to our future lives. We, the Annual Staff, affectionately dedicate The Torch, and gratefully acknowledge his maior part in making its issue possible, to our beloved Principal, MR. LLOYD W. WALLER Page Seven 1 I I H Ni? ,fi Ns ,QV Q Y' 5 NX-Y Y 'v A :Q :ein ,- . 1 A xx mx' W 1, ,gn 44. X. K ,,. I in if wg, f 59 Sei' - X 1 3 a'5f35'sf'Qggk , ' M vw- f ' ixgw 4 GFA Qfff Q 1 iii? 1 ex 'lffltllin 'UU fd ln this world lived a race of people known as the Tarfars. Here men, women, boys and girls lived five days each week for four long years. They played, they worked and planned for a future that would be happy and fruitful. , In ,,. Us ,, AJ ' U J My Y x H x X, X X-, xx x J .N y v v J f -,D -A-A xf H X 1 A 3 xg 5 gsm? Wx ix ' I gxi' ...g..qaav--uwlvdlf ....,.,,.,, .,-H" BOARD OF TRUSTEES ROBERT RUSSELL J. ROBERT BLACK President WALTER G. LINCH Secretory N. R. KUHN W. H. TOY lDoes noi appear in photogrophj W. K. COBB Superintendent Redondo Union High School District 34062 Ao . 9 LLOYD W. WALLER Principal Torrance High School He is a swell fellow, Arthur M. Main, Vice-Principal. If any thing goes wrong you know where to go for help cmd you can be sure you are in cap- able hands. He is always help- ing some student straighten out his problems. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Wainfain eace ARTHUR M. MAIN HARRIET H. HARDY Vice-Principal Dean of Girls Always willing to help you help yourself. When you leave her office you have cu better under- standing of yourself and a re- newed sense of responsibility. ROSE MARY BLECKER EDNA F. ALTERTON Principol's Secretary Registrar A ready smile greets you in the Counselor's Office. 1'rlg1"ll1irtw1z MADELINE DICKERSON, M.S. University of Idaho Education B. S. Dakota Wesleyan University Chemistry Hobby: Art FRED L. ECKERT, B.S. Wayne State Teachers College U S C. Phvsical Science Hubby: Gardening CLIFFJRD ROBERT GRAYBEHL, M.S. Santa Barbara State Physical Education Hobby: Sports MABEL PAULINE KLOSTER, M.A. University ef Iowa English Hobby: Golf, Poetry FRANCES MARIAN LAWRENCE, M.A. Michiq-n S a'e Normal Bus'ne:s Education Hobby: Housekeeping VIVIAN MARKHAVI, A.B. Washb-rn College Nursing Hobby: Handicraft ADELIA SHUTE DWIGHT, B.A. U.S.C. Social Science Hobby: Horses JOHN LaVERN ELMORE, A.B. U.S.C. Drama, Speech Stagecraft, English Hobby: Golf MARIAN THOMPSON, ISAACS, U.C.L.A. Spanish and Latin CAROLYN M. KYES, B.E. Business Education U.C.L.A. Hobby: Gardening DR. VEAZIE MARKHAM, M.D. Washington University Medicine Hobby: Baby Opposums ABE MILSTEIN, B.A. B.A. Colo. State College of Education Music Hobby: Music HARVEY ALLEN, M.A. Univ. of Okla and U.S.C. Mathematics Hobby: Athletics f J wi, Sb' tion N EDDIE G. COLE, A.B. Santa Barbara College Physical Education Hobby: Athletics-Garde ning FLOYD J. ANDRUS, M.A. U.S.C. Mathematics Hobby: Gardening MAE BUCHANAN, B.S. Iowa State College Univ. of Ill. Home Economics Hobby: Foods JUNE COPE, B.B. West Texas State College U.S.C. Physical Education FURMAN APPLEGATE, M.A. U.C.L.A. - U.S.C. Attendance, Continuation Hobby: Badminton, Gardening MILTON BUCK, A.B. Newark College of Engr. U.S.C. Physical Science Hobby: Music, Reading F ELAINE F. CROWE, B.A. U.S.C. Art Hobby: Drawing -Music aff Hobby: Sports A J ik, A '. 'ffl A LWVT- I -f' U' L, J HSL, ' G' ry, K ,k kxvg, 0.5-I -' V., on wid weave!!-f - 6-A ., ..-News CATHERINE Colo State English Hobby Aviation USC CLEM E SAUNDERS MS Umv of Texas USC Science Hobby Tennis Sports CLARENCE McVlORAN U C L A Auto 8. Gen Shop Drafting Hobby Sailing HILJA SMYTHE MA U of Calrf lBsrlzeleyl Biological Science Counseling Administration Math Hobby Teaching and C. B. STEELE, A.B. University of Calif. iSanta Barbara Collegel Industrial Arts Hobby: Records Uschaikowskij, , Photography . .. .I 5. i l . Q . , " .- , . ,- + ag - e . ' I ' L." 1 f" - - . ' . " IC sf' , i .f -f 51.1" X X sf Q .-. . ,, I I V '41 A V? 9 5, I vi. e , 53, 1-.. .f s If ' X ' . 1 , . . e M.A. HELEN E. RODGER5, M.A. EDWARD A REYNOLDS, Yale University Social Studies Hobby Attending Sports ARVID VIHLEN B.S. Mankato State Teachers Industrial Arts Hobby Ra sing dogs, Shop Work U.C.L.A., U.S.C. Rivers'de Library School, Columbia University His'ory and Library Service Hobby: Sewing, Gardenin g events - Fishing GEORGE ZAVISLAN, M.S, U.S.C. Music Education Hobby: Ping Pong, Baseball, Reading Music Reviews Ollll 6ltl0l'l L6 QSIQLJ JQOWLJQQ FOCD' M. Tappin V. Campbell VKX i X S Y . w..emm.snNwN-..-ws..xw s -N. . . t...t .. .... .. wwe.-N ..,tt e ,.,,t e , N , -, M CLEAN UP! ROW I: T. Hood, C. Henderson, W. Lee, J. Johnson, A. Smart. ROW 2 C. Shepard J. Harris C. Pisel, I. Thompson, B. Rains. Q ' S A, .. X E af. X: . We R .t . ,,,,, . .M ,.... J. , - .. as swim-.Q i -fr , e.e. . .. , ........... , ......,w.e,..M . ... .,. ....,.. we .emo ..... ...... .. . ,, . -. , .... , , .. , ..... - Mfrs-M it W:2'M.'-:fA :wa Q x wa. 3, QQQQ S s ew. - ' ,, . 1'!? J I A A -Qigfw Q , 5 W 3 'Hhs' 4, Q3 ,,l p ..A::f I r frf' 'I 1 iff Wd Pug, li.lQflf1:'1 omg gQ,.A.AV"'?"B 4 , aa NSN s .,'....Lf' .1 .. a? 2 affix pf I f If" - 'P -4 Y in .4141 L." Q9 if I M ,4 Frank Ainsworrh Neoma Barren Bill Carlton Barbara Coles Dorothy De Wit! Philip Anas! Cecelia Bidwell William Carslens Dick Cloward Johnem: Dorris ve'l"r1z!1 Juanifa Andrews Ronald Anderson John Branum Monna Bray Patricia Cecil lloyd Chambers Joyce Crane .lack Daniel Barbara Dunlop .lerry Enix David Babcock Joanne Brimer Evelyn Clark Jean Daniel Rafael Enolano Walter Bacon Marilyn Byllesby Doris Cline Jock Dean Wilma Eynon Charlsie Jolley Marie Kelion 'Qi Q, , ,Q . ,xy Belly Fagan Nola Farner Jim Foster Joyce Frunzen Belly Fuller Verdell Galloway Bill Garner Phil Gill W. A. Hclnni Roy Hayushibara Ronald Hazelwood Robert Hinds Jcck Hood Beverly Hopkins Paula Hughes Kennclli Jolmslon A-01 bel' 4' ng, fl A Y yew 'T fa' f-fee enior ave eackecl flue join Eugene Jones Roberf Jones Virginia Keller Daisy Knappenberger Gerry Knight Sonna larson I we f QFD + fl 1. if' , , .e , Li Pflgf 7i1i'l'7lfJV-Ollfi f f,Z5IZf F 1 f. .7 -',.,,+ 0, x ff of jkeir Jane lafferty Barbara lisman Betty loclce Bill Maloy Joyce Martin Julie Menni Pat Mullin Joan Mumford Everett Munyer Connie Navarro Bengta Nelson Frank Norris Jessie Ordaz Raymond Paxton Keith Pearson Beverly Lockhart Allen Mepham Helena Moore Pearl Olloque Frances Parry gmf Beverly McCluev Franklin Miller Donna Morgan Bertha Olsen Jessie Perez Jerry Mellvaine Yom Milstead lohn Morison Alfonso Ordaz Leslie Peterson L Q .gf-4. Winona Seaborn Robert Snuffer li Claudine Pickett John Pima Mary Pleasant Yovan Papovich QV yy Dick Presion Audrey Raul: Par Read Elinor Raves Beverly Ron Rose Roni Don Roxum Mary Ellen Rulhfeld! Ramona Sales Eleanor Salm Wilbur Sanderson Joann Sandxfrom jAl"0lfLg JLIJWU E Beverly Schmid! Ruth Schimmick lynn Smyihe Duane Sveele Joaquin Stevens Walter Sfevens ' X Jackie k'QVE+0f1 Albert Slephenson Marie Sfokoe Donna SuMon .lack Taylor Delorez xreclia Connie Valencia Shirley Vandevenler Marie VanVlie0 Bob Voien Dorothy Warning lory Watson Bob Waivers Nancy Whyie Joyce Wold ,fu X N F X . Jack Omafsu in J Joan Schmidt ,J fx I V, C X i ff N KW ll Roger SI. Dennis Bob Sulile , M A d Pngr 7 zwnfnl'-forzr Wim, :inn Ike Winners sa.?'z.J Bob Turner Flon-:Ha Wakefield Madeline Yniguez x f 'o Al iraawp - 519. ,e , HJ , , Aqua:-iff' .4 A . - ,ML .J . K-. 4. Div' ,fl YL. Ya' ,Af MARY ACORD "The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world." Girls' League. FRANK AINSWORTH "The world knows nothing of its great- est men." Boys' League, Track, Camera Club. RONALD ANDERSON "As for me, all I know is that I know nothing at all." Basketball, Football, Varsity Club. JUANITA ANDREWS "She can't do anything and does it well." Homeroom Secretary, Girls' League. DAVID BABCOCK "Attends strictly to his own business, but no one has ever been able to find out what it is." Varsity Club, Tartar Knights lCaptain9, Varsity Baseball. WALTER BACON "Combs down his hair. Look, look, it stands striaght up." Boys' Leoge, Track, Art Editor-Annual. RICHARD BAREERA "Be silent and safe-silence never betrays you." Red Cross, Boys' League. NEOMA BARRETT "To be merry best becomes you." G.A.A., Boosters Club, Girls' League. CECILIA BIDWELL "All's well with her. Above her fan she's makina eyes at any man." Comm. of Finance, Tartar Ladies, G.A.A. JOHN BRANUM "A lion among the women is a danger- ous thing." Football, Varsity Club, Baseball. MONNA BRAY "The more I see of men, the better I like dogs." Girls' League. JOANNE BRIMER "She rose like a star in the heavens, Everybody likes and admires her." Tri-Hi-Y, T.N.T., G.A.A. EDA JANE BRENNAN Special Student. MARILYN BYLLESBY "A gay, bonnie lass, the merry maker of her class." Comm. of Entertainment, G.A.A. Secre- tary, Tartar Ladies. BILL CARLTON "The greatest oaks have been little acorns." Boys' League, Drama Club, Senior Play. BILL CARSTENS "His head is the storehouse of knowledge and there's no more room for rent." Tartar Knight, Varsity Club, Senior Class President. PAT CECIL "Merry as the day is Iong." Senior Class Treasurer, Girls' League Vice-President, G.A.A. Cabinet. LLOYD CHAMBERS "Oklahoma's pride and icy." Basketball, Trac, Hi-Y. EVELYN CLARK "l've got a feeling l'm falling." G.A.A., Junior Statesmen, Tennis Club. gg .fdcfiuifiezi DORIS CLINE "Begone dull care, you and I shall never agree." G.A.A., Glee Club, Girls' League. DICK CLOWARD "Variety is the spice of life. Here's an- other variety." Football, Junior Statesmen. BARBARA COLES "A day in April never came so sweet." Tartar Ladies, Scholarship, Student Council. JOYCE CRANE "A Merry twinkle in her eye." Photography Club, Mixed Chorus, Girls' League. JACK DANIEL "Where there's a will there's a way." gfhslarship Society, Football, Varsity U . JEAN DANIEL "From the crown of her head to the soul of her feet is mirth." Annual Staff-class editor, Modern Liter- ature Club, Tri-Hi-Y. JACK DEAN "When icy and duty clash, let duty go to smash." Track, Football, Junior Statesmen. DOROTHY DeWlTT "She carries a torch, two or three, but we don't mean annuals." Song Ween, T.N.T. Staff, G.A.A. DANIEL DEVOR "No legancy is as rich as honesty." Boys' League. JOHNETTA DORRIS "Age cannot whither her." President, Life Scholarship, T.N.T. ta . BARBARA DUNLOP "I'II be merry and free, I'lI be sad for nobody." G.A., T.N.T., Choir. BETTY FULLER "A thing of beauty is a ioy forever." F.H.A., Glee Club, Girls' League. VERDELL GALLOWAY "Lives today as well as she may re- gardless of tomorrow." Glee Club, G.A.A., Camera Club. BILL GARNER "The man behind the curtain." Stagecrew, Cafeteria. PHIL GILL "Speak low when you speak love." Basketball, C.S.F., Junior Statesmen. ROBERT HANLEY ROY HAYASHIBARA "A ioke is a very serious thing." Annual Staff, Scholarship, Tartar Knights. RONALD HAZELWOOD "Without a song? When?" Track, Senior Play, Variety Show. ROBERT HINDS "He may do Something sensational yet." Track, Baseball. JACK HOOD "Afraid to hurry. He might catch up with himself." Student Body President, Varsity Football Captain, Tartar Knights. BEVERLY HOPKINS " 'Tis better to be small and shine than to be large and cast a shadow." G A.A. President, Varsity Yell Leader, Girls' League President. WANDA DUNN G.A.A., Chorus, Girls' League. JERRY ENI S "Here again, gone again." Football, Chori, Stagecrew. DELOREZ EREDIA "The shorthand teacher calls him speedy." Boys' League, Hall Patrol. RAFAEL ESTOLANO "Brains and personality plus." Cross Country, Tennis, Track. WILMA EYNON "Tho meek and mild she has a sense of humor." Tartar Ladies, G.A.A., Home Economics Club. BETTY FAGAN "Her ways are ways of pleasantness." Tri-Hi-Y, G.A.A., F.H.A. Vice-Presdient. NOLA FARNER "The spearmint girl with the wrigley eyes." Girls' Glee, Tennis Club. JO KEITH FERGUSON Tennis, Football, Track. JAMES FOSTER "Lean and lanky." Cross Country, Tennis, Choir. JOYCE FRANZEN "The grass stoops not, she treads on it so lightly." G.A.A., Tartar Ladies, Scholarship. PAULA HUGHES "A friend both loyal and true." Girls' League. KENNETH JOHNSTON "lt is better to rust out than to wear out." Tartar Knight, Hi-Y. CHARLSEE JOLLEY "She doth indeed show some sparks that are like wit." F,H.A. Secretary, Girls' League, Girls' Glee. GENE JONES Q'When there is life there is Jones." Varsity Club, Boys' League, Football. ROBERT JONES "As Napoleon said, size isn't every- china." ' Track, Football. VIRGINIA KELLER "Merry and gay." G.A.A., Girls' Glee, Tennis Club. MARIE KELTON "Altho not a lawyer, she's handling a very important case." G.A.A., Girls' Self Government President, Tartar Ladies. DAISY KNAPPENBERGER "FulI of fun." Mixed Chorus, Girls' League. JANE LAFFERTY "A little bit of Ireland fell from out the sky one day." Tartar Ladies, Senior Play, G.A.A. SONNA JO LARSON Photography Club, Mixed Choir. BARBARA LISMAN "S1he's bonny, blooming, straight, and t girls' League President, Scholarshir President, Business Manager - Annua . BETTY LOCKE " 'Tis nice to be natural if you're natur- ally nice." Student Body Secretory, Tartar Ladies, Girls' League Cabinet. BEVERLY LOCKHART "BIondie." Girls' League. BEVERLY McCLUER "Doesn't want much, iust money and men." Tri-Y Secretary, Hall Patrol, Girls' League. JERRY McILVAINE "Handsome is as handsome does." Annual Staff, Basketball, Varsity Club. LUPE MADRIGAL BILL MALOY , "His speed is that of a snail." Boys' League. JOYCE MARTIN "Knows a little bit about a lot of things." Annual Staff. JULIE MENNI "Lifes a pudding full of plums, she wants to make the pudding." Tartar Ladies, G.A.A. Historian, Tri-Hi-Y President. ALLEN MEPHAM "Wants to sprout wings." Varsity Club Vice-President, T.N.T. Eritor. FRANKLIN MILLER "All men are great in their dreams." Boys' League. YUTAKA MINE "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing." Boys' League. HELENA MOORE "Joyful," PAT MULLIN "A day in autumn never came sweeter." Vice-President Girls' League, Tartar lad- ies, Commissioner of Finance. JOAN MUMFORD "A serious and learned nature-oh yes?" Tartar Lady Reporter, Girls' League Sec- retory, Varsity Yell Leader. EVERETT MUNYER "Don't cut off your nose to spite your face." Camera Club, Boys' league. CONNIE NAVARRO "They oin't dumb where she comes from." Student Council, Editor T.N.T., Tartar ladies. BENGTA NELSON "Smiles to all she extends." Tartar Ladies, G.A.A. Cabinet, Hall Patrol. FRANK NORRIS "Egod, Romeo lives again." Varsity Club, T.N.T. Staff, Tennis. Page Twenty-fivrf I V gm? is biw 1 A , N :Sq x , Q 'Q ' . 'QQ S . Q xi? my at gyms A fag -...W " 'i ff .,Qy egg.i Q Q QL '- X ', I . 'R N SM. -1 1 DICK PRESTON "All the world loves a lover." Football, Boys' League. AUDREY RAUK "An oar in every mans boat and a finger in every mans ple. Girls' League, Entertainment Committee, Girls' Glee. ELINOR REVES as can be." Tartar Ladies, Annual Stott, Girls' League. PAT READ "Good temper, like a sunny day, sheds brightness over everything." G.A.A., Annual Staff, Modern Literature. BEVERLY ROSS "Not too small tor praise." Girls' League, G.A.A., Tri-H "Cute i-Y. ROSE ROSSI "Too much speed." Tartar Ladies, Scholarship, Tri-Hi-Y. DON ROSUM "Too much learning doth makes me mad." Hi-Y, Track, Stage Crew. MARY ELLEN RUSHFELDT "Sugar and spice plus everything nice." Junior Red Cross, Annual Staff, Girls' League. ROGER ST. DENNIS "Quiet but industrious." Boys' League. RAMONA SALES "Look out boys she's not as she looks." Girls' Glee, Girls' League. ELEANOR SALM "Somewhat quiet, but those who know her best say she is not always." Hall Patrol, G.A.A., Girls' League. WILBUR SANDERSON "lt your studies interfere with your athletics, stuff your athletics." Basketball, Tennis, Choir. JOANN SANDSTROM "Perhaps she is sick or in love." G.A.A., Girls' League. RUTH SCHIMMICK "No hurry in her mind, no hurry test." Girls' league. JOAN SCHMITT "A snappy comeback." Scholarship, Girls' league. WINONA SEABORN "Full of spirit and ability." Girls' Glee Club, Girls' League. LYNN SMYTHE "Short but sweet." ROBERT SNUFFER "He's big enough and smart enough t be President." Football, Boys' League. DUANE STEEL "l've lived and loved." Track, Camera Club, Variety Show. bashtul as in her O ALBERT STEPHENSON "He has a head to contrive, a tongue to persuade, and a hand to execute any mischief." Football, Hi-Y, Varsity Club President. JOAQUIN STEVENS "Matinee." Girls' League, G.A.A., Tennis Club. WALTER STEVENS "Never be it said at him that man is fickle." Chair, Boys' League. JACKIE STEVENSON "Pretty to walk with, witty to talk with, and pleasant to be with." Photography Club, Girls' League. MARIE STOKOE "Entering the sea of matrimony." G.A.A., T.N.T. Staff, Hall Patrol. DONNA SUTTON "lf she will, she will, and you can de- pend on it, and it she won't, she won't and that's the end of it." Commissioner of Entertainment, G.A.A,, Hall Patrol. BOB SUTTLE "Past hope, past cure, past redemption." Basketball, Boys' League, Choir. BOB TURNER "l live today as well as I may. Foo'ball, Choir, Boys' League. CONNIE VALENCIA "So quiet you never hear her. Tartar Lady, Girls' League. SHIRLEY VANDEVENTER "Friendly and quiet." Dramatics, Girls' League. BOB VOIEN "His toe is folly and his weapon wit." Basketball, Track, President Hi-Y. FLORETTA WAKEFIELD "The redness of her hair reflects the goodness of her heart." T.N.T. Staff, F.H.A. Club, Girls' Glee. DOROTHY WARNING "A mortal of a careless kind." G.A.A., Hall Patrol, Tri-Hi-Y. LORY WATSON "Not that I love study less, I iust love tun more." Basketball, Choir, Track. BOB WATTERS "My lite is iust one girl after another." Basketball, Choir, Yell Leader. NANCY WHYTE "Her rebuttals have won her many debates." G.A.A. President, Annual Editor, Tartar Lady. IKE WINNER "Give him a hoe and he's happy." Boys' League. JOYCE WOLD "She never talks, that is-er-rarely." G.A.A., Hall Patrol, Glee Club. amloiond x ,Q sswif ' 5 ,Q 'IV' QQ K dl'lJ LGJLLPQ J4 uancing fo D. Bodner, B. Crawford, C. Donnel, D. Carrow, T. Fuiiwara. ROW 4: P. Clara, E. Hillier, B. Fritz, M. Hovlid, O. Harris, C. Henry, D, Bingham, D. Garrison, P. Comon, N. Biggs. ROW 5: P. Findley, D. Geary, D. Crosby, T. Hirata, P. Ban, G. Chapman, E. Clark. ROW 6: B. Bowers, B Denry, B. Haden, W. Harfield, E. Brown, D. Coleman, B. Chambers, B. Dominguez, G. James. -.hd df , .x .1 .-QPF' 1 l V f N if J - in Q Q s , . A b V Q S ,I , fr ,W 'L' nr -4' " it . , .- , . f ,. 5 4 Q s ' N Q' R' gf' 3 Y 5, 5 1 11", H 5 f E f f 4 ur 3 5 3' v' QQ "' a- , w W 2 Q. ' . '. fm x. R will S .1 Eggs - . A Q SQ... fx, wr '23, S. :T r A N3 -as X vw t . 1 ' , x J, A , , .w A as . - " if x QEQ ' ,- P A 9 fgaffrklx W 'ff f. gg, A ' I gf -MQ H g .W 'R f 2 .- 'A V. V y A ... V ff V 'Q " ki Rifwi V X' Q ' 'Vw va 3':5,Y' T VFW ' ' fff"zk'J+ Tx Y 'f Q w wx xr Xu X N M I 'W if N, 6 Q .,.3yf', ff XF W 4 A if J 'H ...Q ' 'f Y A Q' if Y a f A Q V M A L.. ,, ,J 1 , X ' Y 'Q V, f' ,J '4"', vii, 5 hx w . r Z Q X- Q? 1 if W L, ps 4, M.. ,gg ' , yi at M' .J Z D' ,ff , s - W f - , Q x Q' V ' ,A 1 2: 1 'ft X' s f 'Sf' F ' 'il' . 'lu 'F 7 " P T4 ' ,J ' ' N .-I " H 9' ' ' 0 3 KU I . I Q Q , t gi . , A B1 I A h 5 , pg x L 14 t , if 2 F' S A 3 f 1-3 I 1 7 -' QiQgf.?fx-f -1 -- ' A - 1 Uv n .mix ff..?f Yr I . l 'Hi ' vw ' :f " f , grits! ? V f r'fy"'?' QW, g . ,- 'r my s --gy Y .as- Q YT ROW 1: Dolores Jensen, Bonnie Galloway, Dolores Lopez, Grace Garland, Marzell Henry, Helen Fortin, Virginia Camou, Joanne Donnette, Shirley Booth, Betty Coles, Marilyn Franzen, Mary Cullinan, Beverley Karganilla. ROW 2: Jimmie Bullard, Nancy Jessome, Jeanne Jenkins, Patsy Brown, Carol Burns, Donna Elliott, Marilyn Finch, Joan King, Valerie Bottin, Vivian Hazzard, Dolores Fees, Mona Henry, Bernice Buchanan, Twila Duncan. ROW 3: leo Alvarez, Richard Banderez, Betty Branum, Joan Davis, Jaquie King, Carol Bryan, Alice Deurloo, Hanie Ems, Ramona Johnson, Peggy Cecil, Vivian lee, Barbara Harrington, Billy Jones, Edward lee. ROW 4: Kenneth Be'les, Robert Bellhouse, Cecil Edwards, Miguel Duarte, Billy Harrison, Bernard Berkowitr, Wallace Fullmer, Jimmie Collins, Eddie Carrol, John Kulp, Ronald Homoka, Herbert Lawson, Ronald Higgins, Rudy Flores, David Baker, Billy Hut!on, Tommy Giatras, Vernon Greene, Ronald Chambers, Jimmy Gates, Euchi Kobayashi, Harold Chapman. ue, J, ,f . c A yr J" ff H 1 xi? 7'1!Mfl. x,, f Page Tlzirty-lzuo yu, mf Wa, L 1 1 5Aeg l"0gI"256 ROW l: S. Valencia,lD. McVf'j, A. Martinez, P. Watson, D. Worland, R. Whit man, F. Peck, P. T-' ..,., J. Schaffer, S. Hacker. ROW 2: B. Miyamoto, A. Morris, J. Melvin, J. Tillotson, A. Mondor, J. Michels, E. Middleton, B. Reynolds, D. Wade, H. Stitt, A. Nakotsuka, J. McWaid. ROW 3: l. Stirling, M. Sprung, D. Ulbright, W. Webb, B. Paine, J. Philipos, M. Mood, J. Ziemke, A. Menni, A. Miller. ROW 4: A. Wright, M. McGuire, J. Snodfgress, J. Minton, C. Mumford, C Sachs, D. M'Farland, D. Moore, E. Warren, B. Roberts, S. Russel, M. Putnam 1 --Iii Q on flue a 1 If ROW 5: H. Mimum, J. Smith, D. Turner, J. O'Toole, S. Gordon, C. Mackey, D. Stevenson, B. Wernett, J. Komasto, J. Moore, N. Stock, G. laugee, C. Wilson P. Douroux, B. Yoes, B. McNeeIy, D. liley, J. Rambo, B. Hughes, D. Wright, F. Moro. ROW 6: M. Yniquez, H. Reynolds, W. Vaughn, R. Selover, R. Perez, C Stegall, R. Moreno, V. Turman, M. M:New, T. Schiebler, D. Schumert, B. Mattern, B. Schmidt, D. Maria, R. Palmer. Pagv' Th iff-1'-I 11 rm' J-if 21.21 ffl .,-.J - FW' iff rl ROW l: S. Fernandez, l. Davis, D. Fowler, B. Barnard, D. E. Birchfield, B. Edwards, J. Dunmyer, G. Bray, H. Harris, B. Curry, R. Baal, D. Cox, J C. Alexander, J. Jones, l. Comiskey, M. Jenocovich, A. Icamen, S. Gish, J. Babbit, A. Knappenberger, B. Cox, D. Johnston, J. Ford. ROW 4: A. Dandoy Bisbocci, I.. Johnson. ROW 2: E. Carsiens, E. Booth, B. Jackson, M. Dunn, B. Friiz, J. Faren, D. Ferguson, R. Gonzales, J. Garland, D. Croshaw, B. Irwin, H S. Hawks, D. Hatfield, N. Allen, L. Ahlsfrom, D. Duran, T. Garnica, R. Callihan, Fenwick, G. Day, G. Barkdull, C. Coulson, l. Kasien, G. Dawson. A. Fullmer, M. Duncan, A. lkezoe, D. Forth. ROW 3: K. Fuiiwara, D. Cox, N .VX - V v of All A U Y , - of - Q I N K o e t o N' . ' . - U'll'LU'l 0 U71 . . . .. f J ' 4 1 N A F 7 F T , 5 . . , . y ' f -- 0 X C Q A J i ,ly VN f .f . 3 f V 2 ,J 'N Aj '-1 -. A , . ' ' Ng J 'll Nu -2 Q Q, ,y , :K-.3 -1 lu 5 X ,. e ox .J 5'-l xx Pagr 71111-ty-fuzn ROW l: S. Moore, J. Montgomery, S. Winnier, P. Stevens, l. Stiles, J. McCIuer H. McBride, D. Weber, E. lindenberg, E. Sprayberry, N. Smith, O. Rainwater, G. Mitchell, G. Thatcher, J. Perkins. ROW 2: J, McClenanhan, M. Schumert, D. lisoni, B. Murdock, T. Payne, D. Stegall, I. lavelady, B. Zackary, M. Ryan, B Shannon, G. lafferty, P. Wilson, J. Morgan, I. Moreno, B. Skaggs. ROW 3: G Carter, D. Mitchell, H. laudemon, M. Tappin, P. McBride, J. Stiles, A. Schreiber, M. Moore, J. Nincevic, B. Ziemke, N. Thompson, J. Wright, B. Kudlemyer, R i i ,KN Zamora, B. Smith. ROW 4: D. Stoffel, A. Thompson, J. Grub, R. Flacy, R. Mc- Whirter, R. loughlin, H. Olson, E. Russell, J. Nady, T. Deaton, R. Deshler, F D. Russ, D. Evans, R. Pickett, M. Watrin, R. Dunn, P. Florez, R. Garcia. ROW 5 W. McDaniel, l. Poundars, H. Intermill, G. Phillips, J. Clevanger, W. Sanford J. Leech, B. Sperry, J. Taylor, P. Conner, V. lewis, D. Wendel. I ,J 5 1 I I fl.. Wm! fo ZW, Page' Th1'1'ty-fue Abramson, F. Schmidt, F. Hickman, J. Turner, W. Hutchins, J. Shanko, D. Colville, r one Auf Wof jorgoffen . " O' P' . "' 1 S it C J ROW I: B. Morgan, V. Perkins, E. Suiier, B. Browning, J. Arney. ROW 2: F. Bynum, 0. Sfepp, A. Kerns, B. Crook, H. Davis. ROW 3: .l. Turner, E. Forlin, T. Milslead, T. McWoid, W. Poxfon, Jr., M. Malin, D. Smith. ROW 4: J. Kosliak, L. Nelson, G. Slirling, E. Melro, B. Floyd. Pago Thirty-.fix Class Officers President EUGENE STIRLING Vice-President JOHN TURNER Secretory OLIVER STEPP CLASS COLORS: Purple and White CLASS THEME: "Entering the Alomic Age Q in Ulu :shi ,qi ru ,vs-r. 'GMA ff-EF9' is 1 iz, ff pun.--mm SQL . 'S S 'WB 4 4 i 1 , .. if Q 4.,, Q A 'X ff 694 " 1 b SMS iff fish 4 1 1. A A'A', . f ' 3 gg, ' ' ' . ' V , - 5? ",-1v""""M , fi 5 '.',' L, I mggk .' Y ,J Q 1. X I 4 I .. ' " 'EK Wy fs 1 f +L , nqeowau..-...W V Q Q 'ff - .25 dz QQ," If , my V' mp W A sz, y, if :M-K up 1 , Q, P' 1,4- ...W Ollli ANIZATI 1 2 N NX x 5 iv, W fi SW Wi During the first semester, under Bill Morgan's leadership, the Student Council ioined the C.l.F. League, the Bay League Forum, started the Saturday Night Canteen and sponsored other projects, such as the Christmas tree and the Charity Drives. The second semester Council, under Jack Hood, revised A ,FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS President WILLIAM MORGAN President GENE STIRLING Secretary BETTY LOCKE Girls' Self-Government President MARIE KELTON Boys' Self-Government President JACK HOOD Commissioner of Finance CECELIA BIDWELL Commissioner of Athletics JACK TURNER Commissioner of Halls and Grounds CONNIE NAVARRO Commissioner of Safety JERRY MeILVAINE Commissioner of Entertainment MARILYN BYLLESBY Commissioner of Advertising YOVAN POPOVICH Commissioner of Group Control DICK TURNER Adviser MR. A. MAIN SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS Vice-President JACK HOOD Vice-President YOVAN POPOVICH Secretary CONNIE NAVARRO Boys' Self-Government President ONAL HARRIS Girls' Self-Government President MARIE KELTON Commissioner of Finance PAT MULLIN Commissioner of Athletics JACK DEAN Commissioner of Halls and Grounds PAULINE BAN Commissioner of Safety DICK TURNER Commissioner of Entertainment DONNA SUTTON Commissioner of Advertising BEVERLY HOPKINS Commissioner of Group Control MARLENE QUAGGIN Adviser MR. A. MAIN the Student-Body Constitution, continued with the Bay League Forums, supported a demerit system, a non-cooperative list and the Student-Body Aud Calls- iust to name a few of the many things accomplished. With the cooperation of Mr. Waller, Mr. Main and the faculty, the Council finished the year with flying colors. we? 2 fA0 535101116 XM-,. .X . N-M .. x M.d.v.,wwmsnwmwa www, ,- ,, .5 g Q 5 ' QW 5 h ,w .WW N k 'W if A m'w M ' ' a. 1 lg. Ja. 39. v ?f-1: 4,1 M f W 12 -.Q unc W r ,,K X kyfgv ,K 3, ' 'v A - , V If , i . , ofwgw 1 1: Y .X swf 9 .. .1 ' r via? of f is if 1'- 'wf m'f1llm m,nq1 X A X +---W.-Q Ulvglq .lu 1 g li W , S' 5 5- 4 mi Rv ff In is A, je B v j J W 'YW .ul ' 'J' 4 1 , ' J" Y uf ,, . n 8' ":-, ki Q-ff ' gg 35232: If 3253i f 'fa WPS- .a-.l..f'i W- 'L'.1-'All .uf --P WI M' ROW l: Bunlxey Quaggin, Beverly Hopkins, Jean Daniel, Barbara lisman, Nancy Whyte, Pat Cecil, Pat Read. ROW 2: Rose Rosenberg, Joyce Martin, Anna Jane Kelly, Janet lewellen, Wanda Webb, Pat Mullin, Martha Ossea, Elinor Reves, Mary Ellen Rushfeldt, Peggy Cecil, Joyce Franzen. ROW 3: Ronnie Anderson, Kaz Shiroyama, Frank Norris, Jerry Mcllvaine, Charles Sachs, Gary Dawson, Roy Hayashibara. ,MLP Enough gofclen ANNUAL STAFF OF '48 Editor.. .. .. , , Nancy Whyte Associate Editor, . .. , ,Pat Mullin Business Manager,,Barbara lisman Class Editor, , .. .,..,... Jean Daniels Art Editor.. . .... ,..., W alter Bacon Social Editor, , ., , ,,.Pat Cecil , ,,.Bill Paxton, Photography Bill Morgan, Bill Carstens Sports Editor, , ,Jerry Mcllvaine Girls' Sports .......... Beverly Hopkins Organization Editor, ,...,., Pat Read Super-Salesman . ,Joyce Franzen Qliuiclencb ANNUAL STAFF An active group of students who have taken upon themselves the task of continuing the fine tradition of editing the "TORCH." With the aid of the untiring advisors, the staff really worked to produce an excellent Annual. 'S hi A If N x. X.. AAG! 1+ Q is si ,fi iA 5 N waxy' 1 sf IJ 'A ...., it ml- , - x -.N Q A - was "' N Dil . an ' 0 x ,, V .Q 1 WK 'mu - x z ' 1 3' W Wx X 'f . . , F Q , if M W 'U Q X Q., K W fgigga D , , A K1 x , L' ,ky Q L '. fl' x ' f A 4' -1 3 ', fa, ' I H, P 'A A I Q f Q fl ' K 4 3 h, , A t - S Q i ii 2 i ' ' 'K 3 ' . 3 F 5' Q A 5 1 . x 3' . y X 'Z ji as Ya 0 K ,. f A x , 4 'V ' , - e is t - N N ' ' Q Jw 1 U .- N I f " 3 2 M 4' is , il! 1 9 av' gil ,, K ff., -, ef' f ' -kai' W" '-' .,b. K. . rienflzilo, eruice ana! oliogaky . J, ' C' sf .fr".ls- GIRLS' LEAGUE The members of this group consist of every girl in the school. The Girls' League is an organization which promotes friendship, service, and loyalty. They have co-sponsored with the Boys' League, the Variety Show and Luggage Day. ln our assembly programs, we have had a vocational day of food demonstration and fashion show as well as other features. LEFT-flnformal Groupl A. Wright, P. Cecil, B. Lisman, M. Quaggin, P. Ban. Page Forty-four 0 . .. .Z I-9-... .3 -ef 2, -- s6.1j.ffI 5, Q GIRLS LEAGUE CABINET FIRST SEMESTER: B. Hopkins, Presi- dent, J. Mumford, Historian, B. Locke, Representative, P. Mullin, Vice-President, H. Davis, Repre- sentative, Miss Hardy, Sponsor, B. Lisman, Sec.-Treas., P. Ban, Reporter, H. Stitt, Representative, P. Clere, Pianist, A. Wright, Rep- resentative, lNot Shownl L. Stir- ling, Representative. SECOND SEMESTER: R. Rosenberg, Representative, A. Wright, Report- er, M. Sprung, Representative, B. Jackson, Representative, B. Lisman, President, Miss Hardy, Sponsor, P. Cecil, Vice-President, P. Ban, Historian, M. Quaggin, Sec.-Treas., B. Hopkins, Representative, lNot Shown! Miss Rodgers, Sponsor. BOYS' LEAGUE CABINET FIRST SEMESTER KTOPJ: P, Smith, Vice-President, O. Harris, President, D, Bodner, Secretary. SECOND SEMESTER lBOTTOMlg D. Bodner, Secretary, O. Harris, President, C. Graybehl, Sponsor, P. Smith, Vice-President. m wee A BOYS' LEAGUE The Boys' League is a school or- ganization for every boy in the school. Its function is to solve prob- lems directly concerning the male population of the school. By as- semblies, special events and Boys' Court, the boys have a chance to serve themselves and their school. Onal Harris was president, Paul Smith, was vice-president, and Don Bodner, secretary-treasurer. Mr. C. Graybehl was the sponsor. Prygv Fmfm 11 QGCQ CL J 6116! .N Qdft 6lI'lL!C9I"0l'l all!! BOYS' COURT No school can function properly with- out a governing force of some kind. The Boys' Court has done its share by prescribing discipline to the boys of the school. lt isn't the object of the Court to dictate to the boys but merely teach them right from wrong. RIGHT: ROW I: 0. Stepp, J. Hood, E. Fortin. ROW 2: D. Babcock, J. Turner, G. Stirling, B. Morgan. lf1wlwfry-,t1.x- 6 LEFT: B. Hopkins, B. Crook, M. Kelton, Miss Hardy, Sponsor, P. Mullin, N. Whyte. GIRLS' COURT The Girls' Court is composed of five members. These include a judge, the presi- dent of G.A.A., Girls' League, Tartar Ladies and a secretary. Any girl in school who has committed a violation of our rules is brought before the Court and trial tor her particular of- fense is made. If the girl is found guilty, she is given a specified punishment to be carried out for a certain period of time. The Court meets whenever it is necessary to try a violator. This isn't very often. .11 'R ZXXY 2 'F'- X I 3, X TY ' .. K. to F, Q, . w S irecfing flze Confuriion anc!!Qcfuring flue .xdcfion HALL PATROL Besides regulating the traffic in the halls, the Hall Patrol is responsible for keeping our Campus clear of paper and trash. With an average of eight members on the patrol each month, the group has success- fully kept the halls free from congestion and our Campus one of the cleanest in the Bay League. HOLD IT! CLICK! The Photography Group shoots pictures everywhere, anytime. They develop and print the pic- tures in our small darkroom. If all goes well one of the lucky ones may win a prize at the Torrance Camera Club, in the local Library, the first Tuesday of the month. HALL PATROL ROW T: C. Navarro, M. Stokoe, D. Warning, J. Sandstrom, E. Salm, B. McCluer. ROW 2: K. Mosher, M. Robinson, D. Sutton, C. Bidwell, J. Dean, D. Cloward. PHOTOGRAPHY KNEELING: D. Steele, Mr. Buck. ROW 1: J. Stevenson, R. St. Dennis, S. Larson, J. Pearcy, J. Menni J. Crane. ROW 2: K. Pearson, J. Luter. we wife fke mum 0 . . . STAFF OFFICERS Editor-in-Chief . . . . Connie Navarro Assistant Editor . . ...Alan Mepham Business Manager .. .. .. Jim Smith Exchange Editor .,., . . ,,,,. .. Chuck Mumford Feature Editor.. .. .. ,,,, ,,....,, ,,., . R ose Rosenberg Club Editor... ..JohneHa Dorris, Floretta Wakefield Proof Readers.. . Barbara Kelley, Jimmie Bullard A bi-weekly, the TORRANCE NEWS TORCH pictured a cross-section of school lite in its news stories, features, and sports pages. Its editorial page was open to tree expression of student opinion. Cooperating with the T.N.T. Staff, were the Print Shop boys and their adviser, Mr. Steele. . . . .7Ao:ie Ao Wade .gf RALLY COMMITTEE ROW I: L. Foley, D. Baer, J. Davis, B. Wright, D. Maull. ROW 2: D. Geary, .I. Bullard, B. Specht, P. Watson, D. Hat- field, J. Riggio, A. Morris, R. Rosenberg. ROW 3: Miss Cope, Sponsor, E. Spaan, M. Ossea, J. Ousler, L. Anderson, P. Weber, J. Sommers, V. Lee, J. Davis, W. I-Iollomon, Y. Thomas, Miss Avis, Sponsor. MJ' guiding olza EIU OFFICERS .. v. President YOVAN POPOVICH Vice-President BARBARA SPECHT Secretary PAT WEBER Treasurer WALLACE FULLMER Parliamentarian PHILIP Glll. ROW 'I: P. Gill, W. Fullmer, B. Specht, Y. Popovich, A. Wright, J. Dean, D. Cloard. ROW 2: B. Olsen, J. Melvin, E. Clark, J. Thienhous, G. Chapman, M. Ossea, N. Biggs, B. Wright, D. Geary. ROW 3: R. Rosenberg, P. Leis, J. Pinto, F. Norris, D. Gadsden, B. Voien, D. Ruppert, P. Weber, .l. Oursler. ROW 4: R. Homalalra, T. Ruppert, L. Hughes, R. Wright, K. Pearson, Mr. Reynolds, Sponsor. The Junior Statesmen of America Club was organized at Torrance High School for the first time this year. The local club has been tabbed the "pace-maker" of California because of its activity. Activities for the year include attendance at the state convention, regional convention, sponsorship of two Aud Calls, sponsorship of Junior City Day and a mock political convention. The club was directed by Ed Reynolds who was assisted by Arthur Main and Adelia Dwight. BOYS' COURT-Second Semester ROW l: D. Babcock, D. Turner, O. Harris, President, D. . Oefinger, 1. Hood. now 2. G. whaling, A. soevenwn, Y. . ' . GIRLS' COURT- 56COl1Cl SBMGSYGI' Popovich. B. Hopkins, M. Kelton, B. Lixman, P. Mullin. .gg A W A Q, an N :gg L? K . ' v-A' Aww YQ., A Ax fin I A: it 'P' 'A 5' F a A 1 'A' " -. K 4 iijigniigiggxee pq .a1h,S3.Wwf ,W fu if ,Q ' A ' .,, Qsxasf wwf W....., if ' w wfsffw w Q 4 N A 7- . A- - " g,,1qM.w.fQ ,1 Q, , M I sf we 1 NX -A .ny . A s k 'A Ra f 5' U, 2' h- .1 7'-1 A ' 1 . . - r., MN-'E' fwafw Q ix: 4- ., idiwn -2' ous 9' 4 WIUKQF W-J4 'E L" 54, 'Av 'ih- ,ai- hiv s ..-:1.:t:g' 7 Ji X . ggl-Inv? 42 I 14, . At 'ani sl Af la 4l min, it r' 9 ""m'f-itil! 3 0' 53, . A ,'P"d ."",. 'sm 531 5 f ix 4: NS W me ' es I A i Y suv fe x 5 4 J in ix' . Wit vii' S- fm ,M ,wx ,1 +s+ Q r -fl? S' 0U'l U1 Ong slr! Y fi T 'f - , co df ' 'i.4.x Q ' , x -ff ' to " ,M ,L iv ll L a o Q 0 Ls' , or-Hx "'r4.lx ci K 'K-. C' T 7 A! X TZ XX lf lf .-"I SUN-UP The story of a North Carolina mountain woman, Widow Cagle, who has become embit- tered by successive misfortunes. Her father was killed in the Civil Warp her husband shot by a revenue officer, and her son, Rufe, killed in the first World War. At the time she learns of her son's death she also discovers she has been harboring in her house the son of the rev- enuer who shot her husband. She is about to shoot him and thus be revenged when the spirit of her dead son whispers to her that the world will never be right until there is more love and less hate in it. She has an immediate and complete change of heart. CHARACTERS: Rufe - Bill Carstensg Widow Cagle - Jean Arneyp Emmy - Jane Laffertyp Pap Todd - Wilson Paxtonp Sheriff- Bill Carlton, Bud - Albert Stevenson, Preacher - Ronald Hazel- woody Bob - Bill Morgan, The Stranger - Phil Gill. Pagc Fif LS t-y-t hrac J.-,,. ., A 1 fm I I Ml we sac! Ms on 0 ucfor if- -y - Mai. To kms, J -3 1-.F 1 P ilu .lr- T , 'f -in -,F K M 'fl ..- , ' ,vw if 6 l v - -' V, . .. Q, , g . , ,orffl .'X , -X ,Q . A gf. ,..:Qg,,y, 5171 ia A gfffili, V r"""f .-'Taffy X' N , ,L 4. t ,,.: : 5,3 ke W A .fr :Q-1 , - .1 X , -gag' .:-:.:sf-1 '- -1.5.4 ,Q . ,px . ' . ' ...Q fix . f .W ...Mfg ,.,A:, ,,::,: ,Q:.., :PI .,.,., . . , Q, QE Q wif "" 'R' . o kg ' ,, - M L 1f:'Qf:fA5'M'- f KW? V. y, 3 q k vim' -Q - T N . 'gf. ',e,.4- L ..-A- . wi A ' gk . . f ..dC,pf '-- Fu fl - P on L ,.. Q sw, Q f is Mm W .Q . E 'N X -V K . . ,pi .V V O ifzlim-.-1 , o is Q A -' mf- . - T ' . . - + inf W. ,., Q, I Q-I, A xfw-Q-P ,MM o " Q X- 1' ,. , Q I ,gf ., wf ,. .3 , ,A ,, , . ,,.. .H TOP: J. Theinhuus, P. Crook, G. Shew, B. Cook, D. DeWiN. BOTTOM: B. Hopkins, J. Mcllvaine, J. Mumford. 1 tgps? tk,-ww sfo-44 vqvcy uoegLL. e'.XwH-Ui To SYS, --Lf-JN 3. um 51-:v'Q ooefg g.4,1'LL.L cm il 0.4Q.....gc'4,.1c.Tel' .bv TLC.: QaTaL.e, wits of Lack X mer. 0 il. Z? J Z? its 6' POM? l"CllfUl'L all l"aU'lJ ROW l: M. Goettsch, R. Preston, W. Morgan, B. licht, D. Rupert, J, Hood, O. Dominguez, G. Jones, A. Stephenson. ROW 3: Coach Cole, A. Peru, J. Koshak Harris, E. Fortin, T. Faren, G. Stirling, G. James. ROW 2: J. Schulz, P. Comon, J. F. Miller, B. Carstens, B. Jones, J. Branum, D. Turner, G. Avalon, R. Hinds, H Daniel, B. Turner, D. Turner, R, Sullivan, G. Bennett, D. Oefinger, M. Long, B. Theodosis, D. Garrison, D. Donatoni, J. webb, J. Wallis. Ending in fifth place in the league standings, this year's football squad under the splendid direction of Ed Cole proved to be one of the most outstanding pigskin aggregations ever to play for Torrance High School. Stepping up from Marine League competition into the strong talent-packed Bay Circuit, the Tartars played all but one of their games at night using the "T" formation in which tricky deceptive plays were the nucleus of offensive attacks. The season opened in a tie with a stubborn Covina team and came to a climax with a smashing triumph over highly-rated Fallbrook, champions of the Southern League, in the Turkey Bowl Game. The outstanding line play of valuable Captain Jack Hood and tackle Gene Stirling earned them places on the All-Bay League second team. The hard playing of Gene Stirling brought him the award of being the most valuable player, while Al Stephenson received the Ray Rich- hart Cup for his fine sportsmanship. Probably the most exciting game ever played at Torrance, the story-book ending of the Inglewood tussel in which the Tartars captured the battle with only four seconds remaining, will always be looked upon as the 1947 squads' most titanic triumph. M. LONG B. TURNER B. CARSTENS .gncbuiclua A ywalfe G. JONES R. SULLIVAN E. FORTIN VARSITY Torrance ..... Torrance Torrance Torrance Torrance Torrance Torrance , Torrance .. Torrance Torrance J. TAYLOR J. WALLIS D. GARRISON ffffff 6 I If I3 O. H: -:RIS FOOTBALL 0 Covina ....,... Redondo ...,... 20 Sain! Monica 7 Jordan .... ,.... ., 7 Inglewood 2 Santa Monica ,.,.26 Leuzinger I4 Beverly Hills El Segundo , , I4 Fallbrook ,.,, 4 .- be-Yi? v 4 x:se,:rEr1- 'W . 'ixfg:,s,.g? ' gm? 525552-212 . .. , I I , ? .. ' M 1 ' 5111- -5- ,-,.,.:.:.: ,z f 'fab fs. - - f.-- A -. - .-I 27 .-rv.-fr' v .-:-z-: ff-.1-+ 1. sb ,' y- " 'f'1',1 ' ' I., :.. , .-:-I.:-AZ: I Vgf xf ' 4 M. ,,,.,g - .- 4-,. ' .,A g, A .f.o.-77" +:-:4:-'-::f:vL5f:- -..'f. ' fp.. ' . . - :x-.-.4:-'-'-.-:-:-:-:4:-: V:-: -5" .- -'1 " -"':l:15:-xii" :1:f:5:1:I:-:' " ""'5:i:f: .:g:::1:4.-4.5-, :- . JW' .... -.:-4,34-f ,.--1-.gm9V.-fimrz-:,.f1,f-11..-.-'--,..,-9391:- -:yrs-22:2 2355755327:-1-'ff -'7'g'9f2:2f:2:212:g2.1:1. 51' I 7:5il:5:5:23:5527:55:517:7:225:1:515:12f:i:3:5:+5:3:1:A:f'-:44:79. " . 1-13252173 ,.,...,,.,.:.,,: -V V ---44s.4,.,gf.5w ,4::.555,1,1,wp--.,.,gg+.,.y,.-:,.-1,1-wx..--V .1 -.rf-:--+ ,1,:,1:1,:..,:,:,,. ,. .,..--1,445:1,:::iw3Q1,:gg,:1:m, '15, 1 - W f:s:s:aij:f:. ......1.1.1..:515fa:a:sf5:s:s2:5:z:e:s'fa: -515:24 -I 8 D. OEFINGER A. STEVENSON K. PEARSON E. FORTIN D. DONATONI T. FAREN D. RUPFERT M. GOETTSCH fA .clam B. MORGAN H. THODOSIS D. PRESTON CAPTAIN JACK HOOD Captain Jack Hood will be one of the most missed men on the Campus next year. This past year, not only did he play some good football but proved himself a fine inspirational lead. Coach Eddie Cole proclaimed him the finest foot- ball Captain he has ever had. Jack will continue his education at a Southern California Junior College where he will major in Physical Education. Good luck, Jack, to a fine leader and athlete. MAI' 5 of .fdcluice COACH COLE Dynamic Coach Eddie Cole, after a successful coaching career at Oceanside, J. C. and the Army Air Corps, took over the reigns of the Tartar Varsity Football and the Track Teams. Coach Cole has the true Tartar spirit and his name is synonymous with fighting and well coached teams. All his athletes are proud to have served under his guidance. COACH CLIFF GRAYBEHL Coach Cliff Graybehl joined the Tor- rance High School coaching staff this past year and has done a splendid iob with his coaching duties. Coach Gray- behl coached "B" football, Varsity and "B" basketball and Varsity and "B" base- ball. One will always find Coach Gray- behl in a gay mood and always eager to help any of the boys in school with their problems. EX, . W., Avi?" if 'K if econ in .fd lakagef "B" FOOTBALL This year's "B" Football team was one of the best in the history of Torrance High School. The locale won three league games and lost four and was the only team in the league to upset the league champion, Inglewood. The Graybehl coached men displayed outstanding ability in the tackling and blocking department. Running from a single wing formation, little Boyd Crawford, was the "B's" most valuable player. Captain Don Bodner, the defensive and offensive demon, was an exceptional leader. Ralph Standridge and Dave Dougherty were exceptional pass receivers. Bob Snuffer, Dick Cloward lwho was hurt early in the seasonl, Chuck Ford and Phil Wall toted the ball behind Chuck Vorhis, strong blocking Jim Taylor, and Yovan Popovich. Charles Begue, Jack Stevens and dependable Ray Maddock were outstanding defensive players. Lettermen were: Ends, D. Dougherty, J. Stevens, J. Dean, T. Ruppert, Tackles, Y. Popo- vich, J. Taylor, D. Croshaw, D. Ferguson, Guards, C. Begue, Captain D. Bodner, D. Bingham, G. McQuillan, Centers, R. Maddock, F. Paour, and Backs, P. Wall, C. Vorhis, R. Standridge, D. Baker, C. Ford, D. Cloward, B. Crawford, J. Swigart, B. Snuffer. The season was climaxed with a banquet held at the High School Cafeteria at which the team presented Coach Graybehl with a silver tea service set. Ben Agagenian, the star place kicker for the Los Angeles Dons, was the guest speaker. Torrance Sain! Monica Torrance Redondo . Torrance Jordan Torrance Inglewood Torrance Santa Monica Torrance Beverly Hills Torrance leuzinger Torrance El Segundo . ROW l: J. Ford, J. Stevens, B. Crawford, J. Taylor, P. Wall, D. Baker, B. Snuffer, D. Ferguson, R Wright F Schmidt E Fo d ROW 3 D Rnchort F Paour R C. Begue, J. Pearcy, Y. Popovich, D. Cloward, J. Dean, ROW 2: J. Clevenger, Anderson, D Croshaw H Reynolds Coach Cliff Graybehl R Russel B lrwln l.. Swigart, T. Ruppert, F. Thompson, B. Yoes, l. Takai, D. Stevens, R. Perez, W. Vaughn, D Bingham G McQullen .14 gag. in ver garfef an 0 a, .gore on ver Mar VARSITY BASKETBALL The 1947-48 basketball season was one of the most successful in the school's history. Starting the season with only two returning letter- men, Captain Jack Turner and Paul Smith, and fighting group of ex-B's, the team became the dark horse in the league. ln their home gym where the Tartars were especially tough, only Jordan and Samohi were able to beat the "hometowners" in the Torrance "shoe box." IBoth were very close games., The two most outstanding games played by the Graybehl coached Casaba-tossers were the Redondo and Beverly Hills games played at home. The Redondo game was hard fought but the outcome was hardly in doubt as Captain Jack Turner in his last game led the team to victory. Dick Turner sank a 'field goal in the last fifteen ABOVE: Coach Graybehl and Captain Jack Turner AT RIGHT, ROW 'lz B. Bower, D. Ruppert, B. Vaien, J. Turner, L. Chambers, B. Chambers, P. Gillp ROW 2: Coach Gray- behl, B. Jones, D. Turner, P. Smith, J. Mcllvaine, K. Pearson, G. Carter. VARSITY FOOTBALL SCORES seconds to beat Beverly Hills in a thriller. Captain Jack Turner was an outstanding leader and great defensive play and steady "bucket-getting" earned string all-Bay League guard, picked by the league coaches. bers was leading scorer of the team as he played both forward. ' player. His him a first Bob Cham- center and L55 Torrance Valencia . .. Torrance Downey , , Torrance Valencia Torrance Newport Harbor Torrance St. Monica .. . Torrance Redondo , Torrance Jordan Torrance Inglewood , Torrance Torrance Santa Monica Beverly Hills ,. Torrance Leuzinger ,, Torrance EI Segundo Torrance Redondo ,, , Torrance Palm Springs Torrance Jordon ,,,..,,,,,,,, , Torrance Inglewood . , Torrance Santa Monica Torrance Beverly Hills ., Torrance leuzinger ,.... . Torrance EI Segundo . Torrance Compton .. .. -Mm. N -vi 1 x 1 X ix f S U. ii "B" BASKETBALL ROW I: J. Kulp, V. Ratzloff, H. Theodosis, M. Goetfsch, B. LeBlanc, R. Higgins, D. Dougherty, D. Car- rolg ROW 2: R. Maddock, D. Cro- show, L. Fisher, B. Wernett, W. Vaughn, T. Giatras, B. Lichfg ROW 3: Coach Cliff Graybehl, D Coleman. ZZ., coke ow "B" BASKETBALL "B" Basketball season this year proved to be very exciting with the locals coming out with a five win and nine loss record. The team never failed to give the student-bocly and M1 1 local fans more than their share of thrills. Coached by Cliff Graybehl the casaba tossers im- 9. proved with every game. With most ot the squad back next year, the basketball season should be one to look forward to. Outstanding men this season were Captain Bob LeBlanL,, W, Page' Sixty-fo Il 1' Torrance Torrance Torrance Torrance Torrance Torrance Torrance Torrance Torrance Torrance Torrance Torrance Torrance Torrance Torrance Torrance Torrance Torrance Torrance Torrance Torrance Valencia , H ,, , 33 Downey ,, . .. ...,,32 Lynwood ,H , , ..., 23 Valencia ., ., ,. . , 33 Newport ,, , , ,, ,42 Saint Monica 32 Compton . ,, 24 Redondo . , ,, , 24 Jordan , , , 33 Inglewood ,, 30 Santa Monica I8 Beverly Hills , . I9 Leuzinger ,,..l2 .. , 37 Redondo .. I , ,,,, 53 EI Segundo .23 Jordan ., , . ,I9 Inglewood , , . 24 Santa Monica . . 36 Beverl Hills y ,, , ,, 36 Leuzinger ,, , 34 El Segundo, Vance Ratzlaft, Milo Goettsch, Dick Carroll, and Bill Wernet. 1 f Vi M700 . , we will ff if U fyffjll .14 df KW f ogflf "C" BASKETBALL Coach Huixing, R. Selover, A. Dandoy, F. Schmidt, G. Cristea, R. Chambers, N. Stock, H. Mimura. "C" SCORES Torrance Torrance Torrance Torrance Torrance Torrance Torrance Torrance Torrance , 00 Gardena .... 00 . .. 9 leuzinger .. ,, 8 , , 30 Whittier .. .M28 , 20 Redondo . . .26 . 31 Inglewood ,, , I8 13 Sonia Monica 15 , 30 Beverly Hills . , ,, , 23 23 leuzinger , ,16 I4 El Segundo 27 This year's "C" an proved to be two of the most outstanding lightweight squads ever to perform at Torrance High School. The "C" team was led by "Whimpy" Chambers, who sank 44 points during the season, and ended the season by winning five contests while losing but three. The "D" team got off to a slow start dropping four consecutive tussles earlier in the year but later caught on fire to capture their last four games. d "D" basketball teams under the excellent direction of Coach Huizing uCt0I"y 0l'l'l 0I"I"0LU Q 5 "D" scones Torrance 00 Gardena Torrance , 18 leuzinger Torrance ll Whittier Torrance I2 Redondo Torrance 12 Inglewood Torrance . 30 Santo Monica Torrance T3 Beverly Hillx Torrance I8 leuzinger Torrance 25 El Segundo Pagr th'l,Yl'l'-fl z L"" ru. sc -i:.g?,.,.. 00 18 Nc ii' 'vw vw-My wg , ,x 'ii' N, .. 'K muwwu F 1 ,.,w.ff??ff ROW 1: T. Giotris, B. Dominguez, G. Groves, C. Begueg ROW 'lz Coach Cosby, J. Smiih R, Sfandridge, B. LeBlanc, B. Mnddock, F. Norris. TENNIS SCORES Torrance 0 El Segundo l Torrance 8 Jordan , 9 Torrance 0 Redondo 8 Torrance 1 Inglewood 9 Torrance 0 Santa Monica 9 Torrance 0 Beverly Hills 9 rom ver fke M . . . 2 , 'Q . i s N 3 E 5 N H X .. R , .,,, . ' . R M - if A A t ,. v',- xt 2 ff -'..:-:. .ffiif W , .Q fi is Q W in M W X. i if wut SW illll Sl" H A E K x gg- -.4 --..... Dv KQV ,Sq 345454 gk .fi Qs ig W 4 5,5 0 r- : 'f ,ff 1110, O, ,f W in 3 Z' 'ffm 3 Awf is A Q 1 Q 4 X ,MWA y . ! I! wwwwtb , -igmw - a , l A I Mm V- A AVlW,,-I 3.4. my Q X I A N Q E ' N - if -A Q-5 3 A' ' M. 'N ff' w Q- v , u 4 . Kimi his ' ' gg l X..-:""5Pf.f ' 'N g 1 V0 it . V ff P . . , V X J l n kyi X X 'nz f ' 3 x xnxx ' B' K K ' X .MN Q, A gfhw 33. X, W V " X . ' . - L 1 in 3 X' I 5 A Q ' I 5 . 1 x a X V 'f 'aff x ' A 'A A 1 , L 1 3 Q , 5? ,Q : tw ww , .I . - L, +A f 5 - - . Lf f f- x , . , st xx - 5" - Q 4 1 ' fl M : W' M ,A M-A W Wg, M W , ' .........-' V,,u?f','N'i'Af'??kl V .. X X we . - A f A, "7'fW.+3f' "A" TRACK TEAM ROW l: J. Schulz, J. 0'Toole, G. Avalos, F. Ainsworth, ROW 2: C. Henry, B. Tur ner, J. Hood, D. Coleman, D. Rosum ROW 3: O. Harris, Coach Cole, D Oefingor. IOQQJ. . . ROW l: B. Wernett, D. Baker, Captain J. Deon, D, Cloward, M. Goettsch, J. Stevens, T. Rupert, D. Wright: ROW 2: J. Kulp, D. Perez, R. Alcola, B. Kuddlemyer, B. Snuffer, G. Whiting, W. Scholl, ROW 3: R. Hazelwood, R. Homolka, L, Chambers, W. Erwin, B. Crawford, J. Quinn. fl' D, Bodner, l.. Fischer, F. Thompson, C. Voris, J. Hoffman, R. Flores, R. Higgens, Coach Cole, The Varstiy division this year was led by Captain Jack Dean, who also was a big gun in the "'B" division. The Class "B" cindermen proved to be the outstanding team this year and placed fourth in the League competition. Only one and one-half points separated them from a second place. Some of the out- standing performers were: Captain Jock Dean, ace pole vaulterp Mike Goettsch, Bay League high hurdle champion, Jack Hoffman, Bay League high jump cham- pion, Dick Cloward, Boyd Crawford, Jack Stevens, Ronnie Higgings and Bill Wernett, shot putters. The "C" team was led by Freshman star, Aramis Dandoy, the Bay League high iump champion. Other boys who were outstand- ing were Frank Schmidt, Bob Schmidt, Norman Stock and Toki Loki. ROW l: W. Specht, H. Chapman, J. Rambo, A. Dandoy, R. Stoffal, F. Schmidt: ROW 2: N. Stock, D. McWhiNier, G. Phillips, T. Loki, D. Colville, ROW 3: Coach Cole, l. Alvarez. TRACK SCORES VARSITY Torrance 29 Leuzinger Torrance .. . , 30 EI Segundo , 43 Harvard ,, Torrance , .... 25 Beverly Hills . .. 66 El Segundo TRACK SCORES VARSITY Torrance . , 29 Leuzinger Torrance ., 30 Ei Segundo , ,, 43 Harvard Torrance 25 Beverly Hills .. , EI Segundo 25 Gardena ., , ., Torrance 11 Jordan . 48 Redondo Torrance 55 SV. Anthony .. Torrance 4 Beverly Hills 70 Redondo "C" TEAM Torrance . 18 Leuzinger Torrance 86 El Segundo 0 Harvard Torrance . 47.7 Beverly Hills . EI Segundo 1.2 Gardena . , Torrance H 8'1 Jordan .. 34 Redondo Torrance 67 Sf. Anthony INGLEWOOD RELAYS: Redondo , , , , 27 Jordan Santa Monica .. , , 15 Inglewood Torrance . 9 leuzinger , 9 Beverly Hills Torrance 21 '7 Redondo 75 52 25 75 52 66 51 67 A9 50 60 1 41.7 41.4 SOI2 10 23 14 7 53 BAY LEAGUE FINALS Redondo 50 Inglewood 22 Leuzinger 1217 Beverly Hills 3 "B" TEAM Torrance 84 Torrance , 93 EI Segundo Torrance 31 El Segundo 14 Torrance 3734 Jordan Torrance 71 INGLEWOOD RELAYS San1a Monica 26 Inglewood 20 Jordan , 14'2 leuzinger 4 Torrance 45 Beverly Hills BAY LEAGUE FINALS Redondo 38 Inglewood 27'2 Jordan ., 24 Beverly Hills 81? Un ofanc! an in flee Santa Monica Jordan Torrance El Segundo Luezinger 19 Harvard Beverly Hills Gardena 3174 Redondo SI. An1I1ony Redondo Torrance Beverly Hills EI Segundo 1834 Redondo Santa Monica Torrance Leuzinger EI Segundo AW 24-173 18-2 3 417 O 11 4 36 24 45142 20 25'2 19 11 0 55'4 28'7 26 10 2 lc ,. f I I W Q ,y 11 w K A...-f . 5 fi x me 3 E wi if fs H W ff, 552935 VARSITY CLUB The Torrance High School Varsity Club proved to be one of the most successful clubs on the Campus this past year. They not only participated in activities for their own enioyment but contributed much in service to the school. Some of the activities they participated in were three parties at Coach Cole's home, a swimming party at Long Beach, sponsoring of the school football dance and queen contest, sponsoring the Spring Dance for the student-body, spon- soring the first annual Father-Son Night, a beach party and a hay ride. The club was led the first semester by President Jack Turner, and the second semester by Al Stevenson. Both of these boys and their cabinets deserve a great deal of credit for the leadership they displayed this past year. Coach Eddie Cole is the club sponsor. I A28 15. ROW 1: O. Harris, R. Maddock, T, Giatras, K. Pearson, R. Flores, E. Cole, Sponsor, F. Norris, M. long, J. Mcllvaine, B. licht, D. Preston, ROW 2: J. Branum, D. Donatoni, B. Jones, B. Carstens, D. Babcock, J. Hood, D. Oefinger, M. Goettsch, J. Koshak, D. Dominguez, G. Jones, D. Rupert, G. Avalos, ROW 3: R. Standridge, B. Chambers, D. Richhart, B. LeBlanc, A. Stevenson, P. Smith, J. Schulz, J. Daniel, R. Sullivan, D. Turner, B. Turner. , . is ,i if g s Q31 1 ar My Q - 'ssieisff -:smear lv Q ig Q as 35" Qs Q Q 7' M .fx mv-f""",",w .wmqlahw iw i X 7 . . ,M- 35 XA -sf-""1, . I 'B iff f- AF? S vi' K' an an W' 'mf .1 J JJ -I .- 7.1 'JJ .4 ,W ,f ,J '9 EARL ECKERT Principal Junior High School J. HENRICH HULL Superintendent of Schools Secretary of Board eine OU, 2 TORRANCE CITY SCHOOL DISTRICT Board of Trustees J. HENRICH HULL Superintendent and Secretary CARL A. STEELE Vice President GRACE W. WRIGHT Vice President DR. HOWARD A. WOOD President GEO. P. THATCHER EVELYN CARR EMMETT W. INGRUM Asst. Supt. and Bus. Mgr. JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY Genial - iovial - cooperative - industrious - are words that only begin to describe the Junior High School faculty. Starting in a new situation, with no precedent, these fine, hard working teachers have made a memorable beginning for Torrance Junior High School. With the prime goal ot educating children, of helping them to live a better lite, these teachers have assisted in every way to meet the problems of a beginning school system. Such a glorious beginning bodes well tor a brilliant future. e wifA0uf jkerie I il ,X -4 ROW 1: V. Robertson, E. Crandall, M. Fraser, E. Morros, ROW 2: F. Bentwood, M. Anderson, G, Morich, l. Robbins, l, Foster, R. Cosby, ROW 3: A. Milstein, A. lasley, H. Huizing, D. Slocum, E. Powell. Pulgr .S'f'z'f'11I 1 s ri 'Y 'Q' vi 1 w nf ' ' 5' o f ,. '. x if A Q ' . . " f ,,,,,., .-. AN "xii:-Q ,, . 'E M4 .S gn' ' ' fl, " ' DX ,SM U fi? Q 2 'f' E 7' ' .. 53 1 ln wif' in a .N g -- W a -'--sn-I Qfgf ei '3 F5 Sing is ,,,gy. kkm wwe. 1 kk . T , l , 1 1- if K Xa E , 5 5 Q Qi 4 E um? I t k fr U N X4 S Q 1 i , ,F ' G X gf K Y I , A Q n . is Us A ff 1 f ,xy 0 f , f ' Xxx 4 Q 4 'X 5 1. ww. ,. 1 xg 9 5 I", V Q 4 mf '- , CL ."g A isa- , 1 x 4 A g , ff xnd? ICA!! fx ow , , TOP, ROW l: A. loranger, D. Nichols, D. Phipps, Sergeant-at-Arms, B. Jenkins, Secretary-Treasurer, E. Morris, D. Goldman, B. Rodger, President, S. Hernandez, D. Greene, B. Hill, J. LOPOI, Vice President, ROW 2: J. Miller, M. Graieda, N. lovelcdy, G. Patterson, A. Winner, V: Voll, l. Felix, G. Turnuge F. Davis. l 1 . . .E 1 . ,V a ,ll 4" ' ' , EIGHTH G l X I fr' 1 9 BOTTOM, ROW l. M. Baer, E. Peck, S. Foperheimer, Sergeant-at-Arms, A Ascencio, R. Perl, P. Dunmyer, D. Mumford, N Comer, M. Georlie, S. Stevens. Vice President, J. lpex, B. Kirton, K. Harms, ROW 2: E. Mahhafey, N. Faren, V' ' ' , "' I --W ,A V , Jw- l. Weeks, B. Carroll, J. King, ROW 3: J. ROiUl, J. Ford, Sergeant-at-Arms, 8. Johnson, .l. Rathbun, C. Browning, D. Summers, B, Floral, S. Elliott, Mondor, F. Jeonozavicli, R. Bowen. RADE CLASSES D, Smith, A. Olson, President, W Bennett, l. Moore, D. Ovarturt, C. Winthem S, Banda, ROW 3: Mrs. Vero Robertson, D. Fuller, P. Partlorli, C. Topia, J. Bon C. Curniford, W. llide, D. Babbitt, F. Guerra, R. VonDrlw. S. Scott, Sargeant-at-Arms, R. Bustillos, J. Rosenberg, Secretary, S. Duncan, ,s:t f 9 -fr--4 .lx -.Q ROW I: B. Fees, R. Martinez, D. Desmond, V. Geary, J. Rambo, Vice President, Mr. Darrel H. Slocum, ROW 3: D. Davanzo, P. Peterson, Resurer, C. Maloy, D. Forrer, M. Vaverka, R. Bowen, M. Burgara, D. Howard, B. Lockhart, A. Mora. A. Gonzales, J. Rainey, J. Williamson, M. Cosby, President, R. Teraldsen, E. D. Baezap ROW 2: E. Davis, J. Muensterman, B. Carey, l. Valencia, J. Harris, Sheffer, J. Stephens, Secretary. lNot shown! A. Smart, Council Representative. D. Garley, D. Valdez, G. Perez, C. Rodriguez, D. Parton, J. Brown, R. Paramo, SEVENTH GRADE CLASS ROWI C Watson E Sibley F Langer A Okazolu President C lee V Rrdgrlquez B Stokoe B Jenocovlch S White R Morris J Phone B Moore Council Member J Adams ROW 2 J Maggard M Bohannon D Specht Mlnute Man J Cash SergeantatArms J Greene J Boal E Martin J Brown Minute Man B Perry R Almeida D De la Cruz Vice President and Minute Man, V. Shaner, J. Berard, ROW 3: T. Selph, C. Kudlemyer, J. Crabtee, R. Garcia, G. Roberts, M. Conner, B. Such, Minute Man, P. Bowman, Secretary- Treasurerp V. Moralis, J. Perez, O. Dunn, J. Radulovich, Miss Louise Robbins. lNot shownl M. Ballinger, K. Harms, B. Harrington, W. lhde. xx' f'X X N . .pf ff' ROW 1: J. Harrington, P. Knox, E. Palmer, E. Pendleton, A. Tamura, J. Miniura, Secretary, V. Schoebinger, O. Mattie, D. Lee, D. Martin, J. Mott, M. Lizardo ROW 2: P. Alvarez, A. Kaulbach, P. Garrison, C. Jonsson, Vice President, J. Mott, D. Pedersen, M. Davis, K, Hasegawa, L. Holdsworth, B. Worland L. Biggs, C. Steffen, ROW 3: J. Anthony, C. Cronella, Sergeant-al-Arms, 5: Parrish, C. Stewart, R. Felix, President, R. Robinette, B. Rusk, L. Hasslinger, L. Lawson, L. Wilson, C. Welcome, F. Guerera, R. Chavez, Mr. Lester Foster. SEVENTH GRADE CLASS ROW 1: S. Hayrapkawa, S. Ness, B. Falk, J. Friberg, B. Sommers, R. Quinn. Overturf, ROW 3: A. Williams, M. Jones, J. Murphy, Vice President, C. Castillo, A. Uyeda, D. Molinar, C, Hernandex, .I. Payne, R. Fenwick, N. Icamen, ROW 2: T. Wolford, E. DeBennett, President, B. Crouch, M. Abbott, J. Meyers, J. Brown, Mrs. Esther Crandall, T. Brooks, V. Jiminez, M. Tinkle, C. Campbell, M. Breach, J. McVicar, Secretary, R. Phocles, N. Strauss, M. Schooley, J. Stassen, N. A. Duartes, N. Vasquez, T. Marcoux. ff' 4 'Q .40 W- mx, .V 1' swf X , six' .. SIQWF RNWX' ' 1 I , ,l,x 1 K., -'ix . iii - mils 5 z , . ,- . M ,gi M X55 5 , -. ik T S St, . Na . Qws Z, ., QXSY. g., fi - 1 13 , Q Y ea if? H my . ' wiv MS? ,I Q Q Y' MM. f f Q 1' ' 6 S N f Sw ER k ,www , . K My Q j S- . 1" ' , ' ' " 2 ak 5- 4, ,.'- X ,gm sm Q X Ax f ,f m y f ww., if - R 9 5 4? Y 1: .f ' H M Lf 'M' P ' E gf K W - A 1 ws AW ' v . - fi . fs " Y' Ck? ' M. Z0 , I ,L ww Q i 3' 'W .Am QM Q ' .uf -wwfwx E' X -S Ll x, K5 A mis' :QM PM-3 ,L v M 3: Q A we U mm LT r ff' . SP5 ff f X, 1 TQ J if Rf A ' .Jimi -3V ,MX by 1 x gf f X 3 M. .I dk Y? 5 AK N .gk-f x.,.g, f rl 3? nf Q ws. uw- A 1 Q-any yr, ., 7 , E' 1 1 P XL 4' 'TN .N Y-N 1, f ,, . ,. . 45- ,W-Xl . .,- "",'42f:', if V "' fl .sw f . .41 ll iw, - . 1 2'-" 1 1 Y va 1 Q fv. u- so fl ,. ... 1..- ,. gi.. in an , ..- ,fww X- , 1.52 . " A ' as .. :im Q. .-4, A--4 ' M, sf I ' . l X , Y 1 , . f N :Rv ,cl 41 4 ' -. , f 'S jf v Q H we wk, Y 3 xwi fl M fgr .Qs Pi X Z .wi v W j Ji' in is ef 1 E 4 -' "' .fs Q X vj' ,X - g 3 E xi, - . .51 '- .mi - A W , 3 xg i . Q we ' Ya' x Y ' Q1f'f5l . X x 1 - v S555 i ' x ,. gjf 5 X N3 iiiiv N f it ' 'Q' 'if S ' -5 - .3 W - Q . Q Y. Y St f E Q , K Q Q ' 'gs' If X Q, l ,s fx M H a " , , , 39 L , , 1 Q , E v . -fn . 5, F "' 2,f ' J ' , 92 of f .i 1, ,...-1Z3'4'. ?? W ' ,,. ,Lf,..f-wfifk., .N ' ' -T 'dpi "f"fR,S'-ui! W .-, 'HJ -war W, L I Y ' kyfxa :"iAM,,3:,3LB:f,:3Xr" ibn Y.4R'v 4 A N-vu. ,tx . H. A'f'M.'f-N", M' QM l Q , f ff S, 5-5.:fi'f23,,::3Ww ...,2'f-5f"- ,Qt E'-' - .,.f df .itz-wwf A5 Q " g. 'I Vi X , 1 A . -qi .,. 4, Q . . 5 1-:rg ,L-if .fe -au -Q -l 4 s ru ' K ...J J 'har' ff" .,- GIRLS' VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONS KNEELING: S. Scott, ROW I: D. Nichols, B. Jenkins, Al Loranger, D. Goldman, D. Phipps, J. Lopez, I. Felix, E. Peck: ROW 2: M. McDonald, F. Jenocovich, S. Elliott, B. Mondar, S. Hernandez, D. Green, N. Faren. TORRANCE HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA ROW I: R. Zamora, B. Moore, D. Mittan, P, Cecil, P. Hitton, J. Schmidt, R. J. Taylor, B. Smith, C. Coulson, B. Maloy, B. Coles, M Franzen, Pianist, Beverly Seloverp ROW 2: R. Alcala, J. Rambo, J. Turner, W. Scholl, ROW 3: E. Johnson, Luster, Director, Abe Milstein. D. Whisler, M. Bray, D. Turner, R. Flores, R. Banderas, J. Brimer, C. Donnel, N... Q x.. ., xc.. l ll NNW. The snappy Plymouth convertible chosen from Walter G. Linch's wide selection of auto- mobiles by Phil Gill, Varsity basketbaol player, won the hearty approval of Patricia Clere, Joyce Franzen and Walter Stamps. Keith Pearson, Varsity football player, in the driver's seat of a beautiful Dodge convert- ible, was congratulated on his choice by Lynn Smythe, Milton Long and Joaquin Stevens. These popular Torrance High School students fully recommend the Walter G. Linch Used Car Lot to supply your automobile needs. You may choose iust the model you want from the large and varied stock of fine cars, and be certain that you are getting value for your money. Also, each Service-Rated Used Car carries the exclusive Walter G. Linch Personalized Used Car Warranty, the most liberal warranty ever offered in this area. WALTER G. LINCH Direct Factory Dealer Dodge Plymouth Dodge J06-edfed Trucks 312 S. CATALINA Telephone Frontier 2122 REDONDO BEACH For 26 years your Dodge Dealer for: Hermosa Beach o Lomita o Manhattan Beach 0 Palos Verdes o Redondo Beach o Torrance Pagr E 1434- . M TJYTU. ight-1'-fl! ' ' ' ' e - right at your front door- is the largest completely integrated machinery manufacturing facility in the West The NATIONAL SUPPLY COMPANY - TORRANCE, CALIFORNIA The athletes and students of Torrance High School will vouch for: Ae ,4f!.Lfe if Suppf, 241 SO. HAWTHORNE BOULEVARD HAWTHORNE, CALIFORNIA Featuring a complete line of W I L S O N Athletic Equipment Owned and Operated by Gene Gillett Ph. Osybarne 6-8694 Jim Ramsey TY" The beautiful RED PARKAS worn by the mighty Tartar football team as shown by Dick Oefinger, Bob Turner, Rano Sullivan and Domnick Donatoni, were purchased at PROCTOR'S. PROCTOR'S SPORTING GOODS Complete Team Outfitters Authorized Distributors for MacGregor-Goldsmith Sports Equipment LOUISVILLE "SLUGGER" BATS Phone 6-1768 128 W. Broadway Long Beach 123, California Q . A6 1 "' RADIOS ' PHONQGRAPHS ' GIFTS I B Z , M- 'ffz-.: S' L' ' I A complete line of phonograph records Kg? P 6 : 01 U C o A ff I I ,-:l:- 'ala NATIONAL HOME W 'N APPLIANCE CO. Harry M. Abramson "Friendly Credit" 1267 Sartori Avenue Telephone Torrance, California Torrance 78 Ever-fikihq You wav-'I at Th! Torvance HOLLA, Shop. TORRANCE HOBBY SHOP We take care of all wants while you wait. 1219 El Praclo Phone Torrance 1557 COMPLIMENTS OF TORRANCE BRANCH BANK or AMERICA DON CARPER'S Phone 1350 MUSIC CENTER Everything in Music 1307 El Prado Avenue Torrance, California Congmtulatiom Class of '48 .gg..g. TORRANCE BANK NATIONAL 13295 I' A T Clf YOUR HOME BANK M b F d I DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 1 The feam comes 'lhrough af fhe T H d C crucial momenf! And so do 'lhose A orrance ar ware 0- dependable v'8l5 1515 Cabrillo Avenue Ph. Torrance 1480 Ai A Chas. V. Jones lOwnerl Alma's Pastry Smce 1921 ' Where Torrance High Kids safisfy fheir sweef foofh Schultz and Peckham 1420 Cabrillo Avenue 1927 canon Shes' ' ' ' Torrance' california Torrance, California Ho wavfls ca vmq Wm". I x l' 4. Bob l.. Haggard P REALTOR f- A A Real Esfafe ' Loans fo , f Vi! Business Opporfunifies l A Fljff X A A A 1409 Marcelina Ave. Torrance, California W N g ' A sus. Phone 654 5 ' ,f X f , A1.Le11's . l u ' ' . N --.. Jeweler xv, j M El ,Prado Furnrture Co. Efficienf, Polife, Friendly Service Allen Jewelers 1321 SUl'1'0"i'-AVBIWC 1216-1220 El Prado Avenue Ph. Torrance 1067 TOITCIICE, California Torrance, California I I f f f ' 1. ff f ff fi, . .lv 9 r1W'C"": , , H N : 2299 ll S 2' The - -, i K M 1 ' X 6 XX My V N Beacon fi F .N flfffj. f f I X Drug 1, 1,1 , If x 5 ff' fx . o . ' - TM QQCE4 4 D ,H f , . i, - Xkvpr .1 S1-gre 5 ' ii : 4. N 54 E30 'l 3 ls the best slore in lown X II ' 'NL A Q Q, A4 If lf fmt 1 2 sEAcoN onus K 1 ,ff -. if f Z ' W ,ff ff The Rexall Sfore ,.,-1:v"- ' ' 'K l A '? Qin- T Z" , 'll u A X ' 52' ll 9 X , FI' E 'El LEEEGZZK all yi wa 1519 cabfauo Avenue r f ,L 'P if lx . ' k Torrance, California L ' - e H Qggs i E1 L X fy A q, l A 2 b v "Where all fhe ' eee Q , 'T ' ,jg Buses meef" '1'f,,z2 ,. A ,, .eef f' :Q f K' -,jf , ,ZZ ' ,Z Zvi --4 We hope you will never find yourself in fhis predicamenf! Qualify Markel and Frozen Food Lockers Frozen Food Lockers 81 Cold Sforage Qualify Meafs - Vegefables Groceries 2171 Torrance Blvd. Ph. Torrance 93 Professional Pharmacy Prescripfions Delivered Free 2055 Torrance Boulevard Phone I4 TO ALL GRADUATES WE WISH ONLY THE GREATEST SUCCESS W. E. Bowen .and Associates General Insurance v Real Estate Broker 1327 Post Avenue Torrance, California -1 his Annual were made by DIX X f7 TORRANCE HI H SCH MMEQ?Yl"ll in Q, AM if ff N ' Q fa l fff 1 Q f 11599. - ,fy I l 'Wilder' NV --11' v Eighfeen Yell-ji:-Siljiimgn ixllild Pharilography bf 91 I f Eixie-oae .gzwko ana! Cameras L4 ! z 5 I 1650 Cabrillo Avenue y f- Torrance, California A A Phone- Torrance 2051 L04 fc Jim and ow . Ray's Photo Supplies ROYALE FILM Fine Dry Cleaning 1344 POST AVENUE TORRANCE, CALIF. 131820St A Ph Tor 370 T C If H y8. Ann Moritz P p ietors Torrance Time Shop 1223 Watchmaker - Jeweler w. T. GREEN ElPd T Clf Star Furniture Co. f Complete Household Furnishings Phone T france 625 125312555 1 A 1 c If Eat With Charlie DANIELS' 1625 Cabrillo Avenue Open 24 Hours Flowers By Wire Anywhere Torrance Flower Shop Jimmie Yeltema P t8.C T C If T 1778 A-1 Photo Service Greeting Cards . . . . . . Camera Supplies 1312 Sartori Avenue T rrance, California Ph T 1132 BEST WISHES TO SUMMER CLASS OF 1 9 4 8 BENSON SHOPS Ladies Fine Apparel a Tradition 1271 Sartori Avenue Torrance, Calif. Phone - 2171 ef glfefy Ueflt THE GANG GOES TO DOGS Where everyone knows I ' everyone else 22032 Torrance Boulevard fl-1 - 711 ,lpn ""'T-k- A zwu ax Xl xt C 5 Slice' Qld? nl? fn X135 J'-S 7 : 3- . x Kenny's Shoe Rebuilding 1278 Sartori Ave. Torrance's Finest Repair Service Store ORTHOPEDIC SERVICE Phone - zoos Bernard's Bootery QUALITY FOOTWEAR 0 X-RAY SHOE FITTING Careful fitting today insures your health tomorrow. There is no substitute for quality! At Bernard's you will always find the newest styles. We are ready and willing to serve y u to your best advantage. REMEMBER BERNARD'S For the Best' in Footwear 1319 Sartori Phone - 1513 ZOIYIPAIYI PII Lt of GAQRY'S Iewelers 1322 Sartori Avenue Phone '466 ' ' Torrance, Calif. ongrafufafionfi 3-48 if Wafch The Big Clock af SAM I-EVY SCHWARTZ DEPARTMENT sToRE , EVERYTHING T0 wEAn MKEI , M F W SHOP A fo I 1505 Cabrillo Av neo Goose sl-loss Fon cl-nLnnEN T GMS- Cdl f omio imenfd oflgrokdfiionaf We fl 0 ll'l'Cll'lC8 DON C. MOSHOS, M.D. 1617 Cravens MEDICAL CENTER Phone: OF TORRANCE 2055 TORRANCE BLVD. TORRANCE, CALIFORNIA John W. Beeman, M.D. Clifford E. Easley, M.D. Kirk D. Carretson, M. D. Rodney A. Stetson, M.D. T4 Torrance, California W. J. HARRISON, M.D. 2085 Torrance Blvd. Torrance, California R. F. BISHOP, D.D. 1529! Sartori Ave. Torrance, California O. E. FOSSUM, D.D. T613 Cravens TGRRANCE MEDICAL GROUP W. I. Laughon, M.D. E. L. Cook, M.D. K. T. Shery, M.D. Torrance, California R. A. BINGHAM, D.D. l427W Marcelina Ave. Torrance, California ALDEN W. SMITH, Opt. 'I427 Marcelina Ave. Torrance, California HARBOR ANIMAL HOSPITAL Rollin R. Smith, D.U.M. 1855 Torrance Blvd. Torrance, Calif MILFORD BAUMAN, D.O. T425 Marcelina Avenue Torrance, California THANKS TO THE "TORCH" Advertisers and Contributors Barbara Lisman, Business Mgr. ur gckfor The Advisor: Madeline Dickerson The Business Mana er: 9 Barbara Lisman fganlm . . . The Asst. Business Manager: Joyce Franzen The Staff: Marlene Quaggin Beverly Hopkins Jean Daniel Pat Cecil Pat Read Rose Rosenberg Joyce Martin Anna Jane Kelly Janet Lewellen Mary Rushfeldt Peggy Cecil Ron Anderson Kaz Shirayama Frank Norris Jerry Mcllvaine Charles Sachs Gary Dawson Roy Hoyashibara Students who gave time and effort: Joan King Ann Mondor AND ALL THE OTHERS WHO HELPED TO TELL T And so the winding road has brought us safely to the goal set on September l5th. Work, sweat, fun and disappointment has en- tered the story, but we are "Planning To Live In A Peaceful World," and, like all good stories end, "They live happily ever after." NANCY WHYTE, Editor. The Los Angeles Engravers: Jack F. Cannicott Murray and Gee, Inc.: Pio J. Venturelli The Torrance Herald: Grover Whyte Jack Baldwin Dixie Lee Studio: James Neal The Associated Student Store: Jerry Richhart Proof Reading and Typing: Rosemary Blecker Scheduling the Photography: Arthur Main The Art Department for Background and Color: F. Elaine Crowe HE STORY OF LIFE AT TORRANCE HIGH SCHOOL, 1947-48 fd! Me Gr-oaaroaala . . . "You to the left and I to the right. For the ways of men must sever- And it well may be for a day and a night, - And it well may be forever." ggr -'nn F :II flii wgr

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